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1943 Belfast Street Directory

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1943 Index

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County Londonderry

     A market town in the townlands of Craigadeck of Maghera. The market days are Tuesdays and Fridays - the former for pork, butter, eggs, hay, straw, fowl, and farm produce, and the latter for corn and grass-seed.  A horse and cattle fair is held on the last Tuesday of each month. The lighting of the town is by electricity. The population in 1937 was 978. Shops' half-holiday, Thursday


Petty Sessions are held second Friday of each month.  Magistrates - Major Carleton, Misses. R. Bolton, Mrs. J. F. O'Neill, B.A.; E. J. Hassan, H. L. Clark, J. Colquhoun, J. Anderson, F. Kelly, A. Scott, Robert Crawford, William Johnston, M.B.; James A. Harbinson, clerk of Petty Sessions
R.U.C. - Sergeant Michael Brady and ten men
Post Office - Sloan Bolton
Commissioner for Taking Affidavits - R. Crawford
Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. W. Johnston
County Councillor - R. Crawford, J.P., Craigmore, Larantogher, Moneymore, and Tannymullan, in the District Electoral Area
Dispensary Medical Officer - Dr. W. Johnston; Nurse McMullan, district nurse
Northern Bank Ltd. - Manager, F. C. Blair
Inland Revenue Station - Mr. Warnock


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. Garston
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. A. L. Haire, B.D.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Right Rev. Monsignor Hegarty, P.P., V.G.


Maghera Boys' - C. Bredin, principal
Maghera Girls' - Miss B. McNally, principal
Church of Ireland P.E. School - J. McGarvey, principal
Tirkane P.E. School - M. Mellon, principal
Fallagloon P.E. School - Mr. Stone, principal
Beagh - Mr. Shire, principal (S. Shier in 1918)
Maghera Presbyterian - Mr. Savage, principal
Killybogh - Miss Hammond, principal


Agnew, Brendan, solicitor, Main Street
Agnew, P. J., solicitor, Main Street
Anderson, Thomas, carpenter, Tamnymullan Road
Armour, Robert, grocer, Main Street
Averill, Matilda, Church Street

Bell, Miss, nurse, The Cottage, Glen Road
Black, William, R.U.C., Tamnymullan Road
Bodkin, Miss, Main Street
Bolton, Sloan, produce merchant, Main Street
Boyle, P., bank official
Bradley, Bernard, blacksmith, Hall Street
Bradley, H., porter, The Cottage, Glen Road
Bradley, Henry J., law clerk, Main Street
Bradley, James, spirit dealer, Main Street
Bradley, James, Hall Street
Bradley, Mrs. Jas., shoe maker, Tamnymullan Road
Bradley, The Misses, cafe, Tamnymullan Road
Bradley, William, insurance agent, Gas House
Breadin, J., teacher, Glen Road
Brennan, James, grocer, Main Street
Bryson, Michael, bread server, Tamnymullan Road
Burke, Miss M. A., Main Street
Burns, Joseph, auctioneer, Main Street
Burns, Joseph, draper, Main Street
Burns, Miss, dress maker, Main Street
Burns, R. E., solicitor, Main Street

Caldwell, Carson, The Garage, Church Street
Carroll, J., barman, Hall Street
Cassidy, John, draper, Tamnymullan Road
Cole, Cecil, cycle agent, Hall Street
Connor, David, carpenter, Main Street
Convery, Charles, labourer, Hall Street
Convery, James, blacksmith, Hall Street
Convery, James, labourer, Glen Road
Convery, Miss, grocer, Hall Street
Conway, P., motor driver, Tamnymullan Road
Costello, William, boot merchant, Main Street
Crawford & Co., grocers, Main Street
Crawford, George, boot merchant, Main Street
Crawford, Henry, draper, Main Street
Crawford, Richard, newsagent, Tamnymullan Road
Crawford, Robert, J.P., auctioneer, Main Street
Crilly, Bernard, Main Street
Crocett, William, fruiterer, Tamnymullan Road
Crockett, Hugh, linen worker, Tamnymullan Road
Cunningham, W. J., mechanic, Main Street
Cushnahan, Miss Bridget, spirit merchant, Main Street
Cushnahan, Miss S., embroidery agent, Main Street
Cuskeran, Thomas, Tamnymullan Road

Davidson, A. C., draper, Hall Street
Devlin, John, cooper, Main Street
Doherty, John, poultry dealer, Hall Street
Dunlop, W., shoe maker, Main Street

Eastwoods, boot merchants, Main Street

Fowler, William, carpenter, Main Street

Gabathules, John, manager, Hall Street
Gallagher, William, dealer, Main Street
Gilloway, John, law clerk, Railway Terrace

Hamilton, James, postman, Hall Street
Hamilton, James, Glen Road
Hamilton, M., cycle agent, Main Street
Hamilton, Robert J., gardener, Tamnymullan Road
Hastings, L. R., solicitor, Main Street
Haverin, Mrs. Sarah, Main Street
Hazlett, Mrs., draper, Hall Street
Henry, F., labourer, The Cottage, Glen Road
Houston, Marcus, civil bill officer, Tamnymullan Road
Houston, Mrs. Thomas, Tamnymullan Road
Houston, William A., manager, Tamnymullan Road
Hyndman, David, grocer, Main Street

Jameson, Miss, dress maker, Main Street
Johnston, Allen, embroidery factory, Hall Street
Johnston, William, M.B., Main Street
Judge, William J., labourer, Main Street

Keilt, M., dress maker, Main Street
Kelly, James, fancy goods, Main Street
Kelly, James, postman, Main Street
Kelly, James, bill poster, Market Yard
Kennedy, Miss, confectioner, Church Street
Kennedy, William, tailor, Main Street
Kilpatrick, Samuel, harness maker, Tamnymullan Road
King, Mrs., Market Yard

Leacock, William, head porter, Church Street
Loan, Joseph, shoe maker, Main Street
Loughrey, R., bank official, Coleraine Road

Magill, M., teacher, Tamnymullan Road
Martin, James, gardener, Hall Street
Martin, Joseph A., draper, Main Street
Martin, Maude, teacher, Tamnymullan Road
Martin, R. J., druggist, Main Street
Martin, Sarah, poultry farm, Tamnymullan Road
Mason, J., postman, Hall Street
Millar, John, saw mill owner, Main Street
Millen, Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, Hall Street
Milligan, S. L., dentist, Glen Road
Moore, Alexander, flesher, Main Street
Morren, Daniel, railway porter, Tamnymullan Road
Morren, Martha, confectioner, Main Street
Morrison, Mrs. J., Craigmore, Glen Road
Morton, Thomas, fruiterer, Hall Street
Mulholland, Thos., linen bleacher, Market Yard
Murphy, Mrs. G., spirit merchant, Main Street
Murray, Mark, R.U.C., Hall Street

McBride, A., draper, Main Street
McCamphill, Miss, hairdresser
McCloskey, Bernard, motor hirer, Glen Road
McCusker, The Misses, Temperance Hotel, Main Street
McCusker, Patrick, labourer, The Cottage, Glen Road
McDonald Bros., tailors, Hall Street
McFalone, Mrs. T., Main Street
McGinity, Philipina, district nurse, Main Street
McIldowney, P., shoe maker, Main Street
McIlroy, Mrs. Sarah, Railway Terrace
McKeauger, Miss Kathleen, confectioner, Main Street
McKee, William, butcher, Main Street
McKenna, Bernard, spirit merchant, Main Street
McKenna, Charles, Hall Street
McKenna, Daniel, shoe maker, Main Street
McKenna, D., cattle dealer, Main Street
McKenna, D. J., wireless agent, Main Street
McKenna, Francis, boarding house, Main Street
McKenna, John, dealer, Main Street
McKenna, Michael, painter, Main Street
McKenna, Miss, confectioner, Main Street
McKenna, Mrs. Maggie, Main Street
McKenna, Peter, publican, Main Street
McKenna, S., barber, Main Street
McKinney, Thomas J., grocer and general merchant; agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Main Street
McLaughlin, Archibald, general dealer, Main Street
McLoughlin, Mrs., car hirer, Main Street
McMaster, Daniel, spirit merchant, Main Street
McNally, Miss B., teacher, Tamnymullan Road
McNamee, Henry, grocers' assistant, Main Street
McNamee, Miss, dressmaker, Main Street
McPeake, A., shoe maker, Hall Street
McWilliams, Charles, boot merchant, Main Street

Nelson, Andrew, labourer, Church Street
Nelson, David, bread server, The Cottage, Glen Road
Nelson, William, clerk, Railway Terrace
Noone, William, grocer, Main Street

O'Doherty, T., shoe maker, Hall Street
O'Donnell, Hanna, newsagent, Hall Street
O'Hara, Charles, publican, Main Street
O'Hare, Mrs. M., dealer, Main Street
O'Kane, Bridget, teacher, Tamnymullan Road
O'Kane, Elizabeth, weaver, Coleraine Road
O'Neill & Co., general merchants, Main Street
O'Neill, Andrew, labourer, Church Street
O'Neill, Frank, dealer, Hall Street
O'Neill, James, farmer, Tamnymullan Road
O'Neill, Joseph, cycle agent, Tamnymullan Road
O'Neill, Hugh, hairdresser, Main Street
O'Neill, The Misses, dress makers, Tamnymullan Road
O'Neill, Susan, dealer, Hall Street
O'Neill, William, dealer, Main Street

Peden, Thomas, lorry helper, Tamnymullan Road

Quigley, Miss Sara, Main Street
Quinn, Michael, spirit merchant, Main Street

Reddington, John, Press correspondent, Main Street
Regan, Matthew, spirit merchant, Main Street
Reid, Harold, electrician, Coleraine Road
Reilly, P., V.S., Tamnymullan Road
Richardson, Agnes, spirit merchant, Main Street
Roper & Gage, solicitors, Hall Street

Scott, A., J.P., hardware merchant, Main Street
Scott, John, grocer, Railway Terrace
Scullion, Francis, grocers' assistant, Main Street
Shiels, William, millwright, Church Street
Shivers, Miss Teresa, Main Street
Sloss, Robert, draper, Main Street
Starrs, Joseph, bread server, Tamnymullan Road
Stewart, William, labourer, Church Street
Stockman, George, labourer, Pound Road
Stockman, Mrs. Martha, Glen Road
Stockman, Samuel, cattle dealer, Hall Street
Stockman, Joseph, assistant, Tamnymullan Road
Stockman, Thos., & Sons, dealers, Tamnymullan Road

Taylor, George, tailor, Hall Street
Taylor, John, postman, Hall Street
Thompson & Co., hardware merchants, Main Street
Tohill, Frederick, butcher, Main Street

Vallaley, Mrs., dress maker, Main Street

Walsh, Mary, hotel keeper, Main Street
Walsh, John, druggist, Main Street
Walsh, Owen, solicitor, Main Street
Warnock, John, agent, Tamnymullan Road
Watt, J., postman, Hall Street
Watters, James, labourer, Church Street
Wilson, R., grocer and draper, Main Street
Wilson, Samuel, draper, Main Street
Winters, Mrs., Commercial Hotel, Hall Street
Winton, Ralph, bill poster, Main Street
Winton, William, boarding house, Main Street


Anderson, David, Folgotravey
Boyle, P. D., cashier, The Bungalow
Bradley, Joseph, road contractor, Fallagloon
Carleton, Major P. M., Barrister-at-Law (Inner Temple, London), Clover Hill, Mullagh
Clark, H. J., Upperlands
Clark, Mrs. E. M., Largantogher
Close, Bernard, Tamneymullan
Convery, Patrick, Killelagh Lodge
Crawford, John, Knocknakeilt
Crooks, Thomas, Knocknakeilt
Cunningham, Robert, mill owner, Grillagh
Darragh, J., teacher, 1 The Bungalow
Diamond, Neal, R.D.C., Ballyrock
Dunlop, James, Tullyherron
Fleming, James, farmer, Ballymacilcurr
Galbraith, Mrs., Grillagh House
Glass, Matthew, Brackagh House
Gordon, James, Beagh
Graham, James, Ballymacilcurr
Gray, Miss, Craigmore Cottage
Hagan, James, carter
Hassan, E. J., J.P., Glen House, grocer
Henry, Patrick, Craigmore
Higgins, J. A., Corn and Flax Scutch Mills, Ballynock
Houston, Joseph, Ballymacilcurr
Johnston, Mrs. Caroline, Barley Hill
Kane, Frank, Tamneymullan
Kennedy, W., clerk, 2 The Bungalow
Kerr, Thomas, cattle dealer, Ballnahone
Lagan, James, grocer, Lisnamuck P.O.
Linton, Robert, Tamneymullan
Lyle, William J., Tullyheron
Marshall, Hugh, Mullogh
Martin, James, Ballymacilcurr
Morrison, Mrs. J., farmer
McCay, Charles, flax scutching mills
McCloskey, Mrs. J., Tamneymullan House
McCloskey, Patrick, Rockfield Flax Mills
McDowell, Samuel, milk supervisor and secretary Farmers' Union, Ballnahone
McIntyre, Mrs., Beagh
McNamee, Joseph, Tamnymullan
Nelson, William, Silver Hill
O'Loughlin, Bernard, Gortinure
O'Kane, Francis, Gortinure House
Patterson, Samuel, Knocknakeilt
Patterson, Thomas, Beagh
Paul, John K., Crewe
Phillips, William, Ballynahone
Shiels, Kennedy, Crewe
Shiels, Robert, Moneymore
Shiels, Robert, Crewe Hill Farm
Shiels, Thomas, Knocknakeilt
Shiels, William George, Haulage Contractor; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Knocknakeilt
White, Robert, Tamneymullan
Wilson, Matthew, Ballymacilcurr
Wilson, Miss, embroidery agent, Crew
Wilson, Mrs. Joseph, poultry farm

County Londonderry

     A market town in the barony of Loughinshulin 35 miles N.N.W. from Belfast, and 38 miles from Londonderry. Fair day, second Thursday of each month. Markets are held on every Thursday. The population at the 1937 census was 1,346.


Church of Ireland - Rev. W. D. Ewart, M.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. P. Shipway
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. James Johnstone, B.A.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. T. C. Chestnutt, B.A.
Baptist Church - Secretary, Jas. Brown, Church Street
Roman Catholic Chapel - Very Rev. Monsignor Ward, P.P., V.F.


Rainey Endowed School - T. S. Fazackerley, M.Sc., D.I.C., headmaster
Parochial P.E. School - R. W. Fiddis, principal
Technical School - R. McCormick, B.Com.Sc., principal
Convent High School - Taught by nuns of convent
St. Joseph's P.E. School, (male), King Street - J. O'Brien, principal
Fair Hill P.E. School - J. Leith, principal


R.U.C. - W. J. Stratford, D.I.; ? Conley, Head Constable
Petty Sessions held every second and fourth Wednesday of the month - Clerk, J. A. Harbison
Courthouse - Mrs. L. Hamilton, keeper
Marriage Registry Office - W. H. Maitland, registrar; G. G. Maitland, deputy registrar
Coroner - Dr. W. Cousley, Moneymore
Commissioners for Taking Affidavits - J. A. Harbison, C.P.S.
Gas Company - J. Richmond, resident manager
Markets - Grain, Monday; general market, Thursday - W. J. McLernon, manager and weighmaster
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - Manager, J. R. Sharpe
National Bank Ltd. - Manager, P. J. Maloney
Northern Banking Ltd. - Manager, J. Henderson
Ulster Bank Ltd. - Manager, M. M. Huey
Technical School Committee - J. Burnside, J.P. (chairman); R. McCormick, B.Sc., secretary
School Attendance Committee - Rev. J. H. Kingston, B.A., chairman; School Attendance officer, M. Houston
Labour Exchange - J. McGoockin, manager
Board of Guardians - R. Crawford, J.P., Chairman; clerk, J. A. Higgins; assistant clerk, G. G. Maitland; master, Wm. Hutchinson; Relieving officers, W. Oliphant and J. J. Oliphant; medical officer, Dr. J. J. Keatley
Sanitary Sub-officer and Rent Collector - Wm. Oliphant
Sanitary Sub-officer and Water Inspector - J. J. Oliphant
Rural District Council - S. G. Davidson, J.P., chairman; clerk, J. A. Higgins; assistant clerk, G. G. Maitland
Magherafelt Regional Education Committee - Secretary, W. H. Maitland; regional officer, R. McCormick, B.Sc.
Magherafelt Union Infirmary - Medical officer, J. J. Keatley; charge nurse, M. A. O'Hagan
Fever Hospital - Charge nurse, A. M. M. O'Kane
Masonic Lodge No. 211 - G. Garity, sec.
L.O.L. No. 310 - J. Leacock, secretary
Junior L.O.L. No. 10 - A. Stewart, secretary
R.B.P. No. 291 - J. Leacock, registrar
Apprentice Boys' Club (Magherafelt Branch) - J. Leacock, secretary


Adair, Miss, B.A., teacher, Queen Street
Agnew, Miss, confectioner, Golf Terrace
Agnew, P. J., solicitor (branch office), Church Street
Anderson, R., Union Road
Antrim Electricity Co. - C. Methven, manager, Market Street
Atkinson, F. E. C., dentist, Rainey Street
Averill, B., bus conductor, Golf Terrace

Badger, D., solicitor, Ballyronan Road
Badger, D. S., solicitor, Broad Street
Badger, E., bread server, Golf Terrace
Baird, James, & Co., inc. accountants, Rainey Street
Barclay, Miss, boarding house, Broad Street
Barr & McCready, monumental sculptor, Rainey Street
Beare, H., Golf Terrace
Beggs, T., bus conductor, Ballyronan Road
Beirne, P., bank clerk, Millbrook
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - J. R. Sharpe, manager, Rainey Street
Bell, T., goods clerk, Church Street
Blaney, J., Ballyronan Road
Boal, J. C., solicitor, Market Street
Bolton, Miss A., home bakery, Church Street
Bradley, D., Union Road
Bradley, J., boot merchant, Broad Street
Bradley, P., Union Road
British Legion Hall, Garden Street
Brown, J., Tobermore Road
Brown, John, boot merchant, Rainey Street
Brown, T., Golf Terrace
Brown, W., boot merchant, Church Street
Brown, W. H., woollen draper, Market Street
Brown's Bargin Store, Market Street (Bargain)
Bryson, P., publican, Union Road
Burke, Miss, confectioner, Golf Terrace
Burns, J., confectioner, King Street

Caldwell, Miss, Queen Street
Caldwell, Miss E. J., Avongarth, Union Road
Caldwell, Samuel B., J.P., law clerk, Union Road
Campbell, J., King Street
Campbell, Mrs., caretaker, Masonic Hall, Union Road
Campbell, W., Golf Terrace
Carr, J., painter, Golf Terrace
Carragher, Rev. J., C.C., Aughrim Road
Carson, G., Garden Street
Carson, Miss, teacher, Ballyronan Road
Chesney, Mrs., grocer, Queen Street
Christie, Bertie, Union Road
Christie, R., station master, Station Road
Christie, Robert, printing office, Market Street
Church, G., King Street
Church, W., Golf Terrace
Cole, J., cabinet maker, Meeting-House Street
Collins, T., labourer, Queen Street
Connell, J., hardware merchant, Market Street
Cowan, A., B.Sc., teacher, Ballyronan Road
Cousley, H. J., M.P.S., M.I.C.O., Rainey Street
Cowan, Joseph, blacksmith, Garden Street
Conway, Miss Isabel, hairdresser, Church Street
Conway, Mrs., Station Road
Conway, P., Rainey Street
Crilly, P., tailor, King Street
Crilly, T., tailor, Church Street
Cromie, J., shoe maker, Rainey Street
C.W.U. Hall, Garden Street

Daly, F., bread server, Garden Street
Daly, Mrs., King Street
Devane, Mrs., grocer, Union Road
Devlin, Annie, Queen Street
Devlin, J., publican, Church Street
Devlin, T., law clerk, King Street
Devlin, The Misses, Church Street
Diamond, Joseph, dealer, Meeting-House Street
Diamond, Mrs. S. A., Church Street
Diamond, Thomas, Rainey Street
Dickson Bros., produce merchants, Garden Street
Doherty, J., Church Street
Doherty, T., egg merchant, Meeting-House Street
Doherty, T. J., grocer, Market Street
Donnelly, J., publican, Rainey Street
Donnelly, J., Ballyronan Road
Donnelly, John, Queen Street
Donnelly, Mrs., Meeting-House Street
Donnelly, T., Golf Terrace
Dorman, J., publican, Queen Street
Douglas, A., bus conductor, Union Road
Dowdall, S., King Street
Doyle, H., bus driver, Station Road

Eakin, G., contractor, Desertmartin Road
English, M., bank official, Queen Street
Epsey, Miss, Union Road
Ewart, Rev. W. D., M.A., The Rectory, Broad Street

Fazackerley, T. S., M.Sc., headmaster, Union Road
Fiddis, R. W., teacher, Queen Street
Flatley, B., M.P.S., druggist, Broad Street
Flatley, B., Union Road
Fleming, Miss, milliner, Union Road
Fleming, Miss, draper, Broad Street
Fleming, Mrs., stationer, Church Street
Fleming, R., hairdresser, Church Street
Ferguson, Sergt. E., R.U.C., Station Road
Fields, Hugh, law clerk, Station Road
Fields, Mrs., dress maker, Station Road
Finn, W., Golf Terrace
Forbes, F. W., M.R.C.V.S., Church Street
Fullan, P., caretaker, Town Hall, Broad Street
Fullen, Miss C., confectioner, Broad Street
Fullerton, Mrs., Meeting-House Street

Gage & Roper, solicitors (branch office), Rainey Street
Gallagher, J., Golf Terrace
Gallagher, Mrs., Union Road
Gallagher, P., Desertmartin Road
Galway, B., & Co., Watch makers, Jewellers, Stationers and Newsagents; Agents for the "Belfast News-Letter," Broad Street
Galway, R., Queen Street
Gamble, John G., seed merchant, Rainey Street
Gamble, Wilson, J.P., Union Road
Garrity, B., confectioner, Church Street
Gascoyne, T., engineer, Tobermore Road
George, Mrs., Garden Street
Getty, Redmond, electrical engineer
Gibson, J. M., R.U.C., Church Street
Gibson, Mrs. J., Broad Street
Gibson, R., bus driver, Church Street
Gilmour, J., bank official, Union Road
Gilmour, Mrs., King Street
Glendinning, J., Golf Terrace
Glenn, Mrs., teacher, Tobermore Road
Googan, Miss L., confectioner, Meeting-House Street
Gordon, G., vet. surgeon, Ballyronan Road
Graham, R., insurance agent, Union Road
Grant, P., Church Street
Greer, Mrs., Queen Street
Greer, William, Queen Street
Gribben, H., publican, Rainey Street
Gribben, Miss, fancy goods store, Rainey Street
Griswald, Mrs., Garden Street

Haddon, A., Station Road
Hagan, James, fowl dealer, Meeting-House Street
Hagan, M., Garden Street
Hagan, Patrick, fowl dealer, Queen Street
Hamilton, H., watch maker, Church Street
Hamilton, J., Union Road
Hamilton, Mrs. L., Union Road
Hamilton, R. M., B.Sc., deputy county surveyor, Union Road
Harbison, James, clerk petty sessions, Broad Street
Harbison, he Misses, Market Street
Harrison, W. A., cashier, Union Road
Hastings, L. R., solicitor, Broad Street
Hastings, Dr. Arnold, Rose Lodge, Union Road
Heaney, A., King Street
Hegarty, Dr. D., registrar, Union Road
Hegarty, Dr. P., M.D., Castledawson Road
Hegarty, Mrs., publican, King Street
Hegarty, R., Church Street
Henderson, J., bank manager, Broad Street
Henderson, J., cashier, Queen Street
Henderson, Mrs., Queen Street
Henry, Bernard, boot maker, Church Street
Henry, Felix, labourer, Meeting-House Street
Henry, T., radio dealer, Rainey Street
Higgins, J. A., clerk of Council, Moneymore Road
Higgins, Mrs., Millbrook, Castledawson Road
Higgins, W., King Street
Houston, William K., boot merchant, Market Street
Houston's Cash Stores, Rainey Street
Howard, J., draper, Market Street
Hutchinson, H., Golf Terrace
Hutchinson, Miss H., confectioner, Market Street
Hutchinson, W., Ballyronan Road
Hutchinson, W., Union Road
Hyndman, J., Ballyronan Road

Irwin, Adam, Garden Street
Irwin Bros., drapers, Market Street
Irwin, T., Rainey Street

Jennings, Miss F. J., teacher, Queen Street
Johnston, G., carpenter, Ballyronan Road
Johnston, J. J., merchant, Rainey Street
Johnston, James, solicitor, Church Street
Johnston, Rev. Jas., B.A., The Manse, King Street

Kane, Robert, labourer, Church Street
Kane, ?, R.U.C., Station Road
Kearns, Mrs., King Street
Keatley, Dr. J. J., Desertmartin Road
Keenan, C., King Street
Keenan, P., carter, Church Street
Keenan, R., King Street
Keenan, Rodger, flesher, Church Street
Kennedy, J., Aughrim Road
Kennedy, Mrs., Rainey Street
Kerlin, Dr. J. P., Broad Street
Kernaghan, Mrs., confectioner, Meeting-House Street
Kilroe, L., J.P., merchant, Queen Street
Kirkpatrick, Miss, Rainey Street
Kirkwood, S., King Street

Laverty, W., publican, Market Street
Lawrence, S., saddler, Queen Street
Leavey, K. G., B.Sc., teacher, Station Road
Lees, Mrs., Union Road
Leith, J., teacher, Moneymore Road
Leslie, David, grocer, King Street
Logan, J., & Co., merchants, Church Street
Logan, J., Riverdale, Aughrim Road
Logan, William, Church Street
Logue, R., Church Street
Louden, Mrs., King Street
Louden, P. J., King Street
Loughrin, F., Golf Terrace

Maitland, G. G., deputy registrar, Church Street
Maitland, Miss D., teacher, Church Street
Maitland, W. H., secretary Regional Committee, registrar of marriages, etc., Church Street
Magherafelt Co-Operative Society, Broad Street
Maguire, John, Union Road
Maguire, P., insurance agent, Garden Street
Maloney, P. J., bank manager, Market Street
Martin, Frank, Station Road
Martin, Hugh, tailor, King Street
Martin, J., Station Road
Martin, John, horse trainer, Meeting-House Street
Martin, Mrs. A., hairdresser, Rainey Street
Masterson, M., R.U.C., Church Street
Mawhinney, J., grocer, Market Street
Mawhinney, J., Golf Terrace
Mawhinney, Mrs., dress maker, Market Street
Methven, C. T., engineer, Tobermore Road
Millar, J., Rainey Street
Milligan, Joseph, Rainey Street
Milliken, S. T., dentist, Rainey Street
Ministry of Labour Exchange, Rainey Street
Moore, John, flesher, Broad Street
Morgan, Francis, boot merchant, Rainey Street
Morgan, Frank, com. agent, Rainey Street
Morrison, Alex., egg merchant, Garden Street
Morrison, Mrs., Garden Street
Murphy, H., publican, Broad Street
Murphy, Miss B., King Street

McAllister, Mrs., Ballyronan Road
McAteer, T., Station Road
McBratney, A., teacher, Tobermore Road
McCart, Mrs., Queen Street
McCatchon, R., Station Road
McClelland, J., R.U.C., Ardeevin
McConway, Michael, clothier, Rainey Street
McConway, Miss, Market Street
McCormack, S., Golf Terrace
McCormack, J., Golf Terrace
McCormick, R., B.Sc., Tobermore Road
McCoulloch, Mrs., Union Road
McCracken, J., Golf Terrace
McCracken, W. J., law clerk, Union Road
McCrystall, Mrs., Golf Terrace
McCullough, R., undertaker, Queen Street
McErlean, H. H., plumber, Queen Street
McFlynn, W. J., publican, Church Street
McGarvey, A., postman, Golf Terrace
McGeown, J., carter, King Street
McGill, George, tailor, King Street
McGlade, P., Golf Terrace
McGlone, Thomas, publican, Queen Street
McGrath, G., shoe maker, Market Street
McGrath, Mrs., King Street
McGuckin, Mrs., King Street
McGuckin, Mrs., lodging house, Church Street
McGuckin, R. T., C.E., architect, Garden Street
McGuffin, Mrs., Market Street
McGuicken, T., King Street
McGuiggan, J., dairy, Meeting-House Street
McGuiggan, Miss I., confectioner, Church Street
McGuire, Nurse, midwife, Church Street
McGurk, J., & Co., grocers, Market Street
McIlwrath, J., Queen Street
McIntyre, J., Station Road
McKay & Sharpe, auto engineers, Church Street
McKay, M., Union Road
McKay, Miss, B.A., teacher, Queen Street
McKee, Michael, fowl dealer, Meeting-House Street
McKee, Miss, grocer, Rainey Street
McKenna, J., postman, Station Road
McKenna, Mrs. A. J., Meeting-House Street
McKenna, ?, R.U.C., Castledawson Road
McKeown, J. W., Golf Terrace
McKeown, Matilda, boarding house, Church Street
McKeown, T., Golf Terrace
McKeown, T., agricultural inspector, Desertmartin Road
McKergan, W., postman, Station Road
McKnight, Mrs., Churchwell Street
McLaughlin, J., Aughrim Road
McLean, T., Queen Street
McLeery, Misses, draper, Rainey Street
McLelland, Constable, Church Street
McLernon, F. J., & Sons, grocers, Queen Street
McLernon, Miss, Garden Street
McLernon, Miss D., Moneymore Road
McLernon, Mrs. M., Queen Street
McLernon, William J., draper, Rainey Street
McMullen, The Misses, King Street
McNab, S., Rainey Street
McNally, H. J., law clerk, Market Street
McNally, H. J., Queen Street
McNally, J. J., & P. J., solicitors, Market Street
McNeilly, H., F.N.A.O. (second and last Thursday of each month), Church Street
McNicholl, R., general dealer, Church Street
McMaster, Hugh, hotel proprietor, Rainey Street
McSwiggan, B., confectioner, Queen Street
McSwiggan, F., Desertmartin Road
McSwiggan, M., tea rooms, Queen Street
McSwiggan, Thomas, shirt manufacturer, Rainey Street

Niblock, H., painter, Queen Street
Niblock, Mrs., caretaker, Queen Street
Norris, Misses, Station Road
Northern Ireland Road Transport Board Office, Broad Street

Oliphant, J. J., Desertmartin Road
Oliphant, W., relieving officer, Ballyronan Road
Orr, Mrs., Church Street
Otterson, D. J., painter, Rainey Street

O'Brien, J., teacher, King Street
O'Doherty, W. H., engineer, Church Street
O'Farrell, J., pro-manager, Castledawson Road
O'Hagan, H., Union Road
O'Kane, Mrs. Sarah, publican, Rainey Street
O'Kane, P., Press correspondent, Market Street
O'Neill, C., Church Street
O'Neill, Con., publican, Meeting-House Street
O'Neill, F., Golf Terrace
O'Neill, J., painter, Garden Street
O'Neill, Matthew J., Church Street
O'Neill, Mrs., Meeting-House Street
O'Neill, Mrs., Market Street
O'Neill, Mrs., confectioner, Rainey Street
O'Sullivan, J., Garden Street
O'Sullivan, Miss M., nurse, Gardens Street

Paul, Mrs., laundress, Rainey Street
Paul, Richard, postman, Union Road
Pherson, J., Churchwell Street
Picken, Joseph, boot merchant, Market Street
Picken, Joseph, jun., saddler, Rainey Street
Pollock, Mrs., Garden Street
Porter, John, Union Road
Post Office Engineering Dept., Rainey Street

Quinn, J., blacksmith, Union Road

Rainey Endowed School, Rainey Street
Rankin, Alexander, plumber, Garden Street
Rankin, Mrs., Golf Terrace
Regan, J., publican, Rainey Street
Regan, Matthew, grocer, Market Street
Reynolds, Marshall, grocer, Church Street
Richmond, J., Golf Terrace
Ritchie, A., painter, Union Road
Ritchie, Robert, confectioner, Rainey Street
Ritchie, T., cycle agent, Rainey Street
Ritchie, T., Golf Terrace

Savage, Miss, B.Sc., teacher, Garden Street
Savage, W. A., confectioner, King Street
Scullion, M., publican, Market Street
Semple, William, boot merchant, Queen Street
Sharpe, J. R., bank manager, Broad Street
Shiels, John, J.P., woollen draper, Broad Street
Shipway, Rev. P., Church Street
Simpson, William, Desertmartin Road
Smith, H., Rainey Street
Smith, J. R., R.U.C., Church Street
Smyth, A., J.P., draper, Market Street
Smyth, J., B.A., teacher, Tobermore Road
Steenson, William, confectioner, Market Street
Stewart, E., Union Road
Stewart, D., bread server, Golf Terrace
Stewart, J., boot maker, Golf Terrace
Stewart, James C., grocer, Market Street
Stewart, Miss E., Union Road
Stewart, Miss Minnie, Market Street
Stewart, William, sexton, Queen Street
Stewart, Wm. J., solicitor (branch office), Market Street
Strahan, R. J., manager, Broad Street
Stratford, W. J., D.I., Tobermore Road
Supreme Cinema, Queen Street
Swann, H., law clerk, Station Road
Swann, J., bus driver, Church Street
Sweeney, Annie, seamstress, Union Road

Taylor, Dr. R., Tobermore Road
Taylor, Miss, hairdresser, Queen Street
Taylor, William, shoemaker, Queen Street
Teany, Charles, labourer, Queen Street
Teaney, Mrs., Meeting-House Street
Technical School and Magherafelt Regional Education Office, Queen Street
Templeton, C., Desertmartin Road
Thistle, Miss, postmistress, Rainey Street
Timoney, Miss, confectioner, King Street
Tohill, G., Golf Terrace
Tohill, Henry, cattle dealer, Church Street
Tohill, J., Golf Terrace
Tohill, John, labourer, Queen Street
Toughill, James, Queen Street
Tucker, Mrs., boarding house, Rainey Street

Ulster Bank Ltd. - M. M. Huey, manager, Broad Street

Venables, Byers, & McGarvey, solicitors, Church Street

Wallace, Mrs., grocer, King Street
Walls, J., shirt factor, Meeting-House Street
Walls, James, shirt factor, King Street
Walls, James, draper, Market Street
Walls, R., King Street
Walshe, J., hotel proprietor and posting establishment, Broad Street
Ward, R. E., teacher, Station Road
Ward, Rev. Monsignor, P.P., V.F., King Street
Wates, F., Aughrim Road
Watson, Mrs., confectioner, Queen Street
Watson, S., Ballyronan Road
Watson, William, tinsmith, Queen Street
Williamson, Miss, Garden Street
Wilson Bros., cycle agents, Queen Street
Wilson, C., Market Street
Wilson, G., Moneymore Road
Wilson, R. A. M., grocer, Rainey Street
Wilson, R., Desertmartin Road
Wright, S. D., dentist, Church Street
Wylie, J., Golf Terrace
Wylie, Mrs., Union Road


Aiken, James, Ballymuldergbeg
Anderson, James, Ballymoghanbeg
Armstrong, John, Ballyronanmore
Atkinson, James, Ballymuckleheaney
Atkinson, Mrs. A. M., Coolshinney
Atkinson, T., Ballymuckleheaney
Badger, James, Dunarnon
Barclay, Samuel, Megargy
Barnett, Robert, Ballymoghanmore
Bell, James, Ballymulderg
Bell, William J., Carlaoon
Berryman, James, Leckagh
Berryman, John, Ballinderry
Bowman, Benjamin, Aughagaskin
Bradley, James, Mullaghboy
Bradley, J., Townpark
Bradley, T., Ballymuldergbeg
Breen, James, Bellagherty
Brown, Henry, Tullylinkisay
Brown, John, Ballynagarve
Brown, John, Tullylinkisay
Brown, Robert, Tullylinkisay
Brown, William, Drumrainey
Brown, William, Dunamoney
Brown, W. (Margaret), Tullylinkisay
Burnett, John, Ballynagarve
Burnett, William, Ballynagarve
Campbell, Mrs. I., Ballymoghan
Caulfield, William, Coolshinney
Clarke, George, Lisnamorrow
Clarke, James, Ballyronan
Clarke, John, Lisnamorrow
Clarke, William, Ballymulderg
Clarke, William James, Ballyronanmore
Corbett, Thomas, Tullylinkisay
Corr, Thomas, Ballyknocker
Costello, James, Ballyronanbeg
Cowan, Alexander, Ballymuldergmore
Cowan, William James, Lisnamorrow
Crooks, Samuel, Ballymoghanbeg
Crossett, Joseph, Ballyronanbeg
Crossett, Mrs., Megargy
Crossett, William, Killyfaddy
Davidson, John, Lisalbanagh
Devlin, Bernard, Ballyronan
Devlin, Patrick, Drumenagh
Ditty, Andrew, Megargy
Ditty, Mrs. L., Megargy
Ditty, Robert J., Killyfaddy
Ditty, William, Ballymuldergbeg
Donaghy, James, jun., Caraloon
Donaghy, John, Caraloon
Dorren, Edward, Drumenagh
Duncan, James, Killyfaddy
Duncan, John, jun., Killyfaddy
Duncan, Robert, Killyfaddy
Durnan, John, Coolshinney
Eakin, John, Ballymoghanmore
Eakin, Robt., jun., Ballymoghanmore
Eakin, Thomas, Killyfaddy
Ferguson, James, jun., Ballynagarve
Ferguson, John, Ballyronanmore
Ferguson, Robert, Megargy
Ferguson, Samuel, Tullylinkisay
Foster, John, Killyfaddy
Foster, Mrs., Ballymuldergbeg
Foster, Thomas, Ballymuldergbeg
Foster, William, Killyfaddy
Fulton, John, Aughrim
Garvin, James, Ballynocker
Garvin, William, Ballynocker
Gilmore, Henry, Luney
Girvan, James, Ballymuldergbeg
Hanna, W. J., J.P., Ballynagowan
Harbison, Mrs., Ballyheifer
Haw, Mrs., Drumrainey
Hogg, Alexander, Ballymoghanmore
Holland, Frederick, Caraloon
Holland, John, Ballymuldergmore
Hueston, David, Aughagaskin
Hutchinson, Andrew, Aughrim
Jamison, William, Caraloon
Johnston, Andrew, Aughagaskin
Johnston, James, Dunarnon
Johnston, James, Ballymulderg
Johnston, John, Aughagaskin
Johnston, John, Drumrainey
Johnston, R., Killyfaddy
Kane, Mrs. M., Coolshinney
Keatley, Abraham, Aughagaskin
Keatley, John, Ballyronanmore
Keatley, Thomas, Ballyronanmore
Keenan, James, Aughagaskin
Keenan, Joseph, Ballycomlargy
Larkin, Mrs., Bellagherty
Lawrence, Mrs., Lisalbanagh
Lees, Joseph, Dunamoney
Lennox, David, Aughagaskin
Lennox, George, Drumenagh
Lennox, John, Grange
Lennox, Samuel, Aughagaskin
Lennox, Thomas, Killyboggan
Lennox, Thomas, jun., Tullylinkisay
Lennox, William George, Aughrim
Lindsay, John, Ballyronanmore
Loughlin, Mrs., Dunarnon
Love, Henry, Dunamoney
Love, Samuel, Ballymaguiggan
Love, Thomas, Dunamoney
Marks, Robert, Ballymulderg
Martin, Hugh, Ballynagarve
Maynes, Patrick, Ballyronanbeg
Mellon, Joseph, Ballynagarve
Mellon, Patrick, Ballynagarve
Millar, John, Megargy
Milliken, Robert, Ballymulderg
Milliken, Samuel, John, Ballymuldergbeg
Morgan, John, Ballynagarve
Morton, Frank, Ballynocker
Mulholland, James, Ballyheifer
Murphy, Edward, Drumenagh
Murphy, James, Drumenagh
McAlister, James, Kirley
McCartney, R., Ballyronanbeg
McClean, Robert, Lisnamorrow
McCleery, John, jun., Aughrim
McCleery, William James, Aughrim
McGuckin, Thomas James, Bellagherty
McGuckin, William John, Ballyronan
McGuigan, Francis, Ballymagarve
McGuigan, James, Drumard
McGuigan, James, Caraloon
McGurk, John, Drumrainey
McGurk, M., Drumrainey
McIntyre, John, Ardagh
McKee, John, Bellagherty
McKee, Thomas, Bellagherty
McKenna, Patrick, Aughagaskin
McKenny, John, Ballymuldergbeg
McKenny, Joseph, Ballymuldergbeg
McKeown, James, Ballymuldergbeg
McKnight, Hugh, Tullylinkisay
McKnight, John, Tullylinkisay
McMaster, Hugh, Ballydonnell
McMaster, John, Tullylinkisay
McMaster, Robert, Toberhead
McMaster, Samuel, Ballydonnell
McMaster, William, Tullylinkisay
Orr, John, Ballynagarve
Orr, Robert, Lisnamorrow
O'Neill, Cornelius, Ballyneilbeg
Palmer, James, Drumenagh
Palmer, Richard, Killyboggan
Park, Richard, Grange
Patterson, John, Lisnamorrow
Patterson, Robert W., Killyfaddy
Port, William, Ballymultrea
Porter, Mrs. A., Killyboggan
Porter, Samuel, Killyboggan
Purvis, John, Ballymultrea
Purvis, William, Ballyronanmore
Quigley, Benjamin, Ballymuldergbeg
Quigley, Isaac, Ballymoghanbeg
Quigley, James, Ballymoghanbeg
Quinn, John, Ballyronanbeg
Raw, James, Knockoneill
Rice, John, Ballyronanmore
Rice, William, Ballyronanmore
Richardson, James, Ballynagarve
Ritchie, Joseph, Ballyeglish
Ritchie, Miss, Ballymoghanmore
Robinson, Ferguson, Ballymuldergbeg
Rodgers, George, Ballyronanmore
Rodgers, John, Ballynagarve
Rodgers, John, Ballynagowan
Sampson, James, Ballymulderg
Scott, Alexander, Drumenagh
Scott, Andrew, Leckagh
Scott, George, jun., Ballynagarve
Scott, Isaac, Drumenagh
Scott, Isaac, jun., Drumenagh
Scott, James Alexander, Bellagherty
Scott, John, Bellagherty
Scott, John, Drumenagh
Scott, Johnston, Drumenagh
Scott, Robert, Drumenagh
Scott, Thomas, Drumenagh
Scott, William, Drumenagh
Shannon, Robert, Killyfaddy
Sheppard, Richard, Ballydonnell
Simpson, Robert, Megargy
Smyth, Charles, Ballymulderg
Smyth, Henry, Drunascullion
Smyth, Robert, Ballymoghanbeg
Smyth, Stewart, Ballynocker
Speer, Andrew, Ballynocker
Speer, Joseph, Ballynocker
Speer, Samuel, Ballynocker
Stanton, William, Drumrainey
Steele, Robert, Killyfaddy
Steele, William, Ballymoghanmore
Stewart, Andrew, Lisalbanagh
Stewart, Henry, Tullylinkisay
Stewart, John, Glenmaquil
Stewart, J., Dunamoney
Stinton, Robert, Aughrim
Streahorn, David, Caraloon
Strahorn, George, Caraloon
Streahorn, Joseph, Ballyronanmore
Swenarton, Joseph, Lisnamorrow
Toner, Mrs., Breezemount
Vance, Miss, Megargy
Walls, Henry (Black), Ballymaguiggan
Walls, James, Ballymaguiggan
Walls, Thomas, Ballymaguiggan
Watterson, George, Lisnamorrow
Watterson, Joseph, jun., Lisnamorrow
Watterson, J. (Rock), Lisnamorrow
Watterson, Robert J., Ballymuldergbeg
Watterson, William T., Ballymuldergmore
Weir, Robert, jun., Ballynocker
White, James, Bellagherty
White, John, Ballymultrea
Wilson, Frederick, Ballymulderg
Winchester, William, Ballynocker
Wright, John, Bellagherty
Wright, Samuel, Ballygillenbeg
Wright, Samuel, Ballymuldergbeg
Young, William J., Ballymaguiggan

County Fermanagh

     The chief beauty of this place, which has about 800 inhabitants, is the Cooneen River, which rises near Fivemiletown, flows through the town, and empties itself into Lough Erne. Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday


Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. J. A. Thompson
Ulster Bank Ltd. - Agency - Attendance Tuesday, 10-30 a.m. to 11-30 a.m.


Church of Ireland - Rev. W. E. Fleming, B.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. T. Agnew, B.A.
Methodist Church - W. Gray, evangelist
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. McManus


Littlemount P.E. School - W. E. Crozier, principal
P.E. School No. 1 - McNally, principal
P.E. School No. 2 - M. Graham, principal


Allan, James, farmer, Boyhill
Armstrong, A., Aghinure
Armstrong, Mrs., Gledstone Terrace
Armstrong, Robert, carpenter
Armstrong, Samuel, farmer, Lisnagale
Armstrong, Samuel, farmer, Drumliff
Armstrong, William, The Bungalow, Corfannon
Armstrong, William, farmer, Leobaly

Beacon, William, farmer, Boyhill
Bogue, J., farmer, Congo
Boles, Jack, farmer, Skeagh
Boles, M., farmer, Drumeer
Boyde, H., farmer, Drumbrouches
Breen, James, farmer, Coolcrannell
Bullock, F., farmer, Lisadeney
Bussell, Mrs., farmer, Drumbad

Cassidy, Edward, Clogher Valley Railway
Charlton, ?, farmer, Garavohill
Clingan, William, farmer, Kilmore
Coalter, Miss F., lace worker, Leobally
Collins, P., manager, Co-operative Society
Cooke, E., hairdresser
Cooke, Mrs., draper
Cooper, W., Drumgoon Manor
Creighton, Thomas, Derryoree
Crozier, W. E., teacher, Littlemount P.E.S.

Dalton, James, farmer, Littlemount
Dalton, James, farmer, Oldtown
Donaldson, Mrs. R., farmer, Tattinderry
Donaldson, Mrs. R., Riverside
Douglas, James, insurance agent, Drumgoon
Douglas, John, rural postman

Elliott, J., farmer, Drumagarve

Farrell, Dawson & Hutchinson, stores

Gamble, R., Hollymount
Gardiner, Henry, farmer, Corrard
Gavin, James, publican
Gavin, John, farmer, Carahoney
Gavin, Patrick, farmer, Mulmakervey
Gavin, Thomas, farmer, Aughanure
Gormley, Matthew, spirit merchant
Gormley, Mrs. G., school teacher
Gorrell, Mrs. M., dress maker
Graham, James, farmer, Corfannon
Graham, John, farmer, Killycloghey
Graham, J., Gledstone Terrace
Graham, W. J., farmer, Westfield
Graydon, William, farmer, Corranewey

Hall, Mrs., farmer, Killycramph
Hazlett, Louis, mill owner, Boyhill
Hazlett, Samuel, Boyhill
Higgins, B., spirit merchant, Railway Hotel
Hogan, James, insurance agent
Hogan, James, railway Cottage
Howe, Mrs., Gledstone
Hughes, J., farmer, Dresogue
Hughes, Patrick
Humphreys, Mrs., Drumgoon Mill
Hunter, Hamilton, farmer, Lislea
Hunter, Mrs. Florence, farmer, Lislea
Hunter, William, Gledstone
Hunter, William, farmer, Lislea

Irwin, James, farmer, Gledstown
Irwin, Robert, clerk of union

Jordan, H., grocer and flesher

Livingstone, Joseph, farmer, Lebally
Logan, Mrs., dress maker
Lunny, Mrs. J. J., postmistress; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Lynch, James, farmer, Carrahoney

Maguire, J., insurance agent
Maguire, Thomas, scutcher, Maguiresbridge
Martin, Miss, grocer, Gledstown
Millar, G., caretaker, Parochial Hall
Monaghan, Joseph, farmer, Drumgoon
Monaghan, T., farmer, Corryann
Montgomery, Mrs., Gledstown Terrace
Montgomery, Mrs.
Moore, George, farmer, Curraghnall
Moore, William, farmer, Drumbadbeg
Morrison, George, Abbey Lodge
Morrison, Harry, farmer and flax mills, Tully
Morrison, Jack, farmer, Tully
Morrison, Robert, farmer, Coolane
Murphy, J., caretaker of Protestant Hall

McAdam, Miss S., lace worker
McAdam, Patrick, dealer
McCourt, James, farmer, Corryann
McElroy, Thomas, farmer, Killycloghy
McKeaney, John, grocer, Maguiresbridge
McManus, James, farmer, Derryoree
McQuaid, R., Drumgowna

Nelson, James, farmer, Lislea
Noble, Mrs., farmer, Killycramph

Parkinson, John, Tully
Parkinson, Robert, farmer, Coolcrannell
Presley, Miss, grocer and delph ware

Rainbird, Mrs., Gledstown Cottage
Robinson, John, farmer, Whitepark
Ross, John, farmer, Drumeer
Ruddick, Mrs., district nurse

Saunders, W. H., grocer
Shannon, John, farmer, Drumbaughlin
Shaw, Mrs., farmer, Toolin
Shaw, William, farmer, Lisaderney
Simpson, Richard, farmer, Gledstown
Smyth, Mrs.
Storey, W. B., station master
Sullivan, C., Gledstown
Syming, Robert, signalman, Coolcrannell

Thompson, J. A., M.D.
Thompson, William, farmer, Derryree
Traynor, John, postman

West, Thomas, farmer, Littlemount
Wilkinson, Mrs., Gledstown
Wilson, Mrs., farmer, Coolcrannell
Woods, George, Aughnacloy
Woods, Johnston, farmer, Aughnascue
Woods, William, farmer, Coolcrannell
Wylie, James, farmer, Aughnacloy
Wylie, Thomas, farmer, Killycloghey

County Antrim

     A village on the main road between Belfast and Antrim. Shops' half-holiday, Saturday


Hydepark Presbyterian Church - Rev. Andrew Mulholland, B.A.
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths: Mallusk - Dr. Lennie, Whitewell. Craigarogan and Roughfort - Dr. Norman Dickson
Orange Hall, Hydepark, Mallusk
Mallusk P.E. School - T. Robinson, principal


Adair, Samuel, Mallusk
Adair, Samuel, jun., Craigarogan
Alexander, Mrs. James, publican, Roughfort
Alexander, R. J., Hydepark
Anderson, Isaac, Roughfort
Anderson, John, The Trench, Mallusk
Anderson, Samuel, Roughfort
Anderson, Samuel, Craigarogan
Anderson, Samuel, jun., Craigarogan
Anderson, Thomas, Cottonmount
Arthur, J., Hydepark
Arthurs, Thomas, Mallusk

Bain, David, Craigarogan
Barbour, James, Craigarogan
Barkley, Andrew, Craigarogan
Barkley, James, Parkmount Terrace
Barron, Gibson, solicitor, The Dairy, Mallusk
Barron, John, The Dairy, Mallusk
Barron, Robert, Craigarogan, Mallusk
Barron, Samuel, The Dairy, Mallusk
Beattie, Samuel, Mallusk
Bell, George, Mallusk
Bell, Robert, Craigarogan
Biggar, A. J., Mallusk
Birkmyre, Joseph, Clarkelodge
Black, Richard, Mallusk
Blair, Robert, Mallusk
Boomer, David, Mallusk
Boomer, Mrs., Parkmount Terrace, Mallusk
Boomer, Orr W., Parkmount Terrace
Boston, J., Craigarogan
Boville, James, Mallusk
Bowden, William, Mallusk
Boyd, James, Mallusk
Boyd, Robert, Roughfort
Bradley, E., Cottonmount
Bradshaw, Robert, Mallusk
Brickley, J., Mallusk
Brookes, R., Craigarogan
Brown, James, Mallusk
Brown, Robert, Mallusk
Brown, Samuel, Mallusk

Caldwell, Miss L., Craigarogan
Campbell, John, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Mallusk
Campbell, Mrs. B., Mallusk
Caruth, Alexander, farmer, Craigarogan
Caruth, Mrs., farmer, Mallusk
Caruth, Thomas, shoe maker, Craigarogan
Carson, John, Mallusk
Carson, John, jun., Mallusk
Charters, Mrs., Mallusk
Cherry, Frank, Craigarogan, Mallusk
Cherry, Frederick, Mallusk
Cherry, William, Cottonmount
Christie, Mrs., Cottonmount
Connor, Mrs., Mallusk
Cornett, John, Roughfort, Mallusk
Coulter, Mrs. Andrew, Mallusk
Craig, Benjamin, Mallusk
Cunningham, Miss S., Craigarogan
Currie, H., Cottonmount Arms
Currie, John, Hydepark
Currie, Samuel, Craigarogan

Davis, John A., Mallusk
Davis, Joseph
Davison, James, Mallusk
Dickie, C., farmer, Craigarogan, Mallusk
Dines, William, Craigarogan

Fairclough, Paul, Mallusk
Fairfield, John, Mallusk
Fearn, James, Craigarogan
Finney, William, school teacher, Craigarogan
Fisher, Joseph, Mallusk
Fleming, William, farmer, Craigarogan, Mallusk
Fullerton, Alexander, Mallusk
Fullerton, James, Mallusk
Fullerton, John, Mallusk

Gallagher, Thomas, Hydepark
Gamble, James, Parkmount Terrace, Mallusk
Gamble, William, Mallusk
Gault, Hugh, Mallusk
Gault, William J, Mallusk
Geddis, Alexander, Mallusk
Geddis, John, Mallusk
Geddis, L., Mallusk
Geddis, Samuel, Craigarogan
Gillespie, John, Craigarogan
Gillespie, William, Mallusk
Gilmore, Edward, Hydepark
Gordon, Mrs., Mallusk
Gormal, Joseph, Roughfort
Gourley, James, Craigarogan
Gourley, Miss M., Craigarogan
Graham, Adam, Hydepark
Graham, Andrew, Craigarogan, Mallusk
Graham, Miss S., Mallusk
Guthrie, Miss E., Roughfort, Mallusk

Hamill, James, Roughfort
Hamill, Mrs., Mallusk
Hamill, Robert, Mallusk
Hamilton, Samuel, Mallusk
Hewitt, James, Clarkeloage (Clarkelodge)
Higginson, William, Cottonmount
Hoey, John H., Craigarogan
Hope, Alexander, Mallusk
Hope, Miss Ruth, Mallusk
Horner, John, Craigarogan
Horner, Robert, Cottonmount
Hydepark Stores - Frederick Cherry, manager

Ireland, John, Mallusk

Jackson, Frederick, Mallusk
Jackson, Samuel, Mallusk
Jamison, William, Mallusk

Kane, David, farmer, Mallusk
Kane, Mrs. James, Roughfort, Mallusk
Kelso, Thomas, Craigarogan
Kelso, William John, Craigarogan
Kernoghan, James, Hydepark
Kerr, Arthur, Craigarogan

Lockhart, Frederick, Craigarogan
Logan, William, Craigarogan, Mallusk
Logan, William J., Craigarogan
Lomas, Frederick, Cottonmount House
Lowry, Mrs. J., Cottonmount
Lutton, R., Roughfort
Lyle, John, farmer, Mallusk
Lyle, William, farmer, Mallusk
Lynas, James, Mallusk

Magee, Samuel, Craigarogan
Mahaffey, W. H., Mallusk
Malcolm, John, Craigarogan
Mallusk Bleaching, Dyeing, and Finishing Co., Roughfort
Matchett, William J., Mallusk
Mawhinney, Arthur, Mallusk
Mawhinney, James, farmer
Mawhinney, Samuel, Mallusk
Mawhinney, Samuel, farmer, Craigarogan
Mawhinney, William, The Manor, Mallusk
Mawhinney, William, Mallusk
Millar, John, Mallusk
Millar, Miss Susan, Mallusk
Millar, William, Hydepark
Minnis, Hugh, Mallusk
Minnis, Mrs. Hugh, Craigarogan
Miniss, Thomas, Craigarogan, Mallusk
Montgomery, Isaac, Mallusk
Montgomery, James, Hightown, Mallusk
Montgomery, John, Mallusk
Moore, Mrs., Mallusk
Moore, Richard, Craigarogan
Morrow, Andrew, Mallusk
Mulholland, Rev. A., Mallusk
Mullan, William, Mallusk

McAuley, Samuel, Hydepark
McBride, Daniel, farmer, Mallusk
McBride, Hugh, farmer, Sealstown, Mallusk
McBride, H. J., & Son, Ltd., Hydepark Bleach Works
McBride, Mrs., Denegarth
McBurney, John, Mallusk
McCammond, David, Cottonmount
McCammond, Mrs. H., Roughfort
McClay, Francis, Roughfort
McClay, Mrs., Roughfort, Mallusk
McClay, Mrs., Hydepark
McClean, Andrew, Mallusk
McClean, Andrew, jun., Mallusk
McClean, Arthur, Mallusk
McClinton, Thomas, Hydepark
McCloughan, William T., Mallusk
McCloy, Andrew, Craigarogan
McCloy, Mrs. David, Craigarogan
McCloy, Spence, Craigarogan
McCollam, J., Craigarogan
McComb, Harry, Mallusk
McCullough, Jam4s, Roughfort
McCullough, William J., Hightown
McDowell, Charles, farmer, Mallusk
McDowell, John
McFarlane, John, Mallusk
McFetridge, Mrs., Craigarogan
McGladdery, Arthur, Mallusk
McGladdery, Frank, Hydepark
McGladdery, Joseph, Mallusk
McGladdery, Mrs., Mallusk
McGookin, James, Mallusk
McGookin, Mrs., Mallusk
McIlwaine, Samuel, Mallusk
McKeen, Mrs., Mallusk
McKinstry, Mrs., Hydepark
McKnight, Mrs. A., Roughfort
McKnight, Robert, Craigarogan
McMeekin, George C., J.P., Luneville, Mallusk
McMeekin, Kilgore, Suneville, Mallusk
McMillen, Miss A., Hightown
McNeice, Samuel, Craigarogan
McTaggart, J., Hydepark
McTrustry, Mary

Nesbitt, Alexander, Roughfort
Nesbitt, Miss H., Craigarogan
Nesbitt, Samuel, Craigarogan
Nesbitt, William, Roughfort
Nesbitt, William McK., Roughfort
Noble, J. H., Mallusk

Parker, Lizzie, Mallusk
Parkes, George A., Roycroft, Hydepark, Mallusk
Parkinson, James, Craigarogan
Patterson, Frank, Mallusk
Patterson, John, Mallusk
Patterson, Robert, Craigarogan, Mallusk
Patterson, William, Mallusk
Portiss, Courtlin, Mallusk
Proctor, John, Mallusk
Pullan & Co., yarn bleachers, Roughfort
Pullan, J. B., Roughfort

Rea, Alexander, Mallusk
Rea, Henry, farmer, Mallusk
Reid, Arthur, farmer, Craigarogan, Mallusk
Reid, John, jun., Craigarogan
Renshaw, James H., Mallusk
Rickerby, George, Mallusk
Ritchie, Daniel, farmer, Gocraig, Mallusk
Robinson, John, Mallusk
Robinson, Miss N., Mallusk
Robinson, Parker, Hydepark
Robinson, Robert, Craigarogan
Robinson, Samuel, Parkmount Terrace, Mallusk
Robinson, Thomas, school teacher, Mallusk
Rush, James, Craigarogan
Rusk, Mrs., Craigarogan

Scott, Charles, Hydepark
Scott, Joseph, Parkmount Terrace, Mallusk
Scott, Samuel, farmer, Mallusk
Sherrard, Alexander, Craigarogan
Smith, Mrs. Isabella, Roughfort
Smith, Robert, Mallusk
Smyth, Hugh, Mallusk
Smyth, John, Hydepark
Smyth, Wilson, Roughfort
Spence, John, Roughfort
Stevenson, Mrs., farmer, Mallusk
Stewart, George, grocer, Roughfield, Mallusk
Stewart, James, Mallusk
Stewart, Victor, Craigarogan

Templeton, John, Mallusk
Templeton, Mrs. William, Mallusk
Templeton, William, Mallusk
Thompson, J., Parkmount Terrace
Thompson, Mrs., Mallusk
Thompson, Robert, Hydepark
Thompson, Samuel, Hydepark
Timney, C., Craigarogan
Todd, Alexander, Mallusk
Townsley, William, Ballyutoag

Walker, Alexander, Craigarogan
Walker, James, Craigarogan
Williamson, Matthew, farmer, Mallusk
Wilson, Mrs., Roughfort, Mallusk
Wolfenden, Miss M., Craigarogan
Wylie, Henry, Mallusk

County Down

     A residential district on the shores of Belfast Lough


Atkinson, C., Farmhill

Barclay, Mrs., Farmhill Cottage
Bates, C., Ballymenoch Lodge
Bell, W., Richdale Drive
Begley, G. R., Sherwood
Black, F., Ballymenoch Park
Bloom, H. M., The Hermitage
Blythe, Miss, Ranesse
Bradley, Mrs., Coastguard Cottages
Brennan, R. J., Rostellan
Braithwaite, H., Orient
Brown, M., Park House

Campbell, A., Maryville
Campbell, T., Richdale Drive
Carson, Mrs., Lynwood
Cartmill, S., Richdale Drive
Crawford, D., Richmond Drive
Corry, S. T., 3 Richdale Drive

Daniells, J., Greengables
Darragh, S., Clanbrasil Road

Elliott, Squadron-Leader, St. Fillians
Ellis, Matthew, Marino Villas

Farr, J., Cloneen
Ferane, W., Drumbig
Finlay, William J., Brown's Park
Fleming, A. W., Kensington Villas
Fry, Miss, Brown's Park

Gale, Mrs. Orell, Brown's Park
Garrod, G., Ardville
Graham, Mrs., Brook House
Greaves, Frank, Cartref
Greenfield, The Misses, The Haven

Halsall, ?, Maricote
Hamer, G., Ashville
Hardy, J., Richdale Drive
Harris Bros., motor engineers
Harris, L., Inver
Harris, W., Ardville Cottage
Harney, G., Summerset
Hayes, Miss, Marino Stores
Heron, J., Brown's Park
Heron, Captain J. J., Drumlough
Heron, Walter, Culloden Cottages
Hopkins, R. H., Rydal Mount

Irwin, James, 3 Benvista Park

Jacobs, J., 1 Ben Vista Park
Jarvis, Captain, Thornleigh
Johnston, J., Coastguard Cottages

Keenan, Bernard, Leawood
Kennedy, Mrs., Marino Villas
Kinkead, R., Mulgrave
Kissock, J., Rose Cottage

Linden, William, Bath-Bara
Lindsay, James K., Brown's Park

Mercer, H., Ballymenoch Park
Millar, James, Coastguard Cottages
Moorhead, A., Richdale Drive
Morrison, Misses, Lismore
Morrow, Mrs., Clanbrasil Terrace

McCallen, Mrs., Glenada
McCleary, J., Richdale House
McCluggage, J., The Priory
McCluney, Thomas, Brown's Park
McFadden, James, Lanlowlee
McGowan, Misses, Coastguard Cottages
McQuiston, Robert C., St. Margaret's
McVeigh, G., Ben-Madigan

Nash, S., Glenartney

Oliver, Major, Ballymenoch Park

Parker, John, Clanbrasil Terrace
Patterson, Alfred, Station Master; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Patterson, W., Gate Lodge
Payne, Mrs., Marino Villa
Pirrie, Miss Agnes, Sunnyside
Purdy, C., Ballymenoch Park
Pyper, William, Marino Villa

Raban, D., Kensington Villas
Richardson, Mrs., 3 Clanbrasil Terrace

Scott, Frank, Brown's Park
Scott, S., Fair Haven
Shannon, Mrs., Nanetta
Simpson, Mrs., 2 Ben-Vista Park
Sparrow, H., 7 Richdale Drive
Stewart, Mrs., Glenturrett

Tanner, Miss D., Thorburn
Taylor, Frank, St. John's
Thompson, R. J., Rossnaree
Transom, Wing Commander, Marino House
Twigg, Capt., Ardreagh
Williams, S. N., Greycliffe

County Armagh

     A small town in the parish of Mullabrack, about 9 miles south-east of Armagh.  A general market is held every Friday, and a fair the third Friday of each month.  Potatoes, oats, flax, turnips, and wheat are the chief crops raised.  Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday


Chapel of Ease, Markethill, and Parish Church, Mullabrack - Rev. W. G. Kerr, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. T. H. Witherow, B.A.
Methodist Church - Armagh Circuit minister
Reformed Presbyterian Church, Ballylane - Rev. William Dodds, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Mullabrack - Rev. Joseph Devlin


P.E. School (Male) - Robert Paul, principal
P.E. School (Female) - Mrs. Caughey, principal
Mullabrack - Mrs. Callaghan, principal
Cross Roads - JG. Purdy, principal
Mullabrack (R.C.) - Frank Mallon, principal


Dispensary, Markethill - James Lister Marshall, M.D., medical officer
Belfast Bank Ltd., Agency - Attendance Friday
Magistrates - H. S. L. Anderson, W. J. Flack, W. Byers, Mrs. Edith S. Martin, William J. Black, Jackson Pillow, Dr. J. L. Marshall and Major J. D. M. McCallum, D.S.O., R.M.
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Henry Atkinson, Armagh


Adams, Joseph, carpenter, Main Street
Adams, Thomas, carpenter, Newry Street
Alexander, Samuel, bus driver, Main Street

Beattie, George, Coronation Row
Bingham, David, Grocer: Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Main Street
Boyce, Samuel, Newry Street
Brown, Hugh, Main Street
Brown, Joseph, Coronation Row
Brown, Mrs., Coronation Row
Burns, Henry, motor hackney owner, Newry Street
Burns, Thomas, Newry Street

Cassidy, Patrick, fowl dealer, Main Street
Clarke, J., draper, Main Street
Clements, Miss, Main Street
Cochrane, Thomas, Coronation Row
Compston, Mrs., Main Street
Connelly, Owen, blacksmith, Newry Street
Corr, Mary, lodging house, Keady Street
Cotter, James, Main Street
Cully, Frederick, Keady Street

Daly, James, Main Street
Daly, Mrs. James, Keady Street
Devlin, Rev. Joseph, C.C.
Dixon, James, hairdresser, Main Street
Doyle, Jack, grocer, Main Street
Dougan, Emily, Keady Street
Dougan, George, grocer, Main Street
Dougan, James, Prospect Road

Edwards, Miss, Main Street
Edwards, Mrs. John, grocer, Main Street
English, Miss, Main Street
English, Miss H., post office, Main Street

Farson, Robert, motor engineer, Keady Street
Fulton, Thomas, Cordrummond
Fulton, Mrs., Newry Street

Gallagher, Mrs., Main Street
Gibson, James, bread server, Keady Street
Gilmour, Raymond, house furnisher, Main Street
Glassey, Miss, lodging house, Main Street

Halliday, George, R.U.C., Main Street
Hanratty, Mrs., Main Street
Hastings, Robert, tailor, Main Street
Hooks, John, Newry Street
Hunter, Joseph D., merchant, Main Street
Hutton, Mrs., Main Street
Hutton, William, Newry Street

Jameson, Isaac, bill poster, Newry Street
Johnston, John, boot merchant, Main Street

Kerr. Rev. W. G., Main Street

Lavery, Miss, milliner, Main Street
Lockhart, William, signalman, Main Street
Luke, Mrs., grocer, Newry Street

Mable, Mrs., Courthouse, Main Street
Mallon, Frank, school master, Main Street
Mallon, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Marshall, James L., M.D., Main Street
Martin, David, Prospect Row
Martin, William, Gosford Demesne
Maynes, Mrs., Coronation Row
Maynes, Thomas, motor driver, Main Street
Mitchel, E. G., Belfast Bank, Main Street
Morgan, James, outfitter, Main Street
Morgan, James, butcher and publican, Main Street
Morgan, Mrs., Newry Street
Moscardini, G., supper saloon, Main Street
Muldrew, John, butcher, Newry Street
Murphy, William, civil bill officer, Main Street

McCaldin, Mrs., Coronation Row
McCloskie, Samuel, postman, Main Street
McClure, Robert, Coronation Row
McClure, Thomas, Coronation Row
McConnell, Mrs., Main Street
McConnell, Samuel, Main Street
McConnell, William, Main Street
McCreery, David, saddler, Main Street
McCreery, Mrs., Main Street
McDowell, Susan, lodging-house, Main Street
McGaughey, William, draper, Main Street
McGrath, John, cycle dealer, Newry Street
McKenna, S., fowl dealer, Bunker's Hill
McKenzie, Mrs., Main Street
McMahon, Thomas, delph merchant, Main Street
McStay, Jane, Coronation Row
McStay, Mrs., Keady Street

O'Hanlon, Felix, butcher, Main Street

Parks, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Patterson, James, Main Street
Patterson, Samuel, blacksmith, Newry Street
Pickering, Thomas, Newry Street

Quinn, Hugh, Main Street

Robinson, John, Main Street
Robinson, Louis, jun., publican, Main Street
Robinson, Thomas, Main Street
Rooney, William, grocer, Main Street
Rowland, John, Coronation Row
Russell, Mrs., Newry Street

Sharpe, William, Coronation Row
Spence, James, Orange Hall, Main Street
Smith, Mrs., publican, Main Street
Sweenton, Samuel, shoemaker, Main Street

Taylor, George, Chestnut Cottage, Main Street
Taylor, William G., chemist, Main Street
Thompson, Mrs., Newry Street
Thompson, W. J., R.U.C., Edenkennedy
Toner, Patrick, blacksmith, Bunker's Hill
Topley, Thomas, mechanic, Main Street
Torrens, David, carpenter, Main Street
Townsend, William, confectioner, Main Street
Trainor, Patrick, fowl dealer, Newry Street
Trimble, J., Coronation Row
Tughan, Margaret, grocer, Main Street

Wallace, Hutchison, Newry Street
Warnock, James, Coronation Row
Warnock, John, Coronation Row
White, Robert, Newry Street
Whiteside, John, Main Street
Whiteside, Thomas, mason, Prospect Row
Willis bros., timber and iron merchants, Main Street
Willis, David G., Main Street
Willis, Mrs., coal merchant, Main Street
Wilson, Samuel, Coronation Row


Acheson, John, Killycairn
Acheson, William, Lurgaboy
Acheson, William, auctioneer, Main Street
Agnew, Mrs. Francis, Lisnagat
Agnew, Thomas, Kilbracks
Albin, Martin
Alexander, John, Shanecracken
Alexander, Norman, Carnavanaghan, Collone
Allen, Samuel, Retarnet
Allen, William, Carnavanaghan
Allen, W. G., Derryrean
Anderson, Alexander, Tanaghmore
Anderson, George, Manordougherty
Anderson, Henry, Manordougherty
Anderson, Henry, Lisnagat
Anderson, James, Cornacrew
Anderson, S. H., J.P., Lisnagat
Armstrong, George, Segahan
Armstrong, Thomas, Drumgane
Aston, John, Manordougherty
Aston, Samuel, Mayroarkin

Baird, Alexander, Glenanne
Barbour, Samuel, Mountnorris
Bell, Joseph, Cavanagrove
Bingham, Atcheson, Glasdrummond
Black, James, Enagh
Black, Joseph, Collone, Armagh
Black, Margaret, Lurgaboy, Drumahee, Armagh
Black, William J., J.P., grocer, Ballymacally
Boyle, Patrick, Maytone, Glenanne
Boyle, William, Ballygroobany
Bradley, Henry, Damoily
Burke, Robert J., Mecantrim
Burns, James, Brackley
Burns, John, Brackley
Byers, Walter L., J.P., Mowhan

Callaghan, Mrs., Drumorgan
Callen, Miss, Shanecracken
Carlisle, Robert, Seboughan
Carson, Nugent, Kilbracks
Christy, Robert, Drumachee
Clark, F. J., Brackley
Clark, John, grocer, Brackley
Clark, Samuel, Brackley
Clayton, Thomas, Mullabrack
Cleeland, Robert, Drumatee
Cloughley, William James, Shanecrackenmore
Cochrane, Robert, Drumnamather, Tandragee
Cochrane, William, Mayrourkan, Tandragee
Collins, John, Mountnorris
Compton, Mrs., Retarnet
Conaghy, Michael, Ballygroobany
Conn, James, Shanecracken
Connolly, James, fowl dealer Drumlack
Cordner, James, Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh
Corkey, Agnes, Ballylane, Glenanne
Corkey, John, Glenanne
Coulter, Henry, Bolton
Coulter, Mrs., Cladymore
Coulter, William, Kilbracks
Cowan, James, Moyrourkan, Tandragee
Cragg, Mrs., Brackley
Craig, Alexander, Coolmalish
Cromwell, Samuel, Cavanagrove
Crossan, P., Drumnamather, Tandragee
Crozier, Mrs., Segahan, Tassagh, Armagh
Crozier, William John, Ballymacally
Cunningham, Joseph, Drumachee

Dalzell, Miss, Maghnaverry
Dalzell, Thomas, Lisnagat
Dalzell, William, Ballymacally
Deans, R. G., Damoily
Donagh, Thomas, Drumatee
Donaghy, Daniel, Killicairn
Donaldson, James, Cavanagrove, Drumahee
Donnelly, Henry, Drumbeemore, Collone, Armagh
Dougan, George, Ballymacauly, Drumahee
Dougan, James, Damoily
Dougan, William, Segahan, Tassagh, Armagh
Douglas, Alexander, Kilbracks
Douglas, James, Ballylane, Glenanne

Edwards, Thomas, Monlurg
Elliott, William, Kilbracks
Evans, George, Glassdrummond
Ewart, Samuel, Ballindarragh

Farrell, William, Corhamock
Feenan, Francis, Tullyherron, Mountnorris
Ferguson, Mrs. William, Brackley
Ferguson, R., Kilcopple, Collone, Armagh
Ferris, James, fowl dealer, Ballylane
Fivey, David, Dinahora
Flack, William J., J.P., Maghnavery
Frazer, Mrs. L., Cavanagrove, Collone, Armagh
Fullerton, Alexander, Mayroarkin
Fullerton, John, Mecantrim
Fullerton, Mrs. John, Tannaghmore

Gardiner, George, Brackley
Gardiner, Thomas, Tannaghmore
Gardiner, W. J., Dinahorra
Gass, John, Cladymore
Gass, Mrs., Tullyallen, Glenanne
Gass, Mrs. E., Killymachugh
Gass, Samuel, grocer and post office, Mowhan
Giffen, John, Lenalea, Collone, Armagh
Gildea, John, Derrynaught
Gillis, Wililam, Manordougherty (William)
Gilmore, Hugh, Ballylane
Gilmore, Robt., Edenknappagh, Collone, Armagh
Gilmore, Sandy, Kilbracks
Gilmore, William, Kilbracks
Girvan, Robert G., Cavanagrove
Girvan, Samuel, cabinet maker, Ballymacully
Golloghy, Henry, Cladybeg
Golloghy, Terence, Cladybeg
Gordan, John, Derrycughan
Gray, Mrs. Gordan, Killymachugh
Gray, Thomas, Ballylane
Greenaway, Mrs., Drumnamether
Greenlea, William, Ballynewry, Richhill
Greer, Dr. Archibald, Drumman, Richhill
Greer, H., Hamiltonsbawn

Haire, David, 11 Lane Ends, Loughgilly
Haire, Joseph, Cornagrally, Loughgilly
Hamilton, Mrs., Drumahee, Armagh
Hanna, Mrs., Coolmalish
Hanratty, John, carpenter, Coolmalish
Hawthorne, Alexander, Cavanagrove
Hawthorne, John, Maytone, Glenanne
Heatley, James, Ballynewry, Richhill
Heatley, William, Drumman, Richhill
Henning, George, Killeen, Armagh
Henry, Hugh J., Cordrummond
Herron, Archibald, Tullyherron, Mountnorris
Hill, David, Drumman, Richhill
Hill, Mrs. John, Drumalara
Hooke, Samuel, Derlett
Hughes, Robert, Demesne
Hunter, Charles, Lisnagat
Hutchenson, Mrs., Mountnorris
Hntchenson, Mrs. J., Collone, Armagh (Hutchenson)
Hutchinson, Spiers, Mountnorris
Hutton, Thomas, Kilbracks
Hutton, William, Kilbracks

Ingram, Thomas, Keadymore, Mountnorris
Irvine, Rev. A., Cladymore Manse
Irwin, George, Keadymore, Mountnorris
Irwin, Joseph, Cabra
Irwin, William, Seaboughan

Jackson, Leonard, Corhamock
Jackson, Thomas, Mowhan
Jeffers, Samuel, Ballynewry, Richhill
Johnston, Hugh W., Demesne
Johnston, Rev. J. W., Loughgilly Rectory
Johnston, Thomas, Carricklean

Kelly, Robert, Brackley
Kennedy, David, Cavanagrove, Drumahee
Kennedy, Miss Jane, Corhamock
Kenny, Michael, Mullinarry, Tandragee
Kilpatrick, Mrs., Lurgyross, Glenanne
Kilpatrick, Samuel, Ballygroobany
Kilpatrick, William John, Ballylane

Lennon, John, Cladymore
Lennon, Patrick, beer dealer, Cladymore
Livingston, Thomas, Ballymacally
Lockhart, William, Glassdrummond
Lockhart, William, Markethill
Loughlin, William, Corhamock
Loughran, Francis, Cladymore
Loughran, Patrick, Cladymore
Love, William, horse dealer, Damoily
Lundy, William, Maghnavery
Lyons, Robert, Drumgane

Mackey, Mrs., postmistress, Cladymilltown
Maclean, Mrs., Crunagh
Magill, John, Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Magill, William, Glasdrummond
Maguire, Mrs., Mullabrack
Mallaghan, Owen, Cladymore
Mann, Thomas, Cladybeg
Marshall, Gilbert, Lisnagat Poultry Yards
Marshall, Miss, Lattery
Marshall, Mrs., Cladybeg
Martin, George, Cladybeg
Martin, James, Ballylane
Martin, John, Ballylane
Martin, Samuel W., Ballylane
Martin, William S., Gosford
Megarity, George, Killeen, Armagh
Menary, Robert, Edenkennedy
Menary, William, Edenkennedy
Millar, Robert, Dinahora
Mitchell, Alexander, Killycairn
Mitchell, David, tailor, Mountnorris
Molloy, Rev. John, Kilcluney Rectory
Morgan, James, Cornacrew
Morgan, Mrs. M., Ballindarragh
Morgan, William, Lisnagat
Morris, Thomas, Derrycughan
Mulligan, Bernard, Drumfergus
Murdock, Acheson, Edenkennedy
Murphy, Michael, Cladybeg

McAdams, William, cycle dealer, Lattery
McArdle, John, Cladymore
McCall, Mrs., Drumbeecross, Collone
McCall, R. W., Carnavanaghan, Collone
McCall, William J., Tullyallen
McCammon, David, Damoily
McCammon, S. James, Ballymacally
McCann, Henry, fowl dealer, Corry
McClelland, Albert, Monlurg
McClelland, Frederick, milk vendor, Cabragh
McClenaghan, James, Cladybeg
McClenaghan, William, Cladybeg
McClorey, Daniel, Mountnorris
McClure, James, Enagh
McClure, James, Derlett
McComb, W. J., Lisdrumehor, Glenanne
McCone, Peter, Damoily
McConnell, Alexander, blacksmith, Drumgane
McConnell, Robert, tailor, Cavanagrove
McCoy, John, Lurgyross
McCreery, Miss, Maymacullen, Tandragee
McCrum, Henry, Shanecraken (Shanecracken)
McCullagh, John, Brackley
McCullagh, Joseph, Cladymore
McCullagh, William, Cladymore
McCullough, Miss, Mountnorris
McCune, James, Ballindarragh
McCurdy, Rev., The Manse, Tullyallen
McDowell, Marshall, grocer, Lurgyross, Glenanne
McEwan, Bertie, Dirlet
McFadden, William, Shanecraken
McGaughey, Joseph, Damoily
McMahon, George, Collone, Armagh
McMahon, Hugh, Manordoherty
McMahon, Hugh, Killicarn
McMahon, Mrs. George, Mullinarry, Tandragee
McMullen, James, Mullabrack
McMullen, John, Lurgaboy, Drumahee, Armagh
McMullin, William, Cladybeg
McMurray, G. R., cycle dealer, Cornacrew
McMurray, James, Mullabrack
McParland, Bernard, Drumachee, Armagh
McParland, E., Drumachee, Armagh
McParland, John, Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
McParland, Rose, Coolmalish
McSherry, Patrick, Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
McSherry, Peter, Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
McStay, L., Ballynewry
McWhirter, Thomas, Kilbracks

Nougher, Patrick, Kilbraces
Nugent, Patrick, Cladybeg

O'Hagan, Patrick, Carnavanaghan
O'Hanlon, Felix, Manordoherty
O'Hanlon, Joseph, Monlurg
O'Hanlon, Matthew, Manordoherty
O'Neill, Bernard, Corhamock
O'Neill, James, Corhamock

Parr, Alexander, Corhamock
Pickering, Thomas, Mullabrack
Pillar, Joseph, Ballynewry
Pillow, Jackson, J.P., Drumfergus, Markethill
Porter, Hugh, Carricklane
Porter, James, Edenknappa, Collone, Armagh
Porter, John, Cladybeg
Porter, Mrs., Enagh

Quinn, Joseph, Ballynewry
Quinn, Mrs., J.P., Marlacoo House, Portadown
Quinn, Robert, Manordougherty
Quinn, Thomas, Druminnis

Rafferty, James, Cladymore
Rafferty, Terence, Cladymore
Rainey, Thomas, Glassdrummond
Rainey, William Moffett, Lurganboy
Rea, John, Mullaghmore
Richardson, John, Shanecraken
Rowney, James, Glen View, Markethill
Russell, Mrs. Chris., Lisdrumchor, Glenanne

Sanford, John, Ballynewry, Richhill
Scott, David, Lurgaboy
Scott, John, Keadymore, Mountnorris
Sharp, Mrs., Drumahee
Shepherd, Henry, Lurgaboy
Shepherd, William, Ballyloughan, Richhill
Shields, David, Carricklane
Shields, Hannah J., Killycairn
Shields, Robert G., Bryandrum
Shields, Thomas W., Ballindarragh
Shillington, Edward, Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Simpson, James, Collone, Armagh
Simpson, John, Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh
Singleton, Louis, Drumlack
Slaven, Mrs., Maymacullen, Tandragee
Sleeth, Samuel, Ballymacally
Sleeth, Thomas, Tullyherron, Mountnorris
Sleeth, William J., Brackley
Sleith, John, Damoily
Slieth, Alexander, Cladymore
Smyth, E., Glananne
Somerville, William, Ballynewry
Speers, Mrs., Cavanagrove, Drumahee
Spence, David, Millabrack
Spence, Mrs., Drumfergus
Spence, Sarah, Cordrummond
Steele, William, Killicarn
Stevenson, Samuel, Ballylane
Stewart, D. S., rate collector, Mowhan
Stewart, William J., Lisdrumchor

Tate, John, Collone
Taylor, David, Ballymacally
Taylor, Henry, Cladymore, rate collector
Taylor, Mrs., Cladymore
Taylor, Robert, Ballylane
Taylor, Thomas, Lurgyross
Thompson, David, Ballynewry
Thompson, James, Lisnalee, Mountnorris
Todd, Ralph, Druminnis
Toner, Frank, Drumilt
Toner, Hugh, Ballylane
Toner, John, Maytone, Glenanne
Toner, John, Brackagh, Tandragee
Toner, Patrick, Maytone, Glenanne
Torrens, Gilbert, Bryandrum
Traynor, Thomas, Enagh
Trew, Robert, Coolmalish
Troughton, David M., Ballygroobany
Tweedie, Samuel, Coolmalish

Vallely, Mrs., grocer, Cladymore
Verschuur, William, Monlurg

Walker, Leonard, Drumgain
Walker, Sandy, Crunagh
Walker, William J., Mountnorris
Wallace, Hutchinson, Cordrummond
Wallace, John, Mullabrack
Wallace, Robert, carpenter, Bryandrum
Watson, James, Lurgaboy
Waugh, Mrs. Jane, Drumahee, Armagh
West, George, Demesne
Whiteside, David, Killycairn
Whiteside, Samuel, mason, Kilbracks
Whiteside, Thomas, stone mason, Kilbracks
Whitten, Trevor, Ballynewry
Williamson, Mrs., midwife, Shanecraken
Willis, Thomas, Derrycuhan
Wilson, David, Cavanagrove
Wilson, Gillis, Carnavanaghan
Wilson, James, Drumbeecross, Collone, Armagh
Wilson, John, Edenkennedy
Wilson, Mrs., Denismullen
Wilson, Mrs. G., grocer, Mullabrack
Wilson, Robert, Ballymacauly, Drumahee, Armagh
Wilson, T., Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh
Wilson, William, Cavangrove, Drumahee
Wolsley, Henry, Monburg
Wright, Andrew, spirit merchant, Mountnorris

County Down

     A summer resort on the coast between Donaghadee and Ballywalter, and about twenty miles distant from Belfast.  The lovely sandy shore, extending for a distance of over a mile, gives ample facilities for safe bathing. The wooded grounds of Woodburn and Carrowdore Castle are within easy walking distance of the village. The winter population is about two hundred, and in the summer reaches to over two thousand.


Public Elementary School - Main Street, John Palmer and Mrs. Mawhinney, teachers
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thomas Kilpatrick, M.A., minister.  Ballyfrenis - Rev. J. Forbes, B.A., Carrowdore
Church of Ireland, near Carrowdore - Rev. H. C. Marshall, M.A.
Masonic Lodge - Andrew Irvine, secretary
Orange Lodge
Ulster Bank, Ltd., Agency - Attendance Tuesday


Adams, Alexander, R.D.C., Ivyhill
Adams, David, carter, Shore Street
Adams, George, carpenter
Adams, James, Store Road
Adams, John, Moss Road
Adams, Miss, Main Street
Adams, Miss Jane, Main Street
Adams, Samuel, Thornleigh
Allen, James, Island Hill
Anderson, Eric, school teacher, Ballyfrenis
Anderson, Mrs., The Knowes

Barclay, James, miller, The Knowes
Beattie, Miss Mary, Ballyfrenis
Beattie, William, Grangee
Bell, Mrs., The Knowes
Bell, William John, Ballybuttle
Bennett, Hugh, Shore Street
Bennett, Mary, Main Street
Bennett, William, The Knowes
Black, Mrs., Ballywhiskin
Blackhall, Stanley, The Knowes
Blair, David, Ballyrolly
Blair, John,. Donaghadee Road
Boal, James, The Shore
Borza, Samuel, The Cafe, Main Street
Boyd, Anthony, Ballyhaskin
Boyd, Mrs., Arden
Boyd, William James, Killaughey
Boyle, Mrs., Ganaway
Boyle, Mrs. Robert, dairy, Shore Street
Boyle, Robert, boat owner, Shore Street
Braden, Frederick, bus conductor, Store Road
Braden, Mrs., Main Street
Brain, William, Ballycopeland
Brown, Andrew, Killaughey
Brown, David, joiner, Store Road
Brown, Hugh, Killaughey
Brown, William, Ballyfrenis
Brown, William, Killaughey
Brown, William, builder, Store Road
Brown, William James, Killaughey

Campbell, David W., Ballyhaskin
Campbell, Mrs. Henry, Ballyhaskin
Clegg, Mrs. J., Ballyhaskin
Colwall, Mrs., dairy, Donaghadee Road
Coulter, John, Grangee
Courtney, Mrs., Advine, boarding house, Main Street
Craig, Thomas, Ballycopeland dairy, Millisle
Crawford, John, Fernleigh
Crawford, John, Main Street
Crawford, John, conductor, Store Road

Davidson, Mrs., Killaughey
Dalzell, Miss Mary, Sea View Avenue
Donaldson, Joseph, Shore Street
Donnan, Robert, gardener, Woburn
Dorian, John, conductor, The Knowes
Dorrian, Mrs. Mary Jane, Main Street
Dubois, Thomas, Moss Road
Dudgeon, Mrs., Strand Avenue

Ewart, David, J.P., Ganaway

Fergie, William, Main Street
Ferguson, Miss, draper, Main Street
Finlay, Hugh, Strand Avenue

Gamble, Samuel, boot repairer, Store Road
Gardner, Alexander, dance studio, Main Street
Garrett, Francis, Grangee
Garrett, Henry, Ballybuttle
Garrett, William, Ballyfrenis
Garrett, William, Ballybuttle
Gibson, James, grocer, Main Street
Goodwin, Robert J., plasterer, Sea View Avenue
Graham, Robert, Ballybuttle
Gunning, James, Ballycopeland

Hackworth, William, bus driver, Shore Street
Hall, The Misses, The Knowes
Hamill, Peter, Strandholm
Houston, William, Burnside, Store Road
Hughes, Robert, Moss Road
Hunter, Hugh, clerk, Shingles, Millisle
Hunter, Mrs., Store Road
Hutton, David, labourer, The Shore
Hutton, Jane, Shore Street
Hutton, Wm., Margok, Donaghadee Road

Irwin, Andrew, house agent, Strandholm

Jamison, Miss Jane, Burnside
Johnston, David, Donaghadee Road
Johnston, Mrs., postmistress, Main Street
Jordon, Mrs., The Savoy, Main Street

Kane, George, taxi, Main Street
Kane, James, Roseland, Main Street
Kane, James, Moss Road
Kane, Miss G., Shore Street
Kane, Mrs. Robert, Main Street
Kane, Thomas, bus driver, Store Road
Kelly, Mrs., Donaghadee Road
Kennedy, Thomas, jun., poulterer, Main Street
Kilpatrick, Rev. Thomas, M.A., Main Street
Kirkpatrick, James, Store Road

Lennox, Robert, bookkeeper, Store Road
Lewis, Mrs., Main Street
Lockard, Mrs., grocer, Ballyhaskin
Long, Jane, Main Street
Longmore, Henry, Ballyfrenis
Lowry, Miss, The Knowes

Marshall, Rev. H. C., The Rectory, Drumfad
Martin, Mrs., Main Street
Mawhinney, J., flesher, Main Street
Mawhinney, Mary, grocer, Main Street
Maxwell, R., grocer, Ballywhiskin
Mealey, Charles, Ballycruise
Melville, Miss Margaret, Main Street
Mervue Hotel - Mrs. McBratney
Mitchell, Henry, Shore Street
Mitchell, John, dairy, Main Street
Mitchell, Robert, Donaghadee Road, Millisle
Mitchell, William James, dairy hotel, Main Street
Moffett, J., grocer, Main Street
Mooney, Miss, grocer, Main Street
Moore, Ralph, bus driver, Shore Street
Muckle, Robert, Drumfad
Muckle, William James, Ballycopeland
Murphy, S., technical teacher, The Knowes
Myles, John, Moss Road

McAdam, J., The Knowes
McBlain, John, Killaughey
McBlain, William Robt., Killaughey
McBratney, John, dairy, Main Street
McCallion, Hugh, carpenter, Carrowdore
McCarthy, Mrs., The Knowes
McCauley, Mrs. R., Main Street
McCaw, Alexander, Ballybuttle
McCaw, William, Shore Street
McClure, Mrs., The Knowes
McClure, Mrs. John, Ballyhaskin
McCormick, Hugh, Grangee
McCormick, Robert, Grangee
McCracken, Mrs., Strand Avenue
McCullagh, William, Shore Street
McFarlane, J., Store Road
McGaw, John, The Knowes
McGilton, Samuel, Ballycopeland
McGimpsey, Arthur, Killaughey
McGimpsey, Mrs., Main Street
McGimpsey, Robert John, Killaughey
McGowan, R., well sinker, Killbright
McIlroy, Mrs., Shore Street
McIvor, Mary, Store Road
McKaig, John, Main Street
McKeag, James, Grangee
McKeag, John, Killaughey
McKeag, Miss, Gortmerron, Main Street
McKeag, Mrs., Ballymacruise
McKeag, Thomas, Killaughey
McKee, John, Grangee
McKee, Robert, Killaughey
McKelvey, Alexander, Shore Street
McKeown, Mrs., confectioner, Ganaway
McMorran, C., publican, Main Street
McMorran, Sarah J., vintner, Main Street
McMorron, Samuel, Main Street
McNeill, Mrs., The Manse, Shore Road
McQuoid, William, Drumfad
McRoberts, Hugh A., Ballyrolly
McVeigh, James, Donaghadee Road
McWha, Robert, Ballymacruise
McWha, William, Ballyrolly
McWhinney, Alexander, Ballycopeland
McWhinney, Alexander, Killaughey

Nelson, David, Millbank
Newell, Samuel, dairyman, Ballybuttle
Nicholson, James, gardener, Martello

Ogle, Mrs. E., Seaview Avenue

O'Kane, Thomas, boat owner, Moss Road
O'Neill, James, Moss Road
O'Neill, James, Shore Street
O'Neill, John, labourer, Ballybuttle
O'Neill, R., Shore Street
O'Neill, Samuel, Moss Road
O'Neill, William, Grangee

Pack-Beresford, R. J., J.P., R.D.C., Woburn
Palmer, John, school teacher, Main Street
Palmer, Robert, Grangee
Pritchard, Robert H., Store Road

Rawson, James, Shore Street
Rea, W. A., grocer, provision merchant, and estate agent, Main Street Stores
Reid, Miss Maggie, Sea View Avenue
Reid, R. J., well sinker, Moss Road
Ritchie, W., land steward, Woburn
Robinson, Alexander, Ballycopeland
Robinson, James, Ballybuttle
Robinson, John, Ballywhiskin
Robinson, Mrs., Strand Avenue
Robinson, Patrick, Ballybuttle
Rolleston, Victor, cafe, Moss Road
Rosborough, Joseph, Store Road
Ross, Andrew, Main Street
Ross, Mrs., Store Road

Seymour, John, Grocer, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Main Street
Shaw, Miss Maggie, Shore Street
Sininton, Henry, Moss Road
Starkie, W. F. J., fruiterer and confectioner
Stokes, William, Donaghadee Road

Taylor, Edward, Ganaway
Thompson, Miss, The Knowes
Turkington, Edward, Shore Street

Walker, Hugh, Ballymacruise
Walker, Robert, Ballymacruise
Warden, Herbert, grocer, Main Street
Waugh, James, Shore Street
Waugh, Miss Annie, Shore Street
Waugh, William, Shore Street
Wilson, William, Drumfad
Woods, Mrs. Anna, Drumfad

County Down

     Four and a half miles from Belfast.

Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. J. Latimer, Ballylesson
Zion Baptist Church - Pastor, W. R. Graham
Masonic Hall - David Gamble, caretaker


Bailey, Miss
Bates, Mrs.
Beattie, William, fitter
Boyce, J., storeman, Ballynavalley
Briggs, Miss, Ballynavalley
Brown, William, The Hill
Brown, William
Burns, Robert

Christie, William, Gate Lodge (front)
Clarke, J.
Clarke, Mrs., Milltown
Cochrane, Robert, Ballynavalley
Copeland, William, labourer
Currie, Mrs.
Curry, E., Milltown

Dobbin, Isabella
Dornan, James, motorman, Ballynavalley
Dornan, James, labourer
Dornan, William, coalman
Downey, Alfred J., bread server
Dronan, Mrs., Ballynavalley
Duffin, Miss, Ballynavalley

Edgar, Miss, day nurse, Milltown
Ellis, A., Gate Lodge (centre)
Ervine, Samuel

Fairweather, S., grocer and hardware
Finlay, Ernest
Forbes, James, porter
Foster, William J., motorman
Frazer, ?, Leurie, Milltown
French, Sinclair

Gamble, David, Back Lodge
Geddes, Thomas, Rose Cottage
Geddes, William, labourer
Gillespie, William J.
Graham, Pastor W. R.
Gray, James G., The Bungalow, Ballynavalley
Gray, John, joiner
Gray, Margaret
Gray, Mrs. S., farmer

Hull, George, vanman

Irvine, Thomas, gardener
Irwin, Stanley
Irwin, Thomas, engineer

Jackson, James, labourer
Johnston, James
Johnston, William, carrier
Johnston, Thomas, The Valley
Jordan, Major Johnston, secretary

Kane, Mrs.
Kilpatrick, George, lock-keeper

Lindsay, Frederick, engineer
Lyttle, Alexander, storeman

Majury, John, Ballynavalley
Marks, Thomas, pattern maker, Sunnyside
Milltown Orange Hall
Milltown Masonic Hall
Mitchell, George F., mechanic
Moore, John
Moore, Thomas, farmer
Morrow, John, store keeper
Murphy, Mrs., dress maker

McCaughan, William
McClements, John, motorman
McClune, Kenneth
McKeown, James, Ballynavalley
McQuoid, William, farmer
McQuoid, Thomas

Nelson, John, labourer
Nelson, Mrs., Ballynavalley

Owen, Hugh, grocer

Patterson, Martha
Patterson, Mrs., Milltown

Reid, James, Florida

Scott, David, bus driver
Scott, John, coach trimmer, Ballynavalley
Scott, Mrs., Milltown
Scott, Robert, salesman, Ballynavalley
Shanks, David, painter
Shanks, Robert, joiner
Singleton, Mrs.
Smyril, Victoria, labourer, Ballynavalley
Spence, John, machine man
Spence, Miss Margaret, Ballynavalley Lane
Spence, M.
Steele, A.
Sweetlove, Thomas

Thompson, Thomas, fitter
Thompson, William

Walker, A. B., gardener
White, George, grocer, Ballynavalley
Wilson, Georgina
Wishart, Mrs.

Young, ?

County Down

     Anciently called Magh-Ratha, situated on the road from Belfast to Armagh, within half a mile of the Great Northern Railway Station.  Fairs are held on the first Thursday in February, May, August and November. Population, 347


Petty Sessions held last Wednesday in every month. Magistrates - Messrs. H. P. Watson, George Bailie, Dr. Boucher, James Hammond, James Allen, J. H. Creswell.  Clerk of Petty Sessions - H. C. Hunter
Rural District Council - W. J. Cordner, Lurgan, secretary
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. Evelyn Russell, dispensary officer
Royal Ulster Constabulary - Sergeant B. McFetridge
Barony Cess Collector - John Taylor
Northern Bank, Ltd. - Attendance on Fridays and fair days
Ulster Bank Ltd., Agency - Attendance, Friday (except Fair Week), and Fair Days


Church of Ireland - St. John's, Rev. Henry Hughes
Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. L. McCombe
Methodist Church - Rev. W. Twinem
Unitarian Church - Supplied from Banbridge


Agnew, Esland, farmer
Allen, James, J.P., farmer, Gortnamoney House
Allen, Mrs.
Armstrong, James, fowl dealer
Armstrong, S., P.E. School

Balmer, Wm., farmer, Yew-tree Hill, Megaberry
Bateman, John, spirit dealer
Bateman, Miss L., postmistress
Bateman, Swift, farmer, Edenmore
Beattie, James, farmer and coal merchant, Beattie's Quay
Beattie, William, farmer, Grove Hill
Beckitt, Matthew, farmer, Gortnamoney
Beckitt, Mrs., Ladybridge
Beckitt, William, farmer, The Glen
Boomer, Michael, R.U.C.
Boyce, Edward, farmer, Megaberry
Boyle, Arthur, farmer
Boyle, Robert, farmer, Ladybridge
Boyle, T., Moira
Briggs, Thomas, egg merchant
Brown. Thomas W., farmer, Tullaleoob
Brownlee, Mrs., Bottear
Bunting, W. J., shoe maker
Burns, Hugh, Stevedore, Main Street, Magheralin, Moira
Burns, John, labourer
Burns, Joseph, shoe maker
Burns, Miss, Gortnamoney
Burns, Patrick, labourer

Carson, Mrs. M., draper
Catney, James, farmer, Lurganvale
Clarke, Miss
Clarke, Miss E.
Creswell, J. H., J.P., farmer, Magherahinch
Culbert, Jacob, Primrose Hill, Megaberry

Erwin, George, farmer, Fortwilliam
Erwin, James, grocer and dairyman
Erwin, John

Ferguson, Harry, automobile works
Fletcher, James, farmer, Avenue Foot
Fletcher, Mrs., farmer, Fairfield, Trummery

Gamble, N., draper and boot merchant
Grant, Miss B. and N., agent for white work
Grant, William
Green, S., Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter," Aghalee
Green, Wm., farmer and cattle dealer, Trumra
Greer, James B., Drumbane, farmer
Greer, Robert, farmer, Bottear House

Hammond, Ruddell, farmer, Lagan View
Harrison, William, farmer, Warringfield
Heaney, John, farmer, Laney
Heaney, Mrs., Deramore Arms Hotel
Hewitt, Mrs.
Hewitt, Mrs., farmer, Legmore
Hill, Joseph, grocer, Megaberry

Irwin, Gardner, farmer, Trumra House
Irwin, Mrs., teacher, Bottear P.E.S.
Irwin, Thomas, sexton Presbyterian Church

Jordan, James, farmer, Drumbane

Kearney, Edward, farmer, Moira
Kennedy, John, bread server
Kerr, Miss, farmer, Darginstown

Lavery, Charles Bann, Avenue Foot
Lavery, Miss Josephine, publican, Thorn Brook
Lavery, Mrs., agent
Law, Thomas, farmer, Laney
Lennon, Mrs. S. J.
Logan, Isaac, farmer, Ballymagarahan
Logan, James, farmer, Church Hill
Logan, Mrs. C. H., Verdunville
Luttlehan, E. S., Lurganville P.E.S.
Lynass, Isaac, farmer, Ballymagarahan
Lynass, John, farmer, Tullyard

Marwood, W. J., civil servant
Mulholland, Daniel, farmer, Eden Hill

McCartney, George, butcher
McCartney, John W., Station View
McCaw, A., precentor United Presbyterian Church
McCleery, Mrs., boarding house
McClelland, Mrs., Newsagent and Grocer; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McClelland, William
McConnell, Arthur, farmer
McConnell, Frederick
McCorry, William, surface man
McCullough, John, J.P., farmer, Hunter's Hall
McCullough, Thomas, farmer
McDowell, H., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McEavery, John, jun., farmer, Trumery
McKnight, Alexander, farmer, Lisnabella
McLoughlin, Mrs., teacher
McMurtry, James, R.U.C.

North, R. W., grocer

Palmer, Mrs. Angelina, grocer and hardware merchant
Patterson, Isaac, farmer, Legmore
Pierce, Scott, R.U.C.

Reynolds, George, tailor
Ruddell, T., estate agent, Moira
Ruddell, T. H., grocer
Ruddell. William J., automobile engineer

Spence, G., Railway Tavern
Steward, Josiah, R.U.C.
Stewart, Mrs.
Stewart, T. E., Bottear P.E.S.
Swain, Edward, farmer, New Orchard

Titterington, John, farmer, Trumery
Turkington, Charles, blacksmith
Turkington, Mrs., agent for white work

Uprichard, John, grocer
Uprichard, W. R., postman

Waddel, Mrs., farmer, Magheralin
Watson, W. J., farmer, Bay-tree Hill
Wilson, John A., farmer, Berwick Hall

Young & Anderson, Ltd., manufacturers and wholesale warehousemen, Brookfield

County Londonderry

     Is the centre of an extensive lime and quarrying district, about forty miles from Belfast.  The town was originally built by the Drapers' Charity Company, who still own property. A market is held for pork each Wednesday, and a fair day on the 21st of each month. Shops' half-holiday, Thursday


Magistrates - William Eakin, H. E. Thompson, M.B.E.; H. Devlin, Rowley Elliott, M.P.; J. W. Hutchinson, A. Boyd, R. W. Harris, Col. K. E. Nangle
Petty Sessions Clerk - Robert Pattleton
Drapers' Charity Office - A. Boyd, clerk
R.U.C. - Sergeant Vance and five constables
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. (Cookstown branch) - T. A. Ekin, manager
Moneymore Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Ltd. - William Steele, manager
Moneymore Co-operative Stores, Ltd. - Charles McKee, manager
Medical Profession - William Cousley, M.B., attendant at Drapers' and Union Dispensary, and registrar of births, deaths, and marriages. Dr. Brown, Dispensary, Coagh, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages


Church of Ireland - Rev. W. A. B. Jackson, M.A.; Ballyeglish, Rev. W. A. B. Jackson, M.A.; Ballinderry, Rev. A. E. McAlister; Lissan, Rev. H. Egerton; Tamlaght, Rev. A. E. McAlister
First and Second Presbyterian Churches - Moneymore, Rev. H. C. Conn, B.A.; Ballygoney, Rev. A. J. Gillespie, B.A.; Lecumpher, Rev. T. C. Chestnutt, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. Rooney
Gospel Hall - Preacher, various
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Donnelly, P.P.; Ballinderry, Rev. Devlin


P.E. School - F. B. Anderson, principal
St. Patrick's P.E. School - T. Ryan, principal


Agnew, L., painter and decorator
Alexander, David, farmer, Larrycormick
Anderson, F. B., teacher

Badger, Mrs. Elizabeth, Gortagilly
Banks, Miss, dress maker, Larrycormick
Banks, Miss, farmer, Larrycormick
Bell, Frederick, farmer, Turnaface
Bell, G. A., farmer, Moneyhaw
Bell, James, weigh master
Bell, Leslie, farmer, Boherbuoy Cottage
Bell, Mrs., The Nook
Bell, Robert, farmer, Doneybraggy
Bell, Thomas, Circular Road
Ben, William, farmer, Moneyhaw
Berryman, James
Bigger, T., farmer, Magheradone
Blackstock, F., Belfast Bank
Blair, T., farmer, Doneybraggy
Blaney, Frank, grocer and general merchant
Blaney, F., farmer
Blaney, Miss L.
Blaney, Miss M.
Boyce, John (Inglis & Co.)
Boyd, Alexander, J.P., secretary Drapers' Trust
Boyer, S., blacksmith
Bradford, Ernest, farmer, Carradarragh
Bradford, Miss E., teacher
Bradford, Miss G. E., draper and confectioner
Brown, A., postman
Brown, Herbert, farmer, Ballynenagh
Brown, Joseph, farmer, Ballyeglish
Brown, Mrs., farmer, Moneyhaw
Brown, William J., cycle agent
Brown, W. A., R.U.C.
Burns, Cornelius, spirit merchant
Burns, Miss A.

Campbell, S., lime merchant, Gortagilly
Canning, William, civil bill officer
Carleton, Matthew, coal merchant
Carlisle, Mrs., teacher, Cranny
Carmichael, James, farmer, Gortanewry
Cartwright, Miss E., teacher
Chambers, James, farmer, Larrycormick
Chambers, John, farmer, Magherascullion
Chambers, Thomas, grocer and dealer
Clarke, J.
Conway, J.
Corey, J., grocer, Maghadone
Corey, Patrick
Cotton, T., farmer, Carradarragh
Cousley, A., Moymulmurray
Cousley, James, farmer, Dunronan
Cousley, Robert, farmer, Gortagilly
Cousley, William, farmer, Gortagilly
Cousley, William, M.B.
Cowan, John H., farmer and mill owner, Annahavill
Craig, James, farmer, Tulnagee
Crooks, R., postman
Crooks, T. J., grocer, Letteran
Crooks, William, postman
Crossett, Mrs., Ballynenagh P.E.S.
Cupples, W. R., station master

Davidson, Andrew, The Cottage, Springhill
Davidson, Annie, draper
Devlin, Hugh, farmer. Dunronan
Devlin, John, farmer, Dunronan
Devlin, Michael, grocer, coal and lime merchant
Devlin, Patrick
Diamond, James, tailor
Duff, James, farmer, Ballymully
Duffy, A., labourer
Duffy, James, labourer

Eagleson, Mrs., teacher
Ekin, William, J.P., farmer, Rockspring
Elder, Miss S. ., postmistress
Elliott, Miss, dairymaid

Farley, James, farmer, Tamnadoey
Faulkner, Annie, nurse
Ferguson, William, railway porter
Fields, Alexander
Fields, J., well sinker
Fields, Miss, P.E. teacher
Fields, Robert, Stonard Street
Forsythe, Hugh, farmer, Tullybuoy
Forsythe, John, farmer, Coltrim
Forsythe, William, farmer, Coltrim

Garvin, Mrs. C. R., Hillsborough
Garvin, S. & G. R., farmers and lime merchants, Tamnadoey
George, Arthur, farmer, Carradarragh
Glover, G., farmer, Tamnadoey
Glover, John T., contractor
Good, Robert, grocer
Gordon, Henry, labourer
Graham, Mrs., teacher
Graham, R., hairdresser
Graham, Thomas, shoemaker
Gray, Miss, teacher, Carradarragh
Greer, Henry, labourer
Greer, William, painter and decorator
Greer, W. G., motor mechanic
Gregg, ?, district nurse
Guidera, Mrs.

Halligan, Bernard, horse shoer
Hanna, Miss M., draper
Hanna, Thomas, tailor
Harbison, Mrs., spirit merchant
Harris & Co., agents for "Belfast News-Letter" also grocers and stationers
Harris, George A., transport mechanic
Harris, R. W., J.P., garage
Harte, Edward
Harte, Joseph, dealer
Hartley, Alex., farmer, Coltrim
Hartley, Samuel, postman
Hazlett & Speers, lime works, Carmean
Hegan, Felix
Henderson, E., farmer, Moneyhaw
Higginson, Edwin, farmer, Gortagilly
Huey, George, postman
Hughes, Mrs.
Hunter, Mrs., farmer, Turnface
Hunter, William, farmer, Turnaface
Hunter, William, farmer, Coltrim
Hunter, William J., farmer, Doneybraggy
Hurl, Miss Diana
Hutchinson, James, Coltrim
Hutchinson, Mrs., dress maker and draper
Hutchinson, R. J.
Hutchinson, Thomas, Ballygurk Mills
Hutchinson, T. J., farmer, Ballygurk

Johnston, J., postman
Johnston, Mrs., farmer, Ballindrum
Johnston, Mrs. Jane
Jordan, William, hawker

Keenan, Miss
Knipe, Henry, farmer, Gortagilly

Lagan, Frederick, farmer, Feenan
Lagan, Mary
Lavery, Mrs., grocer
Lawrence, Alexander
Lawrence, R., farmer, Moneyhaw
Lee, Miss
Lenox-Conyngham, Miss, The Manor House
Lindsay, Mrs., farmer, Gortagilly
Loane, W., dealer
Logan, T., R.U.C.
Loughrey, Mrs. J.
Love, Edmund, gardener
Love, James

Mackrel, Andrew
Maguire, Mrs., teacher
Malone, John
Malone, Miss, dress maker
Malone, Mrs.
Marshall, Albert, farmer, Gortagilly
Marshall, Robert, farmer, Larrycormick
Martin, Mrs., Ballinderry P.E. School
Mawhinney, Mrs., Ballymenagh P.E.S.
Megaw, Robert, mill owner
Millar, Mrs., farmer, Drumeen
Millar, William, labourer
Mitchell, David, carpenter and undertaker
Mitchell, Robert, farmer, Larrycormick
Moffet, J.
Molloy, James, fowl dealer
Moneymore Co-operative Stores, High Street
Moore, Elizabeth
Moran, John, labourer
Moran, Lizzie
Mulholland, J., labourer
Murphy, S., farmer, Carradarragh
Murphy, Thomas, farmer, Carndaisy

McCallion, J., publican
McCammon, Rev. Robert
McCormick, John, labourer
McCune, ?, R.U.C.
McCutcheon, R., grocer
McDowell, James (Inglis & Co.)
McGinley, P., publican
McGuckin, Matthew, labourer
McGuckin, P.
McGuiggan, Mrs., grocer
McIntyre, R., blacksmith
McIvor, R., labourer
McKay, H., tobacconist
McKee, C., manager
McKee, H., farmer, Moneymore
McKee, Thomas, driver
McKenna, James
McNally, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
McNally, P. J., L.M.S.
McNally, S. J., postman
McNaney, Miss, hairdresser
McNanney, William, farmer, Ballindrum
McQuillan, P.
McWilliams, W., railway employee

Nugent, James, confectioner

O'Brien, P., farmer, Ballindrum
O'Neill, Frank, lorry driver

Palmer, James, farmer, Moneyhaw
Palmer, John, farmer, Drumullan
Pattleton, R., C.P.S.
Peden, Henry, labourer
Pierce, George, farmer, Ballygrooby
Pierce, J., farmer, Doluskey

Rankin, George, grocer and butcher
Rankin, Mrs. R., assistant Gortagilly P.E.S.
Rankin, Robert, grocer
Rice, Samuel
Riddle, Mrs.
Riddle, Samuel, railway employee
Ryan, T., teacher

Scott, Sarah
Scullan, Henry J., sub-postmaster, Loop
Scullan, Mrs., spirit grocer, Loop
Scullion, Mrs., grocer
Shaw, Robert, carpenter
Shearer, J. M., M.A., solicitor
Simpson, James, farmer, Ballymully
Smyth, George, postman
Smyth, Miss T.
Steele, William, manager
Stewart, A., hairdresser
Stewart, A. J., traveller
Stewart, Constable, R.U.C.
Stewart, Joseph

Teague, Charles, labourer
Teaney, John, publican
Thompson, H. E., M.B.E., J.P., Ballindrum House
Tilson, Constable, R.U.C.
Toal, Hugh
Topping, Mrs., Gortagilly P.E.S.

Vance, A. S., sergeant R.U.C.

Weir, Alexander, farmer, Crossimea
Weir, George, tailor
Weir, J., cycle agent
Weir, Robert, labourer
White, T. J., farmer, Desertlyn
Wilkinson, John, Midland Railway Co.
Wilkinson, Robert
Wilson, Robert, posting establishment
Wilson, Thomas J.
Wilson, William, labourer
Wilson, W., hackney cars
Winter, Captain J. Hazelton
Winter, Mrs., organist
Woods, John, labourer
Woods, Mrs., grocer
Woods, Robert, poulterer
Wylie, Mrs., farmer, Ballygrooby

County Antrim

     Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday

Post Office - James Hagan, postmaster
Monkstown Orange Hall
Railway Station (Monkstown Halt), London, Midland and Scottish Railway (N.C.C.), main line, about one mile from Jordanstown Station
P.E. School - T. J. Kirkpatrick, principal


Addas, James
Adrain, Thomas
Adrain, William
Auld, James, farmer
Auld, Josias, farmer

Barr, Henry
Beattie, John
Bickerstaff, James, farmer
Bill, William
Bingham, James
Bingham, William
Black, Thomas
Blair, Mrs. James
Boyd, John
Boyd, Thomas, farmer
Brennan, Annie
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mrs.
Burton, Mrs. George
Burton, Samuel

Cairns, John
Callaghan, Michael
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, James
Campbell, William
Carson, Henry
Clarke, James
Clarke, Robert
Connor, John
Crowe, J.
Crymble, Hugh, farmer
Currie, Samuel
Currie, Samuel, jun.
Cunningham, Mrs.

Dubois, John
Duff, John
Duff, Robert
Duff, William
Duncan, Nathaniel
Dunlop, Robert, Elsinore, Doagh Road

Farquhar, William
Ferguson, James
Ferguson, Mrs.
Forsythe, John
Forsythe, William
Forsythe, William, jun.
Francey, James
Fullerton, William, plumber
Fulton, John
Fulton, William, farmer

Garrett, John S., carrier and farmer, Burnfield
Gault, Ernest, Fairview
Gault, Hugh, Burnbrae
Gault, Samuel, The Forge
Gedis, Charles
Gilmour, Harry
Gordon, Sarah
Gourley, William, porter
Gourley, William, farmer
Gray, Samuel
Greer, James
Greer, Robert

Hadden, Joseph
Hadden, Robert
Hagan, James, Postmaster, Grocer and Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Hagan, James, jun.
Hagan, James, carpenter
Hagan, John
Hagan, Miss
Henderson, Mrs.
Henry, Robert
Heron, Robert
Heron, Samuel
Heron, Thomas
Hewitt, Richard
Hewitt, William
Hill, Hugh James
Hill, John
Hillis, John
Hillocks, James
Houston, John
Houston, Samuel
Humphrey, James
Hyndman, Mrs.

Kelly, Samuel
Kirkland, David
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, builder
Kirkpatrick, James M., farmer
Kirkpatrick, R. H., farmer, Hillside, Cloughfern
Kirkwood, David

Larmour, John
Larmour, Samuel
Lipton, David
Luney, William
Lynas, Hugh

Mackie, William
Madill, John
Marks, James
Martin, William
Meneely, Bertie
Meneely, Mrs. Joseph
Meneely, Robert
Meneely, Thomas
Meneely, William
Millar, William
Moore, Agnes
Moore, James
Murphy, Samuel

McCaw, Mrs.
McCleneghan, Mrs.
McCleneghan, William
McClure, William
McConkey, Wilson
McConnell, R.
McCormick, Samuel
McCracken, Robert
McCullough, George
McCullough, Sarah
McCune, Robert
McFall, Mrs. Ellen
McGarrell, Thomas
McGarroll, Alexander
McIlroy, Joseph
McIlwaine, David
McKeen, David
McKenzie, Mrs.
McKinty, James
McLean, William
McMillan, Mrs.
McMurran, Elizabeth
McMurray, John, driver
McMurtry, James
McNeill, John

Nash, William
Neill, John

Peake, Joseph

Rainey, Mrs. Mary
Ramsey, William John
Rea, William
Reid, Rose
Robinson, George
Robinson, William
Russell, Samuel
Russell, William
Russell, William, jun.

Seaton, Hugh
Sharpe, William
Shaw, Thomas
Simpson, James
Simpson, William
Stewart, George
Stewart, Mrs. Janet
Stewart, Mrs. N.
Stewart, William, farmer
Strange, John, shoe maker

Trimble, Adam

Vint, James, farmer

Walker, W. J.
Warwick, Robert, farmer
Weir, Mrs.
Weir, William
Welsh, Andrew
Wilson, Isaac
Wilson, Mrs. Emily
Wilson, Samuel, farmer
Wilson, Samuel G., grocer

County Antrim

     An inland town situated on the main road between Ballycastle and Ballymoney. Two hiring fairs, the most ancient on record, are held on 21st May and 21st November.  Cattle fairs are also held on 13th February and 21st July.


Church of Ireland, Drumtullagh - Rev. T. H. Willis, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. J. Hemphill, B.A.


Mosside P.E. School - Alex. Chestnut, principal
Drumtullagh P.E. School - Wm. Anketell, principal


Post Office - Robert G. McKinney, postmaster
Northern Bank Ltd. - Mr. Hall, Manager
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. J. McVicker, Craignamaddy
Registrar of Marriages - J. B. Ekin, Ballycastle


Adams, Daniel, carpenter, Carrowreagh
Adams, Ezekiel, carpenter, Carrowcroey
Adams, James, farmer, Carrowreagh
Adams, John, farmer, Manister
Adams, Samuel, farmer, Kittal

Baird, Daniel, carpenter. Ballyoglagh
Baird, Robert John, butcher, Carrowreagh
Bell, Edmund, farmer, Ballyoglagh
Black, Mrs., farmer, Moycraig
Boyd, George, mechanic, Moycraig
Boyd, John, motor engineer, Mosside
Boyd, Samuel, surface man, Moycraig
Boyd, William, farmer, Craignamaddy
Brunton, Miss, Ederone, Stranocum
Bunting, Miss Annie, Mosside

Chestnut, Alexander, school teacher, Mosside
Chestnut, James, sen., shoe maker
Chestnut, Joseph, flax dresser
Chestnut, Robert, shoe maker, Glassinerin
Christie, Miss, farmer, Ballingarvey, Dervick
Cochrane, Hugh, farmer, Glassinerin
Cochrane, Hugh, farmer, Loughlinch
Cochrane, Samuel, farmer, Carnbore, Mosside
Cochrane, William, butcher, Loughlinch
Cochrane, William, jun., labourer, Moycraig
Connolly, John, publican and grocer, Mosside
Connolly, Johnston, grocer, Mosside
Craig, James, poultry farmer, Ederone
Creith, Nathaniel, J.P., R.D.C., Carnamore
Creith, Robert, farmer, Curramoney

Davidson, James, labourer, Lisnagat
Devenny, Mrs., New Buildings
Dodd, Samuel, poultry farmer, Curramoney

Ellison, Louie, blacksmith, Mosside
Ellison, Mrs. D., Mosside

Feeney, Daniel, flax dresser, Mosside
Feeney, Frank, flax dresser, Knockmore
Feeney, John, labourer, Glassinerin
Feeney, John, flax dresser, Moycraig
Feeney, Robert, farmer, Mosside
Feeny, Adam, flax dresser, Mosside
Forgie, Hugh, farmer, Ballyoglagh
Forgie, Robert, farmer, Kilmoyle

George, William, farmer, Glassinerin
Getty, Mrs., farmer, Kilmoyle, Mosside
Gillespie, James, carpenter, Moycraig
Gillespie, John, farmer, Carolelis
Gillespie, Misses, Moycraig
Gillespie, Miss R., Lisnagat
Gillespie, Neil, mechanic, Carolelis
Glass, Miss, grocer, Mosside
Glass, Robert, carpenter, Ballyoglagh
Glass, Samuel, farmer, Ballyoglagh
Glass, William A., farmer, Moycraig
Graham, Daniel, farmer, Carolelis

Hartin, Joseph, labourer, Lisnagat
Hill, Mrs., farmer, Ederone, Stranocum
Hodges, John, farmer, Kittal
Hodges, Robert, farmer, Glassinerin
Horner, Alexander, labourer, Moycraig
Horner, Joseph, labourer, Lisnagat
Huey, Miss Sophia, farmer, Loughlinch
Hutchinson, H. W., labourer, Mosside

Kane, Charles, farmer, Kilmoyle, Mosside
Kane, Mrs., Mosside
Kelly, George, flax dresser, Moycraig
Kelly, John, Lisnagat
Kerr, Mrs., farmer, Craignamaddy
Kyle, James, farmer and carpenter, Lisnagat

Linnegan, Mrs., Mosside
Lyons, Hannah, Knockmore
Lyons, James D., flax scutcher, Knockmore

Maybin, C., farmer, Kilmoyle
Milliken, John, labourer, Mosside
Mogey, Edward, labourer, Newbuildings
Moore, David, labourer, Mosside
Moore, Samuel, labourer, Moycraig
Moore, William, Moycraig
Morrison, James, tailor, Mosside
Morrison, Samuel, farmer, Moycraig, Lower Dervock
Morrison, S. W., grocer, Mosside
Munnis, Daniel, farmer, Mosside
Murphy, C. A., jun., farmer, Kilmoyle

McCaw, Mrs., farmer, Craignamaddy
McClenaghan, Hugh, surface man, Carrowreagh
McClenaghan, William, surface man, Clegnagh
McConaghy, Robert, R.D.C., farmer, Moycraig
McCrellis, Alexander, labourer, Moycraig
McCrellis, Mrs., Mosside
McCurdy, Miss L., farmer, Newbuildings, Mosside
McFarland, Rev. Jas. A., M.A., Toberkeigh Manse, Ballyoglagh
McGoogan, Hugh, farmer, Ballyogagh
McIlvar, James, labourer, Newbuildings
McIntyre, Thomas, corn miller, Mosside
McKay, Alexander, labourer, Mosside
McKay, Alfred, farmer, Knockmore
McKay, Jim, corn miller, Mosside
McKeown, Mrs., farmer, Ederone, Stranocum
McKinney, R. G., grocer and post office
McMichael, Thomas, farmer, Moycraig
McMullan, Hugh, farmer, Clegnagh
McMullan, Mrs. J., farmer, Clegnagh
McNeill, Capt. Sidney, J.P., Gardenvale
McVicker, Hugh, farmer, Lisnagat
McVicker, James, farmer, Lisnagat

Nichol, Aeneas, flax dresser, Newbuildings
Nichol, W. J., flax dresser, Moycraig

Pollock, David, farmer, Glassenerin

Rodgers, Mrs., farmer, Manister
Ross, James, farmer, Moycraig, Mosside
Ross, William, farmer, Moycraig

Scott, Alexander, labourer, Moycraig Lower
Scott, John, farmer, Moycraig Upper
Scott, John, farmer, Moycraig Lower, Dervock
Simpson, Frank, postman, Knockmore
Simpson, Henry, farmer, Ballyoglagh
Simpson, John, farmer, Clegnagh
Simpson, John, jun., flax dresser, Mosside
Simpson, Joseph H., scutcher, Mosside
Simpson, Mrs., farmer, Carrowreagh
Simpson, Mrs., farmer, Lisnagat
Simpson, Mrs. D., farmer, Moycraig Upper
Sinclair, Robert, farmer, Manister
Smiley, Mrs., Mosside
Smith, John, farmer, Islandcorr
Steele, James, farmer, Moycraig
Steele, Robert, farmer, Islandcorr
Stevenson, Charles, labourer, Mosside
Stevenson, Daniel, farmer, Mosside
Stevenson, David R., Craignamaddy
Stevenson, William, carpenter, Drumtullagh
Stewart, James, farmer, Carolelis
Stewart, John, farmer, Lisnagat

Taggart, Mrs. Robert, publican, Mosside
Taggart, Redvens, tailor, Mosside
Taggart, Thomas, farmer, Moycraig
Templeton, David, grocer, Ballyoglagh
Thompson, A., farmer, Cairn House, Loughlinch
Thompson, A., farmer, Loughlinch, Mosside
Thompson, Miss, farmer, Moycraig
Thompson, Samuel, farmer, North Hill, Loughlinch
Thompson, V., farmer, Moycraig Upper
Twaddle, James, labourer, Mosside

Wallace, John, farmer, Manister
White, Mrs., farmer, Newbuildings

County Antrim

     Shops' half-holiday, Saturday

Mossley P.E. School - J. Wright, principal


Adair, R. J., 8 The Villas
Adams, James, 4 Red Crescent
Adams, W. J., 11 Uppertown
Anderson, Mrs., 18 Old Row
Anderson, Samuel, 1 Old Row
Andrews, Samuel, Dornetta, Manse Road
Armstrong, Andrew, 6 White Crescent
Ashton, Frederick, 17 Old Row

Beggs, Miss S., Cottages
Bell, Joseph, 10 The Crescent
Blair, David, 8 The Crescent
Blair, Edward, 3 Lodge Row
Blair, Matthew, 7 Upper Town
Blair, Samuel, 32 Old Row
Blair, William, 9 White Crescent
Boyd, Mary E., 5 Old Row
Boyd, Thomas, 26 Old Row

Cahoon, William, Park Cottage
Cairns, James, 27 Old Row
Campell, H., & Co., Ltd., flax spinners and thread manufacturers (Campbell)
Coulter, Agnew, 11 Old Row
Cunningham, Miss Robina, Curly's Town

Darragh, George, Dornetta, Manse Road
Darragh, Mrs., 6 Sunny Side
Dubois, James, 23 Old Row
Dubois, T., 3 Upper Town
Duffin, Mrs., 3 Bridge End
Dunn, Jeremiah, 9 Red Crescent
Dunn, William B., 10 Old Row

Farrell, John, 19 Old Row
Fenning, William, 7 The Crescent
Ferris, Mrs., Manse Road

Garrett, John, 30 Old Row
Gault, William J., Henderson's Town
Geddis, Mrs., 2 Upper Town
Gilliland, James, The Castle
Gillen, Joseph, 15 Old Row
Gilroy, William, 5 Bridge End
Glancey, Mrs., 12 Upper Town
Graham, Hugh, 8 Old Row
Graham, John, 2 Sunny Side
Greer, John, 21 Old Row
Gregg, May, 2 Old Row

Hamill, Miss Mary, 13 White Crescent
Hamill, Samuel, Curly's Town
Hamill, T., 2 Cargo's Town
Harland, William, 14 Old Row
Henry, Mrs., 8 Sunny Side
Hope, William, 24 Old Row
Horner, Thomas, 25 Old Row
Hughes, C., 2 Lodge Row
Hughes, John, 1 Cargo's Town
Hunter, Andrew, 20 Old Row
Hunter, Mrs., 4 Lodge Row

Kennedy, Miss Kate, 33 Old Row
Kidd, William, 10 white Crescent
Killen, Mary, 1 White Crescent
Killen, R., Henderson's Town
King, William, 6 The Crescent

Larcombe, Eli, 1 Upper Town
Lough, Charles, jun., Henderson's Town
Loughran, Michael, 13 Sunny Side
Lusk, Samuel, Cottages
Lyle, Hugh, 11 The Crescent

Mackey, Robert, 3 Red Crescent
Martin, Agnes, 13 Old Row
Martin, Joseph, 2 Red Crescent
Miskimmin, John, 5 The Crescent
Montgomery, Andrew, 22 Old Row
Montgomery, Mrs. M., 10 Sunny Side
Montgomery, Samuel, 5 Sunny Side
Moore, Mrs. Mary Ann, 2 Bridge End
Moore, William, 8 Upper Town
Mulgrew, Mrs., 4 Upper Town

McAdam, Samuel, 31 Old Row
McAlonen, William, 6 Mossley Villas
McAuley, William A., Henderson's Town
McBroom, Hugh, 4 Sunny Side
McClung, Robert, 1 Lodge Row
McConnell, Mrs., 4 Old Row
McConnell, Samuel, 1 Bridge End
McConnell, William, jun., 1 The Villas
McConnell, W., 14 The Crescent
McCormick, John, 5 White Crescent
McCormick, John, jun., Dornetta, Manse Road
McCormick, Joseph, 2 White Crescent
McCrea, Mrs., Curly's Town
McCullough, Miss M., 10 Upper Town
McCullough, William, 11 Sunny Side
McCurry, Adam, 5 Upper Town
McDowell, John, Henderson's Town
McGilton, Joseph, 16 Upper Town
McIlwaine, Andrew, 8 Red Crescent
McKee, Samuel, 4 The Villas
McMillen, Elizabeth, 7 Old Row
McNeill, John, 9 Upper Town
McNeill, Thomas, 12 Sunny Side
McNeilly, John, 6 Upper Town
McNeilly, Thomas, 12 White Crescent
McQuillan, James, 29 Old Row

Nicholson, Rev. S. H., The Manse, Manse Road

Ogiliby, John, 12 Old Row (Ogilby)
O'Neill, James, 7 White Crescent

Parker, William, 3 Cargo's Town
Patrick, James, 1 Red Crescent
Percy, Ellen, 3 Old Row
Perry, George, 3 Mossley Villas

Rainey, John, 6 Old Row
Robinson, Agnes, 9 Old Row
Robinson, Joseph, Cottages, Manse Road
Robinson, R., 4 White Crescent

Sargent, Mrs., Dornetta, Manse Road
Scott, William, 14 Sunny Side
Seaton, James, 9 Sunny Side
Seaton, Mrs., 28 Old Row
Seaton, William J., 7 Sunny Side
Semple, Miss, 3 The Crescent
Service, William, Curly's Town
Smyth, Matthew, 4 Cargo's Town
Smyth, Miss, 4 Bridge End
Smyth, Miss, 1 Sunny Side
Stevenson, John, Cottages, Manse Road
Street, Joseph, 5 Mossley Villas

Twaddel, Mrs., 3 Sunny Side

Weatherup, William T., The Lodge
Wilson, Frank, 5 Lodge Row
Wright, James, Dornetta, Manse Road


Shops' half-holiday, Saturday

Blair, James
Boyd, Mrs. A.
Boyd, Dr. W.
Burns, John
Douglas, Mrs.
Downes, Ernest
Gordon, Thomas
Hall, Thomas
Hamill, Thomas
Herron, Samuel
Kernoghan, William
Kidd, George
Lough, Charles, sen.
Millar, David
Moore, David
McCoy, John
McKinney, George
McKinstry, Robert
McNeilly, Samuel
McWhirter, Mrs.
McWhirter, William J.
Patton, Mrs.
Percy, Alexander
Simms, William, Leiganfield
Sloan, Robert
Stewart, Samuel
Thompson, Alexander
Thompson, James
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, William
Wilson, Robert


McDowell, John


Luck, James


Campbell, William
Gault, Robert
Lusk, Mrs. William
Moore, William


Ross, Thomas


Robinson, John


Crymble, William
Dunlop, John
McBrin, Henry
Roney, Nathaniel
Stewart, James


Dunlop, Archbold


Dunlop, George C. S.
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, William
Wallace, James


Cochrane, Misses
Gault, George
Stewart, James
Stewart, William James


Forsythe, Edward
Millar, Mrs. Alexander


Gault, James


Cochrane, Andrew
Cochrane, Harold
Cochrane, William, Millar, John


Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday

Boyd, James
Henry, Maurice


Crawford, John
Forsythe, James
McIlwaine, Alexander
Tweedie, Samuel


Higgins, James, jun.
Hunter, Robert
Kerr, James
McKinney, Edward
Strange, Mrs.


Cole, T. L.
Crymple, Samuel
Lusk, John
Lusk, William
Martin, Mrs.
Moore, Miss Meta
McConnaughie, Joseph
McKeen, Andrew
Sherrard, David


Aiken, William
Cooper, Joseph
Downes, Mrs. William
Forsythe, William
Glenn, Mrs.
Higgins, Cornelius
Montgomery, Mrs. Thomas
McCormick, David
Smyth, George
Wilson, Mrs.

County Tyrone and County Armagh

     Moy is a small town, 39 miles south-west from Belfast, situated on the River Blackwater, on the road from Armagh to Dungannon.  On the first Friday of every month is held one of the best attended horse fairs in the North of Ireland. The Population is about 500.  The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday. A weekly market is held on Wednesday.

Charlemont, is divided from Moy by the Blackwater River, over which is a neat stone bridge of three arches, built about 1706, and rebuilt in 1859 by the two counties - Tyrone and Armagh.


Church of Ireland, Moy and Charlemont - Rev. J. H. Lucas.  Killyman - Rev. H. E. Hardy, M.A.
Presbyterian Church, Moy - Rev. W. McMillan, B.A.
Methodist Church, Moy - Rev. T. Kennedy
Roman Catholic Chapel, Moy - Rev. T. Soraghan, P.P.


Ulster Bank Ltd., Agency - Attendance Wednesday and Friday from Armagh
Belfast Bank - Attendance from Dungannon first Friday in every month
R.U.C. Barracks, Dungannon Street, Moy - Sergeant Bell
Dispensary - Open on Mondays and Fridays - (Registrar for births and marriages) - Dr. G. Garvin


P.E. School, Moy - J. McQuade, principal
Roman Catholic P.E. Schools - (Boys') - P. J. Byrne, principal.  Girls' - Miss G. Hughes, principal
Aughanlig School - J. Twomey, principal


Atkins, Rev., Benburb, Moy

Bartley, Mrs. R. W., Mullaghboy, Moy
Bell, Henry, grocer and sub-postmaster, Blackwatertown
Bell, R., sergeant, R.U.C., Dungannon Street, Moy
Bingham, R. W., Dree House, Moy
Bond, Sir Walter McGeough, The Argory
Bookless, T., motor engineer, Dungannon Street
Bracken, J., station master, Trew and Moy
Browne, Charles, Moy
Byrne, Gerald, motor hirer, Blackwatertown

Cairns, J. E., The Square
Cairns, Mrs., postmistress, The Square
Campbell, Thomas, carrier, Dungannon Street
Campbell, William, farmer, Turleenan, Moy
Carbery, John, fowl dealer, Clonmore, Moy
Cartman, Peter, hairdresser, Moy
Chambers, F. V., spirit dealer, Callan Bridge, Moy
Clancey, Mrs., grocer, Charlemont
Clarke, J., horse shoer, Killyman Street
Clayton, David, tailor, The Square, Moy
Coleman, Bernard, Moy Square
Colgan, J., Charlemont
Colgan, J., teacher, Blackwatertown
Conroy, James, cattle dealer, Kilmore, Moy
Conroy, James, cattle dealer, Charlemont
Cotton, Mrs. R., post office and grocer, Derrylee
Cowdy, Anthony, & Sons, linen manufacturers, Greenhall, Loughgall
Cowdy, A. W., Greenhall
Cowdy, R., Summerisland, Loughgall
Cromie, E., Charlemont Street
Cromwell, E., Charlemont Street
Cromwell, Mrs., Charlemont Street
Cullen, John, Roxboro' Cottages
Cullen, Thomas, Corr and Dunavally, Moy
Curran, George, Fairlawn, Moy

Daly, Sarah, Dungannon Street
Dickson, William, farmer, Charlemont
Dilworth, Mrs., grocer, Killyman Street
Dilworth, Mrs. Anna, Killyman Street
Dobson, Robert, egg exporter, Dungannon Street, Moy
Doherty, Mrs., Charlemont Street, Moy
Donnelly, W., farmer, Gorestown, Moy
Duke, Richard, shoe maker, Charlemont

Eakin, Mrs., Lisrone House, Moy
Elliott, George, farmer, Culrevog, Moy
Erskine, Jackson, J.P., Brook House, Bovain, Moy

Farmer, Joseph, farmer, Culrevog, Moy
Finn, Miss, Blackwatertown
Finn, Thomas, publican, Charlemont
Forker, J., fowl dealer, Maghery
Fox, Felix, grocer, Blackwatertown
Frazer, W. J., grocer, Battleford Bridge, Moy
Frizelle, Dilworth, shoe maker, Laghey, Moy

Gallagher, Ernest, Grange House, Moy
Gallagher, W. J., butcher, Killyman Street, Moy
Garvin, Dr. G., registrar of births, marriages and deaths, Benburb
Gilmore, Dilworth, farmer, Turleenan, Moy
Gilmore, William, farmer, Roxboro, Moy
Graham, James, peat works, Derrylee
Graham, Mrs., grocer and draper, Killyman Street
Graham, Samuel, R.U.C., Moy
Graham, William, land steward, The Argory, Moy
Greeves, R. D., auctioneer, The Grange, Moy
Greeves, T. W., The Grange, Moy
Gregg, S., R.U.C., Moy

Hamill, George, farmer, Charlemont
Hamill, John, Moy
Hamill, Rebecca, Moy
Hardy, Rev. H. E., M.A., Killyman, Moy
Harvey, John, farmer, Moy
Hazelton, Cecil, farmer, Gortrea, Moy
Henderson, Mrs., dress maker, Dungannon Street
Henry, Bertie, insurance agent, Dungannon Street, Moy
Henry, Mrs. Sarah, Temperance Hotel, Dungannon Street
Hetherington, Samuel, tailor, Moy
Hobson, W. F., draper and house furnisher, Killyman Street
Hobson, W. J. K., Killyman Street, Moy
Holmes, Joseph
Hughes, Alexander, tailor, Killyman Street
Hughes, C., farmer, Aughanlig, Moy
Hughes, James, spirit dealer, Killyman Street
Hughes, Miss, teacher
Hughes, Mrs. H., grocer, Dungannon Street, Moy
Huston, Andrew, Cohannan, Moy

Irwin, Charles, farmer, Carrowbeg
Irwin, John, farmer, Stilloga
Irwin, David, Derrycreevy House, Benburb
Irwin, E., solicitor, The Square, on Fair Days

Jamieson, Mrs. E., Killyman Street
Jamieson, Thomas, Curran's Brae, Moy
Jeffs, Thomas, farmer, Moy
Jenkinson, H., postman and sexton, The Square
Johnston, Ernest, Farmer, Mullaghboy
Johnston, F., farmer, Moy
Johnston, John, process server, Charlemont Street, Moy
Johnston, Mrs., draper, Charlemont Street, Moy
Johnston, R., J.P., Dungannon Street

Kelly, Felix, spirit dealer and grocer, Charlemont
Kelly, Frank, spirit merchant, The Square
Kelly, M. J., J.P., Glebe Cottage, Moy
Killyman Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Limited, Killyman, Moy
Kilpatrick, Samuel, Dungannon Street
Kydd, Jack, Drumgold, Moy

Laverty, Bernard, horse dealer, The Square
Laverty, Robert, horse dealer, The Square, Moy
Leslie, William, Dungannon Road
Lloyd, Capt. Richard, Tamnamore House, Moy
Lucas, James, The Square, Moy
Lutton, John, farmer, Drumgrannon

Mackle, James, fruit exporter, Keenaghan
Maguire, Tobias, horse dealer, Charlemont
Martin, Mrs., Charlemont
Menagh, Susan, Chapel Street
Miles, George, farmer, Charlemont
Millar, James, Derryoghill, Moy
Mooney, J., shoe maker, Charlemont Street
Moore, Mrs., Killyman Street
Mossman, J. M., spirit dealer, Tullyrone
Murdoch, R. W., Laurelvale, Moy
Murphy, Thomas, Ballycullen House, Moy
Murray, Joseph, Doneydade, Moy
Murray, Mrs. J., Doneydade, Moy
Murren, Miss K., Dungannon Street
Murren, P., Dungannon Street, Moy

McAleer, J., cattle dealer, Dungannon Street
McCann, J., spirit merchant, Moy
McCaul, J., publican, The Square
McCaul, J., Clover Hill, Moy
McCaul, Thomas, P.O., Tullyrone Corner
McCluskey, Robert, The Square
McConnell, Mrs., confectioner, The Square, Moy
McConnell, W., Moy Square
McCool, Edward, Dungannon Street
McDowell, Andrew R., The Square, Moy
McGarry, Felix, fowl dealer, Aughanlig, Moy
McGowan, I., Rose Cottage, Moy
McGurk, P., blacksmith, Charlemont
McHugh, Joseph, joiner, Dungannon Street
McKean, R. & H., linen manufacturers, Benburb
McKearney, J., Listamnet, Moy
McKearney, P., butcher, The Square
McKearney, Thomas, blacksmith, The Square
McKee, W., Battleford Bridge, Benburb
McKell, Miss J., grocer and newsagent, Charlemont Street; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McKenzie, A., farmer, Derryoghill, Moy
McKenzie, James, farmer, Tullygoney House, Moy
McKenzie, Thomas, farmer, Culrevage, Moy
McKeown, William, Dungannon Street
McKinty, W. H., manager, Benburb
McLean, Mrs. L., Culkeeran House, Moy
McMackle, T., hotel proprietor, Maghery, Moy
McMinn, B., Seyloran, Moy
McNeice, Misses, Listamnet
McVey, Miss, Killyman Street

Nicholson, H. J., J.P Cranagill, Loughgall

Orr, Joseph, Cohannon House, Moy
O'Connor, J., Charlemont
O'Doherty, John, teacher, Maghery, Moy

Patterson, Joseph, farmer, Grange, Moy
Patterson, Robert, Moy
Patterson, Theodore, Grange, Moy
Patterson, W., The Square, Moy
Patterson, W. J., Clonteevy, Moy
Pinkerton, Robert, grocer, Charlemont
Proctor, Major Norman, Tullydoey House, Moy
Proctor, Miss Evelyn, Tullydoey Cottage, Moy
Purdy, John, sexton, Moy
Purdy, R., water diviner and well sinker, Moy
Purdy, W., hairdresser, Moy

Rafferty, P., Charlemont Street, Moy
Reid, Daniel, Killyman Road
Riddell, John, grocer, Charlemont Street
Riddle, Emily H., grocer, Moy
Robinson, J., R.U.S.C., Moy
Robinson, Miss H., confectioner, Killyman Street
Roleston, F. T., J.P., Benburb, Moy
Rowan, Rev. Thomas, M.A., Benburb Presbyterian Manse
Roy, W., clerk of Petty Sessions, Moy

Shiels, J., Rhone Hill, Moy
Skelton, Alexander, spirit dealer, Benburb
Smart, J., R.U.C.
Spiers, The Misses, Grange, Moy
Stanley, H., grocer, Lahey, Moy
Stanton, Greer, pig exporter, Killyman, Moy
Stevenson, H., Dree House, Moy
Stevenson, W. E., Grange Lodge, Moy

Teague, Henry, Chapel Lane, Moy
Temperance Hotel, Dungannon Street
Thompson, Robert, fruit and egg merchant, Copney, Moy
Todd, J., Drumgold, Moy
Todd, W. R., auctioneer, Glenaul, Moy
Tohall, Peter, chemist, Charlemont Street, Moy
Tomney, Joseph, auctioneer, Moy
Tomney, Owen, spirit merchant, Killyman Street, Moy
Tupper, Miss, Grange Park, Moy
Twomey, J., teacher, Dungannon Street, Moy

Wallace, J., creamery manager, Killyman
Watson, Mrs., Dunlow, Moy
Watt, Mrs. David, Derryoghill
Watt, W. J., Derryoghill
White, John, confectioner
White, Joshua, cycles, The Square, Moy
Whitley, Mrs., The Square
Wilson, George, cycle agent, Charlemont
Wilson, Miss, The Square
Wright, Dr. F., surgeon, registrar of births, marriages, and deaths, The Square
Wylie, Miss Harriett, The Square, Moy

County Down

     Moyallon, which is situated on the road from Gilford to Portadown, about a mile distant from the former town, is in the parish of Tullylish. The postal address of Moyallon is "Portadown, Co. Armagh"


P.E. School - H. Jackson, Principal
Superintendent Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - R. C. Cupples, Workhouse, Banbridge
Banbridge Dispensary - Attendance at Gilford every Thursday - Dr. Jane Copes


Allen, J.
Atkinson, Bunbury, Gleneyre, Portadown

Balmer, W. E., P.E.T., Willow Cottage
Baxter, George, draper
Bell, J., Knock, Portadown
Bell, Miss E., Hacknahay
Best, J., Beechmount
Blane, James, J.P., Ballydougan, Portadown
Bond, F., chauffeur, Woodbank
Burns, J., Drunlyn
Burns, J., Stramore

Calvert, W. L., Glenbank, Portadown
Campbell, Mrs. Hilda, Drumlyn
Carson, Andrew
Carson, Mrs., Moyallon Cottages
Cochrane, S. N., manager, Ballynagarrick
Collen, Anthony
Cooke, Miss, confectioner, Drumlyn Hill

Doak, J. F., Ballynagarrick
Duke, J., farmer, Ballydonaghy

Eccles, John, gardener, Moyallon Cottages
England, J., farmer, Ballynagarrick, Gilford

Ferguson, John, Beechmount
Ferris, James, chauffeur
Flavell, William

Hardy, Stanley, Old Drumlyn
Harrison, R., Allenby, Ballynagarrick
Heathwood, S., postmaster, Moyallon Cottages
Hogg, Mrs., Ballydougan, Lurgan
Holland, Andrew, labourer, Ballynagarrick
Hunter, James, farmer, Knock

Jackson, H., teacher
Johnston, J., The Grove
Johnston, Mrs., The Grange
Joyce, Jane, Drumlyn, Portadown

Kingston, John W., Moyallon Cottages

Major, John, Ballynagarrick
Mayes, John, blacksmith
Mayes, Sarah, Drumlyn
Mitchell, J., Elmfield
Mitchell, R., Drumlyn Hill
Moonan, James, Ballynagarrick
Morrow, Alexander, farmer, Ballynagarrick
Morrow, J. J., farmer, Mullahead

McCardle, John, farmer and road contractor, Ballynagarrick, Gilford
McClelland, William
McClurg, Samuel, Sunlight Laundry
McConkey, J. W., P.E. teacher, Ballynagarrick
McConnell, John, The Manor
McConville, Henry, farmer, Ballynagarrick, Gilford
McConville, Wm., farmer, Ballynagarrick, Gilford
McCracken, William, farmer, Mullahead
McDonald, Miss, Mullahead
McDonald, Thomas, Moyallon Cottages
McGaughey, Mrs., Hope Cottage
McIlwaine, S., Ballydonaghy, Portadown
McNab, John, poultry farm, Riverview House

Nicholson, J.
Nicholson, Robert, chauffeur, Elmfield
Nimmins, Rev. Jos., B.A., Newmills, Gilford

Quinn, Mrs.

Richardson, A., Turlough, Mullahead
Richardson, H. S., D.L., Drumlyn House
Richardson, Miss Mary. Abercrana

Sandford, Jacob, Hacknahay, Portadown
Sergeant, Samuel, Ballynagarrick
Sinton, Mrs., Woodbank
Sterritt, J., Moyallon

Thompson, James, Stramore
Tweed, Mrs.

Uprichard, W. F., J.P., Elmfield, Gilford

Wilson, Robert, Drumlyn

County Antrim

     A thriving little village situated 16 miles from Belfast by road, and 20 miles by rail on the L.M. & S. Railway, where a very extensive business is carried on in the bleaching, dyeing, and finishing of linen, cotton, and yarn


Adair, Thomas, farmer, Ballycraigy
Adair, William, Tirgracey, Antrim
Adams, James, Greyabbey
Adams, R., Straidhavern
Alexander, Thomas, Islandreagh
Allen, Henry, Oldstone
Allen, John, Oldstone
Allen, Mrs., Ballyrobin
Allen, Robert, Ballycraigy
Armstrong, William J., Ballyarnott
Ash, Miss Cassie, Raceview

Balmer, William, Summerhill
Bannon, Rev. F. J., M.A., The Rectory
Baxter, Thomas, Abbeyview
Beattie, George, Oldstone
Beattie, Robt., The Farmyard, Muckamore Abbey
Beattie, Thomas, Ballyrobin
Bingham, Miss, Islandbawn
Black, Jack, Ballyrobin
Bowden, William, Islandreagh
Boyd, John, Crookedstone
Boyd, Miss, Oldstone
Boyd, R., Ballyrobin
Bradley, Robert, Ballycraigy, Newpark
Brady, Anthony, Greenmount
Brimm, S., Roselea, Greenmount Road
Brown, Edward, Killealey
Brown, John, signalman, Islandreagh
Brownlees, William, Summerhill
Burnett, William, New Line

Caesar, Robert, Carmavey
Campbell, David, Ballyrobin
Campbell, Erskine, Oldstone
Campbell, Erskine, The Banks
Carlisle, Mrs., farmer, Ballyrobin
Caskey, Miss, Greenmount Agricultural College
Clark, Robin, Craigadair
Clarke, Alexander, Islandreagh
Clarke, Henry, farmer, Island Lodge
Clarke, John, Islandreagh
Clarke, Mrs. S. J., Ballyharvey
Clarke, Robert, Abbeyview
Clarke, William, New Lodge
Clarke, William, Old Road, Islandreagh
Close, Mrs., Ballycraigy
Clyde, William, farmer, Ballyrobin
Coleman, Thomas, The Rookery
Coleman, William, Ballytweedy
Connon, Miss Maggie, Islandbawn
Cooper, Mrs. R., The Crossing
Corbett, David, Greenmount
Coulter, Thomas, Ingleside
County Agricultural School, Greenmount
Courtenay, Robert, Killealey
Craig, Adam, Summerhill
Craig, David, Abbeyview
Craig, James, Summerhill
Craig, John, Summerhill
Craig, John, Abbeyview
Craig, Thomas, The Green
Crawford, Mrs. Edward, The Croft
Creaney, Rev. M., Carmavey Manse
Crook, Mrs., Abbeyview
Crowe, Edward, 49 Abbeyview
Cummings, Nelson, Raceview
Cunningham, J., farmer, Ballyrobin
Cunningham, Mrs., Islandreagh
Cupples, J., High Road

Doyle, James, New Line
Drummond, Mathew, Summerseat
Drummond, William, farmer, Ballyharvey

Entwistle, John
Entwistle, John G., Muckamore
Entwistle, Miss L., West End
Erskine, Mrs. Mary E., farmer, Seacash House
Erwin, Francis, The Mill

Fannin, R. J., principal of the Greenmount Agricultural School
Fisher, Thomas, farmer, Islandbawn
Fleming, Jack, Islandbawn
Fleming, David, Greenmount
Fletcher, Hugh, Islandbawn
Forsythe, Adam, 48 Abbeyview
Foster, Mrs., Ballycraigy
Francey, David, Abbeyview
Fraser, Leonard, Elinore
French, James, Ballyrobin

Gamble, William, Islandbawn
Geddis, Frank, The Green
Geddis, Robert, Shanoguestown
Giffen, James, Ballyarnott
Gillan, William, Ballyrobin
Gilliland, Scott, farmer, Ballyrobin
Gilliland, William, farmer, Ballyrobin
Gilmore, Robert, Ballyharvey
Good, John, Shanoguestown
Gowdy, Joseph, Raceview
Gowdy, Robert, sub-postmaster, Loanends
Graffin, Thomas, Greyabbey
Graham, Andrew, Moylena
Graham, David, Clonlee
Graham, William, Ballyrobin
Graham, William, blacksmith, Killead
Gray, David, High Road
Gray, Wilfred, farmer, Larkhill
Green, Joe, Boghead
Greer, A., The Rookery
Gregg, Thomas, Thatched Row, Muckamore
Groves, Miss S., Abbeyview

Hamill, Hugh, Millview
Hamill, James, Oldstone
Hamill, John, Abbeyview
Hamill, John, Ballyrobin
Hamill, Samuel, Muckamore
Hamill, William, Raceview
Harkness, Thomas, Ballycraigy
Haslett, Major H. R., Moylena Cottage
Haslett, Stanley, Hollowville, Ballycraigy
Hawthorne, J., Raceview
Higgins, David, Summerhill
Hill, Mrs. M. S. Tirgracey
Hill, Robert, Tirgracey
Hill, William, Tirgracey
Houston, Alexander, Abbeyview
Houston, John, Boghead
Houston, Thomas, Boghead
Humphries, Thomas, Old Belfast Road

Jackson, Herbert, The Green
Jackson, William, The Green
Jackson, ?, Roycroft, Muckamore
Jamison, Mrs. Emma, Summerhill
Johnston, James, Islandreagh
Johnston, James, Gate Lodge
Johnston, Miss, Abbey View
Johnston, Robert, Ballycraigy
Johnston, Thomas J., Abbeyview
Jones, Albert, Ballycraigy
Joynt, Mrs., Islandreagh
Judge, Mrs., Ballyharvey

Kane, Mrs., Abbeyview
Kelly, Thomas, sen., Abbeyview
Kelly, Thomas, jun., Raceview
Kerr, Robert, Summerhill
Kilpatrick, Samuel, mason and contractor
King, W. J., Abbeyview
Kirk, Norman, Rossville, Muckamore
Kissack, George, Islandbawn

Leitch, Andrew, Islandbawn
Letson, Mrs., Killealey
Lewis, Mrs., farmer, Ballyrobin
Lilley, Mrs., Abbeyview
Livingstone, Mrs., Shanoguestown
Logan, James, The Green
Lyle, Mrs. Rachael, Ballyrobin
Lyle, Robert, publican
Lynn, Frederick, Shanoguestown
Lynn, Thomas, farmer, Ballyrobin

Mackey, Samuel, farmer, Killealey
Magee, James, Boghead
Magee, John, Crookedstone
Mailey, Hugh, Greenmount
Mailey, James, Islandbawn
Mairs, Mrs. Cathleen, Boghead
Mairs, William, Abbeyview
Maitland, Silvie, Raceview
Marcus, Ernest, farmer, Oldstone
Martin, Mrs., Moylena
Meenan, L. A., solicitor, Ballycraigy House
Millar, Alexander, Oldstone
Millar, Charles, Islandbawn
Millar, Rev. G. H., Killead manse
Millar, Robert, farmer, Killealey
Millar, Robert, Islandbawn
Millar, ?, school teacher, Killead
Milligan, Mrs., Ballyrobin
Milligan, Mrs. William, Shanoguestown
Minford, John, farmer, Ballyarnott
Minford, Robert, farmer, Ballyrobin
Montgomery, Robert, New Lodge
Montgomery, William, farmer, Ballytweedy
Montgomery, W. B., New Lodge
Moody, James, farmer, Ballyharvey
Mullan, John, Millview
Murphy, H., J.P., New Lodge

McAdam, James, farmer, Ballyrobin
McCabe, Mrs., High Road
McCaig, James, Summerhill
McCaig, Kitchener, 19 Boghead
McCartney, John, Thatched Row
McClintock, William, Greenmount
McClung, Mrs. Martha, farmer, Ballytweedy
McClure, John, Abbeyview
McClure, Mrs., Abbeyview
McClure, William, Abbeyview
McComb, Henry, farmer, Carmavey
McCord, Alexander, Killealey
McCormick, Joseph, Ballyharvey
McCormick, Patrick, Raceview
McCoubrey, John, New Line
McCurdey, John, farmer, Tully
McDowell, George, Tirgracey
McElroy, Samuel, farmer, Carmavey
McErlane, Mrs., The Rookery
McFadden, Hugh, farmer, Oldstone
McGivern, Misses, Islandreagh
McGrath, Mrs., Abbeyview
McGrub, Thomas, The Green
McIlveen, john, Ballycraigy
McKelvey, Robert, Boghead
McKelvey, William, Moylena
McMaster, J., Raceview
McMeekin, W. J., Abbeyview
McMullan, Jack, Red Row, Islandreagh
McMillan, James, Raceview
McMullan, John, Greenmount
McNally, Mrs. James, The Crossing
McNeill, Mrs., The Green
McPherson, David, farmer, Killealey
McQuillan, John, Summerhill
McRoberts, J., Crookedstone

Neeson, Mrs., farmer, Ballyrobin
Nicholl, Henry, dealer
Nicholl, Hugh, Shanoguestown
Nicholl, James, Shanoguestown

Officer, Mrs., Ballyarnott
O'Neill, George, High Road
O'Neill, John, farmer, Oldstone

Palmer, William John, Ballyrobin
Park, J., Ballyrobin
Parker, Thomas, Islandbawn
Patton, Mrs., The Banks
Patterson, H., Greenmount
Picken, George, farmer, Ballyrobin
Pierce, William, Islandbawn
Porter, David, Ballyrobin
Preston, William, Islandbawn
Pritchard, Miss I., Ballyharvey

Quigley, Mrs., Oldstone
Quigley, Samuel, Islandbawn

Rainey, James, Abbeyview
Rainey, Mrs. M. W., Sub-postmistress, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Rainey, Stephen, Hopefield
Rainey, W. J.
Rainey, W. J., grocer, Islandbawn
Ramsey, Henderson, Shamrock Lodge
Rankin, Miss, Thatched Row
Rankin, Mrs., Millview
Rea, Mrs. M., Ballyrobin
Reade, George S., J.P., Firgrove
Reid, James, Raceview
Reid, John, Killead
Reid, Miss, Islandbawn
Reid, Robert, The Rookery
Reid, William John, Raceview
Reynolds, Mrs., Islandbawn
Robinson, James, farmer, Ballytweedy
Robinson, George, Ballyrobin
Rodgers, Alexander, Ballyrobin
Rollens, Mrs., Killealy
Ross, D., & Sons, grocers, Rossville, Islandbawn
Ross, James, 66 White's Cottage, Muckamore

Sayers, Andrew, Bawnmore, New Line
Scott, David, Carmavey
Scott, George, Ballysculty
Scott, John, The Rookery
Scott, Robert, farmer, Ballyrobin
Sempey, James, Boghead
Shaw, Robert, Abbeyview
Spence, H., Moylena
Steele, David, Moylena
Steele, Martin, Islandreagh
Steele, Robert, Gate Lodge
Steele, Samuel, Islandbawn
Steele, Thomas, Ballyarnott
Steele, William, Shanoguestown
Stewart, James, farmer, Killealey
Stewart, James, Abbeyview
Stewart, Samuel, The Hill, Killead
Stewart, William, farmer, Killealey
Stirling, David, Abbeyview

Taylor, Arthur, Raceview
Taylor, Daniel, Ballyrobin
Thompson, Robert, J.P., Muckamore Abbey
Thompson, William, Oldstone
Tuff, Henry, The Banks

Walker, Mrs., farmer, Ballytweedy
Wallace, Col., The Grange
Wallace, John, Raceview
Wallace, Mrs. Mary
Wallace, Wm. McLearn, M.R.C.V.S., Firmount
Warwick, Mrs., Clonee House
Wasson, Robert, Greyabbey
Watt, Roy, farmer, Oldstone
White, James, farmer, Tully
White, Joseph, Ballycraigy
White, Margaret, Killealey
White, Miss, Greenmount, Agricultural School
White, W. J., farmer, Ballysculty
Wiggins, John, Tirgracey
Williams, Thomas, electrician, Greenmount Agricultural School
Williamson, Thomas, engineer, The Green
Wilson, Matthew, Boghead
Wilson, William, Ballyrobin
Witherspoon, Charles, Raceview
Witherspoon, Charles, jun., Raceview
Witherspoon, Mrs. Elizabeth, Raceview
Wright, Alexander, The Rookery
Wright, Hugh, Raceview

York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.