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1943 Belfast Street Directory

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Coleraine - Comber - Cookstown - Craigavad and Vicinity - Crawfordsburn
Crossgar - Crossmaglen - Crumlin - Cullybackey - Cultra - Cushendall

County Londonderry

     The Borough of Coleraine, on the River Bann, near the border line between the Counties of Antrim and Derry.  Its population in 1937 was 9,179, an increase of 1,099 on the figure of 1926. Proximity to the seaside resorts of Portrush, Portstewart, and Castlerock render the town a most desirable place of residence.  The history of Coleraine can be traced in the Irish annals with tolerable accuracy for a period of nearly fifteen centuries.  It is attested that St. Patrick founded a church here in the fifth century, and called it "Cuil Rathain" (the ferney corner).  The pronunciation of this name, "Cool Rawin," is almost identical with that of the present day, "Coleraine." The town, therefore, enjoys the distinction of having received its name direct from the great Apostle of Ireland.  In 1928 the town was restored to its former status as a Borough, with a Mayor, Aldermen, and Councillors. The water supply is abundant, of the purest quality, and is carried to the town from Ballyashane and Ballyversal and Balteagh.  The market place is situated on ground belonging to the Borough Council, and was opened on the 25th March, 1830.  There are markets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the sale of grain, Tuesday for flax, Friday for pork, Tuesday for cattle and sheep, Thursday for live pigs, Friday for fowl, while Saturday is the general market day. The Waterloo Markey has accommodation for the sale of Poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, etc. Cattle fairs are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month, and there is a quarterly horse fair on first Tuesday of February, May, August, and November.  The staple industries are shirt and collar making, iron founding, distilling, and salmon fishing.  The place has long been celebrated for its trade in the finer linens, but at what time this industry was first established here is not precisely known.  The first bleach green in this part of the country was established at Ballybrittain by Mr. John Orr in 1734.  Within the past few years, however, the linen trade of the Borough has dwindled into obscurity. There are many fine buildings in the town, including the splendid suite of schools and teachers' residence built by the Honourable the Irish Society for the free education of the children of the town, and opened in October 1868, and extended in 1935; and one of the finest provincial technical schools in Ireland.  The Anderson Park, provided through the generosity of the late Hugh Anderson, J.P., was completed in 1904 at a total cost of £3,042.  Shops' half-holiday, Thursday; Trades and Professions', Saturday.
     A bus service runs from Cromore Station in connection with principal trains on Midland Railway and tram from Portrush to Giant's Causeway, in connection with the through trains from Belfast and Londonderry.  The Derry Central Railway runs three trains daily between Coleraine and Magherafelt, and vice-versa, in connection with trains from Derry and Belfast.


Church of Ireland - Rev. L. V. Uprichard, M.A. Killowen Parish Church - Rev. W. Abbott, M.A.
First Presbyterian Church, Abbey Street - Rev. J. N. M. Legate, B.A., B.D. Second Presbyterian Church, Rev. Thomas Doey. Third Presbyterian Church, Terrace Row - Rev. E. G. Torrie, B.A.
Baptist Chapel, Meetinghouse Place - Rev. A. H. D. Stevenson
Congregational Church, New Row - Rev. Campbell Clark
Salvation Army Hall, Long Commons
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Circular Road - Rev. S. H. Currie
St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Chapel, Beresford Road - Rev. John Canon MacLaverty, P.P.
St. John's Roman Catholic Church, Killowen Street - Rev. P. Devine, P.P.


Bank of Ireland, Diamond - T. F. Jameson, agent
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., Diamond - W. Harbison, manager
Northern Bank, Ltd., Diamond - F. J. Byrne, manager
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ltd., Diamond - O. J. Morrow, manager
Belfast Savings Bank, Abbey Street - J. S. Maclarnon, Manager
Ulster Bank Ltd., Diamond - E. M. Montgomery, Manager


Coleraine Academical Institution - Major W. White, B.Sc., principal
Coleraine District Model Schools - Head master, J. K. Forbes, B.A., B.Sc.
Coleraine Parish Church Schoolhouse, Circular Road - Caretaker, James Cameron
Ladies' High School, Lodge Road - Dr. Elsie Johnstone, principal
The Hon. the Irish Society's Free Male, Female, and Infant Schools, Beresford Place - Teachers (male school), W. P. Brown, B.A., LL.B., headmaster. Female School, Miss Irwin, head teacher. Infant School, Miss Perry, head mistress
St. Malachy's (R.C.) P.E. Schools - Boys, D. K. Maguire, B.A., headmaster; Girls', Miss McGinity, headmistress
Killowen Male and Female Schools, Strand Road - T. H. Turbitt, principal
St. John Schools, Hazelbank - The Loreto Sisters in charge
Loreto Convent - Mother Superior in charge
Coleraine Technical School - H. J. McLain, A.R.C.Sc.I., B.Sc.


Magistrates - Miss K. A. Lyle, H. O'H. O'Neill, H. Hezlett, J. A. McIntyre, J. Steel, M.D.; J. Hill, R. F. McCartney, M.P.S.I.; William Jackson, F. J. Hunter, C. A. Munro, Thomas Kealy, W. S. Macabe, John Keegan, R. Moore, R. Millar, Joseph McMath, Major W. White, D.S.O., M.C., B.A., B.Sc.; Samuel J. Henry, Alex. D. Sutherland, Hugh Clements, Daniel Cunningham
Resident Magistrate - Major F. G. S. McLean
Coleraine Borough Council - The Mayor - Alderman R. F. McCartney, J.P.; Aldermen - W. J. Martin, D. Hall Christie, H. Clements, J.P.; Councillors - J. K. McCandless, S. T. Alexander, Samuel Henry, F.R.S.A.; S. J. Henry, J.P.; J. J. McLean, A. D. Sutherland, J.P.; A. J. Mullan, D. J. Christie, R. W. Scott, D. Cunningham, J.P.; H. B. Gribbon, and M. Ross. Clerk - W. E. Henry, Town Hall
Coroner for the Town and Liberties and Half Barony - Dr. W. A. Shannon
Medical Officer of Health - Dr. Violet McFeeter
Borough Surveyor - T. C. Pollock, B.A., B.Sc., Arcade Buildings, The Diamond
Coleraine Post Office - W. G. Courtney, postmaster
Harbour Board, The Quay - Robt. O'Neill, chairman; William Dalzell, vice-chairman; John Henry, Howard B. Gribbon, Andrew Shields, James Hartford, J. Dalzell, A. D. Sutherland, J.P.; R. F. McCartney, J.P.; Lt.-Col. Knox, D.S.O., D.L.; Alderman D. Hall Christie, Jos. McMath, J.P.; James Black, Robert M. O'Neill, Samuel J. Henry, J.P.; J. K. McCandless, Capt. W. J. K. Moon and S. S. Henry. Secretary - W. E. Henry, Town Hall
Harbour Master - S. G. Martin
Rate Collector for Borough - J. Nevin, Hanover Place
Fire Brigade Station, Blindgate Street
School Attendance Officer - S. J. McCready, Articlave, Castlerock
Unemployment Exchange (Olphert House) - Manager, E. G. Bishop
Inspector of Weights and Measures - E. A. Forbes
Poor Rate Collectors for Rural District of Coleraine - Thomas Wray, John A. Cameron, W. J. McMullan
Quarter Sessions - Held in January, April, June, and October in each year. His Honour Judge Davison, K.C., Recorder for County Londonderry; H. S. Robinson, clerk of the peace for city of Derry and County; J. ff. Young, Crown Solicitor; Registrar, F. G. Dickson
Petty Sessions every Friday - T. B. Gillis, clerk; office, Courthouse, Waterside
R.U.C. Barracks, Lodge Road - District Inspector Robinson; Head Constable Fulton
Babies' Club and Dispensary, Harbour View - Nurses Cupples and Dewart
Mary Ranken Maternity Home, Institution Road - Miss Annie McCarthy, matron
Registrar of Marriages - F. Lowry, Thorndale
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. V. McFeeter; deputy registrar, Charles Holmes
Notary Public - C. MacLaughlin, solicitor, Diamond
Commissioners for Oaths - T. B. Gillis, C.P.S. and S. A. Wray, solicitor
North Derry Agricultural Society, Ltd. - Hon. secretary, F. J. Hunter
Coleraine Ploughing Society - Hon. secretary, J. A. Craig
Bowling Club - Green, Lodge Road - S. Troy, hon. secretary
Orange Lodges Nos. 5, 87, 316, 355 and 735 meet in Orange Hall, Union Street; 930, Killowen Orange Hall. R.B. Preceptories 37 and 99 meet in Orange Hall. Caretaker, Robert Balmer
Masonic Lodges Nos. 127, 235 and 754, and 940, and R.A.C. No. 81 and Coleraine preceptory H.K.T. meet in the Masonic Hall, Lodge Road
St. John's Catholic Club, Killowen - President, Rev. P. Devine, P.P.
First Coy. Boys' Brigade, Brook Street Schools - Capt. Thomas Glenn
Second Coy, Boys' Brigade, First Coleraine Lecture Hall - John Leonard, captain
First, Second, and Third Companies Girl Guides - Mrs. Irwin, District Commissioner
Custom House, Hanover Place - J. Brasier, principal coast officer, receiver of wrecks and deputy superintendent of Marine Board
Gas Works, Bannfield - W. E. Henry, secretary; H. C. Harrison, B.Sc., manager
Inland Revenue - Income Tax Inspector, G. Tunnell, New Row; collector, H. Madill, New Row
Coleraine Union Workhouse, Mountsandel Road - District Councillors and Guardians - Samuel Hezlett, clerk; J. Calvin, John W. Stewart, S. G. Millen, J. H. Crowe, William Wilson, Joseph McMath, T. J. Linton, Henry Henry, John Henry, John H. McCay, J.P.; John McIntyre, Matthew Workman, John Hart, Sloan B. Knipe, J.P.; George Gordon, Robert B. Lyttle, J.P.; Joseph Diamond, Robert O'Neill, John Hutchinson, H. Hezlett, J.P.; T. McClenahan, Mrs. Kydd, Mrs. W. R. Johnston, Mrs. Wilson, John S. McLaughlin, Joseph Kennedy, S. T. Alexander, Robert Craig, W. S. Macabe, J.P. Master - James McPherson. Medical Officer - Dr. W. A. Shannon
Sanitary Officers - John Campbell, E. P. G. Ritchie, T. A. Adams, J.P.; R. A. Monteith
Dispensary Mountsandel Road, medical attendant, Dr. V. McFeeter
Clerk of Markets - T. Duff
Coleraine Senior Football Club - Hon. sec., S. Walker
Y.W.C.A. - Mrs. Sweeny, secretary and treasurer
N.S.P.C.C. (Coleraine branch) - H. F. Bell, hon. secretary
Children's League of Pity - Hon. secretary, Miss Eileen Blair
U.S.P.C.A. (Coleraine Branch) - Miss O'Hara, hon. secretary
Building Society Office, New Row - R. F. Steedman, assistant secretary
Bann Rowing Club - Boathouse, Hanover Place - J. A. Craig, hon. secretary
Coleraine P.T.A.U. Club, Stone Row - Secretary, J. McQuilken
Coleraine Cemetery, Shelhill
Coleraine Cottage Hospital, Ratheane - President, Miss Macausland; hon. secretaries, Dr. S. J. Hunter and W. R. Johnston, A.R.C.Sc.I.; matron, Miss Martin
British Legion - Clubrooms, Beresford Place - P. A. Crawford, secretary
Ulster Teachers' Union (Coleraine Association) - W. H. Morrison, B.A.
Chamber of Commerce - W. Jackson, J.P., president; H. F. Bell, secretary and treasurer
Coleraine Musical Festival Association - Miss Bessie McKay, B.Sc., secretary
Young Farmers' Club - Miss D. Archibald, hon. secretary
Rotary Club - R. W. Davison, secretary
Route Field Club - G. V. Everett and D. McKennan, jun., secretaries
Newspapers - "Northern Constitution" and "Coleraine Chronicle," every Saturday


Aghadowey Co-operative Creamery and Stores, Drumcroon
Anderson, A., flesher, Queen Street
Anderson & Co., solicitors, Diamond
Anderson & Co., wireless dealers, Church Street
Anderson, R. A., Moccasin Shoe Store, Kingsgate Street
Anderson & Stewart, wine and spirit merchants
Andree, Madame, fancy goods, Waterside
Armour, A., pork merchant, Railway Road
Atkinson & Boyd, accountants, Diamond

Bacon, Robert, correspondent to "Belfast News-Letter," Railway Road
Baird, J., & Co., accountants, New Row
Ballyrashane Co-operative Creamery, Ballyrashane - S. Smith, manager
Ballas, H. & T., Ltd., ironmongers, Church Street
Barrie, Hugh T., Ltd., Grain, Potato and Hay Exporters, and Corn Millers, Waterside and Union Street
Baxter, James, cycle agent, Circular Road
Baxter, J. & D., decorators, Diamond
Bishop, James (C. Hamilton), boot warehouse, Diamond
Blair Bros., grocers, New Row
Blair, John, grocer, Waterside
Boone, William, grocer, Margaretta Terrace
Boyd & Co., distillers, New Market Street and Captain Street
Bradley, J., publican, Diamond
Brewster, A. H., grocer, Railway Place
Britannic Assurance Co., Railway Road
Burnett, Misses, Stationery and Fancy Goods, Agents for "Belfast News-Letter," Railway Road
Burns-Laird Line Steamship Co., The Quay
Burns & Maguire, radio dealers, Bridge Street

Cameron, John, & Sons, engineers, Stone Row
Cameron, J. A., rate collector, Hanover Place
Cameron, J. & W., grocers, Church Street
Cameron, Thomas, butcher, Church Street
Campbell Bros., bakers, Railway Road
Canning, Mrs., dress maker, Abbey Street
Caskey, W. F., chemist, Bridge Street
Cassidy, H., publican, Railway Place
Century Insurance Co. Ltd., The Diamond
Christie Bros., painters, Railway Street
Christies Ltd., plumbers and monumental works, The Diamond
Clarke, Hugh, grocer, Kingsgate Street
Clements, H., grocer, Killowen Street
Clements, John, painter, Waterside
"Coleraine Chronicle," newspaper and printing office, Abbey Street
Coleraine Co-Operative Society, Bridge Street - George Parker, manager
Conn, Edwin, M.R.C.V.S., F.Z.S., New Row
Corporation Arms Hotel, Diamond
Cox, E., grocer, Railway Road
Craig, Charles, & Co. Ltd.,  family bakers, grocers and ham curers, New Row
Craig, Miss M., publican, New Market Street
Crawford Bros., leather merchants, Long Commons
Crawford & Co., hardware, Diamond
Crawford, Mrs. F. J., Court House
Crawford, Thomas, plumber, Stone Row
Crookshank, Leech, & Babington, solicitors, New Row
Culkin, J. M., publican, Captain Street
Cullen, Allen, & Co., produce merchants, Union Street
Cummins, Henry, contractor, Circular Road
Cunning, Mrs., butcher, New Row
Cunningham, D., hardware merchant, Bridge Street
Currie, William, contractor, Harbour View

Dalzell, William, & Sons, shipping agents and coal merchants, Bridge Street and Quay
Darrah, G., hairdresser, Queen Street
Darrah, Mrs., milliner, Kingsgate Street
Dean, William, hair dresser, Brook Street
Diamond, E., publican, Abbey Street
Diamond, J., publican, Bridge Street
Dinsmore Bros., electrical engineers, Stone Row
Dinsmore, Wm., confectioner, Waterside
Dixon & Co., tailors, Church Street
Doherty, George, hair dresser, Lower Stone Row
Donaghy, Hyland, fruit importer, Adelaide Avenue
Douglas, A., coal merchant, The Harbour
Douglas, R., garage proprietor, Waterside
Douglas, William, builder, Lodge Road
Downey, R., draper, Church Street

Eagle Star Insurance Co. Ltd., Kingsgate Street - Resident Inspector, W. J. Marcus
Edgar & Giffin, grocers, Kingsgate Street
Edgar, Miss, confectioner, Diamond
Edmiston, David, butcher, Church Street
Elliott, J., draper, Bridge Street
Evans, Dr. W. F., Institution Road

Fairley, H., publican, Kingsgate Street
Fleming, Samuel, stationer, Killowen Street
Friel, E., rope spinner, Laurel Hill
Frizzell, J., grocer, Waverley Terrace

Gaff & McRitchie, tailors, Diamond
Gillen & Co., publicans, Bridge Street, Railway Road and Railway Place
Gilmour & Co., auctioneers, Stone Row
Gilmour & Son, jewellers, Diamond
Given, W. & M., architects, Diamond
Goorwitch, Ltd., Drapers, The Arcade
Gough, Samuel, grocer, Killowen Street
Graham, Hugh, confectioner, New Row
Graham, J., boot merchant, Kingsgate Street
Greene, Mrs., fancy goods, Railway Road

Hackett, P., Stone Row
Hamill, Robert, cooper, Long Commons
Hamill & Sons, coach builders, Lime Market Street
Hamill, Thomas, saddler, Waterside
Hanna, A., publican, Brook Street
Hannon, Misses, confectioners, Bridge Street
Hardy, Mrs., publican, Waterside
Harper, J., & Co., grocers, New Row
Hartin, R., boot merchant, Kingsgate Street
Henry, Margaret, milk vendor, Circular Road
Henry's Drapery Emporium, Bridge Street
Hill Brothers, & Co., Ltd., drapers and tailors, Diamond
Hooley, S., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," New Row
Holley, William, builder, Society Street
Home & Colonial Stores, Ltd., Diamond
Hood Bros., boot warehouse, Bridge Street
Houston, J. B., druggist, Kingsgate Street
Hunter, Richard, & Sons, auctioneers, New Row
Hunter, Robert, solicitor, Queen Street
Hutchinson, A., hairdresser, New Row
Hutchinson, James, saddler, New Row

Jackson, J. R., M.R.C.V.S., Fortview
Jamieson, A., jeweller, Kingsgate Street
Jamieson, W., chimney sweep, Bellhouse Lane
Johnston & Armstrong, drapers, Church Street
Johnston, J. E., dentist, Railway Road
Johnstone, D., confectioner, Queen Street

Kelly, John, Ltd., coal importers, Harbour
Kennedy & Son, Ltd., foundry, Terrace Row and Beresford Place
King, J., hairdresser, Railway Road
King, The Misses, confectioners, Reid's Terrace
Kirby, Patrick, tinsmith, Brook Street

Lamont, J., confectioner, Abbey Street
Lawther, Bass & Gray, accountants, Abbey Street
Lees, Robert, grocer, Park Street
Leighton, J., confectioner, Kingsgate Street
Leonard, J., photographer, Abbey Street
Liken, Miss, The Cake Shop, Church Street
Lilliput Laundry Office, Railway Road
Long, James, grocer, Long Commons
Love, R., hardware and seed merchant, New Row
Lucas, A. D., draper and boot merchant, Diamond
Lundy, J., fruiterer, Abbey Street and Kingsgate Street
Lynn, Miss, music teacher, Adelaide Avenue

Macauley, M., poulterer, Abbey Street
Macaulay, O'Neill & Martin, solicitors for Portrush and Portstewart Urban District Councils, New Row
Macfarlane, Thomas & Son, cabinet makers and undertakers, Church Street
Macfarlane, T. D., Ford depot, Church Street
Macfarlane's Garage, engineers, Kingsgate Street
MacLaughlin, Daniel, & Son, solicitors, notary public, Diamond
Maclean, Misses, grocers, Kingsgate Street
Macrae, Duncan, dentist, Lodge Road
Mairs, William, architect, New Row
Mansfield, W. F., chemist, Railway Road
Martin, H., confectioner, New Row
Maxwell, R. J., contractor, Queen Street
Maypole Dairy Co., Church Street
Mearns, Mrs., draper, Stone Row
Miller, Nurse, Ferryquay Street
Mills, T. J., wallpaper merchant, Bridge Street
Mitchell, Mrs., grocer, Kyle's Brae
Moody, R. J. B., grocer, Queen Street
Moore, D. M., iron founder, Brook Street
Moore & Shields, coal and produce merchants, Circular Road
Moore, J. W., & Co., drapers, Church Street
Moore, T. J., cycle & wireless dealer, Church Street
Morelli, Peter, tobacconist, Stone Row
Morrison, Hugh, car proprietor, Railway Road
Morrison, J., tobacconist and stationer, Bridge Street and Railway Place
Morrow, J. W., veterinary surgeon, Hanover Place
Mullan & Co., shoemakers and grocers, Waterside
Mullan, Miss A., dress maker, Union Street
Murphy, J., Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" Stone Row and Circular Road
Murphy, J., hardware, Railway Road

McAllister & Fulton, drapers, Railway Road
McArthur, M., tailor, Queen Street
McCallum, J., grocer, Railway Road
McCandless, John, Ltd., plumbers, Church Street
McCandless, Mrs. J., grocer, New Market Street
McCandless, William, stationer, Bridge Street
McCartney, R. F., M.P.S.I., chemist, Diamond
McClelland, J., ice cream saloon, New Row
McCloskey, Wm., hair dresser, Church Street
McCollum, W., mill owner, Drumcroon
McCready, T. D., & Son, drapers, Bridge Street
McCulloch & Co., grocers, Abbey Street
McCutcheon, J. D., architect, Queen Street
McDermott & Martin, automobile engineers, Railway Road
McDermott, The Misses, fancy goods, Waterside
McDermott, R., & Co., shirt and collar factory, Bridge Street
McDermott, R. T., grocer, Waterside
McDonald, John, contractor, MacDonald Terrace
McDowell, A. W., druggist, Church Street
McDowell, R. G., blacksmith, Abbey Street
McElderry, John, seed merchant, Queen Street
McGowan, Mrs., ladies' underclothing warehouse, Railway Road
McGowan, Mrs., grocer, Margaretta Terrace
McGrath, D., butcher, Kingsgate Street
McGrath, D., butcher, New Row
McGrath, Miss, grocer, Long Commons
McGrath, William, butcher, Kingsgate Street
McIntosh, R., & Co., hardware, Church Street
McKay, Mrs., spirit dealer, Killowen Street
McKeague, Thomas, publican, Railway Road
McKeary, Mrs., confectioner, Diamond
McKee Bros., butchers, Railway Road
McKee, Thomas, publican, New Market Street
McKenna, D. J., publican, Church Street
McKeown, L., publican, Cross Lane
McKeown, N., oyster saloon, Stone Row
McKeown, P. J., jeweller, New Row and Diamond
McLarnon, Misses, Stationers; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter," Church Street
McLaughlin, Joseph, saddler and boot merchant, Queen Street
McLaughlin, Mrs., spirit dealer, New Market Street
McLean, James J., grocer, New Row
McLeese, J. & W., grocers, Church Street
McLeister, M., grocer, Railway Road
McMains, D., carrier, Stone Row
McMurray, Robert, grain and flour merchant, New Row
McMurtry, T., & Son, saddlers, New Row
McNabb, H., & Son, butchers, Railway Road
McNeill, D., The Bakery, King's Gate Street
McNeill, D. H., grocer, King's Gate Street
McPherson, J. H., welding and marine contractor, Railway Place
McQuigg, Malcolm, C.E., Portrush Road and The Diamond
McVicker, R. & A., clothiers, Diamond

Neely, J., tailor, New Row
Neely, R., tailor, Reid's Terrace
Neill, Alexander, grocer, Brook Street
Nolan, Miss, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Northern Constitution" Newspaper and General Printing Office, Railway Road
Northern Ireland Road Transport Board - Office, The Diamond

O'Neill, G., dentist, Church Street

Payne, Mrs., publican, Kingsgate Street
Pollock, J., coal merchant, North Rampart
Purdy & Millard, monumental works, Railway Road

Quirey & Co., aerated water manufacturers

Rogers, R. H. & S., Ltd., shirt manufacturers, Beresford Road
Rourke, J. A., L.D.S., Lodge Road

Scotts Grocery Store, Railway Place
Scott, R. W., grocer, Church Street
Simpson & Hill, hardware merchants, Church Street
Sinclair, J., grocer, Kingsgate Street
Smith, W. J., & Son, solicitors, New Row
Smyth, R., draper, Church Street
Smyth, W., R.D.S., Kingsgate Street
Smythe & McKee, corn millers, Railway Road
Stanley, Bernard, cycle manufacturer, New Road
Stanley, John, cycle manufacturer, Railway Road
Stanley, W., cycle agent, Strand Road
State Assurance Co., Diamond
Stevenson, Mrs., outfitter, 3 Church Street
Stewart, J., boot maker, Alma Place
Stirling, R., publican, Long Commons
Stirling's Corner House, grocers, New Row
Stuart, H. A., motor engineer, Bridge Street
Sutherland, A. D., & Co., painters, Diamond
Sweeny, Mrs., Stationer and Printer, Diamond; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"

Temperance Cafe, Queen Street
Thompson's Dye Works, Church Street
Todd, Daniel, & Sons, Ltd., grocers, Waterside
Todd, Hamilton, & Co., mineral water manufacturers, Circular Road
Todd, J. I., fish and gamer merchant, Church
Todd & Mark, solicitors, Diamond
Todd, W. F., druggist, Reid's Terrace
Tuck Shop Milk Bar, Kingsgate Street
Turner's Fruit Markets, Ltd., Kingsgate Street
Tweedy, Acheson & Co., drapers, Diamond
Tyler, John, & Sons, Ltd., boot merchants, Church Street

Ulster Farmers' Union, Railway Place
Ussher, T. K., flesher, Waterside

Wade, Hugh, undertaker, Waterside
Walker, Edward, & Co., painters, Bridge Street
Walker, John, contractor, Portstewart Road
Walls, John, butcher, Waterside
Walls, Mrs., grocer, Killowen Street
Watt, Frederick, organist, Abbey Street
Watt, J. R., & Son, coal merchants, The Quay
Westbrook Hotel, Railway Place
White, James, chemist, 6 Waterside
White, Joseph, 6-8 New Road
White, Mrs., confectioner, Kingsgate Street
Wilson, G. W., & Co., drapers, Bridge Street
Wilson, J., & Co., boot merchants, Bridge Street
Wilton, Thomas, watchmaker, Stone Row
Wisener, David, chimney sweep, Laurel Hill
Woods, James, publican, Newmarket Street
Woods, Miss, stationer, Church Street; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and Belfast Weekly News"
Woolworth, F. W., & Co., Ltd., Church Street
Wray & Baxter, solicitors, New Row
Wray, Thomas, rate collector and insurance agent, Hanover Place

Young, F. W., nurseries, Mountsandel


Anderson, A. R., Spring Gardens
Christie, Alderman D. Hall, Manor House
Clarke, I., Cloonavon
Clarke, Mrs. A., Ballysally House
Doey, Rev. Thomas, Eastbourne
Gribbon, H. B., Holm Lea
Knox, Lt.-Col. R. S., D.S.O., D.L., Esdale Terrace
Lyle, Colonel, D.S.O., Knocktarna
Lyle, The Misses, Red House, Castleroe
O'Hara, W. J., The Lodge
Uprichard, Rev. L. V., M.A., The Rectory
Watson, Rev. J., Ballyrashane Manse
Wright, Rev. W. T., Ballyclabber Manse

County Down

     Seven miles from Belfast and fourteen miles from Downpatrick.  It is prettily situated in a very prosperous agricultural neighbourhood. The industries are flax spinning, distilling, and stitching. The population in 1937 was 2,690. Market day, Tuesday, Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday
Motor buses run several times daily from Belfast to Killyleagh, stopping at Comber, Killinchy, etc. Buses also connect Belfast with Ballydorn, stopping at Comber, Ardmillan, etc.


Parish Church, The Square - Rev. J. S. Houston, B.A.
First Presbyterian Church, High Street - Rev. J. K. L. McKean, M.A.
Second Presbyterian Church, Killinchy Street - Rev. J. Jones, B.A.
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bridge Street - Supplied from Newtownards
Unitarian Church, Mill Street - Rev. J. Glynn Davies, B.A.
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel - Supplied from Newtownards


R.U.C. Barracks, Killinchy Street - Sergt. Edwards
Customs and Excise, Killinchy Street - J. Mairs and J. Cunningham
Rate Collector - W. Mitchell, Ringnell
Post Office - Mrs. A. J. Smyth
Magistrates - William Davidson, D. Munn, D. Quinn, J. Hunter and Col. J. V. Forrest, C.B., C.M.G.
Station Master - Samuel Johnston
Comber Nursing Society - Hon. Secretaries, Mrs. James Andrews and Mrs. Murray
Dispensary - B. R. Henry, M.B., medical officer
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. B. R. Henry, M.B.
St. John's Ambulance Division - Superintendent, Miss C. Murray
Comber Local Education Sub-Committee - Rev. J. K. L. McKean, M.A. (vice-chairman); David Munn, J.P. (chairman); T. W. Boyd, J. Cleland, J.P.; H. Frame, Rev. J. S. Houston, B.A.; Rev. W. K. McLarnon, B.A.; Rev. J. A. McQuitty, B.A.; John Martin, W. R. Morrow, J.P.; John Ritchie, Robert Morrison, Rev. J. Jones, B.A.; Miss F. E. Smith, Mrs. J. H. Wells, David R. Bates (secretary and school attendance officer)
Petty Sessions are held on the 4th Monday of each month. Clerk - Albert Kenny
Thomas Andrews, jun., ship builder, Memorial Hall.  Trustees, Rt. Hon. J. M. Andrews, D.L., M.P.; Rt. Hon. Sir James Andrews, Bt.; R. Abernethy, J. L. O. Andrews, Rev. J. K. L. McKean, M.A.; D. Munn, J.P.; J. Quinn, J.P.  Committee - Captain W. Andrews, W. Davidson, J.P.; A. Caughey, W. Crossan, Rev. J. G. Davies, B. R. Henry, J. Hunter, J.P.; Rev. J. S. Houston, B.A.; J. Jamison, rev. J. E. Jones, B.A.; James Johnston, S. Johnston, W. McConnell, W. McKibbin, J. Niblock, J. L. Northmore, W. Pollock, D. Robinson, D. Shields, John Shields, W. F. Speers and W. H. Spence; hon. secretary, W. J. Taylor; hon. treasurer, R. Abernethy; caretaker, James Frazer, Mill View, Comber


Mid-Down Unionist Association (Comber Branch) - Hon. secty., J. L. O. Andrews
Mid-Down Women's Unionist Association - President, Mrs. E. S. Clarke, Ballyaughlis Lodge, Lisburn
Mid-Down Women's Unionist Association (Comber Branch) - Hon. secretary - Mrs. J. L. O. Andrews


British Legion (Comber Branch) - J. L. Northmore, hon. secretary
Comber Recreation and Athletic Association - W. Pollock, hon. secretary
Comber Lawn tennis and Croquet Club - J. B. Caughey, hon. secretary
Comber Young Farmers' Club - Miss T. Kelly, hon. secretary
North Down Cricket Club - R. Crosby, Mill Street, club secretary
North Down Harriers Hunt Club - Kennels, Island Hill Road - R. J. Grainger, hon. sec.
North Down Hockey Club - W. Galbraith and T. Hunter, hon. secretaries


Northern Bank Ltd., The Square - J. G. McLoughlin, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd. (Agency), The Square - Attendance, Tuesday and Friday


Andrews, John, & Co., Ltd. (Comber Flax Spinning Mill) - Directors, Rt. Hon. John M. Andrews, D.L., M.P. (chairman); Capt. W. Andrews, Rt. Hon. Sir James Andrews, Bt., and J. L. O. Andrews; manager, J. Hunter. T.A.: "Spinners, Comber."
Albion, Ltd. (Stitching Factory) - Managing director, J. W. Fetherston; manager, Samuel Crothers
New Comber Gas Company - Owner, T. D. Hamilton; manager, W. S. Moore
Comber Distilleries Co. Ltd., distillers of pure pot still whisky; manager and salesman, Hugh Patton. Telegrams: "Distilleries, Comber"


Comber P.E. School - W. J. Taylor, prin.
Comber Technical School - R. C. McKee, Dip.L.S.E.
St. Mary's (Roman Catholic) - Principal, Mrs. Magowan
Ballydrain - W. J. Faulkiner, principal
Ballystockart - G. Orr, Principal
Lisbarnett - Miss Cooper
Ardmillan - Miss Thompson, principal


Abernethy, Robert, cashier, Railway Street
Abernethy, Samuel, farmer, Ballycreely
Adair, H. D., Castle Street
Adair, John, farmer, Ballygaffin
Adams, Henry, sexton, Mill Street
Adams, T. J., The Glebe
Allen, Mrs. James G., The Square
Anderson, A. E., grocer, Castle Street
Andrews, C. F., Inla
Andrews, H. P., Inla House
Andrews, Rt. Hon. Sir James, The Lord Chief Justice, D.L., Eusemere
Andrews, J. L. O., Ballywilliam
Andrews, Rt. Hon. John M., D.L., M.P., Maxwell Court
Andrews, Capt. William, Ardara

Bell, William, tobacconist, The Flow Cottages
Bennett, W., jeweller, Castle Street
Boyce, J., spirit merchant, The Square
Boyd, D. A., accountant, Mahee Island
Bradshaw, J. A. H., poultry farm, Kinvara
Brown, Mrs. D., Ivanhoe, Laurelbank
Brown, Samuel, hairdresser, Mill Street

Calvert, J., bread server, Killinchy Street
Cairns, William, Bridge Street
Campbell, Annie, grocer, Braeside
Caughey, Alexander, farmer, Ballywilliam
Caughey, Hugh, farmer, Ballymaleddy
Caughey, James, Ivanhoe, Laurelbank
Clarke, Mrs., The Ford
Cochrane, David, farmer, Cherryvalley House, Cherryvalley
Cochrane, William, steam thrasher proprietor, The Square
Comber Ices, Ltd., Mill Street
Coulter, Hamilton, farmer and cattle dealer, Newcomber House
Crosby, Thomas, taxis owner, Mill Street
Crossan, William, farmer, Ballynickle
Crossen, William, jun., Newsagent and Stationer; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Crothers, Samuel, manager Stitching Factory, High Street

Davidson, Samuel, draper, Castle Street
Davidson, William, farmer, Rosemount
Davies, Rev. J. Glynn, The Unitarian Manse, Mill Street
De Wind, The Misses, The Square
Dixon, Sir Thomas, Unicarval
Donnan, J., merchant tailor, Castle Street
Donnan, J., jun., A.L.C.M., Bridge Street
Downey, Mrs., The Old House
Dugan, Alexander, stone mason, Mount Alexander

Edgar, John, grocer, Brownlow Street
Edgar, William, Killinchy Street

Ferguson, Mrs., farmer, Longlands
Ferguson, Mrs. Hugh, Glenview
Ferguson, Nathaniel, farmer, The Moat
Fisher, Harry, farmer, Camperdown
Fisher, James, farmer, Ballyrainey

Galbraith, John, R.D.C., farmer, Ringneal
Galbraith, The Misses, Brownlow Street
Galbraith, Robert H., grocer, Mill Street
Galbraith, R. H., Osmaston
Galbraith, W., Brownlow Street
Garrett, Robert, farmer, Ballynickle
Geddis, Alfred, merchant tailor, Bridge Street
Geddis, Mrs., Killinchy Street
Glentoran, The Rt. Hon. Lord, P.C. D.L., Ballyalloly
Gracey, Samuel, Gwenville, Laurelbank
Graham, J., Glenview
Graham, R., shoe repairer, Castle Street
Grainger, A., plumber and gas fitter, Mill Street
Gunning, John, carpenter, Brownlow Street

Hamilton, David, farmer, Trench House
Hamilton, John, dairyman, Bridge Street
Hamilton, Robert, sexton 1st Comber Presbyterian Church, High Street
Henderson, Mrs. William, Cullintra House
Henfry, Claude, Mill Street
Henry, B. R., dispensary doctor, registrar of births and deaths, High Street
Herron, Hugh, painter, Crescent Row
Herron, John, farmer, Ballyhenry
Herron, Miss, dress maker, The Crescent
Herron, Robert, farmer, Ringcreevy
Horner Bros., farmers, Ballyaltikilligan
Houston, Rev. J. S., B.A., The Rectory
Hunter, J., J.P., manager Comber Spinning Mill, Rossenara
Huxley, T. & W., farmers, Joseph's Bridge

Jamison, James, Ballyloughan
Jamison, John, Ballyloughan
Johnston, Samuel, station master
Jones, Rev. James, B.A., The Manse, Killinchy Street

Kane, Ernest, garage prop., The Square
Kelly, David, Drumhirk
Kelly, John, farmer, Longlands
King, James, Carnesure House
Kirk, H., The Square

Lindsay, James, farmer, Ballyhenry

Macdonald, David, Mount Alexander
Macdonald, T. J., Railway Tavern, Belfast Road
Mawhinney, William, farmer, Islandhill
Middleton, Randal, sexton, The Square
Milling, J., grocer, The Square
Milling, Miss Flo., ladies' hairdresser, The Square
Montgomery, John, taxis owner, Mill Street
Montgomery, Samuel, farmer, Ballykeigle
Montgomery, William, farmer, Ballystockart
Moore, W. S., gas manager, The Square
Morrison, John, butcher, Mill Street
Morrow, James, Oakfield, Carnesure
Morrow, J., farmer, Mount Alexander
Morrow, Mrs. T., grocer, Mill Street
Mulholland, W., cash stores, Mill Street
Munn, David, J.P., agent and farmer, Cattogs House
Munn, Matthew, farmer, Ballyrush
Munn, Matthew, publican, Bridge Street
Munn, Matthew, grocer, High Street
Murdoch, Mrs. R., Cherryvalley
Murdock, W. J., farmer, Mount Alexander
Murphy, Hugh, Meadow Dairy
Murphy, J. K., M.B., Killinchy Street

McAlpin, James, farmer, Castleavery
McAlpin, Miss L., Glen View
McAlpine, T., Mount Alexander
McBurney, Hugh, The Cottage
McBurney, Robert, farmer, Ballyhenry
McBurney, Thomas, farmer, The Moat
McCartney, Nurse, private nursing home, The Square
McCormick, Harry, Bridge Street
McCormick, Mrs. H., tea shop, The Square
McCormick, Samuel, farmer, Ballyrickard
McCulloch, James, sexton 2nd Comber Presbyterian Church, Bridge Street
McCune, J., farmer, Ballybeen
McGahey Bros., garage proprietors, Mill Street
McGreeghan, W., fruiterer
McKeag, John, shoe maker, Castle Street
McKeag, Saml., traveller, Rosemount, Killinchy Road
McKee, J. & S., farmers, The Hill, Drumkirk
McKee, S. W., solicitor, Killinchy Street
McKean, Rev. J. K. L., M.A., The Manse
McRoberts, Miss J., furniture dealer, Castle Street
McRoberts, Mrs. F., The Square
McVeigh, David, tailor, Belfast Road
M'Whinney, Hugh, butcher, Castle Street

Niblock, James, hardware and general merchant, assistant registrar cemetery, Castle Street
Niblock, Samuel, chemist, The Square
Niblock, William, tobacconist, Bridge Street
Northmore, J. L., school master, Wistaston

Orr, Blakely, & Sons, Knocknasham Mills
Orr, F. J., Ballystockart
Orr, John M., farmer, Ballystockart
Orr, J. A., J.P., Limpy House, Moneyrea
Osborne, Mrs., farmer, Hillhead, Ballyrush

Patterson, Andrew, farmer, Ballyrush
Patterson, W. J., farmer, Hillhead, Ballyrush
Patton, Hugh, Brownlow Arms, Railway Street
Patton, John, grocer, Mill Street
Perry, W., blacksmith, Ballyloughan
Pollock, William, school master, High Street
Priestly, R., grocer, Mill Street

Quinn, David, R.D.C., J.P., Castle Street
Quinn, T. & L., fruiterers, Castle Street

Richardson, C., Stormont, Laurelbank
Ritchie, John, farmer, Millview, Cullintra

Scott, Mrs. G., grocer, Mill Street
Shaw, James, draper, Mill Street
Shaw, Mrs., funeral undertaker, Mill Street
Shaw, William, farmer, Cottogs
Simpson, A., spirit dealer, Killinchy Street
Smith, Captain F. G., chemist, Mill Street
Smith, Gordon, stationer, Castle Street
Smith, Mrs., confectioner, Brownlow Street
Smith, M., hairdresser, Castle Street
Smyth, A. J., proprietor North Down Garage, Belfast Road
Smyth, James, butcher, Mill Street
Smyth & McClure, grocers, Castle Street
Snodden, H., shoe repairer, Mill Street
Spence, James, carpenter, Brownlow Street
Speers, James, druggist, Mill Street
Spence, William H., Brownlow Street
Steele, Mrs., The Square
Stevenson, J., grave digger, New Cemetery
Stewart, H., Grove Farm Dairy
Stone, Miss, Barnhill

Taylor, James, miller, Maxwell Court Corn Mill
Thompson, David, fruiterer, High Street
Thompson, Samuel, insurance agent, Castle Street
Todd, Henry, carpenter, Belfast Street
Todd, The Misses, Glenview
Twynam, Miss N., M.R.C.V.S., High Street

Wallace, Alexander, M.D., Lisbarnet
Warner, Frederick, blacksmith, Crescent Row
Watt, Hamilton, carpenter, Railway Street
Wells, Mrs., Mossbank
Wickham, Lt.-Col. Sir Charles, D.S.O., Ashdene
Wightman, G., shoe maker, High Street
Wilson, R., painter and decorator, The Square
Wishart, A. E., draughtsman, High Street

County Tyrone

     A flourishing market and manufacturing town at the termini of the L.M. & S. (N.C.C.) Railway, Great Northern Railway, and of several 'bus services. The markets are amongst the first in the Province. A modern bacon factory capable of handling 2,200 pigs per week was recently erected at a cost of nearly £100,000. The monthly fair on the first Saturday of the month for cattle and sheep is one of the best in Northern Ireland.  In the town and surrounding districts are linen factories, tape factories, many flax scutching mills, and a number of co-operative creameries.  From 1st April, 1900, the town has been governed by an Urban District Council (succeeding the Town Commissioners) under the Towns Improvement Act constituted a sanitary district, and has full control of the streets, independent of the county.  Market days are Tuesday for grass-seed and grain. Friday for pork, and Saturday for general farm produce. Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday. Population in 1937, 3,369. Motor bus services run daily to Belfast (two routes). Dungannon, Omagh, Arboe (The Battery), and Dunamore.


Church of Ireland, Derryloran (Cookstown) - Rev. Robert Dougherty.  Ardtrea and Desertcreat (united parishes) - Rev. W. E. R, Scott, M.A.  Kildress - Rev. R. C. C. O'Connor, B.A.  Lissan - Rev. H. Egerton, M.A.
First Presbyterian Church, James Street - Rev. A. Stanley Hill, B.A.  Second and Third Presbyterian Church, Molesworth Street - Rev. John Entrican, B.A. Ballygoney and Coagh - Rev. A. J. Gillespie, B.A.  Claggan - Rev. D. J. Irwin, B.A.  Orritor - Rev. G. McCahon, M.A.  Sandholes - Rev. J. Logan, M.A., LL.D.
Methodist Church, Loy Street - Rev. R. C. F. Rooney
Roman Catholic Church, Chapel Street (parishes of Desertcreat and Derryloran) - Rev. Canon C. Hurson, P.P.  Parish of Kildress - Rev. M. Rafferty, P.P.  Parish of Lissan - Rev. V. Mallon, P.P.
Gospel Hall, Moneymore Road
Salvation Army Hall, Union Street


Bank of Ireland, James Street - Jos. O'Neill, agent
Belfast Banking Company Limited (branch), James Street - Thomas A. Ekin, manager
Hibernian Bank Ltd. (branch), James Street - Gerald Byrne, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd., William Street - J. A. Cranston, manager


Royal Hotel - W. S. C. Ferguson, proprietor
Gunning Arms Hotel (Temperance) - Jos. Anderson, proprietor


Cookstown Technical School - Richard C. Burke, principal
Cookstown High School - William McNeill, B.A., principal
Cookstown P.E. School, Burn Road - F. G. Marshall, principal
Derryloran P.E. School - S. H. Scott, principal
Gortalowry P.E.S., Chapel Hill - Mrs. Lenny, principal
Loy P.E.S., Chapel Street - Male, P. Kelly, principal.  Female - Sisters of Mercy, teachers
Cookstown Regional Education Committee
Ulster Dairy School, Loughrey - Miss M. J. Stuart, matron


Post Office and Telephone Exchange, James' Street - Ernest Charles, postmaster
Coroner - A. Moore Elliott, J.P., F.R.C.S., Edin., M.D.
Commissioners for taking Affidavits - T. W. Brown, C.P.S., and James McCammon
Dispensary Medical Officer - A. Moore Elliott, J.P., F.R.C.S. (Edin), M.D., D.P.H.
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - A. M. Elliott, J.P., F.R.C.S.Edin., M.D.; deputy registrar, Mrs. Harkness; superintendent registrar Cookstown Union, J. McCammon; deputy, W. B. McCammon
Cookstown Gas Light and Power Co., Ltd., gas works in Union Street - T. F. Hastings, manager
Electricity Board for Northern Ireland - George Hanna, district engineer
Employment Exchange, Fair Hill - A. McCullagh, manager
Area Assistance Board, Molesworth Street - J. C. T. Stewart, area officer
R.U.C. Barracks, Loy Street - Edwin N. Tease, D.-I.; Henry Close, Head-Constable
Marriage Registry Office, Molesworth Street - James McCammon, registrar
Magistrates - Mrs. J. Adair, Jos. Allen, R. Cluff, Rowley Elliott, D.L., M.P.; Dr. A. M. Elliott, Edward Falls, T. Gibson, J. Glasgow, W. J. Gray, T. Greer, John Hayes, W. Leeper, D.L.; Patrick McKenna, George Ramsay, Joseph I. Thompson
Petty Sessions are held in the Courthouse, Chapel Street, on the second and fourth Friday of each month at 11 a.m. J. O. H. Long, Barrister-at-Law, R.M.; Thomas W. Brown, clerk; Richard Crane, summons server
Board of Guardians and Rural District Council - Guardians - John Glasgow, J.P., chairman; W. Leeper, D.L., J.P., vice-chairman; F. Lavery.  Council - James P. Duff, J.P., chairman; W. Lepper, D.L., J.P., vice-chairman. Clerk, executive sanitary officer, and returning officer, rent collector of labourers' cottages, inspector of dairies and cowsheds and sub-sanitary officer, Alex. Fields.  Pauper inmates boarded in Dungannon Workhouse.
Joint Committee Urban and Rural Councils - John Glasgow, J.P., chairman; David McCann, clerk; W. Turner, water inspector
Urban Council - John Glasgow, J.P., chairman; David McCann, clerk; Dr. Elliott, sanitary officer; W. Maxwell, A.R.S.U.A., surveyor and engineer; C. Tomb, rate collector. Fire extinguishing apparatus stored in Town Yard (Union Street)
Cookstown Estate Office, Molesworth Street - Capt. Robert C. Newton, agent
Clerk of Markets - Herbert Martin
Newspaper - "The Mid-Ulster Mail" 2d. every Saturday. The Mid-Ulster Printing Co., Ltd., proprietors
British Legion (Club House, Burn Road) - David Wilkinson, William Street, hon. secretary


Cookstown District L.O.L. - William Gough, sec.
Masonic Lodges - Unity Lodge No. 396. William Parke, P.M., secty.  Green Lodge No. 470 - Richard H. Twigg, P.M., secretary
Royal Arch Chapters - No. 470 - William Parke, P.K., registrar.  No. 397 - Hugh Hamilton, P.K., registrar
Preceptory of Knights Templars No. 470 - Alex. McBratney, registrar
N.S.P.C.C. (Cookstown Branch) - Mrs. J. A. Cranston, hon. secretary
U.S.P.C.A. - Miss Costello, hon. secretary
Cookstown Sick Nursing Society - Mrs. J. Stanton Glasgow, secretary
Mid-Ulster Shorthorn Breeders' Association - Office, Union Street, William Parke, secretary
Killymoon Golf Club - S. Carlisle, secretary


(For postal purposes "Cookstown" should not be put on letters for those marked * as the addresses there given are the full postal addresses.)

Acheson, D. J., Molesworth Street
Acheson, Thomas J, Chapel Street
Adair, John, D.L., Glenavon
Adair, Louis, Greenvale
Adair, Miss, Lynwood
Adair, Mrs. John, J.P., Glenavon
Adams, Samuel, U.D.C., electrical engineer, South End Cottage
Alexander, James, grocer and farmer, Corhoney
Alexander, J. Stanley (W. Alexander & Son), Oldtown Street
Alexander, William, U.D.C., Wyncroft, Moneymore Road
Alexander, William, & Son, drapers, William Street
Allen, Joseph (Cookstown), Ltd., auctioneers, Molesworth Street
Allen, Joseph, J.P., Allendale, Moneymore Road
Allen, Joseph, & Co., flesher, Molesworth Street
Allen, The Misses, Waterloo Place
Allen, Robert, Millburn Street
Anderson, David, & Son, grocers, William Street
Anderson, John, farmer, Fircroft, Coolreaghs
Anderson, Joseph, Gunning Arms Hotel, Molesworth Street and cafe, William Street
Anderson, Joseph, & Sons, saddlers and wireless dealers, James Street
Anderson, J. J. & S., The Cafe, James Street
Anderson, Mrs. J. D., Oldtown Street
Anderson, S. S., farmer, Doorless
Anderson, Thomas, blacksmith, William Street
Anderson, Thomas, Fair Hill
Anderson, William, draper and milliner, James Street and Molesworth Street; res., Maloon
Anderson, William, farmer, Ballymenagh

Baird, James, & Co. (of Belfast), accountants; office, |Molesworth Street
Bannigan, Mrs. J., publican and grocer, James Street
Barrett, Mervyn, fruiterer, James Street
Barrett & Co., painters and house decorators, Chapel Street
Baxter, Miss M., ladies' hairdresser, James Street
Bear, Mrs. G. R., Molesworth Street
Bear & McKeown, auctioneers, Molesworth Street
Bell, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, William Street
Bennett, Matthew, agent, Whitewell Laundry, Oldtown Street
Benson Bros., builders and contractors, Killymoon
Beret Industries, Ltd., Drapersfield
Berkeley, Wm., Poplar Hill, Grange Ardtrea
Berkley, The Misses, Loy Hill
Black, Dickson, farmer, Corvanaghan
Black, Frederick, farmer, flax mill owner, Corkhill
Black, George, watch maker, James Street
Black, John Knox, grocer, Doons Stores
Black, Joseph, farmer, Slaghtfredin
Black, Lytle C., R.D.C., farmer, Corvanaghan
Black, W. H., farmer, Derrinleagh
Blackley, James, confectioner, Oldtown Street
Blakely, V. J. C., secretary, Molesworth Road
Bole, John, R.D.C., farmer, Drumnacross
Bolton, S. R., M.R.C.V.S., Royal Hotel
*Boyce, Henry, farmer and mill owner, Millview, Moneymore
Boyle, Joseph, & Son, house painters, Burn Road
Bradford Bros., garage, Lissan Road
Brennen, A. M., surveyor, Burn Road
Brown Bros., tailors and outfitters, William Street
Brown, Francis, Sandhurst
Brown, Robert, William Street
Brown, Thomas W., C.P.S., Molesworth Street
Browne, George, draper, James Street
Bryson, Mrs., Molesworth Road
Burke, Richard, principal, Loy Street
Byrne, Gerald, manager, James Street

Cameron, Archibald, R.D.C., farmer and dairyman, Inverton House
Cameron, A., flesher, Molesworth Street
Carlisle, Samuel, bank official, Loy Hill
Carnaghan, J., clothes dealer, William Street
*Castlestewart, Rt. Hon. The Earl of, Stuart Hall, Stewartstown
Chambers, Miss, Molesworth Road
Charles, Ernest, postmaster, James Street
Charles, Mrs., Loy Street
Cheevers, Thomas, flesher, William Street
City of Glasgow Friendly Insurance Society - Hugh Walls, manager, Molesworth Street
Clements, Hugh, builder, Church Street
Close, Archibald, M.A., Drum Manor
Cluff, R., J.P., Kildress House
Cookstown Lime Co. (James Devlin), Union Street
Cookstown Weaving Factory, Drapersfield
Corr, John, solicitor and Notary Public, Molesworth Street
Cosgrave, P., publican, James Street and Molesworth Street
Costello, F., Rosecroft
Costello, The Misses, Rosecroft
Coulter, Daniel, farmer, Clare
Coulter, John, farmer, Killymoon
Courtney, A., ladies' hairdresser, William Street
*Cowan, John H., farmer and flax mill owner, Annahavil, Moneymore
Cowan, Samuel, U.D.C., bread server, Millburn Street
Craig, James H., manager, Lissan Road
Cranston, J. A., manager, Ulster Bank House
*Crawford, W. H., farmer, Sherrygroom, Dungannon
Crilly, Joseph, contractor, Loy Street
Crilly, Thomas, J.P., farmer and scutch mill owner, Tullynure
Crooks, Robert, farmer, Dunman
Crozier, S. (D. Anderson & Son), Maloon
Curry, Thomas M., manager, Oldtown Street

Daintifyt Brassiere Co. Ltd. - M. Komjat, managing director, Burn Road
Dargan, Laurence, publican and grocer, William Street
Devlin, James D., solicitor, Molesworth Street; res., Loy Street
Devlin, J., publican and grocer, Union Street
Devlin, Samuel, tape factory, Killymoon
Devlin, S., & Co., egg merchants, Union Street
Dickson, Miss, draper, Molesworth Street
Dolan, P., area tillage officer, Union Street
Donaghy, Bernard, grocer and seedsman, Molesworth Street
Donnelly, H. & W., fleshers, Molesworth Street
Do-ons Co-operative Creamery - D. H. Hamilton, manager
Doris, E. M., solicitor, James Street
Doris, Mrs. Margaret, publican, James Street
Dougherty, Rev. Robert, Rectory, Loy Street
Downey, John J., plumber, William Street
Dubs, Mrs., Drum Road
Dunlop, J., manager, Sandhurst
Dunne, T., civil servant, Maloon
Dunphy, Mrs., Raheen, Burn Road

Eagleson, James, farmer, Kildress
Eagleson, Robert, farmer, Orritor
Eagleson, S. J., Church Street
*Early, Michael, R.D.C., grocer, Tullyreavy, Tullyhog
Eastwood, Charles, boot maker, William Street
Eastwood, John, hardware merchant, William Street
Eastwood, Mrs. H. B., grocer, William Street
Eastwood, T. J., publican, Molesworth Street
Eastwood, T. J., M.R.C.V.S., Molesworth Street
Eastwood, T. J. & J., boot dealers, William Street
Eastwood, Wm., publican, William Street
Eccles, S. J., farmer, Cluntyferagh
Egerton, Rev. H., M.A., Lissan Rectory
*Ekin, R. H., farmer, Soran, Stewartstown
Ekin, Thomas A., manager, James Street
Electricity Board for Northern Ireland - G. Hanna, district engineer, office, Oldtown Street
Electric Picture House, Fair Hill - C. H. Donaghy, proprietor
Elliott, Alfred M., F.R.C.S.E., M.B., B.Ch., D.P.H., J.P., coroner, Loy Street
Elliott, John, Union Street
Emery, Brian E., inspector of weights and measures, Aughlish
Entrican, Rev. John, B.A., Molesworth Street

Farley, S., cattle dealer, Church Street
Farr, Robert, postman, Rosevale, Old Coagh Road
Faulkner, George, William Street
Faulkner, John, grocer, William Street
Fearon, James, publican, James Street
Ferguson, George, grocer, Loy Street
Ferguson, George, jun., U.D.C., coal merchant, Waterloo Terrace
Ferguson, Thomas, J.P., cattle foods agent, Molesworth Street; res., Albany
Ferguson, William J., grocer, James Street
Ferguson, W. S. C., Royal Hotel, Coagh Street
Fields, Alex., relieving officer, Sandhurst
Fisher, A. J., bank official, Molesworth Road
Flannagan, Miss, teacher, Church Street
Ford, Albert, motor hackney owner, Union Street
Forrest, James, carpenter, Loy Street
Forster, Miss, P.E.S. teacher, Church Street
Forsythe, Michael, N., manager, Coolnafranky
Fraser, Robert, tailor, Sandhurst
Frazer, Mrs. W., dress maker, Sandhurst
Freeman, Hugh, blacksmith, James Street

Gamble & Maxwell (Belfast), surveyors, architects and engineers, officer, James Street
Gardiner, Mrs., Drapersfield House
*Gibson, Alexander, R.D.C., farmer and flax mill owner, Tullyweary, Ardtrea, Stewartstown
Gibson, Andrew, grocer and farmer, Drum
Gibson, Thomas J.P., director, Southend
Gilliland, Mrs., dress maker, Burn Road
Gilmore, Miss B., The Fashion House, William Street
Glasgow, H. L., editor, Molesworth Road
Glasgow, John, J.P., director, Moneymore Road
*Glasgow, Mervyn, farmer, Ballyforlea, Moneymore
Glasgow, Mrs. W. J., Oldtown Street
Glasgow, Samuel (of W. & M. Mason), Molesworth Street
Glasgow, Dr. Stanton, Gortaleagh, Loy Street
Glasgow's (Cookstown), Ltd., booksellers, stationers, librarians, Official Agents for Ordnance Survey Publications, William Street; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and other newspapers. T.A.: Mail, Cookstown"
Glenfield, James W., school attendance officer, Old Coagh Road
Gough, William, U.D.C., director, Oldtown
Gourlay, Glasgow, farmer, Unagh
Gourlay, William, farmer, Unagh
Gourley, David, secretary, The Cottage
Gourley, Lowry, contractor, Chapel Street
Grahame, Miss, P.E.S. teacher, Oldtown Street
Gray, John A., M.R.C.V.S., Ministry of Agriculture
Greer, Edwin, farmer, Greenlodge
Greer, Sergt. J., R.U.C., Union Street
Greer, Mrs. MacGregor, Tullylagan Manor, Tullyhog
Greer, Robert, blacksmith, Oldtown Street
Greer, Thomas, J.P., Lisnanane, Sandholes, Tullyhogue
Greer, T., Drum Road
Greer, W. G., Fair Hill
Greer, W. G. & T., hardware merchants, William Street
Gunning, John, & Sons, Ltd., linen manufacturers and finishers, Milburn Works

Hagan, John, house painter, Union Street
Hamilton Bros., jewellers, William Street
Hamilton & Co., stationers, William Street
Hamilton, Ernest, motor cycle repair works, Molesworth Street
Hamilton, Henry, & Sons, timber merchant and carters, Chapel Street
Hamilton, Herbert, insurance agent, Millburn Street
Hamilton, Hugh, inspector N.S.P.C.A., Gallnagh
Hamilton, Robert, lino. operator, Millburn Street
Hamilton, Samuel J., confectioner, James Street
Hamilton, Thomas J., garage, Union Street
Hamilton, William A., Chapel Street
Hanna, George, engineer, Fair Hill
Harbison, Miss, teacher, Oldtown Street
Harbison, W., grocer and publican, William Street
Harkness, James, farmer, Crievagh
Harkness, S., Church Street
Harris, Mrs. J. Porter, Molesworth Road
Hastings, T. F., manager, Union Street
Heanen, J. P., accountant, Moneymore Road
*Hegan, George, farmer, Spamount, Donaghey
Henderson, David, publican, Oldtown Street
Henderson, Wm., hardware merchant, Oldtown Street
Henry & Faulkner, chemists, William Street
Henry, J., hairdresser, Molesworth Street
Henry, Miss, Kildress Hotel, Drumshambo
Higgins, The Misses, Chapel Street
Hill, Rev. A. Stanley, B.A., The Manse
Hogg, S. J., butcher, William Street
Hogg, W. J., farmer, Riverside, Dufflees
Home & Colonial Stores, William Street
Hooper, The Misses, Molesworth Road (Hopper in 1918)
Hughes, Alex., draper, William Street; res., Oldtown Street
Hunter, P., saddler, Molesworth Street
Hurson, Rev. Canon C., P.P. The Presbytery
Hutchinson, D., farmer and flax mill owner, Derrycrumney
Hutchinson, Miss, L.R.A.M., music teacher, William Street

Inglis & Co. Ltd., bakers (Belfast), depot, Coagh Street; Marcus Irwin, local agent
Irwin, Miss, confectioner, The Victory Tea Rooms, James Street

Johnston, M., & Son, tailors, William Street; res., Molesworth Road
Johnston, T. H., farmer, Killyman

Kane, James, farmer, Toberlane
Kane, J. E., bank official, Oldtown Street
Kelly, P., teacher, James Street
Kernaghan, T. W., B.A., tutorial classes, William Street
Kerr, Mrs. R., Church Street
Kerr, Patrick, farmer, Cluntydoon
Killips, James B., journalist, Waterloo Place
Kilpatrick, C., newsagent, James Street
Kilpatrick, Sally (Mrs. Harte), tobacconist and newsagent, Molesworth Street
Kinnear, S., grocer, Churchtown
Kirk, Constable, R.U.C., Chapel Street
Komjat, M., managing director, Fair Hill

Lamont, W. S., M.R.C.V.S., Lissan Road
Lecky, Samuel, assistant manager, Union Street
Lee, W. J., Redbrae, Tullywiggan
Leeper, Mrs. J. C., Forth Hill
Leeper, W., J.P., D.L., R.D.C., director, Wellbrook
"Lees, John, farmer, Ardtrea Glebe, Stewartstown
Lennox & Co., boot makers, James Street
Lenny Bros., drapers, James Street
Lenny, F. P., publican, James Street
Lenny, Mrs., P.E.S. teacher, Chapel Street
Leyden, P., teacher, Chapel Street
Lilliput Laundry (Belfast), receiving office, William Street
Logan, Rev. John, M.A., LL.D., Sandholes Manse, Tullyhogue
Loughran, James, R.D.C., farmer, Kinagillen
Loughran, Robert, postmaster, Gortin, Orritor
Loughrin, Joseph, farmer, Mackney
Loughrin, William J., farmer, Annagh
Lucas, Leonard, managing director, Drapersfield
Lyons, George, motor mechanic, Orritor Street

Mackenzie, Misses, Chapel Street
MacLynn, Dr. T. A., James Street
Mallon, Rev. V., P.P., Lissan
Malone, B., publican, Loy Street
Mann, Mrs., Loy Street
Marshall, F. G., teacher, James Street
Martin, Herbert, clerk of markets, Coagh Street
Martin, Samuel, potato inspector, Burn Road
Mason, W. & M., grocers, Molesworth Street
May, Mrs., Lissan Road
Meenagh, D., lime-kiln owner, Church Street
Mid-Ulster Printing Company, Ltd. (The), Printers; Proprietors of "The Mid-Ulster Mail" Telegrams: "Mail"
Millar, S. J., & Shearer, solicitors, Molesworth Street
Milliken, John, farmer, Ballygrogan
Milliken, Mrs., Earlswood House, Ballygrogan
Mills Bros., tinsmiths, Oldtown Street
M.O.C. Garages, Ltd., Burn Road
Morris, Mrs., publican, Coagh Street
Morrison, John, railway clerk, Molesworth Road
Mulgrew, Francis, publican, James Street
Mullan, Mrs., Maloon
Mulligan, Dr. J. P., Loy Street
Muskat, J., & Co., ladies' hat manufacturers, William Street
McAllister, R. W., farmer, mill-owner, Kildress
McAnespie, Joseph, shoe maker, Union Street
McAnespie, Patrick, hairdresser, Molesworth Street
McAuley, W. J., chemist, James Street
McCahon, Rev. Gorge, M.A., Orritor Manse
McCammon & Beck, garage, Molesworth Road
McCammon, James, clerk of Union, Ingledene, Molesworth Street
McCammon, W. Berkeley, Innisfallen, Molesworth Road
McCann, D, Town clerk, Oldtown Street
McCann, J., grocer, Oldtown Street
McCartney, James, printer, Mount Royal
McCaw, Charles, M.A., school inspector, Moneymore Road
McClay, William, commercial traveller, Loy Street
McClements, R., & Sons, monumental sculptors; showroom, Coagh Street
McCloskey, John, farmer, Creivagh
McConnell, Alexander, William Street
McConnell, Mrs. A., P.E.S. teacher, William Street
McConnell, S., & Son, boot makers, William Street
McCracken, H. J., monumental works, Burn Road
McCrea, Robert, grocer, Drapersfield
McCrory, Patrick, farmer, Ballinasollis
McCullagh, Alexander, civil servant, Oldtown Street
McCullough, D., cabinet maker and undertaker, James Street
McCullough, Francis, P.E.S. teacher, Loy Street
McCullough, George, farmer, Drumard
McCullough, H. & G., milliners, James Street
McCullough, Robert, farmer, Drumard
McCullough, W. J., farmer, Drumard
McCully, S. M., customs officer, Churchtown
McElkerney, Mrs. J., confectioner, William Street
McFetridge, Samuel, painter, William Street
McGahie, Miss, Molesworth Road
McGarvey, John, solicitor, Molesworth Street
McGarvey, Michael, J.P., farmer, Drumore
McGeagh, Benjamin A., & Sons, box makers and coal merchants, Burn Road
McGeagh, John, cycle agent, William Street
McGeagh, Thomas, Burn Road
McGeagh, William, farmer, Craigs, Orritor
McGuicken, James, publican and undertaker, Oldtown Street
McGucken, Thomas, garage, Burn Road
McGurk, Michael, M.P., farmer, Killeenan
McIntyre, Samuel, draper and outfitter, James Street; res., Chapel Street
McIver, H., L.D.S., Oldtown Street
McKane, Robert J., teacher, Fair Hill
McKenna, James, hair dresser, William Street
McKeown, James B., auctioneer, Coagh
McKeown, Joseph, contractor, Prospect House
McKeown, Mrs. Dorothy, Gortalowry House
McKinney, Miss, home bakery, Oldtown Street
McKinney, Robert, motor owner, Union Street
McKinney, S., chemist and grocer, Oldtown Street
McLarnon, Patk., station master, Molesworth Street
McMahon, Joseph, flesher, William Street
McMillan, James, Burnbank
McNeill, E. S., petrol agent, Molesworth Road
McNeill, Wm., B.A., headmaster, Chapel Street
McNicholl, J., motor dealer, William Street
McQueen, Herbert, railway clerk, Loy Street
McVeagh, Joseph, draper, William Street
McVeagh, Miss, grocer, James Street
McVey Bros., grocers and ironmongers, Molesworth Street

Nelson, Henry, hairdresser, Oldtown Street
Newell, W. H., U.D.C., flesher, William Street
Noble, W. H., teacher, Maloon
Northern Ireland Farmers Bacon Co., Ltd., Molesworth Road

Ogg, J. S., M.R.C.V.S., Ministry of Agriculture
O'Connor, Rev. R. C. C., B.A., Kildress Rectory
O'Gorman, T. C., cashier, Molesworth Road
O'Hagan, Miss, confectioner, James Street
O'Neill, Joseph, agent, Bank of Ireland
O'Neill, Joseph, boot maker, Union Street
O'Neill, Thomas, cycle agent and photographer, William Street

Parke, Joseph, carting contractor, Union Street
Parke, William, Maloon
Patrick, R. A., motor repairer, Oldtown Street
Patton, Miss, teacher, Coolnafranky
Pearl Assurance Co., local office, Molesworth Street - James H. Craig, manager
Pennyfather, G. L., Coolnafranky
Pennefather-Evans, Lt.-Col. Granville, C.B.E., Derryloran
PoŽ, Miss, Slaghtfredin Lodge
Porter, Richard McDonald, Monrush
Porter, W. MacDonald, & Sons, cabinetmakers, James Street
Proctor, R., manager, Drapersfield

Quinn, Hugh A., The greyhound Bar, Molesworth Street
Quinn, Thomas A., publican, William Street
Quinn, Thomas A., auctioneer, Molesworth Street

Ramsay, George, J.P., U.D.C., Waterloo Place
Ramsay, Miss, teacher, Waterloo Place
Raphael, Mrs., Molesworth Road
Rea, Thomas, & Son, grocer, James Street
Reid, James H., compositor, Chapel Street
Reid, John, compositor, Fountains Road
Robinson Bros., boot merchants, James Street
Robinson, Herbert, hardware, Molesworth Street
Roche, Miss, Coolnafranky
Rodgers, Mrs., Molesworth Road
Rooney, Rev. R. F. C., Methodist Manse, Loy Street
Roy, A., dentist, Loy Street
Ruddy, R. J., pensions officer, Commercial Hotel

Scott, Harold K., B.E., M.Inst.C.E., assistant County Surveyor, The Cafe
Scott, J. McDowell, U.D.C., foreman, Loy Street
Scott, S. H., P.E.S. teacher, Mountain View
Scott, William, electrician, Oldtown Street
*Scott, Rev. W. E. R., M.A., Ballymully Rectory, Tullyhogue
Scott, W. J., & Son, plumbers, James Street
Shanks, J., Ministry of Agriculture, Coolreaghs
Shaw, John C., draper, William Street
*Shearer, John M., M.A., solicitor, Rendan, Moneymore
Sheehy, Thomas, confectioner, William Street
Shillington, J. Charles, Tirnaskea
Simpson, A., & Co. (Cookstown), Ltd., ironmongers, James Street
Slaine, J., confectioner, Oldtown Street
Slane, David, cycle dealer, Chapel Street
Sloane, Samuel S., jeweller, Oldtown Street
Smith, Frank, shoe maker, James Street
Smith, John, Burn Road
Sommerville, David, law clerk, Blackhill
Sprott, F., R.I.B.A., Maloon
Staples, Sir R. Ponsonby, Bt., Lissan House
Steel, William, Fair Hill
Steenson, R., & Son, cabinet makers, Oldtown Street
Stewart, R. G., hardware merchant, James Street
Stewart, Samuel, driver, Oldtown Street

Taggart, Rev. S., C.C., The Presbytery
Tannahill, Miss, P.E.S. teacher, Molesworth Road
Taylor, Frederick W., Old Coagh Street
Tease, Edwin N., D.-I., R.U.C., Loy Street
Thom, Miss, Church Street
Thompson, Alexander, rope maker, Aughlish
Thompson Bros. (Cookstown), Ltd., grocers, James Street
Thompson, Ernest, motor owner, Oldtown Street
Thompson, Hugh, civil servant, Lissan Road
Thompson, Joseph I., J.P., U.D.C., James Street
Thompson, J. D., Ministry of Agriculture, Killycolp
Thomson, J., B.A., Rock Cottage
Todd, John, James Street
Tooth, H. S., Claremont
Turkington, D., cycle repairer, Oldtown Street
Turkington, S., grocer and druggist, Molesworth Street
Twigg, J. B. & R. H., solicitors, James Street
Twigg, R. H., solicitor, Molesworth Road
Twigg, R. S., solicitor, Yelverton, Tullagh

Ulster Tape & Webbing Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Venables, Byers, & McGarvey, solicitors, Molesworth Street
Vigor, R. H., assistant manager, Molesworth Road

Wallace, Sergt., instructor, Millburn Street
Walters, W. S., consulting optician, Sandhurst
Waring, Miss, Molesworth Road
Watson & Kerr, opticians, Oldtown Street
Wells, N. G., photographer, William Street
Whan, Herbert, lino. operator, Coagh Street
Whitewell Laundry (M. Bennett, agent, Oldtown Street)
Wilkinson, David, William Street
Williams, Miss, missionary, The Nook, Molesworth Road
Wilson, William, railway clerk, Burn Road
Wilson, W., cycle agent, Oldtown Street
Woods, W. H., contractor, Millburn Street
Wray, Charles A., M.P.S.I., chemist, James Street; res., Chapel Street
Wray, The Misses, Chapel Street
Wright, James, U.D.C., Union Street
Wright & Sons, grocers and box makers, Union Street

Young, The Misses, Oldtown Street

County Down

     Situated on the shores of Belfast Lough.

Church of Ireland, Glencraig - Rev. Canon G. W. Capsey
Rockport House Preparatory School - Headmaster, Geoffrey Bing, B.A.
Glencraig Church Public Elementary Schools - Edward Cave, principal
Ballyrobert Orange Hall - S. Coey


Aherne, E., Rock Cottage
Aiken, G. G., Craigavad
Almer, Mrs., Ardkeen
Andress, E., Ballyrobert
Andrews, J.
Agar, A., Craigowen, Craigavad
Alexander, Mrs., Ballymoney
Anderson, D. M., Bree House, Craigavad
Anderson, John, farmer, Ballydavey
Argell, J., Ballyrobert
Arthur, Miss, Mosella, Craigavad

Barrnet, R., Coolklure
Beal, E. J., Ballyrobert
Beaney, Mrs. Charlotte, Craigavad
Beattie, John, Ballydavey
Bennett, H.
Bickerstaff, William, Glencraig
Bing, Geoffrey, Rockport
Bonar, Mrs. J., Ballymoney Road
Bradburn, Capt., Orchard Cottage
Bradley, J., Jubilee Terrace
Bradley, Samuel, farmer, Ballygilbert
Brady, H., Glencraig
Branagh, James, Ballyrobert
Branagh, Stanley, Craiglee
Briggs, William, Labourers' Cottages, Glencraig
Buchanan, J., Ballygrainey Road
Burgeses, R., Ballyrobert

Campbell, R., Culloden
Capper, W., West Winds
Capsey, Rev. Canon G. W., Glencraig Vicarage
Cave, D., Craiglea
Cheetley, William, Ballyrobert
Clegg, James, Craigavad
Clokey, J., Prospect House, Ballymoney Road
Cochrane, Miss, Seahill Cottages
Coey, William, Jubilee Terrace, Ballyrobert
Cole, Commander, Bramcote
Cook, W., Seahill Cottages
Cooley, Henry, Ballydavey
Cooley, James, Gray's Cottages, Ballymoney Road
Craig, Mrs., Iva, Craigavad
Craigavon, Viscountess, Glencraig
Crozier, Walter, Drumaderragh, Ballydavey
Cummings, Thomas, Ballydavey
Cupples, T. C., Eagleton

Davidson, Mrs. E., Leahill
Dickson, J., Ballyrobert
Donnan, C., Bertha Row
Duff, A., Barnhamwood
Duffin, Charles E., The Orchard

Edgar, Mrs., Hillcot, Craigavad
Elwood, R., Alexanderville, Ballyrobert
Erskine, R., Gate Lodge, Glencraig

Ferguson, James, Glenmakieran Lodge
Fisher, H., Ballygrainey
Fitzsimmons, Martin, Dalchoolin Lodge
Firth, Thomas, Ballyrobert
Flinn, George, Culloden Lodge
Freeland, David, Jackson Hall

Galbraith, Mrs., Anderson's Lane
Gamble, The Misses, Lorne
Gibson, George, Dalchoolin Cottages
Gibson, Mrs., Ballyrobert
Gibson, Mrs., Olinda Lodge
Gilpin, W., Dalchoolin Cottages
Gordon, Frederick, Kenvara Lodge
Gordon, Mrs. M., stud groom, Dalchoolin
Gotto, A., Iva Craig
Graham, E., Carrig, Craigavad
Graham, J., Green Loaning
Graham, Saunders, Craigmoyle, Craigavad
Grainger, Mrs., Craigavad
Gray, James, Ballydavey
Gray, Mrs., Ballyrobert
Green, A., Leamount

Hackett, Major, Dunavon, Craigavad
Hall, T., Seahill Cottages
Hamill, H., Dunraths Cottages
Harris, A., Sheena Cottage, Cultra
Hastings, E., Rockport
Herron, R., station master
Herron, R., Ballyrobert
Heyn, F. M., Melmore, The Hill
Higginson, James, Glenmakeiran
Horan, M., Old Orangefield
Hughes, T. W., Dalchoolin
Hume, G. C., Moyrath, Craigavad
Humphreys, Joseph, Lorne Cottages

Irvine, A., Ballyrobert
Irwin, George, Ballygrainey

Jackson, P., Churchhill
Johnston, J., Florenceville
Johnston, William, Ballymoney Road

Kelly, Mrs., Labourers' Cottages, Glencraig
Kemp, G., White House
Kennedy, The Misses, Cultra Manor
King, Robert, Craigavad
Kinkead, J. A. G., Chiltren
Kyrke, Lt.-Com. G. F. Silbert, Glen Road

Langland, Mrs., The Ivies
Law, Mrs., Craigavad
Lemon, C., farmer, Ballygilbert, Craigavad
Lemon, John W., The Cottage

Mackey, Mrs., Craigavad
Magill, E., Ambleside
Magill, F., Iva Craig Cottage
Magill, Thomas, gardener, Dalchoolin
Maguire, James, Ballyrobert
Malcolm, James, Ballyrobert
Malcolm, John, The Cottages
Malcolm, Mrs., 6 Bridge Cottages
Malcolm, R., Station House
Martin, Mrs., Craigavad
Maynard, T., Craigavon Lodge
Medlock, Arthur, Ardavon
Miller, J., Seahill Cottages
Milliken, Samuel, Roseville
Mitchell, William, Olinda
Moore, H. M., Rose Cottage
Moore, Kenneth, Dunratho
Morton, R., Loughview
Murdock, George, Royal Belfast Golf Club
Murphy, James
Murray, Hugh, Lorne Cottages
Murray, J., Ballygrainey Road

McBride, D., Craigavad
McBride, W., Gray's Cottages, Ballymoney Road
McCann, Mrs., Dromineer
McCann, Mrs. J., Bertha Road
McCann, Robert, 3 Bridge Cottages
McClelland, John, Bridge Cottages
McConville, J., Ballyrobert
McCormick, John, Ballymoney Road
McCracken, G., Redcot
McCrea, Nathaniel, Larch Hill
McCullough, Samuel, Ballymoney Cottages
McDowell, S., Olinda Lodge, Craigavad
McFall, J., Cottages, Glencraig
McFarland, Alexander, farmer, Ballygrainey
McGonigal, William, Ballyrobert
McIlroy, W., Glencraig
McKee, Mrs., Bertha Row
McKee, W., Dunraths Cottages
McMillen, John, Fairview
McMullen, Mrs. W., Kenvarra

Neely, Edward, Culloden Lodge
Neill, Mrs. R. H., Rosebank, Craigavad
Neill, R., Sheena

Orr, William, solicitor, Iva Craig
Owens, T., 8 Bridge Cottages

Patterson, C. D., Ballyrobert
Patterson, R. M., Jackson Hall, Craigavon
Patty, James, 4 Bridge Cottages
Petticrew, J. J., Golf Links
Polland, A., Rock Cottages
Praeger, S. R., Ballygrainey

Rea, John A., Ballydavey
Reynolds, H. L., Ballyrobert
Richards, W., Station Villas
Ritchie, Alex., Ballydavey
Ritchie, Andrew, Ballydavey
Robinson, William, Gate Lodge
Robinson, W., St. Catherine's
Rondewhich, E.
Rosbotham, E., Ballyrobert
Rosbotham, William, Chatelor, Cultra
Royal Belfast Golf Club
Russell, H., Cottages
Rutledge, J., Seahill Cottages

Savage, R., Jubilee Terrace
Scott, David, Round Lodge
Scott, William, Seahill Cottages
Shanks, Hugh, farmer, Ballymoney (Newtownards P.O.)
Shanks, James, farmer, Ballymoney (Newtownards P.O.)
Shaw, E. H., Ailsa Lodge
Shaw, Robert, Inglenook, Ballyrobert
Shillington, Mrs. G., Melmore
Small, James, Woodleigh
Spratt, William, farmer, Ballymoney (Newtownards P.O.)
Stevenson, F., Ballymoney Road
Stewart, C., Ballydavey
Stewart, N., Killiney
Stratford, Thomas, The Cottages

Taylor, John, Ballyrobert
Taylor, Mrs., grocer, Ballyrobert
Taylor, W. H., Ballyrobert

Wallace, David, farmer, Ballygrainey
Wallace, W., Greenmount
Warnock, W., Enfield Cottages
Watson, Joseph, Thore Cottage
Webb, J., Lorne Cottages, Craigavad
Williams, R., 5 Bridge Cottages
Wilson, Hugh, Ballymoney Road
Wilson, J. O., Oranmore
Wilson, Capt., Loneside
Wilson, W. J., Merviondew, Ballyrobert
Woods, Jas., Fair View, Ballygrainey, Craigavad
Workman, A. C., Killymard, Craigavad

County Down

Ballygilbert Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. A. A. Park
Ballymullan P.E. School - J. Donaghy, principal
Crawfordsburn L.O.L. No. 1091. Sits first Monday of the month.
Terence Memorial Hall


Anderson, J.
Arbuthnot, Mrs.

Blair, James, Cargoe's Hill
Boal, William, Mill Cottage
Boal, William
Brennan, Mrs., Glenmount
Brierly, Mrs., Glenmount
Brown, Robert, Lynwood
Brown, Samuel, Farmyard
Brown, S., Model Farm
Brownlea, E. W.
Brownlee, Mrs., The Cottage
Bryson, John, Orange Hall

Cammocks, Misses, Ballymullan
Campbell, Miss, Firzfield
Carson, Mrs. A., Ballymullan
Carters, John, The Square
Cather, W. S., J.P., Cush-na-Mara
Clarke, Alfred, school teacher, The Gables
Clarke, George, The Gables
Clelland, Alex.
Cooper, Henry
Corlett, J. Campbell, Locarno
Country Club (The)
Crossie, Arthur, Lowburn, Ballygilbert
Crothers, D., Ballygilbert
Crothers, John, The Flight
Crothers, S., Cargoes Hill

Dawson, William, Coote Hall Cottage
Donaghy, J. J., P.E.S. teacher
Dunne, Miss

Edmonds, Ian, Ballywooley

Falloon, C. G., The Inn
Finney, Lindsay, gardener

Gaw, Robert, Ballygilbert
Gawley, Kenneth, Beech House
Graham, Mrs., Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Graham, George, Crawfordsburn
Gray, John
Greeves, J. R. H., Coolnashee

Hamilton, W. J., Beech Field
Hogg, ?, Coote Hall
Holden, James, Ballywooley Farm
Hutchinson, Joseph

Ireland, D., Glenside

James, W., The Lodge
Jess, John, Seabreeze
Jess, William
Johnston, Miss, Glenmore
Johnston, W., The Cottage

Kelly, Lady, Beech Field
Kennedy, Alan
Kennedy, Henry
Kennedy, J. G., Altanagh

Ligitt, John, Main Street
Lindsay, George, gardener, Ballymullan
Lindsay, John, Main Street
Lindsay, R., Lowburn
Lindsay, R. W., Glen House
Lowden, J. W., Ballywoolley House
Lowry, Miss, Barra

Mairs, James, Red House
Mairs, Robert, The Square
Masonic Temple, Red House
Milling, R., Post Office, Otira Cottage
Minnis, Stanley, The Drift, Bellevue Road
Mollison, George, Ballymullan
Montrose, J. L., Glendore
Morgan, J., Lowburn
Mullen, James, The Square

McClements, J. F., wholesale confectioner
McClements, Robert, Ballymullan
McClements, Robt., jun., Ballymullan
McCormick, Miss Jean, Main Street
McEwen, Rev. James, Allendale
McEwen, J. H., Dairy Farm, Hillhead
McGrath, P., Edale
McKee, W. James, farmer, Ballygilbert
McNeilly, Charles, Cargoes Hill
McNeill, Samuel

Nelson, Mrs., The Miss
Nixon, J., Beech Field

Orr, R. J., Tirenzo
Orr, Stephen, Shalogue

Parkhurst, Mrs. P., Crawfordsburn
Parkinson, Edward, The Square
Peden, William, Cootehall

Reid. James, Morningside
Riddick, Arthur, Millside
Rooney, D.
Russell, Victor

Shields, M., Cargoes Hill
Stewart, W. J., M.P., Crawfordsburn House
Sumner, Mrs., Windover

Wallace, J., Sunnybrae
Ward, Mrs., Glenside
Ward, R., The Square
Warnock, The Misses

County Down

     A small town situated about sixteen miles south of Belfast.  The population is about 580.  The Fair is held on the second Wednesday of every month. Shops' half-holiday, Thursday.


Church of Ireland, Kilmore - Rev. Paul Shirley
Presbyterian Church, Lissara - Rev. W. McClure, B.A.
Presbyterian Church, Kilmore - Rev. W. A. Corry, M.A.
Presbyterian Church, Raffery - Rev. Fitzsimons
Unitarian Church, Rademon -
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John Teggart, P.P.


Medical Officer and Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - C. L. Sproule, M.D., Killyleagh
R.U.C. - Sergeant Richard Hadnett; constables, A. W. McCarton, R. J. Paul, W. Buchanan and S/Const. S. Harris
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - Jacob Wilson, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd., Agency - Attendance Wednesday


Adams, Hugh James, grocer, Killyleagh Street
Adams, Robert, Killyleagh Street
Adams, William J., Killinchy Woods
Aldritt, Harold, publican, Killyleagh Street
Alexander, Joseph, sexton, Rademon
Ames, Thomas J., Creevycarnonan
Anderson, James, Creevycarnonan
Archer, Thomas, Ballydian, Listooder

Bambary, Alfred, Carnacally
Bassett, Charles, publican, Downpatrick Street
Bell, Charles, fowl dealer, Downpatrick Street
Bell, James, fowl dealer, Mary Lane
Bell, Mrs. James, Bridge End
Bell, Patrick, fowl dealer, Downpatrick Street
Bell, Samuel, fowl dealer, Bridge End
Bell, Thomas, fowl dealer, Killyleagh Street
Boyd, Miss S., teacher, Ballygoskin
Brownlee, Miss, Listooder
Brownlee, Samuel, Listooder
Burns, N., Lisnamore

Cahill, James, Tyconnett P.E.S.
Calvert, James D., grocer, Ballygoskin
Campbell, John, Barnamaghery
Campbell, Mrs., Barnamaghery
Carlisle, William, Kilmore
Carville, James, Tullynacree
Carville, Mrs. John, Tullynacree
Casement, John, grocer, Kilmore
Casement, Matthew, Kilmore Road
Casey, Francis, Creevycarnonan
Chambers, The Misses, Drumaghlis
Cleland, James, Derryboy
Cleland, James, Hillhead, Killinchy Woods
Cleland, John, Hillfoot, Killinchy Woods
Cleland, William, Kilmore
Cochrane, William, insurance agent, Killyleagh Street
Coffey, Samuel, Cluntagh House
Cooper, J., postman, Killyleagh Street
Copeland, Mrs. John, Killyleagh Street
Copeland, Mrs. R., draper, Killyleagh Street
Corry, Rev. W. A., M.A., Kilmore Manse
Coughlin, Peter, Clontinaglare
Coulter, Hamilton, Cluntagh
Coulter, Hugh, Creevycarnonan
Coulter, James, Rosebank
Coulter, John, Creevycarnonan
Coulter, Joseph, Killinchy Woods
Coulter, Joseph R., Loughview House, Ballyalgin
Coulter, Mrs. J., assistant, Crossgar P.E.S., Creevycarnonan
Coulter, Thomas J., Barnamaghery
Cunningham, Mrs. Isabella, Ballyalgin

Davidson, Miss Winifred, teacher, Drumaghlis
Davidson, Robert, Carnacally
Dick, John, Raleagh, Listooder
Dick, Mrs. W., Derryboy
Dick, Robert, Clontinaglare
Dick, Samuel, Raleagh, Listooder
Dickson, Frank, Derryboy
Dickson, Robert W., Drumaghlis
Dickson, Samuel, Derryboy
Dickson, Thomas J., Downpatrick Street
Donaldson, Robert, Creevycarnonan
Donaldson, William, Creevycarnonan
Donnan, Francis, tailor, Killyleagh Street
Donnan, Miss M., music teacher, Killyleagh Street
Douglas, James, Carnacally
Douglas, Robert, Carnacally
Duff, John B., Downpatrick Street and Cluntagh
Duff, Mrs. John B., post office, Downpatrick Street
Dugan, Mrs. Hugh James, Clontinaglare
Dunn, David, Ballydian
Dunn, John, postman, Killyleagh Street

Edgar, Miss, Downpatrick Street
Ellison, James, Killinchy Woods
Ellison, John, Ballyalgin
Ellison, Samuel, Clontinaglare
Ellison, Samuel, rate collector, Kilmore Road
Emerson, W., Cargagh House, Annacloy
Emerson, W., jun., Cargagh

Fitzsimons, Alford, draper, Killyleagh Street
Fitzsimons, Mrs., Killyleagh Street
Fitzsimons, Rev., The Manse, Raffery
Fitzsimons, Robert, postman, Killyleagh Street
Flanaghan, Francis, Lisnamore
Flanaghan, Patrick, Ministry of Agriculture, Lisamore
Flynn, Mrs., Downpatrick Street
Foley, John, Lisnaw
Foley, Joseph, Lisnaw
Friars, Mrs. T., Killyleagh Street
Furey, John, Drumaghlis

Gabbie, Hugh, Ballywoollen
Gabbie, William, Ballywoollen
Galbraith, F., tinsmith, Killyleagh Street
Gibson, George R., R.D.C., Killyleagh Street
Gibson, James C., Mondara
Gibson, Mrs. A., grocer, Killyleagh Street
Gibson, Samuel J., S.S.O., Killinchy Woods
Gill, James, Ballymacashin
Gill, Joseph R., R.D.C., Railway View, Creevycarnonan
Gill, William John, Raffery
Glover, Mrs. James, Drumaghlis
Glover, John, Drumaghlis
Glover, Matthew, Drumaghlis
Glover, Wm., J.P., R.D.C., contractor, Drumaghlis
Gourley, James, Derryboy Cottage
Graham, Hugh, Drummatticonnor
Green, Mrs. Rose, The Hill, Drumnaconnor
Greene, Mrs. Ellen, fowl dealer, Downpatrick Street
Greer, William, Carnacally

Hamilton, Andrew, Barnamaghery
Hamilton, James, Killinchy Woods
Hamilton, J. & R., Tullynacree
Hamilton, William J., Listooder
Hanvey, James, Clontinaglare
Harper, John, Downpatrick Street
Harris, George, Carnacally
Harris, Hugh, station master
Harris, Robert, Kilmore Road
Harris, Stanley, flax mill, Creevycarnonan
Hart, John, Listooder
Hart, The Misses, Rademon
Hawthorne, Mrs. David, Drumaghlis
Hayes, William, Listooder
Herron, Francis, Raffery
Herron, James, Raffery
Herron, Mrs., Raffery
Hewitt, John, contractor, Killyleagh Street
Hill, David J., Carnacally
Hogg, William John, Raffery
Hughes, Mrs., Cranmoney House
Hunter, Hugh, Carnacally
Hutton, John, Bell's Hill
Hutton, Miss, principal, Killinchy Woods P.E.S.
Hutton, Thomas, Killinchy Woods

Jackson, David, Derryboy
Jackson, D. S. K. C., J.P., Raffery
Jackson, George, Downpatrick Road
Jackson, John, R.D.C., Barnamaghery
Jackson, John, Clontinaglare
Jackson, John, White Hill, Clontinaglare
Jackson, Joseph, Derryboy
Jackson, Mrs., The Bank, Barnamaghery
Jackson, Samuel, Barnamaghery
Jackson, William, The Hill, Creevybeg
Jackson, William, Ballyalgin
Jackson, Wm. F., Bawn Crest, Barnamaghery
Jackson, W. J., Raffery
Jamison, Miss Sarah, Raffery
Jamison, Thomas, Creevycarnonan
Jaye, J. A., Woodside
Jennings, Francis, Ballydian
Jennings, John, publican and undertaker, Downpatrick Street
Jennings, Mrs., Cluntagh
Johnston, Andrew, Brick Hall, Ballywoollen
Johnston, John, draper, Killyleagh Street
Johnston, Miss H., teacher, Derryboy

Kearney, Mrs. James, Downpatrick Street
Keenan, W., Drumnaconnor
Kelly, James, Clontinaglare
Kennedy, John, Listooder
Kennedy, William, Derryboy
Keown, Mrs. William, Carnacally
Killen, Mrs. Cecelia, Clontinaglare
Killen, Mrs. Margaret, Clontinaglare
Killops, Mrs. Sarah, Killyleagh Street
Killops, Robert, tailor, Ballywoollen
Killops, Samuel, Killyleagh Street
Kirk, Hugh, Derryboy
Kirk, Mrs., Ballydian, Listooder
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, Listooder
Kirkwood, Mrs. G., Derryboy

Lemon, Mrs. Hugh J., Drumaghlis
Lightbody, John, Creevycarnonan
Lindsay, James Bailie, Derryboy
Lindsay, Thomas, Ballydian
Lowry, John, Raffery
Lowry, Robert, Derryboy

Mack, William, mason, Listooder
MacLaine, Hector, Greenvale, Creevycarnonan
Magill, Rev. J. J., Rademon Manse
Majury, Stewart, Tullynacree
Marner, Francis, Drumaghlis
Marner, Mrs. C., Carnacally
Martin, Alexander, Barnamaghery
Martin, James, Ballywoollen
Martin, John, Creevybeg
Martin, Joseph R., Creevycarnanon
Martin, Mrs. A., Downpatrick Street
Martin, Nathaniel, Drumaghlis
Martin, Robert, Drumaghlis
Martin, Robert, blacksmith, Ardigon
Martin, William, Downpatrick Road
Mason, Mrs., publican, Kilmore
Massey, James, Drumaghlis
Mawhinney, William J., The Acres, Listooder
Millar, John, Downpatrick Street
Miscampbell, Andrew, bread server, Killyleagh Street
Miscampbell, Miss M., Killyleagh Street
Miscampbell, Thomas J., The Square
Miscampbell, William, gardener, Killyleagh Street
Miscampbell, William, sheep inspector, Woodside
Moody, Hugh, Clontinaglare
Moody, James, Barnamaghery
Moore, Alexander, Downpatrick Road
Moore, R. T. C., Ballydian, Listooder
Moreland, Mrs. W. J., Creevycarnonan
Moreland, William John, Ballynahinch Road
Morrison, Harry, Kilmore Road
Morrison, Miss, teacher
Morrison, William, flax mill, Glasswater House
Morrison, William, & Son, auctioneers and valuers, Kilmore Road
Morrow, Robert, Ballyalgin
Mullin, W. B., medical hall, Downpatrick Street
Murdock, Samuel B., Clontinaglare
Murphy, Hugh, Waterside, Lissowen
Murray, A. J., & Co., drapers, Downpatrick Street

McBratney, David, grocer, Creevybeg
McBride, Hans, Ballydian, Listooder
McCalla, Mrs. W. T., Tober Mhuire
McCann, John, Kilmore Road
McCann, Joseph, Clontinaglare
McCann, Owen, Clontinaglare
McCann, Thomas, Creevycarnonan
McCann, Thomas, jun., Creevyvarnonan
McCleery, James, Ballywoollen
McCleery, Samuel, Ballywoollen
McClements, Hugh, Kilmore
McClements, William, Rademon
McCloy, William, carpenter, Derryboy
McClure, Samuel, Rademon
McClure, Rev. W., The Manse
McClurg, Anthony, John Street
McClurg, John, John Street
McClurg, Robert, Ballywoollen
McClurg, Robert, John Street
McClurg, Ruthven, John Street
McClurg, Thomas J., Creevycarnonan
McClurg, William J., The Square
McConnell, David, Raleagh
McCoubrie, Charles A., Rademon
McCracken, David, Barnamaghery
McCracken, Robert Henry, Raffery
McCullough, Robert, Listooder
McCullough, Thomas, Clontinaglare
McDonald, Miss Annie, grocer and agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Downpatrick Street
McDowell, Thomas J., Carnacally
McEwen, Hugh, Killinchy Woods
McEwen, William, Killinchy Wood
McGee, John, Lisnamore
McGee, Patrick, Downpatrick Street
McHugh, Edward, Lisnamore
McKeown, John, Ashleigh, Rademon
McKeown, J. S., & Sons, post office, Derryboy
McKeown, William, Rademon
McKeown, Wm., M.D., Killyleagh Street
McKibben, Mrs., caretaker, Kilmore Presbyterian Church
McKnight, Henry, Downpatrick Street
McMillan, James, Rademon Cottage
McMillan, John, flax mill, Drumaghlis
McMillan, Thomas J., Killyleagh Street
McMillan, William, Drumaghlis
McMullan, Alexander, Downpatrick Street
McMullan, David, postman, John Street
McMullan, Harry, shoemaker, Killyleagh Street
McMullan, Samuel, Rademon
McMurray, Wm., mill owner, Magheracranmoney
McNeilly, James, Barnamaghery
McNeilly, James, Killyleagh Street
McNeilly, Thomas C., Raffery
McNeilly, Thomas J., Raffery
McRobert & Co., Rademon and Listooder
McRobert, Hugh, Drumaghlis
McRobert, James, Listooder
McRobert, John, Drumnaconnor
McRobert, John, J.P., insurance agent, Rademon

Neill, Mrs. James, Killyleagh Street
Nelson, Mrs. James, Downpatrick Street
Nelson, Thomas, Church Road
Nelson, William, postman, Downpatrick Street
Nevin, Miss, publican, Downpatrick Street
Newell, Hugh W., Raleagh, Listooder
Niblock, Robert, grocer and blacksmith, Bridge End
Nicholson, Alex., motor agent, Killyleagh Street
Nixon, W. J., Listooder

O'Hare, Arthur James, Drumnaconnor

Orr, Henry Cooke, Hill House, Cluntagh
Orr, Miss M., Downpatrick Street
Orr, William, Raffery

Patterson, John, Listooder
Patterson, Miss Margaret, The Rock, Listooder
Patterson, Mrs. Elizabeth J., post office, Kilmore
Patterson, Mrs. W., Killyleagh Street
Patterson, Robert, Listooder
Patterson, Thomas, Kilmore
Patterson, Thomas, hairdresser, Killyleagh Street
Patterson, Thomas J., The Square
Purdy, Wm., principal, Killyleagh Road
Pyper, Mrs., grocer, Downpatrick Street

Rea, Harry, Lisowen House, Listooder
Rea, Mrs. D. S., Ballydian
Rea, Samuel, Drumaghlis
Rea, Thomas J., grocer and Post Office, Listooder
Reid, Lady, Rademon House
Reynolds, Charles, Creevycarnonan
Ritchie, Samuel, Ballywoollen
Robinson, Hugh, Kilmore
Robinson, Hugh B., Abbey View
Robinson, John, Creevycarnonan
Robinson, Samuel, Kilmore
Rodgers, John, Drumnaconnor

Sales, Thomas, bread server, Killyleagh Street
Seay, Charles, Tullynacree
Scott, Mrs. W., confectioner, Downpatrick Street
Scott, William, Cluntagh
Shaw, Hugh, Raffery
Shaw, John, blacksmith, Derryboy
Shaw, John, carpenter, John Street
Shaw, Samuel, Derryboy
Shields, Miss, The Square
Shields, Roden, Killyleagh Street
Shirley, Rev. Paul, The Rectory, Kilmore
Silcock, William V., Marybrook House, Drummaconnor, Listooder
Simpson, George, Kilmore Road
Smyth, Patrick, Cluntagh
Smyth, W. R., Ballyalgin
Spratt, James O., Killinchy Woods
Spratt, John, Clontinaglare
Spratt, Mrs., Drumaghlis
Stevenson, Mrs. H., grocer, Ballyalgin
Stevenson, Samuel, Derryboy
Stewart, Andrew, land steward, Rademon
Stewart, David, Killybawn, Barnamaghery
Stewart, Hugh, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, James, The Hill, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, James C., Lissara House
Stewart, John H., Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Mrs. W., Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Thomas, Killinchy Woods

Taggart, Miss M., nurse, Killyleagh Street
Taylor, William J., grocer, Downpatrick Street
Thompson, Hugh, Creevycarnonan

Ward, David H., Rademon
Ward, Thomas, Clontinaglare
Watson, John Samuel, Drumaghlis
Watson, Miss Ellen, Drumaghlis
Watson, Samuel, Killinchy Woods
Watson, Thomas, Killinchy Woods
White, A. & J., Lisnaw
White, Hugh, The Green, Ballygoskin
Whyte, John, Derryboy
Whyte, Mrs. George L., grocer, Killyleagh Street
Wilson, Jacob, bank manager, The Square
Woods, Isaac, Derryboy
Woods, Robert, Ballygoskin
Woods, Samuel James, Barnamaghery
Woods, Thomas, Ballygoskin
Woods, William, Ballyalgin
Woods, William, postman, The Square
Wray, George G., J.P., insurance agent, Downpatrick Street
Wray, Mrs. Margaret, confectioner, Downpatrick Street

County Armagh

     Is a good trading town, situated on the road between Dundalk and Castleblaney.  A large fair is held on the first Friday of each month; and the weekly market day is Friday for pork, grass seed and general farm produce.


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. Aughmuty, rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Gillies
Roman Catholic Chapel - Canon Rev. James McKeone, P.P.


Magistrates - Major McCallum, R.M.; J. Johnston, D. Gilmore, G. Coulter, William O'Donnell
Clerk of Petty Sessions - A. Starr, Newtownhamilton
Dispensary - John Crummie, M.D.
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - B. Given, manager
Hibernian Bank Ltd. - J. K. Quinn, manager
Land Agents and Solicitors - Corr & O'Connor, The Square
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - John Crummie, M.D.
R.U.C. - Sergeants J. Irwin and J. Young
Technical School, The Square - Teachers, Miss E. Nesbitt and T. Smyth


Aughmuty, Rev. J., Creggan Rectory

Callaghan, Patrick, restaurant
Caraher, F. J., law clerk
Caraher, Henry, merchant, Silverbridge
Connolly, James, draper, The Square
Cunningham, Patrick, merchant, Culloville

Donaghy, John, R.D.C., farmer, Corliss
Donaghy, J., motor repairer and garage

Fee, Patrick,  teacher, Cregganduff
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, saddler

Gilmore, D., Lisgalgot House
Given, B., bank manager

Hale, Joseph, farmer, Liseragh
Hanratty, Patrick, grocer and publican
Hanratty, Rose, publican
Harvey, Kate, publican
Harvey, Mrs. M., publican
Harvey, Peter, newsagent
Hughes, Bernard, grocer

Jenkins, George, jeweller, The Square

Kearney, James, publican
Keenan, Patrick, publican, The Square

Loane, George, general merchant, The Square
Low, Thomas, cycle agent, Cloghoge Cottage
Luckie, Mrs. Thomas

Malcolmson, James, general merchant, The Square
Martin, Margaret, publican
Morgan, James, blacksmith
Murphy, P., motor garage, The Square
Murtagh, James, publican and grocer

McAlister, William, shoe maker
McAllister, James, boot maker
McAllister, John, boot maker
McArdle, Francis, motor agent, The Square
McArdle, Michael, publican and grocer
McConville, M., chemist
McConville, Patrick, general merchant
McCormick, John, merchant
McCullagh, George, grocer, Creggan
McEntee, John, butcher
McGeough, James, hotel keeper
McKeone, Rev. James, P.P.
McOscar, Rev. J. A., P.P., Cullyhanna
McQuillen, Winifred, lace merchant

Norris, Patrick, school teacher, Crossmaglen

O'Connor, Maurice, solicitor, Glenlough House
O'Donnell, William, publican

Palmer, Mrs. M. J., Glassdrumond

Quigley, Michael

Short, James, publican and grocer
Smith, R. J., Urker House

Treanor, Owen, publican and Courthouse keeper
Treanor, Patrick, publican, Creggan

County Antrim

     Is a small post town in the parish of Camlin, fourteen and one-third miles from Belfast, situated on the road between Antrim and Lurgan, and two and a half miles east of the head of a bay of Lough Neagh. Fairs - The first Monday, monthly. Population, about 650. shops' half-holiday, Tuesday


Church of Ireland - Parish Church of Killead - Rev. Aubrey Lloyd-Dodd
St. John's, Church of Ireland - Rev. Chambers, M.A.
Irish Evangelical Church - Vacant
Parish Church, Gartree - Rev. R. Singleton, incumbent, The Glebe, Gartree, Crumlin
Presbyterian Church - Rev. F. R. M. Bryars, B.A.
Unitarian Church - Vacant


No. 1 - J. S. Boyd, principal
No. 3 - J. Fitzpatrick, principal


Crumlin Dispensary - William Hunter, M.D., medical officer
Post Office - Mrs. Walker, postmistress
Magistrates - David Mairs and Sam Waring
Clerk of Petty Sessions for Crumlin District - G. L. Alderdice, Crumlin
Ulster Bank Ltd. - A. T. Annesley, Manager


Adams, J., Aghnamillan
Adams, Mrs.
Aiken, Mrs., Largy
Alcorn, ?, Ardlauragh
Aldworth, Richard, Glendaragh
Annesley, A., bank manager

Barton, Tom, Main Street
Beattie, Joseph, caretaker
Beattie, Misses, The Cottage
Beckett, Thomas, blacksmith, Largy
Blair, Noel, Brookvale
Boyd, J. S., Sunnymount
Boyd, William John, farmer and egg merchant
Brown, W., farmer, Ballyclan
Bryars, Rev. F. R. M., B.A.

Campbell, Joseph, sexton
Campbell, J., sergeant R.U.C.
Canning, Miss, Parkley
Coburn, Sam, farmer, Largy
Condis, John, Park House
Courtney, John, weigh master
Craig, Ephriam, farmer, Gortnagallon (Ephraim)
Craig, Joseph, farmer, Largy
Curry, John, farmer

Davison, William, Randox
Davison, William John, farmer
Dodds & Co., chemists
Doyle, T., barber, Main Street
Duffin, Misses, Milltown
Duncan, James, Lennymore House
Duncan, Robert, farmer, Largy

Eakin, John, Main Street
English, Miss, Camlin House
Erskine, Harpur, Aldergrove
Erskine, Herbert, Aldergrove
Erskine, John, Aldergrove
Erskine, Mrs. H., farmer, Seacash

Fagan, Miss, Main Street
Fegan, Terence, butcher, Ardmore
Fitzgerald, Robert, farmer
Fleming, James, jun.
Fleming, Miss Sarah, Main Street

Gibbons, Robert, Dundesert Bridge
Gibbons, William J., Ballydonaghy
Gillespie, Thomas, farmer, Ballydonaghy
Gilliland, William, farmer, Ballydonaghy
Gordon, S., clerk, Ulsterville
Greer, I., The Hill, Ballydonaghy

Harkness, Mrs., farmer, Ballinadrenta
Harkness, William, farmer, Randox
Heaney, David, Main Street
Henry, James, carpenter
Hillis, ?, Bellbrook
Hillis, ?, Dundessart
Holmes, William, farmer and milk vendor
Hunter, H. A., general merchant
Hunter, James, Main Street
Hunter, Thomas, Ardmore
Hunter, William, shoe maker
Hunter, William, M.B., registrar of births, marriages and deaths

Ingram, Edward, mason
Ingram, Mrs., tea rooms, Main Street
Isdell, William, fancy shop

Kernohan, W. H., general merchant
King, Miss, confectioner
Kirk, John, grocer

Leslie, James, Main Street
Leslie, Mrs., Garden Cottage
Logan, Miss, Langrave
Long, George, The Bungalow, Crosskill
Lorimer, William, farmer
Lowry, C., flesher

Mackey, Mrs. Thomas, farmer
Magill, Peter, shoe maker
Manderson, Frank, farmer, Waterfoot
Marshall, John, farmer
Martin, D. H., agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Martin, William, Inglis
Meiklejohn, John
Millar, Robert, farmer, Largy
Morris, Sergt. A. P. O., Main Street
Morrison, Charles, Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Morrison, Jack, printer, Ballytromery
Morrison, T., Main Street
Mullan, Daniel, farmer, Ballyshanigall

McAreavey, Arthur, engineer
McCann, ?, publican, Aldergrove
McCauley, John, carpenter
McClure, Howard, farmer, Gartree
McClure, Jack, farmer, Rathvale
McClurg, John, farmer, Ballydonaghy
McClurg, William, farmer, Aldergrove
McConnell, Miss, Cherryvalley
McConnell, Mrs. J., Lakeview, Ballyshanghill
McCullough, Miss, district nurse, Main Street
McCurdy, James, farmer, Randox
McCurdy, John, farmer, Tully
McFarland, L., farmer, Gortnagallon
McGarry, J., motor mechanic
McIlwaine, Bertie, Picture House
McKeiver, W. J., farmer, Cherry Valley
McKnight, Wm., blacksmith
McLarnon, P., Rathvara
McMaster, Peter, builder, Main Street
McQuillan, Robert, bread server

Nelson, R., farmer, Fruitvale

Officer, Alexander, farmer, Ballydonaghy
Officer, W., farmer, Dundesert
O'Beirne, Miss, nurse
O'Neill, ?, publican, British

Palmer, J., carpenter, Main Street
Palmer, S., Dundesert
Palmer, W. J., farmer, Ballydonoghy
Park, A., farmer and horse dealer, Poplar Hill
Park, John, farmer, Ballydonaghy
Park, Mrs. Minnie, farmer, Ballynadrenta
Parker, T., Abbey View
Patterson, James, tailor
Peel, Dr. A., of Glasgow, Ben Neagh
Pinkerton, Andrew, farmer, Roxborough
Pinkerton, Miss S., draper, Main Street
Pinkerton, W., Crosshill
Porter, Albert, farmer, Ballynadrenta
Porter, Robert, Crosshill
Price, James, porter

Rea, John, saddler
Rea, Norman, Milage House
Rogers, Mrs. J., Main Street
Ross, Mrs., farmer, Clement's Mount

Scott, Meredith, Rosville, Ballydonaghy
Scott, T. Hill, Glenoak
Scott, William, farmer, Ballydonaghy
Sherlock, James, farmer, Seacash
Sherlock, John, farmer, Ballynadrenta
Spence, S., farmer, Ballykennedy
Suffern, H., farmer, Ballyclan
Swann, N. N., Aldersyd, Aldergrove

Taggart, James, bread server, Glenfield
Thompson, Edward S., farmer, Aldergrove
Thompson, Joseph, blacksmith
Thompson, John, electrical engineer
Thompson, Mrs. William S., farmer, Ardmore
Turkington, J., station master

Walker, Mrs., postmistress
Wallace, H., insurance agent, Sunville, Crumlin
Waring, Capt. Samuel, Langarve
Watters, Joe., joiner, Ballydonaghy
Whiteside, T., saddler, Mill Street
Williamson, Joseph, sawmill owner
Williamson, W. J., caretaker, Masonic Hall
Willis, ?, Grey Tyles
Wilson, Harry, Glenview Terrace
Wilson, Nathaniel, carpenter
Wilson, Robert, car owner and hotel owner
Wilson, S., farmer, Raven Hill
Wilson, William, draper, Main Street
Wilson, ?, Pigeontown
Wright, J., dyer

Yarr, T., Main Street
Yarr, William, Eden
Young, William, farmer, Crosshill

County Antrim

     A village in the parish of Craigs, barony of Lower Toome, containing 700 inhabitants.  It is prettily situated on the River Maine.  The bleaching, dyeing and finishing of linen and other goods is carries on at several works on the river.


Cuningham Memorial Presbyterian Church - Rev. Samuel McIlveen, B.A.
Reformed Presbyterian Church - Rev. S. Lynas
Methodist Church - Rev. Harris
Roman Catholic Chapel of Ease attached to Roman Catholic Chapel, Ahoghill. Parish priest (Ahoghill and Cullybackey), Rev. E. V. Magowan


Police Barracks - Sergeant Foster
Public Elementary Schools - Male and Female - Capt. Robert J. McIvor, principal


Barr, James
Bentley, Constable, R.U.C.
Blair, William, grocer, and garage proprietor

Calderwood, Matthew, grocer
Calderwood, Matthew, shoe maker
Campbell, Mrs., confectioner

Darragh, Mrs.
Davidson, Wm., & sons, builders and contractors
Dromona and Maine Bleaching and Dyeing Works, Ltd.

Evans, John, shoemaker
Evans, Miss

Finnegan, John
Frazer & Haughton Ltd., bleachers and finishers, Hillmount
Frew, James
Fulton, Hugh, tailor

Gault, F. D., motor hirer
Given, James
Gordon, Hugh
Gordon, Jack
Gordon, James
Gordon, Mrs.
Grant, Agnes
Grant, John, sen.

Hall, George, builder and contractor
Hall, Joseph
Harbinson, Robert, motor hirer
Harvey, C., chemist
Henry, J. L., Mount Davy's
Henry, Miss Enid, solicitor, Mount Davys
Herbison, Andrew, builder and contractor
Herbison, John
Herbison, Robert, mason
Herbison, Robert, blacksmith and shop keeper
Herbison, Thomas
Houston, Dr. T. H.

Jackson, Osbert, manager

Kennedy, Mrs. Alexander, shop keeper
Kernohan, Robert, agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Kernohan, Robert, jun., station master
Kernohan, William
Kilpatrick, Miss J.
Kilpatrick, Samuel
Kilpatrick, William James

Leith, W. J.
Loane, Charles
Logan, John, farmer
Logan, William
Love, Andrew
Love, Hugh
Lynas, Rev. Samuel

Magee, Charles, butcher
Mark, Margaret
Mark, Matthew, blacksmith
Marrs, James, motor hirer
Marshall, James, J.P.
Marshall, Samuel
Marwood, Robert
Megaw, James
Megaw, The Misses
Millar, Boyd
Millar, Edward
Millar, Hamilton
Millar, Thomas
Mitchell, Constable, R.U.C.
Moffett, T. J. S., M.D., The Beeches
Moore, Hugh
Moore, John, butcher
Moore, William, Ballymena Road

McAlister, Mrs.
McAuley, John
McClenaghan, George
McClenaghan, Miss
McClintock, Mary
McCloy, George
McClure, Mary
McFall, James, millwright and grocer
McGowan, John
McGuigan, Miss Bridget
McIleese, Mrs.
McIlrath, Mrs.
McIlroy, Mrs. Jane
McIlveen, Rev. Samuel
McKee, Mrs., farmer, Dunnygarron
McKee, Mrs., grocer
McKendry, Alexander
McKendry, Joseph
McKendry, R. J.
McKendry, ?, shop keeper
McLaughlin, William
McWhirter, Robert

Neely, Lamont, shoe maker
Nicholl, George, grocer

Orr, Matthew

O'Neill, Frank
O'Neill, Henry
O'Neill, Robert, grocer

Parkinson, John
Peacock, Joseph

Ramsey, William
Rea, Mrs. Robert, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Post Office
Russell, John
Russell, McKay
Russell, Robert, school master
Russell, William

Sands, Samuel
Simpson, Mrs. Samuel
Simpson, William
Smith, Robert, clerk
Spence, Mrs.
Stewart, John
Stewart, Mrs.
Stewart, Thomas, publican
Stewart, William
Swan, Miss Rosetta

Thompson, Mrs.
Thompson, William

Watt, Ernest
Watt, James
Watterman, Ronald
Watterson, Miss R.
Watterson, Thomas J., coal merchants
Weir, William, farmer, Dunnygarron
Welsh, Walker, Mayola
Wilson, John
Wiseman, Mary
Wiseman, Robert
Workman, Samuel


Anderson, John, garage, Dunminning
Frazer, Kenneth, Hillmount House
Frazer, Sydney J., Hillmount House
Haughton, Mrs., sen.
Haughton, S. G., The Red Cottage
Haughton, Wilfred J., Harperstown House
Henderson, F., Gledheather
Johnston, Mrs., Hazelbank
Patrick, Brigadier John, M.P., Dunminning House
Patrick, Malcolm, M.P., Duneoin
Robinson, Miss, Dromona
Stott, John Percy, J.P., Craigdunn
Young, Messrs. W. L. & R., Fenaghy


Bristow, George
Brownlee, John, Dreen Mills
Calderwood, Matthew, jun.
Calderwood, Miss M.
Dougherty, Joseph, Ballyclose
Given, Mrs. Thomas
Knowles, Maurice, farmer, Fenagh
Loughridge, James, blacksmith, Cullybackey
Megaw, Miss, Markstown
Simpson, Joseph, Dreen


Presbyterian Minister - Rev. McDermott
Killymurris Church is beside Glarryford railway


Coleman, Samuel, shopkeeper and farmer
Crawford, J., manager
Hall, James
Paul, R., shopkeeper and farmer
Hyndman, Mrs. T.
Love, I.
Adams, J.
Linton, John
Linton, Joseph
Gaston, W. J.
Gaston, R.
Reid, William H.
McAlonan, James
Houston, Thomas
Hunter, David, blacksmith
Graham, Robert

County Down

     A residential district on the shores of Belfast Lough.

Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club - Commodore, Major R. Workman; hon. secretary, R. E. Workman, Club House, Cultra


Atcheson, F. C., Cherrydean
Atcheson, James, Woodleigh Cottage

Blackmore, Sir Charles, C.B.E., Clanbrassil
Boyd, Austen T., Skibbereen
Boyd, Wilson, Tara
Broody, James, Cultra House Lodge
Burke-Murphy, J. H., J.P., Cultra Lodge

Carson, John, Ingledene
Clarke, J., Woodside
Cleland, James A., D.L., director William W. Cleland, Ltd., Clanbrassil
Collins, T. B., Lisheen
Creighton, G. H., West Acre

Davys, Mrs., Pier House
Dempster, J. R., Kilmakee
Donaldson, S. G., Nacoma

Elwood, H., Lenamere

Fisher, E., Kilmakee Cottage
Forbes, R. H., Gortnagrennan

Gibson, E., 2 Estate Cottages
Gibson, J., 6 Estate Cottages
Gibson, W., 5 Estate Cottages
Glenn, Mrs. S., Whinney Hill
Graham, J., Dunedin
Graham, Mrs., Woodleigh Cottages
Graham, S.
Grant, T., The Club House

Handley, G., Murlough, Cultra Avenue
Harris, Mrs., Bangor Road
Heron, J., Drumlough
Hewitt, Major, Balladee
Hill, Mrs., Ardvara Cottage
Hume, Miss, Edgewood, Marino

Inglis, Mrs., Miramar
Irwin, Mrs., Estate Cottages
Irwin, R. T., Kildare

Jackson, Mrs., Rokeby

Kelly, Joseph, Culloden Cottages
King, G., Craig-Royston
Kinghan, David P., Derryhale

Leathem, K., Redroofs

Magill, Mrs. M., Culloden Cottages
Malcolm, T., Whinney Hill
Moffitt, Dermott, Dunelm
Mulligan, Mrs. James, Miramar

McCormick, Mrs., Estate Cottages
McCormick, Mrs. H. M., Cultra House
McDowell, Thomas, Arendal House
McErvel, James E., Temara
McGimpsey, B., Whinney Hill
McMullan, F. D., Coil-Mara
McMullan, Mrs., Windwhistle House

Neill, H. T., Mayfield
Neill, Mrs. S. D., Ardmoyle
Nelson, Mrs. Omar C., Doon
Nelson, W. H. Niall, solicitor, Doon

Patterson, Samuel, Hilldea Cottage
Pears, Ronald, Woodlands
Pollock, Miss Ada, Glynn

Rainey, Miss, Whinney Hill
Rainey, W., Coil-Mair Cottage
Ritchie, Misses, Inverlock
Robb, Frederick, Charleville
Ross, Conway A., Henley

Scott, Alexander, Whinney Hill
Shaw, J. H., Cedara, Marino
Sinclair, T., Greenoge
Steele, Robert, Avandale
Storey, F., Maormar
Sykes, F., Nutgrove, Cultra

Workman, Robert E., The Grey House
Wyman, ?, Linden-Lea

County Antrim

     Is situated on the main road from Larne to the Giant's Causeway, which is about thirty-five miles distant.  The village is an excellent centre for the far-famed scenery of the Antrim Coast.  There is good trout fishing and sea fishing.  There is good bathing at Limerick Port and Salmon Rock, and a fine walk brings the visitor to Glenan, Glendun, and Glenariff.  The last-mentioned place is the most beautiful of the Antrim Glens.  Lurigethan Hill (1,154 feet) overlooks Cushendall, and is most picturesque.  The ruins of Layde Church are about twenty minutes' walk from the village, and should be visited. There are eight fairs in the year: 14th February, 17th March, 14th May, 29th June, 14th August, 29th September, 14th November, 22nd December. Should any of these dates fall on a Saturday, the fair is carried to Monday instead. The monthly sale of fat cattle and sheep, under the Ministry of Food, Meat and Livestock Control Scheme, is held at Cushendall on the second Friday of each month.


Church of Ireland - Rector, Rev. T. G. Sharpe, M.A.
Presbyterian - Rev. A. Robinson
Roman Catholic Chapel - Canon O'Rawe, P.P.


Roman Catholic (Male) - L. Moraghan, principal
Roman Catholic (Female) - Miss Kearney, principal
Church of Ireland P.E.S. - Mrs. Boyd, principal


Cottage Hospital - Matron, C. I. Fraser; district nurse, Mrs. McAuley, Knockans, Cushendall
Magistrates - Charles Agnew, Dr. A. McSparran, Col. Savage, G.M.G.
Local Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - A. McSparran, M.D.
Northern Bank Ltd. - M. E. Sweeney, manager
R.U.C. - Sergeant Connell and five constables


Cushendall Hotel - Mrs. J. Black
Glens of Antrim Hotel - F. A. Seymour
Glenville Hotel - Mrs. M. Black
Temperance Hotel - Mrs. Spence
Thornlea Hotel - Mrs. Faulkner


Agnew, Charles, farmer
Anderson, Mrs., tearooms

Cooper, Miss, Hill Crest, Cushendall

De Largy, A., Cushendall
De Largy, James, Garron View
Delargy, James and Patrick, motor mechanic
Dobbs, Captain Henry, Monavert
Dobbs, Miss M. E., Portnagolan, Cushendall

Faulkner, Mrs.

Hamill, Mrs. confectioner

Kenny, Patrick

Lynn, ?, fruiterer

Maguire, ?, Ballinlig
Millar, James, J.P., Cois-na-Mara
Moonan, ?, chemist
Morrison, Miss, draper
Mullen, J., butcher
Murphy, Archie, coal merchant, Redbay
Murphy, James, grocer

McAlister, Arthur, general merchant
McAlister, A. E. M., Tros Ben
McAlister, D.
McAlister, James, rate collector
McAlister, Mrs., Dun-na-Duar
McAuley, Frank
McAuley, John, C.P.S., Cushendall
McCambridge, Archibald, grocer
McCann, C., publican, Knocknacarry
McCollam, Joseph
McCollum, John, publican
McFetridge, Robert H., garage, Mill Street
McFetridge, Robert H., insurance agent
McFetridge, William J., General Merchant, Closed Cars for Hire. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
McGahan, Daniel, garden ornament manufacturer
McGonnel, Ellen
McGrath, Thomas, publican
McKay, Arthur, Dromore, publican
McKay, Mrs., agent, Midland Railway Co., and Northern Ireland Road Transport Board
McKeegan, Mrs.
McKillop, Daniel, farmer
McSparran, Archibald, Innispollan and Cloney
McSparran, A., M.D., dispensary officer
McSparran, Hugh, flesher

O'Hara, Mrs. D., Bayview
O'Loan, Daniel, carpenter

Robbin, William, Tamlaght, Glenariff

Savage, Colonel, Rarkmoyle
Stevenson, W. & J., grocers
Stone, Mrs. M., confectioner
Sweeney, M. E., Northern Bank

Thompson, Robert
Turnley, Miss, The Cottage

Whiteford, J.


Black, Charles, Redbay, Cushendall
Black, Daniel, Fernsklin, Glenariff
Black, Francis, Foriff, Glenariff
Black, Nathaniel, Bay Glenariff
Delargy, John, Tamlaght, Glenariff
Delargy, William, Donegal, Glenariff
Duffin, Joseph, Tuberwine, Glenariff
Gillis, Charles, Mullarts
Gore, John, Millhallow, Cushendall
Graham, Robert, Drumnacurr, Glenariff
Graham, William, Clonreagh, Glenariff
Harvey, Hugh, Tamlaght, Glenariff
Humphries, Frederick and James, Layde
Kane, James, Layde
Kenny, John, Glenariff
Kenny, Patrick, milk recorder, Layde
Maguire, J., Ballinlig
Mooney, Michael, Oldmill, Cushendall
Murphy, Archibald, Redbay, Cushendall
Murray, Edward, Fernsklin, Glenariff
McAlister, Mrs. Alexander, Boynaugh, Glenariff
McAllister, Patrick, Knockans, Cushendall
McAulay, Arthur, Clough
McAuley, Bernard, Lubetavish
McAuley, Daniel, jun., Clough
McAuley, James, Bay, Glenariff
McAuley, Patrick, Knockans, Cushendall
McCafferty, Patrick, Clonreagh, Glenariff
McCambridge, J., Laney, Cushendall
McCloy, Robert, Lubetavish and Ballyemon
McCollum, Charles, Coolbiddaugh, Cushendall
McCormick, Hugh, Tuberwine, Glenariff
McDonnell, Randal, Falnaglas
McDonnell, Randal, Kilmore, Glenariff
McKillop, Charles, Foriff, Glenariff
McKillop, John, Clough, Cushendall
McQuillan, Hugh, Redbay, Cushendall
McSparran, Mrs. Sarah, Glenan
McNaughton, Daniel, Cushendall
O'Boyle, Neal, Kilmore, Glenariff
O'Neill, Daniel, Grenaghan
Robbin, Alexander, Drumnacurr, Glenariff

County Antrim

     A small village on the Antrim Coast Road about four miles from Cushendall and nine from Ballycastle. The market days are held on the first Wednesday of February, March, April, June, August, October, and December. Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday.


Church of Ireland - Rector, Rev. T. G. Sharpe, M.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. F. Burns, P.P.


Roman Catholic (Male) - T. Delargy
Roman Catholic (Female) - Mrs. Doherty
Glendun - Miss McLarnon


Northern Bank, Ltd. - J. O'Kane, manager
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - A. McSparran, M.D.


Bay Hotel - The Misses Elliott
Cushendun Hotel - Miss K. McBride
Glendun Hotel - Mrs. Elliott, proprietress


Adrain, Maggie, farmer, Cushlake

Brogan, E., farmer

Darragh, John, farmer, Cushlake
Duncan, John

Hamilton, John, grocer
Hamilton, Patrick, farmer, Cushlake
Hamilton, Sarah

Kane, William, farmer, Glendun
Keenan, B., farmer, Glendun
Keenan, Daniel, farmer, Glendun
Keenan, Patrick, farmer, Glendun
Kennedy, Miss, post officer, Knocknacarry

Laverty, Miss J., post office
Levy, Mrs., confectioner; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"

Magill, Mrs.
Mullan, John P., farmer, Glendun
Murphy, Charles, farmer, Cushlake
Murray, Hugh, farmer, Dunurgan
Murray, James, farmer, Knocknacarry

McAlister, Arthur, grocer
McAlister, James, farmer
McAlister, James, farmer, Glendun
McAlister, Mary
McAuley, C., blacksmith, Knocknacarry
McAuley, John, farmer, Glendun
McAuley, P., farmer, Glendun
McBride, John, caretaker
McBride, Mrs., publican
McCann, J.
McClean, Mrs., farmer, Dunurgan
McCollum, Hugh, farmer
McCormick, Charles, Knocknacarry
McCormick, Daniel, farmer, Glendun
McCormick, Francis, farmer, Glendun
McCormick, James, farmer, Cushlake
McCormick, John, farmer, Cushlake
McCormick, Miss C., barding house
McCormick, Mrs., farmer, Dunurgan
McCormick, Patrick, farmer, Glendun
McCormick, Patrick, farmer, Cushlake
McCormick, P., farmer
McCurdy, Alexander, farmer, Cushlake
McDonald, James, Dunurgan
McElhernan, George, Straid
McElheron, J., farmer
McFetridge, R., grocer, Dunurgan
McGarry, Neill, Straid
McGavock, Alexander, farmer, Dunurgan
McGavock, Hugh, farmer, Knocknacarry
McGhee, Joseph, farmer, Glendun
McGreer, Dennis, grocer, Knocknacarry
McHugh, ?, instructor
McKay, Alexander, farmer, Cushlake
McKay, Barney, publican, Dunurgan
McKay, B., farmer
McKay, Charles, farmer, Cushlake
McKay, John, grocer, Milltown
McKay, John, grocer, Knocknacarry
McKay, Mrs., Dunurgan
McKeague, Nathaniel, farmer, Cushlake
McKendry, Charles, farmer, Cushlake
McKendry, James, farmer, Cushlake
McKendry, Mrs. J., boarding house
McKendry, Mrs. J., farmer, Cushlake
McKernan, Daniel, carpenter, Straid
McKillop, Daniel, farmer, Glendun
McKillop, Dennis, farmer, Dunurgan
McKillop, James, Dunurgan
McKillop, James, farmer, Glendun
McKillop, John, Dunurgan
McKillop, Mrs., Dunurgan
McKillop, Mrs. J., farmer, Glendun
McKillop, P., farmer
McKinley, A., farmer
McKinley, Mrs. J., farmer, Cushlake
McLaughlin, Michael, farmer, Glendun
McLaughlin, Neill, farmer
McMullan, Mrs., Knocknacarry
McMullan, N. J., farmer, Glendun
McMullan, Robert, farmer, Glendun
McNamee, Miss, teacher, Culraney
McNeill, Daniel, farmer, Cushlake
McNeill, James, farmer, Glendun
McNeill, James, farmer, Cushlake
McNeill, J., grocer
McNeill, Michael, farmer, Glendun
McNeill, Patrick, Straid
McSparran, A., Cloney

O'Drain, Mary, tea rooms
O'Hara, Alexander, flesher, Knocknacarry
O'Hara, John, farmer, Glendun
O'Hara, John, driver, Knocknacarry
O'Hara, P., farmer
O'Neill, Alexander, Dunurgan
O'Neill, Charles, farmer, Glendun
O'Neill, Daniel, farmer, Cushlake
O'Neill, Mrs. D., farmer, Glendun
O'Neill, Mrs. P., farmer, Glendun
O'Neill, Patrick E., farmer, Glendun

Scally, Harry, The Villa
Sharkey, Mrs., farmer, Glendun