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"Another Random Lot" from Auction that may or may not be connected

Lot 1 Postcards etc. (Craig) - Lot 2 Postcards etc. McDonagh & Peile
Lot 3 Postcards etc. (Henderson) - Lot 4 Postcards etc. (assorted names) - Lot 5 everything else

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Postcards to McDonagh, Portadown & Peile in chronological order

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1) 1931 - 16th May from Mother to Doreen M. Peile, Friends School, Lisburn, N. Ireland - Sibford Gower? This is just a P.C. to let you know that we have reached Sibford safely but have not been in any of the counties yet. The Aunties are both well & send their love to you & Allan. As we sit at breakfast we look out on this pond which is really in front of Uncle John's house. Much love to both & hope you do well. Mrs. Douglas would give you the address of the mtg. Hse. in London.

2) 1931 - 6th June from Auntie May Redcar, Yorks to Miss D. M. Peile, Friend's School, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland - My. dear Doreen, Just a P.C. to wish you the best of luck in your exams. I hope you'll do very well indeed. We aren't having very good weather at present but are glad to be able to be out every day. The kids had a donkey ride yesterday. Very dear love & good wishes

3) 1931 - 24th July from J. Pearson Banbury to Miss D. Peile "Fruitfield," Richhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland - Wednesday. Dear D. We are going for a picnic now so I have not much time to write. We be coming home on Friday week. There is no rain here, but it is a bit cloudy, give my love to Charlott with best love to yourself. I remain your loving cousin

4) 1931 - 27th ? to Miss D. W. Peile, Friend's School, Lisburn, N. Ireland - We came up from London in ? ? main on Saturday, also Sunday. Since when ? you improved, I'm glad to say. We hope you did not find the French oral too difficult or missed any of the exams ? have to follow. Grandfather & Mummy expect to leave this afternoon for ? I think Cockermouth tomorrow where I hope they will find Grannie & ? They cross on Friday night. ? to go with Auntie Mary. Redcar. Hope the seaside will keep nice and warm. Lots of Love
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1) 1932 - 24th April from Mary to Miss Doreen Peile, Fruitfield, Richhill, Co. Armagh - F. S. ? Wed., Having a fine time here, bathing and tennis forms part of the day. On the whole Moira & May are very good. Mr. & Mrs. E. Glynn are here. Miss Orchard, Miss Watt, Miss Glas? & Miss Thomas are also here. I hope you all have a good time to-day. Good luck for to-morrow night. Much love

2) 1932 - 6th November from Auntie Edie & Betty to Miss Doreen Peile, Friend's School, Lisburn, Northern Ireland - I was sorry not to be able to hear you ? clearly on the phone last Wednesday, but it was good of you to ring us up. It will soon be a week since we left London & we have reached Marseilles a day early, after a very good voyage. Lots of love & best wishes for a good term from

3) 1933 - 10th June from D. W. ? Baile Atha Cliath to Miss Doreen Peile, Friend's School, Lisburn, Co. Antrim - Good luck Doreen

4) 1933 - 9th September from Mother Portadown to Miss Peile at Beresford House, Bangor, Co. Down - Friday night. Dear D. Many thanks for your long letter of this ?. Looking forward to having you home sometime on Mon. Don't know if Kitty will be staying longer than Mon. or not. No further news at yet from Westhill. Nicole Gilbert & Auntie Hilda & Sylvia arrive this aft. Grandfather talks of getting up next week all being well. Much love

5) 1933 - December Banbury, Oxon. from Mother? to Miss D. M. Peile, Westhill Training College, Selly Oak, Birmingham - Snow Hill, Safely in the train for Banbury. Went down to New Street & find your train leaves Selly Oak 5.15 & arr. N. St. No. 6 platform in time to catch the 5.50 from no.3 platform & you have only one change at Crieve I believe. Settle with Miss ? in good time about getting dinner do. There is another train at 6.40 but that one uses two or three changes.

193? - 20th from Mother Richhill to Miss D. M. Peile, Westhill Training College, Selly Oak, Birmingham - Sat. aft. Just taking G. & Grannie & Auntie R. for a wee run. Got this P.C. in McCann's. Your wire came just before I left home & we are all glad that you did not get lost!! Very like rain & there was some this a.m. Grandfather keeping better. Hope you have a very happy term. Much love. Got home safely last night.
1934 - Main Street, Richhill, Co. Armagh (Photo 1924) from E. or G. Bill/Bell? to Miss D. Peel, Westhill Training College, Selly Oak, Birmingham - Thanks for P.C. recd. All well at home, hope to see you soon.

1940 - 29th July from John Peile Cloch Liath to Miss Doreen F. Peile, Fruitfield, Richhill, Co. Armagh - Weather fine, sky blue, Honey sweet & so are you. John trying to be funny, Secretary E.M.L.? We are returning him with thanks!
                                                                                                                            1                      2
1) 1940 Portnoo, Co. Donegal from Margie? to Miss D. M. Peile, Fruitfield, Richhill, Co. Armagh - Having a grand time even tho' weather has been rather windy. The Merediths are here and so we are have a nice time. We are staying at a little guest house which is very cosy & nice tho' Mrs. Molloy has a tongue - to be sure. We leave here on Monday and hope to be home on Thursday or Friday. Hope you are all well. Love

2) 1941 - 28th July from Josey Portrush to Miss Doreen Peile, "Fruitfield," Richhill, Co. Armagh - Came here on Sat. last, staying until Monday 4th August. Yesterday was a glorious day - very dull to-day. John McDonagh is here - saw him this morning.

1942 - 15th January Argyll Street, Dunoon from Auntie Evie , Codeevin, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary to Miss D. M. Peile, Fruitfield, Richhill, Co. Armagh - I am wanting information for J.C.E. Annual Report at Council Meeting in Greystones on 2nd Feb. How have things been going in your Union this winter? What about present position & future prospects? Please reply as soon as possible, as I probably shall leave home on Sat. 31st Jan. Best wishes

1                     2                    3                   4                    5                   6
1) 1943 - 27th September from M. & B., Sligo to Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Ahorey, Portadown, Co. Armagh - We have come to Sligo for the afternoon but it has started to rain. The weather so far has been good. We have done a lot of walking & have seen lots of new places. Hope to see you soon. Lots of Love.

2) 1944 - 27th July from Miriam Ballygally to Mr. & Mrs. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Ahorey, Portadown - Ballygally 27-7-44 Having a lovely time. There were 16 of us at the week-end v 15 from now on. Went boating yest. eve. with the Downings. Please excuse scrawl but am in the cook-house. Love

3) 1944 - 4th September Eire from K. Drumbeg Hotel, Inver, Co. Donegal to Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Ahorey, Portadown, Co. Armagh - I'm sure you aren't expecting a card from me, but you see it's a wet Sunday & anyway I thought you'd like to hear that we are having a marvellous time. The hotel is very comfortable & the food is excellent. The weather has been good until now & we have been for short cycle runs each day. The scenery here is magnificent & the air very bracing. Write soon if you have time, we'll be here till the 11th. Love

4) 1944 - 23rd September Eire from Helene & David to Mr. & Mrs. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, N. Ireland - Our room is not marked with an x! Saturday, Arrived here yesterday to spend a few days. Our other principal ports of call were Glengarriff & Killarney. We have had good weather and altogether a marvellous time. The scenery has been beyond our expectations and we have had some lovely tours & motor runs in this district including a spot of hiking.  This is Helene speaking. David's not telling you half the crack we're having but I suppose that'll keep till we get to Port-i-down. We are certainly enjoying ourselves - Such a beautiful country it is. We hope to call in Killarney again on our way back to Dublin at the end of the week. Cheerio

5) 1945 - 30th May from Jim & Nan? Glasgow to Mr. & Mrs. J. McDonagh, "Marlacoo House" Ahorey, Portadown, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland - Glasgow, Monday, Had your P.C. from Kilkeel & glad you had a nice time. We have had a grand holiday here, & sorry we've to go. Going to morrow Larne & S/raer. The change has done Sheila good too, you can nearly see her growing. Expect your Sheila is ditto. Love from "we 3 to you 3" yours affectionately. P.S. Spent an afternoon with Papa McD. with mutual enjoyment & Jim saw him a few times. N.

6) 1945 - 19th July Ballycastle from Father? to Mrs. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Ahorey, Portadown - We arrived here last night. Sky clouded over. Had high tea (Sal???) & a walk & then cycled from Ballymoney? Sun splitting any trees there are here? So after a few sets of tennis we all went to the ? Mother went in first. I followed in her costume! Sun, sea, coastline "super" & now after lunch we feel great. Iris Williams we expect will arrive Friday a.m. & also Nison? so "what Ho!!" we hope you are all O.K. in all ways & with love affect.

1945 - 21st July Situation of Lisnagarva (Lisburn), B.B.C's Transmitter (Opened by the Duke of Abercorn, March 20th, 1936) And is the most powerful British medium-wave transmitter. 12 feet in diameter mounted on a 500 feet in height mast from William?? Belfast to Mr. & Mrs. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Ahorey, Portadown - Friday, Having a grand time. We saw the King & Queen on Wed. - just a glimpse. We went to Bellevue yest. aft. but it simply poured. Today we went to see the submarine & then went to Deanna Durban film. Hoping you are all well & see you on Sunday. Much love P.S. ? sends her love too.
1                    2
1) 1945 - 7th August Gleann Garbh from Kathleen to Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Ahorey, Portadown, Co. Armagh - We are enjoying our holiday very much, you'll be interested to hear that we found J. & M.'s names in the register here!! so nuff said, but will tell you more later! The weather has been very good & we have spent most of our time walking & sunbathing. yest. we went for an all-day motor run round Kerry, it was grand. We leave here on Thurs. but our plans for the rest of our holiday are indefinite. Love
2) 1945 - 19th November from William? to Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marleycoo House, Marleycoo, Portadown - Sorry I won't be to go see you Thursday as arranged, I'm going to Belfast Friday, will go Thursday 29th if that will suit you. Hope little Sheila & all are well. Kind regards all.

1952 - 8th August Mulrany from Sybil or Sylvia, Dublin to Mrs. John McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland - Dear Doreen, Many thanks for your card. I was so sorry too, to miss you. We may be in the North briefly ? before leaving & will make some  & telephone you on the chance of coming over to see you for a minute or two. I hope you had better weather before leaving Portstewart. Ben or Bern & I had a week on the west of Ireland. It was simply beautiful, Connemara, ?ashill Donegal. Now B. is at Oxford but will be home next Sunday. We leave 22nd for London - sail 27th. How the summer has flown!! Love to you all

1952 - 19th August Leabgarrow Bay, Arranmore Island, Co. Donegal from Billy to John McDonagh Esq., Marlacoo House, Marlacoo, Portadown, Co. Armagh, Ulster - Tuesday, Dear John, Well Alfa is going like a Bird. We got her finished at 12.40 a.m. on Saturday Night. Derry Sunday, Monday here, Weather lovely, love to all
1953 - 23rd February M.V. "Ulster Prince" Liverpool - Belfast Express Service from Daddy, London to Miss Sheila McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, N.I. - On Train for London Sunday 11a.m. This is the boat we travelled in to Liverpool. I am not sure if this is the one we will all travel in when we go at Easter. I have just had a cup of coffee (not as good as Mammys) I had breakfast on Boat before getting off. The sea was calm with just a bit of roll. Share this with Mammy & Maurice I will send them one too.

1955 - 9th November from B. McKee Magee?? Traigh Mhor Port Lairge to Mr. Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Marlacoo, Portadown, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland - Have just spent a most interesting week-end in Cork, also visited some friends in the district. Was at Newtown to-day and now am having a wee spot of a quiet rest here. This is a really nice quiet restful spot. All news when we see you. Love to all.

1956 - 5th September from Marie? Whetstone to The Staff, Lawther Bass & Co., 13 Ann Street, Belfast, N. Ireland - Tuesday, (Hope you'll keep this card for me!) Having a great time between, theatres, ? & etc. etc. etc!!! Haven't seen J. B. yet but hope to soon!! Saw the Pajama Game & also a play with Geo. Formby - (shorthand writing) Just for practise! Love to all

1958 - 21st July Hairpin Bend from Spelga, Mourne Mountains, Co. Down "Where the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea" from M. & J. 131 Promenade, Newcastle to Mr. & Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Ahorey, Portadown - Enjoying & benefiting from some good weather & food. The boys have made sand castles galore since we visited Dundrum Castle last week. Hope all well
1958? - The New Harbour, Kilkeel, Co. Down from F. Cully, Heath Hall, Springfield, Kilkeel to Mr. & Mrs. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, Co. Armagh - Thursday, We are enjoying ourselves and the weather is not bad. Tuesday was wet all day. Peggy & Joan are here with us from Tuesday. It is lovely up here in the mountains.

1959 - 17th September from Heather Filey, Yorkshire to Mrs. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, N. Ireland - Filey, Butlins is an amazing place. The meetings are wonderful and I am having a great time. Love

1960 - 21st August John-O-The Rocks Cottage, Cushendun from Lindsay & Pat, Ballymena to Mr. & Mrs. John McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Marlacoo, Portadown, Co. Armagh - Dear John, We are having a lovely holiday here. The weather hasn't been too bad. We will be sorry to leave when our time is up. Love to Doreen, Maurice & Sheila.

1961 - The Harbour, Donaghadee, Co. Down from Susie & John, Ballywalter to Mr. & Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Marlacoo, Portadown - We have been staying a Sunnyholm for a few days, and remembered your visit to us the last time we were here. Hoping all are well Love
1961 - 8th July? Burtonport, Co. Donegal from Allan? Keadue Burtonport to Mr. & Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, Co. Armagh - We greatly missed your lovely company. Parked in ? at Gweebana Bridge on Tuesday night. It rained all night and all next day. We arrived here in rain but since then it has improved wonderfully. Saturday we visited Arranmore Island. We hope to go home on Thursday and to get news from Charlotte tonight or Friday next. With all best wishes love

1961 - 28th August from Hilda in Malvern, Worcs. to Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland - Wyche Keep, Malvern, Monday. Back in the old haunts for me around 2 weeks & the weather has been reasonably kind to us this year, at intervals! Hope all goes well with you & yours & that you are feeling somewhat recovered from your recent bad/hard times of stress & strain. Much Love
1962 1st September Bangor Castle & Park, Bangor, Co. Down from M. Dickson? to Mr. & Mrs. J. McDonagh, Maracoo House, Marlacoo, Portadown - Spending a very nice holiday here, the weather is delightful. Thanks for your card. Hope Maurice is back home again. I was wondering if Sheila enjoyed her hicking (hiking?) holiday, if she got good weather. It was a new experience for her. I'm staying with the young Montgomery girls. Hope to be home Monday Sept. 3rd. See you after that

1962 - 2nd September from Miriam Barnstaple to Mr. & Mrs. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Ahorey, Portadown, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland - 1st Sept. 1962 30th August On a cruise to Lynmouth from Weston on the Bristol Queen. Lovely day & sea breezes! So sorry to hear about Maurice? & hope he will soon be quite well again. Geoffrey seems alright again & we are very ?ful. This old Church is (13" ) ? it ? interesting. Love to all from all. affections

1964 - 16th April? The Bungalows, Cranfield from Joan Allan? Cranfield Ashed House to Mr. & Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, Co. Armagh - to let you know where we are. Settled in, in good weather - torrents of rain yesterday. Visited Turtles in the afternoon where there was more space but a rowdy house. All doing well so far, sleeping bags working well for all.
1                      2
1) 1965 - 6th August from Maurice Northwich, Cheshire to Mrs. (G. scored out) McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland - 6th August '65 Dear Mum and all, Arrived safely on Fri. a.m. was in Gt. Budworth at 8.30 a.m. the address is c/o David Laity, Tregays, Nr. Lostwithiel, Cornwall, (Tregaye) leave around 10.00 p.m. to-morrow Love
2) 196? - 29th ? from S.? S????? Rostrevor to Mrs. John McDonagh, Marlcoo, Portadown, Richill, Co. Armagh - Well Mrs. McDonagh, I am sorry I did not get down for the ? that I have ? in your Father. I try next week to get down as I have got another job in Belfast - so I took this holiday before I would start & I am enjoying myself so with love from

date unclear 60 something? Portballintrae, Co. Antrim from Terence to John McDonagh J.P., Marlacoo House, Portadown, Co. Armagh - Thank you for your present x shows our house Love

date unclear 60 something? 'Guillemots' Bird Life. Saltee Islands. South West of Rosslare. from John Strand Hotel, Sunday to Mrs. John McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, Co. Armagh - We have just returned after having a run & a Pic-nic & a visit to John's Town Castle (no relation) which is now a government agriculture research station. We almost crashed into sheep on our way down here but avoided collecting any mutton chops. Hope you are keeping better, see you on Monday D.V. even if it is late love John

year unclear 26th September Car Park, Whitehead from Dorothy to Mrs. J. McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Ahorey, Portadown - Tuesday, If you can still tolerate the idea of me coming for the week-end, I am hoping to get the 2 p.m. train here on Sat next, due in Portadown about 2.20 p.m.!! Looking forward very much to seeing you. The Harvest Services all went off well. Love P.S. If this is too early I could easily get the 3pm train - just say which would suit you best.
1                      2                      3                     4                    5                     6
1) date unclear - from Gray, P.O. Box 149, Durban, South Africa to Miss D. M. Peile, Fruitfield, Richhill, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland - Overpowered by the good news received by cable, Horses are stabled! We had a fine time seeing Friends in South Africa & they have been extremely kind. Give our ? congratulations to Johnnie Mc. All the best love
2) My Dear Do-Do, thank you for your letter. I am doing this in bed. Polly and the rabbit are well. We are well to. I was in Belfast last week with Mother. The ? is sold to day. I hope you are very well. Give my love to Mary. I will have to close now. Give my love to Allan. With much love from Miriam. I have to get up now.
3) no date - Dear Mammy, Just to wish you many very happy returns of your birthday. With lots of love, Jim
4) Capt. Geary from the British Syrian Mission (Egypt General Mission, 10 Drayton Park, London, N.5.
5) date in Chinese maybe? from Uncle Bunny Via Siberia to Doreen, Allan, John, Gray, Miriam, Charlotte "Fruitfield" Richhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland - Lots of loving Christmas and New Year wishes from Uncle Bunny Just 6 Kewpies - I wonder who is which?!
6) date unclear from John & M. & A. Durham to Mr. & Mrs. John McDonagh, Marlacoo House, Portadown, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland - Sat. We are about to have tea & I am sending this card with Sheenagh to catch the 6-0p.m. post. We (without A.) have been to Salttown-on-Sea for two nights, visited Whitley & Robin Hoods Bay. Go on to High Newlands on Mon. Hope to visit Susan L. on the way & return home on Thursday. Weathers been very fine most of the time. The arrow points to the Gables at end of the street. Hope your all well Love P.S. Muriel says that I have omitted to say that Amy's? son can walk a few steps on his own now. ?

Walk to Carnalea, Bangor, Co. Down            View of Strand Hotel, Kilkee from Sea Wall (Bangorians)

Bathing Pool and Mourne Mountains, Newcastle, Co. Down       Roxboro' House Hotel, Rostrevor, Co. Down          

             Main Street, Richhill, Co. Armagh                         Churches from the Square, Rostrevor, Co. Down

M.V. Ulster Monarch  Belfast & Liverpool Express Service

10/5/49 No. 4 Photographed by Abernethy, Belfast

10/5/49 No. 2 Photographed by Abernethy Belfast

Photographer Broadway Photo Shop, N.Y.