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Fabrics House, draper, Woodstock Road
Fagan, Arthur, newsagent, 197 Falls Road
Fagan, C., tobacconist, 11 Cromac Square
Fagan, F., traveller, 435a Lisburn Road
Fagan, John, joiner, 1 Vicinage Park
Fagan, Joseph, 19 Mooreland Park
Fagan, James E., joiner, 93 Madrid Street
Fagan, William, P.O. official, 98 Broadway
Fahey, M. J., carrier, 173 Falls Road
Fahy, Helen A., speech training, 25 Howard Street
Fahy, Mrs., 505 Falls Road
Fails, J. E., 10 Baroda Street
Fails, Mrs., 23 Pretoria Street
Fair, Henry, estate agent, Moyard, Ballyhanwood Road
Fair, J., aircraft inspector, 37 Joanmount Gardens
Fair, The Misses, 481 Oldpark Road
Fair, Richard B., 23 Rosetta Park
Fair, Samuel John, clerk, 48 Diamond Gardens
Fairbairn, Lawson, Coombe, Barbour, Ltd., engineers, millwrights, etc., Falls Foundry, 5-15 and 6-20 North Howard Street
Fairclough, A., engineer, 636 Antrim Road
Fairclough, D., insurance agent, 25 Ardenlee Gardens
Fairclough, F., engineer, 43 Westland Road
Fairlamb, William, 26 St. John's Park
Fairlie & Jack, grocers, 13 Station Street and 1 Middlepath Street
Fairlie, R., grocer, 4 Sandford Avenue
Fairlie, William, 15 Luxor Gardens
Faith, A., 16 Mount Eden Park
Faith, A., gold buyer, 10 Church Lane
Falconer, John, 17 Wellesley Avenue
Falconer, Miss, Alt-Min, Knockbreda Road
Falkiner, F. J., civil servant, 29 Wandsworth Road
Falkner, B. A., 7 Rosapenna Drive
Falkner, Joseph, R.U.C., 99 Island Street
Fallon, E. J., 3 Annadale Street
Fallon, Mary, 26 Eia Street
Fallon, Miss M., 747 Crumlin Road
Fallon, Silvester, 46 Westway Drive
Falloon, J., assistant inspector, 74 Stranmillis Gardens
Falloon, Thos., provision merchant, 113 Agnes Street
Falloon, Thos., harness mounter, 74 Woodcot Avenue
Fallows, Joseph, 277 Newtownards Road Upper
Fallows, Joshua, 15 Churchill Street
Fall Bowling & Tennis Club, Walmer, Andersonstown
Falls, D. P., 4 Victoria Gardens
Falls Flax Spinning Company Ltd., 5-7 Conway Street and Cupar Street Factory
Falls, James, 307 Cavehill Road
Falls, Mrs., 2 Mountpleasant Huts, Ballysillan Road
Falls, Mrs., nurse, 4 Albertville Drive
Falls, Mrs. Elizabeth, 208 Oldpark Road
Falls Park, Falls Road
Falls Road Methodist Church, 104 Divis Street; committee rooms, 25 Alexander Street West
Falls Road Post Office, 101 Falls Road
Faloon, Charles, clerk, 153 Park Avenue
Faloon, Geo., linen business, 436 Castlereagh Road
Faloon, Henry, traveller, 24 Victoria Gardens
Faloon, H., salesman, 9 Pasadena Gardens
Faloon, James, grocer, 65 Maryville Street
Faloon, Mrs. S. E., 4 Kirklowe Drive
Faloon, P., sorter, 475 Falls Road
Faloon & Steele, ladies' hairdressers, 59 Bradbury Place
Faloon, Wm., hairdresser, 30 King Street
Faloon, W., linen business, 34 Sicily Park|
Faloona, Hugh, roofer, 37 Beechfield Street
Faloone, B., confectioner, 32 Falls Road
Falvey, Michael C., R.U.C., 6 Dunmisk Park
Family Linen Store (The), 5 College Street
Fancy Leather Workers, Ltd., manufacturers, 14 Linen Hall Street
Fane Street P.E. School, Fane Street
Fannin, Miss Mary, 5 Ava Gardens
Fannin, W., head-constable R.U.C., 1 Norfolk Drive
Fanning, Joseph, 64 Delhi Street
Fanning, W., carpenter, 37 Glenbrook Avenue
Faris, Edmund A., director, 20 Chichester Avenue
Faris, Mrs. G., 7 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
Farley, Miss Maud, 13 Lawrence Street
Farley, Mrs. Margaretta, 114 Tate's Avenue
Farley, William, 29 Dover Street
Farley, W. J., baker, 176 Ravenhill Road
Farlow, Thomas, 60 Hopefield Avenue
Farm Grocery Stores (The), Lisburn Road
Farmer, Edward, fireman, 39 Roden Street
Farmer, John, 110-110 Library Street Upper
Farmer, John, grocer, 75 Library Street Upper
Farmer, John, 126 Library Street Upper
Farmer, Miss Jean, confectioner, 56 Antrim Road
Farmer, Miss Nora, 36 Magdala Street
Farmer, Mrs., Coolreagh, Knockmarloch Park
Farmer, S., 16 (19) Donegall Square South
Farmer, Thomas W., 39 Ashley Gardens
Farmer, Thos., electrician, 4 Wandsworth Parade
Farmiloe, T. & W., Ltd., paint manufacturers, 1 Oxford Street
Farnan, Mrs. Rose A., 170 Cliftonpark Avenue
Farnan, Patrick, house agent, 4 Orient Gardens
Farquhar, A., civil servant, 13 Ailesbury Road
Farquhar, L., musician, 29 Willowbank Gardens
Farquharson, Agnes, 162 Manor Street
Farquharson, Mrs. E. G., Caver, Manna Grove
Farr, D. A., shoe maker, 31 Bradbury Place
Farr, G. T., 336 Lisburn Road
Farr, Hugh, 116 Lisburn Road
Farr, James, 58 Wellesley Avenue
Farr, John, 42 Westmoreland Street
Farr, Jos., R.U.C., 33 Parkside Gardens
Farr, J., driller, 20 Chesham Parade
Farr, J. J., 9 Priory Park
Farr, Robert, 42 Percy Street
Farr, Robert, carrier, 17 Beit Street
Farr, W., boot repairer, 71 Grosvenor Road
Farrall, Charles, publican, 32 Albert Street
Farrant, Mrs. M., 51 Rosemount Gardens
Farrar, George, 47 Edgcumbe Gardens
Farrell, A., civil servant, 12 Maryville Park
Farrell, Cissie, spirit merchant, 113 Cupar Street and 198 Wilton Street
Farrell, C., spirit merchant, 72 Oldpark Road
Farrell, C. J., engineer, 1 St. James's Road
Farrell & Co., printers, 142 (26) Royal Avenue
Farrell, Edward John, 61 Mountcollyer Street
Farrell, E., 28 Harcourt Drive
Farrell, Fredk., 51 Cherryvalley Park
Farrell, F., builder, 23 Derby Street
Farrell, G. E., engineer, 10 Glantrasna Drive
Farrell, James, fitter, 115 Alliance Avenue
Farrell, James, clerk, 185 Deerpark Road
Farrell, James, 17 Bathgate Drive
Farrell, John, publican, 140 North Street
Farrell, J., electrician, 5 Curzon Street
Farrell, J., motor dealer, 10 Cliftonpark Avenue
Farrell, J. D., accountant, 15 Strathmore Park North
Farrell, J. P., 27 Rosemount Gardens
Farrell, K., draper, 19 Lodge Road Old
Farrell, Michael B., 28 Pacific Avenue
Farrell, Miss, 17 Ava Avenue
Farrell, Miss S. K., 13 Victoria Gardens
Farrell, The Misses, 187 Ravenhill Road
Farrell, Mrs., 62 Woodcot Avenue
Farrell, Mrs., 48 Knock Road
Farrell, Mrs. Annie, 20 Chief Street
Farrell, Mrs. L. K., 39 Castlereagh Street
Farrell, Phyllis, 133 Wandsworth Road
Farrell, Robert, plumber, 7 Connsbrook Park
Farrell, Rose, spirit store, 2 Legann Street
Farrell, S., garage, 9 William Street
Farrell, T. H., salesman, 81 Sunnyside Street
Farrell, W. J., & Sons, shoe makers, 40 Glenalpin Street
Farrelly, A., french polisher, 17 Cullingtree Road
Farrelly, O., R.U.C., 18 Chief Street
Farren, H. J., clerk, 3 Campbell Park Avenue
Farren, James, traveller, 20 Grampian Avenue
Farris, M., manager, 124 Woodvale Road
Farrow, F. S., draughtsman, 93 Knutsford Drive
Farrow, John, Hillcrest, Lisburn Road
Farrow, J. K., traveller, 17 Ormonde Park (Finaghy)
Farry, James, 54 La Salle Drive
Farry, James, publican, 20-26 Newtownards Road
Farry, Joseph, publican, 164a Falls Road
Farry, Mrs. E., 54 South Parade
Farwell, E., traveller, 11a Knockvale Park
Fashion House, gowns, 37 Shaftesbury Square
Fast Taxis, Ltd., Taxi Hirers, 80-84 Bridge End, Garage, 2 Kearney's Court
Faulkner, A., 64 Fitzwilliam Street
Faulkner, B., hairdresser, 366 Ormeau Road
Faulkner, C., linen merchant, 17 Strathmore Park North
Faulkner, G. N., engineer, 493 Newtownards Road Upper
Faulkner, Henry, wireman, 75 Farnham Street
Faulkner, James, fitter, 50 Park Avenue
Faulkner, James H., 11 Clanchattan Street
Faulkner, John, glazier, 8 Linfield Road
Faulkner, John, 547 Lisburn Road
Faulkner, John, civil servant, 29 Ormonde Park (Finaghy)
Faulkner, Joseph, seaman, 59 Graymount Crescent
Faulkner, J. C., 212 Newtownards Road Upper
Faulkner, J. K., 27 Colenso Parade
Faulkner, J. R., dentist, 48 University Road
Faulkner, Miss Mabel, 14 Florida Street
Faulkner, Mrs. H., 14 Summer Hill Park
Faulkner, N. G., caretaker, 146 University Street
Faulkner, Richard, iron turner, 3 Glantane Street
Faulkner, R., bookkeeper, 62 Denorrton Park
Faulkner, R., painter, 62 Hardcastle Street
Faulkner, S. G., linen merchant, Bain's Place
Faulkner, S. G., 34 Galwally Park
Faulkner, S. N., 493 Newtownards Road Upper
Faulkner, T. J., watch maker, 223 Crumlin Road
Fausset, Mrs. Isabella, 16 Chichester Avenue
Fawcett, Andrew, shop assistant, 71 Glencairn Street
Fawcett, John, dairyman, 206 Ballysillan Road
Fawcett, J. J., 952 Crumlin Road
Fawcett, Mrs. A., 43 Orby Road
Fay, James F., R.U.C., 36 Ladas Drive
Fay, L. T., 3 Summer Hill Gardens
Fay, Madame, draper, 40 Newtownards Road Upper
Fay, Mrs., grocer, 140 Albert Street
Fay, Mrs. Mary, 67 Queen Street North
Fay, Patrick M., 18 Ardmoulin Street
Fay, P. J., 86 Barnett's Road
Fay, W. T., 55 St. Jude's Crescent
Fearn, T. A. M., 2 Cooldarragh Park
Fearon, Bernard, clerk, 18 Norfolk Gardens
Fearon, Bridget, spirit merchant, 336 Oldpark Road
Fearon, J. C., accountant, 49 Victoria Street
Fearon, Margaret. draper, 57 Antrim Road
Fearon, Mrs. Annie, 94 Havana Street
Fearon, Miss A., 455 Crumlin Road
Fearon, Miss Ellen, 1 Rosemount Gardens
Fearon, Mrs. B., 2 Cliftondene Crescent
Fearon, Mrs. M., 19 Fairview Street
Fearon, Owen, fruiterer, 118 Falls Road
Fearon, Richard, joiner, 36 Salisbury Street
Fearon, Wm., civil servant, 67 Lansdowne Park
Fearron, James, 19 Beechmount Street
Featherston, Mrs. J. W., 38 Malone Park
Featherstone, C. A., 26 Bristow Park
Federated Employers' Insurance Association Ltd., 9 (37-37a) Donegall Square South
Fee, Charles, 43 Martinez Avenue
Fee, John, butcher, 53 Waterloo Gardens
Fee, John, butcher, 237 York Street
Fee, J., 18 Rosapenna Parade
Fee, J., foreman, 46 Willowbank Gardens
Fee, J. W., traveller, 5 Chichester Avenue
Fee, Miss, 15 Cedar Avenue
Fee, Mrs. J. M., 19 Sans Souci Park
Fee, S., mechanic, 149 University Street
Fee, William, 23 Gainsborough Drive
Fee, W. H., M.B., 125 Victoria Street Great
Feegan, Edward, salesman, 17 Deerpark Drive
Feeley, J., confectioner, 104 Albert Bridge Road
Feeley, J. W., hairdresser, 61 Windsor Avenue Lower
Feely, Charles, compositor, 692 Oldpark Road
Feely, Mrs., 231 (1) Cliftonville Road
Feely, Mrs., 29 St. James's Road
Feenan & Hughes, builders, 10 Garmoyle Street
Feenan, James, clerk, 9 Glen Road
Feenan, John, 30 Indiana Avenue
Feenan, Joseph, 8 Cavehill View, Shore Road
Feenan, Jos., clerk, 22 Divis Drive
Feenan, Miss Teresa, 22 Madison Avenue
Feeney, D., engineer, 111 Rushfield Avenue
Feeney, Joseph, fitter, 4 Lavan's Drive
Feeney, J., salesman, 9 Arlington Street
Fegan, J., 166 Lodge Road Old
Fegan, Mary Jane, 29 Woodcot Avenue
Fegan, Mrs., 43 Belmont Road
Feiertag, G., watch maker, 25 Woodcot Avenue
Feldman, M., furniture and floor coverings, 26-28 Dublin Road
Feldman, M., merchant, 11 Strathmore Park North
Fell, Ernest, tobacconist, 59 Oldpark Road
Fell, E., confectioner, 14 Rosewood Street
Fell, E. P., 3 St. Ive's Gardens
Fell, George, boiler maker, 28 Rosewood Street
Fell, Mrs., 3 St. Ive's Gardens
Fell, W., 12 Chesham Grove
Fellen, Miss Hertha, 386a Lisburn Road
Fellingham, Richard, warehouseman, 2 Gibson Park Gardens
Fellman, Ayon, 70 Kansas Avenue
Fellows, Misses E. and I., 24 Ashley Avenue
Felstead, Mrs., 19 Campbell Park Avenue
Felt Street P.E. School, 81a Eureka Street
Felt & Tarrant, Ltd., 58 (12) Howard Street
Felthan, A. C., civil servant, 9 Kerrsland Parade
Fenby, Arthur, manager, 32 Cregagh Park
Fennel, J., 171 (3) Lisburn Road
Fennel, Mrs. A., 8 Deramore Drive
Fennelly, A. B., R.U.C., 68 Edinburgh Street
Fenner, Frances, draper, 60 Sandy Row
Fenner, George, 31 Knutsford Drive
Fenner, J. H., mill furnisher, 15 Bedford Street
Fenner, Miss R., 33 Pretoria Street
Fenner, Wm., builder, 12 Northumberland Street
Fenning, G., caretaker, 1 Percy Street
Fenning, Mrs. E., 16 Lucerne Parade
Fenning, William, fitter, 1 Graymount Park
Fenton, D. J., clerk, 2 Ardmore Park
Fenton, John, 195 Deerpark Road
Fenton, John, 47 Torrens Crescent
Fenton, Mrs., 60 Marlborough Park North
Fenton, Robt., bread server, 71 Loopland Gardens
Fenton, Rev. Samuel, M.A., 71 Eglantine Avenue
Fenwick, T. W., manager, 37 Park Road
Feran, F., caretaker, 83 Royal Avenue
Fergie, James, 82 Cheviot Avenue
Fergie, Mrs., 66 Cheviot Avenue
Fergie, R., insurance inspector, 43 North Parade
Fergus, E., joiner, 4 Bond Street New
Fergus, George, machinist, 20 Coombe Hill Park
Fergus Importing Co. Ltd. (The), 44 Dublin Road
Ferguson, Acheson, F.S.I., building surveyor, 1 (37) Wellington Place
Ferguson, Alfred, carter, 47 Avoca Street
Ferguson, A., driver, 79 Mountcollyer Street
Ferguson, A., 34 Rutland Street
Ferguson, A., blacksmith, 65 Bloomfield Avenue
Ferguson, A., engineer, 2 Irwin Avenue
Ferguson, A., store man, 21 Hillfoot Street
Ferguson, Dr. A. A., Broomhill Park Central
Ferguson, Dr. A. Boyd, surgeon, 266 Woodstock Road
Ferguson, Brian, optician, 26 Victoria Gardens
Ferguson Bros., furniture removers, 13 Beechpark Street
Ferguson, C., coal merchant, 37 Kendal Street
Ferguson, C. & F., grocers, 378 Falls Road
Ferguson, Daniel, 42 Hopefield Avenue
Ferguson, David, R.U.C., 78 Oldpark Avenue
Ferguson, D., electrician, 110 Grosvenor Road
Ferguson, D. A., grocer's assistant, 18 Ravenhill Crescent
Ferguson, Edward, 78 Farnham Street
Ferguson, E., draper, 10 Castlereagh Street
Ferguson, E., 17 Neill's Hill Park
Ferguson, Francis J., 65 Norfolk Parade
Ferguson, Frank A., builder, 242 Holywood Road
Ferguson, F., 22 Glandore Street
Ferguson, F., cutter, 680 Oldpark Road
Ferguson, F. E., insurance official, 79 Ravenhill Park
Ferguson, George, manager, 35 Castle Gardens
Ferguson, George, confectioner, 66 Bendigo Street
Ferguson, George, upholsterer, 142 Agnes Street
Ferguson, George C., 11 Jubilee Avenue
Ferguson, Geo., 107 Ardenlee Avenue
Ferguson, G. W., J.P., architect, 83 Royal Avenue
Ferguson (Hairdressers), Ltd., 10 Lombard Street
Ferguson, Harry (Motors), Ltd., motor garage and showrooms, 14-16 Donegall Square East, 55a-73 Arthur Street Upper, and 39 Russell Street. Used Car Dept., 31-35 Joy Street
Ferguson, Harry, Ltd., canteen, 51 Arthur Street Upper
Ferguson, Hugh, 56 Beechmount Street
Ferguson, H., tailor, 32 Ann Street
Ferguson, H. R. M., M.D., 116 Balmoral Avenue
Ferguson, Ida L., draper, 260 Newtownards Road
Ferguson, Jack, motor engineer, 15a Verner Street
Ferguson, Jacob L., 54 Fortwilliam Crescent
Ferguson, James, baker, 11 Adelaide Avenue
Ferguson, James, linen lapper, 10 Mountview Street
Ferguson, James, Ltd., High Class Butchers and Cooked Meat Specialists, 23 Ann Street. T.A.: "Sirloin"
Ferguson, Jas., milk vendor, 10 Gibson Park Gardens
Ferguson, Jane, 190 My Lady's Road
Ferguson, John, bread agent, 37 Mount Prospect Park
Ferguson, John, grocer, 13 McCandliss Street
Ferguson, John, 24 Silverstream Parade
Ferguson, John, 40 Ohio Street
Ferguson, John, 87 Wellington Park
Ferguson, John, joiner, 42 Alliance Avenue
Ferguson, John, joiner, 574 Shore Road
Ferguson, Joseph, 37 Albert Street
Ferguson, Jos., cabinet maker, 6 Cadogan Street
Ferguson, J., P.O. official, 31 Willowbank Gardens
Ferguson, J., hairdresser, 559 Lisburn Road
Ferguson, J., 20 Loopland Drive
Ferguson, J., Lisnagarvey, 31 Martinez Avenue
Ferguson, J., caretaker, 93 High Street
Ferguson, J., publican, 127 Manor Street
Ferguson, J. B., Ltd., automobile engineers and agents, 60-62 Chichester Street
Ferguson, J. S., fitter, 7 Silverstream Gardens
Ferguson, Lewis, Corporation official, 60 Fitzwilliam Street
Ferguson, Margaret, 31 Blenheim Street
Ferguson, Michael, mechanic, 60 Beechmount Street
Ferguson, Miss, dress maker, 9 Grampian Avenue
Ferguson, Miss, 2 Glanworth Drive
Ferguson, Miss, 7 Mount Pleasant
Ferguson, Miss, 97 Malone Avenue
Ferguson, Miss C., 22 Magdala Street
Ferguson, Miss E., 25 Sans Souci Park
Ferguson, Miss E. W., 25 Sagimor Gardens
Ferguson, Miss I., 2 Sharman Road
Ferguson, Miss Maggie, 16 Fitzroy Avenue
Ferguson, Miss May, 496 Newtownards Road Upper
Ferguson, Miss Mary, The Pines, Lisburn Road
Ferguson, Miss M. F., 50 Indiana Avenue
Ferguson, Miss M. K., 6 Glanworth Drive
Ferguson, Mrs., 180 Cliftonville Road
Ferguson, Mrs., 43 Delhi Street
Ferguson, Mrs., 112 Roden Street
Ferguson, Mrs., 350 Donegall Road
Ferguson, Mrs. Agnes C., 26 Cranmore Gardens
Ferguson, Mrs. Annie, 24 Parkmount Road
Ferguson, Mrs. Annie, 68 Beechmount Street
Ferguson, Mrs. R., 360 Ravenhill Road
Ferguson, Mrs. I., 39 Dee Street
Ferguson, Mrs. Mary, 2 Somerdale Park
Ferguson, Mrs. May, 39 Stranmillis Gardens
Ferguson, Mrs. M., 60 Dunluce Avenue
Ferguson, Mrs. M., 8 The Mount
Ferguson, Mrs. M. C., 40 King's Road
Ferguson, Mrs. M. L., 43 Madison Avenue
Ferguson, Mrs. P. W., 32 Clara Park
Ferguson, Mrs. Sarah, 52 Haypark Avenue
Ferguson, Mrs. S., 44 Lancefield Road
Ferguson, M., electrician, 24 Pacific Avenue
Ferguson, M. T., dentist, 191 Albert Bridge Road
Ferguson, Robert, 45 Beechfield Street
Ferguson, Robert, 48 Fortwilliam Crescent
Ferguson, Robert, 43 Abetta Parade
Ferguson, Robt., confectioner, 188 Newtownards Road
Ferguson, Robt., 2 Belgrave Street
Ferguson, Robt., foreman, 3 Lisburn Avenue
Ferguson, R., 81 South Parade
Ferguson, R. (Ferguson & McIlveen), architect, 1 (38) Wellington Place
Ferguson, R., butcher, 194 Newtownards Road
Ferguson, R., painter, 61 Farnham Street
Ferguson, R., B.A., B.E., Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., architect and civil engineer, 2 (36) Wellington Place
Ferguson, R. J., sergt. R.U.C., 128 Woodstock Road
Ferguson, R. W., director, 8 Greenview Park
Ferguson, Samuel, R.N.R., 14 Glantane Street
Ferguson, Samuel, hairdresser, 23 Duncairn Gardens
Ferguson, Samuel, joiner, 5 Jocelyn Street
Ferguson, Samuel, driver, 2 Dudley Street
Ferguson, Samuel, R.U.C., 21 Brookvale Parade
Ferguson, Samuel, painter, 17 St. Jude's Crescent
Ferguson, Samuel, 23 Woodvale Road
Ferguson & Son, estate agents, auctioneers and valuators, 11 Chichester Street
Ferguson, Stanley, 89 Woodvale Avenue
Ferguson, Stanley, 22 Victoria Road
Ferguson, Thomas, 265 Donegall Road
Ferguson, Thomas, 10 Chesham Park
Ferguson, Thomas, joiner, 45 Ridgeway Street
Ferguson, Thomas, engineer, 8 Curzon Street
Ferguson, Thomas, engineer, 42 Melrose Street
Ferguson, Thos., fancy box manufacturer, 3 Stranmillis Gardens
Ferguson, Thos., house repairer, 54 Baden Powell Street
Ferguson, T., 24 Knockdarragh Park
Ferguson, T., clerk, 8 Wandsworth Crescent
Ferguson, T., fancy box maker, 3 Bain's Place
Ferguson, T., R.U.C., 8 Pretoria Street
Ferguson, T. D., linen merchant, 16 Donegall Square South
Ferguson, T. G., 35 Cherryvalley Park
Ferguson, T. J., hairdresser, 31 Sandy Row
Ferguson, T. T., manager, 26 Derryvolgie Avenue
Ferguson, V., 34 Ava Street
Ferguson, William, 58 Hopefield Avenue
Ferguson, William, 110 Grosvenor Road
Ferguson, William, clerk, 15 Castleton Gardens
Ferguson, William, 21 Malone Hill Park
Ferguson, William, caulker, 128 Holywood Road
Ferguson, William H., 88 Deramore Avenue
Ferguson, William John, cleaner, 81 Ainsworth Avenue
Ferguson, W., 57 Shandon Park
Ferguson, W., 32 Windsor Drive
Ferguson, W., hairdresser, 395 Donegall Road
Ferguson, W., clerk, 8 Hardcastle Street
Ferguson, W., caulker, 11 Chesham Park
Ferguson, W., 48 Melrose Street
Ferguson, W. H., 6 Harberton Drive
Ferguson, W. S., coal merchant, 38-40 Blythe Street
Fergusson, W. M., director, 12 Windsor Avenue
Ferodo, Ltd., 21-22 Victoria Street Great
Ferran, Henry, 1a Cavendish Square
Ferran, James, printer, 39 Winetavern Street
Ferran, J., printer, 40 Norfolk Drive
Ferran, Mrs. A., 193 Dunluce Avenue
Ferran, M., plasterer, 30 Newington Street
Ferrar, Major M. Lloyd, 33 Windsor Avenue
Ferrett, George, engineer, 29 Willowholme Street
Ferrett, T. P., engineer, 16 Wingrove Gardens
Ferrie, P., confectioner, 80 Falls Road
Ferrin, Joseph, grocer, 30 Erin Street
Ferris, A. V., 70 Perth Street
Ferris, Charles, 18 Lowwood Park
Ferris & Co. (Belfast), Ltd., cartage contractors, 61 Waring Street
Ferris, David, stableman, 168 My Lady's Road
Ferris, George, grocer, 12 Charles Street South
Ferris, George, clerk, 44 Ravensdene Crescent
Ferris, G., insurance agent, Brantwood Circular Road West
Ferris, Hugh, packing case maker, 25 St. James's Park
Ferris, H., printer, 63 Glenbank Drive
Ferris, Jack, overseer, 75 Loopland Park
Ferris, James, 7 St. Ives Gardens
Ferris, James, grocer, 428 Springfield Road
Ferris, James W., shoe maker, 50 Lawnbrook Avenue
Ferris, J., boot repairer, 695 Oldpark Road
Ferris, J., painter and decorator, 6-10 Haywood Avenue
Ferris, J., 136 Roden Street
Ferris, J., agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Ferris, Miss, 916 Crumlin Road
Ferris, Miss, dress maker, 59 Bradbury Place
Ferris, Mrs., 15 Wandsworth Gardens
Ferris, Mrs. Elizabeth, 162 Ballygomartin Road
Ferris, Mrs. Mary, 1 New Barnsley, Springfield Road
Ferris, Mrs. Mary, 39 Hopefield Avenue
Ferris, Mrs. Norah, 13 Cranburn Street
Ferris, Mrs. S., 37 Ardenlee Avenue
Ferris, M. Elizabeth, 18 Harberton Park
Ferris, M. H., traveller, 33 Malone Road
Ferris, N. W., clerk, 58 Rushfield Avenue
Ferris, Robert, 49 Glenbank Street
Ferris, R., 1 Thornhill Drive
Ferris, R., & Co., outfitters, 13-21 Bruce Street
Ferris, R., traveller, 109 Ardenlee Avenue
Ferris, R., store man, 49 Glenbank Drive
Ferris, R. M., chemist, 255 Queen Street North
Ferris, Samuel, foreman, 30 Lowwood Park
Ferris, Samuel, 1 New Barnsley, Springfield Road
Ferris, Samuel, secretary, 6 Inverary Avenue
Ferris, Samuel, show room, 8-10 Sandy Row
Ferris, Stanley, 29 Nendrum Gardens
Ferris, William, paper cutter, 27 Devon Parade
Ferris, Wm., 50 Lawnbrook Avenue
Ferris, Wm., linen lapper, 532 Falls Road
Ferris, W. J., linen lapper, 16 Elm Street
Ferris, W. R., F.S.I., chartered surveyor, 7 Ardmore Park
Ferris, W. R., baker, 840 Crumlin Road
Ferron, A. H., newsagent, 257-259 Falls Road
Ferron, J., publican, 59-61 Hillview Street
Ferron, Nicholas, 60 Fleet Street
Fetherston, J. S., 29 Malone Hill Park
Fetherston, J. W., 38 Malone Park
Fetherston, Laurence I., engineer, 40 Station Road
Fetherston, S., agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Fetherstonhaugh, Miss, 108 North Parade
Fetherstonhaugh, T., Kiltariff, Castleview Road
Fett, B. H., draughtsman, 10 Sandhill Gardens
Fettis, T. A., 27 Dundela Crescent
Fettus, John, joiner, 43 Frank Street
F. H. Tyre Depot & Vulcanising, 16 Sussex Place
Fibres (Belfast), Ltd., engineering agents and valuers, 10 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Field, Alex., fruiterer, 73-75 Mountview Street
Field, Alex., Corporation official, 8 Loopland Parade
Field, Claude, & Co. Ltd., Warehousemen, Clothing and Shirt Manufacturers, 7 Brunswick Street
Field, C., 3 Rosetta Park
Field, Edgar, 35 Orby Drive
Field, G. A., 5 Deerpark Drive
Field, Herbert, 66 Priory Park
Field, H., shipwright, 21 Parkside Gardens
Field, H., engineer surveyor, 24 Kirkliston Park
Field, J. W., 23 St. John's Park
Field, Matilda, 10 Coombe Hill Park
Field, Miss Grace, 20 Wallasey Park
Field, Mrs. I., 36 Ashgrove Park
Field, R. J., 9 Marlborough Park Central
Field, Samuel, fitter, 15 Century Street
Field, S. H., 68 Bristow Park
Field, William, 12 Ballygomartin Road
Fielden, Victor G. L., M.D., 33 College Gardens
Fieldhouse, W., traveller, 1 Ardgreenan Mount
Fieldman, Max., traveller, 1 Sydney Street West
Fieldman, Samuel, 13 Marsden Gardens
Fields, A., 6 Dunblane Avenue
Fields, Jeremiah, 66 Newington Avenue
Fields, John, salesman, 47 Lansdowne Park
Fields, John, sawyer, 2a Edward Street
Fields, John, pharmaceutical chemist, 25 Elimgrove Street
Fields, John, 15 Woodvale Parade
Fields, J., joiner, 4 Carnmore Terrace, Whiterock Road
Fields, Mrs. E. J., 5 Winetavern Street
Fields, R. J., M.P.S., chemist, 133 Woodstock Road
Fields, William, fitter, 68 Parkmount Street
Fife, H., 61 London Road
Fife, Miss A. M., cashier, 3 Tate's Avenue
Fifty Shilling Tailors, 39 Ann Street and 1-5 Royal Avenue
Figgins, D. P., teacher, 445 Oldpark Road
Figgins, J. F., 254 Cliftonville Road
Fillis, John, guard, 11 Alexandra Park Avenue
Finaghy Halt Railway Station, Finaghy Road North
Finaghy Mission Hall, Finaghy Road South
Finaghy New School, Finaghy Road South
Finaghy Parish Church, Lisburn Road
Finaghy Presbyterian Church, Lisburn Road
Finch, A. W. H., civil servant, 19 Knockbreda Drive
Finch, Rev. J., 79 Malone Avenue
Finch, Thomas S., 70 Glen Road
Findlater, Mrs., grocer, etc., 64 Sandy Row
Findlater, Mrs., 4 Harlston Street
Fine Art and General Insurance Co. Ltd. (The) - R. Speirs Lynch, District Secretary, 16 Howard Street
Finiston P.E. School, 285-287 Oldpark Road
Fink, G., draper, 12 High Street
Finlay, Alexander, Ltd., soap, candle and glycerine works, 24-34 Victoria Square
Finlay, Alexander, 21 Orient Gardens
Finlay, Alexander H., 42 Windsor Park
Finlay, Arthur, clerk, 190 Joanmount Gardens
Finlay, A., fitter, 18 Victoria Avenue
Finlay, A. H., docker, 16 Chesham Parade
Finlay, A., & Son, furniture removers, 82-84 Beverley Street
Finlay, Charles, 3 Glenbrook Terrace, Shore Road
Finlay, Charles, confectioner, etc., 91 Cregagh Road
Finlay, Charles, R.U.C., 14 Ravenhill Parade
Finlay, C., postman, 18 St. Vincent Street
Finlay & Co., Meat Contractors and Butchers, Oxford Street
Finlay, D., civil servant, Lyndhurst, Castleview Road
Finlay, Ernest, 11 Brookvale Avenue
Finlay, E. S., 11 Brookvale Avenue
Finlay, George, 14 Knockbreda Park
Finlay, George, shop assistant, 9 Annalee Street
Finlay, Grant, 1 Rosapenna Street
Finlay, Hamilton, 7 Fitzroy Avenue
Finlay, Henry, clerk, 21 Sydenham Gardens
Finlay, Isaac, 12 Mount Eden Park
Finlay, James, bundler, 2 Graymount Park
Finlay, James, driver, 109 Joanmount Gardens
Finlay, James, driver, 185 Castlereagh Road
Finlay, James, pawn broker, 47 Twickenham Street
Finlay, James, pawn broker, 169 Lodge Road Old
Finlay, John, agent, 56 Wellington Place
Finlay, John, building inspector, 65 Lomond Avenue
Finlay, John, helper, 26 Graymount Crescent
Finlay, John, 49 Station Road
Finlay, John G., joiner, 22 Glenside Parade
Finlay, John M., 8 Windsor Park
Finlay, Jos. R., produce merchant, 1a Charlotte Street
Finlay, J., provision merchant, 45 Glenbank Drive
Finlay, J., 53 Osborne Park
Finlay, J. B., violinist, 64 Divis Drive
Finlay, J. D., Castle Hill Road
Finlay, J. F., clerk, 282 Woodstock Road
Finlay, J. H., The Orchard, Knock Road
Finlay, J. W. F., accountant, 83 Cedar Avenue
Finlay, Miss, 23 Elgin Street
Finlay, Miss, 74 Townsend Street
Finlay, The Misses, 46 North Parade
Finlay, Miss A. B., 97 Skegoneill Avenue
Finlay, Miss E., 60 Cromwell Road
Finlay, Miss L., 9 Ashley Avenue
Finlay, Miss L. E., teacher, 5 Manor Street
Finlay, Misses M. & L., stores, 13-15 Halliday's Road
Finlay, Mrs., 3 Oakland Avenue
Finlay, Mrs., 63 Glandore Avenue
Finlay, Mrs., 29 Bawnmore Road
Finlay, Mrs. Annie, 20 Somerton Park
Finlay, Mrs. A., 235 Cavehill Road
Finlay, Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Clifton Crescent
Finlay, Mrs. E., 236 Spamount Street
Finlay, Mrs. Mary, 105 University Avenue
Finlay, Mrs. Maude, 116 Sandown Road
Finlay, Mrs. S., 62 Orby Drive
Finlay, Mrs. William, 774 Shore Road
Finlay, N., 299 Antrim Road
Finlay, Richard, confectioner, 972 Shore Road
Finlay, Richard M., director, 79 Dunlambert Park
Finlay, Robert, grocer, 8 Lawnmount Street
Finlay, R., clerk, 54 Parkmount Street
Finlay, R. H. F., 55 Marlborough Park Central
Finlay, R. J., agent, 4 Franklin Street
Finlay, R. J., outfitters, 87 Castlereagh Street
Finlay, R. Noel, 62 Eglantine Avenue
Finlay, Samuel, checker, 546 Shore Road
Finlay, Samuel, 291 Queen Street North
Finlay, Stewart, Corporation official, 397 Lisburn Road
Finlay, S., 150 Ballygomartin Road
Finlay, S., driver, 153 Woodstock Road
Finlay, Thomas, engineer, 24 Hesketh Road
Finlay, Thomas, R.U.C., 52 Dunluce Avenue
Finlay, T., compositor, 382 Cregagh Road
Finlay, T., 2a City Street
Finlay, T. H., plater. 65d Park Avenue
Finlay, Wallace, grocer, 47 Duncairn Gardens
Finlay, Wallace, 16 Victoria Street Little
Finlay, William, 17 Ebrington Gardens
Finlay, William, watchmaker, 183 Crumlin Road
Finlay, William, 22 Eblana Street
Finlay, William, gardener, 111 Joy Street
Finlay, William, pawn broker, 173 Cromac Street
Finlay, William McC., insurance official, 43 Kilhorne Gardens
Finlay, William, & Sons, Ltd., Printers and Bookbinders, 12-14 Corporation Street
Finlay, W. Clelland, 26 Balmoral Avenue
Finlay, W. J., F.B.O.A., optician, 169 Crumlin Road
Finlay, W. J., butcher, 17 Eastleigh Drive
Finlay's, meat purveyor, 301 Antrim Road
Finlay's Mineral Waters, Ltd., manufacturers, 2 Pembroke Street
Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co. Ltd., linen thread manufacturers, 16 Bedford Street
Finley, Mrs. M., The Orchard, Knock Road
Finley, Russell, Ltd., builders and contractors, 36-38 York Lane
Finley, W., firewood merchant, 41a Christopher Street
Finn, Mrs., 52 Bentinck Street
Finn, Thomas, blacksmith, 33 Naples Street
Finn, William, farrier, 10-12 Israel Street
Finnan, E., 260 Stranmillis Road
Finnegan, Annie, publican, 95 Fairview Street
Finnegan, Frances, 47 Fairview Street
Finnegan, James, spirit merchant, 80 London Road
Finnegan, Michael, spirit merchant, 70 Tate's Avenue and 40 Albert Bridge Road
Finnegan, Mrs. A., 24 Onslow Parade
Finnegan, M., spirit merchant, 20 Rosetta Avenue
Finnegan, M., spirit merchant, 84 Bryson Street
Finnegan, M., wine merchant, Lorne Street
Finnegan, M. J., flesher, 38 Ross Street; res., 424 Falls Road
Finnegan, M. & J., spirit merchant, 111-113 Saunders Street
Finnegan, Wm., supper saloon, 1 Pembroke Street
Finney, A., newsagent, 77 Lanark Street
Finney, A. J. A., Corporation official, 25 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Finney, James, fruiterer, 16 Belmont Road
Finney, John, joiner, 28 Avoca Street
Finney, Joseph, 13 Springdale Gardens
Finney, J., fruiterer, 258 Ormeau Road
Finney, J., traveller, 34 Ulsterville Gardens
Finney, Mrs., caretaker, 11 Lombard Street
Finney, Mrs. M., 27 Grampian Avenue
Finney, Thomas, plasterer, 8 Grace Avenue
Finnigan, Dan, caretaker, 337 Falls Road
Finnigan, E., grocer, 344 Woodstock Road
Finnigan, Miss, 6 Hastings Street
Finnigan, Mrs., publican, 26 Norfolk Drive
Finnigan, Patrick, traveller, 438 Falls Road
Finnigan, T., 237 Donegall Road
Finnigan, William, shop assistant, 76 Ashley Avenue
Fionda, Marco, ice cream, 193 Shankill Road
Fionda, M., confectioner, 39 Queen's Square
Fionda, M., 141 Divis Street
Firewood Blocks, Ltd., 69 Donegall Pass
First Ballymacarrett Presbyterian Church, Paulett Avenue
First Church of Christ Scientist, 2 University Avenue
First Pres. (Unitarian) Church, 41a Rosemary Street
Firth, B. L., 3 Winston Gardens
Firth, Eric, clerk, 24 Ravenhill Avenue
Firth, L., chemist, 29 Camden Street
Firth, Miss, nurse, 59 Newtownards Road Upper
Firth, Miss E., confectioner, 441a Ormeau Road
Firth, Mrs., 48 Onslow Parade
Firth, M., stationer, 5 Divis Street
Firth, Percy, cashier, 2 Onslow Park
Firth, Stanley H., 94 Priory Park
Firth, Thos., home bakery, 105 Newtownards Road
Fiscer, A. N., buyer, 64 Mount Merrion Park
Fish and Chip Saloon, 59 York Street
Fish, Dan, film distributor, 39 Donegall Street
Fish, J. W., traveller, 19 Loopland Crescent
Fisher, Agnes, 34 Duncairn Gardens
Fisher, A., carter, 7 Chambers Street
Fisher, A., engineer, 232 Castlereagh Road
Fisher, F. A., & Co., radio dealers, 17 Queen Street
Fisher, H. G., welder, 99 Joanmount Park
Fisher, James, fitter, 177 Queen Street North
Fisher, James H., 12 Lavan's Drive
Fisher, John, blacksmith, 33a Grosvenor Road
Fisher, John, blacksmith, 191 Durham Street
Fisher, John, blacksmith, 131 Grosvenor Road
Fisher, Joseph, painter, 50 Florida Drive
Fisher, J., 12 Alexandra Park Avenue
Fisher, J., watch maker, 488 Oldpark Road
Fisher, Miss, 17 Dundela Gardens
Fisher, Miss E. M., Mont-rio, Knock Hill Park
Fisher, Miss F. A., confectioner, 43 Glenallen Street
Fisher, Mrs., 229 Cliftonville Road
Fisher, Mrs., 6 (2) Randal Park
Fisher, Mrs., 234 Castlereagh Road
Fisher, Mrs. J., 330-332 (7) Antrim Road
Fisher, Mrs. May, 142 Deramore Avenue
Fisher, Mrs. M., 29 Clifton Crescent
Fisher, R., manufacturer, 66 Torrens Crescent
Fisher, R. J., upholsterer, 50 Agincourt Avenue
Fisher, Samuel, fitter, 245 Ballysillan Road
Fisher, Samuel, sawyer, 142 Canning Street Upper
Fisher, S., 20 Baroda Street
Fisher, S., hairdresser, 332 Newtownards Road Upper
Fisher, Thomas, F.A.I. & Co., House and Land Agents, Auctioneers & Property Valuers, 28 Arthur Street
Fisher, T. A., F.A.I., estate agent, 6 Montgomery Street
Fisher, William, furniture dealer, 63 Holywood Road
Fisher, William J. K., manager, 17 Candahar Street
Fisher, Wilson, groundsman, 670 Ravenhill Road
Fisher, W., 63 Holywood Road
Fisher, W., newsagent, 182 Shankill Road
Fisher, W., traveller, 54 Lavinia Street
Fisher, W., newsagent, 45 Shankill Road
Fisher, W., clerk, 78 Oakland Avenue
Fisher, Rev. W. H. N., M.A., 20 Cyprus Park
Fisher, W. J., grocer, 84 Dunraven Avenue
Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, 48 Malone Road; Lecture Hall, Chlorine Hardens; Mission Hall, 21 Lockview Road
Fisker, C., 10 Knockdarragh Park
Fisier or Fisler, Walter, foreign correspondent, 8 Broughton Gardens
Fitchie, Mary, 16 Oakland Avenue
Fitchie, The Misses, 12 King's Road
Fitchie, Misses M. & J., 485 Newtownards Road Upper
Fitchie, Mrs., 2a Ireton Street
Fitchie, R. H., 1 Stormont View, Castlereagh Road
Fitchie, S. E., 12 Crescent Lower
Fitchie, Thomas, 85 Bloomfield Road
Fitsimons, Jas., fitter, 6 Carnmore Terrace, Whiterock Road
Fitton, Jack, lecturer, 16 Grangeville Gardens
Fittus, Mrs. A., 635 Oldpark Road
Fitzell, Edward, 16 Easton Crescent
Fitzell, George, supper saloon, 211 Tennent Street
Fitzgerald, A., 11 Knockbreda Road
Fitzgerald, A. W., 180 Grand Parade (Bloomfield S.)
Fitzgerald, E., 412 Oldpark Road
Fitzgerald, James F., solicitor, 1 College Square North
Fitzgerald, J., plater, 12a Castleview Terrace
Fitzgerald, J. F., traveller, 15 Rossmore Avenue
Fitzgerald, L., 79 Knockbreda Road
Fitzgerald, Margaret, 436 Oldpark Road
Fitzgerald, Miss E., 49 Beechfield Street
Fitzgerald, Miss Margaret R., Ashville, Gilnahirk Road
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Minnie, 9 Riga Street Upper
Fitzgerald, R., 103 Nevis Avenue
Fitzgerald, R. V., coppersmith, 39 Broadway
Fitzgerald, T., 7 Abetta Parade
Fitzgerald, William, store keeper, 59 Brougham Street
Fitzgerald, W. T., confectioner, 146 Cavehill Road
Fitzgerald, W. T., newsagent, 417 Ballysillan Road
Fitzgerald's, house furnishers, 230 Shankill Road
Fitzharris, Thomas, 22 Lincoln Avenue
Fitzhenry, Mrs. J. L., 9 Finaghy Park Central
Fitzhugh, H. H., 43 Cabin Hill Park
Fitzmaurice, B., confectioner, 50 Norfolk Parade
Fitzmaurice, B., confectioner, 2a Manor Street
Fitzmaurice, Mrs. M., 25 Clifton Crescent
Fitzmaurice, R. J., 24 Hawthornden Drive
Fitzpatrick, Bridget, confectioner, 43 Divis Street
Fitzpatrick, C., grocer, 24 Cawnpore Street
Fitzpatrick, Daniel, linen business, 18 Joy Street
Fitzpatrick, D., draper, 142 Smithfield
Fitzpatrick, E., hairdresser, 113 Sandy Row
Fitzpatrick, H. D., & Co., chartered patent and trade marks agents, 2 (49-50) Wellington Place
Fitzpatrick, Jas., carter, 2 Roy Street
Fitzpatrick, John, draper, 35 Clonard Gardens
Fitzpatrick, Joseph, 72 Stranmillis Road
Fitzpatrick, J., warehouseman, 144 Cromac Street
Fitzpatrick, J., 14 Regent Street
Fitzpatrick, J., manager, 569 Oldpark Road
Fitzpatrick, J., fireman, 41 Joanmount Gardens
Fitzpatrick, J. F., solicitor, 1 College Square North
Fitzpatrick, J. H., hairdresser, 28 Clifton Street
Fitzpatrick, J. H., 33 Ridgeway Street
Fitzpatrick, J. V., 5 Grasmere Gardens
Fitzpatrick, Mary, grocer, 126 George's Street Great
Fitzpatrick, Miss, 133 Alliance Avenue
Fitzpatrick, Mrs., 6 Ludlow Street
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Margaret, 110 Whitewell Road
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Mary, 200 Woodstock Road
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Sarah, 29 Barton Street
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, 54 Beechmount Street
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, fitter, 9 Woodvale Gardens
Fitzpatrick, P., Ossory, Andersonstown
Fitzpatrick, P. E., 15 Norfolk Parade
Fitzpatrick, P. F., wine and spirit merchant, 44 Lodge Road New
Fitzroy, Arthur, clerk, 17 Trigo Parade
Fitzroy, A., com. agent, 39 Ardenlee Drive
Fitzroy Bakery, 51-67 Fitzroy Avenue
Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, 1a Rugby Road
Fitzsimmins, Jas., provision merchant, 44 Kirkliston Park
Fitzsimmins, J., poulterer, 261 Newtownards Road Upper
Fitzsimmons, Albert, 53 Onslow Gardens
Fitzsimmons, C. H., traveller, 36 Dunkeld Gardens
Fitzsimmons, Frank, 393 Crumlin Road
Fitzsimmons, Hugh, 14 Frank Street Upper
Fitzsimmons, James, 48 North Road
Fitzsimmons, Jas., principal, 33 Rosemount Gardens
Fitzsimmons, John, 10 Pine Street
Fitzsimmons, J., 5 Cranburn Street
Fitzsimmons, J., 11 Alloa Street
Fitzsimmons, Mrs., 16 Knock Eden Park
Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Elizabeth, 82 Albert Street
Fitzsimmons, M. J., guard, 7 Whitewell Drive
Fitzsimmons, N., music teacher, 251 Lisburn Road
Fitzsimmons, R., R.U.C., 23 Colenso Parade
Fitzsimmons, R., joiner, 32 Deramore Avenue
Fitzsimmons, R., driver, 28a Claremont Street
Fitzsimmons, R. J., electrician, 405 Crumlin Road
Fitzsimmons, S. T., foreman, 6 North Parade
Fitzsimmons, Thomas, engineer, 42 Clarendon Avenue
Fitzsimmons, Thomas, 98 Percy Street
Fitzsimmons, T., 27 Haywood Avenue
Fitzsimmons, T., 7 Belmont Avenue
Fitzsimmons, William, 251 Lisburn Road
Fitzsimmons, Wm. K., plumber, 293 Antrim Road
Fitzsimmons, W., 32 Loopland Park
Fitzsimmons, W. K., 2-8 Oceanic Avenue
Fitzsimons, A., teacher, 80 Springfield Road
Fitzsimons, A. W., foreman, 40 Pommern Parade
Fitzsimons, C. H., Mus.Doc. (T.C.D.), 3 Hawthornden Gardens
Fitzsimons, E. J., grocer, 11 Fleet Street
Fitzsimons, George, salesman, 793 Crumlin Road
Fitzsimons, Geo., pawn broker, 175-177 Lodge Road New and 1 Edlingham Street
Fitzsimons, John, 122 Divis Street
Fitzsimons, John, 30 Cooke Street
Fitzsimons, Joseph, librarian, 32 Norfolk Drive
Fitzsimons, Margaret, teacher, 245 Falls Road
Fitzsimons & Mayne, hairdressers and confectioners, 137-139 Castle Street
Fitzsimons, Miss S. L., teacher, 39 Eia Street
Fitzsimons, Mrs. E., 581 Donegall Road
Fitzsimons, E. M., 11 St. Jude's Parade
Fitzsimons, George, 40 Percy Street
Fitzsimons, M., confectioner, 35 Castle Lane
Fitzsimons, Patrick, confectioner, 181 Divis Street
Fitzsimons, Robert, clerk, 40 North Parade
Fitzsimons, Wm. J., bread server, 19 Chadwick Street
Fitzsimons, W., 6 Oceanic Avenue
Fitzsimons, W. & M., confectioners, 23 Corn Market
Fitzsimons, W. & M., tobacconists, 39-41 Donegall Pass
Fitzwilliam Club, 47 Camden Street
Fitzwilliam Residential Club, 21-23 Fitzwilliam Street
Flack, David, merchant service, 19 Alexandra Avenue
Flack, Edmund W., bank official, 53 Lansdowne Road
Flack, George, & Co. Ltd., Ship Chandlers, 39 Henry Street
Flack, George McC., 78 Knockvale Park
Flack, James, 34 Posnett Street
Flack, John, 69 Brandon Parade
Flack, J., fitter, 137 Mount Merrion Park
Flack, J. H. S., Cregagh Villa, Knockbreda Road
Flack, Mrs., 13 Windsor Avenue
Flack, Mrs. O. E., 10 South Parade
Flack, M., 15 Mount Merrion Avenue
Flack, Robert W., 6 Glandore Drive
Flack, Thomas, 32 Moyola Street
Flack, W. S., 41 Maryville Park
Flaherty, A., driller, 35 Ava Drive
Flaherty, Mrs. M., 229 Joanmount Gardens
Flaherty, W. J., engineer, 20 Joanmount Drive
Flanagan, Charles, traveller, 536 Donegall Road
Flanagan, Edmond, 46 Sandhurst Drive
Flanagan, James, 43 Earl Street
Flanagan, James, packer, 30 Northwood Crescent
Flanagan, John, 496 Donegall Road
Flanagan, Joseph, 7 Deacon Street
Flanagan, Joseph, 4 Riverview Street
Flanagan, Miss A., 62 Hopefield Avenue
Flanagan, Mrs. A., 50 Kansas Avenue
Flanagan, Mrs. K., 107 South Parade
Flanagan, Thomas J., fitter, 254 Queen Street North
Flanagan, W. R., 57 Blenheim Drive
Flanigan, Miss, 16 Castleview Road
Flanigan, Miss M., 493 Falls Road
Flanigan, Mrs. E., 65 University Road
Flanigan, Terence, boot merchant, 3 Bridge Street East
Flannagan, B., grocer, 66 Dunville Street
Flannagan, Mrs., 23 East Street
Flannigan, Edward. 52 Hillview Avenue
Flannigan, Mrs. M. M., 15 Fruithill Park
Flannigan, M., fruiterer. 36 Stanfield Street
Flannigan, P., clerk, 42 St. James's Park
Flannigan, Robert. 26 Earl Street
Flannigan, Thomas, 43 Ship Street
Flannigan, Thomas, joiner, 58 Glencairn Street
Flannigan, W., bus conductor, 21 Dunraven Avenue
Flather, H., civil servant. 64 South Parade
Flavelle, James, foreman, 1 Clara Crescent Lower
Flavelle, Mrs. Hannah, 274 Albert Bridge Road
Flavelle, William J., 150 Hillman Street
Flavelle, Wm., joiner, 78 Larkfield Road
Flax & Other Textile Workers' Union (The), 64 Royal Avenue
Flax Spinners' Association, 7 Donegall Square West - G. A. E. Roberts, secretary
Flax Supply Association, 7 Donegall Square West
Fleck, David, salesman, 12 Whitewell Parade
Fleck, Mrs. M., 20 Holland Crescent
Fleck, Mrs. S., 23 Pommern Parade
Fleck, R., salesman, 91 Joanmount Gardens
Fleet, H. G., 17 Holland Park
Fleet, J. W., 2 Palmerston Street
Fleet, J. W., newsagent, 153 Grosvenor Road
Fleet, W., 288 Tennent Street
Fleischman, Joseph, director, 14 Locksley Park
Fleming, A., fireman, 2 New Barnsley, Springfield Road
Fleming, A., fireman, 161 Cambrai Street
Fleming, A. F., manager, Braemar, Gilnahirk Road
Fleming, Charles, tailor, 128 Deerpark Road
Fleming, David, clerk, 8 Ardmore Avenue, Finaghy
Fleming, David, railway guard, 28 Evelyn Avenue
Fleming, Donald, 66 Percy Street
Fleming, D., iron turner, 10 Kinallen Street
Fleming, Edward, Moyletragh, Whitewell Road
Fleming, Elizabeth, fruiterer, 43 Halliday's Road
Fleming, E., 72 Tomb Street
Fleming, Fredk., checker, 30 Wheatfield Crescent
Fleming, F., 11 Mount Merrion Avenue
Fleming, George, 5 Elaine Street
Fleming, George, joiner, 72 Agincourt Avenue
Fleming, G., 16 Dundela Avenue
Fleming, Hugh, dealer, 306 Lodge Road Old
Fleming, H. E., engineer, 428 Woodstock Road
Fleming, James, motor man, 208 Cregagh Road
Fleming, Rev. John, 38 Loopland Crescent
Fleming, John, engineer, 55 Sunnyside Street
Fleming, John, 9 Kilronan Street
Fleming, John G., insurance agent, 112 Orangefield Crescent
Fleming, Jos., reps. engineer, 92 Knockbreda Road
Fleming, J., 55 Rushfield Avenue
Fleming, J., civil servant, 15 Knockbreda Road
Fleming, J., librarian, 3 Bathgate Drive
Fleming, J. H., 50 Somerton Road
Fleming, J. & R., Ltd., wholesale manufacturing opticians, 13 Fountainville Avenue
Fleming, J. W., 75 Wellesley Avenue
Fleming & Lindsay, publicans, 179-181 Antrim Road
Fleming, Malcolm, 6 Marsden Gardens
Fleming, Malcolm, 331-333 Antrim Road
Fleming, Matthew, Corporation official, The Bungalow, Everton Drive
Fleming, Miss, 125 Madrid Street
Fleming, Miss, 13 Belmont Road
Fleming, Miss, 551 Lisburn Road
Fleming, Miss, 15 Circular Road (South End)
Fleming, Miss J., 21 Ophir Gardens
Fleming, Miss L., L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L., 21 Cavehill Road
Fleming, Miss Mary, 61 Atlantic Avenue
Fleming, Miss M., 15 Ravenhill Crescent
Fleming, Mrs., 14 Victoria Gardens
Fleming, Mrs., 40 Perth Street
Fleming, Mrs., 52 Newtownards Road Upper
Fleming, Mrs. Annie, 9 Clanchattan Street
Fleming, Mrs. A., 103 Alexandra Park Avenue
Fleming, Mrs. J., 36 Jocelyn Street
Fleming, Mrs. M., 104 Joy Street
Fleming, Mrs. M., Hope House, College Park Avenue
Fleming, Mrs. S., 11 Loughview Terrace
Fleming, Miss Zena, Shandra, Knockbreda Road
Fleming, M., 24 Castleview Road
Fleming, M., van driver, 97 Ravenhill Gardens
Fleming, Major Richard, 112 Orby Drive
Fleming, Robert, R.U.C., 264 Limestone Road
Fleming, Robt. H., tram driver, 34 Baden Powell Street
Fleming, R. S., 52 Somerton Road
Fleming, Samuel, clerk, 33 Formby Park
Fleming, S., 104 Beersbridge Road
Fleming, S. T., director, Inisfayle, Finaghy Road South
Fleming, T., 16 Newington Avenue
Fleming, T., palliasse maker, 44 Brandon Parade
Fleming, T., foreman, 12 Hatfield Street
Fleming, T., cleaner, 7 Arlington Street
Fleming, T. C., brass moulder, 83 Channing Street
Fleming, M.?, 59 Sandhurst Gardens
Fleming, William, 80 Killowen Street
Fleming, W., director, 20 Knutsford Drive
Fleming, W., carter, 26 Castleton Gardens
Fleming, W., boot merchant, 17 Castlereagh Road
Fleming, W., insurance agent, 51 Ravenhill Road
Fleming, W. A., 11 Wandsworth Gardens
Fleming, W. J., 25 Onslow Parade
Fleming, W. M., & Co. Ltd., carriers, 88-90 Tomb Street, 22 George's Street Great, 22-24 Frederick Street and 23 York Lane
Fleming's Garage, automobile engineers, 171 Ormeau Road
Flesh Meat Market, May Street
Fletcher, Andrew R., solicitor, 59 Royal Avenue
Fletcher, Annie, draper, 224 Shankill Road
Fletcher, Arthur, engineer, 40 Greenville Road
Fletcher, A., engineer, 4 Pine Street
Fletcher, A. J., civil servant, 19 Neill's Hill Park
Fletcher, D., 377 Woodstock Road
Fletcher, Ernest, moulder, 3 Mount Street
Fletcher, George, traveller, 237 Alliance Avenue
Fletcher, Henry C., engineer, 40 Somerton Park
Fletcher, Joseph C., 9 Landscape Terrace
Fletcher, J. B. A., inspector, 36 Bloomfield Road
Fletcher, Miss I. B., 166 Ravenhill Avenue
Fletcher, Miss Martha, 164 Woodstock Road
Fletcher, Mrs., domestic agency, 47 Fountain Street
Fletcher, Mrs., 35 Mount Merrion Park
Fletcher, Mrs., 60 Onslow Parade
Fletcher, Mrs., 103 Dunluce Avenue
Fletcher, Mrs. A. E., 37 Edinburgh Street
Fletcher, Mrs. A. E., 1 Aston Gardens
Fletcher, Mrs. Sarah, grocer, 166 Agnes Street
Fletcher, R., confectioner, 589 Lisburn Road
Fletcher, Thomas, fitter, 74 Spamount Street
Fletcher, Thomas G., caulker, 104 Alliance Avenue
Fletcher, Walter, S.A., 56 Duncairn Gardens
Fletcher, William, carter, 20 Library Street
Fletcher, W., pawn broker, 13 Chesham Park
Flinn, Arthur, shop assistant, 21 Castlereagh Place
Flinn, Thomas, coppersmith, 38 Bramcote Street
Flockhart, H. V., 37 Locksley Park
Flockhart, John, plater, 48 Duncairn Gardens
Flockhart, William B., clerk, 3 Ashfield Drive
Floid, William, 29-31 Cullingtree Road
Flood, E., fruiterer, 243 Woodstock Road
Flood, Mrs. Susan, 66 Fleet Street
Flood, Thomas, stevedore, 41-47 Pilot Street
Flood, Thomas, home bakery, 34 Clifton Street
"Flora," ladies' frocks, Riddels Arcade
Floral Cafe, 57 Chichester Street
Flower, W. J., civil servant, 7 Cicero Gardens
Flowerdew, A. W., Ltd., opticians, 137 Royal Avenue
Flowerdew, Mrs. L. J., 31 India Street
Flowers, A., tailor, 6 Coolmoyne Park
Flowers, Harry, clerk, 12 Elimgrove Street
Floyd, Mrs., 73 Dundela Street
Floyd, Mrs., 44 Victoria Avenue
Floyd, W., blacksmith, 9 Chesham Drive
Fluke, A. J., 53 Sandhurst Drive
Fluke, James, conductor, 20 Marsden Gardens
Flynn, Alexander, R.U.C., 54 Wheatfield Crescent
Flynn, Daniel, com. agent, 1 Skipper Street and 41 Queen's Square
Flynn, Dan, com. agent, 9 Donegall Lane
Flynn, Dan, bookmaker, 10 Princes Street
Flynn, D. W., 15 Circular Road North
Flynn, Gerald, publican, 7 Vicinage Park
Flynn, H., motor man, 59 Woodcot Avenue
Flynn, James, hairdresser, 8 George's Street Great
Flynn, James A., manager, 174 Orby Drive
Flynn, John G., 81 Peter's Hill
Flynn, J. A. A., agent, 52 Alliance Avenue
Flynn, J. A. A., manufacturers' agent, 41 (25) Donegall Place
Flynn, Kathleen, 44 St. James's Park
Flynn, L. V., civil servant, 18 Ireton Street
Flynn, Mrs., 66 Beechfield Street
Flynn, Mrs. M. A., 48 Kansas Avenue
Flynn, Patrick, clerk, 89 Knockbreda Road
Flynn, Thomas, 159 Springfield Road
Flynn, Professor T. T., 40 Cadogan Park
Foad, R., accountant, 5 Lismoyne Park
Fogarty, A. E., 163 Stranmillis Road
Fogarty, James, 4 Springfield Road
Fogarty, Mrs. Catherine, 29 South Parade
Fogarty, Robert, 3 Vicinage Park
Foggie, A., 37 Cherryvalley Park
Foley, Frederick, clerk, 22 Moyola Street
Foley, F., clothes dealer, 26 King Street
Foley, George, R.U.C., 80 Delhi Street
Foley, John, 14 Kinedar Crescent
Foley, Miss M. C., 88 Ardenlee Avenue
Foley, The Misses, 7 Dundela Gardens
Foley, Mrs. E., 42 Haddington Gardens
Foley, Mrs. J., 15 Victoria Gardens
Foley, M., journalist, 37 Norfolk Parade
Follas, Rebecca, draper, 97 Agnes Street
Follis, David, 27 The Mount
Follis, D., 37 The Mount
Follis, D., 33 The Mount
Follis, George S., builder, 8 Tudor Place
Follis, Miss Olive, 31 and 82 The Mount
Follis, Mrs. J., 75, 82 The Mount
Follis, Rebecca, draper, 91 Agnes Street
Follis, William, 577 Lisburn Road
Foody, James, 41 Norfolk Parade
Foote, Mrs., 420 Newtownards Road Upper
Foots, M. F., dealer, 58 Kent Street Upper
Forbes, Arthur L., 132 My Lady's Road
Forbes, E., 36 Mount Merrion Park
Forbes, Florence, 55 Skegoneill Avenue
Forbes, F. H., 47 Marlborough Park Central
Forbes, Herbert, 42 University Avenue
Forbes, H., 20 Formby Park
Forbes, John, 60 Wallasey Park
Forbes, J. S., clerk, Lyndhurst, Stockman's Lane
Forbes, Miss, 136 Cliftonpark Avenue
Forbes, Miss L., 438 Antrim Road
Forbes, Miss R., millinery, 179 Crumlin Road
Forbes, Mrs., 48 Belmont Church Road
Forbes, Mrs., 9 Balmoral Avenue
Forbes, Mrs. S., 31 Kingsmere Avenue
Forbes, R. E., 15 Cavehill Road Old
Forbes, Thomas, traveller, 51 Marlborough Park Central
Forbes, William, bread server, 25 Lucerne Parade
Forbes, W., traveller, 12 Hawthornden Drive
Forbes, W. S., traveller, 120 Orangefield Crescent
Forbes, W. V., clerk, 10 Queensberry Park
Ford, Rev. A. T. I., M.A., 106 Holywood Road
Ford, Miss J., 18 Woodvale Avenue
Ford, Mrs., 48 Oakland Avenue
Ford, Mrs. Elizabeth, 36 Bloomfield Avenue
Ford, Wm., caretaker, 18 Chestnutt Gardens
Forde, Archibald David, 59 Bawnmore Road
Forde, A. D., flesher, 160 Crumlin Road
Forde, John B., 11 Meadowbank Place
Forde, J. Elliott, 34 Wellington Park
Forde, Lawrence, cattle dealer, 13-13a Eliza Street
Forde, Leonard, provision merchant, 129 Shankill Road
Forde, Margaret, 74 Royal Avenue
Forde, Mrs., 3 Ventry Street
Forde, Mrs., 57 Irwin Drive
Forde, R., Edithville House, Diamond Gardens
Forde (store), 19 Keyland's Place
Forde, Thos., & Co. Ltd., provision merchants and lard refiners, 58-72 Talbot Street
Forde, T., pawn broker, 142 Queen Street North; res., 40 Torrens Crescent
Fordyce, Mrs., 56 Posnett Street
Fordyce, William, driver, 45 St. Jude's Parade
Fordyce, Mrs. M. E., 4 Ailesbury Road
Fordyce, W. W., inspector, 33 Marmount Gardens
Foreman, J., plater, 21 Jocelyn Street
Foreman, Mrs., 93 Ainsworth Avenue
Foreman, Mrs., 45 Ainsworth Avenue
Foreman & McVeigh, Ltd., 46-48 Fountain Street
Foreman, R., 82 Circular Road (South End)
Foreman, R. J. M., 132 Circular Road
Foreman, Samuel, engineer, 15 Ardenlee Drive
Forest Warehouse Co. Ltd., 14 (13) Bridge Street
Forgoine, George, cafe, 70 High Street
Forgoine, Mrs. A., 129 Somerton Road
Forgrave, James, draper, 17 Oakland Avenue
Forrest, A. M., 8 Dunlambert Park
Forrest, Col. J. V., C.B., C.M.G., Glenmachan, Holywood Road Old
Forrest, Elizabeth, 469 Newtownards Road Upper
Forrest, James D., R.U.C., 27 Deerpark Drive
Forrest, Miss E., draper, 410 Crumlin Road
Forrest, Miss Lavinia M., M.P.S., chemist, 400 Crumlin Road
Forrest, S. G., electrical engineer, 18 Holland Crescent
Forrest, W. A., optician, 34 Woodvale Parade
Forrester, Albert, 5 Halstein Drive
Forrester, G., 26 Bloomfield Gardens
Forrester, Mrs. Florence, 378 Ravenhill Road
Forrester, P. J., conductor, 8 Britton's Parade
Forrester, William, engineer, 25 Park Avenue
Forshaw, George, confectioner, 256 Cambrai Street
Forshaw, John D., 27 Ardenlee Parade
Forshaw, Leslie, pro. golfer, 26 Brandon Parade
Forshaw, Wilson, electrician, 11 St. Ives Gardens
Forson, D., civil servant, 15 Malone Avenue
Forster, Jacob, civil servant, 15 Malone Avenue
Forster, J. F., grocer, 16 Rosetta Avenue
Forster, J. & J. F., grocers, 38-40 Ormeau Road
Forster School of Music, 94 Stranmillis Road
Forster, Thomas, fitter, 10 Jocelyn Gardens
Forster, William, manager, Orion, Manna Grove
Forsyth, Chas., house furnishing, 54 Wellington Place
Forsythe, A., R.U.C., 6 Cameron Street
Forsythe, Edward, insurance official, 21 Blenheim Drive
Forsythe, Edwin, 3 Wellesley Avenue
Forsythe, E., 50 Brookhill Avenue
Forsythe, E., farmer, Springhill, Ballygomartin Road
Forsythe, Herbert, fitter, 99 Rugby Avenue
Forsythe, Hugh C., insurance official, 36 Ormonde Park
Forsythe, H., foreman, 4 Dunowen Gardens
Forsythe, James, 55 Paris Street
Forsythe, James, plumber, 2 Victoria Gardens
Forsythe, John, foreman, 293a Crumlin Road
Forsythe, John, 27 Ashley Gardens
Forsythe, John, Ltd., Cement, Steel Joists, Fireclay & Rainwater Goods Merchants, 24-26 George's Street Great
Forsythe, John (Terrazzo), Ltd., Flooring Specialists, 24-26 George's Street Great
Forsythe, Joseph, 42 Burmah Street
Forsythe, J., 71 Dundela Street
Forsythe, J., green grocer, 32 Woodstock Street
Forsythe, J., 70-74 Patrick Street Little
Forsythe, J., 7 Twickenham Street
Forsythe, J. A., 174 Roden Street
Forsythe, Miss J. J. E., 69 Ardenlee Avenue
Forsythe, Miss Kathleen, 14 Manor Drive
Forsythe, Mrs. Minnie, 72 Bryson Street
Forsythe, Mrs. M., 179 Oldpark Road
Forsythe, Robert, house painter, 24 Duncairn Gardens
Forsythe, Robert, soldier, 14 Campbell Street
Forsythe, R. J., 85 Loopland Park
Forsythe, R. M., Owenbeg, Finaghy Road North
Forsythe, Samuel J., salesman, 54 Orby Drive
Forsythe, Thomas H., clerk, 63 Rushfield Avenue
Forsythe, W., electrician, 9 Derlett Street
Forsythe, W. J., cycle and motor works, 196 Antrim Road
Forsythe, W. R., 4 Bristow Park
Forte, Frank, Fortville, Glen Road
Forte, F., 103 Deerpark Road
Forte, Pietro, confectioner, 92-94 Castle Street
Forte, P., fish saloon, 314 Shankill Road
Forte, P., supper saloon, 1a Lawnbrook Avenue
Forte, U., confectioner, 29 Victoria Street Great
Forte, V., Villa Egea, Fruithill Park
Forteath, Robert, 1 Marguerite Park
Forth, F. C. L., director, 57 Bristow Park
Forth, Mrs., 63 Marlborough Park South
Forth River Bowling & Athletic Grounds, Woodvale Road
Forth River P.E. School, 66 Ballygomartin Road
Fortifax Ltd., rubber service, 20 Waring Street
Fortune, J., engineer, 17 Orby Grove
Fortune, J. E., 836 Crumlin Road
Fortwilliam Golf Club, Downview Avenue
Fortwilliam Park Presbyterian Church, 577 Antrim Road
Forum Picture House, 91-95 Crumlin Road
Foster, Alexander, R.U.C., 7 Dundela Avenue
Foster, Andrew, 17 Downing Street
Foster, A., baker, 103 Delhi Street
Foster, A. E., 17 Orpen Road, Finaghy
Foster & Co., hardware merchants, 158 Sandy Row
Foster & Co., hemstitchers, 4 Marcus Ward Street
Foster, C. G., civil servant, 17 Shandon Park
Foster, C. N., engineer, 27 Cavehill Road Upper
Foster, David, machinist, 41 Dunraven Avenue
Foster, David, mechanic, 44 Harcourt Drive
Foster, D., 27 Somerton Park
Foster, Edward, fitter, 66 Hatfield Street
Foster, E., foreman, 59 Mount Merrion Avenue
Foster, Francis J., grocer, Edgehill, Circular Road West
Foster, George, 21 Elgin Street
Foster, George, plater, 132 Grand Parade
Foster, H. T., inspector, 36 Deramore Avenue
Foster, James, 33 Spencer Street
Foster, James, upholsterer, 112 Ravenhill Avenue
Foster, James, accountant, 7 Downshire Road
Foster, James, accountant and auditor, 30 Chichester Street
Foster, James, joiner, 25 Hoylake Park
Foster, James H., engineer, 10 Chadwick Street
Foster, John, hotel & restaurant, 21 Station Street
Foster, John, clerk, 213 Donegall Road
Foster, John C., traveller, Glenalla, Knockbreda Road
Foster, Joseph, 19 Thalia Street
Foster, Joseph, insurance agent, 14 Ashley Gardens
Foster, Joseph, shop assistant, 8 Upton Avenue
Foster, Joseph, joiner, 45 Serpentine Road
Foster, J., 21 Mountview Street
Foster, J., driver, 25 Pommern Parade
Foster, J., 32 Lansdowne Park
Foster, J., 41 Onslow Parade
Foster, J., 3 Derlett Street
Foster, J., driver, 25 Pommern Parade
Foster, J. W., 359 Cregagh Road
Foster, Miss, 11 Florenceville Avenue
Foster, Miss L. M., 14 Markville Park
Foster, Mrs., 23 Bloomfield Avenue
Foster, Mrs., Moat Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Foster, Mrs., 26 Riverview Street
Foster, Mrs. E., 147 Cliftonville Road
Foster, Mrs. F., 27 Westland Road
Foster, Mrs. Ruby, 256 Springfield Road
Foster, Mrs. S., 60 Ulsterville Gardens
Foster, N. H., accountant, 47 Delhi Parade
Foster, Robert, 69 Eglantine Avenue
Foster, Robert, clerk, 57 Cavehill Road
Foster, Robert, joiner, 7 Landseer Street
Foster, Robert, fitter, 28 Connsbrook Drive
Foster, Robert, soldier, 109 Tate's Avenue
Foster, Samuel, coach painter, 3 Hoylake Park
Foster, Samuel, docker, 41 Ravenhill Gardens
Foster, S., 101 Grosvenor Road
Foster, S. C. M., civil servant, 30 Clara Park
Foster, S. R., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 17 University Square
Foster & Taylor, The Misses, school of dancing, Malone Avenue
Foster, Thomas Francis, clerk, 23 Ardenlee Drive
Foster, Thomas, checker, 23 Spencer Street
Foster, Thomas, grocer, 71 Glencollyer Street
Foster, William, 212 Ballysillan Road
Foster, William, hardware merchant, 29 Haypark Avenue
Foster, William, 1-3 Courtrai Street
Foster, William, butcher, 170 Joanmount Gardens
Foster, William, painter, 58 Loopland Gardens
Foster, William, 121 Donnybrook Street
Foster, W. C., R.U.C., 133 Henderson Avenue
Foster, W. E., 25 Ardgreenan Crescent
Foster, W. G., insurance agent, 2 Loopland Drive
Foster, W. J., fitter, 8 Chesham Crescent
Foster, W. J., 77 Oldpark Road
Foster, W. Rigby, civil servant, 5 Waterloo Gardens
Foulis, John, caulker, 56 Brandon Parade
Foulis, Thomas, plater, 4 Graymount Gardens
Foundry Street Mission Hall, 86-88 Foundry Street
Fountainville Club, 58-60 Hardinge Street
Fountainville Shoeing Forge (W. Ball, proprietor), 7 Wesley Court
Four Hundred Club, 59 Chichester Street
Fowke, Lawrence, 10 Windsor Drive
Fowke, Robert, 5 Mount Merrion Park
Fowler, Jesse, 38 Belmont Road
Fowler, John, grocer, 113 Woodstock Road
Fowler, Miss Mina, 233 Ravenhill Avenue
Fowler, Mrs. C., 450 Ormeau Road
Fowler, R. M., 13 Ardgreenan Crescent
Fowler, William James, 20 Chadwick Street
Fowler's Mineral Water Co., 51-57 Fitzroy Avenue
Fowlie, Reginald, R.U.C., 25 Blenheim Drive
Fox, Bernard, K.C., 4 Alexandra Gardens
Fox, Chris., manager, 22 Downshire Road
Fox, C., bank official, 7 Kensington Drive
Fox, C., motor man, 48 Barrack Street
Fox, Minnie, 1 Prestwick Park
Fox, Mrs., baker, 28 College Square North
Fox, Mrs., 423 Donegall Road
Fox, Mrs., 39 Glandore Avenue
Fox, James, 26 Deramore Avenue
Fox, John, engineer, 4 Bloomfield Gardens
Fox, Leonard I. G., LL.B., solicitor, 142 (1-3) Royal Avenue
Fox & Love, drapers, 5-7 Queen Street
Fox, Patrick, 36 Rosemount Gardens
Fox, Patrick, R.U.C., 528 Donegall Road
Fox, Robert, seaman, 22 Graymount Crescent
Fox, William, 28 Sharman Road
Foxe, J., dairyman, 83 Joanmount Park
Foxford, S., 76 Melrose Street
Foy, George H., 8 Ashdene Drive
Foy, J., 20 Eastleigh Drive
Foy, Mrs., 28 Sydenham Drive
Foy, Thomas, carter, 9a George's Street Great
Foy, William, supper saloon, 32 Lodge Road New
Foy, W. T., salesman, 55 St. Jude's Crescent
Foyle, F. L., chauffeur, ?? Stranmillis Gardens
Foyle, George, 101 Orby Drive
Foyle's Libraries, 20 Queen Street
Frackelton, Ernest, R.A.F., 260 Limestone Road
Frackelton, E., 90 Ardenlee Avenue
Frackelton, F. O. H., oil and colour merchant, 61 Cherryvalley Park
Frackelton, John, & Son, Ltd., glass, paint, oil, colour merchants, and glaziers, 20 Victoria Square
Frackelton, Wm., glass merchant, 117 Newtownards Road Upper
Frackleton, S., 122 Sandown Road
Frackleton, Dr. W. G., M.D., 19 University Square
Frame, Herbert, 12 Kinedar Crescent
Frame, James, 19 Castlereagh Street
Frame, James, farmer, 36 Albert Bridge Road
Frame, John, box maker, 103 University Street
Frame, Joseph D., 36 Bloomfield Gardens
Frame, Matthew, fitter, 6 Yarrow Street
Frame, Mrs. E., 48 Summer Street
Frame, Mrs. Martha, 66 Martinez Avenue
Frame, S. J., shop fitter, 162 Hillman Street
Francey, Cyril B., clerk, 118 Grand Parade (Bloomfield Section)
Francey, Miss, 15 Roseleigh Street
Francey, S. B., cutter, 29 Bloomfield Road
Francis, A. Trevor, office supplies, 5-7 Queen Street
Francis, D. A., electrician, 180 Cregagh Road
Francis, E. W., 75 Knockbreda Road
Francis, Gerald, display instructor, 2 Ardmore Avenue, Finaghy
Francis, James, 43 Farnham Street
Francis, Jonathan, driver, 4 Ranfurley Drive (Ranfurly)
Francis, Madeline, ice cream vendor, 442 Newtownards Road
Francis, Mrs., 183 Park Avenue
Francis, Richard, clerk, 32 Marsden Gardens
Frank, Rev. Arnold, D.D., 109 Marlborough Park South
Frank, L., plumbers' merchant, 20 Millfield
Frankl, Z., 93 Malone Road
Franklin, Charles, confectioner, 41 Ravenscroft Avenue
Franklin Laundry Co. Ltd., launderers, dyers, cleaners, The Green, Springfield Road and branches
Franks, S., jeweller, 106 Shankill Road
Franks, S., 41 Waterloo Gardens
Franks, T. F., land registry, Northcote, Whitewell Road
Fraser, Alec., tailor, 50 Wellington Place
Fraser, Alexander, butcher, Fort View House, Shore Road
Fraser & Borthwick, Ltd., electrical contractors, 12a College Square North
Fraser & Co. (W. H. Law & Sons), builders and contractors, 23 Hillfoot Street
Fraser, D., civil servant, 94 Sandhurst Drive
Fraser, Hugh, 10 Onslow Gardens
Fraser, John, clerk, 7 Springdale Gardens
Fraser, J. A., 22 Marlborough Park South
Fraser, J. K., hairdresser, 72 Stranmillis Gardens
Fraser, Miss, 16 Dromara Street
Fraser, Mrs., 312 Beersbridge Road
Fraser, Mrs. E. E., 41 Cliftonville Avenue
Fraser, Robert, moulder, 220 Cregagh Road
Fraser, R. M., M.D., 223 Albert Bridge Road; res., 10 Winston Gardens
Fraser, Thomas, 24 Mountview Street
Frater, Robert, A.R.I.A., chartered and registered architect, 5 Wellington Place
Frater, R., architect, The Ingle, Finaghy Road North
Frayne, F. W., 59 Grand Parade
Frazer. Alex., flesher, Shore Road
Frazer, A., 47 Ardenlee Avenue
Frazer, A., flax merchant, 46 Ravensdene Crescent
Frazer, A., plumber, 148 Lisburn Road
Frazer, D., engineer, 5 Irwin Drive
Frazer, D., R.U.C., 154 Ulsterville Avenue
Frazer, Edmund, R.U.C., 4 Irwin Crescent
Frazer, F., grocer, 322 Ormeau Road
Frazer & Haughton, Ltd., linen manufacturers and bleachers; town offices, 32a Linen Hall Street; works and residence at Hillmount, Cullybackey, Co. Antrim
Frazer, Henry, 68 Cosgrave Street
Frazer, Rev. John, 149 My Lady's Road
Frazer, James, 6 Donnybrook Street
Frazer, John, manager, 33 Priory Park
Frazer, J., 18 Whitehall Gardens
Frazer, J., clerk, 599 Oldpark Road
Frazer, J., agent, 8 Mountview Street
Frazer, J., bread server, 20 Sandymount Street
Frazer, Miss Ada, 444 Lisburn Road
Frazer, Miss N., 68 Tate's Avenue
Frazer, Mrs. Jane, 144 Ardenlee Avenue
Frazer, Dr. Muriel J. L., B.A., M.D., M.R.C.P., 48 Wellington Park
Frazer, Mrs. M., 8 Grangeville Gardens
Frazer, Robert, Corporation official, 16 Orby Parade
Frazer, R. J., 60 Sicily Park
Frazer, Samuel, manager, 54 Glencairn Street
Frazer, Walter A., 44 Green Road
Frazer, William, 3 (3) Chlorine Gardens
Frazer, William, insurance agent, 140 Ulsterville Avenue
Frazer, William, Heath View, Glencairn Road
Frazer, William D., 4 Orby Drive
Frazer, W. E., plater's helper, 101 Larkfield Road
Frazer, W. J. C., linen business, 10 Hartington Street
Frazer-Hurst, Rev. Dr. D., 12 Sans Souci Park
Frederick, Alex., baker, 25 Posnett Street
Frederick, Norman, hairdresser, Lisburn Road
Freeburn, James, 88 Newtownards Road Upper
Freeburn, Mrs. Jane, 22 Earl Street
Freeburn, Oscar, fitter, 58 Glencairn Street
Freedman, C., draper, 624 Antrim Road
Freedman, C., financier, 23 Queen's Square
Freel, Chas., machinist, 46 Bryson Street
Freel, J., butcher, 103-105 Stanfield Street
Freel, Thomasena, 47 Canmore Street
Freeland, C., manager, 25 Orby Grove
Freeland, F. J., 30 Knockvale Park
Freeland, Jane, 12 Albertville Drive
Freeland, J., 45 Woodvale Road
Freeland, J. M., B.Sc., B.Com.Sc., assistant secretary, 6 Windermere Gardens
Freeland, Mrs. K., 4 Strathmore Park North
Freeland, Mrs. M., 10 Windsor Avenue Lower
Freeland, Robert, fitter, 1 Orby Gardens
Freeland, R., supper saloon, 35 Albert Bridge Road
Freeman-Archer, Miss H., 23 Holland Park
Freeman, Eli, 30 Cliftonpark Avenue
Freeman, Fredk., bread server, 27 Houston Park
Freeman, G. O., 37 Deramore Park
Freeman, L., draper, 345 Beersbridge Road
Freeman, Miss, newsagent, 223 Donegall Road
Freeman, Miss E., 92 Salisbury Avenue
Freeman, Mrs. Sarah, 105 Skegoneill Avenue
Freeman, P., 4 Castle Park
Freeman, Stanley, fireman, 18 Chesham Grove
Freeman, S., financier, 3 Bristol Avenue
Freeman, S., & Co., Licensed Money Lenders, 40 Royal Avenue
Freeman, W. G., steward, 8 Downview Avenue
Freer, Mrs. G. E., 36 Fitzroy Avenue
French, C. J., 19 Cavehill Road
French, James, plater, 6 St. Vincent Street
French, James, 167 Dunluce Avenue
French, James, stationer, 10 Loopland Gardens
French, John, house furnisher, 5-7 Carlisle Circus; res., 665 Oldpark Road
French, John, civil servant, 69 Victoria Avenue
French, John, 12 Chief Street
French, Joseph, upholsterer, 48 Manor Street
French, Mrs. F., 138 Orangefield Crescent
French, Mrs. Isabella, 75 Bloomfield Avenue
French, Mrs. Margaret, 26 Loopland Park
French, Robert, 88 Artillery Street
French, Robert, motorman, 20 Reid Street
French, Samuel, 11a Thornhill Park
French, Samuel H., textile designer, 560 Crumlin Road
French, Walter, 101 Grand Parade
French, William, store keeper, 12 Marmount Gardens
Frew, Cecil, 14 Sharman Road
Frew, Herbert, plater, 16 Cluan Parade
Frew, Hugh, grocer, 64 Haypark Avenue
Frew, H. A. G., dentist, 63 Victoria Street Great and 28-30 York Street Little
Frew, John, cinema attendant, 99 Joy Street
Frew, J., Sack and Bag Merchant, 28-30 York Street Little
Frew, Mrs. S., 19 Sandhill Parade
Frew, M., 52 Ashley Drive
Frew, Robert, 5 Cambridge Street
Frew, Samuel, cashier, 16 Irwin Crescent
Frew, T., 8 Tern Street
Freytag, E., & Co., linen merchants, 1 Wellington Place
Friar, S. A., 24 College Green
Friars Bush Cemetery, Stranmillis Road
Fricker, A. J., boiler man, 3 The Cottages, Stranmillis Road
Fried Fish Bar, 7 Donegall Road
Friel, Alex., civil servant, 171 Castlereagh Road
Friel, George, 14 St. Meryl Park
Friel, John, gardener, 49 Beechmount Avenue
Friel, Mrs., 59 Richardson Street
Friends' Institute, 47 Frederick Street
Friends' Meeting House, 45 Frederick Street
Friends' Provident and Century Life Office, 58 Howard Street
Frieze, H., supper saloon, 97 Alliance Avenue
Frieze, H., grocer, 77 Deerpark Road
Frizell, D. V., clerk, 31 Belvedere Park
Frizell, James, R.U.C., 41 Wheatfield Crescent
Frizelle, James, harbour official, 60 Martinez Avenue
Frizelle, Mrs., 40 Sydenham Avenue
Frizelle, Mrs. H., 4 Kensington Road
Frizelle, William, 14 Wandsworth Road
Frizzell, F., grocer, 58 Lilliput Street
Frizzell, J., 91 Malone Road
Frizzell, Miss, 16 Jocelyn Avenue
Frizzell, Mrs. E., 5 Distillery Street
Frizzell, Robert J., secretary, 25 College Gardens
Frizzell, R., conductor, 20 Jocelyn Street
Frizzell, R. G., 50 Knock Eden Park
Frizzell, W., 42 Glenalpin Street
Frizzell, W. J., 9 Cheltenham Park
Frogatt, Albert V., 38 Mountcharles
Frost, A., iron turner, 24 Florida Street
Frost, Mrs., 11 Sunbury Avenue
Frost, S., fitter, 1 Sydenham Park
Frost, W. S., engineer surveyor, 6 Kingsway Park
Fry, A., caulker, 47 Eia Street
Fry, F. R., 31 Ravenhill Park
Fry, Harold E. or F. J., R.U.C., 30 Marina Park
Fry, J. S., & Sons, Ltd., chocolate and cocoa manufacturers, 57-58 Scottish Provident Buildings
Fry, Mrs. M., 55 St. Jude's Parade
Fry, Robert, 134 Mountcollyer Street
Fry, William, clerk, 3 Prestwick Park
Fry, William Leslie, supper saloon, 72-74 Bracken Street
Fry, W. A., 15 Nendrum Gardens
Fry, W. H., designer, 94 Lisburn Road
Frye, F. C., 18 St. John's Avenue
Fryer, Mrs. J., 97 Eglantine Avenue
Fryer, Robert T., sheet metal worker, 39 Roseleigh Street
Fryer, Samuel, blacksmith, 194 Roden Street
Fryer, William J., 35 Cooke Street
Fryers, Thomas, 125-127 Millfield
Fudge, W. C., civil servant, 73 Victoria Avenue
Fuerst, M., manufacturer, 8 Castle Park Upper
Fulcher, W. G. E., draughtsman, 32 Denorrton Park
Fulham, Patrick, 321 Albert Bridge Road
Fullalove, E. J., 28 Clifton Drive
Fullalove, F. H., hairdresser, 26 Beechmount Avenue
Fullalove, Mrs., clothes dealer, 4 Smithfield Market
Fullan, James, grocer, 286 Cupar Street
Fuller, W., foreman, 32 Eastleigh Drive
Fullerton, H. W., confectioner, 58 Lavinia Street
Fullerton, John, boiler maker, 5 Roe Street
Fullerton, J., inspector, 5 Roe Street
Fullerton, J. D., chemist, 352 Crumlin Road
Fullerton, Mrs., 59 Eglantine Avenue
Fullerton, Mrs. G. A., 6 Cooldarragh Park
Fullerton, Norman, fitter, 12 Baroda Street
Fullerton, Rev. Patrick, C.C., 29 Willowfield Drive
Fullerton, R., soldier, 166 Dunluce Avenue
Fullerton, Thomas, 83 Alliance Avenue
Fullerton, T., insurance agent, 76 Eliza Street
Fullerton, T. H., 31 Fortwilliam Crescent
Fullerton, V., 63 (3) Eglantine Avenue
Fullerton, William, 97 Ballygomartin Road
Fullerton, William M., director, 19 Wellington Park
Fullerton, W. F., 47 Templemore Avenue
Fulton, Alexander, 10 Lansdowne Park North
Fulton, Ernest, R.U.C., 16 Orby Grove
Fulton, E., confectioner, 175 Grosvenor Road
Fulton, James, junr., 8 Yarrow Street
Fulton, James A., 21 Oberon Street
Fulton, John, clerk, 22 Orient Gardens
Fulton, John & Co. Ltd., Warehousemen, 25-31 Castle Street
Fulton, John J., clerk, 8 Rathdrum Street
Fulton, Joseph, 20 Downshire Road
Fulton, J., chemist, 32 Rosetta Park
Fulton, J., joiner, 66 Cooke Street
Fulton, J. C., accountant, 17 Belmont Church Road
Fulton, J. Norman, Ltd., frigidare refrigerators, 33 Wellington Place; workshops, 116 Millfield
Fulton, J. N., 2 Harberton Park
Fulton, Miss, 252 Stranmillis Road
Fulton, Miss, cafe proprietor, 147 Albert Bridge Road
Fulton, Mrs., 10 Duncrue Street
Fulton, Mrs., grocer, 42-44 McDonnell Street
Fulton, Mrs. F., Ardvarna Lodge, Circular Road
Fulton, Mrs. J., 19 Windsor Avenue
Fulton, Mrs. M., bakery, 137 Newtownards Road Upper
Fulton, Robert, pavior, 29 Beersbridge Road
Fulton, Robert, grocer, 33 Garnet Street
Fulton, Samuel, grocer, 23 Derby Street
Fulton, Samuel, 170 Lodge Road New
Fulton, S., R.U.C., 4 Rochester Street
Fulton, S. A., 6 Haypark Gardens
Fulton, Thomas, confectioner, 743 Crumlin Road
Fulton, Thomas, confectioner, 350 Crumlin Road
Fulton, Dr. T. F. S., 2 Kensington Road
Fulton, William, solicitor, 29 Wellington Park
Fulton, W. C., agent, 17 Ravenhill Park
Fulton's, boot and shoe merchants, 39 Victoria Square
Fundaminsky, S., 15 Easton Crescent
Funston, Mrs., Lara, Finaghy Road South
Funston, William, 54 Cregagh Road
Fur Service, furriers, 29 Queen's Arcade
Furey, J. D., fitter, 199 Cavehill Road
Furgrove, James, 2 Resort Terrace, Shore Road
Furlonger, Felix, butcher, 45 Pommern Parade
Furphys, S., funeral furnisher, 389 Lisburn Road
Fusciardi, G., confectioner, 70 North Street
Fusciardi, R., confectioner, 27 University Road
Fusco, Albert, confectioner, 227 Falls Road
Fusco, Albert, 14 Brighton Street
Fusco, A., ice cream saloon, 149 McDonnell Street, 19 York Road and 143-145 York Street
Fusco, A., confectioner, 3 Gransha Park
Fusco, George, confectioner, 49 Hillsborough Drive
Fusco, G., ice cream saloon, 2 Church Lane
Fusco, G., tobacconist, 115b Albert Bridge Road
Fusco, John, 563 Newtownards Road Upper
Fusco, J., manufacturer, 42 Edgcumbe Gardens
Fusco, Mrs. S., supper saloon, 477 Crumlin Road
Fusco, Phillip, 115 Falls Road
Fusco, P., 5 Deramore Street
Fusco, P., cafe, 269 Grosvenor Road
Fusco, P., 14 Norfolk Gardens
Fusco, P. W., restaurant, 5 Queen's Square
Fusco, V., confectioner, 25 Shankill Road
Fusco, V., cafe proprietor, 18 Thornhill Drive
Fyfe, George, traveller, 142 Woodvale Road
Fyfe, J., carter, 103 York Road
Fyfe, T. R., R.U.C., 159a Ligoniel Road
Fyfe, William, chauffeur, 3 Ardgreenan Drive
Fyffe, A. H., manufacturers' agent, 8 Queen Street; res., 22 Bloomfield Gardens
Fyffe, Davie, & Co. Ltd., flax and tow merchants, 26 (10) Howard Street
Fyffe, Samuel G., chemist, 12 Strathmore Park North
Fyffe-McFadden, Samuel, engineer, 58 Woodvale Avenue
Fyne, M., 28 Galwally Park


Gabbey, John, 26 Glandore Avenue
Gabbey, Mrs., 117 University Street
Gabbey, Morris, bank official, 198 King's Road
Gadd, Captain, 4 Thornhill Park
Gadd, Mrs., 1 Eglantine Place
Gadsell, Richard, 296 Limestone Road
Gaelic College, 25 Divis Street
Gaffiken, Misses L. & M., 87 Lisburn Road
Giffikin, R., 88 King's Road
Gageby, The Misses, 45 Brookhill Avenue
Gageby, Mrs. M. L., 39 Cardigan Drive
Gaiety Picture Theatre, 157-161 North Street
Gailey, A., electrician, 40 Clarendon Avenue
Gailey, A., & R. B., manufacturers' agents, fourth floor (61) Riddels Arcade
Gailey, Eileen, 56 Kansas Avenue
Gailey Memorial Hall, 775 Crumlin Road
Gailey, Mrs., 117 Wandsworth Road
Gailey, Mrs. C. H., 6 Eglantine Place
Galasham, John, brass moulder, 18 Castleton Street
Galashan, J., 19 Torrens Gardens
Galashire, J., brass moulder, 72 Mount Merrion Park
Galbraith, David, porter, 149 Park Avenue
Galbraith, Edward, traveller, 21 Dargle Street
Galbraith, E. M., ladies' outfitter, 135 Ravenhill Road
Galbraith, Frank, conductor, 99 Joanmount Gardens
Galbraith, F. J., manager, 15 Orient Gardens
Galbraith, Isabel, 25 Court Street
Galbraith, John, manager, 17 The Mount
Galbraith, Joseph, 114 Dunraven Avenue
Galbraith, J., warehouseman, 14 Wingrove Gardens
Galbraith, J., publican, 20 Ship Street and 197 Sandy Row
Galbraith, Miss M., 43 Park Parade
Galbraith, Mrs. D. F., 371 Newtownards Road Upper
Galbraith, Mrs. G., 405 Castlereagh Road
Galbraith, Mrs. Mary, 5 Graymount Road
Galbraith, Robert, R.U.C., 12 Windermere Gardens
Galbraith, Samuel, foreman, 59 Castlereagh Street
Galbraith, S., estate agent, 22 Cyprus Gardens
Galbraith, S., 29 Delaware Street
Galbraith, Thomas, clerk, 25 Court Street
Galbraith, William, plater, 1 Annalee Street
Galbraith, W. C., driver, 26 Kimberley Drive
Galbraith, W. R. N., M.D., surgeon, 147 Cregagh Road
Gale, Mrs. C. R., 30 Harcourt Drive
Gallacher, John, 2 College Green
Gallagher, A. S., draper, 94 Tennent Street
Gallagher, D., & Co., tobacconists, 137 Victoria Street
Gallagher, E., prison official, 3 Deanby Gardens
Gallagher, E. A., Corp. official, 1 Blenheim Drive
Gallagher, Frank, 66 Divis Drive
Gallagher, F. J., fitter, 13 Sunnyside Drive
Gallagher, Harry, publican, 561 Donegall Road
Gallagher, Hugh, 29 Regent Street
Gallagher, H., publican, 27-29 Ormeau Road
Gallagher, H., grocer, 263-265 Ligoniel Road
Gallagher, H., house repairer, 9a Mansfield Street
Gallagher, H., clerk, 6 Dunowen Gardens
Gallagher, H. L., 400 Cregagh Road
Gallagher, James, moulder, 6 Britton's Parade
Gallagher, James, traveller, 14 Roe Street
Gallagher, James, confectioner, 4 Dawson Street
Gallagher, Jean, 94 Sandy Row
Gallagher, Jean, cafe, 19-20 College Square East
Gallagher, John, 22 Silvio Street
Gallagher, John, electrician, 10 Rosapenna Drive
Gallagher, Joseph, Lisowe, Stockman's Lane
Gallagher, Joseph, publican, 1 Wall Street
Gallagher, J., 10 Mount Street (No. 2)
Gallagher, J., confectioner, 31 Cromac Street
Gallagher, J., leather merchant, 31 Gresham Street
Gallagher, J., confectioner, 107 Victoria Street
Gallagher, J., publican, 66-68 Library Street Upper
Gallagher, Miss, 25 St. James's Road
Gallagher, Miss, 45 Knockbreda Road
Gallagher, Mrs., 10 Regent Street
Gallagher, Mrs., 9 Keersland Drive
Gallagher, Mrs. Mary, 747 Antrim Road
Gallagher, Mrs. Rose Ann, 195 Oldpark Road
Gallagher, Mrs. Sara, 27 Ulsterville Avenue
Gallagher, M., insurance agent, 82 Dover Street
Gallagher, Owen, wine and spirit merchant, 739-745 Antrim Road
Gallagher, O. & T., Ltd., Waste, Flax Waste, Marine and Scrap Iron Merchants, 41-53 Nelson Street
Gallagher, S. A., 4 Chesham Gardens
Gallagher, S. J. C., 8 Knock Eden Park
Gallagher, T., 33 Deramore Avenue
Gallagher, T. J., insurance superintendent, 81 Deerpark Road
Gallagher, T. J., engineer, 161 Newtownards Road
Gallagher, Wm., tobacconist, Louvain, Norbury Street
Gallagher, W., 30 St. Jude's Parade
Gallagher, W., salesman, 23 Ava Park
Gallagher, W. J., assurance agent, 17 Gransha Park
Gallaher, G., 22 Haypark Avenue
Gallaher, J., grain merchant, 29 Waring Street
Gallaher, Ltd., Tobacco, Cigarette and Snuff Manufacturers, 134-148 York Street. T.A.: "Gallaher, Belfast"  Administrative Offices, 114 Malone Road
Gallaher, Miss, F.C.T.S.(Inc.), 40 Royal Avenue
Gallaher, Mrs., 43 Prince's Street
Gallaher, R., bank assistant, 50 Sydenham Park
Gallaher, R. S., warehouseman, 57 Hillsborough Drive
Gallaher, William, Woodville, Malone Park Central
Gallaher, William John, 48 Woodvale Road
Gallaher, W. H. F., surveyor, 1 Myrtlefield Park
Gallashan, David, 10 Newington Street
Gallaway, F. W., representative, 62 Lansdowne Park
Gallery, Arthur, assurance agent, 24 Divis Drive
Galligan, H., bar man, 7 Lavinia Street
Galligan, Laurence, milk purveyor, 19 Crumlin Road
Gallinagh, Mrs. M., 15 Delhi Parade
Galloway, E., joiner, 37 Brandon Parade
Galloway, E. H., 14 St. John's Park
Galloway, J., joiner, 55 Bentinck Street
Galloway, J., 18 Whitewell Crescent
Galloway, R. C., traveller, 85 Lisburn Road
Galloway, R. S., Overdene, Finaghy Road South
Galloway, William, 6 Wandsworth Gardens
Galloway, William, postman, 77 Brandon Parade
Galloway, W., fitter, 115 Joanmount Gardens
Galt, J. A., master plumber, 143a University Street
Galt, Miss, 150 Parkgate Avenue
Galt, Mrs., 445 Ormeau Road
Galt, Mrs., 35 Brookvale Avenue
Galwally, J., 194 Ravenhill Avenue
Galway, Albert, joiner, 59 Ballygomartin Road
Galway, A., pattern maker, 59 Woodvale Road
Galway, Hugh, 61 Martinez Avenue
Galway, James, 37 Vere Street
Galway, John, grocer, 7 Orangefield Crescent
Galway, J., driver, 29 Derryvolgie Avenue
Galway, J. L., & Hawthorne, solicitors, 4 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Galway, Martha, 31 Crocus Street
Galway, Mrs., 22 Belmont Church Road
Galway, Mrs. Sarah, outfitter, 142 Falls Road
Galway, McIlwaine & Seeds, solicitors, 52 Arthur Street Upper
Galway, Robert, 488 Donegall Road
Galway, Thomas, 85 Ravenhill Gardens
Galway, T., fitter, 33 Rugby Avenue
Galway, W. J., fitter, 33 Empire Street
Galway, S., hairdresser, 5 Belmont Road
Galwey, Wm., hairdresser, 5 Belmont Road
Gamble, A. J., 64 Knock Road
Gamble, Rev. A. W., 9 Brookvale Avenue
Gamble, Baptist W., 16 Harberton Drive
Gamble, B., mantle manufacturer, 43 Grosvenor Road
Gamble, Clarence R., salesman, 21 Marine Park
Gamble, David, teacher, 178 Belmont Road
Gamble, David, tenter, 100 Orangefield Crescent
Gamble, David, & Co. Ltd., electrical engineers, 63 Dublin Road
Gamble, D., tenter, 54 Reid Street
Gamble, D., civil servant, 1 Vernon Street
Gamble, E. E., railway clerk, 3 Upton Avenue
Gamble, G. W., 12 Salisbury Avenue
Gamble, Henry, 30 Alexandra Park Avenue
Gamble, Henry, box maker, 56 Balfour Avenue
Gamble, Henry, shop assistant, 73 Parkgate Avenue
Gamble, H. W., pharmaceutical chemist, 52 Orangefield Crescent
Gamble, James, 206 Grosvenor Road
Gamble, James, blacksmith, 2 Evelyn Avenue
Gamble, James, teacher, 30 Hartington Street
Gamble, James. 298 Cregagh Road
Gamble, John, buyer, 106 Sandown Road
Gamble, John, joiner, 33 Ava Street
Gamble, John, lino operator, 82 Victoria Avenue
Gamble, John Hilary, Finaghy Road North
Gamble, John H., fitter, 66 Hesketh Park
Gamble, Joseph, 5 Orpen Drive
Gamble, J., 26 Cooldarragh Park
Gamble, J., draper and outfitter, 63 Cromac Street
Gamble, J., sub-postmaster, 53 Corporation Street
Gamble, J. D., secretary, 9 Salisbury Gardens
Gamble, J. F., 20 Castle Gardens
Gamble & Maxwell, 35 Royal Avenue
Gamble, Miss, costumier, 151 Belmont Road
Gamble, Miss Sarah, 17 Glanworth Drive
Gamble, Miss V., elocution teacher, 25 Howard Street
Gamble, Mrs., 72 Knock Road
Gamble, Mrs. Eva, 177 (1) Cliftonpark Avenue
Gamble, Mrs. James, 99 Mount Merrion Park
Gamble, Mrs. Margaret, 10 Glencairn Street
Gamble, Mrs. M., 21 Chadwick Street
Gamble, Mrs. M. A., 5 Rugby Parade
Gamble, Mrs. M. E., 32 Cliftonville Avenue
Gamble, Mrs. S., 221 Belmont Road
Gamble, M., master tailor, 10 Brookland Street
Gamble, N., teacher, 9 Ballysillan Road
Gamble, N., nursery, Holywood Road
Gamble, Robert, 548 Oldpark Road
Gamble, Robert, store man, 27 Willowholme Drive
Gamble, Robert, butcher, 26 Castlereagh Road
Gamble, R., flesher, 137 Donegall Pass
Gamble, R. J., butcher, 400 Castlereagh Road
Gamble, R. J. G., Corporation official, 45 Belmont Park
Gamble, Samuel, boot maker, 54-56 Donegall Road
Gamble, Saml. H., draughtsman, 306 Castlereagh Road
Gamble, Stanfield, 398 Donegall Road
Gamble, Sydney L., insurance official, 19 Cheltenham Park
Gamble, Thomas, clerk, 23 Glencairn Street
Gamble, T. H., solicitor's assistant, 30 Bloomfield Gardens
Gamble, William, 18 Clonaver Park
Gamble, William, grocer, 16 Victoria Street Little
Gamble, Wm., upholsterer, 396 Beersbridge Road
Gamble, Wm., mechanic, 120 Grand Parade
Gamble, Wm. J., & Sons, sheet metal workers and ventilating engineers, 221-213 Donegall Avenue
Gamble, W. J., 10 Cadogan Park
Gamble, W. J., & Sons, dairy equipment depot, 78 Cromac Street
Gammon, J., fitter, 8 Willowholme Crescent
Gandy Belt Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 48a Church Lane Upper
Garden, T., grocer, 4 Diamond Gardens
Gardener, David, grocer, 1-3 Methuen Street
Gardener, D. E., 79 Botanic Avenue
Gardener, Maurice, M.B., 102 Connsbrook Avenue
Gardener, Miss, 144 Kensington Road
Gardener, Richard, 272 Hillman Street
Gardener, R., 108 Kimberley Street
Gardiner, Alfred, 60 Marlborough Park Central
Gardiner, A., boot maker, 123 Northbrook Street
Gardiner Bros. (Belfast), Ltd., wholesale watch and clock makers and dealers, 12 Waring Street
Gardiner Bros., jewellers, 50 Botanic Avenue
Gardiner, Charles, motorman, 97 Windsor Avenue Lower
Gardiner, Chas. G., civil servant, 23 Willesden Park
Gardiner Clubs Ltd., 7 Howard Street
Gardiner & Co., confectioners, 4 Donegall Place
Gardiner, David, 192 Woodvale Avenue
Gardiner, James, blacksmith, 69 Newtownards Road Upper
Gardiner, John, 28 Rosemount Gardens
Gardiner, John, grocer, 3 Rosapenna Street
Gardiner, John, machinist, 57 Charleville Street Upper
Gardiner, J., driver, 36 Dromore Street
Gardiner, J., Strathard, Lisburn Road
Gardiner, J., grocer, 71 Southport Street
Gardiner, J., confectioner, 158 Manor Street
Gardiner, Miss Margaret, 33 Broadway
Gardiner, Miss S., 83 Kimberley Street
Gardiner, Mrs., 11 Aigburth Park
Gardiner, Mrs., 18 St. Jude's Parade
Gardiner, Mrs. E. M., 37 Orby Drive
Gardiner, Mrs. Isabell, 188 Cregagh Road
Gardiner, Mrs. K., 2-4 Braemar Street
Gardiner, Mrs. M. E., 7 Belgravia Avenue
Gardiner, Mrs. S., dress maker, 51 Dublin Road
Gardiner, Noel J., 52 Belmont Road
Gardiner, N., 206 Orby Drive
Gardiner, N., stationer, 23 Ormeau Road
Gardiner, N., stationer supplies, 64 (11) Victoria Street Great
Gardiner, Paul, plumber, 8 Whitehall Parade
Gardiner, Stanley, 19 Ardmore Park
Gardiner, Thomas, grocer, 114 Newcastle Street
Gardiner, Thomas J., R.U.C., 37 Rosemount Gardens
Gardiner, Rev. Thos. R., M.A., 242 Antrim Road
Gardiner, William, 43 Glendower Street
Gardiner, William, plumber, 337 Ormeau Road
Gardiner, William J., 62 Grand Parade
Gardiner, Wm., 57 Locksley Park
Gardiner, Wm. J., manager, 71 Knock Eden Park
Gardiner, W. H., coach builder, 258 Cregagh Road
Gardiner, W. S., R.U.C., 14 Oberon Street
Gardiner's, Ltd., confectioners, 13 Donegall Square West, 17 Royal Avenue and branches
Gardner, Albert, gents' outfitter, 48 Church Lane Upper
Gardner, Alex., 399 Lisburn Road
Gardner, A., 74 Osborne Park
Gardner, A., 20 Rosemount Gardens
Gardner, A. H., home bakery, 63 Ormeau Road
Gardner, Dr. Campbell, 233 Donegall Road
Gardner, Dr. Campbell, 21 Chlorine Gardens
Gardner Dance Studio, 2 Telfair Street
Gardner Engines, Ireland, Ltd., 3 Brunswick Street
Gardner, F., driver, 15 Glendower Street
Gardner, F., shop keeper, 54 Botanic Avenue
Gardner, George A., electrician, 49 Larkfield Road
Gardner, George H., salesman, 16 Cheltenham Gardens
Gardner, Henry, gilder, 48 Lavinia Street
Gardner, James, locksmith, Joy's Court
Gardner, James, confectioner and newsagent, 13 Donegall Pass and 52, 78-80 Botanic Avenue
Gardner, J., turner, 14 Clarendon Avenue
Gardner, J., clerk, 8 Deramore Avenue
Gardner, J., confectioner, 55 Pretoria Street
Gardner, Miss Margaret, 8 Ratcliffe Street
Gardner, Miss M. L., 2 Sans Souci Park
Gardner, Mrs., 30 Penrose Street
Gardner, Mrs. Alice, 28 Ardmore Park
Gardner, Mrs. A., 39 Westland Road
Gardner, Mrs. E., 2 Neill's Hill Park
Gardner, Mrs. E., 332 Castlereagh Road
Gardner, Mrs. E., publican, 18 Shankill Road
Gardner, P., driver, 37 Rugby Avenue
Gardner, Robert, 3 Somerton Gardens
Gardner, Robert, driver, 110 Ashley Avenue
Gardner, S., 23 Twaddell Avenue
Gardner, S., jeweller, 15 Lyndhurst Gardens
Gardner, Walter, 23 Clonlee Drive
Gardner, William, plumber, 2 Chesham Crescent
Gardner, W., clerk, 14 Mowhan Street
Gardner, W., machinist, 34 Joanmount Park
Garfadene Remedy Co. (The), 7 Donegall Square North
Garfield Manufacturing Co., frock manufacturers, 20 Adelaide Street
Garfield Taxi Co. Ltd., 18-20 Garfield Street
Gargin, John, machinist, 120 Joy Street
Garland, H. W., 45 Kilhorne Gardens
Garland, James, Runkerry, Finaghy Road South
Garland, Mrs. Blanche, 1 Thorndale Avenue
Garland, S., 35 Cyprus Gardens
Garley, George, 18 Earl Street
Garmany, Robert, engineers' agent, 119 Cavehill Road
Garmany, Robert, Engineers' Agent, 33 Queen Street
     Representing - Brookhurst Switchgear, Ltd.; Power Centre Co. Ltd.; Gent & Co. Ltd.; Engineering & Lighting Equipment Co. Ltd.
Garmany, William, 35 Ashley Gardens
Garmany, William, 3-9 Thomas Street
Garmany, William, engineer, 31a Donegall Street
Garmin, Mrs. S., grocer, 321 Cavehill Road
Garratt, W., 43 Sandown Road
Garrett, Alex., fitter, 266 Ravenhill Avenue
Garrett, E. J., 1 Hillview, Barnett's Road
Garrett, Fredk., Beulah, Finaghy Road South
Garrett, Hugh, tenter, 314 Beersbridge Road
Garrett, Dr. H., 9 Sydenham Avenue
Garrett & Lloyd, Ltd., merchants, 4-6 Wellington Street
Garrett, M., 90 Lodge Road Old
Garrett, Miss Mary, 10 Windsor Avenue
Garrett, Misses (The), Oakmount Cottage, Malone Road Upper
Garrett, Mrs. Sarah, 279 Donegall Road
Garrett, Robert, Ltd., cartage contractors, 21a Corporation Square
Garrett, Robert, 17 Kensington Road
Garrett, Robert, foreman, 111 Castlereagh Road
Garrett, Samuel, insurance agent, 30 Oberon Street
Garrett, Samuel, grocer, 65 University Street
Garrett, Selina, dealer, 49 Durham Street
Garrett, Thomas, joiner, 61 Orby Road
Garrett, Thomas A., 35 Lyndhurst Gardens
Garrett, Thos. J., tenter, 23 Sandhurst Drive
Garrett, Thomas, 52 Edinburgh Street
Garrett, T., R.U.C., 15 Deramore Street
Garrett, T. H., builder, 63 Cregagh Road
Garrett, Walter, estate agent, 144 Orangefield Crescent
Garrett, William, 19 Castle Hill Road
Garrett, William, engineer, 53 Manor Street
Garrett, William, bread server, 22 Landscape Terrace
Garrett, W., salesman, 43 Hopefield Avenue
Garrett, W. A., furnisher, 127 Shankill Road
Garrett, W., & E. J., house and land agents, 20 May Street
Gartlan, Thomas, motorman, 78 Mountpottinger Road
Gartside, William, engineer, 94 Loopland Drive
Garvey College, The Gables, Botanic Avenue, N. Garvey, B.Sc., principal (entrance, 1a India Street)
Garvey, David, 16 Knockdarragh Park
Garvey, S., wallpaper merchant, 2 King Street
Garvey, W., 3 Kinnaird Street
Garvin, J. A., traveller, 18 India Street
Garvin, Miss Charlotte, 4 Clifton Crescent
Garvin, The Misses, 109 Wellesley Avenue
Garvin, Mrs., 321 Cavehill Road
Garvin, S., publican, 21 Ashgrove Park
Garvin, S., grocer, Rydings, Ballysillan Road
Gascoigne (Reading), Ltd., dairy supplies, 22 Cromac Street
Gaskell, A., civil servant, 26 Orpen Park (Finaghy)
Gaskin, James, plater, 57 Westland Road
Gas Meter Testing Station, Charlotte Street
Gass, Joseph, 86 Melrose Street
Gass, Joseph H., Cycle Agent, 79-83 King Street. Res., 1 Stranmillis Park
Gass, J. G., manager, 24 Rosetta Avenue
Gass, J. K., Bankfield, Knockbreda Road
Gass, Mrs. E. S., Lis-nard, Knockbreda Road
Gaston, A., grocer, 15 Belmont Church Road
Gaston, A., grocer, 51 Connsbrook Avenue
Gaston, Hugh, 45 Ainsworth Avenue
Gaston, John, traveller, 68 Ormonde Park
Gaston, P., grocer, 75 Loopland Park
Gaston, S., 1a Barginnis Street
Gaston, Wm. Alex., P.O. clerk, 46 Roe Street
Gates, Charles, 10 Meadowbank Place
Gates, Chas., driver, 161 Crimea Street
Gates, Francis, spinning master, 28 Enfield Street
Gaughan, A., cashier, 33 Norfolk Drive
Gaukrodger, Henry, canvasser, 10 Delhi Street
Gault, Cyril, bus conductor, 22 Sefton Drive
Gault, E., butcher, 244 Shankill Road
Gault, Hugh, 42 Garmoyle Street
Gault, Hugh, butcher, 694 Springfield Road
Gault, H., chemist, 559 Oldpark Road
Gault, H., L.R.I.B.A., architect and civil engineer, 13 Donegall Square North
Gault, H., chemist, 86 Agnes Street
Gault, H., butcher, 248 Albert Bridge Road
Gault, James, R.U.C., 19 Rosewood Street
Gault, James, civil servant, 12 Clara Avenue
Gault, John H., estate agent, 150 Crumlin Road; stores, 14a Lyle Street
Gault, Joseph, clerk, 13 Ravenhill Crescent
Gault, J., confectioner, 218 Shankill Road
Gault, Louie, confectioner, 217 Mountpottinger Road
Gault, Maria, 3 Hesketh Road
Gault, Miss, 59 Richmond Park
Gault, Miss E. M., 10 Derryvolgie Avenue
Gault, Miss S., 440 Newtownards Road Upper
Gault, Mrs., 36 Park Avenue
Gault, Mrs. Ellie, 1 Wilton Street
Gault, Mrs. Mary, 33 Glenbank Place
Gault, Mrs. M., 16 Fleet Street
Gault, Mrs. M. E., 46 Marmount Gardens
Gault, Sadie, L.D.S., 70 Mountpottinger Road
Gault, T., fitter, 1 Depot Terrace, Shore Road
Gault, T., 318 Skegoneill Avenue
Gault, William, brick layer, 129 Alliance Avenue
Gault, William, traveller, 32 Kingsmere Avenue
Gault, William John, joiner, Serpentine Road
Gault, W., driller, 2 Meadowbank Place
Gaussen, Miss, 14 Donegall Square West
Gaussen, Miss, 2 Kingsway Park
Gavan, Charles, com. agent, 8c Osman Street
Gavin, F. C., soldier, 109 Wallasey Park
Gavin, Miss Mary E., 53 Dover Street
Gaw, Albert, merchant, 135 Ainsworth Avenue
Gaw, David, Corporation official, 605 Oldpark Road
Gaw, George, grocer, 102-104 Broadway
Gaw, James, fitter, 482 Oldpark Road
Gaw, John, merchant tailor, 64 Marlborough Park Central
Gaw, J. G., 8 Waterloo Park
Gaw, J. & W. G., agents, 47 Dublin Road
Gaw, Miss Phyllis, 1 Deramore Gardens
Gaw, Mrs., 89 Madrid Street
Gaw, William, dealer, 10 Holywood Road
Gawley, Mrs. Isabella, 94 Dover Street
Gawley, Mrs. I., 19 Sandymount Street
Gawn, James H., dairyman, Glen Cottage, Holywood Road Old
Gawn, Mrs. A. F., 142 Kensington Road
Gay, Alex., designer, 465 Lisburn Road
Gealan, Fredk., excise officer, 11 Ashley Gardens
Geale, Mrs., 40 Wellington Park
Gear, W. T., plasterer, 109 Euston Street
Geary, The Misses, 6 Waterloo Park South
Geary, Miss Bell, hairdresser, 6 Sandy Row
Geary, Mrs. A., 141 Belmont Road
Geaveery, F. J., painter, 42 Twickenham Street
Gebbie, A. E., aircraft inspector, 15 Wandsworth Place
Gebbie, G. W., fitter, 6 Connsbrook Avenue
Gebbie, Thomas, joiner, 10 Bryson Street
Gebbie, T. M., 1 Edgecumbe Gardens
Geddes, David John, 8 Kerrsland Drive
Geddes, G. & J., pawn brokers, 22 York Road
Geddes, John, baker, 5 Beechfield Street
Geddes, Mrs., 10 Reid Street
Geddes, R. G. M., fitter, 29 Prestwick Park
Geddes, Dr. Stafford, Greenhaugh, Malone Road
Geddes, W. M., director, 25 Malone Park
Geddes, W. N., accountant, 6 Wingrove Gardens
Geddis, Charles, tenter, 58 Dromore Street
Geddis, E., hairdresser, 114 Shankill Road
Geddis, George, fitter, 4 Silverstream Parade
Geddis, Henry, traveller, 20 Manna Grove
Geddis, James, iron moulder, 16 Wallasey Park
Geddis, Miss D., 36 Fitzwilliam Street
Geddis, Mrs. E., 179 Ulsterville Avenue
Geddis, Mrs. M., 8 Keersland Drive
Geddis, Samuel, 17 Woodvale Road
Geddis, W., civil servant, 79 Wellesley Avenue
Gedge, A. R., R.A.F., 28 Ferguson Drive
Gedge, George Fredk., civil servant, 25 Marguerite Park
Gedge, Thomas, guard, 289 Donegall Road
Gee, C. E., tailor, 89 Dublin Road
Gee, Mrs., 5 Ailesbury Drive
Gee, P., com. agent, 37 Holywood Road
Geehan, Mrs. A., 27 Hoylake Park
Geelan, F. A., Lisrodden, Knockbreda Road
Geelan, H. A., inspector, 18 Cregagh Park
Geelan, John, 112 Cregagh Road
Geertsen, A., manager, 62 Salisbury Avenue
Gelan, Albert, builder and contractor, 28 Shore Road
Gelston, James, 2 Kensington Drive
Gemmell, D. & J., sculptors, 31a Linen Hall Street
Gemmell, H., sausage manufacturer, 41 Albert Bridge Road
Gemmell, W., electrician, 28 Irwin Crescent
General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corporation Ltd., 4 Howard Street. Branch Manager - John L. Bouick
General Asphalt Co. Ltd., Northern Road
General Electric Co. Ltd. (The), Manufacturers of Electric Motors, Osram Lamps, G.E.C. Radio & Osram Valves, all Electric Accessories, Magnet Cookers and all Apparatus for General Lighting Schemes.  T.A.: "Electricity, Belfast" Manager for Belfast and Ulster District, G. H. Moir, A.M.I.E.E., Magnet House, Queen Street, Belfast
General Estates (Belfast), Ltd., 7 Howard Street
General Film Distributors, Ltd., 40 Royal Avenue
General Post Office, 28-32 Royal Avenue, Charlemont Street, Garfield Street, and Smithfield; engineer department, 3 Hill Street; garage, 8-24 West Street, E. E. Harper, postmaster
General Supply, stationers, 64 (12) Victoria Street Great
General Trades Supply, 73 Cromac Street
General Welding Co., 1a Bridge End
Genn, G., draper, 28 Cliftonpark Avenue
Genn, H., wholesale merchant, 25 Cavehill Road Old
Genoe, Albert, 128 Dunluce Avenue
Gentleman, Col. B. E., 5 Cambourne Park
Geoffrey, S. R., 11 Windsor Avenue
Geogeghan, R., pawn broker, 24 Beechmount Avenue
Geoghegan, H., carpenter, 43 Sandhurst Drive
Geoghegan, Mrs. Mary, 103 University Avenue
George, Alfred, manager, 22 Thorndale Avenue
George, A. H., 13 Glanworth Drive
George, Douglas, R.U.C., 31 Wellesley Avenue
George, E., 30 Mountpottinger Road
George, Francis, rigger, 67 Beechfield Street
George, F., 24 Brandon Parade
George, H. C., confectioner, 159 Euston Street
George, James, manager, 56 Southport Street
George, John, builder, 30 Glandore Avenue
George, John M., R.U.C., 292 Ballysillan Road
George, Jos., motor dismantler, 6 Kearney Court and Sydenham Road
George, J., conductor, 15 Mountview Street
George, J., R.U.C., 10 Joanmount Park
George, Lizzie, confectioner, 219 Shankill Road
George, Miss Mabel, 69 Kansas Avenue
George, Mrs. L. P., 25 Joanmount Park
George, N. W., 12 Orient Gardens
George, Robt., 2 Glenside Park
George, S., 1 Houston Park

Gerber, Edward, civil servant, 9 Strathmore Park North
German, Mrs. A. M., 7 Ormiston Crescent
Gestelner, D., Ltd., duplicating machine manufacturer, 29 Howard Street
Getgood, Robert E., 238 Malone Road
Getgood, Thomas, engineer, 9 Onslow Parade
Gettinby, Mrs. E., 31 Bridge End
Gettinby, W. J., 183 Cliftonville Road
Gettings, J., tailor, 70 Beechfield Street
Getty, Alexander, 35 Elaine Street
Getty, Henry, wine stores, 1 Bellevue Street
Getty, James, 316 Skegoneill Avenue
Getty, James, dairyman, 3-5 Lovett Street
Getty, John, teacher, 15 Cliftonpark Avenue
Getty, John, Corporation official, 26 Clifton Drive
Getty, Joseph, 74 Sunningdale Park
Getty, J., plater, 8 Oberon Street
Getty, Dr. J. H., M.B., 194 Crumlin Road
Getty Memorial Junior P.E. School, Conlig Street
Getty, Miss, agent for Spencer corsets, 154 Lisburn Road
Getty, Miss, 14 Hatfield Street
Getty, Miss Catherine, 2 Benview Park
Getty, Mrs. S., 16 Ravenhill Parade
Getty, P.E. School, Forster Street
Getty, W. J., 13 Dunowen Gardens
Gibb, A., fitter, 91 Mount Merrion Park
Gibb, John R., civil servant, 487 Newtownards Road Upper
Gibb, J. F., draughtsman, 14 Irwin Crescent
Gibb, Mrs. Minnie, 11 Pine Street
Gibb, M., 72 Cedar Avenue
Gibb, Samuel, milk salesman, 236 Ravenhill Avenue
Gibb, Samuel G., clerk, 25 Sandhill Gardens
Gibb, Thomas, foreman, 567 Oldpark Road
Gibb, T., J.P., 173 Duncairn Gardens
Gibb, T., dining rooms, 50 Church Lane Upper
Gibb, William, iron turner, 79 Joanmount Gardens
Gibbon, J., 54 Fitzwilliam Street
Gibbon, W. D., M.A., D.S.O., M.C., headmaster of Campbell College, Belmont Road
Gibbons, H., Monkshill Houses, Glencairn Road
Gibbons, J. A., 14 Camden Street
Gibbons, Mrs. Emyly, 31 Loopland Park
Gibney, Samuel, 35 Deerpark Road
Gibson, Albert H., gardener, 10 Chesham Drive
Gibson, Alexander, 1e Chadwick Street
Gibson, Andrew, 134 Ardenlee Avenue
Gibson, Andrew, checker, 12 Rochester Street
Gibson, A., 8 Stanfield Street
Gibson, A. G., grocer, 83 Beersbridge Road
Gibson, A. J., civil servant, 8 Ardgreenan Place
Gibson, Bacon & Co., chartered accountants, 7 Howard Street
Gibson, Catherine, 73a South Parade
Gibson, C., 4 Castlederg Place
Gibson, C., 32 Wellesley Avenue
Gibson, C., vinegar manufacturer, 8 Cliftonpark Avenue
Gibson, C. A., manager, 4 Castle Park Upper
Gibson, C. K., J.P., 33 Earlswood Road
Gibson, David, chemist, 297 Springfield Road
Gibson, David, clerk, 16 Cherryvalley Park
Gibson, David, caretaker, 67-69 Carlisle Street
Gibson, David, & Co., inc. accountants, 79 Royal Avenue
Gibson, David J., fitter, 7 Ava Parade
Gibson, D., 28 Grand Parade
Gibson, D., 59 Cranmore Gardens
Gibson, Edward, 8 Graymount Crescent
Gibson, E., traveller, 79 Donegall Pass
Gibson, E. G., traveller, 139 Madrid Street
Gibson, Frank, carter, 24 Baroda Street
Gibson, George, 5 Serpentine Road
Gibson, George, slinger, 108 Templemore Avenue
Gibson, George E., 33 Mayfair Avenue
Gibson, Geo., chartered accountant, 163 Ravenhill Road
Gibson, G., baker, 24 Deramore Park
Gibson, G., & Co., linen merchants, 4 Linen Hall Street
Gibson, Henry, pattern maker, 16 Castlereagh Place
Gibson, Henry, 51 Serpentine Road
Gibson, Herbert S., clerk, 4 Sandymount Street
Gibson, Hugh J., manufacturers' agent, 1 College Street
Gibson, H., iron turner, 56 Tildarg Street
Gibson, H., 28 Abetta Parade
Gibson, H., fitter, 107 Ballygomartin Road
Gibson, H., conductor, 31 Sandymount Street
Gibson, H. S., agent, 22 Cherryvalley Gardens
Gibson, Rev. James, 47 Madison Avenue
Gibson, James, bookkeeper, 101 Newtownards Road Upper
Gibson, James, 11 Orby Parade
Gibson, James, iron turner, 7 Pottinger Street
Gibson, James A., agent, 32 Ann Street
Gibson, James N., 36 Cavehill Road Old
Gibson, John, cashier, 29 Glenside Parade
Gibson, John, chef, 29 Rosevale Street
Gibson, John S., fitter, 27 Orpen Road
Gibson, Johnston, 43 Cooke Street
Gibson, Joseph, farmer, 25 Orpen Road
Gibson, Joseph, dealer, 7-9 Townsend Street
Gibson, Joseph, 128 Hillman Street
Gibson, Joseph, 35 Melrose Street
Gibson, J., soldier, 20 Kimberley Street
Gibson, J., plumber, 221 Joanmount Gardens
Gibson, J., sheet metal works, 90-92 Patrick Street Great
Gibson, Rev. J. H., B.A., 41 Cranmore Gardens
Gibson, J. W., draughtsman, 16 Orby Gardens
Gibson & Kerr, costumiers, 45a Ann Street
Gibson, L. E., plater, 26 Bryson Street
Gibson, Miles?, 2 Summer Hill Avenue
Gibson, Miss, 53 Dunluce Avenue
Gibson, Miss, private hospital, 14 Crescent Lower
Gibson, Miss A., 17 Lansdowne Road
Gibson, Miss G., 90 Rushfield Avenue
Gibson, Miss I., 65 Melrose Street
Gibson, Miss Jean, 339 Ravenhill Road
Gibson, Miss J. M., 23 King's Crescent
Gibson, Miss Mary Ann, 72 Henry Street
Gibson, Miss M. J., 44 Reid Street
Gibson, Miss S., 70 Deramore Avenue
Gibson, Mrs., 10 Kincora Avenue
Gibson, Mrs., 2 Oakland Avenue
Gibson, Mrs., 96 Malone Road
Gibson, Mrs., 69 Sandhurst Drive
Gibson, Mrs., 1 Stranmillis Gardens
Gibson, Mrs. Agnes, confectioner, 158 Ormeau Road
Gibson, Mrs. A., 1 Cregagh Park
Gibson, Mrs. Clara E., 39 Wandsworth Road
Gibson, Mrs. Dorothy, 27 Abetta Parade
Gibson, Mrs. Edith, 4 Harberton Avenue
Gibson, Mrs. Elwood, 47 Brougham Street
Gibson, Mrs. G., 41 Brougham Street
Gibson, Mrs. G. G., 80 Lansdowne Road
Gibson, Mrs. J., 55 Belmont Park
Gibson, Mrs. Margaret, 42 Shandon Park
Gibson, Mrs. M., Winnington House, Knockbreda Road
Gibson, Mrs. M., 6 Irwin Avenue
Gibson, Mrs. M., 6 Cherryvalley Gardens
Gibson, Mrs. M., 27 Fleet Street
Gibson, Mrs. M. J., The Bungalow, Mount Aboo Park
Gibson, Mrs. Susan, 4 Ravenhill Park
Gibson, Mrs. S., 42 South Parade
Gibson, Mrs. S., S.C.M. (certs), nurse, 5 Castlereagh Street
Gibson, Mrs. S. E., 80 Tildarg Street
Gibson, M., 174 Ardenlee Avenue
Gibson, M. C. H., estate agent, 21 Thornhill Park
Gibson, M. & N., painting contractors, 28 Victoria Road
Gibson, N., 75 Joanmount Gardens
Gibson, Oliver, clerk, 1 Wellington Park Avenue
Gibson Park Willowfield Unionist Club, Cregagh Road
Gibson, P. A., architect, 9 Cooldarragh Park North
Gibson, Percy A., 11 Bennett Drive
Gibson, Robert, R.U.C., 24 Weston Drive
Gibson, Robert, pharmaceutical chemist, 152 Ravenhill Road
Gibson, Robert, 77 Ashley Avenue
Gibson, Rev. Rupert, B.A., 3 Glencoe Park
Gibson, R., 28 Ravenhill Park
Gibson, R., 208 Cregagh Street
Gibson, R., chemist, 9 Ladas Drive
Gibson, R., joiner, 25 Loopland Drive
Gibson, R., 6 Parkmount Gardens
Gibson, R., engineer, 41 Edinburgh Street
Gibson, R., grocer's assistant, 53 Connsbrook Avenue
Gibson, R. H., F.R.I.B.A., chartered architect, 16 Donegall Square South
Gibson, R. L., carrier, 125 Sandown Road
Gibson, Samuel, porter, 33 Roe Street
Gibson, Samuel, 30 Castlereagh Place
Gibson, Samuel, 48 Abetta Parade
Gibson, Samuel, grocer, 125 Ravenhill Road
Gibson, S., 34 Graymount Park
Gibson, S., baker, 122 University Avenue
Gibson, S., clerk, 5 St. Jude's Crescent
Gibson, Thomas, pharmaceutical chemist, 2 Kensington Road
Gibson, Thomas, painter and decorator, 521 Lisburn Road, and 1 Ferndale Street
Gibson, Thomas, 50 Connsbrook Avenue
Gibson, Thomas, joiner, 24 Balfour Avenue
Gibson, Thomas, wholesale confectioner, 292 Cregagh Road
Gibson, Thomas, grocer, 10 Berlin Street
Gibson, Thomas, 3 Landseer Street
Gibson, T. A., M.P.S., chemist, 73 Victoria Street
Gibson, T. W., 43 Malone Road
Gibson, William, 46 Ponsonby Avenue
Gibson, William, grocer, 121 Ormeau Road
Gibson, William, clerk, 49 Knockbreda Park
Gibson, William, guard, 3 Salisbury Street
Gibson, William, fireman, 21 Fortwilliam Crescent
Gibson, William, dairyman, 3 Churchill Street
Gibson, William F., machine man, 40 Hardcastle Street
Gibson, Wm. Jas., joiner, 100 Joanmount Gardens
Gibson, Wm. J., mechanic, 110 Tyndale Park
Gibson, W., M.D., J.P., 114 Belmont Road
Gibson, W., store man, 12 Evelyn Avenue
Gibson, W., fitter, 23 Brunswick Street
Gibson, W., fitter, 42 Alliance Crescent
Gibson, W., 6 Bramcote Street
Gibson, W., merchant, 102 Malone Road
Gibson, Lieut. W. H. K., Queenan, Serpentine Road
Gibson, W. J., 619 Ormeau Road
Gibson, W. K., solicitor, 42 Arthur Street Upper; res., 763 Antrim Road
Gibson, W. S., 6 Kensington Gardens South
Gibson's Bakery Ltd., 19-23 Soudan Street
Gibson's Medical Hall, Ltd., Pharmaceutical Chemists and Beauticians, 55 Donegall Place
Gibson's International Stores, Ltd., 10 Gresham Street
Giddens, William A., 62 Sydenham Park
Giddings, G., engineer, 81 Ravenhill Gardens
Giddings, Mary, 29 Ava Street
Giddins, G., 79 Ravenhill Gardens
Giff, Dr. J. H. P., 211 Cliftonville Road
Giff, T. H., chemist, 34 Woodvale Road; res., 72 Woodvale Road
Giffen, G., milk vendor, 227 Springfield Road
Giffen, S. J., 14 Sagimor Gardens
Giffen, S. J., civil servant, 23 Kirkliston Park
Giffin, George, baker, 40 Florida Drive
Giffin, Miss M., 34 Rossmore Avenue
Giffin, Mrs., 295 Ormeau Road
Giffin, Mrs. Mary E., 1 Newington Street
Gifford, E., civil servant, 214 Cregagh Street
Gifford, Fred M., clerk, 11 Hope Street
Gifford, G., traveller, 26 Roe Street
Gifford, William, butcher, 41 Hatfield Street
Gigana, V., supper saloon, 22 Wellwood Street
Gihon, David, 29 Glenbank Drive
Gihon, Samuel, secretary, 18 Crumlin Gardens
Gilbert, Alfred, painter, 13 Windsor Drive
Gilbert, A. E., clerk, 16 Thornhill Park
Gilbert, Chris, fitter, 50 Victoria Avenue
Gilbert & Co., agents, 102 Donegall Street
Gilbert, C., agent, 51 Knutsford Drive
Gilbert, G. & J., solicitors, 34 Arthur Street
Gilbert & Murphy, Engineers' Agents, 11 Donegall Square South
Gilbert, Mrs., 16 Sandhurst Gardens
Gilbert, Mrs. Kathleen H., 51 Manor Street
Gilbert, Mrs. B. A., 1 Deramore Drive
Gilbert, Mrs. Emily, 23 Glantane Street
Gilbert, Mrs. Jean, 18 Summer Gill Avenue
Gilbert, R. M., 32 Aigburth Park
Gilbert, R. S., 65 Bristow Park
Gilbert, Stanley, clerk, 1 Locksley Gardens
Gilbert, W. S., 25 Wandsworth Road
Gilbey, W. & A., Ltd., wine merchants, shippers and distillers, 3 Corn Market and branches
Gilbraith, Jas., 41 Meadow Street
Gilbraith, Samuel, estate agent, 24 Arthur Street
Gilbraith, S., clerk, 23 Orby Gardens
Gilchrist, David, 49 Deacon Street
Gilchrist, George, 15 Grace Avenue
Gilchrist, Henry, Hillcrest, Ballyhanwood Road
Gilchrist, John M., 37 Galwally Park
Gilchrist, John M., M.Sc., A.M.I.Mech.E., 18 Broughton Gardens
Gilchrist, J., civil servant, 10 Holland Park
Gilchrist, Mrs. M., 2 Graymount Crescent
Gilchrist, Robt. F., civil servant, 5 Lancedean Road
Gilchrist, W. G., manager, 26 Ophir Gardens
Gildas, Brother, 43 Falls Road
Gildea, E., 16 Loopland Crescent
Gildea, Jack, 17 Silverstream Gardens
Gildea, Mrs. M., 765 Crumlin Road
Giles, Dr. G. H., surgeon, 46 Springfield Road
Giles, Dr. G. H., M.B., 219 Springfield Road
Giles, L. W., clerk, 28 Downshire Road
Giles, Mrs. E., 1 Colenso Parade
Giles, Mrs. Mary G., 451 Falls Road
Gilette, Mrs., Almeria, Lisburn Road
Gilfedder, Miss, 33 Cliftonville Road
Gilfedder, M., boot merchant, 31 Cliftonville Road
Gilfillan, Ewing, 2 Shrewsbury Park
Gilfillan, Gibson, 65 Dover Street
Gilfillan, Mrs, Rose, 8 Summer Hill Street
Gilfillan, W. G., plater, 78 Denmark Street
Gilkinson, E., 79 University Avenue
Gilkinson, James, 25 Chadwick Street
Gill, Eva, 2 Kenilworth Street
Gill, F., journalist, 28 Donegall Park (Finaghy)
Gill, G. G., 7 Upton Park (Finaghy)
Gill, Henry, civil servant, 86 Kensington Road
Gill, Hugh, 34 Grand Parade
Gill, James, carter, 117 Westmoreland Street
Gill, Jesse, engine driver, 186 Grosvenor Road
Gill, J., teacher, 100 Henderson Avenue
Gill, J. C., traveller, Ormonde, Lisburn Road
Gill, J. C., manufacturers' agent, 20 Talbot Street
Gill, Mrs. Margt. J., Kilmood, Circular Road West
Gill, Robert, joiner, 12 Greenville Road
Gill, Thomas, timekeeper, 4 Victoria Road
Gill, Thomas, fitter, 34 Parkgate Avenue
Gill, T. F., 3 St. John's Park
Gill, William, 47 Ravenhill Avenue
Gill, William, Ardmore Avenue, Finaghy
Gill, W. R., 3 Windsor Avenue
Gillan, Ernest, confectioner, 37-39 Northern Street Great
Gillan, E., confectioner, 435 Lisburn Road
Gillan, James, fitter, 48 Clarendon Avenue
Gillan, Miss Annie, 7 Springfield Road
Gillan, Mrs. J., 19 Allworthy Avenue
Gillan & O'Donnell, billiard rooms, 55 Royal Avenue
Gillan, R. S., shipwright, 182 Woodvale Road
Gilland, Mrs., 35 Lomond Avenue
Gilland, Mrs., 7 Elimgrove Street
Gillanders, William, 13 Sagimor Gardens
Gillard, B., clerk, 34 Beechmount Street
Gillen, A., butcher, 10 College Court
Gillen, E., 37-39 Northern Street Great
Gillen, John, 80 Lansdowne Park
Gillen, J. A., R.U.C., 80 Ulsterville Avenue
Gillen, Mrs., 17 Joanmount Park
Gillen, Mrs. E., 42 Glandore Avenue
Gillen, Mrs. Lily, 30 Bedeque Street
Gillen, M., porter, 1 Bennett Drive
Gilles, W. J., joiner, 4 Ardenlee Gardens
Gillespie, Alan, engineer, 138 Woodvale Road
Gillespie, Alexander, 2 Moyola Street
Gillespie, Alex., fitter, 2 Moyola Street
Gillespie, Alex., 2 Fleet Street
Gillespie, A., motor man, 21 Shore Road
Gillespie, A. J., fitter, 23 Clonlee Drive
Gillespie, Cecil, fitter, 46 Agincourt Avenue
Gillespie, C., confectioner, 533 Lisburn Road
Gillespie, Dan, R.U.C., 230 Grosvenor Road
Gillespie, David, confectioner, 96a York Street
Gillespie, David H., confectioner, 49 Oldpark Road
Gillespie, D., salesman, 14 Whitehall Parade
Gillespie, D., engineer, 40 Sandhill Gardens
Gillespie, D., 29 Circular Road (South End)
Gillespie, Edmond, 12 Lisburn Avenue
Gillespie, F. H., publican, 1 Ormeau Road
Gillespie, F. J., posting master and funeral undertaker, 101 Belmont Road
Gillespie, F. J., & Co., funeral furnishers, 8-12 Belmont Road
Gillespie, George, compositor, 7 Whitewell Crescent
Gillespie, Harold J., 32 Balmoral Avenue
Gillespie, Henry, R.A.F., 10 Auburn Avenue
Gillespie, Henry, R.U.C., 14 Taunton Avenue
Gillespie, H., 52 Delhi Street
Gillespie, James, fishmonger, 252 Newtownards Road
Gillespie, James, painter, 58 Florida Drive
Gillespie, James, chef, 12 Graymount Crescent
Gillespie, John, 4 Innisfayle Park
Gillespie, John, 94 Tennent Street
Gillespie, John, linen business, 146 Donnybrook Street
Gillespie, John, machinist, 41 Graymount Crescent
Gillespie, John R., M.D., 28 Knockdene Park South
Gillespie, J., 15 Dee Street
Gillespie, J., 17 Malone Park
Gillespie, J., foreman, 9 Loopland Drive
Gillespie, J., bus driver, 35 Ardenlee Drive
Gillespie, J., fish merchant, 64 Ardenlee Avenue
Gillespie, J. G., clerk, 26 Stranmillis Park
Gillespie, Matthew, confectioner, 4 Lord Street
Gillespie, Miss, teacher, 153 Cregagh Road
Gillespie, Miss, 265 Cavehill Road
Gillespie, Miss, 5 Hampton Park
Gillespie, Miss Anna, 6 Belvedere Park
Gillespie, Mrs., 5 McMaster Street
Gillespie, Mrs., 246 Malone Road
Gillespie, Mrs., 2 Duncairn Avenue
Gillespie, Mrs., 696 Antrim Road
Gillespie, Mrs., 40 Lowwood Park
Gillespie, Mrs. Agnes, 3 Tudor Place
Gillespie, Mrs. Edith, 1 Ranfurly Drive
Gillespie, Mrs. E., 427 Springfield Road
Gillespie, Mrs. J., 12 Sandhurst Gardens
Gillespie, Mrs. Margaret, 100 Donegall Park Avenue
Gillespie, Mrs. Margaret, confectioner, 29 Oldpark Road
Gillespie, Mrs. Mary, nurse, 12 Cappy Street
Gillespie, Mrs. R., 4 Dub Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Gillespie, M. A., principal, Aboo House, Lisburn Road
Gillespie, Robert, shipwright, 187 Alexandra Park Avenue
Gillespie, Robert S., joiner, 6 Silverstream Park
Gillespie & Robinson, warehousemen, 91 King Street
Gillespie, R., 14 Cheviot Avenue
Gillespie, R., engineer, 33 Bristol Avenue
Gillespie, Samuel, motorman, 145 Connsbrook Avenue
Gillespie, S., 15 Dunowen Gardens
Gillespie, Thomas W., 768 Shore Road
Gillespie, T., mechanic, 50 Delhi Street
Gillespie, V., publican, 105 Victoria Street
Gillespie, William, supper saloon, 264 Albert Bridge Road
Gillespie, William, builder, 31 Donegall Park Avenue
Gillespie, William J., motor engineer, 32 Burmah Street
Gillespie, William J., baker, 180 Beersbridge Road
Gillespie, Wm., nurseryman, 62 Victoria Avenue
Gillespie & Wilson, complete house furnishers, 93-97 and 115a Albert Bridge Road
Gillespie & Woodside, House Furnishers, etc., 15-17 Corn Market
Gillespie, W., clerk, 234 Connsbrook Avenue
Gillespie, W., Tillysburn Nurseries, Holywood Road
Gillespie, W. B., yarn dryer, 4 Graymount Grove
Gillespie, W. H., secretary, 108 Cregagh Road
Gillespie, W. J., 195 Albert Bridge Road
Gillespie, W. J., supt., 17 Knocklofty Park
Gillespie, W. J., clerk, 36 Pommern Parade
Gillespie, W. J., R.U.C., 30 Rugby Avenue
Gillespie, W. McL., supt., 117 Malone Avenue
Gillian, John, joiner, 8 Mount Merrion Avenue
Gilliard, T. A., civil servant, 36 Haddington Gardens
Gillice, John, 4 (3) Cliftonpark Avenue
Gillies, James, cutter, 21 Upton Park
Gillies, J. F., 1 Thirlmere Gardens
Gillies, M. C., civil engineer, 18 Salisbury Gardens
Gillies, William, 20 Twaddell Avenue
Gilligan, John, director, 32 Adelaide Park
Gilligan, Miss Mary E., 9 Norfolk Gardens
Gilliland, A., provision merchant, 47a Durham Street and 2-6 Pound Street
Gilliland, A., mechanic, 1 Ava Drive
Gilliland, A. E., 23 St. Vincent Street
Gilliland, Cecil, 20 Cheltenham Park
Gilliland, Edward, 8 Joanmount Park
Gilliland, George, 106 Deerpark Road
Gilliland, Gerald, pork merchant, 4 Fruithill Park
Gilliland, G., newsagent, 41 Lodge Road Old
Gilliland, James, baker, 117 Lodge Road Old
Gilliland, James, 27 Chesterfield Park
Gilliland, James, engineer, 27 Sandhill Gardens
Gilliland, John, joiner, 58 Parkmount Street
Gilliland, Joseph, 53 University Street
Gilliland, J. A., 161 Sandown Road
Gilliland, J. L., printer, 16 Hawthornden Drive
Gilliland, J. M., wireless dealer, 3-5 Cregagh Road
Gilliland, Miss, 50 Malone Road
Gilliland, Miss E., 404 Falls Road
Gilliland, Miss M., 561 Newtownards Road Upper
Gilliland, Mrs., 1 Galwally Park
Gilliland, Mrs., 18 Burmah Street
Gilliland, Mrs., dairy, 527-529 Donegall Road
Gilliland, Mrs. Isabell, 41 Glen Road
Gilliland, Mrs. I., 2 Tudor Place
Gilliland, Mrs. I. C., 14 Sans Souci Park
Gilliland, Mrs. J. H., 24 Weston Drive
Gilliland, Mrs. M., 86 Malone Avenue
Gilliland, P., dealer, 21-25 Barrack Street
Gilliland, P., bacon curer, 79-81 Castle Street
Gilliland, P., provision merchant, 73 Falls Road
Gilliland, T. R., 4 Dunluce Avenue
Gilliland, William, 56 Bryson Street
Gilliland, William, 5 Ingledale Park
Gilliland, W., painter, 67 Ravenhill Gardens
Gilliland, W. K., marine engineer, 175 Ravenhill Road
Gillis, Jas. B., pawn broker, 188-190 Donegall Road
Gillis & McFarlane, Mayfair School of Dancing, 30 William Street South
Gillis, Robert, pawnbroker, 268 Crumlin Road
Gillis, Robert, 5 Tokio Gardens
Gilmartin & Co., linen merchants, 24 Queen Street
Gilmartin, Daniel, shop assistant, 39 Hamilton Street
Gilmartin, E., linen merchant, St. Gerard's, Andersonstown
Gilmartin, Patrick, carter, 27 Rochdale Street
Gilmartin, Patrick, boot repairer, 47 Beechmount Avenue
Gilmer, Alfred, painter, 39 Fitzroy Avenue
Gilmer, Arthur, seedsman, 16 Broughton Gardens
Gilmer, Frederick, printer, 133 Haypark Avenue
Gilmer, William, fitter, 28 Bedeque Street
Gilmore, Alexander, 124 Grosvenor Road
Gilmore, A., agent, 4 Rosapenna Parade
Gilmore, A., 79 M'Tier Street
Gilmore & Co., electrical contractors, 35 Fountain Street
Gilmore, David, 31 Summer Hill Park
Gilmore, Edward, 245 Castlereagh Road
Gilmore, G. R., 19 Ormiston Drive
Gilmore, James, assistant inspector G.P.O., 131 Springfield Road
Gilmore, James, assistant inspector G.P.O., 131 Springfield Road
Gilmore, Jas., baker, 3 Duncairn Gardens
Gilmore, John, 21 Newington Street
Gilmore, John, tobacconist, 302 Limestone Road
Gilmore, John, 15 Haywood Avenue
Gilmore, J., 28 Thorndale Avenue
Gilmore, J., hairdresser, 37 Winetavern Street
Gilmore, J., M.P.S. chemist, 259 Albert Bridge Road
Gilmore, Miss, confectioner, 459a Lisburn Road
Gilmore, Miss F., 420 Lisburn Road
Gilmore, Miss K., 6 Richmond Square
Gilmore, Miss M. P., 15 Ardenlee Parade
Gilmore, Miss Norah, 17 St. John's Avenue
Gilmore, Miss N., 2 Fitzwilliam Street
Gilmore, Mrs., 2 Sefton Park
Gilmore, Mrs., 26 Canning Street
Gilmore, Mrs., 45 Burmah Street
Gilmore, Mrs., 14 Glen Road
Gilmore, Mrs., 5 Hawthornden Road
Gilmore, Mrs., 36 Malone Avenue
Gilmore, Mrs., 150 University Street
Gilmore, Mrs. Annie, 99 South Parade
Gilmore, Mrs. E., grocer, 185 Rosebery Road
Gilmore, Mrs. M. A., 11 Whiterock Gardens
Gilmore, Mrs. M. E., 33 Camden Street
Gilmore, Robert, carter, 6a Ashmore Street
Gilmore, R. J., 86 Cheviot Avenue
Gilmore, Samuel, joiner, 1 Glantane Street
Gilmore, S. G., 63 Priory Park
Gilmore, Thomas, foreman, 51 Station Road
Gilmore, T. B., plater, 58 Sydenham Avenue
Gilmore, T. J., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 6 Crumlin Road
Gilmore, William, pharmaceutical chemist, 87 Beersbridge Road
Gilmore, William, insurance official, 61 Knockbreda Road
Gilmore, William E., electrical contractor, 4 Glastonbury Avenue
Gilmore, Wm. V., insurance agent, 71 Orby Drive
Gilmore, W., bank official Enderley, Chichester Park
Gilmore, W., joiner, 8 Walnut Street
Gilmore, W. H., buyer, 12 Knockdarragh Park
Gilmore, W. J., provision merchant, 14 Southport Street
Gilmore, W. J., driver, 138 Joanmount Gardens
Gilmore, W. M., B.A.I., 26 Downview Avenue
Gilmour, Andrew, engine man, 6 Wellwood Street
Gilmour, James, Carpenter, Builder, Shop and Office Fitter, Sawmills, Packing case and Joinery Works, 43 Dublin Road
Gilmour, James, R.U.C., 141 Mt Lady's Road
Gilmour, J., butcher, 326 Beersbridge Road
Gilmour, J. N. B., 20 Shrewsbury Gardens
Gilmour, Miss, 31 Marlborough Park Central
Gilmour, Miss M., 67-69 Cromac Street
Gilmour, The Misses, 26 Marlborough Park North
Gilmour, Mrs. C., 23 Summer Street
Gilmour, Mrs. T., 23 Greenwood Park
Gilmour, T. H., 1 Ava Gardens
Gilmour, William, draughtsman, 26 Wandsworth Gardens
Gilmour, William, carpenter and case maker, 5 Clarence Street
Gilmour, William E., foreman, 66 Barnett's Road
Gilmurray, Mrs., 54 Whitewell Crescent
Gilnahirk P.E. School, Gilnahirk Road
Gilnahirk Presbyterian Church, Gilnahirk Road
Gilpin Bros., tailors, 89 High Street
Gilpin Bros., outfitters, 95 High Street
Gilpin Bros., outfitters, 36 Bradbury Place
Gilpin, Edward, draper, 51 Bristow Park
Gilpin, Frank, outfitter, 22 St. John's Avenue
Gilpin, James A., electrician, 867 Sunnyside Street
Gilpin, James W., 531 Ormeau Road
Gilpin, John, joiner, 44 Tildarg Street
Gilpin, John, grocer, 176-178 Leopold Street
Gilpin, J., gent's outfitter, 89 North Street
Gilpin, J., bus driver, 440 Castlereagh Road
Gilpin, J., draper and outfitter, 30 Knockbreda Road
Gilpin, Miss S. L., bakery, 311 Newtownards Road Upper
Gilpin, Mrs. E., 15 Cranmore Avenue
Gilpin, N., grocer, 31 Ballygomartin Road
Gilpin, N., grocer, 212 Tennent Street
Gilpin, Robert, fitter, 9 Sagimor Gardens
Gilpin, Samuel, R.U.C., 42 Houston Drive
Gilpin, William, mechanic, 11 Kimberley Drive
Gilpin's Ltd., house furnishers, 85-87 Sandy Row
Gilpin's, men's outfitters, 310 Ormeau Road
Gilroy, George, 32 Hampton Park
Gilroy, George, provision merchant, 15-17 Ann Street and branches
Gilroy, Miss M. C., 37 Alexander Street West
Gilroy & Smyth, butchers, 117 Cromac Street
Gilvary, Louis, bar man, 13 Dargle Street
Ginis, John A., bookkeeper, 20 Denorrton Park
Ginn, H., civil servant, 31 Circular Road (S. End)
Ginn, J., 28 Edinburgh Street
Ginn, Mrs. Margaret, 59 Loopland Park
Ginn, W., joiner, 263 Cavehill Road
Ginn, W. F., boot and leather agent, 88 Wellesley Avenue
Ginniff, Joseph, 2 St. Andrew's Square East
Ginniff, Norman, 54 Burmah Street
Ginniff, T., engineer, 34 Deramore Gardens
Ginnity, Edward, 10 Baltic Avenue
Ginsburg, S., financier, 14 Donegall Street
Girdwood Sports Club, Cliftonpark Avenue
Girl Guides' Hall, Malone Avenue
Girls' Club Restaurant - Secretary, Miss Herron, 6 Adelaide Street
Girls' Friendly Society, 54 Cliftonville Road
Girton Lodge Day School, Kindergarten, 149 Newtownards Road Upper
Girvan & Co., wholesale stationers and fancy goods merchants, 33 Wellington Place
Girvan, D., plumber, 51 Castlereagh Street
Girvan, Edward, manager, 39 Duncairn Gardens
Girvan, Edwin, accountant, 68 Orby Drive
Girvan, Fredk., 13 Graymount Grove
Girvan, Hugh, 39 Lockview Road
Girvan, James, plater, 35 Avonbeg Street
Girvan, Margaret, ladies' hairdresser, 401 Newtownards Road
Girvan & Meharg, wholesale warehousemen, 31a, 33a Queen Street
Girvan, Miss, 8 Haddington Gardens
Girvan, Miss S. McC., 431 Cregagh Road
Girvan, Mrs., 5 Hughenden Avenue
Girvan, Mrs. D., 14 Bloomfield Road
Girvan, Mrs. M., 9 Alliance Avenue
Girvan, Mrs. R., 117 Cavehill Road
Girvan, Robert, warehouseman, 19 Hopefield Avenue
Girvan, R., baker, 98 Newtownards Road
Girvan, Thomas, brass finisher, 39 Bryson Street
Girvan, T. J., estate agent, 58 Donegall Street
Girvan, Wm., iron turner, 16 Reid Street
Girvan, Wm., manufacturers' agent, 41 (30) Donegall Place
Girvan, W., merchant, 15 Sandhill Gardens
Girvan, W., 38 Ilchester Street
Girvan, W., 22 Weston Drive
Girvan's Agency, 41 (24) Donegall Place
Girvin, H., conductor, 34 Isoline Street
Girvin, John, caretaker, 2a Clarence Place Mews
Girvin, J. T., 54 Kirkliston Park
Girvin, Miss A. S., 32 Camden Street
Girvin, W. J., Ardkeen, Knockbreda Road
Givan, James H., grocer, 53 Lord Street
Givan, J. W., engineer, 9 Graymount Terrace
Givan, Mrs. E., 272-274 Castlereagh Road
Given, Mrs. Isabella, 25 Summer Street
Given, S., 67 Rushfield Avenue
Given, W., iron turner, 37 Dunraven Avenue
Gladwin, Ltd., silversmiths and cutlers, 17 (1-4) Castle Arcade
Glancy, John, butcher, 184 Joanmount Gardens
Glancy, Joseph, 10 Kerrsland Parade
Glancz, M., 24 Locksley Park
Glanville, Rev. A. E., Cherryhill, Gilnahirk Road
Glasby, Alex., traveller, 32 Ballysillan Park
Glasgow Clothing Mart, 16 Marquis Street
Glasgow, H. D., teacher, 62 Deerpark Road
Glasgow, M. E., 14 Cooke Street
Glasgow, O. B., 110 Finaghy Road North
Glasgow, R. J., & Son, agents, 41 (35-36) Donegall Place
Glasgow, Silas, 25 Kincora Avenue
Glashan, Miss, 3 Lavinia Street
Glass, Alfred, Murlaugh, Lisburn Road
Glass, Andrew, fitter, 50 Woodvale Avenue
Glass, A., R.U.C., 38 Mount Prospect Park
Glass, John M., teacher, 26 Albertville Drive
Glass, Joseph, supper saloon, 8 Mersey Street
Glass, Joseph, head-constable, 45 Mount Prospect Park
Glass, J., 23 Cranmore Park
Glass, J. H., 133 Mount Merrion Park
Glass, Miss Jean, 16 Ormiston Drive
Glass, Mrs. Annie, 244 Limestone Road
Glass, William A., bus driver, 320 Ballysillan Road
Glass, W. G., R.U.C., 20 Deanby Gardens
Glazer, Hyam, 9 Easton Crescent
Glaziers' Society, 4 Garfield Street Lower
Gledhill & Sons, Ltd., cash registers, 42 Donegall Street
Gleenly, E., shipwright, 76 Tildarg Street
Gleenon, M., dealer, 23 Hamilton Street
Gleeson, Mrs. C., 53 Candahar Street
Glen, G., secretary, 45 Adelaide Park
Glen, James, Circular Road
Glen, J., fruiterer, 77 Mount Street
Glen, J., fruiterer, 46 Glentoran Street
Glen Laundry & Dye Works, 132 Lodge Road Old, 66-68 Ravenhill Road, 285 Crumlin Road, 65 Falls Road
Glen Linen Co., art linen, 29 Bedford Street
Glen, Mrs. R., 50 Greenville Road
Glen, M. A., draper, 76 My Lady's Road
Glen Printing and Finishing Co. Ltd., 9 Linen Hall Street
Glen Royal Laundry, 2 Grand Parade
Glen & Wood, gents' outfitters, 29 Bradbury Place
Glen (The), boot repair depot, 58 Ballygomartin Road
Glenard Cafe, 513 Crumlin Road
Glenard (The), confectioners, 497 Crumlin Road
Glenbank Public Park, Ligoniel Road
Glenbroom Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 13 Grosvenor Road
Glencross, W., inspector, 49 Twaddell Avenue
Glendinning, A. H., handkerchief manufacturer, 6 Murray Street
Glendinning, L., hardware merchants, 147 Newtownards Road Upper
Glendinning, Mrs., 80 Ava Street
Glendinning, Mrs., 9 Grangeville Gardens
Glendinning, Mrs. R. G., 41 Sans Souci Park
Glendinning, Mrs. William, 4 Cliftonville Drive
Glendinning, McLeish, & Co., Ltd., 6 Murray Street
Glendinning, Robert, 19 Castleview Terrace
Glendinning, Robert Graham, 12 Lennoxvale
Glendinning, R., 11 Chichester Avenue
Glendinning, Samuel, shop assistant, 21 Mountcollyer Avenue
Glendinning, Thos. J., R.U.C., 14 Windermere Gardens
Glendinning, Thomas R., fitter, 39 Rutland Street
Glendinning, T., fitter, 17 Essex Street
Glendinning, Wm., Corporation official 25 Ashley Gardens
Glenfern Dairy, 2-8 Belmont |Avenue West
Glenfield, Mrs. Maud, draper, 9 Castlereagh Road
Glenfield, Thomas, 175 Madrid Street
Glenfield, Wm. J., turner, 7 Orby Grove
Glengall Street Dispensary, Glengall Street
Glenn, A., wood turner, 36 Rugby Avenue
Glenn, E., 24 Ava Avenue
Glenn, Hugh, clerk, 398 Beersbridge Road
Glenn, H., gardener, 66 Haypark Avenue
Glenn, James, 6 Rochester Street
Glenn, John, outfitter, 179 Donegall Road
Glenn, J., secretary, 45 Adelaide Park
Glenn, J., sexton, Shallum Villa, Gilnahirk Road
Glenn, Miss A. E., 16 Wellington Park Avenue
Glenn, Miss E. J., Braehaven, Gilnahirk Road
Glenn, Miss S., 94 Edinburgh Street
Glenn, Mrs. 6 Graymount Drive
Glenn, Mrs., 12 Lyndhurst Gardens
Glenn, Mrs. L., 47 Ravenhill Park
Glenn, Mrs. Susan, 38 Roden Street
Glenn, P., 20 Ardenlee Parade
Glenn, William, 83 Cheviot Avenue
Glenn, W. J., tenter, 671 Lisburn Road
Glennie, Mrs., 12 Gawn Street
Glenn's Hall, 1a Collyer Street
Glennon, G., secretary, 527 Falls Road
Glennon, Mrs. M., 557 Donegall Road
Glenny, Mrs. E., 45 Cedar Avenue
Glenny, Mrs. M., 771 Crumlin Road
Glenny, Wm., fitter, 53 Cooke Street
Glenside Cash Stores, 5 Glenside Drive
Glentoran Athletic and Football Club, Ltd., Dee Street
Glenwood P.E. School, 4-22 Riga Street Upper
Glick, L. L., L.D.S., R.C.S.I., 115 Antrim Road
Globe Bottling Stores, Joy's Entry
Globe Laundry & Dye Works, Ltd., Willowbank, Falls Road
Globe Luncheon Bar, Joy's Entry
Globe Window Cleaning Co., Contractors (McKee & Co., Proprietors), 2a Talbot Street and 2 Carnmore Terrace, Whiterock Road
Glover Bros., fancy goods importers, 176 North Street
Glover, E., fancy goods, 24 Glenburn Park
Glover, George L., 62 Whitewell Crescent
Glover, H., traveller, 36 Harcourt Drive
Glover & Main, Ltd., gas stove and meter manufacturers, 36 Middlepath Street
Glover, Mrs., 266 Limestone Road
Glover, Mrs., 5 Graymount Crescent
Glover, Mrs. E., 4 Dunmisk Park
Glover, Mrs. J. E., 20 Glanworth Drive
Glover, Thomas, R.U.C., 22 Somerton Gardens
Glover, T., upholsterer, 52 Loopland Gardens
Glover, W., director, 9 Kirkliston Park
Glover, W. C., M.B.E., 54 Wandsworth Road
Glover, W. J., 15 Granshaw Park
Glover, W. J., 48 Graymount Drive
Glover, W. J., & Co., tobacconists, 136 North Street
Gloves, John W., 12 Glandore Gardens
Glynn, W., 31 Court Street
Goan, James, store keeper, 427 Crumlin Road
Goddard, N., 117 (5) Malone Road
Godding, James, meter maker, 8 Ardenlee Parade
Godfrey, George, 16 Chesham Park
Godfrey, William, M.B., 3 The Mount
Godfrey, W. E., 79 Priory Park
Godfrey, W. E., 8 Brookland Street
Godin, H. F., lecturer, 6 Chesterfield Park
Godkin, A. E., clerk, 1 Ravensdene Park
Gogarty, Francis J., 20 Cliftonville Road
Gogarty, F. J., dentist, 68 Duncairn Gardens
Goggins, G., 15 Fitzwilliam Street
Goggins, Sarah, 162 Woodvale Road
Goggins, Thos. E., tram driver, 1 Graymount Crescent
Goldberg, L., 66 Cavehill Road Old
Goldberg, Mrs. M., 39 Dunkeld Gardens
Goldberger, Miss, 53 Marlborough Park Central
Goldblatt, Eric, 11 Taunton Avenue
Goldblatt, H., house furnisher, 160 North Street; res., 22 Waterloo Gardens
Goldblatt, Isaac, 25 Rosemount Gardens
Goldblatt, S., 52 Glantane Street
Golden Arrow Cafe (The), 44 Arthur Street Upper
Golden, James, 214-216 Ligoniel Road
Goldfoot, Dr. B., surgeon, 122 Antrim Road and 31 York Road
Goldfoot, L., financier, 39 High Street
Goldie, B., draper, 7 Ashfield Gardens
Goldie, J., draper, 100 Salisbury Avenue
Goldie, Mrs. Sarah, 19 Baden Powell Street
Goldon, Thomas, R.A.F., 146 Kensington Road
Goldring, A. D., draper, 1 Easton Crescent
Goldring, David, house furnisher, 25 Kensington Gardens
Goldring, H., 1c Vicinage Park
Goldring, H., financier, 33 Donegall Street
Goldring, M., financier, 43 Cavehill Road Old
Goldring, Phillip, linen merchant, 9 May Street
Goldring, R., financier, 79 Royal Avenue
Goldsborough, E. B., 22 Harberton Park
Goldsborough, G. B., 42 Osborne Drive
Goldsmith, B. N., manager, 7 King's Park
Goldsmith, P. O., engineer, 16 Alexander Street West
Goldstein, Henry, 46 Glendore Avenue
Goldstein, S. M., journalist, 41 Cooldarragh Park
Goldstone, A. J., draper, 58 Sunningdale Park
Goldstone, B. & J., waste merchants, 165 North Street
Goldthorpe, T., joiner, 170 Ravenhill Avenue
Goligher, S. G., architect, 42 Bawnmore Road
Golligher, W. S., engineer, 166 Ardenlee Avenue
Good, Herbert, flax buyer, 116 North Parade
Good, Mrs. Monica, 135 Somerton Road
Good, W., 5 Luxor Gardens
Goodall, A. J., 46 Elmwood Avenue
Goodall, F., painter, 92 Corporation Street
Goodbody, A. E., civil servant, 10 Hawthornden Drive
Goodfellow, P. W., 20 Greenwood Park
Gooding, H. W., F.S.I., chartered surveyor, 24 Lismoyne Park
Goodman, B., spirit merchant, 18-20 Peel Street
Goodman, Leslie, 33 Parkmount Road
Goodman, Paul, clerk, 10 Whiterock Drive
Goodman, W., clerk, 14 Raby Street
Goodrich, brown and white trading stamps, 8 Talbot Street
Goodson, F., 3 Norwood Gardens
Goodson's, Ltd., furriers, 34-36 Castle Place
Goodwin, John, sergt., R.U.C., 132 Woodvale Road
Goodwin, Miss, 125 Cregagh Road
Goodwin, Mrs., 5 Knock Road
Goodwin, Mrs. E., 11 Landseer Street
Goodwin, Mrs. F., 13 Clara Crescent Upper
Goodwin, Robert, sergt. R.U.C., 24 Galwally Park
Goodwin, Walter, inspector, 11 Fleetwood Street
Goodwin, William, 15 Cambridge Street
Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Co. Ltd., 36 May Street
Goolburn, J. W., Deva, Knock Road
Goorwitch, Ltd., Costumier, etc., 24-26 Castle Place, 42-44 Royal Avenue, and 11-15 Castle Arcade; res., 126 Malone Road
Gordan, Robert, 15 Whitewell Road
Gordan, W. J., packer, 1 Posnett Street
Gordon, Alexander, bread server, 21 Delhi Parade
Gordon, Alexander, 122 Kensington Road
Gordon, Alex., mechanic, 305 Albert Bridge Road
Gordon, Annie, draper, 60a Stranmillis Road
Gordon, Arthur, 40 Glantane Street
Gordon, Arthur, 78 Eglantine Avenue
Gordon, A., baker, 135 Woodstock Road
Gordon, A., draper, 181 York Street
Gordon, A. E., 14 Ormiston Park
Gordon, A. G., agent, 62 Queen Street Upper
Gordon, A. J., 402 Ravenhill Road
Gordon, A. J., baker, 10 Elgin Street
Gordon, A. W., 14 Kilhorne Gardens
Gordon, Bernard, draper, 18 Glandore Gardens
Gordon, B. J., 39 Hollycroft Avenue
Gordon, David, plasterer, 57 Glenallen Street
Gordon, David, grocer, 1 Buckingham Street
Gordon, David, grocer, 51 Brougham Street
Gordon, David, dealer, 79-81 Riga Street
Gordon, David, solicitor, 71 Locksley Park
Gordon, David H., 8 Martinez Avenue
Gordon, David K., clerk, 26 Glandore Avenue
Gordon, D., builder, 1 Ormiston Park
Gordon, Edmond, insurance agent, 46 Candahar Street
Gordon, Ernest, traveller, 48 Ravenhill Park
Gordon, E., com. agent, 26 Rushfield Avenue
Gordon, E., 22 Norfolk Drive
Gordon, Fawcett, salesman, 28 Marina Park
Gordon, Francis J., 28 Ashley Gardens
Gordon, F., flesher, 102 Richardson Street
Gordon, George, printer, 125 Ulsterville Avenue
Gordon, George, blacksmith, 2 Glenhoy Drive
Gordon, George, metal worker, 38 Graymount Crescent
Gordon, G., milkman, 40 Duncairn Gardens
Gordon, G. W., plumber, 16 Ava Gardens
Gordon & Hawthorne, confectioners, 449 Donegall Road
Gordon, Herbert, fitter, 10 Alexandra Avenue
Gordon, Hugh, 381 Queen Street North
Gordon, H., plumber, 27 Ava Gardens
Gordon, H. N., accountant, 9 Hawthornden Gardens
Gordon, Ida, 438 Oldpark Road
Gordon, James, 7 Cardigan Drive
Gordon, James, engine driver, 146 Alexandra Park Avenue
Gordon, James, 2 Shrewsbury Drive
Gordon, James, engineer, 432 Castlereagh Road
Gordon, James, clerk, 141 Connsbrook Avenue
Gordon, James, pavior, 134 Hillman Street
Gordon, James, manager, 398 Oldpark Road
Gordon, James, manager, 5 Agincourt Avenue
Gordon, James, & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 177 York Street
Gordon, Jane, 61 Bentinck Street
Gordon, Jane, newsagent, 277 Queen Street North
Gordon, John, deputy harbour master, 7 Ashley Gardens
Gordon, John, dealer, 266 Albert Bridge Road
Gordon, John, clerk, 20 Skegoneill Avenue
Gordon, John B., deputy harbour master, 9 Ashley Gardens
Gordon, Rt. Hon. John F., M.P., 2 Innisfayle Park
Gordon, Joseph, fitter, 24 Silvio Street
Gordon, Joseph, 64 Woodcot Avenue
Gordon, J., baker, 88 Sandhurst Drive
Gordon, J., 23 Ardmore Park
Gordon, J., dairyman, 423 Springfield Road
Gordon, J., 15 Lavinia Street
Gordon, J., 79a Duncairn Gardens
Gordon, J., butcher, 78 Lodge Road Old
Gordon, J. Cathcart, Clonbonny, Finaghy Road North
Gordon, J. H. C., Locksley Buildings, Lisburn Road
Gordon, J. H. C., grocer, 56 Diamond Gardens
Gordon, J. J., R.U.C., 15 Imperial Drive
Gordon, J. L., Finaghy Road South
Gordon, J. W., 131 Joanmount Park
Gordon, J. W., machinist, 75 Parkgate Avenue
Gordon, Matthew, cattle dealer, 17 Upton Park
Gordon, Miss, draper, 29 Donegall Pass
Gordon, Miss Elizabeth, 18 Marlborough Park North
Gordon, Miss Jean, 53 Vernon Street
Gordon, Miss J., 16 Ailesbury Road
Gordon, Miss M., F.C.T.S., commerce school, 33 Wellington Place
Gordon, Miss M., 19 Bedeque Street
Gordon, Misses, 230 Castlereagh Road
Gordon, Misses, 575 Crumlin Road
Gordon, Miss S. B., 18 Stranmillis Gardens
Gordon, Mrs., 9 Sandhurst Drive
Gordon, Mrs., 8 Rochester Street
Gordon, Mrs., 16 Landseer Street
Gordon, Mrs., 1a Colingwood Avenue (Collingwood)
Gordon, Mrs., Weirinang, Kensington Park
Gordon, Mrs., 14 Ligoniel Road
Gordon, Mrs., 5 Sandhurst Drive
Gordon, Mrs. Agnes, 809 Crumlin Road
Gordon, Mrs. A., 93 Wellesley Avenue
Gordon, Mrs. Ellen, 53 Moyola Street
Gordon, Mrs. E., confectioner, 294 Shankill Road
Gordon, Mrs. E., 74 Fitroy Avenue (Fitzroy)
Gordon, Mrs. G., confectioner, 245 Cliftonville Road
Gordon, Mrs. H. M., 147 Springfield Road
Gordon, Mrs. I., 54 Hillsborough Drive
Gordon, Mrs. K., 155 Connsbrook Avenue
Gordon, Mrs. M. A., 33 Somerton Road
Gordon, Mrs. T. C., 8 Osborne Gardens
Gordon, M., 41 Silverstream Park
Gordon, M. F., 41 Malone Park
Gordon, Nathaniel, 6 Shrewsbury Drive
Gordon, N., confectioner, 25 Halliday's Road
Gordon, N., fancy baker, 36 Botanic Avenue and 349 Ormeau Road
Gordon, N. F., 42 Wandsworth Road
Gordon, Patrick, electrician, 2 Shaftesbury Avenue
Gordon, P., electrician, 18 Annette Street
Gordon, P., 13 Circular Road North
Gordon, Robert, 16 Rosetta Drive
Gordon, Robert, 54 Hatfield Street
Gordon, Robert, 9 St. John's Avenue
Gordon, Robert, 88 Cliftonpark Avenue
Gordon, Gordon, iron turner, 19 Hatfield Street
Gordon, Robert, driver, 15 Aigburth Park
Gordon, Robert, pawnbroker, 4 Sugarfield Street
Gordon, Robert, clerk, 76 Oldpark Road
Gordon, Robert, sample maker, 60 Madrid Street
Gordon, Robert, sample maker, 10 Ava Street
Gordon, Robert, sexton, 26 Thorndale Avenue
Gordon, R., 41 Hillsborough Drive
Gordon, R., dairy proprietor, 181 Lisburn Road
Gordon, R., boot merchant, 41 Sandy Row
Gordon, R., boot store, 42 Donegall Road
Gordon, R. D., 10 Deramore Drive
Gordon, R. H., 41 Marsden Gardens
Gordon, R. J., postman, 40 Aigburth Park
Gordon, R. J., Councillor, 64 Onslow Gardens
Gordon, R. W. W., plumber, 29 Ava Gardens
Gordon, Samuel, carter, 869 Crumlin Road
Gordon, Samuel, 16 Balmoral Avenue
Gordon, Samuel A., painter, 13 Sandbrook Park
Gordon, S., buyer, 23 Belgravia Avenue
Gordon, S., motor driver, 27 Hesketh Road
Gordon, Thomas, 20 Indiana Avenue
Gordon, Thomas, traveller, 14 Waterloo Park
Gordon, Thomas, carter, 56 Pine Street
Gordon, Thomas, 20 Indiana Avenue
Gordon, Thomas, clothier, 11 Upton Avenue
Gordon, Thos., food inspector, 43 Ladas Drive
Gordon, T., agent, 50 Queen Street Upper
Gordon, Victor, 416 Castlereagh Road
Gordon, William, provision merchant, 1 Allworthy Avenue
Gordon, William, grocer, 1-3 Prospect Street
Gordon, William Alexander, 43 Greenville Road
Gordon, William J., linen lapper, 4 Farnham Street
Gordon, William J., driver, 22 Frank Street Upper
Gordon, William R., artist, 9 Sicily Park
Gordon, Wilson, hairdresser, 18 Adelaide Avenue
Gordon, W., engineer, 6 Clifton Crescent
Gordon, W., hairdresser, 189a Lisburn Road
Gordon, W., cabinet maker, 68 Templemore Avenue
Gordon, W. B., grocer, 1 Kimberley Street
Gordon, W. J. F., clerk, Marmount Gardens
Gordon, W. & J., Ltd., provision merchants, 27-29 Church Lane
Gordon, W. T., druggist, 283a Newtownards Road
Gordon-Rattie, Chas., chemist, 55 Donegall Park Avenue
Gordon-Smith, Robert, 28 Orpen Road
Gore, Hugh, bank official, 22 Alexandra Gardens
Gore, T. M., cashier, 16 Ashgrove Park
Gore, W., 28 Sunningdale Park North
Goreen, Edward, seaman, 14 Twickenham Street
Gorfunkle, Mrs. Matilda, 9 Jubilee Avenue
Gorfunkle, P., solicitor, 26 Hughenden Avenue
Gorfunkle, Wilfred, 5 Abbeydale Park
Gorman, Alexander, clerk, 53 Fortwilliam Crescent
Gorman, Alfred, carter, Ryefield, Gilnahirk Road
Gorman, Andrew, R.U.C., 86 Orby Drive
Gorman, A. J., printer, Manna Grove
Gorman, Charles, traveller, 77 Ravenhill Gardens
Gorman & Cobbe, Ltd., handkerchief manufacturers, 6 Dublin Road
Gorman, D. A., 3 Cliftonville Street
Gorman, Edmund, joiner, 183 Madrid Street
Gorman, F., agent, 44 Donegall Street
Gorman, F. E., 7 Mount Eden Park
Gorman, George, & Sons, manufacturers' agents, 8 Lombard Street
Gorman, Harry, 24 Beechpark Street
Gorman, Jack, fitter, 20 Glenside Parade
Gorman, James, 48 Townsend Street
Gorman, John, bread server, 265 Falls Road
Gorman, John, 130 Joanmount Park
Gorman, J. E., civil servant, 29 Maryville Park
Gorman, J. J., publican, 128-132 Earl Street
Gorman, Miss, 3 Hesketh Park
Gorman, Miss, 137 Alliance Avenue
Gorman, Miss, 30 Alfred Street
Gorman, Miss Mary, 27 Albert Street
Gorman, Mrs., 519 Ormeau Road
Gorman, Mrs. Annie, 72 Joy Street
Gorman, Mrs. J., 105 Joanmount Gardens
Gorman, Mrs. Margaret, 70 Botanic Avenue
Gorman, Mrs. Mary L., 6 Hopefield Avenue
Gorman, Rose, 17 Earl Street
Gorman, S., 225 Cliftonville Road
Gorman, Thomas, firewood merchant, 40-40a Alexander Street
Gorman, T. S., 19 Stranmillis Road
Gorman, William, 10 Pottinger Street
Gorman, W., joiner, 41 Distillery Street
Gorman, W., confectioner, 392 Lisburn Road
Gorman, W. R., fitter, 6 Deanby Gardens
Gormley, Edward, 33 Mulhouse Street
Gormley, James, principal, 37 Marsden Gardens
Gormley, James, attendant, 14 Divis Drive
Gormley, John, hairdresser, 119 Queen Street North
Gormley, Miss N., 79 Wellesley Avenue
Gormley, Peter, publican, 2 Callender Street and 12 Castle Lane
Gorry, D. J., telegraphist, 162 Dunluce Avenue
Gospel Book Shop (The), 83 Oldpark Road
Gospel Hall, Abetta Parade
Gospel Hall, 65a Berlin Street
Gospel Hall, 32-36 Malvern Street
Gospel House, 31 Bloomfield Avenue
Goss, B., 227 Cliftonville Road
Goss, Joseph, civil servant, 521 Falls Road
Gotto, C. C., 20 Adelaide Park
Goudy, R. J., watchmaker, 168 Agnes Street
Gotto, Louis, director, 73 Myrtlefield Park
Gotto, R. P. C., O.B.E., 16 Adelaide Park
Goudy, Mrs. M., 100 Tennent Street
Goudy, W. C., spinning master, 1 Abbeydale Park
Goudy, W. J., watch maker, 429 Newtownards Road Upper
Goudy, W. J., jeweller, 24 Cabin Hill Gardens
Gough, Charles, 6 Sharman Road
Gough, David, 36 Whitewell Crescent
Gough, E., clerk, 35 Hillsborough Drive
Gough, Miss E. M., 18 (1) Claremont Street
Gough, Mrs., 20 Twickenham Street
Gough, Mrs., 4 Essex Street
Gough, Mrs. Elizabeth, 58 Shore Road
Gough, W., radio engineer, 57 Knock Eden Park
Gould, Alex., provision merchant, 157 Tennent Street
Gould, David, artist, 133 University Street
Gould, F., driver, 16 Westminster Street
Gould, John, director, 37 Willowbank Gardens
Gould, John, tea merchant, 248 Shankill Road
Gould, Miss S., 99 Malone Road
Gould, Mrs. R., 1 Sunnyside Drive
Gould, Thomas, baker, 17 Pine Street
Gould, Thomas, pattern maker, 32 Baroda Street
Gould, William, warehouseman, 3 Walnut Street
Gould, William, fitter, 17 Ratcliffe Street
Goulding, Miss Kate, 73 Cregagh Road
Goulding, Mrs. M., 10 Joanmount Gardens
Goulding, Thomas, book finisher, 426 Woodstock Road
Goulding, Thomas, clerk, 61 Mount Merrion Park
Goulding, William, traveller, 124 Grand Parade
Goulding, W. & H. M., Ltd., manure manufacturers, 21 Short Strand
Gouran, G. J., M.B., 148 Divis Street
Gourlay, Miss Mary, 66 Castlereagh Street
Gourley, Alfred, fitter, 148 Ligoniel Road
Gourley, David J., cloth passer, 114 Alliance Avenue
Gourley, D. G., 69 Onslow Parade
Gourley, G., 9 Thirlmere Gardens
Gourley, G., confectioner, 111-113 Cregagh Road
Gourley, James, 128 Alexandra Park Avenue
Gourley, John, shoe maker, 278 Albert Bridge Road
Gourley, J., driver, 2 Magdala Street
Gourley, J., insurance agent, 7 Loopland Gardens
Gourley, J., 44 Haypark Avenue
Gourley, Mrs., 35 Green Road
Gourley, Mrs. A. B., 9 Thirlmere Gardens
Gourley, Mrs. C., 9 Trigo Parade
Gourley, Mrs. J., confectioner, 139 Castlereagh Road
Gourley, Mrs. S., 36 Tennent Street
Gourley, Mrs. S., 14 Graymount Crescent
Gourley, M., draper, 354 Shankill Road
Gourley, Robert, joiner, 12 Rosapenna Street
Gourley, Robert J., R.U.C., 52 Serpentine Road
Gourley, R., fireman, 27 Burmah Street
Gourley, R. S., advertising manager, 22 Woodvale Avenue
Gourley, Samuel, engineer, 28 Brandon Parade
Gourley, S., brick layer, 14 Flora Street
Gourley, William, joiner, 17 Sunnyside Drive
Gourley, William, organiser, 7 Keersland Drive
Gourley, W. K., accountant, 138 Oldpark Avenue
Govan, C., bookseller, 146-147 Smithfield Market
Govan, John, insurance agent, 112 North Road
Govan, John, lecturer, 15 Wheatfield Gardens
Govan, Miss Nessie or Hessie, 4 Castle Avenue
Govan, Miss ?, 82 Galwally Park
Govan, Mrs. A. M., 167 Sandown Road
Govan, Mrs. S., 636 Crumlin Road
Govan, R. R., manager, Dale House, Annadale Avenue
Govers, Mrs. H. E., 13 Strathmore Park
Gow, Charles, miller, 151 Ballygomartin Road
Gow, James, joiner, 576 Oldpark Road
Gow, John N., 18 Joanmount Park
Gow, Mrs. Mary, 19 Glendower Street
Gow, William R., checker, 29 Loopland Gardens
Gowan, F. E., 22a Cadogan Park
Gowan, Henry, & Co., Steamship Agents, General Agents, United States Lines, 18-20 Corporation Street. T.A.: "Gowan, Belfast" S. A. Peattie, 43 Campbell Park Avenue. E. Patterson, 11 Rosetta Drive. Mrs. M. Bell, 105 Shandon Park
Gowan, Mrs. M., 26 Castleview Road
Gowan, William, driver, 33 Ethel Street
Gowans, J. H., chemist, 263 Antrim Road
Gowans, Mrs., 34 Shaftesbury Avenue
Gowdy, Benjamin, 1 Oldpark Avenue
Gowdy, David, clerk, 14 Lyndhurst Gardens
Gowdy, Ernest, car attendant, 115 Joanmount Park
Gowdy, H., shop assistant, 10 Westway Drive
Gowdy, James, 28 Westland Road
Gowdy, Miss, 45 Avonbeg Street
Gowdy, Miss Hessie, 20 Avonbeg Street
Gowdy, Mrs. Mary, 14 Ardoyne Avenue
Gowdy, Mrs. Sarah, 63 Bloomfield Road
Gowdy, Samuel, 312 Woodstock Road
Gowdy, W. J., 60 Cabin Hill Gardens
Gowdy, W. J., 24 Luxor Gardens
Goyer, J. D., 634 Oldpark Road
Goyer, Misses M. & M., 488 Antrim Road
Grace, James, 7 Benview Park
Grace, Thomas, confectioner, 189 Springfield Road
Gracey, Alfred E., 10 Graymount Park
Gracey Bros., Ltd., egg and poultry merchants, 98-104 George's Street Great
Gracey, Edmund T., 1 Ormiston Parade
Gracey, E. J., insurance agent, 12 Isadore Avenue
Gracey, Isabella, grocer, 41 Linfield Road
Gracey, John, 27 Lomond Avenue
Gracey, Joseph, 339 Crumlin Road
Gracey, J., jeweller, 74 Edinburgh Street
Gracey, J. F., 40 University Street
Gracey, Miss M. C., 138 Ulsterville Gardens
Gracey, Mrs., 8 Rossmore Avenue
Gracey, Mrs., 127 Dunlambert Drive
Gracey, Mrs., 84 University Avenue
Gracey, Mrs. Jane, 134 Woodstock Road
Gracey, Mrs. Margaret, 13 Evelyn Avenue
Gracey, Mrs. Mary, 144 Ormeau Road
Gracey, Nathaniel, 25 Empire Street
Gracey, Robert, 10 Clara Park
Gracey, Robert, 17 Dromore Street
Gracey, R., machinist, 62 Joanmount Gardens
Gracey, R. J., boot repairing, 80 Duncairn Gardens
Gracey, Capt. R. V., 9 Sans Souci Park
Gracey, S., spirit merchant, 164-166 Ravenhill Road
Gracey, S., publican, 7 Marlborough Street and 20 Princes Street
Gracey, Thomas, 31 Albert Street
Gracey, T., manufacturers' agent, 7 Bedford Street
Gracey, T., traveller, 39 Ailesbury Road
Gracey, T. J., artist, 50 Queen Street Upper
Gracey, T. J., litho artist, 7 Ferguson Drive
Gracey, W., 131 Haypark Avenue
Gracey, W. A., newsagent, ?29 Castlereagh Road
Gracey, W. J., chemist, 105 York Street
Graden, William, 147 Templemore Avenue
Gradman, H. R., health specialist, 8 Haypark Avenue
Graeme-Cook, Rev. H., 12 Geneva Gardens
Graeme-Cook, Mrs., 21 Rugby Road
Graf, George, baker, 89 Rushfield Avenue
Graff, Charles, baker, 61 North Parade
Graffin, A., cutter, 8 Sunnyside Street
Graffin, J., book binder, 18 Donegall Street
Graffin, J., stationer, 113 Ardenlee Avenue
Graffin, Mrs. M., 39 Ethel Street
Grafton, Miss Isabelle, 5 Meadowbank Street
Graham, Albert, civil servant, 48 Tate's Avenue
Graham, Andrew, welder, 50 Ava Street
Graham, Annie, 4 Britton's Parade
Graham, Archibald, 12 Bloomfield Gardens
Graham, A., draughtsman, 27 North Parade
Graham, A., attendant, 13 Pasadena Gardens
Graham, A., tinsmith, 22 Dromore Street
Graham, A. & D., stationers, 8 Bradbury Place
Graham, A. E., confectioner, 303 Newtownards Road Upper
Graham, A. V., 40 Haypark Avenue
Graham, Barry, engineer, 68 Deerpark Road
Graham Bros., butchers, 355 Ormeau Road
Graham, Bruce M., garage, 229 Shore Road
Graham, Carson, & Wylie, F.A.I., Estate Agents, 5 Adelaide Street
Graham, Christy, draper, 22 Kirkliston Park
Graham & Curry, surgical instrument makers and chemists, 120 Victoria Street Great
Graham, C., outfitter, 446 Newtownards Road
Graham, C. C., 5 Wandsworth Crescent
Graham, C. T., engineer, 111 Mount Merrion Park
Graham, C. W., clerk, 39 Orangefield Crescent
Graham, Daniel, plater, 29 Manna Grove
Graham, David, 156 Cliftonpark Avenue
Graham, David, 29 Mount Merrion Park
Graham, David, linen lapper, 28 Mount Prospect Park
Graham, Duncan, 67 Onslow Parade
Graham, Duncan, insurance official, 2 Lancedean Road
Graham, D., confectioner, 4 Delhi Street
Graham, D. G., 67 Priory Park
Graham, D. & J., painters and decorators, 156a Cliftonpark Avenue
Graham, Edith, florist, 37 Castle Lane
Graham, Edwin S., insurance agent, 711 Lisburn Road
Graham, E., P.O. official, 35 Brookhill Avenue
Graham, E., 39 Frank Street Upper
Graham, E., machine man, 7 Empire Street
Graham, E., 134 Dunluce Avenue
Graham, E., litho., 9 Summer Hill Parade
Graham, Flora, 31 Delhi Street
Graham, Francis, 38 Salisbury Avenue
Graham, Francis, hairdresser, 12 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Graham, George, gardener, 64 Ligoniel Road
Graham, Gerald, R.N., 79 Park Avenue
Graham, G., cabinet maker, 31 Park Avenue
Graham, G., 5 Agnes Street
Graham, G., Moat Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Graham, G. L., bank official, 32 Orangefield Crescent
Graham, G. W., traveller, 4 Delhi Street
Graham, Hamilton, butcher, 34 Oldpark Road
Graham, Henry, salesman, 40 Orby Drive
Graham & Heslip, printers and lithographers, 41 Franklin Street
Graham, Hugh, 14 Belmont Place
Graham, Hugh, warehouseman, 528 Antrim Road
Graham, Hugh, 22 Lombard Street
Graham, Hugh, joiner, 144 Skegoneill Avenue
Graham, H., posters, 20a Waring Street
Graham, H., D.Sc., 26 Malone Hill Park
Graham, H., shipwright, 39 Sunnyside Drive
Graham, H., clerk, 33 Burmah Street
Graham, H., 17 Galwally Park
Graham, H. A., comp., 5 Wandsworth Place
Graham, Iris, ladies' outfitter, 427-429 Newtownards Road
Graham, Isaac, 36 Haypark Avenue
Graham, Isaac, bread server, 99 Oldpark Road
Graham, Isaac, 105 North Road
Graham, Isaac, Dunloe, Sydenham Avenue
Graham, Ivan, 5 Woodvale Gardens
Graham, I., grocer, 21 Loopland Crescent
Graham, I., 48 St. Alban's Gardens
Graham, James, 9 Glantane Street
Graham, James, bookkeeper, 38 Indiana Avenue
Graham, James, solicitor, 22 Lombard Street; res., 4 Waverley Drive, Bangor
Graham, James, chef, 36 Lincoln Avenue
Graham, James, chartered accountant, 104 Belmont Road
Graham, James J., house painter, 11 Cliftondene Park
Graham, James, Corporation official, 20 Burmah Street
Graham, James, fruiterer, 117 Castlereagh Road
Graham, James, teacher, 2 Finaghy Park
Graham, James, contractor, 5 Cabin Hill Park
Graham, James C., R.U.C., Erinview, Greencastle
Graham, James E., gardener, Campbell College Lodges, Belmont Road
Graham, James F., chef, 80 Onslow Parade
Graham, James R., 56 Knockbreda Park
Graham, Jane, draper, 65 Donegall Road
Graham, John, plumber, 59 Cromwell Road
Graham, John, 104 Grand Parade
Graham, John, joiner, 62 Beechmount Avenue
Graham, John, confectioner, 54 Prestwick Park
Graham, John, gardener, Glen Ebor Cottages, Quarry Road
Graham, John, 241 Mountpottinger Road
Graham, John, 444 Castlereagh Road
Graham, John, farmer, Glenside Farm, Wolfhill Avenue
Graham, John, solicitor, 3 Donegall Street
Graham, John C., R.U.C., 54 Mount Prospect Street
Graham, John J., 80 Knock Eden Park
Graham, John McC., insurance official, 69 Ulsterville Gardens
Graham, Joseph, 4 Glenside Drive
Graham, Joseph, grocer, 2 Burmah Street
Graham, Joseph, fitter, 82 Belmont Avenue
Graham, Joseph, pawn broker, 135 Cromac Street
Graham, J., R.U.C., 28 Ava Avenue
Graham, J., coach builder, 94 Balfour Avenue
Graham, J., caretaker, 114-118 Donegall Street
Graham, J., bread server, 86 Deramore Avenue
Graham, J., shipwright, 32 Pine Street
Graham, J., bakery, 287 Ormeau Road
Graham, J., R.U.C., 385 Woodstock Road
Graham, J., painter, 24 Burmah Street
Graham, J., butcher, 7 Inverary Avenue
Graham, J., clerk, 19 Coombe Hill Park
Graham, J. C., 48 Marlborough Park North
Graham, J. D., 16 Bristow Park
Graham, J. D., 83 University Road
Graham, J. F., 49 Lansdowne Road
Graham, J. & I., wholesale general merchants, 78 Lord Street and 282 Newtownards Road Upper
Graham, J. K., teacher, 5 Ormonde Park
Graham, J. K., agent, 30 Rosemary Street
Graham, J. R., 32 Rathgar Street
Graham, J. R., watchmaker and jeweller, 240 Crumlin Road
Graham, J. S., wholesale confectioner & tobacconist, 22 Smithfield
Graham, J. W., secretary, 8 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Graham, K., motorman, 3 Ben Eden Villas, Whitewell Road
Graham, Leonard, 231a Queen Street North
Graham, Lutton, & Co. Ltd., Office Equipment, 25 Howard Street
Graham, L., 97 Sicily Park
Graham, Maureen, 137 Springfield Road
Graham, Miss, 5 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
Graham, Miss, 72 Sydenham Avenue
Graham, Miss, 18 Elaine Street
Graham, Miss A., 106 Balmoral Avenue
Graham, Miss A. E., 204 Malone Road
Graham, Miss Elsie, 18 Ormiston Crescent
Graham, Miss E., dress maker, 96 Bridge End
Graham, Miss J., 26 Luxor Gardens
Graham, Miss J., fruiterer, 88 Woodstock Road
Graham, Miss L., civil servant, 8 Willowholme Drive
Graham, Miss L., Beech Lodge, Knockbreda Road
Graham, Miss Margaret, 22 Atlantic Avenue
Graham, Miss M., milliner, 69 Agnes Street
Graham, Miss M., 114 Lisburn Road
Graham, Miss M., 33 Cavehill Road
Graham, Miss M., 11 summer Hill Parade
Graham, Miss M. E., 250 Cambrai Street
Graham, Miss O. M., 25 Downshire Road
Graham, Miss R., 60 Posnett Street
Graham, Miss Violet, 354 Ballysillan Road
Graham, Misses K. and E., 17 Ladas Drive
Graham, Mrs., 21 Denorrton Park
Graham, Mrs., 39 Park Avenue
Graham, Mrs., 15 Kirkliston Park
Graham, Mrs., 30 Grangeville Gardens
Graham, Mrs., 77 Botanic Avenue
Graham, Mrs., 172 Woodvale Road
Graham, Mrs., 209 Dunluce Avenue
Graham, Mrs., confectionery, 15-17 Elm Street
Graham, Mrs., 541 Ormeau Road
Graham, Mrs., Glenmachan Cottages, Cairnburn Road
Graham, Mrs., 107 Eglantine Avenue
Graham, Mrs., 15 Newington Avenue
Graham, Mrs., 36 Wolseley Street
Graham, Mrs., 69 Surrey Street
Graham, Mrs., 4 Enfield Street
Graham, Mrs., 29 Hopefield Avenue
Graham, Mrs., 714 Crumlin Road
Graham, Mrs., 27 Circular Road (South End)
Graham, Mrs. Annie, 148 Mountcollyer Street
Graham, Mrs. A., 99 Dunraven Avenue
Graham, Mrs. A. C., 1 Cherryvalley Gardens
Graham, Mrs. A. M., Fortwilliam sub post office and fruiterer, 573 Antrim Road
Graham, Mrs. David, 38 Fairview Street
Graham, Mrs. Elizabeth, 99 Duncairn Gardens
Graham, Mrs. E., 9 Weston Drive
Graham, Mrs. E., 40 Manna Grove
Graham, Mrs. E., 1 Astoria Gardens
Graham, Mrs. E., 28 Woodvale Avenue
Graham, Mrs. E. J., 11 Hillsborough Drive
Graham, Mrs. E. J., 73 Ashley Avenue
Graham, Mrs. H., boot maker, 23 Lodge Road Old
Graham, Mrs. I., 28 Elimgrove Street
Graham, Mrs. Jesamenia, 11 Prestwick Park
Graham, Mrs. J., 35 Sicily Park
Graham, Mrs. J., 22 Harleston Street
Graham, Mrs. J., 10 Cromwell Road
Graham, Mrs. J., 26 Gainsborough Drive
Graham, Mrs. Lucy, 29 Distillery Street
Graham, Mrs. L., draper, 543 Lisburn Road
Graham, Mrs. Margaret, 32 Farnham Street
Graham, Mrs. Maria, 3 Sandymount Street
Graham, Mrs. Mary, 35 Lavinia Street
Graham, Mrs. Mary, 67 Newtownards Road Upper
Graham, Mrs. M. E., 114 King's Road
Graham, Mrs. M. J., 22 Mount Prospect Park
Graham, Mrs. Sarah, 68 Balfour Avenue
Graham, Mrs. Susan, 140 Orangefield Crescent
Graham, Mrs. S. G., 10 Ireton Street
Graham, Mrs. S. J., 138 Dunluce Avenue
Graham, M., supper saloon, 48-50 Foundry Street
Graham, M., 79 Denmark Street
Graham, M., hardware merchant, 50 Shankill Road
Graham, M. A., 279 Holywood Road
Graham, Norman, 38 Dorchester Park
Graham, N., grocer, 38 My Lady's Road
Graham, O. B., D.S.O., M.C., Garnerville House, Holywood Road Old
Graham, P., checker, 26 Arizona Street
Graham, Rebecca, 18 Linden Gardens
Graham, Robert, 137 Hillman Street
Graham, Robert, soldier, 20 St. Jude's Crescent
Graham, Robert, 4 Woodvale Avenue
Graham, Robert, bus driver, 15 Pommern Parade
Graham, Robert, 15 Graymount Gardens
Graham, Robert, warder, 34 Torrens Crescent
Graham, Robert, 58 Graymount Drive
Graham, Robert, 8 Orpen Park
Graham, Robert, carpenter, 5 Manor Drive
Graham, Robert, sergt. R.U.C., 8 Clanchattan Street
Graham, Robert, iron moulder, 38 Woodvale Gardens
Graham, Robert C., solicitor, comm. of oaths, 7 (60-71) Donegall Square West
Graham, Robert, & Son, manufacturers' agents, 13 Chapel Lane
Graham, Robert W., 13 Kerrsland Drive
Graham, Ronald M., clerk, 77 Locksley Park
Graham, R., electrical engineer, 46 Orangefield Crescent
Graham, R., 12 Mount Aboo Park
Graham, R., pattern maker, 31 Cavehill Road
Graham, R., machine man, 29 Lockview Road
Graham, R., provision merchant, 218 Grosvenor Road
Graham, R., chauffeur, 12 Marsden Gardens
Graham, R. H., insurance agent, 26 Orby Gardens
Graham, R. L., hairdresser, 35 Ashley Drive
Graham, R. L., engineer, 57 Loopland Park
Graham, R. McKee, 20 Eia Street
Graham, Samuel, clerk, 146 Ulsterville Avenue
Graham, Samuel, salesman, 13 Chesterfield Park
Graham, Samuel, jeweller, 448 Oldpark Road
Graham, S., mechanic, 3 Agincourt Street
Graham, S., clerk, 336 Castlereagh Road
Graham, S., 20 Martinez Avenue
Graham, S., seedsman, 419 Woodstock Road
Graham, S. J., M.D., medical superintendent Belfast District Lunatic Asylum, Purdysburn
Graham, S. J., clerk, 13 Chestnut Gardens
Graham, S. J., jeweller, 310 Lodge Road Old
Graham, Thomas, Hillview, Stockman's Lane
Graham, Thomas, painter, 10 Queen Street North
Graham, Thomas, joiner, 206 Joanmount Gardens
Graham, Thomas, 32 Delaware Street
Graham, Thomas, draughtsman, 16 Wheatfield Gardens
Graham, Thomas, 22 Marsden Gardens
Graham, Thomas, joiner, 110 Hillman Street
Graham, Thomas, clerk, 19 Marguerite Park
Graham, T., traveller, 10 Ashfield Drive
Graham, T., cabinet maker, 85 Glencollyer Street
Graham, T., salesman, 518 Oldpark Road
Graham, T. A., pawn broker, 80 Donegall Pass and 48 Apsley Street
Graham, T. A., pawn broker, 76 Wandsworth Road
Graham, T. C., engineer, 243 Alliance Avenue
Graham, T. H., director, 5 Harberton Drive
Graham, T. H., rate collector, 42 Ravensdene Crescent
Graham, William, 136 Limestone Road
Graham, William, fitter, 21 Spencer Street
Graham, William, dairy, 74 Stranmillis Road
Graham, William, clerk, 22 Wingrove Gardens
Graham, William, manager, 57 Richmond Park
Graham, William, clerk, 2 Springdale Gardens
Graham, William, 16 Summer Hill Parade
Graham, William, blacksmith, 5 Ratcliffe Street
Graham, William, confectioner, 909 Crumlin Road
Graham, William, plumber, 30 Stranmillis Street
Graham, William, joiner, 14 Ranfurly Drive
Graham, William, brakesman, 23 Dunraven Avenue
Graham, William, tram conductor, 103 Bloomfield Avenue
Graham, Wm., engineer, 316 Ballysillan Road
Graham, Wm. A., stock broker, 35 Sans Souci Park
Graham, Wm. H., house furnisher, 78 and 84-88 Oldpark Road
Graham, Wm. John, 464 Antrim Road
Graham, Wm. John, accountant, 44 Summer Street
Graham, W., watch maker, 77 Station Road
Graham, W., painter, 333 Ormeau Road
Graham, W., wholesale confectioner, 229 Castlereagh Road
Graham, W., 2 Chesterfield Park
Graham, W., driver, 4 Ava Drive
Graham, W., seedsman, 81 Rushfield Avenue
Graham, W., confectioner, 86a North Road
Graham, W., postman, 77 Sunnyside Street
Graham, W. E., assistant supt., 19 Westland Gardens
Graham, W. F., & Co., electrical engineers, 6 Easton Crescent
Graham, W. J., clerk, 82 Deramore Avenue
Graham, W. J., clerk, 124 Cregagh Road
Graham, W. J., newsagent, Glenside Park, Knockbreda Road
Graham, W. J., R.U.C., 6 Cliftondene Gardens
Graham, W. M., 82 Eglantine Avenue
Graham, W. S., R.U.C., 14 Irwin Drive
Graham's hairdressing services, 72 Chichester Street
Grahame, G. C., manufacturers' agent, 5 Wellington Place
Grahame, G. C., 88 Eglantine Avenue
Grainger, Charles, collector, 12 Silverstream Parade
Grainger, Christopher, fitter, 22 Ravenhill Street
Grainger, D., director, 16 Ashley Gardens
Grainger, Edward, traveller, 54 Rosapenna Street
Grainger, James, lamp lighter, 37 Silverstream Parade
Grainger, J., traveller, 31a Cooldarragh Park
Grainger, Miss A., 12 Carnan Street
Grainger, Miss L., 18 Belvedere Park
Grainger, Mrs., 19 Lockview Road
Grainger, Mrs., 48 Wheatfield Crescent
Grainger, Thomas, 21 Stranmillis Park
Grainger, T., diary man, 26-28 Meenan Street Upper
Grainger, T., engineer, 101 Deerpark Road
Grand Central Hotel, 18 Royal Avenue; Grill Room, Berry Street. T.A.: "Grancent"
Grand Opera House - Warden, Ltd., proprietors, Victoria Street Great
Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, 12 Donegall Square West
Grange, Walter Reid, R.U.C., 506 Oldpark Road
Granger, J. M., & Co., coal merchants, 38 Ashgrove Park
Granlees, Chas., insurance agent, 195 Orby Drive
Granleese, J., insurance agent, 40 Victoria Square
Granleese, Mrs. Sarah, 20 Oberon Street
Granleese, Wm., builder, 15 Cavehill Road Upper
Gransden, R., 4 Castle Hill Road
Grant, Albert, 22 Cadogan Park
Grant, Alex. S., Doric, Finaghy Park South
Grant, A. W., bank manager, 132 Cregagh Road
Grant, C. A., assurance official 1 Sharman Road
Grant, E., supt., 26 Loopland Road
Grant, F. M., engineer, 46 Deramore Avenue
Grant, James, store keeper, 380 Shankill Road
Grant, John, civil servant, 15 Cyprus Avenue
Grant, John G., 3 Bristow Park
Grant, J., agent, 3 Skipper Street
Grant, J., 20 Wingrove Gardens
Grant, Miss, 36 Orient Gardens
Grant, Miss, dress maker, 12 College Street
Grant, Miss Annie, confectioner, 1 Springfield Road
Grant, Miss E., Crown Hotel, 21 Amelia Street
Grant, Mrs., 34 Devon Parade
Grant, Mrs., 21 (3) Derryvolgie Avenue
Grant, Mrs. Marrion, 28 Whitewell Crescent
Grant, Mrs. Mary, 36 Madison Avenue
Grant, Patrick G., 65 Glandore Avenue
Grant, Samuel, draughtsman, 31 Isadore Drive
Grant, Sarah, 108 Joy Street
Grant, Thomas, engineer, 1 Whiterock Crescent
Grant, William, grocer, 23 Sydenham Crescent
Grant, W., com. traveller, 49 Haddington Gardens
Grant, W., 71 Dunlambert Drive
Grant, W. J., 13 Wellesley Avenue
Grant, W. J., publican, 112 Ann Street
Granville Bakery (The), 37-41 Gawn Street
Granville Social Club, 177 Donegall Street
Grapes, Maurice, draughtsman, 591 Newtownards Road Upper
Grattan, A. F., 6 Twaddell Avenue
Grattan & Co. Ltd., Pharmaceutical Chemists, 7-9 Corn Market and 31 University Road. T.A.: "Grattan, Belfast"
Grattan & Co. Ltd., Aerated Water Manufacturers, 108 Victoria Street Great
Grattan, Mrs. I., 8 St. Ives Gardens
Grattan, R. J., supper saloon, 165 Broadway
Grattan, William, 226 Tate's Avenue
Graves, J. T., 31 Posnett Street
Graves, Walter, 106 Knockbreda Road
Gray, Agnes J., 74 South Parade
Gray, Albert, shoe maker, 191 Roseberry Road
Gray, Alex., tiler, 10 Mount Prospect Park
Gray, A., Riddel Hall Lodge, Stranmillis Road
Gray, A., estate agent, 3 Clonaver Crescent North
Gray, Charles, engineer, 16 Chesham Grove
Gray, C. A., Corporation official, 100 Ardenlee Avenue
Gray, C. W., fitter, 1 Loopland Parade
Gray, Lt.-Col. David, 77 Westland Road
Gray, David, engine driver, 62 Melrose Street
Gray, David, civil servant, 17 Knock Eden Park
Gray, David, brass founder, 287 Holywood Road
Gray, D., 17 Mount Merrion Avenue
Gray, D., M.D., 271 Shankill Road
Gray, Dr. D., 156 Ravenhill Road
Gray, D. W., furnisher, 45 Chichester Street
Gray, Ernest, 8 Pine Street
Gray, F., engineer, 36 Strandview Street
Gray, Fredk., pork butcher, 7a Lisburn Road
Gray, F., 60 Kirkliston Park
Gray, E. F., 155 Knock Road
Gray, George, 3 Graymount Road
Gray, George, J.P., 16 Cregagh Park
Gray, George, 2 Glenbank Parade
Gray, G., 40 Ravenhill Road
Gray, Dr. Harold, 64 Malone Road
Gray, Harold, L.R.C.P., 271 Shankill Road
Gray, Henry, 3 Orby Grove
Gray, Henry, salesman, 35 Roe Street
Gray, Hiram, compositor, 771 Lisburn Road
Gray, Hugh, builder, 1 Orby Grove
Gray, Hugh, grocer, 33 Wilson Street
Gray, Hugh H., 10 Cooldarragh Park
Gray, Rev. James, 24 Bloomfield Avenue
Gray, James, baker, 64 Raby Street
Gray, John, grocer, 13 Ashgrove Park
Gray, John, musician, 15 Dunraven Avenue
Gray, John, salesman, 24 Aigburth Park
Gray, John, 45 Empire Street
Gray, John, & Co., chemists and grocers, 51 Antrim Road
Gray, John K., clerk, 158 Donegall Avenue
Gray, Joseph, newsagent, 234 Shankill Road
Gray, J., 52 Brookhill Avenue
Gray, J., 36 Ravenscroft Avenue
Gray, J., provision merchant, 60 Lodge Road Old
Gray, J. A., auto engineer, 1a Cuba Street
Gray, J. A., electrician, 191 Templemore Avenue
Gray, J. H., 2 Avonbeg Street
Gray & Mitchell, cutters or cutlers, 76 Ann Street
Gray, Miss, dress maker, 397a Ormeau Road
Gray, Miss Elizabeth, 2 Ireton Street
Gray, Miss Eva, 147a Ormeau Road
Gray, Miss Irene, 3 Dromore Street
Gray, Miss M. E., 34 Ophir Gardens
Gray, Miss S., 9 Newington Street
Gray, The Misses, 7 Wandsworth Road
Gray, Mrs., 34 Bryson Street
Gray, Mrs., 204 Oldpark Road
Gray, Mrs., 568 Oldpark Road
Gray, Mrs., 21 Graymount Crescent
Gray, Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 Townsend Street Upper
Gray, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ashlea, Knockbreda Road
Gray, Mrs. E., 36 Maryville Park
Gray, Mrs. E. C., 17a Willow Street
Gray, Mrs. Jeannie, 26 Dock Street
Gray, Mrs. Martha, tobacconist, 77 Ormeau Road
Gray, Mrs. M., 17 Conduit Street
Gray, Mrs. M. J., servants' registry, 146 Donegall Pass
Gray, Mrs. R., tea rooms, Malone Road Upper
Gray, Mrs. W. J., 59 St. Jude's Parade
Gray, M., publican, 30-32 Lodge Road Old
Gray, Norman, manager, 3 Ashton Avenue, Finaghy
Gray, Norman, Dunedin, Finaghy Road South
Gray, Peter, chef, 48 Onslow Gardens
Gray, Richard, R.U.C., 35 Wellesley Avenue
Gray, Robert, sexton, 1 Twickenham Street
Gray, Robert, print cutter, 21 Windsor Road
Gray, Robert, grocer, 295 Springfield Road
Gray, Robert G., Custom Excise, 139 Oldpark Avenue
Gray & Robinson, jewellers, 32 Church Lane
Gray, R., butcher, 37 Orby Road
Gray, R., confectioner, 14 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Gray, R., R.U.C., 47 Elgin Street
Gray, R. H., gardener, 39 Candahar Street
Gray, Samuel, 50 Earlswood Road
Gray, Samuel, shoe maker, 65 Montrose Street
Gray, S., manager, 23 Belmont Church Road
Gray, Capt. S. M. C., R.A.F., 31 Fortwilliam Park
Gray, Thomas, iron turner, 21 Delaware Street
Gray, Thomas, rivetter, 52 Devon Parade
Gray, Thomas, 29 Everton Drive
Gray, Rev. Thomas J., 8 Linden Gardens
Gray, Thomas T., builder, 4 Colenso Parade
Gray, T., M.P.S.I., 136 Shankill Road
Gray, T. J., tailor, 20 Cliftonville Avenue
Gray, T. T., 134 Stranmillis Road
Gray, William, grocer, 4 Strathmore Park
Gray, William, 82 Maryville Street
Gray, William, manager, 44 Jocelyn Street
Gray, William, clerk, 7 Inver Avenue
Gray, William, clerk, 4 Clara Avenue
Gray, William, 4 Strathmore Park
Gray, William J., fitter, 11 Holland Crescent
Gray, Capt. Wm., 32 Windermere Gardens
Gray, W., joiner, 4 Clanchattan Street
Gray, W. A., 36 Cranmore Avenue
Gray, W. J., green grocer, 142 Lodge Road Old
Gray, W. J., 21 Harcourt Drive
Gray, W. J., insurance official, 21 Ailesbury Road
Gray, W. J., 4 Cleaver Avenue
Gray, W. J., & Sons, builders and contractors, 2a Somerset Street
Gray's, saddlers, 112 Peter's Hill
Grayson, J. W., plater, 131 Bray Street
Great Northern Brewery Co. Ltd. - Depot, Laganbank Road
Great Northern Mineral Water Company - Thomas McVeigh, proprietor, Jumna Street
Great Northern Railway Terminus, Great Victoria Street - Hostel, 32 University Road; Goods Office, 90 Grosvenor Road
Great Victoria Street Baptist Church, 66a Victoria Street Great
Great Victoria Street Post Office, 83 Victoria Street Great
Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church, Victoria Street Great; lecture hall, Fountainville Avenue
Greaves, Richard H., traveller, 15 Clanchattan Street
Grebbell, F. W., R.U.C., 46 Rugby Road
Green, Arthur John, gardener, Clonaver Lodge, Circular Road
Green, A. J., manager, 46 Queen Street Upper
Green, A. P., 204 King's Road
Green, A. T., 97b Sandown Road
Green, A. W., 10 Malone Hill Park
Green, Ben., linen lapper, 82 Killowen Street
Green, Brian, 4 Grangeville Gardens
Green, C., 41 Glenbank Drive
Green, David, fitter, 72 Whitewell Crescent
Green, Edward, carter, Barrow Street
Green, Edward, shop assistant, 46 Meadowbank Place
Green, E. T., Ltd., Millers and Grain Merchants, Marlboro' Mills, 14-15 Donegall Quay and 16-18 Marlborough Street; res., Murberton, Lisburn Road
Green, Forster, & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Tea and Coffee Merchants, 21 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Green, Frederick, supervisor, 40 Churchill Street
Green, F. H., manager, 62-68 High Street
Green, F. H., 74 Osborne Park
Green, F. J., 42 Martinez Street
Green, F. L., 54 (1) Ulsterville Avenue
Green, George, fruiterer, 185 Ormeau Road
Green, George, coppersmith, 44 Devon Parade
Green, G., fruiterer, 30 Ann Street
Green, G. B., cabinet maker, 229 Ravenhill Avenue
Green, Henry A., 54 Diamond Gardens
Green, Hugh, 32 Glandore Drive
Green, Hugh, baker, 238 Springfield Road
Green, James, clerk, 44 Rosemount Gardens
Green, James, 11 Twickenham Street
Green, James, 173 Fortwilliam Park
Green, James, contractor, 20 May Street
Green, James, plater, 22 Castlereagh Place
Green, James, caulker, 21 Lomond Avenue
Green, James, conductor, 171 Alliance Avenue
Green, John, C.A., Q.U.B., 23 Myrtlefield Park
Green, John Orr, manager, 5 Ardmore Avenue
Green, Jonathan, boot and shoe maker, 67 Shankill Road
Green, Joseph, linen lapper, 30 Adelaide Avenue
Green, J. T., & Sons, fleshers, Locksley Buildings, Lisburn Road
Green, L. G., 10 Harberton Avenue
Green, Miss, confectioner, 12b Duncairn Gardens
Green, Miss, 327a Woodstock Road
Green, Miss Jane, 19 University Avenue
Green, Miss Lillian, 41 Hawthornden Road
Green, Miss M. C., 111 Cavehill Road
Green, Miss M. L., Blaenpennant, Finaghy Park
Green, Misses, 35 Indiana Avenue
Green, Mrs., Wakefield, Finaghy Road North
Green, Mrs., 664 Oldpark Road
Green, Mrs. Ellen, 63 Cavehill Road
Green, Mrs. J., 12 Clonard Gardens
Green, Mrs. J., 98 Priory Park
Green, Mrs. Nellie, 19 Bawnmore Road
Green, Mrs. T., sub postmistress, 58 Queen Street North
Green, Robert, grocer, 55 M'Tier Street
Green, Robert W., linen business, Coondara, 41 Kingsmere Avenue
Green, Ronald, Cross Trees, King's Road
Green, R., driller, 98 Ravenscroft Avenue
Green, R., 28 Greenwood Park
Green, R. B., agent, 40 Victoria Square
Green, R. H., traveller, 4 Somerton Park
Green, R. J., mechanic, 81 Joanmount Gardens
Green, Samuel, baker, 24 Rathgar Street
Green, S., foreman, 66 Knock Road
Green, S., fitter, 10 Stranmillis Street
Green, S. J., 36 Ava Crescent
Green, Thomas, joiner, 46 Jocelyn Street
Green, T. W., 2 The Glen
Green, William, 72a Donnybrook Street
Green, William, 32 Agincourt Avenue
Green, William M., 41 Graymount Park
Green, W., clerk, 24 Glandore Drive
Green, W. A., legal and scientific photographer, Dunmore, Antrim
Green, W. G., insurance agent, 16 Cliftondene Crescent
Green, W. J., 3 Roe Street
Green, W. J., 25 St. Jude's Crescent
Green, W. R., store man, 4 Kimberley Street
Green, W. R., fruit merchant, 35 Raby Street
Greenan Bros., motor engineers, 27-29 Panton Street
Greenan, Edward, mechanic, 12 Springfield Road
Greenan, E., 10 Florenceville Avenue
Greenan, James, 2 Gransha Park
Greenan, Kate, 3 Clonard Gardens
Greenan, Miss E., confectioner, 431 Ormeau Road
Greenan, M. H., drapery buyer, 14 Cheltenham Park
Greenaway, A., supper saloon, 69 Roden Street
Greenaway, David, traveller, 100 Ashley Avenue
Greenaway, D. L., traveller, 1 King's Drive
Greenaway, H., engineer, 29 Marmount Gardens
Greenaway, Isaac A., grocer, 19 Berlin Street
Greenaway, I. S., salesman, 2 Haypark Gardens
Greenaway, Miss, draper, 147-149 York Street
Greenaway, Mrs., 84 Wandsworth Road
Greenaway, Mrs., 330-332 (4) Antrim Road
Greenaway, Mrs. H. A., 11 Geneva Gardens
Greenaway, Mrs. S., 188 Ballygomartin Road
Greenaway, M., 10 Madison Avenue
Greenaway, S. H., 31 Albion Street
Greenaway, T., 22 Victoria Avenue
Greenaway, T., brick layer, 76 Campbell Park Avenue
Greenaway, W. J., teacher, 17 Clara Park
Greene, H. G., 38 Lavinia Street
Greene, James, motor man, 12 Ballysillan Park
Greene, J., boot maker, 44 Avoca Street
Greene, J., 31 Queensbury Park
Greene, J., 572 Shore Road
Greene, Miss Elizabeth W., 3 Rosewood Street
Greene, Miss Margaret, 29 Ravensdene Park
Greene, Mrs. B., 58 Ardenlee Avenue
Greene, Thomas, 24 Bloomfield Gardens
Greene, Walter, 24 Bloomfield Gardens
Greenfield, Francis, tenter, 71 Windsor Avenue Lower
Greenfield, F., tenter, 25 Broadway
Greenfield, James, oiler, 72 Woodcot Avenue
Greenfield, Miss, 14 Locksley Park
Greenfield, Mrs., Ltd., ladies' and children's outfitters, 80 Royal Avenue
Greenfield, R. B., 11 Devon Parade
Greenfield, Samuel, 3 Taunton Avenue
Greenfield, Dr. S., 235a Queen Street North
Greenfield, W. J., laundry proprietor, 28 Thirlmere Gardens
Greenham, Miss J., 23 Taunton Avenue
Greenhill Bros., Ltd., coal and coke merchants, 39 High Street; coal yard, Abercorn Basin
Greenlaw, Mrs., 9 Harkness Parade
Greenlaw, Mrs., 122 Connsbrook Avenue
Greenlee, B., 51 Carlingford Street
Greenlee, James, manufacturers' agent, 9 Beechlands
Greenlee, John, docker, 144 Alexandra Park Avenue
Greenlee, Mrs. E. J., confectioner, 347 Woodstock Road
Greenlee, Wm., salesman, 33 Joanmount Gardens
Greenlees, Samuel, 57 St. John's Park
Greenlees, S., printer, 347 Newtownards Road
Greenlees & Sons, Easiphit (Footwear) Ltd., 125 Royal Avenue
Greenlees & Sons, boot merchants, 428 Newtownards Road
Greenmount and Boyne Linen Co. (Belfast), Ltd., linen manufacturers, 47 Franklin Street
Greenwood, A. J., laboratory assistant, 73 Sunnyside Street
Greenwood, G., 185 Ballygomartin Road
Greenwood, Herbert, fitter, 1 Dargle Street
Greenwood, H., confectioner, 489 Falls Road
Greenwood, H. F., confectioner, Greenmount, Andersonstown
Greenwood, H. T., pattern maker, 21 Broadway
Greenwood, J. J., dealer, Gransha, Glen Road
Greenwood, J. J., confectioner, 112 Leeson Street
Greenwood, Miss E. W., sub-postmistress, 64 Newtownards Road
Greenwood, W. T., 81 Rugby Avenue
Greer, Albert, 38 Osborne Park
Greer, A., draper, 27 Jocelyn Avenue
Greer, A., engineer, 6 Orangefield Crescent
Greer, Daisy, confectioner, 91 Madrid Street
Greer, Edward, driver, 56 Chief Street
Greer, F., bread server, 29 Gibson Park Gardens
Greer, F. J., bookkeeper, 29 Reid Street
Greer, Henry, fitter, 39 Landscape Terrace
Greer, Hugh, linoleum, 78-79 Smithfield Market
Greer, Hugh, book dealer, 69-71, 102 and 125 Smithfield Market, 54a Queen Street Upper, and 22a Wellington Street
Greer, H., brick layer, 19 Sandhurst Drive
Greer, H. L. H., surgeon, 8 College Gardens
Greer & Ireland, garage, 5-9 Lindsay Street
Greer, I., book seller, Smithfalls, Castlereagh Road
Greer, James, 9 Hoylake Park
Greer, James, 17 Malone Place
Greer, James, rivetter, 83 Rosevale Street
Greer, James, fitter, 37 Bloomfield Avenue
Greer, James, herdsman, 397 Holywood Road
Greer, James, packer, 2 Rosevale Street
Greer, John, carpenter, 42 Nansen Street
Greer, John, 228 Cregagh Road
Greer, Joseph, linen lapper, 30 Adelaide Avenue
Greer, J., foreman, 81 Haypark Avenue
Greer, J., driver, 59 Ethel Street
Greer, J., cashier, 20 Ormiston Crescent
Greer, K. B., 5 Florence Place
Greer, J. P., manufacturers' agent, 93 Orby Drive
Greer, Margaret R., 19 Wheatfield Gardens
Greer, Mary Jane, 26 Oakland Avenue
Greer, Miss, 9 Ravensdene Park
Greer, Miss A., 30 Ophir Gardens
Greer, Miss E., 187 Templemore Avenue
Greer, Miss I., 4 Harrow Street
Greer, Mrs., 555 Ormeau Road
Greer, Mrs., 55 Eglinton Street
Greer, Mrs., 36 Bedeque Street
Greer, Mrs. Annie M., 53 Cardigan Drive
Greer, Mrs. E., 39 Sandhill Gardens
Greer, Mrs. E., 109 Castlereagh Road
Greer, Mrs. E. M., 77 Newtownards Road Upper
Greer, Mrs. H., 70 Earlswood Road
Greer, Mrs. H., 24 Kirkliston Gardens
Greer, Mrs. J., 8 Summer Hill Park
Greer, Mrs. J., 11 Crocus Street
Greer, Mrs. Martha, spirit merchant, 130 Agnes Street
Greer, Mrs. Mary T., 272 Springfield Road
Greer, Mrs. M., 396 Castlereagh Road
Greer, Mrs. M., 115 Donegall Pass
Greer, Mrs. M. R., 21 Wheatfield Gardens
Greer, Mrs. W., 519 Lisburn Road
Greer, Richard, book seller, 90, 92 Smithfield Market
Greer, Robert, clerk, 56 Oakland Avenue
Greer, Robert, 71 Twaddell Avenue
Greer, Robert, pattern maker, 134 Durham Street
Greer, R., 4 Keadyville Avenue
Greer, R., 39 Willowfield Drive
Greer, R., chef, 1 Hoylake Park
Greer, R., supper saloon, 178 Utility Street
Greer, S., clerk, 18 Wheatfield Gardens
Greer, S. J., grocer, Velma Stores, Lisburn Road
Greer, Rev. S. J., 35 Eglantine Avenue
Greer, Thomas, foreman, 10 Cicero Gardens
Greer, Thomas A., joiner, 31 Graymount Park
Greer, William, foreman, 48 Blenheim Drive
Greer, William, upholsterer, 61 Loopland Drive
Greer, William, 21 Bentinck Street
Greer, William, R.A.F., 29 Silverstream Park
Greer, William J., 50 Windsor Drive
Greer, W., 180 Lodge Road Old
Greer, W. A., civil servant, 7 Ardpatrick Gardens
Greer, W. J., ship carpenter, 401 Woodstock Road
Greeves, Alfred, West Winds, Circular Road
Greeves, A. W., 58 Knocklofty Park
Greeves, Fergus M., Garranard, Circular Road
Greeves, J. Theodore, 3 Knockdene Park North
Greeves, J. & T. M., Ltd., flax spinners, 1-3 Conway Street, Falls Road, and Cupar Street
Greeves & Morton, linen manufacturers, 10 Brunswick Street
Greeves, The Misses, Lismachan House, Belmont Road
Greeves, Mrs. Arthur, Altona, Glenmachan Road
Greeves, Mrs. A., Glenside, Belmont Road
Greeves, Mrs. J. M., Bernagh, Belmont Road
Greeves, Ridgway, 56 King's Road
Greeves, W. H. C., 8 Upton Park (Finaghy)
Gregg, Albert, confectioner, 221 Woodstock Road
Gregg, A., driver, 16 Cliftonville Parade
Gregg, David E., foreman, 25 Rushfield Avenue
Gregg, E., joiner, 47 Burmah Street
Gregg, James, & Co., manufacturers' agent, 39 Bedford Street
Gregg, James, & Co., chemical manufacturers, 2a Azamor Street
Gregg, John, stevedore, 34 Martinez Avenue
Gregg, J., plasterer, 42 Ava Street
Gregg, J., cloth passer, 148 Alexandra Park Avenue
Gregg, Madame Violet, L.R.A.M., music teacher, 410 Ormeau Road
Gregg, The Misses, 49 Broadway
Gregg, Mrs., 23 Harkness Parade
Gregg, Mrs. A. M., 15 Wandsworth Road
Gregg, Mrs. Ellen, home bakery, 62 Newtownards Road
Gregg, Mrs. E., grocer, 39 Northumberland Street
Gregg, Mrs. M., 182 Ravenhill Avenue
Gregg, Robert, park ranger, 1 Southview Cottages
Gregg, Robert A., 27 Dundela Avenue
Gregg, R., insurance supt., 9 King's Drive
Gregg, Samuel R., 57 Vernon Street
Gregg School Ltd. (The), for Modern Business Training, 26 Wellington Place
Gregg, Thomas, R.U.C., 191 Cliftonpark Avenue
Gregg, William, 194 Joanmount Gardens
Gregg, William, prep. master, 13 Glenbank Parade
Gregg, W., 68 Rosapenna Street
Gregg, W., 112 Rosebery Road
Gregg, W., hackle maker, 44 Glenside Parade
Gregg, Rev. W. J., B.A., 8 Wheatfield Gardens
Gregory, Daniel, butcher, 92 Divis Street
Gregory, H., salesman, 27 Harleston Street
Gregory, H. E., 41 Bloomfield Road
Gregory, James, mechanic, 8 Workman Avenue
Gregory, Miss, 16 Somerton Park
Gregory, Mrs. Sarah, 130 Albert Street
Gregory, P. B., architect, 25 Gresham Street
Gregory, W. E., linen merchant, 17 Chichester Street
Gregory, W. E., 79 Haypark Avenue
Gregory, W. F., 109 Mount Merrion Park
Gregson, A. R., 8 Eastleigh Drive
Greig, Andrew, plumber, 40 Reid Street
Greig, G. P., civil servant, 6 Prince Edward Park
Greig, J. A., assistant harbour master, 51 Lansdowne Road
Greig, Mrs. Margaret, 40 Reid Street
Greig, Robert, P.O. official, 90 Edinburgh Street
Gresham Fire and Accident Insurance Society, Ltd., 11 Donegall Square South - Branch manager, H. L. McLean, 33 Kirkliston Drive
Gresham Life Assurance Society Ltd., 11 Donegall Square South
Gresham, Miss Mary, Verdunville, Finaghy Road North
Gresham Shoe Store, 182 North Street
Gresley, E. W., engineer, 30 Dernorrton Park
Gresswell, J., 349 Orby Grove
Gretel, Madame, dress maker, 4 Donegall Square North
Grey, Arthur O., A.C.I.I., 22 Malone Hill Park
Grey, D., linen finisher, 15 Dover Street
Grey, John, draper, 317 Springfield Road
Grey, John A., director, 607 Antrim Road
Grey, J., foreman, 1 Earlswood Road
Grey, J. P., 29 Ava Park
Grey & Mawhinney, general engineers, 10a College Court
Grey, Mrs., 587 Ormeau Road
Grey, Mrs. Eileen, 68 Agnes Street
Grey, R., sergt. R.U.C., 12 Chadwick Street
Grey, R. W., wholesale confectioner, 2-4 Turin Street
Grey, T., provision merchant, 66 Regent Street
Grey, William Jas., 10 Sandymount Street
Greystone, Mrs. A., 26 St. Jude's Avenue
Gribben Bros., Ltd., linen manufacturers, 63 Adelaide Street
Gribben, Charles, R.U.C., 19 Rosetta Drive
Gribben, E., shop assistant, 11 Fairview Street
Gribben, George, 43 Tate's Avenue
Gribben, H., 51 Belmont Church Road
Gribben, John, salesman, 21 Alexandra Avenue
Gribben, Jos., bread server, 17 St. Jude's Parade
Gribben, J., manager, 26 Alexandra Gardens
Gribben, Miss, Brookfield P.O., 223 Tennent Street
Gribben, R. J., com. traveller, 669 Oldpark Road
Gribben, Sam., 88 North Parade
Gribben, Sarah, 8 Chief Street
Gribben, T. L., clerk, 4 Jubilee Avenue
Gribben, W., controller, 23 Ava Street
Gribbin, Arthur, grocer, 30 Raglan Street
Gribbin, James, boot maker, 68 Divis Street
Gribbin, Mary, dealer, 52 Divis Street
Gribbin, Miss Emma, 51 Woodvale Road
Gribbin, Miss M., 3 Lincoln Avenue
Gribbin, P., bread server, 200 Hillman Street
Gribbin, T., coal vendor, 57 Newtownards Road
Gribbon, E., fruiterer, 293-295 Grosvenor Road
Gribbon, E., clerk, 32 Ravenhill Parade
Gribbon, G., clerk, 63 Vernon Street
Gribbon, Henry, manager, 308 Castlereagh Road
Gribbon, Hugh, 76-78 Pound Street
Gribbon, Hugh, 2 Milford Street
Gribbon, James, 34 Hamilton Street
Gribbon, John R., 15 Ashfield Drive
Gribbon, John, house finisher, 23 Queen Street North
Gribbon, Mrs., 8 Ardgreenan Drive
Gribbon, Mrs. Isabella, 32 Campbell Street
Gribbon, R. W., handkerchief manufacturer, 5 King's Road
Gribbon, Teresa, 293 Grosvenor Road
Gribbon, W., checker, 5 Chesham Gardens
Gribbon, W., fitter, 18 Raby Street
Grierson, A., shipwright, 157 Rosebery Road
Grierson, J., fitter, 218 Cregagh Street
Grierson, Miss, 123 Ormeau Road
Grierson, Robert, 32 Ardenlee Avenue
Grieve, Edward, shop assistant, 273 Crumlin Road
Grieve, H. W., grocer, 57 Bradbury Place
Grieve, Mrs., grocer, 76 Dunluce Avenue
Grieves, Mrs., fruiterer, 193 Oldpark Road
Griffen, Phil, 34 Beechmount Avenue
Griffin, Henry, traveller, 24 Springfield Parade
Griffin, H., joiner, 124 Library Street Upper
Griffin, Robert, coal vendor, 14 Mount Street (No. 2)
Griffin, R. J., 67 Dunlambert Drive
Griffin, Thomas, manager, 104 Salisbury Avenue
Griffin, W. J., confectioner, 127 Woodstock Road
Griffith, Rev. D. W., 534 Crumlin Road
Griffith, F., traveller, Glenpatrick, Glen Road
Griffith, George, 232 Duncairn Gardens
Griffith, George, clerk, 39 Rugby Avenue
Griffith, Herbert, engineer, 19 Adelaide Avenue
Griffith, John, 45 Palmerston Road
Griffith, L., teacher, 22 Irwin Drive
Griffith, Miss, 15 Cyprus Park
Griffith, Mrs. E., 207 Cavehill Road
Griffith, Mrs. Mary, 44 Magdala Street
Griffith, Mrs. M. J., 34 Cliftonville Road
Griffith, Patrick, wholesale wine merchant, 19 Fruithill Park
Griffith & Son, Ltd., wine and spirit merchants, 52 Hill Street
Griffiths, Isaac, 61 Melrose Street
Griffiths, John, S.A. officer, 48 Loopland Park
Griffiths, J. W., manager, 66 Kirkliston Park
Griffiths, Mrs. B., 33 Fitzwilliam Street
Griffiths, W. G., engineer, 9 Kensington Drive
Grigor, William, A.M.I.C.E., county surveyor, 29 Downview Avenue
Grimason, J., teacher, 53 Sandhill Gardens
Grimason, N., 75 Priory Park
Grimason, W., plumber, 3 Ava Crescent
Grimbley, J. F., manager, 42 Pommern Parade
Grime, John, 14 Kirkliston Park
Grime, J., butcher, 245 Cregagh Street
Grimley, Brian, 9 Balmoral Gardens
Grimmitt, John, principal, 74 Osborne Drive
Grimshaw, H., manager, 51 Grand Parade
Grimshaw, John C., 25 Mount Merrion Park
Grimshaw, J. C., engineer, 285 Donegall Road
Grimshaw, J. C., manager, 121 Knockbreda Road
Grimshaw, Miss Frances, ladies' hairdresser, 1a Botanic Avenue
Grimshaw, Misses, Knocknageeha, Galwally Park Upper
Grimshaw, Mrs., 61 Victoria Road
Grimshaw, Weston, 69 Wellesley Avenue
Grimson, Samuel, baker, 90 Sandhurst Drive
Grindlay, Mrs., 11 Camden Street
Grindle, Charles J., 45 Cranmore Gardens
Grinnell, A. T., Knocknagoney Road
Gritton, S. H., master mariner, 13 Joanmount Gardens
Grivven, Mrs. E., 38 Irwin Avenue
Grogan, Alex., 8 Kirkliston Park
Grogan, C., joiner, 68 Mountpottinger Road
Grogan, D., supt., 37 Lansdowne Road
Grogan, F., newsagent, 10 Cavehill View, Shore Road
Grogan, L., engineer, 6 Elmwood Avenue
Grogan, Mrs. E., 40 Eglantine Avenue
Gross, Valentine B., manager, 29 Lisburn Road
Gross, V. B., paints and wallpapers, 134 North Street
Grosvenor Agency, wholesale chemists, 165 Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Finishing Company Ltd., 3 Milner Street
Grosvenor Fish Market, 241 Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Hall Central Mission, 20 Grosvenor Road and Glengall Street
Grosvenor Manufacturing Co., 30 Grosvenor Road
Group Theatre (The), 32 Bedford Street
Grove Baptist Mission Hall, 223 Beersbridge Road - Pastor, H. Fraser
Grove Motor Works, 219-221 Beersbridge Road
Grove, The, P.E. School, Esther Street
Grove Weaving Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, 68-84 Grove Street East and Fashoda Street
Grover, R., coach builder, 8 Cappy Street
Groves, Henry, trimmer, 12 Glenside Parade
Groves, Miss Isabella, 114 Eglantine Avenue
Groves, Mrs. Annie, 15 Downview Avenue
Groves, R. J., & Son, wholesale chemists, 8 College Square North
Groves, William, agent, 6 Earlswood Park
Groves, William, engineer, 142 Ainsworth Avenue
Groves, W. R., 20 Kirkliston Gardens
Grubb, Lewis, agent, Oakleigh, Malone Road Upper
Grubb, Richard, Clogheen, Circular Road
Grudgings, W. E., butcher, 12 Orby Road
Gruhn, J. P., traveller, 13 Bloomfield Park
Gruhn, Wm. G., traveller, 12 Wingrove Gardens
Gruhn, W. G., agent, 8 Queen Street
Grummitt, J. H., M.A., 135 Malone Road
Grundle, John, 276 Tennent Street
Grundle, R., fitter, 10 Agnes Street
Grundle, T. A., 62 Deramore Avenue
Guarantee Society, Ltd. (The), 10 (3) Donegall Square South - Manager, E. F. Massey
Guard, W. P., 3 Neill's Hill Park
Guardian Assurance Co. Ltd., 5 Bedford Street - Branch Manager, H. R. Hall
Guardian Eastern Insurance Co. Ltd., 5 Bedford Street
Gucken, Hugh, 9 Windsor Road
Guerin, Henrietta, 36 Crumlin Road
Guest, James, 5 Marsden Gardens
Guest, Miss, 27 Ferguson Drive
Guest, M. C., grocer, 60 Ashley Drive
Guest, Ronald, plumber, 48 Loopland Crescent
Guest, R. H., manufacturers' agent, 89 Ashley Avenue
Guiler, James R., 122 North Road
Guiler, Mrs. E., 41 Rosetta Park
Guilfoyle, William J., R.U.C., 22 St. James's Park
Guilfoyle, Wm. H., advertising agent, 63 Graymount Crescent
Guilfoyle, W., engineer, 76 Edinburgh Street
Guilfoyle, W., chemist, 46 College Park Avenue
Guiness, Lt.-Col. Victor, 118 Harberton Park
Guinness, A., Son, & Co., Ltd., brewers (Dublin), 100-106 Grosvenor Road; stables, Genoa Street
Guiney, J. C., 12 Pretoria Street
Guiney, Mrs. F., 28 Marguerite Park
Gulbransen, P. F., watch maker, 22 Howard Street
Gllan, Mrs. L. B., 6 Mountpleasant
Gullery, Edward F., brewers' agent, Beechgrove, 193 Holywood Road
Gullery, Henry, engineer, 510 Falls Road
Gulston, Fred., traveller, 25 Lansdowne Park
Gulston, James, suptd., 67 Knock Eden Park
Gummer, H. E., 97 Knock Road
Guncil, S. H., seaman, 6 Elmgrove Street
Gunite Construction Company, Cementation Specialists, 2 (33) Wellington Place. T.A.: "21811, Belfast"
Gunn, Joseph P., 16 Fitzwilliam Street
Gunn, Mrs. E., 74 Sandymount Street
Gunn, Mrs. E., 45 Cranmore Park
Gunn, Mrs. Mary, 15 Loughview Terrace
Gunn, Nurse, 11 Clarendon Avenue
Gunning, Fredk. J., time keeper, 60 Lawnbrook Avenue
Gunning, George, teacher, 13 Ophir Gardens
Gunning, John, carrier, 4 Mount Street (No. 2)
Gunning, John, 38 Cyprus Park
Gunning, J., & Sons, Ltd., linen manufacturers, 12 Linen Hall Street
Gunning, J. S. W., secretary, 96 Balmoral Avenue
Gunning, Miss B., ladies' hairdresser, 77 Belmont Road
Gunning, Mrs., 91 Malone Avenue
Gunning, Mrs. Elizabeth, 62 Lawnbrook Avenue
Gunning, Mrs. E., 73 Ardenlee Avenue
Gunning, R., watch maker, 143 Smithfield Market
Gunning, S., R.U.S.C., 27 Ravenhill Crescent
Gunning, S. K., clerk, 20 Glendore Avenue
Gunning, Thomas, clerk, 14 Wheatfield Crescent
Gunning, T. H., fitter, 60 Ravenhill Avenue
Gunning, William, tailor, 94 Woodstock Road
Gunning, W., 5 Kingsway Avenue
Gunning, W., 21 Willowholme Street
Gurd, F. P., pharmaceutical chemist, 257 Woodstock Road
Gurd, Miss E., teacher, 8 Prince Edward Park
Gurd, Mrs. A. J., 5 Cavehill Road
Gurd, Robert, bank official, 36 Cregagh Park
Gutherie, Arnold, machinist, 76 Larkfield Road
Guthrie, A. J., manufacturers' agent, 50 Wellington Place
Guthrie, A. W., insurance agent, 43 Dundela Avenue
Guthrie, James, 13 Harberton Drive
Guthrie, James, dentist, 56 North Road
Guthrie, James, steward, 38 Rosewood Street
Guthrie, James, chemist, 335 York Street
Guthrie, James, caretaker, 107 Bray Street
Guthrie, J. H., 30 Cleaver Park
Guthrie, Miss M. E., 2 Holland Crescent
Guthrie, Mrs., 4 Mount Pleasant
Guthrie, Mrs. C. A., 78 South Parade
Guthrie, Mrs. E. A., 25 Bloomfield Gardens
Guthrie, T. H., 55 North Parade
Guy, Francis, 1 Kirkliston Patk
Guy, Francis, plumber, 56 Queen Street Upper
Guy, James, electrician, 189 Alexandra Park Avenue
Guy, Mrs. M., 41 Rugby Avenue
Guy, Mrs. M. F., 31 Newington Avenue
Guy, Thomas, agent, 35 Agincourt Avenue
Guy, T., agent, 53 High Street
Guy, T., 8 Fleet Street
Guyll, G. F., teacher of music, 42 University Road
Gwynne, E. F., traveller, 12 India Street
Gwynne, E. W., agent, 40 Denorrton Park
Gwynne, Henry G., civil servant, 1 Ardmore Avenue
Gwynne, Mrs., 39 Delhi Parade
Gyle, Jack, turf agent, 1a Stormont Lane
Gyle, James W., 128 Newtownards Road Upper
Gyle, John, clerk, 3 Irwin Avenue
Gyle, Miss, 36 Cherryvalley Gardens
Gyle, R., 61 Tildarg Street