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1924 Belfast Street Directory

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          The Parish of Aghadowey and the Grange of Agivey, which is considered locally within its limits, comprises over 1,800 acres, of which about 1,700 acres are in Agivey, and extends from Movanagher Loch to within 500 yards of the railway bridge over the Bann at Macfin.  It measures in breadth at the greatest distance from the river eight statute miles. The three principal streams which flow through the parish are the Agivey, Aghadowey, and Macosquin Rivers, which with their tributaries attracted the attention of capitalists in the early days when the linen industry began to spread in Ulster. At present only one bleach-green is in operation in the parish, viz., Messrs. John Adams & Company's works at Ballydevitt. Messrs. Wm. Clark & Sons, Ltd., have branch works for beetling black cloth at Moneycarrie. Valuable deposits of clay exist in various places suitable for the manufacture of brick, tiles, and pottery.  Aghadowey, Macosquin and Coleraine parishes which adjoin, furnished the first colony of settlers, who left the valley of the Bann in 1718 under the command of the Presbyterian minister of Aghadowey, the Rev. James McGregor, and founded the Londonderry settlement in New Hampshire, U.S.A. Aghadowey is on the Derry Central Line of the Midland Railway, and there is communication by car with Coleraine, Ballymoney, and the other adjoining towns.


Church of Ireland - Rev. A. E. Foote, B.A., rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. S. W. Morrison, B.D.
Killaig U.F. Church - Rev. S. Alexander
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. McKenna, C.C.


Aghadowey - Miss Milliken, principal
Cullycapple - Alfred Boyd, principal
Culcrow - Miss McLaughlin, principal
Droghead - J. T. Egan, principal
Killeague - Thos. Clarke, principal
Killure - Thomas Wallace, principal
Moneycarrie - J. Ferguson, principal


Aghadowey Creamery, Ballylintagh
Archibald, Matthew, mill owner, Caheney
Archibald, Wm., shop keeper, car owner and undertaker, Ardreagh
Archibald, Wm., mill owner, Caheney
Arthur Bros., carpenters, Culdrum
Barr, Robert John, mason, Mullaghmore
Blair, John, carpenter, Mullan
Blair, Robert, mechanic, Ballylintagh
Blair, Wm., road contractor, Ballynacallymore
Bolton, S. J., M.D., Glenkeen, dispensary medical office
Boyle, Robert, blacksmith, Mullaghmore
Crawford, R., Mullaghmore and Belfast
Cunningham, Mrs., postmistress, Killykergan
Dallas, Jacob, farmer, Crossmakeever
Dempsey, Mark, shoe maker, Landagivey
Dempsey, Miss, Mullahinch
Doones, Alex., tailor, Dromore
Dunlop, Daniel, carpenter, Inchadohill
Ferris, Thomas, mechanic, Ballygawley
Fleming, Hugh, grocer, Caheney
Foote, Rev. S. E., St. Margaret's Church, Ballybrittain
Gilmore, Joseph, grocer, Mullinabrone
Gilmore, Samuel, post master, Crevolea
Hanna, Robt., mill owner, Mullaghmore
Hardy, John, publican, Culcrow
Harriman, Major H. M., Bovagh
Hegarty, John H., flax mill owner, Ballynacally
Hemphill, Catherine, grocer, Ballylaggan
Johnston, Chas. C., carpenter, Carnrallagh
Johnston, John J., grocer, Mullaghmore
Kennedy, Margaret, grocer, Killykergan
Kilpatrick, J., & Sons, grocers, Ballylintagh
King, Martha, grocer, Mullan
Kissick, J., publican, Caheney
Knox, John, car owner, Rushbrook
Knox, Joseph, butcher, Agivey
Leeke, Charles, grocer, Mullahinch
Lyons, Rev. R. N., B.A., The Manse, Drumsteeple
Millar, David, carpenter, Carnrallagh
Moon, James T., J.P.
Moore, Alexander, Killure
Morrison, H. R., Meathpark
Morrison, H. S., M.D., coroner, Bellevue, Blackhill
Morrison, Rev. S. W., The Manse, Ballybrittain
Moore, Archibald, J.P., Killeague House
Mullan, John, school teacher, Drumacrow
Munnis, Wm., horse dealer, Agivey
McAfee, Wm., car owner, Clarehill
McAllister, David, carpenter and builder, Mullan
McBride, Wm., mill manager, Moneycarrie Lower
McCloskey, Elizabeth, dress maker, Aghadowey
McCloy, Jas., carpenter, Claggan
McFetridge, Hugh, R.D.C., publican, The Temple
McIntyre, Andrew, mill owner, Culcrow
McIntyre, Robert, carpenter, Drumacrow
McLaughlin, David, farmer, Moneybrannon
McLeese, Miss, publican, Mullaghmore
McMath, Matthew, publican, Blackhill
McMullan, Andrew, tailor and funeral undertaker, Cullycapple
McMullan, Jane, dress maker, Caheney
McNeill, John, post master, Culcrow
McNeill, Thomas, mechanic, Carnduggan
Patterson, Alex., contractor, Drumacrow
Piper, Wm., well sinker, Knockaduff
Piper, Wm., jun., well sinker, Knockaduff
Ramsey, John, grocer and newsagent, Ardreagh
Ranken, Mrs., Newpark
Ranken, Miss, Moneycarrie
Rankin, Wm., Moneycarrie
Robinson, Fisher, shoe maker, Aghadowey
Robinson, Jas. A., shoe maker, Aghadowey
Roxborough, Wm., blacksmith, Bovagh
Selfridge, Miss, postmistress, Glenkeen
Stronge, Captain Charles E., D.L., Lizard Manor, Aghadowey
Torrens, David, grocer, Agivey
Torrens, Thomas, carpenter, Agivey
Wilson, Geo., land surveyor, Dernagross
Workman, George, postmaster, Blackhill


Adams, Margaret Jane, Ballymenagh
Adams, Thomas, Carranroe
Alexander, Thomas, Mayoghill
Anderson, David, Lisnamuck
Anderson, Wm. J., Lisnamuck
Archibald, George, Aghadowey
Archibald, James, Mullahinch
Archibald, John, Ardreagh
Archibald, John M., Mullinabrone
Archibald, Matthew, Caheney
Archibald, Mrs., Claggan
Archibald, Robert J., Caheney
Archibald, William, Ardreagh
Archibald, William S., Ballydevitt
Atkinson, Mary, Landagivey
Baird, William, Ballynacallybeg
Barr Bros., Ballylintagh
Barr, James, Drumsteeple
Barr, John, Managher
Barr, John A. S., Curragh
Barr, Robert John, Drumsteeple
Barr, William, contractor and builder, Moneybrannon
Barry, Hugh, Drumsteeple
Black, Jane, Mullan
Black, Matthew, Keely
Blair, John, Ballylintagh
Blair, Wm., contractor, Ballynacally
Boyle, Francis, Glassgort
Boyle, Miss, Landagivey
Browne, Alex., Drumacrow
Calvin, James, Lisnamuck
Campbell, Wm. J., Claggan
Canning, Brs., Clentagh
Carrick, Mrs., Ballyclough
Carrick, William, Ballyclough
Caskey, James, Craigmore
Clarke, Alex., Ballygawley
Cochrane, John, Mullahinch
Cochrane, Robert, Crossmakeever
Cochrane, William, Collins
Crawford, James, Ballylintagh
Crooks, Thomas, Clarehill
Cunningham, James, Glenkeen
Cunningham, Robert, Knockaduff
Dempsey, Bernard, Drumail
Dempsey, Catherine, Drumail
Dempsey, Eliza, Ballycahan
Dempsey, Francis J., J.P., Drumail
Dempsey, Hugh, Drumail
Dempsey, James, sen., Cornamucklagh
Dempsey, John, Landagivey
Dempsey, Margaret, Drumail
Dempsey, Mark, Landagivey
Deveney, James, Killykergan
Dinsmore, James T., Gortin, Coolhill
Dixon, Daniel, Landagivey
Doherty, John, Mayboy
Doherty, Mrs. Ellen, Culdrum
Doherty, Patrick, Shanlongford
Doherty, William, Balinree
Dunlop, John, Landagivey
Dunlop, Sarah, Landagivey
Faith, John, Moneybrannon
Finlay, John, Glasgort
Finlay, John L., Glasgort
Fisher, Alex., Ballybrittain
Fleming, Hugh, Caheney
Forbes, Alex., Glenkeen
Frizzell, Andrew, Crossmakeever
Frizzell, Robert, Ballynacallybeg
Gibson, Andrew, Daisy Hill
Gibson, James, Ballymenagh
Gibson, Joseph, Mullinabrone
Gibson, Robert, Craiglea Glebe
Gillespie, Robert, Knockaduff
Gilmore, George, Crevolea
Gilmore, George A., Carnrallagh
Gilmore, George Henry, Crevolea
Gilmore, James, Caheney
Gilmore, John, Carnrallagh
Gilmore, John, Collins
Gilmore, John, Mayoghill
Gilmore, Joseph, Mullinabrone
Gilmore, Wm. James, Carnrallagh
Gilmour, Matthew, Glenkeen
Glass, James, Crevolea
Gray, Joseph, Ballynacallybeg
Gray, Joseph, Cullycapple
Hall, James T., Ardreagh
Heaney, William, Cullycapple
Heaney, William, jun., Cullycapple
Hegarty, John H., Rushbrook
Hegarty, John H., jun., Ballynacallybeg
Hegarty, Richard, Cornamucklagh
Hemphill, Andrew, Crevolea
Henderson, Alfred, Carrowreagh
Henry, Matthew, Craiglea Glebe
Henry, Thomas, Upper Cool Glebe
Henry, William, Crosscandley Glebe
Hill, David, Mullinabrone
Hill, Hugh, Gortinmayoghill
Hogg, Archd., Caheney
Hogg, Archd., Cornamucklagh
Hogg Bros., Clarehill
Hogg, John, Caheney
Hogg, Samuel, Ballymenagh
Hogg, Samuel, Carnroe
Hogg, Samuel, jun., Caheney
Hogg, Thomas, Caheney
Hunter, Annie, Culcrow
Hunter, Hugh, Crevolea
Hunter, Leslie, Mullahinch
Hull, Mrs. William, Seygorry
Hutchinson, Smyth, Ardreagh
Irwin, William John, Ballyclough
Jameson, James, Ballinree
Johnston, Thomas, Claggan
Kane, John, Ardreagh
Kane, Samuel, Ardreagh
Kelly, John, Knockaduff
Kelly, Thomas J., Drumacrow
Kelly, William, Landagivey
Kennedy, Andrew, Caheney
Kennedy, Hugh, Ballylintagh
Kennedy, James, Gorran
Kennedy, James, Cullyrammer
Kennedy, James, Ballyclough
Kennedy, John, Carnroe
Kennedy, John, Culcrow
Kennedy, Mrs., Mayoghill
Kennedy, Mrs. John Alex., Ballycahan
Kennedy, Robert B., Bovagh
Kennedy, Saml., Ballycahan
Kennedy, Saml., jun., Ballyclough
Kennedy, Thomas, Clintagh
Kennedy, William, Caheney
Kerr, David Glenn, Ballygawley
Kerr, John, Glenkeen
Kerr, John, Millfield
King, Joseph, Craigmore
King, Thomas, Craigmore
Kirkpatrick, John, Crivolea
Knight, Torrens, Mullahinch
Knox, Hugh, Clarehill
Knox, Robert J., Clarehill
Knox, William, Mullahinch
Lamont, Gabriel, Mullan
Lamont, Joseph, Lower Cool Glebe
Leslie, Robert A., Craiglea Glebe
Leslie, Samuel, Craiglea Glebe
Lynd, Hugh, Gortinmayoghill
Lyons, David, Shanlongford
Macauley, James, Lisnamuck
Macauley, Mary Ann, Ballybrittain
Mairs, James, Culdrum
Malone, Thomas, Clintagh
Martin, Robert, Lisboy
Matthews, Henry, Clintagh
Maxwell, Robert, Ballynacallymore
Maybin, Charles H., Curragh
Mearns, Alex., Culcrow
Michael, William, Crevolea
Millar, David, Carnrallagh
Millar, Samuel, Carnrallagh
Miller, James, Ballymenagh
Miller, Joseph, Ballymenagh
Miller, Robt., Moneybrannon
Mitchell, Alex., Ruskey
Mitchell, John, jun., Glasgort
Molaghan, Patrick, Culcrow
Monaghan, Peter, Mullan
Montgomery, Mary, Ballynacallybeg
Montgomery, Richard, Clintagh
Montgomery, William, Crossmakeever
Moon, Hugh, Managher
Moon, John, Clarehill
Moore, Gage, Crosscandly Glebe
Moore, John, Clarehill
Moore, John, Gorran
Moore, Mary, Gorran
Moore, S., Curragh
Moore, William, Gorran
Morrison, Charles, Rhee
Morrison, James, Crossmakeever
Morrison, John, Crossmakeever
Morrow, John, Craigmore
Morrow, John, jun., Craigmore
Morrow, William, Craigmore
Mullan, Bernard, R.D.C., Kiltest
Mullan, Henry, Kiltest
Mullan, Jeremiah, Kiltest
Mullan, John, Lissaghmore
Munnis, William, Agivey
McAfee, William, Clarehill
McAllister, James, Mullan
McAllister, Joseph, Mullinabrone
McAllister, Patrick, Mullinabrone
McAllister, Wm., Mullinabrone
McCallion, Wm., Craigmore
McCaw, James, Kilmaconnell
McCollum, W. C., Drumcroon
McConalogue, Alex., Craigmore
McConnell, Patrick, Mayboy
McCook, Robert, Mullinabrone
McCormack, James, Ardreagh
McCotter, Hugh, Aghadowey
McCracken, James, Culdrum
McCunn, William, Claggan
McCurdy, John, sen., Shanlongford
McDonald, Charles, Landagivey
McDonald, Henry, Clarehill
McElmoyle, Wm., Crossmakeever
McElree, James, Moneybrannon
McElroy, Robert, Collins
McElroy, Jane, Mullaghmore Glebe
McFall, John, Ballynacallybeg
McFall, Robert, Ballyclough
McFetridge, Alex., Cullyrammer
McFetridge. Hugh, Meenagh
McFetridge, John, Collins
McFetridge, Joseph, Cullyrammer
McFetridge, Mary Ann, Collins
McGahan, Patrick, Shanlongford
McIlree, Mrs., Moneybrannon
McIlree, William John, Ballydevitt
McIntyre, Joseph, J.P., Ballymenagh
McIlroy, Mrs. Patrick, Inchadoghill
McIntyre, Andrew, Culcrow
McIntyre, Robert, Drumacrow
McKeague, Alex., Ardreagh
McKeagney, Daniel, Drumail
McKeagney, Patrick, Cornamucklagh
McKeeman, Mrs. James, Mullaghmore
McLeese, James, Landagivey
McLeese, James, Mullaghmore
McLeese, Thomas, Caheney
McMath, Matthew, Blackhill
McMichael, John, Mullaghinch
McMichael, Robert, Rhee
McMichael, William, Agivey
McMichael, William, Mullahinch
McMurtry, James, Mullan
McNeary, John, Ballygawley
McNeary, Thomas Jas., Gorran
McNeill, John, Culcrow
McPherson, James, Craigmore
McQuigg, William, Knockaduff
McQuilken, Neal, Ballybrittain
McQuilken, Robert, Drumacrow
McWilliams, John, Mayboy
Oliver, Thomas, Ballynacallymore
Oliver, Wm., Killeague
Orr, Mary, Bovagh
Orr, Samuel, Bovagh
O'Kane, John, Meencraig
O'Kane, Patrick, Glenkeen
O'Kane, Patrick (Varney), Mayboy
O'Kane, Thomas, Mayboy
Patterson, Mrs. Alex., Drumacrow
Patterson, Margaret, Seygorry
Patterson, Martha, Clintagh
Patterson, Richard, Crossmakeever
Patterson, Robert, Ballynacallymore
Patterson, Robert, Culdrum
Patton, James, Gortincoolhill
Peden, James, Mayoghill
Peden, John, Clintagh
Peden, John, jun., Clintagh
Peden, Thomas, Moneybrannon
Peden, William, Clintagh
Perry, Alex., Mullahinch
Perry, Samuel, Ballywillan
Pollock, Joseph, Culdrum
Ramsey, John, Ardreagh
Ramsey, John, Culdrum
Ranken, Robert Patton, J.P., Lisbuoy
Ranton, James, Mullan
Ranton, Wm., Mullan
Reid, Alex., Crosscandly
Reid, Andrew, Ballynacallymore
Reid, David, Dernagross
Reid, James, Ballynacallybeg
Reid, John, Dernagross
Reid, William, Mayoghill
Reid, William James, Ballylintagh
Reid, Wm., Culdrum
Robinson, Fisher, Aghadowey
Robinson, James Archibald, Aghadowey
Robinson, John, Carnrallagh
Robinson, Wm., Crockindollagh
Rogers, Thomas, Killeague
Rosborough, William, Clarehill
Ross, David, Gorran
Scott, Thomas, Mayboy
Scullion, Patrick, Bovagh
Semple, James, Killykergan
Shirley, Patrick, Bovagh
Shirley, John, Culcrow
Shirley, Patrick, Mullinabrone
Simpson, George, Knockaduff
Smith, Henry, Ballyclough
Smith, Samuel, Killykergan
Smith, William, Ballyclough
Smyth, Hugh, Mullinabrone
Smyth, Hugh, Bovagh
Smyth, James, Curragh
Smyth, Joseph, Knockaduff
Steen, John, Craiglea Glebe
Stephens, Michael, Meavemanougher
Stephens, Thomas, Meavemanougher
Stevens, John, Gortincoolhill
Stewart, Thomas, Gortincoolhill
Stewart, James, Collins
Tannahill, Alex., Killeague
Tannahill, John, Managher
Tannahill, John D., Killeague
Taylor, Joseph, Collins
Taylor, Matthew, Moneycarrie Lower
Taylor, Robert J., Glenkeen
Thompson, Elizabeth, Cullycapple
Thompson, John, Glasgort
Thompson, John, Meencraig
Toland, Mrs., Mullaghmore
Torrens, Hugh, Mayoghill
Torrens, Hugh R., Gortin, Mayoghill
Torrens, James, Mayoghill
Torrens, John H., Craiglea Glebe
Torrens, Robert, Craiglea Glebe
Torrens, William, Mayoghill
Toye, J., Carnamucklagh
Wallace, John, Claggan
Wallace, William, Claggan
Wallace, William, Mullahinch
Watson, Robt., Culcrow
Williamson, Hugh S., Drumacrow
Wilson, George A., Dernagross
Wilson, Robert John, Aghadowey
Wilson, William, Cullycapple
Wilson, William B., Carnroe
Wilson, William Jas., Ballygawley
Woodend, James, Killykergan
Woods, George, Mullinabrone
Workman, Andrew, Ballynacallymore
Workman, Matthew, Culdrum
Workman, Robert A., Gorran
Workman, Thomas, Mullan
Workman, William, Mullan
Young, John, Ballynacallymore
Young, Thomas, Ballynacallymore


          Is a village and parish 4 miles west from Ballymena station and 10 north-west from Antrim, in County Antrim, baronies of Upper and Lower Toome and Lower Antrim. The estimated area of the village is 16 acres, and the population in 1911 was 675. A motor omnibus service, worked by Messrs. Agnew Brothers, Portglenone, from Ballymena to Portglenone, now passes through Ahoghill

Post Office - Miss A. B. Campbell, sub-postmistress.  Letters through Ballymena. Deliveries at 9-15 a.m. and 6-30 p.m. Dispatches, 7-30 a.m. and 4-15 p.m.
Petty Sessions Clerk - Andrew Raphael
R.U.C. Station - Joshua Moffitt, sergeant-in-charge, and B. Class Special Constables (Commandant, Rev. W. H. A. Lee)
Church of Ireland - Rev. W. H. A. Lee, M.A.
Presbyterian - Rev. W. H. Boyd, Rev. James E. MacLarnon, M.A., Rev. David McConnell, B.A.
Roman Catholic - Rev. E. V. Magowan, P.P.
National Schools - Fourtowns, Mr. Kerr, principal; Mrs. McKinney and Mr. Kane, assistants
Lismurnagan National School - Miss Gilmurry, principal

Dispensary and registration district - Robt. Love, L.R.C.P. Edin., medical officer and registrar.  Dr. Olga Love, deputy and assistant registrar.


Agnew, David, builder
Arnold, Margaretta, hotel keeper
Atchison, C., saddler
Bankhead, Thomas, linen manufacturer
Bell, Edward, grocer, Galgorm
Boyd, Rev. H. W.
Campbell, Mrs.
Charters, William, Ahoghill
Dunlop, Samuel, cycle and motor agent
Ervine, John, tailor
Ervine, William, J.P., R.D.C.
Henry, James A., J.P., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter"
Johnston, John, creamery manager
Lawson, James, motor hirer
Lee, Rev. W. H. A., M.A., The Glebe
Logan, Alex. C., grocer
Love, Robert, M.D., J.P., surgeon, dispensary officer and registrar
Magowan, Rev. E., P.P.
Millar, Mrs., milliner and dress maker
Murphy, Robert, spirit dealer
McCandless, David, spirit dealer
McCandless, David, jun.
McCandless, William, grocer
McDowell, Misses
McKee, Daniel K., builder
McLaughlin, James, grocer
McMeekin, Robert, draper
Quinn, Mary, spirit dealer
Scott, James, draper


Barclay, Robert, Galgorm
Cameron, Alexander, Gloonan
Clarke, Henry J., Gloonan
Dickey, Nathaniel, Ballybollan
Dougherty, Thomas, Galgorm
Herbison, Matthew, Galgorm Parks
Kernohan, George
Kyle, Matthew, Galgorm Parks
Kyle, William
Magee, James, Lisnafillan
Morton, Miss Mary, Gracehill
McCord, Robert, sen., farmer
McKee, Wm., Gracehill
Raphael, Andrew, Galgorm
Perry, James A., farmer, Killane
Simpson, James, Galgorm
Telford, Edmund A., Gracehill
Weir, Robert, Straid Mills
Wilson, William, Gracehill


          Is a Post Town in the County Down, and is situated on the road from Kilkeel to Newcastle. The town, though small, has a commodious harbour, where a great fishing industry is carried on, and a very extensive trade is done in shipping granite to all parts of the United Kingdom, and which material abounds largely in all the Mourne mountains.  Population 291.

Post and Telegraph Office - Wm. McMath, Postmaster.  Letters delivered in town by postman at 9 a.m. and 1-30 p.m. The rural delivery of letters commences at 9 a.m. to the townlands of Mullerton and Glassdrummond. Mails arrive from Newry at 8-40 a.m. and 1-30 p.m.; despatched from Annalong at 11-15 to Kilkeel and 5-30 p.m. to Newcastle


Belfast Banking Co. (Tuesdays and Fridays)
Munster and Leinster Bank - Open Tuesdays only, 12 till 2
Provincial Banking Co. Ltd. -  Open Tuesdays and Fridays, 12 till 2
R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeant Agnew and nine constables


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. Quinn, M.A. (rector), Rural Dean
Presbyterian Church - Rev. E. Pyper
Methodist Church - Rev. J. Hanson (supt.)
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. C. O'Loan, P.P.; Rev. J. McConnell, C.C.


Agnew, James, farmer, Ballyrea
Agnew, John, farmer, Four Roads
Agnew, Samuel, farmer
Annett, A., steam saw mill, Ballymartin
Annett, Mrs. Rose, fowl dealer
Annett, James, egg merchant, Ballymartin
Annett, James, builder
Annett, James, Greengate, Ballyveamore
Annett, James, Whitehouse
Annett, John, Rocks, Ballyveamore
Annett, John, farmer, Ballykeel
Annett, Robert, shoemaker
Annett, Wm., publican, Ballymartin
Annett, W., farmer, Blackrock
Annett, W., farmer, Ballymartin
Atkinson, Arthur, farmer, Ballymartin
Barber, Adam, farmer, Ballyveamore
Belfast Banking Company Limited - Office open every Tuesday and Friday, 12 to 2
Bell, Miss, dress maker
Bell, R., farmer, Glassdrummond
Bennett, farmer, Ballyveamore
Black, T., Waterworks Lodge
Boyd, Francis, farmer, Ballykeel
Brown, G., Glassdrummond Cottage
Brown, Herbert, The Hut
Brown, J., cashier Mourne water scheme
Burden, Hugh, motor mechanic
Burden, James, farmer, Glassdrummond
Burden, L., dress maker
Burden, Samuel, The Parks
Campbell Bros., tailors
Campbell, Jas., & Sons, tailors, Ballymartin
Campbell, John, Glassdrummond
Campbell, Marshall, stone mason
Caren, Captain Henry
Caren, James, grocer
Caren, L., dress maker
Caren, W., carpenter
Carr, J. J., farmer, Glassdrummond
Carr, Miss H., sewing agent
Carruthers, G. A., Mullertown House
Chambers, Captain T.
Chambers, Captain H.
Chambers, Captain William
Church, E. G., secy., Mourne water scheme
Clarke, John, farmer, Glassdrummond
Clarke, Thomas, farmer, Ballymartin
Connor, John, carpenter
Connor, Mrs., grocer
Cooper, John, farmer
Cooper, Wm., grocer, Mullertown
Cousins, Francis, grocer, Moneydara
Cousins, Frederick, grocer, The Valley
Cousins, Hugh, grocer
Cousins, Robert, merchant
Cowden, R., egg merchant, Ballymartin
Cromwell, Samuel, farmer, Glassdrummond
Cromwell, Wm., grocer
Croskery, F., farmer
Crothers, Mrs., grocer
Crutchley, Hugh, coal merchant
Crutchley, William, baker, Ballyvea
Cunningham, J., cycle agent, Ballykeel
Cunningham, M., farmer, Mullertown
Cunningham, Nicholas, fowl dealer
Donnan, Mrs., farmer, The Valley
Donnelly, J., school teacher, Moneydara
Doran, James, farmer, Ballyveamore
Doran, John, farmer, Broad Bog
Doran, John, farmer, The Carrick
Doran, Maggie, grocer
Doran, Wm., farmer, Moneydarraghmore
Dunnywater Protection Post - Sergt. C. White and six constables
Edgar, Jeremiah, farmer, Ballaghaneary
Edgar, John, farmer, Mullertown
Edgar, R., Seaside Cottage
Ellison, B., grocer, Mullertown
Farley, J., timekeeper, Mourne water scheme
Fegan, J., farmer, Glassdrummond
Fisher, J. M., Seaside House
Flanagan, M., grocer
Finlay, James, Kilhorne Cottage
Gibney, Alexander, 2 Marieville
Gibney, William, grocer
Gibney, Wm., 1 Marieville
Gibson, John, farmer, Mullertown
Gordon, Adam, grocer and draper
Gordon, Dr., Roslyn Terrace
Gordon, James, butcher
Gordon, Miss Charlotte, grocer
Gordon, Mrs., teacher, Mullertown Cottage
Gordon, Mrs. A., grocer
Gordon, Mrs. M. E., refreshments
Gordon, Robert, farmer, Quarter Road
Gordon, Robert, farmer, Mullertown
Gordon, Samuel, pilot
Gordon, W., general draper and spirit merchant
Gordon, W. J., sexton
Gordon, John, & Son, general merchants
Gordon & Co., drapers
Gordon & McBurney, granite merchants
Gordon & Robinson, potato merchants
Halliday, C., farmer, Mullartown
Hamilton, Abraham, general merchant
Hamilton, Isaac, potato merchant
Hamilton, Mrs. R., Annalong Steam Mills
Hamilton, Robert, O'Rork's Park
Hamilton, Samuel, farmer
Harrison, Edward, farmer, Ballyrea
Haugh, Charles, farmer, Ballyvea
Haughain, Daniel, farmer, Ballyvea
Heaney, S., farmer, Ballyvea
Henry, J., Brackney Hall
Herbert, Edward, pensioner
Hutchinson, W., farmer, Maghereagh
Irvine, Edward, farmer, Ballyvea
Irvine, John, farmer, Ballyvea
Jones, George, monumental works
Jones, Wm., stone mason
Jones, William, harbour master
Jones, W. & J., contractors
Kearney, Captain John
Kennedy, Miss M. L., teacher, Mullertown
Kertland, Miss F., Benavon Lodge
Killen, B., blacksmith
Lenton, John, general merchant
Linton, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
Little, James, farmer
Magill, J., boot and shoe maker
Maginn, John, granite merchant, Glassdrummond
Maginn, J. S., stone merchant, Mullertown
Maginn, R., sheep dipping inspector
Martin, Owen, farmer, Logstone
Matthews, R., farmer, Moneydarraghbeg
Mayhew, George, boot and shoemaker
Mayhew, Walter, shoe maker
Minnis, Nicholas, farmer, Brackney
Mitchell, J., Victoria N.S., Ballymartin
Mooney, Charles, grocer
Moore, D., grocer, Ballymartin
Moore, John, farmer, Ballyvea
Moore, John, The Grove
Moore, Joseph, farmer, Moneydarraghbeg
Moore, Wm., egg merchant, Ballykeel
Mulligan, Wm., farmer, Ballymartin
McAlinden, F., fowl dealer, Moneydarraghbeg
McAnulty, Mrs., publican, Ballymartin
McBurney, Captain Charles
McBurney, James, Kilhorne
McBurney, John, baker
McBurney, Saml., grocer and motors for hire
McBurney, Thomas, farmer
McBurney, William, collector of taxes
McCartan, John, farmer, Glassdrummond
McCartan, William, fisherman, Longstone
McCarten, Henry, shoemaker
McCarten, John, farmer, Ballyveamore
McConnell, Alex., farmer, Moneydarraghmore
McConnell, R., farmer, Oldtown
McConnell, T., posting establishment
McCormack, John, grocer, Ballymartin
McCormick, John, farmer, Moneydarraghbeg
McCormick, Mrs., grocer
McCormick, Robert, posting establishment
McCormick, R., farmer, Moneydarraghmore
McCracken, Hugh, farmer
McCracken, T., farmer, Mullertown
McCrumb, John, school teacher
McCullough, John, sexton
McCullough, Mary, grocer, Moneydara
McCullough, Saml., farmer, Mullertown
McCullough, Thomas, farmer
McDowell, John, farmer
McDowell, Robert, grocer
McGinn, James, saddler
McGinnis, E. N. T., Ballykeel
McKee, Mrs., school teacher, Ballyvea
McKibbin, A., Riverside
McKibbin, Henry, butcher
McKibbin, John, farmer, Ballyhaneary
McKibbin, J., farmer, Ballymartin
McKibbin, J., monumental works
McKibbin, J., grocer
McKibbin, Miss, dress maker, The Lurgan
McKibbin, Miss, sewing agent, Longstone
McKibbin, William, cattle dealer
McKibbin, W. J., farmer, Hill House
McKnight, John, farmer, Moneydara
McKnight, Robert, farmer
McMath, Miss B., confectioner
McMath, William, Post Office; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McMeekin, Mrs., farmer, Mullartown
McNeilly, Joseph, Glassdrummond House
McVeigh, J., farmer, Glassdrummond
McVeigh, Miss, grocer
McVeigh, Miss, Glassdrummond N.S.
Newell, Andrew, farmer, Ballykeel
Newell, James, contractor
Newell, James, farmer, Ballykeel
Newell, John, farmer, Moneydarraghmore
Newell, John, Glassdrummond
Newell, Miss S., dress maker
Newell, Thos., farmer, Mullartown
Newell, Wm., farmer, Moneydarraghmore
Newell & Co., drapers
Newell & McCartan, boot merchants
Nugent, George, grocer, Ballyvea
Nugent, F., hairdresser and cycle agent
Nugent, Samuel, farmer
Nugent, W., flesher
Orr, Edward, merchant, Ballyveamore
Orr, John, cattle dealer
Orr, John, Alpha, Annalong
Orr, Jos., coal merchant, Ballyvea
Orr, Samuel, grocer, Ballymartin
O'Loan, Misses B. and M., teachers
O'Neill, John, Glassdrummond
O'Neill, Mrs., postmistress, Glassdrummond
O'Neill, Peter, farmer, Ballaghaneary
Perry, R., farmer, Moneydarraghmore
Pierce, J., farmer
Pike, E., chief officer coastguard
Pollin, J., farmer, Glassdrummond
Porter, Mrs., grocer, Mullartown
Pue, A., grocer, Stoneycroft
Pue, A., farmer
Pue, A., motor works, Mullartown
Purdy, A., school teacher, Kilhorne
Purdy, James, Ash Farm
Purdy, John, blacksmith
Purdy, Wm., Volantville
Purdy, W., Roslyn Terrace
Quin, Henry, cattle dealer, Brackney
Quin, Hugh, farmer, Ballymartin
Quin, Rev. J., Kilhorne Rectory
Quinn, E., blacksmith, Ballyvea
Quinn, J., farmer, Moneydarabeg
Rahilly, J., school teacher, Glassdrummond
Reilly, Francis, farmer, Moneydarraghbeg
Reilly, John, Moneydara
Reside, Miss, Bay View
Robinson, Alexander, general merchant
Robinson, Andrew, grocer, Mullertown
Robinson, A., Seaview
Robinson, Samuel, Lurgan House
Rodgers, Edwd., egg merchant, Ballymartin
Rodgers, Ellen, postmistress, Ballymartin
Rodgers, Hugh, stone mason, Longstone
Rodgers, John, farmer, Glassdrummond
Rodgers, Mrs., grocer, Moneydara
Rodgers, Patrick, farmer, Moneydarraghmore
Rooney, Daniel, farmer, Mullertown
Rooney, W., contractor, Ballyveamore
Russell, H., farmer, Mullertown
Russell, John, farmer, Moneydarabeg
Russell, Mrs., grocer, Mullertown
Russell, Mrs., Main Road
Russell, R., Clash Bridge
Russell, William, farmer, Moneydarabeg
Scott, Alfred, butcher
Scott, Duncan, boat builder
Scott, Mrs., grocer, Bunhill
Scott, Mrs. S., Dove Cottage
Shand, Frank, engineer, Mourne water scheme
Shand, S. S., manager Silent Valley reservoir scheme
Shields, J., carpenter
Silent Valley Protection Post - Sergt. Hanna and seven constables
Skillen, A., farmer, Ballyveamore
Skillen, R., grocer, Glassdrummond
Skillen, James, farmer, Ballyveamore
Skillen, W., farmer, Ballyvea
Smith, John, farmer, Glassdrummond
Smith, P., Reese Farm
Stevenson, H., farmer, Ballymartin
Stewart, James, grocer
Taylor, Samuel, The Institute
Taylor, S., school teacher
Wallace, James, farmer, Glassdrummond
White, C., ganger Mourne water scheme
White, James, grocer
Willis, F. W., Glassdrummond, and 50 Thurloe Square, South Kensington, London
Young, Adam, farmer, Ballyvea
Young, J., fish merchant
Young, William, farmer


          Antrim, a market town (formerly a parliamentary borough), in the County of Antrim - 17 miles from Belfast, 93 from Dublin, 10¾ from Ballymena, and 5 from Randalstown - situated on the banks of the Sixmilewater River, on the great road from Belfast to Londonderry.  The Midland Railway (Northern Counties Committee) passes the town, and improvements have been made at the station, which makes it one of the finest in Ulster.  Antrim is the terminus of the Great Northern Railway branch from Lisburn. The Large bleaching, dyeing and finishing works of the York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Belfast, are situated about 1¼ miles from the town, and employ a large number of hands. A linen factory has been erected on the site of the old paper mill, and the new county asylum at Holywell, about one and a half miles from the town, has been completed, and covers an extensive area.  Lough Neagh approaches within half a mile of the town, and communicates with the latter by the Sixmile River.  Population in 1911, 1,979.

Church of Ireland - Canon Maurice H. F. Collis, B.D., vicar
Presbyterian - Rev. Matthew Majury and Rev. William A. Adams, B.A.
Unitarian - Rev. George Vance Crook
Methodist (Wesleyan) - Rev. Wm. Maguire
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. T. McCotter, P.P.


Poor-Law Guardians - Wm. John Beggs, Ballynashee, Ballyclare, chairman; George Thompson, Dundrod, vice- chairman; S. M. McKnight, Ballyclare; Samuel Brennan, J.P., Antrim; W. P. Dickie, J.P., Muckamore; James Graham, Newpark, Antrim; Wm. McQuillan, High Street, Antrim; Wm. Barr, Kilbride, Doagh; James D. Gawn, Carnearney, Kells; Alex, McConnell, Holestone, Doagh; Robt. Todd, Drumadarragh, Doagh; Thos. McFarlane, Ardmore, Crumlin; S. Suffern, Ballynadrentagh, Crumlin; Andrew Allen, Feehogue, Randalstown; Daniel McKeever, Moneynick, Randalstown; Wm. Martin, Magherlane, Randalstown; Jas. Nicholl, Ballygrooby, Randalstown; Wm. Ramsey, Kilbegs, Antrim; George C. McMeekin, Craigarogan, Templepatrick; Hugh Minford, Parkview, Templepatrick; Robert S. Thompson, Ballyrobert, Ballyclare; Robt. Clark, Craighall, Antrim; John Thompson, Carlane, Toomebridge; John Gray, Dunadry; John Grange, Ballyclare; John Forsythe, Ballyclare
Rural District Council - Chairman, James Graham; vice-chairman, Samuel Brennan, J.P.; J. Gray, Dunadry, R.D.C. only (All Guardians, with exception of John Grange, S. McKnight, and J. Forsythe, are also Rural District Councillors)
Clerk to Poor-Law Guardians and Rural District Council James L. Clark, Union Office, Antrim
Coroner for District - Dr. J. J. Adams, J.P.
Royal Ulster Constabulary - one D.I., two sergeants, seven constables
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. T. B. Hill Scott, dispensary medical officer
Town Commissioners - F. T. Smith, chairman; Jas. Baird, vice-chairman; Archibald McKay, clerk.  Commissioners - Charles Burrowes, R. Mullan, W. D. McKeown, James Wilson, James Christie, John McCabe, Thomas McMaster
Caretaker of Courthouse - Robert Young
Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the High Court of Justice - Jas. Abernethy, Market Square
Belfast Banking Company, Ltd., Branch - F. Smith, manager; M. Brown, cashier; J. Patrick, clerk
Ulster Bank Ltd., Branch - T. F. Flynn, manager; S. Leith, cashier; W. J. McKendry, and C. Martin, clerks
Board of Trade (Unemployment Insurance), local exchange - H. J. Stevenson, M.B.E., manager
Loan Fund - Manager, John Young; treasurer, R. J. Kirk, J.P.
Northern Bank (branch) - Mr. Adamson, manager
Massereene Estate Office - N. M. Clarke, agent
Post Office - Mrs. Geelan, postmistress; Miss Agnew, Miss Bingham, Miss Newburn, assistants; E. Jackson, T. Wallace, J. Wallace, R. H. Morrison, W. McKee, and J. Wallace, jun., postmen; B. Reid, telegraph messenger
Protestant Hall - H. B. Murray, hon. sec. and treasurer; caretaker, Wm. Hannen
Magistrates attending Petty Sessions - Saml. Brennan, T. B. Hill Scott, M.D., Robert J. Kirk, George S. Reade, Henry B. Murray, John J. Adams, M.D.; Robert Thompson, W. P. Dickie, J. Roche, R.M.; J. Boal, T. K. Moore, P. Meenan, N. McAreavey, James Morrison
Petty Sessions Clerk - N. M. Clarke
Antrim Gas Light Company (Ltd.) - A. Dickson, manager; J. L. Clarke, secretary
Antrim Hockey Club - D. A. Curry, hon. sec.
Antrim Markets Company Ltd. - David Edgar, weigh master; H. Savage, secretary
Antrim Technical School - Principal and secretary, R. Gordon Blaine, M.E., Ass.M.Inst.C.E.
Office of the Registrar of Marriages - F. T. Smith, registrar; R. J. Kirk, deputy registrar
Antrim & Muckamore District Nursing Association - Miss Roe, treasurer; Miss Fleming and Miss Mairs, nurses
Massereene Golf Club - L. Jackson Holmes, secretary; Hamilton Millar, treasurer
Antrim Reading Rooms - President, Rev. M. H. F. Collis, B.D.; secretary, D. A. Curry; treasurer. William Simpson
Masonic Hall - Lodge 28, J. Wilson, secretary; Lodge 56, Thos. Coulter, secretary; D. McGrubb, caretaker


National Schools - St. Comgall's Male, Patk. Hurl.  St. Comgall's Female, Miss R. E. Savage.  Orr Memorial, J. Gault.  Bruce Memorial, T. Holmes.  Masseneene, J. Needham. (Massereene)


Boal, Robert, High Street (branch)
Holmes, L. Jackson, High Street
O'Rorke, McDonald & Tweed, Church Street


Adams, John J., J.P., Ashville
Graham, W., High Street
Scott, T. B. Hill, Railway Street


Massereene Arms Hotel - Mrs. McNally, proprietress.  Hall's Family and Commercial Hotel - R. J. Hall, proprietor.  Antrim Arms Hotel - Samuel Fawcett, proprietor.  Temperance Hotel - Mrs. Adair, proprietor


Adair, Mrs., Temperance Hotel, High Street
Adams, Dr. J. J., J.P., Ashville
Adams, Rev. W. A., B.A., The Manse
Allan, W., New Cottages, Belfast Road
Allen, Joseph, Massereene
Anderson, Norman, grocer, High Street and Market Square
Armstrong, W. & J., builders, Glenview

Baird, James, publican, Church Street
Baird, Jas., undertaker, Church Street
Barr, Miss, grocer, High Street
Barr & Co., cycle agents, High Street
Barton, H. D. M., The Bush
Beattie, Saml., Eden Cottage
Bell, Mrs., Telephone Exchange, High Street
Blair, W., Market Street
Blair, W., Balloo Farm
Bloomfield Bakery Co., Church Street - S. Taggart, agent
Boag & Crawford, cycle agents, Fountain Street
Boal, George, carpenter, Church Street
Boal, J. & H., linen manufacturers, Riverside
Boal, Mrs., Church Street
Bones, S., wholesale confectioner and tobacconist, Church Street
Boyd, Catherine Anne, Oldstone
Boyd, Wm., boot maker, Church Street
Brennan, Samuel, J.P.,  painter, Market Square
Brown, J., Wilderness Lodge
Bryson, Mrs., Fountain Street
Burns, Miss, dress maker, Church Street
Burrows, Charles, general dealer, Church Street

Campbell, S., publican, Market Square
Canavan, Mrs., Fountain Street
Carmichael, Saml., Dunsilly House
Carson, James, refreshment rooms, Church Street
Carson, James C., coachbuilder, Church Street
Carson, William, Beach Cottage
Christy, H., butcher, Railway Street
Clarke, A., draper, Market Street
Clarke, James, estate agent, Riverside
Clarke, Jas. L., clerk of union, Novara
Clarke, Major G., Cavendish, The Steeple
Clarke. Miss, Castle Street
Clarke, N. M., clerk of petty sessions, The Cottage
Clarke, N. M., auctioneer, High Street
Coleman, Alex., merchant, Riverside
Coleman, James, coal and timber merchant
Collis, Canon M. F. H., B.D., The Vicarage
Conway, Patrick, clothier, Market Square
Conway, Peter, clothier, High Street
Cooper, William T., draper, High Street
Copland, C., watch maker, Castle Street
Craig & McClelland, auctioneers, High Street
Crawford, Miss, milliner, Castle Street
Currie, J., M.R.C.V.S., Fountain Street and Mount Oriel
Curry, Jackson, shoemaker, Church Street

Dougall, J., plasterer, Railway Street
Dougall, W., tailor, Church Street
Douglass, Miss A. M., Fountain Street
Duckworth, F., dentist, Fountain Street
Duffin, John, publican, Massereene
Duncan, Robert, & Sons, painters, Church Street

Edgar, D., saddler, Market Square
Entwistle, J. G., Muckamore
Entwistle, Thomas, Muckamore
Erskine, J. C., Fountain Street
Esler, Thomas, grocer, Riverside

Fawcett, S., confection, &c., High Street
Ferguson, Mrs. Thos., Muckamore
Finlay, John, photographer, Castle Street
Fleming, Mrs., Massereene Street
Fleming, M., victualler, Market Square
Fletcher, D., Civil Bill Officer, Fountain Street
French, Wm., grocer, Fountain Street
Frew, Miss, draper, Church Street
Frew, M. & A. H., general drapery establishment, High Street

Gainor, Arthur, Castle Street
Gainor, W., car owner, Church Street
George, Isaac, Hannahville
Gleghorn, A., fruiterer, High Street
Gordon, John, Fountain Street
Gordon, Robert, grocer, High Street
Gorman, Miss, refreshment rooms, Church Street
Graham, James, Newpark
Graham, Samuel, M.D., L.R.C.P., Lond., medical officer County Asylum, Holywell
Graham, W., M.B., High Street
Green, W. A., Dunmore, Belfast Road

Hall, Robert J., J.P., Commercial Hotel
Hargrove, S., cycle merchant, Fountain Street
Harrison, J., insurance superintendent, Castle Street
Hay, Samuel J., clerk, Fountainville
Hay & Co., grocers, High Street
Heatly, J. J., The Cedars
Henderson, John, Fountain Street
Henderson, Miss, Nursery Villa, Milltown
Hill, W., Ballyarnatt
Hogg, John, New Cottages, Belfast Road
Holmes, L. Jackson, solicitor, High Street; res., Ferrard, Railway Street
Holmes, ?, Belfast Road
Hood, Samuel, Fountain Street
Hood, W., saddler, Bridge Street

Irvine, A. G., D.I., Bush Cottage

Jamison, Miss, grocer, Church Street
Jardin, J., Railway Street

Kelly, J., carpenter, High Street
King, Roy, Castle Street
Kirk, J., grocer and seed merchant, High Street
Kirk, Miss S., Bush Villa
Kirk, Norman, Clonavon
Kirk, Robert J., Clonavon

Laughlin, John, Church Street
Laughlin, Mrs., china warehouse, High Street
Laughlin, Thomas, builder, High Street
Laughlin, William, builder, Castle Street
Lavery, James, tailor, Church Street
Lavery, Miss J., Bona Vista
Lavery, Mrs., grocer, Castle Street
Lavery, Thomas, tailor, Fountain Street
Lawlor, J., draper, Church Street

Mable, J., Fountain Street
Magill, Mrs., boarding house, Riverside
Massereene and Ferrard, Viscount, Antrim Castle
Micks, Leonard, Belmont
Millar, H., & Co., printers, billposters , &c., Church Street and Fountain Street
Moody, James, Riverside
Moody, John C., Ballyarnott
Moody, Mrs., dress maker, Massereene
Moore, T. K., auctioneer, High Street
Mullan, Richard, publican, Market Square
Murphy, J., Gold and Silver Watches, Choice Silver Goods and Presentations, Prizes, &c., High Street
Murray, Henry Balfour, J.P., Ardnaveigh
Murray, P., publican, Castle Street
McAleese, Neil, publican, Market Square
McAloney, Jas., Fountain Street
McAreavy, Miss, confectioner, High Street
McCabe, James, victualler, Church Street and Mount Oriel
McCabe, John, butcher, grocer and fowl dealer, Church Street
McCavana, Henry, carter, Castle Street
McCavana, Hugh, Antrim Steam Sawmills, Castle Street
McCavana, Patrick, Townhead
McConnell, Mrs., Castle Street
McCormick, George, Fountain Street
McCormick, J., Bank House, Riverside
McCrory, R., Church Street
McCully, R., watch maker and jeweller, Church Street
McDonald & Tweed, solicitors, Church Street. Telephone No. 8
McDowell, Matthew, builder, &c., Church Street
McFarlane, Miss, Wilderness Lodge
McFerran, Daniel, grocer, Fountain Street
McFerran, E. & A., grocers, Fountain Street
McIlwaine, William, hairdresser, Bridge Street
McKay, A., Town Clerk, auctioneer and valuer
McKeown, Mrs., publican and draper, Market Square
McKillop, Miss C., Fountain Street
McKillop, Mrs., confectioner, High Street
McManus, Joseph, High Street
McManus, Wm.  D., Oriel Lodge
McManus, W. D., & Co., drapers, Market Square, agent for the Phoenix Fire Office
McMaster, Thomas, Riverside
McNally, James, Massereene Arms Hotel
McNally, Mrs., Fountain Street
McQuillan, W., leather cutter, Bridge Street and High Street0

Nicholson, James, chartered accountant, High Street and Malloo House
Nutt, J., draper, High Street

O'Neill, the Right Hon. Lord, Shane's Castle and 12 Queen's Gate, London, S.W.
O'Neill, Capt. Hon. H., M.P., Shane's Castle

Pender, John, tobacconist, Church Street

Quinn, Miss M. E., publican, High Street

Ramsay, William, Kilbegs
Rea, David, Railway Street
Rea, John, Station Road
Rea, Miss, grocer, Castle Street
Rea, Samuel, jun., Fairfield
Reade, George S., J.P. (of York Street Flax Spinning Company), Firgrove, Muckamore
Reford, Alan, Cemetery Road
Reid, G., jun., draper, High Street
Reid, T., Fountain Street
Reid, W., tailor, High Street
Renton, R., High Street
Robinson, W., Castle Street
Rodgers, W. & A., grocers, High Street

Savage, Hugh, house, land and insurance agent, Fountain Street
Scott, T. B. Hill, M.D., J.P., Railway Street
Simpson, Mrs., Stationer, Bookseller, and Newsagent. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," High Street
Sloan, Miss K., confectioner, &c., High Street
Sloan, Stephen, publican, High Street
Smith, Fredk. J., chemist, High Street
Smith, Frank, manager Belfast Bank, High Castle
Smyth, Walter, M.B., B.S., County Asylum, Holywell
Starkey, H. D., dispensing chemist and optician, High Street
Steele, M., New Cottages, Belfast Road
Stewart, W. J., new cottages, Belfast Road
Stirret, The Misses, dress makers, Fountain Street
Styles, Miss Taylor, Greystone Road
Swann, Thos., grocer, Fountain Street

Thompson, George W., confectioner, Market Square
Thompson, J., grocer, Riverside
Thompson, Mrs., hotel proprietor, High Street
Thompson, Robt., J.P., Muckamore Abbey
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited, Agents, John Walker, Kilbegs; Frank Smith, Belfast Bank; Archd. McKay, Church Street

Unall, Mrs., Church Street
Unall, S., confectioner & dining rooms, High Street

Vance, James R., Castle Street
Vance, Mrs. E., Riverside

Walker, J., clerk of County Asylum, Kilbegs
Wallace, James, Church Street
Wallace, Mrs., dress maker, Church Street
West, The Misses, Riverside
Wilson, James, boot maker, Church Street
Wright, Wm. J., clerk, Fountain Street

York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Muckamore
Young, Franklin, motor garage, Market Square
Young, Miss I., Fountain Street
Young, Robert, Church Street


          A parish and seaport in the Barony of Lecale and County of Down, 103 miles from Dublin, 24 from Belfast, and 6 S.E. from Downpatrick.  It is situated on a high promontory on the coast.  It was at one time a place of considerable importance, and retains as monuments of its ancient grandeur five old castles. Ardglass is the most important herring fishing station in Ireland, 201 boats being engaged at the summer fishing, employing 1,407 men.  The curing for export is now the most important branch of this industry. A number of fish curers from Scotland cured here during the season. The population in 1911 was 498, but during the summer months, when the town is much patronised as a holiday resort, it is much higher.


Church of Ireland - Rev. Wm. Hannah, rector, The Glebe
Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. M. Cargin
Methodist Church - Rev. W. Addy
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Canon J. J. Donnelly, P.P.


R.I.C. Station - Castle Place
Petty Sessions (Ardglass Castle) held on first Wednesday in each month. S. Cochrane, clerk
Post Office, Telegraph, Money Order and Savings Bank - Mrs. A. Hughes, postmistress
Herring Curers and Exporters - James Crawford, A. & J. Buchan, Wm. Buchan, A. Flett & Co. Ltd.; James Flett & Co. Ltd.; Nathaniel Hunter, W. & J. Slater, James Merson, William Masson, William Bruce, A. Stevenson & Co., A. Corner, T. Jenkins, John Campbell, Ross & Sons, Jas. McKee, Shipsey & Co.
Coastguard Station - Quay Road
Herring Merchants - John McMahon, William Ross, George McComiskey, Owen Hagan & Son, Messrs. Walker & Sons, P. McConvey
Fish Salesmen - John Magee, Rchd. Hughes, Thompson, Murray & Co., P. McConvey, S. Sharvin
Golf Club - Secretary, Stuart MacDonald, Castle Place
Registrar for Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Dr. James Adrain, Ardglass
Northern Banking Co. Ltd., Branch - Wednesday and Friday - Mr. Thompson, manager
Ulster Bank, Friday - James Currie, manager
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., W. O. Martin, manager


Golf Hotel - Wm. Young.  Commercial Hotel - Mrs. Agnes Mulhern.  Railway Hotel - Miss M. Morgan.  Temperance Hotel - Miss Lenaghan


Anderson, Mrs., Ballyhossett House
Barrie, H. T., potato exporter, South Quay
Bettridge, Miss, schoolmistress, Kildare Street
Bibby, Rev. J. H., Unitarian minister, Balee
Bigger, F. J., M.R.I.A., Castle Shane
Braniff, William, farmer, Ballyhossett
Byrne, Mrs., Burnside

Carroll, R. H., Burford Lodge
Cavan, James, farmer, Ballyhossett
Chambers, Wm. Jas., farmer, Chapeltown
Chism, Angus, outfitter, Bath Street
Cleland, Hugh, station master
Clinton, Mrs. William, Sheepland
Clinton, William, farmer, Ardtole
Conn, Mrs., Hill Street
Connelly, Robert, farmer, Sheepland
Connor, John, Ballydock
Connor, Wm., farmer, Ross
Coulter, Miss, farmer, Ardtole
Convery, Captain Edward, pilot
Creen, John, farmer, Sheepland
Cullen & Allen, potato exporters, North Quay
Curran, Edward, farmer, Sheepland
Curran, James, farmer, Sheepland
Curran, James, miller, Sheepland
Curran, P. J., Sheepland
Curran, Wm., grocer, Chapeltown

Denvir, Patrick, Ballybeg
Donnan, Hugh, Coney Island
Donnan, Wm., farmer, The Strand
Donnelly, Rev. J. J., P.P.
Doyle, Arthur, farmer, Sheepland

Ferguson, Rev. James, rector, Chapeltown
Flemming, J., The Crescent
Fleming, Mrs. A., The Crescent
Flynn, Mrs., The Bungalow, Kildare Street
Flynn, N. H., Kildare Street

Gaffikin, Wm., J.P., King's Castle
Gilchrist Bros., farmer, Chapeltown
Gilchrist, Hugh, J.P., farmer, Ardtole
Gilchrist, James, farmer, Sheepland
Gilchrist, Thomas, farmer, Ardtole
Gill, R. J., Ballymenagh

Hannah, Rev. William, The Glebe
Hill, Alexander, farmer, Hillhead
Hill, Mrs. Ross
Hill, Thomas, farmer, Ballydock
Hosking, James E., farmer, Ringfad
Hosking, Wm., The Crescent
Hosking, Wm., Peebles Lodge
Hughes, Miss, Bath Street
Hughes, Mrs. Captain, Kildare Street
Hughes, Richard, provision merchant, Kildare Street
Hughes, Richard, Castle Place

Kennedy, David, farmer, Sheepland
King, Thomas, The Crescent
Kinney, Hugh, farmer, Ardtole
Kinney, S., Bath Street

Lascelles, Edward, grocer
Linchey, Patrick, boat owner

Magee, Miss, grocer, Chapeltown
Maginnis, Edward, school master
Maguire, Thomas
Martin, Mrs. Jas., draper, Bath Street
Martin, The Misses C. & E., grocers and spirit dealers, Bath Street
Morgan, Miss M., publican, Bath Street
Megraw, Wm., Strangford Road
Milligan, James, grocer
Mulhearn, Mrs. Agnes, grocer and spirit dealer, Kildare Street
McConvey, Captain, fish salesman
McLoughlin, Rev. J., C.C.
McMahon, James, grocer, High Street
McMahon, J., spirit dealer and farmer, Bath Street
McMechan, John, farmer, Ballybranagh
McMechan, Mrs. James, farmer, Ballybranagh
McMullan, Mrs., Kildare Street
McMullan, T., Kildare Street

Napier, Alex., farmer, Ballybranagh

Quinn, James, Bath Street

Rice, Mrs. R., publican, Bath Street
Rooney, Henry, grocer, Kildare Street

Sloan, Capt. S. Z., The Crescent
Smith, George, boat owner
Smith, James, fish buyer
Smith, Margaret, spirit dealer and farmer, Chapeltown
Smyth, John, Castle Place
Stitt, J. D., farmer, Ballee
Stitt, Mrs. Robert, farmer, Ballyhossett

Wait, J. R., harbour master
Waters, John, foreman Board of Works
Williams, A. J., Hill Street

Young, Wm., chief officer coastguards, Kildare Street


          An inland city, and formerly a Parliamentary borough, is about 36 miles distant from Belfast, and comprises within its ancient boundary an area of 1,147 acres, and within its present municipal boundary 338 acres.  The valuation within the Corporation is £21,778.  It is the Archiepiscopal See of the Primate of All Ireland, whose ecclesiastical province comprises seven dioceses - 1, Armagh; 2, Tuam, Killala, and Achonry; 3, Derry and Raphoe; 4, Down and Connor and Dromore; 5, Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh; 6, Meath; 7, Clogher.  It is also the See of the Roman Catholic Primate of All Ireland.  The town stands on several hills.  The Great Northern Railway (Ireland) connects the town with Belfast, Dublin, Newry, Monaghan, Keady, and Castleblaney.  Population in 1911, 7,356.  This is a very restricted boundary, as it was contracted by omitting the suburbs which were formerly included. Markets are held every Tuesday for general purposes, and every Wednesday and Saturday for grain. There are branches of the Bank of Ireland, Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., Northern Banking Co. Ltd., Ulster Banking Co. Ltd., Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd., and Hibernian Bank.  The Savings Bank was established in 1818. The Union Workhouse was opened in 1842.  Armagh is the regimental depot of the Royal Irish Fusiliers, and a station for line troops. It is also the county headquarters for Royal Ulster and Special Constabulary. It is a good educational centre, having a Royal School with accommodation for 90 or 100 boarders, and spacious playing fields for cricket and football, and girls school (boarders and day scholars).  There is an excellent nine hole golf links in the picturesque Palace demesne, open all the year round.  The charitable institutions are the County Infirmary, which is one of the most up-to-date hospitals in Ireland, and has the X-rays latest installations, also new electrical medical installations; Charles Shiels Charity Institution, and the District Nursing Home, a Dispensary, McCann Blind Asylum, and Union Workhouse.  Shops' half holiday, Friday. Fair, first Thursday in month.


Armagh Cathedral - His Grace the Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, Most Rev. Charles Fredk. D'Arcy, D.D., The Palace, Armagh
Dean - Very Rev. R. G. le Poer McClintock, M.A., The Mall, Armagh, and Dunleer
Chancellor - Rev. L. P. T. Ledoux, Drogheda
Precentor - Rev. P. Bookey, Tartaraghan, Portadown
Archdeacon - The Venerable E. Hobson
Treasurer - Rev. F. Tichborne, The Rectory, Armagh
Prebendaries - Rev. T. J. McEndoo, F. M. Moeran, R. S. G. Hamilton, R. Freeman
Vicars-Choral - Rev. C. Faris, M.A.; Rev. J. Cockrill
Cathedral Choir - Clavering Archer, W. R. Owen, J. Dean, W. Rolston, J. Farr
Cathedral Board - J. Mansergh Palmer, G. W. Bowen, J. C. Murphy, G. R. Lawless, J. C. Boyle, H. B. Armstrong, D.L., M.P.
Verger - W. Jameson
Organist - C. M. Chaundy, Mus.Doc.
St. Mark's Church, The Mall - Rev. Canon Ford Tichborne
Curates - Rev. E. Brownell and J. Cockrill
Churchwarden's - Rector's, H. M. Chapman; people's, T. J. Walker
Sexton - G. A. Mullis
First Presbyterian Church, Mall - Rev. David Dowling
Third Presbyterian Church, The Mall - Rev. D. Graham
Methodist Church, Abbey Street - Rev. Thomas Elliott
Protestant Board of Education - His Grace the Lord Primate, Archdeacon of Armagh, Dean of Armagh, Sir J. H. Stronge, Bart., D.L.; F. W. Wilkinson
Roman Catholic Primate of All Ireland - His Eminence Cardinal Michael Logue, D.D.
Roman Catholic Clergy - Rev. John Ward, Adm., B.D.; Rev. P. Finnegan, C.C.; Rev. M. McGuone, Rev. Eugene O'Callaghan, C.C.
Ecclesiastical Inspector - Rev. Laurence P. Murray
Organist - Mr. Thos. W. Holden, Mus.Bac.
Pentecostal Association, Elim Hall, College Street - E. J. Phillips
The Brethren - College Street and Gospel Hall, Newry Road
Armagh City Council - Commissioner in charge, Lt.-Col. Waring
Fire Brigade - Captain, Robert Winder
Markets - Butter, poultry, and eggs, Linenhall Street; poultry, Dobbin Street; pork, grass-seed, hay, &c., Cathedral Road; pigs, Gaol Square; flax, Upper Irish Street; potatoes and apples, Market Street
Veterinary Inspector - Howard McConnell, V.S.
Clerk of Markets - John O'Brien.  Inspector of Markets - Patk. McKenna
Inspector under Shops Act - W. J. McKernan
Town Plumber and Water Inspector - Robt. Winder
Health Visitor - Mrs. E. M. O'Hare
Town Clerk and Executive Sanitary Officer - James Lennon
Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Supt. Registrar, Jas. Fanning.  Registrar and Medical Officer of Armagh Dispensary, H. Gray
Surveyor - J. C. Boyle, A.M.I.C.E.
Medical Officer of Health - H. Gray, L.R.C.S.I.
Town Sergeant - James Nelson
Armagh Technical Instruction Committee - Commissioner in charge, Lt.-Col. Waring
Armagh Dispensary (The Mall) - Open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9 to 11 o'clock a.m. Medical Officer, Hampton Gray; Relieving Officer, D. Sheeran
Charles Shiels' Institution - Ven. the Archdeacon of Armagh, W. McCrum, T. W. Kilpatrick, Henry B. Armstrong, D.L., M.P.; John Compton, J.P.; Rev. David Miller, B.A.; P. Lavery, solicitor; Rev. J. Ward, Adm.; Wm. Kerr, M.D., J.P.; Jas. Mullan, Canon Tichborne, F. J. Anderson. Ex-officio - His Grace the Lord Primate, His Eminence Cardinal Logue, Moderator of General Assembly. Superintendent, Capt. L. Mahaffy. Visiting Physician, J. M. Palmer, F.R.C.S.I.
Gas Works, Callan Street - Robt. B. Hatch, collector; John F. Harrison, manager and secretary; clerk, W. McDonagh
Armagh District Lunatic Asylum - Committee of Management (see under County Armagh)
Income Tax Offices, The Seven Houses - Collectors, D. P. W. Martin; Henry Atkinson, English Street


Public Library - Board - The Lord Primate, Dean and Chapter, Sir J. H. Stronge, Bt., Tynan Abbey; Mr. H. B. Armstrong, D.L. Librarian, The Ven. The Archdeacon of Armagh (Rev. E. W. Hobson); deputy librarian, J. Dean
The Observatory - Erected A.D. 1793, and founded and endowed by Primate Robinson; enlarged by Lord J. G. Beresford in 1827; possesses the largest telescope in Ireland, presented by the present astronomer, Rev. W. F. A. Ellison; a refracting telescope of ten inches aperture, and other instruments. Board - The Lord Primate, Dean, and Chapter, Sir James Stronge, Bart., D.L., The Marquis of Londonderry. Astronomer, Rev. W. F. A. Ellison; assistant astronomer, Rev. C. Faris, M.A., L.C.E.
Armagh Natural History and Philosophical Society - President, Dr. Robert Gray, F.R.C.P.I., J.P.; secretary, Jas. Fanning
Armagh Art Class, The Mall.  In connection with the Science and Art Department, South Kensington.  Teacher, Miss H. R. Reid, R.C.A. (London); hon. secretary, T. E. Reid
Armagh Young Women's Christian Association, Abbey Street - Secretary, Mrs. Willis
Armagh Catholic Club, Seven Houses - P. J. McGarvey, U.D.C., hon. sec.; C. Heron, assistant hon. sec.; F. Corvan, hon. treasurer
Armagh Royal School - Head Master, H. Hirsch, B.A., Camb., B.és.L., France; assistant masters, J. Ballantine, T.C.D.; G. J. Hogg, T.C.D.; A. G. W. Weymouth, I.B.A.; J. Morrison, T.C.D.; G. G. Martin, T.C.D.; Miss M. Hirsch, B.A., T.C.D.
City Hall, English Street - Containing handsome assembly rooms and offices
Girls' Friendly Society Lodge, 7 College Street - Miss Hutton, matron
Y.W.C.A. - Hon. secretary, Mrs. Willis, Cathedral Hill
St. Patrick's Seminary - Professors - Revs. C. Murphy, C.M., J. Downey, C.M., F. Boyle, C.M., and Mr. T. W. Holden, Mus.Bac.
Cathedral Grammar School - J. Fanning, principal
Presbyterian National School, College Street - J. Boyd, principal
Mall Girls' National Schools - Miss D. Espie, principal; Miss M. Hobson, assistant.  Infant school, Church Walk - Miss Lecky, principal; Miss Kathleen King, assistant
Mall Boys' National School - J. Whisker, principal; James Harvey, assistant
Gosford Place N.S. - Mr. Shiels, principal; Mrs. Shiels, assistant
Abbey Street N.S. - S. Johnston, principal; assistant, Miss K. Johnston
Chapel Lane - Boys, T. Martin, prin.; Jas. Cooney; assistant.  Girls, Mrs. Mulholland, prin.; Miss Keough, assistant
Convent - Rev. Mother Lavery, principal
Banbrook N.S. - Boys, E. McAvinchey, prin.; P. Magee and P. Doherty, assistants.  Girls, Mrs. Heron, prin.; Mrs. Douggan and the Misses Griffith, assistants
Endowed School by Dean Drelincourt, Navan Street - Mr. Elliott, principal; Miss Bower, Miss J. Drummond, Miss Hennessey
Commissioner for Taking Acknowledgments by Married Women - J. Morrow, Cathedral Road
Customs and Excise Office, College Hill - Surveyor, P. J. Gallen; officers, W. A. W. Emerson, P. J. Gallagher, W. C. Hackett
Newspapers - "Armagh Guardian," English Street, published every Thursday evening for Friday; Delmege Trimble, O.B.E., proprietor; Ulster Gazette" and "Armagh Standard," published every Friday, W. J. Greer, Scotch Street, proprietor


Armagh County Club - Trustees, H. B. Armstrong, D.L.; Sir James H. Stronge, Bart., D.L.; M. Sinton, and J. C. Boyle; Treasurers, Bank of Ireland; Hon. Sec., J. C. Murphy
Armagh City Club, Charlemont Place - T. E. Reid, M.B.E., J.P., president; R. F. Forbes, treasurer and secretary
City of Armagh, Unionist Club - Rooms, Abbey Street - President, Wm. Pinkerton, J.P.; treasurer, W. Hunter
Golf Club - Links, The Palace Demesne. Hon. secretary and treasurer, G. H. Scott
Armagh Archery and Lawn Tennis Club - Hon. treasurer, G. W. Bowen, Cathedral Hill; hon. sec., James Moore, Cathedral Close
Richhill Harriers - Miss Armstrong, Dean's Hill, Armagh
Rugby Football Club - Ground, The Mall - President, Wm. McCrum; captain, R. Whitsitt
Architects - S. Jervois, M.R.I.A.I., Abbey House; H. C. Parkinson, Russell Street


Bank of Ireland - Mr. Norris, agent; J. H. Morris, sub-agent
Belfast Banking Co. - J. C. Murphy, manager
Northern Bank - W. F. S. Wilkinson, manager
Provincial Bank - G. Scott, manager
Ulster Bank - James Moore, manager
Hibernian Bank - J. J. McCaffrey, manager
Savings Bank - Mary E. Coote, manageress; J. C. Irwin, auditor


Beresford Arms Hotel, Upper English Street - John Bennett, proprietor
Charlemont Arms Company Ltd.
Great Northern Hotel, Railway Street - Mrs. McMahon, proprietress
Imperial Hotel, Seven Houses - R. R. London
Railway Hotel, Railway Street - J. McCrory
Temperance Hotel, Lower English Street - T. Bailey, proprietor
Temperance Hotel, Scotch Street - Mrs. Black, proprietor
Temperance Hotel - Mrs. Woods, English Street


Armagh District Nursing Association - President, Miss Alexander, Hampton Court; hon. sec., Miss Boyle, The Mall, Nurses Home, Railway Street
Dispensary, The Mall - Hampton Gray, surgeon, and registrar of births, deaths and marriages
Macan Asylum for the Blind - Trustees and Governors - His Grace the Lord Primate Very Rev. the Dean of Armagh, D.D.; Arthur Macan, D.L.; his Eminence Cardinal Logue, Wm. McCrum, Rev. D. Dowling, M.A.; Wm. Kerr, M.P.; Patrick Lavery, solicitor; H. B. Armstrong, D.L.; R. T. Huston, V.S.  Physician and medical attendant, R. T. Herron, L.R.C.P. and S.; H. E. Fullerton, secretary; matron, Mrs. Jones


Ladies' Boarding and Day Schools - Convent (Sacred Heart) - Rev. Mother Superior, Madame Lavery
Miss Wilkin, Vicar's Hill
Miss Hogan, Richmond High School (boarders and day)
Miss Best, Russell Street


D. P. W. Martin, 3 Seven Houses
John Mulholland, Lower English Street
Hugh Porter, Abbey Street
H. E. Fullerton, Abbey Street
Medical Profession - George R. Lawless, Lunatic Asylum; Robert Gray, The Mall; Hampton Gray, The Mall; Robert T. Herron, Victoria Street; Dr. McKee, Russell Street; J. M. Palmer, County Infirmary; William Kerr, English Street; Dr. Lynch, Dobbin Street
Dentists - N. B. Symons, L.D.S., Russell Street; H. M. Chapman, L.D.S., Russell Street; J. Blackwood, English Street


Best & Best (J. Patterson Best), H. J. Harris, Patrick Lavery & Sons, Monroe & Anderson (F. J. Anderson and J. F. K. Anderson), Joshua E. Peel & Son (John A. Peel), John Simpson, Frederick Maxwell, Geo. Crozier, J. Toner, James Duff
Veterinary Surgeons - H. McConnell, The Mall; R. T. Houston, Melvale; J. Clarke, The Mall


Depot of the Royal Irish Fusiliers and Headquarters of the 3rd Battalion - Commanding Officer, Major Findlater, M.C.; Adjt., Captain Wadden; Quartermaster, Lieut. F. Tynan


James Kelly, Lurgan; J. Bissett, Tandragee; P. Green, Crossmaglen; John Quinn, Manordougherty; James McClelland, Middletown; James Morgan, Markethill; Richd. Gracey, Forkhill; Wm. Riddle, Newry; David Mitchell, Newtonhamilton; Saml. Wilson, Killylea; Miss Gott, Armagh; J. Johnston, Charlemont; T. J. Gibson, Keady; Henry J. McReynolds, Portadown; Wm. John Cooke, Portadown; John Mulholland, Portadown; David T. McKeeman, Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton; Thomas Keating, Mullabawn, Forkhill; George Hughes, Derrymore, Bessbrook; Robt. Turner, Iveigh, Newry; Francis Kearns, Derrywilligan, Newry


Milford (Weaving), McCrum, Watson & Mercer Ltd; Gillis (Weaving), McCrum, Watson & Mercer Ltd.; Drumcairne (Spinning), James Wilson; Umgola (Weaving), J. Compton; Umgola (Corn and Flour), Richard Best; Dean's Bridge (Corn), John Warnock; Lislea (Weaving), Montgomery Bros.; Alistragh, Flax Mills Association Ltd.; Altavallen (Corn &c.)


E. McConnell, B.E., A.M.I.C.Sc.I., county surveyor; G. Mills, M.I.C.E., Beresford Row; J. C. Boyle, A.M.I.C.E., Estate Office; H. C. Parkinson, Russell Street; W. S. Jervois, M.R.I.A.I., Abbey Street; H. G. Porter, Abbey Street; and Geo. Taylor, Upper English Street


Cust, A., College Street
Duff, R. H., Barrack Street
Gillespie Bros., Upper English Street
Gray & Corbett, Upper English Street
Loudan, R. R., Seven Houses
McCoy, W., Dobbin Street
McCrory, J., Railway Street
McMahon, Mrs., Railway Street
McNally, Jos., Scotch Street
McNeece, ?, English Street
Patterson, R. N., College Street
Sloss, J., Railway Street
Trodden, P., Lower Irish Street


McDowell, Ltd., College Street
Sleator, G., Upper English Street
Boyd Bros., Thomas Street
Lennon, P., Railway Street


Adams, Frank woollen and drapery warehouse, English Street
Aiken, J., & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, Barrack Street
Albin, Hugh, merchant tailor, Barrack Street
Allison & Co., photographers, Scotch Street
Anderson, F. J., solicitor, Russell Street
Anderson, Hugh & Sons, merchant tailors, Abbey Street
Andrews, T., Victualler, Scotch Street
Armstrong, H. B. W., D.L., Dean's Hill
"Armagh Guardian," Newspaper and Printing Works, Upper English Street - S. D. Trimble, O.B.E., Proprietor

Ballard, J., tailor, Abbey Street
Barnes, Robert, retail and wholesale confectioner and tobacconist, English Street
Beggs, Joseph, draper, Market Street
Bell, Matthew, seed merchant, auctioneer, English Street
Bennett, J., Beresford Hotel, and confectionery, Upper English Street
Berryman, T. J., jeweller, English Street
Best, J. Patterson, solicitor, The Mall
Best, Mrs. E., The Mall
Biggart, Miss, music teacher, Upper English Street
Biggart, Wm., watch maker, English Street
Black, Mrs., restaurant, Scotch Street
Bloomer, Quinton, spirit merchant, English Street
Bowen, Geo. W., Vicar's Hill
Boyd, David, Thomas Street
Boyd, Mrs., costumier and milliner, Scotch Street
Boyd & Co. (J. Robinson), timber & coal merchants, Dobbin Street
Boylan, H., shoeing smith, Lower Irish Street
Boyle, J. C., Altavallen
Bradford, R., egg merchant, Victoria Street
Bradshaw, J., B.Sc., Inspector Department of Agriculture, Cathedral Road
Brereton, Mrs., Dean's Bridge
Britain, John, contractor and plumber, Dobbin Street
Brooks, Thos., J.P., auctioneer, Dobbin Street
Bunting, Mrs. J., hardware merchant, Thomas Street
Burke, Mrs., Ballinahone House
Burns, Miss, music teacher, Abbey Street

Calvert, W., St. Mark's Place
Carter, Charles, grocer and publican, English Street
Chapman, H., ironmonger and house furnisher, Upper English Street
Chapman, H., L.D.S.
Chaundy, Dr. C. M., organist, Abbey Street
Clarke, John, boot merchant, Barrack Street
Clarke, Mrs. R., china merchant, English Street
Cleeland, John, draper, millinery and dressmaking, Scotch Street
Cloughley, Robt., spirit merchant, Scotch Street
Cochrane, Mrs., tinsmith, Market Street
Conlan, T., draper, Thomas Street
Cooney, Henry, tailor, Albert Place
Co-Operative stores, Scotch Street
Cordner, T., tailor, Scotch Street
Corr, John, plasterer, Irish Street
Corrigan, J., poulterer, Lower Irish Street
Corvan, Miss, dress maker, Upper English Street
Coulter, Robert hairdresser, Scotch Street
Couser, William, grocer, English Street
Cowan, E., publican, Lower English Street and Thomas Street
Cowan, Miss, Beresford Row
Co-operative Wholesale Society (Manchester) - Eggs, butter, fruit, &c., Dobbin Street
Craddock, Miss, servants' registry, Abbey Street
Crozier, George, solicitor, The Pavilion, and College Street
Curran, P., publican, Castle Street

D'Arcy, Very Rev., Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, The Palace
Dawson, W. N., Oulart
Dodds Bros., cabinet makers and upholsterers, Dobbin Street
Donaghey, John, poultry dealer, Irish Street
Donaghey, Mrs., newsagent and stationer, Thomas Street
Donaghy, John, publican, Irish Street
Donnelly, James, spirit dealer, English Street
Donnelly, Michael, grocer, English Street
Dougan, Francis, victualler, Market Street
Duff, James, solicitor, College Street
Dugan, J., dairyman, Irish Street

Edwards, Geo. A., coal and timber merchant
Emerson, H. A., grocer & auctioneer, Thomas Street
English, Joseph, hairdresser, Scotch Street

Fallon & Co., drapers, Thomas Street
Faloon, J., sewing agent, Cathedral Road
Faloon, Miss R. H., children's outfitter, Thomas Street
Faris, Rev. Charles, Cathedral Close
Farr, Jas., Normanville
Fearon, ?, second hand books, prints, and glass, Ogle Street
Ferris, D., Ballinahonemore
Ferris, Wm., Drumadd
Ferris, W. R., general grocer, Market Street; res., Gosford Place
Fitzpatrick, John, plasterer, Edward's Square
Fitzsimons, Edward, publican, Lower English Street
Fox, B., grocer, Railway Street
Frazer, R. A., grocer, English Street
Frazer, ?, fruit and vegetables, Scotch Street
Frazer, ?, grocer, Banbrook
Fullerton, H. E., house agent and commissioner for taking affidavits, Abbey Street

Gallery, J., grocer, Thomas Street
Gardner, Miss, Hartford Place
Gilbey, W. & A., English Street
Gillen, John, spirit merchant, Irish Street
Gillespie, M., auctioneer and valuer, Upper English Street
Gillespie, Robert, grocers and seeds, English Street
Gillespie, J. & R., grocers and millers, English Street
Gillespie Brothers, ironmongers and agricultural implements, Upper English Street
Girvan, Wm., paper merchant, Dobbin Street
Glass, David, publican, Scotch Street
Gray, Alfred, chemist, Ogle Street
Gray, H. A., M.D., Charlemont Place
Gray, John, Dean's Bridge
Gray, John W., chemist, English Street
Gray, R., M.D., Charlemont Place
Gray, Wm., & Co., grocers, Thomas Street
Gregory, Thomas, poultry dealer, Irish Street
       and fish and chip saloon, Thomas Street
Greenaway, J. W., & Son, millers, Umgola and Seven Houses
Greer, Mrs., milliner, Scotch Street
Greer, W. J., Printer, Stationer, Bookseller and Shipping Agent, Agent for the "Belfast Weekly News," "Belfast News-Letter," the "Ulster Gazette" and "Standard" Machine Printing Works, Scotch Street
Grimley, Matthew, butcher, Thomas Street, and English Street

Hagan, J., Rosneath, horticultural instructor, Agricultural Committee
Hamill, Wm., cooper, English Street
Hamilton, David, contractor and builder, Edith Terrace
Hanna, Hugh, flax merchant, Irish Street
Hanratty & Mallon, grocers, Ogle Street
Harris, H. J., solicitor, The Mall
Hart, Mrs. Mary, delph and fancy goods
Herron, Robert T., M.D., Victoria Street
Hewson, Misses, College Hill
Hillock, H., & Co., coal and timber merchants, Thomas Street
Hillock, The Misses, milliners, English Street
Hirsch, Henry, B.A., Royal School
Holden, J. W., Mus.Bac., organist, Abbey Street
Hoy, Joseph, boot maker, Thomas Street
Hoy, J., clog maker, Scotch Street; res., Russell Street
Hughes, Arthur, butcher, Thomas Street
Hughes, Jas., boot merchant, Thomas Street
Hughes, John, clothes dealer, Ogle Street
Hughes, Patk., Criterion Hotel, Thomas Street
Hughes, P., boot warehouse, Thomas Street
Huston, R. T., V.S., Melvale

Ireland, The Misses, dress makers
Irwin, James (J. McVitty), grocer, Scotch Street and Ogle Street
Irwin, Robert, tailor, Barrack Street

Jackson, ?, publican, Thomas Street
Jenkinson, William, The Pavilion
Jervois, W. S., architect, Abbey House
Johnston, F., Coach Factory, Thomas Street
Johnston, J. A., watch maker and jeweller, Scotch Street
Johnston, Mrs., stationer, &c., Ogle Street
Johnston, W., draper and outfitter, Scotch Street
Johnston, Wm., hardware merchant, Lower English Street
Johnston, W. R., auctioneer, seedsman, flour and meal, Lower English Street
Jordan, ?, house furnisher, Scotch Street

Kearney, J., boot maker, Thomas Street
Keegan, Mrs., servants' registry, Dawson Street
Kelly, J., painter and decorator, Ogle Street
Kennedy, E., haberdasher, Thomas Street
Kennedy, George, grocer, &c., English Street
Kennedy, John, spirit merchant, Dobbin Street
Kerr, J., cycle agent, English Street
Kerr, Wm., M.D., Seven Houses
Kilpatrick, T. W., solicitor, Hartford Place
Kimmitt, E. G., painter and decorator, Dobbin Street
King & Sons, builders and contractors, Dobbin Street

Lavery, Patrick, solicitor, English Street and Melvale
Lawless, G. R., M.D., District Lunatic Asylum
Leeman, David, tailor, Thomas Street
Leeman, H. G., draper, Market Street; boots, gent's outfitting and tailoring, English Street
Lennon, F., spirit merchant, Scotch Street
Lennon, James, town clerk, City Hall and Cathedral Road
Lennox, W. J., Tailor and Draper, 17, 19 Market Street and Abbey Street
Linton, W., saddler, &c., Thomas Street
Lipton, Ltd., grocers and provision merchants, English Street
Loudan, R. R., undertaker and motors, English Street

Magill, Mrs., dress maker and milliner, Upper English Street
Magovern, J., draper, Thomas Street
Magrath, Thomas, carpenter, Ogle Street
Maguire, E., lodging house, English Street
Mann, Robert, spirit dealer, Railway Street
Mann, Thomas, spirit dealer, English Street and Thomas Street
Manney, Thos., confectioner, English Street
Marshall, T. W., & C., City Steam Laundry, Tullyelmer, and 2 Seven Houses
Martin, D. P. & Co., house, land and estate agents, 3 Seven Houses
Mason, Jas., hardware merchant, Scotch Street
Masterson, John, clothier, Irish Street
Maxwell, F., solicitor, College Street
Maxwell, Miss, decorator, English Street
Mercer, Mrs., restaurant, Scotch Street
Miller, Rev. David, Drumsill
Miller, J., motor cycle and cycle merchant, Thomas Street
Mills, G. H., C.E., Beresford Road
Mitchell, Frederick, draper, Scotch Street
Molocca, ?, ice cream saloon, Scotch Street
Moore, James, agent, Ulster Bank
Moore & Robinson (Walker Hanna), wholesale and retail publicans and grocers, Market Street
Moore, R., spirit dealer, Castle Street
Morehead, T. B., ironmonger and house furnisher
Morgan Bros., drapers, Market Street
Morrison, W., bottling stores, Dobbin Street
Morrow, James, commissioner for affidavits, Cathedral Road
Morrow, Thomas, poulterer, Linenhall Street
Mulholland, John, Commissioner for Oaths, Banbrook Hill
Mullan, James, publican, Thomas Street
Mullen, J., chemist, Thomas Street
Murphy, Miss, The Mall
Murphy, Misses, grocers, Railway Street

McAleavy, Robert, spirit dealer, Thomas Street
McAlister, John, stationer master Great Northern Railway
McArdle, J. J., undertaker and motors, Thomas Street
McBride, A. C., M.P.S.I., English Street
McCaffrey, Mrs., dress maker, Abbey Street
McCann, Chas., green grocer, Thomas Street and Railway Street
McCart, J., grocer, Lower English Street
McCartney, G., cycles, Scotch Street
McCordock, G., boots, Scotch Street
McCrory, J., Railway Hotel
McCullagh, Miss A., The Club
McCullough, H., hair dresser, Thomas Street
McCullough, T., draper and gent's outfitter, Scotch Street
McCusker, Hugh W., spirit merchant, Irish Street
McDonald, J., tailor, Scotch Street
McDonald, Miss, milliner, Lower English Street
McDougall, G., saddlery and boots, Scotch Street
McDowell, Ltd., motors & garage, College Street
McElroy, P., boots and shoes, Ogle Street
McFadden, Henry, grocer, Scotch Street
McGahey, G. W., boots, Scotch Street
McGarvey, P. J., law clerk, May Terrace
McGeough, Francis, posting establishment, Thomas Street
McKee, Jos., restaurant, Scotch Street
McKee, W. & J., confectioners, Thomas Street
McKenna, Miss M., grocer, English Street
McKenna, Patrick, spirit dealer, English Street
McKenna, P., & Sons, contractors, saw mills, coal, &c., Lower English Street
McKee, Francis Walsh, spirit dealer and grocer, Eagle Street
McKernan, W. J., newsagent, Railway Street
McKinstry, Miss, The Mall
McLaughlin, Thomas, Cork and Bottle Merchant, Auctioneer, Glass, China and Fancy Goods Warehouse, Grain and Seed Merchant
McMahon, Mrs., fruiterer, Barrack Street
McMahon, Mrs., Great Northern Hotel, Railway Street
McMahon, P., flax merchant, Edward Street
McNally Bros., butchers, Scotch Street
McNally, J., publican, Scotch Street
McStravick, P., saddler, Upper English Street
McWatters, R. P., Bookseller, Printer, Publisher of Bowman's Interest Tables and Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" English Street

Newbanks, Henry, blacksmith, Linenhall Street
Nugent, J., coals, Ogle Street
Nugent, Mrs., milliner, Thomas Street

Orr, Mrs. J., grocer and druggist, English Street
Orr, W., grocery and hardware, Thomas Street
O'Callaghan, P., boot maker, Thomas Street
O'Connor, ?, grocer, Ogle Street
O'Hanlon, James, grocer, Upper Irish Street
O'Hanlon, J. F., grocer and spirit merchant, Barrack Hill
O'Hanlon, P., fish monger, English Street
O'Neill, C., pork butcher, Lower English Street
O'Neill, Edwd., spirit dealer, Ogle Street
O'Neill, P., J.P., Dobbin Street
O'Reilly, J., tailor, Ogle Street

Palmer, J. Mansergh, surgeon, Infirmary House
Parker Bros., outfitters, Ogle Street
Parkinson, Henry C., architect, Russell Street
Patterson, Miss, draper, Thomas Street
Peel, John A., solicitor, Coroner for Mid-Armagh Division, 56 English Street
Pinkerton, Wm., bacon curer, Scotch Street
Porter, Hugh, commissioner for affidavits, Abbey Street
Porter, H. G., C.E., Abbey Street

Quinn, J., sen., flax merchant, Irish Street
Quinn, J., fancy dealer and tobacconist, Barrack Street
Quinn, Peter, boot and shoe maker, Ogle Street

Radcliffe, Miss, The Mall
Rea, Miss, Servants' Registry Office, Gosford Place
Reid, A., grocer, Lower English Street
Reid, J., grocer and wine merchant, Scotch Street
Reid, Robert, St. Mark's Place
Reid, T. E., M.B.E., secretary, County Council, Courthouse; res., Kiluney, Armagh
Reynolds, ?, painter, Albert Place
Rolston, W., newsagent, Scotch and Barrack Streets
Rooney, C., draper, English Street
Ross, John, shoeing smith, The Mall

Scott, Bros., grocers, Thomas Street
Sherry, John, victualler, Lower English Street
Short, M., & Sons, pianoforte and musical instrument warehouse, Handel House
Simpson, A. C., Sanitary, Hydraulic and Domestic Engineer, Railway Street
Simpson, John W., solicitor, Scotch Street
Sinton, Maynard, J.P., Ballyards
Slavin, Michael, billposter, Castle Street
Sleator, Gilbert, cycle and motor agent, 38 Upper English Street
Sloane, Simon S., watch maker, English Street
Sommerville, T., plumber, Scotch Street
Steenson, J., car proprietor, Barrack Street
Stevenson, Samuel, grocer and spirit merchant, 5 Scotch Street
Stewart, J., boot merchant, Scotch Street
Stewart, R., poulterer, George Street
Stringer, Thomas, draper, Scotch Street

Talbot, Mrs. (Representative), Castledillon
Taylor, Elizabeth, apartments, The Mall
The Allistragh Flax Mills, Ltd., Growers, Retters, and Scutchers - Secretary, D. P. W. Martin, Seven Houses, Armagh
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd. - Agent, John W. Simpson, Scotch Street
"The Ulster Gazette" and "Armagh Standard" Newspapers, Army, Poor-Law and General Printing Office; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Thompson, H., saw mills and box maker, The Folly and George Street
Thom's, confectioners, Market Street
Todd, Wm. R., auctioneer, Scotch Street
Townsend, Mrs., Cathedral Close
Trainor, H., boot merchant, English Street
Trodden, James, grocer, Irish Street
Trimble, S. D., Printer, Stationer, and Ocean Steamship Passenger Agent (all lines), "Armagh Guardian" Office
Tunstall, Rev. J. F., diocesan curate, The Pavilion
Turner, R., & Co., ironmongers and coal merchants, English Street
Tyler & Sons, boot warehouse, Scotch Street

Vogan, Joseph, grocer, Scotch Street
Vosper & Vosper, electrical and mechanical engineers, Thomas Street

Walker, Cecil, monumental sculptor, Barrack Street and The Mall
Walker, S. L., milliner, May Terrace
Walker, T. J., draper, &c., Market Street
Walsh, & Co., wine merchants, Scotch Street
Watson, J. A., leather warehouse, Thomas Street
Webb, Arthur, rate collector, Richmond Terrace
Webb, John, flax merchant, May Terrace
Webb, Owen, musical instrumentalist
Webster, John, painter, Scotch Street
White, Miss, Bookseller and Bookbinder, Stationer and Newsagent. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News", English Street
Whitsitt Bros. (J. Eagleson), hardware merchants, Market Street
Whitsitt, Mrs., The Pavilion
Whitsitt, Robert, D.I. Special Constabulary, Ballinshone
Wilson, James, jun., Hockley Lodge
Woods, Mrs., tea rooms, English Street
Wright, Samuel, grocer, English Street

Young, George, walking stick manufacturer, Callan Street

Zwecker, T., hairdresser, English Street


          A small post town in the parish of Armoy, County Antrim. Forty miles from Belfast, nine miles from Ballymoney, and six from Ballycastle, it is beautifully situated on the River Bush, a good river for fishing for both trout and salmon. The population of Armoy in 1905 was 259.  It is a station on the Ballycastle and Ballymoney Railway.  About half a mile from Armoy is one of the old round towers, and near the same place is one of the holy wells of olden times.

Post Office and Telegraphs - Postmaster, Adam McMullan. Arrival, 9-5 a.m., 2 p.m., 6 p.m. Despatch, 6-50 a.m., 10-30 a.m., 4-10 p.m. Public telephone
National Schools - No. 1 - Teacher, Mr. Carson;  No. 2 - Teacher, Mr. Bradley;  No. 3 - Teacher, Miss Kilpatrick;  Carrowchrin - Teacher, Miss Huey;  Breene - Teacher, Mrs. Gillen
Northern Banking Co. Ltd. - W. H. Boyd, manager
R.U.C. - Sergeant Anderson and four constables
Dispensary - Open every Friday 10-30 to 11-30 a.m. Dr. Boyland
Registrar for Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. Boyland, Armoy Dispensary


Church of Ireland - Rev. Geo. Bell, B.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Albert E. Crawford, M.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. O'Flaherty, P.P.


Acheson, Samuel, farmer, Turnarobert
Armour, Thomas, farmer, Knocknahinch

Bell, Rev. George, The Rectory
Blair, William, farmer, Clintyfinnan

Campbell, Hill, farmer, Islandraney
Campbell, Mrs., farmer, Moyavor
Carson, James, school teacher, Armoy
Carson, John, tailor
Clarke, James, farmer, Breene
Cole, Mrs., farmer, Mullaghduff
Colgan, James, implement maker, Capecastle
Connolly Henry, farmer, Alterichard
Connolly, James, grocer Drumdollagh
Connolly, John, farmer, Sheans
Connolly, Mrs., grocer and builder
Craig, George, farmer and miller, Cromaghs
Crawford, Rev. A. E., Presbyterian minister
Cusiac, Alexander, farmer, Bunshacloney

Devlin, Ellen, farmer, Essan
Devlin, James, publican
Devlin, Samuel, farmer, Cleggan
Dickson, Eneas, farmer, Carrowchrin
Doey, Mrs., grocer and dress maker
Donnelly, Hugh, grocer, publican & farmer

Elliott, James, station master

Ferguson, James, farmer, Balleney
Finlay, Wm., farmer and miller, Clintyfinnan
Forsyth, Alexander, creamery manager
Forsythe, Messrs., blacksmiths
Fulton, Andrew, farmer, Friary
Fulton, Hugh, farmer

Gault, James, farmer, Summerhill
Gillen, James, grocer
Gillen, T. J., spirit dealer

Hanna, Alexander, tailor
Hanna, James, farmer, Moyavar
Hanna, William, postman
Hartin, W. J., farmer, Lagg
Henry, Mrs., farmer, Carrowlaverty
Higgerty, Francis, rug and tow merchant
Huey, James, farmer, Carrowlaverty
Huey, Samuel, grocer, publican and car proprietor, Stranocum Station
Hunter, William, farmer, Chattam

Jameson, Eneas, farmer, Carrowchrin
Jamison, William, farmer, Carrowchrin
Johnston, Patrick, draper and grocer

Kelly, Daniel, publican
Knox, William M., farmer, Riverview

Lamont, J. P., linen warehouse
Laverty, Daniel, rug and tow merchant
Laverty, James, grocer, Gracehill
Lynd, Samuel, publican and farmer, Carncearn

MaCauley, Andrew, J.P.
Molloy, Charles, publican and auctioneer
Moore, James, farmer, Mullaghduff
Morrison, Daniel, draper

McAuley, Andrew, J.P., farmer, Mullaghduff
McBride, John, farmer, Turnarsbent
McBride, Mrs. R., farmer, Monaclough
McBride, Wm., farmer, Monaclough
McClements, J., J.P., farmer, Carrowcashel
McCloy, Mrs., farmer, Ballybreagagh
McConachie, James, farmer, Carrowcashel
McCook, John, farmer, Clintyfinnan
McClernon, Alex., farmer, Mullaghduff
McClernon, Robert, farmer, Carrowcashel
McDermond, Robert John, farmer, Maizes
McErlane, Joseph, farmer, Cruckhara
McKendery, John, blacksmith
McKennon, Thomas, farmer
McLaughlin, James
McMullan, Adam, draper
McMullen, Adam, postmaster
McMullan, James, mason, Ballybregegh
McMullan, John, farmer, Mazies
McMullan, Samuel, farmer, Froughduff
McMullan, Samuel F., flax and saw mills
McNeill, James
McNeill, John, farmer, Carrowcashel
McNeill, Neal, farmer, Bunshancloney

O'Byrne, P., land surveyor, Tullahara
O'Flaherty, Rev. J., P.P.

Redmond, Daniel
Redmond, Thomas, farmer, Monaclough

Scott, Archibald, farmer, Welltown
Stuart, Daniel, egg merchant
Stuart, Hugh, farmer, Ballykenver
Stuart, James, farmer, Ballykenver
Smith, John, car proprietor
Smyth, Alexander, garage, rug, and tow dealer
Smyth, Robert, farmer, Ballybregagh
Spence, W., mason, Balliney
Swann, Robert, Grocer and Hardware Merchant, Timber and Iron Stores, Seeds and Fertilisers, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Todd, William John, farmer, Magheramore

Wallace, Campbell, cycle agent
Willis, Rev. H., Crunshane, Mosside
Wilson, Andrew R., farmer, Mullaghduff
Wilson, Thomas, farmer


          An important market town in the County of Tyrone, 89 miles N.N.W. from Dublin, and about 52 miles by rail from Belfast.  It is situated in the Parish if Carnteel, Union of Clogher, Barony of Lower Dungannon, and is the chief town of the Parliamentary Division of South Tyrone.  It is the chief town in the Clogher valley, being connected with the Great Northern Railway at two points - Tynan (10 miles distant) and Maguiresbridge (27 miles).  The town consists of one long street, and several diverging streets and lanes.  At the head of the town stands the Jackson Almshouse, an imposing structure in the Tudor style of architecture, built and endowed at a cost of £10,000. The markets, held every Wednesday, are excellent; and the fairs, held the first Wednesday of each month, are of first-class importance; while grass seed markets (beginning about the middle of August in each year, and extending to the middle or end of November) occupy a position second to none in regard to quality of seed and prices obtainable.  Petty Sessions and Town Courts are held on the second Thursday of every month. Shops' half holiday, Thursday.

Post Office - Mrs. Stratton, postmistress; Miss M. Frazer and Miss M. R. Wigelsworth, assistants; Jos. McCamley, town postman.  Letters arrive from all parts at 5-20 a.m. Letters are despatched at 7 a.m. to Carnteel and Crilly, and 11-15 to all parts. Rural postmen - Joseph Cassidy, William Fullerton, John Mullan, Joseph McCamley
Magistrates - A. Montgomery, Annagh House; E. McGee, Glenarb House; John McCann, Hugh McFarland Simpson, John Loughran, V.S.; Geo. McElroy, Peter McGirr, Anketell Moutray, D.L., Michael Daly, David Wright, Wm. J. Moore, J. Orlando Reid, and Fredk. W. Malley
Commissioners for Taking Affidavits - Patrick Flood and John Young, C.P.S.
Solicitors - John James Rea, Joseph Speer, and John Hoy & Son
Inspector of Foods and Drugs - Sergeant Higgins
Certifying Factory Surgeon, Aughnacloy District, Clogher Valley Railway - Dr. Geo. A. Pringle
Dispensary - Dr. George A. Pringle
Registrar of Births, &c. - Dr. G. A. Pringle
Deputy Registrar of Births, &c. - John Young, C.P.S.
Jackson's Alms Houses - Rev. S. M. E. Fleming Stuart, M.A., and Rev. Charles French, M.A., trustees
Town Commissioners - Richard Vance, J.P. (chairman); Robert Campbell, William McKigney, Jas. A. Hardy, John McKenna, Robert Sawers, Edward Maginnis, George Wright, Thos. McCammon. Town Clerk, Michael McKenna
Inland Revenue Office - Officer, Mr. Liggett, Knocknarney, Carnteel, Aughnacloy
Town Court - At 10-30 a.m. second Thursday in each month
Petty Sessions - Second Thursday in each month, at 11 a.m. - John Young, clerk
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - Manager, Robert Wm. H. Kerr; cashier, H. Furniss
Northern Bank - Manager, John Russell; cashier, V. S. Boyle; assistant, J. W. G. King
Ulster Bank - James Hood, manager; T. J. McClenahan, cashier; S. R. McKenzie, accountant; David Black, clerk
Coroner for County Tyrone - J. Gillespie, M.D.; depy. coroner, Jos. Speer, solicitor
National Schools - Caledon Street - Samuel Kyle, principal.  Glack - J. Simmons, teacher; Mrs. McDowell, assistant.  Aughnacloy, No. 2 (Male) - Thomas Rooney, master; Aughnacloy No. 2 (Female)
School Attendance Committees - Urban - Rev. W. J. Booth, P.P. (chairman), Rev. C. E. French, B.A., Rev. R. J. Barkley, B.D., Thomas I. Graham, F. W. Malley, J.P., David Wright, J.P., Peter McGirr, J.P., Michael Daly, J.P., Jos. Speer, John McKenna, Michael McKenna (secretary). Rural - David Wright, J.P. (chairman); Peter McGirr, J.P. (vice-chairman), Rev. R. J. Barkley, B.D.; Rev. Richard Park, B.A.; Rev. H. W. Cooke, M.A.; Rev. W. J. Booth, P.P.; John Young, C.P.S.; F. W. Malley, J.P.; Michael Daly, J.P.  School attendance officer and secretary, Thomas McDowell
Customs - H. T. Dyer, chief; John Ward, officer
Clogher Valley Railway Co. - David Norman McClure, loco- supt.; Hugh S. Ellison, clerk; Annie E. McCormack, clerk; John W. Brittain, clerk; John W. Stinson, audit clerk


Carnteel Parish Church (St. James'), Aughnacloy - Rev. H. W. Cooke, M.A., rector; and Crilly Church (I.C.)
Presbyterian Church (Christ Church), Aughnacloy - Rev. R. J. Barkley, B.D.
Presbyterian Church, Crilly - Rev. William J. Craney, B.A.
Methodist Church - Vacant
Roman Catholic Church (St. Mary's) - Rev. Wm. Booth, P.P.; Rev. John Devlin, C.C.


Abraham, James, Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Abraham, Miss Janie, music teacher
Agnew Bros., grocers, &c.
Anderson, F. B., principal Minterburn NS.
Anderson, Mrs. Evelyn, A.L.C.M.

Barkley, Rev. R. J., B.D., The Manse
Beacom, G. T., grocer and hardware merchant
Beattie, Wm., J.P., Tullyvar
Bennett, John, clerk, Clogher Valley Railway
Bennett, John carter
Blair, Joseph, draper
Booth, Rev. Wm., P.P.
Boyd, Joseph
Boyd, Robert, porter Clogher Valley Railway
Boyle, V. S., cashier and accountant, Northern Bank
Brady, Isaac, spirit merchant's assistant
Bryars, John, auctioneer and insurance agent also at Scotch Street, Dungannon
Byers, John, chauffeur

Campbell, Robert, Grocer and Hardware Merchant and Hotel Proprietor
Carberry, Thomas, mechanic
Caruth, Thomas J.
Cassidy, Joseph, rural postman
Cassidy, Mrs., dress maker
Chambers, Louis, hair dresser
Clarke, John, sexton and shoe maker
Condy, Robert J., M.R.C.V.S.
Cooke, H. W., M.A., rector
Cullinan, Michael, J.P., boiler maker, C.V. Railway
Cush, James, dining rooms

Daly, M., & Co., drapers
Davidson, John, dental surgery
Davies, William, D.I., R.U.C.
Devine, James, turf commissioner
Devine, Patrick, General Draper and Outfitter, Millinery, Mantles, &c.
Devine, William, guard
Dunlop, William, bread server

Early, Michael, general grocer and hardware merchant
Ellison, John
Emerson, Alfred, head constable R.U.C.
Emerson, John, store keeper, C.V. Railway
Evans, Charles J., house painter and decorator

Fahy, John, sergt. R.U.C.
Falls, The Misses, dress makers
Finan, J., N.S. teacher
Flood, Patrick, Solicitor's Clerk, Commissioner for Affidavits, Agent for the Caledonian Insurance Co. Ltd., and Hibernian Fire Insurance
Forde, Robert, tailor
Fullerton, William, rural postman

Galbraith, Robert, grocer, hardware and seed merchant, and funeral undertaker
Gallagher, James, sergt. R.U.C.
Galloway, Wm., process server
Gaskin, John, horse and cattle dealer
Gibson, W. J., constable R.U.C.
Gillespie, George, carpenter
Gillespie, Moore, carpenter
Gillespie, Robt., carpenter, C.V. Railway
Gillespie, R. J., carpenter
Gilmore, John, tinsmith
Givan, Archibald, C.V. Transport Co.
Givan, Joseph, plasterer
Girvan, Thomas, & Co., seed, hardware, oil and colour merchants, cycle agents, &c.

Hagan, C., pig dealer
Hagan, Charles, pork butcher
Hagan, Francis, shoe maker
Hagan, Mrs. Peter, dining rooms
Hardy, Joseph, & Co., motor cycle engineers and agents, also agents for all agricultural engines and machines
Henderson, John
Henderson Thos., blacksmith
Henderson, Marshall, shoe maker
Higgins, John, sergeant R.U.C.
Hood, James, manager, Ulster Bank
Hopkins, Ellwood J., saddler and harness maker
Howard, Wm., constable R.U.C.
Hoy, John, & Son, Solicitors; also at Dungannon, 16 Henry Street, Dublin, and 2 Wellington Place, Belfast

Irwin, George, tailor
Irwin, Mrs. George, dress maker

Johnston, John, manager Aughnacloy Printing Works

Kelly, Patrick, carpenter
Kelly, Patrick, constable R.U.C.
Kenny, Miss C., assistant teacher
Kenny, Miss M., assistant teacher
Kerr, Robert W. H., manager Belfast Bank
King, J. W. G., assistant Northern Bank
Kirk, Alex., constable R.U.C.
Kyle, Samuel, teacher

Laing, Charles, constable, R.U.C.
Lamb, David, spirit merchant
Lamont, Geo., constable R.U.C.
Lenny, Matthew, spirit merchant
Lennox, R., printer
Loughran, John, J.P., M.R.C.V.S.
Lowry, I. Adams, Press Representative Private Tutor and Accountant
Lowry, Mrs. M., stationer and newsagent
Lucas, E. C., constable R.U.C.
Lynch, Patrick

Maginnis, E., merchant tailor
Maguire, John, jun., engine driver, Clogher Valley Railway
Maguire, John, guard, C.V. Railway
Malley, F. W., J.P., general draper
Mannion, John, constable R.U.C.
Martin, J. A., district inspector R.U.C.
Martin, Percy, Fort House
Martin, Victor, Fort House
Mills, Thomas, Kaneswood
Moan, Mrs., dining rooms
Moffett, Crozier F., chemical manure merchant, Belragh
Monaghan, Miss, dress maker
Monaghan, Patrick, grocer and shoe maker
Montgomery, George, Crilly
Montgomery, Robert J.P., Annagh House
Montgomery, Vaughan, Crilly
Moore, J., ex-N.T.
Moore, Thomas, shoe maker
Moore, Wm. John, J.P., leather and boot merchant
Moutray, Anketell, D.L., J.P., Favour Royal
Moutray, Miss, Killybrick
Moutray, Miss C., Killybrick
Moutray, Miss F., Ivy Hill
Mullan, John, pig dealer
Murphy, Hugh, grocer
Murray, Thomas, constable R.U.C.

McAlpine, Mrs. B. M., spirit merchant
McAree, Thomas, hair dresser
McBirney, James
McCammon, Theophilus (Trading as Fiddes, Simpson & Co.), Wholesale and Retail Family Grocer, Mineral Water Manufacturer, General Bottler, Seed and Manure Merchant
McCamley, Mrs., dress maker
McCann, John, J.P., F.A.I., County Court Auctioneer, Estate Agent, &c., Hilton House
McCann, Thomas, butcher
McCann, William, Auctioneer, Valuer, &c., Hilton House
McCarron, Jas., blacksmith
McClenahan, T. J., cashier Ulster Bank
McClure, David Norman, loco. supt. C.V. Railway
McClure R. J., photographer, Grance, Aughnacloy
McCreedy, Robert, mill owner, &c., Lintview House
McCreedy, W., agricultural and garden seed dealer
McCullagh, Miss M., dress maker
McCusker, John, butcher
McCusker, Patrick, butcher
McDowell, Thomas, school attendance officer and secretary
McElmeel, Bernard, grocer
McFadden, Jos., carpenter C.V. Railway
McFadden, Michael, carpenter, C.V. Railway
McFadden, Patrick, carpenter, C.V. Railway
McFadden, Patk., jun., fitter, C.V. Railway
McGee, Charles, horse dealer, Knockadreen
McGirr, Peter, J.P.
McGrath, Frank, chauffeur
McIlwain, Mrs. Edith, grocer and hardware dealer
McKay, Moses, Constable R.U.C.
McKenna, Jack, spirit merchant, funeral undertaker and motor car proprietor
McKenna, John, spirit merchant and butcher
McKenna, Michael, shoemaker
McKenna, Michael, Funeral Undertaker, Hardware Seed, Manure, and Coal Merchant, School Attendance Officer and Secretary and Clerk of Town Commissioners
McKenna, Patrick, carpenter, Ravella Street
McKenna, Thomas, egg, butter, poultry, and provision merchant
McKigney, William, tailor
McMeel, John James, spirit dealer
McNulty, Gerard, draper's assistant
McNulty, Martin, spirit merchant, select wine and spirit stores
McNulty, Mrs. C., draper, milliner, &c.
McQuade, Henry, spirit dealer

Nevins, James, tailor

Orr, Thomas J., M.P.S.I., Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Chemist and Optician, The Medical Hall
Owens, Thomas, porter

O'Neill, James, coachbuilder and spirit merchant
O'Neill, John J., grocer and spirit merchant
O'Neill, John, house painter and decorator
O'Neill, Mrs., dress maker

Pike, James, land surveyor
Pringle, Geo. A., M.D., B.S., (Dub.)

Rafferty, James, constable R.U.C.
Rea, John James, solicitor; also at 86 Merrion Square West, Dublin
Reid, Robert John, grocer, Carnteel
Robinson, Joseph, boiler maker, C.V. Railway
Robinson, Thomas, sergt. R.U.C.
Rowe, Herbert, constable R.U.C.
Russell, John, manager Northern Bank

Sands, Robert, bill poster
Sawyers, Robert & Co., Grocers, Provision Dealers, Italian Warehousemen and fruit exporters
Simmons, Meglaughlin & Orr, solicitors; also at Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, and 2 Wellington Place, Belfast
Simpson, James, motor car proprietor
Simpson, Samuel, bread server
Singleton, Thomas, grocer
Slavin, Patrick, slater and marine store dealer
Sloan, Horace S., manager and secretary Clogher Valley Railway Company
Smollen, Joseph F., law clerk
Smyth, Thomas, C.V. Railway Co.
Soraghan, Patrick, accountant C.V. Railway
Speer, James, shoe maker
Speer, Joseph, solicitor and Coroner; and at 41 Kildare Street, Dublin, and 22 William Street South, Belfast
Speer, Nathaniel, shoe maker
Speer, William, Speer's Leather & Shoe Stores, Steamship, Passenger, and Freight Agents

Taggart, R. J., chemist's assistant
Taylor, Jack, pork buyer
Taylor, Patrick, pork butcher and marine store dealer
Taylor, Rev. Moutray, Errigle Glebe
Taylor, Rev. J. Wallace, LL.D., (Dublin), Errigal Glebe
Taylor, F. Dawson, M.R.C.V.S.
Taylor & Condy, M's.R.C.V.S.; also at Errigal and Glaslough, Co. Monaghan
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, R. W. H. Kerr, Belfast Bank
Thompson, Miss Nellie, dress maker
Thompson, Wm., engine driver
Treanor, John, grocer and spirit merchant

Vance, Richard, solicitor's managing clerk

Waters, Chas. E., constable R.U.C.
Watson, George, road surveyor, Tullyvar House
Weir, James G., general draper, &c.
Wickson, J. H., watchmaker
Wilson, Albert, constable R.U.C.
Wilson, Mrs., Ivy Hill
Woods, James
Woods, John, & Co., general grocers, &c.
Wright, David, J.P.
Wright, George, grocer, merchant, funeral undertaker, hackney car proprietor

Young, John, Clerk of Petty Sessions, Commissioner for Affidavits, Deputy Registrar of Births, &c., Clerk to Old Age Pension Committee, and General Insurance Agent


          Is a rising town in the County Fermanagh, and situated on the northern side of Enniskillen, about six miles distant.  The Great Northern Railway Station adjoins the town, which within the last few years has shown signs of progress and improvement.  The population in 1911 was 298


No. 1 National School - G. Coalter, principal; Mrs. Coalter, assistant
No. 2 National School - A. Knox, principal; Mrs. Knox, assistant
Dispensary - Dr. Acheson Aiken, medical officer
Post Office, Main Street - A. Lattimer, postmaster
Archdale Memorial Hall - Wm. Campbell, caretaker
Masonic Rooms - Caretaker, W. Campbell
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. Acheson Aiken
Protestant Total Abstinence Union (Catch-my-Pal) - President, Rev. Wm. Moore; vice-president, Andrew Coalter; hon. treasurer, T. J. Crozier, J.P.
Ballinamallard Co-operative Dairy Society, Ltd. - Manager, John Morrison


Church of Ireland - Rev. R. Blair, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. Wm. Caldwell


Archdale, Rt. Hon. E. M., D.L., M.P., Riversdale
Armstrong, Allen, Drumrainey
Armstrong, Alex., grocer
Armstrong, James, bill poster & game dealer
Armstrong, James, Currin
Armstrong, Mrs. W.
Armstrong, The Misses, dress makers, The Row
Armstrong, William, boot merchant and victualler
Armstrong, William, The Cottage, Craghan

Ball, Joseph
Beatty, George, tailor, Killymitten
Beatty, J.
Beatty, Mrs. M.
Blair, Rev. R., Rectory
Breen, Mrs.
Brown, Wm. J.
Burke, H. A., J.P., land agent, Drumkeen, sub-sheriff for Co. Fermanagh

Caldwell, Rev. Wm., Manse
Calvin, John, blacksmith
Campbell, Jane, shop keeper
Campbell, Sarah
Campbell, William, grocer and baker
Campbell, Wm., sexton
Coalter, Andrew, draper
Coalter, Geo., National school teacher
Co-operative Dairy Society, Ltd., Bara Road, John Morrison, manager
Craig, Thomas, saw mills
Creighton, H. R. T., publican
Creighton, J. W., publican and estate office clerk
Crozier, James, Craghan
Crozier, R. A., hotel and posting establishment
Crozier, Thomas, Flowerdale
Crozier, Thos. & Son, general merchants, millers, timber merchants and undertakers
Crozier, T. J., J.P., Brookville
Crozier & Napier, saw mills

Davis, Joseph, boarding house
Davis, Mrs., dress maker

Edwards, John, cycle depot, Main Street
Edwards, Robert, boot maker
Elliott, William, Dunmurry
Enniskillen Co-operative Society Ltd.

Fair, William, Drumkeen
Fallis, Edward, Knockmanowl
Fausset, Wm. W. B., Ferney
Field, Alfred, St. Angelo
Fitzsimmons, Mrs.

Gilmore, Mary Ann, dispensary

Hamilton, Mrs., hotel keeper
Haslam, James

Irvine, Geoffrey, land agent, Goblusk
Irvine, Major J. G., The Castle, Killadeas

Johnston, John, Goblusk
Johnston, Wm. L., Currin

Kelly, Mrs., Drumsomies House
Kerr, Mrs., Drumslow
Koys, Hugh, Ballinamallard

Lappin, Rev. C.C., Whitehill Parsonage
Lendrum, G. C., D.L., Cork Hill
Loane, Simon, Crocknacrieve

Magee, James, civil bill officer
Mitchell, James, G.N.R. station agent
Moffitt, Herbert, publican

McCordick, John
McCusker, Andrew, Drumconnis
McDonagh, Alex., engineer and cycle repair shop
McIlfatrick, W. J., Scripture reader, Crocknacrieve
McMaude, F. V., J.P., Killadeas
McNicholl, James, postman, Kilskeery

Nesbitt, Geo., wine and spirit merchant
Nixon, James, Dring House

Richardson, Colonel Henry C., Rossfad
Robinson, George, Drumcreen

Sleator, Rev. J. W. (retired rector Church of Ireland), Grove Lodge
Stafford, John, Craghan
Stewart, James, postman and sexton
Strain, James, Jamestown House
Strong, William, Killyskerry

The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, John Morrison, The Creamery

Vance, The Misses, confectioners
Verschoyle, Stuart, D.L., J.P., Tullycleagh and London

Watson, James, carpenter
West, J. J., rate collector, Rosahilly
West, W. H., secretary Fermanagh County Council


          Ballintoy is a pretty little town on the North Antrim coast, situated most picturesquely amid surrounding hills midway between Ballycastle and Bushmills - about seven miles distant from each.  The site of "The Castle," formerly the residence of the "Stewarts of Ballintoy," who were connected with the Scottish Royal Family, is now occupied by a cluster of farmhouses.  The parish possesses many attractions for antiquarians.  There are three cromlechs in it, one rath - all in good preservation - many artificial caves, and on the White Park Strand arrow heads, scrapers, stone hammers, urns, &c., have been found.  The far-famed swinging bridge, Carrick-a-Rede, which is such an object of interest and curiosity to the number of visitors and tourists who come to see it every summer, is about a mile from Ballintoy.  The span is about 60 feet, and the height above water level about 90 feet.  Population in 1922, 110

Postal Telegraph, Money Order and Savings Bank Office - Sub-postmaster, Daniel Gault. Arrival of mails, 12 a.m.; despatch, 2 p.m.
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. Dunlop, J.P. (Croagh Dispensary)
Places of Worship - Church of Ireland - Rev. E. M. Gumley, B.A., B.D., rector.  Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. A. J. Kennedy, P.P., Ballina
Registrar of Marriages - D. McKinley, R.D.C., Ballycastle
Schools - Ballintoy Parochial National School - Teachers, Matthew S. Anketell and Mrs. Anketell.  Ballintoy National School (R.C.) - Teacher, Miss Mary McAuley.  Cloughcorr National School - Teacher, Mr. Allcorn
Masonic Hall (Lodge 38) - James F. Christie, W.M.
Orange Hall (Lodge 803) - D. McAllister, W.M.
Carnegie Library Branch - Librarian, M. S. Anketell


Black, John, wine and spirit merchant and hotel proprietor
Boyd, Robert, blacksmith

Carton, Wm., The Demesne

Dickson, Alex., wine and spirit merchant and hotel proprietor
Doherty, James, saddler
Donegan, Mrs., farmer, The Castle
Donnelly, E. J., grocer
Donnelly, John, farmer
Donnelly, J. E., grocer
Donnelly, Wm., farmer

Gault, Daniel, postmaster
Gillen, T., general merchant

Jamieson, John, J.P., R.D.C.
Jamieson, Mrs., Blackside

Kelly, David, farmer
Kelly, William, farmer

McAlister, Daniel, Lemenagh
McCurdy, Daniel, farmer
McKay, Alex., car owner and farmer
McKendry, Robert, sexton
McPherson, Andw., farmer, Clegnagh
McShane, John, R.D.C., farmer
McShane, Mrs., The Castle


Baird, James, Magheraboy
Baird, Robert, Maghernahare
Black, Daniel, Lemenagh
Black, James, Maghernahare
Boyd, Alex., farmer, Lemeneigh
Boyd, James, Lemenagh
Brown, Daniel, Knocknagarvin
Brown, Eliza, Magheracastle
Brown, John, Cloughcorr
Brown, Miss, Magheracastle Post Office

Callaghan, Samuel, Lemenagh
Christie, Daniel, Craiganee
Christie, James F., Cloughcorr
Christie, John, Magheracastle
Christie, William H., Cloughcorr
Cunningham, Jane, Legavar
Cunningham, Wm., Legavar

Donnelly, Charles, Cloughcorr House
Donnelly, Edward, Maghernahare

Glass, Eneas, Lemenagh

Henderson, Dr. R. W., J.P., Whitepark House
Hill, David, Templastra
Hill, Mrs., Broughgammon
Hill, Neal, Broughgammon
Hill, Wm., grocer, Maghernahare
Hunter, James, Legavar
Hunter, Patrick, Legavar

Kane, Charles, Craiganee
Kane, James, contractor, Magheracastle
Kane, John, grocer, Maghernahare
Kane, Patrick, Knocknagarvin

Logan, Daniel, Lemenagh
Logan, John, Lemenagh

Mabin, Daniel, The Demesne
Mackinnon, Robert, Legavar
Morgan, David, Cloughcorr

McAfee, John, Lemenagh
McAfee, Daniel, Ballinastraid
McAuley, Patrick, Knocksoghey
McCaw, James, Craiganee
McCaw, James, Templastra
McConaghy, Silas, Lemenagh
McConaghy, William, Lemenagh
McConaghy, Wm. B., Knocknagarvin
McCurdy, Ellen, Legavar
McCurdy, Wm., Knocknagarvin
McGowan, Alexander, Broughgammon
McGowan, Daniel, Broughgammon
McGowan, Ezekiel, Magheracastle
McKay, Archie, Port Bradden
McKay, Francis, farmer
McKay, James, J.P., Clegnagh
McKeown, John, Maghernahare
McKendry, A., Craigalappin
McKendry, Neil, Craigalappin
McLean, Alex., builder, Cloughcorr
McLernon, James, Lemenagh
McMullan, Alexander, Templastra
McMullan, William James, Ballinastraid
McNeill, Alex., Knocksaghey

Price, Andrew, Craigalappin
Price, Charles, Ballinlea
Price, Robert, grocer, Ballinlea
Purcell, Hugh, Legavar

Rogers, Alexander, Ballinastraid
Rogers, Archie, Templastra

Scally, Thomas, Magheracastle
Sinclair, Archibald, Templastra

Taggart, Alex., house carpenter
Taggart, Wm., Craigalappin

Wilkinson, Daniel, fisherman
Wilkinson, Neil, fisherman
Wilkinson, Robert, fisherman


          Is situated on the old road from Carrickfergus to Larne, at a distance of about five miles from the former and seven from the latter. The Ballycarry Station on the Midland Railway is about a mile from the village, at the side of Larne Lough, where the road crosses to Islandmagee.  This is the station for persons visiting the Gobbins Path.  A mile from the village, at Bellahill, on the road to Carrickfergus, is the structure known locally as "The Turrets," an old fortress in the form of a square, enclosed by high walls, and having a tower at each corner.  This was formerly the property of the Dalway family, whose first representative in this country was John Dalway, who came over with the Earl of Essex in the year 1573, and received a large grant of land.  Limestone and whinstone are found in abundance.  Population, 282

Church of Ireland - Rev. James Richardson, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thos. Bartley, B.A., minister
Unitarian Church - Rev. W. G. Marsden, minister
Dispensary - Chas. Dundee, M.D., J.P., medical officer, registrar of births, &c.
N.S. No. 1 - Principal, James A. Colhoun; Mrs. Millar and Mrs. Nelson, assistants
National School No. 2 - Principal, A. Turtle; assistant, Miss Barry
Rural District Councillors - W. J. Craig, Magheramorne; W. Hogsett, Kilroot


Adams, Wm., Yan-yean Cottage
Adrain, Miss, Templecorran House

Baird, Hugh
Baker, F., Alfracken
Bartley, Rev. T., B.A., The Manse
Bashford, James
Bosomworth, Mrs.
Brown, H., Bentra
B.B. Farm Co. Ltd.

Calwell, Wm., The Bungalow
Cameron, James, gardener
Campbell, Robert
Colhoun, J. A., Green Cottage
Craig, Joseph D., Hillhead

Dick, J., Causeway Villa
Dickson, J., bread server
Duff, John A., Causeway Villa
Dundee, Capt. Charles, M.C.
Dundee, Charles, M.D., J.P.
Dunlop, James, dairyman

Ellis, Alexander, Bank House
Erskine, James, draper
Erskine, J. S., Dunrobin House
Erskine, P.

Feeney, James, Bentra

Gracey, John
Gray, Miss A.

Hamilton, Mrs.
Harrison, G., Redhall
Hawkins, John, station master, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Hawkins, William, postman

Johnson, H., Leafield

Kane, Wm., smith
King, Mrs., Gobbins Hotel

Legge, Jas., The Cottage
Leighton, J. A., solicitor, Springbrook
Lewis, L. A., The Acreback

Magowan, Joseph, Blackhill
Malet, Miss, Redhall Cottage
Marsden, Rev. W. G., The Manse
Millar, Alexander, carpenter
Millar, Andrew, publican

McConnell, Miss A., postmistress
McCready, J., Redhall
McCullough, J., Redhall
McCullough, R.
McCully, Robert, Ballycarry Limeworks
McDowell, H., Bathcar
McDowell, James, butcher
McGiffin, Miss
McKee, Mrs., publican and grocer
McMeekin, The Misses, dress makers
McNeill, Mrs., Hillhead

Nelson, James, Redhall

Orr, Captain Samuel

Pickford, Mrs.

Ridges, Miss, Causeway Cottage

Saunders, G., Railway Cottage
Smyth, Mrs., Rignaham
Steele, Alexander, grocer
Stevenson, Captain N.
Stewart, Mrs., grocer
Sturdy, E. H., grocer and farmer, Cooleen

Wilson, Robert J.
Wilson, W., Coreen


Alexander, W. J., Redhall
Allen, David, N.W. Ballycarry
Arthurs, Wm., Cairnbrock

Barron, David, Bellahill
Barry, John, Forthill
Barry, Robt., Bellahill
Barry, William, Bellahill
Bashford, Wm., Rignaham
Beggs, Thos., Cairnbrock
Boyle, Robert H., Lockstown
Brennan, Alex., Ardrahan
Bryans, W., Blackhill
Burns, Archibald, Burnside

Caldwell, James, Bellahill House
Calwell, William, Cairnbrock
Clugston, Hugh, miller and farmer, Bellahill
Clugston, H. A., Bellahill
Connor, James, Bellahill
Cowan, Thomas, Bellahill
Craig, David B., Ladyhill
Craig, Wm. J., Burnside

Davison, James, Blackhill
Davison, John, South West, Ballycarry
Dick, John, Drumgart

English, Alex., Bentra
Erskine, Mrs., Lockstown

Gardner, J., Burnside
Gardner, S., Lockstown
Greer, Robert, Bellahill

Hall, James, Lockstown
Hamilton, Samuel M., Forthill
Hanna, Hugh, Muttonburn
Hay, David, Bellahill
Hay, Isaac, Bellahill
Howard, David, Bridge End
Hume, Wm. J., Aldfreck
Hunter, A., Hillmount

Jackson, D., Bellahill
Johnston, Mrs. S. W. Ballycarry

Kell, Thomas, Bentra
Kirkpatrick, John, Redhall

Legge, F., Blackhill
Long, James, Bentra

Martin, John, S. W. Ballycarry
Millar, J., Aldfreck
Millar, William, Forthill

McAlister, John, Ruthmount
McCausland, John, Lockstown
McDowell, Jas., Blackhill
McFerran, P., Cairnbrock
McGladdery, J., Bentra
McKee, John, Seaview
McKee, John, Blackhill
McKee, Thomas, Oldmill
McKee, William James, Bentra
McKee, Wm., Plantation House
McMurran, J., Lockstown

Nelson, Mrs., Blackhill

Orr, Edward, Forthill
Owens, Wm., Bellahill

Ridges, John and James, Lockstown
Ridges, William, N. W. Ballycarry
Robinson, R., Blackhill
Robinson, Thos., Leafield

Service, Robert, Bentra
Shaw, Robert, Rignaham
Snoddy, Hugh, Bellahill
Steele, Mrs., Loughside
Steele, Samuel, Loughside
Stewart, Bailey, Ballycarry
Stevenson, Robert, Minniebrook

Thompson, Miss, Lockstown

Weatherup, Mrs., Hillhead
White, Edward, Muttonburn
White, James, Muttonburn
Wilson, Thomas, Bellahill
Wisnom, James, Cairnbrock


          A seaport and market town in County Antrim, forty-two miles N.N.W. from Belfast.  The name of the place, Ballycashin, signifying in the Irish language "Castleton," is derived from a castle built here in 1609 by Randolph, Earl of Antrim, the remains of which, in the year 1856, were removed, and the site left for building ground.  The neighbourhood abounds in historical associations, with its ruined castles, its old monastery (Bun-na-mairge), and the glen and valley battlefields on which the sound of arms and clash of claymore were heard in the olden times.  Fairs - Second Tuesday of each month, and the last Tuesday, the great August fair (two days) on the last Tuesday and Wednesday in August.  A pork market is held on Tuesday and a market for cats on Saturday each week.  The town is two hours from Belfast by rail, via Midland Railway to Ballymoney, thence Ballycastle Railway. The Workhouse has been converted into an up-to-date hospital, called the Dalread District Hospital. The town became an urban authority at 1st April, 1921. Electric light has been installed for street and private lighting.

Post Office - Mrs. Scarlett, postmistress.  Branch Post Office - The Quay - Thos. Humphreys, postmaster
Union Workhouse - 15 Electoral Divisions.  Board meets on Tuesdays. John Darragh, chairman; S. J. Lyle, vice-chairman; D. Black, deputy vice-chairman; clerk and returning officer, Mr. Ferrick; relieving officer, Daniel McKinlay, jun.; superintendent nurse, Miss O'Connor
District Council - Francis Black, chairman
Urban Council - Chairman, Daniel McKinley; vice-chairman, Capt. S. J. Lyle, M.C.; Edward J. Fogarty, town clerk
Belfast Bank - A. J. Tumelty, manager
Northern Bank - Mr. McCullagh, manager
Ulster Bank - J. B. R. Harper, manager


Church of Ireland - Ballycastle, Rev. L. Stevenson, incumbent; Culfeightrim, Rev. F. W. Davies, rector; Ramoan, Rev. J. C. Topley, rector
Methodist Church - Rev. Mr. Dennison
Roman Catholic Chapel - Armoy, Rev. J. O'Flaherty, P.P.; Ballycastle, Rev. B. Murphy, P.P.; Rev. Father Lynch, C.C.; Ballinlea, Rev. A. Kennedy, P.P.; Culfeightrim, Rev. T. Small, P.P.
Presbyterian Church - Ballycastle, Rev. John Jackson, D.D.; Ramoan, Rev. Silas Johnstone


Baillie, John, station master
Bakewell, James, high-class confectioner and fancy goods merchant, Ann Street
Ballycastle Shipping Co.
Belford, W. H., secretary Marine Hotel Co. Ltd.
Bell, Robert
Bernard, Mrs., Ardaghmore
Black, Miss, The Quay
Black, Wm., plasterer
Blackmore, George, market gardener
Boyd, Alex., baker
Boyd, Hugh
Boyd, Miss, Manor House
Boyd, Mrs., Brymawr
Boyd, Mrs. James
Boylan, Dr. D., dispensary medical officer and registrar of deaths
Boyle, Bernard, book seller
Brannigan, Charles D., publican
Brown, Wm., carpenter
Byrne, John A.

Callwell, W. J., watch maker
Campbell, James
Campbell, Mrs., Boyd Arms Hotel
Campbell, Rev. E. F., Ballycastle
Casement, John, Captain R.N.
Casement, Roger, J.P., D.L., Magherintemple
Caulfield, Richard, coachman
Clarke, Hugh, pensioner
Clarke, John, publican
Coghlan, J., photographer
Colgin, Robert, tailor
Cox, Rev. Thomas, M.A., Ballycastle
Coyle, Alex., baker
Coyle, Hugh
Coyles, George, car and motor hirer
Craig, James, grocer
Crawford, Rev. A. E., M.A., Presbyterian minister, Armoy
Creery, Miss, Glentaisie
Cullen, J., B.A., teacher
Curry, William, retired school teacher

Dalliott, Neal, carpenter and joiner
Dalliott, Peter, carpenter
De Largy, Daniel, Royal Hotel
Donnelly, Edward Joseph, blacksmith
Donovan, Rose
Douglas, James, carpenter
Douglas, The Misses, Glenluce
D. S. Electric Company
Dunlop, Joseph, M.D., J.P., Straidkillen
Dunlop, Robert

Ekin, J. A., draper
Ewing, Jane

Fee, Patrick, plasterer
Ferrick, M. J., union clerk
Ferris, Mrs. J. C., Thorn Cottage
Fisher, Ellen, publican
Fogarty, E. J., town clerk
French, C. H., dentist

Gage, Rev. A. H.
Gilmour, S. J., B.A., principal High School
Graham, Thomas
Graham, Wm., blacksmith
Greer, T. M., solicitor, Kenmara

Haughey, Mrs., draper
Hayes, W. G. B., J.P., Drumawillan, farmer
Henry, Andrew, car driver
Hire, Mrs., Qua Road
Humphreys, David, carpenter and builder
Humphreys, Miss
Humphreys, Thomas, carpenter and builder
Hunter, Arthur
Hunter, Alex., publican
Hunter, Henry, fruiterer
Hutchinson, Samuel

Jackson, Rev. John, B.A., B.D., The Manse
Jamieson, Robert, plumber
Jamieson, William, plumber
Johnston, Wm., butcher

Kelly, William, carpenter
Kennedy, Hugh
Keown, William
Knox, Mrs. Berea

Lamont, Daniel, boot maker
Lawrence, Moore, Gartconey, farmer
Lawrence & Boyd, grocers
Lyle, Captain Sydney J., J.P., Derganagh
Lynn Bros., motor garage

Macartney, J.
Macaulay, J., carver
Macouaig, Miss
MacDermott, Miss, Annahavil.
Magill, Hugh
Manley, M., Townparks
Marine Hotel Co.
Marine Motor Co. (C. M. Laurence)
Markey, P. C. M., solicitor
Millar, Miss Marion, Sunnybank
Miller, Miss, Whitehall
Mitchell, John
Mooney, Cornelius, grocer
Mooney, D., & Sons, boot warehouse
Moore, Miss, Moyarget Lodge
Moore, Mrs., Whitehall Cottage

McAllister, Patrick, farmer
McAlister, Hugh A., clerk of petty sessions and auctioneer, grocer, iron, timber, slate, coal and seed merchant, Commissioner for Oaths, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" Telephone No. 15
McAuley, Mary, publican
McAuley, Mrs., delph warehouse
McAuley, P. & J., butchers
McBride, John, postman
McCambridge, Alexander, publican
McCambridge, E. F., J.P., auctioneer
McCambridge, Mrs. Ida M., Boyd Arms Hotel and Antrim Arms Hotel
McCarry, Hugh, Broughinlea
McCaughan, James, Duncarbit
McCaughan, J. W., motor garage
McCaughan, Samuel, grocer
McCausland, Saml., watch maker
McClements, James, spirit grocer
McClure, Samuel, Islandview
McCollam, Charles, baker and grocer

McDonnell, Randal, veterinary surgeon
McDowell, Samuel, carpenter
McElheran, Robert, Altanamuir
McGildowney, Mrs., Clare Park
McGill, John, coach builder
McGill, Wm., publican
McHenry, Miss, dress maker
McHenry, Miss, draper
McHenry, Rose
McHenry, William, spirit dealer
McKaige, John, publican
McKay, Mrs., grocer
McKendry, Patrick, butcher
McKillop, James, publican
McKinley, Anthony, grocer
McKinley, Daniel, registrar of marriages
McKinley, Daniel, stone mason
McKinlay, Daniel, sub-sanitary officer
McKinley, Mrs., Lisvarna
McLaughlin, Charles, town constable
McLaughlin, Wm., postman
McLister, J. F., grocer
McMahon, Miss, Orrville
McMichael, James, chemist
McMullan, James, barber
McMullan, Mrs.
McNeill, James, shoemaker
McNeill, Miss, draper
McShane, Miss

Neeley, Miss Kate, grocer
Nicholl, John, brickyard and sawmill
Norton, Mrs., Glenluce

O'Brien, John, barber
O'Connor, Miss
O'Neill, Mrs.
O'Neill, T. J., C.E., Ballypatrick

Quigg, Francis, golf green keeper
Quinn, M., draper

Ramsey, Robert, chemist
Richardson, W., school teacher

Scally, Daniel, shoe maker
Scally, William J., grocer
Scarlett, John, boot and shoe warehouse
Scott, John, farmer
Scott, William, grocer
Sharpe, Andrew, Drumahit, farmer
Sharpe, Mrs., Quay Road
Sharpe & McKinley, grocers, ironmongers, hardware merchants
Sides, Miss, teacher
Smith, David, sergeant R.U.C.
Smith, Hugh, blacksmith
Smith, James, blacksmith
Smith, Samuel, sexton
Spence, Mrs.
Stavely, Miss, Craigtara
Stewart, Mark, civil bill officer
Stewart, Miss, teacher, Castle Street
Stewart, Mrs.
Stewart, Robert, J.P.
Stuart, Miss, teacher, Ann Street
Stuart, Miss, Benmore

The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd. - Agent, A. J. Tumilty, Belfast Bank
Thompson, Mrs., The Quay
Thomson, D., saddler
Topley, Rev. T. C., Ramoan Rectory

Verdon, Fanny, spirit dealer, The Quay

Warnock, A. M., Excise officer
White, James, Leland, farmer
White, Thomas, Carnsampson, farmer
Williams, James, Ardaghmore
Williamson, Wm., Stronsbesk, farmer
Williamson, John, Clermont Hotel
Woodside, Miss, milliner
Woodside, R. P., solicitor, Carnsampson
Workman, Captain, R.U.S.C.

Young, George, Dunriney


Marine Hotel, Marine Hotel Co.;  Royal Hotel, Daniel De Largy;  Antrim Arms Hotel, Mrs. McCambridge;  Boyd Arms Hotel, Mrs. McCambridge;  Clermont Temperance Hotel, John Williamson;  Atlantic House, Charles D. Brannigan


          Ballyclare is a flourishing market town in the County Antrim, ten miles from Belfast, and beautifully situated in the valley of the Sixmilewater.  It has a find Market Square, containing 2 statute acres, in the centre of which is the Market House and Town Hall, and an attractive monument erected by the inhabitants to the memory of the late Dr. Cunningham.  In this square are also branches of the Northern, Ulster, and Belfast Banks.  Near the town are the extensive bleach works of Messrs. Kirkpatrick Bros. Ltd., and the North of Ireland Company's paper mills.  A railway connecting the town with Belfast and Larne is doing an extensive passenger, mineral, and general traffic.  A mine (belonging to the Irish Bauxite Co.), near Straid, a short distance from Ballyclare, yields a mineral called bauxite, which is largely shipped, via Ballyclare and Larne.  Within an area of two miles there are thirteen manufacturing establishments - spinning factories, bleach greens, and beetling engines.  A Court of Petty Sessions is held every third Thursday of each month.  There is a market every Tuesday for butter, pork, eggs and fowl, and markets - chiefly for cattle - are held on the third Monday of each month.  The fairs are held on the last Tuesday of January, the second Tuesdays after 12th May, 12th July, and 12th November.  The May fair is one of the largest and best for horses in the province of Ulster.  There is an electric station, and a picture house, run by a local company. The town is lighted by electric light.  Shops' half holiday, Thursday. Population in 1911, 3,369

Postal Telegraph Office - Postmaster, Thomas Elder
Police Barrack - Sergeant Hannan and six constables


Church of Ireland - Ballyclare, Rev. Samuel T. Nesbitt, rector of St. John's Church, Ballyclare and Christ Church, Ballynure; Rev. James McCann, curate
Congregational Church, Ballyclare - Mr. W. T. Courtney, pastor
Presbyterian Church - First Ballyeaston, Rev. W. J. Harrison; Second Ballyeaston, Rev. William Brann; Ballynure, Rev. A. Scott; Kilbride, Rev. J. Armstrong; Ballylinney, Rev. Ernest McConnell; Ballyclare; Rev. W. J. G. Macbeth, B.A.
Covenanters' Church - Rev. A. Holmes
Methodist Church - Rev. Jos. Mathers
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Thomas McGowan, P.P.
Unitarian Church - Rev. A. M. Bell
Gospel Hall, Moss Road, Ballyclare, weekly supplies
Salvation Army Hall, The Square, Ballyclare


Ballyclare Female National School - Principal, Mrs. Haddon; assistants, Miss Smith, Miss Perry, and Miss Gardner
Ballyclare Male National School - Principal, James Haddon; assistants, Mr. Stewart, Miss Scott and Miss Wilson
Northern Banking Co., Market Square - Manager, John Chapman; cashier, S. J. Blair
Ulster Bank - Manager, R. T. Smith; cashier, H. McAllen
Belfast Bank, The Square - Manager, John Speers; cashier, T. Scarlett
Private School - Miss Aiken, Market Square
Roman Catholic National School - Principal, Miss Cashion
Medical and Sanitary Officer - Dr. A. King Stevenson; sub-sanitary officer and byre inspector - James Smyth
Clerk of Town, Town Court, and New Cemetery - Edward Hill, solicitor
Magistrates - John J. Kirkpatrick, Dr. Hugh Logan, John Furniss, Wm. Mullin, Robert Gamble, R. H. Wilson, R. S. Thompson, Hugh Minford, Samuel Coleman, John Boyd, W. H. Andrews
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Hugh Hill
Civil Bill Officer - Alec. McClean, Main Street
Local Registrar for Births and Deaths - Dr. A. K. Stevenson, Ballyclare
Registrar for Marriages - Antrim Union
Urban Council - S. Coleman (chairman), Wm. Kennedy, Samuel Dowther, Wm. W. Boyd, John Grange, Nathaniel McKinstry, Samuel McKnight, Houston Service, John Forsythe
Caretaker New Cemetery, Ballyclare, and School Attendance Officer - James Hill


Adrian, Mrs. Hugh, Park Place
Agnew, Thomas, grocer, Moss Road
Aiken, Miss, B.A., Intermediate School, Ballyclare; residence, The Square
Alexander, Miss, Sizehill
Alexander, Mrs. James, Victoria Villas, Ballyclare
Alexander, Robt., clerk, Mill Lane
Allen Bros., seed and implement merchants, Ballyclare and Ballymena
Allen, James, draper, Main Street
Allen, John, merchant tailor, Main Street
Allen, Thos., carrier, Main Street
Allen, Wm., Ashley Gardens
Allison, Rev. Robert, Kilbride
Armour, James, electrical engineer, Victoria Villas
Armstrong, Mrs. T., fancy warehouse, Main Street
Armstrong, Saml., Railway Guard, Coronation Terrace
Arthurs, David, Love's Buildings

Baird, Alexander, Market Square
Baird, John, spirit dealer
Baird, Mrs. John, Hillcrest, Moss Road
Baird, Robert T. Wilson, Baird's Hotel
Barber, Mrs., Doagh Road
Barber, Samuel, mill worker, Ballycorr Road
Barron, Robert, farmer, The Lynn, Ballylinney
Beattie, Alec., Park Street
Beattie, Samuel, coach builder, Mill Road
Beggs, James, architect and carpenter, Victoria Villas
Beggs, R., farmer, Hillhead
Beggs, Samuel, stone mason and brick layer, Greenvale Terrace
Beggs, The Misses, Market Square
Beggs, T. & D. C., solicitors
Bell, Mrs. John, Doagh Road
Bell, Rev. A. M., The Manse, Mill Road
Berry, Mrs. James, fruiterer
Berry, Patrick, general dealer, North End
Bingham, Samuel, grocer, Market Square
Blair, Francis, Green Road
Blair, James, green worker, Millvale
Blair, Mrs., farmer, Lisnalinchy
Blair, Mrs. Andrew, Green Road
Blair, Mrs. A., Bellinda Terrace, Doagh Road
Bovill, Wm., Sycamore House, Whitepark
Boyd, Miss, dress maker
Boyd, The Misses, grocers
Boyd, T., grocer and shoe maker
Boyd, W. Wilson, produce merchant, Ballyclare; res., The Bungalow
Boyd, W. J., Wilson's Row
Brann, Rev. Wm., Parade Manse, Ballyeaston
Brennan, ?, gardener, The Green, Ballyclare
Brown, Mrs., Green Road
Brown, Wm., farmer, Craig Dufferin Cottage, Whitepark
Browne, E. A., I.S.M., L.L.C.M., Craig Dufferin, Whitepark
Brycen, Miss, Doagh Road
Bryson, The Misses, dress makers, The Square
Butcher, Mrs., Coronation Terrace

Calvert, George R., dispensing chemist
Cameron, David, letterpress printer, bookbinder and stationer
Cameron, Miss, Main Street
Cameron, Mrs., Avondale Terrace
Campbell, James, farmer, Lisnalinchy
Carlin, Daniel, green grocer, Main Street
Carlin, Wm. J., grocer, Le Ballyclare
Caruth, James, plasterer, Doagh Road
Cashion, Miss, principal teacher Roman Catholic School
Chapman, J. W., manager Northern Bank
Cole, Miss, Main Street
Coleman, Alex. Blair, farmer, Lisnalinchy
Coleman, Robert, farmer, Lisnalinchy
Coleman, Samuel, J.P., clerk, Green Road
Coleman, Samuel, farmer, Bruslee
Coleman, T., draper
Coleman, Wm., N.S. teacher, Skelgan-aban
Connolly, Henry, Ollar Lodge, Ballyclare
Corry, Mrs. Alex., cabinet maker
Corry, Robert, Green House
Coulter, Hugh, Courthouse Entry
Courtney, Miss, typist, Doagh Road
Courtney, W. T., pastor Congregational Church, Victoria Villas
Craig, Hugh, auctioneer and potato merchant, Ashley Gardens
Crawford, John, Mountview Terrace
Crawford, John, mechanic, Bellinda Terrace, Doagh Road
Creeth, James, plasterer
Cross, Abel, Green Road
Cross, A., dentist, Belfast and The Square, Ballyclare
Cross, Bryce, & Son, Ltd., seed and implement merchants, The Square
Cunningham, Abraham, Moss Road
Cunningham, James, draper and shoe maker, Market Square
Cunningham, Messrs., drapers, outfitters and cycle agents, Blue House, Ballyclare
Cunningham, John, photographic studio, Claremount, Moss Road
Cunningham, Thos., carrier and potato merchant, North End
Curliss, Alexander, Coronation Terrace
Curran Bros., electric station, Main Street

Dickey, Mrs. David, Arklyn, Doagh Road
Dickey, Mrs. John, Moss Road
Dickson, Wm., hairdresser, Park Street
Dobbin, David, Mill Road
Dodds, Wm., carter, School Street
Downey, George, Ashley Gardens
Dowther, William, grocer
Doyle, Mrs. R., Bellinda Terrace
Dundee, Wm. J., farmer, Bruslee

Elder, Thomas, postmaster and stationer
Ellis, Mrs., Avondale Terrace
English, Mrs. D., confectioner
Erskine, John, spirit dealer and undertaker
Erskine, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Erskine, Samuel, motor garage and motors for hire
Erskine, Thomas, draper, Market Square
Estor, Thos., painter, Millar's Row
Ewart, John, potato dealer, Main Street

Fenton, Chas., green worker, North End
Fenton, Frank, merchant tailor, Main Street
Ferguson, Mrs., dress maker
Ferguson, Acheson, farmer, Little Ballymena
Ferguson, Samuel, farmer, Little Ballymena
Ferguson & Son, F.A.I., auctioneers, valuers, estate and insurance agents, Ballyclare and 36 Arthur Street, Belfast
Ferris, Thos., N.S. teacher, Bruslee
Finlay & Agnew, meat specialists, Moss Road
Forsythe, John, tailor
Foster, Jas., water bailiff, Victoria Villas
Foster, James, green worker, Green Road
French, John, shoe maker, Moss Road
Furniss, John, J.P., manager Irish Bauxite Co., Straid Mines, Straid

Galbraith, Alexander, pedlar
Galbraith, Mrs. John
Gamble, Robert, J.P., cattle dealer, flesher, and milk vendor
Gardner, Mrs., Ballyeaston Road
Gardner, Mrs. John, Victoria Villas, Ballyclare
Gardner, Wm., Bruslee
Gaskin, Samuel, grocer, Green Road
Gault, Miss, Doagh Road
Gervin, Robert, bleacher, Moss Road
Gettinby, G. T., tailor and draper, Le Ballyclare
Gibson, Mrs., Bellinda Terrace, Doagh Road
Gillespie, Matthew, grocer, Le Ballyclare
Gillespie, Miss, confectioner, Le Ballyclare
Gillespie, Wm., Mill Road
Girvin, Samuel, motor car and cycle agent, Main Street
Girvin, Robert, Royal Hotel, Main Street
Graham, James, green worker, Green Road
Graham, John, tailor, North End
Graham, Mrs. W., The Craigs
Graham, Tom, butcher, Ballycorr Road
Graham, Wm., flesher, North End
Graham, Wm., tinsmith
Grange, John, spirit dealer
Grange, John, Moss Road
Grange, W. H., spirit dealer
Grant, John R., manager North of Ireland Paper Mills Co. Ltd.
Greer, Mrs., The Bridge
Gregg, James, & Co., chemist and druggist, hardware and general merchant; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" & "Belfast Weekly News"
Griffith, M., Ballyclare

Haddon, James, school teacher, Moss Road
Hagan, Robert, manager Whitepark Finishing Co., Whitepark House
Haggan Bros., grocers, Main Street
Haggan, Thos., slater
Haize, James, mason, Moss Road
Hamilton, Miss, The Mount, Green Road
Hamilton & Co., drapers, The Square
Hanna, Thomas, farmer and cattle dealer, Rashee
Harper, Robert, Courthouse Entry
Harvey, Alan, merchant tailor, Main Street
Harvey, Mrs., New Street
Havern, B., dog trainer, Gateside
Heaton, James, Bellinda Terrace
Heckney, John, Mill Lane
Heckney, Thomas, farmer, Thornditch
Henderson, Alan, grocer
Henderson, Robert, tailor, Moss Road
Heron, Frank, Grahamstown
Hill, Edward, solicitor and town clerk, Ollar View Cottage
Hill, David, tailor, draper and merchant
Hill, Hugh, C.P.S. and Commissioner for Oaths
Hill, John, green worker, Green Road
Hill, Wm., mechanic, Ashley Gardens
Hill, Wm., provision merchant, Moss Road
Holmes, Hugh, Millvale
Holmes, Rev. A., Sunnyside
Horner, John, Avondale Terrace
Houston, Samuel, saddler, Main Street
Hunter, David, Greenvale Terrace
Hunter, David G., N.S. teacher, North End
Hunter, Mrs., restaurant & caterer, Main Street
Hunter, Mrs. James, farmer, Bruslee
Hutchinson, Mrs., Park Street
Hutton, John, railway guard, Coronation Terrace
Hutton, Wm., railway carrier and milk vendor, Le Ballyclare

Ireland, Mrs., Mill Lane

Jack, William, Glenvale Terrace

Kennedy, William, jeweller and watch maker
Kerr, John, Main Street
Kerr, Mrs. J., grocery and millinery store
Kerr, Robert, North End
Kerr, Samuel, N.S. teacher and farmer, Lisnalinchy
King, Mrs. Frank, Ashley Gardens
Kirkpatrick, J. J., J.P., The Green
Kirkpatrick, Kenneth, Coulter's Hill, Ballyclare
Kissock, Samuel, spirit dealer, Market Square
Knox, David, Ashley Gardens, Ballyclare

Laird, Edward, farmer, Milltown
Lawson, John, woollen draper
Lindsay, Joseph, farmer, Ballyhone
Lisle, Mrs., Thornhill, Doagh Road
Lisle, William, farmer, Isle of Man
Logan, Andrew, V.S., Clareview
Logan, Dr. Hugh, J.P.
Logan, John, hay dealer, Doagh Road
Logan, Wm., builder and farmer, The Flouther, Ballyclare
Lorrimer, Mrs. John, Bellinda Terrace
Loughead, John, Moss Road
Loughrin, Wm. H., Greggville Cottages
Loughran, Wm. John, Moss Road
Lyndsay, Isaac, farmer, Lane Ends, Palentine

Macbeth, Rev. W. J. G., B.A., The Manse, Doagh Road
Mackey, Samuel, The Mount, Green Road
Magee, John, Courthouse Entry
Magee, Miss, Franklea, Moss Road
Magill, Malcolm, bread server, Greggville Cottages
Mairs, J., Mill Vale
Martin, Mrs., Moss Road
Methrustry, John, Avondale Terrace
Methrustry, Mary, Doagh Road
Milford, James, green worker, Green Road
Millar, Miss, Millar's Row, Ballyclare
Millar, R. J., blacksmith, Market Square
Millar, Samuel, manufacturer of farming implements, The Foundry
Milliken, John, Railway Terrace
Milliken, Thos., Greenvale Terrace
Milliken, Wm., mill worker, Coronation Terrace
Miskelly, Henry, grocer, The Square
Mooney, John, Ashley Gardens
Mooney, John W., manager Springvale Bleach Green
Moore, David, cycle & motor depot, Main Street
Moore, John, shoemaker
Moore, James, shoe maker, Hillhead
Moore, James, clerk, Moss Road
Moore, Miss, Market Square
Moore, Miss, milliner, Main Street
Moore, Mrs., dress maker and milliner, Le Ballyclare
Moore, Wm., green worker, Green Road
Moore, Wm., boot and shoe merchant, dairyman and cattle dealer
Montgomery, Hugh, farmer, Lisnalinchy
Montgomery, Isaac, sen., farmer, Lisnalinchy
Mulholland, John, The Whins, Ballyclare

McAdoo, Thos., farmer, Size Hill, Ballyclare
McAllen, H., cashier, Ulster Bank
McBurney, Danl., green worker, Park Street
McBurney, Samuel, milk vendor and farmer, Hillhead
McCabe, Mrs., costumier, Main Street
McCalindon, James, Courthouse Entry
McClean, John, druggist, Main Street
McClean, Mrs., tea rooms, Main Street
McClean, Samuel, bill poster, North End
McClean, Mrs. Stafford, grocer
McClean, S. A., draper, North End
McClelland, Ernest, auctioneer, land valuer, and estate agent, Tildarg House
McClooney, David, house painter and decorator, Main Street, Ballyclare
McCombe, Mrs., Bellinda Terrace
McConnell, Wm., fruiterer and fowl dealer, The Square
McConnell, W. Smyth, carrier, undertaker, road contractor, and motor repairer and garage
McCrea, John, carpenter, Mill Lane
McCrea, Miss, Greenmount Terrace
McCrea, Mrs., Millvale
McCrea, Robert, coal merchant
McCrea, Wm., Green Road
McCready, Frank, mechanic, Avondale Terrace
McCreary, Robert, farmer, Straidlands
McCrudden, Arthur, flesher
McCrudden, Samuel, & Co., Irish Embroidery Depot, Market Square
McDowell, Charles, farmer, Lisnalinchy
McDowell, Wm., grocer and Central Hotel
McFarlane, John, Park Street
McFarlane, Robert, New Street
McGalpin, Alec, confectioner and fruiterer, Le Ballyclare
McGalpin, James, Millvale
McGladdery, Alex., logwood mill, grain and corn bruiser, Bruslee
McGlaughin, Charles, Mount View Terrace
McGowan, Rev. Thos., P.P., Parochial House, Doagh Road
McGuiggen, Louisa, Woodbine Cottage, Whitepark
McIlroy, Alex., farmer, Ballylinney
McIlroy, James, farmer, Ballygallough
McIlroy, Miss, milliner and draper
McKensey, Malcolm, mechanic, Park Street
McKeown, Geo., green worker, Green Road
McKinstry, John, Avondale Terrace
McKinstry, Mrs. Nathaniel, Moss Road
McKinstry, Nathaniel, draper and farmer, Market Square
McKinstry, Robert, mill worker, Mill Lane
McKinstry, Thomas, draper, farmer, and milk vendor
McKinstry, W. J., farmer, Grahamstown
McKnight, Samuel, grocer and potato dealer
McKnight, Mrs. Thomas, weigh mistress, The Square
McKonkey, Miss, Victoria Villas
McMaw, Edward, joiner, Main Street
McMeeken, Robert, green worker, Millvale
McMinn, Robt., confectioner & cycle agent
McMinn, Robert, farmer, Ballylagan
McMinn, W. L., N.S. teacher, Ballylinney
McMurtry, Mrs. Ezekiel, farmer, Bruslee
McNally, Mrs., Doagh Road
McNally, James, Ballyeaston Road
McNally, Samuel, mechanic, Moss Road
McQuitty, Alex., hay and cattle dealer and carrier
McRobert, M., M.P.S.I., Le Ballyclare

Nelson, Mrs. Tom, Moss Road
Nelson, Thomas, New Street, Green Road
Nesbitt, Wm., postman, Park Street
Nicholson, Wm., shop inspector
Nicholson, Templeton & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, bleachers and finishers, Whitepark and Belfast
Norris, Miss, N.S. teacher, Moss Road

Page, John, green worker, Millvale
Parker, John, farmer, Mill Lane
Patterson, Mrs., Coronation Terrace
Patterson, Mrs. Wm., grocer, Green Road
Patton, Miss, dress maker, Market Square
Peoples, Thomas, joiner, Whitepark
Phillips, Andrew, green grocer, North End
Phillips, Charles, blacksmith

Rainey, John, Green Road
Rankin, Mrs. Susan, Millvale
Rankin, Wm., clerk, Avondale Terrace
Reid, Wm. R., farmer, Ballylinney
Reid & Stevenson, grocers, Main Street
Reid, ?, farmer, Grahamstown
Robinson, John, draper and outfitter, Main Street
Rogers, James, electrical engineer, Victoria Villas
Ross, Alexander, Fairview, Ballyclare
Ross, Alex., farmer, Ballylinney
Ross, John, farmer, Ballylinney
Ross, Mrs. W. A., Millvale
Rutherford, Jas., plasterer, Bellevue Terrace
Rutherford, Thos., plasterer, Mill Vale

Scanfield, David, Park Street
Scott, Herbert C., Solicitor, The Square, Res., Rashee Road
Scott, John, Coronation Terrace
Scott, Samuel, farmer, Ballylinney
Service, Houston, spirit dealer
Service, Miss, costumier, Main Street
Service, Mrs., grocer
Shannon, James, potato merchant, Moss Road
Shannon, Mrs., Green Road
Shannon, Mrs. Alex., Market Square
Shannon, Robert, clerk, School Street
Shaw, Alexander, green worker, School Street
Sherrard, Alex., farmer, Lisnalinchy
Simms, James, hair dresser, Le Ballyclare
Smith, R. T., manager Ulster Bank, The Square
Smyth, George, farmer, Ballyhone
Smyth, James, Mill Lane, town sergeant and byre inspector
Smyth, Jas., coach builder
Smyth, Miss Jessie, Courthouse Entry
Smyth, Mrs., Greggville Cottages
Stephenson, A. King, M.D., medical officer of Ballyclare and Doagh Dispensary
Stevenson, Samuel, The Square
Stevenson, Samuel, butcher, motor garage, farmer, spirit and hay dealer
Stewart, Jas. C., school teacher, Green Road
Stewart, Mrs., Park Lane
Stewart, Samuel, farmer, Lisnalinchy
Strange, Wm., blacksmith, Green Road
Surgenor, Mrs. J., Miller's Row, Doagh Road
Surgenor, Thomas, mill worker, Mill Vale
Surginor, Mrs., Green Road
Surgenor, Mrs. John, Green Road

Taggart, Mrs. W. H., The Bridge
Templeton, Mrs. J., draper
Templeton, Mrs., Mill Lane
Terney, John, fireman, Bellinda Terrace
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd. - Agents, J. Speer, Belfast Bank
Thomb, Benjamin, Ashley Gardens
Thompson, R. S., J.P., Ballyrobert
Thompson & Co., drapers, Market Square
Todd, James, Courthouse Entry
Todd, Mrs. Thos., Park Street
Todd, Robert, night foreman North of Ireland Paper Mills
Todd, Samuel, mill worker, Park Street
Todd, William A., Cogry House
Turner, Edward, Park Street
Turner, Mrs., Main Street
Tyrrel, Alex., green worker, Green Road

Walsh, Ivan, draper, Main Street
Warwick, David, grocer, Green Road
Warwick, James, hay dealer, Moss Road
Warwick, R.I., draper, Red House
Watt, John, Love's Buildings
Waugh, John, carpenter, Moss Road
Weir, James, green worker, Millvale
Weir, John, dealer, Craig Hill
Wharry, Charles, farmer, Hillhead
Wharry, John, farmer, Lisnalinchy
Wharry, Mrs. David, Lisnalinchy
Whiteford, Wm., The Craigs
Williams, James, watch maker and jeweller
Wilson, Gordon, carpenter, Lisnalinchy
Wilson, Mrs., Green Road
Wilson, Mrs., Coronation Terrace
Wilson, Robert, green worker, Millvale
Wilson, Wm., boot maker, The Square
Woods, Robert, brick layer, Millvale
Woodside, David, carter, Avondale Terrace
Woodside, Miss, Skilgan-aban
Woodside, Robt., Bellevue Terrace
Wright, Thos., joiner, Greenvale Terrace


          Post Office - Mrs. Agnew, postmistress. Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office, Ballyclare, 1½ miles distant


Adair, Jas., farmer, Carnlea
Adair, Mrs., farmer, Carnlea
Agnew, Andrew, farmer, Ballyeaston
Agnew, Samuel, farmer, Ballyeaston
Allen, R. J., & H., farmers, Carnlea
Armstrong, J., farmer, Ballynashee
Armstrong, Robert, farmer, Ballyalbana

Beggs, Jas., farmer, Ballynashee
Bonner, W., farmer, Carnlea
Boyd, S. & J., farmers, Islekelly
Boyd, T., farmer, Islekelly
Brann, Rev. W., The Parade Manse

Carmichael, R., farmer, Ballyalbana
Carmichael, R. H., farmer, Ballyalbana
Carmichael, S., spirit merchant, Ballyeaston
Crowe, Samuel, farmer, Ballynashee

Davidson, Brown, spirit merchant, Ballyeaston
Dickey, Mrs., grocer, Ballyeaston
Dickey, R. H., Ballyeaston
Dickey, Wm., farmer, Trenchhill

Forsythe, Wm., farmer, Ballyalbana

Gardiner. A., grocer, Ballynashee
Gardiner, H., farmer, Carnlea
Gault, Alex., farmer, Ballyeaston
Gault, Wm., blacksmith, Ballyeaston
Gilmor, Thos., farmer, Ballyeaston
Gilmore, John, farmer, Ballyalbana
Gilmour, Jas., farmer, Ballyeaston
Gordon, J., The Grove, Ballynashee
Gordon, Thos., farmer, Collen, Ballyalbana
Gormal, John, farmer, Ballyeaston
Graham, Andrew, farmer, Collen, Ballyalbana
Graham, Wm., farmer, Ardymagh
Gray, R., farmer, Ballynashee

Harrison, B. W. J., B.A., Ballyeaston Manse
Hawthorne, Samuel, flax mill, Ballycorr
Hill, D., farmer, Carnlea
Hill, R. H., farmer, Tildarg
Hollinger, Robert, Carnlea
Hill, Thos., farmer, Carnlea
Houston, John, farmer, Ballyeaston
Houston, R., Ballyeaston
Houston, S., farmer, Ballyalbana
Hunter, Robert, farmer, Ballynashee
Hyndman, Saml., farmer, Carnlea

Ingram, J., shoe maker, Ballyeaston
Irwin, Agnes, farmer, Ballyalbana
Irwin, Andrew, farmer, Ballyalbana
Irwin, Joseph, farmer, Ballyalbana
Irwin, Robt., farmer, Carnlea
Irwin, Samuel, farmer, Ballyalbana

Lusk, Wm., grocer and farmer, Ballyalbana

Mackay, Andrew, farmer, Ballyeaston
Magee, Jas., farmer, Carnlea
Magee, W., grocer, Ballynashee
Marshall, Andrew, farmer, Ballyalbana
Marshall, David, farmer, Ballyalbana
Marshall, John, farmer, Ballyalbana
Marshall, Robt., farmer, Ballyalbana
Martin, Danl., farmer, Ballynashee
Moore, Robert, farmer, Ballyalbana
Moore, Samuel, farmer, Ballyalbana

McAlister, T., teacher, Ballynashee N.S.
McAuley, James, farmer, Ballynashee
McAuley, Chas., blacksmith, Ballyalbana
McAuley, John, farmer, Ballynashee
McCammond, T., farmer, Carnlea
McCauley, Mrs., farmer, Ballyalbana
McCaw, J., butcher, Trenchhill
McClean, P., grocer, Ballycorr
McClean, R., farmer, Ballyalbana
McClean, T., farmer, Ballyalbana
McClelland, E., farmer, Trenchhill
McClelland, Robt., farmer, Ballynashee
McCurdy, Mrs., farmer, Ballynashee House
McGookin, H., farmer, Ballyalbana
McGookin, W. H., farmer, Ballyalbana
McIlwaine, Andrew, Collen, Ballyalbana
McIlwaine, Daniel, farmer, Ballyalbana
McIlwaine, Jas., farmer, Ballynashee
McIlwaine, J., farmer, Ballyalbana
McIlwaine, Mrs., farmer, Ballyalbana
McIlwaine, S., farmer, Ballyalbana
McMaster, Francis, farmer, Ballynashee
McMurdy, Jas., Ballyeaston

Patterson, W., station master, Ballynashee
Percy, Hugh, Trenchhill
Percy, W., farmer, Trenchhill
Porter, W. B., farmer, Gateside

Robinson, T. J., farmer, Ballyalbana

Topping, John, farmer, Ballyalbana

Waugh, S., Gateside
Weatherspoon, R., farmer, Ballyalbana
Wilson, H., farmer, Collen, Ballyalbana
Wilson, Jas., farmer, Ballyalbana
Wilson, John, farmer, Ballynashee
Wilson, Thos., farmer, Islekelly
Wilson, W., farmer, Ballyalbana
Wilson, W. P., farmer, Knowhead
Wham, J. J., farmer, Carnlea
Wham, Jos., farmer, Carnlea


          Ballygawley lies in a basin at the foot of Knockoney Hill, famous for its commanding view, from which portions of the counties of Antrim, Down, Armagh, Monaghan, Fermanagh, and Londonderry can be seen.  It is one of the few towns that has been benefited by the Clogher Valley Light Railway, opened in the year 1887.  The Cattle Fair, which is, perhaps, the largest in the North, is held on the second Friday of each month, and there is also a Horse Fair, at which English and Scotch buyers attend.  A Sheep and Pig Fair is held on same day.  There are several mills in the neighbourhood, in which Indian corn, oats, and wheat are ground.  In the village of Lisdourt, which is situated about 1½ miles from here, there is a thriving woollen factory, of which Mr. N. Brunten is owner and manager.  There is also in the same village a saw mill and scutch mill, owned by Mr. G. Stockdale.  Ballygawley River, which is a tributary of the Blackwater, is famed for its splendid trout, and is frequently visited by tourists in the fishing season.  A very successful pork market has been established, and buyers from Belfast and Derry attend every Friday. Population in 1911, 390

Post Office - Miss M. McMahon, postmistress; Miss McMahon, Miss Devlin, and Miss Loughran, assistants. Rural Letter Carriers - J. McAleer, H. Douglas, Arthur Owens, and J. Bairnes


Church of Ireland - Rev. R. W. S. Maltby, B.A., rector; Rev. Thomas Adderly, A.B., Killishal
Presbyterian Church - Ballygawley, Rev. Richard Park, M.A.; Ballyreagh, Rev. Isaac Sloan, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapels, Ballymacilroy, Garvaghy and Dunmoyle - Rev. Thomas McCann, P.P., Rev. F. McIver, C.C., Rev. F. Cunningham, C.C.
There are also meeting places for the Plymouth Brethren and the Baptists at Knockonny and Ballygawley


National Schools - No. 2, W. R. Collins, teacher; Mrs. Sloan, N.T., Loughans, teacher.  Other schools within two miles of town - Glencull, Mr. Jordan, teacher; Goland, Mr. J. Finan, teacher; Turnaskea, Mr. Sheridan, teacher; Innishmagh, Mr. Colbert, teacher, Tullyvar, William Patterson, teacher; Lisnaweary, Mr. Shee, teacher
District Dispensary - Medical officer, Dr. W. R. Abernethy
Tuberculosis Dispensary - Medical officer, Dr. Lyons; Nurse Bailey; caretaker, Mrs. Hunter
Old-Age Pensions Officer, W. T. Liggett; Thos. Montague, J.P., chairman of sub committee; John Donnelly, clerk, Grange
School Attendance Committee - N. Duff, J.P. (chairman); John Donnelly, attendance officer; Samuel McClelland, clerk
Clogher Valley Railway - Samuel Friel, station master; Patrick Stewart, porter
Local Magistrates - Anketell Moutray, D.L., Favour Royal; W. Malley, J. Reid, Nath. Duff, Hugh McF. Simpson, A. Hadden, H. H. Sproule, William Gore Moriarty, R.M.; James Higgins; Charles McBride; John Early, W. L. Bennett, W. J. Moore, David Wright. Court sits every third Tuesday at 11 o'clock
Clerk to Magistrates - M. Simpson
Process Server - P. Donnelly
Summons Server - Ed. Boughan
Police Barracks - Sergeant Baxter and seven constables
Belfast Bank (branch) - Every Friday, Manager, Mr. Kerr; cashier, J. Harris
Munster and Leinster Bank, Ltd. - Attendance every Friday at Stewart's Arms Hotel - M. Slaney, manager
Northern Bank, Ltd. (branch) - Every Friday
Ulster Bank (branch) Limited - Attendance weekly, supplied from Aughnacloy - J. H. Hood, manager
Court House - Patrick Donnelly, caretaker


Abernethy, W. R., M.D., registrar of births, deaths and marriages
Adderly, Rev. T., A.B., Killishall
Anderson, J., National teacher, Rarogan
Anguish, James, Lisbeg
Anguish, J., R.D.C., Tullyvar
Anguish, J., shop assistant
Arthurs, R., Lisdaurt
Askin, Jas., road inspector, Lisnaweary

Baxter, Sergt., R.U.C.
Beattie, Wm., J.P., Tullyvar
Beattie, Alfred, merchant tailor
Beattie, W. T., M.D.
Beatty, Adam, auctioneer, Tullyvar
Beatty, John, Hillside
Bingham, Joseph, Fedden
Booth, Thos., general merchant, Cullenbrone
Booth, Wm., Ballinasaggert
Booth, Wm., mill owner, Ballygawley and Ballinasaggart
Boughan, Edward, Press correspondent
Boyle, Edward, contractor and mason
Brown, Lizzie, dressmaker
Brownlee, Edward, C.V.R., Ballygawley
Brownlee, Mrs., dress maker
Brownlee, Wm., sexton, Church of Ireland
Brunten, N., Lisdourt woollen mills
Brush, James, general merchant
Buchanan, T., Cess House
Buchanan, William, rate collector, Lisbeg House
Burton, A., Richmont
Burton, Hugh, Tullyvar
Burton, John, shop assistant
Burton, Wm., caretaker Orange Hall
Busby, Robert, Shrubbery Cottage

Cairns, Thomas, painter and decorator
Cairns, Thomas, livery stables and cattle yard, Old Brewery
Cairns, Wm., Grange
Campbell, R. J., Temperance Hotel
Carney, I., restaurant and fruiterer
Carney, John, carpenter and contractor
Carney, Mrs., confectioner
Carr, J. & B., shoe makers
Casey, P., ex-R.I.C., Altcloughfin
Colbert, John, motor and cycle agent
Collins, W. R., N.T., Ballygawley
Coote, Chas., farmer, Lisbeg
Corrigan, Michael, shop assistant
Costella, James, R.U.C.
Crosslie, John C., solicitor, Anahoe and Dungannon
Cunningham, Thomas, motorman
Curran, Joseph, Fedden

Daley, Hugh, general dealer
Dickey, E., grocer
Divine, William, mason
Donnelly, John, M.C.C., Ballynahaye
Donnelly, John, law clerk
Donnelly, J., school attendance officer and clerk to Old-Age Pensions Committee, Grange Cottages
Donnelly, Patrick, labourer, Ballygawley
Donnelly, P., process server, Grange Cottages
Dorrian Bros., general dealers
Douglas, Hugh, postman
Downes, Wm., general merchant
Downis, E. J., draper
Droogan, F., Lisdourt
Droogan, T., Hairdresser, Motor Cars for Hire and fancy gods store
Duff, John, general merchant
Duff, Miss H., N.T.
Duff, Nathaniel, J.P., Grangemount
Duff, Nathaniel, & Son, Drapers, Grocers, Timber Merchants, Boot and Shoe Merchants, Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Duff, R. J., law clerk, Killymargan
Duff & Son, funeral undertaker
Dunbar, Harry, mason

Early, Edward, road contractor, Errigal
Early, John, J.P., Clonally House
Early, Michael, grocer and hardware assistant
Echlin, James, Drumcork
Ellison, Mrs., dressmaker and restaurant
Erskine, R., Martray Manor
Ewens, G., blacksmiths

Fair, J. & M., Family Grocers, Tea, Wine, and Spirit Merchants
Farrell, Mrs., grocer, Shantavney
Farrell, Patrick, mason, Shantavney
Farrell, P., & Sons, road contractors, Shantavney
Finan, J., school teacher Goland
Finley, Wm., blacksmith
Forde, F., merchant tailor
Francey, Ruby, Commercial Hotel

Gilkinson, Miss, N.T., Richmount
Gillespie, John, grocer, spirit merchant, and undertaker
Gillespie, Wm., confectioner
Gilmore, Robert, carpenter
Givans, Thomas, D.C., Aghnahoe
Gonstone, Wm., R.U.C.
Gormley, James, General Merchant and Undertaker, Motor Cars for Hire
Grimes, Alice, assistant teacher, Golan
Grimes, Rev. P., Aughnagar

Hackett, James, horse dealer, Keady
Hadden, Archibald, R.D.C., J.P., Lisbeg
Hamilton, John, tinsmith
Hanna, J.
Hanna, Thomas, miller, Ballyreagh Mills
Hardy, Joe, shop assistant
Hardy, Thomas, The Cottage, Martray
Higgins, James, Auctioneer and Valuer, Hotel Keeper, General Grocer, Timber and Iron Merchant, and Undertaking
Hopper, Saml., engine man, Creamery
Hopper, Thomas, Armaloughey
Hopper, William, Armaloughey
Hughes, James, Ballymacilroy
Hughes Bros., cattle dealers, Lettry
Hynds, Misses M. & L., dress makers

Irwin, James, spirit merchant

Johnston, Miss, milliner
Johnston, Miss, National teacher, Rarogan

Keenan, James, clothier and general dealer
Keenan, John, Army pensioner
Keenan, Joseph, army pensioner
Kelly, John, R.D.C., Dunmoyle
Kelly, P., horse dealer, Killeshil
Kelly, P., National teacher, Altcloughfin
Kelly, Thomas, shop assistant
Kilmartin, J., tailor
Knox, J., R.I.C.
Kyle, G., ex-sergt. D.M.P., Tullyvar
Kyle, John, Legaroe
Kyle, Wm., Legaroe

Laverty, R., & Sons, horse dealers, Cabragh
Loughran, Francis, The Castle
Loughran, John, M.R.C.V.S.
Loughran, Joseph, Motor Factor, Engineer and Agent; Motor Cars for Hire
Loughran, J., motor mechanic & chauffeur
Loughran, Mrs. M., school teacher

Macartney, David, relieving officer, Listourt
MacMahon, J. J., distiller, brewers' agent, pork buyer, &c.
Marlow, Michael, labourer
Martin, Bertie, C.V.R. mechanic
Martin, Hugh R.
Martin, Mrs., stationer and temperance hotel
Millar, James, Tullyvar
Minns, W. J., R.I.C.
Montague, Thos., R.D.C., Altacloughfin
Montague, T., Altamaskin House
Moore, Wm., Richmont
Morarity, Miss, Nat. teacher, Altcloughfin
Morrison, John W., R.U.C.
Moutray, Alex., auctioneer, Ballynasaggart
Moutray, Anketell, D.L., J.P., Favour Royal
Moutray, Edmond, Ballynasaggart
Moutray, Leslie, Lisdoart
Moutray, Miss, Killybrick
Moutray, ex-Sergt., R.I.C., Glencull
Mulgrew, John, farmer, Ballymacilroy
Mulgrew, P., ex-R.I.C., Shantavney
Mullan, Michael, draper and spirit merchant
Mulgrew, Frank R., road contractor and mail car driver
Mulgrew, Michael, Richmount
Murphy, A., spirit merchant
Murphy, Peter, shoe maker

McAleer, John, corn riddle and sieve maker
McAleers, J., & Son, coopers
McBride, John, Ballymacilroy
McBride, John, secretary A.O.H., insurance section, Ballymacilroy
McBride, P., road inspector
McCaffery, Frank, baker and draper
McCaffery, Patrick, & Son, masons
McCann, John, C.V.R., Grange
McCann, Miss, draper and restaurant
McCartney, David, relieving and sub-sanitary officer, Lisdourt
McClean, George, Tulnavern
McClements, R., Garvey Castle
McComb, Jas., sexton, Presbyterian Church
McCourt, Mrs., maternity nurse
McCourt, Owen, farmer
McCrea, John, tailor
McCrory, Bernard, carpenter
McCrory, Hugh, farmer, Knockonny
McCrory, John, pork and grass seed buyer, Armaloughey House
McDermott, Larry, merchant, Tullyglush
McDonald, Mrs., sewed muslin agent
McDonald, Samuel, shop assistant
McElroy, William
McFarland, F.
McFarland, J., farmer
McFarland, Robert, carpenter
McFarland, Wm., Mullaghbane
McGirr, Chas., R.C.D., Woodvale Cottage
McGirr, C., general merchant, Sesskilgreen
McGirr, Francis, general merchant, outfitter, and shipping agent
McGonnell, Mrs., publican
McGonnell, Dan, flesher
McGonnell, Terence, horse dealer
McGrath, P., shoe repairer
McKelvey, Patrick, farmer, Grange
McKeown, John, C.V. Railway
McLaurin Bros., Greenhill Demesne
McLean, G., Tullyvnavern
McMahon, John J., publican
McMahon, M., postmistress
McNiece, Mrs., Cavey
McRory, James, cycle agent, Ternaskea
McRory, Patrick, farmer, Lisnaskea
McShane, John, tailor

Nixon, Maggie, general merchant

Orr, W., Artbeg
Owens, John, road inspector, Tullybryan
O'Neill, Francis, General Grocer, Wine & Spirit Merchant, &c., Tyrone House
O'Neill, H., M.R.C.V.S., Ballygawley and Aughnacloy
O'Neill, James, leather merchant and grocer

Parke, Rev. Richard, M.A.
Patterson, J. L., Knocknanny
Patterson, S., Tullyvannon
Patterson, Wm., bailiff, Killymorgan
Patterson, Wm., N.T., Tullyvar
Patterson, Wm., C.V.R., Grange
Phillip, M., sexton R.C. Church
Phillips, P., C.V.R., Grange
Prentice, Miss, milliner
Pringle, Harry, Moor Farm, Crew
Rafferty, John, spirit dealer
Rainey, Samuel, farmer, Lettery
Rea, J. J., solicitor, Ballygawley and Aughnacloy
Rea Walter, horse dealer, Crewe Hill
Rea, William, Carron
Reardon, Joseph, general dealer
Reid, Samuel, Tullyvarney House
Robinson, Mrs., The Grange
Robinson, William, Lettry
Ross, Right Hon. Justice, Dunmoyle Castle, Ballygawley
Ruth, Constable, R.U.C.

Shee, J., school teacher, Lisnaweary
Sheppard, Thomas, R.U.C.
Sheridan, M., N.T., Tirnaskea
Simpson, H. McF., J.P., The Mount
Simpson, M., petty sessions clerk, Tullybryan House
Simpson, Thomas, Post Office, Lisdourt
Sloan, Anthony, Martry
Sloan, John, Grange Cottages
Sloan, Rev. Isaac, Ballyreagh
Skeffington, John, solicitor, Ballygawley, and Dungannon
Smyth, Miss, spirit merchant
Speer, Joseph, solicitor, Ballygawley and Aughnacloy
Sproule, H. C., J.P., Bloomhill House
Stewart, Sir H. H., Bart., D.L., J.P., Carrickmore Hall, Tyrone; Ballygawley Park, and Buckingham gate, London
Stewart, The Misses, Killyarron
Stockdale, G., scutch and saw mills, Lisdourt
Sumerville, J., Ballymacelroy

Taylor, J. F., veterinary surgeon, Ballygawley and Aughnacloy
Treanor, Michael, Tullyvar
Turner, A., Findrum
Turkington, Miss, milliner
Turner, James, cattle dealer Fendrum
Turner, Thomas, flesher

Watson, Geo., deputy country surveyor, Tullyvar
Watt, Mrs. Lydia, Cavey
Wiggam, Mrs., Creveny
Wiggam, Robert, Lisgonnell
Wiggam, Wm., Armaloughey
Wiggam, Wm., Skye
Williamson, Wm., sheriff's bailiff
Wilson, I., R.U.C.
Wilson, Jack, blacksmith
Wilson, Mervyn, Martry
Wilson, Robert, Altnagore
Wilson, Robert, Lisdourt

Young, John, grocer, Knockonny


          Ballygowan, a small village in County Down, with a couple of hundred inhabitants, is situated about eight miles from Belfast, and midway between Comber and Saintfield.  It has long been renowned for its blue stone quarries, "sett-making" being a remunerative occupation for the men of the district. There are at present no less than five quarries working, with about 100 employed, belonging to the following:- Messrs. T. S. Dixon & Co., Ltd., Belfast Harbour Commissioners, R. J. Pierce, Thomas Miskelly; and Robert McKenzie. The women of the village do exquisite hand-embroidery, given out by the agents, Miss Minniss and Mr, Moffett, representing the firms of Messrs. John Shaw Brown & Sons, Ltd., and Messrs. Lindsay, Thompson & Co., Ltd. The large building, until recently known as "Olivet," has been purchased by the members of Ballygowan Presbyterian Church. It consists of a large lecture hall, spacious schoolrooms, and two extensive suites of apartments. One of the latter is occupied by the principal of the school, and the other is let to a private tenant. The building now bears the name of "The Ballygowan Schools and Lecture Hall." The village boasts of a railway station, a telegraph station, and a post office


Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. K. McLernon, B.A., minister, The Manse, Ballygowan
Killinchy Parish Church - Rev. Dr. Breene, The Rectory, Killinchy
Unitarian Church - Rev. Albert Whitford, Moneyrea, Comber
Roman Catholic Chapel, Carrickmannon - Rev. J. F. Shiels, P.P., Carrickmannon , Ballygowan


Dispensary - Kilmood - Dr. S. Wallace, M.D., Lisbane, medical officer, registrar of births and deaths, and Coroner for North Down
Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions, held in Comber - J. Hill Dickson, Ardmore, Ballygowan; James Robinson, Killinchy; John Prentice, Beechbank, Killinchy; J. G. Allen, Comber; James McCullough, Gransha; Samuel Stone, Comber; John M. Galway, Bangor; R. Henry, M.D., Comber; Samuel McVeigh, Ballygowan; Jos. Berkeley, Nurseryville, Comber
Post Office - Mr. Robert Gibson, postmaster
Telegraph Office - Railway Station
National Schools - Ballygowan, W. Buchanan, B.A., principal; Magherascouse, Jacob Haire; Carrickmannon, H. Biggart; Ballykeigle, Miss McKibbin; Ballyknockan, Miss Chambers


Bates, David, Ballygowan
Biggart, H., school master, Carrickmannon
Bowman, Robert, Magherascouse
Boyce, William, Magherascouse
Boyd, Thomas, farmer, Ballyrush
Buchanan, W., school master
Burgess, Hugh, farmer, Ballybeen
Burgess, Mrs., Ballygowan

Cairns, J., publican
Cairns, W., Ballygowan
Campbell, William, Ballycreely
Carse, David, Magherascouse
Co-operative Dairy Co., Tullygirvan
Crawford, Henry, Magherascouse
Crockard, Hugh, Ravara
Curragh, Thomas, Ballycloughan

Dickson, J. Hill, J.P., Member of Senate of Northern Parliament, Ardmore

Frame, James, publican and coal merchant
Frame, Robert, farmer, Woodhill

Garrett, Jas., farmer, Ballybeen
George, Adam, Ravara
Gibson, Henry C,., beehive manufacturer, Ulster Apiaries
Gibson, Hugh J., farmer, Carrickmannon
Gibson, Robert, Postmaster; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Gibson, Scott, shoe maker
Gibson, Thomas J., farmer, Carrickmannon
Glover, Jane, Ravara
Glover, John, farmer, Ballykeel
Grant, Samuel, Ballyknockan

Hanna, James, carpenter
Hanna, John, farmer, Drumreagh

Kenning, James Ellison, Ballyrush
Kerr, Samuel, Magherascouse
Kirk, James, Ballybeen

Lowry, Hugh, Ballykeigle
Lowry, John Henry, Ballykeigle
Lowry, Mary, Drumhirk
Lowry, William, Ballykeigle

Mackenzie, Robert, flax & scutch mill, road contractor
Macrory, R. W., station master
Magee, Andy, publican, Carrickmannon
Magee, Wm., farmer, Carrickmannon
Mageean, Miss, Ballygowan House
Majury, Hugh, farmer, Carrickmannon
Megaughey, James, Magherascouse
Millar, John, farmer
Minnis, Miss, agent for embroidery
Miskelly, Thomas, road contractor, motors for hire
Murray, David H., publican
Murray, Harold, publican and general merchant
Murray, John, Carrickmannon

McCullough, John, farmer, Ravara
McCully, James, Drumhirk
McCune, William, carpenter, Ravara
McKee, John, Drumhirk
McKee, William, Drumhirk
McLernon, Rev. W. K., B.A., The Manse
McMinn Bros., motor engineers
McMordie, David, J.P., Solitude
McMordie, William, farmer
McVeigh, Aaron C., farmer, Carrickmannon
McVeigh, Samuel, J.P., merchant tailor

Orr, David, farmer, Ravara
Orr, Samuel, Trainview, Ballygowan

Patterson, Robert, farmer, Ballyrush
Patterson. Samuel, farmer, farmer, Ballyrush
Porter, Francis, farmer, Ballycloughan
Porter, Mrs., Ardcarran
Prentice, James, Drumhirk
Presho, W. J., farmer, Magherascouse
Pyper, Samuel, farmer, Moneyrea

Rainey, W. J., farmer
Reid, Hugh, farmer, Ballykeigle
Ritchie, Samuel, farmer, Ballykeigle
Robinson. John, Drumhirk

Simpson, David Mrs., Ravara
Simpson, Samuel, grocer
Simpson, William, farmer, Ballycreely
Smyth, Henry, Ballycloughan

The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, J. Hill Dickson, J.P., Ardmore; H. Murray
Townsley, Mrs. Grace, Magherascouse

Wightman, Miss, Carrickmannon


          Ballymena is a stirring, business, and thronged market inland town in the County of Antrim - twenty-seven and three-quarters statute miles from Belfast - pleasantly situated two miles above the confluence of the Braid and Maine waters, and on the high road from Belfast to Coleraine and Londonderry.  Large quantities of linen cloth are manufactured in the town and neighbourhood, where the water is abundant and pure.  Formerly it held the highest position as a linen market in the United Kingdom.  There are branches of the Belfast Banking Company, the Northern Banking Company, the Bank of Ireland, the Ulster Bank, and the Provincial Bank of Ireland. There is a continuous day and night telephone service to the town, and a new Post Office has been erected in Wellington Street.  There are a Newsroom, a Protestant Society, Young Men's Christian Association, and other Societies. The town has two newspapers - "Ballymena Observer" (established in 1855), and  "Ballymena Telegraph" (established in 1887) - published on Friday.  The Parish Church (totally destroyed by fire towards the close of 1879, and since splendidly restored at a cost of over £8,000) is beautifully situated adjoining the demesne of Sir Robt. Shafto Adair, Bart., at the head of Castle Street, and was completed and opened for Divine service in 1885. The Presbyterian Churches number five, and there are a Roman Catholic Chapel, a Methodist Church, a Baptist Meetinghouse, and a Congregational Church.  Braidwater Spinning Mill, an extensive yarn spinning factory, is near Bridge Street, the capital invested in this concern being some £250,000. The Directors are - Messrs. James Young, J.P., Samuel W. Anderson, George C. G. Young, Wm. Young, Lieut.-Col. John Patrick, D.L., and Saml. J. McConnell.  Managing Directors - Messrs. Jas. Young, George C. G. Young, and Samuel J. McConnell. Three large weaving factories have also been built at great expense. There is also a large flour mill and other public works in the town.  Of late years the hemstitching and embroidery industry has been rapidly developing, and at present the town can boast of two very extensive concerns where this work is carried on, and where hundreds of girls find employment.  There are four weekly markets - on Tuesday, for pork; on Wednesday, for grain; on Thursday, for pork; but the principal one is on Saturday; and it has also a large flax market.  Fairs, 26th July, 21st October, and the last Friday in every month, except July and October.  In 1907 a successful new fair for the sale of cattle, sheep, and pigs was opened, it being held on the Saturday following every monthly horse fair. The population in 1911 was 11,381, an increase of 495, or 4.5 per cent., over previous census.  The valuation of the town is £36,208 17s. 0d, and the rate 13s 7d in the £.  Shops' half holiday, Wednesday

Post Office - W. Nicholson, postmaster. Overseer - H. Gifford. Sorting clerks and telegraphists - J. Aiken, J. A. Albin, T. Herlity, A. S. Mayrick, T. E. Pierson, Misses I. V. McKinney, F. E. Carson, S. K. Murray, E. M. Stevenson, K. Robinson, and S. E. Morrow. Telephonists - Misses. R. M. McConnell, and M. Palmer. Town postmen - Thos. Linton, Wm. Cairns, J. Steele, H. H. Blayney, W. Aiken, C. McAuley, W. Magill, S. Gillespie, G. Montgomery, J. Wilson, J. Brown, W. S. Cunningham, and three telegraph messengers. Thomas Street sub-office - A. Smith, sub-postmaster.  Harryville P.O. sub-office - John McCullough, sub postmaster. Mail cars leave Ballymena office every day at 8-5 o'clock for Broughshane and Aughfatten, and also at 12.20 p.m. to Kells. The mail car for Glenwherry has been discontinued, and an up-to-date motor cycle service substituted for the conveyance of mails. Town deliveries commence - 1st, 8-10 a.m.; 2nd, 12-40 p.m.; and 3rd at 5-30 p.m. The telephone exchange for Ballymena and district is having continuance attendance at Ballymena Post Office, with a call office at Thomas Street Office from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Wednesdays, 9 a.m.
Fire Brigade - Station, Castle Street.  Superintendent, Henry O'Hara, town clerk;  assist. superintendent, C. Forsythe;  engineer, James Gaston
Ballymena Chamber of Commerce - President, T. W. Haughton, J.P., Hillmount, Cullybackey; vice-president, Samuel J. McConnell; secretary, Robert Giffin, Broadway; treasurer, Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.
Ballymena Urban District Council - elected in January 1920 - Harryville Ward - John Morrow, James Wilson, Jas. N. Lamont, James McIlhagga, Robert Craig.  Market Ward - John M. Beaumont, Mrs. L. A. Barr, John Adrain, Arthur McAllister, Andrew Beggs.  Town Hall Ward - Patk. Murphy, Archibald Watt, Alex. O'Hara, Huston Lancashire, James Henry.  Officials - Clerk, Surveyor, Executive Sanitary Officer - H. O'Hara; Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Currie; Sanitary Sub-Officers, Chas. Forsythe and Thos. Grant.  Rate Collector - S. W. Anderson.  Solicitor to Board - John M. Beaumont. Health Visitor - Nurse Paul. Tuberculosis - Nurse Caulfield
Ballymena Urban District School Attendance Committee. Rev. Thomas Haslett (chairman), Rev. E. F. Simpson, Very Rev. T. O'Donnell, P.P., V.F.; Rev. J. A. Cullen, Jas. Henry, U.C.; Alex. O'Hara, Andrew Beggs, Houston Lancashire, U.C.; James Wilson, and Mrs. M. E. Haslett.  Secretary O'Hara.  School Attendance officer, W. H. Russell
Ballymena Rural District School Attendance Committee - Chairman, Rev. W. J. Gilmore; Very Rev. T. O'Donnell, P.P.; V. F., Ballymena; Rev. Andrew Patton, Cloughwater; Dr. J. B. Stewart, Portglenone; Messrs. Robert Acheson, Knockboy House, Broughshane; Rev. V. McGowan, P.P., Ahoghill; John Kinnear, Co.C., Ballee; Rev. W. H. A. Lee, B.A., Ahoghill; Rev. H. W. Boyd, B.A., Ahoghill; and Rev. J. C. Jasper, Buckna, Broughshane. Secretary, John Leckey.  School Attendance officers - David Logan, Ballymacilroy; Samuel Alexander, Ballymena; and Andrew Millar, Cullybackey
Ballymena Municipal Technical School Committee - Mr. James N. Lamont, J.P., U.C., chairman; Messrs. H. Lancashire, J.P.; Jas. D. Caruth, Patrick Murphy, U.C.; Alex. O'Hara, Andrew Beggs, U.C.; Thomas Kerr, J.P.; A. L. McClelland, solicitor; W. G. Watt, P. F. Gillies, B.Sc., principal; Henry O'Hara, secretary
Governors of Waveney Hospital - The governors meet monthly on the second Saturday of each month. Chairman, Mr. John Dinsmore, jun., Kelly; vice-chairman, John Henry; secy., Miss Hollinger


The Councillors meet on the first Saturday of each month at 1 o'clock.  Chairman, Joseph Maybin, J.P., Co.C.; Vice Chairman, Henry Kelly, Drumack, Broughshane
Broughshane Area - Henry Kelly, Drumack, Broughshane; Wm. H. Lynn, Kinneygallagh; John Black, Liminary; and John Taggart, J.P., Longmore, Broughshane
Clough Area - Wm. Arthurs, Ballyloughan; Thomas Reid, Cargan; and John Stewart, Tullybane
Galgorm Area - Thomas Cumming, Bottom; Wm. J. Gillespie, Cullybackey; Samuel McMillen, Carnlea; and Alex. C. Reilly, Harperstown, Craigs
Kells - Thomas Bankhead, Ballymontena; Wm. Ervine, J.P., Ahoghill; Jos. Maybin, J.P., Co.C., Gilgad, Kells; James Thompson, Kildrum, Shankbridge; and Samuel Watson, Glenhugh
Portglenone Area - Allan Kidd, J.P., Slavenagh, Portglenone; Daniel O'Donnell, Cloughhogue; and Hugh Simpson, Killycoogan
The Rural Councillors are also Poor-Law Guardians, and meet weekly at the Workhouse on Saturdays at one o'clock p.m.  The following, in addition, being Guardians for Ballymena Electoral Division :- Saml. McMillen, vice-chairman; Robert Craig, deputy vice-chairman; Mrs. L. A. Barr, Patrick McVeigh, Andrew Beggs, John Henry, and James Henry
Magistrates in Petty Sessions District - G. H. Bellis, Cranmore, Ballymena; J. Dinsmore, Lieutenant-Colonel John Patrick, Dunminning; Alexander Robinson, Glarryford; Dr. Alexander D'Evelyn, Flixton Place, Ballymena; Wm. Kennedy, Kenmuir, Ballymena; Dr. Robt. Love, Ahoghill, Ballymena; Dr. Alexander Duncan, Waveney Road, Ballymena; R. C. Simpson, Prospect; John Wier, Ballymena; Dr. Jas. McMaster, Broughshane; R. J. Paul, Killycowan, Glarryford; Dr. J. McCay, Larchfield, Clough; George B. McCrea, Castletown, Ahoghill; Bernard O'Neill, Ballymena; W. B. O'Rorke, Ahoghill; James B. McAllister, Rainsford, Ballymena; John Patrick, Dunaird, Broughshane; Warwick Lake, Forkhill, Ballymena; John Taggart, Longmore, Aughnafatten; Alexander Cowan, Drumrankin; R. F. Crawford, Cloughmills; Alexander Fyfe, Cargan; Thos. W. Haughton, Hillmount; J. F. W. Hodges, Glenravel; Andrew Kennedy, Tullyreagh, Glarryford; Thomas McMeekin, Castletown, Ahoghill; S. S. Owens, Braetown, Glenwherry; Robert Given, Cullybackey; A. Kidd, Slivinagh, Portglenone; W. J. McFadden, Augnacleagh, Portglenone; James Wallace, M.D., Knockahollett; G. L. Young, Millmount, Randalstown; Christopher Welsh, Ballymena; Alexander Magill, Cushendun; A. J. Pilkington; Parkmore, Huston Lancashire, Jos. Maybin, W. J. Hardy, R.M.; Alex. Turner, Cloughmills; Robt. Carson, Artigerral; John McClements, Armoy; Jas. Sayers, Ballylig; Geo. S. Crawford, Drummack Stewart; J. McKee, Craigs; Wm. H. Belford, Ballycastle
Ballymena Clerical Union (Church of Ireland) - Ballymena - Rev. J. A. Cullen, Rev. W. J. Parr.  Broughshane - Rev. Thomas Patrick, Rev. J. P. Strick.  Antrim - Rev. M. H. F. Collis, B.D.  Randalstown - Rev. T. Forsythe.  Ballynure and Ballyclare - Rev. S. T. Nesbitt.  Ahoghill - Rev. W. H. A. Lee, M.A.  Killead - Rev. J. Dodd, M.A., B.Sc.  Kilbride - Rev. P. E. Major, M.A.  Craigs - Rev. H. C. Townsend, M.A.  Larne - Vacant.  Muckamore - Rev. F. J. Bannon.  Glenarm - Rev. T. P. Waring, B.A.  Grange - Vacant.  Duneane - Rev. T. Egerton, B.A.  Templepatrick - Rev. C. F. Newell, B.A.  Clough - Rev. T. R. C. Hughes.  Jordanstown - Rev. R. N. Ruttle.  Rasharkin - Rev. W. Bigley.  Cushendall and Layde - Rev. T. Thorpe, B.A.  Connor - Rev. O. W. Clarke.  Ballymoney - Rev. J. M. Hannah, M.A.  Carnlough - Rev. T. G. Sharpe, M.A.
Ahoghill Presbytery - Ahoghill Presbytery meets on the first Tuesday of February and May in Portglenone; August meeting at Rasharkin, and November meeting at Grange.  First Ahoghill - Rev. H. W. Boyd.  Third Ahoghill - Rev. D. M. McConnell, B.A.  Second Ahoghill - Rev. W. J. McLarnon.  Churchtown - Rev. H. C. Mulholland.  Grange - Rev. Wm. Bates.  Killymurris - Rev. M. A. Thompson (Moderator); Rev. J. Carson, missionary to China;  2nd Portglenone - Rev. S. R. Henry.  3rd Portglenone - Rev. W. F. Sheppherd.  Rasharkin - Rev. John Jameson
Ballymena Presbytery - Moderator - Rev. R. A. Craig.  Clerk - Rev. W. Ramsay, Glenarm.  Sustentation Fund Agent - Rev. H. W. Boyd, Ahoghill.  Convener of Education Committee - Rev. T. Haslett, Ballymena.  Mission Agent - Rev. W. Ramsay, Carnalbanagh.  Convener of Religious Education in Day-schools.  Convener on State of Religion - Rev. W. H. Sloane, Ballymena.  Financial Agent - Rev. T. C. Jasper, Buckna.  Sabbath School Agent - Rev. W. A. Adams, Antrim
List of Congregations, with their Ministers - Ahoghill - Rev. H. W. Boyd.  Antrim - Rev. W. A.. Adams; First Broughshane - Rev. R. Strawbridge; Second Broughshane - Rev. T. A. McElfatrick; Buckna - Rev. T. C. Jasper; First Ballymena - Rev. T. Haslett, D.D.; Clough - Rev. R. Lennox, B.A.; Cloughwater - Rev. A. Patton; Carnalbanagh - Rev. W. Ramsey; Connor - Rev. Herbert Vere Clements, B.A.; Cullybackey - Rev. W. H. Hutchinson.  Cushendall - Rev. W. J. McCracken; Glenwherry - Rev. D. Cummins; Glenarm - Rev. Wm. Ramsay; High Kirk (2nd Ballymena) - Rev. W. J. Hansan; Kells and Eskylane - Rev. J. W. Houston; Newtowncrommelin - Vacant; Portglenone - Rev. James Fulton; Randalstown - Rev. J. F. Bell, M.A.; West Church - Rev. E. F. Simpson, sen.; and Rev. R. S. Craig; Wellington Street - Rev. R. M. McC. Gilmour; Harryville - Rev. W. H. Sloane
Moravian Church, Gracehill - Rev. John Ellis
Ballymena Unionist Club - Chairman, Rt. Hon. W. R. Young, P.C., D.L., Galgorm Castle; Secretary, John Owens, Ballymena
Apprentice Boys of Derry Clubs - District President, Samuel Henry, Princes Street; Deputy District President, Hugh Ballentine, Bridge Street; Secretary, Robert McAfee, Mill Street; Treasurer, Charles Forsythe
Mid-Antrim Constitutional and Unionist Association - President, Right Hon. W. R. Young, P.C., D.L.; Secretary, John Owens, solicitor, Wellington Street.  Polling Districts - Ahoghill - Secretary, J. Keith, Ahoghill.  Broughshane - Chairman, James McMaster, M.D.  Carnlough - Secretary, Robert Dempsey.  Cleggan (Slemish Unit) - John G. Wallace, chairman; sec., Henry Kelly, Tamneybrack, Aughafatten.  (Longmore Unit), chairman, J. G. Wallace; sec., Hugh Hyndman, Cleggan; (Glenarm Unit), chairman, John Gilmer; sec., John J. Wall, Glenarm.  Moorfields - Chairman, S. S. Owens, J.P.; sec., Jas. Armstrong, Grove House, Glenwherry.  Portglenone - Chairman, Allen Kidd; sec., Robert A. Barr
North End Unionist Club - President, Samuel Alexander; Secretary, D. McLean
Harryville Unionist Club - President, John Sloan; Secretary, Robert Thompson
Catholic Club, Broughshane Street - Secretary, Felix McIlinden
Mills, Factories, and Foundries - Braidwater Spinning Co. Ltd., Bridge Street - Directors, James Young, G. C. G. Young, S. W. Anderson, S. J. McConnell, manager.  Braid River Weaving Factory, G. & J. Bellis.  Phoenix Weaving Factory. J. Lamont; Messrs. W. C. Wolseley Ltd., linen manufacturers, designers and embroiderers, Cullybackey Road; Ballymena Weaving Co., J. Pryde; Harryville Shirt Factory and Victoria Laundry, John Wilson & Son; Ballygarvey Weaving Co., Messrs. Wilson, Raceview; Cullybackey Road Weaving Factory, S. McCord; Ballymarlow Finishing Works, James Owens; Slatt Weaving Factory, Ferguson & Co. Ballymena Foundry, Harryville, Kane Bros. The Waveney Laundry, T. Bloomer; The Bridge Foundry, D. Christie; Ballymena Manufacturing Co. & Victoria Hygienic Laundry, J. Wilson & Son
Ballymena Bowling Club - President, John Kernohan; secretary, W. J. McGinley; treasurer, J. A. McClean
County Antrim Agriculture Association - President, Lieut.-Col. J. Patrick, D.L., J.P.; secretary, John M. Kyle
Ballymena Branch Women's Unionist Association - President, Lady O'Neill, Shane's Castle; Secretary, Miss Lavender, Woodvale
Ballymena Working Women's Unionist Club
Resident Magistrate - W. J. Hardy, Ballymena
Coroner - Jas. Caruth, solicitor, Ballymena; deputy-coroner, George B. Caruth
Solicitors - John Adrain, J. M. Beaumont, Wellington Street; Robert Boal, High Street; Alexander Caruth & Son, Flixton Place; J. & A. Caruth & Owens, Wellington Street; Jas. Clarke, High Street; John K. Currie & Son, Linenhall Street; John P. McCann, Wellington Street; J. C. Barr, Wellington Street; T. S. McAllister, Wellington Street; T. C. McCaughey & Co., Wellington Street; Samuel Currie, High Street; R. & H. Orr, High Street; Travers W. King; J. A. M. Steele, Broadway; W. J. Stewart, Wellington Street; Samuel Eagleson, jun., High Street; Wm. Shaw, Wellington Street; A. L. McClelland, Wellington Street; W. B. Currie, Linenhall Street; James L. Russell, Wellington Street
Commissioners for Taking Affidavits - James Caruth, solicitor; John M. Beaumont, solicitor; N. C. Caruth, solicitor; William Mehaffey, C.P.S.; J. A. M. Steele, solicitor; Saml. Currie, solicitor; Saml. Eagleson, solicitor
Commissioner of Deeds for New York, U.S.A., and Commissioner of Oaths - Travers W. King, solicitor, High Street
Commissioners for Taking Affidavits from Married Women - N. C. Caruth
Notary Public - Travers W. King, solicitor, High Street
Inspector of National Schools - J. M. Bradshaw
Stamp Distributor - P.O., Ballymena
District Registrar of Marriages - William Mehaffey; Deputy Registrar, Miss Mehaffey
Customs and Excise Officers - J. Brewster, surveyor; R. L. McKimm
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Robert Currie, surgeon, Linenhall Street
Superintendent Registrar of Births, &c., &c. - John Leckey
Clerk of Markets - R. Beaumont
Women's National Health Association (Mid Antrim Branch) - President, Lady Annabel O'Neill; general secretary, Mrs. W. R. Young, Galgorm Castle; secretary for township, Mrs. Chas. McConnell; treasurer, Mrs. R. R. Porter


Ballymena Cottage Hospital - Chairman, Robert Morton; honorary secretary, George Bellis; treasurer, Miss Simpson, Prospect; matron, Miss Hind; acting matron, Miss Johnston
Ballymena Provident Association - Hon. treasurer, T. A. McClean
District Nursing Society, Nurses' Home, Flixton Place - Lady president, Miss Young, Grange Road; treas., Miss May Young; sec., Mrs. Porter; registrar, Mrs. Norman C. Caruth; supt. and head nurse, Miss Simpson; assistant, Miss Caulfield; tuberculosis nurse, Miss M. E. Caulfield
Ballymena District L.O.L. - George C. G. Young, M.C.G.C., D.M., Glenagherty, Hugh Ballentine, D.S., Suffolk Street


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. A. Cullen
Ballyclug Parish Church - Rev. J. A. Cullen; curates, Rev. W. J. Parr, M.A., and Rev. John Newburgh Tisdall
First Presbyterian Church, Castle Street - Rev. Thomas Haslett, minister.  Second, High Street - Rev. W. J. Hanson.  Third, Wellington Street - Rev. R. M. McC. Gilmour, minister.  West Ballymoney Road - Rev. E. F. Simpson and Rev. R. S. Craig, ministers.  Harryville - Rev. W. H. Sloane, minister
Methodist Church, Ballymoney Road - Rev. I. F. Frackleton, minister, Methodist Manse, Ballymoney Road
Gospel Hall, Wellington Street
Faith Mission Church - High Street
Baptist Chapel, Hill Street - Pastor, Richard Hodgett
Roman Catholic Church - Very Rev. Canon T. O'Donnell, P.P., V.F.; Rev. Daniel Rhodes, C.C.; Rev. John Taggart, C.C., B.A.
Ballymena Congregational Church - Rev. T. Warwick
Salvation Army Hall, Linenhall Street - 11-15 a.m., 3 and 7 p.m.


Adair Arms Hotel - Samuel Eagleson, proprietor
Clarence Hotel, Mill Street - John Henry, proprietor
Albert Temperance Hotel, Wellington Street - W. H. Pielow, proprietor
McVeigh's Temperance Hotel, Wellington Street - Mrs. McVeigh, proprietress
Flixton Hotel, Flixton Place - Thomas A. Carroll, proprietor
Castleton Temperance Hotel, Castle Street; proprietress, Miss Storey
Criterion - Wellington Street - Alex. O'Hara, proprietor
Victoria Temperance Hotel, Mill Street - J. Wallace, proprietor
Crown Hotel and Cafe, Ballymoney Street - Mrs. J. B. Matthews, proprietor
Hollinger's Temperance Hotel, Ballymoney Street


Bank of Ireland, Church Street - F. T. Hinds, manager
Belfast Bank, Mill Street and Albert Street, with branch in Thomas Street - R. MacDonnell, manager
Northern Bank, George Street and Broadway - J. McMurray, manager
Provincial Bank, Wellington Street - T. A. McClean, manager
Ulster Bank, George's Street, with branch in Thomas Street - Mr. Robertson
Ballymena National School - Boys - Principal, James O'Hagan; assistant, Joseph Gregg.  Girls - Principal, Miss O'Boyle; assistant, Miss Kelly
Guy's Free School, Wellington Street - John Warden, principal; T. Murphy and R. Johnston, assistant teachers, Miss Waters, principal (girls); assistants, Mrs. Millar and Miss C. Black.  Miss Dunlop, principal (infants); assistants, Miss Alexander, Miss Boyd, and Miss Christie
Harryville Bridge N.S. - Principal of boys, J. Higgins; principal of girls, Miss A. McVeigh
Cambridge House, Boarding and Day School for Girls - Principals, Miss J. C. Currie & Miss S. Kinnear
Ballymena Academy - W. A. Fullerton, B.A., principal
Model School, Ballymoney Road - J. B. Scott, head teacher; R. Watt and T. Richardson, assistants.  Girls - Principal, Miss Johnston; assistants, Miss S. Thompson.  Infants - Principal, Miss Fleming and Miss Lamont
National Schools, Larne Street - Boys - Principal, Hugh Warden; assistants, Saml. R. Neilly, James Cathcart, Robt. Neilly.  Girls - Principal, Miss M. Lennox; assistants, Misses L. Wasson, A. Wilson, M. Brown and M. Cooke
Parochial School, Ballymoney Street - Principal, Hugh Kerr.  Girls - Miss Douglas and Miss Beggs, teachers
Civil Service Academy, Clonavon - H. H. Millar, B.A., principal
Ballymena Technical School - P. F. Gillies, B.Sc., principal; Henry O'Hara, secretary.  Teaching staff - Messrs. Robert Leslie, H. Gaston, John McCoubrey, C. R. Greaves, J. F. Hayes, Wm. McCartney, Wm. Anderson, Miss S. J. O'Neill, Miss Myra B. Hill, Miss McDermott, Miss E. E. Ross, Miss Margaret Kerr.  Clerk  and typist, Miss M. E. Coulter.  Caretaker, Wm. McDowell
Union Workhouse, Cushendall Road - 23 electoral divisions.  Board meets every Saturday.  Samuel Watson, chairman; Samuel McMillan, vice-chairman; James Leetch, master; Mrs. Millar, matron; W. R. Davison, medical officer; John Leckey, clerk of union
Waveney Hospital - Governors, John Dinsmore, jun., chairman; James Henry, vice-chairman; Miss E. Hollinger, secretary
Ballymena Y.M.C.A. - President, James N. Lamont; chairman of committee, D. C. Hook; hon. secretary, Hugh Lusk; assistant secretary, W. McNeilly; treasurer, John Mullan
Ballymena Picture House, Mill Street - Manager, Samuel Eagleson
Dispensary, Mount Street - Robert Currie, M.D., medical officer; James Acheson, apothecary; Mrs. J. Kerr, High Street, midwife
Ballymena Dramatic Society - President, James D. Caruth; hon. secretary, William McCartney
Ballymena Estate Office - George L. Young, J.P., estate agent; W. Stuart, chief clerk and surveyor; Alex. McMillen, caretaker
Courthouse, Ballymoney Road - Petty Sessions held every alternate Friday - William Mehaffey, petty sessions clerk; R. Hewitt, caretaker
Constabulary Barracks, High Street - Capt. Small, district inspector; J. Duffy, head-constable.  Harryville Barracks
Northern Counties Railway Station, Galgorm Road - James Harris, station master; Goods station, Harryville - James Harris, superintendent; W. O'Neill, Harryville, chief clerk; John Clarke, permanent way inspector
Ballymena Catch-My-Pal Club (Rooms, Linenhall Street) - President, J. N. Lamont; secretary, John Ross; club house secretary, W. H. Wallace; caretaker, Alex. Millar.  Women's Branch - President, Mrs. Haslett; treasurer, Miss Lucy Wasson
Ballymena Catholic Club - President, P. Murphy; vice-president, J. P. Gregg; sec., A. Blayney; treasurer, A. McAllister
Ballymena Choral Society - Chairman, J. P. Gregg; sec., J. McCann; treasurer, J. McAuley
National Union of Teachers - President, H. Kerr; joint secretaries, J. Murphy and M. Templeton; treasurer, Miss J. McCurdy


Adams, David, Registered Plumber and cycle agent, 1 Galgorm Road
Adams Bros., drapers, Church Street
Adams, John, tailor, Albert Place
Adams, Mrs. John, embroidery agent, Albert Place
Adrain, John, solicitor, Wellington Street
Alexander, S., auctioneer and house furnisher, Wellington Street
Alexander, S., Gate Lodge, Cottage Hospital
Allan, R., & Son, seed and implement merchants, Wellington Street
Allan, Wm., Shague, Galgorm Road
Allen, David, tailor, Ballymoney Street
Anderson, John, Cullybackey Road
Anderson, S. W., Ballee House
Armstrong, Dr. Maria, Wellington Street
Armstrong, John, M.D., Wellington Street
Armstrong, Mrs. J., merchant tailor and draper, Mill Street

Ballentine, Henderson, fruiterer, Church Street
Ballentine, John M., draper, Mill Street
Ballentine, J. & H., general drapers and outfitters, Bridge Street
Ballentine, Miss, Ardverna
"Ballymena Weekly Telegraph" Published on Fridays. Broadway. Telephone No. 3
"Ballymena Observer" (John Wier, proprietor), Church Street
Ballymena and District Farmers' Co-operative Society, Broadway
Ballymena Ropeworks, Broadway
Ballymena and Harryville Co-operative Society Ltd., Church Street
Bamber, John, horse dealer, Farm Lodge
Barbour Bros., hardware merchants, Broughshane Street
Barclay, Mrs., Brocklamont House
Barclay, Mrs. R., costumier, High Street
Barclay, S., Clonavon Terrace
Barclay & Crawford, woollen drapers, Church Street
Barr, George, butcher, Ballymoney Street
Barr, Mrs. L. A., Church Street
Barr, R. J., live and dead pig buyer, Church Street
Beaumont, John M., Cushendall Road
Beaumont, Samuel H., Cushendall Road
Beggs Bros., engineers and mill furnishers, Bridge Street
Bell, J. & R., Booksellers, Stationers, Newsagents and Tobacconists,76 Church Street; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Bellis, George, J.P., Flixton Hotel
Bellis, G. H., Waveney Villas, Broughshane Road
Black, Gordon, Cullybackey Road
Black, G., & Co., woollen drapers, Church Street
Black, James, High Street
Black, John, Timber Merchant, Steam Sawing, Planing and Joinery Works, Warden Street
Black, The Misses, Glenmanus Place
Bloomer, T., Waveney Laundry
Boal, R., solicitor, High Street
Boal, Wm., saddler, High Street
Bolan, Mrs., Broughshane Street
Bonnar, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Salisbury Square
Bortrick, W., builder, Waveney Road
Boyd, James, cabinet maker and undertaker, Wellington Street
Boyd, Thomas, managing editor, "Weekly Telegraph"
Boyle, Hugh, & Sons, builders and contractors, Broughshane Street
Bradshaw, J. M., school inspector, Broughshane Road
Braidwater Spinning Co. Ltd., Bridge Street
Brandon, H. B., & Co., chartered accountants, High Street
Bridge Street Bakery, Bridge Street
Buchanan, A., Church Street
Buick, A., draper, Ballymoney Street
Burns, Thomas, draper, Church Street
Byrne, G. H., publican, Wellington Street

Cairns, John, publican, Bridge Street
Cameron, James, cooper, Ballymoney Street
Cameron, R., hardware merchant, Wellington Street
Cameron, T. M., Audley Terrace
Cameron, William, hardware merchant and shipping agent, Ballymoney Street
Carroll, Mrs. T., Flixton Hotel
Carson, J., builder, Clonavon
Carson, R., Henry Street
Caruth, James D., Hugomont
Caruth, J. & A., solicitors, Wellington Street
Charters, S., grocer and marine store dealer, Ballymoney Street
Chestnut, Alex., Sandy Lodge
Clarke, James, solicitor, High Street
Clarke, Wm., & Son, boot manufacturers, High Street and Wellington Street
Coleman, James, & Co., Mid-Antrim Saw Mills, Broughshane Street
Collins, John, draper, Church Street
Compton, H., merchant tailor, Church Street
Connon, John, publican, Queen Street
Connor, Robert, newsagent and fancy goods dealer, Larne Street
Cooney, E., Mus.Doc., Woodvale
Cosbie, James, & Co., Steam Saw Mills, Coal and Iron Stores, Ballymoney Street
Cowan, Mrs. J. J., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, Mill Street
Craig, Rev. R. S., Ennismore
Crawford, Mrs., boarding house, Bryan Street
Crawford, R., M.P., Ashville
Crothers, H. M., Cullybackey Road
Cullen, Rev. J. A., The Rectory
Cupples Bros., drapers, Church Street
Currid, Patk., publican, Ballymoney Street
Currie, J. K., & Son, solicitors, Linenhall Street
Currie, R., M.B., surgeon, Linenhall Street
Currie, Samuel, solicitor, High Street
Currie, William, solicitor, Broughshane Road

Darragh, Robert, Galgorm Road
Davis, James, jeweller, Church Street
Davison, Richard, Beechville
Davison, W. R., M.D., Wellington Street
Deighan, P. J., publican, Galgorm Street
Denham, J. H., hardware stores, Church Street
Devlin, J., fruiterer, Bridge Street
Diamond, J., publican, Wellington Street
Dinsmore, George J., woollen manufacturer, Ballymoney Street
Dinsmore, John, jun., Greenfield, Kells
Doey, D. J., fancy goods merchant, Albert Place
Donaghy, J. A., pharmaceutical chemist, Ballymoney Street
Dornan & Co., Grocers and Provision Merchants, Ballymoney Street
Dowling, Archibald, publican, Church Street
Dryburgh, Captain J., Gladstone Terrace
Dugdale, John,  Market Road
Duncan, A., M.D., J.P., Waveney Road
Dunlop, Hugh A., Broughshane Road
Dunlop, John, cattle dealer, Ballygarvey
Dunlop, Mrs. Catherine, Springwell Street
Dunlop & Johnston, provision merchants, Broughshane Street
Dunlop, Robert, Broughshane Road
D'Evelyn, A., M.D., J.P., Flixton Place

Eagleson, S., proprietor Adair Arms Hotel
Erwin, J., hardware merchant, Broughshane Street
Esler, John, grocer and provision merchant, Ballymoney Street

Farry, Thomas, publican, Queen Street
Ferguson, J. P., Kintullagh Terrace
Ferguson, Thomas, Civil Service teacher, Castle Street
Ferguson, W. M., hairdresser and fancy goods merchant, Henry Street
Flood, William, Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist and Cigar Importer, Church Street

Galloway, D., merchant tailor, Church Street
Gardner, Thomas Boyd, V.S., High Street
Gault Brothers, builders and contractors, Queen Street
Gault, John, coal and timber merchant, Harryville
Gault, Maxwell, Ballee
Gault, William C., Ballee
Getty, Mrs., costumier, Mill Street
Gibson, Wm., publican, Church Street
Giffen, Robert, auctioneer and valuer, Broadway
Gilbey's Agency, Wine Merchants, 43 Mill Street and 43 Ballymoney Street, Ballymena
Gillen, Daniel, publican, Hill Street
Gillen, Mrs., Mill Street
Gillies, P. F., B.Sc., Rosemount, principal Technical School
Gilmer Ltd., chemists and grocers, Wellington Street and High Street
Gilmour, Patk., hairdresser, Bryan Street
Gilmour, Rev. R. M. McC., Wellington Manse
Given, R., dentist, Albert Place
Glasgow & Co., grocers and provision merchants, Wellington Street
Gledhill, R., photographer, Mill Street
Gordon, John, garage, Galgorm Street
Gordon & Esler, general grocers, Broughshane Street
Graham, Gawn, grocer, Church Street
Graham, George, Hardware, Leather, ironmongery and fancy goods warehouse, The Red House
Graham & Co., spirit grocers, Galgorm Road
Grant, John, monumental works, Broughshane Road
Grant, Mrs., publican, Bridge Street
Graves, Chas. R., art teacher, Waveney Road
Greer, William, wholesale and retail hardware merchant and emigration agent, Bridge Street
Gribben, Mrs., publican, Mount Street
Guy, Robert, draper and haberdasher, Broughshane Street
Guy, William, general draper, Church Street

Hagan Bros., wholesale confectioners, Church Street
Hague, R., Wholesale Glass & China Merchant, Ballymoney Street
Hamill, Alex., hair dresser, Wellington Street
Hamill, Joseph, publican, Wellington Street
Hamilton, Miss, costumier, Clonavon
Hanna, Mrs., publican, Broughshane Street
Harper, John, tailor, High Street
Harpur, Thomas, tailor, Springwell Street
Harpur & Sloane, general drapers, Church Street
Harris, James, station master, Galgorm Road
Harrison, Mrs., draper, Broughshane Street
Haslett, Rev. Thomas, Galgorm Road
Hendron, Mrs., High Street
Henry, James, Farmers' Hotel, general posting establishment, Mill Street
Henry, John, Clarence Hotel, Mill Street
Henry, Mrs., William Street
Henry, Robert W., V.S., Wellington Street
Herbinson & Sons, coal and timber merchants, Broughshane Street
Higgins, Mrs. P. J., stationer, Broughshane Street
Hillis, James, publican, Ballymoney Street
Holden, Wm., boot and shoe merchant, Broughshane Street
Hollinger, Mrs., boarding house, Ballymoney Street
Houston, A., grocer, Ballymoney Street

Johnston, James, manager Bradbury Sewing Machines, Bryan Street
Johnston, Mrs. Charles, Lisvarna
Johnston, R. G., Wholesale and Retail Ironmonger, Ballymoney Street and Greenvale Street. Tel. No. 21
Johnston, William, Clonmohr Terrace
Jones, W. E. J., M.D., Cullybackey Road
Jordan, Mrs., fruiterer, Salisbury Square

Kane Bros., Engineers, Millwrights, Agricultural Machinery Makers and Merchants, Ballymena Factory
Keenan, Hugh, general dealer, High Street
Kelly, P., publican, William Street
Kelly, Wm., Wholesale China, Glass and Hardware Merchant, Mill Street
Kennedy, Mrs. H., spirit dealer, delph and china merchant, William Street
Kennedy, Thomas, M.D., Wellington Street
Kernohan, John, V.S., Broughshane Street
Kernohan, Robt., veterinary surgeon, Broughshane Street
Kerr, H., Ballymoney Street N.S.
Kerr, James, High Street
Kerr, Mrs. Henry, costumier, Wellington Street
Kerr, Nurse, High Street
Kerr, Thomas, boot manufacturer, Church Street
Kilpatrick, J., B.A., Wellington Street
King, D. J., Cyclone Motor Works, Wellington Street
King, T. W., Mazoe
Kirkwood, W. H., publican, William Street
Knowles, W. J., Flixton Place
Kyle, John, auctioneer and valuer, property and insurance agent, Broadway, Ballymena
Kyle, Wm., Kintullagh Terrace

Lamont, Matthew, auctioneer, Broadway
Lamont Bros., hardware merchants, Broadway
Lamont, James N., Galgorm Road
Lancashire, H., Chemist and Mineral Water Manufacturer, Church Street
Lavender, Miss, school and kindergarten, Woodvale, Ballymoney Road
Lennon, P. J., manager J. McAllister & Son, Lawnview
Lewis, Archibald, tailor and outfitter, Wellington Street
Lipton Ltd., Church Street
Logue, Miss, newsagent; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," Broughshane Street
Love, W., general outfitter, Ballymoney Street
Lowry, James, ironmonger and hardware merchant, Broughshane Street
Ludlow, Mrs., boot factor, Church Street
Lynn, F. & J., drapers, Church Street

MacDonnell, R., manager, Belfast Bank
Mallinson, William, organist, Audley Place
Malone, J., fruiterer, Mill Street
Martin, Captain A. M., Gladstone Terrace
Mathews, Mrs., Crown Cafe, Ballymoney Street
Mehaffey, Wm., C.P.S., Woodvale
Millar, Miss, stationer, news, emigration agent and fancy goods merchant, 52 Mill Street
Millar, T. N., grocer and provision merchant, Broughshane Street
Monaghan, A., B.A., High Street
Montgomery, C., & Son, cabinetmakers, High Street
Montgomery, J. H., draper, Church Street
Montgomery, Matthew, Clonavon Road
Montgomery, Mrs., Beechmount
Montgomery, Wm., Broughshane Road
Mooney, Hugh, fruiterer and confectioner, Mill Street
Mooney, P., & Sons, Hardware Merchants and Newsagents, Mill Street
Moore Bros., cycle and motor works, Broadway (garage Linenhall Street)
Morrison, James, Broughshane Road
Morrison, W. T., dentist, 27 Wellington Street
Morrow, J., & Co., drapers, Bridge Street
Morton, Mrs., Knockanure
Morton, Robert, Ballygarvey
Morton, Robert, jun., Oranmore
Morton  & Co., merchants and mill owners, Galgorm Road
Morton & Simpson, Grocers, Bakers and Provision Curers, Church Street
Mulholland, G. A., journalist
Mulholland, Jos., Suffolk Street
Mulholland, Wm., spirit dealer, Mill Street
Murphy, Mary, publican, Bridge Street
Murphy, P., wholesale spirit dealer, mineral water manufacturer, auctioneer and valuator, Bridge Street
Murray, N., saddler, Church Street
Murray, Isaac, fruiterer and confectioner, Broughshane Street

McAfee, R., Mill Street
McAllinden, F., commercial traveller, Lawnview Place
McAllister, A., flesher, Broughshane Street
McAllister, James, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, Bryan Street; bonded stores, Meetinghouse Lane
McAllister, Jas. B., J.P., Rainsford
McAllister, James, grocer and seed berchant, Wellington Street (merchant)
McAllister, John, flesher, Ballymoney Street
McAllister, Mrs., Kenbaan
McAllister, T. S., solicitor, Ballymarlow House
McAuley, Joseph, High Street
McAuley, W. P., hair dresser, Castle Street
McBride, bookseller, newsagent, stationer, music seller, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" 12 Bridge Street
McBride, W. J., Watchmaker, Jeweller and Silversmith, 2 Bridge Street
McCallion. T., carpenter, Cullybackey Road
McCalister, James, rate collector, Greenmount Terrace
McCann, Mrs. D., Railway Hotel, Galgorm Road
McCann, H., &. Son, builders and contractors, Galgorm Road
McCann, John P., solicitor, County Councillor, Broughshane Road
McCann, Miss Helen, boarding house, Broughshane Street
McCarthy, Miss, N.T., Mill Street
McCartney, David, & Son, Provision Curers, Ballymoney Street
McCartney, F. J., stock broker, house agent, and auctioneer, Wellington Street
McCartney, F. J., Galgorm Road
McCartney, Wm., journalist, Waveney Avenue
McCaughey, T. C., & Co., solicitors, Wellington Street
McClelland, A. L., solicitor, Wellington Street
McClelland, John, & Son, auctioneers, Wellington Street
McClelland, Mrs., Arno, Galgorm Road
McClelland, Samuel M. (of W. McClelland & Son), Arno, Galgorm Road
McClelland, W., & Son, Grocers, Fire and Life Insurance and Emigration Agents, 5, 6 Church Street
McCloskey, Mrs., fruiterer, Bridge Street
McConnell, James, spirit dealer, Hill Street
McConnell, Joseph, boot and shoe manufacturer, Mill Street
McConnell, S. J., Galgorm Road
McConnell, T., boot and shoe manufacturer, Mill Street
McConnell, W., & Co., Pork Merchants, Hill Street and Bridge Street
McCullough, John, general draper, &c., Harryville Post Office; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" Henry Street
McCurry, D., fishmonger and game dealer, Church Street
McCutcheon, Gilbert, pawnbroker, Wellington Street
McDonald, A., fowl dealer, Broughshane Street
McDonald, David, butcher, Broughshane Street
McDowell, J., Boot and Shoe Maker, Church Street
McElhenny, Patk., horse shoer, Broughshane Street
McErlain, John, publican, Hill Street
McFall, Captain, Mill Street
McFeely, J., jeweller, Mill Street
McFeeters, The Misses, Myrtle Cottage
McGarry, P. (J. McAllister & Son)
McGavock, James, N.T., Woodvale
MacGinley, W. J., The Castle
McHenry, A., grocer, Broughshane Street
McIlroy, John, boot and shoe establishment, Mill Street
McKay, J., monumental works, Broughshane Street
McKeegan & Fyfe, boot factors, Broughshane Street
McKendry, J., publican, Broughshane Street
McKenna, James, wholesale and retail grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, Springwell Street
McKeown, Thomas, grocer and seed merchant, Wellington Street
McKerville, John, butcher, Church Street
McKerville, Mrs., butcher, Linenhall Street
McKinney, E., tailor, Castle Street
McKinney, J. H., auctioneer and valuer, Thomas Street
McKinney, Mrs., publican, Broughshane Street
McKinney, Wm., car owner, Wellington Street
McMullan, J., publican, Springwell Street
McMullan, Robert, publican, Broughshane Street
McNabney, J., family grocer, Wellington Street
McNeely, H., hair dresser, Church Street
McNeice, John, cycle agent, registered plumber and sanitary engineer, 53 Mill Street
McNeilly, Jeremiah, Wellington Street
McNeilly, R., grocer, Church Street
McNeilly, S., hair dresser, Mill Street
McQuillan, H., publican and cattle dealer, Springwell Street
McQuitty, Mrs., Myrtle Cottage
McVeigh, Mrs., Temperance Hotel, Wellington Street
McVeigh, Neil, tobacconist, Wellington Street

Neave Bros., florists, Demesne Gardens
Neeson, Bernard, general dealer, William Street
Neilly, Mrs., The Library, Church Street
Neilly, Robert, N.T., Rosemount
Nesbitt, S. J., flaxmill owner, Dowry Road

Orr, John, provision merchant, Broughshane Street
Orr, R. & H., solicitors, High Street
Owens, James, Audley Terrace
Owens, J., solicitor, Wellington Street
Owens, P. M., seed and produce merchant, Broughshane Street
O'Boyle, Miss A., spirit dealer, Broughshane Street
O'Donnell, J., publican, Hill Street
O'Donnell, Rev. Thos., P.P., Parochial House
O'Gorman & Co., Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchants, Church Street
O'Hagan, James, N.T., Cushendall Road
O'Hara, Alex., Criterion Hotel, Wellington Street
O'Hara, Henry, Town Clerk, Castle Street
O'Hare, P. T., agricultural instructor, Lawnview Place
O'Loan, W., hide merchant, William Street
O'Neill, B., confectioner and tearooms, Mill Street
O'Neill, B., boot maker, Mill Street
O'Neill, C., butcher, Bridge Street
O'Neill, F., butcher, Church Street
O'Neill, L., merchant, Salisbury Square
O'Neill, W., hardware merchant, Church Street
O'Neill, Wm., Waveney Road

Patterson, A., fish monger, Church Street
Patton, Rev. A., Cloughwater, Carncoagh
Pedlow, J., fruiterer, Church Street
Perry, S., & Sons, painters, glaziers and decorators, Mill Street
Petticrew, J., auctioneer, Broughshane Road
Phoenix Weaving Company, Railway Street
Pryde, Arthur, Grange Road

Quinn, B., cattle dealer, Hill Street

Rainey, Mrs., Albert Place
Ramsey, J., publican, Broughshane Street
Raphael, Andrew, P.S.C., Galgorm Parks Cottage
Raphael, Mrs., Galgorm House
Raphael & Co., hemstitching factory, Cullybackey Road
Robinson, C., boot factor, Broughshane Street
Robinson, John, auctioneer and valuer, Broughshane Street
Robinson, N., merchant tailor, Broadway
Robinson, Wm., Carnarvon Place
Ross, Andrew, flesher, Linenhall Street
Ross, H., saddler, Ballymoney Street
Ross, M., painter, High Street
Ruddell, S., motor and cycle agent, High Street
Russell, James, solicitor, Wellington Street
Russell, S., fruiterer, Bridge Street and Church Street

Sanderson, J., druggist, Bridge Street
Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores, Church Street
Scott, Alexr., publican, Ballymoney Street
Shaw, Wm., solicitor, Wellington Street
Simpson, M., delph and china merchant, Mill Street
Simpson, Rev. E. F., West Church Manse
Simpson, R. C., Brocklamont
Sloane, Rev. W. H., The Manse, Grange Road
Smith, Archd., Braidview, Broughshane Road
Smith & Co., Provision Merchants, Thomas Street
Smyth, Mrs. G. R., Woodbine Cottage
Spence & Co., furniture dealers, Broughshane Street
Starrs, G., hardware dealer, Linenhall Street
Steele, J. A. M., solocitor, Broadway (solicitor)
Steele, J., draper, Church Street
Stevenson, D., provision merchant, George Street
Stevenson, John, Galgorm Road
Stevenson, J., draper, Bridge Street
Stevenson, Robt., grocer, Ballymoney Street
Stewart, A., grocer and ironmonger, Bridge Street
Stewart, J., Hazelbank
Stewart, W. J., solicitor, Wellington Street
Storey, Miss, temperance cafe, Castle Street
Stuart, Gordon, M.R.C.V.S., High Street
Stuart, William, C.E., Castle Street
Sutters, A., grocer, Queen Street
Swann, Jas., seed and provision merchant, High Street

Taggart Bros., merchants and druggists, Broughshane Street
Taggart, Patk., horse trainer, Warden Street
Taggart, Rev. Thos., B.A., C.C., Broughshane Road
Taylor, John, grocer and provision merchant, Salisbury Square
Taylor, J., publican, Bryan Street
Taylor, J., Henry Street, Harryville
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, J. & A. Caruth, Wellington Street; W. H. Russell, Galgorm Road
Thompson, George, cycle and motor agent, High Street
Thompson, Jas., barony surveyor, Corbally Cottage, Galgorm
Thompson, Mark, caretaker, Ballymena Old Churchyard
Thompson, Mrs. A., draper and clothier, Ballymoney Street
Thompson, R., Coach builder, High Street
Thompson, W., coach builder, Hill Street
Turner, W. G., fruiterer, Church Street
Tyler Ltd., boot factors, Church Street

Waide, E., dentist, Wellington Street
Wallace, J., cycle agent, Mill Street
Walsh, L., insurance agent, Waveney Road
Walshe, C., monumental sculptor, Broughshane Street
Ward, Joseph, publican, Mill Street
Watt, A., grocer, Bridge Street
Watt, R., family grocer and baker, Linenhall Street
Watt, W. J., Cullybackey Road
Weir, James, journalist, High Street
Weir, Thomas, Cullybackey Road
Weir, W., ice cream merchant and confectioner, Church Street
Whiteside, Thos., Cullybacek Road (Cullybackey)
Wier, John, J.P., Liscoomb
Wier, W., Galgorm Road
Wilson, Caulfield, Galgorm Road
Wilson, Dysart, grocer, High Street
Wilson, G. W., Summerfield
Wilson, James, Ballymena Nursery
Wilson, J., grocer, Harryville
Wilson, John, & Son Ltd., Harryville Factory and Victoria Hygienic Laundry, Manufacturers of Linens, Damasks, Sheetings, Gentlemen's Shirts and Collars
Wilson, Miss Meta, music teacher, Alexandra House, Galgorm Road
Woodside, J. A., Pharmaceutical  & Manufacturing Chemist, Church Street
Wolseley, A. D., linen manufacturer, Galgorm Road
Wolseley, Mrs. W. C., Loan Ash
Wylie, John, butcher, Broadway
Wylie, J., butcher, Ballymoney Street

Young, G. C. G., Glenagherty
Young, James, Fenaghy, Cullybackey
Young, J. B., photographer, Wellington Street
Young, Miss, Grange Road
Young, Rt. Hon. Wm. R., Galgorm Castle


Ballee - W. Allen, H. Carson, A. Carson, William C. Gault, Reps. J. Harding, J. Kinnear, County Coun.; JS, Millar, W. Morrow, H. Morrow, J. C. Welsh, Stewart Carson, Geo. T. Graham, J. Wasson, S. W. Anderson, Robert Steele

Bally - J. McFetridge, Robt. Steele, H. Herbinson, W. J. Wallace, Robert Graham, James McKeown, H. Herbison, J. Giffin, W. J. Wallace

Ballycraigy - Mrs. Haslett, A. Kerr, Mrs. McCallion, J. McMullan, Mrs. O'Hara

Ballygarvey - J. Beatty, S. Buick, R Kenny, D. Kenny, Miss McKinley, J. McQuitty, J. Wylie, J. R. McCue, R. Kenny, R. Morton, J. Dunlop, R. Longwell, W. Alexander, G. Beatty, W. Telford, Henry McNeice, R. P. Wilson, M. Spence, William Cumming, Chas. McCay, Thomas Wilson

Ballykeel - J. Armstrong, W. Craig, Robt. McCaughey, Wm. Y. Wilson, James Wiggins, J. McNeilly, Nathaniel White, T. Bloomer, J. Knox

Ballymarlow - J. Allen, R. Bryson, W. Carson, R. Esler, J. W. Gray, J. Lamont, Mrs. Wallace, H. Wallace, P. Owens, jun.; T. S. McAllister, solicitor, n, Ballymarlow House

Ballylesson - S. Boyd, W. Carr, G. Gardiner, W. Kennedy, W. McQuitty, A. O'Hara, Miss O'Hara  J. Sloan, Wm. McGee

Ballyloughan - Alex. Gordon, Robt. Gordon, J. Gordon, A. Herbison, Mrs. Jack, A. Simpson, W. Arthurs, R.D.C., Samuel Sloan, Mrs. Bamber, R. Beaumont, Ballyloughan House

Bottom - Thomas Cummins, J. Houston, R. McMullan

Brocklamount - W. J. Hatton, H. Kernohan, John McMullan, Mrs. Mewhirter, T. Nixon, Rev. R. M. McC. Gilmour, B.D.; S. Bowden, Miss Montgomery, S. McCord

Cabragh - A. Barbour, M. Eaton, J. Harbison, D. Ross, J. Ross, Robert Eaton, John Wilson, J. J. Herbison

Carncoagh - A. and F. Carey, J. McMaster, A. W. Arthur, J. McMaster, M. and R. Wylie, John Petticrew, W. Wallace, E. Montgomery

Carnlea - R. J. Cherry, A. Galbraith, W. Johnston, W. McIlwrath, A. McLaughlin, D. McMullan, H. McMullan, Robt. Eaton, N.T.; John Herbison, Wm. J. Osborne, Aiken Ferguson, Robert Wallace, Samuel McMillen

Carninney - W. McDowell, R. Compton, R. Allan, J. C. Madden, M. Lamont, R. Ramsay, R. Logan, S. Sloan, Joseph Compton, Hugh Compton, James Armstrong

Clougher - R. Brown, W. Herbison, R. Hutchinson, S. Heaney, J. & D. Kenny, Mrs. W. McCrory, J. McFetridge, Campbell McFetridge, R. Wilson, J. Armstrong, W. M. Herbison, S. Heaney

Clinty - J. O'Hara, W. O'Hara, J. Bamber

Craigywarren - Miss. Aicken, J. Caruth, A. Elliott, Thomas Holden, T. McClelland, J. McClure, Mrs. McCreight, T. McCreight, W. McCullough, A. McCullough, Mrs. A. McFetridge, S. S. Wiley, Miss Boyd, Rev. Andrew Patton, S. Wylie, John McFetridge, Mrs. McCullough

Crebilly - J. Allen, J. Robinson, J. Carson, J. Kane, R. Simpson, W. Watt, R. Thompson, Edward Laverty, J. White, P. Shields, John Laverty, John Myles, John Black

Crumkill - R. Andrews, S. O. Barr, J. Blair, W. Carson, H. Carson, W. Hanna, T. Hanna, S. Johnston, R. Millar, T. Mewhirter, R. McClintock, M. McCartney, C. McDowell, A. M. Nevin, T. Nevin, R. Smyth, F. Turtle, T. Woodburn

Deerfin - C. Creelin, Henry Creelin, Neil Creelin, J. McCormick, D. McKillen, J. Johnston, A. Laverty, A. Millar, C. McAuley, J. McCormick, C. O'Hara, M. O'Hara, J. Smyth, James O'Hara

Drumfin - A. Herbison, jun.; J. Herbison, Mrs. Logan, H. McKeown, R. Petticrew, John Simpson, Mrs. Stewart

Dunnyvadden - S. Allen, J. Barkley, D. Mewhirter, R. McCaughey, W. McCausland, A. McCullough

Durneyveagh - R. Ellis, S. McCosh, R. Stewart, T. McCarroll

Dunfane - R. J. Beatty, J. Beatty, J. Craig, Mrs. T. Gilliland, Miss Kerr, Mrs. Simpson

Dunclug - C. Craig, R. Lamont, J. H. Maternahan, H. Montgomery

Dungall - J. McCreight, R. McKelvey, G. Rock, A. McFetridge, Jas. Gregg, William White, J. Gordon, R. Rock, R. Simpson

Eglish- Mrs. McCaughey, S. Thompson

Killyfleugh - S. Herbison, M. Lamont, H. McLaughlin, D. Smyth, John Gordon, Hugh McMullan

Killygore - J. Moffett, J. Alexander, J. Adams

Kirkinriola - J. Gardner, James Adams, A. Kenny, N.T.

Laymore - W. J. Esler, J. King, Mrs. McClintock, R. Park, S. Wylie, J. Lamont, M. Walkenshaw

Liminary - A. Andrews, J. Barr, J. Black, J. Blaney, W. J. Compton, H. Dempsey, C. Gordon, R. Marsden, R. Meban, T. Meneely, F. O'Neill, J. Riddell, J. Wiley, F. O'Neill, S. Meneely, J. Roddie

Lisnacrogher - J. Adams, J. McCosh, D. McCullough, John McKelvey, James Adams

Loughmagerry - M. Crabbe, H. McKeown, J. Bryans, J. Stewart, J. Hollinger, David Galbraith, Wm. Crabbe, Robert Hayes

Monaghan - R. J. Erwin, S. Glass, M. McCarroll, S. Wilson

Slatt - N. Agnew, H. Boal, Mrs. Boal, T. Jamison, J. Davison, J. Dempster, S. Foster, W. Gaston, J. Houston, F. Kennedy, W. Kennedy, J. Kennedy, R. Kennedy, S. McCartney, M. Wallace, A. Boyd, S. Foster

Teeshan - J. Gaston, S. Gaston, James Lamont, Wm. Thompson, S. McCurdy, W. Kenny, W. J. McMichael, D. Hill, D. Crabbe, D. Kernohan, Hugh Gray

Tullygarley - John Boal, Miss Boyd, Mrs. Currie, J. Currie, A Edmondson, R. Fillis, J. Millar, W. McKane, John Boal, W. Wilson, Robert McFadden, R. Miller, R. J. Moore, H. Currie, A. McIlhagga, Margaret M. McKane, J. Spence, and W. Wilson


Kells is a village about five miles from Ballymena, and is a station on the Ballymena and Larne Railway. Stationmaster, James Bailie

Church - Presbyterian, Rev. J. W. Houston
Sub-Postmistress - Mrs. Brown
Police Barracks - Sergeant Turner
Manufactories - Old Green Woollen Mills - Proprietors, John Dinsmore & Son. Templemoyle Woollen Mills - Geo. Dinsmore, proprietor.  Greenfield's Finishing Works - John Dinsmore & Co., Lisnawiggle & Kildrum Finishing Works - John Hanna, Kildrum. Hamilton Ross, Linen Weaving Factory - Maurice Boal


Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Ingrim, spirit dealer; J. Cathcart, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News;" John Cupples, J. Dalrymple, Matthew Devinney, Bella Dinsmore, Mrs. Nicholl, J. Parker, J. Stephenson, Dr. C. D. Crawford, W. Johnston, W. H. Wray, spirit dealer; Miss Brown, Mrs. Parker, W. Thompson, J. Cupples, Mrs. Kirkwood, W. Strahan, A. Stevenson, jun., Jas. Logan, N.T.; Mrs. Johnston, J. Francey, H. Jack, W. J. Boyd, James Dalrymple, Alexander Stevenson, sen., A. McCaughren, Thomas Wilson, Archd. McNeilly, Cunningham Hyndman, Thomas Hume, Jas. Blair, Peter Taggart, Hessie Orr


Bank - Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.
Churches - Church of Ireland - Rev. O. W. Clarke. Presbyterian - Rev. H. V. Clements
Schools - Parochial School - Mr. J. H. Christie, principal; Miss Christie, assistant; Rev. Mr. Clarke, manager.  Connor National School - Mr. J. Logan


T. McDowell, A. McIlveen, W. Owens, Mrs. Kerr, W. Wilson, H. Carmichael, S. Warwick, W. J. Houston, D. Kernohan, Mrs. Devinney, Rev. H. V. Clements, B.A.; Thomas McDowell, Wm. Hook, Wm. Wilson, Wm. McShane, Alexander McCluney, G. McCord, T. Orr, W. Mewha, R. Scroggy, John McKee, John Jackson, R. Hill


Appletee- J. O. Agnew, J. Holden, N. Kisock, J. Donaghy, W. Cussock, R. J. Linton, and Thomas Dunseith

Artnagullion- G. Bell. A. Frew, W. Jackson, W. Montgomery, Miss Loughridge, Wasson McCluney

Ballycowan- Mrs. J. C. Angus, S. Hamilton, W. Lake, J.P.; P. McAuley, S. McDowell, Thos. McCartney, R. Walker, C. Hamill

Barnish- J. Allen, J. Bell, sen.; J. Bell, jun.; J. Manson, C. Manson, J. Murdock, W. J. Stirling, R. Wilson, sen.; R. Wilson, jun.; R. J. Erskine, Samuel Walker, Robert Murdock, Thos. Bell

Ballymacvea- Henry Hill, Wallace McClean, W. B. Currie, John Fleming, S. Allen, J. Allison, William Brownlee, J. Cooper, J. Cupples, D. Curry, R. Nimmon, T. Francey, J. Hyndman, J. Ross, jun.; William Brownlee, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Cathcart, R. Hill, J. Wilson, Thomas McBride, T. Wilson, Thomas Orr, Wm. Thompson, J. Parker

Carnearney- W. Burke, A. Duncan, J. Gawn, J. D. Gawn, W. J. Montgomery, J. McAlonan, T. O'Neill, J. Warwick

Castlegore- J. Boyd, Mrs. Boyd, D. Bell, G. Gardiner, W. Houston, S. Houston, H. Jackson, W. Kitchen, J. McConnell, J. McCord, W. W. Wilson, W. Wilson

Carnaughts- Hugh McMurran, J. Adair, J. Bailie, Joseph Kernoghan, H. Carson, W. B. Curry, T. McWhirter, J. Montgomery, J. Wilson

Crevillyvalley- M. Boyd, A. Boyd, W. Cussock, D. Dunlop, S. Hanna, John Nicholl, John Gaston, Jos. O'Gorman, J. Donaghy

Edenvale- R. Armour, J. Calwell, John Wilson, James D. Kelly, Mary McMeekin, Samuel Mayberry, David Kernohan, William Jameson, John McIlwaine, sen.; John McIlwaine, jun.; Saml. Thompson, John McCullough, Wm. Armour, Margt. Armour, Alexr. Armour, Samuel Thompson, Wm. Jamison, Andw. Armour

Ferniskey- Jas. Jameson, Miss Beggs, R. Brown, J. Carson, J. Cooper, A. Knox, Jane McAfee, R. Francey, David McNeilly, R. Campbell, J. Nimmons, J. Cooper, S. Duff, Robert McCluney, Thos. Bailie

Forthill- W. J. Barklie, L. Hyndman, W. Hyndman, J. Murdock

Galanagh- Mrs. M. Caldwell, Mrs. Rebecca Biggart, Mrs. Hyndman, John Kernohan, Timothy Ritchie, Mrs. Nancy Campbell, Mrs. Isabella Hyndman, John Weekly

Gilgad- T. Bell, Jos. Maybin, J.P., Co.C.; W. Knox, R. Knox, A. Knox, J. McDowell, J. Strain, A. White, J. McAuley, John Barkley, J. Gault, Jas. Barclay, James Strain, jun., J. Maybin, jun.

Kells- Rev. J. H. Houston, G. J. Dinsmore, S. Dinsmore, Wm. McKee, J. Nimmon, J. Stevenson, W. R. Rea, J. Cupples, Mrs. Parker, Hugh Jack, M. Devinney, J. Gamble, Alex. Lea, R. Kirkwood, R. Parker

Kildrum- Agnes Adair, W. G. Boyd, J. Hanna, John Hanna, Thomas Hume, H. Ross, J. Thompson, R.D.C.; David Surgenor, Jas. Burnside, Robert Wilson, Saml. Allen, John Allen, Wm. Adamson, John McIlroy

Lisnawiggle- John Gamble, John C. Johnston, David Blair, John Stewart, W. Strahan, W. G. Smith, Rev. A. Holmes, John Stephenson, J. Hurl, Mrs. J. Parker

Lislunan- H. Adair, W. Allen, S. Brown, T. Bell, jun.; D. Graham, sen.; D. Graham, jun.; J. Ireland, J. B. Kelly, Wm. Kelly, S. Mawhinney, A. McIlwaine, Matthew Rock, D. Cathcart

Maxwellswalls- C. Bryson, D. Montgomery, William Montgomery, Hugh Montgomery, A. Murdock, R. McCullough, Mrs. McIlhegga, J. Owens, Miss Owens, Mrs. Percy, Mrs. Kitson, publican; J. Stevenson, J. Warwick, J. Wilson

Ross- W. J. Hyndman, Mrs. Hyndman, T. Hyndman, J. Greer, J. Sterling, J. Wilson

Ross Lodge- R. T. Caldwell

Tannaghmore- J. Redmond, Mrs. Redmond, Hugh Gilliland, John Byrne

Tannybrake- Jas. Barr, James Cathcart, W. Cathcart, A. Close, H. Kirk, J. Murdock, A. Murray, W. J. McMeekin, T. Henderson, W. Parker, M. Sloan, Mrs. Wasson, P. Murray, M. McCord, J. Thompson, S. Wasson, Samuel McMurry, Saml. Owens, T. Henderson, John Kelly

Lower Tannybrake N.S.- D. Blair

Upper Tannybrake N.S.- J. Crozier

Tardree- G. Bell, J. Coulter, J. R. Murdock, H. Wilson, R. Wilson, P. McLaughlin

Tully - Mrs. Kennedy, Margt. Haveron, Tracers Haveron, Thomas Haveron, Patrick Cushenan, Daniel McWhirter, John Nelson, Thomas McKillen, Joseph Kissick, Matthew McKiller, Patk. Grant, James Herron, Jess O'Hare, Jas. Kelly

Tullynamullan- Mrs. T. P. Agnew, J. Allen, D. Carlisle, T. Cupples, Thomas Hill, W. McKee, Samuel Allen, Fanny Seymour, Mrs. Cupples, Wm. Cupples, Mrs. S. Allen, James Bryson, David Hill, James Foster, Hugh Hill, Robert Campbell, James Cooper