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1877 Belfast Street Directory

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Abbott, John, car owner, 284 Newtownards Road
Abercorn Arms Hotel, 9 & 11 Castle Lane, Miss Johnston, proprietress
Abercromie, John, R.I.C., 14 Napier Street
Abernethy, Charles, com. traveller, 28 Mount Street
Abernethy, David, general draper, 63 Donegall Street; res., Rose Cottage, Coyle Place
Abernethy, James, Rose Cottage, Coyle Place
Abernethy, James, lodging house keeper, 77 Carrick Hill
Abernethy, Robert, carter, 18 Belmont Street
Abernethy, Robert, grocer, 103 Urney Street
Abernethy, Saml., colour-sergeant Antrim Rifles, 102 Hemsworth Street
Abernethy, Samuel, manager Morning News; res., Rose Cottage, Coyle Place
Abernethy, Sarah, under clothier, 42 Upper Arthur Street
Abernethy, Wm. John, shoe maker, 5 Blenheim Street
Acheson, Robert, grease and oil merchant, 14 Thomas Street & 35, 37 Nelson Street
Acheson, Samuel (of Clements & Acheson, 111 Victoria Street
Adair, Charles, stone cutter, 79 McClure Street
Adair, Charles, foreman lath maker, 62 Newtownards Road
Adair, Hugh, account book manufacturing, stationery, steam printing and lithographic works, 9 & 11 Arthur Street; res., 9 Fitzwilliam Street
Adair, Hugh (of Bourdott & Adair), 41 Tomb Street
Adair, John, mill manager, 9 Springfield Road
Adair, John, clerk, 143 Agnes Street
Adair, John, contractor, 5 Lonsdale Street
Adair, Robert, seaman, 19 New Andrew Street
Adair, Thomas, mechanic, 150 Argyle Street
Adair, James, school master, 40 Norwood Street
Adair, Robert, cloth beetler, 105 Wilton Street
Adair, Samuel, mechanic, 95 Tennent Street
Adair, Wm., clerk, 14 Loftus Street
Adair, Thos., mechanic, 32 Riga Street
Adair, Wm. Henry, tailor, 14 Matlock Street
Adam, A. B., commission agent, 31 Waring Street
Adam, Richard, dairyman, 9 Westmoreland Street
Adams, Alex., whitesmith, 180 Sandy Row
Adams, Charles, traveller, 22 Conlig Street
Adams, David, carpenter, 11 Stephen Street
Adams, David, bookkeeper, 24 Magdala Street
Adams, George, spirit merchant, 174 & 176 Old Lodge Road
Adams, George H., assistant manager York Street Flax Spinning Co.'s Mill, 53 Atlantic Avenue
Adams, George, 11 Old Lodge Road
Adams, H., gilder and picture frame maker, 7 King Street
Adams, Henry, pipe dealer, 51 Union Street
Adams, Hugh, machine printer, 141 Vernon Street
Adams, Hugh, groom, 15 Collyer Street
Adams, Hugh, baker, 18 Rainey Street
Adams, James, baker and flour merchant, 5, 7 & 9 Winetavern Street; res., 19 Cromwell Road
Adams, James, 95 City View Terrace, Falls Road
Adams, James, grocer, 35 Charlotte Street
Adams, James, ship carpenter, 3 Israel Street
Adams, James, canvas weaver, 66 Hopewell Street
Adams, James, brick layer, 62 Nelson Street
Adams, James, porter, 109 Cromac Street
Adams, James, painter and glazier, Whitehouse
Adams, James, warehouse manager, Whitewell
Adams, Jas., sand merchant, 302 Newtownards Road
Adams, John, butcher, 1 Chatham Street
Adams, John, pork cutter, 66 Sandy Row
Adams, John, surgeon, 25 Shankill Road
Adams, John, & Co., linen merchants, 5 Howard Street
Adams, John (of John Adams & Co.); res., Ballydevitt, Aghadowey, Co. Derry
Adams, John, grocer, 50 & 52 Hemsworth Street
Adams, John, R.I.C., 38 Kensington Street
Adams, John, glass, paint, oil and colour merchant, 7 North Street; res., 92 Denmark Street

Adams, John, porter, 2 Murdock Street
Adams, Joseph, coachman, 5 Catherine Street North
Adams, Joseph, packer, 47 Hopewell Street
Adams, Joseph, painter, 71 Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Adams, Knox, horse shoer, 84 Blackstaff Road
Adams, Matthew, mechanic, 57 Malvern Street
Adams, Moses N., teacher, 176 Agnes Street
Adams, Nelson, 100 Blackstaff Road
Adams, Robert, 88 Hemsworth Street
Adams, Robt., bleacher, 27 Pernau Street
Adams, Robt., carpenter, 3 Lord Street
Adams, Robt., baker, 28 Upper Malvern Street
Adams, S., general grocer, 21 Shankill Road
Adams, Saml., gutta percha and leather boot and shoe maker, 60 Shankill Road
Adams, Samuel, 69 Mountpottinger Road
Adams, Samuel, smith, 37 Dock Street
Adams, Samuel, mechanic, 44 Moscow Street
Adams, Saml., boot and shoe dealer, 52 Barrack Street
Adams, William, painter, 45 Skipton Street
Adams, W., hair dresser, 90 & 92 Union Street
Adams, Wm. (The Ulster Arms), wine and spirit dealer, 119 & 121 Peter's Hill
Adams, William, printer, 112 Argyle Street
Adams, Wm., spirit dealer, 11 Shankill Road
Adams, William, rivetter, 21 Little Henry Street
Adams, William, car driver, 30 Norwood Street
Adams, Wm., carpenter, 68 North Boundary Street
Adamson, Ann Jane, dress maker, 26 Foreman Street
Adamson, James, pavior and contractor, 39 Craigmore Street
Adamson, John, brick layer, 12 Rainey Street
Adamson, John, 16 Canning Court
Addis, George, brush maker, 17 Dundee Street
Addis, James, 52 Fourth Street
Addis, Richard, yarn bundler, 11 Northland Street
Addis, Thomas, iron dresser, 141 Urney Street
Addis, William Henry, 27 Langford Street
Addis, W., brush maker, 23 Christopher Street
Addy, Edward J. L., commission merchant and agent for North British Railway Company, Insurance Buildings, 71 High Street
Adgey, Samuel, mechanic, 60 Howard Street North
Adrain, John, boot and shoe manufacturer, 4 Arthur Street
Adrain, Robert, boot and shoe manufacturer, 6 Arthur Street
Agar, A., glass & china merchant, 62 Victoria Street; res., 1 Southview Cottages
Agar, John, litho. printer, Scotchmount
Agar, Michael, hardware merchant and wire worker, 71 & 73 Cromac Street
Agnew, Daniel, salesman, Bow Street
Agnew, Francis, sail maker, 84 Old Lodge Road
Agnew, George, 5 Beverley Street
Agnew & Nightingale, boot and shoe manufacturers, 13 North Street
Agnew, George (of Agnew & Nightingale); res., 13 Denmark Street
Agnew, Jas., & Co. (Queen's Bridge Saw Mills), timber, slate & tile merchants, 40 Bridge End
Agnew, Wm. (of James Agnew & Co.), Palmerston Terrace, Strandtown
Agnew, James, grocer, 2 Cambridge Street
Agnew, James, plumber, 18 Cargill Street
Agnew, James, clerk, Alexander Terrace, Lisburn Road
Agnew, James, carpenter, 72 Green Street
Agnew, John, plumber, Springfield Cottages
Agnew, John, shoe maker, 205 New Ballynafeigh Road
Agnew, John, clerk, 66 Dover Street
Agnew, Mrs., spirit dealer, 138 & 140 Hemsworth Street
Agnew, Mrs., 33 Brougham Street
Agnew, Mrs., dress maker, 57 Carlisle Street
Agnew, Mrs., 3 University Square
Agnew, Patrick, cattle dealer, 13 Grosvenor Place
Agnew, E., spirit dealer, 134 Corporation Street
Agnew, Samuel Robert, bookkeeper, 39 Falls Road
Agnew, Samuel, traveller, 19 Eglinton Street
Agnew, Thomas, block printer, 45 Fourth Street
Agnew, Thos., carpenter, 28 Lyons Street
Agnew, William, grocer, 3 Linfield Road
Agnew, Wm., ship owner and coal merchant, 17 Queen's Quay
Agnew, Wm., steam sawyer, 5 Reilly's Place
Agnew, William (of Robinson & Agnew), 3 Dunedin Terrace, Antrim Road
Agnew, Wm. H., 56 Avondale Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Agnew, Wm., Ulster Bank, Woodville, Malone Park
Aicken, John, carpenter, 24 New Dock Street
Aicken, M., & Co., pawn brokers, 76 Divis Street
Aicken, Michl., pawn broker, 20 & 22 Milford Street
Aicken, Thomas, tailor & clothier, 14 Fountain Street
Aicken, Wm., 31 George Street, Ballymacarrett
Aicken, William, M.D., 6 Murray's Terrace
Aickin, William, pensioner, 72 Townsend Street
Aickin, John B., bookkeeper, 3 Lincoln Avenue
Aiken, Alexander, publican, 97, 99 & 101 Castlereagh Street
Aiken, Amelia, grocer, 21 & 23 Melbourne Street
Aiken, David, carpenter, 10 White Street
Aiken, Francis, farmer, Galwally, Castlereagh
Aiken, Hugh, grocer and provision dealer, 5 & 7 Shankill Road
Aiken, James, 60 Hanna Street
Aiken, Jas. W., commission agent, Castle Chambers; res., Dundela Cottage, The Knock
Aiken, John, house painter, 65 Sydney Street West
Aiken, John, carpenter, 27 Woodford Street
Aiken, John, miller and farmer, Shaw's Bridge, Malone, Milltown
Aiken, Joseph, street inspector, 5 Copeland Street
Aiken, Richard, foreman book binder, 23 Upper Townsend Street
Aiken & McCullough, book binders, paper rulers and linen sample case makers, 10 Commercial Chambers, Telfair Street
Aiken, Wm. (of Aiken & McCullough), 20 Upper Townsend Street
Aiken, Wm., jun., foreman book binder, 20 Upper Townsend Street
Aiken, Wm., book binder, 22 Walnut Place
Aiklin, William, flax dresser, 51 Norfolk Street
Ainsley, Joseph, manager, 96 Great George's Street
Ainslie, E. C., agent for the Crommelin Iron Ore Co. & Whitehaven Collieries, Victoria Chambers, Waring Street
Aird, James, rent agent, 81 High Street; res., 7 Malone Place
Aird, John, spirit merchant, 61 Newtownards Road
Airly, Robert, fireman, 4 Frank Place
Aitchison, C., publisher, book seller, stationer and select library, 12 Castle Place; res., Mamreville, Strandtown
Aitken, Jas., mill owner, Longwood, Whiteabbey
Albert Crescent Factory, Devonshire Street - Wm. Easdale & Co.
Albion Cloth Company, merchant tailors and outfitters, 14 High Street
Albion Flax Spinning Co. - J. H. McKerran & Co., linen and yarn merchants, Donegall Square West
Alcock, Robert, 9 Cullingtree Place
Alcock, Samuel, C.E., 227 New Ballynafeigh Road
Alcorn, James, carpenter, 1 St. Andrew's Square
Alderdice, H., cambric finisher, 3 & 5 Alfred Street
Alderdice, James C., bookkeeper, 16 Athol Street
Alderdice, James, damask weaver, 28 Hudson Street
Alderdice, John, clerk, 40 Mount Street
Alderdice, J. R., linen salesman, 101 Joy Street
Alderdice, Thomas, linen commission agent, 3 Franklin Street
Alderdice, Wm., carpenter, 24 North Boundary Street
Alderdice, William, linen yarn salesman, 52 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road
Alderdice, W. Walter, linen commission merchant and "Hand-in-Hand" Insurance Society's agent, 8 James Street South; res., Falls Road
Alexander, Andrew, publican (Pottinger Arms), 106 Reid's Buildings, res., Greenhill Terrace
Alexander & Son, timber merchants, Dufferin Dock
Alexander, Arthur (of Alexander & Son), Mountpleasant House, Strandmillis Road (Stranmillis)
Alexander, Samuel M. (of Alexander & Son), Mountpleasant House
Alexander, George, carpenter, 17 Essex Street
Alexander, Hugh, Andersonstown
Alexander, Rev. Hugh, 112 Castlereagh Street
Alexander, John, grocer, 37 & 39 Sandy Row
Alexander, J. A., M.D., 77 Corporation Street
Alexander, J. & Co., Belfast Flour Mills
Alexander, Laura, 2 St. James' Street
Alexander, Margaret, dress maker, 26 Edward Street
Alexander, Mrs., 6 Great George's Street
Alexander, Orr, Reid & Co., house furnishers and general drapers, 155 - 161 North Street
Alexander, Robert, porter, 17 Bedeque Street
Alexander, Robert, baker, 27 Kendal Street
Alexander, Samuel, dairyman, 11 Curtis Street
Alexander, Samuel, clerk, 6 Court Street
Alexander, Samuel, spirit grocer, 1 Blenheim Street
Alexander, Samuel, grocer, 94 Malvern Street
Alexander, Thomas, agent to J. & A. Tennent & Co., Glasgow, Brookhill Avenue
Alexander, Thomas, publican, 25-29 Station Street
Alexander, Thompson, carpenter, 59 Spruce Street
Alexander, William J., teacher, 51 Agnes Street
Alexandra Hotel and Restaurant, 10 Donegall Street - Alex. Trueman, proprietor
Alfred, Wm., slater, 10 Little Patrick Street
Allan, John R., seedsman, 77 Castlereagh Street
Allan, Richard, farmer, Bunkerhill Cottage, Strandtown
Allan, Miss, Laburnum Cottage, Strandtown@
Alldritt, Benjamin, engineer, 101 Newtownards Road
Allen, Adam, block printer, 1 Shaftesbury Street
Allen, Alexander, spirit dealer, 178 Nelson Street
Allen, Andrew, engine man, 19 Norwood Street
Allen, Annie, grocer, 4 Madrid Street
Allen, Rev. Chas., incumbent, St. Paul's Church, Dundela House, Antrim Road
Allen, Daniel, grocer, 4 Luke Street
Allen, David, bookkeeper, 9 Virginia Street
Allen, D. J., clerk and commissioner in chancery, 68 Carlisle Place
Allen, D. & J., printers and lithographers, 6 & 8 William Street South
Allen, David (of D. & J. Allen), Rosetta Avenue
Allen, J. (of D. & J. Allen), Newtownards Road
Allen, Elizabeth, 34 Auburn Street
Allen, E., brick layer, 122 Hemsworth Street
Allen, Ezekiel, fire brigade, 23 Police Square
Allen, Geo., traveller, 7 Riga Street
Allen, George, van driver, 55 Craigmore Street
Allen, Geo., venetian blind maker, 24 Bradford Street
Allen, Henry C., linen lapper, Linview Street
Allen, Hugh, ship carpenter, 33 Earl Street
Allen, Hugh, stock and share broker; house, land and insurance and commission agent, 15 Donegall Place
Allen, Hugh, pawn broker, 111 & 113 Old Lodge Road
Allen, Hugh, grocer & druggist, 52 Old Lodge Road
Allen, Hugh, butcher, 48 Shankill Road
Allen, James, stone mason, 12 McIvor's Place
Allen, James, carter, 9 Beresford Street
Allen, James, fitter, 12 Shannon Street
Allen, James, 8 Little Victoria Street
Allen, James, traveller, 7 Walnut Place
Allen, James, market gardener, Dundela Street, Strandtown
Allen, J., 35 Great Victoria Street
Allen, Jane, 60 Joy Street
Allen, John, farmer, Malone Road
Allen, John, mechanic, 16 Moira Street
Allen, John, draper, 47 Magdala Street
Allen, John W., family grocer, 36 University Road
Allen, John, traveller, 8 St. James' Street
Allen, John, carter, 45 Gertrude Street, Ballymacarrett
Allen, John, commercial traveller, 71 Joy Street
Allen, John, milkman, 45 Lindsay Street
Allen, John, 13 Beersbridge Road
Allen, John, 24 Eliza Street
Allen, John, shoe maker, 3 Denmark Street
Allen, John, 57 Dundee Street
Allen, John, shoe maker, 35 East Street
Allen, Mary, 160 Argyle Street
Allen, Miss, 77 Great Victoria Street
Allen, Mrs., 34 University Road
Allen, Mrs., 8 Canning Street
Allen, Mrs., 61 Carlisle Street
Allen, Mrs., Alberta Terrace, Malone Road
Allen, M., lodging house keeper, 56 Carrick Hill
Allen, Patrick, blacksmith, 30 Israel Street
Allen, Robert, 16 Columbus Street
Allen, Robert, hackle setter, 5 Duffy's Place
Allen, Robert, 146 Newtownards Road
Allen & Johnston, printers, stationers and book binders, 40 Upper Arthur Street
Allen, Robert S. (of Allen & Johnston), 10 Joy Street
Allen, Samuel, car owner, 24 Little Charlotte Street
Allen, Samuel, market gardener, Dundela Street, Strandtown
Allen, Thomas, carter, 2 Dalton Street
Allen, Thomas, linen lapper, 21 Cumberland Street
Allen, Thos., 8 Claremont Lane, Mountpottinger
Allen, William, mechanic, 1 Tyne Street
Allen, William, 80 Donegall Pass
Allen, William, linen lapper, 14 Canning Street
Allen, William, clerk, 79 Howard Street South
Allen, William John, smith, 42 Kendal Street
Allen, Wm., rent agent, 38 & 40 Grattan Street
Allen, Wm., brick layer, 21 Malcolm Street
Allen, Wm., laundry, Malone Road
Allen, Wm., brick layer, 49 Shannon Street
Allen, William, stone cutter, Dundela Cottage, Strandtown
Allen, W. J. Campbell, J.P., Faunoran, Greenisland
Allen, Wm., carpenter, 9 Silvergrove Street
Alley, Rev. George, 22 Mountcharles
Allison, David, upholsterer, 66 Townsend Street
Allison, Thomas, 78 Charles Street South
Allsopp, Samuel, & Sons, ale brewers, Burton-on-Trent - Belfast branch, 9 Skipper Street; Read Samble, agent and manager; res., 9 Belmont Terrace, Sydenham
Allsopp, William, watchman, 8 New Street
Allworthy, Edward, house, land and estate agent, public auditor and accountant, 14 Donegall Street' res., 49 Mountview, Crumlin Road
Allworthy, Miss, 47 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Alpine, George, gas fitter, 35 Lavinia Street
American Light Co. - George Copland & Co., proprietors, 74 North Street, Belfast; branches at 60 Cromac Street, 25 Divis Street, Ballymena and Castlewellan
Anderson, A., Pentland Place, Greenisland
Anderson, Alexander, grocer, 113 Cromac Street
Anderson & McAuley, silk mercers and general drapers, 1 to 5 & 10 & 11 Donegall Place
Anderson, Alex. (of Anderson & McAuley), Osborne House, Osborne Park
Anderson, Arthur, tailor, 23 Posnett Street
Anderson, Arthur, tailor, 11 Silvergrove Street
Anderson, Charles, managing miller, Queen's Bridge Flour Mills, 87 Bridge End
Anderson, D., & Son (Lagan Felt Works), Manufacturers of Patent Roofing, Sheathing and Hair Felts, etc.; Contractors for Circular and other Felt Roofs and for Asphalte Flagging, 62 Short Strand and 10 London Street, Fenchurch Street, City London
Anderson, David, boiler maker, 106 Upper Earl Street
Anderson, David (Lorne refreshment rooms), 194 & 192 York Street
Anderson, D. & J., wholesale grocers, 56 & 58 Upper Church Lane
Anderson, David (of D. & J. Anderson), 1 Park Place, Ormeau Road
Anderson, James (of D. & J. Anderson), 2 Cooke Terrace, Ormeau Road
Anderson, Edward, draper and rent agent, 3 Jennymount Terrace
Anderson, Eliza, pawn broker, 12 Albion Street
Anderson, Frederick, bell hanger, 55 Hopewell Street
Anderson, Geo., shoe maker, 4 Springmount Street
Anderson, Geo., stationer, 47 Beech Street
Anderson, Geo., tenter, 10 Malt Street
Anderson, Geo., stucco plasterer, 7 Hertford Street
Anderson, Gilmore, carpenter, 83 Israel Street
Anderson, Hamilton, draper, 5 Bridge Street; res., 38 Eglinton Street
Anderson, Hans, farmer, Knock
Anderson, James, engineer, 6 Little Distillery Street
Anderson, James, warder, Insane Hospital, 79 Argyle Street
Anderson, James, grocer, 35 Albert Bridge Road
Anderson, James, smith, 90 Wilton Street
Anderson, James, jail warder, 28 Shannon Street
Anderson, Jas., ship carpenter, 23 Ship Street
Anderson, James, draper, 25 Harmony Place
Anderson, J., architect, 65 Colinview, Lisburn Road
Anderson, James, moulder, 27 Gertrude Street
Anderson, James, 6 Henry Street
Anderson, Jas., grain merchant, 21 Gloucester Street
Anderson, Jane, laundress, 13 Hutchinson Street
Anderson, J. & W., tin, sheet iron, zinc and copper works, 76 Ann Street
Anderson, J. & F., bell hangers, gas fitters and venetian blind manufacturers, 5 Pottinger's Entry
Anderson, James (of J. & F. Anderson), 40 May Street
Anderson, J., bleacher, 33 Springfield Village
Anderson, John, shoe maker, 32 Sherbrook Street
Anderson, John, foreman carpenter, 4 Southview Cottages
Anderson, John, painter and glazier, 218 Renwick Place, Sandy Row
Anderson, John, carpenter and builder, 1 Lawther Street
Anderson, John, smith, 173 Cupar Street
Anderson, John, carpenter, Cosgrave Street
Anderson, John, carpenter, 2 Collyer Street
Anderson, John, engineer, 47 Dock Street
Anderson, John, carter, 24 McTier Street
Anderson, John, painter and glazier, 4 Napier Street
Anderson, John, engraver, 11 Ormeau Road
Anderson, John, blacksmith, 34 Harland Street
Anderson, John, pensioner, 4 Holmes Street
Anderson, John, 77 Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Anderson, John, glass blower, 6 Humber Street
Anderson, John L., baker, 11 Rosewood Street
Anderson, John C., 131 Albert Bridge Road
Anderson, John, bread server, 34 Albion Street
Anderson, John, mechanic, 22 Cambridge Street
Anderson, John, carpenter, 64 Clonallon Street
Anderson, Joseph, tea, coffee and cheese merchant and family grocer, 75 North Street; res., 28 University Road
Anderson, Matthew, carpenter, Woodstock Road
Anderson, Matthew, plasterer, 12 Coyle Street
Anderson, Mrs. D., Strandtown House, Strandtown
Anderson, Miss, 33 Christopher Street
Anderson, Miss, 70 Divis Street
Anderson, Miss, 4 Fairview Street
Anderson, Mrs., 75 Donegall Pass
Anderson, Mrs., grocer, 6 Inverness Place
Anderson, Mrs., 248 Old Lodge Road
Anderson, Mrs., 7 Virginia Street
Anderson, Mrs., 4 Beggs Street
Anderson, R. A., broker and commission agent, 63 Upper Church Lane; res., 2 Glenfield Place
Anderson, Richard, 4 Swift Street
Anderson, Richard, 55 Bentinck Street
Anderson, Robert, rivetter, 93 Aberdeen Street
Anderson, Robert, telegraphist, 11 Beech Street
Anderson, Robert, bookkeeper, 20 Auburn Street
Anderson, Robert, over looker, 44 Boyne Square
Anderson, Robert, painter, 3 Erin Street
Anderson, Robt. J., assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., 3 Melbourne Street
Anderson, Robert, grocer, 49 & 51 Spencer Street
Anderson, Ross, shoe maker, 19 Rotterdam Street
Anderson, Rev. Saml., A.B., incumbent of Upper Falls Church; res., Spring Bank, Dunmurry
Anderson, Samuel, glass and colour merchant, 53 Ann Street; res., 118 Donegall Pass
Anderson, Samuel, fitter, 55 Belgrave Street
Anderson, Samuel, baker, 1 & 3 Nile Street
Anderson, Samuel, farmer, Castlereagh
Anderson, Samuel, auctioneer, 7 George's Lane; res., 77 Stamford Terrace, Donegall Pass
Anderson, Sarah, 12 Kew Cottages, Castlereagh Street
Anderson, T., pawn broker, 8 North Queen Street
Anderson, Thos. B., bookkeeper, 23 Harmony Place
Anderson, Thomas, 25 Virginia Street
Anderson, Thomas, clerk, 30 Thompson Street
Anderson, Thomas, carpenter, 36 Arkwright Street
Anderson, Thomas, mechanic, 38 Clonard Street
Anderson, T., pawn broker, 9 & 11 Hemsworth Street
Anderson, Thomas, pawn broker, 59 Lancaster Street
Anderson, Thos., carding master, 96 Ewart's Row
Anderson, W. J., confectioner, 141 Cromac Street
Anderson, Wm., school teacher, 25 Brougham Street
Anderson, William, clerk, 56 Bentinck Street
Anderson, William, manager, 83 Denmark Street
Anderson, William, ship carpenter, 7 Fleet Street
Anderson, Wm., salesman, 8 O'Haggerty Street
Anderson, Wm., rent agent, 23 & 30 Police Square
Anderson, William, 8 Ormeau Road
Anderson, William, Salem House, Strandtown
Anderson, Wm., Bayview Terrace, Strandtown
Anderson, William, builder, Vicinage Park
Anderson, William, carpenter, 293 York Street
Anderson, William John, 66 Joseph Street
Anderson, Wm., collector, gas office, 118 Joy Street
Anderson, William, fireman, 16 Fleming Street
Anderson, William, carter, 44 Spinner Street
Anderson, Wm., baker, 5 Raphael Street
Anderson, Wm., mechanic, 22 Riversdale Street
Anderson, Wm., carpenter, 2 Rowan Street
Anderson, Wm., clerk, 2 Madrid Street
Anderson, William, tailor, 40 Thomas Street North
Andrews, David, clerk, 36 Kendal Street
Andrews, George, Ardoyne House, Ardoyne
Andrews, Hugh, & Co., ship insurance and wood brokers, 15 Prince's Dock
Andrews, Hugh (of H. Andrews & Co.), Fortview, Antrim Road
Andrews, Hugh, sen., engineer, Whitewell Road
Andrews, J., Ormiston, Ardoyne Cottage, Ardoyne
Andrew, James B., bookkeeper, 51 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Andrews, Jas., commercial traveller, 38 Auburn Street
Andrews, John, boot and shoe warehouse, 55 North Street
Andrews, Joseph, Jews harp maker, 1 Kendal Street
Andrews, Isaac, Sea View, Shore Road
Andrews, Malcolm, carpenter, 2 Broadway Place
Andrews, Mrs. Michl., Ardoyne House, Ardoyne
Andrews, Michael, jun., secretary Flax Supply Association; res., 31 Great Victoria Street
Andrews, M., damask factory, Ardoyne, Crumlin Road; bleachgreen, Kilroot, Carrickfergus
Andrews, Miss, Inisglas, Greenisland
Andrews, Miss, Rose Bank, Strandtown
Andrews, Mrs., Roseville, Whiteabbey
Andrews, Mrs., Colosseum oyster house, 1, 3, 5 Graham's Entry
Andrews, Mrs., spirit store, 33 & 35 Stanfield Street
Andrews & MacLaine, solicitors, 60 Donegall Street and 13 North Great George's Street, Dublin
Andrews, Peter, whitesmith, 28 Boundary Street
Andrews, Robt., coal merchant, 5 Queen's Quay; res., 39 Lonsdale Street
Andrews, Samuel, 340 Newtownards Road
Andrews, Samuel, 36 Elm Street
Andrews, Samuel, wholesale tea and sugar merchant, 87 Victoria Street; res., Chlorine, Malone Road
Andrews, William, sewed muslin manufacturer, 36 Carlisle Place
Andrews, William, chemical manufacturer, 79 Hopeton Street
Anketell, William, flax dresser, 33 Falls Road
Ansell, Henry, 17 Halliday's Road
Appelbe, Rev. W. P., LL.D., 63 Great Victoria Street
Applebe, Thomas P., commission agent, 45 Donegall Place; res., 63 Great Victoria Street
Arbuckle, Samuel, ship carpenter, 6 Earl Place
Arbuckle, Wm. R., linen lapper, 39 Foreman Street
Arbuthnot, Mrs., 47 Rugby Road
Arbuthnot, Mrs., 26 Sydney Street West
Archer, Charles, traveller, 12 Lonsdale Street
Archer, Foster, reporter, 22 Essex Street
Archer, James, 6 College Street South
Archer, J., commercial traveller, 38 Fairview Street
Archer, Margaret, dress maker, 65 Percy Street
Archer & Sons, wholesale stationers, linen ornament manufacturers, printers, lithographers and book binders, 12 Wellington Place
Archer, Henry (of Archer & Sons) - residence, Orlands, Carrickfergus
Archer, Samuel, J.P. (of Archer & Sons) - res., Orlands, Carrickfergus
Archer, John, Home Villas, Knock
Archer, William, merchant tailor, 53 Upper Arthur Street
Archibald, John, law clerk, 61 McClure Street
Archibald, John, iron turner, 64 Brownlow Street
Archibald, William, land steward, 10 Castlereagh View
Archibald, Wm., pawn broker, 27 Newtownards Road
Ard, John, painter, 71 Great Patrick Street
Ardess, William, mechanic, 20 Irwell Street
Ardis, Robert, carpenter, 3 Tyrone Street
Ardis, Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer, 34 Wilson Street
Arlow & Bell, grocers, Ligoniel
Arlow, Edward J., grocer and draper, Ligoniel
Arlow, Mrs., grocer, 47 McTier Street
Ardlow, William, fitter, 82 Cambrai Street
Armor, John, district agent for Belfast and North of Ireland of the Scottish Union Life Insurance Co., 4 Ulster Chambers, Waring Street; res., Hillbrook, Holywood
Armor, R. & J., agents for the North of Ireland of the London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.; agents for the Goole Steamship Co. Ltd., 4 Ulster Chambers, Waring Street
Armour & Robinson, saddlers, 42 York Street
Armour, John, van driver, 58 Northumberland Street
Armour, R., staff sergeant Antrim Rifles, 63 Hanover Street
Armour, Thomas, corn merchant, 7 Verner Street
Annesley, William, fruiterer and green grocer, Castle Market
Armour, Wm., saddler, Wellwood Place
Armstrong, A., carpenter, 15 Morpeth Street
Armstrong, Andrew, blacksmith, 5 Nile Street
Armstrong, Andrew, iron turner, 10 Earl Place
Armstrong, Andrew, chandler, 17 Kendal Street
Armstrong, Andw., spirit dealer, 101 Peter's Hill
Armstrong, Rev. Andrew, 9 Templemore Street, Mountpottinger
Armstrong, David, spirit dealer, 5 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Armstrong, Eliza, grocer, 13 Independent Street, Ballymacarrett
Armstrong, E., carpenter, 59 Grosvenor Street
Armstrong, Francis, servant, 10 Hertford Street
Armstrong, George, 16 Richmond Place, Cavehill Road
Armstrong, G., coach factory, 59 Great Patrick Street
Armstrong, Hugh, mechanic, 1 Canning Place
Armstrong, James, brick layer, 9 California Street
Armstrong, James, hackle maker, 30 Athol Street
Armstrong, James, pilot, 19 Earl Street
Armstrong, James Alex., secretary J. Rowan & Sons Ltd., 12 Dock Street
Armstrong, Jas., grocer, 26 & 28 Gardiner Street
Armstrong, James, grocer, 95 Peter's Hill
Armstrong, James, 5 Jennymount Terrace
Armstrong, Jas., provision merchant, 19 Skipper Street
Armstrong, James, gardener, 7 Steen's Row
Armstrong, Jane, 2 Canning Court
Armstrong, John, clerk, 126 Durham Street
Armstrong, John, flax dresser, 5 Canning Court
Armstrong, John, railway guard, 18 Peverill Street (Peveril)
Armstrong, John, 63 Osborne Street
Armstrong, John, flax dresser, 15 Lawyer Street
Armstrong, John, mechanic, 6 Terence Street
Armstrong, John, engine driver, 36 Sherbrooke Street
Armstrong, Joseph, tobacconist, 26 Virginia Street
Armstrong, Matthew, book ruler, 16 Macaulay Street
Armstrong, Matthew, shoe maker, 127 Cromac Street
Armstrong, Michael, van driver, 13 Bilton Court
Armstrong, Miss, dress maker, 15 Chambers Street
Armstrong, Mrs., 35 Elm Street
Armstrong, Mrs., dealer, Welwynne Street (Wellwynne)
Armstrong, Mrs., 22 Wellington Park
Armstrong, Mrs., 30 Ball's Buildings, St. Lawrence Street
Armstrong, Robert, Northern Coach Factory, 100 & 102 Great George's Street
Armstrong, Robert, miller, 6 College Place North
Armstrong, R., winding master, 11 College Street West
Armstrong, Robert, hatter, 29 Denmark Street
Armstrong, Robert, carpenter, 5 Dundee Street
Armstrong, Robert (of Hudson Street Weaving Factory); res., Thronemount, Antrim Road
Armstrong, Robert, tenter, 9 Foyle Street
Armstrong, R., mechanic, 114 Northumberland Street
Armstrong, Robert, dairyman, 83 Hopeton Street
Armstrong, Samuel, dairyman, 60 Beresford Street
Armstrong, Thomas, grocer, 112 Nelson Street
Armstrong, Thomas, lodgings, 46 Carrick Hill
Armstrong, Thomas, buyer, 7 Havelock Street
Armstrong, William, 90 Castlereagh Road
Armstrong, William, saddler, 13 Agnes Street
Armstrong, William, joiner, 41 New Andrew Street
Armstrong, William, fitter, 22 Bann Street
Armstrong, William, grocer, Ballygomartin
Armstrong, William, shoe maker, 11 Michael Street
Armstrong, W., painter, 2 Morpeth Street
Armstrong, Wm. E., solicitor, 35 Victoria Street and 3 Palace Street, Dublin; res., Brookfield Terrace, Cliftonville
Arnold, George, dyer, 132 Cupar Street
Arnold, Hugh, farmer, 6 Tudor Place
Arnold, James, spirit dealer, 46 Earl Street
Arnold, Jane, 6 Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road
Arnold, Robert, clerk, 10 Comber Place
Arnold, Edgar, linen merchant, 10 Brunswick Street
Arnold, James, 19 Gloucester Street
Arnold, John, woollen draper, clothier and hatter, 45 & 47 High Street; res., 10 Lower Crescent
Arnold, John A., merchant clothier, 17 University Square
Arnold, Joseph, boot maker, 1 Hilland Street
Arnold, Rev. Robert J., Churchhill, Dunmurry
Arnold, Wilberforce, M.D., surgeon, Crescent House, 1b Upper Crescent
Arnott, Andw., shoe maker, 262 Newtownards Road
Arnott, John, com. traveller, 3 Madrid Street
Arnott, John, & Co. Ltd., wholesale and retail warehousemen, 10, 12 & 14 Bridge Street
Arnott, Mrs., 40 William's Place, University Road
Arnott, William, flax dresser, 28 Cromwell Street
Arthur & Co., manufacturers' warehousemen, 6 Skipper Street
Arthur, Lutton, traveller, Havelock View
Arthurs, Daniel, carpenter, 158 Divis Street
Arthurs, William, tailor, 150 Nelson Street
Arthurs, William, carter, 32 Boyd Street
Ash, Cunningham, carpenter, 90 Malvern Street
Ash, James, block printer, 74 Agnes Street
Ash, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 85 McClure Street
Ash, W. O., com. traveller, 47 Donegall Pass
Ashby, Alfred, superintendent of engines, 245 Newtownards Road
Ashcroft, Joshua, designer, 1 Erin Street
Ashwood, James, weaver, 100 Charles Street South
Askin, Hugh, farming implement maker, 17 Seymour Street
Association for the Employment of the Industrious Blind, 6 Howard Street - F. McBurney, manager
Association of Linen Bleachers and Finishers - G. G. Bingham, secretary, Ulster Buildings, 33 Waring Street
Aston, Miss, ladies' school, 28 Fitzroy Avenue
Archeson, John, shoe maker, 56 Shankhill Road (Shankill)
Atcheson, William, gardener, 5 Boyle Street
Atchinson, Margaret, grocer, 27 Sydney Street West
Atchison, James, carter, 60 Sandy Row
Atis, William, grocer, 2 & 4 Langford Street
Atkins, William, cooper, 6 Linfield Road
Atkinson, Charles Robert, civil engineer, Windsor Avenue
Atkinson, Charles, grocer, 53 Moscow Street
Atkinson, Henry, merchant, 27 Rugby Road
Atchison, Samuel, plumber, etc., 2 Stewart Street
Atkinson, H., harbour constable, 29 Hamilton Place
Atkinson, James, Northern Bank, 16 Meadowbank Street
Atkinson, James, dresser, 62 Spruce Street
Atkinson, James, postal telegraphs, 22 Walnut Street
Atkinson, John H., merchant, 31 Ulsterville Avenue
Atkinson, John, manager, 45 Rugby Road
Atkinson, John, solicitor's clerk, 120 Divis Street
Atkinson, Lancashire, clerk, 18 Walnut Street
Atkinson, Miss, dress maker, 16 Hanover Street
Atkinson, Robert, & Co., agents and brokers, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21 Hill Street
Atkinson, Robt. (of Robert Atkinson & Co.); res., Beaumont
Atkinson, Robert, roper, 3 Skipton Street
Atkinson, Wilson, mechanic, 2 Scotland Street
Atkinson, W. G., boarding and lodging house, 16 Amelia Street
Atkinson, William, cooper, 16 Outram Street
Atkinson & Co., ribbon and linen ornament manufacturers, 29 Fountain Street
Atkinson, Wm. (of Atkinson & Co.), linen merchant, 34 Wellington Park
Atlas Assurance Co. - Agents - C. B. Grimshaw & Son, 38 & 40 Castle Street and A. Reynolds, 40 Rosemary Street
Atlas Parcel Express Office, Waring Street - J. C. Richards, agent
Aughey, Robert, yarn bleacher, 9 Butler Street
Aughey, Henry, linen lapper, 4 Rainey Street
Audain, Colonel, 5 Lower Crescent
Auld, Andrew, smith, 173 Woodstock Road
Auld, Archd., car driver, 8 Vere Street
Auld Bros., grocers, 34 & 36 Cromac Street
Auld, Hugh, grocer, 38 Hope Street
Auld, James, stone cutter, 107 Newtownards Road
Auld, Jane, dress maker, 131 Donegall Street
Auld, Joseph, machine grinder, 140 McTier Street
Austin, John, smith, 15 & 17 Louden Street
Austin, Robert, wood turner, 19 Lilliput Street
Austin, Thomas, traveller, 6 Thorndale Avenue
Ayres, Mrs., 32 Canning Street
Babington, Mrs., Victoria Villa, Strandtown
Bailey, Geo., car owner, 43 Boundary Street North
Bailey, James Luttrell, J.P., Commissioner and Chief Inspector of Royal Irish Constabulary, Belfast; Office, 14 Queen Street; res., 10 Mount Charles
Bailey, James, plasterer, 3 Boyne Square
Bailey, James, tramway car conductor, 91 McClure Street
Bailie, Adam, house painter, 47 Aberdeen Street
Bailie, Alex., pig dealer, 57 Little Patrick Street
Bailie, Charles, builder, Cosgrove Street
Baillie, E., dress maker, 88 Stanhope Street
Bailie, Hugh, stone cutter, 12 Sarah Street
Baillie, James, wood carver, 11 Independent Street
Bailie, John, grocer, Ligoniel
Bailie, John, watch maker, 32 Craigmore Street
Bailie, John, iron moulder, 24 Fleet Street
Bailie, John, pattern maker, 20 Spencer Street
Bailie, John, brick layer, 30 Kendal Street
Bailie, John, grocer, 90 Bridge End
Bailie, Joseph, confectioner, 42 Henry Street
Bailie, R., foreman stone cutter, 47 Hartley Street
Bailie, William John, clerk, 9 Hartley Street
Bain, John, agent Staffordshire Insurance Co. Ltd., 11 Franklin Street; res., 2 Great Victoria Street
Bain, Joseph, Ballyregan House, Dundonald
Baird, Edwd., recruiting sergeant, 33 Central Street
Baird, Francis Robt., paraffin oil lamp dealer, 97 Shankhill Road
Baird, George, 4 Brookvale Terrace, Duncairn Street
Baird, Hugh, car owner, 49 Beersbridge Road
Baird, Mrs. George, 2 Cromac Park Terrace, Ormeau Road
Baird, Gideon, hat and cap manufacturer, 4 & 6 Castle Street; res., Rosetta Avenue
Baird, James, dairyman, 56 Churchville, Newtownards Road
Baird, James, plasterer, 6 Annadale Street
Baird, Samuel, traveller, 66 Dundee Street
Baird, Samuel, salesman, 11 Essex Street
Baird, Thos., carpenter, 10 Moore's Place
Baird, W. & G., printers, publishers of Evening and Weekly Telegraph, Railway and Steamboat Guide, book binders, etc., 8, 10 & 12 Lower Arthur Street
Baird, W. (of W. & G. Baird), 1 Cromac Park Terrace, Ormeau Road
Baker, Robert, fitter, 6 Riversdale Street
Baker, Thomas, Richmond
Baker, Thomas, carpenter, 36 Shannon Street
Balfour, James, pensioner, 17 Norwood Street
Ball, Patrick, shoe maker, 56 Leeson Street
Ball, James, grocer, 29 Torren's Row
Ball, John, Albert View, University Road
Ball, Thomas, M.D., 21 Donegall Place
Ball, Thomas, carpenter, 14 Bradford Street
Ballagh, Wm., Glenview, Dundonald
Ballagh, Wm., flax buyer, 275 Crumlin Road
Ballance, A., book binder, 8 Spruce Street
Ballantine, Frs., carpenter, 15 Everton Street
Ballantine, W. J., correspondent, 38 McClure Street
Ballentine, E., confectioner, 150 Agnes Street
Ballentine, F., plasterer, 35 Powerscourt Street
Ballentine, Robt., carpenter, 43 Foyle Street
Ballard, John Thos., professor of music, 58 Earl Street
Ballymacarrett Coke Works, Middlepark Street
Balmer, James, grocer, 58 Crimea Street
Bamford, S., coach trimmer, 2 Wellington Street
Bamford, Wm., fitter, 63 Joseph Street
Bank of Ireland Branch Office, 34 & 32 Donegall Place - Edward Geoghegan, agent
Bankmore Laundry Co., Pakenham Place, Dublin Road - Jas. H. Lytle, secretary
Banks, E. A., C.E., diocesan inspector and surveyor, 18 Corn Market
Banks, John, brick layer, 10 Fourth Street
Bann, Walter, baker, 65 Chatham Street
Bannon, Jas., grass seed dealer, 11 Dominick Street
Barber, James, litho. printer, 16 Matlock Street
Barbour, Alex., grain merchant, 20 & 22 Great Patrick Street
Barbour, Andrew, 58 Fitzroy Crescent, University Street
Barbour, James (of Combe, Barbour & Combe), Ardville, Holywood
Barbour, John, baker, 3 Hudson Place
Barbour, John, linen merchant, Elmgrove House, Beersbridge Road, Mountpottinger
Barbour, John, traveller, 17 Percy Street
Barbour, Samuel (of Wm. Barbour & Sons, Lisburn), Danesfort, Malone Road
Barclay, Alex., boot and shoe maker, 140 Crimea Street
Barclay, David, governor of Malone Protestant Reformatory, Malone Road
Barclay, Richard, conveyancer, 42 Donegall Street; res., Fortview, Fortwilliam
Barker, Charles, customs officer, 28 Virginia Street
Barker, Joseph, foreman moulder, 146 Falls Road
Barker, Lindsay B., bank official, 2 University Street
Barker, Mrs., lodgings, 53 Mill Street
Barkley, Anne, spirit dealer, 98 North Queen Street
Barkley, Captain, Huntley Cottage, Greenisland
Barkley, William John, 35 Courtrai Street
Barkley, Wm. M., commission agent, coal merchant, ship owner, etc., 23 & 25 Queen's Square and 18 Queen's Quay and Victoria Road, Victoria Street; res., Cooleen, Strandtown
Barkley, William, bookkeeper, 121 Agnes Street
Barklie, Thomas, shipsmith, 47 Earl Street
Barklimore, Samuel, grocer and spirit merchant, Whitewell
Barnes, Albert, Balmoral nursery, Balmoral
Barnes, Jeremiah, basket manufacturer, 72 & 74 Hercules Street
Barnes, Jesse, Meadowlands
Barnes, John, tenter, 15 Albany Street
Barnes, John, New Ballynafeigh Road
Barnes, William, carpenter, 156 Argyle Street
Barnett, Richard, M.D., M.R.C.S.E., dentist, 11 Wellington Place
Barnett, Robert, linen lapper, 30 Silvergrove Street
Barnett, William, broker, 77 North Queen Street
Barnett, Wm. J., manufacturers' agent, 13 College Street; res., Bangor
Barr, David, clerk and cashier, Ardoyne
Barr, Edward, brass founder, 4 Cavour Street
Barr, Eliza, grocer and spirit dealer, 44 & 42 Cullingtree Road
Barr, Henry, tailor, 52 Broadbent Street
Barr, Hugh, carpenter, 11 Byron Street
Barr, Hugh, car owner, 6 Dundee Street
Barr, James, baker, 6 Malt Street
Barr, James, corn dealer, 46 Lagan Street
Barr, James, clerk, 60 Great Victoria Street
Barr, Jane, grocer, 32 Christopher Street
Barr, John, fitter, 32 Hemsworth Street
Barr, John, moulder, 4 Meenan Street
Barr, Lewis, grocer, 69 & 71 Glenalpin Street
Barr, Matthew, Scripture reader, 14 Everton Street
Barr, Thomas, ship carpenter, 24 Little Henry Street
Barr, William, sawyer, 46 McTier Street
Barr, Wm., stone cutter, 44 Basin Lane
Barrel, Joseph, brush maker, 26 Greenland Street
Barrett, J. T., flax & tow merchant, 14 Waring Street; res., 19 Atlantic Avenue
Barrett, James S., brass finisher, 60 Basin Lane
Barrett, Samuel, clerk, 61 Brougham Street
Barrett, Wm., dairyman, 2 Magee's Lane
Barrett, Miss, 237 Albert Bridge Road
Barron, Humphrey, soap and candle manufacturer, 82 Hercules Street
Barry, Charles, captain, 40 Bentinck Street
Barry, David, R.I.C., 152 Conway Street
Barry, Ezekiel, Grimestone Terrace, Greenisland
Barry, James B., Parkbrook, Greencastle
Barry, James, mechanic, 17 Coates Street
Barry, James, captain, 62 Joy Street
Barry, J., & Son, auctioneers, 37 May Street
Barry, Mrs., spirit dealer, 20 Prince's Street
Barry, Mrs., Woolseley Street
Barry, M., sexton, St. Peter's, Alexander Street West
Barry, R. S., & Co., hardware merchants, 1 Ann Street
Barry, Robert S. (of  R. S. Barry & Co.), 4 Belgrave Terrace, Lisburn Road
Barton, Jas., foreman flax dresser, 57 Shannon Street
Bashford, Chas., block printer, 38 Moscow Street
Bateman, Mrs., dyeing and cleaning establishment, 9 Mill Street
Bate, James, accountant, 5 Wardlow Avenue
Bates, R. Dawson, solicitor, 47 Donegall Place - residence, Brandon Towers, Strandtown
Bateson, James, carpenter, 50 Baker Street
Bateson, Sir Thomas, Bart., M.P., Belvoir Park, Newtownbreda
Bathurst, John, spirit dealer, 14 Mill Street
Batt, Mrs., 10 Eglinton Street
Batt, Robert Narcissus, J.P., Purdysburn House, Purdysburn
Batt, William, jun., architect and civil engineer, 47 Donegall Place
Batt, William, 135 Ormeau Road
Battersby, Robert, 16 Brougham Street
Batwell, Wm. E., solicitor, 25 Fountain Street; res., 14 Eblana Street
Baumes, Chas., engineer, 68 Grove Street
Baxter, Edward, sea captain, 94 Great George's Street
Baxter, Henry, gas fitter, 25 Foyle Street
Baxter, Hugh, blacksmith, 25 Greenland Street
Baxter, James, clerk, 48 Spencer Street
Baxter, James, gas fitter & plumber, 8 Spencer Street
Baxter, James, turner, 36 Hopeton Street
Baxter, John, traveller, 27 Lee Street
Baxter, John E., engineer, 49 Christopher Street
Baxter, John, traveller, 67 Fitzroy Avenue
Baxter, J., plumber & gas fitter, 6 Academy Street
Baxter, John, mechanic, 115 Agnes Street
Baxter, Mrs., Claremont, Strandtown
Baxter, R. & W., commission agents, coal merchants and ship brokers, agents for the Sun Fire and Life Insurance Offices - 4 Victoria Chambers, Victoria Street and Station Street; res., Claremont, Strandtown
Baxter, Robt., tinsmith, 6 & 4 Hamilton Street
Baxter, Robert, painter, 28 Craigmore Street
Baxter, Samuel, mechanic, 20 Loftus Street
Baxter, William, LL.B., solicitor, 13 Lower Arthur Street; res., 62 Fitzroy Crescent
Baxter, William, carpenter, 52 Cavour Street
Bean, Henry, station master, 16 Canning Street
Beare, John H., classical teacher, 2 Pine Street
Beath, Robert M., consulting engineer, 46 Donegall Street; res., 9 Kinnaird Terrace
Beattie, Hugh, painter, 2 Annie Court
Beattie, Jacob, spirit merchant, 62 New Lodge Road
Beattie, James, carpenter, 58 East Street
Beattie, James, brass founder, 25 Arkwright Street
Beattie, John R., pawn broker, 53 Leeson Street
Beattie, John, mechanic, 11 Currie Street
Beattie, John G., bookkeeper, 45 Earl Street
Beattie, John, druggist, 20 East Street
Beattie, John B., pawn broker, 83 Falls Road
Beattie, John, pawn broker, 2 Cairns Street
Beattie, Joseph, brass finisher, 47 Norwood Street
Beattie, Margaret, grocer, 54 Carlow Street
Beattie, Martin, com. traveller, 5 Singleton Street
Beattie & McKenzie, plumbers and gas fitters, 4 Police Place
Beattie, Mrs., 31 Prospect Street
Beatty, Rev. Michael, The Whitehouse, Lower Whitehouse
Beattie, Robert, brick layer, 34 Lawyer Street
Beattie, Robert, box cutter, 1 Craig's Terrace
Beattie, Robert, mechanic, 4 College Place North
Beattie, Thos. (of Purdon, Bros., & Beattie), Glenview House, Camberwell Street
Beattie, Thomas, sub-editor, News-Letter, 63 Benwell Terrace, Oldpark Road
Beattie, William, 78 Avoca Terrace, University Street
Beattie, Wm., & Son, house and land agents, 25 Rosemary Street
Beattie, William, painter, 5 Avoniel Street
Beattie, Wm. James, iron moulder, 116 Northumberland Street
Beatty, Charles, R.N., 31 Eglinton Street
Beatty, Francis, spirit grocer, 31 & 32 Everton Street
Beatty, J. B., manufacturers' agent, 5 College Street
Beatty, James, grocer, 97 Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Beatty, Mrs., Auburn House, Vernon Street
Beatty, Mrs., grocer, Bow Street
Beatty, Mrs., 100 New Ballynafeigh Road
Beatty, Robert, spirit grocer, 49 Stanley Street
Beatty, Wm., sea captain, 39 Paxton Street
Beaumont, S., news vendor, 49 Old Lodge Road
Beazley, Thos., custom house officer, 36 Spencer Street
Beck, F. E., R.C.P., surgeon, etc., 113 North Street; res., 5 Clarence Place
Beck, James A., chemical manufacturer and drysalter, 8 & 6 Tomb Street; res., Everton, Ballysillan
Beck, John, Cliftonville
Beck, John W., M.D., apothecary and surgeon, 130 North Street; res., 11 Canning Street
Beck, Mrs., Mamreville
Beech, George, horse shoer, 41 McTier Street
Beggs, Alex., carpenter, 44 Regent Street
Beggs, John, engine driver, 18 Grosvenor Street
Beggs, Matthew S., druggist and grocer, 15 & 17 Linfield Road
Beggs, Robert, bank clerk, 45 Ormeau Road
Beggs, Robert, 6 Joy Street
Belfast Academy, 77 Donegall Street - Rev. R. J. Bryce, LL.D., principal
Belfast Banking Company, 2 Waring Street - Edwd. Ashley Spiller, resident
Belfast Bread Consumers' Company, Frederick Street - Joseph Keys, manager
Belfast Brewing Co. Ltd., offices and works, 69 Sandy Row - T. Chittenden, brewer
Belfast Charitable Institution, North Queen Street - Edward Despard, secretary and steward
Belfast Coal Consumers' Co., 14 Queen's Quay
Belfast Conservative Association, Victoria Hall - Wm. H. Coulson, secretary
Belfast and County Down Railway - James Barber, manager
Belfast Corporation Gas Office - James Stelfox, manager. Office - Queen Street; Alexander Turnbull, secretary
Belfast Damask and Linen Company, Linen Hall
Belfast Discount Co. Ltd., 15 Queen's Square - W. Anderson, secretary
Belfast District Lunatic Asylum, Falls Road - Dr. Stewart Merrick, resident physician
Belfast Economic Building Society, 21 Chichester Street - Wm. McCormick, secretary
Belfast Flax and Jute Co. Ltd.; flax spinners, etc. Managing Directors - William Harrison Moreland and John Harrison Moreland; Secretary - Geo. Brett, 30 Donegall Place
Belfast Flour and Bread Company, 24 to 28 Church Street - Wm. Mitchell, manager
Belfast Foundry, 118 & 120 Donegall Street - Neill & Co., proprietors
Belfast, Holywood and Bangor Railway station - G. Martin, manager
Belfast Imperial Building and Investment Society, 33 Waring Street - J. C. Graham, agent
Belfast Licensed Vintners' Association, 81 High Street - James Aird, secretary
Belfast Library and Newsroom, Linen Hall - F. A. Maitland, librarian
Belfast Linen Collar Co., 9 & 11 Franklin Street
Belfast Mercantile Academy, Glenravel Street - James Pyper, M.A., principal
Belfast Municipal Buildings - J. Guthrie, town clerk; Samuel Black, solicitor; J. J. Montgomery, surveyor
Belfast and Northern Counties Railway, York Road - E. J. Cotton, manager
Belfast Northern Whig Ltd., 7 & 9 Victoria Street - James Dickson, manager
Belfast and North of Ireland Ornithological Society, Commercial Buildings, Waring Street - R. H. Vance, secretary
Belfast Ophthalmic Institute - S. Browne, R.N., M.D., attending surgeon, J. W. Browne, B.A., M.D., assistant surgeon, 88 Great Victoria Street
Belfast Paint and Colour Company, Stormount Street
Belfast Provincial Building and Investment Co. Ltd., 3 Masonic Buildings, Arthur Square - William Shepherd, secretary
Belfast Ropework Co. Ltd., rope makers, sail makers, ship riggers and ship chandlers, 19 & 21 Corporation Square
Belfast Royal Hospital, Frederick Street - Superintendent, Commander Cox, R.N.
Belfast Skating Rick Co. Ltd., Camden Street
Belfast Steam Printing Co. Ltd., 61 Donegall Street, publishers of Ulster Echo and The Witness
Belfast Street Tramways - Office, Napier Street - W. S. Totten, manager
Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd., Donegall Quay - John McKee, agent
Belfast Seminary, Collegiate, and Mercantile Day School, 105 Donegall Street - Thomas McClinton, principal
Belfast Working Men's Institute and Temperance Hall, 2 & 4 Queen Street, James Magee, caretaker
Belfast Waterworks, Duncairn Street - Wm. Smyth, caretaker
Belfast Slate Co., Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger Road - Fras. Ritchie & Sons, managers
Belfast Warehouse Co. Ltd., 23, 24 & 25 Prince's Dock - Robert N. Savage, secretary
Bell, Abraham, cabinet maker, 7 Eliza Street
Bell, Alexander, carpenter. 16 Coates Street
Bell, Archibald, dyer and cleaner, 21 Lower Arthur Street
Bell, A., brick layer & grocer, 8 Cullingtree Street
Bell, E. W. D., Major-Gen., commanding Belfast district, Lisbreen House, Fortwilliam Park
Bell, E., pattern maker, 3 Garden Place
Bell, Elias H., Knockdarra, Strandtown
Bell, Eliza, spirit dealer and stabling yard, 160 North Street
Bell, George, photographer, 120 Dover Street
Bell, Samuel, spirit dealer, 105 Victoria Street
Bell, Henry, carpenter, 8 Outram Street
Bell, H., commission agent, 29 Chichester Street
Bell, James, gas fitter, 57 Norwood Street
Bell, James, baker, 9 Hertford Street
Bell, James, carpenter, 43 Beech Street
Bell, James, cloth passer, 39 Riga Street
Bell, John, publican, 110 Crumlin Road
Bell, John, clerk, 48 Glenalpin Street
Bell, John, house painter, 9 Hamilton Place West
Bell, John O., boot and shoe maker, 103 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Bell, John, publican, 125 Agnes Street
Bell, John, clerk, 36 Andrew Street
Bell, John, blacksmith, 96 Peter's Hill
Bell, Joseph, architect, 29 High Street; res., Filden, Whitehouse
Bell, Joseph, spirit grocer, 1 Everton Street
Bell, Maria, draper, 67 & 69 Cromac Street
Bell, Mrs., druggist, etc., 79 Peter's Hill' res., 49 Laburnum Place, Duncairn Street
Bell, Miss, grocer, 20 Lyons Street
Bell, Mrs., 25 Ashley Avenue, Lisburn Road
Bell, Mrs., 29 Virginia Street
Bell, Mrs., Rantalard, Whitehouse
Bell, Mrs., Lucyville, Whiteabbey
Bell, Richard (of Bell & Wallace), 124 Joy Street
Bell, Richard, & Co., flax spinners, linen, yarn and general commission merchants, Linen Hall
Bell, Richard M., Ulsterville Avenue
Bell, Richard, 4 Elmwood Terrace, Lisburn Road
Bell, Richard, commission agent, 30 College Street
Bell, Robert, carpenter, 33 Lawther Street
Bell, Robt., traveller, 52 Hopeton Street
Bell, Robt., engine driver, 37 Hudson Street
Bell, Robert, shoe maker, 4 Stanton Street
Bell, Robert (of W. H. Smith & Sons), 17 Atlantic Avenue
Bell, Samuel, draper, 32 Church Street
Bell, Samuel, publican, 105 Victoria Street
Bell, Samuel, spirit dealer, 176 York Street
Bell, Thomas, 137 Cooke Terrace, Ormeau Road
Bell, Thomas, cutler and surgical instrument maker, 15 Corn Market
Bell, Thomas, smith's helper, 63 East Church Street
Bell, Thos., box maker, 2 Rochford Place
Bell, Thomas, grocer, 57 Sandy Row
Bell, Thomas, draper, 231 Shankhill Road
Bell, Thomas, grocer, 120 & 118 Durham Street
Bell, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 46 & 44 Great Edward Street
Bell, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 6 North Boundary Street
Bell, Timothy, flax merchant, 78 Green Street; res., Seaview House, Strandtown
Bell & Wallace, stone cutters, 155 & 157 Cromac Street
Bell, William, bookkeeper, 2 Fitzwilliam Street
Bell, William R., stone cutter, 62 Brownlow Street
Bell, William, signalman, 35 McClure Street
Bell, Wm., commission agent, 32 Oldpark Road
Bell, William, mechanic, 44 Hurst Street
Bell, Wm. John, spirit grocer, 42 Lindsay Street
Bell, William, cutter, 9 Havelock Street
Bell, Wm., Charlotte Villa, Strandtown
Bell, Wm., grain merchant, 12 York Lane; res., Silverstream House, Greenisland
Bell, William, Seaview Terrace, Whiteabbey
Bell, Wm. H., compositor, 47 Sir Henry's Buildings, Mountpottinger
Bell, Wm. H., grocer, 71 Lancaster Street
Bell, William, compositor, 43 Woodstock Road
Bell, Wm., 27 Bedeque Street
Bell, Wm., manager Soho foundry, 12 Bedeque Street
Bell, Wm. S., house owner, 33 Westmoreland Street
Bellefontaine, Rudolph, hair dresser and perfumer, 160 Shankhill Road
Bellis, Rev. George, 22 University Square
Belshaw, Robt., traveller, 28 Westmoreland Street
Benn, George, Fortwilliam Park
Bennett, A., foreman, 106 Lagan Village Road
Bennett, Charles, fitter, 22 Wolff Street
Bennett, Edward, bookkeeper, 4 McClure Street
Bennett, Jas., family grocer, 17 & 19 Cromac Street
Bennett, James, gas fitter, 25 Lawyer Street
Bennett, John, baker, 34 Old Lodge Road
Bennett, John, 33 Posnett Street
Bennett, Wm. Thos., grocer, 40 Gloucester Street
Bennett, William, carpenter, 11 Orchard Street
Benson, George, Jacquard manufacturer - proprietor the Belfast Hemstitching Co., and Benson's Patent Jacquard Co., Hope Street; res., 4 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Benson, John, tailor, 20 Boyd Street
Benson, Miss, 30 Breadalbane Place, Great Victoria Street
Benson, Miss, Thornfield, Whiteabbey
Benson, Mrs., Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Benson, Patrick, pilot master, 29 Canning Street
Benson, Samuel, linen lapper, 21 Silvergrove Street
Beringer, P. & J., watch makers and jewellers, 117 Peter's Hill
Berrington, John H., milliner, etc., 59 Sandy Row
Bermingham, Elizabeth, dress maker, 100 Joy Street
Bermingham, J. McD., building surveyor, 5 Donegall Square South
Berry, David, smith, 87 Cupar Street
Berry, Henry, spirit dealer, 37 Rosemary Street
Berry, Henry, clothier, 8 Hercules Place
Berry, John, ticket writer, 13 Scotland Street
Berry, John, surgeon, 137 Donegall Street
Berry, M. W., surgeon, 137 Donegall Street
Berwick, Walter (of Richard Bell & Co.), seed merchant, Richmond Lodge, Cavehill Road
Besk, Thomas, engine driver, 5 Dunraven Street
Best, Rev. Edward, Wesleyan minister, 28 Crumlin Road
Best, James, commercial traveller, 5 Essex Street
Best, James. clerk, 123 Parkview, New Ballynafeigh Road
Best, Robert R., seed merchant, 136 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Bethel, James, spirit dealer, 2 Warwick Street
Bethell, T., spirit dealer, 7 Hemsworth Street
Bethune, John, 20 Virginia Street
Betzold, George, & Co., linen and linen yarn manufacturers, 26 Fountain Street
Betzold, George (of George Betzold & Co.), 6 Wellington Park
Beverland, Robert, boot and shoe warehouse, 51 North Street
Beverland, J., boot warehouse, 33 Bentinck Street
Beyer, Emma, fruiterer, 42 Antrim Terrace, Duncairn Street
Beyer, F. O., pianoforte tuner, 13 Joy Street
Bickerstaff, John, boot and shoe maker, 47 New Lodge Road
Biggar, David, 25 Donegall Pass
Biggar, James, carpenter, 9 Reilly's Place
Biggar, Jos. G., M.P., provision merchant, 9 & 11 Henry Street; res., Trainfield House
Biggar, Robert, carpenter, 12 Denmark Street
Bigger, Robt. J., carpenter, 35 Hopeton Street
Biggar, Thos., provision merchant, 10 Mustard Street; res., Throne Villas, Antrim Road
Biglety, Thos., rivetter, 11 Grove Street
Bill, D., plumber and gas fitter, 19 Glentilt Place
Bill, Saml., teacher, 9 Frank Street
Bill, William, smith, 68 Marine Street
Billingsley, Alexander, flax dresser, 20 Bann Street
Billingsley, Robert, agent, 43 Langford Street
Bingham, Alex., scripture reader, 39 Keegan Street
Bingham, E., school teacher, 68 Eglinton Street
Bingham, G. Gerald, Vice-Consul for brazil for the Port of Belfast and the Northern district, Waring Street; res., 5 Thorndale Terrace, Duncairn Street
Bingham, Hugh, cooper, 47 McClure Street
Bingham, H., manager, 38 Lonsdale Street
Bingham, John, clerk, 45 Woodstock Road
Bingham, Thomas, teacher, 22 Elm Street
Birch, George L., builder and box maker, 74 & 76 Grosvenor Terrace, Grosvenor Street
Birch, George, carpenter, 42 Riga Street
Birch, Richard S., Thornhill, Dunmurry
Birch, Samuel (of Steen, Birch & Co.), 37 Botanic Avenue
Birkmyre, John, Connsbrook Terrace, Strandtown
Birney, Edward, boot and shoe steam factory, Church Street and 71 North Street; res., Clanchattan House, Limestone Road
Birnie, A. D., artist and portrait painter, 68 Donegall  Street
Birnie, Edward A., spirit dealer and artist, 21 Church Street
Birnie, Mrs., 45 York Street
Bishop, James, carpenter, 57 Hopeton Street
Bishop, Samuel, painter, 1 Crossley Street
Bishop, Thomas, clerk, Greencastle
Bittles, Robert, pavior, 13 Police Square
Black, Aaron, grocer, 14 & 12 Charles Street South
Black, Alexander, fireman, 151 Cambrai Street
Black, Alex., mechanic, 50 Lepper Street
Black, Alex., carpenter, 43 Little George's Street
Black, Andrew, bobbin turner, 8 Norton Street
Black, Andrew, dairyman, 124 & 126 Conway Street
Black, A., hide merchant, 7 & 9 Talbot Street; res., 52 Eglinton Street
Black, Arthur, teacher, 40 Norwood Place, Albertbridge Road
Black, Chas., spirit dealer, 32 Gamble Street
Black, David, provision merchant, 10 & 14 Great Patrick Street
Black, Daniel, pipe maker, 36 Raphael Street
Black, Ed., blacksmith, 63 Alexander Street West
Black, Edward, seaman, 16 Lower Mount Street
Black, Eliza, grocer, 7 Claremont Lane
Black, H., publican, 78 New Ballynafeigh Road
Black, Henry, grocer, 32 & 34 Hilland Street
Black, Henry, cooper, 105 Crimea Street
Black, Hugh, brick layer, 43 Eureka Street
Black, James, spirit dealer, 26 & 28 Skipper Street
Black, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 78 High Street
Black, James, draper and haberdasher, agent for Scottish Commercial Fire and Life Insurance Co., inspector of telegraph messengers G.P.O., 38 & 36 Castlereagh Street
Black, James, smith, 50 Alton Street
Black, James, sea captain, 18 Malcolm Street
Black, James, rigger, 137 Nelson Street
Black, James, linen lapper, 7 Bond Street Kew (New)
Black, James Henry, rivetter, 116 Churchville, Newtownards Road
Black, John, shipping agent, 4 Brougham Street
Black, John, baker, 5 Pernau Street
Black, John, Woodland Villas, Strandtown
Black, John, plater, 154 Corporation Street
Black, John, plumber and gas fitter, 25 Matlock Street
Black, Joseph, printer, 38 Silvergrove Street
Black, M., woollen drape, hatter and outfitter, 19 Rosemary Street
Black, Miss, ladies' school, 102 Great Victoria Street
Black, Mrs., University Square
Black, Moses, brick layer, 5 Collyer Street
Black, Rev. James, 187 Sandy Row
Black, Robert, grocer, 278 Conway Street
Black, Samuel, draper, 230 Leeson Street
Black, Samuel, town solicitor, Glen Ebor, Strandtown; Dublin office, 9 Suffolk Street
Black, The Misses, educational establishment for young ladies, 20 College Square East
Black, William, seaman, 60 Anderson Street, Short Strand
Black, Wm., carpenter, 7 Little Grosvenor Street
Black, Wm., grocer, 79 Sir Henry's Buildings, Mountpottinger
Black, Wm., spirit dealer, 99 Divis Street
Blackburn, Henry, & Co., Briton Life and Britannia Fore Association, 23 College Street
Blackburn, Mrs., wine and spirit dealer, 25 & 27 Mill Street
Blackburn, Robert, traveller, 64 Dover Street
Blackburn, Robt. T. J., clerk, 59 Percy Street
Blackender, Thomas, block printer, 12 Shaftesbury Street
Brackenridge, Samuel, foreman flax dresser, Greencastle
Blacker, James, dairyman, 16 Riga Street
Blackhall, Alexander, draper, 39 Waverley Terrace, Ashley Avenue
Blackham, Chas., The Forth Cottage, Dundonald
Blackie & Son, publishers, 97 Donegall Street - J. Flinn, agent
Blackley, Henry, traveller, 14 Mount Street
Blackley, J., ship carpenter, 25 Rosewood Street
Blackstaff Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd., 1a Railway Street - John K. Boyd and William Boyd, managing directors; Wm. Boyd, sec.
Blackstock, Denis, spirit dealer, 16 Rosemary Street
Blackstock, James, brick layer, 21 Claremont Lane
Blackwall, A. W., Brenthamville, Knock
Blackwood, J. T., secretary Ulster Bank, 18 Wellington Park
Blackwood, George, grocer, 16 Tilly Street
Blackwood, Mrs., 6 Fitzroy Avenue
Blades, Robert, coach painter, 68 McClure Street
Blain, Andrew, overseer, 99 Hardinge Street
Blain, James, fitter, 16 Seymour Street
Blain, Wm., bookkeeper, 63 Westmoreland Street
Blaine, Samuel, carter, 10 Ariel Street
Blair, Edward A., public auditor, accountant, estate, house, land and insurance agent, 1 & 2 Masonic Buildings, Arthur Square; res., Altoona House, Windsor
Blair, Henry, brass founder, 20 Nore Street
Blair, James, blacksmith, 13 Lower Barrow Street
Blair, James, brick layer, 4 Columbus Street
Blair, James, carpenter, 195 North Queen Street
Blair, Jas., carpenter, 1 Hampden Street
Blair, James, frame maker, 10 Upton Street
Blair, John, engineer, 37 Ship Street
Blair, John, cab owner, 12 Moore's Place
Blair, John, millwright, 5 Spamount, North Queen Street
Blair, John, millwright, 5 Brookfield Place
Blair, Joseph, tailor, 70 Hopewell Street
Blair, Joseph, tailor, 33 Lime Street
Blair, Joseph, hardware merchant, 9 Lower Church Lane; res., 65 Carlisle Street
Blair, Malcolm, fitter, 41 Linfield Road
Blair, Martha, upholstress, 2 Sarah Street
Blair, Mary Jane, teacher, 3 Adela Street
Blair, Miss, grocer, 61 Sussex Street
Blair, Mrs., dress maker, etc., 32 Spencer Street
Blair, Mrs., grocer, 2 Dale Street
Blair, McCrea, traveller, Eliza Place
Blair, Rev. Hugh, 7 Dunluce Street
Blair, Robert, car owner, 13 Maria Street
Blair, Robert, gas fitter, 76 Dover Street
Blair, Robert, grocer, 172 North Street
Blair, Samuel, blacksmith, 7 Josephine Street
Blair, Samuel, grocer, 25 Linfield Road
Blair, Thomas, commercial traveller, 3 Fortview Terrace, Duncairn Street
Blair, William, stone mason, 218 Conway Street
Blair, Wm. John, moulder, 167 Agnes Street
Blair, Wm., bookkeeper, Westmoreland Street
Blake, Christopher, 72 Victoria Street
Blaney, Cornelius, dealer, 67 Market Street
Blaney, Mrs., grocer, 78 Old Lodge Road
Blayney, N., boot and shoe maker, 29 Garmoyle Street
Blaney, Stafford, shoe maker, 30 & 31 Mary's Market
Blaney & Patterson, tailors, 17 Pottinger's Entry
Blake, Edward, cordial maker, 35 Clonallon Street
Blake, Edward, confectioner, 2 Barrack Street
Blake, James, bookkeeper, 10 Brougham Street
Blake, Mrs. E., 40 Eglinton Street
Blakey, James, foreman bundler, 22 Shandon Street
Blakely, Dr., surgeon, 93 Sandy Row
Blakely, Mrs., Purdysburn
Blakely, Captain Travers, Park Lodge, Antrim Road
Bland, Rev. R. W., J.P., Abbeyville, Whiteabbey
Blayney, Archibald, grocer and spirit merchant, 133, 135 & 137 Albert Bridge Road
Blayney, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 30 Nelson Street
Bleake, Chris., ship carpenter, 28 Ann Street North
Bleakley, Francis, joiner, 18 Ariel Street
Bleakley, Robert, shoe maker, 31 Liffey Street
Bleakley & Co., hat and cap manufacturers, 79 North Street
Blemins, Robt., overseer, 13 Railway Street
Blennerhasset, Wm., pensioner, 50 Eliza Street
Blevins, Benjamin, mechanic, 52 Humber Street
Blevings, James, carpenter, 32 Boyne Square
Blocksom, Wm., brickworks manager, 6 New Ballynafeigh Road
Bloomer, Andrew, baker, 61 Green Street
Bloomer, Edward, coach painter, 5 College Court
Bloomer, Hugh, hotel boots, 35 Glenalpin Street
Bloomer, James, carpenter, 36 Hurst Street
Bloomfield. E., brazier and gas fitter, 33 John Street
Bloomfield, John, baker, 64 Dundee Street
Bloomfield, Miss, dress maker, 56 Mill Street
Blow, Alexander, clerk, 1 Abercorn Street
Blow, James, yarn buyer, 17 Cromwell Road
Blue, Mrs., 59 Eglinton Street
Bluett, Saml., machine manager, News-Letter office, 5 Florence Place
Blythe, John, engineer, 6 Canning Place
Blythe, George G., bookkeeper, 11 Windsor Avenue
Blythe, Robert, shoe maker, 15 Lime Street
Boadle, Henry, Henrietta Villa, Strandtown
Boag, Robert, J.P., 6 Upper Crescent
Boal, James, druggist and grocer, 14, 16 & 18 Churchville, Newtownards Road
Boal, James, brass founder, 24 Lyons Street
Boal, James, agent Prudential Assurance Co., 16 Malt Street
Boal, John, teacher, Edenmore House, Cave Hill Road
Boal, R., & Son, grocers, 23 Woodstock Road
Boal, William, ship carpenter, 152 Nelson Street
Boal, William, commercial traveller, 40 McClure Street
Boals, John, metal merchant, 51 Percy Street
Boardman, Thos., salesman, 12a Northumberland Street
Boardinghouse for Young Ladies, Pakenham Place, Dublin Road - Miss Taylor, matron
Boas, S., & Co., fancy box manufacturers, 35 & 37 Bedford Street
Boas, Hermann (of S. Boas & Co.); res., Lennoxvale
Bodel, Chas., carpenter, 30 Hopeton Street
Bodel, Thomas, boiler maker, 12 Earl Street
Bodell, William, plater, 52 Shankhill Road
Bodell, William, mechanic, 37 Cavour Street
Bogan, Edward, commission agent, 14 McClure Street
Bogan, John, pawn broker, 210 York Street
Bogan, Patrick, billiard marker, 5 Seymour Row
Bole, Hugh, plasterer, 25 Caroline Street
Bollard, Samuel, law clerk, 3 Posnett Street
Bolston, Thomas, painter, 26 Spruce Street
Booker, J. J., commission and insurance agent, 33 Waring Street
Booker, Wm., agent Manchester Fire Insurance Company, 33 Waring Street
Bolton, James, sanitary inspector, 43 Welsh Street
Bolton, R., M.D., surgeon, 147 York Street
Bolton, Thomas, plumber and gas fitter, 73 Sydney Street West
Bond, James, boiler maker, 112 Upper Earl Street
Boomer, Charles, car driver, 3 Rochford Place
Boomer, Henry, fireman, 133 Argyle Street
Boomer, Isabella, grocer, 19 Woodstock Road
Boomer, James, fitter, 13 Lagan Village Road
Boomer, Michael, grocer and farrier, 12, 14 & 16 Wilton Street
Boomer, Michael, car driver, 28 Combermere Street
Boomer, Mrs., Ulsterville Lodge, Lisburn Road
Boomer, W. J., clerk, 14 Wellington Street
Booth, John, Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Booth, John, collector inland revenue, 82 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road
Bosence, Richard, customs officer, Mount Street
Booth, William, draper, 44 Mount Street
Bones, James, linen lapper, 73 Denmark Street
Bones, Thomas (of Swanston & Bones), 73 Denmark Street
Borough Cemetery, Falls Road - George McCann, superintendent
Borthwick, Wm., Landscape, Greenisland
Boswell, Wm., boiler maker, 23 Kearney's Buildings, Bridge End
Bothwell, James H., clerk, 1 Morpeth Street
Bothwell, James, saddler, 73 Israel Street
Bothwell, John, mechanic, 27 Gibson Street
Bottomley, H. H., solicitor, under-sheriff for County Antrim; agent for Scottish National Insurance Co.; commissioner for taking affidavits and acknowledgments of deeds by married women, offices in Dublin - 51 Upper Sackville Street; res., 17 Rugby Road
Boucher Bros., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Castle Chambers
Boucher Bros., family grocers and wine merchants, 34 Castle Place
Boucher, W. J. (of Boucher Brothers), The Mount, Albert Bridge Road
Boucher, Joseph (of Boucher Bros.), 26 Landscape Terrace
Boucher, Eliza, haberdasher, 126 North Street
Boucher, Joseph, compositor, 43 John Street
Boucher, J., warehouse manager, 60 Fitzroy Avenue
Bourdot & Adair, jewellers, 41 Tomb Street
Bourne, John, 9 Antrim Place, Duncairn Street
Bowden, Chas., master tailor, 32 Meadow Street
Bowden, H. A., tailor, 72 Israel Street
Bowden, James, baker, 15 Loftus Street
Bowden, James, sawyer, 134 Hemsworth Street
Bowden, John, seaman, 48 Grove Street
Bowden, William, dentist, 56 Upper Arthur Street
Bower, John, civil engineer, 4 The Castle
Bower, Robert, grocer, 2 Dock Street
Bowers, Lorenzo, stone cutter, 15 Posnett Street
Bowers, Samuel, van man, 16 Peveril Street
Bowers, William, hackle setter, 32 Fifth Street
Bowes, M. & M., drapers, 2 Castlereagh View
Bowes, Thomas, grocer, 4 Castlereagh View
Bowes, William, painter, 10 Dufferin Street
Bowie, W. & J., dyers and cleaners, 29 Mill Street
Bowles, James, wine and spirit merchant and livery stables, 35 & 37 Great Edward Street
Bowles, Moses, spirit grocer, 83 Woodstock Road
Bowles, Chas., linen merchant, Windsor Avenue
Bowman, Charles, shoe maker, 41 Boyd Street
Bowman, Henry, plater, 37 Kenilworth Street
Bowman, James, porter, 79 Joseph Street
Bowman, John, carpenter, 3 Josephine Street
Bowman, John, cork cutter, 45 Joseph Street
Bowman, Johnston, watch maker, jeweller and optician, 82 High Street
Bowman, R. K., estate agent, 29 Hill Street
Bowman, Thos., shoe maker, 52 Grove Street
Bowstead, William, & Co., drysalters, brokers and oil importers, 8 Corporation Street
Boyce, Adam, grocer and chemist, 133 & 135 Old Lodge Road
Boyce, A., grocer and druggist, 78 Agnes Street
Boyce, Arthur, painter, 90 Beersbridge Road, Mountpottinger
Boyce, John, fowl dealer, 21 Market Street
Boyce, Robert, watch-glass manufacturer, 21 Berry Street
Boyce, Stewart, stone cutter, 38 Stanhope Street
Boyce, W. F., clerk of union, 24 Ashley Avenue
Boyce, Wm., coach painter, 5 Little Charlotte Street
Boyd, Alex., flax buyer, 73 Grosvenor Street
Boyd, Alex., general smith, 22 Rotterdam Street
Boyd, Alex., dealer, 11 Roy Street
Boyd, Alexander, moulder, 25 North Boundary Street
Boyd, Archibald, carpenter, 41 Hartley Street
Boyd, Arthur, grocer, Ligoniel
Boyd Bros., boot manufacturers, 50 High Street
Boyd, Charles, contractor, 56, 58 & 60 Lonsdale Street; res., 51 Eglinton Street
Boyd, Charles, fitter, 159 Agnes Street
Boyd, Daniel, carter, 8 Arundel Street
Boyd, David, clerk, 52 New Street
Boyd, David, carpenter, 29 Hanover Street
Boyd, David, blacksmith, 16 Antigua Street
Boyd, D. J., bank clerk, 10 Trinity Street
Boyd & Donnelly, wine and spirit merchants, 72 Donegall Street
Boyd, Edwd., boot and shoe maker, 252 Shankhill Road
Boyd, Eliza, school teacher, 58 & 60 Great George's Street
Boyd, Henry (of Sinclair & Boyd), Belmont, Carrickfergus
Boyd, Henry, painter, 48 Combermere Street
Boyd, Henry, painter, 28 English Street
Boyd, Hugh H., Commercial buildings; res., Parkville, Antrim Road
Boyd, Hugh, caretaker, 82 Stanhope Street
Boyd, Hugh, painter, 63 Great George's Street
Boyd, James, dairyman, 103 Chatham Street
Boyd, James S. (of Sinclair & Boyd), Cultra
Boyd, James (of the Cornhill Cloth Co.), 1 Murray's Terrace
Boyd, James, plumber, 16 Earl Lane
Boyd, James, butcher, 57 Durham Street
Boyd, James, tenter, 124 Upper Earl Street
Boyd, James, ship carpenter, 5 Ambrose Street
Boyd, James, smith, 24 Clements Street
Boyd, James, linen lapper, 12 Agnes Street
Boyd, James, linen finisher, 170 Leeson Street
Boyd, James, confectioner, 24 Melbourne Street
Boyd, James, cutler, 63 North Queen Street
Boyd, James, manufacturer, Applevale House, Old Ballynafeigh Road
Boyd, James, spirit store, 114 North Street
Boyd, Jas., coachman, 30 Sandcroft Street
Boyd, James, clerk, 73 North Boundary Street
Boyd, James R., rent officer, 4 Boyd Street
Boyd, John, weaver, 92 Boundary Street
Boyd, J., nursery and seedsman, 25 Castle Lane
Boyd, John, Fortwilliam Terrace, Antrim Road
Boyd, John, carpenter, 39 Hartley Street
Boyd, John, architect, 9 Donegall Square West
Boyd, John, dairyman, 159 Cromac Street
Boyd, John, blacksmith, 19 & 21 Conlon Street
Boyd, John, file cutter, 5 Edward Street
Boyd, John, grocer, 33 Alexander Street
Boyd, John, Fortwilliam Terrace, Antrim Road
Boyd, John, flax dresser, 88 Hillview Street
Boyd, John, draper, 23 Percy Street
Boyd, John, store keeper, 30 Rowan Street
Boyd, John, spirit dealer, 65 Peter's Hill
Boyd, John, bleacher, 53 Leadbetter Street
Boyd, John, builder, 37 Ormeau Road
Boyd, John, spirit dealer, 110 & 112 McTier Street
Boyd, John & James, umbrella and trunk warehouse, 21 North Street
Boyd, John, nurseryman, 247 Wesley Terrace, Newtownards Road
Boyd, Matthew, provision merchant, 64 Macaulay Terrace, Clifton Park Avenue
Boyd, Martin, clothier, 1 Hercules Street and 22 Hercules Place
Boyd, Mrs., Magdala Street
Boyd, Miss, Penrhyn Villa, Strandtown
Boyd, Miss, proprietor Belfast Hotel, Whiteabbey
Boyd, Nathl., provision merchant, 54 John Street
Boyd, Richard, Cloughfern, Whiteabbey
Boyd, Robert (of Sinclair & Boyd), Penrhyn, Strandtown
Boyd, Robert, house and rent agent, 17 Rosemary Street
Boyd, Robt., grocer, 8 Verner Street
Boyd, Robert, merchant, 32 Donegall Quay
Boyd, Robert, butler, 3 Amelia Street
Boyd, Robert, iron moulder, 2 Woodstock Place
Boyd, Robert, pawn broker, 226 Shankhill Road
Boyd, Robt. J., smith, 34 Henry Street
Boyd, Robt., spinning master, 7 Lyle Street
Boyd, Robert, porter, 18 Little Brunswick Street
Boyd, Robert, iron moulder, 53 Sir Henry's Buildings, Mountpottinger
Boyd, Samuel, grocer, 95 Woodstock Road
Boyd, Sarah, 175 St. Helen's, Albertbridge Road
Boyd, S. H., bookkeeper, 24 Hanover Street
Boyd, S., provision store, 7 Mill Street
Boyd, W. S. (of Sinclair & Boyd), Ravenscroft, Bloomfield
Boyd, Thos., baker, 14 & 16 North Queen Street
Boyd, Thomas, carpenter, Cosgrove Street
Boyd, Wm., Blackstaff Spinning and Weaving Co., 43 Great Victoria Street
Boyd, William, car maker, 56 Skipton Street, Mountpottinger
Boyd, William G., spirit dealer, 40 Great George's Street
Boyd, William, watchman, 136 Durham Street
Boyd, Wm., spirit grocer, 201 Woodstock Road
Boyd, Wm., spirit dealer, 111 Peter's Hill
Boyd, Wm., mechanic, 11 Peel Street
Boyd, Wm., posting establishment and spirit store, Whitewell
Boyd, William, baker, 22 Israel Street
Boyd, W. J., seaman, 8 Little Corporation Street
Boyd, William Thomas, painter, 6 Crawford Street
Boyland, John, car man, 42 East Street
Boyland, Samuel, flesher, 256 Old Lodge Road
Boyle, Francis, 8 New Ballynafeigh Road
Boyle, George, carver, 2 Thomas Street
Boyle, Hugh, linen lapper, 29 Albert Street
Boyle, Hugh, dealer, 78 Divis Street
Boyles, Henry, brick layer, 66 Norfolk Street
Boyle, James, solicitor, 45 Lower Arthur Street - residence, Ardmore, Holywood
Boyle, James, carpenter, 12 Kildare Street
Boyle, J., landscape gardener, Victoria Nursery
Boyle, John, mechanic, 5 Grosvenor Street
Boyle, John, pensioner, 172 Leeson Street
Boyle, John, flax dresser, 10 Leopold Street
Boyle, John, grocer, 12 Ross Street
Boyle, Neill, shoe maker, 22 Lettuce Hill
Boyle, Patrick, painter, 37 Alexander Street West
Boyle, Patrick, dealer, 57 Millfield
Boyle, Robert, joiner, 5 Bedeque Street
Boyle, Saml., ship carpenter, 33 Meadow Street
Boyle, Thomas, 251 York Street
Boyle, Thos., seaman, 1 Garmoyle Street
Boyle, Wallace, clerk, 19 Spencer Street
Boyle, Wm., carter, 31 Abercorn Street
Boyle, Wm., marine dealer, 33 Winetavern Street
Boys' Industrial Home - William Graham, superintendent, 25 & 27 Malone Place
Bracegirdle, James, engineer, 2 St. Paul Street
Bracken, James, flax dresser, 23 Linden Street
Brackenridge, Joseph, tenter, 22 Tyne Street
Brackenridge, R., grocer, 236 Shankhill Road
Brackenridge, S., winding master, 9 Cavour Street
Brackenridge, S., foreman flax dresser, Greencastle
Bradbury, Edwin, overseer Northern Counties carriage works, 45 Bentinck Street
Bradbury, James, brick manufacturer, 3 Dunluce Street
Braddell, Edward, architect, St. Ives, Malone Park
Braddell, James, porter, 5 Pitt Place
Braddell & Son, makers of the improved barlock and other breech loading guns, patent long-range rifles, revolving pistols, air canes and every article connected with the gun, 19 Castle Place
Braddell, Wm. H. (of Braddell & Son), 12 College Square North
Bradden, Thos., boot and shoe maker, 1 Glentilt Street
Braddon, Anna Bella, grocer, 102 Old Lodge Road
Bradford, D., potato merchant, 110 Carrick Hill
Bradford, Henry, cashier, 101 Claremont Place, Albert Bridge Road
Bradford, Robt., boarding house, 58 John Street
Bradley, Charles, 10 Prince's Dock
Bradley, C. & E., upholsterers and general house furnishers, 29 York Street
Bradley, David, engine driver, 9 Shaftesbury Street
Bradley, Francis, tailor, 8 Antrim Street
Bradley, Frs., land steward, Colinwood, Whitewell
Bradley, George, dealer, 25 Samuel Street
Bradley, Henry, inspector works for Town Council, 40 Lindsay Street
Bradley, James H., 17 Brownlow Street
Bradley, John, salesman, 32 Prospect Street
Bradley, John, bookkeeper, 28 Stanhope Street
Bradley, John, coachman, 50 Constance Street
Bradley, Joseph, lodging house, 124 Millfield
Bradley, Michael, car owner, 40 Bann Street
Bradley, Moses, marine store, 6 & 8 Clyde Terrace, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Bradley, Samuel, cashier, 10 McClure Street
Bradshaw, Isaac, teacher of French, 29 College Square North
Bradshaw, Joseph, tenter, 32 Hudson Street
Bradshaw, Mrs., 54 Eglinton Street
Bradshaw, Robert, brick layer, 28 Woodford Street
Bradshaw, Wm., flax dresser, 30 James Street
Bradshaw, Wm., shoe maker, 35 Combermere Street
Bradshaw, Wm., The Plains
Bradshaw, Wm. R., broker and insurance agent, 5 Ulster Chambers, Waring Street; res., 67 Bentinck Street
Brady, Agnes, missionary, 18 Cranburn Street
Brady, Ann, house keeper, 6 Francis Street Place
Brady, David, flax dresser, 20 Foyle Street
Brady, Edward, engine driver, 15 Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Brady, Francis, pastry baker, 9 Sherbrooke Street
Brady, Henry, coal dealer, 1 Malcolmson Street
Brady, James, sawyer, 7 Lackagh Street
Brady, Jas., flesher, 118 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Brady, James, 9 Quadrant Street
Brady, James, flax dresser, 81 Ardilea Street
Brady, Jas., grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Pine Street
Brady, John, M.D., 11 Great Victoria Street
Brady, John, carter, 15 Pound Street
Brady, John, engine driver, 10 Pound Street
Brady, Joseph, butler, 5 Haldane Street
Brady, Mary, confectioner, 61 York Street
Brady, Thomas, painter, 46 Albert Crescent
Brady, Wm., sexton Ormeau Wesleyan Church, Ormeau Road
Braiden, Wm., dairy man, 40 Little Distillery Street
Braithwaite, Lemuel, watch maker, 75 Corporation Street
Braithwaite, John, grocer, 116 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Braithwaite, Leonard, funeral undertaker and posting establishment, 8 & 10 Talbot Street
Braithwaite, Mrs., Templemore Street
Braithwaite, Robert Tennison, Ulster Bank inspector, 37 Coomassie Terrace, Strandmillis Road (Stranmillis)
Braithwaite, Richd., linen lapper, 122 Shankhill Road
Braithwaite, Thomas Wm., spirit dealer, Albion Place, Dublin Road
Braithwaite, William, cement manufacturer, 45 Upper Church Lane; res., 69 Upper Arthur Street
Branagh, Archibald, linen lapper, 5 Linen Street
Branagh, Daniel, cattle yard, 106 Great George's Street
Branagh, Patk., butcher, 17 Hercules Place
Branagh, Simon, mechanic, 104 Howard Street North
Branagh, Thomas, tailor, 8 Durham Street
Branagh, Thompson, printer, 32 Moscow Street
Branagh, W. J., wine & spirit dealer, 265 Shankhill Road
Brannagh, David, butcher, army and navy contractor, 17 Hercules Street
Brannagh, Wm., carpenter, 53 Vere Street
Branch American Light Co. - George Copland, manager, 60 Cromac Street
Brandon, Rev. Robert Joseph, M.A., LL.B., curate of Christ Church, 9 St. James Street
Brannan, Edward, tailor, 63 Smithfield
Branaghan, Daniel, blacksmith, 57 Merrion Street
Brannigan, D. & J., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 95 & 97 York Street
Brannigan, D. (of D. & J. Brannigan), 5 Donegall Terrace, Duncairn Street
Brannigan, Edward, seaman, 67 Anderson Street, Short Strand
Brannigan, Margaret, dress maker, 29 Eliza Street
Brannigan, Patrick, glazier, 55 Ross Street
Brannigan, T. J., & Co., rectifying distillers and wine merchants, 19 Church Street
Brannigan, Wm., waiter, 65 Joy Street
Brannon, Patrick, shoe maker, 4 Stanfield Street
Brans, Thomas, dairyman, 69 North Queen Street
Brathart, Wm., Milltown, Andersonstown
Bratten, Hugh, fireman, 10 Harmony Street
Brawley, Samuel, car owner, 19 Wyle Street
Breen, Edward, carter, 25 Aberdeen Street
Breen, John, plasterer, 13 Linden Street
Breen, William, tailor, 12 McMillan's Place
Brelsford, Hanna, Clarendon Hotel and Dining Rooms, 11 Victoria Street
Brennan & Co., chandlers, 22 John Street
Brennan, Rev. G., adm. St. Malachy's, St. Malachy's R.C. Presbytery
Brennan, James, seaman, 19 Shipbuoy Street
Brennan, John, dealer, 100a Divis Street
Brennan, John, weaver, 27 Matilda Street
Brennan, Joseph, grocer, 16 Alexander Street
Brennan, Michael, baker, 20 Scotland Street
Brennan, Patrick, slipper maker, 40 Durham Street
Brennan, Robert, captain, 61 Meadow Street
Brennan, Thomas, dealer, 12 Marquis Street
Brennan, Thomas, grocer, 63 Alexander Street
Brennan, Thos., grocer, 126 Great George's Street
Brennan, Thos., bookkeeper, 13 Chambers Street
Brennan, William, tenter, 31 Vere Street
Bresby, David, brick layer, 1 Utility Street
Bresby, William, brick layer, 5 Spruce Street
Bretland, James C., assistant borough surveyor, Abercorn Terrace, Brookvale Avenue
Brett, Charles H. (of L'Estrange & Brett), solicitor, 1 Dunedin Terrace, Antrim Road
Brett, George, secretary, Belfast Flax and Jute Co., 4 The Mount, Albert Bridge Road
Bridley, David, mechanic, 9 Tilly Street
Brierley, John, butcher, 23 Hercules Street
Brierly, James, spirit dealer (Prince of Wales Tavern), 10 Ann Street
Briggs, A., manager brick works, New Ballynafeigh Road
Briggs, Addison, law clerk, 35 Gilford Street
Briggs, Andrew, stone cutter, 144 McTier Street
Briggs, Charles, moulder, 33 Scotch Row
Briggs, David, manufacturer, 189 Sandy Row
Briggs, David, & Sons, collar, cuff and shirt front manufacturers, 35 College Street
Briggs, H., Barton Terrace, Greenisland
Briggs, James Seeds, linen lapper, 3 Scotchmount, Lisburn Road
Briggs, John, linen lapper, 20 Windsor Street
Briggs, John, mechanic, 21 Lower Mount Street
Briggs, John, flesher, 113 Victoria Street
Briggs, John, mechanic, 23 Devonshire Street
Briggs, Ralph, clerk, 5 Carlisle Street
Briggs, W. J., blacksmith, 110 North Queen Street
Briggs, William, school master, 38 Norwood Street
Bright, Andrew, 19 Lavinia Street
Brill, Henry, barrack master, 32 Eglinton Street
Brindley, J., commercial traveller, Beech Park, Ormeau Road
Briscoe, Rev. R. E., M.A., curate St. Andrew's Parish, 47 Carnarvon Terrace, Donegall Pass
Bristow, James, Wilmont, Dunmurry
Bristow, Rev. John, St. James's Parsonage, Cliftonville
Brittain, Thomas, grocer, 54 North Queen Street
Brittain, Thomas, clerk, Cave Hill Road
Britton, Frederick, linen merchant, Derryvolgie Avenue
Britton, Lawrence, mill manager, 166 Falls Road
Britton, Mrs., farmer, Whiterock Road, Ballygomartin
Brocke, Joseph, editor Evening Telegraph, 3 Charlotte Street
Brodie, William, draper, Greencastle
Brookfield Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd; works, Crumlin Road; offices and warehouse, 30 Donegall Street. Managing Directors - James Carlisle and W. R. Patterson; Secretary - W. B. Morton
Brooks, Joseph, engineer, 17 Mornington Street
Brouneau, Fredk., professor of dancing, Rivoli House, 13 Lower Crescent
Brown, Adam, commission agent, 9 Byron Street
Brown, A., audit accountant, house, land and insurance agent, Victoria Chambers, Waring Street; res., 6 St. James Street
Brown, Alex., upholsterer, 3 Sunnyside Street
Brown, Alexander, bread server, 75 Crimea Street
Brown, Archd., steam sawyer, 14 Reilly's Place
Brown, Archibald, clerk, 42 Mount Street
Brown, Benjamin, nook seller, 79 Shankhill Road
Brown, C. O., ladies' educational institution, 6 Thorndale Terrace, Duncairn Street
Brown, Corbett, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 30 Victoria Street
Brown, Charles, cloth passer, 39 Courtrai Street
Brown, David, 2 Forthingale Street
Brown, David, general house, mill and railway furnishing ironmonger, 27 Castle Place; res., Melrose House, Fortwilliam Park
Brown, Ephraim, house and land agent; agent for Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Co., 101 Donegall Street; res., 2 North Queen Street
Brown, Francis, painter and rent agency office, 34 Mill Street
Brown, George, tenter, Malt Street
Brown, George, block printer, 12 Byron Street
Brown, George, farmer, Whiterock Road, Ballygomartin
Brown, Hamilton, Belfast Fire Brigade, 3 Baggot Street
Brown, Henry, car owner, 310 Newtownards Road
Brown, Henry, cabinet maker, 7 Sherbrooke Street
Brown, Hugh, blacksmith, 30 Baltic Street
Brown, Hugh, Loughview, Ballygomartin
Brown, Hugh, tobacconist, 46 North Street
Brown, Hugh, brick layer, 11 Innes' Place
Brown, Hugh, plumber, 11 Loftus Street
Brown, Hugh, stone cutter, 34 Hartley Street
Brown, Hugh, butcher, 73 North Queen Street
Brown, Hugh, brass founder, 11 Boundary Street North
Brown, Isaac, boot and shoe maker, 11 Gardiner's Row
Brown, Isabella, grocer, 23 & 25 Green Street
Brown, Isabella, matron, Belfast Charitable Institution, North Queen Street
Brown, J., boot and shoe maker, 26 Canmore Street
Brown, James, baker and confectioner, 27 Crescent Terrace, University Road
Brown, James, plumber, 54 Claremont Lane
Brown, James, ship owner, 2 Cranston Place, Duncairn Street
Brown, James, stationer, 21 Great Edward Street
Brown, James, brass founder, 54 Norwood Place, Albert Bridge Road
Brown, James, grocer, 78 Norwood Place, Albert Bridge Road
Brown, Jas., assistant in Queen's College, 35 Outram Street
Brown, James, ship carpenter, 28 Lindsay Street
Brown, James, shoe maker, 38 Conway Street
Brown, James, linen lapper, 20 Hillview Street
Brown, James, flax buyer, 30 Walnut Street
Brown, James, draper, 1 Nore Street
Brown, James, ship carpenter, 6 Cullingtree Place
Brown, Jane, haberdasher, 99 North Street
Brown, John, woollen draper, 224 Crumlin Road
Brown, John, ship carpenter, 53 Dagmar Street
Brown, John S., & Sons, manufacturers of table linen, diaper sheeting, linen cambric handkerchiefs and shirting linen, etc., 6 Bedford Street; also, 16 King Street, Cheapside, London
Brown, John (of John S. Brown & Sons), Edenderry, Ballylesson
Brown, John, pensioner, 213 Agnes Street
Brown, John, bookkeeper, 30 Thames Street
Brown, John, grocer, 26 & 28 Antigua Street
Brown, John O., district secretary Scottish Provident Institution, 22 Waring Street; res., 1 Wellington Park Terrace
Brown, John, clerk, 18 Frederick Terrace, Posnett Street
Brown, John, tailor, 38 Lagan Village Road
Brown, John D., mill manager, 74 Macaulay Terrace, Clifton Park Avenue
Brown, John, printer, 2 Lyle Street
Brown, John, boot and shoe maker, 51 Crimea Street
Brown, John, baker, 34 Beech Street
Brown, John, spirit grocer, 25 Union Street
Brown, Jonathan, blacksmith, 19 Boyd Street
Brown, Joseph, car owner, 6 Cooper's Row, Ballymacarrett
Brown, Joseph, engineer, 88 Woodstock Road
Brown, Jos., accountant, 35 Albion Street
Brown, Mary A., 9 Fleetwood Street
Brown, Mary Ann, dress maker, 9 Woodburn Street
Brown, Mary, remnant warehouse, 121 North Street
Brown, Mary Ann, dress maker, 9 Woodburn Street (twice?)
Brown, Matthew, clerk, 33 Lavinia Street
Brown, Matthew, linen manufacturer, Grosvenor Terrace, 78 Grosvenor Street
Brown, Miss, school teacher, 56 Denmark Street
Brown, Miss, Knockerne, Jordanstown
Brown, Miss, teacher of music, 73 Templemore Street
Brown, Moses, grocer, 11 Henrietta Street
Brown, Mrs., Whiteabbey
Brown, Mrs., 22 Ashley Avenue
Brown, Mrs., 1 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Brown, Mrs., 20 Claremont Street
Brown, Mrs., Bower's Hill, Shankhill Road
Brown, R., linen merchant, 10 Donegall Square North
Brown, Reid, & Co., wholesale woollen and Manchester warehousemen, 5 & 7 Waring Street
Brown, Robert, & Son, Ferguslie fireclay works, Paisley, manufacturers of Jenning's patent saddle pipes, socket pipes, chimney cans, flooring tiles, white enamelled bricks, fire bricks, cattle feeding troughs and field drain pipes - Manufacturers of white enamelled pottery ware and plumbago Crucibles - Importers of London Portland cement, Roman cement, alabaster, Caithness flags, Welsh, Bridgewater and Staffordshire goods, etc.; depot, 1 & 2 Queen's Quay, Belfast
Brown, Robert, secretary Antrim Iron Ore Co., 4 Victoria Chambers, Victoria Street
Brown, Robert, waste dealer, 4 Hardinge Street
Brown, Robert, traveller, 17 St. James Street
Brown, Robt., ship carpenter, 26 Hartwell Street
Brown, Robert, tobacconist, 117 York Street
Brown, Robert, municipal tax collector, 18 Lonsdale Street
Brown, Robert, mechanic, 61 Albert Crescent
Brown, S. B., mill manager, 5 St. James Street
Brown, Saml., flax dresser, 18 Foyle Street
Brown, Samuel, store keeper, 26 Clements Street
Brown, Samuel, photographer, 71 Joseph Street
Brown, Samuel, printer, 57 Leadbetter Street
Brown, Saml., preparing master, 19 Cambrai Street
Brown, Thos., linen lapper, 12 Wellington Street
Brown, Thomas, overseer, 19 Denmark Street
Brown, Thos., mill manager, Templar Terrace, 184 Grosvenor Street
Brown, Thos., manufacturing jeweller and electro gilder, 35 Rosemary Street
Brown, Thomas, solicitor, 103 Donegall Street
Brown, Thomas, collector, 41 Willow Street
Brown, Thomas, spirit dealer, 181 Conway Street
Brown, Thomas, 132 Argyle Street
Brown, Thompson, carpenter, 11 Arkwright Street
Brown, W., sewing machine agent, 23 Paxton Street
Brown, W. J., carpenter, 38 Rainey Street
Brown, W. K., linen merchant, 2 Agincourt Terrace
Brown, William, baker, 7 Spruce Street
Brown, William, Sons & Co. (Brookfield Flour Mill), Sydney Street West
Brown, William, printer and lithographer, 63 Ann Street; res., 123 Pottinger Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Brown, Wm., spirit merchant, 29 Comber Place
Brown, Wm., planer, 31 Gardiner's Row
Brown, Wm., mechanic, 105 Westmoreland Street
Brown, Wm., carpenter, 5 Wilton Square
Brown, Wm., store keeper, 59 Gibson Street
Brown, Wm., spirit dealer, 99 Grosvenor Street
Brown, Wm. H., jeweller, 24 Essex Street
Brown, William, watchman, 37 Joseph Street
Brown, Wm., moulder, 75 Lindsay Street
Brown, William, saddler and harness maker, 138 North Street
Brown, William R., pawn broker, 1 McCleery Street
Brown, William, draper, 12 My Lady's Road
Brown, William, carpenter, 9 Ormeau Street
Brown, William, fitter, 12 Belgrave Street
Brown, William, tailor, 119 Carrick Hill
Brown, Wm., rent agent and rate collector, 56 Townsend Street
Browne, A., farmer, Galwally House, Castlereagh
Browne, E. W., Sussex House, Knock
Browne, Edward, surveyor of customs, 199 Lorne Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Browne, Henry, boat builder, 53 Earl Street
Browne, Hugh Alex., sailor, 24 Ann Street North
Browne, J. Walton, M.D., 10 College Square North
Browne, James, woollen merchant and agent for manufacturers, 8 Skipper Street; res., 1 Wilmont Place, Lisburn Road
Browne, John, jun., T.C., Cromac Saw Mills, 27 Reilly's Place; res., Ravenhill, Lagan Village Road
Browne, John H., assistant to Town Solicitor, 8 Dock Street
Browne, John, sailor, 80 Corporation Street
Browne, Jos., cattle dealer, 31 Little Patrick Street
Browne, L. A. & T. H., timber and slate merchants, 45 & 47 Chichester Street
Browne, Lawson A. (of  L. A. & T. H. Browne), Chlorine, Malone Road
Browne, Thos. H. (of L. A. & T. H. Browne), 69 Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
Browne, Samuel, M.D., R.N., J.P., consulting sanitary officer borough of Belfast, office, Town Hall; res., 19 College Square East
Browne, Samuel, professor of elocution, 42 Gloucester Street
Browne, Samuel, & Co., flax merchants, 19 & 21 Corporation Street
Browne, Samuel (of Samuel Browne & Co.), 2 Duncairn Avenue
Brown Linen Hall, 20 Donegall Street
Brownlee, H., grocer, 53 & 55 Little Patrick Street
Brownlee, James, draper, 109 Claremont Place
Brownlee, James, printer, 155 Conway Street
Brownlee, Jas., draper, 6 Montgomery Street
Brownlee, John, foreman tenter, 68 Agnes Street
Brownlie, Richard, spirit dealer, 6 & 4 Prince's Street
Brownlie & Young, room paper merchants, 69 Victoria Street; works, Fountain Square
Bruce, Andrew, mechanic, 116 Shankill Road
Bruce, Henry, The Farm, Kinnaird Street
Bruce, Isaac, brass founder, 15 Elizabeth Street
Bruce, James, carpenter, 11 Everton Street
Bruce, James (of Dunville & Co.), res., Thorndale
Bruce, James, carpenter, 8 Foyle Street
Bruce, John, carpenter, 19 Shannon Street
Bruce, M. & D., baby linen warehouse, 56 Donegall Street
Bruce, Richard, wood turner, 27 Fifth Street
Bruce, Robert, printer, 12 Beresford Street
Bruce, Samuel, baker, 44 Rainey Street
Bruce, Wm., mechanic, 33 Percy Street
Bruce, Wm., stone mason, 2 Lower Barrow Street
Bruce, Wm., 2 Scotchmount, Lisburn Road
Bruce, William, shipsmith, 40 & 42 Ship Street
Brunker, Miss, 9 University Street
Bruntz, Francis, tailor, 103 Donegall Street; res., 4 Havelock Street
Bryan, Patrick, telegraph linesman, 66 Nelson Street
Bryan, Wm., painter, 18 Erin Street
Bryans, J., grocer, 183 Old Lodge Road
Bryans, James, haberdasher, 169 North Queen Street
Bryans, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 11 Fleet Street
Bryans, William, teacher, 76 Cumberland Terrace, Donegall Pass
Bryce, Alex., Cross & Co., seed, manure and agricultural implement merchants, 49 Great Edward Street
Bryce, Alex. Cross (of Alex. Cross, Bryce & Co.), 5 Park Place, Ormeau Road
Bryce, Rev. R. J., LL.D., 42 Fitzroy Avenue
Brydan, Richard, blind maker, 56 Joseph Street
Brydon, Geo., boarding house, 41 Prince's Street
Brydon, W. W., broker and commission agent, 2 Albert square; res., Pentland Place, Greenisland
Bryer, John, pork cutter, 32 Howard Street South
Bryson, James, toy dealer, 180 & 182 North Street
Bryson, John, time keeper, 59 Shankhill Road
Bryson, Robt., clerk, 88 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road
Bryson, Saml., post-office pensioner, 20 Hartley Street
Bryson, William, fancy linen manufacturer, 20 Waring Street; res., 2 Rugby Terrace
Buchanan, Alex. F., gold and silver engraver, 4 Berry Street
Buchanan, Arthur, draper, 60 Regent Street
Buchanan, J., teacher, Blackstaff Road National School, 1 Innes' Place
Buchanan, Jas., iron moulder, 21 Greenland Street
Buchanan, John, tenter, 4 Brunel Street
Buchanan, John, mechanic, 121 Urney Street
Buchannan, Robt., seaman, 68 Henry Street
Buchanan, Robt., brick layer, 69 Hilland Street
Buchanan, Samuel, teacher, 32 Eliza Street
Buchannan, William G., commission agent, 4 Commercial Chambers, Telfair Street
Buckle, J. H., cashier, Methodist College, 4 Elm Street
Buckle, James, bank clerk, 12 Joy Street
Buckley, Daniel, grocer, 13 & 15 New Bond Street
Buckley, Hugh, mate, 48 Earl Street
Buckley, Michael, solicitor, 5 Lombard Street
Buckley, Thomas, mechanic, 150 Leeson Street
Budd, Henry, carver and gilder, 103 Vernon Street
Bugler, William, plasterer, 59 Denmark Street
Buick, Jas., pensioner, 24 Ghent Street
Bulger, Ann, grocer, 27 Alton Street
Bulger, Michael, pensioner, 12 Killen Street
Bulla, Henry, manager for Boucher Brothers, 35 Brougham Street
Bullick, Hamilton, & Co., linen, cambric, embroidered handkerchief manufacturers and bleachers, 49 Queen Street
Bulloch Bros., linen merchants, 16 Linenhall Street
Bulloch, James A. (of Bulloch Bros.), 8 Mount Charles
Bulloch & Co., shirt and collar manufacturers, 8 Donegall Square South
Bulloch, Alexander (of Bulloch & Co.), Notting Hill, Malone Road
Bulloch, John (of Bulloch & Co.), 3 College Gardens
Bulloch, Gabriel A., shirt and shirting manufacturer, 27 Bedford Street
Bulloch, Mrs. G. A., 11 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Bullock, John, shoe maker, 20 Charles Street South
Bullock, Thomas, boot maker, 28 Trelford Street
Bunglass, W. J., teacher, Castlereagh
Bunting, Archd., linen lapper, 3 Hartwell Street
Bunting, Jas., clerk, 65 Glenalpin Street
Bunting, James, confectioner, 157 Millfield
Bunting, James, carter, 27 Lake Street
Bunting, Mrs., grocer, 97 Durham Street
Bunting, Thomas, railway guard, 46 Andrew Street
Bunting, Thomas, tenter, 25 Hartley Street
Bunting, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 87 & 89 Argyle Street
Burden, Henry, M.D., 9 College Square North
Burden, William, M.D., Prospect House, New Ballynafeigh Road
Burdett, John, shoe maker, 12 Stanhope Street
Burdies, Mrs., 22 Cave Hill Road
Burge, Chas., telegraph clerk, 5 Woodstock Street
Burgess, George, shoe maker, 2 Cullingtree Place
Burgess, Wm., letter carrier, 40 Essex Street
Burgess, W. L., commission agent, 63 Upper Church Lane; res., 11 Athol Street
Burke, Emma, dress maker, 6 Conlon Street
Burke, John, hair cutting saloon, Masonic buildings, Arthur Square
Burke, John, hay & straw dealer, 96 & 98 Millfield
Burke, John, ship broker, 32 Brougham Street
Burke, Mary, butcher, 41 Hercules Street
Burke, Mary, butcher and army contractor, 19 Victoria Street
Burke, Michael, tailor, 27 Durham Street
Burke, Owen, gardener, 17 Grace Street
Burke, Richard, woollen merchant, 4 Donegall Street Place
Burke, Samuel, book binder, 25 Hopewell Street
Burke, Wm., Dunluce Villas, Strandtown
Burland, Henry, caulker, 12 Hanna Street
Burney, J. R., butter, egg and provision merchant, 68 Hercules Street; res., 3 Eglinton Street
Burns, Alexander, grocer, 47 Stanley Street
Burns, Alexander, carpenter, 9 Spencer Street
Burns, Annie, sempstress, 136 & 138 Great George's Street
Burns, Arthur, tailor, 27 Arundel Street
Burns, Bernard, flax buyer, 2 Duncairn Terrace, Duncairn Street
Burns, Charles, hair dresser, 46 & 48 Divis Street
Burns, Charles, dealer, 49 Smithfield Square
Burns, Cornelius, farmer and hay exporter, 56 & 58 Bridge End
Burns, Daniel (Shakespeare Hotel), 15 William Street South
Burns, Daniel, lamplighter, 39 Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Burns, D. J., professor of music, 14 Trinity Street
Burns, Edward, hackle setter, 8 Ross Street
Burns, Francis, provision merchant, 271 Crumlin Road
Burns, Francis, bottler, 50 Hanna Street
Burns, geo., tailor, 12 Ardmoulin Street
Burns, Henry, butcher, 20 Rumford Street
Burns, Henry, ship carpenter, 21 Vere Street
Burns, Henry, wine and spirit dealer, 61 & 63 Divis Street
Burns, Hugh, carpenter, 10 Ardmoulin Street
Burns, Isaac, pork merchant, 2 Albert Street
Burns, James, printer, 32 Raphael Street
Burns, James, grocer, 228 York Street
Burns, James, tailor, 86 Artillery Street
Burns, James, butcher, 31 Hercules Place
Burns, James, butcher, 11 Hercules Street
Burns, James, pump sinker, 41 Joseph Street
Burns, James, flax dresser, 70 Brookfield Street
Burns, James, bundler, 47 Cambrai Street
Burns, John, horse shoe nail maker, 13 Sydney Street
Burns, John, plasterer, 22 Theresa Street
Burns, John, smith, 26 Alexander Street West
Burns, John, seaman, 6 Russell Street
Burns, John, painter, 24 College Street
Burns, John, carpenter, 35 Scotch Street
Burns, John, tailor, 24 Getty Street
Burns, John, pork cutter, 96 Beresford Street
Burns, John, brush maker, 90 Beresford Street
Burns, John, van driver, 14 Hamilton Place West
Burns, John, boot maker, 104 Durham Street
Burns, John, boot and shoe maker, 100 Durham Street
Burns, John, Castlereagh Road
Burns, Joseph, publican, 180 Falls Road
Burns, Mrs., green grocer, 26 Park Street
Burns, P. J., yarn salesman, 51 Laburnum Place, Duncairn Street
Burns, Patrick, coach painter, 45 Edward Street
Burns, Patrick, carpenter, 34 Christopher Street
Burns, Patrick, linen manufacturer, 21 College Square North
Burns, Patrick, weaving factory, 4 Killen Street
Burns, Peter, cutter, 14 Ardmoulin Street
Burns, Philip, moulder, 24 Hartwell Street
Burns, Richard, smith,. 65 Vere Street
Burns, Robert, auctioneer, 72 Smithfield Square; res., 13 Francis Street
Burns, Robert, pensioner, 7 Donore Street
Burns, Robert, tailor, 4 Donegall Street
Burns, Thomas, hat manufacturer, 21 Bridge Street; res., 8 Lonsdale Street
Burns, Thos., plasterer, 55 Pound Street
Burns, Thomas, sexton St. Malachy's R.C. Chapel
Burns, Thos., carpenter, 2 Granville Street
Burns, Thos., letter carrier, 13 Josephine Street
Burns, Walter, music seller, 2 Castle Arcade; res., 61 Prince Arthur Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Burns, Wm., Black's Cottages, Old Ballynafeigh Road
Burns, William, plumber and gas fitter, 24 McMillan's Place
Burns, W., plumber and gas fitter, 66 Hercules Street
Burns, W., grocer & spirit dealer, 50 Hercules Street
Burns, Wm., grocer and provision dealer, 18 & 20 Hutchinson Street
Burns, William, van driver, 65 Hudson Street
Burns, Wm. James, chicken butcher, 17 Lettuce Hill
Burns & Co., bottlers and aerated water manufacturers, 42 & 48 Hanna Street
Burns & Macaulay, linen merchants, 14 James Street South
Burnside, James, manager rope factory, Greenhill Cottage, Mountpottinger Road
Burnside, John, gas fitter, 12 Broadbent Street
Burnside, M., dress maker, 93 Old Lodge Road
Burnside, Thos., block print cutter, 10 James Street
Burnside, Wm. J., commercial traveller, 113 Colinview, Lisburn Road
Burnstein, Murray, & Co., cigarette manufacturer, Castle Lane
Burrows, Alexander, painter, 37 California Street
Burrows, Arthur, flax dresser, 4 Alexander Street
Burrows, David, linen dresser, 6 Glentilt Street
Burrows, Israel, brass founder, 43 Carlisle Street
Burrows, James, smith, 77 Little York Street
Burrows, John, Excise officer, 32 Carlisle Place, Carlisle Street
Burrows, John, Willowdale, Dunmurry
Burrows, W. J., boot and shoe maker, 73 Westmoreland Street
Burrows, Wm., carrier, 15 Pilot Street
Burrowes, Hugh, joiner, 12 Lyons Street
Burrowes, J., accountant, 4 St. James Street
Burrowes, Mr., draper, 37 Magdala Street
Burrowes, Thos., publican, 31 & 33 Park Street
Burrowes, William, car owner, 158 Newtownards Road
Bursbey, Samuel, engine driver, 70 Artillery Street
Burton, Benjamin, clerk, 2 Carntall Street
Burton, James, farrier, 74 Lindsay Street
Burton, John, linen lapper, 16 Boyne Square
Burton, John, plumber and gas fitter, 49 New Lodge Road
Burton, John, mill worker, 5 Grafton Street
Burton, Joseph, spirit grocer, 16 Mayne Street
Busby, Gawn, draper and hatter, 75 Victoria Street; res., 142 Donegall Pass
Busby, Hugh, Lisnabreeny, Castlereagh
Busby, John, commission merchant, 29 High Street; res., 26 Wolseley Street
Busby, Robt., rougher, 80 Everton Street
Busby, Rev. S. Edward, LL.D. (St. Andrew's Parsonage), 16 University Square
Busby, Samuel, flax dresser, 22 Hilland Street
Busby, Thomas, R.I.C., 22 Woodford Street
Bushell, Theobald, & Co., stock and share brokers, wine and spirit merchants, 9 Waring Street
Butler, Isaac, shoe maker, 17 Cargill Street
Butler, James, engine driver, 5 Sevastopol Street
Butler, James, butcher, 47 Divis Street
Butler, John, fireman, 152 Ross Street
Butler, John, engine driver, 213 Grosvenor Street
Butler, Mrs., 124 York Street
Butler, Owen, grocer, 108 Falls Road
Butler, Patrick, dealer, 5 Herbert Street
Butler, Richd., gardener, Old Ballynafeigh Road
Butler, Thomas Henry, commission agent, 5 Abingdon Terrace
Butler, William, brick layer, 208 Conway Street
Butler, Wm. J., painter, 32 Marquis Street
Butler, Wm., pork cutter, 66 Peter's Hill
Butler, Wm., gardener, 48 Swift Street
Byers, Charles, sea captain, 88 Newtownards Road
Byers, James, 11 Lincoln Avenue
Byers, James, Kennedy's Buildings, Shankhill Road
Byers, John, store keeper, 59 Anderson Street
Byers, Mrs., principal Ladies' Collegiate School, University Road
Byrne, A., mechanic, 47 Broadbent Street
Byrne, Charles, grocer, 2 Bruslee Street
Byrne, Charles, builder, 4 Dunville's Buildings
Byrne, Charles, grocer, 32 New Lodge Road
Byrne, E. & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 54 & 56 Little Patrick Street
Byrne, Edward (of Edward Byrne & Co.), 84 Fitzroy Avenue
Byrne, Gerald, coach body maker, 50 Joy Street
Byrne, J. N., commission agent, Castle Chambers; res., Mount Prospect, Lisburn Road
Byrne, John, spirit dealer, 1 & 3 Berry Street
Byrne, John, telegraph clerk, 4 Chambers Street
Byrne, Michael, builder, 55 Ship Street
Byrne, Peter, grocer and publican, 25 & 27 California Street
Byrne, Richard A., draper, 13 Lavinia Street
Byrne, Rodger, 86 Joy Street
Byrne, Teresa M., teacher, 44 Upper Arthur Street
Byrne, Thomas, builder, 1 Henry Street
Byrne, Wm., wine and spirit agent, 8 Crumlin Road