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Postcards, Letters etc. to Craig, Londonderry in chronological order

1917? - 25th September to Master Robert Craig, Drumcovitt House, Feeny, Co. Derry from Sister Rita - My Dear Robert, do you miss me. hepa (heap?) of love to all from
1931 To Rita with all good wishes From Kim Hong Kong 1931 - 2nd Bn. The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) Stirling Castle 1834
from Lyle & J?
1931 - 9th April from Elfrida M. S. Flowers at The Rectory, Tinahely to Miss Rita Craig, Claremont, Londonderry - My dear Rita, Both your cards have just arrived to-gether. Thank you ever so much for sending them. I am delighted - more power to you. I only hope that you haven't done too much working for all three competitions = how - what about it being nonsense to try & learn the Bach in a few weeks! If only I had a few more pupils like you - life would be worth living. When the Irish Times came yesterday I grabbed at it, to see the result & so to speak "I threw up my hat & cheered." Please excuse pencil but I cannot find any ink, you must have wondered why I didn't send you a line. I got here late Thursday night, having to come all the way by train, there was no post out on Friday & if I had posted Sat. you wouldn't have got it until Tues. & I wasn't sure which abode you had decided on at Sligo. You will arrive back in Derry with a swelled head, & can smile at people who make remarks about bowing, etc!!! I'll need to sit on you when I get back or are you going to take a holiday - !  May or Mary the maid came back yesterday, she was at home because her mother was ill, & we have been held up, for both cars were croched? up - one came back yesterday, but Cecil isn't sure if it is alright yet. I hope it will soon be for we cannot get anywhere without some sort of car. I walked down to Church on Sunday & down to the village on Tuesday. If the car is alright I suppose we shall tear about all this next week. I hope to be back again next Thursday evening. I'm longing to hear about everything & see the cups. Did you get back in time for the concert or was there anything of you left by then.  I heard Melsa? playing the Elgan Concerto yesterday. Please excuse this scribble. With much love & congratulations from Elfrida M. S. Flowers
1935 - 7th September Ballycastle with Knocklayde in distance - from Mums in Ballycastle to J. L. McC. Craig Esq., Claremont, Londonderry - Love from
1936 - 13th August The Reservoir, Banagher from G. to Master J. L. McC. Craig, 9 Lansdowne Crescent, Portrush, Co. Antrim - I was glad to be able to get a postcard of Banagher Glen, it is just out I believe. Hope you are enjoying yourself & getting lots of tennis. Mer. was here for the day, Derry was very crowded & there have been fire-works going off all evening. Cecil is complaining of the noise. Yours

1936 - 4th September Ballycastle Fair Head from Mums in Ballycastle to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry - Uncle & I went down to the front this forenoon. Mer. went with Jones for tennis. It has been quite a day & pleasant. Be careful of fire & don't eat many green apples - I wonder will Rita come, I expect she will, I suppose you had no tennis hard lines. Hope you like this card.
1936 - 5th September from Mervyn in Ballycastle to J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry - We went to the Glen yesterday after lunch, Mother & I walked down the Glen, a distance of 1 mile. The weather was showery, but the falls looked very fine. I had 3 good sets of tennis with Jones family on a hard court. My serve was not going in.
1936 - 7th September Ballycastle from Golf Links from Mums in Ballycastle to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry - Mer. has gone off with Jones to climb Fair Head. Rita wanted some tennis, but Teddy had all arranged. We had tea last night in Cushendun, Craigavon & party were having tea at the next table. Uncle is very kind indeed. We spent Sat. afternoon at Portstewart, it has grown so much. Hope all goes well and that you are getting on well with studies. Love from

1936 - 7th September Quay Road, Ballycastle from Mums to J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry - This is another for your collection. Mer. has returned from his climb. This seems going to be a wet evening. We were speaking to Mrs. Young, Dungiven. We will return on Wed. Better have a fire in drawing-room. Love from xxxx
1936 - 21st September Craigavon Bridge, Prehen Road, Londonderry from E. H. to Master John Craig, Claremont, Londonderry - Hope this will be in time to wish you many happy returns & every good wish.
1937 - 29th August from D. C. G. C. in Claremont, Londonderry to J. L. McCrea Craig, Esq., Drumcovitt House, Feeny, Co. Londonderry - I was very glad to see that you passed your exam. Congratulations. You did very well, your marks were all high, history I thought was especially good. Of course you have seen your marks. I hope you get lots of tennis; I took Pat a walk this evening; not very far, he is chasing a daddy-long-legs at present. Yours very affectionately
1937 - 1st September Postmark Liverpool from Mums on M.V. Ulster Queen, Ulster Imperial Line to Master J. C. McC. Craig, Drumcovitt House, Feeny, Co. Derry - Tuesday night, My Dear John, This is a wee line on board. I have had fried fish & tea, a little lady, who was alone & I chatted, she was coming from Ballycastle. I left them all well at Claremont. Gretchen? & Cecil saw me off. I will send you a wee line from Llandudno. Be very careful of constipation etc. The boat is moving along very nicely - I will depart when I finish this. The wireless is going strong and it is only 10 o'ck p. Tell Mer. he will get a bus to the boat & not pay at all if he asks a porter. I had no trouble whatever. Tell A. I left £2-2-0 with Cecil for his fees. I think she should do it. Now darling, do send Mums a wee line. They are talking about Football now - Au revoir - Love & Kisses Mums

1937 - 1st September from Mervyn in Llandudno to Master John Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - We were up here this morning and it is beautiful. Stretches upon stretches of lovely flowers in laid down rockeries with miniature walls & steps. Towering above is the enormous head. It is really a marvellous sight.
1937 - 4th September from Mums in Llandudno to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - I loved your letter. I hope you are very well darling boy. I was so delighted you did so well. Be careful of your wee self. I half expected to hear from you this morning. I feel you are all-right. Be careful of your wee self. I am sending this to Claremont. Heaps & heaps of love
1937 - 8th September from Mums in Llandudno to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Uncle & I walk up here each morning. This is the first wet day we have had. I hope it clears - yesterday we went to see a tiny church, small pulpit & 6 small chairs. I think 12-8 feet? Hope all goes well. Heaps of love Kisses xxx
1937 - 9th September from Mums in Llandudno to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - I have just had your nice letter, with your news, I wonder do you need a pen? I really want to get you something nice. I am only sending you a P.C. to-day. We had a nice wee run in the car yesterday afternoon. much love kisses xxxxxx
1937 - 11th September from Mums in Llandudno to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - We are going to meet Mer. I am worried what to get you - I will get you sweets, but what would you like for your birthday? I have sent Miss Howes a P.C. I didn't mention you at all. Do be careful cycling. Don't play any tricks. Love to Pat. Can't get him a bone here. Heaps of love & kisses.
1937 - 13th September from Mums in Llandudno to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - We motored here on Saturday afternoon, it was a lovely run. We saw a wee church 11=8 feet. I trust you are all well. Be careful on Tuesday D.V. I am looking forward to a wee line some time this week. We had a nice Service yesterday. Surplice choir, lovely service, and good sermon. G. says its fine at Drumcovitt?. It's very wet here this morning. Love & Kisses galore xxxx
1937 - 15th September from Mums in Llandudno to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Many thanks for your newsy letter. I hope you got on well yesterday and had a good game. Mer. is a bit upset, he & I sat too long on Monday evening & got a wee chill, but he will be all right. This has been a wet morning & we can't get out. I wish you would suggest something you would like. I think a pen would be silly don't you? Thanks so much for your lovely letter. Be careful of your dear self. Love from Miss Kisses xxxx Tell Jasil? not to Don't forget to sent the Bullet
1937 - 17th September from Mums no postmark to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - I won't write you a letter to-day as it is lunchtime. Have just come in. I was shopping, I have purchased a box of "Terry's" Sweets for you - I wonder would you like gloves, brown kid Size Seven is the smallest they have. I expect a wee line to-morrow D.V. Rita is coming D.V. tomorrow. I suppose the change will do her good. Heaps of love.

1937 - 20th September from E. H. in Fairy Mount to Master John Craig, Claremont, Londonderry - Very many happy returns. I should have sent you a card last week. Can you come in Friday, Would 4 o'clock be too early. Every good wish.
1937 - 20th September from Mums in England to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Kisses xxxxxxxxx Very many thanks for sweet letter, with all your news. We had dreadful thunder last night, it awoke me and it came at intervals, not all together. These people all are talking of how badly they rested. Mer. & I had a nice walk last night. I must reply to Mrs. MacC. I have bad luck. Hope all goes well, Love from Mums
1937 - 20th September from Mervyn in Llandudno to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - This is a glorious autumn morning. We have finished breakfast & are preparing to go out after reading all your letters. I had a card from G? this morning. I am bringing you some little present on account of your birthday. I don't know that it will excite you.
1937 - 21st September from Mums in Llandudno to Master J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Very many happy returns. I am sitting here on the Prom - the others have gone to the Happy Valley; it's a beautiful day. Hope you are having a happy day. I bought you the thing I mentioned. Rita went on the pier yesterday, instead of driving Uncle took her & I for a lovely long drive, over 60 miles D.V. this day week I will see you sweetheart. Hope you ? this. Much Love. xxxxx
1937 - 24th September from L. or S. G. M. Craig in Cheltenham to Master John Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland with greetings
1937 - 24th September from Mums? in Cheltenham to J. L. McC. Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Hope all goes well. We went round the shops yesterday, they have lovely things. We sat in the garden yesterday. It is beautiful weather. Much love
1937 - 25th September from Mums in Cheltenham to J. L. McC. Craig Esq., Claremont, Londonderry, N. Ireland - Love from Mums. Very pleased to have your sweet letter yesterday afternoon. The two were at a dance last night. Mer. & I went a walk and studied the shop windows, they are beautiful. Fancy R. met Dr. Faille, you know who I mean. Be careful cycling & have no accidents, the mud guard was done anyway, its all right. Heaps of love & kisses xxxxx Looking forward to seeing you.
1955 29th July Miss Craig Edenballymore Lodge, Opening Ceremony by His Grace The Duke of Abercorn, H.M.L.
1958 - 10th May Capt. A. W. Craig, WRAC? or L. To have the honour of meeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother at the evening reception in the Ulster Hall (Territorial Army Golden Jubilee, R.N.A.S. Sydenham)

1961 - 26th October Postmark Ballykinlar Camp, Downpatrick, Co. Down from Sandy to Miss? Craig (Capt. T.A.) "Claremont" Northland Road, Londonderry (Ballykinlar 214 1st Bn. The 22nd (Cheshire) regiment, Ext. 19 - Dearest Deserter,
"Je veux dormir! dormir plutôt que vivre!
Dans un sommeil aussi doux que la mort,
J'étalerai mes baisers sans remord
Sur ton beau corps poli comme le cuivre.

Pour engloutir mes sanglots apaisés
Rien ne me vaut l'abîme de ta couche ;
L'oubli puissant habite sur ta bouche,
Et le Léthé coule dans tes baisers.


I want to sleep! to sleep rather than live!
In a sleep as sweet as death,
I will spread my kisses without remorse
on your beautiful polished body like copper.

To swallow my soothed sobs
Nothing is worth to me the abyss of your bed;
Powerful forgetfulness dwells on your mouth,
And Lethe flows in your kisses.

when am I going to see you or have you forgotten me entirely? I am your devoted, ardent, miserable, ? hopeful, caring (and custful) impatient constant Sandy

no year July Postmark Aberdeen from Rita to J. L. McC. Craig, Esq., Blackenber House, Cleaver Avenue, Malone, Belfast, N. Ireland (from the directory 1955 Brackenber House School - J. L. McC. Craig, B.A., headmaster) - We leave here tomorrow, I hope to get home about tea time. I do hope all goes well with you, Mother was delighted to see you, she has been very lonely while N? has been away. We have enjoyed our holiday very much, two brilliantly sunny days this week. With love

no year - 20th ?? no postmark and no signature to Master John McCrea Craig, Claremont, Londonderry, Ireland - Nice days & nice ? Don't eat unripe fruit & eat the ripe fruit in the morning, they start for bed here from 9o'c on & all are clear away before 11 o'c. There are no children here, all grown ups but I miss the children. I was at the theatre last night for first time ????

on back - My mama & her family - Londonderry Photographer

How to live on 30/- per week - Welcome Inn, The Harp Hotel, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry Bar Beer, Dirty Glasses, Crooked Change, Incivility!

The Harp Hotel, Cahirciveen - Disgustingly Yours!
Wonder Why Folks Worry?
There are only two reasons for worry, you are either successful or you are not successful. If you are successful there is nothing to worry about; if you are not successful there are only two things to worry about. Your health is either good or you are sick. If your health is good there is nothing to worry about, If you are sick there are again only two things to worry about. You are either going to get well or you are going to die. If you are going to die there are again only two things to worry about. You are either going to Heaven or you are going to Hell. If you are going to Heaven there is nothing to worry about; If you are going to Hell you will be so damned busy shaking hands with your old friends that you won't have time to worry at all.  SO WHY WORRY?

Since being in business we have been pleasing and displeasing the public ever since we started. We have also been cussed and discussed, robbed, lied to, held up, hung up, knocked up, and so on.  -  The only reason we are staying in business is to see what the hell will happen next.  Life is just one damned thing after another.  When you swear, Swear by your Country, When you steal, Steal away from Bad Company
When you drink - Drink at The Harp Hotel, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry
Tennyson could take a sheet of paper and write a poem on it worth "1,300 - That's Genius
Lord Nuffield can write a few words on a paper and make it worth £2,000,000 - That's Capital
A Navvy can move tons of earth per day and earn ten shillings - That's Labour
A Mechanic can take a piece of steel worth £1 and make it into watch springs worth £200 - That's Skill
A Man can run a Business for a time and not advertise - That's Foolishness
Solomon had six hundred wives and slept with his father - That's Wisdom
Some Tradesmen do not study their customers - That's a Mistake
The Harp Hotel, will be pleased to see old and new friends and have the pleasure of serving them - That's Business



'Bill Craig' North Antrim Unionist Association, Ballycastle Branch, Chairman, Mr. E. C. Redmond, Annual Dinner Antrim Arms Hotel, Ballycastle 11th November 1968
I can find no evidence online that William 'Bill' Craig in this invite is in anyway related to the rest of this Craig collection but it did come together with them