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Postcards :- Donaldson - Clugston - Assorted Postcards - Addresses from envelopes

1931 - 26th September Postmark Bideford Devon from J. J. or T. J.? to Master Maurice Donaldson - Here is a couple of specimens for your collection. I hope you admire them.

1960 - 26th September Postmark Leitir Ceanainn (Letterkenny) from Poly? to Mrs. Donaldson, 116 Stranmillis Road, Belfast - Dear Marion, Arrived here at 1.00 after a nice run. This is a P.C. of the Hotel, ? copy of No R. Taylor-Carson ?

1961 - 2nd April Bonamargy Abbey, Ballycastle from Sheila to Mrs. J. M. B. Donaldson, 116 Stranmillis Road, Belfast 9 - Sunday, Here in Ballycastle for Easter - playing golf! and feeling very fit. The sun has actually appeared this morning. Hope leg is on mend. Regards

1966 - 14th July Rathmilton, Co. Donegal Milford scored out? from Pat, Rathmullen to Dr. & Mrs. M. Donaldson, 116 Stranmillis Road, Belfast - Arrived here Mon. night but the weather is not good, cold & wet but I a having a good rest & change, we hope to be home on 25th. I judge at Scarva on 26th & we leave for R.D.S. 29th. We are just going out for a drive to see if there is any better place for the caravan. Love from us all.
1966 - 18th August? Dun Laoghaire Harbour and Bay from Pauline to Dr. & Mrs. Donaldson, 116 Stranmillis Road, Belfast 9 - Having a very good holiday. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday (and winning!)

1966 - 12th September Postmark Aboyne, Aberdeenshire from L. J. H. to Mrs. M. Donaldson, 116 Stranmillis Road, Belfast 9, N. Ireland - Aboyne 12.9.66 Came here Thurs. home Wed. Weather mixed but glorious Sunday. Thanks for P.C. looked lovely place. Three friends from FTWn? at present on tour of Ireland so hope you save them some sunshine. Love to all. Think this photo must be rather out of date.
1967 - 27th July Evening, Kinnegar Strand, Rathmullen, Co. Donegal from Pat & Hugh to Mrs. M. Donaldson, 116 Stranmillis Road, Belfast - Arrived here yesterday & got parked at the Pier. Place more beautiful than ever, odd showers but weather on the whole good. I hope to be home again on Sunday. Love from us all.

1967 - 21st August Postmark Comber from Poly? to Mrs. M. Donaldson, "Larchgrove" Tullymore Road, Newcastle, Co. Down - Comber Mon. Tuesday afternoon if it suits you O.K.
196? - Rathmullen from the Hills from A. ? to Mrs. Donaldson, 116 Stranmillis Road, Belfast 9 - Here we are on the Ki???gan, nearly blown away by the gale, but it is dry & warm. Love

year unclear 13th ? Postmark Belfast/Westmoreland, Windermere from Buff to Dr. and Mrs. J. M. B. Donaldson, The Boar Hotel, Windermere - Hope you're having a wonderful time. Don't rush your fences, leave the speed records to Donald Campbell! You look brave in the Belfast Newsletter, but I'm sure your smiles are more spontaneous now. Jim, Peter and Patricia send their love, & Pete says to remind Bup Bup about his big drum! See you at the Dance? 25th night. Lots of Luff

1928 - 26th July "Waiting for Arrival of train at Ballyroney Station, Co. Down" Postmark Lisburn to Mrs. Clugston, Waverley, Strandtown, Knock, Belfast - Bellavista, Lisburn, Could you and Mr. Clugston come up here tomorrow Eve for tea (Friday) as I will be alone here all day when Hubert is in Bangor. If you like to come up early in the afternoon by yourself and then Mr. C. can come up here from business. I shall expect you both, if you have nothing else on. Love Peg

1930 - 17th September (Ballygalley Castle, Larne) Postmark Larne Antrim to Mrs. Clugston, Waverley, Holywood Road, Belfast - Larne 16.9.30 Have enjoyed my time here so far, its raining today but looks like clearing up. Sunday & Monday were wonderful days. Love Margaret

1934 - 3rd September (The Harbour, Portstewart) Postmark Portstewart to Mrs. G. M. Clugston, Waverley, Holywood Road, Belfast - This leaves all here enjoying themselves, even Laddie. He went into the tide after Father today & got quite covered by a big wave. Mother Father & I intend going to Bundoran tomorrow. D.V.

1937 - 11th April (The Harbour, Donaghadee) Postmark Belfast to Mrs. G. Clugston, Waverley, Holywood Road, Belfast - Millisle Road 10/4/37 Dear Mrs. C., Hope you are in good form. I am feeling much better. The air here makes me keen for nourishment. Hasn't the weather been poor? We expect to be home tomorrow or Tuesday, so hope to see you soon. Salaams from both the K's.

assorted names - Whiteside, Johnston, Ross, White, Reid

1939 - 14th ? Postmark Arrochar from Maunis? to Miss W. Whiteside, ? Dundrum Road, Newcastle, Co. Down, N.I. - Have just driven up the side of Loch Lomond & have now arrived  here where we are going to have tea. Love to all

Copeland Isles, Donaghadee to Mr. C.? Johnston, ? Belfast - Some people are very ? ? ? the street ? ? me ? to-day. It is a great ? and I am enjoying myself. M.

1961 - 13th August Cockle Row, Groomsport, Co. Down Postmark Bangor from Irene to Miss Carol Ross c/o Mrs. Ross, 5 Elsmere Park, Gilnahirk, Belfast 5 - Dear Carol, weather has not been bad but I have been in the water. Hope you are well.
1915 - 24th December Clonlee, Larne from M. to Mrs. White, Dunlady, Dundonald - We are having a very nice time here, no rain here at all to-day. with love from

1907 - 18th January Postmark Belfast to Miss May Reid, Ingledene, Myrtlefield Park, Belfast - ???????

The Strand, Carnlough - Roseville, The Bay - The house marked x is where I am staying

Addresses from envelopes
Agnew - Boland - Coombes - Dean - Hore - Ingledean - Lindsay - Walshman - Legear - Mangan - Morrison - O'Connor - Perceval - Pomeroy - Pursell - Urch - Wells

1                      2                         3                      4
1933 13th December from South Africa Postmark Benoni Mr. James Agnew, Roadside, Ballynarry, Ballynure, Co. Antrim, Ireland
2) May from South Africa Postmark Benoni Mr. James Agnew, Roadside, Ballynarry, Ballynure, Co. Antrim, Ireland
3) 1970 Postmark Short Hills to Mr. John Boland, 16 Circular Road, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland
4) Harold C. Oakman, 17 Coniston Road, Short Hills, New Jersey 07078
  1                       2                                3                                            4                  
1931 19th November from Australia to Mr. Charles Coombes, Charlestown, St. Austell, Cornwall, England
2) 1935 December from Australia to Mr. C. Coombes, 83 Charlestown Road, St. Austell, Cornwall, England
3) Mr. C. Coombes, Weighbridge, Charlestown - Sir/ Please send 20/25 Tons Coals ? Devocan Avenue, Bskell Old ? & oblige Yours truly, ?? Richards
4) Genoa Mrs. Edwd. Coombes, Charlestown, Cornwall, England - Genoa May 29th ???? Dear Wife I have arrived & I hope to have a quick & favourable time ? the Mediterranean Yours truly Edward Coombes (? your grandfather)
               1                          2                        3                            4                     5                 6     
1930 15th September from Ismailia Camp, Egypt to Mr. Geo. A. Dean (Filing Office), Secretary's Office, Messrs. Harland and Wolff, Ltd., Queens Road, Belfast, Nth. Ireland - Military Hospital, Moascar, Ismailia, Egypt
2) 1930 17th August from Baghdad, Haifa, Iraq to Mr. Geo. A. Dean, "Craigavon" 434 Oldpark Road, Cliftonville Circus, Belfast, N. Ireland
3) ? Baghdad, Haifa, Iraq to Mr. Geo. A. Dean, "Craigavon" 434 Oldpark Road, Cliftonville Circus, Belfast, N. Ireland - 2 photographs 1 letter D. R.O.T.B.
4) ? 15th October from Baghdad, Cairo to Mr. Geo. Dean, "Craigavon" 434 Oldpark Road, Cliftonville Circus, Belfast, N. Ireland
5) 1930 March from Baghdad, Iraq to Mr. Geo. A. Dean, "Craigavon" 434 Oldpark Road, Cliftonville Circus, Belfast, N. Ireland
6) 1930 13th January from Baghdad, Magil?, Iraq to Mr. Geo. A. Dean, "Craigavon" 434 Oldpark Road, Cliftonville Circus, Belfast, Northern Ireland
1730 - 8th December A.? Pritt??  on the death of his Sister - To The Geo. & Mr. Dean, Percival at his house in Bow Street ? Peter Holmes. D. ??llin
Kilboy x ? 8 1730  Dr. Boo? By a letter yesterday from my _ Hawkshaw I had the Mallencholey but of my Dr. _ Percivals death my _ for _ is not to be expressed but _ you are too good a judge, by its? _ suffer, you never lost the best of wifes & I the best of Sisters _ Children the best of Mothers & mine the best of friends.  I hope _ _ & _ will get the better of return, & affection, and _ who you consider that if you are now to supply the place of her? it is you (to your? children) you will thru' Gods _ bear up under this great affliction, to enable you to discharge your duty, you & _ have my prayers & best wishes.   Had I imagined my dear _ had been so sincere for _ _ thing should have hindered my seeing her but your letters _ gave no hopes it with Gods Blessing & Dr. _ _ she wd (would) do well, _ I _ myself with the hope of hearing _ _.   Pray _ _ _ _ Hawkshaw give my Service to her & tell her I wd (would) write to her but she _ _ _ where to write or whether she will stay in Tower? long enough to receive it, Bro. Hawkshaw _ _ us _ Debsborough? _ Saturday, he looked I thought better _ _ but _ _ (I give up - Mary)
         1                                      2                                     3                               4
1937 10th May Postmark Sheerness, Kent to A. Hore, Esq., 8 Belmont Place, Belmont, Belfast, N. Ireland - To Ann or Arn?, You may care to keep this card with the new stamps bearing the postmark of the day of issue. Am writing tomorrow for the 12th. (2 squiggles)
2) 1944 Feb.? Postmark Hampden, Rhodesia to Mr. & Mrs. A. Hore, 8 Belmont Place, Belmont, Belfast, N. Ireland from Sgt. F. T. Williamson, Sgts. Mess RAF. Mt Hampden, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia - (seems to be a bit missing)
. . .die young) that I wasn't
? a total wreck in fact
?ieces when they brought
? too long to tell you
? me crashing, to make a
? belt of trees when travelling
? _ affect the nervous system
? a few days later after
? been taken. I didn't
? over it but I am afraid
? commission I was hoping
? still arrives regularly and
? touch with the old home
? ?ending it for so long.
? the Army now and is
? Mother in law in Plymouth
3) Nicosia Club, Mess Members of The Officers' Mess Kykko East No. 239 Member's Name Major Hore This card is issued to assist the Servants to recognise members
4) 1948 29th July Postmark Olympic Games Wembley 1948 to Mr. Arnold Hore, Electricity Board for Northern Ireland, Danesfort, 114 Malone Road, Belfast, N. Ireland - Personal
1                       2                                 3              
1952? Postmark Hamburg? to Mrs. ?ave Hore, Celle, Berggarteustrasse 18
2) 1952 13th August Postmark Hamburg, Wandsbek to Mrs. ?ave Hore, Celle, Berggarteu Sts. 18
3) 1944 November Postmark Salisbury, S. Rhodesia/Belfast to 235880 St. M. J. Hore, A. Block Emergency Hospital, Burntwood, Near Lichfield, Staffordshire - Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hore, I realise that its some considerable time since I wrote you, but you must excuse me as my letter writing is practically non-existent these days, this being about my twelfth letter this year. Well as regards myself I am afraid there is very little news, no further incidents since my (sorry that's all, no other pages)

1937 20th May Postmark Sheerness, Kent to A. Hore Esq., 8 Belmont Place, Belmont, Belfast 5, N. Ireland - Many thanks for letter, will write later. Quite O.K. for ? to ? here during July. Hope Mervyn passes his exam. ? ? Don't look on the other side!!
1                                            2                                                        3            
1932 24th February Postmark N. Rhodesia to Mrs. Ingledean, 35 Craig Street, Rosyth, Scotland - North Western and Livingstone Hotels
("") 1933 18th May Postmark Mazabuka, Rhodesia to Mrs. Ingledean, c/o Hore, 8 Belmont Place, Belmont, Belfast
2) 1841 February Wax Stamp Scottish Episc? to Rev. Dr. Ingram, President of Trinity Coll. Oxford
("") 1841 May Postmark Warminster? to Revd. Dr. Ingram, D.D., President Trin. Coll. Oxford
3) 1948  21st December Postmark Sydney Mines? N.S. Canada to Rev. Canon Herbert Lindsay, 12 Mount Pleasant, Stranmillis, Belfast, Ireland
("") 1948 20th December Postmark Halifax, Canada - 72 Duncan, Halifax N. to The Rev. Cannon H. L. Lindsay, 12 Mount Pleasant, Strandilly, Belfast, Ireland - Rector of St. Bartholomews
("") 1948 27th December Postmark North Sydney, Nova Scotia - Maj Taylor - to Dr. Se? - M. J. Walshman, Box 274 North Sydney, Nova Scotia
1                         2                         3                          4
1937 1st April Postmark Toronto, Ontario to Mr. James Legear?, Newborough, Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland from 248 King Street E. Toronto Ontario, Canada
2) Geo. T. D. Mangan, Esq., 16 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin
3) 1967 24th April Postmark First Day of Issue Belfast to R. F. Morrison, 38 Campbell Park Avenue, Belmont, Belfast 4, N. Ireland
4) 1959 20th July Postmark Sráid San Sheamuiss to Joseph O'Connor, Esq., 2 Kerrsland Drive (scored out) Belfast 496 Upper N'Ards Road
1                      2                              3                                  4                          5
1936 21st March Postmark Ris Alpur to Lieutenant M. C. Perceval, R.E., Kary Hill, Downpatrick, Co. Down, Northern Ireland from Headquarters, 1st (Risalpur) Cav. Bde., Risalpur
2) St. Anton, R. J. Perceval, Esq., Kary Hill, Downpatrick, Irland
3) 1831 8th March To Doctor Perceval, Kildare Place, (hard to make out writing but seems to be all religious)
4) 1940 4th January Postmark Mlanje Nyasaland to Mrs. Pomeroy, Arnside, Dundonald, Belfast, Northern Ireland
5) 1931 6th February Postmark Los Angeles C.A. to Mrs. Roy Pursell, 100 Earlswood Road, Belmont, Belfast, Northern Ireland
                    1                                              2
1941? 21st November Postmark ? Ceylon to Mr. & Mrs. R. Urch, c/o Miss N. Price?, 106 Barton Avenue, Devonport, Devon, England By Clipper Throughout
("") 1940 16th May Postmark Gibraltar to Mrs. Urch, "Dhee Fin," 7 Hawthornden Gardens, Belmont, Belfast, N. Ireland - 179 Walk WQ.E.C. from Mrs. Flaherty, 27 Tower Buildings, Gibraltar
(2) 1906 30th June Postmark London S.E. to Miss Wells, Post Office, Penn Street, Amersham, Bucks - Many thanks for P.P.C. (Bournemouth) received this morning. I wonder if you have one like this, if not it makes a little change. Hope to see you to-morrow (Sunday) if alls well. Kindest regards to all Sh. 30.6.06

Letter from Father in Charlestown 12th July 1889 to his son Philip in Plymouth
My Dear Son, We was glad to get your very kind letter this morning to know that you are very well and getting on so well and glad to tell you my dear Boy that we home this way are very well at Present, if corse dear Mother is just the same as when you was home my dear Philip, you must excuse me for not righting you _ for I have been very Busy about my accounts. I have got them all right and I shall send them a way by this Post. Uncle Knight is now _ about them now my dear Boy dear Mother have paid for your coat and yes I will send you the Bill and then you can see for yourself. You ask me on your letter when dick is comming home, we do not know, we have not had any letter from dick for sum time, we had a few lines for him sum 8 or 9 days ago, he told us to send his Regemtels at once to the Temperance Hall Devonport, we sent it at once, we have not had any letter from Louie now for a fortnight, we cannot think the reson of it, we think that dick is enjoying him self all right and well, when we do hear from dick I will let you know. Bill and Hannah and family is all well, the send their very kind love to you, Elizabeth Walker send her kind love to you, dear Mother have wash your trousers and I carried them up to Sarah Grose last knight when the are dun we will send them up to you my dear Philip. I hope that you will make this scribble out as I am in hast to save the Post. dear Mary Jane will tell you all the news my dear Boy, we do not know if Louie is comming home or no this summer, may the Lord Bless you my dear Boy I hope now I shall have more time to right now my account is sent away. I have found dear Philip wanting this time.

Letter from Father in Charleston to 1st September 1889 to his son Philip in Plymouth
My Ever Dear Son Philip, We received your kind and welcome letter, all right and very happy to find that you are well and getting on so well in the yard. My Dear Boy, I think that Mary Jane do let you know all the news she can of Charlestown and I have not much news to let you know. One thing is my dear Boy, I am happy to let you know that myself and dear Mother is Pretty well at Present and I thank the Lord for it. Tommy Doble Mother is dead and she is going to be interd this morning, I am one of the Bearers, she died sudent after all the founder dead one morning in the Bed. I think dear Mary Jane told you about poor Joe ___ and the auther young men. Dear Mother and Myself talk about comming up to Plymouth this week but I am expecting two Staves vessel now very shortley and the must come be for we come up to Plymouth.  My dear Philip let us know if you are comming home next week, we shall be very happy to see you and dear old dick, tell dick I wood like to have a letter from him, give dick our very kind love and tell him to be a good Boy. dear Mother very often talks about you and dick and dear Fred, dear Mother and myself shall come up to Plymouth one day if all be well, if dear Mother is well and able to go, My dear Boy we hope that you get on better with your lodgings than you did, you must cheer up, their is Better time comming for you dear Philip, you sead on your letter that dick was talking about comming home, you and dick is Better to come home togather when you do come, let us know if you are comming. Now I must conclude with our very love to you and dick from your loving Father & Mother, John & Mary Ann ___ May the Lord Bless you all, this is your Mothers kiss xxxxxxx

From Captain J. A. Crow R.E. 12th Field Squadron RE, British Forces Post Office 36. Temporary Address, The Short Strand - Dear Mrs. Duke, I am writing to you on behalf of the Officer Commanding and All Ranks of 12 (Nova Scotia) Field Squadron Royal Engineers for your kindness in sending us cakes with such regularity. Whilst we are all as soldiers used to being away from home and loved ones, your kind gifts have managed to bring a touch of homeliness to our life here in the Bus Depot.  I can't in all honesty say that any of us have enjoyed serving in N. Ireland during the present troubles, but I can say that we have made many friends and feel proud to count you amongst them.  In closing I would like to say that I hope and pray that the troubles will soon end, and N. Ireland will once again become a pleasant, peaceful place to live.  Yours faithfully John Crow