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1924 Belfast Street Directory

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1924 Index

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Castlewellan   Clogher   Clough & Cloughmills


          Is a market town, parish of Aughloo, in the County of Tyrone, forty-two miles from Belfast, situated on the road between Armagh and Aughnacloy. An extensive factory (now the property of Messrs. John Fulton & Co. Ltd.) has been started for some years for the manufacture of woollens and tweeds, which are known as Caledon tweeds. On the south-east of the town, in the Co. Armagh, is a station, Tynan, of the Great Northern Railway Co., a mile distant from the town.  The Clogher Valley Light Railway runs three or four times daily through the town in connection with the Great Northern Railway service. Fairs - The second Saturday monthly. There is also a market every Saturday for the sale of butter and eggs.  The population in 1911 was 610.

Postmistress - Mrs. Williams
Magistrates who preside at petty sessions - R. D. Patterson, M.D.; T. Erwin, Edward Magee, Hugh Cadoo, Joseph Magee, W. G. Hoey


Church of Ireland - Parish Church, Caledon, Rev. T. Carey, M.A., Caledon Rectory
Presbyterian Church, Caledon - Rev. George Faris, B.A., The Manse, Caledon
Methodist Church, Caledon - Rev. ? Boyd
Roman Catholic Chapel (St. Joseph's) - Rev. Father Bennett, Main Street, Caledon


Infant School, Miss Crow; Church Hill National School, Charles Brewster; National School, Mr. Feran
Caledon Reading and Recreation Rooms
Caledon Dispensary - R. D. Patterson, M.D., medical officer
Belfast Bank - S. M. Carlisle


Anderson, James, school master, Minterburn
Anderson, Mrs. W., Border Hotel
Anderson, Wm., salesman

Bloomer, Margaret Jane
Bloomer, Wm., rural postman
Bloomer, William, boarding house
Brown, Wm. C., clerk of petty sessions
Burns, P., stone breaker

Caledon House - 34 Platoon - O.C., Captain H. Boyd
Caledon, The Earl of, Castle Hill
Campbell, Frank, green grocer
Clementson, John, dyer
Craig, Lilly, clerk tramway office
Cullen, James, farmer

Digby, William
Donnelly, John, farmer
Donnelly, Miss, grocer and haberdasher
Doran, James, lodging house
Drennan, Thos., cycle repairer
Duncan, T. H., grocer and coal merchant

Farrell, Mary, grocer
Ferguson, Joseph, saddler
Ferguson, Mrs., draper
Ford, Kennedy, tailor
Ford, John, tailor

Gardner, James, carpenter and builder
Garmany, John, farmer
Garnett, Mrs., Kinnaird House
Gibson, William
Goan, Mrs.
Graham Bros., hotel and spirit dealers, grocers and coal merchants
Graham, Mrs., Arms Hotel

Hughes, Jos., finishing

Johnston, J., warehouseman
Johnston, Robert, rural postman

Kelly, George, manager Caledon Woollen Mills Co.

Lynton, Alferd, (Alfred), loom turner

Mahaffy, James, mill worker
Mercer, Robert, draper and grocer; agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Morrow, John, butcher
Morrow, William, carter
Morton, Miss

McCall, James
McGuigan, James, posting establishment
McKee, Rev. S. D., Minterburn
McKenna, Mrs. C., spirit dealer
McMahon, Edward, weaver
McMullan, Henry, tailor
McVey, James, grocer

O'Connor, Edward, wool sorter

Partridge, ?, sergeant R.I.C.
Patterson, Robert D., M.D., F.R.C.S.I., registrar of births, marriages and deaths
Potter, James, weaver

Quin, Cunningham, rural postman

Rea, H., estate agent
Robinson, Elizabeth, grocer and farmer; registrar of births and deaths
Ross, Francis R., secretary
Rush, John, gate keeper, Derrycantone

Sanderson, John J., designer
Scott, J., warehouseman
Scott, R., designer
Stewart, Miss, draper
Symington, Wm., fireman

Taylor, Peter, head gamekeeper
Teasey, Robert, postman
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, S. M. Carlisle, Belfast Bank

Walker, William, boot merchant
Watson, H., blacksmith and farmer
Watson, Wm., mechanic
Wilton, Miss L., milliner and haberdasher
Wright, J., church sexton


Allen, Alexander, Tullynashone
Allen, Robert, Ards
Allen, William, farmer, Ballagh
Anderson, Wm., grocer, Dyan
Archer, Edward, Culligan

Best, John, Lismullydown
Bloomer, James, Finglish
Brown, Thomas, Tanaghlane
Brown, William, Tanaghlane
Burns, Thomas, farmer, Curlough

Caddoo, Hugh, Lismullydown
Clarke, T. A., egg merchant, Ballagh
Cullen, James, Drummess

Davidson, Ellen, Lismulladown, Minterburn
Donnelly, John, Ramakitt
Donnelly, Peter, Mullaghmore
Drum, George, Ards

Ferguson, John, Tanaghlane
Ferguson, Wm., Guiness

Garmany, John, Drummess
Gordon, William, Ramakitt
Gray, John, Bolton's Walls, Dyan
Gray, Mrs., Ards

Hadden, James, Dromore
Hadden, Samuel, Dromore
Hadden, William, Dromore
Halligan, Bernard, Dromore
Halligan, Mrs., Derrycourtney
Hoey, W. George, farmer, Dyan
Hoey, William James, farmer, Dyan

Irwin, James, Larrykeen

Lewers, J., farmer, Curlough
Liggett, J. J., Ards

Marshall, Benjamin, Mullaghmore
Marshall, William, D.C., Guiness
Mercer, Geo., Dromore
Mercer, Henry, Dromore
Mercer, John, Dromore
Mercer, John, Curlough
Mercer, Margaret, Dromore
Mercer, Mrs., Finglush
Morrow, Geo., Curlough
Morrow, Joseph, Curlough
Morrow, Mathew, egg merchant, Curlough
Murphy, Samuel, Ballyboy
Murphy, T. W., Finglush

McGee, Edward, J.P., Glenarb
McGee, James, Mullaghmossagh
McGee, Joseph, J.P., Glenarb
McGrane, James, Curlough
McKenna, Joseph, Mullaghmossagh
McKigney, Mrs., Dyan
McManus, John, Ballagh
McManus, J. H., grocer, Curlough

Oliver, James, Derrygooley
Oliver, Samuel, Stragrane
Oliver, Thomas, Lismullydown

Potter, Jas., Curlough
Pottor, Miss, Ards

Robinson, John, Curlough
Robinson, Wm., Killinnaul
Rutherford, Robt., Tanaghlane

Strutt, James, Knockaginny
Strutt, John, Dyan
Strutt, Langford, Knockaginny
Strutt, Wm. James, Derrycourtney
Strutt, William, Cumber

Trotter, Sherman, Mullamossagh

Verner, George, Stragrane

Watt, Robert, Finglush
Watson, George, Lismullydown
Wilkin, John, Tanaghlane
Wilson, James, Killinaul
Wilson, Robert, Killinane, Dyan
Wilson, Robt., Curlough
Wilson, Thomas, farmer and postmaster, Dyan
Wilson, William, Dyan Hill
Wright, Miss, Mullaghmore
Wright, W., Model Farm, Anacramp


          Is a thriving village on the coast road between Larne and the Giant's Causeway, and is forty miles north of Belfast. It is pleasantly situated on the shore of a picturesque bay, having a good sandy beach, which is a great attraction, and much frequented by visitors in summer. The bay is one of the safest on the coast, and well adapted for sea bathing and boating.  The limestone quarries in the neighbourhood, worked by the Carnlough Lime Co., are connected with the harbour by two lines of rail, and give employment to a large number of men and boys.  Population 761.

Post Office - J. McSparron, postmaster


Church of Ireland - Rev. T. G. Sharpe, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. H. McCracken
Methodist Church - Rev. R. C. Crawford
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Edward Kerr, P.P.


Banks - Branch of Belfast Bank
Ballyvady National School - Miss Reid, teacher
National Schools - Daniel Currell, teacher; Miss McFetridge and Miss Sayers, assistants
Knockstacken National School - Miss Davison, teacher
Harphall National School - A. J. McKinley and Miss Kennedy, teachers; Miss Smyth and Miss McKeever, assistants
Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. Magowan, Glenarm


Londonderry Arms - Miss Rafferty, proprietress
Farmers' Hotel - C. McAuley, jun., proprietor
Seaview Hotel - J. Darragh, proprietor
Temperance Hotel - Hugh O'Kane, proprietor


Abram, W., barman
Agnew, J., farmer, Doonan

Bamford, S., farmer
Benn, Mrs., Effyville
Black, D., farmer, Stoneyhill
Black, D., seaman
Black, James, Garron Point
Black, Miss
Blair, James
Boyd, Miss, Oscar Lodge
Boyle, Miss, Kinvarra
Bunting, James, Drumalla House

Cairns, Mrs.
Campbell, Geo., farmer, Augharemlaugh
Campbell, John, farmer, Stolon
Campbell, J., farmer, Augharemlaugh
Campbell, Miss, dress maker, Knockstacken
Campbell, Mrs.
Carnlough Lime Co., shippers limestone, lime, whiting and crushed stone for roads
Clarke, J., Carrive Lodge
Clarke, Wm., engineer
Colville, John, land steward, Drumnasole
Conway, J., farmer
Craig, A., seaman
Craig, James, farmer, Carrivereagh
Craig, James, farmer, Ballyvaddy
Craig, John, seaman
Craig, Joseph, farmer, Gortnacory
Craig, Mrs., Highlandtown
Craig, Mrs. Hugh, draper
Craig, Mrs. J.
Craig, R., farmer, Gortnacory
Crawford, A., kelp dealer
Crawford, Mrs., Ard-na-Mara
Crawford, R., farmer, Longtown
Crooks, James, Kilmore
Crooks, John, The Curragh
Crooks, J., farmer
Cumming, Henry, Drumnagh
Currell, Alexander
Currell, A., Unchanagh
Currell, Miss, teacher
Currell, Miss M.
Currell, S., Unchanagh

Darragh, John, grocer
Darragh, John, farmer, Highlandtown
Darragh, Mrs. D., dressmaker
Darragh, Mrs. J.
Darragh, Mrs. R.
Darragh, Richard, foreman, Mill
Davidson, Alex., Knock
Davidson, John
Delargy, D., farmer, Loughan
Delargy, Miss, Post Office assistant
Dempsey, Hugh, clerk
Dempsey, Mrs., grocer
Dempsey, R., clerk
Dunlop, James
Dunlop, Willie, master mariner

English, Mrs.

Foster, James, J.P., manager director, Carnlough Lime Company, Auraville

Gaston, Daniel
Gibson, William, car owner, Garron Point
Gillion, Patrick, Galboly
Greer, Miss

Hamill, Charles, stone mason, Tullyotter
Hamill, J., farmer, Gortcarney
Hamill, Mrs.
Hamill, Robert, farmer, Gortcarney
Holden, James, seaman
Hunter, N., farmer, Sheneghan
Hurl, J., grocer and farmer
Hurl, P., shoe maker

Irvine, Robert, carpenter

Jamison, W., engineer
Johnston, Miss, grocer and draper

Kane, H., ex-sergt. R.I.C., grocer
Kane, Mrs.
Kane, Mrs. P.
Kelly, Daniel, Bay Farm
Kelly, J., farmer, Doonan
Kelly, Mrs.
Kelly, Mrs., Sycamore Cottage
Kennedy, Hugh
Kerr, Mrs.
Kilpatrick, J., farmer
Kirkwood, J., inn keeper and auctioneer

Lavery, J., farmer, Aughalum
Legg, A., grocer
Legge, James
Logan, T., J.P., New Lodge
Lorimer, A., foreman, Quarries

Maben, Alex., farmer, Dromorne
Maben, Cowan, farmer and rate collector, Drumsleshna
Maben, Joseph, farmer, Drumnagh
Maben, Mrs., The Hollow
Magill, D., farmer, Augharemlaugh
Magill, J., carpenter and builder
Maguire, Frank, Carragh House
Martin, W., inn keeper and auctioneer
Mills, Andrew, farmer, Gallanagh
Mitchell, James, stone mason
Montgomery, H., seaman
Montgomery, J., engineer
Morrow, J., farmer, Tullyotter
Morrow, Mrs.
Morrow, W., farmer, Scaryhill
Mullan, Mrs., district nurse
Mullan, R., postman
Mulvena, E., farmer, Drumorne
Mulvena, H., seaman
Mulvena, N., farmer
Mulvena, Mrs., Ballyvady
Murphy, Mrs.
Murray, Mrs., grocer

McAllister, J., farmer, Gartnacorey
McAuley, D., farmer, Doonan
McAuley, Chas., inn keeper
McAuley, J., farmer, Harphall
McAuley, Mrs., Dromorne
McAuley, William C.
McBride, Hugh
McCambridge, J., pilot
McCambridge, Mrs.
McCambridge, Neal
McCann, M., shoe maker
McCart, Mrs.
McCaw, D., ex-sergeant R.I.C.
McClintock, A., Knock
McClintock, J., Knock
McCool, M., farmer, Augharemlaugh
McCormick, Mrs.
McCormick, W., farmer, Doonan
McDermott, James, quarryman
McFall, A., farmer, Dromorne
McGalliard, H., Nappan
McGalliard, J., farmer, Burnside
McGalliard, Miss, Loughan
McGalliard, Miss, Drumnacross
McGavock, J., Waverley
McGavock, J., blacksmith
McGavock, J.
McGavock, Mrs.
McGavock, T., master mariner
McGavock, W., sailor
McGlaughin, J., farmer, Cregan
McGuicken, J., seaman
McGuicken, Mrs.
McKay, Alex., farmer, Doonan
McKay, A., grocer
McKay, H., farmer, Unchenagh
McKay, P., carpenter, Gallenagh
McKay, Robert, blacksmith
McKay, R., farmer, Unchenagh
McKay, W. S., farmer, Doonan
McKendry, D., farmer
McKendry, Robert, carpenter
McKernin, H.
McKillen, Mrs.
McKinlay, Mrs.
McKinley, Miss A., shop assistant
McKinty, C., plasterer
McKinty, H., farmer, Cregan
McKinty, Mrs.
McLaughlin, Wm., farmer, Unchenagh
McMullan, F., seaman
McMullan, J., grocer, &c., Drumnacole
McMullan, J., farmer
McMullan, J., carrier
McMullan, J., pilot
McMullan, Miss, dress maker
McNeill, Hugh, master mariner
McNeill, H., farmer, Loughan
McNeill, H., farmer, Aughalum
McNeill, H., & Co., Garron Towel Hotel, and Larne
McNeill, John, butcher
McNeill, J.
McNeill, Miss, postmistress, Garron Point
McNeill, Miss
McNeill, Mrs., grocer
McNeill, Thos., Mullagh Park
McNeill, Wm., butcher
McSparron, J., postmaster
McSparron, Mrs., draper
McVeigh, Hugh, engineer
McVeigh, J., farmer and keeper, Aughalum
McVeigh, Mrs.
McVicker, Mrs., Drumnasole

Ogilby, A.
Ogilby, H., engineer
Ogilby, Mrs.
Orr, Alex., foreman blacksmith
Orr, A., fireman
Orr, M., farmer, Knock
O'Donnelly, B., tailor
O'DonneIly, D., blacksmith, Aughaboy

Reid, D., farmer
Reside, Jas., grocer, draper and newsagent; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Reside, Miss
Robinson, A., farmer, Ballyvady
Robinson, Charles, farmer, Doonan
Robinson, W. Clarke, Ph.D., J.P., Dromorne, Carnlough
Rodgers, John, Limnalary

Sayers, John, farmer, Redbraes
Sayers, Mrs., Redbraes
Sayers, W., farmer
Semple, J., farmer, Knockstacken
Shannon, James, Drumnasole
Simpson, J., farmer, Mullaghabay
Simpson, W. R., Braeside
Smith, J., engine driver
Smith, J., tearooms
Smith, Thomas
Stuart, Mrs.

Thompson, A., dairyman
Thompson, D., motor driver
Tinsdale, Robert, farmer, Drumnagh
Turnley, Francis, Drumnasole House

Walsh, D., grocer
Walsh, T.
Watt, S.
Waugh, Hugh, plasterer
Wharry, Wm., farmer, Harphall
Wilson, A., seaman
Wilson, D., Knock
Wilson, Joseph, seaman
Wilson, Mrs., Unchenagh
Wilson, Mrs.
Wilson, R., fisherman and boat builder
Wilson, Thomas, farmer, Knock
Wilson, William, master mariner
Wright, Chas., farmer, Knowe
Wright, James, farmer, Ballyvady
Wright, James, farmer, Ballyvady
Wright, James, Whinfield
Wright, John, farmer, Knowe
Wright, John, farmer, Doonan
Wright, Wm., farmer, Highlandtown

Yendall, G. W., sailor


          Carrickfergus - an ancient market town - is most pleasantly situated on the north shore of Carrickfergus Bay, or Belfast Lough, eight miles from Belfast.  It was formerly a place of great strength, and is rendered memorable by the landing of King William in 1690.  Salt was discovered at Duncrue, Carrickfergus, on the property of the Marquis of Downshire, in 1851, and it is also found at Eden, a village a mile from Carrickfergus on the Larne side, where a mine was opened by the late Mr. M. Dalway, D.L.  In 1889, the interest of the proprietors of the various mines in the district was purchased by The Salt Union, Limited, and the mines, four in number, are now being worked under their control.  The imports consist of coal, timber, slates; and the exports of grain, rocksalt, and limestone.  The Parish Church of St. Nicholas is one of the most interesting buildings in Ireland, and its history can be traced by pillars and other interesting features from the time of the Normans.  The town has much improved of late, and the several factories in the neighbourhood contribute greatly to its prosperity.  The harbour has been enlarged, and is connected on the west side with the Midland Railway (N.C.C.)The population in 1911 was 4,608.

Post Office and Stamp Office, High Street
Carrickfergus Gas Company Limited - Office and Works, Irish Quarter West.  The capital of the company consists of 3,000, divided into 600 transferable shares of 5 each.  Directors - Richard McGiffin, chairman; Alex. Miscampbell, J.P., Alex. Miscampbell, jun.  Auditor, John McConnell.  Manager and secretary, R. Campbell
Markets - Grain, potatoes, and butter, &c., Saturday; pork, Monday; cattle, first Saturday of each month.  Lessee, Mrs. Clark
Barn Spinning Mills - James Taylor & Sons, Ltd., proprietors; J. L. McFerran, managing director; John Weatherup, J.P., director and secretary; John Weatherup, jun., manager
Fairs - First Saturday in February, first May, first Saturday in August, and first November
Weekly Half-holiday - Wednesday
Salt Union Limited - Alex. Miscampbell, J.P., local director; Alex. Miscampbell, jun., manager
Carrickfergus Salt Works Company Limited - Wm. Byrtt, local manager
Chemical Salt Company Limited - Thos. A. Walker, local manager
Joymount Bleach, Dye, and Print Works - Branch of Sullatober Bleaching and Print Works Co. Ltd.; Fras. Kain, manager
Sullatober Bleaching and Print Works. Co. Ltd. - Samuel Johnston, managing director; Robert Hill, manager & secretary
Woodburn Weaving Factory - County Down Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd. - James A. Thompson, local manager
Carrickfergus Harbour Junction Railway - Capital 6,500 in 650 shares of 10 each. By an order of the Local Government Board issued in 1904, the management of this railway is now vested in the Urban District Council of Carrickfergus - R. Davey, sec.
Literary and Scientific Society of the Union Hall - Trustees, Messrs. Thos. Vint, John Weatherup, J.P.; J. C. Gorman, Alex. Miscampbell, J.P.; H. Blackburne; hon. secretary, F. Atkinson
Midland Railway (Northern Counties Committee) - Station Master, David Sloan
Gill's Charity - This charity was established pursuant to the will, dated 23rd March, 1761, of Alderman Henry Gill, of Carrickfergus, and has for its object the annual support and maintenance for ever of fourteen aged men, reduced in their circumstances, who are not able to get a maintenance to themselves, and who have either been born in, or inhabitants of, the town and parish of Carrickfergus from their youth.  The property of the charity produces at the present time an annual income of about 300, almost double the income of the charity at the time of the bequest.  The present trustees are - Messrs. H. I. Johns, J.P.; Richard McGiffin, Charles M. Legg, J.P.; J. Charles Gorman, R. Mills Close, Alexander Miscampbell, J.P.; secretary, David Law
Sheil's Charity - A sum of money bequeathed by a benevolent gentleman of that name - a native of Killough, Co. Down, and a successful merchant of Liverpool - for the purpose of building 21 comfortable houses for the respectable persons in reduced circumstances.  These houses are rent free, and each inmate receives 10 a year, with fire and light, on condition of raising 10 a year towards his own support.  Open to residents in the Co. Antrim.  There are similar institutions in Killough, Dungannon, Armagh, and Dublin. Trustees - Alexr. Miscampbell, J.P.; H. I. Johns, J.P.; E. Coey, J.P.; Sir P. R. O'Connell, M.D.; Thos. McAllister, J.P.; James L. McFerran, Thos. Houston, Hugh Magee, J. C. Gorman, B. Devine, Rev. F. J. McNeice, B.D.; Rev. A. Cuthbert, M.A.; Rev. Geo. McKay, P.P.; Joseph Savage, B.A., J.P.  Superintendent, Mrs. Beattie.  Secretary, T. Gordon, Dublin
Magistrates for County Antrim sitting in Petty Sessions District of Carrickfergus - A. Miscampbell, Sir W. F. Coates, Bart., D.L.; W. T. Doran, R. J. Orr, T. Milliken, Dr. W. Martin, Dr. Charles Dundee, Thos. Scott, Walter Caruth, Dr. H. Gault, David McKelvey, C. M. Legg, Robt. Cambridge, John Vint, John Weatherup, Robt. Stephens, David Black, Thos. McAlister, J. W. Nethery, Jos. Savage, B.A., Geo. H. Scott
Resident Magistrate for the District - W. J. Hardy, Ballymena
Urban District Council - John Campbell, chairman; John Weatherup, J.P., vice-chairman; Wm. Curry, Wm. Gyle, Danl. Lawlor, Henry McCavana, Jas. Johnston, Jas. McCartney, Jas. McIlwaine, Geo. C. Reilly, Thos. Bryans, Jas. A. Glasgow, Chas. M. Legg, J.P., Jas. McCallion, Wm. J. McCune, Wm. O'Neill.  Town Clerk, David Law.  Rent Receiver, David Law.  Auditor, George Bryan, LL.D.  Solicitors, Johns, Elliot & Johns, Belfast
Town Surveyor - Jas. S. Munce, B.E.
Sanitary Officer - Dr. S. J. Killen
Fire Brigade Station, North Street - Superintendent - P. E. Deane, High Street; deputy superintendent, John Goldsworthy, Irish Quarter South
Harbour Master - Captain A. Davison
Larne Rural District Council - Local Representatives; Thos. McAlister, J.P., Cloughlands; W. B. Evans, Slate House; James Hogsett, Kilroot
Antrim County Council - Carrickfergus Electoral Division - Alex. Miscampbell, J.P.
Coroner - Arthur Mussen, M.D., Glenavy
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Wm. Young, High Street
Clerk of Town Court - David Law
Rate Collector for Urban District - Robert Gillespie, West Street; for Rural District, John Wilson, J.P., North Street
Collector of Income Tax - Henry Fair, 21 Chichester Street, Belfast
Dispensary, Antrim Street - S. J. Killen, M.D., medical officer; Mrs. Irwin, nurse
Relieving Officer - T. G. Feeney, Castle Street
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - S. J. Killen, M.D.; deputy registrar, R. Gillespie.  Office - Dispensary
District Nursing Society - Miss M. Rennicks, nurse and health visitor


Church of Ireland - Rev. Canon Fredk. J. McNeice, B.D., rector
First Presbyterian Church, North Street - Rev. Alexander Cuthbert, M.A.; assistant, Rev. Jas. Johnston, B.A.
Joymount Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Y. Minford, B.A.
Loughmorne Presbyterian Church - Rev. S. Mains Shaw, B.A.
Woodburn Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. J. Eakin, B.A.
Methodist Church, West Street - Rev. E. B. Cullen
Congregational Church, Albert Road - Rev. J. M. Calder
Baptist Church, Albert Road; vacant
Salvation Army Hall, West Street - 11.30 a.m., 3 and 7 p.m.
Roman Catholic Chapel (Mount St. Nicholas), Minorca - Rev. Geo. McKay, P.P.; Rev. J. McNabb, C.C.
Eden Mission Hall - Connected with Independent Church
Y.M.C.A. Mission Hall - Undenominational meetings


Urban District Technical School, High Street - Colin A. Binnie, principal and secretary
Banks - Branch of the Northern Banking Co. Ltd., Alex. Hood, Manager; agency of the Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., R. A. Browne (Whitehead), manager
Albert Road School - S. J. Jenkins, principal; Miss Magowan, assistant
Barn Mills National School, Scotch Quarter - J. B. Baillie, principal; Miss M. McCullough, assistant
Commons National School - George K. Charters; Mrs. Charters, work mistress
Eden National School - Miss Carnaghan, principal; Miss Young, assistant
Joymount National School - David Logan, principal; Miss M. Barr, Miss A. Beattie, assistants
Knockagh National School - Miss E. Spallin
Loughmorne National School - W. J. Barry
Minorca Place National School - Male, Joseph Savage, B.A., J.P., principal; Miss Ryan, assistant.  Female, Miss Cahill, principal; Miss Chalk, assistant
Model Schools, Belfast Road - Boys' department - Thomas Faulkner, principal; J. Morrison and D. Kerr, assistants. Girls' department - Miss Plenderleith, principal; Miss Finney, assistant. Infants' department, Miss Neill, principal
Parochial National Schools, Lancasterian Street - Francis Atkinson, principal; Miss K. Deane, assistant.  Infants, Miss McConkey, principal
Sullatober National School - Joseph Logan, principal; Miss Miller, assistant
Troopers' Lane National School - W. H. Millar, principal; Miss Wylie, assistant
Woodburn National School - S. V. Sterling, principal; Miss McCullough, assistant
Orange Halls - Lancasterian Street, Kilroot, and Woodburn
Petty Sessions, held first and third Tuesday of each month. William Young, petty sessions clerk
Town Court, held first and third Tuesday of each month.  D. Law, clerk
Newspaper - "Carrickfergus Advertiser and East Antrim Gazette," published every Friday morning by James Bell, High Street
Town Hall - David Law, town clerk
No. 34 (Antrim) Fire Command R.G.A. - Headquarters, Old Courthouse.  Lieutenant-Colonel E. B. Scott, officer in command
Belfast Water Works, Woodburn - George E. Reilly, superintendent
Army Ordnance Department - Headquarters for Ulster, Carrickfergus Castle - Lieut.-Col. Greer, chief ordnance officer
Constabulary Station, High Street - Head-constable Hamill


Adamson, J. W., plumber, Prospect Street
Adamson, Mrs. C., Irish Quarter West
Alcock, Mortimer, cabinet maker, Unity Street
Allnutt, Miss, music teacher, Holmlea, Larne Road
Apsley, William, blacksmith, Irish Quarter South
Atkinson, Francis, school teacher, Joymount

Baillie, J. B., school teacher, Scotch Quarter
Baird, W. & A., blacksmiths, Thomas Street
Ballentine, Mrs., Leslie House, Joymount
Barr, Samuel, Blenheim Villa, Belfast Road
Battison, Jemima, milliner, West Street
Baxter, Miss, restaurant, Market Place
Beattie, Mrs. A. T., Shields' Instn., Larne Road
Beggs, Mrs., Scotch Quarter
Bell, D. S., printer and journalist, High Street
Bell, James, Printer, Stationer, Newsagent, Glass, China, Earthenware and Fancy Goods, Circulating Library, Corner House, High Street and North Street. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Bell, James, shipwright, Joymount
Bell, Samuel, foreman, Albert Road
Binney, Colin A., Seaburn
Black, David, J.P., Joymount Parade
Black, James, sexton, Joymount
Blackburne, H., solicitor, High Street
Blackburne, James, High Street
Blackburne, Victor, solicitor, High Street
Blair, Daniel, coach builder, Antrim Street
Blair, James, grocer, North Street
Blaney, Miss, publican, Irish Quarter South
Booth, Alex., confectionery and tearooms, Market Place
Bowman, Geo., Bayview
Bowman, Hugh, Maritime Cottage, Belfast Road
Boyd, Mrs., remnant dealer, North Street
Boyd, Mrs. R. H., Fitzroy, Belfast Road
Boyd, R. N., Castle Rocklands
Boylan, John, publican, Victoria Street
Brennan, J., hairdresser, Irish Gate
Brennan, W., publican, North Street
Browne, Mrs., Green Edge
Bryans, Thos., Unity Street
Bunting, John, hair dresser, North Street
Burleigh, Miss, Colleen, Larne Road
Byrtt, Miss M., boot maker, North Street
Byrtt, Wm., Salt Works manager, North Street

Cahill, Miss Lizzie, Greenholme
Cambridge & Company Limited, General Grocers, Wholesale Gunpowder Merchants, Druggists, Ironmongers, Seedsmen and House Furnishers, Slates, Fireclay, Cement, Timber and Iron Stores, High Street. 'Phone, Carrickfergus 26
Cambridge, Robert, J.P., High Street
Cambridge, Thos. R., High Street
Cameron, Gibson, Florenceville, Albert Road
Cameron, J. & G., Grocers, North Street
Cameron, John, Rhanbuoy Park
Campbell, John, manager of brickworks, Irish Quarter West
Campbell, Robert, manager Gas Works, Irish Quarter West
Campbell, James, plasterer, Albert Road
Carnaghan, Miss, school teacher, Joymount
Carrey, William T., traveller, Governor's Place
Carrey, Anthony, Meadowbank, Belfast Road
Carson, Robert, North Street
Carter, Geo., merchant tailor, North Street
Caters, Ezekiel, & Sons, builders and contractors, Irish Quarter West
Clarke, A. B., secretary Antrim County Council Agricultural Committee, Downshire Park
Clarke, James A., M.D., High Street
Close, R. M., A.R.H.A., Fodeen
Coates, Sir William F., Bart., D.L., J.P., Glyn Park
Cole, Jas. A., Chief Inspector of Schools, Scotch Quarter
Connor, James, Albert Terrace
Conway, Patrick, clothier, West Street
Conway, Peter, pawnbroker, West Street
Cosh, F., confectioner, North Street
Cowan, Thos., mechanic, Scotch Quarter
Cowie, Harry, Midland Railway (N.C.C.), Woodlawn
Creighton, Mrs., dairy and confectionery, West Street
Crowe, Mrs., Joymount
Cullen, Rev. E. B., Hazeldene, Larne Road
Curry, Alex., Albert Road
Curry, Mrs., grocer and newsagent, West Street
Curry, William, painter and decorator, Noreen, North Road
Cuthbert, Rev. Alexander, M.A., Rocklands Manse, Belfast Road
Cunningham, John, fruiterer, North Street

Dale, S., hairdresser, North Street
Darragh, Thomas, spirit merchant, North Street
Davey, Robert, grocer and hardware merchant, Green Street; res., Victoria Terrace
Davey, Samuel J., publican and undertaker; Victoria Hotel, High Street
Davison, Capt. Alan, harbour master, Victoria Terrace
Davison, Capt. Saml., Victoria Terrace
Davis, Miss, Hopefield
Dean, J., plasterer, Irish Quarter West
Dean, P. E., High Street
Deane, F. K., Albert Road
Dobbs, Major A. F., R.G.A., Castle Dobbs
Doherty, Daniel, publican, North Gate
Donald, Mrs., Irish Quarter West
Donald, Wm., draper, West Street
Donaldson, John, grocer, Albert Road
Douglas, Chas., taxi-cab owner and carrier, 2 Thomas Street
Douglas, Brice, postman, North Road
Douglas, Joseph, grocer and druggist, Eden
Douglas, Miss, Brookfield, North Road
Dubois, J. D., grocer, St. Bride Street
Du Bois, R., taxi-cab owner, Victoria Street
Dunlop, John, Maryfield, Belfast Road

Edmonds, Robert, grocer, Scotch Quarter
Elliott, Bros., auctioneers, West Street
Elliott, W. J., boot and show maker, West Street
Erskine, Jas., Albert Terrace
Evans, Hugh, accountant, Rhanbuoy Park
Evans, R. W., bank accountant, Slate House
Evans, Samuel, bank accountant, Slate House

Faulkner, Thos., Model Schools, Belfast Road
Feeney, Thos. G., relieving officer, Castle Street
Forbes, Alex., Copeland Terrace
Forsyth, Mrs., Moygara, Belfast Road
Forsyth, R., Ordsall, Larne Road
Fyffe-Macfadden, The Misses, The Lodge, Larne Road

Galway, Miss, Argyll House, Scotch Quarter
Gardner, T., confectioner, Irish Quarter West
Gardner, William, spirit dealer, Ellis Street
Gault, Hugh, Glen House, Trooper's Lane
Gee, Edward, accountant, Bay View
Giffen, Samuel, Sunnyside, Belfast Road
Gillespie, Robert, Copeland Terrace
Gillespie & Lynn, house furnishers and auctioneers, West Street
Gilmore, Mrs., publican, Irish Gate
Girvan, James, High Street
Gleave, J. H., organist, Joymount
Gorman, John, Roslyn, Larne Road
Gorman, Misses, Scotch Quarter
Gorman, Richard, High Street
Gorman, Wm., & Son, grocers, hardware and seed merchants, &c., Market Place (Partners, Wm. Speers, James Blackstock)
Gorman, Thomas, Ardnamara, Larne Road
Gourley, E. T. J., M.P.S.I., The Medical Hall, West Street
Graham, Alf., grocer & spirit merchant, Eden
Graham, James, watch making, Market Place
Gransden, Wm. H., The Cabin
Greer, T. MacGregor, D.L., Seapark
Grove, Mrs., Thornfield

Hagan, Edward, Scotch Quarter
Haggan, John, butcher, West Street
Haggan, Thos., grocer, North Street
Hall, S., grocer, West Street
Hamilton, Henry S., shipwright, Joymount
Hamilton, Mrs., confectioner, North Street
Hamilton, J., Moat Villas, Upper Woodburn
Harper, James, Victoria Street
Harper, J., taxi-cab owner, Victoria Street
Hay, Alexander, court keeper, Town Hall
Henderson, H. H., painter, Albert Road
Henderson, Mrs., home bakery, West Street
Henderson, Wm., postman, Albert Drive
Herron, Thomas, grocer, Taylor's Avenue
Hetherington, Andrew, agent, 7 Hopefield
Higgin, Miss, Rosganna, Kilroot
Hilditch, Mrs., Irish Quarter South
Hill, Joseph, Victoria Terrace
Hill & Co., Drapers and Milliners, The Arcade, Victoria Place
Hilliard, Commander R. H., R.N. (retired), Woodlawn
Hodkinson, David, Edenvale
Hodkinson, William, Edenvale, Larne Road
Hoey, J., boot and shoe maker, West Street
Holmes, C., cashier, The Limes, Belfast Road
Holmes, John, Carheath, Belfast Road
Holmes, Joseph E., music teacher, Carnheath, Belfast Road
Holmes, Major William, Downshire Park
Holmes, Mrs. James, Elmwood, Belfast Road
Holmes, Wm., plumber, North Street
Holmes, W. J., Scotch Quarter
Hood, Alex., Northern Bank, High Street
Houston, W. R., late R.F.A., Joymount
Howard, W. D., grocer, West Street
Hughes, H., & Co., Cash Drapers and General Outfitters, The White House, West Street
Hunt, Chas., ice cream vendor, Market Place
Huston, James, M.D., surgeon, Cranach Bawn, Governors Place
Hutchinson, Mrs. A., Hopefield
Hyndman, Mrs., delph merchant, Albert Road

Imperial Hotel, High Street, proprietor, Thomas Magee

Jack, Mrs., Joymount
James, W., dentist, West Street
Jellie, John, Farmhill House
Jenkins, Samuel J., Hopefield
Johns, Tyndall S., solicitor, Joymount Court
Johnston, Miss, confectioner, &c., North Street
Johnston, Charles, The Anchorage
Johnston, Samuel, bookkeeper, Glencair, Larne Road
Johnston, The Misses, Irish Quarter South
Johnstone, Mrs. E., Green Edge
Jones, Mrs. E., Victoria Terrace
Jones, W. C., Bayview Terrace, Irish Quarter South
Joyce, Daniel, Albert Road

Kane, Francis, manager, Albert Road
Kellett, Wm., Harbour View
Kelly, Alex. S., law clerk, Red Brae
Kelly, John, Ltd., Coal Importers and Shipowners, Governor's Place. Local Manager, Thos. McKeag. 'Phone 11. Also at Whiteabbey. 'Phone 9
Kelly, Mrs. S., publican, Red Brae
Kennedy, W. J., Brooklands, North Road
Kerr, Mrs., grocer, West Street
Killen, Samuel J., M.D., surgeon, High Street
Kinsey, Mrs., Scotch Quarter

Laverty, Henry, & Sons, Ltd., Albert Brick Works, Irish Quarter West
Law, David, town clerk, Hopefield
Law, Miss, North Street
Lawlor, D., Castle Street
Lee, Robt., Rossleigh Theatre, Harbour View
Legg, Charles M., J.P., Bayview
Lisk, A., Joymount
Little, Miss, confectioner, North Street
Livingston, Richard, verger, North Road
Logan, David, school teacher, Albert Terrace
Logan, Jos., school teacher, Sullatober
Logan, Mrs., grocer, Irish Quarter West
Loughridge, Thos., Scotch Quarter
Lynn, Henry, Albany Cottage
Lynn, Henry, jun., house and estate agent, West Street
Lyons, John, draper, Castle Street
Lyons, J. K., M.P.S.I., Chemist, West Street
Lyons, J. K., dentist, West Street

Magee, Hugh, spirit dealer, Irish Quarter West
Magowan, James, Scotch Quarter
Matthews, Joseph, Antrim Street
Matthews, J., printer & stationer, Irish Gate
Millar, John, Fairymount
Millar, W. H., school teacher, Troopers' Lane
Milliken, Mrs. E., grocer, Lower Woodburn
Milliken, Robt., Sea Park; and Dalrieda, Pinner, Middlesex
Milner, Captain, Hopefield
Minford, Rev. John Y., B.A., Joymount Manse
Miscampbell, Alex., L.P., Governor's Place
Miscampbell, Alex., jun., Copeland Terrace
Miskimmin, Robert, North Lodge
Mitchell, Captain S., Joymount
Mitchell, Miss, milliner, Market Place
Montgomery, James, carrier, Davys Street
Montgomery, Mrs., spirit merchant, Hamilton's Row, Woodburn
Moore, A., Copeland Terrace
Moore, Miss, milliner, West Street
Morrison, J., Glencairn, Larne Road
Morrison, Miss, milliner, High Street
Morrison, W. J., antique dealer, High Street
Morrow, Johnston, Moat Villas, Upper Woodburn
Murphy, Patk., engine driver, Victoria Terrace
Murtagh, B., hairdresser, Castle Street
Musgrave, H., Albert Terrace

McAleese, Victor, watch maker and jeweller, West Street
McAllister, A., Thornton, Belfast Road
McAllister, Edward, blacksmith, Irish Quarter West
McAllister, James, butcher, North Street
McAllister, Mrs. A., grocer, North Street
McAllister, Robert, blacksmith, North Gate
McAllister & Co., motor agents and repairers and undertakers, motor garage, High Street
McAlpine, Misses, dress makers and milliners, West Street
McAnally, Mrs., St. Bride's
McAteer, Mrs., Hopefield
McCallion, James, Thomas Street
McCalmont, Wm., Harbour View
McCarroll, Robert, spirit merchant, Castle Street
McCartney Bros., painters and decorators, Joymount and Market Place
McCavana, Henry, Market Place
McCavana, Mrs., boot and shoe merchant, Market Place
McCavana, The Misses, confectioners and fruiterers, Market Place
McClaverty, P., Clonavon Terrace
McClean, Mrs., confectioner, North Street
McConkey, Miss, teacher, Joymount
McConnell, Charles, fowl dealer, North Street
McConnell, John, Copeland Terrace
McCready, Wm., publican, North Street
McCready, W. J., publican, High Street
McCullough, Chas., flesher, North Street
McCullough, James, Cru-Gar-Dene, Scotch Quarter
McCullough, John, flesher, West Street
McCullough, Mrs. E., publican, Joymount
McCullough, S., motor carrier, North Street and Lancasterion Street
McCullough, Wm., The Deanery, Scotch Quarter
McCune, Joseph, Albert Road
McCune, W. J., Albert Road
McDowell, James, Saddler, Irish Quarter West
McDowell, Saml., blacksmith, Irish Quarter South
McElrath, Alex., Irish Gate
McFerran, James L., Oakfield
McGavock, Mrs., spirit merchant, Albert Road
McGiffen, Wm. T., inspector Belfast Bank, Bay Ridge
McGiffin, Richard, stock and share broker, The Cabin, Larne Road
McGiffin, Wm., Greenholme, Larne Road
McGifford, James, spirit merchant, Quay Gate
McGookin, L. K., grocer, Albert Road
McIlwaine, Jas., greengrocer, North Street
McKay, Rev. George, P.P., Mount Street, Nicholas, Minorca
McKeown, Robert, & Sons, builders, Irish Quarter West
McKibben, John, Victoria Street
McKibbin, Mrs., Holmlea, Larne Road
McMahon, H., draper, Irish Quarter West
McManus, Hugh, posting establishment, Victoria Street
McManus, Wm., grocer, Irish Quarter South
McMurtry, M, spirit dealer, Scotch Quarter
McNeice, Rev. Canon F. J., B.D., The Rectory
McNeill, Daniel, Caerleol, Belfast Road
McNeill, Mrs. Robert H., Cloverhill, Belfast Road
McVea, John, saddler, High Street

Nabney, Wm., Castle Cinema and Photographic Studio, Joymount
Neill, Miss, Rhanbuoy Park
North British and Mercantile Insurance Co. - Agent, J. Blackburne, High Street

Oakes, Mrs., Joymount Parade
Oakes, Ralph, Rhanbuoy Park
Orr, Andrew, Dunloskin
O'Kane, J., teacher, Cloverhill, Belfast Road

Patterson, John, grocer, fruiterer and confectioner, West Street
Patterson, T. J., Irish Quarter West
Patterson, W., Ellis Street
Parker, Miss, Joymount
Percy, James G., Seaforth, Larne Road
Phillips, Mrs., Irish Gate
Picken Bros., fleshers, North Street
Pollock, Mrs., grocer, North Street
Porter, Christian A., accountant, Hawthorn
Porter, Mrs., Hawthorn

Reilly, George C., The Glen, Woodburn
Reilly, George E., The Glen, Woodburn
Robinson, Robert, grocer, West Street
Robinson, Wm., Joymount
Robinson, Wm., & Sons, butchers, Market Place
Rodgers, Robert, Woodford
Ross, H. R., The Rhanbuoy
Ross, John, saddler, Irish Gate
Ross, Miss L., newsagent, North Street
Ross, Mrs., publican, Loughmorne
Rowan, Miss, Scotch Quarter

Salt Union Ltd., Governor's Place
Sellars, Mrs., spirit dealer, Green Street
Shannon, N., Rhanbuoy Park
Shaw, Rev. S. Mains, Rockview Manse, North Road
Simms, James L., merchant tailor, North Street
Skelton, John, Sunnylands
Skelton, Thomas, Scotch Quarter
Skelton, Wm. L., solicitor, High Street (office)
Sloan, Wm., publican, Loughmorne
Smyth, James S., High Street
Smyth, Wm., Governor's Place
Snoddy, Thos., Green Street
Sproule, J. B., Scotch Quarter
Steele, W. J., boot and shoe merchant, North Street
Stephens, Robert, J.P., Riverbank
Sterling, S. V., school teacher, Blackstone Cottage, Woodburn
Stevenson, The Misses, Hopefield
Stewart, James, pastry baker, and caterer, The Shaftesbury, North Street
Stocker, Fred., boot and shoe maker, High Street
Strange, Joseph, merchant and ladies' tailor, West Street
Strange, N., boot and shoe maker, West Street
Stuart, Robert, draper, North Street

Taylor, James, & Sons Ltd., Barn Mills
Taylor, Mrs. E. C., 4 Copeland Terrace
Thompson, James A., factory manager, The Cottage, Woodburn
Todd, W. J., & Son, hair dressers and tobacconists, West Street
Turner, W. & T., grocers, Irish Quarter West

Vint, Robert, Stratherin, Belfast Road
Vint, The Misses, Governor's Place
Vint, Thomas, Sunnyside
Vint, William, & Sons, Ltd., General Merchants, West Street

Walker, Miss Minnie, grocer, West Street
Walker, Thomas A., Downshire Park
Walker, W. J. M., Glen House, Trooper's Lane
Wallace, Mrs., general merchant, North Street
Watson, W., Rosebrook, North Road
Weatherup, Donald, High Street
Weatherup, John, J.P., director and secretary Barn Spinning Mills, Bryghteholme, Scotch Quarter
Weatherup, John, jun., mill manager, Bryghteholme
Weatherup, J., baker, Victoria Street
Weatherup, Mrs. E., High Street
Weatherup, Thomas D., Boot and Shoe Warehouse, West Street
Wheatley, Charles W., Braeside, North Road
Wilbond, Capt. J., (late R.A.), Downshire Park
Willowfield Dairy Co., High Street
Wilson, John, auctioneer and valuer, North Street
Wilson, Robt., wood turner, Scotch Quarter
Wilson, Robert, Bellahill
Wisnom, Mrs., Green Street

Young, Charles, sexton, Ellis Street
Young, Paul, Clougheylands
Young, The Misses, remnant warehouse, West Street
Young, Wm., C.P.S., High Street


Adamson, J., Kilroot
Adrain, J., North East Division
Apsley, Robert, Duncrue

Bailey, David J., Kilroot
Bailey, Thomas A., Middle Division
Baird, John, Loughmorne
Barklie, Samuel, Middle Division
Barron, John, Middle Division
Beggs, David, North-East Division
Beggs, James, North-East Division
Beggs, John, Lower Woodburn

Clugston, Hugh, Bellahill, Ballycarry
Connor, Alex., Upper Woodburn
Craig, John, Glenfield
Crowe, Benjamin, Marshaltown
Crowe, Edward, Cloughey

Davey, Wm. J., North-East Division
Donald, Mrs., Red Brae
Donaldson, Alexander, North-east Division
Downey, J., Kilroot

Evans, Wm. B., Slate House

Gardner, Mrs., Downshire Road
Gault, Hugh, Duncrue
Girvan, David, Upper Woodburn

Haggan, James, Middle Division
Hamilton, Samuel, Duncrue
Hart, Mrs. Alexander, Newseat
Hart, Robert, Bellahill
Hayburn, James, Loughmorne
Herdman, William, West Division
Hill, Robert, North-East Division
Hogsett, James, R.D.C., Kilroot
Holden, John, J.P., Prospect
Houston, Richard, Fairview
Howard, James, Middle Division
Huston, John, Middle Division

Jenkins, Samuel, Middle Division

Kerr, S. J., Altavaddy

Lattimore, Miss, Prospect
Lockhart, Donald, Kilroot
Lockhart, Mrs., Kilroot

Magee, Hugh, Woodford
Mann, Samuel, Altavaddy
Milliken, Samuel, Scoutbush
Morrow, Mrs., North-East Division
Mulholland, Patrick, Siskin, Straid

McAlister, Thomas, J.P., Cloughlands, Eden
McAlister, W. K., Loughview, Woodburn
McCammon, The Misses, Knockagh House
McCluskey, M., farmer and grocer, North-East Division
McDowell, Hugh, Burleigh Hill
McDowell, John, West Division
McMaster, James, Duffshill
McMaster, Robert, Duffshill
McNinch, John, Seamount, Whitehead
McQuitty, T., Mile Bush, North-East Division

Owens, W., North-East Division

Picken, James, Knockagh
Picken, William, Knockagh

Reid, Mrs., Marshaltown

Simms, Mrs., Middle Division
Smiley, James, Bridge House, Lower Woodburn
Smith, Alexander, St. Catherine's

Walker, James J., Knockagh
White, John, North-East Division
Whitford, D. G., Woodburn
Wilson, Herbert, Milebush
Wilson, John, farmer and grocer, Commons
Wilson, Mrs., Kilroot
Wilson, Thomas, Bellahill
Woodside, Wm., Knockagh, Trooper's Lane


          Is a neat little village, situated in the parish of Termonmaguirke, County Tyrone, almost midway between Dungannon and Omagh, eleven miles from the former and nine from the latter. A mile to the south of the village is Carrickmore Railway Station, on the Great Northern line, between Belfast and Londonderry.  St. Columbkill founded a religious establishment at Carrickmore, to which Termon lands were granted as an endowment by the liberality of some of the native chiefs; his residence, his bed and well are still pointed out to strangers.  Immediately behind the railway station is Dunmisk Hill, with an ancient rath on the top of it, where, tradition states, James II. encamped for a night on his way from Derry, and passed on afterwards through Castlecaulfield.  In those troublesome times the rector of the parish of Termonmaguirke (Rev. Roger Blythe) was hanged by the rebels. The fair is held on the last Friday of the month, and the market is for butter, eggs, fowl, etc., every Friday.

Post Office - Mrs. Healy, postmistress


Church of Ireland - Rev. N. St. George Sides, M.A., incumbent
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. F. Donnelly, P.P.


National Schools - Aughiogan - M. Quinlivan, teacher; Miss McDonagh and Miss Colman, assistants.  Termon, Miss Barber, teacher
Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions - Captain Gosselin, R.M., Omagh; T. Rafferty, Tromogue; David Kyle, Mullaghslin; R. H. Anderson, Sixmilecross; M. Rodgers, Beragh; Geo. Anderson, Tyrooney; H. G. S. Alexander, Carrickmore Hall; Peter Gormley, Glenine; Daniel McDonnell, Creggan.  Clerk of Petty Sessions - John Ellison
Dispensary - Carrickmore and Mountfield - Dr. Campbell, medical officer
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. Campbell; deputy registrar, M. Quinlivan
R.U.C. Barracks - Sergeant Robert J. Humphreys in charge, with 14 constables
Estate Agent for Sir Hugh H. Stewart, Bart. - John Bain, J.P., 74 Royal Avenue, Belfast


Alexander. Colonel H. G., Carrickmore Hall

Conway, Miss, milliner
Co-operative Society

Daley, Michael, cycle agent
Daly, Miss Annie
Daly, Patrick, rate collector
Donaghy, Bernard, carpenter and undertaker

Fox, Minnie, grocer
Fox, Peter, rate collector
Fox, P. J., grocer, draper and boot merchant

Gallagher, Michael, publican and grocer
Gormley, Miss
Grogan, Ann, grocer
Grugan, John, creamery manager

Kelly, Francis
Kelly, John, egg merchant

Leonard, George, embroidery agent

Meenagh, John
Meenagh, Mrs., spirit dealer
Montague, Miss
Mossey, Sarah, grocer

McAleer, Patrick, boot maker
McCrystal, Peter, spirit merchant
McGurk, Michael, blacksmith
McGurk, Patrick, grocer
McKeown, Sergt.
McKernan, Patrick

Nugent, Patrick, tailor

Quinlivan, Mrs., grocer
Quinn, Patrick, Stewart Arms Hotel

Rafferty, Hugh, ex-sergeant
Rafferty, James, draper
Rafferty, Michael, spirit dealer
Rodgers, Rev. Thomas, C.C., Carrickmore

Scallen, Edward, publican
Sides, Rev.

Teggart, Father S.
Toal, John


Bradley, John, Mullinmore
Bradley, John, Tromogue

Conway, Felix, Tonegan
Corr, John, Creggan
Corry, George, Drumlester
Corry, Samuel, Ballintrain
Crawford, John, Copney
Crawford, Robert, Aughnagreggan
Crawford, Robert, Clare

Davis, Thos., Tyrooney
Doherty, Michael, Aughnagreggan
Donaghy, Patrick, Aldrummond
Doogan, John, Carrickmore

Fox, Michael, Mullinmore
Fox, William, Mullinmore

Kyle, David, Mullaghslin

Love, J., Ballintrain
Lyons, John, Dommisk

Mannagh, Samuel, Drumlester
Molloy, Patrick, Carrickmore

McCarten, Bernard, Eskebuoy
McCarten, George, Drumlister
McCarten, Michael, Drumlester
McCoy, James, Mullinmore
McCullagh, Francis, Carrickmore
McFarland, Andrew, Creggan
McGinn, John, Aughnarogan
McGinn, Patrick, Carrickmore
McGuire, James, Carrickmore
McKernan, James, Tonegan
McKernan, John, Creggan
McMullan, Robert, Tyrooney
McNally, Patrick, Carrickmore

Nugent, Francis, Mullinmore
Nugent, James, Aughnagreggan
Nugent, John, Carrickmore

Rafferty, Charles, Sluggan
Rice, Kate, Mullinbeg

Sawyers, Geo., Innishatieve
Smith, John, Drumnisk
Smith, William, Drumnisk
Smyth, Alexander, Copney

Toal, Patrick, Tromogue
Toal, Peter, Tromogue
Todd, Mrs., Loughmacrory

Ward, Hugh, Mullaghslin
Ward, John, Mullaghslin
Wilson, Robert, Altinagh


          The pretty little town of Castlecaulfield is situated almost in the centre of County Tyrone, and is one of the most prosperous of the numerous villages and small towns by which it is surrounded. In a great measure it owes its increasing prosperity to an extensive and commodious factory, which gives employment to the inhabitants and to large numbers in the surrounding district.  The Postal arrangements are very good, and the erection to telegraphic communication has rendered business more accommodating.  The old castle and grounds are the chief features of antiquity, and are visited by a large number of visitors during the summer months.

Post Office, Telegraph and Money Order and Savings Bank - Mrs. C. M. Morrow, postmistress


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. R. Sides, A.M., rector
Presbyterian Church - Castlecaulfield, Rev. R. McClean, minister; Lower Clonaneese, supplies; Upper Clonaneese, Rev. T. Bole, M.A.
Methodist Church - Supplied from Dungannon

Schools - No. 1 National School, John Gregory, teacher; No. 2 National School, John Manelis, teacher
Orange Lodges - Castlecaulfield District L.O.L. No. 5, Charles Bristow, D.M.; Matthew D. Brown, D.D.M.; Joseph M. Williamson, D.T.; Wm. S. Bennett, J.P., D.S.; J. Lyttle, D.C.; L.O.L. No. 30, Charles Bristow, W.M.; L.O.L. No. 38, G. Cuddy, W.M.; L.O.L. No. 266; Thomas Hall, W.M.; L.O.L. No. 321, R. J. Duncan, W.M.; L.O.L. No. 324, H. J. Bennett, W.M.; L.O.L. No. 364, Alex. McMinn, W.M.; L.O.L. 748, W. S. Bennett, J.P., W.M.
Castlecaulfield Co-Operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Ltd. - Wm. Blair, manager; S. Wilson, secretary
Drumreaney Co-operative Society Ltd. - William Lynch, secretary; James Lyttle, manager


Acheson, Mrs.
Acheson & Smith, linen manufacturers

Bennett, Wm. S., J.P., flax miller, Ennish
Bristow, Charles, The Gardens, Parkanaur
Bristow, W. H., land steward, Parkanaur
Burges, Mrs., Parkanaur

Campbell, Robert, tenter
Campbell, W., tenter
Courtenay, Joseph H., mechanic

Daly, John, blacksmith
Daly, Wm., blacksmith
Dickson, J., cycle agent
Doherty, J., gardener

Frizzel, David, factory manager

Gallary, Thomas, tenter
Garvin, S., M.B., Killymaddy
Goulden, John
Graham, Samuel, grocer, draper, and hardware merchant, Killymoyle
Gregory, John, N.S. teacher

Hall, Samuel, farmer, Reascor
Hall, Thomas, blacksmith
Hall, Mrs.
Hodgett, B., mill worker

Johnston, Saml., farmer, Tomagh

Kelly, William, cycle and motor agent
Kirk, Robert, mill worker
Kirk, Samuel, factory worker

Madden, John, land steward
Manelis, John, N.S. teacher

McClean, Rev. Robert
McCook, C., tea merchant

O'Toole, Miss E. J.

Patterson, John, blacksmith and farmer

Quinn, John, Kilharry Glebe

Rowan, T., tenter

Sides, Rev. J. R., A.M.
Steenson, James, carpenter

Tener, Geo., farmer, Clonaneese Glebe
Tenner, James B., publican

Watt, Mrs.
Weeton, R., farmer, Kilnaslee
Wills & Sons, grocers, druggists, and newsagents
Wilson, S., school teacher and farmer, Kilnaslee
Wilson, W., scutcher
Woods, Joseph, farmer, Lisnamonaghan


          Castledawson town, in County Londonderry, about twenty-four miles from Belfast, is delightfully situated on the Moyola River, on the road from Magherafelt to Belfast, and rather more than two miles N.W. of the north-western extremity of Lough Neagh.  The river is crossed by a stone bridge of one arch, supposed to be the largest span in Ireland, erected by the Dawson family, and hence its former name of Dawson's Bridge.  Its appellation is derived from Mr. Joshua Dawson, who, in 1710, was Chief Secretary for Ireland, and erected in 1713 a castle, which is occupied by Lady Chichester and family. The bridge was built in 1796. Moyola Park, the seat of the Dawson family, adjoins the town, and is a beautiful demesne, through which passes an ancient avenue.  The making of bricks is carried on extensively.  The population is over 500, and is increasing.

Post Office - Mrs. Anderson, postmistress; Mrs. Swinarton, assistant; Miss Houston, telegraphist, Town postman, J. McAnally; rural postmen, James Woods, James Downey, Robert Downey, Dan Murphy.  Telegraph messenger, Tom Lennox
Royal Ulster Constabulary - Sergeant Parker, Constables Thompson, McDonald, Hepton, Fulton, J. McKenna, B. McKenna, Curry, Beadnell, and Ashcroft
Magistrates - A. L. Clark, J.P., Moyola Lodge; John Keenan, J.P., Leitrim House; Michael McKenna, J.P., Greenisland House; John Kane, J.P., Castledawson; James J. Stewart, J.P., Castledawson
Hotels - Commercial Hotel, John McMillin, proprietor; Dawson's Arms, W. H. Garvin
Posting Establishments - John McMillin, proprietor; W. H. Garvin, proprietor
Commissioner for Taking Affidavits - Wm. Pollock
Belfast and Northern Counties Railway - C. McCormac, station master
Chichester Estate Agent - John McCracken
Northern Banking Co. Ltd. - Attendance every Monday from Magherafelt at Commercial Hotel (McMillin's), from 1-30 to 2-30
Belfast Bank - Attendance every Monday from Magherafelt at Mrs. McKeown's, from 1-30 to 2-30


Church of Ireland - Rev. Mr. Chamberlain, B.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Mr. Rentoul, B.A.
Methodist Church - Supplied from Magherafelt
Moravian Church, Ballymaquiggan - Rev. Mr. Adamson
Newbridge Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Moore, P.P., New Bridge, Castledawson


Moyola Park N.S. - H. A. McCauley; assistant, Miss Henry
Roman Catholic N.S. - Mr. Daley, principal; Miss Crilly, assistant
Castledawson N.S. - Mr. S. Wright, principal; Miss Tipping, Mary Dawson, May Irwin, and Mrs. Garvin, assistants
Rocktown N.S. - Francis Lynam, teacher
Lemnaroy N.S. - Francis McErlane (male), teacher; Mrs. McCreanor (female), teacher
Creagh N.S. - Murphy, male teacher; Mrs. Brady, female teacher
Coroner - Wm. McKivor, M.D.
Dispensary Medical Officer - G. M. Thompson, M.D., J.P.
Rate Collector - H. G. Warren Mann
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Robert Leslie
Working Men's Club - A. L. Clark, J.P., Moyola Lodge, hon. secretary
L.O.L. No. 96 - Hugh McMaster, W.M.; Alex. Bradley, D.M.; Thos. Watson, treasurer
L.O.L. No. 97 - Jas. Boverd, W.M.; Sam Davison, D.M.; Wm. Houston, treasurer


Castledawson Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Ltd. - T. Dawson, president; S. Gavin, secretary; ? Scott, manager
Unionist Club - President, not appointed; vice-presidents, A. L. Clark, J.P., John A. Clark, Samuel Davison, Warren Mann; hon. secretaries, Jackson C. Clark, Rev. Mr. McCosh, M.A., Rev. Mr. Kirkpatrick; treasurer, Samuel Irwin


Adamson, Mrs., pension officer
Anderson, Mrs., post office
Arrell, Thomas, spade manufacturer

Blakely, William, dyer
Bowden, Wm., manager
Brown, John, engine man
Brown, J., grocer, Aughaskin
Brown, William, manager spinning factory

Campbell, Samuel, family grocer, &c.
Carey, Noel, Hill Head
Carr, R., carpenter, Bellaghy Road
Chichester, Mrs., M.P., J.P., O.B.E., Moyola Park
Clark, Commander, R.N., J.P.
Clark, Mrs. Jackson, The Bungalow
Clarke, Alex. L., J.P., Moyola Lodge
Clarke, J. A., Gravesend House
Convery, Hugh, motor owner and mill owner
Convery, Patk, butcher and coal merchant
Crawford, Harry, wholesale distributing agent for McWatter's bread
Cudden, Thomas, egg merchant, Killyneice

Dawson, J., grocer and carpenter
Dawson, R., grocer
Dawson, Wm., carpenter
Devlin, Bernard, blacksmith
Diamond, John, brick maker, Edenreagh
Doherty, Henry, nailor

Ellis, D., brick maker, Leitrim
Evans, Thomas, miller
Ewart, James, builder

Ferson, Jas., sewing machine agent & barber

Gallaher, B. & M., tobacconists, fruiterers and confectioners
Gallagher, D., grocer and cycle agent
Garvin, Mrs. E., grocer and draper
Garvin, Stephen, grocer, publican and flesher
Garvin, Wm., hotel, grocer and draper
Grant, Daniel, shoe maker
Gregg, Robert James, blacksmith
Gribben, H., publican and motor owner

Hagan, James, motor driver
Hagan, Joseph
Hampshey, William
Hanson, John, engineman
Hanson, Robert, engine man
Harte, John, engineman
Heaney, Miss, grocer
Henry, C. W., produce merchant
Henry, ?, produce merchant
Houston, Alex., tailor and draper
Houston, T., shoe maker
Hughes, Francis, blacksmith, Drumlamph
Hunter, Robert, engine man
Huston, Miss, dress maker
Hutchinson, A., farmer and mill owner, Aughrim
Hutchison, Miss, grocer, Aughrim
Hutchinson, ?, tenter

Irwin, Mrs.

Johnston, Mrs., draper and grocer
Johnston, Thos., dog trainer

Kane, Hugh, timber man, Tamnadace
Kane, John, butter and egg merchant
Kealy, J., Hillhead
Keenan, John, commercial traveller
Keenan, John, J.P., Leitrim
Keenan, Patrick, Leitrim Nurseries
Keenan, Peter, Leitrim Nurseries
Keilty, ?, draper and milliner
King, John, grocer and hardware merchant
Kirkwood, Samuel, carpenter, Toberhead

Laughrey, Samuel, engine man
Lennox, Annie, factory worker
Lennox, Robert
Lennox, Thos., engine man
Louden, James, cattle dealer
Louden, John, flesher
Louden, William, cattle dealer
Loughrey, Robert, engineman

Mann, Wm., pork merchant
Mawhinney, Edward
Mawhinney, Mary, factory worker
Mawhinney, Sam., carpenter
Mawhinney, W., farmer
Milligan, M., sexton Presbyterian Church
Montgomery, ?, spirit merchant
Morrison, A., produce merchant
Morton, Adam, Drumlamph
Morwood, John, farmer
Morwood, William, Graves End Nursery
Muldoon, John, car driver
Murphy, J., blacksmith
Murtagh, Jane, grocer and spirit merchant

MacNally, J., factory worker
McAleese, Joseph, machine and insurance agent
McAnalla, Wm., factory worker
McAnalla, Wm., sexton, Parish Church
McAulay, Mrs., lodging house keeper
McCann, Mrs., grocer
McCartney, Patrick, pensioner
McCauley, H. A., news correspondent
McComb, M., clerk and photographer
McCreanor, Mrs., school teacher, Lemnaroy
McErlane, Pat., publican
McGowan, Jeannie, bookkeeper
McKeever, A. J., poulterer, Anaghmore
McKeever, James, poulterer, confectioner, and draper
McKeever, Patrick, poulterer, Anaghmore
McKeever, Thomas, poulterer
McKendry, Charles, cloth finisher
McKenna, Daniel, tailor
McKenna, Mrs.
McLaughlin, J., dyer
McMillin, John, family grocer, hardware, provision, and general merchant, Draper & Hotel Proprietor. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McShane, Mrs., nurse

Orr, Robert, grocer and tea rooms
O'Hara, J., finisher

Pickering, Robert, mason, Aughagaskin
Pickering, S., flesher
Pickering, Thos., egg merchant, Tamnadace
Pickering, Thos., lapper
Pickering, W. J., grocer and cycle agent

Rea & Co., grocers, hardware, provision, boot and shoe merchants
Rentoul, Rev. ?, B.A.
Rodgers, Annie

Shivers, George, car driver
Swinarton, T. J., boot and shoe warehouse

Taylor, Hugh, boot and shoe maker
Taylor, Wm., rent agent
Tipping, David, carpenter
Tipping, Edward, carpenter
Tipping, Miss, school teacher

Vance, Wm., motor driver

Woodend, Thomas
Woodend, Thos., engineman
Woods, Robert, boot and shoe maker and merchant
Woods, Sarah, nurse
Woods, Wm., caretaker, Protestant Hall


Anderson, William, Toberhead House
Arrell, Robert, Rocktown

Bell, Joseph, Anaghmore
Bell, Robert, Anaghmore
Brown, Tom, Anaghmore
Burnside, Robert, Killyberry

Carr, Samuel, Ballynogher
Catherwood, Henry, Creagh
Crilly, John, Lemnaroy
Crilly, R., Lemnaroy
Crilly, William, Rocktown
Cudden, Mrs., Killyneice

Dale, Thomas, mill owner, Killyneice
Davis, E., Aughrim
Davison, Wm., Killyneice
Dawson, James, Bell's Hill
Diamond, Henry, Derrygarne
Diamond, John, Edenreagh
Diamond, Mrs., Ballydermott
Dickey, Mrs., Drumlamph
Donnelly, John J., Broagh
Donnelly, R., brick manufacturer, Leitrim
Donnelly, William, Broagh
Duncan, William, Killyneice

Evans, Thos., Creagh
Evans, William, weaver

Flanagan, P., Rocktown
Fulton, Robert, Broagh
Fulton, Mrs. M., Drumlamph

Garvin, E., grocer
Garvin, John, Derrygarve
Garvin, Samuel, Tamnadace
Garvin, Stephen, nurseryman, Ballynagher
Garvin, W., Anahorish
Gribbin, Patrick, Anahorish
Gribbin, William, Anahorish

Hammond, James, Ballynoghar
Harte, Samuel, Lemnaroy
Heaney, Wm., Broagh
Hueston, W. J., Grove Hill
Hughes, John, Broagh gates
Hutchinson, Andrew, Aughrim

Irwin, George, Creagh

Johnston, Joseph, Broagh
Johnston, Miss, Leitrim

Kearney, Patrick, Ballydermot
Kearney, Peter, Killyberry
Keenan, John, farmer, Anaghmore
Kelly, Samuel, Killyniece

Lagan, T., Lemnaroy
Lennox, Mrs., Tamnadace
Lennox, Mrs. Wm. George, Aughrim
Leslie, A., Leitrim
Lytle, Wm., Tamnadace

Mann, Thomas, timber merchant, Tamnadace
Mann, Wm. J., Hillhead
Mawhinney, A., Leitrim
Mawhinney, Jackson, Leitrim
Mawhinney, John, brick maker, Leitrim
Mawhinney, Mary, factory worker
Mawhinney, Mrs., Leitrim
Mawhinney, Wm., Hillhead
Maybery, Wm., Drumlamph
Millar, Robert, scutch mill and linen finisher, Greenhall Works
Morton, Francis, Toberhead
Morton, James, Toberhead
Morwood, George, Aughmore
Mulholland, B., Rocktown
Mulholland, Nicholas, Creagh
Mulholland, Patrick, Creagh
Murphy, P., Anahorish

McAllen, Charles, Derrygarve
McCann, Hugh, Lemnaroy
McCready, James, Anaghmore
McErlane, Henry, Edenreagh
McGrogan, John, Anahorish
McGurk, James, Broagh, grocer and farmer
McIntyre, Andrew, Drumlamph
McKee, Allan, Rocktown
McKnight, Essie, Tillinkesy
McKnight, James, egg merchant, Anaghmore
McKnight, Thomas, Anaghmore
McLean, Mrs., Anaghmore
McLean, Miss E., Anaghmore
McLeery, John, Aughrim
McLernon, James, Anahorish
McLernon, John, Derrygarve
McLernon, Robert, Anahorish House
McLeery, W. J., farmer, Aughrim
McMaster, Robert, Tobberhead
McMillin, John, Shanemullagh

Nodwell, John, Anaghmore

O'Connor, E., Rocktown
O'Neill, Thomas, Drumlamph

Pepper, John, Anaghmore
Pepper, Joseph, Anaghmore
Pickering, James, Killyberry
Porter, William, Ballynogher

Quinn, James, Lemnaroy

Robinson, Wm., Tamnadace

Samson, George, brick maker, Leitrim
Shay, James, Lemnaroy
Sheil, Henry, spirit merchant, Creagh
Shivers, James, Broagh (Upper)
Shivers, ?, dispensary keeper
Smith, James, Leitrim
Speer, Hugh, Broagh (Upper)
Speer, James, Broagh (Upper)
Speer, John, Ballynogher
Speer, Samuel, Ballynogher
Speers, Andrew, The Hill
Stanton, David, Roasgift
Stewart, Charles, Farmhill
Stewart, David, Curran
Stewart, James, Anaghmore
Stewart, John, Toberhead
Stewart, John, Aughrim Mills
Stewart, Mrs., Farmhill
Stewart, Thomas, Toberhead
Streathorn, Mrs., Killyberry
Swinerton, John

Taylor, William
Thompson, Mrs., Leitrim

Weir, A., Ballynogher
Weir, James, Ballynogher
Weir, Robert, sen., Ballynogher
Weir, Mrs. Robert, Ballynogher
Winchester, William, Toberhead
Winning, Samuel, Anaghmore


          The town of Castlederg stands on the banks of the River Derg, and is situated in the centre of a thriving and prosperous agricultural neighbourhood, twenty miles distant from Londonderry, ten from Strabane, and seven from Victoria Bridge. An important horse, cattle, and general fair is held on the last Friday in each month, and a market is held every Friday.  The population at last census was 835, but as a place of business it is of much more importance than the number of inhabitants would indicate.  It is connected with the Great Northern Railway system at Victoria Bridge Station (seven miles distant) by a steam tramway, and recently lit by electric light.

Post Office, Main Street - J. B. Wilson, postmaster
Magistrates - W. H. Todd, Jas. S. Crockett, G. F. V. Leary, T. Keys, W. McErvel, Wm. J. Davidson, Andw. Deery, James G. Leitch, Edward Moss, David Scott, Arthur McSorley, R. Mowbray, M.D.; Owen, O'Neill, A. T. Love, Francis McLaughlin. Petty Sessions Court is held on first Saturday of each month.  John Crockett, clerk
Solicitors - John McCay, Robt. Burke, LL.D.; Dr. Nelson, Andrew Leitch


Church of Ireland - Rev. T. B. Morrin
Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. F. Henderson, B.A.; and Rev. A, W. McFarlane, M.A.
Methodist Church - Revs. J. Ritchie and S. McCaffrey
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. M. O'Mullan, C.C.
Royal Ulster Constabulary - T. J. Gallagher, district inspector; Sergeant Gallagher, and 12 constables
Dispensaries - Castlederg - Gerald F. V. Leary, L.R.C.S.P. Kileter - Robt. Mowbray, M.D.
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. Leary and Robert Young
Hibernian Bank Ltd. - M. J. Clancy, manager
Ulster Bank Ltd. - H. Ross, manager; H. Young, cashier
Union Workhouse - William Roulston, master; Robert A. Scott, clerk


Bradley, George, tailor
Brown, William J., cattle dealer
Bryson, James, tailor
Burke, Thomas, sawyer
Burnside, T. J., school master

Carlin, Denis, publican
Colhoun, Irwin, painter
Crawford, Samuel, bee expert and manufacturer of bee appliances
Crockett, John, commissioner for taking affidavits and insurance agent
Crockett, John, grocer
Curran & Co., drapers and grocers

Daly, Miss S., music teacher
Davidson, W. J., tramway manager
Devine, Catherine, draper
Devine, John, publican
Dillon, Henry, butcher
Doherty, Walter, publican
Dolin, Miss M., dress maker
Donaghy, Harry, publican

Faulkner, W., cycle depot
Faulkner, Mrs. W., dress maker

Gailey, Samuel, grocer and hardware merchant
Gallaher, Andrew, butcher
Gallaher, Edward, flax buyer

Hamilton, The Misses, drapers and milliners
Hemphill, Saml. L., hardware merchant and newsagent
Hughes Bros., butchers

Johnstone, Wm., car owner and contractor
Jones, Joseph, refreshment house

Kane, Andrew, hairdresser
Keenan, James, green grocer, photographer
Kelly, Michael, publican
Kerr, John, grocer and publican
Knott, George, hardware
Kyle, William, shoe maker
Kyle, W. J., draper; agent for "Belfast Weekly News"

Laughlin, Robert, shoe maker
Leary, Gerald F. V., M.D.
Leitch, Andrew, M.D.

Mitchell, Wm., shoe maker
Moss, Catherine, publican and grocer
Muldoon, Wm., fowl dealer
Mullin, Alex., druggist and draper

McAskie, John, draper
McCabe, Mrs., china house
McCafferty, Wm., baker
McCarron, Mrs. W.. publican
McCay, Andrew, publican
McCay, James, grocer, etc.
McCay, R., druggist
McConnell, Michael, tinsmith
McCormick, Vincent, grocer
McCrossan, Joseph, saddler
McCutcheon, Charles, hackney motor owner
McCutcheon, Wm., hackney motor owner
McGlinchey, Edward, car owner and publican
McGoldrick, John, grocer
McHugh, Bridget, publican
McHugh, Hugh, summons server and civil bill officer
McHugh, Michael J., grocer and publican
McHugh, Rose, publican
McKay, Marshall, draper and grocer
McKenzie, Mary, publican and car owner
McLaughlin, James, publican
McLaughlin, John, Royal Hotel
McMenamin, Wm., saddler
McNutt, Saml., grocer and restaurant
McSorley, Arthur, J.P., grocer

Orr, Mrs., dress maker

Rankin, John, carpenter
Reid, James, horse trainer
Robb, Charles, newspaper correspondent
Robb, John, court keeper
Robb, Matthew, painter and paper hanger
Robinson, Samuel, blacksmith and grocer

Scott, David, leather dealer and auctioneer
Scott, Mrs., dress maker
Scott, Thomas, relieving officer
Smyth, Mrs., Female National School
Speer, Joseph, carpenter
Speer, Jos. M., grocer

The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, John McEvoy

Watt, Thomas, boot warehouse
Wilson, Misses, dress makers
Wilson, William, Victoria Temperance Hotel
Wilson, Wm., carpenter
Wood, H. H., & Sons, auctioneers

Young, Andrew T., rate collector
Young, James, jeweller
Young, Robert, lodging house


Adams, William, Goland

Bird, Robert, Aghyarran
Boggs, Wm., Ergenagh
Buchanan, J., Cavandoragh

Caldwell, Andrew, Killen
Caldwell, Henry, Kilrail
Caldwell, William, Maghernageeragh
Carson, Hugh, Drumclamph
Cassidy, John, Creevy
Cathers, Alex., Creaduff
Clarke, William, Augheyarron
Colhoun, Ernest, Castlegore
Colhoun, James, Castlegore
Colhoun, Robert, Castlegore
Cooper, James, Dreenan
Cooper, Thomas, Lisnacloon
Craig, David, Ergenagh
Craig, Robert, Drumabbey
Crawford, Andrew, Lisnacloon
Crawford, Wm., Coolnahern
Crockett, James S., R.D.C., Clare

Deary, Andrew, J.P., R.D.C., Goland
Doherty, Walter, Castlederg
Duncan, Rev. Wm., B.A., Killeter
Duncan, Samuel, Meaghey

Elliott, Mrs., Lisnacloon

Faulkner, George, Aughnahnoo
Faulkner, Samuel, Leitrim
Folliott, John, Cavan
Forbes, Andrew, Clare
Forbes, James, Clare

Gallagher, William J., Kilcroagh
Gallaher, John, Craighmonaghan
Gamble, James F., R.D.C., Bridgehill
Gamble, Mrs., Bridgetown
Gormley, Michael, Drumnahey
Graham, Joseph, Creaduff
Greer, Joe, farmer, Churchtown

Hamilton, James, Castlegore
Hamilton, William, Luremore
Hamilton, Wm., Ganvaghan
Hemphill, John, Listymore
Hemphill, Mrs., Luremore
Hemphill, Samuel, Luremore
Henderson, David, Dartans
Huey, Robert, Ergenagh
Hunter, George, Lislaird
Hunter, James, Lisnacloon
Hunter, Miss, Ardbarron

Irwin, Arthur, Coolnacrenaght

Johnston, Robert, Craigmonaghan
Johnstone, Andrew, Luremore

Kane, James, Kilcroagh
Kerr, John, Castlederg and Lisleen

Leckey, James, Castlegore
Leckey, James, Kilrail
Leitch, James, Crigan
Leitch, James, J.P., R.D.C., Carncorn
Love, Andrew Thomas, J.P., Crew House
Love, Charles, Rockwood
Love, George, Crigan
Love, Samuel B., Scarvaghern
Lynch, J., Castlegore

Matchett, Rev. R. L., M.A.
Matthews, Miss, Lisnacloon
Matthews, William, Dunrain
Mitchell, John, jun., Castlesessagh
Mitchell, Robert, Cavan, R.D.C.
Monteith, Charles, Edenreagh
Monteith, John James, Castlederg
Monteith, Mrs., Dreenan
Monteith, Robert, Lisnacloon
Monteith, Thomas, Dunravin
Monteith, Wesley, Edenreagh
Monteith, Wm., Lisnacloon
Morrin, Rev. T. B., Castlederg
Mullin, James, Castlegore

McCaskie, Joseph, Creevy
McCay, Nixon, Kilrail
McCay, Samuel, Froughla
McCay, William, Dartans
McCormick, Colhoun, Altamullen
McCormick, J. W., Priestcess
McFarland, Andrew, Cavan
McFarland, Thos., Kilcleen
McHugh, Arthur, Drumnahey

Oliver, John James, Crigar
Orr, Samuel, Ardbarron

O'Kane, Mrs., Killen
O'Neill, Miss Annie, Creaduff

Pollock, Mrs. A., Fyfin
Porter, James, Ballylennon
Porter, John, Dartans
Porter, Robert, Listymore
Porter, Wm. J., Ergenagh and Ballylennan

Rankin, Andrew, Clare
Rankin. Miss S., Garvetagh
Robb, Alexander, Castlegore
Robb, Samuel, Lislaird
Robinson, Joseph, Ardbarron
Robinson, Robert J., Ardbarron
Roulston Andrew, Ballylennon
Roulston James, Kilcleen
Roulston, James, Ganvaghan
Roulston, James, Crew
Roulston, Joseph, Creaduff
Rutledge George, Castlegore
Rutledge, George, Aughnahoo

Scott, Fred., Bridgetown
Scott, R. A., Ardmeen
Scott, William McArthur, Drumclamph House
Scott, W., Kilcroagh
Semple, James, Edenreagh
Semple, Joshua, Ganvaghan
Semple, W. J., Edenreagh
Sheridan, John, Bridgetown
Speer, J., Killen
Sproule, Thomas, Aghascribey
Sproule, William, Ganvaghan
Stewart, Charles, Ergenagh

Thompson, John, Ganvaghan
Thompson, John, Lisnacloon
Thompson, Robert, Carndreen
Thompson, Robert, R.D.C., Creduff
Todd, Robert, Fyfin

Verner, Andrew, Kilrail

Walls, William, Dunrain
Wauchop, David, Clare
Wood, Wm. J., Castlederg

Young, Andrew, Goland


          Is a pleasant and rapidly rising watering place close to the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway line, and is advancing in popularity year after year, as shown by the increasing numbers from all parts of the kingdom who annually patronise it. Convenient to the town there is a fine natural golf course over 6,000 yards in length, which is a championship course, where, in turn with other courses, the Men's Irish Close, the Ladies' Irish Close, and the Professionals' Championships are played. There are also very good, hard tennis courts suitable for tournaments. Excellent angling is also obtained in the neighbourhood. There is ample accommodation in the town, which is rapidly increasing in prosperity and size. The population at the 1911 census was 163, but of course in the summer months it is much larger. A large new golf club house has been erected with everything up-to-date, which cost about 2,000.


Church of Ireland - Rev. Canon James Armstrong, rector; Rev. N. Garstin, curate
Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. J. Farley
Presbyterian Church, 1st Dunboe, Articlave - Rev. J. Mark
Roman Catholic Church, Milltown - Minister supplied from Coleraine


Schools - Castlerock - S. Davison, B.A., principal; Miss Smith, assistant.  Articlave - H. E. Thompson, principal; Miss Dugan, assistant
Post Office - Bawnmore - Miss Nixon
Police Barrack - Sergeant Sturgeon; Constables Spence, Dickson, Carson, Goligher, McWhinney
Refreshment Rooms - Midland Railway (N.C.C.) Station; Mrs. Love, The Cafe
Golf Club - President, Sir R. H. Bruce, Bart; captain, R. C. Mitchell; honorary treasurer, F. W. Wright; secretary, H. A. Byron; professional, D. Lyttle; lady captain, Miss A. McDevitt; secretary Ladies' Branch, Mrs. McKee
Council - Rev. Canon Armstrong, T. C. Willet, A. S. Craig, M. Moore, J. C. McVicker, S. C. Ross, R. C. Mitchell, Maj. Watson, R. J. Skinner, Jas. Ballantine, S. H. Fletcher, T. Gilchrist
Railway Station - Station Master, William Snoddy
Local Registrar for Births, Marriages and Deaths - Dr. J. Steel, Articlave, Castlerock
Northern Bank (Wednesday)


The Castlerock Hotel, proprietor, Mrs. M. Stewart; Golf Hotel, proprietress, M. Gibson; Temperance Hotel and Cafe, Mrs. M. Stewart


Armstrong, Rev. Canon J., The Vicarage
Austin, Wm., Abington

Barker, Mrs., 1 Primrose Villa
Best, David, Windsor House
Bruce, Right Hon. Sir R. H., Bart., Downhill
Byron, Mrs., Victoria House
Byron, R. M., Shandon

Cabena, Mrs., Seafield
Caldwell, J., Aldersyde
Clarke, W. T., merchant
Coleman, James, carpenter, Articlave
Colhoun, John, The Villas, Castlerock
Connell, Miss, Atlantic Lodge
Courtney, Miss, Victoria Villa
Craig, Alwyn, The Cottage
Craig, F., M.B., Babington Terrace
Crawford, Wm., Brookley
Crooks, S., The Bungalow
Cunningham, J., Kia-Ora
Cunningham, J., The Bungalow, Castlerock

Dallas, Mrs., Clifton Terrace
Dougan, Miss J., 1 Clifton Terrace
Douglas, Mrs., Brook Villa
Dunboe Co-operative Poultry Society Ltd.

Elliott, Dr. William, Pretoria

Fisher, Mrs., Villa Marina
Fleming, Mrs., publican, Articlave
Fletcher, H., Craglea
Fletcher, Mrs., Kenmuir

Garstin, Rev. Bruce Villa
Gibson, Mrs., The Golf Hotel
Gilchrist, T., Craglea
Gilkey, Miss, Babington Terrace

Hamilton, Miss, Golf Club House

Keers, Miss L., No. 1 Bungalow, Castlerock
Keers, Robt., No. 2 Bungalow, Castlerock
Kilgore, R., Pretoria

Lyttle, D., Plass Lloyd

Macready, Sydney, school attendance officer, Articlave
Mark, Rev. James, Dunboe Manse
Moore, J., Cliftonville
Moore, Miss, Greenoge
Moore, M., Willowfield
Mullan, James, spirit grocer
Mullan, J., Alexandra House

McBride, Wm., builder and contractor, The Bungalow, Castlerock
McCandless, T., Fairmount
McCarter, Mrs., No. 1 Bruce Villa
McClements, Mrs., Seawell House
McDevitt, P., J.P., Red House
McGee, Mrs. C., Knockraven
McGilligan, Patrick, J.P., merchant
McVicker, J., Duncarrick

Nixon, Miss, Bawnmore

Pedan, James, The Villa
Perry, Miss, Perrymount
Perry, T., Babington Terrace
Pollock, J., Cremona

Redmond, Mrs., Castlerock House
Rooney, Martin, Brookley Villas
Ross, Stuart C., solicitor
Roulstone, R., Swastiska bungalow

Simpson, Rev. E. F., Ard-na-Grena
Simpson, Robert, blacksmith
Steel, James, M.D., Articlave and The Neuk
Steel, Mrs., Lisnatore
Stewart, Mrs. M., hotel and public house
Stinson, T., Castleview Villa
Swann, ?, 2 Alexandra Terrace

Taylor, J., boot and shoe maker
Tosh, Miss, Fairview

Wallace, Mrs., Babington Terrace
Warke, James, Seabank
Watson, Mrs. James, Briar Brae
White, Mrs. S., Richmondville
Woodend, James, blacksmith


Andrews, John McFarlane, Burrenbeg

Barr, Robert, Ardena
Bell, Hugh, Articlave
Bingham, James, Bratwell

Caldwell, James, The Sconce
Conn, John, The Grange
Craig, J., Banbrook

Doherty, P., Longhill House
Doherty, P. & J., Barmouth
Dugan, Joseph, Grangemore
Dugan, J., Ballywilliam House
Dugan, Matthew, Barmouth Road
Dougan, Richard, Ballywillan and Springvale
Dugan, Robert, Barmouth

Gillen, P., Glebe
Guthrie, James, Exorna

Henry, Ben., Carneety
Henry, Mrs. T., Carneety
Henry, Wm., Carneety
Hezlett, Hugh, J.P., Liffock
Hunter, John, Artidillon
Hutchinson, C., Knocknogher

Kane, George, Dartries
Kearney, J., Downhill
Keers, R., The Blakes

Lees, William, Blakes Lower
Long, Miss, The Glebe

Macready, Hugh, Articlave
Millen, James, R.D.C., Ballywildrick
Moody, John, Glenburn
Moody, John, jun., Articlave Lower
Moody, Thomas, Lower Articlave
Morrell, Samuel, Ballywildrick Upper

McClelland, Wm., Dunalis
McCloskey, J., Banbrook
McLean, R., Knocknogher

Ross, James, Fairview, Articlave

Steel, Dr., J.P., The Blakes

Thompson, Samuel, Ballymadigan
Thorpe, James, Glebe
Tosh, James, Burrenmore
Turner, James, Articlave

Wilson, John, Pottagh
Woodend, James, Articlave


          Is a thriving town in the County of Down, sixty-three miles N. by E. from Dublin, nine S.W. from Downpatrick, ten from Ballynahinch, and four miles from the fashionable watering-place of Newcastle. At the foot of Slieve-na-let (or the Rod Mountain), and on the shores of a beautiful lake abounding with trout, stands the massive mansion of the Earl Annesley, who enjoys the title of Baron of Castlewellan in the peerage of Ireland, while within two miles of the town is Tollymore Park, the picturesque residence of the Earl of Roden. The linen trade is carried on largely. The market is held on Monday, and a pork market every Wednesday; while the fairs are held monthly, second Monday each month, except May and November, when it is held on first day. The population in 1911 was 819. The town is lighted throughout by electric light.

Post Office - Letters from Dublin and the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at 7-0, via Lisburn and Banbridge, and are despatched every evening at 5-30. Letters for Belfast, England, and Scotland are despatched at 1-40 and 5-40. Letters from Scotland and England arrive every day at 12.20 p.m., via Newry and Banbridge - (this arrival is specially for the town, as there are no despatches on the arrival of this mail) - and from Belfast and the North of Ireland every evening at 6-30, and are despatched every morning at 6-45. A post-car leaves every morning on arrival of post-car for Bryansford and Newcastle, and returns by same route in the evening.


Presbyterian Church - Rev. Cassels Cordner, B.A.
Church of Ireland (St. Paul's) - Rev. J. D. Kidd, B.A., incumbent; Bryansford - Rev. J. Slacke
Methodist Church - Dundrum and Castlewellan Circuit ministers
Roman Catholic Church - Rev. J. H. Eaudley, P.P., V.F.; Rev. F. Carr, C.C.
Solicitors with Offices in Castlewellan - Bell & Co., H. C. Weir, J. McSpadden, James Murland & Co., Johnston & McCourt, J. H. King, and Wm. Martin


National School (No. 1) - M. J. Cafferky, Miss W. Harte, Mrs. Naglee, Mrs. Cafferky
National School (No. 2) - Mr. Harland, teacher, Miss M. Cusack, principal
Banks - Branches of the Northern Banking Co., Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, Ltd., Munster and Leinster Bank
Stamp Office - Saml. Ryan, Miss Walker, Miss Keiller, and Miss McConnell
Dispensary Bryansford - Robert Magill, M.D.
Petty Sessions Clerk - W. H. Hillyard
Castlewellan Dispensary - Dr. Cromie, registrar for births, marriages and deaths
Technical School - Principal, D. J. Keogh


Commercial Hotel - W. Strain
Annesley Arms Hotel - William McCammon


Allen, George, J.P., Mountpanther
Annesley, Lady, Castlewellan Castle
Armstrong, G., manager Ulster Bank

Barr, J., stationmaster
Bell, pork buyer
Bell & Co., Solicitors, offices at Downpatrick, Portaferry and Ballynahinch
Boden, John, cellar man (Mooney Bros.)
Boyd, James, saddler
Brannigan, Patk., foreman plasterer, Burren
Bruce, Mrs., Corrie Wood
Burns, Michael, butcher
Burns, Peter, butcher and sheep dealer
Bustard, J., boot and shoe merchant

Cafferkey, Martin, school teacher
Campbell, William, cutter
Cardwell, Lawghey, tailor
Carroll, T., assistant bookkeeper (Mooney Bros.)
Carson, E., Ballyward, Castlewellan
Caruth, W., grocer
Cochrane, James, potato dealer, Knockstacken
Collins, James, hardware merchant
Collins, J., smith
Connell, Danl., painter
Connell, Mrs., grocer
Connolly, James, manager Mooney Bros.
Connolly, Thomas, shop assistant
Corrigan, P., New Row, Castlewellan
Cunningham Bros., motor hiring and carriers
Cunningham, John, boot and shoe maker
Cunningham, Patrick, Castlewellan
Cusack Bros., saddlers

Daly, Jas., traveller (Mooney Bros.)
Devlin, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer
Doherty, J., assistant Mooney Bros.
Domegan, Edward, New Row, Castlewellan
Donnen, Hugh, mechanic, Annsboro'
Doran, J., assistant Mooney Bros.
Doran, Patrick, cattle dealer
Doyle, Edward, farmer

Egan, J.
English, Jas., spirit dealer, Clanvaraghan
Ewart, Miss, milliner

Fegan, Hugh, chief cellar man (Mooney Bros.), Seaview
Fitchie, Const., R.U.C., The Castle
Fitzpatrick, Hugh, spirit dealers, Dromena
Fitzpatrick, James, potato buyer
Fitzpatrick, Pat, shoe maker, New Row, Castlewellan
Fitzpatrick, Stephen, spirit dealer, Clough
Fitzpatrick, Thos., potato buyer, Kilcoo
Fitzpatrick, Wm., spirit dealer, Maghera
Forde, Major W. G., D.L., J.P., Seaforde

Gardiner & Blackwood, drapers and merchant tailors
Gilligan, H., manager
Grace & Co., outfitters, &c.
Graham, D., grocer
Grant, Patrick, farmer, Ballydrummond
Greenan, Rev. J., C.C., Cargory
Gribben, Jas., manager
Gribben, Miss A., draper

Hall, Robert, clog maker and shoe maker
Hanna, Miss Lizzie, grocer, Ballybannon
Hannon, Miss N. T., Annsboro'
Harland, N., school teacher
Herron, Hugh John, grocer and spirit dealer, Castlewellan
Heron, R. S., solicitor
Herron, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, Leitrim
Hillyard, W. H., M.D.
Hull, James, bookkeeper

Jeffrey, J., land steward
Jones, James, stone cutter
Jordan, H., weight master
Jordan, M., draper

Kelly, James, grocer
Kerr, John, blacksmith
Kidd, Rev. J. D., B.A., incumbent of St. Paul's Church

Linton, William, grocer
Lynch, M., spirit merchant

Mageean, Wm., hairdresser
Maginn, John, soda water manufacturer and spirit dealer
Magorrian, George, boot maker
Mahon, Sergt., R.U.C.
Martin & Henderson, Solicitors; Branches, Downpatrick and Ballynahinch
Mathers, E., grocer, Annsboro'
Mooney Brothers, wholesale wine and spirit merchants
Morton, Joseph, grass seed dealer
Mulholland, Bernard, Annsboro'
Munn, Eliza, bonnet maker and dress maker
Murland, James, flax spinner and linen manufacturer
Murland, James, J.P., Annsborough House
Murland, Warren, Greenvale
Murphy Bros., marine store dealers
Murphy, Henry, plumber and cycle agent
Murphy, Miss, refreshments
Murphy, Patrick, Clanvaraghan
Murray, D. J. B., (of Mooney Bros.)
Murray, Patrick, Clanvaraghan

McAlea, Thomas, spirit merchant
McAleenan, John, C.E., and valuator
McAleenan, James, & Son, auctioneers
McAleenan, Joseph, contractor
McAleenan, Mrs. J., milliner
McAleenan, Thomas, contractor
McAlindon, Bernard, draper and outfitter
McAnulty, B., spirit merchant, Leitrim
McAnulty, Edward, scutch mill owner
McAnulty, Patk., grocer, hardware and spirit merchant
McAvoy, The Misses, The Arcade
McCabe, Richd., marine dealer and farmer
McCammon, William, hardware merchant
McCann, Miss L., confectioner
McCann, Thomas, spirit dealer
McCartan, Bernard, grocer and spirit dealer
McCartan, John, haberdasher
McCartan, J. B., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McCartan, Owen, D.C., car owner and grocer
McCartan, The Misses, drapers, Bank Buildings
McClean, P., saddler
McCormack, Jas., bookkeeper (Mooney Bros.)
McCourt, Wm., Solicitor, attendance on Mondays, and at Downpatrick
McCracken, Miss, boot shop
McCracken, Robert, draper
McCrickard, The Misses, drapers
McElroy, Jas., merchant, Drumnaquoile
McEnteggart, Patk., assistant (Mooney Bros.)
McEvoy, Pat, New Row, Castlewellan
McGlave, Patrick, National School teacher
McGrath, Pat, Ballyward, Castlewellan
McGuire, John, National School teacher, Annsboro'
McKinney & Co., soda water manufacturers and spirit dealers
McMordie, H., weaving master, Lower Clarkhill
McNabb, H. J., J.P., surgeon
McNight, Joseph, carrier
McShane, Miss, N.T.
McNulty, Mary, haberdasher and grocer

Nangle, M., N.T.

Owens, Edward, Castlewellan

O''Flynn, Jas., woollen drapers and auctioneers
O'Hare, Patrick, grocer, spirit dealer and auctioneer
O'Hare, Stephen, egg buyer and spirit merchant, Burren Bridge
O'Neill, Hugh, Annsboro'

Patterson, ?, cutter
Peters, John, blacksmith, Bryansford
Porter, R. J., woollen draper

Quinn, Peter, merchant

Ridges, Robert, grain buyer
Roden, Earl of, D.L., Tollymore Park, Bryansford
Rodgers, Alex., blacksmith
Rodgers, P., blacksmith
Rogers, James, blacksmith
Rooney, Miss, draper and milliner
Rooney, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Rooney, P., weigh master
Ryan, M. A., Provincial Bank

Savage & Co., grocers and merchants
Shannon, G. A., druggist
Sheridan, M.
Shields, Miss, milliner
Skelly, Robert, dealer and grain buyer
Skillen, William, watch and clock maker
Smylie, J. M., druggist
Steele, R., manager Northern Bank
Stewart, James, woollen draper
Stewart, S., mill owner and farmer, Maghera
Stranahan, Wm., J.P., The Lodge
Stubbs, Geo., Crow Cottage
Sturgeon, George, mechanic, New Row

Tanner, J., manager Provincial Bank
Teer, Joseph, Annsboro'
Thompson, Joseph, veterinary surgeon
Tumulty, Bernard, Mill Hill, Castlewellan

Walker, Miss, milliner
Ward, John, painter
Weir, H. C., LL.B., Solicitor, Castlewellan, Downpatrick, and Mayfair, Arthur Square, Belfast
Whyte, William, boot merchant
Wilson, George, watch and clock maker
Wilson, James, grocer and auctioneer
Wright, Miss, milliner


Alexander, Hugh, Ballyginney

Bailie, James
Bingham, Archie, Dundrine
Bingham, Miss, Dundrine
Blakley, Sam., Ballylough
Boden, James, Dromee
Burns, John, Drumarood

Carson, Alex., Fruitvalley, Ballyward
Carson, Mrs., Ballyward House
Carson, R. J., Ballyward
Carson, Wm., Fruit Valley

Darby, M., farmer and cattle dealer, Tofany

English, James, farmer and publican

Fitzpatrick, H., spirit merchant, Dromara
Fitzpatrick, James, Dromee
Fitzpatrick, John, Dromee
Flanagan, William, Drumarood

Hanna, Eliza, Ballybannon

Kelly, John, Dromena
Kirkpatrick, James, Dundrine

Leaney, Henry, Clanvaraghan
Lennon, Edward, Aughlisafin
Lennon, James, Aughlisnafin
Lennon, Nicholas

Mooney, J. P., D.C., potato buyer, Burren
Murnin, Wm., Dromena

McAleenan, Hugh, D.C., Ballymaginathy House
McBride, James, Maghersaul
McBride, John, Ballywillwill, Castlewellan
McCann, Peter, Maghersaul
McCartan, John, tailor, Burren
McCartan, James, Drumarood
McCartan, Michl., farmer and cattle dealer
McCartan, Patrick, & Sons, farmers and cattle dealers, Ballydrummond
McCauley, S., Burren
McClean, Edward, Burren
McClean, John, grocer
McClean, Patk., saddler
McClean, William, Burren
McClemond, Patk. (the reprs.), Aughlisnafin
McCombe, Samuel, Drumarood
McCracken, Robert, Ballywillwill
McCrackin, Alex., Ballylough
McCrickard, Patrick, Burren
McDowell, Jas., Ballywillwill, Castlewellan
McIlvernon, John, Ballywillwill
McKerrow, Francis, Drumaquoile
McKibbin Bros., cattle dealers, Maghersaul
McKnight, Jos., farmer, Maghera
McKnight, Wm., Carnacaville
McMullan, Wm., J.P., Moneycara
McMullan, James, Moneycara
McSherry, Mrs., farmer and cattle dealer, Ballylough

Nesbitt, Alex., Clarkhill
Newsom, John, Magheraw
Nixon, George, Ballywillwill

Owen, Patk., farmer and publican, Backarry

Pooler, Rev. Mr., Dean of Down, Seaforde
Priestly, Albert, Ballylough
Priestly, Albert, Clarkhill

Reid, Samuel, Drumaquoile

Savage, Hugh H., farmer, Drumarood
Savage, Patrick, farmer and publican, Backarry
Savage, James, J.P., Backaderry House
Cavage & Co., spirit merchants, etc. (Savage)
Smith, David, Ballylough
Smith, David, Aughlisnafin
Smith, Edwd., The Hill, Aughlisnafin
Stewart, Alex., Ballyward

Warnock, Henry, Drumnaquoile
Warnock, Matt., Drumaquoile
Ward, Edward, Dromee
Ward, John, Dromee


Mail cars run between Castlewellan and Newcastle


          Stands near the bank of the Blackwater, in the Townlands of Clogher Demesne and Clogher Tenements, District Electoral Division of Clogher, Parish, Union, and Barony of Clogher, and Parliamentary Division of South Tyrone, and is a Petty Sessional and Quarter Sessional District. It is an Episcopal City, though as a town it is of small proportions, its estimated area being 34 acres. A woollen factory has been started in the building formerly used as the workhouse, and which institution was abolished about two years ago. The owner of the mill is Mr. William Coote. A market is held on Saturday, and a fair on the first Saturday in every month, and on July 26.

Post Office, Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank - Miss M. J. Evans, postmistress; Mrs. Lee Maguire, assistant
Royal Ulster Constabulary - Sergeants Kirkland and Lawson
31st and 33rd Platoons, resident at Clogher Park - D.I. Thomas; Captain King (area commandant), Captain Boddington, Captain Osmond
Clogher Valley Tramway Station - John Boyd, station master
Dispensary Medical Officer - Thomas Buchanan
Schools - Parochial School, D. Irwin, master; Ballyscally N.S. - J. Duffy, master; Miss M. Smyth, assistant
Magistrates - Wm. Coote, M.P.; J. J. Hughes, W. J. Jones, Anketell Moutray, D.L.; George McElroy, C.E.; J. McLaren, James Stockdale, Hugh Treanor, Patrick Hackett, Captain Gosselin, R.M.; Joseph Abraham. Captain G. Evans. Petty Sessions are held on the second Tuesday of each month. J. Boyd Mills, clerk
Marriage Registry Office - P. Stockdale, registrar
Ulster Bank - Attendance on Tuesdays and Saturdays. A. Bradbury, manager; G. Sproule, cashier; H. Parker and Jack Johnston, clerks
Civil Bill Officer - William Williamson
Commissioner of Affidavits - A. P. Stockdale
Clogher Rifle Club - D. Irwin, president; P. Stockdale, secretary
Protestant Hall - John Gallagher, caretaker
Rural District Council and Board of Guardians - Chairman, H. de F. Montgomery, D.L.; J. McKeown, J. Faulkes, J. Hall. Deputy Vice-chairman (Guardians), David Wright, J.P. Clerk and returning officer, John F. McCrea; Protestant chaplain, Rev. A. N. Haire Foster, M.A.; Presbyterian chaplain, Rev. Wm. H. Bailey, M.A.; Roman Catholic chaplain, Rev. Jas. Smith; medical officer, Thomas Buchanan
Golf Club - Links, Clogher Park.  Secretary, Gordon Sproule
Clogher Infirmary - Miss McElroy, charge nurse; Miss Quigley, fever nurse; Miss Mills, infirmary nurse


The Cathedral - Rev. A. N. Haire Foster, M.A., Dean
Clogher Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. H. Bailie, M.A., minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. James Smyth, P.P.; Rev. Thomas McQuaid C.C.


Agnew Bros., dentists (fair days)
Armstrong, W., tweed warehouse

Bailey, Rev. W. H., M.A.
Bailey, John, blacksmith
Bailie, Patrick, R.D.C., Shan??
Barnett, John, R.D.C., Springfield
Barnett, John, farmer, Aughnaglough
Beatty, Wm., farmer, Tullybroom
Bloomfield, J., tailor
Brady, Miss, publican
Bryan, Wm., Lungs

Carrothers, J., grocer
Cassidy, T., boot maker
Clogher Valley Factoring Co. - W. J. Robinson, proprietor
Clogher Woollen Mills (proprietor, William Coote, M.P.)
Cole, Patrick, butcher
Coote, Robert, farmer, Aughnaglough
Corbo Creamery, Manager, Mr. McAllister
Corrigan, A., seamstress

Downey, George, grocer, &c.
Dunbar, Robert J., coach builder, undertaker, and farmer, Killyfaddy
Durneen, James, railway carter
Durneen, Mrs., refreshments

Evans, James, painter, builder and contractor

Ferrall, Patrick, baker
Forbes, M., publican

Gallagher, John, rural postman
Graham, Mrs., assistant teacher
Graham, Mrs., draper, &c.

Hackett, James, auctioneer
Hackett, Rose, publican
Hamill, Hugh, butter and egg merchant
Hamilton, Miss M., clerk Pension Committee
Herbert, J., dentist
Hughes & Co., drapers

Johnston Bros., grocers and hardware merchants
Johnston, James, farmer, Dromore

Keenan, Francis, auctioneer, Ballinaguraagh
Keys, Thomas, carpenter

Mayne, Frank, solicitor
Mills, Alexander, Carntall
Mills, Matilda, grocer
Mohan, Edward, blacksmith
Morrow, Jas., grocer and druggist
Moutray, Charles F., J.P., Summerhill
Murphy, John, butcher

McAleer, A., grocer, baker and publican
McCabe, P. J., carpenter
McCafferty, Patrick, butcher
McCaffrey, Wm., grocer and seed merchant
McClelland, Lily, lodging house keeper
McClung, R., sub-postmaster, Corbo sub office
McCoffery, Joseph, fowl dealer
McConnell, J., fowl dealer
McCoy, Henry, R.D.C., Corbo
McCrea, John F., clerk of union
McDowell, James, whitesmith
McDowell, Thomas, R.D.C., Kelnidden
McKenna, Eugene, motor owner and garage
McKenna, J. J., rural postman
McKenna, Patk., grocer and baker
McNamee, John, grocer

Oliver, Mrs.

Rafferty, Patrick, blacksmith
Ramsay, Francis, Mullaghtinney
Ranson, J., V.S., Ashfield Park
Reid, John J., farmer, Aughendromen
Richardson, Andrew, farmer, Fairnetra
Richardson, Andrew J., Fairnetra
Richey, William, farmer, Carnahinney
Robinson, W. J., & Co., Somerville House, Clogher

Scott, Walter, R.D.C., Waringbank
Shevlin, Thomas, farmer, Tullybrison
Short, James, publican
Smith, Joseph, LL.B., solicitor
Steen, Alex., grocer, druggist, newsagent, undertaker and ironmonger
Steen, Joseph, egg dealer
Stewart, Thomas, farmer, Waterhill
Stockdale, James, butter and egg merchant
Stockdale, P., auctioneer

Thompson, H., Corbo
Treanor, Hugh, J.P., R.D.C., Killaney
Trimble, Miss J., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Trimble, R., motor garage

Wilkinson, Anthony, Marine Store
Williamson, T., prop. Commercial Hotel
Wilson, James, sub-postmaster Aughentaine


Clough - A village in the townland of Cloughgaldanagh, parish of Dunaghy, and barony of Kilconway, County of Antrim, with a population of 109.  It is six miles north from Broughshane, seven from Ballymena, two and a half from Glarryford Station on the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway, and an equal distance from Clough Road Station on the Ballymena and Parkmore Railway.  On a remarkable long-shaped rocky crested eminence immediately north of the village and overtopping it is a massive rectangular gateway arch, the sole remnant of a strong castle that in ancient times was occupied by a branch of the McDonnell family. At a short distance to the south-west is the old churchyard of Dunaghy, which is of an unusually large size, and contains the roofless walls of the former Parish Church, and many old and interesting monuments of the Hamilton, Crawford, Boyd, Cupples, and Emerson families. There is also a beautiful Masonic Hall. A valuable plant for the scutching of flax and tow has recently been laid down beside the village.

Cloughmills - A village two miles north of Clough and ten from Ballymena, with 139 inhabitants.  It is a good business centre.  There is a cattle market on the third Wednesday of each month.  Killagan Station (Belfast and Northern Counties Railway) is 1 miles distant.  The mills from which the place takes its name are still employed in grinding corn and scutching flax, and have lately been renovated and made much more efficient. A linen factory - branch of Messrs. Douglas & Green - has been recently built. The poultry and agricultural societies have lately extended their premises, and now do an extensive trade, a feature of which is motor haulage.

Post Office - Hugh Kerr, postmaster. Mail arrives at 9-30 a.m. and is despatched at 3-20 p.m.
Fair days - February 8, May 27, August 5, November 8, December 10


Church of Ireland - Rector, T. R. Hughes, B.A. Service at 12-30 a.m.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Lennox, B.A.
Baptist Chapel - Rev. J. Hodgett
Plymouth Brethren


Orange Hall. Masonic Hall. Secretary, J. Crawford
Dispensary - Dr. McCay, registrar of births, marriages and deaths
Clough National School - Principal, John Crawford; assistant, Mrs. S. Crawford
The other National Schools in the district are - Carnbeg, Mr. Robert Hill and Miss Nicholl; Limavallaghan, J. J. Stewart and Miss Eaton


Alexander, Sarah
Bell, Alex., blacksmith
Davidson, R. J., scutcher
Finlay, William
Hume, Samuel, tailor
Johnston, Adam, scutcher and caretaker of dispensary
Kerr, Hugh, farmer and postmaster
Kerr, W. J., merchant and motor car owner
Mitchell, John
McClean, Allen
McCrea, Robert, merchant
McDonogh, Mrs.
Peacock, Samuel, scutcher and sexton of Presbyterian Church
Shaw, John, carpenter
Stewart, Samuel, merchant
Swan, Mrs. W.
Swan, Stewart
White, David, caretaker of graveyard
White, David, land steward
White, Wm., scutcher


Adams, David, Ballycregagh
Adams, David, Drumagrove
Adams, David, jun., Ballycraigagh
Adams, John, Ballyreagh
Adams, Joseph, Dunbought
Adams, W. J., Kinflea
Adams, W., Moneyduff
Aiken, James, Killyree
Alexander, George, Ballycregagh
Alexander, John, Ballycraigagh
Alexander, Joseph, Killygore
Alexander, Joseph, Ballycregagh
Alexander, Robt. Jas., Ballynamaddy
Alexander, Thomas H., Drumnagrove
Alexander, T., jun., Ballycregagh
Alexander, T., Ballycregagh

Barr, James, Ballyboggy
Bradshaw, Peter, Craigfadd
Brownlee, Francis, Limavalaghan
Brownlee, Wm., Cloughgaldanagh
Buchanan, Thomas, Ballycraigagh

Calwell, Andrew, Ballyreagh
Carson, Adam, Ballyboggy
Carson, J. A., Ballycregagh
Compton, A., Killyree
Chambers, Hugh, Tullybane
Crawford, Andrew, Rosebank Cottage
Crawford, Andrew, jun., Tullykittagh
Crawford, Henry, Carnmore
Crawford, James, Glenleslie
Crawford, John, Tullykittagh
Crawford, John, Tullybane, Omerbane
Crawford, Malcolm, Ballinamaddy
Crawford, Robert, Ballybogie
Crawford, Robert J., Ballycregagh
Crawford, Robert R., Craigfadlock
Crawford, Samuel, Ballybogie
Crawford, Thomas, Tullynewey
Crawford, William, Ballycregagh
Crawford, William, Glenleslie
Crawford, Wm., Rosedernate
Cupples, Henry David, Ballyreagh
Cupples, H., Limavallaghan
Cupples, James, Dunbought
Cupples, Thomas, Ballyreagh
Currie, Andrew, Glenleslie
Curry, Mrs., Tullykittagh
Curry, Samuel, Craigfadd
Curry, William, Craigfad

Dixon, James, Farnacussog
Dixon, John, Craigfaddock
Dixon, Robert, Glenleslie
Dixon, Robert, jun.
Douds, George, Artnacrea
Douds, John, Artuacrea
Douds, Robert, Artnacrea
Douds, Samuel, Artnacrea
Douds, Samuel J., Artnacrea
Dunseath, Robert J., Killygore

Eaton, S., Glenleslie
Ewart, H., Ballyreagh

Forsythe, John, Moneyduff
Frew, Andrew, Rosedernate
Frew, John, Moneyduff
Frew, Robert, Omerbane

Galbraith, James, Killyree
Galbraith, Robert J., Carnbeg
Galbraith, Samuel, Dunbought
Gaston, David, Rosedernate
Gaston, John, Ballynamaddy
Gaston, Samuel, Ballycregagh
Gordon, James, Limavallaghan
Gordon, John, Killygore
Gordon, Roger, Tullykittagh
Gordon, Roger, jun., Omerbane
Gordon, Thomas, Glenleslie
Graham, Wilson, Ballyreagh
Gregg, Adam, Glenleslie
Gregg, Jas. H., Cloughgaldanagh
Gregg, Robert, Ballyreagh
Gregg, Thomas, Dunbought
Gregg, William, Ballycraigagh
Gregg, Wilson, Ballycraigagh

Hanna, Jas., Ballycregagh
Harper, James, carpenter, Killyree
Harper, John, carpenter, Dunbought
Hayes, David, Dunbought
Herbison, Hugh, Tullynewey
Hood, John, mill owner, Tullybane
Hood, Robert John, Tullybane
Hughes, Wm., blacksmith, Drumagrove
Hume, H., posting establishment Clough

Johnston, David, Dundermott
Johnston, Robert, Ballyreagh
Johnston, Thomas, Dunbought

Kirk, John, Glenleslie
Kirk, William, Rosedernate
Knowles, John, Ballyreagh
Knowles, William, Eglish
Kyle, Eliza, Glenleslie
Kyle, William, Glenleslie

Linton, Andrew, Springmount
Linton, James, Dongary
Linton, R. J., Artnacrea
Linton, William, Rosedernate
Lowry, Albert, Ballybogie
Lowry, Andw., Glenleslie

Mark, David, Glenleslie
Mark, John, Glenleslie
Mark, Mrs. M., Glenleslie
Mark, Thomas, Killyree
Martin, Samuel, Glenleslie
Minn, Samuel, Dunbought
Millar, Jas., Kinflea
Mitchell, Thomas, Carnbeg
Mitchell, Thomas, Springmount
Montgomery, Alexander, Farnacushog
Montgomery, David, Drumagrove
Montgomery, John, Craigfad
Montgomery, W., Tullykittagh
Moore, Andrew, Tullykittagh
Moore, James, Tullykittagh
Moore, Stewart A., Tullykittagh
Moore, Stewart, Tullykittagh
Morrison, Hugh, blacksmith, Rosedernate
Mulvenna, J. H., Killyree
Murdock, Samuel, scutcher, Ballycraigagh
Murray, H., Killyree
Murray, R., Killyree

McAllister, Jas., Omerbane
McAllister, John, Omerbane
McBurney, Samuel, Craigfad
McBurney, S., Tullykittagh
McCay, Jack, Siberia
McCay, John, M.D., J.P., Larchfield
McCay, Mrs., Dunbought
McCleery, Andrew, Tullykittagh
McClelland, Thompson, Kinflea
McCreight, David, Drumagrove
McCreight, William J., Drumagrove
McFetridge, J. C., Killyree
McIlroy, Samuel J., Cloughgaldanagh
McIntyre, Robert John, Glenleslie
McIntyre, R., Glenleslie
McIntyre, R., jun., Glenleslie
McIntyre, W., Springmount
McKelvey, W. B., Springmount Cottage
McKendry, Robert, Dongary
McLaughlin, John, Rosedernate
McLaughlin, R., Ballycraigagh
McVicker, Wm., Craigfad
Nicholl, William, Drumagrove
O'Hara, J., Killyree
O'Rawe, Mary, Craigfad
Orr, James, carpenter, Tullynewey
Orr, Miss, Ballyreagh
Ross, Mrs., Springmount House
Roy, Thomas, Ballybogie
Stewart, James H., Tullybane
Stewart, John, Glenleslie
Stewart, John, mill owner, Tullybane
Stewart, Miss Martha, Cloughgaldanagh
Stewart, Misses, Rosedernate
Tafts, A., Killyree
Tafts, T. C., Killyree
Turtle, Francis, Omarbane
Wade, Alex., Ballybogie
Wade, Mrs., Moneyduff
Wade, R., Moneyduff
Walker, R., Dunbought
Welsh, Wm., Ballynamaddy
Wilson, Mrs., Rosedernate
Wylie, Andrew, Killyree


Post Office - Alexander Turner, postmaster


Presbyterian, Ballyweaney - Rev. C. H. Barbour, B.A.
Church of Ireland, Killagan Parish Church - Rev. T. R. Hughes, B.A.
Reformed Presbyterian - Rev. R. Cromie
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Darragh, P.P.

Belfast Bank - Manager, R. MacDonnell
Schools in the district - Frocess, Mr. T. H. Craig, principal; assistant, Miss McClure; Drumadoon, Mr. J. Black; assistant, Miss Talbot; Loughill, Miss Higgins; Miss Richmond, Tullybane, Mrs. Tombe, Miss Stewart; Omerbane, Miss O'Loan; Ballyweaney, Mr. J. Christie, principal; Miss Christie, assistant
Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks - Sergeant Moore, and ten constables
Cloughmills Farmers' Association - President, J. Crawford; secretary, William McClure
Petty Sessions, Courthouse at Cloughmills - Clerk of Petty Sessions, Mr. W. Mehaffey, Woodvale, Ballymena


Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick, R. F. Crawford, A. Robinson, G. C. Macartney, A. Fife John McCay, M.D.; James Wallace, M.D., James Sayers, A. Turner, R.D.C.
Cloughmills Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Ltd. - A. M. Buller, manager
Local Secretary to Committee for Relief of Distress occasioned by War - A. M. Buller
Secretary for War Pensions - Miss Dunlop, Mounthamilton


Blair, John, spirit merchant

Campbell, A., farmer

Doey, Patrick, butcher

Finlay, Andrew
Finlay, W. J., fruiterer

Gage, Margaret, fruiterer
Gage, W. & R., tailors
Gaston, James, farmer

Kerr, William, blacksmith
Kyle, James, farmer

Moore Bros., cycle and motor agents and builders

McAleese, J. S., hotel
McAuley, William, car owner
McDowell, Miss, Agent for "Belfast Weekly News"
McGuickan, A., farmer
McGuickan, Bernard, publican
McKeever, Gerald
McKeever, Miss, grocer and farmer
McVicker, Robert, cooper
O'Mullan, William, stone mason and contractor
Patton, R. J., publican
Richmond, A., butter and egg merchant
Scott, Alex., manager
Scott, Samuel
Shaw, R. J., posting establishment
Turner, Alex., R.D.C., draper and farmer
Turner, H. W., merchant


Adams, R., Lisnasoo
Adams, R. S., Loughhill
Alexander, J., Omerbane
Alexander, Samuel, carpenter, Moneyduff

Barr, Patrick, Moneyduff
Blair, James, Cornark
Blair, J., Drumadoon
Boyd, J. J., motor garage
Boyd, Mrs., Drumadoon Cottage
Boyd, Patrick, Drumaghlea
Boyd, W., Ballyhitherland

Carson, H., Drumadoon
Casey, D., Omerbane
Casey, J., Omerbane
Crawford, Alexander, Lislaaa Cottage
Crawford, Andrew B., Ballinagabog
Crawford, R. F., J.P.. Ashfield
Crawford, Samuel, Springvale

Davidson, James, Rosedernate
Dickson, Joseph, Ballyhutlerland
Dinsmore, W. D., mill owner, Culcrum
Dunlop, William, Mounthamilton

Eaton, James, Frocess

Finlay, A., Frocess
Finlay, Mrs. A., Frocess
Forsythe, James, Rosedernate
Forsythe, Robert, Rosedernate (posting)
Frew, John, Moneyduff

Gage, R., Loughill
Gage, R., jun., Mount Hamilton
Gaston, D., Rosedernate
Gaston, James, Frocess
Gaston, S., Frocess
Giffin, S., Loughill
Gregg, A., Lisnasoo
Gregg, James, Frocess
Gregg, John, Lisnasoo
Gregg, Wilson, Rosedernate

Henry, Mrs. D., Carnbuck
Henry, Peter, Carnbuck
Huey, John, Lislabin

Kenny, A., Ballylutherland
Kyle, D., Omerbane
Kyle, Isaac, Drumaglea

Linton, D., Frocess
Linton, J., merchant,  Frocess
Luke J., Drumaglea

McClure, E., Mounthamilton
McClure, J., Drumaglea
McClure, Wm., Mounthamilton
McCullough, A., Drumadoon
McCullough, James, Moneyduff

Orr, James, Drumbare
Orr, J., Frocess

Patton, A., Frocess
Patton, Robert, Frocess

Sayers, James, J.P., Ballylig
Sayers, Mrs., Ballylig
Shaw, Thomas, Tullybane
Sloan, R., Lisnasoo
Sloan, W., cycle builder, Ballymoney Road
Stewart, S., Frocess

Taylor, F., Tullybane
Taylor, Miss, Tullybane
Templeton, J., Drumaglea

Wade, Nathaniel, Drumbare