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Medals etc.

County W.M. No. 381? on back W. Bro. J. R. McDowell W.M. 1967                               -         buttons               

no name on the medals, all items (6 images) found together at auction

Mr. C. G. Trenier, 43 Wheatfield Crescent, Belfast, nice set of 5 medals with bags, list and box WW2

503 Pte. W. Rivers
Leinster Regt.
1902 - 1901

6247 Pte. J. Boyd
1st RL. Innis. Fus.
Transvaal - Natal - O.F.S.

18604 Pte. T. Partridge
R. Ir. RIR.

35031 Wkr. N. Baxter
O. V. A. A. C.

14262 Cpl. G. Harland
R. Ir. Fus.

49736 Pte. W. H. K. Ellison
R. Ir. Fus.

22785 Pte. J. McSorley
R. Innis. Fus.

back is plain except for
inscription -
Capt. C. Davison
31st T. M. Battery


195 Pte. T. Tinsley - RL. Irish Rifles
O.F.S. - Cape Colony - SA 1901 - 1902

on front 1914 Aug Nov
on back
10254 Rfmn. S. Bennett RIR

10254 Cpl. S. Bennett RIR
see left also

64056 Dvr. W. Dixon R.E.

name is unclear

64056 DWR. H. Dixon R.E.
see left also

4317 Pte. H. Mitchell
A. Cyc. Corps

1172 Pte. A. Paxton
North'd. Fus.


(1) M. 18238 T. McMaster. AR. CR. R.N. 1914-19
(2) M. 18238 T. McMaster. AR. CR. R.N. 1914-18
(3) J. 27896 T. McMaster. AR. CR. R.N. 1914-15

Let Glasgow Flourish
cloth sew on badge

Metal back with cloth surround front is mostly metal

Royal Navy??

WW1 medals belonging to Pte. D. Scott, 5640 RIR RIF
Commemoration King Edward VIII. Commemorate Coronation of our beloved King and Queen, both 12th May 1937

I think the plaque says Sgt. Willm. Brown, His Majestys 16th Foot

no info
have 2 of these

King Edwards Horse
Crown Colonies 1914

The King's Royal Rifle Corps

North Irish Horse

On War Service 1915
on back 95644

It's a WW2 Royal National Lifeboat Institution enamelled metal lapel badge.The R.N.L.I. has always sold various designs of such badges to the public in order to raise funds, and they still do so.During WW2 many organisations created their own versions of victory badges - thank you to Steve for this information and the information relating to the Semper Vigilo badge (right) :o)

Scottish Horse 1900
Semper Vigilo= Always Alert

It's the crest of the Scottish Police Constabularies. It's design and use dated from 1928 and it was in use in that form by the various Scottish police forces until 1975, then the crown was replaced with the crown of Scotland, otherwise the present design as is currently used by the P.S. of Scotland is much the same

British Red Cross
I. Dougal - 012732 - 1943

These were all tied together, not sure if that means they all belonged to the same person or if it was done at auction.
Name Tag - 1772 - D/PRV - M. McManus - RC 3AMCC
Wings back says - Parachutist

no name no ribbon
South Africa Suid - Afrika
For War Services
Ex Unitate Vires

no name

name and address on box:-
Mr. W. C. Brown, 5 Young Street, Lisburn, N. Ireland
Pte. W. J. Kennedy, 5362
R.I.R. Royal Irish Rifles
Assorted Coins, Commemorative, etc.
Thomas Chalmers DDLLD  - In Commemoration of the first assembly of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland
18th May 1843? (very rough coin)
Cramer & Co. Dublin 1872 - Exhibition of Arts, Industries & Manufacturers

H.R.H. Prince of Wales K.G. President
City and Guilds of London Institute - Technical Education
Technological Examination - Ordinary

Victoria Queen of Great Britain and Prince Albert of Saxe Curtig & Cotta? (not clear)
Ireland hails with joy the visit of her Sovereign August 1849

Ulster Gymnastic Association
won by J. McKeown
22nd December 1898

The Northern Parliament opened on the 22nd June 1921
The Rt. Hon. Sir James Craig, Bart. Mbe. P.M.

The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Belfast - Wm. McCammond, Esq. J.P.
The Belfast Arts and Industrial Exhibition 1894

Coronation Medals 1902 & 1911
Edward VII               George V
Praedic Evang QMNT Creatvrae Evntes in Vniversvm Mvndvm
Alumnorum CollegII Urbani - Doctrine et Pietati
The Total Abstinence Society of Ireland
Rev. T. Mathew, President - Founded 1838
Army Temperance Medal India

Army Temperance Association 1897
Watch and be Sober

the name has been scratched off

2704 Sergt. R. Gilmore
R .L. Irish Regt.

Founder - Amor Coelestis

Jesus Mary Joseph Limerick Holy Family Golden Jubilee 1868 - 1918
Daniel Martin

Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs - Short Range
1st Division 1938-39
NS-BRA Ireland

no info

Bon Accord Rifle Club
on back
Col. Sergt. Jam?? ???es 1892

no info

no idea whatsoever, it has a bar and hook type clip on the back

behind the elephant is a hook
belt buckle??

MFA - Ballymena
Ella Stewart 1935

W. Sidney Wanstall
1920 to 1946 - H.M. for 1920/28/31/37

The St. John Ambulance Association

Registered at St. Johns Gate, Clerkenwell

Motor Cycle Union of Ireland Ulster Centre
Reliability Trials

Sidecar Reliability Championship of Ulster
J. Warnock

C.N.C. and L.C.C.
J. Warnock

Smiley Shield 1910?
B.G.C. Won by J. Warnock

Woolwich A.S.C. Sports
1917 Tug of War
Won by Wheeler J. Warnock

B.M.C. & L.C.C.
Hill Climb 1925
J. Warnock