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Methodist College Register
1868 to 1920
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the register goes up to 1984 but I am only transcribing based on the 100 year rule
so pupils born up to the 31st December 1922 are included
I will update each year - Mary

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1886-87 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Ainslie, Charles M. Capt. E. M.     Army career DSO Boer War (Irish Yeomanry) 1914-War (Connaught Rangers)
Alexander, John (Hon) Robert Belfast   Solicitor then barrister emigrated to New Zealand in 1892 CMG made a gift of 100 acres at Waitakers as a public park for Auckland died 1941
Allison, John Charles Capt. J. L. Antrim Road PL MG  
Allison, Robert Capt. J. L. Antrim Road MG  
Boucher, Charles James W. J. Upper Crescent PL Lc Physician MB(RUI)1893 at Donacloney for 37 years died 1947 at Bangor
Bradley, William J.     PL JG Solicitor Major of Bangor 1933 Boer War (Ulster Imp. Yeom.) died 1941
Bretland, Charles H. J. C. Craigavad   Engineer died 1948 at Rossmore Avenue Belfast
Caldwell, D. Livingstone Rev. F. T. Newtownbreda PL  
Campbell, William        
Carlisle, Samuel        
Clarke, Charles B.        
Clarke, H. P.     PL  
Clarke, Thomas Barrett Rev. G. Ballyclare PL JG 1stXV Lc  
Clements, Robert W.       Physician MB(RUI)1895
Clements, William T. W. P. Stranmillis Road PL SGEx XV Lc Church of England clergy (Chatham) BA(RUI)1895 MA CRFC(159)1892-1905 Lacrosse (Collegians and Ireland) died 1949 at London
Connor, Armstrong Charles Malone Road    
Edwards, Robert Irvine Rev. James Newtownstewart PL 1stXV Lc Pharmaceutical chemist Shaftesbury Square Belfast died 1950 at Bangor
Erskine, Robert William Fitzwilliam Street    
Erskine, William William Fitzwilliam Street   died 1894 at Belfast age 24
Forde, Charles Wesley Joseph Blenheim Terrace PL died on the ship 'Lord Downshire' on the way to Japan in 1893 age 19
Foster, John     PL SGEx 1stXV Lc  
Furey, J. W. Daniel Fortwilliam Place    
Gibson, James A.        
Gilmore, Alexander J.     PL JG  
Gilmore, Robert G.     St  
Gilmore, Thomas W. PL JG      
Glendinning, Robert G. Rt. Hon. R. G. Wellington Park   Director Wm. Coates & Son Ltd. Electrical contractors Belfast d 1958
Glover, Wm. Erskine W. John Mountpelier JG  
Greer, Samuel Henry S. H. York Street   emigrated to New Zealand died 1924 at New Plymouth NZ
Harbinson, C. F. J. F. University Square    
Haskins, Nathaniel R. Nathaniel Tinahely Wicklow ThS Methodist ministry 1886-1916 MA died 1916 at Wicklow age 51
Herd, Edmond R. St. John Cromwell Road JG Manufacturers' agent died 1936 at Belfast
Hogg, W. Robert Rugby Road    
Hurley, Fred Arthur Fred Chlorine Place PL SGEx Civil engineer (Egyptian Irrigation Service) BA(TCD) AMICE 1914-War (South African Irrigation) died 1914
Hurley, Wm. Robert Fred Chlorine Place PL JG Engineer BA(TCD)1898 1914-War (Army Transport) died 1964 at Belfast
Irvine, Henry A. S. Rev. Richard Derryvolgie PL 1stXV Administrator Native Affairs Transvaal Boer War (Ulster Impy) (at the siege of Ladysmith and relief of Mafeking) Rugby (Collegians (18) and Ireland South African referee) died 1943 at Johannesburg
Jackson, Oswald Egbert     PL Physician MB(RUI)1902 MD Boer War settled at Umtali Southern Rhodesia
Jackson, Percy Anthony     PL Business career died 1960 at Alliston Ontario Canada
Johnston, Philip M.     PL MG  
Laird, Charles William William Myrtlefield Park PL MG Physician MB(TCD)1908 MD(TCD)1911 died 1941 at Ormskirk Lancashire
Linahan, John   Youghal ThSt Methodist ministry 1889-1945 died 1945 age 77
Locke, J. C. Silas North Queen Street PL  
McBurney, John Hanna       Physician MB(RUI)1895 MD(RUI)1898 Fulham London
McCausland, Thomas H. John Killyleagh   Farmer died 1929 at Newtownards Co. Down
McComb, John H.       Physician MB(RUI)1897 Handsworth Birmingham
McCormick, William     PL  
McFerran, Daniel Kirk Joseph H. Elmwood Terrace   Director Larne Weaving Co. Ltd. Died 1957 at Whitehead Co. Antrim
McKinlay, Henry H.     PL Business career died 1959 at Margaret Kent
Macoun, Arthur Gordon James R. Claremont Street    
Macoun, Charles Dawson James R. Claremont Street   Surveyor Belfast died 1966 at Osborne Park Belfast
Manley, Pearse Waring University Square PL  
Mason, Richard G. M.        
Masterson, J. Stewart William Strandtown    
Maxwell, W. Herbert     PL  
Maxwell, Wm. H. Wheeler        
Devenish-Meares, Arthur J. L. Mullingar PL Solicitor BA(TCD)1898 Secretary Carlingford Lough Commission Rugby (TCD Leinster & Ireland) died 1935 age 61 at Newry
Devenish-Meares, Leycester J. L. Mullingar   Barrister 1914-War (S. African EF) died 1944 at Kimberley South Africa
Mercier, Ernest F. C.     PL  
Milligan, Ernest H. M. Seaton Omagh PL JG Physician MB(RUI)1906 MD(QUB)1910 held several public health appointments in England also had plays broadcast by the BBC died 1954
Miskelly, David Morrow John Woodstock Road PL Managing Director Irish Linen Mesh Co. Ltd. Died 1955 age 76
Mitchell, James Rowan       Business career died 1949 at Holywood Co. Down
Moore, Wm. Stewart D/Inspector Raphoe   Bank of Ireland agent 1914-War (Army) died 1950 at Dublin
Newel, James Ford Henry A. Atlantic Avenue PL Managing Director H. A. Newel & Co. Ltd. And James merchant tailors Belfast operatic singer died 1942 at Dunmurry
Oliver, Thomas Stuart Thomas S. Ashley Avenue PL SGEx 1stXV Lc Teacher BA(TCD)1902 MA 1914-War (Northumberland Fusiliers) Presbyterian ministry BA died 1925 at Boyle Co. Roscommon
Osborne, John Dobson Alexander     Presbyterian ministry BA died 1925 at Boyle Co. Roscommon
Patterson, John Fleming William R. Windsor Avenue PL Director Northern Linen Co. (Belfast) Ltd.
Pentland, Thomas Robert Donaghadee   Architect Belfast founded Donaghadee RFC died 1940 age 69
Phillips, Thomas W.     JG  
Plewman, Thomas E. T. Athy Kildare PL 1stXV Leather merchant Leeds Yorkshire died 1920
Rankin, Harold G. B. William Belgravia   died 1891 age 13
Rankin, John Campbell     PL MG Physician MB(RUI)1900 MD(RUI)1906 research on X-ray died 1954
Rhind, Harold James Robert H. Bombay India PL Business career died 1927 at Bangor Co. Down
Richey, Robert D. Samuel Cranbrook Terrace    
Ritchie, James Whiteford Joseph Ligoniel JG Physician MB(RUI)1899 JP died 1935 age 61 at Belfast
Robinson, John D.        
Robinson, Samuel     1stXV  
Rowlett, Edward Matthew Matthew Sligo PL  
Scott, Wm. Macargur J. M. J. Lurgan   Physician LAH(Dublin)1914 died 1940 at Liverpool
Spiller, James McKnight Edward A. Wellington Park PL Business career died 1924 at Rugby Street Belfast
Spiller, Wm. Moreland H. Edward A. Wellington Park PL MGEx 1stXV Physician MB(RUI)1896 1914-War (RAMC) died 1948 at London
Sproule, Robert Robert   PL 1stXV  
Stanfield, Arthur W. H.     PL  
Stewart, James F.        
Strain, Fred J. Hugh Derryvolgie PL 1stXV Lc Wm. Strain & Sons Ltd. Then founded firm of Strain Office Equipment Lacrosse (Collegians & Ireland) Rugby (Malone & Pres. IRFU) died 1964
Thompson, John     PL  
Thomson, Adam Murray Charles College Gardens PL  
Tomkin, Arthur J.     St. Lc  
Whyte, John Reginald William J. Knock PL MG Solicitor (C. & H. Jefferson) Belfast died 1945 age 69 at Belfast
Whyte, Norman T. William J. Knock   Dentist LDS(Edin)1902 Great Victoria Street
Wolfe, James F. William Camden Street PL JG 1stXV  
Woodburn, James Barkley Rev. Matthew Portrush PL MGEx Presbyterian ministry (Moderator 1940) many years at Fitzroy Avenue Church BA(RUI)1893 MA DD died 1957 age 85 at Angmering Sussex
Workman, Robert Davis Rev. Robert Newtownbreda   Barrister died 1921 at Northwood Middlesex

1886-87 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Acheson, Catherine M. Joseph Derryvolgie MG  
Barker, Nina Lindsay B. Marlborough Park LC died 1966 at Ballycastle Co. Antrim
Boucher, Elsie Isabella Wm. J. Botanic Avenue PL (Charles S. Sinclair Belfast 1909) died 1943
Brett, Mary Garrett Sir Charles Malone PL SG Musician died 1964 at Belfast
Brown, Nellie     PL  
Brydon, E. W. W. Whitehouse PL JG  
Bulloch, Ida        
Bulloch, Margaret        
Cotter, Madge F. William Lower Windsor PL 1stXI  
Coulter, Jane Perry     MG  
Darbishire, May Herbert Duncairn Street LC (Samuel Sinclair Belfast 1893)
Despard, Olivia J. F. Edward Regent Street PL JG  
Douglas, Ellen Margaret        
Fisher, Florence     PL JG  
Gardner, Agnes B. C. Campbell University Road    
Geary, Mary Isabel        
Gillespie, Elizabeth     MG  
Graham, Margaret Mary     JG  
Haines, Mabel Otto Edgar Donegall Pass LC (Talbot L. Byrne Dublin 1890)
Hall, Constance M.        
Hall, Mabel Annie     PL  
Harper, Agnes     JG  
Henry, Anna        
Hogg, E. Robert Rugby Road    
Hogg, H. Robert Rugby Road    
Houston, Maggie D.        
Hunter, Isabel Jane        
Johnston, Anna Maria Rev. John Belfast PL RM Teacher and literary research BA(RUI)1893 MA sometime Sorbonne Paris
Knox, Alice Maud Robert K. College Gardens LC (John H. Pigot BL Dundrum 1898)
Knox, Dorothea Cecilia Robert K. College Gardens LC (Francis E. Cuming Belfast 1900)
Knox, Mary Kyle Robert K. College Gardens LC (Arthur H. Bates KC 1900)
Lee, Lizzie Henry Ferndale Terrace    
Lowe, Rachel Olivia Alfred Fitzroy Avenue    
McCall, Nellie W. R. Derryvolgie JG  
McCammon, Jane John Belfast   (John Stuart Carrickfergus) died 1930
McCully, - Samuel Botanic Avenue LC  
McIldowie, K. George Strandtown    
Mack, Henrietta Mary Sir Hugh Lisburn   died 1940 at Dunmurry Co. Antrim
McLernon, Elizabeth     PL JG  
Marshall, Elizabeth K. G. Dr. W. J. Greenock PL SG (Lord Macmillan of Aberfeldy GCVO PC KC Greenock 1901) Ewhurst Surrey
Maxwell, Margaret     LC  
Millar, Mary Leslie     PL  
Morrow, Mary     LC  
Patterson, Margaret Esther        
Powell, Lilian A. Rev. J. D. Kinnaird Terrace LC RM Physician MB(RUI)1895 first of our women doctors St. Ives Cornwall
Smyth, Minnie        
Thompson, Alexandra C.       died 1949 at the Spa Ballynahinch Co. Down
Thompson, Mary Mabel O'K.        
Ward, Harriette E.     LC  
Ward, Helen F.     LC  
Whyte, Mary        
Williamson, Wilhelmina     PL SG  
Wilson, Janet H. W.        
Wilson, Martha Anna H.     PL MG  
Wilson, R. Gertrude     PL  

1887-88 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Agnew, William H.     PL MG Business career
Anderson, James        
Anderson, John        
Atkinson, Glanville G.     PL SGEx Barrister BA(TCD)1899 High Commissioner Mombassa Kenya died 1945
Ball, Samuel Henry Rev. Henry Newtownards PL JG Insurance broker died 1956 at Belfast
Barclay, James     1stXV 1stXI Lc  
Bateman, Charles     PL 1stXV XI Lc Church of Ireland clergy BA(TCD)1893 MA died 1955 at Dollingstown
Bell, Hugh        
Bethune, Robert James John Fitzroy Avenue   Physician MB(RUI)1903 MC(RUI)1907 Sheffield
Bingham, G. A.        
Bowden, Edwin William Upper Arthur Street    
Bradley, Walter George John Knock PL Army career1914-War Helen's Bay Co. Down
Brett, George Henry Sir Charles Malone 1stXV Barrister OBE Land Commission Dublin 1914-War (RN) died 1938 age 67
Browne, J. Scott        
Browning, T. H.        
Byers, Robert     ThSt Methodist ministry 1889-1994 died 1944 at Fitzwilliam Street Belfast
Caldwell, Victor     PL SGEx  
Chambers, George S.     1stXV  
Coates, Edwin Wm. T. Terrace Hill PL Linen merchant Belfast died 1947 in motor accident at Balbriggan
Coates, Harold Vivian E. David L. Strandtown   Stock broker Belfast died 1936 age 61
Coe, Thomas       Business career died 1951 at Broomhill Park Belfast
Cole, Francis J. Rev. Richard Antrim JG District (NI) Manager National Provident Institution POBA died 1960
Connor, Joseph H.     PL JGEx  
Cooke, Frederick T.     PL JG  
Crowe, Thomas     PL 1stXV Wine and spirit merchant
Davison, T. W.     St  
De Courcy, Robert B. Rev. Edward Coleraine PL SG 1stXV Professor of English Imperial Customs College Peking BA(TCD)1898 died during the Boxer rising 1900 buried at Tientsin China
Delacherois, Charles   Donaghadee 1stXV  
Dill, John Greer (Sir) John College Gardens   Army career Field-Marshal GCB CMG DSO Chief of the Imperial General Staff 1940-41 Head of the British Mission to Washington 1941-44 when he attended summit conferences with Churchill and Roosevelt The Boer 1914 and 1939 wars died 1944 buried at Arlington USA
Duncan, Lewis Vance     PL  
Duncan, Thomas Hodgens        
Elliott, J. K.     PL  
Ellis, William        
Entwistle, Thomas John     PL JG  
Fuhr, Robert S. H. (Hannay) E. A. Mount Charles   Physician LRCP&S(Edin)1893 DSO CMG CB Army career Boer War (at the relief of Ladysmith) 1914-War (ADMS)
Gamble, Samuel        
Gibson, G.        
Glover, John Hastings John Mountpelier    
Gordon, Robert        
Gosselin, G. West Mrs. A. Tate's Avenue    
Gosselin, T. Bertrand Mrs. A. Tate's Avenue    
Grubb, James   Colchester ThSt Methodist ministry 1889-1937 helped to found the Belfast Central Mission
Harbinson, Frederick J. J. F. University Square    
Harkness, John        
Hope, H. S.        
Hurley, Henry Hutchings Fred Beaconsfield Terrace PL Solicitor Glenageary Co. Dublin
Hyde, Joshua        
Irvine, W. Gerard        
Johnson, Robt. Crawford Rev. R. C. Enniskillen PL Partner Johnson Bros. Belfast and Dublin died 1936 at Dublin
Johnston, Samuel K.     PL JG Lc Teacher BA(RUI)1895
Jones, Robert W.        
Kennedy, Francis M.     PL Business career died 1939 at Londonderry
Ker, Robert Mowbray Rev. Robert Ballinamallard PL JG 1stXV Methodist ministry 1894-1926 (Secretary 1922-25 President 1926) Superintendent Belfast Central Mission 1904-26 GovMCB died 1926
Kerby, H. T. M. E. F. Camden Street MG 1stXV Lc  
Kirkpatrick, Wm. Hollins Rev. George   PL Director J. F. Haig & Co. Ltd. Shirt manufacturers Belfast died 1964 age 89
McAuley, James Rev. John Millisle   Ulster Bank manager Letterkenny then Bangor died 1946 at Bangor
McAuley, John Alfred       Estate agent (J. Alfred McAuley & Co.) Belfast FSI FAI DL died 1942
McCann, Hamilton P. Alexander Ormeau Road PL Wine and spirit merchant (Ulster Tavern) Belfast died 1948 at Belfast
McConnell, Alfred        
McCowen, Edwin Fred Robert Tralee 1stXV  
McGahey, Kennedy     PL JG Physician LRCP&S(Edin)1898 sometime Lokoja Nigeria died 1924
McGahie, Joseph T. Rev. Hugh McClure Street    
McKay, E. Colin     PL  
McKee, James Major Thomas Ann Street   Retail tobacconist North Street Belfast died 1926 at Sydenham
McNamara, Richard        
McNeill, William        
Martin, Henry     JG Managing Director H. & J. Martin Ltd. Building contractors died 1949
Mercier, Hugo S.        
Merrick, Alex Stewart Dr. Alex Antrim Road Lc Solicitor (A. S. Merrick & Son) Belfast died 1952 at Whitehouse
Merrick, Augustus A. W. Dr. Alex Antrim Road JG Physician LRCP&S(I)1901 FRCSI Boer War (SAfrFF) 1914-War(RAMC) died 1950 age 74 at St. Helen's Lancashire
Millar, Samuel McCombe S. Castlereagh    
Milling, Hyndman James Malone Park    
Mitchell, Henry McC William Castlederg   Physician MB(Aberdeen)1892 many years in Liverpool died 1935
Montgomery, Charles Adam Charles J. Wellington Park PL Business career died 1951 ay Belfast
Moore, J. R. R.        
Moore, William     ThSt Methodist ministry 1889-1935 (President 1930) GovMCB died 1935
Newman, Henry L. Rev. G. Cliftonville Avenue   Commercial traveller died 1947 at Glandore Avenue Belfast
Ormsby, Joseph M.        
Park, Robert Spencer Prof. John Mount Charles PL MGEx RM Lc Barrister BA(RUI)1896 died 1918 age 44
Patterson, H. A.        
Richardson, Jonathan O. A.       Church of Ireland clergy BA(TCD)1892 MA 1914-War(HCF) Banbridge
Robertson, Alfred A. McD.        
Robinson, Guthrie        
Russell, J. Russell Henry Annalong ThSt Methodist ministry sometime at Bloemfontein OFS South Africa
Shaw, Frederick W. Thomas Kircubbin PL RM General merchant Kircubbin Co. Down
Shillington, John M. John J. Strandtown   Business career died 1948 at Bournemouth Hampshire
Sloan, Robert Crawford        
Smith, Hutchinson W.     PL Teacher BA(RUI)1891
Spence, W. A. C.        
Starkey, Robert H. Rev. W. R.   PL JG emigrated to South Africa settled at Cape Town
Stevenson, H. H.        
Stewart, David     PL MG Presbyterian ministry BA(RUI)1894
Sumner, John Freeman John University Avenue   emigrated to South Africa settled at Johannesburg Transvaal
Teggart, A. E. W. H. Cromwell Road   emigrated to the USA and settled at San Diego California
Teggart, Frank W. H. Cromwell Road   Professor Social Institution Berkeley University of California (1919) for over twenty years BA(Stamford USA)1894 LLD survived the 1906 earthquake at San Francisco His book 'Processes of History' greatly influenced the historian A. J. Toynbee
Thompson, Cuthbert R. Rev. D. Glencollumkille   Church of Ireland clergy (Kilrea) BA(TCD)1898 died 1926 Londonderry
Thompson, Hugh Walter B.       Church of Ireland clergy 1897-1930 died 1930 at Dublin BA(RUI)1893 BD
Townsley, John J. Thomas Elmwood Avenue PL  
Turpin, Wm. Alfred James Duncairn Street   Managing Director Turpin Engineering Co. (taxi-cabs motor coaches) Coventry munitions during 1914-War OBE MIME died 1931 at Crowborough
Turtle, John Melbourne John Belfast   Army career (Irish Guards) 1914-War died 1959 at Belfast
Warnock, Herbert E. John Ormeau Road   Manager Warnock's Ltd. Outfitters Belfast  JP died 1953 at Balmoral
Wilson, David Hill     PL  
Wright, Mitchell        

1887-88 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Anderson, Isabel B.        
Anderson, Jane Lindsay        
Aston, Mary A. Guinness Thomas College Gardens   (Trevor C. Thomas Croydon 1901)
Atkinson, Alice M.     PL SG Musician
Banks, Amy Nevill Edward Hampden Terrace    
Banks, Catherine E. A. Edward Hampden Terrace PL (Rev. Frederick Dobbin MA) died 1949 at Booterstown Co. Dublin
Banks, Mabella Annie Edward Hampden Terrace   Nursing sometime matron of Hahneman Home Bournemouth died 1949
Barker, Ruth Lindsay, B. Marlborough Park LC  
Barnes, Emily Kate Rev. George Magherafelt PL MG Teacher BA(RUI)1900
Barnes, Helena Rev. George Magherafelt    
Barnes, Henrietta Rev. George Magherafelt LC (J. Alfred Lumley Tullamore King's County 1888)
Benson, Margaret Clara M. Rev. Ballymena   (William Orr MA USA) died 1969 at Portrush Co. Antrim
Bethune, Annie Laurie John Fitzroy Avenue   (Albert H. H. Armstrong Belfast 1895) Ulsterville Avenue Belfast
Bethune, Sarah Ritchie John Fitzroy Avenue PL (James P. Drew Paisley 1900)
Boucher, Kathleen M. Wm. J. Upper Crescent PL died 1943 at Osborne Park Belfast
Boyd, Jeannie     LC  
Boyd, Rosina     LC died 1965 at Belgravia Belfast
Bradley, Linda T.     PL died 1970 age 94 at King's Road Belfast
Browne, Ruth Johnston Robert Osborne Park   (John P. Birch Holywood 1918)
Coates, A.     LC  
Connor, Sarah Hardy        
Dill, Nicolina F. John College Gardens   (Roderic O'C V. H. Vere Malone Westmeath 1905) died 1921 age 41 London
Donaldson, Hannah     PL JG  
Fuhr, Georgina Ernest A. Mount Charles   (A. L. Baird) died 1930 at Melbourne Australia
Harper, Elizabeth        
Heaney, Adelaide Mary W. James W. Agincourt Avenue   (Thomas Guy Belfast 1920)
Heaney, Henrietta G. James W. Agincourt Avenue   died 1968 at Agincourt Avenue Belfast
Hewitt, Adeline Georgina R. T. Wellington Park   died 1946 at Vancouver BC Canada
Hurley, Rowena R. Fred Beaconsfield Terrace PL  
Kelly, Elizabeth Jane        
Lee, Mary Caroline Henry Ferndale Terrace PL  
Lowe, Olivia Gayer Alfred Chlorine Gardens JG (James B. Thompson Belfast 1897)
McDermott, Edith Charles Cameron Street   died 1950 at Malone Avenue Belfast
McGahie, Annie Rev. Hugh McClure Street    
McGahie, Sarah Rev. Hugh McClure Street PL  
McKee, H. I.        
Merrick, Annie E. D. Alex S. Antrim Road PL  
Plant, Margaret        
Pratt, Mary Elizabeth W. N. Cliftonpark Avenue PL  
Rhind, Annie Robert H. Bombay India PL  
Scott, Elizabeth        
Sharkey, Jane E. James Falls Road    
Shaw, Annie Elizabeth        
Stevenson, Lillie B.        
Stott, Mary Elizabeth C.        
Townsley, E. W. Mina Thomas Elmwood Avenue PL died 1921 at Belfast
Workman, Catherine M. William Nottinghill PL (George Smith JP Glasgow 1896) Musician

1888-89 Boy Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Acheson, R. E. Joseph Derryvolgie    
Adair, Hugh Hugh Malone Road    
Agnew, Charles S. S. R. Clifton Street PL JG Government architect MBS BE(RUI)1892 MRIAI died 1961 at Donaghadee
Allworthy, Edward F. Edward Cavehill Road   Church of England clergy (Vicar of St. Matthew's Rugby) BA(TCD)1893 MA
Appelbe, Benjamin T. Alex Marlborough Park    
Atkins, Thomas P.        
Ball, H. F. Rev. Henry Newtownards    
Banks, Edward M. Edward Hampden Terrace    
Bell, Arthur        
Bell, James Trueman Alex Lisburn Road   died 1893 age 13 at Belfast
Black, G. M.        
Bradshaw, George L. B. Isaac Great Victoria Street PL JG 1stXV Lc Business career Rugby (Collegians(74) 1899-1904 and Ireland) Lacrosse (Collegians and Ireland)
Browne, S. Osborne     JG  
Camlin, Ernest David L. Larkfield Road PL Nurseryman Newtownards & Knock 1914-War died 1954 at Belfast
Carmichael, Robert W. William Millisle   Business career died 1958 at Goff's Oak Hertfordshire
Clarke, Robert Marshall     MG Physician MB(RUI)1896 1914-War (RAMC) died 1958 Myrtlefield Park
Clements, John Edmund W. P. Stranmillis Road MG 1stXV PL Physician MB(RUI)1899 Indian Medical Service 1914-War(IMS) sometime superintendent of jails in Agra
Coates, Foster Dr. S. B. Shaftesbury Square PL Physician MB(RUI)1905 MD 1914-War (RAMC) died 1949 age 69 at Belfast
Connor, John Charles Nottinghill PL  
Corry, Alexander Robert Holland Park   Civil engineer emigrated to Canada
Corry, Robert Robert Holland Park   died 1896 at Holland Park Belfast
Crookshank, Charles H. Rev. C. H. Bandon   Methodist ministry 1899-1955 (President 1937) GovMCB died 1955 age 79
Cunningham, P. D. G.        
Cunningham, R. G. M.        
Dorman, Joseph        
Dunlop, John C.       Insurance agent Martinez Avenue Belfast
Dunlop, William R.     JG Solicitor Land Registry Belfast died 1965 at Belmont
Elliott, Alexander Fred     PL  
Elliott, George Ruddell Rev. Fred Kilrush Clare PL SGEx RM Church of Ireland clergy (Carysfort) BA(RUI)1899 MA LLD(QUB)1912
Ellis, Francis J.       Excise officer Belfast
Ellis, R. Leslie        
Ellis, Thomas        
Ensor, Charles H. Charles Loughgall   Army career 1914-War OBE DL JP Armagh
Ferguson, John A.     MG Teacher BA(RUI)1893
Finlay, Wm. Thomas     PL SGEx Business career died 1942 at Somerton Road Belfast
Fitzgerald, Samuel S. Prof. M. Botanic Avenue    
Forde, Joseph E. Joseph Eglantine Avenue   Manager Wellington Park Belfast
Friar, Stewart A. Robert Lawrence Street   Manufacturers' agent College Green Belfast
Fullerton, Joseph A. Joseph Broughshane PL SGEx Headmaster of Ballymena Academy (1934) BA(RUI)1901 died 1944
Gamble, James James Cliftonpark Avenue JG Flax and yarn merchant (Millar & Martin Ltd., Belfast) died 1947 age 72
Gill, Joseph Scott   Castlecaulfield   Physician LRCP&S(Edin)1897 Clonavaddy
Gillespie, Thomas W.        
Glanville, Albert E. Thomas Moate Westmeath ThSt Methodist ministry 1893-1947 died 1947 age 84 at Knock Belfast
Glover, W. J.        
Good, John F. McG.        
Graham, Hugh William     Solicitor (W. Graham & Son) Newtownards Co. Down died 1954 age 79
Graham, James       Solicitor Bangor Co. Down
Gray, David George David Carrickfergus   Physician MB(RUI)1907 died 1934 at Liverpool
Green, Simon R.     Lc  
Guard, Wesley Rev. Wesley Rathmines PL Business career died 1938 at Milltown Dublin
Guard, William Rev. Wesley Rathmines   Business career died 1939
Hamilton, William A. F.     JG  
Hanna, David     PL Solicitor Belfast
Hanna, Henry     PL MG 1stXV RM Judge of the High Court IFS (Eire) 1925-43 BA(RUI)1893 KC
Hogan, James Clement C. Thomas Joy Street   Physician MB(TCD)1907 MD Hillsborough Co. Down
Howe, Thomas Charles Thomas Donegall Pass    
Irvine, Fred Julius Rev. Richard Derryvolgie   Church of England clergy (Loddington) BA(TCD)1901 1914-War(RN) d 1963
Jeffrey, A. Henry Wellington Park    
Johnson, Alfred Wm. Rev. R. C. University Street   Partner Johnson Bros. Belfast & Dublin MBE 1914-War(RASC) died 1951
Johnson, James St. Clair Rev. R. C. University Street   Johnson Bros. Belfast & Dublin died 1929 at Foxrock Co. Dublin
Johnston, James     RM Presbyterian ministry (Dalry Ayrshire) BA(RUI) 1896
Jones, Ernest Edwin     PL emigrated to Australia 1914-War (Australian EF)
Jones, John Wesley John Eglantine Avenue   died 1889 age 16 at Belfast
Joynt, Ernest Edwin Richard Ballina Mayo PL MG Engineer MIME Inchicore Works Dublin ardent home ruler Methodist lay preacher prominent in Irish cultural revival in 1890s Translated 'Pilgrim's Progress' and the 'New Testament' into Irish and wrote a history of Ireland in French for the Breton movement
Kennedy, Wm. Martin William Knock PL Flax buyer Linen Thread Co. Ltd. Died 1947 age 67 at Knock
Kingsbury, William H.        
Lipsett, Louis Richard Robert Ballyshannon   Barrister London then Canada BA(TCD)1899 LLD MA QC OBE died 1957 age 81
Lynas, Frank W. Robert Rosetta Avenue PL JG died 1942
Lynas, Thomas William Bradbury Place   Business career died 1930 at London
Lytle, James Hill David University Square JG 1stXV Wholesale merchant Rugby (NIFC & Ireland) died 1928 at Buenos Aires
McCann, Herbert Alex Alex Annadale PL Lc Accountant (McCann Bentley & Co. London) FCA FPAA Amersham Bucks
McClure, William James     1stXV Lc  
McCormick, Robert W. S.        
McCowen, Victor Albert H. Robert Tralee St Electrical engineer AIEE died 1910 age 45
McCrea, John     PL MG Physician MB(RUI)1900 Boer War (SAFF) Wargrave Bucks
McCulla, James Samuel Omagh PL SGEx RM Professor of Latin and Greek at Stellenbosch University after sometime at Edinburgh Leipzig and Berlin BA(RUI)1895 MA
McDowell, Benjamin N. B. Nevin Fairview Street   Manager Imperial Picture House Belfast died 1937 at Belfast
McDowell, John Hayes     PL MG  
McKee, Edmund J. John Adelaide Park   Senior Partner John McKee & Co. stock brokers Belfast
McKee, J. H.        
McMullan, Thomas        
Magee, William       Teacher BA(RUI)1895
Malcolm, W. Alexander     PL Manufacturers' agent Eglantine Avenue Belfast
Martin, Malcolm Graeme       Commercial Traveller died 1951 at Sandown Road, Belfast
Mayne, Samuel       Clerk Belfast
Millar, John V.     JG  
Millar, Thomas Douglass Thomas Strandtown   died 1889 age 16 at Strandtown
Moffatt, Douglas Macleod William Murray's Terrace PL SGEx 1stXV Lc Physician BA(TCD)1902 MB(TCD)1909 MD1914-War (RAMC-MC) South Australia
Morris, Alfred     JG Manufacturers' agent Belfast
Morris, Archibald Lloyd Archibald Rosetta Avenue JG  
Mulligan, William F. John F. Cromwell Road   1914-War (Army)
Mullin, F. J.     PL  
Murray, Fred C. A.     St  
Neill, W. James        
Nesbitt, Chalmers        
Newett, D. H. B. J. Antrim Road PL Stockbroker
Nichol, Robert G. G. William Adela Street PL JG  
Nicholson, G.       Engineer
Nicholson, T. McC.        
Noble, G. W. Mark Beaconsfield Terrace    
Ogilvie, Gilbert M. G. M. Duncairn Street PL MG  
Ogilvie, Thomas H. G. M. Duncairn Street JG  
Orr, Francis James Fletcher Comber PL Solicitor died 1946 at Ballystockart Comber Co. Down
Park, John A.     PL  
Parker, Robert D.     JG Church of England clergy (Vicar of Lyford Wantage Bucks) BA(RUI)1905 MA Headmaster of Midleton College Cork 1912-20
Patrick, James R.        
Potter, John C. Fred University Street PL 1stXV Lc 1914-War (RIRegt.)
Purvis, Wm. Johnston D. Wellington Park PL SGEx 1stXV Barrister (N-E circuit Ireland) BA(RUI)1895 CRFC(8)1893-95 died 1907
Robertson, Herbert M. Rev. James Cliftonpark Avenue PL Business career Ballintemple Co. Cork
Robertson, James L. Rev. James Cliftonpark Avenue MG Business career died 1939 at Bangor Co. Down
Robertson, Wm. Shera Rev. James Cliftonpark Avenue PL SGEx Teacher BA(TCD)1901 MA died 1935 at Bangor Co. Down
Scott, Charles Fred T. Thomas Greenisland   Physician MB(Edin)1907 MD London died 1957 at Ryde Isle of Wight
Scott, Ninian R. Alexander York Street   emigrated to Australia 1914-War (Aust. IEF) (killed oas 1918 at Lys)
Scott, Thomas Boyle H. Thomas Greenisland   Physician MB(Edin)1900 Athletics (Scottish sprint champion) died 1948
Shane, F. E.        
Shera, Edgar P. James G. Cootehill JG 1stXV General merchant Cootehill Co. Cavan
Shera, Gerald Fitzjames James G. Cootehill 1stXV Commerce London
Skelton, Wm. Stanley Joseph Malone Park PL Business career died 1945 at Ashridge Herts
Smith, Ashley McDonald Rev. N. E. Botanic Avenue   died 1946
Smith, Herbert Gainford Rev. S. Bandon PL SGEx 1stXV Assistant Secretary Dept. of Agriculture IFS BA(TCD)1899 MA LLD(TCD)1902 GovMCB died 1950 at Dublin
Smith, H. W.     St  
Smith, Robert S.        
Smith, Seymour Courtenay Rev. N. E. Botanic Avenue   Business career sometime Leicester
Smith, W. Edward        
Smyth, Walter Samuel Samuel Toronto Terrace JG Physician MB(RUI)1896 over thirty years at Antrim died 1932
Suffern, Hugh James William Cliftonpark Avenue PL JG Commerce emigrated to Canada died 1917 at Toronto Ontario
Thompson, George R. George Marlborough Park MG Teacher (Campbell Harrow & Gresham's Holt) BA(Cantab)1900 died 1945
Thompson, Owdon G.        
Torrens, James Robert John Whiteabbey   1914-War (Army) died 1921 from illness contracted on active service
Tweed, Robert James Ormeau Road    
Walton, Charles W. Samuel Cloughjordan PL  
Walton, John Arthur Samuel Cloughjordan PL Methodist ministry 1897-1936 (President 1934) BA(TCD)1918 MA GovMCB
Whitaker, John Martin Dr. Henry Fortwilliam Park PL SG 1stXV Lc Barrister sometime Professor King's Inns Dublin BA(RUI) LLB KC died 1943 at Knightsbridge London
Whiteman, J. V.        
Williamson, H. B. Hugh Richmond Crescent PL Director Williamson Bros. Ltd. Leather merchants Belfast
Williamson, Walter D. Hugh Richmond Crescent JG Director Williamson Bros. Ltd. Leather merchants Belfast died 1943
Woods, Albert E.        
Woods, Henry        
Wright, J. Cox        
Wright, Milford     1stXV Lc Engineer Board of Works Belfast Eglantine Avenue Belfast
Wright, Stanley Fowler J. Derryvolgie PL JG Inspector Imperial Chinese Customs 1932-38 BA(RUI)1896 MA(QUB)1920 HonLLD(QUB1945 helped to found the Nankai University of Tientsin strongly represented European exploitation of Chinese d 1953

1888-89 Girl Entrants

Name Parent Address MCB Career Post MCB Career
Barker, Adelaide V. S. Lindsay Marlborough Park   (Rev. Joseph I. Peacocke BD Dublin 1902) Ballycastle Co. Antrim
Barker, E. V. M. Lindsay Marlborough Park    
Barker, I. R. Lindsay Marlborough Park    
Barnes, Jessie Rev. George Tate's Avenue PL  
Barrett, Margaret James Belfast   died 1916
Beattie, Eleanor M.     JG  
Bell, Ellen E. K. Alex Lisburn Road PL MG (Wm. Sinclair James) Coy Director died 1978 age 102 Eglantine Avenue
Bell, Frances D. McK. Alex Lisburn Road PL  
Bell, Mary M. Alex Lisburn Road PL (Robert Nicholas Belfast 1894)
Boyd, Amy G. William S. Bloomfield    
Boyd, Kate Mildred William S. Bloomfield   died 1963 at King's Road Belfast
Boyd, Rosamund St. Clair William S. Bloomfield   died 1966 at King's Road Belfast
Cameron, -     LC  
Campbell, Mary A.     JG  
Campbell, Sarah J.        
Dobbs, Margaret Emily