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1890 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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          Is a small market town in County Down, situated midway on the leading road from Belfast to Downpatrick, four miles from Ballynahinch, nine from Lisburn, and six from Comber. Tonoughnieve was the Irish name of the town, which means the "Hill of the Saints," or "Saint Hill," translated into Saintfield. On the 9th of June, 1798, a brisk skirmish occurred here between the rebels and a company of the York Fencibles. The rebels took advantage of the soldiers and made great slaughter. The soldiers were buried in a small island in the lake, north of the town, which is called York Island. The seat of the lord of the manor is situated in a beautiful demesne, about a mile north of the town; as is also the seat of the late Rev. G. R. Moore, Rowallen, who expended many thousands of pounds in planting trees and shrubs. Petty Sessions are held first Tuesday in each month. The market is on every Monday, and the fair is on last Wednesday of each month. There is one Parish Church, two Presbyterian Churches, and the Roman Catholic Chapel and two National Schools. There is also a branch of the Belfast Bank, Ltd., and the Belfast and County Down Railway Company have a station at Saintfield, which is of great advantage to the town and district. Population in 1881, 769

Post Office, Main Street - Francis Minnis, postmaster. Letters from Dublin and Belfast, arrive at 7 a.m., 8-20 a.m., and 2-20 p.m., and are despatched at 10-41 a.m., 2-20 p.m., and 7-35 p.m.
Bank - Branch of the Belfast Banking Company (Limited) - James Napier, manager; Robert Cleland, cashier; Wm. Gault, accountant

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Main Street - Rev. R. D. Knox, vicar
First Presbyterian Church, Main Street - Rev. S. Dickson.  Second, Ballynahinch Road - Vacant
Roman Catholic Chapel, Main Street - Rev. M. Hamill, P.P.


Bailie, W. M., grocer
Burton, James, blacksmith
Campbell, C. David, M.D., Todd's Hill
Crawford, Thomas, spirit dealer
Currough & Co., mill owners
Davey, John, spirit dealer
Davidson, W. J., shoe maker
Dunn, Mary Jane, boarding house
Ferris, George, barber
Fulton, Thomas, M.D., J.P., dispensary
Garrett, M. H., J.P., estate agent, Rowallen
George, Isabella, grocer and toy shop
Gibson, William, grocer
Gilmer, Miss, milliner
Girvin, Robert, carpenter
Gordon, W., M.D., J.P., Tonaghneive House
Hamilton, Rev. Samuel, The Manse
Hewitt, John, grocer and coal dealer
Hogg, Samuel & Son, grocers
Jackson, George, blacksmith
Kelly, William, grocer and road contractor
Kennedy, Arthur, grocer
Kinghan, Robert, grocer and glazier
Kinghan, Samuel, tailor
Kinghan, William, tailor
Kirk, Francis, grocer
Lilly, George, grocer
Lindsay, Alexander, carpenter
Loftus, William, police sergeant
Lowry, Archibald, carpenter
Lowry, William, carpenter
Lyons, Joseph, butcher
Marshall, Aaron, builder
Marshall, James, woollen draper
Matchett, R. J., No. 1 National School teacher
Minnis, Francis, grocer
Monaghan, T., No. 2 National School teacher
Moody, Robert, woollen draper
Moore, Thomas, spirit dealer
Murray, Thomas, spirit dealer
McBurney, W. M., mill owner
McCaffrey, Mrs., boarding house
McCarthy, H., auctioneer
McCauley, David, tailor
McConnell, William, marine store
McGannon, Mrs., spirit dealer
McIlveen, Mrs. Isabella, spirit dealer
McIlwain, James, grocer
McKee, David, grocer
McKee, Samuel, woollen draper
McRobert, James, Price's Arms Hotel
McRoberts, John, blacksmith
McVeigh, Martin, tailor
Neill, James, shoe maker
O'Neill, James, carpenter
Patterson, W. J., summons and process server
Peak, James, spirit dealer
Perry, N., woollen draper
Potter, Mrs. William, grocer
Price, C. James, J.P., D.L., Saintfield House
Rea, Hugh, petty sessions clerk
Roy, W. J., blacksmith
Scott, James, grocer
Shaw, Hans, spirit dealer
Speers, Mrs. John, spirit dealer
Spence, William, butcher
Spratt Bros., watch and clock makers
Stranaghan, Robert, leather and boot shop


          A handsome little village, containing in its area and immediate vicinity a population of about 200 persons. It is nicely situated on the Newry Canal, about four miles S.W. of Banbridge, with which it is immediately connected by a Junction Railway, which amalgamates with the main line of the Great Northern at the railway station here, and is only about 70 yards from the village. The greater part of Scarva is the property of John Reilly, Esq., J.P., D.L., Scarva House. Among the principal buildings in Scarva may be mentioned the Temperance Hotel, in conjunction with which is the post office, grocery and haberdashery establishment, all under the direct supervision of the proprietor and postmaster, Mr. R. Taylor. The Temperance Hotel is nearly opposite the railway station, and is most comfortably furnished, and fitted up so as to afford ample accommodation and comfort to all parties. At the rere of the hotel is erected a square tower, which surmounts the houses in the village, and when ascended gives the tourist a most picturesque view of the surrounding country. The Church of Ireland is situated on a beautiful hill overlooking the village.

Post Office - R. Taylor, postmaster. Letters arrive at 2-5 a.m., 9-45 a.m., 4-30 p.m., and are despatched at 9-20 a.m., 4-5 p.m., and 10-30 p.m.
Constabulary Station - Sergeant Elliott & four men
National School - Joseph Barrett, principal

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. Wm. Jas. Mince, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Reid, M.A.
Methodist Church - Mission Hall Service at 6 p.m. every Sunday


Adger, Mrs., wine and spirit dealer
Bradley, Mrs., grocer
Clarke, Andrew, Island House
Douglas, Captain Charles, Lisnagado House
Hawthorne, James, grocer
Hill, Samuel, Scarva
Mathers, W. H., Mullaglass
McCombe, Joseph, carpenter
McElveine, Andrew, land valuator, Union Lodge
McMurray, Thomas, posting establishment
McVeigh, James, coal merchant
Ogle, John, station master
Reid, Rev. John, M.A., Diamond Lodge
Reilly, John Temple, J.P., D.L., Scarva House
Taylor, Robt., temperance hotel, grocer, haberdasher, postmaster, news and shipping agent
Wallace, David, grocer
Wallace, Henry, wine and spirit merchant



          Is a small market town in County Tyrone, about thirty five miles W. from Belfast, situated on the road from Dungannon to Coleraine. This place derived its original name, Stewartstown, from Sir Andrew Stewart, to whom James I. granted the surrounding district; in the year 1608, or soon afterwards, he erected a castle, or rather converted other buildings into one, and laid the foundation of the present town. About two miles from the town is Stuart Hall, the seat of Earl Castle-Stuart, who derives his title of Earl from this place. The town consists of a spacious square and three principal streets, well arranged, and the houses are built with stone and roofed with slate. The Hibernian Banking Company have an agency here on market days. The Ulster Banking Company (Limited) have a branch here. The Great Northern Railway Company have a station close to the town. The Market House stands in the centre of the town. Petty Sessions are held on the first Wednesday in every month. The Church of Donaghenry is a neat and commodious structure, as also the glebe house. The living is a rectory. The other places of worship are two Presbyterian, and one Methodist Church, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. Each of the Presbyterian and the Methodist congregations have very handsome and commodious manses. The market is held on Wednesday, and the fair on the first Wednesday on and after the 12th of every month. Population in 1881, 823.

Post Office - Robert Henry, postmaster & master of the Chancery Courts

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Parish Church - Rev. H. W. Young
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. J. Warnock; Second - Rev. R. Meares
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Shane
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Various ministers

Public Institutions

Dispensary Station - Dr. H. Harris, medical officer
Loan Fund Office - Wm. Brown, clerk
National Schools, No.1 - J. E. McVicar, teacher;  No.2 - Mrs. McVicar, teacher;  No. 3 (Donaghendry), Miss Fowler, teacher


Anderson, John, Ballymaguire
Armstrong, W. C., M.D., Annie Hill
Atkinson, James, manager, Ulster Bank
Boyd, Rev. S., Clonoe Glebe
Bryan, Miss, Gortnaskea
Castle-Stuart, The Earl of, Stuart Hall
Caulfield, Colonel James, D.L., J.P., Drumcairne
Chambers, John, P.L.G., Ballymaguire
Chambré, H. W., J.P., Stewartstown
Cummings, George, Drumgonnell
Dudgeon, J., petty sessions clerk
Dudgeon, Mrs. Sarah, Lydia Villa
Ekin, S. E., J.P., Soran
Garnett, Rev. C. L., Aboe Glebe
Gibson, Wm., Ballywhillan House
Harris, Frederick, solicitor, Killymurphy
Harris, J. Porter, solicitor
Hunter, William, Stewartstown
Johnston, Andrew, surveyor and valuer
Kells, Wm. James, Gortnaskea
Kennedy, C. G. B., Mullintaine
Lee, A. N., Coole
Lowe, William, Ballywhillan
Macky, Rev. David, Albany
Macky, John, Albany
Macneice, Messrs. W. T. & W., Stewartstown
Magill, Mrs., Mullentean
Meade, Rev. C. H., D.D., Ardtrea Glebe
Meek, W. C., solicitor
Megaw, J. & D., Linneyglass and Eary
Megaw, Miss, Stewartstown
Megaw, W. J., Legmurrie
Megaw, William, Kiloon
Miller, Wm. J., flax miller
McReynolds, Thomas, Kingsmill
McReynolds, Oliver, Dromore
McReynolds, Thomas, Ballymaguire
Newell, Wm., Lisclare House
Rainey, Robert, Eary
Reaney, Samuel B., Eary House
Reid, John H., P.L.G., Donaghendry Cottage
Shuter, J. C., J.P.
Simpson, Robert, Lisnight
Sinclair, Wm., flax miller, Spamount
Stanley, Charles, J.P., Roughan
Stewart, John, Lettercleary
Torrens, Rev. Wm., Albany
Warnock, Rev. W. J.
Woods, Robert, J.P., Stewartstown
Young, Rev. H. W., Donaghendry Glebe


Alexander, Henry, watch and clock maker
Anderson, Charles, land steward, Stuart Hall and Eary House
Begley, John, cart maker
Burrows, H. S., spirit dealer and posting establishment
Clements, H. L., painter
Davison, R., leather and timber merchant
Dunn, Robert, lime merchant, Mullintaine
Dunseith, John, tailor and draper
Ellison, John, tailor
Graham, George, boot and shoe maker
Hamilton, Wm., baker and grocer
Henderson, James
Henry, Robert & Co., woollen drapers, haberdashers
Hunter, James & Co., woollen drapers
Joyce, John, grocer
Logan, John, hardware and grocer
Lowe, Thomas, draper
Martin, J. & R., blacksmiths, Aughlargue
McAliskey, Francis, carpenter
McGaughey, Wm., grocer and leather seller
McGhee, James, Imperial Hotel
McKenna, Thomas, Railway Hotel
McKiver, James, grocer
McMahon, John
O'Neill, H., woollen draper
Park, James, cooper
Park, Samuel, grocer
Quin, Francis, grocer
Quinn, Matthew, spirit dealer
Robson, H. D.
Stewart, Robert, miller, Templeneagh
Thompson, Robert, grocer
Wilson, R., haberdasher and milliners
Wilson, Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Wilson, Robert, baker, grocer and seedsman



          Strabane is a market town in County Tyrone, 102 miles W. by N. from Belfast, eighteen N.N.W. from Omagh, and twelve from Derry, finely seated on the River Mourne, and on the line of the Great Northern Railway from Londonderry to Dublin. Strabane is the largest and most populous town in the county; and its environs are replete with interest and beauty. It was an inconsiderable village until James I., in 1611, granted the surrounding district to the Duke of Abercorn. The family of the Duke of Abercorn enjoys the title of Viscount and Baron from it. The flax and tow mills (Sion Mills) of the Messrs. Herdman, three miles distant, are very extensive. The Belfast Banking Company, Ltd., the Provincial Bank of Ireland, and the Ulster Bank, Ltd., have branches in operation here, and there is a Savings Bank, Hibernian Bank, northern branch (on Wednesdays only). There is a splendid new church erected in the Bowling Green, the foundation stone of which was laid by the Duchess of Abercorn, 17th November, 1874. The Presbyterians have two churches, the Wesleyan Methodists two, and the Roman Catholics a spacious chapel. There are several excellent public schools for gratuitous education of both sexes; these, together with a Fever Hospital, a Dispensary, and a Union Workhouse, comprise the benevolent and remedial institutions. The Second Presbyterian church has been enlarged and thoroughly repaired. The Steamboat Company is doing a very large and profitable business, under the able management of Mr. James McFarland. The Town Hall is very commodious. Fairs - 1st February, 12th May, 12th August, and 12th November; there are likewise monthly fairs on the first Thursdays in the other months. The flax markets, held on Wednesday, are the largest in the district, and are attended by buyers from every part of the province. Being the centre of a rich agricultural country, the grain market on Tuesday is very large and important. The shirt trade is extensively carried on. Stewart, McDonald, & Co., of Glasgow, have built a large steam factory on the Derry Road, and there are several other important factories, as named in the following lists. Population in 1881, 5,500
          Lifford, the County and Assize town of Donegal, is situated on the Western bank of the Foyle, opposite to Strabane, and contains the Donegal County Jail and Courthouse, the latter being for the Assizes and Quarter Sessions. The Parish Church is a neat edifice. The County Infirmary, and a bequest by Sir Richard Hansard, Bart., for educating children of the parish, are the charities. The Earl of Erne, the excellent landlord, is exceedingly liberal to his tenantry. The fairs and markets have been transferred to Strabane. A very large and handsome building has been erected in Lifford for the accommodation of the Judges of Assizes. Population in 1881, 511

Post Office, Main Street, Strabane - T. McCord, postmaster
Post Office, Lifford - H. McMenamin, postmaster
Church Wardens - R. Rawson and J. McDougal
Strabane Coroner - Robert McCrea
Lifford Coroner - John Weir
Commissioner of Affidavits - Wm. Keatly and Oliver White
Excise Office, Abercorn Arms Hotel - J. Campbell
Inspector of Markets - G. Doherty, Abercorn Square
Inspector of National Schools - Henry Cox, Elm View
Petty Sessions Office - Wm. Keatly, clerk
Police Station, Abercorn Square - O. A. T. mason, D.I.; Head-constable Harbinson
Poor Law Inspector - Mr. Micks, Derry
Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages - Dr. Trimble
Registrar of Marriages - Wm. Keatly
Stamp Office, Castle Street - W. R. Orr
Masonic Lodges - "Harmony" Lodge (102), Lifford, J. Throne, W.M. "Abercorn" Lodge (188), Strabane, Lord Claud Hamilton, W.M.
Temperance Association, Main Street - Robt. Smyth, secretary
Strabane Total Abstinence Association - Meets every month in Good Templar Hall, Barrack Street. President, Robert Smyth, J.P.
United Counties Club - President, Duke of Abercorn; vice-president, Earl of Erne
Ladies' Music Classes - Miss McKee, Miss Dillon, Miss Kearney
Lifford Endowed School - Mr. Hall, teacher
Strabane Academy - Aeneas Kerr, B.A., head master
Young Ladies' Boarding and Day Schools - Miss Worthington, Abercorn Square; Miss Kearney, Canal; Miss Mitchell, Derry Road
Hibernian Bible Society - R. J. Blair, Main Street
National Schools - Lifford, T. Gould, teacher; First Presbyterian Church, D. W. Clements, teacher; Main Street, John McCafferty, teacher; Parochial, Patrick Street, Mr. McCormick, teacher; Infant, Derry Road, S. Baxter, teacher
Banks (branches) - Belfast Banking Company (Ltd.), Main Street - W. B. Keers, manager. Provincial Bank of Ireland, Bowling Green - W. A. Scott, manager; G. Lewis, accountant. Ulster Bank (Ltd.), Abercorn Square -  F. M. Steele, manager; J. Gallaway, accountant. Hibernian - M. McCann, manager; Mr. Quirke, sub-manager. There is a branch of the Northern Bank open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fair Days, from 10 to 2 o'clock - manager, Robert Harpur
County Infirmary, Lifford - J. C. Boyd, M.B., surgeon and physician
Cricket Club - R. S. Smith, president; R. Wilson, secretary
Dispensary, Townsend Street - Dr. Trimble, surgeon
Gas Works - J. Reilly, manager
Loan Fund - Samuel Dunn, Ardstraw, treasurer
Union Workhouse (Counties of Tyrone and Donegal) - 24 Electoral Divisions. Board meets on Tuesdays. The Duke of Abercorn, Baronscourt, chairman;  John Herdman, Carricklee, vice chairman; R. J. Craig, master; Mrs. Craig, mistress; relieving officer, S. Ewing, Strabane; J. E. Sharkie, clerk and returning officer
Assurance Agents :- Alliance - M. A. Scott. British Equitable - Robert Smyth. Imperial Fire and Crown Life - T. McCann. North British and Mercantile Fire and Life - William Hamilton. Queen Fire and Life - Robert Stevenson. Royal Fire - William Smyth. Scottish Amicable Life and Alliance Fire - G. Gordon. Scottish Equitable - D. Smyth. Scottish Widows' Fund - R. S. Smyth, Belfast Bank. Standard Life and Atlas Fire - Jas. Stevenson. Sun Fire - John McCay, solicitor

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Bowling Green - Rev. M. Wilson, incumbent; Rev. A. H. Delap, B.A., curate
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. John Irwin; Second, Derry Road - Rev. C. L. Toland. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Rev. Thomas Rutherford. Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Father O'Hagan, P.P.; Revs. J. Boyle and Mr. McLaughlin, curates


Abercorn, Duke of, Baronscourt
Boyd, John, M.D., and surgeon, Donegal County Infirmary
Britton, J., M.D., L.R.C.S., Hazelwood
Cochrane, John, J.P., Lifford
Colquhoun, John, solicitor, Bowling Green; res., Castletown House
Cox, Henry, inspector of National Schools
French, Dr., apothecary, Main Street
Gallagher, P., solicitor, Bowling Green
Gillespie, J., physician & surgeon, Lifford
Glasse, W., Bowling Green
Herdman, E. T., Sion Mills
Herdman, John, Carricklee House
Hill, James, & Co., Castle Street
Humphreys, T. W. D., J.P., Donoughmore
Irwin, Rev. John
Johnston, J., dentist
McClintock, Rev. J., Lifford
Olphert, Rev. Thomas, Urney House
McCann, M., Hibernia Bank
Trimble, Dr. John, Newtown
White, O., Bowling Green
Wilson, Rev. M., incumbent
Wilson, Wm., solicitor, Bowling Green


Aikin, Andrew, saddler, Main Street
Bradley, Neal, grocer and baker, Back Street
Branagan, Denis, nurseryman, Chapel Street
Boyle, Ellen, Railway Hotel and spirit dealer, Abercorn Square and corner of New Street
Browne, Mrs., baker
Clarke & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Main Street
Connolly, James, butcher, Market Place
Connor, Mrs., milliner
Craig, Mrs., & Co., shirt factory
Crawford, John, draper, tailor, etc.
Cummings & Rawsins, wholesale drapers, Main Street
Denning, Hugh, newsagent and grocer, Main Street
Devenny, James, grocer, Canal Basin
Dillon, James, butcher, Castle Street
Dillon, Thomas, butcher, Back Street
Divine, Miss, bonnet maker, Main Street
Divine, William, spirit dealer, Markethouse Street
Donnell, J. & R., wholesale and retail grocers, corn, coal and timber merchants
Dougherty, John, cooper, Donegal Street
Duncan, Hugh, grocer and wine store, Main Street
Elliott, Wm., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, Main Street
Elliott & Sons, The Castle
Gallagher, Jas., hotel and posting establishment, Castle Street
Gallagher, John, whitesmith, Bridge End Street
Gillespie, John, book seller, Main Street
Gillespie, P., rope and twine manufacturer, Bridge End
Gray, E., printer, book seller, stationer and newsagent, Main Street
Gray, John, & Co., boot and shoe makers, Main Street
Gray, Mrs., dress maker, Irish Street
Hamilton, William, iron monger and emigration agent, Main Street
Harper, William, coal merchant, Main Street
Herdman & Co., flax and tow spinners, Sion Mills
Holmes & Co., brewers, Meetinghouse Street
Honeyford, John, butter and egg dealer, Main Street
Houston, John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Markethouse Street
Hunter, Miss, dress maker, Derry Road
Jervais, Thomas, butcher, Castle Street
Kearney, John, carpenter, Markethouse Street
Kinch, James, tailor, Main Street
Laidlaw, George, photographer
Lowry, A. & R., grocers, Main Street
Mackay, S. A., milliner and dress maker, Main Street
Mackay, J. S., auctioneer and valuator
Maguire, Hugh, grocer, timber and iron merchant, New Street
Maxwell, C., Berlin wool warehouse
Maxwell, Charles, spirit dealer, Abercorn Square
Monaghan, C., carpenter, Bridge End
Moody, S. J., Abercorn Square
McAnaw, J., baker, Castle Street
McClay, James, builder, Bridge End
McCosker, John, painter, Main Street
McDougall, Henry, hatter, Main Street
McElhenny, T., baker and confectioner, Main Street
McElwain, J. J., Commercial Hotel
McElwain, J., Farmers' Inn, Castle Street
McLaughlin, J., Agricultural Hotel
McMahon, P., watch maker and jeweller, Castle Street
McMonagle, James, boot and shoe maker
Noone, C. T., tanner and leather merchant
Northern Fire and Life Insurance Office - agent, William Harpur, Main Street
Oliver, Stevenson, draper, Main Street
O'Brien, P., & Co., drapers and tailors, Main Street
O'Flaherty, P., spirit dealer and grocer, Bridge End
Pollock, T., Abercorn Square
Simms, James, Abercorn Arms Hotel, and posting establishment
Smith, W. J., tinplate worker & brazier, Main Street
Smith, Robert, Canal Basin
Snodgrass, A., grocer, Main Street
Stapley & Smith, shirt factory, Barrack Street
Stevenson, James, iron and brass foundry, Main Street
Stewart, Ezekiel, grocer, Main Street
Stewart, McDonald & Co., shirt factory, Derry Street
Taylor, William, draper, Main Street
Tynan, Mrs., grocer, Bridge End
Walls, William, grocer and baker, Main Street
White, James, hardware merchant, Main Street
Wilson, Miss, baker and confectioner



          A small seaport in County Down, situated immediately opposite Portaferry, on the Western shore of the strait or channel. The town is the property of Lord de Ros, whose seat, Oldcourt, is adjoining; and about a mile distant is the picturesque demesne of Castleward, the seat of Lord Bangor. The town, which is in the vicinity of the fine lough of its name, contains some good houses. It has stations of the constabulary and of the coastguard. The places of worship are - The Parish Church of Ballyculter, Old Court Chapel, a Presbyterian Church, a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. Two schools supported by Lord de Ros. Fairs - February 4th, August 12th and November 8th.

Post Office and Telegraph Office, Mrs. Wallis, postmistress
Coastguard Office - Mr. Armstrong Allen, R.N., inspector
Constabulary Station - Sergeant Carroll
Harbour Master - George Swail
Weighbridge Office - William Perrott

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Parish of Ballyculter - Rev. Edward Blanchard Ryan, rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Beattie
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Ministers various
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Maginn, P.P.; Rev. B. McGarry, C.C.


Bangor, The Right Hon. Viscount, D.L., J.P., Castleward
Bangor, Lady, Castleward
Brickley, Mrs., grocer
Creen, John, Creenstown
Dawson, The Hon. Anthony & Mrs., Oldcourt
De Ros, Colonel, The Right Hon. Lord, J.P., Lord-in-Waiting to the Queen, Oldcourt
De Ros, Lady, Oldcourt
De Ros, The Dowager Baroness, Oldcourt
Hinds, I., spirit dealer
Hogan, Mrs.
Horkley, Mrs.
Murphy, Thomas, publican and grocer
McLaughlin, F. Pearce, M.B., dispensary doctor
Quaile, F., family grocer and provision merchant
Quaile, Fras., posting establishment, agent for Belfast News-Letter; also for Goulding's and other manures
Quayle, Mrs., Blackcauseway House
Quayle, Herbert, Francis, hotel
Ryan, Rev. Edward B.
Sweetman, T., draper
Thetford, William W., M.D.
Ward, Hon. Somerset, J.P., agent to the Bangor estates, Isle o' Valla House



          (Anciently "Tawnatclee," or "Tawnatelee,") is a market town in County Armagh, twenty four miles S.W. from Belfast, seated on the river Cusher, and at the intersection of the road from Portadown to Newry. The Newry Canal, which comes within a mile and a half of the town, offers all its facilities of communication for trading with the larger towns of Belfast and Newry. The Great Northern Railway passes one and a half miles from the town, on which there is a station between Tandragee and Gilford, at the Madden Bridge. The town stands on a steep hill, and consists of two principal and three smaller streets. It is on the estate of the Duke of Manchester. The mansion or Castle of Tandragee is a large and modern baronial pile, erected by the late Duke when Viscount Mandeville, and occupies the site of an ancient castellated and fortified residence. Adjoining the castle is a beautiful chapel, and the entire pile, with its adjunctive beauties, are well deserving the visit of the tourist. Petty Sessions for the division are held once a month. The Church, nearly demolished during the wars of 1641, was rebuilt in the year 1812, and enlarged in 1846, is a very handsome Gothic structure. The other places of worship are for Presbyterians, Methodists and Roman Catholics. The market is held on Wednesday. The fairs are July 5th and November 5th. Population in 1881, 1,592

Post Office, Market Street - Dinah McWhinney, mistress and stamp distributor (postmistress)
Police Station - James Bonis, district inspector, Portadown; Wm. Power, sergt., Market Street
Belfast Banking Company (Limited), Market Street - T. B. Powell, manager; Henry Hayes, cashier, Market Street; Saml. Ekin, accountant, the Bank
Dispensary - James Taylor, medical officer, physician and surgeon
School, Common Hill - R. Ross, teacher male school; Frances Hanvey, teacher female school
National School, Market Street - Rev. William Donnelly, patron; Jas. Devlin and Mrs. Rice, teachers
Drumnaleg National School - Rev. William McEndoo, patron; Samuel Gilmore, teacher

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Church Street - Rev. William McEndoo, M.A., rector; Rev. T. McEndoo, curate, Market Street
Presbyterian Church, Market Street - Rev. A. R. Foye, Mountpleasant
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Market Street - Rev. J. Dickson, Church Street
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Wm. Donnelly, P.P.
Baptist Chapel, Gilford Road - Rev. Jno. Taylor
Mullavilly Church - Vacant
Mullavilly Chapel - Rev. Michael Loughran, P.P., Mullavilly
Clare Church - Rev. Wm. McEndoo, rector of Tandragee; Rev. T. McEndoo, curate, curate of Tandragee
Clare Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert J. Whan, The Manse, Clare
Clare Seceding Church - Rev. Joseph Stewart, Clare


Atkinson, Edward, solicitor, Church Street
Bell, Benjamin, Drumart House
Clarke, Thomas, Athol Cottage
Dickson, Rev. J.
Donnelly, Wm., P.P., Market Street
Foy, Rev. A., Presbyterian minister
Hardy, Mrs. Ann, Montagu Street
Henry, James, Corlust, Clare
Kilpatrick, Thomas, Cabra Grove
Lofty, Henry, C.E., Church Street
Loughran, Rev. Michael, P.P., Mullavilly
Loughran, Rev. M., C.C., Mullavilly
Madock, Henry, civil engineer
Manchester, His Grace the Duke of, Tandragee Castle
Mandeville, Viscount, Tandragee Castle
Moloney, The Misses
Moore, Miss, Ladies' School
Moore, Mrs.
Morrison, Thomas, Sandy Hill
McCreight, William, Derryallen
McEndoo, Rev. William, rector of Tandragee Church, Market Street
O'Brien, Charles W., J.P., Captain, Armagh Militia, agent for the Duke of Manchester, Manor House
Powell, T. B., manager Belfast Bank, Market Street
Sinton, Maynard, Laurel Vale
Stewart, Rev. J., Clare
Stewart, Rev. Joseph, Clare
Suliot, Miss Lydia, Ballymore House
Taylor, James, physician and surgeon, Tandragee
Taylor, Mrs., Tandragee
Taylor, Rev. John, Baptist minister, Gilford Road
Turtle, William John, Mullavilly House
Wallace, J. H., physician and surgeon, Market Street
Wardell, J. F., Laurel Vale
White, Thomas Henry, J.P., Orange Hill
White, Miss Maria, Ballymore House
Whan, Rev. Robt. J., The Manse, Clare


Adair, Catherine, iron founder, Mullintur
Adair, Thomas, shuttle maker
Acheson, John, farmer, Broomfield, Clare
Anderson, John, grocer, flax and grass seed merchant, Market Street
Annett, Archibald, sexton of church, Market Street
Annett, James S., manufacturer, Ballylisk
Babe, Charles, linen cloth agent, Laurel Villa
Baltyloft, F. L., accountant, Laurel Vale
Barr, Samuel James, grocer and hardware merchant, Market Street
Baxter, Robert, earthenware dealer and tinsmith, Market Street
Berkley, James, spinning mill
Best, Margaret, sewer, Mill Street
Best, Thomas, carpenter, Ballymore
Bisset, David, tailor, Market Street
Bosomworth, John W., game keeper, The Lodge
Bradley, John, horse breaker
Brown, Robert, Violet Hill
Brown, Robert, baker, Church Street
Brown, W. J., accountant, spinning mill
Burns, Bernard, cattle dealer, Market Street
Burns, Bernard, Farmer's Hotel, Market Street
Byrne, Patrick, butcher
Clarke, Thomas, Athol Cottage
Coates, Mrs., dispensary nurse, Tullyhue
Coburn, J. & J., flour millers, Modoge
Collen, Thomas, Market Street
Collen, jun., Thomas, contractor, Ballyknock
Couser, James, shoe maker, Market Street
Crothers, James, woollen draper, Market Street
Davison, George, hotel, Market Street
Davison, jun., George, baker, Market Street
Davison, Hugh, Temperance Hotel
Davison, Mrs. Mary, news agent, Market Street
Davidson, G., Temperance Hotel, &c.
Devlin, James, school master National school, Market Street
Dickson, George, grocer, seed and provision merchant, Market Street
Dinsmore, James, Mandeville Arms Hotel, Market Street
Dolaghan, Mary, spirit dealer, Gilford Street
Dolaghan, John, dealer, Market Street
Donley, H., earthenware dealer
Emerson, Robt., clerk of Petty Sessions, Market Street
Emerson, Robert, grocer and provision merchant and undertaker, Market Street
Evans, Robert, pig dealer, Market Street
Ewings, Robert, farmer, Cargans
Fagan, James, mechanic
Gamble, J., carrier
Gamble, R., butcher
Geoghegan, Mary, dealer and lodgings, Market Street
Gibson, J., blacksmith
Gillis, Dinah, Market Street
Gillis, Elizabeth, milliner, Market Street
Gillis, Mary, haberdasher, Market Street
Gillis, R., estate inspector
Gilmore, Samuel, school teacher, Drumnaleg
Gilpin, Richard, accountant, Laurel Vale
Graham, Mary A., organist, Church Street
Grant, Charles, dealer and fowl merchant, Church Street
Greenaway, J., painter and glazier
Greenaway, W., law clerk
Greenaway, William, Market Street
Grimason, Edward, blacksmith, Church Street
Grimason, J., blacksmith
Greer, Samuel, land surveyor, Montagu Street
Greer, Thomas, saddler and harness maker
Hackett, John, clerk, Market Street
Hagan, Eliza, dealer, Market Street
Hagan, John, publican, Market Street
Hagan, John, spirit dealer, Market Street
Hagan, Jas., carpenter and contractor, Market Street
Hanna, Robert, lodgings, Market Street
Harcourt, Jane, spirit dealer, Market Street
Hardy, Mrs. Ann
Hare Brothers, shoe makers, Ballylisk
Harvey, Bella, dress maker, Market Street
Harvey, G., carpenter
Harvey, George, Market Street
Harvey, Thomas, leather and shoe merchant, Market Street
Heak, James, farmer, Cargans
Henry, J., farmer, Corlust, Clare
Henry, Robert, shoe maker, Market Street
Hughes, Philip, grocer, Mill Street
Jelly, Seth, grocer, grain and seed merchant, Market Street
Kilpatrick, Thomas, farmer, Cabra Grove
Kilpatrick, William, manufacturer, Cabra Grove
Kinney, Patrick, baker, Market Street
Lamb, William, carpenter
Leeman, James, National school master
Livingstone, James Edward, station master, Madden Bridge
Loughran, Sarah, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street
Maddock, Henry, civil engineer, Church Street
Maginnis, Margaret, grocer and hardware dealer, Church Street
Maginnis, Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, Market Street
Maginnis, Peter, dealer, Market Street
Matchett, George Madden, jun., Maddon Bridge
Mathers, William, foreman hackler, Market Street
Mathews, John, painter and glazier
Mayes, Samuel, plumber and gas fitter, Mill Street
Meredith, Miss, haberdasher and milliner
Meredith, Robert, carpenter and grocer, Mill Street
Morrison, Margaret, shoe maker, Market Street
Morrison, Thomas, farmer, Sandy Hill
Munro, Edward, marine store
Munro, Mary, green grocer, Market Street
McAlpin, William, preparing master
McCallan, James, civil bill officer, Market Street
McCallen, Samuel, grocer and woollen draper, Market Street
McCann, Bernard, butcher, Market Street
McClelland, William, miller, Clare
McCormick, Arthur, land steward to the Duke of Manchester
McCreight, William, farmer, Derryallen
McCullough, Sarah, confectioner, Market Street
McCullough, W., painter and glazier, Market Street
McCullough, William, tailor, Market Street
McCune, Lucinda, loan fund, Market Street
McDonald, David, grocer
McDonald, James, carpenter
McElroy, Sarah, grocer, Church Street
McGee, Sarah, dress maker, Mill Street
McHenry, Ellen, confectioner, Market Street
McHenry, Mrs., Market Square
McHenry, Margaret, dress maker, Market Street
McKelvey, Mary, dress maker, Market Street
McKinlay, George, butcher, Market Street
McMahon, Robert, farmer, Clare
McMurray, J., grocer and stone mason, Market Street
McWhinney, Dinah, dress maker, Market Street
Nesbit, Thomas, grocer, &c.
O'Hanlon, James, dealer, Market Street
O'Hare, James, baker and grocer, Market Street
O'Hare, Mary, haberdasher, Market Street
Overend, David, farmer, Tullyhue
Parker, William, shoe maker
Pentland, Mrs., Church Street
Purdy, James, tailor and draper, Market Street
Qua, Agnes, haberdasher and delf, Market Street
Quinn, Elizabeth, spirit dealer, Church Street
Rice, Mrs. Letitia, teacher, Market Street
Rodden, Edward, grocer, spirit dealer, woollen draper and undertaker, Market Street
Ross, Robert, school teacher, Cannon Hill
Ryans, Thomas, chandler, Mill Street
Sheils, John, reed maker, Market Street
Sinton, William Henry, farmer, Tannamore
Speers, Alexander, carrier, Mill Street
Stewart, Hugh, flour miller, Clare
Stirling, Robert, watch maker, Market Street
Taggart, Mrs. Agnes, haberdasher, Market Street
Taylor, James, woollen draper and haberdasher, Market Street
Taylor, Mrs., Market Square
Toal, Catherine, dealer, Mill Street
Toal, Thos., dealer and pork merchant, Market Street
Trotter, R., commissioner for taking affidavits and clerk of commissioners, Cornmarket Street
Trotter, Wm., coachman to the Duke of Manchester, The Castle
Turtle, William J., linen manufacturer, Mullavilly
Wallace, James, spirit dealer, timber and iron merchant, Market Street
Wardell, Henry, accountant, Laurel Vale
Whiteside, J., grocer, delf, grain and grass seed merchant, Market Street
Whitten, Edward, rate collector
Williamson, David, grocer, Market Street
Wolfe, Rev. E. J., Mullavilly Vicarage
Wright, James, farmer, Mullavilly
Wright, H., farmer, Ballylisk



          Waringstown a clean and picturesque little village in the parish of Donaghcloney and County of Down, two miles from Lurgan; it contains about 700 inhabitants, and takes its name from the family of Waring, which settled here more than two hundred years ago, when driven from England by the religious persecutions during Queen Mary's reign. The village consists of two principal streets, which are broad and commodious, and planted with beautiful plane trees, adding greatly to the  appearance of the place. Damask weaving is briskly carried on in the village and neighbourhood. The chief buildings are the Parish Church, a venerable edifice more than 200 years standing, the massive tower being roofed, as few places now are, with oak shingle; the Presbyterian Church is a modern building in the Italian style of architecture; the Court House is in the middle of the village, and three National Schools - one each for boys, girls and infants. About two miles away, in the direction of Banbridge, lies the village of Donaghcloney, which possesses few features of interest beyond the natural beauties of the district. There are several gentlemen's residences in the neighbourhood; and the weaving factory and bleach green (on the river Lagan), belonging to Messrs. W. Liddell & Co., gives employment to a large number of people. The only public buildings are - the Presbyterian Church at Old Donaghcloney, and the Banoge, Donaghcloney and Fortescue National Schools.


Adamson, John, civil bill officer, Waringstown
Atkinson, Rev. A., The Glebe, Waringstown
Atkinson, Abraham, farmer, Magherana
Atkinson, W., spirit and general merchant, Waringstown
Bailie, Miss, Millhill Road
Baillie, Mrs., farmer, Springhill, Waringstown
Baillie, Thomas, farmer, Anaghanoon
Baxter, Francis, Banoge National School
Beattie, Joseph, farmer, Annamakeonan
Beattie, Robert, farmer, Donaghcloney
Beatty, Samuel J., baker, Waringstown
Bowen, Thos., farmer, Tiersogue, Waringstown
Brown, T. B., general merchant, Waringstown
Cairns, James, grocer, Donaghcloney
Calder, J., carpenter and wheelwright, Millhill
Cosbey, Henry, farmer, Banoge, Donaghcloney
Dickson, Robert, The Demesne, Waringstown
Doherty, James, carpenter, Waringstown
Dowey, Oliver, saddler, Waringstown
Elliott, Israel, blacksmith, Old Donaghcloney
Evans, Miss, school mistress, Millhill Road, Waringstown
Ferguson, F., spirit & general grocer, Donaghcloney
Forde, Rev. R., curate, Lurgan
Frier, Wm., M.D., The Dispensary, Waringstown
Garrett, Mrs., Anaghanoon
Gillespie, J., school master, Corcreany National School
Graham, S., farmer, Anaghanoon, Waringstown
Hamilton, Wm., post office, Old Donaghcloney
Harland, Jas., school master, Woodview Cottage, Waringstown
Harper, Sergeant, R.I.C., Waringstown
Harwood, J. W., postmaster, Waringstown
Henning, J., & Co., linen manufacturers, Waringstown
Henning, Mrs., Cambra House, Waringstown
Hull, Thos., boot and shoe maker, Waringstown
Kennedy, James, blacksmith, Waringstown
Liddell, W., J.P., Banoge House, Donaghcloney
Martin, W. J., grocer and dealer, Donaghcloney
Murray, Sampson, tailor, Banoge, Donaghcloney
McAlister, Mrs., Lurgan
McCammond, James, farmer, Donaghcloney
McCartan, Miss, Waringstown
McCartan, J., farmer, Corcreany, Waringstown
McCaw, Mrs., Draper Hill, Waringstown
McCaw, John B., Waringstown
McCollum, Archibald, tailor, Waringstown
McConn, J., draper, haberdasher, Donaghcloney
McMurray, Thomas, Waringstown
Larks, Rev. D., Presbyterian minister, Lamb's Island, Donaghcloney
Prentiss, John, Waringstown
Ruddock, R., spirit and general grocer, Waringstown
Waring, Colonel Thomas, M.P., J.P., D.L., Waringstown
Watson, Francis, J.P., Lakeview
Whaley, Mrs., Knockboy House, Waringstown
Williams, Mrs., Waringstown



          Is a seaport in the County Down, thirty five miles from Belfast, and five from Newry. A castle was built near this place in 1212 by Hugh de Lacy, to protect the ferry across the Channel, where it narrows, from which it was called Narrow-Water Castle; it was destroyed in the war of 1641, and was rebuilt by the Duke of Ormond in 1663. The site of the present town was a rabbit-warren, whence it is said to have derived its name, and in 1780 was but little known. The town, which is now well lighted with gas, has also an abundant supply of water. Warrenpoint has been placed under the Towns Improvement Act, 1854, and has also become an Urban Sanitary District under the Public Health Act, 1878. It is governed by twelve Town Commissioners. Very great improvements have been made in the bathing accommodation for ladies. There is any amount of accommodation for visitors in the bathing season, and several new buildings are now in course of erection, which will add materially to the size and appearance of the town. There are hot and cold baths, and some good hotels. Large vessels trading to Newry are obliged to lie here, where the water is deep, with good anchorage and perfect shelter. There is a good quay here, at which large vessels can load and discharge their cargoes. The trade of the port is greatly improved latterly. Large quantities of coal are annually discharged; and vessels, by the help of a new and powerful crane - worked by steam - can be discharged in a few hours. The branch of the Great Northern Railway (Ireland) line connects this town with Newry. A patent slip has also been erected. Communication between this port and the ports of Liverpool and Glasgow is maintained by steamers; by this means large quantities of agricultural produce, cattle, poultry, eggs and oysters are exported, and British and foreign produce, principally coals, received in return. Petty Sessions held on alternate Tuesdays. The Parish Church is a neat building in the early English style, erected in 1825, and has been recently enlarged and improved. Two beautiful stained glass windows have been erected in the new transept aisle, to the memory of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Narrow-Water Castle, and the front entrance has been very much improved and enlarged. The Parish Church of Clonallon is a mile distant. The Presbyterians have recently much improved their Church, which is now very comfortable. The Unitarians, Methodists, and Roman Catholics have each their respective place of worship. Fairs are held on the last Friday of each month. Population, 2,000; in summer, about 5,000.

Post Office, The Square - Three deliveries each day. R. A. Jones, postmaster.
Customs Station, Havelock Place - P. Boyle, Chief Officer
Petty Sessions held first and third Tuesday of each month. Magistrates attending - Messrs. W. J. Hall, D.L.; Joseph Mayne, J.P.; Daniel McArdle, J.P.; A. E. Douglas, M.D., J.P.; W. J. Watson, J.P.; Francis Horner, J.P.; David Martin, J.P.; A. F. Campbell, J.P.; Major Roger Hall, J.P.; Earl Kilmorey, Captain John Ross, J.P.; C. E. T. Leslie, J.P. Clerk - R. Erskine, Newry
Town Commissioners meet first Monday of each month - Messrs. G. W. Francis, J.P. (Chairman); Jos. Mayne, J.P.; Thomas McMurray, James Swann, John Crawford, John Grandy, James Wilson, John Davis, Isaac Corkey, James McMurray, Robinett Grandy, and Robert Lucas. Town Clerk, B. McKernan
Ladies' School, Athelby Terrace - Madam Ternau, principal; Miss Weir, assistant
Classical School, Sea View - Rev. G. W. Bannister, principal
National Schools, Dromore Road - W. O'Neill Jameson, principal; Mr. Lyons, assistant. Peter Street - Francis Nugent, principal
Convent Schools, Havelock Place - Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy
Temperance Associations: Band of Hope - Thomas Smith, President. Meets once a week in Town Hall
League of St. Patrick - Rev. Hugh O'Reilly, President. Meets once a week, in St. Patrick's Hall
Gas Company - Directors: Messrs. Major Hall, D.L.; P. Quinn, J.P.; Dr. Douglas, J.P.; James Savage, and Rev. John Bryson. Sec., B. M. Kernon; manager, A. Ross.  Meets first Wednesday in each month
Dispensary - Dr. A. E. Douglas, J.P.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Warrenpoint - Rev. T. B. Naylor, incumbent.  Clonallon - Rev. R. E. Glenny, rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. D. Mitchell
Methodist Church - Ministers various
Unitarian Church - Rev. G. W. Bannister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. H. O'Neill, P.P.


Aiken, John, Back Seaview
Armstrong, James, Church Street
Black, Mrs., Havelock Place
Bradley, John, Duke Street
Burns, Hugh, Newry Street
Burns, John, Newry Street
Carey, Thomas, solicitor, St. Leonards
Carr, Bernard, Church Street
Carr, John, Thomas Street
Crowe, Rev. Charles, Seaview
Curran, James, Newry Street
Darcy, Michael, Seaview
Delahunt, Michael, Charlotte Street
Donaghy, Hugh, Church Street
Dougan, David, Summer Hill
Douglas, A. E., M.D., J.P., Seaview
Douglas, Mrs., Best Row
Duff, James, Church Street
Fennell, James, Moygannon
Flanigan, John, dealer, Duke Street
Flanigan, William, car owner, Duke Street
Geough, John, lodgings, Newry Street
Gibson, James, Duke Street
Gilbert, Mrs., Seaview
Girvin, James, Post Office Street
Glenny, Misses, Mereham Terrace
Glenny, Rev. R. E., Clonallon Glebe
Graham, Mrs., Mereham Terrace
Grandy, R., auctioneer, Summer Hill
Grant, John, Thomas Street
Green, John, Seaview
Gwynne, Mrs., Seaview
Hanna, Mrs., The Square
Heaton, Robert, Great George's Street
Henry, Misses, Mereham Terrace
Hill, George, East Street
Hill, Robert, Post Office Street
Hillan, John, Church Street
Hodson, Alexander, Charlotte Street
Hooks, Joseph, Osborne Terrace
Horner, Miss, Seaview
Hudson, John, Thomas Street
Irwine, James, East Street
Irwine, Mrs., Best Row
Jameson, Wm. O., Dromore
Jones, George, Summer Hill
Keenan, Francis, publican, The Square
Kelly, John, lodgings, Church Street
Kelly, James, Thomas Street
Keown, Hamilton, Charlotte Street
Kerr, Robert, boot maker, Church Street
Larmour, William, Charlotte Street
Lecky, Brown C. W., Fintamara
Lee, Thomas R., Newry Street
Lennon, Patrick, Back Seaview
Lucas, Robert, Downey Terrace
Lyons, John, Charlotte Street
Lynch, Edward, Newry Street
Lyster, Mrs., publican, The Square
Magee, John, publican, Post Office Street
Magivern, Michael, Post Office Street
Magivern, William, Church Street
Maguigan, Stephen, publican, Church Street
Millar, William, grocer, Dock Square
Milligan, Thomas, Osborne Terrace
Mitchell, Rev. David, Mereham Terrace
Moffit, Samuel, The Square
Morgan, Samuel, The Square
Morgan, Mrs., Thomas Street
Morrow, Mrs., Summer Hill
Moore, G. B., M.D., The Promenade
Mullin, James, Post Office Street
Murray, The Misses, Church Street
Munroe, John, Peter Street
Murdock, Samuel, Post Office Street
McArdle, Daniel, J.P., Best Row
McArdle, Patrick, Duke Street
McBlain, Mrs., Linten Lodge
McClean, The Misses, Summer Hill
McHugh, John, saddler, Dock Square
McLaughlin, Robert, Peter Street
McMurray, Thomas, The Promenade
McParland, Denis, Charlotte Street
Naylor, Rev. J. B., The Vicarage
O'Neill, Rev. Henry, Peter Street
O'Reilly, Rev. Hugh, Peter Street
Patterson, John, publican, Newry Street
Patton, John, Charlotte Street
Peatt, Edward, Mansion House
Pedlow, Bros., grocers, The Square
Pedlow, Edward, grocer, The Square
Rodger, Davis, Clonallon Cottage
Taylor, Mrs., Seaview
Torrible, William, Summer Hill
Traynor, Stephen, Post Office Street
Tuken, Joseph, Best Row
Turner, Miss, Osborne Terrace
Watson, W. J., J.P., The Promenade
Ward, Bernard, Thomas Street
Whaley, Rev. Thomas, Osborne Terrace
Wilson, James, Marine Parade
Wilson, William C., Seaview
Winn, Mrs., Seaview
Woods, Rev. Cornelius, Peter Street

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