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Methodist College Register
1868 to 1920
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the register goes up to 1984 but I am only transcribing based on the 100 year rule
so pupils born up to the 31st December 1922 are included
I will update each year - Mary

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970


1894-95 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Adair, James Milling John Comber   Owner James M. Adair Ltd. Agricultural implements Belfast died 1966
Alford, John Wesley Rev. Wm. Ballyshannon PL Civil Service Canada 1914-War (CandEF)
Alford, Wm. Arthur W. Rev. Wm. Ballyshannon PL SGEx Post office Dublin died 1977 at Dublin
Arnold, James Wallace John Omagh    
Ball, James A. Ernest Rev. Henry Ormeau Road PL SGEx 1stXV District engineer Bengal Nagpur Railway 1924-38 previously in Nigeria BE(RUI)1894 1914-War (RE-MC) Rugby (CRFC(85)1903-08 & Ulster) died 1957
Bolton, George Gibson John E. Ballinderry   Church of Ireland clergy (Rector of Castlemacadam 1922-35) BA(TCD) MA
Boucher, Maxwell Stuart Wm. J. Fitzroy Avenue PL Manager Cornhill Insurance Co. 1925-32 1914-War (RASC) died 1932
Boyd, W. McI.        
Browne, Frederick Wm. F. W. Osborne Park PL  
Browne, George H. F. W. Osborne Park   Paper merchant (G. H. Browne & Co. Belfast) died 1937 age 52
Burke, Henry W.     1stXV  
Busby, John Rev. S. E. University Square    
Carse, Henry J.        
Charteris, Hugh M.        
Cleland, William        
Coulson, James H. Rev. John Stewartstown PL MG 1stXV Lc Director Ulster Bank died 1936 age 54 at Green Road Knock
Coulter, Arthur C.     PL died 1948 at Hillhall Lisburn
Crooks, Samuel Bennett Mrs. E. Shaftesbury Avenue   Church of Ireland clergy (Rector of St. Stephen's Belfast) died 1947
Crowley, Thomas Wm. Thomas Kinsale PL 1stXV Physician MB(TCD)1902 MD 1914-War (RAMC) Lutterworth Leicestershire
Delacherois, Gaspard Samuel Donaghadee 1stXV  
Duke, John Arthur Robert Dublin ThSt Methodist ministry 1897-1945 (President 1932) BA(RUI)1902 GovMCB died 1945 age 72 at Belfast
Flack, James Henry S. Robert M. Fitzwilliam Street   Director Hope Street Factory Ltd. Linen manufacturers died 1946 age 60
Flack, Wm. Strain Robert M. Fitzwilliam Street PL Merchant tailor (Dunseith & Flack Belfast) died 1964 age 85 at Belfast
Gibson, Herbert Bright William Ballywalter PL SGEx 1stXV Teacher BA(RUI)1902 Rugby (CRFC(13)1899-1902)
Gillespie, Daniel J. P. Stranmillis Road PL Physician MB(RUI)1903 MD DMD Harley Street London
Hazelton, Edward Rev. Edward Claremont Street   emigrated to Canada died 1947 at Pincher Creek Alberta
Hazelton, John Douglas Rev. Edward Claremont Street PL Barrister Olds Alberta 1914-War (CandEF - died oas 1918) BA(RUI)1906
Hole, Kenneth Hill        
Holland, Wm. Wishart Rev. Wm. Woodvale Road    
Holmes, Edward Porter C. Arthur Elmwood Avenue 1stXV 1914-War Hockey (Ireland)
Holtby, John Robert D. Rev. T. R. Lawrence Street PL Teacher BA(TCD)1918
Hopkinson, George C. Henry A. Osborne Park   sometime in Canada 1914-War (R. Canadian Dragoons)
Hopkinson, Henry R. Henry A. Osborne Park   Representative (Alderdice & Co. New York) Rugby (CRFC(28)1910-12) d 1955
Hudson, Henry W.        
Jamieson, A. W.        
Jenkins, James Alex James West Elmwood PL  
Jones, Hugh Fleming William Fintona    
Kelly, Ignatius George (Young) London PL  
Kingsmill, Henry Victor A. W. Belgravia Avenue PL Mechanical engineer AMIME Balmoral Avenue Belfast died 1958
Lucas, Gilbert T. Rev. Mark Stranmillis Gardens PL  
Lynd, Ralph Andrew Rev. John Eglantine Avenue   sometime Canada
Lynd, William Sloane Rev. John Eglantine Avenue PL SG 1stXV Physician MB(QUB)1914 MD 1914-War (RN) Stoke-on-Trent
Lyons, Beresford S.   Enniskillen ThSt Methodist ministry 1896-1952 (President 1942) GovMCB died 1952
McCarrison, James B. John Fitzroy Avenue    
McClelland, Thomas J. John The Maze ThSt Methodist ministry 1893-1924 sometime India died 1924 Bournemouth
McConnell, Samuel John Mrs. Agincourt Avenue PL SGEx 1stXV Educationalist BA(TCD)1907 MA
McFarlane, Thomas B. T. McC. Newtownstewart PL 1stXV Reformed Presbyterian ministry BA(RUI)1903 died 1963 at Newry
McIlwaine, Alexander Rev. Andrew Cranagill   Business career Portadown died 1905 at Newtownstewart
McKee, John Strahan Dr. Samuel Great Victoria Street PL Presbyterian ministry (Newtowncrommelin) 1914-War (CF) died 1963
McKee, Samuel Kenny Dr. Samuel Great Victoria Street   Physician MB(QUB)1910 DPH 1914-War (RAMC) Plymouth
McKenzie, John Joseph     PL  
McKinstry, Archibald (Sir) Robert Larne   Managing Director Babcock & Wilcox Ltd. London BA(RUI)1898 HonDSc (QUB) MIME MIEE 1914-War (Director of Munitions Australia) Director BBC 1922-27 died 1952 at London
McMillan, Arnold (Wallace) Rosetta Park    
Malcomson, Walter        
Mayes, Thomas H. Thomas Mountpleasant PL Accountant 1914-War (RIR) 1939-War (RAPC) died 1968 at Edinburgh
Murray, Stuart Erskine (Gault) Adelaide Park    
Nicholas, Robert Rev. Wm. M. MCB PL Lc Belfast Bank manager (Rathfriland) died 1951 at Belfast
Nicholas, Wm. Houghton Rev. Wm. M. MCB   Commerce died 1928 at Ashley Avenue Belfast
Oliver, Arthur Rev. James Lurgan    
Orr, Robert     PL  
Pinion, Godfrey James Belgravia PL 1stXV Agency Manager Ireland (Motor Union Insurance Co. Ltd.) Rugby (Collegians (12)1902-06 NIFC and Ireland) died 1956
Pinion, Stanley James Belgravia PL 1stXV Physician MB(QUB)1910 Rugby (Collegians(29) 1902-04 Ulster & Lancashire) 1914-War (RAMC) 1939-War (MN - died at sea 1942)
Riddall, Gervase C. V. Rev. Dr. Ulsterville Avenue   Teacher BA(Lond) Northwood Middlesex
Robb, Hamilton Victor H. M. Ulsterville Avenue PL Motor trade London 1914-War (RE) died 1952 at Highgate London
Robb, Harford M. H. M. Ulsterville Avenue PL died 1911 at Ballyshannon Co. Donegal
Robb, James Donnelly H. M. Ulsterville Avenue   Linen business (Richardson Sons & Owden Ltd.) 1914-War died 1970
Robinson, George H. George Botanic Avenue MG emigrated to New Zealand died 1941 at Auckland
Seymour, Samuel H. E. Robert Fitzwilliam Street PL JG  
Stockdale, Frederick        
Stratton, Benjamin R. R. Leitrim 1stXV 1914-War (Army) Muswell Hill London
Taylor, J. G. R.        
Taylor, Samuel        
Thompson, Charles Wm.       Church of Ireland clergy BA(TCD)1906 Hazaribagh Bihar India
Troughton, Herbert J. James Fitzroy Avenue   Director and Secretary John Gunning & Sons Ltd. Died at 1969 at Bangor
Verner, W. H. Lisburn Road    
Walsh, Harold Victor S. Robert Malone Road   Physician MB(QUB)1913 1014-War (RAMC) died 1962 at Ipswich Suffolk
Wilson, James Wm. A.       Physician MB(RUI)1903 MD(QUB)1913 Cambridge
Wilson, Thomas Wm. C.        
Winter, William H.        
Wood, Wm. Valentine (Sir) George Antrim Road   President London Midland & Scottish Railway 1939-53 died 1959

1894-95 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Black, Edith Maud James University Square PL  
Black, Mabel Jane N.     PL  
Black, Nina Hill James University Square    
Bracken, Louisa Jane Hugh Blacklion Cavan   (George A. Moore Moorlough Co. Fermanagh 1911)
Browne, Ethel Martha F. W. Deramore Park PL  
Browne, Eunice Maud        
Campbell, Caroline        
Campbell, Elizabeth K. Rev. J. W. R. Kingstown JG  
Conlin, Olive J. Rev. Wm.      
Crosby, Beatrice E. F. W. J. Fleetwood Street    
Davey, Victoria        
Doonan, May K. (Adams) Liverpool    
Garrett, Jane John Carrickfergus   died 1935 at Ballygawley Co. Tyrone
Gibson, Mary Isabel Rev. T. E. Portadown 1stXI  
Hazelton, Lucy A. Lynn Rev. Edwd. Claremont Street   (Robert S. Thompson Belfast) died 1980 at Belfast
Irwin, Annie J. K.        
Irwin, Mary        
Irwin, Sarah Thomas Lurgan   died 1932 at St. Malo France
Kirkwood. Eleanor Jane Rev. James Ormeau Road   (Rev. Irvine Kirkpatrick) died 1973 at Terenure Dublin
Kirkwood, Frances Hill Rev. James Ormeau Road PL SG (Wm. Lumley Robertson 1911) BA(RUI)1903 died 1950 at Terenure Dublin
Kirkwood, May Elizabeth Rev. James Ormeau Road PL MG 1stXI (Rev. John A. Walton MA) died 1972 at Howth
Larmour, Helena        
Lynd, Sarah Purvis Rev. John Eglantine Avenue PL  
McDowell, Helen F. T. McC. Rathgar PL  
McDowell, R. W. R. W. Old Park Crescent    
Maguire, Mary Jane Rev. Wm. Portadown PL (Rev. W. Johnstone Hunter Belfast 1916) Killiney Co. Dublin
Nicholas, Lucinda H. Rev. Wm. MCB   Teacher (MCB) died 1967
Oliver, Elizabeth Rev. James Lurgan PL (Thomas W. Bunting Lurgan 1908)
Oliver, Elizabeth M. T. S. Ashley Avenue PL (Robert Harvey Lurgan 1916)
Robinson, Agnes M.        
Robinson, Edith W. Rev. W. A. H. Clonakilty PL  
Rutherford, Mary Jane Rev. Thomas Downpatrick   died 1900 at Ballymena age 17
Sumner, Mildred John University Avenue PL 1stXI died 1963 at Bangor Co. Down
Thompson, L. G.        
Trotter, Elizabeth J. McC. Rev. F. A. Dromore PL MG 1stXI  
Winter, Josephine        

1895-96 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Adams, Hugh Bell James Donegall Pass PL 1stXV Lc RM Insurance agent Belfast Rugby (Collegians(101) 1901-08)
Agnew, Harold Arthur S. R. Kansas Avenue PL Civil Service Londonderry MBE founded N-W Branch Irish HockeyU d 1938
Anderson, Samuel        
Arbuthnot, Clifford W. E. W. H. College Gardens   Engineer BA(RUI)1906 BE(RUI) CIE Indian Service of Engineers Member of Bombay & Sind Commission 1937 1914-War (SikhsRE) Bombay India
Arbuthnot, Kenneth C. G. W. H. College Gardens   Industrial chemist (Blyth & Platt Watford) BA BSc (RUI) FIC Watford
Bannister, Fred McC Peter Stranmillis Road    
Barnes, Walter Crawford Rev. George Eglantine Avenue PL Lc  
Bradley, Gerald G. Major C. E. West Elmwood    
Bradley, Philip W. Major C. E. West Elmwood PL  
Burnside, Francis M. Rev. S. D. Mount Charles PL Government service Melbourne Australia 1914-War (Royal Marines)
Burnside, Godfrey M. Rev. S. D. Mount Charles   1914-War (Royal Marines)
Campbell, John Barron Hugh Waring Street   Business career died 1966 at Jordanstown Co. Antrim
Campbell, Samuel G. William Lower Crescent    
Capper, Bass Durant Bass College Gardens PL Linen business 1914-War (RFC - died oas 1917)
Capper, Douglas Durant Bass College Gardens   Linen merchant (Bass Capper & Co. Ltd. Belfast)
Clarke, John Wadsworth John Wellington Park    
Coates, John Dunville Stanley B. Shaftesbury Square PL Solicitor (J. D. Coates & Co. Belfast) died 1953 age 68
Coates, Stanley B. Stanley B. Shaftesbury Square   Merchant Navy 1914-War (Indian Army-MC) died 1954 at Donaghadee
Coulter, Fred Ernest        
Courtney, Francis Samuel Castlereagh Street PL Director Samuel Courtney Ltd. Bitumen manufacturer Belfast
Cronne, Frederick Wm. Henry A. Magdala Street   Manufacturers' agent 1914-War 
Davis, John C. A. Rev. Thomas Coleraine   Business career 1914-War (Rifle Brigade) died 1933 at London
Dobbs, John William Mountpottinger 1stXV emigrated to South Africa 1914-War (SAfricanEF)
Elliott, Robert J. Rev. James     Methodist ministry 1897-1958 BA(RUI)1897 GovMCB died 1958 at London
Finlay, Wm. Frederick        
Fishbourne, Hutchison P. William Ballynahinch   Business career died 1968 at the Spa Ballynahinch
Fisher, John Carew J. M. Rosetta Park    
Gardner, Campbell James University Square   Physician RCP&S(I)1925 DPH(QUB)1931 died 1969 age 85 at Belfast
Gibson, Hedley H. V. W. Ballywalter   Printer Belfast
Govan, Thomas Hugh Thomas R. North Parade PL Representative died 1937 at Lisburn Co. Antrim
Gregg, Edward Andrew Edward Glandore Street JG Physician LRCP&S(I)1909 MD(Lpool)1950 London died 1969
Guiler, James Rowland James Ormeau Road PL Manufacturers' agent North Road Belfast
Harper, Arthur Fred M. Andrew Marlborough Park   Violinist and composer died 1916 at Scheveningen Netherlands
Holmes, James McA. John Islandmagee PL 1stXV Physician MB(RUI)1903 1914-War (RN-DSO) 1939-War (RN) CRFC(86)1899-1904) FRCS died 1961 age 83
Houston, Victor F. F. H. Granville Gardens PL  
Hunter, James Herbert Wm. J. Eglantine Avenue   emigrated to Canada sometime at Winnipeg Manitoba 1914-War (CEF)
Hunter, Stanley Wm. J. Eglantine Avenue PL Director Ruddell Harvey & Co. Ltd. Belfast 1914-War (RIR)
Hunter, Wm. Johnstone Wm. J. Eglantine Avenue ThSt Methodist ministry since 1912 1914-War (CF) *Killiney Co. Dublin
Inwood, Charles Wm. N. Rev. C. College Gardens PL emigrated to the USA died 1924 age 41 at Sierra Madra California
Johnston, Henry Martin Rev. John Dunluce Avenue PL SG 1stXV Belfast Bank Galwally Avenue Belfast died 1969
Kelly, Walter        
Kennedy, James Norman        
Laird, Francis Morrow     MGEx TM Civil Service BA(TCD)1906 1914-War (Army)
Lewis, Enoch Frederick Rev. James Castlefin PL Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering) National University of Ireland BA(RUI)1909 BE(NUI)1910) PhD(NUI)1942
Lowe, Thomas Alfred Alfred Chlorine Gardens PL Author ("Tallow") of military books sometime military correspondent (Times of India) 1914-War (RIFus-MC DSO) died 1967 at Isle of Islay
Lowry, D. L. O.       Business career Ventnor Isle of Wight
Lyttle, George Gibson Robert Osborne Park PL Physician MB(Lond)1909 FRCS OBE 1914-War (RAMC) died 1974 age 88
McBride, William John Sandhurst Road   Linen merchant Belfast
McDowell, Alexander James Malone Road    
McDowell, Frederick James Malone Road PL Lc  
McDowell, Herbert James Malone Road    
McDowell, Thomas H. M. Thomas P. Botanic Avenue   died 1897 age 11 at Belfast
McKee, William Henry James H. Chichester Park PL MG 1stXV Lc Editor of the Belfast News-Letter (1928) (London Editor 1916-28) GovBRA Rugby (Collegians(34)1899-1903 and Ulster) died 1956
McMullen, George Robert Adelaide Park    
McNeill, David Daniel Bushmills   Retail business Bushmills Co. Antrim
Martin, William Robert Ballynahinch   Physician LRCP&S(Edin)1912 FRCS(Edin) died 1954 at Bournemouth
Masterson, Albert Edwd. William Strandtown    
Oliver, Charles Alex T. S. Ashley Avenue    
Orr, Wm. Robert M. Rev. James Aughnacloy PL Church of Ireland clergy (Rector of Gilford 1920-57) BA(RUI)1907 MA LLB(QUB)1911 LLD(QUB)1912 died 1967 at Ballygally Co. Antrim
Patterson, Victor Alex Wm. R. College Park East PL Business career CBE DL JP died 1957 at Vexley Kent
Price, Edgar Alex P. W. G. Ulsterville Avenue PL 1stXV 1srXI Business career Rugby (Collegians(7)1907)
Purdon, Richard H. F. Dr. R. J. Dublin Road   Belfast Bank then emigrated to Canada dog breeder died 1953 Vancouver
Sayers, Robert McM. Robert Mountpottinger PL JG Editor (1939) and then Managing Director Belfast Telegraph 1953-62 CBE HonMA(QUB) died 1964 at Belfast GovMCB
Sayers, R. Roycroft Robert Mountpottinger ThSt Methodist ministry 1909-60 1914-War(CF) GovMCB died 1960 age 79
Shillidy, George Alex Rev. John Surat India PL Inspector-General of Police Bombay Presidency (1935) CIE
Smiley, Marriott T. Rev. William   PL SGEx Professor of Greek University College London BA(TCD)1905 MA died 1956 at Aberystwyth Wales
Smiley, Wm. Percival H. Rev. William   PL SGEx 1stXV Physician Belfast BA(TCD)1907 MB(TCD)1910 died 1959 at Belfast 1914-War (Army)
Smith, Douglas A. E. Rev. N. E. Botanic Avenue    
Smith, Robert Seymour Rev. N. E. Botanic Avenue    
Smith, Wm. Edward Rev. N. E. Botanic Avenue    
Stack, Charles Maurice E. C. Claremont Street    
Stafford, Wm. Benjamin William Wellesley Avenue    
Stevenson, John        
Thompson, John John Ballylesson 1stXV 1914-War (RIR)
Tinkler, Alfred E. B. David H. Malone Avenue   emigrated to Canada
Tinkler, David H. M. David H. Malone Avenue   emigrated to Canada
Trowbridge, Ernest G. George Mount Pleasant PL  
Ward, Robert Campbell Owen Stranmillis Road    
Watson, Edwin Harry E. H. Bangor   Business career died 1939 at Long Island New York USA
Wilson, Charles   Bailieborough ThSt Methodist ministry 1897-1947 died 1947
Wood, Arthur Evans R.        
Wood, Edward Ernest     1stXV  
Wright, Wesley Rev. John Newtownstewart    

1895-96 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Alford, Annie Georgina Rev. Wm. Ligoniel PL MGEx died 1904
Anglin, Florence Ethel        
Bannister, Elizabeth F. Peter Stranmillis Road    
Beattie, Hester Mary Alex Clonmel 1stXI  
Campbell, Jeanette William Lower Crescent PL (John W. Murphy Belfast 1921)
Capper, Eileen Mary     PL MG (R. Glendinning Belfast) Malone Road Belfast
Capper, Margaret Violet Bass     Carnoustie Angus Scotland
Clarke, Isobel Masterson Rev. G. Glenavy PL 1stXI SG Teacher BA(RUI)1904
Daly, Eileen M. Rev. James Glastry PL RM Music Teacher died 1942 at Eglantine Gardens Belfast
Gentleman, M. Olive Rev. B. E. Enniskillen PL MG 1stXI (Professor Isaac Swain Moira 1913)
Gilmore, Frances Mary David     died 1968 at Malone Avenue Belfast
Glover, Amelia Letitia William South Parade    
Harpur, Florence Rev. Wm. Athlone PL died 1926 at Chlorine Gardens Belfast
Inwood, Eileen Annie Rev. C. College Gardens    
Inwood, Ethel Emma Rev. C. College Gardens    
Jamison, Mary Kathleen Rev. Robt. Newry SG 1stXI Teacher BA(RUI)1903 died 1952 at Rostrevor Co. Down
Johnson, Mary Louisa F. Knock    
Lewis, Sarah Maria E. Rev. James Castlefin PL  
Martin, Margaret K. John E. Dromore PL SG  
Merrick, Mary Eliz R. Cork PL JG  
Neill, Anna Isabel R. G. Omagh    
Oliver, Dorothea T. S. Ashley Avenue PL JG died 1949 at Bangor Co. Down
Oliver, Jessie T. S. Ashley Avenue MG  
Oliver, Sarah Armstrong T. S. Ashley Avenue PL MG (Rev. W. B. Smith Edmonton 1916) BA(RUI)1905 settled in Canada
Orr, Alice Maud M. Rev. Robt. Castleblayney PL MG Nursing 1914-War (QAIMNS) died 1962 at Lambeg
Park, Helen M. Rev. John O. Bandon PL JG Principal Methodist College Colombo BA(RUI)1908 died 1941
Park, Lilian Isabel Rev. John O. Bandon   (Caleb S. Musgrave 1908)
Porter, Frances Dora        
Purdon, Eleanor May F. A. E. Eglantine Avenue    
Purdon, Emily Ellen A. E. Eglantine Avenue    
Ross, Annie Ethel J. Ballymena    
Ross, Louise Georgina J. Ballymena    
Roulston, Edith Jane Rev. H. T. Dungannon   died 1973 at Bangor Co. Down
Shillington, Annie H. Lurgan PL SGEx 1stXI (A. Fingland Jack) Head Classical mistress at Manchester High School until marriage BA(RUI)1906 BA(RUI)1906 BA(Cantab)1909 died 1942 Birmingham
Stevenson, Dora M.     PL SG 1stXI  
Traill, Alexandra M. K.        
Traill, Alice        
Turtle, Medora Morton John Lonsdale Street    
Woods, Violet May H. S. Marlborough Park    

1896-97 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Andrews, Joseph Moody W. H. Eglantine Avenue PL SG Manufacturers' agent died 1969 at Bangor Co. Down
Arnott, John Henry Mrs. E. Baltic Avenue SG 1stXV  
Ball, Fred Joseph Rev. H. Ormeau Road PL SG 1stXV Methodist ministry (1908) missionary in China then the USA BA(RUI) 1906 BSc(NUI)1914 Rugby CRFC(17)1908 Ulster & Connaught)
Baird, Thomas Henry Mrs. South Parade   Business career died 1950 at Antrim Road Belfast
Berrington, Robert T. McC. H. Lisburn Road PL Fancy Linen manufacturer Belfast
Bradley, Charles R. S. Major C. E. West Elmwood    
Broomfield, Herbert S. G. T. Glenfield Place   Director H. S. Broomfield & Co. coal merchants Belfast died 1949
Brown, James Riddle Robert Bloomfield   Business career in Canada died 1940 at Vancouver BC
Carrothers, John Wesley   Brookeborough ThSt Methodist ministry 1898-1942 MA LLD 1914-War (CF) died 1942 age 69
Cather, Robert Ernest M. S. The Mount    
Christie, Wm. Richard Rev. Wm. J. Falls Road   emigrated to Canada
Clayton, C. H. Macartney Rev. Wm. J. Clonmel ThSt RM Methodist ministry 1905-67 BA(TCD)1912 MA died 1967 at Belfast
Croly, Robert George G. Dr. T. H. Westport PL JG 1stXV Physician MB(RUI)1904 FRCS(Edin) 1914-War (Indian Army) Bombay
Crowley, Gerrard A. Thomas Kinsale PL SG 1stXV Lc Physician MB(TCD)1904 MA 1914-War (RAMC) Harrogate Yorkshire
Cunningham, Wm. Bruce J. B. Shropshire PL  
Forde, John Lemon James Cavehill Road    
Forde, Thomas Wm. Rev. Thomas Ballymena   Physician MB(RUI)1908 Denaby (McClure Forde & Bell) died 1937
Fryer, William John James Eglantine Avenue   Commercial traveller Belfast
Greer, John Wm. J. Springfield Road   Engineer BA(QUB)1910 BE
Gregg, Gilbert Gerard Shillelagh    
Hamilton, Samuel A. H. C. Lawrence Street JG Manufacturers' agent Belfast
Holmes, Benjamin Arthur Elmwood Avenue    
Holmes, Thomas S. S. John Islandmagee PL SGEx 1stXV Physician MB(RUI)1907 FRCS(Lond)1914 1914-War (RAMC) POBA Rugby (Collegians (123) 1903-10 and Ulster) died 1964 at Malone Road
Hunter, George Alley Wm. J. Eglantine Avenue   Business career died 1931 at Salisbury Gardens Belfast
Kerr, James Gunning Hugh Portaferry PL  
Kevin, Robert George Charles Ormeau Road PL MG Physician MB(RUI)1908 MD(QUB)1911 died 1946 at Lisburn Road Belfast
Lee, Harrison H. James Lisburn Road    
Lee, William S. James Lisburn Road PL  
Little, Robert Rev. R. Wexford    
Lowry, J. B.       Business career Christchurch Hampshire
Macaulay, Wm. Stonehill William Shaftesbury Square    
McIlwaine, Henry Rev. Andrew   PL Congregational Church (Connsbrook Belfast 22 years) died 1966
McKinney, David Orr Samuel Cookstown   Optician and chemist Cookstown Co. Tyrone died 1941
MacWilliam, Walter E. Rev. J. W. A. Blacklion PL Property dealer Rostrevor Co. Down died 1961
Magee, Joseph L. W. Robert Woodvale Road 1stXV Asst. Branch Manager General Accident Assurance Corp Ltd. Died 1942 Cricket (Woodvale)
Mantell, Aubrey Louis Mount Pleasant   returned to the USA
Martin, Wm. Herbert J. P. Osborne Park   Scientist MA BSc died 1970 at Greenisland
Murray, Henry Craig W. Godfrey Wellington Park    
Murray, John Hobson Mrs. Julia Hardcastle Street PL  
Neill, John Edward Isaac Lisburn Road ThSt Methodist ministry 1899-1936 in India for 21 years BA d1936 age 62
Nelson, Howard     PL 1stXV  
O'Flaherty, Charles W. T. W. Eglantine Avenue    
Osborne, Harry S. John S. Stranmillis Gardens PL RM  
Osborne, Ledlie Robert P. Stranmillis Road    
Pulvertaft, Amos Wm. Robert Cork JG Brass founder business in Cork
Redmond, John       Methodist ministry then CI clergy (Kilbride 1935-51) BA(RUI)1899 1914-War
Robertson, Wm. Thomas William Dunluce Avenue PL SGEx 1stXV Legal clerk Dublin BA(RUI)1907 died 1950 at Bangor Co. Down
Robinson, John Burleigh       Manufacturers' agent Belfast
Rothwell, Thomas G. Rev. Thomas Ballinasloe PL SGEx 1stXV Physician MB(NUI)1912 1914-War (RAMC) died early 1960s at Folkestone
Seeton, Frederick W. J. Ormeau Road   Business career died 1923 at Cregagh Road, Belfast
Sharpe, Wm. Douglas (Hamilton) Donegall Pass    
Shaw, Wm. Lindsay Martin Lisburn Road PL RM 1stXV XI Scientist BA(RUI)1907 BE 1914-War (RE - killed oas 1918) CRFC(63)1905-14
Stinson, James Norwood T. A. Lisburn Road    
Strain, Douglas C. R. Douglas Eglantine Avenue   1914-War (RIR)
Strain, Wm. Reid R. Douglas Eglantine Avenue    
Tate, James Hunter Thomas Caledonia Terrace   Manufacturers' agent OBE 1914-War (Tank Corps) died 1966 Helen's Bay
Thompson, Fred W. McK.       Dentist Wellington Park Belfast died 1959
Thompson, Henry P. Rev. Samuel Dungiven PL 1stXV  
Thompson, Robert Charles Mount Charles    
Thompson, Thomas Thomas Edinburgh PL SGEx  
Thompson, Thomas Albert T. H. Fitzwilliam Street PL Customs officer Fitzroy Avenue Belfast
Tweedie, H. S.       Business career Dunmurry Co. Antrim died 1951
Watson, Standish John Adam Dromore PL MG RM Physician MB(RUI)1909 Cambridge
Watson, William John Surg-Col Hampton Terrace    
Wood, Malcolm Herbert George Camberwell Street   Engineer with the Canadian Pacific Railway died 1952 age 67
Wright, John Samuel Rev. John Newtownstewart    
Yeates, Edwin William Upper Crescent    
Young, Oliver Gordon James Whitehouse   Ships' store merchant (James Young & Son Ltd. Belfast) died 1964

1896-97 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Adair, Margaret Annie        
Boyd, Elinor May Nathaniel Carnmoney    
Bracken, Jane Rev. Wm. A. Sligo PL 1stXI  
Broomfield, Elsie Harriet G. T. Glenfield Place    
Campbell, Alice M. F. Robert Castlereagh Road PL  
Campbell, Ethel Louisa     PL Teacher BA(QUB)1911
Chapman, Lucinda T. Wm. A. Malone Road   died 1921 at Pembroke Dublin
Colville, Lilly Evelyn Charles Camden Street PL MG died 1968 at Camden Street Belfast
Erskine, Ethel Elizabeth Joseph High Street PL SG 1stXI  
Ferguson, Amelia H. Galwally    
Gilmour, Ada C. Mrs. India Street PL  
Govan, Sarah Little Thomas B. North Parade PL died 1972 at Belfast
Gray, Agnes Henrietta Mrs. J. Eglantine Avenue   died 1974 at Merville Garden Village Newtownabbey
Greer, Jeannie Wm. J. Springfield Road    
Hodgkinson, May I. (Beatty) Chichester Park   (Edward Donaghy) died 1965 at Vancouver BC Canada
Irwin, Florence   Lurgan PL SG Domestic Economy teacher Warden Stranmillis T. C. Women's Hostel 1922-46 broadcasting and books on cookery died 1965 age 82 at Belfast
Laird, Evelyn M. Dr. John Sligo PL MG 1stXI Teacher BA(RUI)1903 died 1910 age 29 at Dublin
Laird, Sara Kathleen Rev. C. S.   PL SGEx 1stXI Teacher BA(RUI)1905 Headmistress Canton Girls' Boarding School China (Rev. John W. Carrothers MA LLD) Dublin
Latchford, Mary K. Tralee    
Lee, Lydia Katharine James Lisburn Road    
McBride, Wilhelmina M. E. John Downpatrick    
McCandless, Eleanor William Londonderry    
McClements, Margaret E. John Newtownards   (James Mairs Newtownards) died 1950
McCully, Margaret C. Thomas Londonderry    
McDowell, Mabel C. Dr. T. H. Rathgar    
McKee, Florence Alex Lurgan JG  
McMeekan, Elizabeth S.   Newtownards    
McMeekan, Margaret   Newtownards    
Magill, Jane Rev. John Donaghadee   (Frederick E. Lewis BE PhD Dublin 1911) St. Kevin's Park Dublin
Mantell, Gladys Mabel Louis Mount Pleasant    
Marshall, Harriette Mrs. Malone Road    
Moncrieff, Wilhelmina L. Charles E. Bangor 1stXI  
Morgan, Ruby Robert Adelaide Park    
Ritchie, Anita Moore Lewis Eglantine Terrace    
Robb, Elizabeth M. H. M. Ulsterville Avenue PL SG 1stXI (R. Wallace Harland Belfast) Physician MB(QUB)1914 sometime missionary at Mysore India GovMCB POGA died 1972 at Kilmalcolm
Robinson, Susan S. Mrs. Rathgar    
Roddie, Nina K. L. A. G. Lisburn Road PL MG (James Bell Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1940) Teacher BA(RUI)1905
Smith, Kathleen Mary A. N. Bandon 1stXI  
Stewart, Lizzie Marie Wm. J. Castlefin    
Sumner, Florence John University Avenue   Nursing 1914-War (QAIMNS) died 1959 at Cape Town South Africa
Thompson, Grace Thomas College Gardens PL  
Thompson, Jane Thomas College Gardens PL  
Turner, Diana        
White, Anna Patricia M.     SG  
Wilson, Elia Sullivan Rev. W. M. Cloughjordan PL RM Nursing 1914-War (QAIMNS) died 1942
Wilson, Mary Vanston Rev. W. M. Cloughjordan    

1897-98 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Alexander, John J. Ballymena    
Alford, George Bertram Rev. Wm. Ligoniel   Business career died 1954
Barry, John McClure Mrs. Lisburn Road   Mechanical engineer AMIME died 1969 at Cleaver Park Belfast
Bateman, Reginald J. G. Godfrey Limerick PL Teacher BA(TCD)1906 MA
Black, Harold     PL RM Physician MB(QUB)1910 MD(QUB1915 DPH Edgbaston Birmingham
Bright, Victor J. Whitehall Gardens    
Burke, Frederick Alex John Castlederg    
Capper, Harold Legard Harford South Parade PL Commerce Ipswich
Capper, Joseph Mulloy Harford South Parade   Belfast Bank official died 1941 at King's Road Knock
Coulter, John Gabriel Rev. G. Aughnacloy PL died 1916 at Dundonald
Crawford, Arthur Rev. Wm. Kinnaird Terrace    
Crawford, Herbert de L Rev. Wm. Kinnaird Terrace PL Physician MB(TCD)1910 MD FRCS 1914-War (RAMC) died 1948 at London
Downey, George Cron James L. Shaftesbury Square PL MG Northern Bank Hon. Sec. Ulster Automobile Club died 1969 age 79
Duncan, Herbert Gerrard Mrs. Stranmillis Road   Business career died 1959 at Ealing Middlesex
Fairlie, Edward R. J. Magdala Street    
Finlay, James J. Cliftonpark Avenue   Heating engineer OBE MIEE MIHVE 1914-War (RIR) died 1946
Finlay, Maurice M. L.     1stXV  
Foster, James E. C. Mrs. Sarah Kinnaird Street PL  
Graham, Thomas Houston W. G. Malone Avenue PL Director Graham & Heslip Ltd. Printers Belfast died 1947 at Belfast
Green, John Charles L. Mrs. M. Fitzwilliam Street    
Guiler, John Herbert James Ormeau Road   Chemist LPSI Ormeau Road Belfast
Houston, James James Cliftonpark Avenue    
Kerr, Frederick Heron J. H. Tinahely PL SG 1stXV Lc Civil Service (NI) OBE Knock Road Belfast
Kirk, William A. Andrew Rathfriland   Wine and spirit merchant Rathfriland Co. Down
Kyle, Matthew D. J. Lurgan    
Leathem, James Dr. Robt. Belgravia PL Musician
Lester, Charles Wesley William Ballymena   Ulster Bank official died 1962 at Portrush Co. Antrim
Love, Robert Fawcett David Somerset Terrace PL Business career (R. & W. Love carriers Belfast)
Love, William Fawcett David Somerset Terrace   Representative (Clothing) Belfast died 1961 at Bangor Co. Down
McCombe, John Smith Robert Ealing Middx. PL RM 1stXV Physician MB(RUI)1907 Army-DSO 1914 & 1939 Wars (RAMC) died 1959
McCombe, Robert Robert Ealing Middx. PL SGEx 1stXV Professor of Literature Mysore College India BA(TCD)1906 MA 1914-War (Indian Army - MC)
McCullough, Albert V. J. Limestone Road MG Imperial Civil Service died 1957 at King's Norton Birmingham
McKeown, James Jenkins John Chlorine Place   Senior partner (McKeown & Martin Ltd. Electrical contractors) died 1935
McMorris, Edwin Thomas Irvinestown    
McMullan, James Hugh Portaferry    
McVitty, Charles Edwin William Bundoran    
McVitty, Henry A. William Bundoran    
Maguire, Francis H. Scott Rev. Wm. Atlantic Avenue PL ThSt Methodist ministry 1909-69 died 1969 age 83 at Ballygawley Co. Tyrone
Malcolm, Henry Price William Knockbreda Road PL SGEx 1stXV Physician MB(QUB)1912 1914-War (RAMC-MC) died 1974 at Belfast
Marshall, Robert Wm. J. Derryvolgie Avenue PL SG RM Physician MB(QUB)1912 MD(QUB)1920 DPH FRCP FRCPI FRCPS 1914-War (RAMC) GovMCB POBA died 1975 at Belfast
Martin, Hugh Smith John J. Antrim 1stXV  
Martin, James W. T. S. Wellesley Avenue    
Mathers, Joseph Henry Magheralin ThSt Methodist ministry 1899-1966 BA(TCD)1896 died 1966 age 92
Meatcham, Jonathan J. Mrs. Amy Elm Street 1stXV  
Moorhead, James Gray Dr. James Malone Road PL  
Moorhead, Joseph Wm. A. Dr. James Malone Road 1stXV Belfast Bank official
Moran, Wm. Patrick Rev. Thomas   ThSt Methodist ministry 1900-52 BA(RUI) 1914-War (CF) died 1952 age 76
Neill, James Scott James Eglantine Avenue PL SGEx 1stXV XI Barrister BA(TCD)1912 Colonial Service CMG HM Resident Agent Tonga Adviser to Queen Salote of Tonga at the Coronation 1953 died 1958
Nichol, John Wesley Rev. John Newry    
Price, W. J. B. W. G. Ulsterville Avenue    
Reid, Frank Haldean        
Robinson, Wm. Jasper   Castlederg ThSt Methodist ministry 1899-1971 BA(RUI) 1914-War (CF) died 1971 age 93
Seale, Theophilus W. R. Clonmel PL 1stXV Bank of Ireland 1914-War (R Munsters - killed oas 1916) CRFC(41)1907-09
Smyth, James   Portadown ThSt Methodist ministry 1900-50 BA(RUI)1900 LLB (RUI)1906 LLD DD (Montreal) Canada 1911-38 (Principal United Theol Coll. Montreal) died 1950
Stevenson, Alex Leslie Alexander Lisburn PL SG RM 1stXV Physician MB(RUI)1907 1914-War (RAMC) CRFC(59)1903-07 died 1955
Thompson, Edwin E. S. H. E. M. Dublin PL  
Thompson, Johnston H. E. M. Dublin PL 1914-War (Irish Guards)
Torrens, Hugh Merrick   Lisburn    
Torrens, Robert Gordon   Lisburn    
Touville, Arthur Reid        
Waring, Fred Robert K. Lucas Lisburn   emigrated to New Zealand died 1936 at Pahiatva North Island NZ
Waring, Lucas Lucas Lisburn   closely identified with the Ulster Volunteer movement died 1942
Waring, Samuel Lucas Lisburn   Rancher 1914-War (RIR) died 1924 at Eden Concho County Texas USA
Watson, Wm. Campbell W. J. Limestone Road   Accountant FSAA Belfast
Wheeler, Charles B. V. Charles H. Newcastle PL General Manager Union S. S. Co. Ltd. Auckland New Zealand 1914-War (NZEF)
Wilson, Willoughby Thomas J. Straid   Solicitor Belfast died 1960 of Elmwood Avenue Belfast
Wood, Charles C. Samuel Malone Avenue   1914-War (RIR-MC) 1939-War (QUBOTC)
Wood, Frederick W. Samuel Malone Avenue PL  
Wright, Robert J. Derryvolgie Avenue PL Lecturer (Chemistry) Glasgow University BA(RUI)1906 BE DSc

1897-98 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Bracken, Mary Edith Rev. Wm. A. Sligo PL 1stXI  
Coulson, Sarah Elizabeth Rev. John Tandragee PL MG died 1963 at Knockburn Park Belfast
Coulter, Anna Mary Rev. G.     (James Arthur Smith Halifax Yorkshire 1910)
Coulter, Harriet Spence Rev. G.   PL Nursing 1914-War (QAIMNS)
Crawford, Edith Matilda Rev. Wm. Kinnaird Terrace    
Crawford, Helen Mary Rev. Wm. Kinnaird Terrace    
Creighton, Martha F. Francis Dublin Road PL (Dr. Hugh Paul Limerick 1919)
Downes, Florence I. A. P. Kilkenny   (Bleakley) died 1972 at Bangor Co. Down
Earls, Frances Eliz.     PL (Fred J. Bamford Clones 1913)
Fishbourne, Anna Selina Mrs. Eglantine Avenue PL MG Nursing 1914-War (QAIMNS)
Gamble, Minnie Gibb James Cliftonpark Avenue PL (Robert M. Sibbet Belfast) Whitewell Newtownabbey died 1976
Hamilton, Blanche A. John Dromore PL JG 1stXI  
Hutchinson, Florence M. E. Rev. J. J. Maguiresbridge PL SG (Joseph Fraser Penarth Wales 1910) BA(RUI) 1906
Kerr, Florence J. E.     PL  
Knox, Isabella E. J.        
Love, Jennie Margaret David Somerset Terrace   (Richard B. MacKeown Ballymena 1925)
Lynas, Eva Gertrude J. L. Southview Street PL Soprano member Belfast Philharmonic Society for 25 years died 1938
Lynd, Dora Rev. John Eglantine Avenue PL 1stXI Nursing 1914-War (QAIMNS-RRC)
McCreedy, Anastasia Rev. Edwd. Malone Road   Very active social worker Chairman of the Belfast Board of Guardians in the 1930s died 1954 at Beechlands Belfast
McCreedy, Irene Rev. Edwd. Malone Road    
McKellar, Daisy Masson   Greenock PL 1stXI  
Moore, Mary Jane Edward Malone Road    
Nicholas, Eliza