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Methodist College Register
1868 to 1920
the register goes up to 1984 but I am only transcribing based on the 100 year rule
so pupils born up to the 31st December 1921 are included
in 2022 I will add pupils born in 1922 and so on - Mary

1868 to 1878      1878 to 1886        1886 to 1893         1894 to 1902         1902 to 1910 

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1931 to 1934             1934 to 1939

1924-25 Boy Entrants  -  1924-25 Girl Entrants  -  1925-26 Boy Entrants  -  1925-26 Girl Entrants
1926-27 Boy Entrants  -  1926-27 Girl Entrants  -  1927-28 Boy Entrants  -  1927-28 Girl Entrants

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970


1924-25 Boy Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Allen, William 27/09/1910 William Rathcool Street PL SG 1stXV XI SA Director (Kel-Mac Ltd. Hitchin)  BSc(QUB)1932  Athletics (Northern Ireland_  Rugby (CRFC(104)1929-38)  *Stevenage Herts
Allingham, Robert Wm. 06/06/1913 William Balmoral Avenue   Manager (Broomhedge Service Station)  *Maze Co. Down
Bennett, Wm. Noel 25/12/1914 Rev. E. Clonakilty    
Black, Angus Stewart 07/11/1915 Angus Wellesley Avenue    
Boyd, A. H. Johnston 17/05/1899   Dinkineely ThSt Methodist ministry 1926-68 died 1968 at Enniskillen
Brown, Gordon 09/08/1918 Melville Landseer Street    
Burton, Robert Davey 13/02/1917 John N. Cromwell Road    
Butler, Henry Allen 11/07/1912 Henry P. Malone Avenue   Indian Army (1932-50)  RAF and Civil Service  1939-War Silverton Devon
Campbell, Thomas 21/10/1910 John N. Lisburn PL  
Chambers, Richard M. 18/02/1911 Richard Tullynaskeagh QM 1stXV 1stXI JA Massey-Ferguson (Educational Dept.)  BSc(QUB)1931  BAgr.  *Leamington Spa
Cooke, Charles Claud P. 22/06/1915 James Gorey   Pharmaceutical Chemist  Gorey Co. Wexford
Cooke, Norman James C. 19/03/1913 James Deramore Park Mxv Agent (Packaging)  1939-War (RAF)  Cliftonville Road Belfast
Corken, Thomas Sinclair 15/09/1910 Philip Magdala Street 1stXV 1stXI SA Agent  Rugby (CRFC(132)1929038 & Ireland)  *Kensington Road Belfast
Craig, William R. 10/04/1910 William Cregagh Road    
Cree, Cecil Stewart 26/10/1910 Wm. A. Cliftonville Road PL JGEx KS Teacher  BSc(QUB)1933  1939-War (RAF)  *Ballycoan Co. Down
Creevy, George 18/08/1910 George Sintonville PL SA  
Deane, C. Douglas 14/10/1913 Arthur Newtownbreda   Deputy Director  Ulster Museum Belfast  OBE  FIS  HonMA(QUB)1974  1939-War (RAF)  *Newtownbreda Road Belfast
Dickie, James Rodgers 11/04/1918 Rev. Wm. Saintfield JG Civil Service (NI) (Agriculture)  *Carsonstown Road Saintfield
Dickie, Wm. Robert 07/02/1917 Rev. Wm. Saintfield SG Physician  MB(QUB)1940  1939-War (Free China)  *Malone View Belfast
Dickinson, Bruce R. 03/10/1911 Edward B. Richmond Park   Merchant Navy (Union Castle Line later Suez Canal Co pilot and involved in the 'Suez' crisis 1956)  MBE  *Harbour Master Larne
Dickson, Ronald R. 17/06/1917 Samuel Eglantine Avenue PL SGEx Physician  MB(QUB)1941  FRCS  1939-War (RAF)  died 1962 at Hillsborough
Farquharson, Wm. W. 07/04/1910 Archibald Portrush SA Catering business
Ferris, James Henry B. 21/10/1915 Matthew Malone Road   Royal Air Force career  1939-War  BEM  died 1972 at Durban Natal
Flack, Edmund Wilson 22/09/1907 Edmund W. Newry   Belfast Bank official  died 1978 at Innisfayle Park Belfast
Forgrave, Edward R. 21/12/1911 David Alexandra Park   Elocution teacher  FTCL  ALAM  BBC broadcasts  died 1962
Frew, Cecil A. G. 01/01/1910 Harold Great Victoria Street Mxv Sw Restaurant proprietor  CRFC(43)1932-35  Boxing (Ulster Light-Heavy weight champion 1931)  Dublin
Geelan, Herbert Coote 15/12/1910 John N. Cregagh Road PL SG Advertising (ICI Ltd.)  1939-War (E. Surreys) London
Gilmore, Thomas C. McC. 05/10/1912 Thomas Granard    
Graham, George Lynward 08/03/1918 George Eglantine Avenue PL QM JG Ulster Bank (Manager Ballynahinch)  *Church Road Ballynahinch Co. Down
Graham, Wm. Moore   Alex Londonderry ThSt Methodist ministry since 1926  *Belfast
Grimshaw, Henry 24/05/1911 Henry P. Adelaide Avenue   Assistant Manager (Woolworths Warrington)  1939-War (RAF - killed oas 1943)
Hall, Derek Godfrey 10/09/1917 Stewart Fountainville Avenue    
Hamilton, James Wm. 29/07/1909 James Clonlee Drive   Mechanical engineer  BSc(QUB)1932
Hanna, Robert 15/10/1910 William Tate's Avenue PL JG QM Civil Service (NI) (Taxation) Craigavad Co. Down
Hanna, Thomas W. 27/11/1911 Thomas Carrickmacross SA Physician  MB(TCD)1937  BDS  *Portstewart Road Coleraine
Hanna, Wm. John 08/06/1910 Samuel Chadwick Street SG 1stXI Scientist (C. A. Parsons & Co. Ltd. Newcastle-upon-Tyne)  BSc(QUB)1933
Harper, John 09/07/1913 Theo Camden Street PL SG Physician  MB(QUB)1937  DTMH  1939-War (RAMC)  died 1964
Hart, John 00/00/1902 John N. Gilford ThSt Methodist ministry since 1923  GovMCB  *Stirling Avenue Belfast
Harvey, Morton 26/05/1915 Charles Marlborough Park    
Herivel, John Wm. J. 29/08/1918 John J. Malone Avenue PL SGEx 1stXV SA University Professor (st QUB)  BA(Cantab)1939  MA  1939-War (SpDep)
Holahan, Fred Wm. 20/03/1908 Fred Lisnaskea   Farmer Lisnaskea Co. Fermanagh
Holt, Albert W. G. 05/06/1911 Garnet W. Newry JG 1stXV Consulting engineer  AMIEE  MIF  1939-War (RE)  *London
Holt, Cecil Robert 15/11/1912 Garnet W. Newry 1stXV SA Inspector (Canadian Standards)  1939-War (RAF)  *Toronto Canada
Holt, Garnet Moore 15/03/1908 Garnet W. Newry   Mang. Director (G. W. Holt & Co. Ltd. auctioneers Newry)  *Newry
Johnston, Arthur W. 09/07/1910 Rev. A. I. Cookstown PL SGEx died 1930
Johnston, James Howard 26/09/1918 Richard Sandhurst Drive PL Business career  1939-War (RCS)  died 1979 at Whitehead
Kerr, John Lawrence P. 04/10/1910 Andrew M. Greenisland   Business career  *Glassillan Grove Greenisland
Lewis, John Abbott 13/07/1909 Abbott Wellesley Avenue 1stXV SA Representative  High Sheriff of Belfast 1965  Rugby (CRFC(123)1930-38 and Ulster)  1939-War (RA)  *Larch Hill Craigavad
Lloyd, Francis T. C. 05/03/1920 Wm. H. Hughenden Avenue SG Mxv Mechanical engineer  BSc(QUB)1940  *Ravenhill Park Belfast
Lynn, Robert George 28/06/1910 R. J. Portadown    
Lyon, James Noel 11/12/1912 James Fitzwilliam Street PL SG Joint Chief Accountant (Utd. Northern Banks Ltd.)  *Fitzwilliam Street Belfast
Lyttle, Cecil 20/02/1910 Clements Cyprus Avenue   Assistant Manager (Kodak Australia Ltd.)  Sydney NSW Australia
Lyttle, Victor J. 17/07/1912 Clements Cyprus Avenue 1stXV 1stXI SA Photographer (Kodak Ltd. Birmingham)  Rugby (CRFC(72)1929-33 Bedford Barbarians & Ireland)  1939-War (RAF)  *Birmingham
McAfee, Samuel 16/12/1909 Samuel Cheviot Avenue    
McCallum, Joseph 02/11/1910 Charles Thistle Street    
McClelland, Kenneth 30/09/1918 John A. Lisburn Road   Director (J. A. McClelland & Co. Ltd. jewellers) POBA  died 1978
McCord, James Dowling 06/06/1910 George North Parade PL SG Art teacher (MCB)  HMInspector  *Sandown Road Belfast ARCA
McDowell, John Taylor 12/06/1915 William Seaforde PL Mxv Chemist  1939-War (RAF)  Loughisland Co. Down
McDowell, Samuel G. 16/10/1913 William Seaforde Mxv Agricultural merchant  *Tullybrannigan Road Newcastle Co. Down
McDowell, Wm. McCourtney 04/08/1911 William Seaforde   Farmer  Seaforde Co. Down
McElderry, Robert Knox 20/03/1916 Prof. R. K. Sans Souci   Physician  MB(QUB)1939  *Shore Road Newtownabbey Co. Antrim
McElwaine, James G. 22/10/1908 Henry P. Bailieborough 1stXV QM Engineer  BSc(QUB)1931  CRFC(31)1927-30  *Harberton Avenue Belfast
McGladdery, John L. 19/04/1915 John Adelaide Park   Business (S. McGladdery & Sons brickworks Whiteabbey)  died 1979
McIlhagger, John G. 24/01/1912 John Shore Road PL SGEx QS  
McLernon, John Irving 10/10/1908 Francis Magherafelt   Business career  Toomebridge  died 1981 at Magherafelt
McMullen, David Harold 27/04/1918 Harold Colenso Parade PL JG Dentist  LDS(QUB)  1939-War (RAF)  *Donaghadee Road Bangor
Martin, Anthony (Tony) 20/11/1912 James Muckamore   1939-War (RAF - killed oas)
Mason, Robert Todd 07/08/1909 Robert Portadown   Retail business  Ridgway Park South Portadown  died 1982
Mathers, Robert Ulric 11/09/1908 James Magheralin QM Pharmaceutical chemist Belfast  *New Forge Magheralin Co. Down
Maunsell, Frederick 12/06/1910 John Holywood   Teacher  BA(QUB)1933  *Orpen Road Belfast
Mawhinney, Stanley A. F. 20/12/1910 F. A. Malone Avenue    
May, Langton E. H. 24/06/1913 Mrs. Cranmore Avenue   Church of Ireland clergy  BA(TCD)1935  Athlone Co. Westmeath
Mayes, Wm. Hudson 11/06/1917 Thomas Malone Avenue PL Accountant  FCA  Templepatrick Co. Antrim
Mercer, Henry A. 22/11/1910 James Greenisland JG Business career  *Upper Station Road Whiteabbey
Mills, Walter Cooke 19/07/1910 James St. Jude's Avenue   Insurance secretary  *Ravenhill Road Belfast
Minnis, F. H. Campbell M. 13/09/1912 Francis Saintfield PL SG Scientific Officer  BSc(QUB)1933  DSc  1939-War (RAF)  London
Mol, William Huyzer 20/01/1912 William Belmont Avenue PL SGEx TS SA Headmaster Ballymena Academy 1945-77  BA(TCD)1933  MA  OBE  *Ballymena
Montgomery, George R. 31/05/1910 John Osborne Park   Royal Air Force career
Moore, J. Norman P. 15/01/1911 Rev. J. W. Portarlington JG TM Physician  MB(TCD)1935  MD  DPM  1939-War (RAMC)  Dublin
Munn, Denis 03/10/1909 Charles Lisburn Road   Family business (Hardware merchant)  (Lisburn Road Belfast
Patterson, John W. 21/10/1910 William North Parade PL SG 1stXI Motor engineer  motor racing driver  Adelaide South Australia
Robinson, Robert Ivan 09/09/1911 Robert Surrey PL QM Coy. Director  died 1972 at Finaghy Belfast
Russell, Leslie W. 31/05/1909 William Strabane   Retail business (Drapery)  *Belvedere Park Omagh Co. Tyrone
Russell, William   William Strabane    
Ryan, Robert Reginald 05/12/1918 C. F. Dublin Road    
Shaw, Denis John R. 31/07/1917 Dr. James Sans Souci SG Physician  MB(QUB)1941  1939-War (RAMC)  London
Siggins, Jack A. E. 28/06/1909 G. McK. Ailesbury Road JG 1stXV 1stXI Group Branch Manager (Guardian Assurance Gp.)  1939-War (RInnisFus)  Rugby (Collegians(146)1928-37 and Ireland Pres. (IRFU)  Manager of British Lions in South Africa 1955)  *Malone Hill Park Belfast
Sloan, Robert Wm. 06/04/1920 R. W. Malone Avenue PL SG Mxv Royal Air Force career (Education)  1939-War (RAF)
Smith, Donald H. T. 18/07/1919 Robert F. University Street    
Stafford, H. Wilfred 22/01/1902 Fred Deramore Park ThSt Methodist ministry since 1927 (India 1927-50)  BCom BA(QUB)  *Bangor
Stanage, Robert 20/11/1909 Robert Melrose Street   Army career  1939-War (RASC)  Sec. NI Fever Hospital  died 1968 Belfast
Steen, George A. K. 16/09/1906 George B. Carrickmacross   Business career  Hornchurch Essex
Thomas, Richard Alex. 04/11/1918 R. D. Stranmillis G. PL SG Ulster Bank clerk  1939-War (RN - killed oas)
Thompson, E. H. (Tony) 19/05/1918 Robert S. Derryvolgie PL SG SA Business career  1939-War (RA)  *Old Coach Road Belfast
Thompson, Hugh Leslie 07/06/1910 Andrew North Road PL JG Accountant  ACA  died 1964 at Stormont Park Belfast
Tughan, Nathaniel C. 12/05/1911 John Kincora Avenue    
Watson, Arthur   Arthur Chadwick Street    
Watson, Ian Paix 24/06/1919 James Dublin Road   1939-War (RAF)
Watson, Lyndert Lowry 11/11/1916 James Dublin Road JG  
White, Robert David G. 14/11/1913 James A. Finaghy Park South PL SG Mxv SA Royal Air Force career  1939-War (RAF)  Chagford Devon
Yates, James Garrett 22/10/1915 James Newtownards Road Upper PL JGEx Engineering Lecturer (Cambridge 1945-57)  BA(TCD)1938  FTCC  died 1957

1924-25 Girl Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Allingham, Gladys M. 19/07/1909 William Balmoral Avenue   Chiropodist  MChs  Stranmillis Road Belfast  died 1980
Armstrong, Mary Hazel 04/09/1910 John G. Ainsworth Avenue PL SGEx (Cecil A. Hackett Birmingham 1942)  Civil Service (NI)
Bentley, Rosalind          
Betts, Janice Alice 16/05/1914 Charles Cromwell Road    
Black, Mary Trimble 30/07/1916 Samuel Saunders Street    
Boyd, Jeanie Louise 07/10/1910 Theo Kirkliston Drive PL JG  
Brown, Beth Ibbotson 15/09/1909 Charles Ferguson Drive   Guest House proprietor  Clonlee Drive Belfast
Browne, Mabel Patricia 08/09/1910 Fred R. Enniskillen   (Cecil Taylor)  Social worker  Enniskillen
Cairns, Clara Margt. 28/02/1911 Rev. W. T. Fivemiletown PL (1-Walter Prew) (2-Ronald Owen)  Musician ATCL  Braddon Isle of Man
Calvert, Dorothy P. 20/06/1907 Wm. J. Portadown SG LM (Norman Williams)  Melbury Road London
Carser, Rhoda 27/02/1911 Hugh Ravenhill Avenue   died 1973 at Strathmore Park South Belfast
Cooper, Noreen Annie 08/12/1909 James Enniskillen 1stXI Solicitor to Fermanagh Co. Council  LLB(QUB)1933  1939-War (ATS)  *Enniskillen  Chairman Ulster Womens' Unionist Council 1975
Coulter, Alice Kathleen 03/12/1908 Hugh T. Inverary Drive JG (Wm. Shaw  Castlehill Road 1939)  *Sheridan Dr.  Helen's Bay Co. Down
Coulter, Charlotte E. 17/03/1909 Joseph North Parade    
Cullen, Gladys Honoria 11/07/1911 John Isle of Man PL 1stXI Isle of Man
Cunningham, Bertha L. 29/04/1909 Wm. J. King's Road   Retail business (Newsagent) Newtownards Road Belfast  died 1972
Cunningham, Gertrude M. 12/08/1910 Wm. J. King's Road   Rosepark Dundonald
Dawson, Isabel 03/03/1911 W. J. Meadowbank Place    
Dickinson, Audrey 25/03/1914 Edward B. Richmond Park JG (1-Joseph D. Davis 1937) (2-R. M. Ferguson 1967)  Lewes Sussex
Dickinson, Muriel O. 15/09/1909 Edward B. Richmond Park JG (W. Morris May  MP  1934)  Director (Bedford Properties)  *Crawfordsburn
Donaghy, Margery Claire 22/08/1905 Rev. J. L. Larne   Teacher  NFU  Cushendall Co. Antrim
Douglas, Charlotte E. 25/05/1908 Robert J. Larne   (Alfred F. Dennison Belfast 1937)  Harberton Drive Belfast
English, Natalie Makin 01/02/1916 (Proudfoot) Richmond Park    
English, Norah Annie 27/03/1909 (Proudfoot) Richmond Park    
Fleming, Annie L. McA. 21/11/1910 Malcolm Ligoniel Road   (Victor Castles)  *Thorburn Road Newtownabbey
Forbes, Gretta S. M. 06/05/1913 Fred W. Magherafelt   (S. E. Wilford)  Sydney  NSW  Australia
Gilliland, Margaret B. 18/04/1906 Rev. R. M. Ballymena    
Gordon, Maeve Eileen 30/03/1918 Wm. R. Sicily Park PL GA (Leslie Clements  Worthing Sussex 1945)
Gordon, Vera Jane 19/05/1911 John Annalong    
Green, Kathleen W. 09/05/1914 Rev. R. Finaghy PL JG 1stXI (Charles J. Wright  Dundonald 1943)  Dublin
Greenaway, Lucy 20/07/1913 W. J. Clara Park PL JG (James Cathcart  Jordanstown 1937)  *Merville Garden Village
Hadden, Elvira Kathlin 25/04/1911 Herbert Antrim Road   (Herbert A. Porter  Belfast 1932)  *Strathmore Park South Belfast
Hagan, Annie Mary 24/01/1912 James Monkstown   (Andrew B. Robertson(  Musician  ALCM  ATCL  Denny Stirlingshire
Hagan, Margaret Eliz. 31/05/1910 William Ravenhill Avenue JG  
Harris, Edna Winifred 08/07/1910 Rev. Alex. Dublin Road 1stXI Musician  LRAM
Heddles, Maureen A. C. 12/01/1913 Capt. T. M. Salisbury Avenue   *Claremont Street Belfast
Henry, Anna Dorothy 01/10/1905 Charles Magherafelt    
Henry, Effie Muriel 30/05/1908 James Banbridge   Kindergarten teacher  NFU
Irwin, Kathleen Mabel 26/02/1909 Joseph Eglantine Avenue PL SG 1stXI (J. S. Fraser  ARIBA  1939)  Teacher (MCB)  BA(QUB)1931  *Dunfermline
Jackson, Elizabeth M. 04/10/1910 Matthew Ravenhill Road SG Teacher  BSc(QUB)1931
Jagoe, Muriel Martha 01/10/1910 Richard Cork SG Headmistress Diocesan School Dublin  BSc  Blackrock
Johnston, Margaret E. C. 08/04/1911 Rev. F. Fivemiletown PL  
Johnston, Muriel Gladys 27/02/1908 James Brookeborough PL RSAC Dunmanway Co. Cork
Johnston, Sadie Blanche 18/01/1912 George Marlborough Park    
Kerr, Meta Katherine 06/08/1911 Wm. G. Beragh    
Kerr, Muriel Roberta 06/04/1912 Robert Portaferry PL (J. Sydney McCann MB 1945)  Teacher (Dom. Sc.)  *Deramore Park Belfast
Kyle, Aileen 1 9 2 4 X X    
Lilley, Mary Stewart 06/04/1911 John Forth River Gardens PL JG QM Imperial Civil Service  Fleetwood Lancashire
Ling, Avery Annie 30/06/1910 Edward Hartington Street PL SG  
Logan, Sarah Hallene 31/10/1907 William Banbridge    
Macartney, Laura S. 28/02/1911 Thomas Rossmore Avenue PL SG Civil Service (NI) (Child Care)  *Ravenhill Road Belfast
McBurney, Helen Norah 26/02/1909 Robert Comber SG QM RSAC Secretarial  *Ballyhenry Road Comber Co. Down
McClintock, Annie Eliz. 27/01/1909 William Fivemiletown JG (Wm. D. Calderwood  Dungannon 1938)  GPO  *Walsall Road Birmingham
McClintock, Ethel R. 14/04/1910 William Fivemiletown PL SG QM Teacher  (Sullivan Upper)  BA(QUB)1932
McCluggage, Elizabeth 09/04/1906 John Larne   (J. T. Moore)  Kindergarten teacher  NFU  *Carnduff Road Larne
McCormack, Dorothy L. 15/02/1911 Samuel Lawrence Street   (1-Rev. W. Farrell) (2-W. M. Moyes 1955)  Leeds Yorkshire
McDaniell, Florence 09/07/1909 William Coalisland   (J. Alexander)  Dungannon Co. Tyrone
McLoughlin, M. M. Molly 24/06/1908 Thomas Stockman's Lane    
Magowan, Margaret 02/08/1911 Wm. H. Glenanne   died 1925
Martin, Mary Bryson 14/03/1912 James Stranmillis Road   NAAFI Manageress  Lyneham Wilts.
Martin, Rhena Margaret 01/11/1910 Rev. Wm. R. Lisburn 1stXI  
May, Muriel Hazlett 29/09/1909 William Adelaide Avenue   (1-L. J. Pounsberry 1944) (2-B. Ayerton)  *Marlborough Park South Belfast
Minnis, Enid Eliz. M. 05/11/1914 Frank Saintfield PL SG Teacher and welfare worker  NFF  *Comber Road Saintfield
Mitchell, Barbara 15/05/1915 William Mount Charles PL SG (Wm. C. Lee) author (children's stories)  *Thornhill Drive Belfast
Mitchell, Elizabeth 23/01/1913 William Mount Charles JG (Bruce Barr) Hospitals Authority Staff  *Thornhill Park Belfast
Neely, Annie Gladys 09/09/1910 Robert Brookeborough JG  
Newell, Agnes Muriel 10/08/1910 James Cregagh Road PL JG Statistician (Guinness)  Dublin then London
Patterson, Helen Pat 10/08/1917 W. N. Stranmillis Road PL JG (John M. Graham  Muckamore 1944)  *Sarajac Crescent Belfast
Patterson, Hilda A. 29/06/1910 James A. Ballynahinch   died 1968 at Ballynahinch Co. Down
Pink, Jane Fletcher 24/10/1910 Samuel Bessbrook JG (John Stewart  Hemel Hempstead 1941)  Poole Dorset
Pullan, Gwendoline E. 30/11/1910 Herbert The Mount    
Rea, Anna Nixon 24/02/1912 Samuel Antrim Road   Imp. Civil Service  Liverpool then London  Whitehead Co. Antrim
Rea, Eileen Florence 07/01/1909 John Melrose Street SG (James Henry  Clones 1937)  Glasgow
Rea, Eliz. Mitchell 26/04/1910 Alex Killyleagh   (Samuel J. McCoubrey)  Killyleagh Co. Down
Rice, Dorothy          
Robertson, Margaret A. 23/03/1910 Alex Newcastle    
Robinson, Lillie A. 28/04/1907 Robert Lisbellaw RSAC (Burleigh M. Green  Colchester 1936)  Civil Service Bangor
Rogan, Annie Kathleen 26/07/1909 Henry Ormeau Road    
Rutherford, Maureen 10/06/1909 William Rugby Road PL SG (W. Hunter Newcastle)  Newcastle Co. Down
Savage, Nan M. 26/02/1911 Charles Cromwell Road PL SG Teacher  (DP-Belfast Royal Academy)  BSc(QUB)1933 MBE  POGA  *Belfast
Scott, Eleanor Mary 25/07/1907 Samuel Thorndale Avenue SG (Thomas C. C. Adam  MSc 1931)  BSc(QUB)1930  *Castlerock
Scott, Margaret E. C. 22/04/1909 Samuel Thorndale Avenue PL SG (H. Campbell Allison 1935)  BSc(QUB)1931  MSc  *Cardigan Drive Belfast
Seed, Lena Mary 01/05/1908 Samuel Downpatrick    
Shiels, Eliz. Jane S. 25/12/1907 Wm. G. Maghera QM Teacher  BSc(QUB)1930
Simpson, Susan A. L. 23/08/1907 J. Lurgan    
Sloan, Agnes Margaret 29/03/1918 David G. Claremont Street PL SG (Douglas H. Emslie  Elgin 1942)  Teacher (DomSc)  Elgin Morayshire
Smyth, Wilhelmina 24/06/1907 James B. Laurencetown 1stXI (N. T. Dickson) Kindergarten teacher  NFU  Banbridge Co. Down
Steele, Kathleen M. 22/02/1911 James Bloomfield QM (S. J. Courtney 1941)  Headmistress Ashfield  GSS  BA(QUB)1934  *Belfast
Stewart, Frances Isabel 02/12/1907 (Kelso) Dublin    
Stewart, Margaret I. P. 17/03/1918 Edward University Street    
Tipping, Joan Catherine 02/09/1911 Thomas Cliftonpark Avenue PL SG Civil Service (Health & Soc. Serv.)  MBE  *Sans Souci Belfast
Walker, Henrietta E. E. 10/10/1912 Mrs. A. Belmont Avenue    
Warren, Lorna Jane 28/03/1909 John H. Tullamore   (Rev. Robert A. Nelson)  *Dundrum Dublin
Watson, Sheila Stuart 29/06/1913 Dr. Robt. Bloomfield Avenue PL JG QM (Hugh Baird  MPS 1937)  Chemist  MPSNI  died 1980 at Belfast
Watson, Stella 07/06/1911 James Dublin Road    
Watters, Eirene 03/07/1913 John T. W. Ava Avenue   Social worker  *Lemsford Road St. Alban Herts
White, Mona          
Wiener, Zena Gertrude 18/12/1907 Abraham Leadbetter Street PL JG KS Teacher
Williamson, Sarah F. 27/08/1909 W. P. Portadown   (C. E. M. Gilpin  Bangor 1937)  Director  *Bangor Co. Down
Wilson, Irene I. C. 20/03/1911 Robert K. Ormiston Park   (Walter S. Frost  Bloomfield 1935)  Ormiston Park Belfast
Woodhouse, Maud Eliz. 03/07/1909 Thomas Belturbet   Nursing  died 1935

1925-26 Boy Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Aldritt, Harold A. 07/10/1911 William Crossgar    
Anderson, Arthur J. 29/10/1911 George Keady JG 1stXV SA died 1936 in Switzerland
Austin, Finlay Kerr 11/11/1918 John C. Eglantine Avenue PL 1939-War (RCS - killed oas 1944)
Barbour, Henry Monteith 04/08/1912 Samuel King's Road PL SG Dentist  LDS(QUB)1935  BDS  1939-War (ADC)  Plymouth
Beatty, James Rowland 16/02/1910 Edgar Annahilt JG QM Teacher  BA(QUB)1933
Beckett, Oswald J. P. 23/08/1920 James Stranmillis Road PL JG QM Textile executive  1939-War (RInnisFus)  Newtownabbey  died 1973
Best, Laurence Victor 09/06/1917 Ernest L. Bawnmore Road PL JG Business career  *Portrush Road Portstewart
Booth, John Robert A. 12/11/1908 Dr. John Cork QM Methodist Publishing Ho. then Civil Service  1939-War (RN)  BA(QUB)1930  Belfast
Bothwell, R. A. Wilfred 31/07/1912 Robert Malone Avenue JG QM Mxv JA Insurance agent  1939-War (RAF)  *Windsor Park Belfast
Boyd, William Ennis 01/11/1912 W. C. E. Colenso Parade    
Boyle, Richard Thomas 21/11/1913 Fred Waterford    
Bradshaw, Keith B. 24/04/1911 David Royal Avenue   Goatstown Road Dublin
Browne, George R. 13/05/1918 G. H. Deramore Park South   Managing Director  (MTE Control Gear)  1939-War (Army)  *Leigh-on-Sea
Burrows, Frederick G. O. 25/10/1918 Thomas Ulstervle Gardens    
Burrows, Thomas E. 01/12/1916 Thomas Ulstervle Gardens SG KS Teacher (Holywood PS)  *The Crescent Holywood Co. Down
Callaghan, Arthur Saml. 03/09/1913 Joseph Donaghadee PL SG Industrial chemist  (ICI)   BSc(QUB)1935  Marple Cheshire
Cassidy, Frederick 10/03/1912 William Bawnmore Road   Advertising  (NITB)  1939-War (LIR)  *Knightsbridge Park Belfast
Cassidy, William 10/03/1912 William Bawnmore Road    
Castles, Wilfred 28/05/1912 David Chichester Park JG QM Physician  MB(QUB)1942  MRCVS  *Cairncastle Road Upper Larne
Coulter, Percival T. 16/09/1910 John Ballynahinch PL JG General merchant  Ballynahinch  killed in motor accident 1968
Davis, Desmond Ernest 07/11/1918 Ernest McClure Street    
Dennison, Wm. Mervyn 13/07/1914 Rev. W. T. Lisbellaw PL SG Judge High Court Zambia  BA(QUB)1935  LLB  QC  CBE  MC  1939-War (Parachute regt.)  QUB Senate  GovMCB  POBA  *Saintfield
Doyle, Frederick 27/11/1911 James Sandymount Street PL SG 1stXV SA Civil Service  St. Jude's Avenue Belfast
Dunn, John Harold M. 26/10/1911 James H. Bloomfield    
Eakin, Wm. Charles H. 11/08/1912 George Luxor Gardens PL SG QM LM 1stXV Director of Education Belfast  BSc(QUB)1934  MSc  1939-War (RAF)  *Glenmillen Park Belfast
Eames, John Henry 21/02/1910 John H. Cregagh Road    
Edgar, James Norman 05/09/1911 James Whitehouse Park    
Edwards, Samuel Noble 18/10/1908 Robert J. Londonderry   Motor engineer (Mangr. G. Nixon & Sons)  1939-War (NIH)  died 1967
Elliott, Ernest Laird 22/06/1913 George Ravenhill Park PL JG QM Mxv Bank of Nova Scotia (Branch Manager Toronto)  Bracegirdle Ontario
Farley, George Walter 00/00/1903 Robert J. Clones ThSt Methodist ministry since 1924  *Palmerston Road Belfast
Farrell, William 02/07/1901 William Curragh ThSt Methodist ministry 1924-46  died 1946 at Glastry Co. Down
Ferguson, Henry 18/08/1921 George A. Donegall Avenue    
Ferguson, John Clements 08/10/1915 W. James Cranmore Gardens PL JG Dr 1stIV Presbyterian ministry (Carnmoney)  BA(QUB)1940  BD  died 1982
Fleming, Malcolm 24/01/1912 Malcolm Ligoniel Road PL SG Registrar Fermanagh Co. Council  *Derrychara Park Enniskillen
Gabbey, Robert Alex. 22/06/1911 Andrew Wayland Street   Secretary  died 1969 at Wingrove Gardens Belfast
Gallagher, R. D. Eric 24/08/1913 Rev. R. H. Cyprus Avenue PL SG Methodist ministry since 1938 (President 1967  Secretary 1958-67)  BA(TCD)1936  BD MA DD OBE GovMCB  POBA  *Sunset Park Portstewart
Geddes, George S. H. 26/02/1911 J. H. Newcastle JG Ulster Bank official  Killieshandra Co. Cavan
Gilmore, John Wm. 28/08/1913 Thomas Camden Street    
Gilmore, Wm. Victor 30/01/1914 Thomas C. Granard    
Graham, Albert C. McI. 07/02/1911 William Stranmillis Road   Intelligence officer (MI6)  1939-War (RCS)  Cheltenham Gloucs
Green, Hugh Thomas 11/06/1912 Albert Rosetta Avenue   Merchant Navy (Senior Captain Atlantic Steam Navigation Co. in the Suez crisis 1956) 1939-War
Greer, Robert 03/10/1902   Hydepark ThSt Methodist ministry 1924-46  died 1946
Guthrie, John Hastings 03/06/1916 John H. Limavady PL Mxv JA died 1933 at Ballykelly Co. Londonderry
Harding, John 22/12/1911 John Indiana Avenue PL SGEx Assistant Director (Met. Station Bracknell)  BA(TCD)1934  MSc  Bracknell Herts
Johnston, Wm. Samuel 26/04/1917 Wm. F. Maryville Park SG 1stXV Physician  MB(QUB)1940  FRCS(Edin)  1939-War (RNVR)  (Shrewsbury
Keys, Charles 12/11/1872 H. F. Irvinestown ThSt Methodist ministry 1924-72  died 1972 at Ballynafeigh Meth. Church
Le Flufy, Ernest 09/03/1918 Fazyl Cork    
Le Flufy, Fazyl St. John 24/06/1913 Fazyl Cork    
Lillie, John 05/06/1913 John W. Downpatrick JG QM 1st XV SA Physician  MB(QUB)1939  MBE  1939-War (RAF)  CRFC(12)1936  died 1973
Little, Desmond C. 09/11/1916 Rev. C. D. Warrenpoint    
Little, Richard M. 22/05/1915 Rev. C. D. Warrenpoint    
Loane, Robert Ernest 04/07/1914 Andrew Rugby Road PL JG JA  
Lockhart, Hugh Fred 17/03/1910 Mrs. S. Mountpottinger Road   emigrated to Canada
Long, James Breakey 30/01/1909 James Carryduff    
Ludlow, David Hall 28/09/1900 David Rathgar ThSt Methodist ministry 1924-77  died 1977 at Dunmurry Co. Antrim
Lynd, Thomas 17/05/1912 John Old Lodge Road    
McCallum, Thomas R. 22/11/1912 Charles Thistle Street JG  
McCandliss, Wm. Ellis 14/05/1912 John E. Eglantine Avenue   Engineer (Lloyds Research Laboratory)  Crawley Sussex  *Swansea
McClay, Andrew Oswald 16/11/1910 Andrew Cliftonville JG Physician  MB(QUB)1941  st Singapore & Eltham London  *Holywood
McClure, Fred Boyd 24/06/1912 Adam Ballymoney JG Northern Bank Regional Director  *Stormont Park Belfast
McClure, Walter James 13/09/1910 Fred Wellesley Avenue SG KS Stranmillis College (Head of Education)  BA(TCD)1935  *Malone Avenue Belfast
McCormick, John K. 30/01/1911 John K. Clara Park   Chmn. of Directors (Kennedy & Morrison Ltd.)
McCormick, John McF. 15/04/1910 John Knockbreda Road   Butcher (Baby Beef Bangor)  died 1980 at Bangor Co. Down
McCullagh, Wm. Douglas 08/02/1909 G. A. Tandragee QM Physician  MB(QUB)1932  *Tarbock Green Prescot Liverpool
McCullough, Cecil C. 14/02/1908 Mrs. M. Jubilee Avenue    
McDowell, James Wilson 20/10/1910 Wm. J. Lyndhurst Gardens    
McIlveen, William 14/03/1912 (Spence) Wellington Park SG Chartered Accountant  1939-War (RN)  *Clonlee Drive Belfast
McKay, Norman Victor 21/09/1913 F. J. B. Canning Street Upper JG Supplies administrator (Short Bros.)  *Abbey Drive Bangor Co. Down
McKeown, John L. Owen 14/06/1910 Robert J. Malone Avenue JG Teacher  BA(QUB)1934
McKinley, Reginald A. 17/05/1911 James West Elmwood   Manufacturers' agent  Elmwood Avenue Belfast  died 1967
McLain, George Alex. 23/11/1914 James Fleetwood Street    
Maginess, Robert 17/06/1912 David Lisburn Avenue JG Engineer  *Donegall Avenue Belfast
Marsden, Thomas 22/01/1910 Thomas Mountpottinger   Hardware merchant Belfast  *Lisburn
Martin, Thomas Hunter 08/09/1912 John Glenarm Mxv JA  
May, Isaac Alan 21/09/1911 William Adelaide Avenue JG Army career  1939-War (Gurkhas)  CRFC(40)1930-36  *Holywood Co. Down
Montgomery, Wm. George 20/01/1912 George Portadown PL SG 1stXV Teacher (Ballyclare HS)  BA)QUB)1936  *Ballyeaston Road Ballyclare
Morrow, Martin McA. 28/01/1912 John Lisburn Road SG 1stXV SA Physician  MB(QUB)1936  1939-War (RAMC - killed oas 1941 Egypt)
Morrow, Wm. Brian 12/12/1919 Alex Cranmore Park PL QM 1stXV 1stXI Accountant  ACA  Coy. Secretary  1939-War (RA)  *Dorchester Park Belfast
Nelson (Neilson), John D. 12/05/1911 Benjamin Dundonald   Business career  1939-War (NIH - MM)
Newman, Howard Percy 10/12/1913 Percy Eglantine Avenue   Manufacturers' agent  1939-War (RAF)  Hillhall Lisburn
Nixey, John Francis H. 31/07/1919 J. F. B. Wellesley Avenue   Merchant Navy then the RUC  *Groomsport Co. Down
Nixon, Arthur George 11/09/1914 Rev. C. Hollymount Mayo    
Oakman, John Clements 10/03/1918 Wm. R. Lisburn PL SG Ulster Bank  1939-War (RASC)  *Hillhall Lisburn
Oakman, Walter W. 11/11/1919 Wm. R. Lisburn JG SA Army career (Transport)  1939-War (RASC)  *Longmoor Liss Hants
Owens, George Alex. 26/02/1912 Robert Kerrsland Drive PL SG 1stXV SA Optician  FBOA  King's Road Belfast  died 1960
Page, Joseph 20/12/1911 Robert Lurgan    
Paton, Albert J.       ThSt Methodist ministry (1923)
Perry, James Flack 04/03/1915 Martin Saintfield   Physician  MB(QUB)1940  MD  DPM  Saintfield Co. Down
Polland, Edward R. J. 03/07/1911 Samuel Evolina Street PL JG  
Rea, Edwd. Douglas 12/03/1915 Thomas Myrtlefield Park PL SG Mxv 2ndIV Army career  1939-War (RA - killed oas 1944 Gothic Line Italy)
Robinson, Hugo Leslie 04/08/1915 Rev. J. W. Newry   died 1925 age 10 years
Robinson, Wm. Edmund D. 23/05/1911 Wm. E. Thorndale Avenue    
Ross, James 10/06/1912 Michael Rossmore Avenue    
Russell, Basil E. 22/06/1911 William Strabane   Retail business Strabane
Scott, James Henderson 08/11/1913 John H. H. Dundalk QM Professor of Dental Anatomy QUB  LDS(QUB)1937  BSc  MB  MD  Author (Christian Vision 1964)  Malone Road Belfast  died 1970
Simpson, Robert 12/07/1913 Robert Lambeg   Flax buyer then farmer  Mount Pleasant Lambeg Co. Antrim
Sloan, David Grahame 12/07/1920 David G. Claremont Street PL SG Physician  MB(QUB)1942  1939-War (RAF)  *Leopold Road Norwich
Smith, James Auld 27/06/1913 John Ardmore 1stXV 1stXI SA Dentist  LDS  CRFC(75)1933-39  *Lisburn Road Belfast
Smith, William 27/04/1912 John Ardmore   Manufacturers' agent  1939-War (RAF)  *Locksley Park Belfast
Smith, Wm. Arthur H. 05/03/1912 William Wellesley Avenue JG Dentist  LDS(QUB)1933  BDS  Royal Air Force  1939-War died 1969
Stewart, Harry Thorpe 16/04/1916 Rev. David Ardenlee Avenue PL SG Physician  MB(QUB)1939  1939-War (RAMC - died oas 1942)
Stewart, James 00/00/1902   Ballinamallard ThSt Methodist ministry (1924)  sometime Southern Rhodesia
Stewart. John D. 05/12/1917 Rev. David Ardenlee Avenue PL SG JA LT Civil Engineer and Author  BSc(QUB)1941  Round Britain Quiz (NI)  sometime Gibraltar Gilbert & Ellice Islands & Malaga  *Belfast
Stoneley, Edward 16/09/1916 E. A. A. Edinburgh PL  
Stuart, Gilbert A. F. 24/07/1919 Rev. T. C. Carryduff PL SG Career in Plastics  1939-War (RN)  Stoke-on-Trent  died 1967
Sweeney, Fred Wesley 12/07/1910 Thomas Strabane 1stSV SA killed in 1928 in a motor accident
Temple, Howard Lynn 09/06/1913 Robert Donegal PL SG 1stXV SA Director (Magee Clothing Ltd. Belfast)  BA(TCD)1934  *Donegal
Thompson, Ivan Curham 30/07/1914 Henry E. Greenisland    
Thompson, Wm. Gilmour 21/08/1918 H. V. V. Myrtlefield Park   died 1956 at Vergemont Fort Hill Lisburn
Tubman, Wm. Ernest M. 31/03/1912 Laurence Tempo Mxv Civil Service  Dundonald Co. Down
Turner, Robert Richey 04/08/1910 Thomas Dundonald PL QM Agriculturist (ICI)  BAgr(QUB)1935  Reading Berks
Twist, Wesley 05/03/1911 Edward Strandtown PL Architect  1939-War (RE)  *Cannondale Omagh Co. Tyrone
Waddell, John 22/02/1912 William Downshire Road   Tobacco business  Knockbreda Drive Belfast
Warnock, George Cecil 19/04/1912 W. G. Tempo JG Newsagent  Ligoniel Road Belfast
Watson, David James 26/11/1912 James Dublin Road    
Welch, Wm. John 19/05/1911 Albert Downpatrick JA  
White, Thomas B. (Tony( M. 19/09/1911 N. B. Braemar Terrace   Transport official  Gilnahirk Road  Belfast  died 1980
Wilson, Frederick R. 11/10/1919 Samuel Hampton Park PL JG Building contractor  1939-War (NIH)  *Hampton Park Belfast
Wren, Henry D. 06/02/1919 Henry Malone Avenue JGEx Scientist  BA(Cantab)
Young, Robert Tyrell 31/12/1912 David H. St. John's Park    

1925-26 Girl Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Anderson, Mary E. 30/07/1909 R. S. Fivemiletown   Musician  ATCL
Armstrong, Jeanette H. 06/07/1908 Robert Wellington Park   (John A. Benington  Moira  1930)  Lisburn Co. Antrim  died 1973
Arnold, Margaret Horn 10/08/1911 J. Delhi Street   (C. F. A. Quigley)  *Sydenham Avenue Belfast
Austin, Elizabeth C. 22/03/1916 John C. Eglantine Avenue PL (Eric B. Bradbury  maze 1939)
Bailie, Louise M. 23/02/1909 William Larne    
Bainbridge, Sybil M. R. 02/02/1918 James R. Shandon Park    
Beattie, Eileen Glass 02/12/1911 Samuel Parkside Gardens PL SG (Henry McIver  LDS  Cookstown 1940)  Teacher BSc(QUB)1934  *Belfast
Bennett, Evelyn 11/09/1913 James Carryduff SG (K. S. Wilson 1941)  Physician  MB(QUB)1937  Whiteabbey
Best, Jean Marshall 25/07/1912 James Newry JG QM Musician  LRAM
Best, Mabel Amy E. 20/07/1912 James Delhi Street    
Boomer, Patricia Eliz. 26/06/1918 Robert Eglantine Avenue PL (1-Pratt) (2-Herbert W. Bailie 1965)  Harberton Park  died 1969
Bothwell, Olive M. 06/06/1910 Robert Malone Avenue   (Wm. Bothwell  Salisbury Southern Rhodesia)  *South Africa
Brown, Elizabeth Madge 13/01/1911 Mrs. Ballycairn    
Brown, Mary Ann D. 24/04/1910 Thomas Islandmagee    
Brown, Mary Robb 12/05/1918 Mrs. Ballycairn    
Brownlee, Eileen B. 21/01/1912 John A. Bluestone SG KS (Arthur L. Clemitson  1941)  Teacher  Cairnburn Road  *Ballymoney
Burgoyne, Kathleen M. 27/06/1911 F. J. P. Saintfield Road   (J. Roland  Bainbridge 1942)  *Shandon Park Belfast
Burton, Elizabeth 17/12/1912 John N. Cromwell Road   Secretarial  Cadogan Park Belfast
Campbell, Doreen Maud 14/11/1911 James Clifton Street SG Cliftonpark Avenue Belfast
Carter, Olive Mary 18/07/1910 Rev. J. P. Banbridge SG (John R. Williams  Killinchy 1944)  POGA  *Kensington Road Belfast
Chambers, Norah Morton 31/03/1912 George Madison Avenue PL SG (Rev. J. B. Jameson 1945)  Civil Service  *Sunningdale Park North Belfast
Christie, Anna Smyth 21/12/1912 Joseph Donegall Road PL  
Clarke, Norah Eliz. M. 26/11/1910 W. J. Brookeborough PL SG BBC Career  *Sandown Road Belfast
Combe, Dorothea E. 28/09/1911 Edward G. Cromwell Road PL SG QM Civil Service (Publications)  died 1976 at Newry Co. Down  BA(QUB)
Copeland, Ellen 05/03/1910 James Meadownbank Place SG KS Teacher (VP-Dunmurry)  *Diamond Gardens Belfast
Craig, Agnes Duncan 01/08/1909 George A. Dunadry QM (John S. Lyons  BA 1944)  Teacher BA(QUB)1929  *Newtownabbey
Crone, Anne (Nan) 16/09/1915 William King's Road PL SGEx Teacher and Novelist  BA(Oxon)1936  BLitt(Oxon)1945  died 1972 Belfast
Cunningham, Annie F. 27/01/1911 Samuel Cranmore Gardens   (James Robertson  Crosshaven 1934)  *Clifton Road Bangor Co. Down)
Cuppage, Ella 21/12/1908 Alex Lurgan    
Curran, Bertha Mary 15/09/1910 Thomas Whitehead   (William P. Sefton 1935)  Windsor Parade Whitehead
Dickson, Susan E. H. 23/10/1910 Hugh Downpatrick SG (Rev. A. N. Parkinson  MA)  Bank of Ireland  *Old Rectory Park Portadown
Donovan, Eileen Nora 18/07/1913 James A. Cliftonvale Road   Secretarial (Road Safety)  *King's Crescent Belfast (T. E. R. McDonald)
Doolan, Moira Frances 23/06/1912 George Muckamore PL SGEx 1stXI BBC (Schools)  BA(QUB)1935  MA  College Road Dulwich
Dougan, Margaretta 20/04/1910 H. B. Jameson Street PL JG KS (Herbert J. Watson  FBOA 1941)  Teacher BA(QUB)1932  *Banbridge
Edwards, Ruby 16/02/1910 Robert Londonderry   (Fred Owens  Londonderry 1952)  Cashier  POGA  North Parade Belfast
Elliott, Ruth 17/04/1910 William Lisburn Road PL (James S. Kennedy  Brisbane 1937)  *Ormiston Park Belfast
Ellison, Dorothy M. 23/05/1911 John Killinchy   (Walter H. Moore  Londonderry 1938)  Greenwood Park Belfast
Emerson, Emily Jane 22/02/1908 Henry A. Armagh PL SG QS Teacher (Coleraine HS)  BA(QUB)1929  Scotch Street Armagh  died 1974
Emerson, Kathleen W. 30/06/1910 S. M. Bangor    
Frazer, Dorothy E. B. 19/02/1916 Hubert Lisburn PL  
Gamble, Eleanor R. 04/11/1914 John Sandown Road    
Gamble, Martha M. C. 08/07/1910 John Sandown Road    
Getty, Catherine W. 04/01/1911 John Cliftonpark Avenue SG *Cliftonpark Avenue Belfast
Gourley, Nina Margaret G. 31/10/1910 Rev. Sam Dungiven   My Lady's Mile Holywood Co. Down  died 1964
Greer, Irene 19/02/1910 William Edinburgh Street JG KS Teacher  died 1937
Guthrie, Margaret H. 31/06/1912 John H. Limavady QM 1stXI (Brian E. Hedley  Woodford Green  Essex  1939)
Hamilton, Marie Louisa   John Lisburn Road    
Harper, C. M. (Irene) 03/03/1918 Theo Camden Street PL SG 1stXI (Alan Cusdin 1941)  BSc(QUB)1939  Ravenhill Road Belfast  died 1978
Harper, Martha (Meta) 11/11/1915 Theo Camden Street PL SG (James Tipping BSc 1942)  Teacher (DomSc)  *Belvedere Park Belfast
Harte, Anne Hilda 12/04/1907 Rev. F. E. Bangor   (Rev. James Douglas  BA  Bailieborough 1935)
Hay, Phyllis May 27/05/1913 Richard Bangor PL  
Heanen, Marion Dunlop 17/01/1913 Joseph Ballynahinch PL SG Teacher (Birmingham & Colinmore)  BSc(QUB)1935  died 1969 at Belfast
Henderson, Mariette M. 15/05/1912 James A. Thorndale Avenue   died 1926 age 13 years
Henry, Lyla Irene 15/12/1912 James O. Dunkineely JG  
Hinnricks, Dora 26/04/1912 Carl Bangor JG (Charles D. Radcliffe  Bangor 1937)
Hinnricks, Jean M. 20/08/1910 Carl Bangor