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1943 Belfast Street Directory

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1943 Index

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Lambeg - Larne - Laurencetown - Limavady - Lisbellaw - Lisburn - Lisnaskea

County Antrim

     About six miles from Belfast and two miles from Lisburn


Church of Ireland - Lambeg Parish Church - Rev. W. Parr, minister


P.E. School - J. Frazer, principal
Lambeg L.O.L. No. 138 - R. Boyd, River Road, secretary  No. 912 - W. Scott, Church Hill, secretary
Linen Industry Research Association - Miss E. W. Hill, secretary


Bleakley, D., Tullynacross
Bowers, C., Moss Road
Boyd, R., River Road
Brown, R., Church Hill
Brown, T., traveller, Chester Villas
Bruce, Mrs., Lambeg Road
Bunting, W., grocer, Ballyskeagh
Bustard, W., Church Hill
Bustard, W. J., 5 Riverside Terrace

Campbell, Mrs., Church Hill
Campbell, Robert, station master, Queensway
Chapman, W., fruiterer, Church Hill
Clay, Mrs., sub-postmistress, Lambeg Square
Costley, W., 2 Riverside Terrace
Crawford, W., Church Hill
Crothers, G., Grocer, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Cullen, S., Church Hill
Cullen, W., gardener, River Road

Donnelly, J., Church Hill
Downer, Mrs., Chrom Hill, Church Hill

Edgar, W., 4 Riverside Terrace
Elliott, W., farmer, Ballyskeagh

Factory Dye Works (The)
Forsythe, G., insurance agent, River Road

Gee, H., Sandy Lane, Ballyskeagh
Gilmore, The Misses, farmer, Ballyskeagh
Gilmore, W., The Bungalow, Station Road
Graham, Mrs., 6 Riverside Terrace
Graham, S., Moss Road
Grindle, Capt., Station Road

Hall, J., Ballyskeagh
Hamilton, D., publican, Queensway
Hamilton, T., Ballyskeagh
Hanna, J., Sandy Lane, Ballyskeagh
Henderson, J., dairyman, Ballyskeagh
Heron, J., Church Hill
Hickie, Major, Chrom Hill, Church Hill
Hill, R., Glenmore Lodge
Hodgins, Mrs.
Hodgins, W., Riverside Terrace
Hunter, T., Station Road

Johnston, W., insurance agent, Moss Road

Kennedy, Mrs., Lambeg Square

Lambeg Bleach Works
Lavery, J., Sandy Lane, Ballyskeagh
Ledlie, T., Moss Road
Linen Industry Research Association
Loughland, ?, Station Road

Magee, Mrs., Moss Road
Magee, Mrs., Church Hill
Maguinness, Mrs., Station Road
Mason, J., butcher, Carmanus Road, Queensway
Millar, Miss, Moss Road
Mills, Mrs., Station Road
Minford, A., Ballyskeagh
Mulholland, C., Station Road
Mulholland, Mrs. J., Station Road

McBride, R., River Road
McCabe, R., Moss Road
McCartney, G., Station Road
McCleave, J., carpenter, Moss Road
McClelland, E., Church Hill
McClenaghan, F., Sandy Lane, Ballyskeagh
McClurg, J., Moss Road
McCombe, J., Queensway
McCormack, A., Ballyskeagh
McCormack, A., Church Hill
McCormack, J., Church Hill
McCullum, ?, Ballyskeagh
McDonald, J., grocer
McDowell, J., Queensway
McFarland, J., Moss Road
McIlroy, T., farmer, Tullynacross
McKibben, Mrs., motor garage, Queensway
McKinstry, J., cattle dealer, Queensway

Palmer, H. H., The Bungalow, Queensway
Park, William, fitter, Station Road
Patterson, W., carter, Church Hill
Press, J., River Road

Raphill, A., Moss Road
Reid, W., 23 Green Hill
Ringland, ?, carpenter, 3 Riverside Terrace

Scott, John, Church Hill
Sewell, T., Church Hill
Simpson, George, Tullynacross
Simpson, George, jun., The Hill, Tullynacross
Simpson, John, farmer, Sandy Lane, Tullynacross
Simpson, Robert, farmer, Mountpleasant, Green Hill
Smyth, H., salesman, Queensway
Smyth, Mrs. H., Church Hill
Smyth, W., draper, Lambeg Square
Spence, Miss, Station Road
Starret, J., Church Hill
Stephenson, Ross, printer, Church Hill
Stewart, J., fitter
Stewart, Mrs., Queensway
Stitt, F., Mosside

Thompson, Mrs. J., Mosside
Toland, J., agent, Ballyskeagh
Totten, W. H., secty., Lagan House, Church Hill
Tracey, ?, Queensway
Turkington, R.
Turkington, W., coal merchant

Wardlow, Mrs., Church Hill
Warwick, ?, farmer, Ballyskeagh
Watson, R., Moss Road
Wilkinson, Hugh, Church Hill
Williamson, R., Ballyskeagh
Wilson, John, flax buyer, Queensway
Wilson, T., traveller, Station Road
Wright, W., Sandy Lane

County Antrim

     An important market town and seaport, created a borough in May, 1939. About seventeen miles from Belfast by the main road, and twenty-four and a half miles by the railway, nine miles north from Carrickfergus, lying on the road from Glenarm to Belfast, at the mouth of Larne Lough. At Magheramourne are the extensive works and quarries of the British Portland Cement Manufacturers, Ltd. The population at the census of 1937 was 11,090. The shops' half-holiday is Tuesday

Borough of Larne - Mayor, Alderman John Girvan; Alderman John Ross, William B. Legg, J.P.; William W. Morrow, Jas. W. Sandford; Councillors Sir Thomas Dixon, Bart., D.L.; John Burton, Squadron Leader Andrew Ferris, William Crawford, John Kirkwood, William C. Lawson, Capt. Robert McIlwaine, Clements E. F. Robinson, Jas. MacQuillan, M.A., and Wm. H. Smith; clerk and solicitor, J. M. O'Brien
Surveyor - James A. Caskey, B.A., B.E.
Sanitary Sub-officer - Joseph McKeown
Water Inspector - James Todd
Abattoir Superintendent - George Lemon
Shops Inspector - John Hannah
Rate Collector - Thomas Mayne
Auditor - T. J. L. Gibson, Barrister-at-Law
Magistrates - Lady Dixon, A. B. Holmes, C. L. Mackean, Adam McMeekin, Joseph Methery, W. H. Andrews, Samuel M. Bailie, Edward C. Smith, George Barry, Mrs. S. Hanna, W. J. F. Donald, John M. Mark, R.M.; Robert Burton, Thomas Mayne, W. B. Legg
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Herbert S. Neely


Church of Ireland - Larne and Inver, Rev. A. A. Buchanan, M.A., rector.  Glynn - Rev. Robert Kirkpatrick, M.A., incumbent.  Cairncastle - Rev. C. H. Walshe
Presbyterian Church - First - Rev. W. J. McGeagh, B.A.  Gardenmore (Victoria Street) - Rev. Hanson, senior minister.  Raloo - Rev. W. C. Cowden.  Magheramorne - Rev. J. T. Doherty.  Cairncastle - Rev. W. J. J. Reid, B.A., minister
Reformed Presbyterian Meeting-house - Rev. T. W. Ball, B.A.
Congregational - Rev. Wm. A. Kennedy
Salvation Army Hall, Point Street
Unitarian Church - Vacant  Cairncastle - Rev. Thomas Munn.  Raloo - Rev. C. N. Wilkinson, B.A., minister
Methodist Church - Rev. W. E. Eames
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Joseph Byrne
Getty Mission - Rev. R. J. M. Cowden, B.A.


Bank of Ireland - Henry D. Swayne, manager
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - James L. Joyce, manager
Northern Bank Ltd. - Thomas J. Tinsley, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd. - Manager, H. E. Henry
Belfast Savings Bank, Upper Main Street - William A. Harpur, Manager


Larne and Inver P.E. School - Principal, John Gribbon, B.A.
Larne Grammar School - Headmaster, T. W. Darbyshire, M.A.
Larne P.E. Schools - David Logan, Principal
North End P.E. Schools - The McKenna Memorial - Frederick Vallely, Principal,
Olderfleet P.E. School, William Yeates, Principal
Larne Parochial P.E. School - Thomas J. McComb, Principal
Larne Technical School, Victoria Street - Kenneth MacCormac, principal and secretary


Larne Union - The Board sits on the second Thursday and fourth Wednesday of each month. Thirteen Electoral Divisions; valuation, 1937, 221,688.  29 elected Guardians.  Chairman, James Crawford, J.P.; treasurer, Belfast Banking Co., Larne; clerk, Thomas Nelson.  Dispensary doctor, Crawford Blair, M.B.; medical officer, Thomas Killen, M.B.; relieving officers, Robert J. Stewart, Larne; Glenarm - Vacant & Leonard Edgar, Carrickfergus.  Elected Guardians for Larne Division, Robert Thompson, Larne; James Jackson, Larne; William B. Legg, J.P., Larne; Capt. R. McIlwaine, Larne; Samuel Boyd, Larne
Commissioners for taking Affidavits - Herbert S. Neely, C.P.S.; J. M. O'Brien, Town Clerk
Civil Bill Officer - Mrs. Bonner, Mill Street
Dispensary - Larne Union - Medical officer, Crawford Blair, M.B.
Poor and Town Rate Collector - Thomas Mayne, J.P., 35 Curran Street
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Crawford Blair, M.B.; office, Larne Dispensary
Registrar of Marriages - Thomas Nelson, Union office
Principal Coast Officer, Deputy Receiver of  Wrecks, and Deputy Supt. Mercantile Marine - T. Knox, Larne Harbour; assistant, M. J. McCormick.  The district extends from the south-east bank of Glendun River, Cushendun Bay, to Blackhead, Islandmagee
Larne Harbour, Ltd. - Directors, Charles L. Mackean, D.L. (chairman); Captain D. Kirkpatrick, Flight-Lieut. Y. I. Kirkpatrick, H. J. Davison, H. T. Browne.  Secretary - Geo. Watson.  Engineer and manager - David H. Logan
Inspector Ministry of Agriculture - John R. Kellett, M.R.C.V.S., Tresna, Roddens
Government Veterinary Inspector at Larne Harbour - Charles A. Ewing, M.R.C.V.S.
R.U.C. Station, Barnhill - Head-constable, Stylon H. Stansfield; 2 sergeants and 16 constables
Rural District Council - Council meets the 2nd Thursday of each month immediately after the meeting of the Guardians -  Clerk, Thomas Nelson. Valuation of Rural District, 1937, 137,501.
Larne Golf Club - T. A. Purdon, The Mount, Tower Road, secretary.  Links - Islandmagee
Larne Town Golf Club - William Law, Main Street, secretary.  Links - Cairncastle Road
Larne Tennis and Bowling Club - George Watson, Hillcroft, Victoria Street, hon. secty.
Larne Chamber of Trade - Chairman, William Law; treasurer, James A. Pollock; secretary, A. Bell, Main Street. Meets second Monday of month
Larne Junior Chamber of Commerce - R. E. Gray, president
Larne Regional Education Committee
Larne School Attendance Committee - W. Young, secretary; John Hannah, attendance officer
Larne Technical Instruction Committee - T. L. Price (chairman); Squadron Leader A. Ferris, Samuel M. Bailie, J.P.; William C. Lawson, David Logan, Clements Robinson, John Girvan, Robert McIlwaine, James McQuillan, M.A.; W. H. Smith, Irvine McCraw, secretary; Kenneth MacCormac
Smiley Cottage Hospital (Executive committee) Trustees - S. M. Bailie, J.P.; J. Burton, J. W. McNinch, jun.; Archibald B. Holmes, J.P.; Wm. C. Lawson, A. V. McConnell, Charles Davison, Thomas Eccles, William McKenzie, secretary.  Medical officers - Allan Porter, M.B.; H. E. Rutherford, M.B.; Hugh Wilson, M.B.; Dr. Thomas Killen, M.B.; J. Russell Higson, M.B.; W. J. McVeigh, M.B.
Larne Gas Co., Ltd. - A. P. Hunter, secretary, Works, Main Street
Newsroom, McGarel Town Hall - David Logan, Victoria Street, hon. sec. and treasurer
Markets and Fairs - Pork, butter, eggs, potatoes, etc. on every Wednesday; grain on Tuesdays and Thursdays; straw every Thursday; cattle second Thursday of each month; fairs July 31 and December 1
Market Superintendent - R. Nelson Carson, Market House
Free Library Committee - W. W. Morrow (chairman); H. T. Browne (vice-chairman); William C. Lawson, T. L. Price, Clements E. F. Robinson, J. Girvan, John Kirkwood, Thomas J. Milford, Neal Crossey, S. Boyd, William H. Smith. John Ross, secretary
National Fire Service Station, Victoria Street - Alexander Hamilton, section officer
British Legion - Larne Branch - Clubhouse at Inver - Richard Hanna, secretary
McGarel Buildings - Overlooking the town and lough, erected at a cost of 8,000 by the late Mr. McGarel.  They provide a home for ten families, who must have been residents in County Antrim.  The trustees are - W. J. T. Donald, S. M. Bailie, and John Burton. Secretary - Alexander Erskine
Larne District Nursing Society - Hon. secretary, Miss Browne, Stanley, Bay Road; hon. treasurer, Miss Bustard; nurses - Miss M. Crothers and Miss M. E. Watson
East Antrim Co-op. Agricultural Society, Ltd., Pound Street - Manager, James McColl, Elderslie, Glenarm Road; secretary, W. J. F. Donald, J.P., Ballygally
Boys' Brigade (1st Larne Coy.) - D. L. Price, sec.
Boy Scouts' Association (The) - T. Smith, B.Sc., hon. secretary


Olderfleet, Larne Harbour - A. Melville McClure
Laharna, Glenarm Road - L.M.S. (N.S.S.) Railway
King's Arms, Main Street - Henry McNeill, Ltd.
Castle Sweeney, Main Street - Henry McNeill, Ltd.
Main Street Hotel, Main Street - Henry McNeill, Ltd.
Lancashire and Yorkshire, Main Street - Charles Millar
Eagle, Station Road - Henry McNeill, Ltd.
Royal, Cross Street - E. G. Dummer
Loughview, Curran Street - Mrs. Isabella Maxwell
Seaview, Curran Street - A. Charlton
The Towers, Curran Street


Acheson, Mrs. M., Bayview, Chaine Memorial Road
Adair, William, plumber, Curran Street
Adamson, Arthur N., Winnats, Glenarm Road
Aicken, Miss Jane, grocer, 137 Old Glenarm Road
Alexander, Mrs., grocer, 45 Newington Avenue
Alexander, Robert, ins. agent, Gloucester Avenue
Allen, John, merchant tailor, 1 Barnhill Terrace
Andrews, Hugh, ironmonger, 1 Mill Street
Apsley, S. & L., High-Class Stationers and Newsagents, Fancy Goods, etc.; Agent for the "Belfast Mews-Letter," Main Street

Bailie & Gawn, motor garage, Circular Road
Bailie, Mrs. Evelyn, Seabank
Bailie, Samuel M. J.P., Glenarm Road
Ballantine, Thos. D., draper, 12 Main Street
Barklie, Mrs. Mary H., Langside, Chaine Memorial Road
Barnett, Thomas, 5 Barnhill Terrace
Barnett, Thomas, & Co., grocer, 141 Main Street
Barton, George, The Arcade, Dunluce Street
Barton, Mrs. Mary, The Mount, Tower Road
Beattie, Miss, hairdresser, 139 Main Street
Beattie, William John, motor garage, George Hotel, Point Street
Beggs, Commander James, Dunluce House
Beggs, Mrs. M., grocer, 2 Pound Street
Belfour, A. O., Kelvinside, Bay Road
Bell, Hugh, stone cutter, Bridge Street
Blair, Dr. C., Glenarm Road
Blair, Joseph, draper, 4 Cross Street and Lansdowne Crescent
Blair, Misses, bakers and confectioners, 33 Main Street
Bonugli, F., confectioner, 107 Main Street and Waverley, Larne Harbour
Bonugli, G., grocer, Cross Street and Main Street
Bourke, G. Albert, boot merchant, Main Street and Shamrock Lodge, Roddens
Boyd, James, Fairvue, Roddens Road
Boyd, James, grocer and merchant, Curran Street
Boyd, Samuel, 19 Bay Road
Boyd, William, fruiterer, 17 Main Street
Breen, Theobold, newsagent, 76 Main Street
Brennan, Mrs., Buncrana, Glenarm Road
British Aluminium Co. Ltd., Larne Harbour
British Sailors' Society, 9 Barnhill Terrace
Brown, Mrs. Florence M., Crompton Lodge, Chaine Memorial Road
Browne, H. T., Ava Villa, Roddens
Brownlee, Frederick, Rathcoole, Princes Gardens
Buchanan, Rev. A. A., M.A., The Rectory
Buchanan, John, furniture manufacturer, Main Street
Buchanan, John, & Sons, fleshers, 22 Dunluce Street
Buchanan, Mrs., cabinet maker, Main Street
Bunton, Thomas R., supt., 3 Windsor Villas
Burton, John, Ivybank, Tower Road
Burton, Robert, J.P., Prince's Gardens
Burton, Robert, & Co., yarn bleachers, Point Street
Bustard, Miss, Gardenmore House

Campbell & Co., motor engineers, Glenarm Road
Campbell, D., & Co., woollen drapers, Bridge Street
Campbell, H. A., Argyle, Glenarm Road
Campbell, John, Glenarm
Campbell, Samuel, 8 Glenarm Road
Campbell, William, fancy goods, 82 Main Street
Canning, James, tobacconist, Main Street and Curran Street
Canning, Norman, Ltd., coal merchant, Main Street
Carleton's Medical Hall, Ltd., 11 Dunluce Street
Carson, N., Larne Markets
Cash Drapery Co., Dunluce Street
Caskey, James A., B.A., B.E., town surveyor, Roddens Road
Castle Dye Works, Ltd., 57 Main Street
Charlton, Alfred, grocer, Seaview Hotel, Curran Street
Clarke, Andrew, garage, 71-73 Pound Street
Clarke, Wm., Ltd., boot merchants, 16 Dunluce Street
Close, Charles, watch maker, 5a Cross Street
Close, Hugh, Florenceville, Chaine memorial Road
Close, M., ladies' hairdresser, 25 Cross Street
Close, William, spirit merchant, 28 Mill Street
Clydesdale Supply Ltd., bicycle and wireless suppliers, Dunluce Street
Coey, Miss, Ardeen, Roddens Road
Cole, John, 10 Clonlee
Common, R. Hall, Tynemouth, Chaine Memorial Road
Cooke, James, boot merchant, 9 Dunluce Street
Cousins, J. F., Larkhill, Tower Road
Cowden, Rev. W. C., Raloo Manse
Cowden, Rev. W. J., 13 Clonlee
Craig, James, ironmonger, 19 Dunluce Street
Craig, James, 1 Wilhelmina Villas, Curran Street
Craig, J. & N., gents' outfitters, 52 Main Street
Craig, Mrs., Crae-Mar, Glenarm Road
Craig, Nelson, Homelea, Princes Gardens
Crawford, John, flesher, 18b Pound Street
Crawford, John, Ltd., spirit merchants, Cross Street
Crawford, William, Wilana, Glenarm Road
Crawford, William J. R., Inverbeg
Crawford, William S., draper, 15 Dunluce Street
Crossey, Neal, confectioner, Main Street
Cuthbert, Ernest, confectioner, 26 Pound Street

Davison, Charles, Killala, Tower Road
Davison, Mrs., 7 Barnhill Terrace
Dean, Albert, herbalist, 1 Main Street
Dempsey, James, carrier, 18 Carson Street
Dixon, Sir Thomas, Bt., H.M.L., Cairndhu
Doherty, M. & J., drapers, 32 Main Street
Donnelly, Catherine, grocer, 62a Old Glenarm Road
Dorman, Allan, timber and slate merchant, High Street and Portland Road; res., Chaine Memorial Road
Douglas, Mrs. Margt. C., Wayside, Glenarm Road
Duffin, A., Builder and Contractor, Barnhill

Eames, Rev. W. E., Manse, Glenarm Road
Earls, Jane, milliner, Pound Street
Eccles, Thomas, cashier, Glenarm Road
English, John, surveyor, Carnduff
English, Mrs. M., Edendale
Esler, Rev. David, B.A., B.D., Manse, Cairncastle Road
Esler, W. H., auctioneer, Roddens Road
Evans, Frank, spirit merchant, Point Street

Farquahar, William G., garage, Bank Road
Featherstone, Mrs. E. J., Prince's Gardens
Feeney, Daniel, spirit merchant, Pound Street
Ferguson, Andrew, Middlemarch, Glenarm Road
Ferguson, Joseph, Rathgael, Bay Park
Ferris, James, Ltd., builders and contractors, Circular Road
Finlay, Mrs. Isabella, restaurant, 18 Cross Street
Fitzpatrick, Francis, spirit merchant, 31 Pound Street
Fisher, Mrs. Annie S., Invermore
Fleming, Miss M., grocer, Point Street
Fleming, Thomas, The Nursery
Foulis, Robert, painter, Victoria Street
Fullerton, Joseph, Teamhair, Victoria Street
Fullerton, Samuel, Inver Factory, Ltd., 19 Thorndale Avenue
Fulton, John, Craigleigh, Victoria Street
Fulton, Robert P., teacher, Craigleigh, Victoria Street

Garvey, Henrietta, spirit merchant, Mill Street
Gawn, Mrs. M., restaurant, 15 Point Street
Gawn, William C., 11 Station Road
Geddis, William, Circular Road
George, William, butcher, Main Street
Gettinby, Catherine, draper, Main Street
Gibson, William G., 1 Chippendale Villas, Bay Road
Giffen, R., Victoria Street
Gilbey, W. & A., wine merchants, 9 Main Street
Gillian, James, tearooms, 114 Main Street
Gilliland, Miss Mary McD., Kirkhill, Roddens Road
Gingles, Robert, painter, High Street
Girvan, David, 8 Clonlee
Girvan, John, carpenter and builder, Station Road
Glover, Alexander B., grocer, Victoria Street
Gordon, Mrs., outfitter, 8 Cross Street
Graham, Isaac, hardware merchant, Cross Street
Graham, Miss Sarah, teacher, Roddens Road
Graham, T., & Son, butchers, Main Street
Graham, William, carrier, 13 Station Road
Gregg, George, & Sons, Ltd., Engineers and Road Contractors, Victoria Engineering
Gregg, Thomas, Glenarm Road
Gregg, William R., Ferndale, Bay Road
Gribbon, John, B.A., 14 Clonlee
Griffiths, Herbert J. L., Technical teacher, Beacon House, Chaine Memorial Road
Gynn & Co., Printers and Stationers, Main Street, Agents for the "Belfast News-Letter"
Gynn, Elizabeth, Ardboley, Victoria Street

Hagan, Miss Robina M., teacher, Kirkhill, Roddens Road
Hainsworth, P. H., wool, hide, and skin merchant, High Street and Laharna Avenue
Hall, Ernest, jeweller, 1 Dunluce Street
Hall, H., coal merchant, The Knowe, Roddens and Circular Road
Hall, John, M.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist, Dunluce Street
Hall, Stanley, Inverglen, Inver
Hamilton, Alex., Victoria Street
Hamilton, J., & Co., outfitters, 68 Main Street
Hanson, Rev. David H., C.B.E., B.A., Sandy Bay, Larne Harbour
Harbour Motor and Engineering Co. (C. Robinson, prop.), Curran Street and Clonlee
Hastings, Samuel L., stone cutter, Station Road
Hawthorn, David A., principal teacher, Slievemoyne, Glenarm Road
Hawthorne, James, Lisnamoyle, Roddens
Hay. James, Lauraville, Roddens
Heggarty, John B., Clonlee Villas, Glenarm Road
Henderson, Allan, supt. engineer, 7 Clonlee
Henning, William J., druggist, 1 Main Street
Henry, M. E., Ulster Bank House, Cross Street
Hey, John F. D., Parkgate, Glenarm Road
Higginson, E., Pretoria, Carrickfergus
Higson, J. Russell, M.B., 121 Main Street
Hilditch, Nathaniel, & Co., boat builders, Curran Point
Hilditch, Robert, boat builder, Curran Point
Hill, Hugh, The Laurels
Hillis, Mary J., grocers, Curran Street
Hogg, John, Bridge Street
Holmes, Edward, music teacher, Lynnwood, Glenarm Road
Holmes, Mullin & Dunn, Ltd., petrol and oil importers, Fleet Street
Home Stores (The), Ltd., 96 Main Street
Houston, Herbert, Killester, Glenarm Road
Howdens Ltd., ship owners and coal merchants, Dunluce Street and Larne Harbour
Hunter, Andrew P., secretary, Station Road
Hunter, William, wholesale and retail provision merchant, Main Street and Ballygally
Hutton, G. R., Ltd., linen drapers, Main Street

Inver Bleach and Dyeworks, Ltd., Inver Road
Inver Factory, Ltd. - John Burton, managing director, Glynn Road
Irvine, William, carrier, Bank Road
Irwin & Co., drapers, Main Street

Jack, Miss Fanny, Royal Terrace
Jack, Thomas, & Co., chartered ship brokers, The Harbour
Jackson, James, Prince's Gardens
Jamison, Mrs., Thornville, Roddens Road
Jenkins, Mrs. A., 2 Clonlee
Johnston, Herbert Andrew, chemist, Main Street
Johnston, John, furniture dealer, 24 Main Street
Johnston, Mrs., Glynn House
Johnston, Walter J. J., 15 Thorndale Avenue
Johnston, William C., flesher, 3 Mill Street
Johnston's, woodturning, Station Road
Joyce, James L., Belfast Bank, Main Street

Kane, Andrew, boot merchant, 65 Pound Street
Kane, John, draper, Main Street
Kane, William H., & Co., Inver Engine Works, Ballyloran
Kay, William, boarding house, Pebble Lodge
Kell, W. H., cycle agent, Cross Street
Kellett, John R., milk supervisor, Tresna, Roddens
Killen, Mrs. J. M., 10 Barnhill Terrace
Killen, Thomas, M.B., Victoria Street
Killingley, Sydney F., Vreena, Victoria Road
Kilwaughter Weaving Co., Millbrook
Kirkpatrick, Isaac, men's outfitter, 10 Cross Street
Kirkwood, John, grocer, Main Street
Knox, Robert, Roddens Road

Lamont, Frederick H., Bradagh, Glenarm Road
Lappin, James, tobacconist, Curran Street
Larne Electric Light and Power Co. Ltd., Olderfleet Road - Offices, Main Street - George Sanders, engineer and manager
Larne Electric Palaces, Ltd., Curran Street - Harry Aicken, manager
Larne Foundry, Circular Road
Larne Motor Co. - Proprietor, James Brownlees, Point Street
"Larne Times" Offices, 4 Dunluce Street
Larne Weaving Co. Ltd., Waterloo Road
Law, William, Electrician, Store Lane and Main Street
Lawson, Wm.,. Elsinore, Chaine Memorial Road
Lawson, William C., Kildonan, Chaine Memorial Road
Lee, Patrick, grocer, 37 Mill Street
Legg, H. McN., spirit merchant, Mill Street
Legg, Miss Kate, 54 Main Street
Legg, W. B., J.P., Main Street
Lemon, Alexander M., Olderfleet Road
Lemon, George, abattoir superintendent, Old Glenarm Road
Lindsay, Anthony, home bakery, 16 Main Street
Lindsay, Henry A., George Avenue
Lindsay, Robert, manager, Therpmuir, Glenarm Road
Lipton's, Ltd., Main Street
Livingstone, Mrs., Marino Cafe, 85 Main Street
Lockhart, May, servants' registry, 19 Point Street
Logan, David, teacher, 33 Victoria Street
Logan, David H., manager, Harbour Cottage
Longmore Bros., hardware merchants, The Open
Longmore, Mrs. M., Inver
Loughridge, William, carrier, Bridge Street
Luke, David, agent Baines' Bakery, Ltd., The Roddens

Macassey, V. W. L., M.Inst.C.E., Windyridge, Cairncastle Road
Macaulay, Robert G., printer, 6 Cross Street
Macaulay & Ritchie, solicitors, Main Street
MacCormac, Kenneth, principal, Inver
Macdougall, Mrs. Elizabeth, Monellan, Glenarm Road
Mack, Mrs. E. W., Marlin, Roddens Road
Mackerell, Robert, Station House, Circular Road
Mackinlay, the Misses, Tower Road
Macready, W. A., 5 Glenarm Road
Magee, William, spirit merchant, Railway Tavern, Main Street and Inver
Magill, James, & Co., outfitters, 89 Main Street
Magill, Mrs. E., Clonlee
Maguire & Gilliland, cabinet makers and furniture dealers, Main Street
Marrs, Samuel, supper saloon, 43 Station Road
Martin, James, tailor, Curran Street
Martin, J. A., D.I., R.U.C., Enfield, Victoria Street
Mason, Miss Sarah, nursing home, 2 Marshallville, Bay Road
Mastin, Dr. Harold, Lisvarna, Chaine Memorial Road
Maxwell, Mrs. I., Loughview Hotel, Curran Street
Maxwell, Mrs. Jane, tobacconist, 130 Main Street
Mayne, Thomas, J.P., rate collector, 35 Barnhill
Maypole (The), dairy, Dunluce Street
Meehan, John, grocer, Main Street and 6 Barnhill Terrace
Megraw, Miss D., dress maker, 3 Clonlee
Meharg, M., electrician, Glencarron, Roddens Road
Meneilly, Samuel, Roddens Road
Milford & Rodgers, grocers, 7-9 Pound Street
Milford, Thomas J., Ingledene, Bay Road
Millar, James, principal, Glenshane, Glenarm Road
Millar, Mrs. Robert, 13 Victoria Street
Millar, Thomas, boot merchant, Mill Street
Millbrook Bleaching and Finishing Co. Ltd.
Minnis, Richard, timber merchant, Station Road
Moffat, James A., 2 Chelmsford Place
Moffet, Samuel, plumber, Old Glenarm Road
Montgomery, William, ironmonger, Pound Street
Moore, Andrew, grocer, 1 Newington Avenue
Moore, Frank, Silcroft, Bay Park
Moore, Joseph, flesher, 23 Main Street
Moore, Miss, Barnhill House, Curran Street
Moore, Miss Jane, grocer, Dunluce Street
Moore, Robert, grocer, Barnhill
Moore, R., boot merchant, Baylands
Morrison, John M.
Morrison, Mrs., boarding house, Bellevue Terrace
Morrison, R. H., manager, The Cliff, Glenarm Road
Morrow, James, Roddens Road
Morrow, W. W., Marine Villas
Morton, James, watch maker, 18 Station Road
Mourne Clothing Co. Ltd., Mill Street
Mulholland, Patrick, flesher, Pound Street
Mulvenna, Henry, grocer, 81 Pound Street
Munchen, Charles E., dentist, Lansdowne Crescent
Mundell, William, boot merchant, 2 Cross Street
Murray, John, confectioner, Point Street
Murray, William, confectioner, 48a Main Street and Clarence Terrace, Bay Road
Murray, William, Dervaig, Glenarm Road
Myers, James, painter, Main Street
McAllister, James, tailor, Main Street
McAllister, John, agent, 12 Roddens Road
McAllister, J., victualler, Dunluce Street
McAuley, John, plumber, Barnhill
McAuley, Matthew, draper, 7 Main Street
McBurney, R. G., motor garage, High Street and George Avenue
McCafferty, Sydney, Roslyn, Gloucester Avenue
McCallion, William, fish and fruit merchant, 6 Upper Main Street
McCambridge, James J., publican, Main Street and Point Street; res., 8 Curran Street
McCambridge, Miss E., outfitter, 20 Main Street
McCartney, Samuel, Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Curran Road
McCausland, Miss E., Barnhill Cafe, Curran Street
McClelland, J., stationer, Cross Street
McClelland, J. E. M., dentist, Main Street
McClenaghan, James, manager, Lansdowne Crescent
McCluggage, Mrs. E., draper, 26 Station Road
McCluney, Thomas, painter, 13 Glynn Road
McConnell, John, funeral undertakers, Victoria Street and Thorndale Avenue
McConnell, Thomas, Dunboyne
McConnell, Victor, Colebrook, Roddens
McConnell, Walter, Thorndale Avenue
McCormick, M. J., Customs, 2 Erection Villas
McCormick, W. J., provision merchant, Mill Street
McCraw, Irvine, Ivydene, Bay Road
McCullough, Samuel, dentist, Point Street
McCurdy, John, coach builder, Point Street
McDowell, Fredk. T., Bay Park
McDowell, Mrs. S. M., restaurant, 7 Station Road
McDowell, Nathaniel, builder, Inver
McDowell, Samuel, spirit merchant, Ballymena Road
McErvel, Thomas, Tieveara, Chaine Memorial Road
McFaul, William, boot merchant, 22 Main Street
McGeagh, Rev. W. J., B.A., The Manse, Ballyloran
McGoran, Jeremiah, hairdresser, 65 Newington Avenue
McGrath, John A. D., teacher, Careen, Princes Gardens
McGucken, William, plasterer, 26 Clonlee
McIlgorm, C. & M., milliners, 110 Main Street
McIlroy, S. & A., drapers, Main Street
McIlvenna, Robert L., assistant supt., 30 Roddens Road
McIlwaine, Captain Robert, 12 Clonlee
McKay, Andrew, boot merchant, Upper Main Street and Roddens
McKay, Hugh, chemist, 44 Main Street
McKay, Miss, hairdresser, 29 Station Road
McKee, Thomas, tailor, 49 Point Street
McKelvey, Annie, confectioner, Curran Street
McKendry, John, Lily Bank, Larne Harbour
McKenna, Daniel, rent agent, Pound Street and 21 Thorndale Avenue
McKenna, Captain Hugh, Lisbreen, Tower Road
McKeown, Joseph, sub-sanitary officer, 2 Mountpleasant
McKeown, The Misses, Sunbeamville, Victoria Road
McKeown, Richard, Parkview, Glenarm Road
McKillion, Robt., hairdresser, 1 Cross Street
McKinstry, Ellen, fruiterer, Main Street
McKinty, H., chemist, Dunluce Street
McLaughlin, James P., inn keeper, Station Road
McMahon, Samuel J., accountant, Inniskeel
McManus, James, blacksmith, 90 Main Street
McMeekin, Wm., coal merchant, Pound Street
McMullan, Miss, Station Road
McMurray, Robert, agent, Inglis & Co., 5 Crescent Terrace, Bay Road
McMurray, Thomas M., Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," 10 Dunluce Street and Glenalta, Roddens
McMurtry, Miss L., teacher, Lansdowne Crescent
McNeice, James, coal merchant, Cross Street
McNeill, Henry, Ltd., proprietors of Main Street Hotel, King's Arms Hotel, Eagle Hotel, Garron Tower Hotel and Posting Establishment
McNeill, Mrs. W., grocer and sub-post office, Upper Waterloo Road
McNinch, James W., solicitor, Cross Street and Drumkeen, Roddens
McNinch, Miss Ellen Watt, Innisfree, Glenarm Road
McQuaid, John, postmaster, Kia-Ora, Gloucester Avenue
McQuillan, James, M.A., Sans Souci, Bay Road
McVeigh, W. J., M.B., 44 Main Street
McWilliam, Fullerton, 2 Victoria Terrace

Neale, Mrs. A., Glencairn Cottage, Glenarm Road
Neill, James, fruiterer, Main Street
Nelson, John, contractor, Cross Street
Nelson, Thomas, clerk of union, Carnduff
Nesbitt, Mrs. Annie, confectioner, 134 Main Street
Nixon, John, chemist, 136 Main Street
North of Ireland Paper Mill Co. Ltd., Circular Road
Northern Ireland Road Transport Board Depot, Narrow Gauge Road

Orr, Arthur, Rathkeel, Chaine Memorial Road
Orr, Mark B., Inver Road
Orr, Misses, dress makers, 27 Barnhill
Owens, Miss, restaurant, Main Street
Owens, William, Boot Maker, Main Street

O'Brien, J. M., town clerk, Claggan, Bay Road
O'Neill, Mary, hairdresser, 13a Pound Street
O'Rorke, McDonald & Tweed, solicitors, Point Street

Page, Wm. E., manager, Neumonta, Glenarm Road
Patton, Alexander S., Glenarm Road
Patton, Samuel, Flesher, 9 Point Street
Pearl Assurance Co. Ltd., 92 Main Street
Perry, John J., 14 Main Street
Perry, T. Stewart, 7 Chelmsford Place
Petrie, Miss E., Point Street
Phillips, Mrs., news agency, Pound Street
Pilling, A. Brooks, Knockmoyle, Roddens
Pilling, Peggy, artist, 1 Main Street
Pollock Bros., jewellers, Main Street
Poots, Ernest A., chemist, 84 Main Street
Porter, Allan, M.D., Pound Street
Potter, G. & F., grocers, Bridge Street
Price, T. L., manager "Larne Times," Brynheulog

Rainey, John, coal merchant, Upper Main Street
Rainey, Miss M., grocer, Mill Street
Ramsey, Ernest, motor garage, Upper Main Street
Rawlinson, Allen, & White, incorporated accountants and auditors, 60 Main Street
Rea, A. & P., merchant tailors, Cross Street
Rea, Patrick, Glenarm Road
Rea, William, merchant tailor, 16 Cross Street
Reid, M., ironmonger, 6 Upper Main Street
Richardson & Smith, coach builders, Circular Road
Robinson, C., motor engineer, Curran Street
Robinson, David C., Lansdowne Crescent
Robinson, E., spirit merchant, 87 Main Street
Robinson, Jane E., spirit merchant, Manchester Hotel, Station Road
Robinson, John, fruiterer, 9 Circular Road
Robinson, Robert, dairyman, 124 Main Street
Robinson, Samuel, flesher, 14 Upper Main Street
Robinson, Samuel, surveyor, Victoria Street
Roden, The Earl of, Mercheston, Roddens
Rogan & Co., boot and shoe merchants, Main Street
Rosbotham, William W., Beachvista, Chaine Memorial Road
Ross, Charles, laundry manager, Victoria Street
Ross, Jane, tearooms, 4 Upper Main Street
Ross, John, Rosevilla, Clonlee
Ross, John, jun., 6 Clonlee
Ross, Leonard, grocer, 22 St. John's Place
Ross, R. T., & Co., Ltd., boot merchants, Dunluce Street
Royal Liver Society, 6a Main Street
Rutherford, H. E., M.D., Main Street
Ryan, Denis, Technical teacher, Inver

Sanders, George, electrical engineer, Curran Lodge, Larne Harbour
Sandford, J. W., M.P.S., F.S.A.O., Chemist and Optician, 14 Main Street and Curran Street
Savoy, Ltd., caterers, 46 Main Street
Semple, James, grocer, 1 Salisbury Terrace
Semple, J., draper, Main Street
Semple, William, hairdresser, Point Street
Shamrock Shipping Co. Ltd., ship owners, The Harbour
Shannon, Ivan, 9 Main Street
Shannon, Mrs. M., Hillcrest, Inver
Shannon, T., Grocer, Dunluce Street
Shaw, William, Glenview House, Raloo
Sheane, Stanley R., L.D.S., 1 Main Street
Shell-Mex & B.P., Ltd. - Depot, Bank Road
Sheppard, Arthur B., teacher, Glenarm Road
Shields, Joseph, fruiterer, 77 Pound Street
Simms, Robert, painter and glazier, Main Street
Simms, William, painter, 42 Main Street
Simpson, Mrs., confectioner, and sub-post office, 15 Point Street
Simpson, Wesley, car hirer, 7 Curran Street
Sloan, William, grocer, 30 Old Glenarm Road
Smith, B., La Moye, Chaine Memorial Road
Smith, F. L., accountant, Elviston, Carrickfergus Road
Smith, William A., Bay Park
Smith, William H., Inver
Snoddy, Ephraim, blacksmith, High Street
Snoddy, Matthew, fruiterer, Main Street
Speers, E. W., Royal Terrace, Larne Harbour
Sterne, Richard J., draper, 7 Bridge Street
Stevenson, Edward S., 5 Clonlee
Stewart, Robert, grocer, 106 Main Street
Stewart's Cash Stores, Upper Main Street
Stinson, Robert, Grieba, Chaine Memorial Road
Strawhorne, William, hairdresser, Mill Street
Streight, Thomas, coal dealer, Recreation Road
Sun Laundry, Ltd., Bank Road
Sutherland, Hugh, engineer, Vril Lodge
Sutherland, Mrs., Wulfrichford
Swayne, Henry D., manager, Main Street
Synott, William, supper saloon, 26 Main Street

Taylor, Mrs. M., milliner, Main Street
Thompson, Andrew, M.B., Ardnagrena, Victoria Street
Thompson, George B., plumber, Victoria Street
Thompson, Ralph R., 5 Chelmsford Place
Tinsley, Thomas J., Northern Bank House, Main Street
Todd, James, water inspector reservoir
Turner's Fruit Markets, Ltd., 18 Main Street
Tweed, James C., solicitor, Point Street
Tweed, Mrs. J., 10 Barnhill Terrace
Tweed, Robert, druggist, 55-57 Pound Street
Tweedy, Acheson, & Co., drapers, 138-140 Main Street

Vallely, Frederick, principal, Portpier, Dranis

Walker, Cecil, rent agent, Point Street
Walker, James, auctioneer and valuer, Point Street
Warwick, Henry, Pound Street and Oakfield, Glenarm Road
Watt-Smith, Col. J., Duneira
Wegg, George R., Glynnview Villas, Curran Street
Whitehead, Thomas A., Chippendale Villas, Bay Road
Whiteside, George, draper, 1-3 Bridge Street
Whiteside, Samuel, 46 Roddens Road
Whiteside, William, jun., Wileen, Glenarm Street
Whiteside, W., grocer, Dunluce Street
Wiles, Frank, Crannie
Wilson & Co., drapers, 2 Main Street
Wilson, Hugh, M.B., Glenarm Road
Wilson, James, teacher, 27 Victoria Street
Woodside, Alexander, blacksmith, 67 Pound Street
Wormwell, John, Alder, Bay Park
Wylie, John B., Bay Park

Yeates, William, Dunrock, Glenarm Road
Younge, Walter, secty., 27 Thorndale Avenue


Acheson, John, Sallagh
Allen, Minnie, Ballytober, Cairncastle
Apsley, Charles, Kilwaughter
Arnold, James P., Browndodd

Blair, Charles, Newlands, Magheramorne
Blair, Hugh, Ballygally, Cairncastle
Blair, John, Cairnduff
Boyd, Joseph, Sheriffsland, Kilwaughter
Boyd, Thomas, Ballykeel, Kilwaughter
British Portland Cement Manufacturers, Ltd., Magheramorne
Brown, William, Corkermain, Cairncastle

Calwell, William, Sallagh, Cairncastle
Campbell, Daniel, Killyglen, Cairncastle
Carmichael, ?, Ballyloran
Clements, William, Ballywillan, Cairncastle
Coey, James A., Droagh, Cairncastle
Craig, James, Ballyrickardmore, Raloo
Craig, William H. N., Craiganboy, Magheramorne
Crawford, Alexander, Dromaine
Crawford, Esler, Ballycraigy
Crawford, Misses, Playhill, Cairncastle
Crawford, Mrs. John, Raloo
Crawford, Robert, Ballyrudder, Cairncastle
Crooks, Houston, Lowtown, Kilwaughter

Dempsey, Thomas G., Ballygilbert, Cairncastle
Dixon, Sir Thomas, Bt., Cairndhu, Cairncastle
Doherty, Rev. J. T., Magheramorne
Duffin, James, Kilwaughter

English, John, surveyor, Carnduff
English, Mrs., Newlands, Magheramorne

Feeney, Daniel, Ballywillan, Cairncastle
Ferguson, Samuel, Ballykeel, Kilwaughter
Ferris, Herbert, Ballyboley

Gault, Samuel, Craiganboy, Magheramorne
George, William J., Tealies, Kilwaughter
Gibson, Robert, Blackcave
Gingles, Matthew, Ballymullock, Cairncastle
Gordon, Alexander, Ballyloran
Graham, James, Ballypollard, Magheramorne

Hall, Robert, Browndod
Hamilton, J., Mullaghmossan, Magheramorne
Hanna, Robert, Ballyboley
Hill, Alexander, Craiganee, Magheramorne
Holden, R., jun., Ballyedward, Kilwaughter
Holden, Samuel, Drumnadonaghy, Kilwaughter
Holden, Thomas, Ballykeel
Hunter, James, St. Cunning, Cairncastle
Hunter, Mrs. M. J., Ballylig, Magheramorne
Hunter, Robert, Ballygawley, Cairncastle
Hunter, Samuel, Ballycraigy

Kane, William H., Ballyloran
Kirkpatrick, Rev. Robert, M.A., Glynn

Long, James, Alfred, Ballylig, Magheramorne
Lyle, Robert J., Toreagh, Raloo

Maxwell, William, Ballyhacket, Cairncastle
Millar, John, Ballyedward, Magheramorne
Moore, Nathaniel, Altilevelly, Raloo
Morton, Francis, Ballygilbert, Cairncastle
McAuley, Alexander, Ballygally
McAuley, Andrew, Ballycraigy
McAuley, David, Ballygally
McAuley, James, Greenland
McCallum, James, grocer, Magheramorne
McClelland, James, Ballytober
McCluggage, Robert, Ballyboley
McCluggage, William H., Carnduff
McClure, Patrick, Lisnahay, Cairncastle
McCormick, Samuel, Corkermain, Cairncastle
McDowell, James, jun., Ballywillan
McDowell, Samuel, Hightown, Kilwaughter
McIlroy, Thomas P., Ballyfore, Raloo
McIlroy, William, Ballyfore, Raloo
McIlwaine, Arthur, Headwood, Kilwaughter
McIlwaine, James, Ballyhempton, Kilwaughter
McIlwaine, Mrs. John, Ballysnodd
McIlwaine, Robert, Rorysglen, Kilwaughter
McMinn, Andrew, Ballysnodd
McNinch, Robert, Ballymullock
McQuillan, Mrs., Fourscoreacre, Cairncastle

Nelson, Hugh, Ballyhempton
Nelson, James, Ballykeel, Kilwaughter

Peoples, James, Killyglen

Rainey, Isaac, Drains
Rainey, Mrs., Black Cave
Rea, Alexander, Lowtown, Kilwaughter
Robinson, William, Sallagh, Cairncastle
Robinson, William, Carnduff
Rock, Edward, Hightown, Kilwaughter
Rock, John, Rorysglen, Kilwaughter
Russell, W. Bailie, B.A., Ballyedward

Shaw, Geoffrey S., Drumnadreagh
Snoddy, James, Antiville
Snoddy, Robert, Browndodd
Snoddy, Robert, Ballywillan, Cairncastle
Stewart, John, Ballyhackett, Cairncastle
Stewart, Joseph R., Ballyhackett, Cairncastle
Stewart, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ballyhacket, Cairncastle

Templeton, John, Ballyedward, Magheramorne
Tweed, C. W., Ballycoose, Cairncastle
Tweed, Joseph, Fourscoreacre

Wallace, William, Boydstown, Kilwaughter
Warsap, Frederick R., manager, Ballylig
Weatherup, Thomas, Ballyvernstown
Wilson, Hugh, Drumnahoe, Kilwaughter
Wilson, Robert, Ballyedward, Magheramorne
Wilson, Samuel John, Headwood
Wright, Robert, Ballyedward, Magheramorne

County Down

     This town is situated on the banks of the River Bann, between Banbridge and Gilford, about three miles from the former and two from the latter.  Shops' half-holiday, Thursday


Parish Church of Tullylish - Rector, Dean Myles, B.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Knowles, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Canon Doran, P.P., Rev. Fegan


Bann P.E. Schools - Thomas Armstrong, principal
Knocknagor P.E. School - Christopher Boyle, principal
Miltown P.E. School - Mr. Henley, principal


Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. Copes, Newry Street, Banbridge


Anderson, Robert, Station House
Armstrong, Meg, The Point
Armstrong, Thomas

Brownlee, W., loftman
Byrne, Bernard
Byre, Mrs.
Byrne, William, clerk, Banbridge Foundry

Carswell, R. H., Tullylish House
Clugston, James, bookkeeper
Clugston, Mrs. J.
Connor, Miss

Donaldson, James

Geddis, William, painter and decorator
Geoghegan, J., Banbridge Foundry
Graham, Albert, foreman bleacher, Banford
Graham, Margaret

Hampton, F., sexton, Parish Church
Hanna, Kenneth
Hanna, K., bleacher
Hanna, Mrs. Jeanie
Hazelbank Weaving Co.
Hewitt, Bertie
Hewitt, Harvey, postman

Kelso, Harold, manager, Hazelbank Factory
Kidd, Frank, butcher
Kidd, Thomas

Lawell, Mary, grocer
Lindsay, Joseph, sexton, Presbyterian Church

Martin, Mrs., Lenadarg P.O.
Meechan, J.
Moffat, Joseph, merchant, The Point
Moore, Edmund, millwright
Moore, Harry, head millwright
Muldrew, William, manager
Myles, Dean, Tullylish Rectory

McCormick, A., foreman bleacher
McKinney, John, Factory Row

Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, Miss Annie, grocer, The Point

Sinton & Co. Ltd., Banford Bleachworks
Sinton, F. B., Banford House
Smith, Molly, publican

Thompson, D., Laurencetown P.O.
Thompson, D., Grocer; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," The Point
Thompson, Lily, post office assistant

Uprichard, F. G., Laurencetown House
Uprichard, J. T. & H., bleachers, Springvale

Walker, George, lorry driver
Wells, Jane


Bodel, Frank
Chambers, John
Curran, R., Clare
English, Howard, Tullyrane
English, Mrs.
Farnon, Mrs.
Forsythe, Hugh
Forsythe, John, Tullyraine
Forsythe, Mrs.
Forsythe, William, Tullyraine
Gough, Annie, Clare
Gough, Harry, sawyer
Gough, Nan, Clare
Greer, William, Linenhall
Hamilton, John, millwright, Springvale
Jones, Eva
Jones, George, Clare
Jones, Jack, farmer
Jones, Maggie, Clare
Jones, Mrs. Emma, Clare
Jones, Mrs. Lily
Jones, Mrs. Mabel
Jones, Thomas, jun., fitter
Kerr, Moses
Kerr, Robert
Kidd, Frank
Kidd, Maggie, Drumnascamph
Kidd, Mrs. Jeanie
Kidd, Thomas
Lockhart, Minnie, Clare
Lockhart, Thomas, Kernon House, Gilford
Magee, John
McElroy, Sinclar, Knocknagor
McGaffin, Richard, Knocknagor
O'Byrne, Mrs., Drumnascamph
O'Hanlon, James
Pollock, James, Clare
Reed, Felix
Thompson, Robert
Wright, Miss

County Londonderry

     Formerly Newtown Limavady, is a place of great antiquity and interest, situated in the midst of a fertile district. Fairs for the sale of all kinds of live stock are held on the second Monday in February, March, June, July, and October; and hiring fairs in May and November.  General holiday, first Monday in August. The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday.  Population in 1937, 2,771


Church of Ireland - Christ Church - Rev. W. White, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Drumachose - Rev. S. McCully, B.A.  First Limavady - Rev. William Browne, B.A.  Second Limavady - Rev. Robert Macready, B.A.
Gospel Hall, Irish Green Street
Baptist Church, Protestant Street - W. Rea
Methodist Church - Rev. Bingham
Reformed Presbyterian Church - Rev. R. B. Lyons, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. J. McGlade, P.P.


The Academy - C. Clayton, principal
Limavady Central School - J. Thompson, principal
Ogilby P.E. School - F. Burgess, principal
Roe Mill P.E. School - Mrs. O'Rourke, principal
Londonderry and Limavady Regional Education Committee -
School Attendance Officer.  D. McCurry
St. Camce's P.E. Schools - Jas. McCullough, principal
Convent of Notre Dame Des Mission, Irish Green Street
Technical School, Irish Green Street - Principal and secretary, S. J. Courtney


Belfast Banking Co., Ltd., Main Street - Manager, J. A. Hall
National Bank, Ltd., Main Street - Manager, E. or B. Murphy
Northern Bank, Ltd., Catherine Street - Manager, J. B. McMaster
Ulster Bank Ltd., Catherine Street - Manager, T. Houston; Cashier, R. T. F. Craig.


Sub Sanitary Officer, Water Inspector and Town Surveyor - J. Trotter, Catherine Street
Public Market - John Hunter, Market Street
R.U.C. - District Inspector Wolseley, Head-Constable Gibson
Magistrates - James Irwin, J. C. Drennan, S. Hanna, A. Smyth, A. Campbell, A. Barr
Rural Council (meets on second and fourth Mondays of each month) - W. Loughrey (chairman); 36 permanent representatives; 1 temporary representatives
Urban Council - John Hunter, Benjamin Hunter, Alexander Smyth, Archibald Campbell, Robert Bloomfield, P. Quigley, A. Love
Newsroom Club, Alexander Memorial Hall - Douglas Boyd, hon. secretary
Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. R. Reid, Main Street
Limavady Recreation Grounds, Killeen - A. M. Riddell, secretary
Limavady War Memorial Free Library - Secty., D. Boyd
Electric Light and Power Station, Largymills - Major J. E. Ritter, proprietor
Road Transport Depot - Railway Station, Main Street
Labour Exchange, Ballyclose Street
Civil Service and Intermediate School - Rev. William O'Doherty, Captain Villas
Masonic Club - James Smyth, secretary
Masonic Hall, Linenhall Street - David Warke, caretaker
Masonic Lodge - St. Alban's No. 719 - James S. Douglas, P.M., secretary.  Alexandra Lodge No. 366 - W. J. G. Seeds, P.M., secretary
Masonic Royal Arch Chapter No. 719 - B. L. Thompson, registrar
Orange Hall, Catherine Street - Mrs. Fulton, caretaker
Orange Institution - James McKay, District Master, Main Street; Alfred M. Ritter, Roepark, District Secretary
I.O.G.T., Orange Hall - Sis. Winnie Gray, secretary
Roman Catholic Hall, Irish Green Street - Kevin Agnew, secretary
Roe-Valley District Hospital (Board meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month) Chairman of Guardians and District Council, W. Loughrey; vice-chairman of District Council, Miss D. Robertson; clerk, A. W. Mitchell; fever nurse, A. Kelly; relieving officer, James Loughrey, Linenhall Street,  Chaplains - Church of Ireland, Rev. W. White; Presbyterian, Rev. William Browne, B.A.; Roman Catholic, Rev. McGlade, P.P.


Abercorn Bakery, Main Street
Adams, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, Ballyclose Street
Adams, R., farmer, Ballyquin
Agnew, P. J., & Sons, solicitors, Market Street
Alcorn, Miss, tobacconist, Market Street
Alcorn, Robert, fruit garden, Distillery Road
Alcorn, W., boot and shoe merchant, Market Street
Alcorn, W. J., fancy warehouse, Catherine Street
Alexander Arms Family and Commercial Hotel - (P. Quigley), Main Street
Allen, J., teacher, Linenhall
Allison, ?, veterinary surgeon, Main Street
Anderson, R., postman, Ballyclose Street
Andrew, J., tailor, Ballyclose Street
A.O.H. Friendly Society - Secretary, William Hunt, Irish Green Street
Arthur, William, produce exporter
Atcheson, J., M.D., Main Street
Atcheson, W., Irish Green Street
Atchison, Miss J., Killane
Atkinson, J., gardener, Roe Mill Road
Atlantic Cable Co., Main Street
Austin, John, Linen Hall Street
Averil, T., Main Street

Bacon, Miss, Laharna boarding house, Ballyclose Street
Barbour, J., insurance agent, Glenkeen
Barbour, W., tailor, Glenkeen
Barrie, Hugh T., produce merchant, Main Street
Baxter, Joseph, tailor, Catherine Street
Beasley, Miss M., Shanreagh
Bellis, H., iron monger, Catherine Street
Bingham, George, Catherine Street
Bingham, T., reporter, Catherine Street
Blackburn, James, Main Street
Bloomfield, Robert, tobacconist, Market Street
Boyd, Jos. D., & Son, woollen drapers, Market Street
Boyle, Capt., pension officer, Main Street
Boyle, Miss, Killeen Cottage
Breach, J., M.D., Roe Valley Hospital
Brolly Bros., grocer, Catherine Street
Brolly, J., publican, Irish Green Street
Brown, E. J., solicitor, Culmore House
Brown, R. J., blacksmith, Main Street
Browne, Rev. William, Roevista Manse
Bryson, J., farmer, Sistrokeel
Burke, P., draper, Linen Hall Street

Caldwell, J., Catherine Street
Callaghan, D., watch maker, Connell Street
Callaghan, Joseph, shoe maker  Irish Green Street
Callaghan, The Misses, Ballyclose Street
Callaghan, R., butcher, Protestant Street
Campbell, A., U.D.C., Main Street
Campbell, J. A., grocer, Railway Place
Campbell, R. A., veterinary surgeon, Irish Green Street
Campbell, W., blacksmith, Main Street
Carty, S., publican, Market Street
Caskie, James, farmer, Drummond
Caskie, William, gardener, Irish Green Street
Cather, The Misses, The Hermitage
Christie, Daniel, hardware merchant, Main Street
Clyde, William, cycle agent, Catherine Street
Cochrane, J., farmer, Artikelly
Coghlan, Miss, fruiterer, Irish Green Street
Coghlan, Miss, draper, Market Street
Coghlan, Mrs. F. J., Irish Green Street
Colhoun, Mrs. S., nurse, Market Street
Conly, W., Artikelly, Limavady
Connell, Robert, solicitor, Main Street
Connelly, C. C., chemist, Market Street and Main Street
Connor, John, spirit grocer, Terry Dremond
Connor, Miss N., Linen Hall Street
Cook, C. R., bicycle agent, motor hirer, Main Street
Cooper, Mrs., stationer, Main Street
Courtney, S. J., science teacher, Technical School
Cousins, W. D., Killane
Coyle, W., Drummond
Crawford, A., insurance agent, Distillery Road
Crawford, Miss, teacher, Technical School
Crawford, R., Linen Hall Street
Crilly, Miss N., Irish Green Street
Crilly, Patrick, clothes dealer, Main Street
Cromie, Miss, teacher, Irish Green Street
Cummins, Miss, grocer and confectioner, Irish Green Street
Cummins, Samuel, Kennaught Street
Curry, D., sergeant-instructor, Killane

Dallas, Miss M., Killane
Davis, John, grocer, Main Street
Davis, T., teacher, Killane
Davison, A. W., veterinary surgeon, Catherine Street
Deeney, Mrs., restaurant, Market Street
Delap, I. A., Scroggy
Derry Diocesan Catholic Friendly Society - Secretary, Miss Rose O'Kane, Irish Green Street
Devlin, John, funeral undertaker, Linen Hall Street
Devlin, Robert, watch maker, Linen Hall Street
Dixon, W. A., Main Street
Dodds, R., farmer, Enagh
Dogherty Bros., builders, Church View Terrace
Doherty Bros., cattle dealers, Main Street
Doherty, James, fowl dealer, Kennaught Street
Doherty, James, grocer, Kennaught Street
Doherty, J., plasterer, Irish Green Street
Doherty, Miss M., music teacher, Kennaught House
Doherty, S., Catherine Street
Doherty, William, publican, Linen Hall Street
Donaghy, Laurence, Windsor Avenue
Donald, R., arts teacher, Technical School
Donaldson, T., R.U.C., Connell Street
Donegan, J., Linen Hall Street
Douglas, James, clerk U.D.C., Town Hall
Douglas, J., chemist, Market Street
Douglas, Oliver, brick and tile works, Derrybeg
Drennan, John, Carse Hall
Duddy, Patrick, cattle dealer, Catherine Street
Duncan, David, dentist, Catherine Street

Elder, S., Mill Place
Elder, Thomas, sen., boot warehouse, Main Street

Farren Bros., timber merchants, Ballykelly
Ferguson, Joseph, poulterer dealer, Isle of Man Street
Ferguson, Miss, dairy, Enagh
Ferguson, Thomas, plasterer, Whitehill
Ferris, W., cattle dealer, Kinnaught Street
Flannery, Mrs. B., teacher, Technical School
Fleming, Samuel, carpenter, Main Street
Fleming, S., farmer, Mulkerragh
Forrest, E., advt. painter, Kennaught Street
Forrest, J., poultry dealer, Kennaught Street
Forsythe, J., grocer, Irish Green Street
Forsythe, Miss, music teacher, Main Street
Forsythe, S. H., solicitor, Main Street
Fulton, Miss M., Killan
Fulton, William, carpenter, Catherine Street

Gallagher, Charles, posting establishment, motors for hire, Main Street
Gallagher, T., funeral undertaker, Main Street
Garnett, Mrs., The Demesne
Gault, H., farmer, Cahery House
Gault, M., Ballyavelin
Gibbon, Arthur, gardener, Irish Green Street
Gibbon, P., gardener, Drenagh
Gogarty, Miss, music teacher, Market Street
Gogarty, Mrs., fruiterer, Market Street
Graham, Mrs. H. T., dress maker and caretaker Limavady War Memorial Free Library
Grant, J., farmer, Derrybeg
Gray, James, caterer, Catherine Street
Gray, James, grocer, Catherine Street
Gregg, J., Derramore
Guthrie, Robert, Drumacarney
Guthrie, Samuel, Sheep Hill
Guy, James, plumber, Irish Green Street
Guy, John, mason, Irish Green Street
Guyler, J., fish merchant, Ballyclose Street
Gwynn, Thomas, publican, Main Street
Gwynn, Thomas, coal merchant, Ballyclose Street

Hall, J. A., manager, Belfast Bank, Main Street
Hanlon, W., Collessan
Hanna, S., Drumachose
Harbinson, T., secretary, Drumrammer
Harper, A., R.U.C., Windsor Avenue
Harper, J., land steward, Roe Park
Harper, S., Windsor Avenue
Harrison, J., fowl dealer, Kennaught Street
Hartin, W., carter, Roemill Road
Harvey, L., painter, Kennaught Street
Hawthorn, D., flesher, Market Street
Hawthorn, T., draper, Market Street
Henley, J. T., Cable Co., Market Street
Henry, D., pig dealer, Market Street
Henry, W., gardener, Dog Leap
Holmes, L., building contractor, Catherine Street
Holmes, R., building contractor, Catherine Street
Houston, Thomas, plumber, Catherine Street
Huddleston, Miss, matron, Roe Valley Hospital
Hunt, George, fruiterer, Line Hall Street
Hunt, Hugh, butcher, Market Street
Hunt, James, poulterer, Kennaught Street
Hunt, William. carpenter, Irish Green Street
Hunter, Benjamin, U.D.C., Catherine Street
Hunter, Jacob, head porter, Irish Green Street
Hunter, John, grain merchant, Market Street
Hunter, Messrs., bakery, Market Street
Hunter, Mrs. Benjamin, M.D., Catherine Street
Hunter, R. J., Broharris
Hutchinson Bros., grocers, Catherine Street
Hutchinson Bros., garage, Catherine Street

Irwin, Joseph, Killane, Limavady
Irwin, J. D., manager, Bovally
Irwin, J. K., fruiterer, Main Street
Irwin, J. T., Bovally
Irwin, Miss, poultry instructress, Catherine Street
Irwin, Miss A., dress maker, Irish Green Street
Irwin, Misses, Killane
Irwin, Robert, Wincroft
Irwin, T., Ballyclose Street

Kane, Frank, horse dealer, Kennaught Street
Kane, James, cattle dealer, Irish Green Street
Kane, James, shoe maker, Irish Green Street
Kane, Laurence, cattle dealer, Irish Green Street
Kane, Maurice, cattle dealer, Kennaught Street
Kane, Miss, nurse, Catherine Street
Kane, W., window cleaner, Protestant Street
Kennedy, John, gardener, Roe Mill Road
Kennedy, Jos., teacher, Technical School
Kennedy, N., fowl dealer, Derry-York
Keohane, J. A., M.D., Shamrock House
Keohane, J. G., M.D., Shamrock House
Kerlin, Miss, dress maker, Irish Green Street
Kerr, Andrew, insurance agent, Irish Green Street
Kyle, N., solicitor, Main Street

Lane & Boyle, solicitors, Main Street
Limavady Mineral Water Co., Catherine Street
Linton, Thomas B. P., agent, Catherine Street
Logue, William, Isle of Man Street
Long, Mary, M.D., Culmore, Limavady
Louden, T., land steward, Drenagh
Loughery, Samuel, grocer, Market Street
Love, Albert, carpenter, Main Street
Love, Alexander, auctioneer, Main Street
Love, B., dairy, Aghanloo
Love, Henry, draper, Main Street
Lowry, David, tailor, Main Street
Lynch, D., Council Terrace
Lynch, Miss, publican, Market Street
Lyons, Rev. R. B., B.A., Catherine Street

Macartney, Michael, spirit merchant, Catherine Street
Macready, Rev. Robert, The Manse, Limavady
Macrory, S. M., Ltd., grain merchants, Limavady
Magee, Charles, tailor, Market Street
Mahon, William, carter, Ballyclose Street
Major, Moore, tailor, Irish Green Street
Martin, King, French, & Ingram, solicitors, Catherine Street
Martin, Miss, Bookseller, Stationer, Newsagent, Fancy Warehouse; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Linen Hall Street
Matthewson, Miss, boarding house, Catherine Street
Maxwell, A. Y., restaurant, Main Street
Mercer, T., White Hill
Millar, John, grocer, Catherine Street
Millar, J., farmer, Farloe
Millar, Miss D., teacher, Catherine Street
Millar, Mrs. J., teacher of shorthand and typewriting, Catherine Street
Millar, Thomas, coal and wool merchant, Main Street
Miller & Son, grocers, Market Street
Mills, J., Market Street
Mitchell, A., clerk, R.D.C., Catherine Street
Mitchell, S., R.U.C., Ballyclose Street
Moffatt & Donaghy, woollen drapers, Main Street
Monaghan, John, butcher, Kennaught Street
Monaghan, W., saddler, Kennaught Street
Monarch Laundry, branch, Catherine Street
Moore, George, cattle dealer Roe-Mill Road
Moore, H., Alexander Terrace
Moore, James, barber, Linen Hall Street
Moore, Major, tailor, Irish Green Street
Moore, Matthew, fish merchant, Market Street
Moore, Matthew, fruiterer, Linen Hall Street
Moore, Mrs., confectioner, Irish Green Street
Moore, M., supper saloon, Irish Green Street
Moore, M., confectioner, Irish Green Street
Moore, Samuel, tinsmith, Irish Green Street
Moore & Shields, coal merchants, Market Street
Morrison, John, grocer, Main Street
Morrow, Mrs., carter, Protestant Street
Morton, Wallace, clerk petty sessions
Mullan, Daniel, spirit merchant, Catherine Street
Mullan, Frederick, funeral undertaker, Main Street
Mullan, Michael, grocer, Ballyclose Street
Mullan, Miss, grocer, Kennaught Street
Mullan, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, Market Square
Mullan, P., engineer, Kennaught Street
Mullan, William, grocer, Ballyclose Street
Murphy, E., cashier, National Bank
Murphy, G. A., Main Street
Murphy, Patrick, spirit merchant, Catherine Street
Murphy, W. G., chemist, Market Street

McAleese, Daniel, boot maker, Isle of Man Street
McAtamney, John, Rascahan
McBride, Miss, teacher, Linenhall Street
McCallion, A., boot maker, Protestant Street
McCallion, Wm., porter, Protestant Street
McCann, D., Farloe
McCaughey, Henry, barber, Main Street
McCaughey, William, cycle agent, Main Street
McCaughey, W., Roe-Ville
McCaull, J., restaurant, Alexander Terrace
McCausland, Connoly, J.P., Drenagh
McCausland, Mrs. M. M., Ardnargle
McClarence, T., Josephine Avenue
McClenaghan, Jacob H., boot merchant, Catherine Street
McCloskey & Co., produce merchant, Market Street
McCloskey, P., bread server, Council Terrace
McCollogh, J., P.E.T., Irish Green Street
McConnell, James, boot merchant, market Street
McCool, P., bill porter, Josephine Avenue
McCullogh, J., grocer, Ballyclose Street
McCullogh, Miss, Market Street
McCrudden, ?, tinsmith, Catherine Street
McCunn, S., rate collector, Main Street
McCunn, Thomas, Oystervale
McCurry, D., school attendance officer, Myroe
McDermott, Hugh, spirit dealer, Irish Green Street
McDowell, W., railway clerk, Windsor Avenue
McElmoyle, T., Farloe
McElroy, Edward, clothier, Kennaught Street
McElwee, A., painter, Irish Green Street
McElwee, Jackson, cooper, Protestant Street
McElwee, T., confectioner, Irish Green Street
McElwee, W. J., painter, Catherine Street
McFeely, William, cattle dealer, Irish Green Street
McGeehan, T., painter, Main Street
McGill, W., gardener, Roe Park
McGillion, Thomas, weigh master, Markets
McGinnis, E., hairdresser
McGinnis, James, Main Street
McGinnis, John, tailor, Irish Green Street
McGinnis, Joseph, mechanic, Council Terrace
McGinnis, Mrs. J., dress maker, Irish Green Street
McGlinchy, J., tailor, Irish Green Street
McGonigle, James, hairdresser, Irish Green Street
McGourin, J., blacksmith, Ballyclose Street
McGrotty, J., painter, Kennaught Street
McGuigan, Daniel, Irish Green Street
McKay, G., carpenter, Broad Lane
McKay, James, Stationer, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McKee, W., insurance agent, Alexander Terrace
McKinney, C., manager Unemployment Exchange, Inland Revenue officer and Old Age Pension officer, Ballyclose Street
McLary, D., spirit merchant, Shanvey
McLaughlin, G., Killane
McLaughlin, Hugh, commercial traveller, Irish Green Street
McLaughlin, John, cattle dealer, Irish Green Street
McLaughlin, J., joiner, Council Terrace
McLaughlin, Kevin, insurance agent, Irish Green Street
McLaughlin, P., gardener, Enagh
McLelland, J., shoe maker, Kennaught Street
McLelland, W., & Sons, painters, Roe Mill Road
McLeod, Thomas, insurance agent, Distillery Road
McManaway, Rev. J. G., Greystone Hall
McManaway, Mrs. J. G., M.B.E., Greystone Hall
McNamara, James, watch repairer, Josephine Avenue
McPherson, T., forestry inspector, Main Street
McSorley, J. Forrester, Drumrammer
McQuillan, J., lorry driver, Alexander Terrace

Neely, Robert W., tailor, Largy
Nicholl, J., Garage, Tullyhoe
Nicholl, T., mechanic, Irish Green Street
Nutt, P., cycle agent and garage, Main Street
Nutt, W. T., County Council surveyor, Main Street

Oakey, Alex., produce merchant, Catherine Street
Oliver, Henry J., R.D.C., Lislane
Oliver, John C., post cars, Catherine Street
Orange and Protestant Friendly Society Office, Catherine Street - W. Fulton, district secretary
Orr, Miss, haberdasher, Market Street

O'Brien Bros., butchers, Main Street
O'Brien, T., butcher, Main Street
O'Doherty, Dermott, pig merchant, Irish Green Street
O'Doherty, James, grocer, Kennaught Street
O'Doherty, Misses, poultry merchant, Irish Green Street
O'Hanlon, William, Collessan
O'Hara, C., publican
O'Kane, Daniel, confectioner, Irish Green Street
O'Kane, James, butcher, Market Street
O'Kane, John, carpenter, Kennaught Street
O'Kane, John, fowl dealer, Kennaught Street
O'Kane, Lawrence, cattle dealer, Irish Green Street
O'Kane, T., Catherine Street
O'Rourke, P., Roe Mill Road

Parke, R., produce inspector, Distillery Road
Piggot, G., Finlagan
Pollock, Matthew S., grocer, Catherine Street
Porter Bros., All Cash Stores, Market Street
Predy, Thomas, photographer, Main Street
Purcell, C., traveller, Ballyclose Street
Purcell, Ernest, Mill Street
Purcell, W., farmer, Carrick West

Quigley, A., publican, Ballyclose Street
Quigly, P., spirit merchant, Catherine Street and Market Street

Railway Hotel, Main Street - G. A. Murphy
Rankin, Thomas, merchant, Ballyclose Street
Rea, Pastor, Baptist Ministry, Killane
Regal Cinema, Catherine Street
Reid, D., shoe maker, Ballyclose Street
Reid, R. A., M.D., Main Street
Reid, Thomas, shoe maker, Kennaught Street
Riley, R., sexton, Main Street
Riley, Samuel, saddler, Catherine Street
Robertson, Miss D., fruiterer, Market Street
Rodden, James, coach painter, William Street
Roe Cinema, Main Street
Ross, Miss, restaurant, Market Street
Ross, Misses (The), pastry bakers, Main Street

Scott, Miss E., Main Street
Scott, William, agricultural implements maker, St. John's Foundry
Scott, W. J., & Co., grocers, Catherine Street
Seeds, W. J. G., solicitor (J. E. Proctor & Co.), Main Street
Semple Bros., grocers, Main Street
Shannon, J., poor-rate collector, Main Street
Shannon, Nurse, Ballyclose Street
Sherrard, R., garage, Distillery Road
Sherrard & Son, auctioneers, Catherine Street
Simpson & Campbell, garage, Main Street
Simpson, James, boot repairer, Ballyclose Street
Simpson, J., saddler, Linen Hall Street
Smith, Alexander, grocer, Market Street
Smith, Audrey, boot merchant, Linen Hall Street
Smith, Mrs., fruiterer, Main Street
Smith, Robert, grocer, Catherine Street
Smyth, J., dentist, Main Street
Smyth, Miss, town nurse
Smyth, Miss B., postmistress
Stevenson, J., electrician, Linen Hall Street
Stevenson, Miss, Market Street
Stewart, J., flax mill, Terrydremond
Stewart, Miss, music teacher, Main Street

Teevan, R., draper, Market Street
Thompson, W. J., draper, Main Street
Thorpe, Hugh, builder, Catherine Street
Toner, John, Irish Green Street
Trimble, J., plumber, Linen Hall Street
Trotter, G., Catherine Street
Tweedy & Acheson, drapers, Main Street

Walker, Marcus, soda fountain, 62 Catherine Street
Walker, Mrs. J., ladies' hairdressing saloon, Linen Hall Street (Salon)
Walker, S. W., traveller, Killane
Wallace, W., dairy, Roe, Mill Road
Walsh, John, chimney sweep, William Street
Ward, P., R.U.C., Market Street
Watson, A., confectioner, Linen Hall Street
Western Union Cable Co., Market Street
White, Patrick, teacher, Irish Green Street
White, Wallace, Linen Hall Street
Williamson, T., farmer, Bovally
Wilson, Alexander, watch maker, Linen Hall Street
Wilson, S. V., assistant surveyor, Drumrane
Wilson, Thomas H., Main Street
Wilson, T. H., coal merchant, Main Street
Wilson, W., farmer, Drumballydonaghy
Wilson, W. J., gardener, Distillery Road
Wilson, W. S., Catherine Street
Woods, Robert, station master, Station House

County Fermanagh

     Situated within four miles of Enniskillen, the capital of the county.  In the village there is a woollen factory, established fin 1858, which gives employment to a good number of workers.  The Market day is on Thursday, and the shops' half-holiday is Wednesday


Church of Ireland - Rev. R. McTighe, LL.D.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. McCausland
Methodist Church - Rev. E. D. Edwards


P.E. Schools - G. H. Blakeley, principal
Tattygar P.E. School - L. O'Neill, principal


R.U.C. - Sergeant W. R. Bentley; Constables C. Lyttle, W. Stewart and J. A. Wilkinson
Ulster Bank Ltd., Agency - Attendance Thursday


Adamson, J. H., bookkeeper

Bates, George, Rose Cottage
Blakeley, G. H., school teacher
Brown, Norman, grocer and hardware merchant
Brownlee, Hubert
Brownlee & Wilson, newsagents

Creighton, J., merchant, Liverpool House
Creighton, Mrs. J., draper

Daly, G., designer
Dunlop, George, R.D.C., farmer

Eadie, Major Eric, Faughard House
Eadie, William, woollen manufacturer

Fleming, Andrew, mill owner
Forster, Miss A., draper
Forster, Thomas, smith
Foster, W., confectioner

Hamilton, J., publican
Hawthorne, G., station master
Henderson & Eadie, woollen manufacturers

Johnston, Miss R., dairymaid

Kinning, F. R., hotel proprietor

Magwood, Miss A., typist

McBrien, T., merchant
McCreery, S., motor garage
McGahey, Miss M., draper
McGahey, Paul, smith

Nawn, Frederick, cycle agent; agent for "Belfast News-Letter"

Potters, R., creamery manager

Shaw, Thomas
Shaw, William, carpenter

Thompson, Mrs. E. S., postmistress

White, James, Clerk of the Petty Sessions


Adamson, Joseph H., The Lodge
Armstrong, W., The Lodge, Lisbellaw

Berry, Cyril, P.O., Lisbellaw
Betty, Joseph, Hollybank
Britton, Mrs., The Bungalow, Tamlaght
Brown, Albert, Innismore Hall

Carrothers, J., Tattymacall
Carson, Charles, Brackey House
Chartres, Johns, Aughnaloo
Clegg, Joseph, Derrybrusk
Clendinning, William, Cloughcor House
Crawford, John, J.P., Tamlaght
Crawford, S., postmistress, Tamlaght

Darley, Col., Fortmount
Donaldson, Adam, Fairview
Dunlop, John, Ballintarson

Eadie, Ian C., Inan, Lisbellaw
Eadie, W. G., Snowhill

Falconer, Mrs., Derryvullen
Ford, Rev. Canon, Lisnaan

Gorman, ?, County-Inspector, Cultiagh House

Harvey, T. J., Hillcrest
Henderson, James D. A., Lisbellaw

Irvine, C., postmistress, Cornafamog
Irvine, William, Gola, Lisbellaw

Johnston, J.

Livingstone, John, Drumlone

Mulligan, James, J.P., coroner, Drole

Porter, H., Archdale, Bellisle

Thompson, Mrs. M., Mullybritt

Vaugh, F. la Touche, Killyreagh House

Weir, Mrs., Drumard
Weir, R. C., Farnamullan
White, James, Fort Lodge, C.P.S.
Willis, G., Cappy House
Wilson, R., Ashford House
Woods, M. E., P.O. assistant

County Antrim

     This town is built on the River Lagan, seven miles south of Belfast and seventy-three miles north of Dublin. Flax spinning, the manufacture of linen and thread, bleaching and damask weaving are carried on.  The principal market is held on Tuesday.  The town lighting is under the Urban Council. Electric light has also been installed.  Fairs are held on 21st July and 5th October, and monthly, the second Monday of the month. The population at the 1937 census was 13,042.  The shops' half-holiday is on Wednesday. The B.B.C. Northern Ireland Transmitter is situated at Blaris, about two miles distant.


Church of Ireland - The Cathedral - Rev. Canon J. S. Taylor, M.A.  Christ Church - Rev. C. J. McLeod. St. Matthew's, Broomhedge - Rev. W. H. N. Ruddock, M.A.  All Saints', Eglantine - Rev. A. D. Mitchell, B.D.  Derriaghy - Rev. J. G. King, M.A.  Magheragall - Rev. A. V. McCallin, B.D.  Drumbeg - Rev. S. R. McGarvey, M.A.  Lambeg - Rev. W. J. Parr, M.A.  Ballinderry - Rev. J. B. Lowe, M.A.  Drumbo - Rev. Dr. F. Hatch.  Stoneyford - Rev. J. J. McCorry, F.R.G.S.
Presbyterian Churches - First Lisburn - Rev. D. Hay, M.A.  Railway Street - Rev. J. K. Elliott, B.A.  Sloan Street - Rev. A. Fullerton.  Hillhall - Rev. Archibald Duff.  Legacurry - Rev. T. J. K. Rankin, M.A.  Maze - Rev. T. A. N. Parker, B.A.  Anahilt - Rev. H. H. McKinty.  Cargycreevy - Rev. W. H. Colvin, M.A.  Magheragall - Vacant.  Drumbo - Rev. J. B. Wallace, M.A.
Methodist Church, Seymour Street - Rev. J. Hart.  Broomhedge - Rev. Joseph Mathers, B.A.
Congregational Church - Rev. Pastor Keery
Baptist Church - Vacant
Roman Catholic Chapel - Vacant
Friends' Meeting-house - Railway Street
Salvation Army Hall, Dublin Road
Central Hall, Bow Street
The Gospel Hall, Wallace Avenue
Elim Hall, Wallace Avenue
Lisburn Y.M.C.A., Railway Street
Advent Hall, 16 Castle Street
Welcome and Christian Workers' Union Mission Hall, Market Street


Wallace High School - T. H. Nunan, M.Sc., head-master
Lisburn Central P.E. School - G. B. Leonard, B.A., principal
Lisburn Free P.E. School - Miss Nixon, principal
Nicholson Memorial P.E. School, Seymour Street - James Wells, principal
Brownlee P.E. School, Wallace Avenue - A. M. Thompson, M.A., principal
P.E. Schools (R.C.), Chapel Hill - P. J. Fitzsimmons, principal
Hilden P.E. School - Alexander Woodend
Largymore P.E. School - James Forsythe, principal
Friends' School, Prospect Hill - John M. Douglas, M.A., principal
Lisburn Convent School - Castle Street
P.E. School (Ballymacash) - J. J. Baxter, B.A., principal
Lambeg P.E. School - C. R. J. Anderson, principal
Technical School - R. C. Fox, B.Sc., Ph.D., principal


Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - Manager, J. A. Bell
Belfast Savings Bank, 51 Market Square - Manager, Horace Tainsh
Northern Bank Ltd., Market Square - Manager, T. C. Henderson
Ulster Bank Ltd., Bow Street - Manager, W. T. Browne


Post Office, Railway Street; sub-post offices, Bow Street and Sloan Street
Savings Bank and Telegraph Office, Railway Street
Magistrates - Mrs. M. Beattie, F. W. Capron, Rt. Hon. J. Milne Barbour, D.L., M.P.; William McIlroy, Edward Donaghy, William Belshaw, Ezekiel Bullick, James Duff, Capt. K. M. Moore, M.C.; Dr. S. R. Hunter, Joseph Mills, William Scott, Robert Wilson and J. C, Austin, R.M.
Clerk of Petty Sessions - G. L. Alderdice
Urban District Council - Messrs. John D. Barbour, chairman; A. N. Stevenson, vice-chairman; H. C. B. McNally, J. J. Dougan, W. Dick, James Barnes, S. D. B. Hanna, F. Walker, Arthur Bowman, J. Shortt, J. M. Cumins, F. McMahon, James A. McKeown, W. P. Bullick
Town Clerk - Thomas H. MacDonald
Town Solicitor - John T. McConnell
Dispensary Medical Officer, Medical Officer of Health and Consulting Sanitary Officer - E. I. May Quin, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., D.P.H.
Fire Brigade - Captain V. McAfee
Town Surveyor - R. E. L. Clarke, B.A., B.E.
Gas Works - George McNeice, manager
Fire Station - Railway Street
Rate Collector - Thomas Waring
Sanitary Sub-officer and Town Inspector - Frederick Kee
Clerk of Markets - Edward McNeice
A.R.P. Officer - Charles C. Freer
Post Office - W. J. Parks, postmaster
Registrar of Marriages - James Sloan, Conway Street
Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Samuel Crail, Lisburn Union
Relieving Officer - R. Greer, Lisburn Union, Dublin Road
R.U.C. Headquarters (Antrim) - County Inspector Capt. R. T. Hamilton, M.C.
R.U.C. Barracks, Castle Street - District-Inspector Captain W. F. Creery, and Head-Constable J. B. Iago
Thompson Memorial Home for Incurables, Magheraleave Road - T. H. MacDonald, secretary
County Infirmary, Seymour Street - J. G. Johnston, surgeon; assistant surgeon, Dr. G. B. P. Smyth.  Lady superintendent - Miss Wilson, Secretary, G. Simpson, Committee of management - Rt. Hon. J. Milne Barbour, D.L., M.P., chairman
Manor House Home -
Lisburn Y.W.C.A., Wallace Avenue
Masonic Hall - Castle Street
British Legion Headquarters - Sackville Street
Dispensary - D. C. Campbell, M.D.
Lisburn and Belfast District Regional Education Committee
Newsroom, Assembly Rooms - G. McNeice, hon. sec.
Lisburn Merchants' Association - F. Boyle, hon. secretary
Lisburn Golf Club - nine hole course - W. H. Greenfield, secretary
Lisburn Conservative Flute Band - John Perry, Castle Street, Lisburn
Lisburn and Hillsborough District Hospital (Counties of Antrim and Down) - Board meets third Tuesday of each month. Chairman, A. A. Peel; vice-chairman, W. J. Fullerton, Clerk, S. J. Crail.  Medical officer, Dr. H. S. Murphy; assistant, Dr. J. G. Johnston.  Matron, Miss Bateman.  Members of Committee of Governors - Mrs. W. Belshaw, Mrs. Beattie, J.P.; Miss A. S. Martin, Messrs. Jas. Ireland, J.P.; Robt. Armstrong, David Benson, R. Wilson, J.P.; A. A. Peel, Samuel McCullough, Samuel Buchanan, John Dougan, J. Dick, William Martin, J.P.; William Balmer, Dr. Boyd, J.P.; Dr. White, John Allister, Wm. Porter, F. Boyle, Joseph Mills, J.P.; J. H. F. McCarrison
Hillsborough Rural Council - Joseph Orr, J.P. (chairman); Miss A. S. Martin, (vice-chairman)
Lisburn Rural Council - David Benson, chairman; A. A. Peel, vice-chairman
Guardians - County Down; Mrs. J. S. McLeavy, Miss A. S. Martin, William Porter, J. Martin, Samuel McCullough, A. A. Gillespie, J. Campbell, W. Martin, J.P.; J. Ireland, J.P. (chairman); Robert Morrow, J. A. McKinstry, J. Orr, J.P.; R. Thompson, J.P.; Robert J. McCormack, John Johnston, Robert Swan.  Co. Antrim - Mrs. Beattie, J.P.; William Balmer, S. D. Gibson, Samuel Buchanan, A. A. Peel, Robert Wilson, J.P.; R. Armstrong, F. W. Leckey, John Allister, H. Palmer, H. Smyth, Arthur J. Reddick, Joseph Mills, Wm. Porter, F. Boyle, D. Benson (vice-chairman); Geo. Balmer, A. M. Wedderburn, J. F. Burns, J. H. F. McCarrison.  Members of Lisburn Rural Council representing Aghalee - John Arnold, Samuel Green, Charles Carson


Railway Hotel - Mr. Robinson
Temperance, Railway Street - Miss Armstrong


Adair, Mrs. C., Bow Street
Alderdice, G. L., Bellevue Drive
Alexander, R. P., B.E., Ballinderry Road
Allan, A. T., traveller, North Circular Road
Allen, Charles, fruiterer, castle Street
Allen, F., Causeway End Road
Allen, Joseph, & Co., solicitors, Bow Street
Allen, Joseph L., traveller, North Circular Road
Allen, J. Millar, LL.B., solicitor, Bow Street
Allen, R. J., dealer, 70 & 80 Bridge Street
Alister, George, Bachelor's Walk
Allister, John, Park Parade
Allister, William, ladies' and gent's hairdresser, Castle Street
Anderson, John E., seedsman and florist; agent for "Belfast News-Letter," 46 Bow Street
Anderson, L., boot merchant, Bow Street
Anderson, Miss, Railway Street
Anderson, Thomas, Warren Gardens
Anderson, William, hardware, Bridge Street
Armour, Robert, coal merchant, Young Street
Armstrong, Agnes, Sloan Street
Armstrong, E., Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Bridge Street
Ashdown, Mrs., Chasnell, Tenagh Park
Ashe, W., Ballinderry Road
Auld, Mrs., Warrenvale, 23 Wallace Avenue

Bailie, W. I., Auctioneer, Valuer, Estate and Insurance Agent, Smithfield Square
Bailie, W. I., Rockcorry, Causeway End Road
Baird, A. G., Bachelor's Walk
Bannister, R. C., Solicitor, Market Square
Barbour, John D., Dalboyne, Belsize Road
Barbour, Rt. Hon. J. Milne, D.L., M.P., Conway, Dunmurry
Barbour, William, & Sons Ltd., Hilden Mills, flax and tow spinners and linen thread manufacturers
Barclay, Mrs., 6 Bachelor's Walk
Barclay, Robert J., Llewellyn Avenue
Barnes, James, Bachelor's Walk
Bartley, John A., publican, Bridge Street
Bateman, F. W., Park Parade
Bateman, Miss, matron, District Hospital
Baxter, J. J., B.A., Pond Park
Belfast Co-operative Society, Ltd., Grocery, Drapery, Butchery, 23-29 Castle Street
Belfast Co-operative Society, Ltd., Coal Department, Bridge Street
Bell, Miss, dress maker, 32 Bow Street
Bell, Miss, Y.W.C.A., Wallace Avenue
Bell, Mrs., confectioner, Railway Street
Bell, W. Dawson, Flowerfield
Belshaw, William, J.P., Knocknadona
Bennington, Arnold, Magheraleave Road
Birney, J., flesher, Longstone Street
Black, Miss J., Bow Street
Blaney, William, Bachelor's Walk
Boomer, Mrs. R., Knockmore Cottage
Boomer, William, farmer, Knockmore
Boot Repairing Co., 55 Bow Street
Bothwell, Charles, grocer, Bridge Street
Bowden, Joseph, Antrim Road
Bowden, Mrs., Antrim Road
Bowden, William, Magheraleave Park
Boyd, A., & Co. Ltd., grocers and pharmaceutical chemists, Castle Buildings
Boyd, Bertie, Moira Road
Boyd, Ferran, director, Mount Vista, Pond Park Road
Bradbury, K., electrical engineer, Market Square
Bradbury, Mrs., Causeway End Road
Bradley, J., hairdresser, Chapel Hill
Briggs, Samuel, tailor and draper, Bow Street
Brooks, John, Longstone Street
Brown, John, farmer, Killaney
Brown, Misses, confectioners, Bow Street
Brown, Mrs., milliner, Bow Street
Brown, Robert, Pond Park
Brown, R., boot and shoe merchant, Bow Street
Browne, Ernest, Antrim Road
Browne, Miss I. G., music teacher, 67 Bow Street
Brownlow, N., Avoca, Ballinderry Road
Bruce, H., boot and shoe merchant, Market Square
Bruce, H., Railway Street
Buchanan, D. J., Flowerfield, Moira Road
Buchanan, R. & D. J., coal importers, Antrim Street
Bullick, Ezekiel, J.P., Railway Street
Bullick, Moses, & Sons, painters, Railway Street
Bullick, W. P., Railway Street
Burns, James Frederic, editor, "Lisburn Standard," Clonskeagh, Causeway End Road
Burns, Miss Lily, ladies' salon, Castle Street
Burrows, Robert, Hillsborough Road

Caldwell, Mrs., publican, Bow Street
Callaby, Walter, Chapel Hill
Campbell, H., confectioner, Castle Street
Carlisle, John, fishmonger, Bow Street
Carrothers, George N., Magheraleave Road
Carson, T. J., Antrim Road
Cassells, George, Park Parade
Castle Dyeworks, Ltd., Millbrook
Chambers, R. L., Central Pharmacy, Market Square
Chapman, C. R., dentist, Bow Street
Chapman, E., grocer, 66 Chapel Hill
Chapman, Mrs., Waverley Avenue
Chapman, Thomas, fruiterer, Antrim Street
Chapman, W. J., dentist, Castle Street
Chittick, W. J., draper, Bow Street
Clarke, E. S., D.L., J.P., Drumbo Lodge, Ballyaughlis
Clarke, Robert H., J.P., Lisnastrain
Clarke, R. E. L., Knockmore House, Ballinderry Road
Clarke, Wm., Ltd., shoe merchants, Bow Street
Cleland, William, Wallace Avenue
Cochrane, Henry, grocer, Bow Street
Cochrane & Son, tinsmiths, Market Street
Cochrane, ?, confectioner, Bachelor's Walk
Collins, Isaac, grocer, Longstone Street
Combe, F., Clonevin Park
Connolly, William J., Stationer and Newsagent, Castle Street; Res., Conway Street. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Connor, Mrs., Wallace Avenue
Cooper, C., Elmwood Drive, Dublin Road
Copeland, Joseph, Antrim Road
Corken, Henry, valet tailor service, Castle Street
Corken, John, publican, Market Square
Corken, J., Antrim Road
Corken, Miss, Ingram
Corken, Mrs. Mary E., Antrim Road
Coulter, Mrs. Stewart, confectioner, 3 Railway Street
Coulter, P., Seymour Street
Craig, Mrs., Railway Street
Crail, Mrs. D., Manor Drive
Crail, S. J., Hillsborough Road
Crangle & Buchanan, boot makers, Market Street
Crawford, G., Causeway End Road
Creery, W. F., District Inspector, North Circular Road
Cregan, John, building contractor, Wallace Avenue
Cregan, Thomas, builder, Antrim Road
Cregan, W. H., Antrim Road
Crone, W. H., Antrim Road
Crone, Mrs., Antrim Road
Crone, R., Seymour Street
Crook's, boot and shoe merchants, Market Street
Crossey, T., boot and shoe merchant, Chapel Hill
Crothers, G. M., Wallace Avenue
Crothers, James, Hillsborough Road
Crothers, James, potato merchant, Smithfield
Crothers, John, Llewellyn Avenue
Cumins, J. M., butcher, Bow Street and Seymour Street
Cumins, J. M., Antrim Road
Curr, John, electrical contractor, Antrim Street
Currie, W., Conway Street
Curry, A. M., Westbourne Crescent

Davis, Thomas, flesher, Bow Street and Bridge Street
Davis, T. J., Old Hillsborough Road
Dawson, Miss, dress maker, Chapel Hill
Dick, W., cycle house, Castle Street
Dickson, H., grocer and dairyman, Antrim Road
Dickson, Miss, district nurse, 42 Bachelor's Walk
Dickson, R., Manor Drive
Doak, D. P., Parkmount
Dorman, Hugh A., builder, Graham Gardens
Dorman, John, solicitor, Parkville
Dornan, Misses, ladies' outfitters, Railway Street
Dornan Victor, Railway Street
Doubourdieu, Miss, dress maker, 26 Bow Street
Dougan, J. J., publican, 9 Bridge Street
Drake, Charles, Railway Street
Drake, William, butcher, Bow Street
Duff, James, & Sons, furniture manufacturers, 22 Old Hillsborough Road
Duff, James, jun., J.P., White House, Old Hillsborough Road
Duff, William, furniture manufacturer, Old Hillsborough Road
Dugan, George, plumber, Chapel Hill
Dugan, ?, plumber, Bachelor's Walk
Duncan, George, North Circular Road
Duncan, Thomas, clothier, Bow Street
Duncan, William, Antrim Road
Dunlop, Miss, Coolsara Park

Electricity Board (N.I.), Castle Street
Elliott, Rev. J. K., B.A., The Manse, Fort Hill
Ellis, John, Llewellyn Avenue
Elmore, Mrs. P., Causeway End Road
Elmore, P., & Sons, fish mongers, Bow Street
English, Miss, Clonevin Park
Evans, Mrs., 14 Bachelor's Walk

Fenning, Thomas, Beechfield, Antrim Road
Finlay, Mrs. Jane, Wallace Avenue
Fitzpatrick, John, school teacher, Antrim Road
Fletcher, J., cycle agent, Railway Street
Fletcher, Mrs., Wallace Avenue
Floyd, John F., Hillsborough Road
Floyd, King, cycle agent, Bachelor's Walk
Fitzsimons, Mrs., Hillsborough Road
Forbes, Mrs., Heraldene, Antrim Road
Forsythe, John, Bachelor's Walk
Frazer, H., farmer, Danescroft, Deneight
Frazer, Mary, Market Square
Freer, C. C., Causeway End Road
Fullerton, Rev. A., The Manse, Belsize Road
Fusco, Peter, confectioner, Cross Row

Gibson, S., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Gilbey, W. & A., Ltd., wine and spirit merchants, Market Square
Gillespie, William, Ballymullen House
Gilmore, J. W., Llewellyn Avenue
Gilmore, Mrs., marine store, Bow Street
Gilmore, S., Bachelor's Walk
Gilmore, William, marine store, Chapel Hill
Gordon, Malcolm, Clonmore, Harmony Hill
Gordon, William, Hilden
Graham, Edmund, painter, Bridge Street
Graham, Mrs. Rachel, Hillhall
Graham, George, Belfast Road
Green, Henry, Sackville Street
Green, Jacob T., Antrim Road
Green, Jacob T., & Sons, butchers, Bow Street
Green, Mrs., Wallace, Avenue
Green, Richard, chemist, Market Square
Green, Robert, Dublin Road
Green, Samuel, Sackville Street
Green, William, Sackville Street
Greenfield, James, Causeway End Road
Greenfield, Mrs., boot manufacturer, Castle Street
Greer, Barclay, grocer, Bridge Street
Greer, B. H., Dromahair, Largymore
Greer, George, Anahilt, Causeway End Road
Greer, R., relieving officer, Adare, Ballynahinch Road

Hadden, T. J., funeral furnisher, Castle Street
Hagan, W., confectioner, Market Street
Haire, T., plumber, Wallace Avenue
Hall, C. (Lisburn), Ltd., hardware merchants, Market Square
Hall, Mrs. A., Lagan Stores
Hall, Mrs. Mabel, Railway Street
Halliday, V., Bachelor's Walk
Hamilton, Robin V., North Circular Road
Hanna, Hector, North Circular Road
Hanna, James G., Magheraleave Road
Hanna, John, publican, 25 Market Place
Hanna, Robert, monumental stoneworks, Church View
Hanna, S. D. B., Ivan Street
Harding, Aubrey A., Kincora, North Circular Road
Hardy, Charles, Antrim Road
Hardy, C. & T., Drapers, 34 Bow Street
Hardy, Thomas, Antrim Road
Harrison, W. E., Old Hillsborough Road
Harvey, A. K., Llewellyn Avenue
Harvey, D., Dublin Road
Harvey, James, Belfast Road
Harvey, John, hairdresser, Bridge Street
Harvey, Miss E., Wallace Avenue
Harvey, Mrs. Charlotte M., Antrim Road
Harvey, T. M., solicitor, North Circular Road
Hawthorne, Mrs., Antrim Road
Hay, Rev. D., M.A., North Circular Road
Hayes, Dr., inspector, Waverley Avenue
Hazlett, J. J., M.A., Tonagh Park
Heaney, Miss, Antrim Road
Heaney, Simpson, Bachelor's Walk
Herron, W. J., Park Parade
Hickey, H., Ballynahinch Road
Hill, Douglas, M.A., Causeway End Road
Hodson, Misses H. & M., Wallace Avenue
Home and Colonial Stores, Market Square
Houston, J., Magheraleave Road
Houston, William, Dublin Road
Hudson, Captain J. C., Coolsara Park
Hughes, T., builder and contractor, Antrim Street
Hutchinson, Garfield, Seymour Street
Hutchinson, Misses, costumiers, Market Square
Hutchinson, Samuel, manager, Old Hillsborough Road

Iago, J. B., Magheraleave Road
Ireland, Dr. Hugh R. D., Brookhill
Irvine, W. F., Plumber, Bridge Street
Irvine, W. F., North Circular Road
Irwin, J., Wallace Avenue
Irwin, W. H., 76 Bachelor's Walk
Island Flax Spinning Company - E. S. Clarke, managing director

Jamison, Mrs., Causeway End Road
Jefferson, James, & Son, Wallace Avenue
Jefferson, Redmond, hardware merchant, Bow Street
Jefferson, William, Antrim Road
Jellie, Robert, Funeral Undertaker, Smithfield
Jennings, Mrs., Magheraleave Road
Jess, S., grocer, Market Square
Johnson, Miss, Ballymacash
Johnston Bros., drapers, Bow Street
Johnston, Dr. J. G., Castle Street
Johnston, Mrs. T., Wallace Avenue
Johnston, William, Belfast Road
Johnston's Pharmacy, Market Square
Jones, Miss, teacher, Dublin Road
Jordan Bros., grocers, Bow Street

Kane, Hugh, Magheraleave Road
Kavanagh, James, Hilden
Kearney, John, Bachelor's Walk
Kearney, Matthew, Wallace Avenue
Kearney, Miss K., maternity nurse, Bachelor's Walk
Kee, F., Llewellyn Avenue
Kennedy, Joseph A., journalist, Laurelbank, Dublin Road
Kerr, J., Wallace Avenue
Kerr, Miss, maternity nurse, Smithfield
Kerr, Miss May, boots and hosiery, Bow Street
Kerr, Mrs., Antrim Road
Kerr, Mrs. C., nurse, Hillhall Road
Kirkwood, Mrs. Hugh, Clonevin Park
Knox, W. J., & Sons, plumbers, Railway Street

Labour Exchange, Antrim Street - J. Burns, manager
Lagan Sack Mills (J. W. Martin & Co.), sack manufacturers and merchants, Bridge Street
Lagan Saw Mills, Young Street
Lamont, S., fruiterer, Market Square
Larmour, C. B., Parlmount
Larmour, William H., Beechhill
Lavery, John, spirit merchant, Chapel Hill
Law, W. J., & Co., Builders, Moira Road
Leathem, John, Antrim Road
Leckey, James, grocer, Seymour Street
Leckey, William, Seymour Street
Leckey, William, Nirvana, Antrim Road
Leinster, Mrs., Wallace Avenue
Leonard, G. B., B.A., Elmwood Drive, Dublin Road
Leonard, W. B., Railway Street
Lewis, J., cabinet making supply store, Bridge Street
Lilley, W., supper saloon, Bridge Street
Lindsay, Col. D. C., Lissue House, Lissue
Lipton, Ltd., tea, spirit and provision merchants, Bow Street - manager, H. Monahan
Lisburn Co-operative Society's Stores, Castle Street
Lisburn Hemstitching Co., Bachelor's Walk
Lisburn Picture House, Market Square - V. Dornan, manager
Lisburn Temperance Institute, Market Square - Miss Mercer, manageress
Lisnagarvey Convalescent Home, Belsize Road, Dr. J. Thompson
Lisnagarvey Linen Co., Hillsborough Old Road
Lockhart, Joseph, & Son, Solicitors, Bow Street
Lockhart, Joseph, solicitor, Parkmount
Lockhart, Kenneth, solicitor, Bow Street
Long, Thomas, Wallace Avenue
Long, William, Grafton Crescent, Hilden
Lord, Mrs., Llewellyn Avenue
Lorimer, Samuel, Conway Street
Lowry, James, Llewellyn Avenue
Lowry, John, North Circular Road
Lundy, James, coal merchant, Dublin Road
Lunn & Lavery, dress makers, Antrim Street
Lutton, E. J., Antrim Road

MacDonald, T. H., Parkmount
MacHenry, William, wireless dealer, Castle Street
MacHugh, Dr., Railway Street
Mack, Mrs., Parkmount
Madden, James, grocer, Bow Street
Magill, Miss, Dublin Road
Maginess, W. Brian, M.P., Barrister-at-Law, Hillsborough Road
Maginess, W. G., & Son (also H. A. Maginess, LL.D.), Solicitors, Bow Street
Maguire, Mrs., marine dealer, 11 Chapel Hill
Malcomson, Mrs., Magheraleave Park
Malcomson, Thomas, J.P., North Circular Road
Martin, J. D., & Co., Auctioneers and Valuers, 55 Market Square
Martin, J. N., Tonagh Park
Martin, Maud, Magheraleave Road
Martin, Miss A. S., Maze
Martin, Miss P., Park Parade
Martin, William, Park Parade
Mason, W., Coolsara Park
Matthews, Patrick, shoe maker, 6 Chapel Hill
Maxwell, John, Belfast Road
Mayne Bros., fleshers, Bridge Street
Mearns, Mrs. E., Bachelor's Walk
Megarrity, Miss, Park Parade
Megran, R. K., Hillsborough Road
Menary Bros., drapers, Market Square
Menary, Fredk., Abercorn, Antrim Road
Mercer, Alexander, publican, Market Square
Mercer, Mrs., Seymour Street
Mercer, T. L., fruiterer, Seymour Street
Millar, H., confectioner, Bow Street
Millar & Stevenson Ltd., Lighter Owners, Market Square and Quay Street
Millar, T. W., tailor, 4a Railway Street
Millar, W. A., clothier, Market Square
Milliken, S. L., dentist, Castle Street
Monteith, J., draper, Bow Street
Montgomery. Mrs., confectioner, Castle Street
Moodie, Robert, Rubicon, Belfast Road
Mooney, Daniel, publican, Chapel Hill
Moore, Miss, dress maker, 41 Bridge Street
Moore, Thomas, Sandhurst, Longstone Street
Moore, William, Antrim Road
Moorehead, J. R., Lismara Terrace
Moorhead, R., music teacher, 32 Bow Street
Morrison, James, school teacher, Pond Park
Morrow, James, 10 Maryville Terrace, Cromwell's Highway
Mulholland, Hugh, solicitor, Market Square
Mullan, David, grocer, 73 Bow Street
Munn, W., pastry bakers, Bow Street
Murphy, H. S., M.D., Castle Street
Murray, Miss A., Magheragall
Murray & Sons, boot repairers, Market Street
Mussen, W. A., Railway Street

McAdoo, W. J., Antrim Road
McAllister, Mrs., ladies' and children's outfitter, Castle Street
McBride, A., Causeway End Road
McBride & Co., photographers, Market Square
McCahey, J. & W., automobile engineers, etc., Graham Gardens
McCandless, Dr. R., J.P., Hillhall Road
McCarrison, J. H. F., editor "Lisburn Herald," Harolvale, 21 Wallace Avenue
McCherry, the Misses, grocers, Bridge Street
McClatchey, G., hairdresser, Market Square
McClatchey, T., Wallace Avenue
McClean, Hugh, farmer, Irishtown
McCleery, S. B., Llewellyn Avenue
McClements, F., Antrim Road
McClinton, John, flesher, Market Street
McCluggage, E. R. B., Flowerfield, Longstone Street
McComb, Henry, Magheraleave Road
McConnell, John, farmer, Lisnastrain
McConnell, John T., Solicitor, Bank Chambers, Bow Street; Res., Rossinver, Magheraleave Road
McConnell, Mrs. S., Magheraleave Road
McCord, Misses, dress makers, Railway Street
McCormick, Mrs., confectioner, Market Square
McCormick, W. J., hardware merchant, 12 Bow Street
McCorry, Rev. J. J., Stoneyford Rectory
McCreight, Misses, Clonevin Park
McCullagh, Robert, Bellevue Park
McCully, W., saddler, Market Street
McDonald, Robert, Antrim Road
McFarland, Mrs. F. E., boarding house, 8 Wallace Avenue
McGifford, J. C., Solicitor, Market Square
McGregor, Gregor, Wallace Avenue
McIlroy, William, J.P., Hilden Cottage, Low Road
McIver, S. L., dentist, Market Square
McKay's Bakery, Bridge Street
McKee, David, Antrim Road
McKee, James, Antrim Road
McKee, John, com. agent, Antrim Street
McKelvie, David, M.R.C.V.S., Chapel Hill; res., 44 Bachelor's Walk
McKenna, Nurse, Park Parade
McKenna, Miss, spirit merchant, Bow Street
McKeown, F., 40 Wallace Avenue
McKeown, James, & Co., bakers, Sloan Street
McKeown, Mrs., Graham Place
McKinstry, James, farmer, Woodlands, Derriaghy
McKinstry, Robert, Belfast Road
McMaster, John, Elmwood Drive. Hillsborough Road
McMahon, F. & W., drapers, Bow Street
McMullen, R., & Co., printers and proprietors of the "Lisburn Herald"; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McMullen, William J., Manor vale, Dublin Road
McMurray, Victor, Printer, Stationer, & Proprietor of "Lisburn Standard," Market Square
McNally, H. C. B., Bachelor's Walk
McNally, James, & Son, builders and Government contractors, Bachelor's Walk
McNally, Mrs., Wallace Avenue
McNally, William, Bellevue Drive
McNeice, George, Gas Works, Bridge Street
McNeice, James, tailor, Bridge Street
McNeice, William R., merchant tailor, Castle Street
McNeight, R. F., Coolsara Park, Magheraleave Road
McNeill, G. M., Ravarnette, Lisburn
McQuitty, Samuel, auctioneer, Market Square

Neeson, Mrs., publican, Smithfield
Neill, Henry, Antrim Road
Neill, Mrs. I., Clonevin Park
Nelson's Medical Hall, Bow Street
Newforge Ltd., by-products dept., Burnhouse Factory
Northern Ireland Road Transport Board, Castle Street
Norwood, Mrs., Antrim Road
Norwood, Richard, dairyman, 49 Sloan Street
Norwood, W., Antrim Road
Nunan, T. H., M.Sc., Antrim Road

O'Beirne, C., O.B.E., Antrim Road
Orchard, ?, fruiterers, Market Square
Ormsby, N., Harryville, Old Hillsborough Road
Orr, John, manager, Magheraleave Road
Orr, Samuel, druggist, Bow Street

Page, Dr. W. A., Railway Street
Palmer, J., Antrim Road
Patterson, John, Tonagh Park
Patterson, J. C., hardware merchant and furnisher, Market Square
Patterson, M. M., grocer, Bow Street
Patterson, Smyth, Market Square
Pelan, George, Antrim Road
Pelan, James, North Circular Road
Pelan, James, Sycamore Hill, Lambeg
Pelan, Joseph, merchant, Chapel Hill
Petticrew Bros., Ltd., watch makers, and hardware merchants, Bow Street
Petticrew, Francis, Magheraleave Road
Petticrew, H., Magheraleave Road
Petticrew, Mrs. Robert, Bachelor's Walk
Phenix, Mrs., Hillsborough Road
Phillips, H., clothier, Bow Street
Pickering, John, Rathvarna, Pond Park Road
Playdium Amusements, Bow Street
Popular (The), confectionery, Castle Street
Porter, Misses, Antrim Road
Porter, William, tailor, Longstone Street

Quin, Dr. May, Seymour Street
Quinn & Downey, spirit merchants, Chapel Hill
Quinn, William, electrical engineer, Castle Street

Ramsey, R., & Co., plumbers, Castle Street
Ramsey, William, posting establishment, 6 Castle Street
Rankin, H. A., Causeway End Road
Rankin, Samuel, & Co., insurance stock, and share brokers, Market Square
Ray, Gerald W., 96 Wallace Avenue
Rea, Joseph, Clonevin Park
Reid, S., confectioner, Market Square
Rice, Frederick T. W., Magheraleave Road
Rice, James, flax buyer, North Circular Road
Richard, F., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Richardson, Sons, & Owden Limited, linen manufacturers and bleachers, Millbrook and Glenmore
Riddell, Robert, Railway Street
"Rita," ladies' hairdresser, 20a Bow Street
Ritchie, J. N., Bachelor's Walk
Ritchie, Miss, milliner, Railway Street
Ritchie, Mrs., Shandon, Pond Park Road
Ritchie, R., Saintfield Road
Ritchie, W., Bridge Street
Robinson, John D., Railway Street
Robinson, W. J., grocer, Mercer Street
Rossi, G., confectioner, Bridge Street
Ruddock & Sons, seedsmen and florists, Bow Street
Ruddy, Miss, Belfast Road
Rush, J. P., architect, Railway Street
Russell, F., Bow Street
Russell, Harold, Clonevin Park

Salerooms, 8-10 Antrim Street
Sands, W. E., Ballymacash
Savage, Miss, North Circular Road
Scott, Miss, nurse, Railway Street
Scott, Thomas, Ballynahinch Road
Shaw, Raymond, 66 Market Square
Shaw, William, Bachelor's Walk
Shields, J., Wallace Avenue
Shields, M., Wallace Avenue
Shortt, James, North Circular Road
Simpson, D. B., & Co., Solicitors, Castle Street
Simpson, Mrs., draper, Railway Street
Sinclair, Thomas, Rosslyn, Antrim Road
Skelly, J., grocer, Market Square
Sloan, James, estate agent, Conway Street
Small, J., Bachelor's Walk
Smyth, Dr. G. B. P., Seymour Street
Smyth, James, 6 Bow Street
Smyth, Joseph, B.A., B.Sc., Seymour Street
Smyth, Miss, Johnson, Ingram
Smyth, Roger Johnson, Ingram
Stears, The Misses M. J. and A., Lismara Terrace
Stevenson, Albert, Seymour Street
Stevenson Bros. (Lisburn), Ltd., motor agents, Seymour Street
Stevenson, Herbert, North Circular Road
Stevenson, Howard, Coolsara Park
Stevenson, Hugh, tailor, Market Square
Stevenson, John, Wallace Avenue
Stevenson, Miss, Woodlands
Stevenson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Knockmore Cottage
Stevenson, William, Clonevin Park
Stewart, Robert, & Sons, flax spinners and thread manufacturers
Stewart's Cash Stores, Ltd., Market Square
Stockman, Hugh, Antrim Road
Stockman, Samuel, accountant, Clonevin Park
Stranaghan, William, hairdresser, Railway Street

Taggart, James, Saintfield Road
Tannahill, David, painter, Conway Street
Tate, Joseph, dairyman, Hillhall Road
Tate, Mrs. Thomas, Clonevin Park
Tate, Violet, millinery, Market Square
Taylor, Rev. Canon J. S., M.A., Castle Street
Taylor, Miss M., milliner, Castle Street
Teeney, W., brick layer, Bachelor's Walk
Thompson, Alexander, Wallace Avenue
Thompson Bros., dyers, Market Square
Thompson, C. A., Medical Hall, Bow Street
Thompson, Frederick, barber, Bridge Street
Thompson, Henry, Market Square
Thompson, Hugh, Wallace Avenue
Thompson, Hugh, mill owner, Ravarnette
Thompson, Isaac, Wallace Avenue
Thompson, James, grocer, Bow Street
Thompson, James, & Son, taxi owners, Longstone Street
Thompson, Miss E. Winifred, organist, Park Parade
Thompson, R. & D., grocers, Bow Street
Titterington's, wireless dealers, Bow Street
Tolerton, R., Ltd., grocer, Market Square
Topping, Mrs., publican, Longstone Street
Truesdale, L. W., Antrim Road
Turkington, Elizabeth, milliner, Railway Street
Turner's Fruit Markets' Ltd., 25 and 58 Bow Street
Tweedy, Acheson, & Co., Market Square
Tyler, Walter, Antrim Road

Ulster Hide and Skin Co. Ltd., Burnhouse Factory

Wallace, Miss, milliner, Bow Street
Wallace, Miss, Elmwood Drive, Dublin Road
Waring, Miss, Liswynn, Antrim Road
Waring, Samuel, Island House
Waring, Thomas, Clonevin Park
Waring, William, Llewellyn Avenue
Warnock, D., Antrim Road
Watson, Alexander, bus driver, Chapel Hill
Watson, Norwood, Antrim Road
Watson, William, cycle agent, Chapel Hill
Watt, Samuel, grocer, Bow Street
Watters, Miss, ladies' hairdresser, Castle Street
Webb, Anthony, B.Sc., Waverley Avenue, Dublin Road
Webb, Cecil, Waverley Avenue, Dublin Road
Wells, James, Park Parade
Whan, D., brick layer, 24 Smithfield
Wiese, C., wicker worker, Bridge Street
Williams, D., hairdresser, Antrim Street
Williamson, J., Railway Street
Williamson, Stephen, journalist, Victoria Crescent, Millbrook Road
Wilson, Fergus, Springfield
Wilson, George A., Magheraleave Road
Wilson, John, Lambeg
Wilson, Malcolm, Ballynahinch Road
Wilson, Miss, matron, Co. Antrim Infirmary
Wilson, Misses, 13 Castle Street
Wilson, Robert, J.P., Avonmore, Antrim Road
Wilson, Thomas M., Magheraleave Road
Windsor, James A., 72 Bachelors' Walk
Woods, Harold, Fort Hill
Woods, H. L., Fort Hill
Woods & McClure, Auctioneers and Valuers, Market Street
Woods, William, publican, Market Square
Woods, William, Fort Hill
Woolworth's, Bow Street
Wright, George, hairdresser, Seymour Street
Wright, William, Belfast Road

Young, R., draper, Bow Street


Armstrong, John, Fruithill, Upper Ballinderry
Armstrong, Mrs., Church View, Upper Ballinderry

Ballance, John, Ballypitmave, Ballinderry
Beattie, Adam, Pond Park
Beckett, Joseph, Ballinderry
Benson, David, Aughnahough
Brown, William, Ballinderry
Burns, J. P., Knocknadona

Carson, Samuel, Hillhall
Chapman, J., Pond Park
Clenaghan, Henry, Ballinderry
Clenaghan, Hugh, Magheragall
Corken, Samuel, Ballymacash
Craven, John J., Nevarc, Lower Ballinderry

Davidson, James, Ballinderry
Drayne, D., Pond Park

Evans, James, Ballinderry

Ferguson, James, farmer, Ballyhomra
Fleeton, William J., Ballinderry

Gamble, S., Pond Park
Gardiner, Patrick, Deneight
Garrett, Louis, Lower Ballinderry

Hadden, Archibald, Magheraleave
Harrison, James, Cabra
Harrison, John, Deneight
Harrison, William John, Magheragall
Heany, Francis, Magheragall
Hull, Thomas, Magheragall

Johnstone, James, Ballinderry

Kelsey, Thomas, Plantation
Kerr, Alfred, Electrical and radio Engineer, Ballycarrickmaddy, Magheragall

Larmour, John S., Magheragall
Larmour, Matthew D., Magheragall
Law, John, Kilwarlin, Hillsborough
Lewis, Robert, Moneybroom

Mairs, H., Ballymacash
Martin, Samuel, Creevy
Maxwell, Thomas, Magheragall

McHarg, John, M.A., Magheragall
McKinstry, James, Lambeg
McKnight, John, Ballinderry
McMurtry, John, Ballinderry

Scott, Thomas, Strawberry Hill, Lisburn

Thompson, Thomas, farmer, Ballycarrickmaddy
Todd, W. J., Ballinderry

Wadsworth, James, Kilcorig
Walkington, Henry, Oatlands, Ballinderry
Waring, John, Aughnahough
Waring, John, farmer, Bovolgan
Wheeler, William, Magheragall
Wilson, R. G., Lisnastrain

County Fermanagh

     Is a thriving village on the Great Northern Railway, about five miles north-west of Newtownbutler and nine south-east of Enniskillen, and is within half a mile of Lough Erne.  The principal market is on Saturday, when farm produce of various kinds finds ready purchasers.  The fair, established about 35 years ago, is held on the third Wednesday in each month and pig fair first Saturday each month. Livestock, first Wednesday in each month.  Population in 1937, 748.  Craigavon Bridge now joins up both sides of Lough Erne.  Shops' half-holiday, Thursday.


Church of Ireland - Rev. S. R. Anderson, M.A., The Rectory
Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. Agnew
Methodist Church - Rev. Montgomery, The Manse, Newtownbutler.  Lisnaskea - Rev. Allen
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Donnelly, P.P.


P.E. School No. 1 - J. T. O'Neill, principal
P.E. School, Moat - R. W. Gillespie, principal
Mulnaburtin P.E. School - Mrs. Farrell, principal


Bank of Ireland (open Wednesday and Saturday) - J. T. Falloon, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd. - G. L. Kinch, Manager
Rural District Council - Chairman, Jos. Johnston, J.P.; clerk, Robert Irvine, Drumbadmore
Board of Guardians - Chairman, Jacob Taverner, J.P.; Andrew Wilson, Edward Gallagher, H. Johnston, J. Johnston, Joseph Johnston, Owen Hanna, Thomas J. Murphy, A. Wilson, J. Lendrum, H. Boles; R. Irvine, clerk of union; J. O'Malley, assistant clerk; J. Cassidy, M.B., medical officer
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. Cassidy; supt. registrar, R. Irwin
Post Office - Mrs. B. Reilly, postmistress
Petty Sessions Court - Major T. W. Dickie, R.M.; George Knight, petty sessions clerk


Adams, H.
Adams, Mrs. A.
Allen, William, & Co.
Armstrong, A., grocer, Lisnaskea
Armstrong, John, shoe maker
Armstrong, Thomas, coach builder
Armstrong, William I., Commercial Hotel

Birney, J., grocer
Birney, Noble, auctioneer
Birney, N., undertaker
Boyle, J., blacksmith
Boyle, Mrs., boarding house proprietress
Boyle, Patrick, grocer

Carey, Miss A. G.
Carron, James
Carron, John, spirit merchant
Casey, A., chemist
Cassidy, Mrs.
Cassidy, P., draper and outfitter
Cathcart, H., house furnisher
Charlton, E., creamery manager
Clery, Mrs., grocer
Connolly, Mrs. J. E., wine and spirit merchant and undertaker
Courtney, F., tinsmith
Cullyane, Sergeant, R.U.C.

Devers, Thomas, butcher
Dick, Robert, engineer
Doonan, Thomas, wine and spirit dealer
Dowler, Frank, merchant, Lisnaskea
Doyle, Miss, school teacher
Duffy, John, flesher

Farrell, Dawson, & Hutchinson, grocers
Fennell, Hugh, grocer and hardware merchant
Ferguson, Mrs., confectioner
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. M. E., Confectioner and Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Flanagan, Mrs., boarding house proprietor
Forde, W., boot merchant

Gallan, George, watch maker and jeweller
Gamble, William, station master
Gannon, Francis, motor agent
Gavin, Thomas, J.P., draper
Gibson, Frederick, merchant, Lisnaskea
Gormley Bros., tailors
Goulden, Miss M., registry office
Graham, Miss, draper
Green, Terence, newsagent and barber
Gunn, John, tailor

Hogg, Robert
Hogg, T., boot and shoe shop
Hogg, William T., newsagent

Kells, D., draper
Kenny, J., tailor
Kettyle & McCabe, motor engineers
Kinch, G. L., Ulster Bank

Lunny, T., merchant
Lynch, ?, draper

Magee, Charles, grocer
Magee, John, car driver
Maguire, Daniel
Martin, Mrs., ladies' nurse
Maxwell, Leo., blacksmith
Mayers, J., draper
Moore, H. J., accountant
Moore, Mrs., grocer
Moore, Mrs. J. C., grocer
Morrison, Miss
Murphy, W., chemist
Murray, J.

McAdam, Frank, carpenter and draper
McAloon, Miss, school teacher
McBrien, Mrs., spirit merchant
McCaffery, John, wine and spirit merchant
McConkey, R., watch maker
McCusker, J., draper
McDonald, James, engine man
McDonnell, Robert, clothier
McKenna, J., saddler
McMackin, Mrs., wine and spirit dealer
McMahon, Frank, publican and grocer
McManus, E., Coradiller
McManus, Miss A.
McMullen, H., bread server
McSorley, George

O'Connor, T., postman
O'Malley, Thomas, grocer and boot shop

Patterson, Frederick, solicitor
Patterson, Frederick G., solicitor
Plunkett, A.

Rechill, Francis, spirit merchant
Richardson, Robert, school attendance officer
Richardson, Samuel, commercial traveller
Richardson & Sons, auctioneers and shipping agents
Robinson, J. J., contractor
Robinson, Miss
Robinson, Miss, Castlebalfour
Robinson, Miss L., Castlebalfour
Rooney, Miss

Scholes, William
Scholes, William, butcher
Sloane, W., boot merchant
Smith, W.
Smyth, District-Inspector, Lisnaskea
Swift, Mrs., confectioner

Teague, John, barber
Tiernan, J., light hardware
Tisdall, Alan, contractor
Tisdall, George, secretary, Cushwash

Whelan, Edward, wine and spirit dealer
Wilson, Robert, farmer
Winslow, B. Leslie, solicitor
Woodhouse Bros., grocers and hardware merchants
Wylie, Miss E.

Young, Miss, costumier


Arnold, George, J.P., Mullinascorthy

Bannon, ?, Mullinascorthy
Brown, John, Drumhaw
Bryans, Mrs., Derryadd
Bryans, W., Moorlough
Bullock, F., Lisaderney

Caldwell, J, Killynamph
Cassidy, S., Slushill
Charlton, J., Crummey
Clifford, Neil, manager, Munville House
Collins, P., Derryany
Collins, R., Dooris
Crawford, A. E., Drumcaw
Creighton, ?, Derryoree
Crudden, Mrs., Drumbroughas

Dickson, Misses, Hollybrook
Doonan, J., farmer, Attybarn
Downey, R., Carrowgara

Fair, J., Tully
Finlay, William, Slushill
Finnegan, James, Trustan
Forster, Miss, Keenaghy
Forster, Robert, Carrickmacoasker
Fyffe, J. W., Killynamph
Fyffe, T., Shanaghy

Gallen, William, Carnmoney
Gallon, William, jun., Drumrooske
Gavin, Miss, Ohill
Gavin, Patrick, Carahoney
Glenn, John, Farnacurky
Graham, J., Leraw
Graham, J., farmer, Lisnagole
Graham, Mrs., Drumack
Graham, Samuel, Whitepark

Hall, J., Tullynevin
Hall, Mrs., Tullynevin
Hall, Mrs., Drunlught
Hogan, Edward, Eshmeen
Hogg, John, Drumcrin
Hughes, Francis, Derrycorban

Irvine, A., Tattagar

Johnston, George, farmer, Croghan
Johnston, George, Feugh
Johnston, Miss, Forfey

Kelly, Patrick, Drumliffe
Kettyle, John, Carrickmacusker
Kettyle, Mrs., Coolarn
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Hugh, Derryhurdion

Livingstone, Joseph, Castlebalfour
Livingstone, Walter, rate collector, Maguiresbridge

Maguire, Miss K., J.P., Carrick House
Maguire, Patrick, Aughamore
Maguire, Thomas, horse dealer, Munville
Marshall, Frank, Drumcrew
Martin, H., Tranis
Martin, P., Ennisturk
Mills, William, Drumbadbeg
Mitchell, James, Castlebalfour
Montgomery, Mrs., Carrickwick
Montgomery, William, Eshmeen
Moore, B., Currachrow
Moore, J., Rossbeg
Moore, Montgomery, Currachrow
Moore, Mrs., Drumbadmore
Moore, M., Curraghroe House
Morrison, H., Derryadd
Morrison, J. A., Manorwater House
Morrison, Mrs. J. A., Manorwater House
Morrow, ?, Carragarra
Mulholland, A., Clencross
Murphy, H., Ennisroosk
Murphy, H., Aughnish
Murphy, John T., Drumbroughas

McAuley, ?, Coolan
McBrien, H., Carahoney
McBrien, J., Carahoney
McCaffrey, J., Derrychan
McCaffrey, Mrs. J., Slushhill
McClelland, G., Kingston House
McCorry, P., Tranish
McDonald, James, Derrycorban
McDonnell, James, Macknagh
McElgun, J., Innishore
McElroy, Joseph, Slushhill

Neeson, James, Lisnaskea
Nixon, George, Drumleagues
Noble, John, Dunmcunny (Drumcunny in 1918)
Noble, John William, Derryhurdin
Noble, Thomas, farmer, Glassdrummond

O'Brien, M., Tullynevin

Patterson, J., Croghan
Patterson, James, Tullyneevin
Patterson, John, Croghan
Phair, George, Drumbrochas

Reihill, P., Edergole
Reihill, E., Derryasna
Reihill, Thomas, Ennisroosk
Robinson, Mrs., Lisnagole
Rooney, J., Ennisturk
Ryan, T., Aghalurcher

Scholes, W., Clifton Lodge
Storey, J. W., farmer, Glassdrummond
Storey, Mrs. M., Crocknagoan

Tisdall, George, Cushwash

Walmsley, J., Derryhurdin
Wheatley, William, Coolarn
White, J., C.P.S.
Wilson, A., Ballymakenny
Wilson, William, Derrychann
Woods, Mrs., Croghan