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email me if you find anyone you know, or have any suggestions as to year or whereabouts, any details welcome, original photographs are not my property and are not available, I can however send you my copy (300dpi)  -  meems@marylennon.co.uk

"The motorcyclist [No. 50 bike] looks very like Walter Rusk (1930's) and appears in a few of the others in this collection"
Paul Rusk ~ can anyone verify this or did you know Walter or any of the others in these photos?
 contact Paul through me at meems@marylennon.co.uk

Starting from top left of TT39 1:

Walter Rusk 350 Velocette  1939 Senior TT
Sigfried (Siggi) Wunsche  250 DKW  1938 Lightweight TT
Walter Rusk & Stanley Woods  1939 TT
Ted Mellors with his 350 Velocette 1939 Junior TT with Freddy Frith
Georg Meier with his 500 BMW  1939 Senior TT
Harold Daniell with his 350 Norton 1939 Junior TT with Stanley Woods
Freddy Frith 500 Norton  1939 Senior TT
Ginger Wood 250 Excelsior 1938 Lightweight TT
Stanley Woods with an unknown, to me anyway!

TT39 2:
Ewald Kluge (I'm 90% certain) 1939 TT
Bob Foster and Walter Rusk behind Ewald Kluge's 350 DKW 1939 Junior TT
David Whitworth 350 Velocette No 2 1939 Senior TT
Siggi Wunsche's 350 DKW 1939 Junior TT
Georg Meier 500 BMW 1938 Senior TT
Ewald Kluge 250 DKW 1938 Lightweight TT
Jock West 500 BMW 1938 Senior TT
Jimmy Little, from Belfast, standing behind his 350 Velocette 1939 Senior TT
Bob Foster 350 AJS 1938 Junior TT

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to the guys on the Antique Bikes Forum

Many thanks to you all especially Larryd

Found at Auction in an envelope, although this may not have anything to do with the photographs
Mr. W. Hammond, 75 Locksley Park, Finaghy, Belfast.


This is on a postcard but could well be a photo of the sender
Harry 1924 Glasgow


was inside Cash Book, name inside book is Wm. James Hanna, 20 Hancook? Street, Sta???? Place. 1941 to 1946, also in note book, half page from newspaper 1966, not sure which article was relevant, also envelope with old , says Wm. Hanna, first pay from Post Office 1. (may not be Belfast as I can't find Hancook Street) - same batch as Motor Bike photos (see above)
update:- Thanks to Stephen C., whose suggestion of Hancock Street in Lisburn has also identified Stannus Place. Thank you Stephen


Photographer - J. Phillips, 45 Donegall Place, Belfast
note - his left hand looks as if it might have been burnt


no info at all except was found at auction in Northern Ireland and was pinned up somewhere going by hole at top of photo.



Abernethy's Studios, 29 High Street, Belfast


Photographer - Robert Lyttle, 41 Dublin Road, Belfast, Great James Street, Londonderry & 10 Regent Street, Newtownards


Photographer - J. Thompson, Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place, Belfast and Shipquay Place, Londonderry


Photographer - Abernethy's Studios, 29 High Street, Belfast.
Belfast: Princes Studio, 19 High Street & 115 Albertbridge Road.
illegible 63 Hill Street & Bangor, Co. Down, Queen's Parade.


Photographer - J. Thompson, Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place, Belfast


on back - 1903 Ref No.
there might have been something written at the bottom but its been cut off, Studio: 22 Lombard Street. Works: 88 North Street, Belfast


no info

this photo was amongst a box of postcards, some of the names that might be associated with this young lady are Hewitt, Dalton, Cavan and Ethel and Sadie, it was dated 6th April 1948

no info

who?  drawn by Frank McKelvey 1925

no info

writing on back, hard to make out see here