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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Names Alphabetically

Containing the names of the

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Lacey, Bessie, draper, 144 Divis Street
Lacey, J., 5 Garfield Street Lower
Lacey, Sergt., 118 Malone Avenue
Lackey, Hamilton, soldier, 13 Chesham Crescent
Lackey, S., 23 Orpen Road (Finaghy)
Lacy, Margaret, draper, 273 Grosvenor Road
Lacy, Robert, dairyman, Seaview, Shore Road
Lagan Engineering Works, 3 Middlepath Street - Ed. Swinson, Proprietor
Lagan Navigation Company, 6c Lockview Road
Lagan Vale Estate Brick and Terra Cotta Works Ltd. (The), 7 Donegall Square West; works, Lockview Road
Lagan Village P.E. School, 27 Richardson Street
Laganvale Dart Club, 92 Walmer Street
Laganvale Flute Band Recreation Hall, 81 Wansbeck Street
Laganview Street Mission Hall, Laganview Street
Laing, I. James, clerk, 66 Victoria Gardens
Laing, Mrs., 42 Ardenlee Parade
Laird, H. C., traveller, 48 Myrtlefield Park
Laird, James, comp., 145 Hillman Street
Laird, John, 103 Park Avenue
Laird, J. D., rent agent, 163 Grosvenor Road; res., 137 Cavehill Road
Laird, Miss, 195 Lisburn Road
Laird, Miss Christina M. R., 14 Neill's Hill Park
Laird, Norman Davidson, M.B., 93 Grosvenor Road
Laird, Dr. N. D., Glenmarnan, Ballysillan Road
Laird, R. M., tea merchant, 11 Hampton Park
Laird, R. M., grocer, 8 Cromac Street
Laird, R. W., Ltd., chemists, 297 Grosvenor Road
Laird, William, builder, 16 Woodland Avenue
Laird, William, iron dresser, 11 Castlereagh Street
Lake, Percy, 8 Hughenden Avenue
Lalley, Mrs., Hillcrest Bungalow, Rocky Road
Lalor, P. J., bread server, 232 Falls Road
Lalor, William, R.U.C., 9 Whitewell Parade
Lamb, A., clerk, 23 Connsbrook Avenue
Lamb, A., insurance agent, 55 Belvoir Street
Lamb Bros., garages, Windsor Drive
Lamb, G. E. S., 9 Broughton Park
Lamb, John, 2 Woodland Terrace, Shore Road
Lamb, John, secretary, C.I.Y.M.S., 38 Irwin Crescent
Lamb, J. C., Ltd., motor engineers, cycle and radio distributors, 109a Donegall Street and 58-60 Bridge End
Lambe, George, engineer, 19 Houston Park
Lambe, John C., buyer, 9 Botanic Avenue
Lambe, L. P., newsagent, 126 Albert Street
Lambe, Mrs., 78 Marlborough Park North
Lambe, Mrs. A., 41 Salisbury Street
Lambe, Mrs. B., 99 Cliftonville Road
Lambe, P. J., 29 Cyprus Avenue
Lambe, P. J., publican, 336 and 340, 344-348 Newtownards Road Upper
Lambe, William, fitter, 65 Euston Street
Lambe, W., manager, 85 Skegoneill Avenue
Lambert, H. G., plater, 96 Madrid Street
Lamberton, L., gardener, 63 Kimberley Street
Lambertson, S. A., R.U.C., 83 Mount Merrion Park
Lambie, Miss, ladies' outfitter,
Lammey, John, 9 Graymount Crescent
Lammey, Margaret, 87 Woodstock Road
Lamont, Andrew, 35 Battenberg Street
Lamont, Daniel, iron turner, 33 Summer Street
Lamont, Elizabeth, 26 Westland Road
Lamont, Hugh, architect and civil engineer, 83 Royal Avenue
Lamont, Hugh, 10 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Lamont, H. G., 27 Stormont Park
Lamont, James, joiner, 57 Sandhurst Drive
Lamont, J., plan printer, 49 Chichester Street
Lamont, J. S., linen manufacturer, 7 Deramore Park South
Lamont, Miss, 1 Hillmount Gardens
Lamont, Miss F., 65 Myrtlefield Park
Lamont, Moses, 11 Pakenham Street
Lamont, Mrs., 99 Malone Avenue
Lamont, Mrs., Dunsillan, Ballysillan Road
Lamont, Mrs., 65a St. James's Road
Lamont, Mrs., 4 Rosetta Parade
Lamont, Mrs., 25 Deacon Street
Lamont, Mrs. Mary, 368 Shankill Road
Lamont, Robert, R.U.C., 4 Springfield Parade
Lamont, Ronald, fitter, 270 Cregagh Road
Lamont, S., & Sons, Ltd., linen manufacturers, 10 Linen Hall Street and 19-23 Franklin Street
Lamont, Thomas, 164 Alexandra Park Avenue
Lamont, T., dairyman, 111 Euston Street
Lamont, William, blacksmith, 33 Greenville Road
Lamont, William, 4 Orby Grove
Lamont, William, fitter, 152 Roden Street
Lamont, W., manager, 1 Somerdale Park
Lamont, W., 34 Fortwilliam Crescent
Lamont, W. A., traveller, 7 Earlswood Park
Lampton, Anthony, bread server, 1 Whiterock Drive
Lancashire Associated Collieries, 16 Arthur Street; coal yards, Abercorn Basin and Queen's Quay
Lancashire Cotton Corporation, Ltd., 16 (1-2) Donegall Square South
Lancashire Foundry Coke Co. Ltd., 5 Customhouse Square
Lancashire, G., S.A., 48 Linden Gardens
Lancashire House, mantles and costumiers, 73 Dublin Road and 155 North Street
Lancashire Steel Co., 16 (23) Donegall Square South
Lancaster, Mrs. H., 91 Dunluce Avenue
Lancaster Street P.E. School, 10a Lancaster Street
Land Registry, Northern Ireland - Registrar, P. Burrowes, Royal Courts of Justice, Chichester Street and 6 Murray Street
Landa, Mrs. Ena, 30 Hatfield Street *
Landerson, Mrs. Catherine, 11 Madrid Street
Landon, Miss Catherine, 45 Madison Avenue
Lane, A. T., manager, 23 Woodvale Parade
Lane, Fredk., civil servant, 145 King's Road
Lane, F., 74 Oakland Avenue
Lane, Howell, brigadier S.A., 5 Candahar Street
Lane, H. A., & Co. Ltd., agents, 29 Waring Street
Lane, T., gardener, 38 Hawthornden Road
Lang, Catherine, 39 Thorndale Avenue
Lang & Fogarty, gents' tailors, 17 (41-43) Castle Arcade
Lang, Jack, teacher of music, 2a Artana Street
Lang, J., 12 Edinburgh Street
Lang, J., draughtsman, 14 Gainsborough Drive
Lang, Mrs., 27 Cliftonville Avenue
Lang, W., 75 Ashley Avenue
Langdale, Ella, fancy needlework, 20 Queen's Arcade
Langdon, Every & Firkin, quantity surveyors, 73 May Street
Langford, Isaac W., R.U.C., 7 Kerrsland Parade
Langhammer, Mrs., 4 Workman Avenue
Langlands, Squadron Leader G. H. C. A., R.A.F., 51 Eglantine Avenue
Langley, L., civil servant, 16 Locksley Gardens
Langtry, Mrs., 79 South Parade
Lannin, Mrs., 11 Rushfield Avenue
Lannon, John W., civil servant, 7 Cherryvalley Park
Lantin, J., linen merchant, 5 Franklin Street
Lantin, J., merchant, 185 Cliftonpark Avenue
Lapham, Rev. R. C., M.A., 69 Marlborough Park North
Lappin, Arthur C., 67 Glenalpin Street
Lappin, A., R.U.C., 39 Ballygomartin Road
Lappin, J., postman, 21 Norfolk Drive
Lappin, W. E., clerk, 65 Ardenlee Avenue
Lapping, Mrs., 26 Elaine Street
Lapsley, A., R.U.C., 29 Marlborough Park Central
Lapton, E. A., driver, 9 Willowfield Crescent
Largey, James, grocer, 47 Raglan Street
Largey, P., grocer, 26 Lodge Road Old
Largey, W. J., grocer, 25 Arnon Street
Lark, R. J., 15 Taunton Avenue
Larkin, G. C., 64 Sydenham Park
Larkin, John, overseer, 20 Wheatfield Crescent
Larkin, John, insurance agent, 4 St. Meryl Park
Larkin, Mary, 2 Tyrone Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Larkin, Mrs., 4 Hartington Street
Larkin, Mrs., stores, 69 St. James' Road
Larkin, Mrs., 433 Crumlin Road
Larkin, Mrs. Annie, 47 Windsor Avenue Lower
Larkin, Patrick, solicitor, 61 Castle Street
Larkin, Robert, 24 Prestwick Park
Larkin, Thomas J., 13 Sandhurst Gardens
Larmor, W. J., linen business, 30 Deramore Park
Larmour, Alex., boiler maker, 33 Marina Park
Larmour, A. H., 27 Downview Avenue
Larmour, Charles, lamp lighter, 15 Torrens Gardens
Larmour, Elizabeth, 29 Shandarragh Park
Larmour, E., plumber, 2 Yarrow Street
Larmour, E. M., journalist, 23 Chichester Road
Larmour, E. W., hardware merchant, 166 Crumlin Road
Larmour, E. W., hardware merchant, 32 Cliftonpark Avenue
Larmour, F., rivetter, 18 Shaftesbury Avenue
Larmour, Hugh, 719 Antrim Road
Larmour, James, foreman, 29 Sunnyside Drive
Larmour, Joseph, driver, 4 Florida Drive
Larmour, J. G., confectioner, 61 Willowbank Gardens
Larmour, J. W., 166 Woodvale Road
Larmour, Miss Margaret, 42 Mountview Street
Larmour, Mrs., 62 Brandon Parade
Larmour, Mrs., 41 Woodvale Gardens
Larmour, Mrs., 26 Westway Drive
Larmour, Mrs. J., 50 Brookvale Avenue
Larmour, Mrs. J., 8 Chesterfield Park
Larmour, Mrs. Martha, Victoria Lodge, Andersonstown
Larmour, Robert, fitter, 213 Cregagh Road
Larmour, R. A., tailor, 124 Ballygomartin Road
Larmour, R. A., & Co., merchant tailors, 56 Peter's Hill
Larmour, Sarah, traveller, 753 Lisburn Road
Larmour, S. A., traveller, 84 Balmoral Avenue
Larmour, Thomas, electric welder, 7 Torrens Gardens
Larmour, William, rivetter, 42 Duncairn Gardens
Larmour, William, caulker, 8 Paxton Street
Larmour, William, 4 Kingsway Avenue
Larmour, W., plumber, 331 Woodstock Road
Larmour, W. F., fitter, 9 Glanworth Drive
Larmour, W. J., 177 North Road
Lascelles, Mrs. R., 63 The Mount
Laslett, George H. C. A., 40 Grangeville Gardens
Latchford, Alfred, mechanic, 6 Newington Street
Latham, Mrs. Solly, 23a University Road
Latimer, E., Corporation official, 64 Hillview Avenue
Latimer, Frederick, 5 Century Street
Latimer, George S., civil servant, 12 Cranmore Avenue
Latimer, G. S., bookkeeper, 20 Ravensdene Crescent
Latimer, H., clerk, 64 Torrens Crescent
Latimer, H. G., 17 Mount Eden Park
Latimer, J. E., 60 Tate's Avenue
Latimer, J. G. D., 12 Cheltenham Park
Latimer, J. T., R.U.C., 127 Ulsterville Avenue
Latimer, L., Melsetter, Gilnahirk Road
Latimer, Miss, 30 Wellesley Avenue
Latimer, Miss Minnie, 24 Loughview Terrace
Latimer, Miss M., 75 Sandhurst Gardens
Latimer, Mrs. L., 99 Victoria Street Great
Latimer, William, 297 Oldpark Road
Latimer, William A., civil servant, 9 Winston Gardens
Lauder, William H., 30 Wandsworth Parade
Laughlin, Albert, fitter, 59 Larkfield Road
Laughlin, A. V., house furnisher, 139 Haypark Avenue
Laughlin Bros., brush manufacturers, 74 Castle Street
Laughlin, C. W., accountant, 24 St. Jude's Avenue
Laughlin, Francis, 34 Norfolk Drive
Laughlin, Geo., brush maker, 25 Priory Park
Laughlin, G., shop assistant, 15 Broughton Park
Laughlin, Henry, fitter, 12 Ava Park
Laughlin, Henry, 50a Henry Street
Laughlin, Howard W., 3 Chesterfield Park
Laughlin, James, comp., 69 Mount Merrion Park
Laughlin, James, agent, 11 Wellington Place
Laughlin, James A., grocer, 38 Berlin Street
Laughlin, John, traveller, 161 Ravenhill Road
Laughlin, J. W., 70 Shandon Park
Laughlin, Miss E., 84 The Mount
Laughlin, Miss R., 29 Eia Street
Laughlin, Robt. G., & Sons, Ltd., wholesale and retail hardware and leather goods, 19-21 Queen's Square
Laughlin, R., fitter, 72 Woodvale Avenue
Laughlin, R. G., & Sons, Ltd., Prince's Court
Laughlin, S. H., chartered accountant, 30 Parkmount Road
Laughlin, T. A., grocer, 239-241 Conway Street
Laughlin, William, accountant, 70 Wallasey Park
Laughran, Jas., overseer, 236 Lodge Road Old
Laughran, Mrs., 113 York Road
Lauder, Miss L. J., 273 Antrim Road
Laurie, Capt. William, M.B.E., 613 Newtownards Road Upper
Lauriston, R., Corporation official, 10 Cranmore Avenue
Lavell, George, harbour constable, 5 Agincourt Street
Lavell, H. G., 27 Woodvale Gardens
Lavelle, Mrs., 149 Antrim Road
Lavelle, Mrs., H. H., 15 Chichester Avenue
Lavelle, M., 12 Mooreland Park
Laverty, Alex., clerk, 280 Castlereagh Road
Laverty, A., chemist, 34 Springfield Road
Laverty Bros., spirit merchants, 14 Bradbury Place
Laverty & Co., agents, 58 Howard Street
Laverty, David, railway worker, 23 Deacon Street
Laverty, D. J., 61 Chadwick Street
Laverty, Felix, 35 Knockbreda Park
Laverty, Felix, & Co., wholesale tea, wine and spirit merchants, 62-66 Patrick Street Great
Laverty, Florence, 7 Dunowen Gardens
Laverty, Florence A., 26 Avonbeg Street
Laverty, Frank, 144 Norfolk Parade
Laverty, F. H., insurance agent, 6 Elgin Street
Laverty, Henry, butcher, 208 Falls Road
Laverty, Henry, & Co., grocers, 429 Ormeau Road
Laverty, H., 3 Clanchattan Street
Laverty, H., & Sons, Ltd., builders and contractors, 12-14 Cambridge Street; offices, 58a Brougham Street
Laverty, James, fitter, 42 Fortwilliam Crescent
Laverty, James, confectioner, 166 Falls Road
Laverty, James, motor driver, 60 Newport Street
Laverty, James, 12 Oceanic Avenue
Laverty, James P., civil servant, 7 St. James's Park
Laverty, John, builder, 9 Slievedarragh Park
Laverty, John, building contractor, 474 Antrim Road
Laverty, John Joseph, engineer, 21 Silverstream Park
Laverty, J., turner, 48 Twickenham Street
Laverty, J., 77 Wallasey Park
Laverty, J. J., grocer, 38-40 Ambleside Street
Laverty, Miss, 47 Alexander Street West
Laverty, Miss M. A., 215 Cliftonville Road
Laverty, Mrs., post office, 467 Falls Road
Laverty, Mrs. M. A., 36 Willowbank Gardens
Laverty, Mrs. M. A., 8 Stranmillis Gardens
Laverty, Mrs. Sarah, 33 Twickenham Street
Laverty, R., 436 Ravenhill Road
Laverty, Samuel, agent, 66 Marlborough Park South
Laverty, Samuel, clerk, 12 Summer Hill Avenue
Laverty, T., publican, 12 Bradbury Place
Laverty, T., 20 Arizona Street
Laverty, William, 2 Stranmillis Street
Laverty, Wm. B., civil servant, 27 Hillsborough Drive
Lavery, Arthur, pawn broker, 176 Cliftonpark Avenue
Lavery, A. & P., pawn brokers, 110-112 Falls Road and 66 Queen Street North
Lavery, Catherine, 8 Earl Street
Lavery, Charles, publican, 83 May Street
Lavery, C., basket maker, 16 Winetavern Street
Lavery, Daniel, Mount Alverno, Springfield Road
Lavery, D., bottling store, 83 Chichester Street
Lavery, D., publican, 85-87 Chichester Street
Lavery, D., publican, 133 Victoria Street
Lavery, D., insurance director, 49 Wellington Park
Lavery, D. J., 61 Chadwick Street
Lavery, Edward, Woodlands, Springfield Road
Lavery, Elizabeth, 83 Springfield Road
Lavery, Fredk. J., estate agent, 5 Cregagh Park
Lavery, F. J., & Co., F.A.I., estate and insurance agents, 93 High Street
Lavery, Hugh, plumber, 29 Ravenhill Parade
Lavery, James, painter, 1-3 Clara Street
Lavery, John, assistant inspector postman, 98 Edinburgh Street
Lavery, John, machine man, 4 Millar Street
Lavery, John, publican, 16 Nail Street
Lavery, John, tenter, 63 Enfield Street
Lavery, John, 67-71 Irwin Street
Lavery, John F., traveller, 23 Mount Merrion Park
Lavery, Joseph, 93 Joy Street
Lavery, J., fish monger, 85 Castle Street
Lavery, J., cycle agent, 38 Bridge End
Lavery, J. F., publican, 149 Lisburn Road
Lavery, Maurice, 54 Wellington Park
Lavery, Miss, 21 Sandhurst Gardens
Lavery, The Misses, 11 Mount Eden Park
Lavery, Mrs., 23 Kilronan Street
Lavery, Mrs., 2 Sydenham Park
Lavery, Mrs. C., 148 Corporation Street
Lavery, Mrs. Ellen, 196 Grosvenor Road
Lavery, Mrs. Frances, 1 Eliza Street
Lavery, Mrs. Sarah, 17 Lodge Road New
Lavery, M., 116 Tate's Avenue
Lavery, M., com. agent, 8-10 Wilson's Court
Lavery, Patrick, foreman, 30 Clifton Drive
Lavery, Patrick, publican, 37-41 May Street
Lavery, Patrick, 74 Rugby Road
Lavery, Patk., cattle dealer, Maryville, Lisburn Road
Lavery, Patk., publican, 208-210 Woodstock Road
Lavery, Patrick J., publican, 3-5 Dublin Road
Lavery, P., publican, 1-3 Verner Street
Lavery, P., 20 Knockbreda Park
Lavery, P., pawn broker, 64 Cavehill Road Old
Lavery, Robert, shirt manufacturer, 8 Burmah Street
Lavery, R. H., clerk, 9 Dunkeld gardens
Lavery, Thomas, 56 North Parade
Lavery, Thos., publican, 213-215 Mountpottinger Road
Lavery, Todd, 42 Mount Eden Park
Lavery, William, fitter, 20 Lansdowne Park
Lavery, William, manager, 78 University Avenue
Lavery, Wm., shirt and pyjama manufacturer, 10 Exchange Place
Lavery, William J., shipwright, 16 Carlisle Street
Lavery, W., antique gallery, 55 Arthur Street Upper
Lavery, W. H. G., F.N.A.A., F.F.A.S., estate agent, 32 Ann Street and 134 Newtownards Road Upper
Lavery, W. J., cabinet maker, 35 Delhi Street
Lavery, W. J., lino operator, 657 Lisburn Road
Lavery, W. Wilson, store keeper, 10 Landseer Street
Law Accident Insurance Society Ltd., 11 Donegall Square West - F. R. Haddick and F. N. Armstrong, local managers
Law, A., contractor, 7 Willowfield Drive
Law, C., 10 Penge Gardens
Law, David, cattle dealer, 6 Beechmount Park
Law, D. M., postmaster, 285 Newtownards Road
Law, Frederick C., Shantallow, Gilnahirk Road
Law, G. C., clerk, 114 Ravenhill Avenue
Law, Hubert K., inspector, 38 Queensberry Park
Law, H. H., & Co., 2-4 Coolmore Street
Law, H. W., 32 Cranmore Gardens
Law, Jack, plumber, 64a Mountpottinger Road
Law, James, salesman, 69 Euston Street
Law, James, 27 Windsor Drive
Law, James, 32 Lavinia Street
Law, John, 25 Moyola Street
Law, John, gardener, Marietta Cottage, Barnett's Road
Law, John R., 24 Bankmore Street
Law, J., plumber, 63 Madrid Street
Law, J., R.U.C., 14 Manna Grove
Law, J. R., clerk, 5 Pirrie Park Gardens
Law, Mrs. C., 45 Agincourt Avenue
Law, Mrs. E., 10 Wingrove Gardens
Law, Mrs. L., 19 Chambers Street
Law, Mrs. Mary, 26 Ava Street
Law, Robert, fitter, 23 Clanchattan Street
Law, Robt., caretaker, Gate Lodge, Malone Park
Law, R., joiner, 8 Wandsworth Place
Law, S., foreman, 92 Killowen Street
Law, T. J., engineer, 24 Wolseley Street
Law Union & Rock Insurance Co. Ltd., 8 Donegall Square South - William Westwick, District Manager
Law, Victor, gents' outfitter, 122 North Street
Law, Victor J. B., outfitter, 14 Queensberry Park
Law, Victor M., joiner, 71 Deerpark Road
Law, William, 12 Camden Street
Law, William A., engineer, 12 Somerton Park
Law, W. H., builder, 67 Deerpark Road
Lawler, W. S., 125 Somerton Road
Lawless, T. H., R.U.C., 2 Rathdrum Street
Lawlor, A. McD., 44 Hampton Park
Lawlor, Daniel, dealer, 161 Castlereagh Road
Lawlor, David, 3 Massey Avenue
Lawlor, George, 35 Lodge Road Old
Lawlor, Henry C., 14 Windsor Avenue
Lawlor, Joseph, 47 Botanic Avenue
Lawlor, Rev. J. E. C., 6 Chichester Avenue
Lawlor, Mrs. Margaret, 21 Brougham Street
Lawlor, P., dealer, 111 Nelson Street
Lawnbrook Recreation Club, Centurion Street
Lawrence, A. B., civil servant, 17 Onslow Parade
Lawrence, Frank, R.U.C., 323 Springfield Road
Lawrence, G. R., 12 Crescent Lower
Lawrence, G. R., 11 Dorchester Street
Lawrence, Mrs. Ellen, 1 Deerpark Road
Lawrence, Mrs. U. N. A., 46 Linden Gardens
Lawrenson, H. S., clerk, 38 Mayfair Avenue
Lawrenson, Mrs., 6 Kinedar Crescent
Lawrie Bros., Ltd., motor accessory factors, 7 Alfred Street
Lawrie, Charles, 6 Sandhurst Drive
Lawson, Albert P., 17 Malone Avenue
Lawson, Charles, surveyor, 189 Cavehill Road
Lawson, Capt. D. T., 17 Mountcharles
Lawson, George, 116 Harberton Park
Lawson, G. A., Harberton Park
Lawson, James G., carters' agent, Cherryhurst, Cherryvalley
Lawson, Joseph, manager, 6 Salisbury Avenue
Lawson, J., editor, 33 Haddington Gardens
Lawson, Miss, 16 Jocelyn Street
Lawson, Mrs., 11 Malone Avenue
Lawson, Mrs. Christina, 30 Camden Street
Lawson, Robert, tram conductor, 74 Ann Street
Lawson, Robert, saddler, 200 Sandy Row
Lawson, R., trimmer, 85 Haypark Avenue
Lawson, R. A., salesman, Slievenamon, Orby Drive
Lawson, T. D., R.U.C., 176 Grand Parade
Lawther, Bass & Co., inc. accountants and auditors, 17-18 and 21 Ann Street
Lawther, H., plumber, 26 St. Jude's Crescent
Lawther, James, clerk, 18 Woodvale Parade
Lawther, James, machinist, 21 Willowfield Street
Lawther, James, shipwright, 79 Denmark Street
Lawther, J., plasterer, 5 Ardenvohr Street
Lawther, J., fitter, 82 Sunnyside Avenue
Lawther, S., & Harvey, ship brokers, 2 Corporation Square. T.A.: "Lawther, Belfast"
Lawther, S., & Sons, Ltd., Shipping Agents, 21 Corporation Street
Lawther, W. A., A.C.A., 17 Wellington Place
Lawther, W. J., plumber, 155 Ormeau Road
Lawton, Dr. Henry K., 7 Richmond Park
Lazarus, H., cabinet maker, 18 California Street Lower
Lazenbath, William, fitter, 3 Ashfield Crescent
Le Bas Tube Co. Ltd., 6 Donegall Square Mews
Le Bon Salon, 34a Woodvale Road
Le Estrange, Mrs. A., 2 Claremont Street
Leabody, James, driller, 59 Belvoir Street
Leacock & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, 16 Ormeau Avenue
Leacock, David, driver, 25 Connsbrook Avenue
Leacock, K., 35 North Parade
Leacock, K., publican, 4 Sandy Row
Leadbeater, Miss Eva, 40 Locksley Park
Leadbetter Gospel Hall, 141 Lodge Road Old
Leadbetter Street Gospel Hall, 46-48 Leadbetter Street
Leaden, F., 59 Cooke Street
Leader Window Cleaning Co. (The), 3 Clarence Place Mews
Leahy, G. W., R.U.C., 58 Kimberley Street
Leahy, Kelly & Leahy, Ltd., Wholesale and Retail Tobacconists, 2-6 Castle Place and Branches. T.A.: "Castle, Belfast"
Leahy, Miss C., 48 Elmwood Avenue
Leahy, R., Malone Road Upper
Leake, A., baker, 479 Lisburn Road
Leake, A. H., 75 Sicily Park
Leake, R. J., inspector, 54 Ulsterville Gardens
Leathem, A. F., 23 Deramore Park
Leathem, Elizabeth, 112 Durham Street
Leathem, E., 560 Oldpark Road
Leathem, E. & W., musical instrument manufacturers, 21 Shankill Road
Leathem, John M., pattern maker, 2 Ormiston Parade
Leathem, Joseph, 10 Lawrence Street
Leathem, Miss Martha, 4 Gordon Terrace, Agincourt Avenue
Leathem, Mrs. E., 17 Beechfield Street
Leathem, Mrs. Ida W. T., 88 Galwally Park
Leathem, Robert, 20 Clara Park
Leathem, R., tobacconist, 44 Howard Street
Leathem, Samuel, R.U.C., 53 Orangefield Crescent
Leathem, Thos., printer, 72 Marlborough Park Central
Leathem, William, bakery, 77 Woodstock Road
Leathem, William, baker, 320 Cregagh Road
Leathem, W. J., pawn broker, 140 Woodvale Road
Leckey, George, chef, 34 Tate's Avenue
Leckey, George E., pawn broker, 27 Lowwood Park
Leckey, G., civil servant, 10 Wandsworth Gardens
Leckey, G. E., pawn broker, 192 Queen Street North
Leckey, Henry, grocer, 88 McClure Street
Leckey, H., civil servant, 22 Ravensdene Crescent
Leckey, Miss, 23 Delhi Street
Leckey, Miss E., 30 Lancefield Road
Leckey, Miss Violet, teacher, 22 Trigo Parade
Leckey, Mrs. I., 29 Annette Street
Leckey, Mrs. Mary, 51 Belvoir Street
Leckey, Mrs. M., 59 Botanic Avenue
Leckey, Samuel, cutter, 21 Ava Parade
Leckey, Thos. Richard, blacksmith, 322 Springfield Road
Leckey, William J., R.U.C., 89 Deerpark Road
Leckey, W. J., confectioner, 31 Beresford Street
Leckey, W. V., 8 Clonlee Drive
Leckie, A., store man, 304 Beersbridge Road
Leckie, Jean, 18 Graymount Crescent
Leckie, John, painting contractor, 279 Newtownards Road Upper
Lecky, D., nurse, 545 Donegall Road
Lecky, F. B., & Co. Ltd., 5 Bedford Street
Lecky, Mrs., 32 Alexandra Park Avenue
Leddy, Daniel, accountant, 16 Workman Avenue
Leddy, John, clerk, 276 Springfield Road
Ledgett, James, butcher, 567 Crumlin Road
Ledgett, Mrs., 34 Townsend Street Upper
Ledley Hall (The), Lord Street
Lee, Annie, 97 Newtownards Road Upper
Lee, A., Poplar Gardens, Newtownards Road Upper
Lee, A. C., overseer, 37 Blenheim Drive
Lee, Christopher, grocer, 70 Kashmir Road
Lee, David, gardener, Bernagh, Circular Road
Lee, E., law searcher, 208 Holywood Road
Lee, E., R.U.C., 12 Ailesbury Road
Lee, George H., trunk maker, 316 Shankill Road
Lee, G. H., Louisville, Lisburn Road
Lee, H., 26 Harleston Street
Lee, H., driver, 173 Joanmount Gardens
Lee, James, 19 Ridgeway Street
Lee, James, grocer, 61 Ava Street
Lee, James, salesman, 47 Ulsterville Gardens
Lee, John, civil servant, 170 Limestone Road
Lee, John, 395 Crumlin Road
Lee, John, Claremont, Chichester Park
Lee, Joseph, manager, 16 North Parade
Lee, Joseph, blacksmith, 125 Grosvenor Road
Lee, J., 19 St. James's Park
Lee, J., foreman, 4 Lucerne Parade
Lee, J. S. J., M.B., D.P.H., 203 Crumlin Road and 422 Antrim Road
Lee, Michael, 133 Belmont Road
Lee, Miss Evelyn, 38 Cavehill Road Old
Lee, Miss M., confectioner, 11 Donegall Street
Lee, Mrs., 35 Hampton Park
Lee, Mrs., 15 University Street
Lee, Mrs. E., 29 Ilchester Street
Lee, Mrs. E., 160 Hillman Street
Lee, Mrs. Glady's, The Chalet, Chichester Park
Lee, Mrs. M., 3 Ardgreenan Gardens
Lee, P., confectioner, 24 Waring Street
Lee, Robert, bus driver, 48 Windsor Drive
Lee, Robert, joiner, 35 Twickenham Street
Lee, R., garage proprietor, 4 Ormiston Parade
Lee, Sadie, ice cream saloon, 17 Antrim Road
Lee, S., salesman, 5 Lisburn Avenue
Lee, S., 68 Deramore Avenue
Lee, T. E., 648 Oldpark Road
Lee, Walter E., representative, 77a Victoria Street
Lee, William, bread server, 27 Ethel Street
Lee, William, engineer, 17 Annalee Street
Lee, William, compositor, 259 Springfield Road
Lee, William C., civil servant, 30 Thornhill Drive
Lee, Wilson, plumber, 3 Fortview Terrace, Shore Road
Lee, W., 589 Newtownards Road Upper
Leeborn, R. H., 26 Frank Street Upper
Leeburn, John C., gardener, Cavehill Bridge House, Cavehill Road
Leeburn, Mrs. R., 57 Agincourt Avenue
Leeburn, Samuel David, 25 Coombe Hill Park
Leeburn, William C., & Son, tailors, 21 Clifton Street
Leeburn, William J., 11 Wallasey Park
Leech, Gordon, 8 Knockbreda Drive
Leech, H. H., shoe maker, 101 Donegall Pass
Leech, J. C., Allora, Kensington Gardens
Leech, Mrs. G. E., 40 Florenceville Avenue
Leech, William, traveller, 414 Ravenhill Road
Leech, W. J., civil servant, 29 Clonlee Drive
Leecky, S., 40 Avoca Street
Leeds Permanent Building Society, 12 High Street. S. Graham Corbett, J.P., agent for Northern Ireland
Lee-Jowett, Dr. J. S., 107 Cliftonville Road
Leeman, Mrs. Annie, 16 Sefton Park
Leeper, N. G., 17 Adelaide Park
Leeper, William, radio dealer, 27 Mount Prospect Park
Lees, Eric, White House, Kingsway Drive
Lees, Hyman, & Lees, furniture manufacturers, Donegall Pass and 6-14 Howard Street South
Lees, Hyman, & Lees, Ltd., wholesale furniture warehouse, 77 Apsley Street
Lees, H., Corporation official, 1 Kingsberry Park
Lees, H., 12 Merkland Street
Lees, James, & Co., chartered accountants, 41 (26-27) Donegall Place
Lees, John, & Co. Ltd., agents, 90 Union Street
Lees, J., chartered accountant, 51 Cavehill Road Old
Lees, J. H., 47 Knockbreda Road
Lees, Mrs., Shandon Villas, Kensington Road
Lees, R., builder, 8 Castle Park
Lees, W. J., 33 Balmoral Avenue
Leeson, Fredk. J., 20 Willesden Park
Leeson, John, 87 Durham Street
Leeson, T., grocer, 42 Pound Street
Leetch, William, clerk, 21 Marguerite Park
Leetch, W., deputy secretary, 334 Antrim Road
Legal Insurance Co. Ltd., 63 Royal Avenue
Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd., 4 Donegall Square South
Legate, J., bookkeeper, 195 Cavehill Road
Legear, William, clerk, 41 Ardmore Avenue
Legg, J., 4 Cooldarragh Park North
Legg, Mrs. Jean, 59 Bloomfield Avenue
Legg, Mrs. S. E., 12 Dunblane Avenue
Legg, Thomas, 51 Lancaster Street
Legge, Albert V., bookkeeper, 21 Ardgreenan Drive
Legge, James, boiler maker, 26 Bramcote Street
Legget, Thomas, engine driver, 50a Enfield Street
Leggett, Miss, 15 Hoylake Park
Leggett, R., baker, 114 Grosvenor Road
Leggett, S. J., clerk, 2 Baroda Street
Leggett, S. T., clerk, 17 Ardgreenan Drive
Leicester Permanent Building Society, 39 Donegall Street
Leighburn, Thomas, baker, 6a Beechpark Street
Leighis, Alfred, cafe, 190 Falls Road
Leighton, Hugh G., 182 (3) Lisburn Road
Leighton, J. A., & Son, solicitors, 8 Arthur Square
Leighton, Mrs. S. J., 7 Cyprus Park
Leinster, A., watch maker, 80 Woodstock Road
Leinster, Mrs. Charlotte, 17 Lavinia Street
Leinster, Samuel, 8 Eia Street
Leitch, Alfred H., photographic dealer, 33 Castle Lane
Leitch, A. H., 153 Ardenlee Avenue
Leitch, Geo. H., solicitor, Shanacool, Newforge Lane
Leitch, Herbert, plater, 75 Carlisle Street
Leitch, H. V., 41 Kirkliston Park
Leitch, John, overseer, 76 Agincourt Avenue
Leitch, J. L., agent, 3 Bladon Drive
Leitch, Ltd., flax merchants, 16 (29) Donegall Square South
Leitch, Mrs., 49 Duncairn Gardens
Leitch, Mrs., 28 Bramcote Street
Leitch, Mrs. M., 17 Stockman's Lane
Leitch, N., tobacconist, 54 Bloomfield Avenue
Leitch, Thomas, 54 Townsend Street
Leitch, T., manager, 149 Agincourt Avenue
Leitch, William, merchant, 7 Donegall Square West
Leitch, William, 3 Broomhill Park
Leitch, Wm., sheet metal worker, 24 Oberon Street
Leitch, W., Clonaver Crescent South
Leitch, W. A., solicitor, 20 Thornhill Parade
Leith, John, 6 Cheltenham Park
Leith, J. A., 276 Stranmillis Road
Leith, Miss M., 18 (2) Claremont Street
Leith, Mrs., 5 Ferguson Drive
Leith, Mrs. E. J., 231 Cavehill Road
Leith, Mrs. M., 73 Oldpark Road
Leith, Mrs. Sarah, 8 Cliftonville Parade
Leith, R., 15 Onslow Parade
Leith, Samuel, 51 Edgcumbe Gardens
Leith, W. A., painter, 44 Delhi Street
Leman, R. M., radiographer, 92 Sandhurst Drive
Lemarsh, A., 34 Knutsford Drive
Lemon, Alex., provision merchant, 167 Crumlin Road
Lemon, A., 10 Oldpark Road
Lemon, D. A., fruiterer, 42 Albert Bridge Road
Lemon, Edward, B.A., solicitor, 48 Arthur Street Upper
Lemon, Francis, 51 Balfour Avenue
Lemon, Geo., poulterer, 439-441 Newtownards Road
Lemon, G. A., 12 Ardenlee Avenue
Lemon, Hubert, tea agent, 103 Somerton Road
Lemon, Hugh, chartered accountant, 2 Clara Park
Lemon, H., clerk, 33 Summer Hill Park
Lemon, H. M., cashier, 12 Abbeydale Gardens
Lemon, James, agent, 5-7 Queen Street
Lemon, James, painter, 65 Aigburth Park
Lemon, John, joiner, 94 Ravenhill Avenue
Lemon, John, warder, 40 Rosevale Street
Lemon, J., agent, 28 Queen Street
Lemon, J. S., fitter, 7 Portallo Street
Lemon, Miss, costumier, 10 Royal Avenue
Lemon, Miss Emily, 20 Knockbreda Drive
Lemon, Mrs., 46 Shamrock Street
Lemon, Mrs., 166 Connsbrook Avenue
Lemon, Mrs., 18 Cheviot Avenue
Lemon, Mrs., 25 Lawrence Street
Lemon, Mrs., 168 Ravenhill Road
Lemon, Mrs., 56 Mount Merrion Park
Lemon, Mrs. A., Ardmore, Kensington Park
Lemon, Mrs. Catherine, 89 Delhi Street
Lemon, Mrs. Elizabeth, 17 Cliftonville Road
Lemon, Mrs. Grace, 9 Lomond Avenue
Lemon, Mrs. M. E., 7 Wellwood Street
Lemon, N., secretary, 14 Ireton Street
Lemon, Robert, 28 Manna Grove
Lemon, Robert A. McM., 105 Deerpark Road
Lemon, R. J., 2 Barnett's Road
Lemon, Samuel, lino. operator, 3 Arbour Street
Lemon, Samuel, 43 Sunnyside Street
Lemon, Samuel, 38 Cherryvalley Gardens
Lemon, S. G., manager, 12 Harberton Park
Lemon, S. J., engineer, 3 South Parade
Lemon, Thos., manager, 157 Templemore Avenue
Lemon, Dr. Vida M. M., 103 Somerton Road
Lemon, W., butcher, 60 Castlereagh Road
Lemon, W., upholsterer, 30 Ava Drive
Lemon, W. S., traveller, 78 Lisburn Road
Lenaghan, Mrs. Annie, 30 Ormeau Street
Lenaghan, Mrs. A., 15 Cyprus Gardens
Lenaghan, P., 102 Joanmount Gardens
Lenane, Mrs., 53 Botanic Avenue
Lendrum, George B., 18 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Lendrum, Mrs., 26 Lawrence Street
Lendrum, Mrs. G., 14 Belgravia Avenue
Leneghan, Patrick, 180 Agnes Street
Lenehan, Patrick, 23 Dargle Street
Lenfesty, Mrs., 60 Springfield Road
Lenfesty, P., com. agent, 39 High Street
Lenham, Patrick, 79 Roden Street
Lennard, Mrs. Margaret, Mar-Leo, Falls Road
Lennie, A., confectioner, 37 Grosvenor Road
Lennie, Dr. D. Craig, 77 Castlereagh Street
Lennon, Arthur, fish merchant, 17 Antrim Road
Lennon, Arthur, 223 Hillman Street
Lennon, A., salesman, 130 Donnybrook Street
Lennon, E., iron turner, 24 Kimberley Drive
Lennon, Frank, 52 Divis Drive
Lennon, James, baker, 34 Ava Gardens
Lennon, Joseph, salesman, 66 Lagan Street
Lennon, Michael, 2 Ponsonby Avenue
Lennon, Miss Essie, 23 Virginia Street
Lennon, Miss Gertrude, 20 Ardmoulin Street
Lennon, Miss Margaret, grocer, 81 Leeson Street
Lennon, Mrs., 56 Sandhurst Gardens
Lennon, Mrs., 28 Kimberley Street
Lennon, Mrs. Alicia, 56 Townsend Street
Lennon, Mrs. A., 65 Holywood Road
Lennon, Mrs. Francis, 194 Hillman Street
Lennon, William, confectioner, 2 Silverstream Park
Lennon, William, tobacconist, 208 Ballysillan Road
Lennon, William, Raloo, 2 Glastonbury Avenue
Lennox, Albert George, 1 Wingrove Gardens
Lennox, A., traveller, 8 Knocklofty Park
Lennox, B., clerk, 63 Ashley Avenue
Lennox, D. R., fitter, 16 Finvoy Street
Lennox, Fred., driver, 20 Graymount Crescent
Lennox, John, fitter, 14 Connsbrook Park
Lennox, John, stevedore, 39 Bramcote Street
Lennox, Mrs., 40 Brookvale Avenue
Lennox, Robert, 26 Glanworth Drive
Lennox, Robert, inspector, 6 Mowhan Street
Lennox, Thomas, 3 Kylemore Park
Lennox, Thomas, brass moulder, 111 Madrid Street
Lennox, T., confectioner, 71 Ravenscroft Avenue
Lenny, Michael, 12 Baltic Avenue
Leonard, Arthur, 60 King Street
Leonard, George, hairdresser, 22 Garmoyle Street
Leonard, James, weigh master, 33 Cedar Avenue
Leonard, John, newsagent, 248 Crumlin Road
Leonard, J., Avondale, Finaghy Road South
Leonard, K., electrical contractor, 32-36 Berry Street
Leonard, Mary, confectioner, 4-6 Garmoyle Street
Leonard, Mrs. Mary, 55 Townsend Street
Leonard, Mrs. Mary, 7 Pottinger's Court
Leonard, Mrs. M., 2 Innisfayle Road
Leonard, R., grocer, 105 Ravenhill Gardens
Leonard, R., manager, 9 Rosemount Gardens
Leonard, Samuel, builder, Hebron, Malone Road Upper
Leonard, Stewart, 4 Westway Drive
Leonard, T. A., accountant, 10 Rugby Parade
Leonard, V., & Co., wholesale radio and electric factors, 40 Queen Street
Leonard, W. T., confectioner, 6 My Lady's Road
Leon's, drapers, 80 Castle Street and 121 North Street
Leopold, Phillip, tailor, 35 Kingsmere Avenue
Leopold, P., & Son, clothiers, 177 Donegall Street
Lep Transport Ltd., 4 Ulster Street
Lepper, George C., solicitor, 72 High Street; res., "Walton," Millisle Road, Donaghadee
Lepper, J. C., Royal Ulster Yacht Club, Bangor, Co. Down
Lepper, Miss A. J. H., Thornfield Cottage, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim
Lepper, Robt. S., M.A., LL.M., Elsinore, Carnalea
Leslie & Co., agents, 30 Rosemary Street
Leslie, James, bread server, 23 Clifton Drive
Leslie, Jas. D., radio engineer, 2-4 Moscow Street
Leslie, Lieut.-Col. John, D.L., Glaslough, Co. Monaghan
Leslie, J., railway clerk, 7 Prestwick Drive
Leslie, J. D., 238 Cliftonville Road
Leslie, J. D., radio engineer, 217 Shankill Road
Leslie, ?, radio dealer, 204 Shankill Road
Leslie, Senator J. G., D.L., Leslie Hill, Ballymoney
Leslie, Mrs., 2 Glandore Avenue
Leslie, N. J., insurance official, Rosaleen, Orpen Park
Leslie, Robert, carpenter, 21 Duncairn Gardens
Leslie, S. B., 15 Mount Prospect Park
Leslie, William, manager, Dunblane Avenue
Leslie, William, musician, 36 Edinburgh Street
Leslie, W. E., 87 Edinburgh Street
Leslie, W. Walker, agent, 14 (33) Bridge Street
Lester, Andrew, 27 Ava Street
Lester, Jacob W., 18 Glenburn Park
Lester, J., traveller, 48 Dunraven Avenue
Lester, Marie, 45 University Road
Lester, Mrs., 11 Hawthorn Drive
Lester, Mrs. F., 18 Strandview Street
Lestir, J. W. S., office equipment, 7 Bedford Street; res., 11 Hawthornden Drive
L'Estrange & Brett, solicitors, 9 Chichester Street
L'Estrange, D., R.U.C., 419 Springfield Road
L'Estrange, Rev. F. H. P., M.A., T.C.D., 148 Malone Road
Lesware, Cecil, confectioner, 250 Albert Bridge Road
Letson, Rose, 119 Canning Street Upper
Letson, W. H., solicitor, 21 Gibson Park Gardens
Lettress, Patrick, brick layer, 122 Canning Street Upper
Leuria, B., tobacconist, 1 Church Lane
Leuria, S. K., 365 Cregagh Road
Leventon, Mrs. M., 15 Rosapenna Parade
Levey, Daniel, grocer, 2 Ashfield Crescent
Levey, Jacob, upholsterer, 45 Glantane Street
Levey, Louis, draper, 4 Merryfield Drive
Levi, B., iron monger, 36 Salisbury Avenue
Levi, M., draper, 77 Lodge Road Old
Levi, P., tobacconist, 79 Lodge Road Old
Levin, Mrs. D., 34 Mountcharles
Levine, E., 213 Belmont Road
Levine, Marcus, 19 Lismoyne Park
Levine, Maurice, ladies' hairdresser, 157 Crumlin Road
Levingston, Miss, 30 Elmwood Avenue
Levington, J., 45 Dargle Street
Levinson, Cecil, 16 Salisbury Avenue
Levinson, E., agent, 118 Royal Avenue
Levy, J., financier, 1 Skipper Street
Levy, N. F., electrician, 103 Ravenhill Gardens
Lewers, Robert, attendant, 15 Chesham Park
Lewin, Barnett, tailor, 9 Glenravel Street
Lewin, B., tailor, 138 North Street
Lewis, A. G., civil servant, 9 Wellesley Avenue
Lewis Bros., 169a Ormeau Road
Lewis, D., joiner, 44 Bloomfield Gardens
Lewis, D., insurance agent, 9 Sandhill Gardens
Lewis, G., R.U.C., 29 Campbell Park Avenue
Lewis, Harold, painter, 35 Auburn Street
Lewis, Herbert, civil servant, 6 Joanmount Drive
Lewis, H. & J., butchers, 169 Ormeau Road
Lewis, H. L., sub-postmaster, 207 York Street
Lewis, James, 24 Glantane Street
Lewis, James, 121 Bray Street
Lewis, James, driver, 3 Jocelyn Street
Lewis, James Wylie, agent, 67 North Parade
Lewis, Jas. W., engineer, 66 Locksley Park
Lewis, John, docker, 6 Fleet Street
Lewis, John, 184 Lodge Road Old
Lewis, Joseph, warehouseman, 628 Crumlin Road
Lewis, Joseph, 18 Twickenham Street
Lewis, J., surveyor, 4 Richmond Square
Lewis, J., plater. 77 Joanmount Park
Lewis, Kenneth, 37 Glandore Avenue
Lewis, K. F., civil servant, 61 Serpentine Road
Lewis, Lascelles N. D., 11b Botanic Avenue and 47 The Mount
Lewis, L., manager, 54 Cooldarragh Park
Lewis, Miss, 37 Distillery Street
Lewis, Miss Mary, 850 Crumlin Road
Lewis, Miss M., 121 Bray Street
Lewis, Miss Rose, 4 Ainsworth Avenue
Lewis, Miss W., 53 Shankill Road
Lewis, Mrs., 62 (3) Cliftonpark Avenue
Lewis, Mrs., 41 Twickenham Street
Lewis, Mrs., 42 Cyprus Avenue
Lewis, Mrs. H. J., 22 Wandsworth Gardens
Lewis, Mrs. M., 9 India Street
Lewis, Mrs. R., draper, 45 Lonsdale Street
Lewis, Robert, rivetter, 84 Whitewell Road
Lewis, R. G., agent, 7 Maryville Park
Lewis, R. G., & J., boot warehousemen, 11-13 Bedford Street and 61-63 Shankill Road
Lewis, Samuel, glazier, 90 Agnes Street
Lewis, Samuel, 17 Whitewell Road
Lewis, Samuel G., bleacher, 40 Summer Street
Lewis, S., driver, 16 Ashley Drive
Lewis, Thomas, 158 Lodge Road Old
Lewis, T., agent, 39 Castle Lane
Lewis, T. J., 5 Alliance Avenue
Lewis, William, merchant, 20 Sandhurst Drive
Lewis, William, soldier, 445 Oldpark Road
Lewis, William, carter, 6a Ventry Street
Lewis, William, 88-89 Smithfield Market
Lewis, William, 23 Rosapenna Drive
Lewis, William Hugh, electrician, Meadowbank Street
Lewis, W., china, 38-39 Smithfield Market
Leury, H. L., 11 Marlborough Park North
Leyburn, John, head-constable R.U.C., 7 Ailesbury Drive
Leyden, Miss Margaret M., 274 Newtownards Road Upper
Leyden, M., plasterer, 124 Joy Street
Leyland, Herbert, 115 Lisburn Road
Leyland Paint & Varnish Co. Ltd., 42 Queen Street
Libby, McNeill & Libby, Ltd., food products, 4 Ulster Street
Librach, M., warehouseman, 58 Donegall Street; res., 9 Brookvale Drive
Licenses & General Insurance Co. Ltd., J. A. E. Siggins, Branch Manager, 7 Bedford Street
Liddell, D., cabinet maker, 127 My Lady's Road
Liddell, John, plater, 32 Ashley Gardens
Liddell, Lady, Banoge House, Donacloney
Liddell, R. M., 19 Malone Road Upper
Liddell, Wm., & Co. Ltd., linen and damask manufacturers, 42-44 Queen Street Upper and 30 Wellington Place; works at Donacloney, Lurgan
Liddell, W. H., 23 Irwin Avenue
Liddy, Elizabeth, 8 Ardmoulin Street
Liddy, Joseph, time keeper, 12 Ponsonby Avenue
Liddy, J., tailor, 1 Union Street
Liddy, Miss A., 99 Queen Street North
Lido Cafe, 36 Victoria Street Great, and 4a Keyland's Place
Lidster, George, grocer, 50 Balkan Street
Lieghio, Alfred, cook, 63 Roden Street
Lieghio, F., supper saloon, 67 Roden Street
Life Association of Scotland, James Macauley, Secretary, 58 Howard Street
Ligget, Hugh, 29 Cliftonpark Avenue
Ligget, J., 45 Shandon Park
Liggett, Joseph, plater, 51 Wandsworth Road
Liggett, J., postal official, 27 Rushfield Avenue
Liggett, J., fish merchant, 348 Donegall Road
Liggett, J. W., packer, 3 Hatfield Street
Liggett, Samuel Wallace, manager, 67 Chadwick Street
Liggett, T., mechanic, 2 Fallswater Street
Liggett, T. J., manager, 383 Springfield Road
Liggett, W. T., Excise officer, Glenbawn, Lisburn Road
Liggins, Fred., 70 Joanmount Gardens
Lightbody, Alex., sheet metal worker, 11 Onslow Parade
Lightbody, Samuel, clerk, 65 Irwin Crescent
Lightbody, Wm. John, 1 Greenville Avenue
Ligoniel Dispensary, Leginn Street and 137 Ligoniel Road
Ligoniel Football Club, Ligoniel Road
Ligoniel Methodist Church, 218 Ligoniel Road
Ligoniel Orange Hall, 151 Ligoniel Road
Ligoniel Unionist Association, Ligoniel Road
Liken, O. H., tobacconist, 440-442 Ormeau Road
Lilburn, E. L., 10 Thorburn Road
Lilburn, J. G. F., architect, 10 Knockbreda Gardens
Lilburn, Miss E., 13 Thorndale Avenue
Lilburn, William, 1 Sandhurst Gardens
Lillian, ladies' outfitter, Riddels Arcade
Lilley, Andrew, engineer, 67 Serpentine Road
Lilley, George, Organist and Choirmaster, May Street Church; Teacher of Music, 4 Glanleam Drive
Lilley, Herbert R., designer, 33 Howard Street
Lilley, H. R., designer, 133 Malone Avenue
Lilley, John, moulder, 57 Mountview Street
Lilley, John, 11 Ormiston Crescent
Lilley, Mrs. E., 83 Ashley Avenue
Lilley, Robert, 136 Lodge Road Old
Lilley, Robert, fruiterer, 96 Lodge Road Old
Lilley, Robert, 130 Ravenhill Avenue
Lilley & Skinner, boot and shoe merchants, 15 Riddels Arcade
Lilley, William, fitter, 111 Nelson Street
Lilley, William, plumber, 64 Newport Street
Lilley, W. E. C., 3 Cyprus Park
Lillie, A., shipwright, 50 Ardenlee Avenue
Lillie, E., R.U.C., 97 Deerpark Road
Lillie, George, draper's assistant, 431 Beersbridge Road
Lilliput Laundry & Dyeworks, Ltd., 15 Chichester Street and branches
Lilly, Mrs., 334 Springfield Road
Lilly, William, 68 (5) Cliftonpark Avenue
Limestone Garage, 24 Limestone Road and 5 Lilliput Road
Limestone Plumbing Works, 278 Limestone Road
Limmer & Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co., Ltd. (The), 58 (5) Howard Street and 34a Hatfield Street
Limmons, Robert, painting contractor, 11 Glastonbury Avenue
Lindberg, Robert, waiter, 11 Arlington Street
Linden, John, clerk, 67 Maryville Street
Linden, Mrs., publican, 52 Garmoyle Street
Linden, P., 83 Cavehill Road
Linden, W., boot maker, 120 My Lady's Road
Linden's, confectioners, 12 Corn Market
Lindesay, Walter, civil servant, 150 University Street
Lindop, Charles, professor of music, 74 Belmont Church Road
Lindop, C., A.R.C.M., A.T.C.L., 20 Wellington Place
Lindrum, Wm., Netherleigh Cottages, Massey Avenue
Lindsay, A., chartered accountant, 51 Malone Park
Lindsay, A. C., grocer, 11a Ava Street
Lindsay, A. E., 13 Dundela Gardens
Lindsay Bros., Ltd., Manufacturers and Wholesale Warehousemen, 7 Donegall Place. T.A.: "Oregon, Belfast"
Lindsay, Cecil, Lissue, Lisburn
Lindsay, C. A., 17 Knockburn Park
Lindsay, David, store keeper, 20 Delhi Parade
Lindsay, David, joiner, 35 Formby Park
Lindsay, David, pattern maker, 2 Silverstream Gardens
Lindsay, D., cabinet maker, 22 Yarrow Street
Lindsay, E., grocer, 252 Ballysillan Road
Lindsay, Fredk. S., manager, 509 Newtownards Road Upper
Lindsay, Hugh, builder, 7 Joanmount Park
Lindsay, H., salesman, 2 Sicily Park
Lindsay, Rev. H., F.R.G.S., 12 Mount Pleasant
Lindsay, James, coach builder, 56 Lavinia Street
Lindsay, James, fitter, 56 Lawnbrook Avenue
Lindsay, James, 31 Dufferin Street
Lindsay, James R., solicitor, 7 Wellington Place
Lindsay, John, Beech Hill, King's Road
Lindsay, John, joiner, 44 Summer Hill Park
Lindsay, J., agent, 176 Newtownards Road Upper
Lindsay, J., publican, 8 Slievemoyne Park
Lindsay, J., painter, 27 Ava Drive
Lindsay, J., 211 Belmont Road
Lindsay, J. W., stationer, 37 Rushfield Avenue
Lindsay, Lily, confectioner, 199 Durham Street
Lindsay, Matthew, fitter, 82 Roseleigh Street
Lindsay, Miss, 595 Ormeau Road
Lindsay, Miss, 12 Delhi Parade
Lindsay, Miss, confectioner, 122a Sandy Row
Lindsay, Miss A., 74 Eliza Street
Lindsay, Miss Grace, 111 Eglantine Avenue
Lindsay, Miss Mary, 34 Lawrence Street
Lindsay, Miss M. A., 25 Cabin Hill Gardens
Lindsay, Mrs., 29 Carlisle Street
Lindsay, Mrs., 19 Weston Drive
Lindsay, Mrs., 1 Thornhill Park
Lindsay, Mrs., 25 Alexandra Park Avenue
Lindsay, Mrs., 88 Wandsworth Road
Lindsay, Mrs., 4 Ranfurly Drive
Lindsay, Mrs., 551 Ormeau Road
Lindsay, Mrs., 37 Cranmore Avenue
Lindsay, Mrs. Agnes, 190 Woodvale Avenue
Lindsay, Mrs. A., 15 Cranmore Gardens
Lindsay, Mrs. E., 8 Beechmount Park
Lindsay, Mrs. E. V., 637 Antrim Road
Lindsay, Mrs. J., 19 Summer Street
Lindsay, Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 43 Rugby Avenue
Lindsay, Mrs. M., 94 Castlereagh Road
Lindsay, Mrs. S. E., 65 North Parade
Lindsay, Maurice, R.U.C., 9 Baroda Parade
Lindsay, Major Pullar L., 25 King's Road
Lindsay, Robt., brick layer, 82 Ballygomartin Road
Lindsay, Rodrick, grocer, 41 Posnett Street
Lindsay, Rodrick, grocer, 27 Ratcliffe Street
Lindsay, R., engineer, 54 Ava Street
Lindsay, R. F., R.U.C., 44 Oakland Avenue
Lindsay, R. K., draper, 127 Grosvenor Road
Lindsay, R. W., Glen House, Crawfordsburn
Lindsay, Samuel, collector, 12 Fallswater Drive
Lindsay, Thomas, & Sons, builders, 2 Richview Street
Lindsay, Thomas, inspector, 94 Woodvale Road
Lindsay, Thompson (Threads), Ltd., 16 Bedford Street
Lindsay, Thompson (Threads), Ltd., flax spinners, Prospect Mill, Flax Street
Lindsay, Walter, J.P., Ballydown, Banbridge
Lindsay, William, tailor, 7 Henry Place
Lindsay, William, grocer, 145 Manor Street
Lindsay, William, clerk, 27 Bramcote Street
Lindsay, William B., clerk, 14 Victoria Street Little
Lindsay, William J., painter, 13 Ashley Drive
Lindsay, William J., engineer, 13 Willowholme Crescent
Lindsay, W., 48 Cabin Hill Park
Lindsay, W. A., draughtsman, 9 Irwin Drive
Lindsay, W. & G., engineers' agents, 11 Donegall Square South
Lindsay, ?, R.U.C., 202 Stranmillis Road
Lindsay's Cash Stores, grocers, 157 York Street
Linehan, Mrs., 42 Earlswood Road
Linehan, Patrick A., 46 Ailesbury Road
Linen Hall Library, Donegall Square North
Linen Industry Research Association, Lambeg
Linen Thread Co. Ltd., 16 and 20 Bedford Street
Linen Workers' Insurance Society, 105 Royal Avenue
Linens, Ltd., manufacturers, 19 Ormeau Road
Lines, B. F., manager, 179 Ravenhill Road
Linfield Football and Athletic Club, Donegall Avenue
Linfield Junior P.E. School, Linfield Road
Linfield Window Cleaning Co., 199 Mayo Street
Ling, Mrs. A., 16 Hartington Street
Lingard, H. J., 7 Holland Gardens
Linnane, John, 26 Cheltenham Park
Linton, A., poulterer, 34 Madrid Street
Linton, David, plumber, 34 Silverstream Park
Linton, D., mill furnisher, 6 Castle Avenue
Linton, D. S., joiner, 11 Avoca Street
Linton, E., builder, 56 Tate's Avenue
Linton, H. P., 105 South Parade
Linton, H. R., furniture dealer, 83a Ormeau Road
Linton, H. R., 7 Eglantine Gardens
Linton, J., shop assistant, 109 Ravenhill Gardens
Linton, Miss, 330-332 (3) Antrim Road
Linton, Mrs. E., 44 Atlantic Avenue
Linton, Robert, compositor, 5 Clara Crescent Lower
Linton, S. C., 32 Cromwell Road
Linton, Thomas, tailor, 72 Joanmount Gardens
Linton, Thomas, surveyor, 27 Ravensdene Park
Linton, Wallace, tobacconist, 4 Shankill Road
Linton, Dr. Wallace, M.B., B.C.H., B.A.O., 12 Innisfayle Road
Linton, Wallace, M.B., 41 Woodvale Road
Lipsett, T. W., traveller, 273 Castlereagh Road
Lipsett, William, R.U.C., 4 Hesketh Park
Lipsitz, O., general dealer, 3 Easton Crescent
Lipton, Ltd., wholesale tea and provision stores, 19 High Street, 97 Shankill Road and 221 York Street
Lisburn Linen Co. Ltd., 41 Fountain Street
Lisburn Road Methodist Church, 264 Lisburn Road
Lisburn Road Post Office, 165 Lisburn Road
Lisieux Private Nursing Home, 68 Clifton Street
Lisk, J., 15 Belvedere Park
Lisk, Miss F., 149 Sydenham Avenue
Lisk, Miss Mary, grocer, 3 Twaddell Avenue
Lisk, Mrs. Grace, 115 Donnybrook Street
Lisk, William, grocer, 42 Mount Merrion Park
Lislea Private Hotel, 55 Lisburn Road
Lisney, J., clerk, 69 Chadwick Street
Lisona Linen Co., fancy linen manufacturers, 2-4 Clarence Street
Lister, C., 87 South Parade
Lister, George, soldier, 4 Chamberlain Street
Lister, J., draughtsman, 19 Clara Park
Lister, Ralph, 1 Landseer Street
Lister, R. A., & Co. Ltd., diesel engines, etc., 41 (21) Donegall Place
Lister, Samuel, S.A. officer, 11 Cyprus Park
Lithero, G., Eton, Finaghy Road South
Litherland, Mrs. E., 77 Victoria Gardens
Litster, Miss Jessie, 45 Denorrton Park
Litster, Mrs. E., 77 Victoria Gardens
Little, A. & J., house and land agents, 39 High Street
Little, D. E., & Co., ironmongers, 229 Antrim Road
Little, F., lithographer, 40 Royal Avenue
Little, H. J., 17 Linden Gardens
Little, H. S., civil servant, 12 Sandhill Gardens
Little, James, 3 Deramore Street
Little, James, draper, 48 Shankill Road
Little, James, 93 Beersbridge Road
Little, James, sheet metal worker, 24 Trigo Parade
Little, James, manufacturers' agent, 43 Orient Gardens
Little, James, agent, 7 Donegall Square West
Little, James, & Co. (Belfast), Ltd., Shipping, Forwarding, Passenger and Insurance Agents, Ship Brokers, etc., 57 Waring Street. T.A.: "Albert, Belfast." Res., R. L. Kemp, Hillbrook, Holywood. W. Chambers, 15 Salisbury Gardens, Belfast
Little, John, butchers' outfitter, 12 St. George's Buildings, Oxford Street
Little, John, 22 May's Market
Little, John, civil servant, 5 Kirkliston Gardens
Little, John, butcher, 998 Crumlin Road
Little, John O., butcher, 145 Newtownards Road Upper
Little, John O., 8 Sandhill Gardens
Little, J., 249 Connsbrook Avenue
Little, J., hairdresser, 6 Bridge End
Little, J., draper, 254 Woodstock Road
Little, J., house and land agent, 8 Alexandra Gardens
Little, J., 28 St. John's Avenue
Little, J. A., 13 Nendrum Gardens
Little, J. H., clerk, 37 Cardigan Drive
Little, J. O., hairdresser, 154 Newtownards Road Upper
Little, J. W., R.U.C., 48 Elimgrove Street
Little, Miss, 13 Oakland Avenue
Little, Miss Violet, 233 Cavehill Road
Little & McClean, Ltd., Letterpress and Litho. Printers, 65-67 Church Lane Upper. T.A.: "Paper, Belfast"
Little, Mrs., 10? Kimberley Street
Little, Mrs. J. E., 18 Chichester Road
Little, Mrs. Elizabeth, 39 Kimberley Street
Little, Mrs. Margaret, 21 Avoca Street
Little, Norah D., frocks, etc., 40 Royal Avenue
Little, Thomas, grocer, 5 Dundela Park
Little, Whiting & Tedford, Ltd., shipping agents, 39 Castle Lane
Little, Wm., hardware merchant, 6 Hughenden Avenue
Little, William, salesman, 53 Mount Merrion Park
Little, William M., 120 Ardenlee Avenue
Little, ?, 8 Albertville Drive
Littlefair, Edward, manager, 48 Pommern Parade
Littlejohn, J., 17 Sandymount Street
Littlejohn, W. A., engineer, 96 North Parade
Littlewood, R., foreman, 2 Knockvale Park
Littlewood, W. J., shop assistant, 37 Elgin Street
Littlewoods Stores, 5-11 Ann Street and 14-22 William Street South
Litton, Mrs. M. P., 58 Marlborough Park Central
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. Ltd. (The), 25 Wellington Place
Liverpool Marine & General Insurance Co. Ltd., 58 Howard Street
Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, 407a Newtownards Road, 1 McCandless Street, 106 Ann Street and 1a Bloomfield Avenue
Livingston, Arthur L., draughtsman, 4 Cavehill Road Upper
Livingston, Colin, 49 Brougham Street
Livingston, David, 29 Deramore Street
Livingston, John, conductor, 67 Cregagh Road
Livingston, J., 22 Sandhurst Gardens
Livingston, J. E., 10 Glenhoy Drive
Livingston, J. E., fitter, 5 Abetta Parade
Livingston, Mrs. L., 53 Richview Street
Livingston, P., artisan, 46 Glenbrook Avenue
Livingston, S., Hillhall, Finaghy Road South
Livingston, T. J., dental surgeon, 54 Cromac Street
Livingstone, A. R., clerk, 42 Clonlee Drive
Livingstone Bros., grocers, 105 Sandy Row
Livingstone, C. G., (2) Hope House, College Park
Livingstone, D., salesman, 13 Lancefield Road
Livingstone, Fredk., 14 Pine Street
Livingstone, F., pattern maker, 3 Ormeau Street
Livingstone, G., bank porter, 37 Donegall Place
Livingstone, Herbert, 60 Palmerston Road
Livingstone, H., 101 Ballygomartin Road
Livingstone, James, 51 Leeson Street
Livingstone, James, 1 Cairns Street
Livingstone, James, clerk, 10 Cregagh Road
Livingstone, James, 276 Donegall Road
Livingstone, John, 22 Tyndale Park
Livingstone, J., 2 Deerpark Drive
Livingstone, J., confectioner, 71 Holywood Road
Livingstone, J., coal dealer, 94 Roden Street
Livingstone, Miss, milliner, 160 Crumlin Road
Livingstone, Miss, 6 Reid Street
Livingstone, Miss. 18 Connsbrook Avenue
Livingstone, Miss J., 28 Silvio Street
Livingstone, Miss R., 20 Rosapenna Drive
Livingstone, Mrs., ladies' hairdresser, 111 Ravenhill Road
Livingstone, Mrs. M., 1-5 Cooke Street
Livingstone, M. E., teacher, 82 Bloomfield Road
Livingstone, M. J. B., painter, 36 Clarendon Avenue
Livingstone, Robert, 19 Botanic Avenue
Livingstone, Robert, plater, 9 Ratcliffe Street
Livingstone, R., joiner, 6 Windsor Avenue Lower
Livingstone, R., tailor, 196 Crumlin Road
Livingstone, Samuel, red leader, 36 Mountview Street
Livingstone, Stewart, publican, 138 Shankill Road
Livingstone, S., spirit merchant, 64 Disraeli Street
Livingstone, S., publican, 297 York Street
Livingstone, S. H., 13 Imperial Drive
Livingstone, S. S., spirit merchant, 17 Ohio Street
Livingstone, Thomas, plater, 43 Auburn Street
Livingstone, T., Cairnburn Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Livingstone, T. J., dentist, 54 Cromac Street
Livingstone, William, agent, 93 Rugby Avenue
Livingstone, W. C., salesman, 15 Willowholme? Crescent
Livingstone, W. G., soldier, 82 Farnham Street
Lizars, J., manufacturing optician and photographic dealer, 8 Wellington Place; workshop, 4 Sussex Place
Llewellyn, N., 85 Priory Park
Llewellyn, S. R., Ashlea, Finaghy Road South
Lloyd, Alan, electrician, 13 Sefton Park
Lloyd, A. E., secretary, 12 Orangefield Crescent
Lloyd, C. H., clerk, 6 Kirkliston Gardens
Lloyd, David, 1 The Cottages, Stranmillis Road
Lloyd, Edward, 47 Annalee Street
Lloyd, Edward, 24 Somerdale Park
Lloyd, Fredk., terrazzo worker, 131 My Lady's Road
Lloyd, F. H. R., stereotyper, 1d Ravenhill Avenue
Lloyd, F. J., blacksmith, 32 Hillsborough Parade
Lloyd, George, fitter, 28 Deerpark Road
Lloyd, Rev. G. R., 426 Oldpark Road
Lloyd, Hannan, draughtsman, 47 Tildarg Street
Lloyd, H. Kenneth, Gilnahirk Road
Lloyd, Mrs., 11 Sefton Park
Lloyd, Mrs., teacher, 85 Mountcollyer Street
Lloyd, Mrs., 5 Knockmarlock Park
Lloyd, Mrs. Annie, 19 Dargle Street
Lloyd, R., C.E., 13 North Road
Lloyd, William, teacher, 9 Charnwood Avenue
Lloyd's Agency (W. McCalla & Co. Ltd.), 9 Donegall Street. T.A.: "McCalla, Belfast"
Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 7 Donegall Square East
Lloyd-Dodd, F. T., M.A., D.Sc., professor of commerce, 7 Downview Avenue
Llubere, Prof. I. G., 90 Balmoral Avenue
Loader, T., 10 Glencairn Street
Loan, Albert, 1 Grangeville Gardens
Loan, Dr. Frances, 53 Woodvale Road
Loan, Fredk., bobbin manufacturer, 4 Cliftondene Crescent
Loan, F. B., painter, 16 Carlow Street
Loan, F. B., decorator, 84 Shankill Road
Loan, F. B., painter, Trianon, Lisburn Road
Loan, Miss Mary, 59 Westland Road
Loan, Samuel, painter, 62 Denmark Street
Loan, William, & Sons, bobbin factory, 7-9 Jackson Street
Loan, W., painter, 93 Duncairn Gardens
Loane Bros., drapers, 187-189 Shankill Road
Loane, Hugh, draper, 50 Rugby Road
Lochridge, Mrs., 2 Waterloo Park North
Lockard, Patrick, 29 Albert Street
Locke, S. T., R.U.C., 155 Ulsterville Avenue
Lockett, Donald, bank official, 7 Greenwood Park
Lockhart, Alex., 15 Strathmore Park South
Lockhart, A., 15 Clonaver Crescent North
Lockhart Bros., farm produce merchants, 2 Carnforth Street
Lockhart Bros., grocers, 319 Albert Bridge Road
Lockhart, D., 340 Castlereagh Road
Lockhart, E., watch maker and jeweller, 47 Bradbury Place
Lockhart, E., 91 South Parade
Lockhart, F. J. C., merchant, 11 Edgcumbe Gardens
Lockhart, James, manager, 33 Wellington Park
Lockhart, James & Partners, Ltd., mantle manufacturers, 10 Royal Avenue
Lockhart, J., photographer, 3 Wyndham Street
Lockhart, J. C., confectioner, 61 Willowbank Gardens
Lockhart, J. G., shipwright, 31 Ardmore Avenue
Lockhart, Miss, 2 Cliftonville Street
Lockhart, Mrs., 123 Ormeau Road
Lockhart, Mrs., 4 Sydenham Gardens
Lockhart, Mrs. A. A., 460 Antrim Road
Lockhart, Norman, 30 Somerton Park
Lockhart, Samuel, 82 Victoria Street
Lockhart, S., grocer, 26 California Street
Lockhart, S., provisioner, 138 Cavehill Road
Lockhart, Victor S. C., R.A.F., 3 Rosemount Gardens
Lockhart, William, grocer, 285 Beersbridge Road
Lockhart, William, moulder, 24 Torrens Gardens
Lockhead, Alexander, 43 Glenbrook Avenue
Lockie, Mrs. R. G., 19 Clonlee Drive
Loder, F. G., 14 Clonaver Park
Lodge, G., 44 Galwally Park
Loewenthal, John McC., 7 Lennoxvale
Loffon, Mrs., 157 Duncairn Gardens
Loftus, John A., engineer, 32 Silverstream Park
Loftus, J., joiner, 240 Limestone Road
Loftus, Mrs. M., 14 Hardcastle Street
Loftus, V. & I., 353 Woodstock Road
Logan, Adam, rivetter, 60 Alexandra Park Avenue
Logan, A., engineer, 332 Springfield Road
Logan, C. M., clerk, 99 Onslow Parade
Logan, C. M., 52 Grangeville Gardens
Logan, David, checker, 7 Grampian Avenue
Logan, D., bread server, 3 Mountview Street
Logan, D., fruiterer, 83 Lodge Road Old
Logan, E., 5 Sintonville Avenue
Logan, E. W., 31 Gilnahirk Road
Logan, F. G., shoe repairer, 193 Hillman Street
Logan, F. H., 49 Belmont Park
Logan, George, 83 Falls Road
Logan, Gilbert, 414 Beersbridge Road
Logan, Gilbert E., 8 Kensington Gardens South
Logan, Gilbert, & Sons, cabinet makers, 26a Jonesborough Street
Logan, G. J., civil servant, 5 Orby Gardens
Logan, Hugh, builder, 4 Waterloo Park South
Logan, H., civil servant, 50 Knockbreda Park
Logan, H. L., civil servant, 43 Onslow Parade
Logan, James, 15 Kirkliston Gardens
Logan, James Edward, bank official, 557 Ormeau Road
Logan, James, driver, 123 Joanmount Park
Logan, James, 6 Wandsworth Crescent
Logan, James, french polisher, 24 Hill Street
Logan, John, 135 The Mount
Logan, John, tailor, 30 Castlereagh Street
Logan, J., M.A., F.R.C.G.S., 61 St. John's Park
Logan, J. S., clerk, 8 Ava Gardens
Logan, J. W., 39 Ardenlee Gardens
Logan, Miss, dairy, 259 Castlereagh Road
Logan, Miss Hannah, 1 Ainsworth Street
Logan, Miss L., 6 Diamond Street
Logan, Miss Mary, Windsor Nursing Home, 247 Lisburn Road
Logan, Miss Mary, 80 Dee Street
Logan, Miss Mary L., B.A., 13 Osborne Park
Logan, Miss M., grocer, 103a Dee Street
Logan, The Misses, 39 Botanic Avenue
Logan, Mrs., 9 Castleton Gardens
Logan, Mrs., 89 Rugby Avenue
Logan, Mrs. C., 2 Foundry Street
Logan, Mrs. M., 72 Kansas Avenue
Logan, Mrs. M. J., 6 Farnham Street
Logan, Mrs. R., 129 Deerpark Road
Logan, Mrs. S., 20 Ferguson Drive
Logan, Robert, 2 Ardenlee Parade
Logan, Samuel, 10 Wheatfield Gardens
Logan, Samuel, 6 Dunlambert Park
Logan, Samuel, grocer, 126 Shankill Road
Logan, S., 4 Dunlambert Drive
Logan, T. A., clerk, 20 Deerpark Drive
Logan, William, 31 Cedar Avenue
Logan, William, manager, 41 Ormonde Park
Logan, William, caretaker, 24 Twaddell Avenue
Logan, William, teacher, 32 Ormonde Park
Logan, William H., joiner, 41 Oldpark Avenue
Logan, Wm., body builder, 133 Cavehill Road
Logan, W., builder, 133 Cavehill Road
Logan, W., R.U.C., 24 Clonaver Crescent North
Logan, W., & Son, Ltd., contractors, 1 Parkside Gardens and Parkend Street
Logie, Mrs., 21 Rushfield Avenue
Logue, D. R., plater, 17 Century Street
Logue, John, 16 Edlingham Street
Logue, Joseph, baker, 32 Whitewell Crescent
Logue, Mrs., Greencastle
Logue, Robert, fitter, 19 Mayfair Avenue
Logue, Susan, publican, 388 Crumlin Road and 2 Disraeli Street
Logue, William J., 41 Avoca Street
Logue, W., G.P.O., Erindene, Lisburn Road
Lombard Billiard Hall, 17a Lombard Street
Lombard Cafe, 14-18 Lombard Street
Lombard Manufacturing Co. (The), frock manufacturers, 1a Parkend Street
Lombard Taxi Co., 23 Queen's Square
Lomond P.E. School, 46 Lomond Avenue
London Assurance (The), 4 Howard Street, District Manager, Samuel Backhouse
London & Belfast Supply Co., grocers, 4 Sugarfield Street
London Computator, Ltd., Adding and Calculating Machines, 2 (29-31) Donegall Square East
London Guarantee and Accident Co. Ltd., 19 Donegall Place
London and Lancashire Insurance Co. Ltd., 11 Donegall Square West - F. R. Haddick and F. N. Armstrong, Local Managers
London Mantle Warehouse, 71-73 Castle Street
London, Midland and Scottish Railway (Northern Counties Committee) Terminus, 359 York Street and Whitla Street - Major F. A. Pope, Manager; J. W. Hutton, Secretary, Stabling and Garage, Duncrue Street
London, Midland and Scottish Railway Co. (Belfast - Heysham steamers), 20 Donegall Quay and 11 Donegall Place; Cowan & Co., carting agents
London and Scottish Assurance Corporation Ltd., 9 (21-23) Donegall Square South - D. Munro Walsh, Branch Manager
London Wine Co., 92 Ann Street
Londonderry, The Marquis of, K.G., H.M., Lieutenant for County Down, Mountstewart, Co. Down, and Londonderry House, Park Lane, London, W.
Londontown, J. W., draper, 43 Victoria Street Great
Loney, A., 63 Meadowbank Place
Loney, James, 112 Alliance Avenue
Loney, Miss, 9 Distillery Street
Loney, W. J., 113 Crimea Street
Long, Albert, clerk, 3 Lowwood Park
Long, A. F., electrician, 73 Tyndale Park
Long, E. S., chemist, 2-4 Castlereagh Road
Long, E. S., chemist, 99 Newtownards Road Upper
Long, F. H., 26 Twickenham Street
Long, George, 11 Cranmore Gardens
Long, George H., 63 Gainsborough Drive
Long, G., checker, 91 Kimberley Street
Long, G. D., iron moulder, 15 Richview Street
Long, G. I., 102 Stranmillis Road
Long, Henry, bread server, 19 Willowfield Street
Long, Hugh, R.A.F., 48 Loopland Gardens
Long, H., clerk, 42 Cooke Street
Long, H., 82 Loopland Drive
Long, Isaac, supper saloon, 67 Duncairn Gardens
Long, I., supper saloon, 114 Durham Street
Long, James, conductor, 36 Ebrington Gardens
Long, James, traveller, 19 Hillsborough Drive
Long, James, salesman, 32 Delhi Parade
Long, James, taxi driver, 7 College Place North
Long, John, sub-postmaster, Beersbridge Road Post Office, 2 Castlereagh Road
Long, J. J., 31 (2) Malone Road
Long, L., milk server, 31 Orby Gardens
Long, Margaret, 43 Melrose Street
Long, Miss, 128 Ulsterville Avenue
Long, Miss C., 27 Lavinia Street
Long, Miss Rachel, 9 Fitzwilliam Street
Long, Mrs., 51 Meadowbank Place
Long, Mrs. Jane, 23 Torrens Gardens
Long, Mrs. Mary, 2 Delhi Street
Long, Mrs. Mary, 34 Avoca Street
Long, Robert J., brass turner, 25 Virginia Street
Long, R. P., 43 Windsor Drive
Long, T. A., confectioner, 382 and 291 Newtownards Road
Long, William, 3 Moyola Street
Long, William, 19 Eglantine Gardens
Long, William, clerk, 12 Knockbreda Gardens
Long, William J., R.U.C., 42 Taunton Avenue
Long, W. E., painter, 120 Rosebery Road
Long, W. H., 3 Cabin Hill Gardens
Longely, R., manager, 61 Bristow Park
Longfoot, E. C., 14 Eglantine Avenue
Longley, C., buyer, 18 Cliftonville Parade
Longley, Mrs. Clara, grocer, 15 Alloa Street
Longman, R. A., organist, 15 Connsbrook Avenue
Longmore, Albert, civil servant, 320 Springfield Road
Longmore, Hiram, 25 Clonlee Drive
Longmore, Hiram, 14 Eia Street
Longmore, Hiram, 14 Bathgate Drive
Longmore, J. M., clerk, 5 Rosewood Street
Longmore, William, engineer, 28 Westway Drive
Longridge, John, salesman, 3 Clara Crescent Lower
Longridge, Mrs., 6 Delaware Street
Lonsdale, J., confectioner, 11 Richview Street
Lonsdale Mineral Water Co., 189b Ravenhill Avenue
Lonsdale, Mrs., 21 Ashley Drive
Lonsdale, R. H., medical store, 40 Hope Street
Loon, H., fish monger, 1 Dawson Street
Looney, John, fitter, 21 Lansdowne Park
Looney, Thomas, sheet metal worker, 33 Gawn Street
Loop Supper Saloon, 142-144 Castlereagh Road
Loopbridge Weaving Co. Ltd., linen and cotton manufacturers, Lismore Street
Lopdell, C. T., 28 Malone Road
Looper, Mrs., 35 Ormiston Crescent
Lord, James, aero engineer, 14 Mayfair Avenue
Lord, John, boiler maker, 163 Madrid Street
Loretta, C., civil servant, 34 Loopland Road
Lorimer, Alfred, 10 Cregagh Park
Lorimer, A., draper, 180 Albert Bridge Road
Lorimer, A., traveller, 58 Hillsborough Drive
Lorimer, A. P., 241 Cavehill Road
Lorimer, D., mechanic, 1 Coombe Hill Park
Lorimer, Fredk., shop assistant, 3 Ulsterville Gardens
Lorimer, George, P.O. official, 68 Woodvale Road
Lorimer, John D., civil servant, 24 Ravensdene Crescent
Lorimer, J., R.U.C., 19 Somerton Road
Lorimer, J., boot maker, 79 Parkmount Street
Lorimer, Mrs., 220 Ravenhill Road
Lorimer, Mrs., 2 Pacific Avenue
Lorimer, Mrs. A. M., 39 Osborne Park
Lorimer, Thomas, 28 Castleton Gardens
Lormer, Miss Betty, L.R.A.M., 57 Donegall Place
Losty, E., marine officer, 39 Shore Road
Loudan, W. J., journalist, Mellstock, Finaghy Road North
Louden, J. B., agent, 53 High Street
Louden, Miss, 18 Townsend Street Upper
Louden, Miss M. H., 506 Newtownards Road Upper
Louden, Mrs., 18 Kimberley Drive
Louden, Mrs. D., 4 Winston Gardens
Louden, Mrs. Nora P., 22 Hawthornden Road
Louden, Sidney, 8 Sunningdale Park North
Loudon, Miss M., 30 Agincourt Avenue
Loudown, Harris, agent, 21 Tate's Avenue
Lough Bros., gent's outfitters, 274 Ormeau Road
Lough, Catherine, 24 Deramore Avenue
Lough, F., 82 Dover Street
Lough, George, plumber, 80 Deramore Avenue
Lough, J. H., 34 Hampton Park
Lough, Mrs. Kathleen, 95 Delhi Street
Lough, W., Brantry, Barnett's Road
Lough, W. J., 103 Knockbreda Road
Loughans, James, 268 Shore Road
Loughead, John, 85 Whiterock Road
Loughead, J. J., grocer, 74 Louisa Street
Loughead, T., iron turner, 42 Lawnbrook Avenue
Loughead, W. G., cashier, 47 Melrose Street
Lougheed, B. S., draper, 183 Crumlin Road
Lougheed, Miss J., 647 Lisburn Road
Loughery, Miss K., 131 Ormeau Road
Loughery, Richard, 347 Springfield Road
Loughlin, D., R.U.C., 29 Deramore Gardens
Loughlin, E., 4 Rosetta Park
Loughlin, F., draper, 51 Lodge Road Old
Loughlin, George, bookkeeper, 26 Balfour Avenue
Loughlin, Henry, director, 47 Ormonde Park
Loughlin, Matthew, clerk, 504 Donegall Road
Loughlin, Miss, 270 Cliftonville Road
Loughlin, W. G., hardware merchant, 6 Sandhurst Road
Loughnan, John, 55 Richardson Street
Loughran, Chas., poulterer, 151 Cromac Street
Loughran, C., hairdresser, 42 Queen Street North
Loughran, Edward, postman, 248 Falls Road
Loughran, James, dealer, 79 Percy Street
Loughran, Mrs., 103 Fitzroy Avenue
Loughran, Mrs. J., 4 Fitzroy Avenue
Loughran, Mrs. Sarah, 24 Whitewell Crescent
Loughran, P., hairdresser, 13 Lodge Road Old
Loughran, W. C., Lismara, Lisburn Road
Loughran, W. J., secretary, Victoria Villas, Ballyclare
Loughrey, Fredk., 45 Springfield Road
Loughrey, James, secretary, 29 Crocus Street
Loughrey, Miss, 7 Limestone Street
Loughrey, Miss A., L.R.A.M., 1 Mount Pleasant
Loughridge, Dr. D., 7 Dee Street
Loughridge, James, secty., 7 Innisfayle Park
Loughridge, J. S., F.R.C.S., surgeon, 26 University Square
Louis, G., draper, 15 Glanworth Drive
Louise, draper, 127a Stranmillis Road
Louise, dressmaker, 13 Donegall Place
Loutit, J. S., engineer, Chingdee, King's Road
Love, F., hairdresser, 85a Falls Road
Love, George, driver, 52 Oldpark Avenue
Love, G., fitter, 2 Vicinage Park
Love, Hamilton, motor engineer, 6 Ravenhill Crescent
Love, Hugh C., 18 Belmont Park
Love, J., 12 St. Jude's Parade
Love, J., traveller, 13 Glanleam Drive
Love, J., 16 McClure Street
Love, Miss M., 3 Myrtlefield Park
Love, Mrs., 1 Cooke Place
Love, Mrs., 258 Cliftonville Road
Love, Mrs. H. V., 81 Malone Road
Love, Mrs. T. H., 9 Richmond Square
Love, P., 122 Joy Street
Love, Robert, com. traveller, 13 Cabin Hill Gardens
Love, R., preacher, 56 Grangeville Gardens
Love, R. W. & V., frocks, 10 Royal Avenue
Love, Thomas, baker, 13 Ailesbury Drive
Love, T. E., 9 Strathmore Park
Love, T. J., joiner, 34 Timbey Park
Love, William, 46 Cadogan Park
Love, William, 251 Ravenhill Avenue
Love, William, store man, 7 Hesketh Road
Love, W., 48 Mount Merrion Park
Lovell, George, confectioner, 1 Walmer Street
Lovell, James, 179 Beersbridge Road
Lovesy, A., inspector, 83 Salisbury Avenue
Lovett, Albert, 28 Springfield Parade
Lovett, N. R., 11 Graham Gardens
Low & Bonar, Ltd., agents, 32a Linen Hall Street
Low, John C., manager, 35 Knock Eden Park
Low, T. M., Logie, Finaghy Road South
Lowans, James, painter, 42 Southport Street
Lowans, Joseph, tailor, 5 McCandliss Street
Lowans, Joseph, conductor, 708 Oldpark Road
Lowans, Mrs. Elizabeth, 18 Ratcliffe Street
Lowans, Mrs. E., 25 Glencairn Street
Lowans, Thomas, photographer, 117 Joanmount Gardens
Lowans, W. E., fitter, 19 Tyndale Park
Lowden, James, & Co. Ltd., sanitary engineers, Middlepath Street
Lowden, Miss F., 5 Easton Avenue
Lowden, Mrs. Florence, 98 King's Road
Lowe, A., 94 University Street
Lowe Bros., dentists, 56 Crumlin Road
Lowe, Dominick, traveller, 329 Oldpark Road
Lowe, Ed., electrical engineer, 58 Queen Street Upper
Lowe, George, iron moulder, 50 Alliance Crescent
Lowe, Dr. H. P., M.B., city coroner, 125 Crumlin Road
Lowe, Margaret, confectioner, 76 Bankmore Street
Lowe, Miss, 46 Wellesley Avenue
Lowe, Miss, 3 Crescent Gardens
Lowe, Mrs., 31 Cliftonpark Avenue
Lowe, Mrs. Martha, 99 Alexandra Park Avenue
Lowe, Mrs. Rachel, 29 Irwin Avenue
Lowe, Richard, cashier, 50 Station Road
Lowe, Robert, french polisher, 10 Torrens Gardens
Lowe, William, engineer, 36 Tate's Avenue
Lowe, William, preparing master, 14 Distillery Street
Lowenkoph, Dr. F., 32 Laurence Street
Lower Windsor Avenue Gospel Hall, 79 Windsor Avenue Lower
Lowery, Albert, plumber, 1b Essex Street
Lowings, C. J., 22 Wandsworth Road
Lown, Charles, sexton, 96 Durham Street
Lowrie, James, 32 Strandview Street
Lowrie, Mrs. G., 3 Glandore Parade
Lowry, Alexander, plumber, 167 Madrid Street
Lowry, Alex., joiner, 50 Bramcote Street
Lowry, A., manufacturers' agent, 12 Donegall Square West
Lowry, A., B.A., 19 Knockbreda Road
Lowry, A. C., 23 Mount Eden Park
Lowry, C. G., M.D., F.R.C.S., 12 University Square
Lowry, C. H., manufacturers' agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Lowry, E. C., 26 Lansdowne Road
Lowry, Frederick, 3 Ratcliffe Street
Lowry, F., plumber, 86 North Road
Lowry, F. J., draper, 128 Woodvale Avenue
Lowry, Henry, fitter, 162 Donegall Avenue
Lowry, Henry, clerk, 290 Beersbridge Road
Lowry, Hugh, 7 Glencoe Park
Lowry, Hugh, joiner, 112 Oldpark Avenue
Lowry, H., car park attendant, 183 Rosebery Road
Lowry, H., joiner, 150 Connsbrook Avenue
Lowry, Dr. H. C., F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 86 Malone Road
Lowry, H. E., harbour constable, 24 Wallasey Park
Lowry, James, 97 Alexandra Park Avenue
Lowry, James, joiner, 223 Ravenhill Avenue
Lowry, John, 4 Windermere Gardens
Lowry, John, 60 Henderson Avenue
Lowry, John, builder, Clonaver Crescent
Lowry, John, water inspector, 48 Enfield Street
Lowry, John, school teacher, 28 Bread Street East
Lowry, John A., machine man, 6 Chesham Grove
Lowry, J., driver, 21 Lavinia Street
Lowry, J., custom's officer, 354 Castlereagh Road
Lowry, J., 26 Clonlee Drive
Lowry, J. A., linen merchant, 106 Somerton Road
Lowry, J. A., & Co., linen dress goods manufacturers, 23 Bedford Street
Lowry, J. B., fireman, 55 Ravenhill Avenue
Lowry, J. F., flax merchant, 4 Commercial Court
Lowry, J. F., traveller, 39 Belmont Church Road
Lowry, Miss Agnes, 6 Cliftonville Avenue
Lowry, Miss A., 198 Newtownards Road Upper
Lowry, Miss Mary, 13 Ravensdene Park
Lowry, Miss Margaret, 276a Newtownards Road
Lowry, Miss M. C., 155 Ravenhill Road
Lowry, Miss S., dress maker, 17 Dublin Road
Lowry, Misses, 244 Beersbridge Road
Lowry, Mrs., 17 Sandford Avenue
Lowry, Mrs., 39 Albion Street
Lowry, Mrs. Anna, 14 Hillsborough Parade
Lowry, Mrs. A., 115 Ardenlee Avenue
Lowry, Mrs. Doretha, 8 Moyola Street
Lowry, Mrs. Edward, 94 Lodge Road Old
Lowry, Mrs. Harriett, 19 Ravenhill Parade
Lowry, Mrs. M., 54 Hopefield Avenue
Lowry, Mrs. M., 121 Henderson Avenue
Lowry, Philip, general merchant, 12 Thornhill Park
Lowry, Richard, & Co., overall manufacturers, 17 Victoria Street Great
Lowry, Robert J., 68 Sandhurst Gardens
Lowry, R., inspector, 219 Ravenhill Road
Lowry, S., 20 Neill's Hill Park
Lowry, S., agent, third floor (54) Riddels Arcade
Lowry, S. H., 23 Windsor Park
Lowry, S. M. A., 6 St. Jude's Avenue
Lowry, Thomas, joiner, 150 Madrid Street
Lowry, Thomas, postman, 2 Deerpark Road
Lowry, T. & W., builders and contractors, 233a-233b Woodstock Road
Lowry, William, builder, Cyprus Villa, Cregagh Road
Lowry, William, boot maker, 15 Bloomfield Road
Lowry, William, K.C., 97 Osborne Park
Lowry, William, dairyman, 165 Cregagh Road
Lowry, Wm., foreman, Clonaver Crescent South
Lowry, Wm., shoe repairer, 363 Beersbridge Road
Lowry, W. J., plumber, 208 York Street
Lowry, W. J., R.U.C., 16 Bloomfield Park
Lowry, W. W., agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Lowry's, coats and millinery, 28 Ann Street
Lowry's Dairy, 1a and 32a Onslow Parade
Lowry's, outfitters, 32 Ann Street
Lowther, C., warehouseman, 4 Mount Aboo Park
Lowther, E., driver, 3 Richmond Square
Lowther, James, clerk, 145 Stranmillis Road
Lowther, Thomas, 8 Landseer Street
Lowther, Thos. J., gas inspector, 81 Loopland Park
Lowther & Co., agents, 8 College Square East
Lowwood Nurseries, Lowwood Park
Loxton, A. S. G., 12 Cabin Hill Park
Loxton, E. A., driver, 1 Orby Parade
Loy, Henry, 74 Tyndale Park
Loyal, Alex., fitter, 17 Moyola Street
L.R.G. Radio Service (The), 5 May Street
Luby, Brigadier, 9 Cadogan Park
Lucas, E., 88 North Road
Lucas, F. W., C.E., 46 Bloomfield Road
Lucas, George, 90 Melrose Street
Lucas, Henry, motor engineer, 113 York Road
Lucas, H. C., engineer, 388 Castlereagh Road
Lucas, John, 42 Joanmount Park
Lucas, John, flesher, 134 Agnes Street
Lucas, John, 45 Brandon Parade
Lucas, Joseph, 29 Hatfield Street
Lucas, Joseph, Ltd., car accessory manufacturers, 51-55 Library Street Upper
Lucas, J., electrician, 3 Oberon Street
Lucas, J., caretaker, 17 (48) Castle Arcade
Lucas, Miss, cooked meats, 394 Newtownards Road
Lucas, Miss S. R., 1 Cameron Street
Lucas, The Misses, 10 Stranmillis Park
Lucas, Mrs. Evelyn, 41 Cavehill Road Old
Lucas, R. H., gardener, 34 Formby Park
Lucille, Madame, hairdresser, 135 Holywood Road
Lucille, Martin, 160 Agnes Street
Luckman, Ben. H., R.U.C., 34 Joanmount Gardens
Lucy, Anthony F., architect and civil engineer, 13 Lombard Street
Lucy, Mrs. E., 46 Ulsterville Gardens
Ludgate, A. J., 1 Camden Street
Luke, Herbert, clerk, 14 Sydenham Gardens
Luke, James, estimator, 62 Prestwick Park
Luke, William, engineer, 117 Shore Road
Luke, William, sea captain, 100 Castlereagh Street
Luke, William, manager, 17 Lowwood Park
Lumsden & McKenzie, Ltd., bleachers and finishers, 128-130 Joy Street
Luna Furniture Stores (The), 139 Donegall Avenue
Lundy, John, fruiterer, 45 Cromac Street
Lundy, J., docker, 37 Dock Street
Lundy, Mrs. E., 8 Locksley Park
Lundy, Mrs. Lizzie, 13 Jubilee Avenue
Lundy, Rev. St. G. C. H., 116 Cliftonpark Avenue
Lundy, Thomas, fruit importer, 3-5 Eliza Court
Lundy, Thomas, fruiterer, 103 Haypark Avenue
Luney, George, sexton, Ballysillan Cottage, Ballysillan Road
Luney, George, foreman, 35 Ainsworth Avenue
Luney, John, grocer, 2 Killarney Street
Luney, Robert T., fitter, 41 Dover Street
Luney, Thomas, draughtsman, 44 Hopefield Avenue
Luney, William J., clerk, 12 Wandsworth Place
Luney, W. G., hairdresser, 40 Woodvale Road
Lunn, Alfred, engineer, 7 Lansdowne Park
Lunn, A., solicitor, 27 Willowbank Gardens
Lunn, D., 167 Stranmillis Road
Lunn, J. H., salesman, 42 Stranmillis Road
Lunn, Mrs., 34 Camden Street
Lunn, Mrs., 38 Balfour Avenue
Lunn, Robert, engineer, 9 University Avenue
Lunn, Thomas, 35 Clarendon Crescent
Lunn, Walter, bread server, 82 Delhi Street
Lunn, W. J., 30 Sandymount Street
Lunney, J. H., land steward, 34 College Gardens
Lunney, T. H., R.U.C., 7 Wolseley Street
Lunt, Mrs., 6 Grampian Avenue
Lupane, Charles, J.P., 69 Balmoral Avenue
Lupane, Miss Annie, 44 Wellesley Avenue
Lusk, Hugh, clerk, 27 Elgin Street
Lusk, J., Bisley, Chichester Park
Lusk, R., traveller, 17 Houston Park
Lusty, C., 30 Townsend Street Upper
Lusty, Ernest, lamp lighter, 15 Bedeque Street
Lusty, R., draper, 71 Lodge Road Old
Lusty, R., 10 Ballygomartin Road
Lusty, R. & W., demolishing contractors and scrap merchants, 26 Townsend Street
Lutton, Francis, 70 Groomsport Street
Lutton, Jack, 22 Ava Drive
Lutton, John W., clerk, 103 Kimberley Street
Lutton, Miss, dance studio, 110 Royal Avenue
Lutton, Mrs. Elizabeth, 65 Dunluce Avenue
Lutton, Mrs. S. M., 29 Kingsmere Avenue
Lutton, R., 328 Ballysillan Road
Lutton, Thomas, wire worker, 12 Salisbury Gardens
Lutton, T., & Co., wire worker, 12 Salisbury Gardens
Lutton, Wesley, compositor, 20 Ravenhill Crescent
Lutton, William, 40 Isoline Street
Lutton, Wm. J., conductor, 64 Sandymount Street
Lutton, W., manager, 15 Holland Park
Lyceum Picture House, 221-223 Lodge Road New
Lyddall, Mrs., 11 Derlett Street
Lyle, David, 11 Northwood Drive
Lyle, John, 4 Fortview Terrace, Shore Road
Lyle, J. A., dyer, 92 Fitzroy Avenue
Lyle & Kinahan, Ltd., Wine and Spirit Merchants, 5-9 Arthur Street; Aerated Water Manufactory, 101 Cullingtree Road; Bonded Warehouse, Marchioness Street
Lyle, Matthew, The Haven, Newtownards Road Upper
Lyle, Mrs. M. A., 17 Brookvale Avenue
Lyle, Mrs. M. J., 42 Ponsonby Avenue
Lyle, Samuel, harness mounter, 9 Workman Avenue
Lyle, Capt. Sydney J., J.P., Derganagh, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim
Lyle, S., linen trade, 25 Evelyn Gardens
Lyle, William, 276 Belmont Road
Lyle, Wm., 35 Graymount Park
Lymburn, J., butcher, 338 Lisburn Road
Lymburn, J., 13 Shrewsbury Gardens
Lynagh, Michael, 8 Camberwell Terrace
Lynas, Andrew, 1 Rosetta Avenue
Lynas, E., traveller, 35 Denorrton Park
Lynas, George, 67 Ravenhill Avenue
Lynas, George, 113 King's Road
Lynas, Gerald, shop assistant, 35 Glenside Parade
Lynas, James S., machinist, 3 Mayfair Avenue
Lynas, John, stoker, 63 Gray's Lane
Lynas, J. B., fitter, 17 Keadyville Avenue
Lynas, J. L., 107 Newtownards Road Upper
Lynas, Mrs., 11 Strandview Street
Lynas, Mrs. E. J., hairdresser, 882 Crumlin Road
Lynas, Mrs. Maud, 4 Sandhurst Road
Lynas, M., engineer, 12 Beechfield Street
Lynas, Richard, motor man, 16 Whitewell Drive
Lynas, R., & Co., glass and china merchants, 10 Commercial Court
Lynas, Samuel J., boot finisher, 30 Wyndham Street
Lynas, T., plater, 35 Locksley Park
Lynas, William, ranger, The Lodge, Stormont Castle, Newtownards Road Upper
Lynas, William, city missioner, 146 Deramore Avenue
Lynas, William, soldier, 52 Newington Avenue
Lynas, W. H., 58 Shandon Park
Lynas, W. J., hairdresser, 882 Crumlin Road
Lynas, W. J., tailor, 2 Twaddell Avenue
Lynas, W. R., 4 Newington Avenue
Lynass, Miss M., bookkeeper, 24 Manor Street
Lynass, R. J., plater, 40 Cedar Avenue
Lynch, C., superintendent, 4 Chief Street
Lynch, Edward, 57 Altcar Street
Lynch, Edward, grocer, 207a Mountpottinger Road
Lynch, H. E., civil servant, 40 Wandsworth Road
Lynch, Jas., sergt. R.U.C., 710 Crumlin Road
Lynch, James, publican, 112 Newtownards Road; res., Fruithill Park
Lynch, John, publican, 170 Grosvenor Road
Lynch, John, 47 Bombay Street
Lynch, J., carter, 56 Fleet Street
Lynch, J., publican, 1-3 Gertrude Street
Lynch, L. B., Three Ways, Ballysillan Road
Lynch, Miss M. K., sub-postmistress, 440 Newtownards Road
Lynch, Miss R., 26 Springfield Road
Lynch, Miss Susan, 11 Adela Street
Lynch, Mrs., 23 Lonsdale Street
Lynch, Mrs. T., 3 Francis Street
Lynch, M., confectioner, 155 Victoria Street
Lynch, M., Glenmount, Glen Road
Lynch, M., R.U.C., 15 Wallasey Park
Lynch, P., checker, 61 Albert Street
Lynch, Stanley, draughtsman, 73 Tyndale Park
Lynch, Stanley M., 36 Grangeville Gardens
Lynch, Thomas, clerk, 13 Wheatfield Gardens
Lynch, T., J.P., director, 5 Alexandra Gardens
Lynch, T., & Co. Ltd., publicans, 17 Lombard Street, 1 Crumlin Road, 3 Carlisle Circus & 143-145 Antrim Road
Lynch, William, driver, 32 Enfield Street
Lynch, William J., 246 Ravenhill Avenue
Lynch, W. J., 679 Lisburn Road
Lynd, John, grocer, 212-214 Lodge Road Old
Lynd, Robert, hardware merchant, 24 Alexandra Gardens
Lynd, R. C., teacher, 57 Galwally Park
Lynd, R. T., hardware merchant, 179 Duncairn Gardens
Lynes, Mrs. C. W., 52 Sandymount Street
Lyness Bros., chromium platers, 75-77 King Street
Lyness, E. J., 3 (5) Mountcharles
Lyness, Fredk. Joseph, 110 Deerpark Road
Lyness, James, iron turner, 174 Cregagh Road
Lyness, Joseph, traveller, 2 Summer Hill Park
Lyness, William, 43 Dargle Street
Lynn, Alex., pawn broker, 141-143 Leopold Street; res., 18 Dunowen Gardens
Lynn, Alex., 21 Cliftondene Gardens
Lynn, A., missionary, 13 Haypark Avenue
Lynn, A., R.U.C., 31 Bramcote Street
Lynn, Dr. Beatrice H., 4 Lower Crescent
Lynn, James, 16 Fortwilliam Crescent
Lynn, James E., 4 Sandhurst Gardens
Lynn Junior P.E. School, Baden Powell Street
Lynn, J. E., electrician, 55 Graymount Crescent
Lynn, Matthew, R.U.C., 39 Tildarg Street
Lynn Memorial Methodist Church, 104 Oldpark Road
Lynn, Miss, confectioner, The Bungalow, Knock Road
Lynn, Miss E., 29 Botanic Avenue
Lynn, Miss Isobel, 103 My Lady's Road
Lynn, Miss I. P., home bakery, 56 Botanic Avenue
Lynn, Miss Joan, 39 Botanic Avenue
Lynn, Mrs., 78 Earlswood Road
Lynn, Mrs. Margaret, 17 Eblana Street
Lynn, Mrs. S., 20 Glenburn Park
Lynn, M., 35 Royal Avenue
Lynn, N., engraver, 4 Waring Street
Lynn, Robert G., 22 Ravenhill Park
Lynn, R., welder, 22 Joanmount Gardens
Lynn, R. J., 14a Skegoneill Avenue
Lynn, R. E., chemist, 479 Newtownards Road Upper
Lynn, Samuel, director, 41 Downshire Road
Lynn, William, 31 Kirkliston Drive
Lynn, W. R., 37 Windsor Avenue Lower
Lynott, Mrs., 20 Gloucester Street
Lyon, Mrs. A. G., 66 Fitzwilliam Street
Lyons, Alex., sheet metal worker, 7 McCandliss Street
Lyons, Rev. B. S., 45 Ulsterville Avenue
Lyons, Daniel, store man, 6 Willowholme Crescent
Lyons, David, draper, 177-179 Newtownards Road
Lyons, Edward J., 154 Sunnyside Street
Lyons, E. C., stationer, 347 Ormeau Road
Lyons, F. S., 41 Edgcumbe Gardens
Lyons, George, brick layer, 21 Dover Street
Lyons, Helen C., children's outfitter, 16 Queen's Arcade
Lyons, H. C., agent, 19 Chestnut Gardens
Lyons, H. S., 46 Sicily Park
Lyons, Jacob, bread server, 115 Duncairn Gardens
Lyons, Rev. James A., B.A., 86 Eglantine Avenue
Lyons, James, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 19 Moore House, Donegall Place
Lyons, James, salesman, 41 Ponsonby Avenue
Lyons, John, crane man, 12 Victoria Avenue
Lyons, J., driver, 66 Glencairn Street
Lyons, J., draper, 35 Ailesbury Road
Lyons, J., confectioner, 67 Victoria Road
Lyons, J., draper, 152-154 Sandy Row
Lyons, J., & Co., Ltd., wholesale tea merchants, 10 Glenalpin Street and 13a Norwood Street
Lyons, J. Norman, 72 Marlborough Park South
Lyons, L. A., accountant, 11 Garfield Street
Lyons, Miss Margaret, 52 Hatfield Street
Lyons, Miss Mary, 4 College Park East
Lyons, Miss Mary, 122 King's Road
Lyons, Misses, 5 Eglantine Avenue
Lyons, Mrs., 17 Nendrum Gardens
Lyons, Mrs., 124 Haypark Avenue
Lyons, Mrs. J., 8 Indiana Avenue
Lyons, Mrs. Margaret, 52a Enfield Street
Lyons, Mrs. Mary, 14 Millar Street
Lyons, Mrs. S. J., 56 Lisburn Road
Lyons, Robert, brick layer, 20 Aigburth Park
Lyons, R., traveller, 8 Downshire Road
Lyons, R., hairdresser, 136 Ormeau Road
Lyons, R. J., & Co. Ltd., Coal Importers, 11 Chichester Street. Depot, Abercorn Basin, Queen's Road, and Sydenham Road
Lyons, Rev. R. Nevin, 90 Eglantine Avenue
Lyons, R. W. S., draughtsman, 9 Summer Hill Park
Lyons, S. & H. C., manufacturers' agents, 2-4 Queen Street
Lyons, Thomas, publican, 107 Agnes Street and 2-4 Meenan Street
Lyons, Thomas, 31 Kimberley Drive
Lyons, Thomas, clerk, 19 Delhi Street
Lyons, T., home bakery, 43-45 Donegall Pass
Lyons, William S., fitter, 23 Salisbury Street
Lyons, W. R., buyer, 7 Coolmoyne Park
Lyske, H., civil servant, 3 Harleston Street
Lyster, The Misses, 40 Rosemount Gardens
Lytle, John, & Sons, Ltd., Seed and Tea Merchants, 34 Victoria Street
Lytle, Miss, 18 Malone Avenue
Lytle, Miss, 4 Windsor Park
Lytle, Miss E. K. C., 19 Cranmore Avenue
Lytle, Mrs. A. A., 14 Willesden Park
Lytle, Mrs. G. O., 17 Deramore Drive
Lytle, T. H., evangelist, 16 Grampian Avenue
Lytle, W. R. K., motor driver, 24 Moyola Street
Lyttle, Annie, 1a Gamble Street
Lyttle, A. J., rivetter, 17 Devon Parade
Lyttle & Co., weather proof specialists, 63 Victoria Street
Lyttle, David, 1 Springburn Crescent, Springfield Road
Lyttle, David, 112 Earlswood Road
Lyttle, D., caretaker, Church House, Fisherwick Place
Lyttle, D. J., salesman, Roya-Neh, Orby Drive
Lyttle, Francis J., soldier, 165 Alliance Avenue
Lyttle, F. J., manager, 8 South Parade
Lyttle, George, electrician, 82 Kimberley Street
Lyttle, George, billiard marker, 29 Sefton Park
Lyttle, G. G., M.B., M.R.C.S., Eng., 1 Windsor Park
Lyttle, Dr. G. G., Lisburn Road
Lyttle, H. F., 5 Orient Gardens
Lyttle, James, 99 Meadow Street Upper
Lyttle, James H., architect, 8 Marina Park
Lyttle, Joseph, 27 Ridgeway Street
Lyttle, J., house furnisher, 1-5 Malone Place
Lyttle, J., 6 Westway Drive
Lyttle, Miss, costumier, 62 Wellington Place
Lyttle, Miss E., 83 Onslow Parade
Lyttle, Mrs., 114 Earlswood Road
Lyttle, Mrs., 122 Donnybrook Street
Lyttle, Mrs., 88 George's Street Great
Lyttle, Mrs., 538 Antrim Road
Lyttle, Mrs. Agnes, 14 Chambers Street
Lyttle, Mrs. Annie, 13 Somerton Gardens
Lyttle, Mrs. Ellen T., 653 Lisburn Road
Lyttle, Mrs. M., 17 Manor Drive
Lyttle, Mrs. Rebecca, 11 Sydenham Drive
Lyttle, Mrs. R., 11 Castlereagh Place
Lyttle, N. V., photographer, 1 Chesterfield Park
Lyttle, Richard, 47 Glenbank Drive
Lyttle, Robert, bread server, 7 Graymount Road
Lyttle, Robert G., 781 Crumlin Road
Lyttle, Ross, R.U.C., 346 Ballysillan Road
Lyttle, R. Clements (Studios), Ltd., photographers, 12 High Street
Lyttle, R. Clements, Beulah, Everton Drive
Lyttle, Samuel, carrier, 1 Erskine Street
Lyttle, Thomas, 58-60 Urney Street
Lyttle, Thomas, baker, 16 Castlereagh Road
Lyttle, Thomas, accountant, 8 Wallasey Park
Lyttle, Thomas Orr, joiner, 232 Cregagh Road
Lyttle, T., fitter, 43 Broadway
Lyttle, T. H., fitter, boiler maker, 64 Tildarg Street
Lyttle, William, 12 Castlereagh Place
Lyttle, William, sergt. R.U.C., 581 Oldpark Road
Lyttle, Wm. N., 72 Locksley Park
Lyttle, W., salesman, 25 Ophir Gardens
Lyttle, W., sand merchant, 100 Sandown Road
Lyttle, W. G., dentist, 26 Duncairn Gardens
Lyttle, W. G., dentist, 11 Waterloo Gardens
Lyttle, W. J., bread server, 9 Tyndale Park
Lyttle, W. N., 12 Mount Merrion Drive

* this is a relative of mine :) married to Jacob Landa, son was Albert