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Nabney, George, clerk, 106 Orangefield Crescent
Nabney, John, furniture dealer, 186a Albert Bridge Road
Nabney, Thomas, 169 Templemore Avenue
Nabney, Thomas, china and hardware merchant, 186-186a Albert Bridge Road
Naill, Edward, joiner, 24 Bloomfield Avenue
Nairne, William R., 27 Holland Gardens
Naivette Cafe, 4 Montgomery Street
Nale, Mrs., 245 Albert Bridge Road
Nalty, E. E., civil servant, 11 Ardpatrick Gardens
Nanette, ladies' outfitter, 11 Queen's Arcade
Nannery, Miss Kate, 92 Eliza Street
Naodell, David, clerk, 5 Holland Park
Napier, Edith, 147 Knock Road
Napier, Frances, 33 Serpentine Road
Napier, James J., LL.B., Solicitor, 19 Chichester Street
Napier, John A., spirit merchant, 28 Wellington Park
Napier, John A., spirit merchant, 192 Donegall Road
Napier, J., engineer, 12 Joanmount Gardens
Napier, J., 27 Shore Road
Napier, J. G., 50 Cabin Hill Gardens
Napier, Robert, 142 Woodstock Road
Napier, Robert E. W., postman, 17 Manna Grove
Napier, Samuel, electrician, 70 Edinburgh Street
Napier, S., fireman, 149 Hillman Street
Napier, William, grocer, 134 Beersbridge Road
Napier, W. J., sawyer, 14 Formby Park
Narmoyle, Mrs. H., 114 Duncairn Gardens
Narramore, Lieut. W. S. P., 20 Bennett Drive
Nash, David, manager, 22 Crumlin Gardens
Nash, Miss, Hollybank, Glantane Street
Nash, Mrs., 11 Parkend Street
National Life and General Assurance Co. Ltd., 1? (22-23) Ann Street
National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Association, 64 Royal Avenue
National Bank, Ltd., 62-68 High Street and 98-100 Falls Road
National Boiler and General Insurance Co. Ltd., 20 Donegall Square East
National Building Society, 6 Donegall Square East
National Car Parks, Ltd., 17-29 May Street
National Cash Register Co. Ltd., 59 Library Street Upper and 71 Berry Street
National Club, 30 Berry Street
National Employers' Mutual General Insurance Association Ltd., 58 (7-8) Howard Street
National Farmers' Union Mutual Insurance Society, Ltd., 2 (16) Linen Hall Street, Branch Manager - J. R. Stewart
National Fire Service (N.I.) Headquarters, People's Palace, Donegall Road
National Greyhound Racing Co., 537 Donegall Road
National Guarantee and Suretyship Association Ltd. (The), 9 (21-23) Donegall Square South - D. Munro Walsh, Branch Manager
National Insurance, audit department, 16 (9-10) Donegall Square South
National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Ltd., 7 Wellington Place. District Secretary, J. S. W. Gunning
National Provident Institution, 26 Howard Street
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 75 Arthur Street Upper
National Union of Distributive and Allied Workers, 40 Royal Avenue
National Union and General Municipal Workers, 40 North Street - J. Malcolm, Organiser
National Union of Printers and Paper Workers, 122 North Street
National Union of Railwayman, 122 North Street
National Union of Seamen of Great Britain and Ireland, 61 Waring Street
National Union of Vehicle Builders, 54 Royal Avenue
Naton, T., upholsterer, 484 Cregagh Road
Navan, Samuel, 12 Knockbreda Drive
Navigation School, 99 Corporation Street
Naylor, C. R., clerk, 77 Larkfield Road
Naylor, George A., grocer, 53 Victoria Road
Naylor, J., 26 Cyprus Gardens
Naylor, Mrs. B., 388 Woodstock Road
Nazareth House, 352 Ormeau Road
Nazareth Lodge House, Home for Boys, 516 Ravenhill Road
Neagle, Edward, fruiterer, 148 Madrid Street
Neagle, W. J., cycle service, 49 Willowfield Street
Neale, P., 38 Mount Eden Park
Neary, James, & Son, builders, 22 North Queen Street
Neary, J., soldier, 148 Newtownards Road Upper
Neary, J., & Son, builders, 12 Dunbar Street
Needlework Shop (The), 13 Donegall Square West
Neely, A., farmer, 21 Stockman's Lane
Neely, A. K., Whincroft, Hampton Park
Neely, E. A., chemist, Prospect Villa, Lisburn Road
Neely, John D., electrician, 10 Haypark Avenue
Neely, J. B., 203 Cavehill Road
Neely, Miss, florist, 21 Church Street
Neely, Robert J., 14 Cabin Hill Gardens
Neely, R., 29 St. Aubyn Street West
Neely, R., joiner, 144 Ulsterville Avenue
Neely School of Dancing, 13 (29) Ann Street
Neeson, E., 30 Torrens Gardens
Neeson, Henry, baker, 244 Falls Road
Neeson, James, newsagent, 68 Cromac Street
Neeson, James, cutter, 28 Crumlin Gardens
Neeson, Jane, 14 Springfield Road
Neeson, Mrs., 151 Cregagh Road
Neeson, Samuel, 82 Melrose Street
Neeson, William, builder, 126 Earlswood Road
Negus, Mrs., 26 Grace Avenue
Neil, Miss A., 26 Holland Crescent
Neill, Abraham, Ltd., millers, 15-19 King Street
Neill, Albert, postal official, 29 Victoria Road
Neill, Albert, architect, 25 Taunton Avenue
Neill, Albert E., 128 Mountcollyer Street
Neill, Alexander, 95 Melrose Street
Neill, Alexander, checker, 52 Bramcote Street
Neill, Alex., 9 Glandore Parade
Neill, Alfred, upholsterer, 20 Magdala Street
Neill, Andrew, engineer, 15 Artana Street
Neill, Arthur, 128 Earlswood Road
Neill, A., printer, 303 Albert Bridge Road
Neill, A., & Son, joiners, 3 Commercial Court
Neill, Charles, managing director, Gordon House
Neill, Charles, driver, 169 Alliance Avenue
Neill, Charles, 383 Woodstock Road
Neill & Co., ladies' outfitters, 9 Donegall Square North
Neill, C., plumber, 75 Loopland Drive
Neill, C., engineer, 77 Knockvale Park
Neill, C. G., flour miller, 46 Sydenham Avenue
Neill, C. J., agent, 41 (13-14) Donegall Place
Neill, C. J., 33 Belmont Park
Neill, Dickson, fitter, 6 Clara Crescent Upper
Neill, Edward, brakesman, 108 Duncairn Gardens
Neill, Edward E., 44 Woodcot Avenue
Neill, E., engineer, 192 Cregagh Road
Neill, E., grocer, 191 Agnes Street
Neill, E. & M., drapers, 185 Agnes Street
Neill, Francis M., 24 Bradbury Place
Neill, Fredk., clerk, 11 Cicero Gardens
Neill, Fredk., electrician, 44 Ulsterville Gardens
Neill, Fredk., hairdresser, 251 Oldpark Road
Neill, F., hairdresser, 251 Oldpark Road
Neill, F., 50 Oldpark Avenue
Neill, F., designer, 55 Ulsterville Avenue
Neill, F. C. S., inspector, 81 Ulsterville Gardens
Neill, F. R., & Co., chartered accountants, 7 Bedford Street
Neill, George, painter, 391 Lisburn Road
Neill, George, shipwright, 29 Silverstream Gardens
Neill, George, van man, 156 Mountcollyer Street
Neill, George, & Son, painting contractors, 243 Lisburn Road
Neill, G. A. W., estate agent, 118 Balmoral Avenue
Neill, H., church officer, 14 Cliftonville Street
Neill, H., dentist, 33 Ailesbury Road
Neill, H., traveller, 410 Woodstock Road
Neill, H. E., artist, 408 Woodstock Road
Neill, H. J., Ltd., wine and spirit merchants, 21-23 Corporation Street
Neill, James, 99 Galwally Park
Neill, James, 72 Cromwell Road
Neill, Jas., Ltd., flour mills, 1 College Place North
Neill, John, checker, 61 Ravenscroft Avenue
Neill, John, clerk, 29 Sandymount Street
Neill, John, blacksmith, 33 Canning Street
Neill, John, 231 Cupar Street
Neill, John, Coal Merchant and Ship Owner, First Floor (30) Riddels Arcade and 3-4 Queen's Quay
Neill, John, carter, 76 Meadow Street Upper
Neill, John, & Sons, auctioneers and estate agents, 101 North Street
Neill, Jos. J., grocer, 30 Mountview Street
Neill, J., 61 Church Lane Upper
Neill, J., 36 Gainsborough Drive
Neill, J., builder, 44 Denorrton Park
Neill, J. A., motorman, 87 Manor Street
Neill, J. A., 2 Cavehill Drive
Neill, J. F., 34 Elmwood Avenue
Neill, J. F., woollen merchant, 19-20 College Square East
Neill, J. H., 42 Malone Road
Neill, J. M., 83 Somerton Road
Neill, J. McBride, architect, 14a Ann Street
Neill, Mary, dealer, 90 George's Street Great
Neill, Mary E., 96 Woodvale Avenue
Neill, Miss, 8 Castleview Terrace
Neill, Miss, 3 Pretoria Street
Neill, Miss, grocer, 143-145 Templemore Street
Neill, Miss A., 112 Newtownards Road Upper
Neill, Miss E., 31 Malone Avenue
Neill, Miss E., 35 Stockman's Lane
Neill, Miss H., 7 Waterloo Gardens
Neill, Mrs., 5 Arlington Street
Neill, Mrs., 21 Brandon Terrace
Neill, Mrs., 88 Ashley Avenue
Neill, Mrs., 10 Elmwood Avenue
Neill, Mrs. A., 118 Oldpark Avenue
Neill, Mrs. A., 96 Circular Road (South End)
Neill, Mrs. E., 14 Ravenhill Crescent
Neill, Mrs. F., 43 Botanic Avenue
Neill, Mrs. L., 274 Cregagh Road
Neill, Mrs. Margaret, 112 Tate's Avenue
Neill, Mrs. M., 10 Cooke Street
Neill, Mrs. Sarah, 26 Adelaide Avenue
Neill, Mrs. Sarah, grocer, 37-39 Vistula Street
Neill, Mrs. S., 17 Prestwick Park
Neill, N., 38 Stranmillis Street
Neill, Richard, 61 Larkfield Road
Neill, Robert, 133 Bray Street
Neill, Robert, brick layer, 48 Dover Street
Neill, Ross, 15 Sunningdale Park
Neill, R. J., clerk, 5 Wheatfield Crescent
Neill, Samuel, motorman, 77 Vernon Street
Neill, Samuel, 544 Oldpark Road
Neill, Samuel, grocer, 55 Turin Street
Neill, Samuel, inspector, 38 Woodcot Avenue
Neill, Sharman D., Ltd., Jewellers and Silversmiths, Watch and Clock Manufacturers, Turret Clocks a Speciality, By Appointment to His Majesty The King, 36 Donegall Place; Res., Ardmoyle, Cultra
Neill, Stewart, 37 Cherryvalley Gardens
Neill, S., plater, 34 Lord Street
Neill, S., 19 Pisa Street
Neill, S., supper saloon, 32 Lord Street
Neill, Thomas, hairdresser, 71 Mountview Street
Neill, Thomas, electrical welder, 18 Fingal Street
Neill, Thomas, clerk, 187 Cregagh Street
Neill, Thomas, hairdresser, 43 Fortwilliam Crescent
Neill, Thomas Albert, 11 Cliftonville Parade
Neill, William, conductor, 51 Vernon Street
Neill, William, clerk, 50 Pommern Parade
Neill, William, compositor, 55 Summer Street
Neill, William, joiner, 45 Chadwick Street
Neill, William, manager, 9 Ailesbury Road
Neill, William, driver, 7 Glencairn Street
Neill, William, coal merchant, 20 Westminster Avenue
Neill, William J., traveller, 150 Mountcollyer Street
Neill, Wm., clerk, Cruch-na-Ben, Finaghy Road South
Neill, Wm., civil servant, 81 Kirkliston Park
Neill, Wm. F., F.A.I., Estate Agent and Property Broker, 40 Victoria Square: Res., Kileen House, Fortwilliam Park
Neill, W., grocer, 71 Belmont Road
Neill, W. C., 2 Chlorine Gardens
Neill, W. R., 12 University Street
Neill's Hill Station, Sandown Road
Neilly, F., carter, 67 Patrick Street Little
Neilly, Hugh, tram driver, 49 Empire Street
Neilly, H., 56 Sicily Park
Neilly, James, R.A.F., 33 Silverstream Gardens
Neilly, J. G., engineer, 19 Cooke Street
Neilly, R. A., 66 Connsbrook Avenue
Neilly, R. J., clerk, 27 Deerpark Road
Neilly, W., clerk, 332 Ballysillan Road
Neilson, A. M., A.R.I.B.A., 62 Campbell Park Avenue
Neilson, D. S., 13 Downshire Road
Neilson, Ralph S., solicitor, 32 Kirkliston Park
Neilson, R. S., solicitor, 53 Chichester Street
Neish, Peter, 4 Oberon Street
Nelis, George, bread server, 58 Parkgate Avenue
Nelis, George G., Jesilan, Gilnahirk Road
Nelis, R., clerk, 44 Grangeville Gardens
Nelson, Agnes, 132 Newtownards Road Upper
Nelson, Albert, clerk, 18 Graham Gardens
Nelson, Alexander, 38 Harberton Park
Nelson, Alex., 11 Stranmillis Gardens
Nelson, Alex., plater, 65 Dunlambert Drive
Nelson, Andrew, foreman, 2 Century Street
Nelson, A. H., 48 Empire Street
Nelson, Bee, draper, 312 Shankill Road
Nelson, Carnaghan, 21 Sunningdale Park
Nelson & Co., steam pipe coverers, 1 Midland Street
Nelson, C., newsagent, 271 Grosvenor Road
Nelson, David, telephonist, 33 Madrid Street
Nelson, David, 7 Rosewood Street
Nelson, David, Gate Lodges, Circular Road (south end)
Nelson, Donald, 21 Houston Drive
Nelson, D., motorman, 281 Donegall Road
Nelson, D., driller, 18 Grampian Avenue
Nelson, E., 87 Dunluce Avenue
Nelson, Florence, grocer, 139 Grosvenor Road
Nelson, George, 1 Castleview Cottages, Castleview Road
Nelson, George, 52 Green Road
Nelson, George, 68 Joanmount Park
Nelson, George, 569 Newtownards Road Upper
Nelson, G., hardware, 143 Woodstock Road
Nelson, G., builder, 4a Ashdale Street
Nelson, G. M., 406 Ravenhill Road
Nelson, G. P., 88 Marlborough Park North
Nelson, Henry, spirit merchant, 28 Belmont Road
Nelson, Howard A., Barrister-at-Law, J.P., Chief Registrar (Probate & Matrimonial), 95-99 Chichester Street; res., 14 Knockdene Park
Nelson, H., 7 Ballysillan Road
Nelson, H. J., butler, 10 St. Ive's Gardens
Nelson, James, plater, 84 Cheviot Avenue
Nelson, James, painting contractor, 6 Pacific Avenue
Nelson, James, 47 Clarendon Avenue
Nelson, James A., printer, 48 Cliftonpark Avenue
Nelson, John, 6 Nelson Street
Nelson, John, 134 University Street
Nelson, John, boiler coverer, 39 Wheatfield Crescent
Nelson, John, printer, 34 Dover Street
Nelson, John, decorator, 194 Woodvale Road
Nelson, John, missionary, 252 Cregagh Road
Nelson, John, F.N.A.A., estate agent, 4 Ann Street
Nelson, Joseph, fitter, 7 Ava Gardens
Nelson, Jos., gardener, 7 Dromara Street
Nelson, J., compositor, 1 Mount Merrion Park
Nelson, J., 9 Ardenlee Drive
Nelson, J., builder, 2 Dargle Street
Nelson, J., fitter, 206 Roden Street
Nelson, J., rivetter, 88 Bryson Street
Nelson, J., baker, 209 Cliftonville Road
Nelson, J., insurance official, 8 Kinedar Crescent
Nelson, J., & Co., wholesale confectioners, 53 Corporation Street and 2-6 Gamble Street
Nelson, J. E., wholesale confectioner, 53 Corporation Street
Nelson, J. G., accountant and auditor, 16 Chichester Street
Nelson, J. M., confectioner, 296-298 Donegall Road
Nelson & Knox, Ltd., wholesale stationers, printers, etc., 6 Townhall Street
Nelson Memorial Presbyterian Church, Annsboro. Street
Nelson, Miss, 9 Earlswood Road
Nelson, Miss, 47 Pretoria Street
Nelson, Miss Annie, 19 Bentinck Street
Nelson, Miss A., tobacconist, 220 Sandy Row
Nelson, Miss B., 469 Lisburn Road
Nelson, Miss E., 72 University Street
Nelson, Miss M. S., 29 Timbey Park
Nelson, Miss Sarah, 23 Wheatfield Gardens
Nelson, Miss Sarah, 13 Tudor Park
Nelson, Miss S. J., buyer, 19 Riverview Street
Nelson, Mrs., 16 Oberon Street
Nelson, Mrs., Hopefield House, Kansas Avenue
Nelson, Mrs., Brae Norrel, King's Road
Nelson, Mrs. Catherine, 71 Joy Street
Nelson, Mrs. E., 22 Oberon Street
Nelson, Mrs. M., 191 Cliftonville Road
Nelson, Mrs. Sarah, draper, 232 & 238 Manor Street
Nelson, Mrs. V., 35 Mountview Street
Nelson, M., 55 Richmond Park
Nelson, M., 51 Cranmore Gardens
Nelson, Robert, draughtsman, 54 Roden Street
Nelson, Robert, engineer, 31 Sunnyside Drive
Nelson, Robert, timber yard, 2a Bagot Street
Nelson, R., 22 Sandhurst Drive
Nelson, R., printer, 82 Woodvale Road
Nelson, R., & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 20 Adelaide Street
Nelson, R. J., director, 38 Kirkliston Park
Nelson, Samuel, manager, 6 Bathgate Drive
Nelson, Samuel, builder, 2 Kirkliston Park
Nelson, Stewart A., 1 Surrey Street
Nelson, S., machine man, 68 Oakland Avenue
Nelson, Rev. S. T., 177a Cliftonpark Avenue
Nelson, Thomas, 62 Farnham Street
Nelson, Thomas J., shop assistant, 11 Edinburgh Street
Nelson, T., grocer, 121 Tennent Street
Nelson, Walter, foreman, 25 Haddington Gardens
Nelson, William, plater, 67 London Road
Nelson, Wm., blacksmith, 52 Woodcot Avenue
Nelson, Wm., driller, 118 Woodstock Road
Nelson, Wm. A., driller, 9 Calvin Street
Nelson, Wm. C., brass finisher, 37 Dee Street
Nelson, Wm. H., match maker, 61 Tate's Avenue
Nelson, Wm. James, clerk, 8 Chesham Grove
Nelson, Wm. J., designer, 81 Richardson Street
Nelson, W., 28 Salisbury Street
Nelson, W. A. R., 29 Glencoe Park
Nelson, W. H. Niall, solicitor, 13 Lombard Street
Nelson, W. L., Halcyon, Diamond Gardens
Nelson, W. R., & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 6 Murray Street
Nelson, W. S., builder and contractor, 94 North Road
Nemtzov, J. M., butcher, 52 Antrim Road
Nervous Diseases Hospital (The), 14 Claremont Street and Abercorn Street
Nesbit, A., chemist, 73 Knockbreda Road
Nesbit, A., 17 Castle Hill Road
Nesbit, R., Custom and Excise, 21 Grasmere Gardens
Nesbitt, A., draper, 93 Lodge Road Old
Nesbitt, A., & Co., linen manufacturers, 4-6 Linen Hall Street West
Nesbitt & Co., House Furnishers, Auctioneers and Valuers, 65-69 High Street
Nesbitt, Cyril, outfitter, 343 Donegall Road
Nesbitt, Cyril W. R., 48 Wellesley Avenue
Nesbitt, C. W., 44 Cherryvalley Park
Nesbitt, David, clerk, 1 Queensberry Park
Nesbitt, David E., clerk, 322 Castlereagh Road
Nesbitt, D., civil servant, 7 Chichester Road
Nesbitt, Edward, 1 Strandview Street
Nesbitt, Ernest, brick layer, 157 Ainsworth Avenue
Nesbitt, Fredk., bread server, 114 Grand Parade
Nesbitt, F., & Co., wholesale stationers, 54 Wellington Place
Nesbitt, George, music teacher, 68 Earlswood Road
Nesbitt, George, fruiterer, 92 Newtownards Road
Nesbitt, H. H., baker, 35 Ormeau Road
Nesbitt, H. K., 36 Osborne Drive
Nesbitt, James, porter, 3 Posnett Street
Nesbitt, James, lamp lighter, 4 Magdala Street
Nesbitt, James, auctioneer, 8 Salisbury Avenue
Nesbitt, John, 47 Lavinia Street
Nesbitt, John, traveller, 42 Locksley Park
Nesbitt, John, 51 Knocklofty Park
Nesbitt, John, 16 Pretoria Street
Nesbitt, John, stager, 27 Spencer Street
Nesbitt, John, grocer, 1 Wansbeck Street
Nesbitt, John, local secretary, Tonic Sol-fa College, 57 Rugby Road
Nesbitt, John, riding school, 340 Cregagh Road
Nesbitt, John G., 26 Dorchester Street
Nesbitt, Dr. John W., 549 Ormeau Road
Nesbitt, Jos., manufacturing agent, 1 Wellington Place
Nesbitt, J., 22 Gibson Park Gardens
Nesbitt, J., superintendent, 10 Bedeque Street
Nesbitt, J., 68 Bryson Street
Nesbitt, J., joiner, 7 Loopland Crescent
Nesbitt, Dr. J. A., 17 Ormiston Park
Nesbitt, J. A., M.B., B.Ch., surgeon, 1 Frank Street Upper and 45 Castlereagh Street
Nesbitt, J. A., Ltd., chemists, 82 Lodge Road Old
Nesbitt, J., & Co., auctioneers, Hamilton's Court
Nesbitt, May, F.T.C.L., L.R.A.M., L.Mus.T.C.L., A.R.A.M., 119 Newtownards Road Upper
Nesbitt, Miss E., 34 Ardenlee Avenue
Nesbitt, Miss F. G., 22 Connsbrook Drive
Nesbitt, Miss K., 39 Brookvale Street
Nesbitt, Miss Susan, 10 Elimgrove Street
Nesbitt, Mrs., 17 Kerrsland Drive
Nesbitt, Mrs., 20 Ormiston Drive
Nesbitt, Mrs., 46 Osborne Drive
Nesbitt, Mrs. Brigid, 21 Ratcliffe Street
Nesbitt, Mrs. Emily F., 47 Richardson Street
Nesbitt, Mrs. E., 93 Ulsterville Gardens
Nesbitt, Mrs. H., 94 Lansdowne Road
Nesbitt, Mrs. Pauline, 45 Rosetta Park
Nesbitt, Mrs. Rachael, 25 Deramore Avenue
Nesbitt, Mrs. S., 91 Belmont Road
Nesbitt, M., fitter, 7 Victoria Avenue
Nesbitt, Richard, 5 Mount Prospect Park
Nesbitt, Robert, 95 Lodge Road Old
Nesbitt, Robert S., spinning master, 10 Alexandra Park Avenue
Nesbitt, R., 1 Cavour Street
Nesbitt, Samuel, grocer, 21 Cregagh Road
Nesbitt, Samuel, bread server, 12 Ravensdene Crescent
Nesbitt, Thomas, 11 Cheltenham Park
Nesbitt, Thomas, 75 Belmont Road
Nesbitt, Thomas, time keeper, 51 Avoca Street
Nesbitt, Wm., apron manufacturer, 11 Bruce Street
Nesbitt, Wm., driver, 3 Kimberley Street
Nesbitt, Wm., confectioner, 7 Hope Street
Nesbitt, Wm., stationer, 53 Antrim Road
Nesbitt, Wm., gardener, 41 Sandhurst Gardens
Nesbitt, Wm., engineer, 34 Enfield Street
Nesbitt, Wm., fitter, 45 Ravenhill Parade
Nesbitt, W. A., electrician, 23 Formby Park
Nesbitt, W. A., bank official, 55 Knutsford Drive
Nesbitt, W. D., clerk, 14 Brookhill Avenue
Nesbitt, W. Jas., confectioner, 253 Donegall Road
Nessenbaum, Mrs. B., 4 Fleetwood Street
Nestle's Milk Products Ltd., 1 Lombard Street
Nestor, Michael, 250 Limestone Road
Netherlands Consulate, 26 Corn Market
Netherleigh Nursery, Massey Avenue
Neville, George, tram driver, 51 Fitzwilliam Street
Neville, J. H., R.U.C., 2 Aston Gardens
Neville, Mrs. E., 97 Salisbury Avenue
Neville, Thomas R., 26 Sunningdale Park North
Neville, William, clerk, 61 Onslow Parade
Nevin, Frederick, 23 Graymount Crescent
Nevin, H., fitter, 21 Cyprus Park
Nevin, Mrs., 58 Farnham Street
Nevin, M., cutter, 41 Manor Street
Nevin, Samuel, druggist and chemist, Dunrymond, Kingsden Park
Nevin, S., tailor, 10 Finaghy Park
Nevin, S. H., 12 Finaghy Park Central
Nevin, William, 70 Mount Merrion Park
Nevin, Wm. B., 24 Penrose Street
Nevin, W. J., 27 Ailesbury Road
New Agricultural College, Elmwood Avenue
New City Mineral Water Co. Ltd. (The), 82 Coolmore Street
New Dufferin Dining Rooms, Dufferin Road
New Hope Street Factory, Ltd., fancy linens, 6 Murray Street
New Library (The), 100 Donegall Street and 148 Victoria Street Great
New Masonic Rooms Company Ltd., 16 Donegall Square South
New Megain Memorial Infant's School, Chamberlain Street
New Northern Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd., 11-15 Falls Road, Northumberland Street and Craig Street
New Princess Picture Palace, 305-309 Newtownards Road
Newalls Insulation Co., 9 York Road
Newark, F. H., M.A., 100 Malone Road
Newberry, J., salesman, 30 Cicero Gardens
Newberry, James, machinist, 34 Victoria Avenue
Newbold, H. J., photographer, 11 Harland Park
Newburn, Miss Mary, 4 Fountainville Avenue
Newel, H. A., & Co. Ltd., merchant tailors, 97-100 Royal Avenue
Newel, T. E., merchant, 1 South Parade
Newel, W. G., milkman, 24 Ravenhill Crescent
Newell Agencies Ltd., 60a Bridge End
Newell, Alfred H., agent, 39 Gilnahirk Road
Newell, E., moulder, 67 Glenbank Drive
Newell, E., green grocer, 170 Donegall Road
Newell, George, newsagent, 53 Dublin Road
Newell, H. A., agent, 24 Taunton Avenue
Newell, H, A., agent, 40 Donegall Street
Newell, H. E., outfitter, 86 Victoria Gardens
Newell, James, seaman, 46 Southport Street
Newell, Rev. John, 11 Shandon Park
Newell, J. A., engineer, 129 Haypark Avenue
Newell, J. A., 27 Malone Hill Park
Newell, J. P., 27 Harberton Drive
Newell, Miss, 15 Ava Park
Newell, Miss, 38 Station Road
Newell, Miss A., dress maker, 91 Ormeau Road
Newell, Miss C., 35 Marlborough Park Central
Newell, Mrs., 34 Orpen Road
Newell, Mrs., 8 Benview Park
Newell, Mrs. E., 43 Rowland Street
Newell, Mrs. E., 2 Coolderry Street
Newell, O., iron moulder, 32 Formby Park
Newell, Ronald, engineer, 16 Malone Hill Park
Newell, S., bank official, 22 Cardigan Drive
Newell, W. J., iron moulder, 24 Walnut Street
Newell's, Ltd., ladies' outfitters, 43-49 Royal Avenue
Newett, The Misses, 106 Malone Avenue
Newforge, Ltd., Canners, Curers, Food Processors and Exporters, Fat Melters, Etc., By-Products Department, Burnhouse Factory, Lisburn
Newforge Recreation Clubs (C.P.A. Sinclair Memorial Grounds), Newforge Lane
Newforth Factory, printers and box makers, Bain's Place
Newington Sabbath School, 2 Robina Street Hall - Cosgrave Street
Newitt, David, 4 Hopefield Avenue
Newman, B., Marine Stores Dealer, 56 York Street
Newman, F. L., 3 Kilhorne Gardens
Newman, Henry, traveller, 17 Glandore Drive
Newman, Jos., superintendent, Elstree, Ormonde Park
Newman, J., agent, 14 Donegall Street
Newman, J., 50 Denorrton Park
Newman, K., 11 Cavehill Road
Newman, Mrs. Mary, 7 Sunbury Avenue
Newman, Thomas, traveller, 113 Haypark Avenue
Newman & Wilkinson, saddlers, ironmongers, 14 Donegall Street
Newman, William, 17 Deacon Street
Newman, Wm., traveller, 113 Haypark Avenue
Newman & Wilkinson, saddlers, ironmongers, 14 Donegall Street
Newman, William, 17 Deacon Street
Newman, Wm., traveller, 4 Rosemount Gardens
Newman, Wm., warehouseman, 34 Fitzroy Avenue
Newnham, H. J., manager, 1 Collington Gardens
Newsam, E., 32 Cleaver Park
Newton, A. J., 24 Sydenham Gardens
Newton, Rosetta, confectioner, 69 Donegall Road
Newton, William, iron turner, 8 Somerdale Park
Newton, William S., 12 Rosevale Street
New York Stores, drapers, 155 North Street
N.I. Tyre Service Co. Ltd., tyre factors, 49 Queen Street
Niblock, James, caretaker, 30 Rosemary Street
Niblock, James, bank official, 23 Maryville Park
Niblock, John, clerk, 18a Glandore Gardens
Niblock, John, 243 Roden Street
Niblock, John M., clerk, 17 Silverstream Parade
Niblock, J., insurance agent, 23 Victoria Avenue
Niblock, Miss Agnes, 21 Allworthy Avenue
Niblock, Mrs., 225 Ballygomartin Road
Niblock, Mrs. E., draper, 288 Shankill Road
Niblock, Robert, van man, 71 Melrose Street
N.I.B.R. Co., 6 Peter's Hill
Nichol, Alex., engineer, Lucetta, Kensington Park
Nichol, A., seaman, 12 Canning Street
Nichol, James, cabinet maker, 122 Hillman Street
Nichol, J. T., L.P.S.I., chemist, 10 Adelaide Park
Nichol, P., provision merchant, 97-99 Cromac Street
Nichol, P. J., fruit merchant, 105 Ulsterville Avenue
Nichol, P. J., Fruit Broker, 18 May's Market and 22 Catherine Street (Garage) T.A.: "Peach"
Nichol's Paper Store, 10 Donegall Street Place
Nicholas, The Misses, 5 Ravenhill Park
Nicholas, Mrs. W. H., 56 Eglantine Avenue
Nicholl, David Charles, mechanic, 80 Donnybrook Street
Nicholl, Edward, provision merchant, 46 Battenberg Street
Nicholl, Geo. Wm., grocer, 224 Tate's Avenue
Nicholl, G., merchant, 21 Bawnmore Road
Nicholl, G. R., 4 Knock Eden Park
Nicholl, Hugh, 54 Graymount Drive
Nicholl, I. W., Ltd., Pharmaceutical Chemists, 29 High Street
Nicholl, James, grocer, 16 Onslow Gardens
Nicholl, John, 285 Hillman Street
Nicholl, J., agent, 52 Queen Street Upper
Nicholl, J., 55 Newport Street
Nicholl, J., Donegall dairy, 38 Grace Avenue
Nicholl, J. A., fitter, 103 Ballygomartin Road
Nicholl, J. D., & Co. Ltd., auctioneers and valuers, 43-47 Chichester Street
Nicholl, Miss W., 52 Malone Avenue
Nicholl, Mrs. E., 167 Rosebery Road
Nicholl, Mrs. J., 30 Brookvale Avenue
Nicholl, Mrs. M. E., 16 Cedar Avenue
Nicholl, Robert, traveller, 21 Knockbreda Drive
Nicholl, R., 49 Cromac Street
Nicholl, R. C., 25 Lucerne Parade
Nicholl, Wm., agent, 50 Queen Street Upper
Nicholl, W., manufacturers' agent, 8 Ormonde Park, Finaghy
Nicholl, Dr. W. J., 363 Newtownards Road Upper
Nicholls, A. A., metal spinner, 16 Sandhurst Drive
Nicholls, G. W., funeral furnisher, 261-263 Grosvenor Road
Nicholls, Joseph, iron turner, 13 Lyndhurst Gardens
Nicholls, Robert, 66 Oakland Avenue
Nichols, A. D., bank clerk, 31 Lansdowne Road
Nichols, Claude, clerk, 36 Ava Avenue
Nichols, Henry, 99 Euston Street
Nicholson, Andrew, joiner, 18 Silvio Street
Nicholson, Andrew, plumber, 41 Greenville Road
Nicholson & Bass, Ltd., printers and box makers, 34-36 Alfred Street
Nicholson, F., bread server, 148 Ravenhill Avenue
Nicholson, H., postman, 15 Sandhill Parade
Nicholson, James A., marine engineer, 13 Trigo Parade
Nicholson, John, pawn broker, 163 Deerpark Road
Nicholson, J., publican, 101 Peter's Hill
Nicholson, Margaret J., 559 Newtownards Road Upper
Nicholson, Miss, 5 North Parade
Nicholson, The Misses, 96 Botanic Avenue
Nicholson & Morrow, Ltd., wholesale warehousemen, 32 Queen Street
Nicholson, Mrs., 129 Park Avenue
Nicholson, Mrs., 18 Sintonville Avenue
Nicholson, Mrs., 21 Riverview Street
Nicholson, Mrs., 21 Ardgreenan Gardens
Nicholson, Mrs. Annie, 102 Bray Street
Nicholson, Mrs. E., confectioner, 43 Fernwood Street
Nicholson, Mrs. E., 16 Wandsworth Gardens
Nicholson, Mrs. M., 57 Cliftondene Gardens
Nicholson, Mrs. Sarah M., 7 Auburn Street
Nicholson, Richard F., 9 Blenheim Drive
Nicholson, Robert, engineer, 14 Workman Avenue
Nicholson, Robt., accountant, 98 Cliftonpark Avenue
Nicholson, R., stock keeper, 86 Agincourt Avenue
Nicholson, Templeton, & Co., Ltd., linen merchants, 4 Adelaide Street
Nicholson, William, soldier, 28 Rosevale Street
Nickel, J., mechanic, 9 Harrow Street
Nickell, L., joiner, 86 Euston Street
Nickell, Wm. Jas., photographer, 198 Deerpark Road
Nickels, Harry, manager, 16 Chesterfield Park
Nickels, J., fitter, 44 Station Road
Nickels, W., mechanic, 40 Windsor Avenue Lower
Nickle, Alan, 32 Sandown Road
Nickle, Alan, 40 Sandown Road
Nickle, Isobel, 4 Sandhill Parade
Nickle, James, engineer, 15 Clonlee Drive
Nicol, C. A., 521 Oldpark Road
Nicol, Miss L., 20 Hopefield Avenue
Nicol, Quintin D., 24 Stormont Park
Nicoll, G. W., fish merchant, 209 Donegall Road
Nicolls, G., grocer, 393 Donegall Road
Nield, Frederick G., 199 Ravenhill Road
Niell, S., fitter, 40 Prestwick Park
Night Workers' Social Club, 63a Victoria Street
Nightingale, John, driver, 63 Empire Street
Nightingale, Mrs. Mary, 15 Eastleigh Drive
Nightingale, W. E., R.N., 23 Sydenham Avenue
Nihill, John, 34 Donnybrook Street
Nihill, J. J., 9 Hughenden Avenue
Niland, Peter J., suptd., Sandown, Chichester Park
Nimmick, John, 1 Mountpleasant Huts, Ballysillan Road
Nimmick, Miss, 1 Glenside Park
Nimmo, John, manager, 17 Bloomfield Gardens
Nimmon, J. J., clerk, 18 Deramore Gardens
Nimmons, James, & Sons, Ltd., painting contractors, 31 Cliftonville Avenue
Nimmons, Mrs. E., 113 Ulsterville Avenue
Nimrick, John, 61 Templemore Street
Nixey, Mrs., 18 Wellesley Avenue
Nixon, A., provision merchant, 6 Clanroy Parade
Nixon, Catherine E., 8 Cyprus gardens
Nixon, George, 31 Ava Drive
Nixon, G., preparing master, 221 Ballygomartin Road
Nixon, G., fitter, 55 Joanmount Park
Nixon, H., fitter, 72 Hesketh Park
Nixon, H., 23 Malone Hill Park
Nixon, Isaac, R.U.C., 27 Adelaide Avenue
Nixon, James, fruiterer, 40a Ardilaun Street
Nixon, John, motor engineer, 25 Sharman Road
Nixon, John, M.P.S., 2 Mount Merrion Avenue
Nixon, Alderman J., M.P., 9 Ballygomartin Road
Nixon, J. R., agent, 66 Kansas Avenue
Nixon, J. R., agent, 53 High Street
Nixon, Mary J., 11 Rosetta Parade
Nixon, Miss, 8 Finaghy Park
Nixon, Miss A., 13 Curzon Street
Nixon, Miss Florrie, 207 Tennent Street
Nixon, Mrs., 10 Parkmount Gardens
Nixon, Mrs. Elizabeth, 265 Woodstock Road
Nixon, Mrs. Emily, grocer, 42 Cherryville Street
Nixon, Mrs. E., 40 Victoria Gardens
Nixon, Mrs. E., 61 Skegoneill Avenue
Nixon, Mrs. Rachel, 17 Castleton Gardens
Nixon, M., fish market, Oxford Street
Nixon, Robert, builder, 33a Agnes Street
Nixon, Robert, insurance agent, 166 Duncairn Gardens
Nixon, R., R.U.C., 351 Springfield Road
Nixon, R., plumber, 17 Castleton Gardens
Nixon, R., sanitary inspector, 66 Dromore Street
Nixon, R. J., flesher, 405 Ormeau Road
Nixon, R. J., butcher, 251 Cavehill Road
Nixon, Samuel, grocer, 29-31 Boundary Street North
Nixon, S., newsagent, 222 Crumlin Road
Nixon, Thomas, baker, 60 Glencairn Street
Nixon, William, R.U.C., 26 Lisburn Road
Nixon, Wm., relieving officer, 11 Pommern Parade
Nixon, Wm., grocer, 37 Lanark Street
Nixon, W. J., chemist, 2 Mount Merrion Avenue
Nixon, W. J., conductor, 102 North Street
Nobbs, Mrs. A., 81-83 Botanic Avenue
Noble, Alex., 68 Bentinck Street
Noble, A., grocer, 387 Ormeau Road; res., 149 Haypark Avenue
Noble, A. R., civil servant, 6 Ophir Gardens
Noble & Bethal, grocers, 120 Roden Street
Noble Bros., boot repairers, 24 Albion Street
Noble, Edward J., 29 Sandown Road
Noble, G. A., tram driver, 52 Meadowbank Place
Noble, Herbert E., box maker, 23 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Noble, H. E., & Co. Ltd., fancy box makers, 80 Bankmore Street
Noble, James, boiler maker, 70 Larkfield Road
Noble, John, inspector, 132 Orby Drive
Noble, John, supper saloon, 7 Lawther Street
Noble, John, coal importer, 95 Holywood Road
Noble, John, plater, 30 Albion Street
Noble, J., civil servant, 2 Orby Crescent
Noble, J. R., Ltd., Coal Merchants, 4-6 Middlepath Street, 29 Queen's Quay and 13 (9) Ann Street
Noble, J. T., R.N., 92 Walmer Street
Noble, J. T., engineer, 32 Sandhill Gardens
Noble, Margaret, 7 Fitzwilliam Street
Noble, Miss, 6 Ravenhill Parade
Noble, Miss, 9 Ardgreenan Drive
Noble, Miss Harriott, 11 Colenzo Parade
Noble, Mrs., 80 Fitzroy Avenue
Noble, Mrs., 11 McMaster Street
Noble, Mrs., Knocknagow, Finaghy Road South
Noble, Mrs. Annie, 35 Virginia Street
Noble, Mrs. Ellen, 5 Clanchattan Street
Noble, Mrs. W. C., 2 Jocelyn Gardens
Noble, M. R., dress and costume maker, 92 Castlereagh Road
Noble, Robert, Corporation official, 6 Chesham Terrace
Noble, R. G., boot merchant, 121 Shankill Road
Noble, Samuel, clerk, 11 Onslow Gardens
Noble, Thomas R., 95 King's Road
Noble, Thomas W., Annadale House Lodge, Hampton Park
Noble, T. P., warder, 10 Landscape Terrace
Noble, William, 5 Cooldarragh Park North
Noble, Wm., & Co. Ltd., sack and hessian merchants, 14 and 19-23 Patrick Street Little
Noble, W., driver, 74 Rutland Street
Noble, W., overseer, G.P.O., 73 South Parade
Noble, W. J., insurance agent, 203 Dunluce Avenue
Noble's boot repairing factory, 183 and 61 Oldpark Road
Noblet, Mrs., 52 Park Avenue
Noblet, T., 76 Orby Drive
Noblett, A. A. L., 2 Nendrum Gardens
Noblett, J. Arthur, inspector, 2 Merryfield Drive
Noblett, Richard, traveller, 34 Sicily Park
Noblett's, confectionery, 24 Royal Avenue
Nocker, E. J., confectioner, 888 Crumlin Road
Nocker, J., 652 Crumlin Road
Noddings, Mrs. J., 28 Aigburth Park
Noels, William, 178 Grand Parade
Nolan, Alex., watchman, 2 Chesham Terrace
Nolan, Major E. J., 117 Holywood Road
Nolan, Francis, 211 Mountpottinger Road
Nolan, Frank, organiser, 134 Dover Street
Nolan, H. J., fish salesman and auctioneer, Oxford Street
Nolan, H. J., 696 Ravenhill Road
Nolan, Mrs., 68a Surrey Street
Nolan, Mrs. Mary, 37 Lodge Road Old
Nolan, Neill H., 9 Glandore Drive
Nolan, Robert, grocer, 9 Seaforde Street
Nolan, William T., painter, 16 Marsden Gardens
Nolar, John, agent, 56 Queen Street
Nonporo Cement Co. Ltd., cement waterproofing manufacturers, 7 Wellington Place
Nook Cafe (The), 7 William Street
Noon, Mrs. E., 8 Devon Parade
Noone, Thomas J., R.U.C., 125 Beersbridge Road
Norfor, W. J., 5 Knockbreda Park
Norman, Charles, manager, Roselyn, Finaghy Road South
Norman, Mrs. S., 39 Hartington Street
Normoyle, Thomas, 72 Willowbank Gardens
Norney, Jas., general dealer, 4a Devonshire Street
Norrick, M., draper, 122 North Street
Norrick, M., 18 Rosetta Avenue
Norris, D., compositor, 43 Twaddell Avenue
Norris, F. J., rivetter, 248 Queen Street North
Norris, F. J., rivetter, 72 Bentinck Street
Norris, Henry, car dealer, 76 Ardenlee Avenue
Norris, J., engineer, 27 Taunton Avenue
Norris, J. J., 2 Mount Eden Park
Norris & Kerr, jewellers, 450 Woodstock Road
Norris, Miss, 19 Ulsterville Gardens
Norris, Mrs. E., Brae Head, Rocky Road
Norris, R., builder, 18 Avoca Street
Norris, R., baker, 31 Snugville Street
Norris, R., & Son, builders, 2-4 Hampden Street
Norris, T. H., rivetter, 74 Bentinck Street
Norris, William, R.U.C., 20 Woodvale Avenue
Norris, Wm., R.U.C., 36 Manor Street
Norris, W., jeweller, 452 Woodstock Road
Norris, W. A., chemist, 13 Onslow Parade
Norris, W. H., newsagent, 20 Hughenden Avenue
Norritt, Jas. H., Ardmore, 2 Haddington Gardens
North, Albert, traveller, 1 Glenview, Wolfhill Avenue
North Belfast Boot Store, 285 York Street
North Belfast Christian Workers' Union, 80 Oldpark Road
North Belfast Mission, office, 37 George's Street Great
North Belfast Orange Memorial Hall, Alexandra Park Avenue
North Belfast Unionist Club, 2a Thomas Street North
North Belfast Working Men's Club, Danube Street - R. Patterson, secretary
North British Boot Lace Company, Ltd., 20 Bedford Street
North British and Mercantile Insurance Co. Ltd. - Branch Office, 16 Howard Street, Local Manager, George F. Sparrow
North British Rubber Co. Ltd. (The), 49 Chichester Street
North of Ireland Builders' Supply Co. Ltd. (The), 109 Castle Street and 37 King Street. T.A.: "Innovation"
North of Ireland Butchers' Hide Marketing Association Ltd. (The), 6 Turnley Street and Stewart Street
North of Ireland Cattle Traders' Association, 78 May Street
North of Ireland Cricket Club, 52-126 Ormeau Road and Shaftesbury Avenue
North of Ireland Linen Company, linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 75-77 Balfour Avenue
North of Ireland Master Butchers' Association, 73 May Street
North of Ireland Trade Protection Association, 102 Donegall Street
North Queen Street Dispensary, 185a Queen Street North
North Road P.E.S., North Road
North Street Arcade, 28 Donegall Street
North-West Drumming Club, 49 Conlig Street
North, Wm., 92 Wandsworth Road
North, W. H., mechanic, 22 Deramore Avenue
Northampton Shoe Co., 58 Peter's Hill
Northern Agency, wholesale furniture, 26 Church Street
Northern Assurance Co. Ltd., 32-34 Howard Street - A. O. Gray, A.C.I.I., Secretary
Northern Bank Ltd. - Head Office, 16 Victoria Street (R. P. MacGregor, general manager; S. H. Simms, chief accountant) Branches - 109-113 Royal Avenue (F. Wright, manager); 12-13 Shaftesbury Square (W. R. Hughes, manager); 110 Victoria Street (W. S. Sides, manager); Donegall Square West (J. E. Forde, manager); 227 Antrim Road (A. J. Higginson, manager); 520 Newtownards Road Upper; 153-155 Divis Street (J. O'Kane, manager); 152-154 Crumlin Road (F. W. Doherty, manager); 411-413 Newtownards Road (J. W. Harrip, manager); 93 Shankill (W. H. G. Milliken, manager); 218 Woodstock Road (A. W. Grant, manager); 177 Lisburn Road (C. H. Speers, manager); 2 South Parade (W. R. Moore, manager)
Northern Cab Works, 40 Lodge Road New
Northern Chemicals, Law's Court
Northern Coal Co. Ltd. (The), Coal Importers, 10 Royal Avenue and Albert Quay. T.A. "Bescoal, Belfast"
Northern Counties Life and General Assurance Co. Ltd., 10 Chichester Street
Northern Ireland Bookmakers' Protection Association, 25 High Street
Northern Ireland Boot Repairing Co., 124-126 Sandy Row
Northern Ireland Commercial Agency, Proprietors of Commercial Gazette, 68 Royal Avenue

Northern Ireland Council of Social Service, 2? Wellington Place
Northern Ireland Port Area Grain Committee, 93 Ann Street
Northern Ireland Road Transport Board - Head Office, 10 Royal Avenue. T.A.: "Conveyance."; 128-130 North Street (Bus Station); 3 Oxford Street (Waiting Room, Enquiry Office and Bus Stand); 116 Joy Street (Waiting Room, Enquiry Office, Bus Stand); Winetavern Street (Smithfield Bus Station); 7 College Square East (Enquiry Office and Waiting Room); 22-24 Frederick Street (Waiting Room, Enquiry Office, Bus Stand); 108 University Street (Engineering and Maintenance Dept.); Grosvenor Road, Freight Dept. (Receiving and Forwarding Dept.
Northern Ireland Trust Financiers, 12 High Street
Northern Ireland Turf Guardian Association, 4 Hamilton's Court
Northern Ireland Wool Control (The), 24-30 Pilot Street and 3-5 Prince's Dock
"Northern Light" (The), 32-34 Waring Street
Northern Linen Co. (Belfast), Ltd., linen manufacturers, 6 Murray Street
Northern Manufacturing Co., costumes, Riddels Arcade
Northern Mercantile Office, 39 Bedford Street
Northern Motors, tyre factors, 79 Smithfield
Northern Optical Co. (The), opticians, 50 Donegall Street
Northern Publishing Office (Belfast) Ltd. (The), Printers, Paper Merchants, Paper Rulers, Envelope Makers, Manufacturing and Scholastic Stationers, Booksellers, Wholesale Fancy Goods, etc., 60 Victoria Street, 29-31 Ann Street
Northern Radio Service (The), 2 Manor Street
Northern Shirt Co. Ltd., 31 Bedford Street
Northern Storage and Distributing Co. (The), Prince's Dock and 16-18 Pilot Street
Northern Typewriting and Duplicating Co. (The), 30 Rosemary Street
Northern Whig, Ltd. (The), 2-10 Bridge Street and Waring Street
Northey, R., chemist, 7 Knock Eden Park
Northery, R., Ltd., chemists and opticians, 15 Fountain Street
Northridge, L. M., 3 Cleaver Park
Northridge, Rev. W. L., M.A., B.D., Ph.D., 14 Lennoxvale
Norton, H. S., engineer, 2 Ashgrove Park
Norton, Michael, 16 Lothair Avenue
Norton, Mrs. Louise, 11 Woodvale Gardens
Norton, Oscar T., brewer, Brewery Cottage, Glen Road
Norwich Union Insurance Societies - D. J. Johnston, Fire and Accident Manager; W. W. Gailey, Life Manager, 7 Wellington Place
Norwood Express Co., 19a Chapel Lane
Norwood, A., bread server, 12 Brookvale Street
Norwood, Charles, cabinet maker, 24 Summer Hill Park
Norwood, Matthew, sheet metal worker, 117 Larkfield Road
Norwood, Mrs. Alice, 135 Bloomfield Avenue
Novelty Advertisers, 29 Woodford Street
Novelty Shop, (The), fancy goods, 70 Cromac Street
N.T.H. Belfast Girl Guides Headquarters, Brookvale Street
N.T.N. Signs, 4 College Street
Nuala, wholesale confectioner, 73 King Street
Nugent, A., newsagent, 39 Old Lodge Road
Nugent, Chester, distillers' agent, 10 Corporation Street
Nugent, C., Moneybroom, Finaghy Road South
Nugent, Elizabeth, 14 Knockbreda Park
Nugent, Ernest, printer, 19 Brookvale Parade
Nugent, Colonel E. H. S., D.L., Portaferry House, Portaferry
Nugent, Geo. F., house repairer, 47 Brandon Parade
Nugent, Herbert, accountant, 2 Windsor Park
Nugent, John, clerk, 25 Norfolk Gardens
Nugent, Mrs. B., post office, 525 Falls Road
Nugent, Mrs. E., 40 Somerton Road
Nugent, Mrs. Mary, 18 Hamilton Street
Nugent, Patrick, painter, 22 Beechmount Avenue
Nugent, P., painter, Monkshill, Bungalow, Glencairn Road
Nugent, W. S., 9 Sandford Avenue
Nugent, Wm. T., R.U.C., 4 Sydenham Park
Nulty, John, 203 Mountpottinger Road
Nulty, Joseph, fitter, 306 Cregagh Road
Nulty, Michael, 16 Vernon Street
Nugent, Peter, motorman, 95 Madrid Street
Nulty, Thomas, R.U.C., 17 La Salle Drive
Nummie, Mrs. D., 2 Thirlmere Gardens
Nummy, J., packer, 11 Havelock Street
Nummy, S., dairyman, 435 Oldpark Road
Nurses' Association, 20 Claremont Street
Nurses' Home, 22 College Green
Nurses' Home, 8-10 Fountainville Avenue
Nutt, Robert B., joiner, 69 Oldpark Road
Nutt, T. J., clerk, 9 Yarrow Street
Nuttall, Andrew, dairyman, 19 Wylie Street
Nuttall, L. G. B., radio engineer, 69 Kensington Road


Oakley, W. O., architect, 33 Edgcumbe Gardens
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Ltd., Ocean Buildings, Personal Accident, Home Protection, Burglary, Motor, Cycle, Horse Vehicles, Fire, Engineering, Employers' Liability, Fidelity Guarantee, Public Liability, Forged Transfers, Plate Glass, Special Indemnities and World Wide Baggage Insurance, 34-44 Moorgate Street, London, North of Ireland Offices, and Public Safe Deposit, Ocean Buildings, Chichester Street, Belfast. T.A.: "Ocean, Belfast" W. J. Shaw, F.C.I.I., Manager
O.D. Cars Ltd., 409-419, 423 and 646-648 Antrim Road, Alexandra Park Avenue and Lisburn Road. Directors - J. A. McKee, S. S. Porritt, F. H. McLean, E. H. Williams, Ivan Heyn, N. Booth, and R. A. McKee
Off Licence Holders' Association, 7 William Street South
Officer, Arthur, 135 Manor Street
Officer, D., 64 Sunningdale Park
Officer, H., clothier, 61 Church Lane Upper
Officer, H. J., grocer, 337 Castlereagh Road
Officer, J., mechanic, 5 Ava Park
Officer, Mrs. S., 47 Grand Parade
Officer, S., 39 Torrens Crescent
Officer, Thomas, coal heaver, 66 Moyola Park
Officer, W. E., 4 Kansas Crescent
Officers' Club, 69 High Street
Offloter, L., 1 Kerrsland Crescent
Oger, A. E., 3 Onslow Gardens
Ogilby, Miss M., 4 Ilchester Street
Ogilvie, Wm., shipwright, 5 Graymount Terrace
Ogle, C., clerk, 73 Whiterock Road
Ogle, C. A., civil servant, 35 Ashgrove Park
Ogle, Herbert, 17 Deramore Gardens
Ogle, John, iron turner, 216 Joanmount Gardens
Ogle, Miss Jane, 13 Delaware Street
Ogle, Mrs. Maria, 20 Hardcastle Street
Ogle, Thomas, engineer, 296 Castlereagh Road
Ogle, Thompson, newsagent, 90 Donegall Pass
Ogle, W. S., post official, 36 Balfour Avenue
Old Belfast Hospital, Frederick Street
Old Bleach Linen Co. Ltd., 7 (60) Donegall Square West
Old Boys' (9th) Association, Recreation Grounds, Campbell Park, Knockbreda Road
Old Boys' (21st) Association, Duncairn Avenue
Old Boys' (55th) Silver Band, 1a Ceylon Street
Old Boys' Flute Band, Beersbridge Road
"Old Bushmills" Distillery Co. Ltd. (The), 5-23 Hill Street
Old Lodge Road P.E.S., 38b Lodge Road Old
Olden, Rev. G. R. C., M.A., 29 King's Road
Oldham, E., hatter, 10 Cyprus Avenue
Oldham, E. G., cashier, 19 Rosetta Avenue
Oldham, H. M., 35 Sunningdale Park
Oldham, Miss, 55 Knockvale Park
Oldham, T. E., engineer, 26 Summer Hill Park
Oldpark Cycle Stores, 68 Oldpark Road
Oldpark Garage, 70 Oldpark Road
Oldpark Mission Hall, Torrens Avenue
Oldpark Presbyterian Church, 212 Cliftonville Road
Oldpark Unionist Hall, 6 Avoca Street
Oldpark Unionist Hall (No. 2), Avoca Street
Olive, ladies' hairdresser, 367 Antrim Road
Oliver, A., agent, 26 Lincoln Avenue
Oliver, A. E., Cregagh Nursery, Cregagh Road; res., 17 Gibson Park Gardens
Oliver, G., R.U.C., 96 Fitzroy Avenue
Oliver, Henry, fitter, 6 Onslow Gardens
Oliver, H. G., draughtsman, 60 Denorrton Park
Oliver, Jeyes, Ltd., 48 (5) Church Lane Upper
Oliver, John, spinning master, 50 Adelaide Avenue
Oliver, J. J., 147 Shore Road
Oliver, Miss E., 30 North Parade
Oliver, Mrs., 51 Brick Row, Shore Road
Oliver, Mrs. E., 51 Skegoneill Avenue
Oliver, Mrs. M., newsagent, 236 Woodstock Road
Oliver, Robert, Woodlands, Finaghy Road North
Oliver, Robert, 75 Mount Merrion Park
Oliver, Robert, clerk, 3a Everton Street
Oliver, Robert J., 560 Newtownards Road Upper
Oliver, Samuel, tailor, 28 Agincourt Street
Oliver, S., tailor, 1a Botanic Avenue
Oliver, S., 24 Finvoy Street
Oliver, S. V., nurseryman, 21 Loopland Park
Oliver, William, 453 Springfield Road
Oliver, W., 16 Belvedere Park
Oliver, W. H., clerk, 75 Wallasey Park
Olives Guest House (The), 44 University Street
Olver, Fredk., hairdresser, 46 Stranmillis Gardens and branches
Olver, H. V., 38 Westland Road
Olver, Rev. R. Wesley, 69 Shandon Park
Olver, Rev. R. W., ecclesiastical book library, 26 Howard Street
Olver & Spence, accountants and auditors, 7 Donegall Square East
Omelvena, Rev. John, B.A., D.D., 10 Kingsmere Avenue
Onions, Mrs., 172 Alliance Avenue
Orage, Miss A., 10 University Avenue
Orage, W. N., auctioneer, 12 Broughton Gardens
Orange, Mrs., 455 Falls Road
Orange and Protestant Approved Society, Head Office, 12 Donegall Square West. Sub-Offices, 78 Clifton Street and 178 Albert Bridge Road
Orange's Civil Service Academy, 86-88 Castle Street
Orangefield Baptist Church, Bloomfield Road
Orangefield Post Office, 276 Castlereagh Road
Orangefield Presbyterian Church, Castlereagh Road
Orangefield Presbyterian Church Hall, Orby Drive
Orbinson, James, electrician, 71 Ainsworth Avenue
Orchard, Mrs., 73 Earlswood Road
Orchard, W. S., manager, 18 Thornhill Park
Orchin, Charles, cashier, 41 Ethel Street
Orchin, Charles, bread server, 15 Virginia Street
Orderly, Hugh, 41 Avonbeg Street
Oregan, Father, Clonard Monastery, Waterville Street
Oriel Pharmacy (The), 363 Ormeau Road
Oriental Wine Co. (The), 59-61 Summer Street
Orlo Leather Goods, Ltd., 37 Joy Street
Orme, D., hairdresser, 302 Old Lodge Road
Ormeau Bakery, Ltd., 307-317 Ormeau Road; Branch Shop, 92 Cromac Street
Ormeau Golf Club, 149 Ravenhill Road
Ormeau Gospel Hall, 181 Ormeau Road
Ormeau Hemstitching Works, Dromara Street
Ormeau Park, Ormeau Road and Ravenhill Road
Ormeau Park P.E.S., Park Road
Ormeau Playing Fields, Ormeau Road
Ormeau Road Methodist Church, 85 Ormeau Road
Ormeau Road P.E. Schools, 3 McClure Street
Ormiston, E. J., warder, 19 Eia Street
Ormiston, Miss I. G., nurse, 22 (2) Brookvale Avenue
Ormonde, R., sergt. R.U.C., 143 University Street
Orr, Arthur, 76 Farnham Street
Orr, Chas. S., produce merchant, 3 Kensington Road
Orr & Co., boot factory, 14 Athol Street
Orr, David, instructor, 2 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Orr, Donald L., seaman, 20 Millar Street
Orr, Ellen, 69 Ravenhill Park
Orr, E., 42 Thorndale Avenue
Orr, E., fruiterer, 8 Donegall Pass
Orr, E. J., & Co., insurance brokers, 4 Donegall Square North
Orr, Francis, machinist, 136 Joanmount Gardens
Orr, Frederick, plater, 135 Joanmount Gardens
Orr, Frederick, driller, 6 Ladas Drive
Orr, Fredk., 24 Twickenham Street
Orr, F. J., solicitor, 77 Chichester Street; res., Dundonald
Orr, F. M., manufacturers' agent, 3 College Square East
Orr, F. W., dentist, Lorrain, 238 Newtownards Road Upper
Orr, George, electrician, 51 Houston Park
Orr, G., shop fitter, 28 Joanmount Park
Orr, G. A., Lisfannan, Knockbreda Road
Orr, G. H., M.P.S., 381 Beersbridge Road
Orr, Herbert, traveller, 83 Ulsterville Avenue
Orr, Hugh, 29 Twaddell Avenue
Orr, H., 11 St. Jude's Crescent
Orr, James, packer, 113 Euston Street
Orr, James, butcher, 1 St. Kilda Street
Orr, James G., linen business, 10 Cabin Hill Gardens
Orr, John, clerk, 3 Mount Merrion Avenue
Orr, John, joiner, 16 Cheviot Avenue
Orr, John, grocer, 2 Canning Street Upper
Orr, John, grocer, 144 Queen Street North
Orr, John, fireman, 84 Sandhurst Drive
Orr, Joseph, 46 Cliftonpark Avenue
Orr, Joseph, 3 Parkmount Road
Orr, Joseph, agent, 26 Queen Street
Orr, Joseph, 82 Duncairn Gardens
Orr, Joseph, foreman, 61 Burmah Street
Orr, Joseph, & Son, Ltd., Nurserymen, Seedsmen, Bulb Merchants, Meal, Flour and Grain Merchants, 38 Arthur Street Upper
Orr, J. Plater, 236 Lodge Road Old
Orr, J., Laneside, Finaghy Road South
Orr, J., fitter, 37 Lavinia Street
Orr, J. A., agent, 34 Arthur Street
Orr, J. C., 111 Marlborough Park Central
Orr, J. D., R.U.C., 62 Windsor Avenue Lower
Orr, Kennedy, mechanic, 4 Upton Park
Orr, Miss, 43 Malone Road
Orr, Miss G. F., 2 Eglantine Avenue
Orr, Miss J., confectioner, 8b Ravenscroft Avenue
Orr, Miss K. J., 55 Willowbank Gardens
Orr, Miss Martha, 11 Farnham Street
Orr, The Misses, 34 Auburn Street
Orr, Misses A. & B., 102 Cromwell Road
Orr, Mrs., 147 King's Road
Orr, Mrs., 178 Lodge Road Old
Orr, Mrs., 96 University Avenue
Orr, Mrs. Carrie L., Auburn Villa, Kensington Road
Orr, Mrs. E., 2 Linden Gardens
Orr, Mrs. Margaret, 50 Empire Street
Orr, Mrs. Martha A., grocer, 36 Ambleside Street
Orr, Mrs. Mary, agent, 35 Newtownards Road Upper
Orr, Mrs. M., 147 University Street
Orr, Mrs. M., 7 Landscape Terrace
Orr, Mrs. P. B., 11 Thornhill Park
Orr, Mrs. R., 61 Botanic Avenue
Orr, M. T., agent, 5-7 Queen Street
Orr, M. T., 107 University Street
Orr, M. T., 11 Sharman Road
Orr, P. B., 25 Knockdene Park North
Orr, Robert, driller, 19 Kerrsland Crescent
Orr, Robert, 1 Dudley Street
Orr, Robert, confectioner, 8 Ravenscroft Avenue
Orr, Robert, checker, 42 Irwin Avenue
Orr, Robert, tenter, 15 Baden Powell Street
Orr, Robert H., & Sons, solicitors, 1 Lombard Street
Orr, Robert J., fitter, 24 Silverstream Gardens
Orr, R., 24 Prince Edward Park
Orr, R., bookkeeper, 38 Knock Eden Park
Orr, Samuel, bank official, 12 Parkmount Road
Orr, Samuel, shipwright, 45 Templemore Avenue
Orr, Samuel, chemist, 201-203 Woodstock Road
Orr, Samuel, Glendivis Cottage, Glencairn Road
Orr, Stephen A., B.E., civil engineer and architect, 40 Victoria Square
Orr, S., 14 Cambourne Park
Orr, S., bread server, 9 Avoca Street
Orr, Thomas, insurance agent, 38 Manor Street
Orr, Thomas, grocer, 17 Ravensdale Street
Orr, Thomas J., carpenter, 87 Channing Street
Orr, T., 28 Knockbreda Road
Orr, T., mechanic, 10 Mount (The)
Orr, T., Tor Manufacturing Co., 64 (6-10) Victoria Street Great
Orr, T. M., grocer, 163 Snugville Street
Orr, T. M., 42 Fitzroy Avenue
Orr, Victor, 90 Dunluce Avenue
Orr, Wilfred, 18 Bramcote Street
Orr, William, 37 St. John's Park
Orr, William, 63 Fitzwilliam Street
Orr, William, 30 Alliance Crescent
Orr, William, watch maker, 3 Chesham Crescent
Orr, William, insurance agent, 90 Deramore Avenue
Orr, William, store man, 49 Mountview Street
Orr, William, insurance agent, 9 Lansdowne Park
Orr, Wm., plumber, 126 Grand Parade (Bloomfield)
Orr, Wm., sheet metal worker, 37 Sunnyside Drive
Orr, Wm., agent, 18 Donegall Street
Orr, Wm., bookkeeper, 214 Ravenhill Avenue
Orr, W., works suptd., 2 Ailesbury Gardens
Orr, W., 6 Clarendon Avenue
Orr, W. F., manufacturers' agent, 1 Rugby Road
Orr, W. F., manufacturers' agent, 26 Queen Street
Orr, W. J., Moat Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Orr, W. J., dentist, 133 Ormeau Road
Orr, W. J., taxi proprietor, 6 Bloomfield Gardens
Orr, W. J., building contractor, 2c Baskin Street
Orr, W. J. D., (4) The Moat, Holywood Road
Orr & Co., boot factors, 16 Athol Street
Orrel, Andrew, 26 Fitzwilliam Street
Orr's (Chemist) Ltd., 165 Ormeau Road
Orton, R., L.R.A.M., 79 Holywood Road
Orwin, Mrs. F. L., 25 Woodvale Road
Orwin, Wm., driver, 23 Loopland Road
Orzone (Ireland) (1938) Ltd., Health Food Specialists and Medical Herbalists, 10-12 North Street Arcade, Consultant - Mr. A. Walker, M.Inst.B.T.H., M.N.A.M.H., Surgical Appliances Specialists
Osborne, A., 43 Landscape Terrace
Osborne Cake Shop, 404 Lisburn Road
Osborne, Cooke, & Co., accountants and auditors, 7 (99-103) Donegall Square West
Osborne, Joseph, chartered accountant, 24 North Circular Road
Osborne, Joseph, accountant, 19 Downview Avenue
Osborne, J., 37 Belmore Street
Osborne, J., dairyman, 148 University Street
Osborne, Miss Mary, 148 University Street
Osborne, Miss M. A., 23 Cromwell Road
Osborne, Mrs., 68 Melrose Street
Osborne, Mrs., 137 Joanmount Park
Osborne, Mrs., 22 Ridgeway Street
Osborne, Mrs. E., 15 Eliza Street
Osborne, Mrs. E. A., 165 Cavehill Road
Osborne Nurseries, 406 Lisburn Road
Osborne Park Methodist Church, Osborne Park
Osborne, Samuel, stores, 16 Academy Street
Osborne, S., & Co., cycle and motor accessories, 25 Donegall Street
Osborne, S. M., 30 Bedeque Street
Osborne, T. E., engineer, 174 Deerpark Road
Osborne, W. F., journalist, 46 Campbell Park Avenue
Osborough, A. H., salesman, 590 Oldpark Road
Osborough, Herbert, 48 Shaftesbury Avenue
Osborough, Misses, 15 Brookvale Parade
Osborough, W. T., bank official, 1 Bladon Drive
Osbourn, A., watch maker, 41 Albion Street
Osman Street Social Club, 8 Osman Street
Ostinelli, E., chef, 64 Lansdowne Park
Oswald, Herbert, shipwright, 149 Tennent Street
Oswald, J., 1 North Parade
Oswald, J. H., 114 Somerton Road
Oswald, Miss, 33 Ardenlee Parade
Oswald, Thomas, foreman, 50 Jocelyn Street
Oswald, W., draper, 18 Bedford Street
Oughton, Boyd, McMillan, & Co., incorporated accountants, 9 Wellington Place
Oulton, John, & Co., flax and tow merchants, 37 Donegall Street
Ourway Service Station, 234-236 Shore Road
Ovens, John, driver, 82 Loopland Park
Over, F., R.U.C., 3 Skegoneill Drive
Over, S. A., R.U.C., 16 Bennett Drive
Overland, James, driver, 7 Ventry Street
Owen, J., civil servant, 15 Dunblane Avenue
Owen, Miss, 77 Eglantine Avenue
Owen, Miss V., 154 Kensington Road
Owen, Reginald, 5 Clonaver Crescent North
Owen, Richard C., manager, 2 Eglantine Place
Owen, R., 11 Willowfield Street
Owen, R. W., 5 Clonaver Crescent North
Owen, Thomas, butcher, 51 Hillsborough Drive
Owens, Andrew, engine driver, 50 Loopland Park
Owens, Charles, traveller, 24 Graymount Gardens
Owens, C., stationer, 207 Newtownards Road
Owens, D., checker, 237 Ballysillan Road
Owens, Fredk., 291 Oldpark Road
Owens, Geo. A., optician, 30 Thornhill Park
Owens, James, engineer, 38 Northwood Crescent
Owens, James, engineer, 66 Skegoneill Avenue
Owens, John, 65 Whiterock Road
Owens, Miss Mary, 434 Falls Road
Owens, Miss R., Glengall Lane
Owens, Mrs., 36 Brougham Street
Owens, Mrs., linen merchant, 46 Queen Street Upper
Owens, Mrs. Kathleen, 11 Willowfield Street
Owens, Mrs. Mary, 60 Beechmount Street
Owens, Mrs. M., 7 Ardgreenan Gardens
Owens, Patrick, Loughview Cottages, Springfield Road
Owens, P. J., teacher, 12 Dunmisk Park
Owens, Robert, manager, 59 Belmont Church Road
Owens, Robert, engineer, 271 Holywood Road
Owens, R., director, 55 Cavehill Road Old
Owens, T., manager, 35 Adelaide Park
Owens, T. C., clerk, 21 Kincora Avenue
Owens, William, clerk, 621 Oldpark Road
Owens, Wm., warehouseman, 15 Greenville Road
Oxford Billiard Hall and Grill Room, 6a Royal Avenue
Oxford Cafe, St. George's Buildings, 1-2 Oxford Street
Oxley, Fredk., foreman, 52 Blenheim Drive
Oxley, W. G., boiler maker, 17 Frank Street
Oxo, Ltd., 155-157 Donegall Pass


O'Boyle, Miss K., 11 Kinnaird Terrace
O'Boyle, Mrs. C., house keeper, 167 Albert Street
O'Boyle, M., boot repairer, 131 Castle Street
O'Boyle, Mrs. S., 2 Circular Road North
O'Brian, James, 35 Ravenhill Park
O'Brian, J., dealer, 68-70 Kashmir Road
O'Brien, Francis, coal dealer, 8 George's Street
O'Brien, F. L., 14 Myrtlefield Park
O'Brien, F. S., clerk, 6 Mount Merrion Park
O'Brien, George J., clerk, 8 St. Agnes Drive
O'Brien, H., 10 Campbell Park Avenue
O'Brien, James, bank official, 35 Ravenhill Park
O'Brien, John, teacher, 72 Divis Drive
O'Brien, John W., 2 Holycroft Avenue
O'Brien, Joseph, spirit merchant, 3 Exchange Street West
O'Brien, Jos., publican, 16 Chief Street
O'Brien, J., spirit merchant, 2 Edward Street
O'Brien, Mrs., 75 Vernon Street
O'Brien, Miss, 10 Brookvale Street
O'Brien, Mrs., 79 Cheviot Avenue
O'Brien, Mrs. J., Sr. Anne's, Falls Road
O'Brien, Mrs. M., dealer, 7 Albert Bridge Road
O'Brien, P., book binder, 48 Stratheden Street
O'Brien, Robert, 22 Mount Merrion Avenue
O'Brien, Thomas, postman, 28 Landscape Terrace
O'Brien, T., engineer, 107 Joy Street
O'Byrne, M., 35 Norfolk Drive
O'Callaghan, Ellen, grocer, 201 Grosvenor Road
O'Callaghan, Joseph, dealer, 105-113 Millfield
O'Callaghan, Jos., marine dealer, 23 Norfolk Drive
O'Callaghan, J. B., 27 Ardmore Avenue
O'Callaghan, Mrs., 95 Whitla Street
O'Callaghan, Patrick, grocer, 156 Grosvenor Road
O'Callaghan, P., signal man, 4 Stewart Street
O'Callaghan, P., 20 Stranmillis Park
O'Connell, James, clerk, 7 Clifton Crescent
O'Connell, Mrs., 20 Cherryvalley Gardens
O'Connell, Mrs., 12 Cadogan Park
O'Connell, Mrs. E., 90 Botanic Avenue
O'Connell, William, mechanic, 3 Brantwood Street
O'Connor, Alice, 53 Mountview Street
O'Connor, A., fish merchant, 374 Crumlin Road
O'Connor, A., fitter, 46 Glenside Parade
O'Connor, Charles, clerk, 4 Manor Street
O'Connor, Daniel, baker, 128 Alliance Avenue
O'Connor, Edward, machinist, 336 Crumlin Road
O'Connor, Ernest, inspector, 50 Bloomfield Road
O'Connor, George K., & Co., linen manufacturers, 8 St. James's Street South
O'Connor, George, linen merchant, 371 Cregagh Road
O'Connor, Hugh, 22 Knock Hill Park
O'Connor, James, stevedore, 27 Garmoyle Street
O'Connor, James, sea captain, 19 Pim Street
O'Connor, James, 62 Fleet Street
O'Connor, Jane, draper, 35a Clonard Street
O'Connor, Jos., publican, 124 Mountpottinger Road
O'Connor, J., newsagent, 65 King Street
O'Connor, J., spirit merchant, 2 Kerrsland Drive
O'Connor, J., grocer, 151 Divis Street
O'Connor, Miss E., 16 Cliftonville Road
O'Connor, Miss Margaret, 36 Springfield Road
O'Connor, Miss Susan, 84 Newtownards Road Upper
O'Connor, Mrs. Hannah, 16 Cranburn Street
O'Connor, Mrs. M., 453 Newtownards Road Upper
O'Connor, Mrs. M., 1 Duncairn Avenue
O'Connor & McCann, stevedores, 13 and 14 Prince's Dock
O'Connor, Owen, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Kashmir Road; res., Claremont, Lake Glen Avenue
O'Connor, Patrick, publican, 903 Crumlin Road
O'Connor, S., painter, 46 Glenside Parade
O'Connor, Timothy, 14 Slievedarragh Park
O'Dea, John, manager, 53 Irwin Crescent
O'Doherty, John, F.R.C.S., 37 Malone Road
O'Doherty, Joseph, butcher, 12 Vicinage Street
O'Doherty, Mrs. T., dress maker, 7 Century Street
O'Doherty, Dr. Muriel B., M.B., 37 Malone Avenue
O'Donel, Mrs. K. C., 39 Bawnmore Road
O'Donnell, Daniel, 3 Bennett Drive
O'Donnell, F., confectioner, 202 Falls Road
O'Donnell, J., 335 Ravenhill Road
O'Donnell, Miss M., 88 Joy Street
O'Donnell, Miss Rose, 137 Divis Street
O'Donnell, Mrs., 40 University Road
O'Donnell, Mrs., 21 Chichester Street
O'Donnell, Mrs. A., 52 Hillsborough Drive
O'Donnell, Mrs. M., 31 Annette Street
O'Donnell, Percy, 235 Belmont Road
O'Donnell, R., 2 Turnley Street
O'Donnell, Sarah, 6-8 McDonnell Street
O'Donnell, William, grocer, 70 Stranmillis Road
O'Donnelly, Mrs., 14 Kirkliston Drive
O'Donoghue, T. M., manager, 19 Beechmount Drive
O'Donohue, Charles, 22 Glen Road
O'Donohue, G., 16 Tyndale Park
O'Donohue, T., 181 Dunluce Avenue
O'Dowda, C., manager, 38 Sicily Park
O'Dwyer, Commander D., 1 Holland Park
O'Dwyer, Elizabeth, hairdresser, 13 Springfield Road
O'Dwyer, J., manager, 118 Dunluce Avenue
O'Dwyer, Michael, R.U.C., 6 Ratcliffe Street
O'Flaherty, J., civil servant, 21 Cabin Hill Gardens
O'Flynn, Simon, bank official, 14 Ravensdene Park
O'Friel, Francis, 4 Harcourt Drive
O'Gorman, Edward, engineer, 46 Norfolk Parade
O'Gorman, G., St. Agnes Drive
O'Gorman, G. L., architect, 2 College Square North
O'Gorman, W., insurance agent, 19 College Square North
O'Grady, Charles, 28 Oceanic Avenue
O'Grady, James, 12 Glen Road
O'Grady, John, 27 Fruithill Park
O'Grady, J., traveller, 4 Whitehall Gardens
O'Grady, Miss, 44 Rugby Avenue
O'Hagan, Catherine, 52 Barrack Street
O'Hagan, Joseph, 8 Mooreland Park
O'Hagan, J., publican, 99 Divis Street
O'Hagan, J., traveller, 22 Lothair Avenue
O'Hagan, Miss G., 28 Beechmount Avenue
O'Hagan, Owen, & Son, fish salesmen and auctioneers, Fish Market, Oxford Street
O'Hagan, Peter, watchmaker and jeweller, 165 Divis Street
O'Hagan, Dr. P. J., M.B., 268 York Street
O'Hagan, P. J., 31 Fitzroy Avenue
O'Hagan, Robert, 6 Twickenham Street
O'Haire, P., 29 Unity Street
O'Hanlon, Frank, boot repairer, 54 Falls Road
O'Hanlon, John, 36 Newington Avenue
O'Hanlon, John, clerk, 57 Whiterock Road
O'Hanlon, Mrs., 68 (?) Cliftonpark Avenue
O'Hanlon, Mrs. Mary E., 2 St. James's Road
O'Hanlon, Mrs. Sarah, publican, 287-289 Springfield Road
O'Hanlon, M. J., 23 St. John's Avenue
O'Hanlon, Patrick, civil servant, 7 Mount Merrion Park
O'Hanlon, Terence, 20 Whitehall Gardens
O'Hara, A., fancy goods, 880 Crumlin Road
O'Hara Bros., bakers, 43 and 255 Shankill Road, 183 York Street
O'Hara, Charles, 40 Cliftonville Avenue
O'Hara, Charles, upholsterer, 7 Cranburn Street
O'Hara, C., draper, 74 Falls Road
O'Hara, E., wine and spirit merchant, 161-163 Tennent Street
O'Hara, E., clerk, 17 Ardenlee Drive
O'Hara, F. W., watch maker, 184 Crumlin Road
O'Hara, James, 146 Dunluce Avenue
O'Hara, John, 4 Deramore Gardens
O'Hara, John, 16 Ballygomartin Road
O'Hara, Jos., solicitor, 10 Fruithill Park
O'Hara, J., 16 Glenside Park
O'Hara, J. B., 55 South Parade
O'Hara, J. G., 72 (4) Castle Street
O'Hara, K., draper, 135 Castle Street
O'Hara, Louie, 169 Deerpark Road
O'Hara, Michael, 22 Cliftonville Road
O'Hara, Miss Edith, 9 Clifton Drive
O'Hara, Miss L., ladies' hairdresser, 14 Sussex Place
O'Hara, Mrs., 166 Cliftonville Road
O'Hara, Mrs., 551 Springfield Road
O'Hara, Mrs., 32 Unity Street
O'Hara, Mrs., 13 Isadore Avenue
O'Hara, Mrs., 155 Ballygomartin Road
O'Hara, Mrs., 13a Derryvolgie Avenue
O'Hara, Mrs. Bessie, 48 Baden Powell Street
O'Hara, Mrs. Ellen, 142 Falls Road
O'Hara, Mrs. Essie, publican, 344-346 Crumlin Road
O'Hara, Mrs. E., 65 Joy Street
O'Hara, Mrs. Isobella, 21 Willowholme Drive
O'Hara, Mrs. K., 1 Kensington Villas, Chichester Park
O'Hara, Patrick, printer, 163 Albert Street
O'Hara, Peter, firelighter manufacturer, 21a Lepper Street
O'Hara, P., publican, 6 Prince's Street
O'Hara, Robert, 30 Perth Street
O'Hara, Robert, confectioner, 147 Shankill Road
O'Hara, Thos., engineer, 16 Fairview Street
O'Hara, T. D., teacher, 158 Orby Drive
O'Hara, William, spirit merchant, 190 Woodvale Road
O'Hara, Wm., wine merchant, 71-73 Crumlin Road
O'Hara, W. J., 551 Springfield Road
O'Hara's Bakeries, 271 Newtownards Road
O'Hare, Arthur, comp., 139 Springfield Road
O'Hare, Bridget, 84 Albert Street
O'Hare, E., 112 Balfour Avenue
O'Hare, F., 17 Newington Street
O'Hare, James, dairyman, Whiterock Road
O'Hare, John, 192 Oldpark Road
O'Hare, John, butcher, 144 Falls Road
O'Hare, Joseph, dairyman, Glen Road
O'Hare, P., wine and spirit merchant, 182-184 Oldpark Road
O'Kane, Bernard, 25 Glen Road
O'Kane, Bridget, grocer, 52 Library Street Upper
O'Kane, B. & J., publicans, 98 Castle Street
O'Kane, Charles, grocer, 567 Donegall Road
O'Kane, Chas., grocer & post office, 199 Falls Road
O'Kane & Co., funeral furnishers, 168 Divis Street
O'Kane, Daniel Jos., Roslyn, Stockman's Lane
O'Kane, Edward, 35 Albert Street
O'Kane, Edward, coalman, 8 Beechmount Avenue
O'Kane, Hugh, publican, 118 Leeson Street
O'Kane, Hugh, estate agent, 195 Springfield Road
O'Kane, Hugh, & Co., Ltd., Funeral Furnishers and Posting Establishment, 114 Donegall Street and Branches
O'Kane, H., 18 College Square North
O'Kane, Jas., coal merchant, 38 Barrack Street
O'Kane, John, 25 Glen Road
O'Kane, John, teacher, 157 Falls Road
O'Kane, J., manager, San Jose, Andersonstown
O'Kane, J. J., publican, 39 Falls Road
O'Kane, J. M., secretary, 82 North Parade
O'Kane, J., & Sons, F.A.I., estate agents and valuators, 87 King Street
O'Kane, Miss A., 234 Falls Road
O'Kane, Miss Sarah, music teacher, 113 Madrid Street
O'Kane, Mrs., 44 Bryson Street
O'Kane, Mrs., 17 Derryvolgie Avenue
O'Kane, Mrs. Ann, 1 Pinkerton Street
O'Kane, Mrs. C., ladies' outfitter, 1 Queen Street North
O'Kane, Mrs. J., 50 Osborne Park
O'Kane, Mrs. M., 29 Priory Park
O'Kane, M., R.U.C., 85 Cedar Avenue
O'Kane, M., grocer, 35 Patrick Street Little
O'Kane, Patrick, 5 Allworthy Avenue
O'Kane, P., mill furnisher, 12a Richmond Square
O'Kane, P., bobbin and mill furnisher, 122 Cavehill Road
O'Kane, R., teacher, 30 Roe Street
O'Keefe, J., constable, 16 Willowholme Drive
O'Keefe, Louis, 13 Marina Park
O'Keefe, Terence, 72 Martinez Avenue
O'Keeffe, Mrs. Sarah, 3 Charnwood Avenue
O'Keeney, Mary, confectioner, 14-16 Thompson Street
O'Kelly, Edward, spirit merchant, 237 Falls Road
O'Leary, John, 37 Donegall Pass
O'Leary, Mary, confectioner, 35 Springfield Road
O'Leary, Simon, hide merchant, 8 The Glen
O'Loan, John, clerk, 16 Vicinage Park
O'Loan, Mrs. A., 33 Glenside Parade
O'Loughlin, Mrs. F., 34 Norfolk Drive
O'Loughlin, T. G., 13 Willowfield Crescent
O'Mahoney, Chas., machinist, 80a Haywood Avenue
O'Mahoney, E. D., traveller, 112 Malone Avenue
O'Mahoney, John, cutter, 27 Onslow Parade
O'Mahoney, Henry J., electrician, 81 Kimberley Street
O'Malley, Jos., butcher, 18 Vicinage Park
O'Mealy, Richard L., musician, 45 Rugby Avenue
O'Neil, Arthur, baker, 26 Sefton Drive
O'Neil, John, traveller, 4 Baltic Avenue
O'Neil, Miss A. M., 6 Grangeville Gardens
O'Neil, Miss Frances, 6 Camberwell Terrace
O'Neill, Alexander, clerk, 4 Elimgrove Street
O'Neill, Alex., clerk, 98 Hesketh Park
O'Neill, Annabel, C.M.B., nurse, 9 Bloomfield Road
O'Neill, A., 34 Queen Street North
O'Neill, A. J., publican, 134 Corporation Street
O'Neill, A. J., confectioner, 477 Falls Road
O'Neill, Charles, 6 Mooreland Park
O'Neill, Charles, manager, 73 St. John's Park
O'Neill, Charles, 7 Kashmir Road
O'Neill, Charles, 86 Artillery Street
O'Neill, Charles, driver, 167 Holywood Road
O'Neill, Charles, driver, 91 Cavehill Road
O'Neill, Chas., publican, Green Gables, Andersonstown
O'Neill, Chas., 32 Hamilton Street
O'Neill, Chas., 73 St. John's Park
O'Neill & Co., monumental works, 21-23 Divis Street
O'Neill, C., grocer, 771-775 Antrim Road
O'Neill, David, coal filler, 61 Gray's Lane
O'Neill, D., joiner, 44 Ava Park
O'Neill, Edwd., cloth passer, 57 Ulsterville Gardens
O'Neill, Ernest, 34 Loopland Gardens
O'Neill, Francis, 28 Ashley Drive
O'Neill, Francis, teacher, 132 Albert Street
O'Neill, Francis, 4 Rockmore Gardens
O'Neill, Francis, publican, 491 Falls Road
O'Neill, Francis, baker, 24 Moorland Park
O'Neill, Frank, traveller, 9 Beechmount Drive
O'Neill, Frank, 7 Beechmount Drive
O'Neill, Fredk., journalist, 639 Oldpark Road
O'Neill, F., teacher, 6 Locksley Park
O'Neill, F., finisher, 461 Falls Road
O'Neill, G., 39 Annalee Street
O'Neill, Henry, attendant, 122 Castlereagh Street
O'Neill, Rt. Hon. Sir Hugh, Bart., D.L., M.P., Cleggan Lodge, Aghafatten, Co. Antrim
O'Neill, Hugh, merchant, 1 Wheatfield Gardens
O'Neill, Hugh, bailiff, 14 Donegall Street
O'Neill, H. & J., spirit merchants, 18-20 Danube Street and 29 McCandliss Street
O'Neill, James, 152 Madrid Street
O'Neill, James, 20 Ashgrove Park
O'Neill, James, com. agent, 61a Thompson Street
O'Neill, James, plater, 155 Templemore Avenue
O'Neill, James, pork merchant, 13 St. James's Road
O'Neill, John, pawn broker, 48 Springfield Road
O'Neill, John, Garry Shane, Falls Road
O'Neill, John, 57 Cedar Avenue
O'Neill, Joseph, butcher, 57 Thorndale Avenue
O'Neill, Jos., publican, 13 Moorland Park
O'Neill, J., 13 Willesden Park
O'Neill, J., 18 Baltic Avenue
O'Neill, J., mechanic, 136 Rosebery Road
O'Neill, J., manager, 32 Magdala Street
O'Neill, J. A. T., 55 Balmoral Avenue
O'Neill, J. H., L.D.S., 8 College Square East
O'Neill, Lord, Shane's Castle, Antrim
O'Neill, L., hairdresser, 6a Donegall Quay
O'Neill, Mary, 58 Crumlin Road
O'Neill, Miss E., confectioner, 17 Albert Street
O'Neill, Miss Lilian, 46 Hatfield Street
O'Neill, Miss Margaret, 268 Limestone Road
O'Neill, Miss M., 31 Norfolk Drive
O'Neill, Miss M., 147 My Lady's Road
O'Neill, Miss M., confectioner, 7 George's Street Great
O'Neill, Mrs., 97 Whitla Street
O'Neill, Mrs., 61 Gray's Lane
O'Neill, Mrs., 171 University Street
O'Neill, Mrs., 35 Richview Street
O'Neill, Mrs., dealer, 26 West Street
O'Neill, Mrs., fruiterer, 94 Ann Street
O'Neill, Mrs., Ivy Cottage, Belmont Road
O'Neill, Mrs., 270 Antrim Road
O'Neill, Mrs., 30 Cromwell Road
O'Neill, Mrs., 3 Norfolk Gardens
O'Neill, Mrs., 75 Beechfield Street
O'Neill, Mrs. A., Alberta, Andersonstown
O'Neill, Mrs. Clare, 18 Lansdowne Park
O'Neill, Mrs. Elizabeth, 262 Cliftonville Road
O'Neill, Mrs. E., 8 Arizona Street
O'Neill, Mrs. F. P., 15 Springdale Gardens
O'Neill, Mrs. Jeannie, 16 Chesham Drive
O'Neill, Mrs. Mary A., 4 Linden Gardens
O'Neill, Mrs. M., 3 Connsbrook Avenue
O'Neill, Mrs. M., 65 St. John's Park
O'Neill, Mrs. M., 31 Aigburth Park
O'Neill, Mrs. M. C., 21 Lodge Road New
O'Neill, Mrs. Sarah F., 126 Divis Street
O'Neill, Mrs. S., 4 St. James's Park
O'Neill, Mrs. S., 15 Brandon Terrace
O'Neill & McCann, Ltd., funeral furnishers, 155 Donegall Street and branches
O'Neill, O'Hara, 12 Rosepark East
O'Neill, Patrick, drover, 64 Joy Street
O'Neill, Peter, inspector, 39 Tomb Street
O'Neill, P., carter, 33 Crocus Street
O'Neill, P. J., boot repairer, 22-24 Waterford Street
O'Neill, P. J., warehouseman, 51 Beechfield Street
O'Neill, R., clerk, 9 Somerton Gardens
O'Neill, R. A., electrical engineer, 165 Ravenhill Road
O'Neill, Samuel, warehouseman, 32 Lowwood Park
O'Neill, Dr. Sarah, 62 May Street
O'Neill, S., 12 Wyndham Street
O'Neill, Thomas, Moyard Cottages, Glen Road
O'Neill, Thomas A., 111 King's Road
O'Neill, T., publican, 120 George's Street Great
O'Neill, T. J., solicitor, 1 Lombard Street
O'Neill, T. J., solicitor, 93 Shandon Park
O'Neill, Walter, manager, 23 Blenheim Drive
O'Neill, Wm., hairdresser, 120 Library Street Upper
O'Neill, Wm., butcher, 86 Duncairn Gardens
O'Neill, Wm., butcher, 218-220 Leeson Street
O'Prey Bros., boatmen, Duffern Dock
O'Prey, Frank, boatman, 52 Fleet Street
O'Prey, Dr. H. J., Maureen Cottage, Andersonstown
O'Prey, H. J., M.B., 118 Antrim Road
O'Prey, Mrs. Mary, 48 Fleet Street
O'Prey, Thomas, 8 St. James's Parade
O'Prey, William, boatman, 40 and 44 Fleet Street
O'Rafferty, P., dancing teacher, 39 St. James's Park
O'Rawe, B., restaurant, 12 Garmoyle Street
O'Rawe, G., chemist, 8 Knockbreda Road
O'Rawe, G., chemist, 76 Castle Street
O'Reilly, B. J., 24 Sydenham Crescent
O'Reilly, Edwd., wine merchant, 156 Woodvale Road
O'Reilly, Edwd., publican, 191 Cupar Street
O'Reilly, Ellen, spirit merchant, 95 Castlereagh Road
O'Reilly, Ernest, 21 Clonlee Drive
O'Reilly, Garrett, 17 Avonbeg Street
O'Reilly, James, hawker, 79 Whiterock Road
O'Reilly, John C. H., letterpress overseer, 103 University Street
O'Reilly, J. G., bank official, 52 Norfolk Drive
O'Reilly, Michael, 4 Cavendish Square
O'Reilly, Miss M., 442 Falls Road
O'Reilly, Mrs., 199a Falls Road
O'Reilly, Mrs., 66 Cliftonpark Avenue
O'Reilly, Mrs. B., 5 Beechmount Drive
O'Reilly, Mrs. Sarah, 24 Kansas Street
O'Reilly, M., grocer, 12 Kildare Street
O'Reilly, M., 225 Ligoniel Road
O'Reilly, M. & S., 171 Divis Street
O'Reilly, N., spirit merchant, 216 Cupar Street
O'Reilly, Percy, joiner, 204 Cregagh Street
O'Reiley, Mrs. B., 30 Lincoln Avenue
O'Riley, Mrs. B., 30 Lincoln Avenue
O'Rorke, Daniel, & Son, solicitors, 29 Donegall Street
O'Rourke, B., fruiterer, 84 Albert Bridge Road
O'Rourke, J. F., grocer, 29 Garmoyle Street and 110 Albert Street
O'Rourke, Margaret, 38 Clonard Gardens
O'Rourke, Margaret, tinsmith, 137 Smithfield Market
O'Rourke, Mrs. P., 8 Allworthy Avenue
O'Rourke, P., fish merchant, Oxford Street
O'Rourke, P., fruiterer, 70 Holywood Road
O'Rourke, P., assistant librarian, 4 Vicinage Park
O'Rourke, Samuel, 12 Sunnyside Drive
O'Ryan, Miss Helena, sub-postmistress, 348 Woodstock Road
O'Ryan, Mrs. Jeanie, 12 Cregagh Road
O'Shea, A., bank official, 7 Westland Gardens
O'Shea, Miss Isabella, Glengariff, Stockman's Lane
O'Shea, Thomas, Iveragh, Andersonstown
O'Shea, Wm., teacher, St. Ibar's, Andersonstown
O'Sullivan, Daniel, R.U.C., 81 Ashley Avenue
O'Sullivan, Jas. Patk., civil servant, 426 Falls Road
O'Sullivan, Mrs. P. E. M., teacher, 40 Cyprus Gardens
O'Sullivan, Sarah, restaurant, 9 Falls Road
O'Sullivan, S., 43 Knockbreda Road
O'Toole, John, R.U.C., 31 Lothair Avenue
O'Toole, Miss N., 4 Deanby Gardens
O'Toole, Patrick, R.U.C., 45 Magdala Street
O'Toole, T., iron moulder, 2 Conway Street


Pace, John, 28 Mayfair Avenue
Pace, John, tobacconist, 336 Woodstock Road
Pacific Flour Mills, millers, Northern Road
Packing Case Makers' Society, 4 Garfield Street Lower
Paden, Thomas, grocer, 90 Mountjoy Street
Page, Alfred, director, Ardlui, Chichester Park
Page, F. J., 25 Knock Eden Park
Page, George, 1 Cloreen Park
Page, Hugh, textile designer, Lisheen, Finaghy Park South
Page, J., 27 Greenville Road
Page, J., Montrose, Finaghy Road North
Page & Middleton, designers, 9 (53-54) Donegall Square South
Page, Misses, 82 Rugby Road
Page, Mrs. M., 59 Stockman's Lane
Page, R. B., 2 Finaghy Park North
Page, R. & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 40 Bedford Street
Page, Thomas H., clerk, 29 Kensington Crescent
Page, William, 67 Tate's Avenue
Page, Wm. W. J., Lenaine, Lisburn Road
Paige (Gowns), Ltd., 23 Donegall Place
Paiges, Ltd., builders. 17 Gardiner Street
Paint Shops and Stores, Ltd., Wallpaper, Glass, Paint and Oil Merchants, 8-12 Kent Street
Painters' Society, 64 Royal Avenue
Paisley, G., 52 Ravenhill Avenue
Paisley, J. J., 2 Clanroy Parade
Paisley, N., engineer, 124 Oldpark Road
Paisley, Peter, 35 Broomhill Park
Paisley, Robert H., clerk, 6 Knockbreda Drive
Paisley, Thomas, traveller, 26 Connsbrook Avenue
Pake, T., plumber, 118 George's Street Great
Pake, T., plumber, 38 South Parade
Pakenham, Colonel H. A., C.M.G., D.L., J.P., Senator, Langford Lodge, Crumlin
Pakenham, Robert S., 34 Bloomfield Road
Palatine Insurance Co. Ltd., 8 Waring Street
Palframan, Arthur, manager, 31 Twaddell Avenue
Palfrey, C. H., cabinet maker, 30 Summer Street
Palfrey, Hugh, 119 Grand Parade
Palmar, Norman, 16 Hopefield Avenue
Palmer, Charles, conductor, 50 Hardcastle Street
Palmer, Fredk., chief inspector, 19 Grangeville Gardens
Palmer, F. G., fitter, 39 Victoria Gardens
Palmer, G., 2 Ormiston Gardens
Palmer, H., manager, 74 Ardenlee Avenue
Palmer, James, 19 Blenheim Drive
Palmer, James, engineer, 30 Madison Avenue
Palmer, Miss, 11 Moyola Street
Palmer, Miss E. M., 116 Eglantine Avenue
Palmer, Misses, 17 Oberon Street
Palmer, The Misses, 59 Camden Street
Palmer, Mrs., grocer, 32 Bruce Street
Palmer, Mrs. Agnes, 98 Millfield
Palmer, Mrs. S., 129 Tate's Avenue
Palmer, Robert W., fitter, 18 Orby Grove
Palmer, R. J., 21 Keadyville Avenue
Palmer, Samuel, motor driver, 200 Cregagh Road
Palmer, Thomas, grocer, 2 Ann Street North
Palmer, T., plumber, etc., 11 Kingsmere Avenue
Palmer, T. H., accountant, 20 Clonlee Drive
Palmer, W. G., pattern maker, 31 Glendower Street
Palmer, W. H., accountant, Garryowen, Finaghy Road North
Palmer, W. R., 6 Holland Crescent
Panoramic Photograph Co., photographers, 565 Lisburn Road
Pantridge, Mrs. Sarah, 587 Lisburn Road
Paradise Dance Hall, 177 Donegall Street
Paragon, gun and fishing tackle specialists, 6 Donegall Street
Paragon Stores (The), confectioner and remnants, 2 Cregagh Road and 59 Holywood Road
Paramount Film Services, Ltd., 13-15 Garfield Street
Parfit, H. S., 38 St. Meryl Park
Paris, William, 19 Strandview Street
Parish, Geo. R., customs and excise officer, 91 Donegall Park Avenue
Parish, R. H. E., customs and excise officer, 10 Castle Park
Park Cinema (The), Oldpark Road
Park, C., home bakery, 374 Newtownards Road
Park, George, confectioner, 54 My Lady's Road
Park, George, 432 Ravenhill Road
Park, Gerald, R.U.C., 48 Norfolk Parade
Park, Henry, 253 Shore Road
Park, H. K., 4 Knockburn Park
Park, John, fancy bakery, 264 Crumlin Road
Park, John, Parkhill, Andersonstown
Park, John, baker, Meersbrook, Stockman's Lane
Park, John A., 4 Cambridge Street
Park, Rev. J. F., B.A., Easton, Tweskard Park
Park, J., 152 Woodvale Road
Park, Miss, music teacher, 232 Ormeau Road
Park, Miss, 414 Newtownards Road Upper
Park, Miss S. G., 43 Deramore Park
Park, The Misses, 20 Wellington Park
Park, The Misses M. & A., 29 Windsor Park
Park, Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Knockbreda Park
Park, N., accountant, 52 Pommern Parade
Park Parade P.E.S., Park Parade and Ravenhill Road
Park, Robert, 5 Ashgrove Park
Park, Robert S., fitter, 46 Hesketh Park
Park, Robert S., traveller, 11 Knockbreda Drive
Park, R., 607 Newtownards Road Upper
Park, Samuel, baker, 17 Churchill Street
Park, S., baker, 27 Joanmount Park
Park, Thomas, 117 Grand Parade
Park, Wm. H., manager, 32 Ballysillan Road
Park's Bakery. 208a York Street
Park's, home bakery, 132 Shankill Road
Parke, Miss, 55 Camden Street
Parke, Mrs., 3 Ormonde Park
Parke, Mrs., 45 Colenso Parade
Parke, Mrs. A. M., 55 Osborne Drive
Parke, Mrs. B., 230 Tate's Avenue
Parke, Mrs. E., 64 Galwally Park
Parke, Mrs. S., 39 North Parade
Parke, Thomas M., 1 Sandown Park
Parke, W., journalist, 87 Victoria Gardens
Parker, A., 80 Loopland Drive
Parker, A., 25 Galwally Park
Parker, A. E., 74 Loopland Drive
Parker, A. F., 10 College Green
Parker, J., furniture dealer, 132-133, 140-142 Smithfield Market
Parker, A. W., baker, 74 Lodge Road Old
Parker, Charles, driver, 71 Manor Street
Parker, David A., tailor, 114 Mountpottinger Road; res., 90 Earlswood Road
Parker, D., 35 Ravensdene Park
Parker, D., mechanic, 44 Loopland Crescent
Parker, D. J., confectioner, 6-8 Balmoral Avenue
Parker, Fredk. G., bank official, Riddlesden, Serpentine Road
Parker, George, cellarman, 21 Elimgrove Street
Parker, George F., bookkeeper, 20 Ranfurly Drive
Parker, George H., cutter, 86 Larkfield Road
Parker, G. J., 1 Rochester Street
Parker, H., tobacconist, and post office, 122 Donegall Street
Parker, H. G., 18 Knock Hill Park
Parker, James, 17 Parkside Gardens
Parker, James, R.U.C., 168 Ainsworth Street
Parker, John, clerk, 23 Ravenhill Crescent
Parker, John, painter, 112 Lisburn Road
Parker, John, publican, 141 Shankill Road
Parker, Joseph, shipwright, 38 Victoria Road
Parker, J., 23 Rosapenna Parade
Parker, J., spirit merchant, 153 Agnes Street
Parker, J., furniture dealer, 132, 140-142 Smithfield Market
Parker, J., tiler, 207 Lodge Road New
Parker, J., traveller, 10 Castle Park Upper
Parker, J. S., 37 Malone Hill Park
Parker, Matthew, 4 Jocelyn Street
Parker, Miss, 54 Lawnbrook Avenue
Parker, Miss Agnes, 25 Deerpark Drive
Parker, Miss Isabella, 18 Harcourt Drive
Parker, Mrs., 90 Larkfield Road
Parker, Mrs., 14 Grampian Avenue
Parker, Mrs., farmer, Wolfhill Road
Parker, Mrs., 38 Wellesley Avenue
Parker, Mrs. Jessie, 41 Rosevale Street
Parker, Mrs. J., 30 Elaine Street
Parker, Mrs. Mary, bakery, 9 Agnes Street
Parker, Mrs. N., 52 Fortwilliam Crescent
Parker, Mrs. R. W., 6 Belgravia Avenue
Parker, R. H., grocer, 98-100 Bread Street East
Parker, R. H., grocer, 10 Kirkliston Gardens
Parker, R. J., estate agent, 121 Lisburn Road
Parker, R. J., estate agent, 107-111 Victoria Street Great
Parker, Thomas, clerk, 15 South Parade
Parker, Thomas, draper, 75 Grosvenor Road
Parker, Thomas, 45 Camden Street
Parker, Thomas, manager, 16 Upton Avenue
Parker, William, 3 Haywood Avenue
Parker, William, 22 Ava Gardens
Parker, William, clerk, 1 Mabel Street
Parker, William, furniture dealer, 104, 120-123, 156-159 Smithfield Market and 72 Durham Street
Parker, William, 41 Ashley Drive
Parker, W., clerk, 40 Woodvale Avenue
Parker, W. J., dealer, 23-25 Smithfield Market
Parker, W. L., salesman, 139 Orby Drive
Parkes, A. J., 1 Deerpark Drive
Parkes, Charles, fitter, 38 St. Jude's Crescent
Parkes & Co. Ltd., bakers, 61 Byron Street
Parkes, E. H., & Co., warehousemen, 27 Wellington Place
Parkes, Fredk., electrician, 9 Baden Powell Street
Parkes, G. A., Roycroft, Mallusk
Parkes, Lieut. G. C., 6 Kingsway Avenue
Parkes, H. W., master baker, 4 Lismoyne Park
Parkes, John, baker, 264 Springfield Road
Parkes, J., 57 Fortwilliam Crescent
Parkes, Mrs. Annie, 109 Oldpark Road
Parkes, Mrs. E., 36 Roseleigh Street
Parkes, Mrs. Irene, 8 Summer Hill Avenue
Parkes, Mrs. J., 3 Thirlmere Gardens
Parkes, Robt. G., Corporation official, 21 Ravensdene Park
Parkes, T., hairdresser, 151 York Street
Parkes, W. J., piano and organ dealer, 157 University Street
Parkes, ?, provision merchant, 341-343 York Street
Parkhill, E., clerk, 66 Mount Merrion Park
Parkhill, Harold, agent, 38 Houston Drive
Parkhill, H., fancy goods, 52 Upper Church Lane
Parkhill, James, plater, 36 Loopland Gardens
Parkhill, Robert S., 270 Woodstock Road
Parkhill, Samuel, electrician, 9 Parkend Street
Parkinson & Cowan (gas meters), Ltd., 4-14 Raphael Street
Parkinson, F. W., M.I.E.E., 93 Ann Street
Parkinson, F. W., 5 Innisfayle Park
Parkinson, F. W., 16 Cranmore Gardens
Parkinson, F. W., consulting engineer, 80 King's Road
Parkinson, F. W., & Sons, bakers and confectioners, 287 York Street
Parkinson, James, dairyman, 5 Belmont Avenue
Parkinson, James, engineer, 3 Ranfurly Drive
Parkinson, James, grocer, 69 Percy Street
Parkinson, John, 156 Sunnyside Street
Parkinson, John, 29 Knockbreda Gardens
Parkinson, J., inspector, 42 Onslow Gardens
Parkinson, J., confectioner, 20 Beersbridge Road
Parkinson, J. L., Ph.C., 338 Cregagh Road
Parkinson, Miss, 73 Loopland Park
Parkinson, Mrs., 85 Ulsterville Avenue
Parkinson, Mrs. F., Abington, Everton Drive
Parkinson, Solomon, provision merchant, 48 Albert Bridge Road
Parkinson, W., confectioner, 36 Roden Street
Parkmount Service Station, Shore Road
Parks, B., confectioner, 65 Lodge Road Old
Parks, C. J., postal official 968 Crumlin Road
Parks, D., hairdresser, 135 Ormeau Road
Parks, John, 22 Empire Street
Parks, J., 1 Lismoyne Park
Parks, J., baker, 290 Shankill Road
Parks, Miss, 26 Malone Avenue
Parks, Mrs., 11 Elaine Street
Parks, W., 5 Inver Avenue
Parkview Brickworks Ltd., 2 Ballygomartin Road
Parr, A. H., chartered accountant, 14 Grangeville Gardens
Parr, The Misses, 46 Hawthornden Road
Parrock, H. W., 147a King's Road
Parry, D., Droskyn, Circular Road (South End)
Parry, H., supper saloon, 228-230 Woodstock Road
Parry, J., millwright, 34 Loopland Drive
Parry, Robert, 14 Rosemount Gardens
Parsons & Parsons, merchant tailors, 37 Wellington Place and 8 College Square East
Parsons, Major W. L., Mount Lens, King's Road
Partridge, John, shipwright, 46 Hopefield Avenue
Partridge, W. E., 6 Canning Street
Parvin, Leonard, assurance agent, 176 Cregagh Road
Parvin, R. C., foreman, 4 Elgin Street
Parview, William, salesman, 75 Chadwick Street
Pascoe, Walter, fruit vendor, 5 Lawther Place
Pass, G., 3 Woodvale Gardens
Passey, Donald, 40 Loopland Road
Patch, J. C., soldier, 7a Oldpark Road
Patchell, W. A., bank official, 45 Malone Avenue
Pate, Lieut. E. R., R.N., Trasnagh, Cairnburn Road
Pateman, G., electrician, 19 Hoylake Park
Paterson, Adam, buyer, 42 Belmont Park
Paterson, H., 19 Mount Eden Park
Paterson, J. W., motor driver, 24 Dromore Street
Paterson, Mrs. Annie, 30 Kingsmere Avenue
Paterson, Robert, 13 Holland Crescent
Paterson, S., publican, 33-35 Sandy Row
Pathe Pictures Ltd., 40 Royal Avenue
Patience, J., draper, 73 Shankill Road
Patience, Robert, 46 Dee Street
Patience, S., 6 Baroda Parade
Patience, S. J., naturopath, 69 Lisburn Road
Patience, Thomas, shipwright, 24 Frank Street
Paton, Charles, manager, 42 Whitewell Crescent
Paton, G., 10a College Court
Paton, Joseph, printer, 47 Park Parade
Paton, Miss M., 99 University Avenue
Paton, Mrs. Gilbert, 94 Balmoral Avenue
Paton, Tobias, salesman, 31 Willowholme Street
Paton, T., shop assistant, 35 Loopland Road
Paton, William, 54 Sicily Park
Patons & Baldwins, Ltd., yarn spinners, 58 Howard Street (second floor)
Patrick, Alex. Campbell, 45 Knockvale Park
Patrick Bros., Ltd., printers' engineers and furnishers, 5 Station Road
Patrick, Ernest, 566 Oldpark Road
Patrick, H., boiler maker, 8 Orby Drive
Patrick, H., 3 Holywood Road Old
Patrick, H., engineer, 41 Cardigan Drive
Patrick, James, grocer, 37 Balmoral Street
Patrick, James, civil servant, 76 Shandon Park
Patrick, Miss Eleanor P., 210 Lodge Road Old
Patrick, Miss J., 229 Cavehill Road
Patrick, M. W., Duneoine, Glarryford
Patrick, Robert, R.U.C., 2 Glandore Parade
Patrick & Wilkinson, coach builders, 16-32 Pearl Street
Patrick, William, foreman, 403 Donegall Road
Patrick, William, clerk, 15 Loopland Parade
Patrick, William A., 20 Dorchester Park
Patrickville Recreation Club, 29 Lodge Road New
Patriotic Assurance Co. Ltd., Samuel F. Jackson, Branch Manager, 1-3 Linen Hall Street
Patten, James, teacher, 40 Cabin Hill Park
Patterson, Albert, 17 Sandhurst Drive
Patterson, Alex., dairyman, Willowmount, Mount Road Upper
Patterson, Alex., engineer, 35 Somerton Park
Patterson, A., 48 Deacon Street
Patterson, A., 27 Strathmore Park North
Patterson, A., clerk, 33 Palmerston Road
Patterson Bros., glassware importers, 5 May Street
Patterson, Cecil, civil servant, 26 Marguerite Park
Patterson, Charles, fitter, 3 Ashdene Drive
Patterson, C., fitter, 49 Joanmount Gardens
Patterson, C. A., 8 Harleston Street
Patterson, C. E., 13 St. John's Park
Patterson, David, 121 Euston Street
Patterson, David, civil servant, 98 Mount Merrion Park
Patterson, D., confectioner, 175 Lisburn Road
Patterson, D., clerk, Knocknagoney Road
Patterson, D., joiner, 159 Shore Road
Patterson, D., dairyman, 20 Ailesbury Road
Patterson, D. Ross, 11 Churchill Street
Patterson, Edward, 112 Shore Road
Patterson, Edward, porter, 32 Bentinck Street
Patterson, Edward J., slasher, 13 Distillery Street
Patterson, Elizabeth, grocer, 12-16 Danube Street
Patterson, Ernest, driver, 27 Pretoria Street
Patterson, E., 69 Harkness Parade
Patterson, E., 11 Rosetta Drive
Patterson, E., draper, 280 Shankill Road
Patterson, Frank, painter, 54 Loopland Gardens
Patterson, George, 185 Grosvenor Road
Patterson, George, civil servant, Clonea, Stockman's Lane
Patterson, George, Gretta, Lisburn Road
Patterson, George E., tailor, 21 Dublin Road
Patterson, G., rivetter, 149 Woodstock Road
Patterson, Harold, 46 Ethel Street
Patterson, Henry, 60 Gainsborough Drive
Patterson, Henry, driver, 122 Alliance Avenue
Patterson, Hugh, cashier, 42 Edinburgh Street
Patterson, Hugh, 77b Meadow Street Upper
Patterson, H., house repairer, 114 Queen Street North
Patterson, H., 7 Mount Merrion Park
Patterson, H., 98 Shore Road
Patterson, H., foreman, 31 Claremont Street
Patterson, H., insurance agent, 34 Coombe Hill Park
Patterson, H. B., traveller, 9 Queensberry Park
Patterson, H. G., 41 Grand Parade
Patterson, H. J., 17 North Road
Patterson, H. McCloy, L.D.S., 35 Howard Street
Patterson, H. S., 3 Clara Avenue
Patterson, James, 10 Gainsborough Drive
Patterson, James, plater's helper, 54 Canning Street
Patterson, James, 33 Abetta Parade
Patterson, James, 13 Cambridge Street
Patterson, James, 33 Rosewood Street
Patterson, James, 26 Woodvale Avenue
Patterson, James, coal merchant, 39 Adelaide Avenue
Patterson, Rev. James, B.A., 2 Slievemoyne Park
Patterson, James, baker, 12 Victoria Gardens
Patterson, James, upholsterer, 41 Kathleen Street
Patterson, James K., watch maker, 55 Oakland Avenue
Patterson, John, 12 Edlingham Street
Patterson, John, 29 Fernwood Street
Patterson, John, foreman, 330 Ravenhill Road
Patterson, John, bread server, 16 Evelyn Avenue
Patterson, John, teacher of voice production and singing, 9 Kinnaird Terrace
Patterson, John, carter, 15-17 Thalia Street
Patterson, John, rivetter, 186 Cregagh Road
Patterson, John, 15 Dundela Avenue
Patterson, John E., clerk, 10 Cooke Place
Patterson, Joseph, confectioner, 174 Donegall Road
Patterson, J., 23 Distillery Street
Patterson, J., 79 Willowbank Gardens
Patterson, J., rivetter, Cregagh Road
Patterson, J., joiner, 3 Marsden Gardens
Patterson, J., clerk, 102 Larkfield Road
Patterson, J., painter, 11 Chesham Terrace
Patterson, J., grocer, 68-70 Brownlow Street
Patterson, J., driver, 53 Ardenlee Avenue
Patterson, J. B., 26 Rosetta Avenue
Patterson, J. C., 7 Cyprus Avenue
Patterson, J. C., civil servant, 120 Ulsterville Avenue
Patterson, J. G., provision merchant, 67 Ormeau Road
Patterson, J. H., 22 Ashley Avenue
Patterson, J. J., 19 Malone Hill Park
Patterson, J. R., 113 Bloomfield Avenue
Patterson, J. W., traveller, 3 St. Jude's Crescent
Patterson, Lilian, 3 Donegall Pass
Patterson Ltd., Windsor Bakery, 513-517 Lisburn Road
Patterson, Matthew, builder, 200 Joanmount Gardens
Patterson, Miss, 18 Camden Street
Patterson, Miss, 58 Cooke Street
Patterson, Miss, 5 Finaghy Road North
Patterson, Miss, 37 Orient Gardens
Patterson, Miss, 18 Cranmore Avenue
Patterson, Miss, 32 Cheviot Avenue
Patterson, Miss Clara, 149 Cavehill Road
Patterson, Miss Elizabeth, 214 Ravenhill Road
Patterson, Miss Maggie, 13 Agincourt Street
Patterson, Miss Margaret, 9 Hartington Street
Patterson, Miss Mary, 522 Falls Road
Patterson, The Misses, 51 (3) Malone Road
Patterson, Mrs., 12 Harcourt Drive
Patterson, Mrs., 3 Graymount Gardens
Patterson, Mrs., 104 Ashley Avenue
Patterson, Mrs., ladies' hairdresser, 89-91 Castlereagh Street
Patterson, Mrs., 13 Sydenham Avenue
Patterson, Mrs., 39 Cranmore Gardens
Patterson, Mrs., 66 Stranmillis Gardens
Patterson, Mrs., 17 South Parade
Patterson, Mrs., 55 Sandhurst Gardens
Patterson, Mrs., 27 Landscape Terrace
Patterson, Mrs. A., 13 Sicily Park
Patterson, Mrs. A., 75 Skegoneill Avenue
Patterson, Mrs. Caroline, 14 Parkside Gardens
Patterson, Mrs. E., 34 Jocelyn Street
Patterson, Mrs. E., 49 Eglinton Street
Patterson, Mrs. E., 66 Agincourt Avenue
Patterson, Mrs. E., 13 Cliftonville Avenue
Patterson, Mrs. E., corsetiere, 48 Posnett Street
Patterson, Mrs. Jane, 25-25a Lawther Place
Patterson, Mrs. Mary, 292 Castlereagh Road
Patterson, Mrs. Minnie, 16 Eglantine Avenue
Patterson, Mrs. M., 16 Glenburn Park
Patterson, Mrs. M., 361 Antrim Road
Patterson, Mrs. M. A., 152 Rosebery Road
Patterson, Mrs. M. E., 9 Ravenhill Park
Patterson, Mrs. M. E., 47 Newington Avenue
Patterson, Mrs. Sarah, 105 Woodstock Road
Patterson, Noel, dealer, 106 Mount Merrion Park
Patterson, Norman, sheet metal worker, 226 Ravenhill Avenue
Patterson, N. J., fitter, 66 Woodstock Road
Patterson, Robert, 135 Hillman Street
Patterson, Robert, agent, 20 Bedford Street
Patterson, Robert, driller, Bacon Field Lodge, Knock Road
Patterson, Robert C., 95 Deramore Avenue
Patterson, Robert, & Sons, Ltd. (Late Bridge Street), Ironmongers and Mill Furnishers, Temporary address, 29 Wellington Place, 386 Newtownards Road Upper
Patterson, Robt., manufacturer, 34 Cheltenham Park
Patterson, Robt., pattern maker, 34 Rosapenna Street
Patterson, Robt., plater's helper, 65 Victoria Avenue
Patterson, Robt. R., insurance official, Erne, Ballysillan Road
Patterson, R., inspector, 72 Orby Drive
Patterson, R., electrical engineer, 22 Annalee Street
Patterson, R., garage, 18 Great Northern Street
Patterson, R., 104 Lansdowne Road
Patterson, R. A., merchant, 6 King's Crescent
Patterson, R. A., grocer, 500 Antrim Road
Patterson, R. D., basket maker, 6 Deerpark Drive
Patterson, R. H., 38 Linden Gardens
Patterson, R. H., hardware merchant, 66 Shankill Road
Patterson, R. J., baker, 706 Crumlin Road
Patterson, R. J., clerk, 9 Rosewood Street
Patterson, R. K., agent, 39 (3) Castle Lane
Patterson, R. M., Jackson Hall, Craigavad
Patterson, Samuel, 56 My Lady's Road
Patterson, Samuel, bread server, 40 Ardenlee Parade
Patterson, Samuel, 15 Jocelyn Street
Patterson, Samuel, 60 Green Road
Patterson, Samuel B., butcher, 28 Trigo Parade
Patterson, Samuel O., 40 Ardenlee Parade
Patterson, Smith, potato merchant, 8d Ravenscroft Avenue
Patterson, Stewart, 20 Malone Avenue
Patterson, Sydney, confectioner, 25 Swift Street
Patterson, S., Willowbrook, Malone Road Upper
Patterson, S., P.O. engineer, 301 Cavehill Road
Patterson, S., merchant, 28 Sandymount Street
Patterson, S., overlooker, 3 Isadore Avenue
Patterson, S., 656 Oldpark Road
Patterson, S. B., butcher, 351 Woodstock Road
Patterson, Thomas, driver, 39 Linfield Road
Patterson, Thomas, railwayman, 126 Donnybrook Street
Patterson, Thomas, 23 Auburn Street
Patterson, Thomas, 1 Isadore Avenue
Patterson, Thomas J., grocer, 364 Crumlin Road
Patterson, Thomas R., 8 Florenceville Avenue
Patterson, Thomas M., engineer, 35 Silverstream Park
Patterson, T., salesman, 29 Loopland Drive
Patterson, T., electrician, 87 Joanmount Gardens
Patterson, T., grocer, 25-27 Walton Street
Patterson, William, carter, 36 Edlingham Street
Patterson, William, plasterer, 107 Palmer Street
Patterson, William, driver, 40 Ava Park
Patterson, William, 19 St. John's Park
Patterson, William, 106 Shore Road
Patterson, William, secty., Wilbor, Abbey Road
Patterson, William, insurance official, 194 Deerpark Road
Patterson, William H., clerk, 63 Torrens Crescent
Patterson, Wm., labourer, 71 Loopland Drive
Patterson, Wm., director, Kilmore, Holywood
Patterson, Wm., traveller, 9 Halstein Drive
Patterson, Wm., 6 Chesham Park
Patterson, Wm., 20 Silvio Street
Patterson, Wm., stock broker, Ashmount, Castle Hill Road
Patterson, Wm., & Co., stock brokers, 41 (12) Donegall Place
Patterson, Wm. Geo., house repairer, 93 Cliftonpark Avenue
Patterson, Wm. John, traveller, 372 Castlereagh Road
Patterson, W., motor driver, 56 Loopland Park
Patterson, W., builder, 31 Dundela Avenue
Patterson, W., 10 Dub Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Patterson, W., iron turner, 105 Euston Street
Patterson, W. G., clerk, 5 Haddington Gardens
Patterson, W. H., 118 Rosebery Road
Patterson, W. H. F., Auburn, Donaghadee
Patterson, W. J., salesman, 41 North Parade
Patterson, W. J., draper, 1 Hunt Street and 339 Newtownards Road
Patterson, W. J. S., 22 Oakland Avenue
Patterson, W. M., 4 Cloreen Park
Patterson, W. N., grocer, 80 Stranmillis Road
Patterson, W. R., builder, 21 Lyndhurst Gardens
Patterson, W. R., conductor, 21 Glanworth Drive
Patterson, W. T., salesman, 51 Delhi Street
Patterson, W. W., dairyman, 41 Lockview Road
Patterson's Grocery Stores, 370 Newtownards Road Upper and 164 Cliftonville Road
Pattison, G. T. W., 31 Orby Drive
Pattison, Miss M., 8 Sydenham Gardens
Pattison, Mrs. J., 11 Graymount Park
Pattison, Robert, joiner, 29 Graymount Park
Patton, Alexander, 77 Hanover Street
Patton, Alex., pilot, 17 Bristol Avenue
Patton, Anthony, dyer, 86 Divis Street
Patton, Arthur, manager, 2 Marguerite Park
Patton, A., stevedore, 257 Mountpottinger Road
Patton, B., 21 Gresham Street
Patton, B., jeweller, 8 Lawrence Street
Patton & Collins, estate agents, 18 May Street
Patton, C. W., 15 Cambourne Park
Patton, E. J., traveller, 40 Bramcote Street
Patton, Geo. H., director, 47 Knock Eden Park
Patton, G., 18 Ardenlee Avenue
Patton, G., insurance agent, 40 Elimgrove Street
Patton, G. H., clerk, 61 South Parade
Patton, Hugh F., 62 Park Avenue
Patton, James, manager, 29 Pacific Avenue
Patton, James, upholsterer, 71 Library Street Upper
Patton, James,  63 Belvoir Street
Patton, John, 20 Dunblane Street
Patton, John H. A., civil engineer, 27 Wellington Park
Patton, Joseph, hairdresser, 54 Albert Street
Patton, Jos., machine man, 6 Jocelyn Street
Patton, J. G., 82 Balmoral Avenue
Patton, Margaret, sub-postmistress, 32 Woodvale Road
Patton, Miss, 70 Marlborough Park South
Patton, Miss N., 31 (1) Malone Road
Patton, Miss R., 32 Lisburn Road
Patton, Misses, 13 Empire Street
Patton, Misses, 1 Southview Street
Patton, Mrs., 556 Newtownards Road Upper
Patton, Mrs., 61 Duncairn Gardens
Patton, Mrs., 152 Corporation Street
Patton, Mrs., 129 Ormeau Road
Patton, Mrs. E. A., 30 Marlborough Park North
Patton, Mrs. H., 58 Cliftonpark Avenue
Patton, Mrs. Margaret L., 33 Haywood Avenue
Patton, Mrs. Minnie, grocer, 250 Grosvenor Road
Patton, Mrs. Minnie, 70 Agincourt Avenue
Patton, Mrs. W., 113 Skegoneill Avenue
Patton, P., chemist, 55 Bristol Avenue
Patton, Richard, grocer, 34 Knockbreda Road
Patton, Richard, fitter, 16 Glenhurst Drive
Patton, Robert, 6 Grace Avenue
Patton, R., engineer, 91 Wallasey Park
Patton, Samuel, 56 Glencairn Street
Patton, S., tailor, 257 Springfield Road
Patton, Thomas, 5 Sagimor Gardens
Patton, Thomas, House, Estate and Insurance Agent and Valuer, 17 Howard Street
Patton, Thomas, tobacconist, 69 Fraser Street
Patton, T., mantle manufacturer, 38 Dublin Road
Patton, T., & Sons, mantle and costume manufacturers, 38 Dublin Road
Patton, William, 10 Cambridge Street
Patton, Wm., 78 Edinburgh Street
Patton, Wm., driver, 6 Ardgreenan Place
Patton, W., 113 Wallasey Park
Patton, W. F., Barrister-at-Law, 60 Marlborough Park South
Patton, W. J., 272 Ormeau Road
Patton, W. J., head constable, 101 Cavehill Road
Patty, John, fitter, 7 Mayfair Avenue
Paul, Charles, 105 Agincourt Avenue
Paul, Joseph, 9 Rosetta Avenue
Paul, Joseph, fireman, 14 Mountcollyer Avenue
Paul, J. B., 15 St. John's Park
Paul, Mrs., 35 King's Road
Paul, Mrs., 169 University Street
Paul, Mrs. Isabel, Temple Effin, Finaghy Road North
Paul, T., 20 Sydenham Park
Paul, W. J., 30 Adelaide Park
Pauley, F., joiner, 11 Clara Crescent Lower
Pauley, James, jun., civil servant, 27 Cavehill Road
Pauley, James, hall porter, 25 Cavehill Road
Pauley, Mrs. E., confectioner, 238 Albert Bridge Road
Pauley, R., carrier, 22 Chesham Street
Paxton, J., groom, Ballyfinaghy, Finaghy Road South
Paxton, W. T., 60 Sandhurst Gardens
Payne, Chas., J.P., D.L., C.B.E., 94 Sydenham Avenue
Payne, Emily, 291-293 Ligoniel Road
Payne, Mrs. Annie, 23 Atlantic Avenue
Payne, Mrs. C., 42 University Street
Payne, Mrs. W., 592 Oldpark Road
Payne, Reuben, & Ireland, Ltd., tailors, 2-4 Chichester Street
Payne, Saxon J., 23 Knockdene Park North
Payne, S. S., R.U.C., 26 Ardenlee Parade
Payne, W. J., clerk, 64 Ulsterville Gardens
Paysden, John, engineer, Wellwood Avenue
Paysden, J. T., 65 Bloomfield Road
Payton, Giles, linen business, 114 North Parade
Peachey, Alfred, manager, 19 Lyndhurst Gardens
Peacock, D. J., seed merchant, 51 Rugby Road
Peacock, George, iron turner, 36 Summer Street
Peacock, G., baker, 6 Prestwick Park
Peacock, James, 52 Ballygomartin Road
Peacock, John, milk server, 49 Dargle Street
Peacock, Mrs. Scott, 111 Wallasey Park
Peacock, M. J., 5 Maryville Park
Peacock, Roger, 44 Abetta Parade
Peacocke, Rev. C. I., M.A., 197 Holywood Road
Peacocke, Holmes, 10 Stranview Street
Peacocke, William, 46 Apsley Street
Peak, Miss, 29 Ardmore Park
Peak, Mrs. E., 22 Ravenhill Avenue
Peake, J., 97 Dunlambert Drive
Peake, K., stationer, 100 Castle Street
Peake, Robert, grocer, 36 Connsbrook Avenue
Peake, Robert, grocer, 64 Cavour Street
Peake, R. J., fitter, 38 Kirkliston Gardens
Pearce, E., 7 Knocklofty Park
Pearce, E. H., agent, 16 (54) Donegall Square South
Pearce, George R., 31 Campbell Park Avenue
Pearce, Mrs., 332 Ormeau Road
Pearce, Mrs. Agnes, 101 Euston Street
Pearl Assurance Co. Ltd., 26 Howard Street; W. Frame, Divisional Manager
Pearl Dye Works, Ltd., Devonshire Laundry, 48 Wellington Place, 8a Havelock Street, 10 Havelock Place, 23 Alfred Street, 29 York Road and 97 Crumlin Road
Pearl, Edward D., musician, 33 Manor Street
Pearn, J. R., 26 Ailesbury Road
Pearpen, R., home bakery, 85 Grosvenor Road
Pears, A. & F., Ltd., 7 (10a) Arthur Square
Pears, Roland, Woodlands, Cultra
Pearse, C. J., 13 Houston Park
Pearson, A., fitter, 9 Mountcollyer Avenue
Pearson, Charles E., manager, 9 Finaghy Park North
Pearson, C. Cecil, 224 Malone Road
Pearson, C. H., plumber. Chichester Lodge, Chichester Park
Pearson, Edward, Corporation official, 8 Knockvale Park
Pearson, John, plumber, 22 Clanchattan Street
Pearson, John, 85 University Avenue
Pearson, J., agent, 13 Donegall Place
Pearson, Miss P., 3 Marguerite Park
Pearson, Mrs. Mary, 50 Somerton Road
Pearson, Samuel, 127 Belmont Road
Pearson, Thomas, joiner, 154 Ormeau Road
Pearson, Thomas, rivetter, 63 Carlingford Street
Peasley, Wm., insurance agent, 30 Sydenham Drive
Peattie, D., agent, 6 Winston Gardens
Peattie, George, tailor, 34 Green Road
Peattie, G., merchant tailor, 25-27 Holywood Road
Peattie, S. A., clerk, 43 Campbell Park Avenue
Peattie, W., assistant superintendent, 49 Victoria Gardens
Peck, Mrs., 81 Onslow Parade
Peddie, Miss Isabella, 40 Parkmount Road
Peddie, R. M., 46 Ormiston Crescent
Peden, Alex., manager, 10 Sunnyside Street
Peden, David, holder-up, 42 Bloomfield Avenue
Peden, Hugh, 5 Castle Park Upper
Peden, I., 15 Wayland Street
Peden, James, insurance agent, 8 Glencairn Street
Peden, John, 8 Glendower Street
Peden, J., fruiterer, etc., 150 Sandy Row
Peden, Miss Jane, 18 Frank Street Upper
Peden, The Misses, 49 Priory Park
Peden, Mrs., 8 Belmont Park
Peden & Reid, solicitors, 22 Callender Street
Peden, Thomas, hardware merchant, 99 Albert Bridge Road
Peden, W., traveller, 116 University Avenue
Peden, W. W., clerk, 79 Ulsterville Avenue
Pedersen, Charles, grocer, 41 Ship Street
Pedersen, Mrs. Annie, 47 Ship Street
Pedlow, Henry, 8 Geneva Gardens
Pedlow, James, joiner, 50 Sandymount Street
Pedlow, John, linen trade, 73 Haypark Avenue
Pedlow, Miss, 8 Malone Avenue
Pedlow, Miss, Glenhaven, Lisburn Road
Pedlow, Mrs., 47 Lisburn Road
Pedlow, T., 12 Malone Avenue
Pedlow, William, 69 Sicily Park
Peebles, David, coach painter, 61 Dromore Street
Peebles, Joseph D., 24 Jocelyn Gardens
Peebles, Wm., confectioner, 149 Shankill Road
Peel, Alexander, 77 Rushfield Avenue
Peel, Henry, fitter, 177 Alexandra Park Avenue
Peel, James, grocer, 47-49 Auburn Street
Peel, J. H. S., accountant, 5 Ava Crescent
Peel, Mrs., 30 Thorndale Avenue
Peel, Mrs. Mary, 9 Springfield Road
Peel, Mrs. Mary, Armadale, Circular Road West
Peel, T. J., clerk, 529 Oldpark Road
Peel, Watson, & Co. Ltd., children's outfitters (wholesale), 49 Queen Street
Peelan, John H., compositor, 18 Norfolk Drive
Peele, Henry, church officer, 20 Pakenham Street
Peers, Mrs. M. E., 37 Victoria Gardens
Peggy's Leg Conf4ectionery Co., 10 Raphael Street
Pelan & Co., sand merchants, 2-6 First Street
Pelan, H. G., R.A.F., 55 Priory Park
Pelan, Miss, 1 (5) College Green
Pelling, Stanley, & Co. Ltd. (Liverpool), canned goods and dried fruit importers, 4 Tomb Street and 17 (45) Castle Arcade
Peltry Exporters, Ltd., 37 Linen Hall Street
Pemberton & Co., manufacturing chemists, 12 Wynford Street
Pemberton, Wm., 29 Belmont Park
Pender, James, traveller, 6 Norfolk Parade
Pender, Mary S., 62 Falls Road
Pender, Miss F., 71 Kansas Avenue
Pender, Mrs. E., 76 Willowbank Gardens
Pender, P., shoe manufacturer, 45 Nolfolk Drive
Penderson, Mrs. A., confectioner, 41 Ship Street
Pendlebury, George, Hilmar, Locksley Park
Pendleton, Lieut. N. W., 13 Coolmoyne Park
Penelope Dining Rooms, Queen's Road
Pennell, Robert, 38 Kimberley Street
Penney, H., designer, 28 Connsbrook Avenue
Pennington, Charles, 28 Bloomfield Road
Pennington, Charles, mechanic, 48 Pretoria Street
Pennington, J., 83 Madrid Street
Pennington, Samuel, & Son, damask manufacturers, works at Waringstown, Co. Down; 11-13 Bedford Street
Pennington, Thomas, confectioner, 68 Vicarage Street
Pennington, Wm., A.M.Inst.B.E., motor engineer, 383 Castlereagh Road
Pennington, W., A.M.I.B.E., auto. engineer, Ladas Drive
Penny, E. R., electrician, 11 Downshire Road
Penny, Miss Margaret, 128 Duncairn Gardens
Penny, Samuel, R.U.C., 30 Woodcot Avenue
Pennycook, Thomas, joiner, 122 Cliftonpark Avenue
Pennycook, Thomas, joiner, 16 Avoca Street
Penpraze, N., art master, 22 Grasmere Gardens
Penrith, John H., 161 Albert Bridge Road
Penshop (Belfast), Ltd. (The), 8 Riddels Arcade
Pensions Appeal Tribunals (N.I.), 1 Hill Street
Pentland, A., traveller, 12 Orby Grove
Pentland, J., 86 Belmont Avenue
Pentland, Mrs., 34 Campbell Park Avenue
Pentland, Mrs. Isabella, 24 Castlereagh Place
Pentland, S., 44 Florida Drive
Pentland, S., motor agent, 12 Magdala Street
Peolz, Johann, 182 Woodvale Avenue
People's Hall, 155 York Street and 39 George's Street Great
People's Palace Boot Repairing Co., 44 Donegall Road
Peoples, J., postman, 14 Timbey Park
Peoples, J., boarding house, 11 Academy Street
Peoples, J. W., 31 Hopefield Avenue
Peoples, Mrs., 28 Ilchester Street
Pepper, James, 17 Orby Drive
Pepper, John, fitter, 138 Limestone Road
Pepper, J. F., 17 Dundela Avenue
Pepper, Mrs., 97 Glencairn Street
Pepper, Mrs. Mary, 5 Clonlee Drive
Pepper, Samuel, insurance agent, 19 Denorrton Park
Pepper, S. H., 10 Earlswood Park
Pepper, Thomas R., tool maker, 322 Springfield Road
Pepper, William Geo., 24 Cliftonville Street
Percival, J. H., insurance official, 17 Stormont Park
Percival, Lydia, 14 Bankmore Street
Percival, Thos., R.U.C., 31 Mount Prospect Park
Percy, Ernest, 5 Aston Gardens
Percy, H., 43 Ravensdene Park
Percy, Joseph, turner, 61 Ulsterville Gardens
Percy, Mrs. A., 280 Cregagh Road
Percy, Mrs. S., 19 Belgravia Avenue
Percy, Robert, provision merchant, 117 North Street
Percy, Thomas B., traveller, 156 North Road
Percy, W. J., insurance agent, 145 Belmont Road
Peres, Harold, 686 Antrim Road
Perkins, Mrs., 44 Glentoran Street
Perkins, W. J., warehouseman, 25 Rathdrum Street
Perlin, A. L., agent, Riddels Arcade
Perrers, Mrs., 52 Donegall Pass
Perris, Mrs. Margaret, 147 Ulsterville Avenue
Perrott, J. G., Massey Avenue
Perrott, Mrs. M., 15 Strandview Street
Perrott, R. G., R.U.C., 8 Springdale Gardens
Perrott, S. J., R.U.C., 7 Skegoneill Drive
Perry, Adam W., salesman, 1 Balfour Avenue
Perry, Andrew, shipwright, 55 Orby Road
Perry, Arnold, 32 Parkmount Road
Perry, D. O., 78 King's Road
Perry, D. O., druggist and grocer, 86 Ann Street
Perry, G. M., assistant manager, 5 Chesterfield Park
Perry, Henry, 9 Willowbank Gardens
Perry, Joseph, Esh-Col, Finaghy Road South
Perry, J. E., B.D., tutor, 245 Belmont Road
Perry, J. J., civil servant, 50 Manor Street
Perry, Miss, 29 Kirkliston Drive
Perry, Mrs., 212 Roden Street
Perry, Mrs., 29 Dundela Avenue
Perry, Mrs., 35 Kerrsland Crescent
Perry, Mrs., 94 Killowen Street
Perry, Mrs. Ellen, 35 Alexandra Park Avenue
Perry, Mrs. M., 13 Century Street
Perry, Mrs. M. C., 7 Belmont Church Road
Perry, Mrs. V., confectioner, 156 Holywood Road
Perry, M. R., 141 Lisburn Road
Perry, Stanley, marine surveyor, 67 Manor Street
Perry, William, time keeper, 232 Meadow Street Upper
Perry, W. B., storeman, 81 Manor Street
Perry, W. R., 8 Kensington Drive
Persse, D., accountant and insurance agent, 58 (6) Howard Street
Perth Street P.E.S., 27a Perth Street
Petch, H. W., inspector, 17 Norfolk Drive
Peter Pan Studios, photography, 25 High Street
Peters, Mrs., 180 My Lady's Road
Peters, Mrs., 16 St. Jude's Parade
Peters, Richard C., R.U.C., 16 Grand Parade
Peters, Samuel, boot maker, 157 Broadway
Peters, William, electrician, 61 Ravenhill Gardens
Peterson, Mrs. C., 47 Chadwick Street
Petherick, D. W. G., baker, 27 Ardgreenan Crescent
Petherick, E., plumber, 22 Abetta Parade
Petrie, Hector, draper, 56 Serpentine Road
Petrie, J., secretary, 7 Castle Hill Road
Petrie, Miss, teacher, 18 Balmoral Avenue
Petrie, Mrs., 70 Belmont Avenue
Petrie, Wm., rivetter, 33 Bentinck Street
Petroleum Board, 6 Murray Street
Pett, F. M., 58 Campbell Park Avenue
Pett, William Thos., draughtsman, 136 Somerton Road
Petticrew, Archibald, foreman, 26 Cabin Hill Park
Petticrew, James, 17 Willesden Street
Petticrew, Mrs. Annie, 44 Ardenlee Parade
Petticrew, W. J., jeweller, 17 Howard Street
Pettie, George, insurance agent, 44 Clara Avenue
Pettie, J., baker, 41 Queensberry Park
Petty Sessions Court, 80 Victoria Street
Peyton, Jas., civil servant, 27 Campbell Park Avenue
Peyton, Miss Catherine, 17 St. James's Road
Peyton, R. W., 5 Mountcharles
Peyton, W. H., railway clerk, 42 Ormonde Park (Finaghy)
Phair, Oliver, engineer, 74 Galwally Park
Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, 73 University Street
Phelan, Patrick, dealer, 100 Duncairn Gardens
Phelan, Patk., Belfast Union, 8 Victoria Street Little
Phenix, Sons, & Co., agents, 56 Queen Street Upper
Phenix, Thomas Martin, 51 Richmond Park
Phenix, T., linen merchant, 55 Dublin Road
Pherson, Miss Margaret, 547 Newtownards Road Upper
Philemy, Mrs. R., 66 Tildarg Street
Philips, C. S., 12 Diamond Gardens
Philips, J. S., reporter, 390 Castlereagh Road
Philips, M., 42 Knockbreda Park
Phillips, Agnes, confectioner, 139 Victoria Street
Phillips, Alex., 571 Lisburn Road
Phillips, Alex., 110 Wellesley Avenue
Phillips, Alex. J., machinist, 46 Graymount Drive
Phillips, A., 106 Kimberley Street
Phillips, A. T., joiner, 24 Mount (The)
Phillips, Henry, 31 Pretoria Street
Phillips, H., 4 Willowholme Crescent
Phillips, James, store man, 34 Bentinck Street
Phillips, John, agent, 290 Ballysillan Road
Phillips & Jones, Ltd., juvenile clothing manufacturers, 1-5 Albert Street
Phillips, J., 662 Springfield Road
Phillips, J., Cloverlea, Stockman's Lane
Phillips, J. G., 17 Bloomfield Gardens
Phillips, Miss, milliner, 15 Albert Bridge Road
Phillips, Miss Florrie, 7 Kilronan Street
Phillips, Mrs. D., 100 Antrim Road
Phillips, Mrs., Mortona, Finaghy Road South
Phillips, Mrs. Mina, 24 Willowfield Street
Phillips, Mrs. M., 51 Cliftonville Road
Phillips, Robert, insurance official, 19 Locksley Gardens
Phillips, Robert J., 5 Linden Gardens
Phillips, R. J., civil servant, 12 Dunowen Gardens
Phillips, Samuel J., 54 Bloomfield Road
Phillips, S., com. agent, 46 Matchett Street
Phillips, S. J., engineer, 36 North Road
Phillips, S. J., garage, 84 Bloomfield Road
Phillips, Thomas, 7 College Place North
Phillips, William, 11 Virginia Street
Phillips, Wm., foreman, 2 Trigo Parade
Phillips, Wm. V., lino operator, 51 Ulsterville Gardens
Philp, J. H., watch maker, 24 Brookland Street
Philpott, Mrs. Sarah, 33 Pommern Parade
Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd., 19 Donegall Place
Phoenix, Edmund, pawn broker, 37 Downshire Road
Phoenix, E. J., traveller, 13 Sans Souci Park
Phoenix, Mrs., dress maker, 5 Kimberley Street
Phoenix, Publishing Co., 7 (66) Donegall Square West
Phoenix, Robert, insurance agent, 68 Loopland Gardens
Phoenix, Robert, clerk, 32 Canterbury Street
Phurnod Smokeless Coal (F. E. Harcourt & Co. Ltd.), 47 High Street
Pick, Mrs., 25 Houston Park
Picken, Frank, rivet htr., 57 Larkfield Road
Picken, J. C., agent, 4 Waring Street
Picken, J. C., 11 Harberton Avenue
Picken, Mrs. Anna, 373 Antrim Road
Pickering, G., mechanic, 43 Rosemount Gardens
Pickering, G., accountant, 60 North Parade
Pickering, G., & Co., accountants, 17 Howard Street
Pickering, Mary, 64 Brougham Street
Pickering, Robt., 2 Malone Avenue
Pickering, R., pavior, 6 Mountcollyer Avenue
Pickersgill, Henry, agent, 22 Mountcharles
Picking, George, 44 Bramcote Street
Pickles, Edgar, clerk, 58 Orby Drive
Pickles, E., 13 Balmoral Avenue
Pickles, J. H., 21 Ardenlee Parade
Pickles, Robert, Ltd., linen manufacturers, Distillery Street
Picton, Mrs., 60 Ardenlee Avenue
Picture House (The), 34 Royal Avenue
Picturedrome, Mountpottinger (Cinemas, Ltd.), Mountpottinger Road
Piddington, George, motor and cycle proprietor, 167 York Street
Pierce, Cecil W., printer, 10 Ardmore Park
Pierce, Hubert, 128 Cliftonpark Avenue
Pierce, H. L., builder, 2 India Street
Pierce, James, 441 Beersbridge Road
Pierce, James, butcher, 57 Templemore Avenue
Pierce, J., Hillcrest, Malone Road Upper
Pierce, J. P., 88 Kensington Road
Pierce, Miss, 6 Martinez Avenue
Pierce, Mrs. M., 67 Sunnyside Street
Pierce, R., hairdresser, 38 Castlereagh Road
Pierce, R., contractor, 16 Dorchester Park
Pierce, R. J., grocer and butcher, 74-78 Peter's Hill
Pierce, R. & J., contractors, 441a Beersbridge Road, Bloomfield
Pierce, R. S., 184 Lisburn Road
Pierce, R. W., & Co., printers, 3-5 Alfred Street
Pierce, William, com. traveller, 522 Crumlin Road
Pierce, Wm., butcher, 39 Lomond Avenue
Piercey, Ernest V., 18 Sydenham Crescent
Pierson, J. H., civil servant, Picardy, Finaghy Road South
Pierson, J. H., inspector, 4 Upton Avenue
Pierson, Wm. J., civil servant, 6 Rathgar Street
Piggott, Frank, iron turner, 47 Sandown Road
Piggott, G., insurance agent, 109 Dunraven Avenue
Piggott, James, baker, 33 Moyola Street
Piggott, R. V., manager, 56 Cooldarragh Park
Piggott, Thomas, 42 North Road
Piggott, W. H., 30 St. John's Park
Pigs Marketing Board (Northern Ireland), 36 Victoria Square
Pike, Rev. St. J. S., 26 Mount (The)
Pilot Supply Co. Ltd., 119-121 Corporation Street (See James Dowling Ltd.)
Pilot Temperance Hotel, 11 Corporation Square
Pilson, A., 17 Brandon Terrace
Pim, J. Goff, Lisnagarvey, Lisburn
Pim, Mrs. A. V., 169 (1) University Street
Pim, Capt. R. P., R.N., Greenwood, Castle Hill Road
Pim's Wine Stores, 343-345 Antrim Road
Pimlott, J., O.B.E., 91 King's Road
Pinchin, Johnston, & Co., Ltd., paint manufacturers, 35 Howard Street
Pinder, Mrs., 26 Thornhill Park
Pinder, W., clerk, 39 Thornhill Park
Pinion, Eric, 49 Malone Avenue
Pinker, Joseph, traveller, 40 Landscape Terrace
Pinkers, Mrs., 15 Derryvolgie Avenue
Pinkerton, B., 12 Florenceville Avenue
Pinkerton, E. D. R., 27 Martinez Avenue
Pinkerton, Fredk., 5 Portallo Street
Pinkerton, H., Masserene, Finaghy Road South
Pinkerton, James, 7 Strathmore Park
Pinkerton, John, 36 Maryville Park
Pinkerton, Miss Helen, 49 Hopefield Avenue
Pinkerton, Miss H., 32 Reid Street
Pinkerton, Miss M., 10 Cameron Street
Pinkerton, Mrs. E., 61 Deerpark Road
Pinkerton, Mrs. Leonora, 4 Rosapenna Drive
Pinkerton, Mrs. M., 34 Wolseley Street
Pinkerton, R. A., & Co., blouse manufacturers, 47 Queen Street
Pinkerton, R. B., 475 Ormeau Road
Pioneer Welding and Engineering Works Co., 26-28 Alfred Street
Pipe Hospital, 62a Victoria Street Great
Piper, Frank, foreman, 9 Skegoneill Drive
Piper, H. L., (5) The Moat, Holywood Road
Piper, John, bread server, 140 Donegall Avenue
Pirie, Mrs., 50 Maryville Park
Pirret, Miss K., typewriting office, 964 Crumlin Road
Pirrie, J., publican, 202 York Street
Pirrie, J., publican, 1 Canning Street
Pirrie, Mrs., 22 Claremont Street
Pitcaithley, David, 180 Duncairn Gardens
Pitcaithley, Mrs., 36 Annalee Street
Pitcaithley, Mrs. E., 6 Wandsworth Parade
Pitcaithley, Thos., draughtsman, 50 Manna Grove
Pitcaithley, W. M., 56 Bentinck Street
Pitman, F. E., 7 Thornhill Crescent
Pitson, Mrs. Violet, 8 Carlisle Street
Pitt, H. H., sub-postmaster, 41 Shore Road and 2-4 St. Aubyn Street
Pitt, Dr. John, 4 Norwood Avenue
Pitt, John, 15 Sydenham Avenue
Pitt, John L., 76 Kensington Road
Pitt, J., M.B., surgeon, 2 Templemore Avenue
Pitt, Miss F., confectioner, 302 Ormeau Road
Pitt, Mrs. Martha, 69 Earlswood Road
Pitt, Raymond, fitter, 27 Sefton Park
Pitt Street Mission Hall, 11-15 Pitt Street
Pittaway, J. E., civil servant, 39 Cherryvalley Park
Pitts, Henry, P.O. engineer, 18 Baden Powell Street
Place, Arthur, 36 Calvin Street
Plackitt, Albert, cleaner, 179 Greenville Road
Plant, Mrs., supper saloon, 122 Ravenhill Road
Platt, George, 81 Bloomfield Road
Platt, James, R.U.C., 652 Oldpark Road
Platt, Thomas, 27 Priory Park
Platt, W., gas inspector, 17 Deerpark Drive
Playfair, Wm., plasterer, 31 Circular Road (s. end)
Playfair, Wm., R.U.C., 50 Torrens Crescent
Playfair, W. F., plasterer, 26 Baden Powell Street
Playle, H., 27 Mount Eden Park
Pledge, J., musician, 550 Oldpark Road
Plenderleith, Mrs., 41 Wandsworth Road
Plenderleith, Mrs., Clonduff, Lisburn Road
Plenderleith, Wm., Langside, Barnett's Road
Plover, Thomas, boiler maker, 35 Connsbrook Avenue
Plowman, Alex., 87 Malone Road
Plumbers', Glaziers', and Domestic Engineers' Union, 122 North Street
Plummer, Capt. H. J., 5 Kylemore Park
Plunkett, F. G., 56 Shandon Park
Plunkett, F., & Son, Marine Insurance Brokers, 10 Donegall Square South. T.A.: "Impartial, Belfast"
Plunkett, J., 49 Lonsdale Street
Plunkett, Mrs., 6 (4) Lennoxvale
Poag, Robert, 14 Downshire Road
Poag, R., tailor, 170 Woodstock Road
Poag, W., tram driver, 83 Ravenhill Gardens
Pogue, Charles, 31 Ophir Gardens
Polakoff, Saul, clergyman, 26 Allworthy Avenue
Poli, A., supper saloon, 106 Cromac Street
Police Committee Executive Officers' Department, 1 Townhall Street
Police Courts, Townhall Street
Polkinghorne, James, clerk, 2 Erinview, Shore Road
Polland, James, 274 Stranmillis Road
Polland, J., poultry, 54 Sandy Row
Pollard, Patrick, 24 Arizona Street
Pollard, T. M., Ormonde, Chichester Park
Pollen, Samuel, shipwright, 123 Castlereagh Road
Pollett, Arthur P., 1 Glastonbury Avenue
Polley, W., salesman, 23 Jocelyn Gardens
Polley, W. T., confectioner, 2a, 10 Marmount Gardens
Pollin, John, solicitor, 41 Donegall Street; res., 87 Ballyholme Road, Bangor
Pollin, J. M., solicitor, 41 Donegall Street; res., Westhock, 41 Lansdowne Road
Pollins, Edward, 80 Stranmillis Gardens
Pollock, Ann Jane, grocer, 97 Ewart's Row
Pollock, Archibald, 71 Skegoneill Avenue
Pollock, A. S., director, 113 Marlborough Park Central
Pollock, Cecil, clerk of works, 29 Parkmount Road
Pollock, David, sawyer, 308 Skegoneill Avenue
Pollock, David, manager, 62 Tate's Avenue
Pollock, D., hairdresser, 16 Northumberland Street
Pollock, G., sergeant R.U.C., 68 Cromwell Road
Pollock, Greer & Gordon, plumbers, 48 Queen Street Upper
Pollock, James, 16 Tweskard Park
Pollock, James, 39 Raby Street
Pollock, James A., 1 Notting Hill
Pollock, James C., 72 Newtownards Road Upper
Pollock, Jas., civil servant, 126 University Avenue
Pollock, John, confectioner, 57 Ethel Street
Pollock, John, furniture dealer, 86 Albert Bridge Road
Pollock, John, engineer, 15 Sydenham Gardens
Pollock, John, fireman, 1 Baroda Parade
Pollock, Joseph, dealer, 15 Nile Street
Pollock, J., postal official, 78 Stranmillis Gardens
Pollock, J., fitter, 53 Formby Park
Pollock, J., Ltd., Kodak specialist and stationers, 47 Donegall Place
Pollock, J. C., 16 Tweskard Park
Pollock, J. D., inspector, 41 Orangefield Crescent
Pollock, J. H. A., 5 Garnerville Road
Pollock & Mayrs, solicitors, 35 Royal Avenue
Pollock, Miss, grocer, 41 Delhi Street
Pollock, The Misses, 88 Templemore Avenue
Pollock, Mrs., 2 Henry Street Little
Pollock, Mrs. Elizabeth, 277 Albert Bridge Road
Pollock, Mrs. E., 180 Joanmount Gardens
Pollock, Mrs. E. W., Gate Lodge, Circular Road (South end)
Pollock, Mrs. M., 40 Auburn Street
Pollock, Mrs. W., 27 Summer Hill Park
Pollock, Robert, shirt cutter, 13 Fleet Street
Pollock, Robert, painter, 22 Rathgar Street
Pollock, Robert, plumber, Ashdene Drive
Pollock, Robt., secretary, 472 Newtownards Road Upper
Pollock, R., 2 Ormiston Crescent
Pollock, R., 89 (2) Lisburn Road
Pollock, R., 1 Rosapenna Parade
Pollock, R. T., com. traveller, 23 Queensberry Park
Pollock, Samuel, grocer, 11 Lowwood Park
Pollock, S., grocer, 976 Shore Road
Pollock, Thomas, 14 Whitehall Gardens
Pollock, Thomas, caulker, 37 Rosewood Street
Pollock, William, 22 Keadyville Avenue
Pollock, Wm., 23 Malone Park
Pollock, Wm., driver, 10 Woodvale Gardens
Pollock, W., sergt. R.U.C., 165 Ligoniel Road
Pollock, W., outfitter, 130 Divis Street
Pollock, W. C., traveller, 24 College Park Avenue
Pollock, W. T., 155 Belmont Church Road
Polly & Co., grocers, 34-36 Castlereagh Street
Polly, James, 13 Kirkliston Gardens
Polly, John, traveller, 38 Sydenham Park
Polly, S., gardener, 15 Agincourt Street
Polly, T. J., fitter, 31 Devon Parade
Polly, W., fitter, 26 Woodcot Avenue
Poly (The) - (C. Tinto), ladies' outfitter, 523-525 Lisburn Road
Pomper, Mrs. C. G., 37-39 Cromwell Road
Ponisi, James, waiter, 20 Cliftonville Parade
Pool, Lorrimer, & Tabberer, spinners, 58 Howard Street
Poole, A. W., civil servant, 26 Somerton Park
Poole, Jos., motor manager, 109 Ormeau Road
Poole, J. W., 27 Sydenham Avenue
Poole, Miss E. R., 55 Loopland Gardens
Poole, Miss L., 12 Ravenscroft Avenue
Poole, Mrs. J. C., 49 Adelaide Park
Poole, W. J., R.U.C., 3 Springfield Parade
Pooler, Rev. Charles K., B.D., D.Litt., Carnbinn, Whitehouse
Pooley, A. E., compositor, 3 Kimberley Drive
Poor Clare Convent, 120 Cliftonville Road
Poosten, J., foreman, 60 Ulsterville Gardens
Poots, Charles, 21 Cheviot Avenue
Poots, E., R.U.C., 766a Shore Road
Poots, Isaac, Bungalow, Diamond Drive
Poots, James, joiner, 5 Rugby Road
Poots, James, 9 Rathdrum Street
Poots, Mary A., grocer, 3 Havelock Street
Poots, Mrs. Jane, 194 Ormeau Road
Poots, Mrs. Mary E., 13 Ormeau Road
Poots, Mrs. M. C., 561 Antrim Road
Poots, W. G., supt., 282 Cliftonville Road
Poots, W. J., photo-printer, 8 Sagimor Gardens
Pope, A. C., traveller, 13 King's Drive
Pope, Major F. A., manager, 11 Harberton Drive
Pope, Joseph A., engineer, 6 Cabin Hill Gardens
Pope, Laurence, assistant manager, 183 Shore Road
Pope, ?, 59 Serpentine Road
Pope's Electric Lamp Co. Ltd. ("Elasta") - Managers, Campbell Gardner & Co., 27 Franklin Street. T.A.: "Camergard"
Popper, E. D., director, 614 Crumlin Road
Popular Boot Store, 27 Gresham Street
Port, Robert, 105 Galwally Park
Portal Inspection Office, 47 Queen's Square
Porte, Ernest, motor engineer, 349 Lisburn Road and 7 Chadwick Street
Porter, Alex., 6 Ardpatrick Gardens
Porter, Andrew, solicitor's clerk, 14 Wallasey Park
Porter, Annie, 250 Beersbridge Road
Porter, A. G., traveller, 19 Bloomfield Gardens
Porter, A. L., tea merchant, 2 Castle Hill Road
Porter Bros. (Belfast), Ltd., shirt manufacturers, 91-93 Balfour Avenue
Porter, Cecil, reporter, 24 Mount Merrion Drive
Porter, Charles, 22 Hampton Park
Porter, Charles, cleaner, 167 Joanmount Gardens
Porter, Clement G., grocer, 18 Bloomfield Gardens
Porter, C., & Co., Ltd., wholesale newsagents and printers, 52 York Street
Porter, C. S., wholesale newsagent, 20a Chichester Avenue
Porter, David, 27 Glencairn Street
Porter, Dr., M.B., surgeon, 230 Ormeau Road
Porter, George, 28 Onslow Parade
Porter, George, fitter, 25 Willowholme Street
Porter, George, butcher, 127 Newtownards Road
Porter, Henry, 19 Harberton Park
Porter, Henry, carrier, 2-4 Brown's Square
Porter, Herbert A., 23 Lansdowne Road
Porter, Hugh, joiner, 106 Ravenhill Avenue
Porter, H., 16 Finaghy Park
Porter, H., overseer, 2 Balmoral Gardens
Porter, H., butcher, 15 Shaftesbury Square
Porter, H. G., 11 Clara Crescent Upper
Porter, James, agent, 821 Lisburn Road
Porter, Jas. W., Ltd., coal importers, 13 Arthur Square
Porter, John, butcher, 4 Windsor Avenue North
Porter, John, 136 Kensington Road
Porter, John, P.O. engineer, 58 Southport Street
Porter, John, brick layer, 182 Joanmount Gardens
Porter, John (Belfast), Ltd., drapers, outfitters, 34-36 High Street
Porter, J., foreman, 20 Abbeydale Gardens
Porter, J., 168 Ulsterville Avenue
Porter, J., R.U.C., 45 Hillsborough Drive
Porter, J., postman, 73 Agincourt Avenue
Porter, J., porter, 2 Queen's Square
Porter, J., 418 Lisburn Road
Porter, J. H., 2 Sandhill Gardens
Porter, J. V., Shandon, Lisburn Road
Porter, Leslie, Ltd., Automobile Engineers, 20-24 Victoria Street Great. T.A.: "Petrol, Belfast"
Porter, Morris, & Co., solicitors, 19 Chichester Street
Porter, Miss J., 49 Cliftondene Gardens
Porter, Miss Lily, 64 Bentinck Street
Porter, Miss Sarah, 1 Rosetta Parade
Porter, The Misses, 88 Balmoral Avenue
Porter, Mrs., 7 Ravenscroft Avenue
Porter, Mrs., Ballysillan Road
Porter, Mrs., The Limes, Annadale Avenue
Porter, Mrs., 19 Jocelyn Gardens
Porter, Mrs. B. A., 32 Elmwood Avenue
Porter, Mrs. Henry, 5 Windsor Park
Porter, Mrs. L., 31 Stranmillis Road
Porter, Mrs. Margaret, 25 North Road
Porter, Mrs. Mary, 10 Hillsborough Drive
Porter, Mrs. M. A., 4 Gibson Park Gardens
Porter, Mrs. M. G., 26 Waterloo Gardens
Porter, Mrs. R., 192 Albert Bridge Road
Porter, Mrs. R., 5 Locksley Park
Porter, Mrs. S., 899 Crumlin Road
Porter, N. J., 2 Cherryvalley Gardens
Porter, Patrick, 31 Norfolk Parade
Porter, Percy, clerk, 96 Mountpottinger Road
Porter, Richard, engineer, 79 Tyndale Park
Porter, Robert, fitter, 19 Woodvale Gardens
Porter, Robert, fitter, 548 Shore Road
Porter, Robert, driver, 63 Euston Street
Porter, R., 9 Windsor Avenue
Porter, R. A., 26 Cliftonpark Avenue
Porter, R. C., soap works, 42 Foreman Street
Porter, R. J., 85 Loopland Park
Porter, R. M., 64 Ashley Avenue
Porter, R. W., bookkeeper, 10 Trigo Parade
Porter, Samuel, linen finisher, 24 Tate's Avenue
Porter, Samuel, carrier, 708 Antrim Road
Porter, S. C., K.C., 6 Castle Hill Road
Porter, T. G., printer, 2 Woodvale Avenue
Porter & Waterson, mill furnishers, 18-20 Dublin Road
Porter, William, house repairer, 8 Nendrum Gardens
Porter, William James, 32 Toronto Street
Porter, Wm., Kilmeena, Finaghy Park South
Porter, W., salesman, 31 Marina Park
Porter, W. J., R.U.C., 14 Castleview Terrace
Porter, W. J., fitter, 52 Mount Merrion Avenue
Porter, W. T., caretaker, 24 Hartington Street
Porter's, hardware merchants, 148 Beersbridge Road
Porter's Memorial P.E. School, 73 Apsley Street
Porteus, Mrs. F. G., 12 Strathmore Park
Posnett, C. E., 3 Diamond Gardens
Posnett, G., 53 Onslow Parade
Post Office Clerks' Association (Northern Ireland), 18 Donegall Street
Post Office Engineering Depts., Stewart Street, 7 Queen Street Upper and Hawthornden Road
Post Office Radio Station, Glencairn Road
Post Office Telephone Service, 1-15 Cromac Street Exchanges - Knock, Pasadena Gardens; Malone, 36 Marlborough Park South
Poston, D. C., produce merchant, 16 May's Market
Poston, M. E., draper, 455 Ormeau Road
Potter, Albert J., 5 Slievedarragh Park
Potter, A., bread server, 87 Mount Merrion Park
Potter, A. J., 211 Cliftonville Road
Potter. A. J., plumber and electrician, 85 Agnes Street
Potter, Claude R. A., timber broker, 47 Myrtlefield Park
Potter, Cowan, & Co. Ltd., Electrical Factors, Plumbers' Merchants, 44 Dublin Road and Salisbury Lane. T.A.: "Tubes"
Potter, Hugh, joiner, 13 Chesham Drive
Potter, H. Alex., joiner, 2 Southview Street
Potter, James, clerk, 75 Station Road
Potter, John, farrier, 58-60 Donegall Road
Potter, John, joiner, 15 Ophir Gardens
Potter, J., Rainbow, Finaghy Road South
Potter, J. A., Ltd., auto engineers, 143 Victoria Street
Potter. J. H., blacksmith, 106 Cromwell Road
Potter, J. L., 14 Harberton Park
Potter, J. L., agent, 16 Donegall Square South
Potter, Miss Joan, confectioner, 130 Queen Street North
Potter, R. P., 29 Cooldarragh Park
Potter, Thomas, 46 Willowholme Drive
Potter, William, 27 Victoria Gardens
Potter, William J., 31 Ladas Drive
Potter, Wm., 12 Bennett Drive
Potter, Wm., joiner, 300 Albert Bridge Road
Pottinger, Mrs., 2 Belmont Church Road
Potts & Houston, Ltd., iron and hardware merchants, 115 North Street and 88 Union Street
Potts, John, painter, 95 Wallasey Park
Potts, Miss, 197 Lodge Road New
Potts, Mrs. Sadie, 6 Gainsborough Drive
Potts, T., 38 Sandymount Street
Potzi, H., manager, 79 Kirkliston Park
Poulter, W. H., pharmaceutical chemist, 18 Prince Edward Park
Pounder, C. C., engineer, 42 Malone Hill Park
Pounds, Ferris, 499 Newtownards Road Upper
Pountain, H., Shanklin, Finaghy Road South
Povall, S., 356 Castlereagh Road
Powderly, Thomas, 25 Clonard Gardens
Powe, Hector, Ltd., tailors, 43 Donegall Place
Powell, H., electrician, 21 Kerrsland Crescent
Powell,  Mrs., 2 Belvedere Park
Powell, Mrs. Ruby, 3 Eglantine Avenue
Powell, Thomas, accountant, 51 Grangeville Gardens
Powell, Thomas, R.U.C., 105 Belmont Road
Powell, T. R., A.L.A.A., certified accountant and auditor, 35 Wellington Place
Powell, W. D., salesman, 82 Ulsterville Avenue
Power, Joseph, joiner, 5 Whiterock Gardens
Power Loom Manufacturers' Association, 7 Donegall Square West
Power, Miss Margaret, 2 Lawrence Street
Power, M., porter, 24 Hardcastle Street
Power, William, 78 Sandhurst Drive
Power, W. E., 5 Strangford Avenue
Powles, W., R.U.C., 44 Pretoria Street
Poynton, Misses, 31 Cromwell Road
Poyntz, Mrs., Ivy Cottage, Bloomfield Road
Prang, John, 23 Lowwood Park
Pratt, Goodwin, 13 Broomhill Park
Pratt & Montgomery, Ltd., Wholesale Tea Merchants, 74-76 Perth Street and 54 Victoria Street
Pratt, Robert, 6 Moyola Street
Pratt, W., 635 Newtownards Road Upper
Pratt, W. J., civil servant, 235 Orby Drive
Prattinton, S., 61 Dunlambert Park
Preashur, James, 33 Fernwood Street
Precision Engineering Works, 55a Castlereagh Place
Preece, Joseph, fruiterer, 137 Stranmillis Road
Preece, Miss M., bakery, 485 Falls Road
Premier Billiard Hall, 122 Durham Street
Premier Cafe, 11 Divis Street
Premier Provision Stores, 141 Sandy Row and branches
Prendiville, Dora, teacher, 191b Newtownards Road Upper
Prenter, E., clerk, 15 Lowwood Park
Prenter, F. M., 35 Cyprus Park
Prenter, Jas. B., director, Hulluck, Kensington Park
Prenter, J. Davidson, 16 Ormiston Crescent
Prenter, Mrs. C., 123 Fitzroy Avenue
Prenter, Mrs. Jenny, 66 Parkmount Street
Prenter, N., 9 Victoria Gardens
Prenter, R. J., accountant, 12 Castle Avenue
Prenter, Wm. J., bread server, 91 Ulsterville Gardens
Prenter, W., 22 Chief Street
Prentice, A. C., 129 Joanmount Park
Prentice, Miss S., 1 Cameron Street
Prentice, W., slater, 11 Frank Street
Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Church House and Assembly Hall, Fisherwick Place; Transfer Office, Howard Street
Presbyterian Church Mission Hall, 197 Conway Street
Presbyterian College (The), 7 College Park East
Presbyterian Health Insurance Society, 58 Howard Street - Secretary - K. M. Alexander, F.C.I.I.
Presbyterian War Memorial Hostel, 46 Howard Street
Presbyterian Widows' Fund, Fisherwick Place
Prescott, G., Dispensing Optician, 60 Wellington Place
Prescott, G., 75 Balmoral Avenue
Preshaw, John, motor driver, 52 Baden Powell Street
Presho, C., & Sons, Ltd., wholesale leather factors, 13 Talbot Street
Presho, Miss, 30 Ulsterville Gardens
Press, F. E. V., 33 Marlborough Park North
Press, J., plumber, 107 Dunluce Avenue
Press, Miss Maria, 27 Tudor Place
Press, Mrs. A. B., 54 (3) Ulsterville Avenue
Press, Mrs. Esther, 29 Sandhill Gardens
Press, Mrs. I., 125 Thirlmere Gardens
Press, Mrs. J. T., 151 Mount (The)
Press, Mrs. M., 32 Loopland Gardens
Press, Reginald H., 55 Marlborough Park South
Press, Robert H., teacher, 222 Stranmillis Road
Press, R. H., 20 Hawthornden Road
Press, S., millwright, 434 Springfield Road
Press, W., 36 Knockvale Park
Press, W. J., 38 Sandhill Gardens
Preston, A., 39 Hoylake Park
Preston Bros., & Co. (Cairnes, Ltd.), wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Oxford Street
Preston, E., window dresser, 49 South Parade
Preston, George, fitter, 1 Prestwick Drive
Preston, George A., pattern maker, 16 Westway Drive
Preston, G. Campbell, A.C.A., 53 Cranmore Park
Preston, John, & Co. (Belfast), Ltd., Linen, Yarn, and Flax Merchants, 20 Callender Street and 41 Arthur Street
Preston, John R., 37 Irwin Crescent
Preston, Joseph, 47 Deacon Street
Preston, J., 27 Wellesley Avenue
Preston, J. R., electrical contractor, 4 Donegall Square South
Preston, Mrs., 43 Ravenhill Road
Preston, Mrs. E., 116 Madrid  Street
Preston, Mrs. M. H., 38 Marlborough Park South
Preston, S., 29 Thornhill Park
Preston, S., superintendent, 61 Delhi Street
Preston, Thomas J., 453 Oldpark Road
Preston, W., clerk, 74 Ashley Avenue
Preston, W. H., engine man, 71 Maryville Street
Price, Albert, R.U.C., 25 Manna Grove
Price, Arthur, 138 Whitewell Road
Price, Arthur, upholsterer, 122 Percy Street
Price, A., Benvista, Lisburn Road
Price, B., joiner, 67 Stockman's Lane
Price & Co., Drapers, 117-129 Albert Bridge Road, 387 Newtownards Road and 37 Ann Street
Price, Ernest, clerk, 30 Rathgar Street
Price, E. H., 2 Sandringham Villas, Finaghy Road North
Price, Henry, 12 Dunlambert, Park
Price, James, draper, 31 Cyprus Avenue
Price, James A., 2 Lennoxvale
Price, John, secretary, 72 Sandymount Street
Price, John M., traveller, 191 Ravenhill Road
Price, Joseph, surveyor, 1 Downview Avenue
Price, J., plater, 46 Connsbrook Avenue
Price, Miss, teacher, 14 Marlborough Park North
Price, Miss F., 43 College Park Avenue
Price, Miss Winnie, 168 Deerpark Road
Price, Mrs. S., 30 Ravenhill Avenue
Price, Phillip, picture framer, 11 Elimgrove Street
Price, Samuel, 15 Beechfield Street
Price, Thomas, clerk of works, Ivy Grove, Stockman's Lane
Price, T. C., 18 Ravenhill Avenue
Price, V. C., engineer, 43 Mount Prospect Park
Price, Walter, traveller, 86 Ulsterville Avenue
Price, William, butcher, 172a Queen Street North
Price, Wm., butcher, 32-34 Shankill Road
Price, Wm. Charles, 32 Bloomfield Gardens
Price, W., butcher, 292 Albert Bridge Road
Price, W. S., manufacturers' agent, fourth floor, (65) Riddels Arcade
Price's, ladies' outfitters, 37 Ann Street
Prichard, Mrs., 46 Belmont Avenue
Prichard, Samuel, manager, 1 Abbeydale Gardens
Priestley, E., chemist, 8 Ravenhill Avenue
Priestley, Miss, 61 Wellesley Avenue
Priestley, Thomas J., teacher, 47 Sicily Park
Priestly, Elizabeth, 46 Lodge Road Old
Priestly, Herbert, painter, 54 Florida Drive
Priestly, J., R.U.C., 1 Glandore Parade
Primitive Street Methodist Church, 47a Donegall Road; Hall, 11 Primitive Street
Primrose Butter and Egg Store, 23 Donegall Pass
Primrose, Mrs. M., 26 Ridgeway Street
Primrose, Mrs. W., 19 Silverstream Parade
Prince of Wales' Own Masonic Club, 9 College Square North - C. Porter, secretary
Prince's Cafe (The), 27 Chichester Street
Princess Foundry, 1a Lelia Street
Princess Gardens School, 67-71 University Street
Pring, E., berthing master, 53 Irwin Drive
Pring, H. G., Slieve-Na-Failte, Whiteabbey
Pring, J., clerk, 117 Ulsterville Avenue
Pringle, Alex., draughtsman, 137 Ballygomartin Road
Pringle, G., 38 Campbell Park Avenue
Pringle, Joseph, warehouseman, 3 Donnybrook Street
Pringle, J., sheet metal worker, 10 Chambers Street
Pringle, Kenneth, 67 Eglantine Avenue
Pringle, Mrs., 1 Wandsworth Place
Pringle, Mrs., 8 Chichester Road
Pringle, Mrs. J. A., 32 Deramore Park
Pringle, Mrs. Sarah Ann, 22 Avoca Street
Pringle, R., 9 Wandsworth Place
Prior, George, clerk, 65 Station Road
Prior, J. W., R.U.C., 65 London Road
Prior, Mrs., 68 Eglinton Street
Prison Gate Mission Laundry, Tudor Place
Pritchard, David F., insurance agent, 26 Belgravia Avenue
Pritchard, Francis, conductor, 15 Rochester Street
Pritchard, J., fitter, 11 Earlswood Park
Pritchard, Miss, 26 Rosemount Gardens
Pritchard, Miss M., 56 Selby Street
Pritchard, Mrs. Sarah, 123 Ainsworth Avenue
Pritchard, Mrs. Sarah, 33 Willowholme Street
Pritchard, R. W., M.B., 14 Bristow Park
Pritchard, Thomas, shipwright, 40 Graymount Park
Pritchard, Thomas, bread server, 127 Ainsworth Avenue
Pritchard, W. H., 27 Grand Parade
Private Loan and Discount Co., 148 North Street
Proctor, George, 51 Martinez Avenue
Proctor, Jas., fitter, 102 Loopland Drive
Proctor, Mary, 147 Beersbridge Road
Proctor, Mrs. E., 65 Marlborough Park South
Proctor, R., Ltd., leather factors, 4 Talbot Street
Proctor, Thomas, motor driver, 262 Castlereagh Road
Proctor, T., hardware merchant, 67 Holywood Road; res., 55 Irwin Crescent
Proctor, William, rivetter, 24 Brougham Street
Proctor, W., 20 India Street
Progressive Book Shop (The), 17 Union Street
Prosser, J. S., music master, 44 Haddington Gardens
Protector Fire Services, Ltd. (Ireland), 16 Sussex Place
Protestant Orphan Society for the Counties of Antrim and Down, 6 May Street
Proudfoot, Abraham, boiler maker, 7 Gawn Street
Proudfoot, B. F., journalist, 10 Ophir Gardens
Provident Clothing and Supply Co. Ltd., 25 Shaftesbury Square and 1 Ulster Street
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ltd. - Head Office, 2 Royal Avenue (W. S. Leatham, manager) Branches:- 46 Victoria Street (W. F. S. Harkness, manager); Massey Avenue; 113 Albert Bridge Road (Norman J. Shaw, manager); 3-5 Bradbury Place (A. H. Reid, manager)
Provincial Insurance Co. Ltd., 14 Donegall Square West
Provincial Produce Co., 73 May Street
Prudential Approved Society, 55 Fountain Street
Prudential Assurance Office, 14 Tweskard Park
Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., 3 Wellington Place
Pryce, Thomas, clerk, 18 Oberon Street
Pryde, Mrs., 10 Windsor Park
Prytherch, A., buyer, 27 Palmerston Road
Pugh, Joseph, boiler maker, 162 Madrid Street
Puleo, Frank, supper saloon, 46 Queen Street North
Pulford, ?, 7 Rossmore Avenue
Pullars, Dyers, Perth, 14 Donegall Square North
Pullen, Alexander, 9 Ranfurly Drive
Pullin, Alexander, 9 Ranfurly Drive
Purce, G. R. B., F.R.C.S., 11 College Gardens
Purce, James, 33 Ravenhill Park
Purce, Mrs., 147 York Road
Purcell, Charles, bank official, 8 Kingsberry Park
Purday, H. F. P., engineer, 6 Thornhill Park
Purdon Bros., seedsmen and florists, 58 Donegall Street
Purdon, E. B., M.B., 60 Dublin Road
Purdon, E. S., & Son, commission agents, 7 (129-130) Donegall Square West
Purdon, J. H., warehouseman, 29-31 King Street
Purdon, Mrs. A., 47 Cedar Avenue
Purdon, Mrs. I., 169 Rosebery Road
Purdon, T. A., manufacturers' agent, 29-31 King Street
Purdon, William, civil servant, 95 Orby Drive
Purdon, W. J., Rubber Tyre and Motor Spring Works, 69 Academy Street
Purdy, David, shipwright, 36 Fortwilliam Crescent
Purdy, D., overseer, 433 Springfield Road
Purdy, F., sculptor, 51 Ravenhill Park
Purdy, H., joiner, 33 Balfour Avenue
Purdy, H., linen lapper, 23 Farnham Street
Purdy, John, 206 King's Road
Purdy, J. A., R.U.C., 439 Springfield Road
Purdy & Millard, Sculptors, 76 Hamill Street; Works, 2a Galway Street
Purdy, Miss J. R., 127 Cliftonpark Avenue
Purdy, Mrs. A. T., 22 Belgravia Avenue
Purdy, Mrs. Sarah, 4 Duncairn Avenue
Purdy, Richard, 4 Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
Purdy, Samuel, 712 Crumlin Road
Purdy, S., grave digger, Whiterock Road
Purdy, Thomas, 67 Castlereagh Street
Purdy, William, caretaker, 6 Arthur Street
Purdy, Wm., draughtsman, 100 Cliftonpark Avenue
Purse, Alex., 5 Sea View Terrace, Shore Road
Purse, M., fruiterer, 141 York Street
Purse, Robert, 10 Dunblane Avenue
Purse, Wm., shipwright, 43 Spencer Street
Purvis, A., insurance agent, 20 Prestwick Park
Purvis, A., manager, 16 Joanmount Drive
Purvis, E., draper, 224 Crumlin Road
Purvis, James, tractor driver, 81 Loopland Drive
Purvis, J., 9 Bloomfield Gardens
Purvis, Mrs. A., 30 Marmount Gardens
Purvis, Mrs. T. A., 3 Cicero Gardens
Purvis, Thomas N., 6 Merston Gardens
Pye, Mrs., 68 Patrick Street Great
Pyper, Archibald, 18 Belmont Avenue
Pyper, Hugh, insurance agent, 10 Kinedar Crescent
Pyper, Hugh, secretary, 1 Cooldarragh Park
Pyper, Hugh, hairdresser, 1 Roden Street
Pyper, H. A., civil servant, 14 Bloomfield Gardens
Pyper, John, 12 Balmoral Gardens
Pyper, John, gardener, 4 Chadwick Street
Pyper, J. H., agent, (41) Riddel's Arcade
Pyper, J. North, tea agent, 29 Hughenden Avenue
Pyper, Mrs., 120 Earlswood Road
Pyper, Mrs., 96 Malone Road
Pyper, Mrs. Agnes, 30 Cranmore Avenue
Pyper, Mrs. A. L., 35 Luxor Gardens
Pyper, Mrs. Isa, 19 Yarrow Street
Pyper, Mrs. Matilda, 30 Annalee Street
Pyper, M. A., R.U.C., 1 Kerrsland Parade
Pyper, Robert, fitter, 44 Prestwick Park
Pyper, W. J., 2 Sagimor Gardens
Pyper, W. J., 65 Lansdowne Road


Qua Iboe Mission Office, 7
Quail, Robert, 13 Cranmore Park
Quail, R., 116 Deramore Avenue
Quail, S. R., 46 Glencairn Street
Quail, ?, 5 Ashfield Drive
Quaite, Eva, Glenmachan Cottages, Cairnburn Road
Quaite, John, fitter, 200 Joanmount Gardens
Quan, William Henry, 17 Hughenden Avenue
Q.U.B. Institute of Pathology, Grosvenor Road
Quee, G., butcher, 211 Grosvenor Road
Quee, J. G., 1 Sicily Park
Quee, Mrs. J., 150 Rosebery Road
Quee, W., cooked meats, 123 Shankill Road
Queen Cafe, 4-6 Queen's Arcade
Queen Mary's Gardens, 266 Antrim Road
Queen Victoria P.E.S., 86 Durham Street
Queen's Bridge Bottling Co., 2 Donegall Quay
Queen's Bridge Coffee Stand, Oxford Street
Queen's Dairy Co., 10 Queen's Arcade
Queen's Hotel, 28-30 Victoria Street. Goods Entrance, 2 Marlborough Street
Queen's Institute of District Nursing, Northern Ireland Branch, 16 Donegall Square South
Queen's Taxi Co., 7 Queen's Square
Queen's University of Belfast, University Road; athletic ground, 574, 664-666 Ravenhill Road
Queen's University Education, commerce and law departments, Elmwood House, Elmwood Avenue
Queen's University Contingent Officers Training Corps - Headquarters, Queen's University, Botanic Avenue
Queen's University, students' chambers, 83-89 University Road
Quekett, Sir Arthur, 43 Earlswood Road
Quiery, John, fitter, 161 Parkgate Avenue
Quigg, Edward, 16 Knockburn Road
Quigg, H., com. traveller, 39 Campbell Park Avenue
Quigg, Thomas, clerk, 7 Ava Park
Quigley, B., grocer, 13 Osman Street
Quigley, Cecil, traveller, 11 Summer Hill Park
Quigley, C. E. A., 47 Knocklofty Park
Quigley, F. J., 325 Woodstock Road
Quigley, George, R.A.F., 109 Sandown Road
Quigley, H., 23 Tomb Street
Quigley, James, joiner, 43 Meadowbank Place
Quigley, John, 5 Dub Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Quigley, Joseph, slasher, 20 Glenvale Street
Quigley, J., F.I.B.D., painter and decorator, 186 Lisburn Road
Quigley, J. B., R.U.C., 18 Sandymount Street
Quigley, J. J., R.U.C., 8 Virginia Street
Quigley, Margaret, 19 Cabin Hill Gardens
Quigley, Miss, hairdresser, 54 Clifton Street
Quigley, Miss, 135 Belmont Road
Quigley, Miss Mary, grocer, 2 Plevna Street
Quigley, The Misses, 170 Ardenlee Avenue
Quigley, Mrs. H. H., 48 Ulsterville Avenue
Quigley, W., driver, 1 Cliftonville Drive
Quigley, ?, R.U.C., 14 Abbeydale Gardens
Quin, Herbert, Barrister-at-Law, 21 Deramore Drive
Quin, Stewart, Blacker, Knox & Co., chartered accountants, 52 Donegall Place
Quin, S. B., accountant, 18 Knockbreda Road
Quincey, A., 93 Onslow Parade
Quincey, Elijah, traveller, 120 Ravenhill Avenue
Quinlan, Mrs., 144 Donegall Pass
Quinn, Alfred, 110 Percy Street
Quinn, Amelia, fruiterer, 169 Shankill Road
Quinn, A., 6 Craig Street
Quinn, Bernard, 14 Ponsonby Avenue
Quinn, Charles, chemist, 479 Falls Road
Quinn, C., chemist, St. Jude's, Falls Road
Quinn, D., boot repairer, 314 Lodge Road Old
Quinn, D., gardener, 274 Malone Road
Quinn, D. B., 13 Crescent Lower
Quinn, Dr. D. M., M.B., 145 Donegall Street
Quinn, Edward K., teacher, 23 Norfolk Gardens
Quinn, Francis, grocer, 47 Churchill Street
Quinn, F., clerk, Kells House, Andersonstown
Quinn, George, boiler man, 3 Rochdale Street
Quinn, George, brick layer, 69 Parkgate Avenue
Quinn, Hamilton, compositor, 11 Ballysillan Road
Quinn, Henry, clerk, 280 Ballysillan Road
Quinn, Hugh, 179 Shore Road
Quinn, Hugh, shop assistant, 80 Oakland Avenue
Quinn, H., teacher, 9 St. James's Avenue
Quinn, James, 72 Ravenhill Park
Quinn, James, confectioner, 141 Cromac Street
Quinn, John, barman, 208 Deerpark Road
Quinn, John, baker, 68 Springfield Road
Quinn, John, 88 Spamount Street
Quinn, John, driver, 68 Nelson Street
Quinn, John, 46 Kent Street
Quinn, John, grocer, 101 Canmore Street
Quinn, John, draper and hardware merchant, 259 to 267 Newtownards Road
Quinn, John, barman, 213 Dunluce Avenue
Quinn, John, Ltd., grocers and provision merchants, 60-62 Castle Street
Quinn, John, Ltd., grocers, 471 Crumlin Road
Quinn, John T., mechanic, 17 Distillery Street
Quinn, Joseph, gardener, 43 Crumlin Road
Quinn, Joseph, manager, 2 Whitewell Parade
Quinn, Joseph, fitter, 42 Woodstock Road
Quinn, Rev. J., B.A., 668 Ravenhill Road
Quinn, J., 72 Ravenhill Park
Quinn, J., hardware, 239 Queen Street North
Quinn, J., grocer, 108 Cromac Street
Quinn, Marsella, confectioner, 102 Cullingtree Road
Quinn, Dr. Mary P., surgeon, 1c Adam Street
Quinn, Michael J., school attendance officer, 506 Falls Road
Quinn, Miss, 34 St. James's Park
Quinn, Miss, 36 Divis Street
Quinn, Miss, 2 Claremont Street
Quinn, Miss K., confectioner, 56 Albert Street
Quinn, Miss Louisa, 43 Hatfield Street
Quinn, Miss Mary, 67 Verner Street
Quinn, Miss T., Florenceville, Lake Glen Avenue
Quinn, The Misses, 55 Ormeau Road
Quinn, Mrs., 178 Nelson Street
Quinn, Mrs., 26 Corn Market
Quinn, Mrs., confectioner, 100 Corporation Street
Quinn, Mrs., 51 Orby Drive
Quinn, Mrs. Annie, 116 Oldpark Avenue
Quinn, Mrs. A., fruiterer, 126 Crimea Street
Quinn, Mrs. C., 13 Brougham Street
Quinn, Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 Isadore Avenue
Quinn, Mrs. E., 8 Kinnaird Street
Quinn, Mrs. J., 54 Chief Street
Quinn, Mrs. Mary, 39 Loopland Park
Quinn, Mrs. Margaret, 14 Dunville Street
Quinn, Mrs. Margaret, 18 Rosapenna Drive
Quinn, Mrs. Margaret, 11 Pottinger Street
Quinn, Mrs. M., 172 Joanmount Gardens
Quinn, Mrs. M., 64-66 Milford Street
Quinn, Mrs. Tillie, 57 Park Road
Quinn, M., tailor, Shalimar, Lisburn Road
Quinn, N. J., salesman, 22 Kimberley Street
Quinn, Patrick, 35 Cromac Street
Quinn, Patrick, 36 Dock Street
Quinn, P., manager, 69 Haypark Avenue
Quinn, P., & Co., printers and stationers, 36-38 Church Street
Quinn, Robert, 103 Euston Street
Quinn, Robert R., grocer, 27 Ballygomartin Road
Quinn, R., harness maker, 58 Lodge Road Old
Quinn, R., insurance agent, 149 Deerpark Road
Quinn, Samuel, 78 Bryson Street
Quinn, Samuel, grocer, 34 Memel Street
Quinn, Thomas, hawker, 55 Verner Street
Quinn, Thomas, fish merchant, Fish Market, Oxford Street
Quinn, Thomas, confectioner, 81 Oldpark Road
Quinn, Thomas, dealer, 63-65 Thomas Street North
Quinn, T., 13 Lagan Street
Quinn, T., 25 Cliftonpark Avenue
Quinn, T. W., publican, 43 Queen's Square
Quinn, Walter, machinist, 54 Victoria Avenue
Quinn, William, fitter, 49 Bryson Street
Quinn, Wm., brass moulder, 129 Madrid Street
Quinn, Wm., 48 Library Street Upper
Quinn, Wm., traveller, 5 Patrick Street Little
Quinn, Wm. Jas., 9 Wellington Park Avenue
Quinn, W. H., manager, 11 Chesham Grove
Quinn, W. I., O.B.E., secretary, 4 Crescent Gardens
Quinn, W. P., clerk, 82 Marlborough Park Central
Quinn, W. S., grocer, 37-39 Carlow Street
Quinn, W. S., fitter, 41 Portallo Street
Quinn's, grocer, 317 Woodstock Road
Quintrell, F. N., 10 Kingsway Park
Quirey, Robert John, 28 Westmoreland Street
Quirk, A. M., grocer, 25 Syringa Street
Quoroll, B., supper saloon, 18a Cyprus Street
Quote Press (The), 124 (13a) Donegall Street