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1943 Belfast Street Directory

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1943 Index

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Edenderry, Shaw's Bridge - Enniskillen  |  Fintona - Fivemiletown
Garvagh - Gilford - Glenarm - Glenavy - Gortin - Greenisland
Greyabbey - Groomsport

County Down

     Five miles from Belfast. Shops' half-holiday, Thursday.


Armstrong, Wm., Ringview House, Ballynahatty
Brown, Mrs., Edenderry House, Shaw's Bridge
Collins, John, Hillhead
Crawford, D., Ballynahatty
Dempsey, Angus, Ballynahatty
Dowling, Elizabeth, Hillhead
Gray, Marcus, Hillhead
Greer, Thomas, Ballynahatty
James, William, dentist, Edenderry House
Leathem, Jack, Ballynahatty
Martin, J., Hillhead
McAuley, J., Ballynahatty
McCormick, George, Edenderry Supply Store
McKeown, James, Porter Lodge, Terrace Hill
McKeown, W. J., Ballynahatty
McMurray, T., Edenderry Cottage
Nelson, James, Farmyard
Patterson, J., Farmyard
Press, Stephen, Ballynahatty
Robinson, E. R., J.P., Terrace Hill, Ballynahatty
Skates, David, Farmyard
Weir, Mrs., Ainsdale
Workman, Edward, Ballynahatty

   3. Lucas, George
   4. McWilliams, Miss
   5. Ferguson, W. J.
   6. Smyth, Robert
   7. Black, Mrs.
   8. White, Mrs.
   9. Greer, Mrs. William
 10. Carruthers, James
 11. Taylor, Mrs., William
 12. Gordon, Robert, bricklayer
 13. Crawford, Miss L.
 14. Ferguson, Thomas
 15. Davis, James
 16. Skates, William
 17. Heasley, Thomas
 18. McCormick, John
 19. Copeland, Matthew
 20. Scott, William
 21. Crawford, William
 22. Waterworth, B.
 23. Fry, Mrs.
 24. Lucas, Mrs.
 25. Press, S.
 26. McNeill, James
 27. Maze, W.
 28. Kinkead, Mrs. E.
 29. Gilliland, Miss
 30. Mackey, Mrs.
 31. Allen, J.
 32. Reid, William
 33. Johnston, James
 34. Taylor, Mrs. H.
 35. Lowry, Miss
 36. Herdman, W.
 37. Seaton, Archibald
 38. McKee, Thomas J.
 39. Clarke, Richard
 40. Brown, George
 41. Dornan, James
 42. McKee, Mrs. James
 43. Graham, John
 44. Smith, Mrs. James
 45. Smyth, Hugh
 46. Lucas, Joseph
 47. Graham, Mrs. R.
 48. Bradford, Alexander
 49. Hazlett, D.
 50. Seton, Miss D.
 51. Kinkead, William
 52. Ross, Samuel
 53. Phillips, S.
 54. Holmes, John
 55. Bingham, William
 56. Bradford, John
 57. Bradford, J.
 66. Stewart, David
 67. Greer, Robert
 68. Reid, Samuel
 69. McKee, Miss M.
 70. Scott, Arthur
 71. McAvoy, Miss
 72. McLinton, Mrs.
 73. Waterworth, James
 74. Ferguson, Samuel
 75. Allen, Alexander
 76. North, William
 77. Taylor, Thomas
 78. Taylor, M., jun.
 79. Dornan, Ellen
 80. Martin, Angus
 81. Jordon, Mrs.
 82. Cully, Miss
 83. Phillips, S.
 84. Archer, Mrs.
 85. Brown, Harry, labourer
 86. McGrath, Mary
 87. Copeland, Mrs. Robert
 88. McWilliams, William
 89. Maxwell, Mrs.
 90. McKee, Edward
 91. McWilliams, John
 92. Lucas, Thomas
 93. McKeachney, Mrs.
 94. Press, William
 95. Rutherford, J.
 96. Bourke, Sarah
 97. Bailie, Mrs. J.
 98. Argent, Mrs.
 99. Neill, Minnie
100. Waterworth, David
101. McAvoy, Robert
102. Mackey, Joseph
103. White, John
104. Brown, Hugh
105. Harrison, Thomas, cropper
        Patton, Mrs., farm

County Fermanagh

     An inland town ninety-three miles south-west from Belfast, comprising an area of 129 acres.  The town is situated on an island in the river connecting the upper and lower lakes of Lough Erne, and on the adjacent mainland on both sides, which communicate with each other by two bridges.  There is a market for corn, pork, and butter, always well supplied.  Fairs are held on the 10th of every month, on the 26th May and 26th October; markets, Tuesday and Thursday.  The Assizes for the county and Quarter and Petty Sessions are held in the town, which is the headquarters of the Constabulary for the county. The population at the census of 1937 was 4,880. Every Wednesday shops close at 1.30 p.m., except when that day is the 10th day of the month, in which case the half-day is on the Friday following. Should Monday be a whole holiday (such as Whit and Easter) no half-holiday is given during the week


Church of Ireland, Church Street - Very Rev. Hubert MacManaway, M.A., dean
Presbyterian Church, East Bridge Street - Rev. A. J. Jenkins
Methodist Church, Darling Street - Rev. J. B. Jennings
Roman Catholic Chapel, Darling Street - Very Rev. P. J. Gannon, V.G.
Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, East Bridge Street - R. J. Coalter, Secretary


Bank of Ireland - Manager, T. Faloon
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., Townhall Street - Manager, J. Morrell
Munster and Leinster Bank - J. Ryan, manager
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Darling Street - Manager, George G. Alexander
Savings Bank, Church Street - Actuary, W. J. Wadsworth
Ulster Bank Ltd. - W. A. Wilson, Manager
Ulster Bank, Ltd., Agency, Belmore Street - Attendance, Fair Days


Town Clerk - A. W. Ritchie, M.A.
R.U.C. - County Inspector, Major Gorman; District Inspector (Enniskillen), S. McNeill
Resident Magistrate - Major Dickie
Magistrates - Earl of Belmore, D.L.; Sir E. Archdale, D.L.; John E. F. Collum, H.M.L.; Hon. Cecil Lowry-Corry, J. B. Frith, Capt. J. Wray, N. Maguire, R. Dickson, W. Hamilton, E. D. Kerr, H. Montgomery Irwin, R. H. Ritchie, George Whaley, R. W. Johnston, H. J. D. Moffitt, W. F. Dewane and David Reilly
Clerk of Petty Sessions - James White, Lisbellaw
Dispensary, Head Street - Medical officer, Dr. T. A. Smyth, Darling Street
Borough Surveyor and Executive Sanitary Officer - James Donnelly
Inland Revenue - Income Tax Inspector, A. Sharpe, 7 Ann Street
Fermanagh County Library, Fairview - Miss M. Wray, A.I.A., librarian
Newspapers - "Fermanagh Times, "Impartial Reporter,"  "Fermanagh Herald,"
County Instructor in Agriculture - D. T. Ritchie
Cattle Market and Weighbridge, Fair Green, Belmore Street
Pork, corn, and butter market, Market Lane
Registrar for births, marriages, and deaths - John Brown, clerk of union
Post Office - J. Long, Postmaster
Fire Brigade - Volunteer.  Hose kept in Town Hall yard
Enniskillen Nursing Society - Mrs. Finlay, secretary
Enniskillen Branch N.S.P.C.C. - Secretary, B. Leslie Winslow
League of Pity - Secretary, Mrs. Morrell, Belfast Bank House
Enniskillen Branch of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - H. M. Irwin, J.P., Derrygore
Masonic Hall.  Four lodges - 205, 473, 586, 891. Also R.A. Chapter 205. High Knights Templar's Preceptory No. 332; Erne Council No. 15 (Knight Masonry), and Prince Mason's Chapter.
Union Workhouse (Counties Fermanagh and Cavan) - Hon. C. Lowry-Corry, J.P., chairman; J. J. Coalter, J.P., vice-chairman; John Brown, clerk; Walter Megaw, master; Miss Dolan, matron; Dean MacManaway, M.A., Church of Ireland chaplain; Rev. A. J. Jenkins, Presbyterian chaplain; Very Rev. P. J. Gannon, V.G., Roman Catholic chaplain; Dr. M. E. McBrien, medical officer
Rural District Council - John Brown, clerk, Union Workhouse
Fermanagh County Hospital - H. T. Fleming, F.R.C.S.I., F.R.C.S.E., surgeon; M. E. McBrien, M.B., honorary surgeon; F. W. Bryson, M.B., hon. physician; house surgeon, Kenneth Alexander, M.B.
Lough Erne Drainage Board - Office, Lisnaskea; secretary, J. Coffey, Lisnaskea
Fermanagh Club, Church Street - Hon. secretary, Hon. C. Lowry-Corry
Enniskillen Yacht Club, East Bridge Street - A. Herbert, secretary
Fermanagh Protestant Orphan Society - Secretary, Rev. Canon R. Tighe, LL.D., Lisbellaw


Imperial Hotel, Townhall Street
Royal Hotel, Townhall Street


Royal School, Portora - Headmaster, Ian M. Stuart, M.A., Dublin University.  Gloucester House Preparatory School - A. W. Barnes, M.A., house master
Enniskillen Collegiate School for Girls, Toneystick, Enniskillen (under Regional Education Committee) - Mrs. Smith, B.A., prin.
Mount Lourdes School for Girls - Sr. Benignus
Model Public Elementary Schools - Boys' and Girls' School - Headmaster, S. J. Simpson. Infant School - Miss Brown, mistress
St. Michael's Public Elementary School - Br. Declain, principal
St. Michael's Intermediate Schools (Roman Catholic) - Bro. Regius, principal
Enniskillen Technical School - Principal, D. Hanna


Adams, Frank, victualler, Belmore Street
Adams, Patrick, cattle dealer, Bloomfield Terrace
Adamson & Co., druggists, Darling Street
Aitken, James, Millmount
Algeo, T., Fort Lea
Anderson, J., grocer, Church Street
Armstrong, C. S., victualler, Townhall Street
Armstrong, J., town sergeant, Henry Street
Armstrong & Kingston, drapers, High Street
Armstrong, Mrs., confectioner, Darling Street
Armstrong, W., agent for Messrs. Inglis & Co., Belfast, High Street
Atlas Assurance Company, Limited - R. J. Calvert, jun., agent
Auction Rooms, West Bridge - D. Devine, proprietor

Baker, E. C., overseer, Forthill Road
Baker, J., reporter, Rossorry Terrace
Barkley & Crozier, grocers, Belmore Street
Barnes, A. W., M.A., Gloucester House, Portora
Barnes, M., Trory
Bartley, J., Fairview Place
Beggs & Wilson, ladies' outfitters, Darling Street
Belford, Robert, Willoughby Place
Belmore, Earl of, D.L., Castlecoole
Benson, Rev. R. E. M., Garvary Rectory
Betty, W., coach builder, Willoughby Place
Blake, A., grocer, Townhall Street
Blake, William, publican, Church Street
Blanc, Miss, hairdresser, Darling Street
Blanc, William, victualler, High Street
Bleakley, F., victualler, High Street
Bleakley, Mrs., victualler, Darling Street
Brady, Mrs., confectioner, Forthill Street
Brady, Dr. P., Belmore Street
Breen & Ternan, ironmongers, High Street
Breen, William, sculptor, Belmore Street
Bridle, K., A.R.C.A. (Lond.), Townhall Street
Brown, Miss Ruby, principal, Beresford Place
Brown, Mrs. W. F., 9 East Bridge Street
Browne, Mrs. Rachael, Roseville
Bryson, W. F., M.B., Ann Street
Buchanan, Arthur, Victoria Terrace
Burkitt, James P., Laragh
Burns, Alexander, Willoughby Place
Burns, Charles, publican, Darling Street
Burns, Miss Irene, Beumont

Calvert, R. J. Cooper Crescent
Campbell, Mrs., Dunree
Campbell, Thomas F., barber, East Bridge Street
Carson, J. N., J.P., Celtic Park
Cassidy, Maurice, publican, Belmore Street
Chambers, Irvine, grocer, East Bridge Street
Chambers & Jackson, boot merchants, Church Street
Chambers, W., Celtic Park
Charlton, J. W., county surveyor, Orchard Terrace
Cherry, Head-Constable, R.U.C. depot
Clancey, L. J., customs and excise officer, Floraville
Clarke, D. A., bank official, Brookeville
Clingen, R., Victoria Terrace
Coalter, R. J., rate collector, Paget Street
Codd, J., Sergt., R.U.C.
Colhoun, M., grocer, Darling Street
Collins, P., Townhall Street
Collum, John E. F., H.M.L., Bellevue, Tamlaght
Colvin & Watson, grocers, High Street
Conlon, T., Belmore Street
Connolly, A. D., draper, Townhall Street
Connolly, W., publican, Church Street
Cooper & Co. Ltd., egg and butter exporters, grocers, Diamond
Cooper, James, Crown solicitor, Brookview Lodge
Cooper, Miss Noreen, LL.B., solicitor, Brookview
Co-operative Stores, Church Street
Coupar, H. B., Fort Lea
Crawford, C., Fair View
Crawford, George, jeweller, Townhall Street
Crawford, T., Excise Officer, 1 Craigville
Creighton, R. J., postal clerk, Belmont
Creighton, W. H., furniture dealer, Victoria Buildings
Crowe, Thomas, publican, High Street
Crozier, Miss, tea rooms, High Street

Darley, Col. J. R., Lisbellaw
Day, Fergus, curate, Wellington Place
Devers, J. W., Darling Street
Devers, Mrs., Cooper Crescent
Devine, D., motor engineer, West Bridge
Dewane, W. F., J.P., Townhall Street
Dickie, D. A., tobacconist, East Bridge Street
Dickie, R., hardware merchant, High Street
Dickie, Major T. W., resident magistrate, Ardeevin
Dickson, A., M.B., medical officer to Regional Committee, Cooper Crescent
Dickson, J. A. N., surgeon dentist, Townhall Street
Dixon, G., surveyor, Willoughby Lodge
Doherty, J., insurance agent, Belmore Street
Donnelly, J., borough surveyor, Darling Street 
Donnelly, Mrs., newsagent, Darling Street
Drennan, Miss G. J. C., Henry Street
Duffy, ?, D.-I., R.U.C., Willoughby Place
Dundas, Miss A., Sunnybank

Eames, William, Unionist registration agent, Townhall Street
Eames, W., tobacconist, Daring Street (Darling)
Electricity Board for Northern Ireland, Castle Street
Elliott & Creighton, auctioneers, High Street
Elliott, George, auctioneer, Rossorry Villa
Elliott, Miss D. K., Century House
Elliott, Wesley, Church Street
Ely, Marquis of, Ely Lodge, Enniskillen
Enniskillen Coal & Gas Co., Quay Lane
Enniskillen, Earl of, D.L., C.M.G., Florencecourt
Enniskillen Printing Works, East Bridge Street
Erne Laundry, Henry Street

Falls & Hanna, solicitors, Townhall Street
Fearis, T., Killyhevlin
Ferguson, E. C., M.P., solicitor, Townhall Street
"Fermanagh Herald and Monaghan News," Belmore Street
Fitzsimons, H., Victoria Terrace

Flanagan P., boot shop, Town Hall
Flanagan, P. J., LL.B., solicitor, East Bridge Street (think maybe these 2 have had their addresses swapped maybe?)

Ford, J., garage, Tempo Road
Forsythe, R., harness maker, Belmore Street
Foster, Mrs., Fortmount
Frazer, S. J., pro. manager, Bank of Ireland
Frith, J. B., J.P., Dronfield

Galligan, T., draper, High Street and Fortmount
Gilbert, W. M., manager, Lauraville
Gilbey, W. & A., Townhall Street
Ginn, James, 4 Orchard Terrace
Ginn, Wesley, The Brook
Gordon, Capt. Herbert C., M.C., clerk of Crown and Peace, Byeways
Gracey, Ltd., butter and egg merchants, The Brook
Graham, A., horse dealer, Raceview
Graham, George, Lawnakilla
Guthrie, S., Anne Street

Haire, Miss, children's outfitter, Darling Street
Hall, George, weights and measures inspector, Andrew's Terrace
Hall, Rev. John, Cherrymount
Hall, L. W. N., Newsagent: Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Darling Street
Hamilton, A., bank official, Celtic Park
Hamilton, Joseph, draper, Diamond
Hamilton, Mrs., children's clothier, Church Street
Hamilton, William, J.P., Church Street
Hands, Miss, Erne View
Hanna, James, solicitor, Fort Lea
Hanna, Mrs. J., fancy warehouse, High Street
Hanson, David, Forthill Street
Hare, Mrs., jeweller, Church Street
Harron, R., U.D.C., draper, 7-9 High Street
Hart, Basil, M.R.C.V.S., Erne View
Hart, D., M.R.C.V.S., Belmore Street
Harte, A., radio dealer, East Bridge Street
Haydock, T. H., dentist, Anne Street
Haxlett, H., D.Ph., 3 Laurabille
Healy, Cahir, M.P., Belmore Street
Henderson & Eadie, tweed manufacturers, Church Street
Henderson, Major J. A., B.A.I., Willoughby Place
Henderson, T. J., draper, Church Street
Herbert, Aidan, solicitor, Townhall Street
Herbert, C. H., dental surgeon, Darling Street
Herbert, R. A., LL.B., solicitor, Townhall Street
Hill, J. T., draper, The Diamond
Hudson, Mrs., confectioner, Darling Street
Hudson, W., photographer, Darling Street
Hunter, Miss V., Townhall Street
Hurst, George, Kilskeery

Ingram, Mrs., Anne Street
Irvine, J. T., grocer, Townhall Street
Irwin, H., Montgomery, J.P., Derrygore

Jackson, Charles, Solana
Jeffers, George, East Bridge Street
Jeffers, J., cycle agent, East Bridge Street
Jenkins, Rev. A. J., The Manse
Johnston, A., farmer, Kinarla, Enniskillen
Johnston, Edward, egg merchant, Willoughby Place
Johnston, Miss, proprietress, Erne Hotel, High Street
Johnston, Mrs. T. H., The Brook
Johnston, Richard, publican, Market Street
Johnston, Robert W., J.P., Lisgoole Abbey
Johnston, T. W., dentist, Belmore Street
Johnston, William, U.D.C., barber, Diamond
Johnston, W., Ingleby Gardens
Jones, Miss Josephine, Royal Hotel, East Bridge Street
Jordan Ltd., merchants, High Street

Kennedy, S. J., bank official, Bloomfield Park
Keown, P., publican, Forthill Street
Kerr, E. D., M.D.E., Carrickreagh
Kerrigan, C., publican, Belmore Street
Kerrigan & Co., publicans, Townhall Street
Keys, W. R., motor car painter, Henry Street
Kidd, Miss M. E., secretary Fermanagh County Hospital Committee of Management
King, C., P.O. overseer, Cooper Crescent
Kingston, Rev. E., Cleenish
Kingston, Rev. R. A., Letterbreen

Ledingham, Miss, Jubilee nurse, Beresford Place
Lee, W. B., dentist, Darling Street
Lemon, John A., Hollyhill
Lemon, J., & Son, Ltd., sand merchants, East Bridge Street
Liddle, Major E., Belmore Street
Lindsay, John, bank accountant, Old Rossorry
Lipton, Ltd., grocers, Church Street
Little, S. C., manager, Cooper Crescent
Little, T. J., Conerick House
Logan, J., manager, Thistle Bank
London & Lancashire Insurance Company - R. J. Calvert, jun., agent
Lowry-Corry, Hon. Cecil, J.P., Castlecoole
Lucas, J. H., Ely Place
Lusted, J., Fortmount

Macken, F., publican, Belmore Street
Mackenzie, W. R., M.B., Lake View
MacManaway, Very Rev. Hugh, Dean of Clogher, The Deanery
MacManaway, Rt. Rev. James, Bishop of Clogher, Aghavea House, Brookeborough
Macmenemy, John, V.S., Drumclay
Macredy, R. J., solicitor, East Bridge Street
Magee, Mrs., publican, Townhall Street
Maguire & Herbert, solicitors, Townhall Street
Maguire J., Ltd., motor engineers, Darling Street; service station, Henry Street
Maguire, Dr. J., Riverside, Florence Court
Maguire, J. J., Tamlaght
Maguire, Mrs. Molly, Cooper Crescent
Maguire, Mrs. Rose, Braemount
Maguire, T., The orchard
Malone, J., B.Sc., Willoughby Place
Martin, Mrs., publican, Townhall Street
Mavitty, Desmond, Onahill
Mavitty, Harold, Old Bonded Stores
Maxwell, W., chemist, Belmore Street
Mercer, J., Mountview, Drumclay
Mercer, T. A., jeweller, High Street
Miles, Mrs., Alexandra Terrace
Moffitt, Herbert, J.P., secretary, County Council Courthouse, and Ballinamallard
Montgomery, H., auctioneer and valuer, 22 East Bridge Street
Moore, Mrs., Wellworth's Stores
Moore, William, optician, Darling Street
Moore, W. G., Cooper Crescent
Morgan, Mrs., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Belmore Street
Morrell, James, manager, Belfast Bank
Morrison, W. T., delph house, Darling Street
Mulhern & Co., publicans, Belmore Street
Murphy, Mrs. J. E., Brunei, Old Rossorry
Murphy, ?, grocer, Darling Street
Murray, David, head-constable. Wickham Place

McBratney, R. N., building contractor, Willoughby Place
McBrien, M. E., M.B., Darling Street
McCarten, B., school inspector, Fort Lodge
McClintock, W. T., B.Agr., The Coagh
McClure, A., assistant surveyor, Bloomfield Terrace
McCutcheon, W. J., victualler, East Bridge Street
McDonagh, Charles, Ardowen
McFarland, Rev. Edward W., M.A., M.C., Derryvullen Parsonage, Tamlaght
McGovern, F., publican, Church Street
McGuire, Mrs. H., Cooper Crescent
McHenry, J., National Pharmacy, High Street
McIntosh, H., Alexandra Terrace
McIntyre, W. J., 6 Fort Lea
McKeague, Miss, Townhall Street
McKeown, C., painter, Orchard Terrace
McKew, Rev. E. J., Derrybrusk Rectory
McLaughlin, Noel, estate office
McLoughlin, Mrs., publican, Fair View
McManus, P., publican, High Street
McNamee, Mrs., Railway Hotel, Forthill Street
McNeary, T. A., accountant, Church Street
McNulty, Kathleen, publican, The Brook
McNutt, Rev. J. A. M., Ingleby Gardens
McQuitty, W., manager, Darling Street

Nawn, R., Classic Restaurant
Nelson, Thomas, painter, East Bridge Street
Nelson, William, building contractor, Belmore Street
Nixon, W., Celtic Park

Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Limited - R. J. Calvert, jun., agent
O'Hare, P. J., journalist, Celtic Park
O'Mahoney, G., manager, Old Rossorry
O'Reilly, Mrs. P., publican, Queen Street

Parker, A., grocer and publican, Darling Street
Parker, I. W., Darling Street
Parker, I. W., The Cross, Enniskillen
Parker & Montgomery, auctioneers, East Bridge Street
Patterson, Charles, grocer, High Street
Peacocke, J. A., D.-I., Commandant R.U.C. Depot
Pearson, Mrs., Old Rossorry
Pierce, Charles, builder, Ben View
Pierce, Henry, & Sons, Wellington Place
Pierce, Irvine, Anne Street
Plunkett, Ltd., grocers, Down Street
Poots, H., Head-Constable, R.U.C. Depot
Pratt, Ven. Archdeacon, I. H., B.D., Rossory Rectory

Quinn, T., tailor, The Diamond
Quinton, R., cattle dealer, Lackaboy

Rawlinson, Allen, & White, chartered accountants and auditors, Bank Buildings, Townhall Street
Reade, Miss Constance, Castletown, Monea
Refuge Assurance Co., Church Street
Regan, John, Belmore Street
Regan, John, publican, Church Street
Reid, Cecil, representative, B.S.S. Co. Lauraville
Reilly, David, J.P., Townhall Street
Ritchie, A. W. G., M.A., LL.B., town clerk, Alexandra Terrace
Ritchie, Mrs. J. E., Sunnybank
Ritchie, Robert H., J.P., journalist and newspaper proprietor, Albert Terrace
Ritchie, Sydney, Drumclay
Robinson, T., cashier, Chanter Hill
Royal Insurance Co. Ltd. - Agent, R. J. Calvert, jun.
Rutherford, Mrs. M., Race View

Scales, H. S., A.R.C.S.I., Lauraville
Scott, John, grocer, Church Street
Scott, J., Ely Place
Scott, Mrs. W., confectioner, Townhall Street
Scottish Co-operative Stores, Henry Street
Shaw, Mrs., newsagent, Belmore Street
Sheridan, Miss, ladies' outfitter, Townhall Street
Simon, E. L., organist, Sunnybank
Simpson, S. J., headmaster, Model School
Sisk & Son, builders, Church Street
Slevin, W., town sergeant, Town Hall
Sloan, John, Erne Cliffe
Sloan, J., & Son, boot merchants, High Street
Smith, F. H., The Brook
Smith, Mrs., B.A., principal, Cheltenham Mount
Smith, T., B.A.I., Idrone
Smyth, T. A., M.B., Darling Street
Somerville, Mrs., Willoughby Place
Stansfield, B., photographer, Darling Street
Steele, Rev. W. B., B.A., Levally
Stewart, Mrs., Bloomfield Terrace
Stone, W. H. C., B.A., B.A.I., district engineer, Prospect House
Stuart, Ian M., M.A., headmaster
Stuart, Mrs. W. H., Stepaside, Portora
Stuart, W. J., Ingleby Gardens
Switzer, Mrs., Alexandra Terrace

Taylor, Cecil, Greendale
Taylor, W. S., L.P.S.I., chemist and druggist, Townhall Street and Lakemount
Taylor, W. W., veterinary surgeon, Celtic Park
Teele, Mrs., Dunbar House
Teele, Captain William, Dunbar House
Thomas, Mrs., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Belmore Street
Thompson's Dye Works, Darling Street
Thornton, F. J., solicitor
Thorpe, F., dentist, Darling Street
Timoney, Philip J., M.D., J.P., County Tuberculosis Officer, Willoughby Place
Topping, Mrs., chemist, Church Street
Topping, T., motor engineer, Dublin Road
Trimble, Wm., wholesale stationer and printer, proprietor "Impartial Reporter," East Bridge Street
Trimble, W. Egbert, journalist, The Battery, Forthill
Tunney, J., bank cashier, Bloomfield Park
Tully, Mrs., draper, High Street
Tyler, John & Son, boot merchants, 23 Townhall Street

Vaugh, F. la T., Killyreagh

Wadsworth, Miss, Cheltenham Mount
Wadsworth, William, Old Rossorry
Wallace, W. S., Celtic Park
Walmsley, R., grocer, Belmore Street
Ward, John, fruiterer, East Bridge Street
Ward, Stephen, fruiterer, Townhall Street
Warren, George, com. traveller, Victoria Street
Warren, George, LL.B., solicitor, Drumclay, Coroner for North Fermanagh
West, H., Mullaghmeen, Ballinamallard
West, John, Trory, and The Mill, Enniskillen
Whaley, Cecil, Shan Garry
Whaley, George, J.P., High Street
Whaley, K. P., dental surgeon, Church Street
Whaley, P. J. K., electrical engineer, 9 High Street
Whaley, Thomas, Bloomfield Terrace
Whaley & Sons, grocer and bakers, High Street
Wilson, G. E., draper, High Street
Wilson, Rev. J., Drumclay
Wilson, R., cattle dealer, Levaghy
Winslow, B. Leslie, solicitor, East Bridge Street
Winslow, Eric, solicitor, Old Rossorry
Winslow, Mervyn, solicitor, Minnamurra
Wray, Capt. John P., J.P., Drumcoo
Wray, Miss Marjorie, Old Rossorry

Young, Thomas H., Cooper Crescent

County Tyrone

     A town situated in the southern division of the County.  A market for pork, corn, butter, etc., is held every Friday, and a horse, cattle, sheep, and pig fair on the 22nd of each month.  The "Sir Henry Wilson Memorial" orange Hall is erected on a beautiful site overlooking the Mill Pond. The shops' half-holiday is on Wednesday. Population in 1937 was 1,002


Church of Ireland - Parish Church - Rev. W. B. Naylor, B.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. S. J. Patterson, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. S. Morrow
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Gannon, P.P.


Post office - Mrs. Bullick, postmistress
Dispensary Station - Dr. F. Bradley, medical officer and sanitary inspector
Fintona Horse Show and Sports - Secretary and treasurer, G. H. Bullick
District Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. F. Bradley
Fintona Golf Club - Dr. F. Bradley, hon. sec.
Badminton Club - Iram Ballantyne, hon. secty.
Fintona Recreation Club - M. Martin, hon. sec.
Commissioner for Affidavits - J. F. Buchanan
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Thomas Emerson
Northern Banking Ltd. - R. Stone, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd. - Agency - Attendance Friday and Fair Days, Main Street


Denamona - J. E. Lynch, principal
King Street (Male) - P. McGinn, principal
King Street (Female) - Mrs. Colgan, principal
Lisnacrieve - Miss Wright, principal
Cranny - Mr. Sloan, principal
Tyreenan - Mrs. Campbell, principal
Skelga - Mrs. Donald, principal
Legamahery - Mrs. McBride, principal


Armstrong, Mrs., dress maker, Main Street
Acheson, Constable, R.U.C.

Ballantyne, Iram, insurance agent
Ballintine, R., novelty house
Baxter, John, proprietor, Eccles Arms Hotel
Beattie, Miss W. M., music teacher
Beattie, T. King, chemist
Bell, N., agent, Silcocks
Best, J., hairdresser
Boyle, J. J., restaurant
Brien, Sergt., R.U.C.
Buchanan, J. F., commissioner for taking affidavits
Bullick & Co., drapers and outfitters
Bullick, G. H., agent Royal Insurance Co.

Caldwell, G., victualler, Main Street
Caldwell, G., grocer and hardware merchant, Main Street
Caldwell, Mrs., Kiln Street
Campbell, John, foreman, Carnalea
Campbell, Joseph, restaurant
Campbell, Mrs., school teacher
Carnew, J., grocer, High Street
Carney, Hanna, spirit merchant
Carr, J., caretaker, Town Hall
Carson, M., sexton, Presbyterian Church
Chambers, Dr. J., J.P., school medical officer
Chambers, Capt. R. A., M.C., J.P., Skelga House
Christy, H., R.U.C.
Coleman, Mrs., grocer
Colgan Bros., masons
Colgan, E., hairdresser
Colgan, Miss, newsagent
Collins, James, postman, Mill Street
Connolly, P., tailor
Corrigan, Mrs., dressmaker and restaurant
Corry, Mrs., Main Street
Coulter Bros., motor engineers
Coulter, W. J., builder and contractor
Crawford, D., postman, Ednasop
Crawford, Irwin, carpenter, Mill Street
Crawford, I., watch and clock repairs, Mill Street
Crawford, W., station master
Cummings, S., quarry owner and contractor
Curry, William, tailor

Donald, Mrs., teacher, Skelga
Donnelly, John, clerk of markets
Donnelly, J., spirit merchant
Donnelly, Mrs. N., stationer, Main Street
Donnelly, Mrs. P., maternity nurse, Main Street
Donnelly, M., stationer
Donnelly, Patrick, blacksmith
Donnelly, P., tailor, Main Street
Duncan, Fred, cattle dealer

Emerson, Thomas, petty sessions clerk

Fiddes, Mrs., The Bangalow (Bungalow?)
Fitzgerald, John, victualler
Fleming, George, tailor
Fleming, H., hairdresser, Main Street

Gibson, James, labourer, Church Street
Gibson, Robert, postman
Gibson, Thomas, postman, Railway Road
Gilmore, R., proprietor, Imperial Hotel
Gilmour, Miss, newsagent, delph and china
Gilmour, W., hardware merchant and grocer
Gorman, F., second-hand clothier
Guy, Wilson

Hagan, Miss, dressmaker
Hamilton, A., shoemaker
Hamilton, J., grocer and fruiterer
Hamilton, J., G.N.R.
Hamilton, Thomas, postman and barber
Hamilton, William, boot maker
Heagney, F., porter, G.N.R.
Henderson, Alexander, clerk
Hewitt, J., motor agent and photographer
Houston, James, rate collector

Imperial Hotel, Miss Gilmour
Irvine, Moses, Denamona House

Johnston, E., M.R.C.V.S.
Johnston, Matthew, chemist, The Pharmacy
Johnston, Misses, Lisky House
Johnston, W., agent
Jones, Mrs. H. F., grocer and provision merchant

Kelly, Michael, cattle dealer, Main Street
Kelly, Mrs., restaurant
Keys, Paul R., draper and boot merchant
Keys, W. J., motor car owner and hirer

Livinstone, R., lorry driver
Lynch, J. E., teacher, Denamona House

Magee, P., grocer
Maguire, J., boarding house and confectioner
Mahon, P., grocer and cattle dealer
Martin, J.
Martin, Marshall, bread server
Maxwell, D., tea rooms
Monaghan, William J., spirit merchant
Moore, E., agent
Moore, Mrs., maternity nurse
Moore, R., hairdresser and postman
Moore, William, signalman, G.N.R.
Moss, Daniel, Echo Villa
Muldoon, Francis, cooper and confectioner
Muldoon, Miss, newsagent, Main Street
Mullan, Peter, postman, Main Street
Mulligan, William, shoemaker
Mullin, Joseph, saddler
Mullin, Patrick, farmer

McAleer, John, dealer, Mill Street
McAleer, William, sexton, Methodist Church
McAlinney, J., spirit merchant
McAtee, Mrs. M., spirit merchant and undertaker
McBride, J., agent, King Street
McBride, Miss, home bakery
McBride, Mrs. J., teacher, King Street
McCaffery, P., J.P., R.D.C., Main Street
McCaffery, P. P., surgeon dentist
McCarney, J., spirit merchant
McCarroll, Miss, grocer
McClain, William, van driver, G.N.R.I.
McConnell, James, shoe maker, King Street
McConnell, J., horse trainer
McConnell, Oliver, horse trainer and carter
McCoy, Mrs., entertainment
McCoy, Thomas, butcher and postman
McCrea, R. & S., drapers, shipping agents and boot merchants, Agents for "Belfast News-Letter"
McCullagh, Mrs., tea rooms, Main Street
McCusker, Frank, grocer, Main Street
McCusker, J., postman
McCusker, Miss, lodging house
McDonald, G., tinsmith, Dromore Road
McElhatton, P., poultry merchant, King Street
McGaughey, H., horse dealer
McGinn, P., teacher
McGlinn, P., publican
McGrath, Mrs., confectioner, Main Street
McGrenaghan, Owen, labourer
McGuigan, John, motor car hirer, King Street
McGuigan, Misses, confectioners
McGuigan, Patrick, undertaker
McGuigan, P. J., butcher
McGuigan, Thomas, motor hirer, Main Street
McGuigan, T., labourer
McGuire, Joseph, grocer and restaurant
McGurk, G., painter and house decorator
McGurn, F., insurance agent
McKernaghan, John, poultry dealer
McKimm, Robert, labourer
McLaughlin, E., butter and egg merchant
McLaughlin, E., poultry dealer
McLaughlin, Patrick, cattle dealer
McMoran, J., boot and shoe repairer, cycle agent
McMullan, Mrs., spirit merchant, King Street
McNally, A., spirit merchant
McNulty, Daniel, grocer
McNulty, Daniel, jun., poultry merchant
McNulty, James, solicitor
McNulty, Miss, music and dancing teacher
McNulty, Mrs. D., boot and shoe warehouse, King Street
McSorley, M., bread server, Main Street

Neeley, E. & H., merchant tailor
Neely, Norrie, merchant tailor, Main Street
Neeson, J., saddler
Neeson, T., general dealer
Noble, Miss, school teacher

O'Kane, William, poultry dealer
O'Neill, , blacksmith, King Street

Patterson, Charles, corn mills
Patterson, W., manager, Fintona Creamery
Phillips, Mrs., Main Street
Phillips, R., draper, Main Street
Phillips, Wm., clog maker
Polock, M., pig breeder, Derrabard Demesne

Quinn, Joseph, clothes dealer
Quinn, Sheila, confectioner

Reylands, C., R.U.C.
Robinson, A., chimney sweep
Robinson, William, summons server and bailiff
Rodgers, Owen, school attendance officer
Rodgers, P., law clerk
Rodgers, Rose Ann, ladies' hairdresser

Scott, Mrs. G., organist
Sheppard, , R.U.C.
Slevin, Patrick, spirit merchant
Smith, Thomas, The Bungalow, Rathcrane
Smyth Bros., grocers
Sproule, W., engine driver, Mill Street
Stewart, George, draper
Stewart, Joseph, caretaker
Stewart, J., R.U.C.
Stewart, J., grocer and provision merchant
Stewart, W. R., grocer
Stuart, D. J., Main Street

Thompson, R., wireless agent
Trainor, Mrs. T., tea rooms, Mill Street
Treanor, T., carpenter, Main Street
Trotter, Alex., draper, boot and shoe merchant

Warnock, Misses, Skelga House
Watson, J. D., registration agent, Dervaghroy
Weir, Montgomery, painter
Williams, Ivan
Wilson, H., cycle agent, Main Street
Wright, G., J.P., Main Street
Wright & Irwin, grocers and hardware merchants
Wright & Irwin, fruiterers and confectioners
Wright, Michael, shoe maker
Wright, Miss, teacher


Allen, W. J., farmer, Raceview
Amos, John, farmer, Cavan
Anderson, I., Killaliss
Anderson, W. J., farmer, Killamoonan
Armstrong, Mrs., grocer, Aughafad

Beattie, J., farmer, Killymoonan
Beattie, W. J., farmer, Cranny
Bell, Neville, agent, Tonaghbeg
Bell, R. J., farmer, Tonaghbeg
Bratton, J., Milltown
Brown, Andrew, farmer, Gargrim
Browne, George, farmer, Annaghboe
Browne-Lecky, R. de M., Ecclesville
Buchanan, G., farmer, Cavan

Caldwell, Charles, farmer, Mullanboy
Caldwell, F., mason, Lisnacrieve
Chambers, Mrs., Brookwood
Cheney, W. H., Dundiven Glebe
Colgan, Patrick, Castletown
Coote, A., farmer, Lisnabulravey
Coulter, James, farmer, Lackagh
Coulter, John, carpenter, Drafton
Cowan, A. D., The Beeches
Crawford, A., Lisnavaddy
Crawford, F., Mullanboy
Creagmiles, J., farmer, Dongoran
Creagmiles, W. J., farmer, Syonfin
Culinan, Arthur, insurance agent, Lisnacrieve
Cullinan, Arthur, insurance agent, Aughafad

Devlin, J., farmer, Mullanboy
Doak, E., carpenter, Drafton
*Donaghey, J., grocer, Tattymoyle
Donald, G., Tattymoyle
Donnelly Bros., blacksmiths, Rathwarren
Duncan, R., farmer, Cavan

Fyffe, William, farmer, Kiltamnagh

Gavan, Michael, J.P., Mullansilloga
Gilmour, W., farmer, Dundiven
Goodman, P., caretaker, Glenview

Hart, ?, secretary, Ecclesville
Henderson, Mrs. A., farmer, Dongoran
Henry, John, grocer, Aughafad
Houston, Richard, farmer, Feenan

Irvine, George, farmer, Aughafad

Johnston, C., grocer, Cavan
Johnston, C., farmer, Donacavey
Johnston, J., Kilcootry
Johnston, R. J., Tonaghmore
Johnston, Tom, farmer, Millanboy
Johnston, W., agent, Killaliss
Jones, Norman, Froughmore

Kennedy, James, shoemaker, Castletown
Keys, D., Mullanboy
Keys, H., Killaliss
Keys, Joseph, farmer, Drafton
Keys, J., farmer, Cranny
Keys, Thomas, Sionee
Kidd, G., farmer, Ednafogery
Kyle, A. J., farmer, The Diamond

Lamie, A., farmer, Tattymoyle
Laughlin, W. J., Cranny
Leitch, C., Sionfin
Lipsett. William, Straitigore
Livingstone, C., Ecclesville
Love, William, Cumber

Meegan, T., farmer, Mountstewart
Melly, W., farmer, Ednatoodry
Monteith, William, Castletown
Moore, E., grocer, Tonagh
Moore, O., farmer, Fintona Junction
Moses, David, saw mills, Seskinore
Moses, R., farmer, Seskinore

McBride, John, landsteward, Ecclesville
McBrien, Owen, grocer, Lisnagardy
McCarney, Miss N. T., Tyreenan School
McConnell, John, farmer, Scregagh
McCormick, Charles, farmer, Cranny
McCusker, J., farmer, Lisnacriece
McCusker, T., Ardatinney
McDermott, Felix, farmer, Mountstewart
McGinn, B., farmer, Annaghboe
McKinney, H., Legatiggle
McKinney, J., farmer, Legatiggle
McNulty, Daniel, R.D.C., farmer, Carnalea

Nichol, John, Belnagarron

Owens, Edward, farmer, Mountstewart

Patterson, Alexander, farmer and cattle dealer, Strategore
Patterson, C., jun., farmer, Blackfoot
Patterson, John, flax mill, Blackfort
Patterson, W., farmer, Blackfort
Pollock, ?, estate owner, Derrabard Demesne
Preston, Thomas, farmer, Lisnacrieve House

Reid, Joseph, farmer, Scregagh
Robb, William, Cumber
Rutledge, William, Skelga

Scott, R., Tullyvalley, Sionfin
Scott, Samuel, farmer, Scregagh
Short, Joseph, farmer and pig breeder, Tullyavalley
Steen, William, Rathwarren
Sterritt, W. & J., farmer, Derrabard

Warnock, William, farmer, Fallaghearn
Wilson, A. J., farmer, Rathwarren
Wilson, Daniel, R.D.C., Feenan
Wilson, Newberry, sheep breeder, Drummond
Wright, J., Legatiggle

County Tyrone

     A market town with 500 inhabitants, in the southern extremity of the county, near the Fermanagh boundary, on a ridge which forms the Watershed between the Erne and the Northern Blackwater, which flows into Lough Neagh. There is a weekly pork, butter, corn and egg market, and a monthly cattle fair. Shops' half-holiday, Wednesday. Markey day, Friday. Fair day, first Friday of each month


Church of Ireland - Rev. Canon Tyner, M.A., B.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. V. G. Byers, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. C. F. Maguire
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Father Nolan, P.P.


Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. H. Nelson
Northern Bank Ltd. - J. A. McNutt, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd. - Agency, Attendance Friday


Abbott, J. R., butcher
Alexander, A. M., Thornfield
Anderson, Robert S., chemist
Armstrong, G. A., farmer
Armstrong, William, Tattyreagh

Ballard, Miss, teacher, Aghawoorey
Ballard, Mrs., Fivemiletown
Ballylurgan Co-operative Society
Bamford, Henry, Model Farm, Cavanaleck
Barnett, John, farmer
Barnett, Thomas, farmer
Beatty, Joseph, egg merchant, Aughater
Bell, Mrs., nurse tender
Bell, William H., grocer, confectioner, hotel
Bennoch, Alexander, garage
Bennoch, Mrs., school teacher
Benson, Richard, blacksmith
Bloomfield, Edward, draper
Bloomfield, Mrs., teacher
Boyd, J., garage
Boyd, Mrs., temperance refreshment rooms
Boyd, Reginald
Boyd, Thomas
Branagin, Patrick
Bratton, Alex., farmer, Cavanaleck
Breadon, Joseph, caretaker, Waterworks
Breadon, William, grocer, Coonian
Brooks, ?, R.U.C.
Brunt bros., grocers
Burleigh, William, landsteward, Blessingbourne
Burnside, Mrs.
Burnside, W., saddler
Busby, Henry, blacksmith

Callaghan, Frank, horse dealer
Callaghan, James, horse dealer
Callaghan, Vincent
Campbell, James, farmer, Cran
Carney, Mrs. P., boarding house
Carruth, Robert, cycle agent
Carruth, Thomas, garage
Carruth, Thomas
Carruth, Walter, garage
Carson, T. W., Commissioner of Oaths
Clarke, M.
Clendinning, David, pork buyer
Clendinning, Frederick, shop assistant
Clingan, R., postman
Colgan, Miss K.
Condell, Henry, gardener
Condell, Robert, Co-operative Stores
Cox, William, boarding house
Crawford, Andrew, registrar
Crawford, Miss J., hairdresser
Crawford, Mrs., confectioner
Crawford, Mrs., The Rectory
Crawford, Samuel, insurance agent
Crawford, Thomas, postman
Crawford, W., barber
Creggan, J., barber
Crockett, Mrs.
Cullinan, J., publican and provision merchant
Curran, Thomas, artist

Deering, E., confectioner
Dixon, Mrs., draper
Dougherty, James, farmer, Murley
Drogan, Thomas, game keeper, Blessingbourne
Dumican, T., R.U.C.

Early, Robert, draper
English, Miss, school teacher
Eveleigh, Mrs., Blessingbourne

Fenton, Mrs., Spout Lane
Fitzgerald, Henry, sexton
Foy, James, labourer
Funston, R., blacksmith

Gamble, S., chemist
Gillespie, Miss, grocer
Gillespie, Wm., hotel, wine and spirit merchant
Girvan, Thomas, engine driver
Glass, John, Blessingbourne
Gordon, A., egg packer
Graham, David William, solicitor
Graham, Edward, labourer
Graham, John, carpenter
Graham, John, blacksmith
Graham, John, & Sons, contractors
Graham, William, corn mills, Coonian
Greenwood, ?, R.U.C.

Haire, Isaiah, manager, Fivemiletown Agricultural Dairy Society
Haire, I., farmer, Corrylongford
Hamilton, Henry, Creive Hill
Harper, William, corn mills, Corrylongford
Hassan, Miss, assistant Fivemiletown P.E.S.
Hawkins, W., greengrocer
Hetherington, John, Murley
Hetherington, John, cattle dealer
Hetherington, Mrs. J., teacher, Cavanaleck
Hopper, John, bread server
Hunter, William, Corcreery Mills

Irvine, George M., farmer, Murley
Irwin, John, boarding house
Irwin, J.
Irwin, Roy, driver
Irwin, William, motor mechanic

Jackson, James, Riverview
Johnston, J. D., solicitor
Johnston, J. W., & Co., Family Grocers, etc., Agents for "Belfast News-Letter"
Johnston, Mrs. E., Aghavoory P.E.S.
Johnston, Mrs. W.
Keenan, Bernard, civil bill officer
Keenan, Bernard
Keenan, James
Keenan, J., shop assistant
Keenan, Mrs. J., teacher, Mullaghfad
Kerr, J. S.
Keys, Miss
Kingsberry, George, motor garage
Kingsberry, James
Knox-Browne, Mervyn, Aughentain Castle
Kyle, Mrs. H., Cavanalech P.E. School
Kyle, Samuel, grocer

Lavelle, Archie, postman
Lavelle, William, bar tender
Lendrum, Herbert, Cleen
Lendrum, John, J.P., Cleen
Lendrum, S. & E., drapers
Liggett, Miss, P.O. assistant
Lipsett, John James, Killaban
Little, Frank, grocer, Clabby
Lynn, Adam, manager

Magee, John, rural postman
Malone, H., driver
Martin, John, hardware merchant
Martin, John, rural postman
Martin, Mrs. J., tea rooms
Martin, Samuel, draper's assistant
Mills, M., clerk
Mills, Thomas, barman
Mills, T., publican
Montgomery Bros., drapers
Montgomery, Major-General H. M. de F., C.B., C.M.G., Blessingbourne
Montgomery, Irvine, station master
Montgomery, Walter, garage
Montgomery, William, post office, Coonian
Moore, Robert
Morrison, Mrs., draper
Morrison, T. N., draper
Morrow, Thomas, bus driver
Moynagh, John, gardener, Blessingbourne
Moynagh, John, jun., gardener
Mullan, Joseph, driver

McAree, Mrs.
McCaffery, D., farmer
McCaffery, Patrick, rural postman
McCaffery, Mrs. D., butcher
McCarney, John, grocer
McCarney, J., motor garage
McCartney, Robert, postman
McCausland, James, horse dealer
McClintock, A., pedlar
McClintock, William
McCoy, Robert, painter
McCoy, Robert, electrician
McCoy, W. S., sexton
McCullough, Miss, fancy warehouse
McGeary, John, publican
McKeagney, T., bread server
McKee, A., teacher, Clabby
McKee, Mrs. A., Andrew's Wood P.E.S.
McKenna, Francis, foreman
McKenna, James, painter
McKenzie, Robert, labourer
McKeown, John, mechanic
McKeown, Mrs., Sprout Lane
McKeown, Patrick, telegraph messenger
McLoughlin, William, road contractor
McMahon, Mary Ann, toy shop
McMahon, Mrs., butcher
McNulty, James, grocer
McQuaid, Daniel, civil bill officer, Coonian
McSwiggan, Mrs., farmer, Corcreevy
McSwiggan, William, draper

Neely, Mrs. M., boarding house
Nixon, Jacob, Post Office, Clabby
Nixon, William, surface man
Noble, Benjamin, coach builder
Noble, John, N.I.R.T.B.

Owens, John, rural postman
Owens, Patrick, N.I.R.T.B.
O'Mally, W., general draper

Parker, Mrs., tea rooms
Parker, R., shop assistant
Price, Miss, teacher, Murley P.E. School
Priestley, Mrs. S., dress maker
Priestly, B. P., hairdresser
Priestly, S., postman
Primrose, James, farmer, Cleen

Rainey, ?, bank clerk
Ralph, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Randall, Mrs., confectioner
Reid, Joseph, postman
Reid, Matthew, artist
Reilly, Robert, sexton
Robertson, K., labourer
Rocks, J., R.U.C.
Rooney, Charles, labourer
Rooney, Thomas, gardener
Ryder, W. H., sergt. R.U.C.

Saunderson, R., R.U.C.
Shields, Mrs., tearooms
Sloan, William, gardener
Smith, J., postmaster
Smith, Miss, school teacher, Tyreghan
Stansfield, L., dentist

Tavener, Jacob, grocer and leather merchant
Tavener, Robert, auctioneer
Thom, Bertie, mechanic
Tierney Patrick, watch maker
Torrence, James, car driver
Trimble, Michael

Wallace, John C., auctioneer
Walsh, Miss, P.E.S. teacher, Aughentaine
Watson, David, Broomhill Saw Mills
Watson, John, boot and shoe merchant
Weir, Edmund, Corcreevy House
Wigham, Thomas, grocer
Williams, Frederick, photographer
Williams, Mrs., Tanyard Lane
Willis, Ben., Annagh Cottage
Wiltshire, A., labourer
Woods, Miss S., dairymaid
Woods, Mrs., assistant teacher, Andrew's Wood
Woods, Mrs. A. C., Ballyvaddin
Wright, S., fowl dealer

County Londonderry

     This town is four miles from the River Bann.  Markets are held three days in the week - Tuesday and Thursday for grain; Tuesday for pork, butter and eggs.  There is also a monthly fair, third Friday each month, for cattle, sheep, and horses.  The population is about 500


Church of Ireland - Errigal and Desertoghill Parish, Rev. Scott
Presbyterian - First Garvagh, Rev. William Campbell, M.A.; Second Garvagh, Rev. Andrew Gardiner, B.Sc.; Moneydig, Rev. H. C. Stuart; Ringsend, Rev. R. Moore, B.A.
Roman Catholic - Desertoghill - Rev. Blee, P.P.; Errigal - Rev. P. McCrea, P.P.; Kilrea, Rev. McMenamin, C.C.


Ballyagan - Miss McKeeman
Boleran - Mr. Martin
Carhill - Mrs. S. Norris
The Canning School - R. J. McFadden, principal
The Upper School - R. Boyd, principal
Glen Ullin - Miss McIntyre, principal
Lisnacreaghog - Miss McIntyre, principal
Magheramorne - Mr. Magee
Moneycarrie - Robert Holmes
Moneydig - Mr. Wilson
Ringsend - Mrs. More, principal


Magistrates - M. J. Henry, H. R. Jones, R. B. Lyttle, Harry Michael, John McCay, J. A. McIntyre
Petty Sessions - Clerk, Sam Hezlet; court held in second Thursday of each month. Summons server and C.B.O., R. Paul
R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeant Kirk
Northern Bank Ltd. - Attendance on Tuesdays and Fridays
Ulster Bank Ltd. - W. B. Hope, Manager
Doctor - T. A. Adams, L.R.C.P.S., medical officer Garvagh Dispensary District
Registrar of Births, etc. - T. A. Adams, L.R.C.P.S.
Nurse and Midwife - Mrs. Bradley
Garvagh Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Ltd. - James Thompson, secretary and manager
Garvagh Unionist Association - Secretary, James Craig
Orange and Protestant Friendly Society (Garvagh Branch) - William Graham, secretary; Moneydig Branch, James McIlroy, secretary


Canning Arms - Mrs. Conway
Commercial - Miss O'Kane
Imperial - William Fitzsimons
Royal - Hugh Wade


The "New Hall" - Wm. Campbell, caretaker
The Temperance Hall - Wm. Campbell, caretaker
The Clinton Memorial Orange Hall - William Graham, caretaker


Anderson, Mrs. W. J., Ardavon

Blake, A
Bradley, John, carpenter
Brown, Miss E., grocer and confectioner
Buck, Mrs., Ballintemple House

Caldwell, James, lorry driver
Cathcart, Miss M., laundry
Cathcart, William, blacksmith
Clarke, W., & Sons, bleach works, Moneycarry
Clyde, Alfred S., woollen drapers
Craig, Samuel, car driver
Cunningham, Alexander, cycle and motor works
Curbet, Mrs., grocer

Dallas, George, jeweller and photographer
Dickson, Marcus, grocer and grain merchant
Diffin, Florence, shoe maker
Doran, Laura, newsagent

Forde, Laura, newsagent

Gardner, Rev. Andrew, Ardavon
Garvagh Drug Store - Alexander Templeton, M.P.S.I., proprietor
Gibson, Samuel, carpenter
Gilmour, Matthew, grocer and provision merchant
Gilmour, Mrs., grocer, Ballinameen
Graham, David, postman
Graham, Mrs., haberdasher and milliner
Grey, W., mason

Hemphill, J. T., cycle agent
Henry, Miss
Holmes, John
Holmes, Mrs.

Johnston, Matthew, tailor and clothier
Johnston, Mrs. M., dress maker

Kane, James, fowl dealer
Kane, John, barber
Kerr, David G., auctioneer
Kirk, ?, sergeant R.U.C.

Lambert, Major, Garvagh House
Lamont, Miss Mary
Laughery, Samuel, news correspondent
Linton, Joseph, woollen draper
Lynn, James, licensed publican

Macausland, Mrs., Woodbank Cottage
Mann, Alfred, grocer
Mann, Alex. A. L., watchmaker and jeweller
Marks, John
Matier, Mrs. J., milliner and haberdasher
Michael Bros., grocers
Moore, The Misses, dress makers
Moore, Mrs.
Mullan, John,. flesher

McAlister, Mrs.
McCay, John, butcher
McCay, Joseph, carpenter
McCay, Robert
McKee, William, grocer
McKinney, Thomas, publican
McMillan, Alexander, boot and shoe manufacturer
McMillan, Miss, grocer
McMullan, George, shoe maker
McMullan, Miss, dress maker
McNeary, Matthew, baker and confectioner
McShane, John, cattle dealer

Neil, Robert, station master

O'Connell, Charles, cattle dealer
O'Kane, Mrs., publican
O'Kane & McCartney, solicitors and insurance agents
O'Neill, John, blacksmith

Reid, Miss, fancy needle work
Robertson, R., grocer and general merchant
Roxborough, Samuel, grocer

Skelly, John, painter, glazier and paper hanger
Skelly, Mrs. J.
Smyth, Miss
Stewart, Henry, cycle and motor works
Stewart, Miss A., stationer
Stewart, Samuel, corn mill owner

Thompson, Thomas B., grocer
Torrens, D., Moneycarrie, Killykergan
Torrens, J., Heatfield, Killygergan
Turner, William, steam saw mill

Usher, Daniel, flesher

Wade, Hugh, Royal Hotel, grocer, spirit merchant
Wilson, Samuel

Young, John, shoe maker


Adams, Robert John, Gortfad
Armstrong, Robert John, Dullaghy

Berryman, George, Ballinameen
Boylan, Charles, Tirkeeran
Boyle, W. J., Landgivey

Campbell, Mrs., Gortacloghan
Carrick, James, Ballynacally More
Church, Arthur, Dullaghy
Clarke, Matthew, Ballyagan
Clyde, Mrs., Bellury
Cooke, James, Dullaghy

Dinsmore, William, Culnaman

Fleming, Gabriel, Belraugh
Fleming, John, Belraugh
Fullarton, William J., Lisachrin

Gilmore, James, Boghilboy
Gilmore, Robert
Gilmore, William T., Killyvalley
Glass, James, Carballintober
Glass, Robert, Moyletratoy
Glass, William, Kewrin
Gould, William, Shanlongford
Governor, Robert H., Craigall

Hagan, Marcus, Glenkeen
Henry, Edward, Tamneymore
Henry, John, Gortnamoynagh
Henry, John, R.D.C., Gortnamoynagh
Henry, John, Bellury
Hilton, William James, R.D.C., Dullaghy
Holmes, Samuel, Moyletrakill
Houston, Thomas D., Gortacloghan

Kennedy, Samuel, Lisnamuck
Kennedy, Samuel, Culnaman

Laughlin, T., Moyletrakill

Millen, Samuel G., Shanlongford
Moody, A.
Moon, James T., Ballydevitt
Moore, James
Mullan, Daniel, Liscal
Mullan, Daniel, Altduff
Mullan, John, Belraugh
Mullan, John, Gortfad
Mullan, Mrs. Hugh, Cuilbane

McCahon, Alexander, Ballylame
McCay, John H., Carrowreagh
McClenaghan, Robert, Bellury
McCooke, Hugh, Moyletratoy
McFetridge, Alexander, Boghilboy
McFetridge, John, Cah
McFetridge, Thomas, Cullyramer
McLenaghan, Archibald, Carballintober
McMaster, William, Inchaleen
McPherson, Adam, Freugh
McShane, Cormac, Altduff

Orr, William, Ballyagan
O'Kane, Joseph, Glenkeen
O'Mullan, Mrs., Ashlanaduff

Patterson, Alexander, Drumacrow
Pollock, William, Carballintober

Robertson, John, Cah
Robertson, Robert, Crockindollagh

Smith, John
Stephens, Michael, Mavenianougher
Stewart, Hugh, Killyvalley
Stewart, Robert, Ballynameen

Taylor, Miss, Movenis

Wallace, Alexander, Trienaltenagh
Wallace, Hugh, Trienaltenagh
Wells, Robert, Ballintemple
Wilson, James A., Ballyagan


Adams, Dr., lime works, Demesne, Garvagh
Boylan, Charles, Tirkeeran - corn and flax
Clarke, W., & Sons, Moneycarry - beetling
Cochrane, Alexander, Shanlongford, Ringsend - corn
Glass, James, Crockindollagh - flax
Hegarty, J. H., Ballynacally, Blackhill - corn
Hunter, Leslie, Bovagh - flax
Loughlin, Thomas, Moyletrakill - flax
Millen, S. G., Shanlongford, Ringsend - flax
McCay, Joseph, Garvagh - saw
McFetridge, A., Boghilbuoy - corn and flax
Stewart, Samuel, Garvagh - corn
Wilson, James, Ballyagan - flax

County Down

     A town situated on the right bank of the River Bann, with extensive flax spinning and linen yarn bleaching works, about equal distance from Banbridge and Portadown - say five miles from each of these towns.  The shops' half-holiday is Thursday. The population at the 1937 census was 832.


Town Commissioners - Michael Barlowe, J.P., chairman; Robt. Leckey, T. Cromie, M.P.S.N.I.; James Brennan, Robert Jones, David Thompson, Cecil McIlroy, James Parkinson, J. Willis, William McCreanor. Joseph Vaughan, Stramore Road, clerk
Northern Bank, Ltd. - C. Jenkins, manager (open on Fridays from 12 noon till 2 p.m.)
Belfast Banking Co., Ltd. - T. Henry, manager (open Wednesdays from 12 noon till 2 p.m.)
Petty Sessions held first Wednesday of each month - N. McCleane, clerk
Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths, and Dispensary - Dr. Jane Copes
R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeant Frazer
Post Office - Mrs. Higgins, postmistress


Church of Ireland - Venerable Archdeacon Orr, M.A., LL.D.
Church of Ireland - Very Rev. Dean Myles, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. A. S. Cromie, M.A., LL.B.
Tullylish Presbyterian Ch. - Rev. J. Knowles, M.A.
Methodist Church - H. O. McKee
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. H. Doran, P.P.


Castle Hill P.E.S. - E. J. Dunne, principal
Craigavon P.E. and Technical School - Donald Stevenson, M.A., principal


Acheson Bros., grocers, Dunbarton
Adamson, J., shoemaker, Dunbarton Street
Anderson, Robert, Bridge Street

Bailey, Joseph, chauffeur, Ann Street
Barlow, Michael, J.P., Castle Hill
Beattie, Edward, hairdresser, High Street
Brennan, James, grocer, Dunbarton Street
Burns, James, overlooker, Dunbarton

Clayton, John, hairdresser, Mill Street
Cole, M., spirit merchant, Bridge Street
Co-operative Society, grocers, Mill Street
Cowan, James, millwright, Prospect Terrace
Cromie, Rev. A. S., Tanderagee Road
Cromie, Thomas, M.P.S.N.I., chemist, Mill Street

Dale, John, clerk, Castle Hill
Davison, Sarah, Bridge Street
Donaldson, D., grocer, Dunbarton Street
Doyle, Francis, motor prop., Castle Hill
Doyle, James, grocer, Castle Hill
Dunbar, McMaster, & Co., Ltd., spinners and linen thread manufacturers, Dunbarton Street
Dunlop, Samuel, foreman, Bannview Terrace
Dunne, E. J., teacher, Mill Street

Ewart, Mary Ann, Stramore Road

Ferguson, Hugh, clerk, Ann Street
Finnegan, Peter, grocer, Castle Hill
Fox, Mrs. S., spirit merchant, Bridge Street
Fullerton, Joseph, draper, High Street

Gardiner, A. A., Draper, Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Dunbarton Street
Gough, John Henry, J.P., Dunbarton
Gough's, newsagent, tobacconist, etc., Dunbarton Street
Graham, Albert, foreman, Banford
Graham, Joseph, spirit merchant, Mill Street
Graham, Joseph, postman, Stramore Road

Hagan, Samuel, carpenter, Dunbarton Street
Hart Bros., grocers, Dunbarton Street
Hathaway, J., R.U.C., Stramore Road
Higgins, George, secretary, Dunbarton
Higgins, Mrs., post office, Dunbarton Street
Hillen, Isaac, delph merchant, Dunbarton Street
Hunter, Miss, Dunbarton Street

Jones, Robert, cattle dealer, Dunbarton Street
Joyce, H., Dunbarton Street

Kane Bros., drapers, Dunbarton Street
Kennedy, Mrs. Margaret, publican, Dunbarton Street
Kennedy, Patrick, spirit merchant, Mill Street
Kinley, George, victualler, Dunbarton Street
Kinley, Moses, labourer, Dunbarton Street
Kinley, Samuel, victualler, Mill Street

Leckey, Robert, Dunbarton Street
Livingstone, Samuel, billiard hall proprietor
Livingstone, Thomas, blacksmith, Dunbarton
Lockhart, T., Kernon House

Martin, Joseph, clerk, Mill Street
Martin, Walter, clerk, Mill Street
Maule, D. J., R.U.C., Dunbarton Street
Milligan, Miss, confectioner, Mill Street
Moffett, George, confectioner, Mill Street
Moodie, R. K., J.P., director, Dunbarton House
Moore, Miss, Castle Street
Moore, Miss, grocer, Castle Hill
Muldrew, William, manager, Banford

McConville, B., cattle dealer, Dunbarton Street
McCreanor, William, insurance agent, Dunbarton Street
McCullagh, William, clerk, Stramore
McCullough, W. A., insurance agent, High Street
McDowell, Arthur, undertaker, Castle Street
McElroy, Cecil, grocer, Mill Street
McElroy, Robert, wireless dealer, Dunbarton Street
McEvoy, S., jeweller, Dunbarton Street
McQuaid, Dominick, motor car proprietor

Nelson, E., boot maker, Mill Street

Parkinson, James, grocer, Mill Street
Pentland, G. H., tailor, Dunbarton Street
Portadown Co-operative Society, grocer, Mill Street

Richardson, Mrs. Isabella, druggist, Dunbarton Street
Ring, Miss, teacher, Dunbarton Street
Roberts, ?, grocer and Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" Castle Street
Roberts, T. J., grocer, Mill Street

Sallins, A., carpenter, Dunbarton Street
Sayers, Sydney, confectioner, Mill Street
Scott, Edward, wood turner, Ann Street
Sergeant, Joseph, hairdresser, Dunbarton Street
Simpson, Joseph, Dunbarton Street
Smith, George, overlooker, High Street
Spence, Sydney, draper, Mill Street
Sproule, A. B., M.B., Castle Street
Sproule, Dr. Eileen, Castle Street
Sweeney, Rev. A., C.C., Parochial House, Mill Street
Sweeten, S. J., boot repairer, Mill Street

Taggart, W. A., engineer, Dunbarton
Thompson, David, prov. merchant, Dunbarton Street
Timpany, H. W., R.U.C., Ann Street
Topping, Misses, restaurant, Dunbarton Street

Walker, D. W., traveller, Ballynagarrick
Watt, J., carpenter, Mill Street
Wells, Robert, mechanic, Ann Street
Williamson, Mrs., grocer, Dunbarton Street
Willis, J. & G., victuallers, Dunbarton Street
Wills, James, watch maker, Dunbarton Street
Wright, Adam, hackle setter, Ann Street


Boyle, Christopher, teacher, The Grove, Gilford
Carswell, J., Tullylish House
Coulter, Miss, Loughans
Cromie, Rev. A. S., M.A., The Manse
Eakin, Samuel, farmer, Stramore
Gilpin, Thomas, Stramore Lodge
Hozack, Miss E. J., teacher, The Park
Kinley, Miss H., Glen Cottage
Orr, Venerable Archdeacon W. R. M., M.A., LL.D., The Vicarage
Richardson, H. Stevens, D.L., Drumlyn House, Moyallon
Ritchie, Alexander, overlooker, Bannview Terrace
Sinton, Frederick, Banford House
Sinton, Mrs., Woodbank, Gilford
Uprichard, Captain F. G., Laurencetown
Uprichard, W. F., J.P., Elmfield
Watson, W., Stramore House
Woods, Reginald, Banville, Lenaderg
Wright, James F., The Castle

County Antrim

     A seaport, 36 miles from Belfast on the coast road between Larne and Ballycastle. There are four fairs in the year - 26th January, 26th May, 30th August, and 29th October


Church of Ireland - Rev. T. P. Waring, M.A.
Presbyterian - Rev. George Jackson, B.A.
Unitarian Church - Rev. E. Lockett
Roman Catholic - Rev. Daniel Murphy, P.P.


Public Elementary School - Mr. Orr, prin.
Longfield P.E. School - Miss Keenan
Seaview Male P.E. School - P. O'Neill, prin.
Seaview Girls' P.E. School - Mrs. McAllister, prin.


Dispensary - Samuel M. Magowan, M.D., Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths.  Deputy Registrar, James Crawford, Toberwine Street (acting temporary)
R.U.C. Station - I. O'Neill, sergeant, and five constables
District Councillors - Owen McAuley, James Crawford, J.P.; John Stewart, J. McLoughlin
County Councillor - John Thomson, J.P., Glenarm
Coastguard Station - R. Donnan, senior Coastguard and two men
Petty Sessions Court - First Friday every month - H. Neely, petty sessions clerk, Larne
Civil Bill Officer - John Lindsay, Mark Street
County Rate Collector - Cowan Meban, Augharemlagh, Carnlough
Sanitary Officer (sub.) - James Crawford (acting temporary)
H.M. Customs - D. Boles, Carnlough
Halls - Conservative, Masonic, Sea View, St. Patrick's Parochial (Church of Ireland), Presbyterian, Farmers' Hotel, People's Institute, National Hall
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - Manager, H. M. Johnstone
Post Office - George Hunter, sub-postmaster


Agnew, Andrew, Mark Street
Aiken, James, Mark Street
Antrim Arms Hotel - Mrs. Maxwell, manageress
Antrim, Earl of, Glenarm Castle
Atcheson, James, seaman
Atcheson, John, Mark Street

Baird, Misses, Mark Street
Baird, Samuel, joiner, Toberwine Street
Balmer, James, Mark Street
Benson & Ledlie, drapers and grocers
Black, B., farmer, Tully
Black, John, carter, Vennel Street
Black, John, sailor
Black, Mrs., courthouse caretaker
Black, Mrs. M. J., grocer
Bradley, John, jun., spirit merchant
Bradley, J., press correspondent
Brown, Joseph, engineer
Bunting, Charles, farmer, Tully
Bunting, Mrs. William, grocer
Bunting, W., seaman

Callaghan, J. J., publican, New Row
Cameron, David, seaman, Altmore Street
Cameron, James, seaman
Cameron, Mrs., Altmore Street
Cameron, Samuel, seaman
Cammock, Frank, seaman
Cammock, Thomas, seaman
Cassidy, John, Gallaher's Factory
Cassidy, Robert, sen., seaman
Cassidy, Robert, jun., seaman
Clark, Thomas, Mark Street
Crawford, James, saddler, Toberwine Street
Crawford, James, J.P., D.C., farmer, Dickeystown
Crawford, James, Castle Street
Crawford, Joseph, farmer, Foxhall
Cunningham, Archibald, farmer
Currell, Alex., seaman, Mark Street
Currell, Mrs. C.

Davis, Joseph, Glenarm
Davis, Matthew, sailor, Altmore Street
Dempsey, George, grocer, Mark Street
Dempsey, Henry, seaman, Toberwine Street
Dempsey, John, seaman
Dempsey, Mrs. W. J., Mark Street
Dilot, P., Altmore Street
Dinsmore, George, farmer, Black Bush
Dinsmore, John, seaman, Altmore Street
Duncan, Mrs. A., Castle Street
Duncan, Tom, farmer, Longfall
Duncan, T., seaman
Dunlop, P., engineer, Mark Street
Dunlop, Mrs., farmer, Longfall
Dunlop, T., factory worker, Vennel Street
Dunlop, T., farmer, Longfall

Forsythe, M., gamekeeper

Galbraith, James, farmer, Glore
Galbraith, John, farmer, Tully
Galbraith, Mrs., farmer, Carnave
Gallaher, Ltd., Tobacco and Cigarette Factory
Gaston, James, seaman
Gibson, A., farmer, Libbert
Gibson, Mrs. William, farmer, Libbert
Gibson, Robert, shepherd
Gordon, Archibald, farmer, Drumnagreagh House
Green, Robert, grocer, Altmore Street

Hamill, Miss L., Springhill
Harvey, Daniel, gravel merchant, Glenarm
Harvey, John, seaman
Harvey, William, seaman
Haslett, James, caretaker, Deerpark Cottage
Haslett, William, postman
Haveron, Frank, seaman
Hill, George, seaman
Hill, Thomas, seaman
Hunter, Andrew, seaman
Hunter, Andrew, farmer, Minnis
Hunter, Mrs., stationer, agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Hunter, Patrick, seaman, Glenarm

Inglis, George, farmer, Carnave
Inglis, Miss, dress maker, Glenarm
Irvine, Mrs., grocer, Toberwine Street

Kane, John, Perisha
Kane, Patrick, Mark Street
Kane, W., Castle Street
Kearnes, Brian A., chemist, Toberwine Street

Ledlie, Victor, motor mechanic, Toberwine Street
Leitch, Crawford, seaman
Lindsay, John, shoe maker and postman
Lindsay, Robert, shoe maker, Altmore Street

Macrae, D., head gamekeeper
Madden, G., manager
Magowan, Samuel M., M.D.
Martin, David, caretaker, Cemetery
Mason, T., director, Altmore Street
Meban, Charles, carter
Meban, Felix, Castle Demesne
Meban, Randal, Shiphard (shipyard or shepherd?)
Montgomery, Randal, farmer, Oldchurch
Morris, Mrs., Altmore Street
Morrow, John, painter
Mulvenna, Charles, farmer, Claudy
Mulvenna, David, farmer, Dunleigh
Mulvenna, Felix, licensed publican
Mulvenna, James, farmer, Dunleigh
Mulvenna, John, farmer, Dunleigh
Mulvenna, John, farmer, Gowkstown
Mulvenna, Mrs., Mark Street
Mulvenna, William, farmer, Drumnagreagh
Murray, Samuel, saddler

McAllister Bros., motor engineers
McAllister, Frank, farmer, Longfield
McAllister, James, grocer, Bridge End
McAllister, John, butcher, Toberwine Street
McAllister, Mrs., farmer, Longfield
McAllister, Robert, shoe maker
McAuley, Alexander, Mark Street
McAuley, Alexander, Mark Street
McAuley, D., Altmore Street
McAuley, George, engineer
McAuley, Owen, postman, Castle Street
McCalmont, Blu, seaman, Altmore Street
McCalmont, Joseph, clerk, Altmore Street
McCalmont, R., weigh master, New Row
McCloy, Mrs., farmer, Park View
McCloy, Mrs., farmer, Munie
McCollum, Patrick, green keeper, Glenarm Golf
McCollum, Patrick, Glenarm
McCormick, George, Garron View
McCullough, Miss, Altmore Street
McErlaine, Mrs., Castle Street
McEvoy, Joseph, labourer
McGarvock, Charles, tailor
McGavock, Mrs., Mark Street
McGavock, Neal, farmer, Deerpark
McHendry, James, seaman
McHendry, Patrick, sexton, Parish Church
McIlgorm, James, farmer, Longfall
McKay, Mrs. N., Mark Street
McKay, William
McKendry, Daniel, seaman
McKenty, Henry, farmer, Mulloughconly
McKillop, Joseph, labourer
McKinley, Felix, Glenarm
McKinley, Miss, sexton Presbyterian Church
McMullan, William, coast watcher, Mark Street
McMullin, James, Sea View Hotel
McNeill, James, stone mason
McNeill, Mrs., farmer, Drumnagreagh
McNeill, William, engineer
McRoberts, Thomas, watchman
McTeer, J., butcher, Toberwine Street
McVicker, James, farmer, Bay

Orr, James, painter and grocer
O'Boyle, Charles, publican
O'Kane, W., grocer
O'Neill, Charles, Altmore Street
O'Neill, John, farmer, Vennel Street
O'Neill, Mrs. William

Price, Mrs. Mary, Springhill
Pullin, William, seaman, Toberwine Street

Reid, Alexander, Toberwine Street
Robinson, James, carpenter, Mark Street
Robinson, Mrs. E., Altmore Street
Robinson, William, joiner

Simpson, John, Springhill

Thomson, J., M.E., J.P., C.C., manager
Todd, Miss, grocer, Toberwine Street
Todd, Mrs. D., publican
Tuppen, William, grocer, Toberwine Street

Wharry, Mrs. James, Altmore Street
Wilson, Alexander, farmer, Moat
Wilson, D., gardener, Glenarm Castle
Wilson, Miss, Altmore Street
Woods, Anna, district nurse

Yendall, Isaac, seaman

County Antrim

     Glenavy is about one mile and a half from Lough Neagh.  The Glenavy River is a favourite resort for anglers, the fishing there being remarkably good.  Population about 300.


Church of Ireland - Rev. W. J. Chambers
St. Andrew's Chapel of Ease. Femore - Supplied from Glenavy
Parish Church, Stoneyford - Rev. W. J. McCorry
St. John's Chapel of Ease, Crumlin - Supplied from Glenavy
Presbyterian Church - Rev. F. R. M. Bryars, B.A., Crumlin
Methodist Church - Rev. W. J. Carson
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. D. McEvoy, P.P.


Glenavy - Mr. Walker
Legateriff - Miss Addy
Ballymacricket (boys) - Mr. McKavanagh, Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Brankin (girls)
Four Score - Miss Kidd


Telegraph Office - Glenavy Railway Station; Thomas Armstrong, clerk
Petty Sessions - Held 4th Monday of each month, in Crumlin; G. L. Alderdice, clerk
Post Office - Miss Long
Northern Bank, Ltd. - Agency, Thursdays
Protestant Hall, Glenavy
Glenavy Dispensary - Thomas West, M.D.
Registrar of Births, etc. - Thomas West, M.D.


Addis, John, farmer
Addison, Edwin, farmer, Lurgill
Addy, Miss, Riverside
Armstrong, Thomas, Crewe
Armstrong, Thomas, station master
Armstrong, William, signalman

Ballance, John, farmer, Ballypitmave
Ballance, Samuel, farmer, Crewmount
Bell, Andrew, farmer, Ballyvorally
Bell, Charles, carpenter and joiner
Bell, Mrs. T., farmer, Bellgrove
Bell, Samuel, farmer, Landgarve
Bell, William
Bolton, Mrs. W., Ballymote
Brankin, John, fisherman
Brankin, Mrs., grocer
Briggs, W. L., flock manufacturer
Bryson, William, farmer, Larkhill
Buchanan, S., merchant, Rose Lane Ends

Carson, Rev. W. J., Methodist Manse
Chambers, Rev. W. J., The Rectory
Clendinning, Albert, Ballyminnimore
Colburn, Miss, Ballynacoy
Collier, John, farmer, Ballinacoy
Collins, Francis, Aghadalgon Tavern
Crawford, James, Ballynacoy
Creaney, John, farmer, Elm Hill
Crossey, Daniel, farmer
Crossey, John, basket manufacturer, Tullynewbane
Crossey, Patrick, farmer
Cummins, Richard, farmer
Cush, John, farmer, Ballynacoy

Deale, Herbert M., The Cottage
Dogherty, Constantine, farmer
Dogherty, Robert, farmer
Donnelly, Patrick, Tullynewbane
Doon, James, butcher

Evans, James, Crewe Park
Evans, Mrs., farmer, Eden Lodge

Faloon, Henry, carpenter
Ferguson, Alexander, blacksmith
Ferris, Miss E., publican
Fleeton, Dermot, Edenvale
Fleeton, William, grocer, Ballymacricket

Garrett, James, farmer
Geddis, Samuel, Ballynacoy
Gibson, Thomas, farmer, Crossvale
Gordon, R., Ardlauragh
Graham, D., Landgarve
Green, Frederick, Turvey

Hanlon, Rev. R. I., curate, Sandon Villa
Hannon, Hugh, shoe maker
Harbinson, William, sexton, Methodist Church
Harkness, John, Four Score
Haslett, Eric, farmer
Heaney, William, tailor
Heatley, J., Ballymacricket
Hendron, George, farmer, Ballymoye
Hendron, James, farmer
Higginson, Henry, farmer
Hillis, James, farmer, Bellbrook
Hughes, John, cycle repair shop

Ingram, E., & Sons, masons and contractors
Ingram, George E., carpenter
Ingram, Herbert, motor driver
Ingram & Moore, garage

Jamison, Mrs. M., caretaker
Johnston, Archibald, farmer, Bleary Hill
Johnson, George, farmer
Johnson, John, Hopevale
Johnston, Mrs. A., The Weir
Johnston, M. L. & S., Ltd., general merchants; agents for "Belfast News-Letter"
Johnston, W. H., shop assistant
Jordan, Frank, farmer, Ballydonaghy

Kennedy, John, carpenter
Kennedy, Robert, Tullynewbank
Kerr, W. J., bread server
Kilpatrick, William, farmer

Laird, John, Gobrana House
Lavery, James
Lewis, J., farmer, Ivy Hill
Logan, Miss, farmer, Landgarve
Long, Miss J., postmistress
Lowry, John, farmer
Lowry, William, farmer
Lyle, John, tailor

MacCreanor, Charles, farmer, Ballymote
MacCreanor, Patrick, farmer, Tullynewbank
Megarry, John, fisherman
Megarry, John, boat builder
Megarry, Robert, fisherman
Millar, Miss, dress maker
Moore, Thomas, farmer
Morgan, William, Crossvale
Morgan, Charles, Fruithill
Morgan, Frederick
Morgan, John, farmer
Morrow, Francis, Tullynewbank
Mulholland, Daniel, farmer
Mulholland, Isaac, publican, Chestnut House
Mulholland, Isaac, jun., Goremount
Mulholland, James, farmer

McAllister, James, Pigeontown
McAllister, Michael, Glenview
McAreavy, Arthur, Elmvale
McAreavy, Patrick, Ashvale
McCambridge, John, merchant, Ballyvannon
McCorry, Bernard, farmer
McCorry, Hugh, farmer, Tullynewbane
McCorry, James, farmer, Ballyvorally
McCorry, W. J., farmer
McCullagh, Mrs., farmer, Tullynewbank
McCullough, David, The Mills
McCullough, Francis, Knockcairn House
McDonnel, Miss M., teacher
McEvoy, Rev. D., P.P., Ballymacricket
McIvor, Mrs. L., farmer, Aghadalgon
McKavanagh, Daniel, farmer
McKavanagh, J. W., teacher, Ballymacricket
McKeown, Miss M., L.T.C.L., Sunnyside
McKeown, Mrs. J., Sunnyside
McWatters, William, Hollybrook

Nicholson, Matthew, farmer, Glenconway

O'Boyle, Miss A., teacher
O'Boyle, Patrick, farmer
O'Neill, G., The Beeches

Patterson, George, traveller, Ballycessy
Peel, Albert, D.C., farmer
Price, Henry, farmer, Ivybrook

Rankin, Misses, Landgarve
Rankin, Robert, Ballynacoy
Reid, Joseph, farmer, Crew
Reid, William, farmer, Crew
Richardson, F., Ballyvorally
Robinson, Robert, merchant
Rollins, George, farmer, Crew Park
Ross, Alexander, farmer
Ross, James, publican and farmer
Rush, Frederick, tailor

Savage, William, farmer
Scott, William, grocer, Four Score
Sefton, Miss, Glendona
Sherlock, William, Hillhead
Simpson, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer
Sloan, Matthew H., Annadale
Smith, Samuel, farmer, Crew Park
Steel, David, plate layer
Steel, James, Shamrock Vale
Steel, Robert, farmer
Steel, Thomas, farmer, Tullynewbank
Stewart, James, farmer, Ballymote

Thompson, Mrs. W., farmer, Tullynewbane
Trowland, Robert, farmer

Ulster Flock Co., Glenavy

Walker, James, teacher, Avy Cottage
Waring, Samuel, J.P., Landgarve
Watson, Thomas, cycle repair shop
West, Thomas, M.D., Sona Rupa
White, Walter, carpenter, Sandon
Wilson, G. F., Pigeonstown House
Wilson, Robert, carpenter and auctioneer
Wilson, Robert, farmer, The Laurels

Yarr, James, butcher
Young, Mrs., farmer, Ivydene

County Antrim
Five miles from Belfast

(for Inhabitants see under Carnmoney and Whitewell)

County Tyrone

     Is situated in the Parish of Lower Badoney, about ten miles north of Omagh, and six miles east of Newtownstewart.  Fairs are held on the first Wednesday of each month


Church of Ireland - Rev. S. Chadwick, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Alexander Smyth
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. M. Floyd, P.P.


Gortin Dispensary - Dr. Patrick Clarke
Executive Sanitary Officer - Dr. Patrick Clarke
Sanitary and Relieving Officer - Logue, -
Carnegie Lending Library - R. McMaster
Petty Sessions held on third Wednesday each month. Clerk - J. McNamee
Resident Magistrate - J. H. O. Long
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. Patrick Clarke
R.U.C. - Sergt. Cuningham
Ulster Bank, Ltd. - R. M. Foster, Manager
Post Office - Mrs. Letitia Graham, postmistress


Male - Robert McMaster, principal
Female - Miss S. Kyle, principal
Glenmacoffer - J. J. McKeown, principal
Liscabble - Mrs. McPhillemy, principal
Garvagh - Mrs. Doherty, principal
Drumlea - Miss Mills, principal
Greencastle - J. Ward, principal
Leckin - J. Bradley, principal
Crock - P. Rogers, principal
Aughnamerrigan - J. Devlin, principal


Armstrong, Miss C., draper

Ballantine, John, publican and motor car hirer
Bradley, P., tailor
Brogan, H., saddler

Canning, H., postman
Clarke, Patrick, auctioneer
Coyle, Francis, lodging house keeper
Crossan, Daniel

Devlin, Michael, stone mason
Devlin, Patrick, motor hirer
Doherty, Catherine, lodging house

Fleming, Isaac, school attendance officer

Graham, Mary, dress maker

Hamilton, Mrs. Alice, music teacher
Hamilton, Samuel, postman
Hamilton, W. J., steam corn and saw mills
Hamilton, W. J., chemist and druggist
Hamilton, ?, Petty Sessions clerk, Londonderry
Hay, Charles, carpenter
Hay, Miss Lizzie, music teacher
Hempton, James, blacksmith
Houston, James, auctioneer, Plumbridge
Hyland, Thomas

Loughran, J., publican, grocer and draper
Lowndes, Captain, Beltrim Castle

Maguire, Miss
Martin, ?, barber
Mills, Miss, teacher, Gortin
Morris, James, letter carrier
Mossy, Frank, publican
Mowbray, William G., farmer, Droit
Murnaghan, ?, assistant road surveyor

McConnell, Patrick, grocer and draper
McCullagh, Edward, publican, Gortin
McCullagh, Edward, wine and spirit merchant, Greencastle, Gortin
McCullagh, Patrick, grocer
McFarland, Robert, grocer
McGuigan, Mrs.
McGuire, Peter, blacksmith
McSorley, Mrs., dress maker
McSorley, Patrick, wheelwright
McSwiggan, Philip

Neville, Margaret, milliner and draper

O'Donnell, Rose, dress maker and draper

Patterson, John, jun., shoe repairer
Pattison, J., saddler
Pentland, ?, garage, motor for hire

Quinn, ?, cycle agent

Simpson, Miss, lodging house keeper
Stewart, Mrs.

Turner, William, summons server, sheriffs officer, and civil bill officer


Ballintine, James, Lenamore
Black, W. S., Learden
Crawford, J. A., J.P., Colvahillion
Devlin, Peter, Garvagh
Fleming, J. J., Gorticastle
Fulton, David H., Droit
Fulton, John J., Droit
Glenn, J., Glenmacoffer
Hamilton, James, Dunbunraven
Hamilton, Robert J., Liscabble
Knox, John, farmer, Garvagh
Mathewson, Charles
Montgomery, Alfred, Colvahillion
Mowbray, W. G., Droit
McBride, Francis, Glenmacoffer
McCrory, Peter. Ryland
McFarland, John, J.P., Leardin, Gortin
McFarland, Robert, Gortin
McFarland, S., Straree
McKelvey, Thomas, J.P.
McKimmon, Joseph, Trenamadden
McMullan, John R., Ryland
McMullan, J., Ryland
Parke, R., Meenaduff
Steele, David, Lenamore
Steele, R., Drumlea
Yorke, J., Dunbunraven

County Antrim

     Seven and a half miles from Belfast


Greenisland Presbyterian Church - Rev. A. Orr, B.A.
Greenisland Presbyterian Hall, Upper Road
Ebenezer Mission Hall, Shore Road


Post Office - Mrs. E. Crymble, postmistress
Golf Course, Knockagh.  Greenisland - Professional, Thomas Benson
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Dr. Killen, Dispensary, Carrickfergus
Unionist Association Club Rooms, Station Road - Secty., John Wilson, The Cottage, Shore Road


Adams, D., Strathallen, Station Road
Adamson, C., Station Road
Agnew, Thomas, 9 Loughview Terrace
Allen, J., Stonepoint Lodge, Shore Road
Allen, R., 6 Marlborough Terrace, Shore Road
Anderson, James, milk vendor, Knockagh
Anderson, John, Sunbeam Cottage, Shore Road
Anderson, J., Aspect Cottage, Shore Road
Anderson, Miss M., Myrtle Cottage, Upper Road
Anderson, Mrs. Matthew, Coollen, Upper Road
Andrews, W., 2 Strandview Cottages
Ardis, J., 3 Strandview Cottages, Shore Road
Armstrong, A., Castlelugge Cottages, Shore Road

Baird, ?, Lt.-Col., Richmond, Upper Road
Barkley, Captain T. J., Huntley, Shore Road
Barkley, Senator W., Ebenezer, Mullaghmore Park
Barr, D., The Close, Upper Road
Barry, J., 15 Glenisland Terrace
Bates, His Honour Judge A. H., Lemaroy, Shore Road
Baxter, E., Adanac, Upper Road
Beattie, G., Ardlui, Station Road
Beattie, James, Inishmore, Station Road
Beattie, Miss, Brookholm, Station Road
Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd., Greenisland House, Shore Road
Bell, Robert, Upper Road
Bell, Thomas, Bellmhor, Upper Road
Bennett, J., 16 Glenisland Terrace
Bennett, J., Ardagh, Upper Road
Benson, Thomas, 6 Knockagh Terrace
Bingham, J., Railway Cottages, Station Road
Birrell, Mrs. J., Pinehurst, Upper Road
Black, A., Craigmore, Upper Station Road
Black, Joseph, Green Lodge, Station Road
Blair, John, 9 Knockagh Terrace, Upper Road
Blair, John, Silversprings
Blair, William, Lismoyle, Upper Road
Blakely, C., 22 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Blythe, Herbert J., Carnbree
Bodel, Miss, Castlelugg Cottage
Bond, James, Railway Cottages, Station Road
Boyd, Arthur E., Silverdale, Shore Road
Boyd, James D., Grocer, Newsagent and Tobacconist; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Boyd, W., 4 Hillsea, Shore Road
Boylan, Patrick, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," Station Road
Boyton, R. A., Tiev-Tara, Upper Station Road
Brannigan, J., Silverbrook, Upper Road
Breen, Mrs. M., Maureen, Shore Road
Brien, J., Rosaleen, Shore Road
Brown, Edward, 3 Knockagh Terrace, Upper Road
Brown, F. H., Glenisle, Station Road
Brown, John, 8 Knockagh Terrace, Upper Road
Brown, Mrs. E., 11 Knockagh Terrace, Upper Road
Buchanan, H., Upper Road
Bullick, ?, Dungorman, Mullaghmore Park
Burney, G., Silverstream Cottage, Shore Road
Burns, J., 21 Loughview Terrace
Busby, ?, Lisnavane, Goldenview Park

Cahoon, J., 6 Loughview Terrace
Cambridge, T. R., grocer, Shore Road
Cameron, Rupert R., Derwent, Upper Road
Campbell, Alexander, Rose Cottage, Upper Road
Campbell, John, 4 Knockagh Terrace, Upper Road
Campbell, R., 2 Fortfield Cottages, Shore Road
Campbell, W., McCammonds Cottages, Upper Road
Carson, T., Hazelview
Cartmill, James, Lisavon, Station Road
Chambers, David, Bilmar, Station Road
Chambers, J. H., Doniert, Shore Road
Charters, R., 1 Strandview Cottages, Shore Road
Christian, John W., Colquhally, Shore Road
Clarke, Sir George, Seapark, Shore Road
Clarke, William, Holmleigh, Station Road
Clawson, J., Belvoir
Clugson, J., Hillbrook
Clugson, R., Aspect Bungalow
Clyde, R., J.P., Corra Linn, Station Road
Cochrane, E., Carneal
Cole, F. J., Ardmara, Upper Road
Colhoun, Thos., 2 Glenisland Terrace, Station Road
Connell, H. A., Lisbreen, Station Road
Cooke, N. V., The Ingles, Shore Road
Cooke, T., The Close, Upper Road
Corkey, Mrs., Drumnagee, Upper Road
Cornfoot, ?, Cherryripe
Cowan, J., Lilma, Station Road
Cowan, J. M., Bethel, Station Road
Crawford, James, Rossinver, Upper Station Road
Creighton, J., Bethmeon, Station Road
Creighton, S., 12 Loughview Terrace
Crooks, H., Liscooley, Station Road
Crooks, J., Wayside, Station Road
Crooks, Mrs. J., Station Road
Crothers, Capt. R., Castlelugge, Shore Road
Crowe, R., Knockmore, Upper Road
Crymble, Mrs. E., postmistress, Dunfris, Station Road
Crymble, R., Mullaghmore Park
Curran, J., Fairmount, Upper Road

Dafforn, F. C., 8 Silverstream Park
Dalton, D., Sunnyside, Station Road
Darragh, H., The Cabin
Davidson, Malcolm B., Ashmead, Upper Road
Davidson, Walter, Mullaghmore Park, Station Road
Davie, R., 4 Fortfield Villas
Davies, J. H., Ballynascreen, Shore Road
Davis, A. H., Stanleigh
Dean, Mrs., Rowlands, Goldenview Park
De Winter, Mrs., The Barn, Shore Road
Dinsmore, S., Loughside, Shore Road
Doherty, A., Aubreyville, Upper Road
Donaghy, J., The Villiers
Donald, Mrs., Station Road
Donnelly, Miss, Lettuce Lands, Shore Road
Douglas, Miss, 8 Fortfield Terrace, Shore Road
Douglass, Mrs., Willow Lodge, Shore Road
Dowds, J., Whirfield
Dowling, J., Lismore, Upper Road
Drinkwater, Madame G., Little Silverstream, Shore Road
Duff, James. Station Cottages, Station Road
Duff, Miss, Yva, Mullaghmore Park
Duignan, H. A., Ravenhill, Shore Road
Dunbar, J., 2 Silverstream Park
Duncan, R., Glenburn, Shore Road
Dunlop, James, Craigavon, Mullaghmore Park

Eagar, James, Wilgaro, Shore Road
Elliott, J., Lincoln Cottage, Upper Road
Elliott, R., Woodvale, Upper Station Road
Ellison, D., 8 Silverstream Park
English, Mrs., 7 Fortfield Terrace
Erskine, J., Budore, Shore Road
Ewart, Mrs., Ridgemount

Farr, Thomas, 7 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Fee, J., 26 Loughview Terrace
Fee, T., 25 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Ferry, Mrs., 2 Knockagh Terrace
Fields, J., The Close, Upper Road
Finlay, R., Ventnor Lodge, Shore Road
Finlay, ?. 10 Glenisland Terrace
Fisher, Ernest, Lauriston, Shore Road
Fitzsimmon, N., Island House
Fleming, Mrs., 4 Fortfield Terrace
Forbes, W., Avon, Mullaghmore Park
Foster, G., Loughview Cottage, Shore Road
Frew, T., Reacroft

Galway, R., Murlough, Upper Road
Gamble, S., Oakfield
Gardner, Robert J., Hartley, Shore Road
Gardner, William, Wayside, Shore Road
Gault, Mrs., Elnira, Shore Road
Geary, S., 13 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Gilbert, D. C., Glenisland Terrace
Gillespie, G., 7 Greenisland Terrace
Gilmore, D., Station Road
Gilroy, G., Cushacric, Station Road
Girvan, Mrs., Martella, Station Road
Girvan, S., 3 Fortfield Villas
Glass, J., Netherurd, Station Road
Goulding, J., 4 Glenisland Terrace
Goulding, R., 28 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Graham, H., Wilmette, Mullaghmore Park
Graham, J., Maryville, Upper Road
Graham, J., Rubena, Upper Station Road
Graham, J., Murlough, Station Road
Gray, A., Coolgreena, Station Road
Gray, Mrs., Longpark, Upper Road
Green, ?, Knockayde, Station Road
Greenaway, Mrs., Ivyhill, Upper Station Road
Greenleese, Samuel, Noreen, Shore Road
Greer, A., 1 Greenisland Terrace
Greer, J., Islewood, Upper Road
Greer, J., St. Kilda, Upper Road
Greer, R., Vendale, Upper Road
Greer, W., Coolbawn, Station Road
Gregg, R., Stratton, Station Road

Hagan, A., Dalriada Hill, Shore Road
Hagan, Robert, Whin Villas
Hagan, Wm., Lower Greenisland P.O.
Hagan, W., Knockagh
Hagan, W.,  13 Glenisland Terrace
Hainon, J., Helenview, Station Road
Hall, Rev. W. P., Muskoko, Upper Station Road
Hall, R., Station House
Hamilton, E., 14 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Hamilton, J., Terrydreen, Upper Road
Hamilton, W., Ravenhill Lodge
Harknett, F., 2 Marlborough Terrace
Harper, M., Bayview, Shore Road
Harron, T., Ballynascreen Cottage
Harvey, R., Rathmore Cottage
Haslett, Mrs. J. R., Killeague, Shore Road
Haydock, W., Silverstream House
Hazeldean, G., Loughside, Shore Road
Henderson, D., Strathallen, Station Road
Henderson, D. A., F.B.O.A., Pentland, Silverstream
Henderson, Stanley, The Cairn, Station Road
Henshall, Lt.-Col. L. S., D.S.O., Lonsdale, Shore Road
Hetherington, J., Ardkeen, Upper Road
Hewitt, ?, Grebba, Mullaghmore Park
Hewson, Lt.-Col., Rathgael, Shore Road
Hill, Hugh, 2 Hillview
Hill, Mark, 1 Hillview, Upper Road
Hill, Mark, jun., Islandvale
Hill, Mrs. E., Auburn, Upper Road
Hill, S., Ashbourne
Hobday, Brig.-General R., Wavecrest, Shore Road
Holmes, John, 14 Glenland Terrace
Hope, R., Foxdale, Station Road
Horne, Miss, Whin Villas, Shore Road
Houston, J., Mullaghmore Park
Howard, ?, Ranock, Shore Road

Irvine, Miss, Golf Club House
Irwin, R., 8 Loughview Terrace
Irwin, S., Seapark Cottages

Jackson, D., Station Road
Jackson, James, Knockagh Terrace, Upper Road
Jamison, J., Ailsa, Station Road
Jamison, R., Mantalto, Mullaghmore Park
Johnston, Miss, Clonmore, Station Road
Johnstone, Miss E., Knock Lodge, Upper Road
Johnstone, Mrs. E. F., Underhill, Station Road
Johnstone, Mrs. T., dairy, Aspect, Shore Road
Johnstone, T. R., Newbath, Shore Road
Johnstone, W., Longfield, Station Road
Johnstone, W. H., Knockagh Cottage, Upper Road
Jones, P., San Souci, Goldenview Park
Jones, W. C., Beltana, Station Road

Karr, Alfred E., Brairdene, Station Road
Keatley, J., 6 Glenisland Terrace, Station Road
Kelly, J. H., Landscape, Shore Road
Kelly, Mrs., Upper Road
Kerr, A. M., Rosdyl, Upper Road
Kerr, J., Craigmore, Mullaghmore Park
Kerr, Miss, Ardguirth, Upper Road
Kerr, Mrs., Kerrsleigh, Station Road
Kerr, Wilson, Lamorna, Station Road
Kerr, W., 3 Fortfield Cottages
Kingcarson, J., Rathnew, Upper Road
Kingman, R., Rotha Cottage, Station Road
Kirkman, Alfred, Moylena, Mullaghmore Park
Knight, S., grocer, Station Road
Knott, J., Rosemary, Station Road

Lamont, Hugh, architect, Sharuhen, Shore Road
Larkin, S., Upper Road
Lattimore, J., Knockcairn, Upper Road
Laughlin, Mrs. S., Orient House, Upper Road
Lindsay, R., Knockagh Terrace
Livingstone, E., 4 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Lockhart, J., Knockagh
Logan, H., 7 Hillsea, Shore Road
Logan, Miss, Upper Road
Logan, Paul, milk vendor, Knockagh
Logan, R., Balloch
Logan, S., Dalriada Hill
Logan, Capt. W., Carrickbawn
Logan, W., 8 Hillsea, Shore Road
Logue, William, Station Cottages, Station Road
Loughlin, John, 10 Knockagh Terrace, Upper Road
Loughridge, Dr., Torview
Loyd, ?, Arundel
Luney, W., 5 Glenisland Terrace, Station Road
Lurey, Mrs. J., 2 Castle Lugge Cottages, Shore Road
Lutton, C., Marlu, Shore Road
Lutton, M., Ardevan, Station Road
Lynas, H., Diredale Cottage, Upper Road
Lyons, J. C., Florenceville, Mullaghmore Park

Mackey, J., Lacre, Mullaghmore Park
Mackie, James A., Meroc, Shore Road
Mackie, W. G., Tinamara, Shore Road
Mac Ve, R., Fryfaen, Upper Road
Magee, A., Alexander Cottage
Magee, John, Mullaghmore House
Magee, T., Aspect Cottages, Shore Road
Malcolm, A., Station Cottages, Station Road
Mannin, Miss, Tirconnell, Station Road
Manning, A., Aspect Cottage, Shore Road
Marron, T., The Close
Marrs, S., 5 Goldenview Park
Marshall, A., Fairways, Upper Road
Marshall, T., Dalriada Hill
Martin, Mrs., Marley, Station Road
Martin, R., 1 Fortfield Terrace, Shore Road
Martin, S., Meroc Lodge, Shore Road
Martin, S., Glendun
Martin, S., 5 Loughview Terrace
Martin, T., Linwinney
Martin, William, Rosemount Lodge, Shore Road
Martin, W., Dalriada Hill, Shore Road
Martin, W. H., Greenisland Lodge
Martin, W. J., The Close, Upper Road
Mawhinney, E., 4 Marlborough Terrace, Shore Road
Mawhinney, R., Seaview Terrace, Shore Road
Mee, J. P., The Whins
Meeke, T., 15 Loughview Terrace
Megam, J., Kaola, Upper Road
Mellon, R., Laurel Mount
Mercer, Dr. Eileen E., Landscape, Shore Road
Mercer, Frederick, Mount Oriel, Upper Road
Mercer, Mrs. J., Landscape, Shore Road
Merrifield, O., Bira Mar
Middleton, J., Close Cottage
Millar, R., Benoni, Mullaghmore Park
Millar, ?, Bennamara
Miller, J., Holmcrest, Station Road
Milliken, R., 3 Silverstream Park
Milliken, S., Bullworthing
Minford, Mrs., Tigroney, Shore Road
Montgomery, R., The Eglish, Upper Road
Montgomery, W. D., Wilmont, Mullaghmore Park
Moon, J. McC., Finglush
Moore, H., Belgrave, Station Road
Moore, Mrs., Gleneal, Station Road
Moore, R., Fairhaven, Shore Road
Moore, ?, 7 Silverstream Park
Morrison, Mrs., Arnside, Shore Road
Morrow, William, Amyville, Station Road
Muir, Mrs., 1 Hillsea, Shore Road
Mulholland, E., Station Cottages, Station Road
Mulholland, P., Loughside Cottage, Shore Road
Municipal Children's Hospital, Ventnor, Shore Road
Munoleux, ?, Brooklands, Mullaghnore Park
Murdock, A., 3 Woodview Cottages
Murphy, W., Seapark Lodge, Shore Road
Murray, J., Woodvale, Upper Station Road

McAuley, Mrs., Mount Hazel, Station Road
McAuley, R., Laburnum Cottage
McBride, H., Kylemore, Upper Road
McBroom, W., 24 Loughview Terrace
McCalmont, Miss, Woodview, Shore Road
McCammond, D., Silverstream, Upper Road
McCarroll, J., 17 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
McCartney, M., Kilbride, Station Road
McCartney, R. J., Ardara, Mullaghmore Park
McCartney, S., Valetta, Upper Road
McCaul, H., Lucerne, Station Road
McCletchie, J., Glenfield
McCletchie, W., Marathon, Station Road
McClure, S., 18 Loughview Terrace
McCluskey, L., Irene, Station Road
McCombe, D., Whinfield
McCombe, George, The Bungalow, Upper Road
McConkey, W., Firdale Cottages
McConnell, J., Upper Road
McConnell, John, Strandview, Shore Road
McConnell, ?, Craigneuk, Mullaghmore Park
McCormick, J., Whinfield
McCracken, Miss, Woodview, Shore Road
McCrea, H., 19 Loughview Terrace
McCrea, J., Oakfield Cottage
McCullough, J., Lonsdale Lodge
McDonald, John, Breffni, Station Road
McDonald, J., Birnham, Mullaghmore Park
McDonald, W., Glencoe, Station Road
McDonnell, J. G., 2 Fortfield Terrace, Shore Road
McFadden, C., Blaweary, Mullaghmore Park
McFadden, J., Mereen, Upper Road
McFadden, N., Athlin, Mullaghmore Park
McFerran, ?, 20 Loughview Terrace
McGarrol, J., 9 Glenisland Terrace
McGaw, R., 9 Fortfield Terrace, Shore Road
McGivern, D., Aspect Cottage, Shore Road
McGooken, ?, Dalton Villa
McIlwrath, Robert. Graninan, Upper Road
McKaig, Dr. Andrew, Lawnside, Upper Road
McKay, C., 8 Glenisland Terrace, Station Road
McKee, R., Dalriada Hill, Shore Road
McKenzie, J., Dalriada Hill, Shore Road
McKeown, Miss, Rose Cottage
McKibben, J., Indiana, Upper Road
McKinstry, J., Ramore, Station Road
McKirgan, Jas., auto. engineer, Railway Station
McKirgan, John, Eidervale, Mullaghmore Park
McKirgan, John, jun., Hufort, Mullaghmore Park
McKirgan, J., Eglinton, Upper Station Road
McLaughlin, E., Innisglass, Shore Road
McLean, J., Marven, Upper Road
McMillan, J., Travara
McMullan, J., Strathmore, Station Road
McNeill, J. A., Knocklayde, Station Road
McNeill, Mrs., Ardnamara, Station Road
McNeilly, R., Upper Road
McPhail, D., 17 Greenisland Terrace, Station Road
McRoberts, J., Knocknagar, Mullaghmore Park
McRoberts, ?, Bradda, Mullaghmore Park
McWilliams, J., Knowsley, Upper Road
McWilliams, Mrs., Ashfield Cottage

Nash, B., Alverna, Station Road
Nash, B. R., Glenariffe, Station Road
Neil, H., Seapark Cottages
Neil, J., Rathmore, Station Road
Neill, Miss, Ashfield Cottage
Neill, Mrs., 3 Loughview Terrace
Neill, Samuel, Ashfield, Shore Road
Nelson, J., Windways, Upper Road

Ogle, J., Garden Cottage, Seapark
Osborne, Albert, Innishowen, Station Road Upper
O'Hara, Thomas, Whiteheather, Station Road
O'Neill, James, Fawnoran Lodge, Station Road

Page, Mrs., 3 Fortfield Terrace
Page, Mrs., Close Cottage
Patrick, J., Annalore, Shore Road
Peck, J., Mountview, Station Road
Percy, R., Alnwick, Station Road
Pike, Mrs., Ardlin, Station Road
Plenderleith, Miss C., Loughnagar, Shore Road
Pollen, J., 3 Marlborough Terrace
Porter, J., Clent, Station Road

Quinn, Miss, Erinville, Shore Road

Rankin, ?, Dunalwyn
Ranson, Rev. R., Ivydene, Mullaghmore Park
Rea, J., Ilnacullin, Station Road
Rea, Robert, Reaville, Upper Road
Redmond, R., White's Farm
Reid, A., 2 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Reid, E., Barton, Shore Road
Risk, Mrs., Aubreyville, Upper Road
Robb, William, Silverstream Lodge, Shore Road
Robinson, A., Rosemount, Shore Road
Robinson, D., The Close, Upper Road
Robinson, R., The Close
Robinson, R., Claremont, Upper Road
Robinson, S., Bloomfield, Shore Road
Roome, Miss E., Benvue, Station Road
Ross, J., Thorn Cottage, Shore Road
Ross, Miss, Station Road
Russell, ?, Olner, Station Road

Saunderson, J., Elmwood, Shore Road
Saunderson, Miss M., 4 Silverstream Park
Saunderson, Robert, Prospect View, Shore Road
Scott, B., Mamre, Mullaghmore Park
Scott, Miss, Hannaville, Shore Road
Shannon, J., 6 Hillsea, Shore Road
Shannon, Mrs. J., Leahurst, Upper Road
Shaw, Geoffrey, Laurel Lodge, Shore Road
Shaw, Hugh, Upper Road
Shaw, H., Mullaghmore Cottage, Station Road
Shaw, J., Golf Cottages
Shaw, Mrs. G. M., Pentland, Shore Road
Shaw, T. H., Killadeas, Shore Road
Sheals, William, Rosemara, Greenisland
Sherlock, Samuel, Station Road
Simms, Mrs., 5 Fortfield Terrace, Shore Road
Simpson, D., 23 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Simpson, F., 11 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Sloan, J., Strathearne, Shore Road
Sloan, R., Station Cottages, Station Road
Sloan, S., Malone, Station Road
Smith, D., Seaview Terrace, Shore Road
Smith, J., Dalriada Hill, Shore Road
Smith, J., Roseneath, Upper Road
Smith, J., Moyola, Mullaghmore Park
Smith, Norman, Reenmore, Upper Road
Smith, R., Ivybank, Mullaghmore Park
Smith, S., 27 Loughview Terrace
Smith, S. T., Edelwies, Station Road
Smith, T., 5 Marlborough Terrace
Smith, William, Elmur, Station Road
Smith, William, Radcot, Upper Road
Smylie, H., The Close
Smylie, W., Seapark Cottage
Smyth, C. H., Drumcree, Station Road
Smyth, E., Cambria, Shore Road
Smythe, Francis, Ellerslie, Shore Road
Smythe, F. G., garage, Shore Road
Snodden, W., 3 Glenisland Terrace, Station Road
Spence, T. R., Newbath, Shore Road
Stafford, L., Upper Road
Stafford, R., Renluan, Upper Road
Steadmond, W., 1 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Stevenson, J., Stonepoint, Shore Road
Stewart, A., Bethmar, Station Road
Stewart, John, The Nest, Station Road
Stewart, J., 12 Glenisland Terrace
Stewart, J., Elm Bethesda
Stewart, J., 5 Knockagh Terrace, Upper Road
Stewart, J., Ardilea Cottage
Stewart, Paul, Salathiel, Station Road
Stewart, R., 10 Loughview Terrace
Stewart, R. H., McCammond's Cottage
Strange, N., 16 Loughview Terrace, Station Road
Strathane, Mrs., 29 Loughview Terrace
Stuart, S., Cloneen
Stuthers, J., Craiganorne, Mullaghmore Park
Stutt, Rev., Epsworth, Station Road
Sutherland, Mrs., Ravenhill Bungalow
Swan, Samuel W., Railway Cottages, Station Road

Taggart, R., Clovelly, Goldenview Park
Taylor, ?, Roseville
Taylor, ?, Owenvara
Templeton, Robert, Fernlea, Upper Road
Templeton, S., Ivy House, Upper Road
Thompson, A., Mentmore, Mullaghmore Park
Thompson, John, Wandene, Station Road
Todd, Prof. J. E., Seahaven, Shore Road
Toney, J., Granuaile, Station Road
Torrence, R., Amulree
Tweedie, J., Thornmount, Shore Road
Tyler, H. G., Ardenne
Tyler, J. D., Sunningdale, Station Road
Tyrie, Andrew, Thurso, Shore Road
Tyrie, Miss B., 8 Fortfield Terrace, Shore Road

Vance, H., Willow Lodge, Shore Road
Vance, John, Sunbree, Station Road
Victoria Hones, Fawnoran, Station Road

Walker, Miss, Benone, Station Road
Walker, Mrs., 2 Hillsea, Shore Road
Wallace, A., Haslar, Goldenview Park
Wallace, D. F., grocer, Glenarm, Station Road
Wallace, John, Avondale, Upper Road
Wallace, Miss, Orazeba, Upper Road
Wallace, Mrs., 1 Marlborough Terrace, Shore Road
Wallace, R., Lettuce Lands, Shore Road
Wallace, S., Culzean, Station Road
Wallace, T., Lincoln Cottage, Upper Road
Walsh, Mrs., 6 Silverstream Park
Warrick, J., 6 Goldenview Park
Wasson, G., 3 Hillsea, Shore Road
Wasson, J., Maralyn, Station Road
Watson, Robert D., Loughranso, Upper Road
Watson, William, grocer, Upper Road
Weatherhead, E. K., 1 Silverstream Park
Weilding, H., Waterside, Shore Road
Wier, A., Riverdale
Wiley, J. G., Stepaside, Station Road
Wilkinson, T., Tudor, Shore Road
Wilson, Andrew, Annaghmore, Upper Road
Wilson, C., 5 Hillsea, Shore Road
Wilson, E., Ashlea, Upper Road
Wilson, Joseph J., milk vendor, Fortfield Dairy
Wilson, Mrs., The Firs, Station Road
Wilson, Dr. Robert, Glyngaire, Shore Road
Wilson, T. J., The Cottage, Shore Road
Wilson, William, Gortalee, Station Road
Withers, ?, Swallow Cottage
Woodburn, J., Dalriada Hill
Woodside, H., Roseneath
Wylie, Miss, Montana

Yeats, A., Glenmona, Mullaghmore Park

County Down

     Is the site of an old abbey founded A.D. 1193 for Cistercian monks by Afreeca, wife of Sir John De Courcy, and daughter of Godred, King of the Isle of Man.  It was destroyed by the army of O'Neill in the great rebellion of 1641, and was never afterwards repaired.  The vicinity of these ruins is beautiful and picturesque.  The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday


Church of Ireland - Rev. P. R. Cosgrave, M.A.  Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thos. Patterson, B.A.  Unitarian Church - Rev. W. H. Townley Tilson, M.A.


R.U.C. Barrack - Sergeant Owens
P.E. School - James Ferris, principal
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Dr. W. A. Houston


Anderson, Mrs., Abbey Terrace
Askin, Miss L.
Askin, William, publican
Atcheson, Andrew, Church Street
Atcheson, Mrs.
Atcheson, William, Main Street

Baillie, John, The Hatchery
Bailie, Mrs., North Street
Bailie, William, Main Street
Bell, Eliza Ann
Bell, John, Sea View Cottage
Bell, Reginald, Main Street
Bell, Samuel
Bennett, Mrs., Greyabbey
Brooks, George, Greyabbey
Brown, Samuel
Bryce, Alexander
Bryce, John, North Street
Bryce, Robert A.
Bunting, Miss E.
Byers, Thomas, publican

Carson, Andrew
Carson, Charles J., Newtownards Road
Carson, James, Glenheim, Newtownards Road
Carson, John
Carson, Nathaniel, Newtownards Road
Caughey, William, Main Street
Christie, Thomas, jun., sexton, Church of Ireland
Colville, H., relieving officer, Rathgale, Conlig
Conway, Mary
Corry, John B., post office; agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Coulter, Constable, R.U.C.
Cromie, David
Cummings, Samuel

Davidson, J., Hillview
Davidson, Walter
Dawson, J. C., 1 Abbey Terrace
Duncan, William, grocer
Dunn, John, shoemaker, Main Street

Edgar, Frank
Edgar, William, blacksmith
Eiken, Captain, Mill House
Electricity Board for Northern Ireland, Rosemount House
Elliott, William

Ferris, James, school master
Furness, J., Ballybrain House

Gardiner, W., Rosemount Cottage
Gibson, James, Main Street
Gibson, Taylor
Gibson, William
Glasgow, ?, R.U.C.

Harkness, Hugh J.
Harkness, Thomas
Holland, William J., joiner, Main Street
Houston, W. A., M.D.

Johnston, James
Johnston, J. W., R.U.C.
Johnstone, Nurse A., Queen's Nurse, Mountstewart

Keenan, Charles, Main Street
Keenan, Samuel, grocer, Main Street

Magill, ?, Abbey Lodge
Matchett, Hugh, Ballygarvin
Mawhinney, Jane, post woman
Mawhinney, John, grave digger, High Street
Moreland, Mrs. M. J., sexton, Unitarian Church
Moreland, Mrs. M. J., Main Street
Morrison, Miss M., grocer, Main Street
Morrison, William, garage

McCammond, Constable, R.U.C.
McCance, William, Church Street
McConnell, Mrs.
McCoy, Mrs. Bridget, North Street
McCracken, George, solicitor, Brae Lodge
McCullough, David
McCullough, Montgomery
McCullough, Robert
McCullough, William
McDermott, Thomas
McKay, John, Seaview
McKay, Miss Bella, sextoness, Presbyterian Church
McKeag, Miss Agnes, post woman
McKeag, Thomas

Neill, Mrs., Main Street
Northern Ireland Transport Board, Main Street

Patterson, Rev. Thomas, B.A.
Patton, David, Main Street
Patton, Matilda
Patton, Samuel

Regan, Edward, Mill Cottages
Regan, John
Regan, Mrs. H., caretaker of dispensary
Reid, Mrs. Samuel
Robson, William, Main Street

Stewart, Andrew, Orange Tree

Taggart, Robert
Taggart, Samuel, jun.
Taggart, S.
Taylor, William
Thompson, John, Main Street

Weir, William
Worsley, H. K., estate agent
Wray, ?, R.U.C.
Wright, Joseph, gardener
Wright, Mrs. R., The Cottage


Angus, John, Ballygarvin
Askin, John, Ballynester

Bailie, J., Ballyboghilbow
Bailie, William, Blackabbey
Baird, Mrs., Ballynester
Barnes, James, The Hill, Kilnatierney
Barnes, James Taylor, Kilnatierney
Bowden, Samuel, Tullycavey
Bracegirdle, Miss, Blackabbey
Brooks, Thomas, Ballybrain
Brown, Alexander, Ballygrainey
Brown, David, Ballyboley
Brown, Hugh, Cardy
Brown, Hugh, Kilnatierney
Brown, James, Ballymurphy
Brown, Joseph, Ballymurphy
Brown, Robert, Tullycavey
Byers, William, The Hill, Ballyboley

Carlton, Bertie, Cardy
Carson, John, Ballymurphy
Carson, William John, The Glen, Ballymurphy
Collins, Mrs., Ballyboley

Davidson, Andrew, Ballymurphy
Davidson, Robert, Ballynester
Dorrian, Alexander, Ballyboley

Finlay, Samuel, Ballyuranullen
Foster, Frank, Ballyboley
Freeland, J., teacher, Ballyboley P.E. School

Gibson, John, Bayview, Ballygarvin
Gibson, Joseph, Tullycavey
Gibson, R., Ashbank, Ballygarvin
Gray, Samuel, Blackabbey
Greeves Flax Mill, Tullycavey

Hall, Thomas, Ballyboghilbow
Hamilton, David, Ballymurphy
Hamilton, James, draper, Ballyboley
Hamilton, James, Grove Cottage, Ballyboley
Hamilton, John, Ballybryan
Horner, James, Ballybrain

Kerr, William James, Ballybrain

Little, George, Killyvolgan
Logan, J., Tullycavey

Martin, R., Ballyboley
Matchett, Sandy, Ballybrain
Matier, John, Bayview, Greyabbey
Millin, Robert, Gordonall
Mitchell, Mrs., Blackabbey
Moreland, Hugh, Ballynester
Muckle, Adam, Ballyboley

McAvoy, Patrick, sheep inspector, Ballymurphy
McAvoy, William, Midisland
McCartin, Mrs. John, Ballymurphy
McCormick, Mrs. William, Tullycavey
McCormick, W., Blackabbey
McCullough, J., Ballygrangey
McCune, William, Ballyboley
McKettrick, Mrs., Ballybrain
McKettrick, W. J., Ballybrain

Neill, W. S., Kilnatierney

Orr, Charles, Ballyboghilbow
Orr, Joseph, Ballyboghilbow
O'Neill, William, Ballyboley

Robson, Thomas, Ballybryan
Rugman, Mrs. S., Spring Road

Scott, John, Ballygaringey
Stewart, Alexander, Cardy
Stewart, James, Ballynester

Thompson, A., painter, Main Street

Walker, Andrew, Cardy
Walker, David, Cardy
Walker, James, Ballyboghilbow
Walker, William, jun., Ballygrainey
Walker, W. J., Tullycarvey
Warnock, Robert, Ballybryan
Woods, Hugh, Blackabbey
Woods, James, Blackabbey
Wright, Hugh, Ballygrainey
Wright, Samuel, Ballymurphy

Young, Hugh, Tullycarvey

County Down

     On the shore of Belfast Lough, about 15 miles from Belfast.  The Copeland Islands lie about three miles off. The Board of Trade have a rocket apparatus (life saving) station.  It is famous as the spot where General Schomberg landed with 10,000 men on 13th August, 1689, to march through Belfast and besiege Carrickfergus. Shops' half-holiday, Thursday


Church of Ireland - Rev. George Freeman, B.D.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Walter Nelson, M.A.


Public Elementary School - Robt. Brownlee, principal
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - R. L. Rea, B.Sc., M.B., Bangor
Orange Hall, Springwell Road - Two lodges meet monthly.  H. Blakeley, hon. secretary
Board of Trade, Rocket Apparatus - Wm. George Tanner in charge
Masonic Lodge 337, Masonic Hall, Bangor - H. J. Watterson, Main Street


Agnew, Archibald, Balloo
Agnew, Mrs., Springwell Road
Agnew, Robert, Balloo
Allison, ?, Sheraton Cottage, Main Street
Andrews, Hugh, farmer, Balloo
Angus, Andrew, Ballymacormick Road
Atkinson, ?, Andrew's Braes, Balloo
Auld, Mrs. John, Point Road

Barbour, Mrs., Main Street
Barrons, David, fisherman, Pump Street
Barrons, James, Balloo Stores, Balloo
Barrons, John, Pump Street
Barrons, Patrick, Hill Street
Beattie, Hugh, Hill Street
Beattie, Stanley, Main Street
Bell, Hugh, Hill Street
Bell, Hugh, jun., Hill Street
Bell, John, dairyman, Hill Street
Bell, Mrs., Ben Alma, Andrew's Lane, Balloo
Bell, Samuel, Hill Street
Boag, Robert, Violet lodge
Birch, William, Oakley Hall
Blackwood, J. W., Point Road
Blackwood, T., Moorings, Main Street
Blakeley, Mrs., Side Manse, Main Street
Boyd, James, Grocer and Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Brown, Ian G., 21a The Hill
Brown-Moffett, Mrs., Hill Street

Campbell, Tom, April Cottage
Clarke, James, builder, Hecklegirth
Clements, William, farmer, Ballymacormick
Conroy, Alexander, Old School Yard
Conroy, Miss, Hill Street
Cuthbert, Alexander, dairyman, Hill Street
Cuthbertson, ?, Orlock
Cutler, H. A., M.Inst.C.E., Benvue

Donnan, W. D., M.D., J.P., Violet Lodge
Dunbar, Robert, Quay Road

Ferguson, H., Andrew's Braes, Balloo
Finlay, James, farmer, Balloo

Gamble, T., Ballyminetra
Gardner, H., Willesden
Gaw, Mrs., Main Street
Graham, T., The Point Road
Gray, Arthur, Vennell
Gray, J. H., Andrew's Braes, Balloo
Greer, H., Hill Street

Hamilton, Wm., Westbank, The Vennel
Harris, Rev. E. M., B.D., Point Road
Heyburn, Miss Mary, The Point
Hillas, Kim T., hotel proprietor
Holmes, B., Hill Street
Houston, William, The Point

Irwin, Mrs., 16 Main Street

Jack, James, Balloo
Johnston, ?, Ballyminetra
Jordan, Mrs., Old School Yard

Kennedy, John, gardener, Hill Street
Kerr, ?, Green Gables
Kinghan, T. D., Barrister-at-Law, Glenganagh
Kinghan, William S., J.P., D.L., Glenganagh
Kinnaird, Alexander, The Cabin, Springwell Road
Kinnaird, Campbell, Hillside, Springwell Road
Kinnaird, Robert, Seaview House, Main Street

Lindsay, James, Ballyminetra
Logan, Mrs., Andrew's Braes
Long, John, boot maker, Balloo
Long, P., Virginia House, Main Street
Lowry, H., farmer, Orlock
Lyttle, Mrs., Copeland View, The Point

Major, John, Baylands, Main Street
Major, Peter, Hill Street
Martin, Mrs., Rosedeen, Balloo
Martin, Robert, dairyman, Main Street
Matthews, George, Sea Bank, Balloo
Matthews, John, jun., Ballyminetra
Matthews, Nathaniel, Whinney Knowes, Balloo
Mawhinney, Mrs., Main Street
Mawhinney, Richard, The Point
Mayne, T., Ballyminetra
Miskimmin, Mrs., Balloo
Mooney, Mrs. A., Springwell Road
Morrison, J. B., Balloo House
Morrow, Charles, Islet Hill
Morrow, James, landsteward, Glenganagh
Murdock, Gordon, Old School Yard
Murdock, John, Old School Yard
Murdock, Martin, Andrew's Braes. Balloo
Murphy, Mrs. Sarah, The Point

McCartney, Mrs., Andrew's Braes, Balloo
McCleery, Mrs., Shadwell, Groomsport Road
McClelland, Andrew, Ballyminetra
McCormick, J., J.P., Andrew's Braes, Balloo
McCreedy, John, Springwell Road
McCrossan, ?, Balloo
McCully, J., Ballyminetra
McCully, S., Ballyminetra
McCutcheon, Robert, farmer, Balloo
McCutcheon, S., Ballyminetra
McElroy, George, R.M., Crobeg, Balloo
McIlwaine, John, farmer, Balloo
McIntosh, James, Main Street
McIntosh, John, 5 Main Street
McMullan, J., Hill Street
McMullan, ?, Andrew's Braes, Balloo

Neill, William, Hill Street
Nelson, Abel, The Point
Nelson, Archibald, The Point
Nelson, A., grocer, Quay Road
Nelson, Hugh, The Point
Nelson, James, The Hill
Nelson, Rev. Walter, M.A., The Manse
Niblock, Mrs. Margaret, Hill Street
Niblock, William, Hill Street
Nixon, David, farmer, Balloo

Ormsby, Thomas, Springwell Road
Orr, Daniel, fisherman, Hill Street
Orr, Maxwell, fisherman, Pump Street
Oughton, Mrs., Main Street

Parkhill, Mrs., Balloo
Patterson, Mrs., Newgrove, Dufferin Villas
Patton, John, Glenganagh
Pearcy, Thomas, The Anchorage
Pollock, H., Ballminetra (Ballyminetra)
Purdy, Joseph, The Hill

Roe, J., Lorna Dhorra
Russell, James, undertaker, Hill Street
Russell, T., Hill Street
Russell, William, carter, Hill Street

Savage, William, Quay Road
Scott, D., Bethany, Andrew's Field
Scott, ?, Andrew's Braes, Balloo
Smyth, James, Heyburn, grocer
Somers, Mrs., Main Street
Stafford, F., poultry man, Ballyminetra
Stewart, John, Main Street
Stewart, John, agent, Main Street

Tanner, Miss, Hill Street
Tanner, William George, boot maker
Taylor, Miss, 16 Main Street
Taylor, ?, Andrew's Braes, Balloo
Tedford, P., Orlock Lodge, Orlock
Tedford, ?, Andrew's Braes, Balloo
Thompson, A., Hillcrest, Andrew's Braes
Thompson, S., Orlock Shore

Wales, ?, Old Watch House
Walsh, Mrs., postmistress
Waterson, Hugh J., brick layer
Watterson, Jack, harbour master, Main Street
Waterson, James, Old School Yard
Waterson, John, Main Street
Waterson, J. A., Main Street
Waterson, Miss S., Main Street
Waterson, Mrs. Peter, Hill Street
Waterson, Robert, fisherman, Hill Street
Waterson, Thomas, fisherman, Main Street
Waterson, William, Quay Road
Watt, Mrs., Harbour Road
Watts, Mrs. E., Ingledene, Balloo
Wheeler, Mrs., Windyridge
White, F. W., The Lodge
Wilson, W. J., The Point
Wilson, W. T., Ballyminetra
Woods, Mrs. A., Coolattin, Lower Balloo