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Mostly Postcards
all came together from auction but may not be connected and then again they might!

Page 1 - Nellie Wylies' Album  - Page 2 PCs Grant, Currie etc.
Page 3 Assorted items see listing below

same thing with this collection A.R.L.

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W. A. Stevenson Collection  -  McKee PCs  -  Hewitt  -  Various Postcards & Photos etc.

Crothers - Christmas 1914 L/C J. Crothers 14 R.I.R. (Y.C.V.) 16353

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photo came with Johnston postcards below, no info

1                    2                   3                    4
1911? - 31st July Postmark Belfast from S. D. to Mr. Johnston, Bayview, Carnlough - We arrived here safely. Miss Graham was asking for you. 'P.S. Buy at Duffin's Corner'
2) 1905? January Postmark Ballymena from Sara to Miss E. Johnston, Seaview House, Carnlough - Dear Edith, Many thanks for P.C. I was surprised to see it. It’s awfully nice. Hope you are well. Wish it was summer time. Sara Hughes. [thank you to Imelda Fairfield for having the patience to figure out the code :o)]
3) 1904  - 28th March Postmark Carnlough from S. L. A. to E. N. J. Miss Edith Johnston, Sea View House, Carnlough
4) 1904 - 13th June Postmark Carnlough from Isa? to Miss E. Johnston, Seaview House, Carnlough

1                   2                    3                     4                     5
1917 - 17th September Postmark Dublin from Mrs.? J. S. J.? to Miss Johnston, Hillesden, Holywood, Co. Down - 24 Castlewood Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin - Dear Miss Johnston, _ I'm _ wishes you to send_ the dress (scored out and 'Skirt of costume' written) to use on arrival at Hillesden. What glorious weather we are getting. We may be home next Tuesday. Hope you are very well & Kate? as fresh as a daisy. Have you everything shining & beautiful? Sincerely yours. How is my Bobs? Is Jack conducting himself properly?
2) 1905? - 23rd May? Postmark Ballymena from S. Hughes to Miss E. N. Johnston, Sea View House, Carnlough, Co. Antrim - Dear, E. Are you still in Carnlough. I am going down a run on Wdnsday (evg.) with friends. If I've time I'll call, I am not sure if I will know you or not. Hope you are well (20,8,1,14,11  25,15,21 to Irene Burns for the code-breaking :o])
3) 1907? 5th November Postmark Ballymena from Sara Hughes to Miss E. N. Johnston, Seaview House, Willisden, Holywood, Co. Down (scored out) Carnlough, Co. Antrim - Many thanks for P.C. Are you still in Holywood. I'm sending this is speak anyway. Hope you are well, Your friend
4) 1905 - 4th August Postmark Dublin to Miss E. N. Johnston, Seaview House, Carnlough, Co. Antrim
5) 1915 - 7th May Postmark Belfast from M. T. F. H. to Mr. J. N. L. Johnston, "Sea View House," Carnlough, Co. Antrim - Just a p.c. in kind remem; I got your letter alright, many thanks for same. How are my two "little sisters," I hope to see them soon, Kindest regards from. Just after getting your card. (thank you Stuart for figuring out the extra H's in this message)
1                   2                               3                                          4           
1961 - 15th March Postmark Tairbeart Co. Chiarraighe? from Hazel, Alan & Louis to Miss Lucy Fitzell, Colyton, 19 Waltham Avenue, Stoughton, Guildford, Surrey, England - with love
2) 1905 - 1st August Postmark Carnlough from Isa to Miss E. Johnson, Seaview, Carnlough - Had a nice walk home, my Sister did not come, may come this evening.
3) 1904 18th ? Postmark Carnlough from "E" to Miss Edith Johnston, Seaview House, Carnlough - Hi, sorry I could not go to "Soiree" but it was such a bad night and I expected to go to town the following morning but of course this weather prevented me.  I have two post cards for you - with your picture on - could not see you all week altho I was down nearly every day. Meet me some day.
4) no information

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1                    2                    3
Names inside a book, O'Keefe, McGrath, Sheppard
1) The Poetical Works of Dr. Thomas Parnell John Sheppard
2) Mr. M. O'Keefe, 30th August 1849 - M. G. McGrath, 7th July 1919
3) Michael O'Keefe, ????? - May

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A Plague infected house being burnt

Disinfecting plague stricken houses

A stock of coffins burning

Preparing a stack of Victims for burning

Burning household effects of an infected house

Plague stricken houses, Victims stacked in front for burning

Collecting the dead

Dress used for prevention of Plague by railway Employees

Stacks of coffins being burnt, about 500 bodies were burnt here daily during the time of the plague

Analysing the plague germ

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Famous People Postcards
Merle Oberon                Joel McCrea                Jean Harlow               Gary Cooper

John Wayne                  Myrna Loy                  Magali Noél                  Gordon Harker

Brigitte Bardot             Dominique Wilms            Louise Martini             Christine Maybach

Karin Baal               Elsa Martinelli               Liselotte Pulver               Alan Ladd

Marguerite Chapman             Tony Martin             Esther Williams             Billy De Wolfe

June Allyson               David McCallum             Robert Vaughan               Colonel John F. Glenn

                    Parker                                               Alan Tracy                           Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward

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1921 - 1st March Belfast P. Leader W. A. Stevenson, 10 Glenvarlock Street. You are hereby instructed to report for duty at Mountpottinger Police Barracks on Wednesday, 9th March, 1921, at 7.45 p.m. (No. 8. Beat) J. C. McClughan, Capt. Station Commandant, Mountpottinger

1923 - 9th March (18th January 1923?) Duty Commandant's Office, Belfast - Special Constabulary Identity Card, County: City of Belfast; District: E. Mountpottinger; I hereby certify that 01339 Sgt. W. A. Stevenson of 6 Glenvarlock Street is a Special Constable B. Class in the above District (can't make out signature) Age 25; Height 5' 9"; Build Medium; Comp. Fair; Eyes, Grey; Hair, Auburn; Particular Marks Mark on Left Leg; Signature of Holder W. A. Stevenson

1937 - Discharge Certificate Class "B" Ulster Special Constabulary - This is to Certify that No., B1339 Rank, Sergt. Name, W. A. Stevenson has been enrolled member of Class "B" Ulster Special Constabulary from 2nd February 1921 to 22nd November 1937. The Government of Northern Ireland has directed the issue of this Certificate as a record of its appreciation of the valuable service rendered voluntarily by Mr. Stevenson as a member of the Special Constabulary. Place, Belfast; Date, 1st December 1939; County Commandant scrawl Colonel; Inspector General, ? Wicklaw - on back 67 G.? Gregg, (could be an address)

1943 - 1st April Discharge Certificate Army Form B108J (If this Certificate is lost no duplicate can be obtained) Army Number 2045273; Surname Stevenson; Christian Names William Alexander; Effective Date of Discharge 6th April 1943; Corps from which Discharged Royal Engineers; Embodied Service Three 225; Total Service Years Five Days 196; Rank on Discharge SPR?; Cause of Discharge Service no longer required for the duties for which he enlisted. Para 390 (XVIII) (a) KR 1940; Military Conduct Very Good; Place Brighton; R.E. Records Office

1951 - Certificate of Service Serial No. 0003587 Army Form B.108D - Signature and Rank C. E. Westall ?? Col.; Officer i/c Reme & Rave Records; Date 18th June 51; Place Leicester - William Alexander Stevenson No. 21019089 Sjt. Territorial Army 3.9.50 Paradox (1) T&R 36, Termination of Engagement R.E.M.E. - Enlisted at Belfast enrolled on 4.9.1947 in Territorial Army 3 years Date of Birth 15th January 1899
1                                                                                              2
1) 1956 - 14th November Commissioner's Office, Ulster Special Constabulary, Court Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland - Dear Sir, I have to inform you that the Minister of Home Affairs has been pleased to award to you the Special Constabulary Long Service Medal in respect of your 16 years in the Force. The date of the award is 4th September 1956. I have pleasure in forwarding to you the riband of the Medal. The Medal itself will be forwarded when issue has been approved. A. W. Cussans? Adjutant for/Commissioner, U.S.C.
2) 1957 - 15th May City Commissioners Office, Court Street, Belfast 15th May 1957 U.S.C. Belfast Ulster Special Constabulary Long Service Medal - Dear Sir, I have much pleasure in forwarding to you the enclosed Ulster Special Constabulary Long Service Medal and Bar/s awarded to you in respect of your service in the Ulster Special Constabulary. Please acknowledge receipt on the enclosed form. Yours faithfully A. W. Cussans? Adjutant for/Commissioner

1958 - 16th December Command Secretariat, Headquarters, Northern Ireland District, Lisburn, Co. Antrim - Dear Mr. Stevenson, The Permanent Under-Secretary of State has asked me to convey to you, on your retirement, his thanks for your valued work in the War Department and his appreciation of the many years of loyal service you have given. I should like to express my good wishes for the future. Yours sincerely ?? Mr. W. A. Stevenson, 24 Thornhill Parade, Belfast

1959 - The War Department Civilian Employee's Certificate of Service. This is to Certify that according to Official records Mr. W. A. Stevenson has been employed in the War Department as follows:- Period of Employment from 12.4.43 - 11.9.50 to 3.3.50 - 10.12.58 Grades in which Employed ? Labourer, ? Fitter, ? Ch Fitter, ? Fitter, MR (Ind) Fitter - rate of pay £10.19.8; Nature of Duties: Repair and testing of carburettors, fuel pumps, and injectors, including phasing and calibrating; Reason for Termination of Employment: Medical Grounds; Assessments of Ability, Conduct and Health Ability: He has a good knowledge of his work, and provides a good standard; Conduct Good; Health See reason for Termination of employment; Special Remarks A conscientious and cheerful personality, who needs little supervision, He shows great interest, and keenness, and always up the job. Respectful to superiors; Establishment R.E.M.E. Workshop, Kinnegar, Holywood

                                                                                        For Loyal Service
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1                     2                    3                    4                   5
1909 - 23rd December Postmark Chandlers ? from Sissie to Miss Lily McKee, Ardenlee Avenue, Cregagh Road, Belfast, Ireland - Dear Lily, To wish you and all the others a very happy Xmas, hoping everybody is well, love from
2) 1911 - 3rd July Postmark Donaghadee, Co. Down from G. A. B. to Miss L. McKee, c/o R. McBride & Co., Ormeau Avenue, Belfast - Mrs. McWilliams, 14 Shore Street, D. Dee. You will see by this that I have arrived at D. Dee. I was beginning to think I was not going to get after all. You see you are not going to get rid of me yet a while. I am feeling a lot better since I cane here. Love to all. Yours
3) 190? - 12th July Postmark Warrenpoint, Co. Down from Martha to Miss Lillian McKee, 293 Ardenlee Avenue, Belfast - this is a beautiful day, having a good time
4) 1913 - 10th November Postmark Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan from N. J. to Miss L. McKee, c/o ? McBride & Co., Ormeau Avenue, Belfast - M. D. L. (My Dear Lily?) Just a few lines in answer to your W - glad you are allright, don't be working too hard, I am very busy, will write you a long letter later on, goodbye yours
5) 1914? - 26th ? Postmark Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan from ? S. to Miss Lily McKee, c/o ? McBride & Co., Ormeau Avenue, Belfast - M. D. L. (My Dear Lily?) Hope you have got home allright, feel a bit lonely now. I shall be expecting your P.C. Goodbye Love

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1                     2                    3
no year - 29th September Postmark Belfast from ??? to Mrs. Hewitt, 60 Chadwick Street, City - Have you not the cushions made yet, as we haven't any I expected them in for Saturday, your work is ? but of ? as I would always ? to make a ? of ?
2) no date - Postmark Millisle? from Milton, Hilton to Mr. Robert Hewitt, 15 Walnut Place, Belfast - Dear Bob, Good weather begs of sport. Hope you are enjoying yourself, tell S. Cogher? I have forgot his address or I would of sent him a P.C.
3) 1909 - 12th August Postmark Belfast from ? to Mrs. Hewitt, 60 Chadwick Street, Lisburn Road, City - 75 ? Hill, Lis? Road, Please ?????????. I will be at ?????????

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1                     2                    3                    4                     5                    6
no date Postmark Rio De Janiero from Harry to Miss Hamilton, 20 Leppoc Road, Clapham Park, London S.W., England - Dear Annie, What do you think of this? Rather a novelty - eh. Driving to Rio-de-Janero tonight
2) no year - March Postmark Auckland, N.Z. to Mrs. Reilly, Woodburn Glen, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Ireland
3) 1956 - 16th July Postmarks Gaillimh & Newcastle, Co. Down from Audrey, Joe & Avril to Mr. & Mrs. Auld & Family, c/o The Caravans, Castlewellan Road, Newcastle, Co. Down, N.I. c/o P.O. - Saturday, Dear Mum & Dad, We are now on our way to Killarney, the countryside round which we are motoring is marvellous, we have seen a beautiful waterfall & an old Abbey on our way, the views we have got are beautiful, we are going to stop in Killarney for couple of days, hope to get into a Guest House, the weather is great to-day
4) 1918 - 21st August Postmark Bangor, Co. Down from Mabel to Miss Maggie Stringer, 32 Kendal Street, Belfast - Dear Maggie, Am having a lovely time here, from
5) 1908 - 29th May Postmark Macclesfield from Maud to Mr. Cavan, 12 Prospect Street, Belfast - After the children had got over the measles the Doctor recommended us to give them HOVIS instead of the ordinary white bread. This is a picture of George - healthy enough isn't he? (there are no photos of children in this whole collection - Mary) You can get Hovis at your bakers.
6) 1963 - 25th June Postmark Glean??? Eire from Denise & Muriel to Mr. & Mrs. P. Rafferty, 22 Woodland Gardens, Lambeg, Lisburn, N. Ireland - Isn't this a lovely beach. The children just love it. We were all in fir a bathe this afternoon, a bit cold but very nice. Hope you got the shoes

1                     2                    3                   4                    5                    6                      7
1907 - 1st June Postmark Belfast from A? Malone? to "The Cripples Palace" Boot Department, Donegall Road, Belfast - Alt. C. M. M. 1/6/07 5 Mad? Ave.?, Cavehill Road, May 31st 07 Please send to above address for "Repairs" & oblige.
2) 1905? - 21st October Postmark Belfast from F. S. D.? to Miss L. Girvan, Summerhill, Larne - A son of Larne
3) 1907 - 25th November Postmark Belfast from Fred to Miss L. Girvan, Summerhill, Inver, Larne - If you saw the original I think it would alter your impression of the stage.
4) 1914 - 21st February Postmark Mallow from Willie to Mr. Fred Davis, 1 Halstein Drive, Sandown Road, Knock (scored out) ?? - Came up from Cork this morning, snowing here, Best love to all
5) 1954 - 9th August Postmark Belfast from Arthe & Hugh to Miss M. J. or I. Nelson, Security Directorate, H.Q.  B.I.O.(g) B.A.O.R. 19 - Had a lovely day here with Elsie on Friday, just wish you had been with is. Got engaged last Saturday 31/7, writing shortly, love
6) no date - Postmark Baile Atha Cliath? Eire from B. R. and her sister to Mrs. Fails, High Shiel, Ardglass, Downpatrick, Co. Down, N. Ireland - Having a very nice time. Weather very good so have decided to stay until the 29th. Kindest regards from my sister and myself
7) no date - from John to Mrs. McKernon, Collinwood Terrace, Whitewell, Belfast - not ? ? he is out of greens shop listed, tell me if big dan is their ore not for their was some body out of B. comp looking for me, he said he worked in greens shop on the antrim road, he sent to fellows to look for me but he did not tell them his name and ? doe?

Esplanade, Bangor, Co. Down
1913? - 21st August Postmark Belfast from E. Rowlands to Messrs. Cousins, Mineral W. Company, Strandmillis, City - 11 Woodstock Road, City, Please send one of your men with 6 doz of minerals as they have not called Tuesday & it is very annoying writing all the time & oblige as soon as possible

Sheephaven Hotel, Port Na Blath, Co. Donegal
1962 - 18th August Postmark Blaithche Co. Dunnangall from Hetty? to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Weir?, Ballyvaughan, Castledawson, Co. Down, N.I. - Thursday 4pm Weather has been very mixed. Letter from J. today. He is coming home to see B. (who is not so grand) on Sun a.m. He will take a holiday & go back in Sept. Other boys? coming for exams. All going well

High Street, Newtownbutler                                                     Seabank Hotel, Portrush

Portmuck and Muck Island, Islandmagee                                 Guinness - Him Strong


Black's British Post Cards - Our Indian Armies
on back - Oldpark W. G. Armstrong, 79 Royal Avenue      With Compliments Yours Truly Victor Beauté   
                                                                                          Fasting for 40 days - May 14 to June 22
                                                                                       Panopticon, High Street, Belfast

on back Mr. Fulton, Harland & Wolff, North Wollich, London (Woolwich?)

Boy Scouts' Encampment, Magilligan

Belfast Shipbuilders Challenge Football Match - Harland & Wolffs XI Windsor Park, 6th April 1918
S, Burnison (right back) - W. Liddell (goal) - D. Rollo (left back) - Lord Pirrie - W. Bennett (right half) - H. Leddy (centre half) - W. Emerson (left half) - D. McKinney (outside right) - D. Reid (inside right) - J. Soye (centre forward) - J. Adair (inside left) - H. Buckle (outside left

The Committee of the Ben Madigan Literary Society Present their compliments to Miss Butler and solicit the favor of her presence at their conversazione in St. Vincent's Hall on the 3rd November R.S.V.P. Concert at 8 p.m. Punctually D. A. Glasgow Hon. Sec.

Iraq Army Headquarters, Baghdad   With All Good Wishes for Christmas and the New Year from Harry? Laverty

With Hearty Greetings and all Good Wishes for Christmas and the New Year from Daddy