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The Lost

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These pages are dedicated to 'The Lost'

People's lives found in boxes at Auction

These are not mine, I don't own them and I didn't buy them at auction, they were lent to me so I could put them online,
I will gladly send copies of any of the things you see here in this section but I cannot send the originals, Sorry.
In most cases everything that was found is online and I have no further information on these individuals.
If I find any information online or if you have a website or know of one relating to these people I can add a link.

Lost People with Information

Index of all Lost Photographs

Family Bible Inscriptions

Lost Books with Inscriptions

autograph and poetry albums INDEX

Norah Haughton

Robert Morrow - Ballyjamesduff

Albert Cowan - Donaghadee and Belfast

Thomas R. Meharg

Autograph book of WW1 soldiers in Craigavon U.V.F. Hospital

Private E. Adams WW1

Major Campbell McNeill McCormack

Death Pennies (see above McCormack also)

Lost Medals

Lost Medals Cards

Lost Birth Death Marriage Certificates

Hugh and Harriett Lavery

Royal Irish Fusiliers Sergeants' Mess Book

Patrick Shannon

Fred Poskitt

Katie Smyth

W. L. Irwin

Lennon Brothers

Allen, Brown, Hassock, etc.

Burke Raphoe/Bray

Rev. Samuel Martin of Coleby

Golf Open Portrush 1951