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1943 Belfast Street Directory

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Omagh - Pettigo - Plumbridge - Pomeroy - Portadown
Portaferry - Portavogie - Portballintrae - Portglenone
Portrush - Portstewart - Poyntzpass - Purdysburn

County Tyrone

     Is the capital of the County, a distinction which it has enjoyed since the year 1768; is situated 130 miles north-west from Dublin; 66 west from Belfast; 34 south from Londonderry. The market days are Thursdays (for the sale of pork, young pigs, and poultry) and Saturdays (for the sale of all other commodities). The monthly fair is held on the first Tuesday of each month.  The shops' half-holiday is on Wednesday.  Population in 1937 was 5,741


Church of Ireland, Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. Canon Cullimore, M.A.  Cappagh Parish Church - Rev. J. W. Wright, B.A.  Clanabogan - Rev. J. Irwin Lea, B.A.  Edenderry - Rev. J. A. Davidson, M.A.  Lislimnaghan - Rev. R. H. Whelan, M.A.  Drumnakilly - Rev. R. H. Minchin, B.A.
First Presbyterian Church, Dublin Road - Rev. Samuel Gilmore.  Trinity, John Street - Vacant.  Ballynahatty - Rev. W. E. Cochrane, B.A.  Creevan United with Ballynahatty.  Edenderry - Rev. W. G. Sinclair, B.A.  Gillygooley - Vacant.  Mountjoy - Rev. J. Boyd Moore, B.A.  Seskinore - Rev. J. M. McAuley, B.A.  Clogherney - Rev. W. G. McKinney, B.A.  Drumquin - Rev. J. C. Davison, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. A. Harbinson, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Church Street - Rev. Dr. McShane, P.P.  Killyclogher - Rev. John McKenna, P.P.


J. O. H. Long, R.M.; Chas. A. Beattie, The Earl of Belmore, D.L.; The Hon. C. Lowry-Corry, G. Y. Smith, W. T. Quigley, William S. McCay, Alex. McPherson, James Whaley, Matthew Verner, James P. Jamison, Joseph Wilson, George Anderson, Col. P. B. Fleming, D.S.O.
Petty Sessions - Every second Monday 11 a.m.  James Boyle, clerk; Robt. Collins, summons server


Post Office and Savings Bank, High Street - F. Brennan, postmaster
Bank of Ireland, Campsie - H. D. L. Purdon, agent
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., High Street - Manager, J. W. Moorhead
Munster & Leinster Bank, High - Manager, J. Guirne
Northern Bank Ltd., Market Street - Manager, W. L. Fryar
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ltd., High Street - Manager, W. H. P. Giles
Ulster Bank Ltd., High Street - Manager, I. A. Montgomery
Gas Works - P. J. O'Callaghan, manager
Electricity Board for N. Ireland - J. G. Allen, manager
Tyrone County Council - James F. Gamble, M.P. (chairman); John Glasgow, J.P. (vice-chairman); Arthur H. Coote, J.P. (secretary); Robt. Magee (accountant); B. G. L. Glasgow (county surveyor); Ivan W. Leebody (deputy county surveyor)
Omagh Urban Council, North Ward - Robert Rodgers (chairman); W. J. Hamilton, John Crawford, Thomas Dick, J.P.; W. J. Watson, William Giboney.  South Ward - A. T. Blair, David Black, Robert Mitchell, Thos. McClay, D.C.M.; R. K. Henderson, J. Stanley Rountree.  West Ward - Alex. A. Donnelly, M.P.; Jack Devlin, Henry McGale, Bernard O'Reilly (vice-chairman); Patrick Starrs, R. H. O'Connor, W. F. Townsend, Chas. Hunter, Francis O'Kane
Fire Brigade - Robert Hynes, captain
Schools' Medical Officer - Dr. J. Chambers
Omagh Cemetery Committee - John Watson, chairman; Joseph Robinson; registrar; Geo. Campbell, caretaker
Union Workhouse - John Given, chairman; Thos. Mansell, master; Miss Robinson, matron; Jas. E. McCauley, medical officer; R. Parke, solicitor, clerk of union
Tyrone County Hospital - A. H. M. Eaton, B.Ch., F.R.C.S. (Edin.), surgeon; Miss Snodgrass, matron; D. Scott, secretary
Dispensary (at Workhouse) - Medical officer, Dr. B. Lagan. Open every Tuesday and Friday from 12 to 2 o'clock
District Lunatic Asylum - Resident Physician, J. M. Johnston; assistant resident physicians, Dr. J. Herbert and Dr. W. Kelly; clerk, O. L. Walsh
Omagh Rural Council - John Watson, chairman; Robert Parke, solicitor, clerk
Dispensary Medical Officer - Dr. B. Lagan
Ministry of Labour - Hamilton Edgar, secretary, Inspectors - Stanley Thomas and W. Dunn
Omagh Employment Committee - Hamilton Edgar, secretary
British Legion )Omagh Branch) - R. Magee, hon. secretary
Omagh Branch British Legion and U.S.F. Ben Committee - J. Mullan, hon. secretary
British Legion (Woman's Branch) - Mrs. Ewing, hon. secretary
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. Bernard Lagan
Marriage Registration Office - T. Mansell, Union House, Omagh
Courthouse, High Street - Samuel Hazlett, keeper
Petty Sessions Office, Courthouse - James Boyle, clerk
R.U.C. - R. R. Spears, M.B.E., county inspector; Captain A. Small, district inspector; head constable, E. McClean
Newspapers - "Tyrone Constitution";  "Ulster Herald"
Clerk of the Crown and Peace - W. Edmund Orr
Crown Solicitor - Capt. William H. Fyffe, M.B.E.
Coroner - A. Fred Colhoun


Omagh Regional Education Committee (see under County Tyrone) - Thomas Dick, J.P., chairman; Harold McCauley, secretary; Dr. Chambers, schools' medical officer; Miss Dudley, school nurse
Convent Female School, Brook Street - Teacher, Loretto Sisters
Omagh Academy - R. A. Simpson, M.A., principal
Omagh Technical School - P. J. Brennan, B.Com., principal
Convent Boarding Schools and Omagh Convent National School - Loretto Sisters, teachers
Christian Brothers' School, Mount Street, Columba - Rev. Bro. Burke, principal
Omagh District Model School, Mountjoy Road - R. T. Newell, B.A., principal
Culmore P.E. School - James McGowan, principal
Killyclogher P.E. School - F. H. McBride, principal
Correnary School - Mrs. Curry, principal
Gillygooley P.E. School - Mrs. Elkin, principal
Cavanacaw P.E. School - Miss McAdam, principal
Calkill P.E. School - Wm. J. Moore, principal
Castletown P.E. School - Mrs. Thomas, principal
Deverney Bridge P.E. School - Mrs. Moorehead, principal
Drumragh P.E. School - Miss S. Newell, principal
Knockmoyle P.E. School - Gerald McElhill, principal
Recarson P.E. School - M. J. McMullan, principal
Tattynure P.E. School - Mrs. E. Somerville, principal
Tyrcur P.E. School - Miss Taylor, principal
Mayne P.E. School - Mrs. Collins, principal
Mountfield P.E. School - Miss McKimmon, principal
Drumnakelly P.E. School - Miss Kyle, principal


Omagh Centre N.W.I. Work Guild - President, Her Grace the Duchess of Abercorn; secretary, Mrs. Dickie, Clonavon
Masonic Lodges - No. 332 (Concord), W. Johnston, secretary.  No. 350 (Cappagh) R. T. Newell, B.A., sec.  No. 334 (St. John's), Capt. W. H. Fyffe, M.B.E., sec.  Omagh Royal Arch Chapt. No. 332, W. T. Quigley, J.P., registrar
Tyrone County Club - R. H. McCoy, secretary
Tyrone County Library, Dublin Road - Vacant
Omagh Y.M.C.A., Market Street - Bertie Parke, secretary
L.O.L. No. 850 (No Surrender), L.O.L. No. 937 (Omagh True Blues), R.B. Preceptory No. 185 (Omagh), L.O.L. No. 784. All meet monthly at the Orange Hall, Omagh
Omagh Nursing Society - Miss Crawford, secretary
Omagh Golf Club - T. Willis, Sheffield, secretary
Mid and West Tyrone Registration Association - R. A. Parke, secretary
Omagh Branch Irish National Forresters - Gerald O'Neill, secretary
Orange and Protestant Friendly Society - Mrs. Pigott, secretary, Campsie Crescent, Omagh
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children - Miss R. Fleming, secretary
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Col. R. C. Dobbs, D.S.O., hon. secretary
Tyrone Committee of Agriculture - James E. Johnston (chairman); James F. Gamble, M.P. (vice chairman_; W. Walsh (secretary); W. J. Patterson (County war agricultural organiser)


Ulster Hotel, Hugh Street - Henry McGale
Royal Arms, High Street - Capt. G. McIlveen, manager
Melville Hotel, High Street - Miss Robinson
Mark Avenue Hotel - Mrs. Porter


Adams, Miss Adelaide, Wallbrook, Dublin Road
Adams, Mrs., Campsie
Adams, Samuel, McConnell Place
Adrain, H., & Son, drapers, Market Street
Adrain, Mrs., Dublin Road
Aiken, James, Church Street
Aiken, Mrs. Ellen, Bridge Street
Aitken, John, Springwell Villas, Cottage Road
Alcorn, Armer, Alderside
Allen Bros., Camowen Terrace
Allen, Cecil, Campsie Crescent
Allen, Ernest, photographer, Old Market Place
Allen, Ernest, Hillview Terrace
Allen, James G., Holmview Terrace
Allen, Mrs. C., Campsie
Allen, Rawlinson & White, incorporated accountants and auditors, John Street
Allen, Thomas, Kevlin Road
Allison, John, Dublin Road
Allison, Mrs., Dublin Road
Anderson Bros., grocers, Market Street
Anderson, Charles, Lisnamallard
Anderson, Charles, & Co., hardware merchants, Market Street
Anderson, George, Market Street
Anderson, J. B., & Co., general drapers and fancy warehousemen, Market Street
Anderson, Mrs. T., Campsie Road
Anderson, William, Campsie
Andrews, Mrs., Castle Place
Archdale, William Porter, Mountfield Lodge
Armstrong, Albert, Garden Cottages
Armstrong, Alexander, Campsie Road
Armstrong, George, Campsie Crescent
Armstrong, Hamilton, Campsie
Armstrong, William, Castle Street
Armstrong, W. A., grocer, Campsie Road
Atwell, Mrs. J., Campsie Avenue
Aukett, Mrs., Hillside

Baird, William A., Castle Place
Baird, William L., Lisnamallard
Baker, J. V., watch maker, Campsie Road
Ball, Francis, Abbey Street
Ballantine, James, Mountjoy Road
Ballantine, William, Campsie Avenue
Barber, Daniel, Sedan Avenue
Barbour, Daniel, land steward, Omagh District Asylum
Barclay, Mrs., Clement's Villas
Barr, Mrs., Holmview Terrace
Battersby, Mrs., Dergmoney Villas
Battisti, Thomas, High Street
Baxter, Mary Ann, Derry Road
Beatty, Mrs. A. M., Campsie Road
Beatty, Robert, Dublin Road
Beckett, Matthew, James Street
Bell, William, Campsie Road
Bennett's Stores, Ltd., Market Street
Birney, Cassie, Campsie Crescent
Birney, David, Glenview Cottages
Birney, Harry, Campsie Crescent
Birrell, Albert, O'Connor Terrace
Bittles, Alexander, New Brighton Terrace
Black, David, 24 High Street
Black, D., & Co., hardware merchants, High Street
Black, J., Lisnamallard
Black, Robert, solicitor, High Street
Black, Robert, carter, Froughmore
Blair, Andrew T., Campsie Road
Blair, Mrs., Holmview Terrace
Bloomfield, Mrs., draper, High Street
Bonner, Joseph, West View Terrace
Booth, Matthew, St. Julien Cottages
Booth, Mrs., Mountfield Road
Booth, Robert, Fairmount Avenue
Booth, William, Johnston Park
Bowes, James, Fairmount Avenue
Bowes, John, Glenview Cottages
Bowes, Joseph, Kevlin Road Alley
Boyce, Joseph, tobacconist and newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Boyce, Miss, James Street
Boyd, Herbert, High Street
Boyd, Isaac, & Son, green grocer, Market Street
Boyd, Miss G., Campsie
Boyers, William, Dublin Road
Boyle, James, clerk of Petty Sessions
Bradley, Catherine, nurse, George Street
Bradley, Hugh, Abbey Street
Bradley, Hugh, Bridge Street
Bradley, The Misses, John Street
Bradley, Patrick, Campsie Road
Bradley, Robert, Castle Street
Brandon & Jamieson, chartered accountants, High Street
Bredin, John, Sedan Avenue
Breen, Mark, Dromore Road
Breen, Mrs., O'Connor Terrace
Brennan, F., Dergmoney Place
Brennan, P. J., principal, Derry Road
Britton, Richard, Fairmount Avenue
Broderick, John, George Street
Broderick, John, jun., publican, George Street
Brogan, John, River Row
Brogan, Joseph, Castle Street
Brogan, Mrs., Campsie Avenue
Brogan, Thomas, Castle Street
Brogan, Vincent, Cottage Road
Browne, Hugh, Campsie Road
Browne, Mrs., Abbey Street
Buchanan, The Misses, Killyclogher
Buchanan, Mrs. J. B., Glencree
Burke, Mrs., Market Street
Burns, George, Irishtown
Burns, Michael, Cottage Road
Burns, Patrick, Irishtown
Burr, Victor, Woodside Terrace

Cafe Rex, High Street
Campbell, Bernard, jeweller, John Street
Campbell, Charles, Campsie
Campbell, George, Dublin Road
Campbell, James, Bridge Street
Campbell, James, produce merchant, John Street
Campbell, John, Lisnamallard
Campbell, John, St. Patrick's Street
Campbell, Joseph, High Street
Campbell, Miss, grocer, Mountfield Road
Campbell, The Misses, Mullaghmore
Campbell, Robert, Dergmoney Cottages
Campbell, William, Mountfield Road
Campbell, William, John Street
Campling, Frederick, Abbey Street
Carmichael, Arthur, Ashfield Terrace
Carmichael, George, Cranny
Carmichael, William, Killybrack
Carson, Andrew, Mountjoy Road
Carson, James, Holmview Terrace
Carson, John, Asylum Road
Carson, Miss T., teacher, Model School
Carson, Mrs., Market Street
Carson, Robert, Campsie Avenue
Carson, William, Johnston Park
Cassidy, Francis P., St. Patrick's Terrace
Cassidy, James, Fairmount Avenue
Cathcart, T. J., Market Street
Chambers, Douglas, Campsie Road
Charlton & Sons, Gortmore
Charlton, William, Derry Road
Chesney, Francis, Mountjoy Road
Chisholm, George, Kevlin Road
Chism, Maxwell, John Street
Clancey, Sister M., Tyrone County Hospital
Clarke, Thomas, Campsie
Clements, Mrs., Woodside Terrace
Clements, William, St. Patrick's Street
Clinton, Miss M., draper, Market Street
Cockburn, Cecil, Mountfield Road
Cockburn, George, Cottage Road
Cockburn, Samuel, Dromore Road
Cockburn, Thomas, Lisanelly
Colgan, Mrs., East View Terrace
Colhoun, A. F., solicitor, Market Street
Colhoun, Joseph, Campsie Crescent
Colhoun, William, Campsie Crescent
Colhoun, William, jun., Campsie Crescent
Coll, Bernard, West View Terrace
Collins, Cecil, East View Terrace
Collins, James, Bridge Street
Collins, Mrs., Recolpa
Collins, Robert, Castle Street
Collins, Mrs. R., Abbey Street
Colton, Francis, St. Patrick's Terrace
Colton, F., jun., St. Columba's Terrace
Colton, Gerald, Kevlin Road
Colton, Hugh, Fairmount Cottages
Colton, Thomas, painter, Pretoria Terrace
Conlan, Alexander, Prospect Terrace
Conlon, Thomas, Dromore Road
Connell & Co., stationers; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter," High Street
Connolly, Francis, Abbey Street
Connolly, Mrs., West View Terrace
Conway, Mrs. A., Market Street
Cook, James, Campsie Road
Cook, John, Dunbreen
Cooke, Walter, Campsie Crescent
Cooper, John, caretaker, Y.M.C.A.
Coote, Arthur H., J.P., Campsie Road
Corker, Alexander, Campsie Road
Corker, W. J., O'Connor Terrace
Corry, James, John Street
Corry, John, Cottage Road
Coulter, Theodore, Dublin Road
Crane, Robert, Lisnamallard
Crawford & Crawford, drapers, Market Street
Crawford, John, jun., Brookmount
Crawford, John, Brookmount
Crawford, Joseph, jun., Dublin Road
Crawford, Mrs., Railway Terrace
Crawford & Wilson, hardware merchants, High Street
Creery, William J., Dromore Road
Creswell, Albert, Derry Road
Creswell, Andrew, Campsie Crescent
Crilly, James, Bridge Street
Cullimore, Rev. Canon, The Rectory, Church Street
Cummins, Andrew, John Street
Cummins, Ernest E., Campsie Avenue
Cunningham, Dr. J., James Street
Cunningham, Miss, Mountjoy Road
Cunningham, Peter, Mountjoy Road
Cunningham, Thomas, Campsie Road
Cupples, James, Dublin Road
Curran, William, Kevlin Road
Curry, Mrs., Dublin Road
Curry, Robert, Asylum Road
Cuthbertson, Joseph, Brook Street

Daly, E. S., agricultural instructor, Coney Warren
Davidson, A. G. A., solicitor, John Street
Davidson, Rev. J. A., Edenderry
Davidson, Miss M. H., poultry instructress, Mullaghmore
Davidson, Thomas, Campsie Avenue
Davidson, Thomas, Campsie
Dennison, Christopher, Market Street
Devine, Mrs. Mary J., Castle Street
Devlin, Jack, Market Street
Devlin, James, Market Street
Devlin, John, Clement's Villas
Devlin, Michael, Bridge Street
Devlin, The Misses, Campsie
Devlin, The Misses, Dublin Road
Dick & Crawford, auctioneers, Market Street
Dick, Thomas, J.P., Mountjoy Road
Dickie & Carson, solicitors, High Street
Dickie, J. F., solicitor, Old Mountjoy
Dickie, Mrs., Clonavon
Dobbs, Lt.-Col. R. C., D.S.O., Camowen Terrace
Doherty, M., Gortrush
Doherty, Thomas, Churchill
Doherty, William, Lisnamallard
Dolan, John, Garden Cottages
Donaghey, Charles, Glenview Cottages
Donaghey, Charles H., proprietor of Omagh Picture House and Star Kinema
Donaldson, Francis, Orchard Terrace
Donaldson, William, West View Terrace
Donnell, William, Campsie Crescent
Donnellan, W., High Street
Donnelly, A. E., B.A., solicitor, High Street and Holmview Terrace
Donnelly, Charles, Fairmount Avenue
Donnelly, Daniel, George Street
Donnelly, James, George Street
Donnelly, Martin, Castle Street
Donnelly, Mrs. Mary, restaurant, George Street
Donnelly, Mrs. M., Clements Villas
Donnelly, Peter, Glenview Terrace
Doran, Hugh, Market Street
Doris, Miss K., dentist, High Street
Dowie, Alfred H., East View Terrace
Drum, William, Prospect Terrace
Drumragh and Cappagh Co-operative Society, George Street
Dudley, Nurse Kathleen, Brookmount Terrace
Duff, Mrs., Gortmore
Dunbar, Josias, Campsie
Dunbar, Mrs., St. Brigid Street
Duncan, James, East View Terrace
Dunn, Gerald, New Brighton Terrace
Dunne, Mrs., Pretoria Terrace
Dunne, Thomas, Derry Road

Eaglesfield, Thomas, Dublin Road
Eaton, Dr. A. H. M., B.Ch., F.R.C.S. (Edin.), Tyrone Co. Hospital
Edgar, Hamilton, Campsie
Elliott, Neville, Campsie Avenue
Ellis, Mrs., Rash House
Evans, A. H., Dromore Road
Evans, Tudor, Bridge Street
Ewart, William, Fairmount Avenue
Ewing, Oliver, Derry Road
Ewing, Thomas, Market Street

Fallows, Mrs., Dublin Road
Farren, Sergeant F., R.U.C., Castle Place
Ferguson, J. M., Derry Road
Ferguy, Joseph, Campsie Road
Ferris, John, butcher, Bridge Street
Ferris, Patrick, rate collector, Bridge Street
Fisher, Charles, Fairview Terrace
Fitzpatrick, Gorge, Johnston Park (George)
Fitzpatrick, John, Brookmount Terrace
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, school attendance officer, Mullaghmore
Flanagan, Charles, Lammy
Flanagan, Denis, High Street
Flanagan, Peter, sergeant, Gortmore
Fleming, Col. P. B., D.S.O., Coneywarren
Foster, Robert A., Irishtown Road
Fowler, George, Mountfield Road
Fox, Francis, Fairmount Avenue
Friel, Bernard, Garden Cottages
Friel, Hugh, McConnell Place
Friel, Thomas, Cottage Road
Fryar, W. L., manager, Northern Bank
Fyffe, Robert, Johnston, Park
Fyffe, Capt. W. H., M.B.E., An-Arik, Campsie

Galbraith, Mrs., Dublin Road
Galbraith, Mrs. John, Irishtown Road
Gallagher, Brian, John Street
Gallagher, James, Campsie Road
Gallagher, James, Cottage Road
Gallagher, Michael, High Street
Gallagher, Michael, Mountfield Road
Gallagher, Samuel, Woodside Terrace
Garety, Mrs., Mountjoy Road
Garety, Patrick, publican, John Street
Gault, Archibald, Bridge Street
Gibb, Mrs., Dublin Road
Giboney, W. A., Church Street
Gibson, Miss, nurse, Fever Hospital
Gilchrist, William, Lisnamallard
Gilkinson, John, Castle Street
Gillespie, Bernard, Derry Road
Gillespie, John S., Mountfield Road
Gilroy, Peter, Campsie Road
Given, James, Brook Street
Given, James, St. Bridget's Street
Given, Parnell, Castle Place
Glasgow, B. G. L., B.A.I., A.M.Inst.C.E., county surveyor, Mullaghmore
Glass, Andrew, St. Patrick Street
Goligy, Mrs. Elizabeth, Old Market Place
Goligy, Peter, St. Patrick's Terrace
Goodwin, Mrs. Mary, St. Brigid's Street
Gorman, Michael, John Street
Gorman, Michael, Church Street
Gormley, Charles, Tamlaght Road
Gormley, James, Pretoria Terrace
Gormley, James, Castle Place
Gormley, Michael, Campsie Avenue
Gormley, Miss, dress maker, Abbey Street
Gormley, M., blacksmith, Margaret Yard
Gormley, Samuel, relieving officer
Gosselin, Mrs., Lissan grove
Graham, Francis, Johnston Park
Graham, John J., Clement's Villas
Graham, Joseph, Campsie Avenue
Graham, Mrs., Market Street
Graham & Sons, printers, Market Street
Gray, Robert, Mullaghmore
Gray, Robert, Glenview Cottages
Gray, William, Mullaghmore
Gray, William, Eastview Terrace
Greer, Mervyn, Coneywarren
Greer, Mrs., Lisnamallard
Gwynne, James, Dublin Road

Hackett, Dermott, Castle Street
Hackett, Joseph, Brook Street
Hackett, Richard, John Street
Hackett, Teresa, George Street
Hall, Andrew, Castle Street
Hall, J. J., contractor, Riverdene, Irishtown
Hall, Miss D., Gortmore Terrace
Hall, Mrs. James, Derry Road
Hamilton, David, East View Terrace
Hamilton, Ernest, civil servant, Campsie
Hamilton, James, U.D.C., Campsie Road
Hamilton, Mrs., Mountjoy Road
Hamilton, Mrs. E. V., The Residency
Hamilton, Thomas, Garden Cottages
Hamilton, Thomas, caretaker of Orange Hall
Hamilton, T. T., C.E., Dublin Road
Hamilton, William, Campsie Road
Hamilton, William, blacksmith, Kevlin Road
Hammond, Joseph, Mountjoy Road
Hammond-Smith, Mrs. S. B. H., Edenfel
Hannigan, Mrs., Market Street
Hannigan, Mrs., Campsie Crescent
Hannigan, Robert, Irishtown
Hannigan, Thomas, Lisnamallard
Hannon, Mrs., Gortmore Terrace
Harbinson, Rev. A., B.A., Methodist Manse, Church Street
Harkness, William John, Fairview Terrace
Harvey, George, Lisahoppin
Harvey & McGrath, grocer, Market Street
Hawkes, Alexander, Woodview Terrace
Hazlett, Samuel, Courthouse Keeper
Healey, Michael, Mullaghmore
Heaney, Mrs., draper, John Street
Hegan, Edward J., Mullaghmore
Henderson, Mrs., Gardenvale, High Street
Henderson, Robt. K., hardware merchant, High Street
Henderson, Thomas, publican, High Street
Henderson, William G., Lislimnaghan
Hendley, John, Dublin Road
Herbert, Dr. J. C., Omagh Asylum
Hill, Patrick, River Row
Holland, John, publican, John Street
Holland, John, jun., Church Hill
Holland, Norman L., solicitor, Church Street
Holmes, Roy B., auctioneer, John Street
Honeyman, Mrs., Market Street
Hooke, Samuel, Sedan Avenue
Hopper, Robert, Woodside Terrace
Houston, King & Black, solicitors, High Street
Hughes, Mrs., Dublin Road
Hughes, Samuel L., Hillview Terrace
Hunt, Bernard, St. Columba's Terrace
Hunt, Charles, Dergmoney
Hunt, Michael, Castle Place
Hunter, Charles, Abbey Street
Hunter, John, Brook Street
Hunter, Michael, Sedan Avenue
Hunter, Patrick, Brook Street
Hunter, William, Fairmount Cottages
Hurst, J., painter, Orchard Row
Hurst, Malachy, Fairmount Avenue
Hutchinson, Charles, Market Street
Hynes, Robert, plumber, Campsie Road

Ingram, John, Dromore Road
Ingram, Joseph, store keeper, Omagh Mental Hospital
Irvine, James, High Street
Irvine, John, Irishtown, Omagh
Irwin, Henry, Dublin Road

Jackson, Burt, Market Street
Jackson, Cecil, Dublin Road
Jackson, Frank, Mullaghmore
Jackson, James, Mountfield Road
Jackson, James, publican, High Street
Jamison, James P., J.P., James Street
Jeffrey, James, Irishtown Road
Johnston, Alfred, grocer, High Street
Johnston Bros., Ltd., Family Grocers, Booksellers, and Stationers; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," High Street
Johnston, Frederick, Campsie
Johnston, Hugh, John Street
Johnston, James E., High Street
Johnston, John W., Campsie Road
Johnston, Samuel, Johnston Park
Johnston, S. W., Camowen Terrace
Johnston, William, Rosemount
Johnston, William, Mountjoy Road
Johnston, William George, Clement's Villas
Johnston, W. H., Campsie Crescent
Johnston, W. J., & Co., drapers, High Street

Kane, Minnie, Tamlaght Road
Kane, Robert, Castle Street
Kane, Sarah, Tamlaght Road
Kearney, Francis W., Tamlaght
Keenan Bros., victuallers, Market Street
Keenan, Hugh, Mountjoy Road
Keenan, John, Market Street
Keenan, Rose, Church Street
Keith, Henry, Clement's Villas
Keith, Samuel, Asylum Road
Kelly, A. W., supervisor Transport Board
Kelly, Henry, Garden Cottages
Kelly, Dr. Wilfred, assistant medical officer, Omagh Mental Hospital
Kennedy, Herbert, Garden Cottages
Kennedy, Samuel, Dergmoney
Kerr, John R., Brook Street
Kerr, Joseph, Brook Street
Kerr, J., chemist, Market Street
Kerr, Mrs. Matilda, East View Terrace
Keys, Samuel, Dromore Road
King, Mrs., John Street
Kinloch, Messrs. R., & Sons, fleshers, Bridge Street
Kinloch, Robert, jun., Glenview Terrace
Kinnear, David, Fairmount Avenue
Kinnear, Margaret and Kathleen, O'Connor Terrace
Kinnear, Mrs. Margret, Lisnamallard
Kirkpatrick, Miss, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Kirwin, Thomas, Artizan Terrace
Kyle, Herbert A., chemist, Market Street

Lagan, Dr. B., Riverston House
Laird, Robert, Johnston Park
Lambert, Frederick, Johnston Park
Lambert, Mrs., Mountfield Road
Larkin, Francis, George Street
Larkin, Mrs., stationer, George Street
Laughlin, Alex., Dublin Road
Leitch, Mrs., Homeleigh, Mullaghmore
Leonard, George, photographer, High Street
Lewis, Mrs., Campsie Road
Lindsay, Hugh, Mullan Terrace
Livingston, Herbert, Castle Place
Logue, Thomas, East View Terrace
Long, J. O. H., R.M., Campsie
Love, Edna M., Market Street
Love, Ira J., draper, Market Street
Lowther, Mrs. A., Railway Terrace
Lynam, Ellen, Orchard Row
Lynch, Louis, B.A., journalist, James Street
Lynch, Mrs., James Street
Lynch, W. O., Carrigans
Lynn, Charles, Campsie Avenue
Lynn, Irvine, Irishtown Road
Lynn, Miss Nellie, Dublin Road
Lynn, Mrs., Campsie Crescent
Lynn, Robert, Mountfield Road
Lynn, Robert, jun., Market Street
Lynn, Stewart, Dublin Road
Lyons, William, Carnoney

Macfarlane, Armour J., Derry Road
Mackle, Victor, Rail View Terrace
Madden, Henry, New Brighton Terrace
Magee, Robert, accountant, Tyrone Co. Council
Maguire, Catherine, Castle Street
Maguire, Maria, Castle Street
Maguire, Patrick, George Street
Maguire, Samuel, John Street
Malone, Henry S., Dublin Road
Mansell, Thomas, master Omagh Workhouse
Marron, James, Orchard Row
Marshall, Mrs., Campsie Crescent
Martin, Ethelbert, Church Street
Martin, George W., Mountfield Road
Martin, Robert J., Market Street
Matchett, ?, R.U.C., Mountjoy Road
Mathers, Joseph, Orchard Terrace
Mathews, Richard, confectioner, High Street
Maunsell, Frederick, Dergmoney Place
Maynes, Patrick, Railway Terrace
Meeke, Miss, Arleston
Mellon, Jane, Campsie Crescent
Mallon, Harry, East View Terrace
Mellon, Joseph, barber, George Street
Mills, Albert, Fairview Terrace
Mills, James, Campsie Crescent
Mills, Margaret, Gortrush
Mills, Mrs., St. Patrick's Street
Mills, William, Prospect Terrace
Mills, William, jun., Bridge Street
Minniss, Mrs., Mountjoy Terrace
Mitchell, Dr. Frederick C., Campsie Road
Mitchell, Hamilton, Campsie Road
Mitchell, Robert, Campsie Road
Moffett, J. M., local taxation officer
Moffit, John, Campsie Avenue
Moffitt, John M., George Street
Monds, James, East View Terrace
Monteith, Albert J., solicitor, Bridge Street
Monteith, Frederick, Mullaghmore
Monteith, George, Lisanelly
Monteith, Joseph, Campsie Crescent
Monteith, Robert S., Dublin Road
Montgomery, Hugh, R., Johnston Road
Montgomery, J. A., manager Ulster Bank
Montgomery, Mrs., Dublin Road
Montgomery, S. D., Ltd., stationers, High Street
Mooney, John P., baker, Market Street
Moorehead, J. W., manager, Belfast Bank
Moorehead, Stewart, Derry Road
Moriarty. The Misses, Campsie
Morrison, Mary, Orchard Terrace
Morrow, Miss, dress maker, McConnell Place
Morrow, Robert, Kevlin Road
Mossey, Mrs. Annie, Dublin Road
Mossey, James, Kevlin Road
Mulgrew, Joseph, John Street
Mulholland, Reuben, Dromore Road
Mullan, Frank, St. Patrick's Street
Mullan, Gerald, grocer and confectioner, High Street
Mullan, John, Orchard Row
Mullan, John, Clement's Villas
Mullan, J. J., chemist, High Street
Mullan, Miss A., clerk, post office
Mullan & McGale, grocers, Market Street
Mullan, Patrick, Fairmount Avenue
Mullan, Samuel, Castle Street
Mullan, Thomas, publican, John Street
Mullin, Gerard, Castle Street
Mullin, Mary, Glenview Cottages
Mullin, Michael, publican, Market Street
Mullin, Mrs., Lisnamallard
Mullin, Patrick, publican, Bridge Street
Mulvey, A. J., M.P., journalist, Derry Road
Mundy, John, Johnston Park
Murnaghan, D. F., M.B., B.Ch., Dublin Road
Murnaghan, George, solicitor, John Street
Murnaghan, Vincent, C.E., Lisanelly
Myler, Martin, Dromore Road

Adams & Bates, pharmaceutical chemists, High Street
McAdam, Miss Norah, teacher, Campsie Road
McAdam, Thomas J., Campsie
McAleenan, Samuel, St. Patrick's Street
McAleer, Charles V., grocer and spirit merchant, Campsie
McAleer, Mrs. Andrew, Railway Terrace
McAleer, Peter, cycle agent, Market Street
McAleer, Teresa, Artizan Terrace
McAllister, Mrs., Killyclogher Road
McAllister, Thomas, Killyclogher Road
McAlonan, John F., Mullan Terrace
McAroe, Margaret, Castle Street
McBrearty, John J., Lisnamallard
McBride, Daniel, Bridge Street
McBride, Francis, New Brighton Terrace
McBride, Francis H., Lisanelly
McBride, Joseph, West View Terrace
McBride, Miss Agnes, New Brighton Terrace
McBride, Miss Patricia, Brookmount
McBride, Patrick, St. Patrick's Terrace
McBride, Thomas, Sedan Avenue
McCain, Thomas, Sedan Avenue
McCandless, Miss, Ashdene, Campsie Road
McCann, John, Market Street
McCann, Miss, stationer, Market Street
McCann, Thomas, Lisnamallard
McCann, Vincent, Market Street
McCanny, John, Campsie Avenue
McCartney, Harry, Mountfield Road
McCaughey, P., sergeant, inspector of public service vehicles, Dromore Road
McCaul, John, George Street
McCaul, Mrs., Pretoria Terrace
McCauley, Daniel, Kevlin Road
McCauley, Harold, secretary Omagh Regional Education Committee
McCauley, Dr. James E., Victoria Villas
McCausland, Alexander, Mullaghmore
McCausland, Alex., compositor, O'Connor Terrace
McCausland, Benjamin, Mountjoy East
McCausland, Gerald, Johnston Park
McCausland, James, Coneywarren
McCausland, Mrs., George Street
McCausland, Robert, Old Market Place
McClay, Thomas, draper, Market Street
McClean, Edwd., head-constable R.U.C., Dublin Road
McClelland, George, Castle Place
McClelland, Mrs. W. P., Campsie
McClelland, Robert, High Street
McClintock, William, Dublin Road
McCloskey, I. L., dentist, Campsie Road
McCloskey, Mrs. T., Glenview Terrace
McCloskey, William, Glenview Cottages
McClure, Norman, B.A., Dromore Road
McCollum, William, Lisnamallard
McComiskey, Mrs., Dublin Road
McConnell, George, Kevlin Road
McConnell, John J., Market Street
McConnell, Samuel, Cottage Road
McConnell & Sons, butchers, Market Street
McCormick, Andrew, Johnston Park
McCourt, James, Fairmount Avenue
McCourt, Thomas, Fairmount Avenue
McCoy, R. H., Asylum Road
McCracken, Robert, Garden Cottages
McCrea, Daniel, spirit merchant, Market Street
McCrea, John, Campsie Road
McCreedy, Mrs. M. E., St. Brigid's Terrace
McCreery, Robert, Derry Road
McCrory, Bernard, Mountjoy Road
McCrory, Catherine, Kevlin Road
McCrory, Charles, Kevlin Road
McCrory, D., St. Patrick's Street
McCrory, Edward, Orchard Row
McCrory, Felix, Fairmount Cottages
McCrory, George, Fairmount Cottages
McCrory, James, Kevlin Road
McCrory, Patrick, St. Patrick's Street
McCrory, Patrick, Fairmount Cottages
McCrossan, Charles, Castle Place
McCullagh, James, John Street
McCullagh, Joseph, Lisnamallard
McCullagh, Mrs., John Street
McCurdy, Robert, East View Terrace
McDaid, James, Market Street
McDonnell, James, Castle Street
McDowell, Edward, Dublin Road
McElhinney, William, Holmview Terrace
McElholm, John, Irishtown Road
McElroy, John, Market Street
McElroy, Mrs., Dromore Road
McEvoy, Thomas, Sedan Avenue
McFadden, Robert, Dublin Road
McFarland, Arthur, Dublin Road
McFarland, Arthur, Mountjoy East
McFarland, James, Old Market Place
McFarland, John, Campsie Crescent
McFarland, Mrs., Clement's Villas
McFarland, Robert, Bridge Street
McFarland, William, Garden Cottages
McFarland, William J., Abbey Street
MacFarlane, A. J., photographer, High Street
McGahern, Susan, St. Patrick's Street
McGale, Andrew, Artizan Terrace
McGale, Henry, publican and grocer, John Street
McGale, John, B.A., solicitor, High Street
McGale, Patrick, auctioneer, John Street
McGale, Patrick, Fairmount Road
McGartland, Hugh, Waterworks caretaker
McGartland, Patrick, Sedan Avenue
McGillon, Mrs. M. A., Kevlin Road
McGinley, George, Drumshanley
McGinn, John, grocer, Market Street
McGirr, Bernard, Orchard Terrace
McGlade, Felix, Derry Road
McGlinchey, James, Orchard Row
McGovern, Peter J., Fairmount Cottages
McGowan, Francis, tailor, John Street
McGowan, James, publican, Market Street
McGrade, Philip, John Street
McGrade, Thomas, John Street
McGrath, James, Irishtown Road
McGrath, James, contractor, Dublin Road
McGrath, Joseph, motor agent, Market Street
McGrath, Patrick, St. Patrick's Terrace
McGrew, Joseph, Kevlin Road
McGuigan, John, Garden Cottages
McGuigan, Raphael, Johnston Park
McGuigan, Thomas, Lisnamallard
McHugh, Mrs. Agnes, Glenview Cottages
McIlveen, Gilbert, manager, Royal Arms Hotel
McIvor, Harry, Mullaghmore
McKee, The Misses, bakers, Market Street
McKenzie, Duncan, horticultural instructor, James Street
McKeown, John, Fairmount Avenue
McKeown, Thomas, Kevlin Road
McKibbon, James, Old Market Place
McKillop, Mrs., Church Street
McKimm, Thomas, Church Street
McKinney, J., coach builder, Market Yard
McKinnon, J., Lisanelly
McLaren, John, New Brighton Terrace
McLaughlin, Patrick J., St. Columba's Terrace
McLaughlin, Thomas, Campsie Avenue
McLetchie, William, Sedan Avenue
McManus, Samuel, boot merchant, High Street
McMenamin, Edward, George Street
McMichael, Charles, Cranny
McMichael, Ernest, Johnston Park
McMichael, Mrs., New Brighton Terrace
McMichael, John, Mullaghmore
McMillin, J., draper, High Street
McMillin, J. R., Coolnagard
McMillin, Mrs., High Street
McMullan, Lieut. Alex., Derry Road
McMullan, Andrew, Castle Street
McMullan, Andrew, Cottage Road
McMullan, Henry, Gortmore Terrace
McNabb, W. G., George Street
McNamee, Charles, Fairmount Avenue
McNaney, Joseph, Fairmount Avenue
McNeill, Hugh, butter and egg merchant, Campsie Road
McNickle, Andrew J., Campsie Crescent
McNickle, Samuel, Campsie Road
McNulty, James, solicitor, John Street
McPherson, A., J.P., Ashfield
McPhilemy, John, Mountjoy Road
McPolland, John, Gortrush
McQuade, Miss, West View Terrace
McQuade, Mrs., Dublin Road
McShane, Rev. Dr., P.P., Parochial House
McSorley, Henry, Woodside Terrace
McSorley, Joseph, Sedan Avenue
McSorley, Miss, grocer, Castle Street
McSorley & Sons, cycle agents, Bridge Street
McSwiggan, James, Dromore Road

Nardone, John, Market Street
Neely, James G., Clement's Villas
Nelson, John, Kevlin Road
Nelson, Mrs. Agnes, Market Street
Nelson, Wilfred, assistant surveyor, Dublin Road
Newell, The Misses, Dublin Road
Newell, Norman, Johnston Park
Newell, R. T., B.A., headmaster Model School; res., Dublin Road
Nixon, James, boot maker, Campsie Avenue
Nixon, James, Dromore Road
Nixon, John, Kevlin Road
Nixon, John, jun., Church Hill
Nixon, Lowry, Culmore
Nixon, Robert J., Lisanelly
North-West of Ireland Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd., John Street
Nugent, Francis, Church Hill
Nugent, Joseph, musician, Bridge Street
Nugent, Mrs. J., Abbey Street
Nugent, William, Brookmount Terrace

Olphert, Herbert, Crevenagh
Olphert, The Misses, Crevenagh
Omagh Co-Operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Ltd., Kevlin Road - Secretary, William Smith
Orr, Ernest, jeweller, High Street
Orr, Mrs., Clements Villas
Orr & Rountree, solicitors, High Street
Orr, W. E., clerk of Crown and Peace, The Grange
Ovens, Arthur, Clements Villas

O'Brien, Dr. Bryan, Campsie
O'Brien, Mrs., O'Connor Terrace
O'Callaghan, P. J., Irishtown
O'Connor, Roderick H., solicitor, High Street
O'Doherty Bros., merchants, Mountjoy
O'Doherty, John, solicitor, High Street
O'Doherty, Mrs., Holmview Terrace
O'Kane, Francis, publican, High Street
O'Kelly, Nurse E., George Street
O'Lone, Mrs., Abbey Street
O'Neile, Murray, Dublin Road
O'Neill, Bridget, Tamlaght Road
O'Neill, Gerald, publican, John Street
O'Neill, Hugh, Castle Street
O'Neill, John, Market Street
O'Neill, John, Orchard Row
O'Neill, John J., Kevlin Road
O'Neill, Mary J., Dromore Road
O'Neill, Michael, Railway Terrace
O'Neill, Thomas, Dublin Road
O'Reilly, Bernard, draper, High Street

Parke, Robert, solicitor and clerk of Omagh Union
Parke, Robert A., journalist, Victoria Terrace
Parkinson, Thomas, Lisnamallard
Patrick, Mrs., Bridge Street
Patrick, Mrs., Doogary
Patterson, Mrs., George Street
Patterson, Robert, John Street
Patterson, William J., Fairmount Cottages
Phillips, Mrs., John Street
Pickering, James, Dublin Road
Pigott, Marcus, teacher, Model School
Pigott, Mrs., Campsie Crescent
Pollock, John, Derry Road
Pollock, J. R., James Street
Pollock, J. R., & Co., merchants, High Street
Pollock, Miss, Lisnamallard
Pollock, Mrs., Holmview Terrace
Polson, George, Campsie Road
Porter, Miss, grocer, Mountjoy
Porter, Mrs. I., Park Avenue
Porter, W. F., Gortnacrea
Power, The Misses, Gortmore
Power, Samuel, Campsie Road
Preston, Gordon, Lisnamallard
Price, George, Garvagh, Clanabogan
Price, Mrs., Mullin Terrace
Priestly, Mrs., George Street
Pritchard, Edward, Lisanelly
Pritchard, E., jun., Abbey Street
Purdon, H. D. L., bank manager

Quigley, John, Castle Street
Quigley, J., carter, Kevlin Road
Quigley, Michael, West View Terrace
Quigley, The Misses, James Street
Quigley, W. T., J.P., motor garage and carriage builder, John Street, James Street and Market Street
Quinn, George, New Brighton Terrace
Quinn, Edward, Johnston Park
Quinn, James, Campsie Avenue
Quinn, Mrs., Hillview Terrace
Quinn, Mrs., Campsie Crescent
Quinn, Mrs., Church Street
Quinn, Mrs. Mary, Fairmount Road
Quinn, Mrs. M., O'Connor Terrace
Quinn, Patrick, Glenview Cottages
Quinn, Peter, Brook Street

Rafferty, Hugh, Lisnamallard
Rafferty, Michael, Woodside Terrace
Ray, Major D. de la C., Holmview Terrace
Rea, Sergt., Dublin Road
Reform Stores, High Street
Reid, Robert H., Johnston Park
Reilly, Charles, jun., Asylum Road
Reilly, Charles, tailor, Lisnamallard
Richardson, Philip, Derry Road
Robb, Miss, matron, Omagh Mental Hospital
Roberts, Joshua, Clement's Villas
Robinson, James, Mullaghmena
Robinson, Miss F., proprietor, Melville Hotel
Rodgers, George, St. Patrick's Terrace
Rodgers, Robert, painter, Church Street
Rodgers, Mary, Mountfield Road
Rodgers, Patrick, East View Terrace
Rodgers, Robert, Johnston Park
Rodgers, Vincent, Brookmount Terrace
Rodgers, William, confectioner, Market Street
Rooney, John, Mullaghmore Cottages
Rooney, John Joseph, Pretoria Terrace
Roulston, Charles, Clement's Villas
Rountree, C. Nelson, solicitor, High Street
Rountree, James, Camowen Terrace
Rountree, J. Stanley, solicitor, High Street
Royal Arms Hotel, High Street
Russell, Basil & Leslie, drapers, High Street
Rutherford, The Misses, Springwell Villas, Cottage Road
Rutledge, T. G., chemist, High Street

Scarffe, Ernest, merchant, Market Street
Scarffe, T., Holmview Terrace
Scott, D., Lisanally
Scott, Captain, Maddin, Millbank
Scott, Col. P., Mullaghmore House
Scott, W. & C., Ltd., meal and flour millers, Omagh Mills, Mountjoy Road
Seawright, Nurse May, Omagh District Hospital, Dergmoney House
Shanks, Thomas, West View Terrace
Shannon, Anthony, Derry Road
Shannon, Gerald, Sedan Avenue
Sharkey, John, Fairmount Road
Sharkey, John J., Dromore Road
Sharkey, Michael, Fairmount Avenue
Sharkey, Vincent, Cranny Terrace
Sheffield, T. W., jeweller, Market Street
Shields, Francis, solicitor, John Street and Highfield
Shields & Murnaghan, solicitors, John Street
Shute, Miss, cafe, Market Street
Simpson, Robert A., Dergmoney Villas
Slevin, Mrs., Dromore Road
Sloan, Richard, Dublin Road
Smith, George Y., J.P., agent, Camowen Terrace
Smith, Michael, New Brighton Terrace
Smith, M. & J., Market Street
Smith, Peter, Market Street
Snodgrass, Miss, matron, County Hospital
Somerville, Ernest, Campsie Avenue
Somerville, Jack, Campsie Avenue
Somerville, W. J., Campsie Crescent
Spears, R. R., county inspector, R.U.C.
Sproule, Timothy, Castle Place
Stannage, Mrs., O'Connor Terrace
Star Kinema (The), Sedan Avenue (Cinema?)
Starrs, Patrick, poulterer, Castle Street
Stewart, Charles L., Derry Road
Stewart, Thomas, Campsie Avenue
Stewart, W. T., Bridge Street
Stretton, Mrs. Elizabeth, Glenview Cottages
Surgeon, John, St. Patrick's Street
Swan & Mitchell, boot merchants, High Street
Sweeney, James, Kevlin Road
Sweeney, Michael, Kevlin Road
Sweeney, Mrs. J. H., Campsie Avenue
Sythes, Mrs. Jennie, Johnston Park

Taggart, Francis, Lisanelly
Taylor, Patrick, Irishtown
Taylor, Samuel, Mountjoy Road
Teague, Felix, Castle Street
Teague, Joseph, West View Terrace
Thomas, Stanley, Dergmoney Place
Thompson, Charles, Old Market Place
Thompson, Frederick B., Derry Road
Thompson, Miss Elizabeth, Mullan Terrace
Thompson, Stanley, electrician, Market Street
Thompson, Thomas, Mullaghmore
Thompson, William, Campsie Avenue
Thornberry, Miss E. M., Glenview Cottages
Tierney, E. J., Dromore Road
Todd & Pollock, grocers, John Street
Tohill, Edward, Woodside Terrace
Toland, James, McConnell Place
Torney, H., Campsie Road
Torrens Bros., plumbers, High Street
Torrens, Mrs., Asylum Road
Townsend, John, East View Terrace
Townsend, William, Sedan Avenue
Townsend, William, constable, Dublin Road
Treanor, Patrick, Lawnview Terrace
Turbet, Patrick, Garden Cottages
Turner, William, railwayman, Mullaghmore
Tyler & Son, boot warehouse, Market Street
"Tyrone Constitution," High Street
Tyrone Protestant Hall, Mountjoy Road - Thomas Hamilton, caretaker

Vaughan, Albert, Campsie Avenue

Walker, Cecil, Johnston Park
Walker, William, Johnston Park
Wallace, William, East View Terrace
Walsh, Mrs., Sedan Avenue
Walsh, O. L., clerk, Omagh Mental Hospital
Walsh, William, secretary Tyrone Agricultural Committee
Ward, Thomas D. G., Market Street
Ward, Vincent, & Son, sculptors, Market Street
Warner, John Charles, Glenview Cottages
Waterson, J. & R., flour merchants, High Street
Watson, John D., rate collector, Market Street
Watson, Mrs., draper, John Street
Watterson Bros., drapers, High Street
Wellworth, F. A., & Co. Ltd., Market Street
Whelan, Rev. R. H., rector, Lislimnaghan
White Bros., fishing tackle manufacturers, and hardware merchants, High Street
White, James, Derry Road
White, J. E., Dublin Road
White, Mrs., Campsie Cottage
White, Mrs. Mary C., Glenview Terrace
Willis, Henry, Sedan Avenue
Willman's, hairdressers, High Street
Wilson, Andrew T., Mountfield Road
Wilson, George, Market Street
Wilson, Joseph, Dublin Road
Wilson, J. D., spirit dealer, Market Street
Wilson, Miss, dress maker, Market Street
Wilson, Norman, Carlisle Villas
Wilson, Robert, Dromore Road
Wilson, Stanley, Carlisle Villas
Wilson, William, Garden Cottages
Wilton, Mrs., Market Street
Wood, Mrs., Dergmoney Place
Woods, George, Campsie Crescent
Woods, Mrs. Elizabeth, Fairmount Avenue
Woods, Patrick, Castle Street
Worling, William, Mullaghmore
Worthington, Robert, Fairview Terrace
Wray, John, St. Patrick's Street
Wylie, Mrs. Mary E., John Street

Yarrow, Mary, publican, Bridge Street
Young, David, tobacconist, Market Street
Young, James, West View Terrace
Young, Mrs. Mary Ann, John Street


Adams, Andrew, Tullyharm
Adams, James, Tattynure
Adams, John, Terraquin
Adams, J. J., Drumshanley
Adams, Robert, jun., Eskeradoey
Adams, Robert, Eskeradoey
Adams, William George, Eskeradoey
Aiken, Thomas A., Killybrack
Alcorn, Andrew, Kingarrow
Alcorn, Herbert, Loughmuck
Alexander, Noble, Beagh
Alexander, Samuel, Tullycunny
Alexander, Samuel, Tarlum
Alexander, Thomas, Culbuck
Alexander, William, Denamona
Allen, J. & J., Tattysallagh
Anderson, James, Aghee
Anderson, John James, Lisnaharney
Anderson, Joseph, Lisnaharney
Anderson, Mrs., Donaghanie
Anderson, Thomas, Tullyrush
Armstrong, David, Drumshanley
Armstrong, Robert, Eskeradoey
Armstrong, William, Bunnynubber
Armstrong, William, Eskeradoey
Armstrong, William A., Doagary
Atchison, Samuel, Dunwish
Atwell, Robert, Ballinamullin
Atwell, Samuel, Garvaghey
Atwell, William John, Garvaghey
Auchinleck, Mrs., Crevenagh

Banks, James, Bencran
Barbour, Francis, Drumragh
Barker, William, Mullaghmore, Seskinore
Barnes, Samuel, Donaghanie
Barr, Miss Rebecca, Gillygooley
Baxter, John James, Reaghan
Baxter, William, Joseph, Tyrmurrity
Baxter, William, Mountjoy East
Beattie, Andrew I., Tullyrush
Beattie, Charles, Dunbreen
Beattie, Charles A., J.P., Kingarrow
Beattie, James H., Gillgooley (Gillygooley)
Beattie, John, Denamona
Beattie, Joseph, Dunbreen
Beattie, Mrs., Doogary
Beattie, Mrs. Johnston, Gillygooley
Beattie, William, Dumbreen
Beggs, Mrs., Drumragh
Bell, David, Mayne
Bell, William A., Donaghanie
Black, John, Botera Upper
Black, Robert, Froughmore
Blair, Andrew, Blackfort
Blayney, John, Terraquin
Blythe, Ernest, Recolpa
Boyd, William, Creevangar
Bratton, Mrs., Milltown, Seskinore
Bratton, Robert, Seskinore
Breen, Alfred, Denamona
Breen, Frederick, Denamona
Buchanan, Miss, Killyclogher
Buchanan, Miss, Baronagh
Burns, Francis Joseph, Mountjoy East

Caldwell, Robert, Camowen
Caldwell, Robert, Seskinore
Caldwell, R. A., Aughnamoyle
Campbell, Jack, Kevlin
Campbell, John, Fecarry
Campbell, Joseph, Ballynagilly
Campbell, Miss M. R., Beltony, Mountjoy
Campbell, Mrs. Lizzie, Carrigans
Campbell, Thomas J., Fecarry
Canning, Mrs., Mountjoy East
Carr, Andrew, Drumnakilly
Christie, Edward, Gortanigan
Christie, William J., Mullaghmore, Seskinore
Clarke, John, Brookhill
Clarke, Mrs., Mullaghmore
Clarke, Mrs. Margaret, Castletown
Clarke, Thomas S., Strathroy
Clarke, William John, Castetown
Clements, William, Lissan
Clyde, John, Killinure
Cochrane, Mrs., Donaghanie
Colhoun, Alexander, Ballinagilly
Colhoun, George, Mullaghmena
Colhoun, John, Mullaghmena
Colhoun, William A., Mountjoy West
Cooke, James, Dunbreen
Cooke, John, Dunbreen
Cooke, Samuel, Rylagh
Coulter, John, Clanabogan
Crammond, James, Crevenagh
Creery, Miss, Cranny
Crosbie, Samuel, Tatraconaghty
Cummins, Andrew T., Lisnacrieght
Cummins, Mrs. James, Lisnagir
Cummins, Peter, Ballinamullin
Cummins, Robert, Mountjoy West
Cunningham, James, Crosh
Cunningham, Patrick, Strathroy
Cunningham, Peter, Omagh

Daly, Mrs., Ballinamullin
Darcy, James, Tattyreagh
Darcy, Patrick, Tattyreagh
D'Arcy, Thomas, Tattyreagh
Deery, Samuel, Relaghdooey
Devlin, Henry, Arvalee
Devlin, Samuel, Arvalee
Diamond, Joseph, Correnary
Doak, William T., Tattykeel
Doherty, Alexander, Dunbreen
Doherty, Robert, Dunmullan
Donald, Robert, Arvalee
Donnelly, John, Drumconly
Dunbar, Frederick, Lurganboy
Dunbar, James, Lurganboy
Duncan, Bertie, Mountjoy East
Duncan, Harry, Arvalee
Dunn, Robert J., Mullaghmenagh

Early, John James, Cavanacaw
Elkin, Ernest, Gillygooley
Elkin, Fredk., Tarlum
Elkin, James, Kilmore
Elkin, Robert, Cloghfin
Elkin, Robert, Tamlaght
Elkin, Robert, Gillygooley
Elkin, William H., Aughnamoyle
Elliott, Andrew H., Aughnamoyle
Elliott, James, Blacksessiagh
Ellis, Mrs., Rash
Ellis, Thomas, Gortanigan

Farrell, John H., Killybrack
Faux, Thomas, Brookfield, Clanabagan
Fegan, William, Cloghfin
Fleming, Col. B. P., Coneywarren
Frazer, Thomas D., Maine
Fulton, David, Castletown
Fulton, James, Baronagh
Fulton, John A., Blacksesiagh
Fulton, William George, Tullyvalley
Fyffe, Alexander, Kiltmanagh
Fyffe, James, Tully
Fyffe, Robert, Doogary
Fyffe, Robert S., Dunwish
Fyffe, William, Kiltamnagh

Gibson, Andrew, Lisnager
Gillen, Francis, Killycurragh
Gillen, John, Killycurragh
Gilmour, Alexander, Knockmoyle
Gilmour, David, Mullinatomag
Gilmour, Fergus, Camowen Green
Givan, Miss, Lisnagir
Given, John, Deerpark
Given, Mrs., Tullyharm
Given, William, Mountjoy
Given, William, Froughmore
Goligher, Mrs. W. T., Mountjoy East
Gorman, Daniel, Killens
Gormley, Edward, Correnary
Gormley, James, Arvalee
Gormley, Patrick, Recarson
Gormley, Thomas, Arvalee
Gosselin, Mrs., Lissan
Graham, Andrew, Mountjoy
Graham, James, Dunwish
Graham, Mrs., Mullinatomag
Graham, Mrs. John, Mountjoy
Graham, Samuel, Dunwish
Graham, Samuel, Cloghog
Graham, William Alexander, Dunwish
Greacen, Robert, Mountjoy East
Greacen, Samuel, Mountjoy East
Greer, Robert, Lisnacreight
Gubbins, Michael, Mullaghmore
Gubbins, Patrick, Killyclogher
Guy, William, Clanabagan

Hamilton, George, Cloghfin
Hamilton, James A., Ballynahatty
Hamilton, Mrs., Corlea
Hamilton, Samuel, Ballynahatty
Harper, Mrs., Mullinatomag
Harpur, Harry, Mullinatomag
Harvey, George, Lisahoppin
Hawkes, George, Recolpa
Hawkes, John, Recolpa
Hawkes, Robert, Ballinagilly
Hawkes, Robert W., Fecarry
Hawkes, Ross, Killycurragh
Hawkes, Samuel, Ballinagilly
Hawkes, Samuel, Fecarry
Hawkes, Thomas, Fecarry
Hawkes, William, Killycurragh
Hawkes, William, Recolpa
Henderson, W. G., Lislimnaghan
Holmes, Roy B., Mountjoy East
Holstead, George, Seskinore
Hunt, Charles, Dergmoney
Hunter, George, Aughnamoyle
Hunter, Samuel, Botera Upper
Hunter, William, Creevanmore House
Hutchinson, Andrew John, Golan
Hutchinson, Miss Margaret, Rosenamuck
Hutchinson, Robert, Reaghan
Hutchinson, Samuel, Edergole

Irvine, Joseph, Aghagallon
Irvine, William, Aghagallon

Jack, John Orr, Mountjoy East
Jack, Mrs. Annie, Clanabogan
Jack, Robert, Tully
Jack, William, Mountjoy East
Johnston, Adam, Edergole
Johnston, Frederick, Coolkeragh
Johnston, George, Tullyrush
Johnston, George, Donaghanie
Johnston, Herbert, Froughmore
Johnston, Herbert, Mountjoy East
Johnston, James E. & F., Campsie and Crevenagh
Johnston, Robert, Mullaghmore, Seskinore
Johnston, Thomas, Tullyrush
Johnston, Thomas J., Garvaghey
Johnston, Walter, Donaghanie
Johnston, William S., Recarson

Kerr, Mrs., Donaghanie
Kerr, Mrs. W., Cloghfin
Kerr, Oliver, Kakeeragh
Kilner, Eric, Lissan
Kinlock, Robert, Culmore
Kyle, David, Cloghfin
Kyle, Mrs., Knockmoyle
Kyle, Orr, Drumnakillt
Kyle, Thomas, Innisclean

Leitch, Andrew, Carrigans
Leitch, William, Ranelly
Lemon, George, Botera
Lemon, James, Carrigans
Liggett, Dixon, Rylands
Logan, Alexander, Beagh
Longwell, Samuel, Lisnagir
Love, Robert John, Donaghanie
Love, Samuel, Camowen
Lynch, David, Froughmore
Lynch, William O., Carrigans
Lyons, John, Carnoney
Lyons, Robert, Drumnakilly
Lyons, Samuel, Fecarry
Lyons, William, Carnoney

Maguire, John, Donaghanie
Maguire, Mrs. P., Mountjoy West
Maguire, Patrick, Donaghanie
Maguire, Robert, Aughnamoyle
Maguire, Robert J., Denamona
Mains, Samuel, Killycurragh
Marshall, Mrs., Dunmullan
Marshall, Mrs., Rylands, Omagh
Marshall, William, Loughmuck
Marshall, William, Dunmullan
Matthews, James, Tyrcur
Matthews, Mrs., Lislimnaghan
Matthews, William, Tyrcur
Mellon, James T., Castleroddy
Mitchell, Joseph, Mayne
Mitchell, Mrs. John, Fairview, Clanabogan
Mitchell, Robert, Froughmore
Monteith, Archibald, Tyrcur
Monteith, Robert, Fecarry
Monteith, Walter, Drumconnolly
Monteith, William James, Mountjoy West
Monteith, Thomas J., Mullaghmore, Clanabogan
Moore, John James, Glassmullagh
Moore, Mrs., Tyrmurrity
Moore, William, Glasmullagh
Morris, James, Dergmoney Upper
Morris, Mrs., Mullinatomag
Morris, Patrick, Glassmullagh
Morris, Solomon, Cashel, Mountfield
Moses, David, Seskinore
Moses, Joseph, Seskinore
Moses, Robert, Fraughmore, Seskinore (Froughmore)
Mullan, Michael, Tattysallagh
Mullin, Michael, Tattykeel, Rodgers
Mullin, Patrick, Dergmoney
Mullin, Robert, Donaghanie
Murnaghan, Vincent, C.E., Lisnally House

McAleer, Bernard, Cloughfin
McAleer, Bernard, Arvalee
McAleer, Francis, Cloghfin
McAleer, James Joseph, Cloghfin
McAleer, Mrs., Tamlaght
McCaffery, William Robert, Cavanacaw
McCaffrey, John, Cavanacaw Upper
McCaffrey, John H., Creevanmore
McCanney, James, Mullaghmena
McCanny, Francis, Tully
McCauley, Josias, Cloghog
McCausland, John, Arvalee
McCausland, Miss, Donaghanie
McCausland, Robert A., Donaghanie
McClelland, Mrs. George, Drumconnelly
McClelland, Mrs. W. J., Drumconnolly
McClintock, Samuel, Tattyreagh
McConnell, Robert, Aughaleague
McConnell, William, Ballinamullen
McCracken, John, Tullyrush
McCrea, Albert, Rarone
McCrea, William, Relaghdoey
McCrossan, Con., Glassmullagh
McCrossan, Dominick, Tattykeel
McFarland, Arthur, Tymurrity
McFarland, Charles, Castletown
McFarland, James, Fecarry
McFarland, John J., Mountjoy East
McFarland, Noble, Mountjoy East
McFarland, Oliver, Crosh
McFarland, Samuel, Recolpa
McFarland, William, Rosnamuck
McGale, James, Botera Lower
McGill, Henry, Glenbordial
McGrath, Mrs. Maggie, Carnoney
McGurgan, John, Cloghfin
McGurgan, Peter, Cloghfin
McIlrea, Thomas, Tullyrush
McIvor, Bernard, Ballinamullin
McIvor, John H., Crosh
McKelvey, John, Tatnagole
McKelvey, John, Arvalee
McKelvey, John, Drum
McKelvey, Robert, Drum
McKelvey, Thomas, Arvalee
McKimmon, Alexander, Drumshanley
McKimmon, James I., Drumshanley
McKinlay, Robert, Botera
McKinlay, William, Botera
McKinley, Andrew, Mullagharn
McKinley, Joseph, Seskinore
McKnight, John, Lisbuoy
McKnight, John, Tanelly
McMahon, Henry, Drumragh
McNamee, George, Crevenagh
McNeill, Joseph, Clanabagan
Nicholl, Mrs. A. J., Fecarry
Nixon, Rebecca, Crosh
Nixon, Robert, Crosh
Norris, Mrs., Drumragh
Nugent, Francis, Gillygooly
Nugent, John, Ballinamullin
Nugent, Mrs. Patrick, Ballinamullin

Odlum, Albert, Aughnamoyle
Orr, Alexander, Drumragh
Orr, David, Loughmuck
Orr, James, Castletown
Orr, Joseph, Tully
Orr, J. J., Calkell
Orr, William, Maine
Orr, William A., Calkill
Ovens, David, Glenhordial

O'Donnell, Patrick, Carnoney
O'Donnell, Thomas, Tyrcur
O'Lone, Daniel, Carrigans

Patterson, George, Dunbreen
Patterson, John, Blackfort
Patterson, John J., Eskeradoey
Patterson, William, Blackfort
Patterson, William, Dunbreen
Patton, John, M.B., Loughmuck
Patton, J. M., Beagh
Pinkerton, George, Lurganboy
Pinkerton, Robert, Farest
Pollock, Andrew, Recarson
Pollock, Charles, Kingarrow
Pollock, Samuel, Gortmore
Porter, Andrew J., Castletown
Porter, David J., Killinure
Porter, William H., Mountjoy
Porter, William F., Gortnacrea
Pottinger, Miss Dorothy, Beltony, Mountjoy
Price, George, Garvaghs

Quinn, Daniel, Tattramurray
Quinn, Patrick, Gortrush

Rainey, John, Calkill
Reynolds, Mrs., Gortrush
Robb, William J., Killens
Robinson, John A., Ranelly
Robinson, John J., Lissan
Robinson, Thomas, Garvagh
Robinson, William J., Doogary
Russell, George H., Ballinamullin
Rutherdale, James, Mountjoy East
Rutledge, George, Garvaghey
Rutledge, James, Fecarry
Rutledge, Thomas, Drumragh

Scott, Miss, Rylagh
Scully, Mrs., Gortrush
Shannon, William, Beagh
Short, James, Tullyvalley
Short, John, Drumragh
Short, Joseph, Tullyvalley
Smith, Allan, Botera
Smith, James, Kiltamnagh
Smith, Michael, Ballinahatty
Smith, Robert, Gillygooley
Smith, William, Glassmullagh
Smith, William, Aughaleague
Smith, William, Blackfort
Sproule, Robert, Calkill
Starrett, William, Fecarry
Starrs, John, Tattyreagh
Starrs, John James, Tattyreagh
Stewart, Robert James, Tattyreagh
Stewart, Samuel Patterson, Tattynure
Stewart, William, Creevangar
Stubbs, Matthew, Drudgeon
Stubbs, William, Drudgeon

Taylor, James, Drudgeon
Thompson, James, Seskinore
Thompson, John, Golan
Thompson, Joseph, Glengowna
Thompson, Samuel, Tattynure
Thompson, William, Glengowna
Thompson, William, Tattynure
Todd, David, Corlea
Todd, Henry, Corlea
Todd, Hugh, Garvaghey
Todd, William, Gillygooley
Todd, William Henry, Corlea
Toner, Edmund, Cavanacaw
Turner, Alexander Wilson, Coolkeeragh

Waddell, George, Seskinore
Waddell, Robert, Tullyrush
Walker, John, Castletown
Wasson, Andrew, Killens
Wasson, Robert, Carrigans
Watson, Allen, Lisnacreight
Watson, James, Camowen
Watson, John, Fireagh
Watson, J. D., Dervaghroy
Watson, Robert J., Fireagh
Watson, Thomas, Cavanacaw
Watson, William, Mullaghmena
Whaley, Miss, Fecarry
White, Cecil, Loughmuck
White, James, Loughmuck
White, Robert, Fireagh
White, William John, Loughmuck
Wilson, David, Mountjoy East
Wilson, Herbert, Edergole
Wilson, Mrs., Lislea
Wilson, Mrs., Camowen
Wilson, Norman, Killybrack
Wilson, R. J., Tattykeel
Wilson, Samuel, Tattykeel
Wilson, Stewart, Tattyreagh
Wilson, William James, Tattykeel
Wright, William A., Lissan

Young, Armour, Aghagallon
Young, John, Ballinamullin

Part of - County Fermanagh

     The town of Pettigo is situated part in County Donegal and part in County Fermanagh, and has a population of about 365. It has a good market, held every Monday, and a good monthly fair on the 20th of each month.  Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday


Church of Ireland - Rev. R. G. Love
Presbyterian - Rev. John Mulree, B.A.
Methodist - Rev. Thomas Jackson
Roman Catholic - Rev. L. O'Cairain, P.P.


Pettigo Girls - Miss Wilson, principal
Letter - Miss M. Shannon, principal
Aghanhoo - Bernard Egan, principal
Gortnessy - Mrs. Henderson, principal


Pettigo Post Office - James Gallagher, postmaster
Clonelly Post Office - J. Spence, sub-postmaster
Letter Post Office - Miss M. Robinson, sub-postmistress
Tullyhommon Post Office - Mrs. Howe, sub-postmistress
Dispensary, Pettigo - Dr. Twohig
Dispensary, Clonellly - Dr.; Johnston
R.U.C. Barracks, Letter - Sergt. F. Kerr; Constables White, McGowan, Coleman, Scott and Funston
District Councils - Templecarne, P. M. Gallagher; Glenvannon, John Boyd; Brookhill, Samuel Quinn and John Quinn


National Bank, Ltd. - P. Burke, manager
Northern Bank, Ltd. - W. H. C. Stone, manager
Royal Bank - R. M. Martin, manager


Aiken, John, High Street

Bannon, Miss, Main Street
Bradley, ?, R.U.C., Tullyhammon
Brennan, Mrs. A., hotel, High Street
Brimstone, Mrs., Main Street
Britton, Miss, draper, Main Street
Burton, Thomas, blacksmith, High Street

Canning, T. J., station master, Station Road
Carron, John, signalman
Cox, Mrs., Mill Street
Crozier, Mrs., Main Street

Deery, Miss, refreshment rooms, Station Road
Deery, Patrick, postman
Duncan, Miss, Main Street

Elliott, G. W., cycle agent, Kesh Road

Flood, P., rate collector
Freeborn, Alexander, carpenter, Kesh Road

Gallagher, J., postman
Galligan, Mrs., Mill Street
Gibson, George, Kesh Road
Gibson, Mrs., Mill Street
Graham, C., ganger, Kesh Road
Graham, Robert, Kesh Road

Humphries, J., draper, Main Street
Humphries, John, High Street
Humphries, Mrs., Mill Street

Johnston, Thomas, Main Street
Johnston, William, Mill Street

Keown, J., plate layer, Mill Street
Keys, William, plate layer, Station Road

Lyttle, Mrs., hotel proprietor, Main Street

Monaghan, Mrs., Mill Street
Morrow, George, High Street
Morrow, H., farmer, Main Street
Murray, Miss Annie

McCormick, Rev. P., C.C.
McCrea, George, Main Street
McGee, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Station Road
McGrath, James, signalman
McGrath, Patrick, engine driver
McHugh, John, Mill Street
McHugh, John, Station Road
McHugh, Miss R., publican, Station Road

Neel, Bob, Mill Street

O'Donnell, J., postman
O'Donnell, Miss, High Street

Pettigo Co-operative Dairy Society - W. W. Creighton, manager and sect., Station Road

Seany, Thomas, Kesh Road
Shaw, Francis, electrical engineer, Mill Street
Shaw, William, carpenter, Mill Street
Swanston, Mrs., Mill Street
Swanston, Mrs., General Merchant; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Main Street

Wark, Joe., High Street
Wark, William, Mill Street


Aiken, Isaac, Aghalane
Allingham, John, Mullinagoad
Anderson, John, J.P., Gorticar

Bartley, Mrs.
Barton, Lieut.-Col., J.P., D.S.O., D.L., The Waterfoot, Letter
Barton, Miss R., Portnably
Bratton, R., Tullycarne
Britton, Miss Rose, Carrickcrory

Coulter, John, Tullycarne
Crawford, Benjamin, Cullion
Crawford, Mrs., Cullion

Duffy, Alexander
Duffy, Miss, Banagh

Elliott, Thomas, Kimmid

Fitzpatrick, Acheson, Aghahanagh
Flood, Thomas, Tievemore
Funston, David, Carnatressy
Funston, Herbert, Townavanney
Funston, Jack, Townavanney
Funston, Thomas, Townavanney
Funston, William, Townavanney
Funston, William, Finershel
Fyffe, Robert, Bigwood

Graham, John, sen., Letter
Graham, John, jun., Letter

Hall, John, Letter
Hall, Thomas, Tullyhommon
Henderson, James, Drumawark
Hilliard, John, Drumawark
Humphries, Jack, draper, High Street, Tullyhommon
Hunter, Sergt., Tullyhommon

Johnston, John, Rosgole

Kerr, ?, sergeant R.U.C., Letter
Knox, Mrs., Drumawark

Lowry, George, Letter
Lowry, John, Portnably
Lyttle, Jack, Aghnahoo

Martin, Mrs., Tullycarne
Mills, James, Drumnascue
Moore, William, Gortnessy

McCafferty, William, Finershel
McGrath, Barney, Drumawark
McGrath, George
McGrath, James, Kimmid
McHugh, John, Middlebrook
McKay, Eugene, tailor
McMahon, Philip, Carrickcoughtra

Ogle, John, Kilmore

Quinn, John, Roscreenagh
Quinn, Samuel, Bigwood
Quinn, Thomas, Stoneforth

Read, James, Drumnascue
Read, Robert John, Pettigo
Robinson, Miss M., sub-postmistress, Letter
Rowe, Fred., grocer, Rossharbor

Shute, Mrs. W. J., grocer, Letter
Shute, W. J., plate layer, Letter
Spence, James, jun., Clonelly
Stack, Canon W. A., M.A., Muckross
Swanston, Robert, Pruckless

County Tyrone

     Is a small but picturesque village situated on the banks of the Glenelly River. The shops' half-holiday is Tuesday.  The market day is Thursday, and a cattle fair is held on the 16th day of each month (if the 16th falls on a Sunday the fair is held on Monday).  Population is about 150. Nearest railway station is Newtownstewart, five miles distant.


Dispensary Medical Officer - Dr. Evans
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. Evans; deputy registrar, Mrs. Dunn
Ulster Bank, Ltd., Agency - Attendance Thursday (except when Fair occurs any other day same week) and Fair Days
Post Office - Miss McCrossan, postmistress
R.U.C. - Sergeant J. Robinson in charge
School Attendance Committee - W. Griffin, secretary and attendance officer


Upper Baldoney Parish Church - Rev. S. Chadwick
Glenelly Presbyterian Church - Rev. Richard Laird, minister
Cranagh R.C. Church - Rev. J. Morgan, C.C.
Upper Badoney Roman Catholic Church - Rev. W. Murphy, P.P.


Plumbridge (Male) - E. J. Keenan, teacher, Female, Miss Miles, teacher
Legclogfin - F. Kielty, principal
Felix - J. McDonnell, principal
Glenrone - Mrs. Carland, principal
Barness (Male) - P. Toner, teacher; Barness (Female), Mrs. McCullagh, teacher
Aughalane - Mrs. R. A. Orr, principal


Anderson, M., confectionery
Anderson, R., grocer
Anderson, W., cattle dealer

Bradley, James, farmer, Landahussy
Bradley, J., carpenter

Campbell, Andrew, farmer, Eden Mills
Campbell, Andrew, jun., farmer
Campbell, J., farmer, Leardin
Campbell, M., grocer and hardware
Campbell, R., J.P., Eden

Devine, B., tailor
Devine, James, farmer, Doorat
Devine, W., carpenter
Devlin, James, farmer, Corrick
Devlin, P., confectioner
Devlin, P., cycle repairer
Devlin, W., farmer, Leardin
Dunbar, A., blacksmith
Dunbar, R., grocer
Dunbar, W., labourer
Duncan, Alexander, farmer, Eden
Duncan, A., sheep dipping inspector
Dunbar, A., cattle dealer
Duncan, A. R., grocer and farmer, Eden
Duncan, G., confectioner
Duncan, James, Aughalane
Duncan, John, farmer, Corrick
Duncan, Joseph, grocer and farmer, Aughalane
Duncan, M., draper
Dunn, A., cattle dealer
Dunn, A., farmer, Lisnacraig
Dunn, H. C., Grocer, Draper, and Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Dunn, James, farmer, Letterbratt
Dunn, John, cattle dealer
Dunn, R. A., cattle dealer
Dunn, W., cattle dealer

Flanagan, J., agricultural inspector
Fullerton, Charles, farmer, Glengaw
Furrey, F., engine driver
Furrey, W., grocer
Furry, J., labourer
Furry, P., letter carrier

Gormley, J., grocer and provision merchant
Gormley, Patrick, farmer
Graham, T., R.U.C.
Gray, S., R.U.C.

Hamilton, John, confectioner
Hamilton, R., saddler
Hanna, T., R.U.C.
Harvey, Bernard, farmer, Lisnacreight
Houston, James, auctioneer and valuer
Houston, J., farmer
Houston, W., farmer
Hunter, A., R.U.C.

Irvine, W., R.U.C.

Kirk, A., publican
Kirk, P., carpenter
Kirk, S., confectioner
Kirk, S., hardware merchant

Morris, Dan., farmer, Eden
Morris, M., draper
Morris, M., farmer, Eden
Morris, P., carpenter
Morris, P., cattle dealer
Morris, W., farmer, Leardin

McAnena, E., labourer
McAnenna, B., publican
McBride, A., farmer
McBride, F., cattle dealer
McBride, J., farmer
McBride, Miss, grocer and hardware
McBride, Miss, draper
McBride, M., labourer
McCleary, William, farmer, The Hill
McCloskey, John, carpenter
McCloskey, J., Cranagh Post Office
McCloskey, S., grocer
McCrossan, C., newsagent
McCrossan, Miss, postmistress
McCullagh, Charles, farmer, Landahussy
McCullagh, D., boot and shoe store
McCullagh, Edward, grocer, Barness
McCullagh, E., shoe maker
McCullagh, F., farmer, Barness
McCullagh, John, cycle agent
McCullagh, John, publican
McCullagh, John, grocer and ironmonger
McCullagh, M., publican
McCullagh, P., grocer and hotel
McCullagh, W., cattle dealer
McFarland, Charles, farmer, Corrick
McFarland, John, farmer, Fairygrove
McFarland, Joseph, farmer, Drumnaspar
McFarland, J., cycle repairer
McFarland, J., J.P., Leardin
McFarland, S., cattle dealer
McFarland, T., carpenter
McFarland, William, jun., rate collector
McFarland, W., farmer, Glencoppagha
McGurk, James, grocer
McGurk, J., letter carrier
McGurk, J., farmer
McIlwaine, H., motor mechanic
McIlwaine, T., auctioneer
McIlwaine, ?, motor mechanic
McKernan, Daniel, publican
McKernan, J., letter carrier
McLaughlin, R., mechanic
McLaughlin, William, shoe maker
McLaughlin, W., mason
McNally, Andrew, farmer
McNally, A., carpenter
McNally, J., shoe maker
McNally, J. C., carpenter and builder
mara, A., tailor

Noble, J., farmer, Leardin

Orr, James, publican
Orr, James, cattle dealer
Orr, John, grocer and publican
Orr, Robert, publican
Orr, S., carpenter

Pinkerton, J., grocer and hardware merchant
Pinkerton, T., labourer
Porter, J., creamery manager

Scott, J., carpenter
Smith, James, farmer
Smith, John, mason
Smith, J. R., contractor
Smith, R., The Laurels
Smith, William, blacksmith

Toner, F., farmer, Barness
M., farmer

Ward, Arthur, C.B.O.
Ward, E., publican
Ward, H., grocer
Ward, Mrs., dispensary midwife
Ward, M., grocer and hardware
Watson, Charles, blacksmith
Watson, J., letter carrier
Watson, William, carpenter
Wilson, A., shoe maker

County Tyrone

     A small town on the Great Northern Railway, 8 miles north-west from Dungannon and 17 south-east from Omagh.  There is a market held every Tuesday for the sale of oats, potatoes, butter, eggs, and fowl. A pork market is also held.  A grass-seed market is also held every Friday during the season.  There is a fair on the second Tuesday of each month for the sale of horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs.  Population, 365


Pomeroy Parish Church - Rev. J. Edgerton
Altedesart - Rev. H. R. Rodgers, M.A.
Pomeroy Presbyterian Church - Rev. F. Moore, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Pomeroy and Altmore, Rev. McDermott, P.P.


No. 1 P.E. School - Boys, John Anderson, principal.  Girls' - Mrs. Devlin, principal
No. 2 P.E. School - J. Topping, principal


Dispensary - Dr. Devlin, M.D., registrar for births, marriages, and deaths; J. F. Grimes, J.P., assistant registrar
Magistrates - Robert T. G. Lowry, J. F. Grimes, Edward Falls, James Rafferty, Major C. A. M. Alexander, J. J. Topping. Clerk, T. Brown
R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeant Purdy
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.
Munster and Leinster Bank, Ltd.
Northern Bank, Ltd.
Ulster Bank Ltd., Agency
The Pomeroy Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Ltd., Pomeroy, County Tyrone; J. A. McCormack, manager


Bannon, Mrs., grocer
Begley, Joseph, bread server
Begley, Paddy, grocer
Begley, Peter, postman
Brennan, R., grocer
Burns, Miss N., grocer

Casey, Patrick, North Street
Cobain, Mrs. M., Cafe Manageress; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Conlon, Michael, publican
Conway, Joseph
Conway, J., postman
Conway, Mrs. Mary, draper and dress maker
Corr, Hugh, labourer
Corr, Hugh, insurance agent
Corr, Michael, tailor
Corr, Miss
Corr, Mrs. John, grocer
Corrigan, James, carpenter

Daly, Mrs.
Devlin, Bob, postman
Devlin, James, farmer and cattle dealer, Mabuoy
Devlin, J., The Diamond
Devlin, Patrick, cattle dealer
Devlin, Thomas, school teacher
Dixon, Henry, publican
Donnelly, Harry, publican
Donnelly, John, dealer
Donnelly, Joseph, taxi dealer
Donnelly, Joseph, butcher
Donnelly, Joseph, fruiterer
Donnelly, J., inspector G.N.R.
Donnelly, Mrs. James

Ellison, William J., C.B.O.

Forde, Miss M., dress maker
Fox, Mary E., publican and grocer

Gilmartin, Mrs.
Grange, ?, R.U.C., Main Street
Grimes, John F., grocer and druggist
Grimes, Mrs.
Groogan, Anne

Haimes, Miss, tea rooms
Hamill, Miss, grocer
Harte, Bernard, cattle dealer
Hayes, Alexander, North Street
Henry, Robert W., farmer
Hislop, F., station master
Hughes, James, milesman
Hughes, Thomas, grocer and farmer

Irwin, Bob, postman, Altmore

Kane, John, carpenter
Kerr, John, signalman G.N.R.
Kilpatrick, James, garage proprietor, Main Street

Lagan, A., spirit merchant, Main Street
Lagan, C., grocer and publican
Lagan, Miss, grocer and farmer
Lavery, S. A., letter carrier
Loughran, Frank, cycle agent
Lowry, Lieut.-Colonel R. T. G.
Loy, James, tailor
Lynagh, Mrs., spirit merchant

Martin, David, postman
Martin, W. J.
Moffatt, Robert, railwayman
Mullin, James
Murray, J., grocer, Main Street

McAleer, P., coal and timber merchant
McAleer, P., Commercial Hotel
McAloon, Thomas
McConnell, J., saddler
McCreesh, Mrs., tea rooms
McCullagh, James, shoe maker
McCusker, J., The Diamond
McElhatton, Patrick, insurance agent, Sunnymount
McElhatton, P. & S., drapers
McElhone, Pat., Main Street
McFlynn, H. J.
McGahan, J., publican
McGall, H., signalman
McGaughey, F., bread server
McGough, Peter, insurance agent, Main Street
McGuone, James, farmer
McHugh, Nora, North Street
McKernan, Frank, blacksmith and grocer
McKernan, John, blacksmith
McKernan, M., boot maker and leather merchant
McNally, Mrs. D., farmer
McNally, Patrick, grocer

Nugent, James, insurance agent

Orr, Constable, Main Street
Orr, Derek
O'Neill, Con., bread server
O'Neill, Patrick, farmer

Paton, William

Quin, James, blacksmith
Quinn, Daniel, grocer, Main Street
Quinn, M., boarding house

Rafferty, Patrick, cattle dealer
Rafferty, P. J., cycle agent
Rainey Bros., butchers
Rainey, Mrs. Sara, farmer
Ramsey, William, contractor
Ramsey, William, lessee of market

Sampson, William, draper
Scallon, Stephen, grocer, North Street
Sheehan, M., R.U.C.
Smyth, Matthew, postman
Spence, Carson, farmer, Dungowan
Steele, Mrs. N., North Street

Tally, Annie
Toppin, J. J., J.P.
Traynor, Patrick, haulage contractor

Wallace, Herbert, porter
Wallace, William J.
Watters, Nurse, confectioner
Weir, ?, shoe maker, The Diamond


Adams, James, Limehill
Adams, Ralph, Killay
Adams, William, Limehill
Anderson, John, Killay
Anderson, Joseph, blacksmith, Killay
Anderson, Joseph, Altmore

Black, James, Killay
Boyd, David, Gortnagarn
Boyd, George, Lower Limehill
Boyd, William, Turnabason
Boyd, Wilson, Turnabason
Brown, Charles, Tirnaskea
Brown, Mrs., mill owner
Brimage, Hugh, Killay
Brimage, Hugh, jun., Killay
Brimage, Mrs., Killay
Burrows, James L., Limehill

Chambers, D., Limehill
Crothers, Mrs., Gortindarragh

Dickson, H., Dungannon Road
Dickson, H., slate quarry
Dobson, Robert, Munderado
Donaldson, William, Coranainey
Donnelly, John, Turnabason
Donnelly, J., inspector G.N.R.

Ellison, James, Gortnagarn

Gillgrist, Robert, Turnabason
Goodfellow, J., farm worker

Hagan, Arthur, Turnabason
Hagan, Domnick
Hagan, Hugh, Turnabason
Hayes, James
Hayes, William, Tanderagee
Hopper, Andrew, Memore
Hughes, Felix, cattle dealer, Lurgenadon
Hughes, Mrs., Lurgenadon
Hughes, Mrs., Altmore

Johnston, Matthew, Aughafad

Kelso, James, Moree House
Killpatrick, John, Memore

Love, William James, Edenvale

Martin, David, Limehill
Moore, Herbert (Bawn), Killay
Moore, John, blacksmith, Gortavoy
Moore, J., farm labourer

McElkerney, J., labourer
McFarland, Herbert, Lurgenadon
McGee, John, Cavanaca
McGeough, Michael
McKeown, Miss, farmer, Cornainey
McMahon, Bernard, Altmore
McMillan, James, farmer
McNally, James
McNally, Mrs., Craigview Cottage

Ramsey, William, Cavanakeeran
Raverty, William, Gortnagarn
Reid, Richard, Killay
Reid, William, jun., farmer, Lurganedon
Richardson, Thomas, Kerrib
Riordan, Robert, Kerrib
Robinson, Mrs., Cloughban

Scallon, Mrs., grocer
Shields, Maurice, Altmore Lodge
Sinnamon Bros., Aughafad
Sinnamon, Hammy, farmer, Lurgenadon
Sinnamon, William, Kilay
Smyth, Mrs., Cavanakeeran
Smyth, M., farmer, letter carrier, Limehill
Somerville, Mrs., Altmore
Steen, Mrs., Lurgenadon
Stewart, ?, R.U.C., Main Street

Trodden, ?, school master, Kerrib

Wallace, W., Limehill
Willis, Joseph, Altmore

Young, Walter (Bawn) Killay

County Armagh

     A prosperous market town, twenty-five miles from Belfast, situated on the banks of the Bann. It is an important railway junction.  The ancient name of the town was Port-ne-Dun, or the Landing Place of the Fort. The population at the census of 1937 was 12,440. The manufacture of linen and cambric is extensively carried on.  There are seven large weaving factories and several hemstitching factories. The market day id on Saturday. The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday


Church of Ireland, Portadown Parish Church - St. Mark's - Rev. G. W. Millington, M.A.  Seagoe - Rev. J. W. Appelbe, M.A.  Drumcree - Rev. F. J. Halahan, M.A.  Tartaraghan, Rev. John Hobcroft, M.A.  Milltown, Rev. H. A. Lillie, M.A.  Mullavilly, Rev. A. N. Parkinson, M.A.  Annaghmore, Rev. James Egerton, M.A.
Presbyterian Church (First) - Rev. J. Heney, B.A., B.D.  Armagh Road - Rev. G. F. H. Wynne, B.A.  Vinecash - Rev. W. W. Pyper, B.A.
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. R. H. Gallagher, B.A., superintendent
Baptist Meeting House - Pastor William Wilson
Roman Catholic Chapel, Drumcree and Portadown - Rev. Canon P. McNelis, P.P.  Seagoe and Edenderry - Very Rev. Canon J. Magee, P.P.
Elim Church, Clonavon Avenue - Pastor W. H. Urch
Friends' Meeting House, Portmore Street
Presentation Convent, Thomas Street
Salvation Army Citadel, Edward Street


Portadown College, Edenderry - W. J. Warren, M.A., headmaster
Technical School, Armagh Road - W. B. Jamison, principal
Church Street P.E. School - T. W. Fairley, principal
Portadown Convent P.E. School - Miss Mary Gannon, principal
Edenderry P.E. School - A. M. Lynas, B.A., principal
Park Road Junior P.E. School - Miss M. Lougheed, principal
Corcrain Infants' P.E. School - Miss M. L. Markey, principal
Thomas Street P.E. School - G. Hunniford, principal
St. Columba's Boys' P.E. School - J. F. McShane, principal
Hart Memorial P.E. School - H. A. Macaulay, principal


Bank of Ireland - S. H. Smyth, agent
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - Manager, W. P. Seale
Northern Bank Ltd. - Manager, J. L. Millen
Ulster Bank Ltd. - Manager, J. F. B. Wadsworth
Belfast Savings Bank, High Street - Manager, J. Sullivan


Post Office, Bridge Street; Branch Post Office, Church Street
Dispensary - F. R. Dougan, M.D., medical officer
Masonic Hall, Thomas Street - Mrs. Mitchell, caretaker
Orange Hall - J. Gibson, caretaker
Young Men's Institute, Edward Street - R. Campbell, caretaker
British Legion Rooms, Thomas Street - W. A. Black, secretary
Orange Hall, Edenderry - John Mitchell, secretary
Temperance Hall, West Street - B. Forde, caretaker
Portadown Branch Ulster Unionist Association - R. J. Magowan, Killicomaine, secretary
Portadown Chamber of Commerce (registered offices, Edward Street) - Wm. Livingstone, sec.
Junior Chamber of Commerce - T. V. Adair, sec.
Catholic Y.M. Institute, Thomas Street - A. Jordan, caretaker
Musical Festival Association - Secretaries, Messrs. W. C. Huston and M. E. Doogan
Petty Sessions - E. V. Graydon, clerk
Gas Light Company, Edenderry - J. H. Stevenson, collector; W. M. Pettigrew, manager
Portadown Golf Links - Carrickblacker House
Portadown Football Club - W. Boyd Johnston, sec.
Carleton Maternity Home - Miss Porter, matron
Victoria Nursing Home, Edenderry - Mrs. Ward
Labour Exchange, Lismore House - R. Maguire, manager
Free Library - Miss A. Twyble, librarian
Town Solicitor - I. H. MacCormac, B.A.
Water Board Engineer - James Blakley
Town Surveyor -
Urban District Council - A. L. Martin (chairman); J. Nevin, E. Cassells, E. McCann, R. J. Magowan, John Grenaway, J. Copeland, G. A. Locke, George Johnston, J. A. Twyble, James Finlay, W. D. Irwin, R. V. Hawthorne, A. D. Gibson, J.P., and H. W. Thompson.   Health visitor - Miss M. E. Toal
Town Clerk - George McGowan
A.R.P. Officer - F. Aldred
R.U.C. Barracks, Edward Street - D.I., T.P.R. Kenny, D.C.M.
Inland Revenue - Income Tax; Inspector, H. H. Owen, 1 Woodhouse Street; collector, S. Wilson, Edward Street


Bridge Hotel, Bridge Street
Imperial Hotel Ltd., High Street
Laurel Hotel, William Street
Queen's, High Street
Swan Temperance Hotel, Woodhouse Street
Carlton Cafe, Bridge Street
Crown Cafe, Market Street
Savoy Cafe, West Street
Thom's Cafe, Market Street


Abraham, J. E. C., M.A., The Bungalow
Acheson, J. Edgar, Gleneden
Achesons, Ltd., linen manufacturers, Bann View and Parkside Factories
Adair, Alexander, painter, Woodhouse Street
Adair, T. V., salvage officer, Woodhouse Street
Adams, J. Annesley, Ardown, Annagh
Allen, D., & Sons, bill posters, Alexander Gardens
Allen, F., The Bungalow, Seagoe
Allen, J., radio dealer, Church Street
Allen, Mrs. E., book seller and stationer, fancy goods warehouse; agent for the "Belfast News-Letter," Market Street
Anderson, Dr., Millicent Terrace
Anderson, H., Mahon
Anderson, J., cattle dealer, Kilmoriarty
Anderson, Mrs. R., Novara, Thomas Street
Anderson, N. A. J., chemist, Albert Buildings
Anderson's Dairy (A. H. Hyde), Burnbrae Avenue
Anglo-American Oil Co., Armagh Road
Annesley & Co., pork curers, West Street
Annesley, F. M., Ridgeway Park
Annesley, Mrs. G., West Street
Arlette, ladies' fashion salon, High Street
Armstrong, James, Park Road
Armstrong, J. J., jeweller and optician, West Street
Arwood Tea Co., Woodhouse Street
Atkinson, Edward D., & Son, solicitors, William Street and Tandragee
Atkinson, J. B., Gleneyre
Atkinson, The Misses, Eden Villa
Atkinson, Mrs., Summerisland, Loughgall
Atkinson, Mrs. Gerald, Corcrain House
Auld, A., boot maker, Edward Street

Bacci's Ices Saloon, Bridge Street
Baird, W. G., hairdresser, Bridge Street
Ballentine Bros., boot repairers, Thomas Street
Barnes, Mrs. D. C., secretary, Kentmere
Barry, Mrs., publican, Mandeville Street
Bates, Geo., & Son, Ltd., general merchants, Bridge Street South
Beck, Miss M. G., milliner, Castle Street
Beckett, J. M., insurance supt., High Street
Bell, Miss C. C., medical goods, High Street
Benn Bros., confectioners, Woodhouse Street
Bennett, A., publican, West Street
Best, Herbert, Clounagh
Best, J., cash stores, West Street
Best, Thomas, confectioner, Bridge Street
Betty, E., motor works, Edenderry
Bingham, J., station master
Blacke's Mill Ltd., Ballynaghy, linen manufacturers
Bleakley, J., & Son, poultry appliances, Castle Street
Boston Bros., coach builders, Montague Street
Boston, J., pawn broker, Woodhouse Street
Bourke, Miss, dress maker, Church Street
Bowman, A., Seafield, Lurgan Road
Boyle, Andrew, butcher, West Street
Boyle, C., home bakery, Cecil Street
Brankin, Thomas, publican, Obins Street
Bright, J. Sidney, B.A., solicitor, Church Street
Britannic Insurance Co., Thomas Street
Brogan, Mrs. Thos., Avonban
Brown, The Misses, Stationers and Newsagents; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter," Thomas Street
Brown, Mrs. J. J., Ridgeway Park
Brownlee & Archer, grocers, Church Street
Brownlee, Thomas, confectioner, Church Street
Brownlee, Thomas, house painter, Garvaghy Road
Bryson, James, Dirleton
Buckley, F., Connaught Park
Burke, H., merchant and exporter, Cornascriebe
Burnett, A. J., & Sons, Ltd., drapers, High Street
Burnett, Ethel, boys' outfitter, High Street
Burney, Mrs. Margaret, Ballybreagh
Burnhouse Factory Depot, Woodview Avenue
Burrowes, H., Margretta Park
Bustard Bros., boot merchants, Thomas Street

Cafolla, R., confectioner, Bridge Street
Cairns, Bertie, motor proprietor, Bridge Street
Cake Shop (The), High Street
Callaghan, R. W., bank cashier, Murren, Ballyoran
Callender-Bullock, F., Tavanagh House
Calvert, William L., Glenbank
Calvert, W. J., Breagh
Calvert, W. L., Sunnymount Poultry Farm, Breagh
Calvin, J., Ltd., corn millers, Castle Street
Camblin, W. A., building contractor, Edward Street
Campbell, Miss, draper, Thomas Street
Canavan, J. & J., Ltd., Druggist, High Street
Caraher, Mrs. N., Kincora, Armagh Road
Carleton, Atkinson, & Sloan, solicitors, Church Street
Carrick, M., fruiterer, 55 West Street
Carson, T. H., Renmore Avenue
Carville, Hugh, poultry exporter, Alfred Villas
Cassells, E., grocer, Woodhouse Street
Castle Dye Works, West Street
Castles, B., sculptor, Woodhouse Street
Cathcart, H. A., insurance supt., Seafield
Chambers, J. T., Windsor Lodge
Chapman, Mrs. R., Erindale, Lurgan Road
Chapman, Robert, & Co., auctioneers, Edward Street
Church, W. T., secretary, Property Owners' Association, 7 Annaghdail Place
Clarke, Edward, butter merchant, Artabracka
Clarke, F. J., optician, Bridge Street
Clayton, W., saddler, Market Street
Clements, The Misses, stationery, Woodhouse Street
Clements & Wilson, grocers, Castle Street
Clingan, R. E., grocer, West Street
Clow, James, & Co. Ltd., Millers and Grain Merchants, Castle Street
Cochrane, E. V., cycle merchant, Edward Street
Collen Bros. Ltd., builders, Hanover Street
Collen, J. B., Hilldene
Collet, R. G., 112 Thomas Street
Concrete Pipes and Products, Ltd., Seagoe
Conn, Alexander, tobacconist, West Street
Conn Brothers, grocers, West Street
Conn, E., hair dresser, West Street
Conn, Joseph, boot merchant, High Street
Conyers, C. G., Old Lurgan Road
Co-operative Society Limited, grocers and drapers, Mandeville Street
Corbett, J. H., Ridgeway Park
Corbett, R., & Son, Ltd., Drapers, Market Street
Corbett, S. S., Quarrybank
Cordner, Thomas, boot factory, High Street
Corry, J. P., Ltd., sawmills, Castle Street
Coulthart, W. E., evangelist, Portmore Street
Courtney, R. & Co., Grocers, Provision Merchants, Stationers, Confectioners, etc. Agents for the "Belfast News-Letter", West Street
Courtney, W. J., secretary, 84 Church Street
Cowdy, William, & Son, handkerchief manufacturers, Thomas Street and Edward Street
Crockett, J., quarry owner, Rock Hill
Crosbie, Kenneth E. A., Mahon House
Crummie, Dr. A., William Street
Crummie, James, farmer, Artabracka
Cullen, Mrs., newsagent, Bridge Street
Cullen, R., builder, Armagh Road
Cullen, R. M., solicitor, Edward Street
Cullen & Davison, manufacturing chemists, High Street
Cumberton, M. J., tailor, West Street
Cumo Laboratory, Seagoe
Curran, James, grocer, Church Street
Currie, G. H., Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," West Street
Currie, John, nurseryman, Rathowen Gardens, Edenderry

Daintie Cafe, Thomas Street
Davison Bros., grocers, Obins Street
Davison, Harry, Ernada, Ballyoran
Davison, John, Alexandra House
Dawson, Miss, fruiterer, High Street
Dawson, T., pork buyer, Carrickblacker Avenue
Denny, H., & Sons, pork curers, Obins Street
Dermott, John, grocer, Bridge Street
Dickson, Captain G. C., show secretary, Annakera
Dickson, W. H., prov. merchant, Woodhouse Street
Dilley, W., organ tuner, Thomas Street
Doogan, Eric C., solicitor, William Street
Doogan, Mrs. A., Ridgeway Park
Dorman, H. C., C.E., Bridge Street
Dougan, Dr. F. R., Thomas Street
Dougan, George, M.D., M.P., coroner, Millicent Terrace
Dougan, Hampton A., M.D., Millicent Terrace
Dougan, J. MacDonald, M.D., Millicent Terrace
Douglas, J., hairdresser, Edward Street
Drought, W., grocer, Annagh
Dudgeon, J. F., district engineer, Electricity Board, Seafield, Lurgan Road
Duncan, J. A., dentist, Millicent Terrace
Dunlop, Herbert, Ballinagone

Eakin, A. J., boot merchant, High Street
Eakin, J., watch maker and jeweller, High Street
Edgar, James, hardware merchant, Market Street
Egan, J. Alan, boot merchant, Thomas Street
Electricity Board for N. Ireland, Church Street
Elliott, C. H., P.E. teacher, Tavanagh Mnt.
Elliott & Stevenson, drapers, Market Street
Ellis, Isaac, & Sons, wine shippers, Bridge Street
England, J. D., The Rockery
Espie, J. G., B.A., Ridgeway Park

Fairbairn, E. F., Ashgrove Poultry Farm, Castle Street
Fairley, Miss R., draper, Church Street
Fairley, T. W., principal Church Street P.E.S.
Faloon, W., spirit merchant, High Street
Fearon, Miss N., sub-postmistress, Church Street
Fergus, S., grocer, Thomas Street
Ferris, Joseph, saddler, Church Street
Finlay, James, Savoy Cafe, West Street
Finn, S., children's outfitter, Woodhouse Street
Flanigan, Mrs. P., Aughavanagh
Fleming, Dr. E., Church Street
Forbes, C. W., optician, Edward Street
Forsythe, Rev. J., B.A., The Manse, Tartaraghan
Forsythe, J. J., M.A., Thomas Street
Foster, R. E., motor engineer, Knockmena
Freeburn, J., cafe, West Street
Fry, Rev. R. G., B.D., The Manse, Ahorey

Gallagher, Rev. R. H., B.A., 35 Thomas Street
Gates, R., music dealer, Edward Street
Gibson, A. D., J.P., auctioneer, Ballinacorr
Gibson, H. M., solicitor, Church Street
Gibson, John, & Co., grocers, Market Street
Gibson, T. D., & Co., solicitors, Church Place
Gordon, A. Victor, rate collector, West Street
Gracey Bros., egg merchants, Mary Street
Gracey, Walter, radio engineer, Thomas Street
Graham, J. S., Edenbank, Carrickblacker Road
Grant, W. J., draper, Church Street
Gray, Mrs. T., corsetiere, Church Street
Greer, S., & Son, coal merchants, West Street
Greeves, David, Eden Crescent
Greeves, W. E., Ardeevin
Grew, J., publican, 1 Obins Street
Grew, J., & Co., Grain Merchants, Mary Street
Grew's Fruit Products, Ltd., Obins Street
Grimason, W. A., grocer, Thomas Street
Guthrie, T. E., motor garage, Armagh Road

Hadden, E., M.D., Magharee
Hadden, R. E., M.D., 47 Thomas Street
Hadden, Winifred, M.D., Magharee
Hadden, W. E., M.D., Magharee
Haddock, Calvert, rent agent, West Street
Hall, A. J., Seagoe Nurseries
Hall & Rocke, accountants, Bridge Street
Hamill, Jos., & Sons, horse dealers, Obins Street
Hamilton, J., boot merchant, Woodhouse Street
Hamilton, Miss, confectioner, Church Place
Hanson, James, factory director, Rathowen, Carrickblacker Road
Harrison, M., blacksmith, High Street
Hawthorne, R. V., manager, Ridgeway Park
Haycock, Mrs. M. E., Bannisdale
Hazelton, Mrs. R., wireless merchant, Woodhouse Street
Heathwood, R., builder, Foundry Street
Henderson, J. G., grocer, Woodhouse Street
Henderson, Miss M., shorthand school, McGredy Building
Henry, G. A., architect, High Street
Henry, Dr. H. S., Church Street
Henry, P. J., dentist, Church Street
Heron, W., The Fish Hall, Market Street
Herron, T., sexton, Carleton Street
Hewitt, Mrs., grocer, West Street
Hewitt, R., motor garage, Church Street
Hewitt, R. J., J.P., Portora, Portmore Street
Hewitt, S. H., Killicomaine Road
Hewitt, S., & Son, egg exporters, Edward Street
Hewitt, Victor, Enniskean, Mahon Road
Hewitt, W. Brooke, chemist, High Street
Hipps, Ltd., High Street
Hollywood Beauty Parlour, 4 High Street
Holmes, T., provision merchant, West Street
Home Stores (H. W. Thompson), West Street
Hood Bros., boot merchant, High Street
Hosey, J., & Co., drapers, Market Street
Houston, Mrs., corsetiere, Arthur Avenue
Hoy, R., butcher, Bridge Street
Hughes, E., flesher, West Street and Castle Street
Hughes' Motor Service, Thomas Street
Hunniford, B., cycle agent, Woodhouse Street
Hunniford, G. E., principal, Thomas Street Schools
Hunniford, J., confectioner, Edward Street
Hunter, R. J., accountant, McGredy Buildings
Hutchinson, W. G., draper, High Street
Hyde, T., & Sons, building contractors, Mandeville Street
Hynes, R., & Co., motor engineers, Goban Street

Imperial Fruiterers (S. Montgomery), Bridge Street
Inglis & Co.'s local depot, Bridge Street
Ingram, T., Lurgan Road
Inland Revenue Office, Woodhouse Street
Irish Peat Development Co. Ltd., Bridge Street - James Graham, J.P., manager
Irish Road Transport Co., Cecil Street and Bridge Street
Irwin, W. D., grocer, Woodhouse Street

Jackson, T. W., auctioneer, Market Street
Jamison, A., tailor, Thomas Street
Jamison, Miss M., fruiterer, Woodhouse Street
Jeffers, John, Newsagent, Stationer and Tobacconist. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," 9 Market Street
Jeffers, W., motor garage, Bridge Street
Jenkinson, J., flesher, West Street
Johnston, George, auctioneer, Edward Street
Johnston, J. Evan, B.A., teacher, Margretta Park
Johnston, Mrs. H., publican, High Street
Johnston, W., hardware merchant, Woodhouse Street
Johnston, W., printer, Bethany Cottage
Johnston, W. Boyd, & Co., auctioneers, Thomas Street
Jones, E., plumber, Hanover Street
Jones, J. F., grocer, Garvaghy Road

Kane, D., publican, Market Street
Keatinge, G. A., M.R.C.V.S., Church Street
Kells, T. J., inspector N.S.P.C.C., Carleton Street
Kelly, James, publican, Market Street
Kelly, Miss Lilian, L.G.S.M., teacher of elocution, Market Street
Kelly, M., coal merchant, Mary Street
Kelly, Norman F., M.B., Thomas Street
Kennedy & Donkin, consulting engineers, Portmore Street
Killops, T., boot maker, Park Road
Killow, James, P.C.T., shorthand teacher, Levaghery
Kilpatrick, Alexander, Whitesmith, John Street
Kilpatrick, W., 13 High Street

Lagan Valley Canners, Ltd., Castleisland Factory
Lamb, John, painter, Bridge Street
Lamb, J. Charles, Melfort, Richhill
Lamb, Misses, dress makers, Bridge Street
Lappin, A., harness maker, West Street
Lappin, F., publican, Woodhouse Street
Lappin, Mrs., boarding house, Woodhouse Street
Laundry Company, Meadow Lane
Leeman, Mrs. M. L., corsetiere, Bridge Street
Leeman, T., hair dresser, Mandeville Street
Lees, R. A. D., Eden Crescent
Lester, F., tobacconist, High Street
Liddell, G. T., surgeon dentist, Church Place
Lila, Madame, hairdresser, High Street
Lindsay, D. H. M., Eden Crescent
Lindsay, Mrs. R., Hannavale House
Lipton, Ltd., High Street
Livingstone, Mrs., publican, High Street
Livingstone, S. J., grocer, Garvaghy Road
Livingstone, Wm., secretary, Oakleigh Park
Locke, George A., & Son, auctioneers and shipping agents, Woodhouse Street
Logan, Henry, & Son, rope and twine manufacturers, Edgarstown
Loney, W. M., draper, High Street
Lutton, Capt. G. E., Carrickblacker Avenue
Lutton, S., factory manager, Feddal House
Lynass, A., B.A., principal Edenderry P.E.S.
Lynch, P., publican, Woodhouse Street
Lyske, Mrs. Maria, confectioner, Bridge Street
Lyttle, A., butcher, West Street
Lyttle Bros., fleshers, West Street
Lyttle, H., & Sons, builders, Carleton Street
Lyttle & Ramsey, coal merchants, Goban Street

Maconachie, Mrs. Cherrie, Killycomain
MacCormac, I. H., solicitor, Church Street
Magee Bros., painters, Burnbrae Avenue
Magee, James H., hairdresser, Bridge Street
Magee, Miss N., green grocer, Albert Buildings
Magowan, Miss, fruiterer, Bridge Street
Maison, Claire, hairdresser, Church Street
Major, W. J., bill poster, Mary Street
Maloco's Ice Cream Saloon, West Street
Marks, James, Salisbury Terrace
Marley, T., fruiterer, High Street
Martin, A. L., druggist, Market Street
Martin, Mrs. J., restaurant, Woodhouse Street
Martin, Shaw, Leslie & Shaw, accountants, High Street
Mason, H., hardware merchant, Market Street
Mason, Miss M., china depot, Thomas Street
Mason, Mrs. C. E., Lislea, Armagh Road
Mason, Robert, & Co., Ltd., grocers, High Street
Mason, R., J.P., Claremount, Armagh Road
Mason, Walter, grocer, Bridge Street
Mason's Medical Hall, High Street
Matchett, George, coal merchant, Thomas Street
Maxwell, J. D., radio store, Bridge Street
May, E., motor engineer, Edenderry
May, W. F., flesher, High Street
Mayfair Beauty Parlour, Thomas Street
Maypole Ltd., Market Street and Thomas Street
Meehan, P. J., accountant, Thomas Street
Meehan, V., publican, West Street
Menaul, Mrs. N., organist, Thomas Street
Melcalfe, W., grocer, Woodhouse Street
Mex Motor Spirit Co., Bridge Street
Middlemore, E. K., Ballyoran
Millar, M., fruiterer, West Street
Miller, J. A., M.D., F.R.C.S., Thomas Street
Moderne, confectionery (Miss Newell), Bridge Street
Moffett & Co., Photographers, Bridge Street
Montgomery, C., Druim-an-Deur, Clounagh
Montgomery, John, undertaker, High Street
Montgomery, John, Clarisford
Montgomery, Miss M. E., kindergarten and preparatory school, Bridge Street
Montgomery, Miss N., milliner, Edward Street
Montgomery, T. J., &. Son, grocers, High Street
Moore, Mrs., tobacconist, Mandeville Street
Morrison, H. C., solicitor, Church Street
Morrow, W. D., journalist, 5 Avon Villas
Mortimer, N., confectioner, West Street
Morton, John, radio specialists, Mandeville Street
Morton, J., engineer, William Street
Morton, T., motor owner, Thomas Street
Mullen, A. V., Oakleigh Park
Mullen, C. T., Margretta Park
Mullen, John, boot warehouse, Thomas Street
Mullen, W., chemist, West Street
Mullen, W. A., manager, Windyridge
Mulligan, J., wine merchant, Woodhouse Street
Munster, Simms, Ltd., oil merchants, Seagoe Road
Murphy, Felix, tobacconist, Woodhouse Street
Murphy, James, Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," High Street
Murphy, Thomas, flesher, Woodhouse Street
Myra, hairdresser, Mandeville Street

McAnallen, John, publican, Mandeville Street
McAnallen, M., chemist, Thomas Street
McAteer, M. J., hairdresser, Thomas Street
McAviney & Co., provision merchant, Woodhouse Street
McAviney, U. G., chemist, Woodhouse Street
McBride, Mrs., L.L.C.M., Fair View Terrace
McCabe, James, publican, High Street
McCabe & Malcolmson, boot makers, Bridge Street
McCallum, H., B.A., manager, Castle Street
McCann, J. G., Tavanagh Nursery, Thomas Street
McCleery, Kenneth, Killycomain Road
McClelland, Mrs. Sarah, Derryadd, Birches
McClements, R., & Sons, sculptors, Bridge Street
McClure, S., newsagent, 142 Bridge Street
McConaghy, C., ladies' hairdresser, Bridge Street
McConville Bros., spirit merchants, West Street
McConville, J., Edward Street
McConville, P., contractor, Thomas Street
McConville, W., Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Woodhouse Street
McCourt, P., poulterer, Obins Street
McCullough, Miss M., tobacconist, Castle Street
McDonagh, T. W., furniture manufacturer, Obins Street
McDonald, F., M.D., Church Street
McDonald, Mrs., J.P., Cranagill
McEntee, Philip, publican, Woodhouse Street
McGaffin, Miss, ladies' hairdresser, McGredy Building
McGaffin, T., confectioner, West Street
McGarvey & Cullen, solicitors, Bridge Street
McGaughey, E., grocer, Armagh Road
McGrane, John, J.P., Tamnavelton
McGredy, Mrs. M., The Arches
McGredy, S. & Son, nurserymen and florists, Castle Street; seed warehouse, High Street
McKee, H. G., B.A., Renmore Avenue
McKeown, J., hairdresser, Woodhouse Street
McKinney, W., building contractor, Lisavague
McMullen Bros., motor spirit merchants, Bridge Street South
McNamee, J., draper, William Street
McNeill, H., green grocer, West Street
McQuillan, Alexander, grocer, Edgarstown
McVeigh, T. J., cycle merchant, Woodhouse Street
McWilliams, R. J., provision merchant, Castle Street

Nelson, W. R., Ltd., produce merchants
Nesbitt, Thomas, Erin Crescent
Nevin, Joseph, Shenstone, Armagh Road

Orr, A. Delmege, solicitor, Church Place
Orr, A., watch maker and jeweller, West Street
O'Neill, F., butcher, Market Street
O'Reilly, T., publican, West Street
Owen, Herbert H., Ridgeway Park

Page, S., grocer, West Street
Parr, Miss, boarding house, Castle Street
Patterson, Mrs., servants' registry, Thomas Street
Patterson, Rev. R. D., Ballyhannon House
Paul, William, & Son Ltd., drapers, High Street
Pearl Insurance Co., High Street
Pearson, G., cycle agent, Bridge Street
Pedlow, Joseph, insurance agent, Hanover Street
Pedlow, W. F., chemist, Market Street
Pentland, A., publican, Bridge Street
Pentland, Miss Grace Bell, Carleton Street
Peter Pan Bakery, Edward Street
Pickering, E. A., motor engineer, Edward Street
Pierson, James H., publican, Woodhouse Street
Poots, J., undertaker, Bridge Street
Portadown Co-operative Society, Mandeville Street
Portadown Foundry, Bridge Street
"Portadown News" Office, Thomas Street
"Portadown Times," Carleton Street
Portadown Weaving Co. Ltd., Annagh Factory
Porter, H., butcher, West Street
Powell's Products (N.I.), Ltd., Obins Street
Prentice, D., & Sons, grocers, Montague Street
Preston, Mrs., grocer, Carrickblacker Road
Prunty, John J., wine merchant, West Street
Pyper, Rev. W. W., B.A., Thomas Street

Quin, Mrs. B., B.A., J.P., Marlacoo House

Rafferty, P., clothier, Woodhouse Street
Rawlinson, Allen & White, incorporated accountants and auditors, Church Place
Raymond, T., taxi service, West Street
Reavie, The Misses, Confectioners and Stationers; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter," Thomas Street
Redmond, Joseph, fruit exporter, The Grange
Redpath, M., provision merchant, Market Street
Refuge Assurance Company, Church Street
Reid, C. W., Seagoe
Reid, John R., Kilcomaine Road
Reid, J. & M., drapers, Bridge Street
Reid, Sinton, 4 Annagh Terrace
Richardson Bros., grocers, High Street
Robb Bros., & Co., seed merchants, Thomas Street
Robb, Cecil, farmer, Garvaghy Road
Robb, C. J., architect, Church Street
Robb, Hamilton, Ltd., steam power weaving factory
Robb, Richard A., teacher, Eden Crescent
Robb, Richard A., teacher, Eden Crescent
Robinson, D., Margretta Park
Robinson, R., 5 Ballyoran Hill
Robinson, S. C., Seagoe House
Robinson, W. J., grocer, Burnbrae Avenue
Robinson, ?, tobacconist, Church Street
Rock, G., grocer and tobacconist, Watson Street
Rogers, W. R., architect, Mason's Buildings
Rogers, W. S. G., dental surgeon, Millicent Terrace
Rountree & Hewitt, grocers, Market Street
Rountree & Loughead, grocers, High Street
Rowe, D. J., chemist, 73 Woodhouse Street
Rowe, William G., Ashgrove Poultry Farm
Royal Insurance Company, Royal Chambers, High Street
Russell, Joseph, tailor and outfitter, William Street
Rutherford, Mrs. G., publican, Clounagh

Saunderson, J., hairdresser, Church Street
Scott & Scott, tailors, High Street
Selig, H. M., financier, Church Street
Shanks, T., builder, Edenderry
Sheil, ?, grocer and wine merchant, Woodhouse Street
Shell-Mex Depot, Montague Street
Shepherd's Dairies Ltd., High Street
Sheridan, Miss G., Bellevue Place
Sherman & Stoops, coal merchants, Foundry Street
Shillington, T. A., Alta Villa
Shillington, T. A., & Son, Ltd., steam saw mills, Castle Street
Shortt, M. R. H., organist, Thomas Street Church
Singer Machine Works, Bridge Street
Sleator, G., station master
Sloan & Gray, drapers, Church Street
Smart, T., fruiterer, Market Street
Smith, A., hairdresser, William Street
Smith, I., hairdresser, Thomas Street
Smith, John, Ashgrove House
Smith, John, contractor, The Quarries, Ballyfodrin
Smith, S. S., Thomas Street
Smyth, Miss E. C., teacher and organist, Church Street
Somerville, R., grocer, Thomas Street
Spence, Bryson & Co. Ltd., weaving factory, Portmore Street
Spence, W., water board clerk, Margretta Terrace
Sprott, Miss, Carraboo, Killicomain
Sprott, William, bacon curing works, Edward Street
Stafford, Thomas, West Street
Stanley, J. G., Portadown Loan Co., Woodhouse Street
Stanley, Ralph, grocer, Edgarstown
Star Electric Co. (George Gracie), Edward Street
Star Manufacturing Co., Harford Street
Steele, J., draper, Woodhouse Street
Stevenson, Donald, M.A., Eden Crescent
Stevenson, J. H., rate collector, Killicomain
Stevenson, T. J., & Co., accountants, Lismore House
Stevenson, W. J., Ridgeway Park
Stewart, Mrs., children's outfitter, West Street
Stewart, F. R., plumber, William Street
Stewart, M., postmaster
Stoops, D. F., chemist, High Street
Strain, Frederick, upholsterer, Carleton Street
Sullivan, Edward, Derrylard, The Birches
Sunlight Laundry Co., Bridge Street
Sweeney, M., draper, Bridge Street
Swinnerton, W., journalist, Thomas Street

Tavanagh Weaving Factory, Armagh Road
Thompson's Dyeworks, Bridge Street
Thompson, Mrs. Agnes, 91 Killicomaine Road
Thornton, A. & D., Ltd., wholesale grocers, Thomas Street
Thornton, D. W., Clonard, Lurgan Road
Thornton, R. J., J.P., Granoge, Stewart Avenue
Todd, John R., grocer, West Street
Topley, John, relieving officer, Atkinson's Avenue
Topley, Mrs. A., state registered nurse, West Street
Totton, Stewart, Bardowie, Annagh
Trimble, R., outfitter and tailor, High Street
Troughton, Mrs., servants' registry office, Edward Street
Troughton, T. G., egg exporter, Ballinteggart
Trouton & Son, provision merchants, Market Street
Tubman, Mrs., Fermanagh House, Annagh
Turkington, Stephen, fruit merchant, Ballinagone
Turner, Edmund, tailor, Mourneview Street
Turner's Fruit Markets, Ltd., High Street
Tweedie, ?, victualler, Woodhouse Street
Twinem, C., gent's outfitter, Edward Street
Twinem, Joseph A., draper, High Street
Twinem, J. H., draper, High Street
Twyble, J., house furnisher, Bridge Street
Twyble, S., grocer, High Street

Ulster Carpet Mills, Ltd., Garvaghy Road
Ulster Laces Ltd., Edward Street
Uprichard, The Misses, Carleton Cafe, Bridge Street
Uprichard, R. J., victualler, Market Street
Uprichard, R. J., The Firs, Clounagh

Vance, Mrs., grocer, Edenderry
Verner, W. H., motor engineer, Obins Street

Wadsworth, J. F. B., Seagoe
Walker, Fredk., Edenclare, Old Lurgan Road
Walker, James, grocer, Mandeville Street
Walker, J. A., secretary, Church Street
Walker, R., commercial traveller, Thomas Street
Walker, S. H., tailor, Church Street
Walker, W. J., principal Mahon School
Walsh, James, & Sons, Ltd., Drumcree Nursery and High Street
Waring Nurseries (J. Willis), Corbrackey
Warmington, T., motor engineer, Bridge Street South
Warren, W. J., M.A., Ballyworkan House
Watchman, S., draper, West Street
Watson, George, insurance agent, Annagh
Watson, J., publican, Lisavague
Watt, Mrs., confectioner, Armagh Road
Webb, John, furniture dealer, Mary Street
Weir & Co., hardware merchants, Castle Street
Weir, G., grocer and tobacconist, Church Street
Weir, Mrs. G., certified midwife, Armagh Road
Weir, T., grocer, West Street
Whitten, R. W., secretary, Thomas Street
Whitsitt, Captain R., Ballyworkan
Whyte, Mrs. A. E., Mondello, Connaught Park
Whyte, W., saddler, West Street
Wiggins, E., inspector U.S.P.C.A., Jervis Street
Wightman, J. A., Vailima, Armagh Road
Williamson & Co., coal merchants, Foundry Street
Williamson, R. J., Ridgeway Park
Willis, A., nurseryman, Woodhouse Street
Willis, J., & Sons, nurserymen, Corbrackey
Willoughby, J. H., Ballyoran
Wilson Bros., fleshers, Mandeville Street
Wilson, Miss Meta A., teacher of arts and crafts, Edward Street
Wilson, Mrs. V., Oakfield
Wilson, R., & Sons (Barrhead), Ltd., Castleisland
Wilson, Thomas, Wyn-Dhu, Carrickblacker Road
Wilson, V., & Co., solicitors, Church Street
Wilson, William, publican, Woodhouse Street
Wolsey, W. H., journalist, Carleton House, Carleton Street
Wood, W., & Son, cabinet makers, Hanover Street
Woods, N., clothier, Woodhouse Street
Woods, R. M., merchant, Thomas Street
Woolsey, H., grocer, Hopefield, Annagh
Woolsey, Robert, Margretta Park
Woolsey, R., & Son, engineers, Castle Street
Woolworth, F. W., & Co., High Street
Wright, C. H. N., radio dealer, West Street
Wright, J., sign writer, Woodhouse Street
Wright, Miss, ladies' and children's outfitter, Church Street
Wright, Robert, auctioneer, David Street
Wright, R., & Sons, bakers, Mandeville Street
Wright, R. J., & Co., provision merchants, Woodhouse Street
Wright, S., provision merchant, West Street

County Down

     Is a seaport town, about 28 miles from Belfast. It is situated on the east shore of Strangford Lough., near its entrance, and opposite the Town of Strangford. There is a regular ferry service between the tow towns.  The district is largely agricultural. The fairs are held on the second Tuesday of each month.  The population at the 1937 census was 1,435. The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday. 


Church of Ireland - Rev. H. J. Osborne, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Lorimer, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. J. W. B. Moore
Roman Catholic Chapel - Very Rev. J. McKillip, P.P.


Amalgamated (Mixed) School - N. Matthews, principal
R.C. (Mixed) School - P. J. McHendry, principal
Technical School - J. McMeekin, principal


Dispensary - Dr. A. M. Young
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. (branch) - T. Mahood, manager
Northern Bank, Ltd. - T. Belford, manager
Commissioners for taking affidavits for Chancery and Law Courts - S. W. Campbell
Petty Sessions - S. W. Campbell, clerk
R.U.C. Station - Sergeant Young
Harbour Master - John Watterson
Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. A. M. Young


Anderson, Hugh, grocer and provision store

Baxter, Mrs. Henry, Whinney Knowe
Baxter, Mrs. John, Rock Angus
Beatty, A., Square
Beck, James, carpenter
Beck, Miss, P.O.
Bell & Co., Solicitors
Birch, Robert, miller, Bishopmill
Blaney, Mrs., newsagent, etc., Shore
Brown, Ephraim H., auctioneer and estate agent
Brown, Miss, millinery warehouse
Brown, William, grocer and hardware merchant
Bryce, William, farmer, Ardkeen
Burgess, Mrs., Quinton Castle

Campbell, Philip Arthur, J.P., Ballycalm
Caughey, James H., motor engineer, The Square
Colville, R., land steward to Sir Robert Nugent
Cord, Joseph, hairdresser
Crangle, Joseph, farmer, Ballymartyr
Cummins, H., tea rooms
Curran, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer

Dines, William, farmer, Doey
Domigan, Edward, publican
Donaldson, D. J., merchant tailor and draper
Donaldson, James, blacksmith
Donaldson, John, boot merchant
Donaldson, Miss, draper
Dorrian, Miss, pharmaceutical chemist
Duff, Dr.

Elliott, Ernest, B.Sc., Braemar
Elliott, J. R. M., J.P., merchant, Inglenook
Elliott, James, & Co., Ltd., coal, grain and potato merchants, farm implements, etc.
Elliott, Mrs. W. T., Red House
Ellison, W., saddler

Gracey, Gordon, farmer, Derry
Gracey, Mrs., The Square

Halliday, Mrs., tea rooms
Hanigan, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer
Hinds, John K., publican and caterer
Hinds, Patrick, farmer, Ballyfindra
Huey, C., Belfast Bank

Keane, T., publican
Kerr, Mrs. R., Riverside
Kirkpatrick, Alexander, Red House, Cloughey

Langham, Miss, Rockfield
Latten, Miss, draper
Lawson, D., & Son, drapers and haberdashers
Leigh, C. H., farmer, Dooey
Lennon, Patrick, farmer, Ballyward
Lytle, Francis, farmer, Ballymacnamee

Major, M., Castle Gardens
Martin & Henderson, solicitors
Mawhinney, Alex., M.P.S.N.I., pharmaceutical chemist
Mawhinney, Andrew, butcher
Merron, J. & T., farmers, Corrick
Merron, Patrick J., farmer, Ballytrustan
Merron, Richard, farmer, Craigrodden
Moreland, Thomas, farmer, Corrick

McBride, Mrs., confectioner, tea rooms
McCartney, A., M.P.S.
McCleery, Mrs., Barholm
McClement, David, farmer, Ballyspurge
McComb, Mrs., farmer, Ballywallen
McCormick, Hugh and Samuel, farmers, Ardkeen
McCullen, Miss, Miss Street
McDonnell, Francis, J.P., Demesne
McDonnell, James, & Sons, general grocers
McDonnell, Samuel, R.D.C., farmer, Corrick
McDonnell, Thomas, The White House
McDowell, George, embroidery manufacturer
McDowell, Miss, sewed muslin agent
McGrath, Miss M., tea rooms and confectionery
McGrattan, Henry, J.P., farmer, Tara
McKeating, John, farmer, Thomastown
McKeown, Miss, boarding house, Strand
McManus, P. J., farmer, Derry
McMechan, John H., J.P., farmer, Thomastown
McMullan, William, Ballyherley House
McMullan, William, farmer, Ballyward
McMullan, W., jun., farmer, Ballyhenry House
McMullan, W. & A., Ltd., coal and grain merchants
McNab, Brian, farmer, Parsonhall

Nugent, Lt.-Col. Sir Roland T., D.L., Portaferry House

Parkinson, James, hairdresser
Press, John

Quin, Charles, farmer, Ballyrusley
Quinn, Thomas, farmer, Carstoun

Rigby, Miss, organist and music teacher
Royal Insurance Co. Ltd. - J. R. M. Elliott, J.P., agent

Sands, Patrick, publican
Savage, Alfred, farmer, Marlfield
Savage, Francis, Abbacy
Savage, Herbert, farmer, Ballyridley
Savage, James, rate collector
Savage, Samuel, farmer, Ballywhite
Savage, William, Marlfield
Smyth, John, Motor Emporium, The Rock; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Smyth, Mrs., Strand
Somerset, Thomas, & Co., embroidery warehouse
Stewart, Alexander, solicitor
Stewart & James, Ltd., ironmongers
Stewart, John, Quintonbay House

Thompson, Miss, Portaferry Hotel
Toner, M., publican
Trainor, Mrs. J., grocer and spirit dealer

Wilson, James, plumber
Wilson, Thomas, motor emporium
Wilson, Victor S., timber merchant & grocer
Worsley, Captain, estate agent

Young, Dr. A. M.
Young, Mrs. R. O., Rockfield

County Down

     A small seaport village, about 25 miles from Belfast.  A good trade is done in fishing and the shipping of potatoes and farm produce. The population is about 800

Ulster Bank Ltd., Agency - Attendance Monday



Adair, Samuel, fisherman

Clint, Miss Maggie
Coffey, Hugh, fisherman
Coffey, Hugh, bread server
Coffey, Hugh, seaman
Coffey, Hugh, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Coffey, James, fisherman
Coffey, James
Coffey, John
Coffey, Mrs., farmer
Coffey, Robert, fisherman

Hughes, James, fisherman
Hughes, John, joiner
Hughes, William, sea captain
Hull, James, fisherman

Lynn, Mrs.

Mawhinney, Hugh, oil merchant and grocer
Mawhinney, John, fisherman
Mawhinney, Mrs. Agnes, grocer and draper

McCormick, Robert, fisherman
McGrath, John, farmer
McKee, James, farmer
McMaster, William, fisherman

Palmer, Adam, dairy farmer
Palmer, Adam, fisherman
Palmer, James, fisherman
Palmer, John, fisherman
Palmer, Robert, fisherman
Preston, ?

Thompson, Charles, fisherman
Thompson, James

Warnock, John, fisherman


Adair, Hugh, fisherman
Adair, James, fisherman
Adair, Samuel, sailor
Ambrose, Hugh, fisherman
Ambrose, Mrs., grocer

Beckett, James, fisherman

Coffey, Miss
Coffey, Robert, sailor
Coffey, Samuel, fisherman
Coffey, William J., fisherman
Cully, Hugh, fisherman
Cully, James, fisherman
Cully, James, fisherman
Cully, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane
Cully, Robert, fisherman
Cully, Samuel, fisherman

Devoy, Andrew, fisherman
Devoy, Robert, fisherman
Donnan, Ellen
Donnan, James grocer
Donnan, James, fisherman
Donnan, Robert, dealer

Gowan, George, grocer

Hughes, Miss Mary, school teacher

Kelly, Samuel, farmer

Mahood, Mrs. Jane
Middleton, David, fisherman
Montgomery, Adam, builder

McCollams, Robert, fisherman
McMaster, John, fisherman
McVea, H. S., butcher

Palmer, Adam, farmer
Palmer, Adam, fisherman, Hillside
Palmer, Alexander, fisherman
Palmer, James, tailor
Palmer, Robert, fisherman
Palmer, Samuel, fisherman
Palmer, Thomas, fisherman
Pyper, James

Thompson, T., school master

Warnock, William, sailor

Young, Andrew, fisherman
Young, David, fisherman
Young, Henry, fisherman
Young, James, fisherman
Young, Mrs. Jane
Young, William, labourer
Young, William, fisherman


Adair, James, fisherman
Adair, Mrs Catherine
Ambrose, David H., farmer

Coffey, Hugh, sailor
Coffey, John, sailor
Coffey, Mrs. Annie
Coffey, Robert, draper
Cully, Samuel, sailor
Cully, William H., sailor

Drysdale, James, fisherman

Ennis, David farmer
Ennis, James, sailor

Hagan, David, fisherman
Hagan, James, fisherman

Kelly, Hugh, fisherman

Mawhinney, Mrs. Agnes
Middleton, William, chauffeur
Moore, James, brick layer

McCormick, Robert, fisherman
McCormick, Thomas, sailor

Orr, John, grocer
Orr, Thomas, jun., fisherman

O'Brien, Alexander, farmer, post office
O'Brien, James

Palmer, Miss Mary
Pyper, William, boot maker

Reid, James, sen., farmer
Reid, James, jun., farmer
Robinson, Thomas D., dealer

Smith, Charles, grocer
Smith, Mrs. Anna

White, H. J., blacksmith
White, James
White, Samuel, sailor
Whyte, Mrs.

Young, Alexander, fisherman
Young, John, fisherman


Adair, Charles, fisherman
Adair, Hugh, fisherman
Adair, John, sailor
Adair, John, jun., fisherman
Adair, Marianne
Adair, Mrs. Annie
Adair, Samuel, jun., fisherman
Adair, William
Adair, William, fisherman
Ambrose, David, farmer
Ambrose, John
Ambrose, Robert
Ambrose, Thomas, jun.
Ambrose, William
Ambrose, William J., bread server
Anderson, Thomas

Coffey, James, sea captain
Coffey, J., labourer
Coffey, William, sailor
Cully, John, grocer
Cully, Samuel, fisherman

Donnan, James, fisherman
Donnan, William
Donnan, William J., sea captain

Glenn, Joseph, sailor

Hughes, James, sailor

Keenan, James, sailor
Keenan, James, fisherman
Kennedy, ?, chemist

Mahood, John, chauffeur
Mahood, Mrs. Elizabeth
Moore, James, jun., fisherman

McClements, James, sailor
McClements, John, sailor
McClements, Mrs. Sara
McClements, Samuel, sailor
McConnell, Mrs. H.
McCormick, Robert
McDonnell, Norman, clerk of works
McKee, Mrs. Annie
McMaster, James, fisherman
McVea, Harry, fisherman
McVea, James, sailor
McVea, John, jun., sailor
McVea, Miss
McVea, William, sailor

Orr, James, farmer
Orr, Mrs. Louie
O'Prey, John, engineer

Palmer, Mrs. M. L.
Palmer, William, fisherman

Robinson, Alexander, fisherman
Robinson, Samuel, fisherman
Robinson, William

Shaw, Mrs. Sara

Thompson, Hugh, sailor

County Antrim

     Is a seaside village between Portrush and the Giant's Causeway, at the mouth of the River Bush.  The village is reached by way of the Giant's Causeway Electric Tramway, or by 'bus.


Acheson, ?, 2 Blairbank
Adair, Mrs. James
Adair, William
Adams, Mrs., Beachmount
Andain, Mrs., Grindon
Andain, Miss
Anderson, Mrs., St. Elmo
Atkinson, D. F., Lissanduff

Bell, Rev. Cranfield
Black, Joseph
Blean, T. F., Atlantic House
Bothwell, R., Bonnie-Brae
Boyd, Miss
Brown, Miss E. A., Elzadore
Brown, Mrs., Rockland
Brown, Mrs., Gortnee
Brownell, R. S., Cooleen
Burns, Mrs., Grentara

Campbell, J., Carncullagh
Colquhoun, Mrs., Ocean Grove
Cooper, Samuel, Postmaster; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Crawford, Mrs., Invercylde (Inverclyde?)
Crawford, Mrs., Blairbank
Cromey, ?, Gortnabane
Culver, F., Bayview
Curry, Hamill, Ulnage

Diamond, Mrs.
Dobbin, Mrs., 425 Cottage
Dooner, Mrs., Saltpans

Esdale, Mrs. C., Seahaven
Evans, Mrs. W.

Faull, Thomas, Bushfoot Cottages

Gaw, C. E.

Hall, Rev. R.
Hannon, Mrs., Liscanick
Harris, J., Tobermhuir
Haughey, Charles, Seacliff
Haughey, William, The Lodge
Haves, J., Carrichiar (Hayes?)
Hawthorne, J., Ulna Cottage
Hayden, Mrs., The Station
Hedgecock, Mrs., Belmont
Hill, Mrs. E.
Hood, Mrs., 3 The Station

Jackson, J., Eynsford
Jamison, Mrs., Colwyn
Johnston, Miss I. K., Elzadore
Johnston, Mrs., Dug Out
Judge, Robert, Ardmara

Kane, F., Galtebeg
Kennedy, Mrs., Colwyn
Kennedy, S. C.
Kerr, Rev. S. P., Gortnee
Kilpatrick, A., Fintra

Leslie, J. G., D.L., J.P., Seaport
Long, Mrs. E. W., Blairbank
Loughridge, Mrs., Liscanick
Lowry, J., Northaway
Lowry, Mrs., The Dug Out

Macbain, Miss E.
MacClean, ?, The Red House Hotel
Maclaine, Mrs., Atlantic House
Macnaghten, The Honourable Malcolm
Macready, Miss L., Manor House
Martin, Mrs., Alt-na-craig
Maxwell, Robert, Breezemount
Maxwell, R., 5 Cottage
Maxwell, S., 4 Cottage
Mills, J., 1 Station
Montgomery, Henry, Fishery Cottage
Montjomery, J., Enfield (Montgomery)
Montgomery, J., 8 Cottage
Moorehead, J.
Moorehead, R., caretaker of Seaport
Murdock, Mrs., Innishowen
Murphy, G., The Rhinns
Murphy, J.
Murphy, Miss F., Kincora

McAllister, J., Ballintrae House
McAllister, John, Kenbaan
McAlister, Mrs., 1 Blair Bank
McCallum, R., 10 Cottage
McCallum, W., 9 Cottage
McClelland, Mrs. James, 6 Cottage
McClelland, T., 1 Cottage
McClelland, W., 7 Cottage
McClenaghan, Mrs., Gweedore
McComish, ?, 3 The Station
McConaghie, J., Greenoge
McConaghie, J., Avalone
McElnay, William, Gortnee
McLaughlin, J.
McLaughlin, W. J., Clonlara
McMullan, George, Rose Cottage
McMullan, James, Bayview Cottage
McMullan, Mrs. R., Bay View Hotel
McNabb, J., 2 Cottage
McVicker, Mrs., Aventine

Nairn, Miss, Islay

Palmer, S.
Parke, G., Heatherlock
Patrick, Mrs., Macs-y Code
Purvis, Miss, Islay

Richmond Lodge Evacuation School, Bayhead

Salisbury, R. C., Bushvale
Salmon, ?, Westcliff
Sayers, J., Newhaven
Scally, James
Sherrard, ?
Steele, Mrs. John, Glenville
Stewart, T.
Suckling, B. S., End House
Sweeney, W., grocer

Taggart, Mrs. J. R., Bayhead Cottage
Taylor, Miss E.
Thompson, Mrs., Cranfield

Victoria College Evacuation School, Red House

Wallace, Mrs., Seahaven
Weir, Mrs. Archie, Kincora
Weir, Robert, Salmon
White, Mrs., Quaylane Cottage


Carson, Miss
Cochrane, Mrs.
Curry, D.
Hall, Mrs.
Quigg, Jeremy


McConaghie, D.
Martin, D.

County Antrim

     Situated on the River Bann, about nine miles from Ballymena and thirty-three from Belfast.  It was the seat of the handloom linen works, but it is now an agricultural district.  The population is about 500. A weekly market for grain, pork, etc., is held on Tuesdays. Shops' half-holiday is on Wednesday


Church of Ireland - Rev. C. A. Bateman, M.A.
First Presbyterian - Rev. J. Fulton, B.A.  Third - Rev. R. H. Gilmour, B.A., B.D.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Diamond, P.P.


Magistrates - R. A. Alexander, Thos. Madden, James Chesney
Petty Sessions held on first Thursday in each month. Clerk - Logan Irvine
Registrars for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Vacant
Northern Bank Ltd. (branch) - G. C. Mitchell, manager


Adams, Samuel, Tyanee
Agnew, Robert, motor agent
Aiken, David, Portglenone, cycle agent
Aiken, Miss, grocer and emigration agent
Alexander, Major R., J.P., Portglenone House

Barclay, John, boot and shoe shop
Bateman, Rev. A. C., The Rectory
Baxter, Richard, Aughnahoy
Brady, Mrs., Churchfield
Brady, Norman, woollen draper and silk mercer; agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Bristow, Miss, dress maker
Brown, William

Campbell, Harry, tailor
Carey, J., Gortgole House
Chesney, David, cycle agent
Chesney, George, Ballynafie
Chesney, James, flax mill, Mullinsalagh
Chesney, Mrs., P.E.S., Tullinahinion
Crawford, John, grocer, Aughnacloy

Davidson, Miss, Ballynease
Diamond, Frank, publican
Dick, B. H., Island House
Donnely, Peter, publican
Dougherty, Thomas, chemist
Duncan, Mrs., agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Duffin, John, blacksmith

Estler, Agnes, Aughnahoy

Fox, Hugh

Gibson, Samuel, Glenone
Glass, W. J., Hazelbrook
Greer, Andrew, tailor and confectioner

Hamilton, Jeannie S.
Hanna, H., draper and auctioneer
Holmes, George, Gortfadd
Holmes, Henry, Gortfadd

Irvine, Logan, C.P.S., auctioneer and potato merchant

Kane, Edward, publican
Kane, Miss, Glenburn
Kearney, Edward, butcher
Kenny, James
Kerr, Andrew, grocer
Kerr, James, postman
Kyle, T. T., Tyanee
Kyle, W., Tullinahinion

Madden, Thomas, J.P.
Millar, Hugh, postman
Millar, John, Glenone
Mills, R. A. teacher
Montgomery, D. Gordon

McAtamney, Miss, school teacher
McAteer, Miss, Finlaystown
McCann, Mrs., P.E.S.
McCaw, Joseph
McCaw, Mrs.
McCullough, Bertie, Ballynease
McErlene, T., general merchant, Clady
McFadden, Mrs., Thornhill
McGall, Thomas
McIlfatrick, Robert, Drumlane
McIlvenna, Felix, tailor
McLaughlin, Joseph, Largy P.E.S.
McLaughlin, Miss, dress maker
McLaughlin, Mrs., Victoria Hotel
McMullan, Andrew, Garvaghy
McMullan, Thomas, hardware merchant

Nesbitt, Rev., Glenone Glebe

O'Connell, Mrs., butcher
O'Kane, Francis, Tyanee
O'Kane, Miss
O'Kane, Mrs., grocer, Newmills P.O.

Peoples, Samuel
Purce, Edward, Mountpleasant

Reilly, Mrs.

Shanks, J., furniture dealer
Simmonds, Samuel, grocer
Smith, L., Bannbridge Hotel
Smyth, Joseph, merchant, Innisrush
Smyth, Mrs., Sprucefield
Speers, Albert, builder, Meadowbank
Strong, Archie, station and printer

Toner, John, Lislea P.O.

Wallace, Miss, Tyanee House
Warwick, Robert, Innisrush
Weir, Patrick, publican, Glenone
Welshman, A., P.E.S.
Wilkinson, David, carpenter, Mayboy
Wilkinson, J., blacksmith
Williamson, Henry, hairdresser
Wilson, Miss, Tyanee
Wilson, Miss, P.E.S.

County Antrim

     A popular seaside resort situated about six miles from Coleraine and seven from the far-famed Giant's Causeway. The population at the 1937 census was 3,386.  The shops' half-holiday is on Wednesday


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. C. H. Vaughan
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. S. Pyper, B.A.
Reformed Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. G. M. Martin, B.A.
Ballywillan Presbyterian Church - Rev. W, H. Hutchison, B.A., M.C.
Methodist Church - Rev. R. J. J. Teasey
Baptist Mission Hall - Rev. J. W. Freeman
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Gillen, P.P.
Mission Hall, Causeway Street


Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - T. A. McKeag, manager
Northern Bank Ltd. - J. A. Barrett, manager
Ulster bank Ltd., Agency - Attendance; June-September, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday; October-May, Monday and Thursday


Kelly Memorial P.E. School - T. J. Gillespie, principal
Mark Street P.E. School - S. E. Bingham, M.A., principal
Roman Catholic P.E. School - Mr. Donnelly, principal


Post Office - There are four arrivals and four departures of mails daily
Magistrates - H. Carson, R. B. Adams, Major F. George McLean, R.M.; R. Darragh, Thos. Bamford, William R. Knox
Petty Sessions - Held on the third Wednesday in each month. T. H. Gillis, Westbrook Hotel, Coleraine, C.P.S.
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. William Porter, Mervue; assistant, G. W. T. McCann, Main Street. Office at Dispensary, Manse Avenue
R.U.C. Barrack, Railway Place - District Inspector, J. A. Peacocke. Sergeant R. M. Fulton and ten constables
Coastguard Station, Dockhead - Chief officer, Patrick J. Donovan
Fire Brigade Station, Hamilton Place, Captain, R. Cartan
Town Clerk - W. I. Cunningham
Town and Sub-sanitary Officer - Ranken Millen
Town Surveyor - Albert J. Clarke
Rate Collector - Robt. McFetridge, 31 Causeway Street
Commissioner for Oaths - Samuel Killen
Royal Portrush Golf Club - Patron, His Majesty the King; secretary, G. C. Nash
Masonic Lodges - No. 1008 and 607. Royal Arch Chapter 1008. Meet in Masonic Hall
Medical Officer of Dispensary - Dr. William Porter
Portrush Harbour Company, Harbour Office, Portrush - Secretary, C. McLaughlin, Coleraine. Harbourmaster - William Strathdee
National Lifeboat Institution - Boathouse, The Harbour; William R. Knox, J.P., Main Street, hon. secretary
Customs Officer - Edward Bennett, Portrush and Coleraine, principal coast officer
District Nursing Association - Hon. secretary, Miss H. Cox
Badminton Club - secretary, Miss Stark; treasurer, Mrs. McMorris
County Councillor - Hugh Lecky, Beardiville
Urban District Council - Hugh Carson, J.P.; J. H. Seery, Thomas A. Baxter, Andrew Stewart, Peter G. Ross, R. T. Dunseath, R. B. Adams, William Knox, T. Bamford, J. Logan, J. Fox, Thomas McCandless, W. Potts Harper, Samuel Fawcett, W. R. Knox, M.M., J.P., chairman
Comrades of War, Main Street - Secretary, W. R. Knox
Gasworks, Causeway Street - Manager, J. H. Bell; secretary, Thomas Bamford
Giant's Causeway Tramway - William Chambers, engineer
Men's Institute - Rev. J. C. H. Vaughan, chairman; J. G. McMorris, treasurer


Acheson, Jane A., Mark Street
Adams, Annie, Bath Street
Adams, Annie, Abercorn Avenue
Adams, Bryce, Dunluce Street Lane
Adams, Charlotte, Abercorn Avenue
Adams, Eleanor J., Princess Street
Adams & Esdale, builders
Adams, Marcella, Dhu Varren
Adams, Nancy, Eglinton Street
Adams, Robert, Princess Street
Adams, Robert B., auctioneer, Main Street
Adams, R. B., radio dealer, Main Street
Adams, Thomas, Garden Court
Aiken, Mrs., confectioner, Main Street
Alcorn, Robert, Hamilton Place
Alexander, Elizabeth, Strandmore
Alexandra Hotel, 11-12 Lansdowne Crescent
Algeo, Mrs., Croc-na-mac Road
Algeo, William, boot merchant, Causeway Street
Amner, Kenneth G., Main Street
Anderson, Agnes, refreshment rooms, Kerr Street
Anderson, Mrs. M., boarding house, Kerr Street
Angliker, Harriett, Beaghville Drive
Angus, Miss Ina, boarding house, 27 Kerr Street
Anne's Cafe (Miss Annie Rawlings), 21 Eglinton Street
Arcadia (The), restaurant
Archibald, Samuel, Croc-na-mac Street
Arnott, Ellen Jane, Rodney Street
Arrell, Miss, Eglinton Street
Aswald, James, Kerr Street
Atchison, Elizabeth, Eglinton Street
Austin, Joseph, Victoria Street

Babington, Rt. Hon. A. B., K.C., M.P., Causeway Road
Bacon, Samuel, Causeway Street
Bacon, Samuel, Garden Court
Bailey, Isabella M., Salisbury Terrace
Ballentine, Georgina E., Kerr Street
Bamford, John H., Randal Park
Bamford, John, & Son, Grocers and Bakers, Main Street
Bamford, Thomas, Coleraine Road
Bamford, T., auctioneer, Main Street
Barkley, Sarah, Beaghville Drive
Barr, George, Dhu Varren
Bates, Sir Dawson, M.P., Minister for Home Affairs, Magheraboy House
Baxter, J. & D., painters, Eglinton Lane
Baxter, Thomas A., Bath Street
Beckett, Mary, Croc-na-mac
Begley, Marcus D., Portstewart Road
Bell, Harold F., Coleraine Road
Bell, John H., Causeway Street
Bell, Oliver, Croc-na-mac
Bell, Thomas, Coleraine Road
Bercott, Saul, Bath Street
Best, Martha, Victoria Street
Bingham, Robert J., Glenvale Avenue
Bingham, Samuel E., Mark Street
Black, Charles, Causeway Street
Black, Henry H., Kerr Street
Black, Hugh, Coleraine Road
Black, Hugh A. G., Main Street
Black, Rachel, Main Street
Black & Sons, bakers, Main Street
Black, William B., Mark Street
Blake, B. P., painter, 75 Causeway Street
Boggs, J. G. W., Ltd., chemists, Main Street
Bolton, Dr. J. C., Strandmore, Causeway Street
Bolton, Sloan M., Strandmore, Causeway Street
Bothwell, David, grocer, Bath Street
Bovaird, Edith I., Dhu Varren
Bowers, Henry G., Hopefield Avenue
Boyd, Charles, Causeway Street
Boyd, Martha J., Main Street
Bradley, The Misses, Hopefield Avenue
Bradley, ?, publican, Causeway Street
Bradshaw, Louisa Jane, Coleraine Road
Brett, Raymond G., Dhu Varren
Brodie, John, Causeway Street
Brown, Annie M., Craigvara Terrace
Brown, Catherine, Hopefield Avenue
Brown, James, Rodney Street
Brown, Michael, Main Street
Brown, William, Causeway Street
Bruce, Mrs., Coleraine Road
Bruce, Mrs., fancy linens, Catherwood's Arcade, Main Street
Bryans, Joseph, Main Street
Bryce, Mary Ann, Rodney Street
Buchanan, Frederick, M.P.S., Eglinton Street
Buchanan, Georgina, Glenmanus Road
Buchanan, Mary E., Antrim Gardens
Burns, Annie, Glenvale Crescent
Burns, Miss, West Bay View Hotel, Mark Street
Burnside, Jessie E., Atlantic Avenue
Butler, Mary, Atlantic Avenue
Byrne, Hannah, Mark Street
Byrne, Rebecca, Croc-na-mac Road

Cahill, John, Glenvale Crescent
Caldwell, James L., sen., Magheramenagh
Caldwell, John, Dairy, Glenmanus
Caldwell, Robert T., Glenvale Crescent
Camac, Elizabeth, Salisbury Terrace
Camac, Elizabeth S., Eglinton Street
Cameron, Albert W., Eglinton Street
Cameron, Mary A., Oakland Avenue
Cameron, Matthew, Ballywillan Road
Cameron, William, Atlantic Avenue
Cameron, William, Church Pass
Cameron, William, Dhu Varren
Campbell, Annie, Eglinton Street
Campbell, Florence, Mark Street Lane
Campbell, James, Princess Street
Campbell, John, Atlantic Avenue
Campbell, John, Abercorn Avenue
Campbell, Margaret, Causeway Street
Campbell, Margaret, Dhu Varren
Campbell, Mrs., boarding house, Golf Terrace
Campbell, Robert C., Main Street
Campbell, Robert J., Morrison Park
Campbell, William F., refreshments, Main Street
Carlisle, Robert, Hopefield Avenue
Carson, Hugh, J.P., Lansdowne Crescent
Carson, Miss, boarding house, Apsley House
Carton, Robert, Hopefield Avenue
Casement, Charlotte, Dhu Varren
Cash Stores, grocers, Causeway Street
Caskey & Co., Ltd., drapers, Main Street
Chalmers, Robert A., Atlantic Avenue
Chambers, Pastor D., Princess Street
Chambers, Emmeline, Mark Street
Chambers, Margaret F., Hopefield Avenue
Chambers, William, Hopefield Avenue
Chapman, H. Milton, L.D.S., R.C.S.I., 3 Strand Road, Dhu Varren
Charles, Georgina, Kerr Street
Charlton, Miss Annie, Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," 31 Eglinton Street
Charters, Elizabeth, Main Street
Christie, Annie M., Causeway Street
Christie, Daniel, ironmonger, Main Street
Christie, David, Main Street
Christie, Jack, Glenmanus
Christie, Miss, boarding house, Bath Terrace
Christie, Mrs., Clara
Clark, Charles, Hopefield Avenue
Clark, Nora P., Ramore Avenue
Clarke, Alexander, Ramore Street
Clarke, Miss R., Coleraine Road
Clarke, Mrs., boarding house, Kerr Street
Clarke, Robert L., Main Street
Clarke, William, Causeway Street
Clarke, William, Garden Court
Clarke's Pharmacy Ltd.
Cochrane & Elliott, builders
Cochrane, George, Dhu Varren
Cochrane, Marion, Dhu Varren
Cochrane, Mrs., confectioner, Causeway Street
Cochrane, Robert, Causeway Street
Cochran, Stanley, antique dealer, Main Street
Collins, James, Brooklyn Place
Collins, Joseph, Glenmanus
Collins, William, Causeway Street
Colvin, Elizabeth, Portstewart Road
Conn, James, butcher, Main Street
Connor, Francis, Rodney Street
Connor, John, Glenmanus
Connor, John, Dhu Varren
Connor, John, Glenmanus
Connor, Maggie, Coleraine Road
Connor, William, Dunluce Street Lane
Connor, William, Causeway Street
Cooke, Eleanor, Dhu Varren
Cooke, Eleanor C. L., Dhu Varren
Cooney, Annie, Dhu Varren
Cooper, Miss, Coleraine Road
Cooper, Miss E. M., Craigvara Terrace
Courtney, John, Main Street
Cox, Helen, Coleraine Road
Craig, Grace, Eglinton Street
Craig, Marie L., Kerr Street
Craigen, James, Ramore Street
Crilly, James, Croc-na-mac Road
Cross, John H., Brooklyn Place
Cuming, Francis E., Craigvara Terrace
Cumming, Robert, Morrison Park
Cummings, James H., Coleraine Road
Cunningham, John, Hopefield Avenue
Cunningham, Robert A., Main Street
Cunningham, William I., Eglinton Street
Cunningham, William I., jun., Dunluce Street
Currie, May, Kerr Street
Currie, May, Dhu Varren

Dallas, John, Brooklyn Place
Dallas, William, jun., Brooklyn Place
Daly, Annie, Victoria Street
Daly, Florence M., Dunluce Street Lane
Dalziel, Croften W. G., A.M.I.S.E., Hopefield Avenue
Darragh, Samuel, Main Street
Davis, Edward, Hopefield Avenue
Davis, Maggie, Garden Court
Davis, William, Garden Court
Davison, William S., Hopefield Avenue
Dawson, John, Mark Street
Dawson, Mrs., board residence, 9 Mark Street
Dempsey, Benjamin, Kilgrain Dairy, Atlantic Avenue
Dempsey, Matthew, off Causeway View Terrace
Denny, Frances, Eglinton Street
Diamond, Alexander, Quarry Court
Diamond, Michael, Quarry Court
Diamond, Robert, The Quay
Dickinson, Evelyn F., Main Street
Dickson, Mary, Abercorn Avenue
Dinsmore, Fanny, Croc-na-mac Road
Dinsmore, George, Kerr Street
Dixon, David, Dhu Varren
Dogherty, James, Causeway Street
Dogherty, William, Princess Street
Doherty, George, Rodney Street
Doherty, John, Ramore Street
Doherty, Mary A., Main Street
Doherty, Mrs. Mary, Garden Court
Doherty, William, Causeway Street
Dolan, Michael, Antrim Gardens
Donaghy, Mary J., Mark Street
Donnelly, Samuel, off Causeway View Terrace
Donnolly, James, Causeway Street
Douglas, Adam, Glenmanus
Douglas, John, Hamilton Place
Douglas, Sarah, Glenmanus
Dowds, William, Glenvale Avenue
Drain, John, Glenmanus
Drain, Mary, Glenmanus
Dripps, Mrs. Isabel B., Dhu Varren
Duff, Kathleen, Garden Court
Dunlop, Andrew, car owner, Princess Street
Dunn, Isabella S., Ballywillan Road
Dunn, Miss Elizabeth, boarding house, mark Street
Dunn, Miss Margaret, boarding house, Mount Royal
Dunseath, Robert T., Rock Ryan
Dunseith, Mrs. Alexandra, The Den

Eagleson, John, Coleraine Road
Eason, Alice, Causeway Street
Eason, Charles, Ramore Street
Eason & Son, Ltd., newsagents, Railway Street
Eason, William, Hamilton Place
Edgar, James, Rodney Street
Edgar, Robert, grocer, Causeway Street
Eglinton Home Bakery, Eglinton Street
Eglinton Hotel (Miss E. Vogan), Eglinton Street
Electricity Board for Northern Ireland, Catherwood's Arcade, Main Street
Elkin, Mrs., boarding house, 45 Kerr Street
Elkin, Robert John, Ramore Street
Elliott, David B., Eglinton Street
Elliott, Eleanor, Main Street
Esdale, Miss, Princess Street
Esdale, Mrs., board residence, 5 Lansdowne Crescent
Esplanade Hotel (Mrs. Young)

Faith, Abraham, Main Street
Faith, Alexander, Brooklyn Place
Faith, John, Hamilton Place
Fall, Alice, Lansdowne Crescent
Fall, Mary. Causeway Street
Farquharson, Archibald, bakery, Main Street
Faulkner, John J., car owner, Ramore Avenue
Fawcett, Samuel, Main Street
Ferguson, Patrick, Main Street
Fisher, Robert, Kerr Street
Fisher, Robert J., Salisbury Terrace
Fitzgerald, Grace, Rodney Street
Fitzpatrick, Miss, Seabank Hotel, Bath Terrace
Fitzsimmons, John, Dunluce Street
Fleming, Annie, Salisbury Terrace
Fleming, Gertrude D., Garden Court
Fleming, John, The Quay
Fleming, Thomas, boot merchant, Atlantic Avenue
Fleming, Thomas, Ramore Street
Flynn, Bertie, Croc-na-mac
Flynn, Ernest, Glenvale Crescent
Flynn, James, Beaghville Drive
Flynn, John, Hamilton Place
Forbes, Rose Ellen, Main Street
Forster, Mrs, board residence, 3 Golf Residence
Forte, A., Catherwood's Arcade, Main Street
Forte, Carmine, Main Street
Fox, Joseph, boarding house, Lansdowne Crescent
Friel, Michael, Quarry Court

Gage, John, Glenvale Crescent
Gallaher, Edward, Hamilton Place
Gallagher, May, Victoria Street
Gallagher, Susan, Princess Street
Gamble, Henry, Coleraine Road
Gardiner, Sarah J., Oakland Avenue
Gaston, Samuel V., Causeway Street
Gault, Jean, Hamilton Street
Geddis, William, Glenvale Avenue
Geehan, Mrs. Mary, Lansdowne Crescent
Gibney, Catherine, Main Street
Gibson, John, Dhu Varren
Gilchrist, May, Causeway Street
Gillespie, Georgina, Rodney Street
Gillespie, John, Hopefield Avenue
Gillespie, Thomas J., Victoria Street
Gilliland, James, Rodney Street
Gilmour, David, Rodney Street
Gilmour, George, Croc-na-mac Road
Gilmour, Miss Mary, boarding house, Mark Street
Gilmour, Mrs. Mary, Ramore Avenue
Gilmour, Robert J., Kerr Street
Glen, Sarah H., Lansdowne Crescent
Glendinning, John C., Dhu Varren
Glenn, Miss Annie, boarding house, Mount Royal
Gordon, George, Abercorn Avenue
Gordon, Jeanie A., Dhu Varren
Gorman, John, Rodney Street
Gourley, James, Dhu Varren
Gracey, Ellen, Causeway Street
Graham, Alexander, Lansdowne Crescent
Graham, Daniel, Causeway Street
Graham, Elizabeth, Kerr Street
Graham, Mary, Princess Street
Greer, Sarah, Dhu Varren
Gregg, Annie M., Dhu Varren
Gregg Bros., builders, Kerr Street
Gregg, Robert, plasterer, Kerr Street
Gross, Eileen, Kerr Street
Grossie, Charles, Kerr Street
Guy, Margaret, Princess Street

Hadden, Millicent Sophia, Glenvale Crescent
Hale, Annie, Main Street
Hall, Rebecca, Main Street
Hamill, John, Croc-na-mac Road
Hamill, Margaret, Main Street
Hamill, Mrs. Katherine, Ramone Avenue
Hamill, Patrick, Eglinton Street Back
Hamill, Thomas, Bath Terrace
Hamill, William A., Rodney Street
Hamill, William J., Dunluce Street
Hamilton, Charles, Main Street
Hamilton & Co., drapers, The White House
Hamilton, Ernest J., Main Street
Hamilton, James, Ramore Street
Hamilton, Joanna, Hopefield Avenue
Hamilton, Mrs., Mount Royal
Hamilton, Mrs., boarding house, 21 Mark Street
Hamilton, Thomas, Coleraine Road
Hanna, George, Dhu Varren
Hanna, Grace K., Kerr Street
Hanna, Isabella, Eglinton Street
Hanna, Sarah G., Dhu Varren
Harney, Margaret, Causeway Street
Harper, John, Hopefield Avenue
Harper, John, Main Street
Harper, Stanley, Portstewart Road
Harpur, Margaret G., Rodney Street
Harvey, Laura M. G., Dhu Varren
Harvey, Margaret, Causeway Street
Harvey, Rebecca, Brookvale Terrace
Haslam, Robert, Hamilton Place
Hassan, John, jun., Croc-na-mac
Hassan, William, Glenvale Avenue
Hazelton, Mrs. Sarah, boarding house, Mark Street
Heggarty, David, boot merchant, Causeway Street
Heggarty, Isabella, Causeway View Terrace
Hemphill, James, Salisbury Terrace
Hemphill, John, fruiterer, Main Street
Hemphill, Margaret, Old Forge
Hempsey, Sarah, Glenmanus
Henderson, Robert C., Croc-na-mac Road
Henry, Daniel, Croc-na-mac
Henry, Edward, Croc-na-mac
Henry, Elizabeth, Croc-na-mac
Henry, Martha, Brooklyn Place
Henry, Mary. The Quay
Henry, Samuel James, Rodney Street
Henry, Sidney, Causeway Street
Henry, William, Eglinton Street
Heron, Catherine M., Main Street
Heron, Mary C., Kerr Street
Hetherington, John J., Coleraine Road
Hezlet, Emily Mary, Rock Ryan
Higgins, Margaret, Causeway Street
Hill, Miss Marion, Coleraine Road
Hillis, R. & J., drapers, Main Street
Hilton, Mary J., Salisbury Terrace
Hoffman, Wilhelmina J., Causeway Street
Hogg, Albert, Eglinton Street
Holland, Robert S., Coleraine Road
Holland, William, Glenvale Crescent
Hopkins, Margaret, Causeway Street
Hunter, James D., Main Street
Hunter, Joseph, Croc-na-mac Road
Hunter, Dr. Joseph M., Eglinton Street
Hunter, Miss, Dhu Varren
Hunter, Mrs., Ramore Place
Hunter, Sarah J., Kerr Street
Hunter, Thomas, Glenvale Avenue
Hunter, William, Croc-na-mac
Hynds, Ian C., plumber, Eglinton Street; res., Rock Ryan
Hynds, John, Hamilton Place
Hynds, Sarah, Eglinton Street

Irwin, Kathleen, Ballywillan Road
Irwin, James, Portstewart Road
Irwin, Samuel, Salisbury Terrace
Irwin, W. J., Coleraine Road

Jackson, Annie, Main Street
Jackson, Minnie, Croc-na-mac Road
Jacob, Annie, Eglinton Street
Jamison, George, Ballywillan Road
Jeffrey, Thomas, Causeway Street
Johnston, Annie, Salisbury Terrace
Johnston, Eleanor, Princess Street
Johnston, Elizabeth, jun., Eglinton Street
Johnston, Ellen, Glenvale Avenue
Johnston, Jeannie, Rodney Street
Johnston, Thomas, Strandmore
Johnston, William A., Oakland Avenue
Jones, R. M., The Shola
Jordan, Patrick E., Croc-na-mac

Kamayor, Nathan, jeweller, Main Street
Kane, Elizabeth, Princess Street
Kane, Frank, Causeway Street
Kane, Joseph, Main Street
Kane, Mrs., boarding house, Northcliffe, Ramore Avenue
Kane, Thomas H., Ramore Avenue
Kelly, Bridget, Causeway Avenue
Kelly, Ellen, Eglinton Street
Kelly, James, boar builder, Strandmore
Kelly, John, Ltd., coal merchants
Kelly, Mrs. Ellen, Antrim Gardens
Kelly, Thomas, Glenvale Avenue
Kelly, Thomas, Main Street
Kennedy, Kathleen A., Lansdowne Crescent
Kennedy, Mrs. Sarah G., Dhu Varren Park
Kennedy, Rachael, Rodney Street
Kennedy, Robert J. L., Abercorn Avenue
Kennedy, Thomas, Dhu Varren Park
Kerr, Miss Bridget, boarding house, Kerr Street
Kerr, William John, Causeway Street
Killen, Nellie M., Eglinton Street
Kilpatrick, Agnes, Dhu Varren
Kincaid, John, Rodney Street
King, Ivy M., Rodney Street
King, John, Kerr Street
Kinley, Mrs., Strandmore
Kirkpatrick, Sarah, Mark Street
Knox, Colin, Causeway Street
Knox, Colin, jun., Victoria Street
Knox, Stanley C., Hopefield Avenue
Knox, William R., grocer, Main Street
Kodak Supply (The), J. H. Fells, Eglinton Street
Kyle, An Jane, Kerr Street

Laird Line, shipping agents
Langtry, Isabella, Dhu Varren Park
Laverty, Robert, Causeway Street
Law, Miss Eliza G., Causeway Street
Law, Robert, Glenmanus
Leandor Hotel, (Alex. Lee), Bath Terrace
Leathem, Mrs., Causeway Road
Leckey, Hugh, C.C., Beardiville
Lee, Mrs., photographer, Main Street
Leighton, James, Croc-na-mac
Leighton, Samuel, Glenmanus Road
Leighton, William John, Ballywillan Road
Lennox, Eizabeth, Glenvale Crescent (Elizabeth)
Lennox, Margaret, Main Street
Liken, William, car owner, Causeway Street
Lindsay, James H., Ramore Avenue
Lloyd, Mrs., Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Main Street
Lloyd, William, draper, Main Street
Lloyd, William J., Rodney Street
Logan, John, Croc-na-mac Road
Logan, John, builder, Princess Street
Londonderry Hotel (P. J. McNally), Main Street
Lord, Margaret, Coleraine Road
Low, Annie, Dhu Varren
Lundy, James William, Croc-na-mac Road
Lundy, John J., Dunluce Street
Lundy, Roy, Oakland Avenue
Lyle, John C., Ballywillan Road
Lynch, David, Glenvale Crescent
Lyons, Elizabeth, Abercorn Avenue
Lyons, Margaret E. H., Portstewart Road
Lyons, Martha, Glenvale Avenue
Lyons, Martha B., Coleraine Road
Lyttle, Archibald, Kerr Street

Macauley, James R., Hamilton Place
Macbeth, Helen M., Eglinton Street
Macfarlane, Charles J., Kerr Street
Mackey, Isaac R., M.P.S., Hopefield Avenue
Mackle, Susan, Eglinton Street
MacMurray, Elizabeth, 9 Mark Street
Magee, Elizabeth, Croc-na-mac
Magee, James, Mark Street
Magee, James, Hamilton Place
Magee, Mary, Kerr Street
Magee, Mary C., Mark Street
Magee, Mary E., Eglinton Street
Magee, W. J., Causeway Street
Magill, Samuel R., Randal Park
Magliocca, Maria, causeway View Terrace
Mann, David V., Brooklyn Place
Mann, Mrs. Annie E., Princess Street
Marcello, Salvatore, Coronation Bar, Main Street
Marks, Edward C., Glenvale Avenue
Marshall, Jeannie, Causeway Street
Marshall, Mrs. A. L., Seymour House, Bath Terrace
Martin, B., Antrim Gardens
Martin, Daniel, car owner, Hamilton Place
Martin, George, Causeway Street
Martin, James, pilot and harbour master, Main Street
Martin, John C., Mark Street
Martin, Joseph R., Croc-na-mac Road
Martin, Dr. J. C. M., Duncreggan
Martin, Miss C., Main Street
Martin, William George N., Dhu Varren
Mason, Ida, Rodney Street
Matthews, Harry, Dhu Varren
Matthews, Robert, Rodney Street
Matthewson, Kathleen J. D., Dhu Varren
Maxwell, Margaret, Causeway Street
Maxwell, S., grocer, Main Street
Maxwell, Rev. W. N., Glenvale Avenue
May, George, Main Street
Meneely, Miss Sarah J., boarding house, Mark Street
Metropole Hotel (Stewart Bros.)
Michael, Florella, Ballywillan Road
Middleton, William, Coleraine Road
Millar, Alfred, Dhu Varren
Millar, Hilda M., Craigvara Terrace
Millar, John A., Dhu Varren
Millar, Marjory K., confectioner, Main Street
Millen, Rankin, Hamilton Place
Mills, Eliza E., Mark Street
Milroy, Emma, Ramore Street
Milroy, James, Oakland Avenue
Mitchell, Anna M., Causeway Street
Moffatt, Elizabeth, Causeway Street
Moffatt, James, Main Street
Moffatt, John, Ramore Street
Moffitt, Christopher G., Croc-na-mac Road
Mogey, William, Dunluce Street
Montague, Edith de Burgh, Dhu Varren
Montgomery, Ellen, Salisbury Terrace
Montgomery, Jane, Main Street
Montgomery, John K., Princess Street
Moon, James T., Hopefield Avenue
Mooney, John C., Criterion Hotel, 20 Golf Terrace
Mooney, Rose, Bath Street
Moore, Alexander, Dhu Varren
Moore, Alexander, Dunluce Street
Moore, Mary, Causeway Street
Moore, Miss, boarding house, Mark Street
Moore, Robert, J.P., Randal Park
Moore, Rosalie, Glenvale Crescent
Moore, Victor, Metropole Avenue
Morelli, Peter. Eglinton Street
Morrison, John, Dhu Varren
Morrison, Thomas B., Glenmanus
Morrow, Charles, Princess Street
Morrow, Daniel, Rodney Street
Morrow, Kathleen, Dhu Varren
Morrow, Mary, Salisbury Terrace
Morrow, Sarah E., Oakland Avenue
Mullen, John, Dhu Varren
Mulholland, William James, Glenvale Crescent
Murdock, John, Princess Street
Murdock, Samuel, Rodney Street
Murphy, James, Kerr Street
Murray, Agnes, Princess Street

McAfee, Marion, Garden Court
McAleese, Lily, Causeway Street
McAllister, Arthur, Portstewart Road
McAllister, James, Rodney Street
McAllister, James, Main Street
McAllister, James, Croc-na-mac Road
McAllister, James, Rodney Street
McAllister, Jennie, Kerr Street
McAllister, Robert, Main Street
McAllister & Sons, builders, Kerr Street
McAuley, Annie, Garden Court
McCabe, Abraham, Portstewart Road
McCahon, Thomas W., Salisbury Terrace
McCallum, James W., Bath Street
McCallum, Mary W., Main Street
McCandless, David, Rodney Street
McCandless, James, Main Street
McCandless, John, Ltd., plumbers, Main Street
McCandless, John K., Main Street
McCandless, Mary, Princess Street
McCandless, Thomas
McCandless, Thomas, Coleraine Road
McCandless, Thomas, painter, Causeway Street
McCann, George W. T., Main Street
McCann, Miss Annie, Causeway Street
McCartney, Christopher E. M., Dhu Varren
McCartney, George, Craigvara Terrace
McCaughan, John W., auto. engineer, Causeway Street
McCaughan, Neil, Coleraine Road
McCaughey, John G., Mount Royal
McCaughey, Margaret, Eglinton Street
McCaw, Francis, Main Street
McClenaghan, Maria, Dhu Varren
McCloskey, Thomas, Causeway Street
McClure, Jennie H., Dhu Varren
McCluskey, Catherine, Causeway Street
McCollum, Robert, Hamilton Place
McConaghy, Charles B., spirit merchant, Main Street
McConaghy, John, posting establishment, Princess Street
McConaghy, John, Victoria Street
McConnell, Florence E., Causeway Street
McConnell, Mrs. Mary J., Dhu Varren
McConnell, Mrs. Rachel, boarding house, Mark Street
McConnell, Robert, Mark Street
McCosh, Miss, Coolsythe, 11 Mark Street
McCreary, Mrs. George, 3 Mark Street
McCulloch, Annie, Dhu Varren Park
McCulloch, James H., Glenvale Avenue
McCulloch, Mary, Ramore Street
McCulloch, Matilda, Ramore Street
McCulloch, William J. W., Coleraine Road
McCurdy, Albert, Brookvale Terrace
McDonald, Daniel, Bath Terrace
McDowell, Annie, Glenmanus
McDowell, Matthew, Portstewart Road
McElree, Lillie, Causeway Street
McFadden, Margaret, Causeway Street
McFadden, Miss Hnna, Castlenagree, Dhu Varren (Hanna)
McFadden, Sarah, Main Street
McFall, Robert A., Croc-na-mac Road
McFarlane, James, Dhu Varren
McFetridge, William J., Beaghville Avenue
McGarry, Alexander, Victoria Street
McGivern, James, Causeway Street
McGrath, Daniel, Coleraine Road
McGrattan, Mary, Ramore Street
McGrattan, Patrick, Ramore Street
McGregor, Miss Annie, Salisbury Terrace
McGregor, Samuel, Coleraine Street
McGregor, Samuel J., Coleraine Road
McGuigan, Eleanor J., Kerr Street
McIlree, John, Victoria Street
McIntyre, James, Ballywillan Road
McIntyre, Maggie, Main Street
McIntyre, Mary J., Eglinton Street
McIntyre, William, Garden Court
McIntyre, William, Old Forge
McKay, Annie J., Causeway Street
McKay, Hugh, Eglinton Street
McKay, Margaret, Hamilton Place
McKenna, Patrick, Main Street
McKeown, Catherine H., Randal Park
McKeown, C., & Co., drapers, Main Street
McKeown, Joseph, Dhu Varren
McKeown, Mary, Main Street
McKillen, Richard M., Glenvale Crescent
McKinley, Margaret, Eglinton Street
McLarnon, Joseph, Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," The Portrush House
McLaughlin, Edward, Causeway Street
McLaughlin, Kathleen, Rodney Street
McLaughlin, Mary, Croc-na-mac Road
McLean, Major F. George, R.M., Ballywillan Road
McLean, James, Coleraine Road
McLean, John, Coleraine Road
McLernon, William J., Dhu Varren
McMaster, F. R., stock broker, 1 Glenmanus Road
McMaster, Hugh, Causeway Street
McMaster, John, Glenmanus Road
McMichael, Agnes, Hamilton Place
McMichael, James, Dhu Varren
McMillan, Catherine, Victoria Street
McMillan, David, Rodney Street
McMillan, Mrs. Martha, Hopefield Avenue
McMullan, Albert, Garden Court
McMullan, David, Rodney Street
McMullan, Edward, Croc-na-mac Road
McMullan, Margaret, Mount Royal
McMullan, Margaret, Causeway Street
McMullan, Martha, Glenmanus
McMullan, Thomas, Salisbury Terrace
McNally, John, Beechville Drive
McNally, Mary, Main Street
McNally, Patrick, publican, Main Street
McNamee, Alice, Causeway Street
McNeill, Alexander, Croc-na-mac Street
McNeill, Elizabeth, Dunluce Street Lane
McNeill, Hugh, Croc-na-mac Road
McNeill, John & R. Morrison, butchers, Main Street
McNeill, William, Coleraine Road
McNicholl, Annie, Brooklyn Place
McNogher, George, Hamilton Place
McQuiston, Mary Ann, Beaghville Drive
McReynolds, Daniel, Causeway Street
McWilliams, Samuel, Kerr Street

Narveld, Miss Alice, Bath Terrace
Nash, George C., Randal Park
Neely, M. A., Bath Terrace
Neely, Robert, Dhu Varren
Neely, Samuel, Causeway Street
Neill, Claire B., Ballywillan Road
Neill, David A., Ballywillan Road
Nesbitt, John, Causeway Street
Nevin, Isobel, Garden Court
Nimmock, Jesse, Causeway Street
Nimmons, William, Abercorn Avenue
Nixon, Mrs., Alexandra House, 18 Kerr Street
Noble, John, Croc-na-mac
Noble, Mrs., board residence, 5 Mount Royal
Noble, William, Coleraine Road
North, Violet, off Causeway View Terrace
Northern Counties Hotel (L. M. & S. Railway) - W. Potts Harper, manager

Orr, Isabella M., Oakland Avenue

O'Gorman, John, Victoria Street
O'Kane, James M., Victoria Street
O'Neill, Daniel, Ballywillan Road
O'Neill, William, Main Street
O'Neill, William H., Ramore Street

Parkinson, James, Eglinton Street
Paton, William, off Causeway View Terrace
Patterson, Sarah, Croc-na-mac Road
Patton, Thomas, Ramore Street
Paul, Gertrude, Coleraine Road
Paul, Mrs., Causeway View Terrace
Pearson, Robert, Beaghville Drive
Peden, Alexander B., Dunluce Street
Peden, John, Coleraine Road
Pepper, J. T., R.U.C., Coleraine Road
Pepper, Margaret, Main Street
Perry, Elizabeth, Dhu Varren Park
Peters, Vincent, Croc-na-mac
Peton, William, Main Street
Pollock, Arthur, Causeway Street
Pollock, Arthur, hairdresser, Catherwood's Arcade, Main Street
Pollock, John, Victoria Street
Pollock, Matilda, Mark Street
Porter, Catherine, Kerr Street
Porter, Dr. William, Mervue
Porter, William J., Causeway Street
Portrush Hotel (S. Fawcett), Main Street
Powell, Kathleen, Dhu Varren Park
Prior, Kathleen, Morrison Park
Pyper, John Stanley, Main Street

Quigg, James, Ballywillan Road
Quinn, John, publican, The Quay

Railway Hotel (P. Bradley), Eglinton Street
Rainey, John, Eglinton Street
Ramage, George, Croc-na-mac
Ramage, Hugh, Glenmanus
Ramage, Mary, Princess Street
Ramsey, Isobel, Kerr Street
Rankin, Elizabeth, Dhu Varren
Rankin, James, Croc-na-mac Road
Rankin, James, Salisbury Terrace
Rankin, Malcolm, Ballywillan Road
Rankin, Margaret, Glenvale Avenue
Rankin, W. & W., dairy, Clougherr
Rea, Catherine, Eglinton Street
Reade, St. C., Main Street
Reid, Robert, Main Street
Rchardson, Rebecca M., Bath terrace (Richardson)
Riddell, Alexander H., Dhu Varren
Riddell, John, grocer, Dunluce Street
Riddell, William J., Kerr Street
Robinson, Clare, Hopefield Avenue
Rock, Ernest, Coleraine Road
Rockingham Hotel (Miss Kennedy)
Rodgers, Bryan, Rodney Street
Rohdich, Albert Adolf, hairdresser, Main Street
Rohdich, G. A., jeweller, Main Street
Rooney, Marcus, Coleraine Road
Rosborough, Samuel, Eglinton Street
Ross, Annie W., Lansdowne Crescent
Ross, John H., Garden Court
Ross, Peter Graham, Main Street
Ross, Samuel, Ramore Street
Roulston, Robert, Lansdowne Crescent
Russell, Alfred, Lansdowne Crescent
Russell, Eva, Salisbury Terrace
Russell, Ivan, Dhu Varren
Russell, Ivan M., Dhu Varren Park
Russell, Miss Emily, Prospect House, Lansdowne Crescent

Samuels, Isaac, insurance agent, Main Street
Saunderson, Daisy I., Dhu Varren
Scott, Douglas F., Kerr Street
Scott, Ethel M., Kerr Street
Scott, James, car owner, Victoria Street
Scott, Miss Harriet, boarding house, Eglinton Street
Scott, Miss Helen, draper, Causeway Street
Scott, Robert, Causeway Street
Scott, William, Main Street
Seery, Joseph H., Hopefield Avenue
Sevestre, Mary, Salisbury Terrace
Shaw, Annie, Croc-na-mac
Shaw, David, Causeway Street
Shaw, James, Antrim Gardens
Shaw, Mrs., Glenmanus Road
Shaw, Richard, Coleraine Road
Sheane, S. R., L.D.S., 32 Eglinton Street
Sheane, Thomas, Hopefield Avenue
Shearer, Robert, Princess Street
Sheills, John, Glenmanus
Shiels, John J., Eglinton Street
Shiels, Mary, Ballywillan Road
Simpson, Elizabeth, Strandmore
Simpson, Hugh, Mark Street
Simpson, Rachel, Causeway Street
Simpson, Victor A. W., Brookvale Terrace
Sinclair, Annie, Hopefield Avenue
Skerry-Bhan Hotel, Lansdowne Crescent (Mrs. Hugh Carson)
Smith, Hugh, game dealer, Ramore Avenue
Smith, Mary, Old Forge
Smith, Mary, Rodney Street
Smith, Miss Kathleen D., Princess Street
Smith, Miss Maria, Main Street
Smith, Samuel H., Croc-na-mac
Smyth, Annie, Beaghville Drive
Smyth, Charlotte, Bath Terrace
Smyth, Hadessah, Rodney Street
Smyth, Harry, Croc-na-mac Road
Smyth, Isabella, Kerr Street
Smyth, Jane, Croc-na-mac Road
Smyth, John, Coleraine Road
Smyth, Sarah, Glenmanus
Smyth, Walter V., Coleraine Road
Smyth, William, Kerr Street
Smythe, James, Ballywillan Road
Smythe, James, Dhu Varren
Smythe, Maria, Main Street
Snowden, Eva, Coleraine Road
Stack, Elizabeth S., Dhu Varren
Steele, William, Dhu Varren
Stevenson, Philip, Ballywillan Road
Stewart, Agnes J., Eglinton Street
Stewart, Andrew, Dunluce Street
Stewart, Annie L. K., Dhu Varren
Stewart Bros., auto. engineers, Eglinton Street
Stewart, Catherine, boarding house, Strandmore Terrace
Stewart, Hugh, Glenmanus
Stewart, James, Ramore Street
Stewart, John, The Quay
Stewart, John A., Dhu Varren
Stewart, Margaret, boarding house, Kerr Street
Stewart, Mrs. D. J., Coleraine Road
Stewart, Thomas, Beaghville Drive
Stewart, Thomas, Dunluce Street Lane
Stewart, Wilfred, Hamilton Place
Stewart-Moore, Elizabeth, Randal Park
Stirling, Rena, Kerr Street
Stockman, Henry, Causeway Street
Strathdee, Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, Princess Street
Stuart, Sarah, Salisbury Terrace
Swanbank Hotel (Charles A. Doherty), Kerr Street
Swann, William J., Dhu Varren
Swenarton, John T., Oakland Avenue
Swiss House (The), linen merchants, Main Street

Taggart, Henry L., Glenmanus
Taggart, Hugh, Dhu Varren
Taggart, Jackson, Dhu Varren
Taggart, John, Glenmanus Road
Taggart, Thomas, Croc-na-mac Road
Taylor, Kathleen, Coleraine Road
Taylor, Robert, Croc-na-mac Road
Teadley, James, Croc-na-mac
Templeton, Elizabeth, Glenmanus
Theologo, Elizabeth, Coleraine Road
Thompson, Annie, Kerr Street
Thompson, David, Kerr Street
Thompson, Ellen S., Glenmanus
Thompson, Hugh, Dhu Varren
Thompson, Miss, Causeway Street
Thompson, Mrs. Nellie, cafe, Lansdowne Crescent
Thomson, Benjamin B., confectioner, Causeway Street
Tinkler, Bridget, Brookvale Terrace
Todd, Andrew, Old Forge
Todd, Ellen, Causeway Street
Todd, James C., Hamilton Place
Toner, Misses, Newsagents; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter," Eglinton Street
Townsend, Margaret, Croc-na-mac Road
Traill, Norah, Eglinton Street
Trimble, Elizabeth, Salisbury Terrace
Turner, Annie, Portstewart Road

Vard, Bernard, Main Street
Vaughan, Rev. Joseph, Lansdowne Crescent

Waddell, Carlisle H., Bath Terrace
Wade, Miss, Bushmills Road
Walker, Kathleen, Bath terrace
Walker, Minnie, Causeway View Terrace
Walker, Thomas, Croc-na-mac Road
Walker, Sarah, Bath Terrace
Walters, Annie Isabel, Ballywillan Road
Watt, David, Ramore Avenue
Watt, J. R., & Sons, coal merchants, Kerr Street
Watton, Dorothy J., Dhu Varren Park
Weir, George, Dhu Varren
Weir, Harry, Croc-na-mac
Weir, Laughlin, Garden Court
Weir, Margaret, Causeway Street
Wells, Jessie A., Dhu Varren Park
Whyte, Georgina M., Coleraine Road
Willis, Miss K., Craigvara Terrace
Wilson, Amelia F., Bath Terrace
Wilson, Annie, Mark Street
Wilson, Annie L., Croc-na-mac Road
Wilson, David, The Quay
Wilson, Elizabeth, Beaghville Drive
Wilson, James, Princess Street
Wilson, Jeannie, Dhu Varren
Wilson, Miss Amelia, Bath Street
Wilson, Robert J., Glenvale Crescent
Wilson, Samuel, Hopefield Avenue
Wilson, William, Princess Street
Woodrow, R. J., Coleraine Road
Woods, Martha, Dhu Varren
Woods, Thomas, Causeway Street
Wray, Joseph C., Hopefield Avenue
Wray, Samuel, solicitor, Dhu Varren
Wray, Thomas, Main Street
Wright, Mrs. Eleanor E., boarding house, Mark Street
Wylie, John, Glenvale Avenue
Wylie, Miss L., linen shop, Main Street
Wylie, Robert, Kerr Street

York Hotel (Mrs. Roulston), Lansdowne Crescent
Young, George, Croc-na-mac
Young, James, Mark Street
Young, J. B. & F. W., nurseryman, Maddybenny
Young, Samuel C., Bath Terrace

County Londonderry

     The Town of Portstewart is situated on the sea shore, midway between Portrush and Castlerock, over-looking the outlets of the River Bann and Foyle. The population at the 1937 census was 2,587. The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday. There is no half-holiday from June to September


Church of Ireland - Rev. E. G. Dixon, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. H. Withers, B.A., B.D.
Methodist Church - Rev. R. Kirkpatrick
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. McKeown, C.C.


Episcopal P.E. School - T. G. Henderson, principal
Presbyterian P.E. School - T. A. Clarke, principal
Roman Catholic P.E. School - J. McHugh, principal


Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - Agency
Northern Bank, Ltd. - Agency
Ulster Bank Ltd., Agency - Attendance June-September, Tuesday and Friday; October-May, Friday


Golf Club - T. R. Dobbin, secretary
Post Office - Mrs. R. Moffett
R.U.C. Barracks, Coleraine Road - Sergeant McKenzie and five constables
Public baths - William J. Armstrong, Main Street, proprietor
Dispensary, Heathmount - Dr. Monteith, medical officer, attends every Monday
Cromie Institute - John W. McGowan, secretary
County Solicitor - H. O'H. O'Neill, J.P., C.C., Prospect House
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Daniel Reid, jun.
Urban District Council - Messrs S. S. Henry (chairman); C. E. Black (vice-chairman); H. J. Black, J. M. Caithness, H. G. Freeburn, S. R. Henry, S. Macfarlane, R. J. Millar, A. McBride, A. Shields.  Officials - Hetty B. Anderson, acting town clerk and E.S.O.; Daniel R. McIlreavy, C.E., town surveyor; Ernest Wilson, rate collector; J. McMullan, electricity supply undertaking; R. A. Monteith, M.B., medical officer
Portstewart Masonic Lodge 404
Portstewart Orange Lodge 579
Burnside Orange Lodge 721


Adair, W. A., Hillside
Adams, Miss M., 3 Church Lane
Adams, Misses, Convention Avenue
Adder, F., Station Road
Adger, F., 21 Old Coach Road
Adger, T., 24 Heathmount
Agnew, Miss A., 10 High Street
Alcorn, D., 85 Central Avenue
Alcorn, L. J., 2 Enfield Gardens
Alcorn, T., 18 Heatherlea Avenue
Alexander, A., 21 Burnside Road
Alexander, D. C. H., Atlantic Circle
Alexander, M., 12 Main Street
Allen, A., 87 Strand Road
Allen, J. H., 78 Strand Road
Allen, Mrs. A., 7 Station Road
Allen, Mrs. M., Hillside
Allison, H. C., 19 Station Road
Amor, Mrs., 20 Church Street
Anderson, C., Convention Avenue
Anderson, J., flesher, 36 Old Coach Road
Anderson, J., Burnside Road
Anderson, J., 23 Old Coach Road
Anderson, Miss Mary J., 10 The Crescent
Anderson, The Misses, 98 Strand Road
Anderson, Mrs., Queenora Gardens
Anderson, R. H., Rockview Lane
Anderson, Samuel, 58 Coleraine Road
Anderson, V., Station Road
Anderson, ?, Harryville
Archibald, George, 11 The Hill
Archibald, R., 18 Portmore Road
Ardrey, ?, 25 Central Avenue
Atmor, Mrs. H., 20 Church Street
Armour, Miss M., 17 Burnside Road
Armour, W., 2 Kinora Terrace
Armstrong, Mrs., 37 Station Road
Askin, F. L., High Road
Atkey, Mrs. M. V., 12 Upper Heathmount
Atkinson, Mrs., 46 Station Road
Atkinson, Mrs., 3 York Terrace
Auld, G., 61 Old Coach Road

Babington, C. B., 23 Strand Road
Bacon, A., 11 Garden Avenue
Bacon, A., Enfield Gardens
Bacon, C., 6 Heathmount
Bacon, D., 3 Stuart Gardens
Bacon, J., 8 Mullaghagall
Bacon, J., 3 Heathmount
Bacon, J., 3 West Drive
Bacon, J., 9 Heathmount
Bacon, M., sen., 11 Heathmount
Bacon, M., jun., 14 Heathmount
Bacon, Mrs., 10 West Park
Bacon, Mrs. W., West Avenue
Bacon, Nathaniel, 61 Central Avenue
Bacon, R., 8 High Street
Baird, D., 3 Strand Road
Baird, M., 18 Burnside Road
Bamford, J., 4 Nursery Avenue
Barr, Miss A., 21 High Street
Barr, Mrs., 44 Strand Road
Barry, Misses, 73 Old Coach Road
Barry, Mrs., Station Road
Barton, 32 Coleraine Road
Baxter, Mrs. C. E., 1 Millbank Villas
Beacon, The Misses, 5 Church Street
Beadley, H., 72 Main Street
Beagon, F., Harryville
Bearns, R., 105 Coleraine Road
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., 22 Main Street
Bell, G. R., Prospect Road
Bell, Mrs., 65 Station Road
Bell, P. S., 39 Strand Road
Bennett, Mrs., Heathmount
Bennett, Mrs. Charlotte, 19 Church Road
Bevernage, J. A., 23 Portrush Road
Beynon, Mrs. F. C., Prospect Road
Bingham, J., Queenora Gardens
Bird, Lieut., Old Coach Road
Bittles, Mrs., Strand Crescent
Black, Charles, Craig-na-Cule Hotel, 2 Main Street
Black, H. J., cafe, 36 Main Street
Black, Miss E., 51 Coleraine Road
Black, Mrs. M., Harbour Place
Black, N., 24 Old Coach  Road
Blair, Mrs. M., 42 Station Road
Blair, R. T., 39 Prospect Road
Blair, S. J., 21 High Road
Blogh, S. A., Strand Crescent
Boggs, Mrs., chemists, 7 Main Street
Boggs, Mrs. Matilda, 4 The Hill
Bolton, Dr., 80 Strand Road
Bolton, R., Coleraine Road
Boyce, J., 7 The Diamond
Boyce, J., 3 Nursery Avenue
Boyce, Mrs., 25 Queenora Road
Boyce, M., 4 Nursery Avenue
Boyd, I. W., 7 Heatherlea Avenue
Boyd, John, Mullaghacall North
Boyd, J., 9 The Diamond
Boyd, Miss E., 1 Burnside
Boyd, Miss J., 4 Harbour Place
Boyd, The Misses, 12 Millbank Avenue
Boyd, The Misses, Larkhill, Crossreagh East
Boyd, Mrs., Central Avenue
Boyd, Mrs., 15 Station Road
Boyd, Mrs., 93 Coleraine Road
Boyd, Mrs. E., 17 Church Street
Boyd, W., Mullaghacall North
Bradley, Charles, Mullaghacall North
Bradley, H., 25 Old Coach Road
Bradley, M., 9 Strand Road
Brady, Mrs., The Crescent
Braniff, Mrs., 4 Castle Place
Brewster, M. J., 14 Coleraine Road
Briggs, Mrs. M. C., 37 Central Park
Brizzell, Miss E., 16 Enfield Street
Brogan, T., 18 Heathmount
Brolly, Mrs., 6 Church Lane
Brown, Miss, Fairview Hotel, 1 The Hill
Brown, Miss E. J., 29 Prospect Road
Brown, Mrs. E., Millbank Avenue
Brown, Robert J., Mullaghacall South
Brown, R., 16 Strand Road
Brown, Staveley, J., 6 The Hill
Brown, W. H., West Drive
Brown, ?, 23 Queenora Avenue
Browne, Miss E. J., 29 Prospect Road
Browne, Miss R., 124 Coleraine Road
Browne, Mrs., 120 Coleraine Road
Browne, Mrs. C., 7 O'Hara Drive
Brownell, ?, Church Lane
Bruce, Miss C. V., Millbank
Bruce, Mrs. M. J., 45 Strand Road
Bryans, Mrs. L. M., Old Coach Road
Bryson, Miss K., 8 Atlantic Circle
Burchill, M., Central Avenue
Burke, Mrs., 27 Main Street
Burke, William, 9 Heathmount
Burke, W., confectioner, 31 Main Street
Burnside, Miss, 18 Station Road
Burt, Mrs., The Crescent
Byford, F. J., The Crescent

Cairn, Moore, Evacuation Hostel, 69 Main Street
Caithness, J. M., Strand Road
Camac, T., 1 Heatherlea Avenue
Cameron, R., 8 Coleraine Road
Campbell, D., Stuart's Gardens
Campbell, Mrs., Crossreagh East
Campbell, Mrs., Galvally
Campbell, Mrs. J., 87 Prospect Road
Campbell, Mrs. M., 19 Portrush Road
Campbell, T., 23 Church Street
Campbell, T., Queenora Gardens
Canning, Mrs. M., 6 Strand Road
Canning, P., 21 Church Street
Canny, Mrs. M., 18 The Diamond
Carolan, Michael, 43 Coleraine Road
Carolan, Miss, 5 Strand Road
Carter, C., Millbank House
Caskey, Mrs. Margaret S., 20 Station Road
Cassidy, Miss H., 29 High Street
Cathcart, Miss Alice E., 14 Portrush Road
Cattanach, G., Millbank Avenue
Chambers, W. D., 19 Harryville Terrace
Chantler, C. R., 11 Queenora Avenue
Chesney, Miss, 33 Strand Road
Christie, D., Prospect Road
Clarke, A., 5 High Street
Clarke, A., 5 Enterprise Avenue
Clarke, A. M., 28 Strand Road
Clarke, Mrs., Prospect Road
Clarke, S., 26 Portrush Road
Clarke, Thomas A., Strand Road
Clarke, T., 26 Coleraine Road
Clydesdale, Mrs., 24 Central Avenue
Cole, W., 14 Burnside Road
Coleman, Miss, 5 Hillside
Coles, A., West Avenue
Colhoun, Rev. Heath, Heatherlea Avenue
Collins, D., 3 Enterprise Avenue
Collins, Miss M., 14 Strand Road
Collins, S., 83 Coleraine Road
Collins, T., Coleraine Road
Collins, W., 4 Enterprise Avenue
Conboy, Mrs. A., West Avenue
Condon, Miss A., 59 Main Street
Conley, J., 7 Enterprise Avenue
Conn, Miss A., O'Hara Drive
Connell, Rev. J., B.A., 72 Strand Road
Conner, E., Golf House, Crossreagh East
Cooper, Miss, 3 Station Road
Cooper, Mrs., Coleraine Road
Coote, H. S., Prospect Road
Cordner, J., 1 Millbank Avenue
Corker, E., Strand Road
Corrigan, Mrs., 3 Coleraine Road
Courtney, Mrs., outfitter, 50 Main Street
Craig, E., 6 Old Coach Road
Craig, Miss M., 18 Enterprise Avenue
Craig, Misses, West Avenue
Craig, Mrs. E., 41 Prospect Road
Craig, Mrs. S., 90 Strand Road
Crawford, J., 23 High Street
Crawford, Miss R., 65 Station Road
Crawford, Mrs., 25 Prospect Road
Crawford, Mrs. S., 14 High Street
Crockett, W. J., 33 Coleraine Road
Cromie Institute, 1 Harbour Road
Cronne, G. F., 5 Strand Crescent
Crooks, S., 11 Station Road
Crooks, T. J., 76 Coleraine Road
Croswell, M., Millbank Avenue
Crozier, Mrs., 26 Old Coach Road
Cubitt, Mrs., boarding house, Ivanhoe House
Cubbitt, Mrs. E., confectioner, 56 Main Street
Cummings, J., 25 Portrush Road
Cunning, Hugh, 16 Church Lane
Cunningham, Mrs., Main Street
Curran, J., Springfield Gardens
Currie, A., 18 Church Street
Currie, J. K., 38 Portrush Road
Currie, Mrs., O'Hara Drive
Currie, R., 22 Harryville Terrace

Dale, J., 5 Enfield Terrace
Daly, Mrs., Coleraine Road
Dancy, R., 9 Strand Road
Daniel, Mrs., 1 Queenora Avenue
Darling, Mrs., Heathmount
Darragh, James, Church Lane
Davis, Daniel, Enterprise Avenue
Davis, Mrs., 2 O'Hara Drive
Davis, Mrs. M., 4 Coleraine Road Cottages
Davison, R. W., 59 Strand Road
Deane, Mrs. R., 1a Enfield Street
Deans, S., 13 Burnside Road
Deeny, E., 12 Heathmount
Deeny, Mrs., 15 Enfield Terrace
Deery, W., 99 Coleraine Road
Dempsey, Mrs., Strand Road
Derby, S., 57 Central Avenue
Devenney, Mrs., The Hill
Devlin, Mrs., West Avenue
Diamond, Mrs., Coleraine Road
Dick, Mrs., High Road
Dickson, Misses, Burnside
Dickson, Mrs., Strand Road
Dixon, Rev. E. G., M.A., Rectory, 35 Strand Road
Dixon, Mrs. M., 5 Old Coach Road
Dobbin, T. R., 45 Central Avenue
Doey, Miss C., 9 O'Hara Drive
Doherty, E., 2 Harryville Terrace
Doherty, James, Queenora Avenue
Doherty, J., 19 Coleraine Road
Doherty, Peter, Anchor Hotel, 78 Main Street
Doherty, W., 55 Coleraine Road
Donaghy, Mrs., Portmore Road
Donaldson, Mrs., Old Coach Road
Donegan, F., West Park
Donnan, J., L.R.A.M., 35 Central Avenue
Donnan, Miss Margaret, 8 The Crescent
Donnelly, Miss N., 4 Portmore Road
Doole, Mrs., Heathmount
Doran, Alexander E., 26 High Road
Dormer, P. E. X., 7 York Avenue
Dorrian, Mrs., 18 Church Lane
Dougan, Mrs., 19 Portmore Road
Douglas, D., 9 Enterprise Avenue
Douglas, Miss Annie, Galvally
Douglas, Mrs., Atlantic Circle
Douglas, Mrs., 16 Heatherlea Avenue
Douglas, Mrs., 41 Coleraine Road
Douglas, R., 106 Coleraine Road
Douglas, W. J., Chimney Hills
Dowie, Miss, 2 Portrush Road
Dowling, D., Strand Road
Downey, R., Strand Crescent
Doyle, Mrs., 8 West Park
Drennan, W., 28 Portrush Road
Drysdale, Mrs., Prospect Avenue
Dunlop, J. R., 29 Central Avenue
Dunlop, Mrs. A., 54 Strand Road
Dunn, Miss S., 33 Coleraine Road
Dunne, Miss, 39 Old Coach Road
Dupree, Mrs., 2a Station Road

Eakin, J. A., Prospect Avenue
Earl, J., Portmore Road
Eason, Mrs., Portrush Road
Edgar, Miss, 83 Prospect Road
Elliott, F. A., Epworth, Old Coach Road
Elliott, Mrs., 1 Atlantic Circle
Elliott, R. W., 3 Prospect Road
Elliott, William J., 8 Heathmount
Elwood, Mrs., 2 Convention Avenue
Emberson, J. K., 93 Coleraine Road
Emberson, Mrs., Atlantic Circle
Esdale, Miss, 36 Station Road
Esler, E. J., 31 Old Coach Road
Evans, W. R., Strand Road
Eyre, Mrs., Strand Crescent
Eyre, T., Strand Crescent

Fairley, Miss, 45 Strand Road
Falkiner, Mrs., 8 Heatherlea Avenue
Farley, Miss, 10 Station Road
Farquharson, ?, 10 Heathmount
Fearson, Miss M., 17 Enfield Street
Feeney, J., Convent House
Feeney, Mrs. M. J., 67 Old Coach Road
Ferguson, Mrs., 33 Old Coach Road
Ferguson, Mrs. S. J., 27 Prospect Road
Ferguson, T., 5 Prospect Road
Ferguson, W., 30 High Road
Ferris, Mrs., 85 Prospect Road
Fines, T., 5 Stuart Gardens
Finlay, Mrs. A., 8 Nursery Avenue South
Finlay, W., Burnside
Fisher, K. C., Main Street
Fitzsimmons, Mrs., The Hill
Fleming, I., 57 Coleraine Road
Fleming, James, 7 Convention Avenue
Fleming, Mrs., 18 Old Coach Road
Fleming, Mrs. V., 79 Prospect Road
Fleming, R., 90 Coleraine Road
Foley, A., 15 Harryville Terrace
Forbes, A., 57 Old Coach Road
Forsythe, Miss, Convention Avenue
Forte, Miss, 52 Main Street
Fortune, Mrs. M., 2 Millbank Avenue
Freeburn, H. G., draper, Harbour Road
Frizell, J., 71 Old Coach Road
Frizell, J., builder, 15 Church Hill
Frizell, Miss M., 4 Heatherlea Avenue
Frizell, Mrs., 16 Main Street
Frizell, R., & Sons, Post Office, Main Street
Frizell, W., merchant, 55 Main Street
Frizzell, W. C., 1 Church Street
Fulton, J., Strand Road
Fulton, Miss S., 9 Burnside
Fulton, R., 67 Prospect Road

Galbraith, Mrs., 69 Old Coach Road
Galbraith, Mrs. J., 86 Coleraine Road
Galbraith, W., 46 Station Road
Gallagher, A., Coleraine Road
Gallagher, J., Enterprise Avenue
Gallagher, Miss E., 65 Prospect Road
Garmany, S., 2 O'Hara Drive
George, Mrs. C., 7 Queenora Avenue
Getty, W., 55 Prospect Road
Gibson, H., Enfield Street
Gibson, W., 63 Old Coach Road
Gillespie, Mrs., Strand Crescent
Gillespie, Mrs., Burnside
Gillis, J. B., 73 Coleraine Road
Gilloways, Newsagents, 49 Main Street Agents for "Belfast News-Letter"
Gilmour, Mrs., 30 Station Road
Gilmour, W., 2 The Diamond
Giloway, G., 4 Heathmount
Giveen, Misses, West Park Avenue
Given, A., Chimney Hills
Glass, Miss S., 14 Enfield Street
Glenn, Miss, 43 Central Avenue
Glenn, Miss A., 9 Enfield Street
Gordon, A., Thornhill, Portrush Road
Gordon, Miss E., Springfield Gardens
Gordon, Mrs., The Crescent
Graham, Miss, 12 Portrush Road
Graham, Mrs. A., 23 Coleraine Road
Graham, Mrs. R., 16 Heathmount
Graham, Rev. R., 19 Strand Road
Gray, Mrs. F., 68 Strand Road
Gray, S., 6 York Avenue
Gray, W. A., 83 Strand Road
Griffith, S., 94 Strand Road

Hadden, Mrs., 40 Strand Road
Hagan, Miss, 7 Strand Road
Hall, F., Harryville
Hall, W. A., Strand Road
Hamill, J., 10 Heatherlea Avenue
Hamilton, A., 2 Garden Avenue
Hamilton, J. D. B., 70 Strand Road
Hamilton, Miss, O'Hara Drive
Hamilton, Miss M., 63 Strand Road
Hamilton, Miss R., 1 Harryville Terrace
Hamilton, Mrs., 89 Coleraine Road
Hamilton, S., Prospect Road
Hamilton, W. J., 39 Station Road
Hammond, D., West Avenue
Hancock, Mrs., 18 Heatherlea Avenue
Hanson, Mrs., 3 Strand Road
Hanson, P., 3 Strand Road
Harbinson, Mrs. A., 43 Strand Road
Harbinson, I., 4 York Avenue
Harper, Robert J. B., 18 Coleraine Road
Harrigan, J., 1 Kincora Terrace
Harris, D., 18 High Street
Harrison, T. G., 15 Queenora Avenue
Harte, Miss, 28 Station Road
Hartford, L. A., 10 Heathmount
Harvey, J., 12 High Road
Harvey, P., Queenore Gardens (Queenora)
Haslett, J., 9 Portrush Road
Hawe, Mrs., 23 Old Coach Road
Hawe, R., Church Street
Hawe, W., 21 West Avenue
Hay, Rev. D., Portrush Road
Hayes, Andrew, 71 Central Avenue
Hayes, H., Coleraine Road
Hayes, J., 21 Queenora Gardens
Hayes, M. E., 107 Coleraine Road
Hayes, Robert, 69 Central Avenue
Hayes, R. J., 9 Enfield Terrace
Hayes, Samuel, Crossreagh East
Hefferson, N., 3 York Terrace
Hegarty, M., West Park
Heggarty, H., 16 Enterprise Avenue
Hemphill, C., 15 Burnside
Hemphill, D., 112 Coleraine Road
Hemphill, F., 71 Prospect Road
Hemphill, F., 14 Nursery Avenue South
Hemphill, James, sen., Mullaghacall North
Hemphill, James, jun., Mullaghacall North
Hemphill, Miss M., 14 Church Lane
Hemphill, Miss S., 78 Coleraine Road
Hemphill, Mrs. E., 8 Burnside
Hemphill, R., The Hill
Hemphill, R., 7 Burnside
Hemphill, R., Stuart's Gardens
Hemphill, W. J., 84 Coleraine Road
Henderson, J., 3 High Road
Henderson, T. G., 22 Station Road
Henry, H. J., grocer, 1 Main Street
Henry, James, 37 Portrush Road
Henry, Mrs., York Avenue
Henry, Mrs., Church Street
Henry, M., Main Street
Henry, Samuel S., Galwally
Henry, T., flesher, 77 Main Street
Henry, W. L., 10 Central Avenue
Herdman, Mrs. M., 24 High Road
Heslip, J., 37 Station Road
Hezlett, J., 37 Station Road
Hezlett, Miss E., 3 Central Avenue
Higgins, J., Enterprise Avenue
Hill, Miss Hessie, 11 The Crescent
Hill, M., 15 Station Road
Hinds, R., 14 Old Coach Road
Hobson, ?, 64 Prospect Road
Hodgett, R., Portrush Road
Holland, Marshall, Burnside
Holland, W., flesher, 6 Harbour Road
Holley, W., 96 Strand Road
Hood, G., Prospect Road
Houston, Miss, 34 Strand Road
Houston, Miss S., 57 Prospect Road
Houston, Mrs., 4 Prospect Road
Houston, Mrs. Eileen, 49 Coleraine Road
Hoy, Mrs. B., 73 Coleraine Road
Hughes, Misses, Prospect Road
Hughes, Mrs., 16 Enterprise Avenue
Hume, Mrs., Burnside Road
Hunter, Miss C., 4 Central Avenue
Hunter, Mrs., 59 Prospect Road
Hunter, Mrs. M., 11 Atlantic Circle
Hunter, Mrs. M., 6 Kinora Terrace
Huston, Mrs. A., 34 Strand Road
Huston, Mrs., 4 Prospect Road
Hutchinson, G., 5 Millbank Avenue
Hutchinson, L., 1 Church Lane
Hutchison, J., 3 Nursery Avenue North
Hutchman, Mrs., 113 Coleraine Road
Hyndes, W. C., Convention Avenue

Ince, S., Station Road
Innes, Miss, Beamville, Strand Road
Irwin, E. P., 9 Strand Road
Irwin, Miss H., 4 Millbank Avenue

Jenkins, D. W. T., 7 Portrush Road
Johnson, D. A., Millbank Avenue
Johnson, O. G., The Diamond
Johnston, D., Diamond Dairy
Johnston, F., 16 Harryville Terrace
Johnston, Miss, West Drive
Johnston, Miss J., 82 Strand Road
Johnston, Miss J., Church Street
Johnston, Mrs. C., 5 Kinora Terrace
Johnston, R. S., 16 Old Coach Road
Johnston, Thomas, 33 Central Avenue
Johnston, W., 5 Victoria Terrace
Jones, Mrs., 11 Central Avenue
Jones, Mrs. E., 10 Burnside Road
Jordan, Samuel, Coleraine Road

Kane, Miss, 9 The Crescent
Kane, Miss A., 5 Portmore Road
Kane, W., 19 Queenora Avenue
Keegan, Patrick, 39 Central Avenue
Keers, Mrs., 6 Station Road
Keith, J., 27 Old Coach Road
Kellegher, J., 53 Coleraine Road
Kells, Mrs., 55 Coleraine Road
Kelly, Mrs., 7 Central Avenue
Kelly, Mrs., 23 Main Street
Kelly, P., 101 Coleraine Road
Kemp, Mrs., High Street
Kennedy, G. W., 16 Burnside Road
Kennedy, J., 65 Strand Road
Kennedy, J. A., 15 Queenora Avenue
Kennedy, Miss Margaret, 18 Enfield Street
Kennedy, Miss M., Springfield Gardens
Kennedy, Mrs., 36 Portrush Road
Kennedy, T., 16 Nursery Avenue South
Kennedy, William, 30 Coleraine Road
Kerlin, Michael, 36 Heathmount
Kerlin, Misses, West Drive
Kerr, F., hardware merchant, 20 Main Street
Kerr, Miss, 7 York Avenue
Kerr, R. E., 97 Coleraine Road
Kerr, W. R., 69 Central Avenue
Kerrnohan, Mrs., Millbank Avenue
Keys, J., 19 Old Coach Road
Kidd, C., 47 Central Avenue
Kilgore, J., shoe maker, 4 Old Coach Road
Kilpatrick, Miss F., 6 Burnside
Kirkland, A. L., Strand Crescent
Kirkpatrick, Miss, 6 Burnside
Kirkpatrick, Misses, West Avenue
Kitson, Miss, 2 Enfield Gardens
Knox, Miss, 36 Strand Road
Knox, Misses, Central Avenue
Knox, Mrs., 14 Harryville Terrace
Knox, Mrs., Strand Crescent
Knox, W., 46 Heathmount
Kyle, D., 12 Central Avenue

Lafferty, Miss, 13 Heathmount
Lafferty, R., 14 Garden Avenue
Lamb, Miss, 4 The Crescent
Lamont, Mrs. S., 28 High Road
Lamont, R., 67 Station Road
Lamont, Samuel, grocer, 23 Central Avenue
Lang, Mrs., Church Street
Laurie, P., 112 Coleraine Road
Lawrence, H. M., Central Avenue
Lawrie, Mrs., 112 Coleraine Road
Ledlie, N., 41 Prospect Road
Leeper, Miss, Springfield Terrace
Leighton, J., 21 Old Coach Road
Leighton, Mrs., 11 Central Avenue
Leighton, R., 26 Old Coach Road
Lennox, Andrew, Ballygellagh
Lennox, D., 12 Coleraine Road
Lennox, H., 4 Prospect Avenue
Lennox, M., 5 The Hill
Lennox, R., 32 Old Coach Road
Lennox, T., 10 Enterprise Avenue
Lennox, W., 16 Portmore Road
Lennox, W. J., 49 Central Avenue
Leonard, J. J., 38 Station Road
Lewis, J. K., 44 Strand Road
Liken, S. J., Crossreagh
Lindsay, H. G., Heatherlea Avenue
Linton, M., 16 High Road
Little, C., Millbank Avenue
Little, J. J., Springfield Terrace
Logan, A., 23 Harryville Terrace
Logan, A., 3 Queenora Avenue
Logan, H., Coleraine Road Cottages
Logan, H., 1 York Avenue
Logan, J., 114 Coleraine Road
Logan, J., 5 The Diamond
Logan, Miss A., 10 The Diamond
Long, J., 82 Coleraine Road
Long, Mrs., Old Coach Road
Lother, Miss, 20 Old Coach Road
Love, H., 5 Burnside Road
Love, Miss, 7 Burnside Road
Love, Mrs., Prospect Road
Lowe, T. H., 2 Heatherlea Avenue
Ludlow, W. J., 74 Strand Road
Lusk, R. W., 30 Strand Road
Lynch, J. H., Rockview, Galvally
Lynd, Mrs. E., 59 prospect Road
Lynn, Mrs. S., 7 Church Hill
Lyons, J., flesher, Coleraine Road
Lyons, Miss M., 10 Heatherlea Avenue
Lyttle, Mrs., 7 Queenora Gardens

Mabin, D., Springfield Gardens
Macabe, W. S., 9 Station Road
Macauley, Mrs., 124 Coleraine Road
MacFarlane, S., 9 Old Coach Road
Mackle, Miss R., draper, 42 Main Street
MacManus, G., 10 West Park
MacMillan, D. A. C., 29 Station Road
Macneese, Mrs., Shanmere Hotel
Maconaghie, W., 23 Station Road
Madill, H., 1 Prospect Avenue
Magee, Miss, Heathmount
Magowan, Miss, 5 Innistrahull Villas
Maguire, J., grocer, 1 Strand Road
Mairs, J., 41 Station Road
Mallon, Mrs. A., 59 Old Coach Road
Marshall, D., 37 Strand Road
Marshall, Miss M., 4 Hillside
Marshall, Mrs., Prospect Road
Martin, Allan, 27 Coleraine Road
Martin, E., 8 Strand Road
Martin, Miss A., 1 Queenora Avenue
Martin, Miss M., 1 Station Road
Martin, Mrs., 79 Prospect Road
Martin, Mrs. Martha, 21 Coleraine Road
Martin, Robert, Mullaghacall South
Martin, Samuel, Mullaghacall North
Martin, T., 3 Garden Avenue
Matchett, Mrs., Station Road
Maton, A., 14 Enfield Street
Maxwell, Mrs., 20 Portmore Road
Mayell, Mrs., 73 Prospect Road
Maylam, Mrs., Old Coach Road
Meneely, Elsworth, Crossreagh
Methodist Hall, 45 Main Street
Millar, A., Hillside
Millar, H., 73 Central Avenue
Millar, Miss J., West Drive
Millar, Miss M., 77 prospect Road
Millar, Miss M., 12 Church Lane
Millar, Mrs., 10 The Hill
Millar, Mrs., 11 Portmore Road
Millar, Mrs. L., 2 Enfield Gardens
Millar, R., 1 Heathmount
Millar, R., 21 Enfield Street
Millar, T., 1 Garden Avenue
Milligan, D., 21 Central Avenue
Mills, J. V. S., 70 Strand Road
Mills, Mrs., Portrush Road
Minford, G., 2 Portmore Road
Minniece, T., Nursery Avenue
Mitchison, Miss, district nurse, 28 Old Coach Road
Mogey, Mrs., High Road
Moncreif, Miss, 71 Main Street
Monteith, Dr., Victoria Terrace
Montgomery, J., 14 O'Hara Drive
Montgomery, Misses, 85 Strand Road
Montgomery, Mrs. E., 42 Heathmount
Montgomery, Mrs. K., 5 Nursery Avenue North
Montgomery, W. S., 21 Station Road
Moody, Mrs., 70 Strand Road
Moody, Mrs., Prospect Road
Moon, C. I. S., Nursery Avenue
Moore, H., 29 Strand Road
Moore, Miss, 27 Strand Road
Moore, Misses, Heathmount
Moore, Mrs., Toronto House, Promenade
Moore, Mrs., 10 Heathmount
Moore, Mrs., 12 Portmore Road
Moore, Mrs., 3 Atlantic Circle
Moore, Mrs., 2 Station Road
Moore, Mrs. J., 26 Station Road
Moreland, Miss N., 118 Coleraine Road
Morrish, Mrs., Coleraine Road
Morrison, Mrs. E., 6 Portrush Road
Morrow, J., 67 Coleraine Road
Morrow, J., 23 Enterprise Avenue
Morton, J. A., 22 Harryville
Moss, S. H., Portrush Road
Mulholland, N., 65 Coleraine Road
Mullan, I., West Avenue
Mullan, Mrs. K., 47 Coleraine Road
Munro, Charles A., J.P., Crossreagh East
Murdoch, J., Queenora Avenue
Murdoch, Mrs. L. C., 9 Central Avenue
Murdock, Miss R., 15 Portrush Road
Murdock, Miss S., 35 Station Road
Murphy, The Misses, 5 Harbour Place
Murphy, P., 2 Coleraine Road
Murray, B., Queenora Avenue
Murray, G., 2 Convention Avenue
Murray, J., 13 Enterprise Avenue
Murray, Miss M., 6 Harbour Place
Murray, Mrs., Church Lane
Murray, P., 14 Coleraine Road
Murray, T., 2 Strand Road

McAfee, J., Millbank Avenue
McAfee, T., 30 Old Coach Road
McAllister, Miss K., 4 Strand Road
McAteer, Miss, 13 Atlantic Circle
McAteer, M., West Avenue
McAuley, E., Chimney Hills
McAuley, J., 2 Church Lane
McAuley, P., Portstewart Hotel
McAuley, W. J., 28 Harryville Terrace
McBride, A., 15 Portmore Road
McBride, A., merchant, 79 Main Street
McBride, A., 10 Garden Avenue
McBride, H., York Avenue
McCabe, W. S., J.P., Station Road
McCafferty, James, 7 Heathmount
McCall, D., 8 Burnside Road
McCambridge, Mrs., 72 Main Street
McCandless, J., 3 Millbank Avenue
McCandless, T., 15 High Street
McCann, Miss S., 20 Strand Road
McCaughey, T. N., Church Lane
McCausland, D., 120 Coleraine Road
McCay, Mrs., 23 Queenora Avenue
McClean, R., Nursery Avenue
McClean, W., 14 Heatherlea Avenue
McClelland, Miss, Victoria Terrace
McClelland, Mrs., Seabank Hotel, 51 Main Street
McCloskey, Miss M. J., 10 Heathmount
McCloskey, Mrs., Prospect Road
McCloskey, Mrs., The Diamond
McCloskey, Mrs. S. J., 2 Enfield Street
McCloskey, Peter, hairdresser, 38 Main Street
McCloskey, S., painter, 74 Main Street
McCloskey, T., 2 Burnside
McClure, H., Prospect Road
McClure, Mrs., 19 Portrush Road
McCollum, S. J., Burnside Road
McComb, The Misses, 55 Central Avenue
McCombe, Mrs., 14 Heathmount
McConnell, Mrs., 16 Portrush Road
McCorkell, S., 8 Heathmount
McCormick, J., 2 Enterprise Avenue
McCormick, Mrs., 34 Main Street
McCracken, Alexander, 5 Heathmount
McCracken, J., 17 Queenora Avenue
McCrea, Margaret, 21 Prospect Road
McCrory, J., grocer, 15 Main Street
McCullagh, Mrs. Patrick, 17 Coleraine Road
McCullagh, Mrs. M., 23 Coleraine Road
McCullagh, M., Heathmount
McCullagh, S., 26 Heathmount
McCurdy, J., Mullaghacall North
McCurdy, J., boot maker, 14 The Diamond
McCurdy, Mrs., 46 Central Avenue
McCurdy, Mrs. S., Springfield gardens
McCurdy, Robert, Mullaghacall North
McCutcheon, D., 42 Strand Road
McDaniel, R. M., 54 Coleraine Road
McDonald, H., 6 Stuart Gardens
McDonald, J., 14 Church Lane
McDonald, Misses, 2 Station Road
McDonald, Mrs., O'Hara Drive
McDonald, P., 20 Coleraine Road
McDonough, T., Atlantic Circle
McDowell, Mrs., 14 Enterprise Avenue
McElvar, Mrs. J., 13 The Diamond
McFadden, R., 65 Central Avenue
McFadden, S., Harryville
McFarlane, Miss, Old Coach Road
McFarlane, Mrs. A., 12 Strand Road
McFarlane, ?, 29 Central Avenue
McGarry, P., Heathmount
McGarvey, A., 69 Strand Road
McGeagh, Rev. William J., 100 Strand Road
McGeown, C., 83 Strand Road
McGillion, J., Church Lane
McGinley, A., 12 Enterprise Avenue
McGlade, Mrs., Main Street
McGonigle, Miss M., 3 Heathmount
McGoohan, Mrs., 12 West Park
McGovern, Mrs., 69 Old Coach Road
McGovern, Mrs., Station Road
McGowan, Angus, Enterprise Avenue
McGowan, A., 19 Enterprise Avenue
McGowan, D., West Avenue
McGowan, James, baker, 53 Main Street
McGowan, John, baker, 8 The Hill
McGowan, J., Mullaghacall North
McGowan, J., 2 Victoria Terrace
McGowan, J. A., The Hill
McGowan, Mrs. A., 54 Main Street
McGrane, Miss, 21 Portrush Road
McGrath, Miss, Church Lane
McHugh, J., 13 Strand Road
McIlhatton, Miss M., 5 Portrush Road
McIlreavy, D. R., 9 Queenora Gardens
McIlreavy, Mrs., Church Street
McIlroy, Mrs., 56 Strand Road
McIlroy, Mrs., West Avenue
McIlwaine, W., 12 Heatherlea Avenue
McIntyre, A., Burnside
McIntyre, B., Central Avenue
McIntyre, Henry, Crossreagh East
McIntyre, J., stationer, Harbour Road
McIntyre, J., Heathmount
McIntyre, J., 22 Old Coach Road
McIntyre, Mrs., Chimney Hills
McIntyre, Mrs., 56 Coleraine Road
McIntyre, Mrs., 18 Heatherlea Avenue
McIntyre, Mrs. J., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Harbour Road
McIntyre, ?, The Galvally
McKay, J., 32 Strand Road
McKay, J., 73 Old Coach Road
McKay, The Misses, 18 Portrush Road
McKay, T., 70 Main Street
McKeague, F., 4 Heathmount
McKeary, J., Millbank Avenue
McKee, J., flesher, 9 The Hill
McKee, Robert, 9 Atlantic Circle
McKeen, R., Nursery Avenue
McKeever, D., 28 Coleraine Road
McKeever, William, 20 The Diamond
McKelvey, J., Portrush Road
McKenna, P., Strand Road
McKenzie, Herbert, R.U.C., 59a Coleraine Road
McKeown, J., 107 Coleraine Road
McKeown, Rev., C.C., 1 Crescent
McKimmon, Mrs. J., 23 Church Street
McKinney, J., 11 Enterprise Avenue
McKinney, J. C., Church Street
McKinney. Mrs. D., Enterprise Avenue
McKinney, P. J., 18 Strand Road
McKinney, P. J., grocer, 4 Main Street
McKinney, Robert, 4 Enfield Street
McKinney, William, Convention Avenue
McKierghan, Mrs. J., 5 The Hill
McKirgan, A., sen., 3 Enfield Gardens
McKirgan, A., jun., 4 Garden Avenue
McKirgan, A., 21 Enterprise Avenue
McKirgan, J., West Drive
McKirgan, Mrs. A., 4 Coleraine Road
McKirgan, Robert, 22 Coleraine Road
McKirgan, T., Chimney Hills
McKnight, Mrs. S., 11 Enfield Street
McLain, Mrs. E., 10 O'Hara Drive
McLarnon, J., newsagent, 6 Main Street
McLaughlin, Charles, 2 Church Hill
McLaughlin, G., Imshi, Heathmount
McLaughlin, James E., 49 Central Avenue
McLaughlin, J., 12 Mullaghacall North
McLaughlin, Mrs. J., 3 The Crescent
McLaughlin, Miss K., 10 Atlantic Circle
McLaughlin, Mrs. S., 19 Main Street
McLaughlin, P., 22 Strand Road
McLaughlin, Robert, 44 Station Road
McLoud, ?, 60 Coleraine Road
McMahon, C., 12 West Park
McMahon, Mrs., 110 Coleraine Road
McMichael, A., grocer, 65 Main Street
McMichael, Samuel, 38 Station Road
McMorris, Mrs. M., 14 Station Road
McMullan, A. J., 36 Strand Road
McMullan, James, 19 Enfield Street
McMullan, J., Queenora Gardens
McMullan, J., 33 Central Avenue
McMullan, T., 4 Heatherlea Avenue
McMullan, T., Orange Hall
McNeary, Mrs. A., 3 Old Coach Road
McNeese, P. J., The Crescent
McNeill, Mrs., Victoria Terrace
McPeak, J., 6 Enfield Terrace
McPeake, Mrs., 1 Enterprise Avenue
McPeake, Mrs. W. J., 15 The Diamond
McPeake, R., Strand Crescent
McPherson, J., 12 Nursery Avenue South
McQueston, J., Town Hall
McRostie, J., Prospect Road
McVicker, A., Enfield Street
McVicker, John E., 19 High Street
McVicker, J., 20 Harryville Terrace
McVicker, Mrs. S., 1 Central Avenue
McVitty, W., 97 Coleraine Road

Neely, George, 7 Atlantic Circle
Neely, The Misses, 2 Harbour Place
Neely, Mrs., 27 Station Road
Neill, Rev. A. W., M.A., 7 Portrush Road
Neill, William F., 20 Portrush Road
Nelson, D., Mullaghacall North
Nelson, W. J., 2 Coleraine Road Cottages
Nesbitt, F., Burnside Road
Nesbitt, Mrs. M., 6 Victoria Terrace
Nevin, Thomas, Mullaghacall North
Newman, Mrs., 5 Church Pass
Nicholl, Mrs., 11 Central Avenue
Nicholson, Mrs., 11 Burnside Road
Nicholson, Mrs. E., 4 Portrush Road
Nixon, J., Portrush Road
Nixon, W. A., 33a Prospect Road
Noone, M., grocer, 2a Old Coach Road
Norris, Miss L., 63 Prospect Road
Northern Bank, Ltd., 13 Main Street
Northern Transport Co., 39 Main Street
Noteman, William, 17 Strand Road

Oliver, Miss, 22 High Road
Oliver, Mrs., 6 Nursery Avenue
Orange Hall, 10-11 Burnside
O'Brien, Miss, 33 Main Street
O'Connell, B., 8 The Diamond
O'Connell, Miss A., 24 Church Street
O'Doherty, J., 19 Queenora Gardens
O'Doherty, Miss, Montague Arms Hotel, 60 Main Street
O'Donnell, E., 22 Upper Heathmount
O'Fee, Miss, 4 Burnside Road
O'Hagan, Mrs. M., 11 The Diamond
O'Hanlon, Mrs. M., 8 Millbank Avenue
O'Hara, R. J., Galvally
O'Kane, J., Church Lane
O'Kane, Miss, 11 Strand Road
O'Kane, Mrs., Strand Road
O'Kane, Mrs. F., 19 Portmore Road
O'Neill, Henry O'H., J.P., 47 Prospect Road
O'Neill, H., 40 Heathmount
O'Neill, The Misses, 41 Strand Road
O'Neill, R., 26 Main Street
O'Neill, R., Burnside Road

Packhill, Mrs., 39 Central Avenue
Paine, Mrs., 44 Strand Road
Paley, Mrs., 26 Old Coach Road
Pallant, Mrs., 3 Strand Road
Park, T., Old Coach Road
Parke, Charles, 22 Church Street
Parlato, C. E., Burnside
Patterson, Mrs., 15 O'Hara Drive
Patterson, M., 8 Church Lane
Patterson, R., 1 Hillside
Patterson, W., West Drive
Paul, J. R., 26 Upper Heathmount
Pearson, A. M., Links Hotel, 79 Strand Road
Pearson, Mrs., Golf Hotel, 84 Strand Road
Perkins, Mrs., 28 Station Road
Petrie, Mrs. M., 12 Coleraine Road
Pollard, A. E., 1 Stuart's Gardens
Pollock, J., 5 Queenora Avenue
Pollock, Miss M., 44 Strand Road
Pollock, Mrs. M., 1 O'Hara Drive
Pollock, W., Convention Avenue
Porte, D., 85 Prospect Road
Potter, C. F., Strand Road

Quaile, Miss E., draper, 81 Main Street
Quinn, Miss E., draper, 81 Main Street

Rafferty, T., 16 Coleraine Road
Ramsey, J., Burnside Road
Ramsey, S., 3 The Diamond
Rankin, J. W., 15 Enterprise Avenue
Rankin, Mrs., 37 Portrush Road
Rawle, Douglas W., 3 Burnside
Rea, James, Golf House, Crossreagh East
Rea, James W., 92 Strand Road
Reid, A., Galvally
Reid, A., & Son, bakers, 28 Main Street
Reid, Daniel, engineer, 14 Heathmount
Reid, Henry S., 17 Station Road
Reid, Matthew, builder, 4 Church Street
Reville, William, chemist, 5 The Crescent
Reville, W., chemist, 14 Main Street
Richardson, A., Station Road
Richardson, J., Main Street
Richardson, Miss M., 25 High Road
Richardson, Mrs., Bearnville
Riddel, C., 2 Heathmount
Riordan, Michael, 35 Coleraine Road
Rippey, Miss, York Hotel, Station Road
Ritchie, Miss A., 5 Heatherlea Avenue
Ritchie, Miss M., 4 The Diamond
Robb, R., 11 Garden Avenue
Robinson, G., 7 Station Road
Robinson, Mrs., Millbank Avenue
Robson, Mrs., Queenora Avenue
Rodgers, Mrs. E., 10 Millbank Avenue
Rosborough, A., 17 High Street
Rosborough, Mrs., 2 Atlantic Circle
Rosenthal, Mrs. H., 30 Heathmount
Rosling, N. H., 10 Millbank Avenue
Ross, H., 5 Central Avenue
Ross, Mrs., 16 Heathmount
Roughan, Mrs., Millbank Avenue
R.U.C. Barracks, Coleraine Road
Russell, James, 5 Church Hill
Russell, J., 12 Old Coach Road
Russell, Mrs., Heathmount
Rutter, Mrs., 1 Enfield Gardens
Ryan, M., 38 Heathmount

Sames, Mrs., Old Coach Road
Sampson, C., fruiterer, 44 Main Street
Sandford, J., 9 Prospect Road
Sandford, J. H. E., 111 Coleraine Road
Scott, Miss, Prospect Avenue
Scott, Miss E., fruiterer, 10 Main Street
Scott, S., 13 Coleraine Road
Sebal, Mrs., Millbank Avenue
Semple, J., 8 O'Hara Drive
Sewell, Roy W., 61 Coleraine Road
Shaw, J., fish monger. 3 Harbour Road
Shaw, J., 17 Enterprise Avenue
Shaw, J., jun., 2 High Road
Shearer, Mrs., 28 Coleraine Road
Shearer, Mrs., Millbank Avenue
Sheridan, J., 13 Harryville Terrace
Shields, A., Windsor Hotel, 8 Main Street
Shields, Miss, 2 Nursery Avenue
Shields, Miss E., 7 High Street
Shields, Miss Martha J., 14 Coleraine Road
Shields, Miss M., 40 Station Road
Shiels, Mrs., 3 Coleraine Road
Shier, R., 41 Central Avenue
Sillitoe, H., Galvally
Simon, John, 24 Station Road
Simpson, Miss G., 15 Old Coach Road
Simpson, Miss S., 53 Central Avenue
Simpson, The Misses, 6 Old Coach Road
Simpson, S., 61 Strand Road
Sloan, Mrs., 45 Strand Road
Sloan, ?, 81 Strand Road
Smith, J., 14 Church Street
Smith, Miss I., confectioner, 1 Portmore Road
Smith, Miss J., 13 High Road
Smith, Miss M., 7 Enfield Street
Smith, Mrs., West Drive
Smith, M., Queenora Gardens
Smith, S., 6 Heathmount
Smith, S., 12 Enfield Street
Smith, W., 34 Heathmount
Smyrl, J., 3 Hillside
Smyrl, R., 30 Main Street
Smyth, Mrs., 5 Burnside Road
Snodgrass, Mrs., The Crescent
Speirs, L., 88 Coleraine Road
Spence, J., Springfield Terrace
Spence, Mrs., 1 Coleraine Road Cottages
Spence, Mrs. A., 4 High Road
Spence, Mrs. M., 53 Prospect Road
Spence, R., Garden Avenue
Spence, R., Harryville Terrace
Spence, ?, 4 Coleraine Road
Spratt, T. J., Portrush Road
Stanton, Miss, Prospect Road
Steele, A., 3 Victoria Terrace
Steele, A., 47 Main Street
Steele, D., 73 Strand Road
Stevens, J., 80 Coleraine Road
Stevenson, J., hairdresser, 76 Main Street
Stewart, D., 8 Old Coach Road
Stewart, G., Burnside
Stewart, Henry, 10 Coleraine Road
Stewart, H., 10 Enfield Street
Stewart, Miss I., 4 Portmore Road
Stewart, R., 25 Coleraine Road
Stewart, R. A., 12 Station Road
Stewart, T., 1 Prospect Road
Stewart, W., Millbank Avenue
Stubbington, Richard, 59 Central Avenue
Sturgeon, W., 4 Millbank Avenue
Sweeney, H., 15 Strand Road

Tannahill, Miss M., 89 Prospect Road
Tappaer, Mrs., 1 Enfield Gardens
Tate, W., grocer, 5 Coleraine Road
Taylor, M., 2 York Avenue
Teague, Patrick, 19 The Diamond
Templeton, J. G., O'Hara Drive
Thompson, A., 60 Prospect Road
Thompson, A. C., 27 Portrush Road
Thompson, Henry E., 15 Heatherlea Avenue
Thompson, J., 65 Old Coach Road
Thompson, Miss Margaret, 15 Church Street
Thompson, Mrs., 45 Coleraine Road
Thornton, P., 32 Station Road
Tinsley, Miss T., confectioner, 32 Main Street
Tipping, G., Portrush Road
Todd, Mrs. W. R., Seapark
Todd, ?, 58 Main Street
Tombe, E., 13 Enfield Street
Torrens, D., 18 Station Road
Tougher, Mrs., 71 Prospect Road
Tougher, W. J., 73 Strand Road
Tracey, R., 62 Coleraine Road
Traill, Mrs. N., 17 Portrush Road
Tunnell, G., 6 Burnside Road
Turbitt, C., 3 Harbour Place
Turbitt, G., 7 Coleraine Road
Twiss, ?, 8 Station Road

Ussher, Miss, ladies' outfitter, 35 Main Street
Ussher, The Misses, 3 The Hill

Vicary, Mrs., Strand Road

Walker, J., Central Avenue
Walker, Mrs., 10 Atlantic Circle
Wallace, J., 1 Enfield Street
Wallace, Misses, O'Hara Drive
Wallace, Miss A., 7 Harbour Place
Wallace, Miss L., Prospect Road
Wallace, Mrs., Seapark Villa
Ward, H. W., 31 Strand Road
Ward, The Misses, 7 Prospect Road
Watters, E., Heatherlea Avenue
Watters, R., 1 Old Coach Road
Webb, A., Central Avenue
Weir, J., Burnside
Wensley, Mrs., 63 Prospect Road
Whittaker, Mrs. and Miss, 71 Strand Road
White, T., 89 Strand Road
Wilkins, Mrs., 29a Station Road
Wilson, A., 93 Coleraine Road
Wilson, C., 10 Portrush Road
Wilson, Miss, 5 Harryville Terrace
Wilson, Miss, 5 York Avenue
Wilson, Mrs., 3 Strand Crescent
Wilson, Mrs., 2 Nursery Avenue South
Wilson, Mrs., 6 High Road
Wilson, W., 3 Portrush Road
Wilson, W. J., Rock Castle, Strand Road
Wilson, ?, 35 Prospect Road
Wilton, J., 18 Harryville Terrace
Wilton, J., 1 Victoria Terrace
Wilton, Marcus, 3 Enfield Street
Wilton, Mrs., 13 Heatherlea Avenue
Woodburn, M., High Road
Woods, Mrs. L., Springfield Terrace
Woods, Surgn.-Capt. S. H., M.D., F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 21 Strand Road
Wright, R., 10 Old Coach Road
Wylie, Mrs., confectioner, 13 Portmore Road
Wylie, Mrs., Alvarado Hotel

Young, Miss S., 3 Convention Avenue
Young, Mrs., 85 Strand Road
Young, Mrs., Strand Hotel, 86 Strand Road
Young, Mrs. S., 1 Harbour Place


Anderson, Robert, Roselick
Black, Henry, Roselick
Black, John, Garborgle
Black, Joseph, Roselick
Black, The Misses, Ballylease
Black, Samuel, Garborgle
Boyd, Misses, Larkhill
Brown, Robert James, Mullaghacall
Brown, William, Cappagh
Campbell, James, Galvally
Coyle, James, Galvally
Cunningham, William, Ballygelagh
Hemphill, James, Burnside
Hemphill, Samuel, Burnside
Henry, S. R., Galvally
Huston, William, Ballygelagh
Lillie, William, Naar
Lynch, John, Rockview
Martin, Robert, Mullaghacall
McCandless, D., Craigtown
McDonald, John, Roselick
McLaughlin, Mrs. D., Cappagh
McPherson, R., Ballylease
O'Neill, H. O'H., J.P., C.C., Prospect House
Reid, W. J., Mullaghacall
Scott, John, Cappagh
Sinclair, T.
Small, Daniel, Carnalbanagh

County Armagh

     Poyntzpass is situated eight miles north of Newry and four miles from Tandragee.  Cattle and sheep markets are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Population is about 320. Shops' half-holiday, Tuesday


Church of Ireland (Parish Church of Acton, in Poyntzpass) - Rev. E. A. Nelson
Presbyterian Church - Rev. D. McCausland, B.A.
Baptist Church - Vacant
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Gallagher


Technical School - Miss Sinton, principal
Two P.E. Schools - R. Harvey and Miss Thompson


Dispensary, Poyntzpass - F. P. McDermott, M.D.
R.U.C. Barracks - Sergt. Harron, Constables Boylan, Lavery and Boston; S/Constables J. Morton, S. Shanks and F. Morton
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. (Newry Branch) - Open on Wednesdays and fair days
Northern Bank Ltd. (Newry Branch) - Open on Mondays and fair days
Clerk of Petty Sessions for Tandragee - J. Nevin, Portadown


Acheson, William, auctioneer, Markethill
Agnew, T., Deerpark
Alderdice, John, saddler
Alderdice, Samuel, Ballyreagh
Allen, David, butcher
Allen, J., sheep dealer
Anderson, S. J., bread server
Andrew, Hugh, farmer, Ballinalack
Atkinson, Mrs.

Best, John, J.P., auctioneer and cattle exporter, Acton House
Best, Miss, district nurse, Acton House
Bicker, David, rural postman
Bicker, William, general merchant
Boyd, William, Harold, signalman
Briggs, Edward
Briggs, ?, Aughantaraghan
Burns, James, Aughantaraghan
Burns, Mrs., Prospect Lodge
Burton, ?, Rose Cottage

Cairns, D., shoe maker
Callaghan, Miss A., confectioner and newsagent
Canavan, Michael, jun., grocer
Canavan, Miss M., cafe
Canavan, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer and publican
Canavan, Owen, confectioner
Carson, James, confectioner
Carson, John, grocer
Clark, Robert, Demoan
Clark, Robert, Aughantaraghan
Clarke, Henry R., merchant
Clarke, Mrs. David, The Arcade
Close, Major M. S., J.P., Drumbanagher
Clowney, James, farmer, Acton
Conlon, Miss Sarah, confectioner
Coulter, Mrs. H. E., Cremore
Coulter, Miss M., L.R.A.M.
Cross, F., shoe maker

Daly, Felix, motor engineer
Dodds, Rev. William, B.A., Ballenon Manse
Dudgeon, Miss G., teacher, Tanokey

English, Samuel, farmer, The Fort

Fegan, William, hairdresser, Church Street
Fisher, Alexander, Tullinacross

Getty, Miss, teacher, Fourtowns
Gibson, R. J., hairdresser and cycle agent
Gracey, J., egg merchant, Druminargle
Griffith, Miss A., grocer and egg merchant
Griffith, J., Drumbanagher P.E.S.

Haire, David, sheep dealer, Tyrone's Ditches
Hall, Joseph, publican and grocer
Hamilton, Robet, builder and contractor (Robert)
Hanlon, Frederick, grocer
Hanna, Alfred, boot and shoe warehouse
Hanna, William, farmer, Lisraw
Hudson, Samuel, publican, Commercial Hotel
Hudson, S., cattle dealer
Hunter, Alexander, Glassdrummond

Jemphreys. J., accountant
Jemphreys, Mrs., wool buyer
Johnston, ?, farmer, Union Lodge

Lamphier, The Misses, The Bungalow
Laverty, Miss, Moss View
Laverty, William, sheep dealer
Lennon, James, cattle dealer
Lennon, Joseph, cattle dealer
Lennon, Patrick, cattle dealer
Little, David, farmer and grocer; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Little, G., agent, Eason's, Belfast
Little, James
Little, John
Little, Mrs. J., music teacher, Church Street
Little, Stewart
Little, Stewart, jun., cattle dealer
Loughlin, C., farmer, Lisraw
Loughlin, Edmond, blacksmith
Loughlin, George, farmer, Loughadian
Loughlin, Mrs., draper

Mackle, Thomas, porter
Magennis, Mrs. Mary, Iveagh House
Magill, James, cattle exporter, Glenview House
Milne, R., general merchant, Tanokey
Monaghan, Joseph P., canal inspector
Moody, A., Lock House
Moody, William, insurance agent
Morrow, Hamilton, draper and tailor
Morrow, Robert, tailor
Morrow, Thomas, farmer, Loughadian
Murphy, Frank, cattle dealer

McCavanagh, J., publican
McComb, John, cattle dealer
McCombe, Thomas, cattle dealer
McCombe, M., Pass View
McCourt, Mrs. M., restaurant
McCourt, Patrick, Railway Cafe
McCulla, Harry, signalman
McCullagh, A., postman
McCullough, Mrs.
McDonald, Edward, tailor
McGill, Edward
McKee, ?, teacher
McMurray, J., carpenter, Drumbanagher
McSherry, J., blacksmith
McSherry, P., mason
McSherry, W., cattle dealer

Nelson, Canon E. A., M.A., Rectory, Drumbanagher

Porterfield, W., station master
Purdy, Cyril, butcher
Purdy, James Allen, shoe maker
Purdy, Mrs. C., music teacher
Purdy, Robert, flesher

Quinn, Miss K., caretaker, Technical School

Rafferty, Felix, farmer and dealer
Rafferty, Mrs., grocer, Central Hotel
Reside, Mrs., Killabadagh House
Robinson, Adam, farmer, Killysavin
Robinson, D. E., auxiliary postman, Killysavin
Robinson, Samuel and George, farmers, Demone
Rutherford, M., landsteward. Drumbanagher Castle

Sands, The Misses, Emerald Cafe
Scallon, Mr. and Mrs., Acton Glebe
Shanks, George, Lisnabrague
Shanks, Mrs., Woodbanks
Shanks, Mrs. Eliza, Mill Bank
Shields, A., Windsor Hotel
Sleith, L., egg exporter, Tyrone's Ditches
Stanbrooke, Mrs.
Stewart, Mrs. Crozier, Ballydogherty

Troughton, H., egg merchant

Waddell, J., Aughantaraghan
Watt, R. N., gents' outfitter
White, George, farmer, Demone House
Willis, H., agent
Wilson, C., Ballinlack House
Wilson, Mrs. E., teacher
Wright, Jackson, Ballyreagh
Wright, Samuel, farmer, Ballyreagh
Wylie, The Misses, Acton
Wylie, Mrs., Elm Hill
Wylie, Robert
Wylie, R. G., Killysavan House
Wylie, ?

County Down
(For Inhabitants, see under Newtownards)