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Methodist College Register
1868 to 1920
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the register goes up to 1984 but I am only transcribing based on the 100 year rule
so pupils born up to the 31st December 1922 are included
I will update each year - Mary

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1868-69 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Agnew, J. C.        
Alley, William Rev. George Agnes Street   emigrated to the USA
Ayliff, W. E.   South Africa    
Bailey, H.        
Bailey, John        
Bailey, Wm. Frederick James L. Mount Charles PL 1stXV Physician MD(RUI)1884 many years at Cape Town died 1917 in Natal
Blair, T. H.        
Bottomley, H. Henry H. University Square    
Boyd, John St. Clair John K. Donegall Pass   Physician MD(RUI)1886 died 1918 at Malone Road, Belfast
Boyd, S.        
Bracken, Wm. Armstrong William C. Blacklion Cavan PL Methodist ministry 1876-1920 GovMCB died 1920 in Dublin
Brown, G. B.     PL  
Brown, L. A.        
Burgess, William R. William Athlone   Established a successful woollen export business to the USA Hon. Sec. Wesley College, Dublin, 1917-1937 GovMCB JP POBA died 1937 age 83
Carey, William S. Rev. James Ballymena PL Methodist ministry 1879-1927 BA(QUI)1879 died 1927 at Monaghan
Cather, Robert G. Rev. R. G.   1stXI Entered the tea trade at Tetley's, London
Collier, J. J.        
Collier, John Thomas Rev. Robert Donegal PL 1stXI Physician MD(QUI)1878 practised at Lincoln for many years
Collins, F. H.        
Collins, John Sheil William M. Nottinghill   Physician MD(QUI) died 1893 age 33 at Sydney NSW Australia
Cordner, A. Clement K. Victoria Street PL  
Corry, C.        
Corry, William (Sir) Sir J. P. Dunraven PL Shipowner (J. P. Corry & Co., Belfast) died 1927 age 67 at Esher Surrey
Crawford, Alexander James W. Cloreen PL Spent an adventurous life in Australia which included leading an exploration party into the then uncharted wastes of Eucla died 1935 Perth WA
Crawford, Fred Hugh James W. Cloreen   During the Home Rule crisis of 1914 organised the successful gun-running at Larne (see 'Ulster's Stand for Union' by Ronald McNeill) CBE JP Boer War (Donegal Artillery) 1914-War(RASC) died 1952 age 91 at Belfast
Crawley, R. R. J. Lower Crescent    
Deeves, R. W. Richard Ballynafeigh Road    
Dennison, J. F. John Mountpleasant PL  
Dennison, S. L. John Mountpleasant    
Dickson, John     PL 1stXI Teacher BA(QUI) 1874 MA
Donald, William J.        
Downing, E. J. John Academy Street   Hardware Merchant, Ormeau Road, Belfast
Fayle, W. K.        
Ferguson, C.        
Ferrar, John Edgar Michael L. Prospect Terrace   Bank of Natal died 1937 age 78
Ferrar, Wm. Augustus Augustus Windsor Avenue   Director H. J. Neill Ltd. Spirit merchants Belfast died 1929 age 79
Finlay, A.        
Finlay, Clarence Wm. Laird Windsor   Director Wolfhill Spinning Co. Ltd. Belfast died 1941 age 78
Finlay, Frederick Wm. Wm. Laird Windsor   Director Wolfhill Spinning Co. Ltd. Belfast
Finlay, Louis       Cashier National Bank Dundela Drive Belfast
Gibb, Alfred Alexander Mountpleasant   Manufacturers' agent Belfast
Gibb, H. T. Alexander Mountpleasant    
Gibb, John C. Alexander Mountpleasant    
Gilbert, John James     PL 1stXI  
Gregg, John William Willowbank   Gregg Sons & Phenix Belfast ironfounders JP London died 1940
Gregg, Samuel T. William Willowbank   Gregg Sons & Phenix Belfast ironfounders Annadale
Gregg, William William Willowbank   Gregg Sons & Phenix Belfast ironfounders Knockbreda Road
Hamilton, J. W.       Manager Belfast
Harte, R. E.     PL 1stXI  
Harvey, -        
Hay, B. J.        
Higginson, John H. John University Square   Managing Director John Higginson & Co. Ltd. Sometime a rancher in Canada died 1948 age 94 at Craigavad Co. Down
Higginson, Robert John University Square   Warehouseman Belfast
Hill, William       Engineer Belfast
Hodgins, -        
Hoey, T. G. Rev. Wm. Lonsdale Street PL Clerk Lothair Avenue Belfast
Holmes, William P. William P. Windsor Terrace PL 1stXV Physician MD(QUI) 1882
Horner, John George Falls Road   Manufacturer of hackling machines for the linen trade, an art collector and an active botanist died 1919 age 70 at Antrim Road Belfast
Jennings, John A. John Windsor   Linen merchant Belfast
Jennings, J. R.        
Johnson, Henry        
Johnston, Robert S. William J. Dunesk   Horse dealer University Road Belfast
Johnston, Thomas R.       Colonial Service Chief Justice of Grenada MA(TCD) LLB(TCD) died 1937
Johnston, W. H.        
Jones, William M.        
Jones, W. R.        
King, W. E. William Mountpleasant    
Kinghan, W. G. Rev. J. Lisburn Road    
Kirk, H. Daniel University Road PL Linen merchant Belfast
Kolkhurst, E. Oscar University Street    
Latchford, James        
Latimer, William        
Lendrum, H. J. C. Donegall Street   Retailer Belfast
Lindsay, David J. David Ashburn   Chmn. Lindsay Bros. Belfast GovMCB died 1924 at Queen's Elms Belfast
Lindsay, James A. David Ashburn   Physician MA(QUI)1878 MD(RUI) FRCP(Lond) 1903 Professor of Medicine Queen's Belfast GovMCB died 1931 age 75
Lindsay, John Alfred Thomas G. Malone Road   Director Lindsay Bros. Belfast
Lindsay, Robert Wesley Thomas G. Malone Road   Director Lindsay Bros. Belfast died 1944 at Crawfordsburn Co. Down
Lindsay, Thomas Graham Thomas G. Malone Road PL Director Lindsay Bros. Belfast
Lutton, Andrew Andrew J. Portadown    
McCay, William Robert Cooke Terrace   Manager Belfast
McClelland, -        
McClelland, Henry Hugh Ulsterville Terrace   Commerce Belfast
McCormack, A. Edward Whitewell   Draughtsman Belfast
McCracken, - Henry Ballynafeigh    
McCullough, H.     PL  
McCullough, William A. William Bangor   Manager Globe Laundry Belfast died 1924
McCully, John Mrs. W. Royal Terrace    
McKee, Joseph West Joseph Antrim Road   Representative of Joseph Rank Ltd. Of Liverpool died 1933 at Helen's Bay
McKibben, T. A.        
Macminn, -        
Magee, Francis James R. Cloreen Place    
Magee, James R. James R. Cloreen Place PL  
Magill, -        
Mateer, E. J.        
Mateer, John Rev. John Joy Street    
Mathews, Alfred   Cheshire    
Mathews, William Y.   Cheshire    
Megarry, John Wesley Bennet Lisburn   Physician MD(QUI)1877 died 1886 age 35 at Davos-Platz Switzerland
Mills, Joseph        
Montgomery, J. H. William Rugby Road PL 1stXV Buyer Linen business Belfast
Montgomery, William William Rugby Road PL Insurance assessor Belfast
Moore, C.        
Moore, Hamilton Rev. John H. University Square   Church of Scotland minister died 1927 at Loudonn Ayrshire
Moore, Wallace     PL Jeweller Belfast
Mullan, R.        
Mullan, W.       Draughtsman Harland & Wolff Belfast died 1929 age 72
Munce, J. William Dublin Road   Surveyor Belfast MInstCE died 1917
O'Brien, Louis Fredk. W. D. Donegall Place PL Director Franklin Laundry Belfast died 1934 age 79 at Myrtlefield Park
Ogston, L. Thomas Botanic Road   Director Ogston & Tennant soap manufacturers Belfast & Glasgow
Oliver, Charles H. Rev. John Dromore PL 1stXI Professor of Mathematics Imperial College Peking 1878-1900 After the Boxer rising entered HM Customs Shanghai BA(QUI)1876 MA died 1937
Parkes, C. W. Scott Claremont Street    
Pelan, George George Kinnaird Terrace   Chartered accountant North Parade Belfast
Phillips, -        
Prenter, James Dawson Thomas Osborne Terrace   Accountant POBA died 1944 at Ormiston Crescent, Belfast
Pring, Arthur Henry Richard W. Fortwilliam Park   Chemist with Grattans Belfast died 1893 at Tenerife Canary Islands
Pullman, John L. Thomas Rosemount   Linen handkerchief manufacturer Belfast
Reid, J. S.        
Reilly, George Erskine George Gloucester Street PL Manager International Salt Co. Ltd. Carrickfergus died 1936 age 83
Roper, William H. M. Lonsdale Street   Warehouseman Balmoral Avenue Belfast
Ross, William        
Rutherford, J. H.        
Salvage, Alfred Samuel Oldpark Crescent    
Salvage, Arthur Samuel Oldpark Crescent    
Shaw, George Rev. George Wellington Park   Linen merchant
Shillington, Thomas A. T. A. Portadown PL T. A. Shillington & Son saw mills and timber merchants Portadown
Smyth, Charles E.   Liverpool   Emigrated to Canada and settled at Montreal
Smyth, Robert N.        
Strong, James E. Thomas Windsor Terrace PL Minister of Religion
Tarleton, Locker Thomas Ulster Terrace    
Thompson, George W. George Lisburn PL Methodist minister 1885-1935 died 1935 at Parkmount Lisburn
Todd, R. J.     PL  
Tomlin, Robert Kingsley R. K. University Square PL Emigrated to the USA died 1926 at Winthrop Maine USA
Totton, Arthur Wm. W. J. Dunluce Terrace PL Emigrated to Australia settling at Melbourne Victoria
Totton, E. J. W. J. Dunluce Terrace    
Turtle, Augustus       Manufacturers' agent Royal Avenue Belfast
Turtle, F.        
Vint, James Jonathan Lonsdale Terrace   Jonathan Vint & Sons merchants Belfast died 1931 at Ballyclare
Vint, Jonathan Jonathan Lonsdale Terrace   Jonathan Vint & Sons merchants Belfast died 1927 at Greencastle
Walker, John        
Wallace, W. Roger   London PL 1stXI  
Watson, T.        
Wheeler, Charles Henry Walter Lennoxvale 1stXV 1stXI Physician MC(QUI)1881 1914-War (NZEF-MC) died 1927 at Cleveland NZ
Wheeler, Walter Henry Thomas K. Clarendon Place   died 1872 age 17 at Belfast
Wheeler, William Arthur Thomas K. Clarendon Place PL 1stXV Lc Physician MB(RUI)1889 1914-War (NZEF) died 1918 in New Zealand
White, A. E.        
Whitley, J.        
Wilson, J.        
Workman, Frank Robert Windsor   Managing Director Workman & Clark JP DL High Sheriff 1913 died 1927
Workman, Henry Robert Windsor   Business career died 1898 at Chislehurst Kent
Young, A. P.        

1869-70 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Alexander, A. Arthur Mountpleasant PL Accountant Salisbury Avenue, Belfast
Allen, Henry        
Armstrong, -        
Ash, James        
Ash, Joseph        
Banfield, Francis     PL  
Banfield, John     PL  
Beatty, William J.   PL President St. John's Theol. College Auckland New Zealand MA(QUI)1882
Bell, -        
Blizzard, H. M.   Old Lodge Road    
Bowker, -        
Boyd, Samuel     PL Teacher
Bracken, William Henry William C. Blacklion Cavan 1stXI QM Physician MD(QUI)1877
Brown, Charles Marcus John S. Edenderry PL John Shaw Brown & Sons Ltd. Damask manufacturers Belfast
Brown, George, Herbert John S. Edenderry   John Shaw Brown & Sons Ltd. JP DL High Sheriff Co. Down died 1908
Carter, -        
Cathcart, George        
Cathcart, John       Warehouseman Belfast
Charley, J. Frederick Henry M. Windsor   Linen manufacturer Belfast
Charley, W. M. Henry M. Windsor    
Croker, H. Dr. George Dundela    
Cronhelm, -        
Davidson, -        
Delacherois, L. W. Daniel Donaghadee    
Delacherois, Samuel G. Daniel Donaghadee    
Downing, W. H. John Academy Street   Commercial Traveller Belfast
Duncan, John Alexander   Kildare PL 1stXI Magistrate Co. Kildare 1892-1923 retired to Scotland
Edison, J. R. J. R. Mount Charles    
Ferguson, James S.        
Foster, James D. sen. Rev. Thomas Innishowen    
Gaffikin, William Thomas Queen's Elms 1stXV Thomas Gaffikin & Sons linen manufacturers JP died 1939 age 86
Gibson, M. C.        
Glass, John C. Hugh Grosvenor Street    
Glenn, R. W. James Ballymacarrett    
Glenn, W. J. James Ballymacarrett    
Green, J. H.       Linen manufacturer
Greene, Reginald     1stXV 1stXI  
Gribbon, Edward Arthur Edward High Street   Gribbon Bros. linen manufacturers Belfast died 1894 age 31
Gribbon, R. W. Edward High Street   Gribbon Bros. linen manufacturers Belfast Circular Road Belfast
Hall, -        
Hamilton, William     PL  
Hanlon, Samuel Michael University Square    
Hartley, C.        
Hazelton, -        
Henry, Hugh        
Henry, Robert Boyd James Dunowen   James Henry & Sons building contractors DL JP died 1947 age 85
Herdman, Arthur T. Alexander Chichester Street   Managing director Smithfield Spinning Co. Belfast
Herdman, Ernest (Sir) John Greencastle PL Chairman Belfast Harbour Commission died 1952 age 96 at Findon Sussex
Herdman, John Octavius John Greencastle PL SG Barrister & Law Coach BA(TCD)1884 MA died 1927 at Finchley London
Heron, J. James Queen Street    
Hill, E.     1stXV  
Holmes, Frank D. William P. Colin View Terrace PL 1stXV Lc Educationalist BA(RUI)1884 many years at Duffield Derbyshire
Jennings, Thomas R. Thomas Botanic Avenue   Clerk Kimberley Street Belfast
Johnson, J. M.        
Johnson, W. H.        
Johnston, P. H.        
Johnston, Samuel        
Johnston, W. H. O.     PL  
Johnston, Wm. Hope William J. Dunesk   Tea merchant Belfast died 1934 at Malone Park Belfast
Jones, W. R.        
Leckey, F. Alexander Fitzroy Avenue   Linen manufacturer
Leghorn, George H. George Clones   emigrated to the USA died 1939 at Seattle Washington USA
Lewis, Charles L. Fred H. Nettlefield PL  
Lindsay, E.        
Lindsay, Robert Graham Robert Sans Souci   Lindsay Thompson & Co. Ltd. Flax spinners Belfast died 1929 at Belfast
Lucas, Henry H. J. Park View Terrace    
Macartney, Frederick John Bedford Street PL  
McCallum, J. James Botanic Avenue    
McCann, John D.        
McClelland, Hugh Hugh Ulsterville Terrace   Manufacturers' agent Belfast
McCoull, Walter John Inkerman Terrace   Tea agent Victoria Street Belfast
McKelvey, David     PL Estate agent Belfast
McMullan, M.     PL  
McNaughton, R. William Sydenham   Secretary Bank Buildings Belfast
McWilliams, William George Wilmont Terrace   Nurseryman Lisburn Road Belfast
Manning, L. G. Edward Havelock Street    
Manning, R. F. Edward Havelock Street    
Masterson, - William Sydenham    
Mathers, James        
Matier, Henry Burrows Henry Hopefield   emigrated to Tasmania died 1887 at Hobart
Maxwell, A. R.     PL  
Mayer, C. R. Rudolph Hibernia Place    
Mayer, F. G. Rudolph Hibernia Place    
Meyer, Robert (Sir) Rev. R. J. Ballina Mayo PL Town Clerk of Belfast 1909-35 Hon. Freeman of Belfast died 1935
Moore, F.        
Moore, James        
Moore, William David Rev. John Elmwood   Physician MD(QUI)1880 Virginia Water Surrey
Mulholland, Cunningham Cunningham Prospect Terrace 1stXV Teacher BA(QUI)1879
Munce, William J. William Pakenham Place PL Legal career BA(RUI)1882 MA LLB(RUI)1890 LLD(RUI)1894
Murphy, -        
Nicholson, A. C. Mrs. S. Wilmont Terrace    
Nicholson, H. H. Mrs. S. Wilmont Terrace    
Nicholson, J. C. Mrs. S. Wilmont Terrace PL  
Ogston, Percy Thomas Botanic Road 1stXI Ogston & Tennant Ltd. Soap manufacturers Belfast and Glasgow
Oldham, Edward G. W. Mrs. Wellington Park   Bank official died 1939 at Eglantine Avenue Belfast
Parkes, Frederick Scott Claremont Street    
Payne, R. Frederick Reuben Dalriada Terrace   Merchant tailor Firs Holywood Co. Down
Reid, J. Seaton J. Seaton Glengall Place    
Reid, J. Stafford       Managing Director J. T. Sinclair & Co. Ltd. Belfast died 1920
Reid, Robert W.        
Reid, Samuel       Tea merchant Belfast
Reid, William J.        
Ritchie, John John Ulsterville    
Savage, Robert        
Shaw, Wilfrid Weaver Rev. George Wellington Park PL 1stXV Presbyterian minister BA(QUI)1879 MA died 1936 at Baltimore USA
Silly, C. B. G. P. Cranburn Street    
Sprott, Thomas Henry William Dromore PL 1st XV 1stXI Bishop of Wellington 1911-36 BA(TCD)1878 MA DD(TCD)1911
Sprott, William J. William Dromore PL Physician MB(QUI)1877 MRCS(E)1879 died 1932 at Manchester age 77
Steele, James       Physician MD(QUI)1878 died 1946 at Castlerock
Stewart, James     PL  
Stringer, Edward John Chichester Street   Merchant tailor Greenwood Knock
Stringer, John John Chichester Street    
Tarleton, Charles T. Thomas Ulster Terrace    
Tarleton, F. W. Thomas Ulster Terrace    
Tarleton, W. E. Thomas Ulster Terrace    
Thomas, George F. Henry F. Claremont Street    
Thomas, Henry F. Henry F. Claremont Street    
Thomas, W. Edward Henry F. Claremont Street    
Thompson, W. F.        
Todd, Henry        
Vance, Frederick     PL  
Williams, William E.        
Wilson, James Thomas        

1870-71 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Ayliff, George   South Africa    
Beatty, R.        
Beatty, William     1stXI  
Bowler, Henry        
Bracken, George William C. Blacklion Cavan PL 1stXI Physician BA(QUI)1879 MA MB(TCD)1889 died 1929 at Oldpark Belfast
Brown, George        
Brown, J. H. V.        
Brown, William        
Butt, Edmund Ormiston John Virginia Cavan   Physician LRCP&S(I)1878 Army Medical Service
Carroll, Robert F. Ward B. Hobson Alfred Street PL President of Marcus Ward Co. New York
Cathcart, Charles R. K. Cambridge Terrace    
Charley, Arthur Norman John College Park E. PL Solicitor Secretary of Industry Ltd. Belfast died 1905
Charley, Henry John College Park E. PL  
Charley, Hill John College Park E.   Emigrated to the USA in the late 1880s sometime at Kansas
Chevers, -        
Collen, Thomas J. John Portadown   Collen Bros. builders and contractors Portadown died 1936
Collen, William G. John Portadown PL TM County Surveyor Dublin BA(TCD)1883 MA MICE MInCE died 1932
Collier, Robert James Rev. Robert Ligoniel PL Physician LRCP&S(Edin)1892 practised in London died 1920 at Bangor
Collins, Frederick        
Cooper, James Morgan Thomas Melrose Terrace PL  
Corry, Thomas Hughes Robert W. Benvue   MA(Caius Cantab) died 1883 age 23
Dawson, -        
Dickson, Alex Fitzherbert Joseph Dromore Down    
Dickson, Herbert        
Dickson, James Simpson Joseph Dromore Down PL  
Doherty, Hugh        
Doherty, William B.        
Edwards, -     PL  
Finlay, W. H.        
Foster, Frederick        
Foster, James D. jun. Rev. Thomas Ballinasloe PL 1stXV 1stXI Methodist ministry 1883-1942 BA(QUI)1878 MA(QUI)1879 died 1942
Fowler, -        
Fulton, -        
Gardiner, A. T. George Prospect Terrace PL 1stXV Bank of Ireland agent died 1939 at Bangor Co. Down age 79
Geoghegan, Edward C. Edward Royal Terrace    
Gilcriest, William Rev. John Lurgan    
Glenn, Robert Allen James Ballymacarrett    
Gracie, Archibald        
Greer, Wm. Anderson Thomas University Street   Northern Bank official died 1932 at Osborne Park Belfast
Gregg, Arthur William Willowbank PL 1stXV Gregg Sons & Phenix iron founders Belfast Knockbreda Park
Guiney, Hugh S.     PL 1stXI  
Hazelton, Frederick        
Hazelton, George        
Hazelton, William        
Irvine, Gerard        
Irvine, Robert S.     PL  
Jennings, Frank John Windsor    
Johnston, Edward Rev. E.     died at Dulwich 1922
Johnston, J. S.     PL  
Johnston, Robert        
Johnston, Robt. Billsland Robert University Road   Opened London agency of Brookfield Linen Co. in 1889 died 1944 Hampstead 1914-War (MGCorps)
Johnston, Samuel Henry        
Johnston, Wm. John H.        
Johnston, William West Robert University Road PL Auditor for several companies in the UK and Australia FCA
Lauder, John Henry H. Charles Street South    
Lauder, William Henry H. Charles Street South    
Leckey, Victor F. B.     F. B. Leckey & Co. linen manufacturers Belfast
Lytle, Joshua John Duncairn House 1stXV Physician MD(QUI)1878 sometime at Shrewsbury Shropshire
McCausland, -        
McCreight, Arthur        
McKay, -        
McKinstry, W.       Rate collector Dunmurry
Mathers, Joseph       Linen and damask manufacturer Queen Street Belfast
Montgomery, Thomas     PL  
Morton, Andrew     PL Auctioneer Deramore Park Belfast
Morton, John A.     PL  
Morton, Victor        
O'Brien, Joshua        
Porter, -        
Pring, Henry Grattan Richard W. Fortwilliam Park   Director Grattan & Co. chemists Belfast died 1942 at Whitehead
Pring, Richard Ward Richard W. Fortwilliam Park   Sometime at Detroit Michigan USA
Reid, R.        
Robertson, John A.        
Robertson, W. Bruce        
Rodgers, James H.        
Rule, Henry O.        
Scott, Henry Higgins       Linen manufacturer
Seymour, Allan        
Seymour, John        
Seymour, Thomas        
Silly, Alfred L. G. P. Cranburn Street    
Sloane, -        
Sprott, Robert     PL School teacher Rugby Road Belfast
Taggart, J. W.        
Tarleton, Henry Thomas Ulster Terrace    
Thompson, Joseph H.        
Wallace, Robert (Sir) Rev. Robert   1stXI Chairman of the County of London Sessions 1907-31 Founded the Probation system for first offenders BA(QUI)1871 LLB(QUI)1873 HonLLD (QUB)1922 MP(Lib)Perth 1905-07 died 1939 age 89
Weir, Arthur James Arthur C. Dunmurry PL Registrar in Bankruptcy Northern Ireland died 1935 age 82
Weir, John Arthur C. Dunmurry   Stockbroker (Robinson & Newett Belfast) died 1934 age 77
Wheeler, George H. Dr. T. K. Clarendon Place PL SG 1stXV Lc Solicitor (White McMillen & Wheeler) Lecturer in Law QUB BA(RUI)1886 MA(RUI) LLB(RUI)1889 Rugby (Queen's & Ireland) died 1955 age 90
Williams, James Eyre        

1871-72 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Adams, Samuel        
Agar, Alexander M.     PL  
Allen, -     PL  
Ayre, W. William University Road St.  
Bate, Albert Louis Henry A. Dublin Road   Physician LRCP&S(I)1884 Boer & 1914-Wars (RAMC) CMG died 1920s
Blochmann, Henry O.     PL 1stXV  
Buchanan, John        
Burkitt, R. E. A. Canon Kilcooley   Merchant Navy drowned in the Bass strait
Carey, James D.     PL  
Christie, Henry F.     PL 1stXV  
Cleminson, -        
Clinchy, -        
Coburn, John George James Banbridge   Seed merchant (James Coburn & Sons Banbridge) died 1929
Collier, Thomas R.     PL 1stXI Headmaster Belfast Royal Academy 1898-1923 BA(QUI)1878 MA(QUI)1882
Charles Cook        
Corbitt, R.        
Corrigan, G. Chapman        
Crook, John Thomas Rev. Robert MCB PL emigrated to the USA died at Eagle's Pass Texas 1896
Crook, Robert Fossey T. Rev. William University Road PL Teacher (Wesley College Dublin) BA(TCD)1888 MA died 1940 at Dublin
Crook, William Rev. Robert MCB PL  
Crook, Wm. Montgomery Rev. William University Road   Teacher (Wesley) and Journalist (Methodist Times) Secretary Home Counties Liberal Federation 1902-31 BA(TCD) OBE FRGS FZS
Ferrar, Michael Lloyd Henry M. Windsor PL Army career Boer War (relief of Kimberley) 1914-War (Green Howards) died 1944
Ferrar, W. E. M. L. Royal Terrace    
Finlay, Thomas E.       died 1875 age 19 at Bournemouth
Frackelton, Henry John Fitzwilliam Street PL Methodist ministry 1886-1941 died 1941 age 79 at Strabane
Frackelton, Thomas John Fitzwilliam Street    
Gardiner, Thomas S.     PL  
Gibson, Joseph Brown     1stXV  
Gilcriest, G. George Rev. John Lurgan   Living at Liverpool in the 1930s
Gilmore, Joseph L.        
Gilmore, Robert        
Gracie, W. A.     PL 1914-War (Army)
Greer, Albert E. Thomas Ormeau Place   Manufacturers' agent Secretary IRFU (Ulster Branch) died 1942
Greer, Thomas Thomas Ormeau Place 1stXV 1stXI  
Hall, Wellesley        
Hamilton, J. M.       Clerk Delhi Street Belfast
Hanlon, L. Michael University Square    
Hart, G. M.     PL  
Hay, Thomas     PL  
Henry, James   Liverpool PL 1stXI Physician MC(QUI)1882 practised at Monaghan for many years
Herd, David St. John St. John Dunmurry PL Barrister BA(TCD)1885 LLD(TCD)1890 died 1935 at Antigua BWI
Herd, Thomas Graham St. John Dunmurry PL Linen merchant died 1926 at Lisburn
Herdman, Arthur Alex. Chichester Street PL Linen manufacturer
Hunter, F.       Linen merchant Belfast
Hunter, William        
Hunter, Wm. Johnstone       Business career of Eglantine Avenue Belfast died 1942 at Dublin
Jardine, William        
Johnston, Joseph B.       Manufacturers' agent Agincourt Avenue Belfast
Jones, Robert        
Keown, Daniel W.  Burtonport    
Keown, William W.  Burtonport PL General merchant Bunbeg Harbour Co Donegal
King, John B. William Mountpleasant   Accountant Belfast
Kirkwood, James James Navan ThSt Methodist ministry 1873-1938 (President 1919) GovMCB died 1938 Dublin
Laird, Caleb Shera     ThSt Methodist ministry 1874-1908 MA GovMCB died 1908
Lamont, James D.     ThSt Methodist ministry 1873-1911 (President 1908) GovMCB died 1911
Latimer, Ernest        
Latimer, James D.        
Lough, A. S.        
McBride, W. E. Samuel Elmwood Avenue   Linen manufacturer Belfast
McCaw, George C. Alex. Botanic Avenue   Printer (McCaw Stevenson & Orr Ltd. Belfast) died 1924 at London
McCullough, R. W.        
Macdonald, James A.     1stXV 1stXI Lc Physician MD(RUI)1887 HonLLD(Birm)1911 Chmn BMA Council Lacrosse (Ireland) Rugby (Queen's & Ireland) died 1928 at Taunton
McFerran, Matthew     PL  
McIntyre, J. D. John Strandtown    
McKee, H. T.     PL Retailer Belfast
McKinstry, Robert Yeates   Lisburn   Thomas Hubbock & Son Ltd. Paint firm London died 1951 at Chichester
McMurray, -        
Mageean, James G. James College Park    
Mageean, Thomas James College Park PL  
Mageean, W. Henry James College Park    
Major, John Joseph James Belvoir Hall PL Church of Ireland clergy died 1926 at Doagh
Major, Parker Erskine James Belvoir Hall   Church of Ireland clergy BA(QUI)1879 MA(QUI) 1880
Maxwell, D. W. F.        
Moore, Hugh John Clandeboye PL  
Morrell, Fred James     Business career died 1921 at Bangor Co. Down
Morrell, W. F. James      
Morris, -     St.  
Mullan, George     PL  
Murphy, -        
Nelson, Joseph Hugh John Dromore Down PL Woollen manufacturer died 1924
Pollard, William Matthew Fitzroy Avenue    
Quaille, William James Rev. Wm. Banbridge   died 1886 age 24
Raphael, John John Cookstown   Barrister LLB(TCD) died 1935 at Dublin
Reid, Washington Pirrie Robert Mount Charles   Bank official died 1961 age 94 at Bournemouth
Salmond, D. C. Thomas Wellington Park    
Savage, J. H.     PL  
Seaver, Charles R. Rev. C. Mountpottinger    
Seaver, Henry Rev. C. Mountpottinger   Architect BE(QUI)1880 FRIAI Lacrosse (NILC & Ireland) died 1941 age 81
Seaver, Richard W. Rev. C. Mountpottinger PL 1stXV 1stXI Church of Ireland clergy (Rector of St. John Malone 1890-1929) MA(QUI)1882 BD(TCD)1895 died 1938 at Deramore Park Belfast
Seaver, William Rev. C. Mountpottinger   Church of Ireland clergy died 1952 at Kilkenny age 95
Smiley, R. J.        
Smiley, William J. Ballynahinch ThS Methodist ministry 1873-86 BA(QUI)1870 LLD (QUI)1882 died 1886 age 35
Smith, David        
Smith, Henry T.        
Smith. Thomas Philip