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Names Alphabetically

Containing the names of the

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Mabel Street P.E. School, Mabel Street
Mabin, George, 25 Dover Street
Macadam, James, clerk, 62a Bloomfield Avenue
Macafee, Charles H. G., M.B., F.R.C.S.I., F.R.C.S. (Eng.) R.F.C.O.G., 18 University Square
Macafee, J., harness maker, 30 Empire Street
Macafee, Robert K., store man, 1 Brantwood Street
Macafee, W. A. G., railway official, 65 Earlswood Road
Macardle, Patrick, grocer, 52 Ross Street
Macarthur & Co., Ltd., wholesale stationers, bookbinders, 16 College Street
Macarthur, K., 47 Cabin Hill Park
Macarthur, Miss, 37 (2) University Road
Macarthur, Miss, 3 Camden Street
Macartney, Charles C., 556 Shore Road
Macartney, H. G., 27 Rossmore Avenue
Macartney, James, 21 Malone Road Upper
Macartney, James, builder's yard, 36-36a Rossmore Avenue
Macartney, James, electrician, 15 Sintonville Avenue
Macartney, The Misses, 10 Locksley Park
Macartney, Mrs. J., 7 Grasmere Gardens
Macartney, Richard, plumber, 21 Fitzroy Avenue
Macartney, R., plumber, 46 Ormeau Road
Macartney, R. J., confectioner, 982 Crumlin Road
Macartney, R. J., cafe, 150 Shankill Road
Macartney, Thomas, teacher, 8 Thornhill Park
Macartney, William H., 42 Cregagh Park
Macartney, William, & Son, rope and twine manufacturers, Ainsworth Avenue
Macartney, W. C., traveller, 29 Downshire Road
Macartney, W. H., Ph.C., chemist, 226 Grosvenor Road
Macaulay, Alfred Ernest, joiner, 218 Roden Street
Macaulay, A. H., Barrister-at-Law, 5 Rugby Street
Macaulay & Ritchie, solicitors (A. J. Lewis and Samuel Henry), 83 Royal Avenue
Macaulay, William, R.U.C., 485 Lisburn Road
Macauley, A., bookkeeper, 42 Sicily Park
Macauley, H., & Sons, linen merchants, 2-4 Clarence Street
Macauley, James, inspector, 35 Park Parade
Macauley, James, 17 Ormiston Drive
Macauley, James, 11 Strangford Avenue
Macauley, Very Rev. John, P.P., P.F., 24 Alfred Street
Macauley, K., 479 Ormeau Road
Macauley, Miss Agnes, 17 Landscape Terrace
Macauley, Miss J. E., 12 Elaine Street
Macauley, Mrs., home bakery, 173 Ardenlee Avenue
Macauley, Mrs., 89 University Avenue
Macauley, Mrs. Annie, 24 Willowbank Gardens
Macauley, Mrs. E., 6 Oakland Avenue
Macauley, Mrs. E., 19 St. John's Avenue
Macauley, Mrs. F., confectioner, 44 Fitzroy Avenue
Macauley, Mrs. M., 12 Deacon Street
Macauley, Mrs. M., 15 Duncairn Gardens
Macauley, Mrs. P., confectioner, 44 Fitzroy Avenue and 3 Dudley Street
Macauley, Norman S., 64 Salisbury Avenue
Macauley & Ritchie, Solicitors, 83 Royal Avenue
Macauley, Robert, measurer, 84 Ballygomartin Road
Macauley, R. H., 2 Beechlands
Macauley, Thomas, foreman, 268 Cregagh Road
Macauley, T. H., civil servant, 228 Stranmillis Road
Macauley, William, 11 Riga Street Upper
Macauley, Wm. Geo., accountant, 54 Manna Grove
MacAuley, David, 34 Ashley Drive
MacAvoy, J. E., 133 Shandon Park
Macbeath, Prof. A., 114 Balmoral Avenue
Macbeath, Gordon, bank official, 34 Ormeau Park
Macbeth, David, 24 Graymount Drive
Macbeth, Henry, timekeeper, 50 Whitewell Crescent
Macbeth, William, 18 Cregagh Road
MacBratney, J., organist, 2 Tate's Avenue
MacBride, Rev. H., B.A., 7 Shrewsbury Drive
MacBride, H. F., 51 Osborne Drive
MacBride, H., & Son, printers, 1 Adelaide Street
Maccabe, Evelyn, ladies' wear, 9 Lombard Street
MacCabe, M. H., 17 Stranmillis Road
MacCall, Miss, 91 Malone Avenue
MacCallum & Morrison, Ltd., manufacturing stationers, 26 Church Street
MacCallum, P., & Sons, Ltd., iron and steel merchants and ship owners, 1 Lombard Street
MacCandless, T. B., civil servant, 8 Cherryvalley Gardens
MacCarthy, Mrs., ladies' school, 389 Newtownards Road Upper
MacCleary, W. W., director, 737 Antrim Road
MacColl, A. D., 152 Newtownards Road Upper
MacColl, Miss, 4 Kirkliston Drive
MacComish, Mrs. A. P., 14 Deramore Park
MacCorkell, W. J., confectioner, 14 Somerton Gardens
MacCormac, James, druggist, 8 Winston Gardens
MacCormac, Mrs., 15 Kerrsland Drive
MacCormic, William, manager, 17 Woodvale Road
MacCready, R. M., civil servant, 15 Bristol Avenue
MacDade, Dermot B., library assistant, 6 Torrens Gardens
MacDermot, Mrs. M., 22 Marguerite Park
MacDermott, J. C., K.C., Barrister-at-Law, Glenburn, Cairnburn Road
MacDermott, The Misses, 5 Stormont Park
Macdonald, Alexander, 18 Glastonbury Avenue
MacDonald, Alex., manager, 12 Cliftondene Crescent
MacDonald, Andrew, caterer, 4 McClure Street
MacDonald, A., chemist, 3 Pommern Parade
Macdonald & Co. Ltd., publishers, 12 College Street
MacDonald, Barbara, 42 Willowbank Gardens
MacDonald Bros., cabinet makers, Grove factory, 14a Cosgrave Street
Macdonald, David, inspector, 46 Rathlin Street
MacDonald, E., accountant, 66 University Street
Macdonald, F. E., manufacturer, 1 Wheatfield Crescent
MacDonald, John, director, 12 Ormiston Parade
Macdonald, Dr. John, 112 Antrim Road
Macdonald, John G., florist, 3 Ardoyne Road
Macdonald, J. B., insurance agent, 1 Devon Parade
Macdonald, Miss Barbara, 160 Connsbrook Avenue
MacDonald, Miss M., 32 Cherryvalley Gardens
Macdonald, Mrs., 31 Earlswood Road
Macdonald, Mrs. F., 64 Brick Row, Shore Road
MacDonald, R., electrician, 77 Hatfield Street
MacDonald, R., electrician, 31 Silverstream Parade
Macdonald, S. M., 86 Osborne
MacDonald, T. H., 58 Denorrton Park
MacDonell, Mrs. Mary, 773 Lisburn Road
MacDonnell, H. H., M.N.C.H.A., chiropodist, 27 Wellington Place
MacDowell & McCormick, estate agents, 72 High Street
MacDowell, H. E., grain broker, 70 Maryville Park
MacDowell, Robert A., estate agent, 59 Victoria Street Great
MacDowell, T. B., Ardagh, Belmont Road
MacElhinney, Samuel, traveller, 1 Ailesbury Drive
MacEnany, Patrick V., artist, 3 Castleview Terrace
MacEwan, H. C., 42 Balmoral Avenue
Macfarlane, A., 39 Brougham Street
MacFarlane & Smyth, Estate Agents, 31 Donegall Street
Macfarlane, Daniel, engineer, 70 Priory Park
MacFarlane, J., estate agent, 1 Norfolk Gardens
MacFarlane, Lang, & Co. Ltd., 8 Albert Street
MacFarlane, Thomas, teacher, 13 Irwin Crescent
MacFaul, James, civil servant, 30 Fitzwilliam Street
Macgeagh, J., architect, 14 Hawthornden Drive
Macgeagh, Mrs., 15 Wandsworth Gardens
MacGee, W., 39 Rossmore Avenue
MacGiffin, Miss, 46 (4) Windsor Avenue
MacGougan, John, accountant, 199 Albert Bridge Road
Macgougan, John, gatekeeper, 4 Brandon Terrace
MacGrath, Morris, solicitor, 78 Barnett's Road
MacGrath, T. J., & Sons, solicitors, 1 Bank Street
MacGregor, John, draughtsman, 35 Thornhill Park
MacGregor, John, clerk, 21 Holland Park
MacGregor, Mrs., 6 Geneva Gardens
MacGregor, Mrs., 62 Cabin Hill Gardens
MacGregor, R. P., 21 Myrtlefield Park
MacGrillen, Charles, 8 St. John's Avenue
Machesney, George, iron turner, 13 Silverstream Park
Machesney, Miss, 813 Crumlin Road
Machin, Edward George, R.U.C., 29 Loopland Park
Machinery Market, 84 Cromac Street
Machines, Ltd., 50 Queen Street Upper
Machray, D. P., representatives, 35 Shandarragh Park
MacHugh, M., director, Balmoral House, Lisburn Road
MacIlwaine, A. D., & Co., stock brokers, 1 Wellington Place; res., Ardkeen, Carnalea
MacIlwaine, F., bank official, 25 Bawnmore Road
MacIlwaine, John H., & Son, architects, 8 Corporation Street
Macintosh, David, 44 Castleview Road
Macintosh, John, M.D., surgeon, 36-38 Duncairn Gardens
Macintyre, Mrs., 33 Farnham Street
MacIvor, Miss, 34 Cherryvalley Gardens
MacIvor, Miss E., 4 Ashley Gardens
McKay, Charles, civil servant, 18 Clifton Crescent
Mack, David, 3 Windsor Avenue North
Mack, Hugh, & Co., shirt manufacturers, 78 Victoria Street Great
Mack, H., provision merchant, 90 Sandy Row
Mack, H., & Co., wholesale woollen merchants, 19-21 Donegall Street
Mack, Joseph Alex., mechanic, 44 Blenheim Drive
Mack, Mrs., 14 Walnut Street
Mack, Mrs. Lily, 28 Canterbury Street
Mack, Mrs. Margaret, dress maker, 2a Rosebank Street
Mack, S., provision merchant, 258 Newtownards Road
Mack, William J., ice worker, 35 Powerscourt Street
Mackay, John, chartered accountant, 142 (4) Royal Avenue
Mackay, John, 59 Knockvale Park
Mackay, Mrs. E., 230 Roden Street
Mackay, Mrs. E., 56 Hillsborough Drive
Mackay, William, 31 Bawnmore Road
Mackay, William, grocer, 82 Euston Street
Mackay, W. G., manager, 102 Barnett's Road
Mackechnie, Hector, 42 Ardmore Park
Mackenna, G. T., M.P.S., chemist, 813 Lisburn Road
Mackenna, R., M.P.S., dispensing and photographic chemist
Mackenna, R., chemist, 13 Knock Eden Park
Mackenzie, Charles A., & Co., solicitors, 128 Albert Bridge Road; res., 21 Castle Hill Road
Mackenzie, Charles P., 71 Ardenlee Avenue
Mackenzie, Duncan Stuart, 22 Wandsworth Crescent
Mackenzie, Hamilton, joiner, 244 Ballysillan Road
Mackenzie, J., 44 Knock Eden Park
Mackenzie, J. A., engineer, 6 Ava Parade
Mackenzie, Mrs. C., confectioner, 280 Falls Road
Mackenzie, Mrs. M., 4 Cavehill Road Old
Mackenzie, R. H., insurance agent, 6 Loopland Road
MacKeown, E. P., LL.B., solicitor, 34 Cadogan Park
MacKeown, M. M., LL.B., solicitor, 34 Cadogan Park
MacKeown, N. E., 55 Cabin Hill Gardens
MacKeown, Samuel, solicitor, 34 Cadogan Park
MacKeown, S. S., 5 North Circular Road
MacKeown, William, 16 Knockbreda Drive
Mackerell, Mrs., 55 Ardenlee Gardens
Mackrell, Mrs., 55 Ardenlee Gardens
Mackey, E., agent, 59 Ava Avenue
Mackey, F. Allen, optician, 360 Lisburn Road
Mackey, Henry, publican, 72-74 George's Street Great
Mackey, H., publican, 23 Willowfield Drive
Mackey, John, joiner, 10 Whitewell Parade
Mackey, John, builder, 696 Crumlin Road
Mackey, Mrs., 117 Deerpark Road
Mackey, Mrs., grocer, 24 Glenfarne Street Upper
Mackey, Samuel, electrical engineer, University Square Mews
Mackey, S., 73 Maryville Park
Mackey, William, carter, 31 Channing Street
Mackey, William, clerk, 25 Luxor Gardens
Mackie, A. J., 15 Knocklofty Park
Mackie, James, D.L., J.P., Hazelbank, Whitehouse
Mackie, James, joiner, 54 Rosemount Gardens
Mackie, James, & Sons, Ltd., Albert Foundry, 200 Springfield Road. Offices, 201-203 Springfield Road
Mackie, John P., Marietta, Barnett's Road
Mackie, Joseph, clerk, 678 Crumlin Road
Mackie, J., caretaker, 10 Donegall Square South
Mackie, Mrs. Agnes, 4 Loopland Crescent
Mackie, Mrs. C., tobacconist, 162 Grosvenor Road
Mackie, Thomas, J.P., 156 Malone Road
Mackin, Catherine, publican, 97 Falls Road
Mackin, Gillan, & Co., feeding stuffs, 79 Royal Avenue
Mackin, J., boot maker, 185 Alliance Road
Mackin, Mrs. Annie K., 8 Thornhill Crescent
Mackin, Mrs. Emma, 13 Alliance Avenue
Mackin, Mrs. E., 43 Brookhill Avenue
MacKinlay, S. J. N., 13 Kingsway Avenue
Mackinson, H., 17 Ravensdene Park
Mackintosh, A. J., & Son, confectioners (depot), 11 Glengall Street
Mackintosh, John, fitter, 210 Holywood Road
Mackintosh, J. A., 62 Cooldarragh Park
Mackintosh, J. M., fitter, 13 Victoria Avenue
Mackintosh, Mrs., 66 Willowbank Gardens
Mackintosh, Perry, joiner, 212 Holywood Road
Mackintosh, R., 58 Earlswood Road
Mackintosh, R. A., M.P.S., chemist, 75 High Street
Mackintosh, T. C. G., LL.B., solicitor, 36 Arthur Street
Mackintosh, William, 573 Lisburn Road
Mackle, George, 67 Isoline Street
Mackle, J., 8 Mount Eden Park
Mackle, J., 376 Falls Road
Mackle, Peter, 403 Crumlin Road
Mackle, T., boot repairer, 34 Bread Street East
Macklin, Herbert, dealer, 79 M'Tier Street
MacKnight, W. J., linen business, 73 Marlborough Park South
Mackrell, H. E., 12 Farnham Street
Mackrell, K. E. D., A.C.A., 19 Sunningdale Park
Mackrell, William Geo., 95a Shankill Road
Macks, D. & T., & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 20 Talbot Street
Maclachlan, Miss F., 18 Kingsway Park
Maclaine, G. L., & Co., solicitors, 13 Lombard Street
MacLaine, Lachlan, agent, 48 University Street
MacLaine, Mrs., 43 Malone Park
Maclaine's Patent Piston Co., 17 Wellington Place
MacLaughlin, F. A., M.B., F.R.C.S., 32 Wellington Park
MacLean & Co., tea importers, 36 Bedford Street
Maclean, J., clerk, 3 Lucerne Parade
MacLean, Mrs., grocer, 16 Spencer Street
MacLean, Rosalie, 7 Bloomfield Gardens
MacLean, T. T., 1 Strangford Avenue
Maclean, W. H., 236 Stranmillis Road
Maclellan, George, & Co. Ltd., Indiarubber, Asbestos, and Waterproof Manufacturers, 106 Ann Street - William E. Topping, Agent
Maclenagan, Miss S., 68 Marlborough Park Central
MacLenahan, James, clerk, 49 Avoca Street
Maclenahan, S., costumier, 381 Lisburn Road
Maclennan, A., 22 Broughton Park
Maclennan Beverage Co., 189b Ravenhill Avenue
MacLoughlin, Mrs. M. A., 2 The Bungalow, Lisburn Road
MacMahon, A. N., 11 Earlswood Road
MacManus, A. D., manager, 5 Myrtlefield Park
MacManus, John E., fireman, 11 Cooke Street
MacMillan, The Misses, 30 Ashley Avenue
MacMillan, Samuel T., journalist, 40 Graymount Crescent
MacMurray, D. T., fourth floor, (60) Riddels Arcade
MacMurray, J. C., & Co., sausage casing manufacturers and importers, 15a Montgomery Street
MacNab, William J., traveller, 43 Lansdowne Park
MacNabb, J., grain merchant, 18 Tomb Street
MacNally, Mrs., confectioner, 14 Madrid Street
Macnamee, Mrs. R., 29 Cedar Avenue
MacNaughton, Norman, & Sons, Ltd., Cement, Slate, and Tile Merchants, 74-78, 101-107 Corporation Street, 1-5½ George's Street Great and Clarendon Dock (Slate Yard). T.A.: "Cement, Belfast"
MacNeice, Rt. Rev. J. F., D.D., Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, 77 Malone Road
Machonachie, Rev. D. H., B.A., D.D., 24 Derryvolgie Avenue
Maconaghie, James, printer, 17 St. James's Street
Maconkey, A. & J., newsagents, 661 Lisburn Road
Maconkey, George, confectioner, 184 Woodvale Road
Maconkey, William Robert, civil servant, 3 Lansdowne Road
Macoun, C. D., 55 Osborne Park
Macoun, Miss F., 5 Crescent Gardens
Macoun, Mrs., 23 Broomhill Park
Macoun, Mrs. Elizabeth, 184 Malone Road
Macoun, Mrs. Mabel, 5 Taunton Avenue
Macoun, Mrs. W. J., 12 Osborne Gardens
Macoun, William Godfrey, Ltd., linen manufacturers, 6 Dublin Road
Macourt, Joseph, shipwright, 41 Clarendon Avenue
MacParland, Mrs. S., 28 Camden Street
Macphail, William J., civil engineer, 58 Kirkliston Park
Macpherson, D., 38 Graymount Park
Macpherson, John S., foreman, 5 Hillcrest Gardens
MacPherson, Mrs. D., artist, 124 Earlswood Road
MacPherson & Todd, Coal Importers, 50 Arthur Street Upper; Depot, 30 Queen's Quay
Macpherson, W. A. S., director, 9 Downview Avenue
Macquigg, John C., tailor, 67 Cliftonpark Avenue
MacRae, Kenneth, 829 Lisburn Road
Macrory, Andrew, manager, 49 Fitzroy Avenue
Macrory & Black, solicitors, 13 Donegall Square North
Macrory, C., tailor, 16 College Square East
Macrory, Ellen J., 159 Cregagh Road
Macrory, John, 19 Glenbrook Avenue
Macrory, J., boot maker, 65 Cavendish Street
Macrory Memorial Presbyterian Church (temporary address - Duncairn Presbyterian Church, Antrim Road)
Macrory, The Misses, 46 Sans Souci Park
Macrory, Robert, journalist, 36 Elaine Street
Macrory, Wm. McMillen, manager, 32 Houston Drive
MacSorley, Fredk., M.D., 82 Divis Drive
Macteer, Mrs. Julia, 1 Forth Street
Macy, R. H., & Co. Ltd. (New York), 13 Donegall Square North (purchasing office)
Madame Ethel, 179 Shankill Road
Madden Bros., publicans, 99 Whitla Street, 17-19 Pottinger's Entry, 2 Duncairn Gardens, and 313 York Street
Madden, B., cabinet maker, 46 Barrack Street
Madden, David, 47 Bristol Avenue
Madden, D., 42 Rushfield Avenue
Madden, E., grocer, 64 Mayflower Street
Madden, Henry J., 33 Alliance Avenue
Madden, James, grocer, 17 York Road
Madden, John, 36 Alexandra Park Avenue
Madden, John, Hopefield Nursery, Vancouver Street
Madden, John, painter and decorator, 21-23 Marquis Street
Madden, John, fruiterer, 231-233 Antrim Road
Madden, J., grocer, 102 Queen Street North
Madden, J. C., clerk, 80 Victoria Gardens
Madden, Lawrence, joiner, 30 Cranburn Street
Madden, Margaret, 40 Nansen Street
Madden, Matthew, electrician, 42 Bloomfield Gardens
Madden, Miss B. L., publican, 74 Smithfield
Madden, Miss N., grocer, 170 Shankill Road
Madden, Mrs. A. M., 116 Stranmillis Road
Madden, O. W., 50 Shandon Park
Madden, Patrick, butcher, 26 Kashmir Road
Madden, Patk., spirit merchant, 122 Queen Street North
Madden, Peter A., 1 Halstein Drive
Madden, P., spirit merchant, 20 Parkmount Road
Madden, P., hotel, 320 Lodge Road Old
Madden, P., publican, 1-3 Agnes Street, 144 Crumlin Road
Madden, P., wine and spirit merchant, 13 Derryvolgie Avenue
Madden, Robert J., 19 Rosevale Street
Madden, S. C., 141 Sandown Road
Madden, Thomas, cork merchant, 16 Magdala Street
Madden, W. H., R.U.C., 16 Manna Grove
Maddison, Alfred, fitter, 8 Sydenham Park
Maddock, Donald, millwright, 2 Lansdowne Park North
Madill, Andrew, 21 Malone Place
Madill, G., & Co., automobile engineers and service station, 3-5 University Road, 2a Lisburn Road and Chaplin Street
Madill, J., stores, 79 George's Street Great
Madill, J., butcher, 483 Crumlin Road
Madill, Miss E., 12 Harrow Street
Madill, Thomas, traveller, 38 Belmont Avenue
Madill, Thomas, traveller, 40 Haddington Gardens
Madill, Thomas, secretary, 33 Barnett's Road
Madill, William, butcher, 40 Earlswood Road
Madill, William, butcher, 153 York Street
Madill, W., 5 Locksley Gardens
Madine, Mrs. R., 79 Joy Street
Maebea, draper, 107 Dublin Road
Magachy, James, caretaker, 40 Carlisle Street
Magahy, E. H., 95 Malone Avenue
Magaud, André Francois, French teacher, 11 Allworthy Avenue
Magdalene, Junior P.E. School, Hardcastle Street
Magee, Alex., 109 Joanmount Park
Magee, Arthur, com. agent, 17 St. James's Park
Magee, A., farmer, Springhill, Ballygomartin Road
Magee, A., grocer, 72 Ainsworth Avenue
Magee, A., dealer, 51 Patrick Street Great
Magee, A., 181 Templemore Avenue
Magee, A. F., M.B., 186 Antrim Road
Magee, A. G., 16 Beechfield Street
Magee, Bernard, fruiterer, 72 Falls Road
Magee, Cecil, 43 Winetavern Street
Magee, Cecil, 34 Mount Merrion Park
Magee, Charles, inc. accountant and auditor, 1 Wellington Place; res., 50 North Parade
Magee, Charles, sheet metal worker, 2a Connswater Street
Magee, C., brass finisher, 47 Dee Street
Magee & Co., woollen merchants, 82 Royal Avenue
Magee & Co., insurance brokers, 4 Linen Hall Street
Magee, Daniel, baker, 9 Salisbury Street
Magee, David, R.U.C., 7 Onslow Parade
Magee, Edward, engineer, 35 Lincoln Avenue
Magee, Ed., jeweller, 55 Whiterock Road
Magee, Dr. Eileen J., surgeon, 76 Mountpottinger Road
Magee, Dr. E., 4 The Mount
Magee, E. D., 92 Priory Park
Magee, Felix R., lorry driver, 83 Denmark Street
Magee, Francis, clerk, 30 Whitehall Parade
Magee, F. J., tailor, 71 Donegall Street
Magee, George, bread server, 1 Hartington Street
Magee, George, prin., 191a Newtownards Road Upper
Magee, George, clerk, 24 Ferguson Drive
Magee, George T., linen merchant, Rotha, Finaghy Park South
Magee, George T., & Co., linen manufacturers, 2 Clarence Street
Magee, Gerald J., solicitor, 46 Donegall Street
Magee, G., grocer, 34-36 Moscow Street
Magee, G. F., 31 Eia Street
Magee, G. J., solicitor, Fancourt, Andersonstown
Magee, Henry, dealer, 21 Winetavern Street
Magee, Hugh, clerk, 39 Cooke Street
Magee, James, 72 Earlswood Road
Magee, James, Lake Glen Kennels, Falls Road
Magee, James, 1 Mooreland Park
Magee, James H., dairyman, Kilmoona, Glen Road
Magee, John, stained glass worker, 19 Shaftesbury Avenue
Magee, John, clerk, 9 Ravenhill Crescent
Magee, John, fitter, 64 Glencairn Street
Magee, John, Ensworth, Finaghy Road South
Magee, John, draughtsman, 170 Orby Drive
Magee, John, 90 Durham Street
Magee, John, stationer and fancy goods, 4 Donegall Square West
Magee, John, smith's helper, 54 Queen Street North
Magee, John, dairyman, Rose Lodge, Andersonstown
Magee, John, Ltd., glass works, 19 Seymour Street
Magee, John J., Solicitor, 71 Donegall Street, res., 158 Newtownards Road Upper
Magee, John K., Cool-na-Greine, Malone Park Central
Magee, John R., 118 Alliance Avenue
Magee, Joseph, accountant, 172 Orby Drive
Magee, J., postman, 7 Ravenhill Crescent
Magee, J., draper, 119-121 Castle Street
Magee, J., manager, 8 Chestnutt Gardens
Magee, Dr. J. A., 12 Cromac Square
Magee, J. H., chemist, 13 Glen Road
Magee, J. J., bread server, 239 Springfield Road
Magee, J. T., 26 Haddington Gardens
Magee, Mary, 52 Elizabeth Street
Magee, Miss, 108 Deramore Avenue
Magee, Miss A., confectioner, 40 Byron Street
Magee, Miss E., 10 Woodland Avenue
Magee, Miss L. N., 10 Waterloo Gardens
Magee, Miss M., 20 Glendower Street
Magee, Miss M. J., 95 Queen Street North
Magee, Miss M. McC., 244 Newtownards Road Upper
Magee, The Misses, 75 Windsor Avenue Lower
Magee, Misses M. A. & E., 8 Tokio Gardens
Magee, Mrs., 2 Pakenham Street
Magee, Mrs., 846 Crumlin Road
Magee, Mrs., 587 Donegall Road
Magee, Mrs., 36 Lawrence Street
Magee, Mrs., 18 Hardcastle Street
Magee, Mrs., 41 Patrick Street Little
Magee, Mrs., confectioner, 64 Limestone Road
Magee, Mrs. A., 44 Marlborough Park North
Magee, Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 Formby Park
Magee, Mrs. E., 103 Joy Street
Magee, Mrs. E., 81 Killowen Street
Magee, Mrs. Maria, 373 Lisburn Road
Magee, Mrs. Margaret, 417 Crumlin Road
Magee, Mrs. Robert, 4 McQuillan Street
Magee, Mrs. T., fruiterer, 63 Newtownards Road
Magee, P., 37 Adelaide Avenue
Magee, Robert, hairdresser, 15 Amelia Street
Magee, Robert, 30 Cheltenham Park
Magee, Robert, cutter, 55 Melrose Street
Magee, Robert, clerk, 32 Downshire Road
Magee, Robert, fitter, 19 Ashton Avenue, Finaghy
Magee, R., coal merchant, 20 May Street
Magee, R. A., 211 Dunluce Avenue
Magee, S., grocer, 72 Ainsworth Avenue
Magee, S., 41 Loopland Road
Magee, Teresa, 2 Lomond Avenue
Magee, Thomas, 44 Meadowbank Place
Magee, Thomas, pavior, 134 Agincourt Avenue
Magee, Thomas J., tailor and outfitter, 48 Royal Avenue
Magee, T., publican, Shore Road
Magee, T. H., 108 Percy Street
Magee, Victor, 56 Victoria Gardens
Magee & Walls, com. agents, 85a Falls Road
Magee, William, 19 Glenbank Drive
Magee, William, 3 Napier Street
Magee, William, painter, 6 Wheatfield Crescent
Magee, William, fitter, 76 Glencairn Street
Magee, William, Whiterock Road
Magee, William, designer, 102 Wellesley Avenue
Magee, William, joiner, 105 Madrid Street
Magee, William, 4 Roumania Street
Magee, William, R.U.C., 35 Adelaide Avenue
Magee, William J., dental mechanic, 32 Torrens Gardens
Magee, Woods & Hillan, incorporated accountants, 13 Donegall Place
Magee, W., com. agent, 3 M'Tier Street
Magee, W., draper, 109 Cromac Street
Magee, W. H., 50 Bryson Street
Magee, W. J., warehouseman, 61 Sandhurst Gardens
Mageean, James, 72 Eglantine Avenue
Mageean, John, publican, 68-70 Short Strand
Mageean, John, publican, 82 Mountpottinger Road
Mageean, John, grocer, 12 Joy Street
Mageean, Mrs. Annie, 21 Beechmount Drive
Mageen, James, barman, 20 Madrid Street
Magenis, Arthur, foreman, 34 Clonard Gardens
Magennis, John, carter, 7 Ship Street
Magennis, Joseph, teacher, 33 St. James's Park
Magennis, J. R., clerk, 11 Sagimor Gardens
Magennis, Mrs. M. A., 27 Marquis Street
Magennis, Richard, teacher, 563 Donegall Road
Maghie, Miss A., grocer, 9-11 Lord Street
Magiffin, Mrs., 13 Trinity Street
Magihon, Sarah, confectioner, 131 Hillman Street
Magill, Alex., brass moulder, 25 Dargle Street
Magill, Arthur, buyer, 16 Cranmore Park
Magill, Arthur J., 36 Atlantic Avenue
Magill, A., 6 Malone Avenue
Magill Bros., butchers, 7 Glen Road
Magill, C. W. S., 21 (2) Camden Street
Magill & Co., tailors, 63 Durham Street
Magill, David, Cairn Dhu, Glen Road
Magill, David, 68 Woodstock Road
Magill, Edward, hairdresser, 195 Falls Road
Magill, E. W., 204 Duncairn Gardens
Magill, George, conductor, 19 Benview Park
Magill, Hamilton, fitter, 78 Roden Street
Magill, Herbert, weaver, 2 Clara Crescent Lower
Magill, Hugh, 10 Alexandra Gardens
Magill, Hugh, fitter, 15 Eblana Street
Magill, Hugh, 9 Balfour Avenue
Magill, Hugh, 45 Downshire Road
Magill, James, 7 Ava Avenue
Magill, James, fitter, 7 Wallasey Park
Magill, James, holder-up, 35 Canning Street
Magill, James, 61 Belmont Road
Magill, James, machinist, 34 Summer Hill Park
Magill, John, R.U.C., 1 Newington Avenue
Magill, John, grocer, 71 Hanover Street
Magill, John, shipping clerk, 20 Pretoria Street
Magill, John, tram conductor, 178 Manor Street
Magill, J., manager, 217 Cavehill Road
Magill, J., joiner, 40 Atlantic Avenue
Magill, J., R.U.C., 19 Ashdene Drive
Magill, J. A., 127 Malone Avenue
Magill, J. E., chartered accountant, 10 Arthur Street; res., Eversley, Whitehead
Magill, Miss, shorthand teacher, 27 Lothair Avenue
Magill, Miss, 1 Geneva Gardens
Magill, Miss Margaret, 53 Copperfield Street
Magill, Mrs., agent, 333 York Street
Magill, Mrs., 73 Victoria Road
Magill, Mrs. A., 62 Haypark Avenue
Magill, Mrs. Eliza J., 12 Whitewell Drive
Magill, Mrs. Ellen, 7 Depot Terrace, Shore Road
Magill, Mrs. Isabella, grocer, 178 Snugville Street
Magill, Mrs. Jane, 276 Albert Bridge Road
Magill, Mrs. M., draper, 13 Albert Bridge Road
Magill, Mrs. M., 51 Lancaster Street
Magill, Mrs. M., 54 Woodcot Avenue
Magill, Mrs. Sadie, 50 Redcar Street
Magill, O., & Co., grocers, 98 York Road
Magill, Patrick, fireman, 5 Depot Terrace, Shore Road
Magill, Robert, insurance agent, 214 Grosvenor Road
Magill, Robert, foreman, 149 Ardenlee Avenue
Magill, Robert J., linen business, 13 Ardmore Park
Magill, Robert M., civil servant, 763 Lisburn Road
Magill, Robert R., insurance agent, 43 Loopland Gardens
Magill, R. B., 2 Elmwood Avenue
Magill, Samuel, 103 Dunraven Avenue
Magill, Samuel, tailor, 68 Bankmore Street
Magill, Thomas, 24 Albertville Drive
Magill, Thomas, linen lapper, 6 Riverview Street
Magill, Thomas Thompson, plumber, 11 Lisburn Avenue
Magill, T., grocer, 3 Glenside Parade
Magill, Walter, Massey Avenue
Magill, William, plater, 105 Beechfield Street
Magill, William, traveller, 20 Mount Prospect Park
Magill, William, 12 Knock Eden Park
Magill, William, confectioner, 24 Church Lane
Magill, William, boot maker, 14 Ravenhill Avenue
Magill, W., civil servant, 26 Castle Hill Park
Magill, W., confectioner, 171 Lodge Road Old
Magill, W., 24 Wellesley Avenue
Magill, W. A., surgeon, 7 Castle Avenue
Magill, W. J., 29 Ingledale Park
Magill's (Belfast), Ltd., wallpaper and paint merchants, 88-90 North Street
Magill's, confectioners, 58b and 100 Donegall Street and 120 North Street
Magilton, Hugh, R.U.C., 19 Nendrum Gardens
Maginn & Co., electrical contractors, 145 Grosvenor Road
Maginn & Co., radio dealers, 32 Gresham Street
Maginn, James, 6 Marina Park
Maginn, Joseph, 5 Frank Street Upper
Maginn, Mrs. E., 25 Ferguson Drive
Maginn, Patrick, pawn broker and jeweller, 112 Albert Street
Maginn, William, 1 Graymount Road
Maginnes, James, 27 Dargle Street
Maginnes, John, hide and skin merchant, 19 Welsh Street
Maginnes, Mrs. Annie, 77 Chadwick Street
Maginnes, Mrs. H., 62 Donegall Pass
Maginness, Frank, grocer, 60 Thompson Street
Maginness, F., 4 Kinallen Street
Maginness, George, iron turner, 50 Kimberley Street
Maginness, Joseph, clerk, 17 Fruithill Park
Maginness, Owen B., accountant, 129 Falls Road
Maginnis, A., warehouseman, 24 Willowholme Drive
Maginnis, A., 55 Falls Road
Maginnis, Eugene, clothier, 13 College Square North
Maginnis, E., 128 Divis Street
Maginnis, F., 7 Ship Street
Maginnis, George, & Son, linen packers, 33 Linen Hall Street
Maginnis, John, painter and decorator, 169 Cambrai Street
Maginnis, J. R. D., clerk, 198 Cregagh Street
Maginnis, Miss, 37 Lisburn Road
Maginnis, Miss, 142 Stranmillis Road
Maginnis, Miss Eleanor J., 5 Camden Street
Maginnis, Mrs., 5 Imperial Drive
Maginnis, Mrs., 187 Holywood Road
Maginnis, Mrs. A., 7 Glencairn Street
Maginnis, M. A., 21 York Street Little
Maginnis, T. J., baker, 246 Falls Road
Maginnis, T. S., P.O. inspector, 13 St. James's Street
Maginnis, William, Lismachan Cottages, Belmont Road
Magnet Shoe Store (The), 32 Hope Street
Magnet Stores, 269 Woodstock Road
Magookin, Thomas, rigger, 68 Moyola Street
Magowan, Arthur, Glynn, Chichester Park
Magowan, James, 2 Castleview Road
Magowan, James, 411 Queen Street North
Magowan, James, linen manufacturer, Shandon Villa, Diamond Gardens
Magowan, Joseph, Alcantara, Glen Road
Magowan, Joseph, flesher, 127 Grosvenor Road
Magowan, Joseph, clerk, 47 Victoria Road
Magowan, J., Beechmount, 169 Sandown Road
Magowan, J. C., 7 Knockvale Park
Magowan & Lyness, hairdressers, 32 Ann Street
Magowan, Miss A., 54 Linden Gardens
Magowan, Miss Eileen, 12 Meadowbank Street
Magowan, Miss Florence, 100 Deerpark Road
Magowan, Miss Mary, 268 Grosvenor Road
Magowan, Mrs., 24 Bruce Street
Magowan, Mrs., 5 Ulsterville Place
Magowan, Mrs., 111 Wellesley Avenue
Magowan, Mrs., supper saloon, 39 Belmont Road
Magowan, Mrs., 41 Belmont Road
Magowan, Mrs. Agnes, 64 Holywood Road
Magowan, Mrs. E., 35 Cromwell Road
Magowan, Mrs. J., 104 Woodvale Road
Magowan, Mrs. Margaret, 10 Irwin Avenue
Magowan, Robert, 64 Marlborough Park South
Magowan, Robert, clerk, 65 Belmont Road
Magowan, Robert, tailor, 118 Ardenlee Avenue
Magowan, R., plumber, 162 Roden Street
Magowan, S., pharmaceutical chemist, 23 Shandon Park
Magowan, Thomas, civil servant, 17 Summer Hill Park
Magowan, T., builder, 65 Parkgate Avenue
Magowan, T., baker, 29 Haywood Avenue
Magowan, T. L., librarian, Rydalmere, Lisburn Road
Magowan, William J., machinist, 80 Whitewell Road
Magowan, W., clerk, 50 Sandhill Gardens
Magowan, W., 78 Bloomfield Road
Magowan, W. J., 188 King's Road
Magowan, W. J., 10 Tweskard Park
Magowan, W. J., J.P., 166 Newtownards Road Upper
Magowan, W. S., engineers surveyor, 8 Grasmere Gardens
Magowan, W. & S., Ltd., printers, 19 Bedford Street
Magown's Store, 8 McMillan's Place
Magrath, J. H., traveller, 1 Wolesley Street
Magrath, Miss Elizabeth, 6 Green Road
Magrath, Miss H., B.A., ladies' school, 2 Eglantine Avenue
Maguiness, Cecil, 195 Dunluce Avenue
Maguiness, Thomas, coach builder, 9 Moreland Park
Maguinness, Miss, 74 King's Road
Maguire, Albert E., driver, 33 Prospect Park
Maguire, Andrew, 29 Knutsford Drive
Maguire, A., confectioner, 176 Oldpark Road
Maguire, A., grocer, 1 Gracehill Street
Maguire Bros., publicans, 70-72 Fleet Street
Maguire Bros., publicans, 40 Garmoyle Street
Maguire, Rev. C. W., 499 Lisburn Road
Maguire, Dennis, manager, 30 Springfield Road
Maguire, D., engineer, 68 Divis Drive
Maguire, Edward, civil servant, Kilmore, Falls Road
Maguire, Eugene, publican, 48 Cromac Street
Maguire, E. F., 16 Rossmore Avenue
Maguire, Rev. F. H. Scott, 150 Malone Road
Maguire, Henry, engraver, 32 Woodvale Parade
Maguire, H., fruiterer, 164 Lodge Road New
Maguire, James, plumber, 23 Florida Drive
Maguire, James, plater, 32 Bloomfield Avenue
Maguire, James, publican, 43 Townsend Street
Maguire, James, publican, 15 La Salle Drive
Maguire, James, publican, 49 Rushfield Avenue
Maguire, James M., publican, 55 Dock Street
Maguire, James S., salesman, 6 Blenheim Drive
Maguire, John, joiner, 24 Hugo Street
Maguire, John, 37 Townsend Street Upper
Maguire, John, postman, 11 Chief Street
Maguire, John, clerk, 4 Ardpatrick Gardens
Maguire, Joseph, 26 May Street Little
Maguire, Joseph, com. agent, 2 Chapel Lane
Maguire, Joseph, corp. accountant, 14 Somerdale Park
Maguire, Joseph, accountant, 30 Rosemary Street
Maguire, J., tobacconist, 26 William Street South
Maguire, J., publican, 43 Albert Street
Maguire, J. F., L.D.S., dentist, 32 Dublin Road
Maguire, J. F., 71 Vernon Street
Maguire, J. J., civil servant, 69 Cedar Avenue
Maguire, Laurence P., 53 Glen Road
Maguire, L., 26-28 Falls Road
Maguire, L. P., draper, 265 Grosvenor Road
Maguire, L. P., outfitter, 211 Falls Road
Maguire, Miss Annie, 3 Wellington Park
Maguire, Miss A., 232 Cregagh Street
Maguire, Miss Catherine, 19 Avoca Street
Maguire, Miss Elizabeth, 69 Rugby Avenue
Maguire, Miss K., 6 Brookhill Avenue
Maguire, Miss Mary, 44 Broadway
Maguire, Miss M., 185 Springfield Road
Maguire, Mrs. A., 111 Nelson Street
Maguire, Mrs. B., 66 Durham Street
Maguire, Mrs. Eliz., Farmoile, Andersonstown
Maguire, Mrs. Mary Jane, 44 Tennent Street
Maguire, Mrs. S., 56 Osborne Drive
Maguire, M. J., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 82 Dublin Road
Maguire, N., shop assistant, 127 Alliance Avenue
Maguire & Paterson (N.I.), Ltd., Ulster Match Works, Donegall Road. T.A.: "Matches, Belfast"
Maguire, Peter, gardener, 29 Melrose Street
Maguire, P., publican, 50 Pilot Street
Maguire, Robt., fitter, 25 Victoria Avenue
Maguire, Thomas, publican, 52 Garmoyle Street
Maguire, Thomas, publican, 25-27 Springfield Road
Maguire, Thomas, barman, 44 Nansen Street
Maguire, Thomas, manager, 23 Marsden Gardens
Maguire, T. P., 90 Spamount Street and 69 Ship Street
Maguire, T. P., electrician, 41 Eia Street
Maguire, William, plater, 38 Connsbrook Drive
Maguire, William, 84 Beechmount Street
Maguire, W., bus conductor, 23 Beechmount Street
Mahaffey, J. E., traveller, 36 Westway Drive
Mahaffey, John, insurance official, 74 Wheatfield Drive
Mahaffey, Robert, tenter, 44 Enfield Street
Mahaffy, A., 27 St. Aubyn Street
Mahaffy, John, Ltd., 31 Exchange Street
Mahaffy, Lamont, R.U.C., 38 Ardenlee Parade
Mahaffy, Miss M., 8 Harrow Street
Mahaffy, Mrs. J. G., 749 Lisburn Road
Mahaffy, Mrs. N., 51 Willowbank Gardens
Mahaffy, R. W., R.U.C., 20 Ravenhill Avenue
Mahaffy & Sons, building contractors, 53b Jersey Street
Mahaffy, Thomas, motorman, 14 Onslow Parade
Mahaffy, T. M., Lisortee, Lisburn Road
Mahair, T. H., iron turner, 6 St. Jude's Parade
Mahon, D. J., O.B.E., 19 North Parade
Mahon, F., docker, 52 Candahar Street
Mahon, James, butcher, 5 Chesham Grove
Mahon, John, fitter, 30 Devon Parade
Mahon, J., foreman, 55 Loopland Park
Mahon, Mrs. R., 10 Greenwood Park
Mahon, Norman, 1 Kenbella Parade
Mahon, R., joiner, 66 Madrid Street
Mahon, T. N., 33 Ava Park
Mahoney, Charles, grocer, 52 Glenview Street
Mahoney, David, packer, 3 Adela Street
Mahood, Alex., inspector N.S.P.C.C., 9 Houston Drive
Mahood, David, boot maker, 487 Oldpark Road
Mahood, G. H., 240 Holywood Road
Mahood, Howard, 54 Gainsborough Drive
Mahood, John, 30 Florida Drive
Mahood, John, 2 Alliance Avenue
Mahood, John, deputy harbour master, 1 Cavehill Gardens
Mahood, John, deputy harbour master, 1 Cabin Hill Gardens
Mahood, The Misses, 16 Linden Gardens
Mahood, Mrs., confectioner, 7 Beersbridge Road
Mahood, Robert, insurance agent, 26 Trigo Parade
Mahood, Samuel, boiler maker, 20 Rosapenna Parade
Mahood, Samuel, 18 Salisbury Avenue
Mahood, Samuel, cycle dealer, 196 Newtownards Road
Mahood, Stanley, 14 Edinburgh Street
Mahood, Thomas, blacksmith, 37 Devon Parade
Mahood, T., 254 Ravenhill Avenue
Mahood, T. J. M., 28 Marlborough Park South
Mahood, Victor, 24 Orpen Road
Mahood & Watson, overall manufacturers, 12a Linen Hall Street
Mahood, William, milk vendor, 5 Balfour Avenue
Mahood, William, engineer, 23 Deramore Gardens
Mahood, W. A., 379 Castlereagh Road
Mahood's, cycle and radio dealers, 170 Newtownards Road
Maidment, William, butcher, 185 Newtownards Road
Maidment, Wm., fruiterer, 212 Newtownards Road
Maidment, W., 7 North Road
Mairs, David, engraver, 5 Edinburgh Street
Mairs, D., & Co., engineers, 62b Victoria Street Great
Mairs, D. J., fitter, 12 Sydenham Crescent
Mairs, G. T., salesman, 29 Rosapenna Drive
Mairs, James, clerk, 93 Rushfield Avenue
Mairs, James, tweed manufacturer, 2 Cabin Hill Gardens
Mairs, John, printer, 4 Glencairn Street
Mairs, Lizzie, 119 Crumlin Road
Mairs, Maggie, grocer, 53 Matchett Street
Mairs, Mrs. M., 27 Delhi Street
Mairs, M. S., grocer, 155 Lodge Road Old
Mairs, Samuel, 2 Charleville Street Upper
Mairs, S., 14-16 Summer Street
Mairs, Thomas James, printer, 6 Hatfield Street
Maison, Cecile, hairdresser, 28 Peter's Hill and branches
Maison, d'Elegance, hairdressing, 553 Antrim Road
Maitland, A. T., joiner, 53 Brandon Parade
Maitland, Francis A., clerk, 14 Connsbrook Drive
Maitland, John, pattern maker, 7 Clara Crescent Upper
Maitland, J. A., coach builder, 96 Barnett's Road
Maitland, Mrs. R., 601 Lisburn Road
Maitland, N., 20 St. John's Park
Maitland, Samuel, clerk, 23 Aigburth Park
Maitland, Thomas, cabinet maker, 41 Woodcot Avenue
Maitland, Thomas, fitter, 42 Finvoy Street
Maitland, William, 71 Kensington Road
Maintland, William, clerk, 20 Sefton Drive
Majestic Cinema, 204-222 Lisburn Road
Major, Cecil, funeral furnisher, 10 Marlborough Park North
Major, George, motor car hirer, 731 Lisburn Road
Major, John, & Sons, motor hirers, funeral furnishers, 535 Lisburn Road, 177 Shankill Road and 42 Oldpark Road
Major, J., motor man, 67 Tildarg Street
Major, Margaret, 40 Coombe Hill Park
Major, Robert, packing case maker, 82 Dover Street
Major, Robert, mechanic, 34 North Parade
Major, William, 12 Marguerite Park
Major, William, supper saloon, Ardenlee Street
Majury, A., 28 Maryville Park
Majury, John, garage, 1a Clements Street
Majury, Joseph, traveller, 3 Silverstream Park
Majury, J. H. G., 48 Harberton Park
Majury, Matthew, radio engineer, 5 Timbey Park
Majury, Mrs., 49 Myrtlefield Park
Majury, Mrs. J., 20 Raby Street
Majury, Mrs. Margaret, 36 Howard Street North
Makemson, Chas. R., gas engineer, 21 Pommern Parade
Makemson, J., inspector, 1 Whitewell Parade
Makemson, Thos. W., engineer, 20 Knockbreda Gardens
Malcolm, A., engineer, 394 Beersbridge Road
Malcolm, A., 5 Chichester Road
Malcolm, Bernard, 7 Wheatfield Crescent
Malcolm, D., wallpaper merchant, 18 Victoria Street and 1 Queen Square
Malcolm, Fred J., Ltd., Diamond Merchants, Goldsmiths, and Silversmiths, 18 Chichester Street. T.A.: "Effmalcolm"
Malcolm, G., engineer, 12 Ferguson Drive
Malcolm, H. P., M.C., M.B., M.Ch., 27 College gardens
Malcolm, James, & Co., accountants, 40 Royal Avenue
Malcolm, J., fireman, 34 Wyndham Street
Malcolm, J., T.U. official, 61 Stranmillis Gardens
Malcolm, Mrs., 17 Lorne Street
Malcolm, Mrs. Mary, 55 Lomond Avenue
Malcolm, O., manager, 53 Maryville Park
Malcolm, Robert, 17 Jocelyn Street
Malcolm, Walter, F.A.I., House, Land and Estate Agent, 24 Rosemary Street
Malcolmson, A., newsagent, 64 Lodge Road Old
Malcolmson, A. & J., dyers, 24 Howard Street
Malcolmson, J. A., Recort House, Shore Road
Malcolmson, J. V., 4 Rugby Street
Malcolmson, Mrs. D., 49 Osborne Park
Malcolmson, Mrs. L., 16 Rosapenna Drive
Malcolmson, S., 90 Tate's Avenue
Malcolmson, T., bank official, 50 Bawnmore Road
Malcolmson, T. R., 9 Bladon Drive
Malcomson, G. L., 18 Cranmore Park
Malcomson, H. T., stock broker, 59 Hawthornden Road
Malcomson, Joseph, & Co., stock and share brokers, 32 Arthur Street
Malcomson, Mrs. J., Laurel Bank, Barnett's Road
Malcomson, Samuel, 29 Holywood Road Old
Malecco, Michael, confectioner, 168 Falls Road
Malins, Henry, house furnisher, 52 Sandy Row
Mallace, James, manufacturers' agent, 4-6 James' Street South
Mallace, James, 258 Stranmillis Road
Mallace, Mrs., 23 Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
Mallace, William, manufacturers' agent, 9 Castle Hill Road
Mallace, William, manufacturers' agent, 5 College Street
Mallagh, Mrs., 14 Farnham Street
Mallagh, W. G., secretary, 17 Thornhill Park
Mallaghan, J., 89 Haypark Avenue
Mallaghan, J., coal merchant, 199 Ligoniel Road
Mallaghan, J., publican, 29 Joy Street
Mallard, H., traveller, 12 Earlswood Park
Mallard, Mrs., 58 Woodcot Avenue
Mallard, S., 51 Shore Road
Malley, Miss M., 8 Belgravia Avenue
Mallin, A., 93 Alexandra Park Avenue
Mallin, Arthur, tobacconist, 76 Bridge End
Mallon, H., dealer, 78 Albert Street
Mallon, I., linen business, 3 Sandhurst Gardens
Mallon, John Henry, 7 Regent Street
Mallon, Joseph, clerk, 11 Ashley Drive
Mallon, Joseph, publican, 938-942 Crumlin Road
Mallon, J., 22 Knockdarragh Park
Mallon, J., cutter, 18 Victoria Gardens
Mallon, J., 29 Edinburgh Street
Mallon, Miss S., 3 Cameron Street
Mallon, Mrs., 3 Wandsworth Gardens
Mallon, Mrs. Annie M., 5 Wandsworth Gardens
Mallon, Thomas, 1 Wandsworth Gardens
Mallon, Thomas J., 22 Mount Merrion Park
Mallon's, motor and cycle agents, 53-85 Ann Street
Malloy, Alfred, sheet metal worker, 183 Joanmount Gardens
Malloy, Catherine, nurse, 497 Falls Road
Malloy, George, bundler, 241 Ballysillan Road
Malloy, Joseph, 8 Abetta Parade
Malloy, William, compositor, 8 Rosewood Street
Mallusk Bleaching and Finishing Co., yarn bleachers and dyers, yarn and cloth merchants, 11-13 Bedford Street
Malon, P., driver, 57 Lagan Street
Malone, Charles, Corporation official, 5 Glantane Street
Malone, Charles, boot maker, 204 Falls Road
Malone, Edward, postman, 34 Barrack Street
Malone, Edward, 44 Beechmount Street
Malone Golf Club, Malone Road - Charles S. Harden, secretary
Malone, H., 29 Alexander Street West
Malone, John, tenter, 10 Springfield Road
Malone, J., L.D.S., 16 Elmwood Avenue
Malone Presbyterian Church, 454 Lisburn Road; Lecture Hall, 2 Balmoral Avenue
Malone P.E. School, 4 Balmoral Avenue
Malone Recreation Room, 559a Lisburn Road
Malone Telephone Exchange, Windsor Park
Malone, Thomas, fireman, 215 Joanmount Gardens
Malone Training School for Boys, near 785 Lisburn Road - James Watson, manager
Malone, T., manager, Wolfhill Villa, Wolfhill Avenue
Malone, William, assistant supt., 9 Albertville Drive
Maloney, C. A., fitter, 15 Hatfield Street
Maloney, Harry, packer, 13 Chesham Grove
Maloney, Mrs. Margaret, 189 Dunluce Avenue
Maloney, R., 11 Canada Street
Malough, Miss, 9 Camden Street
Malough, Mrs., 37 Sandymount Street
Malough, T., traveller, 29 Sunningdale Park
Malough, T., agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Malough, William, plater, 70 Sicily Park
Malpas, A. W., nurseryman, 409 Lisburn Road
Maltman, Alfred, pastries, 477-479 Lisburn Road
Maltman, A., fruiterer, 457 Lisburn Road
Maltman, Edward, clerk, 21 Rosapenna Drive
Maltman, Ed., 449 Oldpark Road
Maltman, Jas., driver, 854 Crumlin Road
Maltman, L. M., 279 Ormeau Road
Maltman, R. H., taxi cab prop., 49 Victoria Street
Maltman, R. H., & Sons, Ltd., motor agents and hirers, 312-318 Ormeau Road
Maltman, W., 184 Cliftonville Road
Malvern Street P.E. School, 4 Malvern Street
Malynn, B. M., R.U.C., 26 Eblana Street
Mander Bros., Ltd., 11 North Street
Manderson, James, fitter, 255 Springfield Road
Manderson, J. S., bread server, 60 Mount Merrion Park
Manderson, Miss Dora, 213 Springfield Road
Manderson, Miss Jane, grocer, 32-34 Tasmania Street
Manderson, Mrs. Emily, 47 Willowbank Gardens
Manderson, M. A., clerk, 311 Antrim Road
Manderson, Thomas, conductor, 7 Roseleigh Street
Manderson, William, 7 Glenside Park
Mandeville Club, 15 Stephen Street
Maneely, Mrs. J., 116 North Road
Maneely, V. J., 10 Galwally Park
Maneely, William, R.U.C., 61 Norfolk Parade
Manfield & Sons, Ltd., Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, 26-28 Donegall Place
Manhattan Beauty Parlour, ladies' hairdresser, 5 Corn Market
Maniece, G. A., Corporation official, 23 Sans Souci Park
Manley, F., civil servant, 122 Ulsterville Avenue
Manley, James, cleaner, Riversdale House, Andersonstown
Manley, T., civil servant, 14 Holland Gardens
Mann, Alfred, chemist, 65 Malone Avenue
Mann, A., tailor, 138 North Street
Mann, A. W., chemist, 7 Donegall Square North
Mann, George, coal merchant, 65 Stockman's Lane
Mann, Jacob, director, 332 Cregagh Road
Mann, James, traveller, 151 Connsbrook Avenue
Mann, Joseph, 15 Deramore Gardens
Mann, J., clothier, 9 William Street South
Mann, Miss E. S., 11 Beechlands
Mann, Miss Ismay, Ballyhanwood Road
Mann, Mrs., 46 Green Road
Mann, Mrs., 22 St. John's Park
Mann, Robert, plumber, 155 Lisburn Road
Mann, R., plumber, 434 Lisburn Road
Mann, R. A. L., bank official, 369 Cregagh Road
Mann, Summers, & Co. Ltd., paper merchants, 29a Adelaide Street
Mann, S. A., photographer, 4 Ardmore Avenue, Finaghy
Mann, W. A., confectioner, 91 Stockman's Lane
Mann, W. A., joiner, Avoca, Stockman's Lane
Mann, W. D., seaman, 315 Albert Bridge Road
Mann, W. G. C., director, 2 Mount Pleasant
Manning, D., 51 Divis Street
Manning, George, dentist, 291 Ormeau Road and 2 Donegall Pass
Manning, R. V., 20 Bawnmore Road
Mannion, J., 49 Brookhill Avenue
Mannis, Hugh, 21 Cheviot Avenue
Mansall, F., & Sons, manufacturers' agents, Riddels Arcade
Mansell, E. E., electrician, 96 Haypark Avenue
Mansell, F., cutter, 13 Riverview Street
Mansell, George, bookkeeper, 75 Delhi Street
Mansell, T. C., plumber, 158 Ardenlee Avenue
Mansfield, E. L., 25 Mount Eden Park
Manson, Emily, 166 Roden Street
Manson, John, grocer, 22 Cooldarragh Park
Manson, John, & son, grocers, 241 Antrim Road
Manson, Miss M., 10 Wyndham Street
Manson, Mrs., 1 Brookvale Drive
Manson, M., clerk, 50 Cliftondene Gardens
Mantelle, ladies' drapery, 93 Dublin Road
Manton, Mrs. S., 285 Cavehill Road
Manuel, G., cutter, 45 Victoria Gardens
Manufacturing Clearance Stores, house furnishers, 24-28 Dublin Road
Manus, Mrs., 24 Gawn Street
Marcantonis, M., 271 Springfield Road
Marcello, D., confectioner, 156 York Street
Marchant, R., F.S.I., chartered surveyor, (6-7) fifth floor, 2 Wellington Place
Marcom, Ltd., 68-70 George's Street Great
Marcus, B., 16 Brookvale Street
Marcus, Cecil, wholesale stationer, 12 Donegall Street
Marcus, Cecil, wholesale stationer, 27 Lismoyne Park
Marcus, John, thatcher, 49 Beechmount Drive
Marcus, Louis, book seller, 12 Ardmore Park
Marcus, Louis, book seller, 41-44, 83-87 Smithfield Market
Marcus, L., financier, 82 Royal Avenue
Marcus, R., 43 Annalee Street
Marguerite, ladies' outfitter, 280 Ormeau Road
Marie, millinery, 8 Queen's Arcade
Marigold Bakery, 234a Ballysillan Road
Marina, ladies' hairdresser, 329 Albert Bridge Road
Marine Governors Ltd., 104 Percy Street
Marine Motors Ltd., 44 May Street
Mariner's P.E. Schools, 205 Nelson Street
Marion, drapers, Lisburn Road
Maritime Insurance Co. Ltd., 58 Howard Street - H. A. Sandys, A.C.I.I., Resident Secretary
Mark, Alexander, 92 North Road
Mark, A., 58 Martinez Avenue
Mark, E., draper, 208 Newtownards Road
Mark, F., assistant manager, 31 Gibson Park Gardens
Mark, Mrs., 122 Stranmillis Road
Mark, Thomas, 25 Salisbury Avenue
Markel, Robert W., 18 Slievedarragh Park
Marken, Mrs., 165 Albert Street
Markey, A., plumber, 85 Divis Street
Markey, W. G., Andersonstown
Markland, J. H., traveller, 18 Glanleam Drive
Marks, Charles, railway man, 324 Lisburn Road
Marks, F., 17 Donegall Park
Marks, F., 34 Fairview Street
Marks, F. J., tram inspector, 5 Ulsterville Drive
Marks & Hinds, linen manufacturers, 19 Bedford Street
Marks, H., confectioner, 383 Donegall Road
Marks, James, traveller, 66 Park Avenue
Marks, Joseph, 29 Meadowbank Place
Marks, Miss, 22 India Street
Marks, Mrs., 58 Station Road
Marks, Mrs. E., 83 Wallasey Park
Marks, Mrs. James, 52 Kansas Avenue
Marks, Mrs. S., 9 Dunluce Avenue
Marks, Robert, fitter, 20 Whitewell Road
Marks, Robert J., 33 Landscape Terrace
Marks, S. J., chemist, 11 Sicily Park
Marks, Thomas, fitter, 29 Brandon Parade
Marks, Thomas, & Co., linen merchants, 19 Bedford Street
Marks, T., 1 Shrewsbury Park
Marks, R. M., fruiterer, 18 Dee Street
Marks, W. J., berthing master, 29 Dunlambert Gardens
Marlborough, Mrs., 5 Springdale Gardens
Marlborough, M., 28 Devon Parade
Marlborough Nursing Home, 207 Belmont Road
Marlen Restaurant, The, 154-155 Smithfield
Marley, F., 48 Regent Street
Marley, Margaret, 92 Havana Street
Marley, Margaret, 94 Havana Street
Marley, Mrs., 28 Dock Street
Marley, Stephen, & Sons, salesmen and auctioneers, Corporation Fish Market, Oxford Street
Marlow, James, pattern maker, 85 Madrid Street
Marmion, William, 41 Percy Street
Marnell, John A., grocer, 68-70 Ardilea Street
Marno, Albert, docker, 23 Ballysillan Road
Marr, Charles A., 58 Knockvale Park
Marr, D. B., 14 Belmont Park
Marrinan, Desmond P., B.A., solicitor, 22 Callender Street
Marrinan, F. James, 524 Donegall Road
Marrinan, Mrs., 52 Ulsterville Avenue
Marron, Bridget, 40 Clonard Gardens
Marron, Jos., window dresser, 165a Duncairn Gardens
Marron, Miss E., 29 St. James's Park
Marron, T., publican, 307-309 Grosvenor Road
Marron, T., carpenter, 17 Haywood Avenue
Marrs, B. A., engineer, 30 Knockbreda Park
Marrs, Mrs. R., 18 Ebrington Gardens
Mars, W., R.U.C., 4 Crumlin Road
Marsden, E., hairdresser, 36 (1) Castlereagh Road
Marsden, James G., school attendance officer, 328 Springfield Road
Marsden, John, butcher, 153 Orby Drive
Marsden, Miss R., L.G.S.M. (Eloc.), 16 Mount (The), 249 Mountpottinger Road
Marsden, Mrs., 114 Madrid Street
Marsden, Mrs. E., 13 Oberon Street
Marsden, Thomas, manager, 91 Shandon Park
Marsden, Thomas A., & Sons, butchers, 163 Newtownards Road and 249 Mountpottinger Road
Marsella, A., confectioner, 53 North Street
Marsh & Co. (1928), Ltd., biscuit manufacturers, Springfield Road
Marsh, Joseph, grocer, 50 Bankmore Street
Marsh, Mrs. Helen, 6 Taunton Avenue
Marsh, R., P.O., engineer, 3 Collinton Gardens
Marsh, W. G., secretary, 375 Castlereagh Road
Marshall, Lieut. Alex., R.N., 12 Waterloo Park
Marshall, A. B., provision merchant, 6 Agincourt Street
Marshall, A. R., R.U.C., 26 Woodvale Gardens
Marshall, A. S., 3 Holland Park
Marshall, A. T., O.B.E., 17 Cambourne Park
Marshall, Basil, 53 Kansas Avenue
Marshall, Boyd, R.U.C., 22 Finvoy Street
Marshall Bros., Belfast, Ltd., Wholesale Wine Importers, 33-35 Linen Hall Street. T.A.: "Veravin, Belfast"
Marshall, Chas. J., correspondent, 46 Brookvale Avenue
Marshall, D., mechanic, 93 Haypark Avenue
Marshall, D., bread server, 140 Ardenlee Avenue
Marshall, D. C., 60 Newtownards Road Upper
Marshall, D. M., fitter, 31 Lomond Avenue
Marshall, Edward, 242 Stranmillis Road
Marshall, F., 127 Knockbreda Road
Marshall, F., draper, 269a Ormeau Road
Marshall, F. A., 73 Marlborough Park North
Marshall, F. G., 56 Knock Eden Park
Marshall, F. J., director, 57 Myrtlefield Park
Marshall, George, fitter, 98 Kimberley Street
Marshall, George, director, 40 Mountcharles
Marshall, George, machinist, 349 Oldpark Road
Marshall, G., 41 Willowfield Street
Marshall, Herbert, 25 Shandarragh Park
Marshall, Herbert, 110 Haypark Avenue
Marshall, Herbert, 10 Prince Edward Park
Marshall, Hugh, & Co. Ltd., chemists, 20 King Street
Marshall, H., tenter, 38 Crumlin Gardens
Marshall, H., 23 Park Road
Marshall, H., grocer, 1 Botanic Avenue
Marshall, James, 17 Fortwilliam Crescent
Marshall, James, plumber, 15 Ridgeway Street
Marshall, John, builder, 439 Cregagh Road
Marshall, John, 7 Kingsway Avenue
Marshall, John J., M.A., 82 Ardenlee Avenue
Marshall, J., 14 Gawn Street
Marshall, J., wholesale grocery, 58 Kansas Avenue
Marshall, J. B., traveller, 44 Willowbank Gardens
Marshall, Dr. Mary, L.R.C.P., & S.I., 46 Lisburn Road and 43 Donegall Road
Marshall & Montgomery, shop fitters, 3 Innis Place
Marshall, Miss, 57 Eglinton Street
Marshall, Miss, 18 (3) Brookvale Avenue
Marshall, Miss, 30 Ashgrove Park
Marshall, Miss, 331 Oldpark Road
Marshall, Miss Annabella, 9 Brookvale Parade
Marshall, Miss C. P., 1 Dundela Gardens
Marshall, Miss Kathleen J., 17 Bramcote Street
Marshall, Miss S. M., 41 Onslow Gardens
Marshall, Mrs., 121 Wellesley Avenue
Marshall, Mrs., 27 Ravenhill Park
Marshall, Mrs., 37 Ailesbury Road
Marshall, Mrs. A., 103 Galwally Park
Marshall, Mrs. E., 72 Agnes Street
Marshall, Mrs. E. S., sub postmistress, 253 Grosvenor Road
Marshall, Mrs. L., 55 Delhi Street
Marshall, Mrs. Martha, 770 Shore Road
Marshall, M., draper, 269 Springfield Road
Marshall, M. C., costumier, 17 Wellington Place
Marshall, Richard C., 4 Clonaver Park
Marshall, Robert, 42 Lothair Park
Marshall, Robert, M.D., F.R.C.P.I., D.P.H., physician, 9 College Gardens
Marshall, Robert G., clerk, 95 Dunluce Avenue
Marshall, Robert J., inspector, 25 Victoria Gardens
Marshall, R., solicitor, 10 Chichester Street
Marshall, R. G., 15 Landseer Street
Marshall, Sadie, 35 Victoria Gardens
Marshall, Samuel, clerk, 6 Station Road
Marshall, S. H., linen yarn merchant, 33 Franklin Street
Marshall, S. H., 130 Sandown Road
Marshall, S. J., 55a Botanic Avenue
Marshall, S. J., Ardilea, Chichester Park
Marshall, S. P., tobacconist, 120 Donegall Street
Marshall, S. P., tobacconist, 21 Newington Avenue
Marshall, Thos. J., linen business, 26 Lansdowne Park
Marshall, T. A., 34 Westway Drive
Marshall, T. S., engineer, 44 Posnett Street
Marshall, William, 35 Glencairn Street
Marshall, William, Clonaver Gardens
Marshall, William L., 6 Clonaver Crescent North
Marshall, Wm., manager, Indon, Diamond Gardens
Marshall, W., & Co. Ltd., provender millers and general cattle foods, 70-78 Victoria Street
Marshall, W. J., clerk, 45 Edinburgh Street
Marten, gowns, 46 Donegall Street
Marten, R. J., & Co., electrical suppliers, 34 Dublin Road
Martin, Alexander, engineer, 8 Cliftondene Gardens
Martin, Alex., soldier, 21 Florida Drive
Martin, Rev. Alfred, 7 Finaghy Park
Martin, Andrew, fitter, 233 Ballysillan Road
Martin, Arthur, Mandalay, Finaghy Park
Martin, Arthur, The Poplars, Barnett's Road
Martin, A., engineer, 87 Ardenlee Avenue
Martin, A., baker, Glenimal, Everton Drive
Martin, A., 757 Lisburn Road
Martin, A., grocer, 186 Queen Street North
Martin, A., tenter, 10 Ravensdene Crescent
Martin, A. E., Ltd., tillage contractors, 29 Donegall Street
Martin, A. M., electrical engineer, 6-8 Hamilton Road
Martin, Barry, 437 Springfield Road
Martin, Ben., civil servant, 54 Sydenham Park
Martin & Brookhouse, fancy linen manufacturers, 14 Linen Hall Street
Martin Bros., grocers, 80 Lindsay Street
Martin Bros., grocers, 69 Isoline Street
Martin, Charles, 2 Glenrosa Street South
Martin & Crothers, garage, 225 Tennent Street
Martin, C., 6 Dub Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Martin, C. A., 3 Harberton Park
Martin, C. Mitford, secretary, 12 Kirkliston Drive
Martin, David, warehouseman, 18 Ashgrove Park
Martin, David, butcher, 119 Dunluce Avenue
Martin, David, Corporation attendant, 139 Agnes Street
Martin, David, merchant, 2 Thornhill Crescent
Martin, David, foreman, 113 Tyndale Park
Martin, David R., 3 Slievemoyne Park
Martin, D., 30 Orient Gardens
Martin, D., painter, 7 Fairfax Street
Martin, D. A., 49 Osborne Drive
Martin, D. A., joiner, 3 Orby Gardens
Martin, D. R., & Son, builders, 36a Castleton Gardens
Martin, Edward, clerk, 335 Ormeau Road
Martin, Edward, 21 Silvio Street
Martin, Ernest, 17 Cabin Hill Gardens
Martin Estates Co. Ltd., 163 Ormeau Road
Martin, E., confectioner, 2 Danube Street
Martin, E., taxi proprietor, 2 Ailesbury Road
Martin, E., 40 (2) Lisburn Road
Martin, E. S., confectioner, 415 Ormeau Road
Martin, Francis, 15 Norfolk Gardens
Martin, Frank, driver, 61 Graymount Drive
Martin, Frank, moulder, 42 Townsend Street Upper
Martin, Fredk., railwayman, 58 Rugby Avenue
Martin, F. G., traveller, 53 Candahar Street
Martin, Major F. W., 6 Cambourne Park
Martin, George, & Co., solicitors, 7 (16-17) Arthur Square
Martin, G., stevedore, 168 Alexandra Park Avenue
Martin, G. H., 29 Galwally Park
Martin, G. T., pawn broker, 5-7 Berlin Street
Martin, Harold, civil servant, 49 Ardenlee Avenue
Martin, Dr. Harold L., surgeon, 92 Ormeau Road
Martin, H. C., hatter, 44 Locksley Gardens
Martin, H. R., solicitor, 3 St. Jude's Avenue
Martin, Harriett, 32 Ormeau Road
Martin, Harris, 3 Kinedar Crescent
Martin, Harry, 13 Ardenlee Gardens
Martin, Henry, 25 Trigo Parade
Martin, Henry F., 31 Lockview Road
Martin, Hugh, insurance broker, 36 Victoria Square
Martin, Hugh, 23 Ormonde Park, Finaghy
Martin, Hugh, 20 Divis Drive
Martin, H., caretaker, 95 Ann Street
Martin, H., R.U.C., 11 Twaddell Avenue
Martin, H., warehouseman, 5 Sharman Road
Martin, H., builder, 155 Malone Road
Martin, Col. H. Graham, C.M.G., Aranmore, Malone Park Central
Martin, H. H., contractor, 62 Myrtlefield Park
Martin, H. & J., Ltd., Contractors, Builders, Brick Manufacturers, and Quarry Owners, Ulster Works, 163 Ormeau Road, Leinster Works, Dublin
Martin, Dr. H. L., 2 St. Jude's Avenue
Martin, H. L., 39 Knockdene Park South
Martin, H. L., jun., 9 Broomhill Park
Martin, H. R. H., 83 Wellington Park
Martin, James, manager, 6 Glen Road
Martin, James, sheet metal worker, 221 Hillman Street
Martin, James, cabinet maker, 102 Joanmount Park
Martin, James, manager, 20 Rosewood Street
Martin, James, 20 Windsor Avenue
Martin, James, leather worker, 62 Shaftesbury Avenue
Martin, James, 7 Deerpark Road
Martin, James A., 22 Ophir Gardens
Martin, James, & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 39-45 Athol Street
Martin, James F., Locksley, Lisburn Road
Martin, James H., 51 Ulsterville Avenue
Martin, John, 14 Baltic Avenue
Martin, John, lorry driver, 3 Whitewell Crescent
Martin, John, 30 Orby Parade
Martin, John, confectioner, 19 Memel Street
Martin, John, cutter, 6 Pine Street
Martin, John, clerk, 86 Joanmount Park
Martin, John, customs official, 24 Lincoln Avenue
Martin, John, 64 Bankmore Street
Martin, John, merchant, 12 Deramore Park
Martin, John, salesman, 122 Fitzroy Avenue
Martin, John, grocer, 2 Maryville Street
Martin, John, agent, 46 Stranmillis Park
Martin, John, confectioner, 2 Arbour Street
Martin, John Alex., 28 Edlingham Street
Martin, Joseph, warehouseman, 17 Loopland Parade
Martin, Joseph, 52 Knock Eden Park
Martin, Joseph, manager, 545 Oldpark Road
Martin, J., seaman, 114 Nelson Street
Martin, J., 34 Cabin Hill Park
Martin, J., 11a Sandringham Street
Martin, J., grocer, 13 Clonard Gardens
Martin, J., merchant, 13 Agnes Street
Martin, J., marine dealer, 28 West Street
Martin, J., grocer, 4 Ulsterville Gardens
Martin, J., shoe maker, 123 Newtownards Road
Martin, J., Ryecroft, Stockman's Lane
Martin, J., warehouseman, 64 (15) Victoria Street Great
Martin, J., foreman, 23 Mountview Street
Martin, J. C., clerk, 62 Knock Eden Park
Martin, J. D., supervisor, The Hill House, Gilnahirk Road
Martin, J. D., & Co., auctioneers, 69 Chichester Street
Martin, J. H., 38 Ardenlee Avenue
Martin, J. H., bank official, 29 Harberton Drive
Martin, J. J., tram driver, 6 Tate's Avenue
Martin, J. J., 4 Hillmount Gardens
Martin, J. J., publican, 65 Leeson Street
Martin, J. K., printer, 93 Joanmount Park
Martin, J. L., deputy registrar, 90 Victoria Street Great
Martin, J. M. K., 61 Malone Avenue
Martin, J. R., mantle manufacturer, 17 Linen Hall Street
Martin, J. S., G.P.O., 58 Mount Merrion Avenue
Martin, J. T., warehouseman, 20 Myrtlefield Park
Martin, J. W., 11 Rushfield Avenue
Martin, J. W., 57 Circular Road (North)
Martin, J. W., & Co., sack and bag merchants, 52-54 Patrick Street Little and 114 Royal Avenue
Martin, J. W. R., 29 Delhi Parade
Martin, Lemon, Ltd., hemstitchers, Hope Court
Martin, L., 51 Glen Road
Martin Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (The), packers of sundries, 25-31 & 39 Roe Street
Martin, Margaret, 526 Donegall Road
Martin, Margaret, 27 Sharman Road
Martin, Martin, 27 Graymount Park
Martin, Miss, 15 St. Ive's Gardens
Martin, Miss, ladies' outfitter, 145 Royal Avenue
Martin, Miss, 63 Windsor Avenue Lower
Martin, Miss, 338 (2) Antrim Road
Martin, Miss A., newsagent, 48 May Street
Martin, Miss A., 30 Ashley Drive
Martin, Miss A. E., 583 Lisburn Road
Martin, Miss A. H., chartered masseuse, 17 College Gardens
Martin, Miss C. C., 86 Marlborough Park North
Martin, Miss Ethel, 118 Sandy Row
Martin, Miss E., 5? Cliftonville Road
Martin, Miss L., 18 Landscape Terrace
Martin, Miss Margaret, 28 Weston Drive
Martin, Miss Margaret, 5 Belvedere Park
Martin, Miss M. D., 293 Holywood Road
Martin, Miss M. H., 86 (3) University Street
Martin, Miss Sarah, 23 Rosemount Gardens
Martin, The Misses, 74 Eglantine Avenue
Martin, The Misses, 6 Kinallen Street
Martin, Mrs., 97 Beersbridge Road
Martin, Mrs., 16 Shaftesbury Avenue
Martin, Mrs., 9 Ravenscroft Avenue
Martin, Mrs., 2 Sandford Avenue
Martin, Mrs., 153 Ulsterville Avenue
Martin, Mrs., 126 Ballygomartin Road
Martin, Mrs., 129 Malone Avenue
Martin, Mrs., 38 Ravenhill Park
Martin, Mrs., 11 St. Jude's Avenue
Martin, Mrs., 28 Sandhurst Gardens
Martin, Mrs., 48 Kimberley Street
Martin, Mrs., 35 Colenso Parade
Martin, Mrs., 3 Pottinger's Court
Martin, Mrs., Annamo, Chichester Park
Martin, Mrs. Annie, 9 Woodvale Parade
Martin, Mrs. A., 4 Whiterock Drive
Martin, Mrs. A., 14 Ebrington Gardens
Martin, Mrs. A., 41 University Street
Martin, Mrs. Bentham, 2 Ormiston Drive
Martin, Mrs. Catherine, confectioner, 22 Falls Road
Martin, Mrs. C., 6 Dub Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Martin, Mrs. E., 30 Shankill Road
Martin, Mrs. E., 2 Upton Park
Martin, Mrs. E., 28 Evelyn Gardens
Martin, Mrs. H., 37 Gilnahirk Road
Martin, Mrs. H., 14 Pacific Avenue
Martin, Mrs. Jane, 32 Northwood Drive
Martin, Mrs. J. R. G., 36 Eglantine Avenue
Martin, Mrs. Kathleen R., 17 College Gardens
Martin, Mrs. Martha, 2 Bentham Street
Martin, Mrs. Mary, 183 Cregagh Street
Martin, Mrs. M., 12 Cliftonville Drive
Martin, Mrs. M., 384 Castlereagh Road
Martin, Mrs. M., 243 Cregagh Street
Martin, Mrs. M., 265 Ravenhill Avenue
Martin, Mrs. M., 30 Cranmore Gardens
Martin, Mrs. M. A., 6 Castleview Road
Martin, Mrs. M. E., 29 Jocelyn Street
Martin, Mrs. Pierce, 34 Bawnmore Road
Martin, Mrs. S., 31 Cabin Hill Gardens
Martin, M., 72 Sandown Road
Martin, M. C., 35 Elgin Street
Martin, N., Finaghy Garage, Lisburn Road
Martin, Patrick, 145 Donegall Street
Martin, P., 1 Crocus Street
Martin, Robert, 33 Frank Street Upper
Martin, Robert, 20 Florida Drive
Martin, Robert, boot maker, 6 Grand Parade
Martin, Robert, 102 King's Road
Martin, Robert, 33 Kingsmere Avenue
Martin, Robert, draper, 20 Rosetta Drive
Martin, Robert, dentist, 128 Ormeau Road
Martin, Robert, traveller, Sicily Villa, Lisburn Road
Martin, Robert, bank official, 37 Ravensdene Park
Martin, Robert, cashier, 16 Ravenhill Park
Martin, Robert, tailor, 121 Newtownards Road Upper
Martin, Robert, 108 Ardenlee Avenue
Martin, Robert, grocer, 42 Apsley Street
Martin, Robert E., inspector, 20 Alliance Crescent
Martin, R., Son, & Co. Ltd., Insurance Brokers, 10 Donegall Square South. T.A.: "Impartial"
Martin, R., Maymore, Orby Drive
Martin, R., manager, 39 Dundela Avenue
Martin, R., clerk, 15-17 Earlswood Road
Martin, R., provision merchant, 21 Castlereagh Road
Martin, R. A., engineer, 656 Crumlin Road
Martin, R. H., fitter, 48 Knockbreda Park
Martin, R. J., crane man, 136-138 Hemsworth Street
Martin, R. T., com. traveller, 15 Myrtlefield Park
Martin, R. T., wholesale electrical contractor, 15 Bruce Street
Martin, Samuel, grocer, 111 Ormeau Road
Martin, Samuel, butcher, 541 Lisburn Road
Martin, Samuel, dealer, Erindale, Stockman's Lane
Martin, Samuel, 39 Mountview Street
Martin, Samuel, 349 Cregagh Road
Martin, Samuel, butcher, 180 Queen Street North
Martin, Samuel, butcher, 35 Bloomfield Road
Martin, Samuel A., grocer, 314 Springfield Road
Martin, Sam., butcher, 509 Crumlin Road
Martin, Sam., & Co., insurance brokers, 13 Donegall Street
Martin, Sarah E., 72 Mountpottinger Road
Martin, Sydney, rivetter, 6 Collingwood Avenue
Martin, S., butcher, 138 Lodge Road Old
Martin, S., iron turner, 157 Shore Street
Martin, S., 72 Graymount Road
Martin, S., butcher, 25 Castlereagh Road
Martin, S., butcher, 156 Shankill Road
Martin, S. A., 130 Ballygomartin Road
Martin, S. J., jeweller, 2 Willowholme Drive
Martin, S. K., 152 Kensington Road
Martin, Thomas, fitter, 27 Rugby Avenue
Martin, Thomas, 13 Ascot Gardens
Martin, Thomas, conductor, 16 Loopland Park
Martin, Thomas, watch maker, 1 Carnan Street
Martin, Thomas, milk vendor, 71 Pommern Parade
Martin, Thomas, joiner, 17 Belgravia Avenue
Martin, Thomas, salesman, 42 Harcourt Drive
Martin, Thomas, watch maker, 321 Shankill Road
Martin, Thomas, clerk, 69 Tildarg Street
Martin, Thomas S., & Sons, Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, 12 College Square East
Martin, Thomas, painter and decorator, 220 Ballysillan Road
Martin, Thos., & Sons, painters, 139 Oldpark Road
Martin, T., decorator, 32 Coningsby Street
Martin, T. G., pawn broker, 32 James' Street
Martin, T. J., driver, 30 Orby Gardens
Martin, T. S., contractor, 85 Snugville Street
Martin, Victor, clerk, 54 Fitzwilliam Street
Martin, White & Shaw, manufacturers' agents, 29 Fountain Street
Martin, Wilfred, Rostrevor, Stockman's Lane
Martin, William, 29 Moyola Street
Martin, William, 68 Whitewell Crescent
Martin, William, fitter, 89 Melrose Street
Martin, William, 7 Holywood Road Old
Martin, William, refreshments, 95 Cromac Street
Martin, William, insurance agent, 282 Tennent Street
Martin, William, chemist, 20 Rushfield Avenue
Martin, William, chemist, 3 Linden Gardens
Martin, William, baker, 16 Silverstream Gardens
Martin, William, machinist, 30 Virginia Street
Martin, William, Crossnacole, Stockman's Lane
Martin, William, 1 Victoria Avenue
Martin, William, agent, 63 Waring Street
Martin, Pastor William James, 3 University Avenue
Martin, Wm., farmer, Gracetown, Malone Road Upper
Martin, W., 63 Wellesley Avenue
Martin, W., draughtsman, 541 Springfield Road
Martin, W. E., fitter, 606 Oldpark Road
Martin, W., Grenville, mechanical engineer, Thornhill Lodge, Malone Road
Martin, W. G., 345 Newtownards Road Upper
Martin, W. H., manager, 91 Lansdowne Road
Martin, W. H., 14 Harberton Drive
Martin, W. J., clerk, 30-32 Dee Street
Martin, W. J., checker, 33 Willowfield Drive
Martin, W. J., inc. accountant, 10 Balmoral Gardens
Martin, W. J., 31 Greenwood Park
Martin, W. J., 31 Ava Street
Martin, W., McF., 10 Slievedarragh Park
Martin, W. McV., insurance official, 5 Thornhill Crescent
Martin, W. T., 10 Wandsworth Crescent
Martin, Rev. W. V., 35 Lismoyne Park
Martindale, J. H., manager, 15 Hillsborough Parade
Martini, Carlo, ice cream vendor, 19 Butler Street
Martlew, T. E., 134 Sandown Road
Martyn, Mrs. E. A., 30 Orient Gardens
Maskell, F. J., 57 Delhi Street
Maskey, R., 28 Regent Street
Mason, Andrew, clerk, 16 Loopland Gardens
Mason, Charles, civil servant, 13 Gransha Park
Mason, D. G., moulder, 4 Timbey Park
Mason, Edward, civil servant, 24 Norfolk Parade
Mason, Edwin Wm., painter, 7 Rathgar Street
Mason, H., confectioner, 101 Divis Street
Mason, James, 61 Glen Road
Mason, James, boot repairer, 87 Castlereagh Road
Mason, John, accountant, 13 Ulsterville Avenue
Mason, John, driller, 31 Mountview Street
Mason, J. S., time keeper, 36 Candahar Street
Mason, L., civil servant, Helenslea, Gilnahirk Road
Mason, Mrs. E. G., 20 Wolseley Street
Mason, Mrs. Margaret, 318 Donegall Road
Mason, Mrs. Sarah, 40 Botanic Avenue
Mason, Mrs. Susan, grocer, 54-56 Beresford Street
Mason, Richard, painter, 18 Bathgate Drive
Mason, Robert, 82 (4) Cliftonpark Avenue
Mason, R. J., 5 King's Crescent
Mason, S. A., motorman, 65 Vernon Street
Mason, Thomas H., painter, 38 Loopland Drive
Mason, T. L. K., civil servant, 75 Shandon Park
Mason & Woods, financiers, 12 High Street
Masonic Charities, 9 College Square North
Masonic Halls - Ligoniel Road, 95 Crumlin Road
Masonic Province of Antrim, Provincial Grand Lodge offices and lodgeroom, 16 May Street
Massereene and Ferrard, Viscount, Antrim Castle, Antrim
Masseur, A. H., & Co., agents, 7 (55-56) Donegall Square West
Massey, E. F., 4 Ardgreenan Crescent
Massey, H., 2 Castleview Cottages, Castleview Road
Massey, H., 571 Newtownards Road Upper
Massey, J., Wahroonga, Lisburn Road
Massey, J., R.U.C., 7 Clonaver Crescent North
Massey, Mrs. L., 3 Henderson's Row, Beechmount Park
Massey, Robert, 9 Albion Street
Massey, R., joiner, 63 Balfour Avenue
Masson, Mrs., 137 King's Road
Master Baker (The), 40 Royal Avenue
Masters, The Misses, 5 Belmont Avenue West
Masterson, G. F., motor agent, 33 Marlborough Park Central
Masterson, James, hairdresser, 175 Ligoniel Road
Masterson, J. J., 19 Chichester Road
Masterson, Patrick, 64 Cliftonpark Avenue
Masterson, Robert J., 76 Marlborough Park Central
Masterson, W. F., 17 Ulsterville Gardens
Matchett, Albert, engineer, Killearn, Lockview Road
Matchett, G. H., 15 Glantane Street
Matchett, H. H., cashier, 39 Locksley Park
Matchett, Miss C., 40 Lansdowne Park
Matchett, Mrs. Annie, 32 Bedeque Street
Matchett, Norman, manager, 12 Mount Merrion Avenue
Matchett, Richard, plumber, 16 Chadwick Street
Matchett, R. J., machinist, 242 Limestone Road
Matchett Street Hall, 69 Matchett Street
Matchett, William, 138 Deramore Avenue
Matchett, W. J., carter, 22 Prim Street
Matchett, W. J., 31 Rathdrum Street
Matchett, W. J., clerk, 12 Willowbank Gardens
Matchett, W. J. T., 8 Ashton Avenue (Finaghy)
Matchett, W. S., 190 Orby Drive
Matchett's Musical Instruments Ltd., 44 Wellington Place
Matear, William, plater, 132 Deerpark Road
Mateer, C. F., 20 (19) Ann Street
Mateer, F. C., Auvergne, Kensington gardens
Mateer, George, 69 Kimberley Street
Mateer, G., fruiterer, 2a and 4 Bloomfield Avenue
Mateer, Herbert J., bank official, 38 Marina Park
Mateer, H., fitter, 36 Perry Street
Mateer, James, confectioner, 886 Crumlin Road
Mateer, James, missionary, 262 Limestone Road
Mateer, Jane, 5 Distillery Street
Mateer, Julia, grocer, 32 Howard Street North
Mateer, J., engineer, 189 Ravenhill Avenue
Mateer, J., & Co., wholesale produce merchants, 1-5 Albion Street
Mateer, J. H., Erinvale, Finaghy Road South
Mateer, Mary, 63 Raglan Street
Mateer, Matthew, hackle maker, 45 Ballysillan Road
Mateer, Miss Clara, 111 Joanmount Gardens
Mateer, Mrs. A. C., 7 Melrose Street
Mateer, Mrs. Ellen, 3 Bloomfield Avenue
Mateer, Mrs. Mary, 28 Broadway
Mateer, Mrs. Mary, 237 Ravenhill Avenue
Mateer, Thomas, civil servant, 84 Ulsterville Avenue
Mateer, Thomas, clerk, 84 Ulsterville Avenue
Mateer, Wm., harbour official, 5 Palmerston Road
Mateer, W., 37 Knutsford Drive
Mateer, W., woollen merchant, 8 Eglantine Avenue
Mateer, W., agent, 1 College Square East
Mater Infirmorum Hospital (under care of Sisters of Mercy), 47-51 Crumlin Road
Maternity and Child Welfare Centre, Spier's Place
Mates, Mrs. Margaret, 42 Stranmillis Street
Mather & Platt, Ltd., engineers, 7 Bedford Street
Mathers, George, clerk, 14 Salisbury Street
Mathers, George, Netherleigh Cottages, Massey Avenue
Mathers, Henry, 10 Ailesbury Gardens
Mathers, James, Braeside, Belmont Road
Mathers, John, clerk, 5 Kimberley Drive
Mathers, Miss L., 13 Holland Park
Mathers, Mrs., 397 Holywood Road
Mathers, Mrs., Braeside, Belmont Road
Mathers, Robert, gardener, 5 Massey Avenue
Mathers, R., M.P.S., pharmaceutical chemist, 35 Castle Lane
Mathers, Samuel, carpenter, 42 Lodge Road Old
Mather's Snowdrop Linens Ltd., damask manufacturers, 128-139 Joy Street
Matheson, T. J. B., J.P., 30 Irwin Avenue
Mathews, C. H., L.D.S., R.C.S., 11 Stranmillis Road
Mathews, Ernest, com. agent, 13 Crescent Upper
Mathews, E., manufacturers' agent, 13 Crescent Upper
Mathews, Frank H., & Co. Ltd., wholesale cycle and motor accessories, 19 Linen Hall Street
Mathews, G., linen business, 54 Stranmillis Gardens
Mathews, H., shoe maker, 11 Albert Street
Mathews, J., clerk, 7 Cooldarragh Park
Mathews, J., plater, 32 Regent Street
Mathews, Miss E., L.R.A.M., 10 Crescent Upper
Mathews, Robt., cabinet maker, 86a Donegall Pass
Mathewson, Edward, examiner, 42 Summer Street
Mathuson, John, joiner, 110 Tate's Avenue
Matier, Alex., seaman, 81 Tyndale Park
Matier, George, confectioner, 2 Symons Street
Matier, Henry, & Co. Ltd., Damask Linen and Linen Handkerchief Manufacturers, 1-3 May Street and 2 Adelaide Street
Matier, James, Ltd., accountants, 78 May Street
Matier, John, joiner, 157 York Road
Matier, John, 9 Rosetta Drive
Matier, J., fitter, 7 Glenbank Drive
Matier, Misses, 36 Percy Street
Matier, Miss, Drumglass, Marlborough Park South|
Matier, Mrs. Isabella, 7 King's Road
Matier, Mrs. S., 105 Ainsworth Avenue
Matier, Patrick, commissioner, 118 Donnybrook Street
Matier, Robert, foreman, 20 Isadore Avenue
Matier, Thomas, 6 Ulsterville Gardens
Matier, W., driver, 4 Trigo Parade
Matson, Mrs. J., 24 Camden Street
Mattazoni, Caroline, 50 Castlereagh Street
Matthew, John A., 165 Sandown Road
Matthews, Alfred, buyer, 142 Ulsterville Avenue
Matthews, A., pawnbroker, 543 Donegall Road
Matthews, B. B., 70 Wellington Park
Matthews Bros., wholesale jewellers, 4 Castle Arcade
Matthews, Charles, 39 Oakland Avenue
Matthews, David, fitter, 5 Ravenhill Avenue
Matthews, Edwd., coach trimmer, 100 Kimberley Street
Matthews, E. F., aircraft inspector, 7 Sydenham Park
Matthews, E., & Son, com. agents, 5 Bedford Street
Matthews, Hugh, 82 Bloomfield Avenue
Matthews, James, 6a Devonshire Street
Matthews, James, salesman, 1 Brandon Terrace
Matthews, John, sheet metal worker, 6 George's Street Great
Matthews, John, R.U.C., 15 Cliftondene Gardens
Matthews, John H., insurance agent, 2 Lowwood Park
Matthews, Joseph, blacksmith, 17 Glenbrook Avenue
Matthews, Joseph J., grocer, 132 Ormeau Road
Matthews, J., clerk, 1 Sunningdale Park
Matthews, J., painter, 164 Connsbrook Avenue
Matthews, J., grocer, 43 Lodge Road Old
Matthews, J., 34 Wandsworth Gardens
Matthews, L., 16 Lowwood Park
Matthews, May, draper, 153 Sandy Row
Matthews, Miss, 1 La Morna, Lisburn Road
Matthews, Miss, 5 Mountcharles
Matthews, Miss M., 188 Woodvale Road
Matthews, Miss Nellie, 49 Dee Street
Matthews, Mrs., grocer, 1 Wellwood Street
Matthews, Mrs., 16 Stranmillis Road
Matthews, Mrs., 81 Madrid Street
Matthews, Mrs. G., 79 Locksley Park
Matthews, Mrs. Jane, 4 Elizabeth Terrace, Donegall Pass
Matthews, Mrs. Mary, 76 University Avenue
Matthews, Mrs. M. A., 61 Frederick Street
Matthews, Patrick, rag dealer, 114 Divis Street
Matthews, Robert, 26 Memel Street
Matthews, R., 16 Kirkliston Drive
Matthews, Sydney, M.B., surgeon, Wyncroft, Lisburn Road
Matthews, Thomas, Lansdowne, Lisburn Road
Matthews, Victor, printer, 37 Aigburth Park
Matthews, William J., carter, 39 Dunraven Avenue
Matthews, W. J., checker, 2 Elm Street
Maturin, Mrs. A., 52 Malone Road
Maude, Edward, 109 Bray Street
Maultsaid, B. H., joiner, 60 Oldpark Road
Maultsaid, J. A., clerk, 11 Sandhurst Drive
Maunder, A. V., director, Hampton, Glenmachan Road
Maunder, F. J., Customs officer, 48 Victoria Gardens
Maunder, W. E., 19 Bristow Park
Mawhinney, Alex. Frew, driver, 282 Ballysillan Road
Mawhinney, Andrew, painter, 16 Lavens Drive
Mawhinney, Arthur T., teacher, 24 Thornhill Park
Mawhinney, A., chemist, 38 Ormiston Crescent
Mawhinney, A., park suptd., 182 Grosvenor Road
Mawhinney, F. A., agent, 2 (8) Donegall Square East
Mawhinney, F. A., motor engineer, 2 Dorchester Park
Mawhinney, F. A., & Son, Ltd., lubricating oils, 24 May's Market
Mawhinney, F. S. A., 274 Belmont Road
Mawhinney, G., 16 Florida Street
Mawhinney, Hugh, 149 Dunluce Avenue
Mawhinney, H., boot maker, 72 Shandon Park
Mawhinney, H., carpenter, 41 Ravenhill Avenue
Mawhinney, H., boot merchant, 215 York Street
Mawhinney, James, 212 King's Road
Mawhinney, James, builder, 8 Norwood Gardens
Mawhinney, James, 144 Woodvale Road
Mawhinney, James, manager, 163 Orby Drive
Mawhinney, James H., inc. accountant, 3 Knockbracken Park
Mawhinney, John, machine man, 22 Ardpatrick Gardens
Mawhinney, John, driver, 5 Formby Park
Mawhinney, John S., traveller, 29 Locksley Park
Mawhinney, J., fitter, 92 Mount Merrion Park
Mawhinney, K., 37 Cabin Hill Park
Mawhinney, Miss, 33 Chlorine Gardens
Mawhinney, Miss, 30 Chichester Avenue
Mawhinney, Miss E., 7 Ashley Drive
Mawhinney, Mrs., 28 Kimberley Drive
Mawhinney, Mrs., 50 Stranmillis Road
Mawhinney, Mrs., 31 Dundela Crescent
Mawhinney, Mrs., 14 Cromwell Road
Mawhinney, Mrs. M., 177 Newtownards Road Upper
Mawhinney, Robert, gardener, 31 Ashley Drive
Mawhinney, R., driller, Erindale, Finaghy Road South
Mawhinney, R. A., secretary, 40 Onslow Gardens
Mawhinney, Samuel, 77a Meadow Street Upper
Mawhinney, Saml., R.U.C., 148 Ballygomartin Road
Mawhinney, S., & Co., oil merchants, 21 May's Market
Mawhinney, S., 59 Camden Street
Mawhinney, Thomas, 388 Falls Road
Mawhinney, Wm., rivetter, 104 Connsbrook Avenue
Mawhinney, Wm., garage, Sydenham Road
Mawhinney, Wm., draper, 7 Madrid Street
Mawhinney, Wm., cattle dealer, 61 Balfour Avenue
Mawhinney, W., french polisher, 14 Hill Street
Mawhinney, W. G., 13 Sandhurst Drive
Mawhinney, W. G., provision merchant, 50a Stranmillis Road
Mawhinney, W. H., assurance agent, 196 Roden Street
Mawhirk, Mrs. M., 103 Bloomfield Avenue
Mawhirt, George, 23 Chadwick Street
Max Taxi (S. McCleery, proprietor), 57 Willowfield Drive
Maxton, J., & Co., consulting engineers, 58 Howard Street
Maxton, Mrs., 6 Kirkliston Drive
Maxwell, Charles, R.U.C., 4 Kerrsland Parade
Maxwell, C., R.U.C., 49 Castlereagh Street
Maxwell & Co., nurserymen, 226 Castlereagh Road
Maxwell, David, joiner, 42 Empire Street
Maxwell, Desmond, 21 Priory Park
Maxwell, D., linen lapper, 23 Edinburgh Street
Maxwell, Edward, 10 Deerpark Road
Maxwell, Edward N., joiner, 114 Deramore Avenue
Maxwell, Ed., 171 Tate's Avenue
Maxwell, E., 63 Sandown Road
Maxwell, F., coach builder, 183 Castlereagh Road
Maxwell, F. W., bus conductor, 7 Silverstream Parade
Maxwell, George, church officer, 13 Winchester Street
Maxwell, G., packer, 49 Greenville Road
Maxwell, G. H., civil service, 33 Castle Gardens
Maxwell, Herbert, 30 Florenceville Avenue
Maxwell, H., 97 Kimberley Street
Maxwell, H. G., director, 7 Sandown Park
Maxwell, H. S. M., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., 182 Lisburn Road
Maxwell, Dr. H. S. M., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), 24 Marlborough Park South
Maxwell, James, grocer, 38-40 Holywood Road
Maxwell, James, 88 Everton Street
Maxwell, James, joiner, 40 Lichfield Avenue
Maxwell, James, grocer, 25 Wheatfield Gardens
Maxwell, James, gardener, 60 Meadowbank Place
Maxwell, John, fitter, 22 Roe Street
Maxwell, John, com. traveller, 21 Haypark Avenue
Maxwell, Joseph, J.P., linen business, 77 Osborne Park
Maxwell, Joseph A., 535 Newtownards Road Upper
Maxwell, Joseph E., 23 Windsor Drive
Maxwell, J., hairdresser, 217 Donegall Road
Maxwell, J., provision merchant, 137 Woodstock Road
Maxwell, J., draper and grocer, 101 and 96-98 Hillview Street
Maxwell, J. B., 4 Torrens Gardens
Maxwell, J. E., B.A., Greenwood Avenue
Maxwell, Miss F., 22 Clara Avenue
Maxwell, Miss Kezia, outfitter, 162 Antrim Road
Maxwell, Miss Margaret G., 93 Lisburn Road
Maxwell, The Misses, 36 Adelaide Avenue
Maxwell, Mrs., 38 Chief Street
Maxwell, Mrs., 8 Dromara Street
Maxwell, Mrs., 2 Belmont Park
Maxwell, Mrs., 21 Deramore Park
Maxwell, Mrs., 514 Oldpark Road
Maxwell, Mrs., 73 Larkfield Road
Maxwell, Mrs. A. M., 7 Riverview Street
Maxwell, Mrs. Charlotte, 46 Wolseley Street
Maxwell, Mrs. Fanny, 126 Cliftonpark Avenue
Maxwell, Mrs. I., 69 Woodvale Road
Maxwell, Mrs. Margaret, 7 Riverview Street
Maxwell, Mrs. M., 41 Sandown Road
Maxwell, Mrs. Shannon James, 25 Rossmore Avenue
Maxwell, M., fitter, 88 Joanmount Gardens
Maxwell, Peter, 2 Willowholme Crescent
Maxwell, Robert, chemist, 180 Connsbrook Avenue
Maxwell, Rev. Robert, 6 Wheatfield Gardens
Maxwell, R., clerk, 21 Ava Gardens
Maxwell, R., publican, 136-138 Durham Street and 57 Glengall Street
Maxwell, R., driller, 7 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Maxwell, R., confectioner, 35 Grosvenor Road
Maxwell, R., 37 Loopland Gardens
Maxwell, Samuel, joiner, 71 Victoria Avenue
Maxwell, Stephen Percival, Ballydugan House, Downpatrick
Maxwell, Susan, draper, 163 Crumlin Road
Maxwell, S., publican, 192 Shankill Road
Maxwell, S. J., Clincor, Lisburn Road
Maxwell, S. O., clerk, 28 Tyndale Park
Maxwell, Thomas, 64 Bryson Street
Maxwell, Thomas, 13 Dromore Street
Maxwell, Thomas, supper saloon, 3 ????r Street
Maxwell, T. B., civil servant, 3 Thornhill Parade
Maxwell, T. H., electrician, 157 Dunluce Avenue
Maxwell, William, foreman, 19 Marsden Gardens
Maxwell, William, & Co., cabinet makers and upholsterers, 1 Whitewell Gardens
Maxwell, William O., manager, 39 Kerrsland Crescent
Maxwell, Wm., cabinet maker, 73 Deramore Avenue
Maxwell, W., coach builder, 412 Woodstock Road
Maxwell, W. C., A.R.I.B.A., chartered architect, 3 Wellington Place; res., 37 Hopefield Avenue
Maxwell, Wm. B., architect and civil engineer, 4 Flush Park
Maxwell, W. H., 121 Lodge Road New
Maxwell, W. H., fruiterer, 58 Library Street Upper
Maxwell, Rev. W. N., M.A., 76 Woodvale Road
May, A. D., 83 Shandon Park
May, C., manufacturers' agent, 4 Commercial Court
May, Edmond, inspector, 4 Prestwick Park
May, Major E. R. H., D.S.O., Fir Dene, Lisburn Road
May, Geo. H., manufacturers' agent, Isa-Bheel, Lisburn Road
May, I. A., agent, Riddels Arcade
May, James, 124 Agincourt Avenue
May, J. C., 33 Belvedere Park
May, J. C., Jeweller, 24 King Street
May, J. F., electrical engineer, 15 Larkfield Road
May, Miss D., L.G.S.M. (Eloc.), Isa-bheel, Lisburn Road
May, Miss Martha M., Rossneath, Lisburn Road
May, Mrs. Catherine, 91 Ross Street
May, Mrs. Mary, 7 Sandhurst Drive
May, Richard, confectioner, 103 Mountpottinger Road
May, Samuel, 49 Westland Road
May Street Handkerchief Works, 59 and 154 Boundary Street
May Street Presbyterian Church, 13-15 May Street; session room, 43 May Street Little; Tennis Club, St. John's Avenue
May, William, manager, 81 Marlborough Park South
May, Wm., chartered accountant, 33 Malone Road Upper
May, W. J., buyer, 89 South Parade
May, W. J., agent, 23 College Street
May, W. J., manufacturers' agent, 40 Arthur Street Upper
Mayben, Miss, 61 Richmond Park
Mayberry, C. J., draper, 146-148 Newtownards Road
Mayberry, D. C., boot maker, 12 Tramway Street
Mayberry, Geo. E., bread server, 13 Halstein Drive
Mayberry, M., 107 Cavehill Road
Maybin, Joseph, 121 Cregagh Road
Maybin, Jos., Water Office official, 121 Cregagh Road
Maybin, R. J., 22 Knockbreda Park
Maybury, C., 186 Newtownards Road Upper
Maybury, Mrs., 362 Newtownards Road Upper
Maycock, James, R.U.C., 91 Haypark Avenue
Maycock, M., R.U.C., 28 Divis Drive
Mayers, T., coach painter, Donegall Square Mews
Mayes, John, carpenter, 69 Mountcollyer Street
Mayes, Miss Isobel, 42 Myrtlefield Park
Mayes, Mrs. K., 356 Newtownards Road
Mayes, S., 25 Windsor Drive
Mayes, T. H., chartered accountant, 21 Cranmore Park
Mayes, William J., butcher, 7 Riga Street Upper
Mayfair Beauty Salon, 386 Lisburn Road
Mayfair Dance Studio, 2 Victoria Square
Mayfair Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (The), 13 Grosvenor Road
Mayne, Alfred, Corporation official, 2 Wandsworth Gardens
Mayne, Andrew, 8 Shaftesbury Avenue
Mayne, A., manager, 79 Belmont Church Road
Mayne, A. W., traveller, 22 Knocklofty Park
Mayne, Boyd & Son, Ltd., printers, 2 Corporation Street; printing office, 46 Gordon Street
Mayne Bros., butchers, 189 & 453 Lisburn Road and 220 Tate's Avenue
Mayne Bros., butchers, 101 Sandy Row
Mayne, C. J., monumental sculptor, 5 Duncairn Avenue
Mayne, David, butcher, 101 Sandy Row
Mayne, Edward, 16 Orpen Road
Mayne, E., 157 Lodge Road New
Mayne, H. H., 24 Elmwood Avenue
Mayne, John A., & Co., chartered accountants, second floor (38) Riddels Arcade; res., 10 Hughenden Avenue
Mayne, Miss E., 36 Lord Street
Mayne, Misses, E. S. & M., 669 Antrim Road
Mayne, Mrs. E., 9 Dover Street
Mayne, Mrs. H., 569 Lisburn Road
Mayne, Mrs. M. M., 79 Belmont Church Road
Mayne, M., butcher, 1 Donnybrook Street
Mayne, Capt. M. S., 26 Mount Eden Park
Mayne, N., fish merchant, 393 Ormeau Road
Mayne, Thomas, 20 Harberton Park
Mayne, T., engineers' representatives, 420 Antrim Road
Mayne, W. Erskine, Bookseller, etc., 3 Donegall Square West, Newsagency Branch, 25 Queen's Arcade, Drawing Office Supplies Radio, 6 Donegall Square West; Workroom, 2 (4) Wellington Place
Maynes, A., 43 Beechmount Drive
Maynes, Matthew, male nurse, 25 Florida Drive
Maynes, Miss Mary C., 28 Eliza Street
Maynes, Mrs., 29 Beechmount Drive
Maynes, Mrs. M., 32 Keadyville Avenue
Maynes, Robert James, 102 Ardenlee Avenue
Maynes, William, engineer, 6 Fallswater Drive
Mayo Street P.E. School, 117 Mayo Street
Maypole Dairy Co., 93 North Street and branches
Mayrs, David, 165 Belmont Road
Mayrs, Robert, & Co. Ltd., Manufacturers' Agents, 50 Victoria Street. T.A.: "Venus, Belfast"
Mayrs, Robert, 18 Harberton Avenue
Mayrs, T. Y. K., solicitor, 37 Balmoral Avenue
Mays, Andrew, 9 Marina Park
Mays, James, builder, 2a Queen Victoria Road
Mays, William J., manager, 212 Ravenhill Avenue
Mayze, Thomas, 38 Twickenham Street
Maze, Frank, manager, Rosepark East, Newtownards Road Upper
Maze, F., & Co., House Furnishers, 16-20 Commercial Court
Maze, Margaret, 811 Lisburn Road
Maze, Miss M., 805 Lisburn Road
M. & B. Furnishing Co., 11 Lisburn Road
Meaden, T. W. H., miller, 5 Whitewell Drive
Meadows, Albert, brass moulder, 16 Millar Street
Meagan, Mrs. Mary, 82 Divis Drive
Meake, R., ganger, 38 Empire Street
Meakin, Miss, 263 Alexandra Park Avenue
Meakin, Mrs. A., 227 Mountpottinger Road
Meaney, Mrs. Mary A., 215 Donegall Road
Meara, Mrs. A. A., 8 Sicily Park
Meare, R. B., 12 Knockvale Park
Meares, C. A., inc. accountant, 5 Cyprus Park
Mearns, George, butcher, 181 Ligoniel Road
Mearns, H., welder, 14 Rushfield Avenue
Mearns, The Misses, 56 Marlborough Park North
Mearns, Miss M. K., 19 Sunningdale Park North
Mearns, Mrs. M., 261 Donegall Road
Mears, John, agent, 64 Donegall Street
Mears, Mrs., 23 Willowbank Gardens
Mears, Mrs., 16 Eastleigh Crescent
Mears, William, R.U.C., 4 Crumlin Gardens
Mears-Devenish, W. L., 20 Cherryvalley Park
Medical Institute for Ulster Medical Society, College Square North
Medley, Charles, 198 Duncairn Gardens
Meechan, Mrs. Annie, 28 Rathgar Street
Meegan, M., publican, 18-20 Castlereagh Road
Meegan, M., spirit merchant, 385 Antrim Road
Meeghan, L., publican, 21-22 Prince's Dock
Meehan, Alex., electrician, 38 Brougham Street
Meehan, Joseph, draper, 122 Leeson Street
Meehan, Miss, 17 College Square North
Meehan, Mrs. Sarah, Arundel, Stockman's Lane
Meehan, P. J., 105 Royal Avenue
Meek, A. G., bread server, 284 Donegall Road
Meek, Fredk., cigarette maker, 117 Alliance Avenue
Meek, Jack, 71 Joanmount Park
Meek, James, R.U.C., 23 Mount Prospect Park
Meek, John, moulder, 87 Graymount Crescent
Meek, Mary Ann, confectioner, 45 Meadow Street
Meek, Maxwell, typewriting, 5 Bedford Street
Meek, Miss Maggie, 25 Eglantine Avenue
Meek, R., 8 Richview Street
Meek, Stevenson, 8 Elaine Street
Meeke, Miss G., draper, 311 York Street
Meeke, Mrs., 42 North Road
Meeke, Mrs., 71 Bawnmore Road
Meeke, Mrs., 26 Eglantine Avenue
Meeke, Wm., 34 Mayfair Avenue
Meekin, Miss, 41 Lonsdale Street
Meekin, The Misses, 25 Derby Street
Meekin, Mrs., 263 Alexandra Park Avenue
Meekin, Mrs. Rose, 111-113 Leeson Street
Meekin, Thomas, 83 Hopeton Street
Meekin, Thomas, coal vendor, 79 Hopeton Street
Meenan, B. A., 7 Cadogan Park
Meenan, Geoffrey, 29 Castlereagh Street
Meenan, G., jeweller, 70 Delhi Street
Meenan, L. A., solicitor, 25 Chichester Street
Meeting Hall, 66 Peter's Hill
Megaffin, Wray, 36 Cooke Street
Magahey, J. B., butcher, 106 Lodge Road Old
Megahey, Mrs., Brazeel, Barnett's Road
Megahey, Robert D., boot repairer, 130 Roden Street
Megahey, T., insurance agent, 44 Clarendon Avenue
Megahy, B., cattle dealer, 122-124 Boundary Street
Megain Memorial Tennis Club, Sandown Road
Megain Presbyterian Church, 257 Newtownards Road
Megannety, Mrs. K., antique furniture dealer, 149 Albert Bridge Road
Megarrell, Hugh, bleacher, 20 Silverstream Parade
Megarry, Elizabeth, 99 Ballygomartin Road
Megarry, George, painter, 136 Mountcollyer Street
Megarry, Miss, 20 Virginia Street
Megarry, Mrs. Sarah, 53 Loopland Gardens
Megarry, Patrick, agent, 92 Short Strand
Megarry, Robert, 50 Cooke Street
Megarry, T., 7 Ailesbury Road
Megaw, Arthur S., 3 Fortwilliam Drive
Megaw, E., salesman, 9 Locksley Park
Megaw, G. L., traveller, 15 University Avenue
Megaw, G. S., traveller, 15 University Avenue
Megaw, Hon. Mr. Justice, 66 Malone Road
Megaw, H. T., 10 Eastleigh Crescent
Megaw, James, 244 Castlereagh Road
Megaw, John, 78 Ann Street
Megaw, J., 25 Alloa Street
Megaw, J., 18 Wingrove Gardens
Megaw, Mrs. E., 27 Manor Street
Megaw, Mrs. Jane, 176 Duncairn Gardens
Megaw, S. H., 21 Knockdene Park North
Megaw, T. C., Cedar Grove, Knockbreda Road
Megaw, W. A., 50 Martinez Avenue
Megaw, W. G., traveller, 24 Sunningdale Park North
Megaw, W. H., inspector, 16 Broughton Park
Megaw, Rev. W. R., B.A., M.R.I.A., 376 Ormeau Road
Megran, Mrs., 46 (5) Windsor Avenue
Megrath, J. T., engineer, 18 Orby Drive
Megraw, B. S. R., buyer, 22 Ladas Drive
Megraw, John, driver, 16 Ravenhill Road
Megraw, S., plater, 4 Hillsborough Parade
Megraw, William, checker, 20 Ravenhill Road
Mehaffey, A., 21 Parkmount Road
Mehaffey, Hugh, 44 Somerton Park
Mehaffey, James S., estate agent, 26 Howard Street
Mehaffy, Miss M., 8 Dub Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Mehaffy, Mrs., 112 Lodge Road Old
Mehaffy, Mrs. E. B., 16 Skegoneill Drive
Mehaffy, Mrs. M., 61 Richardson Street
Mehaffy, R., builder, 17 Somerdale Park
Mehaffy, William, accountant, 44 Knutsford Drive
Mehaffy, Wm. J., com. agent, 77 Marlborough Park South
Meharey, R., 20 Fortwilliam Park
Meharg, Albert B., dental mechanic, 11 Castleton Gardens
Meharg, D. G., wine and spirit merchant, 25 Ormeau Road
Meharg, D. G., Merton, Annadale Avenue
Meharg, Letitia, 61 Oakland Avenue
Meharg, Miss, 161 Ballygomartin Road
Meharg, Miss J. E., 28 Ava Park
Meharg, Mrs. S., 24 Toronto Street
Meharg, Robert, 14 Cadogan Street
Meharg, R., 55 Ava Street
Meharg, T. R., dentist, 124 Victoria Street Great
Meharry, Robert, newsagent, 75 Donegall Pass
Meharry, William, 164 Newtownards Road Upper
Mehatten, L., 2 Henderson's Row, Beechmount Park
Meikle, Wm., fitter, 21 Mount Merrion Drive
Melbourne, W. H., organ builder, 8 Loopland Crescent
Meldrum, Mrs. A., 8 Century Street
Meleady, Ellen, & Co., fruiterers, 243 Falls Road
Meleady, Mary, fruiterer, 201-203 Falls Road
Meli, Alfred, supper saloon, 2 Imperial Street
Meli, Fred., supper saloon, 122-124 Springfield Road
Meli, S., confectioner, 11a Garfield Street
Melling, Albert, clerk, 5 Clara Avenue
Mellon, James, joiner, 41 Dublin Road
Mellon, James, 47 Dover Street
Mallon, John, engineer, 11 Chambers Street
Mellon & Sands, Ltd., Fireplace Merchants, 35-37 Dublin Road
Melly, Mrs. Norah, 12 Ratcliffe Street
Melville, Charles, 28 Ballygomartin Road
Melville & Co. Ltd., Funeral Furnishers, Motor Car and Ambulance Hire Service, Carting Contractors, Head Office, 75-99 Townsend Street. T.A.: "Melville, Belfast" Managing Director - A. Melville McClure, Branches - 155 Albert Bridge Road, 117 Antrim Road, 258a Cambrai Street, 20 Chichester Street, 2 Cluan Place, 884 Crumlin Road, 308 Lodge Road Old, 284 Newtownards Road, 97 Ormeau Road, 182 Ravenhill Road, 221 Shankill Road, 359 Woodstock Road and 333 York Street
Melville, D., bookkeeper, 63 Sandhurst Drive
Melville, J., wagon builder, 24 Allworthy Avenue
Melville, J. A., 68 Kirkliston Park
Melville, J. D., manufacturers' agent, 14 Bridge Street
Melville, Mrs., 1 Glencairn Street
Melville, Mrs. Emma, 26 Glantane Street
Melville, Samuel, 40 Ballygomartin Road
Melville, William, 6 Torrens Gardens
Melville, W., electrician, 26 Ann Street
Memel Street P.E. School, 47 Memel Street
Memminger, L., American Consul-General, 12 Adelaide Park
Menagh, James, 397 Crumlin Road
Menary Bros., drapers, 167-169 Sandy Row
Menary, Henry, grocer, 8 Hopefield Avenue
Menary, Henry William, 3 Thorburn Road
Menary, John, sexton, 17 Knock Road
Menary, John L., 194 Cregagh Street
Menary, Joseph C., 4 Ravensdene Crescent
Menary, J., The Beeches, Newforge Lane
Menary, T., grocer, 27 Mt Lady's Road
Menary, T., grocer, Glenville, Diamond Gardens
Menary, T. H., draper, 63 Ravenhill Park
Menary, W. J., 506 Donegall Road
Menary, W. J., clerk, 75 University Avenue
Meneely, D., driver, 119 Joanmount Park
Meneely, James, electrician, 17 Hesketh Park
Meneely, John, bread server, 64 Alliance Avenue
Meneely, John, 11 Albertville Drive
Meneely, J., printer, 19 Harleston Street
Meneely, J., 18 Wandsworth Crescent
Meneely, J., master mariner, 106 University
Meneely, J. B., 36 Wallasey Crescent
Meneely, Robt. H., bread server, 96 Kimberley Street
Meneely, S. T., salesman, Sylvester, Finaghy Road South
Menmuir, Bruce, watch maker, 162 Ormeau Road
Mennan, F. W., 10 Earlswood Road
Men's Wear, 61 Donegall Square South
Menzies & Co., plumbers, 1 Exchange Place
Menzies & Co., Sanitary and Heating Engineers, 25a Donegall Street
Menzies, C. H., comp., 2 Clonaver Crescent North
Menzies, E. A., 11 Greenwood Park
Menzies, James, master plumber, 20 Florenceville Avenue
Mercantile Marine Masters' & Officers' Relief Fund, 53 Waring Street
Mercer, A. E., 10 Knock Eden Park
Mercer, A. E., yarn merchant, 6 Madison Avenue
Mercer, A. N., 24 Cyprus Avenue
Mercer, A. M., spirit merchant, 460 Lisburn Road
Mercer & Co., bakers, 2 Lilliput Road
Mercer, D., painter, 190 Cregagh Street
Mercer, George, driver, 241 Castlereagh Road
Mercer, H., 36 Lomond Avenue
Mercer, H. J., clerk, 28 Luxor Gardens
Mercer, H. L., butcher, 12 Elimgrove Street
Mercer, James, joiner, 36 Wheatfield Crescent
Mercer, J., manager, 7 Broughton Park
Mercer, J., tailors' supply stores, 160 North Street
Mercer, J. E., 27 Eastleigh Drive
Mercer, J. F., traveller, 39 Lansdowne Road
Mercer, J. J., bookkeeper, 141 Agincourt Avenue
Mercer, J. K., engineer, 89 Belmont Road
Mercer, J. W., manager, 55 Park Road
Mercer, Malcolm, painting contractor, 240 Cliftonville Road
Mercer, Miss, dress maker, 15 College Street
Mercer, Miss, 16 Meadowbank Street
Mercer, Miss Agnes, 4 Ireton Street
Mercer, Miss D., 15 Lisburn Road
Mercer, Miss O. M., 9 Haypark Avenue
Mercer, Misses, 9 Wellington Park Terrace
Mercer, Mrs., 7 Broughton Park
Mercer, Mrs., 188 Ravenhill Road
Mercer, Mrs. A., 211 Ravenhill Road
Mercer, Mrs. A. V., 11 Orby Gardens
Mercer, Mrs. E., 65 Westland Road
Mercer, Mrs. E., 17 Chambers Street
Mercer, Mrs. T., 64 Rugby Avenue
Mercer, N. L., butcher, 360 Crumlin Road; res., 70 Cooldarragh Park
Mercer, Robert H., 41 Hartington Street
Mercer, R. H., civil servant, 6 Kincora Avenue
Mercer, Samuel, salesman, 22 Shore Road
Mercer, Samuel, joiner, 14 Delaware Street
Mercer, Samuel, painter and decorator, 15 Pottinger Street
Mercer, Stothard, 11 Belgravia Avenue
Mercer, S., civil servant, 62 North Road
Mercer, S., civil servant, 7 Westland Road
Mercer, S. M., 5 Glanworth Drive
Mercer, S. W., 42 Ormiston Crescent
Mercer, Walter, traveller, 4 Clara Crescent Upper
Mercer, William, boiler maker, 71 Loopland Park
Mercer, W. J., dealer, 25 Lawnbrook Avenue
Mercer, W. J., mangle works, 56a Donegall Street
Mercer, W. J., lamp lighter, 99 Belmont Road
Mercer, W. S., traveller, 37 Grand Parade
Mercer, W. S., fitter, 9 Glendower Street
Mercier, Mrs., Moyallen, 6 Knocktern Gardens
Mercier, Mrs. S. T., 89 Cliftonville Road
Mercier, Mrs. T. McL., 171 Belmont Road
Mercier, William, manager, 8 Harberton Avenue
Mercier, Wm. T. McL., solicitor, 7 (7) Arthur Square
Meritt, J., boot repairer, 25 Loopland Road
Merrett, J. W., manager, 31 Chlorine Gardens
Merrett, Mrs. E., 58 My Lady's Road
Merrett, N., salesman, 15 Orby Parade
Merrick, Alex. S., solicitor, 7 Wellington Place
Merrick, A. S., 44 Bawnmore Road
Merrick, William, miller, 5 Tyndale Park
Merrick, W. D., engineer, 7 Shrewsbury Gardens
Merrifield, James, secretary, 324 Cregagh Road
Merry, Henry, 86 Priory Park
Mersey Coal Co., 2 Corporation Square T.A.: "Lawther, Belfast"
Mersey Street Presbyterian Mission Church, Mersey Street
Mersey Street P.E. School, 78 Mersey Street
Mervyn, Rev. John H., M.A., 3 Donegall Park Avenue
Mervyn, Mrs. Elizabeth, 296 Cregagh Road
Metal Fronts Co., Bronze metal workers, McKibben's Court
Metcalf, Alexander, grocer, 43 Ashmore Street
Metcalf, David, traveller, 102 Stratheden Street
Metcalf, James, 35 Park Avenue
Metcalf, Mrs. E. C., 14 Wellesley Avenue
Metcalfe, Alfred, grocer, 18 Eastland Street
Metcalfe, Gilbert, railway checker, 1 Salisbury Street
Metcalfe, James S., 4 Sandringham Villas, Finaghy Road
Metcalfe, J., milliner, 123 Donegall Pass
Metcalfe, J., draper, 30 Delhi Street
Metcalfe, Mrs., 2 Cherryhill
Metcalfe, Mrs. P. E., 47 Hawthornden Road
Metcalfe, M., porter, 27 Reid Street
Metcalfe, Robert, insurance agent, 654 Crumlin Road
Metcalfe, R., engineer, 8 Ardpatrick Gardens
Metcalfe, Warren, fitter, 17 Graymount Crescent
Methodist Church Hall, 1 Wallasey Park
Methodist College, 1 Malone Road, Principal, J. W. Henderson, M.A.  Girls' Hostel, McArthur House, College Gardens - Lady Warden, Mrs. R. Evans, B.A.  Downey House Preparatory School, 9 Pirrie Park Gardens
Methven, Colin, manager, 48 Ormonde Park
Methven, William, R.U.C., 25 The Mount
Methven, W. J., clerk, 23 Rossmore Avenue
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Ltd., 43 Donegall Street
Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd., Cosmos lamps, electrical and mechanical engineers, 55-57 Waring Street
Metrustrey, Wm. John, dairyman, 3 Merryfield Drive
Metrusty, F., bread server, 14 Newington Street
Mewha, Mrs. Sarah, 136 Ravenhill Road
Mewharter, Victor, 4 Ashgrove Park
Mewhor, F., costumier, 95 Bloomfield Avenue
Meyer, Mrs., 5 Wolseley Street
Meyock, James, 41 Rugby Avenue
Michael, Alex., docker, 35 Glenside Parade
Michael, Archibald, traveller, 226 Cregagh Road
Michael, A., painter, Knocknagoney Road
Michael, J. G., director, 12 Lansdowne Road
Michael, Miss E., 1 Ashfield Crescent
Michael, W. B., 521 Newtownards Road Upper
Mickelsen, V., designer, 86 Earlswood Road
Middlemore, Miss, 22 Shaftesbury Avenue
Middleton, C., fitter, 12 Gainsborough Drive
Middleton, Miss Alice, dining rooms, 6c-6d Tomb Street
Middleton, Miss Alice, 68 Willowbank Gardens
Middleton, Mrs., agent, 169 Dublin Road
Middleton, Mrs. Dora E., 28 Chichester Avenue
Middleton, Mrs. Margaret, 28 Madison Avenue
Middleton, R. L., time keeper, 12 Loopland Drive
Middleton, S. G., motorman, 27 Wallasey Park
Middleton, S. H. W., civil engineer, 24 Malone Hill Park
Middleton, T., architect, 19 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Middleton, W., 34 Bankmore Street
Middleton, W. C., engineer, 9 Evelyn Avenue
Midgley, H. C., M.P., T.U. official, 27 Chichester Road and 318 Woodstock Road
Midgley, W., boiler maker, 8 manor Drive
Midland Electric Manufacturing Co., Birmingham, 27 Franklin Street, Manufacturers of Ironclad Switch, Fuse and Motor Control Gear (Campbell Gardner & Co., Agents) T.A.: "Camergard"
Midland Employees Mutual Assurance Ltd., 7 Howard Street
Midland Station Hotel, L. M. & S. Railway Terminus, York Street
Mighton, W. R., assistant steward, 32 Sandhurst Gardens
Milby, Francis, 47 Cavehill Road
Miles, A. H., tailor's cutter, 24 Whitewell Crescent
Miles, H. J., 73 King's Road
Miles, Mrs. Margaret, 36 Mount Street (No. 2)
Miles, William, comp., 13 Willowfield Crescent
Milestone & Kay, tailors, 50 Wellington Place
Miley, W., provision merchant, 717 Lisburn Road
Milford, Rev. Robert, B.A., 20 Wheatfield Gardens
Milk Bar, 16 Victoria Street Great
Mill, Mrs. Susan, 39 Onslow Gardens
Millane, Thomas, marine police, 2 Jubilee Avenue
Millar, Alexander, 2 Parkend Street
Millar, Alfred G., 64 Campbell Park Avenue
Millar, Andrew, 22 Mountview Street
Millar, Andrew, egg merchant, 28a Harrison Street
Millar, Andrew, caretaker, 18 Kenmare Street
Millar, Arthur, 117 Alexandra Park Avenue
Millar, A., plater, 37 Park Avenue
Millar, A., & Co., Ltd., Preserve Manufacturers, Ravenhill Avenue and 1 Millar Street Head Office, 7 Bedford Street
Millar, Boyd & Reid, Ltd., Wholesale Warehousemen, 9 Arthur Place and 158-160 Lisburn Road
Millar & Co., wholesale provision merchants, 2-4 Berlin Street
Millar, David, 49 Deramore Avenue
Millar, David, wholesale merchant, Florencevale, Finaghy Road South
Millar, D., 20a Sydney Street West
Millar, D., 17 Wandsworth Crescent
Millar, D., & Co., hemstitching, 62 Bedford Street
Millar, Edward, R.U.C., 32 Pommern Parade
Millar, Edward, R.U.C., 16 Somerton Gardens
Millar, F., 40 Linden Gardens
Millar, F. H., secretary, 59 Locksley Park
Millar, F. R. W., painter and decorator, 139 Ravenhill Road
Millar, George, 69 Ligoniel Road
Millar, George, R.U.C., 10 Springdale Gardens
Millar, Gordon, agent, 27 Cameron Street
Millar, G., secretary, 7 Marina Park
Millar, G. D., agent, 23 College Street
Millar, Henry, french polisher, 312 Skegoneill Avenue
Millar, Henry, photographer, 21 Brookhill Avenue
Millar, Henry, shipwright, 22 Cambridge Street
Millar, Herbert, clerk, 7 Ashley Avenue
Millar, Hugh, iron turner, 21 Ilchester Street
Millar, H. W., 111 Osborne Drive
Millar, James, fitter, 64 Whitewell Crescent
Millar, James, upholsterer, 37 Whitewell Crescent
Millar, James, stevedore, 6 Trigo Parade
Millar, James, caulker, 9 Graymount Road
Millar, James, salesman, 54 Dromore Street
Millar, James, F.C.I.S., 57 Malone Avenue
Millar, James, 31 Marlborough Park North
Millar, James, merchant, 53 Palmerston Road
Millar, James, draughtsman, 4 Somerdale Gardens
Millar, James, mechanic, 25 Bryson Street
Millar, James, buyer, 122 Castlereagh Road
Millar, James G., 73 Willowbank Gardens
Millar, John, radio, etc., 592 Lisburn Road
Millar, John, 213 Moyola Street
Millar, John, architect and surveyor, 245 Ravenhill Avenue
Millar, John, sanitary inspector, Roselands, Andersonstown
Millar, John, insurance official, 418 Ravenhill Road
Millar, John, 26 Abetta Parade
Millar, John, store keeper, 13 Deerpark Road
Millar, John, grocer, 55-57 Dover Street
Millar, John, 30 Ardenlee Avenue
Millar, John, 31 Melrose Street
Millar, Johnston, Ben-Y-Gloe, Ascot Gardens
Millar, Joseph, secretary, 24 Kingsmere Avenue
Millar, J., U.S.C., 46 Wyndham Street
Millar, J., 165 Ulsterville Avenue
Millar, J., chemist, 5 Lyndhurst Gardens
Millar, J., 11 Trigo Parade
Millar, J. E., plumber, 80 Victoria Avenue
Millar, J. F., 1 Kilhorne Gardens
Millar, J. F., teacher, 498 Oldpark Road
Millar, J. N., boot maker, 138 Queen Street North
Millar, J. P., 26 Crumlin Road
Millar, J. S., 4 Willowbank Gardens
Millar, Louis, salesman, 1 Loopland Gardens
Millar, Malcolm, 6 Loopland Parade
Millar, Mary, 25 Ava Avenue
Millar, Maud, Lisburn Road
Millar, Miss, 22 Maryville Park
Millar, Miss Carrie, Hillview Cottage, Shore Road
Millar, Miss Eleanor, grocer, 185 Mayo Street
Millar, Miss E., 10 Ulsterville Gardens
Millar, Miss E., 9 Formby Park
Millar, Miss E., 20 Edinburgh Street
Millar, Miss J., 27 Trigo Parade
Millar, The Misses, 47 Sandhurst Gardens
Millar, Mrs., 170 Ravenhill Road
Millar, Mrs., 33 Grosvenor Street Little
Millar, Mrs., confectioner, 268 Woodstock Road
Millar, Mrs., 200 Ormeau Road
Millar, Mrs., 37 Kerrsland Crescent
Millar, Mrs., 115 Ligoniel Road
Millar, Mrs., 383 Cregagh Road
Millar, Mrs. Annie, 361 Cregagh Road
Millar, Mrs. A., 37 Dunluce Avenue
Millar, Mrs. E. J., Razende, Barnett's Road
Millar, Mrs. G., outfitter, 1b Dee Street
Millar, Mrs. Jane, 92 Sunnyside Street
Millar, Mrs. John, sanitary inspector, Roseland, Andersonstown
Millar, Mrs. Kathleen, 272 Shore Road
Millar, Mrs. Maria, 83 Lodge Road New
Millar, Mrs. Maria, 1 Ludlow Street
Millar, Mrs. Mary, 30 Atlantic Avenue
Millar, Mrs. May, 69 Locksley Park
Millar, Mrs. M. J., 12 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Millar, Mrs. Ruth, 66 Cromwell Road
Millar, Mrs. S., 26 Ulsterville Gardens
Millar, M. F., wallpaper and paints, 105 Ravenhill Road
Millar, P., fish merchant, Oxford Street
Millar, Robert, 162 Queen Street North
Millar, Robert, inspector, 48 Ballygomartin Road
Millar, Robert, cooper, 149 The Mount
Millar, Robert, R.U.C., 45 Loopland Park
Millar, Robert, fitter, 33 Salisbury Street
Millar, Robert H., clerk, Marina Park
Millar, Robert S., traveller, 14 Deerpark Drive
Millar, R., 25 Ravenhill Parade
Millar, R., joiner, 14 Bramcote Street
Millar, R., cashier, 19 Isadore Avenue
Millar, R. H., 24 Sandhurst Drive
Millar, R. T., 62 Knockbreda Park
Millar, Sarah, grocer, 4 Langford Street
Millar, Stewart, cycle agent, 161 Lisburn Road
Millar, S., caulker, 12 Athol Street
Millar, S., 66 Sandhurst Gardens
Millar, S., motorman, 35 Broadway
Millar, S. C., 44 Harberton Park
Millar, S. J., R.U.C., 20 Ashdene Drive
Millar, S. J., trimmer, 9 Magdala Street
Millar, Thomas, confectioner, 42 Stranmillis Gardens
Millar, Thomas, merchant, 2 Cliftondene Gardens
Millar, Thomas, joiner, 47 Castlereagh Street
Millar, Thomas F., butcher, 25 Mountview Street
Millar, T. J., sub-postmaster, 538 Oldpark Road
Millar, Victor, 56 Percy Street
Millar, William, joiner, 210 Cregagh Road
Millar, William, baker, 48 Windsor Avenue Lower
Millar, William, agent, 137 Holywood Road
Millar, William, fitter, 65 Alexandra Park Avenue
Millar, William, joiner, 26 Graymount Drive
Millar, William H., carter, 265 Shore Road
Millar, William H., 10 Kirkliston Park
Millar, William K., coach fitter, 9 Ava Park
Millar, Wyndham, advertising service, 14 Bridge Street
Millar, W., 24 Ardenlee Avenue
Millar, W., turner, 29 Pommern Parade
Millar, W., butcher, 194 Queen Street North
Millar, W., hairdresser, 5 Townsend Street Upper
Millar, W. G., 25 Queensberry Park
Millar, W. G., & Co., decorators' manufacturers, 55b Sunnyside Street
Millar, W. H., tobacconist, 87 Shankill Road
Millar, W. I., clerk, 31 Knock Eden Park
Millar, W. J., 113 Canning Street Upper
Millar, W. J., engineer, 160 Cregagh Road
Millar, W. J., 9 Ophir Gardens
Millar, W. J., Andersonstown
Millar, W. J., dairyman, 91 Tennent Street
Millar, W. M., 10 Magdala Street
Millar, W. R., journalist, 1 Castle Park Upper
Millar's Radio Store, 41 Smithfield
Millard Bros., agents, 2-4 Clarence Street
Millen, Agnes, 35 Avonbeg Street
Millen, David, electrician, 181 Alliance Avenue
Millen, David, electrician, 36 Glencairn Street
Millen, John, teacher, 14 Wolseley Street
Millen, John, salesman, 237 Joanmount Gardens
Millen, Mrs., 18 College Green
Millen, Mrs., 220 Ormeau Road
Millen, Mrs. John, 135 Cavehill Road
Millen, Mrs. Marion, 38 Grand Parade
Millen, P. A., 7 Ardmore Avenue
Millen, R., inspector, 6 Rossmore Avenue
Millen, R. J., salesman, 40 Grand Parade
Millen, R. N., 15 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Millen, S., 52 Castlereagh Road
Miller, Alex. F., insurance agent, 55 Fortwilliam Crescent
Miller, Alex., painting contractor, 7 Kinnaird Terrace
Miller, Alex. R., shop assistant, 41 Mountview Street
Miller, Andrew, fitter, 10 Abbeydale Gardens
Miller, A., iron turner, 28 Ardenlee Gardens
Miller, C., 10 Clonaver Crescent North
Miller, Charles, 2 Court Street
Miller & Ellis, cake shop, 60c Stranmillis Road
Miller, Eric, 8 Edlingham Street
Miller, George, 8 Beechpark Street
Miller, George, vulcaniser, 156 Joanmount Gardens
Miller, G., confectioner, 72 Castlereagh Road
Miller, G. L., 12 Rosebank, Newtownards Road Upper
Miller, H. E., 57 College Park Avenue
Miller, James, 24 Ashdene Drive
Miller, James, 17 Dee Street
Miller, James, engineer, 13 Ava Gardens
Miller, James, 102 Donegall Park Avenue
Miller, James, plater, 146 Madrid Street
Miller, James A., & Co., 26 Howard Street
Miller, John, clerk, 1 Glenbrook Avenue
Miller, John, bread server, 30 Sandown Road
Miller, John J., 4 Cabin Hill Gardens
Miller, J., 96 Shore Road
Miller, J., clerk, 26 Weston Drive
Miller, J., 21 North Road
Miller, J., & Sons, painters, 73 Ormeau Road
Miller, J. H., Fintra, Andersonstown
Miller, J. T., agent, 72 (9) Castle Street
Miller, Miller (Belfast), Ltd., linen manufacturers, 15-17 James Street South
Miller, Miss E., 75 Dunlambert Park
Miller, Miss M., confectioner, 5-7 Whitla Street
Miller, Miss S., 138 Canning Street Upper
Miller, Misses, 26 Cyprus Avenue
Miller, Mrs., 13 Dee Street
Miller, Mrs. Agnes, 72 Beechfield Street
Miller, Mrs. Ellen, 15 Oberon Street
Miller, Mrs. E., 4 Botanic Avenue
Miller, Mrs. Fanny, boot store, 265 Queen Street North
Miller, Mrs. Mary, 34 Kansas Avenue
Miller, Mrs. M., 80 Joanmount Gardens
Miller, Mrs. M., grocer, 5 Ormeau Street
Miller, Mrs. M., 2 Atlantic Avenue
Miller, Mrs. Sarah Jane, 53 Thorndale Avenue
Miller, Mrs. S., 33 Brookhill Avenue
Miller, M., baker, 317 Castlereagh Road
Miller, N., bakery, 146 My Lady's Road
Miller, Robert, engineer, 216 Ballysillan Road
Miller, Robert, draper, 28 Orient Gardens
Miller, Robert, 24 Sunnyside Drive
Miller, Robert, evangelist, 34 Thornhill Drive
Miller, Robert J., P.O. official, 20 Botanic Avenue
Miller, R., 27 Glenbank Drive
Miller, R. J., cabinet maker, 227 Tennent Street
Miller, S., & Sons, painters, 2 Henry Place
Miller & Sons, painters (yard), 4a Ormeau Street
Miller, T. S., 12 Parkmount Gardens
Miller, William, 27 Newtownards Road Upper
Miller, William, dyer, Bucklea, Ormonde Park
Miller, William, rivetter, 215 Cregagh Road
Miller, William, tailor, 64 Shaftesbury Avenue
Miller, William, manager, 108 Ulsterville Avenue
Miller, William, Ternagreevagh, Castlereagh Road
Miller, Wm., telegraphist, 28 Cherryvalley Gardens
Miller, W., evangelist, Knocklayd, Knockbreda Road
Miller, W. G., 94 Belmont Road
Miller, W. G., 42 Lichfield Avenue
Miller, W. M., Barrister-at-Law, St. Gilgen, Castle Hill Road
Millets Stores (1928), Ltd., clothiers, 37 High Street and Joy's Entry
Milligan, Albert, R.U.C., 16 Irwin Drive
Milligan, Alex., 4 Cooke Street
Milligan, Alfred, 5 Deramore Gardens
Milligan, A., fitter, 88 University Avenue
Milligan, A., Cloneen, Castlereagh Road
Milligan, David, sheet metal worker, 53 St. Jude's Parade
Milligan, F., 24 Wynard Park
Milligan, F. C., insurance agent, 60a Loopland Park
Milligan, James, 7 Whiterock Drive
Milligan, John, 5 Bathgate Drive
Milligan, John, caretaker, 7 (140a) Donegall Square West
Milligan, John, R.U.C., 36 Southport Street
Milligan, John A., dairy, 22 Ravenhill Gardens
Milligan, John H., journalist, 58 Manna Grove
Milligan, J., baker, 9 Harcourt Drive
Milligan, J. A., 20 and 30 Ravenhill Gardens
Milligan, J. A., clerk, 73 Cedar Avenue
Milligan, Miss Kathleen, 12 Nail Street
Milligan, Mrs., 39 Rosetta Park
Milligan, Mrs., 29 Bruce Street
Milligan, Mrs. J., 35 Bradbury Place
Milligan, Mrs. L., 966 Crumlin Road
Milligan, Robert, manager, 14 Mount Merrion Avenue
Milligan, R. A., plater, 65 Hillsborough Drive
Milligan, R. G., & Son, wholesale grocers, 29 Gordon Street
Milligan, R. H., 26 Burmah Street
Milligan, Samuel, 48 Fitzwilliam Street
Milligan, Samuel, clerk, 610 Oldpark Road
Milligan, Samuel James, 48 Rosemount Gardens
Milligan, Samuel, 80 Coolmore Street
Milligan, S., clerk, 6 Downshire Road
Milligan, S., 48 Edgecumbe Gardens
Milligan, Thomas H., 131 Wandsworth Road
Milligan, William, moulder, 4 Springdale Gardens
Milligan, Wm., sheet metal worker, 52 Mount Merrion Park
Milligan & Winnington, auto engineers, 77 King Street
Milligan, W., 222 Connsbrook Avenue
Milligan, W. H., & Co. Ltd., general provision merchants, 4 Townhall Street
Milligen, Adam, engineer, 815 Lisburn Road
Milligen, James, manager, 3 Clarendon Avenue
Milligen, John, & Co. Ltd., Steamship Owners and Coal Importers, 18 Donegall Square North; Depot, Abercorn Basin
Milligen, J., checker, 34 Melrose Avenue
Milligen, R. G., & Sons, 29 Gordon Street
Milligen, Wm., fancy goods, 37 Oldpark Road
Milliken, Charles, seaman, 50 Dover Street
Milliken, G. H., 53 Locksley Park
Milliken, James, 36 Marlborough Park North
Milliken, John, principal, 8 Dundela Avenue
Milliken, John, & Co., railway supplies and stores, 73 May Street
Milliken, John G., insurance official, 79 Lansdowne Park
Milliken, J., bread server, 10 Elm Street
Milliken, J. J., & Sons, plumbing and electrical contractors, 92 Victoria Street
Milliken, Miss, music teacher, 54 Wellington Place
Milliken, M. J., teacher, 43 Downshire Road
Milliken, N., insurance agent, 30 Woodvale Avenue
Milliken, Robert, dairyman, 21 Aberdeen Street
Milliken, Robert, electrical contractor, 38 Diamond Gardens
Milliken, Robert, traveller, 11 Benview Park
Milliken, Robert, bread server, 168 Ravenhill Avenue
Milliken, Samuel, pawn broker, 159 Tennent Street
Milliken, S. C., electrician, 211 Connsbrook Avenue
Milliken, White, & Co., linen manufacturers, 14 Grosvenor Road
Milliken, William, grocer, 67 Lawnbrook Avenue
Milliken, William, 33 Ava Drive
Milliken, W., electrical engineer, 6 Slievemoyne Park
Milliken, W. J., marine engineer, 33 Loopland Park
Millin, David, iron dresser, 154 Ainsworth Avenue
Millin, Mrs. Sarah, 12 Green Road
Milling, Hugh, blacksmith, 88 Agnes Street
Milling, Hugh, yarn merchant, 14 Linen Hall Street
Milling, Mrs., 90 Woodvale Road
Milling, Mrs., 6 Haypark Avenue
Milling, Samuel, supper saloon, 400 Newtownards Road
Milling, Thomas, brick layer, 62 Torrens Crescent
Milling, William E., 42 Graymount Park
Millington, P. R., 6 Kirkliston Park
Millington, Wm., surgical mechanic, 12 Mayfair Avenue
Mills, A., 582 Oldpark Road
Mills, A., grocer, 12 Malvern Place
Mills, A., sheet metal worker, 11 Sydenham Crescent
Mills, Cecil, 8 Southview Street
Mills, Charles, printer, 65 Chichester Street
Mills, Charles, printer, 40 Campbell Park Avenue
Mills, Charles, Inland Revenue, 7 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Mills, Charles, clerk, 17 Marsden Gardens
Mills, David, carter, 79 Channing Street
Mills, Edmund, machinist, 196 My Lady's Road
Mills, Ernest, joiner, 4 Hatfield Street
Mills & Gray, art goods, 30 Howard Street
Mills, James, shipwright, 42 Sydenham Gardens
Mills, John, R.U.C., 19 Ardgreenan Drive
Mills, J., electrician, 56 Parkgate Avenue
Mills, J. C., builder, 17 Cabin Hill Park
Mills, J. D., 86 Galwally Park
Mills, L. A., draper, 202-204 Queen Street North
Mills, Minnis, bookkeeper, 9 Orangefield Crescent
Mills, Miss, 52 Farnham Street
Mills, Miss J. T., 47 Ladas Drive
Mills, Mrs., 116 Woodvale Road
Mills, Mrs., 5 Rathdrum Street
Mills, Mrs. Betsy, 63 Brougham Street
Mills, Mrs. Jane, 62 Agincourt Avenue
Mills, Mrs. M., 2 Cabin Hill Park
Mills, Mrs. M. A., grocer, 88 Roslyn Street
Mills, Rainey, 100 Ravenhill Avenue
Mills, Robert, stableman, 20 Pine Street
Mills, Robert, carpenter, 16 Nendrum Gardens
Mills, Robert, grocer, 14 Lepper Street and 112 Spamount Street
Mills, Robert, motor garages, Glenada, Everton Drive
Mills, Robert, lorry driver, 10 Distillery Street
Mills, R., cycle agent, 95 Beersbridge Road
Mills, S., traveller, Orion, Knockbreda Road
Mills, Thomas, 13 Perth Street
Mills, Thomas, plater's helper, 93 Wallasey Park
Mills, Thomas, publican, 93 Westmoreland Street
Mills, Thomas, publican, 16-18 Carlow Street
Mills, Thomas H., R.U.C., 69 Fitzwilliam Street
Mills, T., confectioner, 149a Beersbridge Road
Mills, William, 99 Lodge Road Old
Mills, William, 36 Onslow Parade
Mills, William, dealer, 1-3 Scotland Street
Mills, William, engineer, 324a Lisburn Road
Mills, William, painter, 37 Balfour Avenue
Mills, William, auto engineer, 324a Lisburn Road
Mills, William John, traveller, 125 Knock Road
Mills, W., shoe maker, 76 Agnes Street
Mills, W., 185 Ravenhill Road
Mills, W., 57 Cabin Hill Gardens
Mills, W., Colenso Villas, Diamond Gardens
Mills, W. R., salesman, 2 Onslow Parade
Mills, W., Ltd., merchant tailors, 27 Chichester Street
Mills, W. J., salesman, 197 Deerpark Road
Milltown Roman Catholic Cemetery, 526 Falls Road
Milne, A., agent, 41 (7) Donegall Place
Milne, C., draughtsman, 27 Joanmount Gardens
Milne, Edward, law clerk, 297 Castlereagh Road
Milne, James, fitter, 38 Kimberley Street
Milne, J., electrician, 60 Haypark Avenue
Milne, J. P., traveller, 36 Delhi Parade
Milne, L., dress maker, 123 Ormeau Road
Milne, Miss Mabel, 34 Lincoln Avenue
Milne, Miss N., 28 Sandhurst Drive
Milne, Mrs., 34 Lothair Avenue
Milne, Mrs., 1 Roslin Villas, Rosetta Avenue
Milne, Nelson, instructor, 36 Rathgar Street
Milne, Peter, cashier, 44 Kimberley Street
Milne, William, engineer, 145 Deerpark Road
Milne, W. T., driver, 44 Ethel Street
Milne, Captain, 12 Ormiston Park
Milner, Mrs. W., 36 University Avenue
Milner, T. W. R., bank official, 32 Marlborough Park North
Milward, Rev. Fredk., 16 Ardmore Park South
Mineely, William, R.U.C., 61 Norfolk Parade
Minerva College of Music, 54 Royal Avenue
Minford, Thomas, shipwright, 64 Moyola Street
Minimax, Ltd., fire engineers, 21 Ardpatrick Gardens
Minion, William N., 83 Fitzroy Avenue
Minnis, A. J., coal traveller, 130 Orby Drive
Minnis, A. T., secretary, 32 Station Road
Minnis, D. G. W., 80 Bloomfield Road
Minnis, Frank, 18 Fortwilliam Crescent
Minnis, Frederick, 13 Lismoyne Crescent
Minnis, Herbert, 322 Shankill Road
Minnis, H. C., & Co., wholesale stationers and paper merchants, 59 Boundary Street
Minnis, H. E., assurance agent, 33 Ainsworth Avenue
Minnis, John, fitter, 102 Dunluce Avenue
Minnis, Miss B., confectioner, 36 Pearl Street
Minnis, Mrs. L., 21 Kelvin Parade
Minnis, W. F., J.P., general manager, 37 Earlswood Road
Minniss, A., 84 Haypark Avenue
Minshull, William, artist, 31 Lincoln Avenue
Minton, R. R., & Co. Ltd., paint manufacturers, 23 Howard Street
Miscampbell, John, 88 University Avenue
Miscampbell, T., fitter, 18 Sunnyside Drive
Miskelly, D., director, 8 Cambourne Park
Miskelly, Herbert, joiner, 90 Loopland Drive
Miskelly, Hugh C., compositor, 13 Sydenham Drive
Miskelly, H., hardware merchant, 54 Albert Bridge Road
Miskelly, John T., fitter, 159 Ulsterville Avenue
Miskelly, Joseph, manager, 82 South Parade
Miskelly, J., engineer, 40 Rushfield Avenue
Miskelly, Miss E., 48 Knocklofty Park
Miskelly, Miss Rose, 239 Falls Road
Miskelly, S., boot repairer, 41 Castlereagh Road
Miskelly, T., 51 Albert Bridge Road
Miskelly, W., butcher, 150 Ligoniel Road
Miskill, T. F., caretaker, 4 Waring Street
Miskimmin, James, manager, 24 Joanmount Park
Miskimmin, James, suptd., 46 Westland Road
Miskimmin, James, & Sons, Ltd., Builders and Contractors, St. James's Street
Miskimmin, J., builder, 22 Chichester Avenue
Miskimmin, Rev. J. A., 153 Cavehill Road
Miskimmin, Mrs., 18 Glenbrook Avenue
Miskimmin, Norman, director, 1 Shangarry Park
Miskimmin, W., contractor, 26-28 M'Tier Street
Miskimmin, W., builder, 12 Wheatfield Gardens
Miskimmins, William, builder, 33 Skegoneill Avenue
Miskimmon, David, 187 Lodge Road New
Miskimmon, David, Baptist pastor, 8 Cicero Gardens
Miskimmon, Mrs. J., 13 Dorchester Park
Miskimmon, Mrs. Mary, 21 Regent Street
Miskimmon, William, director, 37 Glenburn Park
Miskimmons, Mrs. A., 76 Graymount Road
Mission Hall, 73 Victoria Street Great
Mission Hall, 47 Mountcollyer Avenue
Mission Hall, Belmont Park
Mission Hall, 11a Campbell Street
Mission Hall for Adult Deaf and Dumb - Miss Walker, matron, 5-6 College Square North
Mission Hall, Irish Evangelical Church, 51 Jocelyn Avenue
Mission to Lepers, 45 Donegall Square South
Mission to Seamen Institute, 45-46 Donegall Quay
Mitchell, Alex., engineer, 21 Whitewell Crescent
Mitchell, A., postman, 18 Elizabeth Street
Mitchell, A., bread server, 40 Galwally Park
Mitchell, A. B., Hampton Park
Mitchell, A. C., clerk, 15 Linden Gardens
Mitchell Bros., & Co., wholesale tea and sugar merchants, 52 Victoria Street
Mitchell, Charles, 28 Lomond Avenue
Mitchell & Co. (of Belfast), Ltd., Distillers, Head Offices, 4-20 Avoniel Road
Mitchell, David J., 16 Prince Edward Park
Mitchell, Duncan. 175 Shore Road
Mitchell, D., R.U.C., 749 Crumlin Road
Mitchell, D. H., & Co., Linen Merchants and Art Needlework, 18 Bedford Street
Mitchell, E., pawn broker, 112 Donegall Pass and 187-189 Oldpark Road
Mitchell, E., 8 Cameron Street
Mitchell, E., engineer, 5 Beechmount Park
Mitchell, F. W., 129 Shandon Park
Mitchell, F. W., electrical engineer, 57 North Parade
Mitchell, Henry, 4 Hillman Street
Mitchell, Hooton, F.B.O.A., F.S.M.C., optician, 13 Donegall Place
Mitchell, Hugh, agent, 124 Donegall Street
Mitchell, James, 26 Hudson Street
Mitchell, James, grocer, 260 Shankill Road
Mitchell, James, 3 Mount Eden Park
Mitchell, James, 75 Graymount Crescent
Mitchell, James, carpenter, 89 Willowfield Street
Mitchell, James, 71 Kirkliston Park
Mitchell, James, grocer, 40 Clifton Drive
Mitchell, James, grocer, 49 Clonard Street
Mitchell, John, grocer, 49 Clonard Street
Mitchell, John, plater, 29 Canning Street
Mitchell, John, 42 Dunluce Avenue
Mitchell, John, 39 Twaddell Avenue
Mitchell, John, 29 Farnham Street
Mitchell, John, tram driver, 39 Lisburn Road
Mitchell, John, fitter, 76 Tate's Avenue
Mitchell, John A., civil servant, 245 Connsbrook Avenue
Mitchell, John S., 27 Kensington Road
Mitchell, Joseph, 97 Agincourt Avenue
Mitchell, Joseph, 61 Dunluce Avenue
Mitchell, Joseph A., fitter, 7 Florenceville Drive
Mitchell, J., fruiterer, 102 York Road
Mitchell, J., R.U.C., 43 Bramcote Street
Mitchell, J., printer, 29 Cyprus Park
Mitchell, J., & Co., general printers, 105 Queen Street North
Mitchell, J. A., 67 Lansdowne Road
Mitchell, J. M., 92 Ulsterville Avenue
Mitchell, Mary, 19 Clonard Gardens
Mitchell, Matthew, 78 University Street
Mitchell, Miss, 20 Ravenhill Park
Mitchell, Miss, 22 Rosetta Park
Mitchell, Miss, 39 Malone Hill Park
Mitchell, Miss Annie, 2 Atlantic Avenue
Mitchell, Miss E., fancy goods and cutlery, 4 Riddels Arcade
Mitchell, Miss E., 88 Cheviot Avenue
Mitchell, Miss Frances, 49 Stranmillis Road
Mitchell, Miss L., 444 Antrim Road
Mitchell, Miss M., 2 Brookvale Avenue
Mitchell, Miss Sarah, 1 Harberton Drive
Mitchell, Mrs., Shandara, Orpen {ark (Finaghy)
Mitchell, Mrs., 31 Lucerne Parade
Mitchell, Mrs., 41 Stockman's Lane
Mitchell, Mrs., 421 Woodstock Road
Mitchell, Mrs., 120 Woodvale Road
Mitchell, Mrs., 16 Sydenham Drive
Mitchell, Mrs., 9 Posnett Street
Mitchell, Mrs. Agnes, 46 Glencairn Street
Mitchell, Mrs. Elizabeth, 427 Woodstock Road
Mitchell, Mrs. E., 12 Manor Drive
Mitchell, Mrs. E., 3 Cadogan Park
Mitchell, Mrs. Florence, 17 Brougham Street
Mitchell, Mrs. Florence M., 117 North Road
Mitchell, Mrs. J., 18 Virginia Street
Mitchell, Mrs. Margaret, 5 Mountpottinger Road
Mitchell, Mrs. Matilda, 21 Tudor Place
Mitchell, Mrs. M. C., 18 Derryvolgie Avenue
Mitchell, Mrs. W., 118 Rosebery Road
Mitchell, M. A., Quarry House, Quarry Road
Mitchell, M. B., civil servant, 18 Sagimor Gardens
Mitchell, Ralph, 8 Richmond Park
Mitchell, Robert, joiner, 7 Camberwell Terrace
Mitchell, Robert, carpenter, 6 Ava Drive
Mitchell, Robert, carpenter, 18 Agnes Street
Mitchell, Robert, boiler maker, 16 Woodcot Avenue
Mitchell, Robert A., D.L., Marmount, Holywood Road
Mitchell, R. G., contractor, 54 Osborne Park
Mitchell, R. H., traveller, 5 Riverview Street
Mitchell, R. J., insurance inspector, 86 Ormonde Park
Mitchell, R. J. H., overseer, 30 Blenheim Street
Mitchell, S., draper, 421 Donegall Road
Mitchell, S., guard, 117 Dunluce Avenue
Mitchell, S. G., 140 Deramore Avenue
Mitchell, S. H., linen and handkerchief manufacturer, 9 (36) Donegall Square South; res., 23 Cliftonpark Avenue
Mitchell, S. J., draper, 7 Ardmore Park South
Mitchell, Rev. S. P., M.A., 24 Osborne Park
Mitchell, S. W., R.U.C., 19 Chief Street
Mitchell, Thomas, grocer, 142-144 My Lady's Road
Mitchell, Thomas, bookkeeper, 141 University Street
Mitchell, Thomas, plumber, 152 Joanmount Gardens
Mitchell, Thomas, 133 The Mount
Mitchell, Thomas, 148 Sunnyside Street
Mitchell, Thomas, grocer, 45 Blythe Street
Mitchell, Thomas S. W., 7 Summer Hill Park
Mitchell, Thos., sergt., R.U.C. Barracks, York Road
Mitchell, Victor, 36 Osborne Park
Mitchell, Victor, fitter, 11 Posnett Street
Mitchell, William, 3 Parkend Street
Mitchell, William, electrician, 3 Jocelyn Gardens
Mitchell, William, shop fitter, 69a Aigburth Park
Mitchell, William, Olinda, Craigavad
Mitchell, William, manager, 64 Joanmount Park
Mitchell, William, 9a Sandown Road
Mitchell, William, electrician, 8 Sydenham Crescent
Mitchell, William J., 958 Crumlin Road
Mitchell, William L., R.U.C., 47 Pommern Parade
Mitchell, W., civil servant, 2 Dunowen Gardens
Mitchell, W., civil servant, 40 Candahar Street
Mitchell, W., foreman, 61 Station Road
Mitchell, W., traveller, Raymount, Orpen Park
Mitchell, Capt. W. C., Rathmoyle, Helen's Bay
Mitchell, W. J., driller, 177 Templemore Avenue
Mitchell, W. J., 120 Haypark Avenue
Mitchell, W. J., dairyman, 17 Mowhan Street
Mitchell's Wool Shop, 207 Sandy Row
Moag, Jack, fruiterer, 94 Urney Street
Moag, James N., Andersonstown
Moag, J. N., manufacturers' agent, 16 Donegall Square South
Moane, Mrs. Margaret, 47 Dock Street
Moat Bros., rubber stamp makers, printers, and stationers, 105 Royal Avenue
Moat, Hugh A., 4 Maryville Park
Moat, Miss M. C., 15 Maryville Park
Mobile Library (The), 10 Wellington Street
Model Furnishing Co. (The), 109 North Street
Model Lodging House, 9-11 Station Street and 14-16 Henry Street
Model Works (The), engineers and brass founders, David Gray, prop., 118 Percy Street
Moderate, Mrs., 13 Hatfield Street
Modern Beauty Shop, 45 Arthur Street
Modern Tool Equipment Co. Ltd., 7 Bridge Street East and 2 East Street
Moffat, D. P., accountant, 5 St. John's Park
Moffat, Robert, 47 Ainsworth Avenue
Moffat, T. J., D.C.M., M.P.S., 109 North Road
Moffat, William, 51 Dundela Avenue
Moffatt & Co. Ltd., 72 High Street
Moffatt, David, male nurse, 18 Loopland Road
Moffatt, David L., teacher, 97 Onslow Parade
Moffatt, Edward, driver, 53 Ainsworth Avenue
Moffatt, G. A., salesman, 44 Ravenhill Park
Moffatt, Howard C., conductor, 32 Coombe Hill Park
Moffatt, Hugh L., foreman, 58 Wheatfield Crescent
Moffatt, James, 9 Deramore Street
Moffatt, James, agent, 4 Waring Street
Moffatt, James, inspector, 2 Surrey Street
Moffatt, J., civil servant, 3 Willowfield Crescent
Moffatt, J. H., 1 Deramore Street
Moffatt, J. H., chemist, 11 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Moffatt, Mrs. Ada, 20 Manor Street
Moffatt, Mrs. M., 286 Springfield Road
Moffatt, Mrs. M. E., 31 Ormiston Crescent
Moffatt, R., manufacturers' agent, 38 Knocklofty Park
Moffatt, T., hairdresser, 95 Woodstock Road
Moffatt, T. J., chemist, 350 Beersbridge Road
Moffatt, T. J., salesman, 10 Belmont Place
Moffatt, W. H., 110 Marlborough Park Central
Moffet, Mrs. E., 42 Marlborough Park South
Moffett & Anderson, Ltd., chemists, 324 Beersbridge Road
Moffett, A. D., 88 Priory Park
Moffett, David, fitter, 295 Oldpark Road
Moffett, George, bread server, 4 Wheatfield Crescent
Moffett, James, 3 Crumlin Gardens
Moffett, James, 123 Alliance Avenue
Moffett, John, upholsterer, 280 Donegall Road
Moffett, John, sheet metal worker, 21 Jocelyn Gardens
Moffett, John, & Sons, upholsterers, 17 Glengall Street
Moffett, J., joiner, 25 Evelyn Avenue
Moffett, J., 22 Adelaide Park
Moffett, Miss, post office, 227 Donegall Road
Moffett, The Misses, 6 Connsbrook Park
Moffett, Mrs., 122 Newtownards Road Upper
Moffett, Mrs. I. J., 45 Cromwell Road
Moffett, Mrs. J., 24 Malone Park
Moffett, Mrs. Margaret, 1 Agincourt Street
Moffett, Mrs. M. A., 440 Woodstock Road
Moffett, M. W., painter, 23 Rosewood Street
Moffett, Robert, sheet metal worker, 52 Rathlin Street
Moffett, R., & Son, manufacturers' agents, 18 Arthur Street
Moffett, R. W., & Co., painters, 1a McCandliss Street
Moffett, Samuel, R.U.C., 8 Ashfield Gardens
Moffett, Samuel, engineer, 106 Tower Street
Moffett, Thomas J., 70 Cromwell Road
Moffett, T., hairdresser, 52 Mount Street (No. 2)
Moffett, William, linesman, 104 Joanmount Gardens
Moffett, William, Lismachan Cottages, Belmont Road
Moffett, William J., driver, 32 Kimberley Street
Moffett, W., Ltd., warehouseman, 27 Franklin Street
Moffett, W. H., handkerchief manufacturer, 26 Denorrton Park
Moffett, W. J., chemist, 27 North Road
Moffitt, A. E., R.U.C., 96 Ballygomartin Road
Moffitt, E., R.U.C., 25 Ashfield Gardens
Moffitt, Dr. F. W., M.B., D.P.H., 2 Albertville Drive
Moffitt, J. T., traveller, 41 Elaine Street
Moffitt, J., 47 Ulsterville Avenue
Moffitt, R. W., gent's outfitter, 46 Cregagh Road
Moffitt, T. N., Ltd., pharmaceutical chemist, 291-293 Crumlin Road
Moffitt, William, joiner, 5 Westland Road
Moffitt, W. H., R.U.C., 35 Wheatfield Crescent
Moffitt, W. R., 118 Cregagh Road
Mogey, John, brick layer, 12 Henderson Avenue
Mogey, J., & Son, grocers, 437-437a Lisburn Road
Mogey, Mrs. J., 10 Spencer Street
Mogey, Rosina, 6 Henderson Avenue
Mogey, R. P., traveller, 366 Woodstock Road
Mohan, E., 40a Lodge Road New
Mohan, Frank, 41 Ashley Gardens
Mohan, F., violinist, Glenfin Villa, Norbury Street
Mohan, F., steward, 134 Crumlin Road
Mohan, George, 113 Sandown Road
Mohan, James, 23 Lomond Avenue
Mohan, John, 7 Manor Street
Mohan, Kaven, publican, 228-230 Lodge Road Old
Mohan, Miss Mary, 54 Ormonde Park
Mohan, W. J., insurance agent, 36 Arizona Street
Moir, A., 1 Kinedar Crescent
Mol, William, picture frame maker, 56 Belmont Avenue and 54 Queen Street Upper
Mol, William, teacher, 4 Cheltenham Gardens
Moles, H., cashier, 11 Whitewell Parade
Moles, J., Barrister-at-Law, 4 Rugby Parade
Moles, Mrs., 41 Montreal Street
Moles, Mrs. C., 21 Cliftonville Drive
Moles, William John, mill worker, 209 Alliance Avenue
Moles, W. C., sheet metal worker, 219 Ballygomartin Road
Moley, Peter, 51 Cedar Avenue
Moley, P., publican, 87 Lodge Road Old
Moley, P., spirit business, 6 Strathmore Park North
Molineaux, W., musician, 40 Balfour Avenue
Moll, Leonard, shop assistant, 11 Sydenham Park
Mollan, Alexander, 44 Arthur Street Upper
Mollan, Alex., manager, 284 Tennent Street
Mollan, A., tailor, 25 High Street
Mollan, Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 Stormont Park
Mollan, Mrs. H., Arushban, 5 Glastonbury Avenue
Molloy, Charles, 2 Mooreland Park
Molloy, George, 66 Woodvale Avenue
Molloy, G. H., 2 Kirklowe Drive
Molloy, H. H., clerk, 42 Windermere Gardens
Molloy, James, joiner, 22 Silverstream Parade
Molloy, John, clerk, 62 Glen Road
Molloy, John, manager, 799 Crumlin Road
Molloy, John N., secretary, 38 Eglantine Avenue
Molloy, Joseph, back lodge, Bladon Park
Molloy, J., packing case maker, 62 Joy Street
Molloy, Miss Una, ladies' hairdresser, 239a Queen Street North
Molloy, Mrs. Annie, 73 Atlantic Avenue
Molloy, Thos., crane driver, 123 Leeson Street
Moloney, Miss M. J., 30 Rosapenna Drive
Molyneaux, Ernest, engineer, 5 Prince Edward Park
Molyneaux, E., 18 Earlswood Road
Molyneaux, George, Dundela, Knock Road
Molyneaux, J., engineer, 58 Mount Merrion Park
Molyneaux, Miss, 42 Candahar Street
Molyneaux, Mrs., 77 Denmark Street
Molyneaux, Mrs., 12 Earlswood Road
Molyneaux, Robert, 7 King Street Mews
Molyneaux, S., engineer, 3 Belmont Drive
Molyneaux, T. B., 627 Oldpark Road
Molyneaux, William, dealer, 242 Roden Street
Molyneaux, W. M., agent, 6 Donegall Square Mews
Monaghan, Alex., musician, 57 Kansas Avenue
Monaghan, C., coach painter, 128 Library Street Upper
Monaghan, George F., foreman, 4 Clara Crescent Lower
Monaghan, James, 34 Arizona Street
Monaghan, J. J., M.A., D.Phil., principal, 153 Springfield Road
Monaghan & Loughran, ladies' hairdressing, 44a Queen Street North
Monaghan, Miss C., 129 Queen Street North
Monaghan, Miss Mary, 10 Clonard Gardens
Monaghan, Mrs., 47 Kimberley Street
Monaghan, Mrs., 14 Brandon Parade
Monaghan, Mrs. Annie, 86 Hanover Street
Monaghan, Mrs. B., fruiterer, 36 Queen Street North
Monaghan, M., 2 Thompson Street
Monaghan, Patrick, tenter, 12 Whiterock Gardens
Monaghan, William, 61 Gainsborough Drive
Monaghan, William, fitter, 48 Serpentine Road
Monahan, J., clerk, 3 Nansen Street
Monagle, Mrs. Edward, 772 Shore Road
Monarch Laundry, 451-453 Donegall Road
Monarch Recreation Club, 455 Donegall Road
Moncrieff, Miss M., nursing home, 408 Ormeau Road
Moncrieff, M., draper, 45 Knock Eden Park
Moncrieff, William, 8 Campbell Park Avenue
Moneypenny, James, fitter, 6 Castlereagh Place
Moneypenny, James, 83 Woodvale Avenue
Moneypenny, John, confectioner, 37 Albert Bridge Road
Moneypenny, J., hardware merchant, 6 Castlereagh Road
Moneypenny, Robert, 161 Greenville Road
Moneypenny, Samuel, butcher, 64 Duncairn Gardens
Moneypenny, W., 326 Shankill Road
Monie, H. H., & Co., stock and share brokers, 13 (7-8) Ann Street
Monie, Mrs., 49 Knock Road
Monie, Thomas, engineer, 63 Victoria Avenue
Monro, Alex., F.R.C.V.S., 70 Lisburn Road
Monro, E. C., conductor, 15 Connsbrook Park
Monro, George L., 8 Oakland Avenue
Monro, G., stock broker, 9 Hawthornden Road
Monro, S. G., motorman, 57 Carlingford Street
Monroe, J. T., inspector, 3 Hartington Street
Monroe, Mrs., 103 Killowen Street
Monroe, Mrs. J., 178 Ravenhill Avenue
Monroe, Mrs. M. A., 49 Knockdene Park
Monroe, S. J., 30 Loopland Park
Monson, James W., & Co., chartered accountants, 9 (41) Donegall Square South
Monson, Mrs. S. A., 15 Green Road
Montague, Mrs., 416 Falls Road
Montague, Mrs. K., 29 Lincoln Avenue
Montague, Patk., estate agent, 13 Divis Street
Montague, Patrick, rent agent, 9 Norfolk Drive
Monteith, Alex., 61 Belmont Church Road
Monteith, A., clerk, 13 Sydenham Park
Monteith, Herbert, shop assistant, 63 Florida Drive
Monteith, R. S., R.U.C., 241 Cregagh Road
Monteith, S. A., R.U.C., 20 Ravenhill Parade
Monteith, T., 40 Tate's Avenue
Monteith, T. H., cashier, 26 Ladas Drive
Montgomery, Alfred, 4 Shandarragh Park
Montgomery, Andrew, grocer, 39 Newtownards Road
Montgomery, A. C., insurance agent, 12 Lombard Street
Montgomery, A. C., manufacturers' agent, 12 Lombard Street
Montgomery, A. C., 90a Serpentine Road
Montgomery, C., & Co., linen merchants, 13 Wellington Place
Montgomery, C. A., 21 Wellington Park
Montgomery, C. F., salesman, 37 Orby Grove
Montgomery, C. & J., chemists, 66-68 Donegall Street and 147 Royal Avenue
Montgomery, C. W., 63 Bristow Park
Montgomery, David, 58 Hillview Avenue
Montgomery, David, fitter, 9 Holland Crescent
Montgomery, David, 12 Stranmillis Gardens
Montgomery, D., secretary, 71 Knutsford Drive
Montgomery, Edward, clerk, 161 Joanmount Gardens
Montgomery, Edward, agent, 50 Parkmount Street
Montgomery, E., 53 Torrens Crescent
Montgomery, E. J., R.U.C., 53 Torrens Crescent
Montgomery, Capt. Fras. J., Milburn, Coleraine
Montgomery, F., grocer, 1-5 Cheviot Avenue
Montgomery, F., M.D., 56 Osborne Park
Montgomery, F., clerk, 3 Joanmount Park
Montgomery, F. P., M.D., Elmwood, University Terrace
Montgomery, George, 33 St. John's Park
Montgomery, George, checker, 30 Toronto Street
Montgomery, George, clerk of works, 141 Henderson Avenue
Montgomery, G., engineer, 60 University Avenue
Montgomery, G., grocer, 40 Lodge Road Old
Montgomery, G., plater's helper, 236 Cregagh Street
Montgomery, Henry, & Co. (Bangor), 101 North Street
Montgomery, Hugh, 17 Deramore Avenue
Montgomery, Hugh, fitter, 4 Jocelyn Gardens
Montgomery, Hugh C., 20 Shandon Park
Montgomery, H., 244 Cliftonville Road
Montgomery, Very Rev. H., M.A., D.D., 5 Lower Crescent
Montgomery, H. B., stock broker, 15 Garfield Street
Montgomery, H. T., F.C.A., 7 Windsor Park
Montgomery, J., 1 Madison Avenue
Montgomery, James, 14 Formby Park
Montgomery, James, baker, 59 Willowfield Drive
Montgomery, James K., C.A., 185 Belmont Road
Montgomery, James, mechanic, Glendun, Andersonstown
Montgomery, James, Corporation official, 2 Sandhurst Drive
Montgomery, James, checker, 33 Loopland Gardens
Montgomery, James, designer, 26 Edinburgh Street
Montgomery, James W., clerk, 20 Grand Parade
Montgomery, John, grocer, 54-56 Lodge Road Old
Montgomery, John, prison officer, 15 Rosapenna Drive
Montgomery, John, 21 Galwally Park
Montgomery, John, traveller, 41 Gainsborough Drive
Montgomery, John, 18 Dundela Avenue
Montgomery, John, manager, 29 Brookhill Avenue
Montgomery, John, caretaker, 9 (51-52) Donegall Square South
Montgomery, John, grocer, 175-177 Crimea Street
Montgomery, John D., iron moulder, 126 Meadow Street Upper
Montgomery, Joseph, smith, 6 Victoria Street Little
Montgomery, J., 1 Wyndham Street
Montgomery, J., plumber, 65 Newport Street
Montgomery, J., baker, 141 Shore Road
Montgomery, J., shop assistant, 57 Enfield Street
Montgomery, J., 116 Ballygomartin Road
Montgomery, J., manager, 39 Blenheim Drive
Montgomery, J., cafe, 346 Woodstock Road
Montgomery, J. A. J., 23 Lismoyne Park
Montgomery, J. K., & Co., chartered accountants, 142 (14) Royal Avenue
Montgomery, J. M., clerk, 19 Ava Parade
Montgomery, J. T., collar cutter, 4 Ladas Drive
Montgomery, Mary, 30 Enfield Street
Montgomery, Matthew, 37 Earl Street
Montgomery, Miss A. F., 33 Maryville Park
Montgomery, Miss E. S., 26 College Green
Montgomery, Miss Frances, 48 Ardenlee Parade
Montgomery, Miss Helen, 6 India Street
Montgomery, Miss J. E., 8 Sandhurst Road
Montgomery, Miss K., 51 Maryville Park
Montgomery, Miss Margaret, 229 Springfield Road
Montgomery, Miss Mary, 132 Tennent Street
Montgomery, Miss M. M., 34 Marlborough Park North
Montgomery, Mrs., 183 Holywood Road
Montgomery, Mrs., 19 Glencairn Street
Montgomery, Mrs., 20 Riverview Street
Montgomery, Mrs., 31 Rushfield Avenue
Montgomery, Mrs., 9 Meadowbank Place
Montgomery, Mrs., 92 Agincourt Avenue
Montgomery, Mrs., 66 Lisburn Road
Montgomery, Mrs. A., 49 Magdala Street
Montgomery, Mrs. A. R., 28 Grand Parade
Montgomery, Mrs. E., 11 Thorndale Avenue
Montgomery, Mrs. E. J., 28 Belgravia Avenue
Montgomery, Mrs. F., 52 Cherryvalley Gardens
Montgomery, Mrs. James, 246 Grosvenor Road
Montgomery, Mrs. J., 49 Ballygomartin Road
Montgomery, Mrs. Margaret, 32 Castleton Gardens
Montgomery, M., plumber, 17 Balfour Avenue
Montgomery, M., 17 Wheatfield Gardens
Montgomery, Richard, secretary, 41 Vernon Street
Montgomery, Robert, clerk, 35 Gainsborough Drive
Montgomery, Robert, fitter, 31 Marsden Gardens
Montgomery, Robt., draughtsman, 55 Galwally Park
Montgomery, Robt. W., agent, 33 Somerton Park
Montgomery, R., 8 Wellwood Street
Montgomery, R., insurance agent, 74 Hesketh Park
Montgomery, R., 244 Queen Street North
Montgomery, R., clerk, Ardlui, Stockman's Lane
Montgomery, R., dairyman, 321 Ballysillan Road
Montgomery, R. J., coach builder, 2 Ulsterville Drive
Montgomery, R. L., manager, 16 Botanic Avenue
Montgomery, R. W., painter, 198 Ormeau Road
Montgomery, Samuel, insurance agent, 13 Loopland Park
Montgomery, S., 32 Ormeau Street
Montgomery, S., plumber, 50 Ardenlee Parade
Montgomery, Thomas, caulker, 28 Belmont Church Road
Montgomery, Thomas, 109 University Avenue
Montgomery, Thomas, 30 Cyprus Gardens
Montgomery, Thomas, 9 Whitewell Parade
Montgomery, Thomas, driver, 32 Connsbrook Avenue
Montgomery, Thomas, porter, 197 Canmore Street
Montgomery, T., 28 Wandsworth Parade
Montgomery, Walter, clerk, 20 Skegoneill Drive
Montgomery, William, 26 Green Road
Montgomery, William, fitter, 26 Cliftonville Street
Montgomery, William, grocer, 50 Fraser Street
Montgomery, William, firewood merchant, 40-40a Alexander Street
Montgomery, William, dealer, 30 Queen Street North
Montgomery, William, & Son, Auctioneers, Valuers, Real Estate Agents, Fire Loss Assessors and Surveyors, 5 Bedford Street. T.A.: "Assessors, Belfast"
Montgomery, Wm., engineer, 119 Alexandra Park Avenue
Montgomery, Wm., R.U.C., 13 Springfield Parade
Montgomery, Wm., paper merchant, 5 Franklin Street
Montgomery, W., 25 Willesden Park
Montgomery, W., agent, 41 (6) Donegall Place
Montgomery, W., bird dealer, 9 Gresham Street
Montgomery, W., machinist, 35 Glenbank Drive
Montgomery, W., grocer, 98 Church Street East
Montgomery, W., salesman, 5 Edgcumbe Gardens
Montgomery, W. C., 12 Luxor Gardens
Montgomery, W. D., tram driver, 4 Holland Gardens
Montgomery, W. J., iron moulder, 28 Oakland Avenue
Montgomery, W. N., solicitor, 3 Donegall Street
Monypeny, Dr. A. McC. D., 2 University Square
Moodie & Graham, stock and share brokers, 10 Wellington Place
Moody, Very Rev. A. F., M.A., D.D., 10 Downview Avenue
Moody, Charles R., 10 King's Crescent
Moody, D., joiner, 75 Loopland Gardens
Moody, James, 9 Silverstream Drive
Moody, The Misses, 52 Malone Park
Moody, Mrs. A., 25 Hatfield Street
Moody, Mrs. E. J., 4 Grace Avenue
Moody, Robert, millwright, Farmside Cottage, Crumlin Road
Moody, Samuel, 50 Edlingham Street
Moody, S., clerk, 68 North Parade
Moody, T. E., accountant, 6 Salisbury Gardens
Moody, W. A., joiner, 1 Harleston Street
Moon, Frank, 19 Sagimor Gardens
Moon, Mrs., 143 Orby Drive
Moon, T., 18 Northumberland Street
Mooney, B. C., dealer, 2 Arizona Street
Mooney, C., publican, 23-25 Malone Road
Mooney, C., 23 Derryvolgie Avenue
Mooney, Daniel, grocer, 2 Hillman Street
Mooney, Edward, 115 Holywood Road
Mooney, Eliza, grocer, 62 Linden Street
Mooney, Francis, 5 Alloa Street
Mooney, Hugh, 136 Cregagh Road
Mooney, Hugh, grocer, 45-47 Plevna Street
Mooney, H. D., accountant, 60 University Street
Mooney, James, 10 Virginia Street
Mooney, John, publican, 69 Library Street Upper
Mooney, John, clerk, 39 Norfolk Drive
Mooney, John, publican, 92 Malvern Street
Mooney, John, R.U.C., 47 Beechmount Drive
Mooney, J., time keeper, 28 Meadowbank Place
Mooney, J. G., & Co., Ltd., spirit merchants, 1-3 Arthur Square
Mooney, Mary, confectioner, 5 Scrabo Street
Mooney, Michael, 24 Lavinia Street
Mooney, Michael, joiner, 68 Deramore Avenue
Mooney, Miss, 28 Sydenham Gardens
Mooney, Miss H., 15 Ailesbury Avenue
Mooney, Miss S. J., 21 Fruithill Park
Mooney, Mrs., 32 St. Ive's Gardens
Mooney, Mrs. Bridget, 6 Springfield Road
Mooney, Mrs. M., 3 Duncairn Avenue
Mooney, Mrs. M., 72 Albert Street
Mooney, M., publican, 98-100 Cromac Street
Mooney, P., clerk, 7 Rossmore Avenue
Mooney, P., clerk, 24 Joanmount Gardens
Mooney, Samuel, 36 Mountpottinger Road
Mooney, Samuel, caretaker, 8 Fox Row
Mooney, S. P., 4 Knockvale Park
Mooney, Thomas, shoe maker, Andersonstown
Mooney, William, carter, 28 Cooke Street
Moorcroft, J., 272 Cliftonville Road
Moorcroft, Miss, 253 Ravenhill Avenue
Moore, Alexander, caulker, 83 Bloomfield Avenue
Moore, Alex., civil servant, 13 Broughton Gardens
Moore, Alex. J., boiler maker, 33 Mountview Street
Moore, Alfred, 9 Tivoli Gardens
Moore, Alfred, 16 Sunningdale Park North
Moore, Alfred, electrician, 33 Delhi Parade
Moore, Andrew, iron turner, 639 Lisburn Road
Moore, Andrew, 19 Harcourt Drive
Moore, A., joiner, 19 St. Jude's Crescent
Moore, A., traveller, 20 Imperial Drive
Moore, A., salesman, 2 Stranmillis Road
Moore, A., 237 Grosvenor Road
Moore, Rev. Canon A., B.A., 44 Cyprus Avenue
Moore, A. E., 468 Antrim Road
Moore, A. E., engineer, 49 Wellesley Avenue
Moore, A. J., clerk, 168 Cregagh Road
Moore, A. J., electrical engineer, 28 Ladas Drive
Moore, A. S., journalist, 755 Lisburn Road
Moore, Dr. A. W., M.B., surgeon, 52 Haddington Gardens
Moore & Brown, provision merchants, 117 Newtownards Road
Moore, B., boot repairer, 8 Isaac's Court
Moore, B. G., Penrhyn Lodge, Belmont Church Road
Moore, Chas., 35 Queensberry Park
Moore, C. W., clerk, 97 Deramore Avenue
Moore, David, & Son, 4 The Arches, May's Market
Moore, D., lithographer, 168 Orby Drive
Moore, D., grocer, 31-33 Hunter Street
Moore, D., garage, 20 Bloomfield Avenue
Moore, Edward, grocer, 623 Lisburn Road
Moore, Edward, dealer, 32-36 Hunter Street
Moore, Edward, 59 Ravenscroft Avenue
Moore, Edward, 39 Lowwood Park
Moore, Eileen, 17 Cliftonville Avenue
Moore, Ernest A., 101 Woodvale Road
Moore, Ethel, 42 Willowholme Drive
Moore, E., fitter, 25 Campbell Park Avenue
Moore, E. J., litho printer, 108 Killowen Street
Moore, E. J., butcher, 71 Castlereagh Road
Moore, E. S., clerk, 45 Sandymount Street
Moore, Frank, Ph.D., F.E.I.S., J.P., 47 Marlborough Park North
Moore, Frederick, gardener, 24 Ava Avenue
Moore, Frederick, joiner, 28 Sefton Park
Moore, Fredk., linen business, 6 Westminster Street
Moore, Fredk., plater, 51 Orby Road
Moore, Fred. A., fireman, Colenso Villas, Diamond Gardens
Moore, F., hairdresser, 148 Agnes Street
Moore, F., 34 Northwood Drive
Moore, F. M., F.A.I., 157 Dunluce Avenue
Moore, F. R., 11a Cavehill Road Old
Moore, George, confectioner, 492 Ballysillan Road
Moore, George, R.U.C., 314 Ballysillan Road
Moore, George, caretaker, Fern Hill Lodge, Glencairn Road
Moore, George B., civil servant, 21 Holywood Road Old
Moore, G., 7 University Street
Moore, G., butcher, 78 Hatfield Street
Moore, G. A., inspector, 553 Oldpark Road
Moore, G. F., Corporation official, 112 Ardenlee Avenue
Moore, G. T., accountant, 114 Royal Avenue
Moore, G. W., cashier, 17 Delhi Parade
Moore, Hamilton, tram conductor, 10 Artana Street
Moore, Henry, 43 Loopland Road
Moore, Henry, inspector, 103 Mount Merrion Park
Moore, Henry, 35 Queensberry Park
Moore, Henry F., chemist, 134 Royal Avenue
Moore, Herbert J. L., 35 Glandore Avenue
Moore, Hugh, sack and bag merchant, 26 Hill Street
Moore, Hugh, newsagent, 96 Woodstock Road
Moore, Hugh, motor man, 13 Loopland Drive
Moore, H., carpenter, 28 Haypark Avenue
Moore & Jackson, bakers, 407 Newtownards Road Upper
Moore, James, M.D., 76 Malone Road
Moore, James, 101 Cregagh Road
Moore, James, accountant, 37 Marina Park
Moore, James, 482 Lisburn Road
Moore, James, carter, 2 Cumberland Street
Moore, James, publican, 1 Boyd Street
Moore, James, fitter, 4 Glenrosa Street South
Moore, James A., foreman, 52 Windsor Avenue Lower
Moore, James, Ltd., account books, printing and office equipment, 16 Corporation Street and Fountain Lane
Moore, Jeremiah, insurance agent, 1 Hillsborough Parade
Moore, John, fitter, 40 Alliance Crescent
Moore, John, grocer, 45 and 44-48 Hillview Street
Moore, John, clerk, 41 Aigburth Park
Moore, John, machinist, 45 Willowholme Street
Moore, John, 630 Oldpark Road
Moore, John, dairyman, 28 Sintonville Avenue
Moore, John, iron moulder, 99 Wallasey Park
Moore, John, cable joiner, 6 Mount Prospect Park
Moore, John, 33 Mount Merrion Park
Moore, John, butcher, 30 Orangefield Crescent
Moore, John, time keeper, 29 Orby Gardens
Moore, John, railway guard, 45 Hartington Street
Moore, John C., R.U.C., 471 Springfield Road
Moore, John J., soldier, 11 Elm Street
Moore, John W. S., 3 Kingsway Avenue
Moore, Joseph, 20 Avoca Street
Moore, Joseph, painter, 66 Cliftonville Avenue
Moore, J., 10 Green Road
Moore, J., publican, 18 Peter's Hill
Moore, J., 20 Willowholme Street
Moore, J., 65 Rushfield Avenue
Moore, J., manager, 157 Albert Bridge Road
Moore, J., electrician, 155a Stranmillis Road
Moore, J. A., 27 Cabin Hill Park
Moore, J. B., M.B., surgeon, 11 Clifton Street
Moore, J. E., rivetter, 105 Loopland Park
Moore, J. H., dealer, 35 Hunter Street
Moore, J. R., traveller, 75 Locksley Park
Moore, J. Y., 35 Deramore Park
Moore, Kathleen, dining rooms, 23 Corporation Square
Moore, Llewllyn, 54 North Road (Llewellyn)
Moore & MacDonald, chemists, 389 Newtownards Road
Moore, Margaret, 28 Bloomfield Avenue
Moore, Matthew, fitter, 6 Sefton Park
Moore, Miss, Irish linen handkerchiefs, 20 Queen Street
Moore, Miss, fruiterer, 342 Newtownards Road Upper
Moore, Miss, 26 Rutland Street
Moore, Miss, 35 Cheviot Avenue
Moore, Miss, 192 Lisburn Road
Moore, Miss, 41 Manor Street
Moore, Miss, Eden Villa, Alexandra Avenue
Moore, Miss, 14 Kimberley Drive
Moore, Miss, 45 Sandbrook Park
Moore, Miss, 29 Lonsdale Street
Moore, Miss C., confectioner, 67 Castlereagh Street
Moore, Miss E., 8 King's Crescent
Moore, Miss F., 45 Cooke Street
Moore, Miss Maisie, 12 Shandon Park
Moore, Miss M., Kilmore, Finaghy Road South
Moore, Miss M., poultry and cooked meats, 79 Falls Road
Moore, Miss M. B., 53 Knocklofty Park
Moore, Miss M. E., sub-postmistress, 107 Peter's Hill
Moore, Miss S., 63 Ligoniel Road
Moore, The Misses, 17 Hopefield Avenue
Moore, Mrs., 122 Bloomfield Avenue
Moore, Mrs., 30 Cliftonville Avenue
Moore, Mrs., 12 Kerrsland Parade
Moore, Mrs., 22 Cherryvalley Park
Moore, Mrs., 6 Sussex Place
Moore, Mrs., 70 Bankmore Street
Moore, Mrs., 16 Ravenhill Gardens
Moore, Mrs., 4 Florenceville Avenue
Moore, Mrs., 132 Circular Road West
Moore, Mrs., 56 Cregagh Road
Moore, Mrs., 4 Stormont Park
Moore, Mrs., 10 Ormiston Crescent
Moore, Mrs., 66 Cliftonpark Avenue
Moore, Mrs., 1 Dromara Street
Moore, Mrs., 65 Graymount Crescent
Moore, Mrs., 249 Ravenhill Avenue
Moore, Mrs., 32 Marmount Gardens
Moore, Mrs., 58 Bryson Street
Moore, Mrs. Agnes, 62 Ladas Drive
Moore, Mrs. A. G., 3 North Road
Moore, Mrs. Catherine, 27 Rathdrum Street
Moore, Mrs. C., publican, 1-3 Copeland Street
Moore, Mrs. C. L., 34 Kelvin Parade
Moore, Mrs. E., 77 Woodcot Avenue
Moore, Mrs. E., 83 Wellesley Avenue
Moore, Mrs. Etta, 114 Roden Street
Moore, Mrs. E. M., 158 Cregagh Road
Moore, Mrs. F., 59 Oakland Avenue
Moore, Mrs. Jane, 3 Dee Street
Moore, Mrs. J., 71 Ulsterville Gardens
Moore, Mrs. J., 38 Florida Drive
Moore, Mrs. L. A., outfitter, 40 Cregagh Road
Moore, Mrs. Margaret, 87 Cedar Avenue
Moore, Mrs. Mary, 47 Avonbeg Street
Moore, Mrs. Mary E., 5 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Moore, Mrs. Mary J., 7 Edinburgh Street
Moore, Mrs. Maud, draper, 66 Duncairn Gardens
Moore, Mrs. May, 183 Alexandra Park Avenue
Moore, Mrs. M., 33 Marsden Gardens
Moore, Mrs. M. E., 45 North Parade
Moore, Mrs. M. J., 31 Meadowbank Street
Moore, Mrs. M. J., 29 Ashley Gardens
Moore, Mrs. M. L., 399 Woodstock Road
Moore, Mrs. Susan, 17 Spencer Street
Moore, Mrs. T., 98 Mountpottinger Road
Moore, Rev. M., M.A., 681 Crumlin Road
Moore, M., clothes dealer, 82-86 Sandy Row
Moore, M. E., 35 Windsor Avenue Lower
Moore, N., tailor, 25 Donegall Pass
Moore, Patrick, moulder, 8 Kenmare Street
Moore, Richard, 10 Sydenham Drive
Moore, Robert, 41 Leadbetter Street
Moore, Robert, printer, 26 Rochester Street
Moore, Robert, 42 Lowwood Avenue
Moore, Robert, newsagent, 32 Bread Street East
Moore, Robert, fitter, 6 Bryson Street
Moore, Robert, steward, 387 Castlereagh Road
Moore, Robert J., 92 Loopland Park
Moore, R., 30 Torrens Crescent
Moore, R., driver, 272 Cregagh Road
Moore, R., R.U.C., 21 Abbeydale Park
Moore, R., supper saloon, 1 Brandra Street
Moore, R., 18 Lyndhurst Gardens
Moore, R., book seller, 88 Sandy Row
Moore, R., 28 Windsor Drive
Moore, R. C., sports goods, 131 Royal Avenue
Moore, R. J., R.U.C., 10 Deanby Gardens
Moore, R. J., 37 Mount Merrion Park
Moore, R. M., agent, 7 Bedford Street
Moore, R. W., 537 Newtownards Road Upper
Moore, R. W., overall manufacturer, 33 Fountain Street and 3-5 Alfred Street
Moore, Samuel, dealer, 1-3 Hunter Street
Moore, Samuel, rivetter, 23 Evelyn Avenue
Moore, Samuel, inspector, 2 Chesham Grove
Moore, Samuel, traveller, 81 Alliance Avenue
Moore, Samuel, conductor, 52 Glenside Parade
Moore, Samuel, coach builder, 16 Middlepath Street
Moore, Samuel, carter, 4 Sagimor Gardens
Moore, Samuel E., 14 Wellington Park Avenue
Moore & Slipper, Ltd., manufacturers' agents, Moira Street
Moore, Stanley, newsagent, 643-645 Oldpark Road
Moore, S., joiner, 10 Rosapenna Parade
Moore, S., 231 Castlereagh Road
Moore, S., 31 Brougham Street
Moore, S., iron turner, 2 Paxton Street
Moore, S. C., machinist, 18 Rushfield Avenue
Moore, S. D., 48 Castlereagh Street
Moore, S. H., 30 Cardigan Drive
Moore, S. H., agent, 48 (3) Church Lane Upper
Moore, S. L., 56 Priory Park
Moore, Thomas, 3 McMaster Street
Moore, Thomas, cabinet maker, 241 Lisburn Road
Moore, Thomas, clerk, 36 Sydenham Park
Moore, Thomas, station master, 400a Beersbridge Road
Moore, Thomas, gardener, 8 Victoria Avenue
Moore, Thomas, gas fitter, 28 Roe Street
Moore, Thomas, dealer, 9 Staunton Street
Moore, Thomas, journalist, 58 Dunluce Avenue
Moore, Thomas John, 86 Loopland Park
Moore, Thomas W., plumber, 12 Albion Street
Moore, Thos., manager, 70 Newtownards Road Upper
Moore, T., boot repairer, 327 Albert Bridge Road
Moore, T., clerk, 3 Florenceville Drive
Moore, T., fruiterer, 21a Oldpark Road
Moore, T., cooper, 141 The Mount
Moore, T. J., 17 Rosepark
Moore, Wallace, traveller, Collon, Lisburn Road
Moore, Walter, joiner, 3 Sefton Park
Moore, Walter, engineer, 1 Windsor Drive
Moore & Weinberg, Ltd., linen and yarn merchants, 5 Murray Street
Moore, Wilfred, assistant manager, 61 Aigburth Park
Moore, William, 21 Eliza Street
Moore, William, grocer, 85 Mervue Street
Moore, William, Glendhu, Malone Road Upper
Moore, Rt. Hon. Sir William, Bart., D.L., P.C., Moore Lodge, Kilrea
Moore, William, confectioner, 17 Albert Street
Moore, William, clerk, 13 St. Jude's Parade
Moore, William, mechanic, 20 Torrens Gardens
Moore, William, foreman, 10 Willowfield Street
Moore, William, 4 Elaine Street
Moore, William, provision merchant, 245 Shankill Road
Moore, William, boot repairer, 245 Shankill Road
Moore, William, 37 Maryville Park
Moore, William, grocer, 213 Shankill Road
Moore, William, clerk, 37 Woodvale Gardens
Moore, William, 10 George's Street Little
Moore, William, joiner, 43 Station Road
Moore, William, traveller, 3 Sydenham Crescent
Moore, William, 43 Ailesbury Road
Moore, William M., 31 Mount Merrion Park
Moore, William R., R.U.C., 31 Luxor Gardens
Moore, William Thomas, model maker, 88 Duncairn Gardens
Moore, Wilson, tenter, 99 Glencairn Street
Moore, Wm. Stewart, accountant, 20 Albertville Drive
Moore & Wood, men's wear specialists, 32 Donegall Place
Moore, W., tailor, 42 Spencer Street
Moore, W., grocer, 39 Donegall Quay
Moore, W., 20 Irwin Drive
Moore, W., painter, 8 Tate's Avenue
Moore, W. C., traveller, 86 North Parade
Moore, W. E., traveller, 44 Roseleigh Street
Moore, W. H., clerk, 39 Elgin Street
Moore, W. H., provision merchant, 169-171 Victoria Street
Moore, W. J., 581 Crumlin Road
Moore, W. J., bread server, 69 Sunnyside Street
Moore, W. J., chemist, 68 Belmont Church Road
Moore, W. J., painter, 25 Windsor Road
Moore, W. J., Aughioule, Malone Road Upper
Moore, W. J., driller, 15 Ratcliffe Street
Moore, W. J., gas worker, 89 Ainsworth Avenue
Moore, W. J., painter, 56 Woodstock Road
Moore, W. J., damask mounter, 74 Dundela Avenue
Moore, W. J., provision merchant, 98 Shankill Road
Moore, W. J., 17 Ingledale Park
Moore, W. M., 393 Queen Street North
Moore, W. M., electrical engineer, Dotford, Orby Drive
Moore, W. R., 19 Westway Drive
Moore, W. S., 25 Dundela Crescent
Moorehead, A., 10 Timbey Park
Moorehead, Francis, 2 Ravensdene Park
Moorehead, John, com. traveller, 220 Limestone Road
Moorehead, J., decorator, 11 Gainsborough Drive
Moorehead, J. S., traveller, 46 Rosevale Street
Moorehead, M., chemist, 119 Grosvenor Road
Moorehead, Robert, insurance broker, 57 Dunlambert Drive
Moorehead, W. J., french polisher, 60 Parkmount Street
Moorehead, William, sailor, 46 Mount Prospect Park
Moorhead, Andrew, 17 Bedeque Street
Moorhead, A. W., 22 Willesden Park
Moorhead, D., clerk, 33 Victoria Avenue
Moorhead, James, 16 Dunmisk Park
Moorhead, John, 60 King's Road
Moorhead, John, school teacher, 3 Rosetta Parade
Moorhead, J., traveller, 31 Vicinage Park
Moorhead, Robert, 237 Lisburn Road
Moorhead, R., & Co., insurance brokers, 31a Wellington Place
Moorhead, Samuel R., 7 Stranmillis Park
Moorhead, Sophia, 78 Maryville Street
Moorhead, Thomas, hairdresser, 2 Campbell Street
Moorhead, Thomas, tailor, 33 Woodvale Avenue
Moorhead, T., hairdresser, 164 Lodge Road Old
Moorehead & Wood, solicitors, 30 Rosemary Street
Moorhead, W. C., 5 Rosetta Parade
Moorhouse, C. H., 20 Hillsborough Parade
Moorhouse, J., cleaner, 44 Woodvale Avenue
Moran, Anna M., 5 Canterbury Street
Moran, A., painter, 61 Rugby Avenue
Moran, Charles, fruiterer, 88 Bridge End
Moran, D., 9 Ardmore Avenue
Moran, H., R.U.C., 26 Willowholme Drive
Moran, Miss, tobacconist, 4-6 Church Lane
Moran, The Misses, 40 Irwin Crescent
Moran, Mrs. M., 501 Newtownards Road Upper
Moran, Thomas, manager, 15 Beechmount Drive
Moran, William, 117 Leeson Street
Morath, J., manager, 24 Rosetta Park
Morath, R., F.B.O.A., optician, 25 Chichester Street and 69 Falls Road
Moravian Church, 1a University Road
Morehead, W., fitter, 5 Bloomfield Park
Moreland, F., traveller, 118 Ulsterville Avenue
Moreland, George T., telephone operator, 145 Alliance Avenue
Moreland, James, builder, 39 Powerscourt Street
Moreland, John, newsagent, 178 Newtownards Road
Moreland, John, J.P., newsagent, 13 Knock Road
Moreland, J., traveller, 54 Stranmillis Park
Moreland, J., 30 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Moreland, J., Corporation official, 319 Ballysillan Road
Moreland, J., grocer, 685 Oldpark Road
Moreland, Matthew, 117 Donegall Pass
Moreland, Miss, 11 India Street
Moreland, Miss S., 41 Summer Hill Park
Moreland, Mrs., 11 Bedeque Street
Moreland, Mrs., 49 Ashley Avenue
Moreland, Mrs., draper, 114 Albert Bridge Road
Moreland, Mrs., 37 Fife Street
Moreland, M. H., 37 Martinez Avenue
Moreland, N., newsagent, 259 Shankill Road
Moreland, William, 37 Stranmillis Gardens
Moreland, Wm., clerk, 5 Ulsterville Gardens
Morell & Johnston, stock brokers, 39 (1) Castle Lane
Morelli, G., supper saloon, 100 Alliance Avenue
Morgan, A. G., 186 Deerpark Road
Morgan, A. P., 57 Knockvale Park
Morgan, Bea, confectioner, 4 Cromwell Road
Morgan Bros., fruit and fish salesmen; dish market, Oxford Street
Morgan, Daniel, 12 Staunton Street
Morgan, D., salesman, 68 Delhi Street
Morgan, D., stableman, 66 Tomb Street
Morgan, Edward, fitter, 337 Crumlin Road
Morgan, Elizabeth, 26 Townsend Street Upper
Morgan, George, 9 Marguerite Park
Morgan, G., 46 Donegall Park Avenue
Morgan, G. H., 53 Rugby Avenue
Morgan, Henry, 7 University Avenue
Morgan, H., 56 Kimberley Street
Morgan, James, 6 La Salle Gardens
Morgan, Jane, confectioner, 68 King Street
Morgan, Jim, motor man, 413 Donegall Road
Morgan, John, 10 Cliftondene Park
Morgan, John, horse dealer, 73 Joy Street
Morgan, John, & Sons, builders and contractors, 155a Oldpark Road
Morgan, John, & Sons, cartage contractors, 3? (5) Sydney Street West
Morgan, Joseph, furs, 13 Wellington Place
Morgan, J. H., packer, 18 Ardenlee Gardens
Morgan, Malachy, supper saloon, 110 Leeson Street
Morgan, Miss, 59 Camden Street
Morgan, Miss, dress maker, 329 Ormeau Road
Morgan, Miss, 6 Claremont Street
Morgan, Miss B., 13 Bradbury Place
Morgan, Miss B., 28 Bristow Park
Morgan, Miss Mary E., 24 Elizabeth Street
Morgan, Miss M., 611 Oldpark Road
Morgan, Miss M., draper, 73 Donegall Pass
Morgan, Miss Olive, 26 Agincourt Street
Morgan, Miss V., ladies' hairdresser, 33 May Street
Morgan, Mrs., 14 Arizona Street
Morgan, Mrs., 13 Deramore Street
Morgan, Mrs., grocer, 18-20 Iveagh Street
Morgan, Mrs., registry office, 33 May Street
Morgan, Mrs., 33 Fitzroy Avenue
Morgan, Mrs., 24 St. Alban's Gardens
Morgan, Mrs., 18 Marmount Gardens
Morgan, Mrs., 215 Mountpottinger Road
Morgan, Mrs. A., Ardagh, Andersonstown
Morgan, Mrs. Eliabeth, 322 Ligoniel Road (Elizabeth)
Morgan, Mrs. R. A., 117 Agincourt Avenue
Morgan, Mrs. S., 19 Willowfield Crescent
Morgan, M., fruiterer, 108 Leeson Street
Morgan, M., publican, 116 Corporation Street
Morgan, Patrick, 13 Whitewell Crescent
Morgan, R., 25 Malone Road Upper
Morgan, R. J., 9 Hawthornden Drive
Morgan, R. J., & Co., warehousemen, 30 Arthur Street
Morgan, S., civil servant, 32 Queensberry Park
Morgan, S. M., civil servant, 62 Galwally Park
Morgan, W. E., brick maker, 20 Mount Street (No. 2)
Morgan, W. J., 11 Brianville Park
Morgan's, builders, 32 Barrack Street
Moriarty, Dennis, R.U.C., 48 Mount Prospect Park
Moriarty, John, joiner, 2 Salisbury Street
Moriarty, J. J., M.B., 2 College Gardens
Morley, A. R., warehouseman, 40 Arthur Street Upper
Morley, Mrs. Alice, 16 Loopland Road
Morley, P. G., compositor, 51 Elgin Street
Mornison, Robert, rivetter, 72 Moyola Street
Morrell, H. B., traveller, 446 Castlereagh Road
Morrell, James, 43 Glandore Avenue
Morrell, James, 41 Earl Street
Morrell, Joseph, ice cream merchant, 50 Stratheden Street
Morrell, J. H., machinist, 5 Thirlmere Gardens
Morrell, R. A., painter, 41 Formby Park
Morrell, William, 33 Donegall Pass
Morrelli, Miss L., supper saloon, 100 Alliance Avenue
Morrice, J. T., 8-14 Peter's Hill
Morrice, Thomas, optician, 14 Arthur Square
Morrice, Thomas, optician, 16 Ulsterville Avenue
Morris, Anthony, spirit merchant, 37 Fitzroy Avenue
Morris, A., publican, 15-17 Walnut Place
Morris, A., publican, 11 Coyle's Place
Morris, A., L.D.S., 161a Shankill Road
Morris, Francis, seaman, 155 Lodge Road New
Morris, George, agent, 11 Wellington Place
Morris, G., 4 Cherryvalley Gardens
Morris, Henry R., 34 Atlantic Avenue
Morris, H., publican, 1-3 Berlin Street
Morris, H., clerk, 64 Sunnyside Street
Morris, James, joiner, 40 Whitewell Crescent
Morris, James, fruiterer, 317 Grosvenor Road
Morris, John T., salesman, 36 Finvoy Street
Morris, J., 45 Fairview Street
Morris, Leslie, 22 Lismoyne Park
Morris, Leslie, LL.B., solicitor, 7 Chichester Street
Morris, L., merchant, 36 Wandsworth Road
Morris, Miss, confectioner, 208 York Street
Morris, Miss Elizabeth J., 10 Knockbreda Road
Morris, Miss Isa, 32 Vicinage Park
Morris, Miss M. E., grocer, 96 Nelson Street
Morris, Mrs., confectioner, 218 Lodge Road Old
Morris, Mrs. Bridget, 12 Ophir Gardens
Morris, Mrs. E., 21 Glantane Street
Morris, Mrs. H., 52 Wellesley Avenue
Morris, Mrs. Mary, 124 Skegoneill Avenue
Morris, Mrs. V., publican, 265 Shankill Road
Morris, Peter, milkman, 1 Beechfield Street
Morris, P., 90 Kensington Road
Morris, Robert, driver, 79 Norfolk Parade
Morris, Robert, 12 Copeland Street
Morris, R. L. M., printer, 48 Lichfield Avenue
Morris, Walter E., clerk, 13 Dunluce Avenue
Morrisey, Mrs. M., fruiterer, 47 Divis Street
Morrison, Alex., electrician, 6 Ern View, Shore Road
Morrison, Arthur, 27 Ainsworth Avenue
Morrison, A., gardener, 2a Charnwood Avenue
Morrison, B. B., chemist, 58 Sandy Row
Morrison, Charles, grocer, 11 Bond Street New
Morrison, Charles, grocer, 30 McAuley Street
Morrison, Charles, com. traveller, 13 Cabin Hill Park
Morrison, Chris., 17 Belvedere Park
Morrison, D., grave digger, 22 Ardenlee Avenue
Morrison, F., Lossetto, Finaghy Road South
Morrison, F., 15 Ashley Gardens
Morrison, George, electrician, 44 Mount Merrion Park
Morrison, George, shop assistant, 74 Bankmore Street
Morrison, George, 248 Tate's Avenue
Morrison, George, R.U.C., 87 Ulsterville Gardens
Morrison, George N., electrician, 83 Tildarg Street
Morrison, George T., warder, 17 Baden Powell Street
Morrison, Gerald, manager, 11 Cliftondene Gardens
Morrison, G., 1 Willowfield Drive
Morrison, G. W., artist, 37 Summer Hill Park
Morrison, Hamilton, civil servant, 40 Ravensdene Crescent
Morrison, Hamilton, fitter, 22 Ulsterdale Street
Morrison, Isaac A., warehouseman, 73 Kansas Avenue
Morrison, James, 37 Bedeque Street
Morrison, James, 34 Mount Prospect Park
Morrison, James, joiner, 1 Roden Street
Morrison, James, grocer, 1 Apsley Street
Morrison, James, painter, 186-188 Nelson Street
Morrison, James, mechanic, 307 Castlereagh Road
Morrison, James, 11 Rutland Street
Morrison, John, flesher, 150 Oldpark Road
Morrison, John, 75 Richardson Street
Morrison, John B., J.P., director, Ballydrain, Dunmurry
Morrison, John G., & Co., House, Land, Insurance Agents, Auctioneers, Valuators and Property Brokers, 102 Royal Avenue. Res.: Silverdale, Lady's Mile, Holywood
Morrison, John M., fitter, 40 Melrose Street
Morrison, Joseph, printer, 2 Library Street
Morrison, Joseph, cleaner, 234 Cregagh Street
Morrison, J., butcher, 2 Glenview Street
Morrison, J., manager, 29 Malone Road Upper
Morrison, J., clothier, 75 Denmark Street
Morrison, J., 189 Duncairn Gardens
Morrison, J., printer, 23 Ormeau Road
Morrison, J., & Sons, Ship Repairers, Engineers and Brass Founders, 104b-108 York Street, and 1a Alexandra Park Avenue
Morrison, J. A., weighman, 45 Shore Road
Morrison, J. D., M.P.S., F.S.M.C., chemist and optician, 36 Belmont Road
Morrison, J. E. N., civil servant, 21 Lansdowne Road
Morrison, Kathleen T., 602 Antrim Road
Morrison, Louis, Photographer, 10 Donegall Place
Morrison, L., 41 Lismoyne Park
Morrison, Malcolm, pattern maker, 21 Moyola Street
Morrison, Mary, hardware merchant, 61 Albert Bridge Road
Morrison, Miss, 184b Malone Road
Morrison, Miss, 1 Lomond Avenue
Morrison, Miss, furrier, 15 Queen's Arcade
Morrison, Miss Elizabeth, 49 Fortwilliam Crescent
Morrison, Miss F. J., 13 Greenville Road
Morrison, Miss Jane M., 214 Malone Road
Morrison, The Misses, 13 Academy Street
Morrison, Mrs., 27 Brookhill Avenue
Morrison, Mrs., 274 Lodge Road Old
Morrison, Mrs., 89 Agnes Street
Morrison, Mrs., 4 Marguerite Park
Morrison, Mrs., 10 Cabin Hill Gardens
Morrison, Mrs., 58 Brown Street
Morrison, Mrs., 42 Verner Street
Morrison, Mrs., 580 Oldpark Road
Morrison, Mrs. A., 11 Harrow Street
Morrison, Mrs. Elizabeth, 88 Howard Street South
Morrison, Mrs. E., 20 Agincourt Street
Morrison, Mrs. F., 30 Cedar Avenue
Morrison, Mrs. H. M. L., 28 Derryvolgie Avenue
Morrison, Mrs. Margaret, 6 Willowfield Street
Morrison, Mrs. Margaret, 22 Marmount Gardens
Morrison, Mrs. M., assistant registrar, 1 Marlborough Park North
Morrison, Mrs. M., 108 Fitzroy Avenue
Morrison, Mrs. M., 13 India Street
Morrison, Mrs. R., 263a Shore Road
Morrison, Mrs. S., 109 York Road
Morrison, Mrs. S., 536 Antrim Road
Morrison, Mrs. S., 9 Cliftonville Parade
Morrison, Neil, foreman, 6 Rushfield Avenue
Morrison, Norwell, 35 Bloomfield Avenue
Morrison, P., shop assistant, 2 St. John's Villas, Shore Road
Morrison, Robert, 5 Belmont Place
Morrison, Robert, driver, 40 Connsbrook Drive
Morrison, Robert, salesman, 19 Dunkeld Gardens
Morrison, R., 67 Cheviot Avenue
Morrison, R. J., 8 Glanworth Drive
Morrison, R. W., milk salesman, 145 Cregagh Road
Morrison, Samuel, 70 Willowbank Gardens
Morrison, Samuel, teacher, 16 Ormiston Park
Morrison, Samuel, manager, 16 Cabin Hill Gardens
Morrison, Sarah, 100 Percy Street
Morrison Shelters, 70 Chichester Street
Morrison, S., 14 Loopland Parade
Morrison, S. M., 19 Shandon Park
Morrison, Thomas J., R.U.C., 19 Jubilee Avenue
Morrison, T., painter, 2 Delaware Street
Morrison, T. E., 130 Deramore Avenue
Morrison, William, 49 Cooke Street
Morrison, William, fowl dealer, 2 Murphy's Court
Morrison, William, fitter, 109 Tyndale Park
Morrison, William, boot repairer, 28 Blythe Street
Morrison, William, joiner, 79 Belmont Road
Morrison, William, 35 Summer Hill Park
Morrison, W., 113 Deramore Avenue
Morrison, W., farmer, Springhill, Ballygomartin Road
Morrison, W. E., 10 Summer Hill Park
Morrison, W. F., manager, 75 Knutsford Drive
Morrison, W. J., clerk, 15 Florida Drive
Morrison, W. T., designer, 580 Oldpark Road
Morrison's Trunk Stores, 72 North Street
Morrisroe, John F., ticket writer, 16 Posnett Street
Morrissy, Mary, agent, 5 Magdala Street
Morrow, Adam, Ballyhanwood House, Ballyhanwood Road
Morrow, Alex., 5 Cranmore Park
Morrow, Annie, 193 Ravenhill Avenue
Morrow, Arthur, timber merchant, 427 Cregagh Road
Morrow, Arthur, timber slate and tile yard, 30 George's Street
Morrow, Arthur, timber merchant, 31 Albert Bridge Road
Morrow, A., 159 Antrim Road
Morrow, A., civil servant, 22 Sagimor Gardens
Morrow, A. H., auto and electrical engineer, 1 Skegoneill Avenue
Morrow, Charles, engineer, 17 Sydenham Park
Morrow, C., 459 Newtownards Road Upper
Morrow & Co., wholesale provision merchants, York Street
Morrow & Co., drapers, 168 Crumlin Road
Morrow, C. S., Knockview Villa, Newtownards Road Upper
Morrow, D., glazier, 8 Diamond Street
Morrow, D. R., agent, 18-20 Church Street
Morrow, Edward John, 233 Belmont Road
Morrow, Elizabeth, gowns, 18 Arthur Street
Morrow, Eric, solicitor, 45 Chichester Street
Morrow, E. J., bank official, 35 Lansdowne Road
Morrow, Fred., painter, 140 Agincourt Avenue
Morrow, Fredk., bakery, 81 Newtownards Road
Morrow, Fredk., baker, 12 Aigburth Park
Morrow, F., boot merchant, 16 Gilnahirk Road
Morrow, F. A., insurance agent, 68 Serpentine Road
Morrow, F. R., 23 Upton Park
Morrow, George, gardener, Front Lodge, Fortwilliam Park
Morrow, George, joiner, 30 Tyndale Park
Morrow, George, & Sons, Ltd., House Painters, Decorators and Renovators, 50 Clifton Street
Morrow, G., machinist, 12 Ranfurly Drive
Morrow, Henry, tram conductor, 14 Sintonville Avenue
Morrow, Herbert, 2 Sydenham Drive
Morrow, Herbert, director, 3 Cregagh Park
Morrow, Hugh, 128 Shandon Park
Morrow, Hugh, newsagent and sub-postmaster, 366-368 Newtownards Road Upper
Morrow, H., foreman, 226 Tennent Street
Morrow, H., & Co., Ltd., Wholesale Warehousemen, 6 Cregagh Park
Morrow, H. J., 18 Cavehill Road Upper
Morrow, H. R., traveller, 36 Clara Park
Morrow, James, 34 Bedeque Street
Morrow, James, 19 Knockdene Park North
Morrow, James, engineer, 50 Belmont Avenue
Morrow, James, clerk, 146 Ardenlee Avenue
Morrow, James, wholesale leather and grindery merchant, 28 Chichester Street
Morrow, James M., civil servant, 66 Maryville Park
Morrow, John, grocer, 213 Lisburn Road
Morrow, John, compositor, 17 Pacific Avenue
Morrow, John, 18 Marsden Gardens
Morrow, John, motor man, 16 Delhi Parade
Morrow, John, 64 Knockvale Park
Morrow, John, driller, 130 Madrid Street
Morrow, John, & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, 48 Bedford Street
Morrow, John H., 68 King's Road
Morrow, John Moore, 1 Clarendon Avenue
Morrow, J., 16 Collingwood Avenue
Morrow, J., director, 15 Ravenhill Park
Morrow, J., postman, 12 Fairview Street
Morrow, J., 68 Cabin Hill Gardens
Morrow, J., bus driver, 379 Donegall Road
Morrow, J. E., traveller, 35 Dargle Street
Morrow, J. H., com. traveller, 94 King's Road
Morrow, J. H., & Sons, Ltd., tea merchants, 18-20 Gordon Street
Morrow, J. L., 85 Shandon Park
Morrow, Martha, 296 Albert Bridge Road
Morrow, Matthew, 153 Sandown Road
Morrow, Miss, 381 Newtownards Road Upper
Morrow, Miss, 67 Malone Avenue
Morrow, Miss A., 32 Orpen Park
Morrow, Miss Dorothy, 1a Parkmount Street
Morrow, Miss M., A.L.C.M., music teacher, 170 Crumlin Road
Morrow, Miss M., 11 Ridgeway Street
Morrow, Miss S. E., 17 Knockdene Park North
Morrow, Miss V. S. L., 823 Lisburn Road
Morrow, The Misses, 27 Belvedere Park
Morrow, The Misses, 44 Cranmore Gardens
Morrow, Mrs., 47 Malone Park
Morrow, Mrs., 93 Cregagh Road
Morrow, Mrs., 40 Magdala Street
Morrow, Mrs., 36 Glandore Drive
Morrow, Mrs., 8 Lennoxvale
Morrow, Mrs., 40 Victoria Road
Morrow, Mrs., 22 Graymount Drive
Morrow, Mrs., 16 Ardenlee Avenue
Morrow, Mrs. D. D., 22 Clara Park
Morrow, Mrs. E., 76 Hesketh Park
Morrow, Mrs. E., 19 Queensberry Park
Morrow, Mrs. E., 25 Ratcliffe Street
Morrow, Mrs. Isabella, 66 Donegall Road
Morrow, Mrs. J., 1a Sintonville Avenue
Morrow, Mrs. Lena, 19 Arizona Street
Morrow, Mrs. Margt., 226 Tennent Street
Morrow, M. H., 48 Ailesbury Road
Morrow, N. R., Motor Accessories, 9 Brunswick Street
Morrow, P., carter, 14 Joy Street
Morrow, Richard, Lochview, Ballyhanwood Road
Morrow, Robert, 51 Cromac Street
Morrow, Robert, fitter, 10 Evelyn Avenue
Morrow, Robert, gardener, 7 Pasadena Gardens
Morrow, Robert, bakery, 58½ Newtownards Road
Morrow, Robert, secretary, 62 Townsend Street
Morrow, Robert L., 8 Ravenhill Park
Morrow, Robt., waterproof merchants, 51 Cromac Street
Morrow, R., brass finisher, 99 Market Street
Morrow, R., M.P.S.I., chemist, 25 Corn Market
Morrow, R., driller, 29 Ainsworth Avenue
Morrow, R., clerk, 5 Fitzroy Avenue
Morrow, R., electrician, 407 Ormeau Road
Morrow, R., fitter, 189 Woodstock Road
Morrow, R. B., finisher, 69 Hatfield Street
Morrow, R. E., 32 Wandsworth Crescent
Morrow, Samuel, gardener, 4 Massey Avenue
Morrow, Samuel, 60 Alliance Avenue
Morrow, Stanley, 1 Cheltenham Park
Morrow, S. J., house furnisher, 429 Woodstock Road
Morrow, S. J., furniture manufacturer, 118 Castlereagh Street
Morrow, S. T., furniture manufacturer, 374 Castlereagh Road
Morrow, Thomas, shipwright, 51 Loopland Drive
Morrow, Thomas, 19 Victoria Gardens
Morrow, Thomas, J.P., Hill Crest, Dunmurry
Morrow, Thomas, 2 Florida Street
Morrow, Victor, salesman, 230 Tennent Street
Morrow & Wedgewood, Motor Engineers, 12 College Court
Morrow, William, Hill House, Ballyhanwood Road
Morrow, William, boot repairer, 50a Dee Street
Morrow, William, 30 Deramore Avenue
Morrow, William, cycle agent, 49 Bramcote Street
Morrow, William R., sexton, 10 Belmont Avenue
Morrow, W., chemist, 82 Stranmillis Road
Morrow, W., 42 Park Avenue
Morrow, W., 119 Ravenhill Road
Morrow, W., 77 Priory Park
Morrow, W. E., furniture agent, 106 Ann Street
Morrow, W. F. B., bank official, 15 Cavehill Road Old
Morrow, W. J., draper, 124 Templemore Avenue
Morrow, W. J., bank official, 138 Cregagh Road
Morrow, W. J., machinist, Harmor, Clara Park
Morrow, W. J., marine engineer, 274 Ballysillan Road
Morrow, W. R., J.P., Ben Vista, Ballyhanwood Road
Mort, Thomas S. H., 32 Wandsworth Gardens
Morteshead, F., clerk, 12 Windsor Avenue Lower
Mortimer, C., confectioner, 35 Belmont Road
Mortimer, Hugh Sterling, 30 Stranmillis Gardens
Mortimer, John S., 45 (3) Wellington Park
Morton, Alan, 10 Osborne Drive
Morton, Albert, Gortrib, Gilnahirk Road
Morton, Andrew, 42 Cromwell Road
Morton, A., fruiterer, 31 Castlereagh Road
Morton, A., R.U.C., 36 Woodvale Gardens
Morton, A., fruiterer, 184 Woodstock Road
Morton, A., 18 Deramore Park
Morton, A., & Co., confectioners, 6 College Square East
Morton, Brian, & Co., 32 Arthur Street
Morton Bros., motor dealers, 53 Boundary Street North
Morton Bros., motor dealers, 45-49 Bridge End
Morton & Co. (of Belfast), Ltd., bottlers, 28 Townsend Street
Morton, David, plater, 5 Sandford Avenue
Morton, D. M., 94 Sandown Road
Morton, Edward, 12 Holland Gardens
Morton, Francis, accountant, 6 Greenview Park
Morton, Frank, accountant, 39 Ashley Gardens
Morton, Fredk., aircraft inspector, 278 Ballysillan Road
Morton, Fredk., manager, 38 Brookvale Avenue
Morton, F., fitter, 18 Wallasley Park (Wallasey)
Morton, George, 61 Ballygomartin Road
Morton, George, 31 Mayo Street
Morton, G., dealer, 15 Glencairn Street
Morton, Hugh, 74 Sandown Road
Morton, Hulatt, & Co., accountants and auditors, third floor (51) Riddels Arcade
Morton, H., 93 Dunlambert Drive
Morton, H. E., 6 (1) Lennoxvale
Morton, H. E., coal merchant, 1 Customhouse Square
Morton, H. J., 605 Newtownards Road Upper
Morton, James, painter, 11 Sunnyside Drive
Morton, James, & Co., 80 High Street
Morton, John, 94 Joanmount Gardens
Morton, J. H., accountant, 50 Sicily Park
Morton, J. S., 68 Kensington Road
Morton, Louis, warehouseman, 2 Fortwilliam Drive
Morton, L., engraver, 52 Pretoria Street
Morton, Miss, 29 Cliftonville Avenue
Morton, Miss D. M. H., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.O., 109 Cliftonville Road
Morton, Miss Lily, 167 Manor Street
Morton, Miss M. E., 19 Waterloo Gardens
Morton, Miss Phyllis, hairdresser, 1 Huss Street
Morton, Mrs., 12 Massey Avenue
Morton, Mrs., 38 Stranmillis Gardens
Morton, Mrs., confectioner, 271 Hillman Street
Morton, Mrs., 4 (1) Malone Road
Morton, Mrs. Agnes, 44 Farnham Street
Morton, Mrs. Elizabeth, 416 Beersbridge Road
Morton, Mrs. Ellen, 57 Portallo Street
Morton, Mrs. E., 35 Ballygomartin Road
Morton, Mrs. I., 423 Woodstock Road
Morton, Mrs. Margaret. 15 Glastonbury Avenue
Morton, Mrs. M., 59 Rugby Road
Morton, Mrs. R. M., 442 Ravenhill Road
Morton, R., 169a Oldpark Road
Morton, Thos., farmer, Crowe Glen, Glencairn Road
Morton, Thomas, mechanic, 153 Ainsworth Avenue
Morton, V. B., 73-75 Peter's Hill
Morton, Walter, 27 Hartington Street
Morton, William E., 38 Cleaver Park
Morton, Prof. W. B., , Q.U.B., 3 Notting Hill
Morton, W. S., traveller, Morstan, Edgcumbe Gardens
Morton's, confectioners, 23-25 Grosvenor Road
Morwood, Lt.-Col. J., Indian Medical Service, 4 Malone Park
Morwood, Thomas, R.U.C., 226 Springfield Road
Mosinger, Wm., dentist, 14 Taunton Avenue
Moss, Annie, fruiterer, 330 Shankill Road
Moss, Annie, newsagent, 332 Shankill Road
Moss, David, 47 Haypark Avenue
Moss, H. O., 2 Knockmarloch Park
Moss, John J., solicitor, 27 Chichester Street
Moss, P., traveller, 6 La Salle Park
Moss, Sarah, grocer, 42 Cyprus Street and 69 Servia Street
Moss, S., 66 Wandsworth Road
Moss Wm. R., wholesale druggist, 5 Randal Park
Mossey, J., Wahroonga, Lisburn Road
Mossey, S., grocer, 45 Manor Street
Mothers' Clinic, 103 The Mount
Motherwell, David, Campsie, Lisburn Road
Motherwell, D., agent, 9 Cherryvalley Gardens
Motherwell, Miss M. W., 68 Maryville Park
Motherwell, William, accountant, 21 Deramore Street
Motor Accessories, Ltd., Wholesale Motor and Cycle Accessories and Electrical Equipment, 35-37 Franklin Street
Motor Agents' Association Co. Ltd. (The), 13 Montgomery Street
Motor Union Insurance Co. Ltd. (The), 5 Oxford Street
Mottram, Miss, A.T.C.L., music teacher, 202 Ormeau Road
Motum, Leonard F., R.U.C., 36 Wandsworth Parade
Moulden, Frank, 85 Belmont Church Road
Moulding, James, 4a Cedar Avenue
Moulton, H. P., journalist, 37 Ardenlee Parade
Mouney, William D., 18 Camberwell Terrace
Mount Calvary Mission Hall, 15-21 Wilton Square North
Mount, C., postman, 28 Springfield Road
Mount View Dairy, 158 Agnes Street
Mountcollyer Laundry Ltd., 1a Parkend Street
Mountcollyer P.E. School, Limestone Road
Mountford, E., 406 Oldpark Road
Mountford, Mrs. C., 36 Baden-Powell Street
Mountpottinger Baptist Tabernacle, 197 Templemore Avenue
Mountpottinger Methodist Church, 186b Albert Bridge Road
Mountpottinger Post Office, 156 Albert Bridge Road
Mountpottinger Presbyterian Church, 45a Castlereagh Street
Mountpottinger P.E. School, Paulett Avenue
Mountpottinger Unitarian Church, 1a Castlereagh Street
Mountpottinger Y.M.C.A. (T. F. Wilson, general secretary), 183 Albert Bridge Road
Mountstephen, Lily, 103 Ardenlee Avenue
Mourne Clothing Co., 16 College Street
Moutray, Alex., 291 Hillman Street
Moutray, J., inspector, 57 Ava Avenue
Moutray, Mrs., 41 Candahar Street
Mowatt, H. T. G., 8 Castle Gardens
Moya, ladies' hairdressing saloon, 50 Bradbury Place
Moylan, George, butcher, 59 Frederick Street
Moylan, John, 23 Regent Street
Moyland, Samuel, 9 Frederick Lane
Moyna, F., 61 Castle Street
Moyse, Kenneth, 11 Graymount Crescent
M.S. Cable Hare Co., 409-419 Antrim Road
Muckart, James, 45 Balmoral Avenue
Muckain, J., painter, 8 Cliftonville Street
Muckain, Patrick, dog trainer, The Farm, Brookvale Street
Muckle, S., plater, 9 Orby Grove
Mudd, H. W., warden, 16 Glenravel Street
Muir, Alex., baker, 91 Alexandra Park Avenue
Muir, Arthur H., & Addy, chartered accountants, 116-118 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West, Branch Office, 7 (142) Donegall Square West
Muir, Frank, 4 Erin View, Shore Road
Muir, F. G., grocer, 64 Orangefield Crescent
Muir, James, engineer, 45 Ormonde Park
Muir, Mrs., 165 Newtownards Road Upper
Muir, Mrs. Alice E., 10 Lansdowne Road
Muir, Robert C., 208 Stranmillis Road
Muir, S., baker, 57 Ravenhill Avenue
Muise, David, 17 Graymount Grove
Mulcahy, Joseph, 20 Fitzwilliam Street
Mulcahy, M., publican, 38 Milford Street
Mulcahy, Patrick, 22 Milford Street
Mulderry, Miss Maud, 77 Rugby Avenue
Mulderry, W. V., 45 Onslow Gardens
Muldoon, James, 39 Lonsdale Street
Muldoon, J. & W., publicans, 13 Corporation Square
Muldoon, Mrs. Vida, 18 Ava Gardens
Muldoon, O., hairdresser, 535 Falls Road
Muldoon, William J., R.U.C., 78 Lansdowne Park
Muldrew, Miss Mary, 64 Bloomfield Avenue
Muldrew, Mrs., 191 Dunluce Avenue
Mulgrew, Alex., painter, 53 Ligoniel Road
Mulgrew, A., 116 Castlereagh Street
Mulgrew, J., driver, 13 Whitla Street
Mulgrew, Miss M., 271 Falls Road
Mulgrew, Mrs. A., 66 York Street
Mulgrew, Thomas, boot maker, 24 Castlereagh Road
Mulhall, Martin, plumber, 53 Orby Road
Mulhall, W., driver, 90 Mountpottinger Road
Mulhern, Dennis, 34 Norfolk Parade
Mulhern, Dennis, 34 Norfolk Parade
Mulhern, James, brass moulder, 15 Dromore Street
Mulhern, Joseph, 12 Woodland Avenue
Mulholland, Albert, coal vendor, 3 Hillsborough Parade
Mulholland, A., 8 Dunkeld Gardens
Mulholland, Charles, civil servant, 65 Cliftonpark Avenue
Mulholland, D. J., bank ranger, Laganvale, Lockview Road
Mulholland, Ellen, confectioner, 123 Queen Street North
Mulholland, E. J., 87 Sandhurst Drive
Mulholland, Hugh, caretaker, 85 Albert Street
Mulholland, Capt., The Rt. Hon. H. G. H., M.P., Speaker's House, Stormont, and Ballywalter Park, Ballywalter
Mulholland, James, Main Street, Shore Road
Mulholland, James, 6 Ardenlee Gardens
Mulholland, James, newsagent, 24 Kashmir Road
Mulholland, James, 55 Martinez Avenue
Mulholland, James, joiner, 6 Curzon Street
Mulholland, James, 95 Fitzroy Avenue
Mulholland, John, 71 Martinez Avenue
Mulholland, John, grocer, 319 Grosvenor Road
Mulholland, John, confectioner, 261 Falls Road
Mulholland, John J., 88 Antrim Road
Mulholland, Joseph, caretaker, 1 Windsor Street
Mulholland, Jos., house repairer, 88a Spamount Street
Mulholland, J., 5 Norfolk Gardens
Mulholland, J., 6 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Mulholland, J., accountant, 56 Martinez Avenue
Mulholland, J., Liskeen, Whitewell Road
Mulholland, J., joiner, 48 Southport Street
Mulholland, J., baker, 49 Sandhurst Gardens
Mulholland, Margaret, 155 Falls Road
Mulholland, Miss, 51 Candahar Street
Mulholland, Miss, 10 Abbeydale Park
Mulholland, Miss, 11 Eglantine Avenue
Mulholland, Miss K., 109 South Parade
Mulholland, Miss M., 12 Sylvan Street
Mulholland, Miss M., 319 Shankill Road
Mulholland, Miss N., 4 Tyndale Park
Mulholland, Miss S., 61 Ligoniel Road
Mulholland, Miss T., 59 Denmark Street
Mulholland, Mrs., 45 Dundela Street
Mulholland, Mrs., 40 Arizona Street
Mulholland, Mrs., grocer, 2 Langford Street
Mulholland, Mrs., 68 Fitzwilliam Street
Mulholland, Mrs. Emily, 25 Neill's Hill Park
Mulholland, Mrs. E., grocer, 18 Conlon Street
Mulholland, Mrs. S., 104 Newtownards Road
Mulholland, Mrs. Thomas, 15 Clonard Gardens
Mulholland, Peter, docker, 10 Carlisle Street
Mulholland, Richard, tenter, 121 Joanmount Gardens
Mulholland, Robert, director, Bramar, Ravensdene Park Gardens
Mulholland, Robert, 59-61 Patrick Street Little
Mulholland, Robert J., 115 Canning Street Upper
Mulholland, R., 220 Stranmillis Road
Mulholland, R., manager, 45 Ravensdene Park
Mulholland, R. N., 2 Osborne Drive
Mulholland, R., & Son, fruiterers. 382 Lisburn Road and 34 Bradbury Place
Mulholland, Samuel, 123 Joanmount Gardens
Mulholland, S., gardener, 212 Cregagh Road
Mulholland, T., 12 Fleet Street
Mulholland, V. H., nurseryman, 21 Osborne Drive
Mulholland, William, tailor, 317 Albert Bridge Road
Mulholland, William, cycle dealer, 52 Bridge End
Mulholland, William, manager, 61 Cliftonpark Avenue
Mulholland, Wm., conductor, 116 Joanmount Park
Mulholland, W., cashier, 112 Woodvale Road
Mulholland, W. H., chemist, 36 Cregagh Road
Mulholland, W. H., M.P.S.N.I., 10 Kirkliston Park
Mulholland, W. J., joiner, 60 Sunnyside Street
Mulholland's Garage, Lelia Street
Mull, James, 15 Thorndale Avenue
Mullally, J., P.O. superintendent, 545 Ormeau Road
Mullan, Alex., 62 Mountpottinger Road
Mullan, A., dealer, 61-63 Trafalgar Street
Mullan, Bernard, R.U.C., 347 Springfield Road
Mullan, Bridget, 105 Antrim Road
Mullan, Charles, upholsterer, 8 Hatfield Street
Mullan, C. E., clerk, 12 Loopland Park
Mullan, Jack, electrician, 6 Allworthy Avenue
Mullan, James, clerk, 19 Fortwilliam Crescent
Mullan, John, machinist, 112 Divis Street
Mullan, John, 46 Abetta Parade
Mullan, John L., manager, Tir-Owen, Orpen Park
Mullan, Joseph A., manufacturers' agent, 3 Alfred Street
Mullan, J., coach builder, 34-34a Northumberland Street
Mullan, J. P., electrician, 26 Clanchattan Street
Mullan, Mary, tobacconist, 17 Chapel Lane
Mullan, Miss, 36 Thorndale Avenue
Mullan, Miss, 90 Fitzroy Avenue
Mullan, Miss A., 52 Maryville Park
Mullan, Miss A., Lia-Fail, Andersonstown
Mullan, Miss E., draper, 146 Peter's Hill
Mullan, Miss S. J., 68 Fortwilliam Crescent
Mullan, Mrs., 26 Norfolk Parade
Mullan, Mrs. Margaret A., The Bridge, Andersonstown
Mullan, M., 43 Springfield Road
Mullan, M., brick layer, 43 Alexander Street West
Mullan, M., traveller, 92 Ravenhill Avenue
Mullan, Patrick, gardener, 41 Mountcollyer Avenue
Mullan, R., Govt. official, 135 Deramore Avenue
Mullan, Vincent, 38 Sandown Road
Mullan, William, & Sons, book sellers, 12 Donegall Place and 56 Fountain Street
Mullan, William, 17 Beechmount Street
Mullan, Winifred, 6 Queen Street North
Mullans, H., 5 Cavehill Road Old
Mullarey, Thomas, 55 Beechfield Street
Mullarkey, Mrs. Martha, grocer, 156 Divis Street
Mullen, David, 17 Derlett Street
Mullen, Hugh, 24 Joy Street
Mullen, James, coach builder, 37 Ophir Gardens
Mullen, John L., manager, Tir-Owen, Orpen Park
Mullen, J. A., agent, 3-5 Alfred Street
Mullen, J. A., upholsterer, 11 Lawrence Street
Mullen, J. P., 81 Ormeau Road
Mullen, Miss, 5 Adelaide Avenue
Mullen, Miss Minnie, 70 University Avenue
Mullen, Miss S., 10 Cavendish Square
Mullen, Mrs., restaurant, 52 King Street
Mullen, Mrs. Mary, 2 Fountainville Avenue
Mullen, Rose E., dining rooms, 55 King Street
Mullen, T. H. C., R.U.C., 46 Pommern Parade
Mullens, Mrs., publican, 189 Lodge Road Old
Mulligan, Alice, spirit merchant, 9 Osman Street
Mulligan Bros., boot makers, 219 Mountpottinger Road
Mulligan, Daniel, 4 Whitehall Parade
Mulligan, Francis, secretary, 3 Rugby Road
Mulligan, F., com. agent, 35 Cavehill Road Old
Mulligan, F., 8 Knockdene Park (Central)
Mulligan, James, 42 Avonbeg Street
Mulligan, James, 18 Sandhurst Gardens
Mulligan, John, 18 Ashley Gardens
Mulligan, John, 20 Ardenlee Parade
Mulligan, Rev. John J., 100 University Street
Mulligan, J., driver, 4 Clarendon Avenue
Mulligan, Miss, Glenbrook, Knockbreda Road
Mulligan, Mrs., 13 Dunraven Avenue
Mulligan, Mrs., 173 Newtownards Road Upper
Mulligan, Mrs., 4 Whitehall Parade
Mulligan, Mrs., 1 Ashdene Drive
Mulligan, Mrs. C., 45 Patrick Street Great
Mulligan, Mrs. M., 1 Lancedean Road
Mulligan, Myra, ladies' outfitter, 9-11 North Street Arcade
Mulligan, M., carter, 17 Queen Street North
Mulligan, M., 205 Sandown Road
Mulligan, Robert, 21 Orangefield Crescent
Mulligan, Robert, traveller, 8 Merryfield Drive
Mulligan, Samuel, 2 Sydenham Road
Mulligan, W. J. P., 19 Park Road
Mullin, A., accountant, 2 Orient Gardens
Mullin, Fredk., engineer, 37 Park Parade
Mullin, G. H., newsagent, 276 Shankill Road
Mullin, James, butcher, 330 Woodstock Road
Mullins, G. C., manager, 139 Henderson Avenue
Mullins, Mrs., 189 Lodge Road Old
Mullowney, Joseph, engineer, 14 Clara Park
Mulqueney, Mrs. Mary, 93 Queen Street North
Mulragh, John, N.I.R.T.B., 45 Carlisle Street
Mulree, Joseph, baker, 98 Orangefield Crescent
Mulryne, Mrs. Grace, 38 Beechmount Street
Mulryne, Patrick, 49 Rosemount Gardens
Mulvenna, A., bakery, 38 Verner Street
Mulvenna, Charles, 9 Cavendish Square
Mulvenna, Hugh, carpenter, 187 Ligoniel Road
Mulvenna, James, confectioner, 32 Garmoyle Street
Mulvenna, John, secretary, 40 St. Meryl Park
Mulvenna, Matthew, horse shoer, 29 Nelson Street
Mulvenna, Patrick, bar man, 26 Beechpark Street
Munce, Charles, butcher, 34-36 Sandy Row
Munce, Elizabeth, 32 Brougham Street
Munce, Fredk., butcher, 177 York Street
Munce, G., 16 Mountview Street
Munce & Kennedy, architects and civil engineers, 24 Arthur Street and 11 Wellington Place
Munce, Miss, 18 Alexandra Gardens
Munce, Miss Jessie, 2- Alexandra Gardens
Munce, Mrs., 33 Brougham Street
Munce, Mrs., 11 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
Munce, Mrs. M. B., 18 Brougham Street
Munce, Samuel G., fitter, 3 Meadow Street
Munday, E. C., agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Munday, Mrs., 15 Bristow Park
Mundell, Miss, 4 Chambers Street
Mundell, Miss, 91 Maryville Street
Mundell, T., 3 Cavehill Road
Municipal College of Technology (The), Belfast, College Square East; sports ground, 4 St. Jude's Parade
Municipal Museum and Art Gallery, Stranmillis Road
Munn, Albert E., meter tester, 74 Orby Drive
Munn, Charles, carpenter, 2 Ferndale Street
Munn, Charles, & Sons, hardware merchants, 531 Lisburn Road
Munn, David, rivetter, 10 Summer Street
Munn, F., 41 Cabin Hill Gardens
Munn, F. C., Braemar House, Lisburn Road
Munn, George, porter, 161 Shore Road
Munn, James, clerk, 12 Clanroy Parade
Munn, John, marine engineer, 19 Knockdarragh Park
Munn, J., stoker, 27 Delhi Parade
Munn, Mrs., 164 North Road
Munn, Mrs., 30 Evelyn Avenue
Munn, Mrs., 76 Dundela Avenue
Munn, Mrs. C. B. Jackson, Ingleside, Woodstock Road
Munn, Mrs. M., & C., drapers, 345 York Street
Munn, S. J., 61 Knocklofty Park
Munn, Walter, & Co., Ltd., grocers, bakers, 537 Lisburn Road and branches
Munn, W. A., grocer, 84 Marlborough Park Central
Munford, Rev. Frank, B.A., 8 Ravensdene Crescent
Munro, Campbell, marine engineer, 203 Ravenhill Road
Munro, C., 3 Thornhill Park
Munro, G. K., civil servant, 24 Devon Parade
Munro, Joseph, waggon builder, 204 Ravenhill Avenue
Munro, William B., draughtsman, 3 Haypark Avenue
Munroe, Susan, 27 Queen Street North
Munroe, W., R.U.C., 106 Ulsterville Avenue
Munsey, T. W., 20 Cambourne Park
Munson, James, 6 Edlingham Street
Munster and Leinster Bank, Ltd. - E. J. O'Driscoll, manager - 31 High Street and 93-95 Falls Road
Munster, Simms, & Co. Ltd., General Importers and Distributors, Office, 7 Donegall Square East; Depots, 77, 114-116 George's Street Great and 43-45 Lancaster Street
Munton, Rupert, surveyor, 20 Sicily Park
Muntz, Mrs. L., 24 Hampton Park
Murdie, John, confectioner, 289 Crumlin Road
Murdie, John, music teacher, 50 Grangeville Gardens
Murdie, R., 11 prince Edward Park
Murdoch, Alex., builder, 142 Cullingtree Road
Murdoch, A., traveller, 18 Trigo Parade
Murdoch, E., bookkeeper, 61 Loopland Gardens
Murdoch, George, 74 Wallasey Park
Murdoch, Joseph, plumber, 6 Meadowbank Street
Murdoch, J. B., com. traveller, 3 College Square East
Murdoch, Miss M., 18 Artana Street
Murdoch, Misses (The), 36 Cranmore Avenue
Murdoch, Mrs., 65 Fitzwilliam Street
Murdoch, Mrs. Lydia E., 59 Shandon Park
Murdock, Alex., 49 Frederick Street
Murdock, Alex., estate agent, 2 (18) Donegall Square East
Murdock, Alice, 205 Joanmount Gardens
Murdock, Archibald, home bakery, 159 Connsbrook Avenue
Murdock, A., builder, 2a Court Street
Murdock, A., bakery, 25 Hillfoot Street
Murdock, A., agent, 7 Ashley Gardens
Murdock, A. W., 28 Eia Street
Murdock, James, dealer, 37 Annette Street
Murdock, James, inspector, 19 Skegoneill Avenue
Murdock, James, clerk, 23 Ulsterville Gardens
Murdock, John, 37 Adelaide Park
Murdock, J., 57 Grand Parade
Murdock, J., stableman, 5 Lagan Lane
Murdock, J., grocer, 76 Cromac Street
Murdock, J., stables, 79 Market Street
Murdock, J. B., com. traveller, 31 Orpen Road
Murdock, J. H., beetler, 98 Joanmount Park
Murdock, Miss K. E., 38 Strandview Street
Murdock, Miss V. E., 39 Haypark Avenue
Murdock, Mrs., 48 Landscape Terrace
Murdock, Mrs., 69 Peter's Hill
Murdock, Mrs., 37 Willowholme Street
Murdock, Mrs., 8 Adelaide Avenue
Murdock, Mrs. B., fowl dealer, 2 Riley's Place
Murdock, Mrs. Margaret, 4 Pottinger Street
Murdock, Mrs. E., 25 Jocelyn Street
Murdock, Robert, plater's helper, 253 Joanmount Gardens
Murdock, Robert, G.P.O., 16 Blenheim Drive
Murdock, R. H., boiler maker, 322 Ballysillan Road
Murdock, R. J., joiner, 6-8 Pottinger Street
Murdock, Samuel J., cabinet maker, 35 Mayfair Avenue
Murdock, S., 98 Antrim Road
Murdock, Thomas, caretaker, 12 High Street
Murdock, William, plater, 23 Lawnview Street
Murdock, Wm. R., gardener, 617 Antrim Road
Murdock, W. H., poultry merchant, 150 Cromac Street
Murdock, W. J., inspector, 4 Rydalmere Street
Murdock, W. J., Customs official, 110 Salisbury Avenue
Murdy, Noel Henry, engineer, 60 Knockbreda Park
Murgatroyd, F., wool shop, 271 Woodstock Road
Murland, Capt. C., 45 Sans Souci Park
Murland, James, J.P., Annsborough House, Castlewellan
Murland, Warren, Greenvale, Castlewellan
Murney & Co., publicans, 132 Divis Street and 1-3 Gilford Street
Murphew, John, manager, 10 Broughton Gardens
Murphey, J., 17 Ravenhill Crescent
Murphy, Albert, R.U.C., 467 Oldpark Road
Murphy, Alex., fitter, 13 Allworthy Avenue
Murphy, Andrew, 247 Springfield Road
Murphy, A., 86 Loopland Drive
Murphy, A., driver, 5 Park Parade
Murphy, Charles, clerk, 149 Ormeau Road
Murphy, Charles, clerk, 46 St. James's Park
Murphy, Chas. S., civil servant, 168 King's Road
Murphy, Claude R. B., 89 Shandon Park
Murphy, Cliff, grocer, 170 Falls Road
Murphy, David, lodging house, 139 Millfield
Murphy, D. M. P., teacher, 8 Fruithill Park
Murphy, Rt. Hon. Lord Justice, 30 Windsor Park
Murphy Electric Power Co., 31 McAuley Street
Murphy, Elizabeth, confectioner, 19 Bank Street
Murphy, F. H., 84 Rushfield Avenue
Murphy, F. J., rivetter, 3 Artana Street
Murphy, George, 136 Ravenhill Avenue
Murphy, G., clerk, 42 Haypark Avenue
Murphy, Henry, publican, 11-13 Fountain Street
Murphy, Henry, agent, 203 Cregagh Street
Murphy, Henry, engineers' agent, 30 St. Jude's Avenue
Murphy, Herbert, linen business, 17 Wheatfield Crescent
Murphy, Hugh, J.P., Cherrydene, Cherryvalley
Murphy, Hugh, 17 Beechlands
Murphy, Rev. H. H., 19 Ardpatrick Gardens
Murphy, James, 159 Skegoneill Avenue
Murphy, James, 59 Rugby Avenue
Murphy, James, traveller, 137 Cregagh Road
Murphy, James, 14 Ardmore Park
Murphy, James, 37 Lockview Road
Murphy, John, printer, 35 Crocus Street
Murphy, John, 102 Ballygomartin Road
Murphy, John, 10 Whitehall Gardens
Murphy, John, fitter, 52 Linden Gardens
Murphy, John, head-constable, R.U.C., 15 Roden Street
Murphy, John, engineer, 38 Kingsmere Avenue
Murphy, John, cooper, 85 Woodvale Road
Murphy, John J., head constable, 43 South Parade
Murphy, J., 54 Atlantic Avenue
Murphy, J., van man, 32 Candahar Street
Murphy, J., dairyman, 210 Cregagh Street
Murphy, J., male nurse, 5 Haywood Avenue
Murphy, J. A., clerk, 9 Loopland Gardens
Murphy, J. (Belfast), Ltd., fancy linen and pillowcase makers, 63 Adelaide Street
Murphy, J. C., 306 Ballysillan Road
Murphy, Dr. J. F., 1 Cavehill Road
Murphy, J. F., M.B., B.Sc., D.P.H., 30 Crumlin Road
Murphy, J. G., 25 Slievemoyne Park
Murphy, J. H. Burke, J.P., res., Cultra Lodge, Cultra
Murphy, J. L., 53 St. Jude's Crescent
Murphy, J. S., agent, 16 (57) Donegall Square South
Murphy, Lawrence, publican, 48 Patrick Street Great and 1-3 Nelson Street
Murphy, Malachy, P.O. official, 520 Donegall Road
Murphy, Miss, 8 Thirlmere Gardens
Murphy, Miss Edith, 53 Cliftonpark Avenue
Murphy, Miss Elizabeth, 85 Delhi Street
Murphy, Miss E., 167 Cavehill Road
Murphy, Miss Margaret, 6 Glantrasna Drive
Murphy, Miss Margaret, 666 Springfield Road
Murphy, Miss M. A., 35 South Parade
Murphy, Miss M. J., 2 Ship Street
Murphy, Miss M. K., 82 Maryville Park
Murphy, Miss M. M., 5 Deramore Drive
Murphy, Mrs., 91 University Avenue
Murphy, Mrs., 20 Cabin Hill Park
Murphy, Mrs., 15 Joanmount Gardens
Murphy, Mrs., 40 Beechfield Street
Murphy, Mrs., 18 Belmont Church Road
Murphy, Mrs., bakery, 194 Woodvale Road
Murphy, Mrs., 46 Cheviot Avenue
Murphy, Mrs., 89 Ardenlee Avenue
Murphy, Mrs., 42 Oldpark Avenue
Murphy, Mrs., 11 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Murphy, Mrs., 86 Alexandra Park Avenue
Murphy, Mrs., 56 Stranmillis Gardens
Murphy, Mrs., 22 Balmoral Avenue
Murphy, Mrs. Elizabeth, 235 Albert Bridge Road
Murphy, Mrs. Eva, dress maker, 437 Oldpark Road
Murphy, Mrs. E., 20 Hamilton Street
Murphy, Mrs. Hanna, 16 Pacific Avenue
Murphy, Mrs. Margaret, 6 Gawn Street
Murphy, Mrs. Mary, 3 St. James's Avenue
Murphy, Mrs. Mary, 118 Donegall Road
Murphy, Mrs. Mary, 82 Eliza Street
Murphy, Mrs. Mary J., 6 Perth Street
Murphy, Mrs. M., 58 Eia Street
Murphy, Mrs. M., 23 Winetavern Street
Murphy, Mrs. M. E., 241 Falls Road
Murphy, Mrs. R., 15 Cliftonville Road
Murphy, Mrs. S., 59 Deerpark Road
Murphy, Mrs. S., 1 Avonbeg Street
Murphy, Mrs. W., 214 Antrim Road
Murphy, Nan, modiste, 331 Albert Bridge Road
Murphy & Orr, Ltd., linen and damask merchants, 7a Bedford Street
Murphy, Patrick, 38 St. James' Park
Murphy, Patrick, shop assistant, 39 St. James's Road
Murphy, Peter, teacher, 20 Norfolk Parade
Murphy, P., 9 Cliftonville Avenue
Murphy, P., publican, 197 Lodge Road Old
Murphy, P., draughtsman, 124 Alexandra Park Avenue
Murphy, P., postal official, 49 Glen Road
Murphy, Lieut. P., 39 Wellesley Avenue
Murphy, Robert G., driver, 171 Ardenlee Avenue
Murphy, Rowland, ice cream saloon, 236 Shankill Road
Murphy, R., draper, 365, 367-367a Ormeau Road
Murphy, R., 23 Bristol Avenue
Murphy, R., shoe maker, 16 Murphy Street
Murphy, Samuel, 54 Blenheim Drive
Murphy, Samuel, fitter, 63 Victoria Road
Murphy, Samuel, newsagent, 70 Lawnbrook Avenue
Murphy & Stevenson, Ltd., linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 40 Linen Hall Street
Murphy, S., publican, 14-16 Patrick Street Great
Murphy, S., mechanic, 9 Bruce Street
Murphy, S. J., iron turner, 24 Ava Park
Murphy, Thomas, manager, 192 Hillman Street
Murphy, Thomas, 103 Deramore Avenue
Murphy, Thomas, 35 Glen Road
Murphy, Thomas, 1 St. James's Avenue
Murphy, Thomas, painter, 77 Woodvale Road
Murphy, Thomas E., sec., 24 Knock Hill Park
Murphy, Thomas, & Son, Ballymurphy Brickworks, 636-638 Springfield Road
Murphy, Timothy, 30 Mooreland Park
Murphy, T., undertaker, 16 Queen Street North and 8 Milford Street
Murphy, T., publican, 239 York Street
Murphy, T., fitter, 43 Ainsworth Avenue
Murphy, T., printer, 1a McClure Street
Murphy, T., traveller, 23 Westland Road
Murphy, William, insurance supt., 189 Lodge Road New
Murphy, William, 36 Landscape Terrace
Murphy, William, cashier, 18 Ravensdene Crescent
Murphy, William, remnants, 225 York Street
Murphy, William, supervisor, 41 Tildarg Street
Murphy, William, blacksmith, 36 Victoria Avenue
Murphy, William, bread server, 44 Cliftonpark Avenue
Murphy, William, draper, 11 Bridge End
Murphy, William, electrician, 15-17 Seymour Street
Murphy, Wm., 14 Castleton Avenue
Murphy, Wm., Electrical Supplies, 67 May Street
Murphy, W., R.U.C., 42 Broadway
Murphy, W., 89 Joanmount Park
Murphy, W. J., blacksmith, 19 Ardgreenan Crescent
Murray & Abernethy, ophthalmic opticians, 15 Donegall Square South
Murray, Alexander, salesman, 132 Ulsterville Avenue
Murray, Andrew, motor engineer, 127 York Street
Murray, A., checker, 33 Sunnyside Drive
Murray, A. H., R.U.S.C., 43 The Mount
Murray, B., H.M. Customs, 694 Ravenhill Road
Murray, Cecil, house furnisher, 4, 12a Duncairn Gardens
Murray, Cecil, plumber, 144 Grosvenor Road
Murray, Charles, salesman, 272 Limestone Road
Murray, Charles, grocer, 155 Oldpark Road
Murray, Charles, draughtsman, 92 Orangefield Crescent
Murray, Charles B., 2 Glantane Street
Murray & Co., publicans, 2-4 Clifton Street
Murray & Co., hairdressers, 23 Chichester Street
Murray, C., grocer, 95 Cliftonville Road
Murray, C., draughtsman, 543 Springfield Road
Murray, Daniel, 7 Willowfield Drive
Murray, David, butcher, 167 Crimea Street
Murray, D., electrician, 137 University Avenue
Murray, D. H., traveller, Ingledene, Finaghy Road South
Murray, D. J., grain merchant, 109 Shandon Park
Murray, Edward, sheet metal worker, 150 Hillman Street
Murray, Edward, fruiterer, 81 Falls Road
Murray, Edward, sheet metal worker, 22 Ballysillan Road
Murray, Edward, seaman, 24 Distillery Street
Murray, Edward, 1 Ballycarry Street
Murray, E., publican, 2 Durham Place
Murray, E., pawn broker, 67-69 Union Street
Murray, Frank, agent, 1 Marlborough Park Central
Murray, F., R.U.C., 510 Donegall Road
Murray, F., grocer, 37-39 Grove Street
Murray, F., house repairer, 39-47 Middlepath Street
Murray, F., agent, 20 (18) Ann Street
Murray, Gerald, R.U.C., 41 Lowwood Park
Murray, Gerald, teacher, 74 Springfield Road
Murray, Capt. G. de B., 16 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Murray & Holland, paper stock merchants, 16-18 Howard Street South
Murray, Hugh, motorman, 153 Castlereagh Road
Murray, H., driver, 556 Oldpark Road
Murray, H., baker, 46 Loopland Crescent
Murray, H., butcher, 62 Donegall Road
Murray, H., driller, 160 Belmont Road
Murray, H. H., head postman, 151 Ardenlee Avenue
Murray, H. S., 20 Belmont Church Road
Murray, I., 25 Mountcollyer Avenue
Murray, Jack, hairdresser, 6 Elizabeth Terrace, Donegall Pass
Murray, James, 6 Rosetta Parade
Murray, James, cabinet maker, 19 Winetavern Street
Murray, James, com. agent, 36 Gresham Street
Murray, James, baker, 46 Parkmount Street
Murray, James, 28 Joy Street
Murray, John, confectioner, 78 High Street
Murray, John, publican, 45 Canning Street
Murray, John, draughtsman, 154 Orby Drive
Murray, John, 18 Taunton Avenue
Murray, John, inspector, 4 Yarrow Street
Murray, John, driller, 36 Loopland Drive
Murray, John, joiner, 426 Springfield Road
Murray, John, publican, 6 St. James's Avenue
Murray, John, publican, 269-271 Queen Street North
Murray, John, spirit merchant, 2 Norfolk Drive
Murray, John, fitter, 90 Ashley Avenue
Murray, John, P.O. engineer, 24 Knockvale Park
Murray, John, grocer, 22 Woodstock Street
Murray, John H., mechanic, 649 Oldpark Road
Murray, Joseph, newsagent, 50 Mountpottinger Road
Murray, Joseph Thos., docker, 16 Mount Prospect Park
Murray, J., 269 Ormeau Road
Murray, J., bread server, 144 Haypark Avenue
Murray, J., 31 Bloomfield Gardens
Murray, J., com. agent, 10 Library Street
Murray, J., grocer, 26 Madrid Street
Murray, J., brick layer, 40 Sandymount Street
Murray, J. & C., confectioners, Andersonstown
Murray, J. G., manager, 34 Bloomfield Gardens
Murray, J. H., engineer, 14 Joanmount Drive
Murray, J. J., buyer, 69 Orby Drive
Murray, Lewis, engineer, 33 Yarrow Street
Murray, L. H., chemist, 487 Crumlin Road
Murray, Mary, 28 Beechfield Street
Murray, Mary C., confectioner, 58 Newtownards Road
Murray, Miss, 452 Oldpark Road
Murray, Miss, 22 Ebrington Gardens
Murray, Miss Annie, 19 Lisburn Road
Murray, Miss E., Ravara, Andersonstown
Murray, Miss E. J., 1 Damascus Street
Murray, Miss Mary, 4 Posnett Street
Murray, Miss Susan, 5 Crocus Street
Murray, Mrs., 25 Glenburn Park
Murray, Mrs., confectioner, 298 Lodge Road Old
Murray, Mrs., 422 Falls Road
Murray, Mrs., 50 Dee Street
Murray, Mrs., 2a Landseer Street
Murray, Mrs., 68 Cheviot Avenue
Murray, Mrs., 101 Joy Street
Murray, Mrs., 12 Castle Park Upper
Murray, Mrs. Agnes, 268-270 Springfield Road
Murray, Mrs. Anna, 58 Agincourt Street
Murray, Mrs. A., 60 Millfield
Murray, Mrs. A., 207 Mountpottinger Road
Murray, Mrs. B., 532 Antrim Road
Murray, Mrs. Catherine, 67 Glen Road
Murray, Mrs. Catherine, 47 Shore Road
Murray, Mrs. C. J., 14 Wheatfield Gardens
Murray, Mrs. E., 50 Denmark Street
Murray, Mrs. E., confectioner, 67 Mountpottinger Road
Murray, Mrs. J. E., 42 St. Ive's Gardens
Murray, Mrs. M., 14 Adelaide Avenue
Murray, Mrs. W., 82 Eliza Street
Murray, M., mechanic, 48 Whitewell Crescent
Murray, Patrick, 10 Crocus Street
Murray, P., clerk, 4 Walnut Street
Murray, P., 27 Deramore Gardens
Murray, P. J., hairdresser, 19 Queen Street North
Murray, Rachel, lingerie, 64a Victoria Street Great
Murray, Rachael, 22 Joy Street
Murray, Richard, 70 Northumberland Street
Murray, Robert, driver, 12 Wolseley Street
Murray, R., 143 My Lady's Road
Murray, R., builder and contractor, 94 North Parade
Murray, R. E., R.U.C., 40 Houston Drive
Murray, R. J., park ranger, 4 Westland Gardens
Murray, Samuel, joiner, 83 Joanmount Gardens
Murray, Samuel, 15 Posnett Street
Murray, Samuel, joiner, 23 Halliday's Road
Murray, Sons & Co., Ltd., store, 58 Distillery Street
Murray, Sons, & Co. Ltd., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, Linfield Road, bonded warehouse, 25 Rydalmere Street
Murray, Stanley, 11 Chesterfield Park
Murray, S., clinger, The Lodge, Hampton Park
Murray, Thomas, 71 Joanmount Gardens
Murray, Thomas, dealer, 56 Library Street Upper
Murray, Thomas, R.N., 17 Cliftonville Parade
Murray, Thomas, agent, 14 Beechmount Street
Murray, William, rivetter, 120 Duncairn Gardens
Murray, William, supper saloon, 35 Berlin Street
Murray, William, 1 Ballysillan Road
Murray, William, joiner, 41 Irwin Drive
Murray, William, wire worker, 50 Bridge End
Murray, William, 4 Knockbreda Drive
Murray, William, 51 Stranmillis Park
Murray, William, 6 Parkend Street
Murray, W. J., 52 University Avenue
Murray, W. J., confectioner, 57-59 Donegall Road
Murray, Isaac, clerk, 499 Falls Road
Murray, Noel, tradesman, 20 Ava Park
Murtagh, George, clerk, 16 Brookland Street
Murtagh, G., 16 Brookland Street
Murtagh, G. F., chartered accountant, 37 Wandsworth Road
Murtagh, Hugh, Barnadonagh, Glen Road
Murtagh, Hugh, publican, 186 Leeson Street
Murtagh, Hugh, 21 Norfolk Parade
Murtagh, Hugh, publican, 46 Plevna Street
Murtagh, H., publican, 47 Grosvenor Place
Murtagh, Michael, barman, 11 Springfield Road
Murtagh, Mrs. Bridget, 60 Mount (The)
Murtagh, Mrs. M., 45 Brookhill Avenue
Murtagh, Spence, 10 Edinburgh Street
Musgrave, Sir Christopher, Norwood Tower, Circular Road
Musgrave & Co. Ltd., engineers and iron founders, 125 Albert Bridge Road and Cluan Place
Musgrave, Dr. C. W., 297 Ormeau Road
Musgrave, H. & E., Ltd., wholesale tea and sugar merchants, 67-69 Ann Street
Musgrave, V. L., warehouseman, 43 Pretoria Street
Muske, Mrs. M., 121 My Lady's Road
Muskett, A. E., D.Sc., Q.U.B., 250 Stranmillis Road
Mussen, B., 21 Agincourt Street
Mussen, H. H., 22 Windsor Park
Mussett, Alfred, civil servant, 77 Sicily Park
Musson, Miss F. C., 21 Cabin Hill Park
Mustard, C., 31 Belmont Church Road
Mutch, Mrs. Mary, 46 Mount Street (No. 2)
Mybin, John, 20 Orby Drive
Myers, C. W., 7 Brookvale Street
Myers, J., butcher, 250 Ormeau Road and 24 Deramore Gardens
Myers, J., painter and decorator, 381 Ormeau Road
Myers, J. Ernest, H.M. prison officer, 26 Elimgrove Street
Myers, J. H., engineer, 66 Botanic Avenue
Myers, J. S., 1 (3) College Green
Myers, J. S., 18 Willowbank Gardens
Myers, Morris, traveller, 66 Salisbury Avenue
Myers, Mrs., 20 Sandford Avenue
Myers, Mrs. Agnes, 10 Clanchattan Street
Myers, M. L., financier, 110 North Street
Myers, N., confectioner, 41 Whitla Street
Myers, T. G., warehouseman, 7 Bloomfield Park
Myers, William, R.N., 17 Carlow Street
Myles, David R., store keeper, 51 Victoria Avenue
Myles, J. F., fitter, 39 Victoria Avenue
Myles, Miss, 90 Wellesley Avenue
Myles, Mrs. R. A., Morlogue, Lisburn Road
Myles, Samuel, hairdresser, 72 Bloomfield Avenue
Mynett, T., electrician, 12 Thirlmere Gardens
Myres, Mrs., 10 Clanchattan Street