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1877 Belfast Street Directory

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Ibbotson, William, pensioner, 15 Albert Bridge Road
Ibbotson, William, clerk, 6 My Lady's Road
Ibbotson, W., paper manufacturer, 8 Assembly's Buildings, May Street
Ievers, A., tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 24 North Street
Imperial Hotel, 16 Donegall Place - W. J. Jury, proprietor
Imrie, Mrs. Susan, dining rooms, 18 Church Street
Income Tax Office, Queen's Square
India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Co. (Limited) - Charles A. Wilson, agent, 5 High Street
Ingham, James, dairyman, 21 Springfield Road
Inglis, James, & Co., (English Bakery), confectioner, 30 & 32 Castle Street
Inglis, James, (of James Inglis & Co.), Alma Cottage, Rugby Road
Ingram, G., harbour constable, 76 Tomb Street
Ingram, Grey, ship carpenter, 36 Pilot Street
Ingram, James, ship carpenter, 145 Nelson Street
Ingram, John, bookkeeper, 7 Dagmar Street
Ingram, John, blacksmith, 14 Lawther Place
Ingram, John, 20 Rainey Street
Ingram, Mrs., spirit dealer, 27 Queen's Square
Ingram, Richard, engineer, 44 Fleet Street
Ingram, Wm., joiner, 32 Denmark Street
Ingram, William, foreman tenter, 141 Agnes Street
Ingram, William, gas fitter, 52 Lepper Street
Inland Revenue Office, Queen's Square
Innis, Alexander, sub-editor Northern Whig, 3 South View Cottages
Innis, James, sawyer, 58 Fleet Street
Innis, Mrs., Llandaff Villas, Strandtown
Innis, Neal, brass founder, 33 Whitla Street
Ireland, A., store keeper, 23 Wall Street
Ireland, John, tailor, 21 Rainey Street
Ireland, John, farmer, Erindale, Andersontown
Ireland, John, grocer, 82 Market Street
Ireland, John, confectioner, 149 Shankhill Road
Ireland, Mrs., Alexandra Terrace
Ireland, Mrs., clothes dealer, 37 Smithfield
Ireland & Palmer, Phoenix Flour Mills, 24 & 26 Great George's Street
Ireland, Robt., farmer, Erindale, Andersontown
Ireland, Samuel, carpenter, 46 Hillview Street
Ireland, William, feather merchant, 46 Upper Arthur Street
Irish Educational Newspaper Co. (Limited), 4 Waring Street - William Briars, secretary
Irish Linen Trade Association; office, 33 Waring Street - G. Gerald Bingham, secretary
Irish Temperance League, offices, Lombard Street - Frederick Sherlock, secretary; W. Ibbotson, jun., assistant secretary
Irvin, David, merchant tailor and clothier, 24 & 26 Mill Street
Irvine, Geo., farmer, Adelaide Lodge, Malone Road
Irvine, Gilbert, carpenter, 25 Sherbrook Street
Irvine, J., & Co., wine merchants, agents for Wm. Younger & Co., brewers, Edinburgh, 5 & 7 Gloucester Street
Irvine, James, clerk, 9 Brunswick Street
Irvine, James, tailor, 77 Malvern Street
Irvine, James, painter, 89 North Queen Street
Irvine, James, brick layer, 23 Stormount Street
Irvine, James, engine driver, 41 Kenilworth Street
Irvine, John, draper's assistant, 70 Townsend Street
Irvine, John, carpenter, 82 Shankhill Road
Irvine, John, 9 Arthur Place
Irvine, John, dealer, 2 Mansfield Street
Irvine, John B., iron turner, 46 Tyrone Street
Irvine, Joseph, salesman, 18 Catherine Street
Irvine, Mary, lodging house, 16 Francis Street
Irvine, Mary, grocer, 25 Calvin Street
Irvine, Mrs., 10 Spencer Street
Irvine, Mrs., 44 Botanic Avenue
Irvine, Patrick, engine driver, 52 Laganview Street
Irvine, Rev., Richd., M.A., incumbent of St. Stephen's Church, Millfield; res., Hampton, Derryvolgie Avenue
Irvine, Robert, overseer, 3 Frank Place
Irvine, Robert, mason, 25 Gertrude Street
Irvine, Thomas, millwright, 23 Ewart's Row
Irvine, William, cellar man, 30 Bruce Street
Irvine, William, painter, 48 Claremont Street
Irvine, Wm., gardener, 18 Killarney Street
Irvine, Wm., car owner, 22 Foreman Street
Irvine, Wm., engine driver, 17 Mountpottinger Road
Irving & Co., grain, bran and commission merchants, Corporation Street
Irving, David (of Cramer, Wood & Co.), 5 Richmond Crescent, Antrim Road
Irving, Hugh, spirit dealer, 215 Shankhill Road
Irving, Samuel, cork cutter, 27 Park Street
Irwin, Clark, tenter, 36 Beech Street
Irwin, Edward, pattern maker, 5 Tramway Street
Irwin, Francis, carpenter, 26 Boundary Street
Irwin, James, spirit dealer, 166 North Street
Irwin, James, stone cutter, 44 Norwood Street
Irwin, James, engine driver, 18 Hanna Street
Irwin, James, M.D., surgeon, Castlereagh dispensary, Llandaff Villas, Strandtown
Irwin, James, fireman, 66 Brownlow Street
Irwin, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 21 Frederick Street and 5, 7 & 9 North Queen Street
Irwin, James, grocer, 2 Harding Street (Hardinge)
Irwin, Jane, grocer, 15 Ship Street
Irwin, John, butter and provision merchant, 42 Edward Street
Irwin, John, grocer, 2 Hardwick Street
Irwin, Miss, dress maker, 4 Spamount
Irwin, Robert, packer, 2 Hastings Street
Irwin, Robert, carpenter, 65 May Street
Irwin, Wm., general draper, 83 & 85 North Street; res., 4 Clifton Terrace
Irwin, Wm., spirit dealer, 193, 195 & 197 Durham Street
Irwin, Wm., carpenter, 94 Greenmount Road
Irwin, Wm., bookkeeper, 1 Malt Street
Isdale, John, carpenter, 32 Shannon Street
Isles, Christopher, rope spinner, 20 Central Street
Isles, Robert, painter, 5 Portland Street
Istance, Daniel, saddler, 12 Dayton Street
Ivers, Mrs. Julia, 24 May Street
Ivory, Barth., grocer, 110 Bridge End
Ivory, Barth., rope maker, 71 Church Street East
Ivory, James, rope maker, 69 Church Street East
Ivory, James, rope and twine maker, 119 Victoria Street


Jack, James, mechanic, 15 Pernau Street
Jack, Mr., Tudor Lodge, Greenisland
Jackson, Adam, carpenter, 34 Kendal Street
Jackson, Agnes, grocer, 12 Christopher Street
Jackson, Andrew, draper, 22 Magdala Street
Jackson, Anthony Thos., architect, 11 Chichester Street; res., 22 Lisburn Road
Jackson, Archd., glass and delf dealer, 9 Birch Street
Jackson, Arthur, master mariner, 17 Pine Street
Jackson, Charles, engine driver, 39 Glenalpin Street
Jackson, Chas. W., commission agent, 13 Donegall Place; res., 11 Singleton Street
Jackson, Charles, mechanic, 1 Arkwright Street
Jackson, David J., commission agent, Ulster Buildings, 33 Waring Street; res., Connsbrook Villas, Strandtown
Jackson, Eliza, grocer, 25 Academy Street
Jackson, George, dealer, 112 Crumlin Road
Jackson, G., watch maker, 11 Little Grosvenor Street
Jackson, Henry, 3 Canning Street
Jackson, James, law clerk, 53 Percy Street
Jackson, James, clerk, 3 James' Place
Jackson, James, printer, 9 Hamilton Street
Jackson, Jas., clerk, 3 James Place
Jackson, James, broker and commission agent, 29 Waring Street
Jackson, Jane, Yorkshire Temperance Hotel, 25 Arthur Street
Jackson, John, eating house keeper, 34 Gamble Street
Jackson, John, van driver, 18 Laganview Street
Jackson, John, carpenter, 13 Lee Street
Jackson, John, coach builder, 33 Little Grosvenor Street
Jackson, John, lodging house, 16 Prince's Street
Jackson, John, commercial and grammar school, Caledonia Terrace
Jackson, John, Red Lion Inn, New Ballynafeigh Road
Jackson, Joseph, car owner, 46 Malcolm Street
Jackson, Joseph, clerk, 40 Dover Street
Jackson, Mary, teacher, Andersontown National School, 7 Claremont Street
Jackson, Miss, dress maker, 3 Spamount, North Queen Street
Jackson, Mrs., milliner, 59 Townsend Street
Jackson, Richard, printer, 18 Liffey Street
Jackson, Robert, 8 Camden Terrace, Camden Street
Jackson, Robert, 2 Regent Street
Jackson, Samuel, bundler, 22 Ghent Street
Jackson, Thomas, 58 Talbot Street
Jackson, Thomas, linen lapper, 6 Garston Street
Jackson & Sons, architects, 5 Plough Buildings, Corn Market
Jackson, Thomas (of Jackson & Sons), Altona, Strandtown
Jackson, William (of Jackson & Sons), Liscard Terrace, Ormeau Road
Jackson, William, grocer, 43 Tyne Street
Jackson, Wm., carpenter, 38 Madrid Street
Jackson, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 151 Urney Street
Jackson, Wm., copper and tinsmith, 14 Wall Street
Jackson, J., spirit dealer, 20 & 23 Lord Street
Jacobs, Lavinia, 5 Adela Street
Jacques, James, ex-R.I.C., 12 Walnut Place
Jacques, John, 22 McClure Street
Jaffé Brothers, linen merchants and bleachers, 9 Donegall Square East and 10 Donegall Square South
Jaffé, John (of Jaffé Brothers), Cambridge Villas, Strandtown
Jago, C., shirt and collar manufacturer, 164 Agnes Street
Jameson, Hugh, stone cutter, 10 Rainey Street
Jameson, John, carpenter, 2 Dagmar Street
Jamieson, G., brick layer, 10 Ormeau Street
Jamieson, Henry, carpenter, 8 Frank Street
Jamieson, Hugh Hunter, Casaeldono, Knock
Jamieson, James, dairyman, 41 Townsend Street
Jamieson, James, land steward, 5 Ventry Street
Jamieson, John, boxwood stores, 114 Great George's Street
Jamieson, Wm., carpenter, 24 Hopeton Street
Jamison & Hendrick, silk mercers, haberdashers and general drapers, 8, 10 & 12 North Street
Jamison, J. (of Jamison & Hendrick), 12 Lincoln Avenue
Jamison, Daniel, 8 Duncairn Terrace, Duncairn Street
Jamison, Eliza, dress maker, 64 Adela Terrace, Duncairn Street
Jamison, Hugh, dairyman, 60 Little George's Street
Jamison, James, chandler, 16 Annette Street
Jamison, Jas., painter, 48 Upton Street
Jamison, Jane & Co., underclothing bazaar, 22 Donegall Street
Jamison, John, mechanic, 28 Dundee Street
Jamison, John, coach builder, 21a Union Place
Jamison, John, painter, 8 Lyons Street
Jamison, John, commission agent and mill and railway furnisher, 22 Waring Street
Jamison, John, foreman carpenter, 13 Willow Street
Jamison, Mrs. John, Wellington Park Cottage, Wellington Park
Jamison, Joseph, dairyman, 47 Boundary Street
Jamison, Mrs., 19 Coyle Place
Jamison, Robert, Penryth Villas, Strandtown
Jamison, Samuel, grocer, 53 Everton Street
Jamison, William, com. traveller, 107 Claremont Place
Jamison, Wm., trimmer, 18 Leadbetter Street
Jamison, W. H., tea merchant, 16 Skipper Street; res., Henryville House, Lagan Village Road
Jardine, Robert, & Co., tea and coffee importers and general merchants, 29 Victoria Street
Jardine, John (of R. Jardine & Co.); res., 8 Lincoln Avenue
Jardine, Robert (of R. Jardine & Co.); res., Sandringham, Sydenham
Jardin, Robert, & Co., bakers, 13 Queen Street and Institute Buildings, Castle Street
Jeffers, Thomas, Ballyhackamore, Strandtown
Jefferson, Ralph, clerk, 74 Lincoln Street
Jefferson, Thomas, grocer, 2 Sackville Street
Jefferson, W. J., clerk, 24 Fleetwood Street
Jeffryes, John Reid, general manager Northern Banking Co., Derryvolgie Avenue
Jellett, Isaac, dentist, 55 Upper Arthur Street
Jelly, Samuel, flesher, 12 Shankhill Road
Jenkins, James, house, land and insurance agent and mercantile registry office, 65 Donegall Street; res., Knockview, Knock
Jenkins, Edmondson, block printer, 5 Suir Street
Jenkins, James, manager, 35 University Street
Jenkins, James, seaman, 18 Lagan Street
Jenkins, James, T.C., Chlorine, Malone Road
Jenkins, Michael, pavior, 50 Rosewood Street
Jenkins, Wm., carpenter, 33 Sherbrook Street
Jenkins, W. J., sewed muslin manufacturer, 3 Adelaide Place; res., 25 University Square
Jenkinson, Thomas, clerk General Post Office, Frank Street
Jenkinson, Wm., shoe maker, 25 Paxton Street
Jennett, Ellen, dealer, 10 Rochelle Street
Jennings, John George, wine and spirit merchant, 38 & 40 Great Edward Street
Jennings, Michael, coach painter, 36 Earl Street
Jennings, Miss, teacher, Cave Hill Road
Jennings, Mrs., 66 Leopold Street
Jennings & Co., general iron mongers, 14 Lombard Street
Jennings, W. P. (of Jennings & Co.), 12 Fleetwood Street
Jennings, Wm., 25 Fleetwood Street
Jesse, Thos., cooking depot, 50 Union Street
Jewish Synagogue, 71 Great Victoria Street - Dr. Joseph Chotzner, rabbi
Jobb, Jane, lodging house, 4 Annadale Street
Joett, James, mechanic, 74 Meadow Street
Johns, Alex., J.P., director Belfast Banking Co., Sunnylands, Carrickfergus
Johns, Hewitt, & Johns, solicitors, Lombard Street, Belfast and 12 Gardiner's Place, Dublin
Johns, William (of Johns, Hewitt, & Johns); res., Joymount House, Carrickfergus
Johns, Thomas Digby (of Johns, Hewitt, & Johns); res., Rosebrook, Carrickfergus
Johnson, Ellen, dress maker, 59 Albert Bridge Road
Johnson, Sir William Gillilan, J.P., D.L., 12 College Square North
Johnson, Wm., Eden Cottage, Whiteabbey
Johnston, Alex., cabinet maker, 28 New Lodge Road
Johnston, Alex., family grocer, 23 Elm Street
Johnston, Alex., caretaker, New Burying Ground, Henry Place
Johnston, Andrew, tailor, 19 Sandy Row
Johnston, Andrew, carpenter, 22 McTier Street
Johnston, Arthur, hair dresser, 4 Foreman Street
Johnston, D. (Snuffbox), tobacconist, 10 & 12 Church Street
Johnston, D., spirit dealer, 9 Corporation Square
Johnston, Daniel, weighing machine and scale beam maker, 74 & 79 Tomb Street
Johnston, David, M.D., surgeon, Clifton Street
Johnston, David, moulder, 105 Grosvenor Street
Johnston, Edward, printer, stationer and book binder, 16 Chichester Street; res., Frederick Terrace, Posnett Street
Johnston, Edward, stevedore, 44 Garmoyle Street
Johnston, Edward, clerk, 4 St. Lawrence Street
Johnston, Edward, carpet sewer, 13 St. Andrew's Square
Johnston, Eliza, 13 Athol Street
Johnston, Elizabeth, grocer, 31 Verner Street
Johnston, Miss E., Abercorn Arms Hotel and dining and supper rooms, 11 Castle Lane
Johnston, F. & R. S., engravers, lithographers and embossers, 5 Adelaide Place
Johnston, F. (of F. & R. S. Johnston); res., Holywood
Johnston, R. S. (of F. & R. S. Johnston); res., Holywood
Johnston, Francis, grocer and provision dealer, 68 Henry Street
Johnston, Galbraith, clerk, 13 Lyons Street
Johnston, G., jun., general commission merchant and local manager for Patriotic Assurance Co. of Ireland, 18 Waring Street
Johnston, George, carpenter, 1 Park Street
Johnston, George, Hampton Cottage, Ormeau Road
Johnston, George, hatter, 7 Park Street
Johnston, Grace, Kew Cottages, Castlereagh Street
Johnston, Henderson, linen merchant, 8 Wesley Place
Johnston, Hugh, linen merchant, 45 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Johnston, Hugh, seaman, 5 Kenilworth Street
Johnston, H., linen merchant, Linenhall Street
Johnston, H. M., M.D., surgeon, 88 Donegall Street
Johnston, H., engineer, 64 Regent Street
Johnston, James, carter, 63 Hilland Street
Johnston, James, assistant station master, Holywood and Bangor Railway, 20 Donegore Street
Johnston, James, boot and shoe maker, 145 Durham Street
Johnston, James, gardener, 11 Hanover Street
Johnston, James, linen lapper, 29 Granville Street
Johnston, James, carter, 1 Faulkiner Street
Johnston, James, bookkeeper, 138 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Johnston, James, dairy man, 77 Hopeton Street
Johnston, James, 187 Willow Street
Johnston, James, builder, Frank Street; res., 50 Castlereagh Street
Johnston, James, dairy, New Ballynafeigh Road
Johnston, James, tailor, 54 Frederick Street
Johnston, James, shoe maker, Broadbent Street
Johnston, James, & Co., linen manufacturers, bleachers and merchants, 19 Commercial Chambers, Waring Street
Johnston, James (of James Johnston & Co.), 33 Alma Terrace, Crumlin Road
Johnston, James & Samuel, flax spinners, Highfield Mill, Flax Street, Crumlin Road
Johnston, James, tailor, 4 Malt Street
Johnston, James, linen lapper, 50 Mount Street
Johnston, James, shipwright, 143 Nelson Street
Johnston, James, mechanic, 104 North Queen Street
Johnston, James, whitesmith, 13 Norton Street
Johnston, James, green grocer, 142 Peter's Hill
Johnston, James, gas fitter, 43 Sandy Row
Johnston, James, clerk, 47 Spencer Street
Johnston, James A., mechanic, 97 Vernon Street
Johnston, James Harvey, shoe maker, Ligoniel
Johnston, Jas., mechanic, 26 Hillview Street
Johnston, Jas., carpenter, 66 Hartley Street
Johnston, Jas. F., correspondent, 31 Lavinia Street
Johnston, Jane, boarding house, 148 Falls Road
Johnston, John, mill manager, Whitehouse
Johnston, John, dealer, 24 Liffey Street
Johnston, John, bookkeeper, 1 Mayne Street
Johnston, John, weaver, 17 Riversdale Street
Johnston, John, grocer, 45 Townsend Street
Johnston, John, block printer, 201 Urney Street
Johnston, John, carpenter, 38 Hanna Street
Johnston, John, tailor, 18 Edward Street
Johnston, John, blacksmith, 144 Upper Earl Street
Johnston, John, painter and picture framer, 36 Hercules Street
Johnston, John, designer, 13 Albert Bridge Road
Johnston, John, traveller, 15 Paxton Street
Johnston, John, & Co., wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchants, 1, 3 & 5 Talbot Street
Johnston, John, 61 Great Patrick Street
Johnston, John D., spirit dealer, 9 Corporation Square
Johnston, John, nailor, 51 & 53 Talbot Street
Johnston, John, ship carpenter, 29 Canning Street
Johnston, John, carpenter, 3 Antrim Street
Johnston, John, Longfield, Greenisland
Johnston, John Wesley, manager, 11 Springfield Road
Johnston, Joseph, agent for British Legal Life Assurance Co. Limited, 67 Percy Street
Johnston, Joseph, tinsmith, 79 Tea Lane
Johnston, Joseph, grocer, 31 Ashmore Street
Johnston, Joseph, cabinet maker, 173 Agnes Street
Johnston, Joseph, grocer, 171 Wilton Street
Johnston, Joseph, millwright, 6 Hopeton Street
Johnston, Joseph, linen lapper, 43 Gertrude Street
Johnston, J. G., accountant and insurance agent, 4 Waring Street; res., 19 Pakenham Street
Johnston, J., ship carpenter, 199 Greenhill Terrace, Mountpottinger Road
Johnston, J., block printer, 8 Leeson Street
Johnston, J. F., curator, Royal Botanic Gardens, res., in the Gardens
Johnston, Margaret, school mistress, 9 Lincoln Avenue
Johnston, Martin, flax dresser, 9 First Street
Johnston, Mary, haberdasher, 75 Shankhill Road
Johnston, Mary, Castlereagh
Johnston, Mary, vest maker, 30 Unity Street
Johnston, Matt., missionary, 92 Christopher Street
Johnston, Miss G., servants' registry office, 9 College Street
Johnston, Miss, 11 College Street
Johnston, Miss, dress maker, 6 Meadow Street
Johnston, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 66 Mill Street
Johnston, The Misses, ladies' school, 117 Pottinger Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Johnston, Mrs., 19 Pakenham Street
Johnston, Mrs., grocer, Malone Road
Johnston, Mrs., milliner, 92 New Lodge Road
Johnston, Mrs., 99 New Lodge Road
Johnston, Mrs., 56 Leadbetter Street
Johnston, Mrs., 31 Posnett Street
Johnston, Mrs., 153 Shankhill Road
Johnston, Mrs., 53 Botanic View, University Road
Johnston, Philip, & Sons, flax spinners, Jennymount Mills, North Derby Street
Johnston, Philip, J.P. (of Philip Johnston & Sons), Dalriada, Whiteabbey
Johnston, Davin W. (of Philip Johnston & Sons), Dalriada, Whiteabbey
Johnston, Samuel (of Philip Johnston & Sons), Dalriada, Whiteabbey
Johnston, Richard, copper and tinsmith, 35 Little May Street
Johnston, Robert, tailor, 32 Napier Street
Johnston, Robert, spinning master, 61 Moscow Street
Johnston, Robert, carpenter, 54 Hanna Street
Johnston, Robert, builder, 12 St. James Street
Johnston, Robert, cab proprietor, 7 Eblana Street
Johnston, Robert, tailor, 99 Old Lodge Road
Johnston, Robert, cooper, 52 North Boundary Street
Johnston, Robt., grocer, 71 & 73 Little Patrick Street
Johnston, Rev. R. C., Agnes Street Methodist Church; res., 78 Cliftonpark Avenue
Johnston, R. (Temple Bar), spirit dealer, 22 Ann Street
Johnston, R., grocer and spirit dealer, 17 & 19 Boundary Street
Johnston, Samuel, machine maker, smith and iron turner, 19 Marlborough Street
Johnston, Saml., blacksmith, Havelock Cottage, Havelock Place
Johnston, Samuel, Sandhill Cottage, Dunmurry
Johnston, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 27 Arthur Street
Johnston, Samuel, rope maker, 142 Boundary Street
Johnston, Samuel, coach man, 25 Laganview Street
Johnston, Saml., carpenter, 77 Israel Street
Johnston, Saml., gardener, 47 Howard Street South
Johnston, Sarah, dress maker, 18 New Bond Street
Johnston, Stewart, carver, 147 Argyle Street
Johnston, Thomas, caretaker, Petty Sessions Court, 22 Seymour Street
Johnston, S., shoe maker, 22 Stanhope Street
Johnston, Thomas, whitesmith, 95 Short Strand
Johnston, Thomas & Sons, posting establishment and furniture removers, 41, 43 & 45 Bedford Street
Johnston, Thomas, joiner, 118 Churchville, Newtownards Road
Johnston, Thomas, tenter, 13 Foyle Street
Johnston, Thos., brick layer, 54 & 56 Joy Street
Johnston, Thos., yarn dresser, 37 Hillview Street
Johnston, William, M.P. for borough of Belfast; res., Ballykilbeg House, near Downpatrick
Johnston, Rev. William, minister of Townsend Street Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, Antrim Road
Johnston, William, spirit dealer, 60 Earl Street
Johnston, William, bottler, 126 Peter's Hill
Johnston, Wm. & Co., flax and tow merchants, 64 Victoria Street
Johnston, Wm. (of Wm. Johnston & Co.); Cliftonville
Johnston, Wm. (of Henry Campbell & Co.), Mossley Mills, Ierne, Whiteabbey
Johnston, Wm., grocer & haberdasher, 127 Old Lodge Road
Johnston, Wm., litho. printer, 23 Talbot Street
Johnston, Wm. John & H. Thompson, wholesale grocers and tea merchants, 38 & 40 Ann Street
Johnston, Wm. John (of Johnston & Thompson), res., Dunesk House
Johnston, Wm., carpenter, 47 Hopeton Street
Johnston, Wm., jeweller, 58 Hopeton Street
Johnston, Wm., coach builder, 18 Dover Street
Johnston, Wm., commercial traveller, 31 Laburnum Place, Duncairn Street
Johnston, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 147 Durham Street
Johnston, Wm., spirit dealer, 60 Earl Street
Johnston, Wm., bookkeeper, 2 Essex Street
Johnston, Wm., caulker, 57 Everton Street
Johnston, Wm., 169 & 171 Shankhill Road
Johnston, Wm., grocer, 54 Silvergrove Street
Johnston, Wm., town missionary, 30 Rainey Street
Johnston, Wm., family grocer, 127 & 129 Old Lodge Road
Johnston, Wm., seaman, 7 Meadow Lane
Johnston, Wm., cloth passer, 42 Everton Street
Johnston, Wm., green grocer and dairyman, 87 Grosvenor Street
Johnston, Wm., dealer, 143 Argyle Street
Johnston, Wm., carpenter, 161 Agnes Street
Johnston, Wm., shoe maker, 5 Boyd Street
Johnston, Wm., chimney sweep, 47 Berry Street
Johnston, Wm., tailor, 50 North Boundary Street
Johnston, Wm. Sibbald, linen yarn merchant, 3 Bedford Street; res., Notting Hill, Malone Road
Johnston, Wm. J., joiner, 4 Seaview Place, Newtownards Road
Johnston, Wm. John, engineer, 21 Hamilton Place
Johnston, Wm. M., com. traveller, 159 Irvine Terrace
Johnston, W., moulder, 22 Wilton Street
Johnston, W., carpenter, 8 Unity Street
Johnstone, Charles, Willow Lodge, Greenisland
Johnstone, Charles J., New Bath, Greenisland
Johnstone, Francis, stock and share broker, house, land and insurance agent, 5 Skipper Street; res., Glenfield House, Greenisland
Johnstone, J., carpenter and builder, 23 Singleton Street
Johnstone, John, Longfield, Greenisland
Johnstone, Robert, Hartley View, Greenisland
Johnstone, Robert, Forthfield, Greenisland
Johnstone, Thomas, Strand View, Greenisland
Johnstone, Mrs. Thomas, New Bath, Greenisland
Johnstone, Wm., Bloomfield, Greenisland
Jonas, Wm., builder and carpenter, 73 Walton Street
Jones, Alex., mechanic, 60 McTier Street
Jones, David, Inland Revenue, 28 Eglinton Street
Jones, Mrs. Eliza, 48 Dagmar Street
Jones, Edward, gas fitter, 2 St. Andrew's Square
Jones, George, York Street Bazaar and fancy toy shop, 111 York Street
Jones, George, clerk, 38 & 40 Joy Street
Jones, James, mechanic, 203 Urney Street
Jones, James, foreman, 38 Friendly Street
Jones, John, lard refiner, 76 Vere Street
Jones, Joseph, commercial traveller, 19 Malone Place
Jones, Joseph, joiner, 4 Matilda Street
Jones, J., pawn broker, 8 Garmoyle Street
Jones, J. Little, clerk, 3 Spencer Street
Jones, Mrs., 138 Urney Street
Jones, Mrs., 8 Virginia Street
Jones, Mrs., 3 Wilmont Terrace
Jones, Rev. Robt. G., minister Ormeau Road Wesleyan Methodist Church; res., The Manse, McClure Street, Ormeau Road
Jones, Richard, 46 Lindsay Street
Jones, R. W., warehouseman, 103 Donegall Pass
Jones, Samuel, ship mate, 14 Nile Street
Jones, Samuel, Knock Terrace, Knock
Jones, Thomas, provision merchant, 91 Shankhill Road
Jones, William J., carpenter and builder, 3 Hope Street
Jones, Wm., brick and tile merchant, Ligoniel
Jones, William, tailor, 44 Donegall Street
Jones, William, clerk, 15 Melbourne Street
Jones, Wm., caulker, 39 East Street
Jordan, Abraham, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Pakenham Street
Jordan, Andw., shipwright, 63 Dock Street; res., 44 Dock Street
Jordan, David, tenter, 82 Dundee Street
Jordan, James, brick layer, 44 McDonnell Street
Jordan, Jas., cloth passer, 12 Irwell Street
Jordan, Jane, dealer, 66 Little Donegall Street
Jordan, John, Jordanstown
Jordan, John, compositor, 17 Lindsay Street
Jordan, John, carpenter, 80 Artillery Street
Jordan, John, tobacconist, 7 Dublin Road
Jordan, John, brick layer, 10 Tilly Street
Jordan, John, shoe maker, 28 Kendal Street
Jordan, Philip, bookkeeper, 13 Montgomery Street
Jordan, Richard, milkman, 39 Lindsay Street
Jordan, Samuel, brass founder, 16 Albany Street
Jordan, S., builder, 4 Court Street
Jordan, William, shoe maker, 15 Lady Street
Jordan, William, shoe maker, 29 Arkwright Street
Jordan, Wm., foreman printer, 28 Seymour Street
Jordan, Wm. Henry, baker, 36 Downing Street
Jordan, Wm., carpenter, 19 Smith Street
Jordan, Wm., linen lapper, 9 Peveril Street
Joy, James, mechanic, 5 Northumberland Street
Joy, Robert, house and land agent, Assembly's Buildings, May Street; res., Ailsa Lodge, Craigavad
Joyce, Edward, night porter in Royal Hospital, 75 Lepper Street
Joyce, Emma, 2 Donegall Terrace, Duncairn Street
Joyce, Miss, Apsley Place, Donegall Pass
Joyce, Miss, Brookvale Avenue
Joyce, Townsley, & Co., tea merchants, 81 Ann Street
Joynt, Jas., & Son, hessian and bag manufacturers and yarn merchants, 70 Hudson Street
Joynt, James, linen merchant, 58 Carlisle Street
Joynt, Robert, ex-customs officer, 13 Dock Street
Jubb, Walter, Board of Trade surveyor, 21 Eglinton Street
Judge, Wm., basket maker, 94 Bridge End
Jury, Wm. J., Imperial Hotel, Donegall Place; travellers' show-rooms, 9 Chichester Street; res., Brooklands, Lisburn Road


Kamcke, W. R., linen merchant (consul for the North German Empire), Linen Hall; res., 73 Fitzwilliam Place, University Road
Kane, Alexander, baker, 46 Hudson Street
Kane, Alex., iron turner, 5 Meenan Street
Kane, Catherine, grocer, 40 McDonnell Street
Kane, David, mechanic, 195 Agnes Street
Kane, Denis, pump sinker, 132 McTier Street
Kane, Francis, riveter, 6 Crumlin Street
Kane, James, spirit dealer, 43 Townsend Street
Kane, James, seaman, 15 Linwood Street
Kane, James, engine driver, 55 Milford Street
Kane, John, cooper, 14 Mitchell Street
Kane, John, grocer, 128 Sandy Row
Kane, John, carpenter, 52 Hanna Street
Kane, John, plasterer, 7 Hilland Street
Kane, John, clerk, 60 Israel Street
Kane, John, linen lapper, 4 Kensington Street
Kane, John, grocer, 63 Lagan Street
Kane, John, shoe maker, 64 Frederick Street
Kane, John, provision dealer, 56 Durham Street
Kane, Joseph, watch maker, 2 Killen Street
Kane, Mary, caretaker, 67 & 69 Carlisle Street
Kane, Miss, female missionary, 57 Belvoir Street
Kane, Miss, 33 Great Victoria Street
Kane, Mrs., 16 Melrose Terrace, Wolseley Street
Kane, Patrick, sand merchant, Sand Quay; res., 29 Laganview Street
Kane, Patrick, smith, 8 Lindsay Street
Kane, Peter, nailer, 2 Gordon Street
Kane, Peter, provision dealer, 30 Hill Street
Kane, Robt., nailer, 92 Millfield
Kane, Robt., bleacher, 31 Courtrai Street
Kane, Saml., book seller and stationer, 9 Sussex Street
Kane, Thomas, spirit merchant, Antrim Road
Kane, Thomas (Crown Tavern), spirit dealer, 11 & 13 Crown Entry
Kane, Wm., hardware dealer, 85 Shankhill Road
Kane, Wm., agent Providential Assurance Co., 15 Spinner Street
Kane, Wm. John, tailor, 4 Beresford Street
Kane, Wm. John, 40 Christopher Street
Kaugher, Edward, baker, 45 Lady Street
Kavanagh, B., shipwright, 83 Newtownards Road
Kavanagh, James, wholesale grocer, glass, oil and colour merchant, 33 North Street
Kavanagh, John, law clerk, 4 Silvergrove Street
Kavanagh, John, spirit dealer, 45 May Street
Kavanagh, Patrick, spirit dealer, 66 & 68 Boundary Street
Kavanagh, William John, hardware dealer, 99 Millfield
Kay, Robert (buyer for John Robb & Co.), 7 Lincoln Avenue
Kean, Francis, carver, 36 Great Patrick Street
Kean, Samuel, baker, 49 Israel Street
Keane, James, blacksmith, 122 Upper Earl Street
Keaney, John, engine driver, 18 New Lodge Road
Keary, Martin, caretaker, 6 Donegall Square South
Kearney, Henry, carpenter, 2 Drain's Court
Kearney, Hugh, dealer, 31 Denmark Street
Kearney, James, R.I.C., 33 Bann Street
Kearney, James, sawyer, 18 East Street
Kearney, James, mechanic, 5 English Street
Kearney, John, potato merchant, 2 Colinview
Kearney, John, shoe maker, 114 New Lodge Road
Kearney, Patk., tobacco spinner, 129 Nelson Street
Kearney, Patrick, linen draper, 18 Mill Street
Kearney, Patrick, plasterer, 50 Scotch Street
Kearney, Richard, basket maker, 4 Schomberg Terrace, Bridge End
Kearney, R., barber, 24 & 25 Smithfield
Kearney, Robert, engine driver, 56 Cavour Street
Kearney, Timothy, basket maker, 5 Rotterdam Street
Kearney, William, spirit merchant and basket manufacturer, 1 & 3 Willow Buildings, Bridge End
Kearney, William, linen lapper, 7 Brook Street
Kearns, Edwd., mechanic, 24 Denmark Street
Kearns, John, grocer, 30 Falls Road
Kearns, Patrick, foreman linen lapper, 63 Linden Place, Falls Road
Kearns, William, hackle maker, 21 Cambrai Street
Kearns, Wm., book seller, 17 Woodford Street
Keating, Adam, carpenter, 22 Silvergrove Street
Keating, Andrew, carpenter, 9 Kensington Street
Keating, James, wood carver, 5 Bruslee Street
Keating, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, 98 Corporation Street
Keating, Samuel, bread server, 20 Fleet Street
Keating, Thos., grocer, 1 & 3 Third Street
Keatley, Bernard, painter, 23 Conlon Street
Keatley, John, caretaker, 137 Agnes Street
Keatley, S., clothier and outfitter, 110 Peter's Hill; res., 2 Mountpleasant, Strandmillis Road
Keay, David, manager, Marcus Ward & Co., 22 College Green, Fitzroy Avenue
Keegan, James, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, and rectifying distillers, 56 High Street
Keegan, J., J.P. (of Jas. Keegan & Son), Brooklyn, Holywood
Keegan, Peter, J.P., rectifying distiller, 6 Calender Street; bonded stores, 90 Tomb Street; res., Hamptonville, Ormeau Road
Keeley, Ellen, publican, Strandmillis Road
Keenan, Adam, miller, 11 Roden Street
Keenan, Adam, miller, 18 James Street
Keenan, Alice, machinist, 20 College Square North
Keenan, Charles, dealer, 9 Smithfield Court
Keenan, H., marine store dealer, 22 Nelson Street
Keenan, Joseph, linen lapper, 27 Cambridge Street
Keenan, John, carpenter, 57 Derby Street
Keenan, John, stone mason, Greencastle
Keenan, John, clerk, 189 Woodstock Road
Keenan, J., draper's assistant, 6 Unity Street
Keenan, Samuel, engine driver, 75 Durham Street
Keenan, Thomas, stone mason, 20 Little Ship Street
Keenan, Thos., rope, twine and cordage manufacturer, and coal merchant, 80 High Street; res., Hillview, Duncairn Street
Keenan, Wm., rag merchant, 49 & 51 Kent Street
Keenan, Wm., plumber, 54 Alexander Street West
Keenan, Wm., spirit grocer, 38 Milford Street
Keenan, Wm., stone sawyer, 5 Eureka Street
Kees, Geo., cabinet maker, 13 Staunton Street
Keilty, Wm., cabinet maker, Cosgrave Street
Keith, Hutchinson, workshops and yard, Glenravel Street
Keith, Patrick, pensioner, 119 McDonnell Street
Keith, Samuel, ship broker and commission agent, 85 Corporation Street
Keith, Samuel, dairyman, 5 Linfield Street
Kell, James, teacher, 26 Prospect Street
Kelly, Arthur, pawn broker, 32 Albert Bridge Road
Kelly, Bernard, cooper, 38 Smithfield
Kelly, Catherine, vegetable dealer, 38 Raphael Street
Kelly, Catherine, fruit dealer, 35 Friendly Street
Kelly, Charles, mechanic, 21 Norfolk Street
Kelly & Donagan, spirit dealers and grocers, 20 Gamble Street
Kelly, Edward, pawn broker, 30, 32 and 34 Chapel Lane and 58 Smithfield
Kelly, Edward, clerk, 82 Lincoln Street
Kelly, George, coachman, Derryvolgie Avenue
Kelly, George, grocer, 131 Agnes Street
Kelly, George, green grocer, 42 Forthingale Street
Kelly, George, horse dealer, 11 & 13 Bell's Lane
Kelly, Henry, wood turner, 14 Marine Street
Kelly, Hugh, fruit merchant, Oxford Street
Kelly, Hugh C., solicitor, sub-sheriff, Co. Down, 91 Bridge End
Kelly, Hugh, salesman, 35 Baltic Street
Kelly, Hugh, R.I.C., 128 Henry Street
Kelly, Hugh, ship carpenter, 41 Artillery Street
Kelly, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 30 & 32 Bank Street
Kelly, H. M., principal Townsend Street National School, 8 Fleetwood Street
Kelly, James, stone cutter, 59 Alexander Street
Kelly, James, painter, 50 Anderson Street
Kelly, James, tinsmith, 24 Upper Cargill Street
Kelly, James, grocer, 29 Carrick Hill
Kelly, James, manager, 13 Kearney's Buildings, Bridge End
Kelly, James, shoe maker, 47 Crumlin Street
Kelly, James, carpenter, 4 Kildare Street
Kelly, James, fitter, 23 Meenan Street
Kelly, James, commission agent, 9 Queen's Square
Kelly, James, cooper, 27 William Street
Kelly, James, 23 Prospect Street
Kelly, James, clerk, 4 Smith Street
Kelly, Jas., engineer, 107 Church Street East
Kelly, Jas., cambric linen handkerchief finisher and commission agent, 6 College Street
Kelly, Jas., com. traveller, 12 Clarence Street
Kelly, John, brush, portmanteau and handbag manufacturer, 18 Castle Place; res., 59 Botanic View, University Road
Kelly, John, painter, 31 Cargill Street
Kelly, John, packer, 30 Hartley Street
Kelly, John, engine driver, 52 Lettuce Hill
Kelly, John, coal merchant, 80 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger Road
Kelly, John, railway inspector, 160 Newtownards Road
Kelly, John, clerk, 87 Lindsay Street
Kelly, John, chandler, 115 Carrick Hill
Kelly, John, dealer, New Ballynafeigh Road
Kelly, John, clothes dealer, 1 Smithfield
Kelly, John, baker, 10 Stewart Street
Kelly, John, printer, 31 Dufferin Street
Kelly, John, grocer, Belmont Terrace, Sydenham
Kelly, John, spirit dealer and grocer, 22 Gamble Street
Kelly, John, printer, 4 Erin Street
Kelly, John E., Customs officer, 5 Crown Terrace
Kelly, Joseph, linen merchant, 46 Regent Street
Kelly, Lawrence, carpenter, 44 Unity Street
Kelly, Lewis, butcher, 83 North Queen Street
Kelly, Mary, grocer, 17 Lancaster Street
Kelly, Michael, millwright, 38 Alfred Street
Kelly, Miss, grocer, 2 Posnett Street
Kelly, Mrs., dealer, 35 Smithfield
Kelly, Mrs., 21 Lonsdale Street
Kelly, Patrick, cattle dealer, 4 Gloucester Street
Kelly, Peter, cooper, 8 Curtis Street
Kelly, Richard, upholsterer, 48 Artillery Street
Kelly, Robert, caulker, 28 Edward Street
Kelly, Robt., solicitor, agent for Scottish Provincial Life Insurance Co., 41 Donegall Street; res., Seaview House, Greenisland
Kelly, Robt., pattern maker, 8 Marine Street
Kelly, R. J., reporter, 23 Bedeque Street
Kelly, Samuel, shoe maker, 6 Alexander Street
Kelly, Samuel, coach maker, 7 Hamilton Place
Kelly, Samuel, coal merchant, 10 Queen's Quay; coalyard, 2d Middlepath Street; res., 31 North Thomas Street
Kelly, Thomas, shoe maker, 7 Hamill Street
Kelly, Thos., machine master, 12 Alexander Street
Kelly, Thos., boiler maker, 16 Vere Street
Kelly, Thomson, & Co., linen merchant and bleachers, 8 James Street South
Kelly, Thomson, 2 Grassmere Terrace, Hopefield Avenue
Kelly, William, grocer, 143 Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road
Kelly, William, compositor, 7 Erin Street
Kelly, William, upholsterer, 4 Boyd's Buildings, Bloomfield
Kelly, William, brick layer, 31 Hartley Street
Kelly, William J., fireman, 19 Josephine Street
Kelly, William, hardware merchant and house furnishing warehouse, 20 & 22 Castle Street
Kelly, William, 14 Brookvale Avenue
Kelly, William, school master, 29 Weir Street
Kelly, Wm., brick layer, 48 Swift Street
Kelly, Wm. (of Provincial Bank), 5 Belgrave Terrace
Kelly, Wm., railway official, 25 Abyssinia Street
Kelly, Wm., 19 Laburnum Place, Duncairn Street
Kelly, Wm. R., A.R.I.A.I., civil engineer and architect, 1 Elgin Terrace, Limestone Road
Kelman, James, clerk, 10 Stormount Street
Kelso, Alex., grocer, 212 & 214 Old Lodge Road
Kelso, Rev. H., 2 Lagan Village Road
Kelso, Mrs., 42 Canning Street
Kelso, Samuel, block printer, 242 Conway Street
Kelso, Wm., brick layer, 21 Denmark Street
Kelso, Wm., block printer, 16 Sixth Street
Kelso, Wm., mechanic, 19 Northumberland Street
Kemp, David C. (of Jas. Little & Co.), Castleton Park, Antrim Road
Kennedy, Adam, painter, 26 Christopher Street
Kennedy, Adam, clerk, 110 Wellwood Place, Mountpottinger Road
Kennedy, Allen, carpenter, 63 Shannon Street
Kennedy, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 53 Lancaster Street
Kennedy, Alex., grocer, 214 & 212 York Street
Kennedy, Alex., manager brickworks, Ravenhill
Kennedy, Alex., smith, 36 Little George's Street
Kennedy, A., lodging house, 47 & 49 Millfield
Kennedy, A., bookkeeper, 129 McDonnell Street
Kennedy, Charles, brewer, 10 King Street Mews
Kennedy & Co., power loom weaving factory, Springfield Road
Kennedy, David, cow keeper, 52 Brown Street
Kennedy, David, provision dealer, 24 & 26 Great Patrick Street
Kennedy, David, carpenter, 17 Elliott's Row
Kennedy, David, shoe maker, 17 East Street
Kennedy, David, coachman, 22 Humber Street
Kennedy, Ellen, dining rooms, 33 & 35 Church Lane
Kennedy, Geo., harbour constable, 6 Malvern Place
Kennedy, Henry, harbour constable, 18 Walnut Place
Kennedy, Hugh, diver, 61 Bentinck Street
Kennedy, Hugh, flax buyer, 45 Springfield Road
Kennedy, Humphreys, lodging house, 56 Millfield
Kennedy, James, J.P., Rosetta, New Ballynafeigh Road
Kennedy, James, salesman, 10 Catherine Street
Kennedy, James, linen lapper, 45 Ward Street
Kennedy, James, carpenter, 58 Cavour Street
Kennedy, James, carpenter, 4 Hartrick Place
Kennedy, James, engineer, 27 Baltic Street East
Kennedy, Jas. M., assistant inspector of branches Belfast Banking Co.
Kennedy, James, cabinet maker, 28 Foreman Street
Kennedy, James, 107 Great Victoria Street
Kennedy, James, milkman, 13 Halliday's Road
Kennedy, James, quarry owner, Ligoniel
Kennedy, James, iron worker, 35 Lime Street
Kennedy, James, sexton, 45 Little May Street
Kennedy, Jas., reeling master, 51 Northumberland Street
Kennedy, Jas., Richmond Lodge, Strandtown; also Glenluney Lodge, Braemar, Scotland
Kennedy, Jas., draper, 223 New Ballynafeigh Road
Kennedy, John, spirit dealer, 158 Cromac Street
Kennedy, John (of J. Kennedy & Son), 10 May Street
Kennedy, John, tailor, 105 Newtownards Road
Kennedy, John, linen lapper, 3 King Street Mews
Kennedy, John, stone mason, 3 Crafton Street
Kennedy, John, stitcher, etc., 55 Glengall Street
Kennedy, John, umbrella and walking stick manufacturer, 83 Donegall Street
Kennedy, John, photographic artist & umbrella merchant, 119 York Street
Kennedy, Joseph, tobacconist, 6 Castle Lane
Kennedy, Joseph, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, 33 Fountain Street
Kennedy, Joseph, tenter, 103 Westmoreland Street
Kennedy, J., & Son, Ulster Coach Factory, 3 & 5 Montgomery Street
Kennedy, William H. (of Ulster Coach Factory), Somerset Villas
Kennedy, Miss, milliner, 159 Old Lodge Road
Kennedy, Mrs., spirit dealer, etc., 184 North Street
Kennedy, Miss, 15 Great Victoria Street
Kennedy, Mrs., 20 Prospect Street
Kennedy, Mrs., 1 Little Victoria Street
Kennedy, Miss, 42 Virginia Street
Kennedy, Mrs. (The Grosvenor Hotel), 41 Grosvenor Street
Kennedy, Mrs., green grocer, 16 Hopewell Street
Kennedy, Mrs., 62 Woodstock Road
Kennedy, Mrs., 65 Donegall Pass
Kennedy, Patrick, time keeper Northern Counties Railway, 25 Cambridge Street
Kennedy, Patrick, coach maker, 1 Pakenham Street
Kennedy, R. F., manager Nat. Bank, 40 High Street
Kennedy, Robert, grocer, 30 Apsley Street
Kennedy, Robert, pilot, 54 Bentinck Street
Kennedy, Robert, grocer, 147 Nelson Street
Kennedy, Robert, grocer, 229 Belvoir Terrace
Kennedy, Robert, upholsterer, 88 Pottinger Place
Kennedy, Robert, carpenter, 36 Albert Crescent
Kennedy, Robert, carpenter, 7 Devonshire Street
Kennedy, R., cabinet maker, 69 Corporation Street
Kennedy, William, shoe maker, 6 Brown's Row
Kennedy, Timothy, dealer, 59 & 61 May Street
Kennedy, William, tailor, 202 Agnes Street
Kennedy, Wm., linen lapper, 25 Granville Street
Kennedy, William, grocer, 37 Alexander Street
Kennedy, William, carpenter, 35 Berlin Street
Kennedy, Wm., compositor, 64 Bentinck Street
Kennedy, Wm., plumber and gas fitter, 34 Melbourne Street
Kennedy, Wm., manager, York Street Mill, Kenbella House, Antrim Road
Kennedy, Wm., tailor, 28 Hanover Street
Kennedy, Wm., manager, 6 Eblana Street
Kennedy, Wm., 6 Brookvale Terrace, Duncairn Street
Kennedy, Wm. A., mill manager (of Kennedy & Co.), 337 Mourne View, Shankhill Road
Kennedy, Wm. J., grocer, 69 Cullingtree Road
Kennett, George, wood turner, 100 Ewart's Row
Kenney, Francis, baker, 58 Scotch Street
Kenney, Michl., coach maker, 3 Massereene Street
Kenning, Jas., tramway conductor, 37 Beech Street
Kenning, Mrs., 29 Posnett Street
Kennolty, Thomas, book maker, 8 Lagan Street
Kenny, Edward, shoe maker, 54 Langford Street
Kenny, John (of Gardner & Kenny), 21 Lincoln Avenue
Kenny, Patrick, 75 & 77 Little Patrick Street
Kenny, William Edward, spirit merchant, 169 York Street
Kenny, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 60 & 62 Stanhope Street
Kenyon, Benjamin, spirit dealer, 30 & 32 Old Lodge Road
Keogh, Captain, Governor of County Antrim Jail, Crumlin Road
Keogh, Michael, spirit merchant, 1 Glasshouse Place, Mountpottinger Road
Keogh, James, draper, 14 Schomberg Terrace, Bridge End
Keogh, John, carpenter, 4 Moira Street
Keown, John, traveller, 104 Cullingtree Road
Keown, Mrs. T. H., Dundela Villa, Strandtown
Keown, Thomas, boot maker, 44 Silvergrove Street
Kendall, James, stone cutter, 17 Hopewell Street
Kent, Archibald, builder, Dunedin, Antrim Road
Kent, James, builder, 156 York Street
Kergan, James, foreman, 5 Brook Street
Kernaghan, Edwd., sawyer, 44 Laganview Street
Kernaghan, Hugh, shoe maker, 40 Belgrave Street
Kernaghan, James, clerk, 7 Grove Street
Kernaghan, Richard, spinning master, 15 Limestone Road
Kernaghan, Samuel, flyer maker, 7 Hudson Place
Kernaghan, William, house carpenter, 25 Boundary Street
Kernaghan, Wm. J., painter, 30 Boundary Street
Kernahan, Andrew, 10 Limestone Road
Kernahan, Chas., manager, 42 Granville Terrace, Magdala Street
Kernahan, John, 42 Granville Terrace, Magdala Street
Kernahan, Wm., book seller, 6 Essex Street
Kernahan, Wm., 1 Antrim Terrace, Duncairn Street
Kernan Bros., spirit dealer, 18 Garmoyle Street
Kernan, John, bundler, 12 Leeson Street
Kernan, John, spirit merchant, 28 & 30 Great Patrick Street
Kernan, Thomas, spirit dealer, 131 North Street
Kerney, George, helper, 44 Malcolm Lane
Kerney, Patrick, coal dealer, 21 Grosvenor Place
Kernon, John, collar maker, 7 Sevastopol Street
Kearns, Patrick, saddler and harness maker, 14 John Street
Kerr, Alexander, carpenter, 29 Kendal Street
Kerr, Alex., meal and flour dealer, 27 Castle Lane; res., 47 Talbot Street
Kerr, Andrew, baker, 57 Israel Street
Kerr, Andrew, riveter, 88 Short Strand
Kerr, Bernard, carpenter, 127 Millfield
Kerr & Mathews, tea merchants, 19 Mill Street
Kerr, David, sawyer, 25 Tomb Street
Kerr, Edward, clerk, 6 Fairview Street
Kerr, Eliza, grocer, 49 Kendal Street
Kerr, Francis, fitter, 3 Wesley Street
Kerr, Gibson, grocer, 32 Lord Street
Kerr, Hugh, car owner, 41 Barrack Street
Kerr, Hugh, compositor, 9 Walnut Place
Kerr, James, coach builder, 6 Coates Street
Kerr, James, shoe maker, 23 Glasshouse Street
Kerr, Jas., gardener, 221 New Ballynafeigh Road
Kerr, John, spirit dealer, etc., 2, 4, 6 & 8 Cromac Street
Kerr, John, custom house officer, 150 York Street
Kerr, John, shoe maker, 68 Falls Road
Kerr, J., boot and shoe warehouse, 91 and 185 North Street; 10 Castle Street; and 55 Victoria Street; res., 42 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Kerr, John, painter, 7 Pernau Street
Kerr, John, baker, 5 Killen Street
Kerr, John, spirit store, 70 & 72 Short Strand
Kerr, John E., clerk, 14 Lincoln Avenue
Kerr, John, sea captain, 52 North Queen Street
Kerr, John, spirit dealer (Farmers' Inn), 53 May Street
Kerr, Luke, traveller, 52 Cosgrave Street
Kerr, Martha, grocer, 131 Cromac Street
Kerr, Mrs., car owner, 2 Singleton Street
Kerr, Owen, stationer, book seller and newsagent, 59 Castle Street
Kerr, Patrick, boiler maker, 17 Glasshouse Street
Kerr, Patrick, coal dealer, 36 Lettuce Hill
Kerr, Patrick, traveller, 1 Omar Street
Kerr, Robert, gardener, Sandymount, Strandmillis Road
Kerr, Robert, stone cutter, 15 McCleery Street
Kerr, Robert, foreman, 150 Falls Road
Kerr, Robt., deputy harbour master, 33 North Thomas Street
Kerr, Roby. John, carpenter, 27 Tomb Street
Kerr, Robt., seaman, 10 Dock Lane
Kerr, Robert, carpenter, 10 Hanover Street
Kerr, Samuel, moulder, 48 Hartley Street
Kerr, Thomas, Glasgow remnant house, 69 Peter's Hill
Kerr, Thomas, teacher, 274 Shankhill Road
Kerr, Thomas, fitter, 3 Baltic Street
Kerr, Watson, tailor, 33 Cromac Street
Kerr, William, builder, 98 Joy Street
Kerr, William, Prince Alfred Restaurant and Dining Rooms, 4 & 6 Rosemary Street
Kerr, William, whitesmith, 3 O'Haggerty Street
Kerr, Wm., hackle and gill maker, 16 Denmark Street
Kerr, Wm., weaver, 6 Pound Street
Kerr, Wm., broker, 34 Marquis Street
Kerr, Wm. Alex., mechanic, 66 Fleet Street
Kerrigan, John, teacher, 202 Falls Road
Kershaw, Abraham, foreman mechanic, 1 Sevastopol Street
Kershaw, Edwin, foreman mechanic, 3 Sevastopol Street
Keys, J. & J., commission agents, Castle Chambers
Keyes, Francis, miller, 6 Matlock Street
Keys, John, preparing master, 46 Rumford Street
Kidd, Abraham, fruiterer, Ann Street
Kidd, James, linen finisher, 67 Wilton Street
Kidd, James, 5 Eblana Street
Kidd, Mrs., Hartley Cottage, Greenisland
Kidd, Mrs., 5 Kinnaird Terrace
Kidd, Samuel, shoe maker, 91 Cupar Street
Kidd, Wm., carpenter, 111 Westmoreland Street
Kidensbay, Ann, laundress, 28 Killarney Street
Kidney, Geo. (successor to J. F. Jeeves, V.S.), M.R.C.V.S. - Infirmary and shoeing forge and commission and livery stables, 29 & 31 Wellington Place; res., 35 Wellington Place
Kildare, Miss, Home Mission, 1 Landscape Avenue
Kildea, Chas., linen lapper, Little Distillery Street
Kildea, John, linen lapper, 61 Lindsay Street
Kildea, Mary, grocer, 32 Clonallon Street
Kildea, Robt., pawn broker, 138 Cromac Street
Killen, Edward, French polisher, 21 Scotland Street
Killen, James, carpenter, 11 Howard Street South
Killen, J., spirit store, 55, 57 & 59 Carrick Hill
Killen, Mrs. James, 26 Carlisle Street
Killen, Mrs., 18 University Square
Killen, Rev. T. Y., of Duncairn Presbyterian Church, The Manse, Duncairn Avenue
Killen, Dr. W. D., professor of Church history, College Park, College Park East
Killen, Wm., provision merchant, 13 Henry Street; res., 14 Wellington Park
Killer, Wm., shoe maker, 30 Belgrave Street
Killing, John, photographer, 67 Belvoir Place, New Ballynafeigh Road
Killops, Thomas, Dunlady House, Dundonald
Killough, John, clerk, 9 Hope Street
Killyleagh Spinning Co., 10 Donegall Square West
Kilmartin, Mrs., 44 King Street
Kilpatrick, Geo., carpenter, 70 Vernon Street
Kilpatrick, James, printer, 5 Dufferin Street
Kilpatrick, James, tenter, 95 Lindsay Street
Kilpatrick, Mrs., grocer, 163 York Street
Kilpatrick, Wm., car owner, 6 Lilliput Street
Kimmins, John, spirit store, 78 Sandy Row
Kimpson, Thompson, linen lapper, 8 Walnut Place
Kinahan, Charles James (of Lyle & Kinahan, 51 Donegall Place); res., 16 Wellington Park
Kinahan, Frederick (of Lyle & Kinahan, 51 Donegall Place), agent for the North British and Mercantile Fire and Life Insurance Company; res., Bedeque House, Crumlin Road
Kinahan, Robt., commission agent, 70 Macaulay Terrace, Clifton Park Avenue
Kinder, Thomas, law clerk, 101 Vernon Street
Kinchela, Danl., upholsterer, 18 McMullan's Place
King, Alexander, smith, 16 Andrew Street
King, Alex., coal merchant, 21 Queen's Quay; coal depot, 1a Scrabo Street; res., Ballymacarrett House, Newtownards Road
King, Cunningham, cutler, 94 Joy Street
King, David, moulder, 26 Shandon Street
King, David, painter, 13 Central Street
King, Rev. Frank W., 4 Mount Collyer Terrace, Limestone Road
King, James, V.S., and horse bazaar, 14, 16 & 18 York Street
King, James, spirit merchant, 31 & 33 Newtownards Road
King, Jas., railway guard, 97 Sussex Street
King, John, millwright, 71 Woodstock Road
King, John, clerk, 44 Beech Street
King, John, joiner, Ballynafeigh
King, John, manager for N. A. Campbell & Co., 55 Donegall Pass
King, John, clerk, 5 Elm Street
King, Mathew, pork cutter, 4 Tilly Street
King, Miss, 14 Radcliffe Street
King, Mrs., Belgrave Cottage, Windsor Avenue
King, Richard, R.I.C., 60 Eliza Street
King, Robert, merchant tailor, and army and navy outfitter, 25 Donegall Street
King Street Flour Mills - Jas. Neill, proprietor
King, Thomas, moulder, 28 Woodstock Road
King, Wm. J., pipe layer, 23 Glenariff Street
King, Wm., merchant draper, 4 Mountpleasant, Strandmillis Road
Kingan, Wm., boiler maker, 9 Lower Mount Street
Kinghan, James, pork cutter, 53 Charles Street South
Kinghan, John, clerk, 38 Essex Street
Kingham, Rev. John, principal of Ulster Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and Blind, Lisburn Road
Kinghan & Co. Ltd., provision merchants, Tomb Street
Kinghan, Saml., Finaghy House, Dunmurry
Kinghan, Robt., linen and commission merchant, 22 Donegall Place
Kinghan, Wm., boiler maker, 36 Clonallon Street
Kinghan, Wm., Silverstream Lodge, Greenisland
Kinghan, William, car owner, 104 Shankhill Road
Kingsberry, Mrs., 39 Carlisle Street
Kingsberry, Saml., coal factor, 1 Cullingtree Place
Kingsberry, Wm., flesher and grocer, 202 & 204 Old Lodge Road
Kingsmore, John, blacksmith, 99 McTier Street
Kinkead, William John, 118 Woodstock Road
Kinley, T., law clerk, 8 Castlereagh View
Kinsley, John, chief clerk G.P.O., Belfast, 1 Cambridge Terrace, Ormeau Road
Kinnaird, Wm., linen lapper, 109 Vernon Street
Kinnear, John, tailor, 6 Snugville Street
Kinnear, Matilda, reference office for servants and lodgings, 10 Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road
Kinnear, William, sea captain, 16 Kew Cottages, Castlereagh Street
Kinning, Mrs., 5 Upper Frank Street
Kinnen, John, engineer, 197 Woodstock Road
Kinsey, Captain W. H., Greenisland Lodge, Greenisland
Kirk, David, pensioner, 22 Napier Street
Kirk, Eliza, school teacher, 27 Tyrone Street
Kirk, Ernest, sorting clerk, G.P.O., 50 Vernon Street
Kirk, Henry, general commission agent, 22 Donegall Place; res., Castleton Park, Antrim Road
Kirk, John, Laurel Green, Dunmurry
Kirk, John, spirit grocer, 29 Stanley Street
Kirk, John, dairyman, 31 Springfield Village
Kirk, John, carpenter, 104 Millfield
Kirk, John, caulker, 108 Upper Earl Street
Kirk, Mrs. Sarah, Marsden Villa, Antrim Road
Kirk, Robert, rougher, 55 Everton Street
Kirk, Robert, baker, 38 Glenalpin Street
Kirk, Robt., clerk, 7 Wellington Park Terrace, Wellington Park
Kirk, Wm., baker, 34 New Street
Kirk, Wm., & Son, linen manufacturers, 12 Bedford Street
Kirker & Co., Wine Merchants, Aerated Water Manufacturers and Bottles, 24, 26 & 28 Academy Street
Kirker & Son, grain and flour merchants, 37 York Street
Kirker, John (of Kirker & Son), 23 Brougham Street
Kirker, Archibald, Knock
Kirker, David, baker, 1 Foyle Street
Kirker, G., coal yard, 18 Old Lodge Road
Kirker, G. S., clerk, 28 Lincoln Avenue
Kirker, John, valuator, 50 Dublin Road
Kirker, Thomas, 5 Eglinton Street
Kirker, Thos., spirit dealer, 84 & 86 Durham Street
Kirker, Victor, clerk, News Letter office, 23 Brougham Street
Kirker, Victor, pawn broker, 110 & 112 Cromac Street
Kirker, Victor, 47 Ormeau Terrace, Ormeau Road
Kirkham, R., engine driver, 73 Seaview Place, Newtownards Road
Kirkpatrick, Bros., flax & tow dealers, 16 Hill Street
Kirkpatrick, Danl., iron plater, 83 New Lodge Road
Kirkpatrick, David, flesher, 115 Donegall Pass
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, cabinet maker, 14 Maria Place
Kirkpatrick, James, clerk, 16 My Lady's Road
Kirkpatrick, James, van driver, 48 Eliza Street
Kirkpatrick, Jas., flesher, 116 Albert Bridge Road
Kirkpatrick, John, grocer, 29 Edward Street
Kirkpatrick, Joseph, smith, 6 Canmore Street
Kirkpatrick, Jos., brick layer, 5 Tyne Street
Kirkpatrick, Margt., draper, 91 Divis Street
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., Drum House, Dunmurry
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., family grocer, 163 York Street
Kirkpatrick, R., grocer and stabling, 4 & 6 York Lane
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, grocer, 31 New Lodge Road
Kirkpatrick, William, butler, 18 Elm Street
Kirkpatrick, Wm. John, ship carpenter, 23 Shipbuoy Street
Kirkpatrick, Wm., fireman, 26 Hopewell Street
Kirkpatrick, Wm. Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 86 Beersbridge Road
Kirkwood, Adam, store keeper, 55 Gibson Street
Kirkwood, Alexander, linen merchant, 15 Cavehill Road
Kirkwood, Alex., linen buyer, 55 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Kirkwood, Clyde, fireclay merchant, 101 Corporation Street; res., Ardmore, Windsor Park
Kirkwood, Duncan, book binder, 41 Lagan Village Road
Kirkwood, George, saddler, 41 Israel Street
Kirkwood, Hugh, farmer, Roseland, Andersontown
Kirkwood, James, farmer, Dahlia Lodge, Anderstown
Kirkwood, James, 52 Great Victoria Street
Kirkwood, James, farmer, Upper Malone Road
Kirkwood, James, mechanic, 48 Broadbent Street
Kirkwood, Jas., clerk, 29 Derry Street
Kirkwood, Jas., farmer, Monkshill, Ballygomartin
Kirkwood, John, mechanic, 16 Thames Street
Kirkwood, Mrs., farmer, Whiterock Road, Ballygomartin
Kirkwood, Thos., farmer, Roseland, Anderstown
Kirkwood, Wm., Dundonald Cottage, Dundonald
Kirkwood, Wm., tenter, 31 Derry Street
Kirkwood, W. T., painter, 54 Great Victoria Street
Kirwan, Ellen, wine and spirit merchant, 128 & 130 Upper Earl Street
Kirwan, Miss, 2 Woodburn Terrace
Kirwin, Wm., publican (Park Tavern), 125 New Ballynafeigh Road
Kissock, Samuel, lodging house, 17 Prince's Street
Kitchen, George, blacksmith, 5 Baltic Street
Kitchen, James, shipsmith, 14 Lyons Street
Kitchen, Patrick, smith, 76 Marine Street
Kitchen, Thomas, cooper, 36 Nelson Street
Kitchen, Wm., boiler maker, 16 Lyons Street
Knight, R., linen lapper, 42 Stanhope Street
Knight, H. Chas. (of Messrs. J. & T. M. Greeves), Gloucester Villa, Duncairn Street
Knight, William, mechanic, 77 Aberdeen Street
Knox, Alex., M.D., Beechcroft, Strandtown
Knox, Barbara, spirit dealer, 132 Durham Street
Knox, Charles Geo., LL.D., barrister-at-law and Vicar general, 19 Ulster Chambers, Waring Street; res., Canadian Villas, Strandtown
Knox, Cornelius, boot closer, 12 Nelson Street
Knox, David, spinning master, 105 McTier Street
Knox, George, clerk, 36 Upper Townsend Street
Knox, George, brick layer, 8 Christopher Street
Knox, Hugh, clerk, 53 Merrion Street
Knox, James, carpenter, 94 Hanover Street
Knox, Jas., clerk, 20 Elm Street
Knox, John, bread server, 1 Haldane Street
Knox, Mrs., 24 University Square
Knox, Right Rev. Robt., D.D., Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore; res., The Palace, Holywood
Knox, Rev. Robert, D.D., minister of Linenhall Street Church, 1 University Square
Knox, R. K., Northern Bank, 3 Fitzroy Terrace, University Street
Knox, Samuel, carpenter, 3 Drain's Court
Knox, William, sawyer, 28 Shankhill Street
Knox, William, bakery, 143 Old Lodge Road
Knox, Wm., china and delf shop assistant, 9 Grove Street
Knox, W. H., draper, 48 Great Edward Street
Knowles, Jerry, plasterer, 48 Rumford Street
Kolkhorst, Oscar, commercial traveller, Balmoral Cottage, Lisburn Road
Kreharn, Robt., fireman and grocer, 44 Everton Street
Kusk, John, land steward, Forth River, Ballygomartin
Kyle, Andrew, carpenter, 4 Lower Mount Street
Kyle, David, tinsmith, 25 Woodstock Road
Kyle, Eleanor, 2 Brougham Street
Kyle, Mrs. G. W., hosier, glover and outfitter, 4 & 6 Bridge Street; res., Richmond, Antrim Road
Kyle, Samuel, clerk, 67 Riga Street
Kyle, Thomas, plumber, 11 Woodstock Road
Kyles, John, lamp lighter, 21 Mary's Place
Kynes, Thomas, baker and confectioner, 43 & 45 Castle Street


Lackey, James, saddler, 24 Killarney Street
Lackey, John, tenter, 22 Broadway Place
Ladies' Industrial School for Girls, Frederick Street; Matron, Miss McKeag
Lady Johnson's Bounty - Office, Clarence Place; D. F. Spiller, secretary
Lafferty, Francis (Shelbourne Hotel), 2 & 4 Gamble Street
Lafferty, Wm., salesman, 58 Stanhope Street
Lagan Navigation Co., 27 Police Square - W. A. Robinson, chairman; W. R. Rea, secretary
Laing, Mrs., 1 Glenfield Place, Ormeau Road
Laird, Hugh, butcher, 22 Stephen Street
Laird, John, gateman, 36 Linden Street
Laird, John, bookkeeper, Salem Cottage, Lisburn Road
Laird, Marshall, builder, Clifton Park Cottage
Laird, Robert, mechanic, 260 Conway Street
Laird, William, hatter, 12 Donegall Street
Lamb, Jas., boot and shoe maker, 38 Hopeton Street
Lamb, James, Irish Linen and Damask Co., 1 Castle Arcade
Lamb, John, baker, 15 Hartwell Street
Lamb, John, spinning master, 23 Getty Street
Lamb, John, & Son, commission and insurance agents, College Place North
Lamb, William Watson, commission agent, Divis View, Lisburn Road
Lamb, Terence, grocer, 10 Nail Street
Lamb, Wm., grocer, 40 Downing Street
Lambert, Miss, 48 Dublin Road
Lambert, Peter, collector, 65 McClure Street
Lamont, Arthur, shoe maker, 17 Vere Street
Lamont, Æneas, miller, 19 Riga Street (Aeneas)
Lamont, Hugh, salesman, 180 Nelson Street
Lamont, Mary Jane, dress maker, 13 Glentilt Place
Lamont, William J., cloth lapper, 8 Walnut Street
Lane, James, baker, 19 Springmount Street
Lane, Richard, draftsman, 68 Woodstock Road
Lane, R. W., customs officer, 82 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger Road
Lang, Alex., 94 Rose Cottages, New Ballynafeigh Road
Lang, W. O., minister of Moravian Church, 16 Virginia Street
Langan, George, gas fitter, 41 Milford Street
Langan, John, fitter, 8 Ormond Street
Langton, Thomas, clerk, 31 Wall Street
Langtree, Hewitt, commission merchant, 16 Waring Street
Langtry, Hancock, boot and shoe maker, 179 Durham Street
Langtry, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 8 Chichester Street
Langtry, William, general merchant, commission and shipping agent, 56 Victoria Chambers, Waring Street; res., 11 Mountcharles
Lanyon, John, F.R.I.B.A., architect and civil engineer, 12 Lombard Street; res., 1 Queen's Elms
Lanyon, Sir Charles, J.P., The Abbey, Whiteabbey
Lanyon, Herbert Owen (of John Oulton & Co.), Lismara
Lappin, D. R., clerk, 3 St. James Street
Lappin, George, boot and shoe maker, 74 Dover Street
Lappin, Henry, boot maker, 59 Vernon Street
Lappin, Henry, carpenter, 2 Radcliff Street
Lappin, John, brick layer, 16 Pitt Place
Lappin, Robinson, builder, 12 Fairview Street
Lappin, Wm., brick layer, 7 Pitt Street
Largie, Mrs., dealer, 12 Old Lodge Road
Larkin, Francis, car driver, 6 Berry Street
Larkin, James, fish dealer, 8 Black's Place
Larmour, Alex., carpenter, 29 Hopewell Street
Larmour, Bennett, carpenter, 36 Hemsworth Street
Larmour, Edward, reporter, 74 Carlow Street
Larmour, Hugh, grocer, 58 Duncairn Street
Larmour, Jas., gardener, 28 New Dock Street
Larmour, James, coal dealer, 6 Maxwell Street
Larmour, Mary, eating house, 5 Gamble Street
Larmour, Matthew, grocer, Baltic Avenue
Larmour, Robert, dealer, 20 Byron Place
Larmour, Robt., cooper, 5 Dan's Row
Larmour, Wm., carpenter, 82 Green Street
Larcom, Thos., Customhouse officer, 27 Hanna Street
Larvitt, Wm. H., pocket book, purse and leather case maker, 10 Telfair Street
Latimer, Robt., lithographer, 32 Apsley Street
Latta, Thomas, carpenter, 180 Urney Street
Lauder, James, engineer, 15 Lackagh Street
Lauder, William, tailor, 7 Glentilt Street
Laughlin, Jas. A., foreman mechanic, 2 Leeson Street
Laughlin, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 56 & 58 Divis Street
Laurence, Francis, painter, 124 Durham Street
Laurie, David, commission agent, 6 Richmond Place, Cavehill Road
Lavelle, Edward, sawyer, 9 Hamill Street
Laverty, Alex., clerk, 25 Apsley Street
Laverty, Jas., boot and shoe maker, 95 Dundee Street
Laverty, Jas., carpenter, 36 Tea Lane
Laverty, James, fowl dealer, 98 Woodstock Road
Laverty, James, poulterer and game dealer, 44 & 46 Edward Street
Laverty, James, overlooker, 13 Raglan Street
Laverty, John, damask weaver, 16 Byron Street
Laverty, John, cabinet maker, 7 Apsley Street
Laverty, Lizzie, dress and mantle maker, 38 Stanley Street
Lavery, Alex., spirit dealer, 6 Hill Street
Lavery, Anthony, provision dealer, 173 North Street
Lavery, Andrew, 53 Great Patrick Street
Lavery, Arthur, wood turner, 58 Grove Street
Lavery, Charles, clothes dealer, 39 Berry Street
Lavery, Daniel, fitter, 34 Hanna Street
Lavery, George, damask mounter, 102 Ewart's Row
Lavery, Henry, car owner, 35 Union Street
Lavery, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 60 Great Patrick Street
Lavery, Hugh, linen lapper, 3 Little Grosvenor Street
Lavery, Hugh, eating house and lodgings, 36 & 38 Gamble Street
Lavery, James, preparing master, 22 Getty Street
Lavery, James, carpenter, 20 Milton Street
Lavery, James, fruiterer, 9 Water Row
Lavery, James, blacksmith, 366 Shankhill Road
Lavery, John, carpenter, 89 Divis Street
Lavery, John, linen draper, 6 Divis Street
Lavery, John, grocer, 74 Falls Road
Lavery, John, machine master, 27 Quadrant Street
Lavery, Margaret, grocer, 74 Lagan Village Road
Lavery, Mrs., spirit store, 10 Hope Street
Lavery, Mrs., 24 Ormeau Street
Lavery, Patrick, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 & 39 Cullingtree Road
Lavery, Richard, tenter, 33 Courtrai Street
Lavery, Thomas, spirit dealer, 73 May Street
Lavery, Thos., basket maker, 69 Union Street
Lavery, Thos., boot and shoe maker, 10 Wilton Street
Lavery, Wm., carpenter, 50 Albert Street
Lavery, Wm., linen lapper, 11 Posnet Street (Posnett)
Law, Brothers, shirt and collar manufacturers, 7 Donegall Square South
Law, James, brass founder, 100 & 102 Dover Street
Law, Mary, lodging house keeper, 37 Carrick Hill
Law, Mrs., green grocer, 33 Carrick Hill
Law, Thomas, moulder, 114 Urney Street
Law, Robert, pawn broker, 74 Clyde Terrace, Short Strand
Law, Thomas E., brick layer, 74 Shankhill Road
Law, William, linen merchant, Ardriven, Antrim Road
Lawder, John, carpenter, 54 Broadbent Street
Lawder, Wm., gardener, 193 Woodstock Road
Lawler, Saml., shirt cutter, 77 Howard Street South
Lawlor, Kern, lodging house, 16 Carrick Hill
Lawrie, Robert, inland revenue officer, 13 Virginia Street
Lawrence, Charles, coastguard pensioner, 45 Wilton Street
Lawson, Mrs., smoother, McIvor's Place
Lawson, Robert, sail maker, 41 Fleet Street
Lawther, Alexander, 84 Hanover Street
Lawther, M., stone cutter, 56 Matilda Street
Lawther, Robert, painter, 3 Lyon's Court
Lawther, Robert, painter, 25 McTier Street
Lawther, Samuel, & Co., coal importers, ship and insurance brokers, 2 Corporation Square
Lawther, Samuel (of Samuel Lawther & Co.), Brookvale, Duncairn Street
Lazarus, E., picture frame maker, 67 Divis Street
Lazenbath, Nathaniel, interpreter, 21 Dock Street
Leahy, David, tobacconist and cigar importer, 49 Donegall Street
Leathem, Coulter, & Howard, wholesale druggists and general merchants, 19 & 21 Queen's Square
Leathem, George D. (of Leathem, Coulter & Howard), Hollymount, Osborne Park
Leathem, David, packer, 9 Macaulay Street
Leathem, H., shoe maker, 5 Lyons Street
Leathem, James, railway guard, 6 Sackville Place
Leathem, James, cooper, 19 Winetavern Street
Leathem, John G., chief cashier Northern Bank, 2 Queen's Square
Leathem, John, sail maker, 5 Michael Street
Leathem, Joseph, 217 Shankhill Road
Leathem, S. H., bank clerk, 14 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Leathem, S., umbrella maker, 16 Gregg's Row
Leathem, William J., shoe maker, 56 North Thomas Street
Leck, William, 170 York Street
Leckey, Alex., draper, 70 Fitzroy Crescent, University Street
Leckey, F. B., linen merchant, 10 Donegall Square North
Leckey, Jas., carpenter, 4 Upton Street
Leckey, John, cabinet maker, 12 Hartley Street
Leckey, Robt., cabinet maker, 22 Upper Cargill Street
Leckie, Mrs., 45 Lonsdale Street
Lecky, Robert, carpenter, 25 Donegore Street
Lecky, Wm., carpenter, 4 Walnut Street
Leddy, Daniel, head constable, 43 Springfield Road
Ledgett, James, auctioneer, 73 Smithfield Square
Ledgett, James, clothes dealer, 47 Berry Street
Ledgett, Richard, clothes dealer, 31 Berry Street
Ledgerwood, James, spirit dealer, 116 York Street
Ledgerwood, John, storeman, 2 Harland Street
Ledley, Archd., horse dealer, 10 Huss Street
Ledley, Samuel, dealer, 27 Canmore Street
Ledlie, James Crawford (of Hawkins, Robertson, Ferguson & Co.), Cork
Ledlie, John, coach builder, 98 Boundary Street
Ledlie, Samuel, poulterer game and feather dealer, 11 Corn Market
Ledlie, Mrs., 21 Canning Street
Leslie, Thomas, shoe maker, 68 Hopewell Street
Ledlie, William, clerk, 31 Foyle Street
Ledlie, Wm., 48 Great Victoria Street
Lee, Andrew, mechanic, 6 Cumberland Street
Lee, Henry, 64 Fitzroy Crescent, University Street
Lee, Isaac, grocer, 12 Milton Terrace, Wolseley Street
Lee, James, pianoforte and organ warerooms, 63 Upper Arthur Street; Market Square, Armagh, and Hill Street, Newry
Lee, James S., linen draper, 175 Agnes Street
Lee, John, painter, 79 Short Strand
Lee, John, preparing master, 26 Central Street
Lee, Richard, machine ruler, 23 Coyle Place
Leeburn, Robt. H., pork cutter, 29 Valentine Street
Leeburn, Saml., box maker, 19 Valentine Street
Leech, E. A., plasterer, 41 Dagmar Street
Leech, James, carpenter, 18 Apsley Street
Leech, John, carpenter, 118 Boundary Street
Leeney, John, shoe maker, 30 William's Place
Leeper, Charles, Belmont Park, Strandtown
Lees, Robert, coal factor, 51 Wall Street
Lees, Robert. bookkeeper, 3 Economy Place
Lees, Wm., car owner, 3 & 5 Thomas Street
Lee, Wm. Joseph, tailor, 13 Francis Street
Leetson, Richd., car owner, 13 & 15 Catherine Street
Lefevre, G. (of Brookfield Linen Company), 4 Liscard Place, Ormeau Road
Legate, Mrs., 27 University Street
Legg, John (of Moreland & Legg, Whiteabbey); res., Carrickfergus
Legg, Thomas, tailor, 9 Bread Street
Legg, Wm. J., harbour constable, 77 Lepper Street
Leggate, Mrs., 19 Brougham Street
Leghorne, John, mechanic, 12 Pitt Street
Leggate, Geo., railway guard, 19 Vere Street
Leighburn, Thomas, carpenter, 82 McTier Street
Leighton, John  Alex., stationer and tobacconist, 144 Corporation Street
Leinster, Archibald, caretaker, Archer & Sons, 8 Wellington Street
Leinster, Robt., boot and shoe maker, 64 Shankhill Road
Leinster, Samuel, gardener, 23 Belmont Street
Leinster, Thomas, baker (Disciples' Meeting House), 40 Old Lodge Road
Leiper, James, stone cutter, 54 Hartley Street
Leister, Mrs., 6 Lonsdale Street
Leitch, Chas. N., flax buyer, 128 Ellenborough Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Leitch, D. D., agent for Geo. Gordon & Sons, flax merchants, 122 Ellenborough Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Leitch, Edward, preparing master, 53 Northumberland Street
Leitch, Percy B., broker, 33 Melbourne Street
Leitch, W. J., shoe maker, 38 Tyrone Street
Leither, Patk., umbrella maker, 16 Old Lodge Road
Leith, Andrew, coach body maker, 16 Millfield
Leith, James, carpenter, 101 Mayo Street
Lemon, Alex., preparing master, 1 James Street
Lemon, Alex., grocer, 87 Wilton Street
Lemon, A. D., Edgecumbe, Strandtown
Lemon, George, fitter, 48 Alton Street
Lemon, Hugh, spirit dealer, 1 Lord Street
Lemon, James, painter, 11 Dufferin Street
Lemon, James, druggist, etc., 34 & 48 North Queen Street
Lemon, James, blacksmith, 13 Mitchell Street
Lemon, John, & Son, cabinet makers, 15 & 17 Joy Street
Lemon, John, cabinet maker, 29 McClure Street
Lemon, John, mechanic, 81 Westmoreland Street
Lemon, John (of Morrow, Lemon, & Co.), 15 Ulsterville Avenue
Lemon, John, broker, 21 Brown Square
Lemon, Robert, shipwright, 12 Shipbuoy Street
Lemon, Robert, mechanic, 4 Westmoreland Street
Lemon, Samuel, French polisher, 17 Wilson Street
Lemon, Samuel, fireman, 24 Shannon Street
Lemon, Samuel, boot closer, 15 Lindsay Street
Lemon, Wm., fitter, 100 Cambrai Street
Lemon, Wm., carpenter, 29 Donegore Street
Lemon, Wm., stone cutter, 23 Academy Street
Lemon, Wm., carpenter, 33 Spencer Street
Lendrum & Co., tobacco manufacturers, 45 & 47 Great Edward Street
Lendrum, Mr., Annalore, Greenisland
Lennaghan, Peter, car owner, 4 College Court
Lennahan, Wm., coach painter, 37 Macaulay Street
Lennard, Bernard, dealer, 13 Barrack Street
Lennon, Edward, sea captain, 4 Ship Street
Lennon, Edward, pensioner, 23 Hamill Street
Lennon, Henry, dealer, 30 & 32 Milford Street
Lennon, James, boot closer, 18 Copeland Street
Lennon, John, carpenter, 31 Eliza Street
Lennon, John, 4 Park Place, Ormeau Road
Lennon, John, carpenter, 8 Erin Street
Lennon, John, dealer, 34 Smithfield
Lennon, John, cloth lapper, 55 Mayo Street
Lennon, Michael, pensioner, 80 Dover Street
Lennon, Miss, toy and fancy warehouse, 25 Castle Place
Lennon, Miss, 37 Victoria Place, Great Victoria Street
Lennon, Miss, 4 Park Place, Ormeau Road
Lennon, Mrs., 40 Virginia Street
Lennon & McComb, boot top manufacturers, 44½ Ann Street
Lennon, Patrick, buyer, 5 St. Paul Street
Lennon, Thomas, 4 Park Place, Ormeau Road
Lennon, T., linen merchant, 20 Linenhall Street
Lennon, Wm., car owner, 11 Townsend Street
Lennox, Richardson, stone cutter, 4 Edward Street
Lennox, Robert, lighter man, 5 Stanfield Street
Lennox, Thomas, foreman hackle maker, 78 Malvern Street
Leonard, Denis, solicitor, commissioner in Chancery of the general common law courts in Ireland for taking affidavits and for taking acknowledgments of married women under the statute, 5 Ulster Chambers, Waring Street; res., 8 Cromwell Road
Leonard, M., grocer, 81 Unity Street
Leonard, M., mechanic, 73 Hanover Street
Leonard, Mrs., 31 Fairview Street
Leonard, John, gardener, 8 Alma Street
Leonards, Mrs., lodging house, 26 Millfield
Lepper, A. J. E., manager Smithfield Spinning Co., 5 College Gardens
Lepper, Chas. W., Laurel Lodge, New Lodge Road
Lepper & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 20 Waring Street and 12 Hill Street
Lepper, F. R., Clonoriel, Strandtown
Lepper, Mrs., Rosstulla, Whiteabbey
Leslie, Alex., mechanic, 9 Cluan Place
Leslie, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 67 Sydney Street West
Leslie, Mrs., grocer, 19 Verner Street
Leslie, Wm., chair maker, 134 Sandy Row
Lester, George, commission agent, 55 Divis Street
Lester, Henry, Lorne Cottage, Strandtown
Lester, W. J. (The Golden Cup and Saucer), tea merchant, 1 Old Lodge Road
L'Estrange & Brett, solicitors and insurance agents, 6 Chichester Street
L'Estrange, Thos. (of L'Estrange & Brett), 7 Howard Street
Level, Hugh, boot maker, Castlereagh
Levell, William, Vulcan Terrace, Strandtown
Levins, George, coach and carriage maker, 46 Joy Street
Lewers, Mrs. Mary, 106 Ann Street
Lewers, Wm., & Son, Ann Street Brewery, 104 Ann Street
Lewis, Arthur, mechanic, 33 Boundary Street
Lewis, Charles, M.D., 27 Bann Street
Lewis, David, mechanic, 239 Shankhill Road
Lewis, Francis, stone mason, 131 Urney Street
Lewis, Henry, spirit dealer (Paisley Tavern), 60 Waring Street
Lewis, James, secretary, Belfast Young Men's Christian Association, 152 Grosvenor Street
Lewis, John, lock keeper, Strandmillis Road
Lewis, John, engine driver, 28 Brookfield Street
Lewis, John, clerk, 128 Falls Road
Lewis, Matthew, shoe maker, 3 Gardiner Street
Lewis, Mary Ann, provision dealer, 4 & 6 Winetavern Street
Lewis, Mrs., Nettlefield, My Lady's Road
Lewis, Mrs., 35 Rugby Road
Lewis, Mrs., 4 Lonsdale Street
Lewis, Nathaniel, handkerchief manufacturer. 8 & 10 Copeland Street
Lewis, Richard (of MacIlwaine & Lewis), Ty-Isa, Strandtown
Lewis, Robert, linen lapper, 2 Kells Street
Lewis, Samuel, baker, 9 Springmount Street
Lewis, Samuel, brick layer, 34 Westmoreland Street
Lewis, Samuel, 6 Ormeau Road
Lewis, Thomas, railway guard, 26 Lilliput Street
Lewis, William, mechanic, 63 Boundary Street
Lewis, Wm., pensioner, 52 Dundee Street
Lewsley, John, painter, 27 Hopewell Street
Liddell, Wm., & Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers, 1 Bedford Street; works at Donacloney
Liddy, John, pavior, 21 Hardinge Street
Liddy, Thomas, pavior, 90 Carrick Hill
Liebach, Karl, professor of music, 109 Great Victoria Street
Life Association of Scotland, 45 Donegall Place, James M. Thompson, resident secretary
Ligget, Margt., grocer, 11 Charlotte Street
Ligget, Wm., nail maker, 7 Kent Street
Liggett, William, cloth passer, 4 Amelia Street
Lightbody, Wm., dealer, 121 Parkview, New Ballynafeigh Road
Ligoniel Spinning Co., Ligoniel
Lilbourne, Alex., carpenter, 34 Hemsworth Street
Lilburn, Hugh M., commission agent, Waring Street; res., Dunedin, Antrim Road
Lilburn, Richard, Editor of the Belfast News-Letter, Cliftonville
Lilley, Adam, carding master, 6 Dayton Court
Lilley, David, farmer, Milltown, Andersontown
Lilley, James, provision merchant, 199 & 201 York Street
Lilley, Joseph, sexton of Duncairn Church, 23 Shandon Street
Lilley, Peter, bookkeeper, 15 College Square North
Lilly, Charles, brazier and gas fitter, 47 & 49 Corporation Street
Lilly, James, smith, 12 East Street
Linden, James, measurer, 6 Roden Street
Linden, Matthew R., flax and tow merchant and commission agent, 29 & 31 Police Square
Linden, Miss Mary K., 41 Salem, Crumlin Road
Linden, ?, confectioner, 12 Corn Market
Lindley, Bridget, green grocer, 161 Cromac Street
Lindsay Brothers, wholesale warehousemen, 31 Donegall Place
Lindsay, David J., wholesale warehouseman, 55 Botanic View, University Road
Lindsay, Geo., foreman mechanic, 20 Bedeque Street
Lindsay, George, clerk, 11 Short Strand
Lindsay, George (of Mills, Lindsay, & Co.), 36 University Street
Lindsay, James, builder, 5 Glenallon Street
Lindsay, James, iron turner, 178 Conway Street
Lindsay, James, painter, 80 North Boundary Street
Lindsay, James, & Co., general drapers, etc., (Ulster Arcade), 28 Donegall Place
Lindsay, James (of James Lindsay & Co.), Wheatfield, Ballysillan
Lindsay, Thos. G., J.P. (of Jas. Lindsay & Co.), Tyrone House, Malone Road
Lindsay, John, mechanic, 25 Israel Street
Lindsay, John, book agent, 91 Vernon Street
Lindsay, John, carpenter, 10 Roundhill Street
Lindsay, Joseph, M.D. and surgeon, 107 York Street
Lindsay, Letitia, grocer, 11 Lagan Street
Lindsay, Miss, fancy woollen warehouse, 105 York Street
Lindsay, Mrs., Abingdon Terrace, York Street
Lindsay, Mrs., Sans Souci, Malone Road
Lindsay, Robert, & Co., muslin, cambric and cambric handkerchief manufacturers, 63 Victoria Street
Lindsay, Robert, carpenter, 129 Agnes Street
Lindsay, Samuel, smith, 156 Cambrai Street
Lindsay, Samuel, pawn broker's assistant, 79 Israel Street
Lindsay, Samuel, brick layer, 18 Lackagh Street
Lindsay, Thomas, mechanic, 27 Loftus Street
Lindsay, Thomas M., head master School of Art, 10 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Lindsay, Wm., carpenter, 254 Shankhill Road
Lindsay, Wm., carpenter, 17 Rotterdam Street
Lindsay, William, traveller, 47 Malvern Street
Lindsay, W. J., mechanic, 41 Erin Street
Linen Hall Family and Commercial Hotel, 2 & 3 Donegall Square East, B. Dempsey, proprietor
Linen Merchants' Association, Linen Hall
Linen Trade Committee and Linen Trade Circular - F. W. Smith, secretary, 43 Exchange Buildings, Waring Street
Linn, James, spirit dealer, 20 Hercules Street
Linn, John, barber, 157 North Queen Street
Linton, Rev. John (minister of Gilnahirk Presbyterian Church), The Knock
Lipman, Bros., linen merchants and bleachers, 3 Donegall Square West
Lipman & Co., linen manufacturers, 14 Bedford Street
Lippard, Joseph, mechanic, 36 Craigmore Street
Lipsey, James, & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 16 Ann Street
Lipsey, Mrs., 42 William's Place, University Road
Little, Daniel, moulder, 58 McTier Street
Little, Isabella, newsagent, 109 Shankhill Road
Little, Jas., brass founder, 41 North Boundary Street
Little, James, machine master, 11 Cambrai Street
Little, James, & Co., shipping agents, Barrow steamers, Belfast and England, 23 Donegall Quay
Little, James, rent collector, 5 Little Victoria Street
Little, John, plumber, 12 Avoniel Street
Little, J. H., bookkeeper, 13 Wellington Park Terrace, Wellington Park
Little, Mary, grocer, 21 & 23 Earl Street
Little, Matthew, tailor, 18 Sarah Street
Little, Mrs., 26 Donegall Pass
Little, Rev. Francis, 2 Somerset Terrace, University Street
Little, Robert, M.D., 105 Botanic Road, Great Victoria Street
Little, Robert, clerk, 8 Botanic Avenue
Little, Robert, plasterer, 69 Carrick Hill
Little, Samuel, Inland Revenue officer, 45 University Street
Little, Stephen, agent, 6 Skipper Street
Lytle, William, grocer and provision merchant, 18 Cosgrave Street
Little, Wm., civil bill officer, 8 Charlemont Street
Little & Brown, starch manufacturers, 129 Carrick Hill
Little & McClean, paper merchants and printers, 65 & 67 Upper Church Lane
Little, Frederick (of Little & McClean), 9 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Livesey, John, engineer, 18 Magdala Street
Livingston, Anna, grocer, 8 Madrid Street
Livingstone, James, linen manufacturer, 9 Linenhall Street
Livingstone, John, factory manager, 153 Crumlin Road
Livingston, J., staff sergeant, Antrim Rifles, 27 Shannon Street
Livingstone, Robert, tenter, 9 Bann Street
Livingstone, Robert, grocer, 50 Matilda Street
Livingston, R. & S., hatters, 9 Rosemary Street
Livingstone, Samuel, dealer, 142 Argyle Street
Livingstone, Saml., agent, Prudential Assurance Co., 9 Linview Street
Livingstone, T., carpenter, 13 Matilda Street
Livingston, Wm., pork cutter, 61 Stanley Street
Livingstone, Wm. James, wood turner, 16 Comber Place
Lloyd, Frederick, engineer, 3 Everton Street
Lloyd, Robt., cabinet maker, 65 Denmark Street
Lloyd, Thomas, cabinet maker, 10 Charlemont Street
Lockard, John, tobacco spinner, 27 Institution Place
Locke, John, 22 North Queen Street
Locke, Silas, pawn broker, 109 North Queen Street
Lockhart, Alex. (of Crawford & Lockhart), 1 Fitzroy Terrace, University Street
Lockhart, Falls, brass founder, 26 Hartley Street
Lockhart, James, farmer, 24 Windsor Street
Lockhart, James, carpenter, 307 Shankhill Road
Lockhart, James, basket maker, 68 Bridge End
Lockhart, James, tailor, 14 Earl Street
Lockhart, Jas., linen lapper, Tun Street
Lockhart, John, linen lapper, 21 Athol Street
Lockhart, John, basket maker, 6 Rotterdam Street
Lockhart, John, jeweller, 105 Vernon Street
Lockhart, John, smith, 18 Upton Street
Lockhart, John, brass founder, 70 Frederick Street
Lockhart, Jos., boot and shoe maker, 9 Kendal Street
Lockhart, Robert, mechanic, 13 Snugville Street
Lockington, David, coal dealer, 90 McTier Street
Lockwood, Fredk. William, architect, 1 Upper Frank Street
Lodge, D. H., prof. of music, 46 Duncairn Street
Lodging Establishment for Young Ladies having no parents or other relatives in town, 74 Pakenham Place; John Coates, Seacliff, Bangor, treasurer
Lowenthal, Julius (of Moore & Weinberg), 12 Ashley Avenue
Logan, Andrew, stone cutter, 46 Hartley Street
Logan, Andrew, carpenter, 53 Riga Street
Logan, David, 7 St. James Street
Logan, David, butcher, 235 York Street
Logan, D., foreman bleacher, 12 Tyrone Street
Logan, Edward, grocer, 10 Albert Bridge Road
Logan, Francis, painter, 6 Silvergrove Street
Logan, James, builder, 9 Powerscourt Street
Logan, James, brass founder, 13 Sherbrook Street
Logan, James & Co., wire workers and iron mongers, 125 Donegall Street
Logan, John, pianoforte maker, 4 Beech Street
Logan, John P., preparing master, 1 Bellevue Street
Logan, John, tailor, 26 New Bond Street
Logan, John, dealer, 39 Lettuce Hill
Logan, John, seaman, 8 Malcolm Street
Logan, Mrs., Castlereagh
Logan, Mrs., 183 Sandy Row
Logan, Patrick, green grocer, 120 Nelson Street
Logan, Patrick, shoe maker, 34 Wall Street
Logan, Robert, commercial traveller, 21 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Logan, Rose, butcher, 122 Crumlin Road
Logan, Thomas, machine man, 8 Park Street
Logan, Thomas, yarn bleacher, 46 Everton Street
Logan, William, traveller, 30 Matlock Street
Logan, William, boot top cutter, 14 California Street
Logan, Wm., carpenter, 4 Eglinton Street
Logan, Wm., cloth lapper, 3 Tennent Street
Logan, Wm., sail maker, 116 Nelson Street
Logue, James D., commercial traveller, Whitehouse
London Printing and Publishing Co. (Limited), 31 Great George's Street - W. J. Campbell, agent
Long, Allen, cab and car owner, 162 Nelson Street
Long, Andrew, pork cutter, 14 Walnut Street
Long, Geo A. A., litho. printer, 21 Woodford Street
Long, George, deputy superintendent Mercantile Marine office, 5 & 7 Foreman Street
Long, Hugh, spirit merchant, Duncairn Street
Long, Hugh, cloth passer, 18 Leopold Street
Long, Hugh, spirit dealer and stabling yard, 104 North Street
Long, James, copper and tinsmith, 24 Coates Street
Long, James, ship carpenter, 22 North Ann Street
Long, James, blacksmith, 50 McTier Street
Long, James, shoe maker, 24 Garston Street
Long, James, 85 Duncairn Street
Long, Jane, grocer, 152 & 154 Cromac Street
Long, J., refreshment rooms, 40 Falls Road
Long, Michael, shoe maker, 24 Abyssinia Street
Long, Mrs., 17 North Queen Street
Long, Robert Henry Harrison, horse dealer, Strandmillis Cottage, Strandmillis Road
Long, Robt., boot and shoe maker, 17 Academy Street
Long, Wm., carpenter, 11 Hamilton Place
Longridge, Samuel, farmer, Castlereagh
Longwill, Mrs., dress maker, 40 Upper Townsend Street
Longworth, Noah, bookkeeper, 39 Hopeton Street
Lonsdale, Charles, baker, 25 Belmont Street
Lonsdale, Thos. Wm., dairyman, 78 Hilland Street
Lorimer, George, carpenter, 11 Shankhill Road
Lorimer, Wm., traveller, 9 Moscow Street
Lorimer, Wm., clerk, 9 Carlisle Street
Lorrimer, John, carpenter, 5 Albert Bridge Road
Louden, David (of Whittem & Louden), 5 Atlantic Avenue
Louden, Thos. C., flour and bran merchant, 20 Waring Street
Lough, James, carpenter, 3 Agnes Street
Loughead, Alexander, car owner and spirit dealer, 27 North Ann Street
Loughead, Jeremiah, engineer, 11 Panpark Street
Loughead, Samuel, carpenter, 25 Third Street
Loughlin, Jane, dress maker, 42 Dover Street
Loughlin, Thomas, smith, 300 Conway Street
Loughmuir, Samuel, R.I.C., 6 King Street Mews
Loughran, Chas., hair dresser, 4 Hercules Street
Loughran, Ed., carpenter, 11 Hartwell Street
Loughran, Henry, shoe maker, 42 Malcolmson Street
Loughran, Isaac, winding master, 18 Agnes Street
Loughran, James, shopman, 11 Smith Street
Loughran, John, flesher, 38 Corporation Street
Loughran, John, sailor, 38 Shankhill Road
Loughran, John, butcher, 30 Marquis Street
Loughlin, John, iron turner, 48 Riga Street (Loughran?)
Loughran, John, flesher, 27 Old Lodge Road and 93 Peter's Hill
Loughran, John, shoe maker, 41 Durham Street
Loughran, Michael, clothes dealer, 26 Berry Street
Loughran, Michael, butcher, 5 Gilford Street
Loughans, Nathaniel, draper, 4 Ormeau Road
Loughnan, Patrick, car owner, 33 Balaklava Street
Loughran, Patrick, printer, 55 Lady Street
Loughran, Patrick, cooper, 98 Bridge End
Loughran, Richard, boot closer, 36 Grattan Street
Loughran, R., bobbin turner, 13 Glasshouse Place
Lough Neagh Sand Co.; Wm. Rea, secretary, 55 Donegall Street
Loughran, Samuel, dealer, 33 Gilford Street
Loughrey, Henry, compositor, 13 Sarah Street
Loughrey, John, miller, 14 Sydney Street
Loughrey, John, stone dresser, 61 Earl Street
Love & Dale, granite, marble and freestone monumental works, sole agents in Ireland for Bessbrook granite quarries, 157 York Street
Love, David, salesman, 33 Donegall Pass
Love, John, mill manager, 30 Oldpark Road
Love, John, mechanic, 21 Railway Street
Love, Robert, 9 Canning Street
Lovell, Edmond, retired inland revenue officer, 29 Thompson Street
Lovelle, Sarah, 21 McClure Street
Lovely, Miss, 7 Posnett Street
Lovely, Mrs., dress maker, 181 Sandy Row
Lovett, John, gardener, Divis View, Lisburn Road
Lowden, Geo., book canvasser, 20 Stanhope Street
Lowden, James & Co., plumbers, gas and steam fitters, 48 Ann Street
Lowden, James (of James Lowden & Co.), 54 Regent Street
Low, Patrick, painter, 11 Crane Court
Low, Wm., London, Carlisle and North British Cement and Alabaster stores, Police Square
Lowe, Edwd., engineer, 99 Mayo Street
Lowe, James, reed maker, 77 Lindsay Street
Lowe, Susan, bakery and flour store, 110 North Street
Lowry, Adam, carpenter, Cosgrave Street
Lowry, Charles, sea captain, 10 New Dock Street
Lowry, Daniel, Royal Alhambra Concert Hall, 41 North Street; res., Clifton Street
Lowry, David, iron monger, 3 Upper Frank Street
Lowry, George, foreman carpenter, 91 Northumberland Street
Lowry, James, tea and general commission agent, 51 Waring Street
Lowry, James, carpenter, 18 Kensington Street
Lowry, Jas., warehouseman, 6 Dunville's Buildings
Lowry, John, bookkeeper, 110 Ellenborough Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Lowry, John, Woodland, Strandtown
Lowry, John, linen and linen yarn merchant, 4 Howard Street
Lowry, Joseph, commission agent, district agent for the North British and Mercantile Insurance Co., 69 High Street; res., Maple Villas, Knock
Lowry, Joseph, tailor, 81 Sussex Street
Lowry, J., practical watch and clock maker, etc., 46 High Street; res., Bunkerhill, Strandtown
Lowry, Mrs., 66 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Lowry, Robert, agent Prudential Insurance Co., 17 Moscow Street
Lowry, Robert, plasterer, 39 Earl Street
Lowry, R., coachman, Adelaide Row, Malone Road
Lowry & Son, builders and contractors, 71 & 73 Great George's Street
Lowry, John, jun. (of Lowry & Son), 69 Great George's Street
Lowry, Samuel, beer dealer, 17 Lagan Village Road
Lowry, Thomas, carpenter, 12 Roundhill Street
Lowry, Thos., shopman, 4 Verner Street
Lowry, William (of Edgar & Lowry), Oakley Terrace, Strandtown
Lowry, William, painter, 14 Lagan Street
Lowry, William, bread server, 22 Matlock Street
Lowry, William, grocer, 8 Lower Club Row
Lowry, Wm., carpenter, 16 Hilland Street
Lowry, Wm., tinsmith, 19 Spruce Street
Lowry, W. J., painter, 23 William Street
Lowson & Co., merchants and commission agents, National Provident Chambers, Victoria Street; stores, Garmoyle Street
Lowson, W. B. (of Lowson & Co.), Brandon Tower, Strandtown
Lowson, D., commission agent, 5 Wellington Park Terrace, Wellington Park
Lucas, Arthur, public accountant, 11 Victoria Chambers, 8 Waring Street
Lucas, H. J., superintendent Inland Revenue, 3 The Mount, Albert Bridge Road
Lucas, Thomas, carpenter, 42 Rainey Street
Luckasey, Dominick, dealer, 108 Corporation Street
Ludlow, James, head waiter, 41 Carlisle Street
Ludlow, John, brick layer, 26 Grattan Street
Luke, W. J., provision dealer, 78 North Street
Luke, W. J., provision merchant, 72 Hanover Street
Luney, Francis, engine driver, 86 River Terrace
Luney, Henry, baker, 30 Killarney Street
Luney, Hugh, school master, 26 Riga Street
Luney, Thomas, Ligoniel
Luney, Wm. Jas., lamp lighter, 18 Michael Street
Lunn, Ann, dress maker, 37 Ward Street
Lunn, Robert, mechanic, 1 Ward Street
Lunn, Wm. J., horse shoer, 15 Hanover Street
Lupton, Thos., watch maker and jeweller, 80 Milford Street
Lusk, Robert, saddler, 11 Little Patrick Street
Lutton, Andrew J., linen manufacturer, 7 Linenhall Street
Lutton, Thomas, wire worker, 16 Shipbuoy Street
Lutton, Thomas, linen merchant, 30 Fitzroy Avenue
Lybourn, Miss, 28 Bradford Street
Lying-in-Hospital, Clifton Street - secretary, Mrs. Deacon, Mossville, Antrim Road
Lyle & Kinahan, wine and spirit and porter and ale merchants, agents for Samuel Allsopp & Sons, Burton-on-Trent, 51 Donegall Place; bonded warehouse, stack K, Upper Arthur Street
Lyle, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 109 Donegall Street; res., Newington, Limestone Road
Lyle, Godfrey, J.P., land agent, 1 Customhouse Square; res., Conlig House, Newtownards
Lyle, Matthew, hackle maker, 9 Coates Street
Lyle, Mrs., 13 Vernon Street
Lyle, Robt., master mariner, 60 Henry Street
Lyle, Wilson, provision dealer, 35 & 37 John Street
Lyles, John, painter, 48 Bow Street
Lynas, Hugh, brick layer, 100 Forthingale Street
Lynas, Isabella, spirit dealer, 3 Corporation Square
Lynas, James, fireman, 128 Argyle Street
Lynas, James, linen lapper, 19 McClure Street
Lynas, Jas., shoe maker, 39 Verner Street
Lynas, John, stone cutter, Great Victoria Street
Lynas, John, bookkeeper, 26 Posnett Street
Lynas, Joseph, turner, 15 Ardmoulin Street
Lynas, Richard, lath cutter, 5 Vere Street
Lynas, Robert, dealer, 62 Brown Street
Lynas, Robert, lamp lighter, 26 Craigmore Street
Lynas, Robert, & Co., glass and china warehouse, 84 & 86 High Street
Lynas, Robert, brick layer, 34 Rainey Street
Lynas, Samuel, tobacco bass and peg manufacturer, 46 & 48 Stanfield Street
Lynas, Samuel, brick layer, 43 Shannon Street
Lynas, Thomas, dealer, 43 Boyd Street
Lynas, Thomas, green grocer, 79 Millfield
Lynas, W. J., car driver, 28 & 30 North Thomas Street
Lynas, William, clerk, 1 Atlantic Avenue
Lynas, William, mechanic, 8 Kendal Street
Lynas, Wm., painter, 195 Napier Place, Sandy Row
Lynas, Wm., carpenter, 13 Vere Street
Lynas, Wm., marble cutter, 56 Tyrone Street
Lynass, John, tailor, 14 Dayton Court
Lynass, Wm., gas inspector, 12 Claremont Street
Lynch, James, carpenter, 84 Northumberland Street
Lynch, John C., shoe maker, 1 Arundel Street
Lynch, Miss E., professor of dancing, Abercorn Rooms, Victoria Street; res., 11 Trinity Street
Lynch, Owen, overseer, 31 Birch Street
Lynch, P., soda water bottler, 49 Alton Street
Lynch, Patrick, plasterer, 29 Milford Street
Lynch, R. H., bookkeeper, 5 Magdala Street
Lynch, Wm., butcher, 26 Ross Street
Lynch, Wm., preparing master, 45 Divis Street
Lynd, Rev. R. J., minister, Berry Street Presbyterian Church, Brookhill Avenue
Lynn, Daniel, spirit dealer, 48 Cromac Street
Lynn, Hugh, brick layer, 37 Durham Street
Lynn, James, whitesmith, bell hanger and gate maker, 46 Ann Street
Lynn, James, painter, 55 Hudson Street
Lynn, Jas., wine and spirit store, 2 & 4 Peter's Hill
Lynn, John, baker, 74 Woodstock Road
Lynn, John, baker, 22 Cumberland Street
Lynn, John, confectioner, 28 Charlemont Street
Lynn, John, painter and glazier, 54 Ann Street
Lynn, Robert, carpenter, 5 Israel Street
Lynn, Robt., coachsmith, 35 Sackville Street
Lynn, Robert, publican, 362 Shankhill Road
Lynn, Thomas, pawn broker, 11 Shandon Street
Lynn, Thomas E., pawn broker, 30 Lancaster Street
Lynn, W. H., architect, 21 Calender Street; res., 3 Crumlin Terrace, Crumlin Road
Lyons, George, provision dealer, 3 Dock Street
Lyons, Hugh, French polisher, 13 Elm Street
Lyons, Hugh, carpenter, 20 Grosvenor Terrace, Grosvenor Street
Lyons, John, smith, 104 Urney Street
Lyons, John, shoe maker, 17 Outram Street
Lyons, Mrs., grocer, 115 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Lyons, Miss, dress maker, 15 Dagmar Street
Lyons, Robt., engine driver, 64 Newtownards Road
Lyons, Thos., dealer, 6 Cullingtree Road
Lyons, Wm., smith, 28 Railway Street
Lyons, Wm., missionary, 2 Castleton Street
Lytle, Adam, Streamvale, Knock
Lytle & Brown, starch works, 15 York Lane
Lytle, David B., Derryvolgie Avenue
Lytle, Edward, joiner, 7 Kendal Street
Lytle, Hugh, clerk, 9 Lyle Street
Lytle, James, clerk, 22 Albert Bridge Road
Lytle, James, bread server, 6 Orchard Street
Lytle, John, grocer, 16 Thompson Street
Lytle, John, & Sons, seed and general merchants, 34 Victoria Street
Lytle, John, traveller, 1 Madrid Street
Lytle, Joseph H., Derryvolgie Avenue
Lytle, Mathew, painter, 4 Blondin Street
Lytle & Pollock, oil and box wood merchants and mill furnishers, 6 Talbot Street
Lytle, Robert (of Lytle & Brown), 4 Thorndale Terrace, Duncairn Street
Lytle, Wm., soap and candle manufacturer, 84 Ann Street
Lytle, Wm., joiner, 28 Canning Street
Lytle, W. G., & Co., mercantile agents and accountants, 27 Victoria Street
Lyttle, Thomas, clerk, 36 Christopher Street
Lyttle, Wesley G., circulating library, 103 & 105 Old Lodge Road