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Methodist College Register
1868 to 1920
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the register goes up to 1984 but I am only transcribing based on the 100 year rule
so pupils born up to the 31st December 1922 are included
I will update each year - Mary

1868 to 1878      1878 to 1886      1886 to 1893      1894 to 1902      1902 to 1910  

1910 to 1915      1915 to 1920         1920 to 1924          1924 to 1928      1928 to 1931

1931 to 1934             1934 to 1940

1878-79 Boy Entrants  -  1878-79 Girl Entrants  -  1879-80 Boy Entrants  -  1879-80 Girl Entrants
1880-81 Boy Entrants  -  1880-81 Girl Entrants  -  1881-82 Boy Entrants  -  1881-82 Girl Entrants
1882-83 Boy Entrants  -  1882-83 Girl Entrants  -  1883-84 Boy Entrants  -  1883-84 Girl Entrants
1884-85 Boy Entrants  -  1884-85 Girl Entrants  -  1885-86 Boy Entrants  -  1885-86 Girl Entrants

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1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1909 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1947 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970


1878-79 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Angliker, Percy A.     PL  
Arnold, Wilberforce J. J. Wilberforce Upper Crescent PL JG Physician MB(RUI)1894 1914-War(RAMC) Acting Governor St. Helena
Atkinson, George        
Atkinson, William Herbert     PL Teacher BA(TCD)1898
Balfour, Thomas James Wellesley Avenue   Business career died 1947 at Dublin Road Belfast
Barnett, Charles M.     PL  
Barnett, George        
Barnett, Kenneth Bruce     PL Physician MB(RUI)1892 FRCSI Army career 1914-War died 1941
Barnett, Leslie G. Milford Holywood PL Many years at Rosario Santa Fe Argentina died 1925 age 57 London
Bennett, James     PL JG  
Berry, M. J. J. West Matthew York Street   died 1899 age 27 at Larne
Berry, Robert G. J. J. Matthew York Street   Army career 1914-War JP died 1947 at Newcastle age 76
Bowden, Edwin William Upper Arthur Street   Dental surgeon LDS(Eng)1893
Britten, Wm. Barr Fred Derryvolgie Avenue    
Brown, John Cochrane        
Browne, William W.     PL  
Calvert, George Thomas        
Carroll, Henry       Teacher BA(RUI)1884
Chambers, Joseph Alex. Ballykeel   Senior Inspector National Schools Ireland 1904-21 BA(RUI)1883 d 1929
Coates, Wm. Henry W. Trelford Terrace Hill PL Timber merchant (Thos. Dixon & Sons Belfast) died 1950 at Belfast
Cooke, Ralph Bullick     ThS Church of Ireland clergy (Rector of All Saints 1899-1922) d 1922
Cullen, Andrew     ThS Methodist ministry 1877-88 died 1888
Darley, Henry La Touche Rev. Wm. S. University Square PL Army career (Royal Marines)
Daly, William E.     ThS Methodist ministry BA(RUI)1890 LLB(RUI)1900 LLD(RUI)1893
Gardiner, George B. C. William Belfast   Chairman of the Loop Bridge Weaving Co. Belfast His daughter Mary A. Gardiner BA was the first mistress i/c of Downey House
Gardiner, William William Belfast PL Managing Director of the Drapersfield Weaving Factory
Gibson, R. A.     PL  
Gillespie, Samuel Rev. R. J.     Presbyterian ministry missionary in India died 1928 at Surat
Gregg, James     St  
Greer, Alfred William     PL  
Hammond, George     St  
Hanna, J.        
Hanna, Samuel     PL Linen manufacturer Belfast
Harris, Hugh Nevin Mervyn H. Windsor Terrace PL Merchant Marine
Hetherington, Robert James Wilmont Terrace   Director Broadway Damask Co. Ltd. Belfast
Hood, John     PL  
Hood, Thomas     PL 1stXV  
Inglis, Wm. Malcolm James Rugby Road    
Johnston, James     PL JG  
Johnston, Wm. John James P. Malone Road PL JG Judge of the Supreme Court Irish Free State BA(RUI)1888 MA(RUI)1889 LLB(RUI)1891 died 1940 at Dublin
Killen, Edward Bryce Rev. James   1stXV  
Killen, Henry Sinclair Rev. James      
Killen, McC. Samuel Rev. James     Business career died 1929 at Northwood Middlesex age 65
Lutton, Charles W. Thomas Fitzroy Avenue PL Fancy goods buyer South Parade Belfast
Lutton, E. W. Thomas Fitzroy Avenue 1stXV  
McCashin, Hugh Henry Ballynafeigh Road    
McClean, Wm. Cornwall        
McCorkell, A. J. Ellenborough Terrace    
McDade, Samuel H.     St  
McKeown, James     PL Solicitor Marlborough Park Belfast
McKeown, Thomas     PL  
Mackie, A. William Windsor Avenue    
McKinley, Samuel J. W.     PL  
McWha, William B. R. James Fitzwilliam Street   Physician MD(RUI)1885 Association Football & Lacrosse (Ireland)
Maxwell, Richard Cowdy Rev. R. Carrickfergus PL Barrister During 1914-War organised military hospitals OBE d 1944
Milligan, Seaton K. B. Seaton F. Omagh PL JG 1stXV founded the Amalgamated Roofing Co. of Chicago Illinois USA died 1937 age 70 at Passadena California USA
Milligan, Wm. Hanna Seaton F. Omagh PL MG 1stXV Architect and historical novelist (Icelandic backgrounds) Boer War (Donegall A) 1914-War (RA) Rifle Shooting (Ireland) died 1937 age 66
Milling, Robert James Malone Park   Retail business Belfast
Moncrieff, Charles T. Mrs. Dunluce Street   Insurance agent Belfast
Moran, Thomas (2) Rev. Thomas Tralee ThSt 1stXI Methodist ministry 1880-1927 died 1927 age 69
Orr, Fleming     ThSt Methodist ministry 1880-1937 died 1937 age 85 at Belfast
Patterson, Thomas        
Pratt, William P. J. Wm. N. Lincoln Avenue PL  
Preston, Thomas Henry George Dromore PL Auctioneer and estate agent Dromore Co. Down died 1927 at Deganwy Wales
Purdon, Elias Bell Dr. Henry Dublin Road PL Physician LRCP&S(Edin)1893 died 1947 age 76 at Dublin Road Belfast
Purdon, Eustace Dr. Henry Dublin Road   Business career died 1935 at Hawthornden Road Belfast
Sadlier, Thomas V.     PL 1stXV T. P. Sadlier & Co. blouse manufacturer Belfast
Scott, Albert     PL  
Steele, Robert     1stXV  
Stewart, Alexander        
Stewart, Robert John Gloverstown ThSt Methodist ministry (President Queensland Conference 1902) Brisbane
Stitt, -     St  
Thompson, Henry     PL  
Turpin, David W.     PL JG 1stXV Lc  
Wallace, W. H.        
Ward, Frank Francis Malone Road PL  
Waugh, James George Malone Road PL  
Wilkinson, George E.        
Williamson, Wm. Henry Wm. J. Somerset Terrace PL SGEx Business career (Williamson Bros. tanners Belfast) BA(RUI)1888 died 1952
Wilson, Alexander        
Wilson, John Charles        
Woods, Frederick James        

1878-79 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Barnett, Helen        
Barnett, Jane Wallace        
Best, Jane G. Rev. Edwd. Crumlin Road    
Beyer, Alice Antois Fitzwilliam Street PL MG (Rev. William Hunter BA 1891) missionary in China
Beyer, Marie Feodrovna Antois Fitzwilliam Street MG French and Music teacher (Mount Prospect Belfast) died 1930
Blackwood, Eliza James T. Wellington Park PL  
Boas, Ida Hermon Lennoxvale LC  
Bowden, E. William Upper Arthur Street PL  
Bowden, M. William Upper Arthur Street    
Douglass, Lizzie        
Dunn, Mary Jane Robert Ormeau Road   (John Millin Elocution teacher 1898)
Gibson, Annie Duffield Samuel Mountpelier PL MG (Rev. James McConnell BA 1893)
Gillespie, Eliza Ann        
Gillespie. Jeannie        
Graham, Jessie Lockhart Robert Ulsterville Avenue   (Edward O'Brien Kendal 1891) York
Gray, Frances Helena William Mount Charles PL SG (Col. J. H. Patterson DSO 1895) Principal of Newnham House School Loughton Essex BA(RUI)1888 LLB(RUI)1889 LLD(RUI)1890 Iver Bucks
Gray, L.     LC  
Green, Helena Jane     SG (W. McCormick Monkstown Dublin)
Herdman, Elizabeth John Greenisland LC died 1888 at Belfast
Killips, M.        
McClean, Mary A. S. F. P. Botanic Avenue    
McClenahan, A. M.        
McKeown, Martha William College Gardens MG  
McKeown, Mary Louise William College Gardens MG (Dr. William D. Moore 1888) Virginia Water Surrey
Milligan, Mary Edith Seaton Omagh PL SG MGEx (George H. Wheeler solicitor Belfast 1892) 1914-War (Hospital organisation) CBE died 1922 at Belfast
Montgomery, Lizzie        
Montgomery, Minnie     PL  
Orr, Marion Emily     PL JG  
Robb, Anna Maria John Lisnabreeny PL (Andrew L. Horner KC MP) died 1921
Robb, Mary Elizabeth John Lisnabreeny PL died 1891
Robertson, Emma H.     PL  
Stewart, L.        
Stewart, Mary        
Taggart, Charlotte        
Taggart, Isabella     PL JG  
Wallace, Margaret B.     PL MG  
Wilkinson, Lillie     LC  
Wilkinson, Margaret     LC  
Wilkinson, Mary     LC  
Wilkinson, Nora     LC PL  
Wilson, Martha        
Wilson, Mary Jane     PL MG  

1879-80 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Addy, William     ThS Methodist ministry 1879-1923 died 1923 at Downpatrick
Armstrong, F. W.        
Armstrong, James     1stXV  
Birch, Drew Samuel Botanic Avenue    
Birch, George Samuel Botanic Avenue PL  
Birch, Stanley Samuel Botanic Avenue    
Brown, Charles James     PL Director Grosvenor Finishing Co. Belfast
Brown, James Jackson James Donaghmore   Manufacturer died 1923 at Portadown
Cochrane, Charles Albert     PL  
Cochrane, Robert     PL  
Corbitt, Joseph Albert     PL Physician MB(RUI)1893 Ship's surgeon Cunard Line
Corry, Ernest Steuart Wm. F. C. S. Ormeau Road PL JG Business career died 1927 at Bangor Co. Down
Currie, James Gardner Hugh Ormeau Road PL  
Davies, Joseph R.     St  
Davison, S.     1stXV  
Delacherois, Roland O'D. Samuel Donaghadee   Farmer died 1936 at Ballywilliam Donaghadee
Elliott, Wm. Mowbray     MG 1stXV 1stXI Physician MB(RUI)1887 MD(RUI)1891
Ferguson, John     PL  
Ferguson, William        
Findlay, James     PL  
Findlay, John     PL  
Findlay, William     PL  
Forsythe, John     PL Bank of Ireland agent
Gaffikin, Thomas Thomas Queen's Elms PL Linen merchant Belfast died 1927 at Dunmurry
Girvan, James        
Glancy, Wm. Castle M. Colonel Frederick Street   Settled in the USA married in 1890 Agnes Telfer daughter of General Telfer of the Confederate Army
Gorman, Wm. Timothy Rev. Wm. Kinnaird Terrace PL SG 1stXV XI Teacher and later a monk of the Roman Catholic Church died in Belgium
Graham, Campbell        
Graham, John        
Green, A. B.     PL  
Greer, Albert        
Harris, Henry Mervyn Mervyn H. Donegall Street   many years in Colombo Ceylon died 1905 age 37
Harris, John Greene Mervyn H. Donegall Street   Assistant Town Clerk Belfast died 1936 age 71 at Belfast
Harrison, Edward H.        
Harrison, John Knox Richard Stranmillis Road   died 1888 at Belfast
Harrison, Sydney Smith        
Hawthorne, Walter L.        
Hewitt, Daniel B.     ThS Methodist ministry 1878-1935 died 1935 at Belfast
Hunter, James     PL Physician MD(RUI)1888 settled at Invercargill New Zealand
Hunter, John Arnold     PL JG Physician MB(Edin)1896 died 1947 at Balmoral Avenue Belfast
Jamison, Robert Agnew William Belmont PL 1stXV Business career died 1948 at Knock Belfast
Jamison, William William Belmont PL Business career died 1941 at Knockdene Park Belfast
Jeffers, Albert James       Farmer Castlebellingham Co. Louth
Johnston, J. W.     PL 1stXV Lc  
Kingsborough, Thomas     St  
Kirkpatrick, Francis J. Rev. George   PL JG sometime at Seattle Washington USA
Lindsay, Courtney Trace        
McKee, George     PL JG Director McConnell's Brewery Ltd. Died 1961 at Deramore Park Belfast
McLarnon, Daniel McAfee        
McMullan, Thomas W. (Sir) Thomas Windsor Park SG 1stXV Managing Director Thomas McMullan & Co. Ltd. Wholesale chemists Belfast MP(U) Co. Down 1921-29 DL POBA died 1945 age 80 at Bangor Co. Down
Merrick, Wm. Bolton Jeremiah Youghal ThSt Methodist ministry 1882-1918 died 1918 age 62
Moffatt, Robert S. William Lower Crescent SGEx 1stXV Lc  
Mollan, W. W. S. College Park   W. S. Mollan & Co. linen manufacturers Belfast
Moran, John Hickey     1stXV ThSt Methodist ministry then CofI clergy (Rector of Cahirnarry Limerick)
Morrell, Wilfrid Lawson James Malone Road PL JG  
Mulholland, George Dr. C. University Road PL  
Nesbitt, Samuel W. H.     ThSt Methodist ministry 1878-1909 died 1909
Nugent, Herbert James Malone Road PL JG Accountant (G. A. Andrews & Co. Belfast) died 1957 age 84 at Belfast
Parker, Henry Burkitt Henry R. MCB PL SGEx Church of England clergy (Vicar of Upleadon Gloucs) BA(Oxon)1896 MA(Oxon)1899 died 1948 at Cardiff
Purdon, Cyril        
Quarry, Benjamin C. Rev. Wm. H. Dunluce Street PL JG 1stXV Business career died 1949 at Newcastle Co. Down
Quayle, Francis S. A. Herbert Strangford PL JG 1stXV XI Business career
Rea, James C.     PL Professor Church of Ireland Training College Dublin BA(RUI)1885
Reed, James Lewis James Victoria Street PL  
Reed, John Rankin James Victoria Street JG  
Reed, Vernon Herbert James Victoria Street    
Ross, David A. David Dundela PL MG XV XI Lc Director Durham Street Weaving Co. Ltd. Belfast
Ross, William J. Hall David Dundela PL Chairman Durham Street Weaving Co. Ltd. Belfast died 1935
Rylski, Charles V. B. de S. Victor Claremont Street PL JG Manager Northern Bank (Shaftesbury Square) Belfast
Sharpe, James Alex.        
Smith, David Thomas     St  
Spence, Gabriel John James Enniskillen ThSt Methodist ministry 1880-1924 died 1924
Sproull, Henry C. Wm. H. Carrickfergus PL  
Stevenson, Wm. James     PL  
Street, H.        
Turpin, Thomas Digby     JG Manager Belfast Bank Portadown died 1949 at Sandycove Dublin
Wallace, Charles Claude     PL  
Watson, Hugh        
Wilson, William     St.  
Woodside, George M. Robert College Gardens PL  
Woodside, John Robert College Gardens PL  
Woodside, Robert Patton Robert College Gardens   Solicitor died 1946 at Carnsampson Ballycastle Co. Antrim
Woodside, Wm. Arthur Robert College Gardens PL Physician LRCP&S(I)1894 Army career DSO 1914-War(RAMC) died 1946
Workman, Robert Edward John Windsor Avenue   Linen manufacturer (T. & G. A. Workman Ltd. Belfast)

1879-80 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Allen, Sarah        
Baker, A.        
Birch, Effie Samuel Botanic Avenue   (Taylor) Craigavad Co. Down
Birch, Mona Samuel Botanic Avenue   (Rusk) settled in Canada
Blair, J.     LC  
Bowman, Sarah R. C. Livingstone Terrace LC died 1920 at Ulsterville Avenue Belfast
Caldwell, Florence     PL  
Collier, Anna Letitia Rev. Robert Kinnaird Terrace PL (Rev. T. Sutherland) Rochdale Lancs.
Collier, Carolina Rev. Robert Kinnaird Terrace PL (R. P. Childe Bangor 1892) Bangor Co. Down
Crossley, -     LC  
Dane, Emilie Nathaniel Lincoln Avenue LC  
Douglas, L.     LC  
Duke, Abbie Mrs. Ann Denmark Street    
Duke, Mattie Mrs. Ann Denmark Street    
Elliott, Margaret Jane     PL MG  
Fisher, Annie        
Fisher, Louisa        
Forsythe, Agnes John Rosetta Avenue PL  
Gorman, Anna Mary T. Rev. Wm. Cliftonville Terrace PL SG (Dr. James A. Browne London 1893) Essex
Harkness, -     LC  
Harkness, Margaret John Ballynafeigh Road LC died 1939 at Belfast
Henry, E.     PL  
McCalmont, Matilda Robert Mountpottinger   (John G. Pettigrew New York) died 1930 at Belfast
McCann, Edith     LC  
McCausland, -     LC  
McGhee, May John Virginia Street PL JG  
McKay, Eleanor     PL MG  
McKinley, Isabella     PL  
McMullen, Agnes     PL  
MacTier, Jane Blain James Hopefield Terrace    
McWha, Doriana James Fitzwilliam Street PL died 1930 at Belfast
Mercer, Mrs.     LC  
Milligan, Alice L. Seaton Omagh PL SG Closely associated with the Irish Literary Revival in the 1890s Her writings did much to stimulate the early Sinn Fein movement. Edited 'The Shan Van Vocht' HonDLitt (NUI)1941 died 1953 age 86 at Omagh
Milligan, Evaleen Sarah Seaton Omagh   Pianist died 1902 age 28 at Omagh
Moran, Eveline Norah Rev. Thomas Cliftonpark Avenue PL (Joseph K. Quail Downpatrick 1891) Clontarf Dublin
Moran, Kathleen Maria Rev. Thomas Cliftonpark Avenue PL (Rev. William Moore) died 1929 at Ballinamallard Co. Fermanagh
Moran, Maggie Rev. Thomas Cliftonpark Avenue PL (Hugh Anderson) Castlederg Co. Tyrone
Reid, -     LC  
Richter, Mrs.     LC  
Ritchie, Emily Constance John Ulsterville PL (John H. Robb KC MP Clogher 1905) Deramore Park Belfast
Ritchie, Meta John Ulsterville PL  
Rylski, Emmeline Edith Victor Claremont Street PL (Frank Hassall Manchester 1889)
Shillington, Henrietta Thomas Portadown PL JG (Rev. James M. Alley Knock 1893) died 1954 at Terenure Dublin
Street, Annie Rev. J. C. Ulsterville Avenue PL  
Stuart, Susan J. D. Virginia Street PL (Tinkler Belfast) emigrated to Canada
Thomson, W. B.        
Tripp, Dorcas Douglas Thomas M. Wilmont Terrace LC died 1937 at College Green Belfast
Tripp, Kate Hamilton Thomas M. Wilmont Terrace LC (William McVicker Belfast 1898)
Walker, K.     LC  
Walker, M.     LC  
White, Agnes Matilda        
White, Ethelwyn A. D.        
White, Violet Victoria        
Wood. Catherine E. William Braemar Terrace PL Teacher BA(RUI)1888
Workman, Genevieve S. P. Rev. Robert   PL JG (Edward B. Killen Comber 1892)

1880-81 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Alexander, H.        
Alexander, James     PL  
Alexander, S.        
Armstrong, Fred W. Rev. A. Templemore Avenue   Senior Representative (S. C. Allen & Co. Ltd.) POBA died 1948 at Holywood
Barr, Archibald James Windsor Park    
Barr, James Bruce James Windsor Park PL Lc Business career Rugby (Collegians(30)1894-98)
Blaine, Robert Gordon       Engineer BE(RUI)1883 ME(RUI)1886 MSc(QUB) 1915 died 1941 at Portrush
Bottomley, W. G. P. Henry H. Rugby Road    
Brown, Armstrong     PL  
Brown, Edmund St. Clair     PL Registrar of Trinity College Dublin BA(TCD)1894 MA
Brown, F. W.     PL  
Brown, R.     PL  
Brown, W. E.     PL  
Collins, James     PL  
Davis, James Richard B. Drogheda PL 1stXV Lc  
Dickey, Hugh J.     PL  
Donald, Albert Lomas Rev. James Dromore PL SG Teacher (MCB) and Journalist BA(RUI)1896 died 1932 age 64 at Belfast
Fleming, Robb     PL  
Guiler, R. James Great Victoria Street    
Hamilton, R. Hawthorn     JG  
Harris, George        
Hewitt, T. B. T. Wellington Park PL  
Hewitt, William A. B. T. Wellington Park    
Hunter, J. Ferguson        
Jenkins, P. L.     Lc  
Kirkpatrick, Samuel T. Rev. George   PL Lc Director J. F. Haig & Co. Ltd. Shirt manufacturers Belfast died 1951
Knox, G. N. Rev. Robert Windsor PL  
Lepper, George Chapman Francis Strandtown PL MGEx RM Solicitor (Campbell & Harden) Belfast BA(RUI) 1893 died 1951 age 79
Lepper, Robert Stewart Francis Strandtown PL SGEx Professor of History Travancore College Madras India MA(Cantab) LLM(Cantab) FRHS died 1953 age 82 at Bangor Co. Down
Little, Fred Dr. Robert Great Victoria Street    
Miskelly, Samuel S. John Woodstock Road PL SGEx RM Lc Research scientist BA(RUI)1895 died 1898 age 23 at Belfast
Miskelly, William John Woodstock Road PL SGEx XV Lc Principal of the Manchuria Christian College Mukden China survived the Boxer rising of 1900 BA(RUI)1894 MA(RUI) HonDD(Presb)1937 died 1955 age 92 at Knock Belfast CRFC(20)1892-94
Moore, David        
Murdoch, C.     PL  
Pittar, G. F.     PL  
Price, Charles Eustace     PL 1stXV Lc  
Price, J. Henry     PL JG 1stXVLc Teacher BA(RUI)1891
Quayle, Leopold G. F. Herbert Strangford 1stXV JG  
Ross, Herbert J. Smyth David Dundela   Business career died 1938 at Belfast
Ross, William Scott     JG 1stXV Lc  
Seggons, George B. R. Eglinton Street    
Shaw, Hugh Simms Robert Kildare    
Shaw, J.        
Sprott, Louis Hemsworth     PL JG  
Sproull, John Birney       Belfast Bank Rugby (NIFC & Ulster) died 1938 at Carrickfergus
Stafford, Fred J. J. Ulster Terrace PL Commission agent Deramore Park Belfast died 1937 at Rosapenna
Stafford, Richard McC. J. J. Ulster Terrace PL Commission agent died 1955 at Myrtlefield Park Belfast
Stafford, S.     PL  
Tedford, William James The Mount PL Managing Director James Tedford & Co. Ltd. Ship chandlers Belfast died 1935 age 63 at Somerton Road Belfast
Thompson, G.        
Thompson, W. B. David Dunaverney   Indian Civil Service retired to Dunaverney Ballymoney
Voss, John        
Wilson, C. F.     PL  
Wilson, Fergus Thomas Belfast   Managing Director Blackstaff Flax Spinning Co. Ltd. Died 1957 age 84
Wilson, George     PL  
Wilson, Herbert H.        
Wilson, James K.     PL  
Wilson, John A.     PL  
Young, T. James        

1880-81 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Bottomley, Millicent Henry H. Rugby Road PL LC  
Bradshaw, Emilia H. B. Isaac Great Victoria Street PL SG Founded Freshford Ladies' School Knock (McCarthy) BA(RUI)1900 d 1940
Brown, Pearl     PL  
Browne, E. J.     PL  
Coates, Martha W. Trelford Terrace Hill PL (George T. Dunwoody Strandtown 1895) sometime at Deolali Deccan India
Collier, Martha Justice Rev. James Kilrush Clare PL RM died 1886 age 21 at Fermoy Co. Cork
Ferguson, Lizzie     MG  
Foyster, Lizzie James Mountpleasant    
Glass, - Robert Ulsterville Avenue    
Graham, Georginia        
Greenhill, Mrs. John   University Square LC  
Gribbon, -     LC  
Henry, Eva Maude Prof. P. S. QCB PL SGEx (John J. Redfern MA MD Croydon 1894) musician
Lepper, -     LC  
Lewis, H.     LC  
Lindsay, K.     LC  
MacIntosh, Jessie James Bath PL (Herbert P. Green Belfast 1892)
McKinley, Maggie Rev. Arthur Denmark Street    
McMullen, Eveleen        
McNeill, - (1) William Windsor Park LC  
McNeill, - (2) William Windsor Park    
Mann, Martha        
Mateer, - Rev. J. Joy Street LC  
Milligan, Kathleen Isa Seaton F. Omagh   (Fox) London
Moore, -     LC  
Morrell, Ettie James Cromac Street   (Etzebsberger) died 1939 at Weston-super-Mare Somerset
Mull, -     LC  
Price, Alethea Jane        
Price, Emily Mary        
Pring, Frances E. Richard W. Fortwilliam Park LC (John T. Mill London 1891)
Ross, A.     LC  
Ross, Annie Elizabeth     PL  
Ross, Edith Caroline     JG  
Ross, Olive Jemima     PL  
Stuart, Jane Yates John Brougham Street PL (William D. McBride Queen's Elms 1894) Adelaide Park Belfast
Suffern, Barbara John Windsor Avenue LC died 1937 at Finaghy
Tedford, Mary J. James Wellington Park PL SG died 1891 age 19 at Belfast
Waugh, Jessie        
Weir, Marion Montgomery Rev. Samuel Antrim JG (Samuel R. Hunter MD Armagh 1886)
Wheeler, Margaret Dr. T. K. Marlborough Park   died 1891 at Belfast
Woods, Mary Ethel     PL  
Wrench, C.        
Wrench, Rose        
Wrench, Susan        

1881-82 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Alexander, A.        
Arnold, James Alex S. Wilberforce Upper Crescent PL JG Teacher BA(RUI)1894
Arnold, J. K. Wilberforce Upper Crescent    
Barnett, Ashley J.     PL SG Engineer BE(RUI)1894
Barnett, H. H. J.     PL  
Bell, Robert J.        
Blackwood, James W. James T. Wellington Park PL MGEx Chief Accountant Ulster Bank 1902-38 died 1950 at Groomsport
Blackwood, William B. James T. Wellington Park PL Architect (Blackwood & Jury) Belfast MRIAI died 1951 at Richmond Surrey
Brownlow, Maurice F.        
Burnside, C. L. M. James Mountpottinger Road PL  
Carson, Joseph W.     PL ThS Methodist ministry 1885
Condell, Edward Edward Dunburr Wicklow ThS Methodist ministry 1881-88 died 1888
Corneille, Edwin William Limerick ThS 1stXV Methodist ministry 1882 In the 1890s in the USA
Corry, Hugh Robert Holland Park PL Robert Corry builders and contractors Belfast died 1911 age 36
Corry, John Parker Robert Holland Park PL JG Robert Corry builders and contractors Belfast died 1917
Corry, L.     PL  
Creighton, Robert W.       Civil Engineer CE(RUI) built reservoir at Ballyherrabean Roscommon
Cuming, James H. Alex. Royal Terrace   Engineer with the Bengal and Nagpur Railway India died 1898
Davidson, Isaac A.     PL MG 1stXV Physician MB(RUI)1892 MD(RUI)1898 DPH(Cantab)1902 1914-War(RAMC) died 1942 at Annadale Avenue Belfast
Davidson, J.     PL  
Davis, R. B.     PL  
Doran, Wm. Alexander W. Pakenham Place PL  
Doyle, Edward A.     PL  
Evans, Edward Wm. Rev. Henry Kinnaird Terrace PL MG 1stXV Deputy chairman Evans Bros. Ltd. Publishers London died 1954 London
Featherstonehaugh, C. A. V. Hamilton Street 1stXV Lc Surveyor Belfast
Fordyce, Charles A. J. Malone Road    
Galway, James Edward Grosvenor Terrace St  
Gardiner, S.        
Gibson, Frederick     PL  
Gibson, Fred Charles Samuel Mountpelier PL Presbyterian ministry 1904-53 BA(RUI)1901 HonDD(Presb) died 1953
Gibson, James G.        
Gibson, S.     PL  
Griffin, Robert Major College Street    
Halligan, Meredith     ThS Church of Ireland Clergy Incumbent of Annamoe Glendalough died 1923
Hammond, George A. William Wellesley Avenue PL  
Henry, Paul Rev. R. M. University Road PL Artist many paintings of Connemara and Achill RHA died 1958 at Bray
Henry, Robert Mitchell Rev. R. M. University Road PL SGEx Professor of Latin Queen's University Belfast BA (RUI)1893 MA(RUI)1898 HonLittD (TCD & QUB) MRIA Irish nationalist author of the 'Evolution of Sinn Fein' (1920) died 1950 age 77 at Bray Co. Wicklow
Henry, Thomas William Rev. R. M. University Road PL MG Architect FRIBA Mountpleasant Belfast
Herd, David David Donaghmore Tyrone   Farmer died 1924 at Donaghmore Co. Tyrone
Holmes, Thomas H. A.     PL  
Holmes, Wm. John L. C.     PL Barrister Chief Clerk of the Petty Sessions Belfast died 1949 Belfast
Hughes, J. George Clarence Place 1stXV  
Hughes, Wm. George George Clarence Place   Teacher BA(TCD)1897 died 1916
Hurley, J. A. Fred T. Cromac Park Terrace St  
Jordan, Adam Abram Pakenham Street    
Keeling, Ralph E. John Ballynafeigh Road    
Kennedy, Gilliland J. Newtowncrommelin PL  
Kennedy, Joseph Moore   Newtowncrommelin   Solicitor died 1937 at Balbriggan Co. Dublin
Kershaw, Louis J. (Sir) Rev. Samuel Eblana Street PL SGEx RM Deputy Under-Secretary of State India Office attended Paris Peace Conference 1919-20 KCSI CIE died 1947 age 77 at London
Leany, Audley S. F. J.        
Lepper, Francis A. Charles New Lodge Road PL Business career died 1894 at Pinner Middlesex
Lepper, J. Harper     PL MGEx  
McLean, John James Braemar Terrace PL Veterinary surgeon MRCVS Inspector to County Antrim
McMullan, Francis David Thomas Windsor Park PL MG Lc Director Thomas McMullan & Co. Ltd. Wholesale chemists Belfast Hon. Sec. Benn Hospital for thirty years died 1955 age 82 at Cultra Co. Down
McMullan, Frederick D. Thomas Windsor Park SG RM Barrister MA(Cantab) LLM(Cantab) died 1951 age 80 at London
McNeill, J. William Windsor Park    
Magee, G.     PL  
Magowan, Donald Samuel Sandhurst Road PL  
Magowan, Samuel McD. Samuel Sandhurst Road JG Physician MB(RUI)1894 Glenarm Co. Antrim
Neill, J. E.     PL  
Nesbitt, Charles     St  
Nugent, Edgar James Malone Road PL Solicitor (Thomas Barkley Belfast) then went to Canada as a rancher in Alberta 1914-War (Canadian Mtd. Rif.) died 1932 at Carmangay Alberta
Orr, Wm. McFadden William West Elmwood PL SGEx Professor of Mathematics Royal College of Science Dublin BA(RUI)1885 MA(RUI)1887 HonDSc(QUB)1919 FRS died 1934 at Douglas Isle of Man
Paisley, Thomas J. Alexander Abercorn Street    
Paisley, Wm. Campbell Alexander Abercorn Street    
Rankin, John C. William Belgravia    
Rankin, William William Belgravia PL emigrated to Canada died 1953 at Vancouver BC
Robinson, J. E.        
Robinson, R. A.        
Shannon, William J.     PL 1stXV Physician MB(RUI)1898 RCPS(Eng)1903 Manorhamilton Co. Leitrim
Smith, Charles Seaver     PL 1stXV  
Smith, Gordon Thompson        
Smith, Stuart     PL  
Spence, Sinclair D.     PL Farmer died 1945 at Ballykennedy Nutt's Corner Co. Antrim
Sprott, William Sydney William Belmont PL JG Business career Dublin
Stevenson, Charles     PL JG  
Strain, William J. Hugh Derryvolgie PL Director Wm. Strain & Sons Ltd. Printers Belfast died 1930 at Belfast
Wales, Arthur W. Dr. George Greenisland PL Physician LRCP&S(Edin) died 1890 at Burringham Yorkshire
Warner, Wm. Arthur        
Weir, Samuel Hamilton Rev. Samuel Ballina Mayo PL JG 1stXV died 1900 at the siege of Ladysmith during the Boer War
Whitla, R. G. Capt. J. B. Wilmont Terrace PL  
Wilson, James C.