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Laura O'Neill married Albert Hodgen (around 1923/4), they had 2 children Mollie L. M. E. (24.9.25) and Albert William, Albert William died age 11 in 1935, Albert, his father, died in 1943 age 79 and Laura died 1958 age 71, I think Mollie married Albert John O'Neill who died in 1995 age 82 and Mollie herself died 2003 age 89 (but I'm not 100% sure)
If any family members can verify the above or send me the correct information please I would be grateful
it is also possible that either Laura O'Neill or Albert John O'Neill had a connection with Greer Garson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hodgen were the grandparents names also and they lived at Arlington, Newcastle?
letters summary

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Albert Hodgen, Esq., J.P., 277 Springfield Road, Belfast and daughter Mollie

all on this page from The Story of my Life by Mollie L. H. E. Hodgen

Name of deceased Albert  Wm Hodgen
Last place of residence Smiley Cottage Hospital Larne 277 Springfield Rd
Age 11 Years
Date of death 19 March 1935
Date of burial 21 March 1935
Cemetery City Cemetery
Grave section and number J1 376
Burial Type Earth Burial

postcard from Albert Hodgen to his Auntie Bunty in 1932, 2 years before his death age 11, telling her 'everyone say I am looking better' :)

Miss Emma L. O'Neill Smiley Cottage Hospital, Larne

a letter from Mr. Ian Fraser, M.D. to Alberts father after his sons death

Councillor Hodgen's Gift - Councillor Hodgen, Springfield Road, Belfast, has presented a portable organ for St. Matthew's Parish Church vestry, Shankill Parish, Belfast, in memory of his son. A brass plate attached to the organ bears a suitable inscription.

Christmas in County Antrim Hospital - Nurses Decorating the hall in Larne Cottage Hospital

Postcard to Albert Hodgen in  1928 from his Aunt Ida

sadly Albert never got to drive as he died age 11 in 1935

Name of deceased Alderman Albert Hodgen J P
Last place of residence 277 Springfield Road
Age 79 Years
Date of death 10 July 1943
Date of burial 13 July 1943
Cemetery City Cemetery
Grave section and number J1 376
Burial Type Earth Burial

letter from J. A. Ireland of James Ireland & Co.

letter from Town Clerk, City Hall, Belfast

Council Resolution following the death of Albert Hodgen

letter from Hugh Toner, Harryville, Northfield, Donaghadee

Name of deceased Laura Hodgen
Last place of residence 453 Springfield Road
Age 71 Yrs
Sex F
Date of death 13 September 1958
Date of burial 16 September 1958
Cemetery City Cemetery
Grave section and number J1 376
Burial Type Earth Burial

death of Alberts wife, Laura Hodgen in 1958

                                                                 is this Laura Hodgen before she married Albert? in 1923

Miss O'Neill, 67 Manor Street, Cliftonville, Belfast from Carson

Girls' Friendly Society in Ireland St. Silas Branch Mrs. Warren
List of Borrowers

Mrs. Hawthorne                           Mrs. F. O'Neill
Aubrey Hawthorne                       Dr. Giles
Miss Smith                                   Mrs. Marsh
Mrs. Sheridan                              Olive Groves
Mr. Harkness                               Mrs. Stevenson
Mrs. Warren                                Mrs. Hedley
Doris Marks                                 Miss McDonald
Ruby Marks                                 John Stewart
Fred Lee                                      Gretta Purdy
Charlie Williamson                        Mrs. Arlow
Miss Duncan                                Lily Richardson
Sam Larmour                               John Hawthorne
Sam Craig                                    Bob Russell
Mrs. Hunter                                 Jim Newell
Mrs. Spring                                  Charlie Wilson
Mrs. Kennedy                              Clark Bell
Miriam Sargaison                          Robert McCormick
Miss Biggar                                  Belle Warnock
Stella Bunting                               Const. Norris
Jimmy Tweedie                            Const. Purdy
Robert McBride                                   Dorrian
Major H. C. R.                             Sally Gray
Pat O'Hagan
Mr. O'Neill
Mrs. M. V. O'Neill

James Hodgen, 1945 and 1946

Sir Crawford and Lady McCullagh, Lismara, Whiteabbey 1942                        to Mollie from Aunt Carrie                         

to Mollie from Marie

High Sheriff of Belfast, Alderman T. Henderson, M.P., Wilmont House, Lisburn Road, Belfast 1942

To Mrs. L. Hodgen, from R.U.C. Springfield Road

To Mollie from Margaret

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Belfast and the Lady Mayoress, Alderman G. R. Black, J.P. and Mrs. Hancock 1942

To Mollie from Rosemary Marsh, Ashley, Carrig Avenue, Dunlaoghaire, Co. Dublin, Eire

R.U.C. from Bill Somers


To Bun (Mollies dog) (& her admirer, Molly) from Gilbert & Bill

Bessie Marsden Match Makers

Ruddigore and The Mikado

Madame Gertrude Drinkwater


Remember me, When this you see, A Sweet young Scholar of V.C.B. my motto Safety First!!! Hazel Thompson V.C.B. 1940
I read these pages o're and o're, And read what others wrote before, And in this quiet little spot, I write the words "Forget me not"
Ellie Black V.C.B. 4.12.39

Endeavouring to persuade Mr. Warren to purchase a ticket for a rifle shot

Austen Semple 1944

                                                                                                                         Lily Kirk's Wedding

is this Albert and Laura Hodgen in Bangor?

Lieutenant-Colonel Ian Fraser, F.R.C.S., Belfast, who received the O.B.E. in the Birthday Honours

Mollie Hodgen Date of Birth 24.9.25 277 Springfield Road and attended Springfield School from 1930 to 1935

School Prefects Head Girl - Sybil Chapman. House Captain - C. Eleanor Megaw, E. Margaret Crosland, S. Jean Surfleet,
N. Hazel Lindsay

1st XI 19 Captain - Lalage Campbell, Vice-Captain ?

Victoria College Schools' Cup Hockey Team

                                                    Mr. Fleming & Family taken on 12th July 1938

2nd XI 19 Captain - Irene McCahey. Vice-Captain - ?

Schools' Perpetual Tennis Challenge Cup - Victoria College, winners of the cup which has been presented for inter-schools' competition by Dr. T. B. Pedlow, Mrs. K. Hadow and Mr. R. P. Corry.
From left - K. Acheson, B. Carlisle (captain), with the trophy; M. McDonald and C. Young

Victoria College, Belfast Session 1938-1939
French - M. Crosland, K. Scott, B. Hudson, A. Williamson, M. M. Bell, M. Lauder, A. Alexander, D. Handley, M. Donaldson, K. Atcheson, M. Richardson, M. McClelland, A. M. Robinson, S. Agnew, E. Shuttleworth, E. Moore, M. Walker, M. Hodgen, S. McNally, R. Eakins, K. Seale, H. Johnston, H. Adair, J. Alexander, I. Savage, S. Jeffrey, P. Seale, M. Kenyon, C. Rudolf, M. Alexander, A. Sainsbury, M. Rainey, D. Dinsmore, S. Linton, ? McAuley, A. Sturgeon, M. Boyce, F. Thompson, E. Kane, B. Scarlett, M. Halliday, J. Dugald.
Scripture - E. Shuttleworth, A. Callaghan, M. Hodgen, E. Howard, K. Moore, M. Buller, K. Seale, H. Adair, E. Kelly, I. Savage, M. Alexander, M. Rainey, E. Wallace, A. Sturgeon, M. Boyce, F. Thompson

at Bladon Drive yesterday before the selection of the Ulster team to play Leinster on Saturday

Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon, 20 Sharman Road, Stranmillis, Belfast February 1940

Mr. & Mrs. A. N. Stevenson, Irene Joyce, Mr. Gerald Johnston, St. Matthew's Parish Church, Broomhedge
Friday 6th September 1940 44 Castle Street, Lisburn

Marjorie Millar, Irene Dunn, Doris Scovell, Vera Norris

Guidecraft :- Patrol Leaders from all over Northern Ireland attended an intensive training course, the first of its kind, at Dungannon High School.

Examinations held by the Ministry of Education, 1941 - The following pupils obtained the Senior Certificates:-

M. Bell, H. A. Blythe, E. T. Burnett, H. M. Caskey, S. E. M. Davies, M. M. Donaldson, H. Faris, Y. Forbes, E. G. Frame, O. J. Gillies, M. K. Goodbody, D. R. Harris, D. L. Handley, H. E. Henry, B. E. Honneyman, S. J. Hunter, D. M. Lauder, L. A. McCallion, E. P. B. McKinstry, M. L. Magill, J. M. Martin, M. Moat, J. Mulholland, M. E. F. Richardson, M. Robinson, A. E. Saulters, M. F. Seale, R. C. Sutcliffe, A. H. Williamson

The following pupils obtained the Junior Certificate :-

P. M. Anderson, K. J. Barker, M. F. C. Bradshaw, M. L. Brownell, O. M. Buller, D. E. Eakins, K. M. Hamill, M. Herron, L. M. E. Hodgen, E. M. Howard, S. E. M. Kelly, O. Kirkpatrick, M. E. Kyle, M. C. M. Lindsay, M. M. McCay, M. E. McCormack, M. A. C. McDowell, S. C. McNally, V. A. McNiece, J. McWatters, P. E. Mann, D. H. Martin, A. E. Moat, H. L. Montgomery, K. M. Moore, M. Morton, N. C. Nelson, J. Patterson, A. P. M. Pedlow, M. J. Richardson

PRIZES - Senior Certificate: M. M. Bell, D. L. Handley. Senior Cambridge Examination: V. K. H. Acheson (overseas), H. S. Burns (First Class), M. E. McNeill

First General Prizes - M. Crosland, A. Williamson, C. Abernethy, A. M. Robinson, J. Morrison, P. Pedlow, P. Mann, R. Fyffe, J. Furey, J. Alexander, P. Seale, E. Kane, B. Kane
Second General Prizes - M. Neill, D. M. Lauder, M. Watt, A. Alexander, A. McCormick, M. Herron, N. Nelson, K. Seale, M. Dunne, E. Kennedy, D. Gillies, F. Thompson, S. McKeown

Literature and Composition - M. Crosland, M. Neill, R. Heenan, A. Williamson, D. M. Lauder, M. Bell, D. Handley, M. Donaldson, B. McKinstry, H. Faris, A. Alexander, S. Agnew, B. Brownell, P. Pedlow, M. Herron, B. Howard, V. McNiece, M. Bradshaw, J. Barker, M. Brownell, R. Fyffe, K. Seale, M. Spratt, E. Lowry, H. Adair, M. Gilpin, J. Fish, J. Alexander, E. Kennedy, J. Trevor, L. Clarke, E. Frazer, I. Savage, M. Stevenson, P. Seale, D. Gillies, E. Burnside, M. Boyce, J. Wilson, E. Kane, F. Thompson, W. Longley, J. Dugald, R. Hood, J. Lyness, E. England, P. Evans, M. Halliday, K. Scarlett, S. Connell, F. Salmon, B. Kane, S. McKeown, A. Jeffrey, O. Millikin, E. Shaw

A. Alexander, E. Buckham, P. Boyd, E. Rippingham, P. Pedlow, M. Herron, M. Kyle, S. Kelly, L. M. Hodgen, M. Brownell, R. Fyffe, M. Spratt, E. Lowry, H. Adair, M. Gilpin, K. Kinley, A. Shaw, E. Kennedy, S. Jeffrey, M. Boyce, M. Young, E. Kane, F. Thompson, S. Connell, B. Kane, S. McKeown, A. Jeffrey, O. Millikin, E. Shaw

Gamble Scholarship (to Girton College, Cambridge): M. Crosland.  Leaving Scholarships: E. W. Campbell, R. Heenan. Elizabeth Steele Scholarship: O. J. Gillie.  Sixth Form Scholarship: D. M. Lauder. Jane McIlwaine Scholarship: E. M. Howard.  Junior Scholarship, Senior Division, Second Year: E. McCormack; First Year, H. M. Johnston, A. C. Carson, M. B. Pollock.  Resident: E. M. Suffern.  Junior Division, Second Year: K. R. Seale, K. Frame; Resident, M. S. P. Kelly.  First Year: H. M. Adair, M. J. Alexander.  Resident, M. M. Stevenson

Special Scholarships in Domestic Economy: O. J. Gillies, Y. Forbes, M. Bell, E. B. McCaughey, M. Herron, S. C. McNally, S. E. M. Kelly.  Essay Prize (presented by Mrs. Farrington, B.A.): R. ?akins. Special Prizes in Elocution (presented by  Miss Cicely Mathews): B. McKinstry, M. McCall, E. Kane

Hazel Thompson, Drumglass                                                                                                                      

Rector - Rev. H. A. McKegney, The Rectory, 16 Queen Street Portrush 194?

Girl Guide Patrol Book and Subscription Book

Rose Patrol October 1940 - Jean Nelson, 9 Linview Street; Kathleen McAuley, 20 Linview Street; Margaret McClure, 16 Linview Street; Ruby Marks, 271 Springfield Road; Mollie Hodgen, 277 Springfield Road; Vera Anderson (evacuated) ; Agnes Nelson, 9 Linview Street

Rose Patrol November 1940 - Mollie Hodgen, 277 Springfield Road; Vera Anderson (evacuated); Ruby Marks, 271 Springfield Road; Jean Nelson, 9 Linview Street; Kathleen McAuley, 20 Linview Street; Agnes Nelson, 9 Linview Street

Rose Patrol December 1940 - as other months + Sadie Maxwell, 26 Venice Street

Rose Patrol January 1941

Rose Patrol February 1941

Rose Patrol March 1941 + Violet Downing

Rose Patrol January 1940 - Alice Platt, 11 Lemberg Street; Eileen Spooner, 33 Magnetic Street; Betty Coventry, Grosvenor Road; Vera Anderson, 41 Drew Street
Mollies School Reports, 1940, 1942

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