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all came together from auction but may not be connected and then again they might!

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Album containing everything on this page belonging to Nellie Wylie 2nd March 1907

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McMullan - Wylie - March 9th, 1911, at St. John's Church, Newcastle, Co. Down, by the Rev. Otway Woodward, Rector. Joseph H., son of the late David H. McMullan and Mrs. Barry, Rockland Villas, Newcastle, to Annie, daughter of the late James Wylie, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim
2) Reminiscences - Fair is Lisburn on the Lagan, Where the curfew rings at nine;
Fair the river rolling northward, Far along the old track line.
In the dreary nights of winter, When the lights of Millbrook shine,
Mystic shadows seem to linger, Far along the old track line.
Lofty are the groves of Wilmount, Rich the pastures of Lismoyne;
Charming is the view of Nature, Far along the old track line:
Where the bells of Ballylesson, Often ring their well-known chime,
With a grand reverberation, Far along the old track line.
Oft the village hind and maiden, Ramble in the summer time,
Where the chestnut spreads its blossom, Far along the old track line.
Time is passing, rolling onward, But these charms shall still be mine;
Memories of the times I wandered, Far along the old track line.
Henry Hu?, ??  Low? Road, Lisburn
3) Marriage - Blakely - Herdman - May 22, at Lambeg Parish Church, by the Rev. Benjamin Banks, M.A., John Blakely, son of John Blakely, Glenmore, to Ethel R. Herdman, daughter of the late Robert Herdman, Collin

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Rev. G. N. Beere, M.A., Rector of Larne and Inver
2) Church of S. John the Baptist, Upper Falls, Belfast
3) M. Reid (For Auld Lang Syne)

1904 - September? The Promenade, Donaghadee from E. to Miss Annie Wylie, Lindley Cottage, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim - Had a pleasant day yesterday in Donaghadee yesterday. Mr. McDowell & family are stopping there. Spent the evg. in Newtownards. This a.m. wet, nice evg. In Millisle after seeing some Bicycle races

1904 - 6th September Postmark Newtown? Ballywalter Harbour from E. McG. or C. to Miss Annie Wylie, Ludby (Lindley) Cottage, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim - After parting? letter in Millisle, came for a ? to Ballywalter

1904 - 8th October The Harbour Office, Belfast from M. P.? to Miss A. Wylie, Lindley Cottage, Dunmurry - Dear A., Tell your Mother, Mother had got another young daughter, with best love

1905 - 6th September Brownlow House & Grounds, Lurgan from E. McC. to Miss Annie Wylie, Lindley Cottage, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim - Spent yesterday & today here

1905 - 21st September Royal Avenue, Belfast Postmark Knock ? from Pat to Mr. Jas. Wylie, Lindley Cottage, Dunmurry - I am sorry that I have till go down till white Aby (Whiteabbey) this Sunday so I wood like you to come the next one & I will be at home & you can see Maggie, she will be up here. by by

1905 - 23rd December High Street, Belfast from L. P., 96 Jocelyn Avenue to Miss N. Wylie, Lindley Cottage, Dunmurry - We are longing to know if any of you is coming down on Monday or Tuesday, kindly let us know.

1906 - 25th June High Street and Albert Memorial, Belfast from W. Alexander to Mr. W. Hunter, jun., Trinity House, Dunmurry - 148 Leopold Street, City, June 25th Dear W., Sorry I didn't get up that night to give you an item, but I will try and come some other time. You can be responsible if it breaks up the tent, so put me last on the pro. Hoping you are doing well and liking your situation. P.S. Remember me to Miss W. and your mother. Yours sincerely
1906 - 5th October Erin Go Bragh! Postmark Douglas from ?? to R.? Allison Esq., C.M.G. 2 Cowper Villas, Cowper Road, Palmerston Park, Dublin, Ireland - I think I return next Wed. 10th. Fine weather here.

1907 - 15th May Postmark Dublin from L. Fryer to Dr. Allman, Tayler's Hotel, Kilmacrenan, Co. Donegal - Just to remind you of dear old Dublin. Many thanks for share of spoil, had it this evening & enjoyed it thoroughly, think our enjoyment of it greater than yours! I say, May your shadow never grow less." more power to you. So good of Mrs. A. to share sport with me.

1907 - 22nd May Eden Quay, Dublin from Eileen Wilson, 7 Gardiners Row to Mrs. Allman, 2 Cowper Villas, Palmerston Patk, Dublin - So sorry I am not able to go to you to-day, but am very bad with my throat. I hope I am not putting you to a lot of trouble. I shall be over tomorrow without fail. Please excuse writing & postcard. yours sincerely

1907 - 12th June Postmark Whitehead, Belfast to Mrs. William John Hunter, 50 Church Street, Lisburn - Magic Fortune Card - Your husband will be a successful . . fool although he might think himself a ? fellow remember that ?

1907 - 16th August Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal Postmark Letterkenny from Connie to Mrs. R. Allman, Skerries, W. Dublin - Very many thanks for post card, which we all think very good. We are still down here, all splendid, weather  very bad indeed here _ _ all _ _  up in Dublin again. Love to all from

1907 - 30th September High Street, Portadown, Co. Armagh from Morris, 2B Brace? Avenue, P. Down to Mr. W. J. Hunter, Pearl Office, Scotch Street, Dungannon - I cannot get to Pomeroy tomorrow, take in ales? as usual, I'll write C10? later on. I'm very busy just now.

1908 - 24th April Main Street, Kilmacrennan, Co. Donegal Postmark Letterkenny from Na to Mrs. R. Allman, 2 Cowper Villas, Palmerston Park, Dublin - Many thanks for letter. Impossible which Country Around with snow, Cold bitter.

1908 - 16th August Phoenix Park, Dublin A Sunday afternoon with the Band from Minnie or Winnie to Miss Rosie Allman, 4 Island View Terrace, Skerries - Minerva?, Clontarf, Dublin With lots of love to all from

1908? - 6th August The Strand, Skerries Postmark Dublin from Winnie & Paddy to Miss Rose Allman, Island View Terrace, Skerries, Co. Dublin - Thought you might like something new to look at. With love

1908 - 26th August Postmark Bundoran, Co. Donegal from L. B. Young, Enniskillen House, Bundoran to Master Bayard Allman, 4 Island View Terrace, Skerries, Co. Dublin - I hope you are all enjoying yourselves very well and are having lots of fun. Love to all

1909 - 12th October The Longstone, Lisburn from Annie to Mrs. W. J. Hunter, 2 Colin View, Mercer Street, Lisburn, Co. Down - Dear Nellie, Just a P.C. to let you know I arrived home safe & sound. One of the girls met me at the Station & we walked home. dear N. I felt very sorry leaving Willie & you & Baby. Send his photo soon. I said he would go to see you sometimes soon. Love

1910 - 21st July High Street, Belfast from Maggie to Mrs. W. J. Hunter, 2 Colin View, Mercer Street, Lisburn - Sorry I can't get up to-day on account of rain, better luck next time I hope. Hope you got home safe.

1910 - 29th July Donegal Square West, Belfast from F. Teague, 5 Hamill's Court to Mr. W. Hunter, Hair Dresser, Dunmurry - 29/7/10 Dear Sir, I have got to move about again but it is very tender as yet, let me know how things stand and I will go out on Monday

1911 - 13th February Batchelors Walk, Court House and Institute, Lisburn from A. Carson, Superintendent, Britannic Assurance Co., 15 Westbourne Terrace, Lisburn to Mr. W. J. Hunter, 2 Colin View, Mercer Avenue, Lisburn - Dear Sir, Please call here to-morrow Tuesday morning about 10 o'clock & oblige. Yours

1913 - 31st January High Street, Belfast Postmark Dunmurry from Jinnie to Mr. W. J. Hunter, Avondale, Lough Road, Lurgan - Dear Willie, You may expect Mother on Sunday afternoon by the 2 o'clock train if all is well. Ever your loving sister
1913 - 8th August Queen's Bridge, Belfast Postmark Dunmurry from Jinnie to Mr. W. J. Hunter, Avondale, Lough Road, Lurgan - Dear W. Just a line to let you know that you need not expect us on Sunday. Father will not be able for the journey. He is not any worse. He is just able to go about

1913 - from Albert in Dublin? to Master W. Hunter, Avondale, Lough Road, Lurgan - Dear Willie, Hope this P.C. finds you well, hoping to see you soon

1916 - 17th July The Parade, Bangor, Co. Down from Annie to Miss N. Wylie, Lidly (Lindley) Cottage, Dunmurry - We arrived alright and like it very much, we seen Mr. H. and he likes it very much, you can tell Miss H. If you are coming you can bring us pork? port? post? as we can't bring visitors into the ? With love to all. Much love to Maggie

1918 - 13th June Gentlemen's Bathing Place, Bangor (The dear little plant still grows in our isle, Fresh and fair as the daughters of Erin, Whose smile can bewitch, and whose eyes can command, In each climate they ever appear in) from Maud, 9 Ruby Street, Bangor to Mrs. W. Hunter, Edith Terrace, Railway Street, Armagh - Dear Nellie, Just a P.C., sorry to know that you have been ill but hope you are all right by now, as for myself I am down since Tuesday and I feel a lot better already. I hope Willie and the children are well also that you are alright yourself, Love from

1918 - 22nd August Skating Rink, Silverdale, Sydenham (sign says M. T. Depot Sydenham, Messing Centre No. 1) from George to Mr. W. J. Hunter, Edith Terrace, Railway Street, Armagh, Ireland - Dear Willie, This is the place where we get our grub, it seats about 1000 at a time. They keep going in by one door & coming out by the other for about 1 or 2 hours.  I have just done my first day at anti-gas instruction. My chum finished his yesterday & has been sent to draft? today and will probably pack off tomorrow. So except molars keep me back I will probably go by Monday or Tuesday. In any case I will let you know immediately.

1920 - 29th May Esplanade & Queen's Parade, Bangor, Co. Down Postmark Belfast from Mrs. Mackin to Mr. Hunter, Eideth (Edith) Terrace, Railway Street?, Armagh - Bangor, Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hunter, P.C. Card hoping to find you all well. I am getting along well my self thank God. I will soon be all right again and get back to my lonely old man. This is a nice place, I like it well and is in with a nice Lady, Love to all

1920 - 18th July Mourne Grange, Kilkeel Postmark Co. Down from L. C. to Mrs. Hunter, Edith Terrace, Armagh - We are having a good time here, hoping to see you soon. Love from

1922 - 4th August On the North Strand, Portrush from A. & M.?? to Master Ed. Hunter, c/o Mrs. Proctor, 14 ???lin Street, Donegall Road, Belfast - Friday, Dear Ted, I am having a few days at Portrush. I hope you are a good Pal to Sheila & Uncle David. I hope Uncle Johnnie is getting better & will see us all in Armagh soon. Regards to all

1922 - 4th August Arcadia Cafe and Bathing Place from Daddy to Master M. Hunter, 8 Edith Terrace, Armagh - Friday Dear Harry, I hope the sun is shoeing up at home as well as here. Love

1922 - 5th August Portrush Promenade from Dad to Master Jim Hunter, 8 Edith Terrace, Armagh - Sat. Dear Jim, I hope you are all well & watching the Sonts?

1936 - 2nd June Strand Street, Skerries, Co. Dublin Postmark Sgeiri Co. Bhaile Atha Chiath from R. A. to Capt. R. B. Allman, The Depot, The Royal Ulster Rifles, Armagh, N. Ireland (scored out) 69 Osborne Park, Balmoral, Belfast (also scored out) 3 Island View Terrace, Skerries, Co. Dublin - Sat. 30th I hope your card is better, F. or J. told us you were with her. Weather here is a bit cool, but fine. We return on 15th June. I hope to see you before that.

1950 - 14th August Beach Ponies, Millisle Beach, Co. Down from Doreen to Mrs. Hunter, Morningside, Finaghy Road South, Belfast - Millisle 14/8/1950 Dear Mum, The weather is not very good, and I am haveing a lovely time. The morning was wet but it is clearing up now. Yesterday Mr. Coates took us out in a rowing boat for the afternoon. Love

1997 - 29th April Donegal Quay, Belfast from Elizabeth Spence to Miss Hunter mention of Tanya

no year - 3rd June Gentlemen's Bathing Place & Bangor Steamer, Bangor from Maud to Mrs. W. Hunter, Edith Terrace, Railway Street, Armagh - Dear N, Just a line, hope to find you all well, glad to know Harry is coming on so well, sorry to know you have had such a bad time with your teeth but hope they are alright now. Mother and I are down here for the day, Love from

no year - 19th January Irish Street, Downpatrick from Dora to Miss Wilson, Florenceville, Everton Drive, Cregagh, Belfast - Dear Dorothy, Sorry for not sending this P.P.C. before now but they were detained & they just arrived to-day. You will see that our house is not there. I could not get it. Love to all

no date no postmark from Dear Bob, I hope you are not thinking long for me, I am enjoying myself very much & am sorry you are not with me, wish you could come, no matter, I hope to be back soon, be a good boy until then. Ann or A. W. - Robert is was Willie wrote them not me but N. says you are to come & spend your holidays with her. a.w.?

no date - The Komikal Skots, Bangor, Ireland, 1906 from Lindley Cottage, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim to Mr. D. Gilmartin, 1 Dixon's Row, Coatbridge, Scotland - Dear Mr. Gilmartin, I am sure you will think me very ungrateful for not sending the P.C. before this but I have been very busy since I came home. I am glad to say I feel a great deal better. I hope the children and you are feeling the benefit of your Holiday

no date - Castle Place, Belfast from Annie to Miss N. Wylie, Lindley Cottage, Dunmurry - Dear Nellie, Just a P.C. to let you know that I will not be out till Wednesday

no date - On the Lagan, Belfast from Annie to Miss E. Ellison, Park View, Isle of Man, Douglas - Pembroke Lodge, Dear Lily, I hope you are having a good time & I hope the weather is better there than it is hear, it is raining hear all the time. All is well hear & going on as usual. Hoping you are well & having a good time.

This is King J. Heywood after the fire (no idea where this is)

Kaye Kearney's Cottage, Killarney                                              New Skerries, Skerries          

W. Toft & Sons
(Mr. W. H. Toft, Messrs. Wm. Toft and Sons, Ltd., Inchicore, Dublin, wrote: "We have pleasure in submitting the following tenders for permits for amusements on the north-end of the Esplanade. (a) Season 1939, 2,050, with one week for church fund or other charity. (b) With option of renewal for ? years, 2,230." from Wicklow People, January 1939)
(For the past few weeks Messrs. Wm. Toft & Sons amusements have been open on the Fair Green, Longford. Undoubtedly the chief attraction is the Electric Picture Palace attached, in which, at both houses nightly, are shows, some very fine dramatic, comic and educational films. There are some films on the market of rather a questionable character, but from what I have seen, Messrs. Toft take extra care in the selection of their subjects - Result - Delighted large and appreciative audiences all the time.  - from Longford Journal, November 1912 Source: British Newspaper Archive (thank you to Grace Harvey for finding these clippings)

Saint Patrick's Church, Skerries       Villages around Bangor, Co. Down - Conlig, Crawfordsburn, Groomsport        

The Promenade, Donaghadee                                                 Guinness Wharf, Dublin

The Bann Falls, Coleraine - Tuesday, Spent the afternoon here today. Weather splendid. E. McG. Recd. letter this afternoon
Do you not know me?

       Westmoreland Street, Dublin                                  Eden Quay from Bachelors Walk, Dublin

Slieve Donard Hotel, Newcastle (also on Newcastle page)