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Tel. directory   1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory   1898 Newry Directory  Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

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Laura O'Neill married Albert Hodgen (around 1923/4), they had 2 children Mollie L. M. E. (24.9.25) and Albert William, Albert William died age 11 in 1935, Albert, his father, died in 1943 age 79 and Laura died 1958 age 71, I think Mollie married Albert John O'Neill who died in 1995 age 82 and Mollie herself died 2003 age 89 (but I'm not 100% sure)
If any family members can verify the above or send me the correct information please I would be grateful
it is also possible that either Laura O'Neill or Albert John O'Neill had a connection with Greer Garson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hodgen were the grandparents names also and they lived at Arlington, Newcastle?
letters summary

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Albert Hodgen, Esq., J.P., 277 Springfield Road, Belfast and daughter Mollie

Victoria College Belfast badge         H. C. Robinson, Major                              no idea                          

                                                                                     on back - Greer Garson when 13

Mollie seemed to be interested in Greer Garson, I wonder was there a connection with her mother who I believe was also an O'Neill?

                                             on back - love Bertie 1908

to O'Neill
All the following photos were taken in Ontario

The below photos taken in England

                                London                                 Bury                   B November 11th 1832 D May 16th 1878

Manchester                                Manchester                               Manchester

Blackpool                                  Blackpool                                 Oldham


Is this Mollie and her husband?              passport photos taken early 90s?                            

Mollie and ?

Cap of Dunloe, Killarney,

To Molly from Hardy 1944



Hardy who?

1893 To Edith with love from Lulu             Chicago

Armagh                             Joe Davidson                             Armagh


Autograph Book belonging to Mollie, from herself to herself :o)

Kerr Dean of Belfast '42

J. Milne Barbour

Robinson, Mayor, Larne

Lord Lovat

Tessie O'Shea '48

Henry Holland '50

William Wellwood

James Andrews '42

Olive M. Barry '42

Rector of Shankill Parish '42

Trevor Huddleston

Oliver J. Gillies '42

Cousin Dermot

D. A. N. Abernethy Lt.

The Marquess and Marchioness of Londonderry send their best wishes on the Coming of Age of
Viscount Castlereagh 18th November 1923 - Mountstewart

The Vicarage, Oundle, Peterborough 10th July 1968 H. B. McCance, Esq., Sheena, Cultra, Holywood, Co. Down
Dear Mr. McCance, I have now been able to search the eighteenth century registers and have found the following entries:-
John Gadsby, buried 1st January 1739/40 - Ino Gadsby, buried 21st January 1733/4
Thomas, son of Mr. Gadsby, baptised 1st June 1726 - John, son of Ino Gadsby, baptised 19th April 1720

The following are from 'Mollie's Wee Books'

Ruby Marks                                    

Edith Dawson 1939                               Billy Moore                                                                        

Rev. Herbert Austin McKegney, Rector of St. Augustine's Church, Londonderry, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Adam McKegney, of Donard, Orangefield, Belfast, and his bride, Miss Mabel Henrietta Fyffe Wade, Maebert, Sligo, leaving St. John's Church, Sligo, after their wedding.
Flying Officer L. R. St. J. Scott, R.A.F., and his bride, Miss Margaret Noelle Hill, Richmond Park, at Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Belfast

Kind regards Eva '46                                                            Ian Hawthorne                               

Mr. Marcus Ruderman, L.D.S., London, and his bride, Miss Mona Goorwich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. Goorwich, Malone Road, Belfast, leaving the Synagogue
Jim Steele - Hebron - July '47

Postcards - CLICK to enlarge

H.M.S. Rodney

not sure who its from but its addressed to Mrs. F. Connolly, 69 Rowland Street, Belfast

                 1914-1915                          6-10636 Pte. J. Hunter, R.IR.RIF.             9560 Sjt. C. D. Jones R.IR.Fus.
More details on Jones and Hunter thanks to Nigel Henderson and John McCormick on Facebook

writing on back, hard to make out

Sergent Major F. E. Fetlon? or Tetlon 111th City of London

Private W. H. Tetlon ? Grenadier Guards

on back - just a number 22065

on back 6917 - 19.12.190? E. H. ?                                                 Reg. No. AK - 6571                              

Rev. E. A. Edwards, Cliftonpark Avenue, Belfast, leaving Carlisle Memorial Church with his bride, Miss Eleanor W. M. Gault, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Gault, Dunamoy, Oldpark Road, Belfast

on back: Aunt Emma

Dieu Et Mon Droit - Coronation of their Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth}
State Visit to Northern Ireland Wednesday July 28th 1937 God Save the King

Itinerary of visit

Coronation Visit of Their Majesties 1937 Invites to Councillor Hodgen and Mrs. Hodgen

CLICK to enlarge Genealogical Table Showing the Descent of the Crown

R.A.F. Association Belfast Branch - Official Illustrated Souvenir on the occasion of The Visit to Northern Ireland Their Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh May 25th - 28th 1949
Procession from The Donegall Quay - Inspection in Garden of Remembrance - Ceremony in City Hall
Parade of Youth Organisations - Government Garden Party - The Departure - Deputations Presenting Addresses of Loyalty in the Council Chamber of City Hall

Garden Party Invitations

The Church Magazine of S. Augustine's Londonderry
November 1942 - December 1942
September 1942
October 1942
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