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1890 Belfast Street Directory

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S   St.


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You will see in red letters where the little people lived, those not listed because their rent was under a certain amount

[this is probably the worse year for the little people :o( ]

Little Sackville Street to Coates Street

1, 3. Hicks, Steen, & Co., Wilson Street Cotton and Thread Mills 
       also a few small houses

off Sackville Street
some small houses

Melbourne Street to Coates Street
some small houses

Sackville Street to Hope's Street
some small houses

Kenbella Avenue to Circular Road

       Tramway depôt - R. Downes, foreman
   1. Tate, R., soap ,manufacturer
   2. Lamb, Wm. W., accountant
   3. Wilson, M., inspector Belfast Bank
   4. Bottomley, H. H., sub-sheriff
   5. McAllister, R., wine merchant
   6. White, E. Wolff, solicitor
   7. Murphy, J. H. B.
   8. Lowry, J., linen merchant

Dublin Road to Maryville Street

   1. Rainey, Richard, stone cutter
   3. Neill, Mary Jane
   5. Thompson, Wm., traveller
   7. Thompson, Miss
   9. Donaldson, Susan
 11. Armour, Robt., traveller
 13. McMillen, Ellen, dress maker
 15. Johnston, Margaret
 17. Henderson, James, grocer
 19. Mee, Hezekiah, collector
 21. Norbury, J., boiler inspector
 23. Morgan, Robert
 25. Wilson, Mrs.
 27. White, Alex., band master
 29. Craig, John, marine engineer
 31. Broadbent, Chas., clerk
 33. King, Henry, draper
 35. McKaig, Hugh, joiner
 37. Reid, Charles, merchant
 39. McCracken, Wm., traveller
 41. Simpson, F. J., teacher of music
 43. Dalzell, Mary
 45. Henry, John, clerk

   2. Johnston, Miss M., milliner and dress maker
   4. Vacant
   6. McCurdy, John, builder
   8. Harkness, Miss
 10. Larmour, Wm., clerk
 12. Rodgers, Thos. J., cashier
 14. Butler, John
 16. Neill, Miss M.
 18. Rodgers, Wm., wire worker
 20. McKee, Jane
 22. McAlister, John, bookkeeper
 24. Spinks, Joseph, sergt. R.I.C.
 26. Whateley, Olley, designer
 28. Gregory, George, salesman
 30. McCurdy, Mrs.
 32. Jamison, Alexander, student
 34. Naismith, J. S., warehouseman
 36. Denny, Jeremiah, butler

Winetavern Street to Millfield
some small houses

Off Samuel Street
some small houses

Off Crimea Street
some small houses

University Street to Fitzroy Avenue

                          Granville House
   1. Sibbett, J., manager Dunbar, McMaster & Ltd.
..........Magdala Street intersects
                           Granville Villas
   2. Hammond, Wm. J., leather merchant
   4. Bole, Wm., head inspector National Schools
   6. Plimmer, Thomas
   8. Belfrage, R. B., C.E., district engineer G.N.R.

Durham Street to Lisburn Road

1, 3. Bennett, John W., grocer and provision dealer
   5. Bell, Robert, labourer
   7. Finnigan, Eliza
9, 11. Ross, David, baker
 13. McIlveen, Thos., blacksmith
 15. Orr, Samuel, painter
 17. Magill, Samuel, iron turner
 19. Rodgers, Thomas
21, 23. Nevin, David, grocer
 25. Stevenson, James, fitter
27, 29. Carlin, Orr
 31. Gillespie, George, fireman
 33. Black, Mrs.
 35. Cully, Joseph, publican
..........Hurst Street intersects
37, 39. Alexander, John, grocer
 41. Burrows, James, tenter
 43. English, Eliza, upholstress
 45. Baxter, Jas., road inspector
 47. Davidson, Robert, carpenter (Davison, Robert, carpenter in 1880)
 49. Weir, Samuel, carter
 51. Henderson, H., flax dresser
 53. Randewick, E., publican
..........McAdam Street intersects
 57. Bell, H., grocer and provision merchant
 59. Mason, Martha, confectioner
 61. McAdam, Hugh, blacksmith
 63. Thompson, C. S., pawn broker
..........Rowland Street intersects
 65. Torbitt, James, spirit grocer
 67. Turley, J., boot and shoe maker
       Belfast Brewery Buildings
 69. Leslie, J., & Co., rectifying distillers
69a. Smyth, R., manufacturer of pinafores & cooking aprons
 71. Carter, Black & Co., apron and pinafore manufacturers, Star Factory
   "   The Irish Handkerchief Co. Ltd.
   "   Ulster Shirt and Collar Co., Albion Factory
   "   Shaw & Comrie, engravers and calico printers
   "   Thompson, James A., & Co., handkerchief manufacturers
73a. Vacant
 73. Totten, E., tramcar driver
 75. Dowling, Wm., carpenter
77, 79. Martin, John, grocer
..........Boyne Square intersects
 81. Palmer, R., litho. printer
 83. Thompson, W., linen lapper
 85. McTier, J., grocer and provision dealer
 87. Craig, Miss Ann, dress maker
 89. Johnston, Mrs., draper and milliner
 91. Brown, W., grocer
 93. Lee, John, engine driver
..........City Street intersects
 99. Miller, James, dealer
101. Crothers, Samuel, saddler
103. Thompson, Isaac, packer
105, 107. Crawford, W., publican
.........Schomberg Street intersects
109. McWhirter, R., railway guard
111. Fitzpatrick, E., hairdresser
113. Evans, James, labourer
..........Maxwell Street intersects.........
117. Donaghy, David, labourer
119. Rowland, John, do
121. Quinn, Robert, do
123. Irvine, Johnston, do
125. Brown, Joseph, bottler
127. Larmour, John, labourer
129. Kelly, Thomas, do
131. Quigley, Mrs.
133. Watson, Mary Jane
135. Baird, James, labourer
137. Young, John, dairy keeper
139. Courtney, F. W., flesher
..........Blyth Street intersects
155, 157. Morgan, Robt., pawn broker and outfitter
161. Henderson, Mrs.
163. Stewart, William, porter
165. Torrens, R., engine driver
167. Rainey, Samuel, mechanic
169. Bennett, Wm., hairdresser
171. Patterson, John, flesher
173. Allen & Hunter, publicans
.........Blackstaff Road intersects
        Bethel for Deaf, Dumb & Blind
175. Jelly, James, grocer
177a. Carroll, James, engraver
177. Moreland, W., shoe maker
179. McWatters, Martha
..........Gaffikin Street intersects
                        Bedford Terrace
181. Jackson, N., store keeper
183. Stitt, Thomas, mechanic
185. McMeechan, Elizabeth (McMechan, Mrs. Elizabeth in 1880)
187. McAlinden, Martha
189. Espie, T., school teacher
..........Napier Street intersects
                           Napier Place
191. Irvine, Mary Jane
193. McComb, W., carpenter
195. Holmes, Wm., do
                          Malone Cottage
        Rosbottom, Wm., mechanic

   2. Constabulary Barracks
   4. English, Joseph, publican
..........Hope Street intersects
6, 8. Dickson, R., pawn broker
 10. Sands, W., sen., confectioner
 12. Sands, W., jun., do
 14. Foy, George, labourer
 16. Vacant
 18. Thompson, John, dealer
 20. Harmon, W. R., engine fitter (Herman, Wm., wheelwright in 1880)
 22. Carnduff, Charlotte (Cairnduff, Thomas, watchman in 1880)
 24. Young, Isabella
..........Waugh's Place intersects
 26. Shaw, Alex., shoe maker
 28. Fitzgerald, Henry, labourer
 30. McKinley, George, do
 32. Moore, Richard, do
34, 36. Bell, Alex., flesher
 38. Gibson, Hugh, grocer
 40. Carlisle, W. J., carpenter
 42. McCracken, S., yarn dresser
 44. McBride, W. J., tenter
 46. Vacant
 50. Daley, George, yarn dresser
 52. Hanna, Gordon, sawyer
 54. Rankin, John, labourer
 56. Johnston, Mrs., weaver
 58. Foster, Catherine, spinner
 60. Cochrane, Saml. L., flesher
 62. Adams, John, provision dealer
 64. Osborne, Ann
 66. Adams, John, provision dealer
 68. Martin, Eliza
 70. Richardson, John, engineer
 72. McKee, William, labourer
 74. Nesbitt, James, do
 76. Ward, Alex., publican
..........Wellwood Street intersects
 78. Mills, Wm., publican
 80. Neill, Alice, weaver (O'Neill, Henry, labourer in 1880)
 82. Thompson, Sarah
 84. Carlisle, Samuel, blacksmith
 86. Moore, Wilson, painter
 88. Moore, Robert, labourer
 90. Dorman, Wm., do
..........Glenburn Alley intersects
 92. Dickson, Robert, coal dealer
 94. Johnston, Margt., wareroom worker
 96. Welch, Isaac, labourer
 98. Hayes, John, do
100. Millen, M. J., dairy keeper
102. Dickson, Robert, labourer
104. Lusty, Lizzie
106. Martin, Sarah
108. Johnston, Wm., labourer
110. Gilliland, W. J., do
112. Dunlop, D., cabinet maker
114. Ferris, Mrs.
116. Gibson, Wm., embosser
..........Scott Street intersects
118, 120. Rea, Daniel, flesher
122. Vacant
122½. Henderson, W. J., tramcar driver
124, 126. Wilson, J., pawn broker
128. Wilson, Wm., salerooms
130. Downey, Andw., grocer and draper
..........Albion Street intersects
132, 134. Cunningham, Ellen, draper
136. Sherlock, W. H., labourer
138. Morrison, Sarah
140. Henderson, J., paper cutter
142. Moore, Wm., labourer
144. Hull, J., glazer
146. Milligan, James, labourer
148. Weir, John, carter
150. Power, Isabella
152. McIlveen, S., linen lapper
154. McQuiston, Annie, mantle maker
156. Tate, Robert, flax dresser
158. Todd, Mrs.
160. Anderson, Thos., car driver
162. Topping, Thomas, labourer
164. Hughes, Wm., engine driver
166. Henderson, Elizabeth
168. Armstrong, N., store keeper
170. Campbell, M., labourer
172, 174. Strain, Thos., publican
..........Stroud Street intersects
176. Scott, Maggie, reeler
178. McBride, John, labourer
180. Campbell, E., labourer
182. Goodwin, James, painter
184. Goodwin, W., boot maker
186. Malcolm, Margaret, baby linen draper
..........Wesley Place intersects
190. Higgins, Margt., embroidery finisher
192. Jones, Archibald, builder
194. Rainey, John, pork weigher
196. Bolton, Margaret, grocer
198. McWilliams, M., porter
200. Moore, Joseph, labourer
202. Mercer, W., sen., dairyman
204. Woods, John, painter
206. Orange Hall - S. Torrens, caretaker
..........Renwick Street intersects
208. McDermott, Wm., mineral water manufacturer
210. Hastings, J., boot maker
212. Callender, Jane
214. Ward, Daniel, clerk
216. Mercer, W., jun., dairyman
218. Lynas, Wm., painter
220. Elwood, Mary, draper

Frederick Street to York Lane
some small houses

off Newtownards Road
some small houses

off Antigua Street
some small houses

Vulcan Street to Young's Row
some small houses

Sandy Row to Aughrim Street
some small houses

off Lagan Village Road

       Lagan Village National School - T. O'Connor, principal

Newtownards Road to Fox Street
some small houses

Cullingtree Road to Neill Street
A few small houses

Sandy Row to Glenalpin Street
a number of small houses

Off Mill Street
a few small houses

Station Street to Dalton Street

19 & 21 Charnock Bros. & Co., grease merchants
       a number of small houses

Newtownards Road to Bryson Street
a number of small houses

off York Road
a number of small houses

off North Howard Street
some small houses

Dickson Street to Elizabeth Street
a number of small houses

Albert Street to Cyprus Street
a number of small houses

Falls Road to Odessa Street
a number of small houses

off Howard Street North
a number of small houses

Off Seymour Street
four small houses

Off Seymour Street
ten small houses

Chichester Street to May Street

   7. Currie, Daniel, wood carver
   9. Johnston, J. M., V.S.
 11. Cullen, Thomas, horse shoer
 13. Houston, Jane
 15. Fitzpatrick, John, tailor
 17. Austin, Terence, horse shoer
 19. Jackson, George, carpenter
 21. Anderson, Isaac, baker

   2. Cassidy, Jane
6, 8. Kelly, Hugh, horse dealer
 10. Crossley, Agnes
 12. McDonnell, Ellen
 14. Dugan, John, hall porter
 16. Kelly, Hugh, horse trainer
 18. McGrillen, John, car driver
 20. Erskine, A., shop assistant
 22. Hawkins, John, horse trainer
 24. McIlroy, James, van driver
 26. Plunkett, John, labourer
 28. Watters, G., summons server

Albion Street to Wesley Place

       Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church
   1. Montgomery, Rev. Robert, minister
   3. Simpson, John, M.D.
   5. Coates, S. B., M.D., surgeon
   7. Francis, W., H.M.C.
   9. Hudson, Miss, ladies' school
 11. Moore, John, Painter and Decorator
 13. Weir, Miss
 15. Quigley, John, painter and decorator
 17. Harris, Mrs.
 19. Warwick, Mrs.
 21. McCaw, John, M.D., surgeon
 23. McKinnion, Mrs.
 25. Rea, John, M.D.
 27. Hill, The Misses

       Post Office pillar box
   2. McDade, Chas., cabinet maker
   4. Downie, Samuel, fruiterer
   6. Davidson & Co., Sirocco tea depôt branch
   8. Mehaffy & Co., boot warehouse
 10. James, Robert, Fish Merchant, and at 9 Ann Street
 12. Carson, Samuel, flesher
 14. Jordan, John, tobacconist
 16. Pim, E. & W., tea merchants
..........Donegall Pass intersects
                         Oxford Buildings
 18. Payne, J. C. C., medical hall
 20. Munce, Andrew, flesher and poulterer

Arkwright Street to Agnes Street
a number of small houses

Annadale Street to New Lodge Road
a number of small houses

off Shankhill Road
a number of small houses

Peter's Hill to Ardoyne

    1. Leathem, E. & W., pawn brokers
   3. Bell, Thos., & Co., grocers
5, 7. Jackson, Samuel, & Co., drapers and outfitters
   9. Vacant
  11. Walker, Mary, draper
  13. Press, Thos., draper
  15. Crawford, J., & Son, bakers and confectioners
  17. Crawford, Robert, grocer
  19. Hall, T. J., milliner
..........Hudson Street intersects
  21. Adams, Samuel, grocer
  23. Keith, James, paper ruler
  25. Corken, Michael, clerk
  27. Vance, Geo., M.D., surgeon
  31. Talbot, James, outfitter
  33. Hobson, H. A., book finisher
..........Hanna's Court intersects
  35. Metcalf, Thomas, publican (Metcalfe, Thos., spirit dealer in 1880)
37, 39. Morris, Ralph, dealer (Norris, Ralph, furniture dealer in 1880)
41, 43. Moore, A., hair dresser
43½. Lynn, Hugh, horse shoer
  45. Jarvis, Isabella, shop keeper
  47. Fleming, Joseph, draper
  49. Paxton, Wm., publican
..........M'Tier Street intersects
51, 53. Teuton Bros., drapers and outfitters
  55. McKee, John, grocer
  57. Cowan, Isabella, publican
  59. Donaldson, W., brass founder
61, 63. Bennett, J. W., grocer
  65. Parkill, Jane, milliner (Parkhill, Jane, milliner in 1880)
  67. Edgar, W. H., boot maker
  69. Morrison, Wm., pawn broker
..........Hopeton Street intersects
71, 73. Minnis, William, grocer
  75. Johnston, Mary, milliner
  77. Houston, Robert, builder
  79. Vacant
  81. Magee, William M., draper and general outfitter
  83. Neill, James, hardward dealer (hardware)
  85. Baird, F. & R., hardware merchants
  87. Stalker, Alex., tobacconist and newsagent
  89. Gleazer, John, publican (Gleaner, John, spirit dealer in 1880)
..........Malvern Street intersects
  91. Kirk, R. W., grocer
  93. Luney, John, hairdresser
  95. Sloane, Mary, tobacconist and newsagent
  97. Sturgeon, Joseph, fruiterer
  99. McDonnell, J., iron monger
101. Macbeth, John, flesher
103. Morris, James H., house furnisher
105. Quinn, David, confectioner
107. McDowell, Robert, draper
109, 111. Briggs, A., fruiterer
113. Jackson, Hugh, boot maker
115. Rea, John, grocer
..........Craven Street intersects
117, 119. Scott, H., pawn broker
121. Fulton, Andrew, millwright
123. Wright, Wm., confectioner
125. Nicholl, Geo., carpenter
127, 129. Ross, Finlay, publican
131. Magowan, R., confectioner
133. Semple, John R.
135. Lindsay, W., & Co., plumbers
137. Carmichael, Margaret
139. Boyd, Daniel, Bacon Curer
..........Downing Street intersects
141, 143. Adair, Wm., publican
145. Munce, Andrew, flesher
147. Jones, Maria, confectioner
149. Carson, James, do
151. Ramsay, Thos., do
153. Robinson, Edwd., labourer
155. Black, Sarah
157. Gordon, Andrew
..........Agnes Street intersects
                           Bowers Hill
159, 161. Mitchell, J., publican
163. Bryans, T. H., painter
165. Carson, Mattw., boot maker
167. Crawford, Dunlop, agent
169, 171. Ferris, Wm. J., engine driver
..........Canning's Court intersects
173, 175. Wallace, H., hair dresser
                         Rutland Terrace
177. Bowers Hill (No. 1) Police Barracks - T. Cottingham, head-constable
179. Stewart, Jas., coal merchant
181. Post Office - Jemima Black, postmistress
183. Kane, James, tailor
185. Thompson, Joseph, grocer
187. Campbell, Thos., chemist
189. Thompson, Joseph, grocer
..........Beresford Street intersects
191, 193. Wilson, John, grocer
195. McKelvey, James, painter
197. Spence, John, Draper and Outfitter
199. Gillespie, Jas., hair dresser
201. Reid, James, grocer
203. Scott, Hugh, pawn broker
205. McIlveen, Amelia, fruiterer
207. Hart, Wm., publican
..........Crimea Street intersects
209. Sinclair, Alex., chemist
211. McConnell, S., dress maker
213. Jennings, Robt., flesher
215. Gault, John, publican
217. Robinson, Samuel, grocer
219. Walker, Thos., confectioner
221. Thompson, Saml., shrouding outfitter
223 to 227. McComb, William, Snugville Bakery
229. Buchanan, W., tobacconist
231. Smith, Jas., M.D., surgeon
233. Vacant
235. Wilson, Johnston, grocer
..........Snugville Street intersects
237. McCullough, Jane, publican
239. Baird, Samuel, draper
241. McClintock, Jas., overlooker
243. Longmore, Thos., dealer
245. Stewart, Jas., rent collector
247. Green, Jos., picture framer
249. Torbitt, Jas., Old Still
249a. Vacant
251, 253. McIlroy, J. E., grocer
255. McKee, David, minister of Agnes Street Independent Church
257. Lewers, H., M.D., surgeon
259. McFarland, W., tobacconist
261. McKeown, Martha, flesher
263. Kain, John, moulder
265. McCreight, Robt., publican
..........Berlin Street intersects
267. Allen, W. J., smithworks
269. Warnock, D. K, pawn broker
271. McKee, S., M.D., surgeon
273, 275. Dunwoodie, D., grocer
277. McGuffin, G., engine driver
279, 281. Gibson, J. A., salesman
283. Stewart, Mary E., dealer
285, 287. Stevenson, Jas., draper
289. Dyer, George, watchman
291, 293. McCamley, Mary Jane, draper
295. Irvine, Charles, mechanic
297. Sloan, Mary, stationer
299. McMurray, Robt., overseer
301. Donegan, Wm., boot maker
303. Cochrane, Margaret
305. Bell, Joshua, labourer
307. McFall, Jane, dress maker
309. Thompson, Ellen, grocer
311. Martin, Jas., engine driver
313. Hayes, Jas., grocer
315. Stewart, John, grocer
317. Hamilton, John, carpenter
319. Hannah, Robt., labourer
..........Emerson Street intersects
325. McGahey, J., rent collector
327. Willis, Robt., house agent
329. McIlveen, Edw., labourer
331. Thompson, Martha
333. McCullogh, John, mechanic
335. Lockhart, Eliza
337. Riddell, John, pensioner
339, 341. Hunter, R., publican
..........Tennent Street intersects
                        Glenwood House
341. Cunningham, Mary
343. Glenwood Flour & Roller? Mills - Wilson, Samuel & Co.
345. St. Matthew's National Schools - Thomas Kerr, principal; Miss King, assistant
        Shankhill Graveyard
        Steele, Robert, sexton
                         Mourne Villa
347. Haithwaite, Mrs.
                          Eva Cottage
349. Speers, John, assistant superintendent, Prudential Assurance Co.
351. Harrison, Elias, publican, Mountainview Tavern
        St. Matthew's Church - Rev. George Hamilton
                        Shankhill Cottage
363. Rosbotham, A., dairy keeper (Rosbottom, Alex., dairyman in 1880)
365. Maitland, Fras., librarian
367. Murphy, T., brick merchant
                          Ruby Cottage
        Gardiner, James, buyer
                       Mount Eden Villas
   1. Robinson, John Clark G., stone merchant
   2. Smyth, Stafford, draper
        Summerville Cottage (Sommerville in 1880)
        McBride, Jas., dairy keeper
                        Edenderry House
        Thompson, Jos. Nugent
        Curry, Wm., linen lapper
        Shankhill Road Weighbridge - James Turner, proprietor

   2. Sholdis, Joseph, publican
   4. Magowan, W., hairdresser
6, 8. Hogg, S., general grocer
 10. Hay, Annie, draper
 12. Stokesberry, Mary, flesher
 14. Leathem, Margaret
 16. McCall, John, publican
..........Dover Street intersects
18, 20. Foster, Hugh, publican
 22. McComb, John, flax dresser
 24. Murphy, John, flesher
 26. Ring, Rachel
 28. Mitchell, J. J., milliner
 30. McMullan, J. Hugh, M.D., surgeon
32, 34. Price, Wm., flesher
 36. Morrison, Robert, tailor
 38. Chambers, Margaret
40, 42. Shaw, John, baker
 44. McGrath, John, draper
 46. Lamb & Bullock, fleshers
..........Shane's Court intersects
 48. Hamilton, Eliza
 50. Campbell, Maggie, stationer
 52. McGaghey, Samuel, flesher (McGaughey, Samuel, flesher in 1880)
 54. Barnes, Wm., boot maker
 56. Rice, James, flesher
 58. Torbitt, James, Old Still
..........Diamond Street intersects
60, 62. Caruth, J., baker and grocer
 64. Graham, W. C., M.D., surgeon
 66. Jones, J., draper
 68. Dunn, Henry, boot maker
 70. McKinney, James, clerk
 72. Montgomery, W. J., grocer
 74. Pearson, Brothers, do
 76. Wilson, M. H., salesman
 78. Douglas, Joshua, flesher
 80. Hewitt, John, draper
 82. Adams, S., boot maker and leather merchant
 84. Lavery, Alex., miller
 86. McClean, Wm., soap maker (McLean, Charles, draper in 1880)
 88. McDade, Wm., outfitter
..........Percy Street intersects
 90. Perry, J., baker and grocer
 92. Magee, R., house and land agent
 94. Todd, James, draper
 96. Byers, James, labourer
 98. Peden, Thomas, do (Pedan, Mrs. in 1880)
100. Ellison, Martha
102. Lyle, Mathew, hackle maker
104. Watson, David, car driver
106. McMann, Richard, fruiterer (McMahon, Richd., labourer in 1880)
108. Crawford, John, & Son, Brush Manufacturers
110. Humphreys, John, agent
112. Miller, W. J., linen lapper
114. Shannon, Samuel, turner
116. Curry, David, labourer
118. Kane, Joseph, watch maker
120. Bodel, Chas., carpenter
122. McKernaghan, W. J., painter
124. Simms, Russell, tinsmith
126. Marshall, John, do
128. Belfast Co-Operative Society Ltd. - A. C. Husband, secretary
130. Houston, Rachel, draper
132. Waddell, Robt., boot maker
134. Quee, Charles, flesher
136., 138. McKibbin, J., spirit grocer
140. Radcliffe, Isabella, draper (Ratcliffe, Isabella in 1880)
142. Cockburn, Wm., tailor
144. Murphy, Wm., flesher
146. Jones, Thomas, carpenter
148. Gardner, E., baker and grocer
..........Northumberland Street intersects
150. Weir, John, General Draper and Outfitter
152. Montgomery, E., pawn broker
154. Wilson, John, boot maker
156. Lewis, Arthur, mechanic
158. Gilbey, W. A., wine and spirit merchant
160. Camlin, David, grocer
..........Dundee Street intersects
162. Warwick, Robert, publican
164. Perry, Jonathan, flesher
166. McConnell, R., tobacconist
168. Patton, Hugh, boot maker
170, 172. Allen, T., tobacconist and stationer
..........Aberdeen Street intersects
174. Kirk, Hugh, publican
176, 178. Stewart, W., horse dealer
180. Munce, Grace, flesher
..........Will's Entry intersects (Willis' in 1880)
182. McCamley, H., upholsterer
184. King, James, labourer
186. Burland, Henry, caulker
186½. Hamilton, Ellen
188. Caruth, Leah
190. Meek, Alexander, carter
192. Thompson, R., publican
194, 196. McAlea, P., grocer
198. Rainey, W., labourer
200. Knox, W., labourer
202. Bennett, Agnes
204. Gibson, Alex., labourer
206. Auld, Jane
208. Mercer, Jane
210. Bell, Jane
212. Barr, James, flesher
..........Speers' Place intersects
214, 216. McArthur, D., grocer
218. Moore, William, sexton
220. Craig, M. J., mourning outfitter
222. Meneilly, T., restaurant
224. Johnston, J. S.
226. Hamilton, Robert, flesher
228. Manson, John, grocer
230. Boyd, Robert, pawn broker
232. McBratney & Johnston, house furnishers
234. Watson, Sarah, grocer
..........Argyle Street intersects
        Argyle Place Presbyterian Church - Rev. Jas. Wilson, minister; res., Clifton Park
..........Urney Street intersects
236. Stevenson & Co., drapers
238. Niblock, Sarah
240. Glover, John, dresser
242. Hamilton, J., publican
..........Wilton Street intersects
244. Vacant
246. Campbell, Agnes
248. Sinclair, Margaret
250. Rea, W., cloth passer
252. McKibben, Maggie
254. Campbell, T., boot maker
256. Lewis, W., mechanic
258. McKeown, A., moulder
260. Riddell, Thomas, engineer
262. Lindsay, Robert, carpenter
264. McClean, Jas., boot maker
266. Garston, Thomas, miller
268. Paxton, Agnes
..........Canmore Street intersects
270. Wallace, W., grocer
272. Armor, John, plater
274. Humphrey, Joseph, clerk
276. Magee, M., spirit grocer
278. Kingsberry, J., coal merchant
..........Sugarfield Street intersects
280. Vacant
282. Nicholson, S., general draper
..........Bellevue Street intersects
284. Dunbar, James, tenter
286, 288. Police Barracks, No. 2 - Sergt. Whelahan
290. Greer, W., grocer
292. McCormack, T., mechanic
294. Pelan, John, publican
..........Mountjoy Street intersects
296. Drean, Catherine, grocer
304. Culbert, Robert, do
306. Robinson, W., carter
308. Dempsey, W., tan dresser
310. Davis, W., house and land agent
312. Woodside, W. J., tobacconist and stationer
..........Lawnbrook Avenue intersects
314. Dawson, Robert G., spirit grocer
316. McMurtry, C., flute master
318. McCormick, Jas., mechanic
320. Gardiner, S., foreman
322. Loughran, Robt., mechanic
324. Hamilton, Henry, labourer
330. Grainger, James, publican
332. Glenwood Dye Works - Alex. Foster, proprietor
334. Christie, John, spinning master
336. Henry, Wm. J., beetler
338. Thompson, Thos., labourer
340. Kennedy, Samuel, clerk
342. Lawther, Mary Ann
344. Shankhill Lime Works - Robt. J. McCully, proprietor
346. Caldwell, Henry, clerk
348. Patterson, Mrs.
350. Hunter, Robert, artist
352. Reynolds, Mrs.
354. McAfee, Samuel, carter
356. Ferguson, Thos., carpenter
358. Adgey, Mrs.
360. Smyth, Annie, captain, Salvation Army
362. Alexander, Ezekiel, labourer
364. Burns, Samuel, boot closer
366. Bamber, James, storeman
368. Vacant
370. Logan, J., preparing master
372. Hull, E., boot and shoe maker
376, 378. McKibbin, J., grocer (McKibben, James, grocer in 1880)
..........Mayo Street intersects
380. Lavery, James, blacksmith
382. Wiggins, Samuel, pensioner
384. McClean, A., school master
                          Jubilee Buildings
386. McCartney, Wm., fireman
388. Guthrie, Saml., flax dresser
390. Wasson, Parker, flesher
..........Einsworth Street intersects
394. Conway, Eliza, publican
396. Dillon, Joseph, labourer
398. Allen, John, flax dresser
400. Heron, John, carter
402. Black, John, coachman
404. McCartney, Mrs.
                     St. Matthew's Terrace
406. Stewart, Hamill, grocer
408. Calvert, Hamilton, grocer
410. Tinsley, Thomas
412. Callan, Wm., lamp lighter
414. Adam, Robert, bleacher
416. Johnston, Wm., assistant superintendent Prudential Society
418. Taylor, Wm., bookkeeper
420. Ferguson, James, foreman hackler
422. Bleakley, A., confectioner
424. Sterling, Wm., traveller
                        Woodville Terrace
426. Smyth, W., dairy keeper
428. Skelly, Francis C.
430. Guthrie, Wm., mechanic
432. Collins, William, town missionary
434. White, James, dairy keeper
436. Smyth, Hugh, flax dresser
438. Sharpe, James, yarn dresser
440. Templeton, Robert, tenter
442. Miskimmon, J., carpenter
444. McNeill, Jas., bread server
446. Barbour, Jas., linen finisher
448. McWilliams, Mrs.
450. Reid, Grace, grocer
452. Ferguson, John, labourer
454. Irvine, Robert, carpenter
456. McCallum, James
..........Springfield Row intersects
        Woodville Public Park - J. Patton, manager
..........Whiterock Road intersects
                            Eden Terrace
   1. McGladery, Samuel, brick manufacturer
   2. Mercer, Archibald, clerk
   3. Hamilton, J. H., mill manager

Old Park Road to Summer Street
sixty small houses

off Falls Road
some small houses

Peter's Hill to Old Lodge Road
a number of small houses

Dawson Street to Annadale Street
a number of small houses

Mountpottinger Road to Seaforde Street
a number of small houses

Nelson Street to Little York Street
some small houses

York Street to Prince's Dock

   3. Bean, Thomas, mechanic
   5. Christian, J., ship carpenter
   7. Darragh, Catherine
   9. Shearer, S., iron turner
 11. McCreedy, Robert, seaman
 13. Christian, John, engineer
..........Earl Lane intersects
 15. Charley, Miss
 17. Cunningham, James, master mariner
 19. Saunderson, J., iron founder
 21. Bracegirdle, Jas., engineer
 23. Holck, Mrs.
 25. Vacant
 27. McCutcheon, T., ship carpenter
 29. Norris, Thos., boat builder
 31. Thompson, T., ship joiner
 33. Stewart, Hector, blacksmith
 35. Green, R., ship carpenter
 37. McGrother, W., pensioner
 39. McLaughlin, H., boatman
.........Nelson Street intersects
 41. McFetridge, David, plater
 43. Russell, Matthew, traveller
 45. Williams, Jane
 47. Vacant
 49. Vernon, Miss
 51. Stewart, Samuel, watchman
 53. Vacant
 55. Henry, Alex., stevedore
 57. Christie, Mrs., dress maker
 59. McCrea, John, block maker
 61. Jackson, Eliza
..........Garmoyle Street intersects

   2. McCappin, Robt., carpenter
   4. Lennon, E., master mariner
   6. Thom, James, time keeper
   8. Clarke, Jas., Customs officer
 10. O'Hara, Bernard, boot maker
 12. Cooke, Eliza
 14. Rainey, Mrs.
 16. Sloan, Margaret
 18. Richmond, Wm., joiner
 20. McCauley, James, publican
 22. McMurtry, Charlotte
 24. Johnston, George, sawyer
..........Nelson Street intersects
 28. Gilmore, James, publican
 30. Davis, Jane
 32. Marks, Isaac, boiler maker
 38. Vacant
 40. Burns, Robert, horse shoer
 42. Foster, Augustus, engineer
 44. Reid, John, labourer
 46. Leathem, John, sail maker
 48. North-End Discount Co.
   "   Purse, David, shipwright
 50. Dyer, Agnes

Off Little Ship Street
five small houses

Ship Street to Whitla Street
some small houses

Skegoniel Avenue to Parkmount
some small houses


                         Skegoniel Cottages
       Campbell, John
       Cunningham, Ann
       Weeks, Charles, band master
       McChesney, Joseph
                            Garra Terrace
   1. Wilson, Samuel
   2. Hopwood, Edward
   3. Johnstone, John
   4. Patterson, Henry M.
   5. Moutray, Albert L.
   6. Kennedy, Martin H.
   7. Hunter, Edwd., school master
   8. Lewis, Mrs.
                        Skegoniel House
       Wylie, Rev. J. B., minister Great George's Street Presbyterian Church
       Forrester, M., gatekeeper
       Andrews, Samuel, J.P.
       McCready, Saml., coachman
                        Fortwilliam Place
   4. Millar, Robert, labourer
   3. McFall, Mary Jane
   2. Davidson, John, carpenter
   1. Wilson, John, dairyman
                      Parkmount Cottages
       Mackessy, Mary
       Rainey, Elizabeth
       McCracken, Joseph, labourer
       Mogey, Wm., do
       McConkey, David, do
       McDowell, Robert, do
                        Sycamore Cottage
       Kingsberry, Joseph
                           Racart House
       Brackenridge, S., flax buyer
       Rowan, Thomas, coachman
                          Mount Vernon
       Lawther, S., J.P., ship broker
       Kinahan, Fredk. (of Lyle & Kinahan, Donegall Place)
                   Low-Wood Gate Lodge
       Gilliland, Wm., labourer
       McNeill, Henry Hugh, J.P. (McNeile, H. H., J.P. in 1880)

off York Road
some small houses

Bridge End to Albertbridge Road

    5. Gilroy, William, grocer
    7. Vacant
    9. Scott, John, grocer
  11. McCarthy, John, labourer
  13. McCann, Edward, baker
  15. McAnally, Mrs.
  17. Owens, Francis, plater
19, 21. Richardson Brothers & Co., chemical manure manufacturers
  23. Longridge, Jas., foreman
  25. Martin, James, fireman
  27. McCleery, Thomas, labourer
  29. Dempsey, Edwd., do
  31. McManus, Mrs.
  33. Lindsay, Jas., engine driver (Lundy, James, fireman in 1880)
33a. Murray & Co., lime burners
  35. Burns, Wm., boiler maker
  37. Gaw, Wm., caretaker
  39. Burns, Daniel, lamp lighter
  41. Dillon, Francis, fireman
  43. Murray, Samuel, fitter
  45. Carmichael, John, carter
  47. Campbell, Mrs.
  49. Harkin, Margaret
..........Quinn Street intersects
51, 53. McCartin, J., spirit grocer
                    Lawrence Buildings
  55. Shields, Joseph, shoe maker
  57. Burns, Patrick, labourer
  59. Rooney, Thos., do
  61. Gregory, Wm., fireman
  63. McIvor, John, carpenter
  65. Collins, John, flax dresser
  67. Jackson, John, van driver
  69. Mullin, Bernard, coal dealer
  71. Kane, Michael, shoe maker
  73. McDermott, F., labourer
  75. Vacant
  77. Magee, John, labourer
  79. Maguire, Michl., do
  81. Hanna, Denis, do
  83. Brown, Thos., boiler maker
  85. Dougherty, Robt., sail maker
  87. Daly, Thomas, sail maker
  89. Nicholson, Thomas, boot and shoe maker
  91. Meechan, Thomas, plasterer
  93. Hickey, Patk., engine driver
  95. Rice, Samuel, car driver
97, 99. Mehaffy, Mrs., publican
101. Quinn, J., boot and shoe maker
103. McManus, Patrick, grocer

   2. Morrow, Miskelly & Co., rope manufacturers and ship chandlers
4, 6. McStravick, J., marine dealer
 10. Magee, John, seaman
 12. McStravick, Patk., labourer
 14. McKirney, John, do
 16. Bradley, Wm. J., watchman
 18. Reid, William, carter
 20. Gillespie, Robert, do
 22. Wilson, Thomas, labourer
 24. Gorman, Roderick, do
 26. McCusker, Peter, do
 28. McLaughlin, James, do
30, 32. Richardson Bros., stores
32a. Beck, J. A., chemical manufacturer
 62. Anderson, D., & Son Ltd., Lagan Felt Works
..........Hornidge Street intersects
 64. Johnston, James, manager
 66. Kennedy, J., ship steward
68, 70. McClelland, W. J., publican and grocer
..........Anderson Street intersects
                           Clyde Terrace
72, 76. Law, R., pawn broker
 78. Moore, G. H., house agent
..........Clyde Street intersects
                           River Terrace
 80. Toner, John, labourer
 82. Gaynor, P., goods manager
 84. Mulvehill, Miss (Mulville, Henry, clerk in 1880)
  86. Louney, Mrs. (Lumey, Francis, engine driver in 1880)
 88. Young, Jas., shoe maker
 90. Young, David, clerk
 92. Dunlop, A., sand merchant
94, 96. McCullough, H., publican
..........Thompson Street intersects
       Albertbridge Independent Church - Rev. Jas. Cregan, minister
..........Independent Street intersects
 98. Boomer, James, tobacconist
100. Conway, Maggie, stationery
102. Bingham, John, packer
104, 106. Kildea, R., pawn broker
108. Lawson, Mrs., ref. rooms

Pilot Street to Princes' Dock

   3. Corr, Bernard, labourer
   5. Lowey, Charles, seaman
   7. Quinn, Alex., shoe maker

   2. Ritchie, Thos., bonded warehouse proprietor
4, 8. Kirker, Greer, & Co. Ltd., bonded warehouse - Stack P
 10. Hogg & Co., Prince's Dock Laundry
 12. Cusin, Henry, publican

off Park Street
some small houses

Elm Street to Vernon Street
a number of small houses

Off Crumlin Road
small houses

off Ormeau Road
a few small houses

Annadale Street to New Lodge Road
a few small houses

North Howard Street to Conway Street
a few small houses

York Road to Antrim Road
a few small houses

Waring Street to High Street

 1a. Manderson, A. H., importer direct of American flour
 1a. McConnell, B. C., insurance agent, Phoenix Fire Office, English, Scottish Law Life & Accident & Employers' Liability, etc.
 1a. Irwin, D., agent
   1. Johnstone, Chas. Jas., stock and share broker, agent
   1. Fire Insurance and Railway Passenger Accident Co. - Thomas Martin, caretaker
                         Atlas Chambers
   3. Geddis & Benson, flour brokers
   3. Turnbull, J. M., agent
   3. Hanley, Robt., tea dealer
   3. McMaster, J. H., boot manufacturers' agent
 3a. Bracken, J. & Co., broker and commission agent
   5. Coulter, H., tea merchant
   7. Downer, Thompson & Co., commn. merchants & brokers
9, 11. Allsopp & Sons Ltd. - J. Reid, agent
 11. Bryson, Wm. & Co., bran and flour merchants
 13. Vacant
 15. Heaney, John, confectioner
 17. Murray, William, draper
 19. Dickson, James, plumber
 21. Vacant
 23. Platten, Geo., newsagent
 25. Vacant

   2. Thompson, William, Stock and Share Broker, and Notary Public
   2. Freille & McCready, carriers
   4. Duncan, R. & D. A., agents for Vivian & Sons, colliery proprietors
   6. Aston, Thomas
   8. Brown, J., woollen merchant
10, 12. McBride, D., china merchant
14, 16. McConnell, Wm., & Co., tea merchants
18, 20. Wilson, Jas., & Son, Distillers, Wine and Spirit Merchants
22, 24. Moorhead & Agnew, tea merchants
24½. Lynas, Robt., & Co.
 26. Black, M., publican

off Albertbridge Road
about 70 small houses

Off McDonnell Street
some small houses

Berry Street to Gresham Street

   1. Kelly, Peter, clothier
2, 3. Lynn, John, clothier
   4. Headley, George, tinsmith
5, 6. McCorry, Eliza, confectioner
7, 9. Hunter, Wm., auctioneer
 10. Heaney, Mrs., boot shop
 11. Vacant
12, 13. Campbell & Co., Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jewellers, House Furnishing Mongers
 14. Vacant
 15. Donaldson, Eliza, publican
 16. Anderson, Joseph, auctioneer
 17. Dysart, William, do
18, 20. Dawson, William, House Furnisher & Wholesale Ironmonger
 21. Carney, Wm., hairdresser
 22. McKeown, Wm., pawn broker
..........Garfield Street intersects
 26. Tougher, Wm., auctioneer
 28. McQuillan, C., publican
 30. Rodgers, T., repairer and dealer in musical instruments and picture framer
 32. O'Neill, Mary, publican
             Gresham Street to West Street
 38. Dean, H., machinery dealer
 39. Lowden, J., plumber, gasfitter and tinsmith
40, 41. Russell, Jane, dealer
 42. Byrne, A. & D., publicans
.........Winetavern Street intersects
       Smithfield Flax Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd.
                   West Street to Francis Street
 45. McGlade, P., publican
 46. Dobbin, John, clerk
 47. Graham, Michael, brewer
 48. Caffrey, T. R., Smithfield Brewery
 49. Williamson, E., porter
50, 52. Monaghan, P., dealer
 53. Sweeney, P., tinsmith
 54. O'Hagan, John, salesman
55, 56. Coyle, Mrs., dealer
57, 58. Stores
 60. McAteer, B., furniture dealer
 62. O'Connor, M., cork cutter
 63. Dougan, A., shoe maker
 64. Cassidy, Mrs., dealer
 65. Dougherty, C., flesher
 66. McCabe, J., cabinet maker
 67. O'Neill, John, tailor
 68. Kearns, J., delf and china merchant
 69. Neeson, M., publican
             Francis Street to Berry Street
 73. Vacant
........Marquis Street intersects
 74. Madden, Isabella, publican
75, 76. McConvill, wholesale house furnisher and iron monger (McConnell, Jas., iron monger in 1880)
77, 78. Hunter, W., auctioneer
 79. Vacant
 80. Parker, John, dealer
 81. Vacant
82, 83. Rodgers, Peter, furniture dealer
 84. McMahon, Patrick, dealer
 85. McStay, Ellen, grocer
 86. McCoy, Wm. John, & Sons, Machinery Dealers, General Brokers, and Furniture Merchants - Stores, 23 Francis Street and 15 Divis Street

{Outside of Square}
Francis Street to Berry Street

   1. Dougherty, Charles, dealer
2, 4. Judge, W., basket maker
..........Entrance to Stalls
5, 6. McCann, Daniel, dealer
   7. Russell, Mrs., furniture dealer
.........Entrance to Stalls
8, 9. Moore, Wm., dealer
.........Entrance to Stalls
 10. Rodgers, Peter,   dealer
 11. Dougherty, Mrs., dealer
 12. Gilmore, Rebecca, dealer
.........Entrance to Stalls
13, 14. Clements, John, furniture dealer
 15. Stewart, James, auctioneer
 16. McCune, John, dealer
 17. Egan, Wm., cooper
 18. McShane, Joseph, dealer
 19. McShane, M., furniture dealer
 20. Parker, John, dealer
.........Entrance to Stalls
21, 22. Dawson, Wm., furniture dealer
 23. Baxter, Robt., tinsmith
       Irish Temperance League Coffee Stand
 24. O'Rourke, John, tinsmith
 25. Burns, Charles, dealer
 26. Greer, James, dealer
.........Entrance to Stalls
 27. O'Rourke, John, tinsmith
 28. Baxter, Robt., do
               Gresham Street to West Street
 29. Kelly, Bernard, cooperage
.........Entrance to Stalls
 30. Kelly, Bernard, cooperage
 31. McCabe, Patrick, cooper
.........Entrance to Stalls
 32. Lynas, Mrs., dealer
 33. McCabe, Patrick, cooper
 34. City Council Office and Weighbridge - A. Greer, weigh master
.........Entrance to Stalls
 35. Monaghan, Patrick, dealer (Monahan in 1880)
                 West Street to Francis Street
37, 38. Vacant shops
.........Entrance to Stalls
39, 40. Vacant shops
 47. McMahon, Patk., shoe maker
.........Entrance to Stalls
 48. Dougherty, J., hair dresser

Off Lagan Street
some small houses

off Shankhill Road
about 100 small houses

Newtownards Road to Island Street
some small houses

off Ormeau Road
a few small houses

Grosvenor Street to Dunville Street
some small houses

Ormeau Road to Ravenhill Road

   1. Ward, John, auctioneer
   2. Crawford, Hugh
   3. McGaw, Isaac John, foreign correspondent
                          Downshire View
   1. Gallagher, Mary Elizabeth
   2. Brown, Adam, teacher
   1. Keown, Thomas Herron, Belfast Bank
   2. McClure, Wm., outfitter
   3. Govan, Thomas Russell, commercial traveller
   4. Shanks, Edward, cutter
   5. Crothers, H., com. traveller
                       Carrisbrook House
       Shaw, Samuel, carpenter
                         Adeline Terrace
 46. Morrison, Robt., clothier
 48. Jackson, W., correspondent
 50. Savage, J. H., accountant
 52. Farley, Thos., clerk Inland Revenue
 54. Hammond, J., com. traveller
 56. McDuff, John Lamb, florist
 58. Hanna, David, draper
 60. Hewitt, Jas. Henry, manager
 62. Armstrong, Rich., chief clerk Inland Revenue
 64. Dowie, Wm., mineral water manufacturer
                           Leinster Terrace
   1. Murray, Arthur, sub-agent Bank of Ireland
   2. Reid, William, draper
   3. Phillips, William, clerk
   4. Capper, H. M., yarn merchant
   5. Bell, Thomas, linen lapper
                          Beatrice Terrace
       Boyd, Wm. James
       Fair, Richd. B., grain merchant
       Long, James C., com. agent
                         Daisyfield Villas
       Davidson, James, stationer
       Rea, John, grocer
       Kennedy, A., brick manufacturer
                            Lorne Villa
       Campbell, H., clerk of works
   1. Wallace, Fredk. P., engineer
   3. Mercer, Samuel S., clerk
   5. Buckle, J. H., accountant
   7. McCoubrey, Wm., merchant
   9. Blackstock, Wm., clerk
 11. Scott, Edwd., warehouseman
                         Sydney Terrace
   7. Watson, Robt., supervisor
   6. Blair, Thos., com. traveller
5, 4. Aston, Henry, teacher
   3. Vaughan, Edwd. R., chemist
   2. McQuitty, Wm. B., M.D.
   1. Baird, Mrs.
   2. Baird, Gideon, hatter
   3. Lowry, Henry, bank clerk
   4. Langtry, W. R., accountant
   1. Stewart, W. H., foreman in Linen Hall
   2. Blakely, John C., wholesale agent
   3. Purdy, W. J., com. traveller
   4. McCherry, Thomas, grocer
   5. Wylie, James, draper
   6. Johnston, T. McC., architect
   7. McClure, Thomas, jeweller
 99. Hall, Henry (9)

Off Harrow Street
five small houses

off Agincourt Avenue

                           Prospect Lodge
       McCracken, J., linen business
                            Crecy Terrace
   2. Aicken, Chas., architectural draughtsman
   4. Hutchinson, Thos., mechanic
   6. Sprule, Mrs. (Sproule)
                           Palmyra Terrace
                         a few small houses

Henry Street to Little George's Street
a few small houses

off Halliday's Road
five small houses

North Queen Street to Halliday's Road

   3. Rankin, William, carter
   5. Loftus, Thomas, smith
   7. Campbell, Mrs.
   9. Kirkpatrick, W. J., carpenter
 11. Winters, Mrs.
 13. Laverty, W. J., cabinet maker
 15. Harper, Miss
 17. Hughes, Edward, rivetter
 19. Green, John, engine driver
 21. Martin, Thomas, labourer
 23. Allen, Mrs.
 25. Holmes, James B., carter
 27. Clarke, John, bottler
 29. Robinson, W., brass finisher
 31. Thompson, Mrs.
 33. Moreland, W., cabinet maker
 35. McClughin, W., boiler maker
 37. Nelson, W. J., do
 39. Aiken, Danl., reeling master
 41. Harris, James, clerk
 43. Lynn, J., assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co.
 45. Morrison, Samuel, clerk
 47. Brackenridge, F., sample maker
 49. Mackey, Jos., engine driver
 51. Brown, Wm. R., manager
 53. Gibson, James, seaman
 55. Wilson, W. J., com. traveller
 57. Logan, W., foreman joiner
 59. Smith, Isaac, caretaker
 61. Spence, Thos., engine driver
 63. Buckle, William, joiner
 65. Blair, James, printer
 67. Walker, William, pensioner
 69. Bailie, Robert, clerk
 71. Orr, Andrew, clerk
 73. McIlroy, Mrs.
 93. Flannagan, Thos., seaman
 95. Murray, Edward, sail maker
 97. Beattie, David
 99. Mills, William, compositor
101. Smith, Joseph E., plasterer
103. Murphy, John, sergt. R.I.C.
                       Greenmount Terrace
105. McBride, Chris., R.I.R.
107. Donnelly, John, tailor
109. Gavin, Edward, R.I.R.
111. Fagan, Patrick, carpenter
113. Divett, M., pensioner R.I.C.

   4. Vacant
   6. Campbell, Mrs.
   8. Dennison, Wm., mechanic
 10. Shaw, Joseph, labourer
 12. Tohill, Wm., boiler maker
 14. Quinn, Mrs.
 16. Cunningham, Jas., labourer
 18. Kelly, William, stable man
 20. Liggett, George, labourer
 22. Fleck, John, shopman
 24. Ward, James, labourer
 26. Loughlin, James, rivetter
 28. McDowell, Samuel, painter
 30. Legge, Joseph, engineer
 32. Kilpatrick, Wm. J., tenter
 34. Kearney, Wm., pensioner R.I.C.
 36. Tohill, Henry, rivetter
 38. Armstrong, Mrs.
 40. McTear, Robert, labourer
 42. Souter, James, draughtsman
 44. O'Neill, John, baker
 46. Nesbitt, John, ship carpenter
 48. Donnelly, Wm., labourer
 50. Magill, Charles, diver
 52. Bell, Dougal, labourer
 54. McDowell, Mrs.
 56. Gillen, Hugh, labourer
 58. Carbery, Edward, carter
 60. McDonnell, Wm. J., porter
 62. Hylands, Francis, labourer
 64. Galway, Alex., do
 66. Herd, Mrs.
 68. Green, Robert, packer
 70. Keel, William, clerk
 72. Allen, James, joiner
 74. Storey, Houston, labourer
 76. O'Callaghan, Miss, dress maker
 78. Fisher, Patrick, labourer
 80. McGrath, Frances
 82. Mortimer, Arthur, labourer
 84. Boal, Thos., brass moulder
 86. Murray, James
                           Loretta Terrace
 94. Hall, John, car owner
 96. Montgomery, Alex., ship steward
 98. Connolly, Patk., publican
100. O'Neill, Daniel, carter
102. McCurley, Rodgers, carver
104. Campbell, George, painter
106. Donovan, D., warehouseman
108. McLarnon, John, carpenter
110. McCormick, Thos., sail maker
112. Maguire, Mrs., spirit grocer

off Shankhill Road
some small houses

off Dufferin Road

       Workman, Clark & Co. Ltd., iron ship builders
       Irish Temperance League Coffee Stand

off York Street
several small houses

Falls Road to Clonard Street Lower
A number of small houses

off Springfield Road
five small houses

off Shankhill Road

                          Lawnview House
       McCartney, W., rope manufacturer

Falls Road to Hannahstown

    1. McCann, Mary Ann
    3. Ballymurphy Dispensary - Dr. Meharry, medical officer
    5. Ward, P., school teacher
    7. McManus, J., do
    9. McIlroy, Wm., flax buyer
  11. Magennity, James, manager
  13. Megrew, James, builder
  15. Nolan, D., school teacher
  17. Shields, Hugh, pawn broker
  19. O'Malley, John B., baker
  21. Johnston, David, clerk
  23. Fryer, R., pawn broker
25, 27. Crilly, O., publican and grocer
.........Colligan Street intersects
29a. Gallagher, P., confectioner
29, 31. Vacant
 33. Divine, Annie, Springfield Laundry
.........Springview Street intersects
  39. Donegan, Thos., grocer and insurance agent
  41. Armstrong, Robert, hatter
  43. Reid, William, mechanic
  45. Hughes, John, reed maker
.........Malcolmson Street intersects (Malcomson in 1880)
  47. McQuiston, M., spirit grocer
        Milfort National Schools, Miss Morton, principal
                            Spring Villa
       Greer, Wm. John, grocer
                       Glenview Terrace
   4. Irwin, Robt., manufacturer
   3. Miskimmins, R. J., cashier
   2. King, P., ex- district inspector Royal Irish Constabulary
   1. Firth, W. A., master bleacher Royal Royal Constabulary Barracks - Sergt. O'Donnell
..........Cupar Street intersects
191, 193. Johnstone, M., publican
       Springfield Brick Works - T. Murphy, proprietor
..........Springfield Row intersects
       McGladery, Saml., Snugville Brick Works
       Springfirld Bleaching Co. Ltd., bleachers and finishers of linen goods, William McNaughtan, manager (Springfield)
       O'Neill, J., foreman bleacher
       Sloan, Robert, carpenter

2, 4. Colligan, Jas., publican
       Model Bakery - B. Hughes, proprietor
9, 8. Neeson, B., spirit grocer
..........Springfield Avenue intersects
 49. Patterson, T., winding master
       Elliott & Co., John, linen manufacturers, Springfield Weaving Factory
 51. Sinnerton, Jacob, labourer
       Winnington, John, foreman
       Jones, James, bleacher
       Douglas, John, carter
       Monie, Hugh, manager
       Mulligan, W. G., mill owner
       Springfield Spinning Co. - Cotton spinners
       Springfield Finishing Co. - Dyers and finishers
                           Salters' Buildings
195. Rouston, W., yarn bleacher
197. Shaw, George, mechanic
199. Crosbie, George, grocer
                            Robert's Place
201. Salters, Robert, Wine and Spirit Merchant, and 1 Maurice Street
203. Reynor, J., sergeant R.I.C.
205. Tanner, Mary
217. Stewart, Samuel A.
219. Ingram, Isabella, grocer and dairy keeper
        Brown, Geo. S., farmer
                         New Barnsley
   1. Carson, Robert, beetler
   2. Couser, Wm., do
   3. Harkness, Robt., do
   4. Kelly, Hugh, carter
   5. Couser, George, beetler
   6. Rosbottom, M., do
   7. Bill, John, engine driver
   8. Couser, John, beetler
   9. McIlroy, Andrew, bleacher
 10. Press, William, millwright
                       Whiterock House
       Firth, Joseph, bleacher
       Whiterock Bleaching Co., bleachers and finishers

off Springfield Road
a few small houses

Shankhill Road to Springfield Road
some small houses

Hemsworth Street to Conlon Street
some small houses

Springfield Road to Waterford Street
some small houses

   Elm Street to Vernon Street
several small houses

Off Stanfield Street
several small houses

Murphy Street to Stewart Street

1, 3. Lavery, T., publican and grocer
    5. McDonald, W., fowl dealer
..........Roy Street intersects
    7. McDonald, John, dealer
    9. McGrillen, Patk., do
  11. Kelly, Miss
  13. Dynes, Martin, dealer
  15. Carroll, Patrick, shoe maker
  17. McCauley, David, labourer
  19. Dobbs, Richard
  21. McCauley, Richard, labourer
  23. Devine, D., billiard marker
  25. Irvine, John, carter
  27. Freel, John, dealer
  29. McKinney, Francis, labourer
..........Walsh Street intersects (Welsh in 1880)
  37. Reid, Margaret
  39. O'Brien, Frank, carter
  41. Malone, Michael, cleaner
  43. Clelland, Wm., carter
  45. Clelland, John, labourer
  47. Russell, C., green grocer
..........Staunton Street intersects
  49. Burns, W., French polisher
  51. Mooney, H., coach trimmer
  53. Forsyth, John, painter
  55. Renfrew, John, dyer
  57. Donning, Charles, chemist
  59. Brannigan, Patk., seaman
  61. Conlon, John, dealer
  63. O'Neill, Patrick, labourer
  65. Molloy, Wm., do
  67. Kearns, Wm., fowl dealer
  69. Briens, John, dealer
  71. Kerr, Mary
  73. Davey, James, labourer
  75. Devlin, Wm., millwright
  77. McGovern, John, labourer
  79. Reilly, Mrs.
  81. Geddis, James, plasterer
  83. Ross, Robert, yardman
  85. Maginness, B., labourer (McGinness, Bernd., labourer in 1880)
  87. McKenna, P., do
  89. McGarvey, T., do
  91. Sheppard, Jos., fowl dealer
  93. Hogg, Wm., cooper
  95. Wiggins, James, labourer
  97. Thompson, Mrs.
  99. McKeown, Rose
101. Clarnon, Wm. J., labourer (McLarnon, Wm. J., carter in 1880)
103. Simpson, John, fowl dealer

   4. McGlew, Patk., labourer
   6. McAlister, Mrs.
..........Stanfield Court intersects
    8. Murray, Eliza, grocer
  10. Ferguson, Thos., gateman
  12. Hunter, John, labourer
  14. McGahan, Henry, carter
  16. McCartin, Maria
  18. Doran, Miss
  20. Linchey, Patrick, seaman (Lynchey, Patrick, seaman in 1880)
  22. McGibbon, Joseph, fitter
  24. McMeel, John, sailor
  26. Duffin, John, sawyer
  28. McAlister, Mrs.
  30. McAreavey, Daniel, sailor (McAreavy, Daniel, seaman in 1880)
  32. McQuade, Edward, labourer
  34. Hayes, Sarah, grocer
..........Welsh Street intersects
  36. McGrath, Annie, grocer
  38. Russell, Daniel, cellar man
  40. McGee, Patrick, bottler
  42. McMaster, Jas., van driver
  44. Allen, Miss
  46. Reilly, Edward, labourer
  48. Mullin, Elizabeth
  50. McNally, J., engine cleaner
  52. Hanvey, Thos., labourer
  54. Jenkins, James
  56. Skelly, William, labourer
  58. McGuigan, Catherine
  60. Whateley, Richard, labourer (Whitley, Rich., fowl butcher in 1880)
  62. McNally, Samuel, fireman
  64. Reid, Mrs.
  66. Dowds, W., French polisher
  68. Molloy, John, cabinet maker
  70. Corey, James, labourer
  72. Corey, Mrs.
  74. Fahey, Martin, labourer
  76. McIlvenny, Hugh, do
  78. Brannigan, Mrs.
  80. Kelly, Mary Ann
        Foundry, Messrs. Musgrave & Co. Ltd.

Old Lodge Road to Clifton Street
several small houses

Off York Street Little
a few small houses

Off York Street Little
a few small houses

Albert Street to Grosvenor Road
several small houses

Queen's Bridge to Abercorn Basin

   3. Williamson, Charlotte
   7. Henry, David, labourer
   9. Scott, H. J., & Co., manure manufacturers and ship owners
 11. Musgrave's, stores
 13. Doyle, Felix, publican
.........Middlepath Street intersects
 15. Curran, E., dining rooms
17, 19, 23. Vacant stores
25, 27. McCracken, J., publican
       Belfast & Co. Down Railway, Joseph Tatlow, general manager; John Milliken, secretary; Geo. P. Culverwell, engineer; R. G. Millar, locomotive superintendent; J. Pinion, traffic superintendent; H. Evans, accountant; H. H. Patterson, audit superintendent; J. McGarry, cashier; Wm. Smith, station master
       Hinde, Wm., coal yard
       Robinson, J., & Sons, granite, marble and stone works
       McMullan, T., & Co., stores
 24. Kelly, John, coal yard
 25. Craig, Hugh, do
 26. Baxter, R. & W., do
 27. Hinde, Wm., do
 28. Vacant
 29. Burnley Colliery, do
 30. Hall, E. A., & Son, shipsmiths
 31. Burnley Collieries - J. C. Richards, agent, coal yard

Stanfield Street to Eliza Street
some small houses

Gamble Street to Corporation Square

   3. McAuley, Hugh, seaman
   5. Cross, John, labourer
       Doran & Co., bonded warehouses, Stack D
       Stelford, Henry, caretaker
       Macauley, J., & Co., flour millers, gate entrance (McCauley & Sons, back entrance in 1880)

2, 4. Vacant
   6. McGuigan, J., luggage porter
8 to 16. Back entrance
 18. Scott, Wm. H., cattle dealer
 20. McCausland, Jas., machinery dealer
 22. Smith, Adam, labourer
 24. McLean, John, do
 26. Cowan, C.
28, 30. McDonald, T., attendant Sailors' Home
 32. Hall, George, labourer
34, 36. McCracken, W., sail maker
 38. Timony, Michael, labourer

Off Hamill Street
a few small houses

Hamill Street to Lettuce Hill
Two small houses

Off Beersbridge Road
A few small houses

Little Donegall Street to Kent Street
A number of small houses

McAuley Street to East Bridge Street
a few small houses

Off Nelson Street
Two small houses

Falls Road to Malone Road

                         Riverdale Terrace
       Cotter, Rev. William, D.D.
       McMullan, John, principal Malone National School
       Creeth, James, seedsman
                  West-End Park, Balmoral
       Gibson, John, land steward
       Wilson, Wm., ploughman
       Balmoral Station, G.N.R. - Wm. Wallace, station master
..........Lisburn Road intersects
       Crawford, Alex., farmer
       Kearns, John, labourer
       Patterson, Mrs.
       Kinghan, Kennedy, labourer
       Gilliland, Henry, do
       Montgomery, Edwd., carter
       Mahaffy, James, labourer
       Magennis, Stouppe, rate collector
                             Rose Lodge
       Berry, Mrs.
..........Malone Road intersects
                         Meadow Cottages
       Scott, Mrs.
       Balmoral Cemetery - John Hanley, caretaker
..........Lisburn Road intersects
       Malone National School - J. J. McMullan, principal; Friends' Cemetery - Richard Johnston, caretaker
       Hampton House Female Industrial School - Miss Kate Thorpe, superintendent
       Lodge - John Sloan, gardener

Albert Bridge Road  to Lower Frank Street

       Melville, Andrew, & Co., funeral undertakers and contractors
       a few small houses

Botanic Gardens to Beaumont

   3. Byrne, John, postmaster
   5. Connor, Mary
   7. Fryer, James, com. traveller
   9. Macaulay, P., LL.D., solicitor
 11. Scott, Margaret
 12. Hardy, Saville, linen merchant
   3. Bain, John, insurance agent (13)
 31. Braithwaite, T. R., inspector
 33. Chapman, A. W., insurance agent
 35. Byrne, Edward, wholesale spirit merchant
 37. Beattie, Georgina
 39. Adams, Wm., linen merchant
 41. Allerdice, Elizabeth, hosier
 43. Vacant
 45. Vernon, Robert, seedsman
 47. Harrison, Mrs.
                           Eisleban House
       Vance, A. W.
       Gaffikin, William
                      Mount Pleasant House
       Alexander, Murray
                      Mount Pleasant Lodge
       Spence, Andrew, book binder
..........Mount Pleasant intersects
                         Stranmillis House
       Dixon, Daniel, J.P., timber merchant
                         Stranmillis Lodge
       Parkinson, James, coachman
                        Friar's Bush Lodge
       Conlon, Peter, labourer
       Agar, Mary, laundress
                         Lagan Cottage
       Thompson, Wm., dairyman
       Johnston, Wm. J., J.P., wholesale tea merchant
                          Rose Cottage
       Walsh, John T., clerk
                       Stranmillis Cottage
       Sterling, Thos. H., manager of confectionery
                     Rose Cottage Lodge
       Bodell, Mary

       Beaton, Charles, gardener
       Boyd, Joseph, do
       Ferguson, James, flesher
   2. Dorman, John, butler
   3. Hanlon, Alex., cork cutter

Lepper Street to Halliday's Road
several small houses

Sandy Row to Kensington Street
several small houses

Linfield Road to Railway Street
several small houses

off Shankhill Road
a number of small houses

Waring Street to High Street

   1. Side door Commercial Hotel
3, 7. Back entrance to Arnott & Co.'s
9, 11. Side door to J. Hanna's

       Rafferty, M. A., Bambridge Hotel
 10. McCormick, R., stock broker
       Miller, Joseph, joiner
 12. Duffy, Bernd., Oyster Saloon

Off Oldpark Road
A number of small houses

Bosnia Street to Cyprus Street
a number of small houses

Landscape Terrace to Cabul Street

   1. Kidd, William, builder
   2. Taylor, Henry, hackle and gill manufacturer
.........Clifton Park intersects
.........Avoca Street intersects
 15. Bryson, Mrs.
 17. Woods, J., insurance agent
 19. Forsythe, James
                         Cliftonpark Cottages
   1. Laird, Marshall, builder
   2. McKeown, Jas., commercial traveller

 51. Watters, John J., solicitor's clerk
 53. Howie, Wm., linen lapper
 55. Knox, Alex., stationer's assistant
 57. Hillis, James
59 to 61. Cassidy, E., spirit grocer

   2. White, Francis
   4. Bryans, Robt., painter
   6. Connor, W. H., brass founder
   8. Connor, Mrs.
 10. Turner, Wm. S., commercial traveller
 12. Todd, James, mechanic
 14. Hill, James
 22. Caldwell, David, builder
 24. McCauley, A., harbour constable
 26. Boyd, Samuel H., clerk
 28. Wilson, James, Customs
..........Shannon Street intersects
 30. Creighton, Matt., tel. clerk
 32. Armstrong, James, carter
 34. Hinchie, J., warehouseman
 36. McDowell, Thos., baker
 38. Jackson, Mrs.
 40. McHinch, Mrs.
 42. Stanage, Wm., tel. engineer
 44. Scott, Miss
 46. Mackey, Mrs.
 48. Keatinge, Robt., coal agent

off Ormeau Road
a few small houses

off Lisburn Road

                        Abbingdon Terrace
   1. Dowie, R., fancy box maker
   3. McDowell, Jas., traffic agent for Glasgow and South Western Railway
   5. Wilson, Miss
   7. Rea, J. T., clerk

off Newtownards Road
several small houses

Joy Street to Alfred Street

   1. St. Joseph's Convent Of Mercy, Mother Geneveive, Superioress (Genevieve)
   3. St. Malachy's Convent Schools, Sisters of Mercy, principals
   5. Dempsey & Anderson, wine and spirit merchants

   2. Savage, H. & A., grocers and publicans
   4. Douglas, Ruth, dress maker
   6. McLaughlin, Catherine
   8. Black, Wm., com. agent
 10. Beringer, Matt., watch and clock maker
 12. Kelly, Mrs.
 14. Osborne, John
 16. McAlenan, Mrs.
 18. Morrison, John, clerk

York Street to North Queen Street
a number of small houses

Moore Street to Mount Street
several small houses


Off St. Andrew's East
several small houses

off Hope Street
a few small houses

off North Street

       Leathem & Howard, wholesale tea merchants

Off Duncairn Street

   1. Malet, Mrs.
   3. O'Boyle, John D., manager of Morning News and Weekly Examiner
   5. Guy, Mrs.
   7. Higginson, Robert, buyer
   9. Kerr, R. Knox
 11. Cunningham, T., bookkeeper
 13. McLaughlin, B., commercial traveller
 15. Jacobs, Mrs.
 17. Owens, John, sergt. Royal West Surreys
 19. Bell, David, solicitor's clerk

   2. Alexander, the Misses
   4. Reid, Mrs.
   6. Moles, J., solicitor's manager
   8. Montgomery, Thos., do
 10. Macdonald, C., stereotyper
 12. Finn, Thos. P., pensioner

off Ormeau Road

       Davis, Rev. W. H., incumbent St. Jude's Church
   1. Elliott, Torrens, teacher
   2. Mehaffey, Henry, solicitor
   1. Wadsworth, A., bookkeeper
   2. Haddock, Emily F. C.
   3. Wadsworth, R. M., manager
   4. Smyth, G., com. traveller
   5. Ferguson, A., contractor

off Danube Street
a few small houses

Memel Street to Cross Street
a few small houses

York Street to Abbey Street West
a few small houses

Memel Street to Cross Street
a few small houses

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