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1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1943 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory    1898 Newry Directory
Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

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1939 Streets images online being transcribed

1868 MENU alpha names added June 2018

1912 (images - streets [being transcribed] and counties), appendix, towns, villages transcribed


A Short History of Ballymacarrett by James Shaw Patton 1977



in order to get more directories online quicker I'm going to be adding them as images, they will be transcribed at a later date)

1924 MENU

1932 MENU

1951 MENU

1960 MENU


Bangor Spectator Directory 1970/71  HERE

Irish Motor Directory 1914 - 1915  HERE


Family Bibles - Morgan   Morrison   Pratt   Ruddy  Carrey - Robinson

McDaniel - Hanna - Carson - Bailie - Jamison Storey - Crowe

MAPS  great map of Londonderry and district and lots others
Maps 2 Counties of Ireland with grid reference

Lost Photos - Buildings updated

New Bangor Pages   1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5  -  6  -  7  -  8
still working on these pages - new photos still to be added

Church Leaflets NEW page  St Stephens - St. Anne, Belfast - The First Twenty-Five Years

For Others - a page made up of past look up results for various names

Ulster History - U.V.F. etc.

Lost Letters - Hodgen - lots more Hodgen photos etc. 5 pages

WW1 WW2 &b 8th Belfast HAA

8th Belfast HAA men added Tommy and Albert Kinnon, Harry Mawhinney
8th Belfast HAA new men added January   William George Hales
Harold Joseph Mawhinney

History of Royal Ulster Rifles in Europe 1944-45

Death Pennies - Harold Flockton  -  Hugh Weir with medals

London Irish Rifles Plaque with names

Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Bn. regiment photos with names 1897

Charles Dunlop's Camp bed

Lost People

NEW PAGE for items and photos found at Action Cancer Shop Bangor

Lost Photos WW1 - Knuttel - Francis Bird -  

Photo Albums - Moore



1943 streets complete, Villages, Appendix, alpha names started

1890 streets complete, Villages, Appendix

1932 streets & appendix

Lost People

Help Me Find My Ancestors page

WW1 WW2 & 8th Belfast HAA

WW1 Database - new soldiers added all the time

WW2 Database - information updated Irwin


some Adams and Magee  births 1881 to 1884

Alphabetical Site Map


 1868 streets and alphabetical names

 1943  streets only

 1943 alphabetical section started

 1890 started (streets)

Lost People continued

Lost Sport - Leahy Kelly & Leahy 17th January 2013

Adair Tipperary  21st August 2013

Lost Unknown updated 13th October 2013

Album - Grove Hall Poots Bangor U.V.F. - 17th November 2013

Lost Album - Rainey Patterson Allen Wilson Curry Herdman Gray 20th Nov.

Mulligan Bangor - 22nd November 2013

WW1 WW2 and 8th Belfast HAA

2 soldiers painting WW1 added 7th January 2013

Boar War Bits and Pieces - Newspaper clippings  added 9th January 2013

Lost Andrew Shaw WW1 - 14th January 2013
Lost Samuel Russell WW1 -
14th January 2013

WW1 Database - new soldiers added all the time

WW2 Database

Have a browse through all of Robert Thompson's great 'Heroes' series of books covering, Ballymoney, Bushmills, Coleraine, Garvagh etc etc

8th Belfast Message Board - Thomas Culshaw - 6th March 2013

Thomas Henderson Kane 8th Belfast HAA photos etc. - 19th Sept. 2013

Queen's University of Belfast War Record 1939 - 1947 - 16th October 2013

Lost People

Andrew Wallace Bothwell 7th January 2013 also Memorial Trophy

Group photo with only car reg. for id  10th January 2013

Doctors Royal Victoria Hospital 1913 10th January 2013

portrait by Frank McKelvey, 1925  11th January 2013

unknown portrait  11th January 2013
unknown lady 
14th January 2013

little girl no info  12th January 2013

Isabella Jameson Jamison 14th January 2013

Lost Groups Irish Canadian group photo 17th January 2013

Lost in Books - Inscriptions inside books updated 21st August 2013

Burke, Raphoe & Bray - 20th August 2013

Anderson Family Register - 20th August 2013


Silver Pot from Commercial Hotel, Belfast - 7th January 2013

Ulster History - James Annett Ulster Covenant  10th January 2013
                            The Spirit of Ulster Thomas Morrison
10th January
                            Signing of the Ulster Covenant 
11th January 2013
                            Cook? L.O.L.
17th January 2013

Belfast Page - Robinson & Cleavers  11th January 2013
    "      "        - Winter Bargain Shoppers
 8th September 2013

Irish History - Dail Eireann 1919  11th January 2013

Rev. Arthur Linton Agnew - 8th September 2013 updated

Mary Anne Lennon - 7th September 2013 updated



adding alphabetical names list to 1908 now completed 15th April 2012


Silver Golf Cup - Morris - 21st January 2012

WW1   WW2 and 8th Belfast HAA

Herbert Hanley 8th Belfast HAA 14th January 2012

Robert Thompson's WW1 Soldiers Ballycastle Heroes see all Robert's Heroes

Robert Thompson's War Autograph Book by Gladys Crane Nurse - 2nd Jan

Army Temperance Medal - Gilmore - 21st January 2012

Sports Medals - Brown; Warnock - 21st January 2012

Medals Index cards Hawthorne added - 23rd July 2012


Hi all, very little new this year as I'm up to my armpits in family things at the minute, I have loads of new things to add including a photo of Bangor F.C. Team 1921, more WW1 Soldiers and some really nice photos of the Bothwell Family. Plus an extract from Coralie Kinahan's autobiography of her husband's time in Burma with the 8th Belfast HAA Regt., and I'm still transcribing the 1918 Belfast and Ulster Directory. finished
                          Mary ~ 10th April 2011 
updated 22nd December 2011

Street Directories

next - finish 1908 add alpha names completed 15th April 2012

1918  started 1st August 2010 streets finished 20/2/11
Villages finished,    appendix etc. finished
Alpha names - started March '11 finished 23/9/11
Counties - finished and book completed 21/12/11

Lost People and Places and Photos

new information for John Campbell WW1 23rd April 2011

new assorted alphabetical names added  29th May & 5th June 2011

New photos of Bangor Boathouse and Tower  29th May 2011

Photo of Bangor F. C. 1921 - 1922  18th July 2011

Photo of Bangor Long Hole and Boathouse  4th August 2011

Carricknaveagh National School  8th August 2011

New Savoy Hotel   10th August 2011

8th Belfast HAA

new 22nd Battery photos added Harbinson - 23rd April 2011

new page added for J. C. Irvine - 23rd April 2011

new Coralie Kinahan's book extract - 23rd April 2011

Seac 1944 - January 2011

WW1 & WW2 (except 8th Belfast)

WW1 Soldiers Database - updated 29th May 2011

WW2 Soldiers Database - updated 8th December 2010

WW1 Memorial Stone from St. Enoch's - Paul Gilchrist Pollock - 28th August 2011

Belfast Civil Defence 1944 - 29th August 2011


Mackie's Magazine Christmas Edition 1943  9th August 2011

Baptism Certificate for Philip Vincent Mooney, no address 25th August 2011

2010  - most recent at bottom of each list


I wasn't planning on transcribing any more street directories but Proni aren't planning to put their post-1900 directories online any time soon so .. here I go again

go to PRONI  for  DIRECTORIES  pre 1900

1918  started 1st August 2010 streets finished 20/2/11
Villages finished,    appendix etc. finished
Alpha names - started March '11
finished 23/9/11

Pigots 1824  Belfast  Bangor   11/10/2010

19 Ava Street to 100 Avoniel Road  1959   19/7/2010

102 Avoniel Road to 26 Balfour Avenue 1959   19/7/2010

couple of pages added to scanned assorted streets section 1940  14/10/10
more streets added to above for 1970  22/02/11

NEW page of assorted alphabetical names, various years  24/10/10

Robert Thompson Section

Excerpts from his Heroes Series of Books and Gladys Cranes WW1 Autograph Booklet

Robert Thompson's books on WW1 soldiers


   Bushmills Heroes    -  (4/4/2010)

   Portstewart Heroes  - (21/4/10)

   Portrush Heroes      - (3/5/10)

   Ballymoney Heroes - (30/5/10)

   Coleraine Heroes  - (26/7/10)


Tinker Bell Club

1943 Belfast Telegraph assorted clippings inc. deaths, marriages etc.

Groomsport Lifeboat The Florence

Belfast Telegraph 17th September 1927

Belfast Telegraph 21st August 1936


lost individuals new photo added

great aerial photo of Groomsport around 1930

Football team 1900-1901

J. B. Dunlop at Donnybrook

Belfast page, some new photos added

Ulster Junior Hockey Team

Postcards addressed to Patterson with photos 8/4/2010

Altnaveigh Memorial Pipe Band 1951 8/4/2010

G. R. R. Savage moved to new page and further information added  8/4/2010

County Fermanagh Company of R.U.C.  Newtownards 7.4.1923  14/4/2010

RUC or RIC photos, on back, Mr. Barr, Ballymoney Street   14/4/2010

Wm. J. Purdy's Public House in Church Street Belfast   24/7/2010


Scrapbook full of newspaper clippings relating mostly to Aiken, Coolavin, Bangor

Scrapbook full of poems, songs and newspaper clippings

List of Names Petition Harland & Wolffs 1912 1915

Mrs. Rene Andrews

Scrapbook belonging to Arthur McIlveen, lots of stories and some newspaper clippings

Photo Album names mentioned Parker & Maginness

Photo Album belonging to John Vinycomb

Masonic Lodge, Mount, Golden Jubilee Celebration No. 394

Dates from Herron Family Bible  3/2010

2 new photos from Pickie added to Bangor page  8/4/2010

Campbell College Register 1894 to 1954   18/7/2010

Help me page - looking for a poem  24/10/10

Donated Information One & Two  12/2010

World War 1 & 2 and pre and post

great photo of Queen's T.A. sub-unit 1952 with names

Irvine Brothers 8th Belfast HAA

Matchett Brothers 8th Belfast HAA

Thomas Herbert Coulter 8th Belfast HAA

new photos added to these pages of the 8th Belfast HAA section:-

http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk/8th_belfast_haa_regt3.htm   Sgt. Mat. McCartney

http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk/8th_belfast_haa_regt1.htm   original photo of soccer team

http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk/8th_belfast_haa_regt_Old_Comrades_Section.htm   NEW PAGE - Old Comrades Section

http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk/8th_belfast_haa_regt_Poems.htm   more poems added

102 (Ulster) Air Defence Regt, R.A. (V) newspaper clipping and Fighting in Arakan Area

http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk/8th_belfast_haa_regt_obituary_Brann.htm   Brann - obituaries added

http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk/8th_belfast_haa_regt5.htm   new page of photos

UPDATED 28.4.2010  Sergeants' Mess Book, loads of photographs

new photos added  8th Belfast Albert Wooden

new photos added Sgt. William (Billy) Wilson 23rd Bty 8th Belfast HAA

new photos added   Gnr. James E. Mearns

WW1 and WW2 Fitzroy Church Servicemen newly updated with lots more information on the men October 2010

2009  - most recent at bottom of each list


1908  started 16th June 09 - streets finished 23/11/09
Village Directory finished 23.11.09

 28/5/09 complete

1910  complete 31.8.09

1877  complete April 3rd 09

1898 list of residents for Newry from a small book, there is no cover so I don't know what it is, but the residents are listed by the street

1894 Waterford Directory & County Directory 7/8th December 09


Glass negatives of Lurgan Factories and Police

Belfast School Group

a batch of photos - Wylie Hunniford - McCambley

lot of photos - McWilliams Singapore etc. Royal Irish Horse

W. J. Brown & Hugh John

T. A. Kean,  M.D. and Mary Kean

Comeau Menzies McDonald

unknown buildings

Allen, Brown, Hassock, etc.

photo and genealogy info. for Savage


J. H. Kielty, 15 Breda Gardens, Belfast, his football passes from 1937 to 1962 and ASW Permits

Autograph book of Margaret Elizabeth MacIvor (3)

hats and helmets

Lennon Brothers Fruit

Morrow Drumreagh

J. Blok 1941

Rev. Henry Montgomery

Theatre Royal Belfast Programme 1894

The Belfast Boy Scout Gang Show Programme 1958

Norah Haughton page updated with new photos etc.

Aide Memoire - McDonough Wexford

Gourley of Derryboy

Beare and Brownlie etc.

Another Autograph Album (4)

map Antrim

McAleenan Family Bible inc list of Belfast Doctors

BOOKS with Inscriptions

Derry and Antrim Yearbook for 1943 see also 1941


W. Sidney Wanstall St. Johns Brigade Medals

Trenier WW2

First Orange Lodge Formed

Donaghadee - Hugh Nelson Cox D'Dee Lifeboat

Cars Racing 1932/33/34

Adelphi Club

Rosemary Radio Electrical Co. Ltd.

Armagh people

Bangor Glenlola 6/1927 & Mayor 3/5/1957

Co. Antrim - Ballymena

Newtownards Market

Bangor/Newtownards Cottown School 1911

Katie Smyth, 204 Leeson Street, Belfast


more Bangor photos added 16th Sept 09

Cars and a Shell Pump somewhere in Ireland

Connswater Street 1953

scrapbook Taylor Whisky Coleraine

Inter Pro Cricket Team Dublin 1937

Bangor Central School 1936 with names

WW1 & WW2

WW1 and WW2 Fitzroy Church Servicemen

ARMY SERVICE RECORDS - see what they are like before you order yours or your relatives

WW2 Diary - Cpl. W. F. Davison

8th Belfast HAA History by Murray Barnes

8th Belfast HAA History by Col. Harry Porter

8th Belfast HAA Diary - Gunner J. D. Bailie

Obituary - Col. Wm. Norman Brann

Faugh-a-Ballagh Regimental Gazette RIF 1943

Northern Whig Souvenir Page - 8th Belfast HAA

Peter McCourt WW1

pre ww1 inc. Royal Innis. Fus.  John Marriot

Death Pennys - Robert Beech and William Boyle

swagger stick?

W. L. Irwin WW1

8th Belfast HAA 30 minute film on youtube

8th Belfast HAA some new docs

Burma Star Luncheon Sept. 2009

Great ARP Holywood photo with all the names

A.T.S. Jean Knox

Westbourne Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour

William (Buttons) Hunter 8th Belfast HAA updated more photos added 12.11.09

Ulstermen who won the V.C.

2007/08  - latest at bottom of each list

Directories, Books, Papers, etc. 2nd December 2007

Belfast Magazine 1809 - 1810 (completed)

Feb 08

1907 Belfast Ulster Street Directory   completed
1907 TOWNS     completed

1852 Belfast Street Directory

started 20th March 2008   1877 Street Director   completed

started June 08   started 1901 (completed Sept 08)

started June 08   1910 completed

January 08   remnants of my lost lookups forum

April 08   Death Pennies

Lost Person Nov. 08
Patrick Shannon, Dublin, DOB 21.3.1903

History of Groomsport Primary School 18.10.08

New photo - Panorama Nov 2008


Enniskillen High Street about 1880's 11.12.07

James B. Hillis photo album 19.10.08

Nov 2008    more photos added to Bangor

18th RIR
fantastic BIG panoramic photo of whole troop - March 2008

old photos

Sergeants' Mess Book, loads of photographs

8th Belfast HAA
Nominal Rolls   lots more lists of names added Nov 2008
new photos, etc.

loads more added, plus a few photos of interesting ones and the messages on them also November 2008