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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Names Alphabetically

Containing the names of the

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Cabinetmakers' Supply Co., 52 Berry Street
Cabinhill Dairy, 475 Newtownards Road Upper
Cable Shoe Co., 46-48, 114 North Street, 42-44 Ann Street and 24 Pottinger's Entry
Cable & Wireless Ltd., cablegram service, Imperial House, 9 Donegall Square East
Cadbury Bros. Ltd., cocoa manufacturers, 13 Lombard Street and 160 North Street
Caddell, Albert, joiner, 289a Shankill Road
Caddell, H., clerk, 8 Bennett Drive
Cadden, B., blacksmith, 39 Auburn Street
Cadwell, E. H., R.U.C., 1 Harcourt Drive
Caesar, Barbara, 16 Agnes Street
Cafe Grande, 56 Royal Avenue
Cafe Savola, 115 Ormeau Road
Cafe Val D'or, 9 Wellington Place
Cafferty, W., butcher, 207a Mountpottinger Road
Caffolla, C., & Co., cafe, 54 Peter's Hill
Caffrey, Joseph, 34 Farnham Street
Caffrey, M. J., Silver Quay, Newforge Lane
Caffrey, T. R., & Son Ltd., Mountain Brewery, Glen Road
Caffrey, William, 180 Woodvale Avenue
Cafolla, Carmine, 19 Norfolk Gardens
Cahill, A., 1 Kinnaird Street
Cahill, D., R.U.C., 31 Vicinage Park
Cahill, F., confectioner, 45 Divis Street
Cahill, J., printer, 60 Divis Street
Cahill, Mrs., 6 Crescent Gardens
Cahill, M., insurance inspector, 18 Rugby Road
Cahill, P. M., 31 Clara Park
Cahill, Thomas, 97 Melrose Street
Cahir, Mary, 96 Stratheden Street
Cahoon, Arthur, stager, 37 Empire Street
Cahoon, Arthur, hair dresser, 32 & 104 Donegall Road
Cahoon, David, driver, 122 Broadway
Cahoon, J., dealer, 96 Corporation Street
Cahoon, J. M., 59 Malone Avenue
Cahoon, Mrs. Amy, Miami, Finaghy Road North
Cahoon, S. F., engineer, 44 Sandhurst Drive
Cahoon, W. C., jeweller, 46 Osborne Park
Cahoon, W. C., & Co., jewellers and opticians, 32 Great Victoria Street
Cahoon, W. J., 393 Lisburn Road
Cain, J. A., Flight-Lieut., Garmoyle, Shore Road
Cain, Mrs., 15 Shore Road
Caira, Lewis, 95 Dunlambert Avenue
Cairley, Mrs. C., 37 Kansas Avenue
Cairnduff, F., & Son, provision dealers, 30 Albert Street
Cairnduff, J., 63 Castlereagh Road
Cairnduff, Miss C. M., 48 North Parade
Cairnduff, W. J. W., R.U.C., 113 Deerpark Road
Cairnes Ltd. (Drogheda) Brewers, stores, Oxford Street
Cairns, Alice, 89 Falls Road
Cairns, Annie, 23 Crocus Street
Cairns, A., railwayman, 29 Auburn Street
Cairns, Dr. A., 40 Westland Road
Cairns Bros., builders and contractors, 13-15 and 16a Candahar Street and Elgin Street
Cairns & Co. Ltd., 189b Ravenhill Avenue
Cairns, David, clerk, 86 Woodvale Road
Cairns, David, clerk, 15 Knockbreda Drive
Cairns, Edmund, draughtsman, 5 Trigo Parade
Cairns, Elizabeth, fruiterer, 53 Shankill Road
Cairns, E., confectionery, 115-117 Cregagh Road
Cairns, F. & J., builders' supply yard, 14 Northumberland Street
Cairns, Fred., caretaker of County Courthouse, Crumlin Road
Cairns, G., 10 Sunbury Avenue
Cairns, Herbert, tea blender, 42 Castlereagh Place
Cairns, Isaac, manager, 13 Ormiston Park
Cairns, James, fitter, 24 Sefton Park
Cairns, James, builder, 23 Knockbreda Gardens
Cairns, James, 57 Cardigan Drive
Cairns, John, motor driver, Shandon, Finaghy Road South
Cairns, J., builder, 28 Hampton Park
Cairns, J., draper, 97-99 Woodstock Road
Cairns, J., caretaker, 28-30 May Street
Cairns, Miss M. A., 42 Ballysillan Road
Cairns, Mrs., 71 Ligoniel Road
Cairns, Mrs., hairdresser, 313 Donegall Road
Cairns, Mrs. C. M., 100 North Parade
Cairns, Mrs. E. W., 9 Kirklowe Drive
Cairns, Robert, 33 Deacon Street
Cairns, Robert, builder, 9 Hampton Park
Cairns, Robert, 10 Canterbury Street
Cairns, R., jun., 33 Knock Eden Park
Cairns, R., 32 Grace Avenue
Cairns, R. H., master mariner, 74 Salisbury Avenue
Cairns, Samuel, clerk, 3 Graymount Terrace
Cairns, Samuel, designer, 52 Fitzwilliam Street
Cairns, Thomas, engine driver, 37 Distillery Street
Cairns, Thomas, shipwright, 251 Ballysillan Road
Cairns, Thomas, warder, 25 Cliftonville Parade
Cairns, Thomas H., salesman, Inchcolm, Finaghy Road North
Cairns, Wm., agent, 26 (4) Howard Street
Cairns, Wm., 222 Shore Road
Cairns, Wm., machinist, 39 Twickenham Street
Cairns, Wm. J., engineer, 988 Crumlin Road
Cairns, W., 85 Egmont Street
Cairns, W., draper, 106-108 Queen Street North
Cairns, W. E., traveller, 27 Thirlmere Gardens
Cairns, W. J., stevedore, 90 Cromwell Road
Cake Shop (The), 501 Antrim Road
Calculating & Statistical Service, 7 Bedford Street
Calcutt, The Misses, 21 Cromwell Road
Caldbeck, Fredk. H., civil servant, 18 Galwally Park
Caldbeck, F. G., 40 Rugby Road
Calder, Leonard, caulker, 52 Earl Street
Calder, J., 324 Skegoneill Avenue
Calder, Miss K., 5 Parkmount Road
Calder, Mrs. E., 11 Earl Street
Calderbank, Henry, joiner, 34 Northwood Crescent
Calderbank, W. J., crane man, 33 Newtownards Road Upper
Calderwood, H., 320 Crumlin Road
Calderwood, James, pattern maker, 5 Fortview Terrace, Shore Road
Calderwood, James, motorman, 2 Aigburth Park
Calderwood, James, attendant, 10 Rathgar Street
Calderwood, James, compositor, 60 Cabin Hill Park
Calderwood, J. A., grocer, 24 Brandon Parade
Calderwood, Mrs. Annie, 2 Orby Road
Calderwood, Mrs. E., 85 Parkmount Street
Caldwell, A., driver, 26 Finvoy Street
Caldwell, Colin, joiner, 20 Westway Drive
Caldwell, ?, R.U.C., 3 Ailesbury Road
Caldwell, David W., 42 Orpen Park
Caldwell, Edward, R.U.C., Knockbreda Road
Caldwell, E., clerk, 72 Rugby Road
Caldwell, G., 63 Maryville Park
Caldwell, G. J., 35 Circular Road (South End)
Caldwell, Herbert, draper, 61 Irwin Crescent
Caldwell, James H., joiner, 3 Riga Street Upper
Caldwell, John, helper, 48 Glantane Street
Caldwell J., chemist, 41 Rugby Road
Caldwell, J., 23 Glenside Parade
Caldwell, J., chemist, 73 Chichester Street
Caldwell, J., commissionaire, 88 Hanover Street
Caldwell, J., Customs official, Old Orchard, Diamond Gardens
Caldwell, J. C., clerk, 17 Westway Drive
Caldwell, J. F., Barrister-at-Law, 40 Marlborough Park South
Caldwell, J. L., 27 Bawnmore Road
Caldwell, Lilian, cooked meats, 112 Grosvenor Road
Caldwell, Miss, 6 College Park East
Caldwell, Miss Emily, 151 Alexandra Park Avenue
Caldwell, Miss Ina, 442 Springfield Road
Caldwell, Mrs., 13 Landseer Street
Caldwell, Mrs. A., confectionery, 220-222 Newtownards Road Upper
Caldwell, Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Ashdale Street
Caldwell, Mrs., Grasmere, 19 Florenceville Avenue
Caldwell, Mrs. M. J., 716 Antrim Road
Caldwell, Robert, checker, 68 Alexandra Park Avenue
Caldwell, R., 98 Onslow Parade
Caldwell, Samuel, D.D.S., J.P., dentist, 126 Great Victoria Street
Caldwell, S. H., bookkeeper, 626 Oldpark Road
Caldwell, T., linen business, Hopemount, Knockbreda Road
Caldwell, T., engineer, 5 Baroda Drive
Caldwell, William, 50 Hatfield Street
Caldwell, William, foreman, 60 Wheatfield Crescent
Caldwell, William, R.U.C., 193 Orby Drive
Caldwell, W. E., fitter, 56 Wallasey Park
Caldwell, W. J., R.U.C., 74 Delhi Street
Caldwell, W. J., postal inspector, 59 Onslow Parade
Caledonian Insurance Co., 15 Donegall Square South - T. H. Wilson, Branch Manager
Calender, J., 58 Townsend Street
Caley, A. J., & Sons, confectioners (dept.), 11 Glengall Street
Calico Printers' Association, 16 (53) Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South
Callaghan, C. J., Wen-Dar, Knockbreda Road
Callaghan, Edward, 67 Dunluce Avenue
Callaghan, F., 49 Belmont Church Road
Callaghan, F. W., traveller, 22 University Street
Callaghan, George, iron turner, 19 Devon Parade
Callaghan, Hugh, publican, 20 Garmoyle Street
Callaghan, H. E., traveller, 7 Stockman's Lane
Callaghan, James, foreman, 248 Skegoneill Avenue
Callaghan, James, 20 Rosevale Street
Callaghan, John, insurance agent, 64 (19) Victoria Street Great
Callaghan, John, fitter, 11 Formby Park
Callaghan, John, bookkeeper, 36 Ridgeway Street
Callaghan, J., insurance agent, 29 Marlborough Park North
Callaghan, Mrs., 14 College Green
Callahan, H., publican, 64-66 Thomas Street North
Callam, Alexander, 14 Stranmillis Gardens
Callan, I., & Co., contractors, 15 Sackville Street
Callan, J., engineer, 40 Gibson Park Gardens
Callan, P., school master, 25 Russell Street
Callan, Thomas, publican, 23 Welsh Street
Callan, Thomas, publican, 33-35 Stanfield Street
Callaway, F. W., representative, 62 Lansdowne Park
Callen, George, plumber, 248 Cambrai Street
Callen, I., builder, 58 Joanmount Gardens
Callender Cable and Construction Co. Ltd., 26 Howard Street
Callender, Charles, 32 Townsend Street
Callender, Davies & Ricks, gowns, 10 Royal Avenue
Callender, John, 61 Parkgate Avenue
Callender, J., 9 Loopland Crescent
Callender, Mrs. Eliz., 7 Ravenhill Park
Callender, Thomas, architect and civil engineer, 7 (141) Donegall Square West
Callighan, Hugh, publican, 72 Corporation Street
Callinan, Thomas, R.U.C., 5 Willowfield Drive
Callow, Miss, confectioner, 379 Ormeau Road
Calow, George, jeweller, 19 Albert Bridge Road
Calvert, D., 19 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Calvert, Fred. L., joiner, 49 Brookland Street
Calvert, F. W. M., 32 Donegall Park Avenue
Calvert, G. S., driver, 142 Sunnyside Street
Calvert, James, 15 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Calvert, James, clerk, 47 Ailesbury Road
Calvert, John A., clerk, 35 Orby Grove
Calvert, Joseph, electrician, 12 Delhi Street
Calvert, J., R.U.C., 101 Haypark Avenue
Calvert, L. V., 30 Balmoral Avenue
Calvert, Mrs., 30 Edinburgh Street
Calvert, Mrs. H. W., Glenvar, Finaghy Road South
Calvert, Mrs. Margaret, 93 University Avenue
Calvert, Mrs. W. J., 22 Eglantine Avenue
Calvert, Raymond, stock broker, 11 Fitzwilliam Street
Calvert, Robert, 18 Haypark Avenue
Calvert, R. J., 92 Malone Avenue
Calvert & Summers, iron and steel agents, 7 Donegall Square West
Calvert, S., nurse, 251 Mountpottinger Road
Calvert, S., Parkmount P.O., 588a Shore Road
Calvert, Thomas H., 276 Castlereagh Road
Calvert, T. H., 1 Grand Parade
Calvert, W., Corporation official, 225 Crumlin Road
Calvert, W., electrician, 28 Finvoy Street
Calvert, W. H., stock and share broker, 6 Royal Avenue; res., Banchory House, Helen's Bay
Calvert, W. H. & L. V., manufacturers agent, 17 (38-40) Castle Arcade
Calvin, John, 58 Fitzwilliam Street
Calvin, Robert, rivetter, 57 Aigburth Park
Calvin, Rev. W. J., 130 Woodvale Road
Calway, Patrick, R.U.C., 36 Sandhurst Drive
Calwell, David, & Co., Coal Merchant, 60 Donegall Street
Calwell, Elizabeth, L.D.S., 210 Oldpark Road
Calwell, Dr. Gault, 153 Templemore Avenue
Calwell, H., builder, 208 Oldpark Road
Calwell, Dr. Isobel, 69 Duncairn Gardens
Calwell, Mrs., 74 Sydenham Avenue
Calwell, Mrs. J., 210 Oldpark Road
Calwell, Robert, M.B., 100 York Street
Calwell, Dr. Robert, M.B., 210 Oldpark Road
Calwell, Dr. Robt., surgeon, 209 Crumlin Road
Calwell, W., M.A., M.D., M.Ch., 56 Wellington Park
Calwell, W., M.D., 100 York Street
Camac, J. C., agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Cameron, A. H., salesman, Springmount, Finaghy Road South
Cameron, Chas. F., dentist, 36 Ormeau Road
Cameron, D., joiner, 435 Beersbridge Road
Cameron, D. K., R.U.C., 39 Mount Merrion Avenue
Cameron, George E., 114 Harberton Park (Malone)
Cameron, Geo. F., blacksmith, 114 Orby Drive
Cameron, G., fitter, 22 Toronto Street
Cameron, H., shop assistant, 159 Deerpark Road
Cameron, H. M., 6 St. John's Avenue
Cameron, James S., clerk, 40 Knock Eden Park
Cameron, Joseph, engineer, 75 Ulsterville Avenue
Cameron, J., joiner, 68 Larkfield Road
Cameron, J., helper, 30 Cliftonpark Avenue
Cameron, J. E., assistant manager, 16 Ferguson Drive
Cameron, Rev. J. Stuart, 20 Malone Park
Cameron, K., 60 South Parade
Cameron, Miss, 29 Stormont Park
Cameron, Miss, 19 Annalee Street
Cameron, Mrs., 34 Sandhurst Drive
Cameron, Mrs., 161 Silvio Street
Cameron, Mrs. A., 8 Kingsberry Park
Cameron, Mrs. Lillie, 36 Roe Street
Cameron, Mrs. Minnie, 11 Castle Avenue
Cameron, Mrs. M., 111 Woodvale Road
Cameron, Mrs. M., 4 Manna Grove
Cameron, Neil, engineer, 27 Lansdowne Road
Cameron, N. & Co., electrical engineers, 11 College Square North
Cameron, R., dyer, 20 Adelaide Avenue
Cameron, R., 25 Abetta Parade
Cameron, Saml., crane man, 372 Oldpark Road
Cameron, William, 65 Dunlambert Park
Cameron, W., 34 Loopland Park
Cameron, W. J., coach painter, 51 Richview Street
Camlin, D., Abercorn nursery, Larkfield Road
Camlin, E., nurseryman, Sharrow, Kensington Gardens
Camlin, J. F., 107 Belmont Road
Camlin, K. G., 8 Sydenham Road
Camlin, John, postman, 121 Joanmount Park
Camlin, Mrs., 11 Larkfield Road
Camlin, Mrs. M., 133 Joanmount Park
Camlin, Robert, traveller, 23 Stranmillis Park
Cammock, Robert Thos., conductor, 2 Havelock Street
Campbell, Albert, grocer, 39 Mayfair Avenue
Campbell, Albert, salesman, 21 Bloomfield Park
Campbell, Alexander, 24 Avoca Street
Campbell, Alex., manager, 1 Irwin Drive
Campbell, Alex., watchman, 218 Antrim Road
Campbell, Alfred, 129 Orby Drive
Campbell, Alfred, 3 Penge Gardens
Campbell, Alfred H., foreman, 28 Orby Drive
Campbell, Allen, chauffeur, 64 Windsor Avenue Lower
Campbell, Andrew, 174 Dunluce Avenue
Campbell, Annie, 48 Cherryvalley Park
Campbell, Archibald, 44 Bentinck Street
Campbell, Archibald D., 127 Ormeau Road
Campbell, Arthur, 125 Donnybrook Street
Campbell, Augustus, manager, 69 University Road
Campbell, A., 2 Rosetta Drive
Campbell, A., 30 Sagimor Gardens
Campbell, A., joiner, 5 Glendower Street
Campbell, A. Albert, solicitor, 4 Waring Street; res., 10 Rosetta Park
Campbell, A. E., 36 Cadogan Park
Campbell, A. E. W., 58 Loopland Park
Campbell, A. G., 74 Lisburn Road
Campbell, A. G., Artificial Limb Manufacturer, Incorporating P.K. Arm Ltd., 88 Victoria Street Great
Campbell, A. J., 41 Castle Hill Road
Campbell, A. J., stock keeper, 24 Orby Gardens
Campbell, A. R., confectioner, 1b Ava Avenue
Campbell, Bertie, baker, 162 Woodstock Road
Campbell, Bros., colour merchants and stained glass artists, 37-39 Millfield
Campbell, Charles, outfitter, 28 Donegall Road
Campbell, ?, clerk, 3 Silverstream Gardens
Campbell, Clements, foreman, Innisfail, Whitewell Road
Campbell College, Belmont Road - W. D. Gibbon, M.A., D.S.O., M.C., principal; also Netherleigh, Belmont Road, and Ormiston, Hawthornden Road Preparatory School and Cabin Hill, 562-594 Newtownards Road Upper
Campbell, David, 173 Springfield Road
Campbell, David, 84 Ardenlee Avenue
Campbell, David, store man, 9 Eblana Street
Campbell, David, 11 Ailesbury Gardens
Campbell, Drennan & Co. Ltd., wholesale furniture and bedding manufacturers, 36 Donegall Street and 12 Long Lane
Campbell, D. C., civil servant, 11 Thornhill Crescent
Campbell, D. J., 16 Cyprus Park
Campbell, D. R., stock keeper, 60 Tildarg Street
Campbell, Edward, 133 Hillman Street
Campbell, Edward, 3 Mountcharles
Campbell, Edward, 7 Pretoria Street
Campbell, Edward, 60 Duncairn Gardens
Campbell, Ernest, store keeper, 42 Farnham Street
Campbell, E. G., 41 Cherryvalley Park
Campbell, E. S., 35 Manor Street
Campbell, Francis, 99 Osborne Park
Campbell, Francis, 7 Beechmount Street
Campbell, Francis, presser, 124 Cambrai Street
Campbell, Frank, newsagent, 255 Castlereagh Road
Campbell, F., tobacconist, 59 Ashley Avenue
Campbell, F., 47 Hillsborough Drive
Campbell, F., tobacconist, 17 Arthur Square
Campbell, George, 139 Sydney Street West
Campbell, George, store keeper, 16 Graymount Gardens
Campbell, George, mechanic, 17 Delaware Street
Campbell, George, Knock Railway Station, Knock
Campbell, George R., clock maker, 15 Delaware Street
Campbell, G., foreman, 6 Pommern Parade
Campbell, Harold, cafe, 16 Amelia Street
Campbell, Henry, inc. accountant, Cuildaire, Malone Road Upper
Campbell, Henry, agent, 18 Beechfield Street
Campbell, Henry, boot maker, 72 Farnham Street
Campbell, Henry, 43 Newtownards Road Upper
Campbell, Henry & Co. Ltd., flax spinners and linen thread manufacturers, 4-6 Wellington Street; works at Mossley
Campbell, Hugh, 12 Bedeque Street
Campbell, Hugh, plumber, 40 Rathlin Street
Campbell, H., machinist, 12 Cheviot Avenue
Campbell, H., boot maker, 254 Ormeau Road
Campbell, H., butcher, 31 Timbey Park
Campbell, H., flesher, 267 Ormeau Road
Campbell, H., confectioner, 37 Cyprus Street
Campbell, H., designer, 21 Clara Park
Campbell, H., school teacher, 130 Fitzroy Avenue
Campbell, H. E., A.M.I.C.E., 22 Donegall Park Avenue
Campbell, H. J., civil servant, 46 Knocklofty Park
Campbell & Harden, solicitors, 72 High Street
Campbell, Isabell, grocer, 51 Barrack Street
Campbell, James, 38 Shore Road
Campbell, James, hackle setter, 26 Wheatfield Crescent
Campbell, James, 14 Broughton Park
Campbell, James, conductor, 65 Ballygomartin Road
Campbell, James, gardener, Maryville Lodge, Malone Road
Campbell, James, agent, 61 Orby Drive
Campbell, James, 270 Ravenhill Avenue
Campbell, James, postman, 803 Crumlin Road
Campbell, James, 59 Bentinck Street
Campbell, James, 83 King's Road
Campbell, James, chemist, 38 Hillsborough Drive
Campbell, James, driver, 47 Harrybrook Street
Campbell, James, 201 Lodge Road New
Campbell, James, agent, 1 Skipper Street
Campbell, James, head constable, R.U.C., 115 Fitzroy Avenue
Campbell, James, traveller, 57 Cliftonpark Avenue
Campbell, James, hairdresser, 21 Loopland Crescent
Campbell, James A., chartered accountant, 96 Cromwell Road
Campbell, James H., 3 College Lane East
Campbell, Jane, green grocer, 201 Roden Street
Campbell, Jarvis, insurance agent, 65 Lansdowne Park
Campbell, Jean, draper, 227 Newtownards Road Upper
Campbell, John, 19 Glantane Street
Campbell, John,  R.U.C., 30 Elimgrove Street
Campbell, John, electrician, 42 Silverstream Gardens
Campbell, John, clerk, 6 Cheltenham Gardens
Campbell, John, 2 Fallswater Drive
Campbell, John, harbour constable, 55 Mount Merrion Park
Campbell, John, salesman, 23 Green Road
Campbell, John, plater, 55 Alexandra Park Avenue
Campbell, John, agent, 20 (16) Ann Street
Campbell, John, 50 Orangefield Crescent
Campbell, John, hardware merchant, 55 Kansas Avenue
Campbell, John, 100 Circular Road West
Campbell, John, 12 Dunkeld Gardens
Campbell, John, 55 Onslow Gardens
Campbell, John, agent, 186 Holywood Road
Campbell, John, 26-28 Blythe Street
Campbell, John, plumber, Eianna, Lisburn Road
Campbell, John, manager, 173 Shore Road
Campbell, John G., salesman, 245 Joanmount Gardens
Campbell, John O., contractor and builder, Moyallon, Annadale Avenue
Campbell, Joseph, 49 Kimberley Street
Campbell, Joseph, egg merchant, 62 Coolmore Street
Campbell, Joseph, fitter, 151 Oldpark Road
Campbell, Joseph, 36 Clifton Green
Campbell, Joseph A., 257 Albert Bridge Road
Campbell, Josiah, baker, 17 Willowfield Street
Campbell, Jos., bottling stores, 1 Dunbar Street
Campbell, Jos., dentist, 190 Albert Bridge Road
Campbell, Jos. F., cargo supt., 49 Wheatfield Crescent
Campbell, J., cycle agent, 42 Meadowbank Place
Campbell, J., plumber, 49 Fleet Street
Campbell, J., bread server, 85 Kimberley Street
Campbell, J., hardware merchant, 104 Peter's Hill
Campbell, J., tenter, 24 Woodvale Parade
Campbell, J., grocer, 60 Crimea Street
Campbell, J., 52 Willowbank Gardens
Campbell, J., confectioner, 319 Donegall Road
Campbell, J., joiner, 1 Deanby Gardens
Campbell, J., pattern maker, 38 Woodvale Parade
Campbell, J., dentist, 18a Albert Bridge Road and Woodstock Road
Campbell, J., blacksmith, 204a Sandy Row
Campbell, J., publican, 13-15 Bridge Street East
Campbell, J., 19 Candahar Street
Campbell, J., Poplar Villa, Newtownards Road Upper
Campbell, J. A., chartered accountant, 2 (10) Wellington Place
Campbell, J. A., driller, 19 Tudor Place
Campbell, J. A., draper, 86-88 Castle Street
Campbell, J. A. & Son, showcard manufacturers, 64 Royal Avenue
Campbell, J. C., Ltd., chemists and opticians, 46 York Road
Campbell, J. D., linen merchant, 59 Somerton Road
Campbell, J. H., insurance inspector, 127 Somerton Road
Campbell, J. H., R.M., Knockbreda Road
Campbell, J. L., 9 Willowfield Crescent
Campbell, J. R., 186 Cliftonville Road
Campbell, J. S., R.U.C., 20 Parkmount Gardens
Campbell, J. S., agent, 9 Donegall Street Place
Campbell, J. S., journalist, 8 Earlswood Park
Campbell, J. T. C., R.U.C., 3 Eblana Street
Campbell, J. W., salesman, 17 Marguerite Park
Campbell, J. W., civil servant, 91 Knockbreda Road
Campbell, J. W., Ltd., fancy linen manufacturers, 6 Clarence Street
Campbell, Dr. J. Young, 502 Newtownards Road Upper
Campbell, Letitia, 6 Irwin Crescent
Campbell, L., Mariners' Temperance Hotel, 65-67 Corporation Street
Campbell, Mary, 32 Cabin Hill Park
Campbell, Mary Ann, 125 Queen Street North
Campbell, Matthew, city missioner, 18 Deramore Avenue
Campbell, Michael, clerk, 44 Norfolk Drive
Campbell, Miss, 77 Deramore Avenue
Campbell, Miss, 91 Donegall Pass
Campbell, Miss, dental rprs., 33 Albert Bridge Road
Campbell, Miss B., 8 Ponsonby Avenue
Campbell, Miss B., 51 Leeson Street
Campbell, Miss D., 12 Glendower Street
Campbell, Miss Edith, 10 Grampian Avenue
Campbell, Miss Etta, 54 Ligoniel Road
Campbell, Miss E., 10 Dorchester Park
Campbell, Miss E., 4 Knutsford Drive
Campbell, Miss E., 36 Hopefield Avenue
Campbell, Miss E., 76 Rugby Road
Campbell, Miss E. W., 72 Maryville Park
Campbell, Miss F., 10 Camden Street
Campbell, Miss G. H., 1 Malone Avenue
Campbell, Miss H., 34 Mountcharles
Campbell, Miss J. P., 30 Lucerne Parade
Campbell, Miss K., 34 Eglantine Avenue
Campbell, Miss Margaret C., 14 Sunbury Avenue
Campbell, Miss Margt., midwife, 113 Oldpark Road
Campbell, Miss Mary, 683 Crumlin Road
Campbell, Miss Mary, 57 Castlereagh Street
Campbell, Miss Mary. 61 Joanmount Gardens
Campbell, Miss M., 797 Crumlin Road
Campbell, Miss M., 28 Ophir Gardens
Campbell, Miss M. E., typewriting office, 32a Linen Hall Street
Campbell, Miss S., 16 Chichester Road
Campbell, Miss Violet, 95 Deerpark Road
Campbell, Misses, 46 Ulsterville Avenue
Campbell, Misses, 21 King's Road
Campbell, Mrs., 99 York Road
Campbell, Mrs., 37 Bryson Street
Campbell, Mrs., 11 Kimberley Street
Campbell, Mrs., 16 Glastonbury Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., Turnastone, Finaghy Road South
Campbell, Mrs., 11 Magdala Street
Campbell, Mrs., 380 Castlereagh Road
Campbell, Mrs., Glen Ebor Cottages, Quarry Road
Campbell, Mrs., 30 My Lady's Road
Campbell, Mrs., 103 Duncairn Gardens
Campbell, Mrs., 24 Perth Street
Campbell, Mrs., 18 Mount Eden Park
Campbell, Mrs., 71 King's Road
Campbell, Mrs., 62 Surrey Street
Campbell, Mrs., 40 Ballysillan Park
Campbell, Mrs. Annie, publican, 107-109 Cupar Street
Campbell, Mrs. A., 27 Cliftondene Gardens
Campbell, Mrs. A., 15 Delhi Street
Campbell, Mrs. A. S., 17 Myrtlefield Park
Campbell, Mrs. C. A., 10 Eblana Street
Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth. 47 Woodstock Road
Campbell, Mrs. E., 27 Clonard Gardens
Campbell, Mrs. E., City View, Knockbreda Road
Campbell, Mrs. Garrett, 88 Somerton Road
Campbell, Mrs. G., 7 Cliftonville Parade
Campbell, Mrs. H., 111 Ainsworth Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, 71 Hillsborough Drive
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, 2 Glenfarlough Cottages, Cairnburn Road
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, 172 Albert Bridge Road
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, 208 Hillman Street
Campbell, Mrs. Jane. 46 Fairview Street
Campbell, Mrs. Jeannie, 39 Rushfield Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. J., 50 Avonbeg Street
Campbell, Mrs. J., 9-11 Thompson Street
Campbell, Mrs. K., 137 Somerton Road
Campbell, Mrs. Margaret, 46 Annalee Street
Campbell, Mrs. Margaret, 12 Ireton Street
Campbell, Mrs. Margaret, 55 Mountainview Street
Campbell, Mrs. Margaret, 28 Irwin Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. Mary, 10 Glandore Gardens
Campbell, Mrs. Mary, 85 Ainsworth Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. Mary, 8 Glen Road
Campbell, Mrs. Mary, 10 Westland Gardens
Campbell, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth. 180 Donegall Road
Campbell, Mrs. M., 16 Ravenhill Crescent
Campbell, Mrs. M., 14 Townsend Street Upper
Campbell, Mrs. M., 22 Jocelyn Gardens
Campbell, Mrs. M., 24 Ridgeway Street
Campbell, Mrs. S., 16 Cadogan Street
Campbell, Mrs. S., 19 King's Road
Campbell, Mrs. W., 21 Rosapenna Drive
Campbell, Mrs. W., 38 Cliftonville Road
Campbell, M., gowns, 24 Queen's Arcade
Campbell, M., carter, 36 Madrid Street
Campbell, M. B., confectioner, 19 Bradbury Place
Campbell, Norman, joiner, 32 Joanmount Park
Campbell, Norman J., engineer, 318 Castlereagh Road
Campbell, P. J., 11 Orpen Drive
Campbell, Robert, fitter, 179 Joanmount Gardens
Campbell, Robert. motor driver, 19a Bootle Street
Campbell, Robert, traveller, 12 Ashgrove Park
Campbell, Robert, tailor, 57 Belvoir Street
Campbell, Robert, 20 Dromara Street
Campbell, Robert, 51 Burmah Street
Campbell, Robert, cycle store, 177 Crumlin Road
Campbell, Robert, traveller, 25 Ardenlee Parade
Campbell, Robert, bus driver, 14 Loopland Road
Campbell, Robt., & Co., handkerchief manufacturers. 27 Wellington Place
Campbell, Robt. John, baker, 92 Henderson Avenue
Campbell, R., machinist, 61 Harkness Parade
Campbell, R., 26 Landscape Terrace
Campbell, R., 35 Sandhurst Gardens
Campbell, R., cycle dealer, 103 Peter's Hill
Campbell, R., 43 Candahar Street
Campbell, R., mechanic, 11 Willowfield Crescent
Campbell, R., manufacturers' agent, 36 Orangefield Crescent
Campbell, R., salesman, 41 Ailesbury Road
Campbell, R., pork cutter, 96 Joanmount Gardens
Campbell, R. C., bank official, 12 Coolmore Park
Campbell, R. J., Corporation official, 3 Fortwilliam Crescent
Campbell, R. J., civil servant, 32 Deerpark Road
Campbell, R. J. (London), Ltd., Building and Civil Engineering Contractors, Reinforced Concrete Engineering Contractors, Reinforced Concrete Specialists, 2 (33) Wellington Place. T.A.: "21811 Belfast"
Campbell, R. M., manager, 375 Cregagh Road
Campbell, Samuel, 101 Kimberley Street
Campbell, Samuel, Strathmore, Stockman's Lane
Campbell, Samuel, 48 Deramore Avenue
Campbell, Samuel, 184 Woodvale Avenue
Campbell, Samuel, tailor, 19 Ravenhill Crescent
Campbell, Samuel, 43 Rosetta Park
Campbell, Samuel, fitter, 48 Mount Street (N. 2)
Campbell, Samuel J., 10 Canning Street
Campbell, S., 15 Kingsmere Avenue
Campbell, S., cabinet maker, 54 Rainey Street
Campbell, S. B. Boyd, M.D., F.R.C.P. (Edin.), 38 Wellington Park
Campbell, S. D., machinist, 40 Belmont Avenue
Campbell, S. J., 19 Hewitt Parade
Campbell Street Mission Hall, 11a Campbell Street
Campbell, Thomas, 62 Cedar Avenue
Campbell, Thomas, Roneragh, Everton Drive
Campbell, Thomas, 3 Graymount Park
Campbell, Thomas, evangelist, 108 Earlswood Road
Campbell, Thomas, electrician, 51 Ardenlee Avenue
Campbell, Thomas, caulker, 186 Joanmount Gardens
Campbell, Thomas, R.U.C., 316 Woodstock Road
Campbell, Thomas, R.U.C., 1 Jocelyn Gardens
Campbell, Thomas J., M.A., K.C., 27 Cavehill Road Old
Campbell, Thos., grocer, 10 Ardmoulin Street
Campbell, Thos., radio dealer, 418 Newtownards Road
Campbell, Thos., fish monger, 332 Woodstock Road
Campbell, Thos., iron turner, 21 Sunnyside Street
Campbell, T., 154 North Street
Campbell, T., 129 Mount Merrion Park
Campbell, T., 8 Sandford Avenue
Campbell, T., plumber, 238 Woodstock Road
Campbell, T., traveller, 169 Cregagh Road
Campbell, T., fitter, 154 Rosebery Road
Campbell, V., joiner, 19 Ardenlee Gardens
Campbell, V. H., agent, 18 Donegall Street
Campbell, V. H., traveller, 12 Slievedarragh Park
Campbell, Walter A., assistant, 33 Lucerne Parade
Campbell, William, 68 Mount Merrion Park
Campbell, William, joiner, 20 Timbey Park
Campbell, William, postman, 32 Orby Gardens
Campbell, William, 131 Shore Road
Campbell, William, gardener, 172 Cregagh Road
Campbell, William, 1 Benwell Street
Campbell, William, 50 Loopland Gardens
Campbell, Wm., piano and organ merchant, 75 Dublin Road
Campbell, Wm., draper, 222 Albert Bridge Road
Campbell, Wm., civil servant, 12 Galwally Park
Campbell, Wm., estate agent, 38 Cliftonville Road
Campbell, Wm., 84 Hanover Street
Campbell, Capt. Wm., 23 Lansdowne Park
Campbell, Wm., clerk, 84 Lansdowne Road
Campbell, Wm., traveller, 83 Carlingford Street
Campbell, Wm. A., ship broker, 188 Woodvale Avenue
Campbell, Wm. G., 11 Cooldarragh Park North
Campbell, Wm. John, upholsterer, 19 Dorchester Street
Campbell, W., 18 Empire Street
Campbell, W., R.U.C., 9 Eastleigh Drive
Campbell, W., clerk. 100 Broadway
Campbell, W., radio dealer, 85 Castlereagh Street
Campbell, W., 13 Florenceville Drive
Campbell, W., Ltd., plumbers' furnishers, 22-24 Talbot Street
Campbell, W. A., Corporation official, Carrigart, Finaghy Road North
Campbell, W. A., clerk, 21 Evelyn Avenue
Campbell, W. E., joiner, 31 Haywood Avenue
Campbell, W. E., 188 Grand Parade (Bloomfield South)
Campbell, W. H., tailor, 1 Ulsterville Place
Campbell, W. H., french polisher, 8 Mount Merrion Park
Campbell, W. J., 19 Pine Street
Campbell, W. J., R.U.C., 27 Florenceville Avenue
Campbell, W. J., linen lapper, 33 Belmont Road
Campbell, W. J., blacksmith, 46 Rugby Avenue
Campbell, W. J., wholesale merchant, 25 Tomb Street
Campbell, W. J., & Son, builders and contractors, 5-15 and 40b Ravenhill Road
Campbell, W. L., 174 King's Road
Campbell, W. S., 1 Randel Park
Campbell, W. S., linen business, 125 North Road
Campbell, W. S., Ltd., 17 Hutchinson Street
Campbell, W. W., 63 Kirkliston Park
Campbell's Patisserie, cafe and snackery, 11-13 and 19 Arthur Street, and 8 Donegall Square North
Campbell's & Stewart, McDonald, Ltd., Glasgow, warehousemen, 3 Brunswick Street
Campfield, Wilfred, clerk, 4 Britton's Parade
Campfield, W., 40 Willowbank Gardens
Campion, Ernest, engineer, 25 Brookvale Street
Campion, Mrs. E., 29 Atlantic Avenue
Camplisson, Miss, 17 St. James' Drive
Campton, Arthur C., 31 Locksley Gardens
Camrass, S. & Sons (Leeds), clothing manufacturers, 10 Donegall Square North
Canada Life Assurance Co., 6 Donegall Place
Canadian Pacific Railway Co., 24 Donegall Place. T.A.: "Gacanpac, Belfast"
Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd., 24 Donegall Place. T.A.: "Gacanpac, Belfast"
Canal Quay, Laganbank Road
Canavan, David, 66 Ballarat Street
Canavan Memorial School, 32 Milford Street
Canavan, R., shoe maker, 36 Oldpark Avenue
Canavan, Samuel, groundsman, 1 Cliftonpark Avenue
Candies, 54 Bradbury Place
Canning, Charles, 16 Gardiner Street
Canning, G. E., newsagent, 638-640 Antrim Road
Canning, John, R.U.C., 84 Onslow Parade
Canning, J., carter, 16 Gardiner Street
Canning, Mary, newsagent, 104 Bridge End
Canning, Mrs., 44 St. Meryl Street
Canning, P., clerk, 69 Dunluce Avenue
Cannon, D., 8 Adela Street
Cannon, J., linesman, 37 Avonbeg Street
Cannon, Louis, optician, 14 Benview Park
Cansdale, H., manager, 4 Myrtlefield Park
Cansick, Thos., manager, 9 Glencoe Park
Cantley, M. D., 237 Mountpottinger Road
Cantrell & Cochrane, Ltd., aerated water manufacturers, 7-21 Victoria Square, Stores, 14-22 Caroline Street
Capital Loan Company, Ltd., 82 Royal Avenue
Capital Spirit Store (The), 7-9 Dublin Road
Capitol Cinema, 405 Antrim Road
Caplin, Mrs. H., 33 Cavehill Road Old
Capper, Alan, L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L., 127 Fitzroy Avenue
Capper, A. C., 143 Malone Road
Capper, A. C., & Son, Ltd., linen and cotton yarn merchants, 5 Brunswick Street
Capper Bros., cotton yarn and cloth merchants, 20 Bedford Street
Capper, B., & Co. Ltd., linen yarn merchants, 20 Linen Hall Street
Capper, D., wholesale house furnisher, 86 Castle Street
Capper, D., house furnisher, 5 Shrewsbury Drive
Capper, Jack, wholesale furnisher, 11 Houston Drive
Capper, Joseph H., & Co. Ltd., household linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 25 Bedford Street
Capper, J. Malcolm, linen merchant, 501 Lisburn Road
Capper, J. R., electrician, 28 Marmont Gardens
Capper, J. & W., house furnishers, 13 Donegall Place
Capper, Mary Jane, 246 Lodge Road Old
Capper, Mrs., 8 Stranmillis Park
Capper, Mrs. H. M., 15 Rugby Road
Capper, Mrs. I., 9 King's Park
Capper, Thomas, 56 Malone Park
Capper, William, wholesale furnisher, 1 Ardgreenan Gardens
Capstan Billiard Hall, 14 crown Entry
Car and General Insurance Co. Corporation, 74 Chichester Street
Car Park, 21 Garfield Street
Carabine, John, clerk, 538 Donegall Road
Caraher, B. J. C., clerk, 22 Grand Parade
Carberry, G., caretaker, 12 Eastleigh Crescent
Carberry, John, 55 Ashley Avenue
Carberry, John, fitter, 57 Stockman's Lane
Carberry, R. G., 9 Shrewsbury Drive
Carberry, R. G., accountant, 59 Knock Eden Park
Carberry, Thomas, draughtsman, 23 Marguerite Park
Cardona Wine Lodge, 868 Crumlin Road
Cardwell, Alexander S., fitter, 60 Glenside Parade
Cardwell, David, coal merchant, 28a Connswater Street
Cardwell, D., 37 Burmah Street
Cardwell, Fredk., stationer, 32 Grand Parade
Cardwell, Geo., polisher, 50 Vernon Street
Cardwell, James, salesman, 35 Spruce Street
Cardwell, James, fitter, 73 Loopland Drive
Cardwell, John, 35 Rushfield Avenue
Cardwell, Joseph, 29 Bedeque Street
Cardwell, Miss C., 65 Cedar Avenue
Cardwell, Misses, 24 Sandhurst Gardens
Cardwell, Mrs. A., 26 Distillery Street
Cardwell, N., fruiterer, 37 Skegoneill Avenue
Cardwell, Robert, 17 Abetta Parade
Cardwell, Samuel, clerk, 448 Woodstock Road
Cardwell, Thomas, stager, 35 Empire Street
Cardwell, William, jeweller, 10 Skegoneill Drive
Cardwell, William, collector, 128 Grand Parade (Bloomfield Section)
Cardwell, Wm., house furnisher, 9 Duncairn Gardens
Cardwell, Wm., 25 Somerton Gardens
Cardwell, Wm., hardware merchant, 11 Duncairn Gardens
Cardwell, Wm. G., electrician, 22 Wheatfield Crescent
Cardy, Matthew, plasterer, 4 Reid Street
Cardy, S. J., shoe maker, 46 Agincourt Avenue
Cardy, Thomas, checker, 35 Dromore Street
Cardy, Thomas Jas., 69 Gainsborough Drive
Caren, W. B., joiner, 4 Melrose Street
Carew, Mrs. Margt., 18 Madrid Street
Carey, Asher, house repairer, 12 Chestnutt Gardens
Carey, D. J., confectioner, 32 Alfred Street
Carey, D. J., 406 Lisburn Road
Carey, E., manager, 30 Windermere Gardens
Carey, John, artist, 12 Cyprus Park
Carey, Jos., electrician, 25 Beechmount Street
Carey, J., checker, 17 Kilronan Street
Carey, Miss, grocer, 149 Lodge Road Old
Carey, Miss Marion, 39 Eglantine Avenue
Carey, Mrs., 7 Glenbrook Terrace, Shore Road
Carey, Mrs. M., 251 Albert Bridge Road
Carey, Thomas H., 4 Norfolk Parade
Cargan, S., fitter, 58 Reid Street
Cargill & Co. Ltd., yarn merchants and bleachers, 7 Bedford Street
Cargill, James, pipe coverer, 5 Silverstream Parade
Cargo, H. P., linen merchant, ?5 College Street
Caribonum, Ltd., typewriter supplies, 18 Arthur Street
Carinduff, W. R., 43 Sandymount Street
Carlan, Alice, 375 Crumlin Road
Carland, M., nurse, 89 Joy Street
Carleton, John, Corporation official, 23 Thalia Street
Carleton, The Misses, 10 Lucerne Parade
Carleton, Mrs., 4 Edinburgh Street
Carleton, S., clerk, Inverary, Finaghy Road South
Carleton, Wm., pawn broker, 24-26 Odessa Street
Carley, D. C., librarian, Linsfort, Diamond Gardens
Carley, John, R.U.C., 46 Orby Drive
Carlile, F. & Co. Ltd., 9 Queen Street Upper, res., 3 Adelaide Park
Carlile, Mrs. A., tobacconist, 45 Blythe Street
Carlisle, Robt., provision merchant, 245 Queen Street North
Carlile, Wm., carrier, 100 Tate's Avenue
Carlin, Frank, 63 Atlantic Avenue
Carlin, James, clerk, 30 George's Street Great
Carlin, Mrs. I., 540 Oldpark Road
Carlin, Mrs. Mary, 26 Annalee Street
Carlin, Robert, upholsterer, 15 Gilnah9irk Road
Carlin, Robert, plumber, 9 Ardpatrick Gardens
Carling, F., dentist, 129 Wellesley Avenue
Carlisle Circus Postal and Telegraph Office, 25 Clifton Street
Carlisle, David, 4 Glantrasna Drive
Carlisle, D., civil servant, 20 Canning Street
Carlisle, E., agent, 12 Loopland Crescent
Carlisle, Francis, shipwright, 59 Newport Street
Carlisle, F. L., clerk, 7 Dunraven Avenue
Carlisle, Glenara, driller, 6 Ormeau Street
Carlisle, Herbert, 61 Joanmount Park
Carlisle, Hugh, butcher, 38 Tate's Avenue
Carlisle, James, 36 Mountcharles
Carlisle, Jas., harbour constable, 33 Reid Street
Carlisle, John, 5 Marlborough Park Central
Carlisle, John, milk vendor, 32 Kansas Avenue
Carlisle, John, painter, 18 Willowholme Drive
Carlisle, John, carrier, 97-99 Tate's Avenue
Carlisle, John, bank official, 71 Lansdowne Road
Carlisle, Jos., mattress maker, 64 Divis Street
Carlisle, J., hackle maker, 62 Roden Street
Carlisle, J., clerk, 27 Formby Park
Carlisle, J., newsagent, 82 Newtownards Road
Carlisle, J. C., printer, 129 Connsbrook Avenue
Carlisle, J. E., butcher, 139 Sandy Row
Carlisle, J. K., civil servant, Revale, Finaghy Road North
Carlisle, L., welder, 29 Wallasey Park
Carlisle, L., 587 Oldpark Road
Carlisle, Matthew, rivetter, 9 Lavinia Street
Carlisle Memorial Church, Carlisle Circus; Lecture Hall, 86 Clifton Street
Carlisle, Miss, 15a Eastleigh Drive
Carlisle, Miss, 224 Ravenhill Road
Carlisle, Miss K., 7 Kylemore Park
Carlisle, Miss Mary, 6 Shaftesbury Avenue
Carlisle, Mrs., 42 Perth Street
Carlisle, Mrs., 170 Duncairn Gardens
Carlisle, Mrs., 6 Ormeau Street
Carlisle, Mrs. E., 22 Bristow Park
Carlisle, Mrs. E., 29 Martinez Avenue
Carlisle, Mrs. Mary, 80b Duncairn Gardens
Carlisle, N., 15a Eastleigh Drive
Carlisle, Robert, 8 Glantane Street
Carlisle, Robert, cashier, 165 Deerpark Road
Carlisle, Robert, plater, 101 Bloomfield Avenue
Carlisle, Robert, 19 Woodcot Avenue
Carlisle, Robert, R.U.C., 12 Innisfayle Gardens
Carlisle, R. G., conductor, 30 Magdala Street
Carlisle, Samuel, 426 Antrim Road
Carlisle, Samuel, iron moulder, 8 Silverstream Drive
Carlisle, S. J., dairyman, 46 Tate's Avenue
Carlisle, Thomas, clerk, 6 Onslow Parade
Carlisle, Thos., joiner, 28 Riga Street Upper
Carlisle, Thos., teacher, 1?2 Woodvale Avenue
Carlisle, Thos., bookkeeper, 11 Delaware Street
Carlisle, Walter, plumber, 34 Belmont Road
Carlisle, William, fireman, 9 Cumberland Street
Carlisle, William, joiner, 136 Oldpark Road
Carlisle, Wm., Tweskard Cottage, Belmont Road
Carlisle, Wm. J., confectioner, 65 Ormeau Road
Carlisle, W., Corporation official, 330 Springfield Road
Carlisle, W. J., docker, 125 Euston Street
Carlisle, W. J., lithographer, 176 Parkgate Avenue
Carlton Cafe & Restaurant, 25-27 Donegall Place. T.A.: "Pastry"
Carlton, Frederick, R.U.C., 25 Mount Prospect Park
Carlton Hall (The), 28-30 Fountain Street
Carlton Manufacturing Co., 17 Howard Street
Carlton, Mrs., 54 Wellesley Avenue
Carmican, A., tailor, 1 Woodvale Gardens
Carmichael, D., 48 Knockvale Park
Carmichael, Eric, manager, 3 Denorrton Park
Carmichael, H., photographer, 58 Ashley Drive
Carmichael, H. D., shipwright, 30 Moyola Street
Carmichael, James, builder, 21 Ferguson Drive
Carmichael, James, carpenter, 45 Battenberg Street
Carmichael, Jos., engineer, 25 Meadowbank Place
Carmichael, J., confectioner, 122 Templemore Avenue
Carmichael, Miss, 31 Maryville Park
Carmichael, Mrs., 166 North Road
Carmichael, Mrs., 27 Lockview Road
Carmichael, Robt., bread server, 242 Tate's Avenue
Carmichael, R., tailor, 61 Donegall Street
Carmichael, R., insurance agent, 4 Deramore Avenue
Carmichael, R. M., assistant manager, 41 Knocklofty Park
Carmichael, Saml., carpenter, 709 & 713 Lisburn Road
Carmichael, William H., 74 Shandon Park
Carmichael, Wm., plater, 30 Oakland Avenue
Carmody, Misses, 33 Chlorine Gardens
Carmody, W. R., bank official, 29 Cherryvalley Park
Carnaghan, Arthur, compositor, 60 Loopland Park
Carnaghan, Joseph, 45 Hatfield Street
Carnaghan, S., engineer, 29 Oberon Street
Carnduff, Thos., machine man, 7 Chesham Crescent
Carnegie, The Misses, 118 University Street
Carney, John, 186 Limestone Road
Carney, Mrs. C., 26 Glen Road
Carney, Mrs. Gladys, 20 Mooreland Park
Carney, M. J. B., 20 Crumlin Gardens
Carney, Thos., hairdresser, 21 Smithfield
Carnes, Mrs., 3 Wandsworth Place
Carnlewe, Geo. Sharman, manager, Avonlea, Diamond Gardens
Carolan, James, grocer, 62 Falls Road
Carolan, Miss Margaret, Claremont, Lake Glen Avenue
Carolan, Miss M., 81 Joy Street
Carolan, Mrs., 16 Eglinton Street
Carolan, Peter, motorman, Claremont, Lake Glen Avenue
Carolan, T., R.U.C., 39 Marsden Gardens
Carolan, William, 153 Duncairn Gardens
Caroll, Thomas, Killala, Orby Drive
Carothers, Miss M. E., 16 Clonaver Park
Carpenter, Prof. I. J., B.A., B.Com., 10 Norfolk Parade
Carr, Alexander, 11 Rathdrum Street
Carr, A., clerk, 21 Bedeque Street
Carr, A. H. R., & Co., stockbrokers, 1 Wellington Place
Carr & Co. Ltd. (Carlisle), chocolate and biscuit manufacturers, 6 Adelaide Street
Carr, Edward, joiner, 17 Loopland Crescent
Carr, Gallagher, Ltd., motor engineers, 14 Belmont Road
Carr, Geo. H., mono. operator, 32 Loopland Drive
Carr, G. P., 27 Gibson Park Gardens
Carr, James R., stock broker, Hollymount, Finaghy Road South
Carr, John, 10 Lennoxvale
Carr, J. H., insurance agent, 57 Serpentine Road
Carr, Mary, 45 Mount Merrion Avenue
Carr, Miss, 35 Windsor Avenue
Carr, Miss E., 7 Woodcot Avenue
Carr, Miss J. E., 33 Adelaide Park
Carr, Mrs. A. H., 16 Deramore Park South
Carr, Mrs. H., 7 Rathdrum Street
Carr, R. S., manager, 7 Priory Park
Carr, Samuel, 42 Cliftonpark Avenue
Carr, Sarah, 14 Campbell's Row
Carr, T. J., stock broker, 16 Deramore Drive
Carr, W. R., clerk, 12 Jocelyn Gardens
Carr's Flour Mills Ltd., 1 Lombard Street
Carr's Glen P.E. School, 629-633 Oldpark Road
Carragher, T., publican, 106-108 Bridge End
Carran, Mrs. A., 89 Deramore Avenue
Carre, Albert, 25 Marlborough Park
Carrick House, lodging house, 4 Regent Street Lower
Carrick, Mrs. L., 59 Lisburn Road
Carrick, Thomas, foreman, 136 Dunluce Avenue
Carrick, Walter, plumber, 3 Elimgrove Street
Carrigan, A., painter, 39 Dargle Street
Carrigan, John, 410 Springfield Road
Carrol, Mrs., 10 Pakenham Street
Carrol, Thomas, motorman, 7 Graymount Terrace
Carroll, A., shoe maker, 77 Newtownards Road
Carroll, B. L., 15 Hawthornden Gardens
Carroll, Charles, 470 Crumlin Road
Carroll, C., clerk, Drumgoon, Andersonstown
Carroll, David, 30 Dromore Street
Carroll, David, iron turner, 15 Glencairn Street
Carroll, Denis, dealer, 6 May Street
Carroll, Frederick, driver, 11 Somerdale Park
Carroll, Fred, builder, Glanleam Drive
Carroll, Fred., & Co., builders and contractors, 143 Newtownards Road Upper
Carroll, George, 6 Clanchattan Street
Carroll, John, boot merchant, 521 Lisburn Road
Carroll, John, boot and shoe merchant, 18 York Road
Carroll, John, salesman, 20 Ava Street
Carroll, J., confectioner, 10 Victoria Square
Carroll, J., wholesale confectioner, 55-57 Newtownards Road
Carroll, J., hairdresser, 95 Newtownards Road
Carroll, Lewers & Co. Ltd., civil engineers, 16 College Square East
Carroll, Miss Mary, confectioner, 183 Sandy Row
Carroll, Mrs., 11 Limestone Street
Carroll, Mrs., 12 Sydenham Drive
Carroll, Mrs., 43 Belmont Avenue
Carroll, Mrs. Kathleen, publican, 20 George's Street Great
Carroll, Mrs. L., 10 Oakland Avenue
Carroll, Mrs. Margaret, 219 Joanmount Gardens
Carroll, Mrs. M., 21 Sydenham Drive
Carroll, Mrs. S., 163 Cavehill Road
Carroll, P., 84 The Mount
Carroll, P., publican, 24 Sackville Street and 45 Wilson Street
Carroll, Robert, salesman, 40 St. Jude's Crescent
Carroll, Thomas, 27 Deramore Street
Carroll, Thomas, iron turner, 29 Glencairn Street
Carroll, T., 356 Ravenhill Road
Carroll, T., 23 Adelaide Avenue
Carroll, William, plumber, 17 Deramore Street
Carroll, W. J., clerk, 38 Willowholme Drive
Carrothers, Edward N., railway official, 36 Cheltenham Patk
Carrothers, Ernest, accountant, 38 Cheltenham Park
Carrothers, James, 2 Abbeydale Park
Carrothers, Mrs. J. G., 330 Ormeau Road
Carrothers, Mrs., 101 Rushfield Avenue
Carrothers, N. G., manager, 4 St. Jude's Avenue
Carrothers, O., 37 Ravenhill Parade
Carrothers, Rea, & Co. Ltd., wholesale four, tea and general merchants, 87 Victoria Street
Carrothers, Stanley, checker, 19 Brandon Terrace
Carruth, Thomas, grocer, 54 Somerton Road
Carruth, Thos., bakery, 57-59 Fortwilliam Parade
Carruthers, D., joiner, Northwood Drive
Carruthers, Robt., civil servant, 50 Priory Park
Carruthers, Samuel, plater, 15 Glenbrook Avenue
Carry, Mrs. J., Terrycalf, Finaghy Road South
Carscadden, Henry S., ?0 (2) Osborne Drive
Carse, Alfred H., estate agent, 6 Donegall Park Avenue
Carse, Arthur H., teacher, 42 Grand Parade
Carse, A., butcher, 40 Connsbrook Avenue
Carse, A., butcher, 134 Castlereagh Road
Carse, Donald, 17 Kirkliston Gardens
Carse, George, fitter, 17 Holland Crescent
Carse, Miss Mary, 377 Antrim Road
Carser, Samuel, pastor, 5 Delhi Street
Carson, Albert, provision merchant, 71 Beersbridge Road
Carson, Alfred, superintendent, 67 Ardenlee Avenue
Carson, A. G., salesman, 301 Castlereagh Road
Carson, A. U., butcher, 491 & 505 Oldpark Road
Carson, A. V., flesher, 491 Oldpark Road
Carson, Baillie, Johnston & Thom, (Carson & McDowell), Solicitors, 41-51 Royal Avenue. T.A.: "Carson, McDowell" (Wm. H. Carson, Chas. Thom, Robert Baillie, George Johnston)
Carson, Barbara, 56 Woodcot Avenue
Carson, Chas., 1 Everton Drive
Carson, Charles, newsagent, 98 Short Strand
Carson, Charles, R.U.C., 160 Dunluce Avenue
Carson, C. T. E., clerk, 33 Ulsterville Gardens
Carson, D., rivet tester, 10 Joanmount Drive
Carson, D., clerk, 18 Sydenham Gardens
Carson, E. J., salesman, 32 Onslow Parade
Carson, Frank, rent agent, 37 Indiana Avenue
Carson, F. M., traveller, 34 Harberton Park
Carson, George, manufacturers' agent, 223 Ravenhill Road
Carson, George, grocer, 40 Mayfair Avenue
Carson, George, crane driver, 97 Bloomfield Avenue
Carson, Graham, Reid & Co., hairdressers, ? Newtownards Road Upper
Carson, G., 426 Ravenhill Road
Carson, G., agent, 40 Donegall Street
Carson, G., agent, Iona, Mount Aboo Park
Carson, Henry, civil servant, 543 Oldpark Road
Carson, Henry, printer, 111 Broom Street
Carson, Herbert, 5 My Lady's Road
Carson, Herbert, store man, 134 Woodvale Avenue
Carson, Hill, tailor, 2 Ladas Drive
Carson, Hugh, engineer, 2 Lisdarragh Park
Carson, James, 30 Burmah Street
Carson, James, 24 Westminster Street
Carson, James, Brae Norrel, Abbey Road
Carson, James, joiner, 66 Bryson Street
Carson, James, 17 Summer Street
Carson, James A., engineer, 11 Marina Park
Carson, Jason, tailor, 15 Avoca Street
Carson, John, 270 Shore Road
Carson, John, rigger, 18 Graymount Park
Carson, John, mechanic, 303 Castlereagh Road
Carson, John, Customs official, 5 Dunowen Gardens
Carson, John, 19 Dunowen Gardens
Carson, John G., bank official, Dundarg, Kensington Road
Carson, Rev. John H., M.A., 15 Kirkliston Drive
Carson, John H. J., 62 Manna Grove
Carson, Joseph, 56 Abetta Parade
Carson, J., bread server, 23 Ashley Drive
Carson, J., grocer, 9 Joy Street
Carson, J., 45 Salisbury Street
Carson, Dr. J. C., Oak Lodge, Cedar Avenue
Carson, J. C., clerk of works, 16 Slievedarragh Park
Carson, J. H., M.A., teacher, 247 Belmont Road
Carson, Miss, 8 Osborne Drive
Carson, Miss, 41 Ulsterville Gardens
Carson, Miss, home bakery, 28 North Street Arcade
Carson, Miss A., 6 Henderson's Row, Beechmount Park
Carson, Miss E., 32 Eblana Street
Carson, Miss H., 6 Windsor Drive
Carson, Miss Jane, 9 Camberwell Terrace
Carson, Miss M., 197 Belmont Road
Carson, Miss Rebecca, grocer, 1 Auburn Street
Carson, Miss R., 16 Auburn Street
Carson, Miss Sarah, 9 Sydenham Park
Carson, Miss V., 3 Innisfayle Road
Carson, Misses (The), 18 Canterbury Street
Carson, Mrs., 39 Ogilvie Street
Carson, Mrs., 18 Bloomfield Road
Carson, Mrs., 55 Cheviot Avenue
Carson, Mrs., 30 Ormiston Crescent
Carson, Mrs., 47 Cromwell Road
Carson, Mrs., 14 Pim Street
Carson, Mrs. Agnes, 94 Serpentine Road
Carson, Mrs. A., 75 Myrtlefield Park
Carson, Mrs. E., 43 Cranmore Park
Carson, Mrs. E., 21 Ava Park
Carson, Mrs. E. C., 41 Belmont Church Road
Carson, Mrs. Georgina, 11 Ashley Avenue
Carson, Mrs. Hugh, 197 Springfield Road
Carson, Mrs. I., 14 Elmwood Avenue
Carson, Mrs. J., 24 Ilchester Street
Carson, Mrs. Maria, 4 Ormiston Drive
Carson, Mrs. Mary, 1 Cranmore Park
Carson, Mrs. Mary E., 8 Orient Gardens
Carson, Mrs. M., 51 Belmont Park
Carson, Mrs. M., 313 Woodstock Road
Carson, Mrs. M. E., 27 Eia Street
Carson, Mrs. S., 38 Malone Avenue
Carson & McDowell, solicitors, 51 Royal Avenue
Carson, Oliver, clerk, 79 Wheatfield Crescent
Carson, Patrick, 91 Ross Street
Carson, P., tailor, 160 North Street
Carson, Robert, 33 Albion Street
Carson, Robert, 2 Sefton Drive
Carson & Robinson, textile machine engineers and machinery brokers, 108-110 Ligoniel Road
Carson, R., musician, 20 Florida Street
Carson, R., 19 Bristol Avenue
Carson, R., 9 Chesham Parade
Carson, R., asylum attendant, 22 Rushfield Avenue
Carson, R. H., electrical engineer, 54 Dublin Road
Carson, R. J., 92 Denmark Street
Carson, R. M., F.C.I.S., director, 69 Maryville Park
Carson, Samuel, 24 Hatfield Street
Carson, Samuel, joiner, 50 Glenside Parade
Carson, Simon, butcher, 82 Donegall Pass and branches; res., 216 Limestone Road
Carson, S., cattle dealer, 29 Ravenhill Road
Carson, S., 129 Dunlambert Drive
Carson, Thomas, 190 Hillman Street
Carson, Thomas, 4 Collington Gardens
Carson, Thomas, engineer, 12 Springfield Parade
Carson, Thomas, painter, 10 Southport Street
Carson, Thomas, brick layer, 18 Bloomfield Road
Carson, T., engineering works, 1a Independent Street
Carson, T., telegraphist, 16 Deramore Gardens
Carson, T., 62 Shankill Road
Carson, Victor, manufacturers' agent, 39 Burmah Street
Carson, Wm., porter, 5 Lawrence Street
Carson, Wm. John, machine builder, 114 Woodvale Road
Carson, Wm. M. & Co., Rent Agents, Auctioneers, Brokers and Property Salesmen, 17 North Street Arcade
Carson, W., machine man, 17 Harleston Street
Carson, W., male nurse, 37 Raby Street
Carson, W., 24 Oceanic Avenue
Carson, W., newsagent, 2 Sussex Place
Carson, W. A., 13 Deerpark Drive
Carson, W. J., sadler, 10 Limestone Road
Carson, W. N., Corporation official, 50 Edgcumbe Gardens
Carswell, A., director, 1a Haddington Gardens
Carswell, Alan E., 16 King's Park
Carswell, John, 20 Hutchinson Street
Carswell, John, grocer, 6-8 Selina Street and 10-12 Willow Street
Carswell, Jos. B., director, East Sheen, Annadale Avenue
Carswell, Mrs. Minnie E., 122 Somerton Road
Carswell, Mrs. R., 121 Marlborough Park South
Carswell, R., & Son, Ltd., Book binders, Printers, Lithographers and Stationers, 33-35 College Street, 39 Queen Street and College Court
Carter, Arthur, 21 Meadowbank Place
Carter, C. R., textile engineer, 10 Cavehill Road Old
Carter, George, 3 University Street
Carter, H. B., 27 Magdala Street
Carter, J., 69 Loopland Park
Carter, J. B., & Co., accountants and auditors, 62 Wellington Place
Carter, Rev. J. P., 5 Ormiston Park
Carter, L., traveller, 32 Lancefield Road
Carter, Mrs., 1 Claremont Street
Carter, Mrs. S. V., Hillside, Knockbreda Road
Carter, W. J., engineer, 224 Cregagh Park
Cartey, Mrs. B., 11 Sandringham Street
Cartledge, Alfred, 4 Hesketh Road
Cartmill, Alex., 38 Lord Street
Cartmill, George, fitter, 81 Channing Street
Carton, Annie, 114 Joanmount Park
Carton, A. L. M., R.U.C., 36 Mount Prospect Park
Carton, F., joiner, 123 Joanmount Park
Carton, H., civil servant, 172 Cavehill Road
Carton, James, 37 Formby Park
Carton, Miss Molly, 14 Beechfield Street
Carton, Percy, 2 Shore Road
Cartwright, A., 10 Cherryvalley Gardens
Cartwright, S. B., 4 (2) Malone Road
Cartwright, T., 29 Hartington Street
Carty, P., R.U.C., 26 Galwally Park
Caruth, Dennis R., B.A., 13 Lombard Street
Caruth, D., & Co., waterproof cover manufacturers, 10 May Street Little
Caruth, D., & Co., sack merchants, 61b Jonesboro' Street; res., 335 Castlereagh Road
Caruth, D. R., B.A., solicitor, 169 Newtownards Road Upper
Caruth, Frederick, 5 Graymount Park
Caruth, John, 7 Chief Street
Caruth, J. B., bookkeeper, 252 Cambrai Street
Caruth, Thomas, fitter, 650 Springfield Road
Caruth, William, 40 Graymount Drive
Caruth, W. H., 9 Knockbreda Drive
Carvell, Samuel, 281 Crumlin Road
Carvill, D., P.E. teacher, 24 Clifton Crescent
Carvill, E., teacher, 9 Ashgrove Park
Carvill, Henry, traveller, 8 Ava Avenue
Carvill, Miss Jenie, 76 Percy Street
Carswell, E., 9 Ashgrove Park
Cary, Henry T., 12 Wandsworth Road
Casement, David, 2 Baden Powell Street
Casement, Hugh, teacher, 14 Chichester Avenue
Casement, J., tram conductor, 54 Lichfield Avenue
Casement, Mrs. Ann J., 175a Agnes Street
Casement, William, 41 Abetta Parade
Casey, Charles, 80 Barnett's Road
Casey, Miss, 1 Essex Street
Casey, Mrs., 63 Glen Road
Casey, S., publican, 221 Springfield Road
Casey, S., spirit merchant, 27 Oldpark Road
Cashel, Robert, civil servant, 32 Woodvale Gardens
Cashman, D., teacher, 14 Moreland Park
Casino Confectionery Co., 253 Antrim Road
Casino Milk Bar, 42 Rosemary Street
Caskey, John, coach builder, 35 Moyola Street
Caskey, J. D., estate agent, 49 Osborne Park
Caskey, Miss May M., 26 Stranmillis Gardens
Caskey, Robert, 6 Balfour Avenue
Cassaty, M., 236 Limestone Road
Cassells, Dr., 7 Knockbreda Gardens
Cassells, E., 179 Orby Drive
Cassells, George, agent, 63 Waring Street
Cassells, Jas., inspector, 75 Ulsterville Gardens
Cassells, John, 90 Whitewell Road
Cassells, Joseph, grocer, 171-173 Donegall Road
Cassells, Jos., grocer, 57 Donegall Avenue
Cassells, Jos., grocer, 333 Donegall Road; res., 48 Balmoral Avenue
Cassells, J., confectioner, 167 Donegall Road
Cassells, J. H., grocer, 30 Delhi Parade
Cassells, Miss, grocer, 12 Christopher Street
Cassells, Thomas, 51 Sandown Road
Cassells, Wm., grocer, 229 Donegall Road
Cassidy, Alex., 37 Newington Avenue
Cassidy, Francis, sign fitter, 3 Depot Terrace, Shore Road
Cassidy, F., picture framer, 137 Agnes Street
Cassidy, James, grocer, 72 Butler Street
Cassidy, James, missioner, 345 Donegall Road
Cassidy, John, shoe maker, 205 Ligoniel Road
Cassidy, John, baker, 347 Donegall Road
Cassidy, John, bread server, 8 Edinburgh Street
Cassidy, J., publican, 63 Cliftonpark Avenue
Cassidy, J., tailor, 69 Joy Street
Cassidy, J. E., 16 Cromac Street
Cassidy, Michael, publican, 24-26 York Road
Cassidy, Miss, 441 Crumlin Road
Cassidy, Miss C., 11 Merkland Street
Cassidy, Miss Mary, 4 Dawson Street
Cassidy, Mrs., 70 Newington Avenue
Cassidy, Mrs. Alice, 34 Newington Avenue
Cassidy, Mrs. Rosetta, 93 Richardson Street
Cassidy, Mrs. R., 44 Joy Street
Cassidy, Mrs. T. E., 57 Ligoniel Road
Cassidy, Patrick, 21 St. James's Drive
Cassidy, P., grocer, 421 Crumlin Road
Cassidy, Samuel, clerk, 19 Irwin Avenue
Cassidy, Thomas, 10 Rosemount Gardens
Cassidy, V. E., cashier, 70a Ligoniel Road
Cassidy, William, 160 Ainsworth Avenue
Cassidy, Wm., manager, 14 Cadogan Park
Casson, D., clerk, 40 University Avenue
Casson, Mrs. F., 48 Dromore Street
Casson, O., driver, 69 Carlingford Street
Casson, William V. G., P.O., 67 Kensington Road
Casson, W. T., draughtsman, 20 Earlswood Road
Castle, J. B., 5 Westland Gardens
Casstles, James C., marine engineer, 8 Myrtlefield Park
Castell, F. G., civil servant, 60 Agincourt Avenue
Castellano, Norman, bus conductor, 58 Priory Park
Castellans, George, confectioner, 60 Ladas Drive
Castle Buildings Ltd., Fashion Specialists, 10-12 Castle Place
Castle Cinema, 82-86 Castlereagh Road
Castle Clothing & Supply Co., 72 (13) Castle Street
Castle Drapery (The), 77 Castlereagh Road
Castle Dye Works, Ltd., 67 Castle Street and Branches
Castle Filling Station (The), 728 Shore Road
Castle, George E., seedsman, 7 Orby Road
Castle, John P., clerk, 27 Manna Grove
Castle, Mrs. Louisa, 19 Beersbridge Road
Castle Pharmacy, 654-656 Antrim Road
Castle Pram and Toy House Ltd., 10 Fountain Lane
Castle Private Enquiry Agency, The, 61 (3) Castle Street
Castle, S. W. E., clerk, Oakfield House, Jocelyn Gardens
Castlereagh Dispensary, 195 Templemore Avenue
Castlereagh Laundry & Bell's Dye Works, Redcar Street
Castlereagh Mission Hall, Knockbreda Road
Castles, J. B., soap manufacturer, 9 Westland Drive
Castles, Miss, 52 Windsor Road
Castles, Miss M., 36 Hardcastle Street
Castles, Mrs., 50 Southport Street
Castles, Mrs. C., 83 Agincourt Avenue
Castles, Mrs. Lydia, draper and house furnisher, 231-233 Ligoniel Road and Legland Street
Castles, Mrs. L. R., Nevara, Chichester Park
Castles, Stanley H., engineer, 23 Nendrum Gardens
Castles, Victor, 183 Ligoniel Road
Castles, W., joiner, 106 Joanmount Park
Castleton Presbyterian Church, York Road
Caswell, Jos., fruiterer, 163 Donegall Road
Catchpole, H. J., solicitor, 6 Arthur Street; res., 391 Newtownards Road Upper
Cater, A., ladies' outfitter, 34 Peter's Hill
Cater, F. W., manager, 5 Newtownards Road Upper
Caters, Nat., driver, 25 Kilronan Street
Cathcart, Andrew, lorry driver, 24 Empire Street
Cathcart, Chas., sergt. R.U.C., 15 Westway Drive
Cathcart, C. G., suptd., 34 St. John's Park
Cathcart, F., cutter, 39 Claremont Street
Cathcart, George, 1 St. Alban's Gardens
Cathcart, Henry, & Co., steeplejacks, Roseiti, Lisburn Road
Cathcart, James, wood turner, 103 Ainsworth Avenue
Cathcart, John, painter, 52 Graymount Drive
Cathcart, John, home bakery, 1 Ardoyne Road
Cathcart, Dr. Kathleen, 64 Newtownards Road Upper
Cathcart, Dr. Kathleen, 8 Kirkliston Drive
Cathcart, May, hairdresser, 307 Newtownards Road Upper
Cathcart, Miss, 6 Sandymount Street
Cathcart, Miss Mary, 52 Gainsborough Drive
Cathcart, Miss Mary, grocer and confectioner, 134 Silvio Street
Cathcart, Mrs., 7 Ardenlee Parade
Cathcart, Mrs., 1 Richmond Park (Finaghy)
Cathcart, Mrs., 113 Malone Road
Cathcart, Mrs., 272 Cambrai Street
Cathcart, Mrs., 57 Irwin Crescent
Cathcart, Mrs. A., 143 Dunluce Avenue
Cathcart, Mrs. Charlotte, 4 Silvio Street
Cathcart, Mrs. Isobel, 4 Hampton Park
Cathcart, Mrs. Mary, 36 Windsor Avenue Lower
Cathcart, Mrs. Sarah, 16 Campbell Park Avenue
Cathcart, M., ladies' and children's outfitter, 45 Fountain Street
Cathcart, M., driver, 6 Ashfield Gardens
Cathcart, P., Ltd., furniture manufacturers, 11-15 William Street
Cathcart, S., 17 Irwin Drive
Cathcart, Thomas U., coppersmith, 8 Hesketh Park
Cathcart, William, postman, 41 Annadale Street
Cathcart, W. J., 842 Crumlin Road
Cathedral Book Stores, 18 Gresham Street
Cathers, Robert, joiner, 75 Carlington Street
Catherson, R. J. R., R.N., 23 Carlisle Street
Catherwood, H. A. C., sand merchant, 22-30 Hopefield Avenue
Catherwood, H. E., 66 King's Road
Catherwood, H. M. S., 783 Antrim Road
Catherwood, James, engineer, 98 University Street
Catherwood, James, engineer, 40 Ava Avenue
Catherwood, James, traveller, 81 Sicily Park
Catherwood, Miss, 34 Ava Avenue
Catholic Apostolic Church, 36 Cromwell Road
Catholic Art Society, 34 Berry Street
Catholic Book Co., 6 Berry Street
Catholic Book Co., 10 Royal Avenue
Catholic Seamen's Institute, 49 Dock Street
Catney, George, 19 Prim Street
Catney, H., salesman, 12 Campbell Park Avenue
Catney, R., 19 Eastleigh Crescent
Catterson, John, R.U.C., 310 Donegall Road
Caughan, A., engineer, 29 Florenceville Avenue
Caughey, Alex., butcher, 57 Albert Bridge Road
Caughey, David, flesher, 257 Queen Street North
Caughey, David, butcher, 204 Crumlin Road
Caughey, David, clerk, 83 Euston Street
Caughey, David, butcher, 428 Crumlin Road
Caughey, David, butcher, 77 Lansdowne Road
Caughey, D., 249 Queen Street North
Caughey, D., butcher, 119 Antrim Road
Caughey, John, 22 Ponsonby Avenue
Caughey, John, plater, 68 Haypark Avenue
Caughey, J., 47 Parkgate Avenue
Caughey, Miss M. E., 101 University Avenue
Caughey, Miss S., 9 Belmont Road
Caughey. Mrs., 214 Newtownards Road Upper
Caughey, Mrs. Annie, 26 Woodvale Road
Caughey, Mrs. A., 18 Shore Road
Caughey, Mrs. Margaret, 10 Woodstock Road
Caughey, Mrs. Margaret. 134 Tennent Street
Caughey, Mrs. S., 12 Allworthy Avenue
Caughey, Mrs. S., 230 Beersbridge Road
Caughey, Robert B., 83 Mountcollyer Street
Caughey, T., 9 Dub Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Caughey, Dr. T., M.Sc., 51 Wellington Park
Caughey, William, 27 Somerton Gardens
Caughey, W. S., clerk, 8 Ferguson Drive
Caughey, W. T., traveller, 24 Queensberry Park
Caughey, ?, butcher, 204 Crumlin Road
Caughley, N., engineer, 33 Orient Gardens
Caughley, Wm., cabinet maker, 3a Henry Street Little
Caul, James, Granville, Lisburn Road
Caul, J., clerk, 76 Roden Street
Caul, J. D., 25 Clanchattan Street
Caul, R. J., suptd., 44 Shaftesbury Avenue
Caul, S. E., agent, 103 Donnybrook Street
Caul, Wm., agent, 352 Lisburn Road
Caulfield, David, conductor, 74 Ballygomartin Road
Caulfield, James, boot maker, 147 McDonnell Street
Caulfield, James, boot repairer, 163 Cromac Street
Caulfield, James H., 34 Thorndale Avenue
Caulfield, Miss M. E., bakery, 340 Shankill Road
Caulfield, M., 11 Agincourt Avenue
Caulfield, S., boot maker, 48 Brougham Street
Cautley, Chas., civil servant, 729a Lisburn Road
Cavan, Jos., engineer, 33 Willowfield Street
Cavan, Mrs. A., 49 Belmont Road
Cavan, Robert, traveller, 212 Stranmillis Road
Cavan, Robert, agent, 3 Cliftonville Avenue
Cavan, R., agent and factor, 40 Foreman Street
Cavan, Stanley, com. traveller, 106 Tyndale Park
Cavan, T., printer, 50 Fitzroy Avenue
Cavanagh, Eric, driver, 64 Cooke Street
Cavanagh, Edward, publican, 93 Millfield
Cavanagh, E., publican, 20 St. Jude's Avenue
Cavanagh, E. C., chartered accountant, (67-68) Donegall Square West
Cavanagh, J., M.B., B.Ch., 39 Falls Road and 2 Waterford Street
Cavanagh, Mrs. N., Mountclare, Glen Road
Cavanan, P., dealer, 92 and 98 Albert Street
Cavanan, Dr. P. J., surgery, Main Street, Greencastle
Cavehill Bowling and Lawn Tennis Co. Ltd., Cavehill Road Old
Cavehill Kindergarten and Preparatory School, 164 Cavehill Road
Cavehill P.E. School, Ballysillan Road
Cavehill Post Office, 694 Antrim Road
Cavendish Furniture Co. Ltd., House Furnishers, 20 Donegall Place. T.A.: "Cavenfurn, Belfast"
Caves, Miss Mary, 22 Oceanic Avenue
Caves, Robert H., manager, 31 Cranmore Gardens
Cavin, Robt. H., fitter, 299 Albert Bridge Road
Caw, R., caretaker, 24 Middlepath Street
Cawfield & Malcolm, weighing machine makers, 5-8 Smithfield Market
Cawfield, Thomas, publican, 229 Grosvenor Road
Cawfield, Wm., fitter, 57 Skegoneill Avenue
C. & C. Motor Works, automobile engineers, 15 Adelaide Street
Cecil (The), hairdressing saloon, 287 Shankill Road
Cecile, Maison, ladies' hairdresser, 28 Peter's Hill
Cecile, M., ladies' hairdresser, 12 Bridge Street East
Cecile, hairdresser, 170a York Street
Cecile, ladies' hairdresser, 93 Castle Street
Celiste, drapers, 143 Oldpark Road
Cellon, Mrs. (Kingston-on-Thames), depot, 73 King Street
Cement Marketing Co. Ltd., 101 Corporation Square
Central Accident Claims Bureau, 2 (25-26) Donegall Square East
Central Agency Ltd., thread manufacturers, 40 Rosemary Street
Central Belfast Picture Theatre, Ltd., 18-20 Smithfield
Central Boot Co., 107 Donegall Street
Central Boot and Shoe Repairers, 5 May Street
Central Catholic Club, 123 Royal Avenue
Central Chemical Co., 56 Brown Street
Central Filling Station, 29 Bank Street
Central Fruit Market, 83 Castle Street
Central Furnishing Co., House Furnishers, 168 North Street
Central Hotel and Bar, 165-167 Victoria Street
Central Leather and Footwear Stores, 35 Donegall Street
Central Manufacturing Co., 29-31 King Street
Central Merchants, Ltd., builders' and plumbers' merchants, 5 Queen Street Upper
Central Motor Vehicle Co., 31 King Street
Central Music Store, 17 Gresham Street
Central Nurses' Home, 69 Botanic Avenue
Central Presbyterian Association Assembly's Buildings, 45-47 Howard Street
Central Radio Store, 14 North Street Arcade
Central Retteries Ltd., 309-335 Crumlin Road (Works at Armoy)
Central Translations Institute, 27 Prudential Chambers, 1 Wellington Place
Central Window Cleaning Co., 29 Howard Street
Century Insurance Co. Ltd., 58 Howard Street
Cerebos Ltd., Station Street
Cetgood, R., 24 Denorrton Park (Getgood?)
Chadburn's Ship Telegraph Co. Ltd., 39 Donegall Quay
Chaine, Wm., D.L., Cairncastle Lodge, Larne
Chalk, E. O., 13 Lowwood Park
Chalker, Herbert, 5 Dunlambert Avenue
Chalmers, F., 67 Martinez Avenue
Chalmers, Geo. H., works supt., 33 Sunningdale Park
Chalmers, Wm., traveller, 20 Harcourt Drive
Chamber of Commerce; Flax Supply Association; Flax Spinners' Association, Ltd.; Irish Powerloom Manufacturers' Association; Linen Merchants' Association, N. R. Whitham, secty., Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Chamberlain, Richard, gardener, Stranmillis Road
Chamberlain, R. de B., 539 Newtownards Road Upper
Chamberlain, R. H., surveyor, Longsight, Finaghy Road South
Chamberlain St. Iron Foundry, Chamberlain Street
Chamberlain, W. R., harbour constable, 21 Northwood Drive
Chambers, Alex., painter, 96 Joanmount Park
Chambers, Alex., 15 Sunbury Avenue
Chambers, Annie, 29 Burmah Street
Chambers, A., R.U.C., 53 Ravenhill Avenue
Chambers, A., dairy, 28 Sandy Row
Chambers, E. H., 16 Cyprus Gardens
Chambers, E. V., 22 Cabin Hill Gardens
Chambers, Francis, 56 Sydenham Park
Chambers, Frederick, musician, 10 Ethel Street
Chambers, George, 40 Castleview Road
Chambers, Geo., foreman, 158 Beersbridge Road
Chambers, G., 32 Florida Drive
Chambers, G. F., Ltd., Wholesale Tobacconists, 26-28 Berry Street and 38 Wellington Place
Chambers, Hugh, 36 Rosetta Park
Chambers, H., engineer, Cinneboyne, Lisburn Road
Chambers, I., driver, 128 Woodstock Road
Chambers, John, 45 Castle Hill Road
Chambers, John, furniture manufacturer, 39 Orpen Road
Chambers, John A., 19 Cranmore Park
Chambers, Joseph, 118 Ashley Avenue
Chambers, Jos., bread server, 54 My Lady's Road
Chambers, J., ladies' hairdresser, 108 Oldpark Road
Chambers, J., bread server, 114 Ardenlee Avenue
Chambers, J. A., motor assessor, 34 Arthur Street
Chambers, J. A., M.Inst.A.A., consulting engineer, 53 Donegall Place
Chambers, Miss, 11 Neill's Hill Park
Chambers, Miss A., 17 Willowholme Street
Chambers, Miss Elizabeth, 173 Madrid Street
Chambers, Miss G., 516 Antrim Road
Chambers, Miss Violet, 40 Bloomfield Avenue
Chambers, Mrs., 18 Castlereagh Street
Chambers, Mrs., 9 Windsor Park
Chambers, Mrs., 53 Ashley Avenue
Chambers, Mrs. Ellen, 60 Somerton Road
Chambers, Mrs. E., 624 Oldpark Road
Chambers, Mrs. E. R., 113 Ligoniel Road
Chambers, Mrs. J., 99 Cregagh Road
Chambers, Mrs. M., 4 Harberton Park
Chambers & McWatters, Automobile Engineers, 14-24 Agincourt Avenue
Chambers, Robt., conductor, 49-51 Belmont Street
Chambers, R., 9 Cyprus Gardens
Chambers, R. M., M.I.Mech.E., Locksley Drive
Chambers, R. T., manager, 6 Thirlmere Gardens
Chambers, Samuel, 4 (2) Cliftonpark Avenue
Chambers, S., bread server, 186 Ravenhill Avenue
Chambers, S., 30 Strandview Street
Chambers, S. R., teacher, 27 Cranmore Avenue
Chambers, T. J., motor hirer, 46 Florenceville Avenue
Chambers, T. S., director, 21 Slievemoyne Park
Chambers, William, 10 Edlingham Street
Chambers, Wm., director, 15 Salisbury Gardens
Chambers, Wm. J., Automobile Engineer and Hirer, 104-108 Donegall Pass and 6-24 Charlotte Street Little. T.A.: "Fastmote, Belfast"
Chambers, Wm. J., carter, 66 Torrens Crescent
Chambers, W., tobacconist, 125 Shankhill Road
Chambers, W. R., 7 Kensington Gardens South
Chamber's Garage, Lisburn Road
Chamney, Thomas, 19 Cherryvalley Park
Champion, H., 27 Ethel Street
Chanceller, Geo., traveller, 54 Agincourt Avenue
Chancellor Bros., linen merchants, 32 Arthur Street
Chancellor, Miss Ellen, 57 Beit Street
Chancellor, Mrs. Ellen, 3 Wellwood Street
Chancellor, Samuel, linen merchant, 7 Ravenhill Avenue
Chandler, Fred., 30 Abetta Parade
Chandler, R. A., R.U.C., 42 Gainsborough Drive
Chandler, W. P., 34 Sunningdale Park
Chapel, J., draughtsman, 1Sunbury Avenue
Chaplow, J. W., R.A.F., 19 Joanmount Drive
Chapman, Cecil E., dentist, 34 Shaftesbury Square
Chapman, C., electrician, 353 Cregagh Street
Chapman & Co., steel constructional engineers, Sydenham Road
Chapman, Ernest, fitter, 2 McClure Street
Chapman, George, fireman, 403 Castlereagh Road
Chapman, Gilbert J., J.P., 428 Oldpark Road
Chapman, James, dentist, 34 Shaftesbury Square
Chapman, Lewis, taxi proprietor, 57 Paris Street
Chapman, Martha, stationer, 75-77 Collyer Street
Chapman, Mary E., confectioner, 40 Belmont Toad
Chapman, Mrs., 354 Donegall Road
Chapman, Mrs., 182 Malone Road
Chapman, Mrs., 28 Yarrow Street
Chapman, Mrs., 22 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Chapman, Mrs., 12 Bawnmore Road
Chapman, Mrs. L. E., 3 Cambourne Park
Chapman, P., 52 Ligoniel Road
Chapman, Robert, 122 Deramore Avenue
Chapman, Robert, 196 Cregagh Road
Chapman, Robert, joiner, 25 Roseleigh Street
Chapman, R., boot maker, 151 Lodge Road Old
Chapman, T., grocer, 182 Sandy Row
Chapman, T., tailor, 69-71 Denmark Street
Chapman, Victor, 206 Tate's Avenue
Chapman, W. C., foreman, 51 Haddington Gardens
Chapman, W. J., dentist, 115 Victoria Street Great
Chapman, W. M., 12 Belmont Place
Chapple, R. C., hairdresser, 17 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Charles, John, foreman, 196 Ravenhill Avenue
Charles, John F., manager, Eastlea, Manna Grove
Charles, J., nurseryman, 1 Hinsdale Park
Charles, J., engineer, 85 Station Road
Charles, Mrs. Margaret, 194 Limestone Road
Charles, S. J., buyer, 23 Orby Gardens
Charles, T. E., 34 Onslow Parade
Charles, fashion specialist, 107 Royal Avenue
Charlesson, John F., journalist, 7 Lansdowne Road
Charlesson, M. G., F.C.I.S., 102 Sandown Road
Charlesson, Richard W., bookkeeper, 165 Templemore Avenue
Charlesson, Richard W., director, 70 King's Road
Charlesworth, Professor J. K., Queen's University, 19 Rugby Road
Charleton, Geo., newsagent, 35 Clonard Street
Charleton, Mrs. C., 31 South Parade
Charley & Co., tobacconists, 12 Donegall Square West
Charlotte Street Mission Hall, 13 Charlotte Street
Charlton Bros., hemstitchers, 128 Joy Street
Charlton, D., traveller, 189 Falls Road
Charlton, D. H., 30 Sandhill Gardens
Charlton, F. H., 6 Rugby Parade
Charlton, G. W., stores, 251a Shore Road
Charlton, I., linen manufacturer, 19 North Parade
Charlton, John W., 35 Lansdowne Park
Charlton, J. R., fruiterer, 119 North Street
Charlton, Samuel G., 10 Ailesbury Road
Charlton, W. C., manager, 3 Finaghy Park North
Charlwood, Arthur, comp., 83 Roseleigh Street
Charman, A., clerk, 4 Glenbrook Avenue
Charnock Bros., & Co. Ltd., oil distillers and grease manufacturers, 19-21 Scrabo Street
Chartered Surveyors' Institution Northern Ireland Branch, 7 College Square North
Charteris, Kathleen, confectioner, 93 Bridge End
Charters, Alfred J., 465 Newtownards Road Upper
Charters, Mrs. Sarah, 40a Castlereagh Place
Charters, S. A., 108 Grand Parade (Bloomfield South)
Charters, S. A., fruiterer, 110 Grand Parade (Bloomfield Section)
Charters, S. A., 109 Grand Parade
Chase, A., bank official, 80 Marlborough Park Central
Chase, George, compositor, 28 Penrose Street
Chase, Miss Anna, 34 Shandon Park
Chase, Miss E. M., 226 Stranmillis Road
Chase, Mrs. N., 27 Joanmount Drive
Chasty, James, postman, 193 Connsbrook Avenue
Chatfield, M., building contractor, 4 Innisfayle Road
Chatt, Percy, engineer, 18 Donegall Street Little
Cheater, Isaac, fitter, 32 Greenville Road
Cheater, R., 171 Newtownards Road Upper
Cheater, William, blacksmith, 40 The Mount
Cheater, W., plater, 10 Finvoy Street
Cheavers, William, 77 Euston Street
Checksfield, R., piano tuner, 63 Farnham Street
Cheetham, K. B., R.A.F., 14 Clonaver Crescent
Cherrington, Major E. G., 67 Maryville Park
Cherry, Alexander, postman, 64 Hatfield Street
Cherry, Eric, manager, 25 Ladas Drive
Cherry, E., 3 (2) Mountcharles
Cherry, Fredk., 76 Earlswood Road
Cherry, H., salesman, 65 Chadwick Street
Cherry, James, inspector, 650 Crumlin Road
Cherry, John D., physician and surgeon, 10 Belmont Church Road
Cherry, J. H., 7 Dubb Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Cherry, J. H., 17 Loopland Park
Cherry, Miss M., 330 Cregagh Road
Cherry, Samuel, 13 Mount Prospect Park
Cherry, Thomas, 20 Kilburn Street
Cherry, William, 110 Deramore Avenue
Cherry, W., grocer, 117 Disraeli Street
Cheshire, Jas., carrier, 13 Blythe Street
Chesney, Charlotte, 98 Newtownards Road Upper
Chesney. Miss M., 202 Ravenhill Avenue
Chesney, W., caretaker, 39 (7-8) Castle Lane
Chester Bar (The), 13 Chichester Street
Chestnut, Robert, 20 Deacon Street
Chestnutt, Jas. A., 231 Belmont Road
Chestnutt, Joseph, engineer, 8 Hesketh Road
Chestnutt, Rev. Wm., M.A., 9 Dundela Gardens
Chesty, Orlando J., carter, 4 Chesham Crescent
Chetham, Mrs. A. W., 25 Rosapenna Parade
Chew, Arthur J., secretary and accountant, 280 Stranmillis Road
Cheyne, J. D., B.A., 16 Harberton Avenue
Cheyne, Mrs., 12 Geneva Gardens
Cheyne, Mrs., 71 Balmoral Avenue
Chibnall, F., 6 Ashgrove Park
Chichester Park Nursery, Chichester Park
Chichester Tennis Club, Salisbury Avenue
Childe, R. P., agent, 8 Corporation Street; res., 3 Glastonbury Avenue
Children's Welfare Hall, 17 Tenth Street
Childs, Edmond, 21 Holland Crescent
Childs, Mrs., 11 Bandon Terrace
China Inland Mission - F. McCarthy, secretary, 23 Rugby Road
Chinnery, W. E., bank official, 19 Cooldarragh Park North
Chiplin, Mrs., 13 Ardgreenan Gardens
Chipp, Mrs., 122 Malone Road
Chippendale, Robt., clerk, 10 St. John's Parade
Chisholm, John P., 72 Belmont Church Road
Chisholm, Mrs., 6 Sandford Avenue
Chisholm, W., manufacturers' agent, 7 Strandview Street
Chisholm, W. J., agent, 21 College Street
Chism, R. G., 11a Wellington Park Avenue
Chittick, Mrs. D., 20 Maryville Park
Chittick, Mrs. Mary, 1 Lorne Street
Chittick, W. J., driver, 80 Cheviot Avenue
Chittick, W. K., clerk, 87 Cheviot Avenue
Chivers, Henry, linen lapper, 17 Lisburn Road
Chivers, James, fitter, 16 Ravenhill Avenue
Chivers, J., butcher, 20 Irwin Avenue
Chivers, Wm., tenter, 49 Portallo Street
Chloride Electrical Storage Co. Ltd. (The), battery manufacturers, 1 Franklin Street
Christ Church, College Square North
Christian, Alexander, 18 Summer Hill Park
Christian Arts Guild, 3 College Square North
Christian Brethren Meeting House, Apsley Street
Christian Brothers, 35 Crumlin Road
Christian Brothers' Junior Technical School, 8-20 Hardinge Street
Christian, George, clerk, 40 Sydenham Gardens
Christian, James, saddler, 3 St. James's Street
Christian Meeting House, 16a Wellesley Avenue
Christian, Miss M., music teacher, 27 Ship Street
Christian, Miss M. A., 4 Shrewsbury Gardens
Christian, Mrs. M. J., 37 Rathdrum Street
Christian, M., 52 Whitewell Crescent
Christian, W. M., 334 Ormeau Road
Christie, Alex., loom mounter, 89 Ulsterville Gardens
Christie, A. E. T., 48 Shandon Park
Christie, F., bookkeeper, 75 Cheviot Avenue
Christie, Henry James, 3 Balmoral Gardens
Christie, H. J., agent, 18 King Street
Christie, James, plumber, 132 Agnes Street
Christie, James, 80 Sandhurst Drive
Christie, Jane, 16 Sydenham Avenue
Christie, John, secretary, 388 Ravenhill Road
Christie, John Gordon, 10 Thornhill Crescent
Christie, J., 8 Fairview Street
Christie, J. D., foreman, 52 Cliftondene Gardens
Christie, Miss, 12 Stranmillis Park
Christie, Miss Elizabeth, 3 Deerpark Drive
Christie, Mrs., 29 Meadow Street
Christie, Mrs., 53 Tate's Avenue
Christie, Mrs., 1 Kirklowe Drive
Christie, Mrs. A., 156 Woodstock Road
Christie, Mrs. E., 22 Salisbury Street
Christie, Mrs. Mary, 59 Lisburn Road
Christie, Mrs. Matilda, 11 Glantane Street
Christie, Mrs. M., 35 Cranmore Avenue
Christie, Mrs. R. C., 32 Ravenhill Park
Christie, Robert, grocer, 31 London Street
Christie, Robert, cutter, 844 Crumlin Road
Christie, R., 505 Newtownards Road Upper
Christie, R., building contractor, 53 Donegall Place
Christie, R., painter, 8 Abbeydale Gardens
Christie, R., wallpaper merchant, 188 Crumlin Road
Christie, R., 12 Somerdale Park
Christie, S., 7 Marsden Gardens
Christie, S., 45 Lowwood Park
Christie, S., joiner, 7 Marsden Gardens
Christie, Thomas, 17 Ravenhill Parade
Christie, T., tobacconist, 187 York Street
Christie, Valentine, grocer, 7 York Street
Christie, William, merchant, 6 Abbeydale Gardens
Christie, Wm., butcher, 4 Ravenscroft Avenue
Christie, W., 32 Castleview Road
Christie, W., butcher, 54 Oakland Avenue
Christie, W., engineer, 55 Wheatfield Crescent
Christie, W. A., 41 Pretoria Street
Christie, W. J., & Sons, contractors, 55 Tate's Avenue
Christie, W. T., 63 Beechfield Street
Christies, wallpaper merchants. 190-192 York Street
Christy, H., 28 Earl Lane
Christy, Mrs., Martello, Finaghy Road South
Christy, S. & Co., laundry engineers, 9 Bruce Street
Christy, W. G., fitter, 68 Hesketh Park
Church Army Work Aid and Lodging Home, firewood dealers, 60-64 Oldpark Road
Church of Ireland Mission Hall, 4-10 Kenilworth Street
Church of Ireland "Rescue League" House, 3 Woodland Avenue
Church of Ireland Trustees, secretary, G. Boyd Harris, A.C.A., 10 May Street
Church of Ireland Women Workers' Settlement (The), 8-10 Cliftonville Avenue
Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, 20 Donegall Square East; sports club, pavilion, and grounds, Circular Road, Strandtown
Church Lads' Brigade Headquarters, Hewitt Memorial Buildings, 20 Donegall Square East
Church Missionary Society, 10 May Street
Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, 1 Clonard Gardens
Churchill Building Works, 9a Churchill Street
Cinema Car Park, 150 Holywood Road
Cinnamond, A., engineer, 382 Castlereagh Road
Cinnamond, C., conductor, 30 Eliza Street
Cinnamond & Co., estate agents, valuators and auctioneers, 83 Dublin Road
Cinnamond, Edward, butcher, Finaghy Road North
Cinnamond, George, 79 Killowen Street
Cinnamond, John, manager, 432 Castlereagh Road
Cinnamond, J., clerk, 83 Cedar Avenue
Cinnamond, J. H., clerk, 14 Somerton Park
Cinnamond, J. H., 24 Lyndhurst Gardens
Cinnamond, J. P., J.P., 19 Rosetta Parade
Cinnamond, Mary, 18 Meadowbank Place
Cinnamond, Mrs. J. M., 33 Clara Park
Cinnamond Recreation Club, 31a Cinnamond Street
Cinnamond, Walter, 58 Torrens Crescent
Cinnamond, Wm., motorman, 59 Alexandra Park Avenue
Citadel Hemstitching Co., 38 Dublin Road
City Bakery Co. (Belfast), Ltd., 27-33 Ardilea Street
City Brick and Terra-Cotta Co. Ltd., Limestone Road, Head Office, Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East
City Brush Co. Ltd., 78 Castle Street
City Buildings Works, 38 College Street and 36a College Lane East
City Commissioner's Office, Chichester Street
City Frame Co., 15 Talbot Street
City Hibernian Club, 135 (1) Donegall Street
City Ices Co., 127 Lodge Road Old
City Mission, Fisherwick Place
City of Belfast Y.M.C.A., 12 Wellington Place
City of Glasgow Friendly and Approved Society, 1 Queen Street North and 1 Mount Street (No. 2)
City of Liverpool and District Hide, Skin and Fat Co. Ltd., 8-10 Annette Street and 2b Turnley Street
City Transport Co., 19a Chapel Lane
Clague, A. R., engineer, 233 Orby Drive
Clan Asbestos and Rubber Co. (The), 11 Chichester Street
Clancey, James, seaman, 84 Corporation Street
Clancy, H. S., 11 Skegoneill Avenue
Clanulad Club, 118a Leeson Street
Claremont Nursing Home, 15-17 Claremont Street
Clarence Clothing Co. Ltd., 3 Clarence Street and 16 Genoa Street
Clarence Engineering Co. Ltd., auto engineers, Tate's Avenue
Clarence Finishing Co. Ltd., 205-219 Durham Street
Clarendon Garage, 3 Henry Street Little
Clarendon, V. F., director, 1 Deramore Park
Clark, Alfred, tailor, 677 Crumlin Road
Clark, A. M., tailor, 380 Ravenhill Road
Clark, Benigous?, teacher, 432 Falls Road
Clark, B., soldier, 5 Havelock Street
Clark, B. H., 10 Cliftondene Crescent
Clark, C., 208 Cregagh Street
Clark, C. W., engineer, 5 Strathmore Park South
Clark, Donald, plater, 38 Martinez Avenue
Clark, Duncan, R.U.C., 35 Grand Parade
Clark, Dr., 28 Wheatfield Gardens
Clark, George, electrician, 13 Grand Parade
Clark, G., fitter, 88 Loopland Park
Clark, Hans, bread server, 48 Jocelyn Street
Clark, Henry, 23 Castle Arcade
Clark, H., florist, 55 Lansdowne Road
Clark, H. F., 61 Knockvale Park
Clark, John, fitter, 39 Fernwood Street
Clark, John C., joiner, 18 Greenville Road
Clark, J., poster writer, 410 Castlereagh Road
Clark, J., sewing machine merchant, Franklin Street Place
Clark, J. G., plumber, 231 Spamount Street
Clark, J. H., relieving officer, 27 Wolseley Street
Clark, J. W., 489 Newtownards Road Upper
Clark, Marcus, 14 Bedeque Street
Clark, Miss D. E., 26 University Avenue
Clark, Miss L. E., 7 Cranmore Gardens
Clark, Mrs., 60 Sandown Road
Clark, Mrs., 63 Willowfield Street
Clark, Mrs., 2 Curzon Street
Clark, Mrs. A., 25 Skegoneill Avenue
Clark, Mrs. Mary, 160 Divis Street
Clark, Mrs. Susan, supper saloon, 11-13 Colligan Street
Clark, Mrs. S., 54 Balfour Avenue
Clark, Percy, buyer, 46 Taunton Avenue
Clark, Richard, 16 Perth Street
Clark, Robert, joiner, 48 Hardcastle Street
Clark, Robert R., 7 Ormiston Drive
Clark, R., driver, 10 Connsbrook Avenue
Clark, R. A., R.U.C., 215 Ballygomartin Road
Clark, Rev. R. G., 58 Ravenhill Park
Clark, R. M., M.B., B.Ch., 35 Myrtlefield Park
Clark, R. S., & Sons, Ltd., merchant tailors, 34 Arthur Street
Clark, Samuel, 269 Cavehill Road
Clark, Samuel, 43 Graymount Park
Clark, Samuel J., 46 Shandon Park
Clark, Samuel W., moulder, 34 Florida Drive
Clark, Seymour, clerk, 148 Joanmount Gardens
Clark, Sidney, printer, 35 Delhi Parade
Clark, S. M., draper, 110 North Street
Clark, Thomas, linen lapper, 4 Curzon Street
Clark, Thomas, 84 Knock Eden Park
Clark, Wm., salesman, 26 Jocelyn Street
Clark, Wm., & Sons, Ltd., Linen Manufacturers, Bleachers, Dyers and Finishers, 18 Bedford Street - J. S. Williamson, Belfast, Manager; works at Upperlands
Clark, W. J., 2 Walnut Street
Clark, W. J., 357 Springfield Road
Clark's Ltd., outfitters, 88 Ann Street
Clarke, Alex., 117 Marlborough Park South
Clarke, Arthur, Ingledene, Everton Drive
Clarke, A., 3 Thornhill Crescent
Clarke, A., 10? Malone Avenue
Clarke, A., joiner, 36 Ravenhill Avenue
Clarke, A., 12 Ardpatrick Gardens
Clarke, C. & J., Ltd., shoe manufacturers, Riddels Arcade
Clarke, C. W., Sunbrae, Lisburn Road
Clarke, Daniel, 87 Denmark Street
Clarke, Daniel, R.U.C., 18 Silverstream Park
Clarke, David, tobacconist, 323 Albert Bridge Road
Clarke, David, plater, 31 Cheviot Avenue
Clarke, David, 139 Cambrai Street
Clarke, D., teacher, 626 Crumlin Road
Clarke, D., 47 Kansas Avenue
Clarke, D., 403 Woodstock Road
Clarke, D. A., 58 Harberton Park
Clarke, D. Lionel, 36 Myrtlefield Park
Clarke, Eccles, 127 Ardenlee Avenue
Clarke, Edward, 5 India Street
Clarke, Edward, crane man, 206 Hillman Street
Clarke, Edward, manufacturers, 55 Sandhill Gardens
Clarke, Eva, millinery, 13 Howard Street
Clarke, E., grocer, 74 Euston Street
Clarke, E. A., 11 Shrewsbury Gardens
Clarke, E. C., 47 Grangeville Gardens
Clarke, E., & Co., frock manufacturers, 10a Donegall Street
Clarke, E. J., grocer, 5 Glen Road
Clarke, E. S., Uplands, Knockbreda Road
Clarke, F., rag merchant, 84a Albert Street
Clarke, F. J., newsagent, 42 Glen Road
Clarke, F. S., 13 Strathmore Park South
Clarke, George, 129 Canning Street Upper
Clarke, George, civil servant, 56 Orby Drive
Clarke, George, traveller, 31 Hillsborough Drive
Clarke, George, clerk, 36 Kimberley Street
Clarke, George, driver, 38 Annalee Street
Clarke, George E., 327 Castlereagh Road
Clarke, Geo. W., M.B.E., J.P., 13 Cambourne Park
Clarke, Gus, 77 Antrim Road
Clarke, G., rivetter, 79 Woodvale Road
Clarke, G. A., goods agent, 90 Grosvenor Road
Clarke, G. D., LL.B., 15 Harberton Avenue
Clarke, Harold, 287 Hillman Street
Clarke, Herbert, plater's helper, 125 University Avenue
Clarke, Hubert, fitter, 16 Sefton Drive
Clarke, H., bread server, 361 Castlereagh Road
Clarke, H., outfitter, 250 Woodstock Road
Clarke, H., 117 Cupar Street
Clarke, H. A., grocer, 49 The Mount
Clark, H. D. B., 27 Harberton Park
Clark, H. G., 45 Galwally Park
Clark, Isaac, clerk, 24 Formby Park
Clark, Ivan McMaster, 55 Castle Hill Road
Clark, I. M., 416 Newtownards Road Upper
Clark, James, motor engineer, 12 Annalee Street
Clark, James, boiler maker, 66 Dee Street
Clark, James, 532 Shore Road
Clark, James, sign writer, 10 Pottinger's Entry
Clark, James, 1 Dunlambert Avenue
Clark, James A., 81 Woodvale Avenue
Clark, James J., 2a St. James's Road
Clark, Jas., electrician, 32 Ophir Gardens
Clark, Janet, 21 Pim Street
Clark, John, 61 Graymount Crescent
Clark, John, iron worker, 14 Glandore Gardens
Clark, John, 84 Oldpark Avenue
Clark, John, shipwright, 152 Orby Drive
Clark, John, fruiterer, 60 Berlin Street
Clark, John, fruiterer and confectioner, 339 Donegall Road
Clark, John, box maker, 69 Melrose Street
Clark, John, clerk, 178 Melrose Street
Clark, John, linen lapper, 23 Hoylake Park
Clark, John, 1 Osborne Avenue
Clark, John, brick layer and steeplejack, 36 Combermere Street
Clark, John, 17 Ava Drive
Clark, John, & Co. (Successors), Ltd., surgical instrument and deformity appliance manufacturers, 8 Donegall Square West
Clark, John M., tailor, 27 St. John's Park
Clark, John T., 15 Alliance Avenue
Clark, Joseph, chauffeur, 95 Balfour Avenue
Clark, J., 9 McMaster Street
Clark, J., registrar, 7 Castle Park
Clark, J., conductor, 13 Pottinger Street
Clark, J., clerk, 139 Agnes Street
Clark, J., baker, 15 Trigo Parade
Clark, J., 86 Knockbreda Road
Clark, J., draper, 158 Divis Street
Clark, J., 17 Victoria Avenue
Clark, J., 72 Bloomfield Road
Clarke, J., civil servant, 8 Hillsborough Drive
Clarke, J. A., secretary, 33 Cranmore Gardens
Clarke, J. H., clerk, 98 Sicily Park
Clarke, J. H., instrument maker, 249 Albert Bridge Road
Clarke, J. L., 33 Cabin Hill Park
Clarke, Lionel S., 36 Myrtlefield Park
Clarke, L., sergeant, R.U.C., 2 Stranmillis Gardens
Clarke, L. Maynard, 92 Sandown Road
Clarke, Miss, 286 Lodge Road Old
Clarke, Miss, bakery, 49 Albert Bridge Road
Clarke, Miss, 13 Wellington Park
Clarke, Miss A., 19-21 Chapel Lane
Clarke, Miss E., 54 Marlborough Park North
Clarke, Miss E., 3 Thorndale Avenue
Clarke, Miss E. L., 94 Marlborough Park Central
Clarke, Miss Jane, 4 Greenwood Park
Clarke, Miss K., 6 Osborne Drive
Clarke, Miss May, 433a Lisburn Road
Clarke, Miss N., 76 Osborne Drive
Clarke, The Misses, 41 Cromwell Road
Clarke, Mrs., 25 Beechlands
Clarke, Mrs., 272 Ballysillan Road
Clarke, Mrs., 21 Ridgeway Street
Clarke, Mrs., grocer, 28 Napier Street
Clarke, Mrs., 468 Ravenhill Road
Clarke, Mrs., 52 Ava Street
Clarke, Mrs., confectioner, 41 Springfield Road
Clarke, Mrs., 55 Haypark Avenue
Clarke, Mrs. A. M., 192 Newtownards Road Upper
Clarke, Mrs. E., 428 Falls Road
Clarke, Mrs. F. E., 34 University Avenue
Clarke, Mrs. K., 457 Springfield Road
Clarke, Mrs. Minnie, 69 South Parade
Clarke, Mrs. M., 62 Loopland Park
Clarke, Mrs. M., 57 Orby Road
Clarke, Mrs. M., confectioner, 10 Bridge End
Clarke, Mrs. R., 7 Clonlee Drive
Clarke, N., bookkeeper, 14 Willowholme Street
Clarke, Robert, 23 Cardigan Drive
Clarke, Robert, clerk, 17 Rochester Street
Clarke, Robert, 5 Myrtlefield Park
Clarke, Robert, driver, 39 Mount Prospect Park
Clarke, Robert, secretary, 9 Delhi Street
Clarke, Robt. B., Local Govt. auditor, 71 Myrtlefield Park
Clarke, Robert E., fitter, 107 Larkfield Road
Clarke, Robt. Ingram & Co., paint merchants, 29 Howard Street
Clarke, R., 6 Grasmere Gardens
Clarke, R., postal official, 66 Ailesbury Road
Clarke, R., Water Office official, 114 Cregagh Road
Clarke, R., newsagent, 431 Lisburn Road
Clarke, R. F., yarn merchant, 48 Malone Park and 20 Bedford Street
Clarke, R. H., 28 Shandon Park
Clarke, Samuel, publican, 553 Donegall Road
Clarke, Sarah, newsagent, 59 Castlereagh Road
Clarke & Son, Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate Agents, 39 Donegall Street
Clarke, Stephenson, and Associated Companies Ltd., coal factors, by-products, etc., 7 (112) Donegall Square West
Clarke, S., 47 Adelaide Park
Clarke, S., 32 Loopland Road
Clarke, Thomas, groundsman, 4 Donnybrook Street
Clarke, Thomas, porter, 46 Edinburgh Street
Clarke, Thomas A., 17 Pommern Parade
Clarke, Thomas K., 79 Eglantine Avenue
Clarke, Thomas R., grocer, 26 Brookland Street
Clarke, T., grocer, Lorne Street
Clarke, T., grocer, 72 Donnybrook Street
Clarke, T. J., lino operator, 28 Marsden Gardens
Clarke, T. McM., 55 Castlehill Road
Clarke, Walter, 8 Dunlambert Park
Clarke, William, 10 Posnett Street
Clarke, William, fitter, 41 Mount Merrion Park
Clarke, William, 32 Orpen Road
Clarke, William. 40 Bryson Street
Clarke, William, director, 11 Sans Souci Park
Clarke, William, 73 Percy Street
Clarke, William George, 20 Greenville Road
Clarke, Wm., cabinet maker, 20 Castlereagh Place
Clarke, Wm., inspector, 79 Victoria Avenue
Clarke, Wm., plasterer. 1 Dromore Street
Clarke, Wm. Geo., civil servant, 136 Ulsterville Avenue
Clarke, W., manufacturer, 15 Cranburn Street
Clarke, W., basket maker, 15 Wilson Street
Clarke, W., 1 Innisfayle Park
Clarke, W., seaman, 8 Sintonville Avenue
Clarke, W. E., minister, 11 Ardgreenan Crescent
Clarke, W. H., groom, 5 Dromore Street
Clarke, W. J., 80 Christopher Street
Clarke, W. J., garage, 147 Donegall Pass
Clarke, W. J., cashier. 37 Cheviot Avenue
Clarke, W. J., draper, 190 Shore Road
Clarke, W. J., merchant, Clanrye, Lisburn Road
Clarke, W. L., bank official, 26 Deramore Drive
Clarkin, Mrs., 15 Arizona Street
Clarkin, Peter, 38 Clara Park
Clarkson, Gerald H., 86 Alexandra Park Avenue
Clarson, A., linesman, 76 Killowen Street
Clarson, A. R., clerk, 19 Pommern Parade
Classic Cinema (The), 13-25 Castle Lane
Classic Cinema Cafe, 18 Castle Arcade
Classic Recreation Club, 41 Grosvenor Road
Calvin, Mrs. T., 25 Norfolk Parade
Clawson, Chas., clerk, 43 Deramore Avenue
Clawson, Mrs. M., 83 South Parade
Claxton, John, 43 Salisbury Street
Clayton, Joseph A., R.U.C., 306 Skegoneill Avenue
Clay, Mrs. Margaret, 316 Beersbridge Road
Clayton, Rev. C. H. M., M.A., 43 Wellington Park
Clayton, Mrs. Mary, 64 Posnett Street
Clealand, J., 45 Kirkliston Park
Clear, Thomas, 579 Donegall Road
Clearey, Thomas, publican, 44 Henry Street
Cleary, F., 67 Newport Street
Cleary, James, grocer, 481 Falls Road
Cleary, Kathleen, 3 Essex Street
Cleary, L., traveller, 24 Clifton Drive
Cleary, L., 52 South Parade
Cleary, Mrs., 40 May Street Little
Cleary's Medical Hall, Ltd., 12 Cromac Street
Cleaver, Fulton, & Rankin, solicitors, 62 Wellington Place
Cleaver, Lady, 11 Broomhill Park
Cleeland, Mrs. Mary, 80 Templemore Avenue
Cleeland, Thos. S., registrar of marriages, 90 Victoria Street Great
Clegg, Charles, clerk, 19 Essex Street
Clegg, Frank J. R., 72 Moyola Street
Clegg, F., manager, 26 Taunton Avenue
Clegg, F. S., manager, 73 Orby Drive
Clegg, Henry, Newmarket Lodge, Knock Road
Clegg, John, 288 Tate's Avenue
Clegg, Joseph, 94 Mountpottinger Road
Clegg, Mrs., 22 Whitewell Crescent
Clegg, Mrs. Emma, 17 Campbell Park Avenue
Clegg, Mrs. H., 435a Lisburn Road
Clegg, R., builder, 113 Mount Merrion Park
Clegg, Wm. H., 10 Orby Grove
Cleghorn, Mrs. E. A., 2 Chesham Drive
Cleghorn, Thos., 40 Castlereagh Street
Cleland, Arthur, cartage contractor, 6 George's Street
Cleland, A., 32 Green Road
Cleland, C., engineer, 5 Knockbreda Park
Cleland, E. R., chemist, 14 Kingsmere Avenue
Cleland, E. R., chemist, 251 Duncairn Gardens
Cleland, Frank, secretary, 44 Cregagh Park
Cleland, Henry, newsagent, 39 Mount Street
Cleland, Henry, 66 Swift Street
Cleland, John, tailor, 13 Lisburn Road
Cleland, John, insurance official, 19 Cyprus Park
Cleland, John, insurance inspector, 25 Inverary Drive
Cleland, John, baker, 11 Albion Street
Cleland, J., 34 Orpen Park
Cleland, J. & Son, Ltd., Printers, Paper merchants, Manufacturing Stationers, Lithographers, Bookbinders and Boxmakers, 68-72 Victoria Street Great
Cleland, Miss M., 22 Malone Park
Cleland, Mrs., 189 Holywood Road
Cleland, Mrs., 64 Knockbreda Park
Cleland & McRoberts, manufacturers agents, 12 High Street
Cleland, Osborne, 60 Hillview Avenue
Cleland, Robert, caretaker, Fisherwick Place
Cleland, Samuel, foreman, 10 Candahar Street
Cleland, William, traveller, Woodstock, Castlereagh Road
Cleland, Wm., driver, 8 Glenbrook Avenue
Cleland, Wm. W., Ltd., Letterpress Printers and Lithographers, Cullingtree Street and Fox Row
Cleland, W., 14 Ravenhill Road
Cleland, W. J., conductor, 36 Auburn Street
Cleland's Recreation Hall, 21 Earl Lane and 14 Fleet Street
Clelland, J. G., Brooklands, Barnett's Road
Clelland, Mrs., 94 Tower Street
Clelland, Mrs., 11 Whitewell Crescent
Clelland, Mrs., 56 Connsbrook Avenue
Clelland, Mrs. E., 33 Dover Street
Clelland, T., meter inspector, 84 Haywood Avenue
Clements, A. M., 37 Ulsterville Avenue
Clements, Henry, manager, 35 Cooldarragh Park
Clements, Henry, Circular Road
Clements, Rev. Herbert V., B.A., B.D., 564 Crumlin Road
Clements, James E., 75 Rushfield Avenue
Clements, Jas., agent, 54 Salisbury Avenue
Clements, Jas., clerk, 1 Westland Drive
Clements, Jas. J., engineer, 86 Everton Street
Clements, Jas. W., driver, 75 Alliance Avenue
Clements, J. H., R.U.C., 5 Springfield Parade
Clements, J. H., 139 Lodge Road Old
Clements, J. H., butcher, 149 Oldpark Road
Clements, J. Wm., engineer, 45a Frank Street
Clements, Miss Mary, 28 Knutsford Drive
Clements, Mrs., 21 Park Road
Clements, Mrs., 19 Wellington Park Avenue
Clements, Mrs., 234 Stranmillis Road
Clements, Mrs., 71 (3) Malone Road
Clements, Mrs., 5 Pretoria Street
Clements, Mrs. Martha, 10 India Street
Clements, Mrs. S., 18 Ladas Drive
Clements, Oswald, 31 Greenville Road
Clements, Robert, driver, 105 Dunluce Avenue
Clements, Robert, 39 Rathdrum Street
Clements, Robert A., water inspector, 39 Tudor Place
Clements, William, soap manufacturer, 14b Duncrue Street
Clements, Wm., Ltd., M.P.S.I., 10 York Road
Clements, Wm. J., motor hirer, 57 The Mount, and 45a Frank Street
Clements, W., chemist, 13 Bristol Avenue
Clemitson, Mrs. Mary, 10 Ebrington Gardens
Clenaghan, A. H., 3 Sand Souci Park
Clenaghan, John, 12 Kincora Avenue
Clenaghan, John H., 9 Strandview Street
Clendinning, A., & Co., linen manufacturers, 8 Franklin Street
Clendinning, Charles, fitter, 12 Walnut Street
Clendinning, George, 2 Glandore Gardens
Clendinning & Gotto, Ltd., linen manufacturers, 6 Adelaide Street
Clendinning, Mrs. Agnes, 115 Ulsterville Avenue
Clendinning, Mrs. Catherine, 270 Castlereagh Road
Clendinning, Mrs. E., Seaforde, Lisburn Road
Clendinning, Robert, 22 Neill's Hill Park
Clendinning, R., hardware merchant, 352 Newtownards Road
Clendinning, W., 36 Holland Crescent
Clensol Marketing Co., floor polish manufacturers, 16 Rosemary Street
Clery, J., grocer, 11 Moreland Park
Clery, Mrs., 69 Dundela Street
Clewlo, Mrs., 144 Lisburn Road
Cliff, Robert, 45 Grand Parade
Clifford, John, R.U.C., 59 London Road
Clifford, J. A. H., 86 Cliftonpark Avenue
Clifford, Miss Agatha, 8 Graymount Drive
Clifford, Mrs., 7 Wayland Street
Clifford, Robert, 10 bridge Street East
Clifton Pharmacy, 170 Cliftonville Road
Clifton, Son & Co. Ltd., wholesale mantle dept., 36 Bedford Street
Clifton Street Cemetery, Henry Street
Clifton Street P.E. Schools, Regent Street
Clifton Street U.F. Presbyterian Church, 15 Clifton Street
Cliftonpark Tabernacle Baptist, 12 Cliftonpark Avenue
Cliftonpark Congregational Church, 4a Cliftonpark Avenue and Foyle Street
Cliftonville Bowling Club, Ltd., Knutsford Drive
Cliftonville College (Miskelly), 74 Cliftonville Road
Cliftonville Cricket & Lawn Tennis Ground, 124 Cliftonville Road
Cliftonville Football Ground, Cliftonville Street
Cliftonville Golf Club Ltd., 44 Westland Road
Cliftonville Moravian Church, 424 Oldpark Road
Cliftonville Post Office, 309 Antrim Road
Cliftonville Presbyterian Church, 150a Cliftonpark Avenue
Clindinning, H., newsagent, 119 Ormeau Road
Clingan, Wm. J., plater, 43 Frank Street Upper
Clint, Capt. W., marine supt., 183 Newtownards Road Upper
Clinton, Joseph, fitter, 65 Springfield Road
Clinton, K., shoe maker, 32 Carlisle Street
Clinton, Miss S., 41 Oldpark Road
Clokey, H. W., director, Lennoxvale, Malone Road
Clokey, Mrs. Margaret, 94 Somerton Road
Clokey, Mrs. M., 29 Westland Road
Clokey, W. F., & Co. Ltd., glass, paint, oil and colour merchants, 7-13 King Street
Clonard Hall Co. Ltd., registered offices, 1 Wellington Place
Clonard Mineral Water Co., 138a Falls Road
Clonard Picture House, 140 Falls Road
Clonard Savings Bank, 18 Clonard Gardens
Clonard Social Club, 130 Dover Street
Close, C., 59 Fortwilliam Parade
Close, David, 81 Belmont Church Road
Close, David, brick layer, 37 St. Jude's Crescent
Close, Henry, brick layer, 29 Townsend Street Upper
Close, Hugh, brick layer, 213 Connsbrook Avenue
Close, Herbert, 82 Mount Merrion Park
Close, H. H., R.U.C., 86 Whitewell Road
Close, James A., clerk, 75 Rugby Avenue
Close, John, reg. inspector, 12 Donegall Park
Close, John, 187 Lodge Road Old
Close, Miss, 21 Rosapenna Drive
Close, Mrs. E., 45 University Street
Close, Mrs. M. J., 157 Springfield Road
Close, M., confectioner, 56a York Street
Close, N., lighthouse keeper, 47 Distillery Street
Close, Robt., driver, 15 Graymount Park
Close, Wm. John, salesman, 58-60 Beresford Street
Clotworthy, A., fitter, 7 Avonbeg Street
Clotworthy, E., 10 Rosapenna Parade
Clotworthy, James A., 36 Tyndale Park
Clotworthy, Miss L. G., 98 Castlereagh Street
Clotworthy, R. A., lineman, 19 Townsend Street Upper
Clotworthy, S., 59 Kirkliston Park
Clotworthy, S., manufacturers' agent, 7 College Street
Cloughley, Robert, grocer, 34 Bloomfield Avenue
Cloughley, R., commercial traveller, 5 Camberwell Terrace
Clow, A. E. P., store man, 30 Cliftonville Street
Clow, H. S., 12 Malone Hill Park
Clow, James, & Co. Ltd., millers, 7-10 Prince's Dock and 32-36 Pilot Street
Clow, W. J., 49 Malone Park
Clowe, Mrs. E. M., 10 Derryvolgie Avenue
Clugston, Arthur, foreman, 53 Bentinck Street
Clugston, David, clerk, 1 Chambers Street
Clugston, Elizabeth, 29 Ridgeway Street
Clugston, G. M., 201 Belmont Road
Clugston, John, confectioner, 1 Fortview Terrace, Shore Road
Clugston, John, blacksmith, 8 Avonbeg Street
Clugston, J., overseer, 382 Ormeau Road
Clugston, Mrs., 109 My Lady's Road
Clugston, Mrs. E., 29 Cherryvalley Gardens
Clugston, Robert, 147 Connsbrook Avenue
Clugston, Robt., 12 Ship Street
Clugston, R. A., 344 Donegall Road
Clugston, Wm., joiner, 13 Brookvale Parade
Clugston, Wm., 127 Connsbrook Avenue
Clugston, W. I., 57 Grangeville Gardens
Clulow, F., manufacturers' agent, 140 University Street
Clulow, F. B., manufacturers' agent, 31a Wellington Place
Clyde Fuel System, 16 Athol Street
Clyde, H., manager, 5 Stockman's Lane
Clyde, James, soldier, 38 Silverstream Gardens
Clyde, R., 10 Kimberley Drive
Clyde, S. W., 73 Locksley Park
Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd., 50 Waring Street
Clyde, Wm., iron moulder, 51 Glencairn Street
Clyde, W. S., clerk, 23 Manor Street
Clydesdale Supply Co. Ltd., radio dealers, 28 Shaftesbury Square, 169-171 North Street and 255 Newtownards Road
Clydesdale's, radio dealer, 127 Royal Avenue
Clynes, Jas., solicitor, 22-26 Wellington Place
Coakley, Robt., manufacturers' agent, first floor (34) Riddels Arcade
Coakley, Thos., 3 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
Coalisland Weaving Co. Ltd., 31 Franklin Street; works at Coalisland
Coan, Harry John, 227 Mountpottinger Road
Coard, D., draper, 254 Shankill Road
Coard, Samuel, plater, 51 Loopland Road
Coard, William, 37 Knockvale Park
Coast Lines Ltd. (Antrim Line), Agents, Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd., 42-43 Donegall Quay
Coates, Alex., teacher, Perle Dene, Finaghy Road South
Coates, A., 100 North Road
Coates, Edward G., 134 Circular Road West
Coates, Edwin, 47 St. John's Park
Coates, Foster, M.D., 22 College Gardens
Coates, Fred., coach builder, 12 Graymount Drive
Coates, George D., Fruithill, Andersonstown
Coates, H., clerk, 3 Ardpatrick Gardens
Coates, H. A., dental surgery, 385 Newtownards Road
Coates, James B., clerk, 14 Sandhill Gardens
Coates, James H., 77 Knockbreda Road
Coates, John, grocer, 43-45 Mount Street (No. 2)
Coates, John, confectioner, 14 Madrid Street
Coates, Rev. J. Brice, M.A., 37 Eglantine Avenue
Coates, J. D., solicitor, 7 Mayfair, Arthur Square; res., Craigmore, Donaghadee
Coates, Miss, 17 Rosemount Gardens
Coates, Miss Mary, 22 Wellesley Avenue
Coates, Mrs. A., 46 Perth Street
Coates, Mrs. E. A., 688 Antrim Road
Coates Plating Ltd., brass finishing dept., 22 Howard Street South
Coates, Robert, fitter, 138 Rosebery Road
Coates, Samuel, 4 Wandsworth Gardens
Coates, Samuel, 11 Agincourt Street
Coates, Thomas, 4 Kirkliston Gardens
Coates, William Henry, 74 Marlborough Park South
Coates, Wm., & Son, Ltd., Plumbers, Gas, Electric Fitters and Electroplaters, 22 Howard Street South
Coates, Wm., & Son, Ltd., Electrical Contractors, Offices, 20 Harberton Drive
Coates, W. F., & Co., stock and share brokers and insurance agents, 17 Castle Place
Coates, W. H., 8 Chlorine Gardens
Coates, W. T., linen merchant, 6 Dundela Avenue
Coates, W. T., & Co., linen merchants, 40 Bedford Street
Cobain, J., grocer, 47-51 Henderson Avenue
Cobain, Miss, 66a York Street
Cobain, Miss, 71 Park Avenue
Cobain, Mrs. Jane, 318 Beersbridge Road
Cobain, Mrs. Mary, 204 Limestone Road
Cobain, Robt., plumber, 65f Park Avenue
Cobain, Stanley, joiner, 93 Park Avenue
Cobain, William, 38 Fortwilliam Crescent
Cobain, Wm., agent, 63 Deerpark Road
Cobain, Wm., clerk, 12 Mountview Street
Cobain, Wm. J., driller, 140 Skegoneill Avenue
Cobbe, F., civil servant, 12 Glenravel Street
Cobbe, Mrs., 3 Ebrington Gardens
Coburn, A. C., engineer, 51 Knock Eden Park
Coburn, David, publican, 71 Apsley Street
Coburn, David, publican, 25 Agincourt Avenue
Coburn, Elizabeth, grocer, 108 Chief Street
Coburn, George, electrician, 90 Roden Street
Coburn, Herbert J., civil servant, 17 Ulsterville Avenue
Coburn, John, publican, 37-39 Cullingtree Road
Coburn, J., turner, 12 Benview Park
Coburn, The Misses, 5 Hatfield Street
Coburn, ?, 92 Galwally Park
Coburn, Mrs., 47 Rosemount Gardens
Coburn, Mrs., 5 Baden Powell Street
Coburn, Mrs., 151 Deerpark Road
Coburn, Mrs. A., 13 Cranmore Avenue
Coburn, Mrs. J., 63 North Parade
Coburn, M., 79 Wallasey Park
Coburn, M., caretaker, 2 Donegall Square East
Coburn, Thomas, 40 Bedeque Street
Coburn, W. J., caretaker, 13 Donegall Place
Cochran & Co. Ltd., mineral water manufacturers, 78 Bankmore Street
Cochran, H., 34 Wandsworth Crescent
Cochran, Miss, Grindlewald, Cherryvalley
Cochrane, Andrew, engineer, 1 Pommern Parade
Cochrane, Cecil, 17 Hartington Street
Cochrane, Chas., fitter, 209 Newtownards Road Upper
Cochrane, David, rigger, 50 Rosapenna Street
Cochrane, E., R.U.C., 121 Haypark Avenue
Cochrane, E. V., cycle agent, 18 Dorchester Park
Cochrane, E. V., cycle manufacturer, 136 Victoria Street Great
Cochrane, Francis B., 329 Castlereagh Road
Cochrane, Fredk. J., 36 Parkmount Road
Cochrane, F. W., R.U.C., 11 Kerrsland Parade
Cochrane, Gordon, fitter, 33 Aigburth Park
Cochrane, G. H., sample cover maker, 11a May Street
Cochrane, Harry, 65 Skegoneill Avenue
Cochrane, Henry McC., pattern maker, 5 Silverstream Gardens
Cochrane, Hugh, agent, 36 Victoria Square
Cochrane, Hugh, 30 Malone Hill Park
Cochrane, Isabella, 50 Beechfield Street
Cochrane, James, electrician, 21 Ladas Drive
Cochrane, John, clerk, 14 Shaftesbury Avenue
Cochrane, John, 194 Woodvale Avenue
Cochrane, John, clerk, 7 Essex Street
Cochrane, John P., engineering surveyor, 40 Galwally Park
Cochrane, John S., clerk, 16 Ormonde Park
Cochrane, Joseph, joiner, 104 Joanmount Park
Cochrane, Jos., clerk, 35 Ava Avenue
Cochrane, J., shoe maker, 56 Hanover Street
Cochrane, J., 764 Shore Road
Cochrane, Mary, 30 Walnut Street
Cochrane, Miss G., examiner, 14 My Lady's Road
Cochrane, Miss Molly, draper, 23 Clifton Street
Cochrane, Miss M. A. S., 157 Cregagh Road
Cochrane, Miss M. F., 11 Kirkliston Gardens
Cochrane, Miss Susan, 70 Falls Road
Cochrane, Mrs., 11 Thoburn Road
Cochrane, Mrs., 23 Fleet Street
Cochrane, Mrs. Annie, 25 Bentinck Street
Cochrane, Mrs. Margaret, 3 Kinnaird Terrace
Cochrane, Mrs. Mary, 30 Walnut Street
Cochrane, Mrs. M., 33 Lincoln Avenue
Cochrane, M. W., clerk, 94 Sicily Park
Cochrane, N., 16 Belmont Church Road
Cochrane, N. J. F., 1 King's Park
Cochrane, Reginald, 90 Denmark Street
Cochrane, R., hairdresser, 267 Newtownards Road Upper
Cochrane, R. A., 34 Stranmillis Park
Cochrane, R. H., salesman, 8 Ravenhill Road
Cochrane, R. L., gent's outfitter, 45 Ann Street and 43 High Street
Cochrane, Samuel, cycle agent, 97 Crumlin Road
Cochrane, S. K., grocer, 19 Roden Street
Cochrane, S. K., 30 Neely Street
Cochrane, T., conductor, 22 Holland Gardens
Cochrane, T. L., clerk, 5 Harleston Street
Cochrane, V., supt., 3 Tivoli Gardens
Cochrane, Wm., clerk, 6 Florida Street
Cochrane, W., carpenter, 35 Bentinck Street
Cochrane, W., butcher, 14 Newtownards Road Upper
Cochrane, W., butcher, 45 Belmont Road
Cochrane, W. H., Veronica, King's Road
Cochrane, W. J., mechanic, 61 Meadowbank Place
Cochrane's Cycle Depot, 75 Ann Street
Cockburn, G. Y., 4 Deramore Park South
Cochrane, Mrs., 11 Thoburn Road
Cockburn, Mrs. Anna, 679 Antrim Road
Cochrane, M. W., clerk, 94 Sicily Park
Cockcroft, H., joiner, 24 Loopland Road
Cockcroft, James, joiner, 24 Loopland Road
Cockcroft, R., 325 Oldpark Road
Cockcroft, W., grocer, 60b Loopland Park
Co. Down Skin Leather Co. Ltd., 37 Linen Hall Street
Codd, J., chief officer, 10 Torrens Crescent
Codd, Mrs., 22 Ballysillan Park
Code, R. S., civil servant, 18 Sandhill Gardens
Coe, Chas. A. T., machinist, 157 Parkgate Avenue
Coe, James, chauffeur, 123 Donnybrook Street
Coe, Samuel, 36 Linden Gardens
Coe, Thomas, 14 Broomhill Park
Coe, William, R.U.C., 15 North Parade
Coen, Martin, publican, 113 Ormeau Road
Coey, Alex., mechanic, 87 Glencairn Street
Coey, David, plater, 29 Cicero Gardens
Coey, H., machine man, 148 Connsbrook Avenue
Coey, H., store man, 30 Isoline Street
Coey, J., 313 Grosvenor Road
Coey, Mrs. Mary E., 21 Grampian Avenue
Coey, Samuel, insurance agent, 24 Clanroy Parade
Coey, Samuel, engineer, 17 Evelyn Avenue
Coey, Thomas B., clerk, 5 Orby Crescent
Coey, William, 25 Frank Street Upper
Coffey, James, 126 Dunluce Avenue
Coffey, John, 20 Kansas Avenue
Coffey, John. brick layer, 39 Orby Road
Coffey, J., flesher, 380 Lisburn Road
Coffey, Miss, 27 Cheviot Avenue
Coffey, Robert, 425 Woodstock Road
Coffey, Thomas, grocer, 23 Bloomfield Avenue
Coffey, Thomas, A.A. patrol, 44 Aigburth Park
Coghlan, F. R., 123 Malone Avenue
Coghlan, R. J., 10 Cedar Avenue
Coghlan, T. G., foreman, 17 Dunraven Avenue
Coghlin, Margaret, 23 Lonsdale Street
Cohen, A. B., draper, 47 Glantane Street
Cohen, B., 5 Kinnaird Street
Cohen, C., 37 Graymount Park
Cohen, David, draper, 16 Marmount Gardens
Cohen, D., draper, 42 Donegall Street
Cohen, D. A., & Co., linen merchants, 5 May Street
Cohen, George, & Sons, Ltd., stock yard, Sydenham Road
Cohen, George, & sons, 21 Bridge Street East
Cohen, H., tailor, 61 Manor Street
Cohen, Joseph, tailor, 54 Royal Avenue
Cohen, J. T., & Sons, fancy goods importers, 8 College Court
Cohen, Louis, machinist, 25 Twickenham Street
Cohen, Louis, 41 Glandore Avenue
Cohen, Max., teacher, 23 Harcourt Drive
Cohen, Miss, 16 Loopland Drive
Cohen, Miss Hilda, 16 Loopland Drive
Cohen, Mrs., 48 Ardenlee Avenue
Cohen, Mrs. K., 31 Manor Street
Cohen, Mrs. T. M., 54 Victoria Gardens
Cohen, M., 44 Indiana Avenue
Cohen, N., 108 Sicily Park
Cohen, R., 25 Glandore Avenue
Cohen, Sons & Co., Ltd., merchants, 5 King Street Little
Cohen, S., tailor, 82 Royal Avenue
Coid, Mrs., 5 Brantwood Street
Coiley, J., grocer, 9 Cavehill View, Shore Road
Coils, William, 20 Mount Merrion Park
Colbert, Alexander, bank official, 32 Locksley Park
Colbert, James, 26 Ormiston Crescent
Colburn, Mrs. W. F., baby linens and ladies' lingerie, 40-42 Bradbury Place
Colclough, N., 40 Cooke Street
Coldridge, Mrs. Sara, 72 Denmark Street
Cole, A. V., electrician, 17 Chesham Park
Cole, E. T., 541 Oldpark Road
Cole, George, cabinet maker, 147 Grosvenor Road
Cole, George, electrical engineer, 55 Skegoneill Avenue
Cole, G., Riversdale Cottage, Flora Street
Cole, Herbert, master mariner, 25 Knockvale Park
Cole, James, boiler maker, 32 Skegoneill Drive
Cole, John, mechanic, 10 Melrose Street
Cole, J., Ph.C., Fernlea, Lisburn Road
Cole, J., 13 Ravenhill Park
Cole, Robert, 96 Lisburn Road
Cole, R., 2 Graymount Gardens
Cole, R. J., 22 Deacon Street
Cole, S. A., jeweller and optician, 12 Botanic Avenue; res., 103 Rushfield Avenue
Cole, T. B., 324 Ormeau Road
Cole, William, electrician, 6 Hesketh Road
Cole, Wm., watch maker, 168 Agnes Street
Cole, Wm., 53 Delhi Street
Coleman, Denis, engineer, 8 Somerton Road
Coleman, George, cabinet maker, 15 Lockview Road
Coleman, James H., 41 Cooke Street
Coleman, John, driver, 76 Beechmount Street
Coleman, John M., clerk, 10 Cheshem Terrace
Coleman, Joseph, salesman, 31 St. Jude's Parade
Coleman, J., clerk, 36 Townsend Street Upper
Coleman, J., confectioner, 297 Donegall Road
Coleman, Michael, sergt. R.U.C., 11 Pacific Avenue
Coleman, Miss, 17 Mount Merrion Park
Coleman, Miss, 548 Crumlin Road
Coleman, Miss J., 25 Ilchester Street
Coleman, Mrs., 15 Riverview Street
Coleman, Mrs. L., agent, 250 Donegall Road
Coleman, Robert, fitter, 130 Agincourt Avenue
Coleman, Robt., 166 Donegall Avenue
Coleman, R., Span Brockmolen, Castleview Road
Coleman, S., clerk Station House, Stockman's Lane
Coleman, Thomas, 58 Melrose Street
Coleman, Wm., electrician, Iona, Priory Park
Coles, F., civil servant, 23 Isadore Avenue
Coley, A. H., manager, 324 Ravenhill Road
Colgan, A. M., dentist, 119a Cromac Street
Colgan, Douglas, fitter, 104 Holywood Avenue
Colgan, D., 61 Somerton Road
Colgan, John, & Sons, live-stock salesman, Oxford Street
Colgan, J., auctioneer, 736 Antrim Road
Colgan, Miss E., 254 Antrim Road
Colgan, M., J.P., 39 Manor Street
Colgan, Wm., teacher, Andersonstown
Colhoun, C., linen lapper, 53 Burmah Street
Colhoun, G. J., secretary, 7 Colenso Parade
Colhoun, Miss Helen, 751 Lisburn Road
Colhoun, The Misses, 22 Deramore Drive
Colhoun, Samuel, station master, Sunnyside, Finaghy Road North
Coliseum Picture House, Grosvenor Road
Coll, Patrick, R.U.C., 207 Ravenhill Avenue
College of Nursing, 7 College Square North
College Recreation Hall, College Court
College Square Presbyterian Church, College Square North; Sunday school, 2a Albert Street
Collegians Rugby Football Ground, Deramore Park
Collen, Miss, 5 Deramore Park
Collen, Misses, The Haven, Finaghy Park South
Collett, Robert, Yvonne, Stockman's Lane
Colette, coats, frocks, etc/. 34 Arthur Street
Collette, gowns and lingerie, 14a High Street
Collier, F. S., publican, 80 North Street
Collier, F. S., Greenville, Bloomfield Road
Collier, H. T., provision merchant, 73 Lodge Road Old and 1-3 Hartley Street
Collier, Samuel, 8 Clifton Drive
Collier, S., grocer, 112 Cambrai Street
Collier, Wm. F. W., aircraft worker, 143 Joanmount Park
Colligan, Gerald, builder, 3 Derby Court
Colligan, G., Crievekiernan, Glen Road
Colligan, G., builder, 154a Divis Street
Colligan, J., brick layer, 18 St. Meryl Park
Collim, Miss J., 126 Joanmount Park
Collin, John, solicitor, 41 Donegall Street
Collin, J. S., manufacturers' agent, 72 Castle Street
Collin, J. S., 19 Marlborough Park Central
Collin, Miss, 43 Verdun Street
Collin, Miss A., Cedarville, Castlereagh Road
Collins & Co., agents, 56 Wellington Place
Collins, Arthur, R.N., 14 Summer Hill Parade
Collins, Arthur, electrical engineer, 22 Broughton Gardens
Collins, Bernard, boot repairer, 1 Camberwell Terrace
Collins, Bernard, 72 Mount Merrion Avenue
Collins, Bernard, 132 Deramore Avenue
Collins, David, engineer, 115 Castlereagh Road
Collins, Edward, 12 Victoria Street Little
Collins, E., chemist, 28 Norfolk Gardens
Collins, E., bread server, 28 Glen Road
Collins, E., bread server, 88 Dover Street
Collins, E., 5 Sandhurst Road
Collins, E., 87 Fitzroy Avenue
Collins, E. P., 117 Divis Street
Collins, E. R., 61 Shandon Park
Collins, Fredk. C., 11 Knockdarragh Park
Collins, Gerard, 63 St. James's Road
Collins, Gordon, 15 Woodvale Gardens
Collins, Herbert, 91 Deramore Avenue
Collins, Hugh C., fitter, 27 Aigburth Park
Collins, H. K., butcher, 172 Cliftonpark Avenue
Collins, H. S., book binder, 12 Richview Street
Collins, James, 22 Newington Avenue
Collins, James, insurance official, 28 St. James's Park
Collins, James, 2 Cook Place
Collins, James, grocer, 26 Beechfield Street
Collins, James, 15 Hewitt Parade
Collins, James, stone cutter, 163 Springfield Road
Collins, James, 785 Lisburn Road
Collins, John J., 32 Byron Street
Collins, J., Eln-nor, Lisburn Road
Collins, J., tailor, 1 Union Street
Collins, J. A., 257 Belmont Road
Collins, John, fitter, 41 Ava Park
Collins, J. D., Adare, Finaghy Road South
Collins, J. H., mechanic, 342 Ballysillan Road
Collins, L., fruiterer, 254 Grosvenor Road
Collins, May E., 26 Norfolk Gardens
Collins, Miss, 29 Ebrington Gardens
Collins, Mrs., 28 Malone Avenue
Collins, Mrs., 92 Balmoral Avenue
Collins, Mrs., 6 Fortview Terrace, Shore Road
Collins, Mrs. A., 144 Malone Avenue
Collins, Mrs. A., 23 Hatfield Street
Collins, Mrs. C., wholesale fruiterer, 3 Frederick Lane
Collins, Mrs. L., 392 Woodstock Road
Collins, Mrs. Margaret. 29 Blenheim Drive
Collins, Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 40 Glen Road
Collins, Mrs. M., 42 Fitzwilliam Street
Collins, Mrs. Nan, 44 Glandore Avenue
Collins, P. F., salesman, 159 Falls Road
Collins, P. J., fruiterer, 24-26 Queen Street North
Collins, Rev. Alfred, 7 Eileen Gardens
Collins, Robert, 11 Ilchester Street
Collins, Robert, cabinet maker, 46 Southport Street
Collins, Robert, joiner, 15 Florenceville Avenue
Collins, Robert, 32 Mount Eden Park
Collins, Robert, plater, 40 Enfield Street
Collins, Robert John, docker, 20 Ashley Drive
Collins, R. H., engineer, 412 Ravenhill Road
Collins, R. J., docker, 234 Ravenhill Road
Collins, Samuel, 33 Ravenhill Parade
Collins & Shields, florists, 23 Queen's Arcade
Collins, S., warehouseman, 49 North Parade
Collins, Thomas, 14 Delhi Street
Collins, Thomas, postman, 21 Auburn Street
Collins, Thomas, 136 Orby Drive
Collins, Thomas, iron turner, 14 Kinallen Street
Collins, Thomas, fruiterer, 78 Albert Street
Collins, Thomas L., joiner, 21 Haywood Avenue
Collins, Thomas W., harbour official, 11 Orby Gardens
Collins, Thomas W., clerk, Everton, Knock Road
Collins, T., sergt. R.U.C., 3 Stranmillis Street
Collins, T. C., 2 Cliftonville Parade
Collins, T. W., R.U.C., 248 Ravenhill Avenue
Collins, William, cattle dealer, 28 Cromwell Road
Collins, William, 55 Cabin Hill Park
Collins, William, 4 Cheltenham Park
Collins, Wm., hairdresser, 3 Glantrasna Drive
Collins, Wm., engine man, 23 Haywood Avenue
Collins, Wm., & Co., radio factors, 2 Castlereagh Street
Collins, Wm., Sons, & Co. Ltd. (Glasgow), publishers, 93-94 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Collins, W., ship's carpenter, 93 Ravenhill Gardens
Collins, W. J., 18 Hartington Street
Colman, John, 76 Beechmount Street
Colmar, John H., Govt. Clerk of Works, Stormont, Back Lodge, Massey Avenue
Colonel Edgar Hall, M'Tier Street
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd. (of Australia), 16 (30-31) Donegall Square South
Colquhoun, Dr., 28 Cadogan Park
Colquhoun, A. A., R.U.C., 34 Marsden Gardens
Colquhoun, John, electrician, 225 Joanmount Gardens
Colquhoun, Dr. Mary, Hillcrest, Lisburn Road
Colquhoun, Mrs. E. J., 12 Dromara Street
Colquhoun, M., 2 Rushfield Avenue
Colquhoun, Dr. W., Hillcrest, Lisburn Road
Colston, A. S., engineer, 36 Locksley Park
Coltman, J. T., 7 Grampian Avenue
Colton, Mrs. Sophia E., 11 Hawthornden Road
Columbia Pictures Corporation, 705 Antrim Road
Colvan, William, plater, 90 Templemore Avenue
Colville, A., agent, 16a Ann Street
Colville, C., R.N., 128 Somerton Road
Colville, David, accountant, 159 Ormeau Road
Colville, Frank, clerk, 15 Camden Street
Colville, Henry, 17 Northwood Drive
Colville, Hugh H., traveller, 2 Broughton Gardens
Colville, James, bread server, 150 Ravenhill Road
Colville, James, rivetter, 125 Canning Street Upper
Colville, John, R.N., 128 Somerton Road
Colville, John, 93 Whitewell Road
Colville, Mrs., 28 Sans Souci Park
Colville, Mrs. E., 73 Alexandra Park Avenue
Colville, Wm. J., fitter, 49 Alexandra Park Avenue
Colville, W., grocer, 145 Leopold Street
Colvin, Isaac, 84 Knockbreda Road
Colvin, Miss Jane, milliner, 39 Dublin Road
Colvin, Mrs., 138 University Street
Colvin, Mrs., 687 Lisburn Road
Colvin, Robert, 87 Whitewell Road
Colvin, T., 55 Dunlambert Drive
Colwell, William, 28 Henry Street
Combe, Clarence E., 49 Castle Hill Road
Combe, Edward G., accountant, 38 Cranmore Gardens
Combe, E. G., accountant and auditor, 32a Linen Hall Street
Combe, F., draughtsman, 18 Ferguson Drive
Combe, George, Clonevin Park, Lisburn
Combe, James, 27 Osborne Park
Comber Distilleries Co. Ltd., 27-33 Talbot Street
Comerton, E. C., accountant and auditor, 142 (19) Royal Avenue
Comerton, T. J., engineer, 4 Grasmere Gardens
Comeskey, D. A., packer, 346 Castlereagh Road
Comeskey, Frederick, 10 Sefton Park
Comeskey, Mrs., house furnisher. 380 Newtownards Road
Comeskey, Mrs., draper, 386 Newtownards Road and 376 Newtownards Road
Comiskey, Mrs. Ellen, 44 Queen Victoria Gardens
Comiskey, Peter, fitter, 177 Dunluce Avenue
Commander, Geo., packer, 209 Connsbrook Avenue
Commercial Cycle and Motor Works, 50 Donegall Street
Commercial Cable Co. (Transatlantic Cable Co.), 1 Donegall Square East
Commercial Insurance Company of Ireland Ltd., and Yorkshire Insurance Co., 10 (2) Donegall Square South and 38 Adelaide Park - John B. Hirst, General Manager; R. Bryans, Secretary
Commercial Printing Co., 16a Clarence Street
Commercial Union Assurance Company Ltd., 15 Donegall Square North - P. B. Sherwood, Branch Manager
Commerford, Arthur, plumber, 14 Meadowbank Street
Commissioners, Corps. of, 124 Donegall Street
Common, R. Haddon, civil servant, 19 Locksley Park
Compresser Services, 107 Bloomfield Avenue
Compson, John, 58 Deerpark Road
Compston, Wm., baker, 18 Gibson Park Gardens
Comptometer Training School for Operators (Felt & Terrant Ltd.), 58 (12) Howard Street
Compton, Alex., 41 Silverstream Gardens
Compton, J., 9 Westland Gardens
Compton, Mrs. H. F., 48 Auburn Street
Compton, Mrs. Mary, 614 Oldpark Road
Compton, Richard, 58 Westland Road
Compton, R., manufacturers' agent, 1 Wellington Place
Compton, W., 33 Timbey Park
Compton, W., moulder, 11 Baden Powell Street
Comyns, Mrs. Eva M., 14 Sandford Avenue
Conaty, Mrs. Mary, 14 Kinnaird Street
Conaty, Nurse M., C.M.B., S.C.M., 84 Mountpottinger Road
Conaty, Phillip, fitter, 12 Shaftesbury Avenue
Conboy, M., grocer, 24 Annadale Street
Concrete Piling Ltd., public works contractors, 217 Castlereagh Road and 49 Ladas Drive
Condell, C., pawn broker, 103-107 Snugville Street
Condell, George, & Co., clothiers, 241 Shankill Road
Condell, Joseph, 7 Sandhill Parade
Condell, Mrs., 15 Knockdarragh Park
Condell, Robert, 58 Cabin Hill Gardens
Condell, S., milliner, 40 Dublin Road
Condell, William, 8 Annalee Street
Condill, Mrs. Edna, 2a Ratcliffe Street
Condit, S., butcher, 9 Cranburn Street
Condlin, F., 70 Kirkliston Park
Condlin, Mrs. Isa, 96 Cliftonville Road
Condy, Edgar M., M.B., Oakmount, Fortwilliam Park
Condy, James, 30 Kimberley Drive
Condy, James, shipwright, 14 Balfour Avenue
Condy, John, 16 Balfour Avenue
Condy, Miss A. J., 108 Balmoral Avenue
Condy, Mrs. L., 348 Antrim Road
Conkey, Charles, 115 Mount Merrion Park
Conkey, Harry, stager, 153 Lisburn Road
Conkey, James, traveller, 9 Sefton Park
Conkey, Joseph, agent, 54 Sandymount Street
Conlan, John, 98 Corporation Street
Conlan, Mary, spirit merchant, 57-59 Grosvenor Road
Conlan, Mrs. Mary, 374a Falls Road
Conlan, Mrs. M., 79 Malone Road
Conlan, N., publican, 26-28 Skipper Street
Conliffe, C., clerk, 34 Ashley Gardens
Conliffe, Eugene, clerk, 22 Mooreland Park
Conlig P.E. School, Conlig Street
Conlon, James, publican, 16 Victoria Square
Conlon, John, groundsman, 12 Ardoyne Avenue
Conlon, John J., publican, 1 Francis Street
Conlon, Joseph, 38 Albert Street
Conlon, Mary, publican, 193 Durham Street
Conlon, Miss, grocer, 70 Verner Street
Conlon Mission Hall, 65 Conlon Street
Conlon, Mrs. A., 1 Coates Street
Conlon, Mrs. M., 14 Dunmisk Park
Conlon, Mrs. Sarah, Glen Eelim, Lake Glen Avenue
Conlon, M., bottling stores, 7 Telfair Street
Conlon, W. A., sausage casing manufacturer, Stewart Street
Conly, Mrs. Maria, Ardara, Finaghy Road South
Conn, Ben John, poulterer, 21-23 Holywood Road
Conn, D., Maryville, Knockbreda Road
Conn, George, 183 Ravenhill Road
Conn, James, confectioner, 719 Lisburn Road
Conn, J., 572 Antrim Road
Conn, Miss, restaurant, 17 Amelia Street
Conn, Mrs., 47 Tate's Avenue
Conn, Mrs. B., cafe, 15 Bridge End
Conn, Mrs. R., 47 Park Avenue
Conn, Robt., saddler, 6 St. George's Buildings, Oxford Street
Conn, S. W., newsagent, 385 Castlereagh Road
Conn, T. J., 20 Easton Crescent
Conn, William, secretary, 381 Cregagh Road
Conn, Wm., compositor, 27 Elimgrove Street
Conn, Wm., sec., Bryan-Mir, Cregagh Road
Conn, W. J., photographer, 92 Ravenscroft Avenue
Conn, W. J., driver, 65 Carlingford Street
Connacher, D. P., engineer, 352 Castlereagh Road
Connar, L. L., school master, Finaghy Road South
Connar, P., civil servant, 9 Inver Avenue
Connaughton, James, 28 Florenceville Avenue
Connell, Alex., shipwright, Clarendon Dock
Connell, A. E., shoe maker, 59 Manor Street
Connell, Edmund T., 26 Prince Edward Park
Connell, E. S., 26 Cranmore Avenue
Connell, G. W., 16 Clonaver Crescent
Connell, Herbert C. D., 92 Kensington Road
Connell, John, chemist, 14 Graham Gardens
Connell, J., 271 Ravenhill Avenue
Connell, J. C., chemist, 1 Cregagh Road
Connell, J. F., 112 Dunraven Avenue
Connell, J. H., bakery, 416 Crumlin Road
Connell, J. J., 78 Belmont Church Road
Connell, Mrs., 50 Haddington Gardens
Connell, Mrs. M. J., 15 Ratcliffe Street
Connell, P. J., 26 Ravenhill Gardens
Connell, W. H., 180 Ravenhill Avenue
Connell's Institute, Civil Service, Matriculation and Business Training College, 5 Royal Avenue
Connelly, A. & Co., engineers, 8 Rockmount Street
Connelly, D. H., crane man, 76 Joanmount Gardens
Connelly, D. P., clerk, 22 Clonlee Drive
Connelly, F., civil engineer, 12 Taunton Avenue
Connelly, Henry, R.U.C., 11 Ireton Street
Connelly, Mrs. S., 6 Wallasey Park
Connelly, Wm., 2 Neill's Hill Park
Conner, Mrs., 54 Knock Eden Park
Conner, Wm., salesman, 22 Irwin Crescent
Connery, J., 26 Kirkliston Park
Connery, Miss M., newsagent, 25 Bloomfield Avenue
Connery, Robert, butcher, 275 Newtownards Road, 34 and 178 Connsbrook Avenue
Connery, R., fitter, 68 Campbell Park Avenue
Connery, R., butcher, 264 Newtownards Road
Connery, R., fitter, 7 Eastleigh Crescent
Connery, Thomas F., insurance agent, 9 Eastleigh Crescent
Connie, Peter, 46 Whitewell Crescent
Connock, H. M., 34 Donegall Park Avenue
Connoley, John, 9 Annadale Street
Connoll, J. H., 30 Deramore Gardens
Connolly, Albert, 247 Alliance Avenue
Connolly, A., & Co., garage, 372 Falls Road
Connolly, Charles, 107 Antrim Road
Connolly, F. A., 27 Marguerite Park
Connolly, Henry, sorter, 10 Norfolk Gardens
Connolly, H., M.P.S., druggist, 154 Manor Street
Connolly, James, body builder, 25 Cheviot Avenue
Connolly, Jas. F., engineer, 154 Ardenlee Avenue
Connolly, John, 1 Ferguson Drive
Connolly, John, fitter, 13 La Salle Drive
Connolly, Joseph, lino operator, 333 Castlereagh Road
Connolly, J., com. agent, 12 Arthur Lane
Connolly, J., 23 Pakenham Street
Connolly, J., sergt. R.U.C., 22 Grampian Avenue
Connolly, J. W., clerk, 13 Harcourt Drive
Connolly, Martha, grocer, 37 Ardenvohr Street
Connolly, Miss, 15 Balfour Avenue
Connolly, Miss, 470 Ravenhill Road
Connolly, Miss, general store, 95 Joy Street
Connolly, Mrs., 547 Donegall Road
Connolly, Mrs., 157 Millfield
Connolly, Mrs. C., grocer, 13-15 Joy Street
Connolly, Mrs. M., 176 Grosvenor Road
Connolly, M., grocer, 207 Falls Road
Connolly, M., 12 Taunton Avenue
Connolly, Patrick, 19 Gransha Park
Connolly, Peter, publican, 2-4 Glenpark Street
Connolly, P., publican, Antigua Street
Connolly, P. J., draper, 107 Madrid Street
Connolly, Robert, traveller, 10 Graham Gardens
Connolly, Robert M., 51 Sandhill Gardens
Connolly, Shaw, Ltd., fruit brokers, 23 Cromac Street and Dufferin Dock
Connolly, T., manager, 70 Haypark Avenue
Connolly, T. J., M.B., 8 Crumlin Road
Connolly, William, 3 Francis Street
Connolly, W. H., Ltd., auto engineers, 118-134 Donegall Pass
Connoly, Mrs., 471 Falls Road
Connoly, William H., fitter, 16 Woodvale Avenue
Connoly, W. H., Ltd., motor agents, 27 Cambourne Park
Connor, Chas., merchant tailor, 8 Ballysillan Park
Connor & Beattie, contractors, 48 Lawnbrook Avenue
Connor, C., gent's outfitter, 82 Shankill Road
Connor, David, packer, 393 Woodstock Road
Connor, George, 74 Madrid Street
Connor, H., 115 Wallasey Park
Connor, H., O.B.E., county inspector, 23 Hawthornden Road
Connor, H., 110 and 114 Lodge Road New
Connor, James, 61 Percy Street
Connor, James, 41 Fortwilliam Crescent
Connor, James, market garden, Holywood Road
Connor, Dr. J., 7 Irwin Avenue
Connor, J. F., dentist, 33 Templemore Avenue
Connor, J. F., 158a Antrim Road
Connor, J. H., merchant, 597-599 Lisburn Road
Connor, J. Russell, 107 Salisbury Avenue
Connor, L., electrician, 128 Meadow Street Upper
Connor, Mary, spirit merchant, 150 Divis Street
Connor, Miss K., 24 Elimgrove Street
Connor, Miss M., 2 Bennett Drive
Connor, Mrs., 2 Adelaide Park
Connor, Mrs. K., 7 Annalee Street
Connor, Mrs. M., 5 Kirkliston Park
Connor, Mrs. Rebecca, 51 Loopland Park
Connor, M., pipe maker, 28 Trinity Street
Connor, M., publican, 2-4 Derby Street
Connor, Robt., foreman, 36 Avonbeg Street
Connor, Samuel E., 61 Marlborough Park North
Connor, S., plumber, 168 Ormeau Road
Connor, Thomas, 69 Knockbreda Road
Connor, Thomas, tram driver, 92-94 Louisa Street
Connor, Walter, 4 Kingsberry Park
Connor, William, 94 Ravenscroft Avenue
Connor, William E., 15 Salisbury Street
Connor, W., 38 Haypark Avenue
Connor, W. H., 7 Kirkliston Park
Connor, W. J., 191 Cregagh Street
Connsbrook Avenue Congregational Church, 2 Connsbrook Avenue
Connsbrook Garage, 125 Connsbrook Avenue
Connsbrook Laundry, 10 Pim's Avenue and branches
Connswater Furniture Store and Servants' Registry, 3 Connswater Street
Conrad, Mrs. M. A., 83 Manor Street
Conroy, R. W., 29 Greenville Road
Conroy, W. F., R.U.C., 9 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Conroy, W. H., cashier, 39 Ardmore Park
Considine, E. W., manager, 34 Ballysillan Park
Considine, Mrs. Alice, 5 Newington Street
Considine, Mrs. Mary, 39 Beechfield Street
Constabulary Drill Hall, Spier's Place
"Constabulary Gazette" Office, 113 Royal Avenue
Consulado de Cuba, 114 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Continental Cafe, 3-5 Chapel Lane, 44 Bank Street and 29 Victoria Street Great
Convent of the Bon Secours, 63 Falls Road
Convent of the Good Shepherd, Ormeau Road
Convent of the Sisters of the Holy Cross and Passion, Bryson Street
Convent of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion, Willowfield Crescent
Convery, C., bread server, 9 Whiterock Gardens
Convery, D., inspector, 7 Clifton Drive
Convery, James P., traveller, 16 Divis Drive
Convery, L., furniture remover, 116 Lodge Road New
Convery, Mrs. Mary, Bremar, Ballysillan Road
Convery, M., publican, 8-12 Castle Arcade
Convery, M., publican, 203 York Road
Convery, S., 131 Mount Merrion Park
Convery, Teresa, 84 Victoria Street
Convery, T. H., spirit merchant, 52 Botanic Avenue
Conway, Elizabeth, 242 Falls Road
Conway, F. J., electrician, 83 Lisburn Road
Conway, James, 176 Dunluce Avenue
Conway, John C., suptd., Stormont Villa, Massey Avenue
Conway, J., overseer, 41 Ballygomartin Road
Conway, J., tenter, 19 Malone Place
Conway, Mrs. Amy, 79 Dunluce Avenue
Conway, Mrs. E., grocer, 23 Berlin Street
Conway, Mrs. M., 566 Crumlin Road
Conway, Peter, 13 Holland Gardens
Conway, Peter, publican, 2 Lavinia Street
Conway, P., publican, 135 Durham Street
Conway, Robert B., 7 Chesterfield Park
Conway, Robert C., driver, 497 Donegall Road
Conway, Thomas, salesman, 113 Ravenhill Gardens
Conway, William, 52 Norfolk Parade
Conway, Wm., electrician, 27 Glendower Street
Cooch, Miss, 29 Ardmore Avenue
Cooey, Thomas B., clerk, 5 Orby Road
Coogan, Father, Clonard Monastery, 4 Waterville Street
Cook, Alex., evangelist, 5 Pommern Parade
Cook, C. H., 12 Hawthornden Road
Cook, E., railway detective, 32 Graymount Park
Cook, E. W., ship's carpenter, 81 Carlingford Street
Cook, G., grocer, 198 Lodge Road Old
Cook, Joseph, 54 (4) Cliftonpark Avenue
Cook, J., 8 Rathgar Street
Cook, Mrs., 5 Granville Terrace, Shore Road
Cook, Mrs., 134 My Lady's Road
Cook, Mrs. M. A. N., 29 Rugby Avenue
Cook, Sons, & Co., gowns, 18 Arthur Street
Cook, Thos., & Son, Ltd., tourist and shipping agents, 27 Royal Avenue
Cook, William, 19 Sydenham Park
Cook, W., 54 Orangefield Crescent
Cook, W. F., civil servant, 26 Windermere Gardens
Cooke, Alexander, linen store, 348 Shankill Road
Cooke Centenary Church, 216 Ormeau Road
Cooke, Daniel, seaman, 26 Clara Avenue
Cooke, D. J., salesman, 30 Woodvale Avenue
Cooke, E., electrician, 24 Elm Street
Cooke, Frank, 244 Tate's Avenue
Cooke, Geo., supper saloon, 414 Crumlin Road
Cooke, Henry E., Ltd., handkerchief manufacturers, 59-63 Adelaide Street
Cooke, Howard, blue print photographer, 10 Lomond Avenue
Cooke, H., machinist, 21 Carlisle Street
Cooke, H., 9 Canterbury Street
Cooke, Dr. H. S. D., 30 University Road
Cooke, James & Son, (Fruit Brokers), Ltd., St. George's Fruit Market T.A.: "Damson, Belfast"
Cooke, J. C., R.U.C., 52 Tildarg Street
Cooke, J. J., joiner, 4 Mount Prospect Park
Cooke, J. J., 9 Rugby Road
Cooke, Rev. Canon J. W., B.D., 3 Brookhill Avenue
Cooke, Miss A., fruiterer, 14 Victoria Street Great
Cooke, Miss G. W., 8 Brookhill Avenue
Cooke, Miss Kathleen, Rathdene, Lisburn Road
Cooke, Mrs., 138 Madrid Street
Cooke, Mrs., 81 Locksley Park
Cooke, Mrs. C., 92 Kimberley Street
Cooke, Mrs. Ellen, 2 Broughton Park
Cooke, Mrs. E., 52 Rosemount Gardens
Cooke, Mrs. E. J., 42 Elmwood Avenue
Cooke, Mrs. Jane, 151 Ulsterville Avenue
Cooke, Mrs. V., agent, 245 Grosvenor Road
Cooke Presbyterian Church Rest House, 224 Ormeau Road
Cooke, Richard C., draughtsman, 38 Marmount Gardens
Cooke, Robt., & Sons, waste paper merchants, 34 George's Street Great and 27 Nelson Street
Cooke, R., 14 Camden Street
Cooke, Stanley, plumber, 229 Mountpottinger Road
Cooke, S. G., foreman, 43 Silverstream Park
Cooke, Thomas, printer, 161 Rosebery Road
Cooke, Thomas, coach painter, 41 Glencairn Street
Cooke, William, blacksmith, 3 Esther Street
Cooke, Wm., traveller, 157 Ulsterville Avenue
Cooke, W., traveller, 33 Stockman's Lane
Cooksey, E., & Co., solicitors, 59 Royal Avenue
Cooksey, Miss, 401 Lisburn Road
Cookson, J. S., printer, 73 Ligoniel Road
Cooley, S., 22 Kingsway Avenue
Coolmore Electrical Works, 76 Coolmore Street
Coome, Sydney F., 29 Newington Avenue
Coombes, Thomas, 16 Gainsborough Drive
Coombs, George A., draughtsman, 42 Loopland Park
Cooney, Mrs. A. J., 6 Adela Street
Cooney, Mrs. C., 6 Ulsterville Drive
Cooney, Mrs. B., 40 Clifton Crescent
Cooney, Rev. S. E., M.A., LL.B., 66 North Parade
Cooper, Adam, 16 Camberwell Terrace
Cooper, Charles W., house agent, 6 Rosetta Drive
Cooper, C. M., electrical engineer, 22 Dunluce Avenue
Cooper, E. M., engineer, 50 Loopland Crescent
Cooper, Herbert, 7 Belmont Avenue
Cooper, Hugh, herbalist, 189 Grosvenor Road
Cooper, Hugh, 7 Glenburn Park
Cooper, Hugh, clerk, 36 Irwin Avenue
Cooper, H. B., traveller, 24 Knock Eden Park
Cooper, H. D., manager, 11 North Parade
Cooper, H. H., marine surveyor, 58 Waring Street; res., 14 North Circular Road
Cooper, I. A., 28 Crumlin Road
Cooper, Joseph, 48 Nansen Street
Cooper, Jos., conductor, 6 Greenwood Park
Cooper, J. H., metal merchant, 79 George's Street Great
Cooper, J. W., overseer, 34 Adelaide Avenue
Cooper, Miss, 71 Marlborough Park North
Cooper, Miss, 7 Irwin Crescent
Cooper, Miss, 27 Madison Avenue
Cooper, Miss Amy, 38 Lansdowne Road
Cooper, Miss Gladys, 13 Hartington Street
Cooper, Mrs., 4 Cavehill Drive
Cooper, Mrs. Annie, 28 My Lady's Road
Cooper, Mrs. Elizabeth, 82 Fitzroy Avenue
Cooper, Mrs. Mary, 47 Manor Street
Cooper, M., engineer, 14 Strandview Street
Cooper, R., M.A., Ph.D., 15 King's Crescent
Cooper, R. J., 1a Ava Avenue
Cooper, Stanley G., secretary, 5 Ravensdene Park
Cooper, S., com. agent, 33 Grosvenor Road
Cooper, S., 12 Amelia Street
Cooper, Walter, civil servant, 334 Castlereagh Road
Cooper, William, engineer, 10 Jocelyn Street
Cooper, Wm. (Harwich), Ltd., naval outfitters, 25 Church Street
Cooper, Wm. J., 14 Lagan Street
Cooper, W., 75 Belmont Church Road
Cooper, W., grocer, 62 Belmont Church Road
Cooper, W. A., 77 Joanmount Gardens
Cooper, W. H., manager, 84 Earlswood Road
Cooper, W. R., clerk, 58 North Parade
Cooper, W. T., manufacturers' agent, 16 Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South
Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd., Second Floor (36) Riddels Arcade and 38a Ann Street - T. A. Dunn, Branch Manager
Co-operative Trading Co. (The), 211 Donegall Street and 44 York Lane
Coote, Charles, 232 Stranmillis Road
Coote, Edmund, clerk, 170 Dunluce Avenue
Coote, Mrs. F., 24 St. Alban's Gardens
Cope, James, 79 Dundela Street
Copeland, E., hairdresser, 150 Lodge Road Old
Copeland, Geo. Ed., joiner, 1 Willowholme Crescent
Copeland, Henry R., warehouseman, 67 Kansas Avenue
Copeland, Isaac, & Sons, builders and contractors, Windsor Avenue Lower
Copeland, James, 39 Alliance Avenue
Copeland, J., farmer, 38 Locksley Gardens
Copeland, L., 27 Meadowbank Place
Copeland, Miss M., 49 Glantane Street
Copeland, Mrs., 101 Ulsterville Gardens
Copeland, Mrs. Margaret, 69 Deerpark Road
Copeland, Mrs. Mary, 5 Malone Park
Copeland, Mrs. M., 52 Perth Street
Copeland, Mrs. M. E., 22 Brookland Street
Copeland, Mrs. S., 38 Ormeau Street
Copeland, Mrs. S., 2 Great Northern Street
Copeland, Norman, 2 Florence Place
Copeland, Percy, building contractor, 3 Shrewsbury Gardens
Copeland, P., sheet metal works, 1 Kent Street
Copeland, Robert H., 67 Kansas Avenue
Copeland, R. J., printer, 31 Cooke Street
Copeland, Samuel, clerk, 70 Rugby Road
Copeland, Stanley, contractor, 3 Derryvolgie Avenue
Copeland, S. R., provision merchant, 167 Shankill Road
Copeland, William, 179 Lodge Road Old
Copeland, William, 3 Graymount Grove
Copeland, W. J., teacher, 40 Diamond Gardens
Copley, James H., salesman, 156 Agnes Street
Copley, Mrs., 56 Donegall Pass
Copley, Mrs. Annie, 5 Virginia Street
Copley, Percy, carter, 68 Donegall Pass
Coppel, A., draper, 148 North Street
Coppel, A., 6 Fortwilliam Drive
Coppel, Henry, L.D.S., 58 Dublin Road
Coppel, H. L., house furnisher, 757 Antrim Road
Coppel, Isaac, L.D.S., dentist, 540 Antrim Road
Coppel, Marcus, bedding manufacturer, 26 Church Street; res., 33 Circular Road North
Corbett, C. E., Ltd., 4 Marcus Ward Street
Corbett, David A., 84 Fitzroy Avenue
Corbett, George, civil servant, 19 Ormiston Crescent
Corbett, Geo., meter inspector, 72 Ulsterville Gardens
Corbett, James, 15 Ardmore Avenue
Corbett, Jos., engineer, 47 Kirkliston Park
Corbett, J., 47 Lowwood Park
Corbett, J., fitter, 22 Ardmore Park
Corbett, J., clerk, 17 Dromara Street
Corbett, Matthew, R.U.C., 4 Skegoneill Drive
Corbett, Miss E., 23 Cregagh Road
Corbett, Miss M. E., 34 Adelaide Park
Corbett, Mrs., confectioner, 5 Wilton Street
Corbett, Mrs., 16 Derryvolgie Avenue
Corbett, Mrs. A. M., 26 Hillsborough Drive
Corbett, Norman T., 80 Haypark Avenue
Corbett, Robert, 15 St. Jude's Parade
Corbett, R., R.U.C., 4 Ailesbury Gardens
Corbett, R. D., compositor, 15 Stranmillis Road
Corbett, Samuel R., insurance agent, 21 Coombe Hill Park
Corbett, S. Graham, J.P., manager, 97 Lansdowne Road
Corcoran, G., 41 Bramcote Street
Corcoran, John, engineer, 134 Holywood Road
Corcoran, John A., plumber, 21 Bramcote Street
Corcoran, Mrs. Eva, grocer, 10 Ashmore Street
Cordener, W. J., motor engineer, 15 Manor Street
Cordiner, F., 168 Dunluce Avenue
Cordner, Rev. Cassells, M.A., 12 Rosetta Park
Cordner, E. K., handkerchief manufacturer, 39 High Street
Cordner, Jeannie, 109 Alliance Avenue
Cordner, Jonathan, spirit merchant, 200-202 Bray Street
Cordner, John H., 155 Alexandra Park Avenue
Cordner, Miss, 312 Springfield Road
Cordner, Miss G., 32 Luxor Gardens
Cordner, Mrs. Grace, 29 Summer Street
Cordner, Mrs. Lily, 209 Mountpottinger Road
Cordner, Mrs. M., 14 Sandhill Parade
Cordner, Mrs. N., 23 Skegoneill Avenue
Cordner, Robert, 5 Belmont Park
Cordner, Robt., manufacturers' agent, 126 Ravenhill Avenue
Cordner, R. J., 17 Balmoral Avenue
Cordner, William A., 30 Glantane Street
Cordner, Wm. A., Corp. official, 54 Glandore Avenue
Cordner, W., 30 Knock Eden Park
Cordner, W. A., 26 Glantane Street
Cordner, W. J., 15 Balmoral Avenue
Corey, James, 19 Fleetwood Street
Corey, James, 15 Fleetwood Street
Corey, James, car attendant, 21 Fleetwood Street
Cork Insulation Co., 59-59a Newtownards Road
Corken, John S., 1 Prince Edward Park
Corken, J., draper, Keadew, Finaghy Road North
Corken, Miss, milliner, 17 (19) Castle Arcade
Corken, Mrs., 14 Cyprus Park
Corken, Mrs. E., Carlton, Carolan Road
Corken, Mrs. M., 9 Rugby Avenue
Corken, William Cecil, clerk, 40 Ormonde Park
Corkey, J. A., M.D., F.R.C.S., 67 University Road
Corkey, J. A., M.D., Merok-Burn, Knockbreda Road
Corkey, Miss A., 9 Ormiston Drive
Corkey, Mrs., 57 Marlborough Park North
Corkey, Mrs. C., 11 Westland Drive
Corkey, Rev. Robt., M.A., Ph.D., M.P., Professor of Practical Theology, Assembly College, 5 College Park
Corkey, Very Rev. Wm., M.A., D.D., 224 Lisburn Road
Cormack, W. S., C.E., B.Sc., F.R.S.A., 37 Castlereagh Place
Cormican, John, civil servant, 59 Glen Road
Cormick, Alexander, 18 Kelvin Parade
Corner House (Six) Ltd., General Drapers, Ladies' Children's and Gents' Outfitters, Moore House, Fountain Street and 12-14 Fountain Lane
Cornett, Alex., chef, 17 Springfield Parade
Cornett & Co., Ltd., chemists, 13 Woodvale Road
Cornett, John, publican, 1 Glentilt Place and 270-272 Lodge Road Old
Cornett, John, publican, 64-66 Denmark Street; res., Myrtle Villa, 39 Kingsmere Avenue
Cornett, Joseph, spirit merchant, 1 Ainsworth Avenue
Cornett, J., spirit merchant, 2 Woodvale Road; res., 22 Ashgrove Park
Cornett, J., publican, 41-43 Lawther Street
Cornett, Wm., publican, 1 Greenmount Street
Cornett, Wm., publican, 156 Queen Street North
Cornhill Insurance Co. Ltd., 40 Wellington Place
Corona (The), hairdresser, 1 Cromwell Road
Corporation Gas Dept., 121 Duncairn Gardens
Corporation Square Post Office, 9 Corporation Square
Corr, Edward J., salesman, 4 Ardmoulin Street
Corr, Henry, R.U.C., 535 Springfield Road
Corr, James, house and land agent, 23 Chichester Street; res., 107 Ormeau Road
Corr, James, engine driver, 2 St. James's Drive
Corr, Miss Josephine, 42a Lodge Road New
Corr, Mrs. Kathleen, 64 Springfield Road
Corr, Mrs. Kathleen, 191 Sandown Road
Corr, Mrs. K. J., spirit merchant, 24 Millfield
Corr, T. J., grocer, 17 Glen Road
Corrance, J. M., 2 Queen Victoria Street
Corrie, H. R., traveller, Drumnevin, Cregagh Road
Corrigan, Edward, Whiterock Road
Corrigan, Michael, grocer, 74 Hawthorn Street
Corrigan, Miss N., 32 Sandymount Street
Corrigan, Mrs. I., 30 Woodvale Parade
Corrigan, M., grocer, 50 King Street
Corrigan Park Gaelic Athletic Ground, Whiterock Road
Corrigan, P., contractor, Beech Cottage, Falls Road
Corrigan, Thos., dancing teacher, 65 Sr. James's Road
Corrigan, T., dance teacher, 79 Royal Avenue
Corrin, H. G., accountant, 4 Gransha Park
Corrin, Mrs., 28 Hawthornden Road
Corry, Albert, draper, 249-251 Grosvenor Road
Corry, Albert, 20 Sans Souci Park
Corry, Albert J., 5 New Barnsley, Springfield Road
Corry, Alex., & Co., wholesale general merchants, 2-4 Market Street and 75 May Street
Corry, Arthur W., 15 Ormiston Crescent
Corry, A., shop fitter, 2a Atlantic Avenue
Corry, B., & Co., packers, 4a Howard Street South
Corry, Charles, 13 Neill's Hill Park
Corry, Charles, plumber, 17 Imperial Drive
Corry, C., & Sons, plumbers, 139 Albert Bridge Road
Corry, David, clerk, 7 Balfour Avenue
Corry, David, motor driver, 63 Aigburth Park
Corry, D. W., Ltd., gold and silversmiths, 11 Royal Avenue
Corry, George, Downhill, Stranmillis Road
Corry, G. T., 25 Downview Avenue
Corry & Henderson, chartered accountants, 17 Castle Place
Corry, Hugh, clerk, 52 Deramore Avenue
Corry, H., confectioner, 173 Oldpark Road
Corry, James, bakery, 16 Woodvale Road
Corry, Jas., mechanic, 176 Roden Street
Corry, John, 50 Mount Merrion Avenue
Corry, John H., & Co., linen merchants, 2 Lincoln Place
Corry, J. H., linen merchant, 593 Oldpark Road
Corry, J. H., & Co., linen merchants, 53 High Street
Corry, J. P., & Co. Ltd., Timber Merchants and Sawmill Proprietors, 33-39 and 54-56 Garmoyle Street, 28-30 Talbot Street, 7-15 Henry Street, 113-115 Corporation Street, 11 Nelson Street. Dock Office, Dufferin Dock. T.A.: "Corry, Belfast"
Corry, J. W., Redroofs, Galwally Park
Corry, Miss, 21 India Street
Corry, Miss H., Sunnyside, Knocklofty Park
Corry, Miss L., 55 Stranmillis Gardens
Corry, Miss M., 29 Rossmore Avenue
Corry, Misses M. and T., 10 Osborne Gardens
Corry, Miss S. E., 8 University Avenue
Corry, Mrs., traveller, 341 Cregagh Road
Corry, Mrs., 41 Candahar Street
Corry, Mrs., 99 Wandsworth Road
Corry, Mrs. M., 47 University Street
Corry, R. H., watch maker, 5 Prestwick Drive
Corry, R. J., salesman, 34 Rosewood Street
Corry, Samuel, 2 Eccles Street
Corry, Samuel, dealer, 512 Oldpark Road
Corry, S., joiner, 96 Whitewell Road
Corry, T. H., & Co., rope and twine merchants, 2 College Street
Corry, William, 16 Knock Hill Park
Corry, William, 53 St. James's Road
Corry, William, carter, 248 Cregagh Road
Corry, Wm., 88 Elizabeth Street
Corry, W. A., agent, 53 High Street
Corry, W. A., 113 Knockbreda Road
Corry, W. A., manufacturers' agent, 58 High Street
Corry, W. F., electrician, 82 Haypark Avenue
Corry, W., & Co. Ltd., aerated water and non-alcoholic fruit wine manufacturers, 114-126 Cromac Street
Corscadden, Edward, 2 St. James's Park
Corscadden, R., sawyer, 2 St. James's Park
Corscadden, Henry S., LL.D., solicitor, 12 Deramore Drive
Corscadden, John, shoe maker, 75 Springfield Road
Corscadden, Jos., 38 Divis Drive
Corscadden, J., boot maker, 221 Falls Road
Corscadden, R. E., solicitor, 6 Bristow Park
Corscadden, W. E., R.U.C., 34 Ravensdene Crescent
Corvin & Thornbury, accountants and auditors, 2 College Square North
Corwin, S., & Co. Ltd., smallware and fancy goods, 2-8 Gresham Street
Cosby, David, joiner, 211 Ravenhill Road
Cosey, J., fruiterer, 117 Leeson Street
Cosgrave, Charles, 120 Urney Street
Cosgrave, James, 35 Granville Street
Cosgrave, Joseph, publican, 34-36 King Street and 96 Castle Street
Cosgrave, J., F.L.A.A., accountant, 41 (17-18) Donegall Place
Cosgrave, Miss A., 27 Belmont Church Road
Cosgraves, J. T., boot repairer, 281 Grosvenor Road
Cosgrove, George, 60 Florida Drive
Cosgrove, G. W., 49 St. Jude's Parade
Cosgrove, James, 160 Limestone Road
Cosgrove, John, 23 Agincourt Avenue
Cosgrove, John, linen merchant, 9 Cranmore Gardens
Cosgrove, Mrs. Elizabeth, 105 Killowen Street
Cosgrove, P., 20 Deramore Avenue
Cosgrove, Thomas, 13 Beechmount Street
Costello, J., R.U.C., 205 Springfield Road
Costello, E., repository, 14 Clonard Gardens
Costello, John, R.U.C., 126 Woodvale Road
Costello, J. H., 32 Twickenham Street
Costello, M. D., 23 Dundela Crescent
Costello, Patrick, barman, 4 Roe Street
Costello, Wm., cycle agent, 200 Lodge Road Old
Costigan, Mrs. E., 94 Fitzroy Avenue
Costley, Frederick, boot maker, 408 Lisburn Road
Costley, J., supper saloon, 100 Shankill Road
Costley, J., confectioner, 92 Shankill Road
Costley, S., motor contractor, 142 Malone Avenue
Costley, W., 43 Ashley Drive
Costly, Mrs. Edith, 32c Pine Street
Cottam, A. C., hairdresser, 208 Joanmount Gardens
Cotter, Alfred, dyes and chemicals, 5 and 7 Corporation Square
Cotter & Co. Ltd., oil and chemical merchants, mill furnishers, 5-9 Gloucester Street
Cotter, John, 25 Green Road
Cotter, Mrs. R., 23 Bawnmore Road
Cotter, Norbert, 42 Grangeville Gardens
Cotter, T. J., Lieut. R.N., 43 Dunlambert Drive
Cotton, Stephen, & Co. Ltd., machine makers, iron and brass founders, 42 Sydney Street West
Cottrell, H., electrical engineer, 41 Dunkeld Gardens
Coubrough, Wm., fitter, 91 Richardson Street
Coulson, J. G., 11 Rosemount Gardens
Coulson, Miss, Knock Hill Park
Coulson, Mrs. L., 15 Summer Hill Park
Coulter, Alfred H., J.P., 33 Rugby Road
Coulter, A. R., 83 Locksley Park
Coulter, Charles, iron turner, 77 Aigburth Park
Coulter, C., 22 Combe Hill Park
Coulter, David, 59 St. John's Park
Coulter, David S. K., insurance agent, 20 St. Alban's Gardens
Coulter, D., 6 Summer Hill Parade
Coulter, D., driver, 63 Cheviot Avenue
Coulter, Fred., fitter, 18 Tyndale Park
Coulter, G. A., R.U.C., 35 Ardenlee Parade
Coulter, Hugh, boiler maker, 73 Ravenscroft Avenue
Coulter, Hugh, crane man, 99 Ulsterville Gardens
Coulter, Hugh T., director, 2 Inverary Avenue
Coulter, Jas., carrier, 66-70 Shaftesbury Avenue; res., 36 Cabin Hill Gardens
Coulter, John, linen lapper, 73 Glenrosa Street
Coulter, John, 9 Northwood Drive
Coulter, John, 47 Osborne Drive
Coulter, John, 60 Cooke Street
Coulter, John, 42 Finaghy Park
Coulter, John H., 42 Aigburth Park
Coulter, Joseph, 27 Wheatfield Crescent
Coulter, Joseph, Rosevale, Knock Road
Coulter, Joseph, traveller, 104 North Parade
Coulter, Joseph, traveller, 102 Sicily Park
Coulter, Jos., 138 Meadow Street Upper
Coulter, J., 12 Indiana Avenue
Coulter, J., fitter, 140 Joanmount Gardens
Coulter, J. C., joiner, 27 Dromore Street
Coulter, J. E., Ltd., auto engineers, 2 Cliftonville Road
Coulter, J. E., Ltd., Main Ford Dealers and Service Depot, 2 Cliftonville Road
Coulter, J. S., lab. technician, 25 Mount Merrion Avenue
Coulter, Miss A., music teacher, 4 University Street
Coulter, Miss E., 300 Ava Avenue
Coulter, Miss E. H., 18 Dunluce Avenue
Coulter, Miss M., 15 Bloomfield Park
Coulter, Mrs., 27 Donegall Pass
Coulter, Mrs., 14 Earlswood Road
Coulter, Mrs., 8 Glenside Park
Coulter, Mrs., confectioner, 2 Cambridge Street
Coulter, Mrs. Alice, 17 Cyprus Gardens
Coulter, Mrs. Mary, 2 Cambridge Street
Coulter, Mrs. M., 22 Formby Park
Coulter, Robert, 44 Windsor Drive
Coulter, R., bus driver, 59 Roseleigh Street
Coulter, R., carrier, 59 Station Road
Coulter, R. J., insurance agent, 134 Joanmount Gardens
Coulter, R. S., grocer, 210 Duncairn Gardens
Coulter & Son, tea merchants, 65 Victoria Street Great
Coulter, S., cattle dealer, 15 Silverstream Park
Coulter, S., postman, 395 Woodstock Road
Coulter, S. W. C., 79 King's Road
Coulter, William L., R.U.C., 44 Lansdowne Park
Coulter, Wm., hairdresser, 1a Donegall Street, 17 High Street; res., 9 Kingsmere Avenue
Country Tea House (The), 57 Donegall Place
County Agency, The, 9 Bruce Street
County Antrim Football Association, 1 Adelaide Street
County Antrim Lieutenancy Office, 10 College Square North
County Antrim Prison, 53-55 Crumlin Road
County Antrim Sheriff's Office, 16 College Square South
County Antrim Territorial and Air Force Association, 5 Bedford Street
County Borough of Belfast Tuberculosis Institute, 225 Albert Bridge Road
County Borough Grain Market, May Street
County Courthouse, 88-92 Crumlin Road
County Down Weaving Co., linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 37 Linen Hall Street
County Fire Office Ltd., and Provident Life Office (Alliance Assurance Co. Ltd.), 9 Linen Hall Street
Couples, D., aircraft inspector, 15 Irwin Crescent
Court, Gladys, 3 Cooldarragh Park North
Courtenany, Henry, motor mechanic, 19 Elimgrove Street
Courtenay, Eugene, Corporation official, 21 Ashgrove Park
Courtenay, Fred., shop assistant, 43 Chadwick Street
Courtenay, James, lamp lighter, 33 Annalee Street
Courteney, Thomas E., R.U.C., 47 Sandhurst Drive
Courtney, A. S., 60 Maryville Park
Courtney & Co., builders, 97 Balfour Avenue
Courtney, C. K., clerk, 11 Florida Drive
Courtney, D., 43 Chadolly Street
Courtney, Elizabeth, 95 Haypark Avenue
Courtney, G., checker, 25 Vernon Street
Courtney, H., foreman, 85 Bloomfield Avenue
Courtney, H., Langley, Lisburn Road
Courtney, Jack, En-Ged., Circular Road West
Courtney, James, Crea-Dawn, Kensington Park
Courtney, Jas., assurance official, Wynard, Stockman's Lane
Courtney, Jas., clerk, 19 Jocelyn Street
Courtney, John, 15 Hawthornden Road
Courtney, John, clerk, 88 Knock Eden Park
Courtney, John, 52 Knockbreda Park
Courtney, John & Co., accountants and auditors, third floor (50) Riddels Arcade
Courtney, J., 31 Castlereagh Street
Courtney, J., butcher, 13 Oldpark Road
Courtney, J., & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Provision Merchants, 4 Arthur Place
Courtney, J. F., N.F.S., 54 Candahar Street
Courtney, Miss, 15 Woodstock Road
Courtney, Miss Mary A., 14 Orby Grove
Courtney, Miss S., 16 Rosetta Park
Courtney, Misses, 5 Stranmillis Park
Courtney, Mrs., 3 Wolseley Street
Courtney, Mrs., 45 Knockdene Park South
Courtney, Mrs., 131 Newtownards Road Upper
Courtney, Mrs. Annie, 42 Hamilton Street
Courtney, Mrs. A., 20 Kelvin Parade
Courtney, Mrs. E., fruiterer, 2 Castlereagh Street
Courtney, Mrs. E., 51 Oakland Avenue
Courtney, Mrs. Margaret, 42 Annalee Street
Courtney, Mrs. Violet, 15 Elimgrove Street
Courtney, M., spirit merchant, 16 Holywood Road
Courtney, M., spirit merchant, 56 Montrose Street
Courtney, Capt. R. W., 14 Osborne Drive
Courtney, Samuel, Wholesale Merchant, 469 Ormeau Road
Courtney, Samuel, Ltd., paint, varnish and distemper manufacturers, roof contractors, Sydenham Road and 2-4 Trinity Street
Courtney, S., provision merchant, 1 Sandhill Gardens
Courtney, S., grocer, 2 Esmond Street
Courtney, Thomas, turner, 21 Greenville Road
Courtney, Thos., compositor, 105 Ardenlee Avenue
Courtney, Thos., fitter, 36 Enfield Street
Courtney, T. C., insurance agent, 15 Chesterfield Park
Courtney, William, 62a Chief Street
Courtney, Wm., 29 Cullingtree Road
Courtney, Wm. E., 64 Joanmount Gardens
Courtney, Wm. S., builder, 8 Rosetta Avenue
Courtney, W. H., 31 Delaware Street
Courtney's, provision merchants, 469 Ormeau Road
Couser, Adam, 1 Sydenham Drive
Couser, Andrew, foreman, 3 Springdale Gardens
Couser, E. S., 148 Ormeau Road
Couser, George, stager, 403 Queen Street North
Couser, James, 7 Glenbrook Avenue
Couser, Thomas, machine man, 78 Loopland Park
Cousins, Albert E., coal merchant, 26 Elm Street
Cousins, John, engineer, 52 Ormonde Park
Cousins, J. F., & Co., Linen Exporters, 23 Bedford Street. T.A.: "Cousino"
Cousins, Miss E., dairy, 122 Euston Street
Cousins, Mrs., 115 Malone Road
Cousins, N., 17 St. Andrew's Square North
Cousins, William, 117-119 Beersbridge Road
Cousins, William J., R.U.C., 35 Loopland Crescent
Cousins, W. B., engine man, 25 Willowholme Drive
Cousins, W. J., mechanic, 28 Woodstock Road
Cousland, Hugh M., draughtsman, 37 Wandsworth Parade
Couts, B., & Sons, Ltd., wholesale upholsterers, 11 Talbot Street
Coutts, George, grocer, 343-345 Ormeau Road
Coutts, Mrs., 6 Alliance Avenue
Coventry, J., R.U.C., 46 Posnett Street
Cowan, Albert, civil servant, 418 Beersbridge Road
Cowan, Alex., & Sons, Carriers and Furniture Removers, 16 Albion Street. Garage, 67-73 Charles Street South
Cowan, Alex., & Sons, Ltd., paper makers, 1a Adelaide Street
Cowan, A., turner, 140 My Lady's Road
Cowan Bros., bakers, 15 Oldpark Road
Cowan Bros., 212 Grosvenor Road
Cowan Bros., confectioners and pastry bakers, 106 Royal Avenue and branches
Cowan, Cuthbert, 2a Cluan Place
Cowan & Co., carriers, 28 Claremont Street
Cowan, David, wireless operator, 241 Ravenhill Avenue
Cowan, D., Courthouse official, 595 Oldpark Road
Cowan, Edward, clerk, 34 Woodvale Gardens
Cowan, Frank, Fairview, Finaghy Road South
Cowan, George, painter, 2 Chadwick Street
Cowan, James, civil servant, 96 Mount Merrion Park
Cowan, Jas. H., pattern maker, 5 Chesham Parade
Cowan, John, 10 Ashdene Drive
Cowan, John, 78 Ashley Avenue
Cowan, John, cartage contractor, 78 Ashley Avenue
Cowan, Margaret, 62 Parkmount Street
Cowan, Miss, draper, 29 Donegall Pass
Cowan, Miss E., 10 Oakland Avenue
Cowan, Miss R., 533 Falls Road
Cowan, Mrs., 67 Meadow Street
Cowan, Mrs., 11 Malone Hill Park
Cowan, Mrs. Agnes, 42 Lindsay Street
Cowan, Mrs. Eleanor, 134 Roden Street
Cowan, Mrs. E., agent, 2 Cluan Place
Cowan, Mrs. G., confectioner, 49 Cregagh Road
Cowan, Richard, grocer, 88 Wilton Street
Cowan, Robert, 4 Glandore Drive
Cowan, Robert, lorry driver, 29 Albion Street
Cowan, Robert J., 7 Thorburn Road
Cowan, Ross, 3 Ferguson Drive
Cowan, R., 27 University Street
Cowan, R., R.U.C., 11 Somerton Park
Cowan, R. J., 4 Sefton Drive
Cowan, Samuel, 52 Canning Street
Cowan, Samuel, manufacturers' agent, 33 Lancefield Road
Cowan & Spence, auto engineers, 17a Bedford Street
Cowan, Sydney, R.U.C., 33 Loopland Crescent
Cowan, Thomas, school inspector, 44 Shandon Park
Cowan, T., pattern maker, 318 Shankill Road
Cowan, William, 29 University Street
Cowan, William, teacher, 102 Belmont Road
Cowan, William, 43 Ravenhill Gardens
Cowan, William, Ltd., distillers and wholesale spirit merchants; bonded store, 21-23 Patrick Street Great
Cowan, William M., 61 The Mount
Cowan, Wm., checker, 4 Onslow Gardens
Cowburn, R., dentist, 5 Wellington Place
Cowden, Alexander, 103 Henderson Avenue
Cowden, James, 196 Limestone Road
Cowden, Reginald, 6 Carlisle Street
Cowden, Thos., clerk, 5 Tudor Place
Cowdy, A., fitter, 185 Cregagh Street
Cowdy, George, fitter, 483 Donegall Road
Cowell, Percy, agent, 59 Donegall Square South
Cowell, Capt. R., 55 Knocklofty Park
Cowie, G., civil servant, 137 Orby Drive
Cowley, Henry, painter, 82 Farnham Street
Cowley, Henry C., 21 Lancefield Road
Cowley, Miss V. C., 5 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Cowper, Wm., 93 Marlborough Park North
Cowser, John, 3 King's Park
Cowser, Mrs., 356 Ballysillan Road
Cowser & Smyth, A.A.R.I.B.A., chartered architects, 13 Donegall Square North
Cowzer, Alfred E., 12 Lancedean Road
Cowzer, H. H., 441 Ormeau Road and 185-187 Albert Bridge Road
Cowzer, John, R.N.R., 10 Flush Park
Cowzer, Mrs. M., confectioner, 22 Cregagh Road
Cowzer, Richard J., stock broker, 12 Harberton Avenue
Cox, Albert W., clothier, 77 Fitzroy Avenue
Cox, G. H., 66 Woodvale Road
Cox, James, driver, 31 Ailesbury Road
Cox, John, compositor, 5 Woodvale Road
Cox, J. J., 16 Wandsworth Road
Cox, Miss, 52 Elmwood Avenue
Cox, Miss M., 55 Bloomfield Road
Cox, Mrs., 20 Clifton Street
Cox, Mrs. H., 104 Kimberley Street
Cox, S., nurse, 40 Delhi Parade
Cox, William, grocer, 75 Spamount Street
Cox, Wm. G., linen business, 139 University Avenue
Cox, W., clerk, Whitecross, Orpen Park (Finaghy)
Cox, W. F., engineer, 2 Sandhill Parade
Coyd, Miss, 8 Fortwilliam Crescent
Coyle Bros., spirit merchants, 46 Falls Road
Coyle, B., 1 Glenbank Drive
Coyle, Catherine, 33 Academy Street
Coyle, D., Moorings, Finaghy Road South
Coyle, E., shop assistant, Pirrie Road
Coyle, Frederick J., 8 Clara Avenue
Coyle, Joseph, confectioner, 274 Falls Road
Coyle, Jos., publican, 1-3 Servia Street
Coyle, J., fitter, 8 Pakenham Street
Coyle, J., publican, 116 Albert Street
Coyle, Miss, 18 Alexandra Park Avenue
Coyle, Miss C., nurse, 28 Wellesley Avenue
Coyle, Peter, publican, 1 Peel Street
Coyle, Peter, grocer, 3 Peel Street
Coyne, Mrs., 45 Woodcot Avenue
Crabb, B., 31 Manna Grove
Crabbe, Mrs. A. F., 43 Willowfield Drive
Crabbe, J. M., 42 Belmont Church Road
Craddock, Frederick John, 5 Holland Gardens
Craen, John, musician, 6 St. James's Avenue
Craig, Alex., plater, 146 Connsbrook Avenue
Craig, Allen, carpenter, 37 Hillsborough Drive
Craig, Arthur J., civil servant, Rosemoyne, Malone Park Central
Craig, A., painter, 42 Twickenham Street
Craig, A., draper, 134 Shankill Road
Craig, A., agent, 1 Wellington Place
Craig, A. L., wholesale confectioner, 5 Chestnut Gardens
Craig, A. L., confectionery, 20a Waring Street
Craig & Co., tailors, 99-101 North Street
Craig, Rev. C. H. B., M.A., St. Mark's Vicarage, Ligoniel Road
Craig, C. R., 58 (11a) Howard Street
Craig, David, moulder, 173 Ulsterville Avenue
Craig, David, grocer, 31 Ashmore Street
Craig, David, 16 Cicero Gardens
Craig, David, auto engineer, 120 York Street
Craig, Edward, 59 Knocklofty Park
Craig, Edward, carter, 13 Summer Hill Parade
Craig, E., caretaker, 1a McClure Street
Craig, Fredk. M., civil servant, 42 Cabin Hill Gardens
Craig, F., engineer, 37 Ladas Drive
Craig, Gardner & Co., chartered accountants, 7 Howard Street
Craig, Gavin R., 25 Rosetta Avenue
Craig, George, civil servant, 108 Tyndale Park
Craig, George, 36 Locksley Gardens
Craig, George J., 105 Joy Street
Craig, G., fitter, 55 Glenbank Drive
Craig, G. L., suptd., 38 Cliftonville Avenue
Craig, Henry, grocer, 191 Sandy Row
Craig, Hugh, & Co. Ltd., coal merchants and steamship owners, 6 Royal Avenue, 5-9 Middlepath Street, 5 Queen's Quay, and 3-4 Dalton Street
Craig, Hugh J., chief inspector, 51 Rosetta Park
Craig, H., 485 Antrim Road
Craig, H., 12 Connsbrook Avenue
Craig, H., manufacturers' agent, 19 Knocklofty Park
Craig, H. M., 11 Stormont Park
Craig, James, 28 Alexandra Park Avenue
Craig, James, salesman, 4 Orby Road
Craig, James, mechanic, 29 Vernon Street
Craig, James, secretary, 102 Cliftonpark Avenue
Craig, James A., M.B., F.R.C.S., ophthalmic surgeon, 11 University Square
Craig, James, civil engineer, 54 Green Road
Craig, James, 18 Ranfurly Drive
Craig, James, victualler, 281 York Street
Craig, John, 59 Gainsborough Drive
Craig, John, salesman, 57 Hatfield Street
Craig, John, 20 Elimgrove Street
Craig, John, 49 Thorndale Avenue
Craig, John, salesman, 76 Alliance Avenue
Craig, John M., 56 Gainsborough Drive
Craig, J., 5 Adelaide Park
Craig, J., 4 Glanworth Drive
Craig, J., stores, 3 and 5 Nelson Place
Craig, J. A., confectioner, 351-353 Antrim Road
Craig, J. F., R.U.C., 17 Twaddell Avenue
Craig, J. H., artist, 5 Wellington Place
Craig, J. H., 7 Cambourne Park
Craig, J. H., Dalkusha, 29 Rosetta Park
Craig, J. J., clerk, The Bungalow, Castle Hill Road
Craig, J. J. C., 27 Windsor Avenue
Craig, J. V., 1 Adelaide Avenue
Craig, Margaret, Emerson Cottage, Ligoniel Road
Craig, Martin, salesman, 83 Richardson Street
Craig, Mary, 1 Cliftonville Parade
Craig, Miss, 7 Crescent Lower
Craig, Miss, 105 Newtownards Road Upper
Craig, Miss E., confectioner, 285 Ormeau Road
Craig, Miss F. E., 409 Woodstock Road
Craig, Miss M., 26 Blenheim Drive
Craig, Miss M. A., 29 Ashfield Gardens
Craig, Miss S., 4 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
Craig, Mrs., 167 York Road
Craig, Mrs., 10 Henrietta Street
Craig, Mrs., 26 Haypark Avenue
Craig, Mrs., Upper Carr's Glen, Ballysillan Road
Craig, Mrs., 16 Brougham Street
Craig, Mrs., 88 Hesketh Park
Craig, Mrs. Edith, 42 Tennent Street
Craig, Mrs. E., 146-146a Lord Street
Craig, Mrs. E. H., Chatsworth, Chichester Park
Craig, Mrs. G., Melrose, 31 Rosetta Park
Craig, Mrs. I., 2 Haypark Avenue
Craig, Mrs. J., 33 Wellesley Avenue
Craig, Mrs. K. M., 42 Castleton Gardens
Craig, Mrs. Margaret, 109 Ballygomartin Road
Craig, Mrs. Margaret, 5 Thorndale Avenue
Craig, Mrs. Martha, 63 Ainsworth Avenue
Craig, Mrs. Mary, 3 Belgravia Avenue
Craig, Mrs. M., 19 Newington Street
Craig, Mrs. Norah, 54 Rugby Road
Craig, Mrs. Sarah, 25 Corporation Square
Craig, Mrs. S., 47 Brougham Street
Craig, Mrs. S. D., 13 Glandore Avenue
Craig, Norman, plumber, 57 Pine Street
Craig, Norman K., salesman, 116 Ardenlee Avenue
Craig, Robert, 6 Fortwilliam Crescent
Craig, Robert, pilot, 3 St. John's Villas, Shore Road
Craig, Robert, engineer, 526 Antrim Road
Craig, Robert, & Sons (Engineers), Ltd., Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Millwrights and Boilermakers, Water Turbine Manufacturers, 13-27 George's Street Great, 54-58 Nelson Street, and 9-23 Garston Street
Craig, Robert J., 43 Ballysillan Road
Craig, R., 316 Donegall Road
Craig, R., buyer, 33 Elaine Street
Craig, R., fruiterer, 45 Ravenhill Road
Craig, R., insurance agent, 3 Victoria Avenue
Craig, R. B., quantity surveyor, 57 Cranmore Gardens
Craig, R. E., 5 Kensington Gardens South
Craig, R. W., sea captain, 29 Glandore Avenue
Craig, Samuel, fitter, 16 Rushfield Avenue
Craig, S., household linens, 321 Woodstock Road
Craig, S. C. A., 11 Shrewsbury Park
Craig, Thomas, 22 Moscow Street
Craig, Thomas, linen trade, 108 Orangefield Crescent
Craig, Thomas, 145 Ardenlee Avenue
Craig, Dr. T., 150 Cavehill Road
Craig, T., secretary, 26 Belmont Park
Craig, T. E., newsagent, 3 Castlereagh Road
Craig, T. J., manager, 4 Richmond Park
Craig, Wesley, R.A.F., 57 Florida Drive
Craig, William, traveller, 18 Dunlambert Park
Craig, William, 483 Antrim Road
Craig, William, 56 Whitewell Crescent
Craig, William, cutter, 32b Pine Street
Craig, William, agent, 10a Waring Street
Craig, William, salesman, 258 Castlereagh Road
Craig, William, plater, 17 Century Street
Craig, William, clerk, 586 Oldpark Road
Craig, William, electrician, 1 Lowwood Park
Craig, William J., 35 Castleview Cottages, Barnett's Road
Craig, W., fitter, 7 Victoria Gardens
Craig, W. C., 402a Newtownards Road
Craig, W. J., buyer, 28 Kelvin Parade
Craig, W. J. C., 69 Malone Avenue
Craig, W. W., electrical worker, 42 Reid Street
Craigan, Robert, manager, 15 Priory Park
Crail, Hugh, chemist, 5 Eastleigh Drive
Crampton, William, 206 Limestone Road
Crampton, W. T., 38 Balmoral Avenue
Cran, D. S., surveyor, 134 Somerton Road
Crane & Sons, Ltd., piano, organ and music warehouse, 1 Wellington Place
Crane, Thomas, watchman, 51 Magdala Street
Crangle, Miss, 91 Ardenlee Avenue
Crangle, Mrs. Frances, 41 Atlantic Avenue
Cranly, E. Jos., 6 Kinnaird Street
Cranston, Miss, 12 Ava Street
Cranston, Mrs. Mary, 25 Fleet Street
Cranston, Mrs. Gladys, 89 Mount Merrion Park
Cranston, Wm., civil servant, 20 Mount Merrion Avenue
Cranston, W., 7 Abbeydale Park
Cranston, W., traveller, 5 Ireton Street
Crathorne, Noel, 84 The Mount
Craven, Rev. E. E., 1 Knockbreda Gardens
Craven, John J., clerk, 118 Ballygomartin Road
Craven Street Gospel Hall, Dunraven Street
Craven, W. T., spirit merchant, 1-3 Moscow Street, 215 Shankill Road and 358a Shankill Road
Craven, W. T., 235 Ballygomartin Road
Craven, W. T., petrol station, 358a Shankill Road
Crawford, Alex., grocer, 2 Wyndham Street
Crawford, Alex. & Son, house and land agents and auctioneers, 31 May Street
Crawford & Allen, incorporated accountants and auditors, 2 (27-29) Wellington Place
Crawford, Andrew G., High Thornleigh, Circular Road (South End)
Crawford, A., driver, ? Ava Drive
Crawford, A., & Sons, china merchants, 121 York Street
Crawford Bros., Ltd., linen thread manufacturers, 16 Bedford Street
Crawford, Cecil G., secretary, 7 Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
Crawford, David, 5 Blackwood Street
Crawford, David, 17 Torrens Crescent
Crawford, D., 33 Raby Street
Crawford, Edward, 16 Ebrington Gardens
Crawford, Edw., driver, 7 Beechmount Park
Crawford, Ernest J., chemist, 31 Grangeville Gardens
Crawford, E., 85 Peter's Hill
Crawford, E. A., 21 Beechlands
Crawford, Frank, soldier, 26 Trinity Street
Crawford, Frank, 51 Greenville Road
Crawford, Ival, 40 Gainsborough Drive (Ivan?)
Crawford, Lieut.-Col. F. H., C.B.E., J.P., 30 Malone Road
Crawford, George, 34 Summer Street
Crawford, George, wholesale drug sundries, 61a Donegall Street
Crawford, George H., porter, 176 Limestone Road
Crawford, George A., cutter, 41 Stranmillis Gardens
Crawford, Geo., & Co., claims assessors, 7 Bedford Street; res., 3 Sicily Park
Crawford, G., dairyman, 67 Hillsborough Drive
Crawford, G., R.U.C., 11 Imperial Drive
Crawford & Harte, overall manufacturers, 1 Hope Street
Crawford, Henry, 7 Brookhill Park
Crawford, Herbert, iron turner, 27 Yarrow Street
Crawford, Hugh, accountant, 3 Castle Park
Crawford, H. H., draughtsman, 1 Hopefield Avenue
Crawford, H. J., 98 Kensington Road
Crawford, H. V., 18 Grand Parade
Crawford, James, apron manufacturer, 1 Abercorn Street
Crawford, James, steward, 50 Serpentine Street
Crawford, James, 547 Antrim Road
Crawford, James, 158 My Lady's Road
Crawford, James, driver, 38 Devon Parade
Crawford, James, waiter, 85 Rugby Avenue
Crawford, John, fruiterer, 7 Cromwell Road
Crawford, John, store man, 124 Bloomfield Avenue
Crawford, John, pawn broker, 342 Crumlin Road
Crawford, John, bank official, 8 St. John's Park
Crawford, John, fruiterer, 18 Botanic Avenue
Crawford, John, agent, 19 Sefton Park
Crawford, John, motor driver, 35 Silverstream Parade
Crawford, Joseph, 29 Neill's Hill Park
Crawford, J., fruiterer, 22 Catherine Street
Crawford, J., joiner, 6 Cooke Street
Crawford, J., electrical contractor, 4a Dublin Road
Crawford, J., fish and poultry, 81 Lodge Road Old
Crawford, J., upholsterer, 28 Ravenhill Parade
Crawford, Dr. J. C. C., 438 Lisburn Road
Crawford, J. F., chartered accountant, 44 Hawthornden Road
Crawford, J. J., 44 Cavehill Road Old
Crawford, J. W., 28 Ravenhill Avenue
Crawford & Lockhart, solicitors, 4 Queen's Square
Crawford, Miss, 41 Carlisle Street
Crawford, Miss, 44 Osborne Park
Crawford, Miss Annie, 377 Crumlin Road
Crawford, Miss Eleanor, grocer, 28 Shankill Road
Crawford, Miss J. E., 123 Wandsworth Road
Crawford, Miss L., draper, 367 Beersbridge Road
Crawford, Miss M., dress maker, 30 Newtownards Road Upper
Crawford, The Misses, 36 South Parade
Crawford, Mrs., 9 Deramore Avenue
Crawford, Mrs., 17 Mountcharles
Crawford, Mrs., bakery, 13 Castlereagh Road
Crawford, Mrs., 401 Crumlin Road
Crawford, Mrs. Agnes, 26 Indiana Avenue
Crawford, Mrs. A., 73 Lansdowne Park
Crawford, Mrs. A., 130 Joanmount Gardens
Crawford, Mrs. E., 7 Townsend Street Upper
Crawford, Mrs. I., confectioner, 13 Amelia Street
Crawford, Mrs. Jane, 157 Ormeau Road
Crawford, Mrs. J., publican, 2 Shankill Road
Crawford, Mrs. J., 71 Cedar Avenue
Crawford, Mrs. J. C., 123 Marlborough Park South
Crawford, Mrs. Mary, 125 Ainsworth Avenue
Crawford, Mrs. Matilda, 81 Newtownards Road Upper
Crawford, Mrs. M., grocer, 693 Oldpark Road
Crawford, Mrs. M., 89 Donegall Pass
Crawford, Mrs. M. E., 2 Easton Crescent
Crawford, Mrs. O. R., 70 Bawnmore Road
Crawford, Mrs. Sarah. 147 Manor Street
Crawford, Mrs. Susan, 83 Ravenhill Park
Crawford, M., 44 Woodcot Avenue
Crawford, Patk., clerk, 10 Ravenhill Avenue
Crawford, P., 24 Ravenhill Park
Crawford, Rex. & Co., linen merchants, 29 Bedford Street
Crawford, Robt., 83 Ravenhill Road
Crawford, Roger, 70 Myrtlefield Park
Crawford, R., brick layer, 231 Cupar Street
Crawford, R., 46 Agnes Street
Crawford, R., fitter, 125 Ardenlee Avenue
Crawford, R., manufacturers' agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Crawford, R. A., foreman, 93 Ardenlee Avenue
Crawford, R. H., 7 Belmont Place
Crawford, R. H., 112 Harberton Park (Malone)
Crawford, R. J., 311 Antrim Road
Crawford, R. J., Delville, King's Road
Crawford, R. T., engineer, 78 Joanmount Park
Crawford, Samuel, 50 Perth Street
Crawford, Samuel D., solicitor, 44 Donegall Street; res., 7 Branville Park
Crawford, S., 21 Holland Gardens
Crawford, S., shop assistant, 7 Ashfield Drive
Crawford, Thomas, 8 Cabin Hill Park
Crawford, Thos., fruiterer, 3 Benview Park
Crawford, Thos., & Co. Ltd., china merchants, 29-31 Garfield Street
Crawford, T., 28 Henderson Avenue
Crawford, T. A., tea and produce merchant, 35 Oxford Street
Crawford, T. E., 62 Locksley Park
Crawford, T. J. L., press photographer, 26 Dunluce Avenue
Crawford, T. S., builder, 273 Cavehill Road
Crawford, Walter, 43 Townsend Street Upper
Crawford, William, boot maker, 889 Crumlin Road
Crawford, Wm., plater, 8 Devon Parade
Crawford, Wm., 3 Distillery Street
Crawford, Wm., grocer, 182 Silvio Street
Crawford, Wm., linen lapper, 96 Oldpark Avenue
Crawford, Wm., grocer, 98 Rosebery Road
Crawford, Wm., grocer, 19 Manor Street
Crawford, Wm. A., dairy, 202 Shore Road
Crawford, Wm., & Sons, Ltd. (Liverpool), Belfast depot, 126 Hemsworth Street
Crawford, W., Corporation official, 5 Posnett Street
Crawford, W. (Skins), Ltd., sausage casings, etc., 5-9 Hamilton Street
Crawford, W. B., plater, 165 Madrid Street
Crawford, W. E., agent, 7 Bedford Street
Crawford, W. E., agent, 37 Fountain Street
Crawford, W. E., 69 Osborne Park
Crawford, W. H., bank official, 26 St. John's Avenue
Crawford, W. J. W., chemist, 72 Connsbrook Avenue
Crawford, W. M., 92 Deramore Avenue
Crawford, W. R., 118 King's Road
Crawford's Fruit Store, 40 Gilnahirk Road
Crawley, A., draper, 137 Nelson Street; res., 36 Lowwood Park
Crawley, J., 115 Haypark Avenue
Crawley, Margaret, 36 Albion Street
Crawley, M., 45 Rosemount Gardens
Crawley & Quinn, furniture dealers and house furnishers, 69 York Street
Crawley, T., 11 Haypark Avenue
Craythorne, F. J., 14 Perth Street
Creagmile, J., R.U.C., 53 Knockbreda Road
Creagmile, S., conductor, 46 Rushfield Avenue
Crealey, Dr. Henry, 386 Falls Road
Crean, Miss M., 41 Denorrton Park
Creaney, Bernard, 301 Hillman Street
Creaney, Charles, gardener, Drumglass House, Marlborough Park South
Creaney, Miss M., 12 Ormiston Crescent
Creaney, Wm., 25 Martinez Avenue
Creaswell, Miss Margaret E. M., 21 Empire Street
Creath, H., ladies' and children's outfitter, 61 Ormeau Road
Creber, Henry S., 26 Ravensdene Crescent
Cree, George, packer, 36 Alliance Crescent
Cree, George B., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 476 Oldpark Road
Cree, James H., engineering surveyor, 51 Galwally Park
Cree, John, 11 Woodvale Parade
Cree, T. G. R., 17 Cheltenham Park
Cree, T. L. H., Albertville, Finaghy Road South
Cree, William, 108 Hillman Street
Creed, John, bricklayer, 14 Chesham Crescent
Creed, Thomas, 54 Madrid Street
Creelman, D., salesman, 17 Clifton Crescent
Creelman, John, A.C.I.S., 32 Woodcot Avenue
Creelman, Miss L., 96 Orby Drive
Creelman, W. J., house furnisher, 1 Montgomery Street
Creen, Hugh, baker, 236 Springfield Road
Creeves, Mrs., 43 Cavehill Road
Creevy, Mrs. M., 57 Newtownards Road Upper
Cregagh Athletic Club, 100 Cregagh Road
Cregagh Congregational Church, 2 Graham Gardens
Cregagh Lecture Hall, Methodist Church, Gibson Park Gardens
Cregagh Methodist Church, 28-30 Cregagh Road
Cregagh Mission Hall, Everton Drive
Cregagh Nursery, 98 Cregagh Road
Cregagh Parish Church, Knockbreda Road
Cregagh Pharmacy, 343 Woodstock Road
Cregagh Presbyterian Church, 102-104 Cregagh Road
Cregagh Road Reformed Presbyterian Church, 411 Woodstock Road
Cregagh Street Gospel Hall, Cregagh Street
Creigh, James, 23 Shandarragh Park
Creigh, Mrs., 18 Trinity Street
Creighton, Cecil, bird fancier, 11 Gresham Street
Creighton, C. G., supper saloon, 2 Parkmore Street
Creighton, Henry, clerk, 4 Ship Street
Creighton, J., conductor, 5 Chambers Street
Creighton, Miss C. S., 9 The Mount
Creighton, Miss E. N., 63 Ulsterville Avenue
Creighton, Miss N., 6 St. Ive's Gardens
Creighton, Mrs. B., 10 Glendower Street
Creighton, Mrs. Margaret, 513 Oldpark Road
Creighton, Mrs. M., 127 Henderson Avenue
Creighton, Mrs. M. T., 18 Rossmore Avenue
Creighton, Norman, welder, 32 Silverstream Parade
Creighton, Robert, joiner, 179 Dunluce Avenue
Creighton, R., 17 Rosewood Street
Creighton, Samuel, 37 Wallasey Park
Creighton, T., busman, 28 Harleston Street
Creighton, William, plater, 18 Glanworth Drive
Creighton, William, 21 Finaghy Park Central
Creighton, Wm., wholesale motor accessory factor, 52 Arthur Street Upper
Creighton, Wm., shipwright, 24 Everton Street
Creighton, Wm. John, warder, 6 Landscape Terrace
Creighton, W., motor driver, 158 Joanmount Gardens
Creighton, W. A., 7 Gainsborough Drive
Creighton, W. G., milliner, 64 Shankill Road
Creighton, W. G., garage, Lisburn Road
Cremin, Dennis, R.U.C., 3 Chief Street
Cremin, James A., inspector of taxes, 40 Cranmore Gardens
Crescent Dairy, 557 Antrim Road
Crescent Manufacturing Co., frock and overall manufacturers, 62 Bedford Street
Crescent Nursing Home - Miss Wallace, matron, 7 Upper Crescent
Crescent Presbyterian Church, 6 University Street
Crescent Private Hotel, 86 Botanic Avenue
Crescenzo, Fusciardi, director, Florenceville, Falls Road
Cresswell, A. E. R., meal merchant, 78 May Street
Cresswell, C. H., Ivanhoe, Stockman's Lane
Cresswell, Geo., baker, 84 Hesketh Park
Cresswell, William, cutter, 9 Agincourt Street
Creswell, David, 49 Rugby Road
Creswell, Leslie, agent, Oxford Street
Creswell, W. R., dairyman, Stag Hall, Whitewell Road and 73 Cregagh Road
Crewe, J., traveller, 15 Knock Eden Park
Crichton, Mrs., 167 Ormeau Road
Crichton, Thomas, salesman, 9 Sunnyside Drive
Crickard, James, com. agent, 17-19 Wilson Court
Crickard, J., com. agent, 38 Norfolk Parade
Crilley, Miss M., 41 Norfolk Drive
Crilly, D., produce merchant, 45 Newington Avenue
Crilly, Jas., 31 Beechmount Drive
Crilly, John, plate layer, 27 Willowfield Drive
Crilly, Joshua, taxi owner, 462 Oldpark Road
Crilly, J., 74-76 Antrim Road
Crilly, J., grocer, 24 Antrim Road
Crilly, J., grocer, 35 Newington Avenue
Crilly, J., grocer, 137 Millfield
Crilly, Miss M., 49 Graymount Park
Crilly & Quinn, Ltd., chemists, 263 Falls Road
Crilly, Wm., 1a Lomond Avenue
Cripples' Institute and People's Palace, Utility Street, 53-83 and 50-84 Matilda Street, 175-177 Sandy Row, 249-251 Castlereagh Road, 61 Oldpark Road and 33 Seaview Street
Cripples' Institute and Girls' Hostel (The), 39 Malone Road
Crispin, J. F., lending library, 363 and 379 Antrim Road
Crittall Manufacturing Co., 117 Sandown Road
Croasdaile, J. E., M.A., M.Inst.C.E., 83 Royal Avenue; res., 29 Innisfayle Road
Crockard, J., builder, 7 Knockmarlock Park
Crockard, Mrs., 30 Irwin Crescent
Crockart, Andrew, missionary, 2 Balmoral Drive
Crockart, Mrs., hairdresser, 99 Castle Street
Crocker, Thos., 285 Castlereagh Road
Crockett, Mrs. Mary, 87 Grosvenor Road
Crockett, Robert, foreman, 11a Adelaide Avenue
Crockett, W. M. T., 39 Meadowbank Place
Croft, Mrs., 14 India Street
Croft, Mrs. M., 36 Station Road
Croft, Mrs. M. A., 55 Palmerston Road
Croft, N. B., manager, 49 Castle Hill Park
Croft, Thomas, conductor, 41 Frank Street Upper
Croft, Thomas H., Margretta, Castleview Road
Crofts, John E., electrician, 310 Castlereagh Road
Croley, A., 56 Green Road
Cromac Square Mission Hall, 5 Bridge Street East
Cromac Street Post Office, 29 Cromac Street
Cromb, James R., draughtsman, 14 Lansdowne Park North
Crombie, George, 10 Stranmillis Gardens
Crombie, Miss, 21 Ranfurly Drive
Cromey, W. T., R.U.C., 9 Thorndale Avenue
Cromie, D., store keeper, 13 Ratcliffe Street
Cromie, F. J., butcher, 432 Ormeau Road
Cromie, John, tailor, 42 Newtownards Road Upper
Cromie, Jos., 13 Strandview Street
Cromie, J., 434 Ormeau Road
Cromie, J., boot maker, 2 Hartington Street
Cromie, J. C., compositor, 11 Pretoria Street
Cromie, Miss M. E., 72 Castlereagh Street
Cromie, Mrs., 126 Ravenhill Road
Cromie, Mrs. A., 9 Solway Street
Cromie, Mrs. N., St. Clair, Orpen Park (Finaghy)
Cromie, Nathaniel, fitter, 74 Castlereagh Street
Cromie, Richard, painter, 77 Killowen Street
Cromie, Samuel, 40 Knockbreda Park
Cromie, Samuel, turner, 67 Larkfield Road
Cromie, Thomas, gardener, 262 Antrim Road
Cromie, Thomas, 2 Dickson Street
Cromie, William, R.U.C., 152 Mountcollyer Street
Cromie, W., conductor, 38 Ava Drive
Crommer, Mrs. Eleanor, 48 Annalee Street
Crommer, Mrs. M. E., draper, 212 Crumlin Road
Crompton, Parkinson, Ltd., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, 17 College Street T.A.: "Crompark, Belfast"
Crone, H., grocer, 136 Broadway
Crone, John, 50 Ladas Drive
Crone, Mrs., 136 Grosvenor Road
Crone, Robert, cloth finisher, 531 Donegall Road
Crone, R., civil servant, 94 Malone Avenue
Crone, William, boot maker, 110 Conway Street
Crone, Wm., 10 King's Road
Crone, W. A., 218 Newtownards Road Upper
Crone, W. A., manufacturers' agent, 48 Arthur Street Upper
Cronne & Co., finishers, 3 Bankmore Street
Cronne, David, draper, 1 Windsor Avenue
Cronne & Fisher, 1 Clarence Street
Cronne, F. W., warehouseman, 60 Wellington Park
Cronne, Miss S. I., mantles, 12 Queen's Arcade
Crookes, Cyril, civil servant, 42 Rugby Road
Crookes, Mrs. M. B., 122 Lisburn Road
Crookes, St. Clair, 16 Stranmillis Park
Crooks, Albert E., engineer, 87 Loopland Park
Crooks, Rev. Andrew, B.A., Campsie, Crumlin Road
Crooks, A., grocer, 28 Connswater Street
Crooks, C., linen lapper and packer, 16 Clarence Street
Crooks, F. G., electrician, 31 Willowfield Drive
Crooks, G., motor driver, 17 Willowholme Drive
Crooks, G. F., 217 Lodge Road New
Crooks, J., warehouseman, 62 Ailesbury Road
Crooks, J., joiner, 16 Mount Merrion Avenue
Crooks, J., fitter, 109 Kimberley Street
Crooks, L., 32 Hartington Street
Crooks, The Misses, 37 Pine Street
Crooks, Mrs., 4 Halstein Drive
Crooks, Mrs. E., grocer, 28 Connswater Street
Crooks, Samuel, plater, 29 Willowfield Street
Crooks, Smyth, 86 Bryson Street
Crooks, Rev. S. B., 44 Mountcharles
Crooks, Thomas, joiner, 30 Northwood Drive
Crooks, Thomas, dealer, 192 Ravenhill Road
Crooks, Thomas P., 7 Oberon Street
Crooks, Wm., driller, 207 Connsbrook Avenue
Crooks, W. J., hairdresser, 195 Agnes Street
Crosbie, A. B., 18 Willesden Park
Crosbie, James, & Son, Ltd., 3 Hope Street
Crosbie, J. D., 338 Springfield Road
Crosby, W. T., fitter, 79 Glenbank Drive
Croskery Bros., bakers and confectioners, 18 Bradbury Place and 23-27 Thomas Street North
Croskery, John H., baker, 8 Denorrton Park
Croskery, J., R.U.C., 17 Somerton Gardens
Croskery, T., engineer, 24 Roe Street
Croskery, W. J., publican, 18 Gaffikin Street
Crosland, F. W., 60 Wandsworth Road
Cross Garage Co., auto engineers, "Collinview," Knock Road
Cross, H., 400 Oldpark Road
Cross, Joseph, 57 Joanmount Gardens
Cross, J., motor engineer, 72 Lawther Street
Cross, Miss, 19 Westway Drive
Cross, Miss Isabella, 32 Clarendon Avenue
Cross, Mrs., Springcliffe, Rocky Road
Cross, Mrs., 45 Melrose Street
Cross, Mrs., 3 Strandview Street
Cross, R. N., Green Rushes, Newforge Lane
Cross, Thomas, 21 Edinburgh Street
Cross, Thomas, motor driver, 34 Hesketh Park
Crossan, B., foreman, 19 Wallasey Park
Crossan, David, grocer, 48 McClure Street
Crossan, David, 60 Fitzroy Avenue
Crossan, James, clerk, 4 Fallswater Drive
Crossan, James, 59 St. James's Road
Crossan, Mary, 66 Smithfield
Crossan, W., Beaconsfield Lodge, Knock Road
Crossby, John, organist, 9 Lowwood Park
Crossen, Mrs. Annie, 19 Queen's Quay
Crossen, Wm., coal merchant, 93-95 Derwent Street
Crossett, James H., insurance agent, 26 Newington Street
Crossey, H., 10 Rossmore Avenue
Crossey, James, 228 Ravenhill Road
Crossey, Joseph, 15 Mooreland Park
Crossey, Mrs., 33 Cromwell Road
Crossey, Mrs., grocer, 59 Divis Street
Crossey, S. D., accountant, 97 Wandsworth Road
Crossey, Wm. H., clerk of works, 3 Serpentine Road
Crossin, Hugh, chemist, 130 Donegall Street; res., 8 Cranmore Avenue
Crossin, H., chemist, 120 Royal Avenue
Crossin, Miss R., 91 Wellesley Avenue
Crossley, Abraham, 5 Cranmore Avenue
Crossley, Annie, 6 Glenbrook Avenue
Crossley, George, plumber, 283 Crumlin Road
Crossley, John, book finisher, 144a Ravenhill Avenue
Crossley, Mrs. A., 13 Woodstock Road
Crossley, Mrs. Susan, 27 Connsbrook Avenue
Crossley, Robert, draper, 173 Cregagh Road
Crossley, R., draper, 24 Cregagh Road
Crossley, R., draper, 209 Woodstock Road
Crosson, Susan, 265 Falls Road
Crother, H., joiner, 505 Newtownards Road
Crothers, Alexander, tobacconist, Lisburn Road
Crothers, A., Lisburn Road
Crothers, C., clerk, 9 Somerton Park
Crothers & Co., agents, 24 Queen Street
Crothers, D., joiner, 7 Finsbury Street
Crothers, E., publican, 23 Gresham Street
Crothers, E. J., traveller, 15 St. John's Avenue
Crothers, H., 95 Ravenhill Gardens
Crothers, H., insurance agent, 9 Mountview Street
Crothers, James, slater, 81 Glencairn Street
Crothers, James, 22 Upton Park
Crothers, James, civil servant, 17 Cregagh Street
Crothers, James, insurance agent, 79 Mountcollyer Street
Crothers, Jane, grocer, 56 Bloomfield Avenue
Crothers, J., clerk, 194 Lisburn Road
Crothers, J. H., 10 Deramore Avenue
Crothers, J. M., 22 Wandsworth Parade
Crothers, J. N., clerk, 15 Irwin Avenue
Crothers, J. W., manager, 4 College Green
Crothers, J. W., manager, 4 College Green
Crothers, K. E. M., oph. optician, 151 Donegall Street
Crothers, Miss, 192 Joanmount Gardens
Crothers, Miss Beatrice, 366 Castlereagh Road
Crothers, Miss Elizabeth, 38 Cheviot Avenue
Crothers, The Misses, 60 Moyola Street
Crothers, Mrs. Agnes J., 35 Woodstock Road
Crothers, Mrs. Annie, 7 Easton Crescent
Crothers, Mrs. Emily, 2 Mayflower Street
Crothers, Mrs. J., 13 Clonaver Crescent North
Crothers, Mrs. M., 86 Ashley Avenue
Crothers, Mrs. M., 19 Ailesbury Road
Crothers, M., seaman, 49-51 Willowfield Street
Crothers, Robert, clerk, 84 Short Strand
Crothers, R., 20 Keadyville Avenue
Crothers, R., 3 Orangefield Crescent
Crothers, R., 24 Delhi Street
Crothers, Samuel, 26 Agincourt Avenue
Crothers, Samuel, 546 Crumlin Road
Crothers, Samuel, 41 Beersbridge Road
Crothers, Samuel, book binder, Brookhill, Lisburn Road
Crothers, Samuel, electrician, 3 Willowfield Street
Crothers, Stanley, electrician, 35 Castleview Cottages, Barnett's Road
Crothers, S., 81 Skegoneill Avenue
Crothers, S., confectioner, 325 Albert Bridge Road
Crothers, S., radio store, 43 Beersbridge Road
Crothers, S., electrician, 29 Ranelagh Street
Crothers, S., driver, 23 Kimberley Drive
Crothers, Thomas, teacher, 21 Richview Street
Crothers, Wm., printer, 70 Madrid Street
Crothers, W., boot repairer, 16 Candahar Street
Crothers, W., traveller, 140 Ravenhill Road
Crotty & Aikin, Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Property Brokers, 1 Donegall Street
Crotty, Leslie F., 3 Knock Eden Park
Crotty, Mrs. Catherine, 26 Hampton Park
Crouch, Mrs. Margaret, 18 Broughton Park
Crouther, Wm., fitter, 8 Torrens Crescent
Crow, Mrs. E., 12 Irwin Avenue
Crow, Joshua S., foreman, 26 Clonaver Crescent North
Crowe, Alex., clerk, 43 Mountcollyer Avenue
Crowe, A., R.U.C., 1 Somerdale Gardens
Crowe, A., butcher, 142 North Street
Crowe, David, barman, 440 Springfield Road
Crowe, David, 21 Woodvale Road
Crowe, Elizabeth, 19 Sandhurst Drive
Crowe, E., manager, 32 Wandsworth Road
Crowe, F., male nurse, 26 Delaware Street
Crowe, George, hairdresser, 186 Agnes Street
Crowe, George, foreman, 25 Grampian Avenue
Crowe, Henry T., 3 Kirklowe Drive
Crowe, John, 143 Ballygomartin Road
Crowe, John, 12 Stormont Park
Crowe, John, agent, 79 Royal Avenue
Crowe, J., draper, 114 Grosvenor Road
Crowe, J. A., baker, 130 Tennent Street
Crowe, J. C., 67 Knockvale Park
Crowe, Miss, 132 Fitzroy Avenue
Crowe, Mrs., 14 Ferguson Drive
Crowe, R., stores supt., 275 Holywood Road
Crowe, Thomas, Eradel, Lisburn Road
Crowe, Thomas S., agent, 26 Knock Hill Park
Crowe, Wm., draper, 231-233 Shankill Road
Crowe, Wm., traveller, 26 Ballysillan Park
Crowe, W., draper, 674 Crumlin Road
Crowe, W., 174 Crumlin Road
Crowe, W., manufacturers' agent, 5 Bedford Street
Crowley, Patrick, designer, 20 Thorndale Avenue
Crown Boxing Club and Physical Culture Class, 10 Crown Entry
Crown Stores, fancy goods, etc., 186-190 North Street
Crownville Recreation Club, 67 Brownlow Street
Crowther, Benjamin, moulder, 3 Orangefield Crescent
Crowther, Henry, L.R.A.M., music teacher, 12 Lombard Street
Crowther, Herbert, draughtsman, 43 Queensberry Park
Crowther, John, boot and shoe repairer, 61 Dee Street
Crowther, Joshua, engineer, 32 Rosapenna Street
Crowther, Joshua, engineer, 75 Tyndale Park
Crowther, J., electrician, 43 Gilnahirk Road
Crowther, J., 7 Tyndale Park
Crowther, J. & H., professors of music, 26 (3) Howard Street
Crowther, Sarah, 4 Loopland Park
Crowther, W. A., engineer, 57 Wheatfield Crescent
Crowthers, R. C., 40 Osborne Drive
Crozier, A. E., watch maker, 39 Bradbury Place
Crozier, C., store man, 58 Victoria Avenue
Crozier, David, 6 Irwin Drive
Crozier, G. E., warehouseman, 9 Brunswick Street
Crozier, James, cashier, 3 Ravenhill Park
Crozier, James, gardener, 50 Parkgate Avenue
Crozier, John, railway inspector, Great Northern House, Bridge Street East
Crozier, John, manager, 1 Landscape Terrace
Crozier, John W., 5 North Road
Crozier, Jos., checker, 177 Falls Road
Crozier, J., 46 Moyola Street
Crozier, J., 56 Reid Street
Crozier, J., hairdresser, 75 Duncairn Gardens
Crozier, J., P.O. engineer, 43 Dunkeld Gardens
Crozier, Miss, 39 Elaine Street
Crozier, Miss Wilhemina, 27 Canning Street
Crozier, Mrs., 2 Broomhill Park
Crozier, Mrs., 89 Newtownards Road Upper
Crozier, Mrs., 52 Belmont Avenue
Crozier, Mrs., 7 Canterbury Street
Crozier, Mrs. Annie, 29 Ardenlee Drive
Crozier, Mrs. F., 79 Madrid Street
Crozier, Robert, 3 Rugby Avenue
Crozier, R., flesher, 17 Collingwood Avenue
Crozier, R. B., traveller, 30 Orpen Park
Crozier, S., Knocknagoney Road
Crozier, Thomas, 5 Knocktern Gardens
Crozier, T. Henley, 623 Newtownards Road Upper
Crozier, T. E. S., painter, 130 Donegall Pass
Crozier, Lt.-Col. T. H., 3 University Square
Crozier, Walter, 17 Harberton Park
Crozier, Walter, warehouseman, 26 Mount Prospect Park
Crozier, William, 59 Belvoir Street
Crozier, Wm., collector, 249 Cregagh Street
Crozier, Wm., 80 Farnham Street
Crozier, W. T., engineer, 24 North Parade
Cruden, Miss, 10 Upton Avenue
Cruden, R. M., 6 Woodvale Gardens
Cruicks, T. W., upholsterer, 26 Ava Gardens
Cruickshanks, John, turner, 37 Ardenlee Gardens
Cruickshanks, Mrs. E. J., 45 Fitzwilliam Street
Cruikshank, Thomas, shoe maker, 3 Ashley Drive
Cruise, G., fruiterer, 160 Manor Street
Crumie, The Misses, 16 Willowbank Gardens
Crumley, Miss, 38 Oakland Avenue
Crumley, Miss J. R., 140 Ravenhill Avenue
Crumlin, John, 8 Castlereagh Place
Crumlin Road Convent P.E. School, 39 Crumlin Road
Crumlin Road and District Social Club, 37 Yarrow Street
Crumlin Road Methodist Church, 249a Tennent Street
Crumlin Road Methodist Church Hall, Geoffrey Street
Crumlin Road Picture House, 189 Crumlin Road
Crumlin Road Presbyterian Church, temporary address, Edenderry School, Tennant Street
Crumlish, James, publican, 95-97 Castle Street
Crummey, Charles, hairdresser, 2 Rockmount Street
Crumney, Francis P., shop assistant, 81 Whiterock Road
Crump, W. F., 16 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Crusaders Football and Athletic Grounds, Shore Road
Cryar, B., 16 Dunville Street
Crymble, Charles, bread server, 88 Oldpark Avenue
Crymble, C., 12 Rosapenna Parade
Crymble, Harold, traveller, 55 Newtownards Road Upper
Crymble, James, dairyman, 15 Beechpark Street
Crymble, Miss H., 11 Newington Street
Crymble, The Misses, 148 Limestone Road
Crymble, Mrs., 2 Rosetta Parade
Crymble, Mrs. Alice, 29 Rosetta Avenue
Crymble, Mrs. E. E., 12 College Green
Crymble, Mrs. H., 85 Balmoral Avenue
Crymble, M., Ltd., piano and music warehouse, 58 Wellington Place; warehouse, 13 College Square East
Crymble, Professor P. T., M.B., F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 7 College Gardens
Crymble, Robert, fitter, 18 Benwell Street
Crymble, S. & R., solicitors, 8 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Crymble, William, baker, 44 Hartington Street
Cuba Smith Works, 6 Laburnum Street
Cubbitt, H. H., hairdresser, Lisburn Road
Cubey, Norman, engineer, 70 Orby Drive
Cuddy, R. W., clerk, 42 Gibson Park Gardens
Cuddy, Samuel, insurance agent, 14 Haddington Gardens
Culbert, A., 48 Cavehill Road Old
Culbert, G., pawn broker, 315 Shankill Road
Culbert, G., 164 Ballygomartin Road
Culbert, Jacob, 59 North Parade
Culbert, Jas. A., solicitor and commissioner for oaths, 11a Chichester Street; res., 20 Windsor Park
Culbert, J. C., Ltd., chemists, 2 Holywood Road; res., 172 North Road
Culbert, Miss M., Moat Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Culbert, Mrs. Mary, 68 Roden Street
Culbert, M., 28 Prestwick Park
Culbert, Richard, painter, 28 Twickenham Street
Culbert, Samuel, 68 Farnham Street
Culbert & Son, linen merchants, 50 May Street
Culbert, T., R.U.C., 14 Bennett Drive
Culbert, Walter, driver, 18 Mountview Street
Cull, G., newsagent, 101 Castle Street
Cull, J. E., building contractor, 6 Knocklofty Park
Cull, S., 47 Belmont Road
Cullen, Allen & Co. Ltd., produce merchants and carriers, 7-9 Victoria Street and 26 Ship Street, stables, 30 Townsend Street
Cullen, Edgar G., dentist, 50 University Street
Cullen, Francis, dealer, 32-38 Princes Street
Cullen, F., 3 Murphy's Lane
Cullen, Gerald, D.I., 86 Lansdowne Road
Cullen, G. A., driver, 26 Formby Park
Cullen, James, 26 Lowwood Park
Cullen, John, 31 Glen Road
Cullen, John, bank official, 66 Knockvale Park
Cullen, John, salesman, 147 Cullingtree Road
Cullen, J., sawyer, 15 Weston Drive
Cullen, Mary, 76 Bloomfield Avenue
Cullen, Miss, 3 Lawrence Street
Cullen, Miss, 26 Ardmoulin Street
Cullen, Miss Annie, 49 Alexander Street West
Cullen, Miss Margheurita, 23 Beechmount Drive
Cullen, Mrs., 14 Curzon Street
Cullen, Mrs. E., 14 Cranmore Gardens
Cullen, Mrs. Jane, 31 Woodstock Parade
Cullen, Patrick, builder, 24 Chief Street
Cullen, Patrick, grocer, 6 Seaforde Street
Cullen, T., printer, 61 Castle Street
Cullen, T., poster artist, 40 Royal Avenue
Culley, Geo., & Son, wholesale confectioners, 48 King Street
Culley, R. P., & Co. Ltd., bottlers and agents, 134-138 University Avenue
Culley, S., Knocknagoney Road
Cullinan, H., 48 Townsend street
Cullough, James, paper merchant, Hamilton Place West
Cully, James, 9 Alexandra Avenue
Cully, J., blacksmith, 16 Devon Parade
Cully, Miss E., 36 Florenceville Avenue
Cully, Mrs. L., 14 Dromore Street
Cully, R., 74 Osborne Drive
Cully, S., 17 Finaghy Park Central
Culmar, D. & P. Service, 116 Montrose Street
Cuming, W., 52 Brandon Parade
Cumming, H., builder, 725 Antrim Road
Cumming, John, traveller, 23 Kerrsland Crescent
Cumming, Miss Gladys, 153 Shore Road
Cumming, Miss Maud, 2 Eglantine Gardens
Cumming, Richard, cutter, 106 Killowen Street
Cumming, R., conductor, 47 Lomond Avenue
Cummings, Alexander, 32 Holland Crescent
Cummings & Andrews, ladies' hairdressers, 13 Chapel Lane
Cummings, C. E., clerk, Moss Villas, Diamond Gardens
Cummings, D. W., antique dealer, 67 Dublin Road
Cummings, E., upholsterer, 19 Riga Street Upper
Cummings, F. W., agent, 56 Wheatfield Crescent
Cummings, G., 16 Century Street
Cummings, G., 30 Carlton Street
Cummings, John, 3 Empire Street
Cummings, J., cabinet maker, 30 Joanmount Park
Cummings, J., bread server, 7 Haddington Gardens
Cummings, J. A., furniture manufacturer, 110b Oldpark Road
Cummings, J. A., 630 Crumlin Road
Cummings, J. A., blacksmith, 48 Tennent Street
Cummings, Miss, 4 Pakenham Street
Cummings, Mrs., 12 Rutherglen Street
Cummings, Mrs., 22 Canterbury Street
Cummings, Mrs. L., 21 Ashley Avenue
Cummings, Mrs. Olivia, 25 Battenberg Street
Cummings, Robert, teacher, 82 Springfield Road
Cummings, R., harbour constabulary, 4 Cappy Street
Cummings, R. J., inspector, 15 Parkside Gardens
Cummings, S., builder and contractor, 29a Henry Street
Cummings, S., 17 Dorchester Street
Cummings, Thomas, craneman, 2 Mountview Street
Cummings, Thomas J., foreman, 12 Cromwell Road
Cummings, William, inspector, 247 Ravenhill Avenue
Cummins, J., 65 Tyndale Park
Cummins, Miss E., 1 Ava Park
Cummins, Mrs. Sarah E., 67 Fitzwilliam Street
Cummins, Richard, plater, 85 Oldpark Road
Cummins, Robert J., 1 Vancouver Street
Cummins, S. A., 13 Westland Gardens
Cummins, T., 26 Rugby Avenue
Cummins, T. J., confectioner, 46 Berlin Street
Cummins, William, clerk, 5 Rugby Avenue
Cuningham, J. F., director, 5 Beechlands
Cuningham, Mrs., draper, 105 Albert Bridge Road
Cunnane, E., R.U.C., 52 Onslow Gardens
Cunnane, John, 47 Knockbreda Road
Cunning, John, R.U.C., 14 Roseleigh Street
Cunning, William, electrician, 8 Pommern Parade
Cunningham, A., grocer, 10 Nail Street
Cunningham, A., com. agent, 2-4 Lisbon Street
Cunningham, Chas. G., bank official, 31 Thornhill Park
Cunningham, Charles L., civil servant, Knockmarlock Park
Cunningham, C., accountant, 21 St. James's Parade
Cunningham, C., draper, 17 Sagimor Gardens
Cunningham, C. J., secretary, 71 Falls Road
Cunningham & Dickey (Robert Marshall), solicitors, 10 Chichester Street
Cunningham, David, traveller, 24 Tyndale Park
Cunningham, D. B., clerk, 103 Cavehill Road
Cunningham, E., radio stores, 15 Winetavern Street
Cunningham, F., war worker, 26 Carlisle Street
Cunningham, F., 10 Sans Souci Park
Cunningham, George, sheet metal worker, 1 Torrens Gardens
Cunningham, G., tobacconist, 23 Falls Road
Cunningham, G., fruiterer, 108 Falls Road
Cunningham, G., 64 Beechmount Avenue
Cunningham, Henry, 75 Malone Avenue
Cunningham, Herbert, draper, 65 Brougham Street
Cunningham, Hugh, taxi driver, 13 Newington Street
Cunningham, Hugh, 126 Hillman Street
Cunningham, H., draper, 1 Kingsmere Avenue
Cunningham, H., painter, 11 Mayfair Avenue
Cunningham, H., brass moulder, 125 My Lady's Road
Cunningham, James, plater, 5 Shanlieve Park
Cunningham, James, joiner, 2 Farnham Street
Cunningham, James G., Glendivis, Glencairn Road
Cunningham, John, 65 Orby Road
Cunningham, John, railway guard, 124 Dover Street
Cunningham, John, 47 Glenbrook Avenue
Cunningham, John, guard, 41 May Street Little
Cunningham, Josias, & Co., stock and share brokers, 3 Donegall Square East
Cunningham, Joseph, stationer, 196 York Street
Cunningham, J., chauffeur, 70 Rushfield Avenue
Cunningham, J., 64 Oakland Avenue
Cunningham, J., publican and rest. proprietor, 4 Callender Street; residence, 381 Antrim Road
Cunningham, J., umbrella maker, 19 Deerpark Drive
Cunningham, J., iron turner, 38 Southport Street
Cunningham, J., salesman, 24 Marina Park
Cunningham, J., 35 May Street Little
Cunningham, J., 15 Kensington Road
Cunningham, J. C., Glencairn, Glencairn Road
Cunningham, J. F., director, 19 Beechlands
Cunningham, J. M., grocer, 35 Lowwood Park
Cunningham, Mary, 7 Winetavern Street
Cunningham, Miss, 47 Ridgeway Street
Cunningham, Miss, 22 Inverary Avenue
Cunningham, Miss, 46 Enfield Street
Cunningham, Miss, bakery, sub-postmistress, Glenard P.O., 96 Alliance Avenue
Cunningham, Miss Mary, publican, 21 Mile Street
Cunningham, Miss Mary E., 7 Brookhill Avenue
Cunningham, Mrs., 28 Stranmillis Park
Cunningham, Mrs., 44 Campbell Park Avenue
Cunningham, Mrs., 16 Glen Road
Cunningham, Mrs., 1 Haddington Gardens
Cunningham, Mrs., 80 Hampton Park
Cunningham, Mrs., 11 Ormonde Park
Cunningham, Mrs. D., 16 Cromwell Road
Cunningham, Mrs. Matilda, 69 Whitewell Road
Cunningham, Mrs. Mary J., 20 Campbell Street
Cunningham, Mrs. M., draper, 105 Albert Bridge Road
Cunningham, Mrs. M. L., 10 Rosepark East, Newtownards Road Upper
Cunningham, Mrs. R., 17 Wingrove Gardens
Cunningham, Mrs. Sadie, 158 Woodstock Road
Cunningham, Mrs. S., 53 Camden Street
Cunningham, Norman, fitter, 6 Loopland Drive
Cunningham, Percy, plater, 33 Blenheim Drive
Cunningham, Percy, plater, 28 Cicero Gardens
Cunningham, Robert, joiner, 79 Loopland Park
Cunningham, P., dealer, 16 and 24 Library Street Upper
Cunningham, P. J., clerk, 69 Ulsterville Avenue
Cunningham, Rebecca, 1 Walnut Street
Cunningham, Robert, 38 Eia Street
Cunningham, Robert, 412 Springfield Road
Cunningham, R., linen merchant, 31 Franklin Street
Cunningham, R., machinist, 26-28 Dover Street
Cunningham, R. J., bank official, 5 Knockbreda Drive
Cunningham, R. L., 45 Knocklofty Park
Cunningham, Rev. R. R., 21 Cyprus Avenue
Cunningham, Rt. Hon. Samuel, Fernhill, Glencairn Road
Cunningham, Samuel, grocer, 1-5 Isabella Street and 21 Ship Street
Cunningham, S., bookkeeper, 39 Landseer Street
Cunningham, Thomas, R.U.C., 7 Keadyville Avenue
Cunningham, Thomas, electrician, 10 Adela Street
Cunningham, Thomas, fitter, 649 Oldpark Road
Cunningham, Thos., salesman, 21 Vicinage Park
Cunningham, Rev. Thos., C.C., Rathlin, Glen Road
Cunningham, William, 3 Erin View, Shore Road
Cunningham, William, 10 Fitzwilliam Crescent
Cunningham, Wm. J., gardener, 49 Farnham Street
Cunningham, W., artist, 7 Wandsworth Crescent
Cunningham, W., civil servant, 284 Castlereagh Road
Cunningham, W. G., R.U.C., Park View, Manna Grove
Cunningham, W. H., draper & tailor, 91 Rugby Avenue
Cunningham, W. J., 5 Penge Gardens
Cunningham, W. J., 20a Malone Avenue
Cunningham, W. J., confectioner, 23 Corn Market
Cunningham, W. J., confectioner, 444 Newtownards Road
Cunninghame, W. J., confectioner, 143 Ravenhill Road
Cuolahon, F., baker, 165 Donegall Road
Cuppaidge, Mrs. J., 42 Brookvale Avenue
Cupples, A., 10 Belgravia Avenue
Cupples, David, pawn broker, 350 Newtownards Road; res., 26 Earlswood Road
Cupples, J., 53 Osborne Drive
Cupples, J., manufacturers' agent, 20 Queen Street
Cupples, Miss, 124 Malone Avenue
Cupples, Miss Mary, 230 Springfield Road
Cupples, Mrs. Martha E., Marathon, Finaghy Road South
Cupples, Mrs. M., 33 Osborne Park
Cupples, S., 18 Ilchester Street
Cupples, S., 18 Gainsborough Drive
Cupples, Thomas, traveller, 53 Osborne Drive
Cupples, Wilson, 36 Barnett's Road
Cupples, W., traveller, 56 Cavehill Road Old
Cupples, W. J., agent, 23 College Street
Curaston, Mrs. Margaret, 1 Fleetwood Street
Curl, G. S., insurance official, 37 Knocklofty Park
Curlett, George, sail maker, 18 Timbey Park
Curley, Charles, carter, 16-20 English Street
Curley, Francis, Ltd., Ladies' and Gentlemen's Clothiers, 16 and 77 High Street
Curley, J. & Co., linen merchants, 11 May Street
Curley, J. H., buyer, Woodlands, Finaghy Road South
Curley, Mrs. Mary, dealer, 74 Divis Street
Curley, Mrs. R., 505 Lisburn Road
Curlis, James, traveller, 89 Orby Drive
Curlis, Miss Isabel, teacher, 58 Botanic Avenue
Curphey, Joseph H., agent, 32 Ann Street
Curragh, E., driver, 118 Roden Street
Curragh, Frederick, traveller, 8 Irwin Crescent
Curragh, H., electrician, 25 Ava Park
Curragh, Mrs., 196 Ormeau Road
Curragh, S., engineer, 47 Ava Avenue
Curral, A., caretaker, 61 Royal Avenue
Curran, Agnes, 45 The Mount
Curran Bros., removal contractors, 10-12 Albert Street
Curran Bros., electrical contractors, 10 Long Lane
Curran, Elizabeth, 13 Twaddell Avenue
Curran, Frank, butcher, 51 Beechmount Drive
Curran, Frederick, 20 Castleton Gardens
Curran, Herbert, contractor, 42 Donnybrook Park
Curran, James, 11 Waterloo Park
Curran, John, 42 Clonard Gardens
Curran, John, draper, 377 Springfield Road
Curran, J., foreman, 67 Willowfield Drive
Curran, J., builder, 32 Barrack Street
Curran, J. A. P., civil servant, 34 Cavehill Road Upper
Curran & Kane, coal merchants, 58 Durham Street
Curran, Kevin, confectioner, 205 Mountpottinger Road
Curran, Michael, 6 The Glen
Curran, Mrs., 69 Brick Row, Shore Road
Curran, Mrs., 94 Eliza Street
Curran, Mrs., 48 Roe Street
Curran, Mrs., 47 Ava Street
Curran, Mrs., 137 Cliftonville Road
Curran, Mrs., 123 Agincourt Avenue
Curran, Mrs. Elizabeth, 25 Kilmood Street
Curran, M., & Sons, Ltd., 13 Donegall Place
Curran, P., 23 Taunton Avenue
Curran, Robert, Dar-es-Salaam, Malone Road
Curran, Robert, cabinet maker, 12 Silverstream Park
Curran, Thomas, engineer, 8 Derlett Street
Curran, T., agent, 46 Donegall Street
Currell, Alexander, engineer, 5 Delaware Street
Currell, Mrs. Emma, 250 Cregagh Road
Currie, A. V., traveller, 101 Mount Merrion Park
Currie, David, foreman, 23 Ashley Gardens
Currie, Donald, shipwright, 95 Mersey Street
Currie, E., 430 Ormeau Road
Currie, Frederick, timekeeper, 328 Donegall Road
Currie, Frederick, yarn dresser, 26 Broadway
Currie, Henry G., bookkeeper, 52 Posnett Street
Currie, James, 19 Hawthornden Road
Currie, John, & Co., hardware merchants, 71-73 King Street
Currie, Joseph, fitter, 39 Edinburgh Street
Currie, J., wireman, 69 Carlingford Street
Currie, J. H., A.M.I.E., 4 Ardmore Park
Currie, J. J., 87 Deramore Avenue
Currie, Miss Ada, grocer, 15 Finvoy Street
Currie, Miss Mary, 11 Glenbrook Avenue
Currie, Mrs., 49 Victoria Avenue
Currie, Mrs., 12 Irwin Drive
Currie, Mrs. Sarah, 167 Ravenhill Road
Currie P.E. School (Junior), 37 Cosgrave Street
Currie, Robert, photographer, 84 Crimea Street
Currie, R., time keeper, 218 Cregagh Street
Currie, S., electrician, 61 Ravenhill Parade
Currie, Capt. S., 5 Knockdarragh Park
Currie, T., 5 Kilronan Street
Currie, T. W., chemist, Saxethorp, Orby Drive
Currie, William, dairyman, 17 India Street
Curry, David, musician, 6 Castleton Gardens
Curry, David, clerk, Moncreith, Circular Road West
Curry, David, clerk, 109 Cliftonpark Avenue
Curry, David, joiner, 6 Richmond Park, Finaghy
Curry, David, fruiterer, 107 Donegall Road
Curry, David, 28 Twaddell Avenue
Curry, Fred L., Ph.C., 20 Richmond Park
Curry, G., 115-117 Crimea Street
Curry, G. S., 26 Fairview Street
Curry, Harry, sheet metal worker, 14 Alliance Avenue
Curry, Herbert, engineer, 66 Shore Road
Curry, H., lorry driver, 58 Hesketh Park
Curry, H., confectioner, 19 Mount Street (No. 2)
Curry, James, 85 Knutsford Drive
Curry, James, electrician, 52 Roden Street
Curry, John, bookkeeper, 40 Ashgrove Park
Curry, John, 30 Shaftesbury Avenue
Curry, John S., foreman, 30 Belgravia Avenue
Curry, J., 128 Ravenhill Avenue
Curry, J. H., Corporation official, 23 Marlborough Park North
Curry, J. S., clerk, 40 Loopland Crescent
Curry, J. W., 7 Shandarragh Park
Curry, Mary, lodging house, 44 Library Street Upper
Curry, Miss, 423 Cregagh Road
Curry, Miss E., 152 Ravenhill Avenue
Curry, Miss Lily, 13 Brookvale Avenue
Curry, Miss Tillie, L.R.C.M., teacher of music, 40 Pandora Street
Curry, Mrs., 7 St. James's Parade
Curry, Mrs., corsetiere, 120 Victoria Street Great
Curry, Mrs., 131 Cliftonpark Avenue
Curry, Mrs. C., 33 Colenso Parade
Curry, R. G., & Co., factors, 573 Crumlin Road
Curry, R. J., farmer, Malone Road Upper
Curry, Samuel, 1 Silverstream Drive
Curry, Samuel, wireless dealer, 21 Locksley Park
Curry, S., carter, 4 Baltic Avenue
Curry, S. J., 440 Crumlin Road
Curry, Thomas, dealer, 172 Utility Street
Curry, Thomas, salesman, 55 Grangeville Gardens
Curry, Wm., Annaville, Lisburn Road
Curry, Wm., flesher, 63 Donegall Road
Curry, Wm., traveller, 5 Oakland Avenue
Curry, Wm., musician, 9 Alloa Street
Curry, Wm., & Sons, Ltd., builders, 50a Devonshire Street
Curtin, Mrs. Anna, 1 Hawthornden Gardens
Curzon Cinema, 300 Ormeau Road
Cusack, James, shop fitter, 127 Stranmillis Road
Cusack, J. M., draughtsman, 2 Ardgreenan Gardens
Cush, Edward, com. traveller, 32 Eliza Street
Cush, George, 22 Glandore Drive
Cush, Mrs., supper saloon, 145 Lodge Road New
Cush, Mrs. Mary, 17 Winetavern Street
Cush, P. J., 14 Chichester Road
Cushan, Daniel, wireman, 98 Stratheden Street
Cushanan, James, 57 Pilot Street
Cushinon, Mrs., 16 Elimgrove Street
Cushley, James, mechanic, 2 Roe Street
Cushley, Mrs. Ann J., 32-34 Fairfax Street
Cushley, Mrs. E., & Sons, coal merchants, 4-6 Gilbert Street
Cushley, Robert, driver, 13 Avoca Street
Cushley, Thomas, house repairer, 17 Yarrow Street
Cusick, Leonard C., 32 Loopland Road
Cusick, Mrs. M., 20-20b Campbell's Row
Cusin, George, 35 Florida Drive
Cusin, H., clerk, 3 Broughton Park
Cusin, Miss E. F., 11 Loopland Gardens
Cussen, R., civil servant, 59 Brandon Parade
Custom Boarding Station, Albert Quay
Customs and Excise Bonded Warehouse, Stack Y, 32 Talbot Street
Customs and Excise Office, 87a Berry Street and 1st District, 8 Adelaide Street
Cuthbert, Hugh, 38 Ainsworth Avenue
Cuthbert, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 1a Hamel Drive
Cuthbert, N., 60 Bloomfield Road
Cuthbert, Thomas, joiner, 87 Donegall Pass
Cuthbert, W. M., ?5 Kirkliston Park
Cuthbertson, A., chemist's assistant, 23 Glendower Street
Cuthbertson, E. K., traveller, 12 Tokio Gardens
Cuthbertson, J. L., traveller, 70 Eglantine Avenue
Cuthbertson, Miss Sarah, 246 Beersbridge Road
Cuthbertson, Robert, pattern maker, 13 Haywood Avenue
Cuthbertson, S. E., 9 Chesterfield Park
Cutler, Mrs. C., 61 Belvoir Street
Cutler, Mrs. K., 14 Oakland Avenue
Cutley, W., 35 Cranmore Park
Cutter, Jas., caretaker, playing fields, Ormeau Road
Cycles (Belfast), Ltd., 58-60 Bridge End