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email me if you find anyone you know, or have any suggestions as to year or whereabouts, any details welcome, original photographs are not my property and are not available, I can however send you my copy (300dpi)  -  meems@marylennon.co.uk

on back - "Oh what a face look at it"

Photographer - Geo. F. Webb, 63 North Street, Belfast

7th March 1916

Harland & Wolff - Jubilee Year?  ~~ recognise anyone? email me meems@marylennon.co.uk

Harland & Wolff

Harland & Wolff

Harland & Wolff

The gentleman in the middle is Ephraim Robinson, the year is 1940's
Does anyone know the names of the other gentlemen?
They possibly worked in Harland & Wolff with Ephraim
Ephraim's grandson Paul would like to know, please email him at
pepherpepher@yahoo.ca  or  email me at


Recognise the Uniform - Teachers - Badge or the building itself?
Please email me if you do  meems@marylennon.co.uk

A group of children from Northern Ireland ? on holiday somewhere? any one have any clues where and who and when?

lots and lots of sewing machines, no information at all

no information except Gemm?a


no information, the face of the clock says Belfast but the plaque below that is illegible, even on the original photograph, someone may recognise the building or the tie

no information

no information

no information

Irish and Canadian plaques? are those golf clubs? what's the small flag at the front?