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Lost Photos - Lennon Brothers (no relation)

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Registered Telegraphic Address - "Apples"         National Telephone No. 932

Established 1888

The Leading Fruit and Flower Salesmen, Auctioneers and Commission Agents
St. George's Market, 1 & 70 Ann Street

Belfast, Ireland



    The establishment of the well-known firm of Messrs. Lennon Brothers, Wholesale Fruit Merchants, St. George's Market, Belfast, dates from the year 1886.  Previous to this period the requirements of Belfast with regard to supplies of English and Foreign fruit produce were very badly catered for, anything like a regular and adequate supply being out of the question; and the entire trade needed much pulling together before sufficient encouragement could be offered to dealers to purchase their supplies in the town.  Messrs. Lennon Brothers, with true business enterprise, saw that Belfast offered as good facilities for the development of a first class trade as any town of its size in the kingdom, and the present state of their business shows the accuracy of their foresight and judgment in this respect.
     Mr. T. J. Lennon, the principal of the firm, whose portrait is here presented, began his career as buyer for the firm in Commercial Sale rooms, Liverpool, at the age of 17, an early age for such a responsible position, as our readers will agree, and more especially so when the fact is taken into consideration that the fruit trade of Belfast was then practically in its infancy.  At the present time it holds a position second to none with regard to its output for fruit and flowers, and it is only bare justice to say that this is in a great measure due to the efforts so unceasingly put forth by Mr. T. J. Lennon.
     Mr. Lennon is well acquainted with the Channel Isles, France, Holland, etc., and when in these parts has always been quick to discover and secure anything which seemed likely to be of service for the home market.  The firm have a large and regular output for all season fruits, and number among their customers many of the best wholesale and retail traders in the country.  In the province of Ulster they have connections in every town.  They are in direct communication with the principal local, English, French, and American fruit growing centres, and can therefore offer the best of terms to their patrons.