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Hackett, J. E., civil servant, 30 Willowbank Gardens
Hackett, M. A., 3 Mountcharles
Hackett, Miss, 17 Cranmore Gardens
Hackett, Thomas, 9 Penge Gardens
Hacking, W. A., engineer, 2 Pembroke Street
Hackney, George N., masseur, 86 Dublin Road
Hadden, D. J., dentist, 27 Lisburn Road
Hadden, J. C., dentist, 27 Lisburn Road
Hadden, Miss E. M., 7 Ardmore Avenue, Finaghy
Hadden, Mrs., 61 St. Jude's Parade
Hadden, Mrs. J., 471 Antrim Road
Hadden, Mrs. M., 56 Hopefield Avenue
Hadden, Samuel, 7 Ardmore Avenue (Finaghy)
Hadden, Thomas, R.U.C., 4 Blenheim Street
Hadden, William, 29 Newtownards Road Upper
Hadden, Wm., brass moulder, 10 Loughview Terrace
Haddick, Rev. J. E. K., 19 Parkmount Road
Haddick, Mrs. E. J., 49 Joanmount Park
Haddick, H. G. K., M.B., V.S.C., Ph.D., surgeon, 323 Shankill Road and Cavehill Road Old
Haddock, J., watch maker, 21 Glenbank Drive
Haddock, Mrs. Ellen Jane, 2 Windsor Street
Haddock, Richard, motor driver, 66 Joanmount Gardens
Haddock, R., gardener, 360 Newtownards Road Upper
Haddock, Samuel, garage, 33 Christopher Street
Haddock, Samuel, dealer, 2 Christopher Street
Haddock, S., clothier, 113 Peter's Hill
Haddock, William, plumber, 53 Farnham Street
Haddock, William, park ranger, 46 Empire Street
Haddock, W. A., master mariner, 78 Victoria Gardens
Haddock, W. C., clerk, 39 Lyndhurst Gardens
Haddow, C. P., 22 Lansdowne Road
Haddow, F. S., engineer, 7 Ormiston Gardens
Haddow, Mrs., 93 Delhi Street
Hadley, Mrs. F., confectioner, 90 Ann Street
Haffern, H., clerk, 27 Kingsmere Avenue
Haffern, J., law clerk, 27 Kingsmere Avenue
Haffern, Miss Annie J., 3 St. Ives Gardens
Hafferon & Shanley, lingerie, 341 Antrim Road
Hagan, Alexander, 30 Elm Street
Hagan, Annie, 200-202 Conway Street
Hagan, Isabella, 62 Foreman Street Upper
Hagan, Isabella, grocer, 1 Malvern Place
Hagan, James, 39 Fairview Street
Hagan, James, 25 Hillsborough Parade
Hagan, John, clerk, 996 Crumlin Road
Hagan, Josiah, bus conductor, 18 Albion Street
Hagan, J., firewood merchant, 19 Conlon Street
Hagan, J., grocer, 28 Gardiner Street
Hagan, J. F., 72 Priory Park
Hagan, Lewis, assurance agent, 103 Holywood Road
Hagan, Lizzie, teacher, 6 Bentinck Street
Hagan, Miss M., 34 Deramore Avenue
Hagan, Mrs., 21 Landscape Terrace
Hagan, Mrs. Alice, 20 Meenan Street Upper
Hagan, Patrick, com. agent, 7-9 Servia Street
Hagan, Philip, 33 Alexandra Park Avenue
Hagan, Samuel, grocer, 47 Bloomfield Avenue
Hagan, William, joiner, 1 Portallo Street
Hagan, William, insurance agent, 222 Manor Street
Hagan, W., 6 Wyndham Street
Hagan, W., fitter, 37 Spencer Street
Hagan, W. G., hardware merchant, 65 Oldpark Road
Hagan, W. J., loco. driver, 43 Gainsborough Drive
Hagan's Home Bakery, 329 York Street
Hagans, Vincent, dept. buyer, 14 Dromara Street
Hagen, Mrs. Margaret, 35 Fairview Street
Haggan, Alex., traveller, 11 Chesham Drive
Haggan, Charlotte, 10 Arkwright Street
Haggan, Francis, 11 Deacon Street
Haggan, Henry, accountant, 113 Malone Avenue
Haggan, William, clerk, 334 Lisburn Road
Haggarty, J., builder, 41 Thorndale Avenue
Haggins, Miss S., 49 Thorndyke Street
Haig, Charles, photographer, 110-112 Royal Avenue
Haig, C. W., clerk, 61 Earlswood Road
Haig, J. F., & Co. Ltd., Emerald Shirt Factory, 31-33 Bedford Street
Hails, R. A., 2 Osborne Gardens
Hainesworth,, A. N., electrician, 137 My Lady's Road
Haire, David H., 67 University Avenue
Haire, Frank, 28 Gainsborough Drive
Haire, F., Innisfayle, Ascot Gardens
Haire, George, butcher, 229 Alliance Avenue
Haire, George, 173 Sandown Road
Haire, Hugh, draper, 320-322 Newtownards Road Upper
Haire, Rev. James, M.A., B.D., D.D., Professor of Systematic Theology, 1 College Park
Haire, James, caulker, 54 Park Avenue
Haire, John, tram driver, 241 Orby Drive
Haire, J. A., teacher, 63 Knockvale Park
Haire, Mrs. Isabella, 1a Landscape Terrace
Haire, Sidney H., 122 Earlswood Road
Haire, Thos. A., warehouseman, 36 Ravenhill Park Gardens
Haire, Thomas W., R.U.C., 49 Torrens Crescent
Haire, William J., 180 Parkgate Avenue
Haire, William J., 68 Perth Street
Haire, W., 20 Gainsborough Drive
Haisley, George, fitter, 9 Connsbrook Park
Haisley, H., teacher, 33 Downview Avenue
Haisley, Mrs. Annie, 89 Ravenhill Gardens
Haisley, Samuel, wholesale confectioner, 25 Lansdowne Road
Haldane, A., salesman, 373 Cregagh Road
Haldane, Mrs., 675 Antrim Road
Hale, John, fruiterer, 420 Crumlin Road
Hale, Miss M., 29 Belmont Road
Hale, Thomas, joiner, 64 Southport Street
Hale, T., 16 St. Vincent Street
Hale, William, engineer, 2 Sunbury Avenue
Hale, William, fitter, 45 Glencairn Street
Hale, William, 6 Ardenlee Street
Hale, William, 1 Formby Park
Hale, William, fitter, 19 Willowholme Street
Hales, John, agent, 58 Waring Street
Hales-Pakenham-Mahon, Major S., 13 Orpen Road (Finaghy)
Hales, Mrs. Ellen, 81 Lisburn Road
Halfpenny, John H., spirit store, 72 Seaforde Street
Halifax Building Society (The) - Manager, A. Wolfenden, 14 Donegall Square West
Hall, Albert E., traveller, Quay Road
Hall, Alexander, manager, 35 Ashley Avenue
Hall, Alexander W., 56 Broadway
Hall, A., P.O. official, 5 Abercorn Street
Hall, A., 52 Atlantic Avenue
Hall, Charles, 23 Dunluce Avenue
Hall & Co., bakery, 135 Newtownards Road
Hall & Co., brush manufacturers, 12 Winetavern Street
Hall, C. J., 16 Thornhill Drive
Hall, C. J., civil engineer, 403 Lisburn Road
Hall, David, R.U.C., 25 Vicinage Park
Hall, David, Hopefield, Whitewell Road
Hall, D., beauty shop, 347 Beersbridge Road
Hall, D. Lyle & Son, gowns, mantles, furs, millinery, etc., 22 Donegall Place and 19 Royal Avenue; res., 79 Cliftonville Road
Hall, Edward, plasterer, 43 Oldpark Road
Hall, E., R.U.C., 215 Dunluce Avenue
Hall, E., Ashley, Finaghy Road North
Hall, E., 57 Belmont Church Road
Hall, Fred D., brush maker, 79 Alliance Avenue
Hall, F. M., bank official, 11 Abbeydale Park
Hall, George, 12 Chichester Avenue
Hall, George, 389 Queen Street North
Hall, George, plumber, 54 Posnett Street
Hall, George C., publican, 4 Carlisle Circus
Hall, Gordon, 17 Ardgreenan Gardens
Hall, G., 19 Delaware Street
Hall, G. H., 70 Serpentine Road
Hall, Harry, 39 Glenburn Park
Hall, Harry, dealer, 107-110 Smithfield Mart
Hall, Herbert, insurance official, 41 Balmoral Avenue
Hall, Higham, & Co., Ltd., millinery, etc., Queen Street
Hall, H., 117-118 Smithfield Market
Hall, H., 761 Crumlin Road
Hall, H. P., M.B., M.Ch., surgeon, 23 College Gardens
Hall, Isabelle, 18 Lindsay Street
Hall, James, fitter, 14 Springdale Gardens
Hall, James, hardware merchant, 154 Shankill Road
Hall, John, 6 Woodcot Avenue
Hall, John, foreman, 48 My Lady's Road
Hall, John, porter, Malone Park Gate Lodge, Malone Park
Hall, J., clerk, 3 Timbey Park
Hall, J., male nurse, 32 Sunnyside Drive
Hall, J. & E., Ltd., refrigerating engineer, Sydenham Road
Hall, J. J., rivetter, 4 Depot Terrace, Shire Road
Hall, J. J., 43 Marlborough Park Central
Hall, J. J., 18 Wellington Park
Hall, J. S., 171-173 Lisburn Road
Hall, J. T., grocer, 64 Albert Bridge Road
Hall, J. W., 1 Gibson Park Gardens
Hall, Lucas W., 77 Ulsterville Avenue
Hall, Lyle, outfitter, 8 Easton Crescent
Hall, L. E., shoe maker, 82 Shore Road
Hall, L. W., 47 Deramore Avenue
Hall, Malcolm, engineer, 751 Crumlin Road
Hall, Matthew, electrical engineer, 41 Donegall Place
Hall, Miss, 168 North Road
Hall, Miss, 72 Oakland Avenue
Hall, Miss, 98 Cromwell Road
Hall, Miss, 2 Fulton Street
Hall, Miss E., 37 University Street
Hall, Miss H., 33 Hartington Street
Hall, Miss I., 28 Rushfield Avenue
Hall, Miss Margaret, 10 Hopefield Avenue
Hall, Miss M. E., 49 Irwin Drive
Hall, Mrs., 46 (6) Windsor Avenue
Hall, Mrs., 94 Haypark Avenue
Hall, Mrs., Clonaver Crescent South
Hall, Mrs., 10 Wandsworth Road
Hall, Mrs., grocer, 19 Sunnyside Street
Hall, Mrs. Annie, 22 Newington Street
Hall, Mrs. A., 33 Magdala Street
Hall, Mrs. D., 55 Stockman's Lane
Hall, Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 Landscape Terrace
Hall, Mrs. Helen, 5 College Place North
Hall, Mrs. Henrietta, 9 Luxor Gardens
Hall, Mrs. I., agent, 288 Lodge Road Old
Hall, Mrs. K., 3a Elm Street
Hall, Mrs. Margaret, Blythe, Lisburn Road
Hall, Mrs. Mary, 6 Landseer Street
Hall, Mrs. M., 1 Wellington Park Terrace
Hall, Mrs. M., 17 Cherryvalley Park
Hall, Mrs. M., 138 Alexandra Park Avenue
Hall, Mrs. R. M., 274 Limestone Road
Hall, Mrs. Sarah, 22 Crosscollyer Street
Hall, M., manufacturer, 285 Holywood Road
Hall, Dr. M. H., M.Sc., Ph.D., research chemist, 8 Castle Avenue
Hall, Richard, 187 Cambrai Street
Hall, Robert, draper, 129 Newtownards Road
     Hill; res., 24 Ballysillan Park
Hall, Robert J., Ltd., brush manufacturer, 2? Peter's Hill and Gardiner's Place; res., 24 Ballysillan Park
Hall, Robert S., 129 Cliftonville Road
Hall, Capt. Robin, surgeon, 38 Lisburn Road
Hall, Reginald, M.D., M.R.C.P., 59 University Road
Hall, Rev. R., M.A., B.D., 24 Cyprus Park
Hall, R., agent, 52 Queen Street Upper
Hall, R., 6 Landseer Street
Hall, R., tenter, 19 Prestwick Park
Hall, R. & H., Ltd., grain merchants, 93 Ann Street
Hall, R. W., 13 Orby Drive
Hall, Samuel, motor engineer, 27 York Road
Hall, S., 1 Stranmillis Street
Hall, Thomas H., clerk, 39 Onslow Parade
Hall, T., 9 Stormont Park
Hall, T., hairdresser, 95 Victoria Street Great
Hall, T. A., dentist, 57 University Road
Hall, T. F., 42 Diamond Gardens
Hall, T. H., 131 Knockbreda Road
Hall, T. H., insurance collector, 6 Adelaide Avenue
Hall, T. H., manager, 6 Castle Park
Hall, T. K., manufacturers' agent, 41 (22) Donegall Place
Hall, Wesley, 20 Ava Drive
Hall, William, 126 Alexandra Park Avenue
Hall, William, R.U.C., 3 Blenheim Drive
Hall, William, 35 Twickenham Street
Hall, William, 17 Rosetta Drive
Hall, William, 9 Florida Drive
Hall, William, Rocklow, Finaghy Road North
Hall, William, 35 Twickenham Street
Hall, William, compositor, 29 Wheatfield Crescent
Hall, William, warder, 20 Landscape Terrace
Hall, William George, compositor, 17 Holland Gardens
Hall, William, brick layer, 22 Ship Street
Hall, William J., 90 Wandsworth Road
Hall, W., draper, 151 Haypark Avenue
Hall, W. H., traveller, 42 Cooldarragh Park
Hall, W. J., butcher, 380 Newtownards Road Upper
Hall, W. J., checker, 26 Knockbreda Gardens
Hall, W. J., flesher, 18 Eastleigh Drive
Hall-Thompson, Major S. H., M.P., J.P., Cairnburn, Cairnburn Road
Hallagan, Robert, publican, 36 Vernon Street
Haller, A., jeweller, 155a Albert Street
Halliday, Alfred, house repairer, 16 Ethel Street
Halliday, Andrew, 11 Sintonville Avenue
Halliday, A., 140 Holywood Road
Halliday, C. H., & Co., photographers, 14 Queen's Arcade
Halliday, David, 1 Belmont Avenue
Halliday, David, 10 Silverstream Gardens
Halliday, David, 58 Berlin Street
Halliday, Elizabeth, 59 Joanmount Park
Halliday, E., 159 Oldpark Road
Halliday, E., 40 Ava Drive
Halliday, E. W., 36 Cyprus Gardens
Halliday, Dr. F., 497 Newtownards Road Upper
Halliday, Drs. F. and J., M.B., 374 Beersbridge Road
Halliday, G., tailor, 264 Ravenhill Avenue
Halliday, H., cashier, 18 Stranmillis Road
Halliday, James, joiner, 36 Deramore Avenue
Halliday, James, fruiterer, 450-452 Newtownards Road
Halliday, James, milkman, 55 Aigburth Park
Halliday, James, plater, 34 Belmont Avenue
Halliday, John, plater, 10 Holland Crescent
Halliday, J. B., 6 Wandsworth Place
Halliday, J. C., carter, 13 Richview Street
Halliday, J. C., 11 Glenbank Drive
Halliday, J. J., salesman, 144b Ravenhill Avenue
Halliday, J. W., clerk, 107 Loopland Park
Halliday, Lewis L., & Co., chartered accountants, 64 Chichester Street
Halliday & Lowry, accountants and auditors, 44 Arthur Street Upper
Halliday, Mercer, 72 Cheviot Avenue
Halliday, Mrs., 45 Lisburn Road
Halliday, Mrs. Annie M., 16 Richview Street
Halliday, Mrs. A. M., Glynn, Cavehill Road Old
Halliday, Mrs. J., 14 Cappy Street
Halliday, Mrs. Margaret, 17 Greenwood Park
Halliday, Mrs. R., 5 Wolfhill Road
Halliday, M., draughtsman, 362 Castlereagh Road
Halliday, Nurse, 15 Prince Edward Park
Halliday, Samuel, grocer, 131-133 Castlereagh Road
Halliday, Solomon, grocer, 370 Crumlin Road
Halliday, Susan, 54 Bridge End
Halliday, Sydney, clerk, 124 Ravenhill Avenue
Halliday, S. S., 128a Ravenhill Avenue
Halliday, Thomas, 29 Park Parade
Halliday, William, fruiterer, 2 Cyprus Avenue
Halliday, W., fruiterer, 81 Castlereagh Street
Halliday, W. J., 96 Orangefield Crescent
Halliday, W. J., baker, 88 Tate's Avenue
Halligan, N., publican, 66 Spruce Street
Halpen, A., 247 Falls Road
Halpin, Rebecca, 28 Twaddell Avenue
Halsall, A. V. V., mechanic, 88 Palmerston Road
Ham, Mrs. L., 5 Ardpatrick Gardens
Ham, Mary, 4 Sunningdale Park
Hambleton, Frank, clerk, 46 Knockvale Park
Hamblett, William, tester, 75 Aigburth Park
Hambrook, William H., engineer, 1 Rocky Road
Hamford, Mrs., 3 Woodland Terrace, Shore Road
Hamill, Agnes, bakery, 9 Divis Street
Hamill, Alexander, 64 Gainsborough Drive
Hamill, A., Fruit and Flower Merchant and Commission Salesman, St. George's Fruit Market. T.A.: "Dolorosa"
Hamill, Davison, & Wilson, solicitors, 24 Arthur Street
Hamill, Elizabeth, 89 Whiterock Road
Hamill, George, 30 Orpen Road
Hamill, Harriett, confectioner, 11 Halliday's Road
Hamill, Harry, professional golfer, 312 Cregagh Road
Hamill, John, 116 Earlswood Road
Hamill, John, fitter, 42 Wheatfield Crescent
Hamill, John, inspector, 58 Orangefield Crescent
Hamill, John, carpenter, 13 Beechmount Drive
Hamill, Joseph, 16 Manor Street
Hamill, Joseph, supper saloon, 165 Snugville Street
Hamill, J., farmer, Springhill, Ballygomartin Road
Hamill, J. B., 38 Wandsworth Crescent
Hamill, J. W., civil servant, 12 Rushfield Avenue
Hamill, Miss A. M., 42 Sans Souci Park
Hamill, Miss G., 18a Hawthornden Drive
Hamill, Mrs., 81 Donegall Pass
Hamill, Mrs. Catherine, 30 Oceanic Avenue
Hamill, Mrs. Edith, 33 Glencairn Street
Hamill, Mrs. E., 77 Roden Street
Hamill, M., publican, 114-116 Falls Road
Hamill, R., 29 Belmont Church Road
Hamill, R., 174 Ravenhill Avenue
Hamill, Samuel, carter, 51 Moyola Street
Hamill, S. H., 207 Cliftonville Road
Hamill, S. H., fitter, 279 Cavehill Road
Hamill, S. M., 79 Dunlambert Drive
Hamill, Thomas, salesman, 36 Barrack Street
Hamill, Thos. McI., jeweller, 323 Castlereagh Road
Hamill, T., waiter, 22 Walnut Street
Hamill, T. McIntyre, watch maker, 17 Chichester Street
Hamill, V., engineer, 17 Ava Parade
Hamill, William, electrician, 22 Ravenhill Parade
Hamill, William, salesman, 32 Parkgate Avenue
Hamill, William, engineer, 51 Tildarg Street
Hamill, W., school teacher, 21 Castle Avenue
Hamill, W. H., civil servant, 21 Sicily Park
Hamilton, Adam, 28 Northwood Drive
Hamilton, Agnes, 108 Madrid Street
Hamilton, Alexander, fitter, 41 Virginia Street
Hamilton, Alexander, 26 Maryville Park
Hamilton, Alexander P.O. official, 26 Linden Gardens
Hamilton, Alex., boiler maker, 66 Deerpark Road
Hamilton, Alex. M., & Co., steamship and insurance agents, 31 Waring Street
Hamilton, Alfred, plumber and gasfitter, 388-390 Shankill Road
Hamilton, Andrew, Rewa, Malone Road Upper
Hamilton, Andrew, fitter, 300 Springfield Road
Hamilton, Archer, 158 Ainsworth Avenue
Hamilton, Arthur, joiner, 31 Lyndhurst Gardens
Hamilton, Arthur M., 24 Ormonde Park (Finaghy)
Hamilton, A., 13 Crescent Lower
Hamilton, A., cloth passer, 222 Roden Street
Hamilton, A., drover, 188 Mt Lady's Road
Hamilton, A., teacher, 19 Sandhill Gardens
Hamilton, A., driver, 47 Rushfield Avenue
Hamilton, A. C., 85 Wellington Park
Hamilton, A. E., clerk, 8 Delhi Parade
Hamilton, A. E., 32 St. Jude's Avenue
Hamilton, A. G., frame maker, 364 Shankill Road
Hamilton, A. G., grocer, 73 Broom Street
Hamilton, A. W., & Co., Engineers, 15-20 Prince's Dock
Hamilton, Charles, 12 Rosapenna Drive
Hamilton, Charles, grocer, 6-8 Danube Street
Hamilton & Co., advisory accountants, 105 Royal Avenue
Hamilton & Co., fancy goods (wholesale), 4 Marcus Ward Street
Hamilton, C., 63 Hillsborough Drive
Hamilton, C., 83 Larkfield Road
Hamilton, David, 36 Devon Street
Hamilton, David, publican, 55 Copperfield Street
Hamilton, David, spirit merchant, 139 Matilda Street
Hamilton, Dr., 25 Cyprus Avenue
Hamilton, D., manager, 28 Lowwood Park
Hamilton, D., publican, 49 Shankill Road
Hamilton, D., printer, 80 Ashley Avenue
Hamilton, Edwin, 360 Newtownards Road
Hamilton, Ed., collector, 42 Loopland Gardens
Hamilton, Ed., engineer, 47 Alliance Avenue
Hamilton, E., shoe maker, 282 Shankill Road
Hamilton, E., R.U.C., 140 Stranmillis Road
Hamilton, E. C., 27 Knutsford Drive
Hamilton, E. R., motor agent, 11 Bristow Park
Hamilton, E. T., iron turner, 18 Delhi Street
Hamilton, E. W., wholesale bedding, 5-7 Dunbar Street
Hamilton & Fisher, upholsterers, 8 Exchange Street
Hamilton, Francis, engineer, 117 Shandon Park
Hamilton, Franklin, damask mounterm,127 Oldpark Road
Hamilton, George, 21 Martinez Avenue
Hamilton, George, 289 Oldpark Road
Hamilton, George, 256 Limestone Road
Hamilton, George, fitter, 49 Ridgeway Street
Hamilton, George, butcher, 10 Bradbury Place
Hamilton Graving Dock, Queen's Road
Hamilton, Dr. G., M.A., surgeon, 50 Balmoral Avenue
Hamilton, G., 5 Northern Street Great
Hamilton, G., 22 Belmont Park
Hamilton, G., M.D., surgeon, 130 Victoria Street Great
Hamilton, G., drug hall, 332 Donegall Road
Hamilton, G. B., & Co., liquid soap manufacturers, Brookvale Street
Hamilton, G. C., 4 Cyprus Avenue
Hamilton, Herbert, 21 Graymount Park
Hamilton, Hugh P., 62 Knock Road
Hamilton, H., milkman, 22 Ravenscroft Avenue
Hamilton, H., butcher, 200 Duncairn Gardens
Hamilton, H., driver, 45 Tildarg Street
Hamilton, H., 1 Norfolk Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
Hamilton, H., clerk, 1 Ireton Street
Hamilton, H., inspector, 11 Jocelyn Street
Hamilton, H. A., fitter, 72 Deramore Avenue
Hamilton, H. S., shipwright, 53 Skegoneill Avenue
Hamilton, I. J., civil servant, 41 Belmont Park
Hamilton, James, 40 Alexandra Park Avenue
Hamilton, James, tenter, 327 Springfield Road
Hamilton, James, 29 Myrtlefield Park
Hamilton, James, 23 Deramore Avenue
Hamilton, James, pawn broker, 140 Manor Street
Hamilton, James, milk vendor, 7 Mountview Street
Hamilton, James, traveller, 20 Joanmount Gardens
Hamilton, James, salesman, 75 Tildarg Street
Hamilton, James, 20 Belvedere Park
Hamilton, James, com. traveller, 25 Harcourt Drive
Hamilton, James, 119 Belmont Road
Hamilton, James H., & Co., manufacturers' agents, 31 Waring Street
Hamilton, James, Belfast Nurseries, 157 Malone Road
Hamilton, John, 3 Kensington Drive
Hamilton, John, printer, 20 Harcourt Drive
Hamilton, John, traveller, 37 Somerton Park
Hamilton, John, 1 Kinnaird Terrace
Hamilton, John, pipe manufacturer, 43 Winetavern Street. Works, 9-11 Bathurst Court
Hamilton, John, salesman, 8 Baden Powell Street
Hamilton, John, chauffeur, 77 Malone Road
Hamilton, John, driver, 46 Sandhurst Gardens
Hamilton, John, fireman, 74 Victoria Avenue
Hamilton, John, builder, 7 Woodland Avenue
Hamilton, John, grocer, 47 Jocelyn Avenue
Hamilton, John, agent, 25 Madison Avenue
Hamilton, John, 6 Graymount Park
Hamilton, John, 15 Belmont Place
Hamilton, John, 20 St. Jude's Parade
Hamilton, John, boot maker, 111 Agnes Street
Hamilton, John, fireman, 37 Alexandra Park Avenue
Hamilton, John, 6 Alexandra Park Avenue
Hamilton, John, civil servant, 4 Osborne Drive
Hamilton, John A., 16 Ravenscroft Avenue
Hamilton, John T., fitter, 22 Hesketh Park
Hamilton, John W., clerk, 18 Hesketh Park
Hamilton, Joseph, & Co. Ltd., engineers and brass founders, 104 Percy Street
Hamilton, Joseph, music seller, 33 Ashgrove Park
Hamilton, Joseph, butcher, 10 Lyndhurst Gardens
Hamilton, J., gardener, 25 Strandview Street
Hamilton, J., chauffeur, 6 Hillsborough Drive
Hamilton, J., grocer, 45 Jocelyn Avenue
Hamilton, J., engineer, 17 Circular Road North
Hamilton, J., builder and decorator, 40-42 Newington Avenue
Hamilton, J., 175 Woodstock Road
Hamilton, J., painter and contractor, 497 Lisburn Road
Hamilton, J., fruiterer, 23 York Street
Hamilton, J., musical instrument, 24 North Street Arcade
Hamilton, Rev. J., M.A., 123 Wellesley Avenue
Hamilton, J., 61 Euston Street
Hamilton, J., gardener, Garranard Lodge, Circular Road
Hamilton, J. A., joiner, 91 Joanmount Park
Hamilton, J. A., soldier, 59 Deerpark Road
Hamilton, J. C., foreman, 39 Joanmount Gardens
Hamilton, J. C., builder, 6 Cooldarragh Park North
Hamilton, J. G., butcher, 42 Florenceville Avenue
Hamilton, J. G., 7 Ashton Avenue (Finaghy)
Hamilton, J. J., fitter, 44 Onslow Parade
Hamilton, J. W., engineer, Clanrye, Gilnahirk Road
Hamilton Laundry, 171-181 McClure Street
Hamilton, Miss, 11 University Road
Hamilton, Miss, C.S.M.M.G., 2 Mountcharles
Hamilton, Miss, 2 Fitzroy Avenue
Hamilton, Miss, grocer, 176 Connsbrook Avenue
Hamilton, Miss, baker, 63 Templemore Avenue
Hamilton, Miss A., 24 Fitzroy Avenue
Hamilton, Miss A., 4 Chlorine Gardens
Hamilton, Miss Bessie, 124 Eglantine Avenue
Hamilton, Miss C., 123 Orient Gardens
Hamilton, Miss Eileen, 86 University Street
Hamilton, Miss E. M., 4 Ulsterville Drive
Hamilton, Miss Isobel, 71 University Avenue
Hamilton, Miss M., 32 University Avenue
Hamilton, Miss M. E., 331 Ravenhill Road
Hamilton, Miss S., 194 Ainsworth Avenue
Hamilton, The Misses, 16 Chlorine Gardens
Hamilton, Mrs., 26 Cumberland Street
Hamilton, Mrs., 107 Park Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs., 17 Pretoria Street
Hamilton, Mrs., 11 Chestnut Gardens
Hamilton, Mrs., 46 Tennent Street
Hamilton, Mrs., 21 Delhi Street
Hamilton, Mrs., 22 Willowholme Street
Hamilton, Mrs., 4 Elmwood Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs., 7 Hatfield Street
Hamilton, Mrs., 10 Cyprus Park
Hamilton, Mrs., 203 Grosvenor Road
Hamilton, Mrs., 25 Magdala Street
Hamilton, Mrs., 36 Clonlee Drive
Hamilton, Mrs., 5 Rosetta Drive
Hamilton, Mrs., 45 Manna Grove
Hamilton, Mrs., 156 My Lady's Road
Hamilton, Mrs. A., 25 Kimberley Street
Hamilton, Mrs. A. G., Cartref, Gilnahirk Road
Hamilton, Mrs. Elizabeth, 128-130 New Lodge Road
Hamilton, Mrs. Ellen, 178 Roden Street
Hamilton, Mrs. E., 113 Donnybrook Street
Hamilton, Mrs. E. L., 11 Ulsterville Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs. E. L., antique dealer, 509 Lisburn Road and 2 Rathgar Street
Hamilton, Mrs. Grace, 14 Campbell Street
Hamilton, Mrs. Harriett, 28 Rugby Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs. Henry, 54 Martinez Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs. J., 15 Tate's Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs. J., 16 Ravenscroft Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs. J., 36 Cooke Street
Hamilton, Mrs. J. K., Beechmount, Fortwilliam Park
Hamilton, Mrs. K., 41 Cranmore Park
Hamilton, Mrs. Margaret, 16 Lawrence Street
Hamilton, Mrs. Margaret. 22 Baden Powell Street
Hamilton, Mrs. Margaret A., Mountainview, Andersonstown
Hamilton, Mrs. M., 45 Onslow Parade
Hamilton, Mrs. M., 56 Pretoria Street
Hamilton, Mrs. M., 56 Dover Street
Hamilton, Mrs. M., Gate Lodge, Gray's Lane
Hamilton, Mrs. M. J., 190 Ormeau Road
Hamilton, Mrs. M. J., 152 Woodstock Road
Hamilton, Mrs. M. M., 7 Charnwood Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs. Rebecca, 8 Canning Street
Hamilton, Mrs. Sarah, 37 Belmont Church Road
Hamilton, Mrs. T., 66 Ava Street
Hamilton, Nurse M., cert. midwife, 36 Moorgate Street
Hamilton, McCreadie & Co., wine merchants, 13 Queen's Square
Hamilton, Nathaniel, cashier, 54 Edgcumbe Gardens
Hamilton, Norman, 14 Orpen Park
Hamilton, N. B., insurance inspector, 27 Orangefield Crescent
Hamilton, P., pipe maker, 169 Albert Street
Hamilton-Jones, Capt. P. J., 14 Ormonde Park (Finaghy)
Hamilton Road Dining Rooms, Hamilton Road
Hamilton, Robert, 224 Shore Road
Hamilton, Robert, engineer, 2 Formby Park
Hamilton, Robert, dairyman, 74 Coolmore Street
Hamilton, Robert, waiter, 8 Diamond Street
Hamilton, Robert J., plumber, 27 Lawnview Street
Hamilton, R., agent, 20 (8) Ann Street
Hamilton, R., 27 Beechlands
Hamilton, R., music dealer, 83 Station Road
Hamilton, R., bookkeeper, 2 Kerrsland Parade
Hamilton, R., grocer, 21 Hatfield Street
Hamilton, R. A., Earlston, Annadale Avenue
Hamilton, R. A., civil servant, 78 Knock Eden Park
Hamilton, R. E., 21 Cambourne Park
Hamilton, R. E., & Co., motor agents, 32 Linen Hall Street
Hamilton, R. G., journalist, 84 North Parade
Hamilton, R. H., R.U.C., 3 Abbeydale Gardens
Hamilton, R. J., buyer, 23 Cherryvalley
Hamilton, R. M., agent, 32a Linen Hall Street
Hamilton, Capt. R. T., M.C., D.I., R.U.C., 43 King's Road
Hamilton, R. V., solicitor, 13 Lombard Street
Hamilton, Samuel, draper, 74 Castlereagh Road
Hamilton, Samuel, warder, 60 Harcourt Drive
Hamilton, Samuel, 87 Woodvale Avenue
Hamilton, Samuel, electrician, 56 Torrens Crescent
Hamilton School of Dancing and Dramatic Art, 13 Crescent Lower
Hamilton, S., 62 Osborne Drive
Hamilton, S., 47 Knockvale Park
Hamilton, S. B., 76 Donegall Park Avenue
Hamilton, Thomas, postman, 20 Perth Street
Hamilton, Thomas, painter, 50 Farnham Street
Hamilton, Thomas, 6 Richview Street
Hamilton, Thomas, monumental sculptor, 461 Donegall Road; res., 274 Donegall Road
Hamilton, Thomas, jeweller, 91 Lodge Road Old
Hamilton, Thomas, bread server, 7 Grand Parade
Hamilton, Thomas, manager, 26 Ormonde Park
Hamilton, Thomas, upholsterer, 57 Boundary Street North
Hamilton, Thos. H., 2 Mount Merrion Gardens
Hamilton, T., 16 Dunowen Gardens
Hamilton, T., packer, 26 Evolina Street
Hamilton, T., builder, 277 Cavehill Road
Hamilton, T., 51 Dunlambert Drive
Hamilton, T. C., 51 Marmount Gardens
Hamilton, T. J. C., 8 Alliance Avenue
Hamilton, V., dairyman, 11 Glenside Parade
Hamilton, Walter, 7 Sandhurst Gardens
Hamilton, Walter, furniture remover, 65 Florida Drive
Hamilton, Wilfred, 123 Newtownards Road Upper
Hamilton, William, 43 Richview Street
Hamilton, William, clerk, 1 Artana Street
Hamilton, William, mounter, 14 Torrens Gardens
Hamilton, William, dairyman, 28 Mountview Street
Hamilton, William, grocer, 31 Hurst Street
Hamilton, William, 46 Beechfield Street
Hamilton, William, 51 Newtownards Road Upper
Hamilton, William, seed merchant, 14 Castle Gardens
Hamilton, William, caretaker, 1a Hartington Street
Hamilton, William, 32 Magdala Street
Hamilton, William, agent, 21 College Street
Hamilton, William, fitter, 268 Cambrai Street
Hamilton, William, joiner, 4 Dromore Street
Hamilton, William, plumber, 110 Parkgate Avenue
Hamilton, William, 20 Trigo Parade
Hamilton, Wm., seedsman and florist, 14 Castle Gardens
Hamilton, Wm., salesman, 8 Willowfield Gardens
Hamilton, Wm. H., fancy box manufacturer, 546 Antrim Road
Hamilton, W., baker, 7 Woodvale Gardens
Hamilton, W., 2 Dunmisk Park
Hamilton, W., grocer, 15 Kenmare Street
Hamilton, W., joiner, 8 Jocelyn Street
Hamilton, W., salesman, 1 Ethel Street
Hamilton, W., salesman, 121 Ardenlee Avenue
Hamilton, W., sewing machine repairer, 66 King Street
Hamilton, W., clerk, 28 Wandsworth Road
Hamilton, W., market gardener, Holywood Road
Hamilton, W. A., fruiterer, 60 Albert Bridge Road
Hamilton, W., & Co. Ltd., seedsmen, nurserymen and florists, 2 Arthur Street
Hamilton, W. G., produce merchant, 82 May Street
Hamilton, W. G., chemist, 907 Crumlin Road
Hamilton, W. H., director, 699 Antrim Road
Hamilton, W. I., 6 Cliftonville Street
Hamilton, W. I., 545 Lisburn Road
Hamilton, W. J., traveller, 12 Chesterfield Park
Hamilton, W. J., butcher, 221 Woodstock Road and 253 Albert Bridge Road
Hamilton, W. J., butcher, 50 Peter's Hill
Hamilton, W. R., flesher, 52 Albert Bridge Road
Hamilton, W. R., butcher, 169 Ormeau Road
Hamilton's Bakery, 338-340 Beersbridge Road
Hammel, J., 292 Antrim Road
Hammel, J., & Sons, house furnishers, 119-119a Peter's Hill
Hammer, Arthur A. S., civil servant, 59 Houston Park
Hammer, A., 420 Beersbridge Road
Hammerton, C. H., 10 Holland Gardens
Hammerton, Mrs. H., 44 Willowholme Drive
Hammond, C., civil servant, 23 Dunkeld Gardens
Hammond, George, 242 Malone Road
Hammond, James, corn market, 15 Donegall Road
Hammond, J., 433 Donegall Road
Hammond, Martha, 16 St. Jude's Crescent
Hammond, Miss, 56 (3) Ulsterville Avenue
Hammond, Mrs., 51 Eglinton Street
Hammond, Mrs., dress maker, 186 Ravenhill Road
Hammond, Richard, linen business, 16 Kingsway Avenue
Hammond, W. V., assessor, 13 Stranmillis Gardens
Hammonds, R., 5 Loopland Drive
Hampshire, Mrs. Amy, 9 Burmah Street
Hampton, A., draper, 85-87 Newtownards Road
Hampton, Helen, 5 Kingsberry Park
Hampton, Henry, bar man, 65g Park Avenue
Hampton, Miss A., 142 Connsbrook Avenue
Hancox, J. F., 60 Bristow Park
Hand, W., 28 Rossmore Avenue
Handforth, Arthur, J.P., director, 59 Cherryvalley Park
Handforth, Claude, Corporation official, 2 Castle Avenue
Handforth, Mrs., 15 North Parade
Handforth, Thos., secretary, 24 Knocklofty Park
Handley, Mrs. A. D., 34 Hopefield Avenue
Hands, Miss Minnie, 17-21 Lonsdale Street
Hands, Miss Minnie, 5 Eglinton Street
Hands, Thomas, compositor, 249 Roden Street
Handy, Mrs. Cecil, 82 Haywood Avenue
Hanforth, Henry, designer, 8 Kingsmere Avenue
Hanison, E. V., warehouseman, 42 Alliance Avenue
Hankey, Mrs., 4 Richmond Park, Finaghy
Hankley, J. J., 9 Sandringham Street
Hanley,. B., 9 Manor Street
Hanley, F. W., compositor, 12 Rutland Street
Hanley, James, busman, 133 Ardenlee Avenue
Hanley, Maudie, ladies' hairdresser, 16 Woodstock Road
Hanley, Miss, 65 Mountview Street
Hanley, Miss Agnes, 34 Rosapenna Drive
Hanley, Mrs. A., Maryville, Lisburn Road
Hanley, Mrs. J., grocer, 1 Ardgowan Street
Hanley, Robert, bread server, 29 Somerton Road
Hanley, R. A., newsagent, 312 Lodge Road Old
Hanley, R. A., traveller, 47 Dunlambert Drive
Hanley, T., 21 Claremont Street
Hanley, William, 15 Wheatfield Crescent
Hanlon, Archer, fish monger, 14 Woodvale Road
Hanlon, Isabella, publican, 57 Shankill Road
Hanlon, James, painter, 49 Silverstream Gardens
Hanlon, Miss N., 39 Balfour Avenue
Hanlon, Mrs. Susan, 11 Maryville Park
Hanlon, Thomas, grocer, 53 Kilronan Street
Hanlon, William, 49 Ethel Street
Hann, Mrs. Gertrude, 68 Newington Avenue
Hann, Robert J., shipwright, 34 Graymount Drive
Hanna, Acheson, traveller, 1 Ailesbury Road
Hanna, Albert, driver, 15 Benview Park
Hanna, A. B., 28 Elm Street
Hanna, A. S., jeweller, 55 Bawnmore Road
Hanna Bros., & Co., underclothing manufacturers, 35 Adelaide Street
Hanna & Browne, Cabinetmakers, Upholsterers and Carpet Warehouses, 36 Arthur Street and 43 Franklin Street
Hanna, Cecilia, 10 Fallswater Drive
Hanna & Co., linen manufacturers, 18 Bedford Street
Hanna, C. W., agent, 55 Riddels Arcade
Hanna, David, agent, St. George's Market
Hanna, David, fitter, 21 Cicero Gardens
Hanna, David, wholesale provision merchant, 86 Bridge End
Hanna, D., 7 Graymount Park
Hanna, D., butcher, 7 Belmont Road
Hanna, Francis, solicitor, 410 Falls Road
Hanna, Frank, LL.B., solicitor, 16 Donegall Place
Hanna, F., 28 College Park Avenue
Hanna, George, clerk, 316 Springfield Road
Hanna, George, mechanic, Heath Lodge, Glencairn Road
Hanna, George, engineer, Heath Lodge, Wolfhill Road
Hanna, G., postman, 34 St. Meryl Park
Hanna, G. B., Barrister-at-Law, 39 Knocklofty Park
Hanna, G. D., com. agent, 24 Harberton Park
Hanna, Henry, M.A., B.Sc., M.B., surgeon, 30 University Square
Hanna, Herbert, plater, 2a Florenceville Avenue
Hanna, Hugh, R.U.C., 33 Woodvale Gardens
Hanna, H., grocer, 63 Hanna Street
Hanna, H. D., hardware merchant, 90 Newtownards Road
Hanna & Irwin, radio and cycles, 288 Newtownards Road
Hanna, James, grocer, 34 Meenan Street Upper
Hanna, James, motorman, 135 Madrid Street
Hanna, James, shop assistant, 10 Kirklowe Drive
Hanna, James, sawyer, 409 Donegall Road
Hanna, James, fitter, 16 Ashton Avenue, Finaghy
Hanna, James L., salesman, 30 Green Road
Hanna, Jas. A., architect, 3 College Square North
Hanna, John, welder, 44 Oldpark Avenue
Hanna, John, 78 Dee Street
Hanna, John, joiner, 38 Farnham Street
Hanna, John, coach builder and motor agent, 34-36 Chichester Street
Hanna, John, butcher, 274 Shankill Road
Hanna, Joseph, 5 Eliza Street
Hanna, J., 30 Edward Street
Hanna, J., commissionaire, 131 Holywood Road
Hanna, J., traveller, 52 Sydenham Avenue
Hanna, J., checker, 698 Oldpark Road
Hanna, J., coach builder, Knockbreda Gardens
Hanna, J., 36 Abetta Parade
Hanna, J., 60 Harberton Park
Hanna, J., 55 Locksley Park
Hanna, J. A., pawn broker, 221-223 Mountpottinger Road
Hanna, J. B., electrician, 19 Newtownards Road Upper
Hanna, J. B., 13 Innisfayle Park
Hanna, J. B. T., 73 Maryville Park
Hanna, J. R., 14 Malone Park
Hanna, L., draughtsman, 37 Locksley Gardens
Hanna, Mary, tea-rooms, 31-33 Queen's Square
Hanna, Michael, 412 Falls Road
Hanna, Miss, 34 Madison Avenue
Hanna, Miss E., 7 Wingrove Gardens
Hanna, Miss M. A., 18a Hawthornden Drive
Hanna, The Misses, 16 Camden Street
Hanna, The Misses, 21 Meadowbank Street
Hanna, Mrs., 3 Bruce Street
Hanna, Mrs., 72 Oldpark Avenue
Hanna, Mrs., 3 Albertville Drive
Hanna, Mrs., 14 Rathgar Street
Hanna, Mrs., 168 Malone Road
Hanna, Mrs., 68 Sandymount Street
Hanna, Mrs., 4 Martinez Avenue
Hanna, Mrs., 9 Cranmore Avenue
Hanna, Mrs., 33 University Street
Hanna, Mrs., 28 Lavinia Street
Hanna, Mrs., 30 Canning Street Upper
Hanna, Mrs. A. S., 13 Hampton Park
Hanna, Mrs. B., 22 Baroda Street
Hanna, Mrs. Edith, restaurant, 72 Bridge End
Hanna, Mrs. J., 55 Glencairn Street
Hanna, Mrs. J. E., millinery, 18 North Street Arcade
Hanna, Mrs. L., 105 Salisbury Avenue
Hanna, Mrs. Maria, 64 Deramore Avenue
Hanna, Mrs. M., 38 Clonlee Drive
Hanna, Mrs. M., 17 Cherryvalley Gardens
Hanna, Mrs. R., 26 Rossmore Avenue
Hanna, M., 26 Bloomfield Avenue
Hanna, N. W., 31 Mount Eden Park
Hanna, P. J., grocer, 32 Dawson Street
Hanna, Reginald, 31 Woodvale Road
Hanna, Richard, warehouseman, 21 Joanmount Park
Hanna, Richard, 131 Madrid Street
Hanna, Robert, sea captain, 21 Downview Avenue
Hanna, Robert, 14 Rathgar Street
Hanna, Robert, caretaker, 53 Royal Avenue
Hanna, Robert, 79 Rushfield Avenue
Hanna, Robert, & Co., publicans, 159 Cromac Street; res., 34 Ailesbury Road
Hanna, Robt. A., manufacturers' agent, 43 Cooldarragh Park
Hanna, R., manager, 16 Greenwood Park
Hanna, R., hardware dealer, 7 Castlereagh Road
Hanna, R., R.U.S.C., 7 Deramore Avenue
Hanna, R., 100 Locksley Park
Hanna, R. D., meter maker, 23 Chesterfield Park
Hanna, R. J., hairdresser, 25 Joy Street
Hanna, Samuel, shoe maker, 124 Agnes Street
Hanna, Samuel, grocer, 12 Bruce Street
Hanna, Samuel, 59 Glandore Avenue
Hanna, Samuel, shipwright, 47 Belmont Church Road
Hanna, Samuel, 41 Mount Prospect Park
Hanna, Sydney, jeweller, 20 Arthur Street
Hanna, Rev. Dr. S., 104 University Street
Hanna, S., fitter, 3 Keadyville Avenue
Hanna, S., grocer, 1 Brunswick Street Little
Hanna, S., tailor, 124 Donegall Street
Hanna, S., 37 Priory Park
Hanna, S. J., mechanic, 21 Benview Park
Hanna, Thomas, Whiterock Road
Hanna, William, 33 Bramcote Street
Hanna, William, 52 Rushfield Avenue
Hanna, William, baker, 218 Tate's Avenue
Hanna, William, 43 Rosevale Street
Hanna, William, baker, 208-210 Tate's Avenue
Hanna, William, 18 Delhi Street
Hanna, William, bakery, 168 Shankill Road
Hanna, William J., 2 Colinton Gardens
Hanna, Dr. W., 63 University Street
Hanna, W., home bakery, 80 Peter's Hill
Hanna, W. J., clerk, 807 Lisburn Road
Hanna, W. R., Ltd., furniture and carpet factors, 2a Talbot Street
Hanna, W. R. J., insurance agent, 24 Blenheim Drive
Hanna's, wholesale fancy goods, 153a North Street
Hannah, John, 1 Eastleigh Crescent
Hannah, Robert, blacksmith, 8 Townsend Street Upper
Hannam, Mrs. Rosie, 5 Brookvale Street
Hannan, Mrs. N., 25 Annalee Street
Hannan, William, plumber, 38 Edlingham Street
Hannen, Miss Elizabeth, 36 The Mount
Hannen, William, 56 The Mount
Hannigan, Eugene, 20 Dunluce Avenue
Hannigan, J., publican, 130-132 Henry Street and 135 Queen Street North
Hannigan, Mrs., Lourdesville, Stockman's Lane
Hannigan, Thomas, sergt. R.U.C., 321 Castlereagh Road
Hannon, Rev. G., Wolfhill House, Wolfhill Avenue
Hannon, M., 51 Cardigan Drive
Hannon, Patrick, 6 Shaw's Road
Hannon, William, bar man, 78 The Mount
Hanratty, E., publican, 1-3 Conlon Street and 174-176 Lodge Road Old
Hanratty, Francis, spirit merchant, 2-4 Malcolm Street
Hanratty, John, 10 Dunville Street
Hanratty, Michael, 2 Cawnpore Street
Hanratty, P., publican, 10 Frederick Street
Hanratty, P., publican, 2 Avondale Terrace, Shore Road
Hansard, Mrs. Isobel, 93 South Parade
Hanscomb, G. A., 35 Glenburn Park
Hansdale, William, 101 King's Road
Hansen, Gunner Heggen, 22 Strangford Avenue
Hanson, Mrs. Sarah, 41 Newington Avenue
Hanson, W. J., machinist, 5 Sefton Park
Hanvey, A., baker, 64c Cliftonville Road
Hanvey, Chas., iron turner, 44 Northwood Drive
Hanvey, Frederick, caretaker, Galwally Park Upper
Hanvey, F. C., civil servant, 13 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Hanvey, George, boiler maker, 49 Castlereagh Place
Hanvey, James, boot repairer, 323 York Street
Hanvey, J. A., manager, 1 Kingsmere Avenue
Hanvey, Miss Maggie, 3 Eliza Street
Hanvey, Miss J., 21 Clifton Crescent
Hanvey, M., shoe maker, 529 Ormeau Road
Hanvey, Thomas, engineer, 28 brougham Street
Hapwood, Arthur, civil servant, Lisnacree, King's Road
Haran, Bridget, draper, 213 Falls Road
Harberton Estate Co., 10 College Square North
Harbinson, Alex., accountant, 38 Lancefield Road
Harbinson, A., draper, 68 Henry Street
Harbinson, H. C., warehouseman, 58 Queen Street Upper
Harbinson, Isaac, tailor, 211 Alliance Avenue
Harbinson, James, iron moulder, 183 Lodge Road New
Harbinson, John, 9 Brianville Park
Harbinson, J., grocer, 259 Ravenhill Avenue
Harbinson, J., cashier, 23 Haddington Gardens
Harbinson, J. L., grocer, 90-92 Beersbridge Road
Harbinson, J. L., grocer, 128 Castlereagh Street
Harbinson, Miss, 179 North Road
Harbinson, Miss M., 2 Clarendon Avenue
Harbinson, Mrs., 22 Kevin Parade
Harbinson, Mrs., 11 Ulsterville Place
Harbinson, Mrs., 19 Haypark Avenue
Harbinson, Mrs., 34 Marmount Gardens
Harbinson, Mrs., 6 King's Road
Harbinson, Mrs. C., 19b Hillfoot Street
Harbinson, Mrs. H., 33 Meadowbank Street
Harbinson, Mrs. S., 8 Pacific Avenue
Harbinson, Robert, lorry driver, 24 Baltic Avenue
Harbinson, Robert, 6 Castle Park Upper
Harbinson, S., manager, 10 Rosetta Drive
Harbinson, Thos., 43 Graymount Crescent
Harbinson, T., engineer, 66 Ladas Drive
Harbinson, Wm. E., manufacturers' agent, 82 Royal Avenue
Harbinson, W., 22 Mount Merrion Drive
Harbinson, W. F., agent, 84 Victoria Gardens
Harbinson's Ltd., spirit merchants, 19 Ann Street
Harbison, A., grocer, 121 My Lady's Road
Harbison, J., 1a Haddington Gardens
Harbison, Miss Mary, newsagent, 143 Divis Street
Harbison, Miss M., 20 Lansdowne Road
Harbison, Mrs. K., 37 Westland Road
Harbison, M. E., 367 Newtownards Road Upper
Harborne, George, civil servant, 18 Locksley Gardens
Harbour Club (Alex. Murphy, manager), 5 Gamble Street
Harbour Crane Office, Albert Quay
Harbour Police Barracks, Sydenham Road
Harcourt, F., 21 Balmoral Avenue
Harcourt, F. E., & Co., Ltd., Coal Importers, 47 High Street and Queen's Quay
Harcourt, George, plater, 29 Dromore Street
Harcourt, R. J. R., 4 Mount Eden Park
Harcourt, W. J., bread server, 3 Irwin Drive
Harcourt, W. L., insurance agent, 10 Ladas Drive
Harden, C. S., sec., Ardcoombe, Newforge Lane
Harden, Miss, 8 Kincora Avenue
Hardgrove, William, clerk, 25 Somerton Road
Hardie, William, clerk, 25 Somerton Road
Harding, A., artist, 30 Donegall Park
Harding & Harding, Ltd., Builders and Contractors, 65-87 Northern Street
Harding, Harold, traveller, 1 Orpen Drive
Harding, Howard, agent, 107 (4) Donegall Street
Harding, Howard, 125 Marlborough Park Central
Harding, James, 117 King's Road
Harding, James, book binder, 10 Pottinger's Entry
Harding, John, 23 Thirlmere Gardens
Harding, Joseph, boiler maker, 23 Brandon Parade
Harding Memorial P.E. School, 105-107 Cregagh Road
Harding, N., 80 Marlborough Park North
Harding, Robert James, 9 Chesham Crescent
Harding, S., 55 Knockbreda Road
Harding, ?, 45 King's Road
Harland, Robert, draughtsman, 28 Woodvale Avenue
Hardstaff, J., 23 Hillsborough Drive
Hardy, A., 10 Norwood Park
Hardy, A. E., manager, 231 Castlereagh Road
Hardy, Frederick, conductor, 21 Ballysillan Road
Hardy, James North, & Son, Ltd., ribbons, tape, etc., 2 Clarence Street West
Hardy, John, 7 Brunswick Street
Hardy, Miss E., 13 Stockman's Lane
Hardy, Miss Jane, 51 Brookhill Avenue
Hardy, Mrs. E. J., 70 Sandymount Street
Hardy, T. L., & Co. Ltd. (successors to James Thompson & Son (Belfast), Ltd.), handkerchief manufacturers, 10-12 Grosvenor Road
Hardy, V., 74 Percy Street
Hardy, W. J., chemist, 39 Kirkliston Drive
Hare, Geo. C., butcher, 7 Sefton Park
Hare, Harry, milkman, 8 Rosetta Drive
Hare, H., plater, 242 Cliftonville Road
Hare, John, fitter, 51 Clarendon Avenue
Hare, J., joiner, 166 Cliftonville Road
Hare, L. D., 14 Prince Edward Park
Hare, Miss, 19 Upton Park
Hare, Mrs. Ella, 44 Lansdowne Road
Hare, Mrs. E., 49 Torrens Crescent
Hare, Mrs. F., 13 Lomond Avenue
Hare, Robert, boot maker, 6 Salisbury Street
Hare, W., clerk, 24 Indiana Avenue
Hargreaves, Charles, 41 Donegall Park Avenue
Hargreaves, Miss E., 6 Eblana Street
Hargroves, W., bookkeeper, 15 Jubilee Avenue
Harkan, William, baker, 39 Aigburth Park
Harker, Robert A., manager, 77 Onslow Parade
Harker, W. J., 55 Wandsworth Road
Harkin, Katherine, 31 St. James's Park
Harkin, William, 59 Ravenscroft Avenue
Harkins, A., caulker, 30 Fleet Street
Harkins, William, boiler maker, 2 St. Vincent Street
Harkley, J. J., boot repairer, 9 Sandringham Street
Harkness, Andrew, 57a Knock Road
Harkness, A., checker, 38 Loopland Road
Harkness, D., butcher, 2 Springfield Parade
Harkness, D., driller, 19 Hillfoot Street
Harkness, D. A. E., 53 Cabin Hill Gardens
Harkness, Hugh, compositor, 34 Castleview Road
Harkness, H., supper saloon, 2-4 Meridi Street
Harkness, H. P., & Co., motor accessories factors, 6 Adelaide Street and 1 Bankmore Street
Harkness, James, 22 Riverview Street
Harkness, James, butcher, 281 Shankill Road
Harkness, James, 4 Ballygomartin Road
Harkness, John, & Co., Carriers, 5 Customhouse Square
Harkness, J., grocer, 18 Ship Street Little
Harkness, J., butcher, 265 Antrim Road
Harkness, Mrs. E., 15 Downshire Road
Harkness, Mrs. Mary Eliz., 34 Roseleigh Street
Harkness, Mrs. M., 356 Ravenhill Road
Harkness, Mrs. M. E., 62 Dover Street
Harkness, Mrs. M. T., 158 Cregagh Road
Harkness, Robert, 85 Ardenlee Avenue
Harkness, Robert J., fireman, 46 Baden Powell Street
Harkness, R., clerk, 51 Ardenlee Gardens
Harkness, R., supper saloon, 116 Donegall Pass
Harkness, Thomas, 34 Brandon Parade
Harkness, W., 9 Springdale Gardens
Harkness, W. A., building contractor, 63 Balmoral Avenue
Harkness' Coachworks, 25-45 M'Tier Street
Harland, John, spindle maker, 21 Kilronan Street
Harland, Richard, grocer, 56d Bray Street
Harland, R., confectioner, 50 Ohio Street
Harland, R. B., draughtsman, 34 Twaddell Avenue
Harland, R. W., 44 Ulsterville Avenue
Harland, Thomas, motor man, 7 Woodland Terrace, Shore Road
Harland, William, fitter, 9 Westway Drive
Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Shipbuilding, Engineering, and Boilermaking Works, Queen's Island, Queen's Road, Hamilton Road and Musgrave Channel Road and Abercorn Road
Harlandic Recreation Club, 52b Mount Street (No. 2)
Harley, Veronica, 10 Claremont Street
Harman, S., postman, 9 Ava Parade
Harman, W. J. B., 1 Knockdarragh Park
Harner, Thomas, fitter, 17 Alexandra Park Avenue
Harold, G., iron turner, 42 Excise Street
Harold, Mrs., 38 Ashley Drive
Harper, Alex., lodging house, 131-133 Millfield
Harper, Alfred, 58 Lavinia Street
Harper, Andrew, tram driver, 144 Alliance Avenue
Harper, A., caretaker, 2 (1) Wellington Place
Harper & Co., sports outfitters, 69 Donegall Street
Harper, David, plater, 12 Skegoneill Drive
Harper, David, civil servant, 8 Gibson Park Gardens
Harper, Ernest, 186 Grand Parade (Bloomfield South)
Harper, E., electrical contractor, 358 Shankill Road
Harper, E. L., secretary, 5 Belmont Drive
Harper, Foster, 47 Cherryvalley Park
Harper, F. S., manager, 41 Sunnyside Street
Harper, Herbert J., 7 Sharman Road
Harper, H. R., inspector, 4 Cliftonville Parade
Harper, James, 210 Joanmount Gardens
Harper, James, 53 Lavinia Street
Harper, James, driller, 7 Cambridge Street
Harper, James, 29 Onslow Gardens
Harper, John, 125 Shore Road
Harper, John, clerk, 123 Dunluce Avenue
Harper, John, 54 Grand Parade
Harper, John, newsagent, 3 Alexandra Avenue
Harper, John, 5 Glenbrook Terrace, Shore Road
Harper, John W., 77 Willowbank Gardens
Harper, Joseph, driver, 26 Glencairn Street
Harper, J., secretary, 62 Ashley Avenue
Harper, J. D., assistant inspector, 12 Manna Grove
Harper, J. F., 129 University Avenue
Harper, Major J. W., 7 Ormiston Park
Harper, Miss A. E., 108 Kensington Road
Harper, Miss C., 6 Willesden Park
Harper, Miss E., 30 Silverstream Gardens
Harper, Miss Jane, 28 Cyprus Gardens
Harper, Miss Mary, 31 Rugby Avenue
Harper, Miss Reni, 33 Botanic Avenue
Harper, Miss R., draper, 252 Albert Bridge Road
Harper, The Misses, 28 Hamilton Street
Harper, Mrs., 39 Camden Street
Harper, Mrs., 21 Gawn Street
Harper, Mrs., 12 Oakland Avenue
Harper, Mrs., 39 Townsend Street Upper
Harper, Mrs., 12 Rosewood Street
Harper, Mrs., dealer, 94 Bridge End
Harper, Mrs. Agnes, 12 Riverview Street
Harper, Mrs. B. W., 63 Cherryvalley Park
Harper, Mrs. G., 1 Ravensdene Park Gardens
Harper, Mrs. Isabella, 4 Wyndham Street
Harper, Mrs. Jane, fish saloon, 245 Oldpark Road
Harper, Mrs. J., 12 Holland Crescent
Harper, Mrs. M. L., private nursing home, 8 Mountcharles
Harper, Mrs. M. M., 3 Fountainville Avenue
Harper, N. F., woollen merchant, The Laurels, Gilnahirk Road
Harper, N. F., & Co., woollen merchants, 40 Donegall Street
Harper, Paul, belt maker, 40 Townsend Street Upper
Harper & Petticrew, auditors and accountants, 10 (7) Arthur Street
Harper, Quin, & Co., pawnbrokers, 226 Albert Bridge Road
Harper, R., tram conductor, 1 Willowholme Drive
Harper, R., 5 Irwin Crescent
Harper, R. J., R.U.C., 40 Loopland Park
Harper, Samuel, 243 Joanmount Gardens
Harper, S. J., machinist, 71 Kimberley Street
Harper, S. M., jun., 36 Ravensdene Crescent
Harper, Thomas, 3 Evelyn Gardens
Harper, Thomas, wholesale tobacconist, Lisburn Road
Harper, Thomas, agent, 40 Victoria Square
Harper, T., confectioner, 36 Shankill Road
Harper, William, insurance agent, 202 Cregagh Street
Harper, William, & Co., solicitors, 86 Donegall Street
Harper, Wm., traveller, 43 Brookvale Street
Harper, W. E., R.U.C., 131 Orby Drive
Harper, W. J., salesman, 1 Knock Hill Park
Harper, W. R., baker, 56 Melrose Street
Harpur, A. H., 11 St. John's Avenue
Harpur, Dr. (U.S.A.), osteopathist, 58 (5) Howard Street
Harpur, H. A., teacher, 243 Orby Drive
Harpur, J. O., manager, 56 Locksley Park
Harpur, Mrs. J., 17 Chlorine Gardens
Harpur, Mrs. R. T., 6 Broomhill Park C.
Harpur, T. W., wholesale merchant, 25 Cranmore Avenue
Harpur, T. W., & Sons, wholesale merchants, 206-210 Ormeau Road
Harpur, William, brass moulder, 133 Madrid Street
Harriman, Fredk., 28 Cranmore Avenue
Harrington, Dr. J. F., Woodstock, Andersonstown and 51-53 Falls Road
Harrington, Mrs., 3 Portallo Street
Harrip, John W., bank manager, 1 Massey Park
Harris, Alex., driver, 59 Florida Drive
Harris, A., store keeper, 1 Houston Drive
Harris, A. J., engineer, 35 Somerton Road
Harris, A. J., bank official, 37 Orby Gardens
Harris, A. L., travel agency, 49 Queen Street
Harris & Co., linen merchants, 22 Howard Street
Harris & Co., gent's outfitters, 58 North Street
Harris, F. G., R.U.C., Dun Roamin, Clara Park
Harris, George, 17 Holywood Road
Harris, G., 182 Antrim Road
Harris, G. J., clerk, 19 King's Crescent
Harris, Henry, supervisor, 34 Glen Road
Harris, James, fitter, 9 Finvoy Street
Harris, James, saddler, 17 Cluan Place
Harris, James, inspector, 33 Melrose Street
Harris, John, Mount Pleasant, Shanlieve Park
Harris, John, mechanic, 173 Rosebery Road
Harris, John, 94 Henderson Avenue
Harris, Joseph, soldier, 49 Carlisle Street
Harris, J., 43 Irwin Drive
Harris, J., bread server, 76 Rugby Avenue
Harris, J. M., paper merchant, 13 Pottinger's Entry
Harris, Leonard C., manager, 6 Kingsberry Park
Harris, Louis, 5 Hesketh Park
Harris, L., outfitter, 62 Delhi Street
Harris, L. C., 6 Kingsberry Park
Harris, The Misses, 181 Holywood Road
Harris, Miss, 71 Bloomfield Avenue
Harris, Miss, 31 Balmoral Avenue
Harris, Miss, 26 Mountview Street
Harris, Miss E., 56 Knockvale Park
Harris, Miss G. E., 51 Wellesley Avenue
Harris, Miss S. M., 25 Hartington Street
Harris, Mrs., 6 Deerpark Road
Harris, Mrs., 43 Park Avenue
Harris, Mrs., 369 Crumlin Road
Harris, Mrs. Annie, 18 Maryville Park
Harris, Mrs. A. S., 76 Sydenham Avenue
Harris, Mrs. C., 169 Madrid Street
Harris, Mrs. Eva, 10 Stormont Park
Harris, Mrs. G. M., 196 King's Road
Harris, Mrs. T., 9 St. James's Road
Harris, Norman, 4 Aigburth Park
Harris, N., school teacher, 130 Orangefield Crescent
Harris, P., 21 Ormiston Park
Harris, R. J., 32 Dromore Street
Harris, Stanley, 381 Castlereagh Road
Harris, S., hardware merchant, 341 Newtownards Road
Harris, S. P., civil servant, 74 Fortwilliam Crescent
Harris, T., newsagent, 1 Henderson Avenue
Harris, Wallace, & Robb (W. Wallace Harris and Wallace H. Robb), solicitors, 16 (27-28) Donegall Square South
Harris, William, A.C.R.A., A.C.C.S., accountant, 39 Summer Hill Park
Harris, William, 4 Geneva Gardens
Harris, W. H., clerk, 31 Lansdowne Park
Harris, W. J., public health officer, 76 Wheatfield Crescent
Harrison, A. J., 5 King's Park
Harrison, Albert, commercial traveller, 70 Bloomfield Road
Harrison, Benjamin, grocer, 93 Woodvale Road
Harrison, Cecil, bread server, 55 Blenheim Drive
Harrison, Prof. D. C., 4 Broomhill Park Central
Harrison, Edmond, clerk, 9 Farnham Street
Harrison, Elias, publican, 9 Somerdale Park
Harrison, Ernest V., manager, 107 Sandown Road
Harrison, E., publican, 421 Shankill Road
Harrison, E. V., & Co., children's washing frocks and suits, 18 Alfred Street
Harrison, Francis, 84 Cliftonpark Avenue
Harrison, George, 2a Canada Street
Harrison, George, clerk, 8 Southport Street
Harrison, G., blacksmith, 47 Woodvale Road
Harrison, H., clerk, 11 Houston Park
Harrison, H., manager, 9 Chichester Road
Harrison, H., confectioner, 316 Lodge Road Old
Harrison, H., confectioner, 130a Shankill Road
Harrison, H., boot repairer, 323 Antrim Road
Harrison, H., painter, 244 Cregagh Street
Harrison, James, draper, 159 York Street
Harrison, James, 108 York Road
Harrison, James, rivetter, 93 Larkfield Road
Harrison, John, 5 Pakenham Street
Harrison, John, 27 Alexandra Park Avenue
Harrison, John, salesman, 94 Dunraven Avenue
Harrison, John, 6 Graymount Crescent
Harrison, J., boiler maker, 10 Willowholme Crescent
Harrison, J., tailor, 68 Shankill Road
Harrison, J., 61 Cooke Street
Harrison, J., 372c Ravenhill Road
Harrison, J. H., inspector, 452 Castlereagh Road
Harrison, Miss, ladies' outfitter, 36 Shaftesbury Square
Harrison, Miss D., 19 Orby Grove
Harrison, Mrs., 13 Ormiston Drive
Harrison, Mrs., 26 Graymount Park
Harrison, Mrs., 64 Belmont Avenue
Harrison, Mrs., 89 Oldpark Road
Harrison, Mrs., 89a Mersey Street
Harrison, Mrs., 14 Florenceville Avenue
Harrison, Mrs., 5 Deacon Street
Harrison, Mrs., confectioner, 19 Station Street
Harrison, Mrs., 259 Grosvenor Road
Harrison, Mrs., 30 Twickenham Street
Harrison, Mrs. Eva, 7 Duncairn Gardens
Harrison, Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 89 Mersey Street
Harrison, Mrs. S., 4 Shrewsbury Park
Harrison, M., machine man, 24 Timbey Park
Harrison, Norman, 150 Ardenlee Avenue
Harrison, Norman, 35 Orangefield Crescent
Harrison & Robinson, publicans, 103 Victoria Street
Harrison, Robt., sheet metal worker, 37 Mountview Street
Harrison, R. D. W., commissioner R.U.C., 9 Deramore Park
Harrison, R. H., teacher, 13 Somerdale Park
Harrison, R. J., 13 Cabinhill Gardens
Harrison, R. M. B., bank official, 45 Windsor Avenue
Harrison, R. T. G., soldier, 5 Glanworth Drive
Harrison, Samuel, manufacturers' agent, 20 Queen Street
Harrison, S., 274 Shore Road
Harrison, S., boot maker, 41 Agnes Street
Harrison, S. G., agent, 663 Antrim Road
Harrison, Thomas, 68 Belmont Avenue
Harrison, Thomas, motor driver, 264 Ravenhill Avenue
Harrison, Thos. H., newsagent, 290 Cliftonville Road
Harrison, T., 57 Candahar Street
Harrison, T. H., newsagent, 278 Cliftonville Road
Harrison, William, 252 Queen Street North
Harrison, William, insurance agent, 22 Ravenscroft Avenue
Harrison, William, carter, 33 George's Street Great
Harrison, William, plater, 77 Dunluce Avenue
Harrison, William, 49 Meadowbank Place
Harrison, William, R.U.C., 34 Sagimor Gardens
Harrison, Rev. W. J., 87 Cliftonville Road
Harrison, W. J., 20 Lomond Avenue
Harrison, W. J., 461 Springfield Road
Harrison, W. J., house repairer, 135 Templemore Avenue
Harron, A., mechanic, 9 Kimberley Street
Harron, D. J., contractor, 5 Loopland Gardens
Harron, F. H., 2 Ardgreenan Drive
Harron, George, joiner, 11 Dover Street
Harron, Mrs. C. P., Springville, Everton Drive
Harron, Mrs. M. J., 8 Collingwood Avenue
Harron, Robert, plasterer, 197 Orby Drive
Harron, R. D., joiner, 24 Ava Drive
Harron, W. J., 107 Mount Merrion Park
Harryman, A. R., foreman, 44 Locksley Park
Harry's Book Shop, 11 Grosvenor Road
Harshaw, J. W., vet., 90 Marlborough Park North
Hart, A. J., civil servant, 117 Orby Drive
Hart, B., electrician, 7 Whiterock Gardens
Hart & Churchill, Ltd., music warehouse, 24 Wellington Place
Hart, Govan, plasterer, 217 Joanmount Gardens
Hart, H. C. H., fitter, 135 University Avenue
Hart, H. M., 22 Sandhill Gardens
Hart, James, grocer, 54 Dunluce Avenue
Hart, James B., 18 Shrewsbury Gardens
Hart, J. C., clerk, 3 Rushfield Avenue
Hart, Miss, private hospital, 5 College Park East
Hart, Miss R., 15 Rosetta Drive
Hart, Mrs., 37-39 Cromwell Road
Hart, Mrs. Alice, 303 Shankill Road
Hart, Mrs. D., 7 Summer Hill Parade
Hart, Mrs. I., 108 Joanmount Gardens
Hart, Mrs. J., spirit merchant, 355 Woodstock Road
Hart, Mrs. Sarah, 141 My Lady's Road
Hart, P., clerk, 35 Roseleigh Street
Harte, Annie, wine and spirit merchant, 56 Alexander Street West and 1 Ardmoulin Street
Harte, J., fitter, 1 Blakely Street
Harte, Miss K. J., 7 Rugby Road
Harte, Patrick, compositor, 153 Deerpark Road
Harte, Dr. R. H., M.A., headmaster, 13 Fortwilliam Drive
Harte, R. H., dental mechanic, 138 Holywood Road
Harte, Wm. Jas., electrician, 56 Elimgrove Street
Harten, J., 54 Sydenham Avenue
Harten, Mrs., 144 Whitewell Road
Harten, Mrs. R. A., 26 Magdala Street
Hartley, John, electrician, 409 Oldpark Road
Hartley, Mrs. Margaret, 670 Springfield Road
Hartley, Thomas, 35 Prestwick Park
Harty, C. W., bank official, 29 Fitzwilliam Street
Harvey, Alex., traveller, 32 Waterloo Gardens
Harvey, Alex. C., engineer, 62 Kimberley Street
Harvey, Anne, 10 Cappy Street
Harvey, A., fruiterer, 243 Queen Street North
Harvey, A. F., com. traveller, 17 Ardenlee Parade
Harvey Bros., fruiterers and florists, 24 Shaftesbury Square
Harvey, Chas. W., teacher, 124 Somerton Road
Harvey, C., constable R.U.C., 24 Ailesbury Road
Harvey, David, builder, 20 Hawthornden Drive
Harvey, Dr. C., 663 Oldpark Road
Harvey, David S., 29 Woodvale Road
Harvey, D. H., cashier, 272 Stranmillis Road
Harvey, Francis John, 38 Silvio Street
Harvey, Frederick, 115 Woodvale Road
Harvey, F. O., Jeanville, 176 Orby Drive
Harvey, George H., 53 Grangeville Gardens
Harvey, H., joiner, 228 Ravenhill Avenue
Harvey, James, 71 Euston Street
Harvey, James, N.S.P.C.C., 59 Martinez Avenue
Harvey, James, commissionaire, 219 Cregagh Street
Harvey, James, bread server, 103 Bray Street
Harvey, John, foreman, 27 Summer Street
Harvey, John, baker, 23 Rosapenna Parade
Harvey, John, machine man, 162 Alliance Avenue
Harvey, John E., 43 Deerpark Road
Harvey, Joseph, 4 Gretna, Shore Road
Harvey, J., civil servant, 24 Mount Merrion Avenue
Harvey, J., civil servant, 18 Mount Merrion Avenue
Harvey, J. B., fitter, 16 Clara Avenue
Harvey, J. McK., engineer, 36 Mount Merrion Avenue
Harvey, J. R., 37 Victoria Avenue
Harvey Memorial P.E. School, 112 Madrid Street
Harvey, Miss, 130a University Street
Harvey, Miss, 3 Camden Street
Harvey, Miss C., 266 Cambrai Street
Harvey, Miss C. E., 68 Onslow Parade
Harvey, Miss Isobel, children's outfitter, 150 Holywood Road
Harvey, Miss Jean, ladies' hairdresser, 407a Newtownards Road
Harvey, Mrs., 15 Haypark Avenue
Harvey, Mrs., confectioner, 132 Melrose Street
Harvey, Mrs., 80 Cromwell Road
Harvey, Mrs., 57 South Parade
Harvey, Mrs. C., 12 Chesham Park
Harvey, Mrs. Ellen, baker, 164 Grosvenor Road
Harvey, Mrs. E., 3 Lancedean Road
Harvey, Mrs. E., 15 Cadogan Street
Harvey, Mrs. Isabella, 30 Edlingham Street
Harvey, Mrs. J., 101 Victoria Street Great
Harvey, N. B. G., 16 Cambourne Park
Harvey, R., 104 Bryson Street
Harvey, R., agent, 2 College Street
Harvey, R., sergt. R.U.C., 49 Onslow Gardens
Harvey, R. J., 36 Orpen {ark (Finaghy)
Harvey, Samuel, 40 Stranmillis Park
Harvey, Stanley, & Co. Ltd., motor engineers, 37 College Street
Harvey, S. J., Water Office official, 171 Sandown Road
Harvey, S. St. G., C.E., 19 Cyprus Avenue
Harvey, Thomas, butcher, 54-56 Ross Street
Harvey, Thomas, 19 Lodge Road Old
Harvey, Thomas, fruiterer, 52 Falls Road
Harvey, Thomas, fruiterer, 347-349 Crumlin Road
Harvey, T., clerk, 71 St. John's Park
Harvey, T., 111 Nelson Street
Harvey, T., soldier, 30 Ridgeway Street
Harvey, V. K., dental surgeon, 409 Lisburn Road
Harvey, William, teacher, 45 Norfolk Parade
Harvey, William, grocer, 2 Ayr Street
Harvey, William J., supper saloon, 1a Elm Street
Harvey, W., 17 Ormiston Crescent
Harvey, W., clerk, 26 Cregagh Park
Harvey, W., coach builder, 4 Ayr Street
Harvey, W. C., 46 Marlborough Park South
Harvey, W. J., 11 Locksley Gardens
Harvey, W. R., R.A.F., 14 Prestwick Park
Harvison, Miss, 7 Chestnut Gardens
Harvison, Mrs., 1 Sandhurst Drive
Harwood Bros. (Belfast), Ltd., manufacturers' agents, 9b-9c Albert Street
Harwood, Charles E., draughtsman, 101 Wandsworth Road
Harwood, George, 188 Connsbrook Avenue
Harwood, Jas., Air Ministry, 37 Denorrton Park
Harwood, John, 7 Oakland Avenue
Harwood, J., clerk, 190 Ravenhill Avenue
Harwood, Mrs. L., 39 Ravensdene Park
Harwood, William, 147 Orby Drive
Haskin, Thomas E., 127 Orby Drive
Haskins, Leslie, fitter, 8 Bramcote Street
Haskins, Mrs., 54 Mount Merrion Park
Haskins, T. E., butchers' and bakers' outfitters, 14 Bridge Street East
Haskis, Miss Betty, 61 Ethel Street
Haslam Foundry & Engineering Co. Ltd. (Glasgow), refrigerating and ice making machinery, 24 Arthur Square
Haslam, J., N.S.P.C.C. inspector, 7 Dawson Street
Haslem, T. J., outfitter, 17 Donegall Pass
Haslett, David, shipwright, 142 Madrid Street
Haslett, Ernest, 27 Lucerne Parade
Haslett, F. W., 45 Lancefield Road
Haslett, G. D., 109 Alexandra Park Avenue
Haslett, James, 34 Osborne Drive
Haslett, James, 101 Onslow Parade
Haslett, James, Water Board, 5 Sandhill Gardens
Haslett, James, caretaker, Riddels Arcade
Haslett, James, joiner, 550 Crumlin Road
Haslett, Jas. Horner, 102 Eglantine Avenue
Haslett, John, tram inspector, 21 Melrose Street
Haslett, J., insurance agent, 8 Ravenhill Crescent
Haslett, J. & J., Ltd., wholesale grocers and produce merchants, 79 Sandy Row
Haslett, Miss, 8 Riverview Street
Haslett, Mrs. May, Lismar, Finaghy Road South
Haslett, R. H., driver, 12 Formby Park
Haslett, Samuel, trades union official, 1 Dunluce Avenue
Haslett, Samuel, missionary, 25 Haywood Avenue
Haslett, Samuel, house furnisher, 35 Pommern Parade
Haslett, S., draper and house furnisher, 270 Albert Bridge Road; res., 147 Parkgate Avenue
Haslett, William, 219 Ravenhill Avenue
Haslett, William, grocer, 130-132 Ravenhill Road
Haslett, William, grocer, 37 Ravenhill Park
Haslett, W., 38 Ardenlee Gardens
Haslett's Furniture Store, 289 Albert Bridge Road
Hasley, Mrs., 116 Dunluce Avenue
Hasluck's Library, 633 Lisburn Road
Hassan, V. A., 105 Osborne Park
Hassan, W., 161 Alliance Avenue
Hassard, A. J., shop assistant, 37 Ormonde Park
Hassard, W. J., draper, 46 Ashgrove Park
Hassard, W. J., printer, 30 The Mount
Hassen, J., principal, 64 Glen Road
Hassett, James, caretaker, fourth floor (67) Riddels Arcade
Hassett, Mary, 168 Lodge Road Old
Hassett, Mrs. Jane, 42 Ulsterville Avenue
Hastie, W. J., clerk, 2 Beechmount Park
Hastings, Alex., Grasmere, Gilnahirk Road
Hastings, Henry, joiner, 35 Woodcot Avenue
Hastings, J. A., checker, 15 Deerpark Road
Hastings, J. F., salesman, Bradda, Lisburn Road
Hastings, J. P., driver, 159 Nelson Street
Hastings, Mrs., 33 Malone Avenue
Hastings, Mrs., 148 Grosvenor Road
Hastings, Mrs., 7 Cavehill Road
Hastings, Mrs. E., 26 Lancefield Road
Hastings, Mrs. Mary E., 32 Distillery Street
Hastings, R., butcher, 174-176 Cupar Street
Hastings, S., coach painter, 12 Chesham Crescent
Hastings, William, 159 Park Avenue
Hastings, Wm., publican, 3-5 Templemore Avenue
Hastings, Wm. H., telegraphist, 21 Landseer Street
Hastings, W., wine and spirit merchant, 167-169 Holywood Road, 2-6 Woodstock Road, 175, 369, 174-176 and 420 Newtownards Road, 361 Ormeau Road, 43 and 358-362 Albert Bridge Road
Haswell, Mrs., Mayfield, Kensington Park
Hatch, A. E. H., 15 Maguerite Park (Marguerite)
Hatch Bros., hardware, Finaghy, Lisburn Road
Hatch, C. H., agent, 29 Howard Street
Hatch, David, hardware merchant, 4 Diamond Gardens
Hatch, E., electrician, 32 Locksley Gardens
Hatch, Rev. Dr. Frederick, B.D., LL.D., Ballylesson Rectory, Belfast
Hatch, G. H., insurance agent, 38 Gibson Park Gardens
Hatch, J. A., 54 Cheviot Avenue
Hatch, William, R.U.C., 2 Richmond Square
Hatrick, Harry, chemist, 10 Ulsterville Drive
Hatton, Andrew, 540 Crumlin Road
Hatton, A., publican, 16 Shankill Road
Hatton, B., manager, 53 Knockbreda Road
Hatton, B., manager, 3 Kingsberry Park
Hatton, Joseph, 31 Fernwood Street
Hatton, Mrs., 39 Ravenhill Avenue
Hatton, Mrs., 14 Deramore Avenue
Hatton, Mrs. A. E., 11 Joanmount Drive
Hatton, Mrs. Isabella, 384 Ravenhill Road
Hatty, Alex., rivetter, 248 Beersbridge Road
Haughey, Rev. A., C.C., Sea View, Shore Road
Haughey, F., upholsterer, 80 Joy Street
Haughey, John, 23 Moorland Park
Haughey, Miss, hairdresser, 113 Castle Street
Haughey, Mrs., 40 Lothair Avenue
Haughey, Mrs. B., 7 Fleetwood Street
Haughey, Mrs. Mary, publican, 88 Falls Road
Haughey, Mrs. M., 215 Springfield Road
Haughey, Peter, publican, 87 Peter's Hill
Haughey, William M., plasterer, 327 Oldpark Road
Haughton, Robt. S., civil servant, 56 Cliftonpark Avenue
Haughton, T. J., 39 South Parade
Haughton, W., 22 Deramore Drive
Havard, Mrs. H. J., Clifden, Gilnahirk Road
Havard, R. J., sub-postmaster, Gilnahirk P.O., Gilnahirk Road
Havelin, Edward, 102 Alliance Avenue
Havelin, Joseph, locksmith, 164 Mountcollyer Street
Havelock Hemstitching Co., 6 Clarence Street
Havelock Place Mission Hall, Havelock Place
Havern, Robert, 38 Bryson Street
Haveron, James, 38 Knockbreda Park
Haveron, T., 2 Cuan Parade
Haveron, William, clerk, 460 Castlereagh Road
Havlan, John, inspector, 51 Mountview Street
Havlin, Edward, key expert, 56-57, 60-62 Smithfield Market
Havlin, Edward, locksmith, 30 Salisbury Street
Havlin, Joseph, hardware, 47 Smithfield Market
Havlin, Miss, 72 King Street
Hawarden Tennis Club, 3 Clonlee Drive
Hawe, A., 7 Castleton Gardens
Hawe, H. T., & Co., grocers, 1 Gainsborough Drive and 238 Queen Street North
Hawe, John, fitter, 51 Summer Street
Hawe, J. J., 109 Malone Road
Hawe, Mrs., 139 Cliftonville Road
Hawe, W. J., 21 Westland Gardens
Hawkes, John, 22 Stranmillis Street
Hawkins, C., sergt. R.U.C., 22 Castleton Gardens
Hawkins, Henry, 13 Arlington Street
Hawkins, J., car man, 74 Joy Street
Hawkins, Mrs. Francis, fruiterer, 162 Cromac Street
Hawkins, T., 67 Agincourt Avenue
Hawkshaw, Lionel, 5 Northern Street Great
Hawley, John Henry, 28 Ormonde Park
Haworth, Richard, & Co., Ltd., 8 Queen Street
Hawthorn, E. J., grocer, 86 Lawnbrook Avenue
Hawthorn, Mrs. M., 21 Cliftonville Parade
Hawthorne, C. R., hardware, 7 Castlereagh Road
Hawthorne, E. W. M., engineer, 23 Wallasey Park
Hawthorne, George, 34 Stranview Street
Hawthorne, G. W., traveller, 61 Knutsford Drive
Hawthorne, H., insurance agent, 63 Knockbreda Road
Hawthorne, James, joiner, 30 Clifton Crescent
Hawthorne, James, R.U.C., 60 Serpentine Road
Hawthorne, John, 20 Knockdarragh Park
Hawthorne, John Hilltop, Gilnahirk Road Old
Hawthorne, J., publican analyst, 113 Osborne Park
Hawthorne, J., traveller, 5 Ardgreenan Crescent
Hawthorne, J. & J., pawn brokers, 62 Albert Bridge Road
Hawthorne, Miss, 46 Westland Road
Hawthorne, Miss, 9 Lansdowne Road
Hawthorne, Miss D., hairdresser, 150 Ravenhill Road
Hawthorne, Miss M., draper, 14 Shankill Road
Hawthorne, Misses, grocers, 40-42 Hudson Street
Hawthorne, Mrs., 5 Harcourt Drive
Hawthorne, Mrs. G., 24 Lucerne Parade
Hawthorne, Mrs. Isabella, 30 Mount Street (No. 2)
Hawthorne, Mrs. Mary, 248 Queen Street North
Hawthorne, Mrs. Minnie, 27 Westway Drive
Hawthorne, Mrs. M., grocer, 6 Enfield Street
Hawthorne, R., evangelist, 10 Ardgreenan Drive
Hawthorne, R. W., joiner, 10 Elm Street
Hawthorne, Sarah, 179 Agnes Street
Hawthorne, Thomas, builder, 9 Lansdowne Road
Hawthorne, Thomas, manager, 335 Cregagh Road
Hawthorne, Thos., miller, 19 Clanchattan Street
Hawthorne, William, clerk, 40 My Lady's Road
Hawthorne, W., 22 Bloomfield Avenue
Hawthorne, W., 26 Wandsworth Crescent
Hawthorne, W., plater, 150 Ravenhill Road
Hawthorne, W. G., house repairer, 287 Donegall Road
Hay, E. N., D.Mus. (Oxon), 2 Wandsworth Drive
Hay, John, clerk, 238 Cregagh Road
Hay, John, plater, 21 Ardenlee Drive
Hay, John A., bank official, 73 Westland Road
Hay, Joseph, foreman, 99 Killowen Street
Hay, L. W. M., engineer, 27 Victoria Road
Hay, Miss Mary, 11 Ardenlee Avenue
Hay, Mrs., 3 Malone Avenue
Hay, P. M., 25 Strathmore Park North
Hay, Russell, 47 Ashley Avenue
Hay, Thomas, engineer, 21 Glencairn Street
Hay, Thomas, 155 King's Road
Haycock, T., conductor, 59 Skegoneill Avenue
Hayden, A. E., engineer, 32 Rushfield Avenue
Hayden, Mrs. J. E., 48 South Parade
Hayden, M. G., 17 Ballysillan Road
Hayden, Patrick, chef, 23 Fleetwood Street
Hayden, T. H., 15 Sicily Park
Hayden, W. R., M.D., surgeon, 100 Cliftonville Road
Haydock, A., 61 Pommern Parade
Haydock, S., & Co., chemists' sundriesmen, 10 Townhall Street
Hayes, A., butcher, 136 Beersbridge Road
Hayes, A., butcher, 246 Woodstock Road
Hayes, A. J., 38 Delhi Street
Hayes, Capt. C. A., 7 Harberton Drive
Hayes, C., & Son, Ltd., potato merchants, Oxford Street and 15-16 May's Market
Hayes, D., 15 Marlborough Park North
Hayes, Cannon E. C., 1 Holyrood
Hayes, F. W., & Co., linen thread manufacturers, 16 Bedford Street
Hayes, Gladys, hairdresser, 28 Duncairn Gardens
Hayes, G., con. traveller, 59 Glen Road
Hayes, Henry, store man, 36 Empire Street
Hayes, Hugh, 146 Sunnyside Street
Hayes, Hugh, & Son, solicitors, 15 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Hayes, H., 120 Oldpark Avenue
Hayes, H., com. traveller, 6 Woodland Avenue
Hayes, H., piano tuner, 15 Lorne Street
Hayes, H., fruiterer, 4 Henderson's Row, Beechmount Park
Hayes, James, engineer, 688 Oldpark Road
Hayes, James, 30 Divis Drive
Hayes, James, dealer, 62 Sandy Row
Hayes, James, fitter, 95 Priory Park
Hayes, Jessie, 83 Albert Bridge Road
Hayes, J., traveller, 24 Wingrove Gardens
Hayes, J., fitter, 23 Irwin Drive
Hayes, Miss, 399 Crumlin Road
Hayes, Miss N., teacher, 18 Fruithill Park
Hayes, Mrs., clothes dealer, 82 Sandy Row
Hayes, Mrs., 62 Hesketh Park
Hayes, Mrs., 9 Rosapenna Drive
Hayes, Mrs., 53 Willowbank Gardens
Hayes, Mrs., 53 Wellesley Avenue
Hayes, Mrs., 31 Deramore Street
Hayes, Mrs. Charles, 14 Dundela Avenue
Hayes, Mrs. Edith, 45 Ulsterville Gardens
Hayes, Mrs. E., hairdresser, 2 Beechmount Drive
Hayes, Mrs. Isabella, 24 Victoria Avenue
Hayes, Mrs. J., 688 Oldpark Road
Hayes, R., fitter, 109 Beechfield Street
Hayes, R. P. P., journalist, 21 North Parade
Hayes, Thomas, butcher, 404 Springfield Road
Hayes, T., clerk, 96 Wandsworth Road
Hayes, T. L., auto engineer, 15a Brunswick Street
Hayes, T. L., electrical engineer, 13 St. James's Street South
Hayes, Vincent, insurance agent, 40 Divis Drive
Hayes, William, plater, 45 Avoca Street
Hayes, William, provision merchant, 20 Donegall Road
Hayes, William, cashier, 8 Norfolk Drive
Hayes, W. T., 23 Eglantine Gardens
Hayhurst, Mrs. Amy, 44 Stranmillis Road
Haynes, H., 34 Marina Park
Haynes, H. A., 33 Cabin Hill Gardens
Haypark Brickworks (H. & J. Martin, Ltd.), Kimberley Drive
Hayes, Hayter, A. H., 3 King's Crescent
Haythorne, Arnold, engineer, 26 Downshire Road
Hayti Consulate, 58 Howard Street
Hayward, Miss Helena B., 44 Graymount Drive
Hayward, R., 450 Antrim Road
Hayward, R., manufacturers' agent, 7 Bedford Street
Haywood, Harry, 16 Glandore Avenue
Hazel, Thomas, 44 Gainsborough Drive
Hazel, T., carter, 31 Canning Street
Hazelton, L., agent, 30 Marlborough Park South
Hazelton, Miss, 17b Knockbreda Road
Hazelton, Miss E. J., 407 Lisburn Road
Hazelton, Mrs., 6 Windsor Park
Hazelton, Norman, clerk, 172 Dunluce Avenue
Hazelton, Robert, traveller, 98 Ashley Avenue
Hazelton, W. D., & Co., linen and cotton manufacturers, 126 Springfield Road
Hazlett, Gordon, traveller, 64 Orby Drive
Hazlett, Isaac, seedsman, 32 Rosevale Street
Hazlewood Cafe, 38 Hope Street
Hazley, Mrs. Evelyn, 30 Yarrow Street
Hazley, Wm., handkerchief and linen manufacturer, 36 Bedford Street
Hazley, Wm., handkerchief manufacturer, 64 Donegall Pass
Head, John J., 25 Clanchattan Street
Head, S. G., secretary, 7 Joanmount Park
Headley, Matthew, 103 Joanmount Park
Headley, William, 29 Deerpark Drive
Headley, William, conductor, 23 Sydenham Park
Heading, Mrs. S. J., 13 Nile Street
Heald, J., 1 Glantrasna Drive
Healey, D., 29 Springfield Avenue
Healey, E. G., cabinet maker, 1 Laburnum Lane
Healey, James, 30 Roseleigh Street
Healey, J., fitter, 132 Templemore Avenue
Healey, J. A., engineer, Eldreth, Castlereagh Road
Healey, Samuel, 3 Lansdowne Drive
Healy, D., undertaker, 3 Springfield Road
Healy, Hubert, civil servant, 79 Ashley Avenue
Healy, J. J., postal clerk, 82 Cromwell Road
Healy, Miss Eliza, Mary-Gold, Stockman's Lane
Healy, Mrs. M. L., 3 Kerrsland Drive
Healy, M., insurance agent, 1 Willowbank Gardens
Healy, Tim, boot merchant, 28 Church Street
Heanen, Mrs., 57 Bentinck Street
Heanen, Mrs. Janet, 14 Knock Eden Park
Heaney, Arthur, manager, 66 Springfield Road
Heaney, A., 45 Devon Parade
Heaney, Charles, wheelwright, 17 Madrid Street
Heaney, E., publican, 12 Patrick Street Little
Heaney, F., shipwright, 83 Orby Drive
Heaney, George, 182 King's Road
Heaney, Henry, R.U.C., 175a Orby Drive
Heaney, James, publican, 65 Divis Street
Heaney, James J., publican, 2-6 Townsend Street
Heaney, James, 47 Prince's Street
Heaney, James, embroiderer, 16 Rugby Avenue
Heaney, John, 29 Duncairn Gardens
Heaney, Joseph, cabinet maker, 50 Dunluce Avenue
Heaney, J., dealer, 52 Bridge End
Heaney, J. M., salesman, Sunsheen, Finaghy Road North
Heaney, Katie, shirt maker, 46 Cullingtree Road
Heaney, Maria, dealer, 135 Millfield
Heaney, Miss Alice, 5 Finaghy Park North
Heaney, Miss Miriam, hairdresser, 75 Cregagh Road
Heaney, Mrs., 22 Sydenham Gardens
Heaney, Mrs., 523 Falls Road
Heaney, Mrs., grocer, 48 Prince's Street
Heaney, Mrs., grocer, 9-11 Tramway Street
Heaney, Mrs. E., 18 Ardpatrick Gardens
Heaney, Mrs. J., 16 Everton Drive
Heaney, Mrs. Mary. 67 Castlereagh Road
Heaney, Mrs. W., 19 Loopland Gardens
Heaney, Richard, engineer, 63 Shandon Park
Heaney, Robert, fitter, 29 Victoria Gardens
Heaney, Samuel, 32 Bramcote Street
Heaney, Samuel, driver, 298 Castlereagh Road
Heaney, Samuel, driver, 6 Clifton Drive
Heaney, Samuel, 62 Reid Street
Heaney, S., shipwright, 456 Castlereagh Road
Heaney, Thomas, 319 Castlereagh Road
Heaney, Thomas, 122 University Street
Heaney, T., sheet metal worker, 161 Cromac Street
Heaney, T., 408 Castlereagh Road
Heaney, T. J., agent, 12 Skegoneill Avenue
Heaney, William, 26 Irwin Avenue
Heaney, William, secretary, 78 Orby Drive
Heaney, W. E., 125 Wellesley Avenue
Heaney, W. J., foreman, 168 Ballygomartin Road
Heaps, John, builder, 18-20 Ravenscroft Avenue
Heardman, John, plumber, 59 Whiterock Road
Hearn, H. J., 66 Mount Merrion Avenue
Hearnden, H. W., inspector, 75 Ravenhill Park
Hearst, W., 54 Brougham Street
Hearty, M., R.U.C., 4 Bennett Drive
Hearty, Thomas, 68 Ulsterville Gardens
Hearty, Thomas, R.U.C., 45 Torrens Crescent
Heasley, Mrs. W., 4 Randal Park
Heasley, S., time keeper, 19 Spencer Street
Heasley, Theo., clerk, 437 Donegall Road
Heasley, T., printer, 12 Ashley Drive
Heath, Fred C., fitter, 45 Graymount Park
Heath, P., conductor, 31 Dromore Street
Heatherington, G., & Son, builders and house repairers, 1a Parkgate Avenue
Heatherington, J. & G., 12 Onslow Parade
Heatherington, Mrs., 30 Earlswood Road
Heatherington, M., hairdresser, 273 Woodstock Road
Heathers, W. J., 8 Elimgrove Street
Heatherup, D., salesman, 33 Ravenscroft Avenue
Heathwood, Alex., engineer, 94 Orangefield Crescent
Heathwood, G., manager, 24 Onslow Gardens
Heathwood, Lilian, 41 Hopefield Avenue
Heathwood, Mrs. C. A., 12 Ashfield Gardens
Heathwood, Mrs. M., 26 Canterbury Street
Heathwood, Thomas, 33 Florenceville Avenue
Heathwood, T., garage, 1 Florenceville Avenue
Heathwood, William, grocer, 22 Ambleside Street
Heatley, E., 24 Dock Street
Heatley, Francis, dairy, 215a Lisburn Road; res., 1 Rushfield Avenue
Heatley, F., 1a Rushfield Avenue
Heatley, F., sub-postmaster and grocer, Ballynafeigh P.O., 371-373 Ormeau Road
Heatley, James, boiler scaler, 20 Dock Street
Heatley, John, foreman, 1 Knutsford Drive
Heatley, John, insurance agent, 54 Fairview Street
Heatley, J., clerk, 62 Dromore Street
Heatley, Mrs. H. P., 25 Cromwell Road
Heatley, Samuel, clerk, 20 Southport Street
Heatley, Thomas, machine man, 13 Blenheim Street
Heatly, E., civil servant, 127 Haypark Avenue
Heatrick, W. J., chemist, 601 Oldpark Road and 288 Cliftonville Road; res., 16 Lismoyne Park
Heavy, Miss Annie, 5 Castleview Terrace
Heazley, Dr. H. D., surgeon, 18 Cregagh Road
Heazley, R. M., civil servant, 7 Cherryvalley Gardens
Hebron Gospel Hall, 28a Sydney Street West
Heddles, Capt. T. M., 102 Salisbury Avenue
Hedgecock, F. W., welder, 14 Coombe Hill Park
Hedger, Frederick, fitter, 10 Manor Street
Hedley, David, electrician, 18 Gilnahirk Road
Hedley, David, bus conductor, 42 Torrens Crescent
Hedley, D., 16 Wyndham Street
Hedley, D., 64 Cabin Hill Gardens
Hedley, Harold, mechanic, 189 Joanmount Gardens
Hedley, J., 210 Ravenhill Road
Hedley, Mrs. Florence, 29 Delhi Street
Hedley, Thomas, butcher, 30 Woodvale Road
Hedley, T., butcher, 34 Cregagh Road
Hedley, T., butcher, 273 Springfield Road
Hedley, W., ship carpenter, 12 Bryson Street
Hedley, W. R., 21 Cyprus Gardens
Heenan, John, 21 Dunkeld Gardens
Heenan, John, com. agent, 3 Boyd Street
Heenan, J., 17 Violet Street
Heenan, Miss J., 7 Stranmillis Road
Heeney, David, preparing master, 204 Ballysillan Road
Heenin, J., com. agent, 67a Denmark Street
Heffernan, William, confectioner, 65 Castlereagh Road
Heffernan, William, 3 Newington Avenue
Hefferon, Miss M., boot merchant, 160-162 Newtownards Road
Hefferon, Robert, 110 Stranmillis Road
Hefferon, Samuel, 53 Lansdowne Park
Heffron, Charles, manager, 11 Serpentine Road
Heffron, Mrs. M., 27 Cromwell Road
Heffron, William, insurance agent, 66 Newport Street
Hegan, E., warehouseman, 24 Queen Street
Hegan, Francis, plater, 48 Hatfield Street
Hegan, Joseph, manager, 55 Salisbury Avenue
Hegan, Miss E. M., 226 Roden Street
Hegan, Mrs. L., 26 Evelyn Gardens
Hegan, R., head postman, 137 Ainsworth Avenue
Hegan, Thomas, 8 Harberton Drive
Hegarty, James, R.U.C., 9 Houston Park
Hegarty, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 282-286 Crumlin Road
Hegarty, Joseph, grocer, 2-4 Fox Street
Hegarty, Jos., publican, Mount Ethna, Falls Road
Hegarty, Robert, 10 Silvio Street
Hegarty, William, 449 Crumlin Road
Heggart, E., insurance official, 25 Maryville Park
Heggart, R. R., 35 Osborne Park
Hegney, Mrs. Joyce, 24 Eblana Street
Heighway, H. J., salesman, 23 Ardpatrick Gardens
Heighway, Sydney C., R.U.C., 25 Cicero Gardens
Heintz Electro Vulcanizing Co., 60 Queen Street Upper
Heinz, H. J., & Co. Ltd., food products, 53 Donegall Place
Hembry, H. R., Locksley Buildings, Lisburn Road
Hemmons, Allan, driver, 36 Connsbrook Drive
Hemphill, R. B., guard, 10 Workman Avenue
Hemphill, Samuel, 132 Malone Avenue
Henderson, Anna, 44 Lichfield Avenue
Henderson, Arthur, clerk, 52 Tennent Street
Henderson, A., 12 Ravenhill Road
Henderson, David, chemist, 549 Lisburn Road
Henderson, D., bar man, 35 Dundela Crescent
Henderson, D., chemist, 17 Maryville Park
Henderson, Rev. D., D.D., 59 South Parade
Henderson, D. Allison, F.B.O.A., optician, ?? North Street
Henderson, E., baker, 44 Windsor Avenue Lower
Henderson, Fred., conductor, 23 Joanmount Drive
Henderson, George, inspector, 19 Dover Street
Henderson, George, 5 Westminster Street
Henderson, G. A., insurance official, 12 Lansdowne Pa?
Henderson, Henry, 5 Ebrington Gardens
Henderson, H., Funeral Furnisher and Motor Hirer, 141 Newtownards Road Upper and 181 Newtownards Road
Henderson, H., timber merchant, 51 Salisbury Avenue
Henderson, H. F., science master, 13 Kilhorne Gardens
Henderson, H. S., butcher, 4 Cliftonpark Avenue
Henderson, Jackson, 14 Shore Road
Henderson, James, D.L., 36 Windsor Park
Henderson, James, postmaster, 6a Hope Street
Henderson, James, yarn bleacher, 110 Joanmount Gardens
Henderson, James, joiner, 10 Ravenhill Road
Henderson, James, carter, 7 Esther Street
Henderson, Jas., sub postmaster, 8 Mount Aboo Park
Henderson, Jas., Corporation official, 35 Cherryvalley Gardens
Henderson, John, R.U.C., 18 St. John's Park
Henderson, John, plumber, 119-121 Cupar Street
Henderson, John, 102 Kensington Road
Henderson, John, tram driver, 98 Loopland Park
Henderson, John, 583 Crumlin Road
Henderson, John, Ltd., butter and egg merchants, St. George's Market
Henderson, Josias, manager, 25 Manor Street
Henderson, J., store man, 20a Alfred Street
Henderson, J., 69 Agincourt Avenue
Henderson, J., 13 Chadwick Street
Henderson, J., wholesale merchant, 77 Somerton Road
Henderson, J., conductor, 22 Adelaide Avenue
Henderson, J. A., Hope House, College Park
Henderson, J. & B., Ltd., underclothing manufacturers, 30 (2) Sydney Street West
Henderson, J. J., grocer, 26 Ashgrove Park
Henderson, J. S., buyer, 13 Castleton Gardens
Henderson, J. W., M.A., headmaster of Methodist College; res., 1 College Gardens
Henderson, J. W., clerk, 73 Wallasey Park
Henderson, K. G., insurance agent, 88 Mount Merrion Park
Henderson, Miss, 9 Hopefield Avenue
Henderson, Miss, 74 Marlborough Park Central
Henderson, Miss, 74 Sandhurst Gardens
Henderson, Miss Annie E., 99 Somerton Road
Henderson, Miss A., music teacher, 1 Kincora Avenue
Henderson, Miss E., 86 Stratheden Street
Henderson, Miss Mary, Ardoyne Road
Henderson, Miss Sarah, draper and confectioner, 46 Donegall Pass
Henderson, Miss S., 194 Newtownards Road Upper
Henderson, Mrs., grocer, 75 St. Kilda Street
Henderson, Mrs., 60 Barnett's Road
Henderson, Mrs. F. G., 8 Wolseley Street
Henderson, Mrs. G., 120 Somerton Road
Henderson, Mrs. J., 166 Ballygomartin Road
Henderson, Mrs. Lena, 49 Copperfield Street
Henderson, Mrs. Mary, 555 Lisburn Road
Henderson, Mrs. S., 88 Bryson Street
Henderson, Mrs. S., 3 Houston Park
Henderson, Mrs. V., 154 Utility Street
Henderson, Commander Oscar, C.V.O., C.B.E., D.S.O., R.N., Private Secretary's Lodge, Hillsborough
Henderson, Robert, Under Sheriff of Belfast, 103 High Street
Henderson, Robert, R.U.C., 12 Clanchattan Street
Henderson, Robert, chef, 1 Jocelyn Street
Henderson, Robert, tailor, 45 Belvoir Street
Henderson, Robert, conductor, 29 St. Ive's Gardens
Henderson, Robert, motorman, 39 Ballarat Street
Henderson, Robert, grocer, 43 Egmont Street
Henderson, Robt. G., chartered accountant, 33 Clonlee Drive
Henderson, R., Loopland Road
Henderson, R. G., chartered accountant, 17 Castle Place
Henderson, R. J., preparing master, 23 Ainsworth Avenue
Henderson, S., & Son, agents, 26 Howard Street
Henderson, Thomas, driver, 39 Ava Gardens
Henderson, Thomas, estate agent, 37 Dickson Street
Henderson, Thomas, & Co., rent and estate agents, 53 High Street
Henderson & Thompson, jewellers, 30 Rosemary Street
Henderson, T., carrier, 3 Gainsborough Drive
Henderson, T., M.P., painter, 53 Lisburn Road
Henderson, Victor, Danehurst, Fortwilliam Park
Henderson & Wallace, timber merchants, 11 York Road
Henderson, William C., 21 Hughenden Avenue
Henderson, William C., 27 Hughenden Avenue
Henderson, Wm. G., chief inspector, 16 Sandymount Street
Henderson, Wilson, grocer, 58 Montrose Street
Henderson, W., 62 Shandon Park
Henderson, W., plasterer, 9 Harland Park
Henderson, W., painter, 40 Rutland Street
Henderson, W., clerk, 6 Cliftonville Parade
Henderson, W., baker, 224 Donegall Road
Henderson, W. C., bank official, 21 Hughenden Avenue
Henderson, W. D., & Sons, Ltd., General Fire-Clay Goods, Cement and Slate Merchants, Fire and Life Insurance Agents, 55 and 59 Waring Street
Hendren, David, engineer, 31 Colenso Parade
Hendren, James, 49 Edgcumbe Gardens
Hendren, J., engineer, 59 Kensington Road
Hendren, Samuel, joiner, 7 Aigburth Park
Hendren, W. J., foreman, 16 Formby Park
Hendrick, Samuel, 261 Mountpottinger Road
Hendron Bros. (Belfast), Ltd., machinery and metal agents, 8-16 Eliza Street
Hendron, Felix, machinery merchants, 15 Queensberry Park
Hendron, F. P., 146 Agincourt Avenue
Hendron, H. J., 189 Orby Drive
Hendron, Miss, 101 University Street
Hendron & O'Neill, scrap dealers, 5a King Street
Hendron, P., publican, 100 Ann Street
Hendron, W. J., publican, 31-33 Queen's Square
Hendron, W. J., publican, 364 Ormeau Road
Hendry, J., plumber, 79 Brandon Parade
Hendry, Mrs., 33 Brandon Parade
Henery, Miss E., court hairdresser, 38 (4) Howard Street
Henery, Miss E. J., dress maker, 407a Newtownards Road
Henessy, P., 17 Ailesbury Road
Heney, J. W., M.D., D.P.H., 62 Malone Road
Heney, T., 4 Galwally Park
Hennessey, F., confectioner, 173 North Street
Hennessy, D., 6 Galwally Park
Hennessy, Frank, confectioner, 10 St. James' Street
Hennessy, Frank, 24 Clifton Street
Hennessy, Mrs., 59 Wandsworth Road
Henning, John, & Son, handkerchief, linen and damask manufacturers, 19-21 Alfred Street
Henning, Miss, 98 University Avenue
Henning, Mrs. Marion, 34 Loopland Drive
Henning, Mrs. M., 50 Melrose Street
Henning, T. W., meat purveyor and poulterer, 239 Antrim Road and 35 Hopefield Avenue
Henning, William, hairdresser, 8 My Lady's Road
Henningson, H., 3 Ardmore Park South
Hennon, Mrs. Mary J., 23 Sandhurst Gardens
Henri, photographer, 13 Donegall Square North
Henry, A., joiner, 34 Hartington Street
Henry, A. F., herbalist, 42 Campbell Park Avenue
Henry, A. & M., home bakery, 650-652 Antrim Road
Henry, Charles, 19 Ireton Street
Henry, Chas., & Co., provision merchants, 62 York Street
Henry, Chas. G., J.P., manufacturers' agent, 72 South Parade
Henry, C., 1 Clara Street
Henry, C., provision merchant, 2 St. Agnes Drive
Henry & Co., 5 Botanic Avenue
Henry, David, estate agent, 14 Loopland Drive
Henry, D. J., 60a Hatton Drive
Henry, Eric, tailor, 45 Donegall Place
Henry, E., P.O. official, Avonlea, Stockman's Lane
Henry, E., assistant supt., 34 Stranmillis Park
Henry, E. J., foreman, 234 Limestone Road
Henry Food Stores, 133 Newtownards Road
Henry, Dr. E. or F., 597 Oldpark Road
Henry, George, 801 Crumlin Road
Henry, George A., Glen Lodge, Belmont Road
Henry, G., fitter, 14 Florida Drive
Henry, H. F., agent, 64 (5) Victoria Street Great
Henry, James, operator, 11 Brougham Street
Henry, James, & Sons, builders and contractors, 2 Donegall Square East
Henry, James, fish dealer, 1-3 East Street
Henry, Rev. James, 59 Tyndale Park
Henry, Jean, 44 Rosapenna Street
Henry, John, 19 Pacific Avenue
Henry, John, whip maker, 98 Peter's Hill
Henry, John, agent, 62 South Parade
Henry, John, warehouseman, 18 Spencer Street
Henry, Joseph, 201 Dunluce Avenue
Henry, J., agent, 73 Victoria Street Great
Henry, J., 625 Lisburn Road
Henry, J. A., civil servant, 35 Kilhorne Gardens
Henry, Mary, 20 Milford Street
Henry, Miss, draper, 489 Oldpark Road
Henry, Miss Jean, 44 Silverstream Parade
Henry, Miss Mary, 12 Fitzroy Avenue
Henry, Miss M., 9 Mount Prospect Park
Henry, Miss M., 328 Lisburn Road
Henry, Miss N., 46 Indiana Avenue
Henry, Mrs., 13a Lisburn Road
Henry, Mrs., 15 Cherryvalley Gardens
Henry, Mrs., 52 Sandhurst Gardens
Henry, Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 South Parade
Henry, Mrs. E., 98 Oldpark Road
Henry, Mrs. J., 90 Sydenham Avenue
Henry, Mrs. Mabel, 14 Glenbrook Avenue
Henry, Mrs. Mary, 6 Canterbury Street
Henry, Mrs. M., 34 Waterloo Gardens
Henry, Mrs. M., 31 Orangefield Crescent
Henry, Mrs. M., caterer, 24 Adelaide Park
Henry, Mrs. R., 1 Knockbreda Drive
Henry, Mrs. Sarah, 110 Tennent Street
Henry, Norman C., traveller, 44 Cooldarragh Park
Henry, P. J., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 260 York Street
Henry, Robert, 7 Geneva Gardens
Henry, Robert, 55 Pommern Parade
Henry, Major Robin F., 51 Earlswood Road
Henry, R., 5 Cicero Gardens
Henry, R., 283 Holywood Road
Henry, R. B., J.P., 50 Belmont Road
Henry, R. W., Sharon, Lisburn Road
Henry, Stuart K., & Co. Ltd., Oil Merchants and Mill Furnishers, 6 and 10 Donegall Pass. Stores, Fulton Street; res., 4 Cleaver Park
Henry, S. J., manager, 1 Marina Park
Henry, Thomas, agent, 2 Dunkeld Gardens
Henry, Thomas, director, 6 Innisfayle Road
Henry, T. W., architect, 75 Donegall Square South; res., 6 Malone Hill Park
Henry, William, driller, 30 Balfour Avenue
Henry, William N., insurance official, 5 Orby Parade
Henry, Wm., grocer, 9 Priory Park
Henry, Wm., director, 67 Somerton Road
Henry, W., Sunbeam Dairy, 168 Sandy Row
Henry, W. A., 5 Haypark Avenue
Henry, W. J., draper, 193 Antrim Road
Henry, W. J., chair maker, 16 Dromore Street
Henry, W. J. L., 67 St. John's Park
Henry's (Belfast), Limited, linen merchants, etc., 40 Wellington Place
Henry's Cash Stores, 99 Alliance Avenue
Henry's, hairdressing saloon, 4a (1) Cliftonpark Avenue
Henry's, outfitters, 2-6 Church Street and 50 Donegall Street
Henshaw, G., 82 Skegoneill Avenue
Henwood, Thomas, hairdresser, 21 King Street
Hepburn, Miss M., 1 Rosevale Street
Hepton & Co., clothiers, Ltd., 15 Riddels Arcade
Hepworth & Thompson, mill furnishers and general merchants, 1570173 Roden Street
Herald, A., 104 Beresford Street
Herald, Mrs., 31 Windsor Avenue
Herald, R., 8 Rosetta Park
Herbert, Albert, boot repairer, 11 La Salle Drive
Herbert, A., draper, 18 Cliftonpark Avenue
Herbert, A., 234 Springfield Road
Herbert, Lionel, 81 Osborne Park
Herbert, L., clothier, 10 Bristow Park
Herbert, L., hardware merchant, 22 Cliftonpark Avenue
Herbert, L., & Son, wholesale china merchants, 160 and 165 North Street
Herbert, R., money lender, 173 Agnes Street
Herbison, J., R.U.C., 9 Springfield Parade
Hercules Bar (The), 1 Chapel Lane
Herd, James F., draughtsman, 433 Beersbridge Road
Herd, Miss, 39 Marlborough Park Central
Herdman, Sir Ernest, D.L., J.P., chairman Belfast Harbour Commissioners, managing director Henry Matier & Co. Ltd., May Street
Herdman, James, 55 Burmah Street
Herdman, Miss, 11 University Road
Herdman, Mrs., 48 Windermere Gardens
Herdman, Mrs., 15 Kimberley Street
Herdman, Robt., foreman, 249 Joanmount Gardens
Herdman, William, driver, 42 Posnett Street
Herdman, William, plumber, 31 Connsbrook Avenue
Herivel, J. J., 101 Malone Avenue
Herman, M., financier, 61 Castle Street and 12 High Street; res., 40 Glandore Avenue
Hermin, Arthur, 147 Alliance Avenue
Hermon, Isabella, 50 Lodge Road Old
Heron, A. H., coach builder, 62 Hatfield Street
Heron & Co., seed merchants, 4 Cromac Square
Heron, F., chemist, 28 Haddington Gardens
Heron, Henry, 42 Windsor Drive
Heron, John, warehouseman, 59 Ligoniel Road
Heron, Miss E., 60 Wellesley Avenue
Heron, Miss Mary, 34 Evelyn Gardens
Heron, Miss M. D., 11 Richmond Park
Heron, Mrs. Frances, hardware merchant, 172 Cliftonville Road
Heron, Mrs. M., 21 Knock Road
Heron, R., 6 Sydenham Gardens
Heron, Samuel, clerk, 20 Blenheim Drive
Heron, Stewart B., 81 Lansdowne Road
Heron, T. M., solicitor, 11 Mayfair, Arthur Square; res., 77 Balmoral Avenue
Heron, Walter, joiner, 23 Roseleigh Street
Heron, William, 19 Knock Road
Heron, Dr. W., 5 Hawthornden Drive
Heron, W., merchant, 107 Ligoniel Road
Heron, W., draper and house furnisher, 891-895 Crumlin Road
Herring, Mrs. Lily, 16 Atlantic Avenue
Herriot, Mrs. Anna, 1 Holland Crescent
Herriott, James, clerk, 35 Dundela Avenue
Herriott, John, farmer, Summerhill Farm, Belmont Road
Herriott, T. P., clerk, 373 Newtownards Road Upper
Herriott, T. P., 34 Clonlee Drive
Herrity, Mrs., 25 Garmoyle Street
Herron, Albert, bread server, 214 Roden Street
Herron, Albert, electrician, 6 Silverstream Drive
Herron, Albert V., crane man, 14 Loopland Parade
Herron & Craig, grocers, 77 North Street
Herron, E., baker, 7 Loopland Road
Herron, George, 10 Deramore Gardens
Herron, George, junior, 14 Deramore Gardens
Herron, Hugh, joiner, 108 Bloomfield Avenue
Herron, James, solicitor, 61 Church Lane Upper
Herron, James, R.U.C., 63 Ravenhill Avenue
Herron, John, 15 Agincourt Avenue
Herron, John, 39 Mountcollyer Avenue
Herron, J. W., 39 Osborne Drive
Herron, Miss Susan, 6 Deramore Gardens
Herron, Miss S., 53 Summer Street
Herron, Mrs., 15 Eglantine Gardens
Herron, Mrs., 7 Ulsterville Avenue
Herron, Mrs., 17 St. Ives Gardens
Herron, Mrs. J., 24 Cavehill Road Old
Herron, Mrs. Mary, 2 Delhi Parade
Herron, Mrs. Mary, 7 Glandore Drive
Herron, Mrs. M., 79 Rugby Avenue
Herron, Mrs. M., 41 Meadowbank Place
Herron, Mrs. Sarah, 18 Florida Drive
Herron, M., rivetter, 37 Rosapenna Street
Herron, Robert, fish monger, 145 Oldpark Road
Herron, T., grocer, 293 Newtownards Road
Herron, W., fish monger, 201-203 Lisburn Road
Herson, James, civil servant, 25 Glenside Parade
Hervinson, Miss, 7 Chestnut Gardens
Hesketh, J., flesher, 214 Springfield Road
Heslip, A., electrician, 363 Woodstock Road
Heslip, George, 617 Ormeau Road
Heslip, H., 13 Whitewell Parade
Heslip, James, 16 Salisbury Gardens
Heslip, John, 30 Castleton Gardens
Heslip, John T., engineer, Wolfhill Lodge, Mill Avenue
Heslip, Mrs. H. S., dining rooms, 2 Sandy Row
Heslip, Mrs. J. M., restaurant, 17 Hope Street
Heslip, Mrs. S., 29-31 Lawther Place
Heslip, Samuel, insurance agent, 12 Bathgate Drive
Heslip, Thomas, packer, 79 Joanmount Park
Heslip, Trevor, 24 Bathgate Drive
Hesp, F. B., R.N., 26 Cyprus Park
Hesse, Max., fitter, 7 Magdala Street
Hessin, Mrs. J., 41 Orient Gardens
Hession, John, 12 Deerpark Drive
Hester, Edward, porter, 7 Lawrence Street
Hetherington, A., & Co., agents,1 Lombard Street
Hetherington, D. H., clerk, 39 Wallasey Park
Hetherington, George, builder, 51 Cheviot Avenue
Hetherington, J., bookkeeper, 33 Park Avenue
Hetherington, J., D.-I., 9 St. Jude's Avenue
Hetherington, Stanley, insurance agent, 37 Roe Street
Hetherington, William, upholsterer, 24 Fleet Street
Hetherington, W. J., grocer, 49 Willowfield Street
Hetherington, W. J., 128 Haypark Avenue
Hetterby, J. H., 4 Balmoral Gardens
Heverin, P., R.U.C., 508 Donegall Road
Hewardine, E., 80 Dundela Avenue
Hewardine, E. A., manager, 27 Sunningdale Park
Hewitt, Albert, fitter, 65 Richardson Street
Hewitt, Alice, draper, 233 Newtownards Road
Hewitt, A., fitter, 87 Kimberley Street
Hewitt Bros., drapers and house furnishers, 1-13 Sandy Row
Hewitt, B., 10 Mount Aboo Park
Hewitt, Chas., fitter, 29 Mount Merrion Avenue
Hewitt, Ernest, civil servant, 75 Fitzroy Avenue
Hewitt, George, R.N., 18 Canmore Street
Hewitt, Henry, tailor, 7 Castle Arcade
Hewitt, Hiram, house furnisher, 28 Locksley Park
Hewitt, Hugh, caulker, 61 Bryson Street
Hewitt, H., 3 Ardenlee Drive
Hewitt, H., insurance inspector, 42 Knock Eden Park
Hewitt, H., tailor, 26 (4) Howard Street
Hewitt, H., 62 Osborne Drive
Hewitt, James, 96 Castlereagh Street
Hewitt, James, 49 Cherryvalley Park
Hewitt, James, salesman, 39 Salisbury Street
Hewitt, James N., builder, 6 Rosepark East, Newtownards Road Upper
Hewitt, John, 21 Avonbeg Street
Hewitt, J., builder, 33 Knockbreda Road
Hewitt, J., traveller, 28 Dunkeld Gardens
Hewitt, Miss, 22 Edlingham Street
Hewitt, Miss, 24 Wellington Park
Hewitt, Miss, 51 Larkfield Road
Hewitt, Mrs., 7 Broughton Gardens
Hewitt, Mrs., 111 Donegall Pass
Hewitt, Mrs., 30  Martinez Avenue
Hewitt, Mrs., Atherton, Knock Road
Hewitt, Mrs. A., fruiterer, 137 Oldpark Road
Hewitt, Mrs. E. M., 7 Blackwood Street
Hewitt, Mrs. M. F., 47 Balmoral Avenue
Hewitt, Mrs. R., 9 Castlereagh Place
Hewitt, M., traveller, 9 University Street
Hewitt & Quin, damask hemmers and pillowcase makers, 6 Dublin Road
Hewitt, Robert, conductor, 106 Dunraven Avenue
Hewitt, Robert J., 7 Balmoral Avenue
Hewitt, Robert T., teacher, 1 Shanlieve Park
Hewitt, R., & Son, Builders and Contractors, 50 Sandown Road
Hewitt, Samuel, hairdresser, 1 Langley Street
Hewitt, Samuel, conductor, Lennoxvale, Stockman's Lane
Hewitt, Samuel, builder, 21 Haddington Gardens
Hewitt, Samuel, plater, 23 Parkgate Avenue
Hewitt, Samuel, hairdresser, 265 Tennent Street
Hewitt, Samuel R., 110 Cregagh Road
Hewitt, Sydney, 28 Elaine Street
Hewitt, S. H., coal agent, 30 Rochester Street
Hewitt, S. & J., builders, 150 Castlereagh Road
Hewitt, Thomas, 45 Abetta Parade
Hewitt, Thomas, engineer, 64 Woodvale Avenue
Hewitt, Thomas, grocer, 16 Mabel Street
Hewitt, Thomas, solicitor, 16 Strangford Avenue
Hewitt, Thomas, 13 Florenceville Avenue
Hewitt, Thomas George, drum maker, 124-126 Utility Street
Hewitt, T., solicitor, 9 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Hewitt, Capt. V., 45 Maryville Park
Hewitt, Walter, 37 Westmoreland Street
Hewitt, William, 18 Belgravia Avenue
Hewitt, William, fruit dealer, 26 Ashley Drive
Hewitt, William, guard, 3 Meadowbank Street
Hewitt, William, dealer, 26 Ashley Drive
Hewitt, W., electrician, 6 Sintonville Avenue
Hewitt, W., clerk, 3 Loopland Gardens
Hewitt, W., plater, 240 Castlereagh Road
Hewitt, W. J., 28 Rosetta Avenue
Hewton, J., 315 Ormeau Road
Heyburn, Alex., salesman, 107 Skegoneill Avenue
Heyn, G., & Sons, Ltd., Shipping Agents and Brokers, Managers Ulster Steamship Co. Ltd., Head Line Buildings 10-14 Victoria Street. T.A.: "Heyn, Belfast"
Heyn, Ivan F., Castle Ivan, Circular Road
Heysham & Glasgow Hotel, 28 Garmoyle Street
Hibbert, D., painter, 74 Roden Street
Hibbert, The Misses, 63 Loopland Gardens
Hibernian Club, 67 King Street
Hibernian Fire and General Insurance Co. Ltd., 5 Bedford Street
Hickey, Dr. Eileen M., 31 College Gardens
Hickey, George K., 155 Sandown Road
Hickey, Luke, 60 Hatfield Street
Hickey, Mrs., 38 Regent Street
Hickey, Mrs. G. B., 653 Oldpark Road
Hickland, H. A., 75 Norfolk Parade
Hickland, Miss A., grocer, 95 Cullingtree Road
Hicks, A. C., civil servant, 102 Orby Drive
Hicks, Bullick, & Co. Ltd., Sewing Cotton Manufacturers, Sackville Thread Works, Hastings Street and Sackville Place T.A.: "Hicks, Belfast"
Hicks, E., 15 Glanworth Drive
Hicks, Flight-Lieut., 248 Ravenhill Road
Hicks, Fred., fish monger, 327 Antrim Road
Hicks, J. H., linen business, 28 Agincourt Avenue
Hicks, Mrs., 769 Lisburn Road
Hicks, Mrs., 22 Candahar Street
Hicks, Mrs., 19 Cambourne Park
Hicks, Mrs. G. A., 80 Eglantine Avenue
Hicks, Robert, baker, 4 Bramcote Street
Hicks, W. H., 29 Chadwick Street
Hickson, R. S., civil servant, 21 Ebrington Gardens
Hickson, Wm., store keeper, 12 Coombe Hill Park
Hickstock, Herbert, 64 Victoria Gardens
Higgin, David, 174 Ballygomartin Road
Higgin, David, 29 Isadore Avenue
Higginbotham, H. R., civil servant, 5 Kilhorne Gardens
Higgins, Alex., 2 Oberon Street
Higgins, Charles, Hollymount, Falls Road
Higgins, David, joiner, 15 Summer Street
Higgins, E., traveller, 22 Silverstream Park
Higgins, John, clerk, 6 Oberon Street
Higgins, John, dealer, 27 Madrid Street
Higgins, John, photographer, 15 Innisfayle Road
Higgins, J. A., miller, 9 Jocelyn Street
Higgins Manufacturing Co., 7 Bedford Street
Higgins, Miss, 8 Grampian Avenue
Higgins, Miss A., publican, 7-9 Dock Street
Higgins, Mrs., fruiterer, 66 Seaforde Street
Higgins, Mrs., 11 Norfolk Drive
Higgins, Mrs., 77 Hayfield Street
Higgins, Mrs. M., 216 Ravenhill Avenue
Higgins, Patrick, slater, 23 Norfolk Parade
Higgins, P., slater, 183 Divis Street
Higgins, T. M., plumber, 77 Holywood Road
Higgins, William, fitter, 7 Springfield Parade
Higginson, A., 45-47 Donegall Road
Higginson, Edward, 50 Dromore Street
Higginson, E. C., hairdresser, 31 Silverstream Gardens
Higginson, Francis, 118 Canmore Street
Higginson, Herbert, linen lapper, Edenville, Priory Park
Higginson, H. C., checker, 8 Artana Street
Higginson, James, joiner, 25 Silverstream Park
Higginson, John, & Co., Ltd., cotton piece goods, 35-37 Bedford Street
Higginson, J., 87 Station Road
Higginson, J. H., builder, 236 Holywood Road
Higginson, Miss S. S., 238 Ravenhill Avenue
Higginson, Mrs. G., 769 Crumlin Road
Higginson, Mrs. James, 192 Crumlin Road
Higginson, Mrs. Jane, 28a Duncairn Gardens
Higginson, M. C., manager, 80 South Parade
Higginson, Robert John, 41 Donegall Road
Higginson, Roy, school of dancing, 153 University Street
Higginson, Samuel, library official, 163 Cliftonpark Avenue
Higginson, Samuel J., grocer, 71 Fortingale Street
Higginson, T., traveller, 35 Cedar Avenue
Higginson, T. S., agent, 20 Waring Street
Higginson, T. S., manufacturers' agent, 412 Beersbridge Road
Higginson, William, 24 Cadogan Park
Higgiston, Denis, joiner, 4 Hill View, Shore Road
Higham, Percy, clerk, 302 Albert Bridge Road
Higham, William, driver, 35 Devon Parade
Hilary, G., grocer, 4-6 Ligoniel Road and 905 Crumlin Road
Hildebrand, Mrs. Mary, 33 Belmont Church Road
Hildersley, H. J., sheet metal worker, 162d Antrim Road; res., 94 Cliftonville Road
Hildidge, Alex., teacher, 31 Glenburn Park
Hilditch, John, shipwright, 4 Ashdene Drive
Hilditch, Miss Florrie, 140 Broadway
Hilditch, R., saddler, 83-85 Millfield
Hilditch, Wm., cloth passer, 56 Meadowbank Place
Hiles, Agnes, shoe merchant, 99 Castlereagh Street
Hiles, Mrs. Agnes, confectioner, 8 Castlereagh Road
Hiles, Mrs. Agnes, 69 Woodcot Avenue
Hill, Albert, 55 Deacon Street
Hill, A., clerk, 45 Brookvale Street
Hill, A., 49 Skegoneill Avenue
Hill, A., fitter, 9 Lawther Place
Hill, A. A., surgeon, 1 Connsbrook Avenue
Hill, A. E., 7 Hawthornden Drive
Hill, A. N., 21 Edgecumbe Gardens
Hill, A. Phillips, F.R.S.A., electrotherapeutics, 13 (14) Ann Street; res., 17 Earlswood Road
Hill, Charles, traveller, 28 Ardmore Park
Hill, Charles D., 391 Cregagh Road
Hill, Chas. V., Ltd., Registered Electrical Engineers and Contractors (Incorporating Stanley Johnston, Ltd.), 5-7 Queen Street Res., 6 Hampton Park
Hill & Craig, frock manufacturers, 126-128 Donegall Pass
Hill & Co., Ltd., chemists and druggists, 113 York Street
Hill, C. I., bookkeeper, 2b Barnett's Road
Hill, C. L., traveller, 5 Malone Hill Park
Hill, Daniel, fitter, 8 Queensland Street
Hill, David, salesman, 116 Ashley Avenue
Hill, David, insurance agent, 643 Lisburn Road
Hill, Edward, engineer, 1 Glenbrook Avenue
Hill, Edward, plumber, 81 Wallasey Park
Hill, E., 11 Sunningdale Park North
Hill, E., baker, 7 St. James's Road
Hill, E. D. H. D., 60 Myrtlefield Park
Hill, Frank, 60 Agnes Street
Hill, Fredk., clerk, 68 Knock Eden Park
Hill, Fredk. W., Corporation official, 652 Springfield Road
Hill, F., baker, 41-43 Holywood Road
Hill, George, joiner, 3 Florida Drive
Hill, George, builder, 217 Ballygomartin Road
Hill, George, journalist, 97 Priory Park
Hill, George, driller, 15 Brandon Parade
Hill, G., inspector, 136 Deramore Avenue
Hill, Rev. G. W. L., 33 Houston Park
Hill, Hamilton, 107 North Road
Hill, Hugh, & Co., collar and cuff manufacturers, 1a Parkend Street
Hill, H., clerk, 992 Crumlin Road
Hill, H., clerk, 72 Orangefield Crescent
Hill, H., manufacturer, 14 Rosepark East, Newtownards Road Upper
Hill, H. D., hairdresser, 521 Crumlin Road
Hill, H. S., 9 Knockbreda Park
Hill, H. T., soldier, 28 South Parade
Hill, James, Ilkley, Lisburn Road
Hill, James, 21 Belgravia Avenue
Hill, James, 55 Victoria Avenue
Hill, James, engineer, 10 Rosevale Street
Hill, John, 44 Fitzwilliam Street
Hill, John, secretary, Ardbrook, Cherryvalley
Hill, John, 183 North Road
Hill, John, 132a Divis Street
Hill, John, chef, 62 Sandown Road
Hill, J., engineer, 15 Arlington Street
Hill, J., Rosely, Finaghy Road South
Hill, J., butcher, 3 Willowholme Crescent
Hill, J., supper saloon, 354 Newtownards Road Upper
Hill, J. I., & Sons, insurance brokers, 3 College Square East
Hill, J. L., fitter, 36 Eblana Street
Hill, Margaret, newsagent, 1 Woodvale Road
Hill, Martin, driver, 3 Shaw's Road
Hill, Miss, 25 Cranmore Gardens
Hill, Miss Annie, 44 Burmah Street
Hill, Miss Annie, 4 Greenville Road
Hill, Miss E., 93 Malone Avenue
Hill, Miss M. J. K., 620 Newtownards Road Upper
Hill, Miss N., 112 Haypark Avenue
Hill, Miss Sarah, 333 Beersbridge Road
Hill, The Misses, 153 Newtownards Road Upper
Hill, Mrs., 71 Hatfield Street
Hill, Mrs., 43 University Street
Hill, Mrs., 209 Tennent Street
Hill, Mrs., 89 King's Road
Hill, Mrs., publican, 372, 432-434 Newtownards Road
Hill, Mrs., ladies' outfitter, 417-419 Newtownards Road Upper
Hill, Mrs., 19 Colenso Parade
Hill, Mrs., 14 Knockburn Park
Hill, Mrs. Anna, 13 Ardenlee Drive
Hill, Mrs. A., 6 Sagimor Gardens
Hill, Mrs. A. M., 47 Eglantine Avenue
Hill, Mrs. Catherine, 146 Falls Road
Hill, Mrs. C. A., 19 Glanleam Drive
Hill, Mrs. Elizabeth, 274 Hillman Street
Hill, Mrs. E., 122 Malone Avenue
Hill, Mrs. E., grocer, 99 Agincourt Avenue
Hill, Mrs. E., 26 Oberon Street
Hill, Mrs. E., 791 Lisburn Road
Hill, Mrs. E. K., 88 Salisbury Avenue
Hill, Mrs. J., 3 Dunowen Gardens
Hill, Mrs. Kathleen, St. Catherine's, Stockman's Lane
Hill, Mrs. S., 50 Glencairn Street
Hill, M., joiner, 262 Ravenhill Avenue
Hill, M., newsagent, 1 Skipper Street
Hill, Norman, insurance agent, 49 Sicily Park
Hill, N., engineer, 18 Isadore Avenue
Hill, Robert, 5 Mount Merrion Avenue
Hill, Robert, cutter, 21 Elaine Street
Hill, Robert, tobacco worker, 14 Alliance Crescent
Hill, Robert, 3 Mount Merrion Avenue
Hill, Robert H. B., 5 Knutsford Drive
Hill, Rowland, M.D., B.Ch., M.R.C.P. (Lond.), F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 17 Malone Road
Hill, R., hairdresser, 156 Shankill Road
Hill, R. J., R.U.C., 23 Loopland Crescent
Hill, R. J., R.U.C., 11 Dunkeld Gardens
Hill, R. J., assistant harbour master, 49 Martinez Avenue
Hill, R. & J., fleshers, 146 Ormeau Road
Hill, Lieut.-Col. R. M., R.G.A., Silverstream House, Greenisland
Hill, R. S., 22 Sydenham Avenue
Hill, Samuel, electrician, 18 Northwood Drive
Hill, Samuel, chemist, 76 Cliftonville Road
Hill, Samuel Ash, clerk, 83 Woodvale Road
Hill, Stanley J., civil servant, Stanleyville, Knockbreda Road
Hill, S., com. traveller, 10 Richmond Park
Hill, Thomas, piano tuner, 360 Donegall Road
Hill, Thomas, fitter, 53 Wheatfield Crescent
Hill, Thomas, grocer, 8 Marsden Gardens
Hill, Thomas, civil servant, 20 Upton Avenue
Hill, Thomas, blacksmith, 131 Park Avenue
Hill, Thomas Jas., clerk, 15 Deerpark Drive
Hill, Thomas J., clerk, 2 Roseleigh Street
Hill, Dr. T. E., M.B., 466 Ravenhill Road
Hill, Vellacott & Bailey, chart. accountants, 6 Murray Street
Hill, William, 7 Cranmore Park
Hill, William, 113 Queen Street
Hill, Wm., Owen O'Cork House, Beersbridge Road
Hill, Wm., linen business, 9 Myrtlefield Park
Hill, Wm., & Co. Ltd., hemstitchers, 25 Franklin Street
Hill, Wm. G., warehouseman, 2 Ardmore Park South
Hill, Wm. J., gardener, 182 Parkgate Avenue
Hill, W. A., joiner, Kennies, Ballyhanwood Road
Hill, W. A., civil engineer, 12 Innisfayle Park
Hill, W. J., 28 Canmore Street
Hill, W. J., clerk, 157 Ballygomartin Road
Hill, W. K., manager, 46 Victoria Street
Hill, W. K., manager, 61 Marlborough Park
Hill, W. M., 29 Castle Hill Road
Hillan, A. L., assistant supt., 5 Norfolk Parade
Hilland, B. J., scrap iron merchant, 23 North Parade
Hilland, James, driver, 13 Essex Street
Hilland, John, & Co., wholesale tea and sugar merchants, Prince's Court
Hilland, J., tea merchant, 15 Cranmore Park
Hilland, Miss Rose, 171 Falls Road
Hilland & Stewart, Ltd., wholesale tea merchants, 5 Marcus Ward Street
Hilland, W., 38 Bawnmore Road
Hillary, George, grocer, 6 Abbeydale Park
Hillcoat, Colin, 11 Glencoe Park
Hillen, Bernard, publican, 273 Newtownards Road; res., 67 Belmont Road
Hillen, James J., 56 Glen Road
Hillen, Miss Margaret, 17 Stranmillis Gardens
Hillian, Mary Greer, 107 Wallasey Park
Hillis, Alex., house repairer, 18 Hornby Street
Hillis, Edward C., 227 Belmont Road
Hillis, E., agent, 20 Waring Street
Hillis, H., 15 Rosetta Parade
Hillis, James, stoker, 30 Ardenlee Gardens
Hillis, John, 11 Tudor Place
Hillis, John, & Sons, Ltd., hemstitchers and finishers, 5 Rydalmere Street
Hillis, J., 118 Malone Avenue
Hillis, J. B., civil servant, Knockbreda Road
Hillis, J. G., handkerchief manufacturer, Beech Lodge, Malone Park Central
Hillis, Robert, 3 Colenso Parade
Hillis, Robert, cycle agent, 112-114 Beersbridge Road
Hillis, Sarah, 81 Percy Street
Hillis, Wm., fish monger, 162 Crumlin Road and 56 Oldpark Road
Hillis, William, tailor, 40 Madrid Street
Hillis, W., fish monger, 223 Woodstock Road
Hillis, W. J., jun., 78 Oakland Avenue
Hillman P.E. School, 115 Meadow Street Upper
Hillock, Edward, sergt. R.U.C., 529 Lisburn Road
Hillock, Miss, 88 Malone Road
Hillock, Mrs. M., 9 Whitewell Crescent
Hillock, Robert, music dealer, 9 Ainsworth Avenue
Hillock, R., music store, 16 Grosvenor Road
Hillock, S. J., manager, 151 Belmont Church Road
Hills, Mrs., 665 Lisburn Road
Hills, Thomas, carpenter, 6 Renwick Street
Hillsborough Linen Co. Ltd., 11-13 Bedford Street; works at Hillsborough, Co. Down
Hillview Recreation Club, Leginn Street
Hilry's Tea Rooms, 21 Linen Hall Street
Hilson or Hilton, Miss, 24 Sicily Park
Hinchy, H. V., 40 Lisburn Road
Hind, Bishop, Nantai, Malone Road Upper
Hind, James A., 150 Sandown Road
Hind, J., & Sons, Ltd., engineers, 75 George's Street Great
Hind, Peter, 25 Summer Hill Park
Hinde, William, Ltd., coal merchants and ship owners, 6 and 23 Queen's Quay and Sydenham Road
Hindes, G., draper, 99 Beersbridge Road
Hindley, E. F., 5 Upton Avenue
Hindman, William, 4 Atlantic Avenue
Hinds, Charles, agent, 40 Arthur Street Upper
Hinds, Charles J., builder, 413 Cregagh Road
Hinds, James, 59 Harkness Parade
Hinds, James, 8 Ormiston Gardens
Hinds, John, com. agent, 6 Telfair Street
Hinds, J., 193 Agnes Street
Hinds, J., 102 Malone Avenue
Hinds, Miss, 23 Clifton Drive
Hinds, Mrs. E. M. W., 15 Wellington Park Avenue
Hinds, Mrs. Minnie, 20 The Mount
Hinds, P. H., 12 Onslow Gardens
Hinds, R. W., builder, Fernock House, Knockbreda Road
Hinds, R. W., 26 Fitzwilliam Street
Hinds, Samuel J., bread server, 259 Woodstock Road
Hinds, W., traveller, 101 Joanmount Gardens
Hindson, Philip, inspector, 39 Barnett's Road
Hine, A. J., insurance official, 60 Ormonde Park
Hines, Harold E., 3 Kenbella Parade
Hines, J. W., civil servant, 12 Auburn Street
Hingston, Mrs., 29 Kincora Avenue
Hingston, Wm. G., 6 Hawthornden Road
Hinton, Edwd., manager, 57 Ravenhill Parade
Hinton, W., 22 Torrens Gardens
Hinton, W. J., confectioner, 59 Blythe Street
Hipkins, E., 9 Meadowbank Street
Hipkins, Mrs. E., 25 Meadowbank Street
Hipson, Charles, prison officer, 19 Joanmount Park
Hirst, John B., 70 Osborne Park
Hirst, Mrs. R., 119 Haypark Avenue
Hiscocks, Agnes T., 43 Knockbreda Park
Hiscocks, William I., inspector, 30 Houston Drive
Hislop, Miss A. H., 52 Windermere Gardens
Hislop, Noel, clerk, 33 Onslow Parade
Hislop, Samuel, embosser, 39 Clarendon Avenue
Historical Society, Fisherwick Place
Hitt, Archie, postal official, 334 Cregagh Road
H.M. Customs Station, Dufferin Dock
H.M. Office of Works, Custom House, Custom House Square
H.M. Stationery Office, Custom House, Custom House Square
H.M. Stationery Office (sales), 78-80 Chichester Street
H.M.S. Caroline - O.C., Capt. The Earl of Kilmorey, D.L., R.N.V.R.; officer instructor, Lieut.-Com. H. C. Maclean, R.N., Hamilton Road; recreation ground, Cuming Road
Hoban, M., 27 Claremont Street
Hobart, George, architect, (Hobart & Heron), 120-121 Scottish Provident Buildings
Hobart, H., assistant manager, 6 Slievedarragh Park
Hobart Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (London), 11 College Street
Hobb, John, 189 Cliftonville Road
Hobbs, Charles, joiner, 50 Loopland Crescent
Hobbs, H. J., engineer, 40 Fitzroy Avenue
Hobkirk, Charles, engineer, 24 Stranmillis Street
Hobson, A., grocer, 382 Ravenhill Road
Hobson, C. O., agent, 41 Fountain Street
Hobson, David, carter, 16 Pakenham Street
Hobson, H. T., & Sons, manufacturers' agents, 15 College Street
Hobson, Joseph, clerk, 52 Diamond Gardens
Hobson, J., 25 Belmont Church Road
Hobson, J. H., salesman, 29 Collingwood Avenue
Hobson, Miss Pearl, 33 Rathdrum Street
Hobson, Morris & Co., window dressing contractors, 160 North Street
Hobson, Mrs., 104 Cromwell Road
Hobson, Mrs., 41 Wellesley Avenue
Hobson, Mrs. H., 362 Ormeau Road
Hobson, Thomas, moulder, 48 Denorrton Park
Hobson, W. J., fitter, 80 Kimberley Street
Hoctor, James, 20 Newington Avenue
Hodes, D., picture framer, 10 Perth Street
Hodes, Julius, 84 Falls Road
Hodes, Mrs., butcher, 182 Lodge Road Old
Hodes, Samuel, tailor, 138 North Street
Hodes, Samuel, tailor, 28 Allworthy Avenue
Hodge, A., engineer, 44 Bloomfield Road
Hodge, Edward, 26 Ormeau Road
Hodge, Edward, Aldersyde, Finaghy Road South
Hodge, George W., 17 King's Crescent
Hodge, Hugh, sculptor, 62 Bloomfield Road
Hodge, James J., mechanic, 40 Shore Road
Hodge, Jas., engine driver, 38 Grangeville Gardens
Hodge, Miss Kate, 41 The Mount
Hodgen, Albert, tailor, 277 Springfield Road
Hodgen, James, designer, 10 Albertville Drive
Hodgen, R., 457 Ormeau Road
Hodgen, S., R.U.C., 30 Pretoria Street
Hodgen, Thomas, welder, 12 Brandon Parade
Hodgens, George, painter, Dernavogie, Finaghy Road South
Hodgens, Robert, Rathgael, Finaghy Road South
Hodgett, A. E., stationer, 11-13 Cregagh Road
Hodgett, R., 23 Woodcot Avenue
Hodgett, T. G., R.U.C., 10 Springdale Gardens
Hodgins, James, plater, 37 Twaddell Avenue
Hodginson, Mrs. M. P., 49 Ulsterville Avenue
Hodgkins, W. S., 95 Larkfield Road
Hodgkinson, Miss J., 54 St. Meryl Park
Hodgkinson, Mrs. Mary, 217 Springfield Road
Hodgkinson, William A., 228 Springfield Road
Hodgson, Edmund, confectioner, 172 Grosvenor Road
Hodgson, John, electrician, 9 Rosewood Street
Hodgson, J., draper, 48 Falls Road
Hodgson, Miss, 25 University Street
Hodgson, Mrs. I., 59 Wellington Park
Hodkinson, Jas., carpenter, 31 Kilronan Street
Hodkinson, Mrs. E., 13 Glandore Drive
Hoey, Albert, R.U.C., 267 Alexandra Park Avenue
Hoey & Cargill, fancy box manufacturers, 38 Dublin Road
Hoey, C. D., civil servant, 103 Shandon Park
Hoey, Daniel, 45 Fernwood Street
Hoey, David, 104 Dunluce Avenue
Hoey, F., 136 Falls Road
Hoey, James, grocer, 54 Ambleside Street
Hoey, James, 23 Park Parade
Hoey, James, 13 St. James's Parade
Hoey, John, 70 Sunningdale Park
Hoey, Louis, civil servant, 115 University Avenue
Hoey, Miss Mary, grocer, 44 Leoville Street
Hoey, Mrs. Maud, 37 Kingsmere Avenue
Hoey, Patrick, driver, 4 Whiterock Gardens
Hoey, Reuben, hatter, 28 King Street
Hoey, Thomas, book finisher, 10 Thorndale Avenue
Hoey, Thomas, 96 Edinburgh Street
Hoey, William, R.U.C., 36 Cyprus Park
Hoey, William, 43 Dee Street
Hoey, William, clerk, 22 Cicero Gardens
Hoey, Wm. John, R.U.C., 253 Lisburn Road
Hoey, W. J., 43 Moyola Street
Hoey, W. M., clerk, 38 Ulsterville Gardens
Hoffmann, F., hairdresser, 40 Cavehill Road Old
Hoffman's, hairdressers, 55 High Street
Hogan, Mrs., 35 Claremont Street
Hogan, Mrs. Emily, 2 Stormont View, Castlereagh Road
Hogan, Mrs. S., 30 Grace Avenue
Hogan, M., draper, 134 Shankill Road
Hogan, W. J., manager, 101 Shandon Park
Hogarty, Mrs. M., 19 Dee Street
Hogarth, P. C., 30 Rosetta Avenue
Hogarth, R. C., 11 Ormiston Park
Hogg, Alex., bread server, 91 Oldpark Road
Hogg, A., electrician, 52 Ladas Drive
Hogg, A. R., photographer, 67 Victoria Street Great
Hogg Bros., builders and contractors, 34-36 Glenside Parade
Hogg, David, tailor, 28 Glanworth Drive
Hogg, David, 75 Canning Street
Hogg, D. & W., tailors, 309 York Street
Hogg, Edward, 50 Ballysillan Road
Hogg, F., book finisher, 12 Sandhurst Drive
Hogg, F. J., builder, 48 Ballysillan Road
Hogg, George, R.U.C., 11 Cliftonville Street
Hogg, G., home bakery, 40 Apsley Street
Hogg, Hamilton, builder, 46 Ballysillan Road
Hogg, Henry, caulker, 236 Cregagh Road
Hogg, Henry, plater, 22 Orby Gardens
Hogg, James, & Son, Ltd., builders and contractors, Baroda Street
Hogg, John, shop assistant, 1 Station Road
Hogg, John, fruiterer, 35 Deerpark Road
Hogg, John, P.O. engineer, 19 Ballysillan Road
Hogg, John, hairdresser, 9 Albert Bridge Road
Hogg, John, fruit merchant, 2 Westland Road
Hogg, John, & Co., Ltd., flax merchant, 6 Clarence Street
Hogg, J., 10 Tyndale Park
Hogg, J., 1 Hillcrest Gardens
Hogg, J. C., Woodlawn, Circular Road South End
Hogg, J. N., 39 Cranmore Park
Hogg, K. J., 46 Cromwell Road
Hogg & McKeay, quantity surveyors, 85 Donegall Square West
Hogg, Miss, 119 University Avenue
Hogg, Miss, 38 Pretoria Street
Hogg, Miss, 3 Harberton Avenue
Hogg, Miss, 366 Ormeau Road
Hogg, Miss, 15 Park Road
Hogg, Miss Elizabeth, 142 Sandown Road
Hogg, Misses (The), 3 Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
Hogg, Mrs. E., 40 University Avenue
Hogg, Mrs. E. J., 9 Ormonde Park
Hogg, Mrs. E. T., 48 Cedar Avenue
Hogg, Mrs. L., 50 University Avenue
Hogg, Mrs. Mary, 85 Denmark Street
Hogg, Mrs. T. S., 135 Ormeau Road
Hogg, Robt., & Co., Ltd., glass and china specialists, 10 Donegall Square West
Hogg, Samuel, 37 Cambrai Street
Hogg, Samuel, jun., L.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist, 110-112 Shankill Road
Hogg, Saml., & Co., Ltd., grocer, 6-8 Shankill Road
Hogg, S., L.P.S.I., 262 Shankill Road
Hogg, Dr. T. W. G., 15 Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
Hogg, William, 69 Reid Street
Hogg, William, spinning master, 359 Crumlin Road
Hogg, William, draper, 2 Ashdene Drive
Hogg, W. J., 1 Finaghy Park North
Hogg, W. J., R.U.C., 59 Cardigan Drive
Hohner, W. J., hardware merchant, 5 Union Street
Holbrook, H., 15 Lincoln Avenue
Holdcroft, Mrs., confectioner, 5 Henry Place
Holden, George, traveller, 40 Woodvale Gardens
Holden, Henry, fitter, 42 Deacon Street
Holden, Miss L., Ardkeen, Barnett's Road
Holden, The Misses, 136 Skegoneill Avenue
Holden, Mrs. S., 5 Mountview Street
Holden, R. J., rivetter, 48 Bramcote Street
Holden, R. S., R.U.C., 260 Grosvenor Road
Holden, Samuel, 20 Grasmere Gardens
Holden, Thomas, aircraft worker, 11 Haywood Avenue
Holden, William, holder-up, 3 Clara Crescent Lower
Holden, W. J., newsagent, 1a Albert Street
Holding, Herbert, linen merchant, Sycamore House, Shore Road
Holding, H. J., 4 Parkmount Gardens
Holding's Linen Store, 2 College Street
Holdsworth, William F., 11 Alliance Avenue
Holiness Movement Church, 30 Oldpark Road
Holland, Albert, 25 Alliance Avenue
Holland, A., R.U.C., 6 Knockbreda Gardens
Holland, Rev. A., 11 Chlorine Gardens
Holland, A. G., secretary, 248 Holywood Road
Holland, D., joiner, Glen Cottage, Holywood Road Old
Holland, Frank, 52 Fitzroy Avenue
Holland, F. J., linen business, 6 Osborne Gardens
Holland, F. S., 10 Cooldarragh Park North
Holland, James, flesher, 12 Alliance Avenue
Holland, John, moulder, 406 Castlereagh Road
Holland, John, 114 North Road
Holland, John, glazier, 135 Deerpark Road
Holland, John, Glazier, 27 Dargle Street
Holland, John, secretary, 20 Norfolk Drive
Holland, Joseph, 84 Ravenhill Road
Holland, J., masseur, (20) Mayfair, Arthur Square
Holland, J., butcher, 239 and 264 Shankill Road
Holland, J. C., 7 Harberton Avenue
Holland, J. C., & Co., motor and cycle factors, 5 Linen Hall Street West
Holland, J. C., & Co. Ltd., Cycle and Motor Factors, 50 Bedford Street. T.A.: "Holanster, Belfast"
Holland, J. C. (Radio), Ltd., Wholesale Radio Factors, 3 Linen Hall Street West
Holland, J. J., 9 Orpen Road (Finaghy)
Holland, L., manager, 53 Bawnmore Road
Holland, Miss Esther, 150 Deerpark Road
Holland, Miss H., 8 Cyprus Avenue
Holland, Miss Margaret, 555 Oldpark Road
Holland, Miss M., 30 Cadogan Park
Holland, Misses, 27 Rosewood Street
Holland, Mrs. Mary, 125 Fitzroy Avenue
Holland, Mrs. Mary, 11 St. James's Road
Holland, P., hairdresser, 2 Depot Terrace, Shore Road
Holland, Robert, 34 Onslow Gardens
Holland, R., salesman, 29 Ladas Drive
Holland, R., butcher, 28 Ambleside Street
Holland, R., assistant supt., 114 North Road
Holland, S. J., draper, 184 Newtownards Road
Holland, Thos., teacher, 18 Haddington Gardens
Holland, Thos., sample maker, 35 Stranmillis Park
Holland, William, driller, 42 Ohio Street
Holland, W., blacksmith, 1 Bradford Square
Holland, W. H., moulder, 2 Victoria Road
Holland, W. J., 617 Lisburn Road
Holland's, butchers, 285a Crumlin Road
Holles, M., 48 Ravensdene Crescent
Holley, Miss M., 28 Moyola Street
Holliday, Dr. J., 18 Kirkliston Street
Hollinbery, J. H., 2 Ascot Park
Hollingshead, F., boiler maker, 74 Bloomfield Road
Hollins Mills Co. Ltd., cotton spinners and manufacturers. 2 (12-14) Linen Hall Street
Hollis, Herbert, fitter, 137 Alexandra Park Avenue
Holloway, F. W. H., 2 (43a-44) Linen Hall Street
Hollowell, Mrs., 38 Thorndale Avenue
Hollran, W., hairdresser, 91a Donegall Street
Hollywood Beauty Parlour, 12 High Street
Hollywood & Donnelly, Ltd., distillers and wine merchants, 27-33 Talbot Street. T.A.: "Wines, Belfast" Managing Director, John Gilligan
Hollywood, James, & Son, F.A.I., House and Estate Agents and Valuers, 130 Albert Bridge Road
Hollywood, W., baker, 41 Barnett's Road
Hollywood, W. J., 28 Cardigan Drive
Hollywood, W. J., jun., home bakery, 47 Dunkeld Gardens and 143 Newtownards Road
Hollywood, W. J., 296 Lodge Road Old
Holme Furnishing Co. (The), 11 Lisburn Road
Holmes, Adam, 396 Woodstock Road
Holmes, Alexander, 32 Greenville Street
Holmes, A., chemist, M.P.S., 90 Albert Bridge Road
Holmes, A., clerk, 10 Vernon Street
Holmes, A., shirt manufacturer, 1 Bankmore Street
Holmes, A., fruiterer, 132 Woodstock Road
Holmes, A. P. B., civil servant, 1 Belmont Drive
Holmes, Charles, cattle shipper, 59 Hamilton Street
Holmes & Collins, paper merchants, 20a Waring Street
Holmes, David, coal vendor, 161 Lodge Road New
Holmes, Eric M., 3 Camden Street
Holmes, Eric M., 338 (2) Antrim Road
Holmes, E., music teacher, 226 Woodstock Road
Holmes, George, 156 Orby Drive
Holmes, George, 143 Agincourt Avenue
Holmes, George, mechanic, 10 Willesden Park
Holmes, George, fitter, 56 Grace Avenue
Holmes, G., sailor, 283 Cavehill Road
Holmes, G., 10 Clanroy Parade
Holmes, Henry, 115 Shandon Park
Holmes, Herbert, machinist, 13 Manor Street
Holmes, H., clerk, 175 Ulsterville Avenue
Holmes, H. S. J., harbour constable, 19 Brougham Street
Holmes, James, accountant, 57 Botanic Avenue
Holmes, James, joiner, 14 Willowbank Gardens
Holmes, Joseph, fitter, 63 Mount Merrion Park
Holmes, Joseph A., joiner, 29 Gainsborough Drive
Holmes, Joshua, 81 Mountcollyer Street
Holmes, J., dealer, 120 Grosvenor Road
Holmes, J., tailor, 16a Rosemary Street
Holmes, J. G., goldsmith, 32 Meadowbank Place
Holmes, Miss, 38 Rosevale Street
Holmes, Miss H., 46 Brougham Street
Holmes, Misses A. & M., Denholme, Diamond Gardens
Holmes, Mrs., 44 Manor Street
Holmes, Mrs., 43 Twickenham Street
Holmes, Mrs. Elizabeth, 108 Dunraven Avenue
Holmes, Mrs. E., 42 Agnes Street
Holmes, Mrs. Mamie, 33 Thorndale Avenue
Holmes, Mrs. Mary P. A., 46 Ashley Avenue
Holmes, Mrs. M., 14 Easton Crescent
Holmes, Mrs. M., 1 Somerton Gardens
Holmes, Mrs. N., draper, 378 Newtownards Road
Holmes, Mrs. P., 144 Antrim Road
Holmes, Mullin & Dunn, Ltd. (accommodation address - Inniskeel, Glynh Road, Larne)
Holmes, Robert, R.U.C., 75 Torrens Crescent
Holmes, Robt., The Bungalow, Malone Road Upper
Holmes, Robt., 2 Dub Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Holmes, R., 78 Deramore Avenue
Holmes, R. T., clerk, 29 Campbell Park Avenue
Holmes, Samuel, coach builder, 13 Hesketh Road
Holmes, Sydney George, 113 Grand Parade
Holmes, S., 8 Bryson Street
Holmes, Terry, & Co., manufacturers' agent, 18 Donegall Street
Holmes, Terry, manufacturers' agent, 41 (10) Donegall Place
Holmes, Thomas, 17 Cliftonville Drive
Holmes, T. S., surgeon, 57 Malone Road
Holmes, William, 9 Cliftonville Drive
Holmes, William, tailor, 183 Deerpark Road
Holmes, William, 36 Hesketh Park
Holmes, William N., welder, 44 Loopland Road
Holmes, Wm. G., 37 Orpen Road
Holmes, W., 211 Ballygomartin Road
Holmes, W., 120 Ballygomartin Road
Holmes, W., 10 Lisburn Road
Holmes, W., tailor, 29 Donegall Street
Holmes, W. J., Barrister-at-Law, 5 Broomhill Park
Holness, Alf., restaurant, 267 Albert Bridge Road
Holness, A., confectioner, 19 Sydenham Avenue
Holness, John, supper saloon, 90 Tennent Street
Holness, J. H., 3 Formby Park
Holness, J. J., secretary, 22 Lomond Avenue
Holness, Mrs., 48 Lomond Avenue
Holohan, John, 24 Newington Avenue
Holsun Batteries, Ltd., 20 Adelaide Street
Holt, A. F., engineer surveyor, 67 Dunlambert Park
Holt, G. C., chartered accountant, 14 Thirlmere Gardens
Holt, Terence, clerk, 90 Cliftonpark Avenue
Holterman, John, clerk, 37 Orangefield Crescent
Holterman, R., cabinet maker, 96 Larkfield Road
Holy Cross Convent, Glen Road
Holy Cross F.N.S., Chief Street
Holy Cross Infant N.S., Chief Street
Holy Cross Male N.S., 434-436 Crumlin Road
Holy Cross Male P.E. School, 129 Woodvale Road
Holy Cross Reading Room, 344 Crumlin Road
Holy Cross R.C. Church, 430-432 Crumlin Road
Holy Family R.C. Church, 4-14 Newington Avenue
Holy Family Schools, Newington Avenue
Holy Rosary R.C. Church and Presbytery, 348 and 350 Ormeau Road
Holyrood, School, 46-48 Lansdowne Road
Holywood Arches Dispensary, 17 Newtownards Road Upper
Home for the Blind (temporary address - Dunlaskin, Upper Road, Carrickfergus)
Home and Colonial Stores, 177 Victoria Street and branches
Home and Foreign Mission Hall, 21 Derg Street
Home, H. S. J., harbour police, 46 Cliftonville Road
Home of the Good Shepherd, Ormeau Road
Home Mission Office, 55 Howard Street
Hompstead, T. W., overseer, 37 Blenheim Drive
Honan, J., boot maker, 75 Castlereagh Road
Honan, S. C., boot maker, 271 Ormeau Road
Honan, William G., 52 Lichfield Avenue
Honer, T. G., 111 My Lady's Road
Honeyford, Albert, 425 Springfield Road
Honeyford, D., teacher, 44 Orby Drive
Honeyford, W. J., T.U. official, 11 Orby Drive
Honeyman, D. S., & Son, yarn merchants, 1 Clarence Street
Honn, T. G., engine driver, 111 My Lady's Road
Honneyman, Wm., Ph.D., B.Sc., F.I.C., chemist, 17 Cyprus Park
Hood, A., hairdresser, 31a Snugville Street
Hood, C., 56 Ormonde Park
Hood, David, store man, 9 Diamond Street
Hood, G., grocer, 178 Ravenhill Road
Hood, Jack, gent's outfitter, 39 Castlereagh Road
Hood, John McF., baker, 326 Skegoneill Avenue
Hood, J., 10 Clara Avenue
Hood, Miss Margaret, 29 Adelaide Avenue
Hood, Mrs., 27 Cyprus Park
Hood, Mrs. J., 19 Shrewsbury Gardens
Hood, Noble D., grocer, 140 Cregagh Road
Hood, Raymond O., 3 Wandsworth Gardens
Hood, Robert, 486 Antrim Road
Hood, R. G., 26 Grangeville Gardens
Hood, R. J., chemist, 14 Donegall Road
Hood, R. & W., twine merchants, 9 Bruce Street
Hood, Thomas B., 8 Vernon Street
Hood, T. G., 169 Grosvenor Road
Hood, T. J., hairdresser, 37 Woodvale Avenue
Hood, William H., manager, 14 Mount Aboo Park
Hood, Dr. W. H., 21 Botanic Avenue
Hood, W. J., 17 Cameron Street
Hood, W. R., 80 Glencairn Street
Hook, D. C., 17 North Parade
Hook, Henry, chef, 59 Hillsborough Drive
Hook, William, cutter, 7 Delhi Parade
Hooks, James, R.U.C., 54 Onslow Gardens
Hooks, J., grocer, 29-31 Barrow Street
Hooks, T., traveller, 31 Ravensdene Park
Hooper, Stewart, fitter's helper, 26 Pacific Avenue
Hooper, T., insurance agent, 45 Hillsborough Drive
Hooton, Albert, draughtsman, 26 Irwin Drive
Hoover, Ltd., 109-113 Royal Avenue
Hope, Joseph, electrician, 2 Diamond Gardens
Hope. J., 14 Kingsway Avenue
Hope, Robert, 4 Brookland Street
Hopefield Nurses' Home, 15 Crescent Upper
Hopeton Street Gospel Hall, 2 Hopeton Street
Hopkins, C., 26 Gilnahirk Road
Hopkins, Francis, 414 Falls Road
Hopkins, James, 17 Avoca Street
Hopkins, John, Glenburn, Andersonstown
Hopkins, J., supervisor, Filey, Malone Road Upper
Hopkins, Marcus A., 3 Malone Hill Park
Hopkins, Martin, & Sons, Ltd., waste merchants, 83 Durham Street
Hopkins, Thomas, engineer, 190 Crumlin Road
Hopkins, Thomas, grocer, 147 Nelson Street
Hopkins, Thomas, 63 Moyola Street
Hopkins, T. J. S., bank official, 4 Orpen Road
Hopley, George, 24 Strandview Street
Hopley, Mrs. K., 16 Joy Street
Hopper, A., R.U.C., 216 Ravenhill Road
Hopper, George, secretary, Oaklands, Chichester Park
Hopper, M., & Moncrief, drapers, 171 Cromac Street
Hopps, Thomas John, grocer, 69 Roden Street
Hopps, W. G., 2 Charnwood Avenue
Hopwood, Arthur, 180 King's Road
Horan, Benjamin, 40 Shandon Park
Horan, Benjamin, agent, 6 Donegall Place
Hore, Arnold, 8 Belmont Parade
Horgan, J. P., compositor, 45 Wheatfield Crescent
Horn, E. G., inspector, 9 Orby Gardens
Horn, Mrs., 12 Eastleigh Drive
Horne, C. F., 113 Eglantine Avenue
Horne, Mrs., 110a Donegall Street
Horner, Agnes, confectioner, 52 Lawnbrooke Avenue
Horner, George, linen business, 82 Earlswood Road
Horner, J. L., 24 Kingsway Avenue
Horner, Mrs. D., 17 Station Street
Horner, Robert S., 5 Knock Hill Park
Horner, Samuel, 240 Cregagh Road
Horner, Thos., dairyman, Hillhead, Andersonstown
Horner, William J., fitter, 248 Ballysillan Road
Horner, W., 5 Skegoneill Drive
Horrobin, R. H., journalist, Orrington, Station Road
Horscroft, Geo., supt. of parks, Stockman's Lane
Horsley, J. H., 15 Mountcharles
Horsford, Sergt., R.U.C., 52 Park Avenue
Horsman, F. W., 14 Woodvale Parade
Horton, C., civil servant, 51 Cedar Avenue
Horton, Harry, grocer, 134 Manor Street
Hosey, Ellen, 28 Fleet Street
Hosford, A. P., driver, 40 Sunnyside Drive
Hosford, Frank, 123 Shore Road
Hosford, William, agent, 19 Marina Park
Hosie, David, 239 Belmont Road
Hosie, John, clerk, 6 Northwood Crescent
Hoskins, A. P., 14 Rosetta Park
Hossack, Daniel, rivetter, 68 Castlereagh Street
Hossack, Hugh, 537 Springfield Road
Hotel and Caterers' Supply Co., 41 (36) Donegall Place
Hourigan, W. C., 62 Lisburn Road
House, B. H., R.U.C., 17 Whitewell Drive
Houses of Parliament, Northern Ireland, Stormont, Newtownards Road Upper
Houston, Agnes, confectioner, 16 Frank Street
Houston, Albert, electrician, Sandown, Stockman's Lane
Houston, Alex., dealer, 42 Roe Street
Houston, Alex., overseer, Pinegrove, Malone Road Upper
Houston, Alfred, 12 Sandymount Street
Houston, Andrew, blacksmith, 64 Alexandra Park Avenue
Houston, Andrew, 26 Lismoyne Park
Houston & Ashbridge, electrical engineers, 4 College Square East
Houston, A., car owner, 122 Crumlin Road
Houston, A., grocer, 197 Shankill Road
Houston, A., grocer, Pioneer House, Lockview Road
Houston, A., produce merchant, 20 May's Market
Houston, Clarke, fitter, 10 Prestwick Park
Houston, David, 4 Ashfield Gardens
Houston, D., 12 Belmont Avenue
Houston, D. M., grocer, 15 Donegall Pass
Houston, D. M., 43 Marina Park
Houston, Edwin, clerk, 85 Kimberley Street
Houston, E., 33 Bloomfield Gardens
Houston, E. B., 56 Mount Merrion Avenue
Houston, E. S., 118 Sicily Park
Houston, Frank, fruit merchant, 41 Kashmir Road
Houston, Fred., machinist, 204 Joanmount Gardens
Houston, F., clerk, 170 Mountcollyer Street
Houston, F. J., 106 King's Road
Houston, H. H., bank official, 54 Earlswood Road
Houston, James, plater, 79 Newtownards Road Upper
Houston, James, 26 Neill's Hill Park
Houston, James, 8 Stranmillis Park
Houston, James, manager, 31 Park Parade
Houston, James, manager, Ardmore Avenue, Finaghy
Houston, Rev. James, 4 Slievedarragh Park
Houston, James A., baker, 18 Millar Street
Houston, James R., Corporation official, 12 Grangeville Gardens
Houston, Jas., shipwright, 24 Neill's Hill Park
Houston, John, soldier, 558 Oldpark Road
Houston, John, 20 Onslow Gardens
Houston, John, shop assistant, 69 Wheatfield Crescent
Houston, John, boot merchant, Carrowreagh, Stockman's Lane
Houston, John, boot maker, 557 Lisburn Road
Houston, John, boot maker, 28 University Road
Houston, John, spinning master, 34 Alliance Avenue
Houston, John, 5 Knockburn Park
Houston, John, fitter, 65 Loopland Drive
Houston, John, 1 Delhi Parade
Houston, Joseph, 3 Ormiston Park
Houston, J., 106 Sicily Park
Houston, J., 5 Albertville Drive
Houston, J., rivetter, 84 Joanmount Gardens
Houston, J., hardware merchant, 250 Crumlin Road
Houston, J. E., printer, 57 Rugby Avenue
Houston, J. I., R.U.C., 108 Orby Drive
Houston, J. K., salesman, 14 St. Jude's Avenue
Houston, J. R., railwayman, 2 Wheatfield Crescent
Houston, Louis, 3 Knockburn Park
Houston, L., 203 Sandown Road
Houston, Mary, 230 Falls Road
Houston, Matthew, 104 Whitewell Road
Houston, Miss, 8 Balmoral Gardens
Houston, Miss, 6 Crescent Upper
Houston, Miss A., 13 Melrose Street
Houston, Miss H., 425 Cregagh Road
Houston, Miss J., laundry proprietor, 12-16 Marlborough Avenue
Houston, The Misses, 6 Cliftonpark Avenue
Houston, Mrs., 7 Brandon Terrace
Houston, Mrs., 50 Windsor Avenue Lower
Houston, Mrs., 233 Springfield Road
Houston, Mrs., 46 (a) Windsor Avenue
Houston, Mrs. Ellie, carrier, 247 Lisburn Road
Houston, Mrs. E., 761 Lisburn Road
Houston, Mrs. E., fruiterer, 197 Lisburn Road
Houston, Mrs. E., 340 Oldpark Road
Houston, Mrs. I., 30 Sunnyside Drive
Houston, Mrs. Mary, 28 Albertville Drive
Houston, Mrs. Mary J., 57 Farnham Street
Houston, Mrs. Maud, 329 Springfield Road
Houston, Mrs. M., 118 My Lady's Road
Houston, M., draper, 14 Castlereagh Road
Houston, M., 7 Clonaver Crescent North
Houston, N. B., traveller, 95 Rushfield Avenue
Houston, Robert, 60 Manna Grove
Houston, Robert, clerk, 1 Clifton Drive
Houston, R., 5 Lancefield Road
Houston, R., horse shoer, 124 Castlereagh Street
Houston, R., conductor, 107 Ravenhill Gardens
Houston, R. A., manager, 34 Cavehill Road Old
Houston, R. J., 39 Cedar Avenue
Houston, Samuel, 15 Stranmillis Gardens
Houston, Samuel, 79 Manor Street
Houston, Samuel, joiner, 6 Yarrow Street
Houston, Samuel, supper saloon, 115 Cupar Street
Houston, Samuel H., designer, 62 Balfour Avenue
Houston Stores, 68-70 Castlereagh Road
Houston, S., lorry driver, 39 Florida Drive
Houston, S., engineer, 29 Cameron Street
Houston, S., clerk, Maretta, Finaghy Road South
Houston, S. D., surveyor, 22 Lowwood Park
Houston, Thomas, fitter, 197 Albert Bridge Road
Houston, Thomas, 14 Abetta Parade
Houston, Sir Thomas, M.D., O.B.E., 26 College Gardens
Houston, Thomas T., 17 Wellington Place
Houston, T., 75 Knockvale Park
Houston, T., hairdresser, 182 Albert Bridge Road
Houston, T. H., solicitor's assistant, 12 Strathmore Park North
Houston, T. H., law clerk, 11 Glanworth Drive
Houston, T. H., linen business, 26 College Park Avenue
Houston, Walter, dairy, 18-22 Summer Street
Houston, William, manager, 89 Lansdowne Road
Houston, William, 30 Landscape Terrace
Houston, William, fitter, 24 Ulsterville Gardens
Houston, William, 69 Pommern Parade
Houston, William, plater's helper, 9 Wallasey Park
Houston, William, confectioner, 263 Woodstock Road
Houston, William, joiner, 60 Southport Street
Houston, William M., seaman, 42 Beechfield Street
Houston, William R., 43 Sans Souci Park
Houston & Williamson, funeral furnishers, 138 Crumlin Road
Houston, Wm., fitter, 10 Connsbrook Park
Houston, W., shoe maker, 10 Marlborough Avenue
Houston, W. J., electrician, 44 Castlereagh Street
Houston's Stores, grocery, 331 York Street
Hove, G., commercial traveller, 60 Glen Road
Hovenden, R., & Sons, Ltd., hairdressers' sundries, 10 Royal Avenue
Howard, Alex., joiner, 20 Summer Hill Parade
Howard, Arthur, electrician, 42 Marlborough Park North
Howard Cafe (The), 18 Howard Street
Howard College, 20 Howard Street
Howard, E., factory, 6 Bloomfield Avenue
Howard, Francis, printer, 5 Harland Park
Howard, F., 97 York Road
Howard, James, 75 Oakland Avenue
Howard, J., 2 Ebrington Gardens
Howard, Mrs. A. J., 81 Euston Street
Howard, Mrs. M., 3 Abbeydale Park
Howard, N., agent, 13 Martinez Avenue
Howard, N., engineer, 9 Ebrington Gardens
Howard, R., manager, 130 Deerpark Road
Howard, R., rivetter, 635 Newtownards Road Upper
Howard, R. H., 23 Eastleigh Drive
Howard, S., 119 Knockbreda Park
Howard, W. J., law clerk, 32 Irwin Avenue
Howard's Garage, 6a Bloomfield Avenue
Howarth, A., manager, 486 Donegall Road
Howden & Charley, Ltd., coal importers, 14 Donegall Square West and Albert Quay
Howe, Fred., confectioner, 53 Victoria Street
Howe, F. W., tobacconist, 3 Ormeau Road
Howe, John, buyer, 14 Greenville Road
Howe, John T., 62 Parkgate Avenue
Howe, J., 20 Sunnyside Drive
Howe, J. J., Ravana, Finaghy Road South
Howe, Miss, hairdresser, 18 Candahar Street
Howe, Miss, 22 St. Ive's Gardens
Howe, Miss K., music teacher, 136 Lisburn Road
Howe, Miss M. L., hairdresser, 244 Crumlin Road
Howe, Mrs., 23 Lomond Avenue
Howe, Mrs. A., 16 Clonlee Drive
Howe, Mrs. E. G., 246 Stranmillis Road
Howe, Mrs. M., 33 North Parade
Howe, R. L., 22 Malone Avenue
Howell, Chas., photographer, 44 North Street
Howell, James, 399 Queen Street North
Howell, Mrs. Sarah, 48 Rathlin Street
Howell, R., 259 Mountpottinger Road
Howell, Thomas, 9 Knockvale Park
Howes, W. J., 25 Ebrington Gardens
Howey, James A., salesman, 261 Castlereagh Road
Howey, William, driver, 7 Pim Street
Howey, William David, 55 Montrose Street
Howie, Francis, hackle maker, 24 Woodvale Avenue
Howie, Richard, osteopath, 75 Botanic Avenue
Howie, Samuel, 45 Shaftesbury Avenue
Howieson, J., 32 Earlswood Road
Howley, Albert W., butcher, 78 Melrose Street
Howlin, Mrs. E., 1 Meadowbank Street
Hoy, Albert, tram conductor, 73 Hopeton Street
Hoy, Allan, butcher, 204-206 Conway Street
Hoy, Ezekiel, plumber, 48 Park Avenue
Hoy, F. C., engraver, 14a High Street
Hoy, James, 24 Sandymount Street
Hoy, Miss, 48 Canning Street Upper
Hoy, Mrs. A., 150 King's Road
Hoy, Mrs. B., 69 Larkfield Road
Hoy, Mrs. Elizabeth, 30 Finvoy Street
Hoy, Mrs. Sarah. 22 Lavinia Street
Hoy, M., dairyman, 102 Circular Road West
Hoy, William, milk vendor, 690 Oldpark Road
Hoy, William, joiner, 19 Holland Gardens
Hoy, William, tram conductor, 113 Tate's Avenue
Hoy, W. J., grocer, 2 Coningsby Street
Hoy, W. J., grocer, 4 Beechpark Street
Hoyle, Joseph, inspector, 51 Britannic Street
Hoyle, N. B., 55 St. John's Park
Hoyne, Mrs. M., 87 Whiterock Road
Hudd, William, boot repairer, 25 Sydenham Park
Huddleston, John, plumber, 87 Melrose Street
Huddleston, J. A., driver, 184 Deerpark Road
Huddleston, Mrs., grocer, 53-55 Denmark Street
Huddleston, Samuel, joiner, 153 Bloomfield Avenue
Hudgson, Edmond, 56-58 Falls Road
Hudson, Hugh, 15 Evelyn Avenue
Hudson, J., 9 Rosewood Street
Hudson, Miss, 47 Malone Avenue
Hudson, Miss Kathleen, 66 Sandown Road
Hudson, Richard, electric welder, 33 Duncairn Gardens
Hudson, R. L., fitter, 20 Glendore Gardens
Hudson, S. J., 51 Cabin Hill Park
Hudson, William E., 20 Brookvale Street
Huey, George, watch maker, 135 York Street
Huey, John J., pharmaceutical chemist, 70 Stranmillis Gardens
Huey, J., 68 Tildarg Street
Huey, Miss H., 47 Skegoneill Avenue
Huey, Robert, attendant, 132 Alliance Avenue
Huey, William, salesman, 123 My Lady's Road
Hughan, Stewart, bread server, 37 Loopland Drive
Huggard, James G., 16 Graham Gardens
Huggins, Mrs. Isabella, 11 Salisbury Street
Huggins, Thomas W., Plemont, Kingsway Gardens
Hughes, Alex., winding master, 89 Woodvale Road
Hughes, Alfred, 33 Glantane Street
Hughes, Andrew, traveller, 63 Rugby Avenue
Hughes, Annie, draper, 321 Beersbridge Road
Hughes, Bernard, Ltd., bakers, 90 Springfield Road
Hughes Bros., cabinet makers, 81a Ormeau Road
Hughes, B., fruiterer, 81 Cavehill Road
Hughes, Catherine, fruiterer, 103-105 Castle Street
Hughes Civil Service and Business Academy, 82 Royal Avenue
Hughes, C. E., 23 Brunswick Street
Hughes, Daniel, confectioner, 2 Upton Avenue
Hughes, David James, 22 My Lady's Road
Hughes, Dickson, & Co. (1925), Ltd., millers and flour merchants, Divis Street and 1 Bertha Place; city office, 7 Donegall Square West
Hughes, D., confectioner, 374 Lisburn Road
Hughes, Edward, draper, 3 Marina Park
Hughes, Edward, postman, 139 Lodge Road New
Hughes, Edward M., Knocknagoney Road
Hughes, Ed., 60 Eglinton Street
Hughes, E., 45 (3) University Road
Hughes, E., evangelist, 131 Belmont Road
Hughes, E. F., foreman, Belvedere, Circular Road West
Hughes, E. J., civil servant, 12 Denorrton Park
Hughes, F., salesman, 89 Onslow Parade
Hughes, F. George, 38 North Road
Hughes, George, 47 Campbell Park Avenue
Hughes, George, 18 Broomhill Park
Hughes, G., Everton House, Diamond Gardens
Hughes, H., shoe maker, 230 Leeson Street
Hughes, H. E., overseer, 58 Somerton Road
Hughes, H. M., wholesale newsagent, 62 Berry Street
Hughes, H. William, 55 Irwin Drive
Hughes, James, joiner, 52 Joanmount Park
Hughes, James, 78 Dundela Avenue
Hughes, James, bar man, 14 Ardoyne Avenue
Hughes, James, foreman, 49 Gainsborough Drive
Hughes, James, hairdresser, 3 Gresham Street
Hughes, James, 148 Oldpark Road
Hughes, John, bar man, 19 St. James's Street
Hughes, John, 64 Station Road
Hughes, John, buyer, 27 Atlantic Avenue
Hughes, John, 175 Castlereagh Road
Hughes, John, publican, 13 Durham Street
Hughes, John M., solicitor, 11 Garfield Street
Hughes, Johnston, basket maker, 7 Windsor Road
Hughes, Johnston, 28 Kansas Avenue
Hughes, Joseph, 110a Mount Street (No. 2)
Hughes, J., publican, 41 Divis Street
Hughes, J., cabinet maker, 2c Grampian Avenue
Hughes, J., cabinet maker, 33 Campbell Park Avenue
Hughes, J., hairdresser, 52 Stranmillis Road
Hughes, J. A., motor man, 38 Ballygomartin Road
Hughes, L. H., 23 Serpentine Road
Hughes, Margaret, fruiterer, 159 Lodge Road New
Hughes, Matthew C., cabinet maker, 6 Havelock P?
Hughes, Miss, 94 Dover Street
Hughes, Miss, 4 Mountpottinger Road
Hughes, Miss, 10 Ormiston Drive
Hughes, Miss E., 30 Skegoneill Drive
Hughes, Miss Kathleen, 21 Lothair Avenue
Hughes, Miss L., 170 Ainsworth Avenue
Hughes, Miss Mary, grocer, 2 Vulcan Street
Hughes, Miss M., 20 Saul Street
Hughes, Miss Sarah, 87 University Avenue
Hughes, Miss Sarah Jane, 69 Farnham Street
Hughes, Mrs., 12 Chambers Street
Hughes, Mrs., 50 Alliance Crescent
Hughes, Mrs., 30 Marmount Gardens
Hughes, Mrs., 11 Connsbrook Avenue
Hughes, Mrs. A., 30 Marmount Gardens
Hughes, Mrs. Bridget, 165 Lodge Road New
Hughes, Mrs. E., 24 Virginia Street
Hughes, Mrs. E., 33 Eia Street
Hughes, Mrs. J., Lecateau, Stockman's Lane
Hughes, Mrs. Mary E., 68 Wandsworth Road
Hughes, Mrs. Rachel, 43 Galwally Park
Hughes, Mrs. S., 73 Rugby Avenue
Hughes, Mrs. T., 4 Earl Street
Hughes, N., butcher, 45 Cregagh Road
Hughes, Patk., motor body builder, 115 Dunluce Avenue
Hughes, P., carter, 49 Ship Street
Hughes, Robert A., 26 Woodcot Avenue
Hughes, R., bus driver, 22 Salisbury Gardens
Hughes, R., boot maker, 225-227 Castlereagh Road
Hughes, R., civil servant, 17 Ardgreenan Crescent
Hughes, R., 29 Marsden Gardens
Hughes, R., haulage contractor, 29 Marsden Gardens
Hughes, R. E. M., 55 Cranmore Gardens
Hughes, R. G., insurance agent, 13 Hawthornden Gardens
Hughes, Samuel J., 7 Bristow Park
Hughes, S. J., iron monger, Brookville, Shore Road
Hughes, S. J., linen trade, 7 Bristow Park
Hughes, T., engineer, 139 Ulsterville Avenue
Hughes, Walter, cleaner, 73 Wilton Street
Hughes, William, 5 Campbell Park Avenue
Hughes, William, baker, 69 Willowfield Drive
Hughes, Wm., confectioner, 1 Campbell Park Avenue
Hughes, Wm. Jas., civil servant, 36 Sagimor Gardens
Hughes, W., hairdresser, 498 Donegall Road
Hughes, W., traveller, 47 Stranmillis Park
Hughes, W. H., R.U.C., 24 South Parade
Hughes, W. H., clerk, 47 Loopland Drive
Hughes, W. J., confectioner, 321 Antrim Road
Hughey, C. K., hardware merchant, 73 Duncairn Gardens and 189-189a Queen Street North
Hulatt, George A., inc. accountant, 6 Mount Eden Park
Hulbig, Mrs., 50 Elmwood Avenue
Hull, Arthur, traveller, 602 Oldpark Road
Hull, B., 34 Hardcastle Street
Hull, David, carpenter, 59 Hatfield Street
Hull, E. J., 24 Clara Park
Hull, Fredk., electrician, 37 Prestwick Park
Hull, Fredk. Chas., joiner, 64 Prestwick Park
Hull, F. W., 8 Ireton Street
Hull, George H. J., 5 Shrewsbury Gardens
Hull, Hugh, cycle agent, 94 Orby Drive
Hull, H., 2 King's Park
Hull, John, caulker, 55 Lansdowne Park
Hull, John, traveller, 19 Belmont Church Road
Hull, J., 20 Lincoln Avenue
Hull, J., 2 Graymount Grove
Hull, Miss, 11 Hartington Street
Hull, Mrs., boot maker, 151a Donegall Road
Hull, Mrs., 24 Belmont Church Road
Hull, Mrs. Margaret, 6 Tokio Gardens
Hull, Mrs. M., 151 Donegall Road
Hull, Mrs. N., 6 Knutsford Drive
Hull, Robert, chauffeur, 24 Belmont Avenue
Hull, Samuel, 14 Hartington Street
Hull, S. H., 54 Sunnyside Street
Hull, William, 2 Deacon Street
Hull, William, fitter, 74 Rugby Avenue
Hull, William Henry, tailor, 31 Agnes Street
Hulme, J., agent, 33 Howard Street
Hulme, Mrs., 22 Chichester Road
Hulton Press, Ltd., 18 Donegall Street
Hultgren, Alex., 19 Kingsway Avenue
Humber (Cycle Depot), Ltd., 13 Linen Hall Street
Hume, David, joiner, 41 Orby Drive
Hume, Jane, newsagent, 690 Crumlin Road
Hume, John, fruiterer, 92-94 Hillview Street
Hume, J. L., N.A.A.F.I., 84 Shandon Park
Hume, J. S., traveller, 12 Ravensdene Park
Hume, Mrs., 10 Gawn Street
Hume, Mrs., 244 Ravenhill Avenue
Hume, Mrs. Agnes, 15 Northwood Drive
Hume, Mrs. Blanche, 68 Myrtlefield Park
Hume, Mrs. C., 5 Belgravia Avenue
Hume, Mrs. E., 26 Pommern Parade
Hume, Mrs. W. O., 34 Windsor Park
Hume, Thos., supper saloon, 31 Sugarfield Street
Hume, Walter, & Co., assessors, 16 Donegall Square South
Hume, William, joiner, 11 Evelyn Avenue
Hume, Wm. (Belfast), Ltd., Co. Down Handkerchief Works, plain and fancy box makers, Mountpottinger Road; res., Ardvara, Cultra
Hume, W. J., clerk, 164 Ardenlee Avenue
Humphrey, Dick, 27 Gainsborough Drive
Humphrey, John, 230 Malone Road
Humphrey, J. G., 3 Grangeville Gardens
Humphrey, Miss Ellen, 59 The Mount
Humphrey, Mrs. Minnie, 12 Woodvale Parade
Humphreys, Jas., mechanic, Ligoniel Villas, Ligoniel Road
Humphreys, J., 18 Sicily Park
Humphreys, J., 15 Hartington Street
Humphreys, Miss, 1 Rugby Parade
Humphreys, Miss G., 24 Skegoneill Avenue
Humphreys, Robt., Stachal Bungalow, Whitewell Road
Humphreys, R. J., 5 Grangeville Gardens
Humphreys, R. R., 3 Glandore Gardens
Humphreys, William, 44 Ava Avenue
Humphreys, Wm., civil servant, 7 Wandsworth Gardens
Humphreys, W. C., agent, 23 Sagimor Street
Humphries, Alex., bread server, 116 Broadway
Humphries, A., 18 Formby Park
Humphries, David, 50 Gainsborough Drive
Humphries, G., insurance official, 75 Lansdowne Park
Humphries, John, male nurse, 22 Delaware Street
Humphries, J., 33 (1) Eglantine Avenue
Humphries, J., clerk, 466 Crumlin Road
Humphries, L., 13 Sandhill Gardens
Humphries, Mrs., 164 Hillman Street
Humphries, Mrs. Eliz., 76 Galwally Park
Humphries, Mrs. Mary A., 38 Shaftesbury Avenue
Humphries, Sydney, 29 Orby Drive
Humphries, S., 27 Clara Avenue
Humphries, T. H., R.U.C., 4 Bathgate drive
Humphries, W. G., 38 Whitewell Crescent
Hungerford, Miss, 30 Mountcharles
Hunniford, Albert, teacher, 14 Flush Park
Hunniford, J., The Elms, Castlereagh Road
Hunniford, Mrs., Knockbreda Road
Hunsdale, Margaret, 103 Grand Parade
Hunsdale, Thomas, R.U.C., 58 Jocelyn Street
Hunt, Catherine, confectioner, 118 Milford Street
Hunt, David A., 37 Lowwood Park
Hunt, John R., (6) The Moat, Holywood Road
Hunt, Joseph, engineer, 30 Silvio Street
Hunt, J. R., editor, 4 Malone Hill Park
Hunt, Mrs., 53 Beechmount Drive
Hunt, Mrs. H. L., Glengariff, Lisburn Road
Hunt, Mrs. J. F., 2 Ava Parade
Hunt, T. W. H., 11 Galwally Park
Hunter, Alex., Hendon, Gilnahirk Road
Hunter, Alfred A., 5 Sandymount Street
Hunter, Andrew, 126 Canning Street Upper
Hunter, Arthur, sheet metal worker, 246 Castlereagh Road
Hunter, Arthur, 97 Grand Parade (Bloomfield)
Hunter, Austin, 26 Gibson Park Gardens
Hunter, A., pattern maker, 13 Ava Park
Hunter, A., brick layer, 55 Cavehill Road
Hunter, A., ranger, 119 Canning Street Upper
Hunter, Barr, & Co. Ltd., 35 Queen Street
Hunter, Beatrice, 45 (4) University Road
Hunter, B., Rocky Road
Hunter, Rev. C. E., 121 Somerton Road
Hunter, C. G., engineer, 28 Prince Edward Park
Hunter, David, 27 Haypark Avenue
Hunter, David, baker, 13 Kirklowe Drive
Hunter, David, fitter, 16 Meadowbank Place
Hunter, David S., 76 Newtownards Road Upper
Hunter, D. M., assistant manager, 32 Knockvale Park
Hunter, Eliza, grocer, 95 Broadway
Hunter, E., grocer, 2 Cherryville Street
Hunter, F., sheet metal worker, 57 Joanmount Park
Hunter, F., com. merchant, 3-5 Alfred Street
Hunter, F., clerk, 39 Empire Street
Hunter, George, 16 Ballysillan Park
Hunter, George, traveller, 3 Orby Road
Hunter, George, investigator, 9 Battenberg Street
Hunter, G. H., Corrymeela, Castle Hill Road
Hunter, Henry, 30 Ardpatrick Gardens
Hunter, Henry, baker, 17 Rosapenna Drive
Hunter, Henry H., 104 Barnett's Road
Hunter, Hugh, carter, 49 Gracehill Street
Hunter, Hugh F., 52 Connsbrook Avenue
Hunter, H., rivetter, 12 Dromore Street
Hunter, H., 82 Rosevale Street
Hunter, H. B., 1 Lismoyne Park
Hunter, H. C., 730 Antrim Road
Hunter, James, 51 Deacon Street
Hunter, James, 57 Wellington Park
Hunter, James, gardener, 67 Farnham Street
Hunter, James, draper, 329 Woodstock Road
Hunter, James W., Morningside, Finaghy Road South
Hunter, John, joiner, 34 Delaware Street
Hunter, John, 19 Halstein Drive
Hunter, John, 4 Fortwilliam Crescent
Hunter, John, plumber, 99 Ainsworth Avenue
Hunter, John, cork merchant, 3a Hamilton Street
Hunter, John A., Ltd., laundry supplies and smallware, 10 Marcus Ward Street
Hunter, Joseph, 268 Hillman Street
Hunter, J., designer, 4 Linen Hall Street
Hunter, J., 421 Queen Street North
Hunter, J., moulder, 51 Victoria Road
Hunter, J., bread server, 27 Sydenham Gardens
Hunter, J., mechanic, 432 Lisburn Road
Hunter, Dr. J. Arnold, 68 Balmoral Avenue
Hunter, J. & J., distillers, 37-38 Donegall Quay and 7-13 Steam Mill Lane
Hunter, J. S., clerk, 23 Evelyn Gardens
Hunter, J., & Sons, garage, 326a Lisburn Road
Hunter, J. W., 20 Diamond Gardens
Hunter, Kennedy, M.B., F.R.C.S., 67 Malone Road
Hunter, Lizzie, baker, 58 Albert Bridge Road
Hunter, Margaret, 91 Ballygomartin Road
Hunter, Mary J., 29 Pretoria Street
Hunter, Miss, 91 Malone Avenue
Hunter, Miss, 152 Ormeau Road
Hunter, Miss, 68 Palmerston Road
Hunter, Miss, 86 Cromwell Road
Hunter, Miss, 6 Fitzwilliam Street
Hunter, Miss, draper, 75a Brougham Street
Hunter, Miss, 121 North Road
Hunter, Miss Jane, 15 Ravenscroft Avenue
Hunter, Miss Jane, nurse, 8 Lisburn Road
Hunter, Miss J., 45 Broadway
Hunter, Miss M., hairdresser, 24 Queen Street
Hunter, Miss M. W., 46 Cregagh Park
Hunter, Misses, 45 Park Avenue
Hunter, Moses, publican, 2-4 and 8-10 Donegall Road
Hunter, Mrs., 42 Florida Drive
Hunter, Mrs., 34 Mountcharles
Hunter, Mrs., 215 Ravenhill Road
Hunter, Mrs., nursing home, 11 Crescent Lower
Hunter, Mrs. Marlin, Knockbreda Road
Hunter, Mrs., grocer, 2 Lorne Street
Hunter, Mrs., 97 Ainsworth Avenue
Hunter, Mrs. Agnes, 32 Cyprus Park
Hunter, Mrs. Agnes, 71 Glenrosa Street
Hunter, Mrs. Annie, 51 Ardenlee Avenue
Hunter, Mrs. A., teacher, 4 Wellesley Avenue
Hunter, Mrs. A. E., Merlyn, Lisburn Road
Hunter, Mrs. C., 353 Springfield Road
Hunter, Mrs. E. H., 7 Lancedean Road
Hunter, Mrs. F., 3 Kelvin Parade
Hunter, Mrs. Jane, 129a-131 Woodvale Road
Hunter, Mrs. J., grocer, 58 Edinburgh Street
Hunter, Mrs. Lily, 13 Camberwell Terrace
Hunter, Mrs. Stanley, 22 Knockbreda Road
Hunter, Mrs. T., 8 Ashgrove Park
Hunter, Norman, cabinet maker, 33 Richview Street
Hunter, Robert, clerk, 98 Dunluce Street
Hunter, Robert, bread server, 23 Brookvale Avenue
Hunter, R., engineer, 51 Willowfield Drive
Hunter, R., motorman, 12 Brookvale Avenue
Hunter, R., 138 Mountcollyer Street
Hunter, R., bread server, 4-6 Aberdeen Street
Hunter, R., 22 Deacon Street
Hunter, R., engineer, 15 Colenso Parade
Hunter, R. M., & Co., drapers, 241 Queen Street North
Hunter, R. R., 44 Cabin Hill Park
Hunter, Samuel, blacksmith, 22 Henry Street
Hunter, Samuel, clerk, 98 Dunluce Street
Hunter & Son, Gun Makers, 62 Royal Avenue
Hunter, Stanley, 85 Larkfield Road
Hunter, S., 7 College Square North
Hunter, S., & Co., steeplejacks, 26 Camden Street
Hunter, S. C., F.S.I., chartered surveyor, 2 (40-41) Wellington Place
Hunter, S. D., 81 Orby Drive
Hunter, Thomas, 50 Deacon Street
Hunter, Thomas, 11 Malone Park
Hunter, Thomas, 15 Battenberg Street
Hunter, Thomas, moulder, 95 Enfield Street
Hunter, Thomas, com. traveller, Parkmount Gardens
Hunter, Thomas G., manager, 52 Landscape Terrace
Hunter, Thomas, & Sons, soap and chemical manufacturers, 35-37 Boyne Square
Hunter, T., 16 Raby Street
Hunter, T., 106 Rosebery Road
Hunter, T. Courtland, J.P., managing director, Kingsthorpe, Richmond Park
Hunter, V., 67 Ravenhill Park
Hunter, William, 10 Deacon Street
Hunter, William, 10 Sunningdale Park North
Hunter, William, cloth passer, 158 Roden Street
Hunter, William, 15 Brougham Street
Hunter, William, agent, 16a Ann Street
Hunter, William, foreman, 27 Broadway
Hunter, William & Co. (Belfast), Ltd., auctioneers and valuators, 30 Gresham Street and 166-171 Smithfield Market
Hunter, Wm. Jas., clothing manufacturer, 167 Malone Road
Hunter, W., 16 Bramcote Street
Hunter, W., 8 Mount Merrion Gardens
Hunter, W., steeplejack, The Neuk, Finaghy Park South
Hunter, W., baker, 245 Cregagh Road
Hunter, W., warehouseman, 47 Stockman's Lane
Hunter, W. A., 12 Downview Avenue
Hunter, W. & A., Ltd., manufacturers, 27 Victoria Street Great and 3 Hope Street
Hunter, W. D., Hillview, Rocky Road
Hunter, W. E., Craigholm, Knockbreda Road
Hunter, W. J., accountant, 1 Haypark Gardens
Hunter, W. J., rivetter, 676 Oldpark Road
Hunter, W. Muirhead, L.D.S. (Edin.), dental surgeon, 2 (40-45) Wellington Place
Huntley, Robert, engineer, 31 Onslow Parade
Hurl, John, 15 Beechmount Street
Hurl, Patrick, 7 Norfolk Gardens
Hurl, P., engineer, 117 Ewart's Row
Hurley, D., 7 Ardgreenan Place
Hurley, W. R., agent, 53 High Street
Hurley, W. R., tea agent, 60 Eglantine Avenue
Hurlock, James, yarn dresser, 78 Hesketh Park
Hurndall, Robert, shipwright, 22 Loopland Park
Hurroks, Mrs., 31 Rosevale Street
Hurson, J., traveller, 2 Cavendish Square
Hurson, Miss C., 23 Fruithill Park
Hurson, W. P., grocer, 78 Cavendish Street
Hurst, A. E. J., Ltd., electrical agents, 11 College Square North
Hurst, Charles, Ltd., auto. engineers, 5-9 Montgomery Street
Hurst & Co., milliners and costumiers, 26 Bradbury Place
Hurst & Co., print sellers and picture framers, 10 Corn Market
Hurst, Hugh, soldier, 43 Brandon Parade
Hurst, John, 6 Mount Aboo Park
Hurst, J., agent, 22 Queen Street
Hurst, J. A., manufacturers' agent, 2 (46) Linen Hall Street
Hurst, Mrs., 4 Glandore Gardens
Hurst, Mrs., 17 Ashley Gardens
Hurst, Mrs. Charles B., 4 Sydenham Avenue
Hurst, O. E., 16 Bawnmore Road
Hurst, S. J., Foynes, Finaghy Road North
Hurst, T., 24 Harberton Drive
Hurst, W., 27 Torrens Crescent
Hurwitz, B. H., linen merchant, 70 Cliftonville Road
Hurwitz, Joffre, 30 Sunningdale Park North
Hurwood, A., embosser, 24 Earl Street
Husband, Miss I., 180 Cliftonpark Avenue
Husband, W., Salcombe, Lisburn Road
Huss, P. D., civil engineer, 28 Ashgrove Park
Hussan, F., grain merchant, 63 Dunluce Avenue
Hussey, Mrs. Hawthorn, 23 Eia Street
Huston, Alex., linen worker, 164 Donegall Avenue
Huston, A., sadler, 18 Formby Park (saddler)
Huston, Rev. C. W. A., M.A., St. Finnans. Knockbreda Road
Huston, Douglas N., estate agent, 11 Donegall Square South
Huston, George, manufacturer, 38 Cranmore Avenue
Huston, Mrs., 105 Eglantine Avenue
Huston, Mrs., 8 Queensberry Park
Huston, Mrs. M., 45 (1) University Road
Huston, Mrs. N., 43 Claremont Street
Huston, William, fitter, 17 Whitewell Drive
Hutcheson, T. C., cashier, 14 Knockbreda Gardens
Hutchieson, W., motor agent, 127 Sandown Road
Hutchinson, Alex., 48 Donegall Road
Hutchinson, A., 23 Evelyn Gardens
Hutchinson, A., Jeweller, 103 Orby Drive
Hutchinson, A. H., watchmaker and jeweller, 115 Albert Bridge Road
Hutchinson, A. J., clerk, 52 Jocelyn Street
Hutchinson, A. T., insurance agent, 110 Orby Drive
Hutchinson, Chas., 12 Twickenham Street
Hutchinson, David B., blacksmith, 10 Rosewood Street
Hutchinson, Rev. D. C., 27 Ligoniel Road
Hutchinson, Ellen, 17 Thorndale Avenue
Hutchinson, E., agent, College Square East
Hutchinson, Fredk., sorter, 40 Clara Avenue
Hutchinson, George, 53 Greenville Road
Hutchinson, G. L., agent, 13 Ravenscroft Avenue
Hutchinson, Haddow, & Co. Ltd., automobile engineers, Oxford Street
Hutchinson, Hugh, St. Anne's, Knockbreda Road
Hutchinson, Hugh F., 6 Diamond Gardens
Hutchinson, H., 10 Norwood Gardens
Hutchinson, Jackson, buyer, 76 Bloomfield Road
Hutchinson, James, 16 Waterloo Park
Hutchinson, James C., 122 Woodvale Road
Hutchinson, Jas., linen business, 3 Deramore Park South
Hutchinson, Jas. A. E., managing director, 759 Antrim Road
Hutchinson, Jas. H., teacher, 4 Circular Road North
Hutchinson, John, 15 Hawthornden Drive
Hutchinson, J., linen merchant, 19 Chichester Street; res., 31 Ardenlee Parade
Hutchinson, J., 150 Sunnyside Street
Hutchinson, J., confectioner, 60 Bloomfield Avenue
Hutchinson, J., clerk, 1 Ardenlee Parade
Hutchinson, J. H., J.P., 4 Circular Road North
Hutchinson, Miss E., ladies' and children's outfitter, 140 Victoria Street Great
Hutchinson, Miss F. L., 129 Cliftonpark Avenue
Hutchinson, Miss Jean, 141 Sydney Street West
Hutchinson, Mrs., 17 Sandhurst Gardens
Hutchinson, Mrs., 75 Rushfield Avenue
Hutchinson, Mrs., 10 University Street
Hutchinson, Mrs., 117 (2) Malone Road
Hutchinson, Mrs., 3 Richmond Street
Hutchinson, Mrs. Annie, 9 Dromore Street
Hutchinson, Mrs. Eva, 233 Ballygomartin Road
Hutchinson, Mrs. E., 26 McAuley Street
Hutchinson, Mrs. E., 85 Melrose Street
Hutchinson, Mrs. J., 47 Sandhilll Gardens
Hutchinson, Mrs. Mary, 94 Duncairn Gardens
Hutchinson, Mrs. M. A., 9 Collingwood Avenue
Hutchinson, Mrs. R., 44 Mount Prospect Park
Hutchinson, N. R., 42 Locksley Gardens
Hutchinson, R., 19 Springfield Parade
Hutchinson, R. R., railway guard, 9 Chesham Grove
Hutchinson, R. W., 17 Malone Road Upper
Hutchinson, R. W., engineer, 47 Belmont Park
Hutchinson, Samuel, fitter, 38 Lawnbrook Avenue
Hutchinson, Samuel, builder, Mountain View Park, Ardmore Avenue, Finaghy
Hutchinson, Samuel, engineer, 19 Aigburth Park
Hutchinson Street P.E. School, No. 1, 17a Hutchinson Street
Hutchinson, S., pharmaceutical chemist, 502 Antrim Road
Hutchinson, S., chemist, 55 Serpentine Road
Hutchinson, S. J., joiner, 14 Ballysillan Park
Hutchinson, S. J., L.D.S., dentist, 224 Antrim Road
Hutchinson, Thomas, 7 Ulsterville Drive
Hutchinson, Thos., brick layer, 13 Edinburgh Street
Hutchinson, Thos., dairyman, 23 Lyndhurst Gardens
Hutchinson, T., commercial traveller, 26 Orient Gardens
Hutchinson, T. L., 20 Kirkliston Park
Hutchinson, William, driver, 103 Ormeau Road
Hutchinson, William, 45 Queen Victoria Gardens
Hutchinson, William A., 5 Ashfield Gardens
Hutchinson, Wm. McKee, manager, 24 Cregagh Park
Hutchinson, W., fireman, 21 Ardgreenan Crescent
Hutchinson, W., engineer, 12 Sandhill Parade
Hutchinson, W. J., R.U.C., 25 Ailesbury Road
Hutchinson, W. T., R.U.C., 7 Willowfield Crescent
Hutchison, Charles, builder. Ardmore House, Finaghy Road North
Hutchison, C., scrap yard, Tanner's Court
Hutchison, J., watch maker, 240 Shankill Road
Hutchison, J. R., 119 King's Road
Hutchison, Mrs., 129 Cliftonpark Avenue
Hutchison, S., 53 Stockman's Lane
Hutchison, S. J., 170 Dunluce Avenue
Hutchison, S. J., railwayman, 19 Ashley Drive
Hutchman, John, driver, 16 Ava Drive
Hutchman, R., 67 Hatfield Street
Hutchman, S., R.U.C., 12 Ashfield Drive
Hutchman, W. E., cutter, Sunnyside Street
Hutley, F., pattern maker, 9 Brandon Terrace
Hutley, J. L., 131 King's Road
Hutten, W. R., 39 Battenberg Street
Hutton, George, engineer, 49 Jocelyn Avenue
Hutton, George, Corporation official, 83 Dunlambert Drive
Hutton, George S., 121 Madrid Street
Hutton, H., & Co. Ltd., timber importers, 11 Bridge Street East and 6-9 East Street
Hutton, James, clerk, 66 Jocelyn Avenue
Hutton, Jas, W., railway official, 9 Circular Road North
Hutton, John, traveller, 21 Salisbury Avenue
Hutton, John, grocer, 18-20 Sydney Street West
Hutton, John, mechanic, 10 Hardcastle Street
Hutton, J., clerk, 3 Rochester Street
Hutton, J., tailor, 246 Cliftonville Road
Hutton, Mrs., 94 Locksley Park
Hutton, Mrs. E., 4 Kerrsland Drive
Hutton, Mrs. J., 51 Knockbreda Road
Hutton, Mrs. Sarah, 9 Agincourt Avenue
Hutton, Mrs. W., carrier, 13 Verner Street
Hutton, R., grocer, 32 Windsor Avenue Lower
Hutton, Thomas, comp., 11 Wingrove Gardens
Hutton, William H., coal vendor, 67 Dee Street
Hutton, W., 3 Glenwood Park
Huxley, James, 500 Newtownards Road Upper
Huxley & Postlewaite, hide and skin broker, 65-73 Lagan Street and 2-10 Welsh Street
Hyam's, Ltd., Ladies' and Baby Linen Clothiers and Outfitters, Men's and Boys' Clothiers and Outfitters, 17 North Street, 379 and 455 Lisburn Road and North Street Arcade
Hyde & Entwistle, Ltd., wholesale druggists, 6 Murray Street
Hyde, James, engineer, 3 Northern Street Great
Hyde, James J., Ltd., electrical reps., 38 Bedford Street
Hyde, Lincoln, 19 Mountcharles
Hyde, L., masseur, 18 Arthur Street
Hyde, Mrs. E., 69 Lomond Avenue
Hyde, Robert J., R.U.C., 47 Rutherglen Street
Hyde, Thomas G., 39 King's Road
Hyde, T., 46 Mount Merrion Avenue
Hyde, T., bank official, Charmant, Lisburn Road
Hydes, Mrs. Ethel, 69 Glenbank Drive
Hydes, Thomas, 1 Glenside Drive
Hygiene Products, Ltd., 126 Stranmillis Road
Hygienic Hairdressing Saloon, 187-189 Antrim Road
Hyland, Dr. A., surgeon, 45 Cliftonville Road
Hyland, Dr. A., 468 Crumlin Road
Hyland, Joseph, 66 Beechmount Street
Hyland, Joseph, railway worker, 275 Donegall Road
Hyland, J., com. agent, 2 Scotch Row
Hyland, J. H., 6 Castle Gardens
Hyland, Dr. Mona, 45 Cliftonville Road
Hyland, Miss N., 59 Sunnyside Street
Hyland, Mrs. Margaret, 148 Dunluce Avenue
Hyland, Thomas, 8 Ilchester Street
Hyland, Thos., sergt. R.U.C., 15 Houston Park
Hyland, T., conductor, 516 Donegall Road
Hylands, Robert, 69 Library Street Upper
Hyman, A., furniture manufacturer, 38 Vicinage Park
Hyman, Benjamin, upholsterer, 71 Farnham Street
Hyman, H., manufacturers' agent, 58 Donegall Street
Hyman, Israel, 42 Vicinage Park
Hyman, L., J.P., builder, 755 Antrim Road
Hyman, O., confectioner, 58 Clifton Street
Hynas, Mrs., 34 Eliza Street
Hyndes, R., agent, 64 (41) Victoria Street Great
Hyndman, C. T., 22 Sydenham Crescent
Hyndman, Ellen, draper, 110 Woodvale Road
Hyndman, H., butcher, 75 Agnes Street
Hyndman, John, 18 Disraeli Street
Hyndman, Miss Mary, 3 Rugby Street
Hyndman, Robert, 145 Madrid Street
Hyndman, Rev. R., B.A., 66 Sydenham Avenue
Hyndman, Samuel, 47 Westland Road
Hyndman, S., garage, 9 Woodland Avenue
Hyndman, T., 66 Loopland Park
Hyndman's Cash Stores, 56-58 Fortwilliam Parade
Hynds, Chester, coach builder, 105 Joanmount Park
Hynds & Co., fireplace merchants, 71 Victoria Street Great
Hynds, H. D., 972 Crumlin Road
Hynds, James, store man, 27 Beechfield Street
Hynds, J., butcher, 355a Ormeau Road
Hynds & May, agents, 56 Wellington Place
Hynds, Miss, 26 Stranmillis Road
Hynds, Mrs., 130 My Lady's Road
Hynds, S. N., builder, 17 Cranmore Avenue
Hynds, W., fitter, 678 Oldpark Road
Hynds, W. J., civil servant, 32 Balmoral Avenue
Hynds, W. J., & Son, contractors, 1a Chadwick Street
Hynes, Hugh, plumber, 372 Newtownards Road Upper
Hynes, James, nurseryman, 97 King's Road
Hynes, Miss M., 34 Clifton Drive
Hynes, Mrs., 27 Botanic Avenue
Hynes, P. F., spirit merchant, 196-198 Falls Road; res., Kinvara, Glen Road
Hynes, R., postman, 22 Glenfarne Street
Hyslop, J. L., 20 Mount Eden Park


Ibbotson, James, 23 Knockvale Park
Ideal Planning, Ltd., 1 Donegall Square South
Ideal Trading Stamp Co., 20 Gresham Street
Immanuel Church Hall, Wavertree Park
Imperial Billiard Hall, 175b Agnes Street
Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., 7 Donegall Square East and 45 Rosemary Street. T.A.: "Impkemix, Belfast"
Imperial Confectionery Co., 10 Victoria Street Great
Imperial Stores, 109 Albert Bridge Road
Imperial Tobacco Co., return materials depot, 63 Church Lane Upper
Imperial Typewriters, 2 College Square North
Imperial Window Cleaning Co., 67 Jaffa Street
Imrie, Mrs., 36 Earlswood Road
Imrie, William, manager, 11 Cranmore Park
Ince, F. R., clerk, 310 Skegoneill Avenue
Ince, F. V., engineer, 63 Knocklofty Park
Ince, Joseph, 121 Cavehill Road
Inch, Thomas, blacksmith, 15 Coyle's Place
Incorporated Cripples' Institute, 62 Wellington Place and 23 Shaftesbury Square
Independent Orange Hall, 113 Victoria Street Great
Independent Order of Good Templars, 13 My Lady's Road
Independent Order of Rechabites (Belfast District), 11 Wellington Place
Information Bureau, 102 Donegall Street
Ingham, Jas., dairyman, 364-368 Springfield Road
Ingham, J., butcher, 92 Alliance Avenue
Ingham, Wm. J., joiner, 451 Springfield Road
Ingham, Capt., Strathard, Lisburn Road
Ingledene Private Hotel, 25 Ulsterville Avenue
Inglis & Co. Ltd., bakers and flour merchants, 33-37 Eliza Street and branches; Biscuit Factory, 279-283 Newtownards Road
Ingram, A., insurance agent, 57 Manor Street
Ingram, A. C., bookkeeper, 21 Ravenhill Parade
Ingram, Charlotte M., grocer, 15 Byron Street
Ingram, C. V., civil servant, 12 Wandsworth Crescent
Ingram, D., 57 Balmoral Avenue
Ingram, D., store man, 61 Vernon Street
Ingram, E. R., manager, 49 Grangeville Gardens
Ingram, Howard, manager, 5 Slievemoyne Park
Ingram, Howard, manager, Oakley, Ormonde Park
Ingram, James, traveller, 67 Marlborough Park South
Ingram, James, 26 Meadowbank Place
Ingram, J., fitter, 95 Joanmount Gardens
Ingram, J. F. H., cashier, 39 Kirkliston Park
Ingram, Miss Ellen, 13 Manor Drive
Ingram, Mrs. E., 41 Willowholme Street
Ingram, Mrs. J. I., 127 King's Road
Ingram, M. J., Cranmore, Stockman's Lane
Ingram, Robert, butcher, 280 Springfield Road
Ingram, R., 3 Mount Merrion Park
Ingram, R., 61 Rosemount Gardens
Ingram, S. M., seaman, 18 Fleet Street
Ingram, S. P., accountant, 4 Ascot Park
Ingram, T., 198 Donegall Road
Ingram, Capt. T. F., Corporation official, 11 Upton Park
Ingram, William, 183 Dunluce Avenue
Ingram, William, 2 Hillsborough Drive
Initial Towel Supply Co., 53 High Street
Inland Navigation Co., 6b Lockview Road and Laganbank Road
Inner Wheel Club, 20a Waring Street
Innes, James, wholesale confectioner, 24 Mount Street (No. 2)
Innes, Mrs. H., Sunnyside, Finaghy Road South
Innis, Cecil, 64 Priory Park
Innis, J., clerk, 114 University Avenue
Innis, Margaret, 3 Bloomfield Road
Instonians Rugby Football Ground, Bladon Drive
Insurance Engineers, Ltd., 41 Donegall Street
Insurance Unemployed Board, 16 Howard Street
International Bar (The), 64 York Street
International Book Shop, 18a Church Lane
International Co-Freemasonry, 39 High Street
International Correspondence Schools Ltd., 26 Howard Street
International Hairdressers, 45 Victoria Square
International Invisible Mending Co., 19 Chichester Street
International Marine Radio Co., marine radio installations, 26 Howard Street
International Multigraph Co. (Britain), Ltd. (The), Gameter Office Printing Machine, 37 Donegall Place
International Private Detective Agency, 30 Rosemary Street
International Stores, wholesale fancy goods merchants, 168 North Street
International Window Cleaning Co., 81 Grosvenor Road
International Yeast Co. Ltd. (The), 81 Corporation Street
Inver Springs Mineral Water Co. Ltd., 18 Beit Street
Invisible Mending Co. (The Original), Cleaners and Dyers, 31 Queen's Arcade
Invisible Repairing Depot, 46 Arthur Street Upper
Ireland, Alexander, clerk, 46 Sydenham Park
Ireland Bros., Ltd., linen manufacturers, 17-27 Adelaide Street
Ireland, David, & Co., Funeral Furnishers, 146 Lisburn Road
Ireland, D. A., engineer, 74 Hillsborough Drive
Ireland, E., manager, 1 Balmoral Avenue
Ireland, Hugh, cutter, 25 Malone Place
Ireland, James, shoe maker, 76-78 Holywood Road
Ireland, James, & Co., woollen manufacturers, 38-42 May Street
Ireland, John, 8 Cleaver Park
Ireland, John, 104 Knockbreda Road
Ireland, J., 115 Grand Parade
Ireland, J. A., 42 Cadogan Park
Ireland, J. H., general secretary, Y.M.C.A., 6 Dorchester Park
Ireland, Maurice, 17 Wellington Park Terrace
Ireland, Miss, 12 Tate's Avenue
Ireland, Misses E. & M., confectioners, 6 Botanic Avenue
Ireland, Mrs., 100 Belmont Road
Ireland, Mrs., 71 Delhi Street
Ireland, Mrs., 68 Park Avenue
Ireland, Robert, 42 Cherryvalley Park
Ireland, Robert, 100 Wellesley Avenue
Ireland, R., tailor, 17 Prince Edward Park
Ireland, W., 62 Oakland Avenue
Irish Advent Mission Hall, Florenceville Avenue
Irish Agricultural Wholesale Society Ltd., 16-18 Dunbar Street and 106a Cromac Street (stores)
Irish Arc Welding Co. Ltd., 15 Corporation Street
Irish Bacon Curing Co. Ltd., 40-42 Townsend Street
Irish Banks Officials' Association, 27a Donegall Place
Irish Cinema Supply Co., 33 Wellington Place
Irish Cold Bitumen Ltd., Manufacturers of "Colfix," 126 Stranmillis Road
Irish Commercial Enquiry Bureau, trade protection office, 16 Rosemary Street
Irish Direct Trading Co. Ltd., mineral water manufacturers, 273a Donegall Road
Irish Display Association, Window Dressers, Millfield
Irish Engineering News, Ltd., publishers, 3 Brunswick Street
Irish Evangelical Church, 44 Somerton Road
Irish Evangelical Church - Rev. C. E. Hunter, 489 Lisburn Road
Irish Evangelisation Society, 2 (35) Wellington Place
Irish Ex-Service Men's Club, 4 West Street
Irish Film Production Ltd., 35 Donegall Street
Irish Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., 13a Campbell's Row
Irish Football Association, Ltd., 31a Wellington Place
Irish Football League, Ltd., 16 (14-15) Donegall Square South
Irish Grocery World, 40 Royal Avenue
Irish Handkerchief Co. (The), 5 Wellington Place
Irish Independent Newspapers Ltd., branch office, 5 Donegall Street
Irish Linen Company, 13 Wellington Place
Irish Linen and Damask Hotels Supply Co., 4 Linen Hall Street
Irish Linen Household Co., 17 Howard Street
Irish Linen Mills Ltd., 33 Adelaide Street
Irish Methodist Publishing Co. Ltd., 28 Wellington Place
"Irish Motoring" 2 (39) Linen Hall Street
Irish National Foresters' Hall, 39 Divis Street
Irish National Foresters' Health Society, 58 Howard Street
Irish National Teachers' Organisation (N.I.), 83 High Street
Irish News Ltd., and "Irish Weekly" 113-117 Donegall Street
Irish Operative Butchers' and Fleshers' Association, 25 Bridge Street East
Irish Peat Development Co. Ltd., 58 Howard Street and Laganbank Road
Irish Preserve and Confectionery Co. Ltd., 178 Ormeau Road and Kinallen Street
Irish Press Ltd., 56 Donegall Street
Irish Printing and Allied Trades Insurance Society, 105 Royal Avenue
Irish Roads (Belfast), Ltd., 23 Sydenham Road
Irish Rugby Football Union (Ulster Branch), hon. secy., W. A. B. Douglas, 9 Donegall Street, ground, 85 Ravenhill Park
Irish Sack & Hessian Co., 61-65 Patrick Street Great
Irish Shroud and Frilling Co. Ltd., 18 May Street
Irish Temperance Alliance, 20 Lombard Street
Irish Temperance League (Incorporated 1900) - Office, 20 Lombard Street
Irish Temperance (Trading) League Ltd., Refreshment Rooms and Coffee Stands, Office, 20 Lombard Street
Irish Theatres, Ltd., 13 Ann Street
Irish Times (The), 58a-58b Donegall Street
Irish Tourist Association, 28 Howard Street
Irish Transport and General Workers' Union, 122 Corporation Street
Irish Whisky Co. Ltd., 6 Queen Street and 63 Castle Street
Irish Yarn Merchants' Association, 11-13 Bedford Street
Irons, H., dairyman, 11-13 Henderson Avenue
Irons, Joseph C., salesman, Wayside, Belmont Road
Irons, J., joiner, Glen Beth, Rocky Road
Irons, Mrs. M., 1 Brookvale Street
Irvin & Sellers, Ltd., Hardwood Timber Merchants, 1-3 Corporation Square and 85-87 Corporation Street
Irvine, Adam, 18 Irwin Drive
Irvine, Albert, 13 Strathmore Park North
Irvine, Albert, newsagent, 402 Beersbridge Road
Irvine, Alex., 126 Limestone Road
Irvine, Alex., church officer, 2 Chlorine Gardens
Irvine, Alex., 16 Claremont Street
Irvine, A., newsagent, 339 York Street
Irvine, A., tobacconist, 205 Shankill Road
Irvine, A. N., 162 Ravenhill Avenue
Irvine, B., 43 Bristol Avenue
Irvine, Charles, docker, 94 Oldpark Avenue
Irvine, C., 964 Crumlin Road
Irvine, C., traveller, 2 Inver Avenue
Irvine, D., shipwright, 32 Isoline Street
Irvine, Ernest, canvasser, 34 Rathgar Street
Irvine, F. S., 13 Kensington Park
Irvine, George, brass finisher, 21 Fleet Street
Irvine, George, 11 Florence Place
Irvine, Hamilton, iron moulder, 39 Woodvale Avenue
Irvine, Harris, manager, 40 Cregagh Park
Irvine, Henry, electrical engineer, 42 Ormeau Road
Irvine, H., 27 Malone Place
Irvine, H., 162 Sunnyside Street
Irvine, H. R., M.B., 406 Newtownards Road Upper
Irvine, James, clerk, 41 Park Road
Irvine, James, 82 Tate's Avenue
Irvine, John, machinist, 48 Cooke Street
Irvine, John, 330 Lisburn Road
Irvine, John, confectioner, 12 Ballycarry Street
Irvine, John, grocer, 29 Donegall Road
Irvine, John, stationer, 139 Agincourt Avenue
Irvine, John, fitter, 54 Perth Street
Irvine, Joseph, 14 Henderson Avenue
Irvine, Joseph, R.U.C., 64 Pommern Parade
Irvine, J., solicitor, 52 Wandsworth Road
Irvine, J., carpenter, 2 Jocelyn Street
Irvine, J., butcher, 54 Hesketh Park
Irvine, J. A., Ltd., Office Equipment, 2 College Square North
Irvine, J. C., 32 Kingsway Park
Irvine, J. G., clerk, 48 Mount Merrion Avenue
Irvine, L., salesman, 13 Deramore Gardens
Irvine, Miss, 16 Mansfield Street
Irvine, Miss Annie, 120 Deerpark Road
Irvine, Miss G. E., 34 Orient Gardens
Irvine, Miss Isobel, 11 Donegall Park, Finaghy
Irvine, Miss M., 12 Camberwell Terrace
Irvine, Miss M., 146 Broadway
Irvine, Miss M. E., 44 Ladas Drive
Irvine, Miss Susan W., 8 Candahar Street
Irvine, Mrs., 268 Beersbridge Road
Irvine, Mrs., 41 Camden Street
Irvine, Mrs., 10 Sagimor Gardens
Irvine, Mrs., 21 Wingrove Gardens
Irvine, Mrs., 16a Christopher Street
Irvine, Mrs., 79 Balfour Avenue
Irvine, Mrs., 51 Short Strand
Irvine, Mrs., 12 Cadogan Street
Irvine, Mrs., 104 Stranmillis Road
Irvine, Mrs., 1 Fortingale Street
Irvine, Mrs., Mulroy, Lisburn Road
Irvine, Mrs. A., 2 Ashdene Drive
Irvine, Mrs. L., 117 University Avenue
Irvine, Mrs. Margaret, 10 Canada Street
Irvine, Mrs. R., 407 Donegall Road
Irvine, Mrs. Smily, 45 Park Road (Emily?)
Irvine, Mrs. W. J., 98 Fitzroy Avenue
Irvine, Norman, civil servant, 18 Ulsterville Gardens
Irvine, Robert, painter, 36 Aigburth Park
Irvine, Robert, carter, 75 Glencairn Street
Irvine, Robt., store keeper, 150 Joanmount Gardens
Irvine, R., clerk, 20 Jocelyn Street
Irvine, R. D., 4 Delaware Street
Irvine, R. J., 15 Dub Cottages, Malone Road Upper
Irvine, R. N., agent, 2 Clarence Street
Irvine, Samuel, painter, 1 Baden Powell Street
Irvine, Samuel, 20 Nendrum Gardens
Irvine, S., 3 Ballysillan Road
Irvine, S., 29 Ava Avenue
Irvine, S. W., head-constable, R.U.C., 33 Sunningdale Park North
Irvine, Thomas, 13 Cadogan Street
Irvine, Thomas, joiner, 35 Deramore Avenue
Irvine, Thomas, helper, 16 Avonbeg Street
Irvine, William, 18 Bristow Park
Irvine, William, 43 Ava Avenue
Irvine, William, 6 Chesham Crescent
Irvine, William, plasterer, 18 Stranmillis Street
Irvine, W., accountant, 2 Wingrove Gardens
Irvine, W., 16 Gainsborough Drive
Irvine, W. H., 25 Sunningdale Park North
Irvine, W. J., Whitecross, Stockman's Lane
Irvine, W. J., J.P., Picture Restorer and Framer, 38 Ann Street; res., Redhall, Bangor
Irving, A. S., 7 Thornhill Park
Irving, James, 9 Stockman's Lane
Irving, Jos., laundry, 15 Twickenham Street
Irwin, Alexander, painter, 6 Artana Street
Irwin, Amelia, 146 Shankill Road
Irwin, A., clerk, 10 Clifton Drive
Irwin, A., J.P., 123 Marlborough Park Central
Irwin, A. H. M., civil servant, 45 Cherryvalley Park
Irwin, A. J., 11 Shandarragh Park
Irwin & Campbell, warehouseman, 18 Hill Street
Irwin, C., confectioner, 44 Gilnahirk Road
Irwin, Daniel, 75 Mountcollyer Street
Irwin, David, carpenter, 49 Agincourt Avenue
Irwin, David, traveller, 8 Knockbreda Gardens
Irwin, David, grocer, 385 Lisburn Road
Irwin, David N., com. artist, 16 Greenville Road
Irwin, D., tea agent, 5 College Square East
Irwin, D., grocer, 28 Moore Street
Irwin, Edmund, 28 Harberton Park
Irwin, E. W., sheet metal worker, 83 Rugby Avenue
Irwin, F. H., 35 Belmont Park
Irwin, F. K., 48 Green Road
Irwin, F. S. T., bank official, 44 Salisbury Avenue
Irwin, George, 12 Ravenhill Gardens
Irwin, Geo. Alex., clerk, 17 Mount Prospect Park
Irwin, George, 73 Castlereagh Street
Irwin, Gilbert, driver, 35 Ava Park
Irwin, Hamilton, 116 Joanmount Gardens
Irwin, Herbert M., 15 Harberton Park
Irwin, Hugh J., clerk, 124 My Lady's Road
Irwin, H., glazier, 78 Roden Street
Irwin, H. E., civil servant, Whitecroft, Edgecumbe Gardens
Irwin, James, electrician, 171 Lodge Road New
Irwin, James, 49 Sandhurst Drive
Irwin, James, 13 University Street
Irwin, James, 49 Stockman's Lane
Irwin, James, 1 Eglantine Avenue
Irwin, James F., D.I., R.U.C., 3 Greenview Park
Irwin, James R., 74 Loopland Gardens
Irwin, John, 642 Crumlin Road
Irwin, John, 2 Rugby Street
Irwin, John, butcher, 258 Crumlin Road
Irwin, John, baker, 27 Agincourt Street
Irwin, John, poultry food merchant, 71-75 Academy Street and 35 Exchange Street
Irwin, John, fitter, 106 Ardenlee Avenue
Irwin, John, bread server, 235 Ballysillan Road
Irwin, Joseph W., 5 Balmoral Gardens
Irwin, Joshua, 13 Kingsmere Avenue
Irwin, J., flesher, 689 Oldpark Road
Irwin, J., 52 Priory Park
Irwin, J., tobacconist, 4 Castlereagh Street
Irwin, J., Ltd., agent, 78 May Street
Irwin, J. A., 8 College Park East
Irwin, J. A., R.U.C., 24 Pommern Parade
Irwin, J. C., mason, 10 Cliftonville Parade
Irwin, J. E., clerk, 12 Dunluce Avenue
Irwin, J. L., teacher, 72 Lansdowne Park
Irwin, J. R., & T., Ltd., linen manufacturers, 12 Linen Hall Street
Irwin, Lewis, sergt. R.U.C., 21 Joanmount Park
Irwin, Mary, 6 Bedeque Street
Irwin, Miss, home bakery, 152 Queen Street North
Irwin, Miss A., 40 Thorndale Avenue
Irwin, Miss Martha, 86 Donnybrook Street
Irwin, Miss S., 37 Camden Street
Irwin, Mrs., 11 Rosapenna Parade
Irwin, Mrs., 141 Parkgate Avenue
Irwin, Mrs., school teacher, 44 Deramore Avenue
Irwin, Mrs., 12 Kingsway Avenue
Irwin, Mrs., 112 Deerpark Road
Irwin, Mrs., 63 Tildarg Street
Irwin, Mrs., 247 Ravenhill Avenue
Irwin, Mrs., 18 Sandhurst Drive
Irwin, Mrs., 422 Lisburn Road
Irwin, Mrs., 44 Deramore Avenue
Irwin, Mrs. A., 29 Ashgrove Park
Irwin, Mrs. Elizabeth, 44 My Lady's Road
Irwin, Mrs. E., 54 Eglantine Avenue
Irwin, Mrs. E., 14 Weston Drive
Irwin, Mrs. E., 114 Rosebery Road
Irwin, Mrs. E., 21 Eglantine Avenue
Irwin, Mrs. E., 78 Ravenhill Park
Irwin, Mrs. F. C. R., 7 Upton Avenue
Irwin, Mrs. Margaret, 117 The Mount
Irwin, Mrs. M., 187 Deerpark Road
Irwin, Mrs. S. M., draper, 49 Cavehill Road Old
Irwin, M., studio, 9 College Street
Irwin, M. M., 313 Antrim Road
Irwin, Robert, 10 Ardmore Park South
Irwin, Robert, grocer, 2 Henryville Street
Irwin, Robert, grocer, 10 Shamrock Street
Irwin, Robert, Netherleigh Cottages, Massey Avenue
Irwin, R. G., 39 Cabin Hill Park
Irwin, R. J., merchant tailor, 163 North Street
Irwin, Sergt., R.U.C., 45 Marina Park
Irwin, S., Corporation official, 20 Dunowen Gardens
Irwin, S., 40 Bloomfield Road
Irwin, S. T., M.B., surgeon, 29 University Square
Irwin, Thomas, rivetter, 90 Tower Street
Irwin, Thomas, manager, 7 St. John's Park
Irwin, Thomas, tobacco worker, 47 Moyola Street
Irwin, Thomas L., 286 Ballysillan Road
Irwin, T., 4 Norwood Park
Irwin, T. A., 4 Cranmore Gardens
Irwin, T. C., Postal official, 32 Ravensdene Crescent
Irwin, T. C., 17 Orangefield Crescent
Irwin, T. G., 76 Cromwell Road
Irwin, T. H., manager, 33 Windsor Avenue Lower
Irwin, T. R. V., M.D., 41 Malone Hill Park
Irwin, Wallace, 15 Ormiston Park
Irwin, William, civil servant, 9 Fortwilliam Park
Irwin, William, draper, 137-141 North Street
Irwin, William, clerk, 5 Henrietta Street
Irwin, William, 205 Ravenhill Avenue
Irwin, William, R.U.C., 30 Windsor Avenue Lower
Irwin, Wm., coppersmith, 1 Sydenham Gardens
Irwin, W., 59 Dunlambert Park
Irwin, W., clerk, 667 Oldpark Road
Irwin, W. C., joiner, 5 Marlborough Park North
Irwin, W. C., 11 Ashdene Drive
Irwin, W. G., fruiterer, 244 Albert Bridge Road
Irwin, W. H., 68 Bawnmore Road
Irwin, W. H., wholesale confectioner, 11 Balmoral Gardens
Irwin, W. H., & Co., wholesale confectioners, 3-5 Commercial Court
Irwin, W. J., driver, 4 Century Street
Irwin, W. J., warehouseman, 30 Westland Road
Irwin, W. P. D., F.C.T.S., teacher in commerce, 33 Botanic Avenue
Irwin, W. T., 33 Holland Crescent
Irwin's Cash Stores, 31-33 Cherryville Street
Irwin's Pharmacy Ltd., 35 Victoria Street Great
Irwine, James, solicitor, 2 Donegall Square East
Irwine, M., 19 Willesden Park
Isaacs, B., 18 Malone Park
Isaacson, Samuel, 29 Salisbury Avenue
Isabelle, ladies' and children's wear, 449 Lisburn Road
Isabeal, (The Cake Shop), 10-12 Wellington Street
Isle of Man Steampacket Co. Ltd., 8 Victoria Street
Ivers, H. C., 50 Knockvale Park
Ivers, J. J., 11 Orpen Road, Finaghy
Ives, George, 19a Hillfoot Street
Ivory, Mrs. Mary, 7 Norfolk Drive
Ivory, Thomas, teacher, 24 Norfolk Drive
Ivy Billiard and Dance Hall, 79 Ravenhill Road
I.O.R. Rescue Tent Hall, 42 Kensington Street


Jas Linen Stores (The), 50 Arthur Street Upper
Jack, com. agent, 15 Station Street
Jack, A., printer, 72 Haypark Avenue
Jack, A. P., agent, 5 Bedford Street
Jack, A. P., agent, 36 Stranmillis Park
Jack, David, clock maker, 32 Pretoria Street
Jack, David, shop assistant, 21 Pottinger Street
Jack, James, fish monger, 23 Larkfield Road
Jack, John, clerk, 81 Alexandra Park Avenue
Jack, John H., 121 Holywood Road
Jack, Robert, grocer, 100 Euston Street
Jack, W. A., suptd., 40 Queensberry Park
Jackman, Mrs., 247 Albert Bridge Road
Jack's Furniture Shop, 67 Victoria Street Great
Jackson, Albert, engineer, 31 Florida Drive
Jackson, Alex., 1a Loopland Park
Jackson, Alex., bread server, 17 Cicero Gardens
Jackson, Alfred, sign and glass writer, 29 Vicinage Park
Jackson, Allen, shoe maker, 60 Cheviot Avenue
Jackson, A. E. B., 11 Bladon Drive
Jackson, hatters, 164 North Street
Jackson & Co., 40 Gordon Street
Jackson & Co., painters, 20 Castlereagh Street
Jackson, C., french polisher, 14 Loopland Road
Jackson, Rev. C., M.C., B.Sc., 26 Elmwood Avenue
Jackson, David, 5 Mount Eden Park
Jackson, D., salesman, 36 Ardmore Park
Jackson Electric Stove Co., Ltd. (The), (R. Garmany, agent), 33 Queen Street
Jackson, E., civil servant, 17 Stranmillis Park
Jackson, E. R., manager, 334 Ravenhill Road
Jackson, E. S. E., 60 Castle Hill Gardens
Jackson, Fred., 1 Esmond Street
Jackson, F., 11 Deerpark Road
Jackson, George, linen trade, 44 Loopland Drive
Jackson, Henry, & Co., Ltd., linen manufacturers, 21 James Street South
Jackson, Hugh, book binder, 3 Manor Drive
Jackson, H., 4 Cabin Hill Park
Jackson, H. M., 956 Crumlin Road
Jackson, James, manager, 25 Woodvale Parade
Jackson, James, 400 Ravenhill Road
Jackson, James, R.U.C., 441 Springfield Road
Jackson, James C., engineer, 52 Melrose Street
Jackson, Jas. C., master mariner, 82 Skegoneill Avenue
Jackson, John, 46 Deerpark Road
Jackson, John, window blind maker, 189 Sandy Row
Jackson, John, 122 Rosebery Road
Jackson, John, clerk, 99 Deerpark Road
Jackson, John, traveller, 84 Barnett's Road
Jackson, John E., 22 Clanroy Parade
Jackson, Joseph, 29 Castlereagh Place
Jackson, Joseph, traveller, 99 Deramore Avenue
Jackson, Joseph, clerk, 49 Lansdowne Park
Jackson, J., hairdresser, 47a Donegall Place
Jackson, J., 65 Ligoniel Road
Jackson, J., Knocknagoney Road
Jackson, J., R.U.C., 14 Skegoneill Drive
Jackson, J., 7 Sans Souci Park
Jackson, J. B., tobacconist, 318 Lodge Road Old
Jackson, J. C., 184 Ballygomartin Road
Jackson, J. H., outfitter, 18 Kingsmere Avenue
Jackson, J. H., manager, 52 Denorrton Park
Jackson, Miss, 11 Manor Drive
Jackson, Miss, confectioner, 52a Glandore Avenue
Jackson, Miss, 156 Newtownards Road Upper
Jackson, Miss A. J., 28 Tate's Avenue
Jackson, Miss B., 24 Shandon Park
Jackson, Miss C. M., 131 Ormeau Road
Jackson, Miss E., 1 Chichester Avenue
Jackson, Miss J. E., 95 Skegoneill Avenue
Jackson, The Misses, 8 Derryvolgie Avenue
Jackson, Mrs., 11 Tate's Avenue
Jackson, Mrs., nurse, 30 Bloomfield Avenue
Jackson, Mrs., 23 Wingrove Gardens
Jackson, Mrs., 38 Fitzwilliam Street
Jackson, Mrs. Alice, 10 Victoria Gardens
Jackson, Mrs. Annie, 93-95 Crimea Street
Jackson, Miss Annie, 80 Edinburgh Street
Jackson, Mrs. Elenor, 155 University Street
Jackson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 160 North Road
Jackson, Mrs. H., 111 South Parade
Jackson, Mrs. H. A., 529 Ormeau Road
Jackson, Mrs. K., 30 Ladas Drive
Jackson, Mrs. K. E., 3 Loopland Park
Jackson, Mrs. M., Glenvale Lodge, Glen Road
Jackson, Mrs. Rose, 37 Fairview Street
Jackson, Mrs. S., 94 Wellesley Avenue
Jackson, M., 163 Rosebery Road
Jackson, M., & Co., chartered accountants, ?0 (6) Arthur Street
Jackson, M. M., designer, 236 Ravenhill Road
Jackson, McCann, & Co., chartered accountants, Moore House, 19 Donegall Place
Jackson, Noel, 40 Deramore Drive
Jackson, Norman, linen business, 9 Belmont Church Road
Jackson, N. William, 34 Kimberley Street
Jackson, Orr, baker, 167 Alliance Avenue
Jackson, Robert, 113 Donegall Pass
Jackson, Robert, cutter, 5 Chief Street
Jackson, R., 170 Grand Parade
Jackson, R., 46 Malone Avenue
Jackson, R., plumber, 171a Shankill Road
Jackson, R. G., clerk, The Maples, Finaghy Road North
Jackson, R. J., lamp lighter, 47 Willowfield Street
Jackson, R. J., 21 Rosetta Park
Jackson, Samuel, bread server, 331 Ormeau Road
Jackson, Samuel, 66 Melrose Street
Jackson, Samuel A., shipwright, 56 Pommern Parade
Jackson, Samuel, & Son, drapers, 122 North Street
Jackson, Samuel F., 21 Myrtlefield Park
Jackson, Stanley, M.P.S., Ph.C., 4 Ravenhill Avenue
Jackson, Sydney H., chartered accountant, 25 Derryvolgie Avenue
Jackson, S., tailor, 29 Agnes Street
Jackson, S. McR., fitter, 8 Frank Street Upper
Jackson, S. R., traveller, 434 Ravenhill Road
Jackson, Thomas, boot maker, 436 Newtownards Road
Jackson, Thomas, 2 Clifton Crescent
Jackson, Thomas, 20 Canterbury Street
Jackson, Thomas, machinist, 25 Albion Street
Jackson, Thos., sheet metal worker, 51 Formby Park
Jackson, T., 80 Skegoneill Avenue
Jackson, William, tailor, 152 Lodge Road Old
Jackson, William, 24 Eia Street
Jackson, William, 19 Thalia Street
Jackson, William, printer, 19 Vernon Street
Jackson, William, M.S.C., 120 Balmoral Avenue
Jackson, W., draper, 126 Cavehill Road
Jackson, W., painter, 20 Stormount Lane
Jackson, W., tram conductor, 22 Wallasey Park
Jackson, W., draper, 35 Waterloo Gardens
Jackson, W. G., M.D., 520 Antrim Road
Jackson, W. H., salesman, 67 Oldpark Road
Jackson, W. H., 66 Shandon Park
Jackson, Dr. W. J., 57 Ligoniel Road
Jackson, W. J., postal official, 388 Cregagh Road
Jackson, W. J., watchman, 6 Prim Street
Jackson, W. J., 44 Ashgrove Park
Jackson, W. J., dairyman, 296-298 Newtownards Road Upper
Jackson's, outfitters, 76-78 North Street
Jackson's, Ltd., hatters, outfitters, and boot merchants, 5 High Street and branches
Jacob, W. & R., & Co. (Liverpool), Ltd., biscuit manufacturers, 107-115 Grosvenor Road
Jacobs & Co., clothiers, 71 Smithfield
Jacobs, L., draper, 124 (13) Donegall Street
Jacobs, R. C., 46 Dorchester Park
Jacoby, John, Ltd., handkerchief manufacturers, 5a Linen Hall Street
Jaffe P.E. School, 4 Cliftonville Road
Jaffries, Samuel, 7 Luxor Gardens
Jagers, H., R.U.C., 43 Blenheim Drive
Jagoe, L. B., civil servant, 27 Cherryvalley Gardens
James, A., grocer, 26-28 Blythe Street
James, Charles W., F.A.I., 28 Cheltenham Park
James, Frank, director, 9 Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
James, Henry, wholesale merchant, 470 Newtownards Road Upper
James, ?, house furnisher, 14 Oldpark Road
James, H., fish monger, 332 Woodstock Road
James, H., fish merchant, 194 Duncairn Gardens
James, John, joiner, 11 St. James's Parade
James, Miss A., grocer, 42 Killowen Street
James, Robert, 92 Lisburn Road
James, Robert, 7 Kilhorne Gardens
James, Thomas E., 94 Earlswood Road
James, Wm., L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 93 Victoria Street Great
James, W. S., & Co., Oil Blenders and Mill Furnishers, 51a Camden Street, 13 Fitzwilliam Street; res., 64 Eglantine Avenue
James, W. T., evangelist, 51 Victoria Gardens
James, Hand Tailors to Ladies and Gentlemen, 9 Lombard Street
James, Boys' and Men's Clothing, Schools' Outfitters, 19-21 Lombard Street
Jameson, Alex., 28 Graymount Crescent
Jameson, Francis, 25 Ashley Avenue
Jameson, George, dealer, 1 Kells Street
Jameson, Henry, foreman, 167 Orby Drive
Jameson, Jeannie, 25 Castlereagh Street
Jameson, J., 6 Brougham Street
Jameson, Rev. J. B., 75 South Parade
Jameson, Mrs., 1 Southport Street
Jameson, Mrs. E. M., 5 Tate's Avenue
Jameson, Oswald & H., painting contractors, 142 Cullingtree Road
Jameson, P. T. E., agent, 40 Donegall Street
Jameson, Robert, 2 Seaview Terrace, Shore Road
Jameson, Robert, 7 Deramore Gardens
Jameson, Robert, R.U.C., 178 Deerpark Road
Jameson, S. D., estate agent, Glencairn, Circular Road (South End)
Jameson, S. D., & Co., estate, insurance agents, and property valuers, 20-22 Howard Street
Jameson, T. O'N., teacher, Clonallon, Finaghy Park South
Jameson, William Robert, fitter, 19 Ethel Street
Jamieson, Aaron, 28 Loopland Gardens
Jamieson, H., traveller, 14 Stormont Park
Jamieson, H., secretary, 151 King's Road
Jamieson, J., van man, 9 My Lady's Road
Jamieson, Miss, 39 Hawthornden Road
Jamieson, Miss Isabella, 43 Ethel Street
Jamieson, Mrs., 17 Wellington Park Avenue
Jamieson, Mrs. Emily, 15 Belmont Road
Jamieson, The Misses, 221 Ravenhill Road
Jamieson, M., draughtsman, 26 Manna Grove
Jamieson, R., clerk, 1 Delaware Street
Jamieson, Thomas J., 4 Wandsworth Place
Jamieson, Thos., traveller, 38 College Park Avenue
Jamieson, W. A., 18 South Parade
Jamison, Alex., 15 Willowholme Street
Jamison, Alex., clerk, 8 Somerton Park
Jamison, Andrew, carrier, 52 Ashley Avenue
Jamison, A., 6 Sans Souci Park
Jamison, A., clerk, 53 Tildarg Street
Jamison, A., G.P.O., 402 Castlereagh Road
Jamison, A., jeweller, 125 Newtownards Road
Jamison, A., carrier, 62 Clyde Street
Jamison, A., 13 Kensington Drive
Jamison, A. A., 190 Newtownards Road Upper
Jamison, C. R. A., clerk, 11 Victoria Gardens
Jamison, David, shipwright, 82 Dundela Avenue
Jamison, David, 193 Sandown Road
Jamison, D., excise officer, 14 Ormiston Crescent
Jamison & Green, iron, steel, and hardware merchants, 102 Ann Street
Jamison, Ida, confectioner, 93 Manor Street
Jamison, James, 108 Connsbrook Avenue
Jamison, James, 192 Orby Drive
Jamison, James, 51 Sandhurst Gardens
Jamison, James A., R.U.C., 50 Onslow Gardens
Jamison, Joan E., 12 Rosemount Gardens
Jamison, John, 1 Alliance Avenue
Jamison, John T., bread server, 9 Timbey Park
Jamison, J., 5 Priory Park
Jamison, J., J.P., 9 Rugby Street
Jamison, J., 10 Bryson Street
Jamison, J. B., chemist, 58 Sandy Row
Jamison, J., & Son, Ltd., stone merchants, 57a College Park Avenue
Jamison, Dr. J. N., 40 Shankill Road; res., 18 Cleaver Park
Jamison, Lewis A., caretaker, 65 Ann Street
Jamison, Mary K., 30 Glen Road
Jamison, Miss, 106 Madrid Street
Jamison, The Misses, 20 Cavehill Road Old
Jamison, Mrs., 1 Knockdene Park South
Jamison, Mrs. E., 39 Haddington Gardens
Jamison, Mrs. M., 8 Alexandra Park Avenue
Jamison, Mrs. M., 18 Hutchinson Street
Jamison, Mrs. M. E., 14 Annalee Street
Jamison, P. B., manager, 40 Balmoral Avenue
Jamison, Robert, watchman, 19 Dunraven Avenue
Jamison, Robert, conductor, 132 Ardpatrick Gardens
Jamison, Robert, clerk, 70 Serpentine Road
Jamison, Robert, confectioner, 371 Donegall Road
Jamison, Robert, R.U.C., 97 Cavehill Road
Jamison, Samuel, cashier, 18 Mount Merrion Avenue
Jamison, S., foreman, 17 Castlereagh Street
Jamison, Rev. S. R., 111 Malone Avenue
Jamison, Thomas B., 105 Knockbreda Road
Jamison, Thos., iron turner, 127 Joanmount Gardens
Jamison, T., 8 Rosebank, Newtownards Road Upper
Jamison, William, bus conductor, 9 Loopland Road
Jamison, William, 128 Templemore Avenue
Jamison, Wm., stone merchant, 21 Knockbreda Park
Jamison, Wm. Jas., painter, 34 Henderson Avenue
Jamison, W., 1 Knockdene Park North
Jamison, W. H., salesman, 14 Wandsworth Place
Jannssens, Madame, 86 Balmoral Avenue
Jansen, Adoll, artist, 21 Brunswick Street
Jardin, Andrew, iron turner, 8 Elm Street
Jardin, Mrs. Sylvia, 5 Tivoli Gardens
Jardin, W., contractor, 479 Springfield Road
Jardine, A., clerk, 24 Donegall Park
Jardine, G. W., 58 Green Road
Jardine, J., agent, 72 (10) Castle Street
Jardine, Mrs. Margaret, 16 Rathgar Street
Jardine, M., 52 Adelaide Avenue
Jardine, Pastor, 35 Clonlee Drive
Jarman, Miss A. J., 17 Sunningdale Park North
Jarrett, A. E., 22 Pacific Avenue
Jasper, Mrs. M. L., 240 Stranmillis Road
Javens, J. L., jeweller, 13 Loopland Road
Jay Millinery, 82 Royal Avenue
Jay, N., com. agent, 179 Cromac Street and 1-3 Ormeau Avenue
J.C. Vulcanizing Tyres Co., 23 Linen Hall Street
Jeanne's Cake Shop, 22 Arthur Street
Jeannie, dressmaker, 45 Fountain Street
Jebb, Alex., conductor, 25 Twaddell Avenue
Jebb, E. A., store yard, 2a Selby Street
Jebb, E. A., grocer, 51 Distillery Street
Jebb, G. A., R.U.C., 7 Somerton Gardens
Jebb, J., R.U.C., 21 Isadore Avenue
Jebb, J. T., carrier, 11 Knockburn Park
Jebb, S., house repairer, 1 Willesden Park
Jebb, William, civil servant, 8 Dundela Gardens
Jeffers, A., 182 Cliftonville Road
Jeffers, George, electrician, 15 Castleview Terrace
Jeffers, George, railway official, 14 Finaghy Park
Jeffers, Hector, warder, 36 Clifton Drive
Jeffers, I., 83 London Road
Jeffers, J., 68 Sunningdale Park
Jeffers, James A., insurance official, 82 Barnett's Road
Jeffers, J., joiner, 14 Pommern Parade
Jeffers, J., caretaker, 13 Donegall Square North
Jeffers, Mrs. Fanny, 46 Cherryvalley Gardens
Jeffers, Mrs. Hilda S., 123 Ulsterville Avenue
Jeffers, Mrs. L. M., 38 Denorrton Park
Jeffers, Mrs. W., 46 Florida Drive
Jeffers, Richard, chemist, 20 Dunkeld Gardens
Jeffers, Robert, 151 Orby Drive
Jeffers, R. C., chemist, 64 Falls Road
Jeffers, R. H., director, 12 Cooldarragh Park
Jeffers, S., 2 Cappy Street
Jeffers, Thomas, bus conductor, 15 Willowholme Drive
Jeffers, W. J., sheet metal worker, 12 Reid Street
Jeffers, W. J., builder, 243 Castlereagh Road
Jefferson, Albert E., spirit merchant, 64 Templemore Avenue
Jefferson, Alex., linen merchant, 3 Cavehill Road Old
Jefferson, C. & H., solicitors, 11 Wellington Place
Jefferson, E., 495 Newtownards Road Upper
Jefferson, G. F., traveller, 97 University Avenue
Jefferson, Herbert, manager, Brooklyn, Circular Road South
Jefferson, H., solicitor, 6 Alexandra Gardens
Jefferson, H. L. S., solicitor, 312 Belmont Road
Jefferson, Jane D. C., M.B., B.Ch., 312 Belmont Road
Jefferson, Miss, 5 Windsor Road
Jefferson, Misses F. & V., 91 Newtownards Road Upper
Jefferson, Mrs., 102 Tower Street
Jefferson, Mrs., 11 Chadwick Street
Jefferson, Mrs. A., 45 College Park Avenue
Jefferson, Mrs. S., 10 Athol Street
Jefferson, Robt., stereotyper, 10 Marsden Gardens
Jefferson, W., 7 Deramore Street
Jefferson, W. J., J.P., 144 Malone Road
Jefferson, W. J., 27 Lawrence Street
Jeffrey, David, soldier, 163 Alliance Avenue
Jeffrey, David, 10 Orby Parade
Jeffrey, David, managing director, 27 Derryvolgie Avenue
Jeffrey, Henry, 11 Cherryvalley Gardens
Jeffrey, John, 55 Malone Avenue
Jeffrey, John, saddler, 65 Ravenhill Park
Jeffrey, J., flax dresser, 17 Cambridge Street
Jeffrey, J. A., draughtsman, 26 Ardpatrick Gardens
Jeffrey, Major, 123 Ormeau Road
Jeffrey, Mrs., 39 Ava Drive
Jeffrey, Mrs. Margt., Avonlea (2) Diamond Gardens
Jeffrey, Richard, 24 Ophir Gardens
Jeffrey, Samuel, 3 Grampian Street
Jeffrey, Samuel, R.U.C., 54 Pommern Parade
Jeffrey, Thomas, engineer, 3 Locksley Gardens
Jeffrey, T., pawn broker, 24 Yarrow Street
Jeffrey, T. J., King's Road
Jeffrey, William, clerk, 16 Gibson Park Gardens
Jeffrey, William, & Co., leather goods, etc., 69 High Street
Jeffrey, William R., baker, 104 Madrid Street
Jeffrey, William T., plumber, 7 Frank Street
Jeffrey, W., bookkeeper, 40 Madison Avenue
Jeffreys, J., merchant, Everton House, Diamond Gardens
Jeffreys, W., 32 Cabin Hill Gardens
Jeffries, A., linen lapper, 41 St. Jude's Crescent
Jeffries, Fred., warehouseman, 12 Artana Street
Jeffries, F. E., nurses' outfit maker, 158 Cromac Street
Jeffries, Henry, insurance agent, 39 Ladas Drive
Jeffries, Mrs., 48 Cheltenham Park
Jeffs, Miss, 11 Rosepark, Newtownards Road Upper
Jellie, Robert, R.U.C., 53 Chadwick Street
Jelly, A., tailor, 25 Glenbrook Avenue
Jelly, James, 26 Rathgar Street
Jemphrey, D. S., engineer, 50 Victoria Gardens
Jemphrey, T. H., 6 Harberton Avenue
Jenkins, Alfred, electrical engineer, 43 Onslow Gardens
Jenkins, A., 27 Cranmore Gardens
Jenkins, Charles, 518 Falls Road
Jenkins, D., assistant manager, 1 Tokio Gardens
Jenkins, Professor D. W. T., 4 Sharman Road
Jenkins, E. L., milliner and draper, 349 Woodstock Road
Jenkins, Frank, 283 Donegall Road
Jenkins, F. P., 18 Eia Street
Jenkins, George D., director, 5 Fortwilliam Drive
Jenkins, James, hairdresser, 544 Donegall Road
Jenkins, James, traveller, 24 Windermere Gardens
Jenkins, James, 34 Manor Street
Jenkins, James J., 42 Beechmount Street
Jenkins, J. C., tea agent, 51 Ann Street
Jenkins, Mrs., 204 Ormeau Road
Jenkins, Mrs. Agnes, 49 Loopland Drive
Jenkins, Mrs. G., 18 Florida Street
Jenkins, Mrs. Jane, 33 Mountcollyer Avenue
Jenkins, Richard, clerk, 252 Donegall Road
Jenkins, Richard, 12 Fortwilliam Crescent
Jenkins, Robert, clerk, 123 Henderson Avenue
Jenkins, Samuel, 73 Castlereagh Road
Jenkins, Sarah, draper, 87 Ravenhill Road
Jenkins, S., joiner, 84 Loopland Park
Jenkins, Thomas, 568 Shore Road
Jenkins, Thomas, tailor, 18 Beechmount Street
Jenkins, William, inspector, 588 Oldpark Road
Jenkins, William, mechanic, Quarry Road
Jenkins, William P., labourer, 11 Burmah Street
Jenkins, W. J., & Co. (Belfast), Ltd., handkerchief, fancy linen and blouse manufacturers, 58-60 Bedford Street
Jenkinson, G., 7 Gibson Park Gardens
Jenkinson, Henry, & Co., accountants, 58 (7) Howard Street
Jenkinson, H., cutter, 41 Carlisle Street
Jenkinson, Mrs. A., 21 Glandore Gardens
Jenks, B. A., traveller, 634 Crumlin Road
Jennett, James A., traveller, 18 Blenheim Drive
Jennett, Robert, wood cutter, 27 Hillsborough Parade
Jennie, Miss, 86 Joy Street
Jenning, Ann, grocer, 67 Abyssinia Street
Jennings, A. E., mechanic, 51 Pretoria Street
Jennings, D. C. B., Deputy Police Commissioner, 98 Earlswood Road
Jennings, Edward, 146 Agnes Street
Jennings, Ed., driver, 33 Windsor Drive
Jennings, G. W., engineer, 36 Ardenlee Gardens
Jennings, John, traveller, 42 Rosevale Street
Jennings, John, 18 Perth Street
Jennings, John, attendant, 26 Southport Street
Jennings, Joseph, agent, 13 St. James's Avenue
Jennings, J., 42 Knockvale Park
Jennings, Miss Emily, 124 Madrid Street
Jennings, Mrs., 8 Dee Street
Jennings, Mrs. Elizabeth, 40 Pacific Avenue
Jennings, Mrs. Sarah, 78 Templemore Avenue
Jennings, Samuel, grocer, 9 Brookhill Avenue
Jennings, Samuel, grocer, 21 Westland Road
Jennings, W. T., bank official, 18 Cabinhill Park
Jennings, ?, electrical engineers, 2a Deramore Avenue
Jennions, William, 34 Thornhill Park
Jennymount Methodist Chur5ch, 222 Queen Street North
Jennymount Post Office, 3 Limestone Road
Jensen, Jack, radio electrical, 10 Clonlee Drive
Jenson, S., draughtsman, 43 Oakland Avenue
Jerome, Ltd., photographers, 23 High Street
Jersey Dairy, 13 Lisburn Road and 85 Cregagh Road
Jervis, Hugh, fitter, 66 Kimberley Street
Jervis, J., plater, 79 Chadwick Street
Jervis, Mrs., 13 Pakenham Street
Jervis, Robert, 14 Agincourt Street
Jess, George, 64 Sandhurst Gardens
Jess, J. A., traveller, 12 Clifton Crescent
Jess, Miss E., stationer, 13 Donegall Road
Jinks, F. H., clerk, 33 Orby Drive
Joan, florist, 26 Chichester Street
Job, J. H., provision merchant, 449 and 150 Newtownards Road
Joblin, R., ship surveyor, 28 Somerton Park
Joe's, confectioner, 98 Cromac Street
Joe's Snackery, 108 Donegall Street
Johansen, H. A., 39 Wandsworth Parade
John White Memorial Congregational Church, 112 Tennent Street
John White P.E. School, 104 Matchett Street
Johns, Elliot & Johns, solicitors, 11 Lombard Street
Johns, John, 195 Ravenhill Road
Johns, J., 37 Deramore Avenue
Johnson, Abraham, & Son, stock brokers, 6 Waring Street
Johnson, A., 13 Knockbreda Park
Johnson, Dr. A., Redlands, Bloomfield Avenue
Johnson, A. D., civil engineer, 8 Strathmore Park
Johnson Bros. Ltd., dyers and cleaners, 17 Bradbury Place and branches
Johnson Bros. (Belfast), Ltd., underclothing manufacturers, 341 Albert Bridge Road
Johnson Bros., & Wilson, Ltd., heating and electrical engineers, 59-61 Ravenhill Road
Johnson & Co., hardware merchants, 59 Victoria Street Great
Johnson, C. F., 17 Cadogan Drive
Johnson, C. M., 11 Bloomfield Gardens
Johnson, David, waiter, 136a Madrid Street
Johnson, Dermot P., Carrigoon, Tweskard Park
Johnson, D., waiter, 32 Lincoln Avenue
Johnson, Ed., barman, 4 Cuan Parade (Cluan?)
Johnson, E. W., clerk, 42 Sydenham Park
Johnson, George E., heating specialists, 196 Ravenhill Road
Johnson, Henry, M.P.S.I., 37 Alliance Avenue
Johnson, Herbert, mechanic, 87 Rushfield Avenue
Johnson, H., 2 Glenbrook Terrace, Shore Road
Johnson, James, civil servant, 13 Wingrove Gardens
Johnson, John, solicitor and commissioner for oaths, 11a Chichester Street
Johnson, John C., 65 Shandon Park
Johnson, John M., furniture remover, 178 Malone Road
Johnson, John, & Sons, Ltd., Linen Manufacturers, 47 Linfield Road
Johnson, John W., 64 Fortwilliam Crescent
Johnson, Joseph, advertising agent, Glenfarlough Cottages, Cairnburn Road
Johnson, J., wholesale stationer, 24-30 William Street South
Johnson, J., R.U.C., 10 Loopland Crescent
Johnson, J. W., 26 Skegoneill Avenue
Johnson, Miss, 45 (1) Malone Road
Johnson, Miss H., 18 Ballygomartin Road
Johnson, Miss M. F., 16 Malone Road
Johnson, Mrs., 76 Belmont Church Road
Johnson, Mrs., 1 Camden Street
Johnson, Mrs., 15 Windsor Park
Johnson, Mrs. C., 4 Lisburn Road
Johnson, Mrs. E., 1 University Road
Johnson, Mrs. E., 27 Claremont Street
Johnson, Mrs. F. M., 177 Castlereagh Road
Johnson, Mrs. H., 25 Newington Avenue
Johnson, Mrs. M., 131 Woodstock Road
Johnson, Richard, 3-5 University Road
Johnson, Robert, clerk, 39 Vernon Street
Johnson, Ruth, 324 Ballysillan Road
Johnson, R., porter, 27 Carlisle Street
Johnson, R. S., naval architect, 1 Hawthornden Park
Johnson, Samuel, 20 Bramcote Street
Johnson, Thos., & Sons, Ltd., Furniture Removers and Funeral Furnishers, 39-45 Bedford Street and branches
Johnson, T. B., Hillhead, Newforge
Johnson, T. G., 12 Ravenhill Crescent
Johnson, William, 48 Hopefield Avenue
Johnson, William, 144 Rosebery Road
Johnson, William, postman, 134 Ulsterville Avenue
Johnson, William A., clerk, 7 Harcourt Drive
Johnson, W. R. C. G., stock broker, 19 Malone Avenue
Johnston, Agnes, 2 Parkview Terrace, Bray Street
Johnston, Albert E., warder, 52 Southport Street
Johnston, Albert J., 33 Ballysillan Road
Johnston, Alex., butcher, 60-62 Albert Street
Johnston, Alex., 14 Harleston Street
Johnston, Alfred, 68 Shandon Gardens
Johnston, Alfred, butcher, 131-133 Stranmillis Road
Johnston, Annie, confectioner, 11 Albert Bridge Road
Johnston, Arthur J., clerk, 33 Grangeville Gardens
Johnston, A., 27 Shore Road
Johnston, A., butcher, 150 Queen Street North
Johnston, A., salesman, 26 Kingsway Avenue
Johnston, A., salesman, 70 Loopland Park
Johnston, A., baker, 38 Agincourt Avenue
Johnston, A., 134 Ravenhill Avenue
Johnston, A., 29 Westway Drive
Johnston, A., confectioner, 13 Shore Road
Johnston, A., clerk, 6 Wandsworth Road
Johnston, A., draper, 100-104 York Street
Johnston, A., fitter, 43 Joanmount Gardens
Johnston, A., 58 Sydenham Park
Johnston, A., butcher, 13 Ashfield Drive
Johnston, Bryan, insurance official, 29 Lansdowne Road
Johnston, B., grocer, 30 Tate's Avenue
Johnston, B., clerk, 46 Orby Drive
Johnston, Catherine, 58 Carlisle Street
Johnston, Cecil, architect, 34 Locksley Gardens
Johnston, Charles, 10 Ilchester Street
Johnston, Charles, wireman, 27 Richview Street
Johnston, Charles, 711 Antrim Road
Johnston, Charles, painter, 17 Pottinger Street
Johnston, Charles, bank official, 440 Oldpark Road
Johnston, Charles H., printer, 462 Crumlin Road
Johnston, Charles M., 37 King's Road
Johnston, Christie, & Keith, blouse manufacturers, 5 College Court
Johnston & Co., underwear and hosiery, 75 Royal Avenue
Johnston & Co., tobacconists, 95 Peter's Hill
Johnston & Co., hardware merchants, 59 Victoria Street Great
Johnston, ?, R.U.C., 25 Westway Drive
Johnston, C., 6 Crescent Lower
Johnston, C., grocer, 6 Belvoir Street
Johnston, C., clerk, 22 Clifton Crescent
Johnston, C., traveller, 16 Ballysillan Road
Johnston, C. A., 4 Hinsdale Park
Johnston, David, salesman, 55 University Road
Johnston, David, bread server, 2 Buller Street
Johnston, David, bread server, 95 The Mount
Johnston, David, 22 Cranmore Gardens
Johnston, David, cashier, 9 Cliftondene Gardens
Johnston, David, R.U.C., 683 Lisburn Road
Johnston, David, builder, 163 Lisburn Road
Johnston, David, inspector, 22 Edinburgh Street
Johnston, David, pilot, 69 Lansdowne Park
Johnston, David, & Co., Ltd., linen merchants and agents, 31 Franklin Street
Johnston, David J., fitter, 36 Loopland Road
Johnston, David M., accountant, 7 Ulsterville Gardens
Johnston, D., 34 Verner Street
Johnston, D., Tweskard Park
Johnston, D., insurance agent, 66 Wellesley Avenue
Johnston, D., 42 Denorrton Park
Johnston, D., grocer's assistant, 22 Sefton Park
Johnston, D. G., 9 Kilhorne Gardens
Johnston, D. J., herbalist, 239 Newtownards Road
Johnston, D. M., 10 Ava Gardens
Johnston, D. S., R.A.F., 31 Madison Avenue
Johnston, Edgar C. S., 41 Grangeville Gardens
Johnston, Edmund, fitter, 48 Alliance Crescent
Johnston, Edward, driver, 54 Glenside Parade
Johnston, Elizabeth, 4 Sandhill Gardens
Johnston, Elizabeth, 11 Whitla Street
Johnston, Ernest C., 12 Sharman Road
Johnston, E., engineer, 432 Lisburn Road
Johnston, E., traveller, 575 Oldpark Road
Johnston, E., 68 Woodvale Avenue
Johnston, E. G., insurance agent, 471 Oldpark Road
Johnston, Fredk., 243 Cregagh Road
Johnston, Fredk., engineer, 32 Willowbank Gardens
Johnston, Fredk., 3 Loopland Road
Johnston, Fredk., cashier, 32 Fitzroy Avenue
Johnston, Fredk. G., clerk, 24 Wheatfield Crescent
Johnston, F. J., corporate accountant, 46 Donegall Street
Johnston, F. J., coach builder, 10-12 Gamble Street
Johnston, F. L. M., 34 Westland Road
Johnston, George, builder, 7 Locksley Park
Johnston, George, 26 Reid Street
Johnston, George, driver, 15 Ardgreenan Crescent
Johnston, George, 29 Northwood Drive
Johnston, George, fitter, 100 Joanmount Park
Johnston, George C., 21 Orby Grove
Johnston, George, & Co., chartered accountants, 7 (61-65) Donegall Square West
Johnston, George F., R.U.C., 188 Ainsworth Avenue
Johnston, Geo., solicitor, Lynwood, Malone Park Central
Johnston, Col. Gordon, 17 Shrewsbury Gardens
Johnston, Graham, & Co., auditors and accountants, 11 Donegall Square South
Johnston, G., Carrisbrook, Lisburn Road
Johnston, G., chemist, 20 Orby Parade
Johnston, G. H., electrical contractor, 77 Union Street
Johnston, G. W., 20 Belgravia Avenue
Johnston, G. & W., builders, Diamond Avenue
Johnston, Hamilton, painter, 2 Brandon Terrace
Johnston, Hans, agent, 33 Hoylake Park
Johnston, Henry, plater, 80 Larkfield Road
Johnston, Henry, butler, 168 Roden Street
Johnston, Henry, & Co., furnishings, 2-4 Clarence Street
Johnston, Herbert, tyre agent, 177 Deerpark Road
Johnston, Hugh, coach painter, 601 Oldpark Road
Johnston, H., Quarry and Farm Tools, 4 College Square North
Johnston, H., sail maker, 14 Moyola Street
Johnston, H., draughtsman, 4 Ardgreenan Gardens
Johnston, H., R.U.C., 31 Parkgate Avenue
Johnston, H., bread server, 159 Ballygomartin Road
Johnston, H., chemist, 163 Lodge Road Old
Johnston, H., 15 Ebrington Gardens
Johnston, H. A., accountant and auditor, 13 (5-6) Ann Street
Johnston, H. J., F.L.A.A., A.I.S.A., 35 Royal Avenue
Johnston, H. J., civil servant, 3 Ormiston Parade
Johnston, Isaac, 24 Annalee Street
Johnston, Isaac, 40 Hatfield Street
Johnston, Isaac, tailor, 25 Salisbury Street
Johnston, Isaac, fitter, 44 Avonbeg Street
Johnston, James, postman, 278 Castlereagh Road
Johnston, James, sheet metal worker, 60 Sydenham Park
Johnston, James, driver, 54 Alliance Crescent
Johnston, James, Hainault, Finaghy Road North
Johnston, James, foreman, 680 Crumlin Road
Johnston, James, joiner, 27 Kimberley Drive
Johnston, James, caretaker, 102 Castlereagh Street
Johnston, James, 27 Ardenlee Gardens
Johnston, James, 17 Fitzroy Avenue
Johnston, James, 119 Deramore Avenue
Johnston, James, grocer, 43 Fox Street
Johnston, James, 4 Castle Gardens
Johnston, James, commissionaire, 17 Essex Street
Johnston, James, 44 Cabin Hill Gardens
Johnston, James, Linsfort, 180 Orby Drive
Johnston, James, joiner, 29 Court Street
Johnston, James, joiner, 121 Ardenlee Avenue
Johnston, James, electrical contractor, Hainault, Finaghy Road North
Johnston, James, butcher, 66 Sandy Row
Johnston, James, 12 Roseleigh Street
Johnston, James, Helenville, Mount Aboo Park
Johnston, James, 2 Kingsberry Park
Johnston, James, 27 Sandymount Street
Johnston, James, fitter, 129 Dunluce Avenue
Johnston, James, sawyer, 14 Wynford Street
Johnston, James, T.U. official, 148 Parkgate Avenue
Johnston, James, horse dealer, College Lane East
Johnston, James, 5 Brandon Terrace
Johnston, James, joiner, 532 Oldpark Road
Johnston, James, R.U.C., 8 Glandore Parade
Johnston, James A., inspector, 320 Shankill Road
Johnston, James A., 52 Balmoral Avenue
Johnston, James B., tenter, 23 Tudor Place
Johnston, James E., 8 College Park East
Johnston, James H., civil servant, 199 Sandown Road
Johnston, James H., agent, 39 Fitzwilliam Street
Johnston, James H., 8 Florence Place
Johnston, James, Ltd., flax merchants, 32-34 Donegall Street
Johnston, James, & Sons, insurance agents and cargo surveyors, 8 Waring Street
Johnston, Jean, baby linen, 205 Newtownards Road Upper
Johnston, John, carter, 31 George's Street Great
Johnston, John, tailor, 64 Royal Avenue
Johnston, John, butcher, 69 Glencairn Street
Johnston, John, joiner, 13 Cliftondene Park
Johnston, John, bread server, 62 Perth Street
Johnston, John, chartered accountant, 31 Ashgrove Park
Johnston, John, sheet metal worker, 28 Millar Street
Johnston, John, tailor, 362 Springfield Road
Johnston, John, brick layer, 5 Aigburth Park
Johnston, John, Tildarg, Kensington Park
Johnston, John, sailor, 58 Fleet Street
Johnston, John, joiner, 13 Cliftondene Park
Johnston, John, postman, 24 Ava Street
Johnston, John, 15 Worcester Terrace, Chamberlain Street
Johnston, John, stationer, 23 Inverary Drive
Johnston, John, 40 Abetta Parade
Johnston, John, butcher, 69 Glencairn Street
Johnston, John B., engineer, Ramoan, Galwally Park (No. 1)
Johnston, John D., 2 Wellington Park Avenue
Johnston, John H., & Co., linen manufacturers, 2-4 Clarence Street
Johnston, John M., pavior, 28 Torrens Gardens
Johnston, John R., 2 Blenheim Drive
Johnston, John, & Sons, Ltd., linen manufacturers, 47 Linfield Road
Johnston, Joseph, 6 Grampian Avenue
Johnston, Joseph, packer, 202 Joanmount Gardens
Johnston, Joseph, buyer, 116 Newtownards Road Upper
Johnston, Joseph, flesher, 190 Lisburn Road
Johnston, Joseph, wire worker, 71 Agnes Street
Johnston, J., 28 Jocelyn Street
Johnston, J., clerk, 19 Deacon Street
Johnston, J., accountant, 31 Ashgrove Park
Johnston, J., electrical engineer, 23 College Street
Johnston, J., civil servant, 18 Windermere Gardens
Johnston, J., 320 Donegall Road
Johnston, J., millwright, 21 Timbey Park
Johnston, J., 397 Donegall Road
Johnston, J., buyer, 22 Westway Drive
Johnston, J., conductor, 48 Reid Street
Johnston, J., draper, 335 Shankill Road
Johnston, J., 1 Marguerite Park
Johnston, J., foreman, 4 Adela Street
Johnston, J., iron turner, 5 Chesham Gardens
Johnston, J., hairdresser, 347 Newtownards Road
Johnston, J., linen business, 58 Tate's Avenue
Johnston, J., confectioner, 2 Summer Street
Johnston, J., driver, 26 Delhi Street
Johnston, J., 15 Cooke Street
Johnston, J. A., accountant, 2 Chichester Avenue
Johnston, J. B., draper, 41 Brookhill Avenue
Johnston, J. Connor, Ltd., pharmaceutical chemists, 88 Donegall Pass
Johnston, J. C., stationer, 250 Ravenhill Avenue
Johnston, J. C., fitter, 50 Alexandra Park Avenue
Johnston, J., & Co., fancy linens, 5 Adelaide Street
Johnston, J. F. G., R.U.C., 160 Orby Drive
Johnston, J. H. B., agent, 8 Corporation Street
Johnston, J. L. N., 30 Sharman Road
Johnston, J. M., salesman, 38 Orangefield Crescent
Johnston, J. W., artist, 8 India Street
Johnston, Rev. J. W., M.A., 82 Marlborough Park North
Johnston, J. & W., butchers, 50 Sandy Row
Johnston, K., 102 Killowen Street
Johnston, K., (2) The Moat, Holywood Road
Johnston, Leslie, 26 Kingsway Park
Johnston, Leslie J., insurance manager, 1 Greenview Park
Johnston, Marcus, painter, 47 Mountview Street
Johnston, Margaret, 21 Brougham Street
Johnston, Mary, 58 Gainsborough Drive
Johnston, Mary, newsagent, 253 Queen Street North
Johnston, Matthew, 81 Holywood Road
Johnston, Matthew, cash stores, 7-9 Cheviot Avenue
Johnston, Maud, 37 Sandhill Gardens
Johnston, Mildred, 52 Salisbury Avenue
Johnston, Miss, 46 Wyndham Street
Johnston, Miss, 13 Mountcharles
Johnston, Miss, dairy, 38 Gilnahirk Road
Johnston, Miss, 15 Townsend Street
Johnston, Miss, servants' registry, 49 Cedar Avenue
Johnston, Miss, outfitter, 34 Gilnahirk Road
Johnston, Miss, 10 Ardgreenan Gardens
Johnston, Miss, 108 Wellesley Avenue
Johnston, Miss, 50 Oakland Avenue
Johnston, Miss, 20 Chlorine Gardens
Johnston, Miss, 64 Farnham Street
Johnston, Miss Agnes, 35 Beersbridge Road
Johnston, Miss Charlotte, 11 St. Ives Gardens
Johnston, Miss E., hairdressing saloon, 32 Shaftesbury Square
Johnston, Miss Irene, 52 Orby Drive
Johnston, Miss J., Alexandra Cottage, Lisburn Road
Johnston, Miss L., 11 Priory Park
Johnston, Miss Mary, dairy, 102 Dover Street
Johnston, Miss Mary, 178 Holywood Road
Johnston, Miss M., 101 Killowen Street
Johnston, Miss M. E., 8 College Park East
Johnston, Miss R. W., 22 Knockbreda Drive
Johnston, Miss S., 28 University Street
Johnston, Mrs., 15 Aigburth Park
Johnston, Mrs., 122 Agnes Street
Johnston, Mrs., 153 Parkgate Avenue
Johnston, Mrs., 309 Queen Street North
Johnston, Mrs., 97 South Parade
Johnston, Mrs., 399 Donegall Road
Johnston, Mrs., 81 Ravenhill Gardens
Johnston, Mrs., 30 Sefton Park
Johnston, Mrs., 89 Cheviot Avenue
Johnston, Mrs., 7 Ratcliffe Street
Johnston, Mrs., Carrisbrook, Lisburn Road
Johnston, Mrs., 14 Tate's Avenue
Johnston, Mrs., 35 Sunnyside Street
Johnston, Mrs., 2 Rosetta Park
Johnston, Mrs., 23 Meadowbank Place
Johnston, Mrs., 22 Beechfield Street
Johnston, Mrs., 8 Bentinck Street
Johnston, Mrs., 125 Holywood Road
Johnston, Mrs., supper saloon, 2 Gilbert Street
Johnston, Mrs., 4 Florence Place
Johnston, Mrs., grocer, 1-3 Third Street
Johnston, Mrs., 6 Benview Park
Johnston, Mrs., 19 Brandon Parade
Johnston, Mrs., 55 Castlereagh Place
Johnston, Mrs. A., 224 Roden Street
Johnston, Mrs. A., 12 Castleview Terrace
Johnston, Mrs. A., 54 Deramore Avenue
Johnston, Mrs. A. L., 9 Cranmore Park
Johnston, Mrs. Edith, 95 Cliftonpark Avenue
Johnston, Mrs. Eleanor, 83 Loopland Drive
Johnston, Mrs. Eleanor H., 731 Antrim Road
Johnston, Mrs. E., 30 Dunville Street
Johnston, Mrs. E., 32 Coolbeg Street
Johnston, Mrs. E., 52 Eia Street
Johnston, Mrs. E., 47 South Parade
Johnston, Mrs. E. E., 36 Grand Parade
Johnston, Mrs. Hessie, 25 Tudor Place
Johnston, Mrs. I., 25 Sandhurst Drive
Johnston, Mrs. Jean, 52 Duncairn Gardens
Johnston, Mrs. J., 11 Camberwell Terrace
Johnston, Mrs. Louise, 24 Stranmillis Road
Johnston, Mrs. Margaret, 27 Chadwick Street
Johnston, Mrs. Margaret, 62 Berlin Street
Johnston, Mrs. Margaret, 13 Harleston Street
Johnston, Mrs. Margaret, 117 Durham Street
Johnston, Mrs. Margaret, 23 Lincoln Avenue
Johnston, Mrs. Martha, 14 Innisfayle Gardens
Johnston, Mrs. Mary, 50 University Avenue
Johnston, Mrs. Mary, 8 Wyndham Street
Johnston, Mrs. Mary, 148 Woodstock Road
Johnston, Mrs. Mary, draper, 91 Castlereagh Road
Johnston, Mrs. M., 32 Rosemount Gardens
Johnston, Mrs. M., 34 Ormiston Crescent
Johnston, Mrs. M. A., 26 Reid Street
Johnston, Mrs. M. E., 10 Glenside Parade
Johnston, Mrs. Ruth, 19 Elimgrove Street
Johnston, Mrs. R., 1 Arbour Street
Johnston, Mrs. Sarah, 67 Rugby Avenue
Johnston, Mrs. Susan, 10 Tate's Avenue
Johnston, Mrs. S. P., 2 Wellesley Avenue
Johnston, Mrs. Teresa, confectioner, 1 Ormeau Street
Johnston, Mrs. T., 7 University Road
Johnston, Mrs. V. M., 25 Ardenlee Drive
Johnston, Mrs. Z. E., 7 Prince Edward Park
Johnston, M., sub-postmistress, 878 Crumlin Road
Johnston, M., 45 Dunlambert Drive
Johnston, M. R., draughtsman, 3 Orby Drive
Johnston, Norman, 181 Stranmillis Road
Johnston, N., traveller, 15 Slievemoyne Park
Johnston, N. C., butcher, 185 Oldpark Road
Johnston, Patrick, 3 Francis Street
Johnston, Philip, & Sons, Ltd., flax spinners, 25 North Derby Street
Johnston, Ralph, 23 Lancefield Road
Johnston, Richard, 14 Balmoral Avenue
Johnston, Richard, postman, 55 Brandon Parade
Johnston, Richard E., 5 St. Ive's Gardens
Johnston, Richard W., 6 Manna Grove
Johnston, Robert, joiner, 31 Clarendon Avenue
Johnston, Robert, 67 Flora Street
Johnston, Robert, 4 Salisbury Gardens
Johnston, Robert, plumber, 27 Park Avenue
Johnston, Robert, joiner, 18 Cavendish Square
Johnston, Robert, fitter, 31 Jocelyn Street
Johnston, Robert, fitter, 16 Sydenham Park
Johnston, Robert, waiter, 66 Donegall Pass
Johnston, Robert, inspector, 74 Rushfield Avenue
Johnston, Robert, director, 76 Belmont Church Road
Johnston, Robert, 181 Cambrai Street
Johnston, Robert, 73 Bloomfield Avenue
Johnston, Robt., saddlers' ironmonger, 103-105 North Street
Johnston, Robert A., chemist, Culmore, Everton Drive
Johnston, Robert J., 3 Cloreen Park
Johnston, R., fruiterer, 56-58 Castlereagh Road
Johnston, R., fitter, 60 Kimberley Street
Johnston, R., postman, 1 Batley Street
Johnston, R., R.U.C., 28 Eastleigh Crescent
Johnston, R., dairyman, 65 Roden Street
Johnston, R., postman, 19 Melrose Street
Johnston, R., agent, 25 Florenceville Avenue
Johnston, R., fitter, 123 Tennent Street
Johnston, R., fitter, 62 Priory Park
Johnston, R., paper cutter, 6 Bagot Street
Johnston, R., cashier, 49 Elaine Street
Johnston, R. A., P.O. official, 15 Westland Road
Johnston, R. B., 66 Myrtlefield Park
Johnston, R. H., traveller, 21 Wandsworth Road
Johnston, R. H., R.U.C., 20 St. Ives Gardens
Johnston, R. J., 29 Houston Park
Johnston, R. J., & Co., handkerchief manufacturers, 15 James' Street South
Johnston, R. W., clerk, Cyprus, Finaghy Road South
Johnston, Samuel, & Co., prams, 187 Donegall Street
Johnston, Samuel, director, Belfast Bank, 19 Malone Park
Johnston, Samuel, hardware merchant, 51 Joanmount Park
Johnston, Samuel, 33 Regent Street
Johnston, Samuel, boot maker, 287 Newtownards Road
Johnston, Samuel, prams, 45 Victoria Street Great
Johnston, Samuel, joiner, 128 Tennent Street
Johnston, Samuel, 19 Elaine Street
Johnston, Samuel, J.P., Little Lea, Circular Road
Johnston, Samuel S., 1 Mount Merrion Drive
Johnston, Scott, engineers, 36 Woodvale Avenue
Johnston & Son, cabinet makers, 11 Brandon Parade
Johnston, S., coach painter, 9 Claremont Street
Johnston, S., hardware merchant, 73 Agnes Street
Johnston, S., 9 Cyprus Park
Johnston, S., engineer, 203 Belmont Road
Johnston, S., taxi driver, 35 Kimberley Street
Johnston, S., 48 Gainsborough Drive
Johnston, S., 12 Camden Street
Johnston, S. B., manager, 221-223 Newtownards Road Upper
Johnston, S. H., salesman, 141 Ulsterville Avenue
Johnston, Thomas, toys, etc., 192 North Street
Johnston, Thomas, 16 Glendower Street
Johnston, Thomas, butcher, 84 Newtownards Road
Johnston, Thomas, R.U.C., 15 Ulsterville Gardens
Johnston, Thomas, driver, 15 Chief Street
Johnston, Thomas, 527 Oldpark Road
Johnston, Thomas J., stableman, 12 Fairview Street
Johnston, Thos., spindle maker, 30 Willowholme Drive
Johnston, Thos., 3 Sandringham Villas, Finaghy Road North
Johnston, Thos A., civil servant, 23 Mount Merrion Drive
Johnston, T., flesher, 92 York Road
Johnston, T., civil servant, 82 Willowbank Gardens
Johnston, T., 29 Kelvin Parade
Johnston, T., conductor, 55 Portallo Street
Johnston, T., joiner, 111 Bloomfield Avenue
Johnston, T. A., electrician, 86 Orangefield Crescent
Johnston, T. R., 45 Osborne Drive
Johnston Umbrellas, Ltd., Umbrella and Walking-stick Manufacturers, 35 High Street
Johnston, Walter, publican, 83 George's Street Great
Johnston, Walter, Florenceville, Lake Glen Avenue
Johnston, Walter, tram conductor, 276 Shore Road
Johnston, William, fitter, 26 Woodvale Parade
Johnston, William, 39 Ridgeway Street
Johnston, William, 19 Whitewell Road
Johnston, William, 155 Deerpark Road
Johnston, William, 21 Bloomfield Road
Johnston, William, 182 Joanmount Gardens
Johnston, William, agent, 500 Oldpark Road
Johnston, William, 33 Clara Park
Johnston, William, butcher, 285 Grosvenor Road and 44 Ward Street
Johnston, William, secretary, 172 Ainsworth Avenue
Johnston, William, inspector, 157 Ardenlee Avenue
Johnston, William, 77 Skegoneill Avenue
Johnston, William, clerk, 13 Timbey Park
Johnston, William, 3 Francis Street
Johnston, William, grocer, 28 Connsbrook Drive
Johnston, William, coal merchant, 11 Bloomfield Road
Johnston, William, 71 Larkfield Road
Johnston, William, 6 Lawrence Street
Johnston, William, fitter, 69 Aigburth Park
Johnston, William, clerk, 168 Duncairn Gardens
Johnston, William, civil servant, 7 Norfolk Parade
Johnston, William H., builder, 19 Chlorine Gardens
Johnston, William J., foreman, 13 Eblana Street
Johnston, William M., 43 Knocklofty Park
Johnston, William N., 10 Rosetta Parade
Johnston, William S., foreman, 8 Torrens Gardens
Johnston, William, & Sons, drum makers, 38-40 Moore's Place
Johnston, Wm., fitter, Glenview, Westway Drive
Johnston, Wm. Edwd., hairdresser, 73 London Road
Johnston, Wm. J., Government msnge., 91 Ainsworth Avenue
Johnston, Wm. McM., solicitor, 127 Shandon Park
Johnston, W., publican, 4 Donegall Quay
Johnston, W., hairdresser, 42 Cregagh Road
Johnston, W., builder, 25 Locksley Park
Johnston, W., teacher, 23 Onslow Gardens
Johnston, W., fitter, 22 Hillsborough Drive
Johnston, W., publican, 1-3 Townsend Street Upper
Johnston, W., publican, 201 Durham Street
Johnston, W., boot maker, 161 Grosvenor Road
Johnston, W., gardener, 187-189 Stranmillis Road
Johnston, W., butcher, 1 Lucerne Parade
Johnston, W., coal merchant, 299 Donegall Road
Johnston, W., conductor, 11 Belmont Place
Johnston, W., telegraphist, 60 Kansas Avenue
Johnston, W., fitter, 13 Chesham Drive
Johnston, W. A., R.U.C., 47 Wandsworth Road
Johnston, W., & Co., vinegar and pickle manufacturers, 57 Grace Avenue
Johnston, W. E. G., 16 Wellington Park
Johnston, W. F., 35 Ava Street
Johnston, W. G., tobacconist, 408 Crumlin Road
Johnston, W. G., butcher, 162 Limestone Road
Johnston, W. H., R.U.C., 53 Pommern Parade
Johnston, W. H., 2 Ardgreenan Mount
Johnston, W. H., & Co. (Belfast), Ltd., builders and contractors, 13-17 Botanic Avenue
Johnston, W. J., chartered accountant, 34 Indiana Avenue
Johnston, W. J., clerk, 1 Sandringham Villas, Finaghy Road North
Johnston, W. J., builder, 19 Chlorine Gardens
Johnston, W. J., builder and contractor, 205 Belmont Road
Johnston, W. J., manager, 4-6 Ann Street
Johnston, W. J., F.A.I., estate agent, 6 Montgomery Street
Johnston, W. J., manager, 120 Marlborough Park Central
Johnston, W. J., manager, 332 Ravenhill Road
Johnston, W. J., salesman, 115 Kimberley Street
Johnston, W. J., 83 Belmont Road
Johnston, W. J., 40 Brandon Parade
Johnston, W. J., 1 Ardmore Park
Johnston, W. K., architect, 8 Dunblane Avenue
Johnston, W. R., 8 Rosetta Parade
Johnston, W. S., plater, 45 Orangefield Crescent
Johnston, W. W., engineer, 67 Euston Street
Johnston's, drapers, 262 Crumlin Road
Johnston's, herbalist, 10 Shankill Road
Johnstone, A. B., agent, 20 Waring Street
Johnstone, Catherine, 63 Carlisle Street
Johnstone, C. J., & Sons, stock and share brokers, 41 (2) Donegall Place
Johnstone, E. C., baker, 18 Glencairn Street
Johnstone, G., 20 Ballysillan Road
Johnstone, G. A., 11 Dundela Avenue
Johnstone, James, lab. assistant, 158 Larkfield Road
Johnstone, Jane, 34 Eliza Street
Johnstone, Jasper B., 616 Newtownards Road Upper
Johnstone, J., butcher, 12 York Road
Johnstone, J., 40 South Parade
Johnstone, Miss Anna, 21 Wellington Park Terrace
Johnstone, Miss S., 43 Botanic Avenue
Johnstone, Mrs., Lisburn Road
Johnstone, Mrs., 56 Berlin Street
Johnstone, Mrs., 59 Marlborough Park North
Johnstone, Mrs., 22 Devon Parade
Johnstone, Mrs., 25 Ava Avenue
Johnstone, Mrs. Annie, 6 University Street
Johnstone, Mrs. E., 125 University Street
Johnstone, Mrs. Hope, 40 Malone Park
Johnstone, Mrs. J., 6 Victoria Gardens
Johnstone, Mrs. S., 28 Connsbrook Drive
Johnstone, R., cutter, 5 Bagot Street
Johnstone, R. J., bookkeeper, 18 Hillsborough Drive
Johnstone, Samuel, 24 Glenbrook Avenue
Johnstone, S., 6 Kerrsland Drive
Johnstone, Thomas William, 19 Ashgrove Park
Johnstone, T., printer, 75 Victoria Street Great
Johnstone, T., printer, 25 Colenso Parade
Johnstone, T. A., compositor, 39 Ava Street
Johnstone, Rev. T. M., D.D., 600 Antrim Road
Johnstone, William, & Sons, chimney sweeps, 68 Smithfield
Johnstone, W. J., joiner, 26 Park Avenue
Johnstone, W. R., agent, 153 North Street
Joiner, George, 5 Clara Crescent Upper
Joiner, Mrs. M., 308 Beersbridge Road
Joint Nursing and Midwives' Counsel, Northern Ireland registration office, 120 Victoria Street Great
Jolley, A. H., 16 Ashley Avenue
Jolly, Miss, 144 Stranmillis Road
Joly, Rev. H. N., B.D., 20 Stranmillis Road
Jones, Alfred, & Co., colliery agents, 58 Waring Street
Jones, Alfred, & Co., ship brokers and charting agents, 71 High Street
Jones, A., carpenter, 31 Newington Street
Jones, A., 3 Hillcrest Gardens
Jones, A., blacksmith, 107 Beechfield Street
Jones, A., litho. printer, 60 Balfour Avenue
Jones, A., electrician, 15 Victoria Avenue
Jones, A. A., clerk, 11 Bristol Avenue
Jones, A. G., clerk, 5 Cadogan Street
Jones, A. S., draper, 271 Beersbridge Road
Jones Bros., & Daley, Ltd., packing case makers, 45a Distillery Street
Jones, B., traveller, 38 Ava Avenue
Jones, B. L., L.A.A.M., L.T.C.L., 20 Wellington Place
Jones, C. P., 79 Mount Merrion Park
Jones, David, 50 Townsend Street Upper
Jones, D., driver, 99 Kimberley Street
Jones, Edwd. Y. R., clerk, 35 Florenceville Avenue
Jones, Edwin, electro plater, 32 Millar Street
Jones, Elias, 3 Glenside Parade
Jones, Elias, & Son, painting contractors, 140 Lisburn Road
Jones, E., cashier, 68 Victoria Gardens
Jones, E., 16 Windermere Gardens
Jones, E. H., civil servant, 3 Belmont Park
Jones, E. M., 27 Ormiston Crescent
Jones, E. S., solicitor, 4 Donegall Square North
Jones, Fred., packing case maker, 124a Joy Street
Jones, F., 9 Knock Eden Park
Jones, F. C., box maker, 49 Knock Eden Park
Jones, George, General Trade Supply Co., 3a Henrietta Street
Jones, George, 17 Colenso Parade
Jones, George, 34 Lavinia Street
Jones, Gwilym, 38 Glantane Street
Jones, G., monumental engraver, 286 Castlereagh Road
Jones, G. W., salesman, 21 Kirkliston Park
Jones, H., warehouseman, 16 Adelaide Avenue
Jones, H. C., clerk, 13 Colenso Parade
Jones, H. V. O., agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Jones, James, 16 Ilchester Street
Jones, James, machine man, 1 Park Parade
Jones, James, engineer, Hillcrest, Crumlin Road
Jones, James, R.U.C., 134 Deerpark Road
Jones, John, 7 Fountainville Avenue
Jones, John, 14 Bond Street New
Jones, John, grocer, 22 Odessa Street
Jones, John A., driller, 17 Duncairn Gardens
Jones, John, 39 Grosvenor Road
Jones, John A., driller, 17 Duncairn Gardens
Jones & Johnston, grocers, 878 Crumlin Road
Jones & Johnston, grocers, 1-3 Barginnis Street
Jones, J., grocer, 35 Charlotte Street
Jones, J., grocer, 166 Albert Street
Jones, J. H., A.M.I.C.E., 17 Windsor Park
Jones, J. H., clerk, 14 Graymount Gardens
Jones, J. E., agent, 261 Ravenhill Avenue
Jones, J. R., salesman, 108 Haypark Avenue
Jones, Miss H. E., 57 Lisburn Road
Jones, Miss E., ladies' hairdresser, 114 Oldpark Road
Jones, Miss Irene Betts, publican, 2 Canning Street
Jones, The Misses, 4 St. James's Road
Jones, Mrs., 23 Grand Parade
Jones, Mrs., 47 Station Road
Jones, Mrs. A., grocer, 114 Oldpark Road
Jones, Mrs. Ella, 83 University Avenue
Jones, Mrs. E., 1 Bristol Avenue
Jones, Mrs. Florence M., 24 Henderson Avenue
Jones, Mrs. I., 23 Strandview Street
Jones, Mrs. Jane, 2 Bloomfield Avenue
Jones, Mrs. J., 35 Botanic Avenue
Jones, Mrs. J., 53 Bristol Avenue
Jones, Mrs. Margaret, 51 Glenbank Drive
Jones, Mrs. Mary, 126 Oldpark Avenue
Jones, M., builder, 94 Henderson Avenue
Jones, Philip, electrician, 125 Woodstock Road
Jones, Rebecca, 29 Ballysillan Road
Jones, Robert D., 148 King's Road
Jones, Robert H., 195 Cliftonville Road
Jones, R., checker, 16 Rutland Street
Jones, Dr. R. M., LL.D., 10 Mount Pleasant
Jones, R. R., engineers representatives, 28 Glandore Gardens
Jones, Samuel, cutter, 26 Ava Park
Jones, Samuel, fireman, 6 Ravenhill Road
Jones, Sewell, linen manufacturer, 74 North Parade
Jones, Sewell, & Co., fancy linen manufacturers, 31 Franklin Street
Jones Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., 8 Dublin Road
Jones, S., tobacconist, 44 Ormeau Road
Jones, Thomas, fireman, 5 Victoria Avenue
Jones, Thos. A., engineer, 88 Locksley Park
Jones, T., 205 Cregagh Street
Jones, T., 132 King's Road
Jones, Victor, R.U.C., 20 Somerton Gardens
Jones, William, 59 Fortwilliam Crescent
Jones, William, 1 Cavehill Drive
Jones, Wm., furniture dealer, 157 Beersbridge Road
Jones, Wm., driver, 4 Windsor Avenue Lower
Jones, Woosman, 2 Waterloo Park South
Jones, W., 54 Fairview Street
Jones, W., bread server, 1 Ava Crescent
Jones, W. A., 80 Ormonde Park, Finaghy
Jones, W. B., publican, 198-200 York Street and 141 Ligoniel Road
Jones, W. N., engineer, 248 Castlereagh Road
Jones, W. R., com. traveller, 7 Wellington Park Terrace
Jordan, Alfred P., R.U.C., 5 Baroda Parade
Jordan, David, bread server, 9 Nendrum Gardens
Jordan, David, 182 Woodstock Road
Jordan, Edward D., inspector, 25 Perth Street
Jordan, F. J., auto engineer, 333-337 Albert Bridge Road
Jordan, G., tobacconist, 5 Donegall Square North
Jordan, G., 34 Sunnyside Drive
Jordan, Heir, 30 Galwally Park
Jordan, Henry, farmer, 71 Norfolk Parade
Jordan, Herbert, 58 Sunnyside Street
Jordan, James, clerk, 1 Graymount Terrace
Jordan, James, 440 Falls Road
Jordan, James A., joiner, 22 Parkgate Avenue
Jordan, James F., inspector, 132 Finaghy Road South
Jordan, John, tailor, 183 Templemore Avenue
Jordan, John, 33 Chadwick Street
Jordan, John, printer, 48 Deramore Avenue
Jordan, John, manager, 11 Haypark Gardens
Jordan, John, hairdresser, 27 Dargle Street
Jordan, J., clerk, 43 Aigburth Road
Jordan, J. A., 156 Kensington Road
Jordan, J. R., milk server, 45 Station Road
Jordan, Mary, 10-12 Clifton Street
Jordan, Miss, 60 Donegall Pass
Jordan, Miss, 24 Elaine Street
Jordan, Miss, 4 (3) Malone Road
Jordan, Miss E. R., grocer and post office, 157 Connsbrook Avenue
Jordan, Miss F. M., 29 Broadway
Jordan, Misses A. & J., 53 Empire Street
Jordan, Mrs., grocer, 63 Delhi Street
Jordan, Mrs., 9 Cabin Hill Gardens
Jordan, Mrs., 122 Agincourt Avenue
Jordan, Mrs. Mary, 6 Avonbeg Street
Jordan, Mrs. Minnie, 21 Woodvale Parade
Jordan, Mrs. M. A., 89 Albert Street
Jordan, Mrs. R., 92 Woodvale Avenue
Jordan, M., 61 Grosvenor Road
Jordan, Philip, manager, 34 King's Road
Jordan, P., 189a Queen Street North
Jordan, P. H., 2 Knutsford Drive
Jordan, Richard, caulker, 7 Greenville Road
Jordan, Robert, 98 Tate's Avenue
Jordan, Robert, baker, 167 Newtownards Road
Jordan, Robert, general merchant, 162 Connsbrook Avenue
Jordan, R. A., hairdresser, 104 Castlereagh Street
Jordan, R. H., clerk, 33 Auburn Street
Jordan, Samuel, joiner, 10 Sydenham Park
Jordan, Samuel, joiner, 30 Connsbrook Drive
Jordan, Stephen, plumber, 28 Ballysillan Park
Jordan, S., 111 Sandown Road
Jordan, S., shoe maker, 53 Melrose Street
Jordan, S. W., joiner, 160 Connsbrook Avenue
Jordan, Thomas S., 24 Gainsborough Drive
Jordan, T. H., master printer, 47-49 Church Lane
Jordan, T. H., engineer, 18 Loopland Drive
Jordan, T. L., tailor, 17 Curzon Street
Jordan, T. P., 18 Bedeque Street
Jordan, William, 56 Perth Street
Jordan, Wm. H., insurance agent, 11 Cliftonville Street
Jordan, W., 18 Deramore Avenue
Jordan, W. H., manufacturers' agent, 71 Donegall Street
Jordan, W. H., com. traveller, 32 Myrtlefield Park
Jordan, W. P., 35 Woodvale Gardens
Joseph, Nathan, 4 Lisdarragh Park
Josephine, gowns, hosiery, 41 (7) Donegall Place
Joudin & Millar, agents, 12 College Street
Joughin, C. W., bank official, 21 Marmount Gardens
Joule, Miss Florence, 11 Avonbeg Street
Joy, Bruce, 66 Bawnmore Road
Joy, Henry, football pools, 24 Gresham Street
Joyce, F. W., 20 Cranmore Gardens
Joyce, J. W., clerk, 63 Earlswood Road
Joyce, Miss P., 28 Eglantine Avenue
Joyland Amusements, 47-51 Holywood Road and 1340136 Albert Bridge Road
Joynt Cash Stores & Co. Ltd., 168-170 Shaftesbury Square and 247 Queen Street North
Joynt, C. H. A., 41 Knock Road
Jubilee Hall, Ormeau Road
Judge, A., driver, 64 Dromore Street
Judge, John M., 6 Chestnut Gardens
Judge, Joseph, carrier, 105 The Mount
Judge, Joseph, motor spare parts, 23 Middlepath Street and 10-14 Mountpottinger Road
Judge, Mrs. E., 1 Balmoral Drive
Judge, Mrs. Susan, basket and hamper maker, 2 Smithfield Market
Judge, William, basket and hamper manufacturer, 98-100 Bridge End
Judson, Thomas, grocer, 35 Grosvenor Street Little
Just, The Misses, 101 Deramore Avenue
Justice, Mrs. Annie, plater, 572 Oldpark Road
Justin, Edward, civil servant, 18 Upton Avenue
Juvenile Instructional Centre, 36-38 Alfred Street


K's, publishing, 2 Arthur Lane
Kacser, Henrik, 43 Rugby Road
Kahanovitch, Rev. J., 21 Brookvale Street
Kain, C., linen warehouseman, 31 Florenceville Avenue
Kain, Mrs., 27 Stranmillis Road
Kaitcher, Ben., dealer, 13 Easton Crescent
Kaitcher, B., financier, 3 Donegall Street
Kalamazoo (Sales), Ltd., ledger refils, 4 Linen Hall Street
Kalb, Samuel, tailor, 647 Oldpark Road
Kalee, Ltd., cinema suppliers, 49 Donegall Street
Kallaway, Mrs. C., 19 Fitzwilliam Street
Kaminetsy, Mrs. Dorothy, 5 Blenheim Drive
Kane, Alastair, 26 Eastleigh Drive
Kane, A., Ltd., financier, 12 High Street
Kane, A. P., overseer, 223 Springfield Road
Kane & Co., leather merchants, 57-59 Church Lane Upper
Kane, David, 83 Cliftonville Road
Kane, David, 20 Regent Street
Kane, David P., spirit merchant, 2 Bosnia Street
Kane, D., 64 Martinez Avenue
Kane, Elizabeth, 83 Whiterock Road
Kane, E., & Sons, fish mongers, Oxford Street
Kane, Francis, hairdresser, 124 Falls Road
Kane, George, rivetter, 7 Ava Drive
Kane, George, sheet metal worker, 1 Chesham Gardens
Kane, G. E., clerk, 92 Onslow Parade
Kane, Henry, 5 Bloomfield Gardens
Kane, Hugh, 8 Thorburn Road
Kane, I., gardener, The Temple, Gilnahirk Road
Kane, James, hairdresser, 29 Balmoral Street
Kane, James, driver, 60 Reid Street
Kane, James A., civil servant, 57 Orangefield Crescent
Kane, John, fitter, 77 Whiterock Road
Kane, John, 81 Tildarg Street
Kane, John, 412 Springfield Road
Kane, John J., assistant master, 21 Sharman Road
Kane, Joseph, 38 Albion Street
Kane, Joseph, traveller, 6 Mountview Street
Kane, Joseph, clerk, 6 Mountview Street
Kane, J., electrical engineer, 24 Nendrum Gardens
Kane, Dr. J. A., M.B., B.Ch., surgeon, 93 Falls Road
Kane, J. S., 26 Ardenlee Avenue
Kane, J. W., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 134 Victoria Street Great
Kane, J. W., 319 Cavehill Road
Kane & Magee, Ltd., chemists, 42 Albert Street
Kane, Miss, 9 Sunbury Avenue
Kane, Miss G., stationer, 85 Dublin Road
Kane, Miss Lena, 52 Donegall Road
Kane, Miss M., 60 Eliza Street
Kane, Mrs., 449 Ormeau Road
Kane, Mrs., 11 Manor Street
Kane, Mrs., 27 Rosevale Street
Kane, Mrs., 90 Duncairn Gardens
Kane, Mrs. A., 18 Indiana Avenue
Kane, Mrs. Margaret, 2 Cranmore Avenue
Kane, Mrs. Mary, 11 Malone Place
Kane, Patrick, publican, 10-12 Selina Street
Kane, Patrick, publican, 50 Elizabeth Street
Kane, Richard, 9 Meadow Street
Kane, Robert, 2 Ilchester Street
Kane, Robert, clerk, 12 Raby Street
Kane, R. H., salesman, 32 Onslow Parade
Kane, Samuel, secretary, 301 Donegall Road
Kane & Smith, leather merchants, 62-64 Church Lane Upper and 97 Victoria Street
Kane, S., grocer, 22 Blenheim Drive
Kane, S., grocer, 148 Ravenhill Road
Kane, S. G., clerk, 54 Manor Street
Kane, Thomas, B.Sc., teacher, 44 Norfolk Parade
Kane, Thomas, grocer, 64 Egmont Street
Kane, T., crane man, 41 Lomond Avenue
Kane, T., 11 My Lady's Road
Kane, T. N., 33 Denorrton Park
Kane, Victor, 171 (4) Lisburn Road
Kane, William, grocer, 92 Lodge Road Old
Kane, William B., 13 Wandsworth Road
Kane, William H., 4 Glendower Street
Kane, William Jas., electrician, 51 Graymount Park
Kane, W. B., hardware, 16 Newtownards Road Upper
Kannenberg, Clarence, 10 Mayfair Avenue
Kannenberg, Mrs., 22 Farnham Street
Karlin, Michael, bread server, 48 Clonard Gardens
Karter, J., & Co., Creators and Designers of Exclusive Furwear, 41 Donegall Place
Kates, H. J., grocer, 38 Whitewell Crescent
Kathleen, hairdressers, 125 Donegall Road
Kauff, J., dealer, 20 California Street Lower and Lodge Road Old
Kavanagh, Anthony, clerk, 2 Denewood Park
Kavanagh, E., butcher, 100-102 Divis Street
Kavanagh, E., butcher, 50 Fall Road
Kavanagh, Joseph, hardware, 48 Smithfield Market
Kavanagh, Joseph, dealer, 134-135 and 150-151 Smithfield Market
Kavanagh, Michael, dealer, 76 Albert Street
Kavanagh, Mrs., dealer, 13 Winetavern Street
Kavanagh, Mrs. F., 134 Rosebery Road
Kavanagh, Norman, civil servant, 17 Sydenham Drive
Kavanagh, Patrick, butcher, 19 Springfield Road
Kavanagh, Sarah, metal dealer, 31 Smithfield Market
Kavanagh, W., machinery dealer, 40 Smithfield Market
Kay, Alex., pipe layer, 16 Whitewell Road
Kay, H. A., draughtsman, 2 Clonaver Park
Kay, James, shipwright, 14 Wellwood Street
Key, James, boiler maker, 89 Loopland Park
Kaye, J., hairdresser, 1 College Square East
Kaye, Leonard, wholesale upholsterer, 10a William Street
Kaye, Miss, 15 Dunluce Avenue
Kaye, S., tailor, 57 Peter's Hill
Kayes, Lizzie, 102a Cromac Street
Kayes, Mrs. S., 37 Sunnyside Street
Kays, E., gowns, 27 Queen's Arcade
Keane, J., civil servant, 20 Belmont Park
Keaney, Frank, driver, 78 Alliance Avenue
Keaney, Jos., spirit merchant, 1-3 Halliday's Road and 114 Stratheden Street
Keaney, Miss S., 110 Fitzroy Avenue
Keaney, M., bar man, 6 Ventry Street
Keaney, P., 1-3 Halliday's Road
Keany, Patrick, spirit merchant, 2 Baltic Avenue
Kearney, Charles, manager, 14 Vicinage Park
Kearney, James, driver, 11 Willowfield Drive
Kearney, James, 39 Newtownards Road Upper
Kearney, J., com. agent, 7 Union Street
Kearney, J., 34 Mount Merrion Avenue
Kearney, J., butcher, 99 Loopland Park
Kearney, J., clerk, 22 Arizona Street
Kearney, J., boot merchant, 147 Stranmillis Road
Kearney, J. P., tailor, 134 Donegall Street
Kearney, Miss, 34 Beechfield Street
Kearney, Miss Annie, 28 Russell Street
Kearney, Miss Annie, 5 Lodge Road New
Kearney, Mrs. B., 340 Antrim Road
Kearney, Mrs. E. F., 8 Cherryvalley Park
Kearney, Mrs. H., 173 Holywood Road
Kearney, Mrs. Louisa, 431 Crumlin Road
Kearney, Thomas, 246 Tate's Avenue
Kearney, T., hairdresser, 93 Cromac Street
Kearney, Vincent, tram driver, 47 Beechmount Street
Kearney, Wm. E., confectioner, 333 Shankill Road
Kearney, W., Customs officer, 280 Antrim Road
Kearns, Hugh, confectioner, 13 Antrim Road
Kearns, John, Customs officer, 44 Donegall Pass
Kearns, Miss, 25 Eia Street
Kearns, Mrs., 11 Ardmore Avenue
Kearns, Robert, fitter, 31 Duncairn Gardens
Kearns, W., & Co. Ltd., pinafore and apron manufacturers, 12 Brunswick Street; res., 6 Malone Road
Keating, B., checker, 32 Ridgeway Street
Keating, Hans, 3 Abetta Parade
Keating, James, 41 St. James's Road
Keating, James, driver, 32 Divis Drive
Keating, John, 33 Beechfield Street
Keating, John, blacksmith, 24 Sandbrook Park
Keating, J., 6 Devon Parade
Keating, Miss, 6 Rutland Street
Keating, Miss M., 32 Fitzwilliam Street
Keating, Mrs., 11a Grosvenor Road
Keating, Mrs. May, 25 Edgecumbe Gardens
Keating, Susan, 58 Joy Street
Keating, S., dress maker, 36 Albert Street
Keating, T., R.U.C., 48 Newington Avenue
Keating, Walter, pawn broker, 85 Euston Street
Keating, W. R., 39 Kincora Avenue
Keating, W. R., & S., pawn brokers, 138-140 Newtownards Road and 121-123 Woodstock Road
Keatings, F. R., 5 Upton Park (Finaghy)
Keatley, Mrs., 28 Cranmore Gardens
Keay, James, rivetter, 149 Beersbridge Road
Kee, David, 60 Deramore Avenue
Kee, Ian, bus driver, 96 Orangefield Crescent
Kee, James, R.U.C., 9 Belmont Place
Kee, William, traveller, 13 Sicily Park
Kee, William, R.U.C., 25 Ardpatrick Gardens
Kee, William, confectioner, 3-5 March Street
Keeble, A. L., teacher, 58 Osborne Drive
Keefe, Mrs., 63 Mount Merrion Avenue
Keefe, W. J., bread server, 55 Mount Merrion Avenue
Keel, George, printer, 31 Joanmount Gardens
Keeler, William, R.U.C., 7 Serpentine Road
Keeling, John, R.U.C., 22 Manor Street
Keemack Medical Hall, 148 Peter's Hill
Keenan, Alex., store man, 238 Tate's Avenue
Keenan, Denis, postman, 32 Shaftesbury Avenue
Keenan, Edward, bar man, 58 Posnett Street
Keenan, Frank, 27 Lawnview Street
Keenan, George, com. agent, 32 College Street
Keenan, Hugh, 11 Newtownards Road Upper
Keenan, Jack, 30 Greenwood Park
Keenan, James, clerk, 18 Holland Gardens
Keenan, James, 80 Tyndale Park
Keenan, James, fitter, 3 Hillsborough Drive
Keenan, John, insurance agent, 36 Hamilton Street
Keenan, John, 38 Hamilton Street
Keenan, John, clerk, 15 Bramcote Street
Keenan, John C., shop assistant, 44 Ava Street
Keenan, J., publican, 16 Russell Street
Keenan, J., 90 North Road
Keenan, J. P., assistant agent, 15 St. James's Road
Keenan, Margaret, confectioner, 197 Oldpark Road
Keenan, Miss, 55 Cooke Street
Keenan, Miss, 553 Ormeau Road
Keenan, Miss Elizabeth, 13 Cliftonpark Avenue
Keenan, Miss E., 14 Yarrow Street
Keenan, Mrs., 27 College Square North
Keenan, Mrs., 85 Newtownards Road Upper
Keenan, Mrs., 59 Jamaica Street
Keenan, Mrs. S., 263 Queen Street North
Keenan, Patrick, postal official, 24 St. Meryl Park
Keenan, Patrick, joiner, 17 Elimgrove Street
Keenan, Patrick F., journalist, 15 Kinnaird Terrace
Keenan, Robert, printer, 61 Mountview Street
Keenan, Robert, bread server, 91 Killowen Street
Keenan, R. D., 60 Kansas Avenue
Keenan, Thomas, clerk, 34 Glen Road
Keenan, Thomas, merchant, 8 Parkmount Road
Keenan, T., & Sons, Ltd., rope and twine manufacturers, 26 Donegall Street
Keenan, William, caretaker, 263a Donegall Road
Keenan, William, com. agent, 77 Market Street
Keenan, William, 583 Donegall Road
Keenan, William J., clerk, 58 Onslow Parade
Keenan, W. J., Benvista, Stockman's Lane
Keep, Charles, 79 Melrose Street
Keep, Harold, R.A.F., Glendale Cottage, Kensington Drive
Keep, H. N., engineer, 29 Knock Eden Park
Keepe, John, 1 Kensington Drive
Keers, David, 23 Benview Park
Keers, Henry, joiner, 18 Silverstream Gardens
Keers, Herbert, cabinet maker, 4 Joanmount Drive
Keers, Mrs., 3 Westway Drive
Keers, Mrs., 33 Deramore Drive
Keers, Mrs. E., 43 Ballygomartin Road
Keers, Mrs. H., 80 Malone Avenue
Keers, Mrs. Sarah, 65 Willowbank Gardens
Keers, Thomas, fitter, 9 Dunraven Avenue
Keery, George, clerk, 75 Wheatfield Crescent
Keery, John, fitter, 61 Ravenhill Avenue
Keery, Mrs. Mary Ann, 4 Bentham Street
Keery, T. J., hairdresser, 220 Crumlin Road
Keery, William, paper maker, 111 Beersbridge Road
Keery, William A., fitter, 32 Southport Street
Keevins, Miss, 45 St. James's Road
Keiller, William, 7 Abercorn Street
Keilty, John Henry, driver, 6 Lisburn Avenue
Keilty, Mrs., 823 Crumlin Road
Keilty, Robert, engineer, 256 Castlereagh Road
Keir, D. Lindsay, M.A., president and vice-chancellor, Queen's University
Keir, Mrs. H. H., 44 Dunluce Avenue
Keiran, P., fruiterer, 107 Cromac Street
Keith, David, 8 Greenwood Park
Keith, George, civil servant, 123 Cregagh Road
Keith, G. W., telegraphist, 11 Loopland Crescent
Keith, John, Brook Villa, Barnett's Road
Keith, Mrs. D. S., 26 Chichester Road
Keith, Mrs. Mary, 126 Mountcollyer Street
Keith, Mrs. Mary, 26 Lomond Avenue
Keith, Mrs. Matilda, 28 Newington Avenue
Keith, Mrs. M. E., 242 Beersbridge Road
Keith, Robt., sexton, Church House, Chamberlain Street
Keith, R., manager, 20 Fortwilliam Park
Keith, R., holder-up, 188 Ravenhill Avenue
Keith, S., dentist, 280 Woodstock Road
Keith, William, director, 14 Waterloo Gardens
Keith, William, inc. accountant, Mountpottinger Road
Keith, William, stationer, 64 Knock Eden Park
Keith, W. H., civil servant, 407 Cregagh Road
Kelcher, John, sailor, 83 Glencairn Street
Kell, James A., 17 Wandsworth Place
Kell, Miss A., 33 Rossmore Avenue
Kell, Wesley, 185 Duncairn Gardens
Kellard, John Edwd., traveller, 15 Ormonde Park
Kelleher, John, 50 Donegall Pass
Kellett, Thomas, 24 Glenside Parade
Kells, Annie, S.C.M., nursing home, 25 Cregagh Road
Kells, John, 131 Ardenlee Avenue
Kells, John, 25 Grand Parade
Kells, Miss, nursing home, 94 Castlereagh Street
Kells, Robert, dental surgery, 3 Castlereagh Street
Kells, W., electrician, 228 Tennent Street
Kelly, Adolph, 23 Roe Street
Kelly, Alfred, com. agent, 42 Cheltenham Park
Kelly, Alfred, 6 Bryson Street
Kelly, Annie, confectioner, 73 Springfield Road
Kelly, A., J.P., furnisher, 28 Waterloo Gardens
Kelly, A. J., 31 Waterloo Gardens
Kelly, A., & Sons, furniture store, 301 York Street
Kelly Bros., general merchants, 64-88 Millfield
Kelly, Bruce, 3 Shrewsbury Drive
Kelly, Charles, laboratory assistant, 31 Loopland Drive
Kelly, C., 77 Haypark Avenue
Kelly, David, 3 Glenside Drive
Kelly, D., grocer, 48-50 Beechmount Avenue
Kelly, Edward, fowl dealer, 103 Divis Street
Kelly, Ed., M.P.S., chemist, 31 and 374-374a Falls Road
Kelly, E., grocer, 220 Ligoniel Road
Kelly, E. M., bakery, 238 Falls Road
Kelly, Frank, 79 Thomas Street North
Kelly, Fras., wholesale confectioner, 41 Clonard Street Lower
Kelly, Fras., confectioner, 21-23 Cairns Street
Kelly, Frederick O., dentist, 4 Eblana Street
Kelly, Fredk., 13 Irwin Avenue
Kelly, F., cleaner, 54 Eia Street
Kelly, F. J. S., 36 Orby Drive
Kelly, George, butcher, 242 Hillman Street
Kelly, George, butcher, 27a Halliday's Road
Kelly, George, teacher, Ard Muire, Glen Road
Kelly, George, Ltd., knacker, 14-16 Garfield Street
Kelly, G., horse slaughter yard, 1 Chemical Street
Kelly, G., 23 Willowfield Crescent
Kelly, G., grocer, 64a-66 Dover Street
Kelly, G. A., accountant, 22 Osborne Drive
Kelly, Henry, boot repairer, 4 Henrietta Street
Kelly, Hugh, sugar boiler, 111 Queen Street North
Kelly, Hugh, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 30-32 Bank Street
Kelly, H. C., solicitor, 41 Donegall Street
Kelly, H. C., 432 Newtownards Road Upper
Kelly, H. T., 95 Shandon Park
Kelly, James, publican, 49 Templemore Street
Kelly, James, spirit merchant, 147 Park Avenue
Kelly, James, 256 Ravenhill Road
Kelly, James, 57 Sandhurst Gardens
Kelly, James, spirit merchant, 53 Belvoir Street
Kelly, James, spirit merchant, 57 Beersbridge Road
Kelly, James, 70 Skegoneill Avenue
Kelly, James, inspector, 24 Ladas Drive
Kelly, James, spirit merchant, 215-217 Beersbridge Road
Kelly, James, hairdresser, 12 Castlereagh Street
Kelly, James, 79 Cavehill Road
Kelly, James D., engineer, 357 Cregagh Road
Kelly & Anderson, radio dealers, 364a Newtownards Road
Kelly, John, clerk, Joymount, Finaghy Road South
Kelly, John, grocer, 2 Woodstock Street
Kelly, John, stabling yard, 211 Templemore Avenue
Kelly, John, porter, 19 Distillery Street
Kelly, John, 248 Malone Road
Kelly, John, joiner, 70 Durham Street
Kelly, John, 128 Hemsworth Street
Kelly, John, R.U.C., 43 Rushfield Avenue
Kelly, John, inspector, 84 Edinburgh Street
Kelly, John, gardener, 271 Cavehill Road
Kelly, John, 51 Ponsonby Avenue
Kelly, John, Ltd., Coal Merchants and Steamship Owners, Station Street, Abercorn Basin, 28 Queen's Quay and 11-13 Scrabo Street
Kelly, John M., 27 Edgcumbe Gardens
Kelly, Joseph, store man, 62 Florida Drive
Kelly, Joseph, baker, 62 Oldpark Avenue
Kelly, Joseph, bus conductor, 3 Silverstream Parade
Kelly, Joseph, G.P.O., 145 Agincourt Avenue
Kelly, J., 12 Adela Street
Kelly, J., paint store, 7a Dover Street
Kelly, J., solicitor, 266 Falls Road
Kelly, J., garage, 186 Island Street
Kelly, J., bus conductor, 22 St. James's Drive
Kelly, J., 52 Beechmount Avenue
Kelly, J., baker, 87 Mountcollyer Street
Kelly, J., clerk, 11 Cranburn Street
Kelly, J., spirit merchant, 19 Cregagh Road
Kelly, J., 56 Townsend Street Upper
Kelly, J., joiner, 133 Divis Street
Kelly, J. E., french polisher, 31 Verner Street
Kelly, J. H., salesman, 14 Ashfield Drive
Kelly, J. H., clerk, 74 Ulsterville Gardens
Kelly, L., R.U.C., 6 Bennett Drive
Kelly, Matthew, driller, 16 Cambridge Street
Kelly, Michael, dairyman, Springfield Road
Kelly, Michael, mechanic, 228 Beersbridge Road
Kelly, Michael S., librarian, 28 Ardpatrick Gardens
Kelly, Miss, 9 Rossmore Avenue
Kelly, Miss, 10 Cherryvalley Park
Kelly, Miss, 46 Clonlee Drive
Kelly, Miss, 108 Stranmillis Road
Kelly, Miss, 31 Lawrence Street
Kelly, Miss B., 86 (5) University Street
Kelly, Miss C., 9 Bridge Street East
Kelly, Miss Doreen Stewart, 41 Earlswood Road
Kelly, Miss Ellen, Redlands, Chichester Park
Kelly, Miss L., 25 Wellesley Avenue
Kelly, Miss M., 38 Ailesbury Road
Kelly, Miss M. M., 22 Knockbreda Gardens
Kelly, Miss Winifred, 80 University Street
Kelly, Mrs., 9 Limestone Street
Kelly, Mrs., 211 Cregagh Street
Kelly, Mrs., 16 Willowholme Street
Kelly, Mrs., 36 Grace Avenue
Kelly, Mrs. Agnes, Viola House, Springfield Road
Kelly, Mrs. A., 21 Lavinia Street
Kelly, Mrs. B., Ballysillan Lodge, Ligoniel Road
Kelly, Mrs. E., 7 Alliance Avenue
Kelly, Mrs. George, 3 Wellington Park Terrace
Kelly, Mrs. Helena, 88 Fitzroy Avenue
Kelly, Mrs. Isabella, The Bungalow, Knockbreda Road
Kelly, Mrs. I., 325 Springfield Road
Kelly, Mrs. J., 81 Belmont Road
Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, 138 Woodstock Road
Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, 679 Crumlin Road
Kelly, Mrs. Mary, 8 Vicinage Park
Kelly, Mrs. Mary, 50 Ross Street
Kelly, Mrs. Mary, 10 Botanic Avenue
Kelly, Mrs. Sarah, Auburn, Stockman's Lane
Kelly, Mrs. Sarah, publican, 28 Granville Street
Kelly, M., S.C.M., nurse, 56 Jocelyn Street
Kelly, M., insurance agent, Ardara, Glen Road
Kelly, M., 2 North Parade
Kelly, M., publican, 103-105 Grosvenor Road
Kelly, M., clerk, 20 St. James's Drive
Kelly, Very Rev. Oliver, 685 Crumlin Road
Kelly, O., Garden Reach, Chichester Park
Kelly, Patrick, foreman, 24 St. James's Park
Kelly, Patrick, grocer, 44 Prince's Street
Kelly, Patrick, publican, 22 Pilot Street and 1 and 12 Short Street
Kelly, Patrick, assistant manager, 9 St. James's Street
Kelly, P., clerk, 35 St. James's Road
Kelly, P., publican, 2 Conlon Street
Kelly, P., publican, 170-172 Lodge Road Old
Kelly, P., publican, 69 Smithfield
Kelly, P., 137 Lodge Road Old
Kelly, P., baker, 213-215 Newtownards Road Upper
Kelly, Rachel, 156 Limestone Road
Kelly, Robert, 67 Carlingford Street
Kelly, Robert, 21 Wellesley Avenue
Kelly, Robert, & Sons, Solicitors, 41 Donegall Street
Kelly, R., foreman, 45 Delhi Street
Kelly, R., plate layer, 67 Victoria Avenue
Kelly, R. G., butcher, 150 North Street
Kelly, R. G., butcher, 89 Peter's Hill
Kelly, Sampson, 2 Rosapenna Parade
Kelly, Sarah, publican, 277-279 Grosvenor Road
Kelly, S., clerk, 266 Falls Road
Kelly, S., Knocknagoney Road
Kelly, Thomas, 112 Connsbrook Avenue
Kelly, Thomas, 16 Willowholme Crescent
Kelly, Thomas, foreman, 142 Roden Street
Kelly, Thomas, grocer, 12 Henrietta Street
Kelly, Thomas, com. agent, 59 Ravenhill Park
Kelly, Thomas, spirit merchant, 700 Springfield Road
Kelly, T., salesman, 15 Ava Parade
Kelly, T. J., clerk, Shandon, Mount Aboo Park
Kelly, T. J., 35 Knockbreda Road
Kelly, T. J., 28 Lothair Avenue
Kelly, T. M., M.B., B.Ch., 68 Cooldarragh Park
Kelly, T. W., 129 North Road
Kelly, William, fireman, 25 Glandore Gardens
Kelly, William, driver, 7 Tudor Place
Kelly, William, furniture manufacturer, 64 Rugby Road
Kelly, William, 4 Albion Street
Kelly, William, clerk, 156 Greenville Road
Kelly, William, grocer, 90 Wilton Street
Kelly, William, clerk, 17 Kimberley Drive
Kelly, William, traveller, 99 Orby Drive
Kelly, William, fitter, 32 Harleston Street
Kelly, William, iron turner, 446 Springfield Road
Kelly, W., miller, 25 Willowfield Drive
Kelly, W., 2 Chesham Gardens
Kelly, W., 59 Bramcote Street
Kelly, W., & Co., 72 (5) Castle Street
Kelly, W. H., grocer, 119 St. Leonard's Street
Kelly, W. H., store man, 32 Castlereagh Place
Kelly, W. H., grocer, 1 Humber Street
Kelly, W. H., hairdresser, 33 Ormeau Road
Kelly, W. J., joiner, 28 Loopland Park
Kelly, W. J., civil servant, 3 Willowfield Drive
Kelly, W. J., lamp lighter, 18 Ormeau Street
Kelly, W. J., relieving officer, 65 Torrens Crescent
Kelly, W. R., clerk, 25 Cheltenham Park
Kelly, W. R., 22 Madrid Street
Kelly's, butchers, 4 Agnes Street
Kelly's Cash Stores, 287 Grosvenor Road
Kelly's, grocer, 109 Agnes Street
Kelly's Meat Mart, 337 York Street
Kelly's, publican, 2 Conlon Street
Kelman, J., 3 Waterloo Gardens
Kelsey, Samuel, engineer, 33 Duncairn Gardens
Kelso, Alex. G., printer, 12 Loopland Gardens
Kelso, Andrew, welder, 8 Loopland Park
Kelso, Arthur, winding master, 66 Alliance Avenue
Kelso, Charles, plumber, 91 Larkfield Road
Kelso, George, 11 Knock Hill Park
Kelso, George, & Co., wholesale grocers, 29-31 Tomb Street
Kelso, Gilbert, lithographer, 2 Mayfair Avenue
Kelso, G., 27 Loopland Gardens
Kelso, Hugh, draper, 272 Albert Bridge Road
Kelso, James, 206 Newtownards Road
Kelso, James, clerk, 27 Loopland Drive
Kelso, James, 2 Parkgate Avenue
Kelso, John, 12-14 Conlon Street
Kelso, Miss E., Moree, Orpen Park
Kelso, Miss E., confectioner, 35 Castlereagh Road
Kelso, Mrs., 126 Templemore Avenue
Kelso, Mrs. Charlotte, 140 Limestone Road
Kelso, Mrs. D., 16 Shandarragh Park
Kelso, R. G., 426 Castlereagh Road
Kelso, Samuel, radio engineer, 86 Serpentine Road
Kelso, William, checker, 47 Graymount Park
Kelso, William, 8 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Kelso, William G., yarn dresser, 15 Clara Crescent Upper
Kelso, William J., 41 Duncairn Gardens
Kelso, W. A., manager, 32 Taunton Avenue
Kelvin Club, 23 Botanic Avenue
Kelvin Picture Palace Co. Ltd., 17-18 College Square East
Kelynack, J. A., 82 Sydenham Avenue
Kemlo, Andrew, civil servant, 18 Ballysillan Park
Kemp's Mercantile Offices, Ltd., 4 Waring Street
Kemps, Victor W., inspector, 3 Ardenlee Gardens
Kempston, David K., 6 Chichester Road
Kempston, D. K., pawn broker, 81-83 Duncairn Gardens
Kempston, Miss M., 19 Agincourt Street
Kendall, Charles B. T., inspector, 9 Parkside Gardens
Kenelty, Mrs., grocer, 86 Blythe Street
Kenmuir, E., & Sons, painters, 7 Irwin Drive
Kenmuir, H., painter, 7 Irwin Drive
Kenmuir, Thomas, hardware merchant, 219 Donegall Road
Kenna, E., R.U.C., 431 Springfield Road
Kennan, Mrs., 5 Glenbrook Terrace, Shore Road
Kennedy, Alex., 2 The Cottages, Stranmillis Road
Kennedy, Alex., 87 Euston Street
Kennedy, Alfred, 16 Mayfair Avenue
Kennedy, Andrew, grocer, 849 Crumlin Road
Kennedy, Annie, 5 Fitzwilliam Street
Kennedy, A., 67 Albert Bridge Road
Kennedy, A., B.A., teacher, 55 Cliftonville Road
Kennedy, A., 5a Lawther Place
Kennedy, A., Kingsway Gardens
Kennedy, A., Fenton, linen trade, 138 Agincourt Avenue
Kennedy, A. G., accountant, 29 Cranmore Park
Kennedy, A. H., D.-I., 51 Adelaide Park
Kennedy, A. J., watch maker, 4 Waring Street
Kennedy, A. J., watch maker, 32 Marina Park
Kennedy, Beattie, 38 Newington Street
Kennedy Bros., dairymen, 124-126, 136, 142 Cullingtree Road
Kennedy, Cecil, 184 Connsbrook Avenue
Kennedy & Co., 34 Donegall Square South
Kennedy & Co., grocers and provision merchants, 217 Falls Road
Kennedy, C., R.U.C., 39 Brookhill Avenue
Kennedy, C., 15 Marina Park
Kennedy, C. C., insurance agent, 1 Bloomfield Gardens
Kennedy, C. McK., 151 Knock Road
Kennedy, David, insurance agent, 65 Park Avenue
Kennedy, David, 38 Sans Souci Park
Kennedy, Denis, clerk, 3 Cavehill View, Shore Road
Kennedy & Donkin, constructing engineers, 7 Howard Street
Kennedy, D., 35 Brougham Street
Kennedy, Ernest, clerk, 48 Bloomfield Road
Kennedy, E., 54 Moyola Street
Kennedy, E. & L., solicitors, 7 Donegall Street
Kennedy, Dr. F., 35 University Road
Kennedy, Francis, clerk, 45 Alexander Street West
Kennedy, F., porter, 8 Cooke Street
Kennedy, F., book seller, 119, 160-161 and 164-165 Smithfield Market
Kennedy, F. A., 138 Agincourt Avenue
Kennedy, F. & J., linen merchant, 35-37 Gresham Street
Kennedy, F. W., Killard, Newforge Lane
Kennedy, George, 17 Hoylake Park
Kennedy, George, gardener, 26 Ashley Avenue
Kennedy, George, tram driver, 37 Ashley Drive
Kennedy, G., plumber, 20 Galwally Park
Kennedy, G. A., electrician, 141 Mount Merrion Park
Kennedy, G., & Co., shirt manufacturers, 43 Franklin Street
Kennedy, Henry C., textile machine maker, 657 Antrim Road
Kennedy, Hugh, motorman, 161 Springfield Road
Kennedy, Hugh, 463 Newtownards Road Upper
Kennedy, Hugh, 6 St. Agnes Drive
Kennedy, H., 9 Glencairn Street
Kennedy, H., motorman, 6 Twaddell Avenue
Kennedy, H., engineer, 52 Brookvale Avenue
Kennedy, H., grocer, 59-61 Massereene Street
Kennedy, H., insurance agent, 11 Rossmore Avenue
Kennedy, James, 21 (1) Camden Street
Kennedy, James, 10 Oberon Street
Kennedy, James, carrier, 7 Kerrsland Crescent
Kennedy, James, 42 Balfour Avenue
Kennedy, James, draper, Moira, Malone Road Upper
Kennedy, James, fitter, 36 Brandon Parade
Kennedy, James, fruiterer, 64a Douglas Street
Kennedy, James A., fruiterer, 26 Loopland Crescent
Kennedy, Jas., haulage contractor, 44 Kirkliston Park
Kennedy, Jane, 19 Clarendon Avenue
Kennedy, John, 12 Cedar Avenue
Kennedy, John, traveller, 11 Clonaver Crescent North
Kennedy, John, com. agent, 7 Wheatfield Gardens
Kennedy, John, 2 Geneva Gardens
Kennedy, John, 75 Isoline Street
Kennedy, John, stone mason, 114 Percy Street
Kennedy, John, farmer, 35 Clifton Drive
Kennedy, John, house repairer, 99a Joy Street
Kennedy, John, J.P., insurance agent, 192 Deerpark Road
Kennedy, John, agent, 389 Cregagh Road
Kennedy, John, sculptor and monumental worker, 8-18 Barrack Street; res., 31 Alexander Street West
Kennedy, John H., grocer, 64 Divis Drive
Kennedy, Joseph, inspector, 121 Shore Road
Kennedy, Joseph, 331 Oldpark Road
Kennedy, Joseph, plater, 33 Frank Street
Kennedy, Jos., coach painter, 74 Beechmount Street
Kennedy, Jos., grocer, 2a-4a Heathfield Road
Kennedy, J., 94 Finaghy Road South
Kennedy, J., traveller, 35 Irwin Crescent
Kennedy, J., grocer, 19 Bramcote Street
Kennedy, J., publican, 91 Falls Road
Kennedy, J., accountant, 144 King's Road
Kennedy, J., M.B., 305 Grosvenor Road
Kennedy, J., linen business, 15 Bawnmore Road
Kennedy, J. B., 24 Chichester Avenue
Kennedy, J. B., bakery, Beechmount Avenue; stables, 1 Beechmount Street
Kennedy, J. B., baker, Ardmor, Andersonstown
Kennedy, Pastor J. C., 55 Onslow Gardens
Kennedy, J. C., Brookfield Cottage, Tennant Street
Kennedy, J. H., driller, 25 Hoylake Park
Kennedy, J. S., manager, 22 Ormiston Park
Kennedy, J. S., 17 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Kennedy, L. A., solicitor, 35 Windsor Park
Kennedy, Michael, engineer, 34 Cliftonpark Avenue
Kennedy & Morrison, Ltd., mill and railway furnishers, engineers' merchants, 12-14 Library Street, 19 Union Street and Edward Street
Kennedy, Miss, milliner, 16 Donegall Place
Kennedy, Miss, 631 Lisburn Road
Kennedy, Miss, confectioner, 51 Ravenhill Road
Kennedy, Miss E., 37 St. James's Road
Kennedy, Miss Jean, 62 Alexandra Park Avenue
Kennedy, Miss Jean, 54 Cavehill Road Old
Kennedy, Miss J., 56 Osborne Drive
Kennedy, Miss K., 58 South Parade
Kennedy, Miss Lola R., 28 Clara Park
Kennedy, Miss L., 6 Rosetta Park
Kennedy, Miss Margaret, 216 Stranmillis Road
Kennedy, Miss Nellie, 32 Lansdowne Park
Kennedy, Miss Sarah, 23 Cameron Street
Kennedy, Misses, 165 Cliftonpark Avenue
Kennedy, Misses, 5 Glanleam Drive
Kennedy, Misses, 21 Lawrence Street
Kennedy, Mrs., 34 Brougham Street
Kennedy, Mrs., 518 Donegall Road
Kennedy, Mrs., 23 Lonsdale Street
Kennedy, Mrs., 45 Osborne Park
Kennedy, Mrs., 6 Stranmillis Road
Kennedy, Mrs., 3 Ardgreenan Mount
Kennedy, Mrs., 9 Boyle Street
Kennedy, Mrs., 435 Donegall Road
Kennedy, Mrs. Annie, 38 Earl Street
Kennedy, Mrs. C., 62 Rugby Road
Kennedy, Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 Cliftonville Street
Kennedy, Mrs. E. M., 26 Thirlmere Gardens
Kennedy, Mrs. H., grocer, 789-791 Crumlin Road
Kennedy, Mrs. H. S., 142 Agincourt Avenue
Kennedy, Mrs. J. S., 49 Marlborough Park South
Kennedy, Mrs. Marion, 11 St. Andrew's Square North
Kennedy, Mrs. M., 25 Brookvale Avenue
Kennedy, Mrs. M., 38 Madison Avenue
Kennedy, Mrs. M. A., 14 Lisburn Avenue
Kennedy, Mrs. M. C., 369 Newtownards Road Upper
Kennedy, Mrs. P., 12 Downshire Road
Kennedy, Mrs. R., 13 Cavehill Road
Kennedy, Mrs. Sarah Jane, 163 Falls Road
Kennedy, Mrs. S., fruiterer, 258 Woodstock Road
Kennedy, Mrs. T., 25 Queen Street North
Kennedy, M., meter inspector, 154 Greenville Road
Kennedy, M., designer, 5 Adelaide Street
Kennedy, M. K., Shalem, Finaghy Road South
Kennedy, Nellie, 33 Bloomfield Road
Kennedy, Norman R., insurance agent, 18 Pommern Parade
Kennedy, N., engineer, 57 Glencairn Street
Kennedy, N. H., salesman, 38 Wandsworth Road
Kennedy, N. T., bank official, 10 Lismoyne Park
Kennedy, P. S., electrician, 49 Grand Parade
Kennedy, Dr. Rex., M.D., 10 University Square
Kennedy, Richard J., 182 Cregagh Road
Kennedy, Robert, turf com. agent, 6a Royal Avenue and 33 Donegall Street Little
Kennedy, Robert, docker, 8 Twickenham Street
Kennedy, Robert, 11 Stranmillis Park
Kennedy, Robert, smith, 41 Marmount Gardens
Kennedy, Robert, 3 Sandhurst Road
Kennedy, Robert, grocer, 103 Cregagh Road
Kennedy, Robert, collar cutter, 23 Malone Place
Kennedy, Robert, dairyman, 601-603 Newtownards Road Upper
Kennedy, Robert, fitter, 14 Windsor Drive
Kennedy, Robert, com. agent, 6 King Street
Kennedy, Robert A., 28 Wheatfield Crescent
Kennedy, Robert N., 701 Lisburn Road
Kennedy, Robert T., 36 Clara Park
Kennedy, Robt., store keeper, 5 Joanmount Gardens
Kennedy, R., 16 Spencer Street
Kennedy, R., R.U.C., 31 Brookvale Avenue
Kennedy, R., clerk, 19 Deramore Avenue
Kennedy, R., com. agent, 68 Malone Road
Kennedy, R., tailor, 188 Duncairn Gardens
Kennedy, R., smith, 43 Marmount Gardens
Kennedy, R., grocer, 114 My Lady's Road
Kennedy, R. A., grocer, 159 Duncairn Gardens
Kennedy, R. A., grocer, 13 Grasmere Gardens
Kennedy, R. J., boot maker, 195 Lodge Road New
Kennedy, R. N., J.P., Fire Loss Assessor, 9 (33) Donegall Square South; res., 833 Lisburn Road
Kennedy, R. V., clerk, 2 Knockdarragh Park
Kennedy, Samuel, 11 Lismoyne Park
Kennedy, Samuel, engineer, 100 Woodvale Avenue
Kennedy, Samuel, plater, 2 Bloomfield Park
Kennedy, Samuel, carter, 32 Annalee Street
Kennedy, Stanley, 208 King's Road
Kennedy, Stewart, 15 Ranfurly Drive
Kennedy, S., 38 Madison Avenue
Kennedy, S. G., insurance agent, 31 Palmerston Road
Kennedy, Thomas, joiner, 16 Glanworth Drive
Kennedy, Thomas, 9 Broughton Gardens
Kennedy, Thos., linen manufacturer, 29 Bedford Street
Kennedy, T., conductor, 61 Cheviot Avenue
Kennedy, T., sergt. R.U.C., 3 Lothair Avenue
Kennedy, Dr. T., physician, 23 Beechlands
Kennedy, T. J., carter, 33 Earl Street
Kennedy, V., joiner, 174 Cavehill Road
Kennedy, William, 4 Deacon Street
Kennedy, William, 53 Knockvale Park
Kennedy, William, traveller, 27 Mount Merrion Park
Kennedy, William, mechanic, 195 Rosebery Road
Kennedy, William, 46 Earlswood Road
Kennedy, William, 1 Clanchattan Street
Kennedy, William, compositor, 43 Newington Avenue
Kennedy, William, docker, 6 Jubilee Avenue
Kennedy, Wm., painter, 1 Springvale Cottage, Castleview Road
Kennedy, Wm., manufacturer, 40 Elmwood Avenue
Kennedy, Wm. F., master mariner, 20 Haddington Gardens
Kennedy, W., manufacturers' agent, 13 Donegall Pace
Kennedy, W., bread server, 95 Euston Street
Kennedy, W., 192 Newtownards Road Upper
Kennedy, W. A., 83 Kirkliston Park
Kennedy, W. F., boot repairer, 17 Hamilton Street
Kennedy, W. G., chartered accountant, 50 Cherryvalley Park
Kennedy, W. G., & Co., chartered accountants and auditors, 2 (24) Linen Hall Street
Kennedy, W. J., engineer, 123 Crumlin Road
Kennedy, W. J., chemist, 399 Castlereagh Road
Kennedy, W. M., 21 Hawthornden Road
Kennedy, W. W., & Co., carriers, removal contractors, warehousemen and produce brokers, 40, 45-49 Hill Street
Kenneth, Joseph W., 45 Orby Drive
Kennett, Charles, 224 Stranmillis Road
Kennett, Ellen, 22 Cavehill Road Old
Kennett, Rebecca, 8 Lyndhurst Gardens
Kenney, John, 25 Atlantic Avenue
Kenney, Joseph, clerk, 147 The Mount
Kenning, John Clarke, bookkeeper, 316 Castlereagh Road
Kenning, J., iron turner, 54 Tildarg Street
Kenning, Miss, laundry agent, 23 My Lady's Road
Kenning, Miss A., 39 Sandhurst Drive
Kenning, The Misses, 97 Malone Road
Kenning, Mrs. M., 39 Knockbreda Road
Kenning, William, 125 King's Road
Kenny, Albert, manager, 6 Coombe Hill Park
Kenny, A., electrician, 3 Delaware Street
Kenny, A. F. T., 19 Cliftonville Drive
Kenny, C. W., clerk, 53 Haypark Avenue
Kenny, D., plater, 23 Cedar Avenue
Kenny, Gerald H., director, Kennies, Ballyhanwood Road
Kenny, Joseph, Govt. official, 35 Cranmore Gardens
Kenny, J. F., 96 Sandown Road
Kenny, J. L., music teacher, 10 Pretoria Street
Kenny, Marie, 210 Ravenhill Avenue
Kenny, Miss, 43 University Road
Kenny, Miss Olive, 32 Sagimor Gardens
Kenny, Miss Mary, 22 Strandview Street
Kenny, Miss Sarah, 11 Madison Avenue
Kenny, Mrs., 126 Connsbrook Avenue
Kenny, Mrs., servants' registry, 97 Victoria Street Great
Kenny, Mrs. A. F., 70 South Parade
Kenny, Mrs. Margaret, 15 Gainsborough Drive
Kenny, R., 16 Thorndale Avenue
Kenny, Thomas, red leader, 3 Canning Street
Kenny, Thomas, fitter, 35 Brandon Parade
Kenny, William, 32 Bramcote Street
Kenny, William Henry, 25 Nendrum Gardens
Kenny, Wm., grocer, Kenmount, Everton Drive
Kenrick & Jefferson, Ltd., printers and office furnishers, 7 Donegall Square West
Kensington Hotel (Belfast), Ltd., 22-23 College Square East. T.A., "Kensington Hotel, Belfast" Manager, W. Walker MacCleary
Kent, George, Ltd., steam and water meter manufacturers, 106 Ann Street
Kent, Miss Margaret, 387 Antrim Road
Kent, Robert, draughtsman, 20 Broughton Park
Kenyon, J. W., 11 Cabin Hill Gardens
Kenyon, Whittaker, artist, 20 Sharman Road
Kenyon, Wm., civil servant, Culmore, Lisburn Road
Keogh, F. I., manager, 47 Marlborough Park
Keogh, Miss Mina, 153a Stranmillis Road
Keon, Sylvia, 37 Donegall Pass
Keough, Mrs. E., 9 Abbeydale Park
Keown & Co., plain and fancy box makers, 9-11 Brunswick Street
Keown, Miss Mary, 69 Vernon Street
Keown, Miss M., spirit merchant, 1-3 Hawthorn Street
Keown, Mrs., 131 Cregagh Road
Keown, Mrs., 57 Kimberley Street
Keppie, Mrs., 57 Kimberley Street
Keppie, Thomas, 3 Loopland Crescent
Ker, Capt. David, J.P., Ballywhite, Portavo, Donaghadee
Ker, Mrs., 2 Cross Avenue, Marlborough Park
Ker, Major R. W. B., D.L., Ballywhite, Portavo, Donaghadee
Kerby, G., machine man, 16 Loopland Parade
Kerby, G.,  carter, 20 Loopland Parade
Kerley, J., postal official, 591 Ormeau Road
Kerley, Miss F., 45 Cabin Hill Gardens
Kernaghan, Andrew, welder, 26 Gawn Street
Kernaghan, E., grocer, 2 Grangeville Gardens
Kernaghan, Frederick, engineer, 35 Bristol Avenue
Kernaghan, F., manager, 180 Ainsworth Avenue
Kernaghan, G., sample maker, 21 Ava Street
Kernaghan, Hugh, caretaker, 11 Clara Avenue
Kernaghan, James, butcher, 25 Prestwick Park
Kernaghan, James, joiner, 4 Evelyn Avenue
Kernaghan, John, stereotyper, 3 McCandliss Street
Kernaghan, John, plumber, 20 Ballysillan Park
Kernaghan, J., 30 Deacon Street
Kernaghan, J. B., grocer, 75 Mount Street (No. 2)
Kernaghan, J. R., engineer, 46 Salisbury Avenue
Kernaghan, Mrs., 32 Riga Street Upper
Kernaghan, Mrs., agent, 221 Shankill Road
Kernaghan, Mrs. Annie L., 68 Westmoreland Street
Kernaghan, Mrs. M., 87 Onslow Parade
Kernaghan, Robert, grocer, 32 Lawther Street
Kernaghan, Robert, 16 Cheltenham Park
Kernaghan, S., 63 (1-2) Eglantine Avenue
Kernaghan, Thomas, brick layer, 81 Denmark Street
Kernaghan, William, conductor, 23 Gawn Street
Kernahan, C. A., 159 Cavehill Road
Kernahan, J. G. N., 36 King's Road
Kernahan, Mrs. S., 69 Beechfield Street
Kernahan, Thomas, 50 Willowbank Gardens
Kernahan, William, 2 Cliftonville Avenue
Kernan, Joseph, 52 Manor Street
Kernan, Mrs. C., 4 St. James's Parade
Kernoghan, H., 54 Windsor Drive
Kernoghan, J. M., wholesale grocer, 28 Exchange Street
Kernoghan, Richard, plumber, 71 Donegall Street
Kernoghan, W., 40 Annalee Street
Kernohan, A., & Sons, boot makers, 107 Ravenhill Road
Kernohan, Francis, fitter, 105 Donegall Pass
Kernohan, J., 57 Graymount Park
Kernohan, William, 13 Glantrasna Drive
Kerns, John, civil servant, 464 Oldpark Road
Kerns, Robert, civil servant, 4 Alliance Avenue
Kerr, Albert, 56 Woodvale Road
Kerr, Alexander, suptd., disinfecting station, Laganbank Road
Kerr, Alexander, 29 Stranmillis Park
Kerr, Alex., carpenter, 26 Fleet Street
Kerr, Alex., clerk, 20 Wandsworth Gardens
Kerr, Alfred, Electrical Engineer, 350 Shankill Road
Kerr, Alfred, turner, 12 Deramore Avenue
Kerr, Andrew, engineer, 625 Newtownards Road Upper
Kerr, Andrew, shipwright, 39 Brandon Parade
Kerr, Arthur, 414 Oldpark Road
Kerr, A., 72 Madrid Street
Kerr, A., stationer, 358 Shankill Road
Kerr, A. W. M., journalist, 31 Rugby Road
Kerr, D. E., teacher, 3 Upton Park
Kerr, D. H., 21 Kirkliston Drive
Kerr, D. J., plater, 25 Hillsborough Drive
Kerr, D. S., 17 Rathdrum Street
Kerr, Edward, bookkeeper, 23 St. James's Road
Kerr, Emma F., 5 Thornhill Parade
Kerr, Frank, gent's outfitter, 8 Loopland Gardens
Kerr, Frank, & Co. (Thos. H. Cairns, Joseph O'Hara), Solicitors, 3 Wellington Place
Kerr, Fredk. Heron, civil servant, 43 Knock Road
Kerr, F., motor body builder, 26 Deanby Gardens
Kerr, F. C., 452 Ormeau Road
Kerr, F. J., district manager, 6 Upton Park
Kerr, F. W., 17 Irwin Crescent
Kerr, F. W., & Co., accountants, 135 (2) Donegall Street
Kerr, George, ele3ctrician, 86 Ravenscroft Avenue
Kerr, George, postman, 34 Baroda Street
Kerr, Dr. Graham, M.B., B.C.H., 65 Holywood Road, 1 Grampian Avenue, and 7 Connsbrook Avenue
Kerr, G. J., clerk, 13 Orby Gardens
Kerr, G. P., Tacheen, Kingsway Gardens
Kerr, Hugh, 38 Spencer Street
Kerr, H. A., 38 Osborne Drive
Kerr, James, blacksmith, 52 Glencairn Street
Kerr, James, 21 Irwin Avenue
Kerr, James, 1 Thorburn Road
Kerr, James, iron turner, 20 Hesketh Park
Kerr, James, 20 Fairview Street
Kerr, James, master mariner, Kinvarra, Serpentine Road
Kerr, James, 60 Shaftesbury Avenue
Kerr, James, 46 Belmont Road
Kerr, James, clerk, 18 Oakland Avenue
Kerr, James A., 105 Orby Drive
Kerr, James A., director, 12 Brougham Park
Kerr, John, clerk, 79 Deramore Avenue
Kerr, John, 16 Sunbury Avenue
Kerr, John, 26 Crumlin Gardens
Kerr, John, 154 Dunluce Avenue
Kerr, John, bread server, 8 Thorndale Avenue
Kerr, John, 26 Strandview Street
Kerr, John, engineer, 48 Willowbank Gardens
Kerr, John, 1a Bloomfield Avenue
Kerr, Joseph, 6 Ava Terrace, Shore Road
Kerr, Joseph, 18 Abetta Parade
Kerr, Joseph, Carninard, Annadale Avenue
Kerr, Joseph, joiner, 36 Blenheim Drive
Kerr, Joseph, rivet heater, 208 Lodge Road Old
Kerr, Joseph Andrew, 12 Chambers Street
Kerr, Joshua, driver, Kiln Lodge, Glencairn Road
Kerr, J., 61 Lomond Avenue
Kerr, J. E., teacher, 40 St. Ive's Gardens
Kerr, J. W., fitter, 42 Sandhurst Gardens
Kerr, Margaret, dealer, 1-3 Wilson Street
Kerr, Miss, Calaroga, Falls Road
Kerr, Miss, draper, 62 Castlereagh Street
Kerr, Miss H., 11 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Kerr, Miss Kathleen D., 96 Deramore Avenue
Kerr, Miss Margaret, 7 Wyndham Street
Kerr, Miss Mary, 56 Madrid Street
Kerr, Miss M., 12 Knock Hill Park
Kerr, Miss M. M., 483 Newtownards Road Upper
Kerr, Misses, 107 Wellesley Avenue
Kerr, Mrs., 9 Richview Street
Kerr, Mrs., 35 Cavehill Road
Kerr, Mrs., 49 Wandsworth Road
Kerr, Mrs., 45 Bryson Street
Kerr, Mrs., fruiterer, 222 Grosvenor Road
Kerr, Mrs., 58 Lisburn Road
Kerr, Mrs., 94 University Avenue
Kerr, Mrs. Agnes, 103 Oldpark Road
Kerr, Mrs. E., 78 Skegoneill Avenue
Kerr, Mrs. Harriet, publican, 172-174 Shankill Road
Kerr, Mrs. John, 371 Springfield Road
Kerr, Mrs. K. A., 40 Knutsford Drive
Kerr, Mrs. Mary, 4 Rushfield Avenue
Kerr, Mrs. Mary, 19 Canning Street
Kerr, Mrs. Mary W., 64 Botanic Avenue
Kerr, Mrs. Minnie, 131 Durham Street
Kerr, Mrs. M., 134 Limestone Road
Kerr, Mrs. M. R., 83 Malone Avenue
Kerr, Norman, tram conductor, 19 Whitewell Crescent
Kerr, Patrick, 15 Norfolk Drive
Kerr, Patrick, confectioner, 175 Divis Street
Kerr, P. C., master mariner, 59 Onslow Gardens
Kerr Radio Ltd., radio dealers, 106-108 Peter's Hill
Kerr, Rebecca, 42 Cheviot Avenue
Kerr & Reid, grocers, 481 Newtownards Road Upper
Kerr, Robert, cashier, 3 Wingrove Gardens
Kerr, Robert, joiner, 31 Bloomfield Park
Kerr, Robert, 110 Bloomfield Avenue
Kerr, Robert, secretary, 7 Finaghy Park North
Kerr, Robert, joiner, 8 Clonard Gardens
Kerr, Robert, time keeper, 564 Oldpark Road
Kerr, Robert, 116 Grand Parade (Bloomfield)
Kerr, Robert, 58 Ava Street
Kerr, Robert, clerk, 9 Hillsborough Parade
Kerr, Robert, traveller, 39 Orby Drive
Kerr, Robert, 34 Wheatfield Crescent
Kerr, R., 43 Waterloo Gardens
Kerr, R., shipwright, 1 Harland Park
Kerr, R., lithographer, 16 Hillsborough Drive
Kerr, R. C., civil servant, 82 Orby Drive
Kerr, R. & F., outfitters, 407 Woodstock Road
Kerr, R. & F., drapers, 315 Woodstock Road
Kerr, R. J., traveller, 22 Ormiston Drive
Kerr, R. J., R.U.C., 46 Elimgrove Street
Kerr, R. J., builder, 407a Woodstock Road
Kerr, R. J., builder, 234 Ravenhill Avenue
Kerr, R. J., 6 Sunbury Avenue
Kerr, R. J., accountant, Aldersyde, Everton Drive
Kerr, R. J., clerk, 6 Haddington Gardens
Kerr, R. J., builder, 4 Rathdrum Street
Kerr, R. J., & Co., agents, 36 Victoria Square
Kerr, Samuel, 14 Cliftonville Parade
Kerr, Samuel, grocer, 16-18 Tilley Street
Kerr, Samuel, grocer, 1-7 Dunn Street
Kerr, Sylvia, L.R.A.M., Derravaragh, 452 Ormeau Road
Kerr, S., grocer, 115 Belmont Road
Kerr, S. J., 18 Sharman Road
Kerr, Rev. S. P., B.A., 197 Crumlin Road
Kerr, Thomas, contractor, 159 Orby Drive
Kerr, Thomas, 49 Sunnyside Street
Kerr, Thomas, tailor, Newtownards Road Upper
Kerr, Thomas, grocer, 16 Curzon Street
Kerr, Thomas, 1 Parkview Terrace, Bray Street
Kerr, Thomas, 118 Woodvale Road
Kerr, Thomas D., 36 Fitzwilliam Street
Kerr, T., driver, 190 Connsbrook Avenue
Kerr, T. H., R.U.C., 23 Holland Gardens
Kerr, Dr. T. J., 104-106 Malone Road
Kerr, T. J., inspector, 113 Bray Street
Kerr, T. J., M.D., 119 Victoria Street Great
Kerr, T. J. H., musician, 73 Fitzroy Avenue
Kerr, V. B., manager, 81 Knockbreda Road
Kerr, William, R.U.C., 36 Irvin Crescent
Kerr, William, 107 Sydenham Avenue
Kerr, William, 3 Knocklofty Park
Kerr, William, painter, 15 Essex Street
Kerr, William, engineer, 58 Donegall Pass
Kerr, William, bus driver, 23 Glanworth Drive
Kerr, William Thomas, 17 Belmont Road
Kerr, W., electrical contractor, 1a Bloomfield Road
Kerr, W., bread server, 77 Agnes Street
Kerr, W. J., clerk of works, 8 Brookvale Street
Kerr, W. J., engineer, 9 Sintonville Avenue
Kerr, W. M., 21 Evelyn Gardens
Kerr, W. R., civil servant, 32 King's Road
Kerr, Rev. W. S., R.D., Dean of Belfast, 41 Wellington Park
Kerr, W. T., 3 Canterbury Street
Kerr's Engineering Academy, 103 Corporation Street
Kerridge, Cecil, clerk, 6 Dunluce Avenue
Kerrigan, Geo., Poplar Villa, Newtownards Road Upper
Kerrigan, J., driver, 39 Ashley Drive
Kerrigan, J. T., teacher, Westlands, Glen Road
Kerrigan, Lily, millinery, 12 High Street
Kerrigan, Mrs. M., 18 Ormiston Drive
Kerrigan, William, 20 Coburg Street
Kerrigan, W. J., motorman, 12 Miller Street
Kerry, David, fitter, 43 Loopland Drive
Kerry, F., 122 Melrose Street
Kershaw, Wilfred, draughtsman, 12 Cyprus Gardens
Kersley, L., 150 Malone Avenue
Kertland, Miss A. B., 9 Knockdene Park North
Kettle, Alex., railway official, 16 Eblana Street
Kettle, James, 73-75 Burmah Street
Kettle, J., grocer, 9 Blackwood Street
Kettle, Michael, insurance agent, 9 La Salle Drive
Kevin, Robt. G., M.D., D.P.H., 68 Lisburn Road
Keyes, William, electrician, 4 Ambleside Street
Keys, A., R.U.C., 66 Manna Grove
Keys, Miss K., 10 Collingwood Avenue
Keys, Mrs. Annie, 55 Pretoria Street
Keys, Mrs. Margaret, 65 Ainsworth Avenue
Keys, Mrs. O., 26 Wingrove Gardens
Keys, Robert, traveller, 15 Avonbeg Street
Keys, William, blacksmith, 42 Clara Street
Khoe, J., electrical welder, 12 St. Jude's Crescent
Kidd, Alexander, civil servant, 34 Knock Eden Park
Kidd, A., leather merchant, 47 Martinez Avenue
Kidd, A., 94 Kimberley Street
Kidd, Charles, 14 Derlett Street
Kidd, C. W., M.D., surgeon, 180 Lisburn Road
Kidd, Dr. C. W., 7 Malone Park
Kidd, Edward, 24 Silverstream Park
Kidd, Ernest, electrician, 13 Jocelyn Street
Kidd, E. N., electrician, 31 Knockbreda Park
Kidd, George B., agent, 127 Marlborough Park South
Kidd, George E., 43 Agincourt Avenue
Kidd, Herbert P., fire loss assessor, 35 Lockview Road
Kidd, James L., fireman, 2 Mount Prospect Park
Kidd, Jas. W., joiner, The Limes, Castlereagh Road
Kidd, John, boot upper manufacturer, 577 Crumlin Road
Kidd, Joseph H., 13 Maryville Park
Kidd, J. H., 44 Dover Street
Kidd, Miss, 4 Stranmillis Gardens
Kidd, Miss, costumier, 104 Malone Avenue
Kidd, Miss, 38 University Street
Kidd, Miss S. J., 16 Sicily Park
Kidd, Mrs., 8 Marmount Gardens
Kidd, Mrs. A. J. L., 13 Ulsterville Avenue
Kidd, Mrs. M., 10 Moyola Street
Kidd, Mrs. W., 125 Tennent Street
Kidd, R., 620 Oldpark Road
Kidd, William, coach trimmer, 191 Deerpark Road
Kidd, W. J., 15 Lawrence Street
Kidd, W. J., & Sons, Leather merchants, 45a Ann Street and 51 Church Lane Upper
Kidd's, millinery, 51 North Street
Kidney, A. J., Ph.D., Inglenook, Newforge Lane
Kidney, Miss, 81 Victoria Road
Kidney, Mrs., masseuse, 9 Donegall Square South
Kidney, Mrs. M. J., 15 Mountcharles
Kielty, James F., 104 Chief Street
Kiely, Mrs. R., 46 Clonard Gardens
Kieran, Lawrence, conductor, 16 St. James' Parade
Kiernan, Alpin C., electrician, 66 Victoria Avenue
Kiernan, J., 12 Brookhill Avenue
Kilcoyne, Thomas, R.U.C., 69 London Road
Kildea, Mrs. A., 15 Elgin Street
Kilfeather, M., grocer, 150 Falls Road
Kilgannon, H., P.O. telephones, 9 Willowfield Drive
Kilgin, S., 37 Carlisle Street
Kilgore, James H., 20 Landseer Street
Killen, Bruce W., stock broker, 60 Cherryvalley Park
Killen, George, baker, 26 Connswater Street
Killen, John, 8 Worcester Terrace, Chamberlain Street
Killen, Joseph, clerk, 46 Chief Street
Killen, J., 13 Alexandra Avenue
Killen, Miss, 36 Kansas Avenue
Killen, Mrs. Mary, 29 Glen Road
Killen, M. J., 23 Glandore Avenue
Killen, Thomas, stager, 22 Aigburth Park
Killen, W. B., 9 Greenwood Park
Killey, Miss, 26 Victoria Avenue
Killick, Charles, 49 Cavehill Road
Killinder, Mrs. S., 15 Knockbreda Park
Killiner, F., insurance agent, 593 Newtownards Road Upper
Killip, William, 20 Sydenham Crescent
Killips, J., sergt. R.U.C., 4 Haddington Gardens
Killips, J. H. C., clerk, 26 Dunblane Avenue
Killops, George, fitter, 164 Ainsworth Avenue
Killops, Mrs., 20 Cheviot Avenue
Killow, H. A., caretaker, 6 Cambridge Street
Kilmorey, Earl of, Mourne Park, Kilkeel, and 5 Aldford Street, Park Lane, London, W.
Kilner, George, 22 Gilnahirk Road
Kilner, Mrs. K., 41 Brookvale Street
Kilpatrick & Bready, architects, 72 High Street and 209 Donegall Street
Kilpatrick, David, 51 Knock Road
Kilpatrick, D., hairdresser, 101 Urney Street
Kilpatrick, D., hardware merchant, 169 Oldpark Road
Kilpatrick, George, 55 Knock Eden Park
Kilpatrick, Hugh, Gate Lodge, Lisburn Road
Kilpatrick, Hugh, clerk, 27 Ilchester Street
Kilpatrick, H. Alex., electrician, 35 Spencer Street
Kilpatrick, James, clerk, 18 Ardmore Park
Kilpatrick, John, iron turner, 12 Ava Parade
Kilpatrick, J., poultry food specialist, 117-119 Victoria Street; res., 3 Easton Crescent
Kilpatrick, Councillor J., 669 Crumlin Road
Kilpatrick, J., grain merchant, Linkview, Lisburn Road
Kilpatrick, J., mechanic, 41 Delhi Parade
Kilpatrick, Lavinia, 16 Brookhill Avenue
Kilpatrick, Miss A., 53 Stranmillis Gardens
Kilpatrick, Mrs. Agnes, 144 University Street
Kilpatrick, R. W., joiner, 30 Greenville Road
Kilpatrick, Stuart, agent, 15 Bedford Street
Kilpatrick, S., 16 Earlswood Road
Kilpatrick, S., store keeper, 45 Delhi Street
Kilpatrick, S. J., 68 Mount Merrion Avenue
Kilpatrick, S. & J., publicans and grocers, 38-40 Library Street Upper, 345 Crumlin Road and 4 Herbert Street
Kilpatrick, T. J., fitter, 28 St. Jude's Parade
Kilpatrick, Victor, 13 Brianville Park
Kilpatrick, William J., case maker, 42 Ethel Street
Kilpatrick, W., evangelist, 6 Jocelyn Street
Kilpatrick, W. M., 19 Orpen Road
Kilpatrick, ?, 21 Strandview Street
Kilroe, H., 7 Delhi Street
Kilwaughter Chemical Co., 15 Divis Street
Kimber, Mrs. L. B., 51 (4) Malone Road
Kimlim, George, grocer, 57 Lisburn Avenue
Kimlin, William, clerk, 65 Windsor Avenue Lower
Kimlin, William, gardener, 59 Windsor Avenue Lower
Kimmitt, Miss, 12 Earlswood Road
Kincaid, Miss M. J., 26 Beverley Street
Kincaid, W. J., 40 Edinburgh Street
Kinch, J. T., mariner, 44 Taunton Avenue
Kinch, Mrs. Mary E., 6 Rathdrum Street
Kinder, Mrs., 25 Ardmore Avenue
Kinedar Nurseries, Edgcumbe Gardens
King, Albert James, clerk, 112 Hillman Street
King, Alex., fitter, 47 Greenville Road
King, Alex., Ltd., coal merchants, 15 Wellington Place and 2 Queen's Quay
King, Alfred, R.U.C., 71 Torrens Crescent
King, A., 107 Shandon Park
King, A. T., 455 Newtownards Road Upper
King, Bernard, 1 Stratheden Street
King, Dora, teacher, 79 Salisbury Avenue
King, D. J., salesman, 98 Ardenlee Avenue
King Edward Protestant Hall, 17 Brown's Square
King, Edward, audit clerk, 28 St. Meryl Park
King, Ernest, fitter, 28 Walnut Street
King, Francis, tailor, 10a May Street Little
King, Fredk., & Co. Ltd., food manufacturers, 19 Union Street and Stranmillis Embankment
King, G. S., traveller, Perle-Dene, Finaghy Road South
King, Harold, 57 Cherryvalley Park
King, Henry, bookkeeper, Sylvan Cottage, Ballyhanwood Road
King, Herbert, engineer, 33 Florida Drive
King, H. J., teacher, 22 Ormiston Crescent
King, James, plumber, 120 Connsbrook Avenue
King, James, tenter, 21 Albertville Drive
King, James, R.U.C., 52 Kimberley Street
King, James, auctioneer, 14 Montgomery Street
King, James C., 46 Haddington Gardens
King, John, salesman, 4 Stranmillis Road
King, J., 52 Bloomfield Road
King, J. H., fitter, 29 Kimberley Drive
King, J. J., sergt. R.U.C., 30 Dunluce Avenue
King, J. Osborne, estate agent, 14 Montgomery Street
King, L., advertising agent, 72 Onslow Parade
King, Miss Beatrice, 119a My Lady's Road
King, Miss Catherine, 299 Hillman Street
King, Miss C., 43 Fitzroy Avenue
King, Miss Katherine, 24 Wheatfield Crescent
King, Miss Lena, dance studio, 52 Dublin Road
King, Miss May, dance studio, 54 Royal Avenue
King, Miss May, 50 Cedar Avenue
King, Mrs., 68 Denmark Street
King, Mrs., school teacher, 105 Malone Road
King, Mrs., 79 Victoria Road
King, Mrs. Annie, 6 Annalee Street
King, Mrs. David, 46 Madison Avenue
King, Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Lisburn Avenue
King, Mrs. E., 9 Cherryvalley Park
King, Mrs. E., 34 Woodcot Avenue
King, Mrs. F. L., 206 Cregagh Road
King, Mrs. G. E., 23 Manna Grove
King, Mrs. Margaret K., 53 Pretoria Street
King, Mrs. Mary, 19 Ainsworth Avenue
King, M., 1 Dunraven Avenue
King, M., publican, 33-37 Newtownards Road
King, Patrick, sorter, 50 Norfolk Drive
King, Patrick, clerk, 21 Glen Road
King, P. L., 26 Wheatfield Gardens
King, Robert, coach builder, 35 Dover Street
King, Samuel, tailor, 6 Sicily Park
King, Sarah, 6 Ilchester Street
King, Stanley, clerk, 39 Whitewell Crescent
King, Susan, 52 Gloucester Street
King, S., Corporation official, 24 Cherryvalley Park
King, Thomas, cleaner, 36 Farnham Street
King, Thomas, engineer, 46 Lichfield Avenue
King, Thomas A., fruiterer, 20 Shankill Road
King, T., tea merchant, 38 Elmwood Avenue
King, T. A., fitter, 4 Lomond Avenue
King, T. J., Rubicon, Lisburn
King, T. & J., sewing machine agents, 25 Brunswick Street
King, William, 33 Elgin Street
King, W., 139 The Mount
King's Bridge Gospel Hall, 76 Sunnyside Street
Kingan, Miss M., 9 Stranmillis Park
Kingan, William Sinclair, Glenganagh, Bangor
Kingcross, William, foreman, 42 Manor Street
Kingham, James, 4 Woodland Terrace, Shore Road
Kingham, J., painter and decorator, 39 Queensberry Park
Kinghan & Co., 13 Crescent Lower
Kingan, J. F., 22 Kimberley Drive
Kingan, J. F., manufacturers agent, 31a Wellington Place
Kinghan, Miss Sarah, 32 Alliance Crescent
Kinghan Mission to Deaf and Dumb of Ulster, 7a Botanic Avenue
Kinghan, Mrs., 51 Kimberley Street
Kinghan, Mrs. Martha, 46 Haypark Avenue
Kinghan, Mrs. S. M., 177 Holywood Road
King-Hainam, Sir Cecil, 38 Deramore Drive
Kinghorn, Mrs. Annie, 130 Hillman Street
Kingsberry, James, Ltd., Coal Importers, 1 Queen's Quay, Station Street, Abercorn Basin and 20 Arthur Street T.A.: "Kingsberry, Belfast"
Kingsberry, Joseph, 15 Ravenhill Avenue
Kingsberry, Joseph, rivetter, 57 Dee Street
Kingsberry, Mrs. Cath., 15 Albertville Drive
Kingsberry, M., 19 Belvedere Park
Kingsbridge Dairy, 35-37 Ridgeway Street
Kingsley, J., M.B.A., 81 Malone Avenue
Kingsman, Arthur, 1 Enid Drive
Kingsman, Mrs., 21 Nendrum Gardens
Kingsmill, Mrs. A. W., 70 Balmoral Avenue
Kingsmore, Mrs. H., 11 Stockman's Lane
Kingsmore, William, 54 Denmark Street
Kingston, George, male nurse, 24 Florida Drive
Kingston, Mrs., 18 Locksley Park
Kingston, P. F., 673 Antrim Road
Kingston, R., Customs official, 67 Bristow Park
Kingston, S., 18 Locksley Park
Kingsway Restaurant (The), 46 Smithfield
Kinhan, S., 131 Shandon Park
Kinkade, M., 61 Belmont Road
Kinkead, Alex. S., traveller, 60 Pommern Parade
Kinkead, A. H., secretary, 32 Grangeville Gardens
Kinkead Bros., Ltd., mattress makers, 104-108 Dover Street
Kinkead, G. W., 39 Ormonde Park (Finaghy)
Kinkead, Henry, 420 Castlereagh Road
Kinkead, James, 16 Deramore Avenue
Kinkead, J. H., Ovingdean, Locksley Park
Kinkead, J. H., 24 Mount Eden Park
Kinkead, Mrs., 13 Lancedene Road
Kinkead, R. W., 16 Cadogan Park
Kinkead, S., 2 Ava Park
Kinkead, W. A., director, 6 Shrewsbury Park
Kinkead, W. J., 139 Stranmillis Road
Kinley, D., M.B., 31 Hughenden Avenue
Kinley, D., M.B., 23 Brougham Street
Kinley, John, 13 Finaghy Park Central
Kinley, J., 20 Clonard Crescent North
Kinnaird, Alex., A.A.I., auctioneer and estate agent, 49 Chichester Street
Kinnaird, G., & Co., cotton and cloth merchants, Clarence Street West
Kinnaird, Joseph, salesman, 67 Bloomfield Avenue
Kinnaird, Miss E. H., 1 Eglantine Place
Kinnaird, Robt., boot manufacturer, 142-144 Newtownards Road
Kinnear, Mrs., 9 Oberon Street
Kinnear, Mrs. H., 51 Camden Street
Kinnear, Robert, 6 Ranfurly Drive
Kinnear, R. A., dentist, 23 Lisburn Road
Kinnear, T. J., Barrister-at-Law, O.B.E., 36 Knocklofty Park
Kinnear, William, joiner, 66 Farnham Street
Kinnear, W., joiner, 26 Hatfield Street
Kinnear, W. J., agent, 4 College Square East
Kinnen, J., joiner, 43 Kimberley Street
Kinney, Frank, 19 Slievemoyne Park
Kinney, George, joiner, 102 Ashley Avenue
Kinney, John, dealer, Ardnaleen, Andersonstown
Kinney, M., 26 Pretoria Street
Kinney, Miss J., 17 Sans Souci Park
Kinney, The Misses, milliners, 45 Donegall Place
Kinney, Thomas, clerk, 47 Joanmount Gardens
Kinney, Thomas G., joiner, 7 Rugby Avenue
Kinnier, William, joiner, 16 Victoria Avenue
Kinnin, I. H., bread server, 36 St. Jude's Crescent
Kinnis, Charles D., agent, 17 Alliance Avenue
Kinnis, C. D., representative, 29 Waring Street
Kinsella, Thomas, N.F.S., 205 Albert Bridge Road
Kinsman, Dora, 50 Westland Road
Kirby, Timothy, 101 Galwally Park
Kirk, Albert, confectioner, 348 Springfield Road
Kirk, Allister, & Co. Ltd., automobile engineers, 4-64 Ballarat Street
Kirk, B., fruiterer, 63 Durham Street
Kirk, David P., journalist, 52 Kirkliston Park
Kirk, Edward, porter, 79 Glencairn Street
Kirk, Edward, porter, 54 Dover Street
Kirk, Frank, 643 Antrim Road
Kirk, George, traveller, 39 Silverstream Park
Kirk, George R., accountant, 26 Donegall Park Avenue
Kirk, G., chemist, 111 Holywood Road
Kirk, Harry, 32 Townsend Street Upper
Kirk, Henry, porter, 27 Avonbeg Street
Kirk, Hugh, joiner, 2a Stranmillis Park
Kirk, H., dairyman, 3 Cavehill Bridge Houses, Cavehill Road
Kirk, James, dairy keeper, 5 Cavehill Bridge Houses, Cavehill Road
Kirk, John, 2 Windermere Gardens
Kirk, John, machinist, 29 Graymount Road
Kirk, John, M.A., 12 Greenwood Park
Kirk, John B., fitter, 95 Woodvale Road
Kirk, J., insurance agent, 51 Donegall Road
Kirk, J. A., secretary, 4 King's Road
Kirk, J. A., shop assistant, 62 Barnett's Road
Kirk, Mary, corsets and hosiery, 46 Wellington Place
Kirk, Miss, 384 Woodstock Road
Kirk, Miss, 4 Haypark Avenue
Kirk, Mrs., 91 Mersey Street
Kirk, Mrs., 73 Lansdowne Road
Kirk, Mrs. Annie, 53 Castlereagh Place
Kirk, Mrs. D., 43 Orby Drive
Kirk, Mrs. Eliza, 429 Cregagh Road
Kirk, Mrs. Janet, 115 Ainsworth Avenue
Kirk, Mrs. M., 2 Woodvale Gardens
Kirk, Mrs. M. E., Rathdene, Finaghy Road South
Kirk, Robert, collar maker, 65 Haypark Avenue
Kirk, Robert, saddler, 44 Lavinia Street
Kirk, Robert, flesher, 33 Ballygomartin Road
Kirk, Robert, Ltd., Builders' Providers, 30-34 and 33 Exchange Street and 22-30 Dunbar Street
Kirk, Robert, Ltd., Fireplace Showrooms, 13 and 17-19 Corporation Street
Kirk, R., driller, 102 Barnett's Road
Kirk, R., pattern maker, 35 Ardenlee Avenue
Kirk, Samuel, 16 Dunlambert Park
Kirk, S., 19 Priory Park
Kirk, S., 102 Rosebery Road
Kirk, S. G. A., music dealer, 70 York Street
Kirk, Thomas, spring manufacturer, 252 Springfield Road
Kirk, Thomas, driller, 17 Brandon Parade
Kirk, William, 46 Bridge End
Kirk, William J., bread server, 10 Agincourt Street
Kirk, Wm., grocer, 302-304 Newtownards Road Upper
Kirk, W., motor business, 20 Ladas Drive
Kirk, W. C., salesman, 62 Ardenlee Avenue
Kirk, W. G., 21 Sandhill Parade
Kirk, W. J., painter, 107 Newtownards Road Upper
Kirk, W. W., R.U.C., 25 Fernwood Street
Kirker, D. M., civil servant, 67 Wheatfield Crescent
Kirker, Greer, Ltd., distillers, Avoniel Road
Kirker, Joseph, pipe layer, 10 Copeland Street
Kirker, Miss Elizabeth A., 25 Clifton Drive
Kirker, Mrs. I., 10 Nendrum Gardens
Kirker, Thomas, 1 Magdala Street
Kirker, William, Corporation official, 76 Tyndale Park
Kirkham, G., 240 Blythe Street
Kirkland, G., 10 Kerrsland Drive
Kirkland, John, joiner, 144 Hillman Street
Kirkland, Miss R., 5 Nendrum Gardens
Kirkland, Mrs., 474 Ravenhill Road
Kirkpatrick, Alex., 36 Ormiston Crescent
Kirkpatrick, A., conductor, 44 Marmount Gardens
Kirkpatrick Bros., grocers, 13 Rugby Avenue
Kirkpatrick Bros., grocers and provision merchants, 58 Stranmillis Road
Kirkpatrick Bros., Ltd., 67-69 Carlisle Street
Kirkpatrick, C., 16 St. John's Park
Kirkpatrick & Cochrane, damask manufacturers, 77 Dublin Road
Kirkpatrick, David, baker, 3 Roseleigh Street
Kirkpatrick, D., painter, Newtownards Road Upper
Kirkpatrick, D. L., 136 Sandown Road
Kirkpatrick, George H., 2 Stranmillis Park
Kirkpatrick, G., manager, 11 Ravenhill Park
Kirkpatrick, H., 5 Ravensdene Park Gardens
Kirkpatrick, Jas., spinning master, 385 Queen Street North
Kirkpatrick, Jas., assistant manager, 3 Stewart Street
Kirkpatrick, John, 13 Cliftonville Drive
Kirkpatrick, John Alex., coal and coke merchant, 5 Cyprus Avenue
Kirkpatrick, J., 269 Donegall Road
Kirkpatrick, J., 8 Delhi Street
Kirkpatrick, J., painter, 96 Euston Street
Kirkpatrick, J. C., salesman, 52 Lichfield Avenue
Kirkpatrick, J. F., 15 Knock Hill Park
Kirkpatrick, K., driller, 26 Ilchester Street
Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church, 259 Newtownards Road Upper
Kirkpatrick, Miss, 35 Rugby Road
Kirkpatrick, Miss A. R., 19 Strathmore Park
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., 8 Knockmarloch Park
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., 66 Earlswood Road
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., 1 Clara Crescent Upper
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., Rosebank, Newtownards Road Upper
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Annie, 35 Clifton Crescent
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. C. M., 2 Dundela Gardens
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. E., 318 Ravenhill Road
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. L., 15 Hillsborough Drive
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. R., 19 Rugby Avenue
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. R., 161 Cregagh Road
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. S., 102 University Avenue
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. W., 5 Earlswood Park
Kirkpatrick, Richard, 3 Wilton Street
Kirkpatrick, Richard, 40 Orpen Road
Kirkpatrick, Robert J., 107 Alexandra Park Avenue
Kirkpatrick, Robert J., Knockbracken Park
Kirkpatrick, Robert J., 20 Mayfair Avenue
Kirkpatrick, R., clerk, 394 Woodstock Road
Kirkpatrick, R. J., 104b Belmont Road
Kirkpatrick, R. J., 45 Portallo Street
Kirkpatrick, Samuel A., 31 Lavinia Street
Kirkpatrick, S., baker, 251 Orby Drive
Kirkpatrick, S., B.Sc., school inspector, 11 Dundela Gardens
Kirkpatrick, S., R.U.C., 169 Ravenhill Road
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, 93 Enfield Street
Kirkpatrick, Thomas A., 185 Holywood Road
Kirkpatrick, T., fireman, 34 Empire Street
Kirkpatrick, T., painter, 668 Oldpark Road
Kirkpatrick, T. J., Sons, & Co., sheet metal works, 42 Little Patrick Street
Kirkpatrick, William, conductor, 250 Oldpark Road
Kirkpatrick, William, 218 Oldpark Road
Kirkpatrick, William, Ardmore Avenue, Finaghy
Kirkpatrick, William, comp., 36 Woodvale Parade
Kirkpatrick, William H., linen business, 20 Derryvolgie Avenue
Kirkpatrick, W. J., shop assistant, 7 Florida Drive
Kirkpatrick, W. J., fitter, 85 Ballygomartin Road
Kirkpatrick's Engineering Works, Ltd., 65 Cooke Street
Kirkpatrick's Garage, 2a Deramore Avenue
Kirkwood, Andrew, inspector, 9 Ravenhill Avenue
Kirkwood, A. W., 8 Ulsterville Gardens
Kirkwood, Charles, 21 Neill's Hill Park
Kirkwood, David, clerk, 11 Mount Merrion Drive
Kirkwood, David, joiner, 65 Orby Drive
Kirkwood, E., engineer, 494 Ballysillan Road
Kirkwood, Frank R., secretary, 77 Maryville Park
Kirkwood, F. H., bookkeeper, 28 Ormeau Road
Kirkwood, Geo., dental mechanic, 30 Albertville Drive
Kirkwood, Hugh, grocer, 44 Apsley Street
Kirkwood, James, fitter, 96 Oldpark Road
Kirkwood, James, engineer, 870 Crumlin Road
Kirkwood, John, linen lapper, 15 Manor Drive
Kirkwood, John, Monumental Sculptor, 108 Ann Street, res., 148 Sandown Road
Kirkwood, J., farmer, Springhill, Ballygomartin Road
Kirkwood, J., 40 Tyndale Park
Kirkwood, J. W., butcher, 118 Oldpark Road
Kirkwood, Miss Janet P., 173 Stranmillis Road
Kirkwood, Mrs., 684 Oldpark Road
Kirkwood, Mrs., 62 King's Road
Kirkwood, Mrs. A., 33 Irwin Drive
Kirkwood, Mrs. C., 583 Oldpark Road
Kirkwood, Mrs. Margaret E., 17 Camberwell Terrace
Kirkwood, Mrs. M., 876 Crumlin Road
Kirkwood, R., 65 Priory Park
Kirkwood, Samuel, supper saloon, 6 Snugville Street
Kirkwood, S., grocer, 109 Snugville Street
Kirkwood, S., 174 Deerpark Road
Kirkwood, Thomas, engineer, 591 Lisburn Road
Kirkwood, William, 75 Cliftonville Road
Kirkwood, William H., pattern maker, 12 Yarrow Street
Kirkwood, W., fitter, 2 Gawn Street
Kirkwood, W. A., wireless merchant, 874 Crumlin Road
Kirkwood, W. H., jointer, 1 Aigburth Park
Kissack, John R., 19 Kilhorne Gardens
Kissick, George, 4 Somerton Gardens
Kissock, J., buyer, 9 Denorrton Park
Kitchen, A., 9 Aston Gardens
Kitchen, George, 139 Holywood Road
Kitchen, G. I., traveller, 25 Kelvin Parade
Kitchen, James, 44 Knocklofty Park
Kitchen, James, butcher, 29 Ardpatrick Gardens
Kitchen, Joseph, 5 Bloomfield Road
Kitchen, J., 76 Oldpark Avenue
Kitchen, J. W., manager, 5 Cyprus Gardens
Kitchen, Mrs., 19 Gawn Street
Kitchen, M. S., 27 Holland Crescent
Kitching, A. C., draughtsman, 1 Belmont Park
Kite, Capt. J. B., 23 Eglantine Gardens
Kitson, George, 38 Glantane Street
Kitson, John, dryer, 25 Glenbank Drive
Kitson, R., blacksmith, 141 Deerpark Road
Kitson, S., blacksmith, 255a Tennent Street
Kitson, William, 38 Wyndham Street
Kitson, Wm., 133 Durham Street
Kitt, Alfred V., 12 Kirkliston Gardens
Kivlahan, John, 10 Trinity Street
Kivlahan, Patrick, spirit merchant, 23 Cullingtree Road
Kivlahan, P., publican, 27 Beechmount Drive
Klabe, Edward, 32 Mooreland Park
Knight, A., 72 Lisburn Road
Knight & Bingham, box makers, stationers and paper merchants, 14 Hope Street
Knight, D., civil servant, 133 King's Road
Knight, J. R., cashier, 5 Castle Park
Knight, Miss E. W., 22 Eglantine Avenue
Knight, Mrs. Annie, J.P., 75 Kensington Road
Knight, Mrs. V. A., 70 Ravenhill Avenue
Knight, P., porter, 3 Dunkeld Gardens
Knight, Robert, 34 Harleston Street
Knight, R. B., stationer, 524 Antrim Road
Knight, R. G., A.C.A., 33 Knocklofty Park
Knight, R. & W., contractors, 5 Yarrow Street
Knight, R. & W., motor works, 37b Yarrow Street
Knight, S. J., 183 Belmont Road
Knight, W. M., 24 Hawthornden Road
Knight's, 77 Victoria Street Great
Knipe, A., hairdresser, 88 Lisburn Road
Knipe, James, 42 Cabin Hill Park
Knipe, John, R.U.C., 9 Ashdene Drive
Knipe, Mrs., 32 Kelvin Parade
Knock Bowling Club, Ltd., 24 Knockdene Park South
Knock Cemetery, Knock Road
Knock Evangelical Church - Rev. J. Hunter, M.A., 491 Newtownards Road Upper
Knock Golf Club, Summerfield, Dundonald
Knock Grammar School, Greenwood Avenue
Knock Intermediate School, Lalghar, Knock Road - Miss Wylie, B.A., principal
Knock Lawn Tennis Club, Green Road
Knock Methodist Church, 25 Knock Road
Knock Motor Co., 271-275a Newtownards Road Upper
Knock Nursery, 315-325 Newtownards Road Upper
Knock Nursing Home, 55 Dundela Avenue
Knock Presbyterian Church, 49a Knock Road
Knock Railway Station, Knock Road
Knock Rugby Football Club, 61 Hawthornden Road
Knocker, Thomas, 4-6 Lilliput Street
Knocknagoney P.E. School, Knocknagoney Road
Knocknagoney Poultry Farm, Knocknagoney Road
Knott, George William, 36 Mayfair Avenue
Knott, Miss L., 104 Deramore Avenue
Knowles, Andrew, soldier, 26 Christopher Street
Knowles, E. S. R., 605 Oldpark Road
Knowles, G., harbour constable, 28 Glenbrook Avenue
Knowles, H., manager, 42 Cliftonville Road
Knowles, James, filling station, 41-43 Bridge End
Knowles, James, garage proprietor, 8 Slievedarragh Park
Knowles, Mrs., 86 Templemore Avenue
Knowles, Mrs., confectioner, 207 Woodstock Road
Knowles, N. E., 30 Cabin Hill Park
Knowles, N. R., Brean Down, Finaghy Road South
Knowles, Robert, 18 Clanchattan Street
Knox, David, 4 Canterbury Street
Knox, D. A. E., 65 Sicily Park
Knox, Edward, grocer, 59 Berlin Street
Knox, Edward, 117 Donnybrook Street
Knox, E., manager, 16 Baroda Street
Knox, E., fruiterer, 479 Crumlin Road
Knox, Frank, missionary, 8 Rutland Street
Knox, George, blacksmith, 114 Woodstock Road
Knox, Henry, joiner, 15 Donegall Park
Knox, Hugh, manager, 97 Shandon Park
Knox, H. C., 11 Marlborough Park Central
Knox, James, bread server, 66 Sandymount Street
Knox, James, salesman, 619 Oldpark Road
Knox, John, 9 Sharman Road
Knox, John, 15 Glantane Gardens
Knox, John, 41 Cliftonville Road
Knox, John, checker, 9 Kimberley Drive
Knox, John A., R.U.C., 252 Cliftonville Drive
Knox, John J., 22 Loughview Terrace
Knox, J., pharmaceutical chemist, 253 Newtownards Road Upper
Knox, J. G., com. agent, 5 Adelaide Street
Knox, Miss Martha, 408 Oldpark Road
Knox, Miss M. J., 56 Dunluce Avenue
Knox, Miss Rachael, 43 Windsor Avenue Lower
Knox, Mrs., 108 Eglantine Avenue
Knox, Mrs., 80 Balmoral Avenue
Knox, Mrs. A., 22 Cyprus Park
Knox, Mrs. J., 683 Antrim Road
Knox, Mrs. M., 16 Fallswater Drive
Knox, Mrs. Norah, confectioner, 155-157 Holywood Road
Knox, Mrs. R., 57 Oakland Avenue
Knox & Patton, Ltd., Electrical Suppliers, 14 Wellington Place
Knox, Robert H., shop fitter, 14 Candahar Street
Knox, R. H., & Co., shop fitters, 55a Sunnyside Street
Knox, Samuel, 460 Crumlin Road
Knox, Stewart, 2 Innisfayle Gardens
Knox, S. J., rivetter, 129 Bray Street
Knox, T. J., 28 Ava Street
Knox, Walter, 635 Antrim Road
Knox, William, bank official, 55 Marlborough Park North
Knox, William, manager, 14 Cherryvalley Park
Knox, William W., clerk, 53 Wandsworth Road
Knox, Wm., Lismachan Cottages, Belmont Road
Knox, W. H., 5 Holywood Road Old
Knox, W. H., grocer, 59 Berlin Street
Knox, W. H. W., clerk, 56 Campbell Park Avenue
Knox, W. J., 26 Sydenham Avenue
Knox, W. J., grocer, 2-6 Cultra Street
Knox, W. & J., Ltd., 16 Bedford Street
Knox, W. K., 49 Ravenhill Park
Knox, W. M., chartered accountant, 6 Deramore Drive
Knox, W. W., clerk, 156 Beersbridge Road
Korentyre, K., draper, 18 Donegall Street
Kosmo Restaurant, 3 Garfield Street Lower
Krowel, H. C., chef, 40 Brougham Street
Kyle, Arthur B., suptd., 17 Harcourt Drive
Kyle, A., grocer, 8 Castlereagh Street
Kyle, A. F., designer, 8 Neill's Hill Park
Kyle, David, 41 Ridgeway Street
Kyle, D. M., chartered accountant, 14 Kingsway Park
Kyle, Edward, 9 Alliance Avenue
Kyle, E. C., joiner, 64 Hesketh Park
Kyle, Frank, 35 Gilnahirk Road
Kyle, George, auto. engineer, 1a Ormeau Street
Kyle, James, motor driver, 122 Joanmount Gardens
Kyle, James, manager, 1 Springdale Gardens
Kyle, James, motorman, Moat Back Lodge, Holywood Road Old
Kyle, John, Glendale, Kensington Drive
Kyle, John, traveller, 17 Mountview Street
Kyle, John Phillips, B.A., 106 Orby Drive
Kyle, John J., R.U.C., 189 Ravenhill Road
Kyle, J., engineer, 24 Edinburgh Street
Kyle, J., joiner, 29 Glendower Street
Kyle, J. S., 115 Marlborough Park Central
Kyle, J. W., manager, 17 Glenburn Park
Kyle, L., driver, 15 Lisburn Avenue
Kyle, Miss, 98 Lisburn Road
Kyle, Miss, 58 Dover Street
Kyle, Miss F. C., 17 Wellington Park
Kyle, Miss L., 13 Ava Parade
Kyle, Mrs., 182 Lisburn Road
Kyle, Mrs., 5 Ava Drive
Kyle, Mrs. C., 231 Ballygomartin Road
Kyle, R., 29 St. Jude's Crescent
Kyle, Samuel, estate agent and accountant, 110 Royal Avenue
Kyle, Samuel J., estate agent, 72 (3) Lisburn Road
Kyle, S., 24 Madison Avenue
Kyle, S. W., (1) Avonlee, Diamond Gardens
Kyle, Thomas, R.U.C., 57 Meadowbank Place
Kyle, Thomas, builder, 54 Willowbank Gardens
Kyle, Thomas, chef, 32 North Parade
Kyle, William, insurance agent, 30 Ballygomartin Road
Kyle, William J., bookkeeper, 26 Deramore Gardens
Kyles, Mrs., 44 Candahar Street