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Dagger, F. H., 108 McClure Street
Daglish, Alex., corker, 63 Oldpark Road
D'Agostino, Victor, supper saloon, 338-340 Crumlin Road
Dailey, Mrs., 16 (2) Station Road
Dailey, W. R., school teacher, 49 Ava Street
"Daily Express" and "Sunday Express," 39 Gresham Street, J. F. Hogg, representative
"Daily Mail" Offices, 34-36 Rosemary Street
Daintyfit Brassiere Co., Ltd., 24 College Street
Dairy Supply Co. Ltd., 47 May Street
Dale, E., 90 Maryville Street
Dale, James, shipwright, 10 Fleet Street
Dale, Jas., M.P.S.I., chemist, 124 Newtownards Road
Dale, John, inspector, 45 Florida Drive
Dale, The Misses A. E., & D., 28 Barnett's Road
Dale, Samuel, manager, 20 Ardmore Avenue, Finaghy
Dale, Samuel, hairdresser, 1a Donegall Street
Dale, S., 671 Antrim Road
Dale, S. A., cycle agent, 286 Cregagh Road
Dale, W. A., & Son, cycle agents, 188 Woodstock Road
Dale, W. J., fitter, 27 Willowfield Street
Dales, Miss Elizabeth, 8 Fortwilliam Drive
Dales, Mrs. Helen I. A., 140 Kensington Road
Dales, Mrs. A., 41 Hollycroft Avenue
Dales, Rosa, fancy goods, 51 Rosemary Street
Dales, Wm., 83 Dunraven Avenue
Daley, David, engineer, 19 Norfolk Drive
Daley, F., clerk, 3 Distillery Street
Daley, John, 12 Workman Avenue
Daley, Miss, 46 Elaine Street
Daley, Mrs. Ellen, Rosaville, Glen Road
Daley, Mrs. Jane, 39 Kerrsland Crescent
Daley, Mrs. M., 49 Ardenlee Gardens
Daley, Thomas, upholsterer, 186 Roden Street
Daley, Thos., R.U.C., 5 St. James's Parade
Daley, Thos., & Sons, tailors, 2 Blackwater Street and 208 Grosvenor Road
Daley, William J., 21 Colenso Parade
Daley, Wm. J., traveller, 211 Cavehill Road
Dalglish, Robert, 56 Rosemount Gardens
Dalinsky, A., warehouseman, 1 Shandarragh Park
Dall, Robert, boiler maker, 44 Clara Avenue
Dall, Robert, confectioner, 15 Harland Park
Dallas, George N., 31 Abetta Parade
Dallas, John C., bookkeeper, 46 Grangeville Gardens
Dallas, Margaret, 2 Bloomfield Gardens
Dallas, Mrs. M., 12 Cherryvalley Gardens
Dallas, P., Lenzie, Orpen Park
Dallas, Thomas, 109 Belmont Road
Dalriada Nursing Home, 88 Antrim Road
Dalrymple, Alex., plater. 15 Ashton Avenue (Finaghy)
Dalton, Ernest, foreman, 330 Ballysillan Road
Dalton, Frederick A., Forth River Cottage
Dalton, J., 43 Roseleigh Street
Dalton, J., plumber, 2 Bond Street New
Dalton, J., carrier, 47 Conlon Street
Dalton, J., Grand Garade, (Garage) auto engineers, 34-36 Joy Street
Dalton, Michael, 87 Hanover Street
Dalton, Mrs., 109 Marlborough Park Central
Dalton, Patrick, grocer, 37 Stanfield Street
Dalton, R. W., store keeper, 61 Bloomfield Road
Dalton, Thos. Henry, shipwright, 242 Lodge Road Old
D'Alton, D. J., 6 Kensington Drive
D'Alton, F. W., L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 152 Newtownards Road Upper
Dalwood, Wm., dairyman, 544 Shore Road
Daly, Abe, 12 North Circular Road
Daly, A., warehouseman, 18 Donegall Street
Daly, D., engineer, 301 Falls Road
Daly, F., hairdresser, 18 Patrick Street Great
Daly, Henry, clerk, 157 Albert Street
Daly, James, traveller, 2 St. Meryl Park
Daly, John, 25 Lincoln Avenue
Daly, John, fireman, 17 Gamble Street
Daly, Joseph, 4 Granville Terrace, Shore Road
Daly, J., agent, 53 High Street
Daly, J., postal official, 17 Norfolk Parade
Daly, Marcus, agent, 41 (18) Donegall Place
Daly, Miss M., 22 Skegoneill Avenue
Daly, Miss N., 64 North Parade
Daly, The Misses, 17 Eglantine Gardens
Daly, Morris, Cooltaragh, Ballysillan Road
Daly, Mrs. E. M., 268 Castlereagh Road
Daly, Mrs. I., 85 Manor Street
Daly, P. S., 20 Knockvale Park
Daly, S., Tudor House, Ballysillan Road
Daly, S., financier, 118 Royal Avenue
Daly, T. H., 43 Lancefield Road
Daly's Garage, Islandbawn Drive
Dalzell, A., & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, McCoy's Buildings, Chapel Lane
Dalzell, Frank, estate agent, 223 Cavehill Road
Dalzell, F., draper, 126 Falls Road
Dalzell, H., com. traveller, 57 Belmont Park
Dalzell, James, electrician, 22 Baltic Avenue
Dalzell, Jas., mechanic, 3 Joanmount Drive
Dalzell, John McVeigh, inspector, 169 Antrim Road
Dalzell, John, bread server, 40 Loopland Drive
Dalzell, Jos. R., salesman, 5 Derlett Street
Dalzell, Ltd., hatters and gents outfitters, 15 Royal Avenue
Dalzell, Miss Agnes, 7 India Street
Dalzell, Miss Florence, 145 The Mount
Dalzell, Mrs., 64 Cliftonpark Avenue
Dalzell, Mrs., 13 Kensington Road
Dalzell, Mrs. I., 11 Ava Avenue
Dalzell, Mrs. J., 4 Gibson Park Gardens
Dalzell, Mrs. M. E., 19 Rosemount Gardens
Dalzell, Mrs. M. E., draper, 88 Newtownards Road
Dalzell, Mrs. M. H., 49 Ardenlee Parade
Dalzell, Mrs. V., 10 Knock Road
Dalzell, Robert, 91 Joy Street
Dalzell, Samuel, wood turner, 227 Crumlin Road
Dalzell, Thomas, builder, 47 Irwin Crescent
Dalzell, William, 22 Queen Victoria Street
Dalzell, Wm., conductor, 40 Ormeau Street
Dalziel, Peter, 7 Aston Gardens
Damoglon, C., 20 Cyprus Avenue
Dancklefsen, R., butcher, 68 Stranmillis Road
Dane, James, confectioner, 27 Mount Street (No. 2)
Daniel, J. R., provision merchant, 28 Bradbury Place
Danker, S., rag and metal merchant, 4 Thomas Street and 62 Queen Street North
Dann, Alex., civil servant, 25 Ashgrove Park
Dann, E., 21 Kensington Road
Dann, Miss Mary, L.R.A.M., 20 Wellington Place
Dann, T., chef, 24 Marlborough Park North
Darbishire, Herbert, & Co., stock and share brokers, 10 Royal Avenue
Darby, John, publican, 346 Springfield Road
Darby, Mrs., 2 Graymount Terrace
Darby, Patk., publican, 149 Springfield Road; res., Rosemount House, Andersonstown
Darby, W. J., 7 Haywood Avenue
D'Arcy, Most Rev. Dr. Chas. F., Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, The Palace, Armagh
D'Arcy, Geoffrey, 83 Kirkliston Park
D'Arcy, John, 4 Knockbreda Park
D'Arcy, John, fish monger, 252 Ormeau Road
D'Arcy, Mrs. Edith, 109 Fitzroy Avenue
D'Arcy, Mrs. Phylis, 53 Ravenhill Park
D'Arcy, Mrs. R., 4 Ebrington Gardens
D'Arcy, Mrs., house keeper, 2 Queen's Square
D'Arcy, Wm., manager, 16 Harcourt Drive
Dargan, William, spirit merchant, 49 Ravenhill Road
Dargan, Wm., manager, 12 Orby Parade
Darley, I., store man, 7 Jocelyn Street
Darling, Charles, plumber, 75 Coolderry Street
Darling, J., newsagent, 268 Newtownards Road
Darling, J. W., time keeper, 7 Westland Drive
Darling, Dr. Olive M., M.D., surgeon, 12 Cliftonville Road
Darlow, William, newsagent, 45 Frank Street
Darman, John, machine man, 10 Florida Drive
Darragh, Alex., painter, 19 Halliday's Road
Darragh, Archibald, checker, 18 Arizona Street
Darragh, A., gas fitter, 7 Orient Gardens
Darragh, Rev. D., 89 Galwally Park
Darragh, James, fitter, 58 Deacon Street
Darragh, John F., window dresser, 24 Coombe Hill Park
Darragh, John McL., 18 Lansdowne Road
Darragh, J., 494 Antrim Road
Darragh, J., vegetable stores, 13 May's Market
Darragh, J., wallpaper, 130 Falls Road
Darragh, Mary, 97 Queen Street North
Darragh, Miss, 24 Stranmillis Gardens
Darragh, Richard, cashier, 35 Skegoneill Avenue
Darragh, Robert, bank official, 718 Antrim Road
Darragh, R., fitter, 2 Virginia Street
Darragh, William, 50 Cooldarragh Park
Darrah, F., manager, 142 Haypark Avenue
Darrall, A., 142 Ravenhill Avenue
Darrer, J. G., fitter, 5 Mayfair Avenue
Darrian, James, hairdresser, 37 Sydney Street West
Darroch, A., draper, 10 Duncairn Gardens
Darroch, Edward, joiner, 32 Duncairn Gardens
Darroch, H. H., 13 Hillsborough Parade
Darroch, Miss Eleanor, 22 Grangeville Gardens
Darroch, Mrs., 260 Cliftonville Road
Daulman, H. T., 37 Grangeville Gardens
Daunt, H. S., 1? Parkmount Road
Daunt, Miss A. N., 32 Thornhill Park
Davaney, M., manager, 4 Lawrence Street
Davenport, J. A., nurseryman, 23 Donegall Park Avenue
Davey, A., 30 Mooreland Park
Davey, B., 7 Glen Road
Davey, B., 165 Falls Road
Davey, Edw., despatch clerk, 82 Joy Street
Davey, Hugh, 28 Knockbreda Park
Davey, H. W., civil servant, 17 Weston Drive
Davey, James, 3 St. James's Drive
Davey, James, Casan-Linne, Fortwilliam Park
Davey, Rev. J. Ernest, M.A., D.D., Professor of Biblical Literature, 3 College Park
Davey, Miss G., 21 Crocus Street
Davey, Miss M., 112 Percy Street
Davey, Miss M., 17 Eliza Street
Davey, Mrs., 21 Whitewell Parade
Davey, Mrs., 44 (4) Lisburn Road
Davey, Mrs., 92 Galwally Park
Davey, Mrs. E., 17 Glantane Street
Davey, Mrs. E., 78 Joy Street
Davey, Mrs. Mary, 35 Pacific Avenue
Davey, Mrs. Mary, publican, 114-116 Milford Street
Davey, Mrs. R., grocer, 186 Manor Street
Davey, Robert, grocer, 25 Clara Avenue
Davey, Thos., clerk, 51 Ravenhill Parade
Davey, Thos., porter, 11 St. James's Avenue
Davey, William, 31 Tudor Place
Davey, William, grocer, 119 Disraeli Street
Davey, W., coach builder, 43 Ravenhill Parade
David, Mrs., 304 Lodge Road Old
David, Ralph E., P.O. engineer, 304 Lodge Road Old
Davidson, Alan, plumber, 8 Bagot Street
Davidson, Alexander, 11 Hesketh Park
Davidson, Arthur W., civil servant, 92 Serpentine Road
Davidson, Arthur, engineer, 17 Brookvale Parade
Davidson, Arthur S., Ltd., Coal Importers, Arthur Square
Davidson, A., checker, 3 Northwood Drive
Davidson, A., stevedore, 34 Shore Road
Davidson, A., traveller, 12 Pacific Avenue
Davidson, A., moulder, 70 Castlereagh Street
Davidson, A. S., coal merchant, 15 Malone Road Upper
Davidson, Benjamin, driver, 10 St. Vincent Street
Davidson, B. L., 23 Rosetta Drive
Davidson & Co., motor engineers, 29 Pakenham Street
Davidson, & Co., Ltd., Sirocco Engineering Works, 81-87 Bridge End, 36-38 Mountpottinger Road and 85-93 Short Street
Davidson, David, 34 Haypark Avenue
Davidson, David, 3 Summer Hill Parade
Davidson, D. A., 30 Deramore Drive
Davidson, Edmond, Carnlea, Lisburn Road
Davidson, Ernest, bread server, 12 Orby Drive
Davidson, E., joiner, 31 Deramore Avenue
Davidson, E. P., 13 Deramore Drive
Davidson, George, 70 Loopland Gardens
Davidson, George, 13 Circular Road (South End)
Davidson, Gordon, 28 Castlereagh Place
Davidson, G., cashier, 32 Kirkliston Gardens
Davidson & Hardy, Ltd., pharmaceutical chemists and opticians, 20-22 Castle Place
Davidson, Harold, salesman, 344 Springfield Road
Davidson, Hugh, 107 Grand Parade
Davidson, H., bread server, 21 St. Jude's Parade
Davidson, H., fitter, 83 Glencairn Street
Davidson, H. J., linen merchant, 462 Antrim Road
Davidson, H. S., engineer, 5 Rosetta Park
Davidson, James, insurance agent, 4 Candahar Street
Davidson, James, 63 Lagan Street
Davidson, James, baker, 1 Chesham Terrace
Davidson, James, gardener, 285 Newtownards Road Upper
Davidson, James, Knock Road
Davidson, James, 16 Pommern Parade
Davidson, James, joiner, 6 Edlingham Street
Davidson, James, bread server, 24 Sefton Drive
Davidson, Joseph, 77 Kansas Avenue
Davidson, Jos., engineer, 16 Isoline Street
Davidson, J., 210 King's Road
Davidson, J., insurance agent, 21 Marsden Gardens
Davidson, J., upholsterer, 3a Donegall Street Place
Davidson, J., baker, 7 Harleston Street
Davidson, J. H., manager, 95 Onslow Parade
Davidson, L., engineer, 6 Ormiston Park
Davidson & Murray, Ltd., chemists, opticians, 131 Albert Bridge Road and 1 The Mount
Davidson, Miss, 2 Lonsdale Street
Davidson, Miss Christina M., 3 Southview Cottages
Davidson, Miss E., 46 Balfour Avenue
Davidson, Miss E. F., 16 Belmont Park
Davidson, Miss F. P., 47 Ashley Avenue
Davidson, Miss Helen, 104 Woodstock Road
Davidson, Miss L., 35 Osborne Drive
Davidson, Miss Mary J., 40 Orpen Park
Davidson, Miss M., house furnisher, 296 Newtownards Road
Davidson, Misses, 10 Circular Road North
Davidson, Misses A. & E., 18 Woodvale Road
Davidson, Mrs., 44 Kenilworth Street
Davidson, Mrs., 1 Danesfort, Annadale Avenue
Davidson, Mrs. Anna, Inchmar, Lisburn Road
Davidson, Mrs. E., 43 Whitla Street
Davidson, Mrs. J. E., 28 Grampian Avenue
Davidson, Mrs. L., 30 Connsbrook Avenue
Davidson, Mrs. Maisie, 16 Wolseley Street
Davidson, Mrs. M., 5 Hopefield Avenue
Davidson, Mrs. M. E., 61 Agincourt Avenue
Davidson, Mrs. Susan, 50 Rathlin Street
Davidson, M., 133 Holywood Road
Davidson, M. & L., 588 Antrim Road
Davidson, Phil, agent, 65 Knutsford Drive
Davidson, Rita, 15 Cooldarragh Park North
Davidson, Robert, 22 Ormeau Street
Davidson, Robert, dealer, 89 Devonshire Street
Davidson, Robert, grocer, 21 Gosford Street
Davidson, Robt., milk vendor, 64-64a Israel Street
Davidson, Robt., estate agent, 7 (94) Donegall Street
Davidson, Robt., B.E., 11 Holywood Road Old
Davidson, Ross, insurance agent, 31 Adelaide Avenue
Davidson, R., boot factor, 47 Fountain Street
Davidson, R., 36 Lansdowne Park
Davidson, R. W., 45 Glenbrook Avenue
Davidson, Samuel, 22 Albertville Drive
Davidson, Samuel, 82 Orangefield Crescent
Davidson, Saml., farm, Gortgrib, Gilnahirk Road
Davidson & Sons, tailors, 27 Shaftesbury Square
Davidson, S., teacher, 10 Downshire Road
Davidson, S., baker, 47 Fitzroy Avenue
Davidson, Thomas, cattle dealer, 56 Cromwell Road
Davidson, Thomas, 331 Cupar Street
Davidson, Thos., bread server, 330 Castlereagh Road
Davidson, T., 32 Elimgrove Street
Davidson, T., driver, 40 Stranmillis Road
Davidson, T., joiner, 68 Torrens Crescent
Davidson, T., cinema operator, 25 Knockbreda Drive
Davidson, William, 193 Cavehill Road
Davidson, William, engineer, 228 Ballysillan Road
Davidson, William, manager, 63 St. John's Park
Davidson, William, 102 Lansdowne Road
Davidson, William, 32 Ormeau Street
Davidson, William, 3 Ravenhill Avenue
Davidson, William, engineer, 46 Somerton Road
Davidson, William, joiner, 45 Balfour Avenue
Davidson, William, timber and slate merchant, Duncrue Street (temporary address: Laurelvale, Dundonald)
Davidson, William, 23 Lawrence Street
Davidson, William, 4 Hillcrest Gardens
Davidson, William J., engineer, 59 Baltic Avenue
Davidson, William J., buyer, 12 Flush Park
Davidson, William Stanley, 86 King's Road
Davidson, W., fitter, 61 Newtownards Road Upper
Davidson, W. A., 318 Cregagh Road
Davidson, W. G., cycle agent, 110 Beersbridge Road
Davidson, W. H., engineer, 1 Ridgeway Street
Davidson, W. J., confectioner, 157 Lisburn Road
Davidson's Cash Stores, grocers, chemists, etc., Serpentine Road
Davie, Bernard, butcher, 539 Springfield Road
Davies, Major C. F. F., County Inspector, R.U.C., 11 Cavehill Road Old
Davies, Edward, bookkeeper, 63 Newport Street
Davies, Edward, foreman, 54 Wheatfield Crescent
Davies, George, 53 Galwally Park
Davies, H., 17b Knockbreda Road
Davies, H., clerk, 23 Sicily Park
Davies, Mrs. A. B., 13 Delhi Street
Davies, Mrs. J. E., 6 Lansdowne Park North
Davies, Percy H., 5 Easton Crescent
Davies, T. A., 29 Kimberley Street
Davies, W. A., 295 Holywood Road
Davis, Alex., fitter, 13 Graymount Park
Davis, Alfred, store man, 17 Empire Street
Davis, A., 197 Sandown Road
Davis, A. E. A., pharmaceutical chemist, 38 Donegall Road
Davis, C. L., bank official, 59 Maryville Park
Davis, Dalzell, com. agent, 90 Lisburn Road
Davis, Desmond E., engineer, 15a Glanworth Drive
Davis, Drusella, 49 University Street
Davis, Ellen, 113 My Lady's Road
Davis, E. H., 36 Cyprus Park
Davis, E. H., gardener, 128 King's Road
Davis, Frederick, 21 Malone Park
Davis, F. G., picture framer, Invermore, Station Road
Davis, F. G., & Sons, Ltd., Picture Framers and Gilders, and Fine Art Dealers, 19 North Street Arcade and 8 Donegall Street Place
Davis, F. Joze, director, 130a Stranmillis Road
Davis, Geo. F., & Co., grocers, 579-581 Lisburn Road
Davis, G., electrician, 1 Weston Drive
Davis, Hugh, R.U.C., 109 Deerpark Road
Davis, H., 134 King's Road
Davis, H., Ltd., apron and pinafore manufacturers, 84 Percy Street
Davis, Isaac, cutler, 7 Adela Street
Davis, I., hardware merchant, 97-98 Smithfield Market
Davis, James, 11 Century Street
Davis, James, gardener, Finaghy Cottage, Finaghy Road South
Davis, James, mechanic, 14 McClure Street
Davis, John, 52 Mount Street (No. 2)
Davis, John, 52a Mount Street (No. 2)
Davis, John, 16 Sandford Avenue
Davis, John, 41 Station Road
Davis, John, clerk, Knock-na-Cree, Stockman's Lane
Davis, John, gardener, 50 Clarendon Avenue
Davis, John, builder, 1a Ballarat Street
Davis, Joseph, supper saloon, 60 Fraser Street
Davis, J., plumber, 318 Springfield Road
Davis, J., L.D.S., 90 Lisburn Road
Davis, J. B., 28 Timbey Park
Davis, Louis N., & Co., Motor Engineers, 27-35 Victoria Square
Davis, Miss, 53 (4) Malone Road
Davis, Miss, 22 Windsor Drive
Davis, Miss A., 61 University Road
Davis, Miss A. J., 70 Marlborough Park Central
Davis, Miss J., 136 King's Road
Davis, Miss Mary, 14 Ridgeway Street
Davis, Miss W. M., nurse, 57 Marlborough Park South
Davis, The Misses, 36 Brookvale Avenue
Davis, Mrs., 39 Hatfield Street
Davis, Mrs., 31 Wandsworth Road
Davis, Mrs., 1 Inverary Avenue
Davis, Mrs., confectioner, 13 Crumlin Road
Davis, Mrs., 57 Wandsworth Road
Davis, Mrs. E. A., 14 Massey Avenue
Davis, Mrs. F. E., 12 Deramore Gardens
Davis, Mrs. M., 32 Lansdowne Road
Davis, P. L., traveller, Quintin, Gilnahirk Road
Davis, Captain R. H., Board of Trade, 65 Sandown Road
Davis, R. W., engineer, 76 Ulsterville Gardens
Davis, Samuel, secretary, 9 Knock Road
Davis, Sarah, 45 Fairview Street
Davis, Stewart, R.U.C., 98 Oldpark Avenue
Davis, S., inspector, 2 Edinburgh Street
Davis, Thomas, 103 Wellesley Avenue
Davis, Thomas, clerk, 4 Landseer Street
Davis, Thomas, cake shop, 585 Lisburn Road
Davis, Thomas B., 16 Torrens Crescent
Davis, Thomas R., compositor, 54 Torrens Crescent
Davis, Thos., & Co., grocers, 565 Lisburn Road
Davis, T., 15 Park Parade
Davis, T., 19 Brookvale Street
Davis, T. C., Ingleside, Lisburn Road
Davis, William, 18 Dunkeld Gardens
Davis, William, 40 Meadowbank Place
Davis, William, printer, 100 Agincourt Avenue
Davis, William Henry, 131 Ulsterville Avenue
Davis, Wilson, linen business, 21 Stranmillis Gardens
Davis, W., clerk, 81 Sandhurst Drive
Davis, W. G., mechanic, 4 Connsbrook Drive
Davis, W. H., 38 Delhi Parade
Davis, W. J., 77 Windsor Avenue Lower
Davison, Alexander, tobacconist and sub-postmaster, 171 Oldpark Road
Davison, Andrew, 69 Channing Street
Davison, A. H., 93 Salisbury Avenue
Davison, A. H., & Dickey, Auctioneers, House, Estate and Insurance Agents and Property Brokers, 50 Wellington Place
Davison, Chas., Glencairn Cottage, Glencairn Road
Davison, C. G., 56 Harberton Park
Davison, Edmund, clerk, 8 Graymount Park
Davison, Hawthorne & Bryans, Ltd., wholesale confectioners, 37 Linen Hall Street and 38-42 Glengall Street
Davison, H. H., R.U.C., 156 Ravenhill Avenue
Davison, H. J., linen merchant, 15 Bedford Street
Davison, James, clerk, 27 Bloomfield Park
Davison, John C., Barrister-at-Law, 6 Knockbreda Road
Davison, Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph, D.L., J.P., 18 Cavehill Road Old
Davison, Joseph, carrier, 3 Canning Street Upper
Davison, J., broker, 45 Dunkeld Gardens
Davison, J., house furnisher, 26-28 Oldpark Road
Davison, J., joiner, 24 Connsbrook Drive
Davison, J., 100 Oldpark Road
Davison, Dr. J. C., 29 College Gardens
Davison, Miss, 177 Belmont Road
Davison, Miss M. G., 30 Bawnmore Road
Davison, The Misses, grocers, 30 Newington Avenue
Davison, Mrs., 2 Hawthornden Gardens
Davison, Mrs. Emily, 27 Westland Gardens
Davison, Mrs. L., 231 Springfield Road
Davison, Mrs. Mary, 27 Norfolk Drive
Davison, Mrs. M., 68 Bloomfield Road
Davison, Mrs. M., 19 Thornhill Park
Davison, Mrs. Sarah, 59 Greenville Road
Davison, Mrs. Susan, 23 Glencairn Street
Davison, Robert J., electrician, 12 Parkend Street
Davison, R. J., foreman, 33 St. Jude's Crescent
Davison, S., R.U.C., 32 Whitehall Parade
Davison, Thomas, clerk, 2 Downview Gardens
Davison, Thomas, postman, 40 Jocelyn Street
Davison, T. G., 62 Ravenhill Avenue
Davison, Wilfred, secretary, 516 Oldpark Road
Davison, William, engineer, 4 Taunton Avenue
Davison, William, butcher, 254 Crumlin Road
Davison, William, carpenter, 16 Burmah Street
Davison, W., pawn broker, 33-35 Oldpark Road
Davison, W. J., 42 Rugby Avenue
Davison, W. J., sanitary inspector, 38 Rosebery Road
Davitt, Michael, 2a Dunville Street
Davy, William J., baker, 62 Rainey Street
Davy's Amusements, 16 College Square East and 19 and 64 Victoria Street Great
Dawe, Fredk., artist, 36 Diamond Gardens
Dawson, A., hairdresser, 35 Dee Street
Dawson, Dr. J. C., M.D., 23 Knock Road
Dawson, Eric, traveller, 34 Cabin Hill Gardens
Dawson, F., 49 Melrose Street
Dawson, George, 18 Marguerite Park
Dawson, George J., R.U.C., 33 Clifton Drive
Dawson, H., builder, 2 Belmont Drive
Dawson, James, Cairnburn Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Dawson, James C., 119 Skegoneill Avenue
Dawson, John, clerk, 32 Timbey Park
Dawson, Joseph, 9 Oakland Avenue
Dawson, J., traveller, 65 Loopland Park
Dawson, J. C., 47 Fortwilliam Parade
Dawson, Mary Jane, 1 Clifton Crescent
Dawson, Miss D., 12 Adelaide Avenue
Dawson, Miss H., 137 Henderson Drive
Dawson, Miss W., 43 Woodcot Avenue
Dawson, Mrs., 95 Sicily Park
Dawson, Mrs., 38 Sydenham Gardens
Dawson, Mrs. Aida, 98 Malone Road
Dawson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 164 Duncairn Gardens
Dawson, Mrs. J., 46 Nansen Street
Dawson, Mrs. M., 194 Oldpark Road
Dawson, Mrs. Sarah A., 9 Ireton Street
Dawson, R. E., manager, 13 Roseleigh Street
Dawson, R. J., traveller, 9 Harberton Drive
Dawson, R. J., 38 Elaine Street
Dawson, S. G., traveller, 41 Lansdowne Park
Dawson, Thomas, 48 Castlereagh Road
Dawson, Thomas, joiner, 8 Windsor Drive
Dawson, Thos. Jas., bread server, 57 Pommern Parade
Dawson, T. & F., com. agents, 216-218a Sandy Row
Dawson, William, fireman, 14 Brookland Street
Dawson, William, dealer, 126-127, 152-153 Smithfield Market
Dawson, William J., 38 Enfield Street
Dawson, William T., insurance clerk, 3 King's Drive
Dawson & Wilson, builders, Fulton Street
Dawson, W., Tullyheron, Finaghy Road South
Dawson, W., engineer, 33 Glencoe Park
Day, James, 218 Ballysillan Road
Day, James, spirit merchant, 94-96 Short Strand
Deacon, C. H., B.A., 25 Stormont Park
Deacon Memorial Hall, M'Tier Street
Deacon, Miss, confectioner, 352 Shankill Road
Deacon, Miss Norah, 5 Surrey Street
Deacon, W., Shankill boot factory, 249 Shankill Road
Deaf and Dumb Mission, 5-6 College Square North
Deakin, Harold, manager, 37 Palmerston Road
Dean, Alfred, house repairer, 638 Oldpark Road
Dean, G., band master, 410 Oldpark Road
Dean, Hugh, plasterer, 126 Alliance Avenue
Dean, H., manufacturers' agent, 41 (30) Donegall Place
Dean, J., engineer, 16 Weston Drive
Dean, Miss, 44 (2) Lisburn  Road
Dean, Misses, 81 University Avenue
Dean, Mrs. Catherine, 114 Albert Street
Dean, Mrs. G., 110 Kimberley Street
Dean, Mrs. K., 22 Isoline Street
Dean, Mrs. Rachel, 57 Empire Street
Dean, Patrick, butcher, 8 Falls Road
Dean, R., salesman, 29 Stranmillis Gardens
Dean, S. R., clerk, 17 Elaine Street
Dean, T. J., inspector, 21 Glandore Gardens
Dean, William, 272 Lisburn Road
Deane, A. L., 33 Orangefield Crescent
Deane, G., joiner, 82 Ava Street
Deane, James, 98 Lord Street
Deane, J. D., 25 Cherryvalley ?
Deane, Malcolm, 93 Knockbreda Road
Deane, Malcolm A., builder, 32 Hillsborough Drive
Deane, Mrs., agent, 41 (35) Donegall Place
Deane, Mrs. C. F., 6 Eglantine Avenue
Deane, Rev. R. A., M.A., 61 Ulsterville Avenue
Deane, S. G., mechanic, 52 Loopland Crescent
Deane, William, engine driver, 36 Donegall Road
Deane, William F., 120 Madrid Street
Deans, A., 3 Knockbreda Park
Deans, G. A., bank official, Sunnybrow, Gilnahirk Road
Deans, James, 53 Kimberley Street
Deans, Mrs., 25 Knockbreda Park
Deans, Mrs. M. S., 75 Marlborough Park South
Deans, S. A., L.D.S., F.P.S.G., 141 Ormeau Road
Deans, S. W., 164 Dunluce Avenue
Deans, Capt. T. J., civil servant, 21 Eastleigh Drive
Dearden, Mrs., 4 Cyprus Park
Dearden, Mrs., 56 Burmah Street
Deardon, John, 118 Templemore Avenue
Deas, J. J., traveller, 17 Graymount Gardens
Deas, William, bread server, 138 My Lady's Road
Deboys, Agnes, 316 Cregagh Road
Decorators' Supply Depot, 24-26 Victoria Street
De Courcey, Harry, 10 Bentinck Street
De Courcey, Mrs. H., 36 Kirkliston Park
Deddis, B., 54 Westland Road
Dee Street P.E. School, 18-20 Dee Street
Deeds, Mrs., 34 Albert Street
Deegan, John, teacher, 3 Claremont Street
Deegan, Oscar, traveller, 19 Cedar Avenue
Deegan, O., 8 Edward Street
Deeny, H., chemist, 166 Divis Street
Deeny, Dr. W. G., M.B., 164 Divis Street
Deeny, Dr. W. G., 141 Falls Road
Deer, Frederick, soldier, 66 Tyndale Park
Deering, H. J., assistant cashier, 31 Kincora Avenue
Deerpark Stores, grocer, 538 Oldpark Road
Deigan, Miss Maysie, baker, 315 Grosvenor Road
Deighan, M., fruiterer, 87 Castle Street and 147 North Street
Deighan, Miss, 6 Clifton Street
Deitch, C., general store, 148 Lodge Road Old
Dekota, J. S., rapid radio service, 91-93 Smithfield Market
Delacour, Mrs. M. E., 23 Dunblane Avenue
Delaney, Charles, newsagent, 507 Crumlin Road
Delaney, E., pattern maker, 32 St. Jude's Crescent
Delaney, Frederick, clerk, 68 Glen Road
Delaney, Mrs., 231 (2) Cliftonville Road
Delaney, Mrs. Jessie, 78 Ravenhill Avenue
Delaney, Mrs. Mary F., 33 Clifton Crescent
Delargy, D., boarding house, 22-30 Prince's Street
De Largy, James, 396 Cregagh Road
De La Salle Brothers, Falls Road
De Margeat, A. E., agent, 16 Waring Street
Dempsey, Dr. Alex., 54 Elmwood Avenue
Dempsey, James, supper saloon, 2 Primitive Street
Dempsey, Joseph, designer, etc., 131 Donegall Street
Dempsey, Mary, 260 Falls Road
Dempsey, Miss, 100 Dee Street
Dempsey, Miss Anna, 72 Somerton Road
Dempsey, Miss L., 34 Eia Street
Dempsey, Miss M., 33 Cliftonville Avenue
Dempsey, Mrs., 41 Fountain Street
Dempsey, N., 48 Atlantic Avenue
Dempsey, Patrick, publican, 45 Smithfield
Dempsey, Peter. Farmoyle, Andersonstown
Dempsey, Peter, publican, 14 Garfield Street Lower
Dempster Agencies - Proprietor, Edwin Dempster, 17 Wellington Place. Res., 7 Knockdene Park North
Dempster, Boyd, tailor, Braeside, Belmont Road
Dempster, Fred., joiner, 11 Silverstream Park
Dempster, J. H., fruiterer, 33 Calvin Street
Dempster, J. H., 62 Beersbridge Road
Dempster, Miss, 151 Holywood Road
Dempster, Mrs. M., 54 Hillview Avenue
Dempster, P., firewood merchant, 50a Alexandra Street
Dempster, Robert, engineer, 31 St. James's Road
Dempster, R., 2 Derlett Street
Dempster, Sarah, grocer, 4-6 Ava Avenue
Dempster, Thomas, 10 Alliance Crescent
Dempster, William, 233 Mountpottinger Road
Dempster, W. J., manager, 69 Dunlambert Drive
Den Garage and Service Station Ltd. (A. E. Rountree), 220-226 Holywood Road
Denby, William & Sons, motor coach works, 198-200 Antrim Road
Dench, G. W., J.P., 162 Orby Drive
Denholm, Miss, nurse, 25 Hatfield Street
Denison, E. G. M., 97 Haypark Avenue
Denney, Robert, 5 Ardgreenan Place
Dennis, H., welder, 104 Mount Merrion Park
Dennis, John, checker, Braemar, Rocky Road
Dennis, J., 10 Sagimor Gardens
Dennis, L. C., civil servant, 10 Knock Hill Park
Dennison, John D., 52 Percy Street
Dennison, Miss, 117 Cliftonpark Avenue
Dennison, Mrs., 32 Posnett Street
Dennison, Mrs., 50 Haypark Avenue
Dennison, Mrs. Sarah, 21 Beechfield Street
Dennison, Mrs. W., 8 Ailesbury Road
Dennison, Thomas, library official, 133 Deerpark Road
Dennison, T., 33 Park Road
Dennison, William, fitter, 6 Baden Powell Street
Dennison, William, R.U.C., 37 Lyndhurst Gardens
Denny, Dr. C. T., 1 Ballarat Street
Denny, F., bar man, 58 La Salle Drive
Denny, Henry, & Sons, Ltd., bacon curers, 24-26 Bridge End
Denny, James, 88 Rushfield Avenue
Denny, James, 54 Stranmillis Road
Denny, Mott & Dickson, Ltd., Timber Merchants, 2 Milewater Road. T.A.: "Timber, Belfast"
Denny, Robert, 5 Ardgreenan Place
Denny. Captain William, 252 Ravenhill Avenue
Denny, William, traveller, 42 Norfolk Drive
Denny, William, publican, 30-31 Smithfield
Dent's, dyers and cleaners, 18-20 Berry Street
Denton, C., 24 Eastleigh Crescent
Denver, Mrs. Alice, 10c May Street Little
Denver, Wm. J., Lisowen, Stockman's Lane
Denvir, Mrs. Rose, 26 Joy Street
Department of Agriculture (Eire), 32 Donegall Quay
Derby, Mrs. Alice, 104 Westmoreland Street
Derby, S. J., traveller, 976 Crumlin Road
Dermott, R. E., R.U.C., 9 Ulsterville Gardens
Dermy, R., 96 Stranmillis Road
Derrett-Smith, D. A., 34 Mount Eden Park
Derrick-Large, W. H., music teacher, 1 Wellington Place; res., 76 Wellington Park
Derryvale Hemstitching Co., pillowcase makers, 25 Franklin Street
Desano, S., ices saloon, 145-147 Newtownards Road
Desson, John, 9 Sandhill Parade
De Suzor, Marcel, French teacher, 29 Torrens Gardens
Devaney, F., grocer, 64 King Street
Devenney, Connell, publican, 61 Durham Street
Devenney, Miss Annie, 29 Alexandra Park Avenue
Devenney, Mrs., 8 Magdala Street
Devenney, Thos., shipwright, 132 Alexandra Park Avenue
Devenney, William, 20 Beechmount Street
Devenney, W. T., publican, 2-4 Peter's Hill
Devenny, W. T., publican, 109-111 York Street and 2 Patrick Street Little
De Vere, Mrs., 34 Chief Street
Devine, Daniel, 33 Silverstream Park
Devine, Daniel & Sons, Ltd., Fruit Merchants and Commission Salesman, St. George's Fruit Market, Oxford Street
Devine, D., & Son, fruiterers, 162c Antrim Road
Devine, Francis, 20 Annalee Street
Devine, H., fruiterer, 2 Queen Street North
Devine, James, 184 Grosvenor Road
Devine, James, publican, 87 Cromac Street
Devine, James, fitter, 5 Hoylake Park
Devine, John, printer, 54-56 Joy Street
Devine, Miss R., 402 Ormeau Road
Devine, Miss T., 19 Crocus Street
Devine, Mrs., 38 Hardcastle Street
Devine, Mrs. F., 133 Springfield Road
Devine, Mrs. Mary, 67 Percy Street
Devito, P., hairdresser, 21 Skipper Street; res., 3 Ravensdene Park
Devitt, Fredk., 26 Knockvale Park
Devitt, T. P., supervisor, 32 Chief Street
Devitt, William, tobacconist, 288 Woodstock Road
Devitt, Wm. Hugh, manager, 23 Brookhill Avenue
Devlin, Arthur, 21 Tomb Street
Devlin, Arthur, 22 Norfolk Gardens
Devlin, A. H., comp., Leslieville, Lisburn Road
Devlin, Catherine, nurse, 1 Cavendish Square
Devlin, David, Ministry of Agriculture, Windyknowes, Circular Road
Devlin, F., 78 Ulsterville Gardens
Devlin, F., 13 Beechfield Street
Devlin, F., radio engineer, 48 Rosapenna Street
Devlin, George, dealer, 76 Short Strand
Devlin, Gerard, store keeper, 14 Whitewell Parade
Devlin, Hugh, publican, 4 Arizona Street
Devlin, Hugh, grocer, 155b Albert Street
Devlin, H., 90 Shandon Park
Devlin, H., spirit merchant, 155 Albert Street
Devlin, James, rate collector, 39 Norfolk Parade
Devlin, James, compositor, 41 Joanmount Park
Devlin, J., fitter, 10 Formby Park
Devlin, L. W., printer, 21 Rosapenna Parade
Devlin, Mary, confectioner, 53 King Street
Devlin, Miss Elizabeth, 20 Pommern Parade
Devlin, Miss Lena, 2 Thorndale Avenue
Devlin, Miss Mary, confectioner, 11 Vernon Street
Devlin, The Misses, teachers of dancing, Central Arcade, 79 Royal Avenue
Devlin, Mrs., 28 Fairview Street
Devlin, Mrs. Alice, 17 Eia Street
Devlin, Mrs. E., 37 Twickenham Street
Devlin, Mrs. G., Rathsona, Lisburn Road
Devlin, Mrs. M., 55 Onslow Parade
Devlin, Mrs. M., 17 Lancaster Street
Devlin, Mrs. M., 57 Patrick Street Little
Devlin, Mrs. M., 63 Durham Street
Devlin, M., 3 Twickenham Street
Devlin, Patrick, tram driver, 20 Whitewell Parade
Devlin, Patrick, slater, 39 Alexander Street West
Devlin, Patrick, grocer, 143 New Lodge Road
Devlin, P., sergeant, R.U.C., 17 Rossmore Avenue
Devlin, Robert, pawn broker, 231 Ravenhill Avenue
Devlin, Robert, millwright, 40 Donnybrook Street
Devlin, Scott, 70 Kensington Road
Devon, Alexander, F.A.I., Estate Agent, Property Broker, Auctioneer and Valuer, 9 Wellington Place; res., 26 Downshire Road, Bangor
Devon, Alex., wallpaper merchant, 291-293 Shankill Road
Devon, A., wallpaper merchant, 181 Albert Bridge Road
Devon, A., & son, Ltd., mill furnishers, 128-132 Peter's Hill and branches
Devon, Mrs. L. M., 14 Osborne Drive
Devonport, W. C., 48 Cregagh Road
Devonshire Hemstitching Co. Ltd., 27 Rydalmere Street
Devonshire Laundry, Ltd., 173-183 Ravenhill Avenue and branches
Devoto, D. E., 12 Waterloo Gardens
Devoto & Hassan, coal importers, 12 High Street
Devoto Ltd., flour merchants, 43-45 Castle Arcade
Devoy, John, R.U.C., 9 Lancefield Road
Dewar, James, traveller, 76 North Parade
Dewar, Mrs. D. H., 5 St. John's Avenue
Dewhurst, J. H., Ltd., butchers, 47 Ann Street
De Winter, R. G., 170 King's Road
Dewrance & Co., 106 Ann Street
Deyermond, James Alex., traveller, 73 Dunluce Avenue
Deyermond, Miss E., 31 Ava Park
Diamond, Annie, publican, 84-86 Queen Street North and 55-57 Lodge Road Old
Diamond, A., publican, 100 Hillview Street
Diamond, A., publican, 99 Agnes Street
Diamond, A., butcher, 22 Hughenden Avenue
Diamond, A., publican, 81 Walton Street
Diamond, Dr. A. H., M.B., 454 Crumlin Road
Diamond, E. C., 6 Richmond Park
Diamond, George, plater, 113 Larkfield Road
Diamond, G., plater, 9 Loopland Parade
Diamond, H., 42 Green Road
Diamond, H., fitter, 68 Alliance Avenue
Diamond, John, publican, 41-43 Gilford Street
Diamond, John R., 77 Parkgate Avenue
Diamond, J. F., clerk of works, 28 Diamond Gardens
Diamond, J. W., solicitor, Mount Pleasant, Crumlin Road
Diamond, Miss, 26 Cromwell Road
Diamond, Mrs. H., confectioner, 834 Crumlin Road
Diamond, Mrs. S., 4 Eglantine Gardens
Diamond, Oswald, accountant, 23 North Road
Diamond, Patrick J., publican, 13 Fruithill Park
Diamond Picture House, 35 Falls Road
Diamond, P., boot maker, 33 Springfield Road
Diamond, P. O., incorporated accountant, first floor (33), Riddles Arcade
Diamond, Robert, dairy, 574 Falls Road
Diamond, T., publican, Florenceville House, Florenceville Avenue
Dibble, James, 23 Cherryvalley Gardens
Dick, Arnold Noel, 55 Fernwood Street
Dick, Charles, 71 Lansdowne Park
Dick, Charles, 90 Onslow Parade
Dick & Co., automobile agents, 47-53 Donegall Street Little and 4 Kent Street
Dick, George, clerk, 254 Cregagh Road
Dick, George S., traveller, Alma, Stockman's Lane
Dick, Georgina, confectioner, 133 Lodge Road Old
Dick, H. C., electrical engineer, 74 Lansdowne Park
Dick, James, 20 Avoca Street
Dick, John, draper, 53 Whiterock Road
Dick, Miss, 8 Wellington Park
Dick, Miss, 15 Chambers Street
Dick, Miss Catherine E., teacher, 207 Ballygomartin Road
Dick, Miss D., Moyle, Finaghy Road South
Dick, Miss M. J., 35 Rosemount Gardens
Dick, Miss Ruby, 2 Lansdowne Road
Dick, Miss R. E., 661 Antrim Road
Dick, Mrs., 19 Linden Gardens
Dick, Mrs. E., 19 Rugby Avenue
Dick, O. S., traveller, 6 Eastleigh Drive
Dick, Robert, 1a Beechfield Street
Dick, R. & J., Ltd., belting manufacturers, 7a Queen Street
Dick, Stewart, watch maker, 4 Ashdene Drive
Dick, T., 27 Newington Avenue
Dick, T. G., 39 Malone Park
Dick, William, 114 Ulsterville Avenue
Dick, William, buyer, 2 Shanlieve Park
Dick, Wisnom, 87 Tyndale Park
Dick's Hotel and Cafe, 3a Donegall Quay
Dickerson, Mrs. E., 47 Somerton Park
Dickey Bros., grocers, 127 Snugville Street
Dickey, Charles, estate agent, 35 Knocklofty Park
Dickey, George T., manager, 65 Cliftonville Road
Dickey, James, carter, 62 Fraser Street
Dickey, John, grocer, 2 Mill Avenue
Dickey, Rev. J. K., B.A., 11 Castlereagh Place
Dickey, Miss, 71 Malone Avenue
Dickey, Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Bennett Drive
Dickey, Robert, 36 Formby Park
Dickey, R., 8 Cameron Street
Dickey, R., engineer, 48 College Park Avenue
Dickey, Thomas, 31 Beechfield Street
Dickey, W., M.B., 61 Myrtlefield Park
Dickey, W., M.B., surgeon, 104 Antrim Road
Dickie, Henry, 43 Albion Street
Dickie, Hugh, 5 Summer Hill Park
Dickie, James, hairdresser, 99 Bright Street
Dickie, Miss S. W., 32 Mountcharles
Dickie, Mrs., 23 Ferguson Drive
Dickie, Mrs., 20 Stranmillis Street
Dickie, Robert, R.U.C., 3 Ava Park
Dickinson, Charles, 38 Westmoreland Road
Dickinson, E., engineer, 23 Bloomfield Road
Dickinson, John, & Co. Ltd., Paper Makers, 12a Linen Hall Street. T.A.: "Commiles, Belfast"
Dickinson, F., Q.U.B., 238 Stranmillis Road
Dickinson, Mrs., 1 Richmond Park
Dickinson, W., clerk, 27 Irwin Crescent
Dickson, Alex., Hanwood House, King's Road
Dickson, Alex., baker, 114a Ormeau Road
Dickson, Alex., grocer, 251 Conway Street
Dickson, A., foreman, 44 Cooke Street
Dickson, Alex., & Sons, Ltd., Nurserymen, Seedsmen and Florists, Hawlmark, 16-20 Garfield Street
Dickson Bros., electrical engineer, 10a Donegall Street
Dickson, C., plumber, 14 Ava Gardens
Dickson, David, clerk, 7 Denorrton Park
Dickson, D., 47 Ardenlee Drive
Dickson, Edward, 7 Artana Street
Dickson, Edward, 50 Fortwilliam Crescent
Dickson, E., 100 Malone Avenue
Dickson, Florence, 1 Mount Merrion Avenue
Dickson, George, fitter, 63a Park Avenue
Dickson, George, salesman, 193 Rosebery Road
Dickson, George, traveller, 72 Ravenhill Avenue
Dickson, Hugh M., 17 Cliftonpark Avenue
Dickson, H., iron moulder, 9 Ainsworth Avenue
Dickson, James, clerk, 112 Deramore Avenue
Dickson, John, Lismachan Cottages, Belmont Road
Dickson, John, joiner, 13 Deacon Street
Dickson, John, 283 Newtownards Road Upper
Dickson, John, engineer, 6 Kansas Avenue
Dickson, John, dairyman, 1-3 Evelyn Avenue
Dickson, John, foreman, 40 Wolseley Street
Dickson, Joseph, french polisher, 9 Joanmount Drive
Dickson, J., secretary, 38 Ravensdene Crescent
Dickson, J., bank official, 31 North Parade
Dickson, J., draper, 219 York Street
Dickson, J., 50 Deramore Avenue
Dickson, J. E., hardware store, 278 Conway Street
Dickson, J. E., R.U.C., 12 Twaddell Avenue
Dickson, J. G., driver, 164 Castlereagh Road
Dickson, J. K., salesman, 58 Sandhurst Gardens
Dickson, Miss, 31 Chlorine Gardens
Dickson, Miss, 59 Camden Street
Dickson, Miss Edith, 15 Alexandra Park Avenue
Dickson, Miss G., 35 Farnham Street
Dickson, Miss H., 45 Knock Road
Dickson, Mrs., fruiterer, 92-94 Sandy Row
Dickson, Mrs., 182 (4) Lisburn Road
Dickson, Mrs., 26 Ormiston Park
Dickson, Mrs. Christina, 6 Ashley Avenue
Dickson, Mrs. Mary, 23 Ratcliffe Street
Dickson, Mrs. M., 54 Broadway
Dickson, Mrs. T., 26 Belmont Avenue West
Dickson, Robert, inspector, 18 McClure Street
Dickson, Robert, grocer, 49 Blythe Street
Dickson, Robert, bottling store, 1 Gaffikin Street
Dickson, Robert, 120 Fitzroy Avenue
Dickson, Robert, chauffeur, 166 Albert Bridge Road
Dickson, Robt., publican, 2-4 Moore's Place and 181 Sandy Row
Dickson, R., fish monger, 122 Oldpark Road
Dickson, R., joiner, 17 Loopland Gardens
Dickson, R., 46 Ava Street
Dickson, R., traveller, 23 Denorrton Park
Dickson, R. H., director, 546 Newtownards Road Upper
Dickson, Samuel, director, 47 Maryville Park
Dickson, Stewart, 31 Ashfield Gardens
Dickson, S., carrier, 43 Jocelyn Avenue
Dickson, Capt. S. B., 16 Summer Hill Park
Dickson, S. E., optician, 9 Donegall Square West
Dickson, S. J., salesman, 18 Manna Grove
Dickson, Thomas, 4 Cliftonville Street
Dickson, Thomas, 104 Earlswood Road
Dickson, Thomas, mechanic, 8 Baroda Street
Dickson, Thomas, motor mechanic, 13 Sydenham Crescent
Dickson, T., ticket collector, 3 Chambers Street
Dickson, William, fitter, 138 Ainsworth Avenue
Dickson, Wm., 143 Ardenlee Avenue
Dickson, Wm., 411 Lisburn Road
Dickson, Wm., machinist, 50 Mount Merrion Park
Dickson, Wm. C., agent, 16 Knockdene Park Central
Dickson, Wm. J., dealer, 173 Grosvenor Road
Dickson, W., grocer, 132-134 Crimea Street
Dickson, W. A., 20 Lowwood Park
Dickson, W. A., foreman, 418 Castlereagh Road
Dickson, W. C., agent, 41 Royal Avenue
Dickson, W. H., pharmaceutical chemist, 401 Newtownards Road Upper
Dickson, W. H., chemist, 8 Ormiston Park
Dickson, W. J., 16 Northern Street Great
Dickson, W. J., 422 Castlereagh Road
Dickson, W. J., traveller, 45 Windsor Avenue Lower
Dictaphone Co. Ltd., (The), 7 Bedford Street
Dictograph Telephones, Ltd., 11 College Square North
Diffey, E. J., 14 Slievemoyne Park
Diffin, John B. L., 8 Ardmoulin Street
Digby, Mrs., 40 Rugby Avenue
Digby & Rea, hairdressers, 6a Donegall Street
Dill, Miss, 69 Sandown Road
Dill, William, fitter, 114 Deerpark Road
Dilling, Mrs. Frances, 18 Woodvale Gardens
Dillon, James A., postman, 30 Mayfair Avenue
Dillon, John, 11 Annalee Street
Dillon, Miss C., 79 Knutsford Drive
Dillon, Miss Eva, 59 Orby Drive
Dillon, Miss T., 30 Beechfield Street
Dillon, Mrs., 4 Palmerston Road
Dillon, Mrs. E., 275 Cavehill Road
Dillon, Mrs. Thomas, 12 Wellington Park Avenue
Dillon, Myrtle, costumier, 36-38 Howard Street
Dilucy, P., ice cream vendor, 17 Regent Street
Dilworth, B., 25 Donegall Park Avenue
Dilworth, Mrs. Margaret, 22 Avonbeg Street
Dilworth, Robert, 23 Rathdrum Street
Dimond, John, flax dresser, 80 Albert Street
Dineley, Josiah, brass fitter, 18 Erskine Street
Dineley, Robert, fitter, 48 Memel Street
Dines, J., painter, 2a Flora Street
Dingwall, A. A. E., Lyndhurst, Stockman's Lane
Dinnen, Charles, newsagent, 171 Grosvenor Road
Dinnen, John, window cleaner, 23 Ward Street
Dinnen, N., insurance agent, 53 Joanmount Park
Dinnen, Terence, P.O. official, Lislane, Stockman's Lane
Dinnen, T. F., R.U.C., 73 Cavehill Road
Dinning, John, waiter, 13 Coombe Hill Park
Dinning, John C., waiter, 90 Hesketh Park
Dinsmore, J., & Sons, Ltd., manufacturing confectioners and bakers, 31 North Street
Dinsmore, Miss, 51 Ethel Street
Dinsmore, Miss H. M., 17 Cabin Hill Gardens
Dinsmore, Patrick, 433 Cregagh Road
Dinsmore, Robert, 55 Cranmore Park
Dinsmore, S., 97 M'Tier Street
Diocesan Council and Synod of Down and Connor and Dromore, 10 May Street
Diocesan Registry of the United Diocese of Down and Connor and Dromore - Licensing Officer of Marriages, Miss T. A. Ferguson, 10 May Street
Diocesan Rooms and Clerical Library, 10 May Street
Diplock, W. J., 188 Malone Road
Dippie or Dipple, T. C., 18 Grangeville Gardens
Direct Furriers (The), 59 Shankill Road
Discon, Thos., provision merchant, 152 My Lady's Road
Distillers' Finance Corporation Ltd. (The), Avoniel Road
Distillery Football and Athletic Club, 65 Distillery Street
Ditty, Andrew, confectioner, 55 M'Tier Street
Ditty, A., confectioner, 54 Ambleside Street
Ditty, Samuel, grocer, 155 Snugville Street
Ditty, W. S. G., director, 14 Strathmore Park South
Diver, Frederick, 16 Whitewell Parade
Diver, J., fitter, 34 Clara Avenue
Divine, Patrick, R.U.C., 5 Ashdene Drive
Divine, Samuel J., 6 Deacon Street
Divis Mineral Water Stables, 27a Alexander Street West
Dixon, Andrew, Shangarry, Sydenham Avenue
Dixon, Arthur, engraver, 67 Station Road
Dixon, A., foreman, 3 Fitzroy Avenue
Dixon, Campbell, 18 Skegoneill Avenue
Dixon, Edward, 5 Esther Street
Dixon, E. S., surgeon, 12 Mountcharles
Dixon Estates Ltd. (The), 3 Custom House Square and 1 Ulster Street
Dixon, George, Customs, 8 Twaddell Avenue
Dixon, H. M., 17 Cliftonpark Avenue
Dixon, James, boot maker, 151a Donegall Road
Dixon, James, evangelist, 155 Belmont Road
Dixon, James, insurance agent, 4 Cadogan Park
Dixon, James, missioner, 119 Belmont Road
Dixon, James N., civil servant, 107 Galwally Park
Dixon, John, linen measurer, 22 St. Jude's Parade
Dixon, J., traveller, 21 Dunluce Avenue
Dixon, J., watch maker, 51 Ormeau Road
Dixon, J. T., painter and decorator, 735 Lisburn Road
Dixon, Mrs., 6 Percy Street
Dixon, Mrs. M., 204 Cregagh Road
Dixon, Mrs. M., 55 Alliance Avenue
Dixon, Mrs. M. G., 67 Delhi Street
Dixon, Robert, traveller, 20 St. Ives Gardens
Dixon, Robert, Wyoming, Finaghy Road South
Dixon, Rosina, hairdresser, 155 Belmont Road
Dixon, Samuel C., 46 Sandown Road
Dixon, Thomas, stationer, 367 Newtownards Road
Dixon, T. S., & Co. Ltd., cement importers, etc., 88-92 York Street
Dixon, Wm., brick layer, 67 Apsley Street
Doagh Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Ballysillan Mill, Ligoniel Road, and Mayo Street Factory
Doak, George, 69 Torrens Crescent
Doak, J., moulder, 22 Fleet Street
Doak, Samuel, joiner, 22 Nendrum Gardens
Doak, S., traveller, 19 Finaghy Road North
Doak, William, plumber, 17 Chesham Crescent
Doak, W. B., 22 Cambourne Park
Doake, Mrs. Marion, 76 Ruth Street
Dobbin, Alexander, bread server, 28 Greenville Road
Dobbin, Charles, 120 Woodvale Avenue
Dobbin, D. S., plumber, 157 Joanmount Park
Dobbin, Geo., & Son, painters and decorators, 90 Woodstock Road
Dobbin, James, 32 Bryson Street
Dobbin, James G., 6 Neill's Hill Park
Dobbin, Jos., electrician, 136 Manor Street
Dobbin, Jos., electrician, 23 Cooldarragh Park
Dobbin, J. A., manager, 28 Linden Gardens
Dobbin, J. J., Model View, Andersonstown
Dobbin, Leonard, chemist, 15 Lansdowne Road
Dobbin, Margaret, grocer, 23 Woodstock Road
Dobbin, Miss C., 457 Falls Road
Dobbin, Mrs. Mary, 2 Stewart Street
Dobbin, Mrs. Mary, millinery, 214 Woodstock Road
Dobbin, Peter, builder, 28 Roden Street
Dobbin, P. Francis, insurance official, Holmroyd, Lisburn Road
Dobbin, R., 8 Chesham Parade
Dobbin, R. R., linen merchant, Glenanagh Cottage, Holywood Road Old
Dobbin, Samuel, warehouseman, 50 Rosemount Gardens
Dobbin, Thomas, 39 Townsend Street
Dobbin, T. C., publican, 57 Rosemount Gardens
Dobbin, T. C., publican, 207 Shankill Road
Dobbin, W. T. S., accountant, 34 Station Road
Dobbs, W., agent, 1 Wellington Place
Dobson, A. B., A.R.I.B.A., architect, 3 Wellington Place
Dobson, Ed., traveller, 15 Loopland Park
Dobson, George, 37 Wellington Park
Dobson, Henry, 110 Woodstock Road
Dobson, John, 55 Farnham Street
Dobson, Mrs. Mary, 36-38 Gamble Street
Dobson, R., 8 Cameron Street
Dobson, R., traveller, 34 Holland Crescent
Dobson, Thomas, dairyman, 72 Templemore Avenue
Dobson, Wm. John, clothier, 41 Castlereagh Street
Dobson, W. H., 1 Roden Terrace, Woodstock Road
Dobson, W. J., draper, 52-54 Castlereagh Street
Dobson's Dairies, 195-203 Beersbridge Road
Dodd, Jas., engine driver, 17 Adelaide Avenue
Dodd, Mrs., 67 Florida Drive
Dodds, A., 603 Oldpark Road
Dodds, Chas., supper saloon, 103 Newtownards Road
Dodds, Chas., confectioner, 108 Newtownards Road
Dodds, Geo. R., tram conductor, 318 Ballysillan Road
Dodds, James, 46 Burmah Street
Dodds, James, mechanic, 325 Ormeau Road
Dodds, Jos., clerk, 31 Pommern Parade
Dodds, J., salesman, 5 Melrose Street
Dodds, J., postman, 5 Whitewell Parade
Dodds, Maggie, confectioner, 140 Woodstock Road
Dodds, Mrs. E., 135 Somerton Road
Dodds, Mrs. R., 5 Knockbracken Park
Dodds, Robert, cabinet maker, 79 Carlingford Street
Dodds, Rev. R. W., 90 Sandown Road
Dodds, William, 17 Wolseley Street
Dodds, Wm., manager, 292 Beersbridge Road
Dodgson, H. C., electrician, 13 Mayfair Avenue
Dodridge, A., fitter's helper, 155 Joanmount Park
Dodridge, Mrs., 120 Joanmount Gardens
Dodsworth, Thos., plumber, 14 Chesham Parade
Doey, Mrs., 24 Wandsworth Crescent
Doggart, Adam, soldier, 31 Fairview Street
Doggart, D. H., designer, 14 Finvoy Street
Doggart, E. R., clerk, 40 Manor Street
Doggart, Horatia, time keeper, 171 Alexandra Park Avenue
Doggart, H., director, 29 Sicily Park
Doggart, James, 40 Bloomfield Gardens
Doggart, Miss J. E., 24 Canterbury Street
Doggart, Mrs. K., 124 Canning Street Upper
Doggart, W. L., & Son, undertakers' merchants, 7 James Street South
Dogherty, Annie, 25 Kilronan Street
Dogherty, J., hardware store, 72 Cullingtree Road
Dogherty, Mrs., 1-3, 5-9 Lonsdale Street
Dogs' and Cats' Home, Lisburn Road
Doherty, Chas., bakery, 6 Henrietta Street
Doherty, Daniel, publican, 78 Stanhope Street
Doherty, D., traveller, 18 Walnut Street
Doherty, Edward, tram conductor, 96 Hesketh Park
Doherty, Edward, R.U.C., 39 Rosemount Gardens
Doherty, Frederick, 66 Southport Street
Doherty, F., hairdresser, 25 College Square East
Doherty, F., 27 Gilnahirk Road
Doherty, F., 8 Wellesley Avenue
Doherty, F. E., electrician, 25 Lockview Road
Doherty, F. H., Marada, Lisburn Road
Doherty, George M., 93 Somerton Road
Doherty, G., 54 Sandhurst Gardens
Doherty, Henry M., 5 Kirklowe Drive
Doherty, Hugh, agent, 23 Clifton Crescent
Doherty, Hugh, gardener, 1 Brewery Cottage, Glen Road
Doherty, James, baker, 13 Elimgrove Street
Doherty, James, grocer, 125-125a Ligoniel Road
Doherty, Jas., & Co., radio dealers, 37 Victoria Street Great
Doherty, John, bread server, 4 Beechmount Street
Doherty, John J., 36 Norfolk Parade
Doherty, Joseph, 42 Castleview Road
Doherty, J., upholsterer, 1b Vicinage Park
Doherty, J., boot maker, Greencastle
Doherty, J., publican, 60-62 Stanhope Street
Doherty, J., motorman, 128 Agincourt Avenue
Doherty, J., financier, 124 (4) Donegall Street
Doherty, J., agent, 64 (22) Victoria Street Great
Doherty, J., R.U.C., 19 Delhi Street
Doherty, J. A., 46 Cherryvalley Park
Doherty, J. F., teacher, 28 Norfolk Drive
Doherty, J. H., boot repairer, 22 Vernon Street
Doherty, Millar, 23 Indiana Avenue
Doherty, Miss, supper saloon, 126-128 Butler Street
Doherty, Miss, boarding house, 2 Lisburn Road
Doherty, Mrs., 19 Rosetta Park
Doherty, Mrs., 3 Regent Street
Doherty, Mrs., 368 Oldpark Road
Doherty, Mrs., 228 Malone Road
Doherty, Mrs. Annie, 10 Brookvale Avenue
Doherty, Mrs. A., 12 Derlett Street
Doherty, Mrs. B., 4 Lavinia Street
Doherty, Mrs. C., 120 Alexandra Park Avenue
Doherty, Mrs. K., outfitter, 56 Divis Street
Doherty, Mrs. L., 115 Cliftonpark Avenue
Doherty, Mrs. Margaret, 35 Thorndale Avenue
Doherty, Mrs. Margaret, 20 Crumlin Road
Doherty, Mrs. Margaret, 62 Cavehill Road Old
Doherty, Mrs. M., 2a Lonsdale Street
Doherty, Mrs. M., confectioner, 31 Ormeau Road
Doherty, Mrs. M., 5 Lonsdale Street
Doherty, Nella, 34 Salisbury Avenue
Doherty, Patk., shipwright, 27 Pommern Parade
Doherty, Patrick, supper saloon, 12 Flax Street
Doherty, P., paper ruler, 10 Falls Road
Doherty, Richard, 13 Graymount Crescent
Doherty, Robert, 7 Rosevale Street
Doherty, R. J., 43 Cabin Hill Gardens
Doherty, Samuel, 13 Bedeque Street
Doherty, S., 32 Salisbury Avenue
Doherty, S. R., traveller, 5 Cavehill Drive
Doherty, T. E., driver, 36 Ava Gardens
Doherty, William, 2 Catherine Street
Doherty, William, iron turner, 21 Keersland Drive
Doherty, William, 9 Dundela Park
Doherty, Wm., manager, 12 Thornhill Drive
Doherty, Wm., baker, 43 Ava Street
Doherty, W. B., Cherrydene, Kingsway Drive
Doherty, W. F., .R.U.C., 12 Lomond Avenue
Doig, Chas., traveller, 14 Cavehill View, Greencastle
Doig, Michael, 14 Thornhill Drive
Doig, Mrs., 15 Chlorine Gardens
Doig, Wm., & Co. Ltd., wholesale druggists, shellac and colour merchants, 9 Queen's Square
Dolagan, Francis, 2 Jocelyn Avenue
Dolaghan, K., hairdresser, 66 Joy Street
Dolaghan, Miss, hairdresser, 45 Bradbury Place
Dolaghan, M., hairdresser, 35 Bradbury Place
Dolaghan, Thomas, 52 Thorndale Avenue
Dolan, Annie, 6 Glenside Parade
Dolan, D., driver, 75 Haypark Avenue
Dolan, James, 222 Limestone Road
Dolan, James, publican, 47-51 Corporation Street
Dolan, J., 69 Atlantic Avenue
Dolan, Major, 43 Adelaide Park
Dolan, N. G., 8 Orpen Road
Dolcis Shoe Co., 28-30 Castle Place
Dolghan, James, hairdresser, 98 Botanic Avenue
Dollar-Rae, shop fitter, 26 Woodstock Road
Dolores, ladies' hairdresser, 20 (3) Ann Street
Dolphin, James, supper saloon, 145 Lodge Road New
Dolphin, Jas., grocer, 43 Patrick Street Great
Dominican College, Fortwilliam Park
Dominican Convent and School, 135-137 Falls Road
Dominican Republic Consulate, 31 Waring Street
Dominock, M., supper saloon, 77 Castle Street
Don Bros., Buist & Co. Ltd., 4 Linen Hall Street
Donaghey, Ellen, 10 Keegan Street
Donaghey, James, bread server, 562 Crumlin Road
Donaghey, Robert, 38 Edlingham Avenue
Donaghey, W. H., grocer, 236 Leopold Street
Donaghy, A., grocer, 34-36 Lodge Road New
Donaghy, Edward, confectioner, 261 Ligoniel Road
Donaghy, Ellen, dealer, 139 Cromac Street
Donaghy, George A., clerk, 9 Glantrasna Drive
Donaghy, Herbert, rivetter, 3 Ormonde Avenue (Finaghy)
Donaghy, Hugh, 42 Derryvolgie Avenue
Donaghy, John, sheet metal worker, 50 Silverstream Park
Donaghy, John, grocer, 2 Roumania Street
Donaghy, J., 21 Somerton Gardens
Donaghy, J., grocer, 13-15 Seaforde Street
Donaghy, J. I., B.A., solicitor, 142 (7-8) Royal Avenue; res., 91 Holywood Road
Donaghy, J. J., draper, 309 Newtownards Road Upper
Donaghy, J. J., 32 Ormiston Crescent
Donaghy, Michael, 415 Crumlin Road
Donaghy, Miss, 27 Stranmillis Gardens
Donaghy, Mrs., 11 Fountainville Avenue
Donaghy, Mrs. E., Beaumont, Lisburn Road
Donaghy, M., manager, 106 North Road
Donaghy, M., tram driver, 52 brick Row, Shore Road
Donaghy, Robert, 36 Ponsonby Avenue
Donaghy, Thomas, 71 Madrid Street
Donaghy, Wm., iron turner, 146 Alliance Avenue
Donaghy, W., tailor, 231 Crumlin Road
Donaghy, W. J., R.U.C., 16 Glencairn Street
Donald & Co., clothing manufacturers, 20 Alfred Street
Donald, D., railway guard, 43 Eia Street
Donald, Edward, cashier, 42 Somerton Road
Donald, George, com. agent, 443 Beersbridge Road
Donald, Geo., & Sons, produce brokers, 32 Ann Street
Donald, Hugh H., teacher, 44 Downshire Road
Donald, Isaac, butcher, 12 Ladas Drive
Donald, John, 12 Bentinck Street
Donald, Rev. J. R., M.A., 45 Ballygomartin Road
Donald, Miss S., 36 St. Ives Gardens
Donald, Mrs., 16 Massey Avenue
Donald, Mrs. Isabella, 20 Moyola Street
Donald, Robert B., M.Inst.C.E., 127 Harberton Park
Donald, R. A., clerk, 62 Marlborough Park Central
Donald, R. J. F., M.A., classical teacher, 57 Camden Street
Donald, R. T., civil servant, 35 Ormiston Crescent
Donald, Thomas, boatman, Albert Quay
Donald, Thomas, fitter, 40 Silverstream Gardens
Donald, Thomas, boatman, 15 Moyola Street
Donald, William, clerk, 156 Ardenlee Avenue
Donaldson Atlantic Line, Steamship Owners and Shipping Agents, 1-5 Victoria Street. T.A.: "Belanchor, Belfast"
Donaldson, A., 17 Ridgeway Street
Donaldson, A., 120 Locksley Park
Donaldson, A., clerk, 35 Stranmillis Gardens
Donaldson & Bell, estate agents and valuers, 36 Arthur Street
Donaldson, Chas., store man, 17 Agincourt Street
Donaldson, D. R., R.U.C., 15 Harcourt Drive
Donaldson, Edward, clerk, 34 Silverstream Gardens
Donaldson, F. P., grocer, 47-49 Havana Street
Donaldson, George, engineer, 17 Clifton Drive
Donaldson, Geo., civil servant, 15 Mount Merrion Drive
Donaldson, Dr. G. A., 372 Ormeau Road
Donaldson, H., 100 Kensington Road
Donaldson, H., manager, 416 Lisburn Road
Donaldson, Jas. G., civil servant, 173 Deerpark Road
Donaldson, John, engineer, 123 Somerton Road
Donaldson, John, 66 Whitewell Crescent
Donaldson, John L., 4 Belmont Park
Donaldson, J., hairdresser, 64 Agnes Street
Donaldson, J., cutter, 43 Colenso Parade
Donaldson, J. C. H., 49 Bristow Park
Donaldson, J. E., artist, 159 Park Avenue
Donaldson, J. G., 33 Downshire Road
Donaldson, J. H., 6 Rosetta Avenue
Donaldson, J. K., 284 Cregagh Road
Donaldson, J. R., suptd., 6 Thornhill Parade
Donaldson, J. V., manager, 48 Dorchester Park
Donaldson, J. W. H., clerk of works, 21 Summer Hill Park
Donaldson & Lyttle, Ltd., house furnishers, 47-51 Victoria Street Great, and Hope Court (store)
Donaldson, Miss M. E., 9 St. Ives Gardens
Donaldson, Miss T., grocer, 38-40 Butler Street
Donaldson, Mrs., confectioner, 2a Henry Place
Donaldson, Mrs., 18 Atlantic Avenue
Donaldson, Mrs., 12c Parkgate Avenue
Donaldson, Mrs. Agnes, 2 Dickson Street
Donaldson, Mrs. J., 54 Balmoral Avenue
Donaldson, Mrs. L., 23 Ethel Street
Donaldson, Mrs. Mary P., 106 Stranmillis Road
Donaldson, Mrs. M., 26 Ardmore Park
Donaldson, Mrs. M. A., 30 Stranmillis Park
Donaldson, N., 69 Knockvale Park
Donaldson, N., engineer, 2 Kenbella Parade
Donaldson, Robert, engineer, 73 Glencairn Street
Donaldson, Robert, clerk, 49 Brookvale Street
Donaldson, R., engineer, 14 Ava Parade
Donaldson, R. H., engineer, 451 Oldpark Road
Donaldson, R. H., 762 Shore Road
Donaldson, Samuel, china and delph merchant, 97 Rugby Avenue
Donaldson, S., 3 Haypark Gardens
Donaldson, S., agent, 78 Campbell Park Avenue
Donaldson, Capt. S., 3 (1) Chlorine Gardens
Donaldson, S. G., M.Inst., B.Th., M.N.A., Medical Herbalist, 20-22 North Street Arcade
Donaldson, Thomas, dentist, 49-51 Bloomfield Road
Donaldson, Thomas, plater. 123 Bloomfield Avenue
Donaldson, V., fitter, 128 Joanmount Park
Donaldson, William, 62 Shore Road
Donaldson, William, 46 Stranmillis Street
Donaldson, William, manager, 8 Bond Street New
Donaldson, W., plater, 240 Connsbrook Avenue
Donaldson, W., 10 Graymount Drive
Donaldson, W., 24 Bristow Park
Donaldson, W., engineer, 675 Lisburn Road
Donaldson, W. J., 115 Knockbreda Road
Donaldson, W. J., gardener, 32 Rugby Avenue
Donaldson, W. J., foreman, 6 Auburn Street
Donaldson, W. S. M., 15 Orpen Drive
Donaldson, W. T., coach builder, 90 Stratheden Street
Donan, Mrs. M., 1 Duncairn Avenue
Donegall Arms Hotel, 776 Shore Road
Donegall Building Works, Contractors, 396 Donegall Road
Donegall Masonic Club, 19 Arthur Square
Donegall Pass Post Office, 148 Donegall Pass
Donegall Pass Presbyterian Church, 159-161 Donegall Pass
Donegall Road Branch Free Library, 121 Donegall Road
Donegall Road Gospel Hall, 365 Donegall Road
Donegall Road Meth. Church, 381a Donegall Road
Donegall Road Mission Hall, 150 Donegall Road
Donegall Road P.E.S., 381 Donegall Road
Donegall Social Club, 2 Outram Street
Donegall Square Meth. Church, 12-13 Donegall Square East; Hall, 55a Upper Arthur Street
Donegall Square Post Office, 10 (5) Donegall Square South
Donegall Street Congregational Church, 101a Donegall Street
Donegall Street Post Office, 122 Donegall Street
Donegan, Jane, newsagent, 373 Crumlin Road
Donellan, Miss, 23 St. James's Park
Donellan, J., R.U.C., 58 Ulsterville Gardens
Donelly, Mrs. J. D., Unaville, Andersonstown
Doney, J., cycles, 38 Ravenhill Road
Donnan, Alexander, 34 Stranmillis Gardens
Donnan, A. L., 13 Madison Avenue
Donnan, David, 63 Brandon Parade
Donnan, E. E., fruit grower, 15 Kilhorne Gardens
Donnan, James C., 24 Landseer Street
Donnan, Miss Eileen C., 24 Landseer Street
Donnan, Mrs. J., 84 Larkfield Road
Donnan, Mrs. V., 60 Windsor Avenue Lower
Donnan, Robert, boot shop, 19 Holywood Road
Donnan, Robert, 9 Windsor Drive
Donnan, William, milk vendor, 1 Alloa Street
Donnan, W., engineer, 59 Kimberley Street
Donnan, W. H., traveller, 95 Lansdowne Road
Donnell, Andrew H., 35 St. John's Park
Donnell, J., 10 Cheviot Street
Donnellan, J., 66 Delhi Street
Donnelly, Albert, 234 Roden Street
Donnelly, Ambrose, 1 Malcolmson Street
Donnelly, Annie, 23 College Square North
Donnelly, Arthur, 1 Lothair Avenue
Donnelly, A., 47 Knutsford Drive
Donnelly, A., grocer, 30 Waterford Street
Donnelly, Charles, 34 Regent Street
Donnelly, Rev. C., 28 Cyprus Avenue
Donnelly, Daniel, 130 Agnes Street
Donnelly, D., dentist, 1 Derby Street
Donnelly, Edward J., 43 Norfolk Drive
Donnelly, Elizabeth, dairy, 56 Ambleside Street
Donnelly, E., sergt. R.U.C., 40 Parkgate Avenue
Donnelly, E. J., wholesale confectioner, 111 Castle Street
Donnelly, Felix, butcher, 176 Grosvenor Road
Donnelly, Frank, mattress maker, 1 Greenville Road
Donnelly, Frank, 44 Lomond Avenue
Donnelly, Hugh, 23 Glen Road
Donnelly, Hugh, teacher, 1a St. James's Parade
Donnelly, Hugh, 86 Mountpottinger Road
Donnelly, H., & Sons, produce merchants, 23-24 May's Market and 49-51 May Street (stores)
Donnelly, James, 84 Joy Street
Donnelly, James, 4 Cliftondene Crescent
Donnelly, James, hairdresser, 7 St. George's Buildings, Oxford Street
Donnelly, James, draper, 88 Woodvale Road
Donnelly, James, 4 Mooreland Park
Donnelly, John, publican, 141-143 Donegall Pass
Donnelly, John, dentist, 145 Templemore Avenue
Donnelly, John, Wayside, Andersonstown
Donnelly, Joseph, butcher, 24 Osman Street
Donnelly, Joseph, dining room, 52 Pilot Street
Donnelly, Joseph, 3 Canning Street Upper
Donnelly, Joseph, spirit merchant, 6 Regent Street
Donnelly, Joseph, publican, 54 Pilot Street
Donnelly, Joseph Antonius, Stockman's Lane
Donnelly, Joseph, & Co., solicitors, 2 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Donnelly, J., 115 Newtownards Road Upper
Donnelly, J., draper, 69 Shankill Road
Donnelly, J., missionary, 56 Brookvale Avenue
Donnelly, J., butcher, 46 Lagan Street
Donnelly, J., Clogheen, Finaghy Road South
Donnelly, J., hairdresser, 139 Divis Street
Donnelly, J., bread server, 16 Beechmount Street
Donnelly, J., publican, 23 Cambridge Street
Donnelly, Mary, 40 Ormeau Street
Donnelly, Miss, 17 St. James's Parade
Donnelly, Miss, Sunnyridge, Falls Road
Donnelly, Miss M. A., 40 Barrack Street
Donnelly, Miss Norah, hairdresser, 22 Allworthy Avenue
Donnelly, Miss R., 14 Lothair Avenue
Donnelly, Miss Susan, 26 Lisbon Street
Donnelly, Mrs., 18 Allworthy Avenue
Donnelly, Mrs., publican, 51 Bentinck Street
Donnelly, Mrs. E., grocer, 25 Cullingtree Road
Donnelly, Mrs. E., 1 Regent Street
Donnelly, Mrs. Helen, 13 Rosetta Avenue
Donnelly, Mrs. J., 59 Cliftonville Road
Donnelly, Mrs. Mary, 19 Stranmillis Park
Donnelly, Mrs. Mary, 12 Carlisle Street
Donnelly, Mrs. Mary, 571 Donegall Road
Donnelly, Mrs. M. J., 49 Formby Park
Donnelly, Mrs. Rose, butcher, 1 Thomas Street
Donnelly, Mrs. Sarah, 28 Cyprus Park
Donnelly, Mrs. Sarah, 70 Tyndale Park
Donnelly, Mrs. S., Whitehill, Ballymagarry
Donnelly, M., ladies' hairdresser, 15 Templemore Avenue
Donnelly, Patrick, grocer, 40 Milford Street
Donnelly, Patk., confectioner, Bun-na-vall, Andersonstown
Donnelly, Philip, grocer, 2 Cinnamond Street
Donnelly, P., art dealer, 59 Chichester Street
Donnelly, P., furniture saleroom, 14 Arthur Lane
Donnelly, P., grocer, 44 Milford Street
Donnelly, R., foreman, Avoca, Lockview Road
Donnelly, R., 4 Denorrton Park
Donnelly, Samuel, grocer, 66-68 Glenwood Street
Donnelly, Samuel, Whitehill, Ballymagarry
Donnelly, Samuel James, 14 Glastonbury Avenue
Donnelly, Thomas, 39 Newington Avenue
Donnelly, Thomas, cattle dealer, 2 Ardenlee Street
Donnelly, Thomas, spirit merchant, 1-3 Bridge End
Donnelly, T., spirit merchant, 2-6 Spencer Street
Donnelly, T., publican, 25-27 Station Street and 1-3 Scrabo Street
Donnelly, T., St. Anne's, Malone Road Upper
Donnelly, T. J., spirit merchant, 2 Middlepath Street
Donnelly, W., inspector, 390 Falls Road
Donnelly, W. S., teacher, 14 St. James's Park
Donnen, J., supper saloon, 193 Hillman Street
Donning, A. C., clerk, 18 Prestwick Park
Donning, H., coach builder, 322 Cregagh Road
Donning, Mrs. Mary, 25 Roden Street
Donning, W. J., engineer, 3 Baroda Parade
Donnolly, H., Fortgrib Farm, Gilnahirk Road
Donnolly, Mrs. E., grocer, 71 Verner Street
Donoghue, John, 437 Crumlin Road
Donoher, Mrs., 71 Deramore Avenue
Donohue, Daniel, 33 Indiana Avenue
Donohue, Mrs. Lucy, 571 Crumlin Road
Donohue, R., 27 Crumlin Road
Donovan, Geo., dental supplies, 60 Queen Street Upper
Donovan, James, store man, 103 Queen Street North
Donovan, J., waiter, 19 Lincoln Avenue
Donovan, Michael John, manager, 24 Deerpark Drive
Donovan, Misses, 310 Cregagh Road
Donovan, Thos., 8 Mountpottinger Road
Doogan, F. J., grocer, 26 Halliday's Road
Doolan, G., horticulturist, 5 Richmond Park
Doolan, Kieran, hairdresser, 40 Springfield Road
Doonan, George, Westbrook, Finaghy Park
Doran, Isaac, salesman, 83 Ulsterville Avenue
Doran, Isaac, 14 Belvedere Park
Doran, J. C., book seller, Shandon, Ormonde Park
Doran, The Misses, 6 Wolseley Street
Doran, M., 413 Crumlin Road
Doran, Patrick, 9 Deerpark Road
Doran, T. W., house furnisher, 24 Ireton Street
Doran, William J., manager, 6 Knock Hill Park
Doran, W. J., Corporation official, 141 Knock Road
Dorchester Private Hotel, 88 Botanic Avenue
Dorgan, Edwd., P.O. engineer, 27 Silverstream Gardens
Dorman & Co., Printers, 1a Hope Street
Dorman, D., 102 Somerton Road
Dorman, D., & Co., shipbrokers and commission agents, 58 Waring Street
Dorman, E., timber broker, 5 Lansdowne Road
Dorman, G., mechanic, 8 Sunnyside Drive
Dorman, Hugh, shoe maker, 122 Grosvenor Road
Dorman, H. J., lecturer, 5 Kelvin Parade
Dorman, Long & Co., Ltd., 16 Donegall Square South
Dorman, Miss E. J., 16 Stranmillis Gardens
Dorman, Mrs., 290-292 Stranmillis Road
Dorman, Mrs. A. M., 150 Woodstock Road
Dorman, P. H.,  turner, 21 Reid Street
Dorman, Robt., dairyman, 1 Lisburn Avenue
Dorman, W. J., turner, 25 Reid Street
Dormand, Chas. F., draughtsman, 25 Oakland Avenue
Dornan, Alfred, traveller, 15 Slievemoyne Park
Dornan Bros., agents, 17 (46) Castle Arcade
Dornan, George, 24 St. Ive's Gardens
Dornan, G. E., postman, 30 Riga Street Upper
Dornan, H., supper saloon, 35 Howard Street South
Dornan, James, 67 Gainsborough Drive
Dornan, James, 1 Yarrow Street
Dornan, James, foreman, 97 Wallasey Park
Dornan, John, 250 Queen Street North
Dornan, John, plumber, 26 Castlereagh Place
Dornan, John, machine man, 10 Florida Drive
Dornan, John, 77 Ulsterville Gardens
Dornan, Jos., plasterer, 16 Agincourt Avenue
Dornan, Jos., accountant, 44 College Park Avenue
Dornan, J., furnisher, 47 Bombay Street
Dornan, J., baker, 2 Posnett Street
Dornan, J., insurance agent, 151 Ulsterville Avenue
Dornan, J., & Co., grocer, 211 Crumlin Road
Dornan, Miss Agnes, 60 May Street
Dornan, Mrs. Kate, 263 Ravenhill Avenue
Dornan, Mrs. Robert, 67 Earlswood Road
Dornan, R. J., 12 Cleaver Park
Dornan, Samuel, iron turner, 10 Wallasey Park
Dornan, Samuel, 20 Clanroy Parade
Dornan, Samuel, 188 Newtownards Road Upper
Dornan, S., Doneil, Lisburn Road
Dornan, Thomas, 21 Rathdrum Street
Dornan, Wm., engineer, 92 Dunraven Avenue
Dorrian, James, publican, 97 Lodge Road Old
Dorrian, James, publican, 2 Cavour Street
Dorrian, Wm. J., 21 Rugby Avenue
Dorris, E., confectioner, 206 York Street
Dorris, Mrs., 3 Dargle Street
Dorrity, Harold, 29 Elaine Street
Dorrity, John, 14 Locksley Gardens
Dorrity, Mrs., Moss Villas, Diamond Gardens
Dorrity, Mrs. Susannah, 759 Lisburn Road
Dorward, D. R., die sinker and engraver, 21 Ulsterville Gardens
Dorward, E. S., 34 St. Jude's Parade
Dorward, James, 23 Stranmillis Gardens
Dossor, John, 40 College Park Avenue
Dotchin, John, soldier, 27 Twickenham Street
Douds, Fredk., Corporation official, 6 Ormonde Avenue
Douds, Robt. Jas., inspector, 8 Mount Prospect Park
Douds, Samuel, L.D.S., dentist, 231 Falls Road
Douds, Wm., inspector, 29 Maryville Park
Douey, James R., engineer, 81 Mount Merrion Park
Dougal, A., 5 Galwally Park
Dougal, A., & Son, Ltd., Shipping and General Forwarding Agents, Carting Contractors and Warehousemen; Agents for Burns, Laird Lines, Ltd., and Belfast & Co. Down Railway, 11 Queen's Square and 34 May Street; Stores, 38-48 Gloucester Street
Dougal, A., & Son, Ltd., Carriers, 21a Corporation Square
Dougal, Bristow, moulder, 100 Edinburgh Street
Dougal, Hugh, director, 1 Rosetta Park
Dougal, James, civil servant, 136 Holywood Road
Dougal, John F., 25 Balmoral Avenue
Dougal, T., 81 Hopeton Street
Dougall, Robert C., compositor, 79 Torrens Crescent
Dougall, R. J., 2 Taunton Avenue
Dougan, Alex., electric welder, 49 Palmerston Road
Dougan, Dr. A., 203 Crumlin Road
Dougan, Cecil, assurance agent, 25 Weston Drive
Dougan, Edward, moulder, 170 Roden Street
Dougan, Edward, representatives, 481 Springfield Road
Dougan, Edward, 72 Wallasey Park
Dougan, Ernest D., 72 Loopland Gardens
Dougan, Dr. E. J. A., 24 Waterloo Gardens and 203 Crumlin Road
Dougan, H., R.U.C., 48 Dunluce Avenue
Dougan, John, packer, 8 Dunluce Avenue
Dougan, John, cashier, 37 Ethel Street
Dougan, John, rivetter, 121 Larkfield Road
Dougan, J., 6 Sefton Drive
Dougan, Mrs., 357 Crumlin Road
Dougan, Mrs., 2 Summerhill Parade
Dougan, Mrs. M., 32 Ava Drive
Dougan, M., garage, 4 Kearney's Court
Dougan, Patrick, 249 Springfield Road
Dougan, Richard, postman, 60 Woodvale Road
Dougan, Thos. Henry, 10 Loopland Park
Dougan, Wm., tenter, 88 Roden Street
Dougan, W. J., 99 Enfield Street
Dougherty, H. J., coal vendor, 4-6 Maxwell Street
Dougherty, James, hairdresser, 27 Winetavern Street
Dougherty, James, tenter, 33 Glenbank Drive
Dougherty, J., civil servant, 29 Ravenhill Park
Dougherty, J. Gerald, (1) College Green
Dougherty, Margaret, 6 Donegall Road
Dougherty, The Misses, 124 Fitzroy Avenue
Dougherty, Mrs., newsagent, 56-58 Queen Street North
Dougherty, Mrs. Alice, 42 Agincourt Avenue
Dougherty, Mrs. Susan, 6 Posnett Street
Dougherty, Robert, carpenter, 3 Pacific Avenue
Dougherty, Wm., confectioner, 1 Donegall Avenue
Douglas, Alex., 60 Fortwilliam Crescent
Douglas, A., 25 Timbey Park
Douglas, A., draper, 14 York Road
Douglas, A., 29 Agincourt Avenue
Douglas, A. D., quantity surveyor, 164 King's Road
Douglas, A. E., conductor, 8 Ardgreenan Gardens
Douglas, C. F., engineer, 28 Nendrum Gardens
Douglas, David H., 43 Glencairn Street
Douglas, E. A. St. J., 30 Mount Eden Park
Douglas, Fredk., designer, 24 Whitehall Parade
Douglas, F. W., 50 Twickenham Street
Douglas, George, 54 Tennent Street
Douglas, George, 28 Fitzwilliam Street
Douglas, George F., 27 Downshire Road
Douglas & Grahame, warehousemen, 27 Wellington Place
Douglas & Greene, Ltd., Manufacturers of Linen and Cambric Handkerchiefs and Embroidery, 20-24 Donegall Street and 42a-50 North Street
Douglas, G., painter, 10 Derlett Street
Douglas, G. C., coppersmith, 34 Tyndale Park
Douglas, G. J., mechanic, 648a Crumlin Road
Douglas, Henry, electrician, 7 Ashfield Drive
Douglas, Hugh, 144 Sandown Road
Douglas, H., clerk, 47 Knock Road
Douglas, H., hardware merchant, 16 York Road
Douglas, H., fitter, 43 Glenbank Drive
Douglas, James, 15 Orby Drive
Douglas, James, 280 Albert Bridge Road
Douglas, Jas., traveller, 3 Sydenham Gardens
Douglas, John, plater, 461 Ormeau Road
Douglas, John, salesman, 43 Elgin Street
Douglas, John, clerk, 391 Castlereagh Road
Douglas, John, house painter, 24 Malone Avenue
Douglas, John, Brooklands, Barnett's Road
Douglas, John, agent, 4 Franklin Street
Douglas, Joseph, 6 Brookland Street
Douglas, J., laundry manager, 9 Marlborough Park North
Douglas, J. B., 22 Cyprus Avenue
Douglas, J. C., brass moulder, 24 Millar Street
Douglas, J. F., 182 Newtownards Road Upper
Douglas, J. M., accountant, 3 Westland Gardens
Douglas, J. S., butcher, 44 Dromore Street
Douglas, L. M., driver, 98 Barnett's Road
Douglas, Miss K., 35 Ava Street
Douglas, Mrs., 190 Ravenhill Road
Douglas, Mrs., 10 Marina Park
Douglas, Mrs., 7 Twaddell Avenue
Douglas, Mrs. A., 33 Bedeque Street
Douglas, Mrs. F. M., 17 Pakenham Street
Douglas, Mrs. J. A., 12 Ashley Gardens
Douglas, Mrs. Mary, 9 Linden Gardens
Douglas, Mrs. M., draper, 83 Beersbridge Road
Douglas, Mrs. S. A., 28 Sagimor Gardens
Douglas, M., fitter, 61 Enfield Street
Douglas, Norman H., 10 Wellington Park
Douglas, N. B. V., manager, 15 Cabin Hill Park
Douglas, Robert, fitter, 90 Castlereagh Road
Douglas, Robert, 11 Lancedean Road
Douglas, R. A., F.N.A.A., house and land agent, valuer, 82 Royal Avenue; res., 410 Ormeau Road
Douglas, R. M., engineer, 44 Victoria Road
Douglas, R. N., 2 Mount Merrion Park
Douglas, Samuel, 23 Dover Street
Douglas, Samuel, machinist, 8 Gawn Street
Douglas & Sons, 1 Ormeau Street
Douglas, S., bread server, 222 Ravenhill Avenue
Douglas, S., 69 Cavehill Road
Douglas, S., cattle dealer, Redbourne, Malone Road Upper
Douglas, S., butcher, 397 Ormeau Road
Douglas, S. M., shop assistant, 19 Agincourt Avenue
Douglas, Thomas, butcher, 292 Shankill Road
Douglas, Thomas, 97 Euston Street
Douglas, Thomas, butcher, 161 York Street
Douglas, Thos., 11 Kilhorne Gardens
Douglas, T. E., manager, 114 Haypark Avenue
Douglas, William, 11 Timbey Park
Douglas, William, bus driver, 720 Antrim Road
Douglas, Wm., iron turner, 170 Cregagh Road
Douglas, W., secretary, 8 Coolmoyne Park
Douglas, W. A. B., F.R.G.S., 15 Kincora Avenue
Douglas, W. J., joiner, 2 Lisburn Avenue
Douglas, W. J., inspector, 7 Donnybrook Street
Douie, Miss Elizabeth, 18 Fitzroy Avenue
Douie, Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Ailesbury Road
Douie, Samuel J., agent, 122 Dunluce Avenue
Douie, Samuel J., manufacturers' agent, 62 Wellington Park
Dove, George T., draper, 10a Donegall Street
Dove, W. J., soldier, 63 Sandhurst Gardens
Dover Printing Works and Paper Merchants, 136a Dover Street
Dover Street Gospel Hall, 7 Dover Street
Dow, R., butcher, 49 Ormeau Road
Dowdall, E. J., & Shaw, incorporated accountants, 7 Bedford Street
Dowdall, H., clerk, 80 Rosapenna Street
Dowdall, James, insurance agent, 131 Manor Street
Dowdall, Thomas, 355 Springfield Road
Dowds, Fredk., Normanvale, Finaghy Road South
Dowds, J., shop assistant, 42 Hatfield Street
Dowds, Mrs. Ada, 95 Ulsterville Gardens
Dowds, Mrs. Elizabeth, 67 Melrose Street
Dowds, Mrs. M., 17 Fleet Street
Dowds, Randolph, 10 Laven's Drive
Dowds, Samuel, 19 Madrid Street
Dowdy, Mrs. Charlotte, 44 Fairview Street
Dowek, E. J., wholesale drapers, 5 May Street
Dowey, George, 26 Sandhurst Gardens
Dowey, I. & M., hairdressers, 154 Ormeau Road
Dowey, James, 19 Mount Merrion Avenue
Dowey, James, clerk, 116 Whitewell Road
Dowey, John, confectioner, 91 Collyer Street
Dowey, J., 570 Shore Road
Dowey, Miss M., 73 Cheviot Avenue
Dowey, Mrs. S., 2 Brookvale Street
Dowie, J., 81 Mount Merrion Park
Dowie, Mrs., 38 Rushfield Avenue
Dowie, Robert, 433a Lisburn Road
Dowie, R., civil servant, 2 Elm Street
Dowie, W. B., 3 Norwood Park
Dowie, W. E., manager, 1 Ardmore Park South
Dowling, Abram, 79 Sunnyside Street
Dowling & Co., tailors, 68 Royal Avenue
Dowling, Rev., D., M.A., 87 Balmoral Avenue
Dowling, D., grocer, 2 Felt Street
Dowling, George, tailor, 24 Rugby Avenue
Dowling, H. J., 27 Knockvale Park
Dowling, James, Ltd., Cement, Slate and Tile, and Building Merchants, 119-121 Corporation Street
Dowling, James, baths suptd., 17 Falls Road
Dowling, John, 75 Osborne Park
Dowling, John, timber merchant, 31 Malone Road Upper
Dowling, John, builder, 29 Park Road
Dowling, John & Sons, Ltd., Plumbers and Gasfitters, 5 Queen Street Upper. T.A.: "Lithdow, Belfast"
Dowling, Joseph, fitter, 127 Agincourt Avenue
Dowling, J., builders' merchant, 22 Broomhill Park
Dowling, J., agent, 8 College Square East
Dowling, J. L., builder, 31 Castle Gardens
Dowling, J. H., House, Land, Property Broker and Auctioneer, 82 Royal Avenue; res., 27 Malone Road Upper
Dowling, Miss Maria, 50 Cliftonpark Avenue
Dowling, Mrs., 48 Candahar Street
Dowling, Mrs., 81 Agincourt Avenue
Dowling, Mrs. B., 27 Balfour Avenue
Dowling, Mrs. E., Westdale, 13 North Parade
Dowling, Mrs. Martha, 25 Park Road
Dowling, Robert, 103 Sandown Road
Dowling, Thomas, 62 Ethel Street
Dowling, William, Ltd., builders and contractors, 110 Cromwell Road
Dowling, William, 21 Cameron Street
Dowling, William, plumber, 24 Ava Gardens
Dowling, William J., pawn broker, 37 Shore Road
Dowling, W., 175 Belmont Road
Dowling, W., 53 Osborne Park
Down and Connor Catholic Benefit Society, 3 Crumlin Road
Down County Regional Education Committee, 1 Wellington Place
Downer, George, 197 Cavehill Road
Downes, A. C., 8 Balfour Avenue
Downes, James, 17 Ravenscroft Avenue
Downes, Miss E., 11 Cliftonville Avenue
Downes, Samuel, 136 Donnybrook Street
Downey Bros., 5 Brown Square
Downey & Co., boot and shoe factors, 159 Victoria Street and 1-3 Gloucester Street
Downey, E., traveller, 26 Lucerne Parade
Downey, F. W., cashier, 14 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Downey, George, 11 Luxor Gardens
Downey House, preparatory school, 9 Pirrie Park Gardens and 372c Ravenhill Road
Downey, H., 64 Kirkliston Park
Downey, Isaac, shop assistant, 13a Dover Street
Downey, James, 6 Dunville Street
Downey, John, smith, 38 Graymount Street
Downey, Joseph, 14 Ardmoulin Street
Downey, Jos., house repairer, 4 Chesham Grove
Downey, J., grocer, 45 Woodvale Street
Downey, J. H., driver, 401 Donegall Road
Downey, J. M., linen merchant, 45 Ravenhill Park
Downey, Miss, 26 Hawthornden Drive
Downey, Miss, 22 Rosetta Avenue
Downey, Miss Charlotte, 26 Oceanic Avenue
Downey, Mrs., 40 Taunton Avenue
Downey, Mrs., 125 Tate's Avenue
Downey, Mrs. E., 17 Clonard Gardens
Downey, Mrs. L., 355 Cregagh Road
Downey, R. J., R.U.C., 26 Florenceville Avenue
Downey, V. G. W., water office official, 11 Ailesbury Road
Downey, William, 14 Willowholme Crescent
Downey, William, 13 Chambers Street
Downham, A. F., 33 Howard Street; res., 1 Lennoxvale
Downie, C. J., traveller, 62 Kirkliston Park
Downie, Mrs., 8 Ebrington Gardens
Downing, Alexander, moulder, 57 Glenbrook Avenue
Downing, Edward, newsagent, 369 Ormeau Road
Downing, George, 30 Hawthornden Road
Downing, Isabel, 56 Galwally Park
Downing, J., L.D.S., 228 Ormeau Road
Downing, Miss, 216 Malone Road
Downing, Mrs., 4 Victoria Avenue
Downing, Mrs. E., 6 South Parade
Downing, Robert, traveller, 18 Downshire Road
Downing, R. M., 85 Deramore Avenue
Downing, Stanley, 70 Mount Merrion Avenue
Downing, Captain W., 18 Luxor Gardens
Downs, Mrs. Kathleen, 4 Adelaide Avenue
Downs, Sydney, clerk, 105 Nevis Avenue
Downs, Thomas, salesman, 6 Delhi Parade
Downshire Drug & Chemical Co., 58 (6b) Howard Street
Dowse, Miss E. H., M.B., 9 Strangford Avenue
Doyle, George, 4 Nendrum Gardens
Doyle, George, gardener, 126 Larkfield Road
Doyle, G., bakery, 427 Newtownards Road Upper
Doyle, Henry A., 281 Hillman Street
Doyle, James, cutter, Wheatfield, Finaghy Park South
Doyle, James, baker, 38 Falls Road
Doyle, John, builder, 68 Eliza Street
Doyle, John, civil servant, 2 La Salle Park
Doyle, John F., fitter, 101 Ravenhill Gardens
Doyle, Joseph B., printer, 17 Ashgrove Park
Doyle, J., painter, 6 Burmah Street
Doyle, J. J., builder, 8a Raphael Street
Doyle, Michael, R.U.C., 32 Adelaide Avenue
Doyle, Miss A., millinery, 95 Dublin Road
Doyle, Miss Mary, 312 Ravenhill Road
Doyle, Mrs., 41 Galwally Park
Doyle, Mrs., 420 Falls Road
Doyle, Mrs. E., 16 Ardmoulin Street
Doyle, Patrick, 188 Nelson Street
Doyle, R., 8 Holland Crescent
Doyle, Sheila, hairdresser, 16 North Street Arcade
Doyle, S., 80 Eliza Street
Doyle, William, hairdresser, 131 Durham Street
Doyne, John, caretaker, 13 Lombard Street
Drain, Mrs., confectioner, 344 Lisburn Road
Drain, Mrs. M., 49 Cranmore Gardens
Drake, John, 51 Carlisle Street
Drake, W., draughtsman, 2 Sydenham Gardens
Drapers Record (The), 16 (61) Donegall Square South
Drapes, Sylvia, 4 Salisbury Avenue
Drazen, S., tailor, 110a Donegall Street
Drean, Charles W. S., linen yarn merchant, Greylawn, Kensington Road
Drean, Mrs., 7 Rosetta Avenue
Drean, R. Stanley, chartered accountant, 2 (19-21) Donegall Square East; res., 128 Sandown Road
Drean, William C., 90 King's Road
Drennan, Alexander, secretary, 98 Deerpark Road
Drennan, David, tailor, 54 Royal Avenue
Drennan, D., 5 Thornhill Drive
Drennan, J., 66 Oldpark Avenue
Drennan, J. D., gardener, 4 Auburn Street
Drennan, Matilda, grocer, 327 Shankill Road
Drennan, Mrs. 78 Malone Avenue
Drennan, Mrs., 12 Graymount Terrace
Drennan, Mrs., 48a Balmoral Avenue
Drennan, Mrs. F., 8 Charnwood Avenue
Drennan, P., supper saloon, 52 Danube Street
Drennan, R. J., fitter, 99 Haypark Avenue
Drennan, William, clerk, 24 Cheltenham Park
Drennan, Wm., 56 Rushfield Avenue
Drennan, W., clerk, 12 Ailesbury Gardens
Drennan, W. F., 32 Ashgrove Park
Drew Church Hall, Excise Street
Drew, E. C., R.U.C., 33 Parkgate Avenue
Drew, Gordon, director, 3 Hawthornden Road
Drew Memorial Church, 305a Grosvenor Road
Drew Memorial Church P.E.S., Gibson Street
Drew, T. W., engineer, 53 Priory Park
Drinkwater Madame Gertrude, A.R.A.M., 20 Wellington Place
Drinnan, J. W., engineer, 28 Eastleigh Drive
Driscoll, W. J., 8 Ormiston Drive
Druker, A. & M., furriers, 46-48 Donegall Street
Drumglass Park, Lisburn Road
Drummond, F., milkman, 76 Onslow Parade
Drummond, John, driver, 127 Deerpark Road
Drummond, Miss Mary, 13 Reid Street
Drummond, Robt., electrician, 88 Edinburgh Street
Drummond, Samuel, farrier, 12 Florida Street
Drummond, Samuel, dairyman, 15 Beechpark Street
Drummond, Thos., & Sons, garage, 211 Cregagh Road
Drummond, T., milk carrier, 155 Cregagh Road
Drummond, T. H., artist and textile designer, 11a Chichester Street
Drummond, William, sawyer, 10 Henderson Avenue
Drummond, W. A., draper, Glenside Park
Drummond, Rev. W. B., 3 Glandore Drive
Drury, George W., clerk, 403 Cregagh Road
Drury, Mrs., 42 Ormonde Park
Drury, Robert, 46 Melrose Street
Drury, Thos., cooked meat store, 49-51 Sandy Row
Drury, T. R., cooked meats, 48 Manna Grove
Drury, William, & Sons, grocers, 47 Dublin Road
Drury, W. A., builder, Manna Grove
Dryburgh, W., 141 Joanmount Park
Dryburgh, W. S., 43 Kirkliston Park
Drysdale, D., newsagent, 202 Newtownards Road
Drysdale, Elizabeth, 27 Marsden Gardens
Drysdale, Henry, 29 Cabin Hill Park
Drysdale, H., & Co., drapers, 126 Newtownards Road
Drysdale, Mrs. L., draper, 5 Ormiston Drive
Drysdale, Robert, 3 Wellington Park Avenue
Drysdale, W. M., 36 Cabin Hill Park
D.S. Electrical Co., electrical engineers and contractors, 1 Union Street
Dublin Road Reformed Presbyterian Church, 72 Dublin Road
Dubois, John, traveller, 15 Whitewell Crescent
Dubois, Miss Mina, 127 Ormeau Road
Duck, Thomas Wm., manager, 10 Donegall Park
Duckworth, S. G., teacher, "Lisleen," Finaghy Road North
Duddy, Mrs. E., 15 Ashgrove Park
Duddy, Samuel, R.U.C., 204 Lodge Road Old
Duddy, William, newsagent, 62 Deacon Street
Dudgeon, Allen, carrier, 34 Westland Street
Dudgeon, Mrs. M., 5 Merryfield Drive
Dudgeon, Mrs. V., 3 Cranmore Park
Dudgeon, Ralph, gardener, 56 Ethel Street
Dudgeon, Robert, engine driver, 12 Weston Drive
Dudley-Janns, Misses (The), 2 Orpen Park
Dudley, Misses E. & S., 50 Knocklofty Park
Dudley, Mrs., 22 Regent Street
Duff, Alexander, butcher, 28 Botanic Avenue
Duff, Alexander, 17 Harberton Drive
Duff, A., 38 Fitzroy Avenue
Duff Bros., bakers, 32-42 Beresford Street
Duff, Cecil, 54 (1) Cliftonpark Avenue
Duff, George, 41 Ballysillan Road
Duff, G., 3 Sunningdale Gardens
Duff, G., 27 Ashfield Gardens
Duff, Herbert Wallace, 31 Nendrum Gardens
Duff, Hugh, 9 Silverstream Gardens
Duff, H., com. agent, 3 McAuley Street
Duff, James, joiner, 70 Dee Street
Duff, Alderman James A., 180 Belmont Road
Duff, James R., fitter, 148 Alliance Avenue
Duff, John, mechanic, 32 Silverstream Gardens
Duff, John, confectioner, 15 My Lady's Road
Duff, John, grocer, 164 Beersbridge Road
Duff, John, painter, 124 Holywood Road
Duff, John, engineer, 83 Beechfield Street
Duff, J. J., clerk, 27 Melrose Street
Duff, J. K., 43 Knock Eden Park
Duff, Kennedy, rivetter, 67 Park Avenue
Duff, Miss Margaret B., 1 St. Jude's Avenue
Duff, The Misses Geraldine and Hilda, 38 Cyprus Gardens
Duff, Mrs., 102 Templemore Avenue
Duff, Mrs., 98 Deramore Avenue
Duff, Mrs. Minnie, 1 St. John's Avenue
Duff, Richard, 24 Woodvale Road
Duff, R., supper saloon, 96 Argyle Street
Duff, Samuel, rivetter, 70 Park Avenue
Duff, Samuel, car attendant, 214 Connsbrook Avenue
Duff, S., provision merchant, 166 Ormeau Road
Duff, S., plumber, 21 Halliday's Road
Duff, S. M., butcher, 423 Lisburn Road
Duff, S. P., butcher, 377 Beersbridge Road
Duff, William, joiner, 67 Tyndale Park
Duff, Wm. H., joiner, 160 Roden Street
Duff's Mission Hall, 1a Blakely Street
Duffell, F., teacher of music, 12 Cyprus Avenue
Duffield, David M., 5 Wellington Park Avenue
Duffield, H., body builder, 33 Delaware Street
Duffield, H. J., B.A., M.B., osteopathic physician, 4 Fitzwilliam Street
Duffield, James, checker, 31 Houston Park
Duffield, Miss M., 14 Windsor Park
Duffield, Mrs., 156 Ballygomartin Road
Duffield, Mrs. Edith, 25 Cooke Street
Duffield, S., manager, 139 Cregagh Road
Duffin, C., secretary, 11 Eblana Street
Duffin, C. V., electrician, 22 Castlereagh Road
Duffin, D., 53 Sunnyside Street
Duffin, E., body maker, 20 Orangefield Crescent
Duffin, Frank, 125 Rushfield Avenue
Duffin, Gerald, builder, 8 Inverary Avenue
Duffin, G., engineer, 262 Cregagh Road
Duffin, J., teacher, 3 St. James's Park
Duffin, Ltd., outfitters, 35 Ann Street
Duffin, Miss, 19 Imperial Drive
Duffin, Mrs., 17 Wellington Place
Duffin, Mrs., 1 Cyprus Gardens
Duffin, Mrs. M., Summerhill, Mount Pleasant
Duffin, Mrs. N. K., 3 Deramore Park
Duffin, Mrs. Sarah M., 1 Elimgrove Street
Duffin, M., clerk, 12 La Salle Gardens
Duffin, Samuel, Ltd., builders, Manderson Street
Duffus, James, 56 Farnham Street
Duffus, Mrs. Sarah, 163 Albert Bridge Road
Duffy, A., butcher, 85 Carlingford Street
Duffy, A., confectioner, 425 Crumlin Road
Duffy, Catherine, 33 Academy Street
Duffy, Catherine, 34 Fallswater Drive
Duffy, C. F., manager, 749 Lisburn Road
Duffy, Francis, insurance agent, 175 Springfield Road
Duffy, Frank, insurance agent, 171 Springfield Road
Duffy, George, salesman, 24 Campbell Park Avenue
Duffy, Henry, publican, 42 Smithfield
Duffy, Henry T., draughtsman, 82 Priory Park
Duffy, James, fitter, 149 Cullingtree Road
Duffy, James Stewart, 1 Amelia Street
Duffy, John, fireman, 32 Fortwilliam Crescent
Duffy, John, fishmonger, 43 Bradbury Place
Duffy, John, engineer, 25 Crocus Street
Duffy, Joseph, manager, 248 Grosvenor Road
Duffy, J., 17 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Duffy, J. D., butcher, 87 Carlingford Street
Duffy, Martin C., teacher, 10 St. James's Park
Duffy, Michael, publican, 81 Divis Street
Duffy, Miss Sheila, ladies' hairdresser, 312 Newtownards Road Upper
Duffy, Mrs., 149 Cullingtree Road
Duffy, Mrs., 78 Grosvenor Road
Duffy, Mrs. Jane, Elmo, Lisburn Road
Duffy, Mrs. Mary, 31 Kimberley Street
Duffy, Mrs. Mary, 12a Lodge Road New
Duffy, Patrick, 30 Harleston Street
Duffy, Peter, D.-I.  R.U.C., 47 Norfolk Drive
Duffy, Robt., managing director, 7 Kincora Avenue
Duffy, R. E., painter, 28 Cliftonville Street
Duffy, R. J., sergt. R.U.C., 4 Burmah Street
Duffy, Thomas, 23 Bentinck Street
Dugald, S., teacher, 63 Rugby Road
Dugald, S., principal, 3 Finaghy Park
Dugan, Arthur, 89 Joanmount Gardens
Dugan, John, plumber, Ranalagh, Lisburn Road
Dugan, Mrs. Annie, grocer, 27 Henrietta Street
Dugan, Robert, traveller, 61 Castle Hill Road
Duggan, Fredk., joiner, 2 Avoca Street
Duggan, Robert, 22 Skegoneill Drive
Duggan, The Misses, 5 Cliftonville Avenue
Duggan, J., & Sons, wholesale tobacconists and confectioners, 62 Middlepath Street
Duggan, Philip, tobacconist, 411-413 Springfield Road
Duggan, Thomas, accountant, 69 Glen Road
Duggins, E., 22 Glendower Street
Duguid, R. G. A., architect, 8 Ophir Gardens
Duignan, D., 17 Crocus Street
Duignan, Eugene, spirit merchant, 28 Mooreland Park
Duignan, E., publican, 122 Royal Avenue
Duignan, H. A., estate agent, 41 (4) Donegall Place
Duignan, Joseph, 18 Crocus Street
Duke, Rev. J. A., B.A., 112 Fitzroy Avenue
Duke, Lewis, boiler maker, 28 Fortwilliam Crescent
Duke, Mrs., 47 Rosapenna Street
Duke, Mrs., dress maker, 24 Claremont Street
Duke, Mrs., 30 Summer Hill Park
Duke of York Bar, 11-13 Commercial Court - Mrs. O'Neill, proprietress
Duley, Samuel, electrician, 3 Sydenham Park
Dullan, John, 150 Agnes Street
Dumigan, George, compositor, 49 Aigburth Park
Dumigan, Mrs. Mary, 41 Newtownards Road Upper
Dumigan, T. N., collector, 23 Cliftonville Parade
Dumigan, Walter, baker, 46 Twickenham Street
Dummigan, George, 82 Dunluce Avenue
Dummigan, Mrs. Jane, 100 Dunluce Avenue
Dummigan, T., fruiterer, 377 Dunluce Avenue
Dummigan, Wm. J., sheet metal worker, 82 Sicily Park
Dummigan, W. J., sheet metal works, 52 Bankmore Street
Dunbar, C. F., cashier, 135 Ulsterville Avenue
Dunbar, Hugh, insurance official, 9 Irwin Crescent
Dunbar, H. J., civil servant, 129 My Lady's Road
Dunbar, James, 13 Rosevale Street
Dunbar, James, 324a Beersbridge Road
Dunbar, John S., fitter, 47 Ravenhill Gardens
Dunbar, J., bus driver, 2 Rathmore Street
Dunbar, Miss Mary, 12 Silvio Street
Dunbar, Miss S., 282 Donegall Road
Dunbar, Mrs. Elizabeth, 5 Campbell Row
Dunbar, Mrs. S. J., 156 Ballysillan Road
Dunbar, McMaster & Co. Ltd., flax spinners, linen thread manufacturers, 16 Bedford Street
Dunbar, Robert, painter, 13 Kilronan Street
Dunbar, Robert, manager, 18 Onslow Gardens
Dunbar, R. F. R., civil servant, 14 Knocklofty Park
Dunbar, S., 111-113 Silvio Street
Dunbar, William, fitter, 1 Brantwood Street
Dunbar, William, 6 Castlereagh Place
Dunbar, Wm., bread server, 35 Victoria Avenue
Dunbar, Wm., cloth finisher, 65b Park Avenue
Dunbar, Wm., foreman, 25 Chesterfield Park
Dunbar, W. J., 12 Linden Gardens
Dunbar, W. N., clerk, 27 Roseleigh Street
Duncairn Harrier Club, 2 Cavehill Bridge Houses, Cavehill Road
Dunbavand, C. C., insurance broker, 38 Thornhill Park
Duncairn Picture Theatre Ltd., 12 Duncairn Gardens
Duncairn Presbyterian Church, 160 Antrim Road
Duncairn P.E. School, 150 Lodge Road New
Duncairn Street Post Office, 171-173 Antrim Road
Duncan, Alex., 29 Townsend Street Upper
Duncan, Archibald, draper, 79 Oldpark Road
Duncan, A., agent, 79 Royal Avenue
Duncan, A. J., 131 Deramore Avenue
Duncan, D., clerk, 5 Claremont Street
Duncan, D. S., fitter, 34 The Mount
Duncan, Fernando, 74 Loopland Park
Duncan, Frederick, 12 Kerrsland Drive
Duncan, Frederick, 32 Graymount Drive
Duncan, Fredk. C., electrical engineer, 186 Malone Road
Duncan, F., 40 Brougham Street
Duncan, G. R., trichologist, 80 Dublin Road
Duncan, Hugh, machinist, 19a Shore Road
Duncan, H. G., 64 Osborne Drive
Duncan, James, 3 Loopland Parade
Duncan, John, 22 Pommern Parade
Duncan, Joseph, 198 Shore Road
Duncan, Joseph, grocer, 235 Tate's Avenue
Duncan, J., coach builder, 2a Hudson Street
Duncan, J., butcher, 25 York Road
Duncan, J. D., 42 Deramore Avenue
Duncan, Major L. S., 3 Ormiston Drive
Duncan, Miss, 75 Melrose Street
Duncan, Mrs., 157 Sandown Road
Duncan, Mrs., 3 Kincora Avenue
Duncan, Mrs., 14 Ardgreenan Gardens
Duncan, Mrs. A., 37 Thorndale Avenue
Duncan, Mrs. E., 18 Ulsterville Avenue
Duncan, Mrs. Martha, 27 Brougham Street
Duncan, Norman, & Co., apron and pinafore manufacturers, 1-15 Mornington Street
Duncan, Robert, shipwright, 32 Sydenham Park
Duncan, Robert S., 37 Ashley Gardens
Duncan, R. D., M.Inst.C.E., Crearn, Massey Avenue
Duncan, R. & D. A., Ltd., Coal Merchants, Albert Quay and 15 Arthur Square
Duncan, R. G., 5 Brookvale Drive
Duncan, Samuel, gasfitter, 32 Cooke Street
Duncan, Sarah, 411 Donegall Road
Duncan, Thos., ironworker, 37 Ravenhill Avenue
Duncan, William, 20 Joanmount Park
Duncan, Wm., coach painter, 247 Cregagh Street
Duncan, Wm., driver, 18 Chesham Crescent
Duncan, Wm., plumber, 48 Woodvale Avenue
Duncan, W., 72 Ravenhill Road
Duncan, W., 29 Indiana Avenue
Duncan, W., vet. surgeon, 36 Kirkliston Gardens
Duncan, W., 400 Ormeau Road
Duncan, W., 619 Newtownards Road Upper
Duncan, W. J., R.U.C., 117 Tyndale Park
Dundas, J. W., 25 Sunnyside Drive
Dundee, James, chemist, 26 Windsor Park
Dundee, Jas., chemist, 95 University Road
Dundela Football Grounds, Dundela Crescent
Dundon, Thomas, fitter, 24 Marguerite Park
Dundonald Telephone Exchange, Newtownards Road Upper
Dunedin Electrical Co., 489-491 Antrim Road
Duneen, Mrs. M., 26 Cicero Gardens
Dungan, J. H., 25 Ireton Street
Dunham, Dr., osteopathist, 76 Dublin Road
Dunham, Miss, 184 Lisburn Road
Dunleavey, B., R.U.C., 22 Twaddell Avenue
Dunlop, Alexander, clerk, 4 Lansdowne Park
Dunlop, Alex., 54 Glandore Avenue
Dunlop, Alex., iron turner, 1 Riga Street Upper
Dunlop, A. T., manager, 55 Station Road
Dunlop, A. W., inspector, 42 Downshire Road
Dunlop, C., 113 Joanmount Park
Dunlop, David, 37 Mountcollyer Avenue
Dunlop, E., 65 Greenville Park
Dunlop, E. D., 18 Greenwood Park
Dunlop, E. D., joiner, 19 Ardgreenan Gardens
Dunlop, F. E., salesman, 13 Sunbury Avenue
Dunlop, Geo. E., Transport Board official, 22 Marina Park
Dunlop, G. H., warehouseman, 36 Waterloo Gardens
Dunlop, G. T., P.O. engineer, 3 St. James's Road
Dunlop, Hans, tea stores, 106 Albert Bridge Road, 362 Crumlin Road and 160 Shankill Road
Dunlop, Henry, clerk, 22 Greenwood Park
Dunlop, H., tea specialist, 192 Newtownards Road
Dunlop, H., tea specialist, 243 Antrim Road
Dunlop, H. M., butchers' and bakers' outfitters, 157 Victoria Street
Dunlop, H. R., warehouseman, 19 Ava Street
Dunlop, James, builder, 1-5 Sheridan Street
Dunlop, James, fitter, 20 Graymount Drive
Dunlop, James, 10 Ormeau Street
Dunlop, James, builder, 6-8 Dawson Street and 1-5 Sheridan Street
Dunlop, James, & Sons, tailors, etc., 115-119 Royal Avenue
Dunlop, Rev. James, M.A., 16 Alliance Avenue
Dunlop, John, solicitor, 9 Innisfayle Park
Dunlop, John, plater, 89 Dunraven Avenue
Dunlop, Joseph, plasterer, 21 Ardenlee Gardens
Dunlop, Joseph, flesher, 29 Hesketh Road
Dunlop, Jos. H., traveller, 10 Knockbracken Park
Dunlop, J., secretary, 457 Newtownards Road Upper
Dunlop, J., tailor, Glenpark Villas, Knockbreda Road
Dunlop, J. G., 24 Cyprus Gardens
Dunlop, J. H., traveller, 10 Mount Merrion Park
Dunlop, Miss E. M., teacher, 173 Castle Road
Dunlop, Miss M. L., 142 University Street
Dunlop, Miss Renee, dress maker, 5 Bedford Street
Dunlop, Miss R., 18 Cyprus Gardens
Dunlop, The Misses, 391 Woodstock Road
Dunlop, Misses, 240 Grosvenor Road
Dunlop, Misses A. & E., 99 The Mount
Dunlop, Mrs., 44 Townsend Street Upper
Dunlop, Mrs., 11 Kirkliston Park
Dunlop, Mrs., 16 Ridgeway Street
Dunlop, Mrs., 79 London Road
Dunlop, Mrs., 3 Irwin Crescent
Dunlop, Mrs., 198 Manor Street
Dunlop, Mrs., 26 Sydenham Gardens
Dunlop, Mrs. Annie, 6 Cavehill Road Old
Dunlop, Mrs. Ellen, 32 Clifton Crescent
Dunlop, Mrs. Eva C., 156 Alexandra Park Avenue
Dunlop, Mrs. Hanna, 504 Falls Road
Dunlop, Mrs. H., 199 Connsbrook Avenue
Dunlop, Mrs. Margaret, 117 Mount (The)
Dunlop, Mrs. Martha, 27 Vicinage Park
Dunlop, Mrs. Mary, 28 Graymount Drive
Dunlop, Mrs. Sarah, 5 Hardinge Street
Dunlop, M. T., french polisher, 269 Ravenhill Avenue
Dunlop, Robt., J.P., Chichester Park House, Chichester Park
Dunlop, Robert, & Sons, wholesale merchants, 33-35 Edward Street and 10-12 Exchange Street
Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd. (The), motor car tyre, India rubber, sporting goods, and rubber boots manufacturers, 54-60 Arthur Street Upper
Dunlop, R. A., builder, 14 Cyprus Gardens
Dunlop, Samuel, 187 Dunluce Avenue
Dunlop, Samuel, 33 Knock Road
Dunlop, Susan, grocer, 402 Shankill Road
Dunlop, S., engineer, 8 Hawthornden Road
Dunlop, S. H., 24 Thornhill Drive
Dunlop, Thomas B., 55 Wallasey Park
Dunlop, T. H. A., grain merchant, 480 Antrim Road
Dunlop, William, merchant tailor, Ingleside, Knockbreda Road
Dunlop, William, accountant, 144 Dunluce Avenue
Dunlop, William Jas., 3 Wheatfield Gardens
Dunlop, Wm., master mariner, 9 Shandarragh Park
Dunlop, Wm., shop assistant, 21 Brandon Parade
Dunlop, Wm., upholsterer, 30 Delaware Street
Dunlop, Wm. H., warehouseman, 34 Lansdowne Road
Dunlop, Wm. M., boot maker, 21 Silverstream Gardens
Dunlop, W. J., butcher, 79 Paris Street
Dunlop, W. J., Stewart Street
Dunlop, W. J., butcher, 58 Tennent Street
Dunlop, W. R., solicitor, 179 Belmont Road
Dunlop's Grocery Store, 38 Boundary Street North
Dunmore Badminton Hall Ltd., 409-419 Antrim Road
Dunmore Dairy, 257 Cavehill Road
Dunmurry Linen Co., 5 College Street
Dunmurry Methodist Church, Lisburn Road
Dunn, A., jeweller, 63 Rugby Avenue
Dunn & Co., auctioneers and property brokers, 11-13 Bedford Street
Dunn, D. S., hairdresser, 85 Castlereagh Road
Dunn, Francis, flesher, 107 Woodvale Road
Dunn, Frank, butcher, 103 Shankill Road
Dunn, George, 3 Newington Avenue
Dunn, George, clerk, 3 Ulsterville Drive
Dunn, George, flesher, 93 Ormeau Road
Dunn, G., boiler maker, 102 Madrid Street
Dunn, G. W., joiner, 132 Joanmount Park
Dunn, Henry, 128 Eglantine Avenue
Dunn, Henry Boyd, 21 Stranmillis Road
Dunn, Herbert, Liscard, Knock Road
Dunn, James, milk server, 31 Orby Gardens
Dunn, Johnston, & Co., wholesale warehouseman, 26 Wellington Place
Dunn, J., traveller, Delamere, Finaghy Park South
Dunn, J., Dunoon, Massey Avenue
Dunn, J. H., tailor, 52 Wellington Place
Dunn, J. M., 70 North Road
Dunn, Major, 30 Ormonde Park
Dunn, Major, 56 Bawnmore Road
Dunn, Miss, 135 Newtownards Road
Dunn, Miss, 30 Lomond Avenue
Dunn, Miss E., 49 Oakland Avenue
Dunn, Miss E., 2 Rosebank East, Newtownards Road Upper
Dunn, Miss E. S., School of Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping, etc., and Typewriting Offices, 13 Donegall Square West
Dunn, Mrs., 247 Coonsbrook Avenue
Dunn, Mrs., restaurant, 7 Amelia Street
Dunn, Mrs., 17 Knockbreda Road
Dunn, Mrs., 180 Holywood Road
Dunn, Mrs., confectioner, 358 Donegall Road
Dunn, Mrs., 28 Wolseley Street
Dunn, Mrs. A., 37 Clifton Drive
Dunn, Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 Sunnyside Drive
Dunn, Mrs. F., 69 Fitzroy Avenue
Dunn, Mrs. J., 163 Joanmount Gardens
Dunn, Mrs. J., 10 Ardenlee Parade
Dunn, Mrs. J. W., 4 Southview Cottages
Dunn, Robert J., clerk, 34 Virginia Street
Dunn, Robt., & Co., bedding manufacturers, 18-20 Library Street and 15 Kent Street
Dunn, R., dentist, 299 Ormeau Road
Dunn, R. J., linen lapper, 7 Adelaide Avenue
Dunn, Sarah, 20 Glenbrook Avenue
Dunn, S., traveller, 23 Ridgeway Street
Dunn, Thomas, machinist, 274 Springfield Road
Dunn, Thomas, 5 Ventry Street
Dunn, T., bank official, 36 Marlborough Park South
Dunn, William, 143 Joanmount Gardens
Dunn, William, grocer, 8 Genoa Street
Dunn, Wm., 58 Bawnmore Road
Dunn, Wm., caulker, 56 Parkmount Street
Dunn, W. J., bread server, 26 Ravenhill Parade
Dunne, A. E., civil servant, 29 Knock Hill Park
Dunne, Charles H., joiner, 71 Empire Street
Dunne, Henry C., 1 St. John's Park
Dunne, John F., R.U.C., 21 Trigo Parade
Dunne, L. J., 18 Elmwood Avenue
Dunne, Mrs. R. G., 92 Haypark Avenue
Dunne, Robt., bank official, 14 Ormiston Drive
Dunne, Rosanna, 12 Dunville Street
Dunne, T. J., B.Com.Sc., lecturer, 103 South Parade
Dunniece, Hugh, accountant, 6 Gransha Park
Dunseath, J., clerk, 56 Orangefield Crescent
Dunseath, Mrs., 106 Tate's Avenue
Dunseath, Mrs. M., 13 Ebrington Gardens
Dunseath, R., cashier, 55 Sunningdale Park
Dunseath, T., coach builder, 22 Trinity Street
Dunseith, Hugh, plater, 35 Glenbrook Avenue
Dunseith, John, painter, 8 Summer Hill Parade
Dunseith, T. Howard, L.D.S., 275 Shankill Road
Dunsire, Mrs. Jennie, 181 North Road
Dunville & Co. (1937), Ltd., Associated with Royal Irish Distillers, 6 (1) Arthur Street. T.A.: "Dunville, Belfast"
Dunville Medical Hall Ltd., 103 Falls Road
Dunville Park, 172 Falls Road
Dunwoody, F., salesman, 40 Hillsborough Drive
Dunwoody, James S., 29 Sandhurst Gardens
Dunwoody, Jas. H., engineer, 227 Cavehill Road
Dunwoody, J. H., hardware, 128 Cavehill Road
Dunwoody, Miss R., confectioner, 262 Newtownards Road
Dunwoody, Mrs. E., 153 Dunluce Avenue
Dunwoody, N. F., clerk, 42 Loopland Road
Dunwoody, Robt. J., driver, 17 Loopland Road
Dunwoody, R. A., 12 Summer Hill Park
Dunwoody, Wm., iron moulder, 78 Loopland Drive
Durabella, Ltd., tiles, etc., 215-227 Grosvenor Road
Durkin, Mrs., 18 Glen Road
Durham Recreation Club, 124 Durham Street
Durham Street Weaving Co. Ltd., 7 Albert Street
Durnan, J. W., buyer, 35 North Circular Road
Duthie, C., 43 Shandon Park
Duthie, W., clerk, 45 Irwin Crescent
Dutor, Jasper Henri, chef, 143 Holywood Road
Dutton, A., S.A. officer, 69 Cheviot Avenue
Dwelly, Mrs. E., 120 (1) Malone Avenue
Dwen, Robert, 81 Shandon Park
Dwyer, George, hairdresser, 10 Chadwick Street
Dwyer, George, 25 Whitewell Parade
Dwyer, H., 26 Kirkliston Gardens
Dwyer, John, seaman, 13 Earl Street
Dwyer, Mrs. E. E., 44 Pommern Parade
Dwyer, Mrs. Martha J., 8 Harcourt Drive
Dwyer, Mrs. N., 115 Woodstock Road
Dwyer, W., draper, 364 Newtownards Road
Dyer, Dorothea, 80 Roden Street
Dyer, Edward, El Nido, Stockman's Lane
Dyer, G., clerk, 51 Orangefield Crescent
Dyer, Mrs., 39 Lonsdale Street
Dyer, R. A., 19 Galwally Park
Dyer, Wm., butcher, 41 Willowfield Drive
Dyers, John, rivetter, Charnn, Stockman's Lane
Dyke (The), supper saloon, 140 Beersbridge Road
Dykes, C. Y., manager, 48 Ballysillan Park
Dymer, Walter S., R.A.F., 11 Clara Park
Dynan, John, M.S.R., radiographer, 463 Crumlin Road
Dysart, J., bookkeeper, 19 Onslow Parade
Dysart, Mrs. E., 23 Wheatfield Crescent
Dyson, G. D. C., postal clerk, 10 St. Jude's Crescent
Dyson, H., 48 Kirkliston Park
Dyson, Vivian, 10 Earlswood Road
Dyson, V., confectioner, 334 Newtownards Road Upper


Eaccoville, G., confectioner, 86a Donegall Street
Eacott, Margaret, 72 Serpentine Road
Eadens, Mrs. Elizabeth, 197 Cliftonpark Avenue
Eadie, J. I., traveller, 14 King's Park
Eady, S., publican, 9 Belgravia Avenue
Eagar, C. J., clerk, Chavarley, Finaghy Road South
Eager, J., civil servant, 4 Wolseley Street
Eager, J. F., com. traveller, Ardella, Castleview Road
Eager, Mrs. Lousia, 70 Ravenhill Park
Eager, Thomas R., F.R.I.B.A., 37 Kirkliston Drive
Eager, Thos. R., architect and civil engineer, 142 (15-16) Royal Avenue
Eager, Wm., chauffeur, 3 Elaine Street
Eagle Star Insurance Co. Ltd., 10 Donegall Square South; Branch Manager, L. J. Johnston, F.C.I.I. T.A.: "Eaglestaco, Belfast"
Eagleson, A., cabinet maker, 4 Chesham Park
Eagleson, James, driller, 29 Fox Street
Eagleson, Joseph, Eden Lodge, Carolan Road
Eagleson, J. F., civil servant, 1 Rosetta Drive
Eagleson, Robt., civil servant, 18 Malone Hill Park
Eagleson, Thomas, 40 Cregagh Road
Eagleson, Thomas, salesman, 5 Silverstream Park
Eakenhead Presbyterian Church (now Rosemary Congregation), North Circular Road
Eakin, Annie, grocer, 43 Carnan Street
Eakin, George, clerk, 20 Luxor Gardens
Eakin, H. J., 51 Marlborough Park
Eakin, J. S., engineer, 116 Sicily Park
Eakin, Mrs., 52 Ethel Street
Eakin, Mrs. A., 10 Ladas Drive
Eakin, Mrs. J., 34 Orby Drive
Eakin, Walter N., 154 Alexandra Park Avenue
Eakins, James, draper, 26 Sydenham Drive
Eakins, Richard, outfitter, 25 Donegall Pass
Eakins, William H., 37 Stockman's Lane
Eakins, Wm. D., manager, 156 King's Road
Eames, Mrs., 187 Cliftonpark Avenue
Eames, Mrs. J., 118 Alexandra Park Avenue
Eames, R. C., 4 Wandsworth Crescent
Eardley, John, 38 Eblana Street
Earl, C. H., manager, 14 Salisbury Gardens
Earl, Mrs. Sarah, 13 Summer Hill Park
Earl Street P.E. School, 3-5 Earl Street
Earle, Alan, home bakery, 12 Loopland Road
Earle, G. H., sign writer, 10 Sussex Place
Earle, T., R.U.C., 32 Clara Avenue
Earley, John, 167 Springfield Road
Earley, J., joiner, 50 Ballygomartin Road
Earley, Miss Jean, 19 Ashdene Drive
Earley, Mrs., 217 Duncairn Gardens
Earls, J., 36 Knock Eden Park
Earls, Miss S. A., 146 Malone Avenue
Earlville Recreation Club, Coronation Court
Earlville Social and Recreation Club, 74 York Street Little
Early, Miss Annie, 184 Leeson Street
Early, Miss M., S.R.N., nurse, 61 Cliftonville Road
Easiphit Footwear Ltd., 158 North Street
Eason, Mrs. E., 3 Ardgreenan Crescent
Eason & Son (Belfast), Ltd., Booksellers, Stationers, Wholesale Newsagents and Railway Advertising Agents and Library, 17 Donegall Street
Eason & Son (Belfast), Ltd., Retail Department, 40a Donegall Street
East Belfast Constitutional Club, Hibernia Street
East Belfast Girl Guides' Hall, 10-14 Devon Parade
East Belfast Working Men's Club, Chamberlain Street
East Belfast Yacht Club, Musgrave Channel Road
East, Rev. Bertram G., 1 Green Road
East End Baptist Chapel, Templemore Avenue
East End Boot Stores, 109-111 Newtownards Road
Eastern & Western Art, 10 Wellington Place
Easton, Miss E., 16 Westland Road
Easton, Mrs., 12 Richmond Square
Easton, Sydney, electrician, 58 Parkgate Avenue
Eastwood, Major F. F., 119 Marlborough Park North
Eastwood, Henry, 118 Library Street Upper
Eastwood, John, timber merchant, 25 College Square North
Eastwood, J., dealer, 72-80 Nelson Street
Eastwood, J., metal dealer, 94-96 George's Street Great
Eastwood, Patrick, clerk, 12 Norfolk Gardens
Eastwood Stores, 1 Nelson Place
Eaton, Agnes, 50 Enfield Street
Eaton, H. E., manufacturers' agent, 17 Jubilee Avenue
Eaton, Mrs. Annie, 32 Rosapenna Street
Eaton, Mrs. M. B., 71 Belmont Church Road
Eaton, M., grocer, 21-23 Ashmore Street
Eaton, William, insurance agent, 238 Ballysillan Road
Eatons, children's outfitters, 2 Ann Street
Eban, Mrs., 18 Clifton Crescent
Ebbage, C. W., civil servant, 50 Lansdowne Park
Ebbitt, William H., joiner, 43 Limestone Road
Ebenezer Gospel Hall, 55 Oldpark Road
Eccentric Club, 36a May Street
Eccles, David, bread server, 96 Loopland Drive
Eccles, D., Moat Back Lodge, Holywood Road Old
Eccles, J. J., bank official, 4 Finaghy Park
Eccles, Miss, costumier, 56 Wellington Place
Eccles, Mrs. A., 150 Orby Drive
Eccles, Mrs. J., 39 Glendower Street
Eccles, Thomas, 62 University Avenue
Eckersall, George, 58 Meadowbank Place
Eclipse Wallpaper Co. (The), 178 North Street
Edelstyn, Max., 24 Clara Park
Edenderry P.E. School, 232 Tennent Street
Edenderry Post Office, 343 Crumlin Road
Edenderry Spinning Co. Ltd., flax and tow spinners, 326-330 Crumlin Road
Edens, J., R.U.C., 31 Marmount Gardens
Edens, William J., 793 Lisburn Road
Edgar Bros. Ltd., carriers, 23 Sunwich Street
Edgar, David, plumber, 9 Fitzroy Avenue
Edgar, D., 95 Knockbreda Road
Edgar, D., saddler, 13 Bridge End
Edgar, Francis, Ayuthia, Knockbreda Road
Edgar, G., 12 Penge Gardens
Edgar, Hugh, 3 Rathgar Street
Edgar, James, 1 Mountcollyer Avenue
Edgar, James, insurance official, 16 Dunkeld Gardens
Edgar, J., 73 Malone Avenue
Edgar, J. A., clerk, 35 Houston Park
Edgar, Mary, 34 Osborne Park
Edgar, Matthew, civil servant, 35 Pretoria Street
Edgar, Miss, 2 Lincoln Avenue
Edgar, Miss J., 39 Castlereagh Place
Edgar, Mrs., 2 Dunluce Avenue
Edgar, Mrs. W. A., 37 Avoca Street
Edgar, R., salesman, 47 Orangefield Crescent
Edgar, R. J., 41 Ava Street
Edgar, Victor, 15 Finaghy Park North
Edgar, William, foreman, 2 Connsbrook Park
Edgar, William, 18 Belmont Avenue
Edgar, William E., engineer, 136 Orangefield Crescent
Edgar, Wm., Wohnja, Circular Road West
Edgar, Wm., printer, etc., 26 Shankill Road
Edgar, Wm., cartage contractor, Danemere, Everton Drive
Edge, A/. lorry driver, 40 Roe Street
Edge, E. A., salesman, Upton House, Lisburn Road
Edgehill College, 9 Lennoxvale
Edgeworth,. Thomas, 59 Cavour Street
Edholm, Dr. Otto, 12 Cleaver Avenue
Edinburgh Assurance Co. Ltd., 15 Donegall Square North - P. B. Sherwood, Branch Manager
Edison Swan Electric Co. Ltd. - Manufacturers of Electrical Accessories, etc., 12 King Street - Branch Manager, C. W. W. Torrance
Edmenson, Walter A., 23 Castle Hill Road
Edmond, Miss E., 373 Castlereagh Road
Edmonds, Miss E. E., 39 Bloomfield Road
Edmonds, Mrs., 105 Wandsworth Road
Edmonds, Susan, 9 Greenville Road
Edmondson, H., engineer, Appian, Cloverhill Park
Edmondson, Mrs. M., 79 Victoria Gardens
Edmundson, F. M., 83 Dunluce Avenue
Edmundson, R., salesman, 13 Artana Street
Edmunds, Walker, & Co. Ltd., ball and roller bearing specialists, 98 and 104 Victoria Street
Edney, A. G., traveller, 3 Lansdowne Park
Educational Co. Ltd., school publishers and stationers, 36 Fountain Street
Edward, Benjamin, engineer, 13 Lansdowne Road
Edwards, B., 30 Castleview Road
Edwards, Charles, fitter, 75 Victoria Avenue
Edwards, Charles, 57 The Mount
Edwards, C. K., The Forge, Newforge
Edwards & Edwards Ltd., electrical engineers and merchants, 3 Brunswick Street
Edwards, E. A., fitter, 43 Willowholme Street
Edwards, G., clerk, 20 Kingsway Avenue
Edwards, G. R., P.O. engineer, Roseville, Castlereagh Road
Edwards, Harris, engineer, 376 Beersbridge Road
Edwards-Hawkey, Layton, 8 Strathmore Park North
Edwards, John, 136 Oldpark Avenue
Edwards, J., 72 Percy Street
Edwards, K., M.Inst.C.E., M.I.Mech.E., M.I.Strct.E., architect and chartered civil engineer, 46 Hampton Park
Edwards, Miss Emily, 144 Ravenhill Road
Edwards, Norman, draughtsman, 238 Holywood Road
Edwards, R. I., M.P.S.N.I., pharmaceutical chemist, 25 Shaftesbury Square
Edwards, Samuel, clerk, 17 Waterloo Gardens
Edwards, Stanley, Lieut. R.N., 16 Castle Avenue
Edwards, T., 10 Pommern Parade
Edwards, William, 249 Oldpark Road
Edwards, ?, house furnisher, 67-69 Sandy Row
Egan, B., 75 Divis Street
Egan, Edward, 9 Knock Hill Park
Egan, H., 1 Kylemore Park
Egan, J., sculptor, 7 Joanmount Drive
Egan, J., cooper, 162-163 Smithfield Market
Egan, The Misses, 76 Durham Street
Egan, Nellie, 37 Lonsdale Street
Egan, Philip C., Clymping, Gilnahirk Road
Egan, Thomas, 3 Whiterock Drive
Egan, Thomas, grocer, 20 Beechmount Avenue
Egginton, Frank, artist, 87 King's Road
Eglantine Billiard Hall, 40 Malone Road
Eglantine Inn (The), 38 Malone Road
Egler, Robert, 9 St. James's Parade
Egli, Robert, 29 Norfolk Parade
Eglinton Bakery Ltd., Lisburn Road
Eglinton Presbyterian Church, Ballysillan Road
Eglinton, Thos., pharmaceutical chemist, 35 Lisburn Road
Eglinton and Winton Hotel and Restaurant, 107 High Street. T.A.: "Eglinton Hotel"
Egner, Mrs. M., 6 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
Egner, Mrs. Winifred, 52 Cheviot Avenue
Egner, R., clerk, 28 Reid Street
Egner, R., 29 Cyprus Gardens
Egypt General Mission, 26 Howard Street
Eirco Service Ltd., radio repairs, 19 Ormeau Avenue
Eirco (Wholesale), Ltd., wireless and electrical factors, 29 Wellington Place and 28-30 College Street
Ekenhead Presbyterian Church, 19 Circular Road North
Ekin, John, manufacturers' agent, 12 Sandy Row
Ekin, Robertson, & Peacock, wholesale seed merchants, 15-19 Dunbar Street
Elborn, D. S. H., 85 Killowen Street
Elder, George, boot maker, 31 Ridgeway Street
Elder, Geo., boot maker, 60b Stranmillis Road
Elder, John, linen business, 13 Sintonville Avenue
Elder, Joseph, 55 The Mount
Elder, Miss, Sherwood, Finaghy Park South
Elder, Mrs., dress maker, 17 Joanmount Drive
Elder, Mrs. I., 31 Auburn Street
Elder, Robert, fitter, 18 Alliance Crescent
Elder, T., 8 Kinallen Street
Elder, W., traveller, 19 Cabin Hall Park
Elders & Fyffes, Ltd., fruit importers, Oxford Street
Electrical Trades Union, 185 (3) Donegall Street
Electrical Agencies, Radio and Electrical Factors, 32 College Street
Electrolux Ltd., electric cleaners and refrigerators, first floor (26-28) Riddels Arcade
Elgi, Robert, & Sons, embroiderers, 38 Dublin Road
Elhannan, R., confectioner, 2 Abercorn Street North
Elim Tabernacle, 22a Saunders Street
Elim Tabernacle, Beersbridge Road
Elim Tabernacle, 832 Crumlin Road
Elim Tabernacle, 276 Ravenhill Road
Elim Tabernacle Mission, 38 Melbourne Street
Elite, dress maker, 8 College Street
Elite Hairdressing Salon, 247 Duncairn Gardens
Elkin, Robert, R.U.C., 18 Madison Avenue
Ellams Duplicator Co. Ltd., 17 Wellington Place
Ellard, Eileen, hairdresser, 95 University Road
Ellery, H., foreman, 2 Kirkliston Gardens
Elliot, George N., 18 Mount Merrion Park
Elliot, G., manager, 27 Ashley Avenue
Elliot, J., Vancouver Street
Elliot, Nurse G. E., C.M.B., 283 Castlereagh Road
Elliot, L., cutter, 3 Hillmount Street
Elliot, Miss E., 23 Claremont Street
Elliot, Mrs., 621 Ormeau Road
Elliot, Mrs. Helen, 215a Lisburn Road
Elliot, Mrs. M., 105a Oldpark Road
Elliot, Thos. J., solicitor, 3 Alexandra Gardens
Elliot, W. J., detective, 24 Ulsterville Gardens
Elliot, W. J., clerk, 29 Ailesbury Road
Elliott, Adam, clerk, 38 University Avenue
Elliott, Alex., traveller, 59 Marlborough Park South
Elliott, A., 5 Glenbrook Avenue
Elliott, A., engineer, 30 Deerpark Road
Elliott, A., 9 Cavehill Bridge House, Cavehill Road
Elliott. A., storeman, 7 Imperial Drive
Elliott, A. J., salesman, 15 Fortwilliam Park
Elliott, A. R., engineer, 159-161 University Street
Elliott, A. R., garage proprietor, 1 Finaghy Park
Elliott, B., confectioner, 54 Bryson Street
Elliott, B. M., 12 Elmwood Avenue
Elliott, C., boatman, 20 Thomas Street North
Elliott & Co. (Edinburgh), Ltd., dental depot, 2 Dublin Road
Elliott & Co., furniture dealers, 177 Donegall Street
Elliott, David, R.U.C., 19 Ilchester Street
Elliott, David, 41 Kincora Avenue
Elliott, D., 8 Newington Street
Elliott, Edward, salesman, 6 Onslow Park
Elliott, Eric, solicitor, 79 Royal Avenue
Elliott, Eric, estate agent, 13 Donegall Place
Elliott, Frederick, R.U.C., 49 Eglin Street
Elliott, F., manufacturer, 20 Balmoral Avenue
Elliott, F., confectioner, 5 Dromara Street
Elliott, George, 59 Antrim Road
Elliott, George, civil servant, 11 Hawthornden Gardens
Elliott, George, L.D.S., 78 Dublin Road
Elliott, G., 22 Onslow Gardens
Elliott, G., 4 Clonaver Park
Elliott, G. B., insurance agent, 256 Cregagh Road
Elliott, Henry, tenter, 107 Ainsworth Avenue
Elliott, Henry, 13 Glandore Gardens
Elliott, Jack, dance studio, 63a Victoria Street
Elliott, James, joiner, 56 Grand Parade
Elliott, James, fancy costumier, 1 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Elliott, James (Belfast), Ltd., overall and frock manufacturers, 18 Alfred Street
Elliott, James, 274 Cambrai Street
Elliott, James E., 9 Parkmount Road
Elliott, John, 23 Ardenlee Parade
Elliott, John, butcher, 136 Donegall Pass
Elliott, John, draper, 191 Grosvenor Road
Elliott, John, draper, 178 Woodvale Road
Elliott, John, 441 Cregagh Road
Elliott, John, docker, 421 Cregagh Road
Elliott, Dr. John, 216 Newtownards Road Upper
Elliott, Jos., warehouseman, 36 Ballygomartin Road
Elliott, J., pattern maker, 5 Wyndham Street
Elliott, J., draper, 181 North Street
Elliott, J., manufacturer, 11 Balmoral Avenue
Elliott, J., grocer, 114 Fitzroy Avenue
Elliott, J., 20 Marguerite Park
Elliott, J. P., civil servant, 3 Alliance Avenue
Elliott, J. R., 9 Richmond Park
Elliott, Louis, fitter, 34 Baroda Street
Elliott, L., draper, 27 Castlereagh Road
Elliott, Miss, teacherm Glenferna, Kincora Avenue
Elliott, Miss Edith, 44 Thorndale Avenue
Elliott, Miss Mary, 24 Hillsborough Drive
Elliott, Miss M., 14 Rosapenna Drive
Elliott, Miss M., 15 Camberwell Terrace
Elliott, Miss M., Mullindene House, Diamond Gardens
Elliott, Mrs., 37 Annalee Street
Elliott, Mrs., 8 King's Road
Elliott, Mrs., 17 Ashley Avenue
Elliott, Mrs., 17 Mornington Street
Elliott, Mrs., 35 Hartington Street
Elliott, Mrs., 155 Roseberry Road
Elliott, Mrs. A., 86 Woodvale Avenue
Elliott, Mrs. A. G., 15 KNockdene Park North
Elliott, Mrs. E., 87 Belmont Road
Elliott, Mrs. E. M., 69 Cliftonville Road
Elliott, Mrs. Margaret, 46 Bawnmore Road
Elliott, Mrs. M., Marie Villa, Falls Road
Elliott, Mrs. M., 3 Onslow Parade
Elliott, Mrs. S., 19 Albion Street
Elliott, Mrs. S. J., 56 Joanmount Park
Elliott, M. R., grocer, 120 Cavehill Road
Elliott, M. R., baker, 2 Cooldarragh Park
Elliott, Noel C., 110 Harberton Park (Malone)
Elliott, Noel C., Ltd., House Furnishers, Wholesale and Retail, 19 Ormeau Avenue
Elliott, Percy, salesman, 51 Alexandra Park Avenue
Elliott, Robert, buyer, 11 Strathmore Park South
Elliott, Robt., clerk, The Aviary, Gilnahirk Road
Elliott, Robt., gardener, Etta Villa, Diamond Gardens
Elliott, R., manufacturers' agent, 7 College Street
Elliott, R. H., B.D.S., L.D.S., 502 Newtownards Road Upper
Elliott, Samuel, 26 Madison Avenue
Elliott, S. W., confectioner, 14 Castlereagh Street
Elliott, Thomas, 33 Whitewell Crescent
Elliott, Thomas, 42 Loopland Drive
Elliott, Thos., bookkeeper, 76 Cliftonpark Avenue
Elliott, T. F., 14 Bridge Street
Elliott, Walter, inspector, 34 Sydenham Park
Elliott, William, 932 Crumlin Road
Elliott, William, clerk, 71 Tyndale Park
Elliott, Wm., engineer, 38 Bryon Street
Elliott, Wm., blacksmith, 118 Cavehill Road
Elliott, Wm., painter, 32 Ashley Drive
Elliott, Wm., 73 Loopland Gardens
Elliott, W., plumber, 15 Inver Avenue
Elliott, W. J., clerk, 29 Ailesbury Road
Elliott, W. J., R.U.C., 30 Eblana Street
Elliott's (Hire Service), Ltd., Gentlemen's Fashionable Dresswear, Fancy Costumes, Wigs, etc., for Hire; Dance Novelties, Wigmakers, 110-110a Ann Street
Ellis, Alex., 182 Duncairn Gardens
Ellis, C. P., 15 Cooldarragh Park
Ellis, D., fitter, 23 Jocelyn Street
Ellis, E. E., 20 Malone Hill Park
Ellis, Frederick, manager, 1 Shrewsbury Drive
Ellis, G., 25 Ava Drive
Ellis, Henry, clerk, 30 Broadway
Ellis, James, traveller, 6 Stranmillis Park
Ellis, James, 11 Brookvale Street
Ellis, James, & Sons, wholesale wine shippers, Prince's Court
Ellis, Jane, supper saloon, 16 Mansfield Street
Ellis, John, fitter, 175 Joanmount Gardens
Ellis, J., electrician, 18 Deerpark Drive
Ellis, Matthew, 6 Townsend Street Upper
Ellis, Miss, 14 Marsden Gardens
Ellis, Miss, 51 Malone Avenue
Ellis, Miss A. W., private commercial college, 16 The Mount
Ellis, Miss E., 4 Stranmillis Park
Ellis, Miss Isobel, 28 Magdala Street
Ellis, Mrs., 41 Locksley Park
Ellis, Mrs., 53 Surrey Street
Ellis, Mrs., 158 Ballygomartin Road
Ellis, Mrs. A., 123 University Avenue
Ellis, Mrs. A. R., 8 St. James's Park
Ellis, Mrs. M., 32 St. Jude's Parade
Ellis, Mrs. Walter, 100 Madrid Street
Ellis, S. B., fitter, 14 Deanby Gardens
Ellis, Thomas, 3 Woodvale Parade
Ellis, Thomas, 16 Artana Street
Ellis, T. G., com. traveller, 9 Lucerne Parade
Ellis, T. H., 17 Knockbreda Road
Ellis, V., baker, 23 South Parade
Ellis, William, foreman, 46 Glantane Street
Ellis, William, 9 King's Road
Ellis, Wm., draughtsman, Thirlmere, Finaghy Road North
Ellis, Wm. H., civil servant, 93 Joanmount Gardens
Ellis, W., 30 Park Avenue
Ellis's, law searchers, 78 May Street
Ellison Bros. (Belfast), Ltd., frock manufacturers, 60 Victoria Street Great
Ellison, C. H., cashier, Shalimar, Finaghy Road South
Ellison, H. C., 41 Knockdene Park South
Ellison, James, 26 Springfield Parade
Ellison, James, draughtsman, 483 Springfield Road
Ellison, James, 92 Loopland Drive
Ellison, John, fitter, 3 Mountcashel Street
Ellison, J., insurance agent, 121 Mount Merrion Park
Ellison, Miss M., 12 Balmoral Avenue
Ellison, Mrs. M., 77 Bloomfield Road
Ellison, M. G., K.C., 50 Windsor Avenue
Ellison, N. W., manager, 22 Joanmount Park
Ellison, Robt., gardener, 60 Sydenham Avenue
Ellison, R., 15 Shrewsbury Gardens
Ellison, R., 57 Cabin Hill Park
Ellison, R. F., civil servant, 1 Upton Park
Ellison, R. J., electrician, 20 Wandsworth Parade
Ellison, Thomas, saw maker, Rocky Road
Ellison, Thomas, cutler, 34 West Street
Ellison, Thos., hairdresser, 120 Mountpottinger Road
Ellison, T., 71 Windsor Road
Ellison, Dr. T. E., 18 Abbeydale Gardens
Ellison, William, 11 Ashgrove Park
Ellison, W. J., R.U.C., 20 Victoria Gardens
Ellnor, Alfred, manufacturer, 10 Lancedean Road
Elison, F. C., 16 Lansdowne Park North
Elmgrove Mission Hall, 120a Donegall Road
Elmgrove School, 289 Beersbridge Road
Elmgrove Post Office, 141 Cliftonville Road
Elmwood Hosiery Co., 33 Fountain Street
Elmwood Presbyterian Church, Elmwood Avenue and University Road
Elnor, Fredk. C., piano tuner, 20 Bedeque Street
Elphick, Mrs., 23 Stockman's Lane
Elsmore, Hugh C., civil servant, 68 South Parade
Elston, H. G., jeweller, 33 Waterloo Gardens
Elston, H. G., agent, 39 Castle Lane
Elwood, A., 208 Ravenhill Avenue
Elwood, A., salesman, 11 Empire Street
Elwood, C., pattern maker, 616 Crumlin Road
Elwood, David A., 10 Whitewell Road
Elwood, E., butcher, 219 Tennent Street
Elwood, F. Barnes, F.R.C.S., Edin., 13 University Square
Elwood, H., surgeon dentist, 62-64 Dublin Road
Elwood, James, manager, Ophir Gardens
Elwood, James, driver, 46 Woodvale Avenue
Elwood, John, publican, 195-199 Newtownards Road Upper; res., 2 King's Road
Elwood, Mrs. E., fruiterer, 216 Woodstock Road
Elwood, Richard, 15 Percy Street
Elwood, Richard, shirt cutter, 97 Mount Merrion Park
Elwood, Robert, brick layer, 121 Deerpark Road
Elwood, Robert, shirt cutter, 77 Mount Merrion Park
Elwood, R., butcher, 337 Shankill Road
Elwood, S., civil servant, 107 Wandsworth Road
Elwood, Thomas, 134 Earlswood Road
Elwood, Walter, surgeon dentist, 62-64 Dublin Road
Elwood, Wm., car owner, 53 Divis Street
Emans, H. G., mechanic, 68 Manna Grove
Emanuel, Dr., 13 Kincora Avenue
Emanuel, Dr. D., M.B., 393 Newtownards Road
Embassy Club - Jack Hinds, Manager, 50 Fountain Street
Emberson, John K., 451 Newtownards Road Upper
Embleton, Joseph, foreman, 16 Sagimor Gardens
Embleton, Miss I., 16 Orient Gardens
Emerald Linen Stores, 15 College Street
Emerson, A., 11 Rugby Road
Emerson, A. J., manager, 32 Diamond Gardens
Emerson, A. T., civil servant, Yerroch, Edgcumbe Gardens
Emerson, David, spirit merchant, 27-29 Glenalpin Street
Emerson, David, clerk, 22 Bankmore Street
Emerson, F. N., 7 Churchill Street
Emerson, Jas., coach painter, 58 Castlereagh Street
Emerson, J., linen shop, 342a Lisburn Road
Emerson, J., 371 Queen Street North
Emerson-Merrett, J. W., 18 (1) Claremont Street
Emerson, Miss, 18 Bawnmore Road
Emerson, Mrs., 9 Pretoria Street
Emerson, Mrs. Emma, dairy, 44 Castlereagh Road
Emerson, Mrs., Enderley, Knock Road
Emerson, Mrs. Florence, 7 Rugby Parade
Emerson, Robert, grocer, 32 Malone Avenue
Emerson, Robt., grocer, 25 Schomberg Street
Emerson, Thomas, 15 Sunningdale Park North
Emerson, Thos. Geo., milk vendor, 6 Graham Gardens
Emery, Mrs., Coolattin, Lisburn Road
Emery, Mrs. S., 15 Lucerne Parade
Emmanuel Mission Hall, 15 Wellwood Street
Emmett, William Steven, 16 Rosemount Gardens
Empey, Samuel, director, 38 Shandon Park
Empey, Samuel, Ltd., Men's Tailoring, 9 Howard Street
Empire Clothing Co. (The), 124 (11) Donegall Street
Empire Furnishing Co. Ltd., Cabinet Makers, etc., 145 North Street
Empire Loan Co., 93 High Street
Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd., 4 Donegall Square North. District Manager, C. Wilkins
Emrie, J., 20 Osborne Drive
Encell, Mrs. E., 5 Ballysillan Road
Enfield Dairy Co., 382 Newtownards Road Upper, 2 Cliftonpark Avenue, 25 Ann Street and 2 Wilson's Court
Enfield Medical Hall Ltd., 195 Crumlin Road
Engineering & Allied Employers' (Northern Ireland) Association - E. Dempster, secretary, 17 Wellington Place
England, A., draper, 398 Newtownards Road
England, A., draper, 304 Ormeau Road
England & Co., drapers, 22 & 34 Newtownards Road Upper
England, C. J., clerk, 41 Windsor Drive
England, Edmond, reader, 72 North Parade
England, Mrs., 1 Peveril Street
England, Mrs., 21 Florenceville Avenue
England, Mrs., 76 Tildarg Street
England, Mrs. E., chemist, Lisburn Road
England, R. H., dental surgeon, Lisburn Road
England, Thomas, joiner, 70 Newington Street
England, William S. B., 44 Sandown Road
England's, drapers, 365 Woodstock Road
English, A., 34 Indiana Street
English Electric Co. Ltd., 41 (21) Donegall Place
English, H., Coombe Croft, Ballyhanwood Road
English, James C., 75 Kirkliston Park
English, John, 65 Farnham Street
English, J. A., fitter, 30 Canterbury Street
English, Miss, agent, 39 (3) Castle Lane
English, Miss, 14 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
English, Miss Colline, Sans Souci Park
English, Miss A., 5 Rosemount Gardens
English, Miss D., 33 Ardmore Avenue
English, Miss I., 25 Wolseley Street
English, Miss M., publican, 40 George's Street Great
English, Mrs., 72 Cliftonville Road
English, Mrs. Agnes, 83 Deramore Avenue
English, Mrs. A., 3 Ireton Street
English, Mrs. M., 102 Earlswood Road
English, Mrs. M. I., 16 King's Road
English, R. A., M.D., 4 Cregagh Road
English, R. T., 351 Albert Bridge Road
English, Thomas, bread server, 330 Castlereagh Road
English, T., clerk, 35 Timbey Park
English, T. C., engineer, 63 Knock Eden Park
English, Wm., civil defence, 3 Arlington Street
English, W. H., storeman, 48 Hesketh Park
English's, dairy and butcher, 187 Queen Street North
Enlander, Borah, 35 Annalee Street
Enlander, B., 21 Cliftonville Avenue
Enlander, H., fancy goods, 18 Bridge End
Ennis, C., 25 Pacific Avenue
Ennis, Elizabeth, 27 Alliance Avenue
Ennis, George, 18 Ashton Avenue (Finaghy)
Ennis, Robert, butcher, 22 Parkmount Gardens
Ensign Ltd., photographic manufacturers and wholesalers, 38a Queen Street
Ensor, Miss, 59 Camden Street
Entertainment N.S. Association, 41-42 Castle Arcade
Entrican, Miss, 15 Dundela Gardens
Entrican, Mrs. E. F., 49 Knocklofty Park
Entrican, S. & A., Rosecourt, Finaghy Park
Entwistle, J. T., manager, 122 Ballygomartin Road
Entwistle, N. C., manager, 2 Castle Park Upper
Entwistle, R., clerk, 13 Kelvin Parade
Entwistle, W. E., traveller, 20 Wandsworth Road
Epstein, J., financier, 23 Queen's Square
Epstein, Mrs., 9 Castle Park
Erickson, Jas. F., manager, 42 Blenheim Drive
Erskine, Adam, conductor, 14 Cregagh Road
Erskine, A., solicitor, 102 Royal Avenue
Erskine, A. R., dairyman, 1 Lawther Place
Erskine, C., 7 Spencer Street
Erskine, Daniel, teacher, 20 Clifton Crescent
Erskine, D. M., 338 Antrim Road
Erskine, Rev. Gordon, B.A., D.D., 13 Innisfayle Road
Erskine, G. W., manufacturer, 53 Belmont Park
Erskine, H., cutter, 26 Whitehall Parade
Erskine, John, manager, 41 Knockbreda Park
Erskine, J., 28 Stormont Park
Erskine, J., & Co., ribbons, 16 Sussex Place
Erskine, Miss A., 16 Strathmore Park South
Erskine, Mrs., 40 Delhi Street
Erskine, Mrs., 33 Haypark Avenue
Erskine, Mrs. Jane, 122 Cliftonville Road
Erskine, P., Belgrano, Stranmillis Road
Erskine & Sons, Ltd., Brush Manufacturers and Sports Outfitters, 33 Ann Street and 28 and 32-34 North Street
Erskine, Thos., 38 Pacific Avenue
Erskine, T., manufacturers' agent, 18 Donegall Street
Erskine, Wm., baker, 226 Shore Road
Erskine, W., 12 Alexandra Gardens
Erskine, W. F., merchant, 268 Antrim Road
Ervin, Robt. John, cashier, 32 Lucerne Parade
Ervin, W. K., traveller, 6 Ravenhill Park
Ervine, D., 52 Cabin Hill Park
Ervine, Frederick, secretary, 15 Broughton Gardens
Ervine, George, 58 Locksley Park
Ervine, George, 43 Haddington Gardens
Ervine, Isobel, confectioner, Riddels Arcade
Ervine, J., 7 Shrewsbury Park
Ervine, J., traveller, 128 Cregagh Road
Ervine, Miss, 11 Knock Road
Ervine, Miss E. M., 32 Sandhurst Drive
Ervine, Mrs. Mary, 130 Cregagh Road
Ervine, Mrs. Margaret, 9 Downshire Road
Ervine, R., 61 Greenville Road
Ervine, R. M., agent, 2-4 Clarence Street
Ervine, Samuel, stationer, 3 Knock Road
Ervine, S., tobacconist, 443 Newtownards Road Upper
Ervine, S. J., 6-8 Melrose Street
Ervine, Thos., milk vendor, 71 Lomond Avenue
Ervine & Webb, confectionery manufacturers, 1a Danube Street
Ervine, William, salesman, Rockvilla, Barnett's Road
Ervine, W., 97 University Street
Ervine, W. J., motorman, 36 Queensberry Park
Erwin, A., designer, 87 Ulsterville Avenue
Erwin, H., hackle maker, 15 Bloomfield Avenue
Erwin, John S., fitter, 11 Wellesley Avenue
Erwin, Dr. J. S., surgeon, 82-84 Woodstock Road
Erwin, Mrs. Mary, 1 Riverview Street
Erwin, William, engineer, 37 Silverstream Park
Esdale, Albert E., salesman, 23 Delaware Street
Esdale, Alex., 126 Madrid Street
Esdale, D. V., 14 Gibson Park Gardens
Esdale, Miss Sarah, 11 Linden Gardens
Esdale, Samuel, fitter, 2 Silverstream Drive
Esdale, Thomas, 10 Twickenham Street
Esdale, Wm., plumber, 26 Snugville Street
Esler, A., traveller, 16 Westland Gardens
Esler, James, tobacconist, 27 Antrim Road
Esler, James, clerk, 38 Rosemount Gardens
Esler, James, R.U.C., 126 Deerpark Road
Esler, Miss, 11 Agnes Street
Esler, Mrs., 152 Ardenlee Avenue
Esler, Mrs. Jane, 142 Ardenlee Avenue
Esler, Samuel, grocer, 67 Cavehill Road
Esler, William, hairdresser, 12 Castleton Gardens
Esler, Wm., chemist and optician, 42 Howard Street
Esler, Wm., chemist, Ben Vista, Knockbreda Road
Espey, A. W., clerk, 45 Stockman's Lane
Espie, Miss A., Durnish, Lisburn Road
Espie, Samuel, R.U.C., 34 Taunton Avenue
Esplin, Chas., fitter, 16 Glenbrook Avenue
Estebran, Mrs. Alice, 409 Queen Street North
Esther, David, butcher, 295 Newtownards Road
Eston, R. J., teacher, 73 Belmont Church Road
Etam, hosiery and underwear specialists, 17 Donegall Place
Eugene Electrical Service Hairdressers' Supplies, 71 High Street
Eureka, hairdressers and newsagents, 6a Chichester Street
Euston Street P.E. Junior School, 165 Euston Street and 7-35 Redcar Street
Euston Street P.E. Senior School, 163 Euston Street
Evangelical Book Shop, 15 College Square East
Evangelical Union Congregational Church, 54 College Park Avenue
Evans, A., engineer, 117 Kimberley Street
Evans & Barr, Ltd., City Organ Works, 6-8 Coolmore Street
Evans, Charles, 54 (2) Cliftonpark Avenue
Evans, Charles, 16 Coombe Hill Park
Evans, Charles, overseer, 67 Pommern Parade
Evans, Clifford J., 32 Hawthornden Road
Evans, David, clerk, 554 Crumlin Road
Evans, D. J., manager, 75 Orby Drive
Evans, Edward, 3 Kerrsland Parade
Evans, Estyn, lecturer, 1 Rugby Street
Evans, E. J., traveller, 87 Deerpark Road
Evans, F., 23 Queen Victoria Street
Evans, Hans W., buyer, 17 Dunowen Gardens
Evans, James, 26 Somerton Gardens
Evans, James C., 371 Castlereagh Road
Evans, John J., & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Tea Merchants, 58 Donegall Street
Evans, J., clerk, 7 Ladas Drive
Evans, Miss L., butcher, 78 Bridge End
Evans, Miss M., 9 Deerpark Drive
Evans, Miss M. E., 2 Hawthornden Road
Evans, Mrs., 57 Woodvale Parade
Evans, Mrs. Charlotte, 15 Tenth Street
Evans, Richard, 23 Orpen Drive
Evans, R. T., 181 Orby Drive
Evans, Samuel, 52 Cooke Street
Evans, S. B., & H. L., publicans, 53-55 Sandy Row
Evans, S. H., builder, 51 Blenheim Drive
Evans & Sons, enquiry agents, 28 Queen Street
Evans, Sons, Lescher & Webb, Ltd., manufacturing chemists, 23 Oxford Street
Evans, Thos., confectioner, 160 Beersbridge Road
Evans, William, draughtsman, 11 Sandford Avenue
Evans, Wm., 32 Cyprus Gardens
Evans, Wm., 52 Marlborough Park North
Evans, W., M.B.E., 26 Thornhill Drive
Evans, W., & Co., confectioners, 3 Laburnum Lane
Evans, W. G., 31 Elaine Street
Evans, W. J., 134 Donnybrook Street
Eve, J. L., Construction Co. Ltd., 15 Montgomery Street
Ever Ready Co. (G.B.), Ltd., radio batteries and portable electric lamps, 4 Brunswick Street
Everitt, Wm. H., 35 Westmoreland Street
Everton P.E. School, 585-587 Crumlin Road
Every, Hy., & Co., chemical manufacturers, 4 Steam Mill Lane
Eveson (Coal), Ltd., 142 (5) Royal Avenue
Evett, Mrs., 41 Thornhill Park
Evitts, R., Hillview, Whitewell Road
Ewald, Dr. P. P., 37 Rugby Road
Ewart, A., confectioner, 206 Lodge Road Old
Ewart, John, 19 Graymount Park
Ewart, John, motor builder, 18 Knockbreda Park
Ewart, Jos., R.U.C., 13 Ashfield Gardens
Ewart, J. W., Caprilla, Ormonde Park
Ewart, Miss G. K., Carrymachan, Quarry Road
Ewart, Miss Isabella, 99 Fitzroy Avenue
Ewart, Mrs., 22 Castle Hill Road
Ewart, Mrs. G. V., Mullindreen, Newforge Lane
Ewart, Mrs. S. J., 8 Parkside Gardens
Ewart, Robert H., 39 Grangeville Gardens
Ewart, R. H., tailor, 5 Bedford Street
Ewart, R. W., driver, 42 Victoria Avenue
Ewart, S., grocer, 324 Springfield Road
Ewart, Thomas, 149 Bloomfield Avenue
Ewart, T., lamp lighter, 16 Silverstream Parade
Ewart, William, & Son, Ltd., Flax Spinners, Linen Manufacturers, Bleachers and Merchants, Head Offices, 17 Bedford Street
Ewart, William, fitter, 124 Connsbrook Avenue
Ewart's Recreation Ground, Somerdale Park
E. W. D. Poster Service, 20 Donegall Square East
Ewell, Mrs., 52 Westland Road
Ewing, A. M., 16 Hillsborough Parade
Ewing, F. A., shirt and collar manufacturer, 15 Limestone Street; res., 36 Cooldarragh Park
Ewing, George, traveller, 11 Brookhill Avenue
Ewing, John R., electrical engineer, 18 Donegall Park Avenue
Ewing, J., 18 Middlepath Street
Ewing, J., 32 Gilnahirk Road
Ewing, J. James, manager, 27 Park Parade
Ewing, Matthew, 508 Oldpark Road
Ewing, Miss H., 31 Myrtlefield Park
Ewing, Miss Sarah, 55 Castle Gardens
Ewing, Mrs., 149 Orby Drive
Ewing, Mrs., 11 Greenville Road
Ewing, Mrs. J., 4 Lothair Avenue
Ewing, Mrs. L., 4 Dorchester Park
Ewing, Norman, teacher, 53 Castle Gardens
Ewing, N. J., 71 Victoria Street
Ewing, Peter, engineer, 5 Gibson Park Gardens
Ewing, R. J., engineer, 23 Eblana Street
Ewing, Thomas, 1 Loopland Crescent
Ewing, Thomas, 452 Apsley Street
Ewing, T., R.U.C., 5 Lothair Avenue
Ewing, William, 28-30 Taunton Avenue
Ewing, William, fishmonger, 124 and 186 Shankill Road
Ewing, W., 31 Ingledale Park
Ewing, W. J., 273 Queen Street North
Ewing, W. T., secretary, 765 Antrim Road
Ewing's Fish Market, 66 York Street
Ewing's, fish monger, 974 Shore Road and 115 Sandy Row
Ewings, James, 41 Fernwood Street
Ewings, John, 4 Norfolk Drive
Exchange Telegraph Co. Ltd. (The), 113 Royal Avenue
Executive Offices Police Committee, 84 Chichester Street
Exported Animals Compensation Trustees Northern Ireland, 78 May Street
Export Credit Guarantee Department, 2 (30-33) Wellington Place
Express Factory Co. (The), drapers, 11 Donegall Street
Express Libraries, 1 Donegall Road
Eyles, F. W., draughtsman, 7 Hillcrest Gardens
Eyre, Miss, stationer and sub-postmistress, 185 Shankill Road