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1943 Belfast Street Directory

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1943 Index

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Dervock - Desertmartin - Doagh - Donaghadee - Donemana - Downpatrick
Draperstown - Dromara - Dromore - Dromore (Tyrone) - Drumbo - Drumquin
Dunadry - Dundonald - Dundrum - Dungannon and Donaghmore - Dungiven


County Antrim


Church of Ireland - A. C. Dallas, principal Derrykeighan - Miss Connolly, principal
Roman Catholic - Miss McKeown, principal
Deffrick - Mrs. McCurdy, principal
Kirkhills - Miss Morrison, principal
Straidbilly - H. Irwin, principal


Dervock and District Co-operative Poultry Society -R. J. Campbell, manager
Ulster Bank, Ltd. (Agency) - Attendance, Fair Days
Northern Bank Ltd. (Agency) - Attendance, fair days
Belfast Bank Ltd. (Agency) - fair days


Adams, Joseph
Adams & Sons, implement agents, Dervock

Barnhill, Mrs., Derrykeighan
Black, L., farmer, Stroan
Boyd, Miss, teacher, Kirkhills P.E.S.
Boyd, S., farmer, Knockanboy

Camac, John P., V.S., Derrykeighan
Campbell, John, farmer, Carncullagh
Campbell, R. J., manager, Aberdoey Cottage
Canning, George, publican, Main Street
Chestnut Bros., cycle works
Connolly, Robert, farmer, Lisannan
Connor, Mrs., Bellisle
Creith, N., Stroan Upper

Donnelly, Miss, Church Street
Dunlop, Robert, Kirkfield

Gillian, D.
Gray, John, farmer, Stroan

Harrington, George, mason
Harte, A., Church Street
Higgins, Miss Jane
Hill, J., grocer, Derrykeighan
Huey, J., farmer, Carncullagh, Dervock

Irwin, Henry, principal, Straidbilly P.E. School

Johnston, Alexander, Ballymoney Road
Johnston, James
Johnston, W. J., Cool

Kelly, Mrs. Catherine, Stroan Lower
Kilpatrick, James, farmer, Carncullagh

Liggett, James, farmer, Aughnacrossy
Liggett, Miss L., Knowhead Street

Martin, John, Knockanboy
Martin, Miss Jane
Miller, Mrs. A. J., Ashvale
Montgomery, J., Benvarden
Moore, Rev. D. F., B.A., Rectory
Moore, Samuel, farmer, Moorfield
Morrison, Miss, principal, Kilhills P.E.S.
Morrison, Miss E., Upper Dervock
Morrison, Robert, farmer, Carncullagh
Morrison, R., Laurel Villa

McAlister, D., Dervock flax mills
McAlister, Miss Elizabeth
McBride, D. J., & Son, carriers
McBride, Rev. R. G., B.A., Mansfield
McCann, Miss Margaret J., Knowhead Street
McCann, Misses C., publican
McCann, Patrick, Church Street
McCaughan, William
McCaw, Robert J., carpenter
McConachie, Miss, grocer
McConachie, William, farmer, Bellisle
McConaghy, Mrs., Violet Hill
McCormick, Mrs. Main Street
McCurdy, Mrs., Main Street
McIlmoyle, Rev. R. J., R.P., Manse
McKee, Dr. T., dispensary medical officer; registrar of births and deaths
McKinley, L., Ballingor House
McKinney, Daniel, Ballymoney Road
McLaughlin, W. J., civil bill officer, Stranocum
McNeill, A., J.P., Gardenvale

Norris, J., Church Street

O'Brien, T., Dervock

Pattison, Hugh, farmer, Carncullagh
Pollock, W., station master

Reid, Miss, postmistress
Reid, Miss S., Grocer and Draper, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"

Scott, Alexander, farmer, Carncullagh
Smyth, James, Stroan Lower
Stewart-Moore, J., J.P., Ballydivity

Thompson, G., grocer and draper

Williamson, Miss, Straidbilly P.E.S.

Young, James, Lisconnan

County Londonderry

     A village in the townlands of Knocknagin and Stranagard, in the Parish of Desertmartin.  It is a railway station on the Draperstown Railway, almost mid-way between Draperstown and Magherafelt. The population is about 200.


Desertmartin Parish Church - Rev. J. H. Kingston
Lecumpher Presbyterian Church - Rev. T. C. Chestnutt, B.A.
Desertmartin Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. H. Boyle, P.P.


Cullion P.E. School - Felix McElhone, principal
Desertmartin - Mrs. Meighan, principal
Knockagin - Charles Daly, principal


Desertmartin L.O.L. No. 376 - R. J. Ellison, W.M.; Cranny L.O.L. No. 1015W. J. Sands, W.M.
Desertmartin Masonic Lodge No. 496 - James McCammon, Molesworth Street, Cookstown


Adams, George, Dromore
Austin, Robert, labourer, Dromore

Barclay, John, farmer, Ballymacpherson
Barclay, Joseph, farmer, Ballymacpherson
Barefoot, David, farmer, Longfield
Barefoot, Mrs. Margaret, Longfield
Barefoot, Robert, farmer, Longfield
Bates, Samuel, labourer, Cranny
Bell, Mrs., sexton, Dromore Church
Bradley, James, farmer, Annagh
Bradley, John, publican. Annagh
Bradley, Patrick, publican, Lime Kilns, Annagh
Burkett, Miss, Annagh

Cahoon, Robert, labourer, Annagh
Caskey, R., labourer, Ballinagown
Charles, Robert, carpenter
Connor, Hugh, grocer

Daly, Charles, P.E.S. teacher
Donnelly, James, railwayman, Coolsara
Doole, David, labourer, Curr

Ellison, William, farmer, Luney
Esdale, James, Ballinagown

Farmer, James, motorman
Fleming, John, farmer
Fleming, J., farmer, Annagh
Fleming, Mrs.
Fleming, Mrs. A., farmer, Dromore
Fleming, Samuel, farmer, Roshure

Gormley, Bryan, publican
Gribben, Edward, farmer, Annagh
Gribbon, Miss, Annagh

Hammond, T., farmer, Luney
Hanna, Robert, farmer
Hanna, W. J., J.P., Ballymagowan
Hawe, John, labourer, Curr
Hegarty, Michael, J.P., Curr
Henderson, William, farmer
Henderson, William, farmer, Longfield
Hessen, Stewart, farmer
Higgin, Joseph, farer, Keenaught
Hughes, Mrs. J., farmer, Boveagh
Hurl, Hugh, farmer, Cloughfin
Hutchinson, Robert, farmer, Dromore
Hutchinson, Wm. J., farmer

Jewel Radio Service Stores (G. & J. McKenna)
Johnston, George, farmer, Curr
Johnston, Joseph, farmer, Ballymagowan

Kane, James, farmer, Dromore
Kane, The Misses
Kearney, Bernard, grocer, Annagh
Kearney, John, farmer, Boveagh
Kelly, Joseph, J.P., Inniscarn, Moneymore
Kelso, Mrs., farmer, Annagh
Kenning, David, farmer, Coolsara
Kenning, James, farmer, Annagh

Lyle, Mrs., Annagh

Madden, John, boot maker
Mitchell, James, rate collector
Mitchell, Robert, publican, Canning Arms Hotel
Moran Mrs. T.

McCann, Hugh, farmer, Annagh
McCartney, J.
McCrystal, John, farmer, Annagh
McCrystal, Mrs., farmer, Annagh
McCrystal, Patrick, Hillside House, Durnscallion
McDonald, Mrs. R., farmer, Annagh
McGill, Daniel, labourer
McGuck, John, farmer, Ballymacpherson
McGuckin, Archer H., mill owner and farmer, Ballymacpherson
McGuckin, George, Ballymacpherson
McGuckin, James, scutcher, Gullion
McGuickan, Robert, farmer, Ballymacpherson
McGurk, Mrs., Curr
McGurk, Thomas
McHarg, Michael, labourer
McKay, Charles, Longfield
McKay, Mrs., Longfield
McKay, Patrick, Longfield
McKenna, James Palmer, watch maker
McKenna, Mrs., Postmistress, Grocer, Etc.; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McKeown, Joseph, Curr
McKeown, William, sen., farmer
McKeown, Wilson
McLean, George, roadman
McMullan, John, sen., labourer
McNeill, George, boot maker
McWilliams, Edward, Curr
McWilliams, Patrick

Nutt, Samuel, The Miss, Luney

O'Connor, John, grocer, Gullion
O'Hagan, Henry, labourer
O'Hagan, Paul, Brackhouse, Moneymore
O'Hagan, John, labourer
O'Regan, Bernard, farmer, Coolsara

Palmer, Henry B., farmer, Stranagard
Palmer, Job, farmer, Dromore, Stranagard
Palmer, Job, joiner and mason, Stranagard
Palmer, John, farmer, Stranagard
Palmer, Miss Margaret, Curr Guest House
Palmer, Samuel, farmer, Roshure
Palmer, William, farmer, Roshure
Palmer's Stores, and Post Office
Parkes, John, farmer, Luney
Parkes, Robert, farmer, Luney
Payne, Alexander, farmer, Coolsara
Payne, Charles, farmer, Coolsara
Payne, Samuel, farmer, Ballymacpherson

Rodgers, Frederick, farmer
Rodgers, George, farmer, Ballynagown

Scullion, Mrs., farmer, Boveagh
Shields, Matthew, farmer, Annagh
Starritt, Harold, sheep dipping inspector
Starritt, Joseph, concrete brick manufacturer
Starritt, Mrs. J., Ministry's poultry station
Stuart, William, postman, Annagh

Taylor, William, boot maker

Wallace, David, grocer
Watterson, Mrs.
Wright, Miss, farmer, Durnscallion
Wright, Mrs., Lecumpher

Young, Mrs., farmer, Coolsara

County Antrim

     The village of Doagh lies in the fertile valley of the Sixmilewater, about twelve miles from Belfast.  Though the population of the village, together with Doagh Mills is about 500, but with the immediate neighbourhood it holds considerable importance in the commercial community of N. Ireland. Shops' half-holiday, Thursday.


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. Redmond
Presbyterian Church, Kilbride - Rev. J. Armstrong, M.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. Charles Keys


Doagh - James Christie, principal
Kilbride Central - J. Spence, principal
Simpson Thompson School - Mr. Meakie, principal


Local Registrar for Births and Deaths - H. McB. Chisholm, Ballyclare Dispensary
Northern Bank Ltd. - Attendance on Wednesdays - W. J. Morton, manager
Post Office - John McConnell, postmaster
East Antrim Kennels, Brookfield - R. Webster, kennel huntsman
Doagh Cricket Club - Secretary, Wm. Andrew, Mill Row
Olive Masonic Lodge No. 467 - Secretary, James Spence, Hillview
Doagh L.O.L. No. 370 - Secty., James Thompson
Doagh Union Masonic Lodge No. 317 - Secretary, James Logan, Kilbride
King Hiram's R.B.P. No. 63 - W.M., James Logan
Royal Arch Chapter No. 317 - Registrar, James Logan, Old Manse, Kilbride, Doagh


Adams, Carlton, Rock House, Kilbride
Adams, Mrs., Fourmileburn Road
Anderson Bros., grocers, Doagh
Anderson, John, The Bungalow, Ballymena Road
Anderson, Robert, Ballymena Road
Andrew, R., cashier Doagh Mill, Brookville
Andrews, William, Holestone
Andrew, W., jun., Burnside
Armstrong, Rev. John, B.A., The Manse, Kilbride

Baird, John, Ballyhamage
Baird, J. C., Craignaig, Holestone
Baird, Mrs. Maud, Ballyhamage
Barber, Mrs., Main Street
Barclay, J. A., Burnside
Barr, J., Waterheadstown
Barron, Robert, Ballypallady
Beckett, James, Gladstone Terrace
Beggs, J., farmer, Ballyvoy
Bell, Samuel, Church Lane
Bell, Thomas, Fisherwick Terrace
Black, D., Burnside
Blair, John, Ballyhamage
Blair, Samuel, Station Road
Bowden, Mrs., Main Street
Boyd, J., jun., Doagh
Bryson, J., Ballyvoy
Bryson, M., farmer, The Limes, Ballyvoy
Bryson, W., Ballybracken
Buchanan, J., Fisherwick, Doagh
Burns, George, Cogry
Burns, J., hackler, Main Street

Cameron, Miss E., Martindale Terrace
Cameron, Robert, Manrass Cottage
Campbell, Mrs., Fourmileburn Road
Carruth, John, Ballymena Road
Caruth, John, The Bungalow, Ballyhamage
Chapman, W., The Villa
Christie, James, Brookvale
Christie, J., principal, The Cottage
Clugston, H., Springvale
Cowan, Henry, Springvale
Crathers, H., labourer
Crawford, Mrs., Cogry
Crawford, S., Rashee
Crawford, W. J., Cogry

Dalrymple, A., Orpin's Mill
Drummond, John, Browndod
Duncan, John, Kilbride

Easton, Robert, mechanic, Brookville, Doagh
Elliott, J., West End
Elliott, R., Drumadaragh
Esler, Miss Elizabeth, teacher, Lismuir
Evans, M., Kilbride

Fee, Joseph, farmer, Ballyhartfield
Fee, Mrs., Ballyhartfield, Doagh
Fenton, Mrs., Mill Row
Finlay, Mrs., Springvale
Finlay, S., Springvale
Finlay, William, Drumadaragh
Fleming, J., bus conductor, Fourmileburn Road

Gailey, John, sen., Railway Cottage, Doagh
Gailey, John, postman, Station Road
Gault, Samuel, Drumadaragh
Gault, W., Beech Hill
Gibson, John, farmer, Ballypallady
Gilmour, John, Lyleview Terrace
Gowdy, William, Ballyclare Road
Graham, Joseph, Main Street
Graham, William, Village
Graham, ?, farmer, Ballyhamage
Grimason, David, Engineview
Grimason, Mrs., Fourmileburn Road

Hackney, B., Burn Road
Hagan, R., Main Street
Hagan, Robert, finisher and dyer, Brackenhill
Hagan, Thomas, farmer, Fisherwick House
Hall, Thomas, teacher, Glenburn, Doagh
Hamilton, S., Ballyclare Road
Hamilton, Wm., Holestone House
Harper, John, farmer, Ballyhamage
Harper, Samuel, farmer, Doagh
Harvey, Miss, Orpin's Mill
Harvey, William, keeper, Drumadarragh
Harvey, W. M., Drumadaragh
Heron, William
Hill, D., Ballyrobert
Hill, John, boot maker, Doagh
Hoey, William, The Braes
Hogg, James, gardener, Kilbride
Hunter, D., Cogry
Hunter, Robert, farmer
Hunter, R., jun., farmer, Ballyhamage
Hunter, Samuel, Ballyhamage

Ingram, Mary, grocer and motor garage
Irvine, Mrs., Rashee

Jenkins, B., Burnside
Jenkins, Eliza, Burnside
Jenkins, Isabella, Burnside

Kelly, H., farmer, Doagh
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Doagh
Kelly, T., Bryan tang
Kernohan, James, Kilbride
Kernohan, Mrs., Kilbride
Kerr, Miss Margaret, Palentine
Kirk, D., Ballywalter
Kirk, Thomas, clerk, Mill Row

Larmour, J., Holestone
Lewis, John, corn mill, Drumadaragh
Lindsay, Isaac, farmer, Lane Ends House
Little, Joseph, Ballybracken
Livingstone, R., spinning master, Main Street
Livingstone, William, Ballyclare Road
Logan, Frank, Fisherwick Terrace
Logan, Harry, Mill Row
Logan, James, Old Manse, Kilbride
Logan, Sarah, The Brae
Lorimer, John, tailor, Ballyclare Road
Lorimer, J., Ballyclare Road
Lyle, William, The Oaks

Magee, Mrs., Kilbride
Magill, William, Cogry House
Mahood, H., Ballywee
Mann, Miss E., Martindale Terrace
Maxwell, Mrs. Mary, Brookfield
Mayne, S., Springvale
Millar, A., Beulagh House
Millar, James, Cogry
Millar, James, Kilbride
Milford, Mrs., Fourmileburn Road
Montgomery, Miss J., Orpins Mill
Montgomery, Mrs., Kilbride
Montgomery, R., Fisherwick Terrace
Montgomery, V., The Braes
Mooney, John, jun., Drumadaragh
Mooney, J., manager
Moore, Alexander, Fourmileburn Road
Murdoch, A., Holestone

McAdam, James, farmer, Doagh
McAdam, Miss R., organist
McAdam, Thomas, Fruiterer; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McAleese, H., Broad Guage
McAllister, Miss Etta, Ballyhamage
McAllister, M.
McBroom, H., Holestone
McBroom, Thomas, Station Road
McClean, William J., Martindale Terrace
McCleery, Robert, Ballybracken
McClelland, Alexander, Station Road
McClelland, James, Kilbride
McClelland, Mrs., Parkview
McClelland, William, Kilbride
McConnell, Alexander, Main Street
McConnell, John, publican, Doagh Hotel
McConnell, John
McConnell, John, Sandymount
McConnell, Mrs., Springvale
McConnell, Mrs., postmistress, Welyth
McCreight, Cissie, 2 Carcon Terrace
McDonald, Alexander, Ballybracken
McDowell, G., Kilbride
McDowell, James
McDowell, Mrs., teacher, The Firs
McHugh, S., engineer, Rashee Road, Ballyclare
McKinstry, W. J., Fourmileburn
McLean, George, Burnside
McLean, Mrs.
McMaster, Samuel, Main Street
McMeekin, A., J.P., Cogry Mill House
McQuillan, William, Cogry

Neeson, Mrs., Holestone
Nicholl, Mrs., Kilbride
Nixon, Mrs., The Braes
Nixon, Mrs. Mary, Station Road

O'Neill, T., Douglasland

Patterson's, Rashee

Ramsay, John, Ballygowan
Ramsay, Mrs., Doagh
Ramsay, Mrs. Ellen, Mill Row
Ramsey, C., Station Road
Rea, Mrs., Ballyclare Road
Rea, Mrs. Mary, grocer, Main Street
Reid, Alexander, farmer, Parkmount
Reid, Alexander, Mill Row
Reid, James, farmer, Station View
Reid, J. H., Ballyclare Road
Reid, R., blacksmith, The Limes
Robinson, C., grocer, Cogry
Robinson, John, Mill Row
Robson, Norman, farmer, Ballyhamage
Robson, R. B., Woodside, Doagh
Ross, Captain, Beechwood

Semple, S., Drumadaragh
Service, R., Cogry
Smith, H., Ballyhamage
Smyth, H., Main Street
Spence, James, principal, Hillview, Kilbride
Stevenson, Johnston, Kilbride
Stewart, John, farmer, Ballyplady
Stewart, Mrs., Church Lane
Stewart, Robert, Rashee
Stirling, Archibald, farmer, Holestone
Suffern, Mrs., Firlea
Surgenor, J., beetling engine., Cogry

Thompson, Robert, Ballyhamage
Todd, Robert, Halftown
Todd, R., Waterheadstown
Todd, Stephen, Rashee
Topping, J., The Myra
Tweedie, A., Station Road
Tweedie, Robert, Fourmileburn
Tweedie, Thomas, Brookvale

Warwick Bros., coal merchants, Ballyclare Road
Warwick, David, Railway Cottage
White, Mrs., Springvale
Wilson, Cornelius, Cogry
Wilson, John, Ballyhamage
Wilson, J., Independent Terrace
Wilson, Miss Eliza, Ballyhamage House
Wilson, Miss J., Main Street
Wilson, Robert, Cogry
Wiseman, Mrs., Church Lane
Wright, R., Kilbride

County Down

     Is a seaside resort, situated on the Irish Channel.  It is the nearest port to Scotland, being 21 miles from Portpatrick. A harbour and a lighthouse were built by the Government for the accommodation of steam packets, and there are excellent tennis courts, putting green, bowling green, bathing pool, and an 18 hole golf course.  At the northern end of the town is a Danish rath - a mound of considerable height, and surrounded by a tower and fortress in miniature. The population at the 1937 census was 2,533. The summer population is over 6,000. The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday.


Urban District Council - Capt. Thomas Robinson (chairman); Benjamin Stafford (vice-chairman); Mrs. G. E. Agnew, Mrs. E. J. Boyd, J.P.; Albert J. Adams, Walter Beard, William Campbell, John McCullough, Chas. C. Stewart
Town Clerk - George Hamilton, B.A., T.C.D., Town Hall, High Street
National Fire Service Station, Manor Street - E. Armstrong, leading fireman
Ulster Bank Limited - J. Hewitt, Manager, New Street
Donaghadee Harbour Commissioners - Ministry of Commerce, Belfast
Harbour Master - James Nelson
Donaghadee Regatta Committee -
Donaghadee Golf Club - Arthur McMillan, sec.
Donaghadee Lifeboat Station - Hon. secretary, David McKibbin
R.U.C. Barracks, Millisle Road - Sergeant M. Connor; Constables Aldworth, Angus, Forsythe, and Skelton
Donaghadee and District Nursing Association - Secretary, Miss E. E. Coates
Electricity Board for Northern Ireland - District Engineer, S. Whincup; office, Town Hall
Donaghadee Orange Lodge - No. 241, Jas. Conway
Donaghadee Post Office - Mrs. S. J. G. Caldwell, postmistress
Donaghadee Gas Light Co. - Manager, A. Roberts; secretary, W. H. Roberts, jun.
Donaghadee Branch British Legion - Hon. secty., Alex. Dunn. Club Rooms, Moat Street


Church of Ireland Parish Church - Rev. Thomas Martin
Presbyterian Churches - High Street - Rev. David Watson, B.A. Shore Street - Rev. R. J. Laughlin, B.A.
Methodist Church, Moat Street - Rev. Robert George McDonagh
Salvation Army Citadel, Parade
Roman Catholic Chapel, High Street - Rev. Chas. Bready, C.C.


Royal Academy (Belfast), Shore Street
Private School, New Road - Miss Thompson
Admiral Leslie Schools - W. R. Adair, M.A., prin.
Parade - A. Munce, principal
Moat Street - Alfred Wilkinson, principal
St. Anne's (Roman Catholic), 45 High Street - Sisters of Mercy


Arthur's Temperance Hotel, The Parade
Imperial (Ulster Hotels, Ltd.) - A. J. Campbell
Mount Royal - Angus Campbell
Royal Hotel, 35 Parade - Miss Ruddell
Ulster Baths and Temperance Hotel, 55 Shore Street - John Pritchard
Ensign Hotel, 34 Parade - William A. Butler
Brookmount Guest House, 48 Warren Road
Lilyville Guest House, 75 Killaughey Road
Rockville, 12 Warren Road
Windsor, 11 The Parade


Adair, Mrs. J. E., 75 Millisle Road
Adair, Wm. R., 58 Northfield Road
Adams, Arthur W. S., Iona, The Warren
Adams, A. J., 7 Castle Street
Adams, Margaret, 24 Northfield Road
Adams, Mrs., 65 Killaughey Road
Adams, William S., 11 New Road
Agnew, Charles S., Tara, The Warren
Agnew, Ezekiel, 58 Killaughey Road
Agnew, John, 14 Warren Road
Agnew, Maud, 70 Millisle Road
Aicken, George, 8 Meetinghouse Street
Aiken, William, 22 Hunter's Lane
Aiken, Agnes, 4 Bow Street
Alderdice, David H., 33 Parade
Aldworth, Richard J., 12 Moat Street
Alexander, Andrew, Kintore, Dunottar Park
Alexander, Mrs., 32 Warren Road
Alexander, W. Pollock, 96 Killaughey Road
Algie, Thomas, 19 New Street
Allingham, George, 39 Mount Street
Andrews, Isabella, 47 Millisle Road
Angus, Abel, 46 East Street
Angus, Alexander, 67 The Warren Road
Angus, Andrew, cabinet maker, 27 High Street
Angus, Elizabeth, 58 Moat Street
Angus, Jeannie, 44 Moat Street
Angus, John, 46 Shore Street
Angus, John, 14 Edward Street
Angus, J., hardware merchant, 6 New Street
Angus, Marion, 1 Bridge Street
Angus, Samuel, 5 Manor Street
Angus, Thomas, 22 Gloucester Avenue
Angus, William, 48 Killaughey Road
Angus, William, coal merchant, 19 Bow Street
Arbuckle, William, 23 Meadowbank Avenue
Ardis, James A., 4 Bennett's Avenue
Ardis, Walter, 20 Bennett's Avenue
Armstrong, Edward, 116b Killaughey Road
Armstrong, Elizabeth, 3 Greenbank Avenue
Armstrong, Miss Edith, 78 Killaughey Road
Armstrong, Robert, 28 Northfield Road
Armstrong, Thomas S., 63 Millisle Road
Arthur, William, Temperance Hotel, 28 Parade
Ashby, Arthur, 3 William Street
Ashe, George, Donaghadee Harbour
Ashton, George, 22 William Street
Ashwood, John, 33 Meadowbank Avenue

Bailie, Catherine, 9 Hunter's Lane
Bailie, Ellen, 16 Union Street
Bailie, William, 18 Hunter's Lane
Ballantine, Thomas, 48 Shore Street
Ballintine, Mrs., dress maker, 29 Mount Street
Barnett, Mrs. M., 31 Warren Road
Barnshaw, Margaret, 17 Gloucester Avenue
Barrett, William J., 19 New Street
Bartlett, William E., 55 Millisle Road
Batley, Norman, 40 Warren Road
Bayne, Samuel C., 38 Warren Road
Beard, Walter, 2 Church Place
Beattie, Andrew J., 4 Church Square
Beattie, George, 62 Northfield Road
Beattie, Hiram, 1 Meadowbank Avenue
Beatty, Rev. John, Ballycopeland Manse
Beck, David, 73 Moat Street
Beggs, James, 25 Manor Street
Beggs, Thomas, 24 New Street
Beggs, William, 20 Hunter's Lane
Beggs, William, 12 High Street
Bell, A. M., 25 Union Street
Bell, David, 10 Meetinghouse Street
Bell, Hugh, 18 Edward Street
Bell, Jeannie T., 10 Norwyn Avenue
Bell, John, 9 Bow Street
Bell, John, 10 Meadowbank Avenue
Bell, Robert H., 41 Millisle Road
Bell, Samuel, 11 East Street
Bell, Thomas, 11 Meadowbank Avenue
Belshaw, William, 52 Moat Street
Bennett, John, carter, 14 Hunter's Lane
Bennett, Madge, hardware merchant, Manor Street
Bennett, Margaret, 2 Meetinghouse Street
Bennett, Nan, 14 Hunter's Lane
Bennett, Susan, 8 Bennett's Avenue
Bennett, William, 13 Manor Street
Bennett, William, 32 Shore Street
Benson, Robert S., 94 Moat Street
Berrington, H., 27 Warren Road
Betty, Mrs. M., 3 New Road
Birnie, Henry, 19 Meadowbank Avenue
Black, Hamilton, boot repairer, Bridge Street
Black, William, 30 Castle Street
Bleakley, John, 47 High Street
Blue, M., flax mill, Ballynoe
Boal, William J., 15 Union Street
Botshi, Mrs. I. J., 3 Church Place
Boyd, Edward, 16 High Street
Boyd, Evelyn J., 74 Killaughey Road
Boyd, Irvine, 30 East Street
Boyd, John, 67 East Street
Boyd, Maria, 12 Meetinghouse Street
Boyd, Mrs. A., Portavoe
Boyd, Robert, 5 Hunter's Lane
Boyd, Robert, 1 Bow Street
Boyd, Robert, 16 Hunter's Lane
Boyd, William, 11 William Street
Boyd, W., coal merchant, 17 Bow Street
Boylin, John, 8 Northfield Road
Bracewell, Robert G., 59 East Street
Brand, Mrs., 45 Millisle Road
Brand, Mrs. A., Portavoe
Bready, Charles, 9 Millisle Road
Briggs, Mrs., 55 High Street
Brown, Hugh, 95 Moat Street
Brown, James, 50 East Street
Brown, James, 15 Parade
Brown, Jane, 21 Moat Street
Brown, John, Ben Eden, The Warren
Brown, J. J., J.P., 44 Warren Road
Brown, Miss Mary A., 84 Killaughey Road
Brown, The Misses, 44 Warren Road
Brown, Rt. Hon. Mr. Justice, D.L., Ben Ingan, Warren Road
Brown, Samuel, 116c Killaughey Road
Brown, Sarah, 4 Princess Gardens
Brown, Thomas W., Warren Road
Brown, T. H., draper, 3 Bridge Street
Brown, William, 44 Shore Street
Browne, Miss C., Glenveigh, New Road
Brownlow, John, 1 Schoolhouse Brae
Buchanan, A. K., 1 Norwyn Avenue
Bulloch, Miss G., 51 High Street
Bunting, James, 5 Bennett's Avenue
Bunting, James, 18 Union Street
Bunting, James, 5 Moat Avenue
Bunting, James, 95c Millisle Road
Bunting, John, 11 Bennett's Avenue
Bunting, Joseph, 52 East Street
Bunting, Margaret, 6 William Street
Bunting, Marion, 67 Moat Street
Bunting, Samuel, 1 East Street
Bunting, Sarah, 5 Warren Road
Bunting, William, dairyman, 12 Union Street
Burden, James, 19 Warren Road
Burns, Alfred, 7 Union Street
Burns, James, 8 Manor Street
Burns, Thomas, 17 New Street
Burnside, John B., 7 Greenbank Avenue
Burnside, John J., 11 Moat Avenue
Burnside, J., 61 East Street
Burrows, William, 27 Shore Street
Butler, William A., 34 Parade

Calderwood, Mrs. M., Avonlea, Millisle Road
Caldwell, Mrs. Sarah, 19 High Street
Caldwell, Mrs. S. J. G., postmistress
Campbell, Agnes, 8-10 Millisle Road
Campbell, Angus, 21 Millisle Road
Campbell, Angus J., 19 The Parade
Campbell, Arthur, 37 East Street
Campbell, Catherine, 69 Moat Street
Campbell, David, 14 Shore Street
Campbell, Elizabeth, 3 Moat Street
Campbell, Elizabeth, 47 East Street
Campbell, Ernest, 70 Killaughey Road
Campbell, Gordon, 13 Millisle Road
Campbell, Hugh, 7 Bennett's Avenue
Campbell, Hugh, 1a William Street
Campbell, John, 5 Moat Street
Campbell, John, draper, 16 High Street
Campbell, John W., Mew Terrace
Campbell, Malcolm, 78 Moat Street
Campbell, Mary, 27 Mount Street
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, 7 Parade
Campbell, Nevin, 56 East Street
Campbell, William, 52 Shore Street
Campbell, William, 7 Meadowbank Avenue
Campbell, William, 3 Railway Street
Campbell, W., 1 Moat Street
Campbell, W., draper, Bridge Street
Cardy, John, 64 East Street
Carlin, James, 8 High Street
Carlisle, William, 13 Shore Street
Carr, Robert G., 116e Killaughey Road
Carson, Eliza, 11 Union Street
Carson, James, Gardens, Cannyreagh
Carson, John, 17 Moat Street
Carson, Robert, 21 Union Street
Caruth, David, 23 Moat Avenue
Cavan, Robert, 19 Millisle Road
Chapman, Ernest, 30 Meadowbank Avenue
Claney, James, 25 Parade
Clarke, Joseph, hardware, 16 New Street
Clarke, Maria M., 9 Bennett's Avenue
Clegg, Florence E., 18 Castle Street
Clegg, Grace, 109 Moat Street
Clegg, Harry, 92 Killaughey Road
Clegg, James, 15 Meetinghouse Street
Clegg, James, 38 Moat Street
Clegg, James, 67 Killaughey Road
Clegg, Matilda, 55 Moat Street
Clegg, Robert, 22 Meetinghouse Street
Clegg, Robert, 48 East Street
Clegg, Samuel, 8 Shore Street
Clements, Thomas, 11 Edward Street
Clifford, Mary E., 17 William Street
Clifton, Frederick J., 9 Park Avenue
Clokey, Mrs., 41-43 Warren Road
Coates, Ethel B., 30 Warren Road
Coates, J. Dunville, solicitor, 28 Warren Road
Colhoun, Margaret, Millisle Road
Collins, Minnie, 23 Union Street
Colville, R., 7 Union Street
Compton, Robert, 6 Church Place
Condon, Isabella, 7 Mount Street
Connell, Mrs. M. J., Portavoe
Connolly, Miss I., 2 Northfield
Connor, Michael, 5 Millisle Road
Conroy, John A., 8 Killaughey Road
Conway, James, 47 William Street
Conway, Thomas, 29 William Street
Cooper, Thomas, butcher, 13 High Street
Copithorne, William, 16 Killaughey Road
Cordner, Miss, 6 Princess Gardens, Millisle Road
Cotter, George, 10 Railway Street
Coulter, George, 4 Meetinghouse Street
Coulter, Hugh T., 62 Millisle Road
Coulter, John, 7 Moat Avenue
Coulter, Robert McD., 13 Park Avenue
Cowan, Georgina, 26 New Road
Craig, Albert, 75 Killaughey Road
Craig, Courtney A., M.B., D.P.H., 15 New Row
Craig, James, 8 Shore Street
Craig, Miss H. A., Ballywilliam
Crawford, Rose, 37 William Street
Creevy, Samuel, 55 East Street
Creevy, Thomas, 16 Railway Street
Crosbie, J. C., 4 Northfield Road
Crosbie, Mrs. Margaret, 11 Park Avenue
Crossan, Joseph, 36 Northfield Road
Crothers, Mary, 81 Moat Street
Crothers, Robert, 35 William Street
Crothers, William, 13 Castle Street
Crowley, Mrs. E. J., 26 Northfield Road
Curragh, Frederick, cabinet maker, 10 New Street
Curragh, James, 18 Northfield
Curragh, William, 24 Killaughey Road
Curragh, William D., 68 Killaughey Road
Currie, William, 1 Meadowbank Avenue
Curtis, Edith, 46 Manor Street

Davidson, Andrew, 14 Railway Street
Davidson, Arthur L. M., St. Louis, Warren Road
Davidson, Daniel, 8 Edward Street
Davidson, James, 6 Edward Street
Davidson, James, 16 William Street
Davidson, John, 3 Edward Street
Davidson, Margaret, 15 Moat Avenue
Davidson, Mrs. Eleanor H., 19 New Road
Davidson, Mrs. E., 53 William Street
Davidson, William, boat owner, 16 Edward Street
Davies, Mrs. W. H., 34 Parade
Davis, James, watch repairer, 43 High Street
Davis, Canon Leslie George, 5 New Road
Davis, Martha, 37 Mount Street
Davison, John H., 15 Millisle Road
Davison, 68b Millisle Road
Dawes, Andrew, 26 Union Street
Dawes, Ellen, 40 Moat Street
Dawson, Reginald V., 39b Warren Road
de Lacherois, George L., J.P., The Manor House, 28-34 High Street
Dickson, Alexander, Portavoe
Docherty, Samuel, 67 East Street
Docherty, William R., 2 Bangor Road
Doherty, Agnes H., Dunollar Park
Donaldson, William, Portavoe
Donaldson, W. J., 1 Victoria Gardens
Donnan, James, 51 Millisle Road
Donnan, William John, 7 Edward Street
Donnan, William J., 4 William Street
Dougan, Alex. F., 37 Millisle Road
Douglas, Robert, 88 Killaughey Road
Dowling, John P., 36 Warren Road
Drennan, David, 5 Victoria Gardens
Drennan, Elizabeth, 13 William Street
Drennan, Frederick, 29 East Street
Drennan, John, 15 Manor Street
Drennan, John, 13 William Street
Drennan, Louis, 1 Castle Street
Drysdale, Eva, 46 Killaughey Road
Duncan, Miss L., dress maker, 53 Mount Street
Dunlop, James, 65 Millisle Road
Dunn, Alexander, plumber, 72 Moat Street
Dunn, Francis, boot maker, New Street
Dunn, F., 16 Meetinghouse Street
Dunn, Mrs., 26 High Street
Dunn, Robert, 20 Railway Street
Dunn, Thomas, 6 Bow Street
Dunnon, Martha, 15 Castle Street
Dunwoody, George, 51 Moat Street
Dunwoody, Mrs. I., 50 Killaughey Road
Dunwoody, Robert, builder, 38 Shore Street
Dunwoody, William R., baker, 21 High Street
Dunwoody, W. J., 28 Killaughey Road

Eadie, William, 29a Bow Street
Eady, Jane, 43 William Street
Eaton, Martha, 113 Moat Street
Edmondson, H., 44 Killaughey Road
Electricity Board for N.I., Town Hall, High Street
Emerson, James, 5 Church Lane
Emerson, Mrs., 39 High Street
Emerson, Thomas George, 49 High Street
Evans, Mrs., 18 New Road
Evans, William, 16 Gloucester Avenue
Ewart, Elizabeth, 9 New Road
Ewart, Margaret C., 123 Millisle Road

Farrar, Mary A., 7 Manor Street
Faulkner, Lillian M., 1 Victoria Gardens
Feherty, Daniel, station master, 36 Parade
Fergie, Mary, 16 Victoria Gardens
Fergie, William, 3 Meetinghouse Street
Ferguson, Daniel, bill poster, 50 Manor Street
Ferguson, Daniel, jun., 53 East Street
Ferguson, George, 39 Millisle Road
Ferguson, G., grocer, 3-5 Bow Street
Ferguson, Hamilton, 7 New Road
Ferguson, Hugh, 4 Railway Street
Ferris, Alexander, 9 Castle Street
Ferris, Margaret, 2 Bennett's Avenue
Ferris, John, 36 East Street
Finlay, Esther, 18 Bow Street
Finlay, Margaret, 25 New Street
Fitchie, Thomas A., 5 William Street
Fitzgerald, Dr., 22 Shore Street
Fitzsimons, E., 11 Railway Street
Fitzsimons, Kenneth, 7 Saltworks Street
Fletcher, Allan L., 3 Princess Gardens
Fletcher, S., 15 Bennett's Avenue
Forbes, Miss, Bungalow, Bennett's Avenue
Forsythe, Thomas, 16 East Street
Foster, Robert, sen., 5 New Street
Foster, Robert, jun., 16 Edward Street
Foulis, Robert, 2 William Street
Frazer, Bert., 28 Meadowbank Avenue
Freeney, Thomas P., Coastguard Station
Frost, Septimus, 7 Coastguard Gardens
Fullerton, Alice, 9 Princess Gardens
Fullerton, Cassie, 24 Mount Street
Fullerton, George, 47 East Street
Fullerton, Helen, 50 Shore Street
Fulton, F. P., 2 Gloucester Avenue
Fulton, Miss M. S., 72 Millisle Road
Fulton, Mrs. E., 6 Union Street

Galloway, Mrs., 61 Millisle Road
Gass, Miss, 52 Warren Road
Gates, James, 7 Mount Street
Gaw, Minnie, 65 Moat Street
George, John, plasterer, 33 East Street
George, J., 13 East Street
George, Neil J., 15 East Street
George, William, 31 East Street
Gibson, Ethel, 23 Bow Street
Gibson, Dr. George, J.P., 29 Shore Street
Gibson, Jane P., 5 Park Avenue
Gibson, John, 48 Manor Street
Gibson, Robert, 41 High Street
Gilchrist, James, surveyor, Wyncote, Millisle Road
Gilland, William J., 26 Gloucester Avenue
Gilliland, James, 16 Moat Street
Giovannoli, Ernesto, 2 The Parade
Girvan, Alexander, 15 William Street
Good, Harriet, 48 Warren Road
Goodwin, Walter, 27 Moat Street
Gordon, Mary, 29 Bow Street
Gordon, Miss I., 12 Northfield
Gossan, J. B., 5 Park Avenue
Graham, Hugh, solicitor, 105 Millisle Road
Grainger, David W., 72 Moat Street
Grainger, John, 11e Victoria Gardens
Gray, Alexander, 6 Warren Road
Gray, Margaret, 6 Warren Road
Gray, Robert, 116d Killaughey Road
Green, Samuel, 38 East Street
Gregg, William, 7 New Street
Grego, Mary, 21 Parade
Grego, William, 30 New Street
Gunning, Elizabeth, 22 Manor Street
Gunning, George, 20 Moat Street
Gyle, John, 21 Railway Street

Hack, Mrs., ladies' hairdresser, 8 Mount Street
Haddick, Margaret A., 8 Moat Street
Haisley, Agnes, 4 Schoolhouse Brae
Haisley, Samuel, 6 Meetinghouse Street
Hamill, Hugh, 1 Moat Avenue
Hamill, Hugh, 1 Union Street
Hamill, Peter, grocer, 8 Parade
Hamilton, A. M., Tig-na-mara, Portavoe
Hamilton, Elizabeth L., 35 Millisle Road
Hamilton, Ernest C., 13 Bennett's Avenue
Hamilton, George, solicitor, Baths Hotel
Hamilton, James, 16 Northfield
Hamilton, James, 10 Warren Road
Hamilton, Martha, 12 Townhall Lane
Hamilton, Mrs. A., 21 Moat Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs. E., Portavoe
Hamilton, Mrs. K. J., 41 Moat Street
Hamilton, Robert, 2 Church Square
Hamilton, Robert, 16 Bennett's Avenue
Hamilton, William, 78 Killaughey Road
Hanna, William, 28 New Road
Hardy, Saville C., Kilcoroon
Harmer, Henry, 15 Parade
Harper, John, 107 Moat Street
Harper, Mrs. Margaret, draper, 17 High Street
Harper, R., 74 Moat Street
Harper, William, sexton, 4 Church Place
Harron, Edward, 60 East Street
Hawkins, Thomas, com. agent, 45 Manor Street
Heaney, John, 2 Castle Street
Heaney, William, 57 Moat Street
Hegan, Margaret, 83 Moat Street
Henderson, Margaret, 15 Millisle Road
Henry, Captain J. S., J.P., 21 Shore Street
Heron, David, 22b High Street
Herron, Essie, 24 Bow Street
Herron, George, 28 Bow Street
Herron, Mrs. E., fish merchant, 9 High Street
Herron, Richard, 16 Castle Street
Herron, Samuel, 17 Moat Avenue
Hewitt, James, Ulster Bank House, New Street
Heyburn, Robert, 6 East Street
Hill, Mary J., 23 Millisle Road
Hill, Misses E. & H., Portavoe
Hillyard, S. W. H., 3 Park Avenue
Hinde, Florence, 7 Park Avenue
Hodgen, Henry, 2 William Street
Hodgson, R. A., organist, 14 Gloucester Avenue
Hogg, Susan, 31 William Street
Holmes, William R., 25 Meadowbank Avenue
Houston, A., 53 Moat Street
Houston, Ernest, 34 Northfield Road
Houston, W. J., 55 East Street
Howe, Thomas, 19 Mount Street
Huddleston, Frederick M., 2b Meadowbank Avenue
Hughes, F. P., 33-35 Warren Road
Hume, Joseph, 9 William Street
Humphreys, F., Ballyfotherly
Hunsdale, Mary, 11 Hunter's Lane
Hunter, James A., 6 High Street
Hutchinson, Elizabeth, 6 High Street
Hutton, George S., 55 High Street
Hutton, H. T., J.P., 79 Killaughey Road
Hyde, James J., 55 Warren Road

Ingram, Mary G., 26 Warren Road
Irwin, Robert T., Manor Farm

Jackson, Edith R., 54b Warren Road
Jackson, Robert, 51 East Street
James, George, 72 Killaughey Road
James, R. H., 3 Lighthouse Dwellings
Jamison, Miss M. E. Q., 66 Millisle Road
Jeffares, M. H., chemist, 23 New Street
Jenkinson, Henry, 23 Shore Street
Johnston, Edward, hardware merchant, 15a Moat Street
Johnston, Henry, 22 Victoria Gardens
Johnston, Howard, 86 Killaughey Road
Johnston, James, grocer, 37 Manor Street
Johnston, James, 54 Moat Street
Johnston, James S., 29 Meadowbank Avenue
Johnston, John, D.L., M.P., Portavoe
Johnston, Martin A., 32 Meadowbank Avenue
Johnston, Samuel, Ballywilliam
Johnston, Samuel, Belvedere, Bangor Road
Johnston, William, 35 Manor Street
Jones, James, 20 Gloucester Avenue
Jones, Walter, 10 Saltworks Street
Jones, W. F., 21 New Street
Jordan, James, 17 Parade
Jury, Morgan P., 29 Warren Road

Kane, Ellen, 16 William Street
Kane, Robert, 9a Saltworks Street
Keenan, Mary, 60 Moat Street
Keenan, W., 109 Millisle Road
Keith, David, 7 Warren Road
Kelly, Edward, 18 Victoria Gardens
Kelly, H., 24 Shore Street
Kelly, Jeannie, 6 Norwyn Avenue
Kelly, Joseph, 1a New Road
Kelly, Lady, Ballywilliam
Kenmuir, Herbert, 1 Norwyn Avenue
Kennedy, Agnes, 15 Railway Street
Kennedy, A., 70 Moat Street
Kennedy, Edward H., Lighthouse Dwellings
Kennedy, Samuel, 62 Moat Street
Kennedy, Captain T., 18 Moat Street
Kenny, Miriam N., 60 Killaughey Road
Ker, Major D. A. W., J.P., Portavoe House
Ker, Mrs. R. M., 4 Millisle Road
Kerr, Agnes, 31 Moat Street
Kerr, Ann, 19 Meetinghouse Street
Kidd, Mary, 6 Bennett's Avenue
Kiernan, Michael, 13 New Street
Kilpatrick, Rev. J., Millisle
Kimm, James, 18 Meadowbank Avenue
Kimm, John, 5 Meetinghouse Street
Kimm, Martha, 6 Meadowbank Avenue
King, Thomas C., 13 Meadowbank Avenue
Kirk, Esther, 33 Moat Street
Kirk, Francis, 11 Castle Street
Kirk, William, agent, 17 Gloucester Avenue
Kirker, Rev. H. F., Ballyfrenis
Kirkpatrick, Alex., 2 Church Place
Knox, Elizabeth, 68f Millisle Road
Knox, Hugh, farmer, Ballyvester
Knox, James, farmer, Ballyvester
Knox, John, farmer, Ballyvester

Lamont, J., 11 Meetinghouse Street
Lamont, Mrs., 7 Victoria Gardens
Latimer, Frederick, 71 William Street
Laughlin, Rev. R. J., The Manse, 56 Warren Road
Lee, Henry, 5a Bargot Road (Bangor?)
Lee, Samuel, 2 New Road
Leitch, Mrs. E. M., 14 Victoria Gardens
Lemon, William, 4 Manor Street
Lenaghan, Mrs. M., 54 Warren Road
Lennon, Alex., 53 Shore Street
Lennon, Martha, 9 East Street
Lennon, Samuel, 5 Castle Street
Lennon, Quinten, 52a Shore Street
Leonard, John, 87 Millisle Road
Lepper, George C., Walton, Millisle Road
Leslie, Mary, 32-34 High Street
Letman, John, 8 Railway Street
Lewis, James, 29 Bow Street
Lewis, William J., Portavoe
Lewis, William R., contractor, 54 Northfield
Lightbody, James, 10 High Street
Lilley, Marcella, 16 Meadowbank Avenue
Linaker, Mrs. A. P., Baths Hotel
Lindsay, Alexander, 57 East Street
Lindsay, Andrew, 20 William Street
Lindsay, Andrew, jun., 13 Railway Street
Lindsay, David, 13 Union Street
Lindsay, James, grocer, 20a High Street
Lindsay, Jane, 64 Moat Street
Lindsay, Mary C. G., The Warren
Livingstone, Annie, 4 Norwyn Avenue
Lloyd, T. A., painter, 14 Moat Street
Lockhart, Richard, 42 Killaughey Road
Lockwood, Mrs., 3 Manor Street
Logan, Robert J., 6b High Street
Louden, James, M.P.S.I., chemist, Bridge Street
Louden, William, 32 William Street
Lynas, H., plumber, 13 Mount Street
Lynas, Jacob L., 40 Warren Road
Lynch, Frank, 10 Shore Street
Lythgoe, William, baker, 22 High Street

Macartney, Albert, Dunottar Park
Macbeth, Margaret F., 16 New Road
Mackenzie, William J., 10 Schoolhouse Brae
Mackintosh, T. C. G., solicitor, 32 New Street
Macklin, W., motor garage, 23 Warren Road
Macormac, David, builder, Norwyn Avenue
Magill, Adam, 22 Killaughey Road
Magill, Alfred, 5a Bangor Road
Magill, A., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Millisle Road Halt
Magill, Charles V., 116g Killaughey Road
Magill, Elizabeth, 11c Victoria Gardens
Magill, William, 36 Meadowbank Avenue
Magowan, Francis A., 16 Parade
Magowan, John A., 5 East Street
Magowan, Robert, Ballywilliam
Maguire, Mary, publican, 39 Manor Street
Mahood, M., draper, 13 Princess Gardens
Mairs, James, 5 Norwyn Avenue
Majury, Agnes, 13 Meetinghouse Street
Majury, James, 13 Edward Street
Majury, John, 10 Hunter's Lane
Majury, Robert, 3 Church Square
Malcolm, A. McK., 111 Moat Street
Malcolm, James, 95 Moat Street
Malcolm, John, 5 Killaughey Road
Malough, Thomas, 55 Millisle Road
Malseed, Mary, 4 New Road
Mann, George, 6 Gloucester Avenue
Mark, Margaret, 52 Killaughey Road
Marshall, John, 6 Warren Road
Martin, Agnes, 68h Millisle Road
Martin, Miss M., 12 Warren Road
Martin, Mrs., 26 Shore Street
Martin, N. T., Ardkeen, Millisle Road
Martin, Samuel, 6 Meadowbank Avenue
Martin, Samuel, butcher, 14 High Street
Martin, Rev. Thomas, The Rectory
Martin, William, 66 Moat Street
Martin, William H., Dunara, The Warren
Matchett, William J., 3 East Street
Matear, Sophia, 85 Moat Street
Matear, William, grocer, 1 Church Place
Mathie, Mary Jane, 3 Bow Lane
Matthews, David, 20 Meadowbank Avenue
Mawhinney, William J., 1 Schoolhouse Brae
Mawhirk, Mary A., 16 Manor Street
Maxwell, Arthur, 84 Moat Street
Melville, Andrew, 3 Killaughey Road
Menown, Benjamin, 4a Manor Street
Mercer, Richard, 24 Warren Road
Miles, John M., 87 Millisle Road
Millar, John H., 20 Northfield Road
Miller, Andrew. 19 East Street
Miller, Arthur, 25 New Street
Milliken, Sara Jane, 34 Bow Street
Mills, Andrew, 4 Union Street
Mills, John V. S., 20 Warren Road
Miskimmin, David J., Herdstown
Miskimmin, Elizabeth, 31a Manor Street
Miskimmin, Hugh, 50 Moat Street
Miskimmin, John, 95 Moat Street
Miskimmin, John, jun., 93 Moat Street
Mitchell, Robert, 51 Shore Street
Moffatt, Margaret J., 23 William Street
Monahan, Charles, 29 Millisle Road
Monk, Miss M., 68 Millisle Road
Moore, David, 10 New Road
Moore, David G., 7 Manor Street
Moore, George, 22 Castle Street
Moore, George T., 7 East Street
Moore, Hugh, 32 Meadowbank Avenue
Moore, Hugh, 49 Moat Street
Moore, James, 30 Bow Street
Moore, James, 66 East Street
Moore, James, 4 Castle Street
Moore, James, 29 Manor Street
Moore, John, builder and contractor, 11 Bow Street
Moore, John Graham, 54 East Street
Moore, Lily, 13 Bow Street
Moore, Margaret, 14 Bennett's Avenue
Moore, Margaret, 42 Killaughey Road
Moore, Mary, 24 New Road
Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth, 67 Millisle Road
Moore, Rebecca, 3 East Street
Moore, Richard, 25 Millisle Road
Moore, Robert, 10 East Street
Moore, William, 39 East Street
Moore, William J., 31 The Parade
Morrison, Eliza, 12 Castle Street
Morrison, James B., Balloo House, Groomsport
Morrison, Joseph, 1 Church Place
Morrison, Mrs., 27 Parade
Morrison, Robert W., 11 Victoria Gardens
Morrow, Robert J., 76 Moat Street
Mount Royal Hotel (Angus Campbell, prop.)
Muckle, Mrs. M., Portavoe
Muckle, Samuel, 9 Manor Street
Muckle, Thomas, 49 Millisle Road
Muir, Mrs. A. E., The brackens, The Warren
Mulholland, Robert Henry, 96 Moat Street
Mullan, Harriet, 30 Moat Street
Mullan, Mary, 41 William Street
Munce, Andrew, 95a Millisle Road
Murphy, Robert H., 26 Warren Road
Murray, John, 31 Manor Street

McAllen, Hector, 68d Millisle Road
McAuley, James M., Warren Cottage
McAuley, Robert, 12 Hunter's Lane
McBeth, Margaret, 16 New Road
McBurney, John, 17 Union Street
McCaig, John, 12 Warren Street
McCaldin, Margaret, Millisle Road
McCammond, Miss, dressmaker, 40 Killaughey Road
McCance, David, saddler, 18 New Street
McCann, Edith A., 34 Warren Road
McCann, Hugh P., 11 Millisle Road
McCann, James, 5 Union Street
McCarrey, Charlotte, 29 Millisle Road
McCausland, James A., 9a Saltworks Street
McCausland, Thomas, 85 Moat Street
McCaw, Mrs., 8 Bridge Street
McCaw, William, 4 Parade
McChesney, Joseph, 12a Hunter's Lane
McCleane, J. H., 8 Princess Gardens
McCleary, Gawn D., 117 Millisle Road
McClelland, Alexander, Rock House, Herdstown
McClelland, Andrew, 19 Union Street
McClelland, Samuel, 36 Moat Street
McClement, Marion, 4 Warren Road
McClements, Mary, 22 East Street
McClure, Frederick, draper, 4 New Street
McClure, Mrs., muslin agent, 64 Killaughey Road
McConkey, Agnes, 17 Parade
McConkey, Alexander, 9 Shore Street
McConkey, Angus, 5 Meadowbank Avenue
McConkey, Edward, plasterer, 3 Moat Avenue
McConkey, Fergus, 2 Norwyn Avenue
McConkey, James, 116f Killaughey Road
McConkey, John, 2 Edward Street
McConkey, Robert, Moat Street
McConkey, William E., 80 Killaughey Road
McConnell, William J., 63 Moat Street
Macormac, David, plumber, 8 Norwyn Avenue
McCormack, William, 17 Millisle Road
McCormick, William, 30 William Street
McCoubrey, William, 1 New Road
McCracken, Elizabeth, 6 Bridge Street
McCracken, Marie, bakery, 6 Bridge Street
McCracken, Nellie, 73 Millisle Road
McCullough, James, 5 Edward Street
McCullough, John, 19 Manor Street
McCullough, Mary E., 14 East Street
McCullough, Mrs. John, Confectioner and Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" 3 Parade
McCullough, William J., 22 Railway Street
McCutcheon, Bertie, 29 Meadowbank Avenue
McCutcheon, J. T., 45 East Street
McDonagh, Rev. Robert George, 7 Millisle Road
McDonald, Miss, 68a Millisle Road
McDowell, Andrew, pilot, 21 Warren Road
McDowell, David, 31 Parade
McDowell, Elizabeth, 40 Shore Street
McDowell, George, 35 East Street
McDowell, Hugh, 7 Killaughey Road
McDowell, John, 15 Meadowbank Avenue
McDowell, John, 6 Castle Street
McDowell, Martha, 34 Manor Street
McDowell, Robert, 26 Union Street
McDowell, Thomas, 26 Killaughey Road
McFall, Eric, Victoria Gardens
McFarland, James, 32 Northfield Road
McGhee, J. W., printer, 57 High Street
McGill, John, 11a Manor Street
McGimpsey, H. & J., cycle and motor agents, 23 High Street
McGimpsey, John, publican, 33 High Street
McGowan, Alex., 32 Bow Street
McGrath, Catherine, 75 Killaughey Road
McGrattan, Alice, 9 Warren Road
McGrattan, A., 35 Mount Street
McGrattan, J. B., 87 Millisle Road
McIlroy, Mrs., 56 Northfield Road
McKeag, Alexander, Portavoe
McKeag, Henry, Portavoe
McKeag, Mary, 6 Northfield Road
McKeag, Robert, 15 Schoolhouse Brae
McKee, John, 18 Bennett's Avenue
McKee, Mary A., 9 Mount Street
McKee, Mrs. M. J., Ballywilliam
McKee, Samuel, 18 Manor Street
McKellar, Robert, 65 William Street
McKeown, Miss, Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," 1 New Street
McKibbin, Andrew, tailor, 9 Shore Street
McKibbin, Andrew, jun., 20 Killaughey Road
McKibbin, David, rate collector and house agent, 6 Shore Street and Lisalee
McKibbin, Fred., Monart, The Warren
McKibbin, F. Malcolm, Seacourt, The Warren
McKibbin, Robert, 40 Bow Street
McKibbin, William T., painter, 98 Moat Street
McKimm, Hector, 24 Mount Street
McKimm, Robert, 11 Moat Avenue
McKinven, John B., 31 Manor Street
McKissick, David, 1 Edward Street
McKnight, Robert E., 17 New Road
McLain, Robert J., 62 Killaughey Road
McLawrence, Robert, carter, 68 Moat Street
McLellan, Thomas, 18 Shore Street
McMahon, Mrs., 5 Greenbank Avenue
McMillan, Elizabeth, 69 Moat Street
McMullan, Edna, 17 Warren Road
McMullan, Martha, 2 Bridge Street
McNair, Thomas, 3 Victoria Gardens
McNamara, Esther, 41 Shore Street
McNarry, Ellen, 18 Shore Street
McNarry, Henry, fruiterer, 5 High Street
McNarry, Henry, jun., 11d Victoria Gardens
McNarry, James, 28 Manor Street
McNarry, James, 10 Manor Street
McNarry, Joseph A., 22 William Street
McNarry, Joseph, dealer, 20 New Street
McNarry, Thomas, 16 Union Street
McNarry, Thomas, butcher, 16 Shore Street
McNarry, William, car owner, 10 Parade
McNarry, William, 41 East Street
McNeill, Agnes, 10 Bow Street
McNeill, John A., 18 Warren Road
McNellie, John, 12 Bennett's Avenue
McPeake, Frank, 26 William Street
McPeake, Sarah A., 5 Killaughey Road
McWhinney, Mrs. Louise, 31 Millisle Road
McWhirter, Joseph N., 11 The Parade
McWilliam, William N., 14 Warren Road
McWilliams, Benjamin, 42 Manor Street
McWilliams, Robert, 57 William Street
McWilliams, Samuel, 1 Church Square

Nardini, David, confectioner, 22 Parade
Neale, William W. R., Mowbank, Warren Road
Neill, Hugh, 20 Shore Street
Neill, James, 18 Manor Street
Neill, John, & Son, coal importers and estate agents, Manor Street
Neill, John L., 103 Moat Street
Neill, Mrs. Eleanor, coal merchant, 52 Manor Street
Neill, Susan, New Road
Neill, Thomas, 9 Moat Avenue
Neill, William L., 15 New Street
Nelson, Alexander, pilot, 9 Union Street
Nelson, Andrew, 21 East Street
Nelson, David, lifeboat engineer, 1 Moat Entry
Nelson, Eva M., 30 Shore Street
Nelson, Frank, 82 Moat Street
Nelson, Hugh, pilot, 2 Railway Street
Nelson, James, harbour master, 116a Killaughey Road
Nelson, Mary, 101 Moat Street
Nelson, Samuel, pilot, 17 Manor Street
Nelson, Wm. Geo., 62 East Street
Nelson, Wm. G., boatman, 38 Manor Street
Nelson, Wm. G., 16 Bennett's Avenue
Nelson, A., 33 Shore Street
Newell, James, 10 Meadowbank Avenue
Nicholl, Joseph, Millisle Road
Nicholl, William J., 7 Saltworks Street
N.I. Road Transport Board, The Parade

Oliver, Edwin F., taxi owner, 1 Parade
Oliver, Mary, 90 Killaughey Road
O'Riordan, Thomas H., 7 Mount Street

Paisley, Thomas, 53 Moat Street
Palmer, Frank, N.S. teacher, Millisle
Paterson, James, publican, 7 High Street
Patterson, Ernest, 25 East Street
Patterson, J. F. A., 51a Warren Road
Patterson, William J., William Street
Patterson, W. H. F., 46 Warren Road
Patton, David, 1 Parade
Patton, Henry, Ballywilliam
Patton, Hugh, 8 Hunter's Lane
Patton, James, 43 East Street
Patton, William, 3 Bennett's Avenue
Paul, Mrs. M., Portavoe
Pendleton, Thomas, Coastguard Station
Pentland, Mrs. S. J., 6 Coastguard Station
Perl, Richard H., 3a East Street
Picture House, Manor Street - Solar Cinemas, Ltd., proprietors
Pinkerton, Tillie, 54 Killaughey Road
Pollock, Barbara, 17 Shore Street
Pollock, Geo. H., solicitor, 36 Killaughey Road
Pollock, John, 45 Shore Street
Pollock, Samuel, 38 Bow Street
Pollock, Samuel, window cleaner, 17 Shore Street
Pollock, W. J., 14 Castle Street
Poots, Isaac, Ballywilliam
Porter, Alexander, 40 East Street
Porter, John, 7 Bennett's Avenue
Porter, Samuel, 17 New Road
Potts, Mrs. I., 72 Millisle Road
Press, Jessie, 21 Meadowbank Avenue
Pritchard, John, 55 Shore Street
Punting, David, 66 Killaughey Road

Randerwick, Mrs. M., Ballywilliam
Rankin, William, publican, 49 Manor Street
Rea, James, 7 East Street
Regal Cinema, 43 Manor Street
Reid, Hugh, 10 Castle Street
Reid, James, 21 Gloucester Avenue
Reid, James, florist, 119 Millisle Road
Reid, Miss A. E., teacher, 55 Shore Street
Reid, Samuel, 5 Church Place
Reilly, Edward G., grocer, 35 High Street
Reilly, John, 116d Hunt's Park
Rhodes, Stanley J., wool merchant, The Warren
Richardson, Catherine M., Mobank, The Warren
Ritchie, Dr. H. J., Ballywilliam
Ritchie, James H., 11 Railway Street
Roberts, A. J., manager, 19 William Street
Roberts, George C., 32 East Street
Roberts, W. H., Railway Street
Roberts, W. H., 23 Gloucester Avenue
Robinson, Edward, 12 Norwyn Avenue
Robinson, Eliza J., 7 Mount Street
Robinson, Margaret H., 8 Church Place
Robinson, Matilda, 14 Meetinghouse Street
Robinson, Matilda, 16 Gloucester Avenue
Robinson, Minnie, 22 High Street
Robinson, Sarah A., 82 Killaughey Road
Robinson, Captain T., 102 Moat Street
Robinson, William, 10 Killaughey Road
Rogers, Thomas Henry, 53 Millisle Road
Rowe, Joseph R., 2 East Street
Ruddell, Miss, Royal Hotel, 35 Parade
Rundle, Harris, Maisonette, Ballywilliam
Russell, George, 48 Manor Street
Russell, Joseph, painter, 24 High Street
Russell, Mary, 41 Millisle Road
Russell, Robert, 34 Killaughey Road
Ryan, Thomas, 25 Shore Street

Sailes, Edward, 65b Millisle Road
Sampson, William, 75 William Street
Saunders, David, 6 Killaughey Road
Saunders, William, 1a Castle Street
Saunders, William, 12 Railway Street
Savage, Isabella, 117 Moat Street
Savage, Isabella, 20 Bennett's Avenue
Sawyer, Mary E., The Warren
Scott, Robert, 22 Northfield Road
Scott, Thomas, 37 Shore Street
Seabrooke, Anthony, 49 William Street
Semple, Luke, Ballyvester
Semple, Lydia, 7 Park Avenue
Semple, Mary, 42 Manor Street
Semple, Samuel, 19 Moat Avenue
Shanks, Jeremiah, 54 Warren Road
Shepherd, T., Searock Cafe, 13 Parade
Sheriff, Edith, 92 Moat Street
Sherritt, Ruth, 1b New Road
Simms, Mary K., 116g Killaughey Road
Simpson, George, 38 Northfield Road
Simpson, Robert, boatman, 11 Parade
Simpson, Robert, 5 Union Street
Simpson, Samuel T., 60 Northfield Road
Simpson, T., 26 New Street
Simpson, ?, 11 Shore Street
Sinclair, Margaret I., 12 Northfield Road
Singleton, John, 6 Greenbank Avenue
Singleton, Wilson R., Millisle Road
Skelton, Robert, 10 Northfield Road
Sloan, Jane, 37 High Street
Sloan, John J., Victoria Gardens
Sloan, Patrick, draper and outfitter, 31 High Street
Sloan, William, builder, Ballywilliam
Sloane, James, 99 Millisle Road
Smiles, Sir Walter, M.P., Portavoe
Smillie, James, 9 Warren Road
Smith, Catherine A., 23 Bow Street
Smith, Henry C., 36 Manor Street
Smith, Robert, 28 Meadowbank Avenue
Smith, Thomas, 61 Killaughey Road
Smith, W. G., 1c New Road
Smyth, Louisa C., 37 Warren Road
Smyth & McClure, grocers, 27 New Street
Somers, Robert, 4 Edward Street
Spark, Fredk. V., The Warren
Speers, Elizabeth, 15 Moat Street
Spence, Thomas E., The Warren
Stafford, Benjamin, 56 Moat Street
Sterling, Samuel V., 59 William Street
Stevenson, John, 23 Victoria Street
Stevenson, Robert, hairdresser, 24 Parade
Stevenson, William, 22 New Street
Stewart, Alfred J., Townhall Lane
Stewart, Annie, 7 Church Square
Stewart, Annie, 24 East Street
Stewart, Cornelius, 12 East Street
Stewart, C. C., 20 East Street
Stewart, George, 97 Moat Street
Stewart, Harold, 11b Church Square
Stewart, Henry, 17 Hunter's Lane
Stewart, John, 7 Edward Street
Stewart, John, 38 Parade
Stewart, John, 32 Moat Street
Stewart, Mary, 59 Millisle Road
Stewart, Mary A., 64 Millisle Road
Stewart, Mrs. A., grocer, 2 High Street
Stewart, Samuel, 8 East Street
Stewart, William, 11 Manor Street
Stewart, William, 52a Moat Street
Stout, Barbara, 17 Meetinghouse Street
Stout, James, 58 East Street
Strain, Alexander, 14 East Street
Strain, Hugh, 23 East Street
Strain, James, 28 Castle Street
Strain, James, 34 East Street
Strain, Robert, Ballyhay
Strain, Robert, 115 Moat Street
Strain, Samuel, 18 East Street
Strain, Thomas, 14 Schoolhouse Brae
Stringer, J. A. K., Dunottar Park
Strong, James E., 19 Victoria Gardens
Strong, Jane E., 11b Victoria Gardens
Strong, Mary, 49 Manor Street
Summers, Angus, 7 Hunter's Lane

Taggart, H. L., surveyor, Gloucester Avenue
Tanner, Samuel, 10 Castle Street
Taylor Bros., motor engineers, 1 High Street
Taylor, David, 97 Millisle Road
Taylor, David, 36 New Road
Taylor, Jack, motor works, 4 Shore Street
Taylor, James, 1 Greenbank Avenue
Taylor, John, 14 Killaughey Road
Taylor, Margaret H., 12 New Road
Taylor, Sarah Ann, 1 High Street
Tedford, Mrs., Millisle Road
Templeton, Elizabeth E., 4 Bridge Street
Thompson, Alfred, 1 New Road
Thompson, David, 11d Church Lane
Thompson, Elizabeth, 99 Moat Street
Thompson, James, 68e Millisle Road
Thompson, Joseph, 61 Moat Street
Thompson & McKibbin, auctioneers and estate agents, 6-7 Shore Street
Thompson, Robert, 18 Edward Street
Thompson, S. B., J.P., Tir-na-nog, The Warren
Thompson, Walter, 17 Warren Road
Thompson, William H., 10 Mount Street
Tiffany, Mrs. Isobel, 25 Mount Street
Tipping, Joseph, 18 Killaughey Road
Titterington, Henry J., 57 Warren Road
Toal, James, 46 Moat Street
Todd, Frederick L. J., 6 Railway Street
Todd, Hugh, 57 Moat Street
Todd, H., J.P., Toddville, Ballywilliam
Todd, William, 87 Millisle Road
Tollerton, Agnes, 12 Edward Street
Tollerton, Georgina, 8 Bow Street
Tollerton, John, 7 William Street
Tollerton, Mary, 40 Manor Street
Tollerton, W. J., 42 East Street
Tomkins, William, 104 Moat Street
Toner, Joan, 22 Victoria Gardens
Topping, Isaac, 11a Victoria Gardens
Torrance, Robert, 10 Edward Street
Treen, William, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Ballyvester
Trimble, John, 7Bow Street
Trimble, Samuel, 40 Moat Street
Trimble, Sarah, 34 Shore Street
Trimble, Thomas, 35 Shore Street
Turnstall, Charlotte E., 42 East Street
Turtle, Hugh, Warren Road

Ulster Bank, Ltd., J. Hewitt, manager, 28 New Street
Ulster Baths & Temperance Hotel, 55 Shore Street - John Pritchard

Voorsanger, Jeannie, 26 East Street

Waddell, Mrs. L., 60 Killaughey Road
Walker, Andrew, 1 Bennett's Avenue
Walker, Arthur W., 56 Killaughey Road
Walker, David, 6 Hunter's Lane
Walker, James S., 1 Killaughey Road
Walker, Lavinia, 8 New Street
Walker, Marianne, 3 Park Avenue
Walker, Robert, 13 Moat Avenue
Walker, Stanley N., 40 Bow Street
Walker, William, 22 Shore Street
Walker, William A., 56 Killaughey Road
Wallace, Agnes, 4 Gloucester Avenue
Walsh, Edward P., 8 William Street
Ward, James F., Lismoyle, Ballywilliam
Warner, Ltd., boot and shoe merchants, High Street
Watson, Rev. David, 1 Park Avenue
Watterson, John, 44 East Street
Watterson, Mary, 100 Mount Street
Weatherup, J., butcher, 3 High Street
Webb, Richard R., J.P., 50 Warren Road
Weir, George, 43 Millisle Road
Welch, James, 28 Shore Street
Wellwood, Misses E. & A., Glenburnie, Portavoe
Whincup, S., 69 Killaughey Road
White, Anna, 61 William Street
White, A., pilot, 25 Moat Street
White, Mrs. A., Ballywilliam
White, Sara, 49 Shore Street
Wightman, Elizabeth, 34 Moat Street
Wilkinson, Alfred, 23 Moat Street
Williamson, Henry, Coastguard Station
Williamson, Martha, 63 Killaughey Road
Willis, Elizabeth, The Rectory, Bangor Road
Wilmore, Evelyn, 10 Mount Street
Wilson, James, 7 Bridge Street
Wilson, James, 8 Victoria Gardens
Wilson, Martha, 36 Manor Street
Wilson, Rose, 1c New Road
Wilson, Sarah, 20 Northfield Road
Windley, Sarah, 20 Manor Street
Withers, Hugh, 5 Schoolhouse Brae
Woods, Francis, 48 Moat Street
Woods, Frank, 2 East Street
Woods, Hugh, 47 Shore Street
Woods, James, 37 Shore Street
Woods, John, 15 Park Avenue
Woods, John, 32 Killaughey Road
Woods, Thomas, 26 Castle Street
Woods, William, 3 Bridge Street
Wright, Allen, 50 East Street
Wright, John, Carnathan
Wright, Joseph, Ballyfotherly
Wright, Minnie, 28 William Street
Wright, Robert, 44 Manor Street
Wylie, Emma, district nurse, 27 East Street

Young, Robert, 3 Meadowbank Avenue

County Tyrone

     This village is situated on the River Dennet, about 10 miles from Londonderry, and 7 from Strabane.  Fairs are held on the last Thursday of every month.


Church of Ireland - Rev. Eager, rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. R. H. Greer
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Father Gormley, P.P.


Coroner - Edward Clarke, solicitor, Strabane
R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeant Mairs
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. McClean
Northern Bank Ltd.
Ulster Bank Ltd.
Magistrates - R. Lyons, Miss Ballantine, James H. Dunn, R. J. Allen
Petty Sessions are held on third Friday of each month at 11 a.m.  Clerk - J. F. McNamee


Allen Bros., builders and carpenters
Allen, Frederick, undertaker
Arbuckle, T., shipping agent

Campbell, A. P., & Son, auctioneers, rate collectors, estate agents
Cochrane, J. L., garage
Conway, J., builder and carpenter
Cummings, S., saddler

Davis, John, sexton
Doherty, D., teacher
Doherty, Mrs. T., teacher
Dolan, Mrs., teacher

Eager, Rev.

Forbes, J., bill poster
Forbes, R., boot maker
Fulton, R. J., draper

Gormley, Rev. Father, P.P.
Gormley, J., postman

Hamilton, Mrs. Annie, boot merchant
Hamilton, W. J., grocer
Harkness, W., R.U.C.
Harron, W. J., postman
Harvey, W., publican
Henderson, W. J., bill poster

Jack, William, carpenter
Johnstone, R., grocer and seed merchant

Kelly, Francis, teacher
Kennedy, R., R.U.C.
Kennedy, W., tailor

Langan, Edward, clothes dealer
Logan, Rev. Samuel
Lowry, R., grocer and newsagent

Magee, Patrick, postman
Meenagh, J., draper
Monteith, J., boot merchant
Murray, James, garage
Murray, J., postman
Murray, Mrs., lodging house

McAleer, Robert, boot maker
McCay, Mrs., teacher
McClean, Dr., L.R.C.P., S.Ed.
McCormick, G., hotel proprietor and grocer
McDermott, J., clothes dealer
McGonigle, N., sexton
McNamee, J., auctioneer and C.P.S.

O'Connor, F., insurance agent
O'Doherty, Mrs., nurse
O'Neill, Mrs., teacher

Pearson, R., supper saloon

Quigley, Patrick, insurance agent
Quinn, P., butcher

Robins, A., teacher
Russell, J., manager

Walker, J., grocer and publican
Walker, Mrs., teacher
Ward, John A., blacksmith
Ward, Mrs. Annie, grocer
Ward, M., postman
Ward, Patrick, publican

Young, A. T., civil servant

County Down

     An important centre from the earliest times. Downpatrick is the principal and assize town of the County.  It is 21 miles south-east of Belfast. The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, built on the site of an ancient abbey, stands on a wooded eminence to the west of the town, and objects of interest in the vicinity are the reputed grave of St. Patrick and the old Town Cross, which was restored in 1897. The late Prince George, Duke of Kent, bore as one of his titles that of Baron Downpatrick. Population in 1937 was 3,373, an increase of 226 on the figures of 1926.  Fairs are held on the third Wednesday of each month, and half-yearly fairs on the first Tuesday in May and November.  Markets are held on Tuesday and Saturday.  Shops' half-holiday, Thursday


Church of Ireland, Down Cathedral - Bishop, Rt. Rev. C. King Irwin, D.D.; Dean, Very Rev. R. C. H. G. Elliott, M.A.; Archdeacon, The Ven. C. C. Manning, M.C., M.A.; Chancellor, Rev. J. Quin, B.A.; Precentor, Rev. Canon T. B. Brown, M.A.; Treasurer, Rev. Alexander Moore, B.A.; Prebendaries, Rev. F. Matchett, B.D., and Rev. G. W. Capsey, M.A.; Minor Canon, Rev. J. H. Hawkins; hon. secretary and treasurer of Cathedral Board, Joseph Mitchell
Parish Church - Very Rev. R. C. H. G. Elliott, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Eric M. Borland, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. Henry Robt. Armstrong
First Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Radcliffe, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Very Rev. D. J. (Canon) McWilliams, P.P., V.F.


Down High School - A. Fowweather, M.Sc., prin. (Thomas Stevenson, acting headmaster)
St. Patrick's High School - Rev. Dr. Edmund, M.A., headmaster
Southwell Down (Boys') P.E. School - A. Edmond, principal
Southwell Down P.E. School - Miss Annie Wallis, principal
Infirmary Street School - W. G. H. Brewster, prin.


Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., Market Street - Manager, Lyle Reid
Munster and Leinster Bank - Manager, F. W. Starkey
Northern Bank Ltd., Market Street - Manager, Thomas J. B. McComish
Ulster Bank Ltd., W. S. Corry, Manager, Irish Street


John Street School - Christian Brothers, teachers
Downpatrick Technical School - Principal, John McMeekan
Down Mental Hospital - Dr. Douglas B. M. Lothian, resident medical superintendent; assistants - senior, Dr. R. F. G. Dickson; juniors, Dr. A. E. Anderson, Dr. R. Dougal, Dr. Alfred Clint; clerk, J. W. Lillie; storekeeper, Wm. Hanna; landsteward, R. J. Brown
Guardians and District Councillors - Wm. Nesbitt (chairman, Guardians); James Cleland, John Bailie, Hugh Brown, Jos. Cather, James J. Dignam, John Feenan, W. R. Flinn (deputy vice-chairman, Guardians), George K. Gibson, Joseph Gill, James Hurst, John Jackson (vice-chairman, Guardians), Thomas Jennings, Thomas McEvoy, William J. McCoubrey (chairman, R.D.C.); William McDowell, Felix McKenna, John McMullan, Hugh McNamara, Senan Sharvin, William Glover, J. J. Smyth, P. Smyth, William Trohear, J. H. Wightman. Meetings held second Saturday of each month. Clerk - Richard John Carr
Downpatrick Gas Company - Manager, Engineer and collector, Samuel Moore; secretary, Charles Leigh Brown
Southwell School and Almhouses )managed by a Board of Governors) - Very Rev. R. C. H. G. Elliott, M.A., Dean of Down (chairman); R. W. H. Blackwood, J.P.; Thomas Wright, Mrs. C. W. Wallace, Samuel Pyper
County Infirmary - John C. Robb, M.D., surgeon; Dr. A. A. G. Carson and Dr. W. J. Watson, house surgeons; Thomas Love, registrar
Electricity Board - R. F. Rickard, manager
County Council Offices, Courthouse - J. H. Harvey, secretary
County Courthouse - F. Breen, court keeper
County Club, 118 Irish Street
Clerk of Crown and Peace - Daniel McCartan, Courthouse
Petty Sessions Court - John Ellison, clerk
Down Hunt Club, The Mall - Col. A. R. G. Gordon, D.S.O., M.P., Delamont House, Killyleagh, hon. secretary and treasurer
R.U.C. Barracks, Irish Street - Co. Inspector, Capt. J. M. Regan; District-Inspector, Major B. D. Parkinson-Cumine
Registrar of Marriages - S. Cochrane, English Street; deputy registrar, John M. Quinn
Registrar of Births, Marriages (R.C. only), and Deaths - Dr. Isobel Glasgow, Irish Street; deputy, Ethel Crickard, Irish Street
School Inspectors - Senior, S. Kirkpatrick, M.A.; junior, A. Harvey, M.A.
Urban District Council - Edward K. McGrady, J.P. (chairman); John Feenan (vice-chairman); William Moore, John Dickson, Thomas Breen, John Bailie, Jas. W. Clements, Thos. Skeffington, Wm. Laverty, David Perry, John Gray, Joseph Stewart, Michael J. Hayes, town clerk; Thomas McLean, town surveyor; W. J. H. O'Mara, vet. inspector; Bernard J. Murphy, sanitary sub-officer; Elizabeth Keeler, rate collector
Carnegie Public Library, Market Street - County Librarian, Miss A. D. Baillie, B.A.
Ministry of Labour Unemployment Insurance - Manager, R. Maginn
Post Office - Edward Muldoon, postmaster


Commercial Hotel, Market Street - J. &. J. Rea
Denvirs Hotel, English Street - Mrs. Margt. Hayes
Down Hotel, Market Street - Mrs. Skeffington
Fitzsimmons' Private Hotel, English Street
Railway Hotel, Market Street - P. J. Kelly


Acton, Harriett, St. Patrick's Avenue
Acton, Thomas, spirit dealer, Market Street
Anderson, Robert, New Bridge Street
Anderson, William, Church Street
Armstrong, Rev. Henry Robt., Saul Street

Bailie, John, John Street
Bangor, The Rt. Hon. Viscount, M.V.O., Castleward
Barry, Rosaleen, ladies' hairdresser, Market Street
Beattie, James, victualler, Market Street
Bell, Bruce, solicitor, Church Avenue
Bell, Cecil, Confectioner and Stationer, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Scotch Street
Bell & Co., solicitors, Church Avenue
Bell, Mrs., tobacconist, Irish Street
Bell, William, grocer and fruiterer, Scotch Street
Bingham, Miss Edith, The Mall
Blaney, Daniel, publican, Saul Street
Blaney, Henry, furniture stores, Market Street
Blaney, Joseph, Assurance agent, Saul Street
Bloomfield, Ben., fish and chip saloon, Scotch Street
Bohill, Florence, Market Street
Bohill, Thomas, funeral furnisher, Bridge Street
Boyce, James, publican, St. Patrick's Avenue
Bradley, Mrs., Edward Street
Braniff, Kathleen, ladies' hairdresser, Market Street
Breen, Michael, La Salle Terrace
Breen, Thomas, Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Market Street
Briggs' Hairdressing Saloon, English Street
Brien, Jane, Scotch Street
Briggs, Joseph, Church Street
Briggs, Miss M., tobacconist, Irish Street
Briggs, Rachel, Church Street
Briggs, Robert, Irish Street
Brown, John, engineer, St. Patrick's Avenue
Brown, Robert, St. Patrick's Avenue

Calvert, John, New Bridge Street
Caher, Joseph, auctioneer, Market Street
Calvert, Melville, Church Street
Carr, Richard John, grocer, St. Patrick's Avenue
Carr, Richard John, Saul Street
Carson, James, grocer, St. Patrick's Avenue
Cassidy, J., Market Street
Chambers, Robert I., Painter, Irish Street
Chambers, R. Graham, dentist, Market Street
Clarke, Elizabeth, publican, English Street
Clements, James, Shantallagh
Clements, James W., Strangford Road
Clydesdale, Annie, New Bridge Street
Clydesdale, Stewart, New Bridge Street
Coburn, R. & D., drapers, Irish Street
Cochrane, Elizabeth, Strangford Road
Cochrane, Henry Cooke, Strangford Road
Cochrane, Letitia M., Church Street
Cochrane, Samuel, Commissioner for Oaths, Church Street
Collins, Teresa, publican, Stream Street
Connolly, Robert, Irish Street
Connor, Edward, Church Street
Corry, William S., J.P., St. Patrick's Avenue
Coulter, A. J. H., organist, Rath Cuan
Coulter, William, Rathkeltair Road
Crawford, Mrs. F. J., Rathdune, Downpatrick
Crawford, William J., Church Street
Crichton, W. Y., proprietor of "Down Recorder," 118 Irish Street
Crickard, The Misses M. and E., English Street
Crolly, John, J.P., Ballyrolly, Ballykilbeg
Crolly, Patrick, J.P., Ballyrolly
Curran, Mrs. Bridget, confectioner, Market Street

Denvir, Miss, Stream Street
Devlin, Mrs. Helen Jacqueline, Donard View
Dickson, Hugh, J.P., ironmonger, Irish Street
Dickson, W. J., Saul Street
Doris, John, pharmaceutical chemist, Irish Street
Dorrian, Patrick, draper, Irish Street
Dougherty, John, Market Street
Dougherty, Mrs., publican, Church Street
Downpatrick Co-operative Society, Church Street
Downpatrick Timber and Slate Co., Church Street

East Downshire S.S. Co. - Coal yard, Market Street
Elliott, Very Rev. R. C. H. G., St. Patrick's Avenue
Ellison, John, Commissioner for Oaths, Church Street
Ervine, A., draper, Scotch Street and Market Street

Fee, Lily, Edward Street
Feenan, John, John Street
Fisher, Sarah, English Street
Fitzpatrick, Peter, auctioneer, Market Street
Fitzsimmons, Francis, draper, Irish Street
Fitzsimons, James, Ard-Erin, John Street
Fitzsimons & Byrne, grocers, Irish Street
Fitzsimons, W. C., embroidery agent, St. Patrick's Avenue
Fleming, J. H., hardware merchant, Market Street
Foley, John, Church Street
Foster, A., station master, Market Street
Fox, William, stationer, Market Street

Gallagher, Mrs. A., New Bridge Street
Gilmour, Alex., Killough Road
Glasgow, Dr. Isobel, St. Patrick's Avenue
Gracey, Thomas, clerk Crown and Peace Office, Courthouse
Grant, John, merchant tailor, Irish Street
Gray, John, draper, English Street
Gregory, Frederick, Irish Street
Gregory, William, Church Street

Hamilton, Osfred D., grocer, Church Street
Hamilton, Robert J., contractor, Church Street
Hanlon, John, fruiterer, Market Street
Hastings, T. E., sculptor, Church Street
Hayes, Clarence D., Church Street
Hayes, Hans, New Bridge Street
Henderson, Robert, solicitor and sub-sheriff, English Street
Henry, Mrs. Hannah, Church Street
Hinds, Margaret, publican, John Street
Hodgins, Henry, The Hill, Saul Street
Holland, Charles, Irish Street
Holland, Edward, St. Patrick's Avenue
Hughes, Kathleen, home bakery and confectioner
Hunter, William J., St. Patrick's Avenue
Hutchinson, Courtenay, New Bridge Street

Jamison, Edward, Church Street
Jamison, James, publican, Church Street
Johnston, Jean, Church Street
Johnston, Michael J., solicitor, St. Patrick's Avenue
Johnston & McCourt, solicitors, St. Patrick's Avenue
Johnston, Robert, Saul Street
Johnston, Sarah C., English Street
Johnston, William T., tailor, Scotch Street

Keeler, Mrs. Elizabeth, rate collector, Saul Street
Kelly, Hugh, ironmonger, Market Street
Kelly, James, Scotch Street
Kelly, Patrick J., Railway Hotel, Market Street
Kelly, Thomas, butcher, Market Street
Kelly, William, Scotch Street
Kennedy, James, gardener, Stream Street
Kennedy, James, Church Street
Kennedy, James T. C., Irish Street
Keown, Charles, plumber, Irish Street
Kerr & Belshaw, spirit merchants, Scotch Street
Kidd, J., grocer, Market Street
King, Hugh, draper, Irish Street
King, William, motor agent, St. Patrick's Avenue
Kinnear, Craig, Church Street

Lascelles, Miss F., Church Street
Latimer, James R., auctioneer, draper, etc., St. Patrick's Avenue
Laverty, William, victualler, St. Patrick's Avenue
Law, Thomas, Church Street
Lawther, James, V.S., Irish Street
Lloyd, Robert, Irish Street
Logan, Mary F., chemist, Irish Street
Love, Frederick, Church Street
Love, Hugh, grocer, Market Street
Love, John, contractor, Irish Street
Love, Samuel, solicitor, St. Patrick's Avenue
Love, Stanley, Irish Street
Love, Thomas, Saul Street
Love, William, The Mall

MacAuley, John, chemist, Irish Street
MacKenzie, K. A., dental surgery, Church Street
Magee, John, Bridge Street
Mageean, Patrick, Saul Orchard
Mageean, Sarah J., publican, Church Street
Magorrian, James, hardware merchant, Scotch Street
Malone, Samuel, Church Street
Malone, William H., plumber, Church Street
Martin & Henderson, solicitors, English Street
Mawhinney, Thomas, cycle agent, Market Street
Maxwell, Robert, Dundela, Saul Street
Mees, Chas., garage & motor works, Church Street
Mees, Mary E., English Street
Menown, John, cattle dealer, Irish Street
Mercer, Rev. J., St. Patrick's Avenue
Mitchell, Joseph, law clerk, Asylum Road
Mitchell, Joseph Leslie, Irish Street
Moore, John, insurance agent, Edward Street
Moore, John C., Newsagent, English Street
Moore, William, publican, Irish Street
Morrison, James, draper, Lecale House, Market Street
Morrison, Thomas H., Stream Street
Muldrew, Ernest, Saul Street
Muldrew, Thomas Frederick, Scotch Street
Mullan, Hugh, Irish Street
Mullan, Mrs. Catherine, Fountain Street
Murland & Co. (John McRobert), solicitors, English Street
Murphy, B. J., relieving officer, Saul Street
Myers, James, superintendent, Irish Street

McAnulty, Misses, ladies' hairdressers, Irish Street
McBride, James, Scotch Street
McBride, Jane, English Street
McBride, John, auctioneer, Demesne of Down
McBride, Mrs., dress maker, Irish Street
McBride, Robert, watch maker, Saul Street
McBride, R. J., Scotch Street
McBride, Stanley, New Bridge Street
McCann, H., merchant tailor, Irish Street
McCartan, Bernard, hairdresser, Irish Street
McCartan, D., B.A., solicitor, clerk of the Crown and Peace, Crown and Peace Office
McCartan, Elizabeth, publican, Saul Street
McCartan, Joseph, Edward Street
McCartan, Joseph, boot merchant, Market Street
McCartney, James, house furnisher, Irish Street
McClurg, John, Church Street
McClurg, Robert, Rathkeltair Terrace
McClurg, Wilhelmina, English Street
McComish, Thos. J. B., Northern Bank, Market Street
McCord, Richard, hairdresser, Irish Street
McCourt, John E., solicitor, English Street
McCourt, W., solicitor, English Street
McCracken, William, cabinet maker, Newbridge Street
McElney, Mary Elizabeth, The Hill, Saul Street
McEvoy, Mary, Fountain Street
McGrady, Charles, Saul Street
McGrady, Edward, spirit dealer, John Street
McGrady, Joseph, blacksmith, St. Patrick's Avenue
McGrady, Michael J., tailor, Market Street
McIlroy, The Misses, dress makers, English Street
McKeating, William, grocer, Scotch Street
McKee, A. M., Demesne of Down
McKee, A M., spirit merchant, Scotch Street and Church Street
McLean, Thomas, architect and civil engineer, Irish Street
McLister, Dr. D., Irish Street
McManus, John, Church Street
McMullan, Thomas, New Bridge Street
McMurray Harold, Saul Road

Neill Bros., victuallers, English Street
Neill, Miss Lucie, Irish Street
Nevin, Robert, Church Street
Newman, Joseph, printer, Irish Street

O'Driscoll, Misses, Irish Street
O'Hagan, Hugh, blacksmith, Market Street
O'Hagan, John, dairyman, St. Patrick's Avenue
O'Hagan, Thomas, Church Street
O'Mara, W. J. H., V.S., La Salle Terrace

Parkinson-Cumine, Major, B.D., St. Patrick's Avenue
Patterson, Edward, dairyman, Church Street
Patterson, R. H. S., B.E., Miscora
Perceval, R. D., Kary Hill
Perceval-Maxwell, Mabel, Ballydugan House
Perry, David, Irish Street
Pinkerton, Cecil G., electrical engineer, Portland
Pinkerton, Capt. J. G., Portland
Pooler, Augusta, The Mall, Downpatrick
Porter, Moses J., auctioneer, Market Street
Pratt, Eva, draper, Market  Street
Press, George E., auctioneer, Market Street
Price, Annie, Edward Street
Price, William, Edward Street
Pyper, Samuel, English Street

Quinn, John M., Church Street
Quinn, Edward, New Bridge Street
Quinn, R. E., New Bridge Street

Radcliffe, J. D., St. Patrick's Avenue
Rea, Joseph, draper, St. Patrick's Avenue
Rea, Messrs. J. & J., Commercial Hotel, Market Street
Rea, Thomas,. plumber, La Salle Terrace
Redmond, F., refreshment rooms, Market Street
Rees, Alfred, publican, Scotch Street
Regan, Capt. J. M., Quoile
Reynolds, William N., Irish Street
Ringland, John, Edward Street
Ross, James, Edward Street
Russell, David, Irish Street
Ryan, Thomas, draper, Market Street

Shannon, Samuel, saddler, New Bridge Street
Shield's Medical Hall, (J. Macauley, successor), Irish Street
Shields, William J., Edward Street
Skeffington Bros., butchers, Market Street
Skeffington, Thomas, Down Hotel, Market Street
Sloan, James Z., English Street
Smith, Daniel, Church Street
Smith, David, Pound Lane
Smith, Edward W., Earlswood, Saul Street
Smith, Edmond A., English Street
Smith, The Misses, English Street
Smyth, Daniel, Market Street
Smyth, John, cabinet maker, Scotch Street
Smyth, John T., Church Street
Smyth & Sons, engineers, St. Patrick's Avenue
Smyth, Thomas, plumber, Irish Street
Smyth, William, St. Patrick's Avenue
Stevenson, Samuel J., chemist, Market Street
Stewart, Joseph, motor agent, St. Patrick's Avenue
Stockdale, John, Church Street
Strain, David, confectioner, Scotch Street
Stratton, Jean, boot merchant, Market Street

Tate, Richard, St. Patrick's Avenue
Taylor, G. R., jeweller, Irish Street
Taylor, James, New Bridge Street
Taylor, William, Church Street
Telford, F. W. J., boot manufacturer, English Street
Telford, Hugh R., painter, Saul Street
Telford, John, Church Street
Telford, Miss M. E. J., Business Training Academy, Church Street
Telford, William, plumber, Edward Street
Thompson Bros., fleshers, English Street
Thompson, Charles, garage, Church Street
Toner, Joseph, fowl dealer, John Street
Turtle, David, Saul Street
Tweedie, William, Saul Street

Walls, Susan, Irish Street
Waterman, Samuel, boot repairer, Market Street
Watkinson, Henry Riddle, Ardnageeha, Jordan's Avenue
Watterson, Alexander, hair dresser, Market Street
Watterson, Robert, hair dresser, English Street
Weighman, John, Pound Lane
Weighman, William, Edward Street
Welshman, Frederick, publican, Market Street
Welshman, Frederick, Edward Street
Welshman, Mrs. Ellen, publican, Church Street
White, James, New Bridge Street
White, Miss Finch, Frankville
Whitlaw, Andrew, St. Patrick's Avenue
Wilson, Isabella, grocer, New Bridge Street
Wilson, John, Church Street
Wylie, Patrick, Edward Street
Wylie, Thomas, & Son, motor agents, Market Street


Adrain, Dr. James, Ardglass
Anderson, Mrs. N. K., Ballyhossett

Bassett, Clement, Ballyrennan
Bassett, John, Terminane
Bassett, Miss, Ballygally
Bassett, W. M., Ballygally
Binns, George M., Vianstown House, Ballyvange
Blaney, James, Ballywalter
Bourns, Rev. W. C., B.A., B.A.I., The Rectory, Killough
Briggs, Robert, Killough
Brown, James, Chudleagh House, Ballybrannagh
Burns, Edward, Coniamstown
Burns, John, Annacloy

Caher, Joseph, Grangecam
Caher, Mrs. J., Ballynoe
Campbell, Ema M., Ballygawley
Carson, George, Ballykinlar
Carson, J., Corbally, Bishopscourt
Carson, William H., Corbally
Carson, William J., Rathmullan
Casement, Joseph, Ballygally
Cavan, Miss, Ballee
Cavan, William, Ballybrannagh
Caven, Robert, Ballee
Celestine, Peter, Spittle, Ballee
Chambers, James, Ballybrannagh
Chambers, Richard D., Tullynaskeagh
Chambers, William James, Ballyedock
Christian, Miss E., Ballyhossett
Cleland, H. G., Ballintogher
Cleland, Samuel, The Quarter
Clinton, Patrick William, Sheeplandmore
Coates, John, Strangford Upper
Coates, Mrs. Sarah, Quoile
Coates, William, Quoile
Cochrane, E. J., Inch
Cochrane, J., Woodgrange
Cochrange, Mrs. B. M., Inch (Cochrane)
Cochrane, Robert M., Inch
Cochrane, William W., Inch
Coffey, Samuel, Cluntagh
Colgan, Mrs., Lisnamaul
Colly, George, Tullyratty
Connolly, John, Ardglass
Connor, Hugh, Ross
Connor, John, Ballydock
Connor, Thomas, Struel
Conway, Rev. Dr. J., C.C., Legamaddy
Conway, Roland, Legnagoppage
Cooke, John S. F., Ferryquarter, Strangford
Corry, Francis, Quoile
Corry, Mrs., Saul
Cotter, Charles H., Marshallstown
Coulter, Hamilton, Cluntagh
Coulter, Mrs., Walshestown
Coulter, John, Walshestown
Coulter, Thomas, Raholp
Coulter, Thomas, Ardtole
Coulter, William, Quoile
Craig, Hugh Thomas, stationmaster, Ardglass
Craig, James, Killough
Craig, Josiah, Kildares, Crewe
Crangle, Edward. Carrowcarlin
Crangle, James, Carrowcarlin
Crawford, Edward J., Rossglass
Crawford, Rev. Robert, Tyrella
Crea, Hugh, Dunsford
Crea, John, Ringawoody
Crea, John, Ballyedock Upper
Crolly, John, jun., Ballynarry
Crolly, Patrick, J.P., Ballyrolly
Croskery, Hugh, Tyrella
Croskery, James, Ballystokes
Croskery, Mrs., Ballywarren
Curran, James, Raholp
Curran, James, Ballysugah
Curran, Patrick J., Sheepland
Cusack, Edward, Struel
Cusack, Mrs. Mary, Ballymote

Davidson. Ralph, Ballycam
Davidson, Stephen, Ballyrolly
Denvir, John, Ballybeg
Denvir, Patrick, Killough
Denvir, Patrick, Ballynagarrick
Denvir, Patrick, Ballybeg
Denvir, Robert John, Legnagoppage
Denvir, Thomas, Loughkeeland
Dickson, David John, Ballydonnell
Dickson, Margaret, Tobermoney
Dickson, Mrs., Bonecastle
Dickson, Thomas, Ballymurray
Dickson, William, Ballykilbeg
Digney, Mrs., Glovet
Doherty, Patrick, Tobbercorn
Doran, Edward, Ballysugah
Doran, John, Ballyplunt
Doran, Patrick, Ballyplunt
Dougherty, Mrs., Ballyhornan
Dougherty, Thomas, Dunanelly
Doyle, Michael, Sheeplandmore
Drake, Edward, Coniamstown
Draper, Rev. A. O., M.A., The Rectory, Ardglass

Edgar, James, Dunanelly
Edgar, John, Erinagh
Edgar, Thomas, Demesne of Down
Emerson, William, Annacloy
Ennis, Mrs., Carrowbane
Ennis, William, Bright
Entrican, Rev. W. R., B.A., Ardglass

Fallon, Thomas, Killough
Fay, John, Walshestown
Fay, Patrick William, Killard Lower
Fegan, Mrs. Patrick, Loughmoney
Ferguson, D., Ballykeel
Ferguson, James, Tobercorran
Fisher, William, Craigduff
Fitzsimons, George, Ballyclander
Fitzsimons, Henry, Glebe
Fitzsimons, James, Ballintogher
Fitzsimons, James, Legnagoppage
Fitzsimons, John, Glebe
Fitzsimons, John, Ballintogher
Fitzsimons, Luke, Kilclief
Fitzsimons, Mrs. Mary, Quarter Cormick
Fitzsimons, Patrick, Dunsford
Fitzsimons, Patrick, Ballintogher
Fitzsimons, Patrick T., Tullyfoyle
Fitzsimons, Peter, draper, Ardglass
Flanagan, P., Annacloy
Flynn, Nathaniel, Ardglass
Flynn, Robert, Killough
Forde, Captain Thomas, Seaforde
Foy, Charles, Coniamstown
Foy, John, Killough
Fraser, Rev. R., Bright Rectory
Frazer, Rev. W. F., B.A., The Rectory, Strangford

Galway, John, Ballyguigan
Galway, Thomas, Lissoid
Galway, William, Ballydonnell
Gibbons, Matthew J., Ballykeel
Gibbons, Patrick Joseph, Ballykeel
Gibson, Aaron, Corporation
Gibson, George, Ballynoe
Gifford, Charles F., Quoile
Gilchrist, George, Tullycarnon
Gilchrist, Hugh, J.P., Ardtole
Gilchrist, James, Ringawoody
Gilchrist, Peter, Ballyedock Upper
Gilchrist, Samuel, Ardtole
Gilchrist, Thomas, Ardtole
Gilchrist, William, Ardtole
Gill, Frederick G., Sheeplandmore
Gill, Sydney, Ballycruttle
Gracey, George, Woodgrange
Gracey, John, Ballyhornan
Graham, Thomas, Dundrum
Grant, Edward, Carricknab
Green, Charles, Magherasaul

Hamilton, James, Glovet
Hamilton, John A., Coniamstown
Hamilton, Mrs., Castleward
Hamilton, William John, Ballyclander Lower
Hampton, Thomas, Loughmoney
Hampton, William, Saul
Hanlon, Mrs. Mary, Ballymote
Hanna, G., Ballynagross
Hanna, Mrs., Audley's Acre
Hanna, Peter, Lismore
Hanna, Richard, Kilclief
Hanna, Richard, Ballywooden
Hanna, Rose Ann, Lissoid
Hannah, Rev. W., Ardglass
Haslett, Mrs., Annadorn
Hawthorne, Edward, Kilbride, Killough
Hayes, Mrs., Craigduff
Hinds, Patrick, Islandbane
Hinds, Patrick, Carrowbane
Hogg Bros., Carricknab
Hosking Bros., Ardglass
Huddleston, Thomas, Magheraleggan
Hughes, Adam H., Carrownacaw
Hughes, Bernard, Walshestown
Hughes, Bernard, Ballyviggis
Hughes, E. A., Magheracranmoney
Hughes, Hugh, Dunanelly
Hughes, James, Ballyriggis
Hughes, Mrs. Margaret, Ballynacraig
Hughes, Richard, J.P., Ardglass
Hughes, Thomas, Ballyrenan, Inch
Hunter, Mrs. Ellen, Ballygally
Hutton, Alexander, Hollymount
Hutton, John, Bells Hill, Inch
Hutton, Robert, Annacloy
Hutton, Thomas, Ballydugan
Hynds, John, Killough

Ingram, John, Killough
Irvine, Alexander, Ballydonnell
Irvine, J., Ballydonnell
Irvine, Robert, Rathmullan Lower
Irvine, Thomas, Grangewalls

Jennings Bros., Ballyman, Inch
Jennings, Frank, J.P., Ballywarren
Jennings, John, Farranfad
Jennings, Mrs., Ballynacraig
Jennings, Robert, Lisnamaul
Jennings, Thomas, Ballynacraig
Jennings, William, Craigduff
Jervis, George, Ballyplunt
Jervis, James, Ballykilbeg
Jervis, John, Corbally, Ballykilbeg
Jervis, May, Ballyplunt
Jervis, Mrs., Woodgrange
Johnston, Alfred, Cloughey
Johnston, John, Cloughey
Johnston, John, Legnagoppage (Johnstone in 1918)
Johnston, William, Ballykilbeg House
Johnstone, Thomas, Carrowbaghran

Keaghey, J. H., Ballyculter
Keenan, Thomas, Tobercoran
Kelly, Adam, Ballyalton
Kelly, Bernard, St. John's Point
Kelly, Francis, Ballystrew
Kelly, James, Ballydugan
Kelly, James N., Ballyvange
Kelly, John, Hollymount
Kelly, William J., Ballystrew
Kennedy, David, Ardtole
Kennedy, John, Dunanelly
Kennedy, Robert, Ringfad
Kennedy, Thomas, Ardilea
Kennedy, William, Knocksticken
Keown, Hugh, Ardmeen
Keown, Richard, Ardmeen
Keown, William Patrick, Ballyhornan
Killen, James, Tollumgrange Lower
King, Mrs. Jane, Dunanelly
King, Thomas, Ballyrenan
Kinnear, David, Coniamstown
Kinnear, Hugh, Dillin
Kinnear, James, Ballyplunt

Lascelles, Herbert, Killavees
Laverty, Edward, Ballyvaston
Laverty, Joseph, Castlecreen
Laverty, Leo, Ballyculter
Laverty, Miss, Ballynewport
Law, Samuel, Ballyvaston
Lawson, Mrs., Tullratty
Lennon, Mrs. Minnie, Killough

Macauley, Annie, Ballyhossett
Macauley, George, Knockstiken
Magee, Bernard, Ballyhornan
Magee, Daniel, Ballynagross
Magee, Hugh, Quoile
Magee, John, Lisamore
Magee, John, Quoile
Magee, John, Ballywalter
Magee, John, Ballynagross
Magee, John, Ballyedock Upper
Magee, Miss, Ballycruttle
Magee, Mrs. Mary, Ballywooden, Strangford
Magee, Patrick, Ballyorgan
Magee, Patrick, Ballynagarrick
Magee, William, Ballylenagh
Magee, William, Ballynagarrick
Mageean, Patrick, Ballintogher
Magill, Michael, Lisboy
Magill, Patrick, Ballywalter
Magilton, William and Hugh, Church, Ballee
Maglennon, John, Saul
Maglennon, Patrick, Saul
Magowan, Rev. T., P.P., Strangford
Magreevy, William, Ballintlieve
Martin, George, Bishopscourt
Martin, George, Strangford Upper
Martin, James, Ballytrustan
Martin, J. C., Killough
Martin, Robert W., Lismore
Martin, William A. F., Tobermoney
Matthews, George, Ballygally
Mathews, Moses, Ballynarry
Matthews, William, Ballygally
Maxwell, Major John R. Perceval, Finnebrogue House
Maxwell, Mabel, Ballydugan
Maxwell, P., Percival, Inch Lodge
Millar, James, Ballyclander
Milligan, Mrs., Ardglass
Mitchell, Joseph, Jordan's Acre
Moffatt, Henry, Farranfad
Moffatt, Robert, Hollymount
Moffatt, William, Farranfad
Montgomery, Daniel, Killough
Montgomery, George, Rossglass
Montgomery, James, Ballylig
Montgomery, William, Ballygilbert
Moore, John, Ballytrustan
Moore, Dr. P. J., Corbally
Moore, William, Ballytrustan
Moore, W. H., J.P., Killough
Morgan, John, Ardglass
Morrison, Thomas, Magheracranmoney
Moore, John, Ballytrustan
Morrow, Mrs. Minnie, Dunsford
Mulheron, Joseph, Ardglass
Munce, Alexander, Killough
Murphy, James, Ballybranagh
Murphy, John, Ballynewport
Murphy, Mary Jane, Marshallstown
Murphy, Miss, Ballydargan
Murphy, Mrs., Ballynewport
Murphy, Patrick, Rossglass
Murphy, Patrick, Ballymurry
Murphy, Patrick, Ballymurry
Murphy, William, Erinagh
Murray, John, Ballykinlar
Murray, Patrick, Ballykinlar
Murray, Patrick, Annadorn

McCammon, John, Nutgrove, Annadorn
McCann & Burns, Ardglass
McCann, Rev. F., C.C., Ballycruttle
McCann, Peter, Magherasaul
McCartney, John, Bright
McCashin, John, Bolecastle
McCashin, Mark, Corbally
McComiskey, Dr. A. W. S., Ardglass
McConn, Richard, Spittle, Ballee
McConvey, J., Sheepland
McConvey, Richard F., Dunsford
McConvey, William, Tollumgrange Lower
McConvey, William W., Tollumgrange Upper
McCormick, Patrick, Killough
McCoubrey, Samuel, Kildares Crew
McCoubrey, Wm., Ballyhossett and Grangewalls
McCracken, Alexander, Ballylough
McCracken, Robert, Ballylough
McCrissican, John, Bright
McCrissican, Patrick, Bright
McCullen, Lena, Marshallstown
McCullen, Robert, Ballymote
McCullen, Samuel, Bonecastle
McCullen, William, Ballylig
McEvoy, Peter, Ballynoe
McEvoy, Thomas, Killough
McGarry, Bernard, Ballynewport
McGee, John J., Ballycruttle
McGhie, Robert, Ballyalton
McGrath, John, Annacloy
McGreevy, Frederick C., Ballygally
McGreevy, John, Moneylane
McIlhone, John, Clanmaghery
McIlmail, Patrick J., Bright
McIlmail, Richard, Ballygilbert
McIlroy, Edward, Quoile
McKeating, James, Glebe
McKeating, John, Killard Upper
McKeating, Mrs., Ballywooden
McKeating, Patrick, Kilclief
McKenna, Edward, Ardglass
McKeown, Robert, Ballydugan
McKibben, Jane, Bonecastle
McKibben, John Moore, Ballyplunt
McKibben, William, Ballyplunt
McMahon, James, Kildare's Crew, Ardglass
McMahon, Joseph, Crollysquarter, Killough
McManus, Joseph, Carrowbane
McManus, Patrick, Bright
McMechan, John, Ballybranagh
McMullan, Annie, Tullynear
McMullan, James, Ballintogher
McMullan, John, Ballysugah
McMullan, Owen, Ringbane
McMurray, William, Magheracranmoney
McNabb, Mary, Clogher
McNamee, Rev. B., P.P., Ardglass
McQuoid, Denis, Tollumgrange Upper
McQuoid, Mrs., Ballybranagh
McSherry, John, Ballylough
McVeigh, Joseph, Sheeplandmore

Napier, James, Raholp
Napier, Johnston, Ballybranagh
Napier, Rev. J., P.P., Killough
Napier, Leo., Grangewalls
Napier, Mrs., Grangewalls
Napier, Richard, Ballymote
Neill Bros., Ballydonity
Neill, John H., Ballintogher
Neill, Robert, Woodgrange
Neill, Samuel, Tyrella
Nelson, Mrs., Annadorn
Nelson, Samuel, Killough
Nesbitt, James, Creevytenant
Nesbitt, John, Erinagh
Nesbitt, John, Woodgrange
Nesbitt, John D., Erinagh
Nesbitt, J., Corbally
Nesbitt, J. A., Woodgrange
Nesbitt, R. J., Legamaddy
Nesbitt, William, Woodgrange
Nesbitt, William, jun., Woodgrange
Newell, James, Magheraleggan
Newsam, Mrs. Elizabeth, Cargagh, Down

Orr, Gerald, Grangecam
Orr, James, Grovehill, Annalong
Orr, John, Ballyculter
Orr, Joseph, J.P., Terminane
Orr, Maud, Ballyrenan, Ballee
Orr, Mrs. Belinda, Grangecam
Orr, S., Ballyculter
Orr, Thomas, Quarter Cormick
Orr, William James, Maymore

O'Connor, James, St. John's Point
O'Donnell, George, Grangecam
O'Donnell, Hugh, Grangecam
O'Donnell, Patrick H., Killough
O'Prey, Bernard, Killough

Parkinson, James, Annacloy
Parkinson, John, Ballygally
Parkinson, J. E., Ballygally
Parkinson, Percival, Ballygally
Patterson, D. & J., Ballynagross
Patterson, John, Rann, Annacloy
Patterson, Joseph, Ballykinlar
Patterson, Mrs. D., Rossglass
Patterson, Mrs. Mary, Courseview, Grangecam
Patterson, Sarah E., Ballywarren
Pinkerton, Cecil G., Strangford
Pinkerton, George, Demesne of Down
Polly, Robert, Ballylenagh
Polly, William, Glebe
Porter, Hugh, Ardglass
Porter, Hugh, Dillon
Porter, James, Ballyculter Lower
Porter, J., Tobermoney

Quirk, Robert, Tullycarnon

Ranaghan, Gerard, Commonreagh
Rea, J., Craigduff
Rea, William, Rathmullan
Regan, J. M., county inspector, Quoile
Rhodes, Rev. D., P.P., Ballysugagh
Rickard, R. F., Quoile
Ritchie, Annie, Hollymount
Ritchie, Henry, Ballysugagh
Ritchie, James, Saul
Ritchie, John, Hollymount
Ritchie, William, Hollymount
Robinson, Hugh, Kilmore
Robinson, James, Tobercorran
Robinson, Samuel, Ballyrolly
Robinson, William, Wateresk
Rogan, William, Rossglass
Rourke, John, Ringawoody
Rourke, William, Grangewalls
Russell, Patrick, Farranfad
Russell, Patrick William, Ballystrew

Seed, Edward, Ballygilbert
Seed, Robert, Ballee
Seed, Samuel, Ballyculter Upper
Seeds, James, Castlemahon
Sharvin Bros., Strangford
Smith, David, Ballylough
Smith, Patrick, Dunanelly
Smith, Patrick, Annacloy
Smith, Patrick, Struell
Smyth, J. J., Saul
Starkey, Henry, The Quarter, Killough
Starkey, Mrs. W., Coniamstown
Stewart, Marshall, Marshallstown
Stewart, Patrick W., Killough
Stitt, Eleanor, Ballywarren
Stitt, Richard, Ballee
Stockdale, Mrs., Castlemahon
Stockdale, Mrs. Mary, Ballynoe
Strain, David, Woodgrange
Strain, James, Woodgrange
Strain, Samuel, Woodgrange

Tate, Mrs. E. A., Kilchief, Strangford
Taylor, James, Annacloy
Taylor, James, sen., Woodgrange
Taylor, Thomas, Woodgrange
Teague, Mrs. C., Killough
Teer, George, Killough
Teggart, Bernard, Carrownacaw
Teggart, Bernard, Ballymote
Teggart, James, Killough
Teggart, James Moore, Ballytrustan
Thompson, John, Ballyclander
Thompson, Robert, Tullyveery
Torney, Henry, Russell's Quarter South
Torney, Peter, Carrowbane
Trainor, Joseph, Legamaddy
Trainor, P., Ballynewport
Tumilty, F., Ballyplunt
Tumilty, Hugh, Ballyrolly

Vaughan, Julia, Killough
Venney, Bernard, Rossglass
Venney, Patrick, Rossglass

Wallace, John, Ardglass
Wallace, Mrs. C. W., Myra Castle, Downpatrick
Ward, Thomas, Lissoid
Waterson, William, Putney Lodge, Downpatrick
Watson, Southwell, Ballygally
Watts, John C., Ardglass
West, Annie, Ballyhossett
Weurthner, Janet, Erinagh
Williams, R. L., Killough
Wilson, James, Carrowbane
Wilson, John, Ballydonnell
Wilson, Mrs. Mary, Ballydonnell
Wilson, Samuel, Glovett
Woods, James, Corbally
Woods, Patrick, Ballyhornan
Workman, Major W. E. H., J.P., Ballydorn, Killinchy

Young, William, Ardglass

County Londonderry

     Is a post town in the Parish of Ballynascreen, Barony of Loughanshollin, situated at the intersection of two main roads, one of which leads from Magherafelt, and runs through into North Derry, and the other from Maghera to Omagh and other towns in Tyrone.  The market day is Wednesday for pork, butter, fowl, straw, hay, and other farm produce.  A horse and cattle fair is held on the first Friday of each month.  Population is about 502. Shops' half-holiday, Thursday


Parish Church - Rev. J. Beatty, B.Sc.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Brown, B.A.
Roman Catholic Church - Very Rev. J. McGlinchey, P.P., V.F.


Draperstown - Mr. Gunn, principal
Carnmoney (Female) - Miss Heron, principal
Blackhill - Mr. Cupples, principal
Straw - Mr. Moloney, principal
Brackadysert  - Mrs. Bradley, principal
Moneyneena - Mr. Campbell, principal
Drumard - Miss Kelly, principal
Sixtowns - Miss Marks, principal
Altayeskey - Mr. McKenna, B.A., principal
Dispensary District School Attendance Committee - Very Rev. J. McGlinchey, P.P., V.F.; Miss Mary O'Kane, Mrs. Willis Clinton, P. Rodgers


Dispensary Medical Officers - Dr. Mary Donnelly and Dr. Frank Donnelly, assistant medical officer
Commissioner for Taking Affidavits - Mr. J. Harbinson
Assistant County Surveyor - Mr. Davis
Magistrates - Francis Kelly, Hugh Lyle, M. Hegarty, Capt. McKenzie, and Patk. Bradley
Petty Sessions are held on third Tuesday in each month; James Harbinson, clerk; Joseph Trainor, summons server
Post Office - G. Parkinson, postmaster
Northern Bank. Ltd. - Mr. McDermott, manager
National Bank, Ltd. - Mr. Moloney, manager
Ulster Bank, Ltd. - James Wright, manager
R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeant Boyle; Constables McClung, McLaughlin, Muldrew, Montgomery, Geddis and Rooney


Agnew, P. J., & Sons, solicitors, Maghera

Barclay, Mrs., draper and agent for the "Belfast News-Letter"
Barclay, Sarah M.
Beatty, Rev. J., B.Sc., Glenshane Terrace
Boyle, James, blacksmith
Boyle, Jim, blacksmith
Boyle, John, farmer, Tonagh
Boyle, Mrs. J., confectioner and restaurant
Bradley, Andrew, mechanic and cycle agent
Bradley, Jack, shoe maker
Bradley, P., posting establishment
Burns, Edward, draper and boot merchant

Campbell, J. J., teacher, Derrynoid Road
Carleton, Miss, draper
Cassidy, Frank, grocer
Cleary, James J., farmer, Cavanreagh
Clinton, Mrs. William, restaurant
Clinton, Thomas, draper
Clinton, William, carrier
Convery, Joseph, carpenter and contractor
Conville, John, publican
Conway, James, clothier
Conway, Miss, grocer
Co-operative Grocery and Hardware Store - Manager, E. O'Neill
Crilly, Mick, Strawmills
Crilly, John, fowl dealer and farmer
Cuskeson, J., labourer

Deeny, Mrs. M., teacher
Devlin, Eddie, grocer
Dickey, Rev. C. C. M., B.A.
Donnelly, Barney, shoemaker
Donnelly, Bernard, farmer and mill owner
Donnelly, Dr. Frank
Donnelly, John, blacksmith
Donnelly, Dr. Mary, Registrar for Births, Marriages and Deaths
Donnelly, Miss Maggie, draper
Donnelly, Mrs. A. J., teacher, Magherafelt Road
Duffy, Miss, dress maker

Earley, Mrs., church warden

Field, Miss
Flanagan, Roger, hairdresser

Gage & Roper, solicitors
Gage, William C., solicitor
Gallagher, Patrick, confectioner
Gallagher, P., labourer
Gormley, Bernard, newsagent
Gunn, J., teacher, Ardmuire

Hagan, John, farmer
Hagan, Michael, Riverside
Hanna, Miss, Magherafelt Road
Hassan, Miss, teacher
Hegarty, James, fowl dealer
Hegarty, Michael, poultry farmer
Hegarty, Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Henry, Joseph, fowl dealer
Henderson, George, draper
Henderson, Samuel, grocer
Henderson, William, farmer, The Lodge
Heron, James, carpenter and contractor
Hutchinson, Mrs.

Johnston, Edward J., mechanic
Johnston, James, solicitor

Kelly, Bernard, farmer, The Bungalow, Cahore Road
Kelly, Denis, publican
Kelly, Frank, carpenter, Straw
Kelly, Hugh, grocer, High Street
Kelly, James, farmer and grocer, Straw
Kelly, Michael, boot and shoe maker
Kelly, Mrs. Mary, publican
Kelly, Patrick, undertaker and posting
Kelly, P., grocer, High Street
Kelly, Mrs. Susan, confectioner and restaurant

Lagan, Joseph, blacksmith
Lagan, J. J., furniture dealer and draper
Lagan, Kate
Leadon, Joseph, blacksmith and farmer

Molloy, Peter, shirt cutter
Molloy, Peter, jun.
Moris, Miss Lizzie
Mullan, James, saddler
Mullan, P., publican
Mullan, Thomas, posting establishment
Murphy, Mrs.
Murray, Charles, labourer
Murray, D., merchant tailor and draper

McAleer, Miss Mary, publican
McAllister, John, publican, Straw
McAllister, J., labourer
McBride, J., grocer
McBride, P., tailor
McCallion, John, posting establishment
McCallion, Mrs. K., car owner and furniture store
McCauley, D., butter and egg merchant
McCormac, Alexander, mason and contractor
McCormac, J., publican, Moneyneena
McCormac, Peter, carpenter and contractor
McCreanor, Miss L., confectioner
McCullagh, Mrs., boarding house
McDermott, J., newsagent
McElhone, Felix, teacher
McGuigan, Andrew, labourer
McGuigan, Bernard, hair dresser
McGuigan, Joe, lorry driver
McGuigan, Miss, grocer
McGuigan, Mrs. B., confectioner
McGuigan, Mrs. F., restaurant, Magherafelt Road
McGuigan, P., labourer
McGurk, Tom, Derrynoid
McKenna, Leo
McKenna, Mark, publican
McKenna, Miss, Temperance Hotel
McKenna, P.
McNally, John J., solicitor, Magherafelt
McNally, Mrs. Mary, Station House
McNamee, Denis, publican
McNamee, Michael, restaurant
McNamee, Michael, flesher
McNamee, Mrs., district nurse
McNamee, Mrs. A., grocer
McNamee, P., publican and farmer, Straw
McShane, Bernard, labourer
McWilliams, Edward, farmer
McWilliams, F., station master
McWilliams, John, farmer

O'Kane, Henry, grocer
O'Kane, Joseph, tailor
O'Kane, Michael, grocer
O'Kane, Miss Lizzie, publican and grocer
O'Kane, Miss Nora
O'Kane, Miss Rosie, S.R.N.
O'Kane, Mrs. H.
O'Kane, M., grocer
O'Kane, Patrick, teacher
O'Neill, Andrew, teacher

Parkison, J., postmaster, chemist and grocer
Porter, Thomas, postman

Quinn, Patricks, publican and grocer

Regan, John, farmer
Regan, Michael, flesher
Regan, Mrs., Commercial Hotel
Reid, Patrick, farmer, Bancran
Rodger, Bernard, publican and grocer
Rodgers, Patrick, auctioneer and farmer
Ross, J., auctioneer and valuator

Steele, Miss, hotel owner
Stewart, Samuel, motor and cycle mechanic

Taylor, Bob, hairdresser
Taylor, Mrs., grocer and hardware merchant
Taylor, Samuel, postman and hair dresser
Timoney, James, butcher and undertaker
Toner, Daniel, farmer, Gortnaskea
Toner, Joseph, publican, and grocer
Toner, Mrs., restaurant
Trainor, James, butter and egg merchant
Trainor, John
Trainor, Joseph, civil bill officer
Trainor, Joseph, postman

Walsh, Eoin, solicitor, Maghera
Woods, Edward, chauffeur

County Down

     Formerly styled Annesborough, is on the western bank of the River Lagan, and about three miles distant from the base of Slieve Croob.  The markets are held on Tuesdays, and the fairs on the first Friday in the months of February, May, August, and November; also on the first Friday after the 15th day of the months of March, June, September, and December.  Petty Sessions are held on the third Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November. There is a population of about 500. shops' half-holiday, Wednesday.


Church of Ireland - Rev. S. S. Squires, M.A.
First Presbyterian Church
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. C. McCurdy, B.A.
Covenanting Church - Rev. A. Gilmore, M.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. F. McConville, P.P.


Technical School - Joseph McCullagh, principal
Artana - J. Hunter, principal
Carnew - Miss Ferson, principal
Skeagh - W. J. Dickson, principal
Dromara - J. O. Gibson, principal
Finnis - J. Bradley, principal
Gransha - Millar Kenny, principal
Garvaghy - Mr. Kerr, principal


R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeant McDaniel; constables, Pickering, Black and McQuillan
Magistrates - Daniel Flynn, A. E. Dodd, James Nicholson, Robert Jardin, J. E. Bailey, S. A. Redmond
Petty Sessions Clerk - H. C. Hunter
Dispensary Medical Officer - W. S. McBride, M.D.
Local Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - W. S. McBride, M.D.
Northern Bank Ltd.
Ulster Bank Ltd.


Alexander, J., farmer, Ballykeel
Archer, Miss, Finnis

Bailey, James A., farmer, Moybrick
Bailey, John E., J.P., M.P., farmer, Moybrick
Bailey, S. J., farmer, Begney
Ball, James, Hillhead, Aughnaskeagh
Barlow, Joseph, tea traveller
Barlow, Mrs., Moydalgan
Beattie, Benjamin
Beck, Mrs. R., dressmaker
Beck, Robert, farmer
Bell, Robert, farmer, Artana
Biggerstaff, James, Aughnaskeagh
Black, J., R.U.C.
Bradley, James, farmer, Moydalgan
Bradley, James, P.E.S. teacher
Bradley, Norman, traffic inspector
Branagh, James, farmer and auctioneer
Brown, Matthew, house painter, Gransha

Cairns, David, farmer, Tulliniskey
Cairns, Mrs. R., postmistress, Kinallen, Dromara
Cairns, Thomas, Moydalgan
Cairns, William, farmer, Artana
Camlin, James, farmer, Drumadoney
Campbell, James, blacksmith
Campbell, John, farmer, Enfield, Crossgar
Campbell, R. J., farmer, Begney
Campbell, Samuel, farmer, Slavenaboley
Campbell, Samuel, farmer, Begney
Cardwell, Boyd, farmer and grocer
Chambers, James L., building contractor
Coburn, Joseph, publican and farmer
Coburn, William John, motor driver
Corbett, James, farmer, Begney
Corbett, Joseph, Aughnaskeagh House
Corbett, Mrs., farmer, Artana
Corbett, William, farmer, Scion Hill
Cunningham, Mrs.
Cunningham, William, cycle agent and works

Dickson, Henry, labourer
Dodd, Albert E., J.P., The Laurels
Dodd, Frederick
Dodd, William, farmer and flax mill owner, Woodford
Donnelly, William

Elliott, James
Ervin, S. J., farmer, Crossgar
Ervin, Thomas, farmer

Fairley, Miss Etta, dress maker
Fee, John, farmer, Crossgar
Fee, Mrs., Crossgar
Fee, Robert, farmer, Begney
Fee, Samuel, farmer, Artana
Flynn, Daniel, J.P., farmer, Crossgar
Fulton, William John, farmer, Kinallen

Galway, A. E., grocer and hardware merchant
Gamble, John H., Dromara
Gamble, Miss Minnie, confectionery
Gamble, Robert, farmer, Moybrick
Gibson, J. O., B.A., P.E.S., teacher
Gibson, Mrs., farmer
Gilmore, Rev. A., M.A., Reformed Presbyterian Manse, Dromara
Graham, Richard, farmer, Ballykeel
Graham, Robert, grocer, Aughnaskeagh
Greer, Hugh, farmer, Springmount
Gregg, John, Moydalgan
Greer, S. L., farmer, Drumadoney
Greer, Thomas, farmer, Drumadoney
Greer, Whyndam, Drumadoney
Gregg, Mrs., Pine Hill, Kinallen

Hamilton, Samuel, farmer, Ballykeel
Hart, Miss
Hart, Robert, flax and corn mill
Harte, Bertie, Kinallen
Harte, W., grocer and hardware
Heanen, Samuel, farmer, Drumadoney
Henning, Mrs., farmer, Carnew
Henning, Robert J., farmer, Carnew
Henning, Stewart, Carnew
Hooke, David, farmer, Ballykeel
Hunter, James, carpenter, Dromara
Hunter, William, farmer, Aughnaskeagh

Irvine, George, Post Office and corn mills, Waringsford

Jardine, Robert, J.P., farmer, Garvaghy
Jess, Felix, shoe maker
Johnston, S., draper
Johnston, William, farmer, Aughnaskeagh
Johnstone, R., Temperance Hotel
Johnstone, William, flax mill, Kinallen
Jones, Robert, farmer, Moydalgan House
Jones, W., farmer, Beech Hall

Kane, D. J., grocer, Kinallen
Kane, Mrs., Kinallen
Kane, Russel, Kinallen
Kelly, Walter, farmer, Tulliniskey
King, James, publican and grocer, Finnis
Kingan, John

Lavery, Mrs., publican, Dromara
Legate, Theodore, Glenlagan
Lindsay, Robert, postman
Lowry, William, farmer, Slavenaboley

Mack, Samuel, grocer and farmer, Mullaghdrin
Macrory, James, farmer, Enagh
Maguire, Matthew
Malcolmson, Robert, bus conductor
Marshall, John, farmer, Moybrick
Martin, Adam H., Finnis
Martin, Francis, Larch Hill Lodge
Martin, George, farmer, Aughnaskeagh
Martin, John, bus conductor
Martin, Joseph, farmer, Finnis
Martin, Robert, Slatequarry House
Martin, Thomas, Derry
Martin, Whyndam, farmer, Moydalgan
Matthews, R. S., Drumadoney
Meeke, Frederick, farmer, Artana
Meeke, Mrs. W. B., Cornew Cottage
Mercer, James, farmer, Moybrick
Montgomery, William, builder
Mooney, Miss, dress maker, Gransha
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Mrs., farmer, Moybrick
Moore, Mrs. Annie
Moore, William J., sexton
Moore, William, scutcher
Murray, Michael, hairdresser
Murray, Samuel, agent for Northern Ireland Road Transport Board

McCalla, Miss H., Moydalgan
McCann, Mrs., farmer, Moybrick
McCashin, Mrs., farmer, Begney
McClenaghan, John
McClenaghan, Margaret
McClurg, Charles, well sinker
McClurg, Samuel, well sinker
McCullagh, S., R.D.C., farmer, Moydalgan
McCullough, Joseph, farmer, Moydalgan
McCully, W. J., grocer and Post Office, Gransha
McCurdy, Rev. Charles, B.A., The Manse
McDowell, Robert
McDowell, Samuel, postman
McDowell, Thomas, labourer
McEvoy, Hugh, farmer, Artana
McEvoy, James, Artana
McEvoy, Patrick, miller, Artana
McIlroy, John, shoe maker
McKay, Joseph, Begney
McKay, James, farmer, Moybrick
McKenny, Mrs., farmer, Gransha
McKinney, Michael, farmer, Gransha
McManus, James, bus driver
McManus, Samuel, draper, boots and shoes
McNeill, Bruce, farmer, Drumadoney
McVeigh, W. J.

Newell, Hugh, bus driver
Nicholson, James. J.P., farmer

O'Hare, John, farmer, Moybrick
O'Hare, Mrs., tobacconist
O'Reilly, Michael, Publican, Funeral Undertaker, and Posting Establishment, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"

Patterson, John, farmer, Marybrook
Patterson, Mrs., farmer, Finnis
Patterson, Walter, grocer and general merchant
Pollock, James, organist, Sally Gardens, Clintagh
Pollock, Mrs. John, farmer, Larch Hill
Purdy, J. H., farmer, Kinallen

Rankin Bros., fowl dealers
Rankin, James, fowl dealer and farmer, Gransha
Redmond, S. A., J.P., farmer, Kilkinamurray
Rodger, Joseph, shoemaker, Crossgar
Rodgers, Mrs.
Rogan, John, publican and butcher
Roy, Miss Annie, dress maker

Scott, James, Mossvale House, Artana
Simpson, David, farmer, Finnis
Skelly, Fredk., farmer, Artana
Skelly, James, farmer, Artana
Skelly, J. Y., farmer, Dromara
Skelly, Mrs., farmer, Moybrick
Skelly, S. J., farmer, Drumadoney
Skelly, W. R., farmer, Kinallen
Somerville, Hugh, Artana
Somerville, Joseph, farmer, Lagandale
Somerville, Joseph, farmer, Artana
Somerville, William, Artana
Somerville, William Craig, farmer, Artana
Spence, John, blacksmith
Spiers, William, grocer and hardware merchant
Stafford, Hugh, scutcher
Stafford, W. J., commercial traveller
Steele, Miss
Steele, William John
Stevenson, James

Thompson, James
Thompson, John, Church Hill
Tollerton, Alexander, postman

Wallace, Alfred, farmer, Artana
Walsh, Jackson, cycle and motor agent
Walsh, Samuel, kilnman
Walsh, Wm., postman, blacksmith, Drumadoney
Wilson, Alexander, farmer, Kinallen
Wilson, Mrs. R., farmer, Kinallen
Wilson, Robert, carpenter
Wilson, William, carpenter and postman
Woods, John

Younge, Francis, farmer, The Howe, Ballykeel, Dromore

County Down

     A market town seventeen miles from Belfast, seated on the River Lagan, and on the road from Belfast to Dublin.  The town contains eight factories and two flax and corn mills.  Electric light has been installed, and recently a water supply has been brought from Slieve Croob at a cost of about 16,000.  Fairs are held monthly on the second Saturday in the months of January, February, March, April, June, July, September and November.  The old fairs of 12th May and 10th October are held as usual.  There is a market held on Saturday and Wednesday in each week, the latter day being principally for oats, grass-seed, and fowl.  The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday.  Population in 1937, 2,176. The town is notable for linen manufacturing, bleaching and dye works.


The Cathedral - Bishop, Right Rev. J. F. McNeice, D.D.; dean, the Very Rev. A, E, Myles, M.A.; archdeacon, Ven. A. G. Hannon, M.A.; chancellor, Rev. W. R. M. Orr, LL.D.; rector, Rev. A. W. McGarvey, M.A.; precentor, Rev. R. W. E. Hurst, M.A.; curacy, vacant; treasurer and rector, Rev. A. W. McGarvey
Presbyterian Church - First, Rev. Andrew Thompson, B.A.; Banbridge Road, Rev. H. Mulholland, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. D. Doonan
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Murney, P.P.
Baptist Church - Various


P.E. School - J. A. Forde, principal
Roman Catholic School - G. F. Stolberger, principal


Northern Banking Ltd., Church Street - G. Wilson, Manager
Ulster Bank Ltd. - C. W. Hoy, Manager
Urban Council - Wm. Dickson, J.P.; R. L. Poots, T. Castles (chairman); J. Martin, H. McFadden, J. P. Graham, J. Murphy, L. McGuigan, S. Tinsley
Town Solicitor - W. J. Baxter, B.A.
Town Clerk - A. Cairns
Dromore Education Sub-Committee - Chairman, Rev. Alfred Davidson; vice-chairman, George Bailie, J.P.
Town Surveyor - Vacant
Commissioner for Affidavits - Captain T. H. Wallace, B.A., LL.B.
Local Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages - Dr. J. C. Wilson
Petty Sessions are held on fourth Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m.  Magistrates - Major McClean, R.M.; C. M. Baxter, Dr. J. C. Wilson, M.P., M.B., B.Ch.; J. A. Doak, Capt. T. H. Wallace, M.C.; Robert Taylor, R. Jardine, James Diamond, William Dickson, James Ervine, Dr. C. J. Boucher, M.B.; George Rogers, J. E. Bailey.  Districts - Dromore, Dromara, Hillsborough and Moira.  Petty Sessions Clerk - Captain H. C. Hunter
Solicitors - Hugh Hayes, & Son, Lurgan; Fryar & Gordon. Solicitors resident - Wallace & Co. (Andrew Cromie), William J. Baxter, B.A.
R.U.C. - Sergeant W. McCarroll
Masonic Lodge No. 94 - W. J. Scott, secretary.  No. 70 - W. J. Baxter, secretary.  No. 521 - James Dale, M.P.S.I., secretary
Royal Arch Chapters - No. 70, James Martin, E.K.;  No. 521, C. Watson, E.K.
Iveagh Unionist Association - R. J. Hunter, Barrister-at-Law, secretary
Relieving Officer - S. Mulligan
Cowan Heron Hospital, Dromore - Honorary Medical Officers - Dr. Campbell, Dr. Boucher, Dr. J. C. Wilson, M.P.; Dr. Carlisle, Dr. McBride. Honorary Consulting Specialist - Diseases of Woman and Children - Honorary Consulting Physician and Surgeon - Vacant.  Hon. Treasurer, Rev. Alfred Davidson, Dromore.  Hon. Secretary, W. G. McAlister; Matron, Miss Wallace; Nurse, Miss McAuley


Archer, S., lace merchant and outfitter
Ardery, Samuel, The Central Hardware Store
Armstrong, Thomas R., watch maker

Bailie, John, taxi proprietor
Baxter, W., fruiterer
Baxter, W. G., linen merchant
Baxter, W. J., electric engineer
Beattie, John, dairyman
Bennett, H., cycle agent and motor hirer
Bennett, William, saddler and harness maker
Bingham, William J., tailor
Boyle, James, spirit dealer
Bridge Motor Works
Brown, David, agent for Inglis & Co. Ltd.
Byrne, C. E., druggist

Campbell, Mrs.
Carlisle, S. B., M.B., surgeon
Castles, Mrs., boot merchant and draper
Cherry, William, Hillsborough Road
Corbett, H., taxi proprietor
Craig, John, bus driver
Creeney, John, publican
Creighton, Alexander
Cull, O., wine and spirit merchant, Market Square

Dale, James, M.P.S.I., Chemist, Church Street
Davison, James A., insurance agent, Bullsbrook
Dickson, William, J.P., Katheila, Sunmount Park
Doak, J. A., J.P., factory manager, Percy Lodge
Dobbin Brothers, fruiterers
Dromore Hemstitching Co. Ltd.
"Dromore Leader," The Square (J. Lindsay, Proprietor), Stationery, Fancy and Photographic Goods, etc., in Front Shop
"Dromore Weekly Times and West Down Herald," Bridge Street, R. J. Hunter, Barrister-at-Law, Editor and Proprietor
Duffy, S. J., confectioner and baker
Dunbar & McMaster, grocers

Eakins, W. H., general draper
Electric Light and Power Co. Ltd.
Ervine, James, J.P., Ashdene
Erwin, Mrs.

Ferris, James, confectioner, process server
Fitzsimmons, James, grocer
Flannigan, Mrs., The Nook, Church Street

Genessi, M., fish and chip saloon
Gibson, Joseph, J.P., grocer provision merchant
Gracey, Mrs., grocer, Market Square
Graham, Clarence J., B.Sc., Dromore House
Graham, James P., Shantullagh
Graham, John, & Co., Builders
Griffin, Jack, draper

Hale, Richard J., & Co., Butchers
Hamilton, John, & Co., hemstitchers
Hamilton, Miss, music teacher, Glencoe House
Hamilton, McBride, & Co. Ltd., hemstitchers
Herron, William, gent's outfitter
Hobart, George, architect, Greenmount
Hutchinson, Mrs., milliner and linen merchant

Jamison, R. N., & Co., general drapers
Jardine, Mrs., spirit dealers
Jardine, William, & Co., dyers, bleachers and linen manufacturers
Jess, Stanley, shoemaker
Jess, Walter, saddler
Johnston, H., draper
Johnston, William, confectioner

Keenan, Owen, spirit dealer and grocer
Kennedy, Miss, stationer and delph

Lilly, Anthony
Lindsay, Maurice, Mossvale House
Lucy, Miss M., Central Cafe

Mackey, R. H., Ballaney
MacQueen, James, watchmaker and jeweller
Magill, J. R., & Son, motor and cycle agents
Martin, Alexander
Martin, James, & Son, auctioneers
Martin, Stanley, grocer
Mercer, James, woollen draper
Mercer, Miss, ladies' emporium
Minnis, William B., & Sons
Morrow, M., Wellington Hotel
Murphy, John, confectioner

McCaldin, John, draper and outfitter
McCalister, George, boot and shoe merchant
McCleery, Mrs., postmistress
McCracken, Albert, confectioner and newsagent
McCrum, D., & Sons, builders' supplies
McFadden, Hugh, spirit and wine merchant
McFadden, Hugh, turf commission agent
McGuigan, Lyle, taxi proprietor
McVeigh, Hugh, agent for Bloomfield Bakery
McVeigh, Mrs., draper and dressmaker

Neeson, Mrs., furniture and hardware merchant
Neeson, Patrick, grocer

Orr, R., confectioner
Osborne Bros., confectioners

Pantridge, Mrs. Margaret, coach builder
Patterson, H., spirit merchant
Patterson, John, flesher
Patterson, T., boot merchant
Poots, R. J., & Co., grocers, Market Square
Preston, George, & Son, auctioneers, estate and insurance agents

Quail, M. A., butcher and poulterer

Reid, William, Stationer, Newsagent, and Fancy Goods; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Market Square
Rogan, J., confectioner
Russell, Francis, grocer and provision merchants
Russell, James, merchant tailor

Scott, D. A., bookkeeper
Scott, E., cartage contractor
Scott, F., painter and glazier
Scott, William, painter and glazier
Silcock, John, rent collector
Silcock, Mrs. G., Hillcrest
Smyth, Henry, Bedique House
Sterling, James, pharmaceutical chemist
Stewart, Mrs., Alma Lodge
Stewart, Stanley, grocer and radio dealer
Stronge, E., confectioner

Thompson Bros., hardware and timber merchants
Thompson, Miss, confectioner
Trench, John Walter, Central Hotel

Wallace & Co. (Andrew Cromie), solicitors
Watson, Mrs., confectioner
Watson, Robert, spirit merchant
Watson, Robert, grocer
Weir, A., hardware merchant
Wilkinson, T., boot maker
Wilson, Dr. J. C., medical officer of health and registrar of births, marriages and deaths

X.L. Boot Stores - Proprietor, F. G. Silcock


Agnew, Mrs., Coolsallagh
Alexander, John, Ballykeel
Arlow, Thomas James, Ballynaris
Armstrong, Henry, Coolsallagh Post Office

Baxter, Charles, J.P., Clanmurray
Bingham, William, Post Office, Ballysallagh

Coulter, Mrs., Marabeg
Crookshanks, William, Ballyvicknakelly

Davison, John S., Bullsbrook, Drumillar
Dimond, James, Mount Ida

Ervine, James, J.P., Ashdene
Ervine, William, mill owner, Tullyniskey
Erwin, James, The Wood

Ferguson, James, Lake View, Growell

Gardiner, Mark, clerk of works, Ballymacormick
Gibson, Robert, Ballyvicnakelly

Hamilton, D., Orchard Hill, Drumanocken
Hamilton, Mrs., Grove Hill
Henderson, James C., Mount Ida
Hill, William J., Greenan
Hunter, R. J., Barrister-at-Law, Thorndale
Hunter, Sarah, Drumillar
Hynds, R. G., Drumskee

Jameson, Robert, Fair View
Jess, J., publican and grocer, Drumillar

Mackey, R. H., Ballaney
Martin, Augustus, Diamond View, Skeogh
Martin, Mrs., Backnamullagh
Martin, R. H., Tullindoney
Mattison, John, Magherabeg
Mills, William, Ballynaris
Moore, William, road contractor, Ballynaris

McClure, Alexander W., farmer, Edentiroory
McComb, Robert James, Lurganban
McCormick, James, Elsinore

Osborne, Mrs., principal, Mount Ida P.E. School

Patterson, John, Ballymacormick
Patterson, Mrs. John, Mourne View, Listullycurran
Pollock, James, Larch Hill
Poots, Hugh S., Magherabeg
Poots, S. J., Ballynaris

Smith, Surgeon Captain T. A., R.N., Park Row House

Thompson, Joseph, Marabeg
Thompson, William
Tweedy, James, Backnamullagh

Wallace, Capt. Thomas H., M.C., LL.B., J.P., Bishopscourt
Wallace, Thomas B., Chief Clerk Northern High Court, Regent House, Dromore; res., Sylvan Hill
Walsh, Roland, principal, Backnamullagh P.E.S.
Ward, Adam, Magherabeg
Wilson, J. C., M.D., J.P., Rath House

County Tyrone

     This is a good fair and market town, situated one mile from Dromore Road Station on the Great Northern Railway, and is ten miles from Omagh. The market is held on each Monday, Pork market, Tuesday each week.


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. Jackson, rector.  Presbyterian Church - Rev. Williamson
Roman Catholic Church - Rev. Canon M. Clinton, P.P.


Munster and Leinster Bank, Ltd. - Manager, Mr. Duigh
Ulster Bank Ltd. - S. P. Stewart, Manager
R.U.C. - Sergeant Vaughan; Constables Jebb, McCambridge and Mulligan
Dispensary Medical Officer - Dr. Chambers, M.B.


Commercial - P. McDermott
Hibernian - P. Donnelly


Campbell, John, draper
Carney, Mrs., grocer

Donaghy, Patrick, car hirer
Donnelly, P., Hibernian Hotel
Dromore & Rakeerinbeg Creamery - P. McDermott
Duncan, Mrs. J., Grocer and Newsagent. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"

Garrity, Edward, draper
George, J., spirit merchant
Goodwin, Miss J., grocer, Bellisle
Gorman, John, hardware merchant
Gracey, ?, egg merchant

Hughes, John, butcher

Jackson, Rev. J.

Lendrum, Richard, grocer and newsagent

Magee, John, car hirer
Magennis, James, newsagent
Montague, A., grocer and seed merchant

McCusker, Mrs., grocer
McDermott, Hugh, seed merchant
McDermott, P., Commercial Hotel
McDermott, R.
McGartland, J., grocer
McKenny, T., motor agent
McLaughlin, Miss, dress maker
McNaboe, M., spirit merchant
McNulty, James, grocer
McNulty, Miss, draper
McSwiggan, Miss, grocer

O'Brine, Miss, dress maker
O'Gorman, John, grocer and newsagent
O'Gorman, J., spirit merchant
O'Reilly, Edward

Poyntz, J., spirit merchant

Shanragh Co-operative Dairy Society
Slevin, H., grocer and timber merchant
Slevin, S. B., postmistress

Thompson, J., chemist

Weir, C., registrar of births, marriages and deaths


Alexander, Joseph, Killdrum
Armstrong, James and Thomas, Cornamuckla
Carlton, Thomas, Kieldrum
Donnelly, H. P., Crosshill
Edgar, Joseph, Shaneragh
Fergus, Miss, Lettergesh
Gibson, Samuel T., Togherdoo
Gilmour, James and John, Curly
Gilmour, William, Pulfore
Goodwin, T., Drumallard
Guy, A., Cornamuckla
Guy, Hugh J., Ahadara
Guy, Trevor, Drumlish
Hamilton, James, Rahoney
Henderson, Matthew, Aughie
Holmes, John, Aughie
Kearns, Charles, Oughterard
Kerr, Robert I., Raphoney
McCarthy, Mrs., Drumconnis
McFarland, Robert, Rahoney
McKinney, Alexander, Tattycor, Fintona
McKinney, James, Cornamuckla
McKinney, John, Lake View, Aughanemoe
McKinney, Mrs. D., Legittagle, Fintona
McNulty, John, The Hollow
McNulty, J., Longhill
Patterson, Alexander, Shaneragh
Patton, Miss L., Railview, Rakeeranbeg
Porter, Robert, Rahoney
Ritchey, Joseph, Galbally
Slevines, Michael, Drumskinney
Smith, William, Tullaclena
Smith, William, Esker
Smith, William, Maghart
Smith, William, Cornamuckla
Todd, Harry, Badoney
Vance, J., grocer
Wallace, Thomas L., Ahadara
Wiley, Charles, Drumskinney
Wiley, John, Drumskinney
Wiley, Thomas, Drumskinney
Wilson, Andrew, Shaneragh

County Down

     A small village about six miles from Belfast and four from Lisburn

Drumbo Church - Rev. J. B. Wallace, M.A.
Drumbo P.E. School - Principal, R. Morrison
Post Office, Ballyaughlis - Sub-postmistress, Mrs. James Beers
L.O.L. 1924 - James Crawford, secretary


Ainsworth, Mrs.
Alderdice, Thomas, Rosemount
Allen, Mrs., publican
Anderson, George, Tullyard
Anderson, Mrs. Robert
Anderson, Samuel, Tullyard

Bawn, J. H., Mill Road, Ballycairn
Bell, Hugh, Mill Road, Ballycairn
Bell, W. J., Ballycairn
Brown, Harry, publican, Ballyaughlis
Brown, Israel, carpenter
Brown, Mrs. J., Ballycairn
Burton, Robert, farmer, Ballycairn
Busby, Mrs., Ballyaughlis

Cairnduff, John, pig butcher, Ballycairn
Cairnduff, Robert, dairy farmer, Ballycairn
Cairns, E. J., coal agent, Tullyard
Campbell, Albert, farmer
Canning, J., poultry farm, Hillhall
Carson, James Lisnod
Carson, Miss Jane
Carson, Robert, farmer, Lisnod
Crawford, Alexander, Lisnod
Crawford, Joseph, farmer, Ballycairn
Crawford, Miss E. M., Ballycairn
Crawford, Robert, farmer, Ashill
Crawford, Robert, farmer, Lisnod
Crawford, William, farmer, Cherryvalley
Crockard, Hugh, farmer, Hillhall
Cunningham, J., Glen Road, Hillhall

Dalton, Jack, farmer, Ballyaughlis
Dargard, Herbert, Ballyaughlis
Davis, Harry, Ballyaughlis
Davis, John, Ballyaughlis
Davis, Joseph, farmer
Davis, Mrs. Fanny, Ballyaughlis
Davis, William, farmer
Dorman, James
Dorman, Robert, farmer
Dorman, Samuel, farmer
Dorman, Scott, Lisnod
Dorman, Thomas, farmer
Dorman, Thomas, farmer, Tullyard
Dorman, William, Tullyard

Entwhistle, Robert, farmer, Ballyaughlis
Entwhistle, William, farmer, Ballyaughlis

Ferguson, William, carpenter, Hillhall

Glenn, Samuel, farmer, Fairview, Ballycairn
Glenn, S., Doe's Road, Ballycairn
Graham, Gawn Orr, farmer
Graham, Mrs., farmer
Graham, Thomas, farmer, Flush Hill
Graham, William, dairy
Gray, Alexander, carpenter, Ballycairn

Hamilton, Mrs. Wm., Lisnod
Hanna, Mrs., farmer
Hanna, Robert, farmer, Ballycairn
Hawthorne, W. J., farmer
Hume, William, Ballycairn

Kernaghan, James
Kernaghan, Robert, grocer
Kerr, James

Leckey, A. T., Ballycairn
Lemon, Thomas, carrier, Tullyard
Linton, Charles, Mill Road, Ballycairn
Lockard, George, Tullyard
Lyons, Miss, Glen Road, Hillhall

Magowan, William, dairy farm, Ballyaughlis
Marshall, Adam, farmer, Ballycairn
Martin, John, farmer
Mateer, Mrs. Agnes, Tullyard
Maxwell, George, farmer, Tullyard
Maxwell, Miss, farmer
Maxwell, Ross, farmer, Tullyard
Meegan, William, farmer, Ballycairn
Milligan, Frank, farmer
Milling, Miss
Miskelly, William
Murry, Mrs., Ballycairn

McAdam, Robert, Ballyaughlis
McBride, R. C.
McCalley, Thomas, Mill Road, Ballycairn
McCartney, W. James, farmer, Lisnod
McCormick, Hugh, farmer, Hillhall House
McCormick, Mrs. Agnes, Lisnod
McCormick, Mrs. James, Lisnod
McCormick, Mrs. Mary
McCormick, Robert J., farmer, Rugby Hall
McDowell, Thomas, Ballyaughlis
McLory, Thomas, Ballycairn
McMillen, J. N., Drumbo
McMillen, Samuel

Neill, Mrs. J., Ballycairn

Patterson, Ernest, insurance agent, Ballycairn
Patterson, Frank, coal agent, Drumbeg
Patterson, Hugh, Mill Road, Ballycairn
Patterson, Jack, carrier
Patterson, John, sexton
Patterson, William, insurance agent
Pedlow, C., Ballycairn
Philpot, ?
Porter, W. J., farmer

Rea, Frank
Richard, ?, Mill Road, Ballycairn
Rush, James, Banuel Road, Hillhall
Russell, Alexander, farmer, Ballycairn
Russell, Thomas, farmer, Tullyard

Savage, J., farmer, Ballycairn
Shaw, John, farmer
Smith, Hugh H., farmer, Ballycairn
Smyth, Hugh Henry, farmer
Spratt, William, Tullyard
Steele, R., Ballycairn
Strain, William, farmer
Swan, Alexander, farmer, Tullyard
Swindell, Irvine, Mill Road, Ballycairn

Taylor, ?, Mill Road, Ballycairn
Thompson, David, cattle dealer, Ballyaughlis
Thompson, Hugh, Ballycairn
Titterington, David, blacksmith
Titterington, Henry H.
Tollerton, T., Hillhall House, Glen Road
Torrance, R. T.

Walsh, James, Ballycairn
Watson, Mrs. William, Ballyaughlis
Weir, Mrs. E., Ballycairn
Woodburn, John, Manor Farm, Hillhall

County Tyrone

     A market town situated in the parish of Longfield, about nine miles west of Omagh and five miles south of Baronscourt.  It has a weekly market on Thursdays for butter, eggs, poultry, and other farm produce, and a monthly fair on the last Thursday in each month


R.U.C. - Sergeant Lynn
P.E. School - Drumquin, James Whelan, principal
Post Office M.O., telephone public - Mrs. McNeill
Dispensary Medical Officers - Omagh Union, P. J. Campbell, B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. Castlederg Union, Beattie McNeill, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., Q.U.B.
Registrars of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Dr. Beattie McNeill (Castlederg Union), Dr. Patrick J. Campbell (Omagh Union)


Presbyterian - Rev. J. Davison, B.A.
Church of Ireland - Upper and Lower Longfield - Rev. G. R. Heatley, M.A.
Methodist - Rev. F. T. Parker
Roman Catholic - Rev. Neil Duggan, P.P.


Alexander, John, grocer and provision merchant
Armstrong, Andrew, butcher
Aughey, Mrs.

Barrett, Patrick, carpenter and builder
Braden, David, Drumeney
Braden, James, gorse shoer and smith

Caldwell, Samuel, farmer, Bomacatoll
Campbell, Patrick, licensed general dealer
Campbell, P. J., B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.
Coll Bros., grocers and hardware merchants

Davis, Isabella, publican and hotel proprietor
Doherty, Owen, milk vendor, Dressog
Drumquin Creamery
Duncan, Frederick, grocer and publican
Duncan, Robert, Claraghmore

Fahy, Michael, cattle dealer

Goan Bros., cattle dealers
Gordon, Andrew, process server
Gormley, Miss M., dress maker

Harper, Robert, Drumrawn
Harpur, R., Lackagh
Healy, James, process server
Healy, Michael, cattle dealer
Hemphill, A. J., Killen

Irons, Mrs.
Irvine, Charles, farmer, Bomacatoll

Loughran, John, boot maker

Magee, Miss Cissie, district nurse
Maguire, John, draper
Moffatt, George, Drumeney
Moody, Samuel, publican
Moody, William, process server

McAnea, M., grocer
McCanny, Andrew J., grocer and publican
McCanny & Co., auctioneers and valuators
McCanney, Miss A.
McCay, William, J.P., Uncheny
McCrossan, John, milk vendor
McGee, John, farmer
McMenamin, Michael, farmer and builder
McMenamin, P., contractor
McMenamin, R., dress maker
McNeill, Beattie, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., Q.U.B.

O'Hagan, F., creamery manager
O'Kane, Thomas, publican
O'Kane, William, publican

Quinn, Mrs. M.
Quinn, T.

Roulston, R., Bomackatoll

Sheridan, James, carpenter
Sheridan, T., tailor

Thompson, Andrew, lime burner
Thompson, George, Drumscraw
Turner, Joseph

Verner, Matthew, J.P., Drumquinn

Winters, Edward, grocer and draper
Wood, Miss, insurance agent

County Antrim

A rural village 13 from Belfast

Post Office - Postmaster, G. McCombe


Adair, Samuel
Adair, Thomas, Pearl Assurance agent
Adair, William, bleacher
Agnew, Alex., coal merchant
Agnew, Thomas
Agnew, William
Alexander, Susan
Alexander, Thomas, food controlling officer
Allen, Mrs.
Armstrong, John, roadman
Ashe, Alexander, roadman
Ashe, Robert

Bailie, Alexander, R.A.F.
Baxter, John, dye worker
Beattie, James, dye worker
Beck, James
Beck, Josiah, Donegore
Beck, Sarah
Beck, William
Beck, William, railwayman
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Robert, labourer
Bell, William, farmer
Binning, Miss J., dress maker
Blair, Mrs. Sarah
Bowden, James, insurance official
Bownes, Hugh
Boyd, John, mechanic
Boyd, John, farmer
Boyd, Richard, farmer
Brannagh, Miss
Brown, Edward, motor mechanic
Brown, John, signalman
Brown, Wilbur
Burns, John, postman
Burnside, David, farmer, Rose Cottage

Catherwood, C., Islandreagh House
Charlton, Mrs. Thomas
Clark, C. W., rate collector, Rathmore
Clark, Mrs. A., dairy
Clark, Mrs. Jane, farmer
Clark, William, fireman
Clark, William
Clarke, Alexander, farmer
Clarke, R., insurance agent
Colville, John N., farmer
Courtney, James, confectioner
Cowan, William
Craig, James, dye worker
Craig, John, motorman
Craig, J. C., relieving officer
Craig, Tabitha
Craig, Thomas, farmer
Craig, Thompson, farmer
Crawford, John, farmer
Crawford, John
Crawford, Robert
Crawford, William Henry, farmer
Cummings, Robert, beetler
Cunningham, John, yarn worker
Cunningham, William, dyer

Davidson, Nathaniel, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Davidson, Samuel H., farmer
Davis, Thomas, motorman
Dempster, T. G.
Duffin, Joseph
Duffin, Mrs. M.

Eakin, Thomas
Elliott, Mrs., farmer
Elliott, Samuel

Fletcher, Hugh
Fox, Mrs. Ellen, spirit merchant
Francey, Thomas, labourer
French, Louden
French, Thomas, Secretary, The Cottage

Geddis, Robert, roadman
Gibb, Alexander, farmer
Gibb, Eliza Ann, farmer
Gibb, John, farmer
Gillespie, Robert, beetler
Glasgow, W. J.
Goudy, William James
Graham, David, farmer, Castleview
Gray, John, bread server
Gray, John, farmer, Dunadry House
Gray, Robert, farmer, Riverdale
Gray, Robert, farmer, Burnside Road
Gray, Samuel B., pork buyer
Gregg, Andrew, labourer, Kilmakee

Hagan, Ed.
Hawker, Percy, engineer
Heney, Ernest, Dunadry Linen Co.
Hewitt, James, labourer
Houston, John, beetler
Hume, Mrs. Catherine
Hunter, Minnie
Hutchinson, David, engineer

Islandreagh Finishing Co.

Johnson, Dr. A., Willowbrook
Johnston, James, Islandreagh
Jones, Edward
Joynt, Mrs., draper

Kane, Mrs. Mary Ann
Kelly, James
Kelso, James, farmer
Kennedy, George E., grocer
Kennedy, John
Kerr, John
Kirkpatrick, Edward, dye worker
Kirkpatrick, John, dye worker
Kirkpatrick, Joseph, painter
Kirkpatrick, Thomas

Livingstone, Mrs. M.
Loughlin, Henry
Loughlin, Mrs. A., farmer
Lyttle, Miss Rose

Mackean, Charles L., J.P., Loughanmore
Malone, J., school master
Martin, Dereck
Mawhinney, David, Lisdivin
May, Mrs.
Maybin, Mrs., Clady House
Miller, James, labourer
Miller, J. B., farmer
Miller, William, ploughman
Milliken, Miss M., confectioner
Murdock, Ellen, farmer
Murdock, Samuel

McAuley, James
McAuley, Robert
McCaul, Mrs.
McCleery, Henry
McCleery, Mrs.
McCloy, Thomas, labourer
McClure, John, yarn worker
McClure, R., director
McCombe, James, clerk
McCombe, Sarah, grocer and confectioner
McCoubrey, John, school master
McCullough, James
McDowell, Cecil, farmer
McDowell, Mrs. I., Straidmorris Factory
McDowell, R., Straidmorris factory
McGee, Matthew, carrier
McGee, William, beetler
McGill, W., draper
McGivern, Miss M., grocer
McGrath, William, farmer
McKee, Ebenezer, farmer
McMeekin, William
McMillin, Henry, boot maker
McMillin, Thomas
McMullan, William
McQuillan, John
McQuillan, William

Nutt, Hugh, farmer
Nutt, James, motorman

Parker, James
Parker, Thomas, farmer
Parkinson, Hugh, mason
Patterson, Mrs. Margaret, publican
Patton, Robert
Patton, William, farmer

Quirey, Mrs. M.

Rea, John
Rea, William, farmer
Robinson, James
Robinson, John
Robinson, Mrs. Sarah, farmer
Robinson, William, farmer

Sawyer, George
Scott, Mrs. Margaret
Shannon, Mrs. Margaret
Skelton, Francis, carpenter
Sloan, Mrs. Sarah
Smith, Douglas, soldier
Smith, Ernest
Spires, Samuel
Steele, James
Steele, Martin, Islandreagh
Steele, Thomas, labourer
Steele, William, motorman
Storey, John
Suffern, Samuel, farmer, Station farm

Templeton, Thomas, farmer
Topping, John, beetler
Tweedie, Robert

Walker, John
Walker, Richard, gardener
Warwick, William, farmer
Wasson, Mrs. A.
Wasson, Robert, beetler
White, Mrs. Elizabeth
Whiteside, William S.
Wilson, Mrs., farmer, Clady Farm
Wilson, Mrs., farmer, Roundthorn
Wilson, Mrs. E., farmer
Wilson, Thomas, farmer
Worthington, Samuel, beetler
Wright, Mrs. M.

Young, James, labourer
Young, John, motorman
Young, Joseph
Young, Mrs. James

County Down

     Four miles from Belfast. Population at 1937 census, 1,664. Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. B. Cotter, M.A., The Rectory, rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. A. McQuitty, B.A., The Manse
Methodist Church - Rev. J. P. Carter, 3 Ormiston Park, Knock


Public Elementary School - Stanley Wright, principal
Post Office - David Kane, sub-postmaster


Abbott, J. D., Villette, Church Road
Abbott, T., Hallsmere, Comber Road
Abraham, Mrs., Ivydene, Galway Park
Adair, John, Ballyrussell
Adair, John, Cooper Hill
Adair, J., Hillcrest, Graham's Bridge Road
Adams, A., 2 Norwood, Comber Road
Adamson, A. W. J., 5 Stanley Terrace
Adamson, D. J., Heath Hill, Comber Road
Adamson, J., Moatview, Comber Road
Adamson, J., 23 Park Avenue
Allen, W., Church Road
Anderson, Edward, Liscleen, Church Road
Anderson, James, Dunleady
Anderson, Miss, McClune's Cottages, Craigantlet
Anderson, Miss, Tonoughneive, Ballybeen
Andrews, J., Ingleside, Galway Park
Ardill, J., West Gleams, Boyd's Avenue
Armstrong, James, Heath House, Ballymeglaff
Armstrong, John, Trainview Cottage
Ayton, Cornelius, Galway Park

Bain, W., Myositis, Comber Road
Baird, James, Ballyregan
Baker, H., Glenariffe, Comber Road
Ballantyne, ?, 46 Galway Park
Barkley, S., Miller's Lane
Barnes, Edwin, St. Filins, Comber Road
Barr, S., Mon Repose, Reaville Park
Barr, W. J., dentist, Vista-lynn, Carrowreagh
Bathgate, N., Fairy bank Nursery, Ballybeen
Beare, Robert, 3 Raithkain
Beatty, Dennis, Prospect Cottage
Beck, H., Florencecourt, Newtownards Road
Beckett, W., Romana, Comber Road
Belfast Co-operative Society Ltd., Grocery, Comber Road
Belfast Co-operative Society Ltd., Millmount Farm, Comber Road, Robert Wright, Manager
Bell, John, The Central, spirit merchant
Bell, Mrs., Church Green
Bell, William, The Village
Bell, William, Sunnycroft, Ballybeen
Bell, William, general grocer, The Village
Bell, W., Hazlewynd, Ballybeen
Bell, ?, 30 Galway Park
Bennett, J., Bennville, Reaville Park
Berry, Miss, 1 Grange Villas, Galway Park
Betty, E., 5 Grand Prix Park
Bingham, J., Brooklyn, Ballybeen
Black, C., Stormont, Ballybeen
Black, J., Comber Road
Black, S., Lynkview, Galway Park
Blackoe, Mrs., 6 Park Avenue Terrace
Blain, John, Holmscroft, Galway Park
Blake, T., Skene, Reaville Park
Blakely, J., 54 Galway Park
Blemmings, G., Pear Tree Hill
Blemmings, S., Ballyrussell
Bolster, J. H., Mirneraux, Ballybeen
Bossence, F. N., St. Filins, Ballybeen
Bossence, Stewart, Crofton
Bothwell, G., 12 Grand Prix Parade
Bowman, Charles, Grand Prix Parade
Bowman, Mrs., Sunridge, Church Road
Bowman, Thomas, Ancrum, off Church Road
Boyd, H., The Nook, Galway Park
Boyd, H. C., Burnside, Comber Road
Boyd, James, Moatview, Comber Road
Boyd, James, Lilian, Reaville Park
Boyd, John, Ardgreena, Comber Road
Boyd, John, builder and contractor, Laurelvale, The Village
Boyd, J., Dromard, Rose Park
Boyd, Robert H., Ballylisbredan
Boyd, Robert James, Dunleady
Boyd, R., 1 Burton Avenue
Boyd, Thomas, Mayflower Villa, Newtownards Road
Boyd, Thomas, Orchard Hill, Bethesda Road
Boyd, T., Alpha, Galway Park
Boyd, T. Waters, Church Road
Boyd, W., 58 Galway Park
Boyd, W., Ballymeglaff Cottages
Boyd, W., Robin Hill
Boyle, R., Hillside, Ballybeen
Boyle, W., Redcliffe, Park Avenue
Bradshaw, R., Ballyregan Road
Broderick, Herbert, Heatherdene, Comber Road
Brown, A., 24 Park Avenue
Brown, James, Silverstream, Comber Road
Brown, Robert, Marlmount, Grahamsbridge Road
Brown, Robert J., Stapperton, Comber Road
Brown, R., Ballybeen
Brown, R. W., Clovelly, Grahamsbridge Road
Brown, S., Quarry Corner
Brown, S. W., Cottages, Comber Road
Brown, W. J., 11 Park Avenue
Browne, D., Summerville, Carrowreagh
Browne, J., Hillview, Grahamsbridge Road
Browne, Samuel, Robb's Corner, Newtownards Road
Browne, S., Grand-stand Cottage, Carrowreagh
Browne, S., 5 Ballyregan Road
Browning, W., 1 Rosepark East
Brownlee, J., Ashmount, Ballybeen
Burgess, M., Haughmond, Church Road
Burnett, Mrs. W., 11 Reaville Park
Burnett, W. F., Fairview, Galway Park
Burns, I., Ballybeen Road
Burns, R. M., 30 Old Dundonald Road
Burr, E., Elginvilla, Ballybeen

Cahoon, Mrs. J., Reaville Park
Cairns, Mrs. H., 8 Galway Park
Caldwell, Jas., Brookland House, Newtownards Road
Camlin, P., Church Road
Campbell, Dr. George F., Dunleady House
Campbell, S., 1 Daisymount, The Village
Campbell, W., 7 Park Avenue
Cardwell, Simon, Cottages, Upper Road, Ballybeen
Carlton, Mrs., Village
Carmichael, W., 1 Hillview Villas
Carnduff, Alexander, Ballybeen
Carnduff, Hugh, Dunleady
Carnduff, Robert, Dunleady
Carrol, Alex., Furiel, Comber Road
Carrol, H., Boyd's Avenue
Carse, Thomas, Glen Hill, Newtownards Road
Carson, H. E., Laurelvale
Carville, William, Carringdown, Burton Drive, Church Road
Cash, N., Carrowreagh
Chancellor, Galway, Solitude, Ballylisbraden
Chancellor, R., Ballyrussell
Chandler, E., Sunnybank, Newtownards Road
Chandler, John, Ballybeen
Childs, J., Carrowreagh
Christie, Mrs., 52 Galway Park
Clarke, Harold, Church Quarter
Clarke, John, Bungalow, Upper Road
Clarke, R. G., 50 Galway Park
Clarke, T., 10 Grand Prix Park
Clarke, W. J., Lyndorff, Comber Road
Clegg, W., Village
Cochrane, Robert, Church Road
Cochrane, Wm., Hillcrest, Upper Road, Ballybeen
Cochrane, W. H., Veronica, Ballyhanwood
Coe, Joseph, Thornlea, Comber Road
Coleman, Joseph, Oriel Lodge
Colvin, J., Ballyregan Road
Conkey, Hugh, Rockfield Lodge
Conkey, Samuel, Cottages, off Church Road
Conkey, Samuel, Cottages, Ballybeen
Connor, Mrs., 4 Stanley Terrace
Cooke, John, Ballymeglaff Cottages
Cooper, John, Ballyoran
Cooper, Mrs., Olivine, Comber Road
Copeland, James, Clonallon, Church Road
Cordner, J., The Village, Newtownards Road
Cordner, Mrs., Margaret, Ballyregan
Coulter, J. Ailsa, Comber Road
Courtney, David, farmer, Ferndene, Ballybeen
Courtney, James, Quarry Cottages, Ballybeen
Cowan, Alfred, Myona, Reaville Park
Craig, Mrs., Riverdale Cottage, Carrowreagh
Craig, Thomas, flax mill, Carrowreagh
Craig, Wm., Roseleigh, Newtownards Road
Crawford, Cecil, Lenderg, Rosepark
Crawford, H., Rathkain
Crawford, Joseph, R.U.C., Rosevale, Ballyregan
Crawford, Maurice, Belvedere, Comber Road
Crawford, Thomas Robert, Lower Ballymiscaw
Cromie, J., Bombay, Comber Road
Crooks, Mrs., Gleam, Newtownards Road
Cruise, H., Church Road
Cummings, T., Graham's Bridge Road
Cunningham, Mrs., 10 Rosepark East
Cunningham, Robert, Ballylisbraden
Cuthbertson, Henry, Dunedin, Comber Road

Dalgleish, Robert, Estate Cottages, Stormont
Dale, R., Dunleady Cottages
Davidson, J., jun., Carrowreagh
Davidson, Miss, Ardress, Bungalow, Newtownards Road
Davidson, Mrs. Jane, Quarry House, Carrowreagh
Davis, W., Libertta, Comber Road
Davison, R., 10 Burton Avenue
Dawson, J., Mossvale, Ballybeen
Dempster, Alexander, Milltown Cottages, Ballylisbraden
Dempster, Samuel, The Village
Devere, W., Ballyrussell
Devlin, James, Peartree Hill, Comber Road
Dickson, A., Ballyhanwood
Dickson, James, Hildenville, Comber Road
Dickson, ?, 5 Raithkain, The Village
Dobson, J., Dundavon, Galway Park
Dodds, S. A., Riversdale Cottages
Dodds, William, 12 Park Avenue
Dogherty, H., Carrowreagh, Newtownards Road
Doherty, Edward, Church Road, Garthowen
Donaghy, M. K., Millmount View
Donaldson, David, Bungalow, Upper Road
Donaldson, Joseph, Bungalow, Upper Road
Donaldson, T., Carrowreagh
Donnelly, John, Ballyrussell, Springvale
Dornan, E., Ballymeglaff Cottages
Dornan, John H., Ballystockart
Drury, John, caretaker, Orange Hall
Duffy, J., 12 Burton Avenue
Dugan, John, Ballymeglaff
Dugan, W., flesher and poulterer, Comber Road
Duncan, Robert, 27 Park Avenue
Duncan, Robert M., jun., 17 Park Avenue
Dunham, E., 21 Reaville Park
Dunlop, William, Lissara, Grahamsbridge Road
Dunn, John, Drummond, Ballybeen
Dunn, Miss, Drumlease, Rose Park East
Dunn, Robert, Prospect Farm
Dunn, William, Ballylisbraden Cottages
Dunseath, W., The Village, Newtownards Road
Dunwoody, H., Henryville Crossing
Dunwoody, R., Kilcoe, Galway Park

Early, W., Burton Avenue
Edmonds, Walter, 4 Staff Cottages, Stoney Road
Edwards, Stanley, 13 Reaville Park
Elliott, A., Coburg, Comber Road
Elliott, Fredk., Miller's Lane
Elliott, Robert, 18 Reaville Park
Elliott, W. G., Ranleigh, Comber Road
Ellis, Robert, Ballybeen, Granshaw Road
English, Hugo, Ballybeen

Fair, Henry, Ballyhanwood
Faulkner, James, Carrowreagh
Ferguson, H. B., Greengraves
Ferguson, Mrs. J., Ballyregan
Ferguson, Mrs. M., Cooper Hill, Newtownards Road
Ferguson, Murno, Glencovitt, Newtownards Road
Ferguson, R. H., Reaville Park
Ferguson, Samuel, Ballyregan
Ferguson, S. J., Bungalow, Ballyregan
Ferguson, Thomas, Lower Ballybeen
Ferguson, Thompson, sen., Ballyregan
Ferguson, William, Quarry Lane
Ferguson, William, farmer, Dunleady
Ferguson, W., Inglenook, Comber Road
Ferguson, W. A. B., Ballyregan
Finlay, F., Granshaw Road
Finlay, J., civil servant, Ardath, Comber Road
Finlay, Mrs., Gracehill, Grahamsbridge Road
Finney, Alexander, Brookhill, Comber Road
Fisher, Henry, Camperdown, Ballyrainey
Fisher, William, Heath Hill Cottage, Comber Road
Fisher, W., The Cottage, Ballymeglaff
Fitchie, James, The Village, Newtownards Road
Fitzpatrick, J., Saltervale, Stoney Road
Fleming & James, grocers, The Village
Fletcher, James, Hillview, Ballybeen
Fletcher, Samuel, The Bungalow, Comber Road
Foreman, George, Wynsmere, Comber Road
Foster, S., Rathkane
Frame, H., Ardara Avenue
Frame, H., 32 Galway Park
Frame, J., Dunallen, Comber Road
Fraser, J., Slievemoyne, Reaville Park
Friers, Mrs. H., Keelong, Grand Prix Park
Fullerton, Edward, Lower Ballymiscaw
Fulton, James, Ballymeglaff Cottages
Fulton, Miss, tea shop, Comber Road

Galbraith, W. J., Stormont Lodge, Upper Newtownards Road
Galbraith, W. J., Ferndene Cottage
Gamble, W., Viola Park Avenue
Gardiner, R. J., Quarry Lane
Gardner, I., Rosevale, Church Road
Garrett, Rufus, Ballyrussell
Gibson, Augustus, 16 Park Avenue, Comber Road
Gibson, D., Meryden, Old Dundonald Road
Gibson, Henry, Joburg, Reaville Park
Gibson, James, Ballylisbraden
Gibson, James, Church Cottages
Gibson, Miss, Ballymeglaff
Gibson, T. A., 6 Reaville Park
Gibson, William, Kilmore, Galway Park
Gilkinson, G., Lilyville, Millar's Lane
Gilmore, D. & J., Nursery, Newtownards Road
Gilmore, Thomas, 6 Park Avenue
Glenn, Mrs. J., Sunnybank, The Village
Glover, T., Beth-ver, Comber Road
Goater, W., Andover, Comber Road
Goldthorpe, George, Bessmount, Newtownards Road
Gordon, John James, Lower Ballymiscaw
Gordon, Robert, 1 Stanley Terrace, Comber Road
Gouk, T., 6 Galway Park
Gould, G., Alma, Carrowreagh Road
Gourley, Alexander, Robb's Cottages
Gourley, Henry, Ballyoran
Gourley, Mrs., Sandymount, Comber Road
Gourley, Robert, Millbank Cottages
Gourley, Thomas, Robb's Cottages
Gourley, T., Ballyoran
Gow, Alexander, Grahamsbridge Lane
Graham, Hugh, Carnew, Ballybeen
Graham, N., Grand Prix Park
Graham, Lt.-Col. O. B., Carrowreagh House
Graham, R., Miller's Lane
Graham, T., Park Avenue
Grange, William Robert, Park Avenue
Gray, Alexander, Ballyregan
Gray, Charles, jun., Penetang, Comber Road
Gray, C., Delta, Galway Park
Gray, Thomas, Minton, Reaville Park
Gray, T., Hillview, Newtownards Road
Greer, J., Ards Service Station
Greeves, Walter, Leopold, Rockfield
Gregg, W. J., Station Road, Ballybeen
Gunter, G. A., Prospect, Ballybeen

Hackney, George, Danescroft, Ballybeen
Hackney, Miss, Ashdene
Hadnett, Joseph, Comoran, Comber Road
Hagan, H., 41 Reaville Park
Hagan, J., 13 Park Avenue
Halliday, G., jun., Ballymeglaff
Halliday, Mrs. Sarah, Ballystockart, Comber Road
Halliday, Robert, Bella Vista, Bethesda Road
Hamilton, John, Bethesda Road
Hamilton, J. A., Drumpellier, Reaville Park
Hamilton, Mrs., Cooper's Cottages, Ballyoran
Hamilton, Thomas, Ballylisbraden
Hanna, John, Ballystockart
Harkness, William, Quarry Cottages
Harris, Edward, Bungalow, Ballybeen
Harris, J., Ben-Vista, Ballyregan Road
Harrison, William, Rosetta, Reaville Park
Hayes, Miss E., Emivale, Comber Road
Heaney, R., Roslyn, Reaville Park
Heaton, A., Joanville, Reaville Park
Heery, John, Ballyhanwood Road
Henderson, Horace, Chelsfield, Comber Road
Henderson, Mrs., Bungalow, Carrowreagh, Newtownards Road
Henery, Mrs., 1 Racefield, Newtownards Road
Henry, Roy, Craigantlet
Hewitt, John, Ashfield, Ballyregan Road
Hewitt, J. N. S., 6 Rose Park East
Hill, J., Stormont Cottages
Hill, J. A., 14 Rosepark East
Hill, W. J., Ballyrussell, Comber Road
Hodgett, R., 4 Raithkain
Hogg, Miss, Rose Park
Hogg, Dr. T. G., Ardvara, Rosepark
Holloran, J., Ballyrainey
Hood, J., 34 Galway Park
Hood, J., 3 Park Avenue
Hood, S. M., Brookdale, Newtownards Road
Houston, Mary, Craigantlet
Houston, R., Annavale, Galway Park
Howe, R. J., The Fort, Ballyoran
Huddleston, David, New Line, Ballymeglaff
Hughes, J. T., 9 Park Avenue
Hull, ?, Ballyregan Road
Humby, William H., Lakevale, Reaville Park
Humphreys, Henry, Bungalow, Upper Road
Hunter, A. W., Rathcuin, Miller's Hill
Hunter, John, Carrowreagh
Hunter, Mrs. J., 34 Park Avenue
Hunter, Samuel, 2 Stanley Terrace, Comber Road
Hutchinson, Alexander, Raymount, Comber Road
Hutchinson, A., Ballyregan Road
Hutton, John, Glenburn, Comber Road

Ingram, R., Prospect Cottage
Irvine, R., Hillview Cottages, Ballybeen
Irvine, W., Sandhill, Ballyrussell
Irwin, T. A., Glendermont, Reaville Park
Irwin, W., Ballybeen

Jackson, George, 2 Burton Avenue
Jackson, Mrs., The Forest, Back Road
Jackson, T., Quarry Corner, Newtownards Road
Jacobs, Mrs. Mabel, Cherry Villa, The Village
James, Councillor F., St. Briac, Rose Park
James, Mrs., Kilbride, Galway Park
James, Samuel, Galway Park
Jameson, T., Innisfree, Comber Road
Jameson, W., Ballybeen Road
Jamison, C. F., Comber Road
Jamison, T., Hillcrest, Rose Park
Jeffrey, T. J., Ballyhanwood
Jeffs, Miss, 11 Rose Park
Jenkinson, David, Park Avenue
Johnston, F., R.U.C., Annadale, Newtownards Road
Johnston, George, The Village, 2 Daisymount
Johnston, John, Greengraves
Johnston, J., Dunleady Cottages
Johnston, Nurse, Cooneen, Old Dundonald Road
Johnston, N. A., Cooneen, Old Dundonald Road
Johnston, Samuel, The Village
Johnston, William H., 10 Park Avenue
Johnston, Thomas, Ballyoran

Kane, A., 21 Park Avenue
Kane, Robert, Hame, Ballyregan
Kane, R., jun., grocer, Ballyregan
Kelly, C., Pear Tree Hill
Kelly, Miss, Cerrville, Comber Road
Kelly, Mrs., Ballyregan Road
Kelly, T., Sylvester, Reaville Park
Kennedy, James, Fan Hill, Ballymeglaff
Kennedy, James, 3 Daisymount, The Village
Kennedy, J. M., Carrowreagh
Kennedy, Mrs., Marydene, Reaville Park
Kennedy, Mrs., Mount Salem, Ballyrussell
Kennedy, Thomas, Church Road
Kennedy, Thomas, Warwick's Cottages
Kennedy, W., Nordene, Comber Road
Kerr, William, Ballyoran
Killener, G., Pembroke, Reaville Park
Kinghan, Miss M., Bessmere, Comber Road
Kinkead, W. H., Taragh, Rosepark East
Kirk, David, Lota, Comber Road
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., Lisanore, 14 Rosepark
Kirkwood, Miss, flax mill, Carrowreagh
Kirkwood, Walter C., The Beeches
Kitchingham, Wm. John, Ferndene, Ballyregan
Knight, Rev., Carrowreagh, Newtownards Road
Knock Golf Club, Summerfield
Knowles, W., Comber Road

Latimer, J. R., Homlea, Ballybeen
Laurence, G., Bramer, Ballyregan Road
Lawther, E. J., Bungalow, Back Road
Lawther, J., Glenside, Newtownards Road
Lea, F. W., Skene, Reaville Park
Lea, J., Ingleside, Ardara Avenue
Leckey, Sydney, Craigdun, Newtownards Road
Leech, Miss, draper, The Village
Legge, John, Annahone Bungalow, Park Avenue
Legge, Mrs., Elsinore Bungalow, Park Avenue
Leitch, Norman, Thurlow
Lemon, Andrew, Ards, Comber Road
Lemon, A., Bognor, Galway Park
Lennox, Alexander, Ellsmere, Church Road
Lennox, Mrs., 12 Daisybank Terrace
Lewis, Mrs., Beatrix, Grand Prix Park
Lightbody, J., Carrowreagh
Lindsay, Misses, Glenview, Dunleady Road
Lindsay, Samuel, Dunleady
Lindsay, Samuel, Carrowreagh
Lindsay, William, Dunleady
Linton, Samuel, Sunnyside, Galway Park
Little, Jason, Dunleady
Longridge, Hugh, Dromada, Church Road
Loughlin, F., 16 Burton Avenue
Lucas, E., Burton Drive
Lunn, R., Private Avenue
Lyttle, J., Greengraves

Mackie, John, 16 Reaville Park
Macorry, Dennis, Ballybeen Road
Madill, R. W., grocer, Comber Road
Magee, John, Mossbridge, Dunleady
Magill, James, 15 Park Avenue
Magowan, Norman, Newsagent, The Village, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Magowan, Samuel, Ashville, Comber Road
Majury, Edward, Ballyoran
Mallace, M. J., Largo, Rose Park
Mann, S., Comber Road
Marks, A., Winona, Comber Road
Marks, T., Ballyregan Road
Marshall, Alexander, Ballyrussell
Marshall, Samuel, Cottages, Ballybeen Upper Road
Martin, Ernest, Hillside, Ballybeen
Mateer, Henry, Ferguson Villas
Mathers, A., Comber Road
Mathers, Henry, Ballyregan
Matthews, B., Curlew, Comber Road
Mawhinney, Andrew, Quarry Corner
Mawhinney, D., Boyd's Avenue
Mawhinney, D., carpenter, Carrowreagh
Mawhinney, Frances, confectioner, Galway Park
Mawhinney, James, 18 Burton Avenue
Mawhinney, James, carpenter, Ballyoran
Mawhinney, Joseph, Nursery View, Ballybeen
Mawhinney, J., Dovedale, Rosepark
Mawhinney, Misses, Ballyoran
Mawhinney, Robert, Solitude Cottages
Mawhinney, William, Dawn, Reaville Park
Maxwell, J., Park Avenue
Maze, Frank, Rathcoole, Rose Park East
Meharg, James, Ballyrussell
Mellon, James, Dunleady Road
Mercer, J., Glen Anne, Reaville Park
Miller, G. L., Slieveanorra, Rose Park
Miller, John, Redcot, Ballybeen
Milligan, William, Ballybeen
Milliken, J., Ardara Avenue
Mills, George, Rathlee, Ballybeen
Milne, Alexander, Woodlands, Galway Park
Miskelly, William, Lennoxburn, Ballybeen
Miskelly, ?, The Bungalow, Newtownards Road
Mitchell, F., Ballymeglaff
Moffett, Miss, Sunnyside, Grahamsbridge Road
Monaghan, Misses, Ballyregan Road
Montgomery, Robert, 15 Park Avenue
Moore, James, Church Green
Moore, James, 18 Park Avenue, Comber Road
Moore, Joseph, Quarry Cottages
Moore, Mrs., Ballystockart
Moore, Thomas, Quarry Cottages
Moore, T., Comber Road
Moore, T. J., La Flamenco, Rose Park
Moore, William, Cottages, off Church Road
Morgan, Norman, Greengraves Cottages
Morgan, William, Greengraves
Morrison, Thomas, Ashfield Cottage
Morrison, William, Bungalow, Park Avenue
Morrow, Robert, hairdresser, Ashvale, Comber Road
Morrow, W., 30 Park Avenue
Muir, W., Private Avenue
Mullan, J., Park Avenue
Mullan, P., Carrowreagh Farm
Murdock, Mrs. J., Ballylisbraden
Murdock, Mrs. R., Elmwood, Ballybeen
Murphy, David, Ballymeglaff
Murphy, R., Dunavon, Reaville Park
Murphy, Thomas, 5 Daisymount, The Village
Murray, Constable, Sefton, Reaville Park
Murray, Miss, Quarry Cottages
Musgrave, John R., Glenview, Dunleady
Myles, J., 23 Park Avenue

McAuley, J., Cymara, Reaville Park
McAvoy, T., Loka, Comber Road
McAvoy, W., Ballyregan Road
McAvoy, W., Castle Tea Rooms. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McAvoy, W. H., Robertville, Comber Road
McBratney, S., 1a Reaville Park
McBride, James, Dunleady
McCallum, John, Reaville Park
McCallum, W., Innisfayle
McCallum, W., 24 Galway Park
McCalmont, Jane, Loongana
McCarthy, William, Dunglascar, Dunleady
McCartney, J., Thornleigh, Comber Road
McCartney, W. J., 1 Rathkain
McCaw, Mrs., Grianan, Comber Road
McClay, E., Grangee, Comber Road
McClay, T., Cathergal, Rose Park
McClean, H., Korean, Comber Road
McClean, John, Cottages, Ballyrussell
McCleary, J., Carrowreagh Farm
McClements, Robert J., Ballystockart
McClune, Mrs., dairy, Craigantlet
McComb, Thomas, Inglemere, Comber Road
McCone, N., Reaville Park
McConnell, Hugh, 4 Burton Avenue
McConnell, James, Burton Drive, Church Road
McConnell, J., Sulby, Grahamsbridge Road
McConnell, Samuel, publican
McConnell, Thomas, publican, The Village
McCord, Campbell, Ardhole, Graham's Bridge Road
McCormack, G., 48 Galway Park
McCormick, Daniel, Burton Avenue
McCormick, I. B., Breeze Mount
McCoy, Robert, Solitude Farm
McCullough, John, Delabrooke
McCullough, J., 26 Galway Park
McCullough, Mrs., Reaville Park
McCullough, R., Miller's Lane
McCullough, R., 26 Galway Park
McCutcheon, Robert, Robb's Cottages, Ballybeen
McDaniel, John, Sunnymeade, Newtownards Road
McDonald, Samuel, 20 Park Avenue
McDonald, William J., Mount Ava, Park Avenue
McDonnell, William, Lisnafin
McDowell, George, Sandynook, Comber Road
McDowell, Hugh, Redfern, Boyd's Avenue
McDowell, J., Miller's Lane
McDowell, Robert, Vionville, Back Road
McFadden, Miss, Ballyregan Road
McFarlane, D., Grand Prix Park
McGeagh, Thomas, 5 Reaville Park
McGimpsey, H., Maple Leaf, Robb's Turn
McGladrey, John, Craigantlet
McGowan, John, Sandhurst, Comber Road
McGowan, N., Ashville, Comber Road
McGuffin, William, Lilac Cottage, Quarry Lane
McIlhagga, David, Ashley, Comber Road
McIlhern, Hugh, Bungalow, Gr. Br. Lane
McIlrath, Andrew, Carrowreagh, Newtownards Road
McIlveen, Mrs., Cottages, Comber Road
McIlvenny, James, Church Road
McKane, S. J., Sumovin, Comber Road
McKeag, John, Ballyoran Cottages
McKeag, T., Comber Road
McKee, D., Dreelwarina
McKee, H., 38 Galway Park
McKee, James, Lakeside, Ballybeen
McKee, John, Bungalow, Ballybeen
McKee, Miss, Ballybeen
McKee, Mrs., Cottages, Church Road
McKee, William, Quarry Lane
McKelvey, Henry, Ballylisbraden
McKenzie, David, Rose Cottage
McKeough, Mrs., 16 Galway Park
McKeown, Joseph, blacksmith, Ballyoran
McKibben, James, Ballymeglaff, Comber Road
McKibben, William, blacksmith, Heath Hill
McKibbin, R., Quarry Corner
McKittrick, Alexander, Newtownards Road
McLay, T. N., architect, 19 Rosepark
McLaughlin, ?, Perusia, Private Avenue
McLellan, James S., Daisybank House
McMillan, David, Ministragh, Comber Road
McMillan, Frank, Quarry Lane, Ballybeen
McMillan, Margaret, Harville, Comber Road
McMillan, R., Rockburn
McMillan, S., Comber Road
McMillan, William, Ballylisbraden
McMillen, E., Rosittellea, 8 Rosepark East
McMillen, T., Galway Park
McMullan, Joseph, The Park, Park Avenue
McMullan, J., Innisfree, Galway Park
McMurray, George, Braeside, Carrowreagh
McNaught, Mrs. Agnes, 2 Raithkain
McNeill, R. J., Blairmount, Newtownards Road
McNeill, Samuel, Ballyregan
McNish, John, 44 Galway Park
McNish, Napier, 21 Rosepark
McQuoid, David, Ballyregan Road
McQuoid, Hugh, 2 Hillview Villas
McRoberts, Miss M., Ballyoran House
McSorley, C., Rosella, 14 Galway Park
McVeigh, J., Pear Tree Hill
McWhinney, John, Dovedale, Rose Park

Napier, James, 4 Park Avenue
Neill, T., Orlington, Ballybeen Road
Nelson, J., Ballyhanwood, Ardsevin
Nelson, J. Andrew, Raithkain, Newtownards Road
Newell, Miss M., Ballyregan
Nicholl, Miss, Ballyregan Road
Nicholson, J., Ballybeen

Oliver, S., 18 Reaville Park
Orr, John, Ballystockart
Orwin, Mary, Greengraves
O'Neill, Hare, 12 Rosepark East
O'Rorke, R., Stanley Terrace, Comber Road

Park, D., Ballybeen
Parker, W., 25 Park Avenue
Parker, W., Peartree House
Patience, Mrs., Altcairn, Reaville Park
Patterson, David, Bungalow, Upper Road
Patterson, Samuel R., 3 Ballyregan Road
Peattie, George, Blue-woods, Carrowreagh
Peck, Daniel, Quarry Lane
Perry, James, Craigantlet
Perry, Mrs., Robb's Cottages
Perry, S., Glenburn, Carrowreagh
Perry, W., Ryefield, Comber Road
Philips, C., 14 Burton Avenue
Philips, F., Bramer, Reaville Park
Pilson, Mrs., Ballylisbraden
Pollock, J. A., Norwood, Comber Road
Pollock, Thomas, steward, Knock Golf Club
Pomeroy, A. G., Arnside
Porter, James, Cottages, off Church Road
Porter, James, Park Avenue
Porter, Miss, 4 Ardara Avenue, Comber Road
Prenter, Miss, Berryville, Comber Road
Purdy, R. F., Rose Park
Purdy, W., Cooper's Cottage, Ballyoran
Pyper, J., Greengraves

Quigley, Samuel, Ballylistraden (Ballylisbraden)
Quillan, A., 23 Reaville Park

Rainey, James, Hillview, Ballybeen
Rainey, Margaret G., Comber Road
Rainey, William, Greeves Lodge, Ballyoran
Rea, James, Hazelhurst, Galway Park
Rea, John, The Kennels, Newtownards Road
Rea, Samuel, Norvue, Ballybeen
Rea, Thomas, jun., Craigantlet
Rea, Thomas, Craigantlet
Rea, T., Grand Prix Park
Reid, A., 4 Reaville Park
Reynolds, Thos., Woodview Dairy, Stoney Road
Richards, Mrs., Dunleady Road
Richardson, James, Cottages, Lower Ballybeen
Ritchie, Allen, Cottages, Ballyrussell
Ritchie, A., flesher, Comber Road
Ritchie, Mrs., 52 Galway Park
Ritchie, T., 50 Reaville Park
Robb, Alexander, J.P., Ballybeen House
Robb, David, petrol station and garage, Upper Newtownards Road
Robb, D., Duniris, Galway Park
Robb, E., Rosedene, Grand Prix Park
Roberts, R. M., Stanthorpe, Reaville Park
Robinson, A., Grocer, Comber Road; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Robinson, John, 6 Stanley Terrace, Comber Road
Robinson, J., Quarry Corner
Robinson, Mrs., Riverdale Cottages
Robinson, R., 4 Daisymount, Newtownards Road
Robinson, Samuel, Ballybeen
Rodgers, W. J. F., 28 Park Avenue
Ross, Robert, 36 Galway Park
Ross, S., Greengraves
Ruddy, W. H., Elimbank, Ballyregan Road
Rutherford, David, Ballyoran
Rutherford, Isaac, Clinton, Carrowreagh
Ryding, D., 2 Park Avenue

Sands, Frederick, Dunleady Road
Savage, W. J., 14 Park Avenue
Scott, J., Tower View, Ballybeen
Scott, Thomas, supt., Dundonald Cemetery
Scott, W. H., St. Elmo, Ballybeen
Sellar, William, Braemar, Reaville Park
Semple, J., Ballylisbraden
Shannon, David, Ballyrussell
Shannon, George, The Village
Shannon, W., Heath Hill
Shaw, Henry, Ballymeglaff, Comber Road
Shaw, J., Lynwood, Comber Road
Shaw, William, Orlands, Grahamsbridge Road
Shaw, William, Elim, Comber Road
Shaw, W. J., Meadowlands
Shilliday, E. J., 1 Rosepark
Shimmons, J., Stanley Terrace
Simpson, J., Bungalow, Burton Avenue
Simpson, W. T., Comber Road
Sleith, J., Ballyoran
Sloane, Samuel, confectioner, Comber Road
Smith, Thomas, Ballylisbraden
Smith, W., sen., Cuba, Comber Road
Smith, W., jun., Auchinairn
Smith, W., 3 Rosepark East
Smylie & Co., of Sydenham Road, Sandhurst; offices, Comber Road
Smyth, Arthur, Daisymount
Smyth, Miss, 6 Burton Avenue
Smyth, Mrs., Rosebank, Comber Road
Speers, Samuel, Bessmount Lodge
Spiers, William, Inver, Comber Road
Spottiswood, Charles, Park Avenue
Stranaghan, J., Maureen, Reaville Park
Stanley, W., Westbank, Reaville Park
Steaker, W., Derwent, Reaville Park
Steele, W., Mt. Laurel, Ballybeen
Stevenson, James, Ballylisbraden, Bethesda Road
Stevenson, J., Hilden
Stevenson, Samuel, Lower Ballymiscaw
Stevenson, Samuel, jun., Village
Stewart, James, Cottages, Dunleady Road
Stewart, J., Ballyhanwood
Stewart, J. A., chemist, Newtownards Road
Stewart, J. L., 2 Rose Park
Stewart, Miss, Mount Hobart
Stewart, Samuel, Park Avenue, Comber Road
Stewart, Stanley, Greengraves
Stewart, S., Duneen, Comber Road
Stewart, Thomas, Kasvin, Comber Road
Stewart, William, Moat Farm, Church Road
Stewart, W. D., 9 Rose Park
Summerville, A., Kirkview, Comber Road
Sythes, P. C., Loongana, Ballybeen

Talbot, Sergeant, J., R.U.C.
Templeton, ?, Lyngrove, Reaville Park
Thompson, Eliza, Cottages, Ballymeglaff
Thompson, Hugh, Moatville, Comber Road
Thompson, H., Hazeldene, Galway Park
Thompson, Mrs., 5 Burton Avenue
Thompson, T., Cumberland Villa
Thompson, W., Granshaw Road
Thompson, ?, 4 Galway Park
Todd, William, Burton Avenue
Tolland, Samuel, Strathmore, Comber Road
Tolmie, J., Curlew, Comber Road
Topp, W., 23 Reaville Park
Tower, H. W., Burton Drive
Tughan, S. V., solicitor, Velsheda, Rosepark
Turnball, Mrs., Lyngroce, Reaville Park
Turner, Mrs., Hilden, Comber Road
Turney, J., Baunhill, Comber Road

Vance, Mrs., Racefield, The Village
Vincent, Hugh, Milltown Cottages

Waite, D., 8 Burton Avenue
Walker, J. A., Ferguson Villas
Walker, Mrs., Milltown Cottages
Walker, Robert, contractor, Ashley, Galway Park
Walker, R. J., Millmount Cottages
Walker, Thomas, The Forth, Ballyoran
Walker, W. T., Dunore, Old Dundonald Road
Wallace, Samuel, garage, Robb's Corner
Walter, W., Old Dundonald Road
Warnock, Dr. Hugh, 25 Rosepark
Warwick, Richard, Millbank
Watson, Mrs., Hillhead, Ballyrussell
Watson, Robert, Hillhead, Ballyrussell
Webb, Mrs., 4 Park Avenue Terrace
Weir, Hugh, Ballyoran
West, B. L., Maryville, Old Comber Road
West, J., Carrowreagh
Wheeler, Alfred, 36 Reaville Park
White, D., Halycone, Comber Road (Halcyon?)
White, James, Dunleady
White, John, Henryville, Ballymeglaff
White, J., Ballyregan Road
White, Miss, The Cottage, Ballymeglaff
White, Mrs. P., Rockfort, Ballybeen
White, Capt. R. W., Esker, Church Road
White, N., 40 Galway Park
White, Wm. J., Cottages, Ballymeglaff
Whittaker, John, 8 Park Avenue, Comber Road
Whyte, J. R., Millmount Cottages
Wightman, George, boot maker, Comber Road
Wightman, John, The Village
Wightman, Joseph, Grahamsbridge Lane
Williams, C., Caithcairn, Reaville Park
Wilson, James, Claremont, Comber Road
Wilson, John, Hillhead, Ballyrussell
Wilson, Dr. J. Gilmore, Danae, Galway Park
Wilson, J., Comber Road
Wilson, Robert B., Sandymount, off Comber Road
Wilson, T., Quarry Lane
Wilson, W. M., Thorndyke, Old Comber Road
Wilson, ?, Ballyregan Road
Windrum, W., Annaville, Comber Road
Wood, John P., Brookvale Bungalow, Park Avenue
Woods, Hans, Carrowreagh
Woods, J., 14 Reaville Park
Wright, James H., Summerhill, Carrowreagh
Wright, Mrs., Ardara Avenue
Wright, Robert, Millmount
Wright, R., The Cottages, Comber Road
Wright, Thomas, Miller's Lane
Wylie, Hugh, Kelvinville, Galway Park
Wylie, Mrs. G., Ormidale, Comber Road

Young, Dan, Streamvale, Ballymeglaff

County Down

     A flourishing seaport town about twenty-two miles from Belfast, seven from Downpatrick, and three from Ballykinlar, is distant two miles from Dundrum across the inner bay, or four miles by road. Shops' half-holiday, Thursday. Monthly fair held third Tuesday in month. Population at the 1937 census, 526.


Church of Ireland - St. Donard's, Kilmegan and Maghera Churches - Rev. Henry O'Connor, M.B.E.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Canon J. Marmion
Methodist Church - Rev. J. Dwyer Kelly, B.A.


Downshire - W. E. Bates, principal
Roman Catholic - Daniel Flynn, B.A., principal


R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeant and four constables
Northern Bank, Ltd. - Attendance on Tuesdays


Aikens, Alexander, farmer
Alexander, Joseph, farmer, Ballyginney
Armstrong, Constable, R.U.C.

Barkley, Sarah
Barrie, H. T., Ltd., potato merchants
Bates, W. E., Castle Farm
Black, Miss, The Gables
Blue, William, carpenter, Moneylane
Bready, Nicholas
Breen, Mrs., Loretta Cottages
Brown, Miss Lily, music teacher
Brown, Mrs., Loretta Cottages
Burden, John, grocer
Burke, John, The Lodge
Burns, Joseph, pilot
Burns, Miss Grace
Butchart, A., golf club maker, Murlough

Campbell, Miss E., boarding house, Cloughram
Campbell, Patrick, Main Street
Campbell, Sydney, carpenter, Cloughram
Cardwell, James, painter
Cardwell, Joseph, Loretto Cottages
Cardwell, William, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Carlisle, Mrs. Rose
Carlisle, William
Cochrane, Wm., farmer, Moneylane
Connor, Alexander, Main Street
Connor, Edward, Main Street
Connor, Edward T., pilot
Connor, Elias, sand merchant
Connor, Jack, pilot
Connor, W., sexton
Creighton, Mrs. W.
Cummings, Mrs. Agnes, boarding house
Cummins, Albert, seaman
Cummins, James
Cummins, William
Cunningham, Hugh
Cunningham, Mrs. James
Curlett, Thomas, stone mason

Davidson, Mrs., grocer
Davidson, Mrs. A., Moneylane
Dobson, Mrs. Rose
Doran, Daniel
Dove, Joseph Scott, manager
Downshire, Marquis of, Murlough House
Dundrum Quarry - P. J. Fitzpatrick, proprietor

East Downshire Steamship Co. Ltd., coal and general merchants and steamship owners

Filor, Mrs., Manor House
Finnegan, Felix
Fitzpatrick, Mrs., spirit merchant
Fitzpatrick, William, publican, Maghera
Fitzpatrick, ?, spirit merchant
Flynn, Daniel, school teacher
Flynn, Edwd., coal and general merchant
Flynn, J., preventive officer, Customs and Excise
Flynn, Mrs. Mary H., publican

Glavin, William, potato inspector
Graham, John, postman, Loretto Cottages
Graham, Leonard
Graham, Mrs. H. A.
Grant, James
Grant, Mrs. Peter
Gray, Miss, grocer, Maghera
Gray, Samuel, farmer, Maghera
Greene, James, farmer, Waterask

Hall, George, The Bungalow, Cloughram
Hassard, William, farmer
Hazard, Mrs. J., hardware merchant
Hazard, Robert, saddler
Hazard, William Isaac, farmer
Hazlett, D. C., sergt. R.U.C.
Heanen, John
Holmes, William J., farmer, Waterask
Hughes, James, carter

Imrie, Robert, timber merchant

Johnston, Robert A., publican
Johnston, William, motor driver

Kearns, John
Kelly, Hugh, Waterask House
Kelly, Rev. J. D., Methodist Manse
Kelly, Miss M.
Kidd, Herbert
Kidd, Mrs. Helen
Kilmartin, Thomas, Cloughram
Kirk, David, Waterask

Lennon, E., Cloughram
Lennon, Mrs. P., Cloughram
Lewis, Robert
Lewis, William, carpenter
Love, J., Customs and Excise
Lowry, Robert, boatman
Lyttle, The Misses
Lyttle, Samuel, tailor

Magee, Edward
Magee, Mrs. Mary
Maginnis, Thomas
Magowan, Henry
Magowan, Mrs. Annie
Magowan, Mrs., farmer, Waterask
Maitland, Robert, cashier
Maitland, R., sub-agent, Murlough
Marmion, Rev. Canon J., Parochial House
Menet, J., The Cottage
Moore, David
Morgan, Mrs. G., boarding house
Mornin, Mrs. L., Boarding House; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Murdock, Robert, motor driver
Murphy, Leonard, postman
Murphy, Rev. R., Roman Catholic curate
Murray, J. H., Dundrum
Murray, Miss M. E., Commercial Hotel
Murray, Vincent, cycle agent and mechanic
Murtagh, John, Waterask

McAdam, Dr. J., registrar of births, marriages and deaths, Dundrum Dispensary
McCammon, Albert, carpenter
McCammon, James, farmer, Cloughram
McCammon, William, farmer, Cloughram
McCann, Mrs. farmer, Maghersaul
McCavery, James
McCavery, Leslie, motor driver
McCavery, Mrs. N.
McCavery, Nicholas, Waterask
McCavery, Robert
McCavery, Mrs. Annie, Barview
McCavery, Thomas
McCavery, William
McClafferty, Miss, licensed victualler
McClean, Alfred
McClean, Mrs. C.
McClean, Thomas
McClune, James P., carpenter, Waterask
McClune, Joseph, carpenter and builder
McFadden, Mrs. George
McGlennon, A., farmer, Cloughram
McGrahan, Robert Joseph, carpenter
McGrillen, Patrick, hairdresser
McIlroy, Miss, postmistress
McKay, P., Cloughram
McKeating, John
McKeown, Constable, R.U.C.
McKibben, John, farmer, Holybush Farm
McKibben, John, cattle dealer, Moneylane
McKinney, J., school teacher
McManus, John, Loretto Cottages
McManus, P., Cloughram
McMinn, Samuel, cycle agent and blacksmith
McMullan, William
McNamara, William, Keelpoint
McNeill, James, carpenter
McSpadden, Samuel, market garden, Murlough
McSpadden, William, Bar View
McTeer, Edward

Neill, W. C., station master
Newell, William
Nixon, Thomas, sexton, Kilmegan Church

Ogle, Wilfred R., clerk
Ogle, William
O'Connor, Rev. Henry, M.B.E., The Rectory
O'Hare, Hugh, Cloughram
O'Hare, Patrick, Bar View

Phillips, John, fisherman
Poland, John
Polley, Mrs., Moneyland
Porter, Mrs., Ballyginney

Quinn, Miss M., farmer, Cloughram

Rea, Mrs., Dundrum House
Redmond, George, sand merchant
Ridges, Mrs., haberdasher and grocer
Ridges, Mrs. Minnie
Roberts, Mrs.
Robinson, John, carter
Robinson, Miss, The Shore
Rooney, Daniel
Rooney, John, carter
Rooney, Joseph
Rush, James, shoemaker
Russell, James, signalman

Savage, Mrs. P., school teacher
Savage, P., publican
Savage, P., grocer, Dundrum
Scott, Miss
Scott, William, clerk
Sewell, Miss M., school teacher
Simons, John
Simons, Thomas
Small, William, farmer, Cloughram
Smiley, Samuel, chemist
Stevenson, Mrs., Waterask
Stewart, Samuel, Ltd., potato merchants
Swain, Charles
Swain, Samuel

Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Joseph, motor driver
Taylor, Richard, carpenter
Thompson, Edward, Cloughram
Thompson, Miss A., Ballyloughlin
Thompson, Whitfield, poultry farm
Toner, Daniel, mason, Waterask
Traynor, Miss
Trohear, William, coal and general merchant

Ward, John James, butcher
Waterson, Mrs., Ballyloughlin House
Williamson, John
Wilson, Robert

County Tyrone

     Dungannon is thirty-two miles from Belfast. It was the seat of the O'Neill's from its earliest days. The market, which is now the property of the Urban Council, is held each Thursday.  The pork market is one of the largest in Northern Ireland.  The shops' half-holiday is on Wednesday.  The population at the census in 1937 was 3,930.

     Donaghmore, two miles distant, has an ancient ecclesiastical history, St. Patrick having built a church where the old graveyard now stands, close to which, on the village street, is a fine specimen of the old Irish Cross.  Governor Walker was rector of this parish at the time the Protestants were driven into Derry.  His remains are interred in the Parish Church, Castlecaulfield.  Wolfe, the author of the ode on the "Burial of Sir John Moore," was curate of this parish.  Soap and candle making industries, carried on and give employment to very many people.


Urban District Council - Robert Leith, chairman; Robert Newton, D.L., vice-chairman; N. T. Roberts, Alexander Smith, J. Buchanan, A. Dickie, Joseph F. Stewart, M.P.; Thomas Neill, John Murphy, James Quinn, C. Patton, F. V. Quinn, P. McNally, V. Brannigan, W. J. McKinstry, John Walker, D. G. Kennedy, J.P.; John Madden, T. R. Bell, W. J. Anderson, and James David
Fire Brigade Station, Market Square - John Walker, captain
Town Clerk - William J. Beatty, Thomas Street
Coroner - Dr. A. M. Elliott, Cookstown; deputy-coroner, J. Malley, J.P., Aughnacloy
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Dungannon District, Dr. John J. Campbell; Coalisland District, Dr. S. Garvin; Benburb District, Dr. G. Garvin; Clonvaddy District, Dr. B. P. Glancy
Rural District Council - M. Busby, J.P., chairman; C. A. Irwin, clerk and executive sanitary officer
R.U.C. Barracks, Market Square - District Inspector, W. Duffy; Head-Constable, G. A. Crawford
Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Parochial Club - W. K. Clugston, secretary
Courthouse - James McKee, keeper
Clerk of Petty Sessions - W. J. T. Roy
Dispensary, Barrack Street - Dr. John J. Campbell, surgeon
Gasworks, Washingford Row - David McIntyre, manager
National Insurance Office and Labour Exchange Office, John Street
Registrar of Marriages - C. A. Irwin
Sanitary Inspector and Town Sergeant - James Davidson, Market Square
Town Surveyor - John Newell, Howard Terrace
Dungannon Regional Education Committee
Union Workhouse - (Board meets every alternate Thursday) - James Watt, chairman; Mrs. R. Stevenson, vice-chairman; James Davis, deputy vice-chairman; C. A. Irwin, clerk and returning officer; F. C. Mann, M.D., medical officer


Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. (Branch), Bank Buildings, Market Square - A. Carruth, manager
Munster and Leinster Bank, Ltd, Irish Street - Joseph Guerin, manager
Northern Bank Ltd. (Branch), Scotch Street - F. W. H. Magee, manager
Provincial Bank of Ireland (Branch), Scotch Street - S. A. R. Treanor, manager
Savings Bank, George Street - C. B. M. Chambre, J.P., actuary
Ulster Bank, Ltd., Market Square - J. K. H. Young, Manager


Church of Ireland, St. Anne's, Church Street - Rev. H. W. Cooke, M.A.
Castlecaulfield - Rev. R. B. Smyth, M.A.
Donaghmore and Pomeroy (New Church) - Rev. H. Egerton, B.A.
Killyman - Rev. H. E. Hardy, M.A.
Newmills and Clonoe - Rev. H. A. Colvin, M.A.
Brantry and Derrygotreavy - Rev. S. H. Baker, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Stanley W. Thompson, B.A.
Eglish Presbyterian Church, Benburb - Rev. R. W. Gillespie, B.A.
Castlecaulfield - Rev. T. G. Eakins, B.A.
Carland - Rev. J. H. Getty
Clonaneese - Rev. E. E. K. McClelland, M.A., LL.B.
Newmills - Rev. Richard Hume, B.A.
Dungannon Baptist Chapel - Pastor Samuel Ruddoch
Lisnagleer Baptist Chapel - Pastor Wm. Rowell
Friends' Meeting-house, Grange
Independent Chapel, Donaghmore - Pastor R. Burns
Methodist Churches, Perry Street, Dungannon; Castlecaulfield, and Laghey - Revs. J. Fleming and R. D. Morris
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Chapel, Northland Row - Very Rev. Dean McDonald, P.P., V.G.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Donaghmore - Rev. Canon P. Finnegan, P.P.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Eglish - Rev. Alex. Connolly, P.P.
Galbally - Rev. Patrick O. Crilly, C.C.


Royal School - A. de G. Gaudin, M.A., head-master
St. Patrick's Academy - Rev. P. McKee, C.C., head master
High School for Girls - Miss M. E. Morton, M.A., headmistress
Technical Institute, Ann Street - Jos. Rafferty, M.Com.Sc., principal
Ballynakelly - Miss Oliver, principal
Altmore - Miss McComisky, principal
Castlecaulfield - No. 1, A. E. McNamee, teacher; No. 2, James Slevin, teacher; Dungannon, Union Place - J. E. Donaghey, B.A.  Drumglass, Thomas Street - John Scott, B.A.
Convent Schools - Sisters of Mercy, teachers
Crossdernott - Miss Douglas
Derrylatinee - Miss M. Casey
Donaghmore No. 1 - C. Grieve, prin.
Donaghmore No. 2 - John W. Morrow, prin.
Edendork - J. Molloy, principal
Eglish - Miss Sinnamon, teachers
Galbally - P. Corr, principal
Granville - John Lyttle, principal
Killyman - W. H. Mitchell
Kilnaslee - Mrs. Mulligan
Laghey - Miss M. McCullough
Mullycar - Miss Marshall
Newmills - J. McCorran
Killylevin - Miss I. Knox, principal
Roan - Patrick Gallagher
Howard - R. H. Sloan, principal
Gortshalgan - Miss Allen, principal
Tullyallen - L. Sheridan, teacher


Commercial Hotel, Market Square - Peter McAleer
Myrdith Hotel, Scotch Street - Mrs. Beatty
Northland Arms Hotel, George's Street - Mrs. Wherry
Ranfurly Arms Hotel, Market Square - Mrs. Wherry


Abernethy, Miss E., dress maker, Milltown Street
Abernethy, Samuel, boot warehouse, Scotch Street
Abernethy, S., Northland Place
Acheson, Mrs., Castlecaulfield
Acheson & Smith, Ltd., weaving factory, Castlecaulfield
Addis, S. J., Wellington Road
Ainley, Warren, mechanic, Empire Avenue
Alexander, Joseph, draper, Market Square
Anderson, Cecil, chemist, Scotch Street
Anderson, George D., Carrowcolman
Anderson, Jacob, Mullybrannon
Anderson, John S., Thomas Street
Anderson, W. J., farmer, Coolkill
Anderson, W. J., draper, Market Street
Ansley, Henry, Lederg
Ardrey, Alexander, Mullybrannon
Ardrey, David, grocer, Tullyallen
Ardrey, Miss, confectioner, Market Square
Ardrey, William, mechanic, Market Street
Armstrong, George, grocer, Church Street
Atkinson, Joseph, grocer, Grenville
Atkinson, Mrs. R. J., farmer, Coolhill
Atwell, John, timber merchant, Hill View Terrace

Ballance & Lennon, hardware merchants, Iris Street
Beatty, D. J., G.N.R., Donaghmore Road
Beatty, G. E., Strangmore Lodge
Beatty, H. A., merchant, Union Place
Beatty, John & Sons, china warehouse, Union Place
Beatty, W. J., clerk, Urban Council and secretary to Joint Committee, commissioner for taking affidavits, Thomas Street
Beggs, Joseph, cycle depot, Scotch Street
Bell, Frank, farmer, The Bush
Bell, Dr. John G., Northland Row
Bell, Ross, Perry Street
Bell, T. R., dentist, Market Square
Bennett, Miss, Washingford Row
Benson, R. J., photographer, Park Road
Berriss, Ltd., house furnishers, Church Street
Best, John, Glenholme
Best, Lindsay, surveyor, Glenholme
Bingham, R. W., B.A., Grange
Boyd Bros., grocers, Scotch Street
Boyd, James, Tyhan
Boyd, James, grocer, Church Street
Boyle, D. D., bank clerk, Killyman Road
Boyle, F., farmer & publican, Cappagh
Boyle, Miss, Irish Street
Bradford, J. H., farmer, Drummuck
Bradley Wm., farmer, Drumeenagh, Killyman, Moy
Brannigan, Arthur, farmer, Eglish
Brannigan, J., coach builder, Barrack Street
Brannigan, Thomas, general merchant, Ann Street
Brannigan, Vincent, grocer, Perry Street
Bristowe, A., J.P., Parkanaur
Bristowe, Charles, Parkanaur, Castlecaulfield
Brogden, T. E., Fernshaw
Brown, Andrew, brick manufacturer, Enfield House
Brown, D., & Son, Ltd., soap and candle manufacturers, Donaghmore
Brown, F. E., farmer, Larchmount
Brown, Mrs. D., Donaghmore
Brown, M. D., Kilnaslee
Brown, Robert, Aghareaney House, Donaghmore
Brown, Samuel, Enfield
Brown, William, jeweller, Church Street
Brown, William, farmer, Kilmore
Brown, William, Ranfurly Terrace
Bryars & Newton, auctioneers, Perry Street
Bryars, John, blacksmith, Newmills
Bullick, Miss, dress maker, Milltown
Bullick, Samuel, Killyman Road
Burges, Major D. L., Parkanaur
Burnett, Edgar, carpenter, Perry Street
Burnett, William, contractor, Church Street
Burns, George, J.P., Ballynakelly
Burns, James R., earthenware manufacturer, Ballynakelly
Burns, J., farmer, Drumheriff
Burns, Robert, Glassmullagh
Burnside, William, Kilmacardle
Burrowes, William, Lisdhu
Burrowes, W., grocer, Castlecaulfield
Burrows, John, farmer, Edendork, Dungannon
Burrows, Wm., farmer, Cavan, Killyman, Moy
Burton, E., confectioner, Market Square
Burton, Robert, George's Street
Burton, Samuel, confectioner, Perry Street
Byrne, Charles, Legilly

Caddoo, David, Tyhan
Cadoo, James, Kilmore
Campbell, Dr. John J., Thomas Street
Campbell, John, Edendork
Campbell, Thomas J., boot merchant, Irish Street
Campbell, William, publican, Curran
Carberry, F., cattle dealer, Castle Hill
Carberry, James, Eakragh
Carberry, John, poulterer, Ann Street
Carberry, John, grocer, draper, Donaghmore
Carberry, Patrick, hair dresser, Scotch Street
Carland Quarry Co., Carland
Carroll, Mrs., Coolrush
Carson, Robert, produce merchant, Killymaddy
Carson, T., Ltd., produce merchants, John Street
Caruth, A., Belfast Bank House
Cavelin, Michael, fowl dealer, Irish Street
Chambre, C. B. M., J.P., F.S.I., land agent, surveyor, and district receiver, Northland Row
Clark, James, Culnagor
Clark, John, Killyneil
Clark, Thomas, Killyneil
Clarke, Francis J., optician, Church Street
Clugston, James, secretary, Circular Road
Clugston, W. K., manager, Thomas Street
Collins, F., M.D., Scotch Street
Collins, Miss, Grove Cottage
Condy, Thomas A., Cullentra
Condy, W. R., Dergenagh
Conlon, John, publican, Scotch Street
Connolly, Eugene, grocer, Irish Street
Cooke, Rev. H. W., M.A., The Rectory
Cooper, A., mechanic, Woodlawn Drive
Cooper, Thomas, Tyhan
Coulson, W. R., D.I., R.U.C., Howard Terrace
Courteney, Joseph, farmer, Aghareany, Donaghmore
Courtney, Alexander, green grocer, Perry Street
Courtney, Anthony, Lisnahoy, Killyman, Moy
Courtney, Daniel, Tempenroe
Courtney, J., Drumbearn
Courtney, J. H., Castlecaulfield
Courtney & McMullan, house painters, Park Road
Courtney, Mrs., postmistress, Castlecaulfield
Courtney, R., Culnagrew
Cross, Mrs., servants' registry office, Market Square
Cross, R. W., Market Square
Cuddy, T. J., Gorey, Cabra
Cullen, F., Ardeen
Cullen, J. & M., live stock dealers, Irish Street
Cullen, Michael, cattle dealer and butcher, Park Road and Scotch Street
Cullen, M., provision dealer, Beechvalley
Cullen, P., cattle dealer Mount Royal
Cullen, T., provision dealer, Scotch Street
Cummings, George C, Killeen, Dungannon
Cummings, Robert, boot warehouse, Scotch Street
Cunningham, P., Gortmerron

Daly, Bernard, farmer, Clogherney
Daly, F. C., grocer, Killeshill
Daly, Miss, Thomas Street
Darragh, Mrs. W. H., The Villa
Davidson, Hugh, Gortnaglush
Davidson, James, sanitary officer, Market Square
Davidson, T., Mark Street
Davis, James, monumental works, Railway Road
Dawson, John, Coolhill
Derryvale Woollen Co. Ltd.
Dickie, Adam, grocer, Market Square
Dickson & Co., Ltd., linen manufacturers, Milltown
Dickson, Major T. C. H., Milltown House
Dilworth, R. J., Bogbawn
Dixon, Arthur, Northland Terrace
Dixon, Mrs., dress maker, Northland Terrace
Donaghey, J. E., B.A., Union Place
Donaghy, Hugh, farmer, Altmore
Donnelly, Francis, bacon merchant, Irish Street
Donnelly, James, Relough
Donnelly, Joseph H., solicitor, Market Square
Donnelly, J., newsagent, William Street
Donnelly, Thomas, grocer, Cadian
Donoghue, B., draper, Irish Street
Doran, John, Terenee
Doran, Patrick, cycle agent, Irish Street
Doran, William, grocer, Gortbraghan
Dougan, James, motor driver, Perry Street
Douglas, John, Killymaddy, Knox
Douglas, T. W., Culnagrew
Downes, John, farmer, Mullaghadrolly
Doyle, James, farmer, Mullaghadun
Duffy Bros., tailors, Donaghmore
Duffy, W., D.I., R.U.C., Gortmerron
Dynes, J. F., barber, Ann Street

Eccles, Andrew, bread server, Gortmerron
Egerton, Rev. H., B.A., The Rectory, Thornhill
Elliott Bros., radio agents, Church Street
Elliott, J. S., clerk, Circular Road
Elliott, Thomas, confectioner, Market Square
Erskine, Jackson, J.P., Tamnamore
Erskine, J., victualler, Scotch Street
Erskine, R. J., grocer, Milltown
Espey, Wingfield, Gortmerron
Evans, M. J., architect, Woodlawn Drive

Fairbairn, John, egg dealer, Thomas Street
Fairbairn, J., publican, Irish Street
Fallon, Miss, Thomas Street
Farquhar, R., Kingarve
Fay, John, Derryveen
Fee, James, Donaghmore
Ferguson, A., Lismulreavy
Ferguson, Charles, carpenter, Mark Street
Ferguson, William, farmer, Mullycarnon
Finney, E., director, Moy Road
Finney, M., superintendent, Shiel's Institute
Fleming, W. J., farmer, Rossmore
Forsythe, John, grocer and merchant, Eglish
Fowler, John, grocer, Laghey, Killyman
Fox, J., Killybraken
Fox, Patrick, grocer, William Street
Fox, Thomas, draper, Irish Street
Frizell, Mrs., Legilly
Fullan & Son, Newmills Freestone Quarries, Dungannon

Gallagher, Samuel, insurance supt., Market Square
Galloway, Hugh, tailor, Perry Street
Galway, George, motor garage, Scotch Street
Gaudin, A. de G., M.A., Royal School
Gault, Francis, P.O. supervisor, Drumcoo
Gault, James, painter, Gortmerron Terrace
Gilkinson, James, Skea
Gilpin, James, hardware merchant, George's Street
Gilpin, Stanley, Donaghmore Road
Girvan, J. H., grocer, Castlecaulfield
Glancy, B. P., M.D., Northland Row
Goodwin, Edward, tailor, Perry Street
Goodwin, Joseph, tailor, Irish Street
Goorwitch, Ltd., Drapers, Scotch Street
Graham, Mrs. S., grocer, Killymoyle
Gray, John M., Ltd., ironmongers, Scotch Street
Green, James, blacksmith, Stangmore
Green, Joseph, Stangmore
Greeves, R. D., auctioneer, Grange, Moy

Hadden, John, farmer, Cavan, Killyman
Hagan, William, publican, Irish Street
Hale, Martin, & Co. Ltd., spinning mill
Hale, Miss, Fairview
Hall, W. J., dentist, Scotch Street
Hamill, James, & Son, grocers, Killyharry
Hamill, Mrs., publican, Church Street
Hamill, Robert, Castle Hill
Hamilton, James, clerk, Circular Road
Hamilton, Mrs. Susan, Shiel's Institute
Hamilton, William, printer, Circular Road
Hamilton, S. W., grocer, Scotch Street
Hanna, Thomas, Drumnafern
Hanna, Thomas, farmer, Innishmagh
Hanson, Thomas, farmer, Mullaghmore
Hardy, Rev. H. E., M.A., Killyman Rectory, Moy
Hayden, E., publican, Shamble Lane
Haydock, Alfred, Lowertown
Haydock, E., Cornamuckle
Haydock, James, farmer, Lisdermott
Haydock, William, Stangmore, Knox
Haydock, W. J., Lowertown
Hayes, Joseph, hairdresser, Scotch Street
Hayes, William, grocer, Kerrib
Hazelton, Robert, farmer, Culnagrew
Hazelton, William, farmer, Cullion
Henderson, David, postmaster, Tamnamore, Moy
Henderson, J. J., confectioner, Perry Street
Herron, James, cattle dealer, Garvagh
Hetherington, John, Rossbeg
Hill Bros., motor engineers, Perry Street
Hindes, Mrs. L., Shiel's Institute
Hobson, John, Lakeview
Hobson, Joseph, C.B. officer, Feeny's Lane
Hobson, W. E., motor garage, Thomas Street
Hodge, John, Cabra
Hodgett, S., Great Northern Railway, Drumcoo
Hooks, Thomas, plasterer, Thomas Street
Houston, John J., Bush
Howard, Joseph, motor garage, Beechvalley
Howard, Joseph, undertaker, Gortmerron House
Howard, R., school teacher, Benburb
Hoy, Joseph, boot warehouse, Market Square
Hughes, Patrick, saddler, Ann Street
Humphries, Miss, matron, Dungannon Sanatorium
Hyland, Joseph, clerk, Ranfurley Road

Inglis & Co. Ltd. (Belfast) - Branch, Circular Road - J. Hill, manager
Irons, J., Union Place
Irwin, A., Mullaghmore
Irwin Bros., cycle depot, William Street
Irwin, Charles, cattle dealer Castle Hill
Irwin, C. A., clerk of union, Scotch Street
Irwin, E. N., solicitor, Howard Terrace
Irwin, Henry, Aghareeny, Donaghmore
Irwin, Mrs., Castle Hill
Irwin, W. R., grocer, John Street

Jackson, James, merchant, Moygashill
Jackson, William J., grocer, Mulnagore
Jameson, G., ambulance driver, Carland Road
Jameson, James, flax mills, Mullyrodden
Jenkinson, James, blacksmith, Killyman
Johnston, John, plumber, Perry Street
Johnston, Matthew, draper, Scotch Street
Johnston, R. J., draper, Irish Street
Johnston, William, Mullaghmore
Jordan & Co., drapers, Church Street

Kane, William, blacksmith, Milltown
Keenan, Henry, Springfield
Keenan, James, cattle dealer, scotch Street
Keenan, P., iron monger, Scotch Street
Kelly, Edward, spirit dealer, Market Square
Kelly, G., confectioner, Irish Street
Kelly, Hugh, coal merchant, Church Street
Kelly, Hugh, Drumnafern
Kelly, Joseph, harness maker, William Street
Kelly, Miss, laundress, Irish Street
Kempton, Alan, Lambfield
Kennedy, D. G., J.P., Gortmerron
Kennedy, S., grocer, Bush
Kerr, Cecil, tailor, Drumcoo
Kerr, David, law clerk, Oakvale
Kerr, W. R., tailor, George's Street
Killen, Patrick, publican, Perry Street
Killyman Co-operative Agricultural & Dairy Society Ltd.
Kinnear, J. F., grocer, Newmills
Kirk, Thomas, baker, Empire Avenue
Knox, Mrs., corn mills, Eglish
Knox, Mrs., postmistress, Donaghmore
Kyle & Co., chemist, Scotch Street

Langlands, Mrs., Drumcoo
Langlands, Samuel, Annagher
Laverty, Bernard, horse dealer, Moy
Laverty, Michael, publican, Scotch Street
Laverty, Robert, horse dealer, Moy
Lawson, Albert, saddler, Irish Street
Lawson, Joseph, Lismureavy
Lawson, Samuel, carpenter, Milltown
Lawson, William J., grocer, Milltown
Leebody, Ian, B.A.I., A.M.Inst.C.E., assistant county surveyor
Leebody, J. W., B.A., B.E., Knockanevin
Lewis, Edward, Barrack Street
Lewis, Edward, jeweller, Church Street
Lewis, Edward, victualler, Scotch Street
Lewis, James, Park Road
Lilburn, Eric F., oil distributor, Duncrievie
Lilburn Oil Agency, Petroleum Importers and Distributors, Circular Road
Lilburn, Robert, managing director, Duncrievie
Lloyd, Capt. Richard, Tamnamore House, Moy
Lockhart, Wesley, Killybracken
Lockhart, William, grocer, Irish Street
Long, James, bread server, Union Place
Longfield, Kelly & Armstrong, solicitors, Northland Row
Loughran, John, saddler, Scotch Street
Loughran, Letitia, draper, Scotch Street
Lowry, Colonel R. T. G., Pomeroy House
Loy, Charles, Tullyleek
Loy, Michael, spirit store, Ann Street
Lunham, Mrs., Innisfayle
Lyons, Cyril, clerk, Ranfurley Road
Lyons, Dr. R. H. C., Howard Terrace

Madden, John, grocer, Ann Street
Madden, Michael, bread server, Ann Street
Madden, Miss, clothes dealer, Irish Street
Magee, F. W. H., manager, Scotch Street
Magill, W. H., grocer, Terryglarrog
Mallon, Arthur, Derraghodoan
Mallon, Patrick, carpenter, Irish Street
Mallon, Patrick, publican, Scotch Street
Mallon, Patrick, flax merchant, McKee's Terrace
Mann, F. C., M.D., Howard Terrace
Marino Hairdressing Saloon, Perry Street
Marley, P., publican, Ann Street
Marlow, G., caretaker, St. Patrick's Hall
Marshall, D. L., Farlough
Marshall, R. E, druggist, Market Square
Matthews, Miss, teacher, Donaghmore Road
Maxwell, Robert, Mullaghmore
Meeke, James, Carrainey
Meeke, R. J., clerk, Ranfurly Road
Meenagh, John, painter and glazier, George's Street
Mehaffy, H., manager, Dungannon Mills
Menary Bros., drapers, Market Square
Milligan, Charles, grocer, Glencon
Milligan, James, foreman, Milltown
Mills, Robert, Killyman Road
Molloy, John, P.E. teacher, Academy Lodge
Montgomery, Andrew, cattle dealer, Garvagh
Moore, Edwin, merchant tailor, Church Street
Moore, Thomas, Donaghmore
Moore, William, publican, Scotch Street
Moore, William, electrician, Killyman Road
Moore, W. J., Skea
Moorehead, John, sub post office, Scotch Street
Moran, Miss, Shiel's Institute
Morrison, B., carpenter, William Street
Morrison, James, publican, Irish Street
Morrison, John, cattle dealer Beechvalley
Morrison, Miss Ellen, publican, Perry Street
Morrison, Mrs. Mary, Irish Street
Morrison, W., carpenter, Scotch Street
Morrow, T. W., tailor, Market Square
Morton, Miss, principal, Howard Terrace
Mullan, John, scutch mills, Tartlaghan
Mullan, W. N., farmer, Strathmullan
Murphy, J. P., solicitor, Drumcoo
Murray, Margaret, grocer, William Street
Murray, Mrs., Donaghmore Road
Murray, Richardson, & Co., Newsagents, etc. Agents for "Belfast News-Letter"

McAllister, Mrs., Falkland
McAlister, Thomas, Cornamucklagh Bush
McAleer, Peter, Commercial Hotel, Market Square
McAnespey, P., confectioner, Irish Street
McBride, J. L., solicitor, Northland Row
McCann, James, cooper, Charlemont Street
McCart, A., mechanic, Coalisland Road
McCaul, P., grocer, Mullaghbawn
McCauley, Charles, plasterer, Donaghmore Road
McCauley, Mrs., laundress, Donaghmore Road
McCausland, Mary, spirit retailer, Donaghmore
McCausland, T., spirit retailer, Donaghmore
McClean, Alfred, Reloagh, Donaghmore
McClean, George, Tulnavern
McClean, Mrs., Mullaghatague
McClernon, Peter, horse dealer, Garvagh, Donaghmore
McCourt, James, grocer, Carland
McCrea, T., commercial traveller, Scotch Street
McCrory, F., cattle exporter, William Street
McCrory, P., tobacconist, Irish Street
McElvogue, Miss, boot merchant, Irish Street
McGaughey, J. W., farmer, Killyquin
McGeary, P., sand merchant, Cullion
McGeough, E., publican and grocer, Galbally
McGimpsey, W. T., clerk, George's Street
McGowan, J., Kilmore
McGuffin, Thomas, Ballynakelly
McGuffin, W., College View
McGuire, James, grocer and publican, Carland
McIlroy, Robert, farmer, Myroe, Killyman
McIntyre, David, manager, gas works
McIvor, James, Derryalskea
McKay, Mrs., The Institute
McKay, Victor, confectioner, Church Street
McKee, D. G., farmer, Newmills
McKee, James, Courthouse keeper, William Street
McKenna, Patrick, publican, Irish Street
McKenna, P., grocer, Drumhirk
McKenna, P., building contractor, Killyliss
McKeown, F., carpenter, Perry Street
McKeown, Owen, farmer, Reclair
McKeown, Samuel, Elm Lodge
McKeown, William, painter, Empire Avenue
McKinley, Frederick, merchant, George's Street
McKinley, James, rope maker, Union Place
McKinstry, William, linen lapper, Moygashel
McKinstry, W. J., draper, Scotch Street
McLean, C., Post Office, Donaghmore, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McLean, R., grocer and hardware, Backford, Donaghmore
McMahon, Hugh, Agherainey
McManus, W. J., boot merchant, Scotch Street
McMillen, A. M., postmaster
McMinn, Wm. J., farmer, Corrainey, The Bush
McMurray, J. J., grocer and draper, Corkhill
McNaney Bros., motor garage, Ann Street
McNaney, Patrick, grocer, Irish Street
McNaney, Wm. F., boot warehouse, Irish Street
McNeill, A., merchant, Clintyfellow
McParland, Peter, Congo
McQueen, Alexander, jeweller, Scotch Street
McRory, Patrick, draper, Scotch Street
McShane, Miss, clothes dealer, Irish Street
McSherry, P., flesher, Irish Street
McSherry, Thomas, house painter, Irish Street
McVey, Francis, corn mills, Dernaseer
McVey, Henry, Annaghbeg
McWhirr, John, Kilnacart

Nelson, A., farmer, Ballymackleduff
Nelson, T., tailor, Irish Street
Nethery, Miss, Thomas Street
Nethery, Walter, architect, Killyman Road
Neville, Thomas, farmer, Moygashel
Neville, William, farmer, Moygashel
Newell, Henry, rate collector, Dunard
Newell, John, town surveyor and assistant county surveyor, Howard Terrace
Newton, John S., boot warehouse, Market Square
Newton, Robert, D.L., J.P., Killymeal House
Newton, R. C., auctioneer, Beechgrove
Nixon & Co., painter, Perry Street
Noble, F., hardware merchant, Irish Street
Noble, Henry, printer, Killyneill

Oldham, Frederick, manager, Circular Road
Owens, Mrs., publican, Donaghmore
O'Brien, F., & Sons, victuallers, William Street
O'Neill, Mrs. M., grocer, Donaghmore
O'Rourke, J. P., publican, William Street

Paisley, Samuel, farmer, Foygh, Donaghmore
Paisley, W., Donaghmore
Patton, Charles, builder, Circular Road
Patton, Joseph, builder, Gortmerron
Patton, William, carpenter, Gortmerron
Pearson, Thomas L., spade manufacturer, Bush
Porter, G. R., bank official, Killyman Road
Preston, J. A., weigh master, John Street

Quinn, Charles, Kerrib
Quinn, F. V., hardware merchant, Scotch Street
Quinn, James, draper, Ann Street
Quinn, James, publican, Scotch Street
Quinn, James, U.D.C., Charlemont Street
Quinn, John, Ltd., grocers, Scotch Street
Quinn, Mrs., greengrocer, Irish Street
Quinn, P. J., chemist, Irish Street

Rafferty, J., secretary, Co. Tyrone Technical Instruction Committee
Ranson, T. Y., M.R.C.V.S., Perry Street
Rawlinson, Allen & White, incorporated accountants and auditors, Market Square
Rea, R., Mullaghana
Regan, P., grocer and farmer, Cloghenry
Reid David, cutter, Gortmerron
Reid, John, chemist and druggist, Scotch Street
Reid, W. J., Drumkarn
Reynolds, Mrs., Howard Terrace
Reynolds, T. W., Ltd., pharmaceutical chemists and grocers, Scotch Street
Rice, Joseph, cattle dealer, Donaghmore Road
Rice, Mrs., greengrocer, Perry Street
Richardson, Charles, Grove Hill
Richardson, E., Empire Avenue
Richardson, E., contractor, Derryveen
Richardson, G. H., Boland
Richardson, Harold, Lakeview
Richardson, J. H., Coolkill
Richardson, J. J., Coolkill
Richardson, Mervyn, butcher, Church Street
Richardson, S., Coolkill
Richardson's (Printers), Ltd., bookbinders and picture framers, Church Street
Roberts, N. T., draper, Market Square
Robinson Bros., hardware merchants, Market Square
Robinson, Frederick W., hardware merchant, Market Square
Robinson, John, J.P., Derrymeen
Robinson, Nurse, Lisnaclin
Robinson, Robert, Cumber
Robinson, William, Kinnego
Roy, W. J., C.P.S., Wellington Road
Ruddy, John, flax buyer, Newmills

Sally, Patrick, confectioner, Irish Street
Sayers Bros., drapers, Market Square
Sayers, J. J., draper, Thomas Street
Scott, John I., B.A., Thomas Street
Scott, J. J., law clerk, Victoria Road
Senior, W. J., grocer, Newmills
Shaw, William, mechanic, Stangmore
Shields, F., dentist, Northland Row
Shields, James, Rhone Hill
Shields, M. P., Altmore Lodge
Shillington, Henry, farmer, Crewe
Shillington, James, farmer, Eskragh
Simmons & Melaughlin, & Orr, solicitors, Market Square, Dungannon
Simpson, John C., proprietor, "Tyrone Courier," Northland Place
Sinnamon, Henry, grocer, Scotch Street
Sinnamon, Miss, draper, Scotch Street
Skeffington, F., Eakragh
Sloan, George, Glanmullagh
Sloan, John, Mullaghmore
Sloan, William, Tullynure
Smith, Alexander, Scotch Street
Smith Bros., boot merchants, George's Street
Smith, George, cattle dealer, Union Place
Smith, H. J., grocer, George's Street
Smith, Joseph, Coolhill
Smith, Matthew, Kilnaslee
Smyth, Mrs., Drummond, Carland
Soraghan, Mrs., publican, Scotch Street
Stanley, John, grocer, Laghey
Steele, Mrs., dress maker, Perry Street
Steenson, J. H., Mullaghmore
Steenson, William, Kerrib
Steenson, William, cycle agent, Church Street
Stevenson, H. E., Dreemore, Dungannon
Stevenson, Major Robt., D.L., Aloha, Dungannon
Stevenson & Son, Ltd., linen manufacturers, George's Street and Moygashel Mills, Dungannon
Stevenson, William E., Grange Lodge
Stewart, Alexander, Tullyleek, Donaghmore
Stewart, Benjamin, farmer, Ballymeenagh, Newmills
Stewart, George, contractor, Tortlaghan
Stewart, Gerrard, farmer, Creevagh, Carland
Stewart, James, poultry dealer, Derrymeen, Coalisland
Stewart, Joseph F., M.P., publican, Irish Street
Stewart, J., farmer, Ballymeenagh, Newmills
Stewart, Wm., chemist, Union Place
Swenarton, Thomas, Coolhill
Symington, I. M., Ranfurly Road

Taylor, James, Carland, Dungannon
Tener, R., victualler, Castlecaulfield
Thompson, William, contractor, Newmills
Thompson, Rev. S. W., B.A., Prospect House
Thompson, W. J., meat inspector, Gortmerron
Timin, J., publican, Scotch Street
Todd, Miss E., stationer, Scotch Street, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Treanor, S. A. R., manager
Trimble, Wm. J., & Sons, photographers and china warehouse, Church Street
Tyrone Mineral Water Co., John Street

Virtue, Miss, confectioner, Scotch Street
Virtue, Miss G., teacher, Northland Place

Walker, John, mechanic, Ranfurly Road
Walker, R. J., Ranfurly Road and Perry Street
Watson & Bell, grocers, Irish Street
Watson, Miss, Market Square
Watt, Andrew, Corkhill
Watt, James, Dunserk
Watt, Samuel, mineral water manufacturer, John Street
Watters, William R., Killyneil
Watterson, H., draper, Church Street
Wells, D., publican, Castlecaulfield
Wells, W., & Son, Grocers. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Donaghmore
Welton, R., grocer and hardware, Kilnaslee
Wherry, Mrs. M. E., proprietress, Northland Arms Hotel, George's Street
Wiggins, John, farmer, Bessmount
Wiggins, Richard, Derraghadoan
Williamson, G. M., chemist, Thomas Street
Willis, J., merchant, Altmore
Wilson, H. P., Tullydraw
Wilson, John M., secretary, Ranfurly Terrace
Wilson, Miss, Cranebrook
Wilson, Samuel, Dungormal
Wilson, William, Mullaghmore
Woods, Patrick, publican, Ann Street
Wray, Mrs., Castle Hill
Wright, E. G. H., Market Square
Wright, J., butcher, Perry Street
Wright, William, flesher, Perry Street
Wynne, G., grocer, Granville

Young, A. A., mechanic, Scotch Street

County Londonderry

     Originally called Duneevan, derives its name from Dune, a fort, is situated close to the banks of the River Roe.  A weekly market for the sale of grain, potatoes, butter, and eggs is held every Saturday; a pork market every Friday, and a flax market on alternate Mondays.  A fair is held monthly, on the second Tuesday.  The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday.  The population of the town, which contains three places of worship, is about 600.

Ulster Bank Ltd., Agency - Attendance Saturday and Fair Days


Anderson, T., barber

Beatty, Joseph, Main Street
Bell, Mrs. Arthur, draper and grocer
Bleakley, ?, R.U.C.
Bonar, A. J.
Boyle, Mrs. James, Stella Maris
Boyle, Patterson
Boyle, P., grocer and hardware merchant
Bradley, James, carter
Brady, P., R.U.C., Feeny
Brennan, ?, R.U.C.
Brennan, Rev., C.C.
Brown, James, carrier
Brown, Wilson, shop assistant
Bunn, A. V., teacher
Bunn, Mrs. Margaret, teacher
Buchanan, R., farmer, Mount Prospect

Carlin, W., spirit merchant and blacksmith
Carolan, Miss
Carson, Thomas, sergeant, R.U.C.
Clyde, E., bus driver
Clyde, Miss J. C., teacher
Clyde, Mrs., New Street
Coleman, R., cashier
Convery, Miss Annie, dress maker
Conway, Patrick, boot and shoe maker
Crawford, ?, R.U.C.
Cunning, Mrs., lodging house

Dallas, Ernest, flesher
Dallas, George, cattle dealer, Altmover, Dungiven
Dallas, Miss Winifred, typist
Dallas, The Misses, Owenbeg House
Dallas, William, flesher
Davidson, H. H., J.P.
Doran, Charles, barber
Douglas, Miss A.

Erskine, William, station master

Fallows, James, Altmover Quarries
Fallows, Ralph, Postmaster, Draper etc.; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Fallows, Ralph, jun., wireless engineer
Fallows, T., flax mill owner, Dernaflaw
Farren, John, blacksmith
Ferson, John, 'bus driver
Ferguson, Mrs. David, Main Street

Gilderson, James, carpenter

Hamilton, George, bread server
Harper, Joseph, Ovill
Harper, Samuel, motor and cycle engineer
Harper, W. J., The Castle
Hasson, R., tailor and draper, Arcade
Heaney, D., Main Street
Hegarty, A., P.E. teacher
Hegarty, Rev. T., C.C.
Houston, J., P.E. teacher, Drumneechy

Irwin, Mrs. Hugh, teacher

Kane, Mrs., grocer, Chapel Lane
Kealey, Mrs. J., restaurant
Kelly, Canon James, M.A.
Kidd, W., flesher

Longmore, Isaac, solicitor's clerk and auctioneer
Lynch, David, postman
Lynn, Joseph, grocer

Madden, P., shoe maker
Magee, J., posting establishment
Martin, Dr. A. G., dispensary, and registrar of births, marriages, and deaths, Moore Cottage
Martin, King, French & Ingram, solicitors
Matchette, Rev., Banagher
Morris, Miss L., New Street
Mullan, Misses S. and M., Altmover
Mullan, Mrs. James, Pellipar Farm

McCloskey, Brian, solicitor, Corner House
McCloskey, H., Dernaflaw
McCloskey, James, tailor
McCloskey, J., teacher, Templemoyle
McCloskey, J. E., fancy goods
McCloskey, Michael, spirit merchant, Corner House
McCloskey, Miss T.
McCloskey, Mrs. J. M., draper
McCloskey, Mrs. L., teacher
McCloskey, Mrs. Mary Ann, restaurant
McCloskey, Mrs. Matthew
McDermott, J. J., motor mechanic
McDermott, M., spirit merchant
McEvoy, Miss B., tobacconist
McFarland, Miss, Carnabane House
McFarlane, The Misses, drapers
McGaughey, Miss, Derrychrier
McKenna, Mrs. Sarah
McKenna, Mrs. T. B., teacher
McKenna, Thomas B., spirit dealer
McMacken, James, boot maker
McManus, S., C.P.S., and auctioneer
McNeice, Constable
McNeill, Miss P. E. T., Burnfoot
McReynolds, B., spirit merchant
McShane, Mrs. J.
McShane, Thomas, postman
McVeigh, John J., wool agent and tailor

Nelson, John

Ogilby, R. J. L., D.L., Pellipar House
O'Kane, Harry, motor hirer
O'Neill, A., spirit merchant
O'Neill, Mrs. K., restaurant

Poston, Miss E., solicitor's clerk
Poston, Mrs. R., grocer

Rodden, Mrs. Albert, apartments
Ross, Rev. J. Allen, B.A., The Manse
Ross, W. J., flax mill owner, Dungiven
Rutledge, C., Boveva Rectory

Scott Bros., carpenters, Termiel
Scott, Marcus
Semple, A., J.P., electric light works
Semple Bros., grocers
Simpson, C., manager, Northern Bank
Simpson, J., J.P., Main Street
Simpson, Robert, railway porter
Smyton, Bertie, bus conductor
Somers, Thomas, gardener's assistant
Stewart, Edward, Main Street
Stewart, Isaac
Stewart, James, solicitor's clerk
Stewart, Joseph, draper
Stewart, Miss Annie
Stewart, Mrs. E., P.E. teacher

Thompson, W., grocer
Toner, James, flax mill owner
Torrens, George A., postman
Turner, Alex., sawmills

Walsh, Rev. R., P.P.
White, J., blacksmith

Young, A. A., teacher, Rallagh
Young, J. F. F., Crown Solicitor, Co. Derry

County Antrim

     Five miles from Belfast. Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday. The population at the 1937 census was 2,284.


Drumbeg Parish Church - Rector, Rev. S. R. McGarvey, M.A.
St. Colman's Church, Dunmurry - Rev. R. C. Ellis
Upper Falls Church - Rev. J. E. George
Derriaghy Parish Church - Rector, Rev. J. G. King
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Davey, B.A.
First Presbyterian Non-Subscribing Church - Rev. J. McCleery
Roman Catholic Chapel - Vacant


Post Office - Mrs. Berry, postmistress
Ulster Bank, Ltd., Agency - Attendance Monday and Thursday
Dunmurry Orange Hall - G. McGarry
Dunmurry Hall - J. Ballantine, caretaker
Dunmurry Catch-My-Pal Hall - W. Davey, caretaker
British Legion Recreation Hut - Wm. Glenfield, caretaker
Dispensary - John White, M.D., medical officer and sanitary inspector and registrar of births, marriages and deaths
District Nurse - Miss Mitchell
Dunmurry Court House - Petty sessions 3rd Wednesday in each month
R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeants Graham and Benson
Dunmurry Golf Club - Professional, John Harris


Stevenson - Ernest Marlow, principal
Dunmurry P.E. School - Robert Burns, principal
Upper Falls - S. Hassan, principal
Charley Memorial - Miss McIlroy, principal
Drumbeg - L. L. Connor, principal
Derriaghy -Glass, principal
Hannahstown - Patrick Burns, principal
Ladies' School - Miss Gamble, principal


Abernethy, R., Bethavon
Abernethy, W., Milford Avenue
Abernethy, W. H., Malone Gardens
Abernethy, W. J., shoe maker, Harryville Terrace
Abernethy, ?, 6 Killeaton Cottage
Adair, Dr., Benmount
Adair, Hugh, Shower Row
Adams, D., 1 Malone Gardens
Adams, James, Derriaghy
Adams, Mrs. Sarah, Poleglass
Adamson, O. L., Sunnyhill Park
Adgey, D., Beechview
Agnew, Andrew, blacksmith, Suffolk
Agnew, D., Milfort Avenue
Agnew, D., Mountlea, Derriaghy
Agnew, Miss, Teighgowan
Agnew, William, 5 Innisfallen
Agnew, William, blacksmith, Dunmurry
Aiken, H., 2 Paragon Terrace
Aiken, ?, William Street
Alderdice, Mrs. S., Derriaghy
Alexander, Thomas, Drumbeg
Alford, Mrs., 24 Sunnymeade Park
Allen, H., Avondale
Allen, James, Mosside
Allen, Thomas, Moss Cottage
Allen, W., Harmony Lodge
Ampthill, The Rt. Hon. Lord, The Lodge
Anderson, G., Glenburn Road
Anderson, H. W. C., 16 Sunnymeade Avenue
Anderson, Mrs., 19 Sunnymeade Avenue
Anderson, Mrs., Church View
Anderson, R., Millview Terrace
Anderson, W. A., Ballygowan House, Drumbeg
Apsley, J. D., carpenter, Lismoyne
Armour, James, builder, Ulster Avenue
Armour, Robert, Glenview
Ash, S., Mill Row
Ashman, A. H., Ulster Avenue
Austin, William, 7 Beechlawn Park

Bagwell, Miss S., Ashley Cottages
Bailie, Mrs. M., Kintail
Ballantine, John, The Hall, Main Street
Ballantine, Mrs., Hill Street
Ballentine, George, Auburn Terrace
Barbour, The Rt. Hon. J. Milne, M.P., D.L., J.P., Conway House
Barbour, W., & Sons Ltd., linen thread manufacturers
Bailey, Mrs. M., Kintail
Barratt, Ronald, White Gable
Barron, Mrs., The Green
Bassett, Emily, Drumbeg
Bassett, James, Shower Row
Bassett, Samuel, Drumbeg
Bassett, William, Wilmont Cottages
Beattie, Mrs., Inverell
Beattie, Mrs. M., J.P., Norwood
Beggs, Samuel, The Green
Belfast Co-operative Society Ltd., Grocery, Kingsway
Belfast Co-operative Society Ltd., Grocery, Suffolk
Bell, David, Suffolk Road
Bell, B., Ashley Park
Bell, Henry, 51 Sunnyhill Park
Bell, H., 8 Grange Park
Bell, Johnston, publican, Derriaghy
Bell, J., Kincora
Bell, Miss, Milfort Avenue
Bell, N., Kincora
Bell, R., Beechgrove Dairy
Bell, T., Glenferne, Suffolk
Bell, W., Drumbeg
Bell, W. H. K., The Bungalow, Suffolk
Bell, W. R., 85 Sunnyhill Park
Benn Hospital (The), The Park, Dunmurry
Bennett, J., Rooklands
Bennett, J., Sunnyhill Park
Berry, H., Erne Villa
Best, J., 23 Sunnyside Park
Bingham, H. J. F., Viewfort Park
Black, Thomas, Collin
Blackstock, Miss, 2 Church Avenue
Blair, A., Milfort Avenue
Blake, Miss, Milfort Avenue
Blake, S. F., 1 Sunnymeade Park
Blakeley, David, Mill Row
Blakely, Alexander, Milfort Avenue
Blakely, Miss, Milfort Avenue
Blakely, Samuel, Milfort Avenue
Blakely, ?, Killeaton Cottages
Blythe, Mrs., Railway Street, Derriaghy
Boffey, H., Beechcroft
Bonar, Miss, Mill Row
Bonar, William, Mill Row
Bonar, W., Harryville
Bond, J., Grange Park
Boomer, Edward, Derriaghy
Boomer, Mrs., Royal Villa
Bowers, S., 28 Sunnymeade Park
Boy, Miss May, Millfort Avenue
Boyd, A. C., 4 Viewfort Park
Boyd, R., 54 Sunnyhill Park
Boyd, R. F., Ardavon, Church Avenue
Boyd, ?, Milfort Avenue
Boyd, ?, 4 Station View
Boyd, ?, 5 Malone Gardens
Bradford, J. H., Glenwood, The Green
Bradley, J. C., Cotlands, Upper Dunmurry Lane
Bradshaw, William R., Collin
Brady, ?, 12 Killeaton Cottages
Braithwaite, G. B., Beechlawn
Braithwaite, James, Quarry, Hannahstown
Braithwaite, William, Salisbury Place
Brankin, Frank, Mount Pleasant
Brankin, J., Ulster Avenue
Bratty, Annadale, Ulster Avenue
Brennan, Archie, publican, Hannahstown
Briggs, ?, 7 Station View
Briggs, Morley, Ulster Avenue
Bristow, John, Greenview
Brown, David, tailor, Church View
Brown, James, Inglewood, Ulster Avenue
Brown, James, Victoria Place
Brown, J., The Green
Brown, Mrs., Milfort Avenue
Brown, Thomas, Annahavil, Beechlawn
Brown, William, publican, Collin
Brown, W., Roselands, Black's Road
Brown, ?, 12 Sunnyhill Park
Brown, ?, 15 Sunnyhill Park
Brown, ?, 17 Sunnyhill Park
Brown, ?, Kingsway
Browne, Frederick, Glencoe House
Browne, H., publican, Mosside
Browne, Mrs. Clara, Innisfallen
Brownell, Miss E. A., Derriaghy
Bruce, Alexander, Park Lodge
Bruce, George, Milfort Avenue
Bruce, James, Grange Park
Bruce, John, Sunnyside Gardens
Bruce, John, The Bridge
Bruce, Mrs. George, Railway Street
Bruce, M., Maryville Terrace
Bruce, Thomas, Oakley
Bruce, Thomas, Kilmakee
Bruce, William, Railway Street
Bryson, G. H., Huntley
Bulla, E. A., Kingsway
Bunting, John, Mosside
Bunting, Robert, Derriaghy
Burns, Collins, Hannahstown
Burns, Mrs., 1 Forthill (back row)
Burns, R. T., Auburn House
Burns, William, Ballycollin
Burrell, David, Ardmore
Burrell, ?, Milfort Avenue
Butler, Richard, Mar-Nell, Beechlawn Park
Byers, R. M., Longhurst
Byers, ?, 28 Sunnymeade Park

Caldow, D., Sunnyhill Park
Caldwell, ?, 19 Sunnyhill Park
Calverley, J., Nonts, Glenburn Road
Calvert, George, Strathearn Lodge
Calvert, H., Milfort Avenue
Calvert, John, Salisbury Place
Calvert, Robert, Salisbury Place
Calvert, ?, Greenview, Black's Road
Calvert, ?, Sunnymeade Park
Cameron, G. A., Suffolk House
Campbell, Albert, Rockery Cottage
Campbell, Arthur, Drumbeg
Campbell, J., 66 Sunnyhill Park
Campbell, Mrs., 1 Glenvale, Suffolk
Campbell, Robert, Milfort Avenue
Carlin, J., 4 Sunnymeade Avenue
Carlisle, Mrs., Wilmont Cottages
Carmichael, John, Barrack Row
Carmichael, Miss, The Haven
Carr, Mrs., Drumbeg
Carser, J., 47 Sunnyhill Park
Carson, Mary, Lisburn Road
Carson, T., 3 Sunnymeade Avenue
Casson, ?, The Green
Chambers, Mrs., Milfort Avenue
Chambers, W., Barrackview
Chambers, ?, 4 Killeaton Cottages
Chapman, Joseph, Milfort Avenue
Charley, Capt. Arthur, J.P., Seymour Hill
Charley, Col. H., Warren House
Charley, J. & W., & Co., linen manufacturers, Seymour Hill
Charleton, ?, Viewfort Park
Charlton, W., Milfort Avenue
Charlton, J., Sunnymeade Park
Christie, William, 13 Sunnyhill Park
Clarke, A., Norwood
Clarke, E., Malone Gardens
Clarke, John, Derriaghy
Clarke, Miss, Kingsway
Clarke, Miss, Homestead
Clarke, Miss, Ellesmere
Clarke, Mrs., Milfort Avenue
Clarke, Mrs., Station View
Clarke, W., Barrackview
Clarke, ?, 2 Killeaton Cottages
Cleland, M., Sunnymeade Park
Clements, W., 55 Sunnyhill Park
Clyde, Joseph, coal merchant, Shower Row
Clyde, Thomas, Milfort Avenue
Coburn, Frank, Harryville Terrace
Cochrane, James, Sunnymeade Park
Coey, James, Fortfield
Coey, Mrs., Kilmakee
Coey, Mrs., Drenta
Collins, Mrs., Killeen
Colquhoun, William, M.D., Green Gables, Church Avenue
Comston, James, Fortfield
Condy, T., head-constable, The Grange
Connell, S., Greenmount
Connelly, J. A., 21 Sunnymeade Park
Connery, ?, 22 Sunnymeade Park
Connolly, S., Sunnymeade Park
Connolly, C., 23 Sunnymeade Park
Conney, ?, 36 Sunnymeade Park
Cooper, Mrs., Suffolk
Cooper, ?, Milfort Avenue
Corbett, James, Purple Row
Corken, George, Ballybog Cottage
Courtney, Thomas, Killeaton
Cousins, T., Upper Glen
Cowan, David, Drumbeg
Cowan, John, Drumbeg
Cowan, Robert, Drumbeg
Craig, W., Lismoyne
Crawford, Capt., 2 Rosemount Terrace
Crawford, J., Ardbeg, The Green
Crawford, Miss, Kingsway
Crawford, Robert, 56 Sunnyhill Park
Cree, George, Suffolk
Cree, Robert, Suffolk
Cree, William H.
Croft, Samuel, 1 Dudley Terrace
Crooks, Mrs., Milfort Avenue
Crow, Mrs., Ashby, The Green
Crowe, David, Ballycollin
Crowe, James, Collin
Crowe, John, Legmore
Crozier, J., Dudley Terrace
Crozier, William, motor engineer, Main Street
Cunningham, Dunlop, Garnock Hill, Black's Road
Cunningham, R. L. C., Three Acres
Curran, Robert, Mosside
Currie, ?, 24 Sunnyhill Park
Curry, J., 74 Sunnyhill Park
Curry, Mrs. A., 2 Sunnymeade Terrace
Curry, William, Sunnymeade Park
Cushney, R., The Green

Daly, George, Milfort Avenue
Daly, Mrs., Milfort Avenue
Dalzell, Mrs., The Green
Dalzell, Mrs., Grange Park
Davey, William, Thorndale, Ulster Avenue
Davidson, C., Woodbourne House
Davidson, J., 1 Paragon Terrace
Davis, Alfred, Drumbeg
Deane, J., Malone Gardens
Delaney, John, Fortfield
Delaney, Mrs., Fortfield
Devlin, Mrs., Suffolk Road
Dick, Samuel, Drumbeg
Dickey, T., The Cottages, Sunnyhill Park
Dickson, George, The Green
Dickson, Mrs., Drenta
Dimmock, W. A., Wilmor, Viewfort Park
Dobbin, Mrs., Osborne
Dodds, W., 3 Newville Terrace
Doey, Joseph, 41 Sunnyhill Park
Dogherty, Alexander, Victoria Place
Donaldson, J., Glenwood
Donaldson, Miss, Milfort Avenue
Donaldson, Mrs., 3 Church Avenue
Donnell, William, Milfort Avenue
Donnelly, A., Rose Cottage, Suffolk
Dornan, R. S., Beechlawn Park
Dougan, Robert, Milfort Avenue
Dougherty, Thomas, Riverdale Terrace
Douglas, J., The Green
Dowey, J., Sunnyhill Park
Draper, R., Conway Lodge
Draper, R., The Green
Drury, ?, Dunmurry Lane
Du-Buisson, Capt., Greenan, Black's Road
Duff, J., Maryville Terrace
Duffin, C. G., Ardleevan
Dundas, Mrs., Rosemount Terrace
Dunlop, Mrs., Drumbeg
Dunn, Mrs., Suffolk
Dunn, T. A., Beechlawn Park
Dunn, ?, Ballycullo Cottages
Dunwoody, William A., Thelma

Eccles, Mrs., Victoria Gardens
Edens, J., Upper Dunmurry Lane
Elliott, J., Victoria Place
Elliott, S., 6 Neuville Terrace
Ellis, Rev. R. C., Church Avenue
Elwood, James, The Garage, Kingsway
Elwood, ?, 6 Sunnymeade Avenue
Emeleus, Professor K. G., The Green
Erskine, Miss K., Malone Gardens
Erskine, R. T., Innisfree, Church Avenue
Erwin, T. J., 2 Sunnymeade Park
Ewart, Samuel, Churchview

Faloon, William, 27 Sunnyhill Park
Faloon, ?, Auburn
Ferguson, George, Rosecrest, The Green
Ferguson, J., Sunnymeade Park
Ferguson, J., Victoria Place
Ferguson, J., Station View
Ferguson, J., Mossvale Cottage
Ferguson, J., 29 Sunnyhill Park
Ferguson, J., Grange Park
Ferguson, Miss M., Upper Green Road
Ferguson, R., Mulroy, The Green
Ferguson, T., Mount Pleasant
Ferguson, William, Sunnymeade Park
Ferris, Mrs., 40 Sunnyhill Park
Ferris, ?, Sunnymeade Park
Fetherstone-Godley, Sir, Lisnatore, Suffolk
Finlay, John, Dunaris
Finnegan, Peter, Derriaghy
Finnegan, ?, Mill Row
Finnegan, ?, Ballycullo Cottages
Fleming, G., Sunnyhill Park
Forbes, Robert, Drumbeg
Foster, Robert, gardener, Ballydrain
Forsythe, J., Milfort Avenue
Forsythe, W., Inverell
Fox, J., 3 Hill Street
Foye, Samuel, The Green
Franklin, General H. E., Cloona House
Frazer, H. A., 2 Church Avenue
Frazer, T., Elsinore
Friers, ?, 8 Killeaton Cottages
Fullerton, John, Coolbawn
Fulton, Joseph, Milfort Avenue
Fulton, Mrs., Railway Street, Derriaghy

Gamble, Miss, The Green
Gardiner, S., Drumbeg
Gaw, Miss, Charleyville
George, Rev. J. E., Upper Falls Rectory
Gibson, Duffield, Summer Hill
Gibson, ?, 6 Grange Park
Gibson, ?, Upper Green
Giff, J., Sabra, Ulster Avenue
Gillian, J., Milfort Avenue
Gillian, Robert, Suffolk
Gillian, R., Maryville Terrace
Gillian, William, Grange Park
Gordon, Edward, Hannahstown
Gordon, The Misses, Kingsway Park
Gorman, James B. H., Cedar Mount
Gorman, R. P., Greenoge, Dunmurry Lane
Graham, Alexander, Drumvale
Graham, Andrew, Morven
Graham, George, Willowdale
Graham, Jane, Milfort Avenue
Graham, Thomas, Milfort Avenue
Gray, D., poultry farm, Ivy Glen, Derriaghy
Gray, Herbert, Derriaghy
Gray, H., 5 Sunnymeade Park
Gray, H. R., St. Wennows, The Green
Gray, J., Collin
Gray, J. C., Family Grocer, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Gray, Miss, Bew Veula, Dunmurry Lane
Gray, Mrs., Cloncolmec
Gray, R., 3 Sunnymeade Park
Gray, W. H., Mountdene, Church Avenue
Gray, ?, Ashley Cottage
Grebbell, J. R., 44 Sunnyhill Park
Gregg, Robert, Suffolk Road
Green, Edward, Beechlawn Park
Green, E., Stewartstown House
Green, James, Suffolk Road
Green, Joseph, Glenburn Road
Green, J., Milfort Avenue
Green, Mrs., 72 Sunnyhill Park
Green, Robert, Roselea Cottage
Green, Robert, Upper Green
Green, Wilfred, Church View
Greenlees, M. E., Lismoyne
Greenleese, W., Dunmurry Place
Greer, D. B., Glenowen, Ulster Avenue
Greer, Mrs., Willowvale
Greeves, O. V., Colin House
Griffin, William James, Seymour Hill Cottage
Grubb, Mrs., Killeaton

Haire, ?, Sunnymeade Park
Hall, Albert, 1 Innisfallen
Hall, James, Mill Road
Hall, John, Old Forge Cottage
Hall, Mrs., Rosemount House
Hall, W., Mosside
Hall, W. J., 10 Hill Street
Hall, ?, 24 Sunnymeade Avenue
Hall, ?, Milfort Avenue
Hamill, Charles, Station View
Hamill, George, Milfort Avenue
Hamilton, Hugh, Hannahstown
Hamilton, J. W. A., Beechlawn Park
Hamilton, Mrs., Riversdale
Hamilton, Mrs., Auburn Street
Hamilton, P., 5 Sunnyside Gardens
Hamilton, R., Sunnyhill Park
Hamilton, R., Mount Pleasant
Hampton, ?, Deepdene, Dunmurry Lane
Hanna, Andrew, Railway Street
Hanna, D., Mayfield
Hanna, George, Drumbeg
Hanna, H., Sunnyhill Park
Hanna, James, Salisbury Place
Hanna, S., The Cottages, Sunnyhill Park
Hanna, W. H., 18 Sunnyhill Park
Hanna, ?, Sunnyside Gardens
Harbinson, J., Derriaghy
Harkness, David, Millview
Harkness, G., 4 Rosemount Terrace
Harkness, R., Barrack View
Harper, ?, 7 Sunnymeade Avenue
Harper, ?, Thornhill Road
Harris, James, Collin Cottage
Harrison, R., Glenburn Road
Harvey, H. S., Viewfort House
Harvey, Joseph, Grove Cottage
Hayes, Samuel, Fortfield
Haywood, ?, Irvinestown House
Heenan, J. D., Rathbone, The Green
Henderson, Thomas, butcher, Main Street
Henry, H. N., Ryburn, The Green
Herdman, Col., Farmhill
Herriot, R., 7 Hill Street
Hickson, M. P., 3 Grange Park
Higginson, ?, Fortfield
Hill, A., Ashley Park
Hill, G. Y., Langford, The Green
Hillocks, James, Suffolk Road
Hobson, B., Upper Dunmurry Lane
Holden, George, Glenview
Holden, Miss, Victoria Place
Holt, H., Farmhill
Houston, Miss, Moynel
Houston, Mrs., Rosemount
Howard, Mrs., Rosmarinus
Howard, Mrs., Walden
Hull, ?, Ballycullo Cottages
Hunt, E., Milfort Avenue
Hunter, Miss, Dispensary Row
Hunter, R., 1 Sunnyside Gardens
Hunter, R., Milfort Avenue
Hunter, S., Innisfallen
Hunter, S. R., M.D., Rosemount Terrace
Hunter, W., 18 Sunnymeade Park
Hurst, Mitchell, Mount Vista
Hutchinson, David, Neuville Terrace
Hutchinson, John, Glencoe Place
Hutchinson, J. E., Glenburn Road
Hutchinson, S., Dunmurry House Lodge
Hyndman, ?, Greenview Cottages, Black's Road

Ingram, Miss F., Sunnymeade Park
Irvine, James, Milfort Avenue
Irvine, James, Auburn Place
Irvine, J., Oakhill Cottages
Irvine, Miss, Mill Row
Irvine, William, Glen Cottage
Irwin, David, Mountpleasant
Irwin, James, Burnside, Malone Gardens
Irwin, James, chemist, Main Street
Irwin, J., Sunnymeade Park
Irwin, William, Mountpleasant

Jackson, J., 32 Sunnyhill Park
Jamieson, Thomas, Railway Street
Jamison, Richard, Milfort Avenue
Jeffers, W., Ulster Avenue
Jefferson, Charles, Auburn Place
Jefferson, Robert, Beechview
Jefferson, William, Kilmakee
Jefferson, William, Mosside
Jenkins, ?, 26 Sunnymeade Avenue
Jennings, G., Millview
Johnson, H., Cromar, The Green
Johnson, Mrs., 58 Sunnyhill Park
Johnstone, William, Greenmount
Johnstone, W., Thornhill
Jury, Percy M., Brooklands, Dunmurry Road

Kean, Alexander, Sunnyside Gardens
Kean, J., Railway Street
Keenan, George, West Gate
Keenan, Miss, Grange Park
Keery, J., 1 Sunnymeade Avenue
Keery, S., 39 Sunnyhill Park
Kelly, Mrs., Kilmakee
Kennedy, J., Church Road
Kenny, Mrs.,1 The Green
Kernaghan, Mrs., Sunnyhill Park
Kernaghan, Mrs., Brighton House Cottage
Kernaghan, Mrs. W. J., The Green
Kerr, A., Wilmont Cottages
Kerr, Stewart, Collin Road
Kerr, William, Norway Row
Kerr, W., Hannahstown
Kidd, William, Milfort Avenue
Kilpatrick, A. T., Beechlawn Park
Kilpatrick, Robert, Fortfield
Kilwee Bleaching Company
King, Rev. J. G., Derriaghy Rectory
King, R. A., Philatelist, Oakenshaw, Upper Malone, Dunmurry
Kingsberry, ?, 11 Killeaton Cottages
Kinkead, A. J., Racedene, The Green
Kirk, Mrs., Kilmakee Cottage
Kirkpatrick, A., Willowvale
Kirkpatrick, S., 7 Viewfort Park
Kirkwood, E., Middle Green
Kirkwood, W., Schoolhouse, Drumbeg
Knight, J. A., Shortlands
Knox, Mrs., Greenan, Black's Road

Larmor, F., Fairyhill, The Green
Larmour, L., 28 Sunnyhill Park
Latham, Harold, Portland
Latimer, C., 8 Ashley Park
Laverty, James, Railway Street
Leathem, Miss, 20 Sunnymeade Park
Leckey, Jane, Millfort Avenue
Leinster, D. G., Erewhon, Kingsway
Lilliput Laundry and Dye Works, Ltd., Glenburn Road
Lindsay, David, 1 Maple Villas
Lindsay, J., Salisbury Terrace
Lindsley, B., 5 Beechlawn Park
Livingstone, Miss, 5 Paragon Terrace
Long, John, Strathearn Lodge
Longfield, Mrs., Woodlands, The Green
Louden, Charles, Purple Row
Louden, J. M., The Cedars
Lovesey, A., Upper Dunmurry Lane
Lowry, J., Sunnyside Gardens
Lowry, W. A., Fota, Church Avenue
Lunn, G., Ballycullo Cottages
Lunn, V., 41 Milfort Avenue
Lyness, A., 8 Upper Dunmurry Lane
Lynn, Hugh, Dunmurry Lane

Macalister, E., grocer, Paragon House
Mack, Hubert G. M., Prospect House
Mack, Miss, Thorndale
Mack, Robert, Ballybog
Mack, ?, 5 Killeaton Cottages
Mackie, S., Brackenwood
Magee, James, Hannahstown
Magee, J., Overdale, The Green
Magee, W., Killeaton
Magee, W. H., Lynda Cottage
Magee, ?, 4 Sunnymeade Avenue
Magennis, William, Innisfallen
Magill, W., Milford Avenue
Mallon, Robert, Mill Row
Martin, James, 48 Sunnyhill Park
Massey, ?, Collin Brook Cottage
Maunder, A., Glenburn Road
Mawhinney, S., ins. agent, Beechlawn Park
Maxwell, Captain, Hillcrest, Church Avenue
Maxwell, C., 4 Ashley Park
Maxwell, R., Church Avenue
Maxwell, R., Sunnyside Gardens
Mayers, Prof. E. B. C., M.D., Colin Grove
Mayes, W. J., Old Forge Cottages
Mehaffey, D., 10 Grange Park
Millar, Joseph, Milfort Avenue
Miller, Miss, Glenoe
Miller, W., The Green
Mills, J., Linden Hill, Derriaghy
Milmore, F., 1 Grange Park
Miskimmon, R., Conway
Moles, Robert, Stewartstown Road
Monroe, D., Milfort Avenue
Montgomery, James, Glenwood
Montgomery, T., Beechlawn Park
Mooney, G., 37 Sunnyhill Park
Moore, D., 52 Sunnyhill Park
Moore, J., 1 Neuville Terrace
Moore, R., Glencairn, Suffolk
Moore, Samuel, 82 Sunnyhill Park
Moore, W., Aiverdale Terrace (Riverdale?)
Morgan, Joshua, Purple Row
Morrison, J., Milfort Avenue
Morrison, J., draper, Main Street
Morrison, William, Glenair, Colin
Moulds, Alice, Milfort Avenue
Moulds, Joseph, Stewartstown Road
Moulds, Mrs., Stewartstown Road
Mulholland, Joseph, Oldforge Cottage
Mullan, W., Maryville Terrace
Mulligan, ?, 8 Sunnymeade Avenue
Murdock, J., Dudley Terrace
Murdock, Miss, The Green
Murdock, Samuel, Seymour Hill Cottage
Murdock, S., The Green
Murdock, V., Churchview Terrace
Murdock, W., Glenburn Road
Murdock, ?, 13 Killeaton Cottages
Murdy, Edward, Killeaton
Murray, James, Upper Green
Murray, Samuel, Drumbeg
Musgrove, Henry C., Cloncolmec
Mussen, Henry, publican
Mussen, H., Beechlawn

McAdorey, ?, 26 Sunnyhill Park
McAfee, James, Dudley Terrace
McAllister, C., Black's Road
McAllister, William, Milfort Avenue
McArdle, J., Ulster Avenue
McBride, J., 4 Grange Park
McCabe, W., 7 Sunnymeade Park
McCammond, A. J. P., Dunmore, Church Avenue
McCance, Mrs. Blizard, The Lodge, Larkfield
McCann, James, Victoria Gardens
McCann, Joseph, Drumbeg
McCappin, W. J., Glenburn Road
McCartney, George, Victoria Gardens
McCartney, James, Milfort Avenue
McCartney, William, Fortfield
McCartney, William, Upper Green Road
McCartney, William, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Main Street
McCauley, J., The Green
McCauley, T., The Green
McCausland, J., Benmuir, Beechlawn Park

McClatchay, ?, Filling Station, Fortfield
McClatchey, D., Middle Green
McClean, Miss D., The Whins
McCleave, J., Upper Green
McCleery, Rev. J., The Glebe
McClelland, M., Killeaton
McClelland, William, Rosslyn, Black's Road
McClelland, ?, Nurseryman, Stewartstown Road
McClinton, Hugh, Ballyfinaghy
McClinton, Miss, Ballyfinaghy
McClure, S., 1 Maryville Terrace
McClurg, James, Derriaghy
McClurg, R., Kilmakee
McClurg, Thomas, Derriaghy
McClurg, William, Milfort Avenue
McComb, Albert, Laurelvale
McComb, David, Milfort Avenue
McComb, Frank, Paragon, The Green
McComb, James, Roselea Cottages
McComb, John, Laurelvale
McConaghy, Miss, Trinity Place
McConnell, David, Hannahstown
McConnell, John, Hill Street
McConnell, Mrs., Elsinore
McConnell, ?, Sunnymeade Park
McCormac, A., newsagent, The Roberta
McCormack, J., Dunmurry Nurseries
McCoubrey, J., Ladybrook Cottages
McCourt, J., Mullaghglass
McCracken, John, Milfort Avenue
McCracken, R., Millview Terrace
McCracken, S., grocer, Aughrim
McCracken, ?, Millview Terrace
McCracken, ?, The Cottages, Sunnyhill Park
McCready, Samuel, The Green
McCready, S., Sunnymeade Park
McCrudden, Samuel, J.P., Rathmore
McCullough, W., Mount Pleasant
McCullough, W., Sunnyhill Park
McCullough, W., The Cottages, Sunnyhill Park
McCutcheon, R., Maryville Terrace
McCutcheon, W. J., Beechlawn

McDivett, William, 33 Sunnyhill Park
McDonald, Samuel, Upper Falls
McDonald, W. J., Maryville Terrace
McDowell, H., Royal Medical Hall, Kingsway
McDowell, Thomas, Drumconnor
McFadden, A., Hollyville, Derriaghy
McFarland, George, Court Yard
McFarland, M. L. S., confectioner
McFarlane, A. & S., Beechlawn Service Station
McFarlane, Henry, dairyman, Twinbrook
McFarlane, J., Woodview, Glenburn Road
McFarlane, J. A., Milfort Avenue
McFarlane, Mrs., Netherlands
McFarlane, Mrs., Barnfield House
McFarlane, Robert, Fortfield
McFarlane, Thomas, Derriaghy
McGarry, George, Milfort Avenue
McGarry, Joseph, Ballygowan Cottages, Drumbeg
McGarvey, G., Milfort Avenue
McGarvey, Rev., Drumbeg
McGivern, M., 30 Sunnymeade Park
McGlaughlin, George, Mill Road
McGown, David, Milfort Avenue
McGown, Robert, Milfort Avenue
McGrath, Alexander, Fortfield
McGrath, John, Fortfield
McGrath, Joseph, Suffolk
McGrath, R. H., Railway Street
McGrath, ?, 5 Hill Street
McGreavy, A., The Green
McGreevy, John, Fortfield
McHenry, John, Sand Hill Cottage
McHenry, Mrs., Holly House
McHenry, Robert, builder, Mosside
McIlroy, John, Foxhall, Church Avenue
McIlroy, Miss, 14 Hill Street
McIlroy, Rodger, Hill Street
McIlroy, R. T., 4 Malone Gardens
McIlveen, James, Milfort Avenue
McKeag, H. T. A., Ailsa, Malone Gardens
McKechnie, James, Glenburn Road
McKee, R., 34 Sunnyhill Park
McKelvey, G., Glenburn Road
McKenna, P., Suffolk Road
McKeown, A., The Green
McKeown, T. J. P., Viewfort Park
McKeown, W., Milfort Avenue
McKeown, Rev. ?, Marlands
McKerville, H., Ulster Avenue
McKinnon, John, Milfort Avenue
McKinstry, J., Sunnyhill Park
McKinstry, J. F., Mosside
McKinstry, Mrs., Mosside
McKinstry, W., Ivydene, Ulster Avenue
McKnight, Miss, Church Avenue
McKnight, Thomas, Black's Road
McMaster, E., 26 Sunnymeade Park
McMaster, ?, 7 Sunnymeade Terrace
McMinn, S., 10 Viewfort Park
McMullan, Clifford, Brighton House
McMurray, Miss, Station View
McNamara, W. K., Paragon Terrace
McNeill, J., Riverdale Terrace
McNulty, ?, William Street
McQuillan, John, Limestone Quarries, Collin
McReynolds, F. G., 1 Ashley Park
McRitchie, Gilbert S., Glen Rosa
McRitchie, S., Pooltiel, Upper Green Road
McRoberts, Albert, Milfort Terrace
McVeigh, Alexander, Ballybog
McVeigh, T., Milfort Avenue
McVeigh, W., Sunnyhill Park

Napier, Mrs. S., Grange Park
Neill, Mary, confectioner
Neill, Matthew, Drumbeg
Neill, Stephen, Ballyskeagh Cottage
Neill, S., greengrocer, Kingsway
Neill, Thomas, Mossvale
Neill, William, Station View
Neill, ?, Collingrove Cottage
Nelson, Minnie, dress maker, Glenview
Nesbitt, A. A., Sunnybank
Nevin, S., Glencote
Newell, J. F., Upper Malone Road
Nicholson, ?, 2 Station View
Nixon, Mrs., Milfort Avenue

Olliver, H., Glenview
Oliver, ?, Hillcrest, Stewartstown Road
Olley, R., Orleton, The Green
Orr, Charles, Ballybog Cottage
Orr, H. B., Ulster Avenue
Osborne, Mrs., Maryville Terrace
Osborne, Mrs. Agnes, Suffolk
O'Kane, ?, 2 Sunnyhill Park

Page, ?, Sunnyhill Park
Paige, F. P., Kenn Mara, The Green
Palmer, C., Westgate
Palmer, Francis, Fortfield
Park, ?, 10 Killeaton Cottages
Patridge, Edward, The Green
Patterson, A., Black's Road
Patterson, David, Church Avenue
Patterson, D., The Cottages, Sunnyhill Park
Patterson, D., Dispensary Row
Patterson, F., Belgarriff, The Green
Patterson, John, Middle Green
Patterson, Thomas, Middle Green
Patterson, T., 11 Hill Street
Patterson, William, The Hallow
Patterson, ?, Suffolk
Pattison, ?, Rathdene, Ulster Avenue
Paul, J., Larkfield Gate Lodge
Paul, Mrs. T. D., Dunmurry House
Pearson, Henry, 45 Sunnyside Park
Pearson, H., 10 Sunnyhill Park
Pearson, H., jun., 45 Sunnyhill Park
Pelan, T., The Green
Pennefather, J. T., 30 Sunnyhill Park
Phenix, D. K., Brookside, The Green
Pogue, William, Milfort Avenue
Pollock, C., William Street
Poots, Samuel, Ballybog
Porter, John, hardware merchant, Main Street
Porter, J., Laurel Glen
Porter-Thompson, W. V., The Green
Porter, William J., 10 Sunnymeade Park
Porter, William John, Milfort Avenue
Porter, William, Mill Row
Powys-Lybbe, Capt., Gowanhill, Drumbeg
Press, H., Glenco Place
Press, James, Glenco
Press, J., 9 Hill Street
Press, J., jun., 1 Hill Street
Preston, Mrs., The Grey House
Proctor, ?, Sunnyhill Park
Producers Bacon Company (Collin Glen), Ltd. (The), Bacon Curers, Sausage and Lard Manufacturers, Suffolk. T.A.: "Collinglen, Belfast"
Pullins, William, Milfort Avenue

Rainey, J., Beechlawn Park
Reid, John, 6 Victoria Gardens
Reid, S., Sunnyhill Park
Reid, William, Fortfield
Remes, Capt. W., Ashley Park
Reynolds, J., The Green
Reynolds, Mrs., Sunnyside
Richardson, J. T., 13 Grange Park
Richardson, W. J., J.P., Pembroke Lodge
Riley, Mrs., Milford Avenue
Ritchie, James, Derriaghy
Ritchie, W., The Green
Robb, R. L., Beechdeen, Glenburn Road
Roberts, D. L., Harryville House
Roberts, W., Auburn House
Robinson, J., 8 Sunnyhill Park
Rosbotham, James, Stewartstown House
Rosbotham, James, Mamurranstown House
Rosbotham, John, Legmore Lodge
Rosbotham, S., Derriaghy
Roy, John, Church View
Roy, William, Church View
Rush, Miss, Poleglass
Russell, Mrs., Ladybrook
Russell, T., Glendale
Rutherford, J., 40 Sunnyhill Park

Sadler, A., Killavy, Milfort Avenue
Salters, William, Grange Avenue
Samuels, G., Links Cottage, Upper Malone
Sayers, E. H., Happihome, Drumbeg
Scandrett, J., Malone Gardens
Scandrett, Mrs. J., The Fashion House, Kingsway
Scott, Mrs., The Bridge
Scott, Robert, Drumbeg
Seeds, J., 1 Green Road
Sewell, A., 16 Sunnymeade Park
Sewell, H., Paragon Terrace
Shanks, Richard, Drumbeg
Shanks, W., 4 Sunnymeade Avenue
Sharp, Capt., 7 Ashley Park
Shaw, N., 50 Sunnymeade Park
Shepherd, R., 2 Sunnyhill Park
Sherrard, A. H., Upper Green Road
Shields, Alexander, Ashley Park
Simpson, C., 5 Neuville Terrace
Simpson, D., Main Street
Simpson, D., Ulster Avenue
Simpson, H., 21 Sunnyhill Park
Simpson, J., Glenburn Road
Sinclair, Edward, Quarry Collin
Sinclair, James, Collin
Sinclair, R., Glenburn
Sinclair, William, Collin
Sinclair, William, Colleen Cottage, Derriaghy
Sloan, A., Paragon Cottage
Sloan, Robert, Waterloo
Sloane, D., 11 Sunnymeade Avenue
Smith, R. C. J., 7 Malone Gardens
Smith, Samuel, Railway Street
Smith, William, Collin
Smith, ?, Killeaton Cottages
Smyley, S., Ashley
Smyth, J. C., Laurelbank, The Green
Smyth, W. J., Ulster Avenue
Spence, John, Mill Hill
Spence, R., Milfort Avenue
Spence, W., 7 Sunnymeade Avenue
Spibey, Robert, Milford Avenue
Stacey, S., Strathearn Gate Lodge
Sterling, Mrs., Kingsway
Stevenson, A., 1 Huntley Cottages
Stevenson, J., 11 Grange Park
Stevenson, William, Upper Falls
Stevenson, J., Sunnymeade Terrace
Stewart, James, Drumbeg
Stewart, James, Millview
Stewart, J., The Cottages, Sunnyhill Park
Stewart, Mrs., 14 Sunnyhill Park
Stewart, Mrs. James, Mill View Cottage
Stewart, Robert, publican, Drumbeg
Stewart, S., The Cottage, Sunnyhill Park
Stewart, W. L., Neuville Terrace
Stewarts, J. A., Ltd., Millview
Storey, ?, Glebe Road
Strahan, Annie, Ardnalee, The Green
Suffern, C., Kingsway
Suffolk Co-Operative Society
Suffolk Post Office - Sub-Postmaster, Joseph Magrath
Sullivan, Mrs., Malone Gardens
Swan, J. M., Strathtyne

Talbot, J., Church Avenue
Tannahill, Miss, Shower Row
Tannahill, W., Shower Row
Tanner, W., 31 Sunnyhill Park
Taylor, Miss Anmar
Taylor, T., William Street
Taylor, T. C., The Green
Thompson Bros., Ulster Dyeworks, Drumbeg
Thompson, Edward, Poleglass
Thompson, John, Lisburn Road
Thompson, Joseph, Shanogue
Thompson, Misses, Milfort Avenue
Thompson, Mrs. T., Milfort Avenue
Thompson, R., 50 Sunnyhill Park
Thompson, R., 4 Sunnymeade Park
Thompson, T., 80 Sunnyhill Park
Thomson, B., Glenbrook
Thomson, T., Harryville
Thomson, W., Fortfield Villa
Tinsley, William, Milfort Avenue
Tinsley, W., The Green
Tinto, P. L., 37 Ulster Avenue
Todd, H., Sunnyhill Park
Todd, John K., Suffolk
Todd, ?, Park Gate Lodge
Topping, W. W. B., Windy-Ridge
Totten, W. H., 15 Grange Park
Tougher, Walter, Milfort Avenue
Trotter, Mrs., St. Winnows, The Green
Tucker, Major, The Green
Tughan, T., 7 Neuville Terrace
Turner, Joseph, Ballybog
Tweedie, E., grocer, Dunmurry Lane
Tweedie, Mrs., Rosemount Villa
Tweedie, ?, 32 Sunnyhill Park

Walker, F., 52 Sunnymeade Park
Walker, J., Sunnymeade Park
Walker, Mrs., 35 Ulster Avenue
Walker, Thomas, 5 Lock, Ballydrain
Wallace, George, Milfort Avenue
Wallace, G., 10 Newville Terrace
Wallace, J., Beechlawn Park
Wallace, Robert, Hill Street
Wallace, Robert, Mount Pleasant
Ward, C., 6 Sunnyhill Park
Ward, W. J., Oakmount, Drumbeg
Waring, Edward, Maryville Terrace
Waring, Mrs., Millview Place
Waring, Mrs., Marguerite, Ulster Avenue
Waring, Mrs., Barrack View
Waring, R., 82 Sunnyhill Park
Waring, R., Maryville Terrace
Waring, Thomas, Poleglass
Waring, William, Suffolk
Watson, Mrs., Falls Road
Weir, Mrs., Fairhaven
Weyms, David, The Moorings
White, Douglas, 42 Sunnyhill Park
White, John, M.D., The Hill
White, J., Neuville Terrace
White, Mrs., Clifton, Dunmurry Lane
White, ?, Milfort Avenue
Wightman, R. J., grocer, Mosside
Williames, H. E., Ashley Park
Williams, C. H., Paragon Terrace
Williams, H., Paragon Terrace
Williamson, T., Maryville Terrace
Willis, Mary, Victoria Gardens
Wilson, F., The Green
Wilson, N., Newlyn
Wilson, W., Glenburn Road
Wood, Mrs., Sunnyside
Wright, David, Legmore
Wright, Joseph, Legmore
Wright, Miss, Dunmurry Lane
Wright, Mrs., Milfort Avenue
Wright, ?, 28 Sunnyhill Park
Wylie, Mrs., Luxor, The Green

Young, Hugh, Milfort Avenue
Young, Mrs., Sunnyhill Park
Young, R. C., Derriaghy