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1877 Belfast Street Directory

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Naphor, David, clerk, 62 Vere Street
Napier, James, tailor, 9 George's Lane; res., 46 Dagmar Street
Napier, Johnston, clerk, 102 Newtownards Road
Napier, Joseph, sea captain, 13 Ship Street
Nash, Charles, Deerpark, Antrim Road
Nash, Charles F., income tax collector, 33 Magdala Street
Nash, Patrick, van driver, 17 Hamilton Street
Nash, Wm., manager (Lyle & Kinahan), Oldpark Terrace, Oldpark Road
National Provident Institution and Caledonian Insurance Co., district office,     National Provident Chambers, Victoria Street - W. B. Lowson, superintendent
Naugher, Felix, servant, 68 Dundee Street
Nawn, Philip, & Co., 23 John Street
Neal, John, 26 Nore Street
Neart, Wm., fitter's assistant, 4 Arundel Street
Neary, Denis, butcher, 79 Hercules Street
Neeson, Bernard, butcher, 79 Hercules Street
Neeson, James, Belmont Park Terrace, Strandtown
Neeson, James, carpenter, 18 Kildare Street
Neeson, James, plasterer, 69 Academy Street
Neeson, John, 57 Milford Street
Neeson, Mrs., 10 Pakenham Street
Neeson, Mrs., 71 Stanford Terrace, Donegall Pass
Neild, John (Golden Lion Hotel), 2 Apsley Street
Neill & Sons, coach builders, Glenravel Street
Neill, Charles, pork cutter, 8 Isabella Street
Neill, E., gun maker and fishing tackle warehouse, 62 High Street
Neill, H. J., wine merchant, 9 & 11 Corporation Street, bonded stores, 22 Donegall Quay
Neill, James & Co., goldsmiths, jewellers, watch makers, silversmiths and opticians; manufacturers of bog oak jewellery, 14 Donegall Place
Neill, Jas. (of J. Neill & Co.), Oranmore House, Craigavad, Holywood
Neill, J. H., & Co., merchant tailors, clothiers and hatters, 37 & 39 High Street
Neill, James (of J. H. Neill & Co.), 15 Eblana Street
Neill, James, baker and shop keeper, 11 Brownlow Street
Neill, James, street inspector, 35 Boundary Street
Neill, James, shoe maker, 25 Belgrave Street
Neill, James, Cromac Park House, Ormeau Road
Neill, James, iron moulder, 19 Wilson Street
Neill, James, pensioner, 34 Greenland Street
Neill, James, bleacher, 25 Canmore Street
Neill, Jas., hardware dealer, 83 Shankhill Road
Neill, John, Prudential Assurance agent, 9 Brennan Street
Neill, John, hair dresser, 158 Corporation Street
Neill, John, store keeper, 13 Dagmar Street
Neill, John, coal merchant, 4 Queen's Quay
Neill, John, packer, 43 Russell Street
Neill, John R., watch, chronometer and clock maker, jeweller, silversmith and optician; agent for the United Kingdom Provident Institution, 21 High Street
Neill, John, grinder, 7 Watson Street
Neill, John, 47 Balmoral Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Neill, Joseph, railway guard, 1 Canning Street Place
Neill, Joseph, linen lapper, 26 Cumberland Street
Neill, Mrs., Greenisland House, Greenisland
Neill, Richard, plumber and gas fitter, 12 Granville Street
Neill, Robert, & Co., provision merchants, 9 Little Donegall Street
Neill, Robert, provision merchant, 56 Dublin Road
Neill, Robt. H., coach builder, 13 Singleton Street
Neill, Robert, packer, 79 Old Lodge Road
Neill, Robert, bundler, 64 Cambrai Street
Neill, William, bread server, 38 Arkwright Street
Neill, Wm., Glen Cottage, Dunmurry
Neill, Wm., clerk, 16 Woodford Street
Neill, Wm., traveller, 22 Hudson Street
Neill, Wm. J., clerk, 279 Crumlin Road
Neilly, Richd., spinning master, 12 Edenderry Street
Nelson, Adam, publican, 55 & 57 Duncairn Street
Nelson, Alex., coal dealer, 44 Academy Street
Nelson, Andrew (Ulster Shirt Co.), shirt maker, hosier and general outfitter, 65 North Street
Nelson, Ben., carpenter, 15 Woodstock Road
Nelson, Bernard, cattle dealer, 64 Lagan Street
Nelson, Charles, butler. 4 Haldane Street
Nelson, Daniel, coachman, 9 Blackstaff Road
Nelson, Edward, ship steward, 16 Conlig Street
Nelson, George, spirit dealer, 120 Great George's Street
Nelson, Geo., tailoring establishment, 12 Fountain Street
Nelson, Hugh, blacksmith, 39 Constance Street
Nelson, Hugh, brick layer, 11 Police Square
Nelson, Rev. I., minister of Donegall Street Presbyterian Church, Sugarfield
Nelson, John, manager, 82 Grosvenor Terrace, Grosvenor Street
Nelson, John, hay and straw merchant, 122 & 124 Boundary Street
Nelson, Joseph, pensioner, 45 Belgrave Street
Nelson, Miss, grocer, 18 McClure Street
Nelson, Mrs., 49 Joy Street
Nelson, Samuel, manufacturer of on-conducting cements for covering boilers, steamships, cylinders, etc., 1 Midland Street
Nelson, Samuel, spirit dealer, 230 Conway Street
Nelson, Thomas, stone cutter, 55 Hartley Street
Nelson, Wm., millwright, 6 Sheals Street
Nelson, William, clerk, 19 Bentinck Street
Nelson, Wm., house owner, 12 Diamond Street
Nelson, William, shoe maker, 45 Mustard Street
Nelson, Wm., bell hanger, 2 Independent Street
Nelson, Wm. Robt., linen and cambric handkerchief manufacturer & bleacher, 25 Bedford Street; res., 13 Cromwell Road
Nelson & Shaw, cabinet makers, Pakenham Street
Nepveu, Lucien, prof. of French & German, 4 Belvoir Terrace, University Street
Nesbit, Robt., linen packer, 22 Little May Street
Nesbit, Saml., linen finisher, 17 Ghent Street
Nesbitt, Allen, school master, 16 James Street
Nesbitt, Allan, teacher, 6 Braemar Street
Nesbitt, Bros. (Hyde Park Machine Works), machinists and millwrights, 24 & 26 Townsend Street
Nesbitt, Thos. (of Nesbitt Bros.), 20 Lonsdale Street
Nesbitt, Ezekiel, mechanic, 157 Argyle Street
Nesbitt, James, packer, 21 Glenalpin Street
Nesbitt, J., draper, 42, 44 & 46 North Queen Street
Nesbitt, Nathaniel, car owner, 3 Springmount Street
Nesbitt, Robt., inspector of schools, Abercorn Terrace, Brookvale Avenue
Nesbitt, Robt. (of Messrs. John Arnott & Co.), Limited, 46 Lonsdale Street
Nesbitt, Robert, clerk, 92 Wilton Street
Nesbitt, Samuel, grocer, 33 Howard Street South
Nesbitt, Thomas, mechanic, 13 Eton Street
Nesbitt, Thomas, dealer, 9 Lincoln Place
Nesbitt, Wm., M.A., Professor of Latin, Queen's College, 24 Mount Charles
Nesbitt, Wm., brass finisher, 7 Huss Street
Nesbitt, Wm., mechanic, 31 Hutchinson Street
Nesbitt, William, 19 Cavour Street
Nettleton, Miss, 37 Russell Street
Neville, John, grocer, 192 Old Lodge Road
Neville, John, dealer, 156 Leeson Street
Neville, Joseph, winding master, 53 Cambrai Street
Nevin, David, horse dealer and proprietor of mail vans, 39 & 41 Lagan Street
Nevin, Thos., 5 Camberwell Terrace, Camberwell Street
Nevin, T. C., tea agent, 63 Ann Street
Nevins, George, draper, 7 Bruce Street
Newberry, John, baker, 38 Greenland Street
Newberry, Samuel, mechanic, 19 Clyde Street
Newburn, Wm., letter carrier, 22 College Street West
Newell, John, carpenter, 71 McClure Street
Newell, Wm., telegraph clerk, 102 McClure Street
Newett, Brereton J., accountant, Richmond, Antrim Road
Newett, Mrs., 2 College Street South
Newett, Robt. Hudson, M.D., medical officer, Dispensary Station, Edenderry Lodge, Ballysillan
Newport, Walter, professor of music, 9 Fisherwick Place
Newton, Wilson, & Co., sewing machine manufacturers, 55 High Street
Niblock, D., ship carpenter, 75 North Thomas Street
Niblock, Hugh, dealer, 34 West Street
Niblock, John, green grocer and box maker, 224 & 224 Shankhill Road
Niblock, John, 53 Pilot Street
Niblock, John, paper ruler, 76 Durham Street
Niblock, Patrick, foreman printer, 16 Harmony Street
Niblock, Wm., pork cutter, 6 Washington Street
Niblock, W. J., ship carpenter, 15 Shipbuoy Street
Nicol, Christian, 22 Bedeque Street
Nichol, David, mechanic, 43 Stanley Street
Nichol, George, clerk, 11 Hope Street
Nichol, Henry, marine insurance and commission agent, 3 Customhouse Square
Nichol, Jas., provision curer, 42 Hamilton Street
Nichol, Mary, 1 Thorndale Terrace, Duncairn Street
Nichol, Patrick, provision merchant, 97 & 99 Cromac Street
Nichol, Robert, moulder, 8 Bedeque Street
Nichol, Thomas, coachman, 41 Beech Street
Nicholl, Andrew (Ulster Spinning Co.), Falls Road, 9 Court Street
Nicholl, Andw., hotel boots, 26 Lancaster Street
Nicholl, Edward, riveter, 50 Pitt Street
Nicholl, George, clerk, Newtownbreda
Nicholl, Gilbert, 2 Eureka Street
Nicholl, James, bookkeeper, 9 Court Street
Nicholl, John, engineer, 26 Castlereagh Street
Nicholl, John, 114 Ellenborough Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Nicholl, John, powerloom dresser, 4 Little Brunswick Street
Nicholl, Mark, mechanic, 82 Henry Street
Nicholl, Mrs., 57 Cavour Street
Nicholl, Parker, & Co., flax, tow and yarn merchants, 32 & 34 Donegall Street
Nicholl, Thomas, Llandaff Villas, Strandtown
Nicholl, Walter, brick layer, 101 Charles Street South
Nicholl, Wm., manufacturer of laces, handkerchiefs, embroidered linens, etc., 98 Donegall Street
Nicholl, Wm., gilder and picture frame maker, 68 Donegall Street; res., 11 Adela Street
Nicholl, Wm., 10 Kinnaird Street
Nicholl, Wm., bookkeeper, 9 Court Street
Nicholl, Wm. J., J.P., Rathmore House, Greenisland
Nicholls, John, district agent Great Western Railway, 3 Customhouse Square; res., 17 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Nicholson, Alfred A., Band of Hope agent, 11 Roden Terrace, Limestone Road
Nicholson, John, spirit dealer, Whiteabbey
Nicholson, Mrs., stationer, 11 King Street
Nicholson, Robert, hem stitcher, 32 Ormeau Road
Nicholson, Robert, clerk, Cromac Cottages
Nicholson, Sher., Quartermaster-Sergeant of Royal Engineers, 60 Denmark Street
(Sherman?) anyone have any other suggestions?
Nicholson, Thos., excise officer, 2 Roden Street
Nicholson, Thos., boot maker, 67 Short Strand
Nield, Hugh, shoe maker, 52 Beech Street
Nightingale, George, Rosepark, Dundonald
Nimack, Joseph, 15 Cambridge Street
Nimmins, John, spirit grocer, 32 William's Place
Nixon, E., poulterer, 30 Newtownards Road
Nixon, Francis, engineer, 7 Thompson Street
Nixon, Jas., provision dealer, 51 Old Lodge Road
Nixon, James, grocer, 2 & 4 Brookfield Street
Nixon, Moses, machine printer, 62 Boundary Street
Nixon, Randall C. J., Loughside, Greenisland
Nixon, Stewart, pork cutter, 17 Castleton Street
Nixon, Wm., lard and oil manufacturer, 47 & 49 Mustard Street
Nixon, William, dairyman, 99 Colinview, Lisburn Road
Noble, Alderman, dealer, 49 Walton Street
Noble, Andrew, carpenter, 7 Dufferin Street
Noble, Andrew, mechanic, 114 Durham Street
Noble, Archd., shoe maker, 7 Lime Street
Noble, Robt., iron driller, 18 Albany Street
Noble, Sarah, grocer, 12 Little George's Street
Noble, Wm., basket maker, 26 Seaforde Street
Noble, Wm., cabinet maker, 19 Foyle Street
Noble, Wm., nail maker, 126 Millfield
Nocher, Edward, baker, 19 Bradford Street
Nocker, Rebecca, clothier, 7 Hampden Street
Noer, Henry, watch maker, 224 Old Lodge Road
Nolan, Francis, nailer, 14 Stephen Street
Nolan, John, nailer, 26 Charles Street
Nolan, Isaac, painter, 18 Mustard Street
Nolan, Lewis, confectioner, 7 Mustard Street
Nolan, Patrick, spirit dealer, 29 Joy Street
Nolan, P. & M., carpenters and builders, 124 Cullingtree Road
Nolan, Wm., iron moulder, 15 Hamilton Place
Nolan, Wm., van driver, 14 Raphael Street
Nolan, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 28 Malcolm Street
Nolan, Wm. P., Horse Repository, 8 Conlon Street
Noon, Luke, portmanteau maker, 8 Sydney Street
Norris, Margaret, dress maker, 3 Roden Street
Norris, Robt., constabulary pensioner, 41 Athol Street
Norris, Thos., boat builder, 24 Ship Street
Norris, Wm., shoe maker, 1 Lagan Village Road
North-East Agricultural Association offices, 33 Waring Street - G. G. Bingham, Secretary
Northern Spinning and Weaving Co. (Limited), Falls Road; Managing Director - Thos. Valentine; Wm. Savage, Secretary; town office - 9 Donegall Square West
Northern Banking Company, 16 Victoria Street - John G. Leathem, resident
Northern Club, 53 Donegall Place, Richard Wm. Hatcher, steward
Norton, John, carpenter, 129 North Queen Street
Norton, Valentine, bookkeeper, 64 McClure Street
Norton & Shaw, tourist and excursion directors, hotel and travelling contractors, and general railway and steamship agents, 3 & 5 Queen's Square - Oswald Duprie, manager
Norwood, David, brick layer, 48 Essex Street
Norwood, Daniel, painter, 55 Wall Street
Norwood, Hugh, 45 Charlotte Street
Norwood, James, moulder, 98 Henry Street
Norwood, James, stone mason, 60 Clandeboye Street
Norwood, John, dairyman, 19, 21 & 23 Gardiner Street
Norwood, Thos., carpenter, 70 Lagan Street
Nugent, Arthur, stone cutter, 65 Hopewell Street
Nugent, Edward, painter and paper hanger, 62 York Street and 26, 28 & 30 Portland Street
Nugent, Jas. (of J. & J. McConnell), 98 York Street
Nugent, Jas., cart maker, 60 & 62 Kent Street
Nugent, James, car owner, 35 Lancaster Street
Nugent, James, car owner, 1 Union Place
Nugent, J., painter, Greencastle
Nugent, Patrick, street inspector, 13 Hamill Square
Nugent. Richard, chief clerk in Commissariat Dept., 36 Lawther Street
Nugent, Robt., stone cutter, 3 Frederick Street
Nutt, Thomas, grocer, 23 Berlin Street


Oakman, Nicholas, 37 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Oddfellows' Hall, 65 Academy Street - W. J. Meharg, caretaker
Officer, John, dealer, 136 Hemsworth Street
Officer, Jane, dairy, 25 Eton Street
Officer, Miss Jane, Mountview, Crumlin Road
Ogle, Frederick, wholesale wine merchant, 54 Upper Arthur Street
Ogle, James, carpenter, 3 Steen's Row
Ogle, Mrs., shirt maker, 1 Bradford Street
Ogilvie, Gilbert M., reporter, 12 Roden Terrace
Ogilvie, Mrs., Claremont Street
Ogston, Thos., hosier, 58 Fitzroy Avenue
Oldham, Edwd., compositor, 74 Stanhope Street
Oldham, John, painter, 75 Wall Street
Oldham, Mrs., 67 Botanic View, University Road
Oliver, James, reeling master, 10 Johnston Street
Oliver, Thos., hay dealer, 3 Belmont Street
Oliver, Thos., hay merchant, 21 Middlepath Street
Olley, Mrs., 24 Claremont Terrace, Claremont Street
Orchen, Wm., fluting master, 29 Argyle Street
Orme, Edward R. M., Ward Villas, Bangor
Orr, Adam, foreman flax dresser, 90 Cambridge Street
Orr, Alex., painter, 114 Wellwood Place, Mountpottinger Road
Orr, Alex., engine driver, 284 Conway Street
Orr & Co., biscuit manufacturers, 22 Robert Street
Orr, Charlotte E., 11 Mornington Street
Orr, Edwd., accountant, 11 College Street South
Orr, Edward, accountant, agent for British and Irish Trade Protection Society, 81 High Street
Orr, George, printer, 4 Woburn Street
Orr, H. H. (of Murphy & Orr), Fortwilliam Terrace
Orr, Henderson, bookkeeper and accountant, 65 Meadow Street
Orr, Hugh, 66 Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road
Orr, Hugh, grocer, 95 Cromac Street
Orr, Isabella, grocer, 3 North Queen Street
Orr, James, watch maker, 14 Lower Barrow Street
Orr, James, jeweller, 34 Shannon Street
Orr, James, baker, 72 Wall Street
Orr, James, foreman mechanic, 3 Cambrai Street
Orr, John, boot and shoe maker, 15 Beresford Street
Orr, J. & Co., commission agents, 71 York Street
Orr, Joseph, & Son, seed merchants, 12 & 14 Ann Street
Orr, Joseph (of Joseph Orr & Son), 24 Ball's Buildings, St. Lawrence Street
Orr, Miss, school teacher, Ivy Cottage, Whitehouse
Orr, Robert H., solicitor, 1 Lombard Street
Orr, Robert, tailor, 10 Fleming Street
Orr, William, painter, 24 Nore Street
Orr, William, grocer, 110 Bower's Hill, Shankhill Road
Orr, Wm., car owner, Stormount Street
Orr, Wm., traveller, 6 Eglinton Street
Orr, Wm., manager, Wolfhill Mill, Ligoniel
Orson, Mrs. M., 30 Eglinton Street
Osborne, Arthur, 10 Malvern Street
Osborne, Christopher, Iveagh Villa, Strandtown
Osborne, James, traveller, 49 Eglinton Street
Osborne, James, 9 Mitchell Street
Osborne, Joseph, clerk, 17 Cambridge Street
Osborne, Robert, overlooker, 15 Scotland Street
Osborne, Samuel, match and blue manufacturer and wholesale general merchant, 111 & 113 Millfield; res., 1 Mountcollyer Terrace, Limestone Road
Osborne, Wm., upholsterer, 53 Spruce Street
Osborne, J., Grimston Terrace, Greenisland
Ostler, James, brick layer, 39 Lake Street
Otway, John H., Q.C., Chairman of Co. Antrim and Recorder for the Borough of Belfast, Greenview, Dunmurry
Oulton, John & Co., flax and tow merchants, Donegall Street
Oulton, John (of John Oulton & Co.), 4 University Square
Oulton, Rev. R. C., 22 Ball's Buildings, St. Lawrence Street
Overend, John W., stamp distributor, 106 Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Owden, John S. (of J. N. Richardson, Sons, & Owden Limited), 4 Donegall Square North
Owens, Francis, 186 Russell Place, Old Lodge Road
Owens, James, coal dealer, 13 Warwick Street
Owens, James, auctioneer, 112 Millfield
Owens, Jas., clothes dealer, 74 Smithfield Square
Owens, John, pig dealer, 35 Barrack Street
Owens, M., straw bonnet maker, 75 Seaview Place, Newtownards Road
Owens, Mrs., spirit grocer, 15 & 17 Institution Place
Owens, Mrs., 180 Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road
Owens, Thos., grocer, 78 Nelson Street
Owens, Thos., plasterer, 59 Agnes Street
Owens, Wm. John, ship broker, 44 Brougham Street
Owens, William, Bay View Terrace, Strandtown
Owens, James B., Bellview, Landscape Terrace
Owens, W. H., auctioneer, 78 Smithfield


O'Brien, Andrew, car owner, 9 & 11 Scrabo Street
O'Brien, Bridget, lodging house, 25 & 27 Carrick Hill
O'Brien, Denis, clerk, 20 West Alexander Street
O'Brien, George & Co., machine stitchers by steam power and insurance agents, 9 Franklin Street
O'Brien, Hugh, cabinet maker, 27 Gardiner Street
O'Brien, John, R.I.C., 26 Crimea Street
O'Brien, John, bag dealer, 69 Mustard Street
O'Brien, J., 4 North Queen Street
O'Brien, Mrs., ladies' and children's outfitting warerooms, 47 Donegall Place
O'Brien, Mrs., dealer, 20 Carrick Hill
O'Brien, Phil, hay and straw dealer, 32 Divis Street and 4 McMillan's Place
O'Brien, Rev. Morgan, 8 Queen Street
O'Brien, Terence, tobacco manufacturer, 26 North Street
O'Brien, Thos., book seller and book binder, 2 Corporation Street; res., 9 Brougham Street
O'Connor, Daniel, traveller, 228 Leeson Street
O'Connor, James, carpenter, 47 Massereene Street
O'Connor, John, dealer, 37 Dagmar Street
O'Connor, John, chandler, 16 Derby Street
O'Connor, Miss, grocer, 66 Divis Street
O'Connor, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, 65 & 67 North Queen Street
O'Connor, Patrick, draper, 102b Divis Street
O'Connor, Rev. Aylward, 12 Donegall Pass
O'Connor, William P., 58 Apsley Place, Donegall Pass
O'Dogherty, Henry, tobacconist and musician, 66 Mill Street; res., 33 Alexander Street West
O'Donnell, J. C., R.M., 1 Alexandraville, Crumlin Road
O'Donnell, Michael, agent Prudential Assurance Co., 16 Omar Street
O'Donnell, Wm., 68 & 70 Carrick Hill
O'Farrell, John, shoe maker, 21 Mustard Street
O'Flaherty, Bernard, grocer, 7 Eglinton Place, Crumlin Road
O'Hagan, Charles, publican, 27 & 29 Springfield Road
O'Hagan, Con., publican and grocer, 45 & 47 Grosvenor Place
O'Hagan, Henry, linen lapper, 168 Leeson Street
O'Hagan, James, grocer, 51 Cullingtree Road
O'Hagan, John, druggist's assistant, 9 Meadow Lane
O'Hagan, John, linen lapper, 22 Alexander Street West
O'Hagan. Mary Ann, grocer, 47 Lincoln Street
O'Hagan, Mrs., 25 Alexander Street West
O'Hagan, Nathl., waiter, 3 McClenaghan's Court
O'Hagan, Owen, fruiterer, 26 John Street
O'Hanlon, Patrick, miller, 120 Cullingtree Road
O'Hagan & Doherty, wholesale tea dealers, 49 Waring Street
O'Hanlon, Ardle, carpenter, 3 & 5 James' Street South
O'Hanlon, Bernard, car owner, 20 Grace Street
O'Hanlon, Jas., brick layer, 2 Little Distillery Street
O'Hanlon, Jane, lodging house keeper, 31 Hamilton Street
O'Hanlon, Terence, spirit dealer, 10 & 12 Great Victoria Street
O'Hara, Bernard, shoe maker, 45 Whitla Street
O'Hara, James, baker, 29 Killarney Street
O'Hara, Mary, spirit dealer, 192 Shankhill Road
O'Hara, Owen, grocer, 70 Hercules Street
O'Hara, Patrick, car owner, 6 College Court
O'Hara, R. J., watch maker and jeweller, 17 Victoria Street
O'Hare, Bernard, clerk, 113 Mountpottinger Road
O'Hare, Danl., tea merchant, 6 Donegall Street Place; res., 14 Vicinage Park
O'Hare, James, hay dealer, 41 Market Street

O'Hare, James, spirit dealer, Ligoniel
O'Hare, J. & J., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 10 Hercules Place
O'Hare, Martin, slipper maker, 36 Scotch Street
O'Hara, Mrs., grocer, 93 Sussex Street (O'Hare?)
O'Hare, Mrs., fruiterer, 140 Old Lodge Road
O'Hare, O., lodging house keeper, 120 Millfield
O'Hare, Patrick Owen, M.D., surgeon & apothecary, 36 Castle Street
O'Hare, William, merchant tailor, and draper, 175 Old Lodge Road
O'Hayer, Francis, saddler and harness maker, 15 Arthur Square; res., Holywood
O'Hayer, James L., bleacher, 29 Moscow Street
O'Kane, Ann, dress maker, 17 Carrick Hill
O'Kane, Edward, undertaker, 116 Donegall Street and 16 & 18 Little Donegall Street
O'Kane. J. & R., wine merchants, 1 Church Street
O'Kane, Jas. (of J. & R. O'Kane), Prince Arthur Terrace, Crumlin Road
O'Kane, Jos., linen lapper, 24 Alexander Street West
O'Kane, Jos., spirit dealer, 9, 11 & 13 Frederick Street
O'Kane, Michael, spirit dealer, 58 York Street and 1 Lancaster Street
O'Kane, Miss, spirit dealer, 50 Newtownards Road
O'Kane, Mrs., 29 Barrack Street
O'Kane, Patrick, undertaker, 91 Union Street
O'Kane, Roger, coal dealer, 7 Barrack Street
O'Kane, Roger, tailor, 15 Bentinck Street
O'Kane, Wm., law clerk, 33 Carlisle Street
O'Keeffe, Joseph, tailor, 23 Sydney Street
O'Leary, John, Customs officer, 4 Shipbuoy Street
O'Lenney, James, broker, 38 Divis Street
O'Malley, Michael R., M.D., surgeon, 14 Alfred Street
O'Neill, Alexander, dock master, dock yard, Corporation Street
O'Neill, A., school teacher, 120 Beersbridge Road
O'Neill, Arthur, linen lapper, 30 Ardmoulin Street
O'Neill, Arthur, druggist, 5 Gertrude Street
O'Neill & Byrne, architects, 65 Arthur Street
O'Neill, John (of O'Neill & Byrne), Agincourt Terrace
O'Neill, B., spinning master, 45 Scotch Street
O'Neill, Chas., house carpenter, 36 Chichester Street
O'Neill, Charles, mason, 39 Lady Street
O'Neill, Constantine, grocer and publican, 44 Falls Road and 2 Peel Street
O'Neill, C., fireman, 13 Edward Street
O'Neill, Daniel, farmer, Springfield Road
O'Neill, Daniel, milkman, 1 Braemar Street
O'Neill, Daniel, dealer, 54 Millfield
O'Neill, Edward, compositor, 12 Hamilton Street
O'Neill, Edwd. E., factory manager, 35 Posnett Street
O'Neill, Edward, carpenter, 10 Cullingtree Place
O'Neill, Edward, spinning master, 35 Cupar Street
O'Neill, Eliza Anne, publican, 46 Church Lane
O'Neill, Francis, roughing master, 47 Derby Street
O'Neill, Francis, painter, 44 Norfolk Street
O'Neill, Hugh, painter, 17 Irvine Street
O'Neill, Henry, shoe maker, 57 Lady Street
O'Neill, H., railway porter, 18 Rotterdam Street
O'Neill, James, dairyman, Whitehouse
O'Neill, James, tutor, 22 Upper Townsend Street
O'Neill, James, shoe maker, 17 Sarah Street
O'Neill, James, butcher, 31 Divis Street
O'Neill, James, barber, 43 Great Patrick Street
O'Neill, James, stone cutter, 3 Bruslee Street
O'Neill, James, spirit dealer, 12 Divis Street
O'Neill, James, foreman bleacher, 92 Dover Street
O'Neill, Jas. S., hair dresser, 76 Great George's Street
O'Neill, Jane, dealer, 44 Stanley Street
O'Neill, John, plasterer, 3 Cairns Street
O'Neill, John, stone mason, 7 Stephen Street
O'Neill, John, tailor, 12 Peter's Hill
O'Neill, John, gas fitter, 2 Omar Street
O'Neill, John, baker, 46 McCleery Street
O'Neill, John, shoe maker, 21 Michael Street
O'Neill, John, car owner, 81 Hudson Street
O'Neill, John, harbour constable, 15 Hamill Street
O'Neill, John, baker, 53 Little George's Street
O'Neill, John, plasterer, 16 Cullingtree Road
O'Neill, John, car owner, 1 Catherine Street North
O'Neill, J., Ranfurley Place, Strandtown
O'Neill, Mary, 13 John Street
O'Neill, Matthew, cashier, 204 Falls Road
O'Neill, Michael, brick layer, 28 Institution Place
O'Neill, Mrs., 9 Wylie Street
O'Neill, Mrs. E. A., spirit dealer (Greyhound Tavern), 68 Ann Street
O'Neill, Mrs., 17 Antrim Street
O'Neill, Mrs., 10 Dysart Street
O'Neill, Mrs., 60 Fleet Street
O'Neill, Mrs., spirit dealer, 37 Smithfield
O'Neill, Mrs., 18 Theresa Street
O'Neill, M., boarding house, 56 John Street
O'Neill, Owen, glass bottle maker, 26 Samuel Street
O'Neill, P., grocer and spirit dealer, 119 Millfield
O'Neill, Patrick, grocer, 39 John Street
O'Neill, Richard, shop keeper, 37 Cupar Street
O'Neill, Thomas, riveter, 17 Beresford Street
O'Neill, Terence, shoe maker, 10 Park Street
O'Neill, T., tinsmith, 26 & 27 Smithfield
O'Neill, Wm., shoe maker, 36 North Queen Street
O'Prey. Robert, caulker, 25 Trafalgar Street
O'Reilly, Christopher, carpenter, 21 Hamill Square
O'Reilly, Jas., compositor, 8 Woodford Street
O'Reilly, Joseph, barber, 18 Great Patrick Street
O'Reilly, John, sawyer, 30 Cinnamond Street
O'Reilly, Thos. (Joiners' Arms), Skipper Street
O'Rorke, Alex. & Son, solicitors, 107 Donegall Street
O'Rorke, A. (of A. O'Rorke & Son), Manor House, Duncairn Street
O'Rorke, Ambrose E., solicitor, 15 Donegall Street
O'Rorke, Daniel, solicitor, agent for the City of London Life Assurance Society, 14 Donegall Street; res., Tinnamara, Greenisland
O'Rorke, Mrs. (Ballymena and Stranraer Hotel), 184 York Street
O'Rourke, Richd., mechanic, 102 Lindsay Street
O'Toole, D., Customhouse officer, 7 Fairview Street
O'Toole, John, railway guard, 49 Hanna Street
O'Toole, Jeremiah, R.I.C., 35 Spruce Street


Packenham, Miss, 5 Auburn Street
Page, Henry, gilder, 11 Academy Street
Page, James, foreman lapper, 117 Durham Street
Page, Robert, linen lapper, Newtownbreda
Paisley, James, carpenter, 35 North Queen Street
Paisley, James A., weigher, 3 Abercorn Street
Paisley, James, dealer, 10 Bentham Street
Paisley, J., shovel shaft maker, 91 North Queen Street
Paisley, Peter, sea captain, 24 Hanna Street
Paisley, Thomas, hammer man, 65 Hilland Street
Palfryman, William, saw maker and repairer, 78 Hercules Street
Palmer, Benjamin (of Ireland & Palmer), 20 Great George's Street
Palmer, James, 40 Basin Lane
Palmer, John, stone cutter, 30 Abbey Street
Palmer, Thomas, coal dealer, 37 Downing Street
Palmer, Thomas, & Co., damask, cambric and linen merchants, 30 Queen Street
Palmer, W. J., spirit dealer and stabling, 21 & 23 Little Patrick Street
Park, A., shirt and collar manufacturer, 22 Lonsdale Street
Park, Francis, gas fitter, 56 Israel Street
Park, James, painter, 97 Grovefield Terrace, Woodstock Road
Park, John, professor Queen's College, 17 Mount Charles
Park, Matthew, packer, 5 Cullingtree Place
Park, Richd. B. (of Cinnamond Park & Co.), 3 Richmond Place, Cave Hill Road
Park, Robert, cooper, 34 Ardmoulin Street
Park, Samuel, master mariner, 16 Thomas Street
Park, Thomas, plasterer, 6 Michael Street
Park, Wm., wood turner, 38 James Street
Park, William, manager, 51 Magdala Street
Park, William, iron turner, 4 Morgan's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Parke, George, brass moulder, 42 Hanover Street
Parks, Eliza, boarding house, 92 Nelson Street
Parks, James, 43 Blenheim Street
Parks, Miss, dress maker, 21 McClure Street
Parks, Wm., turner, 10 Linwood Street
Parker, Alex., coal merchant, 46 Garmoyle Street
Parker, Edwin, mechanic, 20 Cullingtree Street
Parker, James, butcher, 19 Great Edward Street
Parker, Jas., manager, May Street Foundry, 34 May Street
Parker, Jane, 27 Carlisle Street
Parker, John, upholsterer, 41 Apsley Street
Parker, John, dealer, 17 Marquis Street
Parker, John, Downview, Jordanstown
Parker, John, Silverstream, Whiteabbey
Parker, J. C., spirit dealer (Burn's Commercial Hotel), 41, 43 & 45 Queen's Square
Parker, Mrs., Belmont Park Terrace, Strandtown
Parker, Susan, butcher, 49 Hercules Street
Parker, Thomas, clerk, 33 Derry Street
Parker, William, smith, 11 Eureka Street
Parker, Wm., butcher, Newtownbreda
Parker, Wm., palliasse maker, 22 Mackay Street
Parkhill, Andrew, engineer, 63 Carlisle Street
Parkhill, George, pork cutter, 64 Christopher Street
Parkhill, Henry, tailor, 37 Belgrave Street
Parkhill, Jas., foreman printer, 65 Shankhill Road
Parkhill, John, carpenter, 18 Mackay Street
Parkhill, Mrs., 65 Shankhill Road
Parkhill, Mrs., 91 Sussex Street
Parkhill, Mrs., 59 Balmoral Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Parkington, M., engine driver, 34 Hutchinson Street
Parkins, Jas., leather lace maker, 112 Cupar Street
Parkinson & Allen, cambric handkerchief manufacturers, 31 Fountain Street
Parkinson, Edward, yarn bleacher, 11 Butler Street
Parkinson, H., yarn bleacher, 13 Butler Street
Parkinson, Saml., painter, 9 Linfield Street
Parkinson, Sol., Ranfurley Cottage, Strandtown
Parkinson, T., pawn broker, 14 & 16 Ashmore Street
Parr, William, bottle dealer, 130 Carrick Hill
Parrock, Robert, dining rooms, 34 Arthur Street
Parsons, John, horse dealer, 18 My Lady's Road
Parsons, John, painter, 2 Spamount
Parsons, Mrs., 34 Botanic Avenue
Partridge, Wm., ship carpenter, 13 North Hill Street
Pascoe. Henry, sailor, 32 Dock Street
Patience, James, druggist's assistant, Cosgrave Street
Patrick, Geo., of Harbour office, 16 Lavinia Street
Patrick, M. J., slipper warehouse, 81 North Street
Patteson, Matthew, financial mission secretary to General Assembly, 5 College Park East
Patterson, Alex., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 9 Donegall Square East
Patterson, Alex., litho. printer, 21 Lime Street
Patterson, A. & W., Harp boot and shoe shop, 7 Divis Street
Patterson, Alex., chandler, 13 Ardmoulin Street
Patterson, Alex., boarding house, 14 Prince's Street
Patterson, David, baker, 8 Moore Street
Patterson, David, mason, 87 Hornby Street
Patterson, David, smith, 8 Woodstock Place
Patterson, Ellen, grocer, 37 Belmont Street
Patterson, E., embroiderer, 5 Anderson Street
Patterson, E., grocer, 13 Shaftesbury Street
Patterson, Francis, wood turner, Newtownbreda
Patterson, Frederick, grocer, 136 Cambrai Street
Patterson, George, mechanic, 78 Bentinck Street
Patterson, G. D., tea merchant and family grocer, 97 & 99 Donegall Pass
Patterson, Henry, sewed muslin manufacturer, 16 Frederick Street
Patterson, Henry, blacking and match manufacturer, 33 Macaulay Street
Patterson, James, butcher, 11 Hornby Street
Patterson, James, brick layer, 42 Carlow Street
Patterson, James, store keeper, 31 Townsend Street
Patterson, John, grocer, 56 Old Lodge Road
Patterson, John, clerk, 45 Osborne Street
Patterson, John, boarding house, 8 Great Edward Street
Patterson, J. Y., commission and insurance agent, 1 Arthur Place
Patterson, Jos., harbour constable, 5 Mackay Street
Patterson, Jessie, 3 Athol Street
Patterson, Mrs. Jane, Newtownbreda
Patterson, Martin, clerk, 67 Vernon Street
Patterson, M. A., dress maker, 23 Hemsworth Street
Patterson, M. A., publican, 64 & 66 Bridge End
Patterson, Margt., dress maker, 26 Old Lodge Road
Patterson, Margaret, dealer, 9 Catherine Street
Patterson, Miss, 38 Rosewood Street
Patterson, Miss, 21 Bedeque Street
Patterson, Mrs., spirit dealer, 71 May Street
Patterson, Mrs., 116 Hughes' Buildings, Divis Street
Patterson, Mrs., 3 College Square North
Patterson, Mrs., 96 Napoleon Terrace, Donegall Pass
Patterson, Mrs., 124 Great George's Street
Patterson, Mrs., 41 & 43 Hill Street
Patterson, James, gardener, 17 Tyrone Street
Patterson, Richard, & Co., wholesale and retail manufacturing and general iron mongers, gas fitters, plumbers, brass founders, bell hangers and Venetian blind manufacturers, 59 & 63 High Street; works in Hamilton's Court; stores, Ann Street
Patterson, E. F. (of Richard Patterson & Co.), 19 Victoria Street
Patterson, Robert, & Sons, iron mongers (established 1786), hardware and mill furnishing warehouse, 26 High Street
Patterson, Wm. H. (of Robt. Patterson & Sons), Dundela Terrace, Strandtown
Patterson, R. Lloyd & Co., flax and tow merchants, 22 Corporation Street
Patterson, Robt., spirit dealer, 55 Lindsay Street
Patterson, Robert, weaver, 4 Beersbridge Road
Patterson, Robert, 43 Cambrai Street
Patterson, Robert, linen lapper, 6 Matilda Street
Patterson, Robert, baker, 228 Newtownards Road
Patterson, Rev. R., minister of Spamount Evangelical Union Church, and Grand Worthy Templar I.O.G.T. Ireland, 5 Regent Street
Patterson, Samuel, baker, 3 Garston Street
Patterson, Saml., grocer, 73 Howard Street South
Patterson, Samuel, farmer, Ballymoney, Andersontown
Patterson, Thomas, carpenter, 40 Auburn Street
Patterson, Thomas, manager power-loom factory, Elliott's Row
Patterson, Thomas, tailor, 40 Gibson Street
Patterson, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 86 Newtownards Road
Patterson, W. J., bookkeeper, 100 Alfred Terrace
Patterson, Wm., school teacher, 71 Bentinck Street
Patterson, W., bookkeeper, 18 North Boundary Street
Patterson, White, & Co., yarn merchants, 22 Corporation Street
Patterson, Wm. R., director Brookfield Linen Company, 11 Lower Crescent
Patterson, Wm. John, traveller, Hillview Street
Pattie, John, carpenter, 26 Kendal Street
Patton, Geo., bookkeeper, 37 Eglinton Street
Patton, Hugh F., painter, 18 North Ann Street
Patton, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, 77 Shankhill Road
Patton, John, sawyer, 22 Trelford Street
Patton, John, compositor, 37 Alton Street
Patton, Mrs., eating house, 13 Gamble Street
Patton, Mrs., 56 Canning Street
Patton, Miss, 6 Castlereagh Avenue
Patton, Thomas, car owner, 18 Bentham Street
Patton, William, spinning master, 26 Ward Street
Patton, William, spinning master, 50 Bann Street
Paul, J., wine and spirit dealer, 150 Ventnor Terrace, Divis Street
Pauley & Sands, linen and yarn merchants, 10 James' Street South
Pauley, John, Wandsworth Villa, Strandtown
Paulin, William, builder, 66 Lindsay Street
Paxton, Robt., wine and spirit dealer, 49 Shankhill Road
Paxton, Samuel, powerloom dresser, 29 Little Brunswick Street
Payne, Charles J. C. (Medical Hall), 3 Oxford Buildings, Donegall Pass; res., 8 Botanic Avenue
Payne, Reuben, merchant tailor, 22 Arthur Street
Payne, Reuben, Woodlawn Villa, Strandtown
Payne, Wm., sawyer, 64 Anderson Street
Payton, Hamilton, beamer, 4 Trelford Street
Peacock, Hugh, grocer, 59 Peter's Hill
Peacock, Mrs., 2 Sussex Place
Peake, Catherine, spirit dealer, 24, 26 & 28 Chapel Lane
Peake, Jane, spirit dealer, 65 & 67 Lancaster Street
Peake, Michael, chandler, 4 Omar Street
Pearson, George, traveller, 18 Hopeton Street
Pearson, W., painter and decorator, 27 Talbot Street
Pearson, William, grocer, 55 McTier Street
Peate, John, compositor, 22 Hope Street
Pedlow, James, grocer, 22 Old Lodge Road
Pedlow, John, grocer and druggist, 24 Albion Street and 1 Combermere Street
Peebles, John, carpenter, 48 Hillview Street
Peel, Alex. Thomas, Stormount Street
Peel, John, spirit grocer, 27 & 29 Glenalpin Street
Peel, John, shoe maker, 12 & 13 Mary's Market
Peel, R., baker and grocer, 148 Shankhill Road
Peel, William, mechanic, 138 Cupar Street
Pegg, John, agent, Prudential Assurance Co., 92 Walton Street
Pelan & Co., druggists, 204 North Street
Pelan, Francis (Crown and Anchor Tavern), 30 Donegall Quay
Pelan, George, & Co., public accountants and auditors; agents for Liverpool and London & Globe Insurance Co., and Northern Assurance Co.; stock, share and produce brokers, etc., 46 Donegall Street
Pelan, George (of George Pelan & Co.); res., 15 Kinnaird Terrace
Pelan, James, painter, 8 Brownlow Street
Pelan, James, dairyman, 113 Sandy Row
Pelan, John, painter and decorator, 128 Corporation Street
Pelan, Richard, printer, 2 Quinn Street
Pelan, Robert, litho. printer, 26 Russell Street
Pelan, Robert, clerk, 1 Orchard Street
Pelan, Thomas, printer, 14 Charlotte Street
Pelling, Alfred, provision merchant, 98 North Street; res., 28 North Queen Street
Pelling, Charles, 30 Ashley Avenue
Penningburry, John, smith, 76 Hopeton Street
Pennington, Thomas, car owner, 16 Bentham Street
Pentland, James, 38 Bank Street
Pentland, Mrs., 25 Victoria Place, Great Victoria Street
Pentland, Thomas (Belfast Bank), 25 Victoria Place, Great Victoria Street
Pentland, William, horse dealer, 10 & 12 Oxford Street
People's Literary Institute, 16 Donegall Street - Hugh Clarke, caretaker
Peoples, Samuel, grocer, 123 Cupar Street
Pepper, Robert, salesman, 73 McClure Street
Percy, James, traveller, Whitewell
Perris, James, cloth passer, 40 Walton Street
Perry, Charles, joiner, 55 Pilot Street
Perry, Francis, examining officer of Customs, 30 Mount Street
Perry, George, baker, 47 Westmoreland Street
Perry, Geo., harbour constable, 30 Hanna Street
Perry, George, brush maker, 53 Christopher Street
Perry, James, car owner, 20 Foreman Street
Perry, Richard, weigh master, 9 Baltic Street
Perry, Robert, builder, 9 Prim Street
Perry, Saml., glazier and draper, 5 Falls Road
Perry, Thomas, draper, 34 Great Edward Street
Perry, Wm., iron moulder, 2 Catherine Street North
Peters, William, van driver, 53 Broadbent Street
Peterson, White & Co., land and house agents, valuators, accountants and auditors, 2 Rosemary Street
Petrie, David, smith, 31 Berlin Street
Petticrew, John, grocer, 64 & 66 Cromac Street
Petticrew, John, Ashfield Cottages, Old Ballynafeigh Road
Petticrew, W., engine driver, 24 Pitt Street
Petticrew, Wm. J., working jeweller, 16 Ann Street
Petticrew, Wm., jeweller, 26 Powerscourt Street
Pettigrew, Daniel, mechanic, 87 Hanover Street
Pettigrew, H., 23 Eglinton Street
Peyton, Alex., grocer, 10 Lagan Street
Phelim, Michael, shoe maker, 23 Lake Street
Phillips, Edward, patent medicine, perfumery and general druggist. 74 High Street
Phillips, Ellen, grocer, 41 Albert Crescent
Phillips, George, 7 University Square
Phillips, George, Palmerston Terrace, Strandtown
Phillips, Henry, brush manufacturer, 108 Donegall Street
Phillips, Hugh, 53 Blenheim Street
Phillips, James, coal merchant, ship and insurance broker, 9 Queen's Quay; res., 118 Castlereagh Street
Phillips, James, news agent and earthenware dealer, 10 Peter's Hill
Phillips, Jas., draughtsman, 40 Granville Terrace, Magdala Street
Phillips, John, photographer, 7 Donegall Street
Phillips, John, photographer, 72 Little York Street
Phillips, John, brush maker, 39 Hopewell Street
Phillips, John Henry, bookkeeper, 36 Dock Street
Phillips, Josiah, fitter, 197 Agnes Street
Phillips, Miles, 32 New Bond Street
Phillips, Mercer, & Co., linen manufacturers, 33 Linenhall Street
Phillips, Mrs., Little Brunswick Street
Phillips, Thomas, manager, 85 Hanover Street
Phillips, William, bellows manufacturer, 51 Academy Street
Philpot, John, milkman, Andersontown
Philpot, Robert, coachman, 33 Benwell Street
Philpot, Saml., milkman, Andersontown
Philpot, Wm., Ballymurphy, Andersontown
Phoenix Fire Insurance Co., 55 Donegall Street - Jas. Alex. Henderson, J.P., and Wm. R. Rea, joint agents
Piccione, F. A., & Co., photographic artists, 22 Castle Place
Piccione, Felix, artist, 71 Corporation Street
Piccoli, C., linen merchant, Holyrood, Malone Road
Picton, Thomas, professor of music, 29 Lavinia Street
Pierce, Charles, manager Stubbs' Mercantile Offices, Belfast, 5 Madrid Street
Pierce, John, house painter, 25 Cumberland Street
Pierce, William, mechanic, 6 McAdam Street
Pike, J. C., clerk, Landscape Avenue
Pike, Michael, fitter, 17 Abyssinia Street
Pilsbury, Mrs., 8 Camberwell Terrace, Camberwell Street
Pilson, Andrew, linen lapper, 16 Zetland Street
Pim, E. & W., tea dealers, wine importers, family grocers and insurance agents, 25 & 27 High Street
Pim, Edward (of E. & W. Pim), Tudor House, Holywood
Pim, E. Wakefield (of E. & W. Pim), 2 Elmwood Terrace, Limestone Road
Pim, Geo. C., & Co., agents for State Line Steamship Co., 31 Donegall Quay
Pim, John, & Son, flour and bran merchants and insurance agents, 18 Tomb Street
Pim, John (of John Pim & Son), 58 Clifton View Terrace, Clifton Park Avenue
Pim, Mrs. Sarah, Crumlin Terrace, Crumlin Road
Pim, Henry, tea merchant, 26 Victoria Street
Pim, R. W., 6 Cromwell Terrace, Cromwell Road
Pimins, Joseph, carpenter, 12 Apsley Street
Pimlot, Thos., butcher, 101 & 103 Cromac Street
Pink, Samuel John, pattern maker, 7 Prim Street
Pinkerton, David, millwright, 10 Woodstock Place
Pinkerton, J. C., Italian Consul, steamship and insurance agent; Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bordeaux, Cadiz, Havre, Charente, Oporto, London and Cork steam packet office; also, agent for the Clyde Shipping Company's steamers, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society's Buildings, 10 Victoria Street; res., Knock
Pinkerton, John, moulder, 240 Wilton Terrace
Pinkerton, John, carpenter, Newforge
Pinkerton, Mrs., sempstress, 12 Cavour Street
Pinkerton, William, Galwally, Castlereagh
Pinkerton, Wm. W., bookkeeper, 1 Hampstead, Cave Hill Road
Pinkerton, Wm., iron moulder, 47 Hudson Street
Pirrie, Augustus, M.D., 5 Fisherwick Place
Pirrie, W. J. (of Harland & Wolff); res., 12 Schombergter and Comber (Schomberg Terrace?)
Pitt, James, hatter, 86 Old Lodge Road
Pizane, Gable, traveller, 31 Granville Street
Plimmer, T. (Ulster Photographic Institute), 19 High Street; res., Broomsgrove Villa, Strandtown
Plunkett, F., & Son, commission merchants and insurance agents, 8 Corporation Street
Plunkett, Robert, clerk, 267 Crumlin Road
Plunkett, Wm., merchant, Fortwilliam Park
Poland, Rose, grocer, 3 Annette Street
Polland, Edward, watch maker, 10 Hudson Street
Pollard, Rev. J., 49 Stanhope Street
Pollard, Matthew, 61 Fitzroy Avenue
Pollard, Miss, 21 Granville Terrace, Magdala Street
Pollick, Saml., whip maker, 51 & 53 John Street
Pollock, Alex., pork cutter, 18 Valentine Street
Pollock, Belshaw, baker, 23 Brownlow Street
Pollock, Charles, sen., oven builder, 17 Little Donegall Street
Pollock, Chas., jun., brick layer, 13 Little Donegall Street
Pollock, James, lamp lighter, 12 Outram Street
Pollock, J., Pellabrooke, Dundonald
Pollock, Miss, 69 Botanic View, University Road
Pollock, Robert, shoe maker, 25 Alexander Street
Pollock, Robert, flax dresser, 35 Ewart's Row
Pollock, Sarah, grocer, 118 Sandy Row
Pollock, Wm., Ballymisart House, Strandtown
Pollock, Wm., block printer, 14 Cupar Street
Popple, John P., agent Great Northern Railway, England, 79 Grosvenor Street
Polly, Alex. Orr, wine and spirit merchant, 39 College Street South
Polly, Alex., 8 Regent Street
Polly, Mrs., machinist, 24 Nile Street
Poole, Alex., chandler, 19 Annette Street
Poole, Edwd., bookkeeper, 137 Vernon Street
Poole, James, stock and share broker, public accountant and secretary Dublin and Antrim Junction Railway, 4 The Castle; res., 63 Brougham Street
Poole, Thomas, gardener, 9 Napier Street
Popham, W. J., engraver, 24 Apsley Street
Porter, Alexander, family grocer, 93, 95 & 105 Divis Street
Porter, David, carpenter, 182 Nelson Street
Porter, Eliza, laundress, 15 Thomas Street
Porter, Francis, engineer, 27 Bentinck Street
Porter, Henry, linen lapper, 36 Apsley Street
Porter, Hugh, salesman, 85 Vernon Street
Porter, Rev. J. Scott (minister of Rosemary Street Unitarian Church), 16 College Square East
Porter, James S., bookkeeper, 25 Hopeton Street
Porter, Joseph, slipper maker, 54 Gardiner Street
Porter, Dr. Josias L., professor of Biblical criticism, Presbyterian College, College Park East
Porter, McCreedy, shopman, 47 Denmark Street
Porter, Mrs., 13 College Square North
Porter, Mrs., Lismore, Windsor Avenue
Porter, Mrs., 11 Broadbent Street
Porter, Miss, dress maker, 61 Broadbent Street
Porter, Robert, director York Street Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Limited, Fortwilliam Park
Porter, Samuel, carpenter, 20 Friendly Street
Porter, Capt. Wm., Bayview, Greenisland
Porter, Wm., engineer, 184 Agnes Street
Porter, William, baker, 36 California Street
Porter, Wm., linen lapper, 9 Percy Street
Portheim, Morits (of Lipman & Co.), Mountpellier, Malone Road
Positive Government Security Life Assurance Co. Ltd., 117 Victoria Street - R. Dougan & Son, district managers
Potter & Co., window ticket writers, 4 Donegall Square East
Potter, William, station master Holywood and Bangor Railway, 12 Cluan Place
Potter, Wm. J., carpenter, 34 Andrew Street
Potts, Daniel, warehouseman, 35 Claremont Street
Potts, David, clerk, 16 Cromac Street
Potts, Henry, grocer, 33 Linfield Road
Potts, James, linen lapper, 13 Combermere Street
Potts, John, bakery, 123 & 125 Old Lodge Road
Potts, John & Robert, iron and tin plate merchants, 31 North Street
Potts, Robt. (of John & Robt. Potts), Rosemount, Antrim Road
Potts, Stewart, mechanic, 72 Chatham Street
Powell, David, painter, 44 Sandy Row
Powell, S., dress maker, 1 Frank Street
Power, John, bottler, 10 Little Corporation Street
Power, Rev. P., adm., 8 Queen Street
Pratt & Montgomery, wholesale and retail tea and sugar merchants, 57 York Street
Pratt, William N. (of Pratt & Montgomery), 32 Lincoln Avenue
Praeger, Wm. E. (of Preston, Smyth & Co.), Woodburn, Holywood
Prendergast, Robert, tailor, 19 Rainey Street
Prenter, John, grocer, 25 Glenalpin Street
Prenter, Thos., 3 Osborne Terrace, Lisburn Road
Prenter, Thomas, M.D., 55 Agnes Street
Prenter, W. Emerson, 6 commission agent; Telfair Street; res., Templemore Avenue
Prentice, George, wood turner, 3 Kendal Street
Presbyterian Orphan Society, 6 Assembly's Buildings, May Street - Rev. Wm. Johnston, secretary
Prescott, Alex., shoe maker, 32 Dagmar Street
Presdee, Everet, bellows maker, 12 Joseph Street
Presdee, James John, gas inspector, 6 Wilton Street
Presho & Balmer, wholesale leather merchants and boot top manufacturers, 38 & 40 North Street
Press, John, carpenter, 25 Kenilworth Street
Press, John, tea and sugar broker, National Provident chambers, Victoria Street
Press, Jane, 168 St. Helens, Albert Bridge Road
Press, William, tea broker, 63 Victoria Street
Preston, Alexander, 1 Belgrave Street
Preston, John, & Co., linen yarn merchants, 20 Calender Street; flax stores, 24a, 24b & 23c Chichester Street
Preston, John, J.P., Mayor of Belfast (of John Preston & Co.), Dunmore, Antrim Road
Preston, Smyth, & Co., linen manufacturers and merchants, 1, 2 & 3 College Square South
Preston, Porter, linen lapper, Linview Street
Price, Elizabeth, 33 Lincoln Avenue
Price, George, law clerk, 14 Shipbuoy Street
Price, James, dairyman, 21 Christopher Street
Price, John, traveller, 11 Virginia Terrace, Vernon Street
Price, John, weigh master, Crumlin Road
Price, Thomas, blacksmith, 11 Christopher Street
Price, Wm., butcher, 83 Peter's Hill
Prince, D., Teacher Carnmoney National School, (No. 1) Whitehouse
Prince, James, mechanic, 39 Broadbent Street
Prince, Miss, dress maker, Whitehouse
Pring, Richd. W., Fir Mount, Fortwilliam Park
Pritchard, Henry, dealer, 117 Millfield
Prichard, Hugh, powerloom dresser, Disraeli Street
Prichard, John, mechanic, Cromac Cottages
Prichard, Mrs., 14 Zetland Street
Pritchard, Thomas, brick layer, 12 Brown Street
Pritchard, William, grocer, 151 Crimea Street
Protestant Gazette Office, 7 Donegall Street - R. Parsons, secretary
Protestant Orphan Society, 4 Clarence Place - A. M. Mitchell, assistant secretary
Provident Home, 76 Dublin Road - Miss Taylor, matron
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Hercules Place - John Findlater, manager
Prudential Assurance Co., Queen Street - R. P. Legart, superintendent
Pugh, J. E., ironmonger's assistant, 1 Crecy Terrace
Puller & Sons, dyers, 20 Queen Street
Pullins, J., wood turner, 110 Northumberland Street
Pullman, T., & Co., linen and cotton handkerchief manufacturers, 179 & 181 Albert Bridge Road
Pullman, Thomas (of Thomas Pullman & Co.), Rosemount, Knock
Purdon, Alex., commission merchant, 99 Abercorn Buildings, Victoria Street
Purdon Bros. and Beattie, seedsmen and florists, 22 North Street
Purdon, Jas. (of Purdon Bros., & Beattie), Clifton Park Avenue
Purdon, C D., M.B., F.R.C.S., 10 Wellington Place
Purdon, Edward S., manager, Ballysillan Mill, Ballysillan
Purdon, Henry S., M.D., L.R.C.P.E., & C.S.I., physician of Hospital for Skin Diseases, 60 Pakenham Place
Purdon, James, block printer, 8 Woburn Street
Purdon, J. & D., hat manufacturers, 64 Donegall Street
Purdon, Joseph (of J. & D. Purdon), Cliftonville Avenue
Purdon, Miss, 47 Queen Street
Purdon, R. J., com. merchant, 29 High Street; res., 2 Belgrave Terrace
Purdon, Thomas H., M.D., surgeon, 5 Wellington Place
Purdy, Joseph, grocer, 110 & 112 Falls Road
Purdy & Millard, architectural sculptors, 19 Grosvenor Street
Purse, A., plumber and gas fitter, 7 Great Patrick Street
Purse, Jane, dress maker, 145 Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road
Purse, John, carpenter, 18 Halliday's Road
Purse, Miss, Ballyhanwood, Dundonald
Purser, J., Professor of Mathematics, Queen's College, Mountpleasant
Purvis, Alfred, plasterer, 72 Beresford Street
Purvis, David, commission merchant, 99 Abercorn Buildings, Victoria Street; res., 2 Caledonia Street
Purvis, Eliza, grocer, 125 Little York Street
Purvis, James, saddler, 22 Dagmar Street
Purvis, James, 11 & 13 Blackstaff Road
Purvis, Joseph, plasterer, 17 Byron Place
Purvis, Robt., grocer, 5 & 7 Little Donegall Street
Pyper, Chas., boot and shoe maker, 6 Malcolm Street
Pyper, Hugh, publican, 16 Castlereagh View
Pyper, Hugh, grocer and provision dealer, 153 North Street
Pyper, James, M.A., principal, Belfast Mercantile Academy, Glenravel Street; branch establishment at Belmont; res., Manwood House, Belmont Park, Strandtown
Pyper, John, watch maker and jeweller, 89 North Street
Pyper, Mrs., 5 St. Andrew's Square
Pyper, Thomas, painter, 76 North Boundary Street
Pyper, Thomas, wholesale grocer, 65 York Street
Pyper, Wm. (of Belfast Mercantile Academy), 26 Regent Street


Quail, Mrs. E., 8 Denmark Street
Quail, Mrs., 24 Upper Townsend Street
Quait, William, 20 Cranburn Street
Quarry, Rev. W. H., 8 Dunluce Street
Quee, Hamilton, butcher, 161 Old Lodge Road
Quee, Patrick, ship carpenter, 53 Ship Street
Quee, Robert, painter, 201 Portview
Quee, Wm., painter, Ballyhackamore
Quee, William, butcher, 49 Durham Street
Queen's College, University Road - Rev. P. S. Henry, D.D., president; Thomas Andrews, M.D., vice president
Queen's College, Literary and Scientific Society, rooms - Queen's College, University Road
Queen's Hotel, corner of York Street and Donegall Street - J. Forsythe, proprietor
Quern, Rev. David, minister of Ballycraigy Independent Church, Whitewell
Quigley, John, spirit dealer, 18 Peter's Hill and 1 & 3 Boyd Street
Quigley, John, pork cutter, 42 Market Street
Quinn, Bernard, float owner, 19 Lettuce Hill
Quinn, Robert, contractor, 56 Market Street
Quin, Alex., shoe maker, 84 & 86 Little Patrick Street
Quinn Brothers, wholesale grocers, tea, wine and spirit merchants, 15 Donegall Place and 152 North Street
Quinn, F., road contractor, 35 Bradford Street
Quinn, George, principal, Eglinton Street National School, 9 Adela Street
Quinn, Israel, carter, 9 Dayton Street
Quinn, James, car owner, 6 Durham Street
Quinn, James, wine and spirit merchant, 18 Botanic Avenue
Quinn, James, green grocer, 70 Mill Street
Quinn, James, watch maker and jeweller, 92 North Street
Quinn, James, smith, 49 Argyle Street
Quinn, Jane, 68 Conway Street
Quinn, John, contractor, 15 Cairns Street
Quinn, John, 49 Barrack Street
Quinn, John, draper, 10 Peveril Street
Quinn & Co., wholesale woollen merchants, Exchange Place, Donegall Street
Quinn, John, dealer, Gregg's Row
Quinn, John, linen lapper, 17 Quadrant Street
Quinn, Mrs. Ann, spirit dealer and coffee house; Belfast, Bangor, Newtownards and Portaferry mail car office, 31 & 33 Queen Square
Quinn, Mrs., 1 Virginia Street
Quinn, Mrs. Ellen, 30 Brougham Street
Quinn, Mrs., green grocer, 64 Divis Street
Quinn, Mrs., 46 Bow Street
Quinn, Alex., designer, Whitewell
Quinn, Patrick, glazier, 1 Gray Street
Quinn, Patrick, 17 Carnmoney Street
Quinn, Peter, coal merchant, 21 Queen's Quay
Quinn, Robert, 13 Bentinck Street
Quinn, Robert, hatter, 10 Alton Street
Quinn, Robert, 59 Fleet Street
Quinn, Thomas & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 23, 25, 27 & 29 Hill Street
Quinn, Thomas (of Thomas Quinn & Co.), 31 Alma Terrace, Crumlin Road
Quinn, Thomas, publican, 32 Alton Street
Quinn, Thomas, carpenter, 29 Gertrude Street
Quinn, Thomas, provision dealer and cheese factor, 53 & 55 Church Lane
Quinn, William, designer, 17 Derby Street
Quinn, William, engine driver, 31 Wilson Street
Quinn, Wm. James, telegraph clerk, 102 Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road
Quinn, William Henry, photographer, 42 Donegall Street
Quirey, James, accountant, 52 Upper Arthur Street
Quirey, Mrs., grocer, 41 Spencer Street
Quirey, Mrs., 49 Ormeau Terrace
Quirey, Robert, provision store, 82 North Street; res., 2 Thorndale Terrace, Duncairn Street