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Laura O'Neill married Albert Hodgen (around 1923/4), they had 2 children Mollie L. M. E. (24.9.25) and Albert William, Albert William died age 11 in 1935, Albert, his father, died in 1943 age 79 and Laura died 1958 age 71, I think Mollie married Albert John O'Neill who died in 1995 age 82 and Mollie herself died 2003 age 89 (but I'm not 100% sure)
If any family members can verify the above or send me the correct information please I would be grateful
it is also possible that either Laura O'Neill or Albert John O'Neill had a connection with Greer Garson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hodgen were the grandparents names also and they lived at Arlington, Newcastle?
letters summary

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Albert Hodgen, Esq., J.P., 277 Springfield Road, Belfast and daughter Mollie
Mollies Autograph Book 1 - 1930's

Mollie Hodgen, 277 Springfield Road, Belfast III AB V.C.B. (Victoria College, Belfast)

Hazel Heenan; Patricia Doherty; Paddy Irwin; Margaret Walker
Form III AB 1937-1938 - Dorothy Martin; Margaret McAuley; Margaret Hill; Lucy Carson; Joan Moore; P. Koren?; M/ Furry; Patricia Mann; Kathleen Craig; Maureen Flanagan; Doris Marks; Elsie Hunter; Betteen Cochrane

Form III b 1937-1938 - Betty Andrews; Betty Lowe; Mona Goorwitch
Form III AB 1937-1938 - C. E. Lloyd-Dodd; Sylvia Agnew; Nora Taylor; Ellie Black; Cynthia Connell; Betty McRobert; Elizabeth Gorman; Joan Wellwood; Estelle Shuttleworth; Patricia Surfleet; Anita Callaghan; Berta Wright; N. McCormick; Marnie Robinson; Claire McDowell; Betty Allen; Ethna Harkness; Betty Blair; E. Rippingham; Effie McKee

A. Hodgenl Chief Officer, Belfast Fire Brigade; G. Elder
R. Savage:                                                                       ???                          

Form II 1937 - 1938 - Muriel Agnew; Eileen Kelly; Rosemary Danter; Kathleen Seale; Joyce Ferguson; Patsy Carlisle:
W. Campbell, Royal Ulsterman
Joan Clark; Sylvia McAuley Form II; Doreen Dinsmore; Jean Irwin; Pauline Mitchell; Sheelagh Jeffrey; Maxine Morrow; Helen Adair; Marguerite Weir

Put flowers in Mother's bonnet and not on her Grave. Minnie Mercer 3/11/36
They sought for perpetual motion, They sought from the world was young, But the only thing that they could find, Was a model school girls tongue. L. Ca????

My Twin Brother, M. Hill                                He who sits on this is sure to rise again. M. C. or L.

Gwen Ross; Harry Acheson; Phyllis Hegan; Ida Lyons; Audrey Alexander; Joan McCleery:                Edith F. or J. Schofield                

                  Donald Schofield                                                 Alderman Malcolm Mercer, 2nd November 1936

There is always a patch of blue in the darkest sky, Look at that it will grow. ? O'Neill, 13th February 1936   Lucy Cochrane; C. C. Glebe?

Dorothy A. Martin, 1st Warrenpoint; Kathleen Green, 1st Moyallon; Edith Dawson, 4th Portadown; Frances Casement, 82nd Belfast; Margaret Jill Keown, 4th Lisburn; Rachel H. or A. Gibson, 82nd Belfast; Olive Burns, 64th Belfast; Joy Topping, 1st Portadown; Winnie Johnston, 1st Portadown; Rebecca Dean, 4th Lisburn; Eleanor Williamson, 89th Belfast; Maud Bittles, 1st Newry; Jacqueline Patterson, 1st Newry; Irene Mawhinney, 111th Orangefield; Meta J. Heslip, 70th Belfast; Doris McCormick, 111th Orangefield

Dorothy Johnston, 4th Bangor, Co. Down; Ruby Hobson, 4th Dungannon, Co. Tyrone; Estelle Shuttleworth, 1st Helen's Bay "B"; Maureen Oughton, 1st Groomsport; Helen Collins, 5th Bangor; Patricia Lilley, 5th Bangor; Betty Killen, 6th Bangor; Patricia Moreland, 46th Belfast; Margaret E. F. Richardson, 71st Belfast; Eileen Phelp, 46th "B" Belfast

Mistresses of V.C.B. (Victoria College, Belfast?)
A. M. Rodden; A. T. Wasson; A. W. Curran; J. M. White; Florence McKeown; M. M. Craig; E. M. McAlister; A. Acheson; J. Heenan; R. W. Hogg; C. E. Johnston; A. Loughrey; A. S. McMordie; J. A. Lavery; E. Minnis; E. V. Malcolmson; E. A. Blackstock; O. M. Barry; N. M. Savage; M. S. Smyth; T. B. Young; C. S. Brannigan; G. I. A. Faris;

John Reynolds, 11 Sleigh Gardens, Edinburgh; Mrs. Nan Elder, 35 Loganlea Avenue, Edinburgh
For you - may fortune's very best, Bless all the glad years through, For you - may just the happiest, Of happy dreams come true, New joys be yours a thousand ways, Old joys their cheer renew, And life bring only happy days, Year in and out, for you. M. Hanlon, 6.3.35

When the one great Scorer comes, To write against your name, He'll write not, what you won or lost, But how you played the game. Your Old Pal, Doris E. Marks, V (B) V.C.B. 23.9.42; Albert W. Hodgen, 14th October 1934

Royal Ulsterman, ? Alexander, Electrician; F. Johnson, Steward; Capt. Connell, M. V. Royal Ulsterman, Broomielaw?; W. Campbell, 3rd Officer, M. N. Royal Ulsterman; John MacLean, M. V. Royal Ulsterman; A. S. Nicholson, 2nd Officer, ? Royal Ulsterman; J. Newell; J. Lowry, M. V. Royal Ulsterman; L. McLean, M. V. Royal Ulsterman; H. Paterson, Chief Officer; J. Miller, Sailor; Iris Shennan, "Matron"; John Bell, Assistant Steward, Royal Ulsterman, 28.6.38; Thos. Cummins, Royal Ulsterman; W. A. Morgan, Whitehead; Wm. Per?, M. V. Royal Ulsterman, Steward; James Campbell, 2nd Steward; C. McMahon, Royal Ulsterman; J. Rimmer, Bar man

From. One. You. Know. But won't know I Know. J. M.;    Prefects 1937 - 1938  - Ethel Garrett, Laurie Boyd; M. McDowell, E. Ingram

A. ? Brue, ? Cunnington?, M. V. Ulsterman:    A. McIntosh; ? Robb:     ? ?, Norway

Black is the eye of the Raven, Black is the eye of the Rook, But Blacker still shall be the eye of the one who ill uses this book, Nelson Barrie Anderson, Ship Steward, R. M. M. V. Royal Ulsterman Glasgow-Belfast 28th June 1938:    Joan Moore

Noel Warren, Belfast Royal Academy, Form II:     Phyllis Gibson, 1st Newtownstewart; Jean Cunningham, 1st Newtownstewart; Lily Hamill, 30th Belfast; Beatrice Lockhart, 2nd Dungannon

M. McCutcheon, 102nd Coy. Belfast; A. Gregg, 102nd Com. Belfast; Maureen Quinn, 8th Bangor; Mary McQuillan, 91st St. Marks; Edna Beatty, 91st St. Marks; Sheila Comyns, 63rd Belfast; Jean Livingstone, 2nd Dundonald; Margaret Kirk, 1st Dundonald; M. R. Abernethy, 1st Dungannon; Isabel Laverty, 1st Hillmount; Edith Hyndman, 1st Sion Mills; Myrtle Lockhart, 1st Dungannon; Maureen Adams, 1st Sion Mills; Elizabeth Sherrard, 1st Lenamore; Marjorie Lester, 1st Hillmount; Mary Morrison, 1st Lenamore; Frieda McClune or McClure, 3rd Bangor; Doris Lovell, 3rd Belfast; Barbara Spence, 3rd Bangor; Molly Gillan, 1st Gracehill; Joan Bloomfield, 1st Kilrea; Bertha Mullen, 1st Rathfriland; Evelyn Walls, 1st Boveedy; Rosemary Lilburn, 70th Belfast; Florence Lynn, (F???) Borderers Strabane; Maureen Valentine, 63rd Belfast; Elma Paul, 1st Kilrea; Verna Wright, 1st Rathfriland; Miriam Sargaison, 120th Belfast; Mary Hodges, 4th Holywood; Joan Hawthorne, 2nd Larne; Rita Henderson, 4th Holywood

For me to live is Christ, To die is gain. 23.1X.42 Fred:   Harold V. Taggart, N.I., 28.6.38:   Best wishes, Cecil Broadhurst (Canada) July 21st 1938 Royal Avenue Picture House, Belfast

J. Cameron, Victoria Falls, Rhodesia:  D. Kelly, Victoria Falls, S.R.; ???? Nigeria:   ??? South African Pavilion

Margt. Mackei, New Zealand, Empire Exhibition, 1938:  Margaret Harford, New Zealand Pavilion Exhibition, 1938:  Alex Turner, New Zealand "Kia Ora"

If as no our, you I knife love, love love could in, me you cut two. L. Hodgen, 23/6/38
By hook or by crook, I will be last in this book. Mrs. Martha Reynolds, 11 Sleigh Gardens, Edinburgh:
By hook or by crook, I will be the last in this book. F. Casement, 82nd Belfast
more Hodgen photos
Mollie's Autograph Book 2

            Jock Elmore                                                                             Jane E. Hall 1936 November 10th

G. O'Neill 13th February 1936                                                     Donald Schofield July 14th 1936

McDowell; Joan Moore; A. Ronan; B. Allen; D. Connor; G. Boyd; June Tyrrell; Lucy Carson; Pat Surfleet; E. Lloyd-Dodd; E. Gorman;
M. Boal; Betty Andrews; Marie Malough; Phyllis J. R. Boyd; Betty E. Lowe; D. or S. E. M. Kelly; Jean Muriel Wilson Rose; Patsy Carlisle;
S. C. McNally; Eileen Kelly; Maureen I. J. Winter; Muriel Furey; Margaret McAuley; Phyllis Karn?

Maureen Zara Flanagan, E. McKee:                                                    M. Hanlon 19.3.35            

Muriel Furey to Molly                                                                 M. Flanagan 12/10/37

Mollie's Autograph Book 3

To Mollie from Pinkie 1946

If half the power that fills the world with terror, If half the wealth bestowed on camps and Courts, Were given to redeem the human mind from error, There were no need for arsenals or forts. S. R. Larmour 3rd October 1946

To Mollie - Just to linger in your arms, One starry summer night, Join with me in the between, The dawn of early light. I would give my life for thee, Just to linger in your arms. J. Ne?? 25.7.1941 or 7
To "Molly" at the end of a very enjoyable holiday. Here today and gone tomorrow, Parting always causes sorrow, Though it should be born in wind, If there is any sorrow when you part, It's a friend you leave behind. With all my best wishes. John 31st August 1947 (John Shelley-Smith)

One thinking of L.M.E.H. Some people think that life is just a survival of the fittest, They cannot see the sense of helping other folk along, They mock at human kindness and their thoughts are of the bitterest. When some unlucky blighter gets excused for doing wrong, But, thank the Lord, there still are lots who with a brave persistence, Delight in giving helping hands and easing others pain, Who find in little kindness the core of all existence, But who, when asked to go a mile, go not a mile, but twain.  Austen Semple 11.7.47
To Mollie "May you be happy - you & your life & your home" Cato 200 B.C.  "May you be happy! - Down the long, long years, Our thoughts are still the same, When greeting one another In friendship's sacred name. I could not send a better wish, my friend, for Thine and thee, Than that delightful greeting Of the days that used to be. May you be happy all your life, Your home - be happy too, And may good Fortune ever bring Her choicest gift to you!!  Austen Semple 14th July 47

W. B. Irvine 13.9.47                   She was a Lovely but Faded Woman of 29  -  Scott Fitzgerald September 10th 1947  C. Churchhouse

When out upon a lonely road, Perhaps some other boy to see, Turn your thoughts to Birmingham, And kindly think of one who always thinks of you. T. F. Sidney Forster 23rd July 1948

Think of me on the river, Think of me on the lake, Think of me on your wedding day, And remember that piece of cake.  26.10.96
This above all to Thine own self be true; And it must follow as night follows day, there canst not then to any man be false. R. Palmer Moore 1.8.47

Mollie Hodgen, Victoria College, Belfast October 1945

To Nurse E. O'Neill as a wee remembrance from J. H. Owen, July 6th - 29th 1918                       photo no information                          

Vanessa Fully Fashioned Stockings                                        William Davidson and the wife                                                        

"I certify that this is a true likeness of the applicant, Mrs. ? F. Warren.  M. ? Stewart (July 30 1954) or 1964

St. Philips Church "Drew Memorial"

? Pillar                                                                                 Dublin? August 1946

Diocese of Derry, Parish of Errigal and Desertoghill, Service of Thanksgiving 1985
Diocese of Connor, Parish of Whiterock, St. Columba, Institution of Rev. T. C. Kinahan, M.A. as Incumbent 1984

"Baby" Edwards, Gorey? Co. Wexford, July 1952

Self. Divis Mountain, June 1948

I think this is Mollie and her husband?   August 1960

                                 Seamus Heaney              My View of Seamus by Blake Morrison, London         CLICK TO ENLARGE

Mr. Paddy Heron; Eamon Edward McKeever, Main Street, Blackwatertown; Mr. Arthur Jacks; George Samuel Herbert Fox, Bellvue Terrace, Richhill
Mourne Observer 1982  CLICK to enlarge

hard to make out so thank you to a few people on Facebook :o)

Presented to,

Miss Eliza Davidson, wishing her a very "Happy New Year"


Henry Phelin
Dr. Hanover
W. V. Machise
A. W. Bleasdel
C. D'Esterre
Louis A. Greata

Seaforth Jany. 1/79



CLICK to enlarge

Empire Theatre Belfast - Cinderella December 1946

1934 Year Book  - History of Parish Church (Glenavy)
CLICK to enlarge

High Sheriffs Luncheon

Visit to Fort Dunlop of Members of the Junior Car Club, London 26th February 1931
St. Augustine Rectory, Londonderry, 21/10/42


My dear Mollie,

          Very many thanks for your letter. I am glad you are getting your book filled with unusual & interesting autographs, and that you liked my little "piece."

          I am sorry you thought I was changed from Portrush, of course, I am 1 years older, and alas I have been suffering from heart strain since the summer. The Doctors advice is the same as yours - take things easy and rest when you can. Not easy in Winter Time with so much to do.  However, thanks for your concern, good wishes & good advice.

          St. Augustine is a busy little church, and I am ? ? ?, & ? of a good ?, ? - Pack. We crammed 365 into Church last Sunday morning, 75 of whom were R.A.F. The Church only seats 300. On Harvest Sunday we had 363 in morning & 450 at night of whom 30 were in the Porch & 20 in the Vestry. For the week-night Harvest we had 262.

          I suppose you are still at School, and if so, I hope you are doing well.


          I also hope you enjoy School. It is terrible when you cannot take an interest in it.

          I will be glad to hear how you are getting on.

          This Friday I am preaching in Caledon, ? ? and on Sunday morning in Killiloe?, Killdoe?, about 8 miles from here.

          I enclose the ? of our Mag. The inside is the same in all Mags.  Of course you can send your love, and old Preacher needs all he can get!

                  With all good wishes

                           Yours sincerely

                                    H. A. McKegney

Municipal Employees' Association of Great Britain and Ireland

5 May Street, Belfast 4th September 1922

A. Hodgen, Esq., J.P.,
277 Springfield Road,

     Dear Councillor Hodgen,

          I have been requested by our Members employed in the Cemeteries and Parks Departments, to tender you their sincere thanks for the very able manner in which you have dealt with applications received on the members' behalf.

          We quite realise that it was sometimes impossible to expect to receive all we asked for, but we know that had it not been for your personal efforts and influence, the members would not have got some of the concessions they are now in receipt of.

          I am also desired to state that you may be assured of any influence and assistance that we may be in a position at any time to render you.

                 Kindest regards,

                                 Yours faithfully, J. Malcolm, Secretary

M. Crosland II; R. McCaghey; R. Heenan; M. Bell I; W. Campbell; M. Orr; M. M. Bell; O. Gillies II; Y Forbes I; L. McCallion I; B. McKinsty II; D. ?; B. Davies II; A. McCandless; M. McNeill; M. Lauder I

A. H. - E. O'N photograph album cover

Mrs. McClean, 108 Oldpark Road - Good Housekeeping 1/6/46

City & County Borough of Belfast Gas Department Official Inauguration of the Waterless M.A.N. Gasholder by
The Rt. Hon. Sir Crawford McCullagh, Bart., D.L., J.P.

CLICK to enlarge

Alderman Albert Hodgen, J.P. Chairman of the Gas Committee

CLICK to enlarge

The Rota as Sheriff - Alderman George Ruddell Black, J.P.; Alderman T. E. McConnell, C.B.E., J.P.; and Councillor Albert Hodgen, J.P. were places in this order on the list to be submitted to the Council of persons qualified to fill the office of Sheriff. Alderman Black, Alderman McConnell and Councillor Hodgen thanked the committed (committee) for the compliment paid them.

on back Peter Barnes ? (alias Richards), we? executed in Winson Green prison Birmingham, for complicity ? the bomb explosion which killed? Wikipedia

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