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1943 Belfast Street Directory

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Containing the names of the

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Sabbath School Society for Ireland, Church House, Fisherwick Place
Sacred Heart Church, 116 Oldpark Road and 1a Glenview Street; Parochial Hall, 11-13 Gracehill Street
Saddington, E., 21 Victoria Avenue
Sadlier, George, R.U.C., 753 Crumlin Road
Sadlier, Mrs. E., 406 Falls Road
Safe Deposit, Ocean Buildings, 1 Chichester Street. T.A.: "Ocean, Belfast"
Safferin, Capt. E., Ardella, Castleview Road
Sailors' Home, 103 Corporation Street
Sales, Robert, driver, 68 Grosvenor Road
Sally, Patrick, R.U.C., 27 Willowfield Crescent
Salmon, A. S., plater, 21 Ravenhill Crescent
Salmon, Mrs. Sarah A., 20 Newington Street
Salmond, W., civil servant, 132 Somerton Road
Salter, Walter, com. agent, 18 Ardgreenan Drive
Salters, Mrs. S. M., 585 Oldpark Road
Salters, Wm., dairyman, 115 Ballygomartin Road
Salthouse, Edward, 4 Clara Park
Salvation Army - Central Citadel, 30 Dublin Road; Women's Social Headquarters, Thorndale House, Duncairn Avenue; National Headquarters for Ireland, 59 Royal Avenue; Working Men's Hotel and Men's Social Headquarters, 54-56 Waring Street; Hall, 231 Mountpottinger Road; Office, 48-50 Foundry Street. Divisional Headquarters for Ireland, 41 Donegall Street
Salvation Army Assurance Society Ltd., 16 Howard Street
Salvation Army Red Shield Club and Hostel, Clifton Street
Sam Neilson Club, 129a Divis Street
Samaritan Hospital for Women, Lisburn Road - Surgeons: - Mr. Thomas S. Holmes and Mr. Price. Assistant Surgeon:- Mary Robertson. Anaesthetists:- Dr. Geddis and Dr. O. Darling. Matron:- Miss E. McRoberts
Sames, Harry, foreman, 92 Barnett's Road
Sampson, Alex., fitter, 17 Aigburth Park
Sampson, J., electrician, 355 Castlereagh Road
Sampson, Mrs. M., 29 Ardenlee Avenue
Sampson, Wm., foreman, 35 Orby Gardens
Sampson, W. A., 33 Bloomfield Road
Samson, J., carpenter, 70 Orangefield Crescent
Samuel, H., Ltd., Jewellers, Watchmakers and Silversmiths, 8 Castle Place
Samuel, J., caulker, 61 Lansdowne Park
Samuels, B., financier, 592 Antrim Road
Samuels, J., 17 Chichester Road
Samuels, S., financier, 185 (2) Donegall Street
Samways, E. G., 11 Belmont Church Road
San Remo Nursing Home, 81 University Street
Sancta Maria, 36 Crumlin Road
Sanderson, A., manager, 41 Madison Avenue
Sanderson, A., Corporation official, 19 Ravensdene Park
Sanderson, D. J., engineer, 1 Loopland Road
Sanderson, John, M.P.S., 5 The Glen
Sanderson, Martha, 30 Gibson Park Gardens
Sanderson, S., director, 496 Antrim Road
Sanderson, Thomas J., civil servant, 11 Slievedarragh Park
Sanderson, W. C., traveller, 8 Sunningdale Park North
Sanderson, W. J., N.F.S., 41 Roseleigh Street
Sandersons (Belfast), Ltd., tailors, 151 North Street
Sandes, Mrs. A., 1 Lancefield Road
Sandes, R. H., clerk, 4 Beechmount Park
Sandes, W. H. B., engineer, 15 Adelaide Park
Sandford, F., hairdresser, 9 Templemore Avenue
Sandford, Sam, 41 Loopland Drive
Sandford, S., hairdresser, 76 Dee Street
Sandro Cinema Ltd., 71-73 Sandy Row
Sands, David, grocer, 1 Legann Street
Sands, George, provision merchant, 13 Cliftondene Gardens
Sands, Geo. H., grocer, 94 Alliance Avenue
Sands, Geo. H., fruiterer, 98 Alliance Avenue
Sands, John, 54 Ashley Avenue
Sands, Joseph, caulker, 75 Chamberlain Street
Sands, J., fireplace manufacturer, 96 Ulsterville Avenue
Sands, T. J., cutter, 38 Auburn Street
Sands, W. J., butler, 14 Fortwilliam Crescent
Sandy Row Methodist Church, McAdam Street
Sandy Row Orange Hall, 206 Sandy Row
Sandy Row P.E.S., 22a Hurst Street
Sandys, E., The Hayes, Finaghy Road South
Sandys, H. A., insurance official, Ombersley, Sunningdale Park
Sang, John A., engineer, 22 Stranmillis Gardens
Sangster, Robert, fitter, 3 Orpen Drive
Sanlon, Thomas, grocer, 14 Hopeton Street
Sanlon, Thomas, grocer, 37 Matlock Street
Saoul, David, traveller, 27 Glandore Gardens
Saperia, M., 199 Cliftonville Road
Sares-Soar, Mrs., 10 Deramore Park
Sargaison, F. W., civil servant, 12 Belmont Park
Sargent, T. E., inspector, 64 Ulsterville Avenue
Sarples, Mrs. H., 32 Thorndale Avenue
Saul, W., salesman, 15 Clifton Crescent
Saulters, Elizabeth, 92 Deerpark Road
Saulters, Mrs. Evelyn, 199 Belmont Road
Saunders, A., confectioner, 260 Crumlin Road
Saunders, Cecil E., stereotyper, 40 Deacon Street
Saunders, D., teacher, 5 Lucerne Parade
Saunders, E., 4 Moyola Street
Saunders, F. A., engineer, 18 Cardigan Drive
Saunders, Geo., basket maker, 66 Hesketh Park
Saunders, G. R., 6 Strathmore Park South
Saunders, James E., 19 Sicily Park
Saunders, John, foreman, 104 Ulsterville Avenue
Saunders, J., grocer, 29 McCleery Street
Saunders, T. A., butcher, 158 Shankill Road
Saunders, Walter, R.U.C., Drumbo, Glen Road
Saunderson, Alexander, 16 Irwin Avenue
Saunderson, A. E., civil servant, 58 Stranmillis Gardens
Saunderson, H., bookkeeper, 49 Kansas Avenue
Saunderson, J. T., 12 Ardgreenan Drive
Saunderson, Mrs., 45 Sandhurst Gardens
Saunderson, Mrs. A., 47 Farnham Street
Saunderson, Mrs. J. C., 37 Marlborough Park North
Saunderson, Mrs. Lena, fruiterer, 1 Limestone Road
Saunderson, Mrs. L. L., confectioner, 74 Euston Street
Saunderson, M., R.A.F., 385 Newtownards Road Upper
Savage, Arthur, 44 Ardmore Park
Savage, A. E., & Co., estate agents, 45 Donegall Street
Savage, Charles, 141 Springfield Road
Savage, C., 18 Clanroy Street
Savage, E., 43 Belmont Church Road
Savage, Frank, sheet metal worker, 3 Montgomery Street
Savage, G., cafe, 297 Holywood Road
Savage, G. A., clerk, 9 Gibson Park Gardens
Savage, G. A., 289 Holywood Road
Savage, Hans, publican, 20 Annette Street and 2a Turnley Street
Savage, Hans, spirit merchant, 86 Newtownards Road Upper
Savage, Henry, accountant, 54 Cliftondene Gardens
Savage, Henry J. R., foreman, 26 Mayfair Avenue
Savage, Hugh, 184 Newtownards Road Upper
Savage, H., conductor, 80 Joanmount Park
Savage, Irwin, plumber, 82 Agincourt Avenue
Savage, James, 492 Oldpark Road
Savage, James, joiner, 542 Oldpark Road
Savage, James H., 44 Sandhill Gardens
Savage, Jas., cooper, 21-23 Queen Street North
Savage, John, clerk, 15 Glantrasna Drive
Savage, John, teacher, Ardkeen, Fruithill Park
Savage, John, 1-3 Sherbrook Street
Savage, John, electrician, 11 Ardmore Park South
Savage, Joseph, dentist, 145 Springfield Road
Savage, Joseph, dentist, 10 Norfolk Drive
Savage, Jos., civil servant. 115 Agincourt Avenue
Savage, Jos., boiler maker, 31 Glenbrook Avenue
Savage, J., pattern maker, 44 Elimgrove Street
Savage, J., house furnisher, 79 Peter's Hill
Savage, J., shop assistant, 43 Irwin Crescent
Savage, J. C., tailor, 119 Donegall Street
Savage, J. H., 22 Parkmount Road
Savage, J. M., insurance agent, 16 Denorrton Park
Savage, K., gardener, 73a Somerton Road
Savage, Miss, 23 Beit Street
Savage, Miss F., 27 Sans Souci Park
Savage, Miss M., 4 Thorndale Avenue
Savage, Miss M., 76 Divis Drive
Savage, Mrs., ladies' hairdresser, 76 May Street
Savage, Mrs. Agnes, 455 Springfield Road
Savage, Mrs. A. E., 40 Devon Parade
Savage, Mrs. C., 20 Vicinage Park
Savage, Mrs. Lucy, 56 Fortwilliam Crescent
Savage, Mrs. Mary, 21 Salisbury Street
Savage, Mrs. N., 38 Cromwell Street
Savage, M., grocer, 54 Haypark Avenue
Savage, M., grocer, 38 King Street
Savage, M. J., 172 Grand Parade
Savage, M. K., grocer, 74 Dee Street
Savage & McKenzie, estate agents, 64 Royal Avenue
Savage, Nelson, 1 Dunowen Gardens
Savage, Patrick, boot maker, 12 Hamilton Street
Savage, P., barman, 10 Shaftesbury Avenue
Savage, R., joiner, 132 Connsbrook Avenue
Savage, Thos., french polisher, 59 Mountview Street
Savage, Thos., moulder, 40 Joanmount Park
Savage, T., clerk, 98 Haypark Avenue
Savage, William, 35 Sandhurst Gardens
Savage, Wm., 179 Sandown Road
Savage, W., 23 Elimgrove Street
Saville, E. A., costumier, 38 (3) Castle Lane
Savory, D. L., professor, 33 Knockbreda Park
Savoy Picture House (The), 274-296 Crumlin Road
Sawers, Limited, Fish, Ice, Game, Poultry, Fruit, Grocery and Provision Merchants and Butchers, 4-10 High Street. T.A.: "Sawers, Belfast"
Sawers, John H., 116a Belmont Road
Sawers, Mrs., 76 King's Road
Sawrey, Thomas, 9 Bennett Drive
Sawrey, Wm., builder, 27 Brookvale Avenue
Saxon, Mrs. K., 163 Lodge Road New
Saxone Shoe Co., 15 Donegall Place
Sayers & Co., heating and sanitary engineers, 17 Wellington Place
Sayers & Co., outfitters, 179 York Street
Sayers, George, manager, 32 Newington Street
Sayers, J., 1 Oak Street
Sayers, Miss W. J., 12 Cherryvalley Park
Sayers, Mrs., 96 Priory Park
Sayers, Mrs. E., 16 Ardpatrick Gardens
Sayers, Mrs. J., 41 Kirkliston Drive
Sayers, Mrs. M., 376 Shankill Road
Sayers, R. M., journalist, 31 Holland Park
Sayers, Rev. R. R., 118 Eglantine Avenue
Sayers, W., draper, 18 Cedar Avenue
Sayles, J. P., 7 Bladon Drive
Saylin, B., financier, 72 (2) Castle Street
Saylin, Mrs. L., 77 Cedar Avenue
Sayliss, M. F., draper, 17 Strathmore Park South
Sayliss, M. F., credit draper, 22 Waring Street
Scaife, Mrs. M. E., 24 Inverary Avenue
Scagell, Reginald A., naval recruiter, 15 Elimgrove Street
Scagell, R. A., restrng officer, 49 Alliance Avenue
Scales & Slicers, Ltd., 47 Smithfield
Scales, Walter, 22 Wynard Park
Scales, W., 1 Shandon Villas, Kensington Road
Scallan, James, warehouseman, 187 Joanmount Gardens
Scally, Henry, publican, 195-197 Durham Street
Scally, Miss, 46 University Road
Scammel, F. W., manager, 45 Queensberry Park
Scandrett, Jos., coach maker, 46 Delhi Street
Scandrett, Mrs., 71 Salisbury Avenue
Scandrett, Mrs. Margaret, 17 Woodcot Avenue
Scanlon, John, 663 Crumlin Road
Scarborough, G. V., 264 Newtownards Road Upper
Scarborough, John, pipe coverer, 36 Dover Street
Scarfe, M., R.A.F., 92 Ardenlee Avenue
Scarlett, Dr., registrar of births, deaths and marriages, 1 Pakenham Street
Scarlett, Dr. George, 74 Dublin Road
Scarlett, G., R.U.C., 558 Newtownards Road Upper
Scarlett, M. D., 29 Ulsterville Avenue
Scarlett, James, confectioner, 127 Sandy Row
Scarlett, Mrs. A. W., 420-422 Woodstock Road
Scarlett, William, plumber, 29 Sydenham Park
Scarlett, W. J., 35 Ulsterville Avenue
Scarr, D., machinist, 65 Willowfield Drive
Scarr, Samuel, weaver, 8 Onslow Parade
Scattergood, G. F., cabinet maker, 53 Castlereagh Street
Scery, J., 6 Donegall Park
Schiess, Otto, chef, 78 Divis Drive
Schofield, A. P., engineer, 2a Lockview Road
Schofield, C. R., agent, 78 Kensington Road
Schofield, E., conductor, 12 Ardgreenan Gardens
Schofield, Mrs., 110 Ardenlee Avenue
Schofield, N., 133 Rushfield Avenue
Scholastic Production Co., 29 Packenham Street
Scholls, Dr., Foot Comfort Service, 2 Fountain Lane
School Medical Service, 4 Crumlin Road
Scientific Shoes, Ltd., foot fitters, 7 Lombard Street
Scilley, Miss, 48 Cherryvalley Gardens
Scilley, Mrs. Mary, 8 Strandview Street
Scollan, Owen, dining rooms, 10 Short Street
Scollan, Thomas, grocer, 105 Plevna Street
Scop, Leo., director, 17 Downview Avenue
Scotch Hotel (The), 19 Gamble Street
Scotch Wool and Hosiery Store, 38 Royal Avenue
Scotch Wool House (The), 45 Bradbury Place
Scotland, R. & W., artificial teeth manufacturers and dentists, 72 Townsend Street
Scott, Abraham, 38 Rugby Avenue
Scott, Albert E., joiner, 177 Alliance Avenue
Scott, Alex., librarian, 96 Newtownards Road Upper
Scott, Alex., 4 Downview Gardens
Scott, Alfred, grocer, 352 Woodstock Road
Scott, Andrew, engineer, 28 Myrtlefield Park
Scott, Andrew, & Co., engineers' agents, 16 Donegall Square South
Scott, Archer, electrician, 36 Meadowbank Place
Scott, A., 261 Queen Street North
Scott, A., civil servant, 98 Henderson Avenue
Scott, A., grocer, 48 Orangefield Crescent
Scott, A., Hazelbank Villa, Ravenscroft Avenue
Scott, A., 63 Melrose Street
Scott, A. E., 2 Wandsworth Parade
Scott, A. P., ship surveyor, 8 Kingsway Avenue
Scott Bros., butchers, 3-5 Lisburn Road
Scott Bros., grocers, 167 Ormeau Road
Scott Bros., drapers, 128-130 Sandy Row
Scott, B., hairdresser, 16 Hamilton Street
Scott, B., solicitor, 40 Lisburn Road
Scott, C., agent, 6 Alfred Street
Scott, David, 70 Whitewell Crescent
Scott, David, R.U.C., 14 Fitzroy Avenue
Scott, David, groom, 3 Forth River Cottages
Scott, David, joiner, 55 Bryson Street
Scott, David, clerk, 17 St. James' Street
Scott, David, grocer, 2 Gertrude Street
Scott, David, bread server, 24 Mount Merrion Park
Scott, David M. D., engineer, 124 Woodstock Road
Scott, David, & Son, Ltd., Engineers, Millwrights and Boilermakers, 113a-d and 126-128 Corporation Street
Scott, Douglas G., 118 Newtownards Road Upper
Scott, D. H., 20 Loopland Gardens
Scott, Edward, R.U.C., 325 Donegall Road
Scott, Elizabeth, 7 Circular Road North
Scott, Fredk., clerk, 3 Lorne Street
Scott, F., 42 Bedeque Street
Scott, F. H., 542 Shore Road
Scott, Geo. A., chemist, 359 Antrim Road
Scott, Gordon, draughtsman, Roselawn, Knockbreda Road
Scott, G., 44 Belmont Avenue
Scott, G. H., 11 Graymount Gardens
Scott, Harry, grocer, 43-45 Moore Street
Scott, Herbert D., traveller, 68 Lansdowne Park
Scott, Hugh, manager, 512 Antrim Road
Scott, Hugh, 18 Queen Street North
Scott, H., A.R.C.M., studio, 13 Lombard Street
Scott, H., Garth, Cherryvalley
Scott, Rev. H., B.A., The Manse, Andersonstown
Scott, H. J., & Co. (Belfast), Ltd., electrical engineers, 25-29 Ravenhill Avenue and 314 Ravenhill Road
Scott, H. T., 32 Osborne Gardens
Scott, Isaac, 43 Pommern Parade
Scott, Isobel, home bakery and confectioner, 20 Newtownards Road Upper
Scott, James, leather curer, 5 Parkside Gardens
Scott, James, 57-59 Belmont Road
Scott, James, R.U.C., 3 Trigo Parade
Scott, James, 198 Joanmount Gardens
Scott, James, plumber, 29 Florida Drive
Scott, James, com. agent, 4 Conlig Street
Scott, James, 48 Orby Drive
Scott, James, joiner, 11 Whitewell Road
Scott, James E., manufacturers' agent, 17 Wellington Place
Scott, Jas., fitter, 93 Deerpark Road
Scott, Jas., prov. merchant, 101 Somerton Road
Scott, Jas., grocer, 234 Albert Bridge Road
Scott, Jas., 74 Cliftonpark Avenue
Scott, Jas. Henry, pattern maker, 386 Castlereagh Road
Scott, Jas. H., civil servant, 45 Ardenlee Avenue
Scott, John, manager, 19 Wolseley Street
Scott, John, 54 Fitzroy Avenue
Scott, John, 2 Rosemount Gardens
Scott, John, 72 Tildarg Street
Scott, John A., 12 Willowfield Street
Scott, John K., Ltd., hardwood merchants, 14 Library Street Upper
Scott, John K., Ltd., oil merchants, 15 Church Street
Scott, John N., plater, 31 yarrow Street
Scott, John S., clerk, 22 Summer Hill Avenue
Scott, Joseph, estate agent, 18 Madrid Street
Scott, Joseph, 11 Kirklow Drive
Scott, Joseph, engineer, 37 Ava Street
Scott, Joseph O., builder, 4 Orangefield Crescent
Scott, J., 41 College Park Avenue
Scott, J., manager, 36 Marmount Gardens
Scott, J., music trade, 87 Malone Avenue
Scott, J., fruiterer, 135 Newtownards Road Upper
Scott, J., salesman, 97 Grosvenor Road
Scott, J. A. W., engineer, 63 Pommern Parade
Scott, J. E., supper saloon, 95 Agnes Street
Scott, J. E., 54 Knockvale Park
Scott, J. H., 13 Castle Hill Road
Scott, J. J., chauffeur, Four Winds, Glencairn Road
Scott, J. J., motor mechanic, 481 Cregagh Road
Scott, Leslie, 11 Alexandra Avenue
Scott, Miss, 31 Haypark Avenue
Scott, Miss, hairdresser, 84 North Road
Scott, Miss, confectioner, 42 Matlock Street
Scott, Miss A. M., 84 Skegoneill Avenue
Scott, Miss B. E., 541 Oldpark Road
Scott, Miss D. B., studio, 15 College Street
Scott, Miss Elizabeth, 12 Landseer Street
Scott, Miss Eveline S., 17 Rugby Road
Scott, Miss E., 23 Hartington Street
Scott, Miss E., publican, 156 Conway Street
Scott, Miss E., 462 Ravenhill Road
Scott, Miss E., 17 Clara Crescent Upper
Scott, Miss Florence, 108 University Avenue
Scott, Miss H. E., 187 Cavehill Road
Scott, Miss K., 22 Clifton Street
Scott, Miss M., grocer, 54 Linfield Road
Scott, Miss R. A. McClinton, 30 Bloomfield Road
Scott, Miss Susan, 8 Silvio Street
Scott, Miss Thomasina, draper, 180 Crumlin Road
Scott, Mrs., 121 Cliftonville Road
Scott, Mrs., 53 Station Road
Scott, Mrs., 16 (3) Station Road
Scott, Mrs., 24-26 Tenth Street
Scott, Mrs., 2 Claremont Street
Scott, Mrs., 117 (4) Malone Road
Scott, Mrs., 35 Court Street
Scott, Mrs., Achree, Whitewell Road
Scott, Mrs., 55 Ravenhill Gardens
Scott, Mrs., 90 Ashley Avenue
Scott, Mrs., 16 Ponsonby Avenue
Scott, Mrs., 66 Agnes Street
Scott, Mrs., 7 Dundela Park
Scott, Mrs., 9 Kincora Avenue
Scott, Mrs., 14 Stranmillis Road
Scott, Mrs., 278 Antrim Road
Scott, Mrs., 41 Belmont Avenue
Scott, Mrs., Craigtara, Annadale Avenue
Scott, Mrs., 9 Ormiston Park
Scott, Mrs., publican, 160 Woodvale Road
Scott, Mrs. Ann, 26 Summer Street
Scott, Mrs. Annie E., 1 Taunton Avenue
Scott, Mrs. Catherine, 24 Ponsonby Avenue
Scott, Mrs. L., 83 Ulsterville Gardens
Scott, Mrs. L., 5 Eastleigh Crescent
Scott, Mrs. Margaret, 16 Ava Park
Scott, Mrs. Margaret, 11 Deerpark Drive
Scott, Mrs. Mary, 36 Perth Street
Scott, Mrs. Mary, 250 Lodge Road Old
Scott, Mrs. M., 43 St. Jude's Crescent
Scott, Mrs. M., 2 Vernon Street
Scott, Mrs. M., 364 Castlereagh Road
Scott, Mrs. S. M., 50 Harberton Park
Scott, M., aircraft worker, 38 Ava Park
Scott, M., 12 Earl Street
Scott, M., 83 Donegall Park Avenue
Scott-Pearson, Rev. Prof. A. F., 2 College Park
Scott, Robert, harbour official, 57 Ava Street
Scott, Robert, fitter, 19 Ardenlee Drive
Scott, Robert, 38 Perth Street
Scott, Robert, newsagent, 41 Mountview Street
Scott, Robert, provision merchant, 164 Shankill Road
Scott, Robert, 159 Rosebery Road
Scott, Robert, confectioner, 12 Castlereagh Road
Scott, Robert J., clerk, 15 Landscape Terrace
Scott, Robert P., 10 Clonaver Crescent North
Scott, Robt., machine ruler, 128 Oldpark Avenue
Scott, R., gardener, 47 Glenmachan Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Scott, R., grocer, 170 Cavehill Road
Scott, R., M.P.S., chemist, 56 Stranmillis Road
Scott, R., engineer, 28 Wingrove Gardens
Scott, R. J., clerk, 2 Orangefield Crescent
Scott, R. N. C., oil and hardwood merchant, Eisleben House, Stranmillis Road
Scott, Samuel, supper saloon, 95 Agnes Street
Scott, Samuel, 11 Grace Avenue
Scott, Samuel, driver, 58 Perth Street
Scott, Samuel J., R.U.C., 46 Broadway
Scott & Scott, tailors, 15 North Street and 84 Royal Avenue
Scott, S., baker, 53 Ava Street
Scott, S. D., grocer, 44 Bridge End
Scott, Thomas, 56 Columbia Street
Scott, Thomas, joiner, 39-41 Downing Street
Scott, Thomas, J.P., Hannaville, Greenisland
Scott, Thomas G., 15 Eglantine Avenue
Scott, Thomas R., secretary, 4 North Parade
Scott, T., Moneybroom, Finaghy Road South
Scott, T., 4 Woodcot Avenue
Scott, T. B., 6 Manor Street
Scott, T. C., salesman, 14 Ava Park
Scott, T. J., 3 Eglantine Place
Scott, T. M., grocer, 444-446 Ormeau Road
Scott, Victor, fitter, 154 Madrid Street
Scott, Walter, 30 Campbell Park Avenue
Scott, Walter, butcher, 113 Orby Drive
Scott, Walter, 65 Ravenhill Gardens
Scott, Walter, 25 Orby Gardens
Scott, Walter, van man, 121 Beersbridge Road
Scott, Walter, & Co., bed and bedding manufacturers, 25 Nelson Street
Scott, William, fitter, 63 Serpentine Road
Scott, William, 104 North Road
Scott, William, blacksmith, 34 Ravenhill Street
Scott, William, flesher, 33 Cranmore Park
Scott, William, grocer, 358-360 Woodstock Road
Scott, William, butcher, 31 Donegall Pass
Scott, William, flesher, 95 Donegall Road
Scott, William, agent, 41 (26) Donegall Place
Scott, William, R.U.C., 53 Cliftondene Gardens
Scott, William, Rossmore, Stockman's Lane
Scott, William J., 26 Clara Park
Scott, Wm., flesher, 78 Sandy Row
Scott, Wm., 92 Osborne Park
Scott, Wm. L., bread server, 27 Lansdowne Park
Scott, W., R.U.C., 496 Woodstock Road
Scott, W., 278 Woodstock Road
Scott, W., butcher, 151 Albert Bridge Road
Scott, W., butcher, 201 Antrim Road
Scott, W., driver, 157 York Road
Scott, W., bakery, 255-257 Cavehill Road
Scott, W., cloth cutter, 58 Fitzroy Avenue
Scott, W. F., 44 Malone Park
Scott, W. G., traveller, 49 Galwally Park
Scott, W. G., pattern maker, 74 Tildarg Street
Scott, W. H., com. agent, 69 Victoria
Scott, W. H., fruiterer, 425 Ormeau Road and 32a University Road
Scott, W. H., & Co., engineers' and boiler makers' agents, 93 Ann Street
Scott, W. J., traveller, 186 Ormeau Road
Scott, W. J., bank official, 47 Queensberry Park
Scott, W. T., 56 Onslow Gardens
Scott, W. W., engineer, 30 Ladas Drive
Scott's Cash Stores, 331 York Street
Scott's Home Bakery, 84 Cliftonville Road
Scott's Stores, 78 Coolmore Street
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, J. H. Percival, Resident Secretary, 11 Donegall Square South
Scottish Association Rooms, 63a Victoria Street
Scottish Boiler and general Insurance Co. Ltd., Jasper Brooks, Resident Secretary, 10 (4) Donegall Square South
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, A. T. McMillan, Resident Secretary, 6 Donegall Square North
Scottish Insurance Corporation Ltd., George L. Morris, Resident Secretary, 11 Donegall Square South
Scottish Legal Assurance Society, 1a Carlisle Circus
Scottish Legal Health Assurance Approved Society, 59 Chichester Street
Scottish Legal Life Assurance Approved Society, 179 Albert Bridge Road
Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 59 Chichester Street
Scottish Metropolitan Assurance Co. Ltd., D. Munro Walsh, Branch Manager, 9 (21-23) Donegall Square South
Scottish Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance, W. A. Tait, Resident Secretary. Funds Exceed 25,000,000 1 Donegall Square West
Scottish Temperance & General Assurance Co. Ltd., Cecil G. Crawford, Resident Secretary, Scottish Temperance Assurance Buildings, 16 Donegall Square South
Scottish Union and national Insurance Co., H. A. Sandys, A.C.I.I., Resident Secretary, 58 Howard Street
Scottish Wagon Co. Ltd., 30 Arthur Street
Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society, C. Mitford Martin, Resident Secretary, 2 High Street
Scovell, A. H., 46 Dunluce Avenue
Scripture Circulating Movement, 17 Wellington Place
Scroggie, W. J., 12 St. Ive's Gardens
Scropp, James, 45 Duncairn Gardens
Scullin, F., 346 Ormeau Road
Scullin, Mary, 2 Clanchattan Street
Scullion, Daniel, 279 Hillman Street
Scullion, Rev. F., 350 Ormeau Road
Scullion, Mrs. Margaret, 21 Springfield Road
Scullion, Mrs. Mary, 36 Ava Street
Scully, Miss, 54 Ravenhill Avenue
Scully, Miss M., 31 Belmont Park
Seabrooke, A., High Court official, 17 Rugby Parade
Seabrooke, Mrs. Lily, 47 Delhi Street
Seaforth Recreation Club, 83 Sultan Street
Seal, Joseph, organist, 20 Orpen Road
Seale, Theophilus, 4 Greenview Park
Seales, W. J., engine driver, 117 Belmont Road
Seamen's Junior P.E. School, 67 Pilot Street
Searle, R. H., press tele., 11 Tivoli Gardens
Searson, Mrs., 30 Wolseley Street
Seaton, David, assistant manager, 18 Mount Prospect Park
Seaton, Ian W., (3) The Moat, Holywood Road
Seaton, James, painter, 53 Cheviot Avenue
Seaton, R. J., sergt. R.U.C., 44 Sydenham Gardens
Seaver, Henry, B.E., F.R.I.A.I., architect and insurance agent, 114 Royal Avenue
Seaver, Mrs. N., 154 Malone Road
Seavers, J. A., electrician, 23 Westland Gardens
Seaview Presbyterian Church Hall, Shore Road
Seaview P.E. School, Shore Road
Seawright, Henry, 163 Templemore Avenue
Seawright, W., R.U.C., 33 Lyndhurst Gardens
Seawright, W. H., 55 Wellington Park
Seay, M., R.U.C., 1 Avoca Street
Secker, C. J., cooper, 91 The Mount
Secker & Co., coopers, 77 Ardgowan Street
Secker, J. S., 3 Knockdarragh Park
Seddon, Mrs., 18 Pine Street
Sedgerdahl, Mrs. Mary, 8 Norfolk Gardens
Seeds, John, architect and engineer, 7 Donegall Square West and 24 Downview Avenue
Seeds, John H., R.U.S.C., 42 Tyndale Park
Seeds, Mrs. Martha, 25 South Parade
Seeds, Mrs. Sarah, 112 Ravenhill Avenue
Seeds, R. W., bookkeeper, 21 Ormiston Crescent
Seeds, W., motor driver, 1 Derlett Street
Seery, B., clerk, 3 Mooreland Park
Seeton, Miss, 55 Belmont Church Road
Seeton, Mrs. Kathleen, 111 Fitzroy Avenue
Sefton, Mrs. B., 2 Deramore Drive
Sefton, T. W., 36 Dorchester Park
Sefton, W. J., inspector, 21 Knockbreda Gardens
Sefton's Ltd., handkerchief manufacturers. 16 Ormeau Avenue
Segal, Isadore, furrier, 26 Howard Street
Segal, Isadore, 4 Thirlmere Gardens
Seidmann, Miss, teacher of languages, 5 Wellington Place
Seiler, N., 126 Malone Avenue
Selby, H. C., 9 Kirkliston Gardens
Selby, John, grocer, 41 Springfield Row
Selfe, Miss, chiropodist, 39 (10) Castle Lane
Selfe, Miss, 74 University Street
Selig, H., financier, 9 Cavehill Road Old
Selig, H. M., 733 Antrim Road
Sell, Henry, R.U.C., 5 Bennett Drive
Sell, H., packer, 64 Loopland Gardens
Sellers, Thomas, 135 Mount Merrion Park
Selo, Jasper, 27 Norfolk Gardens
Selvey, John C., insurance agent, 20 Cicero Gardens
Semmence, R. E., 53 Salisbury Avenue
Sempey, W., 65 Mount Merrion Avenue
Semple, Edward, guard, 68 Skegoneill Avenue
Semple, George, 16 Belmont Avenue
Semple, Henry, 21 Arlington Street
Semple, H. H., Kozeome, Finaghy Road South
Semple, James, 240 Ravenhill Road
Semple, James E., 50 Green Road
Semple, John, 6 Greenville Road
Semple, Michael, R.U.C., 10 Rosapenna Drive
Semple, Miss, 38 Hartington Street
Semple, Miss Sarah, 2 Silvio Street
Semple, Mrs. C., 8 Rugby Avenue
Semple, R., tobacconist, 33 Donegall Street
Semple, R., blacksmith, 6 Loopland Park
Semple, R. J., plumber, 42 Ardenlee Avenue
Semple, S., 8 Greenville Road
Semple, S. J., R.U.C., 18 Bristol Avenue
Semple, T., packer, 157 Haypark Avenue
Semple, William, 91 Millfield
Senior, A., manager, 5 Sydenham Gardens
Sephton, Arthur R., accountant, 40 Stranmillis Gardens
Sergai, S., credit draper, 34 Gresham Street
Sergie, B., financier, 15 Easton Crescent
Serk Radiators, Ltd., 64 Bedford Street
Serridge, Ambrose, stationer, 91 Castle Street
Serridge, Miss, Liscarl, Andersonstown
Service, D., 404 Oldpark Road
Service, Miss Annie, dress maker, 305 Albert Bridge Road
Service Motor Works, 1a Carew Street
Service, Mrs. Agnes, 165 Crumlin Road
Service, W. J., 293 Albert Bridge Road
Services Club (The), 13a Montgomery Street
Severs, C., joiner, 29 Cromwell Road
Seville, Thomas L., bank official, 36 Downshire Road
Sewell, Alec. F., traveller, Fulwood, Finaghy Road South
Sewell, A. F., agent, 53 High Street
Sewell, John, clerk, 19 Sydenham Gardens
Sewell, Mrs. H., 158 North Road
Sexton, John, 37 Deramore Avenue
Seymour, A. C., M.B., B.Ch., 127 Victoria Street Great
Seymour, Dr. A. C., 287 Castlereagh Road
Seymour, Dr. A. C., 316 Donegall Road
Seymour, Dr. A. C., 44 Cadogan Park
Seymour, H., foreman, 7 Chesham Gardens
Seymour, James S., B.A., 39 Maryville Park
Seymour, John, painter, 3 Blackwood Street
Seymour, John, bread server, 50 Ashley Avenue
Seymour, Mrs., electrolysis, 105 Victoria Street Great
Seymour, Mrs. L. M., 44 King's Road
Seymour, S., provision merchant, 242 Crumlin Road
Seymour, S., grocer, 42 Westland Road
Seymour, W. R., 32 Deramore Gardens
Seymour's Boot Stores, 22 Church Lane
S.F.T.H. Milling, Engineering Co., Gilnahirk Road
Shachter, J., M.A., Rabbi, 101 Cliftonpark Avenue
Shackles, Fredk., 14 Jocelyn Avenue
Shaffner, Coleman, traveller, 303 Cavehill Road
Shaftesbury Billiards Saloon, 1a Donegall Road
Shaftesbury Bowling Club, 343a Ormeau Road
Shaftesbury Estates Co., 10 College Square North
Shaftesbury House Tutorial College, 75 University Street
Shallagh, F., 3 Candahar Street
Shalloway, H., upholsterer, 8 Dunowen Gardens
Shamrock Linen Store, 14 College Street
Shanaghan, George, cinema operator, 2 Workman Avenue
Shanaghan, H. W., 235 Falls Road
Shanagher, Kathleen, cashier, 65 Norfolk Drive
Shand, A., painter, 13 Kimberley Drive
Shandon Park Golf Club, 73 Shandon Park
Shane, A., 28 Deramore Drive
Shane, D., & Son, wholesale confectioners, 15 Glengall Street
Shane, Richard E., 39 Woodvale Road
Shane, R. B., wholesale agent, 46 Donegall Street
Shane, W. A., baker, 33 Rosapenna Drive
Shankalton, Mrs., 39 Lavinia Street
Shankelton, S., R.U.C., 4 Delhi Parade
Shankelton, S. J., R.U.C., 25 Loopland Crescent
Shankey, William, Slievebawn, Castlereagh Road
Shankill Bakery, 42 and 194 Shankill Road and 109 Sandy Row
Shankill Road Adult School Brownlow Hall Gospel Mission, 9a Mansfield Street
Shankill Road Graveyard, 405 Shankill Road
Shankill Road Methodist Church, 267 Shankill Road
Shankill Road Mission, 116 Shankill Road
Shankill Road Parochial Hall, 403 Shankill Road
Shankill Road Picturedrome, 148 Shankill Road
Shankill Unionist Association, 41 Tennent Street
Shanks, Alex., clerk, 502 Oldpark Road
Shanks, D., dental mechanic, 27 Shaftesbury Square
Shanks, Edward, 3 Galwally Park
Shanks, Edward. 7 Norwood Park
Shanks, Elizabeth, 25 Cherryvalley Park
Shanks, Fred., R.U.C., 17 Wallasey Park
Shanks, Geo., motor builder, 1 Westway Drive
Shanks, H., hairdresser, 433 Ormeau Road
Shanks, H. W., 18 Lismoyne Park
Shanks, James, 250 Holywood Road
Shanks, James, joiner, 31 Wallasey Park
Shanks, Joseph, school attendance officer, 10 Glandore Drive
Shanks, J., 20 Sydenham Avenue
Shanks, J., 69 Priory Park
Shanks, J., architect, 4 King's Crescent
Shanks, J., traveller, 58 Wandsworth Road
Shanks, J., 36 Stranmillis Gardens
Shanks, J. McC., painter, 3 My Lady's Road
Shanks, J. M. A., electrician, 11 Ardgreenan Drive
Shanks, Miss E. L. M., 603 Lisburn Road
Shanks, Miss J., 75 King's Road
Shanks, Miss K., 3 Crescent Gardens
Shanks, Miss L. E., 24 Ballysillan Road
Shanks, Miss M., 103 Malone Road
Shanks, Mrs., 9 Ulsterville Place
Shanks, Mrs., 24 Stranmillis Park
Shanks, Mrs. Mary, 69 Skegoneill Avenue
Shanks, Mrs. M., 18 Kincora Avenue
Shanks, P., vet. surgeon, 184 King's Road
Shanks, Robert, chief officer, 3 Rosevale Street
Shanks, Samuel, clerk, 44 Wyndham Street
Shanks, S., 73 Priory Park
Shanks, S., 2 Donegall Park (Finaghy)
Shanks, S., joiner, 9 Ulsterville Place
Shanks, Thomas, J.P., 132 Sandown Road
Shanks, T., civil servant, 4 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Shanks, T. R., accountant, 27 Ascot Gardens
Shanks & Vance, engrossing and typewriting, 34 Arthur Street
Shanks, W. J., 88 Ravenscroft Avenue
Shannon, Alex., linen trade, 194 Cliftonville Road
Shannon, Arthur, traveller, 411 Crumlin Road
Shannon, A., plater, 34 Dunkeld Gardens
Shannon, A. E., civil servant, 8 Orby Grove
Shannon, A. T., joiner, 6 Roe Street
Shannon, David, 2a Bedeque Street
Shannon, E. & L., hairdressers, 40f Donegall Pass
Shannon, F. J. W., 92 Marlborough Park South
Shannon, George, deputy harbour master, Clarendon Dock
Shannon, George, 30 Ballysillan Park
Shannon, Harold, plater, 292 Ballysillan Road
Shannon, Herbert, turner, 12 Chesham Parade
Shannon, H., compositor, 19 Timbey Park
Shannon, James, store man, 25 Rossmore Avenue
Shannon, James, 31 Exchange Street
Shannon, James, 10 Twaddell Avenue
Shannon, John, sample maker, 39 Orient Gardens
Shannon, John, hackle setter, 223 Alliance Avenue
Shannon, John, 6 Orby Parade
Shannon, J., 142 Ravenhill Road
Shannon, J., flesher, 102-104 Cromac Street
Shannon, J., draper, 147 Ballygomartin Road
Shannon, J., 26 Ballysillan Road
Shannon, J. E., turner, 7 Fortwilliam Crescent
Shannon, J. P., coat trimmer, 9 Wolseley Street
Shannon, Mary, nurse, 145 McDonnell Street
Shannon, Matthew, iron turner, 35 Distillery Street
Shannon, The Misses, 8 Weston Drive
Shannon, Miss E., confectioner, 159 Crumlin Road
Shannon, Miss E. E., 15 Strathmore Park
Shannon, Miss G., 618 Oldpark Road
Shannon, Mrs., 5 Westland Drive
Shannon, Mrs., 9 Connsbrook Avenue
Shannon, Mrs., 64 (5) Cliftonpark Avenue
Shannon, Mrs., 15 Adelaide Avenue
Shannon, Mrs., 110 Oldpark Avenue
Shannon, Mrs., 43 Malone Road
Shannon, Mrs., 16 Bathgate Drive
Shannon, Mrs. Jean, 781 Antrim Road
Shannon, Mrs. J., 61 Castlereagh Street
Shannon, Mrs. Mary, grocer, 152 Canmore Street
Shannon, Mrs. Matilda, garage, 3-5 Sandown Road
Shannon, Mrs. Minnie, 47 Vernon Street
Shannon, Mrs. M., 1-3 Eureka Street
Shannon, Mrs. M., 299 Oldpark Road
Shannon, Mrs. M., grocer, 152 Canmore Street
Shannon, M. J., 40 Ardmore Park
Shannon, Robert, clerk, 23 Deramore Street
Shannon, Robert, 28 Bryson Street
Shannon, Robert, driver, 24 Connsbrook Avenue
Shannon, R., manufacturers' agent, 2 Kent Street
Shannon, R. A., butcher, 27 Irwin Avenue
Shannon, S., R.U.C., 47 Cliftondene Gardens
Shannon, Thomas, 143 Ravenhill Road
Shannon, Thos., inspector, 102 Orangefield Crescent
Shannon, T. J., excise officer, 28 Glandore Avenue
Shannon, William, pile driver, 8 McClure Street
Shannon, William, tailor, 7-8 Elizabeth Terrace, Donegall Pass
Shannon, William, butcher, 152 Falls Road
Shannon, William, motor mechanic, 34 Sandown Road
Shannon, Wm., 367 Crumlin Road
Shannon, W., postman, 30 Sintonville Avenue
Shannon, W. F., 50 cabin Hill Park
Shannon, W. F., garage, 9 Hamilton Street
Shannon, W. G., printer, 47 Candahar Street
Shapiro, C., director, 19 Thirlmere Gardens
Shapiro, L., 16 Grasmere Gardens
Shapiro, Maurice, hairdresser, 129a Antrim Road
Sharkey, James, 36 Bryson Street
Sharkey, James, 85 Durham Street
Sharkey, Joseph, 187 Falls Road
Sharkey, J., 63 Willowbank Gardens
Sharkey, Mrs. L., 6 Chambers Street
Sharkey, Thomas, 7 Glantane Street
Sharkey, William, 86 Glantane Street
Sharkie, Henry, driver, 4 Glenside Parade
Sharman, G., Holmlea, Finaghy Road South
Sharp, Edward, joiner, 43 Victoria Gardens
Sharp, Ed. W., boiler maker, 1 Esther Street
Sharp, F., 26 Clarendon Avenue
Sharp, Harry, 21 Seymour Street
Sharp, John H., brush maker, 48 Oldpark Road
Sharp, Misses, 45 Marlborough Park North
Sharp, Mrs., 30 Luxor Gardens
Sharp, Mrs., 53 Adelaide Park
Sharp, S., foreign correspondent, 27 Grangeville Gardens
Sharp, William, driller, 3 Stormont Street
Sharpe, Agnes, newsagent, 9 Union Street
Sharpe, John, foreman, 266 Cregagh Road
Sharpe, John, 114 Orangefield Crescent
Sharpe, John, 14 Sandhurst Drive
Sharpe, J., land steward, 17 Chesham Grove
Sharpe, Mrs. L. T., 72 Salisbury Avenue
Sharpe, Saml., traveller, 13 Belmont Church Road
Sharpe, William, engineer, 73 Pommern Parade
Sharpe, William, butcher, 4 Mowhan Street
Sharples, William, driver, 63 Parkgate Avenue
Sharvin, James J., 71 Fitzroy Avenue
Shaw, Albert, plumber, 176 Woodvale Avenue
Shaw, Alex., driver, 35 Northwood Drive
Shaw, Alfred, driver, 14 Marina Park
Shaw, A., checker, 108 Tennant Street
Shaw, A., fitter, 4 Cicero Gardens
Shaw, A., manager, 23 Glenburn Park
Shaw, A. M., traveller, 13 Hopefield Avenue
Shaw-Cross, T. L., R.U.C., 14 Sydenham Drive
Shaw, C., R.U.C., 10 Lowwood Park
Shaw, C., 1 Rathgar Street
Shaw, C., 13 Chichester Road
Shaw, David, clerk, 51 Richardson Street
Shaw, Douglas, 37 Donegall Pass
Shaw, D., 13 Dunkeld Gardens
Shaw, D., warder, 38 Avonbeg Street
Shaw, D., R.U.C., 56 Park Avenue
Shaw, D. S. K., & Co., produce agents, 1 Wellington Place
Shaw, Edward, & Co., linen yarn merchants, 28 Bedford Street
Shaw, Edward McLaren, 37 Lucern Parade (Lucerne)
Shaw, Edwin H., Ailsa Lodge, Craigavad
Shaw, Eric, 212 Malone Road
Shaw, Ernest H., manufacturer, 448 Lisburn Road
Shaw, E., engineer, 35 Bramcote Street
Shaw, Rev. E., 34 Cyprus Avenue
Shaw, E., R.U.C., 26 Sintonville Avenue
Shaw, E. A., R.N., 212 Malone Road
Shaw, F. W., civil servant, 26 Onslow Gardens
Shaw, George, traveller, 39 Ballysillan Road
Shaw, G., blacksmith, 10a Library Street
Shaw, G. R., 434 Oldpark Road
Shaw, Henry, clerk, 294 Tennent Street
Shaw, Hugh, bread server, 42 Loopland Crescent
Shaw, Hugh, 35 Earl Street
Shaw, Hugh, printer, 29 Matchet Street
Shaw, Hugh, manager, 12 Bramcote Street
Shaw, H., driver, 11 Dee Street
Shaw, H., 140 King's Road
Shaw, H., outfitter, Sharon, Lisburn Road
Shaw, H., grocer, 245 Beersbridge Road
Shaw, Dr. James, 33 Sans Souci Park
Shaw, James, fitter, 37 Lomond Avenue
Shaw, James, pattern maker, 71 Springfield Road
Shaw, James, 24 Ethel Street
Shaw, James, 145 Orby Drive
Shaw, James, compositor, 13 Benview Park
Shaw, James, farrier, 4 Townsley Street
Shaw, James, 24 Ethel Street
Shaw, James G., auto engineer, 17 Wellington Place
Shaw, James G., 31 Stormont Park
Shaw & Jamison, wholesale chemists, 8 Townhall Street
Shaw, John, draughtsman, 36 Deerpark Drive
Shaw, John, 11 Whitewell Road
Shaw, John, 4 Edinburgh Street
Shaw, John, mechanic, 29 Tudor Place
Shaw, John, journalist, 17 Salisbury Gardens
Shaw, John, joiner, 54 Bentinck Street
Shaw, John, bread server, 18 Weston Drive
Shaw, John, joiner, 56 Prestwick Park
Shaw, John R., 125 Deerpark Road
Shaw, John S., & Son, Ltd., Ulster Hat Emporium, 27 High Street. H. C. Martin, res., 44 Locksley Gardens, Finaghy
Shaw, Joseph, 51 Chadwick Street
Shaw, Joseph, fitter, 436 Springfield Road
Shaw, J., linen merchant, 74 Malone Avenue
Shaw, J., book maker, 1a Benwell Street
Shaw, J., fitter, 13 Willowholme Street
Shaw, J., 450 Lisburn Road
Shaw, J., electrician, 15 Ardgreenan Gardens
Shaw, J. A., 27 Sicily Park
Shaw, J. Crawford, chartered accountant, 25 Deramore Park
Shaw, J. W., aircraft inspector, 61 Lansdowne Road
Shaw, Capt. J. W., 21 Harberton Avenue
Shaw, J. W., & Co., automobile engineers, 1-3 Queen Street Upper
Shaw, Margaret Louisa, Speranza, Knockbreda Road
Shaw, Maribella, 75 St. John's Park
Shaw, Martin, Leslie & Shaw, auditors and accountants, 2 (14-18) and (21) Wellington Place
Shaw, Miss, typewriting and copying office, 44 Arthur Street Upper
Shaw, Miss, 383 Ormeau Road
Shaw, Miss Anna, 41 Ormiston Crescent
Shaw, Miss E., teacher, 5 Earlswood Road
Shaw, Miss F., 15 Hopefield Avenue
Shaw, Miss J., 10 Bawnmore Road
Shaw, Miss Mary M., 326 Cregagh Road
Shaw, Miss S., 98 Orby Drive
Shaw, Mrs., 12 Stranmillis Road
Shaw, Mrs., 15 Ferguson Drive
Shaw, Mrs., 5 Strathmore Park
Shaw, Mrs., 33 Delhi Street
Shaw, Mrs. Annie, 205 Lodge Road New
Shaw, Mrs. A., 1 Ravenhill Park
Shaw, Mrs. A., 182 Ainsworth Avenue
Shaw, Mrs. C., 49 Cardigan Drive
Shaw, Mrs. Essie, 11 Roseleigh Street
Shaw, Mrs. E., 49 M'Tier Street
Shaw, Mrs. E., 23 Ebrington Gardens
Shaw, Mrs. E., 112 Tennent Street
Shaw, Mrs. F. A., 5 Ravenscroft Avenue
Shaw, Mrs. H., outfitter, 733 Lisburn Road
Shaw, Mrs. Jane, 75 Willowbank Gardens
Shaw, Mrs. Jean A., 47 Rugby Road
Shaw, Mrs. Lena, 28 Grace Avenue
Shaw, Mrs. Margaret, 36 Newington Street
Shaw, Mrs. R., 668 Springfield Road
Shaw, Mrs. Sarah, 26 Belmont Church Road
Shaw, M., & Co., wallpaper merchants, 6 Garfield Street Lower
Shaw & McMullan, Ltd., wholesale tea and sugar merchants, 62 Victoria Street
Shaw, N. B., clerk, 52 Ravenhill Park
Shaw, N. J., Greenhills, Gilnahirk Road
Shaw, N. S., secretary, 37 Shandarragh Park
Shaw, Robert, milk vendor, 44 Houston Drive
Shaw, Robert, bread server, 3 Clifton Crescent
Shaw, Robert, seaman, 4 Onslow Parade
Shaw, Robert, carpenter, 23 Rushfield Avenue
Shaw, Robert, joiner, 4 Cadogan Street
Shaw, Robert, store clerk, 11 Cadogan Street
Shaw, R., 8 Irwin Drive
Shaw, R., 62 Fitzroy Avenue
Shaw, R., Adare, Diamond Gardens
Shaw, R., Ebenezer, Finaghy Road South
Shaw, R. B., 62 Westland Road
Shaw, R. G., R.U.C., 8 Bloomfield Park
Shaw, R. P., & Sons, manufacturers' agents, 26 Queen Street
Shaw, R. R. J., 16 St. Jude's Avenue
Shaw, R. S., 122 Haypark Avenue
Shaw, Samuel, fitter, 17 Whitewell Parade
Shaw, Samuel, linen worker, 11 Ava Gardens
Shaw, Thomas, civil servant, 17 Queensberry Park
Shaw, Thomas, 24 Orangefield Crescent
Shaw, Thomas H., tobacconist, 27 Woodvale Road
Shaw, T., driver, 5 Auburn Street
Shaw, T. A., tobacconist, 36 Ann Street
Shaw, T. H., seed merchant, 1 Cliftonville Avenue
Shaw, William, 4 Strandview Street
Shaw, William, 11 Cavehill Road
Shaw, William, 6 Norwood Gardens
Shaw, William, 31 Orby Road
Shaw, William, buyer, 130 Haypark Avenue
Shaw, William H., 7 Eglantine Avenue
Shaw, Wm., confectioner, 1 Distillery Street Little
Shaw, Wm. Jas., boot merchant, 66 Albert Bridge Road
Shaw, Wm. McC., 10 Dundela Gardens
Shaw, W., grocer, 43 Distillery Street
Shaw, W., traveller, 15 Oakland Avenue
Shaw, W., & Co., warehousemen, 58 (1) Howard Street
Shaw, W. E., 17 Ashdene Drive
Shaw, W. Geo., R.U.C., 6 Cicero Gardens
Shaw, W. J., clerk, 16 Castle Park
Shaw, W. J., shopkeeper, 4 Bloomfield Park
Shaw, W. J., & Sons, Ltd., Wholesale Confectioners, 142 Templemore Avenue
Shaw, W. S., agent, third floor (53) Riddels Arcade
Shawe, Edwin, driver, 43 Ardenlee Drive
Shawe, Leonard J., clerk, 48 Galwally Park
Shea, Archibald, joiner, 45 Orby Road
Sheals, H. T., 442 Lisburn Road
Sheals, Neil, secretary, 25 Ormiston Crescent
Sheals, William B., 8 Jubilee Avenue
Shean & Dickson, Solicitors (D. Gordon Dickson, Herbert H. Jackson and R. Smyth), 16 High Street
Shearan, Holland, & Co., Auditors and Accountants, 16 (43) Donegall Square South
Shearer, Charles, 18 Ardgreenan Gardens
Shearer, Edward, red leader, 28 Baden Powell Street
Shearer, E., gramophone dealer, 99-101 Smithfield Market
Shearer, John, dealer, 103-105, 124 and 146-148 (see below)
Shearer, John, merchant, 87 Donegall Park Avenue
Shearer, John, salesman, 31 Graymount Road
Shearer, John, dealer, 103, 124 and 146-148 Smithfield Market
Shearer, J., 70 Carlisle Street
Shearer, Mary, dealer, 76-77, 99-101 and 128 Smithfield Market
Shearer, The Misses, 743 Lisburn Road
Shearer, Patrick, butcher, Kenmore, Falls Road
Shearer, R., 4 St. John's Park
Shearer, Thomas, 14 Cleaver Avenue
Shearer, W. J., sailor, 26 Brougham Street
Shearman, The Misses, Ashleigh House School, 28 Windsor Avenue
Shearman, Richard, 39 Serpentine Road
Shearman, R. S., R.U.C., 107 Knockbreda Road
Shearman, T. E. C., 15 Sans Souci Park
Shears, G., 13 Easton Crescent
Shears, P. & M., agents, 58 Queen Street Upper
Sheckles, J., boiler maker, 13 Balfour Avenue
Sheehan, Hugh, 418 Falls Road
Sheehan, Miss K., 132 University Street
Sheehan, Mrs. Mona, 501 Falls Road
Sheehan, Timothy, clerk, 664 Springfield Road
Sheeky, Mrs. Clare, 29 Ship Street
Sheeran, Mrs. E., grocer, 36 Earl Street
Sheeran, Samuel, publican, 1 Lord Street
Sheet Metal Workers' Society, 4 Garfield Street Lower
Sheil, C. L., Barrister-at-Law, 12 Bristow Park
Sheil, Miss M., 19 College Square North
Sheils, James, sand merchant, Laganbank Road
Shelbourne Hotel, 92 Victoria Street Great
Shelford, Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Prince Edward Park
Sheldon, James, 3 Glen Road
Sheldon & Stewart, Solicitors, 7 Chichester Street
Shellard, J., mechanic, 8 Ava Park
Shellard, L. J., engineer, 54 Wallasey Park
Shell-Mex & B.P., Ltd. - Offices, 6 Murray Street. Depot - 1-5 Airport Road. Petroleum Board
Shelly, Joseph, 24 Harleston Street
Shelock, Henry, confectioner, 28 Ravenhill Road
Shelton, J., agent, 124 (14) Donegall Street
Shemelds, Ltd., radio dealers, 17 College Street
Shenker, Harold, salesman, 6 Lisdarragh Park
Shephard, Mrs., 28 Lancefield Road
Shepherd, Albert, engineer, 7 Castleview Terrace
Shepherd, Alfred, spirit merchant, 20 Lord Street
Shepherd, A. F., publican, 106 Short Strand
Shepherd, F., 19 Ormeau Avenue
Shepherd & Co., builders' supply yard, 1-3 Ravenhill Road
Shepherd, Mrs., 16 Connsbrook Park
Shepherd, Mrs., 71 Orby Road
Shepherd, Mrs. Rose, 19 Ravenhill Avenue
Shepherd's Dairies, Ltd., 22 Bradbury Place and branches
Sheppard, A., publican, 2-4 Madrid Street
Sheppard, Fred., linen business, 22 Bawnmore Road
Sheppard, Harry, 44 Agnes Street
Sheppard, H., manager, 45 Wandsworth Road
Sheppard, John, salesman, 20 Ava Parade
Sheppard, John E., 18 Alexandra Park Avenue
Sheppard, John Wilson, director, 40 Dorchester Park
Sheppard, Miss, 16 Upper Crescent
Sheppard, O. B., Clovelly, Slievedarragh Park
Sheppard, Thomas, 37 Haddington Gardens
Sheppard, Wm., inspector, 12 Haddington Gardens
Shepperd, E. R., 26 Bawnmore Road
Shepperd, Miss M., 9 Ulsterville Avenue
Shepperd, R., director, 51 Myrtlefield Park
Sheppherd, H. E., fruit importer, 8 May's Market
Sheridan, C. E., boat builder, 97 Oldpark Road
Sheridan, G., fitter, 19 Victoria Avenue
Sheridan, John, 18 Hesketh Road
Sheridan, John, bread salesman, 14 Eblana Street
Sheridan, Mrs. M., publican, 155 Lodge Road New; res., 2 Clifton Drive
Sheridan, Mrs. M., 20 Ormiston Park
Sheridan, S. H., 32 Rossmore Avenue
Sheriff, John, joiner, 14 Victoria Avenue
Sheriff, John, caretaker, 20 Donegall Square East
Sheriff, Thomas, 21 Glandore Drive
Sheriff, Wm. T., cabinet maker, 91 Ravenhill Road
Sheriff, W., salesman, 51 Ravenhill Gardens
Sheriton, F., 12 Shore Road
Sherlock, Miss, 6 Fountainville Avenue
Sherlock, Miss S. E., 76 Station Road
Sherlock, Mrs. V., 5 Glenravel Street
Sherlock, S., salesman, 7 Ailesbury Gardens
Sherman, J., traveller, 51 Ardmore Park
Sherman, Mrs. M. A., 29 George's Street Great
Sherran, Samuel, publican, 45 Thorndyke Street
Sherrard, Andrew, warehouseman, 37 Glenside Parade
Sherrard, Edward, 45 Ponsonby Avenue
Sherrard, Henry, Adare, Circular Road
Sherrard, James, R.U.C., 21 Hillsborough Parade
Sherrard, John H., 16b Wellesley Avenue
Sherrard, J., linen manufacturers, 13-21 Bruce Street
Sherrard, Miss, 81 Ardenlee Avenue
Sherrard, N. E. A., agent, (64) Riddels Arcade
Sherrard, S., 68 Hatfield Street
Sherrard, William James, 58 Galwally Park
Sherreitt, J., warehouseman, 30 Victoria Gardens
Sherrie, Daniel, fitter, 243 Ballysillan Road
Sherrie, E., chain maker, 66a Joy Street
Sherritt, Thos. H., law clerk, 1 Ladas Drive
Sherry, Edward, 6 Atlantic Avenue
Sherry, J., driver, 26 Joanmount Park
Sherry, Louis A., grocer, 1 Coolmoyne Park
Sherry, L., 33 Lowwood Park
Sherry, Michael, traveller, 6 Glenside Park
Sherski, Nathaniel, 5 Cooldarragh Park
Sherski, Samuel, 17 Slievemoyne Park
Sherski, S., draper, 25 Donegall Street
Sherwin, A. W., welder, 28 Oberon Street
Sherwood, John, R.U.C., 74 Duncairn Gardens
Sherwood, Philip B., 54 Marlborough Park Central
Shevlin, Misses, 23 Clonard Gardens
Shevlin, Mrs., 5 Jocelyn Gardens
Shevlin, Mrs. Margaret, 61 Springfield Road
Shevlin, P., wardrobe dealer, 11 Union Street
Shewell, Major E. W., 90 University Street
Shiel, Mrs. A., 473 Ormeau Road
Shields, Alex., 65 Sandhurst Drive
Shields, Annie, grocer, 2 Milton Street
Shields, David, 296 Springfield Road
Shields, D., 33 Loopland Drive
Shields, D. C., insurance agent, 12 Clonlee Drive
Shields, D. V., baker, 27 Dunkeld Gardens
Shields, Edward, 192 Falls Road
Shields, George, manager, 65 Onslow Parade
Shields, Henry, sheet metal worker, 57 Glenbank Drive
Shields, H., hairdresser, 130 Woodstock Road
Shields, H., clerk, 32 Brandon Parade
Shields, James, cleaner, 19 Meadowbank Place
Shields, James, 275 Alexandra Park Avenue
Shields, James, joiner, 254 Cambrai Street
Shields, James, R.U.C., 94 Deerpark Road
Shields, Rev. James, 28 Sharman Road
Shields, James A., supt. museum, 13 Stranmillis Road
Shields, James N., 17 Cooke Street
Shields, John, motor engineer, 121 Cliftonpark Avenue
Shields, John, 40 Grave Avenue
Shields, John, 36 Shankill Road
Shields, John, clerk, 45 Silverstream Gardens
Shields, John, plater, 44 Ashley Drive
Shields, J., tram conductor, 4 Dromore Street
Shields, J., fitter, 436 Falls Road
Shields, J., 42 Orpen Road (Finaghy)
Shields, J., 392 Castlereagh Road
Shields, J., motor hirer, 126 Haypark Avenue
Shields, J., compositor, 65 Joanmount Gardens
Shields, Lizzie, 21 Fairview Street
Shields, Mrs., 51 Ava Avenue
Shields, Mrs., 10 Raby Street
Shields, Mrs. E., 34 Abetta Parade
Shields, Mrs. J., 96 Dunraven Avenue
Shields, Mrs. S., 41 Martinez Avenue
Shields, M., 27 Tomb Street
Shields, M. A., 4 Castleview Road
Shields & McMurray, car lighting and ignition, 18 Sussex Place
Shields, Neal McN., clerk, 80 Ardenlee Avenue
Shields, N., clerk, 194 Cregagh Street
Shields, N., 37 Tomb Street
Shields, N. C., fitter, 30 Joanmount Gardens
Shields & Polson, wholesale warehouseman, 7 Brunswick Street
Shields, P., joiner, 227 Joanmount Gardens
Shields, Robert, greaser, 188 Agnes Street
Shields, Robert, fitter, 53 Newport Street
Shields, Robert J., grocer, 616 Oldpark Road
Shields, Samuel, draper, 181 Shankill Road
Shields, S., turner, 13 Bloomfield Gardens
Shields, S. C. T., 42 Bramcote Street
Shields, Thomas J., 20 Elaine Street
Shields, William, electrician, 18 Ravenhill Parade
Shields, William W., electrician, 40 Dromore Street
Shields, Wm., provision merchant, 248 Woodstock Road
Shields, W., 21 Harberton Drive
Shields, W. J., 7 Kensington Road
Shiells, A., director, 25 Harberton Drive
Shiels & Co., grocers and hardware, 390 Crumlin Road and 1 Disraeli Street
Shiels, Geo. E., R.U.C., 189 Deerpark Road
Shiels, James, 40 Clonlee Drive
Shiels, John, 73 Deerpark Road
Shiels, Joseph, driver, 6 Harcourt Drive
Shiels, J., sand merchant, 5 Winston Gardens
Shiels, J. J., railway servant, 63 Rosemount Gardens
Shiels, Miss G., 137 University Avenue
Shiels, Mrs. Mary, 3 Charnwood Avenue
Shiels, Mrs. M., 47 Sunnyside Street
Shilliday, E. A., 5 Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
Shilliday, Herbert, 67 Myrtlefield Park
Shilliday, James, 106 Ligoniel Road
Shillington, Arthur F., Sanda, Helen's Bay
Shillington, A., draper, 5 Sunnyside Drive
Shillington, Joseph, 186 King's Road
Shillington, J., chemist, 36 Gilnahirk Road
Shillington, Mrs. A. P., 88 Osborne Park
Shillington, R. E. G., district inspector R.U.C., 16 Osborne Gardens
Shillington, T. Courtney, Glenmachan Tower, Glenmachan Road
Shiloh Mission Hall, Laganview Street
Shimmin, Miss, 2a Ranfurly Drive
Shimmon, Ernest, dentist, 79 Dublin Road
Shimmon, Ernest, 116 Woodstock Road
Shimmon, Henry, insurance agent, 96 Dover Street
Shimmon, James E., carpenter, 21 Lisburn Road
Shimmon, John R., insurance inspector, 75 Fitzwilliam Street
Shimmon, John R., builder, 2-6 Coyle Street
Shimmon, Mrs. A. J., 81 Roden Street
Shimmons, T., confectioner, 52 Sandown Road
Shine, Mrs., hairdresser, 5 Arthur Street
Shine, Mrs., 175 Belmont Road
Shinner, P. R. W., chemist, 565 Antrim Road
Shipp, Alfred, manufacturer, 448 Ormeau Road
Shipp, Gilbert G., 38 Galwally Park
Shipp, Mrs. E., 3 St. John's Avenue
Shipping Federation Ltd., National Maritime Board, 53 Waring Street
Shipwrights' Society, 4 Garfield Street Lower
Shires, Leslie, designer, 6 Mayfair Avenue
Shirlow, Alex., paper cutter, 28 Clara Avenue
Shirra, Mrs., 55 Balfour Avenue
Shivers, Francis, 48 Beechmount Street
Shivers, Miss I., 21 St. Jude's Crescent
Shivers, Mrs. A., Montana, Knockbreda Road
Shoelah, mantle manufacturers, 5 Franklin Street
Sholdis, John, linen business, 80 Ravenhill Park
Sholdis, John, & Co., 17 Franklin Street
Shooters, W. A., 77 Dunlambert Park
Shore Road Sub Post Office, 1 Gretna, Shore Road
Short, E. F., engineer, 29 Ardgreenan Crescent
Short & Harland, Ltd., Aircraft Constructors, Queen's Island, Airport Road
Short & Harland, Ltd., recreation room, 9 Ormeau Road
Short, Mrs., 14 Joy Street
Short, Mrs., Belvedere, Stockman's Lane
Short, Mrs., 31 Tate's Avenue
Short, Mrs., 39 Sunnyside Street
Short, Mrs. Ellen, 3 Norfolk Parade
Shorthouse, C. V., 410 Ravenhill Road
Shortsinger, J., jeweller, 82 Whitewell Road
Shortt, Alexander, 467 Crumlin Road
Shortt, A. D., & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 5 Wellington Place
Shortt, G. S., packer, 133 Grosvenor Road
Shortt, James, handkerchief business, 266 Stranmillis Road
Shortt, Miss Lottie, 26 College Square North
Shortt, R. H., insurance collector, 11 Wheatfield Crescent
Shortt, Walter, civil servant, 33 Grand Parade
Shott, W. T., salesman, Merton, Knockbreda Road
Shrage, H., china dealer, 12 Kinnaird Street
Shrage, H., delph stall, 96 and 131 Smithfield Market
Shribman, Benny, 19 Waterloo Park North
Shribman, H., draper, 54 Landscape Terrace
Shribman, I., financier, 22 Waring Street
Shribman, K., 114 Salisbury Avenue
Shubotham, B. F., 383 Newtownards Road Upper
Shummacher, George W., 143 Sandown Road
Shute, D. E., 12 Wandsworth Gardens
Siberian Fur Co. Ltd., 16 Wellington Place
Siberry, Thomas H., 14 Donegall Park (Finaghy)
Siberry, Thomas H., draper, 356 Crumlin Road
Sides, George E., clerk, 6 Merryfield Drive
Sides, Rev. Richard W., 96 Galwally Park
Sides, W. S., bank manager, 9 Knockbreda Road
Sidey, Agnes, 13 Ardgreenan Drive
Siemens Electric Lamps & Supplies, Ltd., 41 Queen Street
Siggins, G. C. H., 87 Shandon Park
Siggins, J. A. E., 23 Rosetta Avenue
Silcock, H., 1 Donegall Park, Finaghy
Silcock, Joseph, assistant manager, 28 Lucerne Parade
Silcock, Mrs., 24 Maryville Park
Silcock, Robert, 12 Harleston Street
Silcock, S., dental mechanic, 16 Shaftesbury Square
Sillers, Mrs., 60 Dover Street
Sillery, Robert, 59 Glenbank Drive
Silver, Alex., wood worker, 14 Skegoneill Avenue
Silver, A. & F., mantle manufacturers, 27 Church Street
Silver Cab Co., 27-29 Grosvenor Road
Silvers, Isaac, tailor, 51 Oldpark Road
Silverstein, Bessie, 27 Kevin Parade
Silvertown Lubricants, Ltd., 7 Bedford Street
Silvester, Norman Joseph, 73 Onslow Parade
Silvey, Robert, civil servant, 69 Ainsworth Avenue
Simcock, W. J., bookkeeper, 4 Cregagh Park
Simmons, Alfred, conductor, 139 Deerpark Road
Simmons, A. E., Bexley, Finaghy Road South
Simmons, A. M., jeweller, 68 Smithfield Market
Simmons, A. M. H., 181 Ravenhill Road
Simmons, J., Dannybrook, Gilnahirk Road
Simmons, Richard H., 24 Rochester Street
Simmons, T. G., 33 Mount Eden Park
Simms Advertising Service, 1-3 North Street
Simms, Hans McC. D., shipwright, 20 Willowholme Drive
Simms, J. F., 51 Alliance Avenue
Simms, J. H., 32 University Street
Simms Motor Units, Ltd., 10 Dublin Road
Simms, Miss Elizabeth, 27 Somerton Road
Simms, Miss E., 40 Bawnmore Road
Simms, Miss Mabel, 12 Crescent Upper
Simms, M., 10 Ormiston Park
Simms, Mrs., 11 Knockdene Park North
Simms, Mrs., 4 Agincourt Street
Simms, Peter, boiler maker, 15 Wingrove Gardens
Simms, R. B., civil servant, 21 Waterloo Gardens
Simms, R. J., 24 Orpen Park
Simms, S., M.D., surgeon, 54 Oldpark Road
Simms, S., M.D., 618 Antrim Road
Simms, S. H., 27 Castle Hill Road
Simms, Thomas, machinist, Wellwood Avenue
Simms, W., 53 Ulsterville Avenue
Simms, W. H., clerk, 20 Ashton Avenue (Finaghy)
Simms, W. J., newsagent, 50 Newtownards Road Upper
Simon, H. D., 594 Shore Road
Simons, A. M., jeweller, 3 Cooldarragh Park
Simons & Co., publicans, 117-119 Sandy Row
Simons, L., 36 Downshire Road
Simons, W. H., 40 Elaine Street
Simonton, H. M., Raheen, Stockman's Lane
Simonton, Miss M., 14 Osborne Gardens
Simonton, Mrs. W. D., 1 Malone Park
Simonton, W. D., Ltd., Packing Case Makers, 146 University Street
Simple's, confectioner, 146 Cromac Street
Simpson, A., salesman, 58 Delhi Street
Simpson, A. E., 102 Connsbrook Avenue
Simpson, A. J., manager, Struie, Ballysillan Road
Simpson Bros. (of Belfast), Ltd., Specialists in Art Needlework, 47 Arthur Street
Simpson, C., teacher, 106 Ballygomartin Road
Simpson, C. H., glass beveller, 85 Joy Street
Simpson, David, conductor, 6 Victoria Avenue
Simpson, David H., iron turner, 47 Aigburth Park
Simpson, D. Barbour, solicitor, 17 Chichester Street
Simpson, E., painter, 54 Farnham Street
Simpson, F., 124 Ulsterville Avenue
Simpson, F. A., & Co., wholesale clothiers, 47 Queen Street
Simpson, George, salesman, 21 Agincourt Avenue
Simpson, George, teacher, 37 Ardmore Park
Simpson, George, 44 Sicily Park
Simpson, G., Ltd., garage, 322 Lisburn Road
Simpson, Hugh, butcher, 4 Trainfield Street
Simpson, Hugh, flesher, 133 Albert Street
Simpson, Hugh, driver, 245 Lisburn Road
Simpson, Hugh H., F.N.A.A., Auctioneer, Estate Agent and Property Broker, 28 Rosemary Street. Res., 18 Osborne Drive
Simpson, Hugh N., N.F.S., 7 Dunlambert Avenue
Simpson, H. S., 4 Lowwood Park
Simpson, James, plasterer, 19 Evelyn Avenue
Simpson, James H., 3 Lomond Avenue
Simpson, Jas., warehouseman, 57 Loopland Drive
Simpson, Jas., joiner, 18 Victoria Road
Simpson, Jas., draper, 9 Mayfair Avenue
Simpson, Jas., railwayman, 76 Skegoneill Avenue
Simpson, Jas., grocer, 10 Charles Street South
Simpson, Jas. A., 29 Connsbrook Avenue
Simpson, John, civil servant, 2 Cregagh Park
Simpson, John, manager, 38 Manna Grove
Simpson, John, joiner, 90 Mount Merrion Park
Simpson, John, head-constable, 1 Hastings Street
Simpson, John, 68 University Street
Simpson, Joseph, 33 Woodcot Avenue
Simpson, Joseph, glazier, 43 Clonard Gardens
Simpson, J., confectioner, 2a Sandown Road
Simpson, J., engineer, 21 Ulsterville Avenue
Simpson, J., draughtsman, 161 Orby Drive
Simpson, J. A., 2 Deramore Gardens
Simpson, J. D., agent, 29 Holland Gardens
Simpson, J. H., salesman, 35 Oberon Street
Simpson, K. K., 52 Westland Road
Simpson & Lawrie, engineers, 33 Howard Street
Simpson & Mitchell, Ltd., Glass, Oil, Colour Merchants, and Glaziers, 50-56 Smithfield, and 10-12 Wilson Street
Simpson, Miss, 237 Cregagh Road
Simpson, Miss, 17 Sharman Road
Simpson, Miss A., 86 Deerpark Road
Simpson, Miss Jane, 19 Cicero Gardens
Simpson, Miss Margaret, 98 Malone Road
Simpson, Miss M., 63 Bawnmore Road
Simpson, Miss Nettie H., A.L.C.M., teacher of music, 15 Allworthy Avenue
Simpson, Miss P., 4 Sandhurst Road
Simpson, Mrs., 24 Glandore Gardens
Simpson, Mrs., 10 Graymount Terrace
Simpson, Mrs., confectioner, 27 Oldpark Avenue
Simpson, Mrs., 59 Graymount Drive
Simpson, Mrs., 10 Roe Street
Simpson, Mrs., 7 Ilchester Street
Simpson, Mrs., 8 Bedeque Street
Simpson, Mrs. A., 436 Lisburn Road
Simpson, Mrs. Eleanor, 64 Oldpark Avenue
Simpson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Loopland Crescent
Simpson, Mrs. E. A., 35 Ardmore Park
Simpson, Mrs. G., 4 Holyrood, Malone Road
Simpson, Mrs. J., 71 Burmah Street
Simpson, Mrs. J., 34 Roe Street
Simpson, Mrs. Mary J., 147 Falls Road
Simpson, Mrs. R., 3 Allworthy Avenue
Simpson, Mrs. S., 51 Onslow Gardens
Simpson, Mrs. S., 48 Rugby Road
Simpson, Mrs. S., 9 Cyprus Avenue
Simpson, Ralph, 11 Irwin Crescent
Simpson, Robert, pattern maker, 64 Roden Street
Simpson, Robert, rivetter, 89 Channing Street
Simpson, Robert, A.R.C.O., music teacher, 24 Sandhill Gardens
Simpson, Robert, rivetter, Redford, Gilnahirk Road
Simpson, Roy, joiner, 424 Woodstock Road
Simpson, R., iron turner, 37 Willowfield Drive
Simpson, R. G., 78 Duncairn Gardens
Simpson, Samuel, driver, 25 Ava Gardens
Simpson, Samuel, clerk, 190 Agnes Street
Simpson, Stewart, motor agent, 366 Castlereagh Road
Simpson, S., 8 Mount Merrion Drive
Simpson, S., 43 Tildarg Street
Simpson, Thomas, 36 Sydenham Avenue
Simpson, Thomas, grocer, 44 Dundela Street
Simpson, Thomas, caretaker, 2a McClintock Street
Simpson, Thomas, R.U.C., 228 Castlereagh Road
Simpson, Thomas, salesman, 6 Ava Gardens
Simpson, Thomas, grocer, 8 Connsbrook Avenue
Simpson, T., R.U.C., 66 University Avenue
Simpson, T. C., bank official, 25 Camden Street
Simpson, T. S., agent, 30 Arthur Street
Simpson, V., chemist, 3 Shaftesbury Square
Simpson, William, draper, 47 Loopland Gardens
Simpson, Wm., joiner, 12 Ballysillan Road
Simpson, Wm., R.U.C., 21 Tate's Avenue
Simpson, Wm. H., civil servant, 8 Hartington Street
Simpson, W., 49 Loopland Gardens
Simpson, W., 19 Sydenham Crescent
Simpson, W., postal official, 2 Haywood Avenue
Simpson, W. L., 42 Knocklofty Park
Simpson, W. R., & Sons, Ltd., scale, beam and weighing machine manufacturers, 27-28 Smithfield Market
Sinclair, Andrew, seaman, 143 Ariel Street
Sinclair, A., butcher, 47 Florida Drive
Sinclair & Boyd, merchants, underwriters and Lloyds agents, 1-3 Linen Hall Street
Sinclair, David, 29 Glantane Street
Sinclair, David, 15 Kingsway Avenue
Sinclair, Douglas, tram conductor, 22 Ashdene Drive
Sinclair, D., publican, 85 Falls Road
Sinclair, E., broker, 20 Ebrington Gardens
Sinclair, G., 24 Holland Crescent
Sinclair, G. P., builder, 69 Ava Avenue
Sinclair, Hector, accountant, 50 Diamond Gardens
Sinclair, James, 100 Shore Road
Sinclair, James, grocer, 188 Shore Road
Sinclair, James, fruiterer, 110 Albert Bridge Road
Sinclair, Jas., newsagent, 59 Templemore Avenue
Sinclair, Jas., caulker, 25 Castlereagh Place
Sinclair, John, The Farm, Newforge Lane
Sinclair, John, engineer, 28 Orby Gardens
Sinclair, John, newsagent, 119 Newtownards Road
Sinclair, John, electrician, 73 Kimberley Street
Sinclair, J., manager, 44 Newtownards Road Upper
Sinclair, J., confectioner, etc., 58 Newtownards Road Upper and 74 Connsbrook Avenue
Sinclair, J., engineer, 98 Loopland Drive
Sinclair, J. G., mechanic, 40 Holland Crescent
Sinclair, J. M., 5 Deramore Park South
Sinclair, J. & T., Co. Ltd., 13 Crescent Lower
Sinclair, J. & T., & Co. Ltd., bacon curers and lard refiners, 5 Albert Square
Sinclair, Kenneth D. L., 44 Windsor Park
Sinclair, Miss, 28 Queen Street
Sinclair, Miss, 22 Century Street
Sinclair, Miss A., 31 Empire Street
Sinclair, Miss E., 4 Tudor Place
Sinclair, Miss Mary J., confectioner, Andersonstown
Sinclair, Miss, St. Clair, Stockman's Lane
Sinclair, Mrs., 127 Deramore Avenue
Sinclair, Mrs. Elizabeth, 198 Woodstock Road
Sinclair, Mrs. Frances, 185 Alexandra Park Avenue
Sinclair, Mrs. G., 23 Weston Drive
Sinclair, Mrs. Jenny T., 53 Cabin Hill Park
Sinclair, Mrs. Margaret, 42 Linden Gardens
Sinclair, Robert, farmer, Viola Cottages
Sinclair, Robert, Vilo House, Springfield Road
Sinclair, Robert, wine and spirit broker, 48 Waring Street
Sinclair, R., moulder, 8 Bloomfield Gardens
Sinclair Seamen's Church, 2a Corporation Square; Sabbath School, 99a Corporation Street
Sinclair, S., clerk, 51 Haypark Avenue
Sinclair, S., mechanic, 50 Bloomfield Gardens
Sinclair, S., & Co., Ltd., flax merchants, 43 Franklin Street
Sinclair, Col. Thos., M.P., M.D., F.R.C.S., (Eng.), professor of surgery, Q.U.B., 22 University Square
Sinclair, Professor T. A., 8 Malone Hill Park
Sinclair, William, clerk, 17 Windsor Road
Sinclair, Wm., fitter, Las-Lomas, Lisburn Road
Sinclair, Wm., salesman, 52 Victoria Avenue
Sinclair, W. A., 3 Randal Park
Sinclair's, Ltd., Antique Gallery, Place, Print, Furniture, etc., 26 Arthur Street
Sinclair's, Ltd., general and fancy drapers and milliners, 65-73, 77, 81, 89-97 and 103 Royal Avenue, 7-13 Garfield Street Lower, and 80a, 84-86 and 91-102 North Street
Sindell, John S., 5 Strathmore Park North
Sinerton, John, linen worker, 552 Shore Road
Singer Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 29 Shankill Road
Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., Manufacturing Dept., 43 Queen Street and Branches
Singleton, Ernest, hairdresser, 34 Woodstock Street
Singleton, Fredk., 4 Fleet Street
Singleton, J. L., engineer, 5 Thorburn Road
Singleton, Miss, 4 Lisburn Avenue
Sinnamon, E., butcher, 9 Donegall Road
Sinnamon, H., furnisher, 120 Donegall Road
Sinnamon, Miss G., bookkeeper, 251 Joanmount Gardens
Sinnerton, Henry C., butcher, 11 Workman Avenue
Sinnerton, J., linen lapper, 143 Ainsworth Avenue
Sinnerton, Martha, 52 Lanark Street
Sinnerton, Walter, soldier, 48 Raleigh Street
Sinnott, Mrs. M. J., 128 Madrid Street
Sinons, James, boiler maker, 5 Clarendon Avenue
Sinton, David, 143 Knock Road
Sinton, Frederick, Gilford
Sinton, Mrs., 2 Ulster Villas, Meadowbank Street
Sinton, Richard, inspector, 77 Ardenlee Avenue
Sinton, Thomas, J.P., Laurelvale, Tandragee
Sinton, Thomas, & Co., linen manufacturers, 25 Bedford Street
Sirr, Miss J., 6 Stranmillis Street
Sisk, John, & Son, builders, 82 Royal Avenue
Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, 24 Clonard Gardens
Sisters of Mercy Home, Beechmount, Falls Road
Sives, J. B., traveller, 18 Orangefield Crescent
Sivewright, A., foreman, 148 Ardenlee Avenue
Sixty Minute Cleaners, 55 Royal Avenue and 16 Bradbury Place
Skate, Thomas, 8 Sandhurst Gardens
Skeffington, Mrs. M., 6 (22) Norfolk Gardens
Skefko Ball-bearing Co. Ltd., 41 Victoria Square
Skegoniel Brick Co., Ltd., 146 Skegoneill Avenue
Skegoneill P.E.S., 4-6 Cavehill Road Old
Skelly, Frederick, 38 Castleview Road
Skelly, F. C., school officer, 306 Donegall Road
Skelly, James, grocer, 96 Albert Bridge Road
Skelly, James, bakery, 100 Albert Bridge Road
Skelly, James A., grocer, 200 Grosvenor Road
Skelly, James A., fruiterer, 194 Grosvenor Road
Skelly, J., 143 Cregagh Road
Skelly, J. A., bread server, 24 Delaware Street
Skelly, Mrs., 14 Albertville Drive
Skelly, Mrs., 16 Ardenlee Parade
Skelly, Mrs. A., 4 Bawnmore Road
Skelly, Mrs. E., 519 Antrim Road
Skelly, Mrs. L., 42 Madison Avenue
Skelly, Mrs. M. W., 84 Sydenham Avenue
Skelly, Norman, coal merchant, 47-49 Louisa Street
Skelly, Robert, driver, 171 Ravenhill Road
Skelly, Saml., window cleaner, 154 Limestone Road
Skelly, Saml., 7 Malone Hill Park
Skelly, S., 25 Cameron Street
Skelton, C., butcher, 154 Grosvenor Road
Skelton, C., fruiterer, 156 Grosvenor Road
Skelton, C., 45 Dundela Avenue
Skelton, C., butcher, 154 Donegall Road
Skelton, David, butcher, 56 Sandy Row
Skelton, E., 31 Moyola Street
Skelton, Hugh, butcher, 28 Atlantic Avenue
Skelton, Jas., butcher, Glendalough, Stockman's Lane
Skelton, Jas., & Co., clothing manufacturers, 11-13 Gloucester Street
Skelton, Johnson, 15 Cavehill Road
Skelton, J. S., flesher, 317 Donegall Road
Skelton, K., baker, 3-5 Limestone Road
Skelton, Miss I., 38 Avoca Street
Skelton, Miss S. M., solicitor, 142 (17) Royal Avenue
Skelton, Mrs., 22 Orpen Road
Skelton, Robert, 43 Ardenlee Avenue
Skelton, S. B., insurance official, 1 Knocktern Gardens
Skelton, Thomas, 43 Empire Street
Skelton, Wm. L., solicitor, 142 (9-10, 20) Royal Avenue
Skelton, W. C., grocer, 2 Agincourt Street
Skelton, W. J., 15 Sydenham Drive
Skerry Bahn Dairies, 44-46 Waring Street
Skillen, D. B., carter, 7 Elmdale Street
Skillen, Hugh A., M.B., surgeon, 171 Duncairn Gardens
Skillen, John H., engineer, 97 Larkfield Road
Skillen, Joseph, 25 Stranmillis Gardens
Skillen, Dr. Louise, 64 Newtownards Road Upper
Skillen, Malcolm, cleaner, 147 Madrid Street
Skillen, Mrs., 434 Newtownards Road Upper
Skillen, Patrick, flesher, 457 Crumlin Road
Skillen, Samuel, driver, 14 Alexandra Park Avenue
Skillen, William Robert, 16 Martinez Avenue
Skillen, W. G. R., civil servant, 12 Cloreen Park
Skillen, W. W., 87 Larkfield Road
Skilling, Mrs., 14 Ava Avenue
Skilling, W. T., 180 Newtownards Road Upper
Skimin, W., 186 Connsbrook Avenue
Skinner Bros., manufacturing chemists, 16 Donegall Pass
Skinner, R. J., 32 Kansas Avenue
Skinner, Thos., chemical manufacturer, 60 Osborne Drive
Skinner, William, 42 Dundela Street
Skinner, Wm., piano maker, 19 Fitzroy Avenue
Skuce, S. E., 16 Shandon Park
Slack, Mrs., 22 Belmont Avenue
Slade, Clarence G., 70 Graymount Road
Slane, David, insurance agent, 2 Parkmount Gardens
Slane, James, 31 Summer Street
Slane, Joseph, 1 Somerton Park
Slater, A., draughtsman, 24 Manna Grove
Slator, Ethel, teacher, 9 Edgcumbe Gardens
Slator, W., 18a Hawthornden Road
Slattery, Helen, 41 Westland Road
Slaughter, Robert Y., Ltd., advertising agents, 58 (10) Howard Street
Slavin, Frank, 39 Ponsonby Avenue
Slavin, Frank, 92 Stratheden Street
Sleator, E. W. B., engineer, 445 Springfield Road
Sleator, H., 21 Circular Road (South End)
Sleator, Jas., 33 Meadow Street
Sleator, Mrs. E., 6 Cappy Street
Sleator, Thomas, 75 Woodstock Road
Slessor, Wm., & Co., engineers, 76 Chichester Street
Slingsby, H. C., truck, ladder, and barrow manufacturer, 18 Waring Street
Slipper, G. B., 15 King's Road
Sloan, Alex., & Co., Ltd., House Furnishers, Drapers, Warehousemen, 96-98 High Street
Sloan, Andrew, fitter, 57 Bloomfield Avenue
Sloan Bros., builders, 1a Deramore Avenue
Sloan, Chas. H., salesman, 49 Marlborough Park North
Sloan & Co., Mill Furnishers and Manufacturers' Agents, 9 Corporation Street
Sloan, David, clerk, 14 Woodcot Avenue
Sloan, Elizabeth, 107 Beersbridge Road
Sloan, Frank, 184 My Lady's Road
Sloan, F., bank official, 25 Osborne Park
Sloan, George, boiler maker, 63 Bryson Street
Sloan, George, 4 Henrietta Street
Sloan, G. H., manager, 50 Ravenhill Park
Sloan, Henry, 34 Ashgrove Park
Sloan, Hugh, 15 Connsbrook Drive
Sloan, H., 222 Cliftonville Road
Sloan, H., gardener, Smyth Bungalows, Rocky Road
Sloan, H., 57 Fitzwilliam Street
Sloan, Ina, bakery, 343 Beersbridge Road
Sloan, James, 49 Annalee Street
Sloan, James, 56 Sandymount Street
Sloan, James, 40 Mount Eden Park
Sloan, James, fitter, 100 Madrid Street
Sloan, James, boiler maker, 100 Loopland Park
Sloan, Jas., engineer, 42 Belmont Avenue
Sloan, Jas., engineer, 23 Elaine Street
Sloan, John, compositor, 265 Castlereagh Road
Sloan, John, 41 Cherryvalley Gardens
Sloan, John, bread server, 16 Donegall Park
Sloan, John, 20 Sandhill Gardens
Sloan, John, fitter, 136 Woodstock Road
Sloan, Joseph, grocer, 56 Joanmount Gardens
Sloan, J., 38 Taunton Avenue
Sloan, J., 31 Parkmount Road
Sloan, J., engineer, 102 Lisburn Road
Sloan, J. B., clerk, 24 Glendower Street
Sloan, J. T., crane man, 29 Lomond Avenue
Sloan, Letitia, draper, 127 Leeson Street
Sloan, Matthew H., 140 Malone Road
Sloan, Molyneaux, & Co., Ltd., clothing manufacturers, 27 Pakenham Street and 10 Maxwell Street
Sloan, Miss, 18 Ava Avenue
Sloan, Miss, 32 Cranmore Avenue
Sloan, Miss F., 21 Cheltenham Park
Sloan, Miss I., 135 Alliance Avenue
Sloan, Miss M. A., 46 Loopland Park
Sloan, Miss S. J., 125 Mount (The)
Sloan, Mrs., 19 Pretoria Street
Sloan, Mrs., 5 Ailesbury Road
Sloan, Mrs., 104 Tower Street
Sloan, Mrs., 24 Belmont Park
Sloan, Mrs. Agnes, 286 Tennent Street
Sloan, Mrs. E., 16 Glanleam Drive
Sloan, Mrs. E. C., 38 Stranmillis Park
Sloan, Mrs. Hetty, 34 Willowholme Drive
Sloan, Mrs. Margaret, 90 Knock Eden Park
Sloan, Robert, 36 Moyola Street
Sloan, Robert W., mill furnisher, Ballagh, Lisburn Road
Sloan, R. O'N., M.B., 139 York Road
Sloan, R. S. L., L.D.S., 445 Newtownards Road Upper
Sloan, Samuel, 62 Eglinton Street
Sloan, Samuel, 135 Ardenlee Avenue
Sloan, Stewart, clerk, 163 Parkgate Avenue
Sloan, S., 25 Parkmount Road
Sloan, S., grocer, 49 Snugville Street
Sloan, S. J., salesman, 46 Greenville Road
Sloan, S. T., agent, 2 College Square East
Sloan, Thomas, R.U.C., 14 Ashfield Gardens
Sloan, T., packer, 160 Joanmount Gardens
Sloan, T. H., engineer, 41 Chadwick Street
Sloan, William, engineer, 44 Ravenhill Road
Sloan, William, upholsterer, 12 Torrens Gardens
Sloan, William D., 68 Knock Road
Sloan, William J., 32 Abetta Parade
Sloan, Wm., herbalist, 115 My Lady's Road
Sloan, Wm., sheet metal worker, 17 Willowfield Drive
Sloan, Wm., blacksmith, 269 Shore Road
Sloan, Wm., 37 Eia Street
Sloan, W., haulage contractor, 20-24 Leadbetter Street
Sloan, W., dairyman, Knocknagoney Road
Sloan, W. J., foreman, 400 Beersbridge Road
Sloan, Flight Lieut. W. J. P., 9 Waterloo Gardens
Sloane, Charles H., textiles, 32a Linen Hall Street
Sloane, Herbert Wm., 38 Maryville Park
Sloane, John, civil servant, 13 Norfolk Gardens
Sloane, Joseph, tea rooms, 45 Winetavern Street
Sloane, Mrs. E. M., 48 Ashgrove Park
Sloane, Mrs. L., 156 Deerpark Road
Sloane, Samuel, checker, 63 Cooke Street
Sloane, Thomas F., 31 Clonlee Drive
Sloane, Thos., commercial traveller, 18 Cambourne Park
Sloane, W. J., teacher, 49 Bawnmore Road
Slorach, J., draper, 247 Woodstock Road
Sloss, F. A., LL.B., solicitor, 82 Royal Avenue; res., 50 Central Avenue, Bangor
Sloss, G. T., 16 Eastleigh Drive
Slowey, Dr. G., M.B., 124 Newtownards Road Upper
Slowey, Mr. G. T., 58a Mountpottinger Road
Small, David, shipwright, 8 Ship Street
Small, E. P., 163 Belmont Road
Small, E. P., manufacturers' agent, 93 Ann Street
Small, Prof. James, 6 (5) Randal Park
Small, John, fine art dealer, 24 Ardpatrick Gardens
Small, John, picture frame maker, 30 Bridge End
Small, John, boiler maker, 104 Castlereagh Road
Small, Canon J., P.P., 34 Derryvolgie Avenue
Small, J. M., & Son, linen merchants, 10 Donegall Square South
Small, J. M., & Son, linen manufacturers, 23 Bedford Street
Small, Loftus, 7 Queensberry Park
Small, Mrs., 44 Virginia Street
Small, Mrs. E., 16 Pine Street
Small & Parkes, Ltd., brake lining and motor accessories, 3 Alfred Street
Small, Robert, clerk, 35 Mount Merrion Avenue
Small, R., R.U.C., 107 Deramore Avenue
Small, R. P., chemist, 6 Ballygomartin Road
Small, Thomas, 22 Florida Drive
Small, Thomas, R.U.C., 37 Onslow Gardens
Small, T. E., auto engineer, 5-9 Hamilton Street
Small, W. T., sergt. R.U.C., 138 Haypark Avenue
Smallwood, George, fitter, 22 Ava Street
Smallwood, G. W., 374 Newtownards Road Upper
Smart, D. C., 29 Ophir Gardens
Smart, F., machinist, 36 Silverstream Park
Smart, Geo., assistant manager, 3 Cliftondene Gardens
Smart, Jas., builder, 10 Sydenham Avenue
Smart, J. G., butcher, 247-249 Newtownards Road Upper
Smart, Mrs., 7 Earlswood Road
Smart, Robert, director, 38 Downshire Road
Smart, Rev. S., B.A., 38 Irwin Crescent
Smart, Wm., fitter, 195 Connsbrook Avenue
Smart's, gramophone and wireless dealers, 1-3 Church Street and 52 Donegall Street
Smeaton, Thomas, fitter, 64 Shandon Park
Smee, S., insurance agent, 1 Ashfield Gardens
Smeltzer, D., iron moulder, 21 Larkfield Road
Smeltzer, Robert, compositor, 36 Posnett Street
Smeltzer, W. J., 36 Thornhill Drive
Smiles, Philip, linen business, 7 Deramore Drive
Smiley, David, 57 Osborne Drive
Smiley, G., gardener, 84 Ravenscroft Avenue
Smiley, Sir John, Bart., Great Oaks, Goring Heath, Oxon
Smiley, John C., M.I.M.T., 3 Knockvale Park
Smiley, Miss, 18 Chichester Avenue
Smiley, Mrs., 170 Connsbrook Avenue
Smiley, Mrs. M., 199 Ballygomartin Road
Smiley, Mrs. M., grocer, 31 Carnan Street
Smiley, R., fruiterer, 432 Woodstock Road
Smiley, R., fruiterer, 119 Cregagh Road
Smiley, T. V., clerk, 21 Sagimor Gardens
Smiley, W. P. H., M.B., 199 Albert Bridge Road
Smilie & Co., coppersmiths, Sydenham Road
Smillie, Mrs. Mary, 62 Newington Avenue
Smith, Albert, painter, 42 Chief Street
Smith, Albert E., grocer, 165 Orby Drive
Smith, Albert J., clerk, 5 Wellwood Street
Smith, Alexander, traveller, 31 Ashley Avenue
Smith, Alex., baker, 33 Posnett Street
Smith, Alex., draper, 50 Landscape Terrace
Smith, Alfred J., 10 Atlantic Avenue
Smith, Andrew, machine man, 127 Madrid Street
Smith, Andrew, 152 Hillman Street
Smith, A., engineer, 33 Irwin Crescent
Smith, A., engineer, 55 Ravenhill Parade
Smith, A., sergt. R.U.C., 6 Lansdowne Park
Smith, A., civil servant, 14 University Street
Smith, A., electrical engineer, 27 South Parade
Smith, A. E., R.U.C., 19 Deramore Gardens
Smith, W., Cranmore, Finaghy Road South
Smith, A. E., grocer, 21 Kendal Street
Smith, A. E., 135 Haypark Avenue
Smith, A. E., manager, 5 Knockbreda Gardens
Smith, A. E., R.U.C., 13 Orangefield Crescent
Smith, A. E., grocer, 112 York Road
Smith, A. H., & Co., cotton, hemp agents, 73 Ravenhill Park
Smith, Cecil, 23 Sunningdale Park
Smith, Charles C., engineer, 11a Knockburn Park
Smith, Charles S., G.P.O. official, 8 Green Road
Smith, Clifford Bryce, Bo-Maur, Finaghy Road South
Smith, C. B., linen merchant, 11 Rosetta Avenue
Smith, C. B., & Co. Ltd., linen merchants, 20 Alfred Street
Smith, C. H. J., shirt cutter, 238 Cregagh Street
Smith, C. L., agent, 10a Waring Street
Smith, C. W., draughtsman, 304 Cregagh Road
Smith, Daniel, confectioner, 187 Grosvenor Road
Smith, David, fitter, 20 Baden Powell Street
Smith, David, aircraft worker, 41 Victoria Avenue
Smith, David, bus driver, 28 Dunluce Avenue
Smith, David C., chemical manufacturer, works, 12 Conningsby Street (Coningsby)
Smith, Douglas, 45 Dunluce Avenue
Smith, D., 23 Mount Street No. 2
Smith, Edward, Hanwood House, King's Road
Smith, Edward, motorman, 91 Skegoneill Avenue
Smith, Edwin, engineer, 5 St. James's Avenue
Smith, Elizabeth, draper, 12 Duncairn Gardens
Smith, E. J., conductor, 61 Carlingford Street
Smith, Frank E., & Co., florists, 11 Wellington Place; nurseries, Dundonald
Smith, Fredk., hairdresser, 2-4 Shiels Street
Smith, Fredk., publican, 92 and 101 Malvern Street
Smith, F. D., fitter, 231 Ballysillan Road
Smith, George, boot maker, 234 Woodstock Road
Smith, George, 76 Eglantine Avenue
Smith, George V., 24 Earlswood Road
Smith, G. R., 514 Cregagh Road
Smith, G. W., 28 Ormiston Crescent
Smith, Hans V., school teacher, 9 Thorburn Road
Smith, Henry, 175 Fortwilliam Park
Smith, Henry, caretaker, 54 Fountain Street
Smith, Herbert, driver, 99 Sicily Park
Smith, Herbert C., bookkeeper, 11 Broughton Park
Smith, Herbert J., butcher, 47 Cheviot Avenue
Smith, Howard, civil servant, Stormont Back Lodge, Massey Avenue
Smith, Hugh, 62 Sunnyside Street
Smith, Hugh, shop assistant, 13 Lorne Street
Smith, Hugh, manager, 63 Orby Drive
Smith, H., Drummena Lodge, Bladon Drive
Smith, H., 26 Graymount Gardens
Smith, H., foreman, 2 Skegoneill Drive
Smith, H., 31 Irwin Avenue
Smith, H., 76 Loopland Park
Smith, H., 9 Stranmillis Gardens
Smith, H. D., woollen merchant, 49 Queen Street; res., 120 King's Road
Smith, H. McK., 116 Malone Avenue
Smith, Isaac, R.U.C., 7 Haypark Gardens
Smith, Isaiah, compositor, 9 Ashfield Gardens
Smith, I., clerk, 31 Reid Street
Smith, James, engineer, 56 Lichfield Avenue
Smith, James, engineer, 169 Castlereagh Road
Smith, James, electrician, 19 Artana Street
Smith, James, hotel porter, 25 Silverstream Parade
Smith, James D., manager, 145 Ravenhill Road
Smith, John, 28 Hudson Street
Smith, John, upholsterer, 208 Orby Drive
Smith, John, 187 Ormeau Road
Smith, John, 6 Brantwood Street
Smith, John, boot maker, 18 Cicero Gardens
Smith, John, driver, 43 Victoria Avenue
Smith, Joseph D., butcher, 187 Cupar Street
Smith, J., optician, 88 Cliftonville Road
Smith, J., 23 Priory Park
Smith, J., superintendent, 2 Knockbreda Gardens
Smith, J., com. agent, 22 Summer Hill Park
Smith, J., fitter, 2 Pottinger Street
Smith, J., boot maker, 98a York Street
Smith, J., 9 Shrewsbury Park
Smith, J., body maker, 19 Willowfield Crescent
Smith, J. E., 38 Indiana Avenue
Smith, J. H., 79 Maryville Road
Smith, J. H., electrical wholesaler, 4 College Square North
Smith, J. J., soldier, 34 St. Ive's Gardens
Smith, J. L., bookkeeper, 16 Trigo Parade
Smith, J. M. (Linens), Ltd., 9 Bruce Street
Smith, J. N., 19 Hawthornden Drive
Smith, J. T., civil servant, 3 Ormiston Crescent
Smith, L. B., draughtsman, 143 King's Road
Smith, Marcus E., 43 Osborne Park
Smith, Margaret, 35 Lucerne Parade
Smith, Maud H., 575 Donegall Road
Smith, Maurice R., salesman, 163 Sandown Road
Smith, Miss, 13 Graymount Gardens
Smith, Miss, 10 Sandhurst Gardens
Smith, Miss, 20 Clifton Street
Smith, Miss Agnes, 51 Roden Street
Smith, Miss Alice, 8 Victoria Gardens
Smith, Miss E. F., 16 Mountcharles
Smith, Miss S., 16 Cavendish Square
Smith, Mrs., 44 Denorrton Park
Smith, Mrs., 24 Fairview Street
Smith, Mrs., 148 Holywood Road
Smith, Mrs., 256 Ormeau Road
Smith, Mrs., 15 Chestnut Gardens
Smith, Mrs., 10 Taunton Avenue
Smith, Mrs., 16 Torrens Gardens
Smith, Mrs., 68 Wellesley Avenue
Smith, Mrs., 3 Dundela Drive
Smith, Mrs., 244 Holywood Road
Smith, Mrs., 398 Cregagh Road
Smith, Mrs., 9 Frank Street Upper
Smith, Mrs., 24 Victoria Road
Smith, Mrs. Anna, 4 Osborne Gardens
Smith, Mrs. A., 238-240 Roden Street
Smith, Mrs. B., 8 Bawnmore Street
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, 73 Gainsborough Drive
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, 56 Agnes Street
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, 111 Bray Street
Smith, Mrs. Ellen, 57 Dundee Street
Smith, Mrs. E., 1 Prim Street
Smith, Mrs. E., 258 Ravenhill Avenue
Smith, Mrs. F., nurse, 105 My Lady's Road
Smith, Mrs. G., 52 Sydenham Park
Smith, Mrs. I., 22 Auburn Street
Smith, Mrs. John, 5 Windsor Avenue
Smith, Mrs. K., 43 Lonsdale Street
Smith, Mrs. Letitia, 24 Irwin Avenue
Smith, Mrs. Matilda, 18 Lawrence Street
Smith, Mrs. M., 10 Elaine Street
Smith, Mrs. M., 24 Cardigan Drive
Smith, Mrs. S. A., grocer, 44 Derwent Street
Smith, Mrs. W. H., 24 Dunblane Avenue
Smith, Norman L., grocer, 1 Mount Merrion Avenue
Smith, N. H., 10 Mount Aboo Park
Smith, Oliver, 17 Albion Street
Smith Premier Typewriter, Ltd., 35 Wellington Place
Smith, P., 4 Dundela Drive
Smith, P., 83 Haypark Avenue
Smith, Robert, machinist, 45 Whitewell Crescent
Smith, Robert, foreman, 45 Twaddell Avenue
Smith, Robert, 549 Newtownards Road Upper
Smith, Robert, electrician, 27 Cregagh Road
Smith, Robert, harbour constable, 41 Claremont Street
Smith, Robert, mechanic, 72 Tate's Avenue
Smith, Rosaleen, 3 Cavendish Square
Smith, R., surgeon, 15 Fortwilliam Drive
Smith, R., 288 Stranmillis Road
Smith, R., designer, 9 Eglantine Gardens
Smith, R., grocer, 2a Ariel Street
Smith, R., civil servant, 86 Ava Street
Smith, R. A., 40 Kansas Avenue
Smith, R. H., com. agent, 561 Ormeau Road
Smith, R. J., linen business, 5 Rathgar Street
Smith, R. J., civil servant, 27 Locksley Park
Smith, R. J., confectioner, 82 Dee Street
Smith, R. J., clerk of works, 219 Cliftonville Road
Smith, R. J., grocer, 63 Castlereagh Street
Smith, R. L., 25 Irwin Drive
Smith, Samuel, Ben-loch, Serpentine Road
Smith, Sarah, 10 Hughenden Avenue
Smith, Sarah A., publican, 131-133 North Street
Smith, Shaw, butcher, 372 Crumlin Road
Smith, Shaw M., 359 Oldpark Road
Smith, Silas, salesman, 8 Crumlin Gardens
Smith, Thomas, 18 Avonbeg Street
Smith, Thomas, civil servant, 16 St. John's Avenue
Smith, Thomas, fitter, 35 Frank Street
Smith, Thomas, warder, 21 Rosewood Street
Smith, Thomas, sample maker, 5 Westway Drive
Smith, Thomas, 66 Ravenhill Park
Smith, Thomas C., 1 Dunblane Avenue
Smith, Thomasina, fruiterer, 104 York Road
Smith, T., 10 Mount Merrion Drive
Smith, T., 54 Kimberley Street
Smith, T. G., traveller, 1 Adela Street
Smith, T. S., 32 Victoria Road
Smith, Walter, 8 Ravensdene Park
Smith, William, gardener, 1 St. Ive's Gardens
Smith, William, 6 Lavinia Street
Smith, William, dairyman, 3 Rosepark East, Newtownards Road Upper
Smith, William C., 29 Mountview Street
Smith, William E., clerk, 13 Keadyville Avenue
Smith, William H., electrical engineer, 23 Marina Park
Smith, Wm., Cregagh Creamery, 87 Loopland Drive
Smith, Wm., pattern maker, 60 Belmont Avenue
Smith, Wm., bread server, 294 Castlereagh Road
Smith, Wm., provision curer, 135 North Street
Smith, W., Cranmore, Finaghy Road South
Smith, W., 27 Dover Street
Smith, W., 130 Skegoneill Avenue
Smith, W., 3-5 Leadbetter Street
Smith, W., baker, 101 Wallasey Park
Smith, W., hairdresser, 271a Ormeau Road
Smith, W., engineer, 33 Cherryvalley Gardens
Smith, W. (Belfast), Ltd., provision merchants, 74-78 Union Street and 18-22 Kent Street
Smith, W. D., confectioner, 392 Newtownards Road Upper
Smith, W. D., confectioner, 22 Earlswood Road
Smith, W. D., manager, 12 Lismoyne Park
Smith, W. E. F., 9 Manor Street
Smith, W. H., 2 Deramore Park
Smith, W. J., conductor, 41 Wandsworth Parade
Smith, W. M., 178 Cliftonville Road
Smith, W. M., draughtsman, 30 Wandsworth Gardens
Smith, W. M., seaman, 23 Joanmount Gardens
Smith, W. R., gateman, 17 Riga Street Upper
Smith, W. R., engineer, 8 Wingrove Gardens
Smith, W. S., 7 Adelaide Park
Smith, W. T., 28 Kirkliston Park
Smithfield Scale and Weighing Machine Works, 48 Smithfield
Smith's, engineers, brass founders, 16-32 Pearl Street
Smullen, R. H., secretary, 11 Chichester Road
Smylie, Alex., joiner, 7 Wandsworth Place
Smylie, Cecil V., chartered accountant, 39 Deramore Park
Smylie, D., fishmonger, 10 Ava Drive
Smylie, Hugh, & Sons, chartered accountants, 13 Donegall Square North
Smylie, Hugo, agent, 29 Howard Street
Smylie, James, 14 Westway Drive
Smylie, Dr. James, 33 Ardenlee Avenue
Smylie, John, 52 Ardenlee Parade
Smylie, Joseph, shop assistant, 336 Springfield Road
Smylie, Joseph, school inspector, 12 Cluan Parade
Smylie, Mary, 43 Fairview Street
Smylie, Miss, 22 Deerpark Drive
Smylie, Miss D. E., 8 Cherryhill
Smylie, Miss D. S., 59 Burmah Street
Smylie, Mrs., 98 Locksley Park
Smylie, Mrs. E., 13 Adelaide Park
Smylie, Robert, grocer, etc., 175 Agnes Street
Smylie, Robert, grocer, 259 Ballysillan Road
Smylie, R., confectioner, 27 Halliday's Road
Smylie, Thomas, packer, 23 Ava Gardens
Smylie, William, clerk, 23 Silverstream Park
Smyrl, Mrs. D., cooked meats, 47 Castlereagh Road
Smyth, Agnes, 28 Mount Merrion Park
Smyth, Alex., 10 Summer Hill Parade
Smyth, Alex., boot merchant, 45 Malone Park
Smyth, Alex., 98 Bryson Street
Smyth, Alex., 45 Bentinck Street
Smyth, Andrew, watchmaker and jeweller, 5-7 North Street Arcade
Smyth, Andrew, jeweller, 22 Slievedarragh Park
Smyth, Andrew, stone cutter, 36 Marsden Gardens
Smyth, A., manager, 1 Joanmount Park
Smyth, A. B., grocer, 14-16 Parkgate Avenue
Smyth, A. E., director, 181 Castlereagh Road
Smyth, A. G., grocer, 65 Pommern Parade
Smyth, A. G., grocer, 195 Grosvenor Road
Smyth & Beattie, drapers, 388 Woodstock Road
Smyth, Bernard, clerk, 30 Chief Street
Smyth Bros., manufacturers of Fielding acetylene gas plants, mineral water machines, etc., 49 Great Patrick Street
Smyth Bros., butchers, 45 Bloomfield Avenue
Smyth, Charles, confectioner, etc., 74 Cromac Street
Smyth, Chas. A., teacher, 17 Sicily Park
Smyth, Col., 9 Chichester Avenue
Smyth & Co. (Musical), Ltd., Pianos and Gramophones, 31 Queen Street
Smyth, C., 10 Halliday's Road
Smyth, C., postman, 64 Manna Grove
Smyth, C., fitter, 29 Victoria Avenue
Smyth, C. J., civil servant, 14 Ava Street
Smyth, C. W., Ventnor, Stockman's Lane
Smyth, David, foreman, Springdale, Circular Road West
Smyth, Dr., 95 Shankill Road
Smyth, D., packer, 28 Hardcastle Street
Smyth, D., carpenter, 32-34 Victoria Street Little
Smyth, D., box maker, 741 Lisburn Road
Smyth, D. I., & Co., radio and concert agents, 5 Queen's Arcade
Smyth, D. J., & Co., 5 Queen's Arcade
Smyth, Edward, baker, 104 Orangefield Crescent
Smyth, Edward, clerk, 26 Mount Merrion Park
Smyth, Edward, fitter, 66 Windsor Avenue Lower
Smyth, Edward, coal merchant, 152 Oldpark Road
Smyth, Edward D., clerk, 56 Springfield Road
Smyth, Ernest, cutter, 339 Ormeau Road
Smyth, Ernest, salesman, 36 Ballysillan Park
Smyth, E., bakery, 186 Woodstock Road
Smyth, E. L., motor agent, 166-168 Lisburn Road
Smyth, E. W., motor proprietor, 14 Fitzwilliam Street
Smyth, Frank, 51 Pommern Parade
Smyth, Fredk., conductor, 269 Castlereagh Road
Smyth, Fredk., engineer, 24 Prince Edward Park
Smyth, Fredk., coach trimmer, 62 Cromwell Road
Smyth, Fredk. W., 12 Martinez Avenue
Smyth, F., publican, 474 Crumlin Road
Smyth, George, 19 Parkgate Avenue
Smyth, George, hardware merchant, 28 Albert Bridge Road
Smyth, George, iron turner, 9 Dee Street
Smyth, George, garage proprietor, 970 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Gerrard F., teacher, 12 Norfolk Parade
Smyth, G., confectioner, 143 University Avenue
Smyth, G., M.P.S., chemist, 436-438 Ormeau Road
Smyth, G. J., 94 Bryson Street
Smyth, Harold, time keeper, 55 Cliftondene Gardens
Smyth, Henry, store man, 41 Bryson Street
Smyth, Herbert A., iron turner, 28 Clarendon Avenue
Smyth, Hugh, grocer, 104 Duncairn Gardens
Smyth, Hugh, 162 Mountcollyer Street
Smyth, Hugh, dealer, 37-39 Howard Street South
Smyth, Hugh, 45 Ambleside Street
Smyth, H., 162 North Road
Smyth, H., coach builder, 33a Connswater Street
Smyth, H., hardware merchant, 2 Burnaby Street
Smyth, H. B., 96 Kensington Road
Smyth, H. M., linen merchant, 2 Burnaby Street
Smyth, H. P., optician, 23 Joanmount Park
Smyth, James, 100 Galwally Park
Smyth, James, estimator, 21 Aigburth Park
Smyth, James, inspector, 50 Edinburgh Street
Smyth, James, estate agent, 31 Donegall Street
Smyth, James, civil servant, 68 Tyndale Park
Smyth, James, engineer, 57 Priory Park
Smyth, James, 8 Ballygomartin Road
Smyth, James, commission agent, 192 Lodge Road Old
Smyth, James, fitter, 33 Cheviot Avenue
Smyth, James, estate agent, An Dunan, Glen Road
Smyth, James, fitter, 10 Southview Street
Smyth, James, Nemede, 26 Myrtlefield Park
Smyth, James, com. traveller, 17 Madison Avenue
Smyth, James, estate auctioneer and insurance agent, Gibson's Buildings, 86-88 Castle Street
Smyth, James, brick layer, 1 Sagimor Gardens
Smyth, Rev. Dr. James, 90 Osborne Park
Smyth, James B., civil servant, 7 Kingsberry Park
Smyth, James F., & Son, boot and shoe manufacturers, 29 Clifton Street
Smyth, James C., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 16 College Gardens
Smyth, James M., pawn broker, 34 Falls Road
Smyth, James M., reps., 45 Willowbank Gardens
Smyth, John, plumber, 71 Botanic Avenue
Smyth, John, pawn broker, Broomhill Dairy, Glen Road
Smyth, John, clerk, 166 Grosvenor Road
Smyth, John, boot maker, 174 Woodstock Road
Smyth, John, com. agent, Brady's Lane
Smyth, John, 5 Townsend Street
Smyth, John, 6 Strandview Street
Smyth, John, joiner, 38 Glencairn Street
Smyth, John, iron turner, 191 Joanmount Gardens
Smyth, John, iron turner, 18 Dunville Street
Smyth, John, confectioner, 36 Hope Street
Smyth, John, dealer, 108 Sandy Row
Smyth, John, mechanic, 29 Marquis Street
Smyth, John, boot maker, 77 Maryville Street
Smyth, John, 240 Ballysillan Road
Smyth, John, shoe maker, 47 Salisbury Street
Smyth, John, hairdresser, 49 St. James's Road
Smyth, John, 394 Cregagh Road
Smyth, John M. W., watch maker, 106 Joanmount Gardens
Smyth, Joseph, 189 Sandown Road
Smyth, J., inspector, 7 Deanby Gardens
Smyth, J., optician, 77 Peter's Hill
Smyth, J., driver, 35 Glendower Street
Smyth, J., boiler maker, 84 Woodvale Road
Smyth, J., com. agent, 3a Agnes Street
Smyth, J., barman, 10 Dromore Street
Smyth, J., 13 Hesketh Park
Smyth, J., tailor, Ernville, Orangefield Crescent
Smyth, J., clerk, 66 Ulsterville Gardens
Smyth, J., dealer, 10-12 Dover Street
Smyth, J., fruiterer, 104 Sandy Row
Smyth, J., boot merchant, 328 Beersbridge Road
Smyth, J., flesher, 162 Beersbridge Road
Smyth, Dr. J. A., M.D., B.Sc., D.P.H., 23 University Square
Smyth, J. G., Everton, Knockbreda Road
Smyth, J. H., 70 Cavehill Road Old
Smyth, J. H., 36 Taunton Avenue
Smyth, J. H., 18 Ava Parade
Smyth, J. J., 10 Kansas Avenue
Smyth, J. J., 402 Oldpark Road
Smyth, J. M., clerk, 14 Lansdowne Park
Smyth, J. S., yarn dresser, 20 Wellington Park Avenue
Smyth, J. S., agent, 7 Bedford Street
Smyth, J. V., sergt. R.U.C., 3 Beechmount Drive
Smyth, J., & Son, boot maker, 121 Antrim Road
Smyth, J. W., 230 Ballysillan Road
Smyth, K., manager, Ligoniel Houses, Ligoniel Road
Smyth, Mary, 24 Rosewood Street
Smyth, Miss, 16 Dunluce Avenue
Smyth, Miss, 12 Pakenham Street
Smyth, Miss, 51 Cooke Street
Smyth, Miss A., 21 Oakland Avenue
Smyth, Miss Elizabeth, 36 Hartington Street
Smyth, Miss Elizabeth, 6 Silvio Street
Smyth, Miss E., 9 Ardgreenan Crescent
Smyth, Miss E. F., 63 Locksley Park
Smyth, Miss Florence V., teacher, 21 Somerton Road
Smyth, Miss Florence V., teacher, 21 Somerton Road
Smyth, Miss H., 12 Sunbury Avenue
Smyth, Miss Isabel, draper, 420-422 Ormeau Road
Smyth, Miss Jean, 21 Broughton Gardens
Smyth, Miss J. K., N.F.U., 31 Botanic Avenue
Smyth, Miss Mary. 44 Newington Avenue
Smyth, Miss M., hardware merchant, 270 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Miss M. L., 31 Earlswood Road
Smyth, Mrs., 35 Balfour Avenue
Smyth, Mrs., 7 Thorndale Avenue
Smyth, Mrs., 36 Ravenhill Avenue
Smyth, Mrs., 36 Victoria Street Little
Smyth, Mrs., 57 Bloomfield Road
Smyth, Mrs., 2 Riverview Street
Smyth, Mrs. Agnes, newsagent, 366 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Mrs. Annie, 43 Alliance Avenue
Smyth, Mrs. A., 22 Delhi Street
Smyth, Mrs. Charles, 17 Cliftonville Drive
Smyth, Mrs. E. J., 6 Ravensdene Crescent
Smyth, Mrs. F. W., 114 Malone Avenue
Smyth, Mrs. H. E., 2 Hillview, Barnett's Road
Smyth, Mrs. Leah, 100 Holywood Road
Smyth, Mrs. Margaret, 67 Knockbreda Road
Smyth, Mrs. Mary, 14 Cavendish Square
Smyth, Mrs. Mary, 429 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Mrs. Minnie, 20 Osborne Drive
Smyth, Mrs. M., 8 Essex Street
Smyth, Mrs. M., 13 Posnett Street
Smyth, Mrs. M., 29 Rosemount Gardens
Smyth, Mrs. M., draper, 53 Oldpark Road
Smyth, Mrs. M., 1 Dunkeld Gardens
Smyth, Mrs. Rose, 118 Albert Street
Smyth, Mrs. Rose, 146 Antrim Road
Smyth, Mrs. Rosenna, 69 Madrid Street
Smyth, Mrs. R., Greystones, Lisburn Road
Smyth, Mrs. Sarah, 23 Bryson Street
Smyth, Mrs. Sophia, 946 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Mrs. S., 360 Castlereagh Road
Smyth, Mrs. W., 7 Rosetta Drive
Smyth, M., 2 Harrogate Street
Smyth, M., 7 Alexandra Avenue
Smyth & McClure, grocer, 403-405 Newtownards Road and branches
Smyth, Norman, 67 Rosemount Gardens
Smyth, N. L., clerk, 374 Castlereagh Road
Smyth, O. F., spirit merchant, 120 Harberton Park
Smyth, P. H., wireless operator, 144 Deramore Avenue
Smyth, Richard, joiner, 72 Tyndale Park
Smyth, Robert, 15 Cardigan Drive
Smyth, Robert, 10 Beechmount Street
Smyth, Robert, 5 Benview Park
Smyth, Robert, joiner, 77 Ulsterville Avenue
Smyth, Robert A., 99 Knockbreda Road
Smyth, Robert N., checker, 17 Gilnahirk Road
Smyth, R., boot maker, 188 Manor Street
Smyth, R., fitter, 13 Chichester Avenue
Smyth, R., solicitor, 2 Grasmere Gardens
Smyth, R., grocer, 4 Marmount Gardens
Smyth, R. D., 29 Holland Park
Smyth, R. G., butcher, 27 Oldpark Road
Smyth, R. G., 63 Lansdowne Road
Smyth, R. H., 3 Hampton Park
Smyth, R. J., collar cutter, 26 Indiana Avenue
Smyth, R. J., butcher, 22-24 Oldpark Road
Smyth, R. N., draughtsman, 19 Castle Avenue
Smyth, R., & Son, apron and pinafore manufacturers, 75-77 and 83 Sandy Row
Smyth, R. S. W., bank official, 169 Orby Drive
Smyth, Samuel, store keeper, 50 Blenheim Drive
Smyth, Samuel, bread server, 109 Killowen Street
Smyth, Samuel, pattern maker, 14 Comber Street
Smyth, Samuel, farmer, Rocky Road
Smyth, Samuel, 45 Ladas Drive
Smyth, Samuel, general merchant, 78 Castlereagh Road
Smyth, Samuel, druggist, 70 Martinez Avenue
Smyth, Samuel, engineer, 272 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Samuel, 11 Ship Street
Smyth, Samuel, pattern maker, 41 Bryson Street
Smyth, Samuel, & Co., chartered accountants, 16 Donegall Square South
Smyth, Sarah, confectioner, 246 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Stephen, steeplejack, 44 Baden Powell Street
Smyth, Sydney, manufacturers' agent, 21 Ardpatrick Gardens
Smyth, Sydney H., bank official, 377 Newtownards Road Upper
Smyth, Sylvester, 43 Princes Street
Smyth, S., artist, 22 Howard Street
Smyth, S., butcher, 359 Oldpark Road
Smyth, S., accountant, Laurento, Chichester Park
Smyth, S., hairdresser, 36 Ohio Street
Smyth, S. J., civil servant, 68 Galwally Park
Smyth, Thomas, porter, 23 Madrid Street
Smyth, Thomas, crane man, 14 Campbell Park Avenue
Smyth, Thomas, stock keeper, 15 Glandore Gardens
Smyth, Thomas, harbour constable, 1 Connsbrook Park
Smyth, T., R.U.C., 17 Brookvale Street
Smyth, T., foreman, 84 Ava Street
Smyth, T. A., civil servant, 87 Cedar Avenue
Smyth, Rev. T. A. B., B.A., 24 Myrtlefield Park
Smyth, Wallace, 74 Cromwell Road
Smyth, William, 15 Sandhurst Drive
Smyth, William, 54 Knockbreda Park
Smyth, William, 10 Clonaver Park
Smyth, William, 34 Blenheim Drive
Smyth, William, 36 Malone Hill Park
Smyth, William, tea agent, 24 Donegall Park Avenue
Smyth, Wm., butcher, 415-417 Newtownards Road
Smyth, Wm., tobacconist, 166 Shankill Road
Smyth, Wm., R.U.C., 342 Castlereagh Road
Smyth, Wm., engineer, 14 Connsbrook Avenue
Smyth, Wm., grocer, 11-13 Well Street
Smyth, Wm., bread server, 658 Springfield Road
Smyth, Wm., radio dealer, 76 Castlereagh Road
Smyth, Wm., 54 Shandon Park
Smyth, Wm., salesman, 617 Oldpark Road
Smyth, Wm., boot maker, 22 Belmont Road
Smyth, Wm., foreman, Whiterock Road
Smyth, Wm. A., linen business, 39 Lancefield Road
Smyth, Wm., & Co. Ltd., bleachers and finishers, Lenaderg, Banbridge
Smyth, Wm. H., butcher, 7 Manor Drive
Smyth, Wm. Jas., 5 Russell Street
Smyth, Wm. R., insurance broker, 6 Cranmore Avenue
Smyth, Wm., & Son (The Irish Linen House), Ltd., 14-15 Riddels Arcade, Registered Office, Second Floor (45) Riddels Arcade
Smyth, W., newsagent, 131 Sandy Row
Smyth, W., 44 Ravenhill Avenue
Smyth, W., clerk, 60 Delhi Street
Smyth, W. A., inspector, 41 Ravensdene Park
Smyth, W. E., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 16 Cregagh Road
Smyth, Rev. W. H., M.A., 41 Adelaide Park
Smyth, W. J., fitter, 176 Woodvale Road
Smyth, W. J., 34 Lansdowne Park
Smyth, W. L., grocer, Knockbreda Road
Smyth, W. R., chief cashier, 80 University Avenue
Smyth, W. T., 8 Bristol Avenue
Smyth, W. T. W., sexton, King's Road
Smyth's Stores, confectioner, 26 Botanic Avenue
Smythe, M., private hospital, 46 Mountcharles
Smythe, Wm., builder, 16 Ardmore Park
Smythe, W. J., groundsman, Polo Cottage, Pommern Parade
Smyton, Margaret, confectioner, 144 Templemore Avenue
Snape, Capt. W. G., 17 Albertville Drive
Snelling, R. W., inspector, 33 Galwally Park
Snodden, Alex., welder, 1a Sintonville Avenue
Snodden, Thomas, 3 Bedeque Street
Snoddy, B., seed merchant, 189 Agnes Street
Snoddy, B., grocer, 175 Cregagh Road
Snoddy, E., newsagent, 373 Oldpark Road
Snoddy, Herbert, confectioner, 59 Bracken Street
Snoddy, John, 9 Alexandra Park Avenue
Snoddy, John, clerk, 3 Burmah Street
Snoddy, Matthew, confectioner, 34 Canmore Street
Snoddy, Miss R., restaurant, 3 Station Street
Snoddy, Robert, 30 Jaffa Street
Snoddy, Rosetta, grocer, 7 Bridge End
Snoddy, R., joiner, 777 Antrim Road
Snoddy, W. C., foreman, 12 Cliftonville Parade
Snoddy, W. H., 66 Ardenlee Avenue
Snowden, Frank, smith, 10 Delaware Street
Snowden, Francis, clerk, 11 Sandhill Gardens
Snowden, G., 4 Surrey Street
Snowden, G. B. S., 68 Sicily Park
Snowden, H., radio, 20 York Road
Snowden, J., wholesale confectioner, 44 Castlereagh Street and 27 Kirkliston Park
Snowden, Mrs. G., 78 Fitzroy Avenue
Snowden, Mrs. S. J., 154 Ravenhill Avenue
Snowden, T., newsagent, 6 York Road
Snowsill, L. C., 19 Windsor Drive
Snugg, J. C., 53 Rugby Road
Soble, M., furrier, 10 Glenworth Drive
Sochor, Z., 4 Cleaver Gardens
Social Cafe (J. Kinsmore), 260 Ormeau Road
Social Supper Saloon (The), 101 Lodge Road Old
Society of Friends' Cemetery, 2 Balmoral Avenue
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 20 Donegall Square East
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Bank Street
Soden, John William, 9 Riverview Street
Sohenker, H. A., supervisor, 311 Cavehill Road
Soldiers' Home, 76 Clifton Street
Soldiers' and Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association, 50 Dublin Road
Soley, J., 21 Glenbrook Avenue
Solicitors' Department, Ministry of Finance, 64 Chichester Street
Solomon & Peres, radio dealers, 52 Donegall Street
Somers, W., R.U.C., 59 Delhi Street
Somerset, Mrs., 13 Ashton Avenue, Finaghy
Somerset Nursing Home - Miss Orr, 87 University Street
Somerset, N., window cleaner, 7 Ardgreenan Drive
Somerset, Thomas, D.L., J.P., M.P., linen manufacturer, 276 Malone Road
Somerset, Thomas, & Co., Linen Manufacturers and Merchants, 7 Hardcastle Street. T.A.: "Somersault, Belfast"
Somersett, Wm., 3 Donegall Park, Finaghy
Somerville, John, sanitary engineer, 11 College Square North
Sommerville, Alexander, 26 Edlingham Street
Sommerville, Mrs. J. D., 72 Osborne Park
Sommerville, Mrs. Mary, 1 Glendower Street
Sommerville, Samuel, coal vendor, 25-27 Benwell Street
Sommerville, W. J., clerk, 66 Ravenhill Avenue
Sorenson, Paul, engineer, 22 Thornhill Park
Sosbie, Mrs., draper, 102 Oldpark Road
Sosby, P., 205 Donegall Street
Souter, Charles, engineer, 24 Grand Parade
South Belfast Billiards Club, Sandy Row
South Belfast Christian Workers' Union, 71 Donegall Pass
South Belfast Headquarters for Labour Party, 71 Dublin Road
South, C. A., insurance official, 16 Deerpark Drive
Southard, David, 147 Smithfield Market
Southern Insurance Co., 58 Howard Street
Southern Loan Co. Ltd., 49 Victoria Street
Southery, J., 120 (2) Malone Avenue
Southwark Manufacturing Co., belting manufacturers, 6 Skipper Street
Southwell, William, silversmith, 18 Donegall Street
Sowney, G., male nurse, 30 Baden Powell Street
Soye, A. J., 23 Belvedere Park
Spackman, William, tailor, 109 High Street
Spalding, A. G., & Bros., Ltd., athletic goods manufacturers, 15 Lombard Street
Spark, Fredk. V., 37 Knockdene Park South
Sparks, D., conductor, 108 Tate's Avenue
Sparks, Miss R., 17 Rugby Avenue
Sparks, Samuel T., 9 Knocklofty Park
Sparks, Wm., 3 Haddington Gardens
Sparrow, Charles, pattern maker, 32 Wheatfield Crescent
Sparrow, Chas. W., inspector, 7 Albertville Drive
Sparrow, C. H., 70 Victoria Avenue
Sparrow, Gerald, 22 Virginia Street
Sparrow, T., grocer, 7 Marlborough Park Central
Sparrow, T., grocer, 4 Salisbury Street
Sparrow, Victor, body builder, 9 Mount Merrion Avenue
Sparrow, William, 26 Skegoneill Drive
S.P.D. warehousemen, 34 York Street Little
Speed, F., assistant foreman, 82 Onslow Parade
Speed Oils, Ltd., petrol and oils, 53d Donegall Place
Speer, George, 64 Nelson Street
Speers, George, 597 Newtownards Road Upper
Speers, H. C., cabinet maker, 58 Onslow Gardens
Speers, James, grocer, 4 Memel Street
Speers, James, traveller, 57 Ardenlee Avenue
Speers, John, civil servant, 34 Pommern Parade
Speers, Miss Mary K., clerk, 32 Rutland Street
Speers, M., 80 Donegall Park Avenue
Speers & Newell, drapers, 351 Ormeau Road
Speers, Norman H., 56 Windsor Avenue Lower
Speers, Thomas, driver, 204 Roden Street
Speers, William, electrician, 44 Cheltenham Park
Speight, Mrs. Agnes, 142 Oldpark Road
Speirs, George, inspector, 102 Ravenhill Avenue
Spence, Arthur, brass worker, 15 Lomond Avenue
Spence, A., 35 Castleview Road
Spence, A., auctioneer and valuer, 91 Victoria Street Great
Spence, Bryson, & Co. Ltd., linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 41 Victoria Street Great and 3 Hope Street
Spence, Charles, insurance agent, 4 Whitewell Crescent
Spence, Charlotte, 11 Essex Street
Spence, Capt. Charles H., 96 Cliftonpark Avenue
Spence, C., joiner, 30 Glenbrook Avenue
Spence, D., com. agent, 6 William Street
Spence, E., supper saloon, 52-54 Calvin Street
Spence, E., 1 Bloomfield Road
Spence, F., electrician, 16 Whitehall Gardens
Spence, George, traveller, 13 Lothair Avenue
Spence, George, insurance agent, 146 King's Road
Spence, G., electrician, 64 Tate's Avenue
Spence, Herbert, coach builder, 20 Slievedarragh Park
Spence, Hugh F., coppersmith, 93 Euston Street
Spence, James, 164 My Lady's Road
Spence, James, wood worker, 7 Ingledale Park (Ingledene?)
Spence, James, mechanic, 41 Loopland Gardens
Spence, James, boot repairer, 212 Albert Bridge Road
Spence, James P., driver, 12 Strandview Street
Spence, James H., 11 Kerrsland Crescent
Spence, Jas., insurance agent, 28 St. Jude's Avenue
Spence, John, 26 Grand Parade
Spence, John, 118 Tate's Avenue
Spence, Joseph, 81 Chadwick Street
Spence, Joseph, clerk, 7 Kelvin Parade
Spence, J., 28 St. Jude's Avenue
Spence, J. A., engineer, Goland, Finaghy Road South
Spence, J. L., 57 Onslow Gardens
Spence, Rev. J. N., 26 Wellington Park
Spence, J. P., engineer, 458 Castlereagh Road
Spence, J. S., 21 Ashley Gardens
Spence, Matthew, driver, 63 Ravenhill Gardens
Spence, Miss A., A.T.C.L., 46 Oakland Avenue
Spence, Miss L., 130 Crumlin Road
Spence, Miss M. J., 8 Belvedere Park
Spence, Mrs., 46 Alexandra Park Avenue
Spence, Mrs., 53 Ava Avenue
Spence, Mrs., 94 Malone Road
Spence, Mrs., 51 Cromwell Road
Spence, Mrs. A., 34 Greenville Road
Spence, Mrs. Charlotte, 167 Deerpark Road
Spence, Mrs. C., 116 University Street
Spence, Mrs. E., 7 Houston Drive
Spence, Mrs. J., agent, 75 Manor Street
Spence, Mrs. Isa, 11 Dorchester Street
Spence, Mrs. Mary, 10 Edinburgh Street
Spence, Mrs. T., 8 University Street
Spence, M. H., 50 Ailesbury Road
Spence, Norman, 16 Glenside Parade
Spence, Robert, crane man, 69 Orby Road
Spence, Robert F., miller, 4 Ashton Avenue, Finaghy
Spence, Samuel, manager, 34 Donegall Park Avenue
Spence, S. H., warehouseman, 15 Cicero Gardens
Spence, Thomas, watchman, 4 Clara Crescent Upper
Spence, Thomas, grocer, 136 Woodvale Road
Spence, Thomas, supper saloon, 119 Oldpark Road
Spence, Thomas, electrician, 11 Donnybrook Street
Spence, Thomas, engineer, 65 Tate's Avenue
Spence, Thomas, manager, 234 Roden Street
Spence, T., engineer, 415 Cregagh Road
Spence, T., fitter, 25 Melrose Street
Spence, T. E., linen merchant, 45 Deramore Park
Spence, William G., bookkeeper, 23 Orangefield Crescent
Spence, William, 27 Deacon Street
Spence, William, 34 Rushfield Avenue
Spence, Wm., checker, 18 Brougham Street
Spence, W. J., 21 Deerpark Road
Spence, ?, 1 Strathmore Park South
Spencer, Fras., manager, 2 Sandhurst Road
Spencer, Miss Ethel, 129 Ulsterville Avenue
Spencer, Mrs. E., confectioner, 2 Bridge End
Spencer, Robt. J., civil servant, 55 Rosemount Gardens
Spencer, R. J., R.U.C., 47 Marmount Gardens
Spencer, W. J., carpenter, 27 Malone Road
Spencer, W. J., carpenter, 10 Adelaide Avenue
Spencer, W. T., electrical supplies, wholesale, 22 Queen Street
Spencer-Smith, C. F., B.A., 5 Shrewsbury Park
Spencer-Smith, J. L., 58 Sicily Park
Spender, Lieut.-Col. Sir W. B., C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C., secretary, 112 Belmont Road
Sperling, Capt., 67 Bawnmore Road
Spicers, Ltd., paper makers, 34 Fountain Street
Spiers, Alfred, 104 King's Road
Spiers, D. R., store man, 1 Springfield Parade
Spiers, Fredk., 46 Ladas Drive
Spiers, James, 81 Fitzroy Avenue
Spiers, Mrs. Annie, grocer, 58 City Street
Spiers, Robert, 37 brougham Street
Spiers, Robert, bank clerk, 317 Ballysillan Road
Spiers, Thomas, joiner, 24 Clanchattan Street
Spiers, Thomas, draper, 4 Barnett's Road
Spiers, Thomas, 57 Cabin Hill Park
Spiers, Thomas, 48 Finvoy Street
Spiers, Wm., manager, 4 Thornhill Parade
Spiller, James, 3 Cambridge Street
Spiller, Mrs. Norah, 4 Adelaide Park
Spillers & Bakers, Ltd., Cardiff, millers and grain merchants, 21 Waring Street
Spindlow, Mrs., 7 Stranmillis Street
Spinks, Miss J., 64 Ravenhill Avenue
Spiro, D., & Sons, Ltd., linen manufacturers, 43 Franklin Street and 40 Linen Hall Street
Spooner, William, R.U.C., 234 Grosvenor Road
Spooner, W., grocer, 63 Coolfin Street
Sports Land, 22 Shaftesbury Square
Spotswood, James, fitter, 622 Crumlin Road
Spottiswoode, Chas., motor merchant, 9 Auburn Street
Sprag, G., 98 Ravenhill Avenue
Spratt, A., 57 Richardson Street
Spratt, Edward M., 102 Balmoral Avenue
Spratt, Hugh, R.U.C., 2 Ashley Drive
Spratt, H. B., M.B., surgeon, 342 Woodstock Road
Spratt, James, 29 The Mount
Spratt, John, shop man, 99 Ormeau Road
Spratt, John, foreman, 308 Donegall Road
Spratt, Mary, 2 Baroda Street
Spratt, Mrs., 141 Hillman Street
Spratt, Mrs. Elizabeth, 45 Twickenham Street
Spratt, Mrs. G., 78 Newtownards Road Upper
Spratt, Mrs. J., 44 Ailesbury Road
Spratt, Robert, 20 Brookvale Street
Spratt, Samuel, milk vendor, Donegall Cottage, Cavehill Road Upper
Spratt, Thomas G., 41 Ardenlee Avenue
Spratt, T. J., secretary, 129 Knock Road
Spratt, William, fitter, 17 Alexandra Park Avenue
Spratt, Wm. F., insurance agent, 29 Sharman Road
Spray, Harry, 21 Mount Eden Park
Spriggs, A., 29 Holland Crescent
Spring, H. W., confectioner, 2 Colinpark Street
Springate, Charles, fitter, 32 Twaddell Avenue
Springfield Amateur Football and Athletic Club Grounds, Springfield Avenue
Springfield Dyeing and Finishing Co. Ltd., Springfield Road
Springfield Factory, Ltd., linen and cambric manufacturers, 126 Springfield Road
Springfield P.E.S., 425 Springfield Road
Sproat, Robert, moulder, 119 Euston Street
Sprott, H., traveller, Carnew, Finaghy Road South
Sprott, John, insurance agent, 17 Kelvin Parade
Sprott, The Misses, 61 Locksley Park
Sproule, Charles, 20 Orient Gardens
Sproule, Mrs., 52 Lisburn Road
Sproule, M., fitter, 3 Harrow Street
Sproule, Robert, painter, 145 My Lady's Road
Sproule, T. D., R.U.C., 128 Ardenlee Avenue
Sproule, Wm., confectioner, 356 Shankill Road
Sproule, Wm., gatekeeper, 2 Ava Street
Spry, V. H., 13 Clara Park
Squire, Herbert, manager, 53 Grand Parade
Squire, Major, 11a Wellington Park Terrace
Squire, Wilfred, manager, 18 Hopefield Avenue
Squire, W. M., merchant, 12 Castle Park
Squires, R., painter, 2 Baden Powell Street
Sreenan, Ed., cashier, 270 Falls Road
Sreenan, P., teacher, Serpentine Road
Stacey, Mrs. E. B., 669 Lisburn Road
Stack, W., 20 Abetta Parade
Stadium Cinema, 351-353 Shankill Road
Stadium Motor Works, 395-401 Shankill Road
Staff, L. M. & M. R., confectioner, 55 Holywood Road
Stafford, A., shoe merchant, 5 Harberton Park
Stafford, James, tram inspector, 20 Windermere Gardens
Stafford, J. J., & Son, Ltd., wholesale boot and shoe factors, 12-14 Union Street
Stafford, Mrs. Annie, 6 Rainey Street
Stafford, Mrs. J. A. P., 56 (1) Ulsterville Avenue
Stafford, M., R.U.C., 101 Skegoneill Avenue
Stafford, M. A., 8 Shrewsbury Drive
Stafford, M. R., 210 Stranmillis Road
Stafford, N., bank official, 38 Somerton Park
Stafford, Richard M., boot warehouseman, 56 Myrtlefield Park
Stafford, R., 67 Lomond Avenue
Stafford, Samuel, 9 Newtownards Road Upper
Stafford, S. N., clerk, 9 Ardmore Park
Stafford, Thomas, 33 Kirkliston Park
Stafford, Thos., coal merchant, 42 Orangefield Crescent
Stafford, T., 69 Ashley Avenue
Stafford, T. W., hatter, 11 Corn Market; res., Marmion, Knockbreda Road
Stafford, W. J., manager, 49 Ravenhill Avenue
Stainer, George, 140 Whitewell Road
Stalker, Peter, yarn merchant, 2a Hartington Street
Stamfords, G. E., publican, 4 Oak Street
Stamp, Robert, joiner, 43 Lomond Avenue
Stanage, R. C., 54 Malone Avenue
Stanard, Miss Florence, 30 Glandore Drive
Stanbridge, P. J., window dresser, 32 Manna Grove
Standard Clothing Co., clothing manufacturers, 2-4 Bain's Place
Standard Hemstitching Co., 25 Linen Hall Street
Standard Hotel, 116 Victoria Street Great
Standard Laundry, 2-4 Coolmore Street
Standard Life Assurance Co. - H. W. Laycock, Acting District Secretary, 10 Donegall Square South
Standard Printing Works, 165 York Street
Standard Supply Co. Ltd., credit clothiers, 51 Ann Street
Stanex, R., driver, 103 Loopland Park
Stanex, V., bus driver, 38 Ravenhill Avenue
Stanfield, George, R.U.C., 23 Orient Gardens
Stanfield, H. H., civil servant, 393 Newtownards Road Upper
Stanfield, James A., manager, 50 Ormonde Park
Stanfield, John, 36 Deacon Street
Stanfield, John, warehouseman, 14 Dunluce Avenue
Stanfield, John, insurance agent, 5 Richmond Square
Stanfield, John, tailor, 102 Tennent Street
Stanfield, John, manager, 17 Lancefield Road
Stanfield, Miss, cafe, 66 Bankmore Street
Stanfield, Mrs., 1a Maryville Street
Stanfield, Mrs., coffee stand, 25 Ormeau Road
Stanfield, Mrs. J. A., 6 Dundela Gardens
Stanfield, Mrs. M., 127 Fitzroy Avenue
Stanfield, O. M., traveller, 8 Wandsworth Parade
Stanfield, S., mechanic, 83 Sunnyside Street
Stanfield, William, 58 Grangeville Gardens
Stanfield, Wm., cabinet maker, 533 Springfield Road
Stanfield, W. J., clerk, 25 Ethel Street
Stanfield, W. J., clerk, 48 Thorndale Avenue
Stanfield, W. J., 19 Onslow Gardens
Stanfield, W. P., 6 Penge Gardens
Stanfield-Kerr, S., agent, 25 Ravenhill Park
Stanford, E., R.U.C., 20 Marlborough Park North
Stanford, Walter, R.U.C., 20 Marlborough Park North
Stanford, Wm., 26 Sharman Road
Stanford, W. J., 11 Belvedere Park
Stanley, A., agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Stanley, A. C., school master, 3 Strathmore Park
Stanley, C. H., agent, 41 Royal Avenue
Stanley, C. H., 112 Sandown Road
Stanley, E., buyer, 125 Wandsworth Road
Stanley, F. A., civil servant, 59 Belmont Park
Stanley, George Henry, engineer, 10 Weston Drive
Stanley, Gordon, 58 King's Road
Stanley, Harry, 108 North Road
Stanley, Harry, & Co. Ltd., motor engineers, 4 Clarence Street Mews
Stanley, James, linen lapper, 182 My Lady's Road
Stanley, John, 25 Sandhurst Gardens
Stanley, John C., warehouseman, 20 Rathgar Street
Stanley, J. C., 65 Antrim Road
Stanley, J. H., manufacturer, 99 Knock Road
Stanley, Miss, 27 Riverview Street
Stanley Motor Works (1932) Ltd. (The), automobile engineers and agents, 19a-25 Victoria Street Great
Stanley, Mrs., 29 Denorrton Park
Stanley, Mrs., 27 Riverview Street
Stanley, Mrs. M., 27 Sandhurst Gardens
Stanley, Robert, 5 Dorchester Park
Stanley, Rupert M. C., 6 (1) Randal Park
Stanley, Major Rupert, B.A., LL.D., 51 Windsor Avenue
Stanney, C., musician, 59 Loopland Drive
Stantiford, W. H., 28 Hillsborough Drive
Stanton, Ernest, 37 Silverstream Gardens
Stanton, H. T., bank official, 20 Orpen Park
Stanton, J. W., barber, 84 Maryville Street
Stanton, Miss, 23 Eglantine Avenue
Stapley & Smith, Ltd., 10 Royal Avenue
Starbuck, Mrs. Annie, 253 Mountpottinger Road
Star Coal Co., Albert Quay and 11 Garfield Street
Star Furnishing Stores, 97-99 Sandy Row
Star Manufacturing Co., 322 Donegall Road
Star of the Sea P.E.S., 20a Halliday's Road
Star Yeast Co. Ltd., (The), Yeast Merchants, 26 Shaftesbury Square
Stark, William, 16 Strandview Street
Stark, W. J., watch maker, 142 Victoria Street Great
Starr, John, conductor, 176 Ravenhill Avenue
Starret, A., 13 Inverary Drive
Starret, Henry, merchant tailor, 10 Wellesley Avenue
Starrett, D., plumber, 48 Loopland Drive
Starrett, H., tailor, 7 May Street
Starrett, Thomas, joiner, 72 Fortwilliam Crescent
Starrett, William, 25 Willowbank Gardens
Starrett, William J., milk dealer, 19 Dromore Street
Starrett, W., R.U.C., 43 Hillsborough Drive
Starritt, Mrs., 388 Springfield Road
Starritt, Robert, 41 Sandhill Gardens
Starritt, G., R.U.C., 359 Castlereagh Road
Starritt, Miss Harriette J., 354 Ravenhill Road
Starrs, Joseph, shop assistant, 8 Chesham Park
Startup, Mrs. Agnes, 29 Elimgrove Street
State Assurance Co. Ltd., 18 Arthur Street
Station Cab Co., motor car hirers, 188 Antrim Road
Station Hotel, 82 Victoria Street Great
Stead, George, adjt. S.A., 33 Lothair Avenue
Stead, H., clerk, 71 Ashley Avenue
Stead, Mrs., 50 Cheviot Avenue
Stead, Mrs. M., 295 Donegall Road
Stead, Wm., porter, 61 Hatfield Street
Stead, Wm., wire worker, 52 Tate's Avenue
Steadman, Cyril, 13 Earlswood Park
Stears, Miss A., 68 Sandown Road
Steede, A., chemist, 8 Willowbank Gardens
Steede, A., M.P.S.I., F.B.O.A., chemist and optician, 421 Antrim Road
Steede, Mrs. M., 62 Wellington Park
Steadman, D., 131 Sydenham Avenue
Steedman, Edward, electrician, 2 Glendower Street
Steedman, George, 131 Deerpark Road
Steel, James, 246 Newtownards Road Upper
Steel, Mrs. A., 41 Rathdrum Street
Steel, R., R.U.C., 62 Orangefield Crescent
Steel, R. J., 111 Shandon Park
Steel, Thomas, 178 Duncairn Gardens
Steel, W. J., 21 Irwin Drive
Steele, Adam, 71 Willowbank Gardens
Steele, Alexander, 40 Knocklofty Park
Steele, A., fitter, 192 Cregagh Street
Steele, A., engineer, 15 Orby Gardens
Steele, A. E., salesman, 4 Loopland Road
Steele, A. K., solicitor, 10 (2) Arthur Street; res., 2 Windsor Avenue North
Steele, Charles A., 19 Glandore Avenue
Steele, David, 72 Newington Avenue
Steele, Dennis, music teacher, 188 Lisburn Road
Steele, D., motor driver, 23 Ravenhill Parade
Steele, D., turner, 117 Joanmount Park
Steele, Elizabeth, 37 Fitzwilliam Street
Steele, Geo. Alex., fitter, 4 Ravenhill Parade
Steele, Henry, confectioner, 145 Albert bridge Road
Steele, Herbert W., Corporation official, 153 Knock Road
Steele, Hudson, grocer, 42 Cumberland Street
Steele, H., agent, 41 (13) Donegall Place
Steele, H., grocer, 23 Rugby Avenue
Steele, James, sergt. R.U.C., 65 South Parade
Steele, James, caretaker, Mayfair, Arthur Square
Steele, James, baker, 24 Connsbrook Drive
Steele, James F., 72 Knockvale Park
Steele, John, 23 Summer Street
Steele, John, 40 Cavehill Road Upper
Steele, John, baker, 239 Oldpark Road
Steele, John, basket maker, 3 Chesham Grove
Steele, Jos., fitter, 8 Clara Crescent Upper
Steele, J. H., 32 Newtownards Road Upper
Steele, J. & R., manufacturers' agents, 11-13 Bedford Street
Steele, L., R.U.C., 8 Skegoneill Drive
Steele, Mary E., grocer, 51 Lodge Road New
Steele, Miss, ladies' school, 314 Woodstock Road
Steele, Miss F., 58 Lichfield Avenue
Steele, Miss M., milliner, 860 Crumlin Road
Steele, Mrs., 3 Ravenscroft Avenue
Steele, Mrs. A., 17 Dunkeld Gardens
Steele, Mrs. A. M., 12 Claremont Street
Steele, Mrs. C., 92 Tower Street
Steele, Mrs. Elizabeth, 18 Lodge Road New
Steele, Mrs. Elizabeth, 14 Thorndale Avenue
Steele, M., engineer, 200 Ravenhill Avenue
Steele, N. J., 37 Knockbreda Park
Steele, Robert, seed, manure and agricultural implement merchant, 99-101 Victoria Street, 66 Church Lane Upper and 10a Townhall Street
Steele, Robert M., Gortlands, Gilnahirk Road
Steele, R. M., clerk, 69 Station Road
Steele, R. M., 127 Wandsworth Road
Steele, R. McC., 68 Ardenlee Avenue
Steele, R. W., civil servant, 21 Cooldarragh Park
Steele, Sydney, 52 Windsor Drive
Steele, S. G., R.U.C., 35 Mount Prospect Park
Steele, Thomas, 17 Arlington Street
Steele, Thomas, 6 Adela Place
Steele, T. M., plater, 12 Roe Street
Steele, William, clerk, 13 Thorburn Road
Steele, Wm. J., grocer, Emoh-Ruo, Castlereagh Road
Steele, W., 405 Queen Street North
Steele, W. J., 48 Grand Parade
Steen, A., clerk, 6 Ashley Drive
Steen, A., civil servant, 34 Ladas Drive
Steen, Fredk., foreman, 10 Dock Street
Steen, J., engineer, 32 Tate's Avenue
Steen, Miss, 55 Windsor Road
Steen, Miss, 30 College Gardens
Steen, Mrs. Eva, 111 Antrim Road
Steen, Mrs., 10 Eglantine Avenue
Steen, Mrs. T. A., 32 Bawnmore Road
Steen, Robert, warehouseman, 77 Delhi Street
Steen, R. J., seed merchant, 115 Peter's Hill
Steen, S. H., civil servant, 4 Ava Street
Steenson, Charles, crane driver, 11 Whitehall Parade
Steenson, David, 5 Chesham Drive
Steenson, Fredk., yarn dresser, Lisdean, Lisburn Road
Steenson, Hugh, clerk, 10 Knockbreda Drive
Steenson, James, iron moulder, 81 Bloomfield Avenue
Steenson, James H., 42 Delhi Parade
Steenson, John, tea agent, 246 Cregagh Road
Steenson, Joseph, 19 Edinburgh Street
Steenson, J., agent, 39 Victoria Street
Steenson, J. A., clerk, 13 Ireton Street
Steenson, Miss Ellen, 162 My Lady's Road
Steenson, Mrs. Ellen, 159a Grosvenor Road
Steenson, Wm. J., 37 Abetta Parade
Steer, Mrs., 48 Ashley Drive
Steer, N. W., electrician, 113 Dunraven Avenue
Steer, R., manager, 270 Lisburn Road
Stein, M., agent, 118 Royal Avenue
Steinberg, Freda, 80 Willowbank Gardens
Steinberg, J., wholesale optician, 16 High Street
Steiner, F., & Co., Ltd., dyers and printers, 58 (8) Howard Street
Stelford, R., designer, 49 Onslow Parade
Stendall, J. A. S., deputy curator, Museum and Art Gallery, 42 North Parade
Stenson's, sports outfitter, 7 Rosemary Street
Stenton, Ernest, 30 Henderson Avenue
Stephen, J. W. I., electrical engineer, 134 Malone Road
Stephens & Bourke (Belfast), Ltd., Shoe Makers, 28 Corn Market
Stephens, H., 59 Glencairn Street
Stephens, H., 20 St. John's Avenue
Stephens, James, fitter, 16 Agincourt Avenue
Stephens, John, fitter, 944 Crumlin Road
Stephens, Joseph R., comp., 11 Landscape Terrace
Stephens, J., salesman, 17 Chesterfield Park
Stephens, J. K., J.P., 152 Malone Road
Stephens, Margaret, 55 Meadowbank Place
Stephens, Miss Helen, 6 Chlorine Gardens
Stephens, Mrs., 3 Edna Grena, Randal Park
Stephens, Mrs. A., 6 Ailesbury Gardens
Stephens, Mrs. E., confectioner, 17 Sunnyside Street
Stephens, Mrs. J. P., 37 Myrtlefield Park
Stephens, Mrs. Margaret, 57a Brougham Street
Stephens, M., electrician, 57 Chadwick Street
Stephens, Robert, supt., 18 Knockbreda Drive
Stephens & Strong, painters, Lisburn Road
Stephens & Walkington, Shipping and Timber Brokers (Agents for Federal Steam Navigation Co. to Australia, Donaldson Line, Hutchinson Line, Canadian National Railways, and New Zealand Shipping Co., and Knutsan Line), 8 Victoria Street
Stephens, W. H., & Sons, surveyors, 13 Donegall Square North
Stephenson, A. M., traveller, 4 Locksley Park
Stephenson, David, workshop, Castle Arcade
Stephenson, Edward, chauffeur, 15 Frank Street
Stephenson Fat Refining Co. Ltd., 16 Graham's Place
Stephenson, Geo. A., traveller, 13 Mount Merrion Avenue
Stephenson, Gordon J., butter importer and agent, 80 May Street
Stephenson, H., & Co., wholesale grocers and general merchants, 93 Chichester Street
Stephenson, H. Stevenson, 141 King's Road
Stephenson, James, confectioner, 101 my Lady's Road
Stephenson, J., R.U.C., 43 Orangefield Crescent
Stephenson, J., bookkeeper, 13 Rugby Parade
Stephenson, Mrs. J., 5 Eglantine Gardens
Stephenson, N. C., clerk, 31 Cherryvalley Gardens
Stephenson, R., gate lodge, Falls Road
Stephenson, Thomas B., 688 Ravenhill Road
Stephenson, T. E., wholesale druggist, 17 Wellington Street
Stephenson, Wm., Quarry House Cottage, Holywood Road Old
Stepney, Arthur C., 17 Knockdarragh Park
Stepney, Mrs. E. J., 132 Roden Street
Sterling, David, 310 Springfield Road
Sterling, G., traveller, 9 Glenbank Drive
Sterling, John, 40 Deramore Avenue
Sterling, Miss A. F., Kensington Gardens
Sterling, Mrs., 70 Cedar Avenue
Sterling, Mrs. E., 20 Cooldarragh Park
Sterling, Mrs. G., caretaker, Ulster Street
Sterling, Mrs. Margaret, 68 Newport Street
Sterling, T., joiner, 71 Ravenhill Gardens
Sterling, Wm., clerk, 40 Blenheim Drive
Sterne, William V., Corporation official, 25 Pretoria Street
Sternol, Ltd., oil refiners, 36 Sydney Street West
Sterrett, Cyril, 12 Sunningdale Park North
Sterrett, J. G., fitter, 20 Rochester Street
Sterrett, Mrs. Anna, 11 Wandsworth Road
Sterrett, Mrs. M., 71 Channing Street
Sterritt, Andrew, R.U.C., 100 Stranmillis Road
Sterritt, Charles, plater. 3 Kilronan Street
Sterritt, E., nurse, 162 Cregagh Road
Sterritt, J., butler, 39 Glenbank Drive
Sterritt, William, 43 Louisa Street
Sterritt, W., R.U.C., 56 Manor Street
Steven, Alex., sheet metal worker, 46 Duncairn Gardens
Steven, Miss R. M., Glenburn, Clara Park
Steven, R., fancy goods, 120 Oldpark Road
Stevens, Alex., dairyman, Horse Shoe House, Crumlin Road
Stevens, Charles, manager, 386 Beersbridge Road
Stevens, George J. P., inspector, 60 Ulsterville Avenue
Stevens, G., provision merchant, 259 Donegall Road
Stevens, Herbert, butcher, 265 Antrim Road
Stevens, Hugh, rivetter, 308 Ballysillan Road
Stevens, Jack, fruiterer, 303 Springfield Road
Stevens, Mrs. Caroline, Strathmere, Lisburn Road
Stevens, Mrs. D., 18 Ravenhill Road
Stevens, Capt. T. E., 7 Ashgrove Park
Steven's Cash Stores, grocers, 278 Ormeau Road and branches
Stevenson, Alfred, carrier, 97 London Road
Stevenson, Andrew, Pied-a-Terre, Finaghy Road South
Stevenson, Andrew, reg. sanitary plumber and electrical contractor, 83 Dublin Road
Stevenson, Andrew, plumber, 22 Elaine Street
Stevenson, Arthur, engineer, 1 Farnham Street
Stevenson, A., bank official, 51 Knockdene Park Central
Stevenson, A., school master, 55 Westland Road
Stevenson, A. E., plumber and electrical engineer. 19 Donegall Square East
Stevenson, A. W., chemist, 51 Osborne Gardens
Stevenson, A. W., Ltd., chemist, 23 Bradbury Place
Stevenson, Ben., P.C.T., F.C.T.S., teacher, 6 Willowbank Gardens
Stevenson, Capt., 13 Brookvale Street
Stevenson, Christie, driver, 7 Malcolm Lane
Stevenson, Christie, sawyer, 18 Manor Drive
Stevenson, Christie, driver. 32 Woodstock Road
Stevenson & Co., radio engineers, 30-34 Church Street
Stevenson, David, ladies' and gent's outfitter, 25-27 Castle Arcade
Stevenson, David, blacksmith, 74 Templemore Avenue
Stevenson, D., plumber, 32 Ailesbury Road
Stevenson, D., outfitter, 17 Knockbreda Park
Stevenson, Edward, traveller, 32 Knock Eden Park
Stevenson, Edwin, & Co., Ltd., linen manufacturers, 59 Adelaide Street
Stevenson, E. W., 84 Marlborough Park North
Stevenson, Fredk., fitter, 60 Hesketh Park
Stevenson, F., 1-3 Hillfoot Street
Stevenson, Harry, provision merchant, 100 Somerton Road
Stevenson, Howard, M.B., F.R.C.S., surgeon, 14 College Gardens
Stevenson, H., flesher, 245 Woodstock Road
Stevenson, H. J., grocer, 25 Richardson Street
Stevenson, James, 1 Dee Street
Stevenson, James, caulker, 16 McMaster Street
Stevenson, James, teacher, Nirvana, Orby Drive
Stevenson, James, joiner, 6 Willowbank Gardens
Stevenson, James, 12 Southport Street
Stevenson, James, 91 Onslow Parade
Stevenson, James C., 2 Massey Park
Stevenson, John, 12 Knockdene Park Central
Stevenson, John, cleaner, 29 Madrid Street
Stevenson, John, fitter, 157 Deerpark Road
Stevenson, J., 18 Wyndham Street
Stevenson, J., 73 Belmont Church Road
Stevenson, J., R.U.C., 350 Castlereagh Road
Stevenson, J., 42 Eia Street
Stevenson, J., grocer, 60 Euston Street
Stevenson, J., head postman, 76 Stranmillis Gardens
Stevenson, J. F., 80 Marlborough Park North
Stevenson, J. H., 38 Hesketh Park
Stevenson, J. H. T., 31 Malone Hill Park
Stevenson, J. S., spinning master, 11 Springfield Parade
Stevenson, K., manager, 22 Holland Crescent
Stevenson, Leslie H., 78 Malone Road
Stevenson, Miss, 37 Malone Park
Stevenson, Miss, 6 Roseleigh Street
Stevenson, Miss, 46 Ashley Drive
Stevenson, Miss, shop assistant, 20 Lothair Avenue
Stevenson, Miss A. G., 55 Ulsterville Avenue
Stevenson, Miss Margaret, 32 Shore Road
Stevenson, Miss M., 33 Shore Road
Stevenson, Miss Sarah, 4 Wheatfield Gardens
Stevenson, Mrs., 30 Gawn Street
Stevenson, Mrs., 79 Sicily Park
Stevenson, Mrs., 10 Richview Street
Stevenson, Mrs., 4 Ashley Avenue
Stevenson, Mrs., 91 Duncairn Gardens
Stevenson, Mrs. Alice, 13 Yarrow Street
Stevenson, Mrs. Christina, 4 Hamilton Place
Stevenson, Mrs. C., 11 Botanic Avenue
Stevenson, Mrs. D., 8 Kingsway Park
Stevenson, Mrs. Elizabeth A., 34 St. Jude's Avenue
Stevenson, Mrs. Emily, 92 University Avenue
Stevenson, Mrs. E., 6 (3) Randal Park
Stevenson, Mrs. E., 13 Irwin Drive
Stevenson, Mrs. E., 484 Antrim Road
Stevenson, Mrs. Jane, 10 Ballysillan Park
Stevenson, Mrs. M., 9 Rugby Parade
Stevenson, Mrs. M., 254 Springfield Road
Stevenson, Mrs. M. E., 278 Crumlin Road
Stevenson, Mrs. M. T., 53 Wellington Park
Stevenson, Mrs. Sarah J., 30 Bramcote Street
Stevenson, Mrs. S., 32 Kelvin Parade
Stevenson, Mrs. S., confectioner, 15 Rathmore Street
Stevenson, M., electrical engineer, Stevlin, Lisburn Road
Stevenson & McKellar, boot repairers, 471 Lisburn Road
Stevenson, Richard, mechanic, 57 Balfour Avenue
Stevenson, Robert, conductor, 12 Eblana Street
Stevenson, Robert, plater, 13 Orby Parade
Stevenson, Robt., com. traveller, 34 Victoria Gardens
Stevenson, R., docker, 17 Richview Street
Stevenson, R., dairyman, Prospect House, Kimberley Drive
Stevenson, R. E., reps., 26 Ardmore Park, Finaghy
Stevenson, Samuel, & Sons, civil engineers, (J. H. Stevenson, architect), 83 Royal Avenue
Stevenson & Son, Ltd., linen manufacturers, 8 Adelaide Street
Stevenson, Thomas, 25 Ava Avenue
Stevenson, Thompson, sheet metal worker, 56 Hatfield Street
Stevenson, T., 83 Sicily Park
Stevenson & Turner, Ltd., Pipe Manufacturers, Metal Merchants, Plumbers' Furnishers and Wholesale Electrical Supplies, 1-17 West Street
Stevenson, William, carpenter, 24 Shaftesbury Avenue
Stevenson, William, grocer, 100 Grand Parade
Stevenson, William, joiner, 10 Kinnaird Street
Stevenson, William J., 15 Kensington Park
Stevenson, Wm., carpenter, 200 Ballysillan Road
Stevenson, Wm., R.U.C., 140 Deerpark Road
Stevenson, Wm., chemist, 20 Cregagh Road
Stevenson, Wm., overseer, Le-Sars, Lisburn Road
Stevenson, Wm., fruiterer, 211 Shankill Road
Stevenson, Wm., engineer, 4 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Stevenson, W., confectioner, 104 Mount Street (No. 2)
Stevenson, W. A., compositor, 71 Bloomfield Road
Stevenson, W. J., collar factory, 6 Havelock Place
Stevenson, W. J., shirt and collar manufacturer, 91-93 Balfour Avenue
Stevenson, W. J., dentist, 92 Woodstock Road
Stevenson, W. J., pharmaceutical chemist, 57 Maryville Park
Stevenson, W. J., garage, 62-64 Jocelyn Avenue
Stevenson's Chemical Works, 33 Fountain Street
Stevenson's Grocery Stores, Ltd., 86 Skegoneill Avenue
Steward, Jack, traveller, 23 Fortwilliam, Crescent
Steward, Miss S., 31 Parkside Gardens
Steward, W. D., & Co., 1 Bankmore Street
Stewart, Adam, com. traveller, 26 Wellesley Avenue
Stewart, Agnes, 79 Larkfield Road
Stewart, Alex., 650 Oldpark Road
Stewart, Alex., 36 Bramcote Street
Stewart, Alfred, butcher, 5 Shankill Road
Stewart, Andrew, 61 Newport Street
Stewart, Andrew L., 25 Cyprus Gardens
Stewart, Archibald, manager, 24 Ravenhill Parade
Stewart, A., 11 Dunluce Avenue
Stewart, A., outfitter, 319-321 Newtownards Road
Stewart, A., 73 Graymount Crescent
Stewart, A., chemist, 126 Castlereagh Road
Stewart, A., bar man, 18 Lavinia Street
Stewart, A., outfitter, 37 Irwin Drive
Stewart, A., & Co., manufacturers' agents, 2 (45) Linen Hall Street
Stewart, A. K., 14 Mount Eden Park
Stewart, A. T., lithographer, 448 Castlereagh Road
Stewart, Professor A. W., 83 Balmoral Avenue
Stewart Bros., grocer, 443 Ormeau Road
Stewart, B., 84 Maryville Park
Stewart, Cecil R., sorter, 13 Rosewood Street
Stewart, Charles, 2 Melrose Street
Stewart, Charles, tailor, 112 Agnes Street
Stewart, Charles, confectioner, etc., 207 Lisburn Road
Stewart, Charles B. L., 184 Holywood Road
Stewart & Co., drapers, 172-174 North Street
Stewart, C., bakery, 37 Glencairn Street
Stewart, C., salesman, 28 Ridgeway Street
Stewart, David, shipyard worker, 14 Springfield Parade
Stewart, David, traveller, 7 Bloomfield Road
Stewart, David, inspector, Sunnyside, Lockview Road
Stewart, David, fitter, 4 Roseleigh Street
Stewart, David, grocer, 141 Nelson Street
Stewart, Donald, 15 Harleston Street
Stewart, Dorothy, ladies' outfitter, 13 Queen's Arcade
Stewart, Dudley, manufacturer, Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
Stewart, Dudley, Ltd., apron and overall manufacturers, 38 Dublin Road
Stewart, D., Wrayweth, Manna Grove
Stewart, D., carter, 22 Library Street
Stewart, Rev. D., B.A., 31 Ardenlee Avenue
Stewart, D. A., clerk, 23 Westaway Drive
Stewart, D. W., 27 Marlborough Park North
Stewart, Elliott, tailor, 3 Springfield Road
Stewart, Elizabeth, 2 Hopefield Avenue
Stewart, Ernest, billiard hall proprietor, 46 Bloomfield Avenue
Stewart, E., draper, 323-327 Newtownards Road
Stewart, E., 2 Listollard, Cavehill Road Old
Stewart, Dr. Florence E., 53 Woodvale Road
Stewart, Francis, machine man, 19 Willowholme Drive
Stewart, Francis, grocer, 477 Springfield Road
Stewart, Francis, grocer, 66-68 Oranmore Street
Stewart, F., grocer, 36 Rathmore Street
Stewart, F., 53 Richmond Park
Stewart, F. C., P.O. driver, 7 Tate's Avenue
Stewart, Dr. F. C., 546 Antrim Road
Stewart, F. E., shipwright, 34 Windsor Avenue Lower
Stewart, George, 11 Knockbreda Park
Stewart, George, rivetter, 9 Castlereagh Place
Stewart, George, fitter, 34 Barnett's Road
Stewart, George, fitter, 7 Prestwick Park
Stewart, George, manager, 267 Ravenhill Avenue
Stewart, Geo., bread server, 11 Knockbracken Park
Stewart, G., plater, 135 Shore Road
Stewart, G. A., advert. agent, 25 Waterloo Gardens
Stewart, G. A., bookkeeper, 19 Loopland Park
Stewart, G. H., civil servant, 56 Holywood Road
Stewart, G. V., shipwright, 26 Baroda Street
Stewart, Hanson, inspector, 77 Ashley Avenue
Stewart, Henry, manager, 10 Upton Park
Stewart, Henry, 90 Priory Park
Stewart, Henry, carter, 32 Manderson Street
Stewart, Herbert, furniture manufacturer, Clough Lodge, Shore Road
Stewart, Herbert, 4 Queensberry Park
Stewart, Herbert C., clerk, 32 Gibson Park Gardens
Stewart, Herbert V., 14 Denorrton Park
Stewart, H., 36 Belmont Avenue West
Stewart, H., insurance official, 7 Orby Drive
Stewart, H., 22 Cedar Avenue
Stewart, H., hairdresser, 159 Bloomfield Avenue
Stewart, H., 83 Delhi Street
Stewart, H., butcher, 102 Mount Street (No. 2)
Stewart, H., weigh master, 40 Willowholme Drive
Stewart, H. H., M.D., 18 Malone Road
Stewart, H. J., supervisor, 2 Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
Stewart, Isaac, ship broker, 1 Kelvin Parade
Stewart, James, 61 Cavour Street
Stewart, James, civil servant, 69 Bristow Park
Stewart, James, joiner, 28 Silverstream Parade
Stewart, James, checker, 167 Belmont Road
Stewart, James, locksmith, 72 Roden Street
Stewart, James, 420 Ravenhill Road
Stewart, James, fitter, 97 Loopland Park
Stewart, James, caretaker, 4-6 Ann Street
Stewart, James, grocer, 2 Clara Avenue
Stewart, James, checker, 24 Rosevale Street
Stewart, James, potato merchant, 28 Malone Park
Stewart, James, teacher, Ben-Mar, Lisburn Road
Stewart, James, grocer, 353 Beersbridge Road
Stewart, James, sexton, 5 Silvio Street
Stewart, James, cashier, 33 Sydenham Gardens
Stewart, James, provision merchant, 19-21 Bridge End
Stewart, James, linen lapper, 86 Roden Street
Stewart, James, inspector, 97 Duncairn Gardens
Stewart, James, 94 Ashley Avenue
Stewart, James A., director, Ardarva, Finaghy Road North
Stewart, James C., sheet metal worker, 1 Meadowbank Place
Stewart, James C., & Co., engineers and steam fitters, 1 Thompson Place
Stewart, James S., salesman, 390 Beersbridge Road
Stewart, Jeannie, 27 Willowholme Street
Stewart, John, 11 Loopland Parade
Stewart, John, coalman, 168 Donegall Avenue
Stewart, John, salesman, 3 Wheatfield Crescent
Stewart, John, insurance agent, 10 Merkland Street
Stewart, John, engineer, 4 Belmont Avenue
Stewart, John, com. traveller, 84 Ravenhill Avenue
Stewart, John, draughtsman, 42 Ladas Drive
Stewart, John, grocer, 63-65 York Street Little
Stewart, John, grocer, 442 Woodstock Road
Stewart, John, engineer, Glendowan, Knockbreda Road
Stewart, John, engineer, 46 Somerton Park
Stewart, John, 29 Knockvale Park
Stewart, John, 41 Ladas Drive
Stewart, John, 31 Hillsborough Parade
Stewart, John, R.N., Gweedore, Kingsway Drive
Stewart, John, iron turner, 32 Roseleigh Street
Stewart, John H., fitter, 69 Hillsborough Drive
Stewart, John R., Ltd., wholesale upholsterers and hemstitchers, Library Street
Stewart & Johnston, fruiterers, 337 Beersbridge Road
Stewart, Joseph, 25 Ponsonby Avenue
Stewart, Joseph, newsagent, 218 Albert Bridge Road
Stewart, Jos., upholsterer, 25 Ridgeway Street
Stewart, J., 11 Ava Parade
Stewart, J., clerk, 31 Ava Gardens
Stewart, J., boot maker, 258 Springfield Road
Stewart, J., overseer, 122 Ashley Avenue
Stewart, J., shipwright, 9 Cliftonville Street
Stewart, J., machinist, 50 Cromwell Road
Stewart, J. B., teacher, 25 Ashley Gardens
Stewart, J. F., fitter, 38 Loopland Gardens
Stewart, J. Hamilton, M.D., 238 Antrim Road
Stewart, J. H., outfitter, 87 Albert Bridge Road
Stewart, Capt. J. H., D.S.O., M.C., director, 45 Osborne Gardens
Stewart, J. H., 39 Castlereagh Road
Stewart, J. L., cash stores, 50 Albert Bridge Road
Stewart, J. L., garage, 141 Bloomfield Avenue
Stewart, J. L., Circular Road (south end)
Stewart, J. M., garage proprietor, 6 Cregagh Road
Stewart, J. M., motor engineer, 1a Ardgowan Street
Stewart, J. M., secretary, 68 Wellington Park
Stewart, J. McC., manager, 136 Haypark Avenue
Stewart, J. O., 245 Roden Street
Stewart, J. R., upholsterer, 3a Donegall Street Place
Stewart, J. R., hairdresser, 138 Peter's Hill
Stewart, J. W., auditor, 4 Hawthornden Gardens
Stewart, J. & W., building contractors, 11 Elgin Street
Stewart & Kelly, upholsterers and bedding manufacturers, 5 Corporation Square
Stewart, Leslie, 221 Orby Drive
Stewart, L. C., traveller, 25 Locksley Gardens
Stewart, Major, 94 University Street
Stewart, Margaret, 25 Ormonde Park
Stewart & Martin, Ltd., manufacturing contractors, 16 Linen Hall Street
Stewart, Matthew, grocer, 6 Paxton Street
Stewart, Miss, 9 Stranmillis Road
Stewart, Miss, 101 Wellesley Avenue
Stewart, Miss Elizabeth, 4 Summer Hill Park
Stewart, Miss Elizabeth, 9 Ardenlee Avenue
Stewart, Miss F. E., 53 The Mount
Stewart, Miss G., hairdresser, 61 Donegall Road
Stewart, Miss H., 126 My Lady's Road
Stewart, Miss Jane, 34 Pacific Avenue
Stewart, Miss K., cake shop, 585 Lisburn Road
Stewart, Miss May, ladies' outfitter, 251 Newtownards Road Upper
Stewart, Miss M., 50 Norfolk Drive
Stewart, Miss M., 27 Chlorine Gardens
Stewart, Miss M., 10 Tokio Gardens
Stewart, Miss S., 33 Sandhill Gardens
Stewart, Mrs., 57 London Road
Stewart, Mrs., hairdresser, 262 Woodstock Road
Stewart, Mrs., 38 Frank Street
Stewart, Mrs., 12 Bankmore Street
Stewart, Mrs., 177 Ulsterville Avenue
Stewart, Mrs., 3 Magdala Street
Stewart, Mrs., 37 Dundela Crescent
Stewart, Mrs., 66 Edlingham Street
Stewart, Mrs., 28 Pretoria Street
Stewart, Mrs., 75 Sandhurst Drive
Stewart, Mrs., 22 Rutland Street
Stewart, Mrs. Allison, 416 Oldpark Road
Stewart, Mrs. Anna, 30 Belmont Avenue
Stewart, Mrs. Elizabeth, 29 Orient Gardens
Stewart, Mrs. E., 39 Rosapenna Street
Stewart, Mrs. E., 123 Grosvenor Road
Stewart, Mrs. E., 24 Westway Drive
Stewart, Mrs. E., 27 Denorrton Park
Stewart, Mrs. E., 304 Woodstock Road
Stewart, Mrs. E., 24 Kimberley Street
Stewart, Mrs. F. M., 1 Lansdowne Park
Stewart, Mrs. Helen, 3 Camden Street
Stewart, Mrs. H., 19 Wandsworth Gardens
Stewart, Mrs. Jane, 3 Virginia Street
Stewart, Mrs. K., Chattenden, Chichester Park
Stewart, Mrs. Lucy, 53 Orby Drive
Stewart, Mrs. Mary S., 110 North Parade
Stewart, Mrs. Matilda, 13 Westland Road
Stewart, Mrs. M., 6 Shrewsbury Gardens
Stewart, Mrs. M., 45 Bristol Avenue
Stewart, Mrs. M., 7 Lyndhurst Gardens
Stewart, Mrs. M., 73 Park Avenue
Stewart, Mrs. M., 16 Sandhill Parade
Stewart, Mrs. M. E., 58 Windsor Avenue Lower
Stewart, Mrs. M. H., 61 Park Road
Stewart, Mrs. M. J., 96 Castlereagh Road
Stewart, Mrs. M. J., 515 Oldpark Road
Stewart, Mrs. Sarah Jane, 33 Bloomfield Avenue
Stewart, Mrs. S., 388 Beersbridge Road
Stewart, Mrs. S., grocer, 52 Henry Street
Stewart, Mrs. V., 3 Whitewell Drive
Stewart, Mrs. W., 22 Cabin Hill Park
Stewart, M., warehouseman, 31 Ilchester Street
Stewart, M., 139 Millfield
Stewart, Noel, 24 Ormiston Crescent
Stewart, Norman, 37 Knutsford Crescent
Stewart, Norman, clerk, 25 Park Parade
Stewart, Norman, shop assistant, 41 Torrens Crescent
Stewart, N. C., motor engineer, 17a Cromac Street and 10 May Street Little
Stewart, N. C., 4 Kensington Gardens South
Stewart, Oliver B., clerk, 122a Deerpark Road
Stewart & Orr. Ltd., potato, hay and grain merchants, Oxford Street and 11-12 May Street
Stewart & Partners, ship owners, chartered shipbrokers and shipping agents, 46 Donegall Street
Stewart & Partners, building and engineering contractors, 1-11 Elgin Street
Stewart, Patrick, fitter, 72 Beechmount Street
Stewart, Patrick, bus driver, 90 Divis Street
Stewart, P., clerk, 19 Ranfurly Drive
Stewart, P. W., manufacturers' agent, 3 Wellington Place
Stewart, Robert, chartered surveyor and assessor, 25 Stockman's Lane
Stewart, Robert, traveller, 3 Kirkliston Gardens
Stewart, Robert, 160 Albert Street
Stewart, Robert, 12 Shrewsbury Gardens
Stewart, Robert, tailor, 43 Ulsterville Gardens
Stewart, Robert, waiter, 2 Victoria Street Little
Stewart, Robert, tram conductor, 34 Woodvale Avenue
Stewart, Robert, engineer, 79 Meadow Street Upper
Stewart, Robert, butcher, 47 St. Jude's Parade
Stewart, Robert, engineer, 5 Ardgreenan Place
Stewart, Robert, hairdresser, 41-43 Shankill Road
Stewart, Robert, 1 Dundela Park
Stewart, Robert, traveller, 13 Lansdowne Park
Stewart, Robert, pattern maker, 10 Willowbank Gardens
Stewart, Robert, & Co., Tailors and Burberry Agents, 4 Arthur Street
Stewart, Robert, & Sons, Ltd., linen thread manufacturers, 16 Bedford Street
Stewart, Robert W., 133 Deramore Avenue
Stewart, R., 14 Cyprus Avenue
Stewart, R., newsagent, 207 York Road
Stewart, R., merchant tailor, 10 Royal Avenue
Stewart, R., 40 Cherryvalley Park
Stewart, R. A., R.U.C., 177 Ballygomartin Road
Stewart, R. G., draper, 27 Abbeydale Park
Stewart, R. M., accountant, 3 Ashgrove Park
Stewart, R. W., carter, 32 Glenside Parade
Stewart, Samuel, hairdresser, 35 Albion Street
Stewart, Samuel, 40 Adelaide Avenue
Stewart, Samuel, driver, 118 Joanmount Park
Stewart, Samuel, newsagent, 231 Queen Street North
Stewart, Samuel, manager, 7 Salisbury Gardens
Stewart, Samuel, store keeper, 105 Bray Street
Stewart, Samuel, farmer, Brae-Norrel, King's Road
Stewart, Samuel (Belfast), Ltd., potato, grain, hay and general merchants, 61-63 May Street and 9 Seymour Street
Stewart, Samuel, & Co. Ltd., Ship Owners, Ship Brokers, Chartering and Forwarding Agents, 53 Waring Street
Stewart, Sarah, Colinview, Knock Road
Stewart, Stanley C., rivetter, 61 Bloomfield Avenue
Stewart, Sydney R., teacher, 1 Irwin Crescent
Stewart, S., fitter, 31 Mayfair Avenue
Stewart, S., clerk, 7 Meadowbank Place
Stewart, S., insurance agent, 37 Ainsworth Avenue
Stewart, S., 21 Ravenhill Avenue
Stewart, S., confectioner, Evergreen, Lisburn Road
Stewart, S., hairdresser, 30-32 Lawnbrook Avenue
Stewart, S., amusements, 329-333 Newtownards Road
Stewart, S. A., insurance supt., 19 Broughton Park
Stewart, S., & Co., agents, 58 Howard Street
Stewart, Thomas, fitter, 16 Woodvale Parade
Stewart, Thomas, grocer, 120 Cupar Street
Stewart, Thomas, accountant, 230 Ravenhill Road
Stewart, Thomas, grocer, 225 Mayo Street
Stewart, Thomas, manager, 33 Orby Road
Stewart, Thos., insurance agent, 67 Windsor Avenue Lower
Stewart, T., foreman, 73 Wellesley Avenue
Stewart, T., plumber, 58 Ravenhill Avenue
Stewart, T., machine man, 20 Baltic Avenue
Stewart, T. J., 24 St. Jude's Parade
Stewart, T. M., traveller, 1 Ormonde Park
Stewart, Walter, 37 Dover Street
Stewart, William, grocer, 27 Powerscourt Street
Stewart, William, confectioner, 50 Bentham Street
Stewart, William, 34 Lomond Avenue
Stewart, William, gateman, 47 Magdala Street
Stewart, William, joiner, 16 Thorburn Road
Stewart, William, 300 Beersbridge Road
Stewart, William, plater, 16 Halliday's Road
Stewart, William, garage, 3b Henry Street Little
Stewart, William, 225 Springfield Road
Stewart, William C., tailor, 200 Deerpark Road
Stewart, Wm., joiner, 35 Mountcollyer Avenue
Stewart, Wm., clerk, 109 Holywood Road
Stewart, Wm., 6 Knockburn Park
Stewart, Wm., produce merchant, 28 Rosetta Park
Stewart, Wm. H., traveller, 151 Ainsworth Avenue
Stewart, W., 4 Cavehill Drive
Stewart, W., tram inspector, 93 Bloomfield Avenue
Stewart, W., 440 Ravenhill Road
Stewart, W., conductor, 50 Tate's Avenue
Stewart, W., fitter, 320 Beersbridge Road
Stewart, W., insurance agent, 3 Sandhurst Drive
Stewart, W., joiner, 61 Glenbank Drive
Stewart, W., 45 Oakland Avenue
Stewart, W. A., 18 Twaddell Avenue
Stewart, W. A., 68 Malone Avenue
Stewart, W. George, ticket collector, 1 Chief Street
Stewart, W. H., 2 Mountjoy Street
Stewart, W. H., publican, 296-339 Shankill Road
Stewart, W. H., butcher, 299 Springfield Road
Stewart, W. H., 29 Ascot Gardens
Stewart, W. J., agent, 64 (31) Victoria Street Great
Stewart, W. J., 159 Templemore Avenue
Stewart, W. J., civil servant, 91 Belmont Church Road
Stewart, W. J. M., & Co., inc. accountants, 93 High Street
Stewart, W. T. H., linen business, 18 Strathmore Park North
Stewart's Motor Garages, 189a Ravenhill Avenue and Millar Street
Stewart's Bakery, Greenville Road
Stewart's Billiard Hall, 321a Newtownards Road
Stewart's Cash Stores, Ltd., 58 Greenville Road and branches
Stewart's Cregagh Garage, 74-76 Cregagh Road
Stewart's Stores, drapers, 268 Shankill Road
Stewart's Stores, 83-85 Shankill Road
Stewart's, grocers, 110 Oldpark Road
Stiff, Percy, electrician, 197 Cregagh Street
Stiff, P., motor works, 45 Albert Bridge Road
Stiles, Miss W., 7 Surrey Street
Still, Dr. C. F., B.Sc., civil servant, 13 Hawthornden Road
Stinson, Alfred, sports outfitter, 26 Clifton Crescent
Stinson, J., chauffeur, 59 Chadwick Street
Stinson, Mrs., 18 Whitewell Parade
Stinson, Mrs. Mary, 199 Mountpottinger Road
Stinson, M. H., 41 Rushfield Avenue
Stinson, W. R., M.P.S.I., chemist, 113 North Street; res., 10 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Stinsons, military and sports goods, 121b Royal Avenue
Stinton, John, 33 Lockview Road
Stinton, T. E., 16 Eastleigh Crescent
Stirling, A., draughtsman, 16 Newington Street
Stirling, D. C., 27 Ballygomartin Road
Stirling, Jas. P., 61 Cavehill Road
Stirling, J., 57 Onslow Parade
Stirling, J. G., 46 Maryville Park
Stirling, J. R., 4 (1) College Park East
Stirling, Molly, bakery, 49 Fountain Street
Stirling, Mrs., 20 Wandsworth Crescent
Stirling, Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 205 York Road
Stirling, Ralph, 4 Woodvale Road
Stirling, Lieut. Robert, 158 Woodvale Road
Stirling, Robert, hairdresser, 63 Belmont Road
Stirling, Robert J., fitter, 26 Silverstream Gardens
Stirling, R. A., manager, 19 Martinez Avenue
Stirling, S., 36 North Parade
Stirling, Thomas, 48 Haypark Avenue
Stirling, T., flesher, 399-401 Ormeau Road
Stirling, Wesley Morton, 6 Hesketh Park
Stirling, W. J., salesman, 190 Deerpark Road
Stirling, W. S., 54 Delhi Street
Stirman, Victor, traveller, 26 Willowbank Gardens
Stitt & Co., agents, 29 Bedford Street
Stitt, Hewitt, 125 Harberton Park North
Stitt, Hugh, grocer, 1 Finmore Street
Stitt, James, 69 Templemore Street
Stitt, John, 42 Glenside Parade
Stitt, John, surveyor, 29 Joanmount Park
Stitt, J., carrier, 53 Oakland Avenue
Stitt, J. A., 31 Wellington Park
Stitt, J. A., 34 Malone Park
Stitt, L., Old School House, Knock Road
Stitt, Mrs., 12 Victoria Road
Stitt, Mrs., grocer, 73 Howard Street South
Stitt, Mrs. Annie, 96 Loopland Park
Stitt, Mrs. A., 5a Elm Street
Stitt, P., 10 Orangefield Crescent
Stitt, Thomas, driller, 13 Brandon Parade
Stitt, William, cycle merchant, 187 Agnes Street
Stitt, Wm., 192 Agnes Street
Stitt, Wm., librarian, 25 Joanmount Drive
Stitt, W. A., 64 Earlswood Road
Stobbs, W., watch maker, 93 Kimberley Street
Stock, J., house furnisher, 216 Albert Bridge Road
Stock, Lewis A., inspector, 24 Summer Hill Avenue
Stock, S., Poplar Gardens, Newtownards Road Upper
Stockbuyers (Belfast), Ltd., 18 Bedford Street
Stockdale, Annie, 43 Maryville Park
Stockdale, J., 66 Belmont Church Road
Stockdale, J. D., foreman, 16 St. Ive's Gardens
Stockdale, William, draper, 7 Albion Street
Stocker, Bernard, civil servant, 8 Dunmisk Park
Stockley, Enid, hairdresser, 42 Gilnahirk Road
Stockman, James, grocer, 39 Ravenhill Parade
Stockman, Matthew, 43 Haypark Avenue
Stockman, R., solicitor's assistant, 31 Cavehill Road Old
Stockman, S., & Co., chartered accountants, 41 (26-27) Donegall Place
Stockman, Thomas J., traveller, 9 St. John's Park
Stockman, William, 1 Seaview Terrace
Stockman, W. J., 28 Lodge Road Old
Stocks Garage, 26a Connswater Street
Stoddard, W., 40 Dunluce Avenue
Stokes & Dalton, Ltd., sausage skin manufacturers, 41 Cromac Street
Stokes, Fredk., 67 Sicily Park
Stokes, Jos., civil servant, 277 Castlereagh Road
Stokes, Miss M. E. M., 44 Marlborough Park South
Stokes, Mrs. A. B., 43 Sydenham Avenue
Stokes, Mrs. Martha, 7 Ireton Street
Stokes, T., sheet metal worker, 11 Chesham Crescent
Stokes, W. J., & Co., Ltd., linen manufacturers and merchants, 9 Bedford Street
Stokesberry (Est. since 1812), Flesher and Poulterer, 16 Corn Market
Stokesberry, Wm., engineer, 24 Knockbreda Park
Stone, C. B., joiner, 60 Fortwilliam Crescent
Stone, D. G., civil servant, 178 King's Road
Stone, F., pianist, 13 Ballygomartin Road
Stone, George, cycle dealer, 5-6 Cromac Square
Stone, G. J., mechanic, 355a Ormeau Road
Stone, Lewis E., joiner, 4 Glandore Parade
Stone, Miss, 57 Bryson Street
Stone, Miss A., 33 North Road
Stone, Miss G., 45 Sunnyside Street
Stone, Mrs. Robina, 5 Northwood Drive
Stone, Robert, R.U.C., 114 University Street
Stone, Stephen, cycle trade, 18 Cresham Parade (Gresham)
Stone, Steven, cycle agent, 30 Woodstock Road
Stonecutters' Society, 101a Victoria Street
Stoneley, E. A. A., music master, 58 Ulsterville Avenue
Stoope, Robin, 14 Shrewsbury Park
Stoopes, Mrs., 17 Holywood Road
Stoops, J. H., bookkeeper, 11 Ailesbury Drive
Stoops, Mrs., 61 College Park Avenue
Stoops, Norman, 45 Farnham Street
Stoops, William, 4 Chesterfield Park
Storey, A. J., clerk, 143 Stranmillis Road
Storey, Fredk., clerk, 62 Ravenhill Park
Storey, Fredk., Ltd., manufacturing chemists, 73a Ann Street
Storey, G. A., 68 Stranmillis Gardens
Storey, John, civil servant, 44 Gibson Park Gardens
Storey, Capt. John W., B.A., M.B.E. (Mil.), 8 Cregagh Park
Storey, J. T., 37 Woodvale Road
Storey, Miss, 24 Candahar Street
Storey, Miss, 51 Knockvale Park
Storey, Miss, 43 Sandhill Gardens
Storey, Miss A. E., 145 Cliftonville Road
Storey, Mrs. C., 30 Jocelyn Street
Storey, Robert, 12 Clara Park
Storey, R., laundry agent, 61 Peter's Hill
Storey, R., 31 Ava Avenue
Storey, R., 248 Stranmillis Road
Storey, Thomas, engineer, 3 Cheltenham Park
Stormont Automatic Telephone Exchange, 172 Belmont Road
Stormont Cycle Depot, 512 Newtownards Road Upper
Stormont Presbyterian Church, 618 Newtownards Road Upper
Stormonth Stores, Ltd., Tea Merchants, Grocers and Confectioners, 43 Ann Street
Stormonth, William, helper, 109 Larkfield Road
Story, Rev. L. P., B.A., 41 Ulsterville Avenue
Stotesbury, R. J., 135 My Lady's Road
Stothers, Jackson, manager, 98 Larkfield Road
Stothers, Miss D., 3 Mountcharles
Stott, Samuel, plumbers, 30 Windsor Drive
Stott, S., 30 Sydenham Gardens
Stott, W. E., 18 Clara Park
Stoupe, James, 127 Cavehill Road Old
Stout, W. F., civil servant, 48 Wandsworth Road
Stow, Mrs. K., 44 Eliza Street
Stowick, Mrs. L., 29 Wellesley Avenue
Strachan, F. P., engineer, 41 Knutsford Drive
Strachan, W., director, 124 Malone Road
Strafford, Jane, 559 Ormeau Road
Strahan, G. W., solicitor, 9 Cambourne Park
Strahan, James, 10 Knockbreda Park
Strahan, James, grocer, 81 Albert Bridge Road
Strahan, Miss, 5 University Street
Strahan, Mrs. W. G., 7 Cyprus Gardens
Strahan, T. S., civil servant, 86 Wandsworth Road
Strahan, W. T., grocer, 38 Delaware Street
Strahan, W. T., grocer, 4 St. Jude's Parade
Strain, Albert J., engineer, 2 Eileen Gardens
Strain, Andrew, fitter, 54 Duncairn Gardens
Strain, Catherine, confectioner, 2 Tennent Street
Strain, Cecil, engineer, 14 Ladas Drive
Strain, Hans, 34 Salisbury Street
Strain, Jas. H., printer, 30 Kansas Avenue
Strain, J. B., public entertainer, 75 Hatfield Street
Strain, Miss A. A., 37 Rosetta Park
Strain, Mrs., 27 Henry Street
Strain, M. G., cotton broker, 74 Knockvale Park
Strain, N., 20 Rutland Street
Strain, R., confectioner, 22 Shankill Road
Strain, Samuel, rivetter, 40 Fortwilliam Crescent
Strain, Wm., & Sons (1934), Ltd., Printers, Lithographers, Gelatiners, Bookbinders and Office Supplies, 13 Grosvenor Road. Works: 21a Athol Street
Strain, W. J., linen manufacturer, 20 Bedford Street
Strain, W. J., traveller, 27 Onslow Gardens
Stranaghan, David, 60 Knockvale Park
Stranaghan, John P., 7 Cregagh Park
Stranaghan, Jos., clerk, 102 Percy Street
Stranaghan, Miss Sarah, 21 Cooke Street
Stranaghan, R., lamp lighter, 10 Ardenlee Gardens
Stranaghan, Mrs., 16 Gawn Street
Strand Billiard Hall, Park Avenue
Strand Cinema (The), 152-154 Holywood Road
Strand Lawn Tennis Club, Larkfield Road
Strand Presbyterian Church, 171 Connsbrook Avenue
Strand P.E. School, Strandburn Street
Strand Spinning Co. Ltd., 310-338 Newtownards Road
Strandtown Baptist Hall, 1a Belmont Avenue West
Strandtown and District Unionist Club, 4 Belmont Road
Strandtown Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Belmont Park
Strandtown Mission Hall, 91 Dundela Avenue
Strandville Athletic Club, 14 Thompson Place
Straney, William J., 22 Cinnamond Street
Strang, A. G., 269 Holywood Road
Strange, James, buyer, 44 Windermere Gardens
Strange, Jas., coach builder, 19 Somerton Gardens
Strange, Samuel, packer, 23 Woodvale Gardens
Strange, William, 13 Whitewell Road
Stranix, Ena, 9 Sandymount Street
Stranix, George, 60 Sandymount Street
Strannix, Samuel, engine driver, 21 Ainsworth Avenue
Stranmillis P.E.S., 134 Stranmillis Road
Stranmillis Road P.O., 124 Stranmillis Road
Stranmillis Wine House, 120 Stranmillis Road
Stratford, A., 7 Donegall Park Avenue
Stratford, Capt., Ingledene, Sans Souci Park
Stratford, Thomas, 25 Rochester Street
Stratford, T. R., engineer, 534 Shore Road
Stratford, Wm., driver, 6 Beechpark Street
Strathearn School, 92 Belmont Road
Strathdee, A., civil servant, 37 Cooke Street
Strathdee, E., civil servant, 37 Cooke Street
Stratton, Henry, Glen Abor Cottage, Quarry Road
Stratton, John, boiler maker, 62 Beechfield Street
Stratton, Misses, 1 Cyprus Avenue
Stratton, Wm. J., 33 Landseer Street
Straughan, Miss A. B., 5 Thornhill Park
Streahorn, A. J., egg and potato merchant, 47 Apsley Street
Streahorn, A. J., provision merchant, 85 Malone Avenue
Streat, Capt. Peter, 131 Somerton Road
Street, Mrs. M. E., 18 Cliftonville Drive
Streeter, F. H., 28 Kingsway Avenue
Streeter, H. E., draughtsman, 1 Bathgate Drive
Streight, Robert, 94c Tennent Street
Strickland, Miss, nursing home, 30 Wellington Park
Stringer, A., motor agent, 188 Antrim Road
Stringer, G. W., 141 Haypark Avenue
Stringer, H. S., Whitehouse Park, Whitehouse
Stringer, J., 7 Northwood Gardens
Stringer, Mrs. Elizabeth, 33 St. James's Road
Stringer, Mrs. Norah, 24 Shore Road
Stringer, R., carrier, 237 Ballygomartin Road
Stringer, Thomas, Springhill, Ballygomartin Road
Stringer, Thomas, painter, 10 Silverstream Park
Stringer's, tailors, 6 Bedford Street
Stripp, J. A., 128 Connsbrook Avenue
Stronach, J., salesman, 30 Manna Grove
Strong, Freeman, 63 Haypark Avenue
Strong, F., 38 Ava Park
Strong, Mrs. Ellen, 6 Merkland Street
Strong, R., boot maker, 31 Oldpark Road
Stronge, J. T., clerk, 22 Hartington Street
Stronge, Miss A., confection, 29-31 Holywood Road
Stronge, Miss Jean, 15 Cromwell Road
Stronge, Miss May, 18 Newington Avenue
Stronge, Mrs. E., 90 Cliftonville Road
Stronge, Patrick, spirit merchant, 143-145 Cullingtree Road
Stronge, Thomas, 37 Ava Drive
Stronge, Thomas, 109 Deramore Avenue
Stronge, W. J., traveller, 21 Thirlmere Gardens
Strutt, J., carter, 19 Richview Street
Stuart, Alex., 63 Joanmount Park
Stuart, A. J., & Co., wholesale ironmongers, 88 Ann Street
Stuart, A. S., & Co., agents, 64 (26) Victoria Street Great
Stuart, George, 77 Loopland Drive
Stuart, G., traveller, 16 Lyndhurst Gardens
Stuart, James, 19 Cliftonville Avenue
Stuart, John, bread server, 2 Earlscourt Street
Stuart, John, electrician, 16 Springdale Gardens
Stuart, John, com. traveller, 58 Brookvale Avenue
Stuart, John A., 107 King's Road
Stuart, J. D., B.A., 47 Osborne Gardens
Stuart, J. H., Summerhill, Barnett's Road
Stuart, J. Wood, (late Norman Brand), 19 Howard Street
Stuart, J. W., 17 Strangford Avenue
Stuart, Miss, 23 Cranmore Gardens
Stuart, Mrs. Jane, 87 Woodvale Road
Stuart, Mrs. Jeannie, 42 Maryville Park
Stuart, Mrs. Margaret, 14 Jocelyn Street
Stuart, Mrs. M., 46 Shaftesbury Avenue
Stuart, Pat C., ins. official, 10 Kingsway Avenue
Stuart, Robt., cycle agent, 50 Mountcollyer Avenue
Stuart, R., boot merchant, 147 Victoria Street
Stuart, R. W., teacher, 11 Finaghy Park
Stuart, S., 59 Moyola Street
Stuart, Rev. S. F., B.A., 109 Malone Avenue
Stuart, S. J., warehouseman, 11 Glandore Drive
Stuart, Vernon, electrician, 27 Newington Street
Stuart, Wm., 27 Cherryvalley Park
Stubberfield, H. N., Meat Contractor, 53-55 May Street T.A.: "Reformer"
Stubberfield, H. N., Meat Contractor, Oxford Street
Stubberfield, H. N., Meat Contractor, 131a Beersbridge Road
Stubbs, Ltd., trade protection agency, 71 High Street
Stubbs' Mercantile Offices (Stubbs' Ltd.), 105 Royal Avenue
Stubbs, Wm., 23 Fairview Street
Students' Union Society, University Square
Studio Cecil, 51 Ann Street
Sturdy, Mrs. M., 1 Hillsborough Drive
Sturgeon, David, civil servant, 5 Denmark Street
Sturgeon, H., 22 Wyndham Street
Sturgeon, H., marine engineer, 30 Cherryvalley Gardens
Sturgeon, Mrs. M., supper saloon, 7 Agnes Street
Sturgeon, R. A., 28 Castleview Road
Stuthers, R. J., 37 Delaware Street
Stutzke, Mrs. Mary J., 8 Rosevale Street
Stylefit, mantles and gowns, 22 Waring Street
Styles, J., blacksmith, 38 Hatfield Street
Sudway, Leo., mechanic, 331 Oldpark Road
Suffern, Bertram, wholesale warehouseman, 65 Kansas Avenue
Suffern, David, 223 Conway Street
Suffern, Miss M. J., 229 Ballygomartin Road
Suffern, Samuel, & Co. Ltd., chemists, 302-304 Shankill Road
Suffolk Estate Co. Ltd., 7 Donegall Square West
Sugars, J., 14a Christopher Street
Sugermoin, Mrs., 12 Beechpark Street
Suiter, James, 71 Sandhurst Gardens
Sullivan, Charles, 22 Rosemount Gardens
Sullivan, Herbert Cecil, 73 Balmoral Avenue
Sullivan, Jas., hemstitcher, 66 Knock Eden Park
Sullivan, John, U.S.C., 33 Bryson Street
Sullivan, J. N., principal, 3 Dundela Gardens
Sullivan, Maurice, painter, Andersonstown
Sullivan, Michael, R.U.C., 49 Ava Avenue
Sullivan, Mrs., 79 Thomas Street North
Sullivan, Mrs. C., 45 Kansas Avenue
Sullivan, Mrs. M. A., teacher, 55 Glen Road
Sullivan, M., painter, 41 Falls Road
Sullivan, M., com. traveller, 12 Connsbrook Drive
Sullivan, T. V., solicitor, 41 Falls Road, res. Rosnaree, Andersonstown
Sullivan, Wm., manager, 36 Martinez Avenue
Sully, Mrs. M., 225 Orby Drive
Sultan Street Club, 52-54 Plevna Street
Sumlock Adding and Calculating Machines, 2 (29-31) Donegall Square East
Summers, Arthur H., manufacturers' agent, 118 Somerton Road
Summers, A. H., manufacturers' agent, 2 (50) Wellington Place
Summers, R., seed merchant, 33 Onslow Gardens
Summers, Wm., 63 Skegoneill Avenue
Summers, E., 22 Victoria Gardens
Summers, W. T., 2 Hunsdale Park
Summerville, Albert, cooper, 4 Craigmore Street
Summerville, Edward, R.U.C., 58 Serpentine Road
Summerville, John, 2 Kensington Villas, Chichester Park
Summerville, Josiah, 31 Indiana Avenue
Summerville, J., joiner, 14 Loopland Park
Summerville, Samuel, 536 Crumlin Road
Summons and Custody Courts (public entrance), Chichester Street
Sumner, Mrs. E., 8 Orangefield Crescent
Sumner & McMillen, Ltd., Incorporated Insurance Brokers, 14 Donegall Square West
Sun Insurance Office, Ltd. - Samuel F. Jackson, Branch Manager, 1-3 Linen Hall Street
Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada - J. C. Cleland, Branch Manager, 7-9 Linen Hall Street
Sunderland Forge and Engineering Co. Ltd., Sydenham Road
Sunderland & Lewis, clothing woollen, etc., manufacturers' agents, 11a North Street
Sundle, H., draper, 201 Cliftonville Road
Sunerton, Robert, fitter, 13 Wallasey Park
Sunerton, Robt., fitter, Ivanhoe, Ballysillan Road
Sunray Ices, Ltd., 6 College Court
"Super The," cleaners and dyers, 303 Antrim Road
Supreme Cinemas, Ltd., 35 Royal Avenue
Surgenor, J., superintendent, 16 Sandhill Gardens
Surgenor, Mrs., 157 Bloomfield Avenue
Surgenor, Robert, fireman, 17 Edinburgh Street
Surgenor, Thomas, fitter, 2 Ardgreenan Place
Surgenor, W. J., fitter, 38 Brandon Parade
Surplus, Mrs., 199 Dunluce Avenue
Surplus, Norah, ladies' hairdresser, 160 Ormeau Road
Surplus, Thomas, 22 Deerpark Road
Sutcliffe, A., plumber, 23 Whitehall Parade
Sutcliffe, Mrs. Agnes, Pickering, Diamond Gardens
Sutcliffe, Mrs. F. H., 8 Thornhill Drive
Sutcliffe, R. S., civil servant, 10 Belmont Park
Sutherland & Co., founders, 83-85 Patrick Street Little
Sutherland, D., berthing master, 50 Tennent Street
Sutherland, J., 1 Tyndale Park
Sutherland, Miss, 50 Stranmillis Gardens
Suttlehan, The Misses, 459 Crumlin Road
Suttlehan, Wm., fitter, 25 Beechmount Drive
Sutton & Co., Ltd., Carriers, 25 Gordon Street
Sutton, Mrs. M. E., grocer, 119-121 Crimea Street
Sutton, Wm., civil servant, 61 Torrens Crescent
Swaine, Hannah, grocer, 98-100 Argyle Street
Swan, D., director, 27 Evelyn Garden
Swan, George L., draughtsman, 58 Oakland Avenue
Swan, G., 57 Christopher Street
Swan, G. E. L., draughtsman, 18 Neill's Hill Park
Swan, Henry, store man, 93 Oldpark Road
Swan, Robert, smith, 71 Ravenhill Road
Swan, R., 5 Clara Park
Swan, R. H., joiner, 27 Rochester Street
Swan, Wm., 16 Windsor Drive
Swan, Wm., baker, 32 Westmoreland Street
Swan, W. M., surgeon dentist, 1 University Square
Swandel, H., 97 Fitzroy Avenue
Swandell, H. M., confectioner, 26 Queen's Arcade
Swandell, W. J., gardener, 48 Gilnahirk Road
Swann, Austin, 3 Cabin Hill Park
Swann, George, builder, 104 Cliftonpark Avenue
Swann, J., gown manufacturer, 13 Chichester Road
Swann, J., 43 Cranmore Gardens
Swann, J. H., 27 Queensberry Park
Swann, Mrs., 62 (5) Cliftonpark Avenue
Swann, Mrs. Jane, 36 Pacific Avenue
Swann, Robert D., estate agent, 2 Ulsterville Gardens
Swanton, J. G., P.O. official, 17 Castle Avenue
Swanton, Samuel, 38 Marlborough Park North
Swayne, W. E., manager, 33 Cherryvalley Park
Swears & Wells, Ltd., furriers, 14-16 Castle Place
Sweeney, A., 20 Ulsterville Gardens
Sweeney, David, bread server, 301 Oldpark Road
Sweeney, Hugh, 33 Lomond Avenue
Sweeney, Jos., caretaker, 25 Regent Street
Sweeney, J. A., 567 Falls Road
Sweeney, J. C., auctioneer, 60 Bawnmore Road
Sweeney, Miss Mary, 7 Kinnaird Street
Sweeney, Mrs. Cissie, 64 Skegoneill Avenue
Sweeney, Mrs. M., 148 Roden Street
Sweeney, Mrs. M., 271 Ligoniel Road
Sweeney, R. D., 7 St. John's Avenue
Sweeney, Wm., printer, bookbinder, etc., 153 North Street
Sweeney, W., marine engineer, 539 Ormeau Road
Sweeney, W. J., 136 Fitzroy Avenue
Sweeny, Mrs. Emily, 36 Bedeque Street
Sweet, Alexander, 15 Somerton Gardens
Sweet, A., electrician, 6 Graymount Terrace
Sweet, Ernest, R.A.F., 90 Joanmount Terrace
Sweet, Fredk., traveller, Tyrella, Grangeville Gardens
Sweet, Geo. C., civil servant, 9 Orpen Drive
Sweet, H., fitter, 13 Grace Avenue
Sweet, Mrs., 143 Connsbrook Avenue
Sweet, W. E., civil servant, 128 Joanmount Gardens
Sweny, N. H., D.-I. R.U.C., 3 Balmoral Drive
Swift, Mrs., 16 Elaine Street
Swift, W. T., sorter, 594 Oldpark Road
Swindall, W., sergt. R.U.C., 51 The Mount
Swindell, E., 36 Oakland Avenue
Swindell, Miss M., 31 Sandhurst Gardens
Swindle, S., mechanic, 13 Loopland Crescent
Swindles, David W., hairdresser, 150 Alliance Avenue
Swindles, George, conductor, 142 Alliance Avenue
Swiney, John H. H., B.A., B.A.I., T.C.D., M.Inst.C.E., civil engineer and architect, 83 Royal Avenue
Swinson, Edward, engineer, 114 Newtownards Road Upper
Swinson, E. A. S., 2 Kilhorne Gardens
Swinson, S. W., 44 Belmont Park
Swinson's Engineering Works, engineers, Ballarat Street
Swinton, Wm., egg merchant, 1 Summer Hill Parade
Swiss Arcade, drapers, 118 North Street
Sydenham Flute Band, Park Avenue
Sydenham Methodist Mission Hall, 92 Palmerston Road
Sydenham Pumping Station, 70 Park Avenue
Sydenham Railway Station, Station Road
Sye, E. V., 58 Cregagh Road
Sye, Robert, 148 My. Lady's Road
Sye, Robert, fruiterer, 87 Cregagh Road
Sye, Robert H., 50 Cregagh Road
Sykes, Alex., 24 Farnham Street
Sykes, Joseph B., superintendent, 35 Sandhurst Drive
Symes, Lionel, 106 Kensington Road
Symington, H., store man, 19 Kimberley Street
Symington, Joseph Albert, 115 Cavehill Road
Symington, Miss, 25 Bathgate Drive
Symington, R., fitter, 12 Clonaver Park
Symington, W., master mariner, 16 Deacon Street
Symmers, Mrs. W. C., 16 Mountcharles
Symmers, Dr. W. S. T. C., 49 Wellington Park
Symmons, S. R., 20 Bristol Avenue
Symms, W. G., driver, 99 Ravenhill Gardens
Symons, Douglas, driver, 142 Skegoneill Avenue
Synott, Wm., civil servant, 37 Salisbury Street
Sythes, G. W., & Co. Ltd., manufacturers' agents, 58 Waring Street. Res., 5 Downshire Road
Sythes, John, accountant, 58 Waring Street
Sythes, Wm., 16 Kirkliston Park
St. Aidan's Church, 57 Blythe Street
St. Jude's Parochial Hall, side entrance, 2 St. Jude's Crescent
St. Jude's P.E.S., 423 Ormeau Road
St. Kevin's P.E.S., 446 Falls Road
St. Luke's Church, 58a Northumberland Street
St. Luke's Hall, Morpeth Street
St. Malachy's Catholic Church, 22 Alfred Street
St. Malachy's Christian Brothers P.E.S., Oxford Street
St. Malachy's College, 36 Antrim Road
St. Malachy's Convent N.S., 1 Sussex Place
St. Malachy's Convent P.E.S., 2-12 Rathbone Street
St. Malachy's Presbytery, 24 Alfred Street
St. Mark's Church, Ballysillan, Ligoniel Road
St. Mark's Church of Ireland, 199 Holywood Road
St. Mark's P.E.S., Ballysillan, Ligoniel Road
St. Mary Magdalene Church, 54 Donegall Pass
St. Mary's Christian Schools, 26a Divis Street
St. Mary's Church, 236 Crumlin Road
St. Mary's Female P.E.S., 24-28 Institution Place
St. Mary's Hall, Bank Street
St. Mary's Hall Club, 52a Donegall Street
St. Mary's Male P.E.S., John Street
St. Mary's Mission Hall, 25-29 Byron Street
St. Mary's Practising Schools, Beechmount Avenue
St. Mary's Presbytery, 8 King Street
St. Mary's P.E.S., Shore Road
St. Mary's P.E.S., McCandliss Street
St. Mary's P.E.S. (Boys), Galway Street
St. Mary's P.E.S., 1-3 Silvio Street
St. Mary's R.C. Chapal, Chapel Lane
St. Mary's Secondary School, 20 Barrack Street
St. Mary's Training College, 191 Falls Road
St. Mary's Y.M.C. & T. Club, Harmony
St. Mathia's Church, 43 Glen Road
St. Matthew's Church of Ireland, 1a Woodvale Road
St. Matthew's Club, 52a Seaforde Street
St. Matthew's Convent Schools, Lowry Street
St. Mathew's R.C. Chapel, 113 Newtownards Road
St. Matthew's R.C. Presbytery, Bryson Street
St. Matthew's School, 52 Seaforde Street
St. Michael's Church, Mansfield Street
St. Michael's Recreation Hall, 19 Belgrave Street
St. Nicholas's Church of Ireland, 507 Lisburn Road; Hall, Windsor Avenue Lower
St. Ninian's Church, Whitewell Road
St. Patrick's Boys' P.E.S., 137a Donegall Street
St. Patrick's Chapel of Ease, 1a Queen Street North
St. Patrick's Christian Brothers Schools, 137a Donegall Street
St. Patrick's Church of Ireland, 212a Newtownards Road
St. Patrick's Girls' P.E.S., 137a Donegall Street
St. Patrick's Industrial School, 524 Falls Road
St. Patrick's Parish Church Mission hall, 21 Dee Street
St. Patrick's Presbytery, 139 Donegall Street
St. Patrick's P.E.S., 46-48 Balkan Street
St. Patrick's R.C. Church, 137a Donegall Street
St. Patrick's Recreation Club, Holywood Road
St. Paul's Christian Spiritualist Church, 49 May Street
St. Paul's Church of Ireland, 208a York Street
St. Paul's Female N.S., 2a Getty Street
St. Paul's Male P.E.S., (No. 2), Cavendish Square
St. Paul's Parochial Hall, 2-12 Hawthorne Street
St. Paul's Presbytery, Cavendish Street
St. Paul's P.E.S., Canning Place
St. Paul's R.C. Church, 125 Falls Road
St. Peter's Church, 655 Antrim Road; Parochial Hall, Fortwilliam Drive
St. Peter's Female P.E.S., 42 Panton Street
St. Peter's Male P.E.S., 65 Raglan Street
St. Peter's Parochial House, 53a Milford Street
St. Peter's R.C. Church, Milford Street
St. Peter's R.C. Club, 2 Gilford Street
St. Phillip's P.E.S., 43-47 Excise Street
St. Saviour's Church, 56a Wilton Street
St. Saviour's P.E.S., 2a Southland Street
St. Silas' Lecture Hall, Nubia Street
St. Simon's Church, 324-326 Donegall Road
St. Simon's Parish Hall, Nubia Street
St. Simon's P.E.S., Nubia Street
St. Stephen's Church, 123a Millfield; Mission Hall, 25 Brown's Square
St. Teresa's R.C. Church, Glen Road
St. Teresa's R.C. Church, 73 Somerton Road
St. Teresa's School, Glen Road
St. Thomas' Church, 164 Lisburn Road
St. Thomas' Church Parochial Hall, 138a Lisburn Road
St. Vincent de Paul's Girls' Home, 2-6 Clonard Gardens
St. Vincent de Paul's P.E.S., Ligoniel Road
St. Vincent de Paul's R.C. Church, Ligoniel Road
St. Vincent de Paul's Working Boys' Home, 17 Divis Street
St. Vincent de Paul's Workmen's Guild, 7 Townsend Street
St. Vincent's Female P.E.S., Dunlewey Street
St. Vincent's Hall, 41 Queen Street North