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1890 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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          Antrim, a market town (formerly a Parliamentary borough), in the County of Antrim - 17 miles from Belfast, 93 from Dublin, 10¾ from Ballymena, and 4 from Randalstown - situated on the banks of the Sixmilewater River, on the great Road from Belfast to Londonderry. General Sessions of the Peace are held four times a year, and Petty Sessions on the second Wednesday of every month. The Court House, situated at the lower end of the town, is a commodious building. The Belfast and Northern Counties Railway passes at an inconsiderable distance North of the town. Antrim is the terminus of the Great Northern Railway. The large bleaching and finishing works of the York Street Flax Spinning Company, Limited (Belfast) are situated about 1¼ miles from the town, and employ a large number of hands. Lough Neagh approaches within half a mile of the town, and communicates with the latter by the Sixmile River. The Church of Ireland is a neat edifice, with a square embattled tower, surmounted by a finely proportioned spire; there are two Presbyterian Churches, one Unitarian, one Methodist, and one Roman Catholic Chapel. The Union Workhouse and a public Dispensary comprise the principal charities. The markets are held on Tuesday and Thursday. Fairs - January 1, May 12 and November 12. A monthly fair on last Thursday in each month. Population in 1881, 1,835 inhabitants.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Vacant
Presbyterian No. 1 - Rev. Thomas West, B.A.; Presbyterian, No. 2 - Rev. John H. Orr, D.D.
Unitarian - Rev. S. Smith
Methodist (Wesleyan) - Rev. Robert Orr
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Eugene McCarten, P.P.

Town Commissioners
(Meet on first Monday of each month)

William Vance, chairman; John Storey, David Weir, John Kirk, W. D. McManus, Robert Johnston, William Williamson, John J. Martin; John Young, clerk

Public Institutions

Poor Law Union - J. J. Adams, M.D., chairman; avid Dickey, vice-chairman; Alexander Woods, deputy vice-chairman; John Clark, clerk; medical officer, Andrew Spearing; master, John Gardner; matron, Jane McDowell; relieving officers, H. Campbell and J. McQuitty
Coroner for District - Dr. J. J. Adams
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Wm. J. Taggart, M.D., dispensary doctor
Royal Irish Constabulary - George Hurst, D.I.; Francis O'Neill, head constable
Caretaker of Courthouse - Robert Young
Belfast Bank Branch - Henry Robinson, manager
Ulster Bank Branch - Robert Russell, manager
Loan Fund Society - Treasurer, John Kirk; manager, James O'Neill; assistant, J. Young
Massereene Estate Office - Hunt W. Chambré, J.P., agent; C. B. M. Chambré, under agent
Protestant Hall - Wm. Evans Gwynn, manager
Post Office - Miss McGee, Postmistress
Petty Sessions Clerk - Joseph English
Young Men's United Protestant Association - Wm. J. Taggart, M.D., chairman; Henry Robinson, treasurer; Wm. Leeburn, secretary; Robert Young, librarian; Ezekiel Vance, assistant librarian
Registrar of Marriages - John Young
Antrim Gas Light Company (Limited) - W. J. Quigley, manager
Antrim Markets Company (Limited) - Robert Young, weigh master
Antrim Choral Union - Teacher, Miss Cashel; secretary, Robt. Russell; treasurer, Henry Robinson
Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the High Court of Justice - W. D. McManus, Market Square
Masonic Hall - James Boyd, secretary


Infant School - Patroness, Lady Massereene; treasurer and secretary, Miss Clarke, The Steeple; teacher, Miss Sherwood
National No. 1 - Teacher, Mr. H. Savage; No. 2 - Mr. Wm. Leeburn; No. 3 - Mr. William McFetridge; No. 4 - Mr. Joseph Needham. Private Ladies' School - The Misses McKeown

Nobility and Gentry

Adair, Miss, Loughanmore
Adams, Dr., Ashville
Barton, H. D. M., Bush
Beattie, Samuel, Eden Cottage
Chaine, Mrs., Moylena Cottage
Clarke, George J., D.L., J.P., The Steeple
Coleman, James, York Lodge
Cordner, Clement K., J.P., Greenmount
Cunningham, David, Belmount
Ferguson, Thomas, Dunsilly House
Gaston, Hugh, Beech Lodge
George, Isaac, Hannahville
Gwynn, Wm. Evans, Riverside
Harpur, Rev. T. W., The Parsonage, Muckamore
Henderson, Major A. M., Muckamore
Henderson, Robert, Nursery Villa
Kirk, John, Potterswalls
Massereene and Ferrard, Lord Viscount, Oriel Temple, Collon, Co. Louth, and Antrim Castle
Meenan, Alexander, Birchhill
Meenan, Bernard, Springfarm
McAnally, Miss, Wilderness Lodge
McCarthy, C. C., The Cedars
O'Neill, Lord, Shane's Castle
Prenter, Thomas, Mount Oriel
Taggart, Mrs., Cloneven
Taggart, M. Campbell, Thornhill
Thompson, Samuel, J.P., Muckamore Abbey
Woods, Alexander, Oriel Lodge


O'Rorke, Alexander, Church Street
Williamson, William, Church Street


Adams, John J., Ashville
Spearing, Andrew, High Street
Taggart, William J., High Street


Antrim Railway Steam Saw Mills- Samuel Rea, proprietor
Alexander, John, auctioneer, Market Square
Allen, Robert, station master
Barr, Robert, grocer, High Street
Bayne, Miss, Massereene Arms Café, Bridge Street
Bell, Robert J., printer, High Street
Biggar, Thos., & Co., grocers, High Street
Blair, William, cabinet maker, Fountain Street
Blayney, H., publican, High Street
Boyd, James, boot maker, Church Street
Brankin, Mrs., publican, Church Street
Brennan, William, painter, Market Square
Brotherston, John, Commercial hotel, High Street
Carson, James C., publican, High Street
Christy, Mrs., grocer, High Street
Clarke, A., car owner, Fountain Street
Clarke, John, grocer, Castle Street
Coleman, James, coal and timber merchant
Connon, Wm., coach builder, Fountain Street
Cooper, William, draper, High Street
Craig, Wm., Church Street
Crawford, John, farmer, Church Street
Darragh, John, publican, Church Street
Drummond, Wm., car owner, High Street
Duffin, John, publican, Massereene
Duncan, Robt., & Sons, printers, Church Street
Ferguson, James, publican, Church Street
Fleming, M., victualler, Market Square
Fleming, A., victualler, High Street
Frew, The Misses, milliners, High Street
Gordon, A., grocer, Church Street
Gray, Mrs., poulterer, Railway Street
Hannan, George, publican and pawn broker, Market Square
Hannan, Mrs., grocer, Church Street
Hay, Alex., tailor, Church Street
Holmes, Miss., dress maker, Church Street
Houston, William H., saddler, High Street
Hunter, K., draper, High Street
Hurl, Margaret, grocer, Church Street
Jameson, J., publican, Railway Street
Johnston, Robert, draper, High Street
Johnston, S. A., grocer, High Street
Johnston, Mrs., grocer, High Street
Kirk, John, grocer, High Street
Kirk, Matthew, grocer, High Street
Laughlin, Thomas, builder, High Street
Lavery, James, tailor, Church Street
Lavery, Miss, milliner, Market Square
Lavery, Thomas, tailor, Church Street
Lennon, Miss, milliner, High Street
Lowry, William, watch maker, insurance and emigration agent
Martin, Edward, publican, Railway Street
Martin, J. J., grocer, High Street
Martin, Samuel, High Street
Meharry, T., Church Street
Millar, Robert, grocer, Market Square
Moody, James, grocer, High Street
Moore, Archibald, carpenter, Market Square
Morrison, Mrs., publican, Market Square
Mullan, Mrs., publican, Market Square
Murphy, John, watch maker, High Street
Murphy, Wm., publican, High Street
McCabe, Edward, victualler, Church Street
McCrum, Charles, publican, Castle Street
McCullagh, James, car owner, High Street
McDowell, Miss, stationer & news agent, High Street
McFerran, James, china warehouse and coal merchant, Market Square and Church Street
McGuckin, High, publican, Townhead
McInerney, Mrs., publican, Castle Street
McKeown, James, sen., publican, Castle Street
McKeown, James, jun., publican, Castle Street
McKillop, Andrew, hay exporter, Townhead
McManus, W. D., draper, Market Square
McManus, James, builder, High Street
McNally, Henry, Massereene Arms Hotel, High Street
McQuillan, Bernard, leather cutter, Bridge Street
Pyper, Mrs., dyer, Castle Street
Rea, Miss, grocer, Castle Street
Reford, Joseph, grocer, Market Square
Reid, George, tailor, High Street
Scott, Mrs., confectioner, High Street
Shannon, William, farmer, Church Street
Shannon, Miss, grocer and delf warehouse, Church Street
Singleton, Mrs., boot maker, High Street
Steam Saw Mills, Castle Street - Hugh McCavana, proprietor
Steele, Robert, grocer, Church Street
Stirret, Miss, dress maker, Massereene
Storey, John, publican, Market Square
Thompson, Samuel, inn keeper, High Street
Wallace, Mrs., dress maker, Church Street
Weir, David, grocer, Castle Street
Williamson, Miss, Church Street
Wilson, Miss, spirit store, High Street
Wilson, Mrs., grocer, Castle Street
Wilson, T. W., grocer, Church Street
Young, Mrs., grocer, Church Street



          A Parish and seaport in the Barony of Lecale and County of Down, 103 miles from Dublin, 23 from Belfast, and 6 miles S.E. of Downpatrick. It is pleasantly situated on a high promontory on the coast. It was at one time a place of considerable importance, and retains, as monuments of its ancient grandeur, five old castles. Ardglass is the most important herring fishing station in Ireland. During the fishing season, which lasts from May till October, from three to four hundred boats may be seen ion the harbour. The value of the herring caught yearly ranges from £20,000 to £30,000, in one season it reached as much as £60,000. It contains about 800 inhabitants, a large proportion of whom are engaged in the fishing trade. The places of worship are the Parish Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Methodist Chapel, and the Roman Catholic Chapel. There are two National Schools. A light railway from Downpatrick to Ardglass is in contemplation, and if this is constructed the herring fishery will be greatly developed

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. H. C. Harper, rector; res., The Glebe
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thomas McAfee
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Crawford, D.D.

Public Institutions

Petty Sessions - Kildare Street, R. Whiteside, clerk
Northern Bank - W. B. Martin, manager
Post Office and Savings Bank - Mrs. Kearns, postmistress
Constabulary Station - Bath Street
Coastguard Station - Bath Street

Gentry and Clergy

Crawford, Rev. J.
Deverell, W. P., M.D., Castle Place
Harper, Rev. H. C., The Glebe
Johnson, Miss, The Crescent
Mullins, J. E., C.E., Board of Works
McAfee, Rev. Thomas
Russell, Charles, solicitor, King's Castle
Stephenson, S. S., Dispensary Doctor, Crescent


Caldwell, Mrs., hotel, Kildare Street
Conn, William, grocer, Hill Street
Crangle, James, spirit dealer and blacksmith, Bath Street
Doran, Patrick, ship carpenter and boat owner, Bath Street
Hughes, John, grocer and farmer, Bath Street
Hughes, Richard, baker, Bath Street
Hughes, Matilda, grocer, draper and boat owner, Bath Street
Hunter, Nathl., general merchant, Kildare Street and Quay Road
Kelly, Edward, spirit dealer, Bath Street
Lascelles, Thomas, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Bath Street
Laverty, Patrick, baker, Kildare Street
Lowe, James, nail maker and ship broker, Bath Street
Magee, Christopher, spirit dealer, Bath Street
Magee, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Kildare Street
Martin, J. E., grocer and spirit dealer, Bath Street
Martin, James, jun., draper, Bath Street
Megraw, Wm., boat owner, Strangford Road
Mennell, George, farmer, Kildare Street
Moore, Alexander, grocer, Quay Road
Montgomery, James, carpenter and boat owner, Hill Street
McMahon, E., spirit dealer, Bath Street
Norris, James, Kildare Street
Park, James, boat owner, farmer, etc., Hill Street
Sharven, William, blacksmith, Bath Street
Simmons, Mrs., grocer, Hill Street
Wrattan, B. C., boat owner, Kildare Street



          An inland City, and formerly a Parliamentary Borough, is about 30 miles distant from Belfast, and comprises within its ancient boundary an area of 1,147 acres, and within its present municipal boundary 3,553 acres. The valuation within the Corporation is £28,000. It is the seat of the archiepiscopal see, of the Primate of All Ireland, whose ecclesiastical province comprises six consolidated dioceses:- 1. Armagh and Clogher; 2. Tuam, Ardagh, Kilalla, and Anchonry; 3. Derry and Raphoe; 4. Down and Connor and Dromore; 5. Kilmore and Elphin; 6. Meath. It is also the seat of the R.C. Primate of All Ireland. The town stands on the acclivities of a hill. The Great Northern Railway (Ireland) connects the town with Belfast, Dublin and Monaghan. Population in 1881, 10,070. The responsibility of lighting, cleansing and watching the streets is vested in Commissioners, under the 9th Geo. IV., c. 82. Markets are held on Tuesday for general purposes, and every Wednesday and Saturday for grain. There are branches of the Bank of Ireland, Belfast Banking Company (Limited), Northern Banking Company (Limited), Ulster Banking Company (Limited), Provincial Bank of Ireland (Limited), and Hibernian Bank. The Savings Bank was established in 1818. The Union Workhouse was opened in 1842. Three newspapers are published in Armagh, the "Armagh Guardian," "Ulster Gazette," Armagh Reformer, and "Armagh Standard."


Armagh Cathedral -
Primate of all Ireland - Most Rev. Robert Bent Knox, D.D., The Palace
Dean - Very Rev. Geo. A. Chadwick, D.D.
Precentor - Rev. Augustine Fitzgerald, D.D., Portadown
Chancellor - Rev. Benjamin Wade, Armagh
Treasurer - Rev. C. K. Irwin, D.D.
Archdeacon - Rev. W. A. Meade, D.D., Ardtrea
Prebendaries - Mullabrack, Rev. J. Shaw, B.D.  (1883); Ballymore, Rev. Thomas G. Stokes, A.M. (1886); Loughgall, Rev. Thomas Jordan, D.D. (1886); Tynan, Rev. Alex. Irwin, A.M. (1885)
Cathedral Choir - Chas. Wood, D. Thackeray, mus. doc.; James W. Clements, John Walker, J. D. Price, T. R. Tarlton, James Farr, A. F. Stringe
Vicars-Choral - Rev. W. F. Johnston; Rev. Chas. Faris, and Rev. Wm. Morgan, LL.D., honorary
Organist - Thomas Osborne Marks, mus. doc.
Deputy Organist - R. Farr
Verger - Samuel Rea
Sexton - F. Craddock
Cathedral School - Rev. W. F. Johnson, master
     St. Mark's Church, The Mall -
Rector - George A. Chadwick, D.D.
Curates - Rev. R. R. Thacker, Rev. K. C. Brunskill, B.A.
Organist - Dr. Marks
Sexton - William Brians
Primate's Registrar - Charles Wood, Vicar's Hill
     Probate Division of H. C. of Justice -
Arthur Nelson, Barrister-at-Law, Registrar
     District Registry -
Clerks - Thos. Walker Cowan and Leonard Rea
Office Caretaker - M. Rafferty
First Presbyterian Church, Mall - Rev. Jackson Smyth, D.D., minister
Second Presbyterian Church, Abbey Street - Rev. Silas E. Wilson, minister
Third Presbyterian Church, The Mall - Rev. John Elliott, minister
Methodist Chapel, Abbey Street - Rev. William McMullin, Rev. G. L. Webster, Rev. F. Kilpatrick
Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Lane
Roman Catholic Chapel, Sandy Hill
Roman Catholic Primate of all Ireland - His Grace the Most Rev. Michael Logue, D.D.
Roman Catholic Clergy - Rev. H. McOscar, Adm.; Rev. Francis McElvogue, Rev. P. Quin, and Rev. H. McNeice
Organist - Mr. Lawler
Deputy Registrar - T. W. Cowan


Court House, College Street - Assizes twice a year, Quarter Sessions four times, Petty Sessions, every Thursday - Court Keeper, S. Rea.
Magistrates - (See County Armagh)
Her Majesty's Prison - (See County Armagh)
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Capt. Albert Coote

Town Commissioners

Patrick McLornan (chairman); Messrs. James Mann, James Maxwell, Andrew Rolston, Samuel Sloane, W. C. Magowan, John McClelland, Wm. Gray, T. J. Newton, James Whitsitt, W. R. Ferris, Joseph Anderson, James Irwin, David Acheson, Samuel Davison, Josiah Peel, James A. Watson, John Harrison, Henry Hillock, Jacob Jenkinson, Geo. A. Edwards. Thomas G. Peel, town clerk. Town sergeant, James Nelson
Armagh Toll Committee - John S, Riggs (chairman); Jacob Jenkinson, Thos. A. Prentice, Wm. R. Ferris, John McClelland, Wm. J. Best, and Andrew Rolston. James Gardner, secretary
Treasurer - The Northern Banking Company (Limited)
Collector - Ephraim Fullerton
Stamp Office - Mr. James Bell, post office
Gas Works, Callan Street - John G. Deacon, secretary; James Whimster, manager
Coroner - Thomas G. Peel

Literary and Scientific

Natural History and Philosophical Society, Mall - Lord Primate, patron; Rev. Geo. Robinson, A.M., president; R. H. Dorman, secretary; F. L. Martin, treasurer
Armagh United Protestant Young Men's Mutual Improvement Society, Abbey Street - Thomas Wright, secretary
Public Library - Rev. Ben Wade, librarian; Edward Rogers, deputy
Astronomical Observatory - Mr. J. E. Dryer, LL.D., principal astronomer
Royal School - Rev. W. Moore Morgan, LL.D., head master. Assistant Masters, Thomas Gordon, S. Deschamps
Tontine Rooms, English Street - Containing handsome assembly and other rooms; Kingsberry Smith, keeper
Armagh Branch of the Association for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Knowledge of the Christian Religion - Depository at Robt. P. McWatters', English Street
St. Patrick's College - Rev. Mr. Carrigay, head master
Presbyterian National School, College Street - S. McKimin, teacher
College Street National School - Saml. McKimin, principal
Mall Male National School - D. A. Simmons, principal
Mall Female National Schools - Miss Lizzie Cowan, principal. Infant School, Church Walk - Miss Tyrrel, principal. Infant School, Callen Street - Miss Roberts, principal
Gosford Place N.S. - Mr. Shiels, principal; Miss Cunningham, assistant
Abbey Street N.S. - Mr. J. S. Abraham, principal. Female - Miss J. Macaulay, principal
Convent - Madam Gordon (Rev. Mother)
Chapel Lane N.S. - Male, H. Scanlon, principal; Female, Mrs. Doyle, principal
Banbrook N.S. - Mr. McGuirk; Female, Miss McKenna and Mrs. McDonnell
Ballinahon N.S. - Miss Stronge, principal
Endowed School by Dean Drelincourt, Charter, School Lane - George Strong, male teacher; Miss Strong, female teacher
Armagh Protestant Association, Protestant Hall, Abbey Street - Wm. Gillespie, secretary
Newspapers - "Armagh Guardian," English Street, published every Friday, W. C. B. Thompson, proprietor; "Ulster Gazette," Scotch Street, published every Saturday, Peel & McClelland, proprietors; "Armagh Standard," published every Friday. John Young, proprietor


Bank of Ireland, Scotch Street - W. C. Hobson, manager
Belfast Bank (Limited) - E. H. Moorhead, Manager
Hibernian Bank - T. O'Shaughnessy, manager
Northern Bank (Limited) - George Bowen, manager
Provincial Bank (Limited) - Charles Griffiths, manger. Assistant, W. J. Gibson
Savings Bank, Victoria Street - Thomas Smith, manager; B. P. Davidson, auditor. Treasurer, Provincial Bank. Assistants, Edwd. Parkinson and Thomas Walter Cowan
Ulster Bank (Limited) - F. Martin, manager, English Street. Assistant, James Moore
Shambles - Lower English Street; open every Tuesday and Saturday
Market House - Containing corn market and large assembly rooms; Thomas E. Reid, collector and weigh master
Northern Fire and Life Assurance Office - Agent, B. P. Davidson, Abbey Street
Linenhall - Containing the butter market, poultry and egg market, off Dobbin Street; ?, collector


Armagh County Club, English Street - Hon. Sec., Mr. Alexander McCreight
Beresford Arms Hotel, English Street - William Campbell, proprietor
Charlemont Arms Hotel, English Street - Mrs. Mann, proprietress
Plough Hotel, English Street - Mrs. Byrns, proprietress
Royal Hotel, Dobbin Street - P. Lavery
Railway Hotel, opposite Railway Station - Jas. McMahon, proprietor


County Infirmary, Abbey Street - J. Mansergh Palmer, surgeon; Henry Frazer, M.D., assistant surgeon; Samuel Gardner, secretary; James Gardner, treasurer
Dispensary, Mall - Robert Gray, M.D., surgeon and Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages
District Lunatic Asylum - Dr. Wm. Graham, resident physician; Dr. Palmer, visiting physician
Sheils' Alms House, Workhouse Hill - Simon Hicks, superintendent; Henry Frazer, M.D., visiting surgeon
Union Workhouse (Counties Armagh and Tyrone) - Twenty six electoral divisions. Board meets first Tuesday. Sir J. Calvert Stronge, Bart., Tynan Abbey, chairman; Alexander Small, Markethill, vice chairman; John S. Riggs, Armagh, deputy vice chairman; Robert Turner, clerk and returning officer; David Gillespie, master; Miss Graham and Miss Brown, school mistresses; Miss McMaster, matron; T. Benet, relieving officer
Nunnery, Windmill Hill - Madam Fitzgerald, superioress


Anderson, Joseph, Victoria Street
Atkinson, Joseph, jun., Summer Island, Loughgall
Atkinson, Joseph, Crow Hill, Loughgall
Armstrong, Henry B., Deanery, Armagh
Barcroft, John, Ennislare House, Armagh
Beresford, George De La Poer., Castledillon, Armagh
Best, Wm. J., Mall
Blacker, Douglas St. John T., Elm Park, Killylea
Bond, Joshua W. M., Drumsill House, Armagh
Boyle, Hugh, Charlemont Place
Burke, Matthew, Middletown
Byers, Samuel, Mowhan, Markethill
Clarke, Robert, Charlemont, Moy
Compton, John, Altavallen, Armagh
Cope, John A. M., Drumilly House, Armagh
Dobbin, Colonel
Douglas, John, Mountain Lodge, Keady
Edwards, Geo. A., Prospect House
Ensor, Charles, Ardress East, Loughgall
Gillespie, Robert, English Street
Gosford, The Earl of, Gosford Castle, Markethill
Gray, George, Glenanna, Markethill
Hall, Thomas, Eden Cottage, Loughgall
Hobson, W. C., Bank of Ireland
Irwin, Captain, Carnagh House
Kaye, Sir W. B., Q.C., LL.D.
Lavery, Philip, English Street
Lonsdale, James, Armagh
Moorhead, Edward
McCrum, Robert G.
McGeough, Robert John, The Argory, Moy
Orr, James, Cranagill, Loughgall
Simpson, Colonel Thomas, Ballyards
Small, Thomas, Hermitage, Keady
Stronge, Major J. H.
Tate, Aenry, Richhill Castle, Richhill (Henry)
Tenison, Major, Portnelligan, Tynan
Townsend, N. L., R.M., Cathedral Close
Vandeleur, Ormsby, Annaghroe, Caledon
Wann, James C., Markethill
Wilkin, John, Tannaghlane, Caledon
Winder, John G., Armagh

Clergy and Gentry

Beresford, Captain, Castledillon
Bell, James C., M.A., solicitor, The Mall
Best, E., solicitor, The Mall
Chadwick, Very Rev. G. A., D.D., The Rectory
Compton, John, Altavallen
Dorman, R. H., Victoria Street
Duff, James, solicitor, College Street
Elliott, Rev. John, Seven Houses
Frazer, Henry, M.D., English Street
Faris, Rev. Charles
Gallagher, William, solicitor, Seven Houses
Gillespie, W. C., solicitor, English Street
Girvin, W. J., solicitor, English Street
Gordon, Thomas, Charlemont Place
Gray, Robert, L.R.C.S.I., Dispensary, Mall
Harding, Surgeon-General, Hartford Place
Harris, Henry T., solicitor, Mall
Hopton, Colonel, The Mall
Kilpatrick, T., solicitor, Lower English Street
Knox, the Most Rev. Robert Bent, D.D., Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, The Palace
Lavery, Patrick, solicitor, College Street
Lavery, Philip, surgeon, English Street
Logue, Most Rev. Michael, R.C. Primate of All Ireland, Sandy Hill
Lynn, Joseph M., M.D., Melbourne Terrace
Mauleverer, Miss, Beresford Row
Monroe, S. H., solicitor, Russell Street
Morgan, Rev. Dr., W. M., Royal School
Murphy, Isaac, Winder Terrace
McCombe, Alexander, solicitor, English Street
McCreight, Alexander
McKinstry, Miss, Beresford Row
McWaters, John, Hartford Place
Palmer, J. M., surgeon, The Infirmary
Pakenham, Miss, Winder Terrace
Peel, J. E., solicitor, Lower English Street
Peel, T. G., coroner
Prior, Mrs., Cathedral Close
Reade, Mrs., Hartford Place
Robinson, Captain, Cathedral Terrace
Robinson, Mrs., Cathedral Hill
Shaw, Rev. Hamilton, St. Mark's Place
Simpson, W. A., solicitor, Russell Street
Smith, George Hill, Barrister-at-Law, Killooney
Smith, Thomas, manager of Savings Bank
Smyth, Rev. Jackson, D.D., The Mall
Stack, Mrs., Cathedral Close
Williamson, James, solicitor, College Street


Acheson, David, draper, Scotch Street
Adams, Frank, woollen and hat warehouse, English Street
Allen, R., cabinet maker, Barrack Street
Anderson, Joseph, draper, Market Street
Ballantine, R., butcher, Scotch Street
Baldock, J., spirit dealer, Barrack Street
Bell, Matthew, auctioneer and valuator, English Street
Bell, Matthew, seedsman and miller, English Street
Bell, Miss, Russell Street
Best, James & Sons, millers, English Street and Richhill
Biggar, Wm., watch maker, English Street
Boyle, James, spirit dealer, English Street
Bright, Mrs., milliner and dress maker
Bright, William, confectioner, English Street
Brady, John, hairdresser, English Street
Broutie & Co., drapers, Market Street
Burke, Mrs., stationer
Burns, Mrs., lodging and posting establishment, Thomas Street
Burns, James, lodgings, English Street
Byrns, Mrs., Plough Inn, Lower English Street
Campbell, J., lodgings, Ogle Street
Campbell, H., grocer and spirit dealer, English Street
Carson, Robert, Lower English Street
Carter, Wm., grocer, English Street
Chambers, Thomas, boot maker, English Street
Chapman, W., dentist, Russell Street
Clarke, Charles, boot shop, Scotch Street
Clarke, G., watch maker, Scotch Street
Cleland, Wm., grocer, Railway Street
Cochrane, Mrs., tinsmith, Market Street
Collins, J., draper, Scotch Street
Cooper, Thomas, spirit merchant, Scotch Street
Corr, Ann, spirit dealer, Irish Street
Couser, William, grocer, English Street
Davidson, S., haberdasher, Scotch Street
Donnelly, P., stone cutter, Ogle Street
Donnelly, T., boot maker, Ogle Street
Downey, J., spirit dealer, English Street
Douglas, John, tailor, Scotch Street
Dugan, T., flax merchant, Irish Street
Edwards, George A., coal and timber merchant, Railway Station
English, Thomas, Wellington Inn, English Street
Farr, Thomas, carpenter and builder, The Mall
Ferris, Wm. Robert, general grocer, Market Street
Frizell, A., cabinet maker, upholsterer and under taker, English Street
Fullerton, D., draper, Market Street
Fullerton, E., house agent, and commissioner for affidavits, Abbey Street
Gillen, John, spirit merchant, Irish Street
Gillespie, David, grocer, English Street
Gillespie, J. & R., grocers and millers, English Street
Gough, R., boot and shoe maker, Thomas Street
Gray, Bros., drug hall, English Street
Gray, Bros., outfitters, English Street
Greer, W. J., Abbey Street
Gregory, Thomas, poultry dealer
Hamill, William, cooper, Market Street
Hamilton, John, painter, Barrack Street
Hanna, Hugh, flax merchant, Irish Street
Hanna, Miss, grocer, Market Street
Harrison, T., clog maker, Thomas Street
Hazleton, H., watch and clock maker, English Street
Hazleton, H., confectioner, English Street
Herron, Robert, apothecary, English Street
Hillock, H., coal and timber merchant, Thomas Street
Hillock, James, grocer, druggist, haberdashery and perfumery warehouse, English Street
Hoy, Matthew, boot shop, Thomas Street
Hughes, C., saddler, Thomas Street
Hughes, Thomas, baker, Ogle Street
Hunter, Mrs., photographer, Scotch Street
Irwin, Hugh, spirit dealer, Thomas Street
Irwin, James, grocer, Scotch Street
Johnston, James, teacher, Ogle Street
Kearney, John, poulterer
Kelly, Mrs., green grocer, Market Street
Kelly, John, cork cutter, English Street
Kennedy, E., haberdasher, Thomas Street
Kerr, John, boot shop, English Street
Kimmitt, T., painter, Dobbin Street
Lee, James & Son, pianoforte warehouse, Market Square, and Newry and Belfast
Loudan, William, Temperance Hotel, English Street
Lynch, Mrs., Linenhall Hotel, Dobbin Street
Macardle, John, lodgings, Mill Street
Magowan, Mrs., Abbey Street
Magowan, Charles, grocer, English Street
Magrath, Thomas, carpenter, Ogle Street
Maguire, E., lodgings, English Street
Mallon, O., lodgings, English Street
Mann, Mrs., Charlemont Arms, English Street
Mann, M., lodgings, Scotch Street
Mann, James, spirit dealer, Railway Street
Mann, Robert, spirit dealer, English Street
Marks, Thomas Osborne, organist, Vicar's Hill
Martin, D. P., rate collector, English Street
Mason, James, grocer, Scotch Street
Massey, A. G., grocer, Scotch Street
Maxwell, J., painter, The Mall
Maxwell, J., painter, College Street
Mercer, Mrs., grocer, Barrack Street
Molloy, Martha, spirit dealer, Thomas Street
Molloy, John, grocer, Charter School Lane
Moore, Mrs., wine & spirit merchant & wholesale & retail grocer, English Street
Moorehead, E., Belfast Bank, agent National Provident Institution
Morrow, Thos., poulterer, Linenhall Street
Monahan, W., spirit dealer, Irish Street
Mullan, James, publican, Thomas Street
Mullen, Mrs., grocer, Castle Street
McAleavy, M., spirit dealer, Ogle Street
McAlindon, Hugh, spirit dealer, Castle Street
McCann, E., spirit dealer, Irish Street
McCann, Nicholas V., spirit dealer, Ogle Street
McClelland, J., grocer & spirit dealer, English Street
McConnell, J., grocer & spirit dealer, Scotch Street
McConnell, J., spirit merchant, Mill Street
McCullough, J., marble & stone works, Thomas Street
McDonnell, Miss, milliner, Lower English Street
McDowell, J., lodgings, Scotch Street
McGowan, Ellen, spirit dealer, Scotch Street
McGowan, W., grocer & spirit dealer, Barrack Street
McKee, E. & M., spirit dealers and grocers, Ogle Street
McKenna, George, grocer, Thomas Street
McKenna, James, saddler, Scotch Street
McKinlay, Alexander D., Dobbin Street
McLaughlin, James, glass, delf & toy shop, Ogle Street
McLorinan, Patrick, linen draper, etc., Scotch Street
McMahon, James, Railway Hotel
McMahon, P., flax merchant, Irish Street
McParland, Patrick, baker, Ogle Street
McParland, John, baker, English Street
McShane, John, Market Street
McWatters, Robt. P., book seller, printer, publisher, etc., English Street
Nixon, John, boot and shoe maker, Thomas Street
Northampton Boot Company, English Street
Ovens, J. J. & Co., drapers, Scotch Street
O'Hare, Mrs., spirit dealer, Barrack Street
O'Neill, Charles, butcher, Lower English Street
O'Neill, E., spirit dealer, English Street
O'Neill, James, butcher, Lower English Street
O'Neill, Patrick, butcher, Thomas Street
Pillow, S., spirit dealer, English Street
Powell, J., victualler, Scotch Street
Quinn, J., sen., flax merchant, Irish Street
Quinn, J., lodgings, Mill Street
Quinn, Peter, boot and shoe maker, Ogle Street
Rea, Saml., servants' registry office, Courthouse
Reid, Robert, chandler & grocer, Lower English Street
Reid, T. E., insurance agent, Dobbin Street
Reilly, Henry, auctioneer and furniture warehouse, Scotch Street
Reilly, J., pawn broker, Abbey Street
Rice, George, flax merchant, Irish Street
Rice, W., flax merchant, Irish Street
Riggs, J. S., family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, English Street
Rolston, Andrew, baker, English Street
Ross, Miss, Armagh delph and china warehouse, English Street
Sherry, George, sen., butcher, English Street
Sherry, George, jun., butcher, English Street
Sherry, John, butcher, Lower English Street
Sling, Thomas, hairdresser, Ogle Street
Sling, H., hair dresser, English Street
Sloane, Saml., watch maker, English Street
Somers, James, grocer and seed merchant, English Street
Steenson, Thomas, grocer, Barrack Street
Stewart, D., poulterer, Palace Row
Stewart, R., poulterer, George's Street
Taylor, Brothers, coach factory, Mall
Thompson, Wm. C. B., stationer and publisher, ("Guardian Office"), English Street
Timson, B., flax merchant, Irish Street
Turner, R. & Co., iron mongers and coal merchants, English Street
Walker, Sarah, milliner, English Street
Walker, W., Travellers' Home, Lower English Street
Wallace, Miss, Scotch Street
Ward, C., victualler, Ogle Street
Ward & Co., draper, Scotch Street
Warnock, John, haberdashery, English Street
Warren, Mrs., grocer, Callan Street
Warmoll, E., victualler, English Street
Watson, Joshua & Co., ironmongery and hardware merchants, Thomas Street
Watson, James A., leather merchant, Thomas Street
Wallace, Alex., hardware, Scotch Street
Webb, A., flax merchant, Irish Street
White, Miss, book seller and book binder, English Street
Whitsitt, Bros., hardware, Scotch Street
Wilkin, James, watch maker, Scotch Street
Wilkin & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, Scotch Street
Young, John, printer and publisher of "Armagh Standard," Scotch Street

Royal Irish Constabulary

County Inspector - George H. W. Dobbyn
District Inspector - R. F. Starkie

Railway Station

Armagh is directly connected by the Great Northern Railway (Ireland) with Belfast, Portadown, Dublin, Newry, Monaghan, and Clones. For departure and arrival of trains see Company's Time Table. Superintendent - John Forster

Private Schools

The Misses L'Estrange, The Abbey School
Miss Wilkin, Vicar's Hill
Miss St. George, The Mall
Mr. Alex. Gibson, classical tutor, Market Street
Miss Gibson, Market Street

Barony Cess Collectors

Barony of Armagh - John Atkinson
Barony of Tureney - William Gamble
Barony of Oneiland West - Thos. W. Sinclair
Barony of Oneiland East - Leonard Calvert
Barony of Lower Fews - Thomas Reid
Barony of Upper Fews - J. King
Barony of Lower Orier - William H. Bennet
Barony of Upper Orier - James Best

Commissioners for Taking Affidavits

Ephraim Fullerton, Abbey Street
John Mulholland, Lower English Street
D. W. P. Martin, English Street
Hugh Porter, Abbey Street

Military Sub-District, No.65
Counties Armagh, Cavan, Louth and Monaghan

89th and 87th Regiments of the Line; the Armagh, Cavan, Louth and Monaghan Militia - Colonel, Hopton

Post Office

Postmaster - James Bell, Russell Street



          A market town in the County of Tyrone, forty five miles from Belfast. The town consists of one long street, and several diverging streets and lanes. Considerable improvements in the appearance and general management of the place have been made during the last few years. It is well lighted with gas. The markets, held every Wednesday, are excellent; and the fairs, held the first Wednesday in each month, are inferior to few in Ulster. Petty Sessions are held on Monday every month

Post Office - George Moore, jun., postmaster. Letters from Dublin arrive at 4-10 a.m., and 3-3 p.m., and are despatched at 10-55 a.m., and 8-15 p.m.
Stamp Office - Fiddes & Co., distributors
Town Commissioners (nine) - M. J. Fiddes, chairman; Foster McKay, clerk
Barony Cess Collector (for Barony of Lower Dungannon) - James Crossle, Anahoe House

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. T. G. Stokes, rector; Rev. John McEndoo, curate
Presbyterian Church - Rev. William McIlwaine, A.M., minister
Methodist Church - Rev. J. Edwards
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John McKigney, P.P., and Rev. P. Mullan, C.C.

Public Institutions

Bank (Ulster Banking Co.'s Branch) - J. D. Maharg, manager; J. Brown, cashier
Church Education Society's Schools - Miss Cave, mistress
Constabulary Station - J. S. Hume, district-inspector; John Moffett, head constable
National Schools - Church Lane, T. Lowry, teacher; Mill Street, H. Murray, teacher
Petty Sessions - Every Month. F. McKay, clerk. Held at noon

Gentry and Clergy

Abraham, Dr. R.
Abraham, Thomas J., solicitor
Betty, Mrs.
Carleton, A. O'B., Millview
Crossle, James, J.P., Annahoe House
Fiddes, Edward, Hollywood House
Givan, John, J.P., Ivy Hill
Hamilton, Ed. V., solicitor
Hopper, William
Montgomery, Robert J., Garvey
Moutray, Anketell, J.P., Killybrick
Moutray, Rev. J. M., Richmond Glebe
Moutray, Rev. J. J., Favor Royal
Moutray, Whitney, J.P., Fort Singleton
McIlwaine, Rev. William, A.M.
Mann, W., H.C.
Mann, Mrs., Lisderry
Philips, Dr., J. R.
Scott, Miss
Scott, William, M.D., J.P., Castletownbawn, Carnteel
Stinson, Rev. John, Glendavagh
Stokes, Rev. Thomas G., rector
Taylor, Rev. J. W., Errigle Glebe


Abraham, James, baker and grocer
Anderson, John, grocer
Bridge, William, woollen draper
Brush, Wildridge, grocer and publican
Burns, John, merchant tailor and woollen draper
Burns, Mrs., spirit dealer
Caddoo, Miss, milliner
Carroll, Mrs., spirit dealer
Chapman, Matthew James, grocer and posting establishment
Chapman, John, Imperial Hotel and posting establishment
Connolly, Brothers, leather dealers
Duncan, John, grocer
Ellison, William, saddler and spirit dealer
Erskine, James, woollen draper
Fiddes, M. J. & Co., grocers and spirit dealers
Fulton, Joseph, watch maker
Gaskin, John, butcher
Goudy, James, carpenter
Graham, Thomas I., woollen draper
Hagan, Mrs., dress maker
Hamilton, Edward, woollen draper and sewed muslin agent
Hardy, James, grocer
Henderson, Brothers, blacksmiths
Jones, John, boot and shoe maker
Martin, Thomas, blacksmith
Moan, William, tailor
Moore, Alexander, boot, shoe and leather dealer
Moore, George, leather merchant
Murray, Henry, draper
McArdle, H., auctioneer
McCaffrey, James, grocer
McCaffrey, Samuel, grocer and baker
McCallin, Mrs., dealer
McCaughey, Owen, grocer and baker
McCleery, T., draper
McDowell, John, saddler
McElmeel, James, grocer and baker
McElmeel, Michael, spirit dealer
McGee, A., spirit dealer
McGee, William, grocer
McKay, F., hardware merchant and grocer
McKenna, Mrs., butcher
McKenna, James, baker
McKenna, John, baker
McKenna, James, boot and shoe maker
McKenna, Mrs., dress maker
McLean, Rachel, woollen draper
Reid, William, dealer
Robinson, Mary, general drapery and millinery warerooms
Smith, Henry, butter and egg dealer
Soraghan, Mrs., grocer and baker
Soraghan, Peter, grocer and baker
Soraghan, James, Queen's Arms Hotel and posting establishment
Speer, William, leather merchant
Sterling, George, excise officer
Stewart, Mrs., dress maker
Stewart, Hugh, painter and contractor
Stewart, Miss, dress maker
Taggart, John
Taggart, Miss, milliner
Wilson, Charles, merchant tailor
Wright, David, spirit dealer
Wright, Thomas, grocer
Wright, Thos., auctioneer

Public Conveyances

Mail car from Post Office to Ballygawley daily (Sundays excepted), leaving Aughnacloy at 9 a.m., and arriving from Ballygawley daily at 11 a.m.
Mail car daily to Fivemiletown, leaving Chapman's Hotel daily, at 5-30 a.m., and arriving from Fivemiletown at 7-40 p.m., passing through Augher and Clogher

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