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Laura O'Neill married Albert Hodgen (around 1923/4), they had 2 children Mollie L. M. E. (24.9.25) and Albert William, Albert William died age 11 in 1935, Albert, his father, died in 1943 age 79 and Laura died 1958 age 71, I think Mollie married Albert John O'Neill who died in 1995 age 82 and Mollie herself died 2003 age 89 (but I'm not 100% sure)
If any family members can verify the above or send me the correct information please I would be grateful
it is also possible that either Laura O'Neill or Albert John O'Neill had a connection with Greer Garson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hodgen were the grandparents names also and they lived at Arlington, Newcastle?
letters summary

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Postcard Photo: Tudor Gate, Antrim Castle Postmark: not clear From: So and so, having a good time To: Mrs. McCartney. 15 Lincoln Place, Belfast

Postcard Photo: The Strand, Bundoran Postmark: 1938 From: Charlotte, having a great time To: Miss D. McCartney, 24 Lincoln Place, Hope Street, Belfast

Postcard Photo: H.M.S. Cambridge Postmark: not clear From: Mother, I am having a good time To: Mr. J. (Jack) McCartney, 15 Lincoln Place, Belfast

Postcard Photo: The Gobbins Cliffs, Islandmagee Postmark: 1967 From: Billy, W. B. Connolly, D100677 S/S2 Exeter Block 3 Mess, H.M.S. Cambridge, Wembury, Plymouth. Dear Grannie, Just a wee postcard. The ph are of my new gunnery school, I've been told what my new ship is, It's H.M.S. Diamond. I don't go until August 2nd. It's going far East To: Mrs. F. Connolly, 69 Rowland Street, Belfast

Postcard Photo: Portrush Postmark: 1967 From: Cecil & Peg. Tell the Boys I was asking for all. To: Mr. & Mrs. J. (John) McCartney, 8 Dephine (Daphne) Street, Donegall Road, Belfast 12 (John was a motor body builder according to 1960 BSD)

Postcard Photo: Harbour and Promenade, Portstewart Postmark: 1947 From: Niece Priscilla, I am sure you thought I had forgotten you. But I was thinking about you all the time. I sent Uncle Sam a card with 2 nice boys on it one of them was very like you. To: Mr. Jack McCartney, c/o Ophthalmic Hospital, 116 Great Victoria Street, Belfast

Postcard Photo: Promenade, Whitehead Postmark: 1936 From: Lizzie To: Mrs. ? McCartney, 15 Lincoln Place, Belfast

Park, Galway, July 1950

Postcard Photo: n/a Postmark: 1943 From: Mareé or Marcél, Happy Christmas To: Master Noel Warren, c/o Mrs. Hodget, 277 Springfield Road, Belfast

Postcard Photo: The Junction of the Glenshesk and Carey Rivers, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim Postmark: not clear, 191? From: L. McC., Wish you were here. To: Miss Jeanie Sloane, 19 Sturgeon off Linfield Street, Belfast

Postcard Photo: n/a Postmark: 1944 From: Love Noel, Dear Mummy, I am looking forward to seeing you on Sat. evening. I am having a lovely time. The Major has got some black potatoes for you. To: Mrs. Warren, 277 Springfield Road, Belfast

Postcard Photo: n/a Postmark: 1934 From: W., M. D. Tegg????, We all miss you, Noel has been extraordinarily good. We have never seen him so good at tea as he was tonight. He had an egg, tomato & strawberries, bread, butter and tea. He seems in good form. He is looking forward to seeing you next week. He enjoyed himself at Felixstowe. He is now taking magnesia. We hope you are having an enjoyable time. Best Love W. Noel's x x written on side: Crunagh, ? Cloughfin, Coleraine To: Mrs. Warren, 19 Lorraine Mansion, Widdenham Road, London N. 7

Postmarks: 1947 & 1944 From: Noel, Galway and Portballintrae, I am fishing a lot with Bill. To: Mrs. E. F. Warren, 18 Hughenden Avenue and 277 Springfield Road, Belfast

From: Noel. To: Mrs. Warren, 277 Springfield Road, Belfast

Postmark: 1947 From: Noel in Portrush, he visited Derry and Donegall To: Mrs. E. F. Warren, 18 Hughenden Avenue, Cavehill Road, Belfast

Postmark: 1972 Bushmills From: All and ½, Dear Gran, We are ensconced at Portballintrae, hope you are well, no more falls. To: Mrs. E. F. Warren, 18 Hughenden Avenue, Belfast 15

Postmark: An Mullach, no year From: Noel, My Dear Mummy, I am afraid that your Sunday letter is rather late. I received your regular letter and parcel on Monday. Today I arrived at the camp safely. I had some lovely ice cream at Bundoran. Will write you a letter soon. To: Mrs. Warren, 277 Springfield Road, Belfast

Postmarks: 1942 and 1948 from Portrush & Enniskillen. From: Marie and Jack To: Mrs. Warren, The Beeches, Glenavy and 18 Hughenden Avenue, Cavehill Road, Belfast

On the Terrace, a photo by Mrs. ? Murray                                                                    something in French          

on back: 87 Cliftonville                                                   on back: 20 Innisfayle Road, Belfast, ?,
                                                                              Gladys on the Torbay ? stamped Magheramorne House

writing on back very hard to make out: This picture was taken ??? - - boy (about 10 years old) ?? a fork (I think) through both lips and through ?  - - mans & central figure has one through both cheeks & tongue, the boy & man - instru??? in their backs, which -- engaged  - - - - flesh at the height of the festival. can't make out signature, 18/3/46

on back: Michael 1996 age 18                                                       Dublin August 1946             

2140 hrs. 20-6-75 Called during your evening constitutional!! Have Clubs will travel. (in the plural) If you are in desperation for a game we are available. Please ? your acceptance by calling for a night-cap (If you are both free tonight) Before 12 midnight of course. J & H

Simpson marriage license 60?

River Corrib, Galway, July 1950                                                                                              Dublin 1946           

Mr. Jno Lapping, 3929? Blanche Street, Pasadina, Calif.       Simpson, 15 Sunningdale Park North, Belfast
                                                                                         Michael Ides, 895 Somerset Drive, Atl. GA U.S.A.
Newspaper Clippings, no dates

Mrs. Keown handing over the wallet to the Rector, and Mrs. Goslyn presenting the rose-bowl to Mrs. Warren.  Also in the picture is Miss Houston with the Sunday School's miniature vases.
Presentations to Rev. and Mrs. F. Noel Warren

          The members of Castlewellan Parish has the pleasure on Wednesday evening of meeting in the Orange Hall and welcoming home their recently installed rector, Rev. Noel Warren, M.A., and his wife from their honeymoon and of taking the opportunity to make presentations to them.
          After tea, prepared and served by make members of the Church, with the sandwiches and pastry coming from the ladies, Major M. R. Bruce took the chair and said it was very pleasant to have a Church party for pleasure only and not for the making of an appeal for money for some new roof or other improvement for Church property.  He was sure they were all glad to attend the party to welcome home their Rector, Mr. Warren, and also his "new lady wife", Mrs. Warren.  He was glad they had good weather whilst in Spain during their honeymoon and sympathised with them coming back to rain and snow. Three months ago the members had the pleasure of welcoming their new Rector and now they met again to welcome his wife.  They were also please to welcome Mrs. Warren, their Rector's mother, and Mr. and Mrs. Cinnamond, his wife's father and mother, and hoped they would see them often in Castlewellan, where they could be assured of a hearty welcome every time they came.


          Major Bruce then called on Mrs. Keown, the senior member of the Parish, to present a wallet of notes to Mr. Warren and a cut glass salad bowl to Mrs. Warren, on behalf of the congregation; Mrs. J. Goslyn, rose bowl to Mrs. Warren on behalf of the choir, and Miss D. Houston, miniature cut glass vases to Mrs. Warren.
          In doing so, the ladies conveyed the good wishes of the congregation to the Rector and his wife and emphasised the welcome to Mrs. Warren.

Mr. Warren's Reply

          Mr. Warren, speaking on behalf of his wife and himself, expressed the pleasure at the arranging of the social evening, which was just another example of the friendship of the people of Castlewellan, many examples of which he had already experienced and which his wife and he were further experiencing that evening.  They appreciated very much the lovely gifts given to them and it was to be remembered that kindness was infectious and could permeate the whole of the parish.
          Continuing, Mr. Warren said his wife and he also appreciated the kind thought of those responsible for the evening in extending a welcome to his wife's father and mother and his mother, and he hoped they would visit Castlewellan often, not only to the Rectory but also to worship with them in St. Paul's, which to many appeared to be a small cathedral, but, he was glad to say, did not lack the family touch.  He was proud to be their Rector and friend and worship with them in one of the loveliest churches in that part of the country.
          Speaking in lighter vein, Mr. Warren said his attention has been drawn to the implications of the work the men of the Parish had done that evening.  He had been told they had not only done the work but were going to do the washing-up, and it looked as if he would have to deliver a course of sermons from St. Paul's writings to make sure that women were put in their place (laughter).
          In conclusion, Mr. Warren said that whilst they enjoyed their visit to Spain, his wife and he were pleased to be back amongst their friends, whose presents that evening were a welcomed expression of the friendship of the people of Castlewellan, and he hoped he would be spared to spend many happy years amongst them. (Applause)
          Major Bruce expressed the thanks of the congregation to the men who looked after the tea, especially Mr. Robert Pinches, who was responsible for the arrangements.
          A social evening followed with music being supplied by Mr. Bertie Gracey (accordeon). (accordian)


Those who took part in the service. From left: Mr. A. Cromwell (people's warden), Rev. J. D. Caldwell, Rev. M. E. Stewart, Dr. G. O. Simms, Rev. F. N. Warren, Mr. R. McIlwrath, Rev. W. N. Hall, Mr. R. McCance (rector's warden).

          The Most Rev. Dr. George Otto Simms, Archbishop of Dublin, was the guest preacher at a special service in St. Paul's Parish Church, Castlewellan, on Friday evening - the eve of the conversion of St. Paul - held as a patronal festival and at the same time marketing the 110th anniversary of the Consecration of the Church.
          The service was largely attended. Rev. F. N. Warren, rector, read the intercessions, and the Rev. M. E. Stewart, Newcastle, intoned the office of evensong. The lessons were read by the Rev. J. D. Caldwell, Dundrum, and the Rev. W. Hall, Ballyward, and Mr. R. McIlwrath acted as server to the Archbishop.  Taking as his text a thought from St. Paul's own story, "I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision", the Archbishop said it was a great joy to join the parishioners in Christian worship on the occasion of their patronal festival, on the eve of the day on which Christians celebrated the conversion of St. Paul.
          How a church came to life when worship was conducted within its walls!  "At a festival such as this", the Archbishop said, "we give thanks for this fine building and its fine heritage.  This church has been handed down to us by succeeding generations and it behoves us all to use it as it was meant to be used.  There is a St. Paul's Church in Dublin, one in Belfast and, of course there is the famous cathedral of that name in London; that wonderful edifice which is claimed in a sense by Christians from all over the world as a kind of spiritual centre.  And at this time we find Christians from all over the world thinking about St. Paul and giving praise for his life.  But we are here this evening to think not merely of the Saint or of this fine stone edifice that is the centre of our worship.  We give thanks to the people who, generation by generation, have kept the church going by their faith and service in this place for 100 years".
          After supper, served by members of the Women's Guild in the orange Hall, a social evening followed.  Before returning to Dublin on Saturday morning, Dr. Simms celebrated Holy Communion in the Church.


          Mr. Ferran Boyle, a well-known figure in the motor trade in Northern Ireland, died to-day at his residence, Mount Vista, Pond Park Road, Lisburn. He was 62. Mr. Boyle was managing director of Stevenson Bros. (Lisburn) Ltd., motor engineers and suppliers of farm machinery.  He returned from holiday last week-end and attended business as usual yesterday.
          He helped to establish the firm more than 40 years ago and in recent years took charge of the farm machinery section.  He was a vice-president of Lisburn Chamber of Commerce and immediate past president of Lisburn Rotary Club.  Mr. Boyce was a past captain and trustee of Lisburn Golf Club and a member of Royal Portrush Club.  In his younger days he played hockey for South Antrim club and cricket for Lisburn.  He was a member of St. John's Freemasons' Lodge No. 178, St. John's R.A.C. No. 178 and Lisnagarvey Preceptory No. 178.  He is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son.


Ashfield Boys' Secondary Intermediate School held their gala during the week when the Sir William Norrit Cup was won by Cantrell House (pictured here).  Alsi in the picture is Mr. Robert Simpson, house master.


          Results of degree examinations at Queen's University announced to-day are: Faculty of Science, B.Sc., Physics (with first class honours): John M. Cameron, Christopher R. Gillen, Michael C. Gray, Edward A. McClatchie, James J. G. McCloskey and Ian McC. Torrens.  With second class honours, first division: William Adrain, Donald A. Bell, Robert J. A. Bradley, Daniel J. Bourns, Archibald Colvin, Roger P. Davies, Gerald D. Frizelle, Samuel A. Harbinson, Patricia J. E. Houston, William T. Kennedy, Ian D. Latimer, Vincent J. McBriarty, Peter V. E. McClintock, John McCloy, Samuel M. McDowell, John F. R. McIlveen, Karl McIlwaine, William McKeown, Joseph H. McNeilly, William F. May, Cyril C. Nimmon, Margaret E. Richardson, James J. K. A. Sherlock, James A. Slevin, William J. Smyth, Keith P. B. Thomson, Evelyn M. H. Weir, John M. Whittle, Stirling M. Wisener.
          With second class honours, second division: Patrick J. Boden, Mary S. Colquhoun, Nigel O. Cushing, Margaret A. Hughes, James G. Hunniford, Kathleen Jenkins, Ernest K. Johnston, William N. Macauley, John F. McCormack, Arthur G. McCrory, Douglas E. J. McDevitte, Roderick McNicholl, William Madill, Norah Mills, Edward I. Rosborough, Charles W. Scullion, Noel I. Wade, David A. Wright.
          With third class honours: Ronald Copeland, John S. Garvin, Gerald M. Kelly, Norman W. Lambert, Daniel O'Sullivan, William R. Sinnamon. (Cinnamon)
          Faculty of Science, Master of Science: William R. Ferguson.
          Faculty of Arts, Master of Arts: Colm J. O'Boyle.  Bachelor of Arts, Scholastic Philosophy, with first class honours: Edward A. Comerton; with second class honours, first division: Terence M. O'Keefe.  Archaeology, with second class honours, second division: John F. Russell.


          Belfast Corporation Estates Committee decided yesterday to ask the Housing Committee to provide a master aerial to receive B.B.C. and UTV television programmes in all blocks of flats erected in future.  The Estates Superintendent (Mr. J. Lazenbatt) was instructed to have inspections carried out of a number of television aerials which have been erected on chimney stacks on the roof of a block of flats at Parkmount, Shore Road.  If it is found that the aerials are not endangering the structure of the building, the tenants will be allowed to keep them up.  The committee were informed that the aerials could not be seen from Shore Road, and were therefore not too unsightly.  Tenants of the flats had petitioned the Lord Mayor to be allowed to retain the aerials.  There is a clause in their rent books prohibiting the erection of all types of aerials and the tenants had received instructions to remove them.  The tenants say they had to put up the aerials in order to receive UTV programmes.  Mr. Lazenbatt is also to have talks with the City Electrical engineers about the possibility of putting up master aerials on ??? already built.

Institution Ceremony

          Rev. Charles N. Sansom, M.A., senior curate of St. Jude's, Ballynafeigh, was instituted as rector of St. Philip's (Drew Memorial) Parish Church, Belfast, by the Bishop of Connor, the Right Rev. Charles King Irwin, D.D., on Friday evening.  The Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev. R. C. H. Elliott, M.A., read the lesson, and the Archdeacon of Connor, the Venerable J. R. McDonald, M.A., preached the sermon.  Archdeacon McDonald told the congregation they were met to inaugurate a new chapter in their parish in the long history of the Church of Ireland.  Since the church was consecrated 76 years ago there had been only two rectors of the parish. Rev. Mr. Sansom came to them with high credentials from his superiors, his colleagues and his parishioners.  As a curate in Shankill parish before going to St. Jude's, he had been to him a trusted, loyal, and hardworking friend.  In his work he was ably backed by his wife.

          The adjourned meeting of the Board of Nomination for the Parish of Drew Memorial, Belfast (Diocese of Connor), was held this afternoon in the Diocesan Rooms, Belfast, the Bishop presiding.  Rev. Charles Nesbitt Sansom, M.A., was elected incumbent in succession to the late Canon J. B. Coates.  Mr. Sansom was nominated in 1941 for the junior curacy of Shankill Parish, Belfast.  In 1945 he was appointed curate of St. Jude's, Belfast.  He is a well-known hockey player, having appeared regularly for Y.M.C.A.

          The institution of the Rev. C. N. Sansom, M.A., senior curate of St. Jude's, Ballynafeigh, to the rectorship of St. Philip's (Drew Memorial) Parish Church, Belfast, was performed, at a special meeting last night, by the Bishop of Connor, the Rt. Rev. Charles King Irwin, D.D.  The lesson was read by the Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev. R. C. H. Elliott, M.A.  In his address to the new rector and the congregation, the Archdeacon of Connor (the Ven. J. R. McDonald, M.A.) said that there had been only two rectors of the parish since the church was opened 76 years ago.  Their new rector came to them with high credentials.  He had done good work in Shankill Parish before going to St. Jude's, and was a trusted, loyal and hard-working clergyman.  Mr. Sansom, said the Archdeacon, was ably supported by his wife.


The Very Rev. Austin Fulton, ex-Moderator of the Presbyterian Church (centre), with the Rev. M. F. Graham, Rostrevor on his right together with the clergy who took part in the Common Act of Worship.


The Bishop of Connor, Right Rev. Dr. R. C. H. Elliott (centre front row), with the eight clerical candidates who were ordained at a special service in the parish of St. Mark, Ballysillan, Belfast.  Front row (from left) are - Rev. C. J. Cooke, as curate of St. Patrick's, Ballymena; Rev. O. G. Pierce, Christ Church, Belfast; Rev. S. Simpson, St. Patrick's, Coleraine; Rev. J. Hall, St. Michael's, Belfast.  Back row (from left) are - Rev. J. B. G. Roycroft, St. Aidan's, Belfast; Rev. C. Snape, Derriaghy; Rev. E. J. Moore, St. Luke's, Belfast, and Rev. E. W. Hassen, Larne

                                                       Burns' Cottage

1971 to 1996
25 Years
Ronnie and Hazel invite you to their Anniversary Party Saturday 21st September 1996 at 7.30 p.m.
By request no presents please R.S.V.P. 45 Stormont Park, Belfast

Vanished in Sea after Saving Girls

          Mr. E. F. M. Durbin, (42), Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Works and Socialist M.P. for Edmonton, London North, disappeared in a heavy sea at Crackington Haven, near Bude, Cornwall, on Friday.  Mr. Durbin had assisted his daughter Jocelyn, aged 11, and a friend, Tessa Alger, to safety after being concerned about their being in heavy seas.  Mrs. Durbin saw the children ashore, but when she looked for her husband she saw that he had disappeared.  Professor Thomas Humphrey Marshall, of the London School of Economics and Mr. Douglas Jay, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, also gave assistance in bringing the girls to safety.  Police and coastguards searched for the body, which has not yet been found.  Mr. Durbin was on holiday with his wife and three children, who were on the beach at the time.


Dr. James Garner Kinley with his bride, Miss Rosemary Kyle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Kyle, Main Street, Limavady, fater (after) their wedding in Second Limavady Presbyterian Church.  The groom is son of Mrs. S. Kinley, Chichester Park, Belfast, and the late Dr. David Kinley.

Miss Naomi Gallagher, Garvey Terrace, Lisburn and Mr. Nigel L. Green, Moss Road, Lambeg after their wedding in Lisburn Cathedral.  Best Man, Mr. Don Anderson; Groomsman, Mr. Cecil Gallagher; Bridesmaids, Miss Isobel Gallagher and Miss Gwyneth A. Green. Photo; George Baxter (top left)
Miss Davida Lyons, Fort House, Fort Road, Ballylesson and Mr. William Thomas Bryson, Larkhill, Crumlin, Co. Antrim who were married in 2nd Ballyeaston Presbyterian Church. Best Man was Mr. James Duncan, Bridesmaids were Mrs. W. King, Miss Valerie Lyons and Miss Josephine Lyons. Flower Girls were Sandra Park and Karen Milligan. Photo: Chas. H. Halliday & Co. Ltd., Belfast

Shrimpton - Ellis
The wedding has taken place of Mr. Adrian E. Shrimpton and Miss Carolyn F. Ellis.  The bride is the daughter of Mrs. E. Ellis, Windsor Avenue, Belfast and the late Mr. G. F. Ellis and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Shrimpton, Cambridge.  The bridesmaids were Miss Fiona Peters, Miss Meriel Peters, Miss Moire-Eileen Peters, Miss Romaine Peters and Miss Susan Shrimpton.  The bride wore a gown of ivory taffeta crepe de chine and carried a bouquet of red roses and freesia.  Afterwards a reception was held in the Royal Cambridge Hotel.

McKeown - Leyburn
Glenavy Methodist Church, Glenavy, Marriage of Miss Florence Mary McKeown and Mr. Robert Leyburn, Saturday, May 9th, 1953, at 2 p.m.

Envelope addressed to Ricky Simpson's Mammy, 15 Sunningdale Park North, Belfast 14.
another addressed to Mrs. L. M. E. Simpson, 15 Sunningdale Park North, Belfast BT146RZ
if undelivered please return to :- N.H.S. Retirement Fellowship (N.I. Branch) c/o Bangor Hospital, Castle Street, Bangor, Co. Down, BT204TA


TOP LEFT PHOTO: Back row: Mr. Wm. Harvey, Secretary, N.I.H.A., Mrs. Andress, Mr. J. McDowell, Chief Engineer, N.I.H.A. Front row: Mrs. Harvey, Dr. J. Andress, Deputy Senior Administrative Medical Officer and Mrs. J. McDowell
TOP RIGHT PHOTO: From left: Mr. and Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. A. S. Marsh, Mr. Marsh, Assistant Secretary, Mr. R. P. Thompson, Assistant Chief Engineer, Miss McFarland
BOTTOM LEFT PHOTO: Miss Anne Brown, Nursing Officer, N.I.H.A. talking with Dr. and Mrs. R. Blaney, Assistant Senior Administrative Medical Officer
BOTTOM RIGHT PHOTO: Mr. G. H. Flinn, Secretary, Downpatrick Hospital Management Committee, Mr. E. C. Kirkpatrick, Deputy Secretary, N.I.H.A., Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Flinn, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Dr. J. F. Perry, Consultant, Downpatrick Hospital Management Committee

Her boy-friend's name is Robert,
Or so I have been told
And if ever I meet this hero to him I'm bound to tell
Her dallyings which will cause a stir,
With one, Nat Hanna, Registrar,
Which to jealousy's fire adds fuel,
And could doubtless mean a duel.
Swords clashing, blood, one's dead,
The other lives, our Molly to wed.

Photo by: A. & W. Hogg, 67 Great Victoria Street, Belfast                                             May 1916                         
The Right Rev. William Shaw Kerr, D.D.                                                        366 Bty Royal Artillery 42 Rgt.          
Lord Bishop of the United Diocese of Down and Dromore                                                                                      

The Choir, St. Marks, Dundela

Rev. G. R. H. Johnston.  Rev. C. I. Peacocke (Rector).  Rev. N. R. Hamilton.                                                               

Cadets of the First South Belfast Company of the Girls' Training Corps being inspected by an officer of the A.T.S.                  

Mr. Coates                    From Diana with love L x o                                              August 19?6                        

           Palestine                                                        Marocco (Morocco)

River Corrib, Galway University, July 1950

                    April 1947                                R. J. Fisher, Sub. Lieut. (E) H.M.S. Glenroy
                                                               C/O G.P.O. London
                                                                Taken on Embankment Summer 1944

                          Monday April 7                                      Great Aunt Jones            Yours Sincerely Mabel

April 8

St. Nicholas' Church, Galway, July 1950

St. Mary's Parish Church, Killarney, August 1951 or 57

Nelson's Pillar 1946

Phoenix Dublin

something in French                                               your auld sparrin pardner, John      

                                                           George Kennedy, Photographer, 74 Limestone Road, Belfast

Kennedy Photographer, 74 Limestone Road, Belfast

Best Wishes, Tommy Henderson, 1942

yours very sincerely Eva B. Greer - Hembry, 15 Donegal Place, Belfast
H. Allison & Son, 42 Scotch Street, Armagh

Crawford McCullagh, Lord Mayor of Belfast January 1945                                                                                         
Photographers W. & G. Baird Ltd., Belfast                                                                                         

 I think this is Albert Hodgens tailor shop

from negatives

from negatives

from negatives

Professor Gary Love, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Queen's University, Belfast, and his wife Margaret (centre) at the 25th anniversary dinner of Windsor House, Department of Mental Health, City Hospital and Queen's University with Professor Roy McClelland and his wife Hazel (right) and Dr. Bob Weir and his wife Dr. June Weir

1911 Census

Residents of a house 271 in Springfield Road (Woodvale, Antrim)

Hodgen Albert 46 Male Head of Family Church of Ireland Co Down Merchant Tailor Read and write - Married
Hodgen Hannah 49 Female Wife Church of Ireland Co Monaghan - Read and write -






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