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email me if you find anyone you know, or have any suggestions as to year or whereabouts, any details welcome, original photographs are not my property and are not available but I can send you a copy by email or mail  -  meems@marylennon.co.uk


no info at all


no info at all

note says :- To Aubrey
From Auntie Flo

With grateful thanks for your kindness to me while with you
Hope you enjoy this further contribution to the William Series.
If this is not the right one. I enclose bill & Mummy could change it sometime when in town

Regent House, Newtownards Prize Awarded to R. A. Cassells for Handwork 1951 -52
Regent House, Newtownards Prize Awarded to R. A. Cassells for Drawing 1951-52

To Aubrey from Joanie
all from a set of 'William' books
name of interest - Aubrey Cassells

These were all together, Stella was written on the back of the wedding one

look at the gob on the boy front middle

Carricknaveagh National School

I don't know where this is, there's conflicting information online, if you know can you drop me an email please?
Mary -

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