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1890 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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          A market town and seaport in the County Antrim, about seventeen miles from Belfast, by the coach road, and twenty four and a half miles by railway, nine miles North from Carrickfergus, lying on the road from Glenarm to Belfast at the head of Lough Larne, on the coast of the North Channel, in the Irish Sea. The town was originally called Inver. It is one of the most flourishing towns in the North of Ireland, beautifully situate on the north-east coast of Antrim, and has, of late years, become one of the leading passenger ports of the country. By the "Short Sea Passage Service" between Larne and Stranraer (distance 39½ miles), passengers from Belfast and the North of Ireland can now reach Scotland and the North of England in a very short time, and the journey from Belfast to London only occupies about sixteen hours, with a sea passage of two and a half hours. The State Line ocean steamers call at Larne weekly to embark passengers for America. The fact that such large steamers can come alongside the wharf at all states of the tide is of itself sufficient to prove that Larne "is the safest and the easiest of access of any port on the North-East coast of Ireland." As a harbour for goods and passenger traffic, Larne occupies a most commanding position, being distant in statute miles from the following ports :- Glasgow, 116 miles; Liverpool, 156 miles; Stranraer, 39½ miles. There is a bi-weekly steam service to Glasgow; to Stranraer (Royal Mail), daily; Ayr, three times a week; to New York, weekly; to Campbeltown and Liverpool, weekly. Near the harbour are the ruins of Olderfleet Castle, at one time "important as a defensive fortress against the predatory bands of Scots who invested the North-Eastern coast, and was under the direction of a governor." The office was held in 1569 by Sir Moses Hill, but in 1598 it was thought no longer necessary, and accordingly abolished. The Castle and adjoining territory were granted in 1610 to Sir Arthur Chichester, the founder of the noble family of Donegal. It was here that Edward Bruce, the last monarch of Ireland, landed with his band of Scots, when he endeavoured to free Ireland from the English rule in 1315. In the summer season many visitors are attracted to Larne as a salubrious retreat and well adapted bathing place. Petty Sessions are held fortnightly. The exports are lime, limestone, whiting, iron ore, paper, linen, flour, grain, cattle, sheep, horses, pork, butter, &c. The imports are coal, timber, slates, Esparto grass, general goods, &c. Linen and flour are extensively manufactured in the town and neighbourhood. There has recently been erected large mills for the manufacture of paper, and a weaving and spinning factory on Glenarm road. Several iron ore mines have lately been opened, and are now yielding an abundant supply of ore. There is a large and commodious market place, occupying an acre of ground, which, since its formation in 1864, has contributed very much to the general prosperity of Larne. There is a magnificent Town Hall, the gift of the late Charles McGarel, Esq., J.P., D.L., to the inhabitants of Larne. The McGarel Buildings, a charitable institution, erected on a piece of rising ground commanding a beautiful view of Larne Lough, were also built by the same gentleman. On the opposite hill at Glebe stands the Larne Grammar School, erected by the late Sir E. Coey and Mr. John Andrews. There is one local paper published, The Larne Weekly Reporter (established 1865). At the far Curran is a battery for training Royal Naval Reserve men, having two guns, 32 pounders. There is a good Parish Church, which, previous to being repaired in 1819, had some specimens of ancient architecture; besides two churches for the Presbyterians, one each for the Methodists, Unitarians, Independents, and Roman Catholics. Two very handsome mission houses have been built and endowed by the late Mr. John Getty, of Belfast. The monthly market is held for the sale of black cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, &c., on the second Thursday of each month. Fairs, July 31st and December 1st. Population in 1881, 4,434; present population, 6,375

Post Office - Mrs. Read, post mistress. Dublin day mail despatched at 1-15 p.m., and received at 3-40 p.m. Dublin night mail despatched at 4-20 p.m., and received at 8-20 a.m.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Larne and Inver - Rev. Thomas P. Morgan, M.A., rector.  Glynn - Rev. Richard C. Oulton, M.A., incumbent.  Cairncastle - Rev. R. A. Phenix, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church - First - Rev. John Lyle Donaghy, minister. Second - Rev. James McGranahan, minister. Raloo - Rev. Ewing Gilfillan, minister. Magheramourne - Rev. David G. McCrea, minister. Cairncastle - Rev. John Christie, minister
Reformed Presbyterian Meeting house, Main Street - Ministers, various
Old Presbyterian (Unitarian) Church - Rev. James Kennedy, minister. Cairncastle - Rev. Frederick Thomas, minister. Raloo - Rev. James R. Turner, minister
Independent Church - Rev. S. Robinson, minister
Methodist Church - Rev. R. E. Gibson, minister
The Getty Mission House (2) - Rev. J. H. Melville, missionary
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Francis McKenna, P.P.; Rev. John Nolan, curate

Public Institutions

Belfast Banking Co. (branch) - Alex. Williams, manager; J. J. Long, cashier; James A. Gordon, accountant; James Mair, assistant
Northern Banking Company - Arthur Dudgeon, manager; J. Nethery, cashier
Ulster Banking Company - James Morrow, manager; William Ringland, cashier
Larne National Schools - Boys' department, W. J. Crooks, head teacher; R. McKeown, assistant. Girls' department, Miss Whiteford, head teacher.  Infant department, Miss Moore, teacher
Larne and Inver National School - Joseph Parr, head teacher; W. Forbes, assistant. Mrs. Wallace, Miss Foster, and Miss Martin, female assistants
Larne Female National School (No. 2) - Miss McQuoid, principal; Miss Moore, assistant
Intermediate School, Main Street - Principal, Alfred J. Diggens. English, music and drawing masters attend
North End National Schools - Boys' department, Timothy Quaile, principal; Patrick Augustine Mulreany, assistant. Girls' department, Miss McKeegan, principal
Private Schools - Miss Calwell, The Roddens; Miss Cunningham, Main Street; Miss Creighton, Main Street
Parochial School, Pound Street - Miss Douglas, teacher
Union Workhouse - Thirteen electoral divisions - Board meets on Wednesdays. Chairman, Campbell W. Tweed, Cairncastle; vice chairman, Henry McNeill, Portpier; clerk and returning officer, W. Hay, Larne; John Davey, master; Miss Meharg, matron; Wm. Austin, school master; Miss Martha B. Craig, school mistress; Chas. Hamilton, Larne, and Thos. G. Feeney, relieving officers
Dispensary & Fever Hospital - John M. Killen, M.D., Larne, attending surgeon
Custom House - Principal coast officer, John Bennett, Point Street.  Officer Inland Revenue, J. D. Large, Mountpleasant


Agnew, William, J.P., Kilwaughter Castle
Arnold, Wm., Point Street Flour Mill
Atkinson, William D., solicitor
Atkinson, the Misses
Barklie, Thomas, Inver
Bowman, John A.
Burke, W. H.
Casement, The Misses, Invermore
Chaine, J., Cairncastle
Clark, Stewart, J.P., Cairncastle
Coey, Edward, J.P.
Crawford, P.
Eccles, William, Larne
Gibson, R. E.
Gilfillan, Rev. Ewing, Mounthill
Hill Bros., Millbrook Weaving Factory
Hunter, Robert, M.D., Main Street
Johnston, Wm., Glynn
Kennedy, Rev. James
Killen, John M., M.D., Main Street
Lewis, J. R., M.R.C.V.S., Royal Terrace, Larne Harbour
Macaulay, John, J.P., Red Hall
Magheramorne, Lord, M.P., Magheramorne
Melvin, Rev. J. H.
Montgomery, Mrs., Main Street
McCormick, Mrs., Ardmore
McCrea, Rev. David G., Magheramorne
McKenna, Rev. Francis, P.P.
McNeill, Malcolm, J.P., The Curran
McNinch, Dr. Joseph, Pound Street
McNinch, James W., solicitor
Nolan, Rev. John, C.C.
Oulton, Rev. Richard C., A.M., Glynn
Phenix, Rev. R. A., Kilwaughter
Robinson, Rev. S.
Shaw, Rev. R. H., Islandmagee
Simms, Wm., Bona Vista Terrace
Smiley, H. H., Drumalis
Smyth, the Misses, Duneira
Stafford, A. W., Gardenmore
Thomas, Rev. Fredk., Cairncastle
Turner, Rev. A., Raloo
Whiteford, Dr. J., Main Street
Williams, Alexander, J.P.


Abernethy, James, lodging house and haberdasher
Baine, George, baker
Barklie, J. & A., linen merchants
Barklie, William, boot and shoe maker
Barry, William, grocer and provision merchant, Mill Street
Baxter, William, town clerk
Beggs, Hugh, painter, glazier and gilder
Beggs, William S., grocer and inn keeper
Bell, Robert, saddler
Bells, Mrs., painter and glazier
Berry, Albert, family grocer, druggist and patent medicine vendor, Dunluce Street
Blaine, Geo., temperance coffee rooms, Main Street
Boyd, James, book seller and stationer, book binder and picture frame maker, Main Street
Brannigan, B., clothier, Mill Street
Bruce, John, roper
Campbell & Co., D., woollen drapers, Dunluce Street
Carson, Thomas, groceries, provision merchant and spirit dealer, Pound Street
Cornhill Cloth Company, Main Street
Crawford & Nelson, woollen drapers and stamp distributors
Crawford, John, wine and spirit merchant
Crawford, W., grocer and coach builder, Pound Street
Cummins, E., grocery
Cunningham, Thomas, grocer
Dermitt, R. V., Larne Flour Mills
Donovan, S. O., druggist and chemist
Dowds, D., Trotter, George, McGregor, P., plumbers and gas fitters
Drummond, John, grocer and spirit dealer
English, David, inn keeper
English, Robert, tailor
English, Thomas, grocer, Curran Road
Esler, William, woollen draper and merchant tailor, Dunluce Street
Feeney, Patrick, spirit dealer, Pound Street
Ferguson, Miss, family grocer, Mill Street
Ferris, Mrs., grocer, china, delf, and glass shop
Ferris, Charles, plasterer
Fleck, J., refreshment rooms, Main Street
Fleming, Alexander, grocer, china, glass, delf and earthenware merchant, Point Street
Foster, James, bakery, Main Street
Foster, Edward, grocer and hardware merchant
Foster, Rachael, draper and milliner, Mill Street
Fullerton, John, grocer, watch maker and jeweller
Fullerton, David, grocer, watch maker and jeweller
Garvey, Bernard, family grocer, Main Street
Gault & Co., timber and slate merchants
Gilmore, Mrs., cabinet maker and upholsterer, Main Street
Gilliland, John, boot and shoe maker
Graham, Gawn, saddler and harness maker
Hamilton, Alexander, ship chandlery, house furnishing warehouse, and grocer
Hamilton, James, grocer and hardware merchant
Hamilton, William, inn keeper, Mill Street
Hamilton, William, grocery, hardware and grain merchant, Dunluce Street
Howden, Brothers, ship owners and coal merchants, Cross Street
Hutton, G. R., woollen draper
Jackson, J., victualler
Jenkins, Alexander, monuments, tombstones, headstones, station road
Kane Bros., Larne foundry
Kerr's boot and shoe shop, Main Street
King's Arms, Main Street, F. E. Jester, manager
Kirker, A., victualler
Lennon, H. N. & J., woollen drapers, Point Street
Lennon, N., millinery
Lynn, John, painter
Macaulay, Robert, & Sons, grain merchants and millers, Inver Mills
Moore & Davis, boot and shoe makers
Morrison, John, watch and clock maker
Murray, Miss, milliner and haberdasher
Myers, J., painter and decorator
McCalmont, J., printer, proprietor of The Larne Reporter
McClurgage, D., boot maker and leather cutter (McCluggage?)
McDowell, Alex., saddler and leather merchant
McDowell, John, grocer
McFerran, Bros., linen yarn bleachers, Millbrook
McGregor, Peter, manager Gas Works
McKisock, John & James, boat builders
McMeekin, Wm., nail, iron and coal merchant
McNeill, H., spirit dealer and posting establishment
McNeill, Wm., builder and carpenter, Main Street
McNinch, John, grocer
McQuillan, John, grocer, meal, and flour merchant, Mill Street
McWilliams, James, inn keeper and family grocer, Pound Street
Nairn, John A., woollen draper and silk mercer
Nelson, Thomas, inn keeper
Nichol, Malcolm, boot and shoe maker and leather dealer
Olderfleet Hotel, Larne Harbour, C. McCallum
Patton, E., grocery
Petrie, W., butcher
Pinkerton, Wm., engineer and smith works
Read, Mrs., book seller
Robinson, Mrs. M., inn keeper
Robin, Hugh, tailor and clothier
Ross, James, clothier and dyer
Russell, John, tailor, clothier, and draper
Stewart, Miss, King's Arms Hotel
Taggart, J.
Teare, Mrs., grocer and provision merchant
The Larne Timber and Slate Company, steam saw mills, Railway Station
Thompson, Mrs., bonnet maker and haberdasher
Towell, David, woollen draper, Main Street
Turner, Miss, dress maker
Wiles, Francis, grocer and bakery
Wilson, Robert & James, provision merchants and cheese factors, Main Street
Wilson, Russell, family grocer, 90 Main Street
Wilson, J., provision merchant
Young, F., inn keeper, Cross Street
Young, Hugh G., woollen draper and auctioneer, Cross Street



          Laurencetown is a small post town in the parish of Tullylish, Barony of Lower Iveagh, and County of Down, situated on the banks of the River Bann, on the leading road from Gilford to Banbridge, three, miles N.W. of the latter, and two miles E. of the former. It possesses railway communication, and has a station on the line of the Banbridge and Scarva Junction Railway. Tullylish Church, built in 1861, and consecrated in 1862, accommodates 800 people with seats, and is a neat, comfortable building. Tullylish Presbyterian Church was rebuilt in the summer of 1877, and accommodates 700 persons. Tullylish Roman Catholic Chapel accommodates 500 worshippers.

Post Office, Money Order Office, Savings Bank &c. - (Sub under Portadown) - Samuel Hamilton Flynn, post master. Letters arrive from Portadown at 7 a.m. and are despatched at 8-15 p.m. A day mail is despatched at 7-35 a.m. to Armagh, Belfast and Banbridge and receives the Dublin, Holyhead and Newry mails by train at 11-42 a.m.; these are despatched at 2-25 p.m. and the Armagh, Belfast and Banbridge mails are received at 5-35 p.m.
Constabulary - Charles McMannon, constable in charge; W. J. Miller, sub inspector; res. Banbridge
Bann National Schools - Male teacher, Francis Armstrong; female teacher, Mrs. Armstrong; Rev. B. O'Hagan, P.P., patron
Knocknagor National Schools - Teacher, Saml. McCracken; patron, A. G. R. Stewart; manager, Edmund Murphy


Banford Bleachworks Company, Banford
Bell, Mrs. James Greer, Tullylish House
Brennan, Bernard, linen merchant, Knocknagor Scutch Mill; res., Woodview House
Campbell, Bernard, linen manufacturer, Clare
Chambers, William, M.D., Rosehall
Chambers, James R., cess collector, Ballylough
Davison, William, station master
Davison, William, finisher, Banford
Dickson, Thomas, Bellfield
Donaldson, Chas., mercantile clerk, Milpark
Donaldson, John, blacksmith, Knocknagor
Doyle, Rev. John, C.C., Chapel House
Edgar, J., Banford Cottage
Farrell, Joseph, hotel, Laurencetown
Hare, Alfred, Tullylish
Hazlebank Weaving Company, linen manufacturers, Hazelbank
Lynch, H., grocer and provision merchant
Magee, James, grocer, scutch and corn mill, Point
Morrison, Rev. John, Presbyterian minister, The Manse, Tullylish
McGuinness, Margt., inn keeper, Drumnascamph
McNeece, Rev. J.
O'Hagan, Rev. A., P.P.
Rodgers, George, Hazelbank House
Savage, John, grocer and merchant, Point
Smith, Charles, Banville House
Uprichard, H. A., J.P., Laurencetown House
Uprichard, J. T. & H., linen merchants and bleachers, Springvale
Walker, William, Glenbank House



          Is a place of great antiquity. At the request of the inhabitants the name was changed in October, 1875, from Newtownlimavady. It was the residence of the celebrated O'Cahan, or the modern O'Kane, who was chief of one of those powerful "septs" of Ulster that were so constant and determined in their opposition, at all times, to the English, from the year in which Sir John de Courcy received this Northern province from the first of the Plantagenets, till the day they were finally subdued under the first of the Stuarts. Through the middle of Limavady, beautiful for situation, flows the Ruagh (Anglice, Roe), or Red River, so called from its muddy waters. The vale of the Roe has been designated by an able writer "The Garden of the North." The chief places of antiquarian interest are the "Limavady," alluding to the "Dog's Leap"; "O'Kane's Rock," in Deerpark; the foundations of the old castle, close by; "McQuillan's Grave," near the "Curly Burn"; and the ruins of Drumachose ancient church, in Drenagh, with its burial place bearing evidences of Cromwell's sojourn in this island. With the different revolutions of this country this town is honourably associated. In 1641, during the O'Neill persecution, it suffered greatly; in it a large body of horse, A.D. 1688, was raised for the defence of Derry; through it King James, with Marshal de Rosen and the Duke of Berwick, passed to besiege that city; and at Limavady, during the rebellion of 1798, a small band of yeomen opposed the march towards the Maiden City, from Belfast, of 5,000 United Irishmen, and thereby gave the death blow in the North to that fraternity. Limavady has good facilities for trade. Daily communications with Derry and Belfast, by means of rail and telegraph is available. There is a Public Hall (now called the Alexander Memorial Hall, in memory of the late S. M. Alexander, Esq., D.L., J.P., of Roe Park, whose full sized portrait now adorns the centre of the large hall), erected at a cost of £2,000. It contains an assembly room, an ante-room, a news room, a saving's bank and caretaker's rooms. The lands in the neighbourhood are of the most fertile description, and the trade of the town is chiefly derived from agriculture. The town has extensive market places, and is gradually improving. The Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Company have erected a new and commodious station. There are three public weighbridges in town, one each at Messrs. S. M. Macrory's, B. M. Hunter's and Alexander Boyle's. Messrs. R. Macrory & Sons have large Steam, Flour and Oatmeal Mills, adjoining the Railway Station, and a splendid line of rails from the station runs into the premises, altogether forming one of the most complete milling establishments in the North of Ireland. There are several places of worship in the parish. A spinning and weaving factory has also been built at Ballyclose, by the Limavady Spinning and Weaving Company. Fairs for the sale of cattle, horses, sheep and pigs are held on the second Monday in the months of February, March, June, July and October. The population of the town in 1881, was, 2,954.

Post Office - Main Street - John B. Martin, post master. There are also attached to the Post Office a Telegraph Office, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank
Money Order Office and Savings Bank open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Telegraph Office open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Telegraph Clerk - Miss Carrothers
Constabulary - St. George McCarthy, district inspector; J. Timony, head constable; Constable Hughes, inspector of weights
Magistrates - Sir. F. W. Heygate, Bart; Henry Tyler, C. T. McCausland, J. O. Horner, Robt. Douglas, J. Smith-Douglas, W. C. Stevenson, Jas. Drennan, C. M. Gage, J. E. Ritter, Geo. Cather, Summacrory; John B. Beresford, Alex. Boyle, T. M. Bryson, M.D.
Stamp Office, Main Street - V. G. Lynch
Town Commissioners - Henry Tyler, chairman; Samuel Cassidy, Henry Connell, William C. Sherrard, Samuel Stirling, Joseph D. Boyd, Andrew Given, John O. Horner, and Alexander McKillop, clerk

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Drumachose Parish Church - Vacant
Presbyterian Church - Drumachose, Rev. Nathl. McAuley Brown, D.D. First Limavady - Rev. G. Hamill. Second Limavady - Rev. R. Henry
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. Mr. Kennedy
Brethren's Meeting Rooms - Main Street
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. E. McKenna, P.P.; Rev. E. Morris, curate

Public Institutions

Bank Agents - Northern, Catherine Street - J. T. R. Chambers; Belfast, Main Street - Thomas Moody; Savings' Bank, Town Hall, V. G. Lynch, actuary
Erasmus Smith's School - Mr. Phillips, teacher
Infant School, Main Street - Miss Smythe
Intermediate School - R. T. Aston
National School, Main Street - Joseph Taite, teacher
National School, Irish Green - Mr. and Mrs. Flemming, teachers
Private School - The Misses Forsythe, Albert Terrace
Private Classical School - William McCorkell, teacher, Irish Green Street
Union Workhouse - Nineteen Electoral Divisions. Board meets on Mondays. Chairman, Connolly Thomas McCausland, D.L., Drenagh, Limavady; vice chairman, Sir F. W. Heygate, Bart.; deputy vice chairman, Henry Tyler; master, J. Meekan; matron, Mrs. Meekan; agriculturist and porter, John Smiley; fever nurse, Mrs. Elder; infirmary nurse, Miss M. E. Adams; medical officer, A. Lane; relieving officer, John B. Martin; clerk and returning officer, Wm. Crawford; chaplains, Church of Ireland, Rev. Geo. Galbraith; Presbyterian, Rev. George Steen; Roman Catholic, Rev. E. McKenna


Boyle, Alexander, Bridge Hill
Brown, Rev. N. McAuley, Drumachose
Bryson, Theobald, surgeon, Catherine Street
Cather, George, Carrickhugh
Cather, Mrs., The Hermitage
Church, M. B., Oatlands
Douglas, Rev. Moses, Methodist Manse, Irish Green Street
Fleming, Thos. J. G., Main Street
Gage, C. T., Ballykelly
Galbraith, Rev. George, M.A.
Given, William, Main Street
Hamill, Rev. G. W., Limavady
Hamilton, David, secretary Limavady and Dungiven Railway
Henry, Rev. Robert, The Manse, Irish Green Street
Homan, Rev. Knox, Balteagh
Lane, Benjamin, physician, Main Street
Lane, B. H., solicitor, Main Street
Laney, Miss, The Lodge
Lowey, S., clerk of petty sessions, Catherine Street
Macrory, S. M., J.P., chairman, Limavady and Dungiven Railway
Macrory, S. M., Ardmore
Martin & King, solicitors, Catherine Street
Moriarty, Rev. George, Carrick
Moriarty, Rev. O.
McCausland, C. T., D.L., J.P., Drenagh
McKay, James, auctioneer, Ballyclose
McKenna, Rev. E., P.P., Irish Green
Newell, Rev. Joseph A., Mansfield Cottage
O'Brien, Rev. C., C.C.
Ogilby, Captain Robert A., D.L., J.P., Pellipar
Ogilby, Mrs., Ardnargle
Proctor, J. E., solicitor, Main Street
Proctor, G. N., solicitor, Linenhall Street
Ritter, J. E., J.P., Roe Park
Ross, Rev. Canon
Ross, W. S., Barley Park
Ross, J. R., M.D., Ballykelly
Sherrard, Wm., auctioneer, Catherine Street
Smith, Rev. Canon, Finlagan Glebe
Steen, Rev. G., Whitehall Cottage
Stewart, Rev. Wm., Catherine Street
Stirling, Samuel, auctioneer, Main Street
Tyler, Henry, J.P.
Watson, J., M.D., Main Street
Wilson, William, solicitor, Main Street


Andrews, James, saddler, Catherine Street
Blair, S., & Co., boot and shoe makers, Market Street
Boyd, J., spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Boyd, Joseph D., woollen draper, Market Street
Boyle, Robert, spirit dealer, Ballyclose Street
Brown, John, woollen draper, Main Street
Callaghan, John, butcher, Linenhall Street
Callaghan, Thomas, butcher, Market Street
Carson, George, grocer and spirit merchant, Market Street
Cassidy, Samuel, general merchant, Market Street
Cassidy, Samuel, Market Street
Christie, Daniel, hardware merchant, Main Street
Conn, John, grocer and druggist, Main Street
Connell, John, woollen draper, Main Street
Connell, Henry, grocer, Main Street
Connor, Mrs., haberdasher, Market Street
Connor & Millar, grocers, Market Street
Craig, Mrs., woollen draper, Main Street
Cummings, George, pork cutter, Linenhall Street
Devlin, Mrs., dress maker, Main Street
Dogherty, Alexander, woollen draper, Main Street
Doherty & McCrystal, potato merchants, Catherine Street
Donaghy, James, spirit dealer, Market Street
Douglas, Robert, guano and seed merchant, baker and grocer, Catherine Street
Douglas, Edward, leather cutter, Catherine Street
Douglas, Samuel, grocer, Market Street
Douthett, James, whitesmith, Irish Green
Fleming, Miss, delf and china warehouse
Fulton, Robert, draper, Catherine Street
Galloway, James, spirit dealer, Main Street
Gaston, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Ballyclose
Gaston, William, baker and confectioner, Main Street
Gault, The Misses, dress makers, Main Street
Gault, Wm., whitesmith, Catherine Street
Gilmore, The Misses, milliners, Main Street
Giveen & Sons, Andrew, watch makers, Main Street
Given, The Misses, haberdashers & dressmakers, Main Street (this was listed with the W's)
Hagerty, Miss, spirit dealer, Market Street
Hamilton, David, coal merchant, Station
Hanson, J. P., grocer, Catherine Street
Holmes, John, carpenter, Catherine Street
Horner, John, grocer and hardware merchant, Main Street
Hubbard, W. H., spirit dealer, Main Street
Hunter, Benjamin M., grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street
Hylands, H., grocer and spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Hyndman, Henry, baker and grocer, Main Street
Irwin, Joseph, miller, Drummond
Irwin, John and Joseph, millers, Roe Mill and Glen Mill
Jackson, Samuel, grocer, Main Street
Jackson, William, grocer, Catherine Street
Jamison & Co., W., grocer, Catherine Street
Kane, James, butcher, Irish Green Street
Kane, John, butcher, Irish Green Street
Kane, John, tailor, Irish Green Street
Long, Margaret, spirit dealer, Main Street
Longfield, James, spirit dealer, Main Street
Lowry, Samuel, clerk of petty sessions and registrar of marriages, Catherine Street
Lynch, Miss, haberdasher, Main Street
Lynn, James, baker, Ballyclose
Lynn, John, whitesmith, Ballyclose
Lynn, Mrs., dress maker, Linenhall Street
Macrory, S. M., grain merchant and miller, Ardmore
Magee, Miss, bonnet maker, Catherine Street
Magee, W., delf and china merchant, Catherine Street
Magee, Robert, cooper, Catherine Street
Martin, John B., post master and emigration agent, Main Street
Martin, Wm., saddler, Catherine Street
Marshall & Sons, R., agricultural implement makers, St. John's foundry
Miller, John, grocer, Main Street
Moffatt & Donahey, woollen draper, Main Street
Monaghan, W., butcher, Market Street
Moody, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Main Street
Mooney, J., painter and house decorator, Linenhall Street
Moore, George, draper and haberdasher, Main Street
Moore, Robert, plasterer, Catherine Street
Moore, Samuel, tinsmith, Irish Green Street
Moore, Thomas, fruiterer, Linenhall Street
Morrison, Robert, grocer, Catherine Street
Morrow, Mrs., music teacher, Main Street
Mullan, John, spirit dealer, Market Street
McCallion, Wm., shoe maker, Fleming's Court (Henning's Court in 1880)
McCartney, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer, Catherine Street
McCaughey, Richard, nailer, Irish Green Street
McCloskey, Bernard, spirit dealer, Market Street
McCloskey, John, spirit dealer, Market Street
McColgan, Isaac, shoe maker, Market Street
McColgan, Joseph, shoe maker, Market Street
McCook, A., confectioner, Market Street
McCorkell, W., classical teacher, Irish Green Street
McElwee, W., confectioner and temperance refreshment rooms, Linenhall Street
McElwee, Wm., painter and room paper warehouse, Linenhall Street
McGee, William, cooper, Catherine Street
McGinnis, J., grocer and spirit dealer, Main Street
McGrotty, Edward, poultry and fruit merchant, Linenhall Street
McGrotty, J., cooper, Catherine Street
McKane, John, grocer, Railway Place
McKay, Joseph, tailor, Irish Green
McKay, Thomas, whitesmith, Irish Green
McKeag, The Misses, haberdashers, Main Street
McLaughlin, Charles, butcher, Irish Green
McLaughlin, Patrick, spirit dealer, Linenhall Street
McLaughlin, John, cattle dealer, Irish Green Street
McLaughlin, John, grocer, Catherine Street
McLaughlin, Mrs., dress maker, Linenhall Street
McLaughlin, Mrs., milliner, Irish Green Street
McLaughlin, Thomas, pawn office, Catherine Street
McLeod, Alexander, saddler, Linenhall Street
McLoughlin, James, tailor and spirit dealer, Linenhall Street
McLoughlin, John & Samuel, tailors, Irish Green
Oliver, W., grocer and timber merchant, Main Street
Oliver, John C., grocer and spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Orrel, Robert, spirit dealer, Ballyclose Street
O'Brien, Messrs. W. & C., butchers, Catherine Street
O'Brien, James, butcher, Irish Green Street
O'Brien, George, butcher, Catherine Street
Orr, Mrs., haberdasher, Market Street
Orr, Wm., draper and milliner, Market Street
Piggott, George, saddler, Main Street
Predy, Thomas, photographer and printer, Lion Buildings, Market Street
Quinn, Thomas, plasterer, Main Street
Rae, James, carpenter, Catherine Street
Rae, Mrs., dress maker, Catherine Street
Rankin, James, shoe maker and leather merchant, Ballyclose Street
Robinson, Miss, milliner, Main Street
Robinson, Miss, stationer, Main Street
Rodden, Mrs., dress maker, Irish Green Street
Rodgers, Robert, general merchant, Catherine Street
Rossborough & Co., grocers, Catherine Street
Scott, W. J., general merchant, Catherine Street
Selfride, Samuel, spirit dealer, Irish Green Street
Sherrard, C., grocer & spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Sherrard, W. C., grocer, auctioneer and spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Smith, Robert, watch maker, Main Street
Smith, Thomas, coach builder, Main Street
Stevenson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street
Stewart, Mrs., haberdasher, Main Street
Stirling, Robert, coach builder, Main Street
Stirling, S., shoe maker and auctioneer, Main Street
Swan, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Catherine Street
Thompson & McCully, spirit merchants and grocers, Catherine Street
Toner, John, blacksmith, Main Street
Walker, Mrs., book seller, stationer and newsagent, Linenhall Street
Water Rower Co., weavers, Main Street
Waugh, Miss, book seller, Main Street
Whyte, James, shoe maker, Isle of Man Street
Wilson, W., Alexander Arms Hotel and posting establishment
Wilson, Wm., grocer, Catherine Street



          This prosperous town is built on the river Lagan, and stands about seven miles south of Belfast, and seventy three north of Dublin. Lisburn, at the time of the Legislature Union, was constituted a Parliamentary Borough, but the constituency is now merged in that of South Antrim, which is represented in the Imperial parliament by Mr. Wm. Ellison Macartney. Flax spinning, the manufacture of linen and linen thread, and bleaching, are extensively carried on in the town and its neighbourhood. Soon after the accession of George III., the weaving of damask was commenced in the town, and it is still carried on successfully by Messrs. Wm. Coulson & Sons and by Messrs. James Coulson & Co. Lisburn may be truthfully described as one of the most thriving inland towns in Ireland, and it is rapidly improving. Indeed, so great has been the extent of the new buildings erected in the outskirts that the preliminary steps for the extension of the town boundaries have been taken by the Town Commissioners. The gentlemen comprising this Board, the chairman, of which is Mr. Geo. H. Clarke, J.P., managing director of the Island Spinning Company, Limited, take the deepest interest in the affairs of Lisburn, and are unceasing in their efforts to make it, as far as they can accomplish that object, a model town. The streets are generally broad, and as a rule they are kept remarkably clean. Near the middle of Market Square, in a triangular area, stands the Assembly Rooms, which have been recently renovated at the expense of Sir Richard Wallace, Bart., who is lord of the soil. The Castle Gardens are kept in fine order as a public promenade by the public-spirited baronet, and they are deservedly much appreciated. Sir Richard's mansion in Castle Street is a grand edifice, and is justly regarded as an ornament to the town. The large hearted philanthropist has given to the inhabitants a Public Park, consisting of about thirty acres, in which space has been allotted for cricket, lawn tennis, and football. It also embraces an artificial pond which is in itself a great pleasure to visitors. According to its present municipal boundary, Lisburn contains 4,364 acres. The population in 1841 was only 6,284; it is now supposed to be between 12,000 and 13,000. The improvements which have taken place in the town since Sir Richard Wallace came into possession of the Hertford estate, are, it is believed, unprecedented in the history of any other town in Ireland, and this is chiefly due to the fact that leases in perpetuity were granted to residents and non-residents who have erected numerous handsome villas (all of which are occupied as soon as finished), and large numbers of houses of a superior class for working men. These were much required, and their erection has greatly contributed to the happy living and comfort of many of the sons of toil. A large proportion of the inhabitants consist of operatives, all of them, if sober and industrious, find constant employment at the mills, factories and bleach works. Petty Sessions are held, fortnightly in the excellent Court House, which was erected at the sole expense of Sir Richard Wallace. This building also contains large and well appointed apartments for the Town Commissioners and Town Clerk, offices for the Clerk of Petty Sessions, and large rooms for the Masonic body. The Cathedral of Christ Church (Rev. Canon Pounden, Rector) is a spacious and handsome building with a tower to which an octagonal spire was added in 1807, the entire cost being defrayed by Francis Seymour Conway, second Marquis of Hertford. His lordship's eldest son, the third Marquis, presented to the congregation of the cathedral in 1832, the fine organ that still adorns the Western gallery. The venerable building was dignified as the Cathedral of the Diocese of Down and Connor by Charles II. Many interesting monuments are to be seen in the east end of the church. Among these is one erected by the late Bishop Mant to the memory of the celebrated Dr. Jeremy Taylor, who died here in August 1667. An exceedingly handsome tablet communicates the death of Brigadier-General Nicholson, the hero of the Punjaub (Punjab); there is also a very beautiful memorial of Lieutenant Dobbs, R.N., who was killed at a sea fight off Carrickfergus in 1778, when the frigate he commanded was attacked by Paul Jones, the pirate. Christ Church was erected in 1842, and since then was enlarged to double its original extent, in order to meet the wants of an increasing congregation. The Rev. Arthur J. Moore is the incumbent of the New Church, and so great is the crowd of worshippers it is believed the congregation will have ere long to undertake the erection of a more spacious edifice. The other places of worship are four Presbyterian Churches, two Methodist Churches, a Congregational Church, a Meeting house for the Society of Friends, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. In connection with the last named building a "New Catholic Hall," with schools attached, has just been erected. The principal market is held on Tuesday, and it is looked upon as one of the best in the province. The old established fairs are held on the 21st of July and the 5th of October. Some years ago ten monthly fairs (held on the second Monday of each month) were added, and these are largely attended by both sellers and buyers, many of the latter coming from important centres across the channel. A new and beautifully laid out cemetery has been made, and is much used as a place of burial. This site, a very picturesque one, was granted by Sir Richard Wallace. The original name of the town was Lisnagarvey, and when Sir Fulke Conway became owner of the estate it consisted of but fifty three houses, most of which were mere cabins; after the great fire of 1641, the name of the town was changed to Lisburn. Sixty families of French refugees settled here after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and there yet resides in the town several descendants of these people. The inhabitants of Lisburn are, as a rule, industrious and law abiding, crime being almost unknown in the community.

Post Office, Railway Street - J. Trousdell, post master
Savings Bank and Telegraph Office - Railway Street
Magistrates - Walter T. Stannus, LL.D., D.L., Manor House, Lisburn; Wm. Charley, D.L., Seymour Hill, Dunmurry; John D. Barbour, D.L., Hilden; T. D. Gibson, R.M.; Jonathan Richardson, Killeaton; G. H. Clarke, Roseville; Col. Jas. Ward, Lisburn; Thomas R. Stannis, Magheraleave; J. Theo. Richardson, Killowen; Fred. L. Capron, Lisburn; Victor Coates, Dunmurry; John Richardson, Lambeg; N. W. Grimshaw, Armagh; James Croften, Lisburn; R. H. Bland, Lisburn; T. Musgrave, M.D., Lisburn
Member for South Antrim - W. E. Macartney
Town Commissioners - George H. Clarke, J.P., chairman; Moses Bullick, Robert Price, Geo. Wilson, F. W. Charley, Wm. Savage, Andrew Briggs, John Ruddy, Robert Thompson, Geo. Thompson, Geo. St. George, M.D.; Robert Macartney, Dr. Magill, John Ritchie, Dr. M. B. Mackenzie
Town Clerk - Richard Young
Town Solicitor - Wellington Young
Town Surveyor - James Johnston, C.E.
Consulting and Sanitary Officer - James G. Jefferson
Sub-Sanitary Officer - Robert Bailey
Superintendent of Fire Brigade - Richard Knox
Rate Collector - Wm. S. Harvey
Distributor of Stamps - John Ritchie

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland :- The Cathedral - Rev. Canon Pounden, A.M., rector; Rev. G. R. Bell, curate. Christ Church - Rev. Arthur J. Moore, A.M., incumbent; Rev. E. Jesson, curate. St. Matthew's, Broomhedge - Rev. John Leslie, incumbent. All Saints', Eglantine - Rev. F. W. Hogan, incumbent. Lambeg - Rev. B. Banks, A.B., incumbent. Derriaghy - Rev. S. M. Moore, A.M., incumbent; Rev. J. A. Stewart, curate
Presbyterian Church :- Market Square - Rev. J. J. C. Breakey. Railway Street - Rev. R. W. Hamilton. Sloan Street - Rev. J. W. Gamble. Hillhall - Rev. R. Robson
United Presbyterian Church, Dublin - Rev. J. Fitzpatrick
Methodist Church, Seymour Street - Rev. O. McCutcheon and Rev. Geo. W. Thompson
Methodist New Connexion (Salem) Church - Rev. W. Mills
Congregational Church - Rev. H. W. Florance
Friends' Meeting House, Railway Street
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. E. Kelly, Rev. C. Crolly, and Rev. R. Murphy

Public Institutions

Banks - Northern, Market Square - John Preston, manager.  Ulster, Bow Street - J. H. Vint, manager
Constabulary Barracks, Smithfield, Railway Street and Largymore - A. E. Fleury, District Inspector
County Infirmary, Seymour Street - Geo. St. George, M.D., surgeon.  Matron - Miss Deacon
Dispensary - James G. Jefferson, M.D.
Gas Works, Bridge Street - J. Steers, manager; John McClure, secretary
University and Intermediate School - Patron, Sir Richard Wallace, Bart.  Head-Master - W. P. Steen, M.A.  Masters - N. F. Napier, M.E.; Henry Aston, M.A.; John Curragh, F.C.S.L.  Lady Teachers - Miss A. M. Atkinson, Miss E. P. Walker, Miss M. M. Young
National School, Seymour Street - Jas. Henry, M.A., Principal
Female Free School, Seymour Street - Miss Cartwright
Infant School, established and endowed by Miss Stewart, Longstone - Miss Wilson
National School, 1st Presbyterian Church - F. Hull, Principal
National School, Railway Street (Presbyterian Church) - A. Gillespie, Principal.  Female - Miss McKittrick
Nicholson Memorial National School - T. M. McCluggage, Principal.  Infant - Miss A. Green
Society of Friends' School, Prospect Hill - Joseph Radley, Principal
National Schools :- (R.C.) Chapel Hill - James McDonald, Principal; Female - Miss Devlin. Largymore - Jno. Higginson, Principal. Hilden - Abram McClelland
Newsroom - Assembly Rooms
Union Workhouse (Counties Antrim and Down) - 28 Electoral divisions. Board meets on Tuesdays. Chairman, Major John Alexander; vice chairman, S. Graham; deputy vice chairman, William Gray; clerk and returning officer, William Sinclair.  Chaplains - Church of Ireland, Rev. Robert Lindsay; Presbyterian, Rev. T. W. Hamilton; Roman Catholic, Rev. E. Kelly, P.P.


Ardill, W. B., Castle Street
Banks, Rev. Benjamin, Lambeg
Barbour, J. D., D.L., J.P., Hilden
Berryhill, R. K., solicitor, Railway Street
Bland, R. H., sub-agent for Sir Richard Wallace
Brown, Rev. John, Pres. minister, Legacurry
Brown, Rev. William
Burrows, T., property agent, Church View
Charley, F. W., solicitor, Market Square
Clarke, G. H., J.P., Rosaville
Corken, Mrs., Ingram
Cowper, James, J.P.
Dwyer, Captain Francis, Belvidere, Co. Down
Ellison, John, Seymour Street
Fennel, Mrs., Tonagh Villa
Garrett, Henry J., Avonmore Lodge
Graham, O. B., J.P., Larchfield House
Gregg, Miss, Derryvolgie House
Jefferson, J. G., M.D., Market Square
Johnson, Mrs. G. P., Ballymacash
Kelly, Rev. Edward, P.P.
Kennedy, Samuel, solicitor, Seymour Street
Leslie, Rev. John, A.B., Broomhedge
Lindsay, H. W., Blaris Lodge
Lindsay, Rev. Robert, Seymour Street
Lockhart, Joseph, solicitor, Bow Street
Mack, Hugh, Dalboyne
Mack, James, Railway Street
Mackenzie, M. B., M.D., Railway Street
Magill, S., M.D., Castle Street
Malcolm, Miss, Hillhall House
Mockler, Rev. Edward, Magheragall
Moore, Rev. Arthur J., incumbent of Christ Church, Seymour Street
Mulholland, Hugh, solicitor, Market Square
Murdock, Richard, Hillhall
Musgrave, Samuel, surgeon, Castle Street
McAfee, A., deputy registrar of Down and Connor
McCall, Hugh, North Circular Road
McConnell, T. F., solicitor, Railway Street
McCutcheon, Olred, Seymour Street
MacHenry, John, C.E., estate surveyor
Niven, Mrs., Chrome Hill
Pim, Mrs., Lisnagarvey
Pounden, Rev. Canon, rector of cathedral
Richardson, Alexander, Aberdelghy
Richardson, Edward V., Dunmurry
Richardson, J. N., Lissue
Richardson, John, J.P., Glenmore House
Richardson, John, Lambeg House
Richardson, Jonathan, J.P., Glenmore
Richardson, Joseph, Springfield, Magheragall
Richardson, J. T., Killowen
Sanders, Sutherland, Shamrock Vale
Sanders, R. Barnsley, C.E., Shamrock Vale; and Parsonstown, King's County
Saunders, Mrs. J. Maxwell, Shamrock Vale
Savage, J. M., M.D., Railway Street
Smith, M. J., solicitor, Castle Street
Smyth, Mrs. Matthew, Ingram
Stannus, Thomas R., D.L., J.P., Magheraleave House
Stewart, James A., Bow Street
Walkington, Saml., Oatlands Cottage, Ballinderry
Wallace, Sir Richard, Bart., M.P., K.C.B., The Castle, Lisburn
Ward, James, M.D., Market Square
Ward, Lieut-Col. James, J.P., Market Square South and Pall Mall, London
Waring, Dr., Castle Street
Waring, Mrs., Castle Street
Young, Wellington, solicitor, Castle Street


Abbott, Jas., spirit dealer and posting establishment
Allen, Ed., shoe maker & leather cutter, Market Square
Anderson, J. E., seedsman, Bow Street
Armstrong, Miss, Railway Hotel
Bailie, Wm. John, British Workman Hotel, and auctioneer
Bannister, Robert, Castle Street
Barbour, Wm. & Sons, Limited, Hilden Flax Mills, flax spinners, thread manufacturers and bleachers, London, Manchester and New York
Bell, Mrs., spirit dealer, Chapel Hill
Boyd, A., & Co., druggists, Cross Row and Market Square
Boyd, John E., boot and shoe maker, Market Square
Brown, James, tailor, Castle Street
Bullick, Moses, painter and leather dealer, Bow Street
Campbell, Mrs., Castle Street
Carlisle, David, muslin agent, Railway Street
Connolly, Mrs., spirit dealer, Market Square
Cooper, T., spirit store, Bow Street
Coulson, James & Co., damask manufacturers
Coulson, Wm., & Sons, damask manufacturers
Diamond, Robert, auctioneer & grocer, Bridge Street
Dicks, Edward, flesher, Bridge Street
Donaghy, Edward, boot and shoe manufacturer, Bridge Street
Dornan, Thomas, whitesmith, Linenhall Street
Duncan, G. & Sons, woollen drapers, Market Square
Ellison, John, rope manufacturer
Erskine, E., draper, Market Square
Ferguson, John G., wholesale wine and spirit merchant, Market Square
Fitzsimmons, Robt., temperance hotel, Cross Row
Flax Spinning Co. Ltd. - G. H. Clarke, J.P., managing director; R. C. Addy, manager; W. J. Knox, secretary
Foote, William, grocer, Bridge Street
Forsythe, Robt., woollen draper, Bow Street
Garrett, Robert, mill owner, Bridge Street
Gillespie, A. & S., stationers, Market Square
Green, Mrs. Isaac, provision merchant, Market Square
Hannay, J. & T.
Harvey, T. J., leather dealer, Market Square
Harrison, W. J., woollen draper, Castle Street
Herald, Thomas, Thornville
Hermon, James, Ashleigh
Jefferson, Redmond, grocer, leather, hardware and timber merchant, Bow Street
Johnston, W., Railway Street
Jordan, John, saddler, Bow Street
Kain, Hugh, Towerside Terrace
Kain, Mrs., haberdasher, Bow Street
Kenmuir, Alex., & Son, watch and clock makers, Bow Street
Kirkwood, Hugh, iron monger, Bow Street
Knox, Richard, plumber, Railway Street
Laird, Wm., spirit dealer, Bow Street
Laird, Sarah, milliner and haberdasher, Bow Street
Lavery, Thomas, butcher, Bow Street
Lavery, W. H., grocer, Smithfield
Little, M., North Circular Road
Lynas, Robert, grocer, Bow Street
Macartney, R. & W., spirit dealers and grocers, Bow Street
Macartney, Jas., grocer and spirit dealer, Bow Street
Major, Mrs., timber, iron, wine and spirit merchant, Market Square
Millar & Stevensons, Ship Owners, Grain and Coal Merchants, Market Square and Quay Street
Morrison, Moses, spirit merchant, Bridge Street
Mulholland, Hugh, solicitor, Market Square
Mussen, A., woollen draper, Cross Row
McAfee, A., chief clerk Court of Probate, Belfast, Bow Street
McBride, James, watch maker, Bow Street
McBride, John, butcher, Bow Street
McCaughey, Hugh, grocer, Bridge Street
McCaighy, James, tailor, Bridge Street
McCloy, M & J., painters and glaziers, Antrim Road
McClure, Miss, haberdasher, Bow Street
McCluskey, T., civil bill officer, Chapel Hill
McConnell, Joseph, boot and shoe manufacturer, Bridge Street
McConnell, Robert, grocer, Castle Street
McConnell, S., grocer and shuttle maker, Bridge Street
McCormick, W. J., merchant, Bow Street
McCreight, Thomas, Railway Street
McDowell, Mrs., Seymour Street
McGeown, photographer & stationer, Market Square
McIlroy, Manus, Low Road
McKee, Misses, Market Square
McKenzie, Alex., gas fitter and plumber, Castle Street
McKenzie, M.B., M.D., Railway Street
Neagle, Wm. & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, Cross Row
Neill, Wm., auctioneer, Church View
Parkinson, A., draper, Bow Street
Patterson, Wm., provision merchant, Market Square
Pelan & Co., druggists, chandlers, oil, colour and glass warehouse, Market Square
Preston, Wm., boot maker, Bridge Street
Reilly, H., printer and proprietor of Lisburn Standard
Rice, Robert, commercial traveller
Richardson & Co., linen bleachers, Lambeg
Richardson, Sons, & Owden (Limited), linen manufacturers and bleachers, Millbrook and Glenmore; warehouse, Donegall Square North, Belfast
Ritchie, John, woollen draper and tailor, Bow Street
Ruddy, John, haberdasher, Bow Street
Savage, James, spirit dealer, Smithfield
Savage, James, Towerside, Bachelor's Walk
Savage, R., grocer and leather merchant, Bow Street
Savage, William, Maryville, Hillsborough Row
Silcock, J., grocer, Market Square
Sloan, James, baker, Sloan Street
Smith, David, Temperance Hotel, cabinet maker, Market Place
Stevenson, Messrs., weaving factory, Largymore
Stewart, Robert & Sons, flax spinners and thread manufacturers
Thompson, Hugh, mill owner, Revarnet
Thompson, Robert H., commercial traveller
Thompson, Thomas, Towerside
Thompson, George H., leather merchant, Castle Street
Todd, Bros., provision merchants and grocers, Market Square
Todd & Kirkpatrick
Turtle, The Misses, Bachelor's Walk
Vaughan, W. J., grocer, Long Stone Street
Vernon, James, & Son, builders, Bridge Street
Weir, Wm., music warehouse, Bow Street
Wilson, George, pawn broker, Castle Street
Wilson, Samuel, spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Wilson, J., woollen draper & out fitter, Market Square
Yates, Brown & Howat, sewed muslin agents, Railway Street



          Is a Maritime City and Parliamentary borough in County Londonderry, ninety three miles N.W. by W., from Belfast, comprising an area of about 600 acres within its municipal boundary. The city is situated on a hill 119 feet above high water, projecting into the western side of the River Foyle, and is surrounded by an ancient rampart, a mile in circumference, with seven gates. As a business and a manufacturing city, it is of much importance, and the fisheries of the Foyle give employment to a great number of people. The original name, Doiro Calgaic, or place of Oaks, was first Anglicised Derry, and the prefix of London was added by charter of James I., 1613, on the incorporation of the Irish Society, who colonised the district. In 1689 it successfully sustained a desperate siege, protracted for 105 days, against the army of James II. The guns used on this memorable occasion are preserved, and the principal one "Roaring Meg" 11 feet long, 4 feet 6 inches in circumference, and others, are still to be seen on the walls. These walls remain almost as perfect as when built, more than two centuries ago. The public buildings and the ecclesiastical edifices, the Walker Monument, and its situation, being " a city on a hill" gives Londonderry, a most effectively picturesque appearance. The river is crossed by a fine iron girder bridge, with two galleries or platforms - one for passenger, the other for railway traffic - connecting the city with the suburb of Waterside, on its east shore. It cost, including approaches, was about £100,000. Though the linen trade has declined since 1822, the city has considerably advanced in other departments of industry, and the valuation of property has largely increased. Ship building, grain and saw steam mills, coach factories, distilleries, breweries, &c., have been extensively worked by enterprising individuals. Shirt manufacturing affords employment to several thousand persons principally females. The new line of quays has been completed at a cost of £60,000. A new graving dock has been completed at a cost of £20,000. The harbour has also been improved, about £30,000 having been expended in deepening "The Flats" dredging, &c. There is a fine cemetery in the neighbourhood of the city, which has been beautifully planted with shrubs, trees and flowers. The principal buildings are the Cathedral, three other Protestant Episcopal Churches, St. Eugene's Roman Catholic Cathedral, and a Parochial House contiguous, two Catholic Chapels, five Presbyterian, an Independent, two Covenanting, and two Methodist Churches; the Bishop's Palace, the Deanery, Foyle College, Magee College, County and City Court House, Jail, Corporation Hall, new Municipal Buildings called the "Guildhall," just completed at a cost of over £20,000; St. Columb's Hall and Buildings, erected during the years 1888 and 1889 for the Roman Catholics of the city at a cost of £13,300; Infirmary, Lunatic Asylum, Gwynn's Institution, Union Workhouse, Military Barracks, Young Men's Christian Association Hall, the Banks, Shirt Factories, the Academical Institution, Gas Works, Boating Club House, Temperance Hall, Waterside; Apprentice Boys' Memorial Hall, Custom House, Post, Telegraph and other Government Offices, the Craig Memorial School, the Royal Opera House, new Presbyterian Church, Carlisle Road; Diocesan Synod Hall, Artillery Lane; Temperance Hall, Shipquay Gate. There are four places of worship in the City in connection with the Church of Ireland, viz.- the Cathedral, St. Augustine's Church, Christ Church, and All Saints' Church, Waterside. In the Royal Bastion, there is a pillar erected in memory of the Rev. George Walker, Governor of the City during the siege 1688-9, and a statue of Sir Robert Ferguson, who represented the city in Parliament for many years, stands in the Diamond, at the head of Shipquay Street. The city returns one member to Parliament; constituency 1882, 2,100. Its present member is Justin McCarthy, Esq., of London. The Recorder of the City and Liberties, as well as ordinary Quarter Sessions for the county. Fairs are held on the first Wednesday in each month, the 17th June, the 4th September and 17th October. Markets are held every weekday for butcher's meat, fish, pork, vegetables, eggs, poultry, fruit, butter, meal and potatoes. The principal market days are Wednesday and Saturday; the flax market is held on each Tuesday during the season. The market accommodation in the city is excellent. The Bank of Ireland, the Provincial, Belfast, Ulster, and Northern Banks have branches here. The Savings Bank was established in 1813. The port is formed by the River Foyle, which here expands into a spacious and navigable estuary, possessing great natural advantages. It is under the jurisdiction of the Irish Society. It is also in charge of the Port and Harbour Commissioners. There are steamers belonging to the town, which ply to Liverpool, Glasgow, Morecambe, Fleetwood, Belfast, &c. The Great Northern Railway connects the city with Dublin, and the Northern line with Belfast. The lines of railway having their termini in Londonderry are the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway the Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway which runs to Buncrana, a very pleasant watering place, and the Letterkenny Railway - the two latter narrow-guage lines. The coasting trade is considerable. An extensive emigration takes place, chiefly to the United States and Canada. The Allan and Dominion Lines of screw steamers, carrying mails, also the steamers of the Anchor line, call and depart again weekly. Their station is off Moville, in Lough Foyle. Municipal population, in 1881, 29,162.

Places of Worship

The Cathedral, founded by the London Corporation, 1628 - The Right Rev. Dr. Alexander, Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe; Very Rev. Andrew Ferguson Smyly, M.A., Dean of Derry, and rector of the parish of Templemore; Rev. E. J. Hamilton, archdeacon; Rev. A. F. Smyly, chaplain to the bishop; Revs. Charles Boyton, M.A.; Richard Hayes, M.A.; John Olphert, M.A.; and Thomas C. Knox, M.A., curates; Parish Clerk and Apparitor of Bishop's Court - James Ross, Hawkins Street
Chapel of Ease (St. Augustine's) - Rev. Wm. Cowan
Free Church, Great James Street - Rev. J. Potter, incumbent; Rev. Henry Justice, M.A., curate
All Saints' Church, Waterside - Rev. J. M. Goold-Adams, incumbent
First Presbyterian Church, Meetinghouse Row - Rev. James Cargin.  Second, Strand - Rev. John E. Henry, M.A.  Third, Great James Street - Rev. J. M. Rodgers, A.M.  Fourth, Carlisle Road - Rev. Robert Ross, D.D.  Waterside - Rev. John Stewart, LL.D.
Reformed Presbyterian Meeting House, Clarendon Street - Rev. Robert Nevin.  Waterside - Rev. Samuel Patton.  Congregational Church, Great James Street - Rev. Alexander Bell
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Rev. Oliver Price and Rev. George Alley
Roman Catholic Chapel, Long Tower - Rev. J. Doherty, adm.; Revs. Hugh McManus, C.C.; James Hassan, C.C.; and M. O'Kane, C.C.

Lieutenant of the City and County of Londonderry - Right Hon. Sir Henry Hervey Bruce, Bart., D.L., Downhill, Derry
Member of Parliament for the City - Justin McCarthy, 20 Cheyne Gardens, Chelsea, Lond.
Mayor of the City - A. Baxter, J.P., Crawford Square
Recorder of the City - John C. Neligan, Q.C.
City Magistrates - Rodolphus Harvey, R.M. (for the city and district); Aaren Baxter, Samuel Bell, W. F. Bigger, Joseph Byrne, M.D.; T. C. Campbell, Wm. John Foster, Adam Hogg, Henry Lane, Sir Thos. Lecky, Henry Lecky, A. Lindsay, Geo. B. McCaul, M.D.; William Monaghan, William H. McCormick, Thomas McConnell, Sir Robert McVicker, Sir William Miller, M.B.; Joseph Shaw Mulholland, Sir E. Reid, Knt., Thomas Steen, Captain J. E. Alexander, Thos. Davis, M.D.; Robert Greer, Thos. J. Irvine, John J. Pollock, John Talbot, Wm. Tillie, Geo. Tomkins, Peter T. Rodger, George Walker
Corporation - Mayor - A. Baxter, J.P.  Aldermen - East Ward - Sir Wm. Millar, J.P., and Sir Robert McVicker, J.P.  North Ward - John B. Johnston and John Fleming.  South Ward - William McLearn, J.P., and Samuel Bell.  Councillors - East Ward - Charles O'Neill, Henry Lecky, Sir Robert McVicker, J.P.; John J. Pollock, J.P.; Henry Lane, J.P.; Wm. Adair and Walter Turner.  North Ward - Ross Hastings, John Cook, Aaron Baxter, J. A. MacCullagh, M.B.; Andrew McClintock, and John B. Johnston.  South Ward - Sir Thomas Lecky, J.P.; Thomas S. Magee, William Graham, George B. McCaul, M.D.; Wm. Donnell, and Thomas A. Minniece.  Town Clerk - Robert N. Chambers. Treasurer - Andrew Johnston. Solicitor - Crawford McCay. City Surveyor - Wm. James Robinson.  Mayor's Clerk - Geo J. Scott.  Superintendent of Markets, &c. - Alex. McElwee. Superintendent of Cemetery - Joseph Stafford.  Superintendent of Water - Samuel Jack
Bridge Commissioners - Chairman - William E. Scott, J.P.  Secretary and Superintendent - James Stewart
Port and Harbour Commissioners - Chairman - John Cooke, J.P.  Secretary - Edward A. Hamilton.  Harbour Master - John Hamilton.  Meet the second Friday in each month
Custom House, Ship Quay - John Woodland Edmonds, collector
Inland Revenue, Custom House, Prince's Quay - W. H. Homball, collector
Income Tax Office, Custom House, Prince's Quay - J. H. McCaw, surveyor
General Post Office, Custom House Street - R. S. Smyth, post master; R. Olden, chief clerk; J. J. Joyce, telegraph superintendent
County Infirmary (head of Great James Street) - Sir Wm. Miller, M.B., T.C.D., and L.R.C.S.I., surgeon. Jas. Stewart, secretary and treasurer
Union Workhouse, Waterside - The Board meets every Saturday, at twelve o'clock noon. Poor law Inspector, Wm. L. Micks. Chairman - John Barre Beresford, D.L. Vice Chairman - William E. Scott, D.L.  Deputy Vice Chairman - Joseph Alexander, J.P. Clerk and returning officer - William L. Perry. Medical Officer - David J. Browne, M.D.  Chaplains - Rev. John M. Goold-Adams, Episcopalian; Rev. Joseph Corkey, Presbyterian; Rev. Charles McFaul, Roman Catholic. Treasurer - Belfast Banking Company.  Master - Samuel McCurdy.  Matron - Mrs. McCurdy.  School Master - Samuel Crawford.  Relieving Officer - John Foster
City of Derry Dispensary, William Street - Medical Officers - No. 1 district, James A. MacCullagh, M.D.;  No.2 District, James Craig, M.D.  Committee meets at two o'clock on the second Friday of every month
Glendermott Dispensary, Waterside - Medical Officer - William Hamilton Elliott, A.B., M.D., T.C.D. Committee meets at eleven o'clock on the second Saturday of each month.
Lunatic Asylum, Strand Road - Charles E. Hetherington, M.B., Ch.M., A.B., T.C.D., physician superintendent; Walter Bernard, M.D., visiting physician; H. M. Prior, apothecary; Mrs. Mary M. Skipton, matron; Thos. Campbell, clerk; W. G. Neely, store keeper.  Chaplains - Rev. Joseph Potter, Episcopalian; Rev. J. Edgar, Presbyterian; Rev. John Doherty, Roman Catholic. Monthly meetings of the Governors are held at the Asylum on the second Thursday in each month, at eleven o'clock.
H.M. Prison, Bishop Street (without) - Captain John Wilson, governor; Lawrence Power, chief warder; Joseph King, clerk; Miss Nicholl, matron.  Chaplains - Rev. Charles Boyton, Episcopalian; Rev. Robert Ross, Presbyterian; Rev. J. Doherty, Roman Catholic
Londonderry and North West of Ulster Female Penitentiary, Hawkins Street - (Established 1829) - Matron - Miss Gillman. Assistant - Miss Gallagher
Londonderry Cemetery, Lone Moor - Superintendent and Registrar of Burials - Joseph Stafford (residence at Cemetery) who will furnish all necessary information relative to Burials. Hours of Burial - Sunrise to Sunset.
Savings Bank, Bank Place - Belfast Banking Company, Treasurers; Archibald McCorkell, secretary.  Open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; and on Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Albert Market, Bishop Street - For the sale of Horses, Flax, Hay, etc. Open daily. Horse Fair - First Wednesday in every month
Cattle Market, Rossville Street - For the sale of black cattle, &c. Open every Wednesday.
Foyle Street Market - For the sale of butter, in firkins, butts, crocks, boxes, barrels and lumps. Open daily.
Sir Edward Reid's Markets, Linenhall Street and Richmond Street - For the sale of butchers' meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, &c.
Slaughter House, Longbog Street - For the slaughter of cattle, &c. Open daily
Victoria Market, Strand Road - For the sale of oats, wheat, barley, &c. Open daily. Principal market days, Wednesday and Saturday
Victoria General Market - For the sale of hay, straw, turf, bogwood, grass, clover, &c. Open daily
Waterside Market - For the sale of the several commodities to be sold in the Victoria and Victoria General Markets. Open for the sale of grain and other farm produce on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Public Officers

Agents for Lloyds and for the Liverpool Association of Underwriters - John W. Corbett, Shipquay Street
Agent to the Government Emigration Commissioners - James Stewart, Shipquay Street
Agent for Hon. the Irish Society - T. P. Montgomery, J.P., Government House; Office, St. Columb's Court
Borough and County Analyst - Professor Leebody, M.A., Magee College
Collector of City Rates - Richard Valler, Castle Street
Commissioner for taking Affidavits for Her Majesty's High Court of Justice in Ireland - John McDermott, 1 Castle Street; A. McCorkell, Saving Bank; Joseph Patton, Shipquay Street; and John E. Walsh, Probate Office, Bishop Street.
Commissioners for taking Acknowledgements of Married Women - James A. Stevenson, Richmond Street, and David M. Colquhoun, the Court House, Bishop Street
Consuls - France, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain - S. Morrison, Foyle Street. Denmark - Bartholomew H. McCorkell, Strand Road. Italy and the Netherlands - J. McDevette, Ship Quay. Sweden and Norway - James Stewart, Shipquay Street.  German Empire - Wm. Donnell, Foyle Street.  United States of America - P. T. Rodger, J.P., Waterloo Place.  Austria and Hungary - Charles O'Neill, Foyle Street
Corporation Hall, Diamond - Samuel Wilson, keeper, 33 Bennet Street
Coroner - Thomas Lindsay, Pump Street
Constabulary - County Inspector: Thos. Hayes, J.P., District Inspector; J. M. G. Foley. Head Constables: John Webster & Danl. Gallagher, Strand Road. Constables at Waterside: Sergt. Patrick Carr. Constables for Rural Districts: Sergeant William Lucas, Rosemount; Sergt. Edward Scott, Bishop Street; Sergt. Robert Gilroy, Waterside
County Court House, Bishop Street - William Stafford, caretaker
District Registry of the Probate and Matrimonial Division of the High Court of Justice, Bishop Street - District Registrar: John E. Walsh, M.A., Barrister-at-Law. 1st Clerk, James Glendinning; 2nd Clerk, Robert G. Wilkin
District Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages - James A. MacCullagh, M.D., Bayview Terrace, Office, Dispensary, William Street; Deputy: Henry Philips. Dr. Corbett, Shipquay Street; Deputy: John Foster
District Registrar of Births and Deaths, Waterside - Dr. W. H. Elliott.  Deputy: James Martin; Office, Waterside Dispensary
Distributor of Stamps - Derry District: W. H. Honiball, collector of Inland Revenue, Custom House, Princes Quay. Waterside District: Robert McFarland, sub-distributor
Gas Company, Offices and Works, Lecky Road and Mill Street, Waterside - Manager and secretary: John Macnie, Assoc. M. Inst., C.E.
Government Emigration Officer - James A. Black, Custom House, Princes Quay
Government Veterinary Inspector (under Contagious Diseases Animals Act) - John B. Moore, Great James Street. Ship Inspectors: Alexander Patterson and James A. Huston
High Constable and Collector of County Cess and Poor Rates for the City and Liberties - Hardress E. Waller, Castle Street
Income Tax Collector - W. S. McDermott, Castle Street
Inspectors of Weights and Measures - District Inspector Foley, for the City:  District Inspector Law, for the County
Inspector of Lodging Houses - W. J. Robinson, C.E., Hawkins Street
Inspectors of National Schools - Head Inspector: Mr. Connellan.  District Inspector: Mr. Kelly
Notaries Public - Archibald McCorkell, Savings Bank Office and Florence Terrace;  T. S. Magee, 33 Shipquay Street
Petty Sessions and Mayor's Clerk - G. J. Scott; Office, Corporation Hall
Postmaster - R. S. Smyth; office, Custom House Street
Harbour Master - John Hamilton, Strand Road
Registrars of Marriages - David Irvine, Castle Street.  Deputy: David S. Irvine
Registrar and Secretary for Dioceses of Derry and Raphoe - Rev. R. Babington, Diocesan Office, Synod Hall, Artillery Lane
Receiver of Wrecks - F. W. Staples, collector of customs
Relieving Officer - John Foster, William Street
Surveyor for City - William J. Robinson; office, 28 Bishop Street
Walker's Pillar - Caretaker: David Norrey, Society Street


Apprentice Boys' Society - Memorial Hall, Society Street and Meetinghouse Street.  John Guy Ferguson, C.E., governor
Catholic Institute - News Room, Diamond
Church Education Society - Secretary, Very Rev. George Galbraith, Limavady
Church Missionary Society - Secretary, Rev. John S. McClintock, Lifford; treasurer, Bank of Ireland
City of Derry Boating Club - Sec., G. Stewart
City of Derry Building Society (Mutual and Permanent) - Offices, 3 London Street. Secretary, Fredk. J. Simmons, 3 London Street
City of Derry Presbyterian Working Men's Institute - Secretary, Wm. Walker
Loyalist Registration Society - Secretary, James Black, London Street
Nationalist Registration Society - Agent, John Naughton, William Street
Foyle Rowing Club - Club House, Waterside, Secretary, David Vine
Gospel Propagation Society - Secretary, Rev. Edward G. Dougherty, Buncrana
Hibernian Bible Society - Secretaries, Rev. J. M. Rodgers and Rev. Joseph Potter
Londonderry Church of Ireland Working Men's Club, St. Columb's Court, Bishop Street - Secretaries, Samuel D. Knox and H. E. Thompson
Londonderry Ladies' Penny Society - Secretaries, Mrs. Smyly and Mrs. Joyce
Londonderry Provident Building Society (Permanent and Mutual) - Secretary, T. S. Magee, Shipquay Street
Londonderry Terminable Building Society - Secretary, Michael Downey
London Missionary Society - Secretary and treasurer, T. C. Campbell, J.P., Ballynagard House
Londonderry Protestant Orphan Society - General Secretary, Rev. G. Galbraith, Limavady
Northern Counties Club, Bishop Street - For gentlemen residing in or having property in Ulster. Alfred M. Munster and H. Chambers, joint hon. secs,
Presbyterian City Mission - Secretary, J. Andrews
Presbyterian Orphan Society - Local Secretary, Rev. Professor Croskery
Protestant Friendly Society - Rooms, London Street. Secretary, Robert Montgomery
Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners Royal Benevolent Society (supported by voluntary contributions) - Local Hon. Agents, Robert Mills, Waterloo Place, and W. Mitchell, Foyle Street
Ulster Association for Deaf, Dumb and Blind (Derry Auxiliary) - Secretary, Rev. J. M. Rodgers, Great James Street
Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society - Secretary, Rev. W. H. Smith, Waterside
Young Men's Christian Association, East Wall - Secretary, R. G. Morrison
Independent Order of Rechabites (Salford Unity) - "Derry's First" Tent (No. 315) meets every alternate Friday evening at 8 o'clock
Independent Order of Good Templars - In connection with this Society there are ten Lodges in active working operation
Library Association and News Room, Shipquay Street - Secretary and Librarian, Wm. Tilson
Derry and Raphoe Diocesan Library - The Diocesan Library is open for reading to persons of all denominations
News Room and Libraries - Catholic Institute Library, Diamond. Diocesan Library, Synod Hall, Artillery Lane. Londonderry Library Association, Shipquay Street. Lending Libraries, Ferryquay Street, Wm. Nelis; Shipquay Street, Mrs. Clements.  Y.M.C.A., East Wall
Magee College - Office bearers of Faculty, 1888-89 - President, Prof. Leebody; vice president, Prof. Graham; curator of library and museum, Rev. Prof. Witherow. Professors - Metaphysics and Ethics, Rev. Hugh C. Graham, B.A. (Dill Professor); Latin and Greek, James MacMaster, M.A.; Logic Belles Lettres, and Rhetoric, Rev. J. B. Dougherty, M.A.; Mathematics and Natural History, J. R. Leebody, M.A., F.I.C. (Hon. the Irish Society's Professor); Oriental Literature and Hermeneutics, Rev. James Lyle Bigger, M.A., B.D.; Church History and Pastoral Theology, Rev. Thomas Witherow; Theology, Rev. Frs. Petticrew, M.A., D.Lit., D.D. (Dill Professor); Living Oriental Languages, Rev. J. Glasgow, D.D.; Elocution, Rev. J. Stuart, M.A., LL.D.
Foyle College - A Grammar School, with accommodation for 80 boarders. Patron, the Lord Bishop of Derry. Head Master, M. C. Hime, M.A., LL.D.
St. Columbkille's College, Londonderry - Principal, Rev. T. McCloskey
Londonderry Academical Institution, founded in 1868. Head Masters, John C. Dick, M.A. and John Young, M.A.
Gwyn's Charitable Institution, head of Great James Street - Founded for the education, clothing and maintenance of male orphans of the humbler classes. Sir Edward Reid, secretary; William J. Snowdon, head master
Londonderry Government School of Art, Shipquay Street - Head Master, W. E. Crother.  Classes meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Bennett Street National School (Male and Female) - Teacher, Miss Johnston, assistants, Miss Craig, Miss Hagan, and Miss Watson
Christian Brothers' School, Brow-of-the-Hill - Mr. Murray, principal teacher
Convent Schools, Pump Street and Artillery Street - Teachers, the Sisters of Mercy
Templemore National School, Pump Street (Male and Female) - Miss Cavanagh, teacher, with assistants
Infant School, Pump Street - Miss Mooney, teacher
Templemore Male National School, Pump Street - Teacher, Mr. Pettipiel; monitor, Mr. Boag
Creggan National School (Male and Female), Infirmary Road, Great James Street - Teacher, L. H. Roberts; assistant, Miss L. Parkinson
National School, R. C. Chapel, Long Tower - Teachers, W. Ferguson and Miss McCloskey
National Female School (St. Eugene's), Middle Road - Teachers, Sisters of Mercy, with monitresses
Ladies' Collegiate School, Crawford Square - Principals - The Misses MacKillip, assisted by a large class of highly qualified teachers
Strand House Ladies School - Principal - Miss Holmes.  Teachers (English), Miss A. C. Holmes, Miss Douglas, and Miss Wiley; Music, Mr. D. C. Jones, Mus.Bac., F.C.O.; Modern Languages, Mdlle, Schott; Classics, Mr. R. Moore, B.A.; Mathematics and Natural Science, Mr. A. Stuart
Clarendon Street Ladies' School - Principal, Miss Jenkins
National Schools - Reformed Presbyterian Church, Waterside, Miss McCullough, teacher;  Clooney Terrace, David Caldwell, teacher; female assistant, Miss Watson.  Meetinghouse Row, Mr. Stewart, Master; assistant, Mr. Wham;  (Female), Miss Wybrants, mistress;  Miss McCarter, Miss Duncan and Miss Snowdon, assistants.  Strand (male and female), William Henderson, teacher; Miss S. J. McDonnell, mistress; Miss Tillie Henderson, assistant; Miss Wardlow, work mistress.  Model Schools, Northland Road, Mr. Connellan, Head Inspector; Mr. Kelly, local inspector.  Male School, Wm. Mitchell, head master, with assistants; female, Mrs. Smithies, mistress, with assistants.  Rosemount (Male & Female), Miss Bolton, Teacher. Science School (Meetinghouse Row), William Patterson.  Waterside (Male & Female) - Teachers, Male, James Mullan, principal; (female) Mrs. Mullan, mistress


Adair, A. C., county surveyor, Bishop Street
Alexander, John A., Caw House, Derry
Alexander, Right Rev. Wm., Bishop of Derry and Raphoe
Allen, C. C., Edenmore
Babington, D. R., solicitor, Shipquay Street
Babington, Hume, J.P., Creevagh and Armagh
Babington, Miss, Kennedy Place
Babington, Rev. Canon David, Waterside
Babington, Rev. Canon Richard, Waterside
Beresford, John Barre, D.L., Learmount Castle
Bernard, Dr., Queen Street
Bigger, William Finlay, J.P., Riverview
Bond, Major, Glenview
Bond, Oliver, J.P., The Collon
Bowen, John G., J.P., Burt House
Bradford, T., solicitor, Shipquay Street
Browne, Captain John H. Knox
Browne, Cecil H., J.P., Claudy
Bruce, Henry J. Lloyd, J.P., Downhill, Derry
Bruce, Major Stewart Hervey, Crawford Square, Derry
Bruce, Sir Henry Hervey, Bart., Downhill, Derry
Campbell, Thomas, Ballynagard, Derry
Cassiday, Saml., J.P., Bruckless House, Donegal
Chambers, R. N., town clerk, Waterside
Clarke, J. J., J.P.
Cochrane, Hon. Ernest Grey Lambton, J.P., Redcastle, Derry
Colquhoun, David M., Clerk of the Crown and Peace, Bishop Street
Colquhoun, Thomas, J.P., Buncrana
Colquhoun, Thomas, J.P., solicitors and land agent, Shipquay Street
Conyngham, Sir W. F. Lenox, J.P, D.L., Lieut.-Colonel
Cook, Joseph, Bloomhall
Cook, John, sen., Strand Road
Cooke, John, J.P., Foyle View, Derry
Craig, David, J.P., Oaks Lodge, Derry
Craig, John, agent, Bank of Ireland
Crosbie, Pierce, J.P., Castle House, Moville
Cunningham, Wm., Ulster Bank manager, Derry
Davis, Thomas, M.D., Waterside
Ferguson, John G., C.E., Pump Street
Foster, William John, J.P., Queen Street
Gilliland, George Knox, J.P., Brookhall, Derry
Hart, George V., D.L., J.P., Kilderry
Haslett, Thomas, Caw
Hetherington, C. E., M.D., Asylum
Heygate, Sir F. W., Bart., D.L., Bellarena
Heygate, Captain Frederick, J.P., Bellarena
Hime, Maurice C., LL.D., J.P., Foyle College
Hogg, Adam, J.P., Manchester
Johnston, Andrew, manager, Northern Bank
Joyce, J. J., manager, Belfast Bank
Kennedy, J., C.E., Castle Street
Knox, Colonel George, J.P., Prehen
Knox, Major George, J.P., D.L.
Knox, Robert, solicitor, Castle Street
Lawrence, Captain John
Leathem, Samuel, J.P., Templemore Park
Lecky, Henry, J.P., Farm Hill
Lecky, Major Edmund, J.P., Eglinton, Derry
Leckey, Thomas, J.P., Foyle Hill
Leebody, John R., D.Lith., professor, Magee College
Lepper, Robert, J.P., Foyle View, Redcastle
Lloyd, Minchin P., Northland Road
Loughrey, Joseph, solicitor, Shipquay Street
Lyle, Hugh, J.P., Larchmount
Lyle, James A., J.P., the Oaks
Lyle, Major Hugh Cheetham, J.P., Carnagarve, Moville
MacCullagh, James A., M.D., Bayview terrace
MacLaughlin, Thomas, M.D., Shipquay Street
Maxwell, Patrick, solicitor, East Wall
Miller, Dr. J. E., Pump Street
Miller, J. Ewing, M.D., Pump Street
Miller, John, J.P., Linsfort House, Buncrana
Miller, Sir William, M.B., surgeon, Pump Street
Moore, Robert L., J.P., D.L., Molenan
McCaffrey, A. & J., solicitor, Castle Street
McCaul, Dr. George, M.B., J.P., Clarendon Street
McCay, H., LL.D., solicitor, Bishop Street
McClellan, John M., Larchmount, Derry
McClelland, Matthew, Glendarragh
McClintock, Robert, D.L., Dunmore, Carrigans
McClintock, Thomas M., J.P., Hampstead Hall
McCorkell, Archibald, J.P.
McCorkell, Bartholomew H., Richmond, Derry
McCorkell, David B., B.L., Ballygarnett, Derry
McElwee, W., C.E., Castle Street
McMaster, James, professor, Magee College
McNeilage, E., C.E., Waterloo Place
McVicker, Sir Robert, J.P., Riverbank
Nervin, Rev. Robert, Queen Street
Newton, Robert William, J.P., Bellevue, Derry
Norman, Thos., J.P., Glengollan House, Fahan
Olphert, John, D.L., St. John's, Fahan
O'Doherty, J. E., M.P., solicitor
Patton, Rev. S., Waterside
Potter, Rev. J., Crawford Square
Reid, J. Kelso, solicitor, Linenhall Street
Reid, Orr, & Co., Richmond Street
Reid, Sir Edward, J.P., Lisardahla, Derry
Robinson, W. J., C.E.
Rodgers, Rev. J. M., Great James Street
Ross, Rev. Robert, D.D., Prehan Road, Waterside
Scott, William E., J.P., D.L., Willsboro', Derry
Smyth, R. S., postmaster
Stevenson, Messrs., solicitors, Richmond Street
Stevenson, Robert, J.P., Ardkill, Derry
Stevenson, Robert, jun., J.P., Ardkill, Derry
Stevenson, William C., Ashpark
Stewart, Charles E., C.E., Pump Street
Stewart, James, Edenmore
Tillie, William, D.L., Duncreggan House, Derry
Thompson, Rev. Mungo, J.P., Clonmany Rectory, Derry
Todd, R. H., LL.D., solicitor, Waterloo Place
Walshe, John E., B.L., Probate office Derry; and Fahan
Watt, A. A., Thornhill, Derry
Witherow, Rev. Thos., professor, Magee College

Merchants & Traders

Aerated Water Manufacturers

Boal, Bros., & Co., Bishop Street
McGinniss, William, Waterside
Porter, Robert, Waterloo Street


Bible & Summons, London Street
Donnell, S., 4 Castle Street
White, Thomas, Castle Street


Magee, T. S., Shipquay Street
White, Thomas, Castle Street

Agricultural Implement Agents

Adair, W., Duke Street, Waterside
McConnell, W. L., 63 Foyle Street
Thompson, Wm. & Co., Shipquay Street and Foyle Street

Agricultural Implement Makers

Brown, A. & Son, Foyle Foundry
Marshall, James, Brackfield, Killaloe, Derry
McLearn, William, Wellington Foundry, Foyle Street

Apothecaries and Pharmaceutical Chemists

Taaffe, Henry, Waterloo Place
McCaul, J. & G., Waterloo Place and Ferryquay Street
Prior, H. M., Ferryquay Street

Artists (Photographic)

Ayton, Alexander, Shipquay Place
Glass, James, Carlisle Road
Kerr, Hugh, Carlisle Road
Doherty, James, Carlisle Road


Bond, Thomas A., Castle Street
McMahon, P., Castle Street
Reid, John, Market Street
Sadlier, Geo. & Co., Carlisle Road
Walters, G. & Son, Richmond Street

Bagatelle & Billiard Rooms

Hegan, T. M., Imperial Hotel, Bishop Street
Jury's Hotel, Foyle Street
Newmarket Hotel, Market Street
Toye, Mrs., City Hotel, Foyle Street


Anderson, Geo., Carlisle Road
Brewster, John, Bishop Street
Chambers, J. & J., Bishop Street
Doherty, John, Bishop Street
Eaton, Oliver, Waterside
Glass, Mathew, Bishop Street
Johnston, James, Ferryquay Street
Kindness, John, John Street
Porter & Roulstone, William Street
Stevenson, Hugh, Waterloo Place and William Street
Smith, James, Gobnascale
Stilley, Andrew, Diamond
Todd, Richard, Roseville Street
Thompson, Henry, Ferryquay Street

Bank Agents

Craig, John, "Bank of Ireland", Shipquay Street
Cunningham, Wm., "Ulster", Waterloo Place
Joyce, J. J., "Belfast", Shipquay Street
Johnston, Andrew, "Northern," Shipquay Place

Bell Hangers

Baxter, Aaron, Shipquay Street
Campbell, Philip, William Street
Love, Joseph, Orchard Street
McLaughlin & McCulloch, London Street
Shannon, W., Waterloo Street

Boarding and Day Schools

Holmes, Miss (Boarding & Day), Strand House
Jenkins, Miss, Clarendon Street
McKillip, the Misses, Crawford Square

Block Makers

Cunningham & Co., Shipquay
McPherson, Francis, Shipquay

Boiler Maker

McPherson, Fras., shipquay

Boiler Makers

Brown & Sons, Foyle Foundry
McLearn, William, Wellington Foundry, Foyle Street
Patterson, J., Queen's Quay

Book Agent

Bible and Colportage Society, Ferryquay Street


Cargill, Thomas, Linenhall Street
Gallagher, James, Diamond
Nelis, W. H., Ferryquay Street
Sentinel, Pump Street
Standard, Pump Street

Boot and Shoe Makers

Adair, Wm., Waterside
Barnhill, Robert, Ferryquay Street
Brown, Miss, Carlisle Road
Cadden, John, Carlisle Road
Cuthbert, Hugh, Ferryquay Street
Dale, Wm. & Co., Butcher Street
Dooley, Thomas, Orchard Street
Doherty, Michael, William Street
Gill, Brothers, Diamond
Hargan, John, Bishop Street
Harper, James, Duke Street and Ferryquay Street
Hants, Thomas, High Street
Irwin, John, Fountain Hill
Lynch, Henry, Butcher Street
Maxwell, Joseph, Foyle Street
Morrison, J., Linenhall Street
McCutcheon, John, Butcher Street
McGinn, P., William Street
McGowan, Wm., Barnwell Place
McKeown, W. J., & Sons, Butcher Street
Patton, George, Bishop Street
Pollock, G. & Co., Ferryquay Street
Selfridge, Alex., Spencer Road
Tyler & Sons, Shipquay Place


Watt, David & Co., William Street

Builders and Carpenters

Ballantine, Joseph, Strand Road
Boyd, Hugh, Abercorn Road
Cabena, Thomas, Linenhall Street
Colhoun, Brothers, Strand Road
Cooke, Wm., London Street
Doherty, Patrick, William Street
Knox, Samuel, Crawford Square
McClelland, M., Strand Road
McCormick, Wm., Bishop Street
McElwee, Alexander, Strand Road
McKane, James, Clooney Terrace
Roden, Wm., Orchard Street
Shannon, John, Fountain Street


Brown, Wm., Bishop Street
Boyle, Daniel, Butcher Street
Cassidy, Michael, William Street
City of Derry Meat Supply Co., Limited, Diamond
Concannon, Robert, Rossville Street
Devlin, Michael, Waterloo Place
Doherty, George, Bishop Street
Doherty, John, Rossville Street
Doherty, James, Foyle Street
Doherty, Daniel, Bishop Street
Doherty, Philip, Waterside
Ferguson, Mrs., Sackville Street
Gallagher, R., Great James Street
Gallagher, R., Waterloo Street
Hart, Peter, Waterside
Healy, James, Long Tower
Hegarty, James, William Street
McDade, Michael, Waterloo Place
McLaughlin, Wm., Waterside
Quigley, Wm., Bishop Street
Risk, Mrs., Waterside
Sheals, James, Bridge Street
Sheals, D., Sir E. Reid's Market

Butter Merchants

Bigger, W. F., Foyle Street
Browne, Joseph, Strand
Buchanan, Bros., Foyle Street
Ferguson, John, Butter Market
Howatson, G., & Co., Ship Quay
Laut, James, & Co., Shipquay
Lecky, Henry, Foyle Street
Lyons, Mee, & Co., Foyle Street
Monaghan, W., Sugarhouse Lane
McGaw, John, Foyle Street
Osborne, John, Foyle Street
Wylie, Thomas, Strand
Wylie, John, Butter Market

Several extensive shippers have their principal offices in country districts, and attend at the Butter Market on Wednesdays and Thursdays for the purpose of purchasing and shipping butter

Cabinet Makers

Bradley, James, Bridge Street
Campbell, Robert, Bishop Street
Friel, Thomas, Bridge Street
McDonnell, H., and Son, Bishop Street

Cart Makers

Allen, W., Spencer Road, Waterside
Brown, John, William Street
Gilmour, James, Casey's Lane
McAllister, John, Spencer Road
Reid, James, Great James Street
O'Donnell, W., Simpson's brae, waterside
White, Wm., Sackville Street

Carvers and Gilders

Campbell, Wm., Richmond Street
Chambers, Wm., Pump Street
Durnin, John, Foyle Street
Kerr, W. M. & Co., Waterloo Place
Maguire, James, Orchard Street
Malcolm, James, Strand Road
McCool, Charles, Waterloo Place
McIndoe, Henry, Bishop Street
McKenzie, C., Waterside
Shannon, Andrew, Pump Street


Hughes, John, Waterloo Place
Watson & Co., Bank Place

China, Delf and Glass Warehouses

Donaghey, M., Waterloo Place
Gordon, T., & Son, Diamond
McGroarty, James, Duke Street
McConnell, Brothers, Foyle Street
Nevin, Hugh, Bishop Street
Sawers & Co., Bishop Street

Coach Makers

Lynn & Sons, Great James Street
Gilmour, Wm., Bishop Street
Young, T. & Son, Clarendon Street

Coal Merchants

Cuthbert, Wm., Foyle Street and Waterside
Colhoun, George, Shipquay
Howatson, George, Shipquay
Morrison, Samuel, Lorne Street
McDevette & Donnell, Foyle Street and Quay
McGowan & Lane, Shipquay, Waterside

Coffee Rooms

Johnston, James, Ferryquay Street
Thompson, Henry, Ferryquay Street
Coffee Stalls - No. 1, Shipquay Place; do. 2, Carlisle Road; do. 3, Duke Street; The Café, Shipquay Street; The Rock, restaurant

Cooks and Confectioners

Foster, H., Waterloo Place
Johnston, James, Ferryquay Street
Kindness, J. & T., Bishop Street
Thompson, Henry, Ferryquay Street


Beatty, James, Eden Place
Cooke, W., Fountain Street
Collins, Wm., William Street
Duffy, John, Waterloo Street
Hamill, James, Spencer Road, Waterside
McCarron, Daniel, Waterloo Street
McGrotty, Cornelius, Waterside
McLaughlin, E., St. James Street

Cork Manufacturers

Jewell, A. C., Society Street
McLaughlin, J., Orchard Street


Bell, Samuel, Bishop Street
Doherty, Denis, Bridge Street


Johnston, J. J., Richmond Street
Hurst, J. A., Great James Street
Minniece, T., Pump Street
Smyth, Samuel, Shipquay Street
Williams, Herbert, Shipquay Street


Allen, W. P. W., Duke Street
Galbraith, David, Strand
McCaul, J. & G., Waterloo Place and Ferryquay Street
Shepherd, J. & Co., Waterside
Smith, Robert, Foyle Street
Taaffe, Henry, Waterloo Place


Watt, D., & Co., Abbey Street and Waterside


Bell, J., Ferryquay Street and Bishop Street
Campbell, John, Bishop Street

Dyeing Agencies

Bredin, M., Butcher Street
Cameron, Mrs., Carlisle Road
Gallagher, Miss, Diamond
Marchant, Miss, Clooney Terrace
O'Brien, Miss, Richmond Street

Emigration Agents

Adair, W., Duke Street
Ferris, Joseph, Foyle Street
Hamilton, W. J. (Anchor Line), Foyle Street
Montgomery, Wm. (Dominion Line), Foyle Street
McNeil, Andrew, Foyle Street
Tomb, James, Grove Place
Turner, W., Allan Line Office


Bradley, W. J., Bridge Street
Gill, Samuel, Artillery Lane
Sentinel Office, Pump Street (Lithographic)
Standard Office, Pump Street (Lithographic)

Fire Clay Goods Merchants

Colhoun, Bros., Chamberlain Place
Major, Alex., & Co., Strand Road
McClelland, M., Strand Road


McConnell, John, Castle Street
Sheppard, Mrs., Richmond Street

Fish (Dried) Merchants

Bradley, D. & C., William Street
Cole, J., Lorne Street
Matthewson, John, Foyle Street
Watson, J. & R., Bank Place
and the several family grocers

Flax and Tow Merchants

McMonagle, Patrick, Butcher Street

Flour Merchants

Austin, Wm., & Co., Foyle Street
Christy, John, Foyle Street
Cooke, Robert, Butcher Street
Cunningham, J., & Co., Foyle Street
Laut, Jas., & Co., Shipquay
Lyons, Mee, & Co., Foyle Street
Mitchell, William, Foyle Street
McCorkell, Wm., & Co., Strand
McCrory, Stevenson, & Co., Princess Quay
Newton, R. W., Waterside
Osborne, John, Foyle Street
Pinkerton & Co., Foyle Street
Roulston, J. & R., Foyle Street
Smyth, Robert, Ship Quay
Watt, David, & Co., Abbey Street
Wilson, A., & Co., Lorne Street


Begley, Patrick, Carlisle Road
Clements, John, Strand Road
Friel, John, Waterloo Place
Hart, M., Linenhall Street
Kane, William, Richmond Street
McCartney, P., Waterloo Street
McIntyre, Philip, Duke Street

Furniture (Old) Dealers

Doak, John, Bridge Street and Sir E. Reid's market
Nash, Wm., Fahan Street
Reid, D., Sir E. Reid's Market

Game Dealers

Divin, Catherine, Market Street
Ferris, William, Foyle Street
Kane, William, Richmond Street
McConnell, John, Castle Street
Sheppard, Mrs., Richmond Street

Gasfitters and Plumbers

Baxter, Aaron, Shipquay Street
McLaughlin, & McCulloch, London Street
Shannon, W., Waterloo Street

General Merchants

Cooke, J. & J., Strand
Howatson, G., & Co., Shipquay
Johnston, John B., Strand
Major, Alex., & Co., Strand Road
McCarter, W., & Son, Waterside
McCorkell, W., & Co., Strand
O'Neill, John, & Co., Foyle Street
Wilson, A., & Co., Lorne Street

Grain Merchants

Austin, W., & Co., Foyle Street
Ballantine, M. & J., Waterside
Christy, John, Foyle Street
Edwards, Robt., Butter Market
Ferguson, John, Shipquay Place
Howatson, G., & Co., Shipquay
Irwin, Jos., & Co., Foyle Street
Laut, James, & Co., Shipquay
Lecky, Henry, Foyle Street
Major, Alex., & Co., Strand Road
McCorkell, Wm., & Co., Strand
McCormick & King, William Street
McCrory, Stevenson, & Co., Princess Quay
Osborne, John, Foyle Street
Roulston, J. & R., Foyle Street
Wilson, A., & Co., Lorne Street


Adams, Archibald, Strand
Anderson, Wm., Waterloo Place
Babington, Humphrey, Strand
Berryman, Robert, Waterside
Black, Robert James, Foyle Street
Boal, David W., Foyle Street
Boyle, Charles, Fahan Street
Boyle, John, Foyle Street
Bradley, D., & C., William Street
Bradley, James, Foyle Street
Bradley, John, Bishop Street
Bradley, Bridget, Foyle Street
Brewster, John, Sackville Street
Burns, Samuel, Foyle Road
Callaghan, Patrick, Rossville Street
Chambers, Joseph, Bishop Street
Colhoun, Catherine, Bishop Street
Colhoun, G., Clooney, Waterside
Colhoun, Eugene, Dungiven Road
Connor, J., Clooney, Waterside
Crawford, Mrs., Duke Street, Waterside
Creswell, J., Duke Street, Waterside
Crooks, Thomas, Spencer Road
Cunningham, Margery, Bishop Street
Deeny, John, Hawkins Street and Fountain Street
Doherty, Charles, Abbey Street
Doherty, Mrs., Strand Road
Doherty, John, Bishop Street
Diven, D., Nailer's Row

Duffy, Patrick, Bridge Street
Duffy, Peter, Rossville Street
Eaton, Oliver, Waterside
Ellis, Thomas, Duke Street
Farren, David, Foyle Road
Fleming, John, & Co., Strand
Fanning, John, Bishop Street
Ferris, William, Foyle Street
Flood, Michael, Rossville Street
Forsythe & Co., Bishop Street
Gallagher, Wm., Bishop Street
Gamble, J. & Co., Waterloo Place
Gibbons, John, Lecky Road
Gibbons, Thomas, William Street
Gilliland, S. & Co., Shipquay Street
Glass, Charles, Waterloo Street
Glass, Matthew, Bishop Street
Grieve, Hugh, Waterside
Grumley, Joseph, Strand
Hall, Edward, Sackville Street
Hamilton, Charles, Waterside
Hamilton, H. S., & Co., Foyle Street
Hamilton, Robert, Foyle Street
Hamilton, Wm., & Co., Bank Place
Hargan, John, Bishop Street
Hastings, Ross, Foyle Street
Holmes & Mullin, Waterloo Place
Houston, Wm., Sackville Street
Hunter, Hugh, Duke Street
Johnston, J. B., Strand
Johnston, J., Ferryquay Street
Kelly, James, Rossville Street
Laird, Samuel, Hawkins Street
Logue, Mary, Bishop Street
Logan, James, The Collon
London and Newcastle Tea Co., Waterloo Place
Malseed, Robt. C., Waterside
Matthewson, J., & Co., Foyle Street
Mitchell, James, Lecky Road
Mitchell, Joseph, Rossville Street
Mooney, Robert, Bridge Street and Orchard Street
Morrin, Mary, Foyle Street
Mullan, James, Waterside
McCallion. M., Francis Street
McCann, M., Francis Street
McCay, John, Sackville Street
McCay, A., & Co., Ferryquay Street
McChrystal, Mich., Rossville Street
McClintock, Andrew, Strand
McCloskey, Bernard, Waterside
McConnell & Co., Foyle Street
McCrabb, R. W., Bishop Street
McCully, Thomas, Spencer Road
McDaid, Mrs., Strand Road
McDaid, Elizabeth, Bishop Street
McDermott, Thomas, Waterside
McElhinney, James, Strand Road
McFarland, Robert, Waterside
McFeely, James, Strand Road
McGinley, Joseph, Foyle Street
McGirr, D. T., Magazine Street
McGinness, Bridget, Waterside
McGinness, Wm., Waterside
McIlinney, Patrick, Waterside
McKane, J., Clooney, Waterside
McKee, George, Ferguson's Lane
McKeown, Wm. John, Waterside
McLaughlin, John, Foyle Street
McLaughlin, M., Abercorn Row
McLaughlin, Wm., Abbey Street
McLaughlin, J., Butcher's Gate
McLaughlin, Wm., Fountain Street
McLoughlin, Patrick, Francis Street
McMillan, Mrs., Ferryquay Street
McSparron, Mrs., Waterside
McNulty, Daniel, Bishop Street
Nicell, Thomas, Rosemount
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
Owens, Henry, Longbog Street
O'Doherty, W. G., Bishop Street
O'Donnell, Patrick, Rock
O'Kane, Michael, William Street
O'Kane, Bernard, Waterloo Street
Patton, Joseph, Bishop Street
Patton, Mrs., Rosemount
Platt, Henry, Fountain Street
Porter & Roulston, William Street
Reid, Orr, & Co., Linenhall Street and Richmond Street
Rodgers, Henry, Great James Street
Rodgers, Wm., Ferryquay Street
Rosborough, A., Ferryquay Street
Smith, Ellen, Bridge Street
Smith, Peter, Bishop Street
Stevenson, Samuel, Sackville Street
Stevenson, Samuel, Sackville Street
Stewart, James, Great James Street
Thompson, Alex., Fountain Street
Thompson, Alex., Duke Street
Todd, Richard, Rossville Street
Todd, Richard, Bishop Street
Toland, John, Fahan Street
Walker, G., & Co., Magazine Street
Watson, Mrs., Foyle Road
White, Wm., Sackville Street
Wiley, John P., Sackville Road
Wright & Lowther, Fountain Street

Guano and Manure Manufacturers

North-West of Ireland Bone Manure Co. - Works, Ballynagard; office, Shipquay - T. C. Campbell, agent
Ulster Manure Co. - Works, Lisahally; offices, Shipquay Street and Foyle Street - William Thompson & Co.

Guano and Seed Merchants

Adair, Wm., Waterside
Black, R. J., Shipquay Street
Boal, David W., Bishop Street
Fleming, John & Co., Strand Road
Goodman, Alban, Abercorn Road
Hamilton, Charles, Waterside
Hamilton, H. S., & Co., Foyle Street
Hamilton, Robert, Foyle Street
Harper, James, Waterside
Henderson, Robt., & Co., Foyle Street
Johnston, John B., Strand
King, Benjamin H., William Street
Major, Alex., & Co., Strand Road
Malseed, R. C., Waterside
Matthewson, J. G., & Co., Foyle Street
Mullan, James, Waterside
McCully, Thomas, Waterside
Osborne, John, Government Peruvian Guano Agent, Foyle Street and Strand
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
O'Doherty, W. G., Bishop Street
O'Neill, John & Co., Foyle Street
Rosborough, A., Ferryquay Street
Rodger, P. T., Strand Road
Thompson, Wm., & Co., Shipquay Street and Foyle Street
Walker, G., & Co., Magazine Street
Wiley, James P., Sackville Street
Wilson, William & Co., Waterloo Place


Bell, Samuel, Bishop Street
Griffith, Wm., Ferryquay Street

Haberdashers, Milliners and Dress Makers

(Those marked thus (a) are Haberdashers only. Those marked (b) are Milliners and Dressmakers only)

Austin & Co. b, Diamond
Bredin, Butcher Street
Bushby, Miss, b, Shipquay Street
Clements, Mrs. a, (Berlin Wool and Fancy Warehouse), Shipquay Street
Cooper, J. D., Ferryquay Street
Cooper, Mrs., Diamond
Cooper, Miss, Abercorn Road
Doherty, Daniel, a, Butcher Street
Friel, Patrick, a, Butcher Street
Galbraith, Mrs., Bishop Street
Gallagher, Miss (millinery and underclothing), Diamond
Gilchrist & Co., Bishop Street
Harbinson, Mr. & Co., Bishop Street
Hamilton, Mrs. b, Bishop Street
Hegarty, Mrs., Diamond
Irwin, Mrs. C., b, Diamond
Irvine & Co., Ferryquay Street
Mulholland, M., & Co., Bishop Street
McDevitt, P. & M., Waterside
McDonald, J., Duke Street
McVeigh, Thomas, Butcher Street
Pollock, J. J., & Co., Ferryquay Street
Reid, Andrew, Bishop Street
Ritchie, Miss, Carlisle Road
Semple & Thompson, Ferryquay Street
Sherrard, Mrs., Great James Street
Talbot & Co., Ferryquay Street

Hair Dressers

Mehan, Francis, Waterloo Street
Murdoch, T. (and wig maker), Foyle Street
Murphy, John, Waterloo Street
Murphy, M., Waterside
McCay, Mrs., Richmond Street
McGrory, James, Richmond Street
Watson, Thos. (wig maker and perfumer) Shipquay Street
Williams, James, Foyle Street
Williams, D. B., Bishop Street

Hardware Merchants

Cooke, John, & Co., Waterloo Place
Coyle & Co., Bishop Street
Malseed, R. C., Duke Street
Mooney, William, Strand Road
McCully, Thomas, Waterside
McLaughlin, J., William Street
Scott, M. & M., Bishop Street
Smiley, T. & J., Strand
Thompson, Alexander, Duke Street
Walker, Wallace & Co., Strand Road


Thompson, J., 18 Bishop Street

Hearse Proprietors

Cullion, Hugh, Chamberlain Place
Doran, J., Waterside
Jury, G. J., Hotel Street
McGuinness, Wm., Waterside
McIlwaine, George, John Street
Perry, Henry, Linenhall Street
Watson, Joseph, Foyle Street

Horse Shoers

Elliott, Edward, Waterside
Gilfillan, David, Great James Street
Henderson, Robert, Society Street
Henderson, S., Chamberlain Place
Nelis, Samuel, Fountain Street
O'Donnell, Daniel, William Street
Wilson, William, Waterside

Hotel Proprietors

Ballintine, W., Temperance, Carlisle Road
Coyle, Mrs., Carlisle Road
Kelly, Miss Mary J., The Ulster, Foyle Street
Gibson, Mrs., The Northern, Magazine Street
Gowdie, Miss A., Temperance Hotel, The Terrace, Foyle Street
Hamilton, C., Tirkeeran Arms, Waterside
Hegan, T. M., Imperial, Bishop Street
Jury, G. J., Jury's Hotel, Foyle Street
Moran, T., Lorne, Richmond Street
McClellan, Rebecca, The Foyle, Foyle Street
McIntyre, A., Alexandra, Market Street
Roddy, Mary A., Roddy's Hotel, Bishop Street
Somerville, Florence, Newmarket, Market Street
Toye, Mrs., City, Foyle Street

Insurance Agents

I didn't include them, they were mostly just names of companies

Iron and Brass Founders

Brown, A. & Sons, Foyle Foundry, Foyle Road
McLearn, William, Wellington Foundry, Foyle Street

Land and House Agents

Bible & Simmons, 3 London Street
Colquhoun & Son, Shipquay Street
Corbett, John W., Shipquay Street
Harvey, J. G. M., 29 Clarendon Street
Lloyd, M. P., Shipquay Street
Magee, T. S., Shipquay Street
Scott, J. G., Mayor's Office, Diamond
Stevenson, Robert, Richmond Street
White, Thomas, Castle Street

Leather and Hide Merchants

Adair, William, Waterside
Dale, Wm., & Co., Butcher Street
Harper, James, Duke Street
Maxwell, J., Foyle Street

Lithographic & Copperplate Printers

Colhoun, James, Sentinel Office, Pump Street
Glendinning, William, & Co., Standard Office, Pump Street

Lodging Houses (Licensed)

Bovaird, John, 68 Foyle Street
Bradley, James, 121 Foyle Street
Bradley, Thomas, 2 Foyle Road
Burke, Michael, 8 Fahan Street
Cole, John, 75 Foyle Street
Coyle, Bridget, 50 Bridge Street
Curren, John, 82 Foyle Street
Doherty, Bernard, 28 Bridge Street
Fanning, John, 10a Longtower
Fox, John, 5 Fahan Street
Hargan, John, 86 Foyle Street
McCrossan, Thomas, 23 Foyle Street
McIlwaine, George, 74 Bridge Street (for Canadian passengers)
McLaughlin, Joseph, 75 Foyle Street
McLaughlin, John, 119 Foyle Street
Rogers, John, Orchard Street
Sweeney, Daniel, 1 Little James Street

Marble and Stone Cutters

Doherty, John, Great James Street
Doherty, Phil., Chamberlain Place
Haslett & Sons, Grove Place
Haslettt, George, Carlisle Road

Marine Store Dealers

Gallagher, William, Fahan Street
McAleavy, Thos., Chamberlain Place
McCormick, Rodger, Orchard Street


Ballantine, Brothers, Waterside and Ardlough
Christy, John, Foyle Street
Gilliland, S., & Sons, Rock Mills, Strand
Macartney, John, Pennyburn
McClelland, Smith & Co., Drumahoe; office, Waterside
Newton, R. W., Waterside
Watt, David, & Co., Abbey Street
Wilson, A., & Co., Lorne Street


Anderson, G., Carlisle Road
Dixon, H. P., organist, Christ Church
Drysdale, W., Nicholson Terrace
Ferguson, J., Carlisle Road
Firth, Wm., 27 Great James Street, organist, St. Augustine Church
Floyd, Andrew, Orchard Street
Hemmingway, J. (bass), Marlborough Terrace
Jones, D. C., Mus.Bac., H.C.A., Carlisle Road, organist, St. Columb's Cathedral
Macdonald, Miss, Great James Street
Minniece, Miss, Great James Street
Mulholland, G. A., organist, R. C. Cathedral
Raffles, J. V., Clooney Terrace, organist, All Saints' Church

Music Sellers

Graham, William, Diamond
Hamilton, Robert, Shipquay Street
Hempton, James, Shipquay Street
Mitchell, Robert, Shipquay Street


Journal, Shipquay Street, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Thomas McCarter, proprietor; William Roddy, editor
Sentinel, Pump Street, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, James Colhoun, proprietor; David Pressly, editor
Standard, Pump Street, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Wm. Glendinning & Co., proprietors, John Arbuckle, editor

Oil and Colour Merchants

Foyle Ropework Co., Shipquay Place
Galbraith, D., Strand Building
McCaul, J. & G., Waterloo Place and Ferryquay Street
McCorkell, Jas., Waterloo Place
Shepherd & Co., Duke Street
Smyth, R., & Co., Foyle Street
Thompson, W., & Co., Shipquay Street
Taffe, Henry, Waterloo Place
Watt, Robert, Shipquay

Painters and Glaziers

Campbell, Wm., Richmond Street
Chambers, Wm., Pump Street
Crammond, J., London Street
Durnin, J., Foyle Street
Edgar, Samuel, Carlisle Road
Jordan, Wm., Richmond Street
Kerr, W. M., & Co., Waterloo Street
McKenzie, Cameron, Waterside
Maguire, James, Orchard Street
McCool, Charles, Shipquay Place
McIndoe, Henry, Bishop Street
Shannon, Andrew, Pump Street
Thompson, John, Great James Street

Pawn Brokers

Bradley, Patrick, Rossville Street
Canning, F., Longtower
Crossan, B., Rossville Street
Hannigan, Bernard, Bishop Street
Hannigan, Wm., Market Street
Lynch, Edward, Bishop Gate
Lynch, Edward, Castle Gate
McCready, Thomas, William Street
McGonagle, Daniel, Clooney Terrace
McGonagle, Daniel, William Street

Pianoforte Tuners & Dealers

Floyd, Andrew, Castle Street
Graham, William, Diamond
Hunter, James, Grove Place
MacDonald, Thos., Great James Street
McCready, Thomas, William Street

Pork and Provision Merchants

Bigger, Wm. F., Foyle Street
Buchanan, Bros., Foyle Street
Holmes & Mullin, Waterloo Place
Lecky, Henry, Foyle Street
Monaghan, Wm., Orchard Street
McConnell, Bros., Foyle Street
Steen, Bros., Foyle Street


Deery, Patrick, John Street
Divin, Mrs., New Market Street
Holmes & Mullin, Waterloo Place
McConnell, John, Castle Street
McDonald, John, Foyle Road

Posting Establishments

Anderson, William, Waterside
Hegan, T. M., Imperial Hotel, Bishop Street
Jury's Hotel, Foyle Street
McGinley, Joseph, Foyle Street
McGuiness, Wm., Waterside
Perry, Henry, Linenhall Street
Roddy, Mrs., Hotel, Bishop Street
Toye, Mrs., City Hotel, Foyle Street
Watson, Joseph, Foyle Street

Printers (Letterpress)

(See also Lithographic and Copperplate Printers and Newspapers)

Colhoun, James, "Sentinel", Pump Street
Emery, Andrew, Carlisle Road
Gailey, William, Waterloo Place
Irvine, David, Castle Street
McCarter, Thomas, Shipquay Street
O'Neill, Francis, Foyle Street
"Standard" Office, Pump Street


Adams, Archibald, Strand Road
Arbuckle, James, Strand Road
Ash, John, Francis Street
Babington, Humphrey, Strand Road
Black, Alexander, Strand Road
Blair, Jane, Society Street
Boal, D. W., Bishop Street
Bonner, James, Bishop Street
Boyle, Charles, Bishop Street
Boyle, Daniel, William Street
Boyle, John, Market Street
Boyle, Susan, Shipquay
Bradley, Sarah A., Creggan
Bradley, Denis, Waterside
Bradley, David, William Street
Bradley, John, Foyle Street
Bray, Francis, Foyle Street
Breslin, Cormick, Strand Road
Brolly, Patrick, Waterside
Brown, John, Fountain Street
Burns, Samuel, Foyle Road
Callaghan, Margt., Lecky Road
Callaghan, Patrick, Rossville Street
Campbell, Margery, Fountain Street
Carlin, Neal, Waterside
Carlin, Thomas, Duke Street
Carson, James, Linenhall Street
Cassidy, Wm., Rossville Street
Chambers, John, Spencer Road
Colhoun, Catherine, Bishop Street
Colhoun, Edward, Ferryquay Gate
Colhoun, George, Waterside

Colhoun, Eugene, Dungiven Road
Collins, Anthony, William Street
Conaghan, Rose Anne, Abbey Street
Connor, John, Strand Road
Connor, Patrick, Foyle Street
Coulton, Bernard, Rossville Street
Coyle, Catherine, Hotel, Carlisle Road
Creswell, John, Duke Street (S.G.)
Cunningham, Michael, Francis Street
Cuthbert, Hugh, Bridge Street
Deehan, Elizabeth, William Street
Deeny, John, Hawkins Street
Deeny, James, Waterloo Street
Devlin, John, Waterside
Diven, Patrick, Naier's Row
Doherty, Sophia, Foyle Street
Doherty, Elizabeth, Bishop Street
Doherty, Mary, Rossville Street
Doherty, John, Waterloo Street
Doherty, Mary, Strand Road
Doherty, Ellen, Abbey Street
Doherty, John, Waterloo Street
Duffy, Edward, Waterloo Street
Duffy, Peter, Rossville Street
Eames, Timothy, Barrack Row
Ellis, Thomas, Duke Street
Ewing, Robert, Waterloo Street
Fanning, John, Bishop Street
Fee, Alexander, Bishop Street
Ferris, William, Foyle Street
Gallagher, Hugh, Lecky Road
Gallagher, Anne, Butcher Street
Gibbons, Sarah Jane, Orchard Street
Gibbons, Thomas, William Street
Gibbons, John, Lecky Road
Gibson, Mrs., Northern hotel
Gilbey, W. & A., Shipquay Street (S.G.)
Gilliland, George K., Shipquay Street
Gill, Henry, Orchard Street
Glass, Charles, Waterloo Street
Glass, James, Bishop Street
Graham, T. Henry, Rossville Street
Grieve, Hugh, Waterside
Grieve, William, Bishop Street
Grumley, Mary, Strand Road
Hamilton, C., Hotel, Waterside
Hamilton, James, Great James Street
Hamilton, H. L., Richmond Street
Hargan, John, Bishop Street
Harkin, Daniel, Fahan Street
Hart, Margaret, Linenhall Street
Harvey, James, Magazine Street
Haslett, John, Clooney Terrace
Hasson, John, Duke Street
Hegan, T. M., Hotel, Bishop Street
Hegarty, John, Waterloo Street
Jackson, Samuel, Lecky Road
Johnston, J. B., Strand Road
Jury, George J., Hotel, Foyle Street
Kelly, Andrew, Waterloo Street
Kelly, Edward (A. A. Watt & Co.), Shipquay Street
Kelly, Mrs., Workhouse Road
Kelly, Mary J., Hotel, Foyle Street
Keown, Patrick, Rossville Street
Long, Thomas, Waterside
Logue, Mary, Bishop Street
Mageer, Wm., Bridge Street
Maginnis, Charles, Duke Street
Maginnis, Wm., Creggan Road
Montague, Eliza, William Street
Mooney, Robert, Bridge Street
Moore, William, Rossville Street
Moran, T., Hotel, Richmond Street
Morrin, J., Bishop Street (without)
Morrin, Mary, Foyle Road
Mulhern, Mary, Horse Barrack Row
Mullan, James, Waterside
Mullan, James, Workhouse Road
Mullin, Mary Ann, Foyle Street
McBride, Alex., London Street
McCafferty, Michael, Lecky Road
McCafferty, John, Ferguson Street
McCallion, Patrick, Bishop Street
McCann, Michael, Francis Street
McCannellogue, Wm., Bishop Street
McClay, John, Rossville Street
McClelland, Rebecca, Foyle Street
McCloskey, M., Hogg's Folly
McCloskey, Michael, Lecky Road
McConnelogue, E., Long Tower
McCool, William, Ship Quay
McCool, Wm., William Street
McCool, Neal, Sackville Street
McCormick, James, Foyle Street
McClintock, Andrew, Strand Road
McCrabb, R. & W., Bishop Street
McCully, Thomas, Waterside
McDaid, Eliza, Bishop Street
McDaid, Jane, Strand Road
McDaid, Richard, Hogg's Folly
McDevitt, Anne, Cregan
McDevitt, James, Rossville Street
McDevitt, Wm., Bishop Street
McDonagh, Margaret, Bridge Street
McElhinney, Mary, Linenhall Street
McElhinney, James, Strand Road
McElroy, Dinah, Linenhall Street
McFadden, P., Bond's Hill
McFeely, James, Strand Road
McGettigan, Thomas, Bridge Street
McGinley, Joseph, Foyle Street
McGinley, Michael, Fahan Street
McGinnis, Wm., Waterside
McGirr, David T., Magazine Street
McGuiness, Edward, Bishop Street
McGlinchey, Rose A., Waterside
McGrath, Mary J., Waterloo Street
McCrory, Mary A., Waterloo Street?
McGreavy, Mary, Lower Road
McIlwaine, George, John Street and Bridge Street
McKee, George, Ferguson's Lane
McKinney, John, Duke Street
McLaughlin, James, Waterloo Street
McLaughlin, John, Joseph Street
McLaughlin, John, Fahan Street
McLaughlin, John, Strand Road
McLaughlin, Michael, Waterside
McLaughlin, M., Abercorn Road
McLaughlin, Mary, Strand Road
McLaughlin & Bryson, Waterside
McMonagle, Patrick, Butcher Street
McMonagle, John, Butcher Street
McNally, Michael, Abbey Street
McNulty, Daniel, Bishop Street
McSparron, Elizabeth, Waterside
Nelis, Maria, Chamberlain Place
Nicell, Thomas, Rosemount
Ormsby, Miss, Waterside
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
Owens, Eleanor, Longbog Street
O'Connor, Edward, Creggan Street
O'Doherty, William G., Bishop Street
O'Donnell, John, Rossville Street
O'Hanlon & Co., Bishop Street
O'Kane, Patrick, Foyle Street
O'Kane, John, Rossville Street
O'Kane, Michael, William Street
O'Kane, Michael, Foyle Street
O'Kane, William, Fahan Street
O'Neill and McHenry, Foyle Street
Perry, John, Waterside
Quigley, Bernard, William Street
Quigley, Charles, Fahan Street
Quin, James, Dungiven Road
Roddy, Mary A., Hotel, Bishop Street
Rogers, John, Orchard Street
Rooney, Edward, William Street
Rooney, Hugh, Rossville Street
Selfridge, Alexander, Bishop Street
Selfridge, Sarah, Duke Street
Sheill, John, Francis Street
Smith, Peter, Bishop Street
Smith, Wm. John, Foyle Street
Smyth, Archibald, Waterside
Smyth, Henry, Duke Street
Stevenson, Fanny, Sackville Street
Somerville, Flarence, Market Street (Florence)
Stewart, Joseph M., Duke Street
Stewart, Jas. A., Great James Street
Todd, Richard, Rossville Street
Toye, Anne M., Hotel, Foyle Street
Wallace, Samuel, Market Street
Walsh, Sarah, Bishop Street
Ward, Michael, Elmwood Terrace
Ward, Michael, Rossville Street

Porter and Ale Bottling Stores

Anderson, Wm., Waterloo Place
Babington, Humphrey, Strand
Boal, D. W., Bishop Street
Ferris, William, Foyle Street
Gilbey, W. & A., Shipquay Street
Gilliland, Geo. K., Shipquay Street
Johnston, J. B., Strand Road
Mullan, James, Waterside
McClintock, Andrew, Strand Road
McGrath, Mary J., Bishop Street
McLaughlin, J., Butcher's Gate
O'Hanlon & Co., Bishop Street
O'Neill & McHenry, Foyle Street
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
O'Neill, P., & Co., Foyle Street

Rope Manufacturers

Foyle Rope Work Co., Shipquay Place
McCorkell, James, Waterloo Place
Watt, Robert, Ship Quay

Sail Makers

Foyle Rope Work Co., Shipquay Place
McCorkell, James, Waterloo Place
O'Connor, Edward, Creggan Street


Cassidy, John, Foyle Street
Dixon, William, Waterloo Street
Gibson, G., Spencer Road
Johnston, Robert, Diamond
Lynch, John, Spencer Road
McCay, Thomas, Waterside
Pews, Samuel, Waterside
Rodgers, Wm., William Street
Young, T., & Son, Clarendon Street

Seedsmen and Florists

Goodman, Alban & Son, Abercorn Road
Rodger, P. T., Waterloo Place
Thompson, W. & Co., Shipquay Street

Servants' Registry Offices

Baird, Mrs., Servants' Home, Princes Street
Cameron, Mrs., Carlisle Road
Coyle, Mrs., Carlisle Road
Gallagher, Miss, Diamond
Johnston, C., Carlisle Road
Miller, Miss, Carlisle Road
O'Brien, Miss, Orchard Street
Stewart, Miss, Great James Street
Wallace, Mrs., New Alma Terrace
Wallace, Mrs. J. T., Little James Street

Ship Brokers

Corbett, J. W., Shipquay Street
Johnston, Wm., 40 Stewart's Terrace
McDevitte & Donnell, Ship Quay

Ship Chandlers

Foyle Rope Work Co., Shipquay Place
McCorkell, James, Waterloo Place
Watt, Robert, Ship Quay

Sewing Machine Makers

Doherty, M., 35 Waterloo Place
Singer Manufacturing Company, Carlisle Road
Wheeler & Wilson, Carlisle Road

Spirit Manufacturers

Arthur & Co., Great James Street
Galbraith, M., & Co., Bishop Street
Gibson, Thomas, Rossville Street
Grant, Somerville & Co., Prince Arthur Street
Kennedy & Co., Great James Street
McIntyre, Hogg & Co., Queen Street
Muir, R. S. & Co., Clarendon Street
Muirhead, J. C., Orchard Street
Nelis, M., & Co., William Street
Rainger, J., & Co., Magazine Street
Sinclair, R., & Co., Abercorn Road
Tillie & Henderson, Foyle Road
Welch, Margetson & Co., Carlisle Road
Wright, Samuel, Artillery Street


Barber, J., Waterside
Bradley, Wm., William Street
Brown, John, William Street
Brown, A., & Sons, Foyle Foundry
Burke, T., Horse Barrack Row
Downey, E., Great James Street
Elliott, Edward, Waterside
Gilfillan, David, Little James Street
Keown, E., Chamberlain Place
Keys, John, Pennyburn
Murphy, Hugh, Chamberlain Place
McCloskey, J., Chamberlain Place
McLearn, William, Wellington Foundry, Foyle Street
Paterson, G. J., Queen's Quay
Sutherland, Geo., Waterloo Street
Wilson, William, Waterside

Stationers and Booksellers

Bible and Colportage Society, Ferryquay Street
Christian Knowledge Depository, Shipquay Street
Emery, Andrew, Carlisle Road
Gailey, William, Waterloo Place
Graham, William, Diamond
Irvine, D., Castle Street
Hamilton, Robert, Shipquay Street
Hempton, James, Shipquay Street
Mitchell, Robert, Shipquay Street
Montgomery, James, Carlisle Road
Nelis, W. H., Ferryquay Street
O'Neill, Francis, Foyle Street
Ross, John, Hawkins Street

Steamboat Agents

Belfast Steamship Co., (Liverpool), Steamboat Quay
Corbett, J. W. (agent for Lord Leitrim's boats)
Hamilton, W. J. (Anchor Line), Foyle Street
Irish National Steamship Co.; Felix O'Neill, secretary
Livingston, D. (G. & J. Burns, Glasgow), Steamboat Quay
Montgomery, Wm. (Dominion Line), Foyle Street
McNeill, J. & Co., (Glasgow and Londonderry), Steamboat Quay
McNeill, A. (State Line), Foyle Street
Steel & Bennie, (Steam Towing Co. & River Steamers), Princes Quay
Turner, W. (Allan Line, Royal Mail), Foyle Street

Steam Saw Mills

Ballantine, Joseph, Strand
Cooke, J. & J., Strand
Major, A., & Co., Strand
McClelland, Matthew, Strand

Straw Bonnet Makers

Ferguson, Miss, Bennett Street
Walsh, Mrs., Eden Place

Tailors (Merchant)

Austin & Co., Diamond
Ballard, Wm., Hawkins Street and Carlisle Road
Conaghan, Wm., Butcher Street
Cosgrove & Connor, Bishop Street
Crampsey, Bros., Diamond and Shipquay Street
Crawford, Wm., Spencer Road
Hall, J. H., Castle Street
Irvine & Co., Ferryquay Street
McVicker, R. & A., Shipquay Street
Mooney, Joseph M., Waterside
Mulholland & Co., Bishop Street
Pollock, J. J., & Co., Ferryquay Street
Semple & Thompson, Ferryquay Street
Talbot & Co., Ferryquay Street

Tanner and Currier

Harper, James, Fountain Hill & Duke Street

Timber Merchants

Ballantine, J., Strand (and Saw Mills)
Cooke, J. & J., Strand
Major, A., & Co., Strand Road
McClelland, M., Strand (and Saw Mills)


Baldrick, John, Foyle Street
Breslin & Co., Strand Road
Breslin, Patrick, Ferryquay Street
Connor, John, Strand Road
Friel, Edward, Waterloo Place
Miller, Thomas, Carlisle Road
Reid, Orr & Co., Richmond Street

Toy Warehouses

Cooke, J., & Co., Waterloo Place
Coyle & Co., Bishop Street
Ferris & Pinkerton, Ferryquay Street
McDonagh, Charles, Bishop Street
Nelis, W. H., Ferryquay Street
Ross, John, Hawkins Street
Scott, The Misses, Diamond

Truss and Surgical Instrument Maker

Bell, Samuel, Bishop Street


McClelland, M., Strand
McDermott, D. & J., William Street
McDermott, P., Waterloo Street

Underclothing (Ladies) Manufacturers

Arthur & Co., Great James Street
Galbraith, M., & Co., Bridge Street
Marshall, Mrs., 8 Magazine Street
Muirhead, J. C., Orchard Street
McIntyre, Hogg, & Co., Queen Street
Rainger, J., & Co., Magazine Street
Stapley & Smith, Lower Clarendon Street
Stewart, Miss, Great James Street
Tillie & Henderson, Foyle Road
Welch, Margetson, & Co., Carlisle Road

Watch and Clock Makers

Andrews & Co., Shipquay Street
Cooke, John, & Co., Waterloo Place
Coyle & Co., Bishop Street
Gallen, William, Ferryquay Street
Kelly, Edward, Waterloo Street
Miller, M., Spencer Road
Minniece, James A., Shipquay Street
Patterson, Robert, Shipquay Street
Scott, Diamond
Wightman, A., Shipquay Street
Williams, Joseph, Shipquay Street

Wholesale Grocers

Anderson, W., Waterloo Place
Babington, H., Strand Road
Black, R. J., & Co., Foyle Street
Boal, D. M., Bishop Street
Gilliland, G. K., Shipquay Street
Hamilton, Robert, Foyle Street
Hamilton, H. S., & Co., Foyle Street
Hastings, Ross, Foyle Street
Henderson, Robert & Co., Foyle Street
Holmes & Mullin, Waterloo Place
Johnston, J. B., Strand
Malsed, R. C., Duke Street
Mathewson, J., & Co., Foyle Street
McCay, A., & Co., Ferryquay Street
McConnell & Co., Foyle Street
M'Millen, Mrs., Ferryquay Street
O'Hanlon, John, Bishop Street
O'Neill & McHenry, Foyle Street
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
Reid, Orr & Co., Richmond Street
Rosborough, A., Ferryquay Street
Sherrard, Joseph, Waterloo Place
Walker, George, & Co., Magazine Street

Wig Makers

Murdoch, T., Foyle Street
McCay, Mrs., Richmond Street
Watson, Thomas, Shipquay Gate
Williams, James, Foyle Street

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Allen, John, Linenhall Street
Anderson, Wm., Waterloo Place
Black, Alexander, Strand
Boal, D. W., Bishop Street
Ferris, William, Foyle Street
Gilliland, Geo. K., Shipquay Street
Gilbey, W. & A., Shipquay Street
Harvey, James, Magazine Street
McClelland, John, Bishop Street
McGirr, David T., Magazine Street
McLaughlin, John, Fahan Street
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
O'Doherty, W. G., Bishop Street and Society Street
O'Hanlon, T. & Co., Bishop Street
O'Kane, P., Foyle Street
O'Neill & McHenry, Foyle Street
Smith, McSparron & Co., Foyle Street
Watt, A. A., & Co., Shipquay Street

Woollen Drapers and Clothiers

Austin & Co., Diamond & Bishop Street
Chase, J., Diamond
Cooper, J. D., Ferryquay Street
Cooper, Mrs. Diamond
Cosgrove & Connor, Bishop Street
Crampsey Bros., Diamond and Shipquay Street
Forbes & Co., Spencer Road
Friel, Edward, Butcher Street
Gilchrist & Co., Bishop Street
Harbinson, M., & Co., Bishop Street
Hegarty, Mrs., Diamond
Hyndman, Saml., Ferryquay Street
Irvine & Co., Ferryquay Street
Mooney, J. M., Victoria Road, Waterside
Moore, David, Duke Street
Mulholland & Co., Ferryquay Street
McDevitt, P. & M., Waterside
McDonald, J., Duke Street
McVeigh, Thomas, Butcher Street
McVicker, R. & A., Shipquay Street
Pollock, J. J., & Co., Ferryquay Street
Reid, Andrew, Bishop Street
Semple & Thompson, Ferryquay Street
Stevenson, R. S., & Co., Diamond
Talbot & Co., Ferryquay Street



          Is a small post town in County Down, situated on the road from Newry to Banbridge, within two miles of the latter, and on the lake from which its name is derived, which is said to have obtained its appellation from the speckled fish with which it abounds. The town consists of two principal and one smaller streets. The Parish Church of Aghaderg is rather a handsome structure, having a square tower surmounted by an octagonal spire. It stands in the centre of the town; and in another part of the town is situated the Roman Catholic Chapel. The other places for Divine worship are a Presbyterian and a Covenanters' Church. There are three National Schools and an Orange Hall.

Post Office - Miss O'Flaherty, postmistress. Mail arrive at 6-50 a.m. and at 12-45 p.m. Mails despatched at 1-35 and 7 p.m.

Public Institutions

Glebe National School - Miss Tubman, teacher
No. 1 National School - John Burns, teacher
No. 2 National School - Jos. Jackson, teacher

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Aghaderg - Rev. H. W. Lett
Presbyterian Church - Rev. A. C. Buchanan
Covenanters' Church - Rev. Gawn Douglass
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Matthew Lynch, P.P.; Rev. Hugh McEvoy, C.C.


Buchanan, Rev. Alexander C.
Campbell, Robert, flax dresser, scutch mill
Campbell, Robert, corn miller
Cromie, David, flax dresser
Douglass, Rev. Gawn
Kinley, John, butcher
Little, Mrs. Captain
Lynch, Rev. Matthew
Maguire, Eugene, publican, "Seven Stars" Hotel
Mehaffey, James, flax dresser, scutch mills
Millar, Thomas, C.E.
Miller, William
Mulligan, Miss M.
Murnaghan, Felix, builder and contractor
McClean, Christopher, blacksmith
McClory, John
McClory, Peter, boot and shoe maker
McClory & Sons, James, grass seed merchants
McEvoy, Rev. Hugh
McKain, John, M.D., dispensary doctor of Loughbrickland and Derrydrummock
McNally, James, carpenter
O'Flaherty, Miss, postmistress and grocer
Ruddock, Joseph, boot and shoe maker
Senior, Thomas, grocer
Shields, Hugh
White, Eliza, grocer
Whyte, John Joseph, J.P., D.L., Loughbrickland House



          Is a flourishing manufacturing town in the County of Armagh. It is situated twenty miles S.W. from Belfast, on the line of the Great Northern Railway, and about one and a half miles from Lough Neagh. Brownlow House, the home residence of the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan, (lord of the manor), is a splendid castle, fronted on the east by a large and beautiful lake, and surrounded by a fine enclosed plantation, which extends along the whole north-eastern side of the town. To this demesne there are several entrances, the principal being an elegant lodge, which stands near to the centre of the town, between High Street and Market Street. Generally speaking, the architectural character of Lurgan is not picturesque. The greater portion of the town has been mostly rebuilt within recent years. Lurgan is the first town of the County Armagh in population and commercial resources, and it is a very important legal centre as well. The General Quarter Sessions of the county are held here, and the large Petty Sessions district - which extends from the Moyntagh shores of Lough Neagh to several miles into the County Down - affords ample business for that court, which is held on the first and third Tuesday in each month. The manufacture of cambric handkerchiefs and damask goods is the staple trade of Lurgan, and the country and villages surrounding, and to the success and skill of the inhabitants in the production of these fabrics may be attributed the rapid progress of the town. In 1831, the population of Lurgan was 3,760; it is now above 14,000. The annual valuation of rateable property was then £5,578; it is now £20,000. The Accumulation of private wealth must have been more than treble that of public, as a large number of manufacturers have, in the same period, amassed princely fortunes. Among the principal depots of public industry in Lurgan are the extensive power loom weaving factories of James Malcolm, Esq., D.L.; the Lurgan Weaving Company; and that of Messrs. Johnston, Allen & Co.; and the linen and cambric manufactories of Messrs. Robert Watson & Son, John Douglas & Sons, Thomas Bell & Co., hemstitching factories of Crawford & Co., J. Ross & Co., Thomas Faloon, J. B. Hanna, Bullock & Co., J. Maxwell & Co., Murphy & Stevenson, Richardson, Sons & Owden; James Glass & Co., Mercer & Brown, Mercer & Magill, Mathers & Bunting, and James Clendinning & Sons, and the stitching factory of the Lurgan Hemming and Veining Co. The Belfast, Northern and Ulster Banks have each a branch in operation here. The Parish Church, a large edifice in Gothic architecture, occupies a commanding site in the centre of the town, and has a fine peal of eight bells. There is a handsome and spacious Church of Ireland Mission Hall and School-house in John Street. There are also commodious houses of worship for Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, the Society of Friends, and Roman Catholics. There are, besides Lurgan College and the Model School, a good number of National Schools available for instruction, two of these being in immediate connection with St. Peter's Church and St. Joseph's Convent. The municipal affairs of Lurgan are managed by a Board of fifteen Commissioners, incorporated under the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854. The Mechanics' Institute is a handsome structure, situate at the corner of Market Street and Union Street. The Library is open in the evenings of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from seven till nine o'clock. The Town Hall is in Union Street, and contains a Lecture Hall, with platform at end with footlights, a small Museum, Town Commissioners' Office, and a room occupied by the Masonic Body. There is a well supplied market held in Lurgan every Thursday, and fairs monthly and twice a year.

Town Commissioners - Thomas Reburn, chairman; James Malcolm, D.L.; Claude Brownlow, J.P.; John Gilchrist, John McCaughey, W. H. Crawford, Jos. P. Mathers, Robert Hazelton, W. Livingston, Jas. Campbell, H. M. Hewitt, A. H. McKee, A. W. Stevenson, John Malcolmson, and W. J. Fleming. Board meets first Monday in each month at twelve o'clock. Officers, Ross Campbell, Town Clerk; Henry Shillington, Town Surveyor; Dr. Agnew, medical officer of health and consulting sanitary officer and Town Constable

Lord Lurgan's Office - Mr. C. Brownlow, agent and receiver; John Dickson, bookkeeper
Stamp Office - Robert Mathers, J.P., distributor

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland, Parish Church, Church Place - Very Rev. Theophilus Campbell, D.D., Dean of Dromore, rector; Rev. R. R. Forde, Rev. G. A. Stevenson, B.A., curates; A. H. Tivock, organists. Parish Church, Ardmore - Rev. Thos. B. Harper, M.A., rector.
Presbyterian Church:- First, High Street - Rev. Thomas M. Hamill, M.A.  Second, Hill Street - Rev. C. W. Kennedy.  Methodist Church, High Street - Rev. Thomas Pearson and Rev. J. De Courcy.  Queen Street - Rev. William Maguire
Friends' Meeting House, Queen Street
Roman Catholic Chapel, North Street - Revs. James O'Hare, P.P.; M. B. McConnell, C.C.; and P. P. Campbell, C.C.
Baptist Chapel, Union Street - Rev. F. J. Ryan, pastor
Salvation Army Temple, Union Street
St. Vincent's Patronage, Church Place - Revs. E. Picke and D. Desmond, C.C.

Public Institutions

Lurgan College - This splendid school (under Watt's endowment) stands on the Lough Neagh Road. Head Master, W. T. Kirkpatrick, M.A.; trustees, John Johnston, J.P.; George Greer, J.P.; and James Malcolm, D.L.
Hill Street National School - Patron, Rev. C. W. Kennedy; teachers, W. Shields (boys), Miss Pollock (girls)
Free School, North Street - Patron, The Dean of Dromore, D.D.; teachers, R. Howell and A. Anderson
St. Peter's National School, North Street - Patron, Rev. J. O'Hare, P.P.; teacher, John McConville
Model School - Head Master, Solomon Speers; first assistant, W. G. Keatley; second assistants, William Marshall, and G. Young; head mistress, girls' school, Elizabeth Collins; first assistant, Julia Greer; head mistress, infants' school, Mrs. Gray; first assistant, Miss Brown
National School, High Street - Patron, Rev. Thomas Hamill, M.A.; R. Shields and Mrs. Cooney, teachers
Ragged School, Queen Street - Mrs. Marshall
Banks - Belfast, High Street - Hugh Macdonnell, manager.  Northern, High Street - H. Megarry, manager.  Ulster, Market Street - R. Patton, manager.  Lurgan Loan Bank, Hill Street - Jas. Baird, proprietor
Gas Works, William Street - T. Tallentine, manager; Fred. W. Magaghan, secretary. Board of directors meet on first Monday in each month.
Railway Station, William Street - J. Wilkinson, station master; W. Thompson, ticket clerk
Mechanics' Institute, Market Street - President, Lord Lurgan; secretary, Dr. Agnew; librarian, William Carson. Reading Room open from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m., every day in the week except Sunday.
Shankhill Buildings - reading, recreation, and refreshment rooms, Church Place; reading room open from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m., every day in the week except Sunday
Constabulary Stations - There are three constabulary stations in Lurgan, the principal being situated in Union Street, and the others in Queen Street and Edward Street. They are occupied by a force of about thirty men, commanded by District Inspector W. Bigley, Head Constable Michael Green and Sergeants Fairly and Ballagh, Union Street; Sergeant Latham, Queen Street; and Sergeant Mooney, Edward Street
Union Workhouse - Clerk, James Donaldson; master, Robert Taylor; matron, Mrs. Taylor; medical officer, Dr. Adamson. Board of guardians meet every Thursday at 11 o'clock
Court House - This is a very commodious building in William Street, erected by the County Armagh at a cost of £4,000. Mrs. Malone, caretaker


Adamson, J. G., M.D., J.P., High Street
Agnew, Samuel, M.D., High Street
Armstrong, Mrs. John, William Street
Austin, Rev. H. G., William Street
Bell, Samuel A., J.P., Bellevue House
Bell, Miss, Solitude
Campbell, Very Rev. Theophilus, D.D., Dean of Dromore, The Rectory
Campbell, Rev. Peter Paul, C.C., North Street
Carrick, G. R., J.P., High Street
Cuppage, Rev. Adam, Silverwood
Darling, M.D., John S., Market Street
Douglas, G., Insp. of National Schools, Doagh Road
Douglas, Mrs., Market Street
Fforde, James, J.P., Raughlan
Greer, George, J.P., Woodville
Greer, Mrs., Wilderness
Harper, James, High Street
Harper, Rev. T. B., Rector of Ardmore
Hayes, H., solicitor, High Street
Johnston, Mrs., High Street
Johnston, John, J.P., Hill Street, chairman of Lurgan Board of Guardians
Johnston, C., solicitor, High Street
Kennedy, Rev. C. W., The Manse, Shankhill
Kirkpatrick, W. T., Lurgan College
Lockhart, John G., High Street
Lurgan, Lord, Brownlow House
Liddell, William, J.P., Bangor House, Donacloney
Magennis, E., M.D., J.P., Church Place
Malcolm, James, J.P., D.L., High Street
Moore, W. H. D., solicitor, High Street
Moore, Dr. J. M., High Street
Murphy, Joseph, J.P., William Street
McClure, W. W., J.P., Hill Street
McGlynn, B., J.P., Market Street
McNally, John, J.P., Avenue Road
O'Hare, Rev. James, P.P., North Street
O'Neill, W. J., C.E., Sunnyside, Lough Road
O'Reilly, J. C., solicitor, William Street
Ross, Mrs. Robert, High Street
Usher, James, solicitor, William Street
Waring, Colonel, J.P., D.L., M.P., Waringstown
Watson, Francis, J.P., Lakeview
Watson, Joseph, Lakeview
Watson, Hugh, solicitor, William Street
Watson, Miss, High Street
Weir, Miss, Friends Terrace, High Street
Wilson, Mrs., Derry Lodge


Allen, Richard, druggist, Market Street
Allen, Joseph, Lough Road
Allen, A, income tax collector, Frederick Street
Allen, William, William Street
Anderson, Robert, tailor, Union Street
Anderson, Mrs., milliner, Market Street
Anderson, George, seedsman, Market Street
Anderson, William, tailor, Union Street
Archer, David, contractor & publican, Church Place
Armstrong & Mathers, woollen drapers, haberdashers and silk merchants, Market Street
Baird, James, loan bank proprietor, Hill Street
Ballance, Miss, drapery warehouse, High Street
Barr, Alexander, grocer, Edward Street
Bell, T., & Co., manufacturers, Bellvue
Berwick, James, publican, Queen Street
Black, Thomas, boot and shoe manufacturer, and agent for the Belfast News Letter and Weekly News, Church Place
Black, Hugh, shoe maker, Castle Lane
Blaney, James, publican, Church Place
Bowden, Mrs., stationer, High Street
Boyce, William H., machine maker, Union Street
Bratty, John, delph merchant, Church Place
Brown, & Co., damask manufacturer, Queen Street
Brown, M. S. & J., milliners, High Street
Brown, William, saddler, William Street
Bryans, W., painter and glazier, High Street
Bullich, Isaac, linen manufacturer, Hill Street
Byrne, Mrs., milliner, Church Place
Calvert, Joseph & Co., chemists and druggists, Market Street
Campbell, James, Market Street
Capper, Joseph, grocer, Church Place
Cartwright, Robert, grocer, Edward Street
Carson, Jas., merchant, Market Street
Casey, J., victualler, Church Place
Charles, Samuel, watch maker, High Street
Cherry, Andrew, auctioneer, Market Street
Clarke, Walter, victualler, Market Street
Clarke, Mrs., High Street
Clendinning, James & Sons, manufacturer, High Street
Collins, Mrs., dress and mantle maker, Edward Street
Cousins, watch maker, Market Street
Cowdy, L. & L., stationers, High Street
Crawford, Geo. A. & Co., hemstitching factory, Victory Street
Crawford, W. H., & Co., bottling works, William Street
Cumberton, Mrs., butcher, Market Street
Cullenan, Bernard & Co., drapers, Market Street
Dickson, Jas., Shankhill Buildings, refreshment rooms, Church Place
Dickson, Wm., grocer, William Street
Doak, Wm., manufacturer, Union Street
Dobson, J., publican, Queen Street
Donaldson, James, clerk of union, Hill Street
Donnelly, Arthur & Co., merchants, Church Place
Douglas, John & Sons, manufacturers, William Street
Douglas, Mrs., High Street
Duke, William, shuttle maker, High Street
Duke, Joseph, manufacturer, Union Street
Duncan, George & Son, drapers, Market Street
Dynes, Daniel, tobacconist, Church Place
Emerson, Thomas, publican, Church Place
Esdale, Mrs., grocer and publican, Market Street
Evans, Mrs., servants' registry office, Edward Street
Faloon, Thos., hemstitching factory, William Street
Ferguson, Edward, shoe maker, Market Street
Finch, Mrs., baker and grocer, North Street
Fitzsimmons & Co., drapers, Market Street
Fleming, John, publican, grocer and news agent, Market Street
Fleming, W. J., house agent, Union Street
Gallagher, James, smith, Castle Lane
Gallagher, Mrs. M., publican, Edward Street
Gamble, Thompson, pawn broker, William Street
Gilchrist, John, draper, Market Street
Gould, Richard, designer, Hill Street
Gracey, Robert, publican, Queen Street
Glass, James & Co., manufacturer, William Street
Greer, Jas., coach builder and smith, High Street
Hall, James L., grocer, Market Street
Hanna, J. B., hemstitch factory owner, William Street
Hand, Wm., publican, William Street
Harrison, Bros., manufacturers, William Street
Harkin, Charles, mason, William Street
Harrold, J., blacksmith, Church Place
Halfpenny, Wm., tinsmith, Castle Lane
Halliday, Edward, grocer, Market Street
Hanna, Thos., manufacturer, Queen Street
Hazelton, Robert, pawn broker, Market Street
Hazelton, Hamilton, publican, Church Place
Hewitt, Adam, coal merchant, Edward Street
Hewitt, Holt M., pawn broker, Edward Street
Imrie, Miss, confectioner, High Street
Ireland, Bros., spirit dealers & grocer, Church Place
Johnston & Allen, manufacturers and factory owners, High Street
Johnston, James, brewer, Market Street
Kennedy, James, baker and grocer, High Street
Kennedy, Mrs., dress maker & baby linen warehouse, Church Place
Kennedy, Richard, grocer, Edward Street
Kilpatrick, Wm., smith, Church Place
King, J., grocer, Church Place
Lindsay, Mrs., post-office, Market Street
Livingston, Hugh & Co., drapers, Market Street
Livingston, R., Hoophill
Livingston, Wm., victualler, Church Place
London and Counties Tea Company, Market Street
Long, John, plumber and gas fitter, William Street
Lonsdale, Wm., carpenter, Avenue Road
Lurgan Weaving Company
Macoun, William, 136 North Street
Maghan, Frederick W., clerk of Petty Sessions, Church Place
Magee, John, publican, Union Street
Magee, Hugh, spirit dealer, William Street
Magee, Thomas, publican, Edward Street
Maguire, Charles, publican, Edward Street
Maguire, Wm., painter and glazier, High Street
Maguire & Co., drapers, Church Place
Mahaffy, Wm., registrar of marriages, Lough Road
Malcolm, Jas., power loom factory, Factory Lane
Malcolmson, David, merchant, Market Street
Malcolmson, John, merchant, Market Street
Martin, Wm. J., carpenter, Union Street
Mathers, Joseph P., Market Street
Mathers, Robert, & Co., timber and coal merchants, Market Street
Mathers & Bunting, manufacturers, Union Street
Matthews, William, grocer and coal merchant, Edward Street
Matier, Henry & Co., linen manufacturers, High Street
Maxwell, John, hemstitch factory, Market Street
Menary, Thomas, Hill Street
Moffett, Thomas, shoe maker, William Street
Moffett, Miss, Brownlow Arms Hotel, Market Street
Murray, Daniel, delf and waste merchant, High Street
Murray, Alex., painter and glazier, Church Place
Murray, W., whitesmith, Edward Street
Murphy, J., & Son, yarn merchants, William Street
Murphy & Co., drapers, Market Street
McBride, S. & W., & Co., manufacturers, William Street
McCabe, James, tailor, William Street
McCann, M., builder and contractor, William Street
McCappin, James, wood turner, High Street
McCarrison, Thomas, baker, Edward Street
McCaughey, James, Church Place
McCaughey & Co., linen manufacturers, Church Place
McCauley, William R., cabinet maker, High Street
McClimmond, J. & Sons, bakers and grocers, High Street
McClure, W. W., merchant, High Street
McCusker, J., butcher, Church Place
McDowell, Mrs., Temperance Hotel, Market Street
McGeown, Patrick, publican, Church Place
MacGeagh, H. G., managing director of Lurgan M Weaving Co., Lough Road
McKee, Alex., leather merchant, Market Place
McKeown, E. J., news agent, Church Place
McLarnon, Misses, Railway Hotel, William Street
McMullan, Robert, manufacturer, Union Street
McMullan, James, grocer and publican
Neillson, Wm. & Sons, reed and heddle manufacturers, William Street
Nelson, Wm. R., manufacturer, William Street
Oliver, David, Union Street
O'Brien, Mrs., Commercial Hotel, Church Place
O'Hanlon, Hugh, rent agent, Union Street
O'Hare, James, tinsmith, Castle Lane
O'Neill, James, victualler, Market Street
Pedloe, Samuel, publican, Edward Street
Plenderleith, Peter, clothier, Market Street
Pollock, George, music teacher, High Street
Potts, Thomas, clog maker, Market Street
Reburn & Co., drapers. Arcade, Market Street
Reynolds, Edward, saddler, High Street
Richardson, Sons, & Owden, Limited, manufacturers, William Street
Robinson, John D., Hill Street
Robinson, Bros., painters, William Street
Robinson, George, tailor, Union Street
Rocks, Bernard, tailor, Edward Street
Ross, John & Co., hemstitch factory, High Street
Ross, Irwin, & Co., yarn merchants
Ruddell, John, grocer, Edward Street
Sampson, W. J., railway official, Friend's Terrace
Sandes, Robert, house, land and insurance agent, Hill Street
Shankhill Buildings, Coffee and Refreshment Rooms, Church Place
Sibbet, J., grocer, Hill Street
Smyth, Maria, publican, Edward Street
Somerville, Miss, milliner, Edward Street
Somerville, Richard, grocer, High Street
Soye, J., grocer, Charles Street
Stothers, Thomas, grocer, Union Street
Sullivan, William, grocer, Queen Street
Tallentire, T., manager Gas Works, William Street (Tallentine)
Tavener, A. J., draper, Market Street
Taylor, S., baker, Edward Street
Thompson, George, pattern painter, Queen Street
Thompson, J. A., V.S., Church Place
Thompson, John, reed maker, Church Place
Thompson, Maxwell, haberdasher, William Street
Thompson, Robert, auctioneer, William Street
Thompson, Robert, confectioner, High Street
Thompson, W. J., reed maker, Church Place
Toner, Michael, grocer, North Street
Toner, Mrs., stationer and news agent, Market Street
Turkington, George, baker, Church Place
Turkington, Samuel, cabinet maker, High Street
Turkington, Wm., baker and grocer, High Street
Wake, G., fowl dealer, Frederick Place
Walsh, Patrick, carpenter, Union Street
Ward, George, publican, Castle Lane
Watson, Robt., & Sons, manufacturers, Queen Street
Watson, James, merchant, Hill Street
Warren, Miss, music teacher, Hill Street
Weatherall, W., boot and shoe maker, Queen Street
Wells, James, grocer, Edward Street
White, Samuel, printer, stationer and proprietor "Lurgan Times," High Street
Wilkinson, James, station master, William Street
Wilson, Mrs., watch maker, High Street
Woods, Arthur, plasterer, Edward Street
Young, James, painter, Church Place

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