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1924 Belfast Street Directory

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          Coleraine is a prosperous town on the River Bann, near to the border line between the Counties Antrim and Derry. Its population in 1911 was 7,785, which was an increase of 829 in the previous ten years. Proximity to the seaside resorts of Portrush, Portstewart, and Castlerock render the town a most desirable place of residence.  The history of Coleraine can be traced in the Irish annals with tolerable accuracy for a period of nearly fifteen centuries.  It is attested that St. Patrick founded a church here in the fifth century, and called it "Cuil Rathain" (the ferny corner).  The pronounciation (pronunciation) of this name, "Cool Rawin," is almost identical with that of the present day, "Coleraine." The town, therefore, enjoys the distinction of having received its name direct from the great Apostle of Ireland.  The water supply is abundant, of the purest quality, and is carried to the town from Ballyrashane and Ballyversal.  The market place is situated on ground belonging to the Corporation, and was opened on the 25th March, 1830. There are markets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the sale of Oats, Tuesdays for flax, Fridays for pork, while Saturday is the general market day.  The Waterloo Market has accommodation for the sale of poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, &c.  Cattle fairs are held on the first Tuesday of February, May, August, and November.  The staple industries are linen-weaving, shirt and collar making, iron founding, distilling, and salmon fishing. The place has long been celebrated for its trade in the finer linens, but at what time this industry was first established here is not precisely known. The first bleach green in this part of the country was established at Ballybrittain by Mr. John Orr in 1734. There are many fine buildings in the town, including the splendid suite of schools and teachers' residence built by the Honourable the Irish Society for the free education of the children of the town, and opened in October 1868.  The Anderson Park, provided through the generosity of the late Hugh Anderson, J.P., was completed in 1904 at a total cost of 3,042.  Shops' half-holiday, Thursday

Post Office, Telegraph, and Telephone Office, Diamond - J. R. Yarr, postmaster.  Sub-Post Offices - Waterside, Jas. Mullan, postmaster; Railway Place, Mrs. Armstrong, postmistress
Local Magistrates - Sir Hervey, R. Bruce, Bart., D.L., Downhill; Mrs. Carson, Bannfield, Coleraine; Miss K. A. Lye, Red House, Coleraine; Major Torrens, D.L., Muckamore; W. M. Whitaker, K.C., M.A., J.P.; T. G. Houston, M.A., Dhu Varren, Portrush; Andrew Clarke, D.L., Ballysally House, Coleraine; R. A. C. Montagu, Cromore; H. R. Jones, R.M., Portrush; F. W. Crawford, Lynwood, Coleraine; R. H. Giveen, Cooldarragh; G. H. Moore-Browne, Portstewart; H. O'H. O'Neill, Portstewart; Charles Forsythe, M.D., Coleraine; Hugh Eccles, Coleraine; Hugh Hezlett, Liffock, Castlerock; J. Morrow, Islandheaghey, Coleraine; J. McIntyre, Ringsend; J. Steele, M.D., Castlerock; George Leeke, M.P., Bellarena; F. J. Dempsey, Aghadowey; H. W. Lyle, Glandore Lodge, Kilrea; A. G. Crawford, Portstewart; F. W. Skelly, Lodge Road, Coleraine; John Hill, Coleraine; Archibald Moore, Crossgar, Coleraine; R. F. McCartney, M.P.S.I., Adelaide Avenue, Coleraine; William Abraham, Coleraine; Richard Hunter, Riversdale, Coleraine; Andrew McFeeter, Bridge Street, Coleraine; Robt. Moore, Lodge Road, Coleraine; Oliver Paul, Captain Street, Coleraine
Coroner for the Town and Liberties and Half Barony - Dr. H. S. Morrison, D.L., M.P., Aghadowey; deputy coroner, Mr. H. A. Anderson, LL.D., solicitor, Coleraine
Urban District Council (offices, Town Hall; Telephone No. 23) - D. H. Christie (chairman), Mrs. Kydd (vice-chairman); S. T. Alexander, W. Callaghan, J. Caskey, D. G. Christie, H. B. Gribbon, Robt. Hunter, R. F. McCartney, J.P., John McKay, J. R. Jackson, R. McMurray, D. Cunningham, S. Stirling, Wm. Dalzell, John McDonald, S. O. Moore, J. Wilson
Consulting Sanitary Officer - Dr. J. T. Creery
Harbour Board - (Office at the Quay) - A. Clarke, D.L., J.P. (chairman); A. G. Crawford, W. Callaghan, F. W. Crawford, J. T. Moon, J.P.; Howard B. Gribbon, W. Abraham, J.P.; Robert O'Neill (vice-chairman), J. Morrow, J.P.; Samuel S. Young, J.P.; W. W. Hill, F. W. Crawford, J.P., Jos. A. Craig, Wm. Dalzell, Andrew McFeeter, J.P., A. R. Anderson, R. F. McCartney, J.P., James Stuart, Robt. Hunter, S. O. Moore
Clerk to the Urban District Council and Secretary to the Harbour Commissioners - Wm. Henry
Rate Collector for Urban District Council - J. Nevin, Hanover Place
Town Officer - T. G. Lynd, Springmount
Waterworks Inspector - J. Taylor, Abbey Street
Fire Brigade Station, Blindgate Street - T. G. Lynd, superintendent; Thos. Crawford, assistant superintendent
School Attendance Officer - Wm. Knox, Clifton Terrace
Government Veterinary Inspector at Coleraine Harbour - Richard H. Gilmore, M.R.C.V.S., Hanover Place
Inspector of Weights and Measures - Sergt. Walsh
Poor Rate Collectors for Rural District of Coleraine - Thomas Wray, Hanover Place, Coleraine; R. A. Sinclair, Portstewart; M. Craig, Garvagh
Quarter Sessions - His Honour Judge Osborne, K.C., Recorder for County Londonderry; A. M. Munn, Clerk of the Peace for City of Derry and County; J. Ff. Young, Crown solicitor; Registrar, F. G. Dickson
Petty Sessions - E. J. Hay, clerk; office, Adelaide Avenue
Constabulary Barrack, Meetinghouse Street - District Inspector, G. A. Geelan; Head Constable Culkin and 13 men
Registrar of Marriages - James Lowry, Waverley Terrace; assistant registrar, Robt. McConnell, Union Street
Babies' Club and Dispensary, New Row - Nurse Weir
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, Riverton - Dr. J. T. Creery; deputy registrar, Jas. Lowry, Waverley Terrace
Notary Public - D. MacLaughlin, solicitor, Diamond
Commissioners for Oaths for the High Courts of Justice in Ireland - E. J. Hay, C.P.S.; and S. A. Wray, solicitor
Harbour Master and Weighbridge Clerk - Thomas Martin
Inspector of Explosives - Thos. G. Lynd
North Derry Agricultural Society, Ltd. - President, Andrew Clarke, D.L., J.P.; hon. secretary, J. F. Hunter; secretary, Wm. Knox
Coleraine Ploughing Society - President, J. Black, J.P.; vice-president, John H. Black, Dundooan; secretary, J. A. Craig, Woodview; treasurer, J. Boyd Young, Maddybenny
Ulster Farmers' and Flax Growers' Association - President, Wm. Jackson; secretary, Rev. Robt. Moore, B.A., Ringsend; treasurer, John Morrow, J.P., Islandheaghey
Bowling Club - Green, Lodge Road - D. K. Maguire, president; Thomas J. Martin, solicitor, hon. secretary; Jas. A. Love, treasurer
Orange Lodges Nos. 316, 355 and 735 meet in Orange Hall, Union Street; 930, Killowen Orange Hall. District Lodge meets last Monday of each quarter.  R.B. Preceptories 37 and 99 meet in Orange Hall. Caretaker, Robt. Balmer
Picture Palace, Railway Road - J. Thompson, managing director
Masonic Lodges Nos. 127, 235 and 754, and R.A.C. No. 87 meet in the Masonic Hall, Lodge Road
St. John's Catholic Club, Killowen - President, Rev. M. Convery, P.P.; vice-president, Rev. W. Devine, C.C.; secretary, Daniel J. McKenna; treasurer, M. B. Mullan


Church of Ireland - Rev. W. H. Bradley, M.A., rector. Killowen Parish Church, Killowen Street - Rev. W. H. Giles, B.A., rector
First Presbyterian Church, Abbey Street - Rev. J. N. M. Legate, B.A.  Second Presbyterian Church, New Row - Rev. Thomas Doey.  Third Presbyterian Church, Terrace Row - Rev. E. G. Torrie, B.A.
Baptist Chapel, Meetinghouse Place - Pastor Freeman
Congregational Church, New Row - Rev. W. G. Davis
Salvation Army - Hall, Long Commons
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Circular Road - Rev. J. R. Clinton
St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Square - Rev. P. McGill, P.P.; curate, Rev. P. O'Rafferty
St. John's Roman Catholic Chapel, Killowen Street - Rev. M. Connery, P.P.; curate, Rev. A. J. McGiloway, C.C.


Banks - Ulster Bank, Diamond - Clarke C. Huston, manager.  Bank of Ireland, Diamond - H. W. Hawkesworth, manager. Northern Bank, Diamond - F. C. Wright, manager.  Belfast Bank Ltd., Diamond, J. N. Hezlett, manager.  Provincial Bank, Diamond.  Savings Bank, Meetinghouse Street - Open on Saturday from 12 to 2 o'clock, William Henry, actuary and secretary; Thomas Caldwell, auditor
Town Hall, Diamond - Contains Boardroom, clerk's office, public library, mechanical institute, and large public Assembly Room - James Waddell, Upper Circular Road, caretaker
Custom House, Hanover Place - E. Bennett, principal coast officer, receiver of wrecks and deputy superintendent of Marine Board
Gas Works, Bannfield - Erected by the Town Commissioners in 1845.  William Henry, secretary; John Taylor, manager
Inland Revenue Office, Hanover Place
Surveyor of Taxes for Coleraine Union - E. Murray, Income Tax office, Derry
Coleraine Union Workhouse, Mountsandel Road - List of District Councillors and Guardians - Saml. Lecky, clerk; Jack Lecky, assistant clerk; Jas. Millan, Articlave; John Irons, Gateside; James Mairs, Drumcroon; S. G. Millen, Ringsend; David Caskey, Macosquin; John Henry, Garvagh; S. H. Long, , Garvagh; James Lynn, Aghadowey; Jos. Diamond, Swateragh; Henry Henry, Kilrea; Hugh A. McIlrath, J.P., Kilrea; James Shields, Kilrea; Thos. Hutchinson, Kilrea; Rev. J. Mooney, Cullyvenry; S. S. Young, J.P., Coleraine; Thomas Kealey, Garvagh; J. Morrow, J.P., Hugh Hazlett, J.P. (chairman R.D.C.); Jas. Brown, Coleraine; Mrs. Carson, J.P., Bannfield; Oliver Paul, J.P., Captain Street (chairman Board of Guardians); Mrs. Wilson, Ashbrook; Matthew Brown, Portstewart; Hy. Johnston, Portstewart; Hugh Lynch, Portstewart.  Master, Saml. Hezlett
Sanitary Officers - Chas. Forsythe, J.P., S. J. Bolton, J.P., Aghadowey; Jos. Steele, J.P., Articlave; J. T. Creery, Coleraine; Alex. Adams, J.P., Garvagh; James Lennox, J.P., Kilrea; J. A. Kennedy, Portstewart
Midland Railway Station (N.C.C.), Railway Place - Michael Keenan, station master and goods manager
Dispensary Mountsandel Road - Medical attendant, Dr. J. T. Creery
Fairs - Black cattle and sheep, first and third Tuesdays in each month; horses, first Tuesday in February, May, August & November; hiring days, 12th May and 12th November
Markets - Grain markets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday; flax, Tuesday; pork Friday; Saturday is also the general market day.  Clerk of the markets, T. G. Lynd
Coleraine District Model School - District Inspector, F. G. Beamish.  Male school - Head master, Robert Henry.  Female - Headmistress - Miss Bartley.  Infant school - Headmistress, Miss M. Robinson
Coleraine Academical Institution - Hon. secretary, A. G. Crawford, J.P.; bankers, Provincial Bank; accountant, J. J. Moody; principal, Thomas J. Beare, M.A.
Ladies' High School, Lodge Road - Miss Scott, B.A., principal
The Hon. the Irish Society's Free Male, Female, and Infant Schools, Beresford Place - Teachers (male school), W. H. Leeburn, head master.  Female school, Miss Blayney, head teacher.  Infant school, Miss Perry, head mistress
Roman Catholic National Schools (male and female), parochial grounds - D. K. Maguire, B.A., and Miss Maguire
Killowen Male and Female Schools, Strand Road - W. J. Bryans, principal
St. John Schools, Hazelbank - The Ursuline Sisters in charge
Ursuline Convent, Tiev. Tara - Mother Superior in charge
Y.W.C.A. - Miss Thompson, secretary; Miss Given, treasurer, Club Rooms, Kingsgate Street
Coleraine Library and Mechanics Institute, Town Hall - Sir H. R. Bruce, Bart., president; Hugh Eccles, J.P., vice-president; J. Henry, secretary and treasurer
Building Society Office, Diamond - Dr. S. J. Hunter, chairman; R. F. Steedman, secretary; P. McLaughlin, treasurers; Anderson & Co., solicitors; directors, Geo. Steedman, P. McLaughlin, Richard Hunter, J.P.; John Shannon; J. McCandless, F. W. Crawford, J.P.; Hamilton Todd. D. H. McNeill, Hugh McKay, Warren Baxter
Bann Rowing Club - Boathouse, Hanover Place - President, Sir. H. R. Bruce, Bart, Downhill; Commodore, Major Torrens, D.L.; captain, D. H. Christie, Co.C.; hon. secretary, Wm. Currie; hon. treasurer, F. C. Wright, Northern Bank
Coleraine Parish Church Schoolhouse, Circular Road - Caretaker, James Cameron
Coleraine Cemetery, Shellhill - W. Graham, caretaker
Route Hunt - Master, Major Montgomery, D.L., Benvarden; acting-huntsman, Capt. F. Montgomery; hon. sec. and treasurer, Andrew Clarke, Ballysally, Coleraine; kennels, Ballymagarry, Portrush
Coleraine Cottage Hospital, Waterside - Secretary, A. G. Crawford, J.P.; assistant secretary, Mrs. Brittles, Adelaide Avenue, Coleraine; bankers, Provincial Bank; matron, Miss Jessop
Camrades of Great war - President, Colonel H. T. Lyle, D.S.O.; secretary, Thomas Houston (Comrades)
Ulster Flax Scutchers' Trade Union Society - Wm. Holmes, Stranocum, president; Peter Millar, Armoy, secretary; Daniel MacLaughlin, solicitor, treasurer
Coleraine Teachers' Association - President, W. H. Leeburn; secretary, W. J. Bryans; treasurer, T. Stinson
Newspapers - "Northern Constitution," every Saturday; J. M. Russell, editor & manager.  "Coleraine Chronicle," every Saturday; John Shannon, editor and manager.
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, Hugh McKay, Ardbana Terrace; Robert Moore, Diamond; J. N. Hezlett, Belfast Bank; D. Buchanan, Diamond


The Portstewart Tramway runs from Cromore station in connection with principal trains on Midland Railway, and tram from Portrush to the Giant's Causeway, in connection with the through trains from Belfast and Londonderry.  The Derry Central Railway runs four trains daily between Coleraine and Magherafelt, and vice-versa, in connection with trains from Derry and Belfast.
Motor mail and passenger service to Bushmills twice daily.
Motor charabancs leave Coleraine, Diamond, thrice daily for Portstewart and vice versa.


Abraham, Wm., & Co., Ltd., general and hardware merchants, New Row
Adams & Co., drapers, Church Street & New Row
Aghadowey Co-operative Creamery & Stores, Drumcroon
Aiken, D. R., agricultural expert for Co. Derry, Union Street
Alexander, S. T., draper, Bridge Street
Allison, R., surgeon, Kingsgate Street
Anderson, J. S., & Son, drapers, Church Street and Diamond
Anderson & Stewart, wine and spirit merchants, Church Street
Anderson & Co., solicitors, Diamond

Bacon, Robert, correspondent to the "Belfast News-Letter," Adelaide Avenue
Ballyrashane Co-operative Creamery, Ballyrashane - James Lyon, manager
Balmer, R., shoe maker, Adam's Place
Barrie, Hugh T., Ltd., Grain, Potato and Hay Exporters, and Corn Millers, Waterside and Diamond
Baxter, James, cycle agent, Queen Street
Baxter, J. & D., decorators, glaziers and contractors for house repairs, Diamond
Bellas, H. & T., ironmongery warehouse, Church Street
Bishop, James, boot and shoe warehouse, Diamond
Blair Bros., grocers, flour and seed merchants, New Row
Blair, John, fruiterer, Church Street
Blair, John, grocer, Waterside
Blair, Robert, boot and shoe merchant, Church Street
Boddie, C. L., County Surveyor for Londonderry, Lodge Road
Boone, B. A., watch maker and jeweller, Railway Road
Boyd, R., grocer and seed merchant, Diamond
Boyle, Thos., blacksmith, Cross Lane
Bradley, Edward, boot and shoe merchant, Kingsgate Street
Brewster, A. H., grocer, Railway Place
Brodie, A., music teacher and tobacconist, Kingsgate Street
Brown, Corbett, & Co., Ltd., Killowen Distillery, Captain Street
Buchanan, David, accountant, Diamond
Burnett, Miss, dress maker, Railway Road
Burnett, Misses, Stationery and Fancy Goods, Agents for "Belfast News-Letter," Railway Road

Caldwell, T. K., secretary County Derry Agricultural Committee, Bellevue
Callaghan, Wm., carpenter and builder, Union Street
Callaghan, W., & Sons, ironmongers, Kingsgate Street
Calvin, Miss, draper, Waterside
Cameron, Miss, confectioner, Kings Gate Street
Cameron, Patrick, cooper, Long Commons
Cameron, Thomas, butcher, Church Street
Campbell, Miss, dressmaker, Railway Road
Campbell Bros., bakers, Railway Road
Canning, Mrs., dress maker and stationer, Abbey Street
Canny, William, publican, New Market Street
Carson, Miss, tea and china warehouse, Church Street
Caskey, James, seed merchant, Queen Street
Christies, plumbers, gasfitters, marble and monumental works, Diamond
Clarke, Hugh, wholesale and retail grocer, Kingsgate Street
Clarke, Miss Annie, dress maker, Diamond
Clements, John, painter and paper hanger, Waterside
Clements, Thos., tailor, Killowen Street
"Coleraine Chronicle," newspaper and printing office, Abbey Street
Coleraine Co-Operative Society, Bridge Street - R. Beattie, manager
Corporation Arms Hotel, Diamond - Mrs. Gibson, proprietress
Cousins, W. D., secretary County Derry Technical Instruction Committee, Union Street
Craig, Charles,& Co. Ltd.,  family bakers, grocers and ham curers, Model Bakery, New Row
Craig, D., publican, New Market Street
Crawford Bros., leather merchants, Kingsgate Street
Crawford, Thos., plumber, Stone Row
Crawford & Co., hardware warehouse, Diamond
Creery, J. Tate, M.D., Riverton
Crookshank, Leech, & Davies, solicitors, New Row
Cullen, Allen, & Co., produce merchants, Union Street
Cummins, Henry, hay merchant and contractor, Clifton Terrace
Cunning, John, butcher, New Row
Cunningham, D., hardware merchant, Bridge Street
Cunningham, Samuel, solicitor, Queen Street
Currie, Wm., contractor, Harbour View

Dagger, Henry, M.R.C.O., Lodge Road
Daly, James, blacksmith, Stone Row
Dalzell, Wm., shipping agent and coal merchant, Bridge Street
Darragh, John, cycle works, Brook Street
Darrah, Mrs., milliner, Kingsgate Street
Darrah, Samuel, stationery and fancy warehouse, New Row
Davis, T. P., butcher, Bridge Street
Dean, William, hair dresser, Brook Street
Dempsey, Mrs., china warehouse, Church Street
Diamond, E., publican, Abbey Street
Diamond, J., publican, Bridge Street
Dinsmore, Wm., confectioner and fruiterer, Waterside
Divitto, ice cream saloon, Bridge Street
Dixon & Co., tailors, Railway Road
Doherty, George, hair dresser, Lower Stone Row
Doherty, Miss, grocer, Killowen Street
Doherty, S., hairdresser, Abbey Street
Donaghey, Hugh, manager for Singer Machine Co., Circular Road
Douglas, R., cycle merchant, Waterside
Douglas, William, carpenter and builder, Lodge Road
Downes, R., draper, Diamond

Eccles & Co., printers, Diamond
Edgar, Miss, confectioner and refreshment rooms, Diamond
Edmiston, David, butcher, Church Street
Edmundson, Mrs., dress maker, Church Street
Evans, Dr. W. E., Lodge Road
Eyre, Mrs., wool & fancy goods, Railway Road

Fairley, M., publican, Kingsgate Street
Fleming, Samuel, grocer and stationer, Killowen Street
Forsythe, Charles, M.D., Lodge Road
Friel, E., rope spinner, Laurel Hill

Gillan, Wm., publican, New Market Street and Alexandra Terrace
Gilmore, R. H., M.R.C.V.S., Abbey Street
Gilmour & Son, watch makers and jewellers, Diamond
Given, W. & M., architects, Diamond
Glenn, Miss, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Goldfarb, Joseph, draper & furniture dealer, Olphert Place
Gough, Samuel, grocer, Killowen Street
Graham, J., boot and shoe merchant, Kingsgate Street
Graham, J., confectioner and tobacconist, New Row
Gribbon, Edward, & Sons Ltd., weaving factory, Strand Road

Hackett, P., motor car proprietor, car owner, and grocer, Stone Row
Hamill, Robert, cooper, Long Commons
Hamill, Thomas, saddler, Waterside
Hamill & Sons, coach builders, Lime Market Street
Harding, J., photographer, Railway Road
Harper, J., & Co., grocers, New Row
Hay, E. J., P.S.C., Adelaide Terrace
Henry, Miss, dress and mantle maker, Alexander Terrace
Henry, Mrs., woollen draper, Bridge Street
Henry, Robert, carrier and milk vendor, Circular Road
Hill Brothers, drapers and tailors, Diamond
Holly, William, builder, Circular Road
Hughes Bros., butchers, Abbey Street
Hughes, Hamilton, solicitor, Diamond
Hunter, Richard, & Sons, auctioneers and valuers, New Row
Hunter, Robert, solicitor, Queen Street
Hunter, R., coal merchant and carrier, Circular Road
Hutchinson, James, saddler, New Row

Inglis & Co. Ltd., bakers, Albert Terrace

Jackson, J. R., veterinary surgeon, New Row
Jackson, William, tailor, Hanover Place
Jamieson, G., chimney sweep, Bellhouse Lane
Johnston, Alex., fishmonger, Alma Place
Johnston & Armstrong, drapers, Church Street
Johnstone, Miss, confectioner, Queen Street

Keegan, John, publican, Killowen Street
Kennedy, J. Sheriff, Architect and Civil Engineer, New Row
Kennedy, Mrs., jeweller, New Row
Kennedy & Son, Ltd., foundry, Terrace Row and Beresford Place
Keys, W. G., L.D.S., dentist, New Row
King, The Misses, confectioners and tobacconists, Reid's Terrace
Kirby, Michael, second-hand furniture dealer, Bellhouse Lane
Kirby, Patk., tinsmith, Queen Street
Knox, Mrs., dress maker, Alexander Terrace
Knox, Wm., commission agent, Lodge Road and Diamond
Kydd, J. G., D.D.S., dentist, Lodge Road

Laird Line Steamship Co., The Quay
Lamont, J., confectioner, &c., Abbey Street
Law, W. K., M.D., New Row
Leighton, Robert, carter, car proprietor, Beresford Place
Lee & Co., photographers, Railway Road
Leech, Hunt Walsh, solicitor, New Row and Castleroe
Lees, Robt., grocer, Park Street and Brook Street
Leslie, J., draper, Railway Road
"Little Wonder," drapers, Railway Road
Long, William, cabinet maker and antique furniture dealer, Church Street
Long, James, grocer and poulterer, Long Commons
Lynn, Miss, music teacher, Adelaide Avenue

Macauley, James, fish merchant, Abbey Street
Macauley, O'Neill & Martin, solicitors for Portrush and Portstewart Urban District Councils, New Row
Macauley, W., poulterer, Abbey Street
Maclean, Mrs., grocer, Kingsgate Street
Macrae, Duncan, dentist, Lodge Road
Magee, G., shoe maker, Killowen Street
Magee, Misses, grocer, Killowen Street
Magee, Mrs., grocer, Margretta Terrace
Magee & Smith, monumental works, Railway Road
Martin, John, greengrocer, New Row West
Mathers, A. A. C., M.D., Esdale Terrace
Maxwell, Wm. J., contractor, Circular Road
Millburn Motor and Engineering Co., Portrush Road
Miller, John, confectioner, &c., Waterside
Miller, Nurse, Strand Terrace
Milliken, W. A., publican, Church Street
Mitchell, Mrs., grocer, Kyle's Brae
Moody, R. J. B., grocer, Queen Street
Moon, J. T., solicitor, New Row
Mooney, Philip, spirit merchant, Waterside
Moore, D. M., iron founder, Railway Road
Moore, George H., tinsmith, Brook Street
Moore, Hugh, insurance agent, McDonald Terrace
Moore, S. O., produce merchant, Railway Road and Union Street
Moore, T. J., cycle mechanic, Church Street
Moore & Moore, grocers, Diamond
Morelli, Peter, tobacconist and confectioner, Stone Row
Morrison, E., tobacconist and stationer, Bridge Street
Morrison, Hugh, car owner, Railway Road
Morrison, T. B., cement, fireclay and monumental works, Bridge Street
Morrow, J. W., veterinary surgeon, Abbey Street
Mullan, James, shoe maker and grocer, Waterside Street
Mullan, Mrs., general dealer, New Row
Murdock, James, plasterer, Strand Road
Murphy, J., Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," Stone Row
Murphy, Mrs., furniture dealer, New Row

MacLaughlin, Daniel, & Sons, solicitors, notary public, Diamond
McAllister, Jas., confectioner, Bridge Street
McCallum, J., grocer, Railway Road
McCandless, John, plumber, gasfitter and ironmonger, Church Street
McCandless, Thomas, housepainter, decorator and paperhanger, Railway Road
McCandless, Wm., stationer, Bridge Street
McCartney, R. F., M.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist, Diamond and Portstewart
McCloskey, Wm., hair dresser and tobacconist, Church Street
McCollum, W., mill owner, Drumcroon
McConologue, Miss, publican, Abbey Street
McCormick, John, publican, Cross Lane
McCready, T. D., draper, Bridge Street
McCreary, Mrs., dress maker, Union Street
McCullough & Co., grocers, Abbey Street
McDermott, Henry, insurance agent, Upper Captain Street
McDermott, R., & Co., shirt and collar factory, Bridge Street
McDermott, The Misses, fancy goods, Waterside
McDevitt, O., publican, Captain Street
McDonald, John, publican, Killowen Street
McDonald, John, car owner and contractor, MacDonald Terrace
McDonald, Mrs., greengrocer, Killowen Street
McDonald, Robt., coach builder, New Row
McDowell, R. G., blacksmith, Abbey Street
McElderry, John, seed merchant, Queen Street
McFadden, S. J., architect, Queen Street
McFarland, Mrs., grocer, Railway Road
McFarlane Bros., motor engineers, Kingsgate Street
McFarlane, Thomas, cabinetmaker and undertaker, Church Street
McFeeter Bros., drapers, Bridge Street
McGilligan & Co., produce merchants, New Row
McGowan, John, grocer, Margretta Terrace
McGowan, Mrs., ladies' underclothing, &c., warehouse, Railway Road
McGrath, D., butcher, Church Street
McGrath, J., grocer, Long Commons
McGrath, Mrs., butcher, New Row
McGrath, Samuel, butcher, Church Street
McGrath, Wm., butcher, Kingsgate Street
McIlfatrick, Mrs., grocer, Brook Street
McIntosh, R., & Co., hardware merchants, Church Street
McKay, A., produce merchant, Society Street
McKay, J., draper and merchant tailor, Church Street
McKay, Mrs., spirit dealer, Killowen Street
McKay & Co., fancy goods dealers, Kingsgate Street
McKeag, Robert, grocer, Abbey Street
McKeague, Thos., publican, Railway Road
McKeary, Mrs., confectioner, Diamond
McKee, Thos., publican, New Market Street
McKenna, Peter, publican, Railway Place
McKeown, N., oyster saloon, Stone Row
McKinstry, James, Westbrook Temperance Hotel, Railway Place
McLarnon, Misses, stationers and newsagents, Church Street
McLaughlin, Charles, plasterer, Laurel Hill
McLaughlin, Joseph, saddler, Queen Street
McLaughlin, Mrs., spirit dealer, Church Street
McLaughlin, Patrick, spirit merchant, Waterside and Diamond
McLean, Jas. J., grocer, New Row
McLean, Mrs., spirit dealer, Railway Place
McLeister, Matthew, tobacconist, confectioner and hair dresser, Railway Road
McLeister, Mrs., grocer, Railway Road
McMains, D., carrier, Society Street
McMullan, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Railway Road
McMullan, Jos., chemist and photographer, Church Street
McMurray, Robt., grain and flour merchant, New Row
McMurtry, T., & Son, saddlers, New Row
McNeill, D. H., grocer, Alma Place
McNeill, W. J., saddler, New Row
McQuillan, Saml., chimney sweep, Brook Street
McVicker, R. & A., clothiers, Diamond

Neely, R., tailor, New Row
Neely, R., jun., tailor, Reid's Terrace
Neill, Alex., grocer and contractor, Union Street
Nicholl, Mrs., dress maker, Abbey Street
Nicholl, Thomas, carpenter, Abbey Street
Nolan, Mrs., spirit dealer, New Market Street
North of Ireland Produce Co., Portstewart Road
"Northern Constitution" Newspaper and General Printing Office, Railway Road
Nowry, James, clothes dealer, Stone Row

Oliver, John, publican and saw mill owner, Brook Street
O'Brien, Rev. Edward, Camus Rectory, Coleraine
O'Kane, John, publican, Bridge Street and Kingsgate Street
O'Kane, Mrs., publican, Diamond

Paul, James, grocer, Upper New Row
Payne, Mrs., publican, Kingsgate Street

Quirey & Co., aerated water manufacturers, Brook Street

Reid, Andrew, & Son, bakers, Waterside Street and Captain Street
Rogers, John, provision merchant, Long Commons
Rogers, Messrs. R. H. & S., Ltd., shirt manufacturers, Beresford Road
Ross, Matthew, furniture dealer, New Row
Rourke, J. G., L.D.S., Lodge Road
Roxborough, A., spirit dealer, Limemarket Street

Sandford, Joseph, grocer, Railway Road
Shannon, T. B., confectioner, Railway Road
Simon, Wm., draper, Waterside
Simpson, Mrs., grocer, Railway Road
Singer Machine Co., manager, H. Donaghey, Railway Road
Smith, W. J., solicitor, Abbey Street
Smith & McKee, corn millers, Railway Road
Stanley, Bernard, cycle manufacturer, New Road
Stanley, John, cycle manufacturer and agent, Railway Road
Stewart, James, refreshment rooms, New Row
Stewart, John W., mill owner, Boghill
Stewart, J., boot and shoe maker, Alma Place
Stirling, Samuel, motor car owner, New Row
Stuart, H. A., motor engineer, Bridge Street
Sutherland, A. D., painter, &c., Diamond
Sweeney, Mrs., Stationer, Diamond; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Taggart, Wm., grocer, New Row
Tannahill, Alexander, draper, Waterside
Taylor, R. A., Ltd., distillers, New Market Street
Taylor & Co., corn merchants, Railway Road
Temperance Cafe, Queen Street - Miss Thompson, manageress
Thompson, Andw., plasterer, Park Street
Thompson, James, plasterer, Lodge Road
Thompson, Wm., french polisher, Abbey Street
Todd, Daniel, grocer and poulterer, Waterside and Church Street
Todd, Hamilton, & Co., mineral water manufacturers, Circular Road
Todd & Mark, solicitors, Diamond
Toner, Miss, dress maker, Railway Road
Toner, Mrs., publican, Brook Street
Turner's Fruit Store, Kingsgate Street
Tweedy, Acheson, & Co., drapers, Diamond
Tyler & Sons, boot warehouse, Church Street

Ulster Farmers' Union, produce merchants, Railway Place

Walker, Edward, painter, Bridge Street
Walker, John, plasterer, Margretta Terrace
Walls, John, butcher, Waterside
Walls, Mrs., grocer, Killowen Street
Warnock, Wm., mill owner, Loughan
Warren, Mrs., grocer, Waterside Street
Watson, H. C., L.D.S., dentist, Railway Road
Watson, Wm., tinsmith, Railway Road
Watt, Fred., organist and piano tuner, Diamond
Watt, J. R., & Co., coal merchants, Commons and the Quay
Westbrook Hotel, Railway Place - James McKinstry, proprietor
White, Mrs., refreshment room, Kingsgate Street
Williamson, Miss, fancy goods, servants' registry office, &c., Railway Place
Wilson, J., & Son, boot manufacturers, Bridge Street
Wilson & Neill, flour and meal store, Kingsgate Street
Wilton, Wm., watchmaker, Stone Row
Wisener, David, chimney sweep, Laurel Hill
Wisener, Francis, fruiterer, New Row
Woodburn, Mrs., flour and grain merchant, Church Street
Woods, Miss, stationer, Church Street; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and Belfast Weekly News"
Woods, Mrs. D. C., grocer, Church Street
Wray, Samuel A., solicitor, 15 New Row
Wray, Thos., rate collector and insurance agent, Hanover Place
Wright, Miss, dress maker, Brook Street


Anderson, A. R., Spring Gardens
Anderson, C. R., Lodge Road

Barrie, Mrs., Manor House
Baxter, Lady, Lodge Road
Baxter, Warren, Lodge Road
Beamish, F. G., B.A., Carthall
Bellas, Mrs., Cronbanagh
Bradley, Rev. W. H., The Rectory

Carson, Mrs., Bannfield
Clarke, Andrew, D.L., Ballysally House
Craig, J. A., Woodview
Creery, Dr., Riverton
Croston, Wm., J.P., Loughan

Dewar, Rev. D. H., Ballywatt Manse
Doey, Rev. Thomas, Ratheane

Evans, Dr., Lodge Road

Given, Max, C.E., Castleroe
Gribbon, H. B., Holm Lea
Gribbon, Mrs., Kenvarra

Hackett, Rev. F. J., Kildollagh Rectory
Hay, Miss, Kingsgate Street
Hughes, Hercules, Chapelfield House
Hunter, Rev. C. W., Ballyrashane Manse
Hunter, Richard, J.P., Riversdale

Jewell, R. W., Dundooan

Lecky, H., Beardiville, Cloyfin
Leech, H. W., Castleroe
Lyle, Colonel, D.S.O., Knocktarna
Lyle, The Misses, Red House, Castleroe

Mackey, Mrs., Rin Varna
Mackinnon, Mrs., Rothesay House
MacLaughlin, Daniel, Breezemount
Mathers, Misses, Sunnymede
Moore, Rev. R. J. O., Ringsend

McClean, R., Cloonavin
McCunn, Thos., Farmhill

Neill, Major, Dundarg

O'Neill, Robt., Lodge Road

Rothwell, F., Blackheath

Scott, Miss, Rathkenny
Smith, Major, Greenmount
Smyth, J. A., The Lodge
Stewart, Norman S., Eastbourne
Stuart, James, Somerset

Thompson, W. J., Hermon Lodge

White, Rev. E., Dromore Manse
Wright, Rev. W. T., Ballyclabber Manse


          Comber is a market town in County Down, seven miles E.S.E. from Belfast and fourteen miles from Downpatrick. It is prettily situated in a very prosperous agricultural neighbourhood. The soil is particularly rich and productive, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the farmers over the entire district are amongst the most industrious, enlightened, and prosperous in Ireland. Almost 1,000 acres of agricultural land in the immediate neighbourhood surrounding Comber is owned by members of the Andrews family; and an extensive flax spinning mill, built in 1863, containing 14,422 spindles, and giving constant employment to almost 560 work people, is owned and worked by the descendants of the late Rt. Hon. Thomas Andrews, D.L. There are two distilleries in Comber, owned principally by Messrs. Hollywood & Donnelly, Ltd.; a stitching factory belonging to The Albion, Limited; and a nut and bolt factory owned by Messrs. Wishart & Co. Flour milling was started in the town before 1726 by Thomas Andrews, and carried on by his descendants for four generations, over 156 years, when the business was transferred to Belfast by the present firm of Isaac Andrews & Sons.  Bleaching was also done by the same people from 1745 to 1877.  There are six places of worship in the town, namely, the Parish Church, two Presbyterian, Unitarian, Methodist, and Roman Catholic, also five National Schools. There is a large square, where fairs and markets are held, in the centre of which stands a large and handsome Masonic monument erected to the memory of Major General Sir Robert Rollo Gillespie, who was born in the town, and who was killed by the last shot of the battle of Kalunga, 1814, when shouting, "One shot more for the honour of Down." The inhabitants of the town and district subscribed 1,503 2s 3d for a War memorial. It has been erected in The Square, and was unveiled on 14th April, 1923, to those connected with the town and neighbourhood who lost their lives in the Great War. Over 426 from the town and district answered the call of King and Country by serving in the forces, and among the seventy-nine of those who made the supreme sacrifice were 2nd-Lieut. E. De Wind (who was awarded posthumously the greatest honour the country can bestow, viz., the Victoria Cross), Lieut.-Colonel L. A. Hind, M.C., and Brigade Major G. J. Bruce, D.S.O., M.C. There is also in The Square a 135 m/m Q.F. German field gun, presented to the town by the War Office. The principal public building is the "Thomas Andrews, Jun. (Shipbuilder) Memorial Hall," built by the people of the town and district and other friends in memory of the late Thomas Andrews, Jun., who was lost through the foundering of S.S. Titanic in mid-Atlantic 15th April, 1912.  It cost 5,000, and has an endowment fund of 2,000.  On the second floor there is a large hall, which provides seating accommodation for 650 persons, while on the ground floor there is a minor hall, kitchen, billiard room, reading room, ladies' room, &c.  There are also two Masonic Halls, an Orange Hall, Thompson's Hall, and Reading and Recreation Rooms in connection with the British Legion and with the spinning mill. The market is held every Tuesday, and fairs on the 5th April and 19th October. The population in 1831 was 1,373; in 1901, 2,095; and in 1911 it was 2,686.

Post Office, and Stamp Office, Mill Street - Miss Patterson, postmistress; Miss Prentice and Miss Lilt Prentice, assistants.
R.U.C. Station, Mill Street - Sergeants, T. Collins and Gilmore
Customs and Excise, Killinchy Street - H. Wilson, B.A.
Old Age Pension Officer - James Beattie, Belfast
Rate Collector - Samuel McKee
Doctors - R. Henry, Margaret Nelson, and J. S. Steele
Veterinary Surgeon - F. R. McRoberts, M.R.C.V.S.E.
Solicitors - F. J. Orr and S. W. McKee
Telephone Call Office, The Square - Miss Maude Porter
Magistrates - Mrs. T. J. Andrews, M.B.E., John Allen, O.B.E., James G. Allen, Jos. Berkeley, R. Henry, M.D., D. Munn
Public Conveyances - Brown's and Wallace's motor charabancs arrive from Killinchy and Killyleagh on week days at 9 a.m., 1-30 p.m., and 6-30 p.m., and on Sundays at 9 a.m. and 7-30 p.m.
They leave for Killinchy and Killyleagh on weekdays at 10 a.m., 2-15 p.m., and 7 p.m., and on Sundays at 10-30 a.m. and 8-15 p.m.  A motor charabanc is run by Mr. McCormick on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to and from Ballydorn, via Ardmillan
Station Master - D. J. Johnston


Parish Church, Square - Rev. J. S. Houston, M.A., The Rectory, rector
First Presbyterian Church, High Street - Rev. J. K. L. McKean, M.A.
Second Presbyterian Church and Manse, Killinchy Street - Senior minister, Rev. D. A. Taylor, LL.D.; assistant, Rev. J. C. Breakey, B.A.
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bridge Street - Supplied from Newtownards
Unitarian Church and Manse, Mill Street - Rev. Thomas Dunkerley, B.A.; assistant and successor, Rev. J. Glynn Davies
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel - Supplied from Newtownards


Comber Coal Fund - Committee: W. Andrews, D. F. Galbraith, R. Henry, M.D., J.P., J. A. Macdonald, D. Quinn, J. Simpson (hon. treas.), and J. Smyth
Comber Nursing Society - President, Marchioness of Londonderry; vice-president, Mrs. Thomas Andrews; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mrs. T. J. Andrews, M.B.E., J.P.; nurse, Mrs. Matier
Dispensary, open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, from 8-30 till 10-30 - R. Henry, M.D., J.P., medical officer
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. R. Henry, J.P.
Ministry of Labour Employment Committee (Comber Rota) - R. Henry, J.P. (chairman), W. Andrews, A. Caughey, D. J. Johnston, J. A. Macdonald, D. Moore, A. Morrow, D. Quinn, James Robinson, and J. Shields
Old Age Pensions Committee - Rt. Hon. John M. Andrews, D.L., M.P., chairman; J. Dunn, J.P.; J. Galbraith, R. Henry, M.D., J.P.; F. Kelly, J. McCulloch, J.P.; D. Munn, J.P., J. Thompson, Jas. Robinson, J.P.  Secretary, John Murray, B.A.
Petty Sessions are held on the last Monday of each month in the Thomas Andrews, Jun., Memorial Hall. Clerk, David Young
Thomas Andrews, jun., ship builder, Memorial Hall - Trustees, Rt. Hon. J. M. Andrews, D.L., M.P.; Hon. Lord Justice Andrews, John Allen, O.B.E., J.P.; R. Henry, M.D., J.P.; R. Milling, D. Munn, J.P.; and D. Quinn.  Committee, R. Abernethy, J. G. Allen, J.P.; W. Andrews, J. Berkley, J.P., Rev. J. C. Breakey, B.A., Rev. J. Glynn Davies, S. Davidson, Rev. J. K. L. McKean, M.A.; P. Jamison, Rev. J. S. Houston, M.A., D. J. Johnston, J. McKee, W. McKibben, D. Shields, R. Patterson, J. S. Steele, M.B., W. Pollock, Jas. Smyth, W. H. Spence, M.B.; W. Pollock, Jas. Smyth, W. H. Spence, J. Watson, and W. Wilson.  Hon. treasurer, D. A. Boyd; hon. secretaries, J. Murray, B.A., and James Niblock; caretaker, Wm. Keilty, Mill View, Comber


North Down Unionist Association - Comber Delegates: Mrs. J. M. Andrews, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. J. W. Ritchie, David Quinn, D. Hamilton, Ringcreevy; W. McKibbin, Hugh Skillen, David Robinson.  Hon. treasurer, Rt. Hon. J. M. Andrews, D.L.; hon. secretary, Dr. R. Henry
North Down Women's Unionist Association - President, the Marchioness of Londonderry; hon. sec., Mrs. G. M. Shaw; hon. treasurer, Mrs. Milligan
North Down Women's Unionist Association (Comber Branch) - President, Mrs. Thomas Andrews; vice president, Mrs. T. J. Andrews; hon. sec., Mrs. Murray; hon. treasurer, Miss E. L. Andrews


British Legion (Comber Branch) - Commandant, Joseph Brown; hon. sec., James Hedley; hon. treas., H. McCormick
Comber Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club - President, Rt. Hon. J. M. Andrews, D.L., M.P.; captain, W. Spiers; hon. secretary, Miss Keilty; hon. treas., Andrew Geddis
North Down Choral Society - President, Rt. Hon. J. M. Andrews, D.L., M.P.; chairman, W. Pollock; hon. secy., Miss J. McRoberts; hon. treas., W. R. Morrow
North Down Cricket Club - Captain and hon. team secretary 1st XI., W. Andrews; captain and hon. team secretary 2nd XI., F. J. Boyd; captain and hon. team secretary 3rd XI., W. McIlveen; hon. secretary, S. Davidson; hon. treasurer, John Murray, B.A.
North Down Harriers Hunt Club - Kennels, Island Hill Road.  Master, W. S. Kingan; deputy master, David Munn, J.P.; hon. sec., J. G. B. Malcolmson; huntsman, W. Beck; whip, T. Sales
North Down Hockey Club - President, Rt. Hon. W. D. Andrews, LL.D.; captain and hon. team secretary 1st XI., J. L. O. Andrews; captain and hon, team secretary 2nd XI., Matthew Morrow; hon. treasurer, H. P. Andrews; hon. secretary, W. Galbraith


Northern Banking Co. Ltd., The Square - R. M. Allen, manager; J. T. Macready, cashier; Robert Dawson
Ulster Bank, Ltd. (agency), Castle Street - Open every Tuesday


Andrews, John, & Co., Ltd. (Comber Spinning Mill) - Directors, Rt. Hon. John M. Andrews, D.L., M.P. (chairman), W. Andrews, and Hon. Lord Justice Andrews; manager, J. Hunter; salesman, D. Thompson; cashier, J. Simpson
Albion Ltd. (Stitching Factory) - Managing director, J. W. Fetherston
Hollywood & Donnelly, Ltd. (Comber Branch) - Managing directors, John Hollywood and Andrew Donnelly; secretary, Alex. Caughey
New Comber Gas Company - J. D. Hamilton, owner
Wishart & Co., bolt and nut manufactory - Managing director, A. E. Wishart


Londonderry National Schools - Principal, W. H. Spence; assistant, Miss S. O. Brown
First Comber National School - Principal, W. Pollock; assistants, Miss Proctor, Miss Sloan, and Clifford Pollock
Second Comber National School - Principal, A. Hadden; assistants, Miss Dunlop and Miss Murdock
Comber Spinning Mill National School - Principal, John Murray, B.A.; vice-principal, Miss Murray; assistants, Miss J. Frame, Miss Wright, and Jas. Patton
St. Mary's (Roman Catholic) School - Principal, Mrs. Magowan
Ballymaleddy National School - Principal, Miss Rainey; assistant, Miss Davis
Ballydrain National School - Principal, W. J. Faulkner; assistant, Miss Chambers
Ballystockart National School - Principal, Robert Kane; assistant, Miss Agnes Moore
Lisbarnett N.S. - Principal, J. F. Whitten; assistant, Miss Boyd


Abernethy, Robert, bookkeeper, Railway Street
Abernethy, Samuel, farmer, Ballywilliam
Adair, H. D., Mill Street
Adair, John, farmer, Ballygraffin
Allen, James G., J.P., The Square
Allen, John, O.B.E., J.P., Unicarval
Allen, R. M., manager Northern Banking Co. Ltd., The Square
Anderson, A. E., grocer, glass and china merchant, Castle Street
Andrews, C. F., market gardener, Carnesure
Andrews, H. P., Inla House
Andrews, Hon. Lord Justice, Eusemere
Andrews, Mrs. John, Uraghmore, Castle Street
Andrews, Mrs. T. J., M.B.E., J.P., The Square
Andrews, Right Hon. John M., D.L., M.P., Maxwell Court
Andrews, Mrs. Thomas, Ardara
Andrews, William, Ardara

Beatty, James, Osmaston
Bennett, W., jeweller, Castle Street
Berkeley, Jos., R.D.C., J.P., Nurseryville
Blair, John, Killinchy Street
Boyd, D. A., accountant, High Street
Bradley, Wm. J., traveller, Killinchy Street
Breakey, Rev. J. C., B.A., The Manse, Killinchy Street
Brown, David, Ivanhoe, Laurelbank
Brown, Saml., hairdresser, Mill Street
Bunting, John, hairdresser, Castle Street

Cameron, Major-Gen. A. R., C.B., C.M.G., The Old House
Campbell, John, draper, boot and shoe merchant, motor for hire, Castle Street
Caughey, Alexander, secretary, Comber Distilleries Co. Ltd., Ballywilliam
Cherry, J., Mossbank
Clegg, James, fishmonger, Bridge Street
Cochrane, James, farmer, Cherryvalley House, Cherryvalley
Coey, Mrs., High Street
Collins, Edward, wholesale and retail grocer, tea, flour and provision dealer and coal merchant, The Square
Coulter, Hamilton, jun., Newcomber House
Coulter, Mrs. Hamilton, sen., Newcomber House
Coulter, Richard, farmer, The Ford

Davidson, Samuel, draper, Castle Street
Davidson, Wm., farmer, Rosemount
Davies, Rev. J. Glynn, The Unitarian Manse, Mill Street
Dawson, Henry, R.D.C., farmer, Ballynickle
De Wind, The Misses, Kinvara
Donaldson, B. A. K., Wistaston, Laurelbank
Dugan, Alexander, stone mason, The Crescent
Dunwoody, R. T., butcher and grocer, Glen Road

Edgar, John, grocer, Brownlow Street

Ferguson, Nathaniel, farmer, The Moat
Ferguson, R., farmer, Greengraves
Finlay, Mrs. Frank, High Street
Fisher, James, farmer, Ballyrainey
Fisher, John, farmer, Camperdown

Galbraith, John, R.D.C., farmer, Ringneal
Galbraith, Mrs. W., Brownlow Street
Galbraith, Robert, grocer, Mill Street
Gallaher, George, cashier, The Glebe
Geddis, Alfred, merchant tailor, Bridge Street
Geddis, Mrs., Killinchy Street
Glover, Alex., posting establishment, Mill Street
Gracey, Samuel, Gwenville, Laurelbank
Graham, W. T., F.S.A.A., accountant, Glen View
Grainger, A., plumber and gas fitter, Castle Street
Griffiths, James, publican, The Square
Gunning, John, carpenter, Brownlow Street

Hadden, Alfred, school master, Ardcuan
Hamilton, David, farmer, Trench House
Hamilton, John, dairyman, Bridge Street
Hamilton, Samuel, cycle agent, Bridge Street
Henry, Robert, M.D., J.P., dispensary doctor; registrar of births and deaths, High Street
Henderson, Mrs. William, Cullintra House
Herron, Hugh, painter, Bridge Street
Herron, John, farmer, Ballyhenry
Herron, Miss, dress maker, Castle Street
Herron, Robt., farmer, Ringcreevy
Hill, Miss M., High Street
Hill, Robert, High Street
Hind, Mrs. L. A., Ardara
Houston, Rev. J. S., M.A., The Rectory
Hunter, J., manager Comber Spinning Mill, Rossenara
Huxley, Thos., farmer, Joseph's Bridge

Johnston, D. J., station master

Kennedy, David, sexton First Comber Presbyterian Church, Brownlow Street

Lamont, Andrew, sexton Unitarian Church, Mill Street
Lindsay, Hugh, farmer, Ballyhenry
Long, Miss, High Street

Magowan, Mrs., High Street
Magowan, Mrs., Stormont, Laurel Bank
Maitland, D. J., tailor and cutter, Mill Street
Matthew, Mrs. G. W., Ringneal House
Mawhinney, Kenneth, farmer, Islandhill
Middleton, Randal, sexton, The Square
Milling, R. & J., grocers, publicans, timber and iron yard, weighmasters, and funeral undertakers
Minnis, James, fruiterer, Mill Street
Mitchell, Wm., cashier, Donard, Belfast Road
Montgomery, John, farmer, Ballygaffin
Montgomery, Wm., farmer, Ballygaffin
Moore, Samuel, farmer, Islandhill
Morrow, J., farmer, Mount Alexander
Munn, David, J.P., agent and farmer, Cattogs House
Munn, Matthew, farmer, Ballyrush
Murdoch, Mrs. R., Cherryvalley
Murdock, W. J., farmer, Mount Alexander
Murray, John, B.A., school master, Railway Street

McAlpine, James, Castleavery
McAlpin, Miss L., Mount Alexander
McBurney, Hugh, The Cottage, and 73 High Street, Belfast
McBurney, Thomas, farmer, The Moat
McBurney, Robert, steam thresher proprietor, Ballyhenry
McCormick, Samuel, farmer, The Moat
McCracken, James, farmer, Longlands
McCulloch, James, sexton 2nd Comber Presbyterian Church, Bridge Street
McDonald, Alex., Mill Street
McDonald, David, Mount Alexander
McDonald, John A., Grocer, Funeral Undertaker, and Motor Hiring Establishment, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McDonald, Thos. J., Railway Tavern, Belfast Road
McGrath, Mrs., fruiterer, Castle Street
McIlveen, John, boot maker, Mill Street
McKeag, John, shoe maker, Castle Street
McKeag, Samuel, traveller, Rosemount, Killinchy Road
McKeag, W., shoemaker, Mill Street
McKee, J. & S., farmers, The Hill, Drumkirk
McKee, S. W., solicitor, Killinchy Street
McKee, William, farmer, Ballyheigle
McKean, Rev. J. K. L., M.A., The Manse
McMillen, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, Mill Street
McMorran, Jas., boot maker, Brownlow Street
McMorran, John, boot maker, Mill Street
McRoberts, Francis, M.R.C.V.S.E., The Square
McRoberts, Mrs., furniture dealer and draper, Castle Street
McVeigh, David, tailor, Mill Street
McWhinney Bros., butchers, Mill Street
McWhinney, Hugh, butcher, Castle Street

Nelson, Dr. Margaret, The Square
Nesbitt, Mrs. David, Belfast Road
Niblock, James, hardware and general merchant, Castle Street
Niblock, Jim, threshing machine owner, Castle Street
Niblock, Mary, grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Niblock, Samuel, druggist, The Square
North Down Stores, groceries, coal, &c. - S. Davidson, proprietor; E. McIlwrath, manager, The Square

Oliver, Andrew, cutter and tailor, Mill Street
Orr, Alex., R.D.C., farmer, Ballystockart
Orr, F. J., solicitor, Ballystockart
Orr, John M., farmer, Ballystockart
Orr, Blakely, & Sons, Knocknasham Mills
Osborne, Frank, farmer, The Booten

Patterson, Miss, postmistress, Mill Street
Patterson, Robert, farmer, Ballyrush
Patterson, Samuel, R.D.C., farmer, Hillhead, Ballyrush
Patton, Hugh, Brownlow Arms, Railway Street
Pinnance, William, tailor, draper, outfitter, &c., Castle Street
Pollock, Wm., school master, High Street
Proctor, John, distillery manager, Killinchy Street

Quinn, David, R.D.C., insurance agent, Killinchy Street
Quinn, John, corn miller, Brownlow Street

Ritchie, John, Millview, Cullintra
Ritchie, Mrs. J. W., wine, spirit, coal, timber and iron merchant, funeral undertaker, and family grocer, High Street
Robinson, John, F.A.I., estate agent and commissioner for oaths, The Flow Cottages
Russell & Niblock, auctioneers, house, land, and insurance agents, Castle Street

Scott, Mrs. G., grocer, Mill Street
Shaw, Mrs. G. M., The Square
Shaw, Mrs. Wm., Cottags
Shaw, R. F., auctioneer and valuer, Railway Street
Shufflbottom, C., stationer and newsagent, Mill Street
Simpson, A., grain merchant and spirit dealer, Killinchy Street
Simpson, James, cashier, Killinchy Street
Sinclair, K. D., Carnesure House
Sloan, Mrs., Castle Street
Smith, Captain, chemist and druggist, Mill Street
Smyth, James, butcher, Mill Street
Sowerby, George, farmer, Ballyalton
Speers, John, grocer, Mill Street
Speers, Wm., mason, Brownlow Street
Spence, Mrs., Brownlow Street
Spence, William, school teacher, Brownlow Street
Steele, J. S., M.D., The Square
Stevenson, J., grave digger, New Cemetery
Stevenson, Richard, Bridge Street
Stewart, Mrs. John, Ballyrassel
Stewart, R. J., painter and stationer and bookseller, Castle Street
Stone, Miss, Barnhill

Thompson, John, tailor, Mill Street
Todd, Henry, carpenter, Belfast Road
Todd, Mrs., Glen Road
Todd, Wm., High Street

Wallace, Samuel, M.D., Lisbarnet
Warner, Fred., blacksmith, Crescent Row
Watson, Miss, milliner, Belfast Road
Watt, Hamilton, carpenter, Railway Street
Wherry, William, refreshment room, Railway Street
White, R. J., caterer, confectioner, and cinema proprietor, Mill Street
Wickham, Lt.-Col. C. G., D.S.O., Ashdene
Wightman, G., shoe maker, High Street
Wishart, A. E., draughtsman, High Street
Withers, W. G., grocer, The Square
Woods, Mrs., Bridge Street


          Is a flourishing market and manufacturing town in County Tyrone, at the termini of the Midland Railway (Northern Counties Committee) and Great Northern Railway. The markets are amongst the first in the Province, and the flax market particularly has few rivals in Ireland. In the town and surrounding districts are numerous linen factories, spinning mills, tape factories, and very many flax scutching mills, and a number of co-operative creameries, which have proved of great value to the extensive farming community in the district. All the thoroughfares are very tastefully laid out, and are well lighted with gas. From 1st April, 1900, the town has been governed by an Urban District Council (succeeding the Town Commissioners under the Towns' Improvement Act), constituted a sanitary district, and has full control of the streets, independent of the county. The Council has built two blocks of artizans' houses, one at each end of the town, which improves the appearance of the respective streets, replacing condemned houses, and providing additional house accommodation, and they secured the largest grant given in County Tyrone by the Road Board for the improvement of streets. The Workhouse having been closed, the greater part of the farm was purchased under the Irish Land (Provision for Sailors and Soldiers) Act, 1919, and on it has been erected thirty houses in pair blocks, which, with ample garden accommodation, will afford soldiers comfortable houses on a commanding site within easy distance of the town, and fifteen more houses have been built within ten minutes' walk of the town. Market days are Tuesday for grass-seed and grain, Friday for pork, and Saturday for general farm produce (which is brought in in abundance, it being one of the largest markets in the North).  Shops' half-holiday, Thursday.  Population in 1911, 3,685.

Post Office, Telephone Exchange, Telegraph, Money Order and Stamp Office and Savings Bank, James Street - B. Henderson, postmaster
Railways - Midland Railway Company (Northern Counties Committee), Great Northern Railway Company, J. Rea, station master (joint)


Church of Ireland, Derryloran (Cookstown) - Rev. Percy Marks, B.D., rector.  Ardtrea - Rev. W. E. R. Scott, M.A., rector.  Desertcreat - Rev. H. W. Rennison, B.A., curate in charge. Kildress - Rev. D. G. Allman, M.A., rector.  Lissan - Rev. C. A. B. Millington, B.A., rector
First Presbyterian Church, James Street - Rev. T. H. Robinson, B.A., minister.  Second Presbyterian Church, Loy Street - Rev. David Maybin, B.A., minister.  Third Presbyterian Church, Molesworth Street - Rev. John Entrican, B.A., minister.  Ballygoney - Rev. John Entrican, B.A., minister (residing in Cookstown).  Claggan - Rev. G. Bell Shaw, minister.  Orritor - Rev. James Johnston, B.A.  Sandholes - Rev. J. Logan, M.A., LL.D.
Methodist Church - Loy Street - Rev. J. H. B. Moore
Gospel Hall, Moneymore Road
Salvation Army Hall, Coagh Street
Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Street (parishes of Desertcreat and Derryloran) - Very Rev. Canon McDonnell, P.P. and Rev. J. Mackin, C.C.  Parish of Kildress - Rev. John McDonnell, P.P.; Rev. T. Soraghan, C.C.; and Rev. F. O'Donnell, C.C.  Parish of Lissan - Rev. Patrick Kenny, P.P., and Rev. F. McVerry, C.C.


Bank of Ireland, James Street - T. Dunphy, agent; J. A. Johnston, sub-agent
Belfast Banking Company Limited (branch), James Street - Thos. A. Ekin, manager; F. Blackstock, pro-manager
Hibernian Bank Ltd. (branch), James Street - Walter Foot, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd. (branch), William Street - S. Rankin Magill, manager
Cookstown Joint Stock Co. Ltd., James Street - Robert Cousley, manager


George Temperance Hotel, Molesworth Street (A. McVey); Royal Hotel, Coagh Street (R. A. Ferguson); Ulster Hotel, H. N. McAdoo


Intermediate School, Chapel Street - Miss Rowan, B.A., principal; Miss I. MacKenzie, B.A.; Miss Smith and Miss Bell, assistants
Cookstown N.S., Burn Road - J. Thomson, B.A., principal; Mrs. McClelland, Miss E. Thomson and Miss Grahame, assistants
Derryloran (male) - R. J. F. Hill, principal; T. J. Aitchison, assistant
Derryloran N.S., Chapel Street (female and infant) - Mrs. Glenn, principal; Mrs. Seawright, assistant
Gortalowry N.S., Chapel Hill - Miss C. Macloone, teacher
Loy N.S., Chapel Street (male) - Wm. Rice, principal; Denis Crosbie, assistant
Loy N.S., Chapel Street (female) - Sisters of Mercy, teachers
Oldtown N.S., Waterloo Terrace (male) - G. Ramsay, J.P., principal; Miss Ramsay, assistant; female, Miss Bradley, principal; Miss Forrest, assistant
School Attendance Committees - Rural: Rev. J. Entrican, B.A. (chairman); James McCracken (vice chairman); Felix Laverty, William Leeper, J.P.; P. McGlone, James B. McKeown, Rev. C. Stewart, B.A.; F. Teggart, J.P.; and W. H. Warnock; W. J. Glasgow, clerk and attendance officer.  Urban - John Glasgow, J.P. (chairman); W. J. Harbison (vice-chairman), Rev. J. Entrican, B.A.; Rev. T. H. Robinson, B.A.; Rev. Percy Marks, B.D.; Rev. D. Maybin, B.A.; Francis P. Devlin, T. J. S. Harbison, M.P.; S. R. Magill, and James McVeigh, Alex. Morrison, clerk; Samuel Hogg, attendance officer
Technical Instruction Committee - John Adair (chairman); W. Rice (vice-chairman), J. D. Anderson, John Doris, Thos. Gibson, H. L. Glasgow, W. J. Harbison, T. J. S. Harbison, M.P.; James Mayne, S. McKinney, T. McConnell, George J. Raphael, Geo. Ramsay, J.P.; W. H. Warnock, Mrs. Gibson, Miss Anderson, and Miss Adair; Richard Burke, resident vice-principal


Coroner - Dr. James Gillespie
Commissioners for taking Affidavits - James D. Anderson and William John Harbison, both of William Street
Dispensary Medical Officer - A. M. Elliott, M.D., D.P.H.
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - A. M. Elliott, M.D.; Deputy Registrar, Miss Dempsey; superintendent registrar Cookstown Union, W. J. Glasgow; deputy, Miss R. Higgins
Cookstown Gas and Light Company Ltd., works in Union Street - William Miller, manager; John W. Fleming, secretary.
Cookstown Lime Company Ltd. - William Miller, manager; J. W. Fleming, secretary
Inland Revenue Office, Molesworth Street - Robert Nesbitt, officer
R.U. Constabulary - Geo. Hall, D.I.; John Hayes, head-constable.  Barracks, Loy Street
Marriage Registry Office, Loy Street - W. J. Glasgow, registrar
Magistrates - Mrs. J. Adair, W. Anderson, R. Burgess, M.D., A. Cameron, R. Cluff, J. Doris, Ed. Falls, J. Glasgow, T. Greer, T. Macgregor Greer, D.L.; Thos. Hegan, Hume R. Jones, LL.D., B.L., R.M.; Wm. Leeper, Col. Wm. Lenox-Conyngham, D.L.; James McGarvey, Patk. McKenna, Geo. Ramsay, Arth. Toner.  Petty Sessions are held in the Courthouse, Chapel Street, on the second and fourth Friday of each month at 11 a.m. J. W. Fleming, clerk; Patk. Humphsey, summons server (Humphrey)
Board of Guardians and Rural District Council - Dissolved.  H. E. Walkin, Enniskillen, commissioner in charge for the Ministry of Home Affairs.  Clerk and returning officer, W. J. Glasgow; assistant, Miss R. Higgins; solicitor, John Byers; relieving officer and rent collector of labourers' cottages, A. McCulloch; inspector of dairies and cowsheds, A. McCulloch; executive sanitary officer, W. J. Glasgow; sub-sanitary officer, A. McCullouch. Pauper inmates are now kept in Dungannon Workhouse
Joint Committee Urban and Rural Councils - Thomas Gibson, chairman; John W. Fleming, clerk
Urban Council - Thomas Gibson, chairman; John W. Fleming, clerk; Dr. Elliott, sanitary officer; Hugh McCulloch, sub-sanitary officer and rent collector of artizans' houses; Wm. Millar, town surveyor
Fire Extinguishing Apparatus stored in Molesworth and Union Streets - J. Forrest, Union Street, caretaker
Cookstown and Coagh Districts Old Age Pension Committee - John Adair, chairman; Charles Anderson, John Devlin, J.P., John Doris, J.P., Hugh Duff, J.P., Michl. Early, Thos. Hegan, J.P., John Mitchell, Patk. McCrory.  Clerk, Robert W. Bole, Burn Road
Cookstown Estate Office, Loy Street - Robert Newton, J.P., Dungannon, agent
Motor Car Hirers - James Anderson, George Black, J. Bannigan, James Blakeley, P. & J. Cosgrove, James Devlin, J. Eastwood, Thomas Hamilton, George Lawless, John Mulgrew & Son, J. McCann, James McGuckin, David Slane, T. Sheeky, Wm. Thompson, David Turkington, also Royal Hotel
Motor Repairers - Thomas Hamilton, George Lyons, David Slane, Robert Watterson, and David Turkington
Newspaper - "The Mid-Ulster Mail." 1d. Every Saturday. The Mid-Ulster Printing Co. Ltd., proprietors


I.O.G.T., Hope of Cookstown Lodge - Alex. Thomson, C.T.; Geo. Ferguson, jun., secretary
L.O.L., Cookstown District - Rev. C. A. B. Millington, B.A., W.D.M.; W. H. McCord, W.D.Sec.
Preceptory of Knights Templars No. 470 meets on 2nd Wednesday of February, May, September, and November, Henry N. Raphael, registrar
Masonic Lodges - Unity Lodge No. 396 meets in Masonic Hall, Molesworth Street, on first Monday of each month - William Parke, P.M., secretary.  Green Lodge No. 470 meets in Masonic Hall, Molesworth Street, on second Monday of each month - Richard H. Twigg, solicitor, P.M., secretary
Royal Arch Chapter No. 470 meets on 3rd Monday of January, February, March, April, September, October, November, and December - John Glasgow, P.K., registrar
Royal Arch Chapter - No. 396 meets on 4th Monday of each month (summer excluded). James Forrest, P.K., Derryloran Cottage, registrar
Young Men's Christian and Literary Association - Rooms, Molesworth Street - Hon. secretary, Norman Gibson
Cookstown Sick Nursing Society - Lady superintendent, Miss Fleming; joint treasurers, Mrs. Adair and Mr. T. A. Ekin; secretary, Mrs. Entrican; district nurse, Miss Ferguson
Cookstown Horticultural and Agricultural Society (Show in Autumn) - Belfast Banking Company, treasurers; Wm. Parke and Ernest Magill, secretaries
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, J. D. Anderson, T. A. Ekin, Belfast Bank; Thomas E. Black, Derrinlea


[For postal purposes "Cookstown" should not be put on letters for those marked *  The addresses given are their full postal addresses]

Acheson, D. J. (of S. Turkington), Molesworth Street
Acheson, Thomas J, assistant N.S. teacher, Chapel Street
Adair, John (managing director of Thomas Adair Ltd.), Greenvale
Adair, Louis (director of Thomas Adair Ltd.), Mesopotamia
Adair, Mrs., Glenavon
Adair, Mrs. John, J.P., Greenvale
Adair, Thomas, Ltd., flax and tow spinners, weavers, bleachers, dyers, and finishers, Greenvale Works, & 19 Bedford Street, Belfast
Alexander, S. E., grocer, farmer, Corhoney
Alexander, Wm., draper and milliner, William Street
Allen, E. M., & Son, Imperial Hotel, Molesworth Street, auctioneers, publicans, William Street and Molesworth Street
Allen, Joseph, butcher, Molesworth Street; residence, Millburn Street 
Allen, Jos., jun., auctioneer, Molesworth Street, residence, Millburn Street
Allen, W. E. M. (of E. M. Allen & Son), Molesworth Street
Allman, Rev. D. G., M.A., Kildress Rectory
Anderson, David, & Son, grocers and agricultural seed merchants, William Street
Anderson, George, flax and corn miller, Tullywiggan
Anderson, John, millinery and boot warehouse, William Street
Anderson, Joseph (of Joseph Anderson & Sons), James Street
Anderson, Joseph, & Sons, saddlers, James Street
Anderson, J. D., U.D.C. (of D. Anderson & Son), Oldtown Street
Anderson, Miss, William Street
Anderson, S. S., farmer, Doorless
Anderson, Thomas (of Joseph Anderson & Sons), Oldtown Street
Anderson, W., J.P., Grange, Stewartstown
Armstrong, T. H., cashier Belfast Banking Co., Oldtown Street
Artt, W. J., farmer, Tullygare

Balmer, R., agent Inglis & Co. Ltd., Coagh Street
Bannigan, J. & J., grocers and publicans, Oldtown Street
Barfoote, Robert H., farmer and dairyman, Tirnaskea
Bateson, Captain, Commandant 30th Platoon, R.U.(S.).C.
Baxter, William, clerk (Greenvale Mills), Burn Road
Bayne, John, farmer, Tamlaghtmore
Bayne, John, farmer, Gortnagross
Bear, G. R., estate agent (of Bear & McKeown, auctioneers and property salesmen, Molesworth Street
Bear & McKeown, auctioneers and property salesmen, Molesworth Street
Bell, James, U.D.C., carter, Millburn Street
Bell, Robert, draper and merchant tailor, Oldtown Street
Bell, Thos., boot and shoe maker, William Street
Black, Geo., watch maker and hackney motor owner, Molesworth Street; res., Oldtown Street
Black, John Knox, farmer and mill owner, Corvanaghan
Black, Jos., farmer, Slaghtfredin
Black, Jos. D., farmer, Corvanaghan
Black, Richard, farmer, mill owner, Corkhill
Black, Thomas, farmer, Corvanaghan
Black, W. H., farmer, Derrinleagh
Blackley, James, hackney motor car owner, confectioner &c., Oldtown Street
Blackstock, F., pro-manager Belfast Bank, Loy Street
Bole, Robert W., shop assistant and clerk Old Age Pensions Committee, Burn Road
Bond, W. R., boot merchant, William Street
Boyd, Mrs., James Street
Bradley, Laurence, potato and grain merchant
Brisbane, Wm., carpenter, Chapel Street
Brennan, A. M., assistant county surveyor, Burn Road
Brown, Robert, merchant tailor and outfitter, William Street
Browne, Robert, Rosecroft
Bryson, Samuel, Molesworth Road
Burke, Richard, vice-principal Cookstown Technical School, Oldtown Street
Burns, James, grocer, Chapel Street
Byers, John (of Venables & Byers, solicitors), Molesworth Road

Cameron, Alex., J.P., farmer, Inverton House
Carnaghan, M., clothes dealer, William Street
Carson, Robert, Claremont
*Castlestewart, Right Hon. Earl, Stuart Hall, Stewartstown
Chambers, D. F., draper, James Street
Chambers, M. M., stationer, &c., James Street
Charles, Andrew, watch maker, jeweller, photographer and Cycle Agent, 56 James Street
Charles, D. H., LL.B., solicitor, James Street
Charles, Richard, Loy Street
Charles, R., & Co., stockbrokers, James Street
Close, Lady Muriel, Drum Manor
Close, Major Maxwell A., D.L., Drum Manor
Cluff, R., J.P., Kildress House
Colt, Lt.-Col., D.S.O., Area Commandant R.U.(S.).C.
Conway, James, grocer, hardware and boot merchant, William Street
Cousley, Robt., auctioneer, James Street (res., Moneymore)
Coulter, Daniel, farmer, Clare
Cosgrave, P. & J., publicans, James Street and Molesworth Street
Coulter, James farmer, Tyresson
Crawford, Mrs., Molesworth Road
Crawford, Wm. J., farmer and mill owner, Knockaleary
Crilly, Joseph, contractor, Loy Street
Crooks, Wm. J., farmer, Dunman
Culbert, Jacob, National Health Insurance Inspector, Molesworth Street

Dale, Robert T., farmer, Mabuoy
Dempsey, Thomas, Burn Road
Devlin, Augustine (of S. Devlin & Co.), Union Street
Devlin, James D., solicitor, Molesworth Street;
Devlin, Jas., & Sons, grocers, wholesale and retail spirit dealers and agricultural seed merchants, William Street
Devlin, Joseph W., publican, Molesworth Street
Devlin, J., publican and grocer, Union Street
Devlin, S., & Co., butter, egg, potato dealers and commission agents, Union Street
Dickson, M., woollen draper, Molesworth Street
Dinsmore, Miss, music teacher, Loy Street
Doey, Thos., & Son, boot and shoe makers, William Street
Donaghy, Bernard, grocer and ironmonger, James Street
Donnelly, Hugh, butcher, Molesworth Street; res., Loy Street
Donnelly, S., boot and shoe maker, hardware dealer, and photographer, William Street
Doons Co-operative Creamery and Store
Doris, J., auctioneer and publican, James Street
Downey, John, plumber, Burn Road
Drapersfield Weaving Co., linen manufacturers
Dunphy, T., agent Bank of Ireland, James Street
Dunseith & Co., merchant tailors, William Street

Eagleson, David, farmer, Orritor
*Early, Mchl., grocer, Tullyreavy, Tullyhog
Eastwood, Charles, jun., boot and shoe maker, William Street
Eastwood, Henry B., grocer, William Street
Eastwood, John, hardware and coal merchant, hackney motor car owner, William Street
Eastwood, T. J., M.R.C.V.S., William Street
Eccles, Wm. J., farmer, Kildress
*Ekin, Robt. H., Soran, Stewartstown
Ekin, Thomas A., manager, Belfast Bank Ltd., James Street
Electric Picture House Co., Fair Hill - John W. Fleming, sec.; P. McClarnon, manager
Elliott, Alfred M., M.B., B.Ch., D.P.H., Loy Street
Elliott, John, carter, Union Street
Entrican, Rev. John, B.A., Molesworth Street

Faulkner, George (of Henry & Faulkner), William Street
Faulkner, John, grocer, china and delph merchant, William Street
Ferguson, Geo., grocer, Loy Street
Ferguson, Miss, Child Welfare nurse, Loy Street
Ferguson, R. A., Royal Hotel, Coagh Street
*Ferguson, W. A., farmer, Tievenagh
Field, Miss, William Street
Flannagan, J., grocer, Church Street
Fleming, George, Burn Road
Fleming, J. W., clerk of petty sessions; clerk of urban council; secretary of Gas and Light Company; secretary of Lime Company; office, Oldtown Street; res., James Street
Fleming, Miss, Burn Road
Flynn, Edward, flax buyer, Gortalowry
Foot, Walter, manager Hibernian Bank, James Street
Forrest, James, green manager (Greenvale Mills), Derryloran Cottage
Forrest, James, builder and contractor, Union Street
Forrest, John, builder and contractor, Fair Hill

Gardener, W. (of Drapersfield Weaving Co.), Drapersfield
Geddes, Joseph, Cool-na-hard, Oldtown Street
Gibson, Andrew, grocer and farmer, Drum
Gibson, Norman (manager T. Adair Ltd., weaving factory), Southend Cottage
Gibson, Thomas (secretary T. Adair Ltd.), chairman U.D.C., South End Cottage
Gillespie, J., L.A.H. (Dublin), doctor and coroner, Oldtown Street
Glasgow, Allen, grocer, Drumnamalta
Glasgow, James A., farmer, Keelycurragh
Glasgow, H. L., editor "The Mid-Ulster Mail"  (The Mid-Ulster Printing Co. Ltd.), &c., Molesworth Road
Glasgow, John, J.P., C.Clr., director Glasgow's (Cookstown), Ltd., &c., William Street
Glasgow, Silas (of W. & M. Mason), Molesworth Street
Glasgow, W. J., Clerk of Union, clerk and attendance officer of Rural School Attendance Committee and rate collector, Coolreaghs
Glasgow's (Cookstown), Ltd., booksellers, stationers, librarians, Official Agents for Ordnance Survey Publications, William Street; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" and other newspapers. Telegrams, "Mail". Phone No. 7
Glenn, Mrs., N.S. teacher, Chapel Street
Gourley, Hugh, farmer, Unagh
Gourley, James, farmer, Unagh
Gourley, William, farmer, Unagh
Graham, Miss, Chapel Street
Graves, C. H. P. D., M.D., M.Ch., Gortaliagh
Greer, Robert, blacksmith, Oldtown Street
Gunning, John, & Sons, Ltd., linen manufacturers and finishers, Milburn Works

Hagan, John, house painter, McNaney's Court
Hall, Geo., D.I., R.U.C., Loy Street
Hamilton, A., watch maker and jeweller, William Street
Hamilton, David H., U.D.C., timber merchant and carter, Chapel Street
Hamilton, Robert, carpenter, Church Street
Hamilton, Robert, linotype operator, Oldtown Street
Hamilton, Robert A., Coolreaghs
Hamilton, Samuel J., grocer and confectioner, James Street
Harbison, T. S. J., M.P., C.Clr., solicitor, James Street
Harbison, W. J., grocer, baker, publican and agricultural seed merchant, William Street
Harris, J. Porter, solicitor, James Street; residence, Stewartstown
Hegan, Geo., farmer, Annagh
*Hegan, Thomas, J.P., farmer, Desertcreat, Tullyhogue
Hegan, Wm. J., farmer, Ballysudden
Henry & Faulkner, pharmaceutical chemists and grocers, William Street
Henry, I. H., Riverview, Dunman
Henry, Major R., farmer, Unagh
Higgerty, Charles, greengrocer, Orritor Street
Hill, R. J. H., N.S. teacher, Drum Road
Hogg, John, farmer, Kirktown
Hogg, Samuel J., farmer and rate collector, and urban school attendance officer, Kirktown
Hopper, John D. (of W. J. Hopper & Brs.), Molesworth Road
Hopper, The Misses, Molesworth Road
Hopper, Wm. J., & Bros., woollen drapers, tailors, milliners and dressmakers, James Street
Howard, Mrs., Loy Street
Hughes, M., boarding house, James Street
Hughes, Peter, potato and grass seed merchant, Union Street
Hull, Mrs., Burn Road
Hutchinson, J., Derrycrumney Flax Mills; residence, Killybasky
Hutchinson, Miss, The Cafe, James Street

Inglis & Co. Ltd., bakers (Belfast), Coagh Street; R. Balmer, local agent

Johnston, J. A., sub-agent Bank of Ireland, Rathcrogan, Molesworth Road
Johnston, T. H., farmer, Killyman
Johnston, W. C., grocer, James Street

Kane, James, farmer, Toberlane
Keane, Geo. H., auctioneer, William Street; res., Muff
Kennedy, Samuel, potato and produce merchant, Old Coagh Road
Kerr, John, grocer and general merchant, Killymoon Street
Kerr, Nurse, midwife, Chapel Street
Kerr, Patrick, farmer, Cluntydoon
Kilpatrick, C. & F., tobacconists, stationers, and newsagents, Molesworth Street; res., Molesworth Road
Kingston, S. R., James Street

Lamont, W. S., M.R.C.V.S., Oldtown Street
Lavery, W. J., clerk of markets, house agent, Oldtown Street
Leeper, Captain J., Wellbrook
Leeper, W., J.P., (managing director John Gunning & Son Ltd.), Cookstown, Wellbrook
Lennox, A., draper and milliner, William Street; residence, Burn Road
Lennox, James (of Lennox & Co.), James Street
Lennox & Co., boot and shoe makers, James Street
Lenny Bros., drapers, James Street
Lenny, F. P., publican, James Street
Lewis, A. P., grocer and draper, Millburn Street
Lewis, Mrs. T. J., Oldtown Street
Lewis, Mrs. W. H., Molesworth Road
Lewis, S. A., Prospect House
Lilliput Laundry (Belfast) - Agent, Miss Crawford, William Street
*Logan, Rev. John, M.A., LL.D., Sandholes Manse, Tullyhogue
Loughran, Miss M., sub-postmistress, Gortin
Loughrin, Wm. J., farmer, Mackney
*Lowis, Col. R. M., Tullylogan, Tullyhog
Lyons, George, cycle and motor mechanic, Fair Green

Mackenzie, Misses, Chapel Street
MacCormac, Mrs., Molesworth Road
Magill, S. Rankin, manager Ulster Bank, William Street
Mallon, D., supt. Pearl Insurance Co., Chapel Street
Malone, B., publican, Loy Street
Malone, E, J., solicitor, James Street; res., Church Street
Malone, Miss, grocer, hide merchant, baker and publican, William Street
Mann, Mrs., Loy Street
Marks, Rev. Percy. B.D., Derryloran Rectory
Martin, E. A., stationer and tobacconist, Oldtown Street
Mason, W. & M., grocers, butter, egg and general commission agents, Molesworth Street
Massey, Miss E., M.B., B.S., Coolnafrankey
Maybin, Rev. David, B.A., The Manse, Loy Street
Meares, Richard, coach builder, Molesworth Road
Megaw, George, box maker and coal merchant, railway yard; res., Burn Road
Meikle, J., M.R.C.V.S., Coffey's Yard, James Street; res., The Cafe
Millar, S. J., B.A., solicitor, Molesworth Street; residence, Moneymore
Millar, William, manager gas works, lime works and town surveyor, Union Street
Millar & Sons, coal merchants, Union Street
Milliken, John, farmer, Brookmount
Milliken, Robt., farmer and dairyman, Ballygroogan
Mills, Charles, & Son, painters and room paper merchants, James Street
Mills, Bros., tinsmiths, Oldtown Street
Millington, Rev. C. A. B., B.A., Lissan Rectory
Mitchell, John, farmer, Ballynagilly
Moore, Rev. J. H. B., Methodist Manse
Morgan, J., publican, James Street
Morgan, Thomas, merchant tailor, James Street
Morris, Elias, publican, Coagh Street
Morrison, A., draper and cycle agent, secy. Urban School Attendance Committee, James Street; res., Molesworth Road
Motor Garage and Repair Shops, Burn Road, also Molesworth Street - Thos. Hamilton
Mowbray, James, draper, James Street; residence, Burn Road
Mulgrew, Francis (of J. Mulgrew & Son), James Street
Mulgrew, John, & Son, publicans, undertaking and posting establishment, hackney motor car owner, James Street
Mullan, James, solicitor, Molesworth Street; residence, Molesworth Road
Munnis, J. W., Lynnwood
Munnis, Wm. A., (director of Thomas Adair Ltd.), Lynwood
Murray, Patrick, blacksmith, Coffey's yard, James Street; residence, Loy Street

McAdoo, Herbert N., Ulster Temperance and Commercial Hotel, Oldtown Street
McAllister, D., farmer, Kildress
McAnespie, Robt., shoemaker, Oldtown Street
McCann, James, grocer, Oldtown Street
McCartney, Geo., farmer and lime burner, Kiltyclogher, Tullyhog
McCartney, James, machine minder (printing), Oldtown Street
McClarnon, Patrick, law clerk and Nationalist Registration agent, Church Street
McClay, William, woollen draper and milliner, William Street; res., Loy Street
McClelland, C. S. (of T. McClelland), house agent, William Street
McClelland, Sydney, Lieut. R.U.C., Burn Road
McClelland, T., printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent and librarian; agent for the "Belfast Weekly News", William Street
McCloskey, John, farmer, Crievagh
McCollum, A. J., grocer, baker and agricultural seed merchant, James Street
McConnell, S., boot and shoe maker, William Street
McCrea, Robert, grocer, Drapersfield
McCrory, Patk., farmer, Ballinasollis
McCullough, Thos., farmer, Drumard
McDonnell, Very Rev. Canon J., P.P., The Presbytery
McDowell & Sons, Ltd. (boot manufacturers, Ballymena), boot & shoe dealers, James Street
McFeeters, J., confectioner and tobacconist, James Street
McFeters & Crawford, confectioners and fruiterers, Molesworth Street
McGahie, Robert, Molesworth Road
McGarvey, James, J.P., farmer and corn mill owner, Dunmore
McGarvey, Michael, J.P., farmer, Drumard
McGeagh, Benjamin A., farmer and Unionist revision agent, Unagh
McGuckin, Jas., publican and hackney motor car owner, Molesworth Street and Oldtown Street
McGurk,  Edward, Kildress Hotel, Drumshambo
McKenna, Dr., Chapel Street
McKenna, James, hair dresser, William Street
McKenna, Patrick, J.P., farmer, Crieve
McKeown, Joseph (of T. McKeown & Sons), Molesworth Road
McKeown, S., carpenter and contractor, Burn Road
*McKeown, Thos. (of T. McKeown & Sons), Gortalowry House
McKeown, Thos., & Sons, builders, contractors, timber merchants, and sawmill owners; works on Burn Road
McKinney, David O., optician and chemist, The Cottage
McKinney, S., pharmaceutical chemist and grocer, Oldtown Street
McMillan, James, school teacher, Burnbank
McVeigh, J., grocer, James Street
McVerry, Rev. F., C.C., Lissan
McVey, A., provision merchant, The George Temperance Hotel, Molesworth Street
McVey, W. (McVey Bros.), Molesworth Street
McVey Bros., hardware merchants, Molesworth Street

Nelson, Henry, hairdresser, Oldtown Street
Nesbit, H. J., grocer and provision merchant, The White House, William Street
Nesbit, Robert, excise officer, Old Coagh Road, Office, Molesworth Street
Newell, William H., butcher, William Street

O'Brien, Charles, farmer, Beleevnabeg
O'Connell. T., insurance agent, stationer, and shoe maker, James Street
O'Donnell, Rev. F., C.C., Kildress

Parke, Wm., N.S. teacher (Lisnagleer N.S.), Union Street
Parke, Wm., & Sons, carting contractors, Union Street
Po, Lieut.-Col. Sir W. H., C.B., Slaghtfredin Lodge
Porter, William, James Street
Porter, W. MacDonald, cabinetmaker, undertaker, house furnisher and cycle agent, James Street
Powell, Mrs., Coagh Road
Purdy Bros., general dealers, William Street
Purvis, Samuel, grass seed and oat merchant (wholesale), Molesworth Road

Quin, P., Church Street
Quinn, Jos., farmer and income tax collector, Beaghmore

Ramsay, George, J.P., N.S. teacher, Mountain View
Ramsey, R. Galt, Claggan House
Raphael, Henry N., solicitor, James Street; residence, Molesworth Road
Reid, John, compositor, Fountains Road
*Rennison, Rev. H. W., M.A., Ballymully Glebe, Tullyhog
Rice, William, N.S. teacher, Loy Street
Richardson, A. W., draper, Molesworth Street
Robinson, Rev. T. H., B.A., James Street
Roche, Miss, Coolnafranky
Rosenfield, L., credit draper, Coagh Street
Rowan, Miss, B.A., principal Intermediate School, Chapel Street
Russell, J., assistant superintendent, Prudential Assurance Co., Colleen, Burn Road

Scott, J. McDowell, U.D.C., foreman mechanic, Loy Street
Scott, Rev. W. E. R., M.A., Ardtrea Rectory, Stewartstown
Scott, W. J., plumber, James Street
Seawright, Mrs., school teacher, Chapel Street
Sharpe, Thos., farmer, Gortreagh
Shaw, Rev. G. B., Clagan Manse
Sheeky, Thos., confectioner, tobacconist, and newsagent, William Street
Simpson, Adam, iron monger, saw mill owner, grocer, and seed merchant, James Street
Slane, David, cycle agent, William Street; residence, Chapel Street
Small, Mrs., grocer and publican, William Street
Smart, Alfred, undertaker, William Street
Smith, E. S. S., watchmaker, James Street
Smith, John, blacksmith, Burn Road
Soraghan, Rev. T., C.C., Dunamore
Spence, D. S., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., Oldtown Street
*Stanton, Mrs., Millview, Dunman, Moneymore
Staples, Robert P., jun., Lissan House
Staples, R. Ponsonby, Lissan House
Steel, William, sawyer (T. McKeown & Sons), Fair Hill
Steenson, Robert, cabinet maker, &c., Oldtown Street
*Stevenson, Capt. R., Rockdale, Tullyhogue
Stevenson, J., photographer, studio, Burn Road; res., Oldtown Street
Stewart, R. G., hardware merchant, James Street
Stewart, Mrs., Loy Street

Taylor, Frederick W., Coagh Street
Taylor, Wm., shoe maker, Coagh Street
The Mid-Ulster Printing Company, Ltd., Printers, Proprietors of "The Mid-Ulster Mail," Telegrams, "Mail," Telephone No. 7
Thom, Francis, farmer, Tiermacshane
Thompson Bros., wholesale and retail grocers and provision merchants, James Street
Thompson, Joseph (of Thompson Bros.), James Street
Thompson, Wm., hackney motor car owner, William Street
Thomson, Alex., rope maker, Aughlish
Thomson, J., B.A., N.S. teacher, Rock Cottage
Todd, John, James Street
Turkington, D., cycle agent, hackney motor car owner, Oldtown Street
Turkington, S., grocer and druggist, Molesworth Street (D. J. Acheson, proprietor)
Turner, J., publican, William Street
Twigg, R. H., solicitor, James Street; res., Gleninagh, Molesworth Road

Venables & Byers, solicitors, Molesworth Street

Warnock, Thos., grocer and farmer, Drum
Warnock, Thos., farmer, Aughlish
Warnock, Wm., farmer, Aughlish
Warnock, Wm. H., Benview
Wray, Chas. A., M.P.S.I., chemist, James Street
Wray, K., confectioner, William Street
Wray, Mrs., Gleninagh, Molesworth Road

Young, The Misses, dress makers, Oldtown Street


          Is a small but very clean town in the County of Down.  It is situated twenty-one and a quarter miles south of Belfast, on the line of the Belfast and County Down Railway.  The population is about 550, the working class of which are chiefly engaged in agricultural pursuits, while a great number of the female population here and in the surrounding districts are employed in the hand-sewed embroidery industry.  The Fair is held on the second Wednesday of every month.


Church of Ireland, Kilmore - Rev. T. Jamison, B.A.
Presbyterian Church, Lissara - Rev. W. McClure
Presbyterian Church, Kilmore - Rev. T. A. Corry, B.A.
Presbyterian Church, Raffrey - Rev. Robert Milford
Unitarian Church, Rademon - Rev. J. J. Magill
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. W. Murphy, P.P.
Medical Officer and Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - R. H. Sproule, M.D., J.P., Killyleagh
R.U.C. - Sergeant Bryan, Constables, Vogen, Milne, Hunter, Duffin, Malcolm, Fowler, Byford, and Craig
Belfast Banking Co. - Daily
Northern Banking Co. - Tuesday and fair days
Ulster Bank - Wednesday


Alexander, Jos., sexton, Rademon
Alexander, William John, Listooder
Alexander, Samuel, Creevycarnonan

Bailie, Mrs. Wm., Listooder
Bailie, Thomas W., Ballydian, Listooder
Bassett, C. & C., publicans, hardware and general merchants, Downpatrick Street
Bell, John, fowl dealer, Downpatrick Street
Bell, Mrs. James, Mary's Lane
Bingham, Mrs., Derryboy
Brownlee, Miss Annie, Listooder
Brownlee, Samuel, Listooder
Burns, N., publican, Downpatrick Street

Cahill, Thomas, Tyconnett N.S.
Calvert, Thomas, Derryboy
Calvert, Thomas, bread server, Killyleagh Street
Campbell, James, Barnamaghery
Campbell, Miss, Barnamaghery
Campbell, Wm., Barnamaghery
Carlisle, Wm., Carnacally
Carson, William, Cycle and Motor Works, Killyleagh Street
Chambers, James, Drumaghlis
Cleland, David, J.P., Creevy Cottage
Cleland, George, Ballywoollen
Cleland, James, Ballydian
Cleland, James, Derryboy
Cleland, James, Killinchy Woods
Cleland, Miss, Ballywoollen
Cleland, William, Downpatrick Street
Cleland, William Orr, Killinchy Woods
Cooper, James, Rademon
Copeland, John, merchant tailor and grocer, Killyleagh Street
Copeland, Mrs. R., draper, Killyleagh Street
Corry, Rev. W. A., B.A., Kilmore Manse
Coulter, Hamilton, Cluntagh
Coulter, Hugh and John, Creevycarnonan
Coulter, James and Robert, Rosebank
Coulter, Joseph, Killinchy Woods
Coulter, Jos., Loughview House, Ballyalgin
Coulter, Miss, Killinchy Woods
Coulter, Mrs. H., Barnamaghery
Crawford, Right Hon. Col. R. G. Sharman, D.L., M.P., P.C., Rademon House
Crosby, Henry, Aughnadarragh, Saintfield
Cunningham, John, Ballyalgin
Cunningham, T., Ballyalgin

Dalzell, Alexander, Listooder
Dick, John, Derryboy
Dick, John, Raleagh, Listooder
Dick, Samuel, Raleagh, Listooder
Dick, Thomas, Clontinaglare
Dick, William, Lissowen
Dickson, A., Derryboy
Donaldson, Robert, Creevycarnonan
Donaldson, William, Creevycarnonan
Donnan, Mrs., tailor, Ballywoollen
Dougherty, W., Dunanelly, Annacloy
Douglas, James, Carnacally
Douglas, Robert, Carnacally
Downes, Andrew, corn miller, Listooder
Duff, Charles, Cluntagh
Duff, James, Cluntagh
Duff, John, Cluntagh
Dunn, David, Ballydian
Dunn, John, postman, Killyleagh Street

Edgar, George, Seed Merchant and Posting Car Establishment, Downpatrick Street
Ellison, James, gate lodge
Ellison, John, Ballyalgin
Ellison, Samuel, correspondent, Downpatrick Road
Emmerson, W., Cargah House, Annacloy

Fitzsimons, Jas., carpenter, Killyleagh Street
Flynn, Charles, draper and insurance agent, Downpatrick Street
Foley, Hugh, Derryboy
Foley, John, Lisnaw
Foley, Joseph, Lisnaw
Furey, John, Drumaghlis
Furey, William, Ballydian, Ballynahinch

Gabbie, John, Ballywoollen
Gibson, George R., Killyleagh Street
Gibson, James, Killinchy Woods
Gibson, Mrs. S., Killinchy Woods N.S.
Gibson, Mrs. A., grocer, Killyleagh Street
Gibson, Mrs. W., grocer, Killyleagh Street
Gill, James, Ballymacashin
Gill, William John, Raffery
Glover, James, Drumaghlis
Glover, John, Drumaghlis
Glover, William, Drumaghlis
Gourley, James, Derryboy Cottage
Gourley, Mrs., Derryboy Cottage

Hamilton, Francis, Rademon
Hamilton, Wm., Releagh
Hanna, Samuel, Listooder
Harper, John, Ballywoollen
Harris, Hugh, station master
Harris, Samuel W., Kilmore
Hart, John, Listooder
Hart, Mrs., Rademon
Hawthorne, Wm., Ballywoolen
Heanan, Joseph, Crossgar N.S.
Herron, George, Raffery
Herron, James, Raffery
Herron, John, Raffery
Herron, Thomas, Clontinaglare
Hewitt, Hugh, Ballydian, Ballynahinch
Hewitt, John, Killyleagh  Street, Crossgar
Hewitt, Samuel, Ballydian, Ballynahinch
Hill, T. R., sexton, Drumaghlis
Hogg, William John, Raffrey
Hughes, Edward, Cranmoney House
Hughes, Thomas, Kilmore
Hutton, John, Bell's Hill
Hutton, John, Ballywoollen
Hutton, Miss, Killinchy Woods N.S.
Hutton, William, Creevycarnonan

Irvine, Gerald, Listooder

Jackson, A. J., Barnamaghery
Jackson, David, K.C., Raffrey
Jackson, David, Derryboy
Jackson, Gawn, Clontinaglare
Jackson, James, The Green, Killinchy Woods
Jackson, John, Raffrey
Jackson, John, Clontinaglare
Jackson, Joseph, Derryboy
Jackson, Mary Jane, Raffery
Jackson, Mrs., Killinchy Woods
Jackson, Robert, Barnamaghery
Jackson, Wm., The Bank, Barnamaghery
Jackson, W. J., Raffery
Jackson, W. J. D., Woodside
Jamison, Joseph, Raffery
Jamison, Rev. Thos., The Rectory, Kilmore
Jamison, Thomas, Creevycarnonan
Jennings, John, Cluntagh
Johnston, Andrew, Brick Hall, Ballywoollen

Kearney, James, bill poster, Downpatrick Street
Kennedy, John, Listooder
Killen, Hugh, Clontinaglare
Killen, Wm. John, Clontinaglare
King, S., corn and flax mills, Lissara House and Ballytrim House
Kirk, Hugh, Derryboy
Kirk, William, Ballydian, Listooder
Kirkpatrick, James, Listooder

Lawther, Miss, Barnamaghery N.S.
Lawther, Miss, Cluntagh (Ballytrim N.S.)
Lemon, Hugh, Drumaghlis
Lightbody, John, Killyleagh Street
Lightbody, Mrs. Jane, Ballytrim
Lightbody, William, Creevycarnonan
Lindsay, Robert, Ballydian
Lindsay, Thomas, Ballydian
Lindsay, Thomas, Stock Breeder and General Merchant, Post Office, Derryboy
Lowry, John, Raffery
Lowry, Robert, grocer, Derryboy

Mack, Parker, blacksmith, Rademon
Mack, William, mason, Listooder
Madine, John, Hairdresser, Market Street
Madine, Miss L., grocer, Market Street
Mageean, John, Leggygowan, Saintfield
Magill, Rev. J. J., Rademon Manse (Unitarian minister)
Marshall, James, Derryboy
Martin, Alex., blacksmith, Bridge end
Martin, Hans, Listooder
Martin, James, Ballywoollen
Martin, Joseph, Creevycarnonan
Martin, Mrs., Killinchy Woods
Martin, Robert, blacksmith, Ardigon
Mason, Mrs., publican, Kilmore
Mason, Mrs., fowl dealer and exporter, Downpatrick Street
Matthews, E., cycle works, Raffery
Matthews, Thomas, Lissara
Mawhinney, Wm. J., Listooder
Maxwell, Robert, publican, Killyleagh Street
Millar, Miss M., Killyleagh Street
Miscampbell, Miss, Woodside
Miscampbell, Thomas, Killyleagh Street
Miscampbell, William, Killyleagh Street
Miscampbell, William, blacksmith, Woodside
Moore, R. T. C., Ballydian, Listooder
Moreland, R. H., publican, The Square
Moreland, William John, Killyleagh Street
Morrow, A., publican and posting establishment, Killyleagh Street
Morrow, F. & R., Ballyalgin
Morrison, Henry, rate collector
Morrison, Mrs., post office, Downpatrick Street
Morrison, Mrs., Rademon House
Morrison, Robt., J.P., flax mill, Glasswater
Morrison, William, Woodside
Morrison, Wm., & Son, auctioneers and valuers, Downpatrick Street
Murdock, Andrew, Ballydian, Listooder
Murdoch, Richard, Ballytrim (Ballygally N.S.)
Murdock, William, Clontinaglare
Murphy, Hugh, Waterside, Lissowen
Murphy, Rev. Wm., P.P.
Murray, Arthur, draper, Downpatrick Street
Murray, Miss M. J., draper, Downpatrick Street

McBratney, W., grocer, Creevybeg
McBride, Hans, Ballydian, Listooder
McCleery, James, Ballywoollen
McCloy, Wm., carpenter, Derryboy
McClure, John, Carnacally
McClure, Samuel, Carnacally
McClure, Rev. W., The manse
McConnell, David, Rademon
McCoubrie, Charles A., Rademon
McCoubrie, James, Rademon
McCracken, David, Barnamaghery
McCracken, Robert Henry, Barnamaghery
McCullough, John, grocer, Listooder
McCullough, M., Listooder and Clontinaglare
McDonald, John, grocer and agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," Downpatrick Street
McDonald, Mrs., Creevycarnonan
McDowell, Robert, Creevycarnonan
McDowell, Thos. J., Woodstock, Rademon
McDowell, W. J., grocer, Raleagh, Listooder
McGee, John, flax mill, Lisnamore
McGee, Patk., grocer, Downpatrick Street
McIlveen, J. H., Drumaghlis N.S.
McKeown, John, Drummatticonnor, Listooder
McKeown, John, jun., Ashleigh, Rademon
McKeown, Mrs. J., Drumaghlis N.S., Rademon
McKnight, Henry, The Square
McKnight, John, The Square
McClements, Hugh, Kilmore
McLements, H. R., Drumaghlis
McMillan, John, Killyleagh Street
McMillen, James, Rademon Cottage
McMillen, John, Clontinaglare and Rademon Cottage
McMillen, Thomas, Clontinaglare
McMillen, William & John, jun., flax mill, Beech Hill, Drumaghlis
McMullan, Samuel, Rademon
McMurray, William, traction engine owner, and merchant, Magheracarmoney
McNeely, David, Raffery
McNeely, Thomas C., Raffrey
McNeely, Thomas, Raffrey
McNeill, H. C., tailor, Downpatrick Street
McRobert, Hugh, Drumaghlis
McRobert, James, Rademon
McRobert, John, J.P., Rademon Flour Mills and Listooder Corn and Flax Mills; Agent for all Classes of Insurance, res., Rademon
McRobert, John, jun., The Bungalow
McRobert, William, Drumaghlis
McVeigh, Francis, Listooder
McVeigh, James, Listooder
McWhirter, Wm., Ballyalgin

Neill, James, Tullynacree, Kilmore
Neill, James, Killyleagh Street
Neill, Mrs., Derryboy
Nelson, James, Downpatrick Street
Nelson, Thomas, Kilmore
Nevin, James, Publican, Grocer, Tobar Mhuire Cycle and Motor Works, Downpatrick Street
Newell, Hugh W., Raleagh, Listooder
Newell, Thomas, The Hollow, Listooder
Niblock, Robert, grocer, hardware, and coal merchant, Bridge End
Nixon, Mrs., Drumaghlis
Nixon, Robert, grocer and farmer, Post Office, Kilmore
Nixon, W. J., mason and farmer, Listooder

Orr, Henry Cooke, Hill House, Cluntagh
Orr, James, Mondara
Orr, Miss M. A., Raffery
Orr, Mrs. Samuel, Raffery
Orr, Samuel, Raffery
Orr, Thomas, flax mill, Grovehill, Downpatrick
Orr, William, Raffrey

Patterson, John, Listooder and Ballydian
Patterson, Matthew, Listooder and Ballydian
Patterson, Robert, Ballydian and Listooder
Patterson, Samuel, Derryboy
Patterson, Wm., Listooder
Patton, William, Listooder
Porter, D. A., M.D., Killyleagh Street
Pyper, David, grocer, Downpatrick Street

Rankin, W., Raffrey N.S.
Rea, Mrs. D. S., Lissowen, Listooder
Rea, James, Killinchy Woods
Rea, Robt. A., grocer, Post Office, Listooder
Rea, Samuel, Drumaghlis
Ritchie, John, publican, Downpatrick Street
Ritchie, Robert, Ballywoollen
Robinson, James, mason, Raleagh, Listooder
Robinson, Miss, Ballytrim N.S., Abbeyview
Robinson, Mrs., Abbeyview, Listooder
Robinson, Thomas, flax mill, Ballytrim
Russell, Matthew, Leggygowan, Saintfield

Shaw, Jas., blacksmith, Annacloy
Shaw, John, blacksmith, Derryboy
Shaw, Samuel, Derryboy
Shaw, Thomas, carpenter, Raffery
Shields, Roden, Killyleagh Street
Shields, Saml., publican, Downpatrick Street
Silcock, James, J.P., Drummatticonnor Corn Mills, Listooder
Smyth, Mrs. R., Ballyalgin
Smyth, Patk., shoemaker, Downpatrick Street
Smyth, R. & W., Raffery
Smyth, Wm., draper, grocer and hardware merchant, Killyleagh Street
Smyth, W. R., Ballyalgin
Spratt, Hugh, The Ha, Drumaghlis
Spratt, James, Killinchy Woods
Spratt, John, Rademon
Spratt, Jos., Killinchy Woods
Spratt, Thomas, Killinchy Woods
Steedman, Alexander, miller, Listooder
Stevenson, Hans, Ballyalgin
Stevenson, Samuel, Derryboy
Stewart, Andrew, land steward, Rademon
Stewart, Hugh, Leggygowan, Saintfield
Stewart, James, Barnamaghery
Stewart, James, The Hill, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Matthew, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Mrs. J., The Hill, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Mrs. Wm., Greenvale, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Robert, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Thomas, Killinchy Woods
Stokes, T. W., Cluntagh House

Taylor, Wm. J., grocer, Downpatrick Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Patrick Smyth, jun., Cluntagh

Warnock, Geoffery W. S., Rademon
Watson, Samuel, Killinchy Woods
Watson, The Misses, Drumaghlis
Watson, Thomas, Killinchy Woods
Watson, William, Listooder
Webb, Miss, assistant Crossgar N.S.
White, A. & J., Lisnaw
White, Robert, The Green, Ballygoskin
Whyte, George, grocer, Killyleagh Street
Whyte, John, Derryboy
Wilson, Matthew, Ballygoskin
Woods, Hamilton, Barnamaghery
Woods, Isaac, Derryboy
Woods, Robert, Ballygoskin
Woods, Thomas, Ballygoskin
Woods, Thomas, Ballyalgin
Woods, William, clog maker, The Square


          Is a good trading town, situated on the road between Dundalk and Castleblayney.  A large fair is held on the first Friday of each month; and the weekly market days are Wednesday and Friday (the former for grass seed). The district is rich in minerals, silver, lead, and tin having been found in large quantities. Population, 1,200. Railway station, Culloville, Great Northern Railway of Ireland, 1 miles.

Post and Telegraph Office - Mrs. I. Malcolmson, postmistress
Places of Worship - Church of Ireland - Rev. S. H. Baker, rector.  Presbyterian Church - Rev. S. H. Hamilton.  Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Peter Sheerin, P.P.; Rev. J. A. McCoscar, C.C., and Rev. Luke Donnellan, C.C.
Magistrates who Preside at Petty Sessions - Major Odlum, R.M., and J. Johnston
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Michael Begley, Cregganbane
Dispensary - William S. McBride, M.D., medical officer
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - Manager, B. Given; cashier, M. Callaghan
Hibernian Bank Ltd. - Manager, J. Gallagher; cashier, J. Mullally
Land Agents and Solicitors - Corr & O'Connor, The Square
Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - W. S. McBride, M.D.
R.U.C. - Sergeants John Kelly and F. Quinn. Mobile squadron R.U.S.C. stationed at Urker, Crossmaglen, in charge of Captain Macgregor Greer


Baker, Rev. S. H., Creggan Rectory
Begley, John, leather merchant
Bray, James, greengrocer

Callaghan, Rose, restaurant
Caraher, Bernard, merchant, Silverbridge
Caraher, F. J., law clerk
Caraher, Patk., spirit grocer, Annamar
Coyne, James, draper
Comiskey, Patk., horse dealer, Tray
Coulter, A., Silverbridge House
Cunningham, Patk., merchant, Culloville

Dignan, J., constable R.I.C.
Donaghy, James, grocer
Donaghy, James, R.D.C., farmer, Corliss
Donaldson, Wm., farmer, Clohog
Donnellan, Rev. L., C.C.
Donnelly, Mrs., lodging house
Duffy, James, general merchant

Early, Patrick, tailor

Fee, Patrick,  teacher, Cregganduff

Gilmore, D., Lisgalgot House
Given, B., bank manager
Grant, Felix, car owner
Grant, Michael, posting establishment

Hale, Joseph, farmer, Liseragh
Hale, William, farmer, Liseragh
Hanratty, James, linen draper
Hanratty, Patrick, grocer and publican
Hannon, John, newsagent
Hearty, Felix, school master

Jackson, Sir Thomas, Urker Lodge
Johnston, Alex., farmer, Cloghoge

Kearney, James, publican
Keenan, Patrick, publican, The Square
Kelly, Hugh, tailor
Kerley, Rev. Peter, P.P., Cullyhanna
Kieran, Patk., grocer and newsagent

Lennon, Thomas, car owner

Malcolmson, James, general merchant, The Square
Martin, Margaret, publican
Morgan, James, blacksmith
Morgan, Michael, blacksmith
Murphy, P., motor garage, The Square
Murtagh, Luke, publican and grocer

McAlister, Thos., shoe maker
McAllister, James, boot maker
McAllister, John, boot maker
McArdle, Annie, publican and hotel keeper
McArdle, Francis, cycle and motor agent, The Square
McArdle, Michael, publican, grocer and auctioneer
McBride, Wm. S., M.D.
McConville, M., chemist
McConville, Patrick, general merchant
McCormick, John, merchant
McCoscar, Rev. J. A., C.C.
McEntee, Patrick, butcher
McEvoy, Michael, publican
McGeough, James, hotel keeper
McQuillen, Annie, lace merchant
McQuillen, Mary, victualler
McShane, Patrick, school teacher, Courtbawn
McShane, Pat, farmer, Liseragh
McShane, Misses M. & E., drapers

Norris, Patk., school teacher, Anamar

O'Callaghan, Patk., cabinet maker, The Square
O'Connor, John, solicitor, Glenlough House
O'Donnell, James, ex-sergeant R.I.C.
O'Donnell, James, publican

Palmer, Mrs. M. J., Glassdrumond
Palmer, R. D., Roxboro'

Quigley, Michael, school master

Rowland, Robert, farmer, Urker

Scott, R. J., law clerk
Shierin, Rev. Peter, P.P.
Short, James, publican and grocer
Speers, Wm., farmer, Cullyhanna

Treanor, Owen, publican, auctioneer and Courthouse keeper
Treanor, Patrick, publican, Creggan

Ward, Mrs., publican
Watters, James, merchant, Culloville


          Is a small post town, parish of Camlin, in the County Antrim, 14 and one-third English miles W. by N. from Belfast, situated on the road between Antrim and Lurgan, and two miles and a half E. of the head of a bay of Lough Neagh.  On the east side of the town is a station of the Dublin and Antrim Junction Railway, which connects the Great Northern Railway with the Northern Counties, thereby affording daily communication with Derry on the North and Dublin on the South. Fairs - The first Monday, monthly. Population, 639

Post Office - Mrs. Walker, postmistress
Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions - A. Mussen, M.D.; Col. H. A. Pakenham, James Hunter, Robert Suffern, James Morrison, Nathaniel McAreavy, Robt. Taylor, and Henry Lowe
Clerk of Petty Sessions for Crumlin District - Thomas J. English, Crumlin
Ulster Bank - Attendance on Wednesday and fair days


Church of Ireland - Parish Church of Killead - Rev. Aubrey Lloyd-Dodd, Crumlin
Glenavy Parish Church - Rev. R. R. Muir, M.A.
Parish Church, Gartree - Rev. R. Singleton, incumbent, The Glebe, Gartree, Crumlin
Presbyterian Church - Rev. John A. Canning, M.A.
Methodist Church, Glenavy - Rev. J. Cathcart
Unitarian Church - Rev. S. E. Bowen


National School No. 1 - Wm. J. Taylor; No. 2 - F. C. Martin; No. 3 - J. Townley
Crumlin Dispensary - Wm. Hunter, M.D., medical officer
Crumlin Market Co. Ltd. - F. C. Martin, secretary; Edward J. Johnston, hon. treasurer


Adams, J., Aghnamillan
Adams, Robert, store keeper
Aldworth, Jos., Glendaragh
Alexander, Matthew, bread server
Allan, Joseph, farmer, Largy
Armstrong, Mrs. Frank, farmer
Armstrong, J., station master

Beckett, Thos., blacksmith
Bell, The Misses, farmers, Glenavy Road
Benson, Joseph, clerk
Bickerstaff, John, grocer
Bowen, Rev. S. E.
Brown, ?, farmer, Ballyclan
Burns, Felix, draper

Canning, Rev. J. A., Crumlin House
Colburn, Thomas, farmer, Largy
Cooly, Jas., farmer, Abbey View
Corken, Phillip, farmer
Corkey, Rev. David, Dundrod
Cormican, Miss, fancy shop
Courtney, John, weigh master
Craig, Ephriam, farmer, Gortnagallon (Ephraim)
Craig, Joseph, farmer, Largy
Curry, John, farmer

Davison, Wm. John, farmer
Davison, Wm., Randox
Diamond, Patrick, farmer, Aldergrove
Dodds & Co., chemists
Duncan, James, farmer, Lennymore
Duncan, Wm., farmer, Largy

Eakin, Jas., farmer
Erskine, Gilbert, farmer, Aldergrove
Erskine, Herbert, farmer, Seacash
Erskine, Mrs. T., farmer, Seacash
Erskine, Samuel, farmer, Aldergrove

Fegan, Mrs., butcher and farmer, Diamond
Fitzgerald, Joseph, farmer, Crosshill
Fitzgerald, Robert, publican and farmer
Fleming, James, blacksmith
Fox, S., publican
Fulton, Sergt., R.U.C.

Gillespie, Thos., farmer, Ballydonaghy
Gilliland, Wm., farmer, Ballydonaghy
Gleghorn, David, farmer

Heaney, Miss, dress maker
Henry, Jas., carpenter
Higginson, Philip, farmer, Gobrana
Hunter, Jas., Garden Cottage
Hunter, Patrick, farmer
Hunter, Wm., M.D., registrar of births, marriages and deaths
Hunter, William, shoe maker

Ingram, Edward, mason

Jennings & Co., grocers
Johnson, E. J., grocer, haberdasher, baker and farmer; agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Kirk, John, grocer, etc.

Lowry, R., flesher

Mackey, Thos., farmer
Magill, Peter, shoe maker
Manderson, Frank, farmer
Marshall, John, farmer
Martin, F. C., National School teacher
Meiklejohn, John, tuner
Millar, Robert, farmer, Largy
Morrison, Charles, farmer
Mullan, Daniel, farmer, Ballyshanigall

McAfee, James, farmer
McAreavy, Arthur, engineer
McCauley, John, flour and bran merchant
McClure, Edmund, farmer, Gortnagallon
McClure, Mrs., publican
McClurg, John, farmer, Ballydonaghy
McClurg, Wm., farmer, Aldergrove
McConnell, Mrs., Cherryvalley
McCurdy, John, farmer, Tully
McCurdy, Robert, farmer, Randox
McFarland, L., farmer, Gortnagallon
McKeiver, ?, farmer, Cherry Valley
McKinstry, Thos., clerk
McKnight, Wm., blacksmith
McLenaghan, Thomas, mason
McQuillan, Robert, bread server

Neeson, John, fancy shop
Nelson, Mrs., farmer
Nixon, Alex., grocer

Officer, Alex., farmer
Officer, John, farmer
O'Beirne, Miss, nurse

Pakenham, Col. H. A., D.L., Langford Lodge
Palmer, John A., farmer
Palmer, W. J., farmer, Ballydonaghy
Park, Andrew, farmer and horse dealer
Park, John, farmer
Park, William, farmer
Patterson, James, tailor
Peel, Dr. A., of Glasgow
Pinkerton, Andrew, farmer and blacksmith
Pinkerton, W., Crosshill
Porter, Gilbert, farmer and blacksmith, Crosshill
Porter, William, farmer

Rea, John, saddler
Robertson, Alexander, spinner
Ross, Mrs., farmer, Clement's Mount

Scott, Mrs., sen., Glenoak
Scott, Robert G., managing director
Scott, T. Hill, Glenoak
Scott, Wm., farmer, Ballydonaghy
Sherlock, James, farmer, Crosshill
Sherlock, John, farmer, Ballynadrenta
Sherlock, Joseph, farmer, Crosshill
Smith, James, mason
Spence, S., farmer, Dundrod
Stewart, Archibald, carpenter
Suffern, Mrs., farmer, Ballyclan
Suffern, Robert, J.P., farmer, Ballyclan
Suiter, Joseph, farmer

Taggart, James, bread server
Taylor, Wm. J., school teacher
Thompson, Ed. S., farmer, Aldergrove
Thompson, Henry, The Elms
Thompson, Wm. S., farmer, Ardmore
Townley, J., school teacher

Walker, ex-Sergt., R.I.C.
Whiteside, Samuel, saddler
Williamson, Joe., sawmill owner
Williamson, Robert, miller and flax scutcher
Williamson, W. J., caretaker Masonic Hall
Wilson, Nathaniel, hotel owner and carpeter
Wilson, Robert, car owner
Wilson, S., farmer, Raven Hill
Wilson, Wm., farmer, Largy
Wright, J., dyer
Wilson, W. J., cattle medicines


          A village in the parish of Ahoghill, barony of Lower Toome, County of Antrim, containing 500 inhabitants.  It is prettily situated on the River Maine.  There is a railway station of the Midland Railway Company less than half a mile from the village.  The bleaching of linen and other goods is carried on at several large works on the river, and a "linen fair" was formerly held in the village for the sale of that commodity.  The population in 1917 was 610.

Post Office - Postmistress, Mrs. Robert Rea


Cunningham Memorial Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. Hutchinson, B.A.
Reformed Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. F. Ranson
Methodist Church
Roman Catholic Chapel of Ease attached to Roman Catholic Chapel, Ahoghill. Parish priest (Ahoghill and Cullybackey), Rev. Mr. Magowan

Police Barracks - Sergeant McDermott
National Schools - Male and Female - Principal Teachers, Mr. James McGavock and Miss Annie Gore; assistant teachers, Mr. McIlroy, Miss McWilliams, Miss Megaw, and Miss Saunderson


Anderson, Miss Esther

Barr, James
Black, Constable, R.U.C.
Boyd, Geo.
Burnside, Alexander

Calderwood, Matthew
Campbell, Robt., tailor, Ivy Cottage, Craigs
Campbell, William
Cooper, John
Cooper, Wm.
Crossman, Miss, grocer
Crowe, Mrs.

Darragh, John
Davison, Miss Lizzie, dress maker
Davison, George, jun., mason

Elliott, John
Ervine, James
Ervine, Miss Mary Ann
Evans, Hugh

Finnegan, John
Foster, Andrew
Fraiter, William
Frazer & Haughton Ltd., Hillmount Bleaching Co.
Frew, James
Fulton, Hugh, tailor
Furgrove, William

Glass, James, shop keeper
Gordon, Hugh
Gordon, James
Gordon, Mrs.
Grant, John, senior

Hall, Joseph
Hanna, John
Herbison, Andrew, builder and contractor
Herbison, Robert, mason
Herbison, Robert, blacksmith and shop keeper
Herbison, Thomas
Hillis, Mrs.
Hilton, Miss
Houston, Dr. T.
Houston, Mrs. David
Houston, The Misses
Hutchison, Rev. Wm. H., B.A.

Jackson, Mrs. James
Jackson, Osbert, manager Maine Bleaching and Dyeing Works, Ltd.

Johnstone, Mrs.

Kennedy, Mrs. Alexander, shop keeper
Kennedy, Robert
Kernohan, John
Kernohan, Robert
Kernohan, Robert, jun., station master
Kernohan, William
Kilpatrick, Thomas

Laverty, David
Lecky, Wm.
Leetch, Mrs., shop keeper
Leetch, Miss, Lis-na-rede
Leith, Mrs.
Letters, Robert
Logan, James
Logan, John, farmer
Logan, William
Love, Andrew
Love, Hugh
Lynn, Walter

Maine Bleaching & Dyeing Works Ltd.
Mark, Matthew, blacksmith
Marks, James
Marshall, David
Marwood, Robert, car poster
Meek, James
Megaw, James
Megaw, The Misses
Millar, Thomas
Moffett, T. J. S., M.D.
Montgomery, Jas. G., builder
Moore, Hugh, plumber
Moore, William, butcher
Murdock, Mrs.

McAnally, Andrew, publican
McClean, Mrs., publican
McClenaghan, George
McClenaghan, Miss
McCloy, George
McCloy, William
McCluney, Robert
McClure, George
McFadden, Edward
McFall, James, millwright
McGowan, John
McGuigan, John, carpenter
McIleese, Alexander
McIlroy, Mrs. Jane
McIlwrath, King, farmer, Dunnygarron
McKee, David, carpenter
McKee, James, farmer, Dunnygarron
McKeen, Mrs.
McKelvey, Andrew
McKendry, Archd.
McKendry, James
McKendry, Joseph
McKendry, Mrs. Alexander
McKendry, Moses, shop keeper
McKendry, William, shop keeper
McKibben, Mrs.
McLaughlin, William
McMullan, Mrs.
McWhirter, Robert

Neely, Lamont, shoemaker
Nicholl, George, grocer

O'Hara, Robert
O'Neill, Robert, grocer

Parkinson, John
Paul, Patrick
Peacock, Joseph, jun.
Peacock, Mrs.

Ramsey, Mrs.
Ramsey, William
Ranson, Rev. H. F.
Rea, Mrs. Robert, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," Post Office
Reid, Mrs. Thomas
Robinson, James
Russell, John
Russell, McKay
Russell, Nathaniel
Russell, William

Sanderson, Samuel
Simpson, Mrs.
Simpson, Mrs. James
Simpson, Mrs. Samuel
Simpson, Thomas
Spence, James
Spence, Robert
Staveley, Mrs. Hugh
Stewart, John
Stewart, Mrs. Robert, Mayfield
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Samuel
Stewart, Thomas, publican
Swan, Miss Rosetta

Thompson, Joseph
Turtle, Adam, car poster
Turtle, James, shop keeper

Walker, Robert
Watt, John
Watterman, Ronald
Watterson, Robert
Weir, King, farmer, Dunnygarron
Welsh, Walker, Mayola
Wilkinson, Miss
Wilkinson, Robert
Wilson, John
Wilson, Mrs. Samuel
Wiseman, Robert
Wiseman, Speer
Workman, Samuel
Wylie, Hugh
Wylie, Lizzie


Frazer, Kenneth, Hillmount House
Frazer, Mrs., Hillmount House
Frazer, Sydney, Craigs
Haughton, S. G., The Red Cottage
Haughton, T. W., J.P., Hillmount
Haughton, Wilfrid, Harperstown House
Johnstone, Stanley
Patrick, Lieut.-Col. John, J.P., Dunminning
Patrick, The Misses, Dunminning
Robinson, Mrs., Dromona
Stott, John Percy, J.P., Craigdune
Townsend, Rev. H.
Young, William, J.P., Fenaghy


Boyd, David, butter and egg merchant
Bristy, George
Brownlee, John, Dreen Mills
Calderwood, John Paul
Calderwood, Matthew, jun.
Calderwood, Miss, Dunnygarron
Calderwood, Mrs.
Calderwood, William John, Burnside
Davison, Wm.
Dougherty, Joseph, Ballyclose
Duncan, David, Whitepark
Given, Mrs. Thomas
Given, Robert, J.P.
Harkness, Matthew
Harkness, Wm., farmer, Dreen
Kerr, James, Grouba Mills, Craigs
Kernohan, William, Dreen
Kilpatrick, Mrs., Dreen Mills
Knowles, James, farmer, Fenagh
Loughridge, James, blacksmith, Cullybackey
Loughridge, Robert, Cullybackey
Megaw, Miss, Markstown
Morrison, Hugh
McIlroy, Miss, Dreen
Neely, Samuel, grocer
Simpson, Joseph, Dreen


          Is situated on the main road from Larne to the Giant's Causeway, which is about thirty-five miles distant.  The hotels are comfortable and well conducted, and the village is an excellent centre for the far-famed scenery of the Antrim Coast.  There is good trout fishing and sea fishing.  There is good bathing at Limerick Port and Salmon Rock, and a fine walk brings the visitor to Glenan, Glendun, and Glenariff.  The last-mentioned place is the most beautiful of the Antrim glens.  Lurigethan Hill (1,154 feet) overlooks Cushendall, and is most picturesque.  The ruins of Layde Church are about twenty minutes' walk from the village, and shold be visited. (should)


Church of Ireland - Rector, Rev. T. E. Thorne, M.A.
Presbyterian - Vacant
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John McCarran, P.P.; Rev. Mr. McClenaghan


Cottage Hospital - Matron, Miss Henderson; district nurse, Mrs. McKeegan
Church of Ireland N.S. - Miss Magee, teacher
Magistrates - St. Clair M. Dobbs, D.L., Cloughcorr Lodge, Glenariff; J. Millar, Cois-na-Mara; John Hamilton, Cushendun; Michael J. O'Kane, M.D.; Ronald McNeill, M.P., D.L., Glenmona; Captain Crommelin, Cave House, Cushendun; A. J. Pilkington, Parkmore; D. McAlister, Cushendall; N. J. Black, Bav Lodge, Glenariff; Chas. Agnew, Beliskee, Cushendall; A. Caruth
Local Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - M. J. O'Kane, M.D.
National Schools - Roman Catholic - Male - H. J. Flatley, teacher; female, Miss Kearney, teacher
Northern Banking Company's Bank - Manager, Mr. Allan; clerk, Mr. Morrison
R.U.C. - Sergeant Timony and four constables
Cushendall Hotel - Mrs. J. Black
Glens of Antrim Hotel - D. De Largy. Telegraphic Address, "Glens Hotel," Cushendall
Temperance Hotel - Mrs. Chard


Agnew, Charles, farmer
Allan, Mr., Northern Bank

Chard, Mrs. Kate, grocer and proprietress
Cooper, Miss, Hill Crest, Cushendall

Delargy, A., Cushendall
Delargy, Hugh, Bayview, agent Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co.; auctioneer
De Largy, A., Cushendall
De Largy, Mrs., Bayview, agent Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co.
De Largy, James, Garron View
Dobbs, Miss M. E., Portnagolan, Cushendall
Dobbs, St. Clair M., D.L., Portnagolan, Cushendall
Dobbs, Mrs., Portnagolan, Cushendall

Faulkner, Mrs.
Finnigan, N. J., Glenville, Cushendall

Hamilton, Mrs. Sarah, Layde

Maguire, John
Malone, Patrick, grocer
Millar, James, J.P., Cois-na-Mara
Morrison, Misses, drapers
Mort, Robert, agent Midland Railway Co.
Murphy, D., butcher
Murphy, Mrs., grocer

McAlister, Arthur, coal merchant
McAlister, Alexander, Carnahaugh
McAlister, Daniel, farmer
McAlister, James., rate collector
McAlister, Mrs. James
McAlister, Mrs. M.
McAuley, Archibald, farmer, Ballybrack
McCambridge, Mrs., grocer
McCollum, John, publican
McCollum, Matilda, confectioner
McCormick, Mrs., general dealer
McCurdy, Denis, grocer
McCurdy, Patrick, Cushendall
McDonnell, Miss, Monavert
McElheran, Alex., farmer, Glenariff
McFetridge, Wm. J., Saddler, Motor and Cycle Agent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McGonnel, Alexander, butcher
McKay, Arthur, Dromore, publican
McKillan, John, C.P.S., Waterfoot
McKillop, Dan, farmer
McKillop, John, farmer
McSparran, James, Innispollan and Cloney

Nichol, Denis

O'Connor, Anthony, The Mill, Cushendall
O'Hara, D., coal merchant, Tully, Cushendall
O'Kane, M. J., M.B., dispensary medical officer
O'Loan, Daniel, carpenter
O'Mullen, J., butcher

Savage, Colonel, Seaview
Scullion, J. P., grocer and publican
Stevenson, Wm. J., grocer

Turnley, The Misses, The Cottage

Whiteford, J.


Black, Chas., Redbay, Cushendall
Black, Daniel, Fernsklin, Glenariff
Black, Francis, Foriff, Glenariff
Black, Neil John, Bay Glenariff
Delargy, John, Tamlaght, Glenariff
Delargy, Wm., Donegal, Glenariff
Duffin, Joseph, Tuberwine, Glenariff
Gillis, Charles, Mullarts
Gore, John, Millhallow, Cushendall
Graham, James, Clonreagh, Glenariff
Graham, Robt., Drumnacurr, Glenariff
Harvey, Hugh, Tamlaght, Glenariff
Humphries, Duncan, Layde
Kane, James, Layde
Kenny, John, Glenariff
Mooney, Michael, Oldmill, Cushendall
Murphy, Archibald, Redbay, Cushendall
Murray, Edward, Fernsklin, Glenariff
McAulay, Henry, Ballyvooley
McAulay, Hector, Clough
McAuley, Bernard, D.C., Lubetavish
McAlister, Alex., Boynaugh, Glenariff
McAllister, Patk., Tuberwine, Glenariff
McAllister, Patk., Knockans, Cushendall
McAuley, Barney, Clonreagh, Glenariff
McAuley, James, Bay, Glenariff
McAuley, Patk., Knockans, Cushendall
McCafferty, Patrick, Clonreagh, Glenariff
McCambridge, J., D.C., Laney, Cushendall
McCloy, John, Lubetavish
McCollum, Chas., Coolbiddaugh, Cushendall
McCormick, Hugh, Tuberwine, Glenariff
McDonnell, Charles, Falnaglass
McDonnell, Randal, Kilmore, Glenariff
McElheran, Donald, Layde
McHenry, Felix, Calishnaugh, Glenariff
McKillop, John, Clough, Cushendall
McKillop, Patk., Foriff, Glenariff
McNeill, Mrs. Hugh, Patonsfall, Layde
McQuillan, Hugh, Redbay, Cushendall
McSparran, Mrs. Sarah, Glenan
McNaughton, Dan., Cushendall
O'Boyle, Neal, Kilmore, Glenariff
O'Neill, Daniel, Grenaghan
Quinn, Alex., Muroe
Robbin, Alex., Drumnacurr, Glenariff
Robbin, Wm., Tamlaght, Glenariff
Whiteford, Hugh, Redbay, Cushendall