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Aanton, ladies' hairdressers, 57 Donegall Place
A. B. Vulcanisers, 32 May Street
Abbey Road Building Society - Local Agent, Walter Malcolm, F.A.I., 24 Rosemary Street
Abbott, G. E., bank clerk, 19 Knock Hill Park
Abbott, James, 8 Glandore Drive
Abbott, Mrs., 807 Crumlin Road
Abbott, Mrs. Mary, 195 Cliftonpark Avenue
Abbott, Richard, 59 Victoria Avenue
Abbott, Richard, electrician, 171 Deerpark Road
Abbott, Samuel, 64 Perth Street
Abbott, S. B. I., & Co., incorporated accountants and auditors, Bedford Buildings, 7 Bedford Street
Abbott, Walter, 56 Knocklofty Park
Abbott, W., butcher, 117 York Street
A.B.C. Cafe, 187 Donegall Street
Abercorn Dining Hall, Old Channel Road
Abercorn, Duke of, Baronscourt, Newtownstewart, Mount Street, London W., and Hillsborough Castle
Abercorn Restaurant (The), 7-11 Castle Lane
Abercorn Rooms, 101a Victoria Street
Abercrombie, T., manager, 123 Cavehill Road
Abercrombie, T., driver, 62 Bloomfield Avenue
Abernethy, Charles, M.P.S., chemist, 230-232 Albert Bridge Road
Abernethy, Charles, 480 Newtownards Road Upper
Abernethy, G., engineer, 133 Connsbrook Avenue
Abernethy, John, draughtsman, 178 Ballygomartin Road
Abernethy, John, bookkeeper, 9 Neill's Hill Park
Abernethy, Miss E. J., 83 Coolbeg Street
Abernethy, Miss S., 23 Cavehill Road
Abernethy, Mrs., grocer, 86 Coolbeg Street
Abernethy, Mrs. L., 21 Lucerne Parade
Abernethy, R. Boyd, chemist, 163 Holywood Road; res., 113 Holywood Road
Abernethy, R. J., fitter, 50 Summer Street
Abernethy, W., photographer, 47a Donegall Place
Abrahall, Capt. F. T. E., 18 North Parade
Abraham, Chas. A., B.A., 10 Shrewsbury Drive
Abraham, Harry, 5 Ashfield Crescent
Abraham, Jas. A., warehouseman, 38 Wolseley Street
Abraham, Mrs., 5 Gawn Street
Abraham, Mrs. J. T., 11-13 Shrewsbury Drive
Abraham, T., 52 and 56 Clifton Street
Abrahamsen, A. G., 22 Orpen Park
Abrahamson, Mrs. F., 33 Cardigan Drive
Abram, W. G., 44 University Avenue
Academy Club, 18 Brookhill Avenue
A. C. Electrical Assemblies Co., 3 Brunswick Street
A. & C. Photography, photographic specialists, cameras and equipment, 14 Howard Street
Accurate Check Ltd., Ticket Issuing Machines, 2 (29-31) Donegall Square East
Ace, Mrs. Minnie, 168 Limestone Road
Acheson, David, Ltd., linen merchants, 26 Howard Street
Acheson, Frank, 25 Windsor Park
Acheson, Harden, & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 16 Ormeau Avenue
Acheson, James, joiner, 13 Kimberley Street
Acheson, John, shoe maker, 89 Crime Street
Acheson, John Norman, warehouseman, 13 Knockbreda Drive
Acheson, J. C., pharmaceutical chemist, 62 Cromac Street
Acheson, J. C., chemist, 82 Oakland Avenue
Acheson, Dr. M. K., M.C., 2 Strangford Avenue
Acheson, Misses, 59 North Circular Road
Acheson, R. C. G. C., B.D.S., dental surgeon, 196 Newtownards Road Upper and 207-209 Albert Bridge Road
Acheson, Saml., surgeon, 365 Newtownards Road Upper
Acheson, S. E. A., L.R.C.P. & S.E., 207-209 Albert Bridge Road
Acheson, T. H., 25 Donegall Park (Finaghy)
Acheson, W. G., grocer, 69 Langford Street
Acheson, W. G., Ltd., flour and bran merchants, 3 Queen's Square
Acheson, W. J., fitter, 38 Prestwick Park
Acheson, W. J., 26 Sandhill Gardens
Achieson, James, joiner, 36 Ava Park
Ackinson, W., 42 Woodcot Avenue
Acme Hemstitching Works, Chatham House, Library Street
Acton, H. F., fitter, 96 King's Road
Adair, Agnes, grocer, 2 Sackville Street
Adair, Alex., clerk, 1 Onslow Parade
Adair Bros., painters, 60 Newtownards Road Upper
Adair, David, postman, 5 Rochester Street
Adair, David, junr., painter, 27 Irwin Drive
Adair, F., traveller, 97 Belmont Road
Adair, F., musician, 26 Farnham Street
Adair, F., agent, 37 Donegall Place
Adair, Gordon, agent, 177 Donegall Street
Adair, G., Ardnagreena Lodge, Circular Road South
Adair, G. R., wholesale confectioner, 34-37 Smithfield Market
Adair, G. R., Aberfeldy, Gilnahirk Road
Adair, Henry, 31 Formby Park
Adair, Hugh, 6 Cranmore Gardens
Adair, Hugh, & Co., Letterpress Printers and Lithographers, 3 Franklin Street
Adair, H., 47 Shandon Park
Adair, James, iron turner, 101 Ainsworth Avenue
Adair, James Ernest, 9 Bedeque Street
Adair, James M., implement depot and seed merchant, 77 May Street
Adair, Jas., insurance agent, 3 Sunbury Avenue
Adair, John, 16 Ava Avenue
Adair, John, 35 Bedeque Street
Adair, John, pattern maker, 13 Ilchester Street
Adair, J., 17 Marlborough Park Central
Adair, J., machine man, 73 Glenbank Drive
Adair, J. M., seeds and implements, 23-27 Market Street
Adair, Mrs., 16 Whitewell Crescent
Adair, Mrs., 311 Albert Bridge Road
Adair, Mrs., 73 Duncairn Gardens
Adair, Mrs., 313 Albert Bridge Road
Adair, Mrs., 42 Rathlin Street
Adair, Mrs. C., 10 Ballysillan Road
Adair, Mrs. E., 87 Cavehill Road
Adair, Mrs. James, 64 Cheviot Avenue
Adair, Mrs. Lena, 18 Bennett Drive
Adair, Mrs., 8 Elizabeth Terrace, Donegall Pass
Adair, Mrs. Mary, 6 Cromwell Road
Adair, Mrs. M., 65 Knockvale Park
Adair, Mrs. M., 71 Cavehill Road
Adair, Mrs. N., 7 Sydenham Gardens
Adair, Mrs. W., 20 Auburn Street
Adair, R., carter, 3 Glencairn Street
Adair, R., dairyman, 4 Madison Avenue
Adair, R. A., manufacturers' agent, 5 Wellington Place; res., 102 Holywood Road
Adair, R. L., agent, 18 Arthur Street
Adair, R. P., decorator, 90 Newtownards Road Upper
Adair, Samuel, 8 Mowhan Street
Adair, Samuel, supper saloon, 30-32 Berlin Street
Adair, Samuel, 15 Prestwick Park
Adair, Thomas, baker, 2 Ardpatrick Gardens
Adair, Thomas, 87 Richardson Street
Adair, Thomas, home bakery, 20-22 Brandon Parade
Adair, Thos., home bakery, 203 Newtownards Road
Adair, William, cabinet maker, 37a Battenberg Street
Adair, William, electrician, 31 Shore Road
Adair, William J., draughtsman, 30 Grand Parade
Adair, Wm., cabinet maker, 1b Clements Street
Adair, W., 40 Lavinia Street
Adair, W., clerk, 18 Springdale Gardens
Adair, W. D., 277 York Street
Adam, Miss Charlotte, dress maker, 31 Newtownards Road Upper
Adam, Wm., baker, 62 Castlereagh Road
Adam, Thomas, 18 Castle Avenue
Adam, W. Y., 31 Cherryvalley Park
Adams, Alex., cashier, 20 Dunlambert Park
Adams, Alfred, oil and colour merchant, 5 Chlorine Gardens
Adams & Anderson, agents and brokers, 8 Waring Street
Adams, Arthur W. S., 5 Harberton Avenue
Adams, A., 9 Bristow Park
Adams, A., grocer, 49 Charleville Street Upper
Adams, A., 19 Belmont Road
Adams, A. E., printer, 27 Myrtlefield Park
Adams, A. H., traveller, 13 St. Jude's Crescent
Adams, A. S. G., chartered accountant, 15 Malone Hill Park
Adams, Capt., 17 Lansdowne Road
Adams, Charlotte, restaurant, 2 Ravenscroft Avenue
Adams, C., cutter, 36 Kimberley Drive
Adams, David, blacksmith, 579 Oldpark Road
Adams, David, brass finisher, 7 Collingwood Avenue
Adams, F. M., 1 Norwood Park
Adams, George, 39 Ava Park
Adams, George, blacksmith, 171 Joanmount Gardens
Adams, Geo., salesman, 91 Loopland Park
Adams, Geo., 62 Park Avenue
Adams, Gilbert, traveller, 21 Weston Drive
Adams, G., yarn salesman, 98 Salisbury Avenue
Adams, Henry, painter, 89 Dunluce Avenue
Adams, Hugh, lithographer, 180 Woodvale Road
Adams, H., cabinet maker, 3 Ardenvohr Street
Adams, H. B., insurance agent, 6 Brookvale Street
Adams, H. J., bank official, 11 Cambourne Street
Adams, James, 34 Moyola Street
Adams, James, confectioner, 311 Donegall Road
Adams, Jessie F., 20 Wandsworth Parade
Adams, John, 80 Denmark Street
Adams, John, sexton, Elmwood Avenue
Adams, John, printer, 21 Cranmore Gardens
Adams, John, (glass and paint) Ltd., 11 North Street
Adams, John C., 6 Balmoral Gardens
Adams, John D., motor driver, 27 Imperial Drive
Adams, Joseph, painter, 41 Dargle Street
Adams, Joseph, mechanic, 24 Riga Street Upper
Adams, J., felter, 9 Prestwick Drive
Adams, J., confectioner, 244 Roden Street
Adams, J., insurance agent, 4 Virginia Street
Adams, J., manufacturers' agent, 71 Wellesley Avenue
Adams, J. Cowan, jun., M.B., 222 Ravenshill Road
Adams, J. C., sen., M.D., 212 Ravenhill Road
Adams, J. C., jun., 17 Downshire Road
Adams, J. D., flax buyer, 8 Diamond Gardens
Adams, J. H., chartered accountant, 7 Lismoyne Park
Adams, Miss, 33 Lisburn Road
Adams, Miss, 123 Madrid Street
Adams, Miss B., confectioner, 114 Ravenhill Road
Adams, Miss H., 136 University Street
Adams, Miss L., 138 Stranmillis Road
Adams, Miss Marion, 28 Ardenlee Avenue
Adams, Misses, 35 Malone Road
Adams, Mrs., The Hill, Newforge Lane
Adams, Mrs., 42 Brougham Street
Adams, Mrs., 22 Denorrton Park
Adams, Mrs., cafe, 79-81 Ann Street
Adams, Mrs. D. J., 35 Kirkliston Drive
Adams, Mrs. E., 194 Ravenhill Road
Adams, Mrs. E., 25 Ship Street
Adams, Mrs. F., 35 Sunningdale Park North
Adams, Mrs. Margaret, 108 Cliftonpark Avenue
Adams, Mrs. Mary, 21 Willowfield Drive
Adams, Mrs. M., 13 Glenbank Drive
Adams, Mrs. S., 33 Hatfield Street
Adams, M., 95 Glencairn Street
Adams, R., presser, 77 Dover Street
Adams, R., clerk, 4 Landscape Terrace
Adams, R. J., warehouseman, 21 Adelaide Park
Adams, R. K., warehouseman, 38 Ava Gardens
Adams, R. W. J., 6 Grangeville Gardens
Adams, Samuel, 17 Eastleigh Drive
Adams, Samuel, tenter, 42 Mountpottinger Road
Adams, Samuel, 6 Cliftonville Parade
Adams, Stewart, clerk, 47 St. Jude's Crescent
Adams, Sydney, joiner, 7 Haypark Avenue
Adams, S., attendant, 31 Ainsworth Avenue
Adams, S., watch maker, 36 Rosevale Street
Adams, S., shipwright, 17 Ainsworth Avenue
Adams, S. A., packer, 63 Ava Avenue
Adams, S. B., 17 Kincora Avenue
Adams, S. L., Edinclassie, Stockman's Lane
Adams, S. V., insurance agent, 7 Sunnyside Street
Adams, T., ticket and showcard writer, 16 High Street; res., 7 Knutsford Drive
Adams, T., jeweller, 26 Perth Street
Adams, T. J., ladies' wear, 32 Botanic Avenue
Adams, Wm., rivetter, 4 Silverstream Gardens
Adams, Wm., confectioner, 37 Willowfield Street
Adams, Wm., & Co. Ltd., linen, damask, cotton and rayon manufacturers and merchants, 22 Adelaide Street and Donegall Road
Adams, W., 1 Slievemoyne Park
Adams, W., 27 Nendrum Gardens
Adams, W. C., 278 Stranmillis Road
Adams, W. G., 61 Sandown Road
Adams, W. H., 35 Knockvale Park
Adams, W. S., manufacturers' agent, 41 (28) Donegall Place
Adamson, E., painting contractor, 155 Stranmillis Road
Adamson, Henry, driller, 12 Parkside Gardens
Adamson, H., carpenter, 13 Meadowbank Street
Adamson, John, B.A., Hons. M.R.S.T.(Eng.), teacher, 70 Malone Avenue
Adamson, John, 34 Meadowbank Place
Adamson, Joseph, builder, 14-18 Limestone Road
Adamson, Joseph, contractor, 32 Joanmount Gardens
Adamson, J., porter, 338 Castlereagh Road
Adamson, J., grocer, 43 Virginia Street
Adamson & Kennedy, manufacturers, 31a Wellington Place
Adamson, Mrs., 57 Burmah Street
Adamson, Robt. M., compositor, 6 Chesham Parade
Adamson, R., 25a Carlton Street
Adamson, R., linen lapper. Beech-Dene, Finaghy Road South
Adamson, R. H., yarn agent, 1 Wellington Place; res., 7 Jubilee Avenue
Adamson, R. S., 157 King's Road
Adamson, Thomas, mill worker, 18 Rugby Avenue
Adamson, Wm., 7 Ridgeway Street
Adamson, Wm. H., 37 Ormiston Crescent
Adamson, W., 4 Penge Gardens
Adamson, W. & J., cabinet makers, 6a Crescent Upper
Addis, G., 9 Irwin Avenue
Addis, Mrs., 86 Fitzroy Avenue
Addis, Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 Eia Street
Addis, Samuel, clerk, 11 Percy Street
Addis, Thomas, inspector, 4 Chesham Parade
Addis, W., J.P., inspector, 598 Oldpark Road
Addison, James, welder, 31 Loopland Road
Addison, J., 33 Wandsworth Parade
Addison, T. H., civil servant, 59 Castle Hill Park
Addressograph-Multigraph Ltd., 41 (31-32 and 3) Donegall Place
Addy, E. T., & Son, yarn merchants, 5 Brunswick Street
Addy, Herbert E. A., chartered accountant, 18 North Circular Road
Addy, Mrs. J. J., 9 University Road
Adelaide Boot Repairing Depot, 1 Rathdrum Street
Adelaide Football Club, 3-5 Charlotte Street Little
Adelaide Manufacture ring Co., fancy linens, 15 James Street South
Adelaide Railway Station - Adelaide Avenue
Adelaide Recreation Club, 17a Ormeau Road
Adelaide Supper Saloon, 461 Lisburn Road
Adele (Belfast) Ltd., hosiers, Riddel's Arcade
Adeley, W. J., & Co., stock and share brokers, 32 Rosemary Street
Adeley, Major W. L., 722 Antrim Road
Adelphi Hotel, 48 Victoria Street Great
Adelstones, Watchmakers, Jewellers and Ring Specialists, 48-50 Ann Street and 36 Royal Avenue
Adgey, Miss A., 78 Joanmount Gardens
Adgey, R. J., pawn broker, 97 Peter's Hill
Adgey, T. A., joiner, 696 Oldpark Road
Adjey, Alfred, electrician, 101 Duncairn Gardens
Adjey, David, 67 Skegoneill Avenue
Adjey, William, grocer, 45 Lagan Street
Adjusting Office for Weights and Measures, 26 Smithfield Market
Adler, H., 9 Grasmere Gardens
Adler, Simon, furniture dealer, 136 Silvio Street
Adlington, James, 19 Rushfield Avenue
Admiralty Recruiting Depot (The), 133 (3) Donegall Street
Adorian, T. N., R.U.C., 45 Tate's Avenue
Adrain, James, 6 Broughton Gardens
Adrain, James W., 65 Maryville Park
Adrain, John, 13 Harberton Avenue
Adrain, John J., brick layer, 80 Ballygomartin Road
Adrain, J., solicitor, 27 Dunlambert Gardens
Adrain, J. A., solicitor, 5 Arthur Street
Adrain, Mrs. Sarah, 78 Ballygomartin Road
Adrain, Robert, insurance agent, 82 Whitewell Road
Adrain, William, 86 Hesketh Park
Aerocrete (Ireland( Ltd., 43 May Street and Laganbank Road
Aeronautical Inspection Directorate, etc., Chamber of Commerce, Donegall Square West
A. & F. Corner (The), radio electricians, 37 Shaftesbury Square and 103-107 Dublin Road
Agar, A. A., chairman and managing director Sirocco Engineering Works, Craigowen, Craigavad
Agar, John D., bread server, 38 Windsor Drive
Agar, J., confectioner, 13 Great Northern Street
Agnes Street Central P.E.S., 78 Perth Street
Agnes Street Methodist Church, 166a Agnes Street
Agnes Street Presbyterian Church, 80-82 Agnes Street
Agnew, Alex., conductor, 41 Devon Parade
Agnew, Rev. A. L., B.A., D.D., 69 Duncairn Gardens
Agnew, A. S., 77 Melrose Street
Agnew, C. J., & Son, Auctioneers, Estate Agents, Valuers and Insurance Agents, 45 May Street
Agnew, C. S., Board of Works, 98a Somerton Road
Agnew, D., traveller, 21 Ireton Street
Agnew & Graham Ltd., auto engineers, 7-17 Oxford Street
Agnew, G., joiner, 46 Tildarg Street
Agnew & Hamilton Ltd., tea merchants, 4-6 Marquis Street
Agnew, Hugh, builder, 149 Holywood Road
Agnew, H., sawmills, 12a Parkgate Avenue
Agnew, H. G., 11 Hughenden Avenue
Agnew, Isaac, engineer, 17 Fortwilliam Park
Agnew, Isaac, Ltd., Automobile Engineers, 63 Chichester Street, 15 Gloucester Street and 402 Newtownards Road
Agnew, I. A., home bakery, 52 Mountcollyer Avenue
Agnew, James, 48 Martinez Avenue
Agnew, James, 54 Serpentine Road
Agnew, John, rivetter, 88 Larkfield Road
Agnew, John, managing director, 8 Innisfayle Park
Agnew, Joseph, confectioner, 5-7 Alliance Crescent
Agnew, J., grocer, 18-20 Waterford Street
Agnew, J., builder, 11 Harberton Park
Agnew, J., grocer, 78 Glen Road
Agnew, J., confectioner, 37 Belmont Road
Agnew, J., 42 Bryson Street
Agnew, J., & Co., saw mills, 42a Bridge End
Agnew, Lindsay, joiner, 33 Avonbeg Street
Agnew, Miss, 92 King's Road
Agnew, Miss M., 27 Cranmore Park
Agnew, Miss M., 39 Deramore Avenue
Agnew, Miss M. A., 10 Harrow Street
Agnew, Mrs., 18 Agincourt Street
Agnew, Mrs. Ethel, 363a Ormeau Road
Agnew, Mrs. E., 36 Knockbreda Park
Agnew, Mrs. Mary, 156 Ainsworth Avenue
Agnew, Mrs. Mary, 283 Grosvenor Road
Agnew, Mrs. V., 132 Limestone Road
Agnew, Norman & Son, butchers, 78 Connsbrook Avenue
Agnew, N., dairyman, 395 Holywood Road
Agnew, Patrick, traveller, 41 Ponsonby Avenue
Agnew, Robert, pawn broker, 49 Sandown Road
Agnew, Robert, 3 Hawthornden Park
Agnew, R. J., 3 Balmoral Avenue
Agnew, Samuel, milk server, 76 Pommern Parade
Agnew, S., 5 Orpen Road, Finaghy
Agnew, S., 10 Parkend Street
Agnew, S., plumber, 34 Westmoreland Street
Agnew, S., builder, 9 Harberton Park
Agnew, S. Gordon, manufacturers' agent, 18 (1) Sussex Place
Agnew, S. J., draper, 409 Ormeau Road
Agnew, S. J., bank official, 14 Cranmore Park
Agnew, S. & J., Ltd., building contractors, 34 Edinburgh Street
Agnew, Thomas, spirit merchant, 1 Pacific Avenue
Agnew, Thomas, joiner, 1 Meadow Street Upper
Agnew, T., watch maker, 5 Albert Bridge Road
Agnew, T., traveller, 13 Devon Parade
Agnew, T. A., grocer, 208-210 Queen Street North
Agnew, T. B., representative, 16 Sussex Place
Agnew, T. C., 34 Kirkliston Park
Agnew, T. S., 34 University Road
Agnew, T. & S., publicans, 36-36 University Road
Agnew, William, 43 Locksley Park
Agnew, William, joiner, 20 Penrose Street
Agnew, William A., 15 Grasmere Gardens
Agnew, W., 34 Sandymount Street
Agnew, W. H., 150 Alexandra Park Avenue
Agnew, W. J., agent, 5 Glenside Park
A'Hara, Miss L., 30 Perth Street
Ahara, Robert, storeman, 117 Ainsworth Avenue
Aicken, Alex., builder, Richmond Lane
Aicken, A., builder, 34 Cedar Avenue
Aicken, J., 15 Brown's Square
Aicken, Mrs., 65 Bawnmore Road
Aicken, Mrs., 16 Cavehill Road Upper
Aicken, M., bank official, 26 Martinez Avenue
Aicken, Richard, 55 Willowfield Drive
Aicken, V. A., plumber, 68 Wallasey Park
Aickin, C. R., civil servant, 4 Marina Park
Aiken, David, 57 Enfield Street
Aiken, D., insurance official, 4 Lansdowne Drive
Aiken, James, 504 Newtownards Road Upper
Aiken, John, 6 Fairview Street
Aiken, John, & Son Ltd., printers, 60 Victoria Street Great
Aiken, J. E., civil servant, 48 Ormiston Crescent
Aiken, Miss Margaret, 249 Ballysillan Road
Aiken, Mrs., grocer and confectioner, 1 Rugby Avenue
Aiken, Mrs., 4 Westminster Street
Aiken, Mrs. J., 5 Ophir Gardens
Aiken, Mrs. L. J., outfitter, 46 Albert Bridge Road
Aiken, Robert, 6 George's Street Little
Aiken, Thos. A., 27 Broomhill Park
Aiken, William, 8 Eblana Street
Aiken, W. J., watch maker, 256 Shankill Road
Aiken, W. J., 109 Woodstock Road
Aikin, Francis, clerk, 9 Chadwick Street
Aikin, H. T., traveller, 367 Cregagh Road
Aikin, Mrs., 26 Twickenham Street
Aimes, Bernard, 92 Cliftonpark Avenue
Ainley, Jos., pattern maker, 83 Melrose Street
Ainley, Jos., manager, 12 Hartington Street
Ainley, W., mechanic, 6 Joy Street
Ainley, W., 85 Wellesley Avenue
Ainsworth, Mrs. E., 39 Ormiston Crescent
Ainsworth & Sons Ltd., linen thread manufacturers, 16 Bedford Street
Air Raid Precautions Headquarters, 40 Academy Street
Air, R. M., 10 Kensington Gardens South
Aird, Mrs. Ann C., 16 Fitzroy Avenue
Airdly, Mrs., 32 Stranmillis Street
Airey, Mrs., 5 Hawthornden Gardens
Airey, Stewart, R.A.F., 48 Osborne Drive
Aitcheson, Rev. H., 84 Eglantine Avenue
Aitchison, Rev. H. H., M.A., 14 Alliance Avenue
Aitchison, Miss, 23 Parkmount Road
Aitken, Mrs. A. A., 44 Sans Souci Park
Aitken, Robt., manager, 13 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Aitkenhead, Mrs. J., 7 Windsor Drive
Albert Billiard Room (The), Lord Street
Albert Bridge Pharmacy, 20-20a Albert Bridge Road
Albert Dining Rooms, 50 Church Lane Upper
Albert Discount Co., 15 Queen's Square
Albert Dismantling Works, 4a Devonshire Street
Albert Street Presbyterian Church, 138a Albert Street
Albertbridge Congregational Church, 98a Short Strand
Albin, Hugh, tobacconist, 11 College Square East
Albin, H., traveller, 4 Kingsmere Avenue
Albin, Mrs. E., 18 Castle Park
Albin, Mrs. I., 250 Ravenhill Road
Albion Ltd., manufacturers of boys' clothing, 31-53 Glenalpin Street; also 16-20 Wellwood Street
Albion Mangle and Chair Frame Works, 79 Sandy Row
Albion Motors Ltd., 43 Smithfield
Albion Private Hotel, 128 Victoria Street Great
Alcock, John, engineer, 106 Connsbrook Avenue
Alcock, Mason, consulting engineer, 28 Donegall Square East
Alcorn, Andrew, 10 Ava Avenue
Alcorn, Miss Alice, 90 Marlborough Park Central
Alcorn, Miss M., 8 Brougham Street
Alcorn, Mrs. M. J., 65 Sandhurst Gardens
Alcorn, Robert J., 18 Meadowbank Street
Alcorn, R., pensioner, 150 Dunluce Avenue
Alder & Mackay Ltd., gas meter manufacturers, 37 Linen Hall Street
Alderdice, Edith, 3 Thornhill Drive
Alderdice, George, accountant, 137 Agincourt Avenue
Alderdice, J., 58 Cromwell Road
Alderdice, Mrs. Sarah, 6 Albertville Drive
Alderdice, Robert, driver, 67 Mount Merrion Park
Alderdice, T. Y., director, 20 Thornhill Drive
Alderdice, W. W., insurance broker, 9 Wellington Place
Alderson, H., 85 Dunlambert Drive
Alderton, Arthur, representative Oxford Street; res., 819 Lisburn Road
Aldons, T., railwayman, 15 St. James's Street
Aldritt, Ben., 35 Marina Park
Aldritt, W. A., draper, 33 Cooldarragh Park
Aldwell, Rev. Dr. F. B., 21 Shrewsbury Gardens
Alexander, Andrew, superintendent rates, 82 Lansdowne Road
Alexander, A., 7 Norwood Park
Alexander, A., clerk, 110 Joanmount Park
Alexander, A. C., grocer, 147 Duncairn Gardens
Alexander, David, timber merchant, 56 Millfield
Alexander, David, iron moulder, 19 Dromara Street
Alexander, D., foreman, 54 Meadowbank Place
Alexander, Edward, clerk, 419 Crumlin Road
Alexander, Emily, 2 Hillsborough Parade
Alexander, Geo., linen business, 14 Cavehill Road Upper
Alexander, H., 15 Halstein Drive
Alexander, H. E., pattern maker, 4 Ormonde Avenue
Alexander, James, driver, 17 Charlotte Street
Alexander, James, master mariner, 145 Dunluce Avenue
Alexander, James, shop keeper, 113 Dunluce Avenue
Alexander, James, storeman, 48 Belmont Avenue
Alexander, James, 114 Shore Road
Alexander, Jas., fitter, 19 Fleet Street
Alexander, Jean E., solicitor, 5 Lombard Street
Alexander, John, 9 Deramore Gardens
Alexander, John, civil servant, 37 Dundela Avenue
Alexander, John, & Son, solicitors, 133 Royal Avenue; res., Scottdale, Whitehead
Alexander, J., 77 Channing Street
Alexander, J. F., 25 Greenwood Park
Alexander, J. H., tram driver, 192 Ballygomartin Road
Alexander, J. K., shipwright, 21 Clanchattan Street
Alexander, J. L., civil servant, 4 Sydenham Drive
Alexander, J. M., 36 Cleaver Park
Alexander, J. M., & Co., chartered accountants, Mayfair, Arthur Square
Alexander, J. Robert, 51 Melrose Street
Alexander, K. M., F.C.I.I., secretary, 30 Kelvin Parade
Alexander, Rev. K. M., 39 Lismoyne Park
Alexander, Miss, 1 Chesham Crescent
Alexander, Miss, 35 Camden Street
Alexander, Miss, 85 (4) University Street
Alexander, Miss F., music teacher, 7 Agincourt Avenue
Alexander, Miss I., 3 Chestnutt Gardens
Alexander, Miss M., 25 Indiana Avenue
Alexander, The Misses. 27 Osborne Drive
Alexander, Mrs., 25 Kirkliston Drive
Alexander, Mrs. A., 27 Moyola Street
Alexander, Mrs. A. I., 7 Balmoral Gardens
Alexander, Mrs. Dora, 213 Cavehill Road
Alexander, Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Wellington Street
Alexander, Mrs. E., 356 Lisburn Road
Alexander, Mrs. J. E., 218 Cregagh Road
Alexander, Mrs. Lavinia, 9 Skegoneill Avenue
Alexander, Mrs. M., 53 Joanmount Gardens
Alexander, Mrs. M. J., 11 Willowbank Gardens
Alexander, Reid & Frazer, F.A.I., Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, 71 High Street. Stores, 26-28 Thomas Street North and 4-6 Christopher Street
Alexander, Robert, 3 Jubilee Avenue
Alexander, Robert, 293 Castlereagh Road
Alexander, Robt., caulker, 44 Edinburgh Street
Alexander, R., traveller, 36 Cedar Avenue
Alexander, R. B., wholesale merchant, 1 Dundela Avenue
Alexander, R. J., 17 Sandhill Parade
Alexander Supply Co. Ltd. (The), financiers, 10a Donegall Street
Alexander, Sydney, 35 Ardenlee Gardens
Alexander, S., 13 Deramore Avenue
Alexander, Thomas, 30 Ballysillan Road
Alexander, T. A., joiner, 15 Deramore Avenue
Alexander, T. C., 49 Waterloo Gardens
Alexander, T. J., tea merchant, 42 King Street
Alexander, T. J., grocer, 55 Cromwell Road
Alexander, T. J., & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 6 Talbot Street
Alexander, William, 349 Springfield Road
Alexander, Wm., insurance inspector, 11 Jocelyn Gardens
Alexander, Wm., 29 Lothair Avenue
Alexander, Wm. F., engineer, 5 Joanmount Park
Alexander, Wm., & Son, solicitors, 5 Lombard Street
Alexander, W., flesher, 25 Belmont Road
Alexander, W., home bakery, 146 Roden Street
Alexander, W., gardener, 350a Lisburn Road
Alexander, W. A., manager, 2 Coolmore Park
Alexander, W. H., grocer, 105 Cavehill Road
Alexander, W. H., Ltd., Cycle and Motor Merchants and Factors, Holmes Street, 66-68 May Street, 4-8 Gloucester Street, 12-14 York Lane and 123 Donegall Street
Alexander, W. J., 35 North Road
Alexander, W. K., manager, 19 Cavehill Road Old
Alexandra Cafe, 17 Station Street
Alexandra Dining Rooms, Queen's Road
Alexandra Finishing Co. Ltd., Cullingtree Street
Alexandra Graving Dock, Queen's Road
Alexandra Nursing Home, 92-94 Botanic Avenue
Alexandra Park, Alexandra Avenue
Alhambra Theatre Ltd., 39-43 North Street
Ali, M., 64 (15) Victoria Street Great
Alister, Sarah, 83 Newtownards Road Upper
Aljoe, A. A., Manorton, Mount Aboo Park
All Saints' Church, 102 University Street; Parochial Hall, 12 University Avenue
All Saints' P.E.S., 108 University Street
All Souls' Church, Elmwood Avenue
Allam, Mrs. Sarah, Rushfield, Knockbreda Road
Allam, R. J., Ltd., Live Stock Salesman and Auctioneers, Oxford Mart, Oxford Street. T.A.: "Livestock"
Allan, A., joiner, 40 Lomond Avenue
Allan & Co., chemical merchants, 14 Linen Hall Street
Allan, C., engineer, 305 Cavehill Road
Allan, Duncan, draughtsman, 45 Deramore Avenue
Allan, John Joseph, 50 Regent Street
Allan, J., 7 Lisburn Road
Allan, L., 50 Madison Avenue
Allan, Miss E., 110 Balmoral Avenue
Allan, Samuel, shop assistant, 22 Brunswick Street Little
Allan, W. M., 14 Thorburn Road
Allan's Sports Stores, 56 Wellington Place
Allander, Mrs. M. J. K., 19 Green Road
Allaway, Albert John, lecturer Q.U.B., 13 Sharman Road
Allcock, M., consulting engineer, 2 (28) Donegall Square East
Alldritt, W. A., outfitter, 78 Shankill Road
Allely, Cecil, conductor, 757 Crumlin Road
Allely, Miss, 48 Glencairn Street
Allely, Miss, 7 Stranmillis Gardens
Allenmondy, L. B. B., 23 Eglantine Gardens
Allen, Adam, colporteur, 23 Agincourt Street
Allen, Alexander, confectioner, 44 Solway Street
Allen, Andrew, draper, 3 India Street
Allen, A., ordnance surveyor, 23 Florenceville Avenue
Allen, A., incorporated accountant, 37 Ashgrove Park
Allen, A., hardware, 523 Crumlin Road
Allen, A., 9 Gawn Street
Allen Bros., general dealers, 64-66 Smithfield Market
Allen & Cairns, 26 Howard Street
Allen, Chas., clerk, 53 Hillsborough Drive
Allen, Chas., engineer, 149 Joanmount Park
Allen, Daniel, welder, 38 Gainsborough Drive
Allen, David, 13 Meadowbank Place
Allen, David, carter, 23 Newtownards Road Upper
Allen, David, 41 Sicily Park
Allen, David, & Sons (Belfast), B.P. Ltd., Billposting and Advertising Contractors, 58 (11) Howard Street
Allen, D., engineer, 150 Ulsterville Avenue
Allen, D., carrier, 31 Fox Street
Allen, D. B., manager, 191 Cavehill Road
Allen, D. J., M.R.C.V.S., Manor House, Rocky Road
Allen, Edmond M., plater, 46 Woodcot Avenue
Allen, Edward, conductor, 432 Springfield Road
Allen, Edward, fitter, 26 Silverstream Park
Allen, Eliza, confectioner, 62 Chief Street
Allen, Fredk., clerk, 10 Rugby Avenue
Allen, F., teacher, 47 Cherryvalley Gardens
Allen, F., engineer, 30 Woodvale Gardens
Allen, F. M. B., M.D., M.R.C.P.(Lond), 73 University Road
Allen, George E., 162 Ardenlee Avenue
Allen, Geo., & Co. (George H. Leitch), solicitors, 32 Chichester Street
Allen, Graham, flour merchant, 33 Rosetta Park
Allen, Rev. Hugh, 545 Antrim Road
Allen, Herbert, cleaner, 5 Candahar Street
Allen, Hugh, 38 Park Avenue
Allen, H., fitter, 23 Bloomfield Park
Allen, H., 185 Madrid Street
Allen, H., hardware merchant, 243 Shankill Road
Allen, H., 56 Willowbank Gardens
Allen, Isaac, 21 Ashdene Drive
Allen, James, sheet metal worker, 2 Florida Drive
Allen, James, pawn broker, 435 Cregagh Road
Allen, James, machinist, 26 Wandsworth Parade
Allen, James, & Co., flour importers, 73 May Street
Allen, Jas. H., pawn broker, 45 Ormeau Road
Allen, Jas. H., accountant, 22 Kingsmere Avenue
Allen, John, 126 Newtownards Road Upper
Allen, John, 41-43 Cullingtree Road
Allen, John, tram conductor, 20 Hillsborough Drive
Allen, John, grocer, 175 Spamount Street
Allen, John, wallpaper merchant, 86 Woodstock Road
Allen, John, compositor, 253 Ballysillan Road
Allen, John, foreman, 18 Castlereagh Place
Allen, John, butcher, 676 Crumlin Road
Allen, John, accountant, 41 Deramore Park
Allen, John, joiner, 14 Chesham Grove
Allen, John, coal merchant, 80 Fraser Street
Allen, John, coach builder, 37 Florida Drive
Allen, John, grocer, 20 Mountview Street
Allen, John, 14 Oceanic Avenue
Allen, John, & Co., accountants and auditors, 13 (19-20) Ann Street
Allen, John T., tenter, 47 Woodcot Avenue
Allen, J., 27 Rosapenna Drive
Allen, J., 5 Fortview Terrace, Shore Road
Allen, J., clerk, 37 Delhi Parade
Allen, J., agent, 2 St. James's Parade
Allen, J. A., traveller, 11 Loopland Crescent
Allen, J. D., compositor, 222 Cregagh Street
Allen, J. G., F.B.O.A., optician, 53 Duncairn Gardens
Allen, J. H., flesher, 405 Donegall Road
Allen, J. W., 61 Eglantine Avenue
Allen, Kennedy, brick layer, 44 Eia Street
Allen, L., clerk, 39 Loopland Road
Allen, Mary, 180 Deerpark Road
Allen, Miss, 3 Brookvale Street
Allen, Miss, 112 Duncairn Gardens
Allen, Miss, 182 (1) Lisburn Road
Allen, Miss Eliza, confectioner, 62 Chief Street
Allen, Miss E., 55 Maryville Park
Allen, Miss E. S., Rylands, Serpentine Road
Allen, Miss Jane E., 320 Woodstock Road
Allen, Miss Jean A., 2 Lowwood Park
Allen, Miss Jessie, 18 Springfield Parade
Allen, Miss Margaret E., 53 Osborne Gardens
Allen, Miss M. A., 3 Century Street
Allen, Miss R., teacher, 32 Galwally Park
Allen, Miss S., 34 Ailesbury Road
Allen, Mrs., 78 Balmoral Avenue
Allen, Mrs., caretaker, 8 Waring Street
Allen, Mrs., 35 Ormonde Park (Finaghy)
Allen, Mrs., 472 Ravenhill Road
Allen, Mrs., 28 Ava Gardens
Allen, Mrs., 82 Malone Avenue
Allen, Mrs., 10 Bathgate Drive
Allen, Mrs., 27 Loopland Park
Allen, Mrs., Cairnburn Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Allen, Mrs. E., 14 Ravenscroft Avenue
Allen, Mrs. E., grocer, 102 Euston Street
Allen, Mrs. E., 14 Onslow Gardens
Allen, Mrs. E., 56 Sunningdale Park
Allen, Mrs. E. E., 22 Westland Road
Allen, Mrs. Jessie, 42 Jocelyn Street
Allen, Mrs. L., 92 Orby Drive
Allen, Mrs. Margaret, 45 Ohio Street
Allen, Mrs. Mary, 82 Ravenscroft Avenue
Allen, Mrs. Mary, 14 Mount Prospect Park
Allen, Mrs. Mary, 180 Deerpark Road
Allen, Mrs. M., 6 Summer Hill Park
Allen, Mrs. Sarah, 47 Carlisle Street
Allen, Mrs. S., 3 Abercorn Street
Allen, Mrs. T., 22 Belvedere Park
Allen & McClure, smithworks, 30 Henry Street
Allen, N. L., 17 Priory Park
Allen, Rachel, 63 Mountview Street
Allen, Robert, 9 Cadogan Street
Allen, Robert, 39 Westmoreland Street
Allen, Robert, 232 Woodstock Road
Allen, Robert, flax dresser, 137 Nelson Street
Allen, Robert, confectioner, 2-4 Grampion Street
Allen, Robert, clerk, 46 Atlantic Avenue
Allen, Robert, draper, 398 Woodstock Road
Allen, Rev. Robert, B.A., 69 Marlborough Park Sough
Allen, R., compositor, 150 Woodvale Road
Allen, R., machinist, 15 Carlow Street
Allen, R. J., pawn broker, 155-157 Sandy Row, 220 Newtownards Road and 217-219 Templemore Avenue
Allen, R. J., J.P., Glenallen, Finaghy Road North
Allen, Samuel, 20 Manderson Street
Allen, Samuel, driver, 56 Florida Drive
Allen, Samuel, inspector, 20 Ardpatrick Gardens
Allen, Samuel, 85 Alexandra Park Avenue
Allen, Samuel, electrician, 13 Ardpatrick Gardens
Allen, Samuel, 527 Lisburn Road
Allen, Samuel, 79 Shandon Park
Allen, Samuel, 89 Alexandra Park Avenue
Allen, Samuel F., manager, 27 Knock Hill Park
Allen, Stanley, 36 Barnett's Road
Allen, S., 34 Stranmillis Street
Allen, S., engineer, 8 Beechpark Street
Allen, S. S., grocer, 463 Lisburn Road
Allen, S. S., 9 Eglantine Avenue
Allen, Thomas, warehouseman, 77 Belmont Church Road
Allen, Thomas, clerk, 74 Campbell Park Avenue
Allen, Thomas, 573 Newtownards Road Upper
Allen, Thomas, foreman, 3 Stranmillis Park
Allen, Thomas, butcher, 402 Crumlin Road
Allen, Thos., hairdresser, 5 Dock Street
Allen, Thos. Geo., machine man, 3 Mount Prospect Park
Allen, Thos. Palmer, 62 Balmoral Avenue
Allen, T., 3 Castleview Cottages, Castleview Road
Allen, Wesley, 37 Ava Drive
Allen, William, 60 Farnham Street
Allen, William, manufacturing agent, 8 Kansas Avenue
Allen, William, 107 The Mount
Allen, William, 109 King's Road
Allen, William, joiner, 51b Loopland Drive
Allen, William, coach trimmer, 37 Manor Street
Allen, William, 8 Wandsworth Road
Allen, William J., 184 Ainsworth Avenue
Allen, Wm., grocer, 29 Bloomfield Avenue
Allen, Wm., plumber, 12 Rathgar Street
Allen, Wm., grocer, 15 Fox Street
Allen, Lt.-Col. Sir Wm., D.S.O., M.P., 6 Cleaver Street
Allen, Wm., warehouseman, 37 Magdala Street
Allen, Wm., clerk, 32 Stranmillis Park
Allen, Wm., plumber, 34 Ava Drive
Allen, Wm., M.B.E., 32 Downview Avenue
Allen, Wm., 22 Rose wood Street
Allen, W,., agent, 26 (4) Howard Street
Allen, Wm. John, R.U.C., 190 Ainsworth Avenue
Allen, Wm. K., tailor, 62 Sandhurst Gardens
Allen, Wm., & Son Ltd., grocers, 166, 254 Newtownards Road
Allen, W. H., 1 Tower Street
Allen, W. J., 18 Sydenham Avenue
Allen, W. J., & W. H., provision merchants, 474 Newtownards Road Upper
Allen, W. K., 4 Inver Avenue
Allen, W. M., civil servant, 26 Osborne Drive
Allen, W. M., 8 Cloreen Park
Alliance Assurance Co. Ltd., (Belfast Branch), 20 Donegall Square East
Allied Industries Ltd., 11 The Mount
Allied Newspapers Ltd., 82 Smithfield
Allied Paper Merchants (W. T. & Co. Ltd.), Donegall Square Mews
Allingham, Charles R., 10 Sharman Road
Allingham & Co. Ltd., boot makers, 25-27 North Street
Allingham, John, 181 Sandown Road
Allingham, Mrs., 27 Ashley Avenue
Allingham, Wm., 59 King's Road
Allington, Jos., boiler maker, 28 Belmont Avenue
Allington, J., 69 Holywood Road
Allinson, Mrs. F., 52 Denorrton Park
Allison, Adrain, 20 Sunningdale Park North
Allison, Edw., draughtsman, 295 Castlereagh Road
Allison, J., & Son, warehousemen, 40 Queen Street
Allison, Lewis, 22 Castleview Road
Allison, Miss A. M., 24 Glandore Avenue
Allison, Miss Mary, 4 Joanmount Gardens
Allison, Mrs., 290 Castlereagh Road
Allison, Mrs. I., 8 Knutsford Drive
Allison, Mrs. Rita, Guest House, 49 Malone Road
Allison, Robert, 371 Queen Street North
Allison, Robert, traveller, 1 Blackwood Street
Allison, R. G., 47 Orby Drive
Allison, S. H. F., bank official, 122 Cliftonville Road
Allison, Wm., engineer, 10 Hesketh Road
Allister, John, grocer, 22 Burmah Street
Allister, H. R., 4 Sicily Park
Allister, Mrs. R., 73 Carlingford Street
Allman, Mrs. C. M., 26 Upton Park
Allport, J. E., 27 Green Road
Allport, J. V. E., 43 Cherryvalley Gardens
Allsop, R. J., dentist, 364 Woodstock Road
Allum, Clarence, soldier, 94 Cromwell Road
Allum, Mrs. J., 33 Roseleigh Street
Allworthy, S. W., M.A., M.D., D.Ph., F.C.S., 2a Woodland Avenue
Almeida, John, draughtsman, 12 Graham Gardens
Alpha Club, 14 Donegall Square West
Alton, G. L., 3 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Amalgamated Press Ltd., 29 Gresham Street
Amalgamated Society of Tailors, 101a Victoria Street
Amalgamated Transport & General Workers' Union, General Office, 66 Victoria Street
Ambassador Cinema, 31-33 Cregagh Road
Ambrose, Jack R., supt., 484 Lisburn Road
Amelia Hemstitching Co. Ltd., 10-12 Cullingtree Street
American Beauty Parlour, 35 Wellington Place
American Consulate, 1-3 Donegall Square South; Visa Office at 1a Adelaide Street
American Hotel, 65 Dock Street
American Red Cross, 39 Chichester Street
Amery, Thomas, 80 Serpentine Road
Amery, T. W., publican, 43 Westmoreland Street
Ambrose, Alf., miller, 88 Whitewell Road
Amoa Chemical Co. Ltd., 5 Bedford Street
Anchor Line Ltd., Steamship Owners and Shipping Agents, 1-5 Victoria Street. T.A.: "Belanchor, Belfast."
Ancient Order of Hibernians, 2a Clonard Street and 30 Herbert Street
Anderson, Dr., 351 Castlereagh Road
Anderson, Abe, 49 Portallo Street
Anderson, Albert, plumber, 239 Alliance Avenue
Anderson, Albert, linen business, 2 Knockbreda Drive
Anderson, Alex., 77 Loopland Gardens
Anderson, Alex., joiner, 118 Ravenhill Avenue
Anderson, Alex., hairdresser, 134 Orangefield Crescent
Anderson, Annie, confectioner, 221 Templemore Avenue
Anderson, A., painter, 25 Landseer Street
Anderson, A., 1 Mount Eden Park
Anderson, A., manufacturers' agent, 2 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Anderson, A., 31 Camden Street
Anderson, A., 19 Wheatfield Crescent
Anderson, A. E., buyer, Holmlea, Stockman's Lane
Anderson, A. E., 24 Sharman Road
Anderson, A. H., Barrister-at-Law, 13 Cyprus Avenue
Anderson, A. M., Govt. messenger, 13 Clara Avenue
Anderson, A. N., 35 Downshire Road
Anderson, A. W., 185 Orby Drive
Anderson, A. & R., painters, 42 Donegall Pass
Anderson, Bert, painter, 50 Canning Street
Anderson Bros., provision merchants, 140-142 and 186 Sandy Row
Anderson, Charles, engineer, 74 Newtownards Road Upper
Anderson, Clarke, grocer and provision merchant, 251-253 Springfield Road
Anderson, Col., Lukehaven, Knock Road
Anderson, C., teacher, Bendimere, Locksley Park
Anderson, C., draper, 145 Woodstock Road
Anderson, C., postman, 107 Donnybrook Street
Anderson, C. H., nurseryman, 17 Cavehill Road
Anderson, David, 28 University Avenue
Anderson, David, 1d Chadwick Street
Anderson, David, salesman, 35 Rugby Avenue
Anderson, Duncan, engineer, 12 Trigo Parade
Anderson, D., blacksmith, 75 Ravenhill Gardens
Anderson, D., & Son Ltd., Felt and Paint Manufacturers and Roof Builders, Lagan Works, 105 Short Strand. T.A.: "Anderson, Belfast."
Anderson, Eric, auto engineer, Ashley Gardens
Anderson, Eric, 145 Cavehill Road
Anderson, E., 7 Merkland Street
Anderson, E. A., Lansdowne, Lisburn Road
Anderson, E. A., incorporated accountant, 2 (5-6) Wellington Place
Anderson, E. G., 31 Kelvin Parade
Anderson, E. H., 34 Sharman Road
Anderson, E. M., 4 Dundela Avenue
Anderson, Fredk., pattern maker, 18 Delaware Street
Anderson, Fredk., 4 Paxton Street
Anderson, F. G., clerk, 22 Reid Street
Anderson, F. G., mechanic, 406 Woodstock Road
Anderson, F. M., insurance official, 8 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
Anderson, F. W., joiner, 165 Ardenlee Avenue
Anderson, George, 44 Connsbrook Avenue
Anderson, George, 14-16 Hudson Street
Anderson, George, agent, 128-130 Joy Street
Anderson, George, plater, 39 Loopland Gardens
Anderson, Geo., clerk, 33 Stranmillis Park
Anderson, G., 132 University Avenue
Anderson, G., fitter, 17 Landseer Street
Anderson, G. A., meter inspector, 220 Cregagh Street
Anderson, G. G., butcher, 51 Cavehill Road
Anderson, G. W., 44 Sydenham Avenue
Anderson, Hannah I., 72 Ardenlee Avenue
Anderson, Henry, 21 Alexandra Park Avenue
Anderson, Henry, 401 Queen Street North
Anderson, Hugh, 75 Maryville Park
Anderson, Hugh, 1 Curzon Street
Anderson, Hugh S., 42 Queensberry Park
Anderson, H., 30 Rosetta Park
Anderson, H., tailor, 97 Rushfield Avenue
Anderson, H., stationer, 158 Ravenhill Road
Anderson, H., painter, 27 Victoria Street Little
Anderson, H., clerk, 161 Ulsterville Avenue
Anderson, H., chauffeur, 10 Florida Street
Anderson, H., soldier, 73 Holywood Road
Anderson, H. G., linen merchant, 23 College Street
Anderson, James, salesman, 31 Deerpark Drive
Anderson, James, railway worker, 18 Moyola Street
Anderson, James, 30 Ava Gardens
Anderson, James, insurance official, 12 Woodvale Avenue
Anderson, James, 13 Shandon Park
Anderson, James, 45 St. John's Park
Anderson, James, 18 Glendower Street
Anderson, James, plumber, 184 Ravenhill Avenue
Anderson, James, 34 Finvoy Street
Anderson, James, bread server, 217 Cregagh Street
Anderson, James, engineer, 106 Ashley Drive
Anderson, James, 138 Ormeau Road
Anderson, James, 19 Hartington Street
Anderson, James, Ltd., Window Blind Manufacturers, Locksmiths and Revolving Shutters, 58d Donegall Street
Anderson, Jas., mechanic, 19 Wingrove Gardens
Anderson, Jas., hairdresser, 227 Woodstock Road
Anderson, Jas., confectioner, 45 Sandy Row
Anderson, Jas., baker, 11 Willowholme Drive
Anderson, Jas., baker, 44 Loopland Park
Anderson, John, painter, 53 Spencer Street
Anderson, John, clerk, 28 Keadyville Avenue
Anderson, John, manufacturer, 368 Ormeau Road
Anderson, John, grocer, 156 Lodge Road New
Anderson, John, Dr. John, 4 Holland Crescent
Anderson, John, 9 Willowholme Crescent
Anderson, John, Newforge Lodge, Newforge Lane
Anderson, John, superintendent, 2 Winston Gardens
Anderson, John, foreman, 41 Haddington Gardens
Anderson, John, joiner, 80 Oldpark Avenue
Anderson, John B., 131 Joanmount Gardens
Anderson, John W., 34 Deramore Drive
Anderson, Joseph, plater, 16 Summer Hill Avenue
Anderson, Joseph, 56 Deacon Street
Anderson, Joseph, machinist, 13-15 Marshall Street
Anderson, Jos., confectioner, 38 Sydney Street West
Anderson, Jos., grocer, 203 Tennent Street
Anderson, Jos., & Co. Ltd., grocers, 75 North Street
Anderson, J., 40 Loopland Gardens
Anderson, J., 249 Belmont Road
Anderson, J., 6 Florida Drive
Anderson, J., R.U.C., 18 Jocelyn Gardens
Anderson, J., motorman, 123 Beersbridge Road
Anderson, J., rate collector, 34 Tennent Street
Anderson, J., clerk, 37 Dundela Avenue
Anderson, J., director, 21 Ardmore Avenue
Anderson, J., 10 Waterloo Park
Anderson, J., iron moulder, 45 Ravenhill Avenue
Anderson, J. A., engineer, 9 Avonbeg Street
Anderson, J. B., fruiterer, 132 Newtownards Road
Anderson, J. C., plater, 52 Martinez Avenue
Anderson, J. H., clerk, 72 Ardenlee Avenue
Anderson, J. M., auto engineer, Ardreigh, Gilnahirk Road
Anderson, J. S., lorry driver, 11 Ainsworth Avenue
Anderson, J. T., engineer, 218 Springfield Road
Anderson, Lady, 22 Deramore Park
Anderson, L., manager, 20 Loopland Park
Anderson, L., Catref, Gilnahirk Road
Anderson, Margaret A., 123 Rushfield Avenue
Anderson, Margaret, grocer, 17 Glenfarne Street Upper
Anderson, Miss, 14 Cranmore Avenue
Anderson, Miss, 47 Hatfield Street
Anderson, Miss, 10 Orpen Park
Anderson, Miss, 358 Lisburn Road
Anderson, Miss E., 45a Damascus Street
Anderson, Miss Eliz., confectioner, 55 Agincourt Avenue
Anderson, Miss E. V., A.T.C.L., pianoforte, 13 Gibson Park Gardens
Anderson, Miss Jane, stationer, newsagent, and sub-postmistress, Botanic Gardens P.O., 92 University Road
Anderson, Miss Jane, 124 Ravenhill Road
Anderson, Miss J., 16 Cregagh Park
Anderson, Miss Lyons, 101 Sandown Road
Anderson, Miss M., 12 Holywood Road
Anderson, Miss M., 414 Woodstock Road
Anderson, The Misses, 14 Pakenham Street
Anderson, Mrs., 78 Glencairn Street
Anderson, Mrs., 27 Earlswood Road
Anderson, Mrs., 70 Sandhurst Gardens
Anderson, Mrs., confectioner, 65 Agnes Street
Anderson, Mrs., 13 Belvedere Park
Anderson, Mrs., 23 Grampian Avenue
Anderson, Mrs., 4 Prince's Street
Anderson, Mrs., 78 Sunnyside Street
Anderson, Mrs., 67 Sandown Road
Anderson, Mrs., 17 Grampian Avenue
Anderson, Mrs., 3 Earlswood Road
Anderson, Mrs, 41 Whitewell Crescent
Anderson, Mrs., 221 Ravenhill Avenue
Anderson, Mrs. Anna, 206 Holywood Road
Anderson, Mrs. Annie, 32 Ballygomartin Road
Anderson, Mrs. A., home bakery, 3 Ainsworth Avenue
Anderson, Mrs. A. T., 408 Ravenhill Road
Anderson, Mrs. Bridget, 167 Lodge Road New
Anderson, Mrs. Eliza, 197 Duncairn Gardens
Anderson, Mrs. E., 13 Ballysillan Road
Anderson, Mrs. E., 554 Antrim Road
Anderson, Mrs. Frances, 63 Wheatfield Crescent
Anderson, Mrs. Jeannie, 35 Victoria Street Little
Anderson, Mrs. J., 31 Lisburn Road
Anderson, Mrs. J., 6 Ava Street
Anderson, Mrs. Mary, 30 Bryson Street
Anderson, Mrs. Mary, 24 Ravenhill Road
Anderson, Mrs. may, 9 Innisfayle Road
Anderson, Mrs. M., 35 Cardigan Drive
Anderson, Mrs. M. J., 39 Grand Parade
Anderson, Mrs. S., 60 Joanmount Park
Anderson, M., 9 Ashton Avenue, Finaghy
Anderson, M., salesman, 58 Tildarg Street
Anderson, M. C., flesher, 386 Woodstock Road
Anderson, M. C., head master, 5 Knocklofty Park
Anderson & McAuley, Ltd., Ladies' and Men's Complete Outfitters, General House Furnishers, and Hardware Merchants, 1-5 Donegall Place, and 2-16 Castle Street. T.A., "Success, Belfast"
Anderson, Dr. Olive M., M.D., D.A., 23 Wellington Park
Anderson, Richard, chef, 20 Loopland Crescent
Anderson, Rev. Robert, M.A., 14 Lisburn Road
Anderson, Robert, 3 Bloomfield Park
Anderson, Robert, manager, 2 Weston Drive
Anderson, Robert, 28 Willowfield Street
Anderson, Robert, painter, 42 Joanmount Gardens
Anderson, Robert, city missionary, "Hunslet," Stockman's Lane
Anderson, Robert G., joiner, 54 Priory Park
Anderson, Robert, 42 Bloomfield Avenue
Anderson, Robert J., smith, 31 Oberon Street
Anderson. R., hairdresser, 279 Newtownards Road
Anderson, R., traveller, 31 Onslow Gardens
Anderson, R., confectioner, 48 Stranmillis Road
Anderson, R., 1 Knockvale Park
Anderson, R., 114 Agnes Street
Anderson, Major R. G., 406 Ormeau Road
Anderson, R. J., fitter, 90 Joanmount Gardens
Anderson, R. J., traveller, 102 Mount Merrion Park
Anderson, R. S., electrical engineer, 28 Avonbeg Street
Anderson, Samuel, plater's helper, 53 Dee Street
Anderson, Samuel, Athelstane, Gilnahirk Road
Anderson, Samuel, iron moulder, 51 Bryson Street
Anderson, Samuel A., R.U.C., 11 Dundela Park
Anderson, S., 5 Hillsborough Drive
Anderson, S., 23 St. Jude's Crescent
Anderson, S., 41 Knockvale Park
Anderson, S., boiler maker, 53 Delaware Street
Anderson, S. J., director, 13 Bristow Park
Anderson, S. P., clerk, 82 University Avenue
Anderson, Thomas, 111 Deerpark Road
Anderson, Thomas, 17 Virginia Street
Anderson, Thomas,. joiner, 169 Ardenlee Avenue
Anderson, Thomas, R.U.C., 40 Silverstream Park
Anderson, Thos., 14 Lowwood Park
Anderson, Thos., foreman, 3 Wandsworth Parade
Anderson, Thos., 131 Joanmount Gardens
Anderson, T., motor driver, 179 Rosebery Road
Anderson, T. A., journalist, 658 Oldpark Road
Anderson, T. G., advert. agent, 24 Easton Crescent
Anderson, T. J., litho. artist, 105 Somerton Road
Anderson, William, electrician, 53 Bloomfield Road
Anderson, William, 47 Richview Street
Anderson, William, fitter, 43 Ava Drive
Anderson, William, 34 Grace Avenue
Anderson, William, joiner, 2 Merston Gardens
Anderson, William B., 170 Malone Road
Anderson, Wm., 41 Glenbrook Avenue
Anderson, Wm., solicitor, 7 William Street South
Anderson, Wm., motor trimmer, Donegall Square Mews
Anderson, Wm., R.U.C., 42 Kimberley Street
Anderson, Wm., builder, 82 Deerpark Road
Anderson, W., salesman, 69 Ravenhill Gardens
Anderson, W., missionary, 3 Nendrum Gardens
Anderson, W., 3 Graymount Crescent
Anderson, W., 228 Leeson Street
Anderson, W., fruiterer, 11 Woodstock Road
Anderson, W., 2 Knockburn Park
Anderson, W., caulker, 60 Beechfield Street
Anderson, W., grocer, 64 Melrose Street
Anderson, W. A., surgeon, 24 College Gardens
Anderson, W. E., Corporation official, 12 Ormonde Park
Anderson, W. G. C., 30 Maryville Park
Anderson, W. G. H., chemist, 199 Lisburn Road
Anderson, W. G. H., chemist, 26 Queensberry Park
Anderson, W. H., photographer, 10 Salisbury Street
Anderson, W. H., Westgate, Lisburn Road
Anderson, W. James, 15 St. Jude's Crescent
Anderson, W. J., agent, 2 Ulster Street
Anderson, W. J., draughtsman, 44 Westway Drive
Anderson, W. J., R.U.C., 660 Springfield Road
Anderson, W. J., 46 Grand Parade
Anderson, W. J., traveller, 3 Holland Gardens
Anderson, W. J., confectioner, 74 Euston Street
Anderson, W. J., accountant, 40 Martinez Avenue
Anderson, W. Ronald, 34 Malone Hill Park
Anderson, W. R., accountant, 4 Haypark Gardens
Anderson, W. S., traveller, 81 King's Road
Anderson, W. T., 31 Wellington Park
Anderson Insulation Co. Ltd., Sydenham Road
Anderson's Publicity Service (The), advertising consultants, 142 (23) Royal Avenue
Anderson's Stores, Salisbury Lane
Andexer, E. P., Savoy Cottage, Claremont Mews
Andison, H., accountant, 55 Cardigan Drive
Andison, Miss P., agent, 12 College Street
Andison, T. B., F.G.I.S., 471 Newtownards Road Upper
Andress, John, postman, 22 Rosapenna Drive
Andrew, Alex., 30 Bentinck Street
Andrew, Miss Violet, 16 Sydenham Crescent
Andrew, Mrs. S., cashier, 47 Bawnmore Road
Andrew, T. A., tailoring service, 50 Queen Street Upper
Andrew's, fancy goods, 84 Donegall Pass
Andrews, A. G., driver, 38 Joanmount Park
Andrews & Co., garage, 6 West Street
Andrews & Co. Ltd., chemists, 155 Crumlin Road
Andrews, David, agent, 6 Harberton Park
Andrews, Dorothy, chiropody, 28 North Street Arcade
Andrews, D. L., confectioner, 213 Templemore Avenue
Andrews, E., 82 Lord Street
Andrews, E., confectioner, 80 Lord Street
Andrews, F., Turra, Castle Hill Road
Andrews, George, 23 Knockbreda Drive
Andrews, G., 48 Sydenham Avenue
Andrews, G., fitter, 26 Millar Street
Andrews, G. A., & Co., chartered accountants, 17 Wellington Place
Andrews, Henry, 76 Denmark Street
Andrews, H. L., teacher, 4 St. Jude's Crescent
Andrews, Isaac & Sons (Belfast) Ltd., flour and maize millers, Percy Street
Andrews, James, 113 Duncairn Gardens
Andrews, Jas., salesman, 96 Ardenlee Avenue
Andrews, John, boot maker, 418 Shankill Road
Andrews, John, clerk, 6 Chadwick Street
Andrews, John, & Sons, Ltd., shop fitters, contractors and glass merchants, 40-44 Kent Street
Andrews, Joseph, clerk, 19 Kingsberry Park
Andrews, J., R.U.C., 46 Bloomfield Gardens
Andrews, J. E., 101 Malone Road
Andrews, J. G., 7 Sagimor Gardens
Andrews, Rt. Hon. J. M., D.L., M.P., Prime Minister for Northern Ireland, Maxwell Court, Comber
Maxwell, J. M., agent, 16a Ann Street
Andrews, Rt. Hon. Lord Justice, Eusemere, Comber
Andrews, Martin, engineer, 84 Orby Drive
Andrews, Martin, boot and shoe merchant, 715 Antrim Road and 277 Shankill Road
Andrews' Motor Garage, 57-61 Smithfield
Andrews. Miss, 98 Eglantine Avenue
Andrews, Miss A., 1 Deramore Park
Andrews, Miss E., Crescent Private Hotel, 86 Botanic Avenue
Andrews, Miss M. A., 50 Eglantine Avenue
Andrews, The Misses, 119 Wellesley Avenue
Andrews, Mrs., 53 Rosemount Gardens
Andrews, Mrs., 67 Wellesley Avenue
Andrews, Mrs., 3 Deramore Gardens
Andrews, Mrs., 14 Derryvolgie Avenue
Andrews, Mrs., 45 Campbell Park Avenue
Andrews, Mrs., 3 Chichester Road
Andrews, Mrs., 73 Richardson Street
Andrews, Mrs. E., 4 Hillsborough Drive
Andrews, Mrs. Mary, 7 Strathmore Park South
Andrews, M., traveller, 43 Serpentine Road
Andrews, Oscar, director, 45 Somerton Road
Andrews, Robert, 23 Leadbetter Street
Andrews, Robert, 9 Ventry Street
Andrews, Robert C., clerk, 31 Glenbank Drive
Andrews, Robert N., traveller, 190 Ballygomartin Road
Andrews, R., salesman, 47 Ravenhill Parade
Andrews, R. B., rate collector, 33a Cliftonville Avenue
Andrews, R. H., 13 Cyprus Park
Andrews, Samuel G., 91 Cheviot Avenue
Andrews, Sydney, 18 Adelaide Park
Andrews, S., sheet metal worker, 46 Dromore Street
Andrews, Thomas, 56 Rugby Avenue
Andrews, Thomas, confectioner, 266 Crumlin Road
Andrews, T., confectioner, 141-141a Newtownards Road
Andrews, T. H., linen lapper, 44 Stranmillis Street
Andrews, Victor, driver, 62 Regent Street
Andrews, William, bread server, 396 Shankill Road
Andrews, William, 23 King's Road
Andrews, Wm. Henry, J.P., 117 Wellesley Avenue
Andrews, Wm. James, bread server, 95 Enfield Street
Andrews, Wm. John, traveller, 278 Donegall Road
Andrews, W., 21 Eglantine Gardens
Andrews, W., foreman, 60 Rugby Avenue
Andrews, W., builder, 9 Wayland Street
Andrews, W. B., 49 Serpentine Road
Andrews, W. J., cycle agent, 5-7, 13 and 23a Gresham Street; res., 76 Ardenlee Avenue
Angelone, B., ice saloon, 96-98 Divis Street
Anglesey, E., draper, 47 Donegall Street
Anglim, Pat., civil servant, 238 Limestone Road
Anglin, A. J., engineer, 65 Cavehill Road
Anglo-American Oil Co. Ltd., 64 Chichester Street. Depot, Airport Road. 'T.A.: "Esso, Belfast"
Angus, Fred., clerk, 113 Beersbridge Road
Angus, Geo., & Co. Ltd., Belting, Hose and Brake Lining Manufacturers, 29 Bedford Street
Angus, John, 8 Stormont Park
Angus, John, fitter, 30 Cavehill Road Old
Angus, Mrs. Edith, 294 Beersbridge Road
Angus, Mrs. E. M., 2 King's Crescent
Angus, Mrs. M., 39 Glentoran Street
Angus, N., confectioner, etc., 114 York Road
Angus, Percy, fitter, 27 Mayfair Avenue
Angus, W., joiner, 8 Chadwick Street
Ann Street Post Office, 40 Ann Street
Annadale Brick Co. Ltd., Carolan Road
Annadale Supper Saloon, 63 Sunnyside Street
Annal, Enid, 30 Sunningdale Park
Annan, Arthur F., salesman, 45 Loopland Park
Annan, Wm., engineer, 26 Grampian Avenue
Annear, R. L., surveyor Lloyds Register, 51 Balmoral Avenue
Anne's Tea Shop, 61 Ann Street
Annesley, H. A., civil servant, 47 Cabin Hill Park
Annesley, J., foreman, 15 Riga Street Upper
Annesley, Samuel, draughtsman, 27 Lyndhurst Gardens
Annett, A., 52 Ulsterville Gardens
Annett, Francis, R.U.C., 16 Silverstream Park
Annett, George, 18 Osborne Park
Annett, Miss Elizabeth, 28 Mountcharles
Annett, Mrs., 10 Innisfayle Gardens
Annett, Mrs. M., 120 Woodstock Road
Annett, Samuel, linen lapper, 19 Albion Street
Annett, T. J., civil servant, 6 Loopland Crescent
Annette, J., driver, 63 Willowfield Drive
Annon, Charles, bank porter, 17 Tate's Avenue
Ansell, R. B., ship's officer, 49 Dunlambert Drive
Anstee, E. J., motor body builder, 3 Pakenham Street
Anthony, Mrs. E., 105 Malone Avenue
Anton, J. W., male nurse, 27 Kimberley Street
Anton, Mrs. Mary, 202 Hillman Street
Antrim Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd., 7 Howard Street. T.A.: "Antelec"
Antrim Electricity Supply Co., 7 Howard Street. T.A.: "Antelec"
Antrim House, nursing home, 60 Cliftonville Road
Antrim Iron Ore Co. Ltd., Coal Merchants and Ship Owners, First Floor (25), Riddels Arcade and Albert Quay
Antrim Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 8 Maxwell Street
Antrim Road Baptist Church, 246 Antrim Road
Antrim Road Car Laundry, John Tinsley & Co., 2a Eia Street
Antrim Road Nursery, florist and fruiterer, 443 Antrim Road
Antrim Road P.E.S., 248 Antrim Road
Antrim Trading Co. Ltd. (The), 46 Donegall Street
Apfel, M., financier, 22 Waring Street
Apollo Cinema (The), 189 Ormeau Road
Apostolic Church, 27a Henry Street
Apostolic Church, 11 Ashfield Street
Apostolic Church, 43-47 Berlin Street
Apostolic Church, 7 Ava Street
Apostolic Church, Frankfort Street
Apperson, Miss, 42 Connsbrook
Appleman, J., draper and outfitter, 58 Donegall Street
Appleton, S., draper, 21 Ashfield Gardens
Appolter, T., 11 Oakland Avenue
Approved Societies Sickness Visitation Committee, National Health Insurances (N.I.), 58 (8) Howard Street
Arbuckle, J., draper, 556 Crumlin Road
Arbuckle, Mrs., 24 Grampian Avenue
Arbuckle, M., draper, 27 McCandliss Street
Arbuthnot, Adam, grocer, 5 Hesketh Road
Arbuthnot, Frank, joiner, 15 Cliftonville Street
Arbuthnot, Miss M., 39 Ashley Avenue
Arbuthnot, Victor, Emdale, Circular Road West
Arbuthnot, Victor, pawn broker, 394 Crumlin Road
Arbuthnot, William, 10 Woodvale Avenue
Arc Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 27 College Street
Archbold, Mrs. E., 153 Belmont Road
Archbold, S., 306 Limestone Road
Archdale, Mrs., 11a Wellington Park
Archdale, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward, Bart., D.L., M.P., Minister for Agriculture, Wellington Place; private residences, Riversdale, Ballinamallard, Co. Fermanagh, and Ulster Club, Belfast
Archdale, N. E., vice-admiral, 8 Cavehill Road Old
Archer, Albert J., 43 Deacon Street
Archer, Bert., 5 Sandhill Parade
Archer, David, draper, 16 Harberton Park
Archer, David, ladies' knitwear and blouses, knitted suits, etc., 20 Royal Avenue
Archer, Edward J., 38 Deacon Street
Archer, Elizabeth, 96 Ravenhill Avenue
Archer, E., fruiterer, 137 Grosvenor Road
Archer, Frederick, 420 Springfield Road
Archer, Fred., 3 Windsor Road
Archer, Henry James, driver, 13-15 Beit Street
Archer, H., scaffolder, 10 George's Street Great
Archer, J., stationer, 6 Ardmore Park South
Archer, J., solicitor, 32 Knockdene Park South
Archer, J., 53 Deacon Street
Archer, J., 52 Manor Street
Archer, Miss, Owen Varra, Knock Road
Archer, Miss, 74 Priory Park
Archer, Miss Margaret, 37 Sandhurst Gardens
Archer, Mrs. C., 32 Avonbeg Street
Archer, Mrs. Jean, 243 Springfield Road
Archer, Mrs. S., 119 Cliftonville Road
Archer, Richard, scrap merchant, 3 King Street Mews
Archer, S., shop assistant, 5 Glandore Parade
Archer, T. J., 58 Burmah Street
Archer, V., confectioner, Shore Road
Archer, William, watchman, 32 Ava Street
Archer, Wm., conductor, 38 Adelaide Avenue
Archer, W. J., book seller, 11 Eastleigh Crescent
Archer's Garage, 7 Dickson Street
Archibald, Geo. S., 5 Ardgreenan Drive
Archibald, W., 25 Castle Hill Road
Archie, J., 100 Killowen Street
Ard, E. F., litho artist, 2 Ardgreenan Crescent
Ard, Wm., upholsterer, 257 Ravenhill Avenue
Ardies, Allan, insurance agent, 11 Kingsberry Park
Ardill, Mrs. E., 44 Woodvale Crescent
Ardill, Robert, 2 Clinen, Barnett's Road
Ardill, Rowland, clerk, 14 Cregagh Park
Ardill, Wm., carrier and warehouseman, 57 Donegall Street Little
Ardis, A., male nurse, 67 Ainsworth Avenue
Ardis, John, clerk, 702 Oldpark Road
Ardis, Mrs. J., 50 Rugby Avenue
Ardis, Mrs. S., 2 Gainsborough Drive
Ardis, Robt., bread server, 6 Summer Street
Ardis, Robt., & Co., electrical engineers, 6 Marcus Ward Street
Ardis, William, 46 Dover Street
Ardis, W., pattern maker, 35 Rosevale Street
Ardis, John, 17 Mayfair Avenue
Ardmore Woollen Co. (The), 40 Donegall Street
Ardoyne Garage, 499-501 Crumlin Road
Ards, Hy., Customs office, 4 Luxor Gardens
Ards Weaving Co. Ltd., 29 Franklin Street
Areavey, F. M., hairdresser, 423 Crumlin Road
Arellian Nursery School, Utility Street
Argue, William, lorry driver, 48 Greenville Road
Argus Electric Engineering Co., 126a Hemsworth Street
Argus Shoe Store, 141 Royal Avenue
Argyle Place Presbyterian Church, 236a Shankill Road
Argyle P.E. School (Senior) - Principal, J. J. McQuay, Howard Street North
Arkeel, C. F., 55 Haddington Gardens
Arklie, T., civil servant, 49 Orby Drive
Arlow, Alex., fruiterer, 406 Crumlin Road
Arlow, C., 660 Crumlin Road
Arlow, E. R., clerk, 84 Oakland Avenue
Arlow, Joseph, 8 Glenside Drive
Arlow, Lillie, draper, 240 Springfield Road
Arlow, Mrs., agent, 216 Grosvenor Road
Arlow, Mrs., 19 Hesketh Road
Arlow, Mrs. E., 69 Joanmount Park
Arlow, Mrs. W., 10 Rushfield Avenue
Arlow, S., bread server, 9 Edinburgh Street
Arlow, S., 67 Haypark Avenue
Armagh Produce Co., 47 Springfield Road
Armer, W., angle smith, 766 Shore Road
Armitage, Alfred James, 41 Sandhurst Drive
Armitage, Alfred Jas., engineer, 6 Colenso Parade
Armitage, George, garage, 137-137a York Road
Armour & Co. Ltd., 37 Castle Arcade
Armour, G. A., coach builder, 7 Rochester Street
Armour, Jas., assessor, 2 Shandon Park
Armour, Jessie, 28 Formby Park
Armour, J., 26 Moyola Street
Armour, J. K. C., M.A., 19 Holywood Road Old
Armour, Miss M., 16 India Street
Armour, Mrs. S., 198 Ravenhill Avenue
Armour, Samuel, super saloon, 139 Bloomfield Avenue
Armour, Samuel, 40 Atlantic Avenue
Armour, S., 137 Bloomfield Avenue
Armour, W., 63 Bentinck Street
Armstrong, ?, electrical engineer, 58 May Street
Armstrong, Agnes, 31 Bedeque Street
Armstrong, Alex., 72 Edinburgh Street
Armstrong, Andrew, tailor, 87 Ashley Avenue
Armstrong, Andrew, secretary, 16 Diamond Gardens
Armstrong, Angus, & Co., linen merchants, 47a Donegall Place
Armstrong, A., packer, 8 Ailesbury Gardens
Armstrong, A., 11 Fortwilliam Crescent
Armstrong, A., plumber, 15 Dargle Street
Armstrong, A., chauffeur, Garnerville Road
Armstrong, A., grocer,. 42-44 Byron Street
Armstrong, A., 103 Belmont Road
Armstrong, A., 25 Thornhill Drive
Armstrong, A. H., traveller, 17 Rosetta Avenue
Armstrong, Major A. H. H., M.C., Brooklands, Annadale Avenue
Armstrong, A. J., grocer, 210-212 Shore Road
Armstrong, A. P., 4 King's Park
Armstrong, Charles, 29 Harleston Street
Armstrong, Chas., confectioner, 182 Newtownards Road
Armstrong, C., painter, 119 Tyndale Park
Armstrong, C. D., managing director, 5 Windsor Avenue North
Armstrong, Dr., 32 Knockbreda Road
Armstrong, David, 9 Mount Merrion Drive
Armstrong, Edward, hairdresser, 59 Ambleside Street
Armstrong, Edw., clerk, 302 Beersbridge Road
Armstrong Engineering Co., 13 Seymour Street
Armstrong, E. H., Willowgrove, Cleaver Gardens
Armstrong, E. J., 137 University Street
Armstrong, E. W., bank official, 38 Myrtlefield Park
Armstrong, E. W., clerk, 41 Victoria Gardens
Armstrong, Francis H., 785 Crumlin Road
Armstrong, Franklin, 82 Ravenhill Park
Armstrong, Fredk., 18 Grasmere Gardens
Armstrong, F., postal official, 29 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Armstrong, F., manager, 7 Baroda Drive
Armstrong, George, 13 Salisbury Street
Armstrong, George, 54 Ethel Street
Armstrong, George A., 7 Harberton Park
Armstrong, Geo., electrical engineer, 14 Loopland Gardens
Armstrong, Geo., 1 Florence Place
Armstrong, Geo., barman, 11 Elm Street
Armstrong, Geo., supt.,77 Circular Road West
Armstrong, Gertrude, 65 Donegall Pass
Armstrong, G. A., grocer, 68-70 Surrey Street
Armstrong, G. N., engineer, 14 Greenwood Park
Armstrong, Henry, R.U.C., 14 Clanchattan Street
Armstrong, Hugh, builder, 11 Deramore Park
Armstrong, H., 21 Exchange Street
Armstrong, H., 28 York Road
Armstrong, H. I., agent, 58 (8) Howard Street
Armstrong, I., draper, 455 Lisburn Road
Armstrong, I., R.U.C., 86 Haypark Avenue
Armstrong, James, 8 Taunton Avenue
Armstrong, James, clerk, 28 Ravenhill Avenue
Armstrong, James, wholesale tobacconist and confectioner, 40 Donegall Pass
Armstrong, James, publican, 162 Shankill Road
Armstrong, James, fitter, 67 Denmark Street
Armstrong, James, fitter, 5 Glenside Parade
Armstrong, James, joiner, 47 Joanmount Park
Armstrong, James L., 30 Ormeau Road
Armstrong, Jas., painter, 3 Brandon Terrace
Armstrong, Jas., R.U.C., 187 Ballygomartin Road
Armstrong, John, butcher, 12 Newtownards Road
Armstrong, John, pattern maker, 43 Yarrow Street
Armstrong, John, grocer, 2 London Road
Armstrong, John, 19 Sandhurst Gardens
Armstrong, Joseph, R.U.C., 107 Ulsterville Avenue
Armstrong, J., dental mechanic, 20 Queensberry Park
Armstrong, J., baker, 19 Cliftonpark Avenue
Armstrong, J., confectioner, 161 Durham Street
Armstrong, J., 152 Peter's Hill
Armstrong, J., agent, 28 Knock Eden Park
Armstrong, J., agent, 5-7 Queen Street
Armstrong, J., grocer, 31 Haddington Gardens
Armstrong, J. A., agent, 17 Grangeville Gardens
Armstrong, J. C., traveller, Wood Thorpe, Finaghy Road North
Armstrong, J. H., fitter, 120 Mountcollyer Street
Armstrong, J. H., fitter, 13 Stranmillis Street
Armstrong, J. L., fruiterer, 93 Agincourt Avenue
Armstrong, J. M., 389 Newtownards Road Upper
Armstrong, L., draughtsman, 9 Cicero Gardens
Armstrong, Margaret, confectioner, 184 Queen Street North
Armstrong, Marshall, 293 Hillman Street
Armstrong, Miss A. M., 5 Wheatfield Crescent
Armstrong, Miss B., 7 Florence Place
Armstrong, Miss Elizabeth, 329 Donegall Road
Armstrong, Miss E., 40 Norfolk Parade
Armstrong, Miss Helen, 113 Wellesley Avenue
Armstrong, Miss Jeannie, 22 Cranmore Avenue
Armstrong, Miss J., 121 Crumlin Road
Armstrong, Miss M., 8 Graymount Terrace
Armstrong, Miss S., grocer, 62-64 Louisa Street
Armstrong, Miss S. L., 15 Blenheim Drive
Armstrong, Misses (The), 48 Marlborough Park South
Armstrong, Misses (The), 6 Cleaver Gardens
Armstrong, Mrs., 37-39 Cromwell Road
Armstrong, Mrs., 177 Templemore Avenue
Armstrong, Mrs., 7 Ashgrove Park
Armstrong, Mrs., 4 Windsor Avenue
Armstrong, Mrs., 24 Summer Street
Armstrong, Mrs., 1 Stockman's Lane
Armstrong, Mrs., 78 Serpentine Road
Armstrong, Mrs., grocer, 262-266 Lodge Road Old
Armstrong, Mrs. Anna A., 72 Duncairn Gardens
Armstrong, Mrs. C., 95 Castlereagh Street
Armstrong, Mrs. Elizabeth, 18 (1) Brookvale Avenue
Armstrong, Mrs. E., 14 Kelvin Parade
Armstrong, Mrs. E., 20 Alexander Park Avenue
Armstrong, Mrs. E., 101 Ardenlee Avenue
Armstrong, Mrs. E., 50 My Lady's Road
Armstrong, Mrs. E., 135 University Street
Armstrong, Mrs. F., 13 Cameron Street
Armstrong, Mrs. Gertrude, 21 Linden Gardens
Armstrong, Mrs. J. A., 8 Arbour Street
Armstrong, Mrs. Margt., 58 Marlborough Park North
Armstrong, Mrs. M., 209 Lisburn Road
Armstrong, Mrs. M., 16 Rochester Street
Armstrong, Mrs. M., 43 St. James's Road
Armstrong, Mrs. W. G., 23 Malone Road Upper
Armstrong, Oliver, traveller, 1 Castle Park
Armstrong, Richard, fitter, 22 Agincourt Street
Armstrong, Robert, R.U.C., 302 Woodstock Road
Armstrong, Robert, clerk, 76 Serpentine Road
Armstrong, Robert, engineer, 71 Ballygomartin Road
Armstrong, Robt., crane man, 809 Lisburn Road
Armstrong, Robt. Jas., 21 Orpen Road
Armstrong, R., checker, 59 Ravenhill Parade
Armstrong, R., salesman, 61 Kimberley Street
Armstrong, R., J.P., 181 Ballygomartin Road
Armstrong, R., packer, 15 Distillery Street
Armstrong, R., 124 Deramore Avenue
Armstrong, R., clerk, 848 Crumlin Road
Armstrong, R., moulder, 41 Percy Street
Armstrong, R., plater, 35 Donnybrook Street
Armstrong, R. V., carrier and coal merchant, 13 Newtownards Road Upper
Armstrong, Samuel, butcher, 139 Woodstock Road
Armstrong, Samuel, joiner, 6 Harleston Street
Armstrong, Siddley Motors Ltd., service depot, 14 Belmont Road
Armstrong, S., chef, 13 Baden Powell Street
Armstrong, S., 994 Crumlin Road
Armstrong, S., fitter, 110 Shore Road
Armstrong, S., engineer, 39 Sandymount Street
Armstrong, S., 2 Rochester Street
Armstrong, S. E., grocer and confectioner, 31 Imperial Drive
Armstrong, S. J., 8 Cameron Street
Armstrong, Dr. S. R., 19 Malone Road
Armstrong, Thomas, 20 Summer Hill Park
Armstrong, Thomas C., despatch clerk, 25 Elimgrove Street
Armstrong, Thos., joiner, 85 Bellevue Street
Armstrong, Thos., estate agent, 549 Donegall Road
Armstrong, Thos., lapper, 5 Dover Street
Armstrong, Thos., joiner, 5 Wallasey Park
Armstrong, Thos., sheet metal worker, 46 University Avenue
Armstrong, Thos., estate agent, 26 Howard Street
Armstrong, T., 28 Joanmount Gardens
Armstrong, T., 14 St. John's Avenue
Armstrong, T., civil servant, 12 Somerton Gardens
Armstrong, T., sheet metal worker, 3 Commercial Court
Armstrong, T. G., R.U.C., 137 Ulsterville Avenue
Armstrong, William, foreman, 42 Hardcastle Street
Armstrong, William, driller, 16 Oceanic Avenue
Armstrong, William, traveller, 23 Summer Hill Park
Armstrong, William, crane driver, 23 Hesketh Road
Armstrong, Wm., guard, 54 Rugby Avenue
Armstrong, Wm., salesman, 68 Knockvale Park
Armstrong, Wm., agent, 31 Cranmore Park
Armstrong, Wm., 50 Fitzwilliam Street
Armstrong, Wm., window cleaner, 53 Cullingtree Road
Armstrong, Wm., & Co., manufacturers' agents, 46 Queen Street Upper
Armstrong, Wm. H., salesman, Locksley Buildings, Lisburn Road
Armstrong, W., agent, 13 Queen's Square
Armstrong, W., 29 Queensberry Park
Armstrong, W. D., miller, 19 Virginia Street
Armstrong, W. E., 38 Sydenham Avenue
Armstrong, W. E., grocer, 203-205 Cliftonville Road
Armstrong, W. G., estate agent, 17 Wellington Place
Armstrong, W. H., 49 Earlswood Road
Armstrong, W. J., 152 Peter's Hill
Armstrong, W. J., grocer, 41 Omeath Street
Armstrong, W. J., publican, 37-39 Donegall Road and 171-173 Sandy Row
Armstrong, W. R., 7 St. Jude's Crescent
Armstrong's Stores, grocers, 1 Fortwilliam Crescent
Armur's, radio and electrical supplies, 76 King Street
Army and Air Force Institutes, District Office, N.I., 58 Waring Street
Arneill, J., designer, 3 College Street
Arneill, Mrs. Margaret, 167 Ulsterville Avenue
Arneill, Victor, fireman, 53 Balfour Avenue
Arneill, W. C., designer, 29 Lawrence Street
Arnold, A., 12 Oberon Street
Arnold, A. A. K., College Green House, College Green
Arnold, Charles, baker, 75 Beersbridge Road
Arnold, Dr. Charlotte C., 6 Mountcharles
Arnold, E. J., & Sons Ltd., 1 College Square
Arnold, F. H., 11 Easton Crescent
Arnold, George, confectioner, 200 Shore Road
Arnold, James, driller, 61 Kansas Avenue
Arnold, James, sales supt., 55 Ravenhill Park
Arnold, Jas., plater, 3 Delhi Street
Arnold, John, insurance agent, 10 Meadowbank Street
Arnold, John A., bookkeeper, 20 Clifton Drive
Arnold, John W., tobacconist, 91 Ormeau Road
Arnold, Miss, teacher, 25 Stranmillis Park
Arnold, Mrs. A., confectioner, 186 Shore Road
Arnold, Mrs. G., 23 Luxor Gardens
Arnold, O. G., Sunbrae, Knockbreda Road
Arnold, Robt., tailor, 126-128 Donegall Street
Arnold, R., clerk, 22 Everton Drive
Arnold, R., 13 Malone Hill Park
Arnold, Thos., Ormeau Park Lodge, Ravenhill Road
Arnold, T., draper, 88 Albert Bridge Road
Arnold, William, plater, 7 Rosapenna Parade
Arnold, W. L., clerk, 397 Cregagh Road
Arnott, John, produce merchant, 97c Sandown Road
Arnott, John, & Co. (of Belfast), Ltd., General Drapers, Outfitters, etc., 21-25, 30-34 North Street Arcade and 30 Donegall Street
Arnott, J., 28 Toronto Street
Arnott, J., & Co., produce merchants, 5-11 Verner Street, 7, 614 Market Street and 41 Frank Street
Arnott, J. E., 159 Sandown Road
Arnott, Mrs., 13 Magdala Street
Arnott, William, 83 Alexandra Park Avenue
Arnott, Wm., naval architect, 551 Newtownards Road Upper
Arnott, W. H., 82 Shandon Park
Arrell, Mrs., 24 Roseleigh Street
Arthur & Co., auto engineers, 12-18 Talbot Street
Arthur, Edward, red leader, 6 Imperial Drive
Arthur, Ernest, 6 Earlswood Park
Arthur, Joseph, clerk, 9 Serpentine Road
Arthur, J., traveller, 30 Knutsford Drive
Arthur, J. S., 4 Shrewsbury Drive
Arthur, Robert, salesman, 109 Somerton Road
Arthur, William B., joiner, 6 Skegoneill Drive
Arthur, William J., bank official, 31 Galwally Park
Arthur, Capt. W., 21 Sandhill Gardens
Arthurs, ?, 606 Antrim Road
Arthurs, James, 51 Sunningdale Park
Arthurs, John, 43 Trafalgar Street
Artificial Teeth Hospital, 47 Donegall Street
Artt, Isaac, engineer, 19 Cliftonville Street
Artt, J., sergeant R.U.C., 15 Isadore Avenue
Artt, Mrs. Mary, 45 Mountview Street
Artt, Wm., 282 Stranmillis Road
Artt, W. J., builder, 28 Byron Street
Asboe, E. V., 62 Pommern Parade
Ash, Mrs., 122 Oldpark Avenue
Ash, Robert, 74 Belmont Avenue
Ashbridge, James, builder, 12 Lisburn Road
Ashbury, Mrs., 61 Fitzwilliam Street
Ashby, Alfred, driver, 138 Donnybrook Street
Ashcroft Bar (The), 62 North Street
Ashe, A. V., inspector, 44 Wandsworth Road
Ashe, Robert, 28 Deacon Street
Ashe, Robert, 182 Agnes Street
Ashe, W., milk server, 33 Orby Gardens
Ashenhurst, Chas., civil servant, 1 Fountainville Avenue
Ashenhurst, Francis C., 506 Oldpark Road
Ashfield, H., confectioner, 169 Donegall Road
Ashfield, Isabella, 154 Roden Street
Ashfield House Preparatory School, 183 Malone Road
Ashley Motor Repair Depot, 163a Lisburn Road
Ashley Tennis Club, Hampton Park
Ashman, H., ladies' tailor, 15 Chichester Street
Ashmore Street P.E.S., 6b Ashmore Street
Ashton, George, engraver, 11 Ashfield Drive
Ashton, Horace, Ashton, Massey Avenue
Ashton, John A., representative, 25 Sicily Park
Ashton, J. S., manager, 17 Ardmore Park
Ashwood, Mrs., 210 Tate's Avenue
Ashwood, Walter, 459 Oldpark Road
Ashworth, Mrs. Alex. O., 8 Cyprus Park
Ashworth, Rowan & Co., chartered accountants, 16 (3-6) Donegall Square South
Aspell, J., 26 Eglantine Avenue
Aspinall, F. C., sub-postmaster, 160 Ormeau Road
Assembly's Committee on Temperance, Fisherwick Place
Assistance Board (South Area), 10 Donegall Pass
Associated Agencies (The), 5 Bedford Street
Associated Biscuit Manufacturers, Ltd. (The), 22-24 Rydalmere Street
Associated British Film Distributors, 26 North Street Arcade
Associated Loyal Orange Women of Ireland, 12 Donegall Square West
Association of N.I. Chambers of Commerce, 73-75 Donegall Square West
Association of Civil Servants of Northern Ireland (The), 26 Howard Street
Astbury, James, 61 Fitzwilliam Street
Astie, Oswald, manager, 38 Kansas Avenue
Aston, A., grocer, 87 Orby Drive
Astoria Cinema, 299-301 Newtownards Road Upper
Astoria Dance Hall, 20 Woodstock Road
Astroplax Ltd., plaster manufacturers, 143 York Road
Atcheson, Albert, wholesale confectioner, 90 and 92 Sugarfield Street
Atcheson, Albert, 4 Nelson Square
Atcheson, George, 130 Limestone Road
Atcheson, T. G., postman, 56 Candahar Street
Atherton, Mrs. H., 62 Rushfield Avenue
Atherton, W. R., 1 Hawthornden Park
Athletic Stores, Ltd., (The), Athletic, Travel and India Rubber Goods, 21 Wellington Place and 44-46 Queen Street
Atholl Nurses' Home, 106 Antrim Road
Atkins, John Walker, manager, 20 Stranmillis Gardens
Atkins, Joseph W., 10 Cromwell Road
Atkinson, Alfred M., 27 Ava Park
Atkinson, Andrew, 50 Woodcot Avenue
Atkinson, Arthur S., insurance agent, 18 Knockdene Park Central
Atkinson & Boyd, chartered accountants, 18 Arthur Street
Atkinson, F. E. C., L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 296 Antrim Road
Atkinson, F. W., M.B., 257 Shankill Road
Atkinson, George, electrician, 23 Mount Merrion Avenue
Atkinson, G., confectioner, 80 Old Lodge Road
Atkinson, Henry, traveller, 4 Northwood Drive
Atkinson, H., joiner, 50 Joanmount Gardens
Atkinson, James, 34 Ravenhill Road
Atkinson, James, 64 Castlereagh Street
Atkinson, John, 220 Malone Road
Atkinson, John, machine man, 85 Richardson Street
Atkinson, John, 122 Cambrai Street
Atkinson, John, & Co., Insurance Brokers, 18 Arthur Street
Atkinson, J., railway clerk, 33 Claremont Street
Atkinson, J., plumber, 655 Lisburn Road
Atkinson, J. E., meter tester, 34 Irwin Crescent
Atkinson, J. F., clerk, 336 Cregagh Road
Atkinson, J. H., cashier, 32 Salisbury Street
Atkinson, Major, 15 (3) Mountcharles
Atkinson, Maud, draper, 152 Beersbridge Road
Atkinson, Miss F. G., 239 Lisburn Road
Atkinson, Mrs., draper, 135 Oldpark Road
Atkinson, Mrs., 123 North Road
Atkinson, Mrs. A., 34 Knocklofty Park
Atkinson, Mrs. A., 108 Nelson Street
Atkinson, Mrs. F., 33 Ashley Avenue
Atkinson, Mrs. Sarah, 87 Joy Street
Atkinson, Nicholas, 132 Donegall Pass
Atkinson, Richard, & Co. Ltd., Irish Poplin Manufacturers, 442 Donegall Road
Atkinson, Robert, grocer, 15 Ravensdale Street
Atkinson, Robert, grocer, 1 Jonesboro' Street
Atkinson, Robert R., bread server, 49 Pommern Parade
Atkinson, R., joiner, 37 Pretoria Street
Atkinson, R., draughtsman, 153 Haypark Avenue
Atkinson, R., jun., 42 Landscape Terrace
Atkinson, Samuel, fitter, 3 Geneva Gardens
Atkinson, S., plumber, 15 Ardenlee Gardens
Atkinson, Thomas, 24 Bramcote Street
Atkinson, Thos. H., R.U.C., 88 Ballygomartin Road
Atkinson, T. W., 21 Grand Parade
Atkinson, William, 23 Downshire Road
Atkinson, W. J., 20 Ulsterdale Street
Atkinson, W. S., 20 Fortwilliam Park
Atlas Assurance Co. Ltd., 7 Bedford Street
Attridge, Richard, 14 Nendrum Gardens
Atwell, Wm., R.U.C., 22 Grampian Avenue
Auchmuty, Robert R., 39 Mount Merrion Park
Auctioneers' & Estate Agents' Institute, 54 Royal Avenue
Audley, Mrs. E. E., 63 Ulsterville Gardens
Aughey, Elizabeth, 86 Oldpark Avenue
Aughey, Mrs., 23 Sunnyside Drive
Auld, Agnes, 94 Newtownards Road Upper
Auld, A., clerk, 85 Mount (The)
Auld, Jane, 173 Spamount Street
Auld, John, 19 Clonaver Crescent North
Auld, Miss A., 322 Ravenhill Road
Auld, Miss Margaret, 46 Fitzroy Avenue
Auld, Miss Wilfred, 183 Cavehill Road
Auld, Mrs. H., 27 Wingrove Gardens
Auld & Pemberton, Ltd., cigar importers, 4 Castle Arcade, 39 Donegall Place and Riddels Arcade, Offices, 41 (19) Donegall Place
Auld, Samuel, tailor, 35 Madrid Street
Auld, Thomas, salesman, 15 Mount Merrion Drive
Auld, William, joiner, 193 Alexandra Park Avenue
Auld, W. J., 201 Cavehill Road
Ault, E. R. R., 14 Rosapenna Parade
Austin, Alfred J., 18 Henderson Avenue
Austin, Henry, store yard, 84a Albert Street
Austin, Henry, metal works, 142 Cullingtree Road and 22 St. James's Parade
Austin, James Alfred, Annadale Farm, Carolan Road
Austin, John, 5 Innisfayle Road
Austin, J. R., agent, 18 King Street
Austin, L., clerk, 11 Whiterock Road
Austin, Mrs., 2 Hardcastle Street
Austin, Rose, 16 Lodge Road New
Austin, R., clerk, 236 Falls Road
Austin, Sydney, 16 Willesden Park
Austin, S., mechanic, 5 Meadowbank Place
Austin, William, draper, 106 Divis Street
Austin, W., outfitter, 109 Divis Street
Auston, William, 9 St. James' Park
Auterson, Robert, 38 Laurence Street
Auto Accessories (W. J. Diplock), 53 Arthur Street Upper
Auto Hire Service, 5b Cranburn Street
Automatic Scales Co., Donegall Street
Automaticket Ltd., Ticket Issuing Machines, 2 (29-31) Donegall Square East
Automobile Association (The); Scot Devlin, Area Secretary, Northern Ireland, 5 Oxford Street
Auto Steel Ltd., 1 Gardiner Place
Ava Pharmacy Ltd., 305 Ormeau Road
Avenue Hairdressing Salon, 121a Royal Avenue
Avenue Loan and Discount Co. Ltd., 9 (33) Donegall Square South
Averell, J. H., joiner, 49 Fernwood Street
Averill, Mrs. Lilian, 87 Ballygomartin Road
Avery, Gordon, S.A. major, 34 Magdala Street
Avery, H., bank official, 3 Tyndale Park
Avery, Mrs., 89 Mountcollyer Street
Avery, W. & T., Ltd., weighbridge and shop fitters, 49 Smithfield
Avner, J. R., 5 Botanic Avenue
Avon Insurance Co. Ltd. (The) - G. Hughes, Branch Manager, 2 (16) Linen Hall Street
Avon Manufacturing Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 31 Franklin Street
Avon Tyres (N.I.), Ltd., 1-3 Adelaide Street
Avoniel Working Men's Club, Beersbridge Road
Avonmore Guest House, 127 Lisburn Road
Axon, Charles B., civil servant, 9 Graham Gardens
Axon, E. M., ladies' hairdresser, 372 Woodstock Road
Ayre, James, driller, 26 Windsor Avenue Lower
Ayre, James, 2-4 Meadowbank Street
Ayrton, W. F., 17 Harberton Avenue
Ayton, Henry R., Ltd., engineers, 7 Brunswick Street


Baastad, Hulda, 51 Joanmount Gardens
Babington & Shillington, solicitors, 5 Arthur Street
Back, Mrs. Isabel, 244 Malone Road
Backerstaff, Robert, 9 Whitewell Road
Backhouse, Mrs. M., 132 Canning Street Upper
Backhouse, S., manager, 4 Kirkliston Park
Backler, Charles, civil servant, 298 Woodstock Road
Backler, F. H., 7 Rosetta Parade
Backus, Major P. L., 91 Malone Road
Bacon, Frank S., 4 Orby Parade
Bacon, J., chartered accountant, 33 Malone Hill Park
Bacon, J., soldier, 207 Dunluce Avenue
Bacon, Mainford, R.N., 88 Serpentine Road
Bacon, Samuel, inspector, 13 Ashley Gardens
Badger, John, 4 Lucerne Parade
Badley, C., 111 Fortwilliam Park
Badley Ltd., gowns, blouses, mantles, and costumes, 59 Donegall Place
Baggeson, George, B.Sc., 41 Campbell Park Avenue
Baggs, Samuel, 57 Station Road
Bagley, Ronald, store keeper, 71 Wallasey Park
Bagley's, confectioner, 124 Hillman Street
Bagshaw, R., 101 Eglantine Avenue
Bailey, A., fitter, 61 Great Northern Street
Bailey, C. M., 8 Sans Souci Park
Bailey, Capt. John, C.A., 31 Windsor Park
Bailey, D., seaman, 124 Joanmount Park
Bailey, G., 27 Graymount Gardens
Bailey, James, 53 Ravenhill Gardens
Bailey, James, pattern maker, 49 Loopland Road
Bailey, James, wholesale confectioner, 17 Batley Street
Bailey, Major, The Green, Dunmurry
Bailey, Misses, 14 Clifton Drive
Bailey, Mrs., 165 Greenville Road
Bailey, Mrs. Annie, 11 Mount Street (No. 2)
Bailey, Mrs. Ella, 191 Alexandra Park Avenue
Bailey, Mrs. H. B., 89 Eglantine Avenue
Bailey, R. T. S., agent, 14 Sussex Place; res., 40 Marlborough Park North
Bailey, Thos., piano maker, 41 Melrose Street
Bailey, Thos. J., plumber, 3 Prestwick Drive
Bailey, W. J., builder, 264 Castlereagh Road
Bailey, W. T., agent, 7 Bedford Street
Bailie, David, accountant, 79 Lisburn Road
Bailie, E. G., assistant manager, 17 Inver Avenue
Bailie, George, 22 Graymount Gardens
Bailie, Herbert, 118 Harberton Park (Malone)
Bailie, Hugh, grocer, 93-97 Connsbrook Avenue
Bailie, Hugh, electric welder, 18 Southport Street
Bailie, Hugh A., driver, 178 My Lady's Road
Bailie, Hugh, 21 Woodvale Gardens
Bailie, H., caretaker, 1 Lombard Street
Baillie, H. K., 3 Belmont Place
Bailie, H. W., wholesale and retail tobacconist, 18 Donegall Street
Bailie, James, engineer, 1 Cicero Gardens
Bailie, James, clerk, 85 Donegall Park Avenue
Bailie, James, 172 Ravenhill Avenue
Bailie, John, draughtsman, 32 Mayfair Avenue
Bailie, John, carpenter, 42 Mount Street (No. 2)
Bailie, John, 59 Hatfield Street
Bailie, John G., painter, 63 Ballygomartin Road
Bailie, Jos., tearooms, 9 Adelaide Street
Bailie, J., draughtsman, 52 Oakland Avenue
Bailie, J. D., tailor, 171-173 Newtownards Road
Bailie, J. S., R.U.C., 444 Oldpark Road
Bailie, Leslie, electrician, 629 Lisburn Road
Bailie, Miss Charlotte, sales woman, 31 Neill's Hill Park
Bailie, Miss M., 42 Virginia Street
Bailie, Mrs., 30 Deramore Gardens
Bailie, Mrs. Aida, 29 Deramore Park
Bailie, Mrs. A., 195 Ravenhill Avenue
Bailie, Mrs. D. M., Garryowen, Stormont Park
Bailie, Mrs. Mary, 9 Kylemore Park
Bailie, Mrs. Sara, 677 Antrim Road
Bailie, N. F., 54 Belmont Church Road
Bailie, R., grocer, 1 Ravenhill Street
Bailie, Samuel, grocer, 294 Albert Bridge Road
Bailie, Thomas, foreman, 23 Loopland Park
Bailie, Thos., fitter, 595 Newtownards Road Upper
Bailie, Thos., draughtsman, 43 Orby Gardens
Bailie, T. A., civil servant, 25 Cabin Hill Park
Bailie, T. F., 4 Belmont Place
Bailie, William, 107 Euston Street
Bailie, William, builder, 2a Mowhan Street
Bailie, William, fitter, 28a Duncairn Gardens
Bailie, William, stoker, 55 Brougham Street
Bailie, Wm., plater, 10 Northwood Drive
Bailie, Wm. H., electrical contractor, 48 Sandhill Gardens
Bailie, Wm. H., insurance official, 456 Oldpark Road
Bailie, W., 59 Cranmore Park
Bailie, W. A., joiner, 30 Madrid Street
Bailie, W. B., McCavana's Place
Bailie, W. J., blacksmith, 21 Parkgate Avenue
Bailie, W. J., 50 Grand Parade
Bailies, R., grocer, 36 Donard Street
Baillie, H., stationer, 18 Riverview Street
Baillie, H., evangelist, 4 Clonlee Drive
Baillie, H. W., & Co., agents, 6 Adelaide Street
Baillie, James, boiler man, 2 Thalia Street
Baillie, Miss Anna, 3 Richmond Park (Finaghy)
Baillie, Miss M., 10 Ratcliffe Street
Baillie, Miss Sarah, 3 Marlborough Park North
Baillie, Mrs., 10 Sandhurst Drive
Baillie, Mrs., 24 Avonbeg Street
Baillie, Mrs. E., 11 Dromore Street
Baillie, Robert, solicitor, 17 Innisfayle Road
Baillie, W. B., & Co., linen merchants, 26 Linen Hall Street
Baillie, W. T., salesman, 4 Ormiston Gardens
Bain, Arthur, 84 The Mount
Bain, F., 126 Balfour Avenue
Bain, James R., ironmonger, 187 Ravenhill Avenue
Bain, J., 240 Shore Road
Bain, Mrs., 40 Hollycroft Avenue
Bainbridge, J. R., M.Sc., 26 Shandon Park
Bainbridge, Mrs., 28 Manor Street
Bainbridge, Thos., flesher, 123 York Street
Baine, J. C., 202 King's Road
Baine, J. R., chartered accountant, 116 King's Road
Baine, Mrs., 157 Newtownards Road Upper
Baine, W. P., 18 Stormont Park
Baines Bakery Ltd., Montrose Street
Baines, Jas., civil servant, 4 Wingrove Gardens
Baines, Robert, Brooklyn, Annadale Avenue
Baird, Albert, clerk, 159 Orby Drive
Baird, Alex., 4 Kingsway Park
Baird, Alfred, joiner, 80 Meadow Street Upper
Baird, Alice, 9 Churchill Street
Baird, Allan, butcher, 286 Shankill Road
Baird, A., P.O. engineer, 102 Shore Road
Baird, A. S., Commer Distributor, 26-30 Ormeau Avenue
Baird, A. S., engineer, 33 Knock Hill Park
Baird Bros., boot merchants, 109 High Street and 57 Victoria Street
Baird Bros., building contractors, 38a Baden Powell Street
Baird & Co., drapers, 232 Shankill Road
Baird, David, chemist, 136 Sandy Row
Baird, David, chemist, 47 Ardmore Park
Baird, David, R.U.C., 7 Sandhill Gardens
Baird, David Jas., traveller, 118 Albert Bridge Road
Baird Engineering Co. Ltd., 2 Colenso Parade
Baird, Frank, home bakery, 126 Fitzroy Avenue
Baird, F., bakery and confectioner, 93 Sandy Row
Baird, F. R., 109 Shankill Road
Baird, George, pawn broker, 632 Crumlin Road
Baird, Gideon, hatter, 5 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Baird, Herbert, agent, 187 Belmont Road
Baird, Hugh, M.P.S., 253 Castlereagh Road
Baird, Hugh, chemist, 2 Marina Park
Baird, H. B., boot merchant, 5 Broughton Park
Baird, Isaac, boot merchant, 14 Kincora Avenue
Baird, James, joiner, 49 Manor Street
Baird, James, linen stock keeper, 30 Posnett Street
Baird, James, & Co., accountants, 17 (29-31) Castle Arcade and 12 Broomhill Park
Baird, John, 15 Bathgate Drive
Baird, John, plumber, 30 Canning Street
Baird, J., 35 Maryville Park
Baird, J. A., estate agent, 14 Donegall Street
Baird, J. A., butcher, 285 Shankill Road
Baird, Miss Annie, 3 Deramore Avenue
Baird, Miss Louisa, 121 Woodvale Road
Baird, Miss Margaret, 34 Ebrington Gardens
Baird, Misses, 24 Townsend Street Upper
Baird, The Misses M. F. & E., 67 Woodvale Road
Baird, Mrs., 129 Joanmount Gardens
Baird, Mrs., 6 Knock Eden Park
Baird, Mrs., 17 Greenville Road
Baird, Mrs. Ella, 44 Agincourt Avenue
Baird, Mrs. E. H., 40 Sicily Park
Baird, Mrs. G., 70 Ashley Avenue
Baird, Mrs. I., 12 Rosetta Avenue
Baird, Mrs. M., 160 Ballygomartin Road
Baird, M., manager, 2 Holland Park
Baird, Robert, 323 Oldpark Road
Baird, Robert, 19 Earlswood Road
Baird, Robert, 118 Belmont Road
Baird, Robert, pawn broker, 6-8 Wilton Street
Baird, Robert, draughtsman, 29 Aigburth Park
Baird, R. E., wholesale electric supplies, 12b College Square North
Baird, Samuel, rigger, 54 Bankmore Street
Baird, S., clerk, 38 Woodvale Avenue
Baird, S., R.U.C., 124 Oldpark Avenue
Baird, S. B., sergt. R.U.C., 56 Kirkliston Park
Baird, S. G., R.U.C., 128 Ballygomartin Road
Baird, Thomas, 4 Florida Street
Baird, T., driver, 11 Ardenlee Gardens
Baird, Wm., consulting engineer, 106 Salisbury Avenue
Baird, Wm., 46 Ravenhill Park
Baird, Wm. H., grocer, 129 Joanmount Gardens
Baird, Wm. J., boot and shoe merchant, 35 Park Road
Baird, W., 60 Grand Parade
Baird, W., 47 Spencer Street
Baird, W., flesher, 378 Woodstock  Road
Baird, W., soldier, 235 Oldpark Road
Baird, W. & G., Ltd., Letterpress and Lithographic Printers, Bookbinders, Account Book Manufacturers, Wholesale Stationers, Photo Process Engravers and Electrotypers, Paper Merchants, and Paper Bag Manufacturers - Proprietors of the Belfast Telegraph, Belfast Weekly Telegraph, Ireland's Saturday Night, Larne Times, Ballymena Weekly Telegraph, Irish Daily Telegraph, and Baird's North Irish Rail and 'Bus Guide. 6d. Night Watchman. Entrance by gate, 20 Little Donegall Street. Telegraph Buildings, 124-132 Royal Avenue. T.A.: "Baird, Belfast"
Baird, W. J., manager, 40 Westway Drive
Baird, Rev. W. J., B.A., 28 Brookvale Avenue
Baker, Albert, machinist, 61 Glencairn Street
Baker, Albert H. I., architect, 45 Bloomfield Road
Baker, Anthony, ship maker, 8 Ariel Street
Baker, A., 189 Rosebery Road
Baker, A. E., 16 Castleview Terrace
Baker, Edward, traveller, 58 Hatfield Street
Baker, George, 19 Ava Gardens
Baker, Geo. E., C.A., auditor, 229 Belmont Road
Baker, H., draper, 21 Manor Street
Baker, J., 7 Dargle Street
Baker, Mrs. A., confectioner, 95 Cavehill Road
Baker, Mrs. H., 127 Tate's Avenue
Baker, Mrs. M. E., 4 Thorburn Road
Baker, M., tailor, 11 Harcourt Drive
Baker, Capt. M. C., 84 The Mount
Baker, Thomas, 39 Virginia Street
Baker, Thomas, 28 Northwood Crescent
Baker, Wing-Commander, 15 Broomhill Park
Baker, W. B., 38 Hopefield Avenue
Bakers' Society, 5 Garfield Street Lower
Baldwin, Lemuel, A.L.C.M., music teacher, 54 Belmont Road
Baldwin, Mrs. Mary, 50 Princess Street
Balfour, Drummond, 21 Bloomfield Gardens
Balfour, John, joiner, 48 Cheviot Avenue
Ball, A., 10 Garfield Street
Ball, George, compositor, 44 Hillman Street
Ball, G. R., compositor, 30 Manor Street
Ball, James, draper, 238 Beersbridge Road
Ball, James E., hardware merchant, 22 Myrtlefield Park
Ball, James S., insurance agent, 26 Howard Street
Ball, J., 167a Ormeau Road
Ball, J. A., draper, 17 Marina Park
Ball, L. W., warehouseman, 25 College Street
Ball, Mrs., 195 Belmont Road
Ball, Mrs., 15 Campbell Park Avenue
Ball, Mrs., 63 Great Northern Street
Ball, Mrs. Amelia, 72 Campbell Park Avenue
Ball, Mrs. A., 116 Haypark Avenue
Ball, R. H. N., traveller, Willowholme, Ascot Gardens
Ball, S., insurance broker, 3 Melrose Street
Ball, S. J., 7 Graymount Gardens
Ball, William, 84 Cromwell Road
Ball, William, 110 University Avenue
Ball, William J., 51 Farnham Street
Ballagh, Jenie, Glenview, Wolfhill Avenue
Ballan, Frank C., 62 Rugby Road
Ballantine, Angus A., 116a Ardenlee Avenue
Ballantine, James, M.A., 41 Bawnmore Road
Ballantine, J., provision merchant, 9 Lisburn Avenue
Ballantine, Wm., driver, 8 Ormeau Street
Ballantine, W. A., 100 Lisburn Road
Ballentine, Alex., fitter, 106 Tennent Street
Ballentine, L., salesman, 10 Ravenhill Crescent
Ballentine, Mrs., 20 Agnes Street
Ballentine, Mrs., 3 Florence Place
Ballentine, Mrs., 3 Kirkliston Park
Ballentine, Mrs. I., 29 Rathdrum Street
Ballentine, Mrs. Minnie, 110 Cliftonpark Avenue
Ballentine, Wm., joiner, 8 Nelson Square
Ballentine, W., 63 Loopland Park
Ballentine, W., physical instructor, 63 Loopland Park
Ballantine, W. A., 100 Lisburn Road
Ballentyne, W. M., bank official, 152 Crumlin Road
Ballyfinaghy Estates, 16 Corporation Street
Ballygomartin Recreation Club, 2 Westway Drive
Ballyhackamore Gospel Hall, 294 Newtownards Road Upper
Ballymacarrett Orange Hall, 178a Albert Bridge Road and Paulett Avenue
Ballymena Manufacturing Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, 13 Linen Hall Street
Ballymurphy Dispensary, 44 Springfield Road
Ballynafeigh Methodist Church, 467a Ormeau Road; Hall, 4 Florenceville Drive
Ballynafeigh Orange Hall, 413 Ormeau Road
Ballysillan Mission Hall, Ligoniel Road
Ballysillan Presbyterian Church, 773 Crumlin Road; Lecture Hall, Ballysillan Road
Balmer, Alex., guard, 19 Ormonde Park
Balmer, A. G. C., 5 Ilchester Street
Balmer, E. & E., millinery, 11 Castlereagh Street
Balmer, H., clerk, 149 Ainsworth Avenue
Balmer, John E. W., 31 Taunton Avenue
Balmer, Joseph, draper, 11 North Road
Balmer, J., draper, 373-375 Beersbridge Road
Balmer, J., & Co., Wholesale Boot and Leather Merchants, 26 Ann Street and Jot's Entry
Balmer, Miss, draper, 194 Antrim Road
Balmer, Miss E., 23 Thorndale Avenue
Balmer, Miss E. M., 31 Westland Road
Balmer, Mrs., 130 Hillman Street
Balmer, Mrs., 107 Agincourt Avenue
Balmer, Robt., boot repairer, 74-74a My Lady's Road
Balmer, R. E., manager, 37 Agincourt Avenue
Balmer, Wm., bread server, 11 Ravenhill Avenue
Balmer, Wm. J. (Belfast), Ltd., pharmaceutical chemists, 2 Belmont Road
Balmforth, G., 40 Knockvale Park
Balmforth, S. J., 30 Malone Avenue
Balmoral Boys' School, 69 Ballysillan Road - J. Bridges, manager
Balmoral Cemetery, Stockman's Lane
Balmoral Golf Club, 518 Lisburn Road and 248 Priory Park
Balmoral Petrol Station, confectionery and cigarettes - H. Courtney, proprietor, Lisburn Road
Balmoral Post Office - A. Craig, sub-postmistress, 789 Lisburn Road
Balmoral Protestant Male Industrial School - Ballysillan Road
Balmoral Railway Station, Stockman's Lane
Baltic Estate Co. Ltd. (The), 7 Donegal House, Howard Street
Balnave, David, gateman, 324 Castlereagh Road
Balnaye, D., electrician, 90 Killowen Street
Baltic Timber Co. Ltd., Sawmills and Timber Yard, 46-48 Ravenhill Road
Bambrick, Mrs. Emily, 10 Ormiston Gardens
Bambrick, S. D., director, 18 Knocklofty Park
Bambridge, Jas., bread server, 21 Lowwood Park
Bambridge, R., confectioner, 87 Agnes Street
Bamford, E., dairyman, 177 Stranmillis Road
Bamford, H. A., traveller, 15 Rushfield Avenue
Bamford, I., shipwright, 7 Westway Drive
Bamford, Joseph, Masseur and Chiropodist, 38 The Mount
Bamford, J., 44 Martinez Avenue
Bamford, J. T., 9 Cromwell Road
Bamford, Miss Letitia, 13 Agincourt Avenue
Bamford, Mrs., 98 Ballygomartin Road
Bamford, Mrs. E., 9 Abbeydale Park
Bamford, R. S., 3 Belvedere Park
Bamford, S. J., radio engineer, 246 Cambrai Street
Bamford, Thos., timber merchant, 681 Antrim Road
Bamford, W., printer, 21 Wheatfield Crescent
Bamford, W. R., 35 Onslow Gardens
Bamford's Dairy, 26-32 Landseer Street
Bamforth's, Mrs. M., 8 Kimberley Street
Banaghan, W., 94 Nelson Street
Banbury Street Mission Hall, 21 Banbury Street
Bancroft, W. L., 100 Orby Drive
Bane, Thomas J., rivetter, 73 Saunders Street
Banford Bleach Works Ltd., 25 Bedford Street
Banford, John, coal merchant, 6 Cook Place
Banford, J. McC., cabinet maker, 11 Ava Park
Bangor, Viscount, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Castleward, Strangford
Banham, C., 60 Melrose Street
Banister, G., R.U.C., 48 St. Ive's Gardens
Bank (The) Buildings Ltd., General Store and House Furnishers, Linen Merchants, Ladies' and Gent's Outfitters, Castle Place
Bank Grocery Stores, 46-48 Castle Street
Bank of Ireland Branches - 54 Donegall Place (H. J. Adams, agent); York Street (T. H. White, agent); 364 Lisburn Road (W. R. Egan, agent); 95 Ann Street (Wm. Mercier, agent)
Bankhead, J., foreman, 15 Willowbank Gardens
Bankhead, Miss M., 3 Wallasey Park
Bankhead, S., 33 Ravenhill Avenue
Bankhead, William, 10 Dunlambert Park
Bankhead, W., 46 Reid Street
Banks, Henry G., smith, 35 Wandsworth Parade
Banks, Miss Catherine, 40 Mountview Street
Banks, Mrs. M., 26 Knutsford Drive
Banks, Yeates, coppersmith, 25 Greenville Road
Bann, James, seaman, 43 Tomb Street
Bannister, C. E. R., chiropractor and radiographer, 18 Mount Street (No. 2)
Bannister, F. C., 12 Myrtlefield Park
Bannister, G. W., agent, 9a Albert Street
Bannister, J., milk server, 8 Beersbridge Road
Bannister, Miss, 51 Osborne Park
Bannister, Robert, rivetter, 63 Greenville Road
Bannister, Victor, fitter, Cranslough, Lisburn Road
Bannon, Dominick, 4 Eia Street
Bannon, D., 59 Knutsford Drive
Bannon, D., financier, 177 Donegall Street
Bannon, D., joinery works, 40 Lodge Road New
Bannon, D., & Sons, upholsterers, 2 Union Street
Bannon, John, docker, 79 Beechfield Street
Bannon, P. J., carter, 40 Beechmount Street
Baptist Church, 102 Haypark Avenue; 28 Tennent Street
Baptist Mission Hall, 14-18 Skipton Street
Baptist Mission Hall, 113-119 Church Street East
Baptist Union of Ireland, 54 Dublin Road
Barber, Rev. E. S., 23 Innisfayle Road
Barber, F. T., merchant service, 23 Kilhorne Gardens
Barber, G., 3 Adela Place
Barber, G., 6 Adela Place
Barber, James, 74 Joanmount Park
Barber, J., china merchant, 58 Smithfield Market
Barber, J., The Croft, King's Road
Barber, J. W., H.M. Customs, 17 Innisfayle Park
Barber, Miss L., 32 Luxor Gardens
Barber, Misses (The), 107 Marlborough Park C.
Barber, Misses, 147 Cliftonpark Avenue
Barber, Richard, 62 Wandsworth Road
Barber, Robert, printer, 88 Killowen Street
Barber, V. A., 18 Strathmore Park North
Barbour, Arthur E., F.B.O.A., ophthalmic optician, 171 Albert Bridge Road
Barbour, H. A. M., Strathearn, Dunmurry
Barbour, Joseph, 19 Connsbrook Park
Barbour, J., 32 Luxor Gardens
Barbour, Rt. Hon. J. Milne, D.L., M.P., Minister of Finance, Northern Ireland, Conway House, Dunmurry
Barbour, Miss L., 90 Antrim Road
Barbour, Miss M., 38 Elimgrove Street
Barbour, Mrs. C., fruiterer, 111 Shankill Road
Barbour, Robert, 84 Tate's Avenue
Barbour, Robert, 9 Ailesbury Gardens
Barbour, R., coach builder, 37 Ivan Street
Barbour, R., 81 Priory Park
Barbour, Samuel, 142 King's Road
Barbour, William, 187 Springfield Road
Barbour, Wm., railway worker, 30 Southport Street
Barbour, Wm., & Sons, Ltd., flax spinners & linen thread manufacturers, 16 Bedford Street; works at Lisburn, Hilden, and Dunmurry
Barclay, Alex., plasterer, 21a Belmont Road
Barclay, H., blacksmith, 38 Onslow Gardens
Barclay, J. B., cashier, 15 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Barclay, Mrs., 47 Canning Street Upper
Barclay, Mrs. A., 12 Marlborough Park North
Barclay, Mrs. E., 24 Fitzwilliam Street
Barclay, Mrs. F., 26 Atlantic Avenue
Barclay, Mrs. R. M., 28 Balmoral Avenue
Barclay, T., baker, 99 Rushfield Avenue
Barclay, William, 56 Ava Street
Barcroft, H., 16 Malone Park
Bardon, Mrs., 24 Jocelyn Street
Barfoot, Frederick, docker, 6 Loughview Terrace
Barfoot, Thomas, manager, 40 Marina Park
Bargain Mart (The), 46 Botanic Avenue
Bargain Stores (The), clothiers, 52 Cromac Street
Barkatullah, gown shop, 32 Sandy Row
Barker, Albert, fitter, 52 McMaster Street
Barker, Chas., salesman, 76 Woodcot Avenue
Barker & Dobson Ltd., confectionery manufacturers (Belfast Depot), Clarence Place Mews
Barker, Major F. C., 68 Osborne Drive
Barker, Jas., boot maker, 217 Ravenhill Avenue
Barker, Marcus, cashier, Garthowen, Lisburn Road
Barker, Miss J., 215 Ravenhill Avenue
Barker, Mrs. A., 125 Belmont Road
Barker, Mrs. M., 25 Cyprus Park
Barker, P., teacher, 109 Newtownards Road Upper
Barker, P. K., 193 Belmont Road
Barker-Roze, Mrs. L., 79 Thorndale Avenue
Barkley, Alex., shipwright, 43 Bloomfield Road
Barkley, A., builders' merchant, 2a Sugarfield Street
Barkley, B., 39 Clonlee Drive
Barkley, Charles I., 31 Deramore Park
Barkley & Hutton, engineers, 31 Gordon Street
Barkley, H., electrician, 231 Joanmount Gardens
Barkley, James, bread server, 23 Arizona Street
Barkley, John, grocer, 7 Ballarat Street
Barkley, J., coach builder, 3 Earlswood Park
Barkley, J., 41 Alexandra park Avenue
Barkley, J. H., 117 Mount Merrion Park
Barkley, M., 1 Rossmore Avenue
Barkley, Samuel, insurance agent, 108 Ashley Avenue
Barkley, Thos. H., civil servant, 6 Florence Place
Barkley, Wm., 56a Sandymount Street
Barkley, Wm. M., & Sons Ltd., Coal Merchants, Steamship Owners, and Agents, 5 Wellington Place and 47-51 Laganview Street, Station Street and Sydenham Road - Manager, J. S. Kennedy. T.A.: "Barkley, Belfast"
Barkley, W. T., supervisor, 41 Windsor Avenue Lower
Barklie, Miss M. B., 14 Ardpatrick Gardens
Barklie, Robert, 6 Palmerston Road
Barklett, Jack, 3 Slievedarragh Park
Bartlett, W. A., 36 Sunningdale Park
Barlowe, J. A., joiner, 7 Brookvale Avenue
Barnardo's (Dr.) Homes, (temporary address - Kirkcubbin, Co. Down)
Barnecutt, E. H., 7 Edgcumbe Gardens
Barnes, B., baker's assistant, 49 North Parade
Barnes, C., manager, 5 Willowholme Drive
Barnes, C. & R., manufacturers, McCoy's Buildings, Chapel Lane
Barnes, David, 138 Alliance Avenue
Barnes, Florence, Thorn Chalet Bungalow, Rocky Road
Barnes, G., civil servant, 132 Haypark Avenue
Barnes, H., fitter, 84 Loopland Drive
Barnes, Isabel, stationer, 86 Falls Road
Barnes, John, male nurse, 16 Sydenham Gardens
Barnes, John, plumber, 12 Sintonville Avenue
Barnes, J., 7 Grangeville Gardens
Barnes, J., tobacconist, 97 Manor Street
Barnes, Miss, 96 Agincourt Avenue
Barnes, Miss E., 74 Bloomfield Avenue
Barnes, Mrs., 8 Marmount Gardens
Barnes, Mrs. Elizabeth, 51 Percy Street
Barnes, Mrs. Jane, 73 Union Street
Barnes, Robert, baker, 1 Oberon Street
Barnes, Robert, linen business, 46 Bramcote Street
Barnes, R. A., 57 Kensington Road
Barnes, R. W., 49 Blenheim Drive
Barnes, Thomas, R.U.C., 57 Surrey Street
Barnes, T. P., store keeper, 69 Joanmount Gardens
Barnes, W. J., dairyman, 29 Ballygomartin Road
Barnes, W. T., superintendent, 28 Denorrton Park
Barnett, Arthur, 45 King's Road
Barnett, D. W., & Sons, produce brokers, 8 Skipper Street
Barnett, J., tailor, 29 Salisbury Gardens
Barnett, Miss E., hairdresser, 536 Oldpark Road
Barnett, Miss Isabel, dress maker, 30 Eia Street
Barnett, Mrs., 19 Twickenham Street
Barnett, Richard, colporteur, 1 Albertville Drive
Barnett, Richard, 49 Surrey Street
Barnett, R., inspector, 578 Oldpark Road
Barnett, Col. R., 14 Malone Hill Park
Barnett, R. W., 244 Stranmillis Road
Barnett, S., tailor, 7 Ulsterville Place
Barnett, S. D., 62 Cliftonville Road
Barnett, Thos., wood carver, 5 Jubilee Avenue
Barnett, W. & R., Ltd., grain and produce merchants, 10 Donegall Square South
Barney Bros., produce merchants, 19 May's Market
Baronwell, A., grocer, 162 Albert Street
Barr, Adam, 387 Queen Street North
Barr, Alex., manager, 7 Chichester Avenue
Barr, Alex., painter, 3 Edinburgh Street
Barr, Archibald, engineer, 144 Agincourt Avenue
Barr, A., 31 Elgin Street
Barr, A., 106 Wellesley Avenue
Barr & Co., grocers, 185 York Street
Barr, Charles & Co., tea merchants, 172 York Street and 2a Brougham Street
Barr, C., grocer, 23 Strathmore Park North
Barr, Daniel, hair dresser, 50 Cromac Street
Barr, David, 183 Stranmillis Road
Barr, David, painter and decorator, 88 Loopland Drive
Barr, David, provision merchant, 27 Luxor Gardens
Barr, David, gardener, 114 Malone Road
Barr, D., carpenter, 10 Bagot Street
Barr, D., & Sons, provision merchants, 54-56 Newtownards Road
Barr, E., tram conductor, 41 Orby Grove
Barr, E. A., 130 Dunluce Avenue
Barr, Gilmour, machine man, 6 Deramore Avenue
Barr, James, foreman cutter, 314 Donegall Road
Barr, James, cutter, 50 St. Alban's Gardens
Barr, James, 128 Fitzroy Avenue
Barr, James C., 3 Brianville Park
Barr, John, 213 Crumlin Road
Barr, John, salesman, 18 Elm Street
Barr, John, teacher, 141 Falls Road
Barr, John, bakery, 214 Crumlin Road
Barr, J., draughtsman, 40 Locksley Gardens
Barr, J. B., 38 Sandhurst Drive
Barr, J. C., electrician, 165 Shore Road
Barr, J. F., 60 Mount Merrion Avenue
Barr, J. M., 10 Aigburth Park
Barr, Lawson, clerk, 112 Ulsterville Avenue
Barr, L., R.U.C., 30 Pommern Parade
Barr, L. B., Hope House, College Park
Barr, Matthew, 121 Deramore Avenue
Barr, Miss, 227 Orby Drive
Barr, Miss, publican, 37 Milford Street
Barr, Miss, fruiterer, 217-219 Newtownards Road Upper
Barr, Miss A., 31 Dublin Road
Barr, Miss B. N., grocer, 30 Barnett's Road
Barr, Miss Helen, 10 Hamilton Street
Barr, Miss M., 549 Oldpark Road
Barr, Miss M., 30 Albert Bridge Road
Barr, Misses, 40 Park Avenue
Barr, Moses, 87 Skegoneill Avenue
Barr, Mrs., 157 Alexandra Park Avenue
Barr, Mrs., 6 Ilchester Street
Barr, Mrs., 14 Ashley Drive
Barr, Mrs. Ainsworth, C.B.E., Ravenna, Malone Road
Barr, Mrs. Edith, 37 Kirkliston Park
Barr, Mrs. H., 27 Sandhill Parade
Barr, Mrs. Mary, 18 Annalee Street
Barr, Mrs. May, 10 Bagot Street
Barr, Robert, grocer, Roselea, Andersonstown
Barr, Robert, 4 Dunkeld Gardens
Barr, Robert, joiner, 65c Park Avenue
Barr, Robert, secretary, 50 St. James' Park
Barr, R. G., L.D.S. (Q.U.B.), dental surgeon, 487 Falls Road
Barr, R. J., grocer, 252 Grosvenor Road
Barr, R. J., provision merchant, 308 Woodstock Road
Barr, Samuel, 50a Ravensdale Street
Barr, Samuel, engineer, 1 Broughton Gardens
Barr, Samuel J., comp., 10 Ashton Avenue (Finaghy)
Barr, S. H. C., 25 Oakland Avenue
Barr, Thomas, iron turner, 77 Cheviot Avenue
Barr, Thos. H., manufacturers' agent, 16 (59) Donegall Square South; res., 250 Cliftonville Road
Barr, Thos. H., 15 Ainsworth Avenue
Barr, Thos. Jas., R.U.C., 129 Ainsworth Avenue
Barr, William, salesman, 16 Dunblane Avenue
Barr, William, 6 Pim's Avenue
Barr, William, 16 Rosewood Street
Barr, William, foreman, 52 Ailesbury Road
Barr, William, joiner, 56 Loopland Drive
Barr, William J., footwear specialist, 370 Woodstock Road
Barr, Wm., bread server, 5 Strandview Street
Barr, Wm., organ builder, 29 Ulsterville Gardens
Barr, Wm. J., shoe merchant, 368 Woodstock Road
Barr, Wm. L., traveller, 37 Hoylake Park
Barr, W., carrier, 79 Loopland Drive
Barr, W. J., boot shop, 178 Sandy Row
Barr, W. J., boot factor, 17 Cromac Street
Barr, W. M., civil servant, 11 Clonlee Drive
Barr, W. S., 354 Lisburn Road
Barr's Meat Market, 103c Dee Street
Barratt, Wm., & Co. Ltd., footwear, 13 North Street
Barrett & Crowley, confectioners, 175-177 Cromac Street
Barrett, Daniel, salesman, 19 Glantane Street
Barrett, David, 21 Summer Street
Barrett, E. A., 194 King's Road
Barrett, George G., painter, 12 Silverstream Gardens
Barrett, Henry, 64 Mount Merrion Avenue
Barrett, John, 10 Imperial Drive
Barrett, J., quantity surveyor, 51-52 Wellington Place
Barrett, J., confectioner, 138 Victoria Street Great
Barrett, J. S., auctioneer, 34 Manna Grove
Barrett, J. W., crane man, 10 Loopland Drive
Barrett, Louisa, tobacconist, 39 Ormeau Road
Barrett, Miss C. W., 49 Vernon Street
Barrett, Mrs., 20 Ava Gardens
Barrett, Mrs., 232 Grosvenor Road
Barrett, Mrs. Annie, grocer, 15 Danube Street
Barrett, Mrs. J. H., 4 Sans Souci Park
Barrett, Samuel, linen lapper, 1 Primitive Street
Barrett, Sergt. T., R.A.F., 8 Baltic Avenue
Barrett, Thos., insurance official, 80 Finaghy Road South
Barrett, W. H., painter, 80 Sunnyside Street
Barrett, W. J., painter, 2-4 Kimberley Drive
Barrie, Hugh T., Ltd., Produce Merchants and Potato Merchants, 67-73 George's Street Great and Duncrue Street
Barrie, John, manager, Avoca, Finaghy Park South
Barrington, James, salesman, 494 Donegall Road
Barriskill, James, spirit merchant, 209 York Road
Barritt, G. S., sergt. R.U.C., 113 Ligoniel Road
Barron, Capt. Andrew, merchant navy, 38 Blenheim Drive
Barron, A., 3 Gretna, Shore Road
Barron & Co., of Belfast Ltd., cotton and jute bag manufacturers, 28-30 Rydalmere Street
Barron, David, rivetter, 59 Dundela Street
Barron, Frederick, 65 Somerton Road
Barron, Gibson, solicitor, 40 Royal Avenue; res., The Dairy, Mallusk
Barron, H. E., house and land agent, 19 Garfield Street; yard, 60 Hopewell Street
Barron, James, & Co., Estate Agents, 82 Royal Avenue
Barron, Dr. John, 201 Donegall Street
Barron, Mrs. A. C., 8 Chichester Avenue
Barron, Robert, dairy, 103-105 Chatham Street
Barron, Dr. S., M.R.C.P., assistant medical officer public health, 17 Cavehill Road Old
Barron, S., 42 Wyndham Street
Barrow, F., 2 Queensberry Park
Barrow, F., & Co., tea agents, 54 Church Lane
Barrowman, A., 4 Knocktern Gardens
Barry, Daniel, sergt., R.U.C., 120 Dunluce Avenue
Barry, Fredk., civil servant, 24 Bristol Avenue
Barry, G. O., 23 Thornhill Park
Barry, James, 216 Oldpark Road
Barry, James, merchant service, 34 Annalee Street
Barry, John V., clerk, 4 Glen Road
Barry, Joseph, clerk, 516 Falls Road
Barry, J. E., civil servant, 21 Sydenham Avenue
Barry, J. McClure, engineer, 14 Castle Avenue
Barry, Miss, 32 Delhi Street
Barry, Miss E., dress maker, 61 Castle Street
Barry, Miss E., 37 Wellesley Avenue
Barry, Miss Sarah, 391 Queen Street North
Barry, Mrs., 19 Kirkliston Drive
Barry, Mrs., 162 Falls Road
Barry, Mrs. R., 50 Eia Street
Barry, M., grocer, 47 Gilnahirk Road
Barry, R., 58 Cabin Hill Park
Barry, William, joiner, 48 Rosevale Street
Barry, W., 53 Balmoral Avenue
Barry, W., film renter, 3 Commercial Court
Barry, W. W., chartered accountant, 31 Cranmore Avenue
Barry's Amusements Ltd., 112 North Street, 40 Howard Street, 4-8 Victoria Square
Barter, J. R., 39 Joanmount Park
Bartholomew, Thomas, R.U.C., 45 Pretoria Street
Bartlett, James, 63 Duncairn Gardens
Bartlett, James, 72 Victoria Gardens
Bartlett, John, 57 Dunlambert Park
Bartlett, J. H., cashier, 46 Sydenham Gardens
Bartlett, Miss Harriett, 73 Melrose Street
Bartlett, Mrs. Catherine, 34 Clarendon Avenue
Bartlett, T., 19 Cranburn Street
Bartlett, T., 18 Orpen Park (Finaghy)
Bartlett, Wm. A., builder, 12 Grasmere Gardens
Bartlett, W. J., cashier, 71 Dunlambert Park
Bartley, Mrs., 58 Maryville Park
Bartley, Mrs., 7 Knockburn Park
Bartley, Patrick, teacher, 12 Clifton Drive
Bartley, Rev. T., B.A., 48 Malone Avenue
Barton, Andrew, R.U.C., 469 Springfield Road
Barton, Major A. S., 40 Harberton Park
Barton, Major E. C., 23 Innisfayle Road
Barton, H., 67 Bloomfield Road
Barton, J., fitter, 55 Woodcot Avenue
Barton, J. H., & Sons, builders, 130 Belmont Road
Barton, Wm., builder, 31 Irwin Crescent
Barton, W. J., clerk, 135 Henderson Avenue
Bashford, David, 40 Spencer Street
Baskin, Miss M. B., 35 Madison Avenue
Bass, E., foreman, 40 My Lady's Road
Bass, G., "Sharrow," Kensington Gardens
Bass, J. A., engineer, 17 Belmont Place
Bass, P. Murray, accountant, 601 Antrim Road
Bass, P. S., accountant, 28 Lansdowne Road
Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Ltd., brewers, Burton-on-Trent, 20-22 Hill Street
Basset, W. J., 8 Sunbury Avenue
Bassett, A. K., civil servant, 92 Galwally Park
Bassett, Henry, bread server, 10 Sandhill Parade
Bassett, Mrs. E. M. G., 20 Osborne Park
Bassett, William, 19 Balfour Avenue
Bassin Bros., bakers, 70 Royal Avenue
Batchelors Peas Ltd., 11 Corporation Street
Bate, Jos., boiler maker, 64 Beersbridge Road
Bateman, J. M., clerk, 148 Ulsterville Avenue
Bateman, J. V., civil servant. 26 Knocklofty Park
Bateman, Mrs. Margaret, 40 Orient Gardens
Bateman, Samuel, 38 Belmont Church Road
Bateman, Wm., window cleaner, 8 Salisbury Street
Bateman, W. A., 20 Ireton Street
Bates, Albert, 67 Surrey Street
Bates, His Honour Judge, A. H. Lemavoy, Greenisland
Bates, Rt. Hon. Sir Dawson, M.P., J.P., Minister of Home Affairs, Northern Ireland, Magheraboy House, Portrush
Bates, E. & R. D., solicitors, Mayfair, 2 Arthur Street
Bates, George, & Son Ltd., fruit brokers and wholesale general merchants, St. George's Fruit Market. T.A.: "Pears, Belfast." Garage, 5 Ardenlee Street
Bates, Ilbert, 15 Marmount Gardens (Albert)
Bates, John, 2 Somerton Gardens
Bates, Mrs. Kathleen, 42 Galwally Park
Bates, Mrs. M., 17 Fitzwilliam Street
Bates, Mrs. S., Lukehaven, Knock Road
Bates, Robert W., 15 Waterloo Gardens
Bates, R., conductor, 96 Henderson Avenue
Bates, Samuel, flagger, 28 Earl Street
Bates, William J., seaman, 44 Alliance Crescent
Bates, W. T., chair maker, 7 My Lady's Road
Bateson, G. G., grocer, Lisowen, Stockman's Lane
Bateson, James, joiner, 382 Falls Road
Bateson, Miss Elizabeth, 134 Fitzroy Avenue
Bateson, Mrs., Maryville, Andersonstown
Bateson, Thos., fireman, Patmond, Finaghy Road
Bateson, Wm., railwayman, 40 Windsor Drive
Bateson, W. J., Mullowood, Lisburn Road
Bathgate, Mrs., Fairybank Nursery, Ballyhanwood Road
Bathhurst, The Misses, 48 Sandhurst Gardens
Batkin, Mrs., 3 (1) Mountcharles
Batsford, G., foreman, 102 Circular Road West
Batson, Wm., tie cutter, 42 Ulsterville Gardens
Batson, W. J., grocer, 55 City Street
Batten & Beasant, typewriter agents, 64 (4 and 33) Victoria Street Great
Batten, Mrs. Mary, 19 Dunluce Avenue
Batton, Thomas, rivetter, 55 Sandown Road
Battersby, George, yarn dresser, 72 Reid Street
Battersby, Miss Edith, Laurento, Stranmillis Road
Battersby, William, 42 Mount Merrion Avenue
Battery & Electrical Service Co. - McArdle, J., 2 Alfred Street
Battle, Richard, 95 Manor Street
Baume, S. B., R.U.C., 28 Dunblane Avenue
Baxter, Adam, manager, 8 Northwood Drive
Baxter, Albert, civil servant, 584 Shore Road
Baxter, Ernest, 12 Sydenham Avenue
Baxter, Francis, 192 Roden Street
Baxter, Professor F. W., 12 Adelaide Park
Baxter, George, 421 Queen Street North
Baxter, George Ivan, berthing master, 29 Lansdowne Park
Baxter, H., fancy linen, 97 Dublin Road
Baxter, James, 582 Shore Road
Baxter, John, grocer, 28a-30 Frome Street
Baxter, James, iron turner, 79 Battenberg Street
Baxter, James, 10 Slievedarragh Park
Baxter, John, 17 Bristow Park
Baxter, Joseph, carter, 28 Christopher Street
Baxter, J., joiner, 33 Ardenlee Drive
Baxter, Matthew, 17 Lansdowne Park
Baxter, Miss, 36 University Street
Baxter, Miss, 26 Ardenlee Gardens
Baxter, Miss, 143 Shore Road
Baxter, Miss Annie, 109 Antrim Road
Baxter, Miss A., ladies' hairdresser, 29 Dublin Road
Baxter, Mrs., 7 Harkness Parade
Baxter, Mrs., 29 Devon Parade
Baxter, Mrs. I., 19 Hillsborough Drive
Baxter, Mrs. Jane, 75 Ballygomartin Road
Baxter, Mrs. J., dress maker, 5 Rosevale Street
Baxter, Ramsay, teacher, 195 Sandown Road
Baxter, Robert, gardener, 119 Donnybrook Street
Baxter, R., 106 Newtownards Road Upper
Baxter, Samuel, 29 Yarrow Street
Baxter, Sydney, engineer, 59 Knockbreda Road
Baxter, S., sergt. R.U.C., 12 Westway Drive
Baxter, Thomas, fireman, 50 Ethel Street
Baxter, Victor, 845 Crumlin Road
Baxter, William, plater, 18 Mayfair Avenue
Baxter, William J., 24 Alexandra Park Avenue
Baxter, Wm., 26 Donegall Park, Finaghy
Baxter, Wm., groom, 1 Grace Street
Baxter, W. H., traveller, 62 Ulsterville Avenue
Baxter's, tailors, 21 Ann Street
Bayes, A., 195 Joanmount Gardens
Bayliss, Lt. Gordon, 105 Deramore Avenue
Bayliss, H. R., 65 Wandsworth Road
Bayliss, Mrs., "Glen Cottage," Quarry Road
Bayliss, William A., 22 Orby Drive
Bayne, Robert, 236 Queen Street North
Bayne, Samuel C., 71 Osborne Park
B.B.C. Tennis Courts, Windsor Avenue
Beacham, Arthur, M.A., teacher, 12 Prince Edward Park
Beacom, Annie, 247 Cavehill Road
Beacom, C., 105 Mount Merrion Park
Beacom, Mrs. J., 384 Beersbridge Road
Beacom, Oliver, clerk, 61 Rushfield Avenue
Beacom, Thomas, 10 Grangeville Gardens
Beacon, F., R.U.C., 143 Henderson Avenue
Beacon Insurance Co. Ltd. - J. R. Haslett, branch manager, 7 Howard Street
Beagon, Felix, publican, 113 Falls Road and 81 Millfield
Beale, Miss M., 24 Cherryvalley Gardens
Beamish & Crawford, publicans, 5 York Road
Bean, H. J., clerk, 1 Greenwood Park
Bean, H. V., railway official, 140 Fitzroy Avenue
Bean & Co., boiler and steam pipe coverers, 40a Glenview Street and 77 Mountview Street
Beaney, R., 80 Shandon Park
Beasant, C., shipwright, 111 Palmer Street
Beasant, Harry, typewriters, 12 College Street
Beasant, John J., 183 Ballygomartin Road
Beastall, William, boiler maker, 15 Parkgate Avenue
Beath, Mrs., Elmwood, University Terrace
Beaton, James, 15 Chesham Crescent
Beaton, J., joiner, 6 Ravenhill Avenue
Beaton, Miss Mary E., machinist, 36 St. Jude's Parade
Beattie, Alexander, mechanic, 1 Rydalmere Street
Beattie, Alex., conductor, 45 Chadolly Street
Beattie, Alex., 17 Ava Street
Beattie, Alex., fitter, 13 Dunblane Avenue
Beattie, A., Grey Gables, Finaghy Road South
Beattie, A., 32 Fairview Street
Beattie, A. E., 48 Sicily Park
Beattie, A. J., electrician, 230 Ravenhill Avenue
Beattie, C., carpenter, Wolfhill Road
Beattie, C., 2 Craigmore Street
Beattie, David, 37 Duncairn Gardens
Beattie, David, grocer, 70, 72 Westmoreland Street
Beattie, D., plater, 12 Pine Street
Beattie, D. H. E., sheet metal worker, 30 Cheviot Avenue
Beattie, Eileen, teacher, 15 Willesden Park
Beattie, George, engineer, 3 Whiterock Gardens
Beattie, George, carrier, Whiterock House, Springfield Road
Beattie & Graham, chartered accountants, 7 (14) Arthur Square
Beattie, G., 6 Sunnyside Drive
Beattie, G., 8 Penge Gardens
Beattie, Harold, 8 Lomond Avenue
Beattie, Herbert, lorry driver, 8 Whitewell Drive
Beattie, Hugh, 98 Woodvale Road
Beattie, Isaac S., 31 Salisbury Street
Beattie, I. J., R.U.C., 120 University Avenue
Beattie, James, fitter, 29 Trigo Parade
Beattie, James, Corporation official, 30 Brougham Street
Beattie, James, 24 Bawnmore Road
Beattie, Jas., traveller, Seaview Cottage, Palmerston Road
Beattie, John, railway porter, 56 Donegall Avenue
Beattie, John, 66 My Lady's Road
Beattie, John, bread server, 117 Bray Street
Beattie, John, clerk, 21 Albion Street
Beattie, John, 75 Deramore Avenue
Beattie, John A., R.U.C., 12 Canterbury Street
Beattie, John, R.N., 5 Graymount Gardens
Beattie, J., clerk, 539 Donegall Road
Beattie, J., mechanic, 2 Joanmount Drive
Beattie, J., fitter, 42 Onslow Parade
Beattie, J., M.P., 1 Thornhill Crescent
Beattie, J., bread server, 28 Southport Street
Beattie, J., fitter, 64 University Street
Beattie, J., & Sons, joiners, Salisbury Lane
Beattie, J. B., agent, 20 Bedford Street
Beattie, Rev. Martyn, D.D., 64 Balmoral Avenue
Beattie, May, 3 Sandown Park
Beattie, Miss, tobacconist, 44 Rosemary Street
Beattie, Miss, 1 Grangeville Drive
Beattie, Miss F., 47 Willowfield Drive
Beattie, Miss G., 9 Fountainville Avenue
Beattie, Miss L., 243 Ravenhill Avenue
Beattie, Miss L., 19 Grasmere Gardens
Beattie, Miss Mary, 10 Manor Drive
Beattie, Miss N. N., 11 Eglantine Gardens
Beattie, Mrs., 68 Ravenhill Park
Beattie, Mrs., 117 Tate's Avenue
Beattie, Mrs., 2 Auburn Street
Beattie, Mrs. Agnes, 49a Meadow Street
Beattie, Mrs. Catherine, 46 Beechmount Street
Beattie, Mrs. C., 43 Edinburgh Street
Beattie, Mrs. D., 7 Kimberley Street
Beattie, Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 Carlisle Street
Beattie, Mrs. E., 130 Newtownards Road Upper
Beattie, Mrs. Jemima, 112 Louisa Street
Beattie, Mrs. J., 105 Hillview Street
Beattie, M., builder, 106 Larkfield Road
Beattie, Robert, conductor, 144 Madrid Street
Beattie, Robert, 49 Cheviot Avenue
Beattie, Robert, conductor, 700 Oldpark Road
Beattie, Robert, 74 Agincourt Avenue
Beattie, Robert E., checker, 30 Ilchester Street
Beattie, Robt. Wm., R.U.C., 424 Springfield Road
Beattie, R., R.U.C., 14 Martinez Avenue
Beattie, R., 37 Farnham Street
Beattie, R., journalist, 15 Bennett Drive
Beattie, R. S., traveller, 19 Ashley Avenue
Beattie, Samuel, 37 Donegall Pass
Beattie, Samuel, fireman, 39 Carlisle Street
Beattie, Samuel, foreman, 2 Parkside Gardens
Beattie, Samuel, inspector, 12 Nendrum Gardens
Beattie, S., 24 Westland Gardens
Beattie, S., grocer, 2 Grace Avenue
Beattie, Thomas, grocer, 27 George's Street
Beattie, Thos., & Co., nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 61 Victoria Street
Beattie, T., 48 Fairview Street
Beattie, T. H., manufacturers agent, 123 Ardenlee Avenue
Beattie, T. J., 25 Farnham Street
Beattie, William J., 29 Whitewell Crescent
Beattie, Wm., fitter, 188 Joanmount Gardens
Beattie, Wm., plumber, 96 Hillman Street
Beattie, Wm., joiner, Whiterock House, Springfield Road
Beattie, Wm., 88 Deerpark Road
Beattie, W., fruiterer, 136 Castlereagh Road
Beattie, W., checker, 17 Riverview Street
Beattie, W. J., joiner, 23 Deerpark Road
Beattie, W. J., cabinet maker, 54 Hatfield Street
Beattie, W. J., bread server, 5 Haypark Gardens
Beattie, W. J., civil servant, 90 Newcastle Street
Beattie, W. R., 32 Kensington Road
Beatty, Alex., joiner, 151 Shore Road
Beatty, A., 30 Graymount Drive
Beatty, F. G., 97 Killowen Street
Beatty, F. J., linen business, 12 Harberton Drive
Beatty, George, 28 Evelyn Gardens
Beatty, Joseph Hall, 637 Lisburn Road
Beatty, J., civil servant, 1 Balmoral Gardens
Beatty, J. D., linen merchant, 225 Ravenhill Road
Beatty, Miss A. V., 27 Rosetta Avenue
Beatty, Misses, 50 Ormiston Crescent
Beatty, Mrs. E. E., 45 Grangeville Gardens
Beatty, Robert George, postman, 35 Chadwick Street
Beatty, Robert J., foreman, 21 Mayfair Avenue
Beatty, Thos., warehouseman, 42 Manna Grove
Beatty, T., red leader, 105 Wellesley Drive
Beatty, Wm., clerk, 13 Sandymount Street
Bebe, J., 132 Donnybrook Street
Bebe, William T. M., R.U.C., 40 Cromwell Road
Beck, A. N., draughtsman, 18 Orby Gardens
Beck, David, driver, 211 Joanmount Gardens
Beck, G., hackle setter, 13 Prestwick Park
Beck, Hugh Millar, baker, 146 My Lady's Road
Beck, James, fitter, 29 Woodvale Parade
Beck, Jas. A., & Son, Ltd., chemical works, 9 Dalton Street
Beck, J., sexton, 74 Earl Street
Beck, J. A., 116 Marlborough Park Central
Beck, Mary, 63 University Road
Beck, Miss, 18 Hawthornden Drive
Beck, Miss Gertrude, 139 Knock Road
Beck, Mrs., 76 Cheviot Avenue
Beck & Scott, Ltd., produce brokers, 71 High Street
Beck, S., 38 Candahar Street
Beck, W. E., M.B., surgeon, 446 Lisburn Road
Beck, W. H., manager, Lynnwood, Chichester Park
Beck, W. J., 203 Albert Bridge Road
Beckett, Alfred F., teacher, 15 Sharman Road
Beckett, David, 33 Oakland Avenue
Beckett, David, merchant, 44 Finvoy Street
Beckett, David, grocer, 124 Dee Street
Beckett, Isaac, carter, 127 Ilchester Street
Beckett, James, traveller, 139 Stranmillis Road
Beckett, James, 44 Diamond Gardens
Beckett, John, teacher, 48 Knutsford Drive
Beckett, John, porter, 33 Gainsborough Drive
Beckett, Miss, gowns and underwear, 19-21 Castle Arcade
Beckett, Mrs., 155 Ardenlee Avenue
Beckett, Mrs., 55 Kimberley Street
Beckett, R. S., agent, 18 Arthur Street
Beckett, S., electrician, 9 Delaware Street
Beckett, S. N., 45 Edgcumbe Gardens
Beckett, Thomas, 52 Townsend Street Upper
Bedford College, 11 Cromwell Road
Bedford Manufacturing Co. Ltd., underclothing manufacturers, 7 Bruce Street
Bedford, Mrs., 23 Frank Street Upper
Bedford Street Linen Co. Ltd., 3 James' Street South
Bedford, Walter, wholesale and retail ironmonger and jeweller, 55 Victoria Street
Bedford, W., Ascot Gardens
Beechfield P.E. School, 80-82 Bryson Street
Beechpark Mission Hall, 63 Hillview Street
Beedham, H. G., buyer, 8 Lucerne Parade
Beedham, Robert, clerk, 434 Castlereagh Road
Beer, Fred. H., Ltd., linen and cotton handkerchief manufacturers, 6 Linen Hall Street
Beers, James, printer, 19 Westland Drive
Beers, J., printer, 120 Queen Street North
Beers, J. H., 53 Serpentine Road
Beers, Robert, driver, 7 Willowholme Crescent
Beeson, Joseph, joiner, 27 Ardenlee Drive
Beggans, Owen, 136 Divis Street
Beggs, Andrew, blacksmith, 5 Rosapenna Parade
Beggs, A., buyer, 5 Glantrasna Drive
Beggs, A., overlooker, 211a Lisburn Road
Beggs, James W., fitter, 21 Connsbrook Park
Beggs, John, fitter, 12 Wheatfield Crescent
Beggs, John, clerk, 18 Wheatfield Crescent
Beggs, J., supper saloon, 110 Mount Street (No. 2)
Beggs, J., chemist, 17 Finaghy Road North
Beggs, Matthew, confectioner, 95 Grosvenor Road
Beggs, Miss J., 290 Antrim Road
Beggs, Miss M., 513 Ormeau Road
Beggs, The Misses, 58 Lansdowne Park
Beggs, Mrs., 16 Bruce Street
Beggs, Mrs., 376 Oldpark Road
Beggs, Mrs., 159 Lisburn Road
Beggs, Mrs., 36 Graymount Park
Beggs, P. Angus, engineer, 9 Prince Edward Park
Beggs, Robert, plater, 58 Cheviot Avenue
Beggs, Robt., 378 Oldpark Road
Beggs, Stewart, insurance official, 37 Sunningdale Park North
Beggs, S. P., civil engineer, 5 Salisbury Gardens
Beggs, Thomas, time keeper, 43 Woodvale Road
Beggs, T. A. T., 17 Ravenhill Avenue
Beggs, William, 175 Alexandra Park Avenue
Beggs, William, shunter, 62 Parkmount Street
Beggs, William, 10 Eia Street
Beggs, William, rivetter, 78 Bentinck Street
Beggs, William, 37 Fairview Street
Beggs, William, 398 Oldpark Road
Beggs, William, overlooker, 66 Canning Street Upper
Beggs, William, electrician, 11 Skegoneill Drive
Beggs, W., 121 Canning Street Upper
Beggs, W. A., chemist, 144 Manor Street
Beggs, W., & Sons, boot makers, 197-199 York Street
Begley, Francis, postman, 5 Frank Street
Begley, James, 3 Park Parade
Begley, J., storeman, 35 Hoylake Park
Begley, J. A., 32 South Parade
Begley, Mrs., 52 University Street
Begley, Mrs. Rose, 27 Falls Road
Begley, M. D., K.C., 17 Windsor Avenue
Begley, S., 20 Maymount Gardens
Begley, William, 21 St. James's Park
Beirne, Michael, 86 Kimberley Street
Beirne, Miss Agnes, 124 University Avenue
Beirne, S. A., sergt. R.U.C., 26 Isadore Avenue
Belch, Ernest, cutter, 22 Ava Park
Belch, Isaac, clerk, 7 Pommern Parade
Belch, J. A., 594 Shore Road
Beldam Packing and Rubber Co. Ltd., Prince's Buildings, 106 Ann Street
Belfast Advance Co. Ltd., 122 North Street
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.; Head Office, 2 Waring Street. Central Branch - Donegall Square North (R. G. Taylor, Manager). Markets Branch - 161-163 Victoria Street (W. A. Allen, Manager). East End Branch - 133-135 Albert Bridge Road (J. A. McComish, Manager). Western Branch - 15-19 Shankill Road (J. W. Orr, Manager). South End Branch - 2-4 Bradbury Place (D. M. Kelly, Manager). Castle Place Branch - (Geo. McNeice, Manager). 221-223 Newtownards Road Upper (S. B. Johnston, Manager). North End Branch - 239-241 Duncairn Gardens (A. W. McLaren, Manager). Branches and Agencies in Provincial Towns
Belfast Bleaching and Dyeing Co. Ltd., 3-9 Trelford Street
Belfast Blouse Manufacturing Co., 41 Royal Avenue
Belfast Boat Club, Lockview Road
Belfast Bonding Co., 42 Waring Street
Belfast Bottle Exchange Ltd. - Offices, 99 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West; stores, 110-114 Joy Street and 6 Albert Street
Belfast Bowling Club, 9 College Park East
Belfast Builders' Association (The), 7 Donegall Square West - M. R. Whitham, secretary
Belfast Car Laundry Ltd., 1a Charlotte Street
Belfast Castle, 698 Antrim Road
Belfast and Castlereagh Rural District Food Control Committees, 73 Lisburn Road
Belfast Cathedral, Donegall Street
Belfast Celtic Football and Athletic Club, 537 Donegall Road
Belfast Cemetery, Falls Road
Belfast Chamber of Trade, 102 Donegall Street
Belfast Charitable Institution, North Queen Street - Miss E. Howie, lady superintendent
Belfast City and District Water Commissioners, 1 Donegall Square North; Ships Water Office, Clarendon Dock - D. McGarrigle, secretary
Belfast City Mission Halls, 88 Kimberley Street, 40 Lord Street, Cuba Street, 94-96 Bread Street East, 138-150 Donegall Road and 31 Jersey Street
Belfast Club, (The), 27 Shaftesbury Square
Belfast Coliseum, Ltd., 79 Donegall Street
Belfast Collar Co. Ltd. (The), 2-12 Shaftesbury Street
Belfast Commercial Boat Club, Belfour Avenue
Belfast Company of Jehovah's Witness, 106 Ann Street - Mr. Oliver, superintendent
Belfast Co-operative Health Insurance Society, 61 Royal Avenue - Secretary, F. Rea
Belfast Co-Operative Society Ltd. - Registered Offices, 14-44 York Street. T.A.: "Upward". Branches :- Albert Quay, 194-198 Agnes Street, 118-124 Albert Bridge Road, 172-174 Antrim Road, 314 Beersbridge Road, 4 Brougham Street, 2a Candahar Street, 118 Castlereagh Road, Channel Road Old, 292 Cliftonville Road, 51 and 59-61 Cregagh Road, 38 and 935 Crumlin Road, 24 Cumberland Street, 125-129 Donegall Pass, 357-359 Donegall Road, 161 Duncairn Gardens, 94 and 218-220 Falls Road, Federation Street, 8 Glandore Gardens, 202-204 Grosvenor Road, 145 Holywood Road, 191-193 and 205 Lisburn Road, Lisburn Road (Finaghy), 205 and 276-280 Newtownards Road, 46-48 and 310 Newtownards Road Upper, 126-132 and 507 Oldpark Road, 112 Orby Drive, 143, 283, 289, 390 Ormeau Road, 97-101 Ravenhill Road, 38 Sandy Row, 57 Sandy Row, 90 Shankill Road, 88 Shore Road, 291-293 Springfield Road, 128c, 135 Stranmillis Road, 136 Templemore Avenue, 242 Woodstock Road, 97-97a Woodvale Road, 1-7, 9-13 and 17a York Lane, 48 York Road, 289 York Street
Belfast Corporation
City Hall, Donegall Square North
Abbatoir, Stewart Street (Abattoir)
Chemical Works, 56 Bond Street
Children's Play Centres - Boundary Street, Clara Street, Conlig Street, Donegall Road, Falls Road and Forster Street, Henry Street, Jonesboro' Street, Queen Street North, York Street Little and Scotch Row
Destructor Works, Laganbank Road
Disinfecting Station, Laganbank Road
Electric Light and Power Station - Bridge Street East, Laganbank Road, Queen's Road and Musgrave Channel Old; Showrooms, 9 Wellington Place
Gas Works, 2-18 Ormeau Road; Warehouses and Showrooms - 150 Albert Bridge Road, 108 North Street, Ormeau Road, and 23-28 Queen Street. Meter Department, Bankmore Street
Lamplighters' Depot, 6 Ormeau Avenue
Libraries - Royal Avenue (Central Branch), Falls Road, Oldpark Road, 298-300 Shankill Road, Donegall Road, and 25 Templemore Avenue
Markets - 7 Turnley Street, Bridge Street East and Oxford Street. Office, 91 Chichester Street
Main Drainage Pumping Station, Milewater Road
Maternity and Child Welfare Office, Chichester Street
Museum and Art Gallery, Botanic Gardens Park
Oil Tanks, 5 Turnley Street
Parks  Dept., Botanic Gardens, University Road
Public Baths - 17 Falls Road, 18 Ormeau Avenue, 43 Peter's Hill
Tar Macadam Works, Laganbank Road
Tramways - Napier Street, Sandy Row (Head Office), Ardoyne Road, 1a Lisburn Road, Mountpottinger Road, 423 Newtownards Road Upper, Salisbury Avenue, and Shore Road, Enquiry and Lost Property Office, 5 Royal Avenue
Transport Depot, Napier Street
Weigh Office, 91b Chichester Street
Weights and Measures Depot, 38 Athol Street
Belfast Civil Defence Authority Headquarters, 97 Lisburn Road
Belfast Council of Social Welfare (Incor.), Belfast Charity Organisation Society, 50 Dublin Road - F. McIlreavy, secretary
Belfast and Counties Club, 9 Pottinger's Entry
Belfast and County Down Railway Terminus, Station Street, Parcels office, Queen's Quay
Belfast County Borough Council Motor Licensing Department, 12-16 Ormeau Avenue
Belfast Curing Co., 1-9 Swift Street, 15-21 Hamilton Place
Belfast Damask and Linen Company, 13 Wellington Place
Belfast Discount Co. Ltd., 23 Queen's Square
Belfast Dispensary, 71 Meadow Street - Medical officer, Drs. D. Kinley and Hugh A Skillen
Belfast District Ancient Order of Forresters, 64 Royal Avenue
Belfast and District Master Plumbers' Association - E. Dempster, sec., 17 Wellington Place
Belfast District Nurses' Society for Providing Nurses for Sick Poor, 100 Botanic Avenue
Belfast Education Authority - Central School Clinic and Maternity and Child Welfare, 39 Arthur Street
Belfast Empire Theatre of Varieties Ltd., 12-14 Victoria Square
Belfast Engineering and Sheet Metal Works Co., S. A. Dickson, 306 Newtownards Road
Belfast Engineers' Club, 29 Corporation Street
Belfast Estate Co. Ltd., 1 Castle Place
Belfast Fancy Linen Co., 108 Mountpottinger Road (103)
Belfast Firewood Depot, Sydenham Road
Belfast Flax and Jute Co. Ltd., Owen O'Cork Mills, Beersbridge Road
Belfast Flock Co. (1938) Ltd., 61-65 Donegall Square West
Belfast Food Control Office, 11-13 Montgomery Street and 160 Albert Bridge Road
Belfast Food Products Ltd., Gibson Park Drive
Belfast Food Products, 60 Cregagh Road
Belfast Food Office (South Branch), 2 Crescent Upper
Belfast Foot Hospital, 8 Antrim Road
Belfast Garden Plots Association, Westland Road, Westland Gardens
Belfast Girls' Help Society, 21 Hartington Street
Belfast Harbour Commissioners, Corporation Square - M. J. Watkins, general manager and secretary; W. Y. Chamberlain, A.M.Inst.C.E., harbour engineer; also at Channel Road Old, Clarendon Dock, Pilot Street, Queen's Quay, Queen's Road; Police Station, 15-19 Corporation Square
Belfast Hebrew Synagogue - Rabbi Shachter, Annesley Street
Belfast High School, 1 Glenravel Street
Belfast Hospital After Care Committee, 50 Dublin Road
Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, Falls Road
Belfast Jewish Institute, 33 Ashfield Gardens
Belfast Kitchenette Supply Co., 1 Exchange Pass
Belfast Linen Co., 13 Wellington Place and 55 Royal Avenue
Belfast Linen Handkerchief Co. (1930) Ltd., 30 Donegall Road
Belfast Linen and Remnant Warehouse, 12 College Street
Belfast Linen Store, 37 Royal Avenue
Belfast Marine Engineering Employers' Association, Queen's Road
Belfast Masonic Club, 19 Arthur Square - T. F. Stainer, house steward
Belfast Master Bakers' Association, 11 Garfield Chambers, 50 Royal Avenue
Belfast Master Butchers' Association (Abattoir Section), 73 May Street
Belfast Mercantile College, 3a Glenravel Street
Belfast Mercantile Offices (A. J. McCune), Debt Recovery and Status Enquiry Agency, 30 Rosemary Street
Belfast Mersey and Manchester Steamship Co. Ltd. - S. Lawther & Sons Ltd., Managers, 21 Corporation Square. T.A.: "Mersey"
Belfast Model School, 93 Cliftonville Road
Belfast Nationalists (Central Office), 72 (11) Castle Street
Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society, 7 College Square North
Belfast Naturalists' Field Club, 7 College Square North - Joseph Skillen, secretary
"Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" Offices and General Printing and Publishing House, 51-59 Donegall Street and 5 Talbot Street. T.A.: "News-Letter, Belfast" London Office, 85 Fleet Street, London, E.C.
Belfast and North of Ireland Grocers' Association Ltd., 40 Royal Avenue
Belfast & Northern Ireland Retail Confectioners' Association, 26 (10) Howard Street - Secretary, James Willey
Belfast Oil and Grease Manufacturing Co., 9 Dalton Street
Belfast Operative Bakers' Society, 122 North Street
Belfast Ophthalmic Hospital, 116-118 Victoria Street Great
Belfast Orange Hall, 82-84 Clifton Street
Belfast Petrol Filling Stations Ltd., 452 Antrim Road
Belfast Philharmonic Society (Office) 2 (14-18) Wellington Place; J. Crawford Shaw, F.C.A., secretary
Belfast Physical Society, 57 Dublin Road
Belfast Plate Glass Insurance Co. Ltd., 58 Howard Street
Belfast Pleating Co. (The), 13 Glengall Street
Belfast and Preston Transport Co. Ltd., 6 Queen's Quay and Sydenham Road
Belfast Public Mortuary, Laganbank Road
Belfast Pure Ice and Cold Storage Co. Ltd., 112 Victoria Street Great
Belfast Radio and Electrical Co., 1-3 King Street
Belfast Retailers' Confectionery Association, 26 Howard Street
Belfast Riding Stables, 25-27 Dundela Avenue
Belfast Ropework Co. Ltd., Newtownards Road - T.A.: "Ropework, Belfast" R. M. Carmichael and John Petrie, joint managing directors
Belfast Royal Academy, Cliftonville Road - A. R. Foster, B.A., principal. Kindergarten Department, 32 Cliftonville Road. Sports Ground, 590 Antrim Road
Belfast Savings Bank,25-29 Arthur Street (H. B. Robinson, Actuary); W. E. Tyrell, Sec. King  Street Branch - 85 King Street. Mountpottinger Branch, 162-164 Albert Bridge Road. Shankill Branch - 117 Shankill Road. Carlisle Circus, 7 Botanic Avenue and 164-166 York Street
Belfast Savings Committee, 6 Royal Avenue
Belfast Shipbuilders' Association, Queen's Road
Belfast Shorthand Institute and School of Typewriting, 64 Royal Avenue - Edwin Dempster, Proprietor; Miss J. Elliott, F.C.T.S., F.F.T.Com., Principal
Belfast Silk and Rayon Dyers, 34 Waterford Street
Belfast Society of Chartered Accountants, (The), second floor (43) Riddels Arcade
Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd., 42, 43 Donegall Quay and 9 Donegall Place. Back entrance, 17 Steam Mill Lane
Belfast Stock Exchange, 12 Lombard Street - R. Bell, secretary
Belfast Tabernacle and Bible School, 338 Albert Bridge Road
Belfast Timber Co., 74-76 York Street
Belfast Timber and Hardwood Co. Ltd., timber importers' merchants (yard), 2-22 Francis Street
Belfast Tonage Office, 158 Corporation Street (Tonnage)
Belfast Trinity Harriers, 158 Cavehill Road
Belfast Tyre and Equipment Co., motor accessories, 7 Adelaide Street
Belfast and Ulster Directory, 51-59 Donegall Street
Belfast & Ulster Licensed Vintners' Association, 6 Royal Avenue
Belfast Wholesale Merchants' and Manufacturers' Association Ltd., 10 (4) Arthur Street
Belfast Wireless College, 4 North Street Arcade
Belford, Miss E. J., teacher, 4 Rosetta Drive
Belford, Mrs. Margaret, 10 St. John's Park
Belfort, Mrs., 79 Marlborough Park
Belgrave Tyre Depot, 5a Alfred Street
Belgravia Hotel, 2-12 Ulsterville Avenue, 119, 125 and 131 Lisburn Road
Bell, Alex., embroiderer, 10 Paxton Street
Bell, Alexander, 39 Cheviot Avenue
Bell. Alexander, foreman, 3 Sandford Avenue
Bell, Alfred, tram driver, 56 Agincourt Avenue
Bell, Alfred, painter, 20 Walnut Street
Bell, Andrew, 50 Abetta Parade
Bell, Arthur, cabinet maker, 69 Sandhurst Gardens
Bell, A., compositor, 20 Castlereagh Place
Bell, A., postmaster, 277a Ligoniel Road
Bell, A., fitter, 67 Parkgate Avenue
Bell, A., 36 Galwally Park
Bell, A. E., M.Sc., 78 Galwally Park
Bell, A. J., garage, 454 Woodstock Road and 16 Downshire Road
Bell, A. K., 49 Maryville Park
Bell, A. & S., drapers, 77 Castlereagh Road
Bell Bros., motor works, 138 Halliday's Road
Bell, Charles, manufacturer, 7 Fortwilliam Park
Bell, Charles, revolving shutters and sun awnings, 183 Donegall Street
Bell, Charles, grocer, 33-33a Candahar Street
Bell, Charles, store, 185 (10 first floor Donegall Street
Bell, Charles, chauffeur, 12 Loopland Parade
Bell, Charles Johnston, 2 Lucerne Parade
Bell, Charles, civil servant, 86 University Avenue
Bell, Cecil, meter inspector, 61 Ardenlee Avenue
Bell, Cecil T., motor mechanic, 7 Camden Street
Bell, Clements, butcher, 2 Gibson Park Avenue
Bell, Cyril, 229 Orby Drive
Bell & Co., grocers, 56 Newtownards Road Upper
Bell & Co., poster writers, 176a North Street
Bell, C., grocer, 94 Walton Street
Bell, C. A. L., auctioneer, 21 Green Road
Bell, David, 20 Balfour Avenue
Bell, David, baker, 1 Joanmount Gardens
Bell, David, 80 Mountpottinger Road
Bell, David & Co. Ltd., wholesale tea merchants, 38 Donegall Street
Bell, David, Ltd., seed merchants and growers, 16 Exchange Street; stores, 20 Academy Street
Bell, David C., architect, 5 Ardmore Park South
Bell, D. F., 30 Ardenlee Parade
Bell, D. J., compositor, 1 Sefton Parade
Bell, Edwin, jeweller, 165 Rosebery Road
Bell, Ernest, architect, 22 Sydenham Park
Bell, E., 6 Lothair Avenue
Bell, Francis, 29 Rosewood Street
Bell, Francis, 184 Grand Parade (Bloomfield S.)
Bell, Francis, shop assistant, 63 Tyndale Park
Bell, F. D., 252 Castlereagh Road
Bell, F. J., joiner, 1 Loopland Drive
Bell, George, joiner, 137 Snugville Street
Bell, George, 49 Hawthornden Road
Bell, Gilbert, manager, 32 Blenheim Drive
Bell, G. A., 25 Sunningdale Park
Bell, G. E. V., agent, 18 Donegall Street
Bell, G. P. & R. H., architects, 2 (18) Donegall Square East
Bell, Henry, collector, 23 Cavehill Road Upper
Bell, Henry, foreman, 23 Sydenham Drive
Bell, Henry, civil servant, 662 Oldpark Road
Bell, Henry, 2 St. Alban's Gardens
Bell, Henry S., shop assistant, 21 Virginia Street
Bell, Herbert, 12 Ashton Avenue, Finaghy
Bell, Hugh, 21 Joanmount Gardens
Bell, Hugh, 19 Luxor Gardens
Bell, Hugh, 10 Haddington Gardens
Bell & Hull Ltd., electrical wholesalers, 17 College Street
Bell, H. C., 46 Galwally Park
Bell, H. C. E., engineer, 13 Donegall Park Avenue
Bell, James, 29 Evelyn Gardens
Bell, James, 9 Ingledale Park
Bell, James, 1 Graymount Grove
Bell, James, Knockbeg, Finaghy Road South
Bell, James, garage, 11 Boyle Street
Bell, James, band master, 67 Ava Avenue
Bell, James, blacksmith, 566 Shore Road
Bell, James, driller, 47 Oakland Avenue
Bell, James, manager, 78 Victoria Avenue
Bell, James, shipwright, 52 Reid Street
Bell, James, rivetter, 11 Bloomfield Park
Bell, James E., paper agent, 18 Donegall Street
Bell, James E., Law's Court
Bell, James P. H., 1 Kensington Gardens South
Bell, James W., fitter, 30 Graymount Park
Bell, Jasper, engineer, 25 Delhi Parade
Bell, John, clerk, 30 Baroda Street
Bell, John, 32 Campbell Park Avenue
Bell, John, Avalon, Gilnahirk Road
Bell, John, director, 69 Lansdowne Road
Bell, John, Ardeevin, Glen Road
Bell, John, fruiterer, 128 Tate's Avenue
Bell, John, 24 Westland Road
Bell, John, pork cutter, 6 Albion Street
Bell, John, optician and photographer, 10 Garfield Street Lower
Bell, John, optician, 213 Cliftonville Road
Bell, John, solicitor, 109 Royal Avenue
Bell, John, agent, 39 Castle Lane
Bell, John, pork butcher, 54 Downing Street
Bell, Jonathan, linen merchant, 96 Dunluce Avenue
Bell, Josiah, 6 Hillsborough Parade
Bell, Josiah, driver, 90 Orangefield Crescent
Bell, J., 4 Knockbreda Road
Bell, J., engineer, 61 Tyndale Park
Bell, J., 20 Sydenham Gardens
Bell, J., dentist, 75 Victoria Street Great
Bell, J., 43 Lowood Park (Lowwood)
Bell, J., 37 Candahar Street
Bell, J., 82 Killowen Street
Bell, J., 240 Tate's Avenue
Bell, J., dealer, 31 Riga Street
Bell, J., 12 Kimberley Drive
Bell, J., engineer, 20 Clanchattan Street
Bell, J., draper, 6 Ashdene Drive
Bell, J., winding master, 146 Donegall Avenue
Bell, J., manufacturers' agent, 30 Ashley Gardens
Bell, J., motorman, 43 Skegoneill Avenue
Bell, J., dentist, 73 Victoria Street Great
Bell, J. B., grocer, 229 Ligoniel Road
Bell, J. D., inspector, 52 Ardenlee Avenue
Bell, J. E., 22 Osborne Park
Bell, J. G., merchant, 26 Loopland Drive
Bell, Capt. J. H., 390 Cregagh Road
Bell, J. H., house agent, 31 Park Road
Bell, J. J., commercial traveller, 520 Antrim Road
Bell, J. L., dentist, 96 Holywood Road
Bell, J. M., 12 Easton Crescent
Bell, J. M., farmer, Glenbanna House, Gibson Park Avenue
Bell, J. R., 52 Annalee Street
Bell, J. S., civil servant, 48 Somerton Park
Bell, J. W., 11 Broughton Gardens
Bell & Logan Ltd., printers, stationers and bookbinders, 5a Linen Hall Street
Bell & Martin, Engineers (Heating), 6 Frederick Street
Bell, Melvin, 92 Wellesley Avenue
Bell, Miss, 86 Lisburn Road
Bell, Miss, 18 Chesham Park
Bell, Miss, 12 Cooke Street
Bell, Miss E., 4 Willesden Park
Bell, Miss Legh, 8 Ormiston Crescent
Bell, Miss Mary S., civil servant, 34 Wandsworth Parade
Bell, Miss M., 15 Roe Street
Bell, Miss M. E., 224 Grosvenor Road
Bell, Miss N., 14 Broughton Gardens
Bell, Miss S. C., 8 Rugby Parade
Bell, Mrs., 22 (1) Brookvale Avenue
Bell, Mrs., 111 Newtownards Road Upper
Bell, Mrs., 11 Glentrasna Drive (Glantrasna)
Bell, Mrs., 49 Devonshire Street
Bell, Mrs., 25 Lomond Avenue
Bell, Mrs., 47 Beechfield Street
Bell, Mrs., 117 (3) Malone Road
Bell, Mrs., 40 Belmont Park
Bell, Mrs., 21 Bristol Avenue
Bell, Mrs., 17 Florenceville Avenue
Bell, Mrs. Agnes, 23 Bloomfield Gardens
Bell, Mrs. Alice, 14 Harcourt Drive
Bell, Mrs. Annie L., 27 Deramore Park
Bell, Mrs. Armanella, 146 Donegall Avenue
Bell, Mrs. A., 10 Denorrton Park
Bell, Mrs. C., 121 Rushfield Avenue
Bell, Mrs. C., 16 Mayne Street
Bell, Mrs. C., 11 Deramore Street
Bell, Mrs. D., 37 Ava Gardens
Bell, Mrs. Jane, 5 The Mount
Bell, Mrs. Josephine, 62 Skegoneill Avenue
Bell, Mrs. J., 4 Devon Parade
Bell, Mrs. J., 2 Joanmount Park
Bell, Mrs. Kathleen, 39 Ravenhill Avenue
Bell, L. M., 253 Belmont Road
Bell, Mrs. Mary, 4 Oakland Avenue
Bell, Mrs. Mary, 48 Balfour Avenue
Bell, Mrs. M., 29 Colenso Parade
Bell, Mrs. M. A., 4 Eileen Gardens
Bell, Mrs. M. J., 38 Connsbrook Avenue
Bell, Mrs. M. L., 96 Dunluce Avenue
Bell, Mrs. M. S., Stormont House, Knockbreda Road
Bell, Mrs. Ruby, 15 Willowfield Drive
Bell, Mrs. R., 49 Marlborough Park Central
Bell, Mrs. Sarah, 613 Ormeau Road
Bell, Mrs. S., spirit merchant, 296-298 Ormeau Road
Bell, M., 29 Brookvale Avenue
Bell, Oliver, postman, 7 Orby Drive
Bell Punch Co. Ltd., ticket writers, 2 Donegall Square East
Bell, P., machinist, 19 Ava Drive
Bell, Robert, 215 Crumlin Road
Bell, Robert, 1a Greenmount Street
Bell, Robert, clerk, 28 Lawrence Street
Bell, Robert, 44 Percy Street
Bell, Robert, gent's outfitter, 15 Castlereagh Place
Bell, Robert, soldier, 155 Alliance Avenue
Bell, Robert, rent agent and postmaster, 227 Ligoniel Road
Bell, Robert, confectioner, 1 Great Northern Street
Bell, Robert, foreman, 33 Crumlin Road
Bell, Robert, tailor, 34 Bridge End
Bell, Robert, 40 Eblana Street
Bell, Robert, joiner, 1 Clara Avenue
Bell, Robert, incorporated accountant, 6 Waterloo Park North
Bell, Robert, 7 Mount Prespect Park (Prospect)
Bell, Robert, sculptor, 304a Newtownards Road
Bell, Robert, clerk, 5 Clifton Crescent
Bell, Robert, foreman, 136 Connsbrook Avenue
Bell, Robert, clerk, 10 Ashfield Gardens
Bell, Robert, dairyman, 30 Loopland Gardens
Bell, Robert, 9 Lorne Street
Bell, Robert K., manager, 10 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Bell, Robert K., 23 Willowholme Street
Bell, Robert W., 37 Oakland Avenue
Bell, Robert J., provision merchant, 133-135 Shankill Road
Bell, Robt., head constable R.U.C., 300 Castlereagh Road
Bell, Ross, bank official, 26 Diamond Gardens
Bell, R., 85 London Road
Bell, R., 126 Agnes Street
Bell, R., 14 Graymount Park
Bell, R., 460 Oldpark Road
Bell, R., butcher, 233 Woodstock Road
Bell, R., dyer, 121 Roden Street
Bell, R., traveller, 54 Jocelyn Street
Bell, R., baker, 7 Locksley Gardens
Bell, R. D., traveller, 5 Eileen Gardens
Bell, R. G., school teacher, 78 Orangefield Crescent
Bell, R. J., jeweller, 57 North Street and 48 Howard Street
Bell, R. V., marine engineer, 4 Broughton Gardens
Bell, Sampson, gardener, Glen Road, Belmont
Bell, Samuel, foreman, 16 Parkmount Gardens
Bell, Samuel, driller, 370 Beersbridge Road
Bell, Samuel, dairyman, 26 Ligoniel Road
Bell, Samuel, waiter, 109 Madrid Street
Bell, Samuel, docker, 31 Loopland Gardens
Bell, Sydney H., electrician, 3 Finsbury Street
Bell, S., brush maker, 83 Killowen Street
Bell, S., manager, 12 Queensberry Park
Bell, S., dairyman, Cherryhill, Andersonstown
Bell, S., tobacconist, 139 Antrim Road
Bell, S. D., & Co. Ltd., tea merchants and grocers, 516 Newtownards Road Upper; 63 Ann Street and 83-85 Victoria Street
Bell, S. H., grocer, 67 Orby Drive
Bell, S. J., teacher, 38 Ardmore Park
Bell, Thomas, 129 Duncairn Gardens
Bell, Thomas, warehouseman, 30 Meadowbank Place
Bell, Thomas, 12 Jubilee Avenue
Bell, Thomas, sack and bag merchant, 81 Grosvenor Road
Bell, Thomas, architect, 6 Upton Avenue
Bell, Thomas, shipwright, 45 Willowfield Street
Bell, Thomas, plumber, 980 Crumlin Road
Bell, Thomas, carrier, 46 St. Meryl Park
Bell, Thomas, flesher, 369 Donegall Road
Bell, Thos. & Co., plumbers and electricians, 7 Church Street
Bell, T., 5 Rushfield Avenue
Bell, T., boot repairer, 36 Sandymount Street
Bell, T., 14 Glenside Park
Bell, T. E., photographer, 25 Woodvale Gardens
Bell, T. McM., F.C.I.S., 11 Crescent Upper
Bell, Walter, 67 Graymount Crescent
Bell, Wesley, traveller, 21 Chestnut Gardens
Bell, William, 10 Chestnut Gardens
Bell, William, grocer, 102 Utility Street
Bell, William, 11a Richmond Park
Bell, William, fitter, 11 Townsend Street Upper
Bell, Wm., rivetter, 27 Florida Drive
Bell, Wm., millwright, 71 Glenbank Drive
Bell, Wm., plater, 166 My Lady's Road
Bell, Wm., butcher, 12 Belmont Church Road
Bell, Wm., butcher, 155-157 Newtownards Road
Bell, Wm., grocer, 205 Woodstock Road
Bell, Wm., dental mechanic, 48 High Street
Bell, Wm., manager, 10 Harcourt Drive
Bell, Wm., clerk, 22 Townsend Street Upper
Bell, Wm. H., joiner, 80 Ravenhill Avenue
Bell, W., 22 Cleaver Park
Bell, W., artist, 5 Ashfield Drive
Bell, W. E., fitter, 15 Thorburn Road
Bell, W. E., bank official, 47a Onslow Parade
Bell, W. & F., fleshers, 131 Shankill Road
Bell, W. G., clerk, 2 Orby Drive
Bell, W. G., gas worker, 92 Roden Street
Bell, W. G., 18 Ridgeway Street
Bell, W. H., inspector, 38 Locksley Park
Bell, W. H., 40 Ardenlee Avenue
Bell, W. H., 132 Ravenhill Avenue
Bell, W. H., grocer, 255-257 Newtownards Road Upper
Bell, W. J., 28 Castle Hill Road
Bell, W. J., blacksmith, 24 Edlingham Street
Bell, W. J., clerk, 17 University Avenue
Bell, W. J., clerk, 10 Myrtlefield Park
Bell, W. J., joiner, 63 Bloomfield Avenue
Bell, W. J., fitter, 141 Oldpark Avenue
Bell, W. J., confectioner, 167 North Street
Bell, W. J., machinist, 31 Prestwick Park
Bell, W. L., paper agent, 8 College Square East
Bell, W. M., agent, 21 Fitzwilliam Street
Bell, W. R., manufacturers' agent, 21 College Street
Bell, W. R., 38 Malone Hill Park
Bell's Asbestos and Engineering Ltd., 21 Ormeau Road
Bell's Cash Stores, 65 Belmont Church Road
Bell's Dye Works Ltd., and Castlereagh Laundry, 14 Arthur Street and 1-5 Redcar Street
Bell's Market, grocers, 87 Victoria Street Great
Bellew, George, foreman, 24 Alliance Crescent
Bellew, Mrs. Margaret, 20 Westland Gardens
Bellshaw, Miss, lodging house, 121 Grosvenor Road
Belmont Bowling Club, Kincora Avenue
Belmont Hockey & Tennis Club, 315 Cregagh Road
Belmont Manufacturing Co., leather goods, 20 Queen Street
Belmont Motor Works Ltd., 119 Holywood Road
Belmont Park Nurseries, 130 and 215 Belmont Road
Belmont Photo Works, 1a Violet Street
Belmont Post Office, 56 Belmont Church Road
Belmont Presbyterian Church, 68 Sydenham Avenue, and Hall, Belmont Avenue
Belmont P.E. School, Belmont Road
Belshaw, D., electrical engineer, 47 Blenheim Drive
Belshaw, George, confectioner, 27-29 Sandy Row
Belshaw, Matthew, boot repairer, 72 Grosvenor Road
Belshaw, Mrs., 55 Shankill Road
Belshaw, Richard, lock keeper, Laganvale Lockview Road
Belshaw, William, 2 Kimberley Street
Beltax Hire Cars Ltd., 33a Academy Street
Beltex Ltd., underwear manufacturers, Flax Street
Belvoir Hall P.E. School, 71 Dee Street
Belvoir Social Club, 1 Wye Street
Bencuiza, Mrs., 70 Denmark Street
Bendall, Mrs., 64 Ailesbury Road
Beneva Salon, ladies' hairdresser, 289-291 Castlereagh Road and 593a Lisburn Road
Benington, H., 1 Cabin Hill Park
Benington, Mrs. A. S., 37 Cyprus Gardens
Benn Ulster Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, Glenravel Street
Benner, Frank E., Fruit Salesman, St. George's Market. T.A.: "Oranges, Belfast". Res., 20 Fruithill Park
Benner, Mrs., 49 Haypark Avenue
Bennet, James, assistant superintendent, 12 Manor Street
Bennet, J. L., & Co., agents, 32 Linen Hall Street
Bennet, Mrs., 7 Crescent Lower
Bennett, Alex., gardener, 66 Balfour Avenue
Bennett, Cecil, clerk, 8 Parkmount Gardens
Bennett, Charles G., 16 Cleaver Avenue
Bennett, David, 267 Woodstock Road
Bennett, D., 23 Graymount Gardens
Bennett, D., R.U.C., 119 Rushfield Avenue
Bennett, E. J., civil servant, 69 Norfolk Parade
Bennett, George, ranger, Whiterock Road
Bennett, G., Clonaver Crescent South
Bennett, G. G., checker, 3 Westland Drive
Bennett, H., 103 Cliftonpark Avenue
Bennett, H. L., civil servant, 42 St. Meryl Park
Bennett, James, grocer, 73-75 Ravenhill Road
Bennett, James, engineer, 7 Bathgate Drive
Bennett, Jas., bread server, 60 Hillsboro' Drive
Bennett, John, 62 Devon Parade
Bennett, John, civil servant, 62 Newport Street
Bennett, John, 20 Cherryvalley Park
Bennett, John, 92 Templemore Avenue
Bennett, John, insurance agent, 12 Cliftonville Street
Bennett, John, 41 Marina Park
Bennett, J. A., R.U.C., 658 Crumlin Road
Bennett, J. H., joiner, 458 Crumlin Road
Bennett, J. H., foreman, 178 Parkgate Avenue
Bennett, Miss, children's outfitter, 243 Duncairn Gardens
Bennett, Miss, 100 Eglantine Avenue
Bennett, Miss Frances S., 129 Wandsworth Road
Bennett, Miss Mary, 18 Ophir Gardens
Bennett, Miss M., costumier, 23 Rosevale Street
Bennett, Mrs., 31 Osborne Drive
Bennett, Mrs., 34 Kensington Road
Bennett, Mrs., 14 Marguerite Park
Bennett, Mrs. B. E., Collingwood, Chichester Park
Bennett, Mrs. E., 48 Alexandra Park Avenue
Bennett, Mrs. E., 21 Rochester Street
Bennett, Mrs. L. N., 7 Cavehill Road Old
Bennett, Mrs. Mary E., 50 Clonard Gardens
Bennett, Mrs. M., 56 Ulsterville Gardens
Bennett, Mrs. M., 48 Victoria Avenue
Bennett, Mrs. P., 13 Innisfayle Road
Bennett, M., joiner, 25 Irwin Avenue
Bennett, R., inspector, 5 Inverary Drive
Bennett, R., steel erector, 40 Victoria Avenue
Bennett, R. G., pattern maker, 200-202 Connsbrook Avenue
Bennett, R. J., baker, 226 Orby Drive
Bennett, S., house furnisher, 41 Bradbury Place
Bennett, Thomas, insurance agent, 107 Deerpark Road
Bennett, Thomas, 40 Mount Merrion Park
Bennett, Thomas, lino operator, 73 Orby Road
Bennett, Thomas, foreman, 106 Castlereagh Road
Bennett, Thomas J., inspector, 32 Jocelyn Street
Bennett, Thos. H., chemist, 4 Green Road
Bennett, T. G., 88 Lisburn Road
Bennett, T. H. H., L.P.S.I., chemist, 435 Newtownards Road Upper
Bennett, V., R.U.C., 5 Woodland Avenue
Bennett, Walter, electrician, 8 Orby Road
Bennett, William, 30 Baltic Avenue
Bennett, Wm., caulker, 1 Bloomfield Avenue
Bennett, Wm., pawn broker, 136-138 Castlereagh Street
Bennett, Wm., pawn broker, 93-95 Ravenhill Road
Bennett, Wm., traveller, 23 Chestnut Gardens
Bennett, W., Poplar Gardens, Newtownards Road Upper
Bennett, W. J., joiner, 18 Campbell Park Avenue
Bennett, W. J., 9 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Bennett's Stores (reg. office), 58 Donegall Street (Stores)

Bennison, A. G., aircraft worker, 8 Kimberley Drive
Bennison, D., 5 Weston Drive
Bennison, Jas., driver, 3 Chesham Drive
Bennison, W. C., bread server, 35 Meadowbank Place
Bennon, Mrs., 21 Clonaver Crescent North
Benson, Alex., fitter, 278 Cregagh Road
Benson, Alfred G., Lund-Holme, Orpen Park
Benson, Austin, conductor, 11 Arizona Street
Benson, C., fitter, 21 Willowfield Crescent
Benson, David, jeweller, 36 Eia Street
Benson, Herbert, 20 Lawrence Street
Benson, John, Corporation official, 202 Deerpark Road
Benson, Miss, Bendimere, Locksley Park
Benson, R. S., 256 Ravenhill Avenue
Benson, S., 26 Fairview Street
Benson, Wm., packer, 74 Woodvale Avenue
Benson, Wm. Jas., 7 Penge Gardens
Benson, W. A., confectioner, 79 Beersbridge Road
Benson, W. J., 18 Magdala Street
Benson, Rev. W. J. R., 112 Balmoral Avenue
Bent, Mrs. E. M., 104 Kensington Road
Bentley, Alfred, tailor, 75 Victoria Street Great
Bentley, Matthew, missioner, 58 Oldpark Road
Bentley, Mrs., 73 Belmont Road
Bentley, Capt. R., M.B.E., 75 Westland Road
Bentley, Samuel, 55 Larkfield Road
Berch, Thomas, 400 Springfield Road
Bereen, J. J., 51 South Parade
Beresford, Mrs. A., 19 Brookhill Avenue
Beresford, Mrs. E., 29 India Street
Beresford, Mrs. Emily, 329 Ravenhill Road
Berger, Lewis, & Sons Ltd., Paints and Varnishes, 31 Linen Hall Street
Bergin, J. J., inspector, 4 St. James's Drive
Bergne-Coupland, C. L., 6 Finaghy Park
Bergougnan Tyre Co. Depot (The), 38 Hill Street
Beringer Bros., Jewellers, Watchmakers, etc., 16 Church Lane
Beringer, Jos., watch and clock maker, 36 North Street; res., 28 Vicinage Park
Beringer, J., 344 Ormeau Road
Beringer, Miss, 35 Rosetta Park
Beringer, Miss S., millinery, 17 Chichester Street
Berk, F. W., & Co., chemical manufacturers, 8 Corporation Street
Berkel Auto Scale Co., 84 Cromac Street
Berkel & Parnall, slicing machine manufacturers, 44 King Street
Berkeley, Frederick, motorman, 35 St. Jude's Parade
Berkeley, R. W., 13 Knock Hill Park
Berkeley, S., J.P., 47 Knockdene Park South
Berkley, Mrs. A., 59 Rushfield Avenue
Berkley, R. S. L., 59 Bristow Park
Bernard, John, sales manager, 21 Strathmore Park South
Bernard, Leonard, 24 Christopher Street
Berne, Cecil Henry, clerk, 7 Yarrow Street
Berriss, Ltd., House Furnishers, 95-101 Donegall Street and 2-10 York Street
Berry, C. M., civil servant, 18 Ailesbury Road
Berry, Ernest A., 4 Glandore Avenue
Berry, F. W. H., plater, 9 Frank Street
Berry, G., R.U.C., 12a Imperial Drive
Berry, Harold Arthur, 22 Stormont Park
Berry, Henry, 11 Willesden Park
Berry, James, salesman, 269 Oldpark Road
Berry, James, cafe, 70 Beersbridge Road
Berry, J., agent, 59 Ava Street
Berry, J. H., 2 Cyprus Gardens
Berry, J. J., fitter, 17 Ashley Drive
Berry, J. T., clerk, 106 Woodvale Road
Berry, Mrs., 185 Templemore Avenue
Berry, Mrs., draper, 55 Victoria Street Great
Berry, Mrs. M., 121 Millfield
Berry, Mrs. S., grocer, 62 Duncairn Gardens
Berry, Mrs. S. E., 77 Lisburn Road
Berry, R. J., Gate Lodge, Malone House, Malone Road
Berry Street Presbyterian Church, 50 Berry Street
Berry, S. E., 15 Albion Street
Berry, S. J., 232 Malone Road
Berry, Walter, 144 Connsbrook Avenue
Berry, Walter, engineer, 11 Candahar Street
Berry, Wm., tobacconist, 56-58 Great Victoria Street
Berry, William, 59 Wellesley Avenue
Berry, W. J., school attendance officer, 304 Springfield Road
Berry's Radio Store, 9 Smithfield Market
Berthing Master's Office, Albert Quay
Bertenshaw, Rev. John, 78 Cliftonpark Avenue
Bertram, Rev. G. East, The Manse, Green Road
Berwitz, E., house furnisher, 4 Waterloo Gardens
Berwitz, Mrs. A., 518 Antrim Road
Besant, H., agent, 14 Keadyville Avenue
Besant, Samuel, mechanic, 251 Shore Road
Bessbrook Spinning Co. Ltd., 4 (2) Murray Street
Bessey, Wm. J., buyer, 256 Holywood Road
Best, A., agent, 18 Donegall Road
Best, Charles, clerk, 75 Agincourt Avenue
Best, Ernest L., yarn agent, 7 (104) Donegall Square West
Best, F. H., grocer, 48 Sandy Row
Best, F. M., 3 Crescent Gardens
Best, George, salesman, 33 Glendower Street
Best, Geo., director, Eventide, Lisburn Road
Best, G. H., civil servant, 4 Ardenlee Street
Best, James, 95 Loopland Park
Best, John, 4 Eglantine Place
Best, J., agent, 39 Castle Lane
Best, J. H., 3 Kingsmere Avenue
Best, Miss, 23 Stranmillis Road
Best, Miss S., 48 Cherryvalley Gardens
Best, Miss S., dress maker, 95 Donegall Pass
Best, Mrs. Lily, 5 Castlereagh Place
Best, Mrs. M. J., 41 Botanic Avenue
Best, Robert, 77 Alexandra Park Avenue
Best, Robert, bread server, 6 Beechmount Street
Best, R., porter, 19 Northwood Drive
Best, S., accountant, 119 Ulsterville Avenue
Best, William, 78 Ardenlee Avenue
Best, William, 28 Cheviot Avenue
Best, Wm., & Co. Ltd., yarn merchants, 14 Linen Hall Street
Bethany Presbyterian Church, Agnes Street
Bethel, D. H., R.U.C., 12 Woodvale Gardens
Bethesda Meeting Hall, Landscape Terrace
Betts, J. H., 62 Abetta Parade
Betts-Jones, Rex., 1 Orangefield Terrace
Betty, R. A., 26 Sandhurst Drive
Betzold, Oscar, 1 Wellington Place
Bevan, C. R., clerk, 18 Nendrum Gardens
Beveridge, Mrs. Beattie, 239 Cavehill Road
Beverland, R., boot maker, 3 Donegall Street
Beverland, Samuel, baker, 69 Alexandra Park Avenue
Beverley, Ann, beauty culture, 10 Donegall Place
Bevis, John S., 5 Harrow Street
Bew, Mrs., 9 Orient Gardens
Bew, T. Elliott, agent, 16 Hawthornden Road
Beynon, Emily, 425 Beersbridge Road
Bianchi, Mrs., ladies' hairdresser, 25 Lodge Road Old
Bibbings, Mrs. R., 58 Hardcastle Street (Bibbins, Alfred J., engraver, 58 Hardcastle Street in 1918)
Bibby, Mrs. J. S., Orby Grove
Bibby, Robert, machinist, 70 Barnett's Street
Bibby, T., 16 Connsbrook Avenue
Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society, 20 Donegall Square West
Bible and Book Dept. Y.M.C.A. Buildings, A. Patterson, 183a Albert Bridge Road
Bible House (D. & J. Adams Memorial), 27 Howard Street
Bible and Tract Depot, 14 North Street Arcade
Bicker, A., flesher, 2 Ligoniel Road
Bickerstaff, E., hairdresser, 1a Reid Street
Bickerstaff, Fredk., grocer, 398 Crumlin Road
Bickerstaff, Horace, soldier, 35 Whitewell Crescent
Bickerstaff, H. R., moulder, 89 Euston Street
Bickerstaff, John, 107 Templemore Avenue
Bickerstaff, John, Rosaleen, Stockman's Lane
Bickerstaff, Miss H., 11 Oberon Street
Bickerstaff, Wm., secretary, 40 Hopefield Avenue
Biddulph, Major J., 20 Stormont Park
Bigg, C. H., 39 Locksley Gardens
Biggart, Prof. J. H., 64 King's Road
Biggart, Thomas, 63 Grand Parade
Biggart, Wm., salesman, 31 Woodvale Gardens
Bigger, Robert, draper, 308 Springfield Road
Bigger, Samuel, mechanic, 2 Glencairn Street
Bigger & Strahan, solicitors, 109 Royal Avenue
Biggerstaff, R., plumber, 67 Woodcot Avenue
Biles, Mrs. A., Springfield Road
Bill, J., joiner, 5 Forth River Cottages
Bill, Miss Agnes, Wright's Hill, Ligoniel Road
Bill, Miss A., 77 Ravenhill Park
Bill, Misses, 26 Bristol Avenue
Bill, Mrs., 7 Halstein Drive
Bill, Robert, 46 Manna Grove
Bill, Thos., insurance broker, 16 Donegall Square South; res., 103 Salisbury Avenue
Bill, William, pattern maker, 113 Ainsworth Avenue
Bill, William, 92 Joanmount Gardens
Billiard Hall, 65 York Street
Billingsley, C., 13 Slievedarragh Park
Billingsley, Isaac, engineer, 24 Woodvale Gardens
Billingsley, J., clerk, 3 Workman Avenue
Bilney, Alfred C., 2 St. John's Park
Bingham, A. E., examiner, 5 Onslow Gardens
Bingham, David, clerk, 7 Sandbrook Park
Bingham, David, plater, 56 Cheviot Avenue
Bingham, D. E., insurance agent, 34 Ravenhill Avenue
Bingham, D. K., 53 Holywood Road
Bingham, D. K., butcher, 5 Finvoy Street
Bingham, Henry, storeman, 92 Durham Street
Bingham, Herbert C., engineer, 2 Ashton Avenue
Bingham, H. V., painter, 40 Mount Prospect Park
Bingham, James, 166 Alexandra Park Avenue
Bingham, Jas., traveller, 682 Oldpark Road
Bingham, John, 14 Tyndale Park
Bingham, Joseph, bus driver, 13 Willowholme Drive
Bingham, Joseph, 26 Martinez Avenue
Bingham, Jos., confectioner, 29 Woodstock Road
Bingham, J. E., grocer, 70 Victoria Gardens
Bingham, J. S., 3-5 Grampian Avenue
Bingham, Mary, 69 Apsley Street
Bingham, Miss, 23 Alexandra Avenue
Bingham, Mrs. E., 14 King's Road
Bingham, Mrs. E. J., 482 Lisburn Road
Bingham, Mrs. Mary, 51 Stockman's Lane
Bingham, Mrs. Mary E., 8 North Parade
Bingham, Mrs. M., 615 Oldpark Road
Bingham, Robt. J., salesman, 24 Windsor Avenue Lower
Bingham, R., 71 Mount Merrion Park
Bingham, Samuel, R.U.C., 248 Lodge Road Old
Bingham, Samuel, painter, 83 Ormeau Road
Bingham, Samuel, 124 Rosebery Road
Bingham, Stanley, 31 Ashfield Gardens
Bingham, Thomas, fitter, 35 Aigburth Park
Bingham, Thos., ruler, 126 Woodstock Road
Bingham, Thos. H., civil servant, 111 Ardenlee Avenue
Bingham, T. H., 12 Graymount Gardens
Bingham, T., master mariner, 47 Ardenlee Parade
Bingham, Wilfred, 75 Larkfield Road
Bingham, Wm., manager, 20 Donegall Park Avenue
Bingham, Wm. J., clerk, 17 Ashfield Gardens
Bingham, Wm. J., hay merchant, 2a Frankfort Street
Binmore, John M., civil servant, 37 Cranmore Gardens
Binnington, T. C., civil servant, 175 Sandown Road
Birch, Gerald, 11 The Glen
Birch, H., 38 Silverstream Park
Birch, H. O., traveller, 27 Cicero Gardens
Birch, John, tenter, 408 Springfield Road
Birch, J. P., 12 Malone Park
Birch, William, & Co., builders, 53a Jersey Street
Bird, F. J., fitter, 83 Ravenscroft Avenue
Bird, H. S., & Co., paper merchants, 14 Linen Hall Street and McCavana's Place; res., 175 Malone Road
Bird, Miss F. L., 163 King's Road
Bird, William, Beverley, Gilnahirk Road
Bird, W. W., advt. manager, 7 Haypark Avenue
Birkett-Mullett, Dr. W. C., 11 Dargle Street
Birkmyre, Mrs. Fitzroy, Finaghy Road North
Birks, John, fruiterer, 77 Hopeton Street
Birmingham, Jas., electrician, 104 Falls Road
Birmingham, J., Brewery Cottages, Glen Road
Birmingham Steamship Co. Ltd., 142 (5) Royal Avenue
Birney, Hugh, dairyman, Cement Cottage, Shore Road
Birney, T., 7 Fortview Terrace
Birnie, Andrew, 32 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Birnie, John, brass finisher, 315 Castlereagh Road
Birnie, R. J., joiner, 53 Clarendon Avenue
Birtill, Alex. F., M.S.R., 201 Ravenhill Road
Bishop, A., butcher, 44 Ballygomartin Road
Bishop, A., flesher, 847 Crumlin Road
Bishop, A. A., 107 Joanmount Park
Bishop, A. Herbert, 26 St. Ive's Gardens
Bishop, James, civil servant, 15 Westland Gardens
Bishop, Mrs. M. Martin, 67 Agnes Street
Bishop, Mrs. V. A., 93 Newtownards Road Upper
Bissett, A., carpenter, 34 Sandhurst Gardens
Bissett, Robert, 13 Mount Merrion Drive
Bissett, R., 34 Wandsworth Road
Bissett, Wm., blacksmith, 31 Bentinck Street
Bittles, J., 4 Connsbrook Drive
Bittles, Robt., boiler maker, 39 Greenville Road
Black, Achison J., inspector, 4 Belgravia Avenue
Black, Albert, warehouseman, 8 Joanmount Drive
Black, Albert, fitter, 90 Woodvale Avenue
Black, Alexander, 9 Tate's Avenue
Black, Alexander, electrical welder, 33 Ravensdene Park
Black, Alex., 2 Cliftonville Drive
Black, Alex., 11 Circular Road North
Black, Alex. J., driller, 6 Massey Avenue
Black, Andrew, 135 Alexandra Park Avenue
Black, Andrew, 50 Deerpark Road
Black, Andrew, secretary, 50 Deerpark Road
Black, A., K.C., M.P., Westhaven, Castle Hill Road
Black, A., clerk, 44 Joanmount Park
Black, A. A., R.U.C., 6 Auburn Terrace, Shore Road
Black, Rev. A. P., M.A., 630 Antrim Road
Black, Ben., grocer, 8 Blenheim Drive
Black Bros., coach and motor body builders, 21 Meadow Street
Black, B., provision merchant, 107 Albert Bridge Road
Black, Charles, seaman, 94 Joanmount Park
Black, C., 131 Ravenhill Road
Black, C. & J., solicitors, 13 Donegall Square North
Black, David, clerk, 439a Lisburn Road
Black, Captain Erele, 5 Fortwilliam Park
Black, George, captain, 212 Duncairn Gardens
Black, George, chemist, 89 Grosvenor Road
Black, George, electrician, 5 Salisbury Street
Black, G., 128 Agnes Street
Black, G. R., 3 College Gardens
Black, G. R., & Co., clothing manufacturers, 5 James Street South
Black, Henry, 42 Sandhurst Drive
Black, Herbert, 412 Newtownards Road Upper
Black, Herbert S., 4 Gibson Park Avenue
Black, H., 29 Belvedere Park
Black, H. W., M.D., D.P.H., physician, 139 Ormeau Road
Black, Isaac, 96 Somerton Road
Black, James, 14 Albion Street
Black, James, 17 Allworthy Avenue
Black, James, agent, 30 Brandon Parade
Black, James, engineer, 22 Sharman Road
Black, James, draper, (3) 93 Clifonpark Avenue (Cliftonpark)
Black, James, cable man, 74 Mount Merrion Park
Black, Jas., electrician, 22 Mayfair Avenue
Black, Jas. A., traveller, 116 Cregagh Road
Black, John, body builder, 23 Meadow Street
Black, John, sheet metal worker, 18 Queen Victoria Street
Black, John, 37 Loopland Park
Black, John, clerk of works, 52 Campbell Park Avenue
Black, John, fitter, 18 Yarrow Street
Black, John M., merchant, 52 Cherryvalley Park
Black, J., 25 Harkness Parade
Black, J., welder, 49 Candahar Street
Black, J., artist, 7 Ardenvohr Street
Black, J., 49 Ormonde Park
Black, J., 29 Woodford Street
Black, Lewis C., merchant, 56 Cherryvalley Park
Black, L., boot and shoe store, 216 Crumlin Road
Black, Miss, Glen Ebor, Quarry Road
Black, Miss B., hairdresser, 4 Ravenhill Road
Black, Miss E., 126 Woodvale Avenue
Black, Miss May, 96 Oregon Street
Black, Miss M., 94 Ulsterville Avenue
Black, The Misses, 30 Malone Park
Black, The Misses, 18 Myrtlefield Park
Black, The Misses, Glen Ebor, Glenmachan Road
Black, Mrs., 118 Joanmount Gardens
Black, Mrs., 21 Twickenham Street
Black, Mrs., 121 Library Street Upper
Black, Mrs., 10 Broomhill Park
Black, Mrs., 15 Edgcumbe Gardens
Black, Mrs., 30 Ava Street
Black, Mrs., 156 Dunluce Avenue
Black, Mrs. A., Glenalough, St. Agnes Drive
Black, Mrs. A. J., Ashbourne, Lisburn Road
Black, Mrs. Margaret, 18 Whitewell Parade
Black, Mrs. Margaret, 233 Castlereagh Road
Black, Mrs. Margaret Jane, 4 Manor Drive
Black, Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 111-113 Beechfield Street
Black, Mrs. Mary, 348 Castlereagh Road
Black, Mrs. Minnie, 30 Fitzroy Avenue
Black, Mrs. M., 20 Wyndham Street
Black, Mrs. M., 2 Ravensdene Crescent
Black, Mrs. M., 237 Castlereagh Road
Black, Mrs. M. J., 402 Woodstock Road
Black, Mrs. Sarah, 1 Fife Street
Black, Mrs. S., 57 Percy Street
Black, M., furniture stores, 275 Crumlin Road
Black, M. G., civil servant, 26 Knockbreda Park
Black, Norman, bakery, 10 Newtownards Road
Black, N. M., driver, 16 Marguerite Park
Black, O., surg. dentist, 219 Albert Bridge Road
Black, P., accountant, 42 Cedar Avenue
Black, Robert, machine man, 27 Albion Street
Black, Robert A., 21 Dunblane Avenue
Black, Robert Reid, architect, 2 Orpen Road
Black, R., 22 St. Jude's Avenue
Black, R., hosier, 218 Crumlin Road
Black, R., relieving officer, 74 Orangefield Crescent
Black, R. J., drug hall, 15 Castlereagh Street
Black, Samuel, salesman, 5 Collingwood Avenue
Black, Samuel, 6 Southport Street
Black, Samuel, welder, 18 Meenan Street Upper
Black, Samuel, 66 Rugby Avenue
Black, S., machinist, 130a Agnes Street
Black & Sons Ltd., house furnishers, 1-9 Lodge Road Old, 103 Woodstock Road and branches
Black, Stewart, 54 Bawnmore Road
Black, Thomas, R.U.C., 1a Glanworth Drive
Black, Thomas, 46 Townsend Street
Black, Thomas, 2 Leeson Street
Black, Thomas, dentist, 27 Agnes Street
Black, Thomas, 206 Falls Road
Black, T. B., 4 Indiana Avenue
Black, T. J., 26 Deerpark Road
Black, William, tram driver, 41 Belmont Street
Black, William, litho. artist, 38 Joanmount Gardens
Black, William A., mechanic, 52 Stranmillis Park
Black, William A., clerk, 37 Wheatfield Crescent
Black, Wm., plater, 24 Pine Street
Black, Wm., assistant superintendent, 99 Delhi Street
Black, Wm., 14 Graymount Grove
Black, Wm., clerk, 35 Serpentine Road
Black, Wm. J., manager, 7 Eastleigh Drive
Black, W., 100 Tower Street
Black, W. A., radio dealer, 212 Sandy Row
Black, W. D., 85 Cheviot Avenue
Black, W. J., fish and fruit merchant, 384 Newtownards Road Upper
Black, W. S., salesman, 23 Cheltenham Park
Black, W. W., director, Brantwood, Fortwilliam Park
Black's Store, 16 Peter's Hill
Blackburn, Angus, plater, 16 Duncairn Gardens
Blackburn, Arthur, 15 Ulsterville Avenue
Blackburn, D. C., 8 Clara Park
Blackburn, J., M.I.N.A, engineer, 225 Cavehill Road
Blackburn, Miss Sarah, 328 Skegoneill Avenue
Blackburn, Robert, bread server, 4 Windsor Drive
Blackburn, S. J., civil servant, Prestbury, Hawthornden Park
Blackburn, T., grocer, 32 Evolina Street
Blackford, James M., 3 Percy Street
Blackmore, H., 45 Dover Street
Blackmore, John, seaman, 16 Hatfield Street
Blackmore, John, grocer, 17 Sintonville Avenue
Blackmore, Captain Thomas, 193 Ravenhill Road
Blackmountain Quarries Ltd., 465-467 Springfield Road
Blacksmith's Society, 101a Victoria Street
Blackstaff Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd., Flax Spinners and Linen Manufacturers, Springfield Road
Blackstock, H. W., Hillcot, Cavehill Park
Blackstock, James, tea merchant, 66 Malone Avenue
Blackstock, Mrs. N., 17 Magdala Street
Blackstock, Walter, 30 Sandhurst Gardens
Blackwood, B., 72 Eglinton Street
Blackwood, Frank, salesman, 7 La Salle Drive
Blackwood, James, grocer, 43 Beechpark Street
Blackwood, James, grocer, 129a Manor Street
Blackwood & Jury, architects and civil engineers, 41 (40) Donegall Place. Res., P. Morgan Jury, Brooklands, Dunmurry
Blackwood, J. W., 15 Windsor Avenue
Blackwood, Miss, 6 College Green
Blackwood, R., 13 Sandhill Parade
Blackwood, R. R., 166 Belmont Nurseries, Belmont Road; Res., Ormiston Front Lodge, Belmont Road
Blackwood, R. W. H., 24 University Square
Blackwood, William, 69 Westland Road
Blain, Joseph, 186 Duncairn Gardens
Blain, Jos., dealer, 11 Townsend Street
Blain, Mrs., 52 Cumberland Street
Blain, Mrs. E., 126 Ulsterville Avenue
Blaine, Mrs., 240 Newtownards Road Upper
Blaine, Mrs. Florence, 126 Lodge Road Old
Blainey, Hugh, driller, 130 Templemore Avenue
Blair, A., manager, 7 Derryvolgie Avenue
Blair, A., 126 Skegoneill Avenue
Blair, A., dairy, 437 Newtownards Road Upper
Blair, A. W., 3 Cyprus Avenue
Blair, Charles, joiner, 25 Devon Parade
Blair, Charles, R.U.C., 240 Malone Road
Blair, David, manager, 65 Deerpark Road
Blair, James, machinist, 79 Euston Street
Blair, James, engineer, 29 Irwin Crescent
Blair, James A., 1 Gretna, Shore Road
Blair, James H., 1 Orpen Road, Finaghy
Blair, Jas., Ltd., brass founders, 44a Townsend Street, 6-16 Dayton Street and 9-13 Greenland Street
Blair, John, iron turner, 1 Loughview Terrace
Blair, John, director, 8 St. Jude's Avenue
Blair, John, fruiterer, 27 Belmont Road
Blair, John, solicitor's clerk, 33 Ophir Gardens
Blair, John, John Gordon, customs and excise, 2 Brookhill Avenue
Blair, Joseph, 29 Westmoreland Street
Blair, Jos., Ltd., wholesale ironmongers and iron merchants, 5-19 and 23 Church Lane and 16-18 Pottinger's Entry; stables, 27-29 Memel Street
Blair, J., grocer, 25 Earl Street
Blair, J. H., grocer, 9 Bridge End
Blair, J. H., collector of taxes, 7 Howard Street
Blair, J. O'Neill, textile designer, 29 Bedford Street, res., 46 Harberton Park
Blair, Miss, 151 Newtownards Road Upper
Blair, Miss Mary, 33 Cyprus Gardens
Blair, The Misses, 29 Cambourne Park
Blair, Mrs., 93 Donegall Pass
Blair, Mrs., 16 Locksley Park
Blair, Mrs., 26 Bruce Street
Blair, Mrs., 22 Wolseley Street
Blair, Mrs., 23 Glandore Drive
Blair, Mrs. C. E., 33 Cooke Street
Blair, Mrs. Eva, home bakery, 813 Lisburn Road
Blair, Mrs. G. F., 29 Cambourne Park
Blair, Richard, fitter, 25 Ulsterville Gardens
Blair, Robert, confectioner, 186 Crumlin Road
Blair, Rob. McC., 8 Windsor Avenue Lower
Blair & Rogers, bakery, 424-426 Ormeau Road
Blair, R. H., 11 Osborne Park
Blair, Samuel, baker, 33 Orby Grove
Blair, Samuel, 36 Ardenlee Parade
Blair, Thomas, plumber, 17 Deerpark Road
Blair, Thomas John, 17 Ship Street
Blair, Wm., painter, 119 Alliance Avenue
Blair, Wm., cabinet maker, 48 Glandore Avenue
Blair, Wm., bluer, 618 Crumlin Road
Blair, Wm., crane man, 246 Ballysillan Road
Blair, Wm., 36 Balmoral Avenue
Blair, Wm., 274 Cliftonville Road
Blair, Wm. J., time keeper, 32 Hesketh Park
Blair, W., 1 Cyprus Avenue
Blair, W., plasterer, 91 Sunnyside Street
Blair, W., hair dresser, 307 Shankill Road
Blair, W. J., 29 Madison Avenue
Blake, D., brewer, 67 Glen Road
Blake, Edward, 128 Dover Street
Blake, E. Oliver, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 7 University Square and 139 Newtownards Road
Blake, George, 4 Bedeque Street
Blake, John, teacher, 47 Serpentine Road
Blake, Miss, 19 Avonbeg Street
Blake, N., R.U.C., 41 Elgin Street
Blake, R. F., F.I.C., F.C.S., analyst for Co. Tyrone, 7 Donegall Square West; res., 4 Knock Road
Blake's Medical Hall, 9 Garfield Street and 14 Pottinger's Entry
Blakeley, Albert, baker, 29 Loopland Road
Blakely Bros., confectioners, grocers and fruiterers, 235-237 and 243 Cliftonville Road
Blakely, Carlisle, 13 Clonlee Drive
Blakely, James, 66 Perth Street
Blakely, James, 20 Sandhurst Gardens
Blakely, John, draper, 45 Marlborough Park, Central Avenue
Blakely, J., designer, 23 Abbeydale Park
Blakely, Mary, 8 Copeland Street
Blakely, M., 17 Irwin Avenue
Blakely, Robert, clerk, 31 Denorrton Park
Blakely, R., 175 Rosebery Road
Blakely, William, 52 Loopland Park
Blakiston-Houston Estate Co. (The), 4 Queen's Square
Blakley, B., grocer, 14 Westland Road
Blakley, R., 836 Crumlin Road
Bland, R. A., joiner, 105 Dunraven Avenue
Bland, T. W., salesman, 62 Cheviot Avenue
Blaney, Edward, clerk, 17 Norfolk Gardens
Blaney, E., confectioner, 109 Falls Road
Blaney, Henry, inspector, 5 St. James's Park
Blaney, John, agent, 13 Mountview Street
Blaney, J., 4 St. Agnes Drive
Blaney, Mrs. M., 33 Clonard Gardens
Blaney, Patrick, publican, 100 York Road
Blaney, P., spirit merchant, 6 Parkside Gardens
Blaney, R., brick layer, 90 Loopland Park
Blaney, R., engineer, 325 Castlereagh Road
Blaney, Thomas, 73 Alliance Avenue
Blaney, William, 21 Mount Merrion Park
Blanes, ladies' outfitters, 66 Royal Avenue
Blankeron, Capt. B., 52 Harberton Park
Blankley, A. C., 22 Dunkeld Gardens
Blankley, F. J., R.A.F., 5 Dunkeld Gardens
Blankley, Mrs., 8 Clonaver Park
Blayney & Bowman, stone cutters, 225 Beersbridge Road
Blayney, Francis, patrol man, 444 Woodstock Road
Blayney, George, stone cutter, 33 Castlereagh Place
Blayney, Miss, 27 Kincora Avenue
Blayney, T. W., sugar broker, 48 Marmount Gardens
Bleakley, A., engineer, 14 Indiana Avenue
Bleakley, David, 111 Ballygomartin Road
Bleakley, G., 74 Onslow Parade
Bleakley, G. R., builder, 33 Tate's Avenue
Bleakley, Matthew Potts, 10 Bloomfield Gardens
Bleakley, Miss Dorothy E., 45 Cherryvalley Gardens
Bleakley, Mrs., 33 (2) Eglantine Avenue
Bleakley, Mrs. Agnes, 7 Clanchattan Street
Bleakley, R., 8 Artana Street
Bleakley, W. J., machinist, 25 Hesketh Road
Bleakley, W. M., 15 Dorchester Park
Bleakley's Stores, hardware and wallpaper merchants, and house furnishers, 163-165 and 180 Sandy Row
Blease, W. J., shop assistant, 44 Empire Street
Blemings, Mrs., 93 University Street
Blemings, Robert James, winding master, 189 Cregagh Street
Blenheim, James, 19 Madison Avenue
Blenheim Street P.E. School, 66a Downing Street
Blenkin, T., civil servant, 515 Newtownards Road Upper
Blennerhasset, R. J., R.U.C., 17 Denorrton Park
Blessington, J., estate agent, 42 Adelaide Park
Blessington, J., & Co., House and Land Agents, Valuers, and Property Brokers, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits, 20 Wellington Place
Blevings, Mrs. Elizabeth J., 21 Ormeau Street
Blevings, R., waiter, 264 Cambrai Street
Blevins, J., insurance agent, 33 Brookvale Avenue
Blewitt & Godfrey, Medical Hall, 114 Newtownards Road
Blewitt, J., M.B., J.P., surgeon, 12 College Square North and 114 Newtownards Road; res., 108 Marlborough Park
Blind Welfare Association (N.I.), 41 Royal Avenue
Blizard, Mrs., 67 Lisburn Road
Block & Anderson Ltd., Modern Office Machines, 5 Bedford Street. H. G. Pickersgill, Manager
Blogg, James, 109 Cavehill Road
Blont, Mrs. Violet, 49 Ardmore Park
Blore, F. C., 21 Windsor Drive
Bloomer, C. E., store man, 2 Loopland Road
Bloomer, John, manager, 44 Millar Street
Bloomer, Mrs., 69 Dunlambert Park
Bloomer, M., draper, 65 Agincourt Avenue
Bloomer, Robert P., Shortlands, Diamond Drive
Bloomer, Thos. H., bookkeeper, 6 Kerrsland Parade
Bloomer, W., bread server, 401 Castlereagh  Road
Bloomer, W., clerk, 12 Candahar Street
Bloomfield Baptist Church, 25 Newtownards Road Upper
Bloomfield Collegiate School, Miss Walker, B.A., 144 Newtownards Road Upper
Bloomfield Congregational Church and Hall, 84 Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfield, David, 374 Woodstock Road
Bloomfield, Harry P., traveller, 31 Holland Crescent
Bloomfield, John, joiner, 13 Glenbrook Avenue
Bloomfield Land & Building Co. Ltd., 1 Linen Hall Street
Bloomfield Post Office, M. Newman, 346 Beersbridge Road
Bloomfield & Pottinger Unionist Club, 1 Glenmore Street
Bloomfield Presbyterian Church, 447 Beersbridge Road
Bloomfield P.E. School, 26 Bread Street East
Bloomfield Railway Station, 400a Beersbridge Road
Bloomfield, R., grocer, 94 Broadway
Bloomfield Temperance Flute Band, 4b Ravenscroft Avenue
Bloomfield, Wm., 43 Orby Grove
Blue, Rev. Dr. Alex. Wylie, The Grange, Annadale Avenue
Bluebird Cafe, 4 College Square East
Blumberg, Mrs. S., 120 Cliftonpark Avenue
Blundell, Edward, pawn broker, 42 Lansdowne Park
Blundell, E. & V., pawn brokers, 349 York Street
Blundell, Frederic C., driver, 11 Ardenlee Drive
Blundell, John, 36 Willowholme Drive
Blundell, Richard, 20 Cliftonpark Avenue
Blundell, Thomas, manager, 9 King's Crescent
Blundell, Victor, pawn broker, 8 Glanleam Drive
Blundell, W. T., head constable R.U.C., 27 Sydenham Drive
Blunden, Barrington J., contractor, 133 Somerton Road
Blyth, Frederick, 6 Havelock Street
Blyth, J. E., Cullenamore, Orpen Park
Blyth, Mrs., Marloes, Orpen Park
Blyth, Robt. J., clerk, Donard, Stockman's Lane
Blythe, A. F., bank official, 36 Ashley Gardens
Blythe, John, 112 Grand Parade (Bloomfield Street)
Blythe Street P.E. School, 24 Blythe Street and 33-43 Matilda Street
Boag, W. B., 45 Sandhill Gardens
Boak, R. Creswell, artist, 40 Royal Avenue
Boak, William, 98 Sandhurst Drive
Boal, David A., T.U. official, 29 Manor Street
Boal, Ernest L., 18 Glenside Parade
Boal, George, confectioner, 5 Everton Street
Boal, Hugh, 7 Salisbury Street
Boal, J. McG., 65 Newtownards Road Upper
Boal, Miss E., Chalfont, Diamond Gardens
Boal, Mrs., 33 Brougham Street
Boal, Mrs. J., 71 Station Road
Boal, Rachael, house furnisher, 48 Dublin Road
Boal, Robert, 49 Glenbrook Avenue
Boal, Robert, hardware merchant, 11b Chichester Street
Boal, R., 234 Cliftonville Road
Boal, R., clerk, 3 Victoria Gardens
Boal, R., carpenter, 17 Joanmount Gardens
Boal, Thomas, coal merchant, 22 Comber Street
Boal, Walter, storeman, 81 Dunraven Avenue
Boal, Wm., rivetter, 30 Earl Street
Boal, W. B., 21 Cherryvalley Park
Boam, Vera, gowns, Riddels Arcade
Boas, Mrs. E. A., 31 Sans Souci Park
Boath, A., journalist, 27 Bloomfield Gardens
Bodega (The), (Slaters Bodega Ltd.), 8-10 Castle Lane
Bodel, Hamilton, timber merchant, 3 Malone Park
Bodel, H., sawmills, etc., Sydenham Road
Bodel, Miss A. I., 2 Randal Park
Bodel, Miss May, 80 Lisburn Road
Bodel, Mrs. E., 127 Rushfield Avenue
Bodel, Wm., caretaker, 49 Victoria Street
Bodell, Herbert, 14 Chestnut Gardens
Bodell, William, 114 Ashley Avenue
Boden, Jas. W., clerk, 28 Sunnyside Drive
Boden, John, boiler maker, 13 Brandon Terrace
Boden, Mrs., 114 Dunluce Avenue
Boden, R., compositor, 73 Farnham Street
Boden, Samuel, 5 Brianville Park
Boe, Matilda, 119 Roden Street
Boeer, Mrs., 27 Glandore Avenue
Bogen, Miss E., 21 Cliftonpark Avenue
Bogen, M., draper, 124 (3) Donegall Street
Boggs, A., assurance agent, 17 Lockview Road
Boggs, C., grocer, 1 Erin Terrace, Shore Road
Boggy, George, lorry driver, 146 Limestone Road
Bogle, Jas. Alex., Ballavista, Finaghy Road North
Bogod, W. and J., & Co. Ltd., engineers, 6 Linen Hall Street
Bogue, Miss Grace, 79 Ormeau Road
Bogues, Mrs. Mary, 12 Glastonbury Avenue
Bohen, Miss G., 46 Mountpottinger Road
Boilermakers' Society (North of Ireland), 82 Royal Avenue
Boland, J., mattress maker, 20 Ardenlee Gardens
Boland, Miss Mary, 61 Antrim Road
Boland, R., packer, 54 Loopland Drive
Boland, Wm., foreman, 9 Adelaide Avenue
Bole, John, 25 Cherryvalley Gardens
Boles, E. S., traveller, 44 Linden Gardens
Boles, J., mechanic, 1 Ulsterville Gardens
Boles, Miss M., 49 Ulsterville Gardens
Bollard, Miss, Shamrock Bank, Knockbreda Road
Bollard, Miss E. F., 235 Castlereagh Road
Bolster, Mrs. J., 60 Oakland Avenue
Bolster, Mrs. R. M., 47 Loopland Road
Bolster, Rebecca, 37 Alliance Avenue
Bolster, William, barman, 1 Keadyville Avenue
Bolton, Albert, fitter, 61 Copperfield Street
Bolton, Albert, driver, 264 Cregagh Road
Bolton, Alex. C., draughtsman, 3 Downshire Road
Bolton, E., clerk, 36 Loopland Crescent
Bolton, Frederick, foreman, Mount Gilbert, Glencairn Road
Bolton & Kearns, boot makers, 24 Chichester Street
Bolton, Mrs., 56 Mount Prospect Park
Bolton, Mrs., 40 Ulsterville Avenue
Bolton, Mrs. B., Gordonville, Knockbreda Road
Bolton, Mrs. F., 70 Sandown Road
Bolton, S., 85 (3) University Street
Bolton, S., chemist, 328 Newtownards Road Upper
Bolton, S., 113 Shandon Park
Bolton, T., foreman, 7 Loopland Park
Bolton, T., 34 Kirkliston Gardens
Bolton, Victor, joiner, 38 Virginia Street
Bolton, Walter E., litho. artist, 121 Orby Drive
Bonar, Thomas, R.U.C., 87 Knockbreda Road
Bond, A., commercial traveller, 148 Haypark Avenue
Bond, George, 17a Windsor Avenue
Bond, George, machinist, 7 Hillsborough Drive
Bond, G., 142 Meadow Street Upper
Bond, Jas., clerk, 6 Manor Drive
Bond, Mrs. Dora, 5 Sydenham Drive
Bond, R. J., 55 Manor Street
Bond, Walter J., 12 Glantrasna Drive
Bond, William, 218 Shore Road
Bond, Wm. R., manager, 5 Oberon Street
Boner, Patrick, civil servant, 12 Cavehill Road Upper
Bonham, F. G., newsagent, 78-80 Cliftonville Road
Bonifacio, Mrs., 73 Ulsterville Avenue
Bonne Bouche Cafe, 15a Fountain Street
Bonen Bouche Cake Shop, 19 Fountain Street (Bonne)
Bonner, Edward, civil defence, 33 Louisa Street
Boomer, Alex., fitter, 323 Donegall Road
Boomer, David, 81 Ashley Avenue
Boomer, Geo., & Son, fancy box manufacturer, 63 Distillery Street
Boomer, G., 97 Donegall Pass
Boomer, Mrs. Emma, 69 Dunlambert Park
Boomer, Mrs. E., 91 Eglantine Avenue
Boomer, Mrs. M., 81 Ulsterville Avenue
Boomer, Robert Hamilton, harbour official, Eldorville, Stockman's Lane
Boomer, Wm. H., engineer, 31 Ballysillan Road
Boomer, W. H., checker, 7 Ardenlee Gardens
Boon, Alexander, & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 1 Alfred Street
Boone, G., confectioner, Torrens Avenue
Boone, S., 62 Henderson Avenue
Booth, ?, dealer, 59 Smithfield Market
Booth, A. M., 150 Donegall Avenue
Booth Bros., motor agents, 41 Adelaide Street
Booth, G. G., 9 Wandsworth Gardens
Booth, G. H., 10 Knockburn Park
Booth, Henry, bar manager, 154 Donegall Avenue
Booth, James, iron turner, 53 Florida Drive
Booth, John, manager, 15 Spencer Street
Booth, John T., wireless dealer, 9-12 Smithfield Market and Neill's Hill Park
Booth, Mrs. J., 671 Oldpark Road
Booth, Mrs. J., 18 Dromore Street
Booth, Norman, F.S.A.A., incorporated accountant, 13 Donegall Place and 8 Downshire Avenue
Booth, S. A., traveller, 33 Sicily Park
Borden Bros., tailors, 61 (4) Castle Street
Boreland, E., grocer, 856 Crumlin Road
Boreland, E., linesman, 224 Cregagh Street
Borer, T. R., Wenlock, Gilnahirk Road
Borrows, J. A., salesman, 73 Newtownards Road Upper
Borthwick, William, stone mason, 21 Chambers Street
Borza, A., confectioner, 385 Ormeau Road
Borza, John, restaurant, 7 Crumlin Road
Bosnett, Leslie, 20 Graymount Gardens
Bossence, Bertie, motor driver, 26 Hardcastle Street
Bossence, Jas. F., clerk, 8 Cregagh Road
Bossence, Mrs. Emily, 397 Woodstock Road
Bossence, S., 9 Melrose Street
Boston, James, solicitor, 164 Malone Road
Boston, Jas., solicitor, 40 Victoria Square
Boston, John, publican, 237 Shankill Road and 2-4 Snugville Street; res., 17 Lyndhurst Gardens
Boston, Miss A., 37 Joanmount Park
Boston, Mrs. L., 89 Richardson Street
Boston, Mrs. S., 13 Cooldarragh Park North
Boston, M. J., agent, 4 Queen Street
Boston, Thomas W., fitter, 531 Springfield Road
Boston, T., 4 Vernon Street
Boston, Victor, 58 Bloomfield Road
Boston, W. J., 8 Queen Street
Boston, W. J., traveller, 8 Florida Street
Boston, W. J., wireless operator, 273 Holywood Road
Boswell, William Alfred, 20 Strangford Avenue
Botanic Avenue Irish Evangelical Church, 42-44 Botanic Avenue
Botanic Gardens Park, University Road and Botanic Avenue
Botanic House Private Nursing Home, 57 Botanic Avenue
Botanic P.E. School, Agincourt Avenue
Bothwell, Jas., 1 Graymount Gardens
Bothwell, John D., 39 Dover Street
Bothwell, John H., clerk, 24 Cicero Gardens
Bothwell, J., 7 Elimgrove Street
Bothwell, Miss, 1 Knock Road
Bothwell, Miss, 31 Eastleigh Drive
Bothwell, Mrs., Marston House, Knockbreda Road
Bothwell, M., 76 Lodge Road Old
Bothwell, M., 5 Kerrsland Parade
Bothwell, R. J., joiner, 5 Eastleigh Drive
Bothwell, Walter, joiner, 24 Kirkliston Gardens
Bothwell, William J., 4 Ardgreenan Place
Bothwell, Wm., barman, 11 Diamond Street
Boucher, F. J., yarn and cloth manufacturers' agent, 17 Brunswick Street; res., 29 Earlswood Road
Boucher, James, 78 Woodstock Road
Boucher, J. E., 4 Belmont Drive
Boucher, Miss A. G., 50 Cherryvalley Gardens
Boucher, Mrs. I. L., 101 Osborne Park
Boucher, W., 108 Melrose Street
Boucher, W., bread server, 38 Holland Crescent
Bouick, John L., manager, 64 Maryville Park
Boulter, Allan, grocer, 345 Cregagh Road
Bounden, J. E., sergt. R.U.C., 25 India Street
Bourke, C. E., outfitter, 25-29 Bridge Street
Bourke, C. E., Ltd., drapers, outfitters, house furnishers, etc., 213-223 and 214-216 Newtownards Road; 11 Shaftesbury Square and 4 Donegall Pass. C. E. Bourke, J.P., 12 Kensington Road
Bourke, H. T., agent, 48 Botanic Avenue
Bourke, J., 14 Castleview Road
Bourke, J., agent, 41 (15) Donegall Place
Bourke, Mrs., 13 University Avenue
Bourke, R. J., boot merchant, 4 Dundela Gardens
Bourke, Wm., Road End Cottage, Barnett's Road
Bousfield, C. F., joiner, 215 Cregagh Street
Bousfield, Mrs. Esther, 163a Snugville Street
Boustead, John C., fitter, 25 Orby Drive
Bovril Ltd., 47 Waring Street
Bowden, H., electrician, 9 Holland Gardens
Bowden, James, 68-70 Joy Street
Bowden, Jas., salesman, Ashfield, Ormonde Park (Finaghy)
Bowden, John, 19 Grace Avenue
Bowden, John D., insurance agent, Pembroke, Malone Road Upper
Bowden, J. F., manufacturers' agent, 48 (2) Church Lane Upper; res., 30 Stormont Park
Bowden, J. P., M.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist, 30 Bradbury Place
Bowden, J. P., chemist, 11 Malone Road Upper
Bowden, Kathleen, ladies' hairdresser, 61 Holywood Road
Bowden, Miss A., 72 Fitzroy Avenue
Bowden, Miss E. J., 46 South Parade
Bowden, Mrs., 41 Orby Gardens
Bowden, Mrs., 52 Broadway
Bowden, Mrs., 14 Clanroy Parade
Bowden, Mrs. H., 57 Tate's Avenue
Bowden, Mrs. J. R., 11 Fortwilliam Park
Bowden, Mrs. Margaret, 108 Ballygomartin Road
Bowden, S., R.U.C., 41 Blenheim Drive
Bowden, William, junr., traveller, 12 Kingsway Park
Bowden, Wm., electrical engineer, 78 Tildarg Street
Bowden, Wm., traveller, 108 Ballygomartin Road
Bowden, Wm., bakers' sundries, 57 Donegall Street Little
Bowe, J. J. A., L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 18 May Street
Bowe, Mrs. M. A., 25 Knutsford Drive
Bowen, F., R.U.C., 14 Cheltenham Gardens
Bowen, Mrs. Annie, publican, 233-235 Grosvenor Road
Bower, G., R.U.C., 4 Prince Edward Park
Bower, Mrs., 19 Fairview Street
Bowers, B., 45 Eglantine Avenue
Bowers, John, 9 Silverstream Parade
Bowers, Miss Alice, 22 Glandore Gardens
Bowers, Mrs. C. M., 23 Glanworth Drive
Bowes, Fredk., supper saloon, 151a Beersbridge Road
Bowes, George, outfitter, 47 Cardigan Drive
Bowes, G., 8 Hillcrest Gardens
Bowes, J. G. H., 62 Queen Street Upper
Bowes, Miss M., 7 Belvedere Park
Bowes, Mrs., dress maker, 129 Antrim Road
Bowie, Mrs. A., 81 Torrens Crescent
Bowker, Mrs. S. G., 17 Connsbrook Avenue
Bowker, Sydney, clerk, 60 Orangefield Crescent
Bowler, Miss Mary, 110 Madrid Street
Bowles & Co., fleshers, 183 Ormeau Road and 89 Woodstock Road
Bowles, J., engineer, 9 Delhi Parade
Bowles, S., metal merchant, 55 Ballygomartin Road
Bowley, Major Geoffrey R. M., Heathcote, Sans Souci Park
Bowmaker Ltd., Industrial Bankers, 17 Wellington Place
Bowman, A., butcher, Knocklayde, Circular Road West and 6 Antrim Road
Bowman, Edward, 17 Hewitt Parade
Bowman, Hugh, 223 Cliftonville Road
Bowman, Hugh, butcher, 94 Shankill Road
Bowman, H., butcher, 21 Rosemount Gardens
Bowman, James, hairdresser, 63 Fortwilliam Crescent
Bowman, John, clerk, 19 Shore Road
Bowman, J., R.U.C., 38 Victoria Gardens
Bowman, J., boot maker, 34 Distillery Street
Bowman, J., hairdresser, 180 York Street
Bowman, Loftus, bookkeeper, 31 Ardmore Park
Bowman, Miss, 11 Castleview Terrace
Bowman, Miss Jane, 81 Woodstock Road
Bowman, Mrs., 28 Ormeau Street
Bowman, Mrs., 2 Lawnbrook Avenue
Bowman, Mrs., 356 Newtownards Road Upper
Bowman, Mrs. Agnes, 38 Sandown Road
Bowman, Mrs. Anna M., 18 Sydenham Drive
Bowman, Mrs. Emily, 28 Ormeau Street
Bowman, Mrs. K., butcher, 71 Woodvale Road
Bowman, Mrs. M., 8 Joanmount Gardens
Bowman, Mrs. S., confectioner, 124 Lisburn Road
Bowman, R. R., civil servant, Coolatin, Circular Road
Bowman, S. & E., painters & decorators, 330 Newtownards Road Upper
Bowman, Thomas, stone cutter, 56 Sandown Road
Bowman, Wm., fitter, 10 Donnybrook Street
Bowman, W. J., 14 Knockvale Park
Bown, John A., school master, 60 Rugby Road
Bownass, J. A., 116 Deerpark Road
Bowness, Thos. M., joiner, 53 Brookvale Street
Bowyer, Alfred H., 43 Cherryvalley Park
Bowyer, James, card cutter, 163 Dunluce Avenue
Boxing Hall, 5 York Street Little
Boy Scouts' Association, 26 Howard Street
Boy Scouts, 4th Troop, 1 Kimberley Drive
Boy Scouts, 26th Group Headquarters, 2 Gibson Park Avenue
Boy Scouts, 28th Troop Headquarters, Tamar Street
Boy Scouts, 37th Troop Headquarters, 3 Lisbon Street
Boyce, Alex., joiner, 39 Woodvale Gardens
Boyce Bros., cabinet makers, Locksley Drive
Boyce, David, carpenter, 76 Hillsboro' Drive
Boyce, David, tram driver, 27 Bryson Street
Boyce, Henry, clerk, 32 Clonlee Drive
Boyce, H., 17 Parkgate Avenue
Boyce, I., conductor, 70 Hillsborough Drive
Boyce, J., 39 Delhi Street
Boyce, J. (C.S.M.M.G.), 50 Mountcharles
Boyce, J. T., flesher, 660 Oldpark Road
Boyce, Kenneth, traveller, 13 Abbeydale Park
Boyce, Matthew, shop fitter, 13 Woodvale Parade
Boyce, Miss, school teacher, 13 Woodvale Gardens
Boyce, Miss B., 19 Wellington Park Terrace
Boyce, Miss S., dress maker, 40 Oldpark Avenue
Boyce, Mrs., 63 Lavinia Street
Boyce, Mrs. E., 49 Windsor Avenue Lower
Boyce, Mrs. M., 96 Agnes Street
Boyce, Mrs. M. T., 6 Cedar Avenue
Boyce, Mrs. Sarah Ann, 1a Ravenscroft Avenue
Boyce, Thomas J., Fernwood, Diamond Gardens
Boyce, T., P.O. official, 18 Rutland Street
Boyce, T. W., commercial traveller, 29 Orpen Road
Boyce, William, plater, 65 Serpentine Road
Boyce, Wm., 36 Northwood Drive
Boyd, Very Rev. Alexis, C.P., Wheatfield House, Crumlin Road
Boyd, A., inspector, 72 Ashley Avenue
Boyd, A. C., & Newman, 1 Wellington Place
Boyd, A. E., 1 Priory Park
Boyd, A. J., agent, 40 Donegall Street
Boyd, A. J., 206 Malone Road
Boyd, Charles, fitter, 52 Beechmount Street
Boyd & Co., estate agents, 2 (42) Linen Hall Street
Boyd & Co., printers, 110a Oldpark Road
Boyd & Co., Distillers and Wholesale Wine Merchants, 25-27 Hill Street
Boyd, C., cleaner, 148 Rosebery Road
Boyd, David, holder-up, 14 Ilchester Street
Boyd, David, engineer, 30 Victoria Road
Boyd, David, painter, 10 Hatfield Street
Boyd, David, warehouseman, 118 University Avenue
Boyd, David,
R.U.C., 35 Glenbank Place
Boyd, David, sexton's lodge, 70 Sydenham Avenue
Boyd, David, journalist, 36 Onslow Gardens
Boyd, David, 58 Grosvenor Road
Boyd, Major David A., 10 Castle Gardens
Boyd, Dr. Douglas, M.B., D.M.R.E., 81 University Road
Boyd, Dunlop & Co., insurance brokers, 54 Wellington Place
Boyd, D. W., Manhattan, Kensington Road
Boyd, D. W., bank official, 35 Orient Gardens
Boyd, D. W., M.R.I.A.I., architect and civil engineer, 2 (43) Wellington Place
Boyd, Edward, chemist, 9 Madrid Street
Boyd, E., fitter, 133 My Lady's Road
Boyd, E. & A., 43 Ulsterville Avenue
Boyd, E. F., bank official, 10 Manna Grove
Boyd, Francis E. B., 219 Orby Drive
Boyd, Fred. A., & Co. Ltd., handkerchief manufacturers, 7 Brunswick Street
Boyd, F. J., 2 Knock Eden Park
Boyd, F. J., traveller, 75 Cedar Avenue
Boyd, George, foreman, 14 Meadowbank Place
Boyd, George, plumber, 58 Springfield Road
Boyd, George, Ink Bottle, Glencairn Road
Boyd, G., machine man, 15 Harkness Parade
Boyd, Henry, 21 Stranmillis Road
Boyd, Herbert W., merchant and agent, Fortwilliam, Lisburn Road
Boyd, Hugh, Bungalows, Wolfhill Road
Boyd, Hugh, 214 Cupar Street
Boyd, Hugh, printer, 82 Percy Street
Boyd, Hugh, 68 Townsend Street
Boyd, Hugh, plater, 149 Madrid Street
Boyd, H., confectioner, 54 Woodvale Road
Boyd, H., stabling yard, 17-19 Wolff Street
Boyd, H., milk vendor, 8 Deanby Gardens
Boyd, H. C., electrician, 42 Ava Avenue
Boyd, H. H., & Magill, auditors, accountants, and estate agents, 10 (3) Arthur Street
Boyd, Isaac, Shallum Villa, Gilnahirk Road
Boyd, Isaac, 11 Grosvenor Road
Boyd, I., boot repairer, 99-101 Dublin Road
Boyd, James, 47 Empire Street
Boyd, James, plater, 11 Hatfield Street
Boyd, James, R.U.C., 2 Hesketh Park
Boyd, James, 40 Ailesbury Road
Boyd, James, shop keeper, 42 Clara Avenue
Boyd, James, 10 Ranfurly Drive
Boyd, James, 11 Myrtlefield Park
Boyd, James, city missionary, 19 Roe Street
Boyd, James, 19 Lowwood Park
Boyd, James, cashier, 1 Cadogan Street
Boyd, James, plumber, 35 Irwin Drive
Boyd, James, grocer, 158 Castlereagh Road
Boyd, James, 27 Sandhurst Drive
Boyd, James, 43 Knockvale Park
Boyd, James, salesman, 16 Elimgrove Street
Boyd, James A., traveller, 77 Knutsford Drive
Boyd, Jas., provision merchant, 122 Sandy Row
Boyd, John, 34 Eblana Street
Boyd, John, blacksmith, 165 Joanmount Gardens
Boyd, John, agent, 30 Rosemary Street
Boyd, John, plater, 72 Belmont Avenue
Boyd, John, confectioner, 4 Ravenhill Road
Boyd, John, confectioner, 100 Mountpottinger Road
Boyd, John, accountant, 16 Newtownards Road Upper
Boyd, John, director, Lisvarna, Lisburn Road
Boyd, John, F.N.A.A., Estate and Insurance Agent, 33 Donegall Street
Boyd, John, chauffeur, 25 Sandymount Street
Boyd, John, painter, 26 Ava Drive
Boyd, John, driver, 117 Deramore Avenue
Boyd, John, stevedore, 33 Ladas Drive
Boyd, John, M.B., surgeon, 281 Ormeau Road
Boyd, John, 9 Knockburn Park
Boyd, John J., 51 Cherryvalley Gardens
Boyd, John C., confectioner, 355 Oldpark Road
Boyd, John St. Clair, 12 Malone Road
Boyd, J., carter, 10 Diamond Street
Boyd, J., 1 Ardenlee Drive
Boyd, J., grocer, 48 Joy Street
Boyd, J., grocer, 121 Bloomfield Avenue
Boyd, J., 53 Glenbank Drive
Boyd, J., 6 Kirklowe Drive
Boyd, J., engineer, 9 Victoria Avenue
Boyd, J. A., provision merchant, 8 Deramore Gardens
Boyd, J. F., gardener, 57 Richview Street
Boyd, J. H., 23 Gibson Park Gardens
Boyd, J. H., 19 Cameron Street
Boyd, J. J., clerk, 15 Inverary Drive
Boyd, J. J., 105 Kimberley Street
Boyd, J. Victor, teacher, 9 Cregagh Park
Boyd, J. W. M., 27 Sunningdale Park North
Boyd, Kenneth, bookkeeper, 31 Glandore Avenue
Boyd, Marjory, 33 Holland Park
Boyd, Mary, 33 Sandown Road
Boyd, Prof. Maurice, 8 Maryville Park
Boyd, Morris J., teacher, Shirley, Ardmore Park South
Boyd, Miss, 66 Reid Street
Boyd, Miss, 36 Sandhurst Gardens
Boyd, Miss, 27 Elaine Street
Boyd, Miss, 65 Moyola Street
Boyd, Miss, 2 Irwin Crescent
Boyd, Miss B., 25 Thornhill Park
Boyd, Miss Elizabeth, 159 King's Road
Boyd, Miss E. C., 22 Sans Souci Park
Boyd, Miss Francis, The Drift, Greenwood Avenue (Frances)
Boyd, Miss F., 45 Rugby Road
Boyd, Miss I., 56 Malone Avenue
Boyd, Miss J., 48 Fitzroy Avenue
Boyd, Miss K. M., 67 King's Road
Boyd, Miss L., 24 Agincourt Street
Boyd, Miss Mary, 122 Woodstock Road
Boyd, Miss M. M., 42 Cranmore Gardens
Boyd, Miss Patricia, 436 Antrim Road
Boyd, Miss S. J., 215 Tennent Street
Boyd, Misses, 53 Fitzwilliam Street
Boyd, The Misses F. & C., drapers, 629a Lisburn Road
Boyd, Mrs., 36 Fairview Street
Boyd, Mrs., 68 (7) Cliftonpark Avenue
Boyd, Mrs., 9 Wellwood Street
Boyd, Mrs., 18 My Lady's Road
Boyd, Mrs., 95 Belmont Road
Boyd, Mrs., 13 Camden Street
Boyd, Mrs., 86 Ballygomartin Road
Boyd, Mrs., 1 Sunnyside Street
Boyd, Mrs., Diamond Garden House, Diamond Gardens
Boyd, Mrs., caretaker, 20 Waring Street
Boyd, Mrs., 39 Meadow Street
Boyd, Mrs., 42 Shaftesbury Avenue
Boyd, Mrs., agent, 97 Ormeau Road
Boyd, Mrs. Annie, 25 Brandon Parade
Boyd, Mrs. A. J., 6 Lomond Avenue
Boyd, Mrs. E., 1 Ormiston Gardens
Boyd, Mrs. J., 10 Landscape Terrace
Boyd, Mrs. J. B., 13 Inver Avenue
Boyd, Mrs. K., 49 Ravenhill Gardens
Boyd, Mrs. Margaret, 26 Knockdene Park South
Boyd, Mrs. M., 123 Haypark Avenue
Boyd, Mrs. M., 25 Landscape Terrace
Boyd, Mrs. M., 31 St. Jude's Crescent
Boyd, Mrs. S., 26 Glendower Street
Boyd, Mrs. S., 33 St. Jude's Parade
Boyd, M., grocer, 94a Tennent Street
Boyd, Patricia V., 521 Antrim Road
Boyd, Ralph, motor tutor, 64 (20) Victoria Street Great
Boyd, Richard, boiler maker, 13 Larkfield Road
Boyd, Robert, 8 Cooldarragh Park
Boyd, Robert, house, land, and insurance agent, 2-4 Garfield Street; res., Oakdene, Annadale Avenue
Boyd, Robert, accountant, Danesfort, Cavehill Road Old
Boyd, Robert, tram conductor, 13 Skegoneill Drive
Boyd, Robert, draper, 237 Albert Bridge Road
Boyd, Robert, turner, 229 Ballysillan Road
Boyd, Robert, engine driver, 33 Loopland Road
Boyd, Robert H., cutter, 38 Dunluce Avenue
Boyd, Robert J., draughtsman, 18 Rosetta Drive
Boyd, Robert S., 3 Eileen Gardens
Boyd, R., produce merchant, 9 May's Market
Boyd, R., inspector, 42 Silverstream Parade
Boyd, R., linen lapper, 5 Hartington Street
Boyd, R., 17 Abbeydale Park
Boyd, R. C., insurance agent, Glenlee, Circular Road West
Boyd, Rev. R. H., B.A., D.D., 41 Osborne Park
Boyd, R. J., 72 Wellington Park
Boyd, R. J., caretaker, 9 Chichester Street
Boyd, R. J., provision merchant, 269 Albert Bridge Road; curing store, 36 Montrose Street
Boyd, R. R., provision merchant, 14-16 Newtownards Road
Boyd, Samuel, flesher, 262 Grosvenor Road
Boyd, Samuel, tailor, 36 Crumlin Gardens
Boyd, Capt. Samuel, 30 Parkgate Avenue
Boyd, Samuel, plumber, 25 Silverstream Gardens
Boyd, Samuel, R.U.S.C., 42 Baden Powell Street
Boyd, Samuel, clerk, 27 Ladas Drive
Boyd, Samuel, provision merchant, 48 Madison Avenue
Boyd, Samuel G., 32 Edlingham Street
Boyd, Saml., meat inspector, 170 Ballygomartin Road
Boyd, Sydney, joiner, 72 Melrose Street
Boyd, S. J. M., 380 Woodstock Road
Boyd, S. R., 62 Bawnmore Road
Boyd, Thomas, painter, 78 Marlborough Park C.
Boyd, Thos,. master mariner, 34 Newington Street
Boyd, Thos., 4 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Boyd, Thos. H., designer, 176 Joanmount Gardens
Boyd, T., 35 Fernwood Street
Boyd, T. A., clerk, 40 Sandhurst Gardens
Boyd, William, 36 Lothair Avenue
Boyd, William, 31 St. Aubyn Street West
Boyd, William, clerk, 24 Sydenham Drive
Boyd, William, insurance agent, 549 Springfield Road
Boyd, William, nurseryman, Wilgar Street
Boyd, William A., 22 Somerdale Park
Boyd, Wm., studio, 33 Wellington Place
Boyd, Wm., Beech Hill Cottage, King's Road
Boyd, Wm., secretary, 26 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Boyd, Wm., 80 Cliftonpark Avenue
Boyd, W. A., R.U.C., 45 Blenheim Drive
Boyd, W. A., chemist, 503 Crumlin Road
Boyd, W. A., insurance agent, 2 Onslow Gardens
Boyd, W. A. L., teacher, 36 Cyprus Avenue
Boyd, W. D., shoe maker, 60 Campbell Park Avenue
Boyd, W. D., boot maker, 70 Connsbrook Avenue
Boyd, W. D., boot maker, 131 Bloomfield Avenue
Boyd, W. E., smith, 80 Wheatfield Crescent
Boyd, W. J., engineer, 46 Locksley Park
Boyd, W. J., caulker, 236 Connsbrook Avenue
Boyd, W. J., tram conductor, 78 Tate's Avenue
Boyd, W. J., 5 Dunraven Avenue
Boyd, W. J. M., 24 Eastleigh Drive
Boyd, W. R., 40 Cabin Hill Gardens
Boyd, W. S., agent, 19 India Street
Boyd, W. T., plater, 20 Hatfield Street
Boyd, W. W., agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Boyd's Provision Store, 36 Lodge Road Old
Boylan, Francis, baker, 4 Harrogate Street
Boylan, John, 44 Arizona Street
Boylan, Jos., storeman, 119 Falls Road
Boylan, Mary, 136 Divis Street
Boylan, Peter, bread server, 32 Beechmount Street
Boylan, Rose, 1 Maurice Street
Boyle, Alexander, foreman, 27 Kerrsland Crescent
Boyle, Charles, newsagent, 14 Fallswater Drive
Boyle, D. J., 29 Oakland Avenue
Boyle, Francis J., 13 Rugby Road
Boyle, F. J., chemist, 200 Falls Road
Boyle, George, driller, 2 Fortview Terrace
Boyle, George, manager, 55 Castlereagh Street
Boyle, James, estate agent, 49 Norfolk Drive
Boyle, James, 22 Fitzroy Avenue
Boyle, James, iron moulder, 14 Glencairn Street
Boyle, James, agent, 6 Arthur Street
Boyle, James, auctioneer, 16 Waring Street
Boyle, Jas., manufacturers' agent, 82 Royal Avenue
Boyle, Jas., traveller, 103 Fitzroy Avenue
Boyle, Jas., barman, 48 Ava Street
Boyle, Jas., french polisher, 27 King Street
Boyle, John, clerk, 36 Victoria Street Little
Boyle, Joseph, fruiterer, 169 Divis Street
Boyle, J., secretary, 527 Newtownards Road Upper
Boyle, J., 4 Campbell Park Avenue
Boyle, Mary, 22 Springfield Road
Boyle, Miss, 16 Sharman Road
Boyle, Miss, hairdresser, 220 Grosvenor Road
Boyle, Miss, principal, 18 Florenceville Avenue
Boyle, Miss A., 140 Divis Street
Boyle, Miss F., 22 Knutsford Drive
Boyle, Mrs., 10 Knockvale Park
Boyle, Mrs., 5 Bedeque Street
Boyle, Mrs., 71 Oakland Avenue
Boyle, Mrs. B., 10 Earl Street
Boyle, Mrs. Elizabeth, 16 Clifton Crescent
Boyle, Mrs. E., dealer, 3 Smithfield Market
Boyle, Mrs. E., 6 Cavehill View, Shore Road
Boyle, Mrs. J., 4 Abbeydale Park
Boyle, Mrs. J., 6 Mount Merrion Gardens
Boyle, Mrs. Margaret, 33 Rosevale Street
Boyle, Mrs. Margaret, 24 Ardenlee Parade
Boyle, Mrs. M., 14 Glenside Parade
Boyle, Mrs. M., 82a Cromac Street
Boyle, Mrs. M. M., 32 Cyprus Avenue
Boyle, Mrs. S. A., publican, 30 Ravenhill Road
Boyle, P., grocer, 15 Whiterock Road
Boyle, P., fish saloon, 83 Albert Street
Boyle, P., fish merchant, Oxford Street
Boyle, R. G., 34 Elimgrove Street
Boyle, R. J., joiner, 7 Bedeque Street
Boyle, Samuel, accountant, 29 Malone Park
Boyle, Saml. & Co., incorporated accountants, 38 Donegall Place
Boyle, Thomas, 502 Donegall Road
Boyle, Thomas, civil servant, 2 La Salle Gardens
Boyle, T. H., sports' outfitter, 14 Chichester Street; res., 22 Ardenlee Parade
Boyle, William, fireman, 38 Cyprus Street
Boyle, William, 99 Grand Parade
Boyle, William, salesman, 44 Silverstream Park
Boyle, Wm., green grocer, 20 Cyprus Street
Boyle, W., 66 Woodvale Avenue
Boyles, John, 111 Skegoneill Avenue
Boyles, Mrs., 10 Townsend Street Upper
Boyles, William J., 41 Parkend Street
Boyles, W. J., & Sons, 5 Meadow Street
Boyles, W. J., wood turner, 137 Shore Road
Boys, R., engineer, 4 Ashfield Drive
Boys, Ada, fruiterer, 191 York Street
Boys' Brigade, Belfast Battalion Headquarters, 14 May Street
Boys' Club, 156 Castlereagh Road
Boys' School, B. D. Kidd, prin., 10 Glastonbury Avenue
Brabb, Mrs., 22 Twickenham Street
Braby, Fred., & Co. Ltd., Glasgow, Constructional Engineers, 10 Royal Avenue
Bracegirdle, James H., bus driver, 116 Templemore Avenue
Brack, J., crane man, 28 Delaware Street
Bracken, David, pattern maker, 72 Perth Street
Bracken, R. S., engineer, 8 Haypark Gardens
Brackenber House School, 6 Cleaver Avenue
Brackenridge, R., 65 Kimberley Street
Brackenridge, John, fitter, 545 Springfield Road
Brackenridge, Mrs. M., 35 Wallasey Park
Brackin, B., 47 Lodge Road Old
Bradbury Building Works, 55 Bradbury Place
Bradbury Hotel, 121 Victoria Street Great
Bradbury, H. V., soldier, 42 Cavehill Road
Bradbury, John, 4 Northwood Crescent
Bradbury, John, fitter, 108 Finaghy Road North
Bradbury, John B., fitter, 39 Posnett Street
Bradbury, John D., Glennan, Lisburn Road
Bradbury Place Post Office, 27 Bradbury Place
Bradbury, Wm., hairdresser, 247a Queen Street North
Braddell, Joseph, & Sons, Gunmakers, Fishing Rod and tackle Manufacturers. Agents for Messrs. Hardy Bros., Alnwick. Wm. J. Clarke, Proprietor, 7 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Braden, Frederick, 181 Oldpark Road
Braden, J., 6 Ava Park
Braden, Mrs. Dorothy, 175 Oldpark Road
Braden, Mrs. E., grocer, 46 Rowland Street
Braden, Mrs. M., 19 Clifton Drive
Bradford, Fred, clerk, 2 Ravenhill Parade
Bradford, Julius C., engineer, 75 Lansdowne Road
Bradford, Mrs., caretaker, 10 Royal Avenue
Bradford, Mrs. 38 Rathlin Street
Bradford, Mrs. Bridget, 214 Stranmillis Road
Bradford, Mrs. M., 27 Balmoral Avenue
Bradford, N., 129 Cavehill Road
Bradford permanent Building Society, 35 Royal Avenue
Bradford, R., electrician, 99 Bloomfield Avenue
Bradford, Samuel W., rigger, 134 Grand Parade
Bradford, Semple, & Co., engineers, Princess Street Court
Bradford, S., engineer, 12 Willesden Park
Bradford, Theodore, 10 Glanworth Drive
Bradford, Wm., joiner, 112 Arbour Street
Bradin, Mrs., 17 Twickenham Street
Bradley, A. V., printer, 49 Shandon Park
Bradley, Chas., 21 Twaddell Avenue
Bradley, C. W., 23 Sandhill Parade
Bradley, David, agent, 40 Victoria Square
Bradley, Dr., Broomhall, Andersonstown
Bradley, D., bank official, 60 Galwally Park
Bradley, D., 44 Maryville Park
Bradley, Edward, 18 Mooreland Park
Bradley, F., 6 Belmont Place
Bradley, G., 20 Donegall Park
Bradley, Harry, conductor, 5 Fortwilliam Crescent
Bradley, Henry, 12 Westland Gardens
Bradley, James, publican, 4-8 Library Street and 10-12 Hill Street
Bradley, James, publican, Privet, Andersonstown
Bradley, James, milkman, 363 Castlereagh Road
Bradley, James, 30 Allworthy Avenue
Bradley, John, publican, 47-49 Rosemary Street
Bradley, John, publican, 690 Ravenhill Road
Bradley, John, chef, 1 Fairview Street
Bradley, John, bread server, 55 Hillsborough Drive
Bradley, John, inspector, 30 St. Jude's Crescent
Bradley, John, coal agent, 10 Castleview Terrace
Bradley, John, 56 Cromac Street
Bradley, J., surgical instruments, 57 Victoria Street Great
Bradley, J., confectioner, 409 Crumlin Road
Bradley, J., tailor, 26 Albion Street
Bradley, J. P., civil servant, 27 Knock Eden Park
Bradley, Miss, 63 Lomond Avenue
Bradley, Miss J., 22 Elm Street
Bradley, Miss L. T., 10 Thornhill Park
Bradley, Mrs., 11 Glenburn Park
Bradley, Mrs. Bridget, hairdresser, 3 Cromac Square
Bradley, Mrs. E. D., 34 Brookvale Avenue
Bradley, Mrs. Margaret J., 5 Victoria Gardens
Bradley, Mrs. M., 61 Lavinia Street
Bradley, M., 6 Thorndale Avenue
Bradley, M. P., surgeon, 186 Falls Road
Bradley, Dr. M. P., Broomhall, Andersonstown
Bradley, Patrick, bottler, 106 Joy Street
Bradley, Robert, 49 Chadwick Street
Bradley, Robert, 5 Cambridge Street
Bradley, R. S., baker, 20 Delaware Street
Bradley, Thomas, conductor, 44 Sandhurst Gardens
Bradley, Thos., 20 Harleston Street
Bradley, T., 4 Mountview Street
Bradley, T., 6 Clara Park
Bradley, T. J., civil servant, 17 Kingsway Avenue
Bradley, Victor, printer, 5 Bedford Street
Bradley, Walter, 146 Ainsworth Avenue
Bradley, William, 1 Sandhill Parade
Bradley, Wm., manager, 89 Killowen Street
Bradley, Wm., traveller, 16 Upton Park
Bradley, W., 5 Bristow Park
Bradshaw, Albert, bus driver, 22 Windsor Avenue Lower
Bradshaw, Albert, cabinet maker, 61 Rugby Road
Bradshaw, A., billiard marker, 159 Albert Bridge Road

Bradshaw, Eliz. B., 33 Madison Avenue
Bradshaw, George F., clerk, 40 Cheltenham Park
Bradshaw, G. R., checker, 4a Canada Street
Bradshaw, I., 58 Crumlin Road
Bradshaw, James, 26 Sandymount Street
Bradshaw, Rev. J. B., 25 Rugby Road
Bradshaw, J. M., 53 Myrtlefield Park
Bradshaw, J. R., & Co., wholesale china and glass merchants, 15-17 James Street South
Bradshaw, J. W., clerk, 9 Joanmount Park
Bradshaw, Leonard, 18 Upton Park
Bradshaw, Miss Ethel, 4 Clarendon Avenue
Bradshaw, Miss E., nursing home, 1-2 College Park East
Bradshaw, Mrs., 1 Ratcliffe Street
Bradshaw, Mrs., 48 Townsend Street Upper
Bradshaw, Mrs. Agnes, 214 Cregagh Road
Bradshaw, Mrs. Edith, 28 Bawnmore Road
Bradshaw, Mrs. R., 27 Kirkliston Drive
Bradshaw, Wilson, traveller, 56 Dromore Street
Bradshaw, W., building contractor, 79 Wellington Park
Bradshaw, W. J., clerk, 49 Joanmount Gardens
Bradshaw, W. J., 9 Locksley Gardens
Bradshaw, W., & Son, builders, 374 Shankill Road
Brady, Alex., 58 Moyola Street
Brady, Bernard, Ancroft, Clara Park
Brady, Bridget, 32 Millfield
Brady, Charles, 121 Donegall Pass
Brady, Charles A., publican, 3 Pine Street
Brady, Chas., butcher, 63 Joy Street
Brady, Chas., 2 Peel Street
Brady, Cormac, 44 Falls Road
Brady, D., commission agent, 272 Falls Road
Brady, Francis, 49a Rugby Avenue
Brady, G. B. D., C.C., 92 Somerton Road
Brady, James, hairdresser, 12 Wellington Street
Brady, James M., 15 Newington Avenue
Brady, James, J.P., linen merchant, 15 Rosetta Avenue
Brady, James, hairdresser, 508 Falls Road
Brady, James, marine engineer, 7 Henrietta Street
Brady, John, 148 Kensington Road
Brady, John, 10 Richmond Square
Brady, John, publican, 62 Lodge Road New
Brady, J., hairdresser, 10-12 Wellington Street
Brady, J., bread server, 34 Ardenlee Gardens
Brady, Rev. J. R., B.A., 39 Malone Avenue
Brady, Matthew, engineer, 17 Cavendish Square
Brady, Mrs., 551 Donegall Road
Brady, Mrs. I., 45 Ardenlee Drive
Brady, Mrs. J., 262 Falls Road
Brady, M., 145 Falls Road
Brady, N., dentist's assistant, 22 Woodvale Parade
Brady, Philip, director, 56 Westland Road
Brady, R., joiner, 53 Ulsterville Gardens
Brady, Terence, spirit merchant, 161 Euston Street
Brady, Theodore, 132 Agincourt Avenue
Brady, Wm. O'H., joiner, 8 Silverstream Gardens
Brady's, stationers, 249 Duncairn Gardens
Braiden, Mrs. Mary, 1 Welsh Street
Brain, Alex., 19 Pasadena Gardens
Braithwaite, D., moulder, 117 Madrid Street
Braithwaite, Geo. E., driver, 19 Castlereagh Place
Braithwaite, G. E., motor driver, 50 Reid Street
Braithwaite, James, mechanic, 44 Sandymount Street
Braithwaite, John, 35 Knutsford Drive
Braithwaite & McCann Ltd., spirit merchants, 21 Church Lane and branches
Braithwaite, W. D., painter, 4a Norwood Street
Branagh, Arthur H., engineer, 2a Hatfield Street
Branagh, F. & M., grocers, 5 Beersbridge Road
Branagh, John, R.N., 73 Brougham Street
Branagh, Miss Mabel, 45 Castlereagh Place
Branagh, Patrick, 22 St. Meryl Park
Branagh, W., 24-26 Henry Street
Brand, A., civil servant, 25 Whitewell Parade
Brand, Charles, & Son, Ltd., civil engineers, contractors, Duncrue Street
Brand & Co., Hosiery, gloves, etc., 29 Donegall Place
Brand, H. Moore, 11 Adelaide Park
Brand, J., joiner, 7 Rushfield Avenue
Brand, Mrs., 14 Adelaide Park
Brand, Mrs. H. J. S., Braehaven, Gilnahirk Road
Brand, Robert, Florida, Ormonde Park
Brand, R. T., & Co., chartered accountants, 30 Rosemary Street
Brand, W., 10 Coolmoyne Park
Brand, W. J., manufacturers'' agent, 5 Wellington Place
Brandon, H. B., & Co., auditors and chartered accountants, 7 (78-85) Donegall Square West
Brands & Normans Ltd., General Drapers, Silk Mercers, etc., 14-26 Castle Lane and 1-7 Callender Street. T.A.: "Norbran"
Brands, Gowns, Blouses and Sportswear, 49 Donegall Place and 1 Riddels Arcade
Brands Millinery Shop, 6 Riddels Arcade
Braney, W., 2 Ava Terrace, Shore Road
Braniff, D. F., 29 Shore Road
Braniff, John W., fitter, 15 Fortwilliam Crescent
Braniff, Miss K., 20 Holland Gardens
Braniff, Mrs. Sarah, 40 Chief Street
Braniff, T., carter, 51 Sunnyside Street
Braniff, William, 44 Dock Street
Branigan, H., coal dealer, 21 Woodstock Place
Brankin, Miss Rosina, grocer, 4 Barrack Street
Branney, Misses, drapers, 43 Cromac Street
Branney, Sarah, 8 Stewart Street
Brannigan, J., provision merchant, 74 Cullingtree Road
Brannigan, Peter, grocer, 75 Cullingtree Road
Brannigan, P., publican, 33-35a Cullingtree Road
Brannigan, R., bakery, 49 Lodge Road Old
Brannigan, T., dentist, 127 Duncairn Gardens
Brannigan, Wm., 22 Loopland Road
Brannigh, Thos., soldier, 25 Fairview Street
Branston, Mrs., 45 Glenmachen Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Brashaw, F. J., civil service, Brookfield, Stockman's Lane
Brassfounders' Society, Avenue Hall, 4 Garfield Street Lower
Brassington, R., motor engineer, 175 Stranmillis Road
Bratten, J., french polisher, 22 Willowholme Drive
Bratton, David, 11 Windsor Drive
Bratty, W. J., furnace man, 342 Oldpark Road
Brawn, D. A., 209 Ravenhill Road
Breach, Mrs. B., 234 Malone Road
Bready, J. G., warehouseman, 28 Stranmillis Road
Bready, M. G., solicitor, 11a Chichester Street
Breakey, Rev. J. C., 8 Donegall Park Avenue
Breakey, J. J., chemist, 376 Lisburn Road
Breakey, Mrs. F., 446 Antrim Road
Breakey, Major William, Elmwood, Chichester Park
Breakey, Dr. W. J., L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L., Glanleam Drive
Breanagh, W. J., assistant manager, 110 Ulsterville Avenue
Breathwait, Wm., decorator, 48 Downshire Road
Breathwait, W. D., junr., decorator, 10 Sussex Place
Breathwaite, Mrs. Edith, 4 Windsor Street
Breckenridge, J. S., teacher of elocution, 33 Gibson Park Gardens
Breen, Arthur, bookkeeper, 76 Springfield Road
Breen, F., 76 Balfour Avenue
Breen, George, Iona Hotel, 16 Dock Street
Breen, H., warder, 10 Fairview Street
Breen, Mary, confectioner, 205 Falls Road
Breen, Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 University Street
Breen, Phillip, 8 Glantrasna Drive
Breen, Rev. R. S., M.A., LL.D., 697 Antrim Road
Breen, R. S., 18 Wolseley Street
Breenan, F. T., 27 Silverstream Park
Breenan, George, window cleaner, 5 Albertville Drive
Breeze, Miss, 436 Oldpark Road
Brelsford, J., baker, 129 Agincourt Avenue
Bremner, Alex., soldier, 39 Earl Street
Brennan, B., T.U. official, 2 Beechfield Street
Brennan, C. J., Mus.Bac., F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., 5 Crescent Upper
Brennan, C. N., Casan-Linne, Fortwilliam Park
Brennan, David, driller, 42 Rosapenna Street
Brennan, Ernest, 12 Virginia Street
Brennan, E., electrical contractor, 13 College Street
Brennan, E., inspector, 74 Divis Drive
Brennan, George, 25 Orient Gardens
Brennan, Hugh A., R.A.F., 97 Cregagh Road
Brennan, H., 52 My Lady's Road
Brennan, James, 349 Donegall Road
Brennan, James. 29 Lyndhurst Gardens
Brennan, James, traveller, 76 Glen Road
Brennan, James, traveller, 10 St. Meryl Park
Brennan, James, fitter, 5 Ardmore Avenue
Brennan, John, Ardvarna Lodge, Circular Road
Brennan, John, fitter, 57 Melrose Street
Brennan, John, R.U.C., 14 Rosevale Street
Brennan, John J., architect, Lisheen, Andersonstown
Brennan, Jos., publican, 68 North Street and 1 Garfield Street Lower
Brennan, J. F., 83 Holywood Road
Brennan, L., boot maker, 363 Newtownards Road
Brennan, Miss Elizabeth, 19 Ladas Drive
Brennan, Miss M., teacher, 30 Ponsonby Avenue
Brennan, Mrs., 23 Ravenhill Avenue
Brennan, Mrs., 15 Fruithill Park
Brennan, Mrs. Ellen, 7 Virginia Street
Brennan, Mrs. Mary, 28 Beechmount Street
Brennan, Mrs. M., 66 Hillsborough Drive
Brennan, Mrs. M., 27 Virginia Street
Brennan, Patrick, publican, 116 Albert Bridge Road
Brennan, P., civil servant, 350 Springfield Road
Brennan, P., R.U.C., 178 Ainsworth Avenue
Brennan, P., 350 Springfield Road
Brennan, Rebecca, grocer, 292 Donegall Road
Brennan, Robert, tailor, 189 Templemore Avenue
Brennan, R. J., grocer, 3 Beechmount Street
Brennan, Samuel, 40 Harcourt Drive
Brennan, Thos. H., tramway official, 571 Oldpark Road
Brennan, Walter, teacher, 492 Donegall Road
Brennan, Wm., fireman, 55 Chadwick Street
Brennan, Wm., 40 Dundela Street
Brennan, Winifred, 68 Glen Road
Brennan, W., jeweller, 18 Lincoln Avenue
Brennen, Cecil, overseer, 23 University Avenue
Brennen, Miss Mary, supper saloon, 82-84, 90 Vernon Street
Brennen, Wilfred M., M.B., B.Ch., F.R.C.S., 6 University Terrace
Bresland, R. W., 5 Ormiston Gardens
Bresland, Rev. W. F., 503 Lisburn Road
Bretland, C. H., 31 Rossmore Avenue
Brett, John A., electrician, 5 Chesham Crescent
Brett, Miss, 128 Bladon Park
Brett, Mrs., 62 University Street
Brett, R. J., 16 Delaware Street
Brew, Ellen, draper, 376 Crumlin Road
Brew, Miss, 9 Lawrence Street
Brewer, Capt., 37 Marlborough Park Central
Brewer, John, cotton agent, 32a Linen Hall Street
Brewer, John, 1 The Poplars, Barnett's Road
Brewer, J., 193 Sandown Road
Brewer, J. Alfred (Glasgow), Chartered Patent Agents, T. Hewitt, Agent, 9 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Brewer, J. P., 105 Sydenham Avenue
Brewer, Mrs. A., 5 Ormiston Crescent
Brewer, Mrs. M., 70 Donegall Pass
Brewer, W. T., electrician, 45 Loopland Road
Brewster, Chas. D., 33 Bawnmore Road
Brewster Ltd. (Londonderry), biscuit manufacturers, 16 College Square East
Brians, Mrs., 37 Roseleigh Street
Briars, J. A., motorman, 28 Bruce Street
Brice, A., fitter, 7 Sydenham Drive
Bricklayers' Society, 4 Garfield Street Lower
Bridge End Post Office, 8 Bridge End
Bridge End Pram Co. (M. Trimble), 36 Bridge End
Bridge, N. M., inspector, 45 Eia Street
Bridge Supper Saloon, 222 Tate's Avenue
Bridge, Wm. N., electrician, 6 Wellesley Avenue
Bridgens, Miss, 22 Campbell Park Avenue
Bridges, E. O., glass cutter, 6 Crumlin Gardens
Bridges, G. F., 28 Wandsworth Gardens
Bridges, William, 31 Rosemount Gardens
Bridget, A., 11 Weston Drive
Bridget, Mrs., 5 St. James' Parade
Bridgett Bros., artistic silk banner painters, 19 Pakenham Street
Bridgett, Fredk., J.P., artist, 3 Prince Edward Park
Bridgett, M., 108 Knockbreda Road
Bridgett, S. J., 22 Sandymount Street
Bridgett, Wm. and Sons, artistic banner painters and regalia manufacturers, 106 Victoria Street Great
Bridgett, W., 47 Cranmore Gardens
Bridgett, W. J., grocer, 15 Cheltenham Park
Bridgham, T. N., 151 Sandown Road
Bridle, A. C., 9 Maryville Park
Bridle, H. F., R.N., 17 Glenside Parade
Bridle, Mrs. J., 17 Glenside Parade
Brien, Mrs., 6 Ulsterville Drive
Brien, Robert, 5 Kerrsland Crescent
Brien, S., 14 Cardigan Drive
Brien, Wm., clerk, 10 Brougham Street
Briens, Mrs. H. M., 12 Orpen Park
Brierley, Lieut. W. T., D.C.M., R.A., 589 Oldpark Road
Briers, Wm., sailor, 24 Ship Street
Briggs, Andrew, B.Com.Sc., 61 McClure Street
Briggs, Jas., linen business, 4 Collingwood Avenue
Briggs, J., 38 Greenville Road
Briggs, Mrs., 26 Cardigan Drive
Briggs, Mrs. E., 130 Malone Avenue
Briggs, Mrs. E. J., 16 Chambers Street
Briggs, Mrs. Jane, 13 Eglantine Avenue
Briggs, Mrs. M., 13 Grangeville Gardens
Briggs, Mrs. Sarah, dealer, 62 Divis Street
Briggs, Robert, newsagent, 58 Ashley Drive
Briggs, Rowland, 9 Ashley Drive
Briggs, R. A., ladies' outfitter, 108 Cromwell Road
Briggs, R. R. K., 16 Windsor Park
Briggs, Thomas, machinist, 255 Joanmount Gardens
Briggs, T. J. C., motor driver, 15 Sunnyside Drive
Briggs, T. R., 6 Eileen Gardens
Briggs, William, commission agent, 3 Fortwilliam Park
Briggs, Wm., rivetter, 43 Devon Parade
Briggs, W., coal merchant, 36a Ashmore Street
Brigham, H. M., R.U.C., Narooma, Orby Drive
Brimkcomre, R., 5 Greenwood Park
Brines, Capt. James, 64 Wheatfield Crescent
Brisbane, Wm., storeman, 11 Victoria Avenue
Brislin, Charles Edward, 25 Whitewell Crescent
Bristow, A., manager, 26 Deerpark Drive
Bristow, John, Solicitor and Under-Sheriff for County Antrim, 10 College Square North; res., Greenview, Dunmurry
Britannic Assurance Co. Ltd., 31-33 Chichester Street
British Asphalt & Bitumen Ltd., Springfield Road and 30-35 Exchange Street
British Automatic Co. Ltd., 8 Glengall Street
British Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcasting House, 21-23 Ormeau Avenue
British Corporation Registry of Shipping and Aircraft (The), 106 Ann Street
British Cotton & Wool Dyers' Association Ltd., 2 (52) Linen Hall Street
British Engine, Boiler, and Electric Insurance Co. Ltd. - 1 Wellington Place
British Finance Co. and Estate Agents (The), 16 Waring Street
British General Insurance Co. Ltd., Wesley Ritchie, Branch Manager, 16 (7-8) Donegall Square South
British Insulated Cables Ltd., cable manufacturers and electrical engineers, 33-35 King Street
British Law Insurance Co. Ltd. - A. T. Minnis, District Secretary, 2 (4) Wellington Place
British Legion (Belfast Branch), 7-9 Victoria Street, F. C. Mateer, secretary
British Legion Benevolent Fund, 49 Chichester Street
British Legion Car Attendants (Belfast) Ltd., 26 (11) Howard Street
British Legion, Northern Ireland Area Headquarters, 7 Victoria Street
British Legion & United Services Fund, 8 College Square East
British Legion, Royal Naval Branch, 184 North Street
British Light Wines Ltd., 18a Ashton Street
British Lion Film Ltd., 9 William Street
British Mexican Petroleum Co. Ltd., Connsbank Road
British Oak Insurance Co Ltd., (The), Manager for Northern Ireland, O. Malcolm, 14 Donegall Square West
British Oxygen Co. Ltd., (The), Musgrave Channel Road and 7 Dalton Street
British Ratin Co. Ltd., 39 (2) Castle Lane
British Red Cross Order of St. John Emergency Help Fund - 26 (10) Howard Street
British Red Cross Society, A.R.P., Training Centre, Queen's Quay
British Red Cross Society - Belfast Branch, 22-26 May Street
British Restaurant, 1 York Road
British Restaurant, 92 Bridge End
British Sailors' Society, 2 (34) Wellington Place, 15 College Gardens and 30 Donegall Place
British Thomson Houston Co. Ltd., (The), Electrical Engineers and Manufacturers, 12 Alfred Street and 18-20 Church Street. T.A.: "Asteroidal, Belfast"
British Thread Mills Ltd., 4-6 James' Street South
British Wagon Co. Ltd., motor hire purchase company, 33 Linen Hall Street
British Wireless Marine Co., Prince's Dock
Brittain, A., 98 North Road
Brittain, Capt. F. E., 13 Deramore Park
Brittain, James F., 57 Haypark Avenue
Brittain, J. J., 12 Beechlands
Brittain, The Misses, 56 Maryville Park
Brittain, Mrs., 193 Cregagh Street
Brittain, Mrs., 327 Ormeau Road
Brittain, Mrs., 26 St. Jude's Parade
Britton, H., insurance agent, 40 Ladas Drive
Britton, James, butcher, 199 Shankill Road
Britton, J. H., 85 King's Road
Britton, Robert, clerk, 644 Crumlin Road
Britton, Walter, R.U.C., 52 Mount Prospect Park
Britton, William, driver, 54 Joanmount Park
Britton, W. H., R.U.C., 27 Orient Gardens
Broadbere, Victor, insurance agent, 25 Benview Park
Broadberry, G. R., civil servant, 44 Earlswood Road
Broadway Damask Co. Ltd., finishing works, 69 and 58-60 Broadway
Broadway Lawn Tennis Club, 528a Falls Road
Broadway Picture House, 278 Falls Road
Broadway Presbyterian Church, 216 Falls Road
Broadway Primary Elementary Schools, 65 Broadway
Broadway United Football Ground, 391b Donegall Road
Broadway Working Men's Club - 4 Iveagh Street
Brockerton, C., 12 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
Brockerton, E. G., 2 Willesden Park
Broder, Mrs. R. C., 13 Ashdene Drive
Broder, Mrs. S., 17 Glandore Gardens
Broderick, Edwin, 25 Knock Hill Park
Broderick, Henry, 36 Hatfield Street
Broderick, Mrs., 39 Crocus Street
Broderick, Mrs. G. M., 27 Agincourt Avenue
Broderick, M., 4 Adela Place
Broderick, P. J., 10 Somerdale Park
Broderick, Samuel, 36 Queen Street North
Broderick, W. D., civil servant, 55 :Lansdowne Park
Brodie, J. K., 1 Clinen, Barnett's Road
Brodie, J. N., engineer, 39 Park Road
Brodie, Miss E., 24 Rosemount Gardens
Brodie, Mrs. A., 122 Ravenhill Avenue
Brodrick, George F., stained glass artist, 344 Ballysillan Road
Brodrick, H., civil servant, 20 Hatfield Street
Brogan, Mrs. Jennie, 33 Glen Road
Broham, Mrs., 17 Cromwell Road
Brolly, H., publican, 173-175 Cavehill Road
Brolly, Thomas, 16 Northwood Drive
Bromfield, R. W., confectioner, 149 Antrim Road
Brook, A. S., accountant, 57 Eglantine Avenue
Brooke, Rt. Hon. Sir Basil, Bt., C.B.E., M.C., D.L., M.P., Massey Avenue
Brooke, S., 52 Fairview Street
Brookes, Albert, quantity surveyor, 17 Chichester Street
Brookes, E., R.U.C., 25 Abbeydale Park
Brookes, Thomas W., traveller, 19 Lancefield Road
Brookfield Spindle Works Ltd., 36 Sydney Street W.
Brookfield Spinning Co. Ltd., 309-335 Crumlin Road
Brookfield Weaving Factory, 182-234 Cambrai Street
Brooks, J., draper, 361 Newtownards Road
Brooks, J., secretary, 2 Orby Parade
Brooks, Mrs., 277 Holywood Road
Brooks, Mrs. Lydia, 43 Bentinck Street
Brooks, Mrs. Mary, 306 Beersbridge Road
Brooks, Samuel R., confectioner, 91 Peter's Hill
Brooks, S. R., confectioner, 403 Ormeau Road
Brooks, William, P.O. inspector, 7 Martinez Avenue
Brookvale Collegiate School, Collingwood, Chichester Park
Brookvale Linen Co. (The), linen merchants, 11 Brunswick Street
Brookville Masonic Club, Brookville, 256 Antrim Road
Brookville Masonic Hall Co. Ltd., Brookville, 256 Antrim Road
Broomfield, E. C., confectioner, 149 Antrim Road
Broomfield, H. S., 21 Malone Avenue
Broomfield, H. S., & Co., Coal Merchants, 2 Linen Hall Street
Brotherston, James, manager, 6 Ravenhill Gardens
Brough, Thomas, Cox & Dunn Ltd., printers and stationers, Stanhope Street
Broughton, Walter, 18 Denorrton Park
Broun, Israel, 8 Earlswood Road
Brow, J. G., 20 Knock Hill Park
Brown, Albert, fitter, 1 Roseleigh Street
Brown, Albert, R.U.C., 13 Rossmore Avenue
Brown, Alexander, 30 Dover Street
Brown, Alex., Broncarl, Ballysillan Road
Brown, Alex., shop assistant, 21 Rosevale Street
Brown, Alex., director, 40 Cyprus Avenue
Brown, Alex. R. L., director, 9 Ormiston Crescent
Brown, Allen N., salesman, 154 Deerpark Road
Brown, Andrew, millwright, 43 Avonbeg Street
Brown, Annie, cake shop, 91 Woodvale Road
Brown, Austin, estate agent, 39 North Circular Road
Brown, A., 42 Kirkliston Park
Brown, A., manager, 2 Clonlee Drive
Brown, A., 9 Waterloo Park North
Brown, A. C., traveller, 24 Cooke Street
Brown, A. E., M.D., 477 Ormeau Road
Brown, A. F., 21 Gainsborough Drive
Brown, A. G., 19 Cherryvalley Park
Brown, A. G., 6 Ebrington Gardens
Brown, A. G., baker, 30 Marsden Gardens
Brown, A. W., civil servant, 75 Pommern Parade
Brown, Ben., publican, 55 Brown Street and 1-3 Brown's Square
Brown Bros., boot makers, 210 Crumlin Road
Brown Bros., engineers, 106 Ann Street
Brown Bros. Ltd., motor cycle works, 31 Adelaide Street
Brown, B. B., motor hirer, 565 Oldpark Road
Brown, B. H., traveller, 38 Cregagh Park
Brown, Campbell, 148 Deramore Avenue
Brown, Campbell, engineer, 16 Haypark Avenue
Brown, Campbell, pattern maker, 3 Camberwell Terrace
Brown, Campbell & Co., engineers, Lockview Road
Brown, Charles, 48 St. Meryl Park
Brown, Charles, foreman, 90 Orby Drive
Brown, Charles H., 48 Clonlee Drive
Brown, Charles N., 21 Luxor Gardens
Brown & Co., foundry, Chamberlain Street
Brown & Co., tailors, 102 Royal Avenue
Brown, Corbett & Co. Ltd., and Young, King & Co. Ltd., wholesale whiskey merchants and distillers, 34-56 Talbot Street
Brown, C., electrical dealer, 138-139 Smithfield Market
Brown, C. F. W., civil servant, 64 Denorrton Park
Brown, C. M., Brookfield, Gilnahirk Road
Brown, David, 111 Belmont Road
Brown, David, plasterer, 133 Oldpark Road
Brown, David, 119 Bray Street
Brown, David, sawyer, 22 Posnett Street
Brown, D. A., & Co., accountants, 5 Castle Arcade
Brown, D. A., accountant, 63 Belmont Church Road
Brown, Edward, clerk, 18 Chadwick Street
Brown, Edward, 13 Battenberg Street
Brown, Edward K., fitter, 19 Twaddell Avenue
Brown, Edwin, 69 Windsor Avenue Lower
Brown, Elizabeth, flesher, 270 Donegall Road
Brown, Emily, 131 Cliftonville Road
Brown, Ernest, stager, 33 Ilchester Street
Brown, Ernest, joiner, 400 Shankill Road
Brown, Ernest, engineer, 34 Diamond Gardens
Brown, E., boot and shoe merchant, 141 Ballygomartin Road
Brown, E. D., 16 Wellesley Avenue
Brown, E. M., secretary, 30 Harberton Park
Brown, E., & Son, Estate Agents, 102 Donegall Street. Yard, 15 Perth Street
Brown, E. & M., drapers, 32 Castlereagh Road
Brown, E. W., school attendance officer, 15 Rathdrum Street
Brown, Frederick, merchant tailor, Beechmount, Knockbreda Road
Brown, Fredk., yarn dresser, 33 Northwood Drive
Brown, F., mechanic, 200 Cregagh Road
Brown, F. D., A.M.I.E.E., Consulting Engineer, 93 Ann Street; Res., 38 Cyprus Avenue
Brown, F. D., junior, 2 Cyprus Park
Brown, George, dairyman, Springfield Road
Brown, George, traveller, 5 Coolmoyne Park
Brown, G., 15 Manna Drive
Brown, G., R.U.C., 3 Victor Street
Brown, G., 46 Wandsworth Road
Brown, Harold, 15 Ashdene Drive
Brown, Harold, teacher, 19 Ravenhill Park
Brown, Harry, pawn broker, 13 Ladas Drive
Brown, Henry, 33 Springfield Avenue
Brown, Henry, welder, 39 Northwood Drive
Brown, Henry, tailor, 43 Sandy Row
Brown & Houston, motor engineers, 81 Grosvenor Road
Brown, Hugh, agent, third floor (52) Riddels Arcade
Brown, Hugh, 108 Woodvale Road
Brown, Hugh, boot merchant, 36 Kensington Road
Brown, Hugh A., bread server, 4 Clifton Drive
Brown, Hugh, fitter, 18 Somerton Park
Brown, H., telegraphist, 51 Brandon Parade
Brown, H., builder, 82 Ashley Avenue
Brown, H., 40 Maryville Park
Brown, H. C., tobacconist, 30a Chichester Street
Brown, H. H., 17 Green Road
Brown, H. M., remnant shop, 117 Peter's Hill
Brown, H. S., engineer, 137 Sandown Road
Brown, H. W., representative, 65 Donegall Street
Brown, H. W., 13 Clanchattan Street
Brown, H. W., & Co., blouse manufacturers, 17a Victoria Street Great
Brown, I., manager, 66 Pommern Parade
Brown, I., 21 Queensberry Park
Brown, James, 23 Balfour Drive
Brown, James, 16 Alexandra Park Avenue
Brown, James, grocer, 681 Lisburn Road
Brown, James, 27 Ravenscroft Avenue
Brown, James, 378 Lisburn Road
Brown, James, dairy man, Springhill, Ballygomartin Road
Brown, James, 36 Rushfield Avenue
Brown, James, 126 Lisburn Road
Brown, James, 28 Grand Parade
Brown, James, 86 Tate's Avenue
Brown, James, agent, 10 Brunswick Street
Brown, James, cashier, 13 Upton Avenue
Brown, James, R.U.C., 39 Somerton Park
Brown, James, clerk, 123 Bray Street
Brown, James, Fern Glen, Glencairn Road
Brown, James, 12 Belvedere Park
Brown, James, 43 Avoca Street
Brown, James, furniture remover, 40 Kirkliston Park
Brown, James, 210 Malone Road
Brown, James, civil servant, 2 Adelaide Avenue
Brown, James & H., House, Land, and Insurance Agents & Property Brokers, 44 Donegall Street and 6 Long Lane; Res., James Brown, 4 Donegall Park Avenue
Brown, James F., dentist, 79 Balmoral Avenue

Brown, James R., M.A., B.Sc., 32 Maryville Park
Brown, James T., 10 Wolseley Street
Brown, John, 115 Bloomfield Avenue
Brown, John, draughtsman, 4 Deerpark Drive
Brown, John, fitter, 17 Whitewell Crescent
Brown, John, bus hirer, 4 Irwin Avenue
Brown, John, poster, 85 Ulsterville Gardens
Brown, John, fitter, 59 Paris Street
Brown, John, mechanic, 52 Florida Drive
Brown, John, butcher, 25 Oberon Street
Brown, John, chief engineer, 22 Wheatfield Gardens
Brown, John, stock keeper, 14 Haypark Avenue
Brown, John, carrier, Greenoge, Knockbreda Road
Brown, John, 1 Clara Park
Brown, John, civil servant, Gortlands, Gilnahirk Road
Brown, John, 10 Marguerite Park
Brown, John Alexander, clerk, 32 Torrens Crescent
Brown, John B., Customs officer, 75 Ardenlee Avenue
Brown, John J., weigh master, 70 Hesketh Park
Brown, John & Lewis, incorporated accountants, 16 Chichester Street
Brown, John S., & Sons, Ltd., Damask Linen and Handkerchief Manufacturers, Ulster Works, Dublin Road and Marcus Ward Street. Royal Damask Weaving Factory, Ardoyne Village and Lower Lodge Factory
Brown, Joseph, butcher, 178 Grosvenor Road
Brown, Joseph, compositor, 33 Dromore Street
Brown, Joseph, 6 Graymount Gardens
Brown, Jos. John, dairyman, 216 Leeson Street
Brown, J., 15 Tyndale Park
Brown, J., 10 Camberwell Terrace
Brown, J., 128 Skegoneill Avenue
Brown, J., 12 Graymount Park
Brown, J., traveller, 32 Malone Hill Park
Brown, J., 9 Belvedere Park
Brown, J., hairdresser, 15 Dublin Road
Brown, J., traveller, 47 Tate's Avenue
Brown, J., stoker, 12 Rugby Avenue
Brown, J., butcher, 200-202 Shankill Road
Brown, J., butcher, 152-154 Donegall Road
Brown, J., shipwright, 195 Castlereagh Road
Brown, J., 36 Willowfield Gardens
Brown, J., engineer, 24 Deerpark Drive
Brown, J., farrier, 121 York Road
Brown, J., clerk, 10 Lisburn Avenue
Brown, J., insurance official, 4 Baroda Parade
Brown, J. A., Carrigona, 45 Diamond Gardens
Brown, J. C., newsagent and tobacconist, 417 Ormeau Road and 1 Haywood Avenue
Brown, J. G., 23 Kincora Avenue
Brown, J. J., butcher, 177, 239 and 178 Grosvenor Road
Brown, J. J., butcher, 27 Loopland Road
Brown, J. R., traveller, 30 Loopland Crescent
Brown, J., & Sons (Belfast), Ltd., furniture removers, funeral furnishers and motor hirers, 105-109 Bloomfield Avenue and 298-300 Newtownards Road
Brown & Kitchen, butchers, 56 Templemore Avenue
Brown, K., 76 Delhi Street
Brown, K., bread server, 26 Hesketh Park
Brown, Leo., chauffeur, 41 Pommern Parade
Brown, Louis, engineer, 2 Flush Park
Brown, L., manager, 9 Ava Avenue
Brown, Mary Ann, 4 Carlisle Street
Brown, Miss, 47 Shore Road
Brown, Miss, 94 Tate's Avenue
Brown, Miss, 8 Graymount Gardens
Brown, Miss, 18 Mansfield Street
Brown, Miss, 15 Belmont Church Road
Brown, Miss, 115 University Street
Brown, Miss, 7 Trinity Street
Brown, Miss B., 10 Loopland Road
Brown, Miss Catherine, 269 Falls Road
Brown, Miss D. C., 23 Ophir Gardens
Brown, Miss Elizabeth, 200 Roden Street
Brown, Miss E., 50 Thorndale Avenue
Brown, Miss E., 347 Cregagh Road
Brown, Miss J., 13 Jocelyn Street
Brown, Miss L., 55 Earl Street
Brown, Miss Mary, 21 Marlborough Park Central
Brown, Miss M., 9 Hatfield Street
Brown, Miss S. J., 127 University Avenue
Brown, Misses (The), 3 Orby Road
Brown, Mrs., 102 Agnes Street
Brown, Mrs., 47 Dargle Street
Brown, Mrs., 136 My Lady's Road
Brown, Mrs., 1 Montrose Street
Brown, Mrs., 30 Ravenhill Park
Brown, Mrs., 142 Malone Road
Brown, Mrs., 35 Palmerston Road
Brown, Mrs., 2 Sandhurst Gardens
Brown, Mrs., 127 University Street
Brown, Mrs., 48 Townsend Street
Brown, Mrs., 9 Kerrsland Crescent
Brown, Mrs., 212 Oldpark Road
Brown, Mrs., 157 Stranmillis Road
Brown, Mrs., 6 Edinburgh Street
Brown, Mrs. Agnes, 65 Bendinck Street
Brown, Mrs. A., bakery, 353 Albert Bridge Road
Brown, Mrs. B., 204 Nelson Street
Brown, Mrs. D. M. C., 506 Antrim Road
Brown, Mrs. Emma, Lewisville, Circular Road West
Brown, Mrs. E. M., 4 Ratcliffe Street
Brown, Mrs. Frances, draper, 295 York Street
Brown, Mrs. G., 48 Edinburgh Street
Brown, Mrs. James, 35 Stranmillis Road
Brown, Mrs. Jeanie, 113 University Avenue
Brown, Mrs. J., 94 Agincourt Avenue
Brown, Mrs. L., 15 Ballysillan Road
Brown, Mrs. Margaret, 20 Alexandra Avenue
Brown, Mrs. Margaret, 16 Canning Street
Brown, Mrs. Martha, 43 Hartington Street
Brown, Mrs. Mary Ann, 1 Danube Street
Brown, Mrs. Minnie, 81 Agnes Street
Brown, Mrs. M., 24 Ava Street
Brown, Mrs. M., 17 Ballygomartin Road
Brown, Mrs. M., 739 Lisburn Road
Brown, Mrs. M., 8 Sandhill Parade
Brown, Mrs. R., 75 Lisburn Road
Brown, Mrs. R., 17 Ophir Gardens
Brown, Mrs. S., 143 Madrid Street
Brown, M., pro. golfer, 25 Graymount Park
Brown, M., clerk, 67 Locksley Park
Brown, M. C., civil servant, 8 Knockburn Park
Brown, Neil, postman, 38 Aigburth Park
Brown, Neil, 39 Orby Gardens
Brown, N. D., engineer, 29 Luxor Gardens
Brown, N. Irwin, 76 Maryville Park
Brown, Randal, secretary, 22 Orangefield Crescent
Brown, Rt. Hon, Mr. Justice, D.L., Ben Inghan, Warren Road, Donaghadee
Brown, Robert, 9 Cliftonpark Avenue
Brown, Robert, gate lodge, Linfield Road
Brown, Robert, holder-up, 22 Elimgrove Street
Brown, Robert, butcher, 76 Newtownards Road
Brown, Robert, grocer, 58 Crimea Street
Brown, Robert, 35 Kirkliston Park
Brown, Robert, confectioner, 1-3 Dewey Street
Brown, Robert, painter, 10 My Lady's Road
Brown, Robert, butcher, 255 Donegall Road
Brown, Robert, clerk, 86 Short Strand
Brown, Robert, butcher, 44 Matchett Street
Brown, Robert, butcher, 165 Silvio Street
Brown, Robert, 42 Elm Street
Brown, Robert, R.U.C., 442 Castlereagh Road
Brown, Robert J., 97 Ardenlee Avenue
Brown, Robt., com. agent, 23 Queen's Square
Brown, Robt., grocer, 28 Castlereagh Road
Brown, R., 29 Balmoral Avenue
Brown, R., butcher, 244 Newtownards Road
Brown, R., foreman, 39 Sandhurst Gardens
Brown, R., butcher, 178 York Street
Brown, R., machinist, 46 Cooke Street
Brown, R., agent, 51 Wandsworth Road
Brown, R., iron founder, 734 Antrim Road
Brown, R., commission agent, 7 Graham's Place
Brown, R., 3 Indiana Avenue
Brown, Dr. R. B., 11 Dundela Gardens
Brown, R. H., fitter, 48 Devon Parade
Brown, R. J., 8 Cadogan Park
Brown, R. S., 57 Castle Gardens
Brown, Samuel, bread server, 8 Bathgate Drive
Brown, Samuel, draughtsman, 176 Ainsworth Avenue
Brown, Samuel, home bakery, 249 Woodstock Road
Brown, Samuel, 34 Dock Street
Brown, Samuel, grocer, 60 North Road
Brown, Samuel, provision merchant and baker, 241 Woodstock Road
Brown, Samuel, tailor, 6 Tudor Place
Brown, Samuel B., sign writer, 10 Benview Park
Brown, Samuel S., 40 North Road
Brown, Samuel Jas., R.U.C., 10 Arbour Street
Brown & Sons, watch makers and jewellers, 157 Cromac Street
Brown Square Iron & Brass Foundry Ltd., 49 Turin Street
Brown Street P.E. School, 1-3 Melbourne Street
Brown, S., 16 Glantrasna Drive
Brown, S., jun., 239 Woodstock Road
Brown, S., school master, 463 Springfield Road
Brown, S. J., haulage contractor, 20 Crosscollyer Street
Brown, S. J. W., 25 Graymount Gardens
Brown, S. S., surgeon, M.B., 297 Newtownards Road
Brown, Thomas, fitter, 16 Walnut Street
Brown, Thomas, 2 Chesham Park
Brown, Thomas, clerk, 7 Glentrasna Drive (Glantrasna)
Brown, Thomas, chef, 203 Lodge Road New
Brown, Thomas, 74 Haypark Avenue
Brown, Thomas, civil servant, 61 Victoria Avenue
Brown, Thomas, boiler maker, 17 Rosevale Street
Brown, Thomas, butcher, 31 Pakenham Street
Brown, Thomas, R.U.C., 27 Holland Park
Brown, Thomas, plater, 43 Knutsford Drive
Brown, Thomas H., 3 Halstein Drive
Brown, Thomas H. W., tailor, 32 Albertville Drive
Brown, T., supper saloon, 354 Newtownards Road Upper
Brown, T., salesman, 23 Deramore Street
Brown, T., tobacconist, 11 Dublin Road
Brown, T., dental depot, 30 Clifton Street
Brown, T. H. R., 8 Shandon Park
Brown, T. & J., butchers, 38 Donegall Pass
Brown, T. S., commercial traveller, 56 Ravenhill Park
Brown, Victor, lorry driver, 8 Springfield Parade
Brown, Walter G., engineer, 92 North Parade
Brown, William, 173 Alexandra Park Avenue
Brown, William, 32 Oceanic Avenue
Brown, William, 75 York Road
Brown, William, 28 Perth Street
Brown, William, chemist, 18 Everton Drive
Brown, William, welder, 37 Meadow Street
Brown, William, 89 Priory Park
Brown, William, 104 Sandown Road
Brown, William, 37 Albion Street
Brown, William, 88 Woodvale Avenue
Brown, William, 9 Twaddell Avenue
Brown, William, 11 South Parade
Brown, William, baker, 92 Melrose Street
Brown, William, 48 Stranmillis Park
Brown, William, printer, 45 Haddington Gardens
Brown, William, R.U.C., 78 Delhi Street
Brown, William, clerk, 153 Connsbrook Avenue
Brown, William A., lorry driver, 23 Parkside Gardens
Brown, Wilson, 9 Cleaver Park
Brown, Wm., Strathaven, Stockman's Lane
Brown, Wm., milk salesman, 376 Castlereagh Road
Brown, Wm., traveller, 62 Tildarg Street
Brown, Wm., linen lapper, 10 Chesham Parade
Brown, Wm., linen merchant, 56 Wellington Place
Brown, Wm., stationer, 66-68 Holywood Road
Brown, Wm., & Sons, (Belfast), Ltd., printers and stationers, 30 Chichester Street
Brown, W., accountant, 31 Sunningdale Park North
Brown, W., tram conductor, 490 Oldpark Road
Brown, W., foreman, 28 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Brown, W. C., draper, 32 Wolseley Street
Brown, W. C., silver engraver, 43 Cedar Avenue
Brown, W. E., R.U.C., 66 Campbell Park Avenue
Brown, W. H., driver, 9 Wynford Street
Brown, W. H., 200 Ravenhill Road
Brown, W. H., traveller, 38 Willowbank Gardens
Brown, W. J., watchman, 127 Bray Street
Brown, W. J., draughtsman, 7 Neill's Hill Park
Brown, W. L., cashier, 137 Wandsworth Road
Brown, W. R., agent, 32 Ann Street
Brown, W. R., cashier, 19 Cooldarragh Park
Brown, W. R., gardener, 258 Limestone Road
Brown, W. R., 15 Kerrsland Crescent
Brown, W. S., 39 Cabin Hill Gardens
Brown, W. W., 40 Cherryvalley Gardens
Brown and Yellow Cake Shop (The), 24 Arthur Street and 5-7 Arthur Place
Brown's, boot merchants, 210 Crumlin Road
Brown's (of North Street), gent's outfitters, 18 and 38 North Street
Browne, Arley, coal merchant, 57 William Street South
Browne, Arley, coal merchant, 76 Barnett's Road
Browne, A. V., advertising agent, 34 Parkmount Road and 42 Donegall Street
Browne, B., traveller, 18 Rosemount Gardens
Browne, Capt. A. Crawford, M.P., 18 Windsor Park and 62 Wellington Place
Browne, C. W., clerk, 8 Clifton Crescent
Browne, David, 14 Ashton Avenue (Finaghy)
Browne, David J., book binder, 21 Glenside Parade
Browne, Elizabeth, flesher, 2a Donegall Avenue
Browne, Fredk., electrician, 63 Wandsworth Road
Browne, F. W., traveller, 703 Antrim Road
Browne, Gerald, Editor of Debates, Northern Ireland Parliament, 12 Kingsweir, Knockburn Park
Browne, G. H., & Co., paper merchants, 64 Victoria Street
Browne, H. W., boot merchant, 405 Woodstock Road
Browne, James, 40 Adelaide Park
Browne, James, home bakery, 62 Bridge End
Browne, Jas., druggist, 381 Woodstock Road; res., 163 Cregagh Road
Browne, John, linen business, 387 Lisburn Road
Browne, John S., 85 Orby Drive
Browne, Jos. C., merchant, 40 Wellesley Avenue
Browne, J. C., provision merchant, 27 Rowland Street
Browne, J. G., clerk, 23 Sydenham Gardens
Browne, J. F., L.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist, optician and dentist, 76 Shankill Road
Browne, J. J., Glenmire, Orby Drive
Browne, Lamie F., 135 Cregagh Road
Browne, Miss, 12 My Lady's Road
Browne, Miss, 6 Adelaide Park
Browne, Miss S. M., 69 St. John's Park
Browne, Mrs., 106 Ann Street
Browne, Mrs., 76 Marlborough Park North
Browne, Mrs. Elizabeth, 209 Ravenhill Avenue
Browne, Mrs. E., 510 Newtownards Road Upper
Browne, Mrs. M. B., 1 Cambourne Park
Browne & Nolan Ltd., publishers, 73 King Street and 1 College Square North
Browne, Robert, confectioner, 1b Riga Street Upper
Browne, Robt., (Provisions), Ltd., 179 Victoria Street
Browne, R. A., watch maker, 8 Church Lane
Browne, R. A., jeweller, 54 Palmerston Road
Browne, R. R., printer, 761 Antrim Road
Browne, Samuel, agent, first floor (29) Riddels Arcade
Browne, S. H., butcher, 257 Castlereagh Road
Browne, S. M., flesher, 358 Castlereagh Road
Browne, T. & J., butchers, 1 Mountview Street
Browne, T. W., shunter, 127 Canning Street Upper
Browne, Walter, R.U.C., 28 Gibson Park Gardens
Browne, Wm., 4 Glenside Park
Browne, Wm., bread server, 73 Wheatfield Crescent
Browne, Wm., pharmaceutical chemist, 214 Shore Road
Browne, Wm. D., 57 Sicily Park
Brownell, Mrs. E., 27 Devon Parade
Browness, Thos. N., shop assistant, 20 Serpentine Road
Browning, Thomas, 11 Graymount Road
Browning, W. J., traveller, 5 Loopland Road
Brownlee, Charles, plasterer, 17 Harland Park
Brownlee, J., supper saloon, 3 Ulverston Street
Brownlee, Miss, 115 Wellesley Avenue
Brownlee, Miss, 25 Marlborough Park North
Brownlee, Mrs., 12 Burmah Street
Brownlee, Mrs. I., 131 Tate's Avenue
Brownlee, T., garage, 75a Cullingtree Road
Brownlee, T. S., teacher, 3 Cavehill Drive
Brownlee, Wm., 615 Newtownards Road Upper
Brownlee, Wm., mantle manufacturer, 65 Chichester Street
Brownlee, W., electrician, 48 Jocelyn Street
Brownlee, W. H. M., solicitor, 7 (1st floor), Donegall Square East
Brownlow, E., grocer, 12 Donegall Pass
Brownlow, J., compass adjuster, 19 Holland Crescent
Bruce, Alex. M., manufacturers' agent, 17 Brunswick Street
Bruce, Arthur, merchant, 737 Crumlin Road
Bruce, Arthur, publican, 273-275 Ligoniel Road
Bruce, A., hairdresser, 64 Grosvenor Road
Bruce, A., plumber, 228 Cregagh Street
Bruce, Cecil, bread server, 44 Wheatfield Crescent
Bruce & Co., ribbons and tapes, 11 Adelaide Street
Bruce, G. H., agent, 3 Circular Road North
Bruce, H., P.O. official, 43 Duncairn Gardens
Bruce, John, Corporation official, 645 Lisburn Road
Bruce, John, rigger, 59 Duncairn Gardens
Bruce, Joseph J., 90 Ulsterville Avenue
Bruce, Jos. F., fitter, 106 Fitzroy Avenue
Bruce, J. F., 46 University Street
Bruce, Miss, 31 Willowholme Street
Bruce, Miss, 2 Kirkliston Drive
Bruce, Miss D., 44 South Parade
Bruce, Miss F. M., 46 Blenheim Drive
Bruce, Mrs., Gortlands, Gilnahirk Road
Bruce, Mrs., 6 Derlett Street
Bruce, Mrs. J., 321 Oldpark Road
Bruce, Mrs. Mary, 65 Delhi Street
Bruce, Robert, 42 Sandymount Street
Bruce, William, 234 Queen Street North
Bruce, William G., A.R.I.B.A., architect, 17 Cooldarragh Park North
Brummell, E., civil servant, 15 Orby Grove
Brunskill, W., 4 Greenwood Park
Brunswick Linen Co., handkerchief manufacturers and linen merchants, 20 Alfred Street
Brunt, R. J., sergt. R.U.C., 39 St. John's Park
Brunt, W. H., D.I., R.U.C., 2 Holland Gardens
Brushe, D. M., manufacturers' agent, 62 Queen Street Upper
Bryan, Frank, electrical contractor, 11 Gransha Park
Bryan, F., electrical engineer, 9 College Street
Bryan, J., sergt. R.U.C., 41 Dundela Avenue
Bryan, Martin, 4 Gransha Park
Bryan, Mrs. G., 24 Deramore Drive
Bryan, W., driver, 84 Edinburgh Street
Bryans, C., traveller, 537 Ormeau Road
Bryans, E., & Co., chartered accountants, 40 Royal Avenue
Bryans, George, cleaner, 46 Kimberley Street
Bryans, Geo., assistant registrar, Brooklyn, Shore Road
Bryans, Harold, Corporation official, 62 Wheatfield Crescent
Bryans, James, motor mechanic, 19 Century Street
Bryans, Jas., milk server, 11 Connsbrook Park
Bryans, John, holder-up, 215 Connsbrook Avenue
Bryans, John, pawn broker, 33 Wheatfield Crescent
Bryans, J., 43 Donegall Park Avenue
Bryans, J., confectioner, 103 Sandy Row
Bryans, L., 82 Sandhurst Drive
Bryans, Mrs., 169 York Road
Bryans, Mrs. R., 44 Kansas Avenue
Bryans, R., accountant, 95 South Parade
Bryans, S., grocer, 51 Dover Street
Bryans, T., engineer, 3 Castle Park Upper
Bryans, Wm. R., tinsmith, 109 Ainsworth Avenue
Bryant, George, tram driver, 160 Alliance Avenue
Bryars, Mrs., 16 Green Road
Bryers, Miss E., confectioner, 246 Shankill Road
Bryce, Arthur, Alexandra Park Lodge, Castleton Gardens
Bryce, James, 8 King's Road
Bryce, Miss, 18 St. Jude's Avenue
Bryce, Mrs., 92 Cromwell Road
Bryce, Mrs. Martha, 2 Prim Street
Bryce, S., 99 Wellesley Avenue
Bryce, S. H., newsagent, 80a Duncairn Gardens
Bryce, Thomas, 48 Mountpottinger Road
Bryde, Miss S. S. B., 35 Cliftonville Avenue
Bryne, P., coachman, 26 Regent Street
Brynner, Miss, 33 Bute Street
Bryson, Edward, Drummena, Bladon Park
Bryson, H. A., traveller, 118 North Road
Bryson, James T., 32 Windsor Park
Bryson, James, driver, 59 Farnham Street
Bryson, James, butcher, 5 Arbour Street
Bryson, Miss, draper, 1 Agincourt Avenue
Bryson, Mrs., 71 (2) Malone Road
Bryson, Mrs. Georgina, 31 Earl Street
Bryson, Mrs. Jane, 50 Onslow Parade
Bryson, S., Rosebank, Malone Road Upper
Bryson, Thomas, 13 Farnham Street
Bryson, William, compositor, 6 Evelyn Avenue
Bryterlite Electric Co. Ltd., 2 College Square East
Buchanan, Alex. H., 10 Connsbrook Drive
Buchanan, Donald, clerk, 29 Hoylake Park
Buchanan, Finlay, 61 Lisburn Road
Buchanan, F., 24 Cabin Hill Park
Buchanan, G., conductor, 126 Rosebery Road
Buchanan, G. A., 144 Ravenhill Avenue
Buchanan, Joseph, storeman, 326 Springfield Road
Buchanan, J., draughtsman, 14 Grasmere Gardens
Buchanan, Miss K., boot maker, 227-229 Shankill Road
Buchanan, Miss, 23 Cyprus Gardens
Buchanan, Miss Norah Kathleen, 1 Winston Gardens
Buchanan, Misses, Homeland, Castleview Road
Buchanan, Mrs., 26 Stormont Park
Buchanan, Mrs., 63 Dunluce Avenue
Buchanan, Mrs., 87 Knutsford Drive
Buchanan, Robert, 76 Ravenhill Avenue
Buchanan, R., fruiterer, 314 Woodstock Road
Buchanan, R. C. H., R.U.C., 52 Parkgate Avenue
Buchanan, S. C., 47 Haddington Gardens
Buchanan, Dr. T. A. O., M.D., 23 Kirkliston Drive
Buchanan, William, 13 Abetta Parade
Buchanan, William, 177 Shore Road
Buchanan, William, driver, 4 Castleton Gardens
Buchanan, W. A., 1 Shrewsbury Gardens
Buchanan, W. G., & Son, produce brokers, 8 Corporation Street
Buchannan, C., R.U.C., 52 Parkgate Avenue
Buckingham, A., 102 Henderson Avenue
Buckle, Harold, 94 Percy Street
Buckle, Thomas, 48 Hillsborough Drive
Buckley, B. L., 22 Imperial Drive
Buckley, Charles E., 2 Shrewsbury Gardens
Buckley, E., chartered accountant, 19 Deramore Park
Buckley, G., optician, 22 Royal Avenue
Buckley, James, 7 King's Drive
Buckley, Jas., builder, 129 Newtownards Road Upper
Buckley, John G., soldier, 2 Thorburn Road
Buckley, J., & Sons, builders, 1 Belmont Road
Buckley, Miss Annie, 39 Donegall Park Avenue
Buckley, Mrs., 18 Loopland Crescent
Buckley, Mrs. J., 216 Antrim Road
Buckley, Robert, carter, 29-31 Frank Street
Buckley, Thomas, solicitor, 450 Castlereagh Road
Buckley, Thos. E., solicitor, 1 College Square North
Budge, Clarence, dental mechanic, 15 Coyle's Place
Buglar, Mrs., 130 Connsbrook Avenue
Buick, A., scientific instrument maker, 22 Ulsterville Gardens
Buick, A. C., warehouseman, 58 Wallasey Park
Buick, John, engineer, 19 Rochester Street
Buick, John, picture framer, 44 Mount Street (No. 2)
Buick, Mrs., 5 Ranfurly Drive
Buick, Robert J., R.U.C., 15 Loopland Drive
Buick, R., salesman, 47 Gainsborough Drive
Buick, R., electrician, 57 Torrens Crescent
Buick, Samuel, packer, 45 Gainsborough Drive
Buick, William, body builder, 36 Delaware Street
Buick, William, 1 Candahar Street
Buick, W. J., 2 Harmony
Bulla, Miss, 87 Wellesley Avenue
Bullen, R. H., radio engineer, 1 Kingsway Avenue
Buller, Mrs. Olive, Glenvale, Knockbreda Road
Bullick, Alexander, engineer, Rue Royal, Mount Aboo Park
Bullick, D. W., & Co., fancy linens, 2 (49-50) Linen Hall Street
Bullick, Edward P., painting contractor, 14 Upton Park
Bullick, F., R.U.C., 386 Ravenhill Road
Bullick, J. R., 18 Knockburn Park
Bullick, Miss E., beauty parlour, 287a Ormeau Road
Bullick, Miss E., 20 University Street
Bullick, Mrs., Rosebank, 83 Victoria Road
Bullick, M., & Sons, painters, 4 College Green
Bullick, Wm., farmer, Roselands, Andersonstown
Bullick, W. B., traveller, 29 Stockman's Lane
Bullick, W. E., & Co., engineers' agents, 40 Victoria Square
Bulloch, J. A., traveller, 44 Ballysillan Park
Bulloch, J. M. C., 2 Maryville Park
Bulloch, S. A., 23 Ormiston Crescent
Bulloch's Lending Library, 234 Ballysillan Road
Bullock, Robert, 166 Madrid Street
Bullyment, Lawrence, fitter, 107 Kimberley Street
Bunning, J. H., builder, 19a Chapel Lane
Bunning, Mrs., 23 Lonsdale Street
Bunting, Abraham, cloth passer, 70 Roden Street
Bunting, Alan, civil servant, 51 Brookvale Street
Bunting, A. V., inspector, 41 Twaddell Avenue
Bunting, Clara, 5 Hillsborough Parade
Bunting, Edward, 68 North Parade
Bunting, E., furniture dealer, 114 Stranmillis Road
Bunting, E., grocer, 25 Elm Street
Bunting, E., & Co., furniture dealers, 160-162 Sandy Row
Bunting, E., & Co., fancy box makers, 151-153 Donegall Pass
Bunting, H. A., 86 Shandon Park
Bunting, James, horse dealer, 1 Lawrence Street
Bunting, John, clerk, 161 Ligoniel Road
Bunting, Joseph, soldier, 20 Woodvale Parade
Bunting, Joseph, confectioner, 129 Castle Street
Bunting, J., baker, 425 Donegall Road
Bunting, J., butcher, 176 Sandy Row
Bunting, Margaret, caretaker, 82 Royal Avenue
Bunting, Miss D., 26 Cherryvalley Gardens
Bunting, Miss Margaret, 288 Springfield Road
Bunting, Mrs., 24 Grace Street
Bunting, Mrs. E., 77 Victoria Avenue
Bunting, Mrs. Lydia, 39 Distillery Street
Bunting, Richard, 72 Sandhurst Gardens
Bunting, Saml., confectioner, 659-661 Oldpark Road
Bunting, Thomas, 90 Duncairn Gardens
Bunting, Thomas, R.U.C., 51 Torrens Crescent
Bunting, Thomas, R.U.C., 14 Silverstream Park
Bunting, Thomas, 143 Grosvenor Road
Bunting, Thomas, iron turner, 536 Shore Road
Bunting, Thomas H., clerk, 3 Silverstream Drive
Bunting, William, 23 Avoca Street
Bunting, William, 30 Rossmore Avenue
Bunting, William, 61 Stockman's Lane
Bunting, W., 14 Bawnmore Road
Bunting, W. G., confectioner, 176 Albert Bridge Road
Bunting, W. G., 168 Albert Bridge Road
Bunting, W. J., 145 Lisburn Road
Bunting, W. J., 26 Locksley Gardens
Bunyan, J., cabinet maker, 8 Ardgreenan Crescent
Burch, Ernest, clerk, 16 Bloomfield Gardens
Burch, F., grocer, 9 Haypark Gardens
Burch, James, bookkeeper, 14 St. Ives Gardens
Burch, John, grocer, 48 Donegall Pass
Burch, Thomas, postman, 18 Rathgar Street
Burden, T. A., Dustall manufacturer, 34 Whitehall Parade
Burdge, H., secretary, 13 Kingsberry Park
Burge, David, time keeper, 43 Battenberg Street
Burge, F., civil servant, 80 Belmont Church Road
Burgess, James, joiner, 278 Springfield Road
Burgess, James, 46 Townsend Street Upper
Burgess, J., traveller, 14 Orby Parade
Burgess, Mrs. Martha, 19 Ardmore Avenue
Burgess, Mrs. Sarah, 48 University Avenue
Burgess, Norman, 197 Ravenhill Road
Burgess, Robert Jas., teacher, 2 Castle Gardens
Burgewell, C., 15 Eglinton Street
Burgoyne, F. J. P., 3 Cherryvalley Park
Burgoyne, J., plumber, 83 Joy Street}
Burkby, A. J., piano tuner, 8 Landscape Terrace
Burke, A., 33 Fairview Street
Burke, A. U., J.P., Barrister-at-Law, 12 Donegall Park Avenue
Burke, David, manager, 45 Fitzroy Avenue
Burke, Hugh, 62 Rainey Street
Burke, John, & Co. Ltd., Shipowners, Chartered Shipbrokers and Marine Insurance Brokers, Consular Offices of Sweden, Greece, Spain, Guatamala and Estonia, 77-79 Corporation Street. Ships Cargo Office, Duffernn Dock T.A.: "Burke, Belfast"
Burke, John J., R.U.C., 56 Norfolk Drive
Burke, John J., 815 Crumlin Road
Burke, J., 51 Agincourt Avenue
Burke, L. A., clerk, 145 Ulsterville Avenue
Burke, Miss E. C., 4 Sandown Park
Burke, Mrs., 44 Twickenham Street
Burke, Mrs., Collgrena, Fruithill Park
Burke, Mrs., 6 Hartington Street
Burke, Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 Falls Road
Burke, Mrs. E., 9 Graymount Gardens
Burke, Mrs. H., 42 Divis Drive
Burke, Raymond A., D.L., ship broker, cartage contractor, The Priory, Greenwood
Burke, R. G., assurance inspector, 18 Divis Drive
Burke, Thomas Henry, insurance agent, 33 Mount Prospect Park
Burke, Wm. E., solicitor, 22 Howard Street
Burke, W. V., A.L.A.A., 53 Blenheim Drive
Burkhardt, Miss, 41 Agincourt Avenue
Burland, Mrs. Elizabeth, 72 University Avenue
Burleigh, R. W., traveller, 9 Onslow Gardens
Burling, ?, 5 Ardenlee Avenue
Burne, W., 27 Isadore Avenue
Burnett, James, 123 Dundela Avenue
Burnett, The Misses, 32 Eglantine Avenue
Burnett, R., clerk, 17 Woodvale Parade
Burnett, Thomas, 14 Eastleigh Crescent
Burnett, William, R.U.C., 477 Oldpark Road
Burney, A. G., 6 Broomhill Park
Burney, J. B., carrier, 19 Jubilee Avenue
Burnison, H., mechanic, 8 Loopland Road
Burnison, John, 6 Whitewell Crescent
Burns, Alexander, 1 Eia Street
Burns, Annie, designer, 10 Orby Road
Burns, Arthur, 312 Ballysillan Road
Burns, A., plater, 42 Millar Street
Burns, A., 54 Cherryvalley Gardens
Burns, C., 125 Henderson Avenue
Burns, David, clerk, 68 Hillsborough Drive
Burns, David, 88 Dunraven Avenue
Burns, David, 234 Lodge Road Old
Burns, Edward, 20 Jocelyn Gardens
Burns, Edward Douglas, water inspector, 5 Dunluce Avenue
Burns, E., upholsterer, 29 Beechfield Street
Burns, Fred., 135a Springfield Street
Burns, F., postman, 20 Springfield Road
Burns, F., carter, 8-10 Dunbar Street
Burns, G., manufacturers' agent, 23 Chichester Street
Burns, Henry, draper's assistant, 7 Crocus Street
Burns, Howard, sample maker, 34 Ava Park
Burns, Hugh, stevedore, 51 Fleet Street
Burns, H., fitter, 32 Loopland Crescent
Burns, H., motor driver, 74 Tate's Avenue
Burns, H., grocer, 43 Queen Street North
Burns, H. G., grocer, 43 Queen Street North
Burns, Ivan, 34 Balmoral Avenue
Burns, James, 443 Crumlin Road
Burns, James, manager, 81 Hatfield Street
Burns, James, traveller, 84 Kimberley Street
Burns, James, mechanic, 58 Abetta Parade
Burns, John, 20 Ilchester Street
Burns, John, 26 Canning Street Upper
Burns, John, plumber, 9 Dromara Street
Burns, Joseph, butcher, 116 Percy Street
Burns, Joseph, machine man, 62 Southport Street
Burns, Joseph, hair dresser, 348 Woodstock Road
Burns, Joseph, dealer, 26 Pound Street
Burns, Jos., dairyman, 41 Channing Street
Burns, J., 167 Shore Road
Burns, J., 66 Ashley Avenue
Burns, Dr. J. D. A., M.B., B.Ch., 180 Lisburn Road
Burns and Laird Lines Ltd., Glasgow, Greenock, Ardrossan and Ayr Steamers, 42 Donegall Quay; Passenger Booking Office, 9a Donegall Place
Burns, L., traveller, 21 Kimberley Drive
Burns, Mary, 213 New Lodge Road
Burns, Miss, 689 Lisburn Road
Burns, Miss, 2 Claremont Street
Burns, Miss, 13 Kylemore Park
Burns, Miss, newsagent, 139 York Street
Burns, Miss, baker, etc., 154 Lisburn Road
Burns, Miss K., 54 Cromwell Road
Burns, Miss Mary, Clonlee, Everton Drive
Burns, Mrs., 46 Library Street Upper
Burns, Mrs., 118 Corporation Street
Burns, Mrs., 3 Ava Parade
Burns, Mrs., 70 Beechmount Street
Burns, Mrs., 28 Elmwood Avenue
Burns, Mrs., 16 Orpen Park
Burns, Mrs., 36 Pretoria Street
Burns, Mrs., 8 Windsor Avenue
Burns, Mrs., 74 Wellington Park
Burns, Mrs. Catherine, dealer, 15 Albert Street
Burns, Mrs. C., 63 King's Road
Burns, Mrs. Eliza, 14 Chadwick Street
Burns, Mrs. E., draper, 236 Ballysillan Road
Burns, Mrs. Jean, 19 Antrim Road
Burns, Mrs. Mary, 40 Hamilton Street
Burns, M., superintendent, 63 King's Road
Burns, M. C., 294 Antrim Road
Burns, M'C., watch maker, 152 Castlereagh Road
Burns, Patrick, 512 Falls Road
Burns, Patrick, salesman, 57 Falls Road
Burns, P. & T., fishmongers, 82 Castle Street
Burns, Robert, 27 Blenheim Drive
Burns, Robert, brick layer, 194 My Lady's Road
Burns, Robert, teacher, 76 Ormonde Park
Burns, R., 104 Tate's Avenue
Burns, R., 39 Colenso Parade
Burns, R., fitter, 26 Deramore Street
Burns, Samuel, manager, 11 Delhi Parade
Burns, S., machinist, Fortwilliam Back Lodge, Fortwilliam Park
Burns, S., 68 (1) Cliftonpark Avenue
Burns, Thomas, fowl dealer, 32-34 Library Street Upper
Burns, Thomas, mill worker, 7 Cavendish Square
Burns, Thomas, carter, 589 Ormeau Road
Burns, Thomas, clerk, 338 Ballysillan Road
Burns, Thomas D., builder, 19-25 Panton Street
Burns, Thomas J., financier, 38 Clifton Drive
Burns, T., 138 King's Road
Burns, T., commission agent, 46 King Street
Burns, William, 8 Cliftondene Park
Burns, William, 12 Ilchester Street
Burns, William, 67 Marlborough Park North
Burns, William T., plumber, 15 Hesketh Road
Burns, Wm. J., lithographer, 5 Cavendish Square
Burns, W., director, Shadow Lawn, Cairnburn Road
Burns, W., 30 Crumlin Gardens
Burns, W. J., storeman, 16 Northwood Crescent
Burns, W. J., civil servant, Granton, Finaghy Road South
Burnside, A., 93 Glencairn Street
Burnside, F., auto engineer, 32 Rosapenna Street
Burnside, Harold, packer, 3 Torrens Gardens
Burnside, Hugh, 96 Woodvale Road
Burnside, James, beetler, 2 Ceylon Street
Burnside, Joseph, foreman, 3 Cliftonville Drive
Burnside, J., 3 Hawthornden Drive
Burnside, J. I., 2 Rocky Road
Burnside, J. J., joiner, 35 Jocelyn Street
Burnside, Miss Edith, 11 Kincora Avenue
Burnside, Mrs., 121 Dunluce Avenue
Burnside, Mrs. Lillie, 63 Cedar Avenue
Burnside Nursery, Clara Park
Burnside, R., conductor, 14 Roden Street
Burnside, Samuel, boot maker, 346 Shankill Road
Burnside, S. R., 38 Wheatfield Crescent
Burnside, Victor, butcher, 5 Workman Avenue
Burnside, W., 281 Cavehill Road
Burnside, W. J., 44 Irwin Avenue
Burnside, W. Massy, M.D., 26 Malone Road
Burrell, D. B., trade laundry, Glengall Street
Burrell, F. J., engineer, 34 Brandon Parade
Burrell, Joseph, 29 Melrose Street
Burrell, J., slasher, 113 Joanmount Gardens
Burrell, N. F., shop assistant, 9 Cicero Gardens
Burrell, Thomas, 27 Ranelagh Street
Burrell, W. D., civil servant, 575 Lisburn Road
Burroughes & Watts, Ltd., Billiard Table Manufacturers, 15 Pottinger's Entry
Burrough's Adding Machine Co. Ltd., 7 Donegall Square East
Burrowes, Miss Margaret, 23 Newington Avenue
Burrowes, Thomas, private detective, 14 Ulsterville Gardens
Burrowes, Wm. L., linen merchant, 272 Newtownards Road Upper
Burrows, Alex., M.B.E., postman, 61 Ainsworth Avenue
Burrows, A., driver, 57 Cheviot Avenue
Burrows, A., 26 Bentinck Street
Burrows, Rev. E. A. Elliott, M.A., 53 King's Road
Burrows, Henry, sheet metal worker, 62 Alliance Avenue
Burrows, H., 1 Derryvolgie Avenue
Burrows, James W., comp., 55 Gainsborough Drive
Burrows, James, salesman, 58 Roden Street
Burrows, John, 10 Lavinia Street
Burrows, Joseph, joiner, 22 Alliance Crescent
Burrows, J., 92 Locksley Park
Burrows, J. & W. F., tailors and outfitters, 2-4 Victoria Street Great
Burrows, Miss, 66 Station Road
Burrows, Mrs., 36 Florida Drive
Burrows, Mrs., 24 Irwin Crescent
Burrows, Mrs. C., 35 Parkgate Avenue
Burrows, R., collector, 35 Ophir Gardens
Burrows & Totton, litho. artists, 50 Arthur Street Upper
Burrows, T., Corporation official, 20 Grangeville Gardens
Burrows, T., 6 Florenceville Avenue
Burrows, William, engineer, 3 Florida Drive
Burrows, Wm., & Co., Tailors and Woollen Merchants, 10-12 Madrid Street
Burrows, Wm., 110 Newtownards Road Upper
Burrows, W., engineer, 93 Loopland Park
Burrows, W. B., cashier, Ballynafeigh House, 159 Ravenhill Road
Burrows, W. J., cashier, 129 Cregagh Road
Burrows, W. T., litho artist, 85 Onslow Parade
Burry, James, 14 College Square North
Burstoll, W., hair dresser, 52 Mount Merrion Avenue
Burstow, Wm., hair dresser, 137 Newtownards Road
Burt, Mrs., 64 Kimberley Street
Burt-Marshall, James, Ltd., bleachers and dyers, 20 Alfred Street
Burton, Carse, sports outfitter, 6 Wellington Place; res., 6 Cyprus Gardens
Burton, E., 19 Strathmore Park South
Burton, E. D., Tyrella, Dundela Avenue
Burton, E. D., manufacturers agent, 1 Wellington Place
Burton, F., R.U.C., 15 Ardpatrick Gardens
Burton, Herbert, sail maker, 27 Hatfield Street
Burton, James, fitter, 19 Florida Drive
Burton, John, 41-43 Wilton Street
Burton, John, 17 Meadowbank Place
Burton, J., 20 Sintonville Avenue
Burton, J. N., director, 2 Cadogan Park
Burton, Mrs., 525 Ormeau Road
Burton, M., Ltd., merchant tailors, 1-3 High Street, 2 Corn Market, 25-27 Ann Street, 71-73 North Street, 10-16 Royal Avenue
Burton, Robert, engineer, 60 Glenside Parade
Burton, Son, & Sanders, Ltd., bakers' sundries, 27 Pakenham Street
Burton, William, weaver, 173 Dunluce Avenue
Burton, William A., 31 Virginia Street
Burton, W. K., Myrtle Dene, 2 Bawnmore Road
Busby, Archie, grocer, 69 Ashmore Street
Busby, James, clerk, 22 Haddington Gardens
Busby, James, 19 Windsor Park
Busby, John, 65 King's Road
Busby, J., agent, 54 Queen Street Upper
Busby, J. A., 40 Indiana Avenue
Busby, Mrs. M., 24 Orby Grove
Busby, R. J., master slater, 21 Hewitt Parade
Busby, R. R., clerk, 16 Joanmount Gardens
Busby, W. J., Ltd., 79 Duncairn Gardens
Bush, Minnie, bakery, 144-146 Beersbridge Road
Bush, Miss M. E., 64 Grand Parade
Bushe, George, store keeper, 15 Dromara Street
Bushe, James, 135 Connsbrook Avenue
Bushell, Miss L., 32 Ann Street
Bushell, The Misses, 22 Cheltenham Park
Bussell, Robt., coach trimmer, 49 Mount Merrion Park
Bustard, Andrew, clerk, 44 Chief Street
Bustard, George, 28 Gilnahirk Road
Bustard, Miss, 64 Wandsworth Road
Bustard, Miss Margaret, 16 Baden Powell Street
Bustard, Thomas, 113 Alliance Avenue
Busteed, Mrs. M., 9 Chambers Street
Busteed, Thomas, salesman, 13 Ava Drive
Butcher, Fredk., steward, 25 Bramcote Street
Butler & Brown, drapers, 63 Albert Bridge Road
Butler, D. H., engineer, 34 Denorrton Park
Butler, George, Corporation official, 6 Ashton Avenue
Butler, Joseph, traveller, 2 Graymount Drive
Butler, J., Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Butler, Rev. J. C., M.A., 2 Locksley Park
Butler, Miss Rebecca, 68 Lawnbrook Avenue
Butler, Miss Sarah, 4 Ormonde Park
Butler, Mrs. E., 9 Lepper Street
Butler, Mrs. Jane, Glencar, Everton Drive
Butler, M., 18 Norfolk Parade
Butler, P. J., salesman, 19 St. James's Drive
Butler, Ronald, civil servant, 176 King's Road
Butler Street Recreation Club, Butler Street
Butler, W. J., 238 Cambrai Street
Butler, W. J., jun., taxi proprietor, 244 Cambrai Street
Butten, John, civil servant, 46 Silverstream Park
Butten, Miss M., 22 Kirkliston Gardens
Butterfield, A., 62 Malone Avenue
Butterworth, Sydney, manager, Annaville, Knockbreda Road
Butts, Watson, assistant surveyor, 11 Dunlambert Avenue
Buygott, Chas., paint merchant, 191 Donegall Street
Byers, G., dealer, 1a-1b Agincourt Avenue
Byers, Hugh, gardener, 51 Holywood Road Old
Byers, J., tenter, 31 Rochester Street
Byers, J. H., clerk, 7 Ebrington Gardens
Byers, Miss Florence, 60 Newington Avenue
Byers, Miss L., knitwear, 83 Castlereagh Road
Byers, Rev., 56 Fitzwilliam Street
Byers, R., spirit merchant, 81 McTier Street
Byers, S. A., agent, 9 Lismoyne Park
Byers, Thomas, 58 Knockbreda Park
Byford, W., 28 Donegall Park Avenue
Byrans, James, mechanic, 24 Albertville Drive
Byrne, Arthur, traveller, 80 Divis Drive
Byrne, A., bakery, 75-77 Cromac Street
Byrne, Catherine, 14 Twaddell Avenue
Byrne, Daniel, traveller, 165 Holywood Road
Byrne, D. L., chemist, 7 Divis Street
Byrne, Dr. Gerald, 24 College Square North
Byrne, Frank, 4 Baroda Street
Byrne, Hugh, builder, 12-18 Boundary Street
Byrne, James, bread server, 19 Norfolk Parade
Byrne, James, baker, 147 Divis Street
Byrne, John, carpenter, 23 Lavinia Street
Byrne, John, carpenter, 108 Divis Street
Byrne, John, merchant, 15 Kelvin Parade
Byrne, John, spirit merchant, 49 Atlantic Avenue
Byrne, John, publican, 104 Newtownards Road
Byrne, John P., 6 Northwood Drive
Byrne, J., spirit grocer, 66, 68 Bristol Street
Byrne, J., wholesale confectioner, 74 Castle Street
Byrne, Miss, 94 Marlborough Park (Avenue) C.
Byrne, Miss Catherine, 4 Dunville Street
Byrne, Miss M., confectioner, 1 College Square East
Byrne, Mrs., 766b Shore Road
Byrne, Mrs., 22 Irwin Avenue
Byrne, Mrs., 59 Broadway
Byrne, Mrs. Catherine, 36 My Lady's Road
Byrne, Mrs. Elizabeth, outfitter, 483 Falls Road
Byrne, Mrs. Mary A., 4 Ava Terrace, Shore Road
Byrne, Patrick, dyer, 59 Vernon Street
Byrne, Patrick, publican, 47 Glen Road
Byrne, Patrick, publican, 2 Falls Road
Byrne, P., sergt. R.U.C., 118a Ardenlee Avenue
Byrne, P. J., grocer, 117 Balkan Street
Byrne, Alderman Richard, M.P., 44 Brookvale Avenue
Byrne, R., publican, 9 Garmoyle Street
Byrne, Thomas, driver, 1 Granville Terrace, Shore Road
Byrne, T., confectioner, 137 Antrim Road
Byrne, W. G., driver, 19 Arlington Street
Byrne, Wm. R., insurance supt., 1 Ashfield Drive
Byron, J., motor engineer, 5 Essex Street
Byron, Wm., clerk, 378 Castlereagh Road