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Methodist College Register
1868 to 1920

the register goes up to 1984 but I am only transcribing based on the 100 year rule
so pupils born up to the 31st December 1922 are included
I will update each year - Mary

1868 to 1878     1878 to 1886      1886 to 1893      1894 to 1902      1902 to 1910   

1910 to 1915        1915 to 1920         1920 to 1924         1924 to 1928      1928 to 1931   

1931 to 1934             1934 to 1940

1915-16 Boy Entrants  -  1915-16 Girl Entrants  -  1916-17 Boy Entrants  -  1916-17 Girl Entrants
1917-18 Boy Entrants  -  1917-18 Girl Entrants  -  1918-19 Boy Entrants  -  1918-19 Girl Entrants
1919-20 Boy Entrants  -  1919-20 Girl Entrants

1805 - 1806 - 1807 - 1808 - 1819 - 1843 - 1852 - 1861 - 1868 - 1877 - 1880 - 1890 - 1894
1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1909 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1947 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970


1915-16 Boy Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Adamson, John Hughes 04/04/1902 John Downpatrick PL SGEx 1stXI Geologist  BA(QUB)1924  died 1926 at Kerrville Texas USA
Armstrong, Howard P. 09/05/1907 Hugh Deramore Park   Assistant Commissioner Federated Malay States Police  died 1981
Atkinson, Thomas Sinton 21/03/1905 Henry Richhill PL SGEx 1stXV XI Indian Civil Service (High Commissioner Yaung District Burma)  LLB(TCD)1928  In 1939-War evacuated 150,000 Indian refugees  d 1943
Atkinson, Thomas Sinton 09/08/1902 Robert Ballygomartin PL SGEx 1stXI Professor of Spanish Glasgow University  BA(QUB)1924  MA  Bearsden
Beacom, John James 06/03/1887   Enniskillen ThSt Methodist ministry 1914-52  died 1952 Co. Tyrone
Bryson, George Albert   William Brookeborough PL JG Methodist ministry 1926 -
Buchanan, William 10/04/1888 David Broomhedge ThSt Methodist ministry 1915-57  died 1966 at Tandragee
Busby, Arthur James   J. M. Cranmore Gardens   Farmer  *Drumbo Co. Antrim
Calvert, William H.       PL  
Casey, George Crispin   John Agincourt Avenue    
Casey, John Ralph   John Agincourt Avenue    
Clarke, Edmund Roberts   Rev. S. B. Cairncastle 1stXV Business career Larne Co. Antrim
Coulter, Robt. Stewart   Rev. John Bailieborough 1stXV Veterinary surgeon  MRCVS  LPSI  died 1967 at Roscrea Co. Tipperary
Cronhelm, Henry Josiah   Rev. C. A. Cavan PL Physician  MB(QUB)1942  MD  MRCPI  Cloverhill Park Belfast
Davis, Louis Noel   Samuel Knock   Motor engineer Belfast  *Kensington Park Belfast
Dickson, Norman Storey


Rev. J. Cranagill PL QM 1stXV 1stXI Physician LDS(QUB)1925  MB(QUB)1931  OBE  Rugby (Queen's and Collegians(18)1922)  died 1969 at Muckamore Co. Antrim
Dixon, James Thomas       ThSt Methodist Ministry 1917-late 1920s
Dologhan, Josiah H. V.   Mrs. Dromore   Farmer  died 1967 at Coolsallagh Dromore Co. Down
Elliott, Thomas C. 20/03/1889   Enniskillen ThSt Methodist Ministry 1917-69  died 1969 at Erinvale Belfast
Forsyth, Ronald D. 25/03/1906 George Westcliff   Royal Navy career  1939-War  CIE  OBE  *Station Road, Holywood
Furey, Francis   James Killyleagh   Farmer  died 1974 at Killinchy Co. Down
Gilchrist, Hugh   James Ardglass   Farmer *Ardtole Ardglass Co. Down
Harvey, Archibald L.   Wm. S. Lisburn   emigrated to Canada
Keers, Samuel Boyd 14/04/1902 Dr. S. B. Rasharkin    
Lewis, Reginald L.   Rev. M. J. Youghal MG 1stXV Mechanical engineer  AMIMechE London
Lynn, Robert Alex.   T. H. Bangor PL MG Pharmaceutical chemist  MPS  Newtownards Road Upper Belfast
McCombe, Francis E. 27/06/1901 W. S. Hilltown PL MG 1stXV 1stXI Northern Bank manager *Cleaver Gardens Belfast
McConnell, Nathaniel O.   Dr. N. Stranmillis Road    
McCormac, Samuel A.       ThSt Methodist ministry 1917-1920s
McCullagh, Graham P. 26/10/1904 Dr. R. C. University Road   Physician  MB(QUB)1927  MD  DPH  1939-War (RN)  died 1957 at Cambridge
McCullough, Richard H. 31/01/1906 F. W. Ulsterville Avenue MG PL QM Mxv Chief engineer Water Commissioners  BSc(QUB)1929  AMICE MIWE d 1957
McDonald, George   A. Lisburn Road    
McGonigal, J. Alex G. 24/07/1908 J. A. Eglantine Avenue   High Court officer died 1961 at Kirkliston Drive Belfast
McIlveen, John Carlyl 28/12/1904 John Ormeau Road   Director Broadway Damask Co. Ltd. Cleaver Park Belfast
McIntosh, Maxwell S. 15/05/1904 Mrs. Rathmines PL SG 1stXV SA Classical master (St. Paul's School London)  (BA(TCD)1926  MA  Rugby  (TCD and CRFC(3)1922) *Kimmage Road Dublin
Macmahon, Herbert H. 03/02/1892 Rev. H. H. Dromore ThSt 1914-War  (Royal Dublin Fusiliers - killed oas 1916 Ancre)
McVicker, John Alex.   William Wellington Park PL SG 1stXV 1stXI Physician MB(QUB)1930  FRCGP  OBE  *Lismoyne Park Belfast
Maguire, E. Harold C. 17/01/1904 Rev. W. E. Glenavy PL QM 1stXV SA Physician  MB(QUB)1926  MD  DTM  GovMCB  POBA  died 1968 at Larne
Malcomson, J. V. Cecil 21/09/1903 James Lurgan PL JG Vice-President and General Manager Texaco Inc. *New York USA
Mathers, John Gaynor 09/06/1901 J. P. Magheralin PL Linen merchant
Mathews, Eric Johnston 19/08/1905 George Portarlington PL JG 1stXI SA  
Millen, John 27/01/1902 John Wolseley Street QM Teacher  BA(QUB)1925 *Lawrence Street Belfast
Mullen, C. B. L.          
Nevin, Charles M. 30/11/1902 Mrs. Marlbgh Park 1stXV Dr  
Newbury, Cuthbert L. 21/01/1907 A. R. Sandhurst Drive    
Norris, Crawford S.   William Moville   1939-War (USANR)
Orpen, Herbert A.   H. A. Dublin   Tie manufacturer Dublin
Parkhill, Robert A. 16/02/1903 Rev. J. W. Bangor PL JG Methodist ministry 1927-74 died 1974 at Newcastle Co. Down
Pedlow, Thomas G. W. 02/02/1903 T. G. Castleblayney    
Ranson, Charles W. 1903 Rev. H. J. Ligoniel JG ThSt Methodist ministry since 1919 (President 1961) Dean of the Theol. School Drew University USA  BLitt(Oxon)1937  DTh(Kiel)  GovMCB  *Lakeville Connecticut USA
Ranson, Thomas Y. 02/02/1901 Robert Bailieborough SG 1stXV Veterinary surgeon  MRCVS  LPSI  *Perry Street Dungannon
Richardson, Alex Lee   A. L. Bawnmore Road   died 1930 at Belfast
Ritchie, Hugh James 17/06/1890 Mrs. Belfast ThSt Methodist ministry 1918-78 died 1978 at Bishopstown Cork
Robinson, Alan W. 25/04/1908 Rev. W. J. Curragh PL MG Physician  MB(QUB)1940  MD  DPH  1939-War (RN) Wimbledon London
Roddie, Robert C. 19/11/1891 R. G. Rosscarbery ThSt Methodist ministry 1916-49  BA(TCD)1925  MA  died 1949
Ross, Alfred 1902 John T? Eia Street JG 1stXV Headmaster Ballymoney Academy  BSc(Lond)1924  died 1948
Russell, Cecil Herbert   William Strabane PL MG Drapery business Strabane  MBE  Strabane UDC
Thompson, Robert   J. Newtownbutler PL QM 1stXV Physician  MB(QUB)1922  DPM  died 1967 at Pinner Middlesex
Waddell, Robert C.          
Wadsworth, George R.   Dr. W. A. Antrim Road SG 1stXV 1stXI Physician  MB(QUB)1921  died 1963 at St. Albans Herts
Walton, Ernest T. S. 06/10/1903 Rev. J. A. Tandragee PL SGEx Physicist  Split the atom in 1932 with Dr. J. D. Cockcroft and shared the Nobel Prize for Physics with Cockcroft in 1951  BA(TCD)1926  MSc  MA  FTCD  PhD  GovMCB  *Dublin
West, Wm. Gerald 14/03/1901 T. W. Newtownbutler PL 1stXV Dr Rancher in Australia since the early 1920s
Wolfe, Robert Samuel 08/10/1901 J. Cork 1stXV Housing Director  New Haven  Connecticut USA

1915-16 Girl Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Adamson, Mildred   John Downpatrick   died 1926
Bower, Winifred Jane   H. G. Portrush    
Boyd, Rachel Evelyn 11/02/1902 Francis Ballybay PL SG Teacher (Domestic Science)
Briggs, May 17/08/1904 Mrs. Upper Crescent PL (Wm. McF. Martin Belfast)  Insurance *Somerton Road Belfast
Campbell, Jane   Edward Clifton Crescent    
Coade, Dorothea E. A. 07/04/1901 Rev. Wm. L. Tralee   (Wallace W. Harris Blackrock 1946) Glenageary Co. Dublin
Crawford, Eileen D.          
Crookshank, Anne F. 09/04/1904 Rev. C. H. The Mount   (Gamble) Deans Grange Co. Dublin
Curran, Violet Elsie   William Agincourt Avenue PL SG (Albert Taylor 1929) Music teacher LRAM ARCM died 1981
Davidson, Effie   John Cherryvalley Park   (Albert J. B. McIntyre Belfast 1926)
Dowling, Kathleen   (Twaddell) Malone Park    
Duffield, Mary Helen   Mrs. Ballygomartin    
Ferris, Joan   John A. Malone Avenue   (William Curran Belfast) emigrated to Canada
Galbraith, Elizabeth   Robert Aughnacloy    
Graham, Elizabeth   J. C. Malone Avenue   (Francis McGowan) died 1967 at Kensington Park Gardens London
Hammond, Essie E.   Mrs. Mount Charles    
Harbison, Elsie   William North Road    
Henderson, Vera Mary M. 25/03/1905 C. K. Malone Avenue    
Hutchieson, Annie   John Clanchattan Street PL JG  
Johnston, Annie T. 31/05/1902 Edward J. Crumlin PL  
Keers, Georgina H. 19/12/1898 Dr. S. B. Rasharkin    
Keown, Mildred H.   Thomas Monaghan   (Alleyne Chater Eastbourne 1924) Musician
Kinghan, Doris   David Cranmore Avenue   (Lester R. Foster Easingwold Yorks 1924) died 1924 at Toronto
Koeller, Helen M.   Francis Belmont PL QM (Dr. J. K. Harper) Physician  MB(QUB)1923  DMRE  Stanmore Middlesex
Leonard, Clara F. 22/02/1902 John Bellaghy SG 1stXI Physician  MB(QUB)1927 Moulton Northampton
Lynn, Norah Kathleen 07/07/1903 Samuel Downshire Road   *Downshire Road Belfast
McCaldin, Dorothy G.   W. A. Monaghan PL MG 1stXI Dr (John L. Davies FRCS) The Park Nottingham
McComish, Alice   John Sydenham Avenue    
McCrea, Mary Elliott   George Pettigo QM (Frederick B. Milne London 1925)  BA(QUB)1921
McCullough, Mina 12/06/1903 F. W. Ulsterville Avenue PL Dr (Stevenson Miskimmin Belfast 1937) died 1960 at Comber Co. Down
McDaniell, Evelyn   Wm. J. Coalisland   (James Irvine 1929) Physician  MB(QUB)1921 DPH
McElney, M.       PL SG  
McGonigal, F. Muriel A. 23/04/1904 James A. Eglantine Avenue   Teacher (Manor House Armagh)  BA(QUB)1926 *Ulsterville Avenue Belfast
McGovern, Teresa          
McMaster, Lilian   J. Rathdrum Street   (Jack Ashpool Montreal) Montreal Quebec Canada
Maguire, Emmeline B. 28/08/1900 Rev. Wm. E. Glenavy PL SG Music Teacher (MCB) LRAM POGA Bangor Co. Down died 1976
Maguire, Muriel L. 28/03/1902 Rev. Wm. E. Glenavy   Social welfare worker Barkingside Essex Bangor Co. Down
Martin, Ellen W. 04/04/1901 W. Killarney PL SG Swanage Dorset
Martin, Kathleen          
Mathews, Freda Margt. 12/08/1901 George Portarlington 1stXI  
Pait, Daisy          
Pedlow, Josephine M. 21/07/1900 T. G. Castleblayney   Teacher  BA(QUB)1929
Pratt, Nora Stafford 05/06/1907 Goodwin Osborne Park   (Philip S. Newman Hull 1931) Oakwood Court London
Ramsay, Frances Mary   William Newtownstewart QM 1stXI (R. Watson Cork) Physician MB(QUB)1923 DPH *Cranmore Park Belfast
Sherlock, Sarah 06/09/1901 Jacob Glenravel Street    
Shields, Jean Watson 03/04/1903 William South Parade PL JG (E. T. C. Bell Magherafelt 1933) Teacher (MCB) POGA *Cyprus Park Belfast
Sinclair, Eileen M. 16/07/1901 Hill Sandhurst Drive PL SG  
Smith, Mary Florence   Samuel Strabane   (James Roulston Castlederg)
Smith, Annie Kathleen 29/04/1902 John Adelaide Park PL MG Missionary work in Egypt
Smyth, Florence Mary   John Adelaide Park   (Sir Arthur J. Kelly CBE Bridgenorth 1928) Beechlands Belfast
Sweeney, Ethel B. H.   Thomas Strabane   Retail business *Melmount Road Strabane
Sweeney, Winifred I. F. 06/12/1900 Thomas Strabane PL (Robert Smith Lifford 1946) Ballyrogan Lifford Co. Donegal
Thompson, Beatrice H.   A. Armagh    
Thompson, Marjorie O. 31/01/1902 J. B. Chlorine Gardens   sometime with the BBC  MBE  *Chlorine Gardens Belfast
Trotter, Maud Ethel 26/05/1900 J. Manorhamilton    
Trounce, Muriel A.   Maj. H. E. Wellesley Avenue    
Twaddell, Amy   W. J. Malone Park   (George M. Binns Belfast 1926)
Wadsworth, Violet C.   Dr. W. A. Antrim Road    
Watson, Dorothy Minto 29/10/1900 Dr. R. Bloomfield PL QM (W. T. Bambrick 1925) Physician MB(QUB)1927 DPH died 1944
Watson, Jean C. 08/04/1903 Dr. R. Bloomfield PL SG QM (Arthur G. Bewley FRCS Dublin 1925)  BA(TCD)1922 Dublin
Wilson, Victoria   Thomas Straid TM  
Woods, Charlotte H. 28/12/1899 James University Street PL MG  

1916-17 Boy Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Adair, Hugh Q. V.   Hugh Cranmore Gardens   Printer (Hugh Adair Ltd. Belfast) Bristow Park Belfast
Adams, Wm. Samuel          
Addy, Herbert Fred 18/09/1909 J. J. University Road   Manufacturers' agent Malone Road Belfast died 1973
Armstrong, H. K. Brian 27/02/1910 Hugh Deramore Park   Physician LRCP&S(Edin)1937 died 1980 at Hong Kong
Bambrick, Sydney D.   Wilfrid Kensington Park   Director Grosvenor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. *Kingsway Park Belfast
Beatty, George R. 03/02/1902 C. K. Coalisland SG QM Director Coalisland Weaving Co. Ltd.  BSc(QUB)1925 *Coalisland
Bell, Cyril Fleetwood   Thomas Elmwood Avenue    
Bertenshaw 30/07/1890   Manchester ThSt Methodist ministry 1917-62 died 1962 at Larne
Bradbury, Howard P. 26/06/1902 J. The Maze 1stXV 1stXI  
Breene, Cyril 12/03/1903 Thomas Fitzroy Avenue   Teacher BSc(QUB)1924 MSc
Burchill, Joseph T.       ThSt Methodist ministry 1915- BA 1914-War (RFC)
Caithness, Jack Murray 23/01/1903 James Whiteabbey 1stXI Mxv Dr J. R. Watt & Son coal importers Coleraine died 1973 at Portstewart
Clarke, Robert Edward 14/09/1903 Dr. R. M. Belgravia   Manager animal feeding stores  Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Clarke, Wm. Charles 16/01/1902 Robert Ballybay    
Corbitt, Hugh Henry 28/05/1905 H. H. Deramore Drive   Business career  died 1968 at Bangor Co. Down
Crawford, John O.T. 24/08/1903 John Tralee   died 1918 during the influenza epidemic
Crawford, Robert C. P. 19/01/1893 John Belfast ThSt Methodist ministry 1915-52 died 1952 at Whitehead Co. Antrim
Cullen, Wm. Edward 04/06/1903 Rev. John Ballyshannon PL SG QM ThSt Methodist ministry since 1924 *Harmony Heights Lambeg
Earls, Arnold E. 10/08/1904 John Ravenhill Park PL SG LM Electrical engineer Rothesay  BSc(QUB)1925 *Bangor Co. Down
Gibson, James Oswald 09/05/1903 Joseph Lisburn JG  
Good, Robert James 26/05/1892   Cullane Cork ThSt Methodist ministry 1917-76 (President 1958) GovMCB PresICEU died 1976 Wynward Park Belfast
Haslett, John Herbert 31/07/1902 William Marlborough Park PL SG QM Physician  MB(QUB)1924 1939-War (RAMC) Manor Park London
Hutchieson, James A. 02/12/1902 John Clanchatten Street PL SGEx Physician  MB(QUB)1926 DPH RAF career 1939-War died 1980 Bangor
Hutchinson, David C. 04/12/1888   Moneymore ThSt Methodist ministry 1917-63 died 1963 at Bangor Co. Down
Jamison, Alexander L.          
Johnston, Charles W. 10/09/1905 James College Park East   Printing trade New York USA died 1953
Leighton, Samuel J.   John Coleraine ThSt CI clergy (Incumbent of Tempo) died 1972 at Donaghadee Co. Down
McCandless, Albert E. 26/05/1902 Charles Culdaff   Shirt manufacturer Londonderry *Rockport Park Londonderry
McCartney, Dermot   Rev. J. B. College Gardens    
McCartney, Desmond   Rev. J. B. College Gardens    
McClintock, Louis E.     Ballyconnell    
McCorry, Terence T. 24/07/1909 Rev. J. J. University Avenue PL QM Teacher (Belfast High School)  BA(QUB)1932  1939-War (RAF) *Bladon Drive
McCutcheon, Oliver Wm. 22/04/1905 J. B. Annadale PL Solicitor Cookstown  BA(TCD)1927 1939-War (RN) died 1960 Cookstown
McEldowney, Hugh P.          
McKee, Arthur Leslie 24/03/1904 John Downpatrick PL 1stXI Mxv  
McKee, Reginald Rowan 10/09/1902 John Downpatrick 1stXV  
McKeever, Joseph G. 23/01/1903 S. J. Ardee Louth Mxv died 1948 at Ardee Co. Louth
Malcolm, Robt. Denis   Robert Calcutta   Business career Glasgow
Mulligan, James T. 18/10/1900 J. T. Cork   Director Factors (Ireland) Ltd. Cork
Murphy, Wm. John 24/02/1901 J. Banbridge    
Nesbitt, Edgar David 06/05/1905 Thomas University Avenue   Belfast Bank 1939-War (RNVR) died 1978 at Helen's Bay Co. Down
O'Connell, Maurice H. R.         Physician LRCP&S(I)1938 Highfield Road Dublin
Ogilby, Robert 24/02/1904 Samuel Agincourt Avenue PL JG Chartered surveyor Belfast
Olver, John R. D. 21/07/1902 Rev. R. W. Arklow PL MG 1stXI Civil surveyor (NI) Control officer Ulster Grand Prix motor cycle race 1923-37 died 1974 at Holywood Co. Down MBE
Patterson, Norman 19/08/1906 John Cranmore Gardens MG QM Physician LDS(QUB)1928  BDS  MB(QUB)1933  DPH  Eastbourne Sussex
Ramsay, Samuel Wm.   Mrs. Strangford    
Robinson, John Wade 29/06/1909 Rev. W. J. Curragh PL QM 1stXI Dentist  LDS(QUB)1931  Royal Navy - killed off Turkish water 1934
Saville, Albert C. 14/01/1907 A. E. Cranmore Gardens   Business career *Ballynahinch Co. Down
Sawers, Norman 11/07/1903 Robert London PL JG Credition Devon
Sawers, Patrick R. 17/03/1902 Robert London PL MG 1stXV emigrated to South Africa
Shaw, Ernest 21/05/1891   Belfast ThSt Methodist ministry 1915-60 (President 1954) GovMCB died 1960
Sheriff, Gerald   T. Cootehill    
Smyth, Desmond          
Stanfield, Robert J.   E. J. Eblana Street    
Strain, Malcolm Graeme 22/11/1903 Wm. J. Galwally Park   Cotton broker Knockvale Park Belfast died 1952
Thompson, Gerald L. 20/08/1900 J. Maguiresbridge 1stXI Business career (Coal)
Thompson, Wm. E. Morley 26/07/1894 W. J. Donaghadee ThSt Methodist ministry 1915-69 (President 1948 Secretary 1941-47) GovMCB died 1969 at Donaghadee Co. Down
Twinem, George 01/01/1904 W. G. Ravenhill Road   Drapery business (W. G. Twinem & Sons) Belfast died 1978
Twinem, William Spence 28/10/1905 W. G. Ravenhill Road   Representative Knockbreda Road Belfast died 1979
Warren, Wm. Archibald 27/10/1904 J. H. Tullamore PL QM Methodist ministry 1928-70  BSc(QUB)1927  BA(Cantab) Principal of Mfantsipim School Gold Coast 1936-44  died 1970 Bangor Co. Down
Whitham, Max 12/04/1908 William Malone Avenue    
Wilson, Hugh Patrick 29/05/1908 H. Finaghy    
Woods, Maurice Alex 31/12/1906 Alex Marlborough Park PL MG QM Physician  MB(QUB)1929  FFA RCSI(1960) *Bangor Co. Down
Wright, Wm. Stuart 27/07/1902 Wm. C. Marlborough Park   Farmer BSc(QUB)1930  FRES Co. Armagh

1916-17 Girl Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Barbour, Beatrice H.   Samuel Londonderry PL QM (Paul R. Lynn Carrick 1924) Physician MB(QUB)1923 FRCS(Ed.) d 1966
Barr, Eva Amelia 17/10/1901 Mrs. Dromore    
Beatty, Evaline   C. K. Coalisland   (Ferguson) Coalisland Co. Tyrone
Brooks, Edythe Helen 13/04/1901 Thomas Dundalk   (John A. Moran Galway 1923) Collinamuck Co. Galway
Brooks, Olive Elizabeth 29/12/1904 Thomas Dundalk PL 1stXI Mxv (J. G. Robb) Armagh Road Newry
Browne, Rabie Aileen 25/05/1900 Robert A. Cyprus Avenue   (Fred G. Lamie Limerick 1931) Physician MB(QUB)1925 *Belfast
Charles, May Elizabeth          
Coote, Grace Alberta 04/02/1900 Mrs. Armagh PL MG 1stXI (R. S. F. Hennessey MD CMG) Beaconsfield Bucks
Corbitt, Eileen 28/03/1903 H. H. Deramore Drive   died 1940
Corbitt, Muriel R. N.   H. H. Deramore Drive   (Cecil E. H. Pinkerton Belfast 1928) *Windsor Avenue Belfast
Cowden, Isa Kathleen 10/09/1904 Dr. W. J. Dromore 1stXI  
Davidson, Kathleen   Matthew University Avenue    
Dinsmore, Margaret E. 12/02/1902 Robert University Avenue MG (Ian C. V. Gibson Kildare 1942)
Drean, Jeanie M.   Charles Knock   (Sir James M. Kilpatrick KBE CB) Warlingham Surrey
Dugan, Mary G. 10/10/1901 (Airlie) Lisburn Road   (James H. Patton Ramelton 1938)
Fulton, Lena 23/05/1898 J. A. Toome PL QM (W. S. McCall) Teacher BCom(QUB)1922 Ridgeway Park Portadown
Graham, Margaret E. 06/09/1901 James Bailieborough 1stXI  
Harrison, Elsie   Joseph Ormiston Drive   (Edward T. Gracey Belfast 1924) Ormiston Parade Belfast
Hembry, Hazel E. V. 05/05/1900 H. R. Malone Avenue   (John McCaughey Belfast 1920) Ottawa Canada died 1968)
Hewitt, Eileen   Robert Cliftonpark Avenue   (N. C. Todhunter Belfast 1927) Banking Shanlieve Park Belfast d 1975
Holmes, Mary Lewis   Charles Carrickfergus   (Matthew Anderson Greenisland 1925) *Glen Road Newtownabbey
Houston, Elizabeth Keer 14/08/1901 Hugh Randalstown    
Houston, Mary 15/08/1905 Hugh Randalstown    
Hutchinson, Ethel M. 19/01/1903 Rev. J. J. Newtownbutler PL SG (Dr. Carel Voigt Southport 1927) Physician MB(QUB)1925 sometime Broken Hill Nthn. Rhodesia  Chippenham Wilts
Johnston, Gertrude M. V. 20/06/1901 F. W. Brookeborough   Nursing (Matron Bostock Ho RVH Belfast) SRN *Pine Cross Dunmurry
Johnston, Mary Caroline 15/04/1904 Rev. J. W. Newtownbutler PL *Newtownbutler Co. Fermanagh
Johnston, May Adelaide 14/06/1903 W. Rosetta Park PL JG (William C. Fulton) *Ravenhill Park Belfast
Kennedy, Elizabeth L.          
Lindsay, Marjorie S. 03/06/1911 Rev. Saml. Elmwood Avenue PL JG (James W. K. Laird MA Newry 1943) died 1980 at Newcastle Co. Down
Lyster, Alexandra M.   William The Mount   (John Houston MSc Belfast 1926) died 1980 at Hillsborough Co. Down
McClean, Jane Margaret 28/01/1900 J. R. B. Dungannon    
McDaniel, Laura   Wm. J. Coalisland PL MG QM (Robert H. H. Cheshire Bournemouth 1928) Banking (Hudson Bay Co.) Kingston Ontario Canada
McEldowney, May Gibson 27/12/1903 Capt. Wellesley Avenue    
McFerran, Eleanor K.   James Glenburn Park   (Alfred B. Gamble Whitehead 1944) died 1974 at Newtownabbey
McKee, Eunice 02/08/1901 John F. Downpatrick PL JG (Norman J. F. Cochrane Downpatrick 1924)
McVicker, Celeste G. 14/01/1900 C. L. Londonderry    
Mairs, Annie F.   David Deerpark   (John Blair) Retail business (Clothing) Belfast *Harberton Park Belfast
Mathews, Eileen C. 09/07/1904 George Portarlington PL 1stXI  
Maxwell, Merle G. C. 28/07/1903 Rev. Robt. Donaghadee PL 1stXI (Henry W. D. Hannigan 1929) sometime Malaya *Wandsworth Road Belfast
Mussen, Olive K. 00/02/1908 Hugh H. High Street PL (John C. Davison 1932) died 1956 at Windsor Park Belfast
Mussen, Violet M. 05/04/1905 Hugh H. High Street   (Wm. N. McWilliam Banbridge 1927) died 1966 Massey Avenue Belfast
Mutch, Elizabeth D.   A. W. Malone Avenue    
Nesbitt, Elsie H. 13/06/1901 John Ballynahinch PL SG (Gordon Bamford MB Portrush) Teacher BSc(QUB)1923 MSc.
Newbury, Evelyn Mary 13/04/1910 A. R. Sandhurst Drive PL  
Newman, Dorothy M. P. 23/02/1909 Percy Eglantine Avenue PL (Arthur P. B. Holmes Deganwy NSW 1936) Civil Service (NI)
Nixon, Alice Maud   James Cliftonville   (F. Howard Browne Belfast 1926)
Nixon, Helen Beatrice   James Cliftonville   died 1930 on way to Egypt  buried at sea
Orr, Myra Gertrude 24/04/1902 Rev. F. Ballinasloe PL MG (Percy A. Watson Armagh 1945)
Ritchie, Dorothy M. 23/08/1903 Rev. J. D. Cavan   (Chinnery) sometime at Bundoran Co. Donegal
Rutledge, Margretta E. 31/03/1898 George Castlederg   died 1968 at Castlederg Co. Tyrone
Scott, Anna Christina 01/02/1906 James Elmwood Avenue SG QM Teacher BA(QUB)1928
Shannon, Jane Victoria 25/05/1902 John Dromore   Banbridge Road Dromore Co. Down
Smyth, Aileen Jane E. 04/12/1903 William Delhi Street PL MG  
Spence, Mabel Letitia 08/01/1902 Rev. G. J. Moville   (Ruddell)
Sweetman, Esther Olive 25/03/1899 J. Skibbereen    
Thompson, Sarah Ann       PL  
Trounce, Olive   Maj. H. E. Wellesley Avenue    
Wallace, Edith 16/11/1903 E. J. Ballynahinch QM 1stXI Dentist LDS(QUB)1927
Wallace, Florence   E. J. Ballynahinch   died 1979 at the Spa Ballynahinch Co. Down
Walton, Dorothy L. 09/05/1905 Rev. J. A. Tandragee PL 1stXI (Edward W. Dowse Dublin 1934) Sandyford Dublin
Ward, Sarah P. 02/06/1905 Francis Stranmillis Road   (Harold G. Morgan BSc Reigate Surrey 1929)
Warren, Marjorie G. 16/02/1903 John H. Tullamore   Churchtown Dublin
Waugh, Margaret Olivia 22/08/1901 Robert Knock   *Belmont Road Belfast
White, Violet M. 26/03/1902 Thomas Bailieborough PL TM (Smith) Teacher BA(TCD)1924 Dundalk Co. Louth
Wilson, Eileen M. 01/07/1902 Rev. C. Tullamore PL SGEx (Dr. Ralph Bolton Charlbury Oxford 1932) Teacher (Ceylon High School) BSc(QUB)1924  MSc  Hankow China  died 1979 at Radlette Herts

1917-18 Boy Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Allen, Charles Clifford 11/03/1903 Rev. Saml. Charlemont 1stXV SA Oil business USA  CRFC(28)1925-26  died 1981 Sarasopa Florida USA
Allen, James Stewart 15/12/1903 James Shore Road PL SG Physician  MB(QUB)1927  BSc  DPM  *Portcawl Wales
Allen, Robert B. 13/10/1904 Mrs. Castledawson    
Armitage, Joseph H. 19/07/1905 F. Borrisokane    
Armitage, Thomas H. 25/04/1904 F. Borrisokane    
Atkinson, J. Edward R. 18/04/1912 H. T. Camden Street PL JA  
Atkinson, Robert A. 22/01/1905 Robert Ballygomartin PL SG Civil Service (NI)  BCom(QUB)1928  MCom  *Shandon Park Belfast
Bennett, John Orr 23/08/1902 James Carryduff   Physician  MB(QUB)1927  Horwich Lancashire
Boomer, R. Hamilton 28/08/1909 Robert Dunluce Avenue   Belfast Harbour Police  1939-War (RE)
Browne, Robert 15/01/1905 John Melrose Street PL JG Mxv  
Calvert, Edward S. 05/03/1902 Wm. J. Portadown SG RCSD Aeronautical engineer  OBE  BSc  ARCScI  HonDSc  first non-American to gain Monsanto Aviation Safety Award (1960)  *Camberley Surrey
Campbell, Robert Cecil 17/07/1903 Edward Clifton Crescent PL MG Belfast Bank  Coolmoyne Park Belfast  died 1975 at Herne Bay Kent
Capper, Norman S. 27/11/1902 J. M. Lisburn Road PL SG 1stXV Dr Lecturer Rutherford Coll Newcastle and then Inspector of Schools and Technical Colleges  BSc(QUB)1924  DSc  died 1981 at Annalong
Capper, Wilfrid M. 12/07/1905 J. M. Lisburn Road PL SG Civil Service  BCom(QUB)1932  MBE  Chairman Ulster Society for the Preservation of the Countryside  Athletics (N. Ireland)  *Holywood
Carson, John Murdock 11/03/1905 Henry Donegall Park    
Castles, George 15/02/1904 Alex Sandy Row Mxv Business career  Rugby(CRFC(72)1923-27)
Cathcart, John Wm. E. 09/03/1905 Rev. J. Lurgan PL SG 1stXI Civil Service (NI)  OBE  died 1967 at Belfast
Clarke, William 02/09/1904 Joseph Beersbridge Road PL JG Business career  died 1957 at Bangor Co. Down
Corbitt, G. Nelson 09/08/1911 H. H. Deramore Drive   Assistant Manager Scottish Provident Institution  *Helen's Bay Co. Down
Craig, David 08/09/1903 Robert M. Whiteabbey PL JG  
Crawford, John 29/05/1902 Rev. A. A. Antrim PL SG 1stXV Teacher  BSc(QUB)1924  MSc  Rugby (CRFC(32)1921-27
Crozier, Charles H. 22/05/1903 J. R. B. Ederney Mxv Northern Bank (Manager Whitehead)
Donovan, George G. 22/06/1911 Mrs. Elaine Street   Clerk  1939-War (Reconnaissance Corps)  *Rosetta Road Belfast
Duke, Eric Francis 08/10/1906 Rev. J. A. South Parade PL Provincial Bank of Ireland  Dun Laoghaire
Duke, Noel Lawson 04/12/1904 Rev. J. A. South Parade PL  
Dunlop, John Dallas 21/09/1903 W. J. Bushmills    
Evans, Charles J. 14/02/1904 J. J. Knock   Imperial Civil Service  1939-War (RA)  Ealing London
Eves, William Vernon 21/05/1904 W. J. Balmoral   died 1968 at Sidcup Kent
Finlay, Robert Noel 24/12/1903 R. H. F. Eglantine Avenue    
Fry, Pierre Paul 25/04/1910 William H. West Elmwood QM 1stXV XI SA Teacher (MCB)  BA(QUB)1930  1939-War (RAF)  Athletics (N. Ireland)  Rugby (QUB CRFC(59) NIFC & Ulster)  *Editor (MCB Register 1868-1980)  POBA
Fuller, Thomas E. 28/11/1901 Stephen Cork 1stXV Estate agent  FAI  1939-War (Army)  CRFC(56)1921-25  died 1976 at Belfast
Glaister, G. Hedley 07/11/1904 William Eglantine Avenue    
Gordon, Norman F. 29/05/1904 Mrs. Annalong PL 1stXI Mxv Granite merchant  Annalong Co. Down  1939-War (RASC)  died 1974
Gray, Wm. Alfred 19/10/1903 Joseph Fitzroy Avenue   Director Wm. Dowling Ltd. builders Belfast  *Malone Road Belfast
Harper, John Herbert 28/09/1903 R. Carrickfergus    
Henderson, James E. McC 09/07/1904 J. W. MCB PL QM SA Royal Air Force career  1939-War (RAF)
Hunter, Alan 19/08/1903 Mrs. Glenarm    
Jones, Edward Victor 23/07/1902 Thomas Wellington Park Terrace JG  
Kennedy, James S. 26/08/1902 William Great Victoria Street   Motor engineer  died 1952
Kennedy, John 01/07/1902 R. Dundrod    
Kinning, Walter A. 19/03/1909 Robert Malone Avenue   died 1920 at Malone Avenue Belfast
Knox, Harry Cooke 02/02/1905 Andrew Henderson Avenue PL JG Engineer (Whitehouse Metal Co.) and artist  died 1979 at Belfast
Locke, Lawrence 15/06/1911 F. A. Wolseley Street PL  
Lyons, John Scott 08/05/1909 Rev. B. S. Ormeau Road PL JG Teacher (BRA)  BA(QUB)1931  died 1976 at Newtownabbey
Lyons, Walter 10/03/1905 William Coleraine    
Lyons, William 26/04/1901 William Coleraine    
McBride, David Sydney 02/02/1908 J. Saintfield Road    
McBride, James Noel 07/12/1904 J. Saintfield Road    
McCambley, Edmund   Samuel The Mount    
McConnell, H. Ormonde 27/02/1904 Rev. H. Carrickfergus PL QM 1stXV Methodist ministry since 1933  BA(QUB)1933  MBE  over thirty years at Port-au-Prince Haiti  Author (Haiti Diary 1977)  *Westbank Belfast
McIlwaine, George A. 18/10/1906 S. South Africa    
McIlwaine, Henry G. 21/06/1903 S. South Africa    
Martin, John Wylie 22/04/1905 W. H. Whitehead PL Northern Bank Ramelton Co. Donegal
Martin, Lawrence F. 16/02/1903 F. J. Newington Street    
Megaw, Thomas C. 07/08/1903 J. Roden Street PL JG  
Nicholson, Samuel H.   Samuel Londonderry ThSt Methodist ministry 1916-25 then Presbyterian  died 1955 Carnmoney
Patterson, James H. R.   Rev. R. J. Lower Crescent JG  
Patterson, Wm. Hannah 17/06/1904 William North Parade QM 1stXV Physician  MB(QUB)1926  MD  Cavendish Road Manchester
Pendlebury, John 04/11/1908 J. Eglantine Avenue PL  
Richardson, James 31/10/1905 James Ormeau Road    
Roberts, Harold L. 09/07/1904 L. H. Dundrum    
Rodgers, Frederick 18/10/1902 James Rosetta Park    
Rodgers, James Alex 22/07/1906 Rev. T. Malone Avenue PL  
Rogers, Samuel Martin 01/01/1904 F. Ballymena    
Rutherford, Wm. McA. 12/08/1902 W. R. Ballybay   died 1977 at Groomsport Co. Down
Scott, John Alex 13/06/1904 Robert Carndonagh JG  
Shanks, Arnold Cotter 29/08/1907 (Hunter) Killough PL SG Horticulturist  1939-War (NZEF)  Tauranga New Zealand
Shanks, Kenneth E. 09/10/1904 (Hunter) Killough PL 1stXV 1stXI Dept. Manager Joseph Blair Ltd. Belfast  *Ballylesson Road, Lisburn
Sheriff, Harcourt 29/06/1904 T. Cootehill Mxv  
Thornton, Alex Norman 29/03/1905 Joseph Newcastle    
Thornton, Wm. John 16/04/1907 Joseph Newcastle PL QM 1stXV XI SA Pharmaceutical chemist  MPS  died 1962 at Newcastle Co. Down
Tinsley, Wm. A. Henry 21/06/1912 Arthur Ulsterville Avenue Mxv JA Physician  LRCP&S(I)1942  Malone Heights Belfast  died 1976
West, Harold Warren 31/07/1905 T. W. Newtownbutler Mxv Founder director of H. W. West Ltd. industrial finance  died 1965
Wilson, Robert 04/07/1912 W. J. Stranmillis Road    

1917-18 Girl Entrants

Name Born Parent Address MCB Career Post-MCB Career
Addy, Georgina Violet 10/10/1902 Rev. Wm. Glastry PL died 1980 at Lisburn Co. Antrim
Addy, Victoria Eileen 31/01/1901 Rev. Wm. Glastry PL MG  
Ballam, Susan F. W. 05/02/1904 A. North Parade    
Barnett, Elizabeth 02/09/1901 Thomas Clogher   (Rev. F. Rupert Gibson BA Whitewell 1938)  died 1982
Bestall, Mary Caldwell 27/04/1903 Henry Hillsborough   (Andrew Nixon Antrim 1929)
Boland, Ethel D. 25/01/1901 J. Newry SGEx  
Brown, Eva 16/06/1903 Gerald Ava Avenue JG (Dr. R. Wilson Lennon Leeds 1940)  Menston-in-Wharfedale Yorks
Capper, Rosaleen E. 21/09/1909 J. M. Lisburn Road PL QM 1stXI GA (Frank R. Kirkwood  BSc BAgr  Belfast)  Teacher (MCB)  BSc(QUB)1932  Hockey (Ireland)  *Belmont Road, Belfast
Clapham, Hilda Mary 08/09/1905 T. A. Kensington Park PL QM Teacher  BSc(QUB)1925  MSc  *Farnham Road Bangor Co. Down
Coade, Constance L. 03/01/1903 Rev. W. L. Waterford PL JG Secretarial career  Glenageary Co. Dublin
Coulter, M. F. Evelyn 24/02/1906 Rev. John Ardara PL JG 1stXI (Wm. C. Dyer Westcliff 1937)  Music teacher ATCL  Croft Co. Durham
Cowdy, Ethel Mary 02/08/1905 W. Laird Portadown   (James S. Waugh Dublin 1929)
Devine, Irene Jane 26/02/1902 Mrs. Barris Carlow PL SG 1stXI  
Earls, Margaret E. M. 04/05/1906 John Ravenhill Park PL QM (Dr. H. G. Calwell 1931)  Teacher  BA(QUB)1928  *Whitehead
Elliott, Dora Florence 25/07/1902 E. J. Windsor Gardens SG Dr died 1922 at Windsor Gardens Belfast
Gault, Ethel Rebecca 13/04/1909 William Mountpottinger PL QM (J. S. Loughridge  FRCS 1935)  Dentist  LDS(QUB)1932  *Church Road Belfast
Gault, Sadie 08/09/1906 William Mountpottinger PL MG QM (John McGimpsey LDS)  Dentist  LDS(QUB)1931  *Antrim Road Belfast
Gilcriest, Marguerite M. 28/03/1906 Rev. John Cranagill PL  
Hanna, Wilhelmina A. 21/09/1901 John Newtownards PL SG (George McFeeters Milford Donegal 1932)  Teacher BSc(QUB)1923
Heenan, Margaret K. 01/05/1901 H. Clough QM (John Johnston 1934)  Teacher BCom(QUB)1926  Newtownards died 1970
Henderson, Margaret C. 27/10/1906 John W. MCB PL MG QM Dr (Norman S. Davison 1927) (2-Fredrik Fischer 1945)  died 1970 at Oslo
Hicks, Anna Margaret 28/04/1901 W. A. Lisnacree PL MG (Arthur P. Beatty 1923)  Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Holland, Helen May 17/01/1902 John Cyprus Avenue PL Teacher  *Cyprus Avenue Belfast
Jagoe, Ethel Martha 01/07/1902 William Dunmanway PL SG Teacher  *Walton-on-Thames Surrey  (Atkins)
Johnston, Sarah E. M. 18/11/1900 John Omagh   (Rev. R. A. Lockhart  MA  OBE 1922)  POGA  *Strathmore Park Belfast
Jones, Edna Gertrude 06/07/1905 Thomas Wellington Park Terrace   (John B. Robinson Crossgar 1929)  *Wellington Park Terrace Belfast
Jordan, Annie H. K. 06/02/1904 J. A. Newtownards Road Upper PL JG Proprietor (T. H. Jordan Ltd. printers)  died 1977 at Belfast
Kerr, Marjorie E. W. 12/01/1904 D. S. Balmoral    
Knox, Evaline A. M. 02/09/1903 Rev. R. Ballyjamesduff    
Luttrell, Alice 15/05/1902 S. Roscrea    
Lyons, Elizabeth B. 15/04/1907 Rev. B. S. Mount Charles PL Journalist (Belfast Telegraph) Woodvale Road Belfast
Lyons, Jean Ker   Rev. B. S. Mount Charles PL MG Teacher (commercial subjects) died 1973 at Woodvale Road Belfast
McBride, Edith 28/12/1910 James Saintfield Road PL  
McBride, Katherine L. 14/03/1906 James Saintfield Road    
McBurney, Hariette 19/11/1900 Thomas Comber PL SG (David Ewart  OBE  Millisle 1934)  BCom(QUB)1922  BA  Bangor Co. Down
McLardy, Louise V. 31/08/1903 Robert South Parade    
Macmillan, Pearl          
Marfurt, Eva 24/09/1905 J. Magdala Street    
Martin, Ruby 06/05/1900 Mrs. Banbridge    
Massey, Winifred L. 17/09/1903 Rev. W. H. Roscrea PL died 1918 at Roscrea Co. Tipperary
Mathews, Georgina H. 25/06/1908 George Portarlington PL 1stXI  
Minnis, Cora Virginia 06/07/1902 Mrs. Dromore PL JG  
Moore, Kathleen Amie 25/10/1903 Mrs. Portrush PL Ballywilliam Road Portrush Co. Antrim
Noble, Annie Reid 30/11/1901 J. R. Belmont   (Ernest McKinty 1928)  died 1967 at Donaghadee Co. Down
O'Neill, Irene Susan 22/11/1904 Mrs. My Lady's Road    
Patton, Janie          
Patton, Mabel 13/04/1906 John G. Wellesley Avenue    
Picken, Mary Frances 08/03/1904 Thomas Mayo Street    
Rainey, Grace 08/01/1913 Mrs. Marlborough Park South PL  
Robinson, Ellen C. 15/05/1905 Wm. J. J. Crossgar PL (James D. Deans Richhill 1933)  *Victoria Street Armagh
Rowe, Rhona Katherine 28/06/1900 Mrs. Arklow    
Shields, Martha M. 22/05/1910 Rev. J. Wellesley Avenue PL  
Smith, Nora Gwen 18/09/1902 S. E. Banbridge    
Smyth, Florence V. 03/07/1911