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LOST IN BOOKS - transcriptions or contents of interest.......all books found in Ireland


L. A. M. McCracken, February 1910 - The English Novel by Walter Raleigh - photo found inside, is this L. A. M. McCracken?

Amanda Kayes - The Water Babies and Selected Poems by Charles Kingsley

To Archie Campbell 1st Presbyterian Sunday School Bangor January 1896 - Over the Rocky Mountains by R. M. Ballantyne

Emily Burns 19th October 1923 - The Great War 1914-1918 (Souvenir) by W. & G. Baird Ltd., Royal Avenue, Belfast

Henry Magennis L.A.C. (R.A.F.) 1125065 Woolfox, Rutland, England - Strange Conflict by Dennis Wheatley

J. B. Gardner Prize for Ornamental Penmanship awarded by G. L. Baillie, Master of Writing School, The Belfast Academy, Session 1883-84 June 1884
Easy Studies in Water Color by 

James H. Savage, Mount Herald, Bangor - Ulster As It Is by Thomas MacKnight Vol II

Jas. H. Savage, Mount Herald, Bangor - Sketches of Olden Days in Northern Ireland by The Rev Hugh Forde, M.A., LL.D., T.C.D.
also stamped - Tullynagardy House, Newtownards, N. Ireland

as above - Jas. H. Savage - George Walker, Governor of Derry - A Vindication by Rev. W. S. Kerr, B.D.
JHSavage3d.JPG (562522 bytes)
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Jas. H. Savage (as above) Mount Herald, Bangor - The Irish Rebellion 1798 by W. H. Maxwell, Esq.

John Connell - This Prize was awarded to (Royal Belfast Academy) John Connell for General Proficiency Form Prep. VII  ? ? Warbyshire Headmaster 27th June 1963
The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells

J. R. McDowell, Cherryhill, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down - One of Our Submarines by Edward Young 1952

J. R. McDowell, Form Prize, Middle Form A. July 1928, Headmaster J. ? Roxborough, Stowe School - Crock of Gold by James Stephens 1922

Louisa Scott Valentines Day 1867 from an unknown friend - The Christian Chaplet: by The Religious Tract Society, London
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Mabel Alexander, August 1959, Montrose, Crawfordsburn Road, Bangor - South by Java Head by Alistair MacLean
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Mabel Alexander, 1951, Montrose, Crawfordsburn Road, Bangor - Dance and Skylark by John Moore

Presented to Mary Dickson, Raffrey Sabbath School, 1st Attendance 1947, L. Reid? Pedlow J. Smyth - Emma by Jane Austen

Lutterworth Wesleyan Sunday School Awarded to Norman Burton for Good Attendance No. of Marks 208 February 16th 1930
Life and Voyages of Columbus by Washington Irvine

R. Tiriss? MacLaurin, March '88 (assume 1888) - Elementary Lessons in Logic by W. Stanley Jevons LL.D.

Sheila Buchanan, Intermediate School Form 1 (B) Mr. Bambrick - Stories of King Arthur by Stuart Campbell

T. Sinclair With best wishes, Duncairn, 2nd December 1900 - Secret prayer by the Rev. H. C. G. Moule, D.D.

Ed. Wes. 19th November 1957 19 Moorgate Street, Bloomfield, Belfast C194 "This was an adventure indeed unlooked for... Good Luck! - Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe

Photograph found inside this book (John J. Collins & Sons, Castle Street, Castlebar), there were two books together,
the other is on the site in part Newry 1898

B.N.F.C. Presented to Lois McKeown for best set of six water colour drawings of flowers. Mr. C. R. Nodders Prize
Love from L. McKeown, Marlands, April 22. 1949
Marjorie W. Anderson, Cushendall, 1926 For Kit
John W. Nesbitt, 9 Ravenhill Park, Belfast, Ireland
Special Prize, Presented to Miss F. Humphreys by Br. Patrick, Ballymena Badminton Club in recognition of a very gallant display in the Open Tournament 1932
C. A. Spellenberg with love from G. R. & A. Bryant, Feb. 14th 1906. To Ada, with love from Auntee Carrie
C. McCoriston, 170 My Lady's Road (Collection of British Authors Vol six)
Mary Crozier, 77 Falls Road, Belfast, January (can't make out date, maybe 1944)
with best wishes Samuel Cunningham Oct. 14th 1928

A. J. Magill, Derry 1927?
Patrick Morgan, Dromore 1892
John Downey, J.P., 21st December 1917
Evelyn M. Scott, Greenisland
S. G. Montgomery, 15 Princetown Road, Bangor, Co. Down, September 1937 "He Abideth Faithful"
First Bangor Presbyterian Church Sabbath School Presented to Will Robertson for regular attendance during the year 1932/52? W. H. Keenan, Keehan, Keeman
Kathleen? Fausset, 16 Chichester Avenue, Belfast, Christmas 1919
Mary Neill, for proficiency in Music Book exam 1888, Armagh
To Dolly, with love and all good wishes from the author, Christmas 1979 (Robert Workman of Newtownbreda by Margaret A. K. Garner)
John Downey, Riverside, Holywood, Co. Down
Miss Hastings, July 1910
Rathverde, Bangor, Co. Down
William Stuart Dickson, from Mrs. Brand Xmas 1919
Xmas 1921 To John with best wishes from E. F. J. Barrett
Wishing dear John many happy returns for his birthday, with love from Paddy and Betty, April 1919
John McCullough, Sen., Ballyrainey. Mr. Walter McCullough, c/o Mr. W. J. Fisher, Rural Delivery, Whahatane, N.Z.
1st Ballymacarrett Presbyterian Church League of Church Loyally. This Prize was awarded to Katie Boyd for regular attendance at Church during year 1961-62. H. G. M. Thomson, Minister. P. C. (unclear) Secretary
J. A. Gamble, 539 Antrim Road, Belfast
William Williamson, 28 Ruskin Street, Belfast
G. F. or J. Pooley
Mr. John Bell, National School, Downpatrick
Harry Crawford, 12 Soudan Street, Belfast, Monday 21st August 1950
Margaret Anne Atcheson Finney
Fountain Street
Date 21st August 1905s