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WW2 Soldiers Remembrance

for the men and women of ALL of Ireland

we won't forget you !!

"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

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no photo

Name Agnew, John (Jack)
Rank Paratrooper
Regiment 506th 101st Airborne - US Army, Special Forces
Birth details Born January 1922 in Belfast
Dates/Info 'Jack' was one of the 'Dirty Dozen' ~ his grand-niece asked me to mention that Jack was less than impressed with being portrayed as a criminal in the movie 'The Dirty Dozen'
Where died/buried further information
Source grand niece - Dawn Marshall   no contact   further information

BartleyBartley.jpg (4641 bytes) Name Bartley, Alexander
Rank Gunner
Regiment 8th Belfast H.A.A. R.A. (S.R.) ~ Army No. 1476674
Birth details Born Northern Ireland 1910
Dates/Info Served - UK, France, India, Burma
Where died/buried Died 1985
Source son - Eric Bartley  extra photos  some more info on 8th Belfast HAA
Name Brown, John  (Darkie)
Rank Gunner
Regiment 8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt. 22nd Battery
Birth details Born in Belfast, Shankill Road - September 1914
Dates/Info Was in the TA when war was declared, was called up right away.
Where died/buried In France by December 1939, right up to Dunkirk, received eye injury and unable to go to Burma with the rest of the regiment. Died 1983 buried in Roselawn
Source son - John Brown

full size photo

Name Calderbank, Charles Lewis
Rank Sub-Lieutenant
Regiment Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Birth details Born 21st July 1922 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast. Son of Wm. James Calderbank (WW1) and Milborough Roberts Lewis (Ulster Volunteer Medical and Nursing Corps - nurse WW1).
Dates/Info Served in North Atlantic, India, Burma. Awarded Atlantic Star, Burma Star, 1939-1945 Star, Defense Medal and War Medal. Immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1948, married Mary Rose Corey of Lurgan.
Where died/buried Died 2012 age 90 - buried alongside his beloved Mary in Markham, Ontario, Canada.
Source Daughter - Sandra Esterbauer
no photo Name Cassells, Francis (Frank)
Rank Able Seaman - Service No. D/JX 420407
Regiment Royal Navy - Unit Text: H.M.M.T.B. 710
Birth details Born 1926 - Son of William and Jane Cassells, of Lurgan, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland
Dates/Info Frank was on Coastal Defence Duties and was the only casualty when his Motor Torpedo Boat was sunk
Where died/buried Died 10th April 1945 - Mem. Ref.: Panel 93, Column 3
Source David Cassells
Name Christie, Harry James
Rank Capt. D.S.O., M.C. Service No. 176868
Regiment Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 2nd Bn.
Birth details Born: 10th June 1914, Belfast
Dates/Info Son of William John & Maria Christie, of 54 Oakland Avenue, Belfast
Where died/buried Died: Aged 29 on 19th January 1944 in Casino, Italy
Source 2nd Cousin Ken Ettie    Full Life Story
Name Coid, John
Rank Sergeant - Service No. 1465481
Regiment 8th Belfast HAA (SR) - 22nd Battery
Birth details Born: Belfast 1909
Dates/Info Served in France and in Burma during ww2 mentioned in dispatches
Where died/buried Buried in Carnmoney Cemetery
Source Grand-daughter Heather Coid
Name Conlon, Francis
Rank Private
Regiment Royal Norfolk Regiment
Birth details Born: January 1914 Belfast
Dates/Info K.I.A. in Normandy. Son of Daniel and Jane née Lavery Conlon, 33 Roy Street, Belfast
Where died/buried Died: 20th August 1944. Buried in the Bayeux War Cemetery in France
Source Great Nephew Stephen
Name Crawford, Robert  (Rabbie)
Rank Gunner No. 1473864
Regiment 8th (Belfast) HAA RA (SR) - 21st Battery
Birth details Born - Shankill Road, Belfast 1914 (ish)
Dates/Info Served in France at Dunkirk - KIA 13th October 1940 aged 26. Son of Jane Skillen
Where died/buried Belfast City Cemetery - St. Anne's Cathedral ROH
Source Great Niece - Jane Skilling
Name Crawford, Samuel Sloan
Rank Ordinary Seaman - Serial No. p/udx1273
Regiment H.M.S. Victory
Birth details Born 1913
Dates/Info Husband of Isabella, father of Margaret, Concrete Row, Whiteabbey - Uncle of Margaret Downey (nee) Crawford
Where died/buried Killed in action 2nd February 1940 aged 27 at Portsmouth Royal Naval Hospital - Buried in Carnmoney Cemetery
Source Elizabeth Simpson

full photo
Name Davidson, John Joseph
Rank Sergeant - Service No. 984107
Regiment 90 Squadron Bomber Command, Royal Airforce Volunteer Reserve
Birth details Born: 4th November 1920 in Belfast
Dates/Info. He and all his crew were killed when their Stirling aircraft crashed over Kegden, Germany. He was 22 years old and newly married. He was the son of Joseph & Martha Davidson, Belfast
Where buried Died: 26th June 1943 in Germany. Buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery
Source Cousin - Linda Stewart
Name Dowie, Benjamin Snr.
Rank Rifleman
Regiment Royal Ulster Rifles - Service No. 7018457
Birth details Born: 7th May 1896 Belfast
Dates/Info. Husband of Maria, 31 Harrison Street, Belfast. Children Agnes, Hugh, Benjamin, Alexander, James, Tommy, Billy and Albert. Son of Benjamin and Susan Haycott Dowie
Where buried Died: 5th February 1969 Buried in Roselawn Cemetery
Source Grandson Trevor Dowie
Name Dowie, Benjamin
Rank Private
Regiment Parachute Regiment 4th Bn. A.A.C. - Service No. 6985362
Birth details Born: 27th August 1922 Belfast
Dates/Info Served in France - Son of Benjamin and Maria Dowie, 31 Harrison Street, Belfast
Where died/buried Died: age 21 on 15th August 1944 Buried Mazarques War Cemetery France
Source Nephew, Trevor Dowie  Boxing Photo WW2
Name Dowie, James
Rank Rifleman
Regiment Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - Royal Ulster Rifles
Birth details Born: 6th December 1927 Belfast
Dates/Info James was the first Northern Ireland POW in Korea from 25th April 1951 to 18th August 1953. Husband of Kathleen, children Alexandra, James, Trevor and Colin
Where died/buried Died: 15th August 2005 Buried Carnmoney Cemetery
Source Son - Trevor Dowie (brother Benjamin Dowie above) (Father Benjamin Dowie Snr. above)

Dowie, William John

Rank Private - Service No. 14/7210
Regiment Royal Irish Rifles
Birth details Born Belfast 1892
Dates/Info Son of Benjamin & Susan (Haycott) Dowie, 31 Harrison Street, Belfast. Brother of Benjamin Dowie
Where died/buried possibly 1959 in Blackpool
Source Source: Great Nephew - Robert Lewis ~ sadly Robert Lewis passed away on Friday 29th May 2015, at the moment there is no-one to contact, I will update here if that changes :( my deepest sympathies go to his daughter Andrea and thank you for emailing me to let me know - Mary
Name Emerson, James Hodges
Rank Fireman & Trimmer
Regiment Merchant Navy
Birth details Belfast 1919
Dates/Info SS Kenbane Head (Belfast)
Where died/buried Died 5th November 1940
Source Cousin - Mary, Australia
Name Ettie, George Albert Edward
Rank Chief Petty Officer
Regiment Royal Navy - H.M.S. Belfast
Birth details 4th July 1910 Gosport, Hampshire, England
Dates/Info Born and raised in England but moved to Belfast, met and married his wife and stayed here until his death
Where died/buried Died: 4th September 1962, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Source Son - Ken Ettie
Name Gibson, Henry (Harry)
Rank L/Cpl.
Birth details Born Belfast 1910, emigrated to Canada 1927
Dates/Info Enlisted Canadian Army 1940 - RCOC as driver/mechanic - Discharged Aug. 1945 as L/Cpl.
Where died/buried Served France and Germany - Joined Militia in Canada 1929
Source Daughter - Muriel Caldwell   group photo here

extra photos
Name Harvey, John Hay
Rank Corporal
Regiment 8th Belfast H.A.A. (21st Battery)
Birth details
Where died/buried
Source Grand Son - Alistair Hamilton
Name Henderson, Norman Victor
Rank Sergeant - 1940
Regiment 2nd Royal Ulster Rifles
Birth details Belfast 1902
Dates/Info Military Medal: 1940 Dunkirk, France
Where died/buried Died: 10th December 1973, ashes scattered in the Garden of Remembrance in the grounds of Roselawn Cemetery, Belfast
Source Niece - Mary, Australia
Name Herron, David - (son of Joseph Herron)
Rank Leading Seaman - Service No. JX 183513
Regiment Royal Navy
Birth details Born 22nd April, 1910 at 36 Foxglove Street, Belfast
Dates/Info Enlisted 28th February, 1940
Left the Royal Navy on 19th November, 1945 and joined the Merchant Navy
Where died/buried Died 24th January, 1985 aged 74 - Buried Distington Crematorium, Workington, Cumbria
Source Daughter - Eileen
Name Hill, Samuel
Rank Gunner
Regiment Royal Artillery
Birth details Born: 29th September 1908 at Cupar Street, Belfast
Dates/Info Married May Sterritt from Portadown - According to a letter in September 1942 it says A Troop 316 HAA.RA. by end of war 519 Coast Regiment R.A at Dover Castle
Where died/buried Died of cancer, 23rd October 1988, Manchester, England
Source Daughter - Barbara Gehan

Ireland, Thomas

Rank Driver
Regiment RASC - Service No. t/7007689
Birth details Born: 1900 in Belfast
Dates/Info Son of William and Ellen Ireland, 5 Stanley Lane, Belfast
Where died/buried Died: 1944 Killed in Action Buried in Bayeux War Cemetary France Grave xii.c.ii Commonwealth War Dead
Source Grandson Charles Ireland
Name Irvine, Tommy
Rank Sergeant
Regiment Enniskillen Fusiliers
Birth details Born: Belfast 1907
Dates/Info Joined the army at 18 years old and was in India from 1926, finished service and was discharged but was called up again in 1939 and went to Belgium, was a P.O.W. for 3 years mistaken for a Polish soldier (see full story) Tommy's wife Ellen died in 1938, they had 2 daughters. Last address 15 Witham Street, Belfast
Where died/buried Died: age 57 on 10th April 1964 buried Dundonald Cemetery Section C1 233
Source Son-in-law Arn
Name Irwin, Arthur Barham
Rank Able Seaman
Regiment Royal Navy - H.M.S. Fernie
Birth details Born: Belfast 1920
Dates/Info Son of  John and Mary Irwin of Belfast Northern Ireland
Where died/buried KIA 1941 Died of wounds aged 21, possibly in Haslar Royal Naval Hospital. Buried: Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery, Gosport, Hampshire
Source Bob Cook A special thank you to Steve for all the extra information :o) you're a star


Name Jameson, John
Rank Gunner
Regiment 8th Belfast HAA Regt. - Service No. 1474572
Birth details Born: 18th June 1909
Dates/Info Lived at Bute Street,  York Street, Belfast - Son of Samuel and Alice Jameson, of Belfast, Northern Ireland; husband of Sarah Jameson, of Belfast
Where died/buried K.I.A. in France on 9th June 1940 - John is buried in a little village near Rouen called Pont-De-'L Arche alongside Gnr William Rea also from Belfast and an unknown German soldier
Source son - John Jameson
Name Johnston, George
Rank Ordinary Seaman - Service No. P/JX 226247
Regiment Royal Navy - HMS Vortigern
Birth details Born: 1922 - Son of George and Mary Johnston, of Belfast, husband of Florence Johnston
Dates/Info convoy FS49 was proceeding south when they were attacked by E boats near 57D buoy 17 miles north of Cromer. S 104’s captain, Oberleutnant Roeder of the German 4th MTB Flotilla, sank HMS VORTIGERN with torpedoes
Where died/buried Died: 15th March 1942 - age 20 - Portsmouth Naval Mem
Source William Taylor
no photo Name Johnston, William
Rank Private
Regiment Inniskilling Fusiliers
Birth details Born: 19th August 1925 in Belfast
Dates/Info Served France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Lived Little George’s Street
Where died/buried Died 12th December 1995 - Buried in Roselawn Cemetery
Source Daughter Rosemary Johnston
Name Johnston, William H.
Regiment HMS Springdale
Birth details Born: 29th November 1925 - Belfast
Where died/buried Died: 26th December 1975
Source Nephew - William Taylor
Name Keenan, Robert Millar
Rank Private
Regiment Auxiliary Pioneer Corps, RASC, Royal Warwickshire Regt.
Birth details Born: Belfast 1st July 1903
Dates/Info Enlisted: 12th February 1940 - Released 21st November 1945
Where died/buried BEF France 27th March 1940 - 22nd June 1940, UK (injured in bombing raid on Coventry) 1st Army North Africa and Italy 26th November 1942 - 17th August 1945
Died: Ballysillan Drive, Belfast on 25th February 1958 interred Grave S1-502 Belfast General Cemetery
Source Daughter - Sarah Savage nee Keenan
Name Knox, James
Rank Gunner - Reg. No. 147640
Regiment 23/8 AA Regiment Royal Artillery (8th Belfast HAA)
Birth details Born 3rd September 1909 - Parents John & Harriet Knox - James lived Earl Street and later Upper Mervue Street
Dates/Info James was wounded 5th June 1940 at Somme France. He was finally evacuated from Le Havre and was inpatient at Bangor hospital Roxburgh Scotland. James' regiment according to my grandfather were left fighting a rear guard action to stall the Germans from advancing to Dunkirk. They became known as the lost 1000
Where died/buried Died October 1985 and is buried in Victoria Cemetery, Carrickfergus
Source Grand Daughter - Angela Knox
Name Lamont, Allan
Rank Able Seaman - Torpedo man Service No. D/SSx 17853
Regiment Royal Navy Unit H.M.S. Jaguar - http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Jaguar_%28F34%29
Birth details Born 18th July 1915 Carnaboy Cottage, Carnaboy, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Dates/Info {son of Allan Mill McCullagh/nephew of Arthur McCullagh WW1]
Where died/buried Died - 26th March 1942 at sea Aged 26
Burial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Portsmouth, England. Name listed Panel 65, Column 3
Source Anne McNamara
no photo Name Landa, Henry
Rank Able Seaman
Regiment Royal Navy - H.M.S. Glorious
Birth details
Dates/Info Son of Jacob and Ena Landa, Belfast
Where died/buried Died - 8th June 1940
Source Mary Lennon - website - http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk
Gnr Jim Lennon0002a.jpg (107254 bytes) Name Lennon, James
Rank Gunner
Regiment 8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt. 22nd Battery
Birth details Born Belfast 1919 - Married Mary Withers; 2nd marriage Agnes Keenan Wylie, children: Diane, Douglas, Jim, Austen and Mary
Dates/Info 8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt
Where died/buried Still going strong :o)    recent photographs
Source daughter - Mary Lennon  ~  website - http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk
Name Lewis, Houston (aka Joe)
Rank Leading Aircraft Man - Service No. 1906645
Regiment RAF (1945-1948)
Birth details Born: 22nd July 1926 23 Ambleside Street, Belfast
Dates/Info Served in India during Independence 1946 to 1947 Son of William and Rebecca Lewis, 445 Oldpark Road, Belfast
Where died/buried Died: 26th December 1980 Buried Carnmoney Cemetery
Source Son - Robert Lewis ~  sadly Robert Lewis passed away on Friday 29th May 2015, at the moment there is no-one to contact, I will update here if that changes :( my deepest sympathies go to his daughter Andrea and thank you for emailing me to let me know - Mary

another photo
Name Macartney, Thomas
Rank Flight Lieutenant - No. 1494950
Regiment Royal Air Force Bomber Command
Birth details Carrickfergus 1913
Dates/Info Tom came from a farming family, joined the RAF in January 1943. After qualifying as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, he joined No.10 Squadron flying Halifax III heavy bombers out of Melbourne, Yorks. He and his crew completed 39 missions over some of the most heavily-defended targets on enemy lines of communication and in the Reich.
Where died/buried Died: 2004 at the age of 90  -  Listed: Ireland’s Aviator Heroes of World War II - Demobilized: Flight Lieutenant, in May 1948, and went back to his family and farm
Source David Crowe - grandson
Name Mann, Ephraim Wilson
Regiment R.A.F.
Birth details Born 12th May 1923
Dates/Info Served in Royal Air Force in WW2, including a posting in Egypt. He was ground crew and survived the war, living to a ripe old age.
Where died/buried Brother-in-Law to Thomas Macartney above
Source David Crowe

Name McAllister, Matthew
Rank Corporal
Regiment Eighth Army
Birth details Born: Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
Dates/Info Husband of Edna M. Lister of Leeds, England. Son of Matthew McAllister of Carrickfergus
Where died/buried Died: October 1942 Battle of El Alamien
Source Great Nephew - Mark McAllister
Name McCabe, Rebecca
Rank Wren
Regiment W.R.N.S.
Birth details Born: 31st August 1921 at 59 Palmer Street, Belfast
Dates/Info In 1942 she joined up, Rebecca was a maintenance Wren, She was attached to H.M.S. Caroline and after two years she was transferred to Belfast Castle S.D.O. Signal Distribution Office. Rebecca was also a soloist in the Royal Naval Choir   click for more information
Where died/buried Died: 11th December 2006
Source Daughter - Caroline Simmonds   more photographs
no photo Name McCarroll, William
Rank Flight Lieutenant
Regiment Royal Air Force Reserve (No. 103019)
Birth details Belfast 1918
Dates/Info Wife: Gwendoline Mary (Sheridan); one son William born after his father's death
Where died/buried KIA - 21st November 1943, Italian coast? - No known grave. Runnymede Memorial, Panel 120
Source Pat Gore

no photo

Name McCleary, Albert
Rank Gunner - Service No. 996224.148
Regiment Bedfordshire Yeo. Field Regt.
Birth details Born - Belfast 1913
Dates/Info Served France, Burma - POW
Where died/buried Died - 1943 - Buried - Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Source Second Cousin - Elizabeth Dickson

Name McConnell, Samuel Britton
Rank Major - Service No. 13070
Regiment 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Birth details Born: 6th October 1897 in Dublin - Brother to James Kerr and Robert Brooks McConnell
Dates/Info Son of Frances and Robert McConnell, a warder at Mount Joy Prison and then Crumlin Road, Belfast. - 46 Mountjoy Prison Cottages, Inns Quay, Dublin (1901); 24 Rosewood Street (1911); 6 Rosewood Street (1910/1918)
Where died/buried Died: 19th April 1942 in Burma. Commemorated on Rangoon Memorial Face 11
Source Niece-in-Law - Ellen McConnell

Name McDowell, Joseph
Rank Stoker, 1st Class
Regiment Royal Navy
Birth details 11th April 1925 in Belfast
Dates/Info Volunteered 16th December 1943 Served on H.M.S. Duke, 19/11/43 - 21/12/43 S.T.E. Souton 22/12/43 - 2/2/44 H.M.S. Pembroke 2/2/44 - 9/3/44 H.M.S Kingfisher 13/3/44 -31/1/46 H.M.S. Pembroke 1/2/46 - 26/12/47
Where died/buried Died: 23rd July 1970 Buried: Roselawn, Belfast
Source Son - Jim McDowell  extra photograph

CABUKR79.jpg (23979 bytes)

Name McFadden, Michael
Regiment RAF ~ Joined the Royal Irish Fusiliers in 1916 but was underage and was discharged.
Called into RAF Reserve 22nd July 1937 for 2 years, war broke out and he was in for the duration.
Birth details Born 19th July 1900 in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Dates/Info Michael was Ground Crew and didn't get to serve abroad.
Where died/buried Died 1st November 1976 at Camberwell, London - was stationed at Boscombe Downs
Source Grandson - Brian McFadden  extra photographs

Name McFaull, Gerald (Gerry)
Rank Fusilier - Service No. 6979083
Regiment Royal Irish Fusiliers 2nd Battalion
Birth details Coleraine 1919
Dates/Info "He died whilst stepping off a train when he heard the whistle and thought the train had come to a stand still when it hadn't. The train was apparently full of other soldiers on their way home after the war/or to take leave"
Where died/buried

Died: 18th November 1938 Age 19. Buried: Plot M7 Row E Grave 4 in Moascar War Cemetery in Ismailia in Egypt. It's a Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) cemetery which is in Ismailia near the Suez Canal and he does have a military headstone but he isn't listed on the CWGC database because he didn't die
during wartime.
Source Great Niece Jackie McFaull

no photo

Name McGarry, Henry (Harry)
Rank Sapper - Service No. 2716372
Regiment 1010 Docks Operating Company R.E.
Birth details
Dates/Info Harry had been in the Irish Guards before WW2. Son of William and Mary Ann McGarry, husband of Esther.
Where died/buried 17th June 1943 on board S.S. Yoma (Torpedoed off coast of Libya)
Source Step daughter Roberta Smith

no photo

Name McGoldrick, Patrick
Rank Sgt.
Regiment R.A.F.
Birth details 22nd March 1922 - Belfast
Dates/Info Son of Edward and Sarah McGoldrick ; Wife - Sheila McGoldrick ; Children-  Margaret, Dorothy and Andrew
Where died/buried Served in England, Egypt and Bahrain as a mechanic - Died 19th April 1999 - Buried: Milltown Cemetery 
Source Grandson - Paul G. Downey

Name McGrath, David Irvine
Rank Fusilier
Regiment 1st Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
Birth details
Dates/Info Service No. 6976349
Where died/buried Wounded & taken POW in North Africa - Stalag IV c Italy POW number 251066
Source Bob Cook

Name McGrath, Thomas Albert
Rank Corporal
Regiment 21st Army Field Workshops A.I.F.
Birth details Born 1905 ~ 56 Tobergill Street, Belfast
Dates/Info Service No. VX9882
Where died/buried Died Melbourne, Australia
Source Bob Cook

Name McIlroy, Sidney Alexander
Rank Engineer Officer
Regiment Merchant Navy - MV Empire Comet (Greenock)
Birth details Born 1916
Dates/Info Sidney lived in Belfast at Clifton Drive
Where died/buried Died - 17th February 1942 - aged 26 when his ship "MV Empire Comet" in convoy No.HX 174 en route from Halifax to Manchester/Liverpool was torpedoed by U-boat 136. Tower Hill Memorial
Source Sidney McDowell

Name McIvor, Benjamin
Rank Private - Service No. 14682919
Regiment Pioneer Corps 130 Coy
Birth details Born: December 1912 in Barrow in Furness
Dates/Info Benjamin was the only son of Maria McIvor (nee Magee) and Thomas McIvor (WW1 soldier) of 96 Canmore Street
Where died/buried Died: aged 34 on 18th January 1946 and is buried in Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg, Germany.
Source Granddaughter - Suzanne Wilkinson

Name McKeown, John Joseph
Regiment Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Birth details Born 1921 in Belfast
Dates/Info Served in Burma
Where died/buried Alive and living in Birmingham age 88
Source Granddaughter - Gina McKeown   FULL photo including other soldiers
no photo Name McKernan, Bernard Joseph
Rank Gunner - Service Number 11418859
Regiment 3 Maritime Regt. Royal Artillery
Birth details Born 1916
Dates/Info Son of Edward and Mary Ann McKernan, Remembered with honour
Where died/buried Died 11th May 1944 - Age 28 - Chatham Naval Memorial
Source Great Nephew - Andrew McErlean
no photo Name McLennan, John (Jack)
Rank Officer's Steward
Regiment H.M. Trawler Northern Rover - Naval Auxiliary Personal
Birth details Born 1890
Where died/buried Died November 1939 - Northern Rover was torpedoed by U-Boat 59 with all hands lost
Source Great Great Niece - Karen O'Rawe

Name Mearns, James 'Jim' Ernest
Rank L/Bdr. Service No. 1459272
Regiment 8th Belfast H.A.A. Reg. REME/RHQ
Birth details Born: March 1919, Belfast
Dates/Info enlisted May 1939, lived at  56 Marlborough Park North, Lisburn Road, Belfast
Where died France, Burma see site http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk/8th_belfast_haa_regt.htm
Source Son - Bill Mearns   postcard to his sister  other photos  POEM
Name Menary, George Herbert
Rank Sergeant
Regiment 8th Belfast H.A.A. 21st Battery
Birth details Born Belfast 22nd November 1906
Dates/Info George was a Gunner in France, evacuated from Dunkirk, promoted Bombardier at Coventry in 1940, and Sgt in 1941. Whilst in India he was the pay Sgt. for the 21st Battery and was demobbed in 1946
Where died/buried Died: 1st April 1949 Buried Dundonald Cemetery
Source Son-in-Law - Walter Pink
no photo Name Monaghan, Robert
Rank Lance Corporal - No. 7014323
Regiment 2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Birth details Born 1920
Where died/buried KIA - 21st April 1945 aged 25    Buried - Argenta Gap War Cemetery, Italy
Source Nephew - Jim Monaghan

no photo Name Moore, James
Rank Lance Corporal
Regiment Royal Ulster Rifles B-Battalion
Birth details Born: Belfast, 2nd May 1909
Dates/Info Served throughout WW2 and was involved in the D-Day landings - Parents were James & Margaret Moore (nee Duncan)
Where died/buried Died: April 1973
Source Son - Richard Moore
Name Murphy, Tommy
Birth details date unknown Belfast
Dates/Info 9 Cinnamond Street
Where died/buried
Source Niece - Maggie    extra photos

Name O'Neill, Robert
Rank Corporal - 3310709
Regiment 2nd Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Birth details Born: 1914
Dates/Info Son of Thomas and Rose Ann O'Neill of 4 John Street, Belfast
Where died/buried Died: aged 27 on 20th December 1941 - Remembered with honour Singapore Memorial Column 81
Source Nephew - Brian O'Neill

Name Passfield, J. T.
Rank Gunner
Regiment 8th (Belfast) HAA Regt. (22nd Battery) - Service No. 1804780 also 69th L.A.A. Regiment R.A.
Birth details Born 9th October 1909 Camberwell, London, married with a son and a daughter
Dates/Info Enlisted 31st July 1941 - attached to the "8th" 1941 to 1943
Where died/buried Served in India, Burma and British Army of the Rhine - Medals: 1939/45 Star, Burma Star, War Medal 1939-45
Source Son - John Passfield  more photos  Listed on 8th HAA Site

Name Phillips, David Maxwell
Rank Platoon Sgt. Major (WO 111)
Regiment Royal Irish Fusiliers
Birth details Born - East Belfast 1908
Dates/Info Joined army January 1928
Where died/buried Died - KIA June 1940 - Buried - Dundonald Cemetery - Served - Dunkirk
Source Grand-son - Philip Croft

Name Robinson, Robert (Charlie)
Rank Gunner - Service No. 1465720
Regiment 8th Belfast HAA Regt. - 21st Battery
Birth details Born: 1907 Shankill Road, Belfast
Dates/Info Served in France at Dunkirk and London where he was Killed in Action. Son of John and Maria Robinson, Belfast and husband of Sophia Robinson, Belfast
Where buried KIA on 13th/14th October 1940 aged 33
Source Daughters Elizabeth Simms and Elsie Smyth    extra photo

Name Rush, Francis John
Rank Flight Lieutenant
Regiment No.502 (Ulster) Squadron
Birth details Born 1922 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Dates/Info Francis John was a veteran of World War Two and was awarded the D.F.C & Bar, he was a pilot with 502 (Ulster) Squadron flying out of Aldergrove Antrim Northern Ireland
Where buried Died: 21st August 1949 at the age of 27 in a flying accident, northern Manitoba - Francis is buried in Saskatoon
Source Cousin - Peter Rush  Rush Family Site

Name Russell, Joseph
Rank Private - No. 4395753
Regiment The Green Howards
Birth details Born - Belfast 24th December 1913
Dates/Info Served in India, Middle East, North Africa, Sicily and Italy
Where died/buried Died - 18th October 1982 - Buried - Bedford, England
Source Son - Joseph Russell

Name Seenan, Thomas
Rank Private/Sergeant/Private Regiment
Regiment Royal Ulster Rifles
Birth details Born: 5th November 1916 in Belfast
Dates/Info Served in Africa and Italy with 1st Batt. 8th Army
Where buried Cremated - Roselawn Cemetery in Belfast 1992
Source Son Alby Seenan    photo

Name Starrett, Richard
Rank Rifleman - Service No. D/25132
Regiment Royal Ulster Rifles - 30th Bn.
Birth details Born: Barrow in Furness - 30th September 1885
Dates/Info Husband of Annie Starrett, 18 Bright Street, Belfast - Full History here
Where died/buried Died: 25th March 1943 - Dundonald Cemetery Section B1 No. 744
Source Great Grandson Glenn Thompson

Name Stewart, James (Jimmy)
Rank Leading Aircraft Man (flight mechanic) 630717
Regiment Pegasus Squadron
Birth details Born: 6th August 1918 Shankill, Belfast - Husband of Ena Stewart, son of John & Ethel Stewart
Dates/Info Service: 11th January 1939 - 19th February 1946 including Burma
Where died/buried Died 11th April 1999 aged 80 years. Buried Roselawn Cemetery, Belfast
Source Daughter - Linda Stewart   extra photos and Service Book

no photo

Name Storey, Alfred Cuming
Rank Warrant Officer - Service No. 1086889
Regiment R.A.F. 36 Squadron
Birth details Born: 3rd January 1922 Clandeboye Street, Belfast
Dates/Info Son of Alfred and Marion Storey - Served in Battle of the Atlantic, North Africa and Italy Demobbed in 1946 with over 1000 hrs operational flying time
Where died/buried Died: 2005
Source Son - Mark Storey

no photo

Name Thompson, Henry
Rank Aircraftsman 2nd class - Service No. 1007157
Regiment Royal Air Force
Birth details Born: 23rd October 1920 in Belfast
Dates/Info Son of Margaret/Maggie Thompson (nee Stewart) and Henry Thompson, Strandtown, Belfast (Aigburth Park)
Where died/buried Died: 4th March 1945. Buried: Ambon War Cemetery
Source Nephew Sean Young Thompson

no photo

Name Ward, Henry Baxter

Able Seaman C/JX544636

Regiment H.M.S. Violet (K35) Corvette
Birth details Born Belfast 1923
Dates/Info Son of Mary and Thomas Reid Ward, 15 Enniskillen Street, Belfast. Brother of George Ward
Where died/buried Died Age 22 on board 1945: Buried Durban S.A.
Source Nephew - Peter Ward

Name Watt, William Robert
Rank Sergeant
Regiment Inniskilling Fusiliers - 2nd Battalion
Birth details Born 28th March 1914 in 2 Empress Street East, Belfast
Dates/Info Joined 1938 to 1945 seeing action in Burma - joined the Corp of Commissioners in later years
Where died/buried Died 22nd November 2002 age 88
Source Daughter - Elizabeth McKissick   ~  full size photo

Name White, Louis McKelvey
Rank Captain - Service No. 163000
Regiment 8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.
Birth details Born: 2nd May 1911 to Margaret Eleanor and William John, 18 Bridge Street, Cootehill
Dates/Info Called to Active Service on 24th August 1939 - Played for North of Ireland Rugby Football Club
Where died/buried Died: 27th January 1982 - Buried Auckland New Zealand
Source Son - Michael White

Name Woolhead, C. J. (Jack)
Rank Gunner - 11058026
Regiment 8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt. - 21st Battery
Birth details
Dates/Info Son of William Thomas & Sarah Jane Woolhead, of Watford; husband of Louisa Edith and had 2 children
Where died/buried Wounded in Action 10th February 1944, Jack lost a leg, though was able to return to civilian life for a while, he died 26th June 1947
Source Grandson - Chris Woolhead

no photo

Name Young, William
Rank Sergeant Service No. 6978443
Regiment Royal Irish Fusiliers
Birth details Born: 3rd December 1916, Coagh, Co. Tyrone
Dates/Info Son of Robert and Elizabeth Young, Lower Coagh, Co. Tyrone. Was P.O.W. during WW2
Where died/buried Died: 10th May 2005, Billingham, England
Source Son-in-law Ged Widdowfield