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Lost Photos - unknown (1)

Belfast street directories
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email me if you find anyone you know, original photographs are not my property and are not available  -

a batch of photos with little or no information, the Red Hand on the t-shirt may belong to a specific school or sport club - if you can help please email me, I've numbered the photos so if you have any info. please state the photo number in your email and also paste the page url

Northern Whig Belfast    A1

Northern Whig Belfast    A2

photo taken in Bradford, England  A3

Photographer Belfast  A4

no info   A5

no info     A6

no info    A7

cute - photographer Belfast    A8

photographer Chipping Norton    A9

no info Girl Guides?    A10

no info     A11

no info     A12

photographer Belfast    A13

photographer Abernethy Belfast    A14

photographer Belfast     A15

photographer Glasgow    A16

photographer Belfast    A17

photographer Belfast    A18

photographer Belfast    A19

nice furniture    A20

a batch of photos with no information, if you recognise any of the faces please email me

Bloomfield B. A. Cricket Team Season 1936    B01

no info   

boy at back holding up a tray? says AY or AX on it, hats says R.M.S.?   

B04                              B05

B06                                              B07







Photographed on board the R.M.S. Queen Mary     B14

B15                                                                         B16                                                                           B17


The Right House     B19                                                                                               The Right House     B20

JD 6020     B21                                                               B22                                                   B23

B24                                                                B25                                                     B26